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Rabo Verde
11-20-03, 21:36
FORD/DUANE: Panama is very user friendly, no visa required, and the currency is the US DOLLAR. For P4P you only have to know two things to start, Golden Times and Miami Bar. Each place has 20+ HOT girls and charges $90 for an hour on the premises. Taxi ride to either place from anywhere in the city is about $2. The owners of both are very strict and they are clean, nice, and you will be treated right.

Hacke Beck
11-21-03, 19:14
Every one that goes to Panama City should try Golden Times its the best, better if you hang out with a Colombiana, they know how to treat you the right way and they have perfect body.

Have fun.

11-22-03, 03:51
Hey Fellow Inmates!

1. Good luck on your trip Ford826, you are armed with good advice and you will have a blast.
2. ILS, how are my favorite slutz at EliteII? Yea, I fell in love last time with this small blond package there but was under the evil watch of Ci.... and her gang. I did not get her name last time. You have to hook up with Me..... at Le Palace when you get a chance!! She is one heck of a bang! Je..... may have the body but the attitude is not there. Are you up for Cartagena?

That is it for now. Cuidate mucho y portate bien! Cowboy1

11-22-03, 20:41
Hola Mates,

I am slowly assembling my trip, (two weeks to go) and I want to send a shout out to anyone who is knowledgeable about Panama to give me a tip on a hotel.

The hotel must, of course, be guest friendly (a 10$ fee or so doesn't bother me), must have an outdoor pool, must have a bar, must have a restaurant. Nothing else really matters.
Got a rate of $115 at the El Panamanian, $95 at the Holiday Inn, $75 at the Hotel Rianda Continental.

Opinions? Suggestions? Which should I take, anybody been to any of them? Do all three of these hotels permit guests? Any other hotels I should consider? The Miromar Intercontinental and Bristol seem alittle too ritzy for my tastes, but I might be wrong.

Chuponalgas, thanks for the post. Are Golden Times and Miami
Club only $90 for para aqui, or do they have a para llevar, toda la noche price also? (All night, off premises price? Someone once complained about me using too much spanish in my posts:()

Help please!

P.S. To "Man", I got your cell#. Thanks for privating me and thanks for the info.

(Headin' to the Canal)

I Love Sluts
11-22-03, 21:43
Hey Ford,

The Bristol /Miramar are the best in the city,they have everything you could want and have no charges for the Columbian sluts. If you like ocean/bay views then go to Miramar, if not important, go to Bristol. Here is my breakdown for all the ***** clubs in Panama City:

ELITE - 275-330 dollars for take out for minimum 2 hours at hotel, many good looking girls here, but the girls have a choice of whether they want to leave with you or not here, if they like you they will stay the whole night and most likely for the following day

LE PALACE- 330 take out , for minimum two hours at your place,many good looking girls here, but the dark hides really what they look like, I have hung out with many of the girls during the day, they look totally different in the day, it is amazing

Golden Time- 84 dollars/one hour (AMERICANS),IF YOU HAVE SLANTED EYES 60/HOUR , the best bang for your buck, many hot chicks here and what you see is what you get . This place always has the hottest chicks, some are model type, but they have everything for every type of taste, I personally recommend here because they have the hottest girls at the best prices.

Miami Club 90/ per hour - second rate girls who were not pretty enough to work at other clubs, waste of time and money, and have the girls that do not have a visa, many raids and many girls deported

River Club- 80 per hour, waste of time, nothing pretty

Oasis club- 80 per hour, waste of time, nothing pretty

Royal Elegance- 80 per hour, waste of time

Club Fenix- 11 dollars per 15 minutes, 31 dollars per half hour, many locals hit these spots, 8 out of 20 girls per night are pretty, but a excellent price for a fuck, just tell them that you are a Panamanian from the Canal Zone, you can bang for 11 dollars, and many are pretty, beer is cheap and where in the hell can you fuck a girl for 11 dollars, that is a price of a meal in the U.S.

LA Gruta Azul - 10 Dollars for a fuck for 15 minutes, 30 for a half hour, about 5 out 25 girls are fuckable, the people here are assholes to Americans, i do no advise you go here, for the price go to Club Fenix

EL COMPLACIENTE ESCORT AGENCY- THEY SUCK AND THE GIRLS ARE UGLY, HE USES THE BAIT AND SWITCH, i have sent so many girls back to him that they are a waste of your time

In Conclusion, to save you time/money/cab fare, just go to Golden Time, they have everything you are looking for, and you can take the girl out of the club, before or after hours. Just do not have the cab driver take you to Golden Time, it is extra ten dollars for you to pay, Just say you are going to a restaurant in "Plaza Mirage" , these cabbies are assholes here.


I Love Sluts
11-22-03, 21:56
Hey Cowboy,

Yeah, I talked to Ci... the other night, and her sister, they are fine trying to make that money. The Blondie is very intriguing, I made her move seats the other night, but I think she is a little older, but what a body. Jessica and her sister Brenda are always exiting that club, but in the daylight it looks like their faces were hit by a mack truck.They are cunts also, it is amazing that these guys pick those two loser sisters. There is a new girl Joanna that is pretty hot, great body, you realize what club I am talking about as this is the one we met at the other night. Jessica and Brenda are always giving me the look , remember when you and I went, Jessica was staring at us, I think she is pissed off because she has to fuck these guys everynight that she does not want to, it is her problem. If the **** does not like her job, then find another, these sluts are amazing, but you go to love them.
In relation to to your columbian trip, yes I am interested but give me the exact dates you are going there, I heard it is great there for mongering and very safe.


11-23-03, 02:01
To I love Sluts,

Thank you for taking the time to put together a great report for me! Alot of the information is totally new to me - thank you.

Some of the prices in those clubs are absolute "jaw-droppers" though. As I first started to read your post I thought the number next to Elite, was the clubs telephone number! Those prices are shockers and I consider myself pretty "well-heeled".

For real, if I walk into Elite or Le Palace at about 4pm and say I want to take a girl out for dinner, then all night till about noon (after breakfast) the next day, the club is going to ask for $330+. zowie!

I'm beginning to miss Honduras and the D.R.

Thank you very much though for taking the time for me,

Texas Now
11-23-03, 05:24
Wow! I'd never pay those kind of prices in Panama. But then again, I'm not into high priced, high maintenance Columbianas either. To each his own I guess. I will continue to slum when I visit Panama :)

Rabo Verde
11-23-03, 07:46
ILS, the Miami Club is sometimes just as good as GT, hit and miss, but check it out; every once in a while they have an incredible collection.

11-23-03, 07:54
Hey ILS. I am arriving in Cartagena on 12/17 and leaving on 12/22. I am going to stay at the Hilton. It would be a blast if you come. I am loaded up on info about La Dolce Vida and all of the normal discos. I am excited to see the reception to gringos in Colombia itself. Rock on. Cowboy1!

PS Ford. The info ILS passed on is true but for Prime A Colombianos. I know his tastes and they are 9-10's in anyone's book. If you settle for less your budget will be fine.

Rabo Verde
11-23-03, 09:10
PTY is not a good TLN or GFE destination, try Buenos Aires or Rio for that. The hot chicas in PTY are Colombianas who are brought in as indentured servants to the clubs, and are not independent, can't set their own prices, and HAVE to be in the clubs 6 nights a week. PTY IS good for one hour on-the-premises at GT and MC, very clean and safe and good service, as noted below.

I Love Sluts
11-23-03, 17:13
Hey Chuponalgas,

You are crazy, the girls from Club Miami are no where in comparison to Golden Time in terms of looks and attitude. I agree I like the Club Miami atmosphere much better with the bar/strip club scene. But come on, every girl from Club Miami dreams of working at Golden Time. I have scene a couple gems in Club Miami, but for every 1 gem in Club Miami, there are 5 in GT. If you like 30 to 50 average looking girls in a club for more money than Gt, then go ahead. But GT has girls that could be models in the United States if they could get to the U.S, thank god they cannot make it to the U.S.

Enough about this petty stuff, I had to laugh Chuponalgas when you stated these girls are "INDENTURED SERVANTS", I agree with you by the fact they work there ass off 6 times a week , but they are being compensated in regards to there services. These chicks send every penny back to the Colombia for there families in which they support their twenty ancestors ,who for some reason cannot work in Colombia. But you are correct they are "INDENTURED SERVANTS", that one really made me laugh.


11-24-03, 01:02
hi Ford286

Don´t let the prices shows here get you back out from your Panama Plan. You will have to pay that kind of prices without some strategy.

In every country I go - always - I´m not pointing fingers here there are always good and bad info/guide. There are some people that will take you to even places that they can get commision or a cut from the bar/club or the girls. A good guide/info will show you all possibilities/info from the lower price to the higher price and let you choose and some strategy to get a lower prices (You that monitors Rio brazil will know what I´m talking about there are at least two guys that will "HELP" you to get a expensive apartment and garotas in addition also paying a lot of money for the drinks)

Use next day appointment and do not showing up that you are rich american you will get a reasonable prices, for me elite is 50 (also GT´s for citas privadas) and le palace about 50-100. Get a local phone from bellsouth or Cable and Wireless for GSM phone it help to get a citas privadas. Btw if you like dominicanyou can get less at acropol (santa ana - but it´s not a safe area it´s like de la noche at centro Medellin)

hope this help

btw right now I´m in PTY get a lot of fun last night at Elite will go to MDE next week

Rabo Verde
11-24-03, 04:26
For anyone wondering what me and SLUTS are talking about, there are usually about 200 Colombian girls in Panama working the high end clubs. They are recruited in Colombia, told they will make a million $$$, and they sign up for 3 months and START with a debt of about $1,500 for their visa, and hiring fee. When they need food or clothes or an apt., the bar owner advances it to them and adds it to their debt. They get fined $100 for being late to work, dressing sloppy, or making private dates on the side. When they DO make a few bucks, they send every penny home to Colombia, where their lazy relatives spend it all. When the three months is over they still OWE money to the club, so they "re-enlist" for another 3 months, etc. Eventually they go home just as broke as when they came. This is the classic indentured servant routine, and is how the railroads were built in the USA. "I owe my hole (and my soul) to the company store".

11-24-03, 05:03
Hey I Love Sluts.
Great report.

As far as being "INDENTURED SERVANTS", I was told they get 40% of the fee, and do about 4-5 clients a night. That adds up to real money in Colombia.

PTY is a great GFE destination. I would say I get great GFE sex about 80% of the times.

I should actually say, great sex.

11-24-03, 05:15
Hi Ford.

The Bristol:
is a great hotel.

Although for the money, Paitillia Inn: http://www.plazapaitillainn.com/map.html,
is excellent.

Rabo Verde
11-24-03, 11:42
MAN, sure great GFE sex for an hour. But in RIO or BA or Managua or Colombia that girl will move in with you for a week or until you kick her out and will travel with you and cook your food and wash your underwear. In PTY the girl has to go back to work unless you pay a bar fine of $100-300 a day. Yes they get about 40-50% of the fee, BUT they have to pay their debt to the bar out of that 50%. The bar keeps 50-60% and then subtracts the debt from the GIRL's share. So you pay $90, the girl gets credit for $40, but has to pay a minimum of $1,500 back to the club over three months PLUS her room and board and food and clothes, and the weekly medical exam. The bar owner keeps the girl's passport until she has paid her debt. If you read Spanish and want a good laugh, ask one of the Colombianas to let you read her contract. This is, by definition, indentured servitude, where you start a job owing the employer for hiring you, and you can't leave until you pay the debt. I have kept in touch with some of the GT and LP girls once they went back to Colombia, and believe me, although they love to tell stories about some girl who supposedly went back to Colombia and bought a house or opened a business with her earnings, in reality they are all broke within a week of going back.

11-24-03, 20:13
Yes, I have no disillusions about the prospects of their lives following a 3 months Panama Sex tour.

I Love Sluts
11-25-03, 04:13

IF YOU CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH, WHICH IS OBVIOUS , WRITE EVERYTHING IN SPANISH , what the hell were you trying to say in your context.


Rabo Verde
11-25-03, 07:33
SLUTS NALGAS means "butt-cheeks" in Spanish, so I guess I am a butt-sucker. I like MC because I can hang out all night and have fun, not like GT. Most of the MC girls are from Manizales, a smaller Colombian town, and I have fun goofing around with them. Have you gone over to Colombia? Most of the GT girls are from Medellin, and there are HUNDREDS of those hot girls in Medellin, where the price is less than half the Panama price. Medellin girls are amazing, generally much hotter than Cartagena. Cali is also incredible. Copa and Avianca fly PTY to MDE daily. Of course, you might get shot or kidnapped, but nobody bothered me when I was there. Apparently there are also a lot of Colombianas working in Curacao, which is a tropical Caribbean island, see that board on here, and the going price there is $30...

Member #4239
11-25-03, 11:06
I have never been to Panama. One of the posters had mentioned something about the city of Colon that caught my attention. He said that one could meet and bang some Colombianas for about 20 bucks and then have the girls set him up with more Colombiana friends for the same kind of arrangement. Can any other Panama experts here either confirm or refute this?
I understand that the quality of the above girls may not be as good as the 100$ / hour girls, but I just wanted to know if what was mentioned about Colon was basically true. Thanks.

11-25-03, 19:43
I hate to push GT, as the obvious consequence is a price increase for all of us down the road. I like the girls there, as they are mostly clear skin, and beautiful. As a whole, I get great sex there, and had I been single, I would have turned that into a very active sex life.

Club Miami is ok to visit, but too dark and too sleazy. Not to mention that you really don't know what you are getting on account of the poor lighting.

I am actually hoping these girls will make a step forward and start operating out of their own apartments. There is nothing better than going to visit a beautiful girl in her own place.

I Love Sluts" Go ahead, and send me an email.

Rabo Verde
11-25-03, 22:28
Well the cattle call at GT is kinda fun, although kinda embarassing for the girls. For those who haven't been there, all the girls are called out for each customer. Each girl has a number on her dress, and must do a pirouette and introduce herself, in the well-lighted salon. After you check out all 20-30 girls, you pick one by number. "How much is that Doggie in the window?" Hmmm I wish I was there right now...

I Love Sluts
11-27-03, 17:14
Hey Chuponalgas,

Yeah I visited Gt two days ago and had a wonderful time with number 23 . The selection was good but I was looking for something different than the usual hotties they have there. This girl has a great body, great attitude and would recommend her to anybody. Sometimes the hottest sluts there have the biggest attitude problems, I do not understand them, they are there to fuck for money, but they do not want to work. So what the hell are they doing there!! Anyways , stay away from this girl Gina, a total **** and tries to rip off all the customers. Gt has the best chicks for the price, but I visited Elite last night, they have a whole new crop of girls in town. Le Palace was also packed with to many girls for such a small place, things are heating up in Panama for the Holidays. Hey Chuponalgas, give me an email if you want to meet up at Elite /GT/LP.


Tica Man
11-29-03, 06:23
Damn! I should have read this before I hit GT. I can confirm about Gina #10 has bad attitude because I just had her about few hours ago. I think she is pretty but with the attitude she has, just forget about it. If you just want to have a pretty girl, pick her, if you want to have a good time, take my advice, forget about her, you will be disappointed. I don´t think girls are that good looking at GT in general compare to those at Bluemarlin in Costa Rica. The price is $90 for an hour, not a good deal at all. However, Since I went with a Chinese Guy, only $63 to be exact. Also, I went to Miami 2 days ago, and picked up one girl, she told me $90 in house and $120 take out. When I hit the bar to pay for the fee, I was told by the Chinese guy at the bar only $60 in house and $90 take out. Miami has the same policy like GT, discount for Chinese. Thanks to my Chinese friend again.

I guesss the girl I picked up at Miami like me so much (my luck ). I went back there last night and just to say hi to her and asked her to come to my hotel after she get off from work at 6:00, she did show up at 7:00am and spent the whole day with me, no money mentioned at all, She also brought me to her apt to meet her friends, we spent a few hours at her place. I dropped her off at work this evening and then went to GT for Gina. Should have saved my money.

I will be going to the beach tomorrow with the girl I met , hopefully the weather will be nice at the beach.

Also, I will go to disco tonight and try my luck for some non pros. Will keep you guys posted.

11-29-03, 19:48
That really pisses me of to hear that Chinese get it for $63.00. I agree that $90.00 is too high.

This kind of discrepancies makes me not want to go there at all.

I Love Sluts
12-01-03, 05:02
Hey Man,

Maybe everyone should start complaining about the price when we go to GT. I agree it is bullshiit that these Chinese get a discount, but if you were an Oriental, you would never get laid or have a wife unless you lived in China. What I am trying to say is that I have never met a girl who desired to be with an Oriental for sex/let alone in life. In the U.S., no girl will ever fuck an Oriental person, so maybe they need the discount more than you think. I think the Orientals need help getting laid because no girls ever want to fuck them.

Just my 2 cents.

Hey man, I will give you a call tomorrow.


Green Giant
12-01-03, 16:50
Does PTY have a girl friendly hotel that has rooms with a jacuzzi?


12-02-03, 05:08
As for all the complaints that everybody has about prices for Oriental persons, I have only 2 words to say:

Mob Owned

Either the chinese or the japanese mafia, thats why the "paisanos" get a discount

Member #4239
12-02-03, 13:25
I love sluts,

I am not oriental but I find your posts to be quite racist. If you have some useful info to contribute as far as the sex scene is concerned, then do it. Otherwise, I don't want to read your racist comments.

12-02-03, 14:04
It is common to think of night clubs as "Mob owned". While GT and Club Miami are Chinese owned, I don't think it is mob owned. I just don't get the sense that Panama is an organized crime scene.

I had a friend visit me this weekend, and I took him to GT. While he had fun, I chose not to participate. I suppose after so many times, this is becoming old, or perhaps they need a new shipment of chicas.

Lets do lunch "I Love Sluts".

12-02-03, 14:08
For the life of me, I don't understand why these girls do not operate independently? How difficult would it be to work out of an apartment in Pitilla? I would much rather visit a chica in an apartment, than go to a club scene.

Rabo Verde
12-02-03, 18:17
Doesn't Tiger Woods count, LOL? He is half oriental half black and his fiancee looks pretty good! Man, as I understand it, Panama tightly controls the visas of the Colombianas, and the clubs hold their passports. If the girl at GT or MC pisses off the owner, he can call the police and the girl will be handcuffed and shipped home to Colombia the same day, without any of her belongings, and will be blacklisted. Sorta discourages independent freelancing.

12-02-03, 18:26
Green Giant,

To answer your question, yes there are many "sex hotels" throughout the City and many of them offer rooms with Jacuzzis. They are called push buttons or simply "pushes". They are called this because there is a garage at the front of every room. If the garage door is open, the room is available. Just pull in and "push" the button to close the door behind you and then ring the doorbell to get access to the room. The going rate the last time I checked for a room with a Jacuzzi was about $25 for two hours. As far as where to find them, there are many on Transisthmica throughout the city. Just look for what looks like a motel only all lit up with neon. Or even better, just ask your favorite working girl; they all know where they are.

Hope this helps,


Texas Now
12-02-03, 18:54
Green Giant,

You can also try the Hotel Dos Mares. They have rooms with jacuzzis for about $25 - $30 for the whole night. They will allow guests to enter, no problem.

12-02-03, 23:17
Yes, on the Transisthmica side, there are about 20 push buttons hotels. I would assume one would make a killing if he opened on the Other side of town. Somewhere near the Causeway.

Yes, for the duration of their contracts, it would not be wise to operate independently. Following their 3 months contract, the girls can go it alone.

P Jack
12-04-03, 06:53
Hey Fellow Inmates

Thank you all very much for all the info on PTY. I am going tomorrow (12/04) for a few days and I can't wait. I am sure that with all the info I have got from you guys I will have a great time. If anyone would like to get a drink and check out one of the hot spots let me know. I will check my PM often on the trip. I will also get a cell phone once in PTY.

Once again thank you.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Member #1454
12-04-03, 18:31
I was in Panama last week and went to Golden Times, as recommnded by this board. Had a nice time with a wonderful lady.

I wasn't going to post, but the post by "I Love Sluts" about the chinese really got to me. I am of chinese descent and look nothing but oriental. Still didn't get any discounts whatsoever. I told the lady at the frontdesk that I was told that chinese people get discounts, but she told me it was $63 for half hour or $84 for an hour. My spanish is very good, by the way. I think it must have been the way I dressed or my haircut. Maybe you have to be a member of a union or something to get the discount. I don't know. Didn't feel like haggling so paid the $84 and went in.

For the guy with the racist stuff, don't be so quick to insult other people for your own inaptitude to negotiate. I'm sure that if you try you'll be able to get a better deal for you and your buddies.

Let' keep this sophisticated.

I Love Sluts
12-16-03, 06:05
Hey Man,

I do not have number seventeens number , I cannot even remember which one she is to be honest. But number 30 is real good, you will be satisfied with her. She has great tits and a great body, give her a try. Also I have heard that 30 new chicks are going to be here for the new year. Yes, it is true, 30(thirty) new ones coming in, it should be a happy new year in Panama City. I am looking forward to the fresh new meat.


12-16-03, 21:13
Me too.
Although I heard it was Febuary.

Green Giant
12-22-03, 00:27
Elisa - picture attached.

For those not familiar with the quality available and the constant discussion of price and value, this girl could easily command $350/ hr with www.miamicompanions.com, it is so easy to loose sight of how good these gals can be.

Seemed to have more depth and quality at MC right now. I liked Angie, a medium tall, natural B+ from Venezula. She was very GFE for a club girl.

There were some all right picks at the River club and the Oasis. Do not overlook these middle range places as there can be som gems at real good value. Check out the noon specials at the Oasis.

The Gloria did not show me much, I guess a little far down the path for me.

Feliz Navidad.

I Love Sluts
12-22-03, 19:21
Hey Green Giant,

I noticed that you did not show Elise's stomach, she has many kids, good photography not to show her disgusting stomach. This girl works at Golden Time and has a great frame, but you use trick photography for that stomach. hahahaha

In relation to Angie, that girl is the biggest prostitute in the world, although she has a great body. She sucks dick really well and is a good fuck. But the face is distorted.

I agree Club Miami has some new chicks that are hot, during the daytime they have a blond that is smoking, CM is making a turn around.


Estoy Negro
12-23-03, 11:09
I agree, women in the states could command a whole lot more & get it. I enjoy myself abroad so much

The only thing between the both of us is $30 & a piece of latex

Estoy Negro
12-23-03, 11:23
Sorry for the small photo

Green Giant
12-23-03, 16:41
I did not intend to deceive with my picture. It was simply the best shot I had. Thanx for the compliment on the photography though. If there is a question about a side of her that the picture did not reveal, have her show it to you before you make your choice.

If Angie's face is not attractive to you, don't choose her, but she was a great "girlfriend for an hour" with me.

I am all for honesty. Each of us has different tastes.

Play safe.

Nostra Tomas
12-25-03, 20:52
Greetings from LA LA Land

I'm begining my WS Tour and will be coming to Panama City on 12/29/03 thru 1/09/04 and would like to know if a few of you guys down there can give me a quick tour or just want to go out for a nite drunken debauchery (several rounds on me). I have a great digital camera and will post the highlites with full description upon my return to Los Angeles.

I've been to Costa Rica twice this year and tore that place up pretty good. We did the massage parlors in San Jose several times, hit the del Rey for some out calls (once I even managed to get 2 girls for $80 over 3 hours - but only 7s). We closed the nite clubs almost every nite & still managed to see the rainforests, beaches, and both coasts. Pura Vida

I heard Panama is nicer, cleaner, w/ a better selection of pros & amatuers. My taste leans towards the young, tall, sexy, girls w/ real breasts and nice round asses. I also wouldn't mind hooking up w/ some vitamin V, as a party favor. I don't have any hotel reservations, so if any input on that would be appreciated as well. I'd prefer a bargain on a 3 or 4 star with an amazing view.


photo is of a girl i banged for 2 days in CR, not much on face but a great young body, turns out she was the town ****.

Rabo Verde
12-29-03, 01:24
Recommend the Sevilla Suites, Coral Suites ($50-60) or Torres de Alba ($70-80). They are all very clean "apart-hotels" with a gym, pool on premises, nice views of city from the roof. No charge or hassle for chica vistors. All have A/C, room safes, TV, and small kitchens, Alba also has a separate living room and washer and dryer in each room. They are all within 100 meters of each other in the El Cangrejo neighborhood, which has Internet cafes and good restaurants, etc., $2 cab ride to any of the clubs from there. You could catch a cab from the airport ($20-$25) to any one of them and you could leave your bags and check the others too. Always ask for a "corporate discount" or some such and the price will go down a few dollars. Prices may be higher over the New Year, let us know for future reference. Your first trip should be to Golden Times, best W/H in Central America, $80-90 an hour all-inclusive.

Nostra Tomas
12-31-03, 04:00

Thanks for the hotel info. After calling around and visiting a couple of places I opted for hotel Caribe for the good clean & decent sized room, rooftop pool w/ bar, and the $27.50 price tag.

I had a not too rememorable experience at river club after passing up on the girls at Golden Times. The girl at RCM was lacking any proper skills and the package looked better wrapped. I think a warm wet sock lying on a dirty floor might have had a better chance of putting a smile on my face. Alas not even a happy ending so no tip either.

I grabbed a taxi around to a couple of dead clubs & ended up at Miami. That experience was completely the other end of the scale and perhaps even memorable for the girls and staff. The sweet Colombianas there were all about sexy. I Like being able to spank a few asses to test the waters prior to making a long term commitment (an hour is long term for me). I think I spanked half of the girls in there, not to metnion putting on my own floor show with three of the chicas. I had a nice GFE with L and then partied hard with her two hotter, younger, sans bambino, amigas. Oh sh*t they smelled good. I left at 6 am when they closed and the girls changed clothes. I just looked through the 50 pix I took last nite and laughed my ass off. I will post my proof of living life to the fullest later on in my trip.

I am ready to hit the town every nite until I leave on 1/09/04 if anyone wants to go out. Just drop me a private message & I will give you my cel number.

Free Sex
01-07-04, 09:44
Yeah fellas,

Well this is a bit off the subject BUT I'll shoot anyhow. Im moving to Panama City mid January 2004. Besides having sex with numerous women, having fun, oh and learning spanish I need an apt there. Anyone have any connections with a decent one bedroom apt out there. Im looking to spend 200-300 for just a plain regular one bedroom that is in a safe area. Well hit me on the PM or here.

Thanks fellas.

Happy hunting.

All Smiles
01-14-04, 23:11
Hey Guys,

Visiting PCY Feb. 1-7. Have read most of the posts here which have been very informative! THANKS!

I did the same research on this forum last year when I toured SJO, Costa Rica. Had a absolute blast!

I found getting the "walking tour" of SJO by a seasoned hobbyist was the best thing I did, no matter how much you read!

I am looking for that same experience in PCY around the 1st or 2nd of FEB. to launch me into another week of bliss!

Please contact me here or message me. I will make it worth your while!

Also, last year I stayed at the El Presidente which was in the middle of all the action in SJO. Hardly ever needed a cab.

Is there a hotel you might recommend similarly situated in PCY?

Where is the GT, Miami, Fenix...etc.

I also enjoy a morning cheap romp at shops where the native guys go.

I have detailed maps.


01-15-04, 10:09
Señor All Smiles,

Maybe I can be of some help steering you around Panama City. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to join you on your mongering adventures, however, I can provide you with information.

Ok, so to your questions; depending on the budget you have, there are some alternatives to stay. Best area is the area of “Via España”, most of the massage parlors and restaurants and shopping’s are walking distance within this area.

Here, you can find Hotels on the range of US$ 50 to US$ 150 per night.

I myself believe that luxury hotels are a waste of money, nevertheless, you should treat yourselfe to a decent one were you can have a pleasurable and relax stay, and specially one that it is CHICA friendly.

For that purposes, I try normally to stay in Apart-Hotels, these tend to have normally a small living room kitchenette and no hassles bringing your girls.

I would recommend you to check:
Torres de Alba (http://www.torresdealba.com.pa/)
Las Vegas (http://www.lasvegaspanama.com)
Cristal Suites (http://www.crystalsuites.com)
Plaza Paitilla (http://www.plazapaitillainn.com/)

Taxi drivers in Panama know all the places you are looking for, and they are also very cheap. Some basic Spanish will help. Taxi trips should cost you between US$1.50 to US$ 3.00 within the city.

Anything else, just PM me.

Mr. Chencho

All Smiles
01-17-04, 21:13

Thanks so much for the info. The Las Vegas looks good to me and a little less expensive than the others.

Will anyone else be around the 1st week in Feb to point this hound dog in the right direction?


Captain Slack
01-19-04, 06:34
Hello to all the SA mongers

I am posting this here because I am stuck on a tug in Mobile AL and I’m starting to wax nostalgic over trim. Ain’t life a *****?

I am a displaced Zonian. I lived in the CZ for most of the 70’s and left after the wrong-headed treaty put us out. Hell, I was in the pilot apprenticeship program, but thanks to our peanut farmer, but I digress.

I want to tell you about my first experience with a lady there. I had come into a financial landfall, $25, big money for the average zone kid. I was a 14 YO and went on a quest. I lived in Ancon so I basically just crossed the street one afternoon and slipped into the Ancon Inn.

I went into the bar, and surprise surprise, all the ladies there were occupied with the way too numerous GI’s. The only real difference between them and us was those painful haircuts. I decided to try my luck at the slots upstairs.

After dwindling my funds down to about 8 bucks, I decided to head home. When exiting the stairwell I was belayed by an older HSW that said she just had to do me. My eight bucks was okay with her, so I went for the ride.

She led me to an apartment on the next road behind the Ancon Inn. I remember she smelled really good. When we got in her room, she collected the cash and started undressing. She was hinting at me by saying “It’s so hot, take some clothes off”. Man, I was freaking at this point.

To make a long story short, this lady taught me a lot, in a surreal sort of way. When she took off her bra and one tit feel about 4 inches lower than the other, I thought to myself. “That ain’t like Playboy”. Then she gave me my first taste on tongue in mouth. She punctuated it with the phrase “ I am clean”.

She pulled me inside of her (I realize in retrospect that she had a really tight and wet pussy for an older pro) and we both just laid there motionless. When she realized that I didn’t even comprehend the physics of doing the deed she started bucking her hips. Once I got the picture, I blew off in about .3 seconds.

She told me she loved me, and if I came back she would give me a BBJCIM for $10. I have had way better sex since then, but my first was this seasoned pro!

I suppose the Ancon Inn is dead. Let me know. I have an attachment to the place.

I had a lot of first at Ancon Inn. I would like to hear your stories,.

01-20-04, 05:53
I'd like to know if any one lives in Panama? Is it a good place for retirees? Chief

Woody For Asians
01-20-04, 14:30
Captain Slack,

Wasn't Ancon Inn close to Gorgas Hospital? If so, it was defunct by the early '90's. I was there from '92 to '96. I think the building was still there but it was called something else. It may still be a bar, but I never saw much activity. There were a few other small clubs in that neighborhood that had prostitutes, I think one was called "The Bear Cave" in Spanish. It was on the off-limits list for the military.

The center of the nightlife was further downtown at Josephine's, Elite, and Le Palace (all within a few minutes walk).

Panama City is a beautiful place and there are retired zonians there. I run into old acquaintances whenever I visit.

01-20-04, 14:35

I've lived here in Panama for 5 years and it's great. Cost of living is dirt cheap, all the amenities of the US without a lot of the hassle, choice of different climates. Panama has a great Visa program for persons qualified under a government or private pension plan which includes 15 to 50 percent discounts on almost anything you buy or public services. This all above and beyond great chicas. PM me if you want some help.

Capt Slack, The Ancon Inn has been closed for a number of years

01-20-04, 18:29
Captain Slack

Sorry to say, the Ancon Inn closed down shortly before the 89 US Invasion and never reopened. I never had the privilege of visiting the Inn, but I have heard many stories from old timers and from the way they all described it, it must have been a riot!

By the way, last time I checked the building is being used as a grocery store/fruit stand.


Captain Slack
01-21-04, 17:56
Hey Fellas,

Yes Woody, the Ancon Inn was basically right across the street from Gorgas, on the (then) PC/CZ border. I lived in Ancon so It was easy for me to slip out of my bedroom window at night go there about anytime I felt. The Wonder Years.

I think I remember Le Palace. It was further in town and a little out of my range. There was another one that was very notorious called the “Blue Goose”. I only made it there once; I was really drunk and didn’t partake.

There were always worries and warnings about crime in the area, but thinking back, my crew ran wild down in the areas the bordered the Zone for years-I only got separated from my cash once. That was just some silly attempt to acquire contraband.

Does anybody remember the “Midnight Chicken Coop” over on Amador by the BYC?

01-22-04, 04:20
Captain Slack
You should take a trip back down.

Panama City is going under tremendous changes with new areas and new buildings popping up all over.

I moved down here about 2.5 years ago to Clayton. The entire Zone area has been transformed into beautiful neighborhoods. All Brook, Ancon, Clayton, and wait till you see Amador. All of those cheap looking army houses have all turned into $400.000 houses.

Anyhow, spend a few bucks and come and visit.

P Jack
01-27-04, 02:43
Just got back from another great trip in Panama. Man thank you very very much for showing me the good spots. Next trip I will for sure do the 10/10.

To all my fellow mongers the best thing that you can hear is CHICAS A LA SALA.

All Smiles
02-08-04, 20:08
Just flew back from a few days in PCY.

Stayed at Hotel Granada in the El Cangrego district for $ 66 a nite.

They have a pool and small casino. Rooms have a fridge and a safe which I think is important. There is a guard in the lobby who will not allow any real slutty looking gals in. If yours is dressed decently it is OK.

Just up the street I met a fellow monger who was staying at the Parador hotel for $32 a nite. Decent clean hotel for the budget minded.

The El Cangrego district is the upper end hotel and shopping area. Great place to be. Centrally located and safe at night to walk. $ 2-3 dollars taxi to anywhere.

On weekends alot of working girls in the top end hotel bars like Coco's at the El Panama Hotel or Hotel Continental.

I took a taxi and visited as many as I could in 2 nights. Be careful with Taxi drivers, they want to give you a club tour and wait for you while you are in each club. They get paid by each club to bring you there and then at the end of the night want $ 40-50 bucks from you as well. Remember, the standard wage for unskilled workers is 1-3 bucks and hour! They will never admit they get paid by each club which often is pretty substantial. Each club has plenty of taxi's out front who will take you to the next club for a buck or two. Make your deal BEFORE you get in!

As you can see I am a budget minded guy and here is how I worked the clubs. The first night I spent at Club Miami. No cover and its 5 bucks a drink. The girls are very hot, walking around in white lingerie under black light. They will give you a hands ON nude couch dance for 10 bucks, a real value! If you buy them a drink though its $8-10. To go in the back and play its $89 plus a tip.

The second night I spent at Le Palace. Same set up except if you want to drink alot its $20 for all you can drink. They have no rooms in back and you must pay the bar $ 100 to take them out and $200 for service at your hotel.

Both nites I ended up playing for $30 for 30 minutes at La Gruta Azul (Blue Goose). Its a bar, $2-3 a drink and plenty of average to good looking gals sitting around waiting for you to approach them. Owner speaks good english and hooks you up.

Golden Time: Never went, but my fellow monger did go and did not like it.

Paradice Gardens: a walk in and pick message place $80 an hour full service.

Oasis: is a short walk from Hotel Granada. $65 an hour message place. Got to know owner, he pays Taxi guys $20 to deliver you, then charges you $85 to cover that.

If you need more info let me know.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

02-13-04, 21:10
Le Palace now has an "all you can drink" deal? That would be a big improvement.

First negative report I've heard about Golden Times. Hope it is not a trend.

In fact, we found GT far superior to Club Miami, although a totally different experience.

Thanks to all for keeping this board alive.


Pump And Leave
02-14-04, 07:22
I stayed at the Continental Riande from Jan 31 through Feb 6. There were chicas every night at the bar, 90% of them knockouts. The bellmen there will help you out with incalls. Going rate is 100 buck.

I met a real Hottie on the street. Her name is Mariana. 22 with an hour glass figure and huge tits. Her phone number is 507 684 0293.

Simple Man
02-14-04, 18:43
I don't know if it has changed but last time I was in PTY Le Palace offered the all you can drink deal only on certain nights.

02-16-04, 04:01
Hey P Jack.
Thanks for the "Chicas a la sale message" Hope Cuba is fun for you, and hope to see you again in Panama.

Free Sex
02-18-04, 03:38
Ok fellas,

Although my name is Free Sex, I just indulged in my first pay to play ho (in Panama at least), and you know what, it wasnt that bad, LOL. She is a fine brown skin women I met on via espana. If you want her contact info send me and PM. I will put her pic of here soon.

I'm off to Rock Cafe to indulge again tonite, hopefully to find some free sex.

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I Love Sluts
03-02-04, 05:49
My Dearest Fellow Mongers,

First two month of 2004 update:

Golden Time: Continues to dominate with an average of 50 to 70 guys a night, many hot chicks, by far the best

Miami Club: Really improved with new women and new wardrobe, many hotties but not as many as GT

Elite: Not impressed, many nights these asssholes are always trying to rip off americans, would not recommend especially when you are in a large group, they think when you get drunk that you forget how many drinks you have had, not many good looking chicks

Club Fenix: Many hot chicks and only 11 dollars for 15 minutes of sex, where in the heck can you bang a chick for 15 minutes for only 11 dollars? The people are fair here and will only charge 11 dollars if you talk to them

LA Gruta Azul: Not many good looking chicks, they are asssholes when they will not give the same price for americans

LA Gloria: Not recommened as the security sits outside with loaded shotguns always on the lookout. I have never seen so many fat beached whales at a *****house.

Many other smaller clubs, but not worth the price and the quality is not there.

Also, I have two girls numbers (with their permission) that work at one of the clubs and charge between 50 to 100 per hour. These girls usually get 330 dollars for two hours, but you can go around there work and pay them on the side.

They will be more than willing to meet you during the day, JESSICA - 597 2616 AND BRENDA - 649 8638, they are sisters and are always working on the side.


Free Sex
03-04-04, 07:07
Hello Fellas,

Well for the sake of research I went to visit two clubs I have heard about but never seen.

Club Fenix

This club was just OK. I am all for the fact that you can have sex with a chic for 11 bucks for 15 minutes, BUT i was not satisfied with the quality of chicas. The best I saw in there tonite was a7. BUT please remember my preferance is brown to dark skin women. I did not see many of those in there. So out of 10 being the best I would rate Fenix a 6.5 maybe it was just tonite.

Club Acropal

Another spot that I have wanted to visit, but I was a little hesitate because I heard you should not go alone because it is in a bad area. Well I went tonite. The club itself IS in a tough area but if you go with a taxi escort or a few friends you will be just fine. The main reason I went to this club was because I heard the darker chics work here, once again I am into the brown to dark women. Well there were a few brown skin girls, maybe 3 tops, but they were not that attractive. The best there was about a 7.5 on her best day. I spoke to one of the girls. She qouted me 60 bucks for an hour back at my hotel. So out of 10 being the best I would rate Acropal a 6.5 maybe it was just tonite.

Obviously this is just a quick report, if anyone wants to know more information, or hang out PM me, I am in Panama City now. Hope this report does someone some good.

KR Man
03-05-04, 21:30
Hey guys,

I will be in Panama from March 15th to 22nd. Anyone want to meet up there as I am a rookie monger?

Latin Travel
03-06-04, 06:58
I will be traveling to Central or South America for about a week or two in the upcoming months. I've been following WSG and thought I would put this question in:
Are there ways to get a female "guide" of sorts who will show you around the clubs for a fee. I don't want it to be a "pay for s__" situation only a tour by a hot 19-24 yr old to a place where I can get some non-pro/semi pro action. If we ended up hooking up then all the better but it's not a requirement. She just has to be hot, clean, young, and safe. I may even shoot down the beach for a few days or something. Do the girls in panama go for that sort of thing? I'm about 30 & an average looking cleancut guy in pretty good shape. I plan on traveling to some other countries as well and will report back.

03-06-04, 12:58
Latin Travel,

Your best bet would be to hit one of the clubs that are currently the in-place for Gringo's (I'm not currently in Panama, so I couldn't say for sure which clubs are currently good). Once there, find a girl who matches your physical requirements and then strike up a conversation with her. If you seem to hit if off make a proposal that she be your tour guide in exchange for you paying for her to eat, party, go to the beach with you etc. Most Panamanians are very poor and would jump at the chance to spend a few days living the life of luxury you could provide. Whether sex is include of course would have be negotiated between the two of you.

If you really want to spark her interest, offer to take her to the Decameron resort. It is a very nice all-inclusive resort that is the dream vacation for most Panamanians but is way out of their price range.

Check out: http://www.hotelreservationsnow.com/panama/royal-decameron-beach-resort.html


Latin Travel
03-08-04, 19:59
Thanks Trojan,

If anyone else is cruisin through Panama in the next couple of months let me know what the current "in-places" for gringos are. I'll only have limited time there so I want to make the best of it. A lustworthy couple of nights with a hot panamanian (even if a girl introduces me to a couple of friends or whatever) would definitely be nice for that plus help me with my Spanish. Any other ideas let me know.

Latin Travel
03-13-04, 17:41
I am trying to decide between Panama City, Panama 1 week w/a week at the beaches of the Pacific Ocean (Panama) following that, or a week in Heredia Costa Rica with a week in Samara Beach (Pacific Ocean Costa Rica).

Which would be better for a late 20s, clean cut American with lower intermediate Spanish skills?

I definitely want to meet girls during those 2 weeks as well as avoid being a crime victim. I'm leaning towards Panama at present but am interested in some honest feedback/comparison.

Spin the Globe
03-20-04, 22:08
Latin Traveler,

I sent you a PM with my opinion on your best options for what you seek. I hope it helps!

Hello All,

I am currently on the ground here in PTY. I was also here for 4 nights 2 weeks ago, and was having a little trouble posting at that time. So, I will first catch-up on the details of the previous trip, and then reach the current news.

In preparation for the trip I read all of the posts for Panama City, so, many thanks to all who have gone before me, your contributions were invaluable!


After a quick shower, head to Cafeteria Manolo's. This is a nice, clean restaurant, with cheap food, a great breakfast to be had every morning, and right near most of the hotels recommended in the forum. Their fare is nothing fancy, but a good place with normally a few cute girls to look at, who are there on dates or together.

Next, I stroll through the Fiesta Casino, decent enough casino, but no talent available, although there were some cute waitresses at the back bar. Then into Club Cocos at the El Panama Hotel. It was around 9:30 and about 20 guys were in there but not one girl. So, I left immediately, but found out on later nights that this is a solid place for both pro’s and non-pro’s. Next, took a $1 taxi ride to Le Palace.

Le Palace was not quite up to the talent level I expected after reading the posts. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were a few very hot girls and one that I believe could be a top-model if she tried., however, the vast majority were plump. I stayed and had 2 beers they were $6.80 each by the way. I will run down my negotiations with 2 girls . First Christina, an 18 year old from Medellin.

Pretty face, very innocent looking with braces on her teeth. Solid body, she told me the usual $130 bar fine, and then $200 + for her for 2 hours at my hotel. So, I asked for a price for the following day, and she said $200, which I was easily able to get down to $100 before too long. So she asked me for a drink, which would be $15 for her drink. I politely said I had just arrived and would like to relax alone for a bit, but I would love her # to call her in the next couple of days. So she left and came back a couple of minutes later and discreetly put her number in my hand.

Next, the stunning model-type, Jovanna, made a few passes, and finally came in for the kill. She sat and started with the basic intros. She told me the same price as above for outcall. I asked for in-call the following day, she said $200, I said that’s too much and she kept asking me why that was too much. I said I simply wouldn’t pay that much and she kept on saying why/ Porque no?

Anyway, she asked how much "I would pay for a girl like her" I said $100, and she just laughed. She later told me she would never go for less than $150, I said the other girls would for $100, she said many girls would, but not her, and if I desired a $100 girl there were plenty available.

I decided not and left. She was beautiful enough and would have been worth the extra $50, however, she just seemed so into herself, that I thought she probably wouldn’t have been that great of a session.

From , there a taxi out front offered to take me anywhere, he recommended Royal Elegance, GT and Club Miami. I said OK now Elite II, and he said just go take a look at RG. SO off we went, there were probably about 8-10 girls. Most ugly but 2 cute ones. One was a darker skinned Panamanian who very much had the look of your standard DR girl. Not my normal type but this girl had a sexy look to her and long legs, and thin, tight body. It was still pretty early but I asked her hours, she said 7/days a week, and she starts at 7:00pm night. So, I kept this as an option for later or another night and headed to Elite II.

As much as I was disappointed with the overall talent at Le Palace, I was stunned by the overall talent at Elite. It was $21 all you could drink, and there were many hot girls. I did go back the following two nights and the talent level dropped-off each night somewhat, but this night, I simply couldn’t choose. Many fair -skinned blondes, for awhile I thought I was back in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Anyway, I sat for awhile with a very average looking Colombiana. I had no intention of being with her, she was just a sweet girl, and fun to talk to, and she spoke clearly and so that I could understand all. I bought her a drink for $15, and she thanked me profusely, I asked how much she made when a guy buys her a drink, and she said $5. After awhile she kept asking if I wasn’t interested in her she would go get someone if I pointed them out. But I said no; I’ll do that myself, She asked for another drink and I said why don’t I just give you the $5 you would earn,rather than buy you a $15 drink. Not to be cheap but these Colombianas that kept passing by were hot and they won’t approach you when you are with another girl. They respect each others "territory" So, I felt bad for the girl and gave her $5 and then set my sights on this rock-hard bodied little blonde. She sat with me awhile, and I bought her a drink, and she danced for me at my table for free, for a couple, of songs as payment for the drink. I then asked for a real dance, and she took me to a private room with a curtain a gave me a mind-blowing dance that lasted roughly 4 songs. Totally nude, finger play, DFK, she the pushed her crotch in my face and DATY followed, and was highly encouraged by this. So, after the 4th song a guy came and knocked at the window, and we had to leave. The cost was $25 it was 100 times better than any dance in your standard US strip club and 4 dances would have been $80, ah Panama. We made arrangements to meet at 1pm the next day for 2 hours/$100 at my hotel.

More to follow.

A Vida LQ
03-20-04, 23:46
Spin the Globe,

My friend, prices you mention are exclusively for gringos.

For example, this girl, Francesca, is the kind of girl you can easly find in Panama city. She comes to your hotel for $40. She is affectionate, hot and offers everything for this amount.

She speaks enough english and is really a very hot and pretty girl.

I tried her four times the last two months and will continue.

Have fun.

A Vida LQ
03-20-04, 23:50
Another pic of Francesca.

Spin the Globe
03-20-04, 23:56
day 2 first trip:

i had this meeting set for the day. i was kind of pissed at myself for setting it right in the middle of the day, because i was here to do more than just monger. i was really intent on seeing as much of the area as i could.

so, i wait in my hotel for this girl to show, and of course she never does. now, its early afternoon, and the options are somewhat limited during the day. to make matters worse, i had somehow lost the number of my solid back-up, christina from le palace.
so, now i go out in search of other options.

oasis is a massage parlor that is right in the heart of the action. it was maybe 2 blocks from my hotel. i peeked in there on several occasions to see if the talent changes.
this first time i looked, there were 5 girls all pretty ugly, so i pass.

now, i am very picky. i am mid-thirties and still able to get my fair-share of attractive girls , even in the states, occasionally still able to pull a 23 ish year old hottie for free when i am rolling, so i refuse to pay for some average or worse looking girl.

just to give some reference since everyone´s tastes differ, my ideal type is a rock -solid little 100 -105 lb hard-body, without implants. usually lighter skinned, blonde or brunette. although on occasion will go a little darker for variety. but, the face is very important.

that being said those who prefer quantity over quality or who like to go on the cheap, you may find good value at the oasis. here is their rundown, for the sake of research.

oasis: is just opposite the panama hotel. they are open 7 days-week, and open from 11:30 am. the normal price is $65 for service completo, or $30 for a 1 hour massage and negotiations with the girl for extra options are separate. they also have a couple of specials that are listed on business cards being passed-out by various guys in front of the place. their specials are: $80 out-call for 1 hour at your hotel. also, they have a listed special of mondays, wednesdays and fridays of 1 hour complete service with 2 girls for the price of one.
that being said i peeked in there at least 6-10 times over these 2 trips and i stayed only once. i will give details on that later.

so, now it is roughly 5 pm with limited options. i am told miami club is open at 2:00pm. i take a taxi, and enter and there are only about 5 girls working and they are all pretty fat. i stay and have a couple of beers to see if the situation improves, but it doesn´t. the beers there were $3.50. as, i left my taxi driver tells me the place is always pretty bad during the day, and that i should return at about 9:00pm.

i then have him drop me at a restaurant near plaza mirage, home of golden times and wait for gt to open.
i will go into a little detail on the line-up that has been often discussed to give a little more detail. after, entering you get a look at some of the many girls there as they primp in the hallway. you are then seated in a waiting area with the other guys. i think they normally wait until they have a few guys before starting the walk-through. now, there are 3 other guys there, all arrived before me.

then the line-up starts. each of the girls enter, and pause for maybe a second or 2 and then quickly exit. now, there are around 30 or more girls at any given time. so, in this quick 2 second look, you must do several things: first quickly scan the face, next, obviously scan the body for your various tastes, then you must quickly look to her lower left hip area, to catch a glimpse of herr badge number. it is a fairly small id-type badge clipped to her clothing with her number on it. then you have to remember which ones were best as you continuously evaluate the new talent entering. also, keep in mind i was 4th to arrive, so i was also 4th to pick, which means i better have some back-ups in mind in case the other guys chose the girl i wanted. anyway, it was all a fun little parade, as you constantly second-guess yourself as to which would be best.

granted it is hard to make a bad decision here, the talent through and through was awesome. certainly there were 5 or six that were kind of fat or ugly, and maybe 4-5 stunning beauties, but the rest were still pretty solid all the way through the line-up.

after picking the girl she is brought in and seated next to you, and you chat for a minute or 2, i guess allowing you to change your mind if not satisfied. then you pay and off to the room.
on this night the room she took me to was a tiny little room, with only a massage table and a small shower and sink in it, so i wasn´t impressed with the room. however, on another visit i had a full sized bed, so i don´t know what the difference was.

also, when i paid the guy asked me for $94, thanks to other posters, i said, yo siempre pago $84, and he said ok.
anyway, the girl i chose was a beautiful rock hard bodied little 18yr old colombiana. the service was cbj, no dfk, but otherwise ok. she was just beautiful to look at--number 31 by the way. pretty big natural breasts for such a petite girl.

after leaving i had the taxi take me to elite. this night was $20 for open bar. the talent level had dropped somewhat from the night before, but was still pretty solid. i did see the girl who stood me up during the day, and she apologized profusely, but i was off in search of other contacts.

one final note, i took another of those private table dances that i was amazed with the night before, and this time, this little stunner, starts reaching down my pants and then starts to unzip me, but immediately, there is a knock on the window from the waiter/bouncer patrolling the area. so, she then gets a little freaked-out. at the end of one song the same waiter knocks, meaning our time is up. so, for the same $25, i got three less songs than the previous night, i guess the first girl just gave me a great deal.

for a final bit of research on this night, on the way home,i had the taxi stop into the coco club at the panama hotel. nice place with live salsa type of band, and big dance floor. there were plenty of couples in there of all ages, but there were also a surprising number of single girls in small groups. i was pretty sure, but not certain that these were pros. anyway, there were a small group of 3 that were beautiful. the 3 closest to me were not attractive at all, but they soon proceeded to talk to me. it turns out they were from colombia, on 3 month tourist visas, so now i know these are pros, but are the others?
i will find out on another night.

out for now.

03-22-04, 04:16
Hi Spin the Globe
I heppened to sit next to you on your 2nd night in GT. Hope your 2nd night was as good as your first.

It ws nice meeting you.

Spin the Globe
03-22-04, 19:19

It was good to meet you as well. Yes, she was pretty good, but not the greatest service.
However, I went again the following night (last night), and do you remember that #20 that the 3 of us kept thinking was beautiful, but your friend said he had heard she didn´t provide good service. Untrue. She was great. Began the session by pulling out her mini-vibrator placed it strategically on herself, handed me the controls, and just went nuts. The whole session was great.
Plus she has one of the most amazing bodies I´ve seen.

Good to meet you.
Take care!

Spin the Globe
03-22-04, 19:54
days 3-4:

since i was here to do more than just monger i spent the day touring around. my taxi driver from the airport had given me his card and said he could do beach trips or tours. so, he took me to the old ruins (panama viejo), casaco viejo which is the old town center with the presidents house and various sites there, then out to miraflores lockes,
which is the best part of the canal. i had a great lunch at the miaflores vistor center, excellent buffet for $16. after, lunchi had asked about amador, so he drove me through there and across the causeway out to flamingo, on the way back he even took me to the supermercado rey, so i could load up on supplies, all for $50.

the guy is a great guy, speaks good english, and explained a lot about the sites along the way. i highly recommend this guy, i told him i would post his number here if anyone is interested, daniel 669-9114.

got back around 5pm, so not many options, peeked again at oasis and the selection was horrible. so, i went over to check out the girl from royal elegance. i got there just in time for her start of her shift. a pretty hot colombiana came in about the same time. but i chose the panamanian girl i had intended to see. the prices for royal elegance are as follows: $100 for an hour in a big room with jacuzzi, $80 for an hour in a normal room
and there is a $60 for 45 minutes option in a smaller room, that they are reluctant to tell you about, you had to ask. for this option, they didn´t try to offer it.
anyway i took the $60 option the girl is darker skinned, not my normal taste, but thin and cute, something for variety, anyway a solid session.

that night i started out at coco club and there were 3 very pretty 18-21 ish year old girls at the bar, it was still early. and it was just them, me and a couple of older couples in there, the girls were on the opposite side of the bar from me, one was extremely hot, and i wanted to go talk to them, but i was a little burnt-out at that point, and i wasn't even sure they were working girls. i left intending to return, but ended up spending the rest of the night at elite.
day 4;
i was ready for something and it was early so i peeked in at oasis, it was the only time i stayed. not great but 1-2 of the 6-7 girls were doable, certainly not upper-end, but for lack of other options at the moment, they would do. chose one and paid $30 for 1 hour massage only.

she gave me a good massage for about 30 minutes, then asked if i was interested in a special massage. she said the $30 up front went to the club the rest was for her, she then quoted $ 10 for hj, $20 for bj and $40 for full service. i asked if the bj was covered, she said yes. it seems bbbj is somewhat harder to find in panama, but i asked would she do bbbj for extra. she was a little freaked out by this and said she had never done that, anyway, i offered her $40 for bbbj, she agreed but made me promise no cim. it was decent enough, and that was that.

sunday night most everything was kind of dead. as i had intended on hitting dome normal clubs while here, i had a taxi driver take me to several and they were all closed, bacchus, zoombas, and a couple of other normal discos were closed, the other type of clubs, le palace and cocos are also closed sunday. elite, gt, club miami, river club?,
royal elegance and oasis are open. so, spent the remainder of the evening at elite. but the talent was way down on sunday. much worse than other nights.

so, thats it for the first trip.
one final note, my taxi driver that i recommended takes me to the airport the next morning. on the way, he starts telling me a long story about how his daughter is in the hospital, and he desperately needs $80 + to pay her bills. since, he is making $20 something for the airport run, he asks if he can please borrow $60 additional.
now, i am normally no easy mark, and usually more than a little skeptical. but, i liked the guy, he gave me a good tour and all, so i sort of thought f-it , if his daughter really needs it i am glad to do it, even if i never see the money, again. if its just a con, then oh well, i´ve blown money on much worse things in my life. so, i give it to him and he says to give him my info, and he will send it western union in 2 days.

i tell him forget western union, it will cost $15-20 to send me back the $60, why not the next time i´m in panama, you pick me up and take me back to the airport for free.
he thanks me profusely, and thats it. i really didn´t plan on coming back for a month or more, and said it may be a few months, he said no problem his word is his bond.
end of trip 1.

03-22-04, 23:51
Hi folks. This is my third visit to Panama City in about a year. I think that all our readers should thank Spin the Globe for his excellent description of Golden Time, which is right on the mark. Let me add a few embellishments: The lady at the front desk is very kind and I recorgnized her from previous visits. I have never had to wait for the line up, I usually come in late (after 10 PM) and they parade immediately. Also, I have not bothered to negotiate down from $94 to $84. By the way, it costs $150 to take a girl back to your hotel for one and a half hours.

All the girls are Colombian--some are not so attractive, but there are so many that only a fool could not find one he liked. I have to say that #31 is pretty hot looking, but I did not go with her. I like a tight body and big breasts, so #27 (Manuela) caught my attention. I would say that she performed OK, but nothing spectactular. And her breasts ended up being too big. I might try #20 next time. I always bring a pen and paper, note down 5 to 7 who look appealing, and ask for them to come back through.

Manuela explained to me that out of the $94, after the share for the house and the fee claimed by your taxi driver, she sees only $38. So a tip is much appreciated.

A pleasant discovery last night was Latin Babes escort service. They sent over Helen, who was just a little overweight but extremely cooperative--DFK, DATY, fingers, CBJ, excellent massage, etc. The cost was only $80! I have her own number to call her directly for another session tonight.

Termas Time
03-23-04, 04:51
Spin the Globe,

Nice reports, I went to Panama City about a year ago and by far my favorite club was Elite II. Matter of fact, as a pure strip club not a brothel or termas, it is probably my favorite overall. I liked the fact they have three stages (2 of them are smaller) and all the girls go-go style dance to up tempo music. Colombianas can sure dance when they want to. Anyways, when I went the selection was quite good with 80% being Colombian with some Dominican and other Central Americans. I preferred the energy of this place compared to Le Palace where the girls pretty much just sat around with the occasional silly show on stage. I am definately considering a trip back to Panama with this being one of the motivations.

Golden Times is also cool. I found of most the girls attractive so what I did is grab a pen and paper to write down their numbers during the selection showcase. I got up from my chair and actually reconfirmed my top choices which the girls found funny. On top of quality sex with a hot Colombian, my girl gave me a very good oriental massage which was quite professional.

As for discos, I would recommend Bacchus if you like young hot college students (most of the girls seemed to be 18-23 yrs old.). I didn't recognize any pro-action here. Never went to Zoombas, but will visit next time.

Termas Time

Peter P
03-23-04, 19:57
I will be heading to Panama next week and will have a weekend there. I've seen the elcomplaciente website. All the faces are covered so I deem this as not a good sign. Anyone has any experiences with this? Is this a pure waste of time? I'm pretty demanding on looks.

Also, how's the action at le Palace and Elite on Saturday?

Is the Marriott chica friendly?


03-24-04, 04:09
Stay away from elcomplaciente.
They are expensive, and you said it, the faces are covered. You never know what will walk down your door.

03-24-04, 04:13
I would love to hear some educated guess as to how many sex visitors come to Panama each week. Sex is great here, but I often get the feeling that most guys still go to destinations like, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, and others before Panama.

I have a friend who is considering opening a mind blowing type sex club here, but my sense is that there are not enough visitors here to make it a success.

What's your guess? How many sex visitors come to Panama each week? 10, 20? or much more.

03-24-04, 05:59
FYI, when I called up Helen directly and she came over, the service included Russian and BBBJ.

I stopped by Golden Time again tonight around 11 PM. There were several other guys ahead of me watching the parade, but nobody could make up their mind. I passed again on #31, and was seduced by the large breasts of #26 (Maria Jose). As with most of the girls, I felt that the sex was kind of rushed and there was no opportunity for DFK, DATY, etc. I did enjoy the licking of my balls and other nearby areas.

Also FYI, the lady in charge is very pleasant and her name is Luce. She is from Colombia, in Manasales.

Hacke Beck
03-24-04, 19:42
Do you have the oportunity in Golden Times , to drink a beer and talk for a while with the girls, or they pass trough you pic one and directly to the action?

Is that the way it works?

Spin the Globe
03-24-04, 20:48
Keith and Termas,
Thanks for your positive feedback!


I couldn't agree with you more that Elite II is the best place to enjoy an evening.
It has much more energy and excitement than Le Palace. Le Palace did seem to have
maybe a higher quality at the top end, but Elite was just much more fun, than the relatively tranquil Le Palace. The only problem with Elite was of course, on the spot take-out is simply too expensive, and in making arrangements for the following day, the girls would provide their numbers, but were at times flaky about showing-up. It was always hit and miss, you definitely need a couple of back-up numbers..

I also agree with your assessment of GT. The service there always did seem just ok, or slight variations of good but not great. Of course the quality of girls is high, its just that, once you pick a girl you typically spend just a couple of minutes chatting, then off to the room. So, there is no time to build any rapport with the girl, so it all seems a bit impersonal. As opposed to the say termas scene in Brazil, or similar set-ups elsewhere, where you are able to have fun with the girl and get to hang with them for as long as you want, to see their reaction to you, before heading off. All of that adds to the experience, and lets the girl feel more comfortable, thereby increasing odds of a GFE.

By, the way I never went with the #27 you mentioned, yet she was always in my top couple of choices; she just had a fun, cute look to her, and always entered the room with a big smile. Had I gone back again, I'm sure she would have been my pick. Also, the # 31 you keep passing on for other girls with bigger racks--she has surprisingly large breasts for someone so petite. I would say a good sized c-cup, natural, which is pretty big for a 95 lb little hottie!

There would be nowway for me to make an educated guess on the number, although I did run into a handful of others while in town, it was certainly nowhere near the level of say Rio or SJO.

But you would have the added bonus of the occasional US Navy ship stopping in port. During my first trip, (2 weeks ago) there was one in port and the first couple of nights Elite and other places were full of these guys spending all kinds of money, just my 2 cents.

03-25-04, 01:13
Thanks Spin.
My firend has the idea of building a small 50 rooms hotel with food all incluseive at $75.00 a day.

he is bannking on the American crowd, but I wonder if there are enough visitors.

I Love Sluts
03-25-04, 02:13
Dear (hundreds of people who look for info but never post),

I hate to admit it because I do not want prices to rise to high or go up for that matter, but Golden Time is by far the best quality. For all the mongers who want good service chicas at GT, try Manuela, Lina, Paulina or Jessica. They are all hot and are great sex, trust me on this one. If anyone has had great experiences with other girls there, let me know.

Also I agree that Elite lately has the hottest chicks and this place is quite amazing. Some days Elite is not so good, other days it is out of control with tons of hot chicks. I cannot figure this place out, but lately has been awesome.

Le Palace is crap lately, except one girl NATALY, she is the only hot chick there, these girls here are all fuccked up bad, in the light these girls are very very different and ugly, it is amazing. This place has turned to crap. Many fat pigs and the girls look so much different.

Club Miami, a little better lately as the girls here are at least fun to hang out with, but there are a couple hot ones, at least this place is getting better, but still many immigration busts.

Club Fenix-- the best bang for the buck, 11 bucks for 15 minutes, many natural chicks and I think this place is pretty good value.

Also Man, I deleted Linas number, but you will just have to go back there and get it, she is good.


03-25-04, 03:39
Hey Man,

If your friend wants to build the hotel, drop me pm and I'll help you with all the local stuff, as I live in Panama and I'm a national, so things would be easier.

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Hacke Beck
03-25-04, 19:29
I will be only one night in Panama City , should I visit first GT or Miami Club. I only have a couple of hours so I don t want to waste my time.

Some advices from the experts would be great.

03-25-04, 21:43
My friend is national as well.
The key question here is how many come to Panama each week?

03-25-04, 22:42
I sent you a pm, so we dont go off topic here in the board.

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited by Admin to add standard capitalization and punctuation. In the future, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Spin the Globe
03-26-04, 11:17
Hacke Beck,

Miami Club is hit and miss, GT is always solid. Go to GT.

Blitz Dog
03-26-04, 16:50
Hello fellow Mongors

I am headed to Panama next week March 31 to April 5th, is any one going to be around to help a semi-newbie out? I have read almost all the reports and have gathered info, thanks to all the top notch mongors for sharing the wealth, hope to hear from someone soon. I will be posting my adventures daily!


03-26-04, 20:19
Hello All,

I will be going to Panama for my first time in the next few weeks and will have one or two days to try and take all of your advice and put it into practice. So, I could use a lot of help.

I will probably arrive on Saturday or Sunday and will have my late evenings free for 3 or 4 nights. I would prefer to not have to bring the girls back to my hotel, so I am looking for on site rooms, or clubs/SWs with nearby hotels. I will also have to try GT based on all the posts about it. I gather the best time is in evening after 9:00 pm or so.

Question 1: What are my best options for clubs that have rooms or nearby hotels?
Question 2: What should I plan on budgeting in USD for one per night sessions at an "average price".
Question 3: If I have to use my hotel, is call in going to get better results than taking a girl back with me?

And of course, any other suggestions and observations are greatly appreciated.



03-27-04, 06:23
Just got back from my first trip to Panama. Had a great time. Like some of you I like to do more than just monger so I spent 3 nights in Panama City and then went to Isla Grande where I stayed at Bananas Resort.

Here is my review:

Panama City-stayed at Hotel El Parador $38.50 per night, no problems with girls staying with me as long as you speak to Kony at the reception. The other receptionists tried to charge some other guys $5 for femal guests.

Elite was a blast. Mainly Panamanian girls, all hot but over priced as far as I was concerned with initial asking price being $150 to the house and $200 for the girl. Had some good fun with Jasmine in the private table dance room. DATY, DFK etc.
Le Palace had equally hot girls. Mainly Colombians but a few others as well. Same high prices as Elite but Marshy and Andrea gave out numbers and I called them up during the day for $100 an hour. Marshy was wild.

Royal elegance was good at $60 with a local girl who had a nice bod and was a lot of fun (Rubi). Looked in at Oasis and Beauty Spa (on Via Espana near Rey). Passed on these as the girls were harsh looking.

GT was fun to watch the parade. Took #1 as she seemed really bubbly but all she wanted to do was talk and I ended up leaving unsatisfied. Recommend against her.

Isla Grande: Stayed at Bananas Resort. Had a relaxing time. Went into the village over the hill and met a non-pro from PTY who worked weekends at IG. Hooked up with her for a few days and had a great time! So non-pro action can be had with some luck and work.

AVOID Daniel Palacios, a taxi driver with an old white Crown Vic, license 336275, mobile 699 9114. He was totally unreliable and ripped me off. Was supposed to pick me up from Isla Grande after taking me there and he stole my deposit and left me high and dry stuck in IG. Spin the Globe gave this guy a good recommendation but I had a completely opposite experience.

03-27-04, 12:53
Greetings Board,

After reading the WSG for years I finally signed up as a regular member and this will be my first official report to the Board. I just returned from a year and a half vacation in Panama and Costa Rica. I would like to relay first hand, current info on the SW action in Panama City. But, first I would like to say that the clubs Elite, Josephine's, Miami Gold, ect. are pretty expensive when you compare it to the SW action.

I stay at the Hotel Cavadonga Calle 19 between Avenida Cuba and Peru, $20.00 balboas per night with A/C, T.V, Phone, Restraunt, pool on the roof, and Chica friendly. On Calle 20 (next street towards downtown) theres a 24 hour restraunt where a lot of the SW's like to hang out late at night. I would also like to mention that the staff of the Cavadonga are very nice, it's owned by a family from Spain.

There are a number of good SW locations , however, the best, hands down, bar none, location is between Calle 16 and Calle 22 on Avenida Peru and Avenida Cuba. The girls start showing up early, just at about dark and stay there all night long. I find a cab, which are very, very cheap in Panama City and have him drive around and around until I see what I want. I found a 18 year old beauty from Chiriqui Province that was the most beautiful girl I have ever had the pleasure of being with on the corner of Calle 20 and Avenida Cuba. The cost? $25.00 for three hours, and they were very enjoyable because she was FRIENDLY.

A couple of words of caution. There are some young girls out there, you need to make sure that the girl has her cedula (ID), if she has a cedula she is 18 or over, if she does not have one dont get involved no matter how good she looks. Officialy Panama has no military, everyone that you see in uniform is the Policia National, the tourist police have plastic arm bands that say TOURISMO, there are a lot of different types of police but you never need to worry about any of them as long as you dont have anything to do with drugs, big NO NO in Panama. Make sure that you put your seat belt on when you are in the front seat of a cab, Transito police will stop the drive and you'll end up looking for another taxi. While you are there stop by Casco Viejo and have lunch at the very famous "Cafe Coca-Cola".

Blitz Dog
03-28-04, 00:37
I am looking for any information on escort services in Panama, any good or bad experiences, which escort service is preferred. I am headed to Panama next week.


Peter P
03-28-04, 18:56
Hi all,

I'm a semi-newbie like Blitz but I this is my first reporting of Panama.


I've been to GT before and I must say they have kept up with standards. I come to Panama once in a few months and i like GT because the girls stay around 2-3 months i was told. At least I didn't seem to see any old faces this time, the last time i was there was probably around Oct/Nov last year.

Sorry, I'm really bad with remembering numbers but I took this rather petite girl, blonde with C breast, that had this innocent and really interested look. Well, turned out that Camile was just in Panama for 3 days ! She was really into it but refused bbj, but allowed me to cum on her beautiful breasts. I love the way she really enjoyed the session, only thing is that i guess she's still a little shy and doesn't quite dare to moan in pleasure. Though her facial expression with eyes closed is really a delight and very telling.

Le Palace:

As I had just arrived, I was a little tired by around 1pm when I reached le Palace. By then, the place was packed and most girls were sitting with some guys. Some were still hanging around I struck up a nice conversation with Valentina. 25, intelligent rulo (from Bogota), pretty and not pushy at all. However, she stood firm at USD200 for the next day. She's an old hand having being there for 1 year already. I wasn't in the mood to bargain so we parted on friendly terms.


I didn't really like Elite so much as i think its too smoky and the music too loud. However, after recent good reviews, I decided to check it out again. The house was really rocking by around 2. I saw some of the chicas that I had seen before and just hung around for a while. I caught sweet Fernanda gyrating away and we exchanged winks and she came over. By then, my mood was up again so we headed for a private session....DATY, DFF, full body contact !! fantastic, money well worth spending. She said she'll call me again though I somehow doubt so.

Also, avoid Valenska !! She's a dark hair Venezuelan and she's such leech and kept asking for drinks !!

My dear Caysal!

I read with interest your report on SWs. Is that area in Casco Viejo? I passed by Casco Viejo at night before and it seem rather dinghy...is it safe to walk around by foot? Any landmarks or restaurants etc around the SW area which one can hang out for a while ? Finally, how are the quality of the SWs compared to the Columbian beauties in Elite, lePalace and GT? You think I can walk into Marriott with one of these SWs in hand?

Thanks !

Spin the Globe
03-29-04, 00:58

I'm sorry to hear that my recommended taxi treated you that way!
I could tell he has a bit of the con artist in him,(who else would ask for a $60 loan from someone they barely know). But just to relate how honestly he treated me , I had loaned him the money on the ride to the airport on my previous trip. I told him not to Western Union it to me, but rather give me a ride for free, to and from the airport on my next trip. I wasn’t planning on coming back so soon, but I found an opportunity 2 weeks later, I called him the day before arrival, and asked him to pick me up the following night at 7 PM. When I exited customs, I only half expected him to be there, but there he was waiting on me, welcomes me back to Panama , grabs my bag, and off we go.
He wouldn’t even let me pay the $3 in tolls from the airport into town. He also did the same when he took me back to the airport . I did use him for a beach run to Coronado and I paid him for that, but otherwise I didn’t pay him a dime, and he fully kept his word to me. Sorry to hear he wasn’t so honest with you.

03-29-04, 05:30
Spin the Globe. No worries on the taxi driver. This kind of thing is always a risk in developing countries and eventually even the experienced traveller gets taken.

03-29-04, 13:02
Hello Board,

The SW action is on Avenida Peru and Avenida Cuba between Calle 16 and Calle 20. Any taxi knows where. on Calle 20 there is a 24 hour coffee shop where you can hang out, there is also a outdoor cafe that serves beer and wine on the side walk. This area is technically known as El Congrejo district and it is a short taxi ride, $1 balboa, from Casco Viejo. All of the girls that work in the clubs have visas or Panamanian cedulas. They have to because ALL of the clubs are visited regularly by the D.I.I.P (Direction de Information y Investigation Policial) whom I am sure make a tidy sum off of the owners. For all of the other girls that don't have a visa or cedula there are three options; 1. SW 2. private house 3. Marcado Publico

I prefer the SW's because there is a far better chance of getting a real beauty that is anxious to please and hasnt been tainted by the gold digger complex to the extent that the girls in the clubs have, whom, by the way, have been taught by expert management in the art. As far as taking any chica to the Marriot, I am not aware of their policy on guest's, if they are guest friendly certainly, the chica wont stand out anymore than any other 18 year old chica hanging on a middle aged gringos arm.

Even though my preference is the SW's, there is still a warm spot in my heart for the Marcado Publico in Casco Viejo. There are three really wild girl bars right next to each other directly across the street from the meat market (the real meat market), any taxi driver knows where it is. This is where all of the beauties are hanging out, at any one time there are 50 girls inside these bars and they are open 24 hours a day. Yes, the area is a little intimidating, so I wouldnt advise you to go there alone but if you like to play around early, like at 9 in the morning they are open.

There are also some private houses in Casco Viejo on the "Peatonal" heading towards the Cinco de Mayo bus stop, its a nice walking area where no cars are allowed, ask someone where the Billares Nelson is and you'll be in the right area. It's not the place to go alone either but I have never had any problem anywhere in Panama. hope this helps.

Spin the Globe
03-29-04, 16:46
2nd TRIP Night 1 –Immigration Control

Originally, I felt like I would visit Panama once and move on to other places, there are so many more I want to do and see. But I felt like I made many mistakes on the first go-round, that I knew I needed to return and soon. Luckily I was able to get some work things sorted out and shot back here 2 weeks after my initial visit.

Arrived, and headed out at a little past 8PM, went to Le Palace, and a policeman there told me it was closed at to come back at around 9:45 PM. The sign clearly said they were open, so I thought something must be up.

Then went to Elite II. It was early so there were only about 5-6 girls inside, and about the same number of men. I paid the $20 for the open bar as opposed to about $8 per drink. Anyway, I was inside for about 30 minutes when in came about 7 Immigration Control officers. They huddled all of the girls to the back of the place, and as the new girls entered every few minutes, they too were taken to the back. The show was completely shut down. This ended up lasting roughly 2 hours. After rounding up the girls, they then came around and started checking the guys papers. I had left everything in my hotel security box. The Officer who asked for my paperwork, proceeded to give me a stern lecture about how it was always necessary to have your papers while in Panama.. I told him they were at my hotel, he wrote down the name of the hotel, then let me go get them and made me promise to return. I took the short round trip taxi ride and then entered and found the officer, he gave them a cursory glance, thanked me for returning, and again told me to always carry these while in Panama. A funny thing is there were 2 American businessmen at the table over from me, and when I returned one said I had cost him a $20 bet with his friend, thinking I wouldn’t come back. But, since I had nothing to hide, and had also already paid my $20 for open bar , I did return.

One other note, upon re-entering I noticed they had 4-5 girls in the police van out front. I was told by girls later, that these were being deported, so if some of your favorite girls are missing just an FYI.

OK, sorry about the ramble, on to the ladies. After getting back to Elite, the show was still not going, ALL of the girls were still huddled in the back, so I told my waiter I would return later, and headed off to Le Palace. I was told there that Immigration had been there earlier, which was why I wasn’t allowed to enter earlier. Inside, I saw the cute Cristina, who I had lost her number last time, she recognized me even though we only spoke for about 5 minutes 2 weeks earlier. She asked why I never called, I told her I lost her number, she left and came back shortly with her phone number written down. I stayed a bit, the talent was better than my previous visit, but the place has no energy, so I left a short while later and head back to Elite. The show was back, I ended up chatting with a hot girl from Cali, Juliana, she gave me her number, and I headed out for some other spots.. I went to River Club $80 per hour. There were about 5 girls to choose from, only 1 looked pretty good. I chose her, but in the room her body was nowhere near as good as it looked in full clothes. So very average to poor session..end day 1.

Spin the Globe
03-29-04, 17:41
Day 2-

I stayed the 1st night at the Parador Hotel $38.50, but I didn’t like it as compared to the Coral Suites, so I moved back to Coral for the rest of the trip, so much better for about $15 more a night.. For those interested I will give a rundown of the 2 in a later post.

Now, in need of some daytime action I call Cristina from Le Palace, no answer , I leave a message, and wait an hour -still no answer, so I then call Juliana from Elite. She says she will meet me at 5PM for $100.
At 5 on the dot my phone rings, and I think wow a latina that actually shows up on time, but it is Cristina calling me back, I tell her I have plans with some friends, and definitely would call her tomorrow. So then of course, Juliana never shows

This is my only complaint of Panama, the lack of any solid daytime options outside of the Elite, le Palace girls on the side. The other places are all fairly horrible during the day, and the club girls can be a bit flaky about showing for appointments.

So, at 7 I cab it to Club Miami, knowing GT is not yet open. There are about 5 girls, 4 bad to average, 1 looks really hot. She comes up to me and we talk awhile. She has no papers to work so she only does day shift at Miami, I tell her about immigration the previous night and she gets really freaked-out. Anyway, she tells me it is $80/hour at Miami in a regular room, or she gets of at 8:30 PM, and will meet me at my hotel for the same price, for as long as I want. Now, she looks hot in the club, perfect tight little body, nice sized breasts, and very pretty face. So we agree to meet at 9PM in my hotel.

She shows on time and the front desk calls I meet her in the lobby, the receptionist then says I am not allowed to have visitors. I tell her that she is my novia, and management said it was no problem for her to visit, and she finally looks around and says OK.

Well, the girl doesn’t looks nearly as pretty in the light. Others have mentioned the darkness of Club Miami hiding some flaws. Well, her body is great, she just has acne type scars, and looks much less beautiful than in the club. All in all a solid non rushed session , with BBBJ, which I find is rare in Panama. After, the session, I shower and tell her I had plans, so she goes, and off I head to Club Bachus.

Now, for those of you interested in a shot at non-pros this is the place to go on Thursday night.
It is ladies night. Now we all know ladies night in the states may mean free entry, or discounted drinks for the girls, but here in Bachus the girls enter free and have open bar all night. The guys pay $10.50 to enter and also have open bar. I went fairly early and there was about an 8/1 ratio of girls to guys. I only stayed about an hour and a half, but the odds kept getting better. I only left because the girls weren’t that hot, fo course there were a couple that were, but on average most were fairly average. However, I was told a few days later by a Brit that I ran into, that he entered around mid-night and there was a line of about 150 girls trying to enter, the guys enter separately because you have to pay the admission, so you don’t have to wait in their long line. But he said it was incredible later. I was sorry I had left early. I was definitely getting a lot of attention from the ladies. I just didn’t see that many hotties, and I knew it was going to require some time/effort to score. But for those of you with patience, this is the place.

I then went to Elite for awhile, then to CoCos. Here I ended up taking home a girl for $80 for 2 hours. I guess I had some serious beer goggles on at this time, which I rarely do, but after 2 separate open bar clubs, oh well., When I run into her again a couple of days later, I surprised at how unattractive she was, not what I remembered.

Oh well you win some and lose some!

Blitz Dog
03-29-04, 18:01
HELP, I would like some information on which strip club is the best for close FUN action (DATY- DFK- FINGERING), All information appreciated!


Spin the Globe
03-29-04, 18:30
DAYS 3-4:

After, the previous nights mistake. Now I start hitting my full stride, and I pick-up the pace a bit. I call Cristina from Le Palace, she arrives at 3:00PM. I know there may be a problem with the front desk, so The receptionist calls, and says a Cristina is here, I tell her it is my novia, and that I am just getting out of the shower, can you please let her up. She pauses for awhile, and I think she won’t let this pass, but she finally says ok, and up comes Cristina.

Again, she doesn’t look quite as good as in the club, but she has a great body. Her face is very cute ,and somewhat innocent looking with her braces. She is a very sweet girl, and we had a very good session, DATY, DFK, but CBJ. She has very large natural breasts for a girl so small. She stays about 90 minutes for $100. I ask her to go to the beach with me on Sunday, she says ok call her to confirm tomorrow.

At around 6:30 PM I go to Miami. It is totally dead, 1 girl inside and she is fat. I sit and wait hoping others will show-up and waiting for GT to open. The bar guys says he will call other girls in and phones a few and finally says 1 is coming, but I head-out as I doubt she’ll be much better.

I walk over to GT, it is about 7:15 and it opens at 7:30. I then got to watch the fun little parade as the girls all arrived at work. I wasn’t standing right in front like a perv, but GT is located in a small shopping center, so I was strategically placed where I could see them all arrive. It was cool, some came in small groups in cabs, others came off of the bus in front of Popeye’s. Others had boyfriends dropping them. (Poor bastards) A few came into the Popeye’s and left me to wonder working girl or no? But then they ordered a soda and make the short walk to GT. So, it was pretty cool seeing them in street clothes.

So, I enter shortly after 7:30 the line-up is great again, and I choose #32, from Cali.. She was dressed in this sexy short skirt, tight little body and this girl is good. DFK, CBJ, she then proceeds to full deep-throat action. Then during sex she is talking all kinds of trash, and flipping her tight little body into all kinds of positions. I was having some trouble for the longest time in reaching climax due to previous activity, but she keeps working it until finally, bang. She then won’t let me withdraw, and keeps grinding herself into me, until she gets off! She was very sexy.
Later, I go to Elite, and then home.

Day 4:

Spent the day cruising around the city and relaxing by the pool. I call my taxi driver, then Cristina to confirm the beach trip the next day. The taxi guy tells me we need to leave somewhat early, I tell her this and she says she gets off from Le Palace, and will go home, grab some clothes and come directly to my hotel to sleep.

Later, I go to to GT.
A funny scene, I get there and as Man mentioned in an earlier post, he and a buddy arrive and sit.
I got to talk with them a bit and they were good guys. The line-up comes, and Man’s buddy seems to know a lot of the girls and is giving suggestions, which just confuses my decision even more. He and man then are set on the same girl, his buddy picks her. We ask for the line-up a 2nd time, and it just further confuses me. I’m thinking about #32 from the night before, but I want something new, and she doesn’t look quite as hot in today’s outfit. I also see the #31 who I had an average session with last trip, but I think is the best looking girl in the place. Then I have about 5 others in mind. Man and I are both kind of set on #23, he picks her and they chat, I’m still stuck. The waiter is getting kind of pissed at us, but soon after a couple of other guys enter and in comes the line-up again. This time I choose #14 I beleive. She is a very petite girl, great face, but almost no breasts. She gave a great CBJ, but she seemed a bit shy. It was a solid session, DFK etc, she was also very tight, and the condom broke once during the session, which freaked us both out, but put on a replacement and finished up.. Anyway, it was solid.

I later go to Elite for awhile then to CoCos. I wanted to check out Zoombas, but I had my eye on this little hottie at Cocos. I get there and it turns out she is friends with the dog I took from there when I had beer goggles on. So, her frind comes up and I politely brush her off, and get to chatting with the hottie. We talk/drink, she then asks where I was earlier, I tell her Elite, and she says she always wanted to see the place. So I take her for awhile. It was fun, then back to my hotel. Again this girl is another little 100 lb tight-body with large natural breasts, I’m not sure what they put in the drinking water in Colombia. , but it works.
WE have a great lengthy session, BBBJ, DFK, DATY, then we fall into a deep sleep with me forgetting that Christina is due to arrive soon, for our beach trip..
More Later!

Spin the Globe
03-29-04, 19:47
Final Days 5 & 6:

OK, so Ana Maria and I are in a deep sleep at 6am, the phone rings, and it is the receptionist saying I have a visitor. So, now I’m in a bind. Normally I don’t care what these girls think, they do their thing & we do ours. However, this Cristina is a sweet girl and had made me swear, before agreeing on the beach trip that she was the only Colombiana I had seen on the trip. I still didn’t care so much what she thought, it was just I knew this would make all the difference in a fun GFE type day, with no money exchanged, to a bitchy sort of negative day.

The problem is I can’t get the girl fully awake, she is still trying to sleep., so after about 10 minutes, the phone rings again, this time it is Cristina, and she says she has been waiting and she is just going to come-up to my room, I ask her to wait a couple of minutes, and I will come get her. I finally get the other girl awake, and in the hall. But now another dilema, I’m on floor 2 and if I hit the stairs, and this girl the elevator, we are all likely to meet in the lobby.

Luckily, I see the bellman in the hall. I tell him the problem and he is laughing his ass off at me. I slip $10 into his hand and ask him to escort this girl to the elevator and”accidentally” push floor 6, where the pool is, and he does it. I then run to the lobby and escort Cristina up the stairs to my room. She, is kind of pissed and keeps questioning me why she had to wait, and then sees an empty bottle of champagne, I had with the other girl, but finally calms down. .After a few minutes we both lie down exhausted. She gets into bed fully clothed and we both fall asleep. About an hour later she goes to the restroom, and comes back fully nude, and climbs back into bed, and wakes me up. So, I jump-up and shower, then we have a great session. She later tells me that was “un regalo” for inviting her to the beach.

Taxi arrives a little while later, we go to Coronado. The beach was only OK. The sand was the black sand, which was cool, but the water was dark brown. Very few people on the beach most hung out by this pool at the beach club. I kept thinking I drove all this way and paid my taxi $85 for the trip and here we are by the pool, and it is much worse than the pool at my hotel. All in all it was oK, but I would never return to Coronado. I wanted to go to Isla Grande, but my taxi driver kept saying it was too far, and the roads were bad.

She was cool, all day and fun to hang with, and we stayed until 3PM then back to my hotel. She was exhausted and jumped into bed and crashed for a couple of hours. Then at around 7PM the phone rings and it is the girl I shuffled out in the morning. She had left her cell phone in my room, so I locate it and go meet her in the lobby. I walk her to her apt, which is across the street, and agree to call her later. Cristina then leaves and asks me if she can come over tomorrow and hang by the pool during the day, she then thanks me for a great day, and leaves, no money ever mentioned.
That night instead of calling Ana Marie, I decide to go to GT again. This time I choose the #20 I wrote of earlier, the one with the vibrator. Very sexy girl.

Final day-6

Cruised around the city during the day, called Ana Marie and she came over about 6PM
Good relaxed session. Then we go to Cafeteria Manolos and run into her roommates there, 4 total sharing a 1-bedroom apt, 2 are from Colombia, and the other 2 from Panama. Anyway, we hang with them for awhile, then I take her to the casino, and I have a pretty good run and win $500. Then back to my hotel for another session. She stays the night, my taxi arrives and calls early, I have to wake her again. We say our goodbyes and I give her $100.

Nice trip!

Spin the Globe
03-29-04, 20:15

From what I saw the $10 dance was pretty much the same at Elite and le Palace. The girl dances topless at your table, she will grind into your crotch and allow a little touching, more with some.
The $25 private dance was the one where all you seek happens. DFK, DATY, finger play, etc. I’m just not sure of the time limits. I only went twice, one lasted about 4 songs the other only 1 before the bouncer came knocking, but the girls did get really wild. But if it is $25 for 1 song, you have to ask yourself if it is worth it compared to having the whole deal the next day for $100.

I’m not sure about the private dances at Le Palace. Anybody know? Also another option, I haven’t seen posted on is the VIP room at Elite. My 1st night on the 1st trip I saw a couple of American GI’s taking 2 beauties into the room right across from the entrance desk. The receptionist told them it would cost them 2 bottles of champagne to enter with the girls. She then quoted I believe -$125 per bottle. The guys easily agreed and off they went. I’m not sure what happens in those rooms, but if the girls are that freaky for $25, I can only imagine the $125 show would be good, but for how long who knows-anybody?

03-30-04, 01:25
Spin The Globe,

Good and substantive reporting; great insight!

I’ve been lurking here trying to assess my prospects in Panama, yet am concerned that it’s a bit pricey for my taste. Unfortunately, you didn’t offer much by way of prices paid. Perhaps you can let me know how much for the various “selections” from the line-ups.

By the way, kudos for the quick thinking and presence of mind to have the bellman “accidentally” push the wrong floor – sounds like me. Damn, us mongers think alike.


Termas Time
03-30-04, 04:53
Hey Spin,

Nice reports again. I have a couple of comments. Bacchus definately has some hot young Panamanians. On a Friday or Saturday night the selection is quite good, but totally non-pro.

In terms of hotels, Coral Suites quoted me that they have a no guess policy when I e-mailed them so I am surprised that you got away with the girlfriend line with you being a foreigner and your girls being Colombians. I stayed at the Ambassador Suites a year ago which is right next to Coral and they allow guests. Prices should be about the same more or less.

What is Coco's and where is it at? Is it similar to Miami, Le Palace, and Elite?

As for Elite, the $25 VIP dance is for one song when I went. You got lucky with your first experience.

Your taxi driver lied to you. I took a day trip to Isla Grande. While it is far, 2-3 hour drive, the roads weren't a problem. It is nice to see the Caribbean coast, the island was just ok though. If I go back, I want to hit Isla Contadora (Pearl Islands) next time.

Can more people post about the action in Casco Viejo like the poster below? This forum has plenty of info on GT and Le Palace so it would be nice to diversify.

Termas Time

03-30-04, 20:21
Hello Board,

Not sure if my question has been seen by any fellow mongers. As it will be my first time to PTY, and ony for 4 days, I am hoping for some guidance for a gringo as posted below. Again, I thank all for their posts. As I have little Spanish, any help is appreciated.


"Hello All,

I will be going to Panama for my first time in the next few weeks and will have one or two days to try and take all of your advice and put it into practice. So, I could use a lot of help.

I will probably arrive on Saturday or Sunday and will have my late evenings free for 3 or 4 nights. I would prefer to not have to bring the girls back to my hotel, so I am looking for on site rooms, or clubs/SWs with nearby hotels. I will also have to try GT based on all the posts about it. I gather the best time is in evening after 9:00 pm or so.

Question 1: What are my best options for clubs that have rooms or nearby hotels?

Question 2: What should I plan on budgeting in USD for one per night sessions at an "average price".

Question 3: If I have to use my hotel, is call in going to get better results than taking a girl back with me?

And of course, any other suggestions and observations are greatly appreciated."

Spin the Globe
03-31-04, 20:35
Wizzywig and Macgoo;

First Wizz; There are others much more experienced that could do a better job of answering your questions, but since noone got back to you I’ll give it a shot.
First, you mention coming on either Sat or Sun. Well if you have ANY choice in the matter, come on Sat. On Sun; Le Palace and Coco’s are closed. At Elite the talent was horrible both Sundays I was there, and at GT several of the best girls were missing from the line-up. The city seems almost dead on Sunday.

As far as SW’s with nearby hotels, the forum member Caysal has good info below, you should contact him

Whether or not your hotel will hassle you on girls certainly depends on the hotel, and more importantly the person working the door/desk when you enter.

I found it to be infinitely easier when you walked in with a girl as opposed to calling a girl to your hotel and dealing with the front desk people. As Termas Times mentions in his post, my hotel, Coral Suites has a no-guest policy

When I had girls come over and the receptionist would call me to tell me I had a visitor, every time I had to do a little tap-dance to let them allow my visitor to enter. But they never did stop me once. I did get the feeling though that had I tried a few more times, they might have cut me off completely.

The times when I would enter with a girl, go in confidently, holding hands, and nod at the front desk, they barely batted an eye. I feel that it would take a pretty gutsy front desk clerk to say to a paying guest basically: “excuse me sir you can’t bring that hooker in here”, when this desk clerk at the night shift in a fairly busy hotel is not going to know if that is your girlfriend/wife etc. Just my opinion, YMMV.

Finally for both Macgoo and you, You asked for how much per night to budget and Macgoo asked for the line-up girls costs.
The line-up Macgoo is at GT The price is $84/hr if you make it to the door alone, $94/hr if the taxi takes you there, (yes, a $10 kickback to the cabbie.) To avoid this as I learned from other posters: ask the taxi to take you to the Plaza Mirage, which is the small shopping center where GT is located, tell him to let you off at Popeye’s Fried Chicken (on the corner of the Plaza Mirage). Enter, wait for your taxi to leave, then stroll the 3 doors down to GT.

As far as other prices they are all pretty well covered throughout the forum. The higher end places definitely have beautiful girls, but theyare not cheap,. The second tier and below clubs are much more affordable, but on my visits they didn't have much talent.
I hope this helps!

Rabo Verde
04-01-04, 02:38

WIZZY: For four days, there is no reason to go anywhere except Golden Times. Charge is about $90 for a one hour session, very clean and safe, and they are VERY strict with the girls and if you complain they may send the girl back to Colombia, so you always get treated well there. It should cost you about $2 for the taxi ride to GT from almost anywhere in the city. The taxi driver may ask you if you want him to wait, say no or he will try to charge you $20 for "waiting". Just have the doorman get you a new cab when you leave. There is also a good Chinese restaurant in the back on the second floor near GT. If you tired of GT, which you shouldn't in 4 days, the Miami Club is only 4 blocks away, similar setup, but the girls are hotter at GT. You will be constantly pressured to go to other places, mostly Le Palace and the River Club, by cabbies who will get a commission, but don't bother. GT is one of the best houses in the whole world, no reason to leave there if you have less than a week!

04-01-04, 02:57
hey spin, just a question, if really went to coronado, did you passed a checkpoint at the entrance? if you did, it really was coronado.
if you didnt pass through a checkpoint, then it wasnt coronado and you got ripped.
Coronado has beaches with white sands, i can tell you since i live here in panama, and to get into coronado you have to know someone, since its like a private neighborhood

Spin the Globe
04-01-04, 04:37

Sorry, I didn’t see your question to me earlier. Cocos is a club that is part of the El Panama Hotel. No, it is not like Elite or Le Palace. It is a smallish club with a live band on Thur, Fri and Sat. It is kind of a strange setting in that there are couples of all ages in there dancing and drinking like in a normal club, but then there are all of these single girls..

Most seemed to be Colombianas without papers, but there were a few local working girls as well. Believe me they are not all beauties, and the selection varied widely. But there were a couple of hotties, and the one 1 spent 2 of the
last 3 nights with was as good as any girl in Elite, or GT. If the selection is not great it is just a fun place to watch the locals dance, and listen to some live music, but when some good ones are there, it provides a nice, affordable take-out option.

By the way, how did you get to Isla Grande, and how much did you pay? Also, if /when I go back to Panam, Isla Contadora is high on my list. Have you checked prices, on the flights; my guide book said $26 each way, but the book was a few years old.

Also, thanks for the tip on the Ambassador, I would probably try that next time rather than hassle with the Coral Suites

Gaunt Man,
I really didn’t care which beach I went to, I did want to go to Isla Grande, but my taxi kept saying it would take too long. So he suggested Coronado. Yes, we did pass a checkpoint, where I paid $4.25 each for me & the girl, which got us a ticket to the beach club. Then we drove through a rich area with some beautiful houses, one HUGE one that he pointed out was the 2nd president’s house. We drove through this area to arrive at the cheesy beach club. Like I said my pool at the hotel was better than this one, and most everyone stayed by the pool rather than on the beach. But yes there was a wide section of this lava type, black sand, and then towards the water there was more normal white sand beaches. So, I’m guessing I was in Coronado, plus the girl had been to Coronado before, and she didn’t say this isn’t the right place.. Anyway, the place sucked and I would go elsewhere next time.

Termas Time
04-01-04, 06:56

I actually stopped in Coco's (I forgot the name of place) a couple of times but never saw anything appealing mostly just couples or groups of people dancing to salsa. But other mongers in the past have mentionned cutting deals with women there. Kind of frustrating because that place is essentially across the street from Coral and Ambassador, but like I said nothing was really available that I noticed.

For island trips, I was told to expect to pay around $150 for round trip airfare to Isla Contadora if I remember correctly. There are many flights that go there daily. When I went to Isla Grande I payed my driver $90 for the whole day. We stopped at a fort on the way there, stayed at isla grande for a couple of hours, the we went a place between isla grande and colon where I went to do some snorkeling off some other island. Like I said the trip will be long, but I don't remember problems with the roads.

Hope that helps.

Termas Time

Blitz Dog
04-01-04, 08:31
Night One in Panama

Well I had set up a night thing with a colombiana that I met on Amigos.com, but when I called hewr cell I got a song and dance that its was the wrong number, even though we haf talked days before. Well with that plan shot I called another Mongor who lives in Panama (free sex). He was doing nothing and he stopped by my hotel (torres de Alba $66 a night internet special) and we shot over to Elite II, BUT we thought about it and decided to skip it and raced over to Miami Club.

Miami Club

We kicked it had a drink called over a young ladie, nice thin body, Boobs and Ass were alittle smaller then I like but prety face. Said she was colombiana and her name was Andrea, well she gave me a lap dance and then quoted me $90 for one hour anything goes. DAMN anything? well I was already horny before I hit Panama and this fine thing grinding me got me more eroused and I thought I will probably POP in 15 minuets so I passed and kept my $90 dollars. Free Sex then suggested Fenix club so that I can get that initial POP out of the way so I can concentrate on long sessions.

Fenix Club

In a less then better part of Panama BUT not at all dangerous like previously reported, BUT I would recommend the buddy system. Nice looking girls 5 to 8 on the scale. After an hour of searching for that special girl (YA RIGHT), I settled for a colombian 20 year old that had a decend body (JENNY around a 7), paid my $26 dollars for half and hour. WHY $26 and bot $22? I made the mistake of admitting I arrived by taxi. (this spot is supposed to be $11 dollars for 15 min of fun). This girl gave the most amazing CBJ with complete ball massage, the fucking was decend we hit missionary and cowgirl, I know she cummed I was pounding it so hard, and she loved it (at least she moaned like she did, but who really cares its my moment right!), when we were done she took me by my TOOL and soaped me up and washed my Tool, she told me to please come back B4 I leave on sunday. She doesnt have a cell phone( ??) so i didnt bother with a date for the next day.

Free Sex saved the night and tomorrow we are hitting baccus club to try to find some Free Sex (non pro´s). I wil spend the day mongoring until we go out.

More to come!


04-01-04, 15:54
Spin the Globe,

Forget about Contadora, I’ve been there and the hotel is an overpriced dump.

Forget about Isla Grande as well if you want to party. It is very rural and they literally turn out lights at about 9 P.M. It is very pretty area to enjoy the beach and jungle during the day but at night there's nothing to do but screw or sleep. We couldn't even find anything to eat after about 8 P.M.

If you want to have a good time at the beach in Panama for a reasonable price, check out the new Decameron resort. They have an all-inclusive deal, where you pay one price and then eat, drink and party for no extra cost. If you go on a weekday it can be very reasonable.

Check it out at:



04-02-04, 03:53

I spent a few days at Isla Grande. Here's the scoop: It is about 2.5-3 hours from Panama City. The roads are great for most of the way but the last half hour is mediocre (ie lots of pot holes but very manageable). BTW if your taxi driver was Daniel that explains why his story doesn't add up.

When you get to IG there are 2 good places to stay: Bananas Resort and Isla Grande Hotel. I stayed at Bananas. Check out their web site. Bananas is on one side of the island by itself. It is very quiet but well run and great staff. $95 per day if you stay more than 3 days. They have a website and will arrange all transfers to and from Panama City. I would recommend this after my problems with the taxi driver. A taxi will cost about $50 to go and $50 for him to return and get you a few days later if you want to arrange your own transport.

There is a well marked trail from Bananas to the other side of the island where all the village is. The trail goes over a hill that is quite a climb (about 350 feet high) so you will get some exercise. In the village is the Isla Grande Resort, some small hotels and some small beach bars. Not much night life on the island except for the weekends when the Colombians and rich Panamanians arrive.

IG is great to get away from it all and have a few days relaxing but not much for chicas. I did meet a nice girl at the beach bar and did score but I think I got lucky. Better to bring your own.

04-02-04, 07:54
Round trip flights to Isla Contadora is $55.00.

Blitz Dog
04-02-04, 09:30
Day Two in Panama ( My birthday)

In the Am my favorite panamanian girl came by for breakfast, we headed out to do some shopping and then hit my room for some much needed lovin, mission, doggy and BBBJ. She is 24 and about a 7 on the scale. Boy can she give a blow

In the early afternoon two girls that I met on amigos.com came by we talked and i was completely turned off by both of them. They were 7´s on the scale but looked too much like hookers instead of sexy, they took pics (clothed) but still I had no interest. As soon as I was able to free myself I headed over to horario (oriental massage).


I hooked up with a 21 yr old panamanian girl who´s name I have forgotten. She had a beautiful smile and a attractive face, her body was OK, but I am into petite women. To me she was a 6. she gave a decent massage, and a excellent CBJ. I did some DATY and made her cum 2 times. When we got down to buisness she like cowboy and really got into it. I got her in teh reverse missioonary and made her cum again, she liked it and kept throwing her ass back at me (luv that shit). She really seemed to get into it (who really knows). I made plans for this girl to stop by tomorrow night around 10 after work for an all nighter, lets see if she stops by. Later my panamanian pica stopped by for anther long session, I was tired I was going on with only 4 hours of sleep, but I needed to get ready Free sex and his friend were coming by to take me to club baccus.


OK if you are not in your 30´s this might not be the best place to hit, alot of college age girls that seem to be protected by male friends, when they see an older guy approach them, in fact alot of cock blocking going on by everyone. I did met a college girl from New York, we talked but nothing happen, I actually went home tired after all 3 sessions on my b-day made this day good.

Its 4am and I am headed to bed, my panamanian pica is stopping by around 9 am for more fun, I think she is a nymph! hahaha

OK see you later


Blitz Dog
04-03-04, 09:16
Day Three in PTY

My day started with a nice long session with my panamanian chica and some time at the canal, el central, and amador. In the early afternoon I hit Royal ellegance and river club.

River Club

I cant remember her name but she had brunette hair, about 5'3 maybe 115 lbs she was real nice and had firm breast and strong hands gave a great massage. I payed the usual 23 to house and 40 to her plus 10 tip. We did it missionary, cowgirl, She gave a CBJ.

Later I passed on my panamanian chica I was feeling alittle under the weather, I was tired, havent sleep much. In the pm I hooked up with some girl I met on amigos.com, she was 25 nice tight body and a great ass, we went to the amador and had a drink, we fooled around alittle, touching & kissing, I wanted her to go back to my hotel but she said she had to get home her baby sitter would wait all night, she wants to stop by tomorrow.

Golden Time

Well horny as hell now and my buddy was ready to play I hit the famous spot in PTY, (chicas a la sala), damn good to her that again. I remember reading about certain girls and their numbers but I had forgotten what numbers were posted on this board, I chose #28, it turned out to be Manuela, I remember her name from the board, Damn the earlier post were correct she was a great choice.

When I walked onto GT i was still dressed up, the chicas started to comment on my silk shirt how nice it was the next thing I know I got grabbed acouple of times in the crouch and ass, WOW that is a frist for me, last year when I hit GT never got touched or talked to, perhaps some new info dress nice and the girls come to you, Anyways back to manuela


We talked and she is from Colombia, and is 22 (Looked older), she has huge tits, and a nice ass, I was so taken by her I decided for take out, $150 for hour and half. In teh cab we played touchy feely and in the elevator up to the 10th floor she grabbed my face and we shared some DFK, got to the room and did some picture things (sorry all clothed), we then hit the bed room. She gave a CBJ (nice action) and then DATY occured, she was moaning loud! She then asked me to fuck her! HEY I couldnt say no so I started slow and she loved it started with some more DFK and nibbling on my neck, I then slipped back down for some DATY and after she came again I bounded her reverse mis, and doggie, then slipped back down again (why I dont know but I loved her facial expression when DATY occured), well I then proceeded to pound her again and made her beg me to do it harder, well when all was said and done, we took a shower together and she scrubbed all my parts. Before she left she asked me for a pen and paper, she voluntered her number, e-mail and house address in colombia, she also wrote a cut little (I am in love with you) on my note book (clown), In thinking about it now I am thinking about calling on her tomorrow night if nothing pans out.

Quick Notes:

The girl from Horario never showed (no surprise), I called el complaciente.com and the dude quoted $100 for one hour and would not negotiate, so passed. What happens on my last night in PTY remains to be seen


Spin the Globe
04-05-04, 14:03
Final Thoughts, Recommendations, & Comparisons;

One last post and I’m out. Of, course as always, I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Thanks Man, Saigon, Trojan and Termas for the flight and beach information. I’ll put it to good use next time!

Hey Blizt Dog-that was a good way to spend your birthday!

So on to the final thoughts:

Hotels: I only know 2 but I’ll give some info on both for those interested.
First, the Hotel Parador,was cheap at $38.50/night after tax. Girl friendly , had a decent pool, an ok location and a restaurant/bar in the lobby. But I left after 1 night. because the rooms are small, the security box is in the lobby, and you had to pay an $80 deposit for the safe key, which I did get back, its just you have to go to the lobby for all your transactions, then you have to carry around the key. Also, the rooms had those old-fashioned locks on them, which anyone could pick-open with a credit card, so if you have a computer or other valuables in your room beware. But if you are looking for a clean place on the cheap it is for you.

Coral Suites:
Price $50 + 5 in tax=$55. This was after asking for the corporate discount, the posted price in the room was $80. Very spacious room, that has a full sized fridge, which was great to stock-up on supplies, ie. wine, some champagne and other items, that greatly helped in entertaining the ladies. A sparkling clean roof-top pool, which was great to hang out by with the girls. A decent gym, better equipped than many in nicer hotels that I stay in on the road. Good for sweating out the previous night’s debauchery. Good electronic safe in the room, so no need to carry around a key. Free breakfast, although I only awoke once in time to eat here, normally I went to Cafeteria Manolos. .

The downside of the place is they were more girl ‘tolerant”, than girl friendly. As mentioned before, they never stopped me once, but when ordering-in, they definitely questioned me a bit. Also, previously mentioned, the trick of walking in confidentially , and holding hands went a long
way. But on one occasion the front desk girl gave me a weird look when entering with a girl, and later when I walked the girl out the front desk girl said to me “I need to speak with you later”, so when I came back in alone said , “I thought the other girl was your novia”, so I said yes, I have 2 now, and she just laughed. I never had any more problems. However, YMMV.

Food; for solid clean, cheap eats Cafeteria Manolos had a solid breakfast, and some good lunch specials, nothing fancy here, but good value. It is right across from the El Panama Hotel, and Oasis.

For Non-Pro action try Club Bachus on Thursday Night. (Ladies Night)

If you are here to sightsee at all, at the very least don’t miss out on; Panama Viejo, Casco Viejo, Amador/Flamengo, and the Canal( Miraflores Lockes) By the way if you do go to Miraflores, they have a great lunch buffet, very nice for around $16.
As for the clubs/girls, they have been thoroughly covered by nearly every poster. If you have the money stick to the top-tier clubs GT, Elite, and Le Palace, and possibly Club Miami. The 2nd tier clubs were mostly horrible; Royal Elegance, River Club and Oasis, and they aren’t all that much cheaper than the top-tier. If you are truly looking to save money you may follow other posters advice and go to Club Fenix, (I haven’t been) but it is dirt cheap and the girls can’t be any worse than the 2nd tier places. But, since hunting is half the fun go check them all out and see for yourself.

Finally, for those newbies who ask the question should I go to Panama City, or San Jose CR.
I would say the city of Panama is much cleaner, more modern and safe to walk around.
The talent at the Higher -end places was much higher than any I’ve seen in CR.
However, the cost in PTY is a bit more, and the downside is the lack of any daytime quality, outside of arranging daytime dates with the Elite and Le Palace girls, and they can be a bit flaky
in keeping those appointments. In CR there is a more solid daytime setting with some decent quality that I didn’t find in PTY’s daytime clubs. But, again the higher end places at night blow-away anything CR can offer

I will definitely return to Panam and check out some of the recommended beaches . However, at some point I do have to consider going to the source of all the talent in Panama, and go directly to Colombia.

Anyway, I’m out. Off to Rio this week!

Blitz Dog
04-05-04, 16:29
Day 4 in Panama

(I wil have a pic of manuela from GT online soon E-mail me if you want a pic, hahahaha)

Ok today started out with another session with my Panamanian pica , we then hook up with free sex and another girla and went to eat. Then both girls (sisters) and I went and did some roaming around the city. I dismissed them around 4pm and ran over to horario, hooked up with the same girl, the one that never showed up the other day, well i really didnt want to hear her excuses just get busy, we had a good session including DATY nice ball licking, and multiple positions.

I had set up a date with one of the hotel workers, she was decent looking and she had been flirting with me my whole stay, so I thought I would give it a try, well she called about 1/2 hour before our date around 7 pm and asked if she could bring a friend, (hey come on now!) I told her NO! forget it. I went ovedr to eat some italian food across the street.

I then headed over to Club Fenix around 9pm and hit another girl that I had been eye ballin the previous night ($11 every 15 min), she was ok when it came to the deed, but better in the BJ department. I asked for a BBBJ, she refused but I told her I would tip well, she was hesitant but then proceeded and even licked my balls. she could suck a nut like no one else.

Got back to the hotel made some calls and relaxed, backed up my bags and set everything up for my flight in the morning. I took a nap and woke up around 2 am. Around 2:30 am I got the itch again and called GT and had them send over Manuela agian ($150 take out), she came by around 3 am, I did this cause I know they get off at 4am i was hoping for extra time with her, we had another steller session, DFK in my living room, we fucked in the living room, had some DATY on the dinning room glass table, I asked for a BBBJ and she complied very willingly (saying cause she likes me alot?), we then hit the bed room and I made her scream in the reverse missionary position, I was hitting it so hard that I was even losing my breathe, I decided it was time to cum and turned her over spread her legs wide put them over my shoulders leaned in and pounded her, I know she came yet again and when I came she quickly took me out and yanked off my condom nad sucked me dry, I was thinking damn I wish I had another day. She showered and left around 6am. I had cum 2 times and she said she came more then she can remember (??), I then showered and my panamanian pica showed up at 7am to take me to the airport, well she wanted some, but I was so tired, She got me hard and as usual always a BBBJ, I couldnt really get all that excited cause I was sexed out, I ended up stopping her and telling her we needed to leave to the airport, she looked confused but hey what could I do. Got to the airport and left back to Los Angeles.

Hey much love for free sex who made the trip well worth wild, I hope when I return later in the year we can chill again and hit some of the other spots. Hey FREE SEX thanks again brother and stay safe, hit it hard bro.

Also Thanks to all the other mongors before me for reporting on this board and allowing me to get much info. thanks to spin the globe, alecjammer, peter p. Take care guys and hit it hard.


anyone need info feel free to ask, I do have pictures of manuela and will have them available soon, just E-mail me.

04-08-04, 01:18
Hi Spin the Globe

I thought the same, and wanted to visit the source in Colombia. The funny thing is that I saw more beautiful Colombian girls in Panama, than I saw in Colombia.

It is worth it to go though, as Colombia is beautiful, and much cheaper.

Termas Time
04-11-04, 20:41
Hey everyone,

All this talk of Panama has got me excited. I am now considering a second trip here during Memorial Day weekend.

My trip will have to be a short one since my sister is graduating the next week so I am thinking only Sat-Tues. I know alot of the mongering spots are closed on Sunday, but does anyone know what is open? I remember Club Miami was open on Sundays, but I don't remember anything else. What about Elite II, Le Palace, Club Fenix, or any of the massage parlors? How about the normal dance clubs, Bacchus, Club Liquid, etc.?

Also Man, what is the best way to arrange for tickets for Isla Contadora for $55 round-trip? And is it worth a day trip only?

One last thing, has anyone picked up any pros at Zoomba's recently? I remember last year on this forum there was alot of talk of this place, but no mention since then.

Thanks all,

Termas Time

04-13-04, 04:53
To fly to Isla Contadora for $55 round-trip?
Search for AeroPlus.

I don't renmember the exact name, but I know you can buy the tickets online.

It's a nice island, and worth a trip. Although, you may get there, and ask yourself what to do next?

04-13-04, 16:11

I think you mean Aero PERLAS. Their website is:



Hacke Beck
04-14-04, 22:46
Any new comment on Miami Club, 6 months ago I went there and there were about 30 ladys , all of them in range between 6 and 9. Next week I am flying again to Panama and want to know if the ladys are still in that range.

Blitz Dog
04-19-04, 16:30
Hacke Beck,

I hit Miami club when I was their 3 weeks ago, it does have high quality chicas, BUT when I went their it was dead 5 to 7 girls BUT they were high quality


The Graduate
04-19-04, 17:09
I've been living in Panama for almost 4 years now and have to admit that most of the club activity here (Miami, Golden Time, etc.) really sucks. Couldn't find a decent upscale escort with GFE here. Any clues?

I Love Sluts
04-20-04, 03:18
Dear Fellow Mongers,

Yes, I agree with "The Graduate" , there is not really that good of action here. The daytime action is non-existent as there is nothing good at all in the day. The nighttime is decent but the value is not there. The prices have reached American prices in many of the clubs, and if they are not at American prices , they soon will be there.

( OH YEAH- STAY AWAY FROM EL-COMPLACIENTE ESCORT SERVICE, A MAJOR RIPOFF WITH UGLY GIRLS. All the girls he has on his webpage are unavailable , he only has the ugly ones, and always uses the switch and bait,- be warned, he is not good business)

Golden Time is really the only value with hot chicks. The others at the high end of the price range are American prices without good service. The girls will go back with you for 330.00 for two hours, but the service sucks unless you tip them another 200.00. I have heard the the clubs are all going downhill, except Golden Time and Club fenix, which both constantly get new girls.

Also Club Miami has turned around with new girls and new wardrobes, and decent prices, but still Golden Time has the hotter girls.

Elite and Le Palace have good looking girls, but after you pay them 330.00 for two hours, they just lay there with no good sex, not worth it.

I am thinking that the source in Colombia is where you have to go, i have heard that the these chicks in panama are regular, I could just imagine what hotties must be in Colombia.


Travel Addict
04-20-04, 03:35
I have been to both Panama and Colombia several times. Imagine Golden Times treatrment with 10 times as many girls for $30-40, with easy GFE possible. The quality is unreal in Colombia and the prices less than half. Medellin and Cali are monger heaven, especially if you speak some Spanish. Of course in theory Colombia is much more dangerous, but I haven´t actually had any problems there or even seen any problems first-hand.

04-20-04, 13:27
Hello all;

I'm [;anning a trip in July tp Panama City for the first time since 1967, I know thats ages ago when I was stationed in the Canal Zone at Ft. Clayton .
I used to go to an outdoot place called the El Rancho, accross from Ancon Hill HQ and numerous other places (C. Fenix, Azul Grotto and many other I never got the name of) It seems most of the action now is in other places. I spent about 16 months there then went on temporary duty to mmmmmost of the other Central American cpuntries.

Any suggestions where to stay (reasonable)I'm not into 4 star hotels.


The Graduate
04-20-04, 17:17
I agree that prices in Panama reach those of US, even higher. And you can hardly get any decent value for the high price you pay. Girls here behave like people in all other trades - try to rip off a white guy, whom they essencially consider to be a sucker. Panamanians hate it when you catch them cheating or lying, and they do it pretty often, I can assure you. So be prepared for all sorts of nasty behavior if you insist on getting the value of the price you have paid.

Free Sex
04-20-04, 21:48
Well, since I am living in Panama City I guess I should add my two cents. The scene here is NOT what I thought it would be on both the non-pro and pro side. Although here lately I have been doing well with the non-pro college girls in Club Baccxus and Rock Cafe, that is always a coin toss. The pro side here in panama city is just OK. The prices are SKY high! Granted, I am not mr. money so I consider most things expensive, BUT in most of the clubs (Miami, Golden Times..etc) they charge anywhere from 80 bucks, plus for sex (not worth it). Now, what I suggest anyone do that is thinking about coming to Panama, cancel that plan and get on the first thing smoking to Cali, Colombia. The hoes look better, more friendly, extremely cheap, and easier to score with non-pros. Another sidenote, I went to Club Fenix a week ago and was denied the 15 minute 11 dollar special. The asshole at the both said since I was not from panama I had to pay 31 bucks? Meanwhile when i was there about a month ago with a buddy of mine, I was able to get that very deal with NO problems? Anyone had that same thing happen to them. Anyhow, if anyone wants anymore information on Panama or the little I can provide about Cali, hit me on the PM.

04-22-04, 23:35
Hello guys, I just got back from Panama. I spent a few days there on my way back to the States from Ecuador. I was not disapointed there were plenty of hot chicks to pick from. My favorite place is Golden Times not just because, of the quality of the gals, but also the quantity. They have about 35+ gals all hot from Colombia. I've been to Cali and Medellin and I would still recommend Panama over Colombia. Sure it cost more but, you can't put a price on your safety. I think my my pal and mentor Chupanalgas said it best, in Panama its all there (Golden Times, Miami, Le Palace) you don't have to go hunting throughout the city looking for what you need. Thus, I still think Panama is a great place to visit.

Texas Now
04-24-04, 15:12

Check out the Hotel 2 Mares. If I remember correctly, the rooms are from $15 - $25 a night, depending on what you want. It's definately not a 4 star place, but it's OK, and cheap. There are some other similar hotels located in that same area, don't remember their names though. I have also stayed in the Hotel California. It's just a little nicer than the 2 Mares, and a bit more expensive. I think it is about $35 a night.

By the way, El Rancho is still there, or was about a year ago. Didn't seem to be any action going on there for a monger, but it was a decent place to relax and have a couple of cold ones.

04-24-04, 22:02
Hey guys,

After 12 days in the Dominican Republic in February I am just sitting here trying to "flesh-out" the remainder of the considerable vacation time I have left this year for fun.

I have to admit the posts by I Love Sluts, Travel Addict, Free Sex and The Graduate have me absolutely amazed. Prices in Panama City are "sky-high", "US prices" and $330.00 for two hours plus a $200.00 tip!!! Yikes! This is outrageous, and I consider myself someone who has some money to spend!

I think the value of this board is not only in helping people in deciding where to go but also where NOT to go, and Panama is solidly off my list now! Thank you gentlemen for your information - for this kind of money I think I'll pass.


04-25-04, 14:17
Texas now,

Thanks for the hotel info, good to hear that the
El Ranco is still there, it was always kind of
laid back but found quite a few freebies there :).

Thanks again

04-26-04, 01:11
Well I've been reading some recnt posts on Panama and Colombia. As for Panama, Miami and Golden Times charge under $100 for one hour (Miami $90, Golden Times: $60 for 1/2, $84 for 1 hr., $150 for 1 1/2 hrs. off site, $300 for all night in your hotel). Some massage parlors charge $50-$60. Also, I forget the name of this club but, its near the airport they only charge $30 for 1hr with the gal. Also, its not difficult to arrange offsite services with the gals. I talked to some gals in GT and Miami and all were okay with $100 for 2 hrs the following afternoon. Le Palace gals want $100 per hr..
As for Colombia the prices are not much cheaper. For instance in Cali, Flores Fresca gals expect $150 to $200 pesos or $60 to $75 US for 1 hr in your hotel ( this does not include the cover, the drinks, or the exit fee).
Panama is safer and there are plenty of places to travel to. Colombia on the otherhand does not have any great restaurants, museums, parks, ect. and one is very limited, in terms of places in the city one must avoid. Thus, the prices are not that different and Panama is safer. If you all are looking for a cheaper place to visit that is safe check out Ecuador (see my report).

I Love Sluts
04-26-04, 14:09
Dear Frijole,

It sounds like you are connected to the sex industry some way or you are one of the owners of the clubs. There is no way you can get those girls over to your place for those prices , you are dreaming. Do you think that if you were working all night fucking guys, you would have the energy to do it in the next day also? Have you told everyone that these girls are not dependable at all and barely show up.

From my experience , is that when these girls show up the next day, which is difficult in itself, they try to get more money out of you because they have no restrictions, they do not work as hard and are basically lazy.

Also beware of the girls from Elite and Le Palace, they have been known to steal things from peoples rooms and especially tourists. They prey on business men in for a couple days because they realize they do not want any problems and do not want anybody to realize they had a prostitute in there room.

Your best bet gentlemen is to get to Golden Time at 7:30 and get the chicks first before they have not been fucked by others and have all of there energy. These girls work and perform best when they are at work and they have to work hard. These slutss are all the same, they want you money and they want to do as little as possible for it as they can. There was only one girl that I met that was always phenominal(fernanda).


04-26-04, 14:22
I Love Sluts

"These slutss are all the same"

Remind me not to go shopping for meat with you. Seems like meat from Burger King and meat from Mortons is all the same to you. What a sorry way to go through life.


I Love Sluts
04-26-04, 14:24

Also remember that when you come to Panama, the Panamanian people are the biggest [Deleted by Admin] that I have ever met. They are always trying to rip you off, especially if you are white or they realize that you are a tourist. If anybody has any remarks to dispute this position, please let me know.

Beware of the panamanians, they are crooked, conniving, [Deleted by Admin] people. They are so jealous of Americans it is incredible. I will always truly believe that Panamanians are the biggest [Deleted by Admin] of the universe.

Be prepared to pay high prices because you are Gringo, when they see gringo, they try to take every penny you have, or they want a propina, or if someone is trying to help you find something, they are getting a cut of the money. These people are very poor, horrendous, and basically [Deleted by Admin]. These people deserve to be poor, the way they act. It serves them justice for the [Deleted by Admin] people they have become.

I doubt anybody who has spent time in Panama City, will disagree with me.


EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

I Love Sluts
04-26-04, 14:31

You sound like the typical [Deleted by Admin] Panamanian, always looking for a edge to take the White mans/ tourists money, or you are trying to boast how great Panama is for the benefit of the country. The truth is the sex industry sucks here, the country is going to hell , and the people truly [Deleted by Admin].


EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

Rabo Verde
04-26-04, 14:54
I have found 90% of Panamanians to be nice, generous people, nicer in fact than the average gringo. It especially helps if you take the time to learn Spanish. I have found PLENTY of GT, MC, and Le Palace girls who will freelance for $100, if you ask nice.

04-26-04, 17:02

Considering the attitude displayed in your last two posts, it's no wonder you can't get laid without spending large sums of money. In fact I'm surprised you can even get laid at all with that attitude.

P.S. I lived in Panama for four years and still visit frequently, and I absolutely 100 percent DISAGREE with you.

Also, regarding your attack on Frijole; a simple search of his posting history shows that he has made informative posts throughout Latin America, from Tijuana to Argentina. Man for a dirt poor Panamanian club owner just trying to screw over us gringos, he sure gets around!


04-26-04, 18:57
Mr I love Sluts:

I'm feeling totally offended by your post regarding panamenians, and I would like you to apologize for making such remarks.

If you where ripped by someone and feel the need to let off some steam Ill recommend you to go to the gym and find a boxing bag, but lettting out those insulting remarks has made me sick to the point that if I see you around the streets of Panama [Deleted by Admin].

I wont say anything more so to not annoy other forum members and get this conversation off topic. After saying all, you will be reported to Jackson for review and possible sanctions.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

I Love Sluts
04-26-04, 20:33
Dear Mongers,

I am not trying to offend anyone in particular, not even Panamanians, but with my experiences and friends experiences, all of us have found out that gringos pay more for everything.

My posts are not to offend anyone, but to inform everyone about the precautions of overpaying/ dirty tricks of Panama City in regards to the people and women here. A couple examples of how discriminatory this place is in regards to the sex industry:

At Golden Time:

60$ for one hour for chinese/panamaians
84$ dollars for one hour for gringo

Club Miami:

60$ for one hour for chinese/panamains
90$ for one hour for gringo

La Gruta Azul:

11$ for 15 minutes for locals
33$ for gringos

Club Fenix:

11$ for locals/ sometimes americans
31$ for americans possible

Here are four distinct accurate facts of how the city is run in relation to the sex industry: the gringo can afford more, so make him pay more.


I Love Sluts
04-26-04, 20:51
Dear Frijole, Gauntman, Chuponalgas, Starfe, trojan,

First Trojan_tds, for you to live here four years and not realize that you constantly have to watch your money with these people is crazy. If you did not realize that gringos always are attempted to be ripped off, then you are either the most ignorant person in the world, or you are a Panamanian.

Frijole - Your name is latin so I am assuming you are a panamaian defending your country, you are biased.

Chuponalgas - the same for you, you sound panamaian , you want to make money off the americans

Starfe - you do not sound very intellectual as you only speak on others reports, where is your opinion? All you do is criticize the truth about the sex industry here, get a life

[Deleted by Admin].


EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

I Love Sluts
04-26-04, 21:02
Dear Mongers/ Jackson,

My posts are to inform everyone on the dangers of how the Gringo can be ripped off in the Sex industry, and not even realize that he or (she) has been ripped off here in panama city.

I am only trying to help out my fellow gringos of the dangers and precautions of the city. Go ahead, pay double the money for the same piece of ass, I do not care, but why pay more and drive the prices even higher, soon these girls are going to be more expensive than American girls. As I have said in other posts, do not trust any Panamanian when it comes to Money. Panamanians are not going to kidnap you , but they will try to steal your wallet the legal way. And that is the absolute truth.


Lover Boy
04-26-04, 21:13
I Love Sluts,

Well said about GRINGOS,

but you see some GRINGOS are corporate

Mother F*&^^&%

Some are fat Fucks, obviously don't ever get laid.

Some are too stupid to learn other langauge.

Some Gringos will never change.

But you are absolutely right cause gringos are paying more than market value.

Can you help out some of these GRINGOS.

Simple Man
04-26-04, 21:33
Dear I Love Sluts,

There is no tourist destination in the world where the "locals" don't try to rip-off tourists. Another explaination for why cheaper prices are charged to the "chinese-panamanian" customers is that they are likely regular return customers. As a tourist and transitory customer there is not the same incentive for the management to offer you a discounted rate and at both Miami and GT it is the management that sets the rate. If you live in Panama you might want to talk to the management and see if you can't get the same discount. Generally speaking it is more effective to discuss things in a rational manner than to go on an angry diatribe and refer to people in racially derogatory terms.

You can easily arrange for the girls from all of the clubs to meet you on off hours for a substantial discount, if you do so discretely. While it is true that they are unreliable and often don't show as scheduled, I have never felt cheated nor have I been actually robbed by any of these girls. I know I few girls from Le Palace and again I have never been robbed when they have been in my room. Personally I don't care for Elite II so I can't speak about the girls there.

Frankly, it seems that you have some anger issues and you seem to lash out at anyone that doesn't agree with you. Anyone who disagrees with you must have some motive--they are Panamanian or work in the sex industry. I know both Chupanolgas and Frijole personally and neither are Panamanian or work in the sex industry.

There is no reason and no excuse for either you or Gaunt Man to threaten physical violence, this is a forum for the free exchange of opinions and information and if you can't participate in that spirit then maybe you should wait until you are mature enough to do so.

04-26-04, 21:42
Dear I Love Sluts,

First and faoremost let me just say that you could not be more wrong about me. I am not Panamanian nor am I somehow tied to the sex industry in Panama (other than as a paying customer).

The truth is that I have been to Panama off and on for the past 2 years with my pals Simple Man and Chupanalgas. We've taken at least 9 trips to Panama in the past 2 years. In that time not much has changed the prices are about the same as they were on my first visit except that there is always a nice change in personnel at the clubs. This is what I like about Panama; they always have a new selection.

I currently live in Baja California Mexico (I moved here recently from the US). One of my complaints about Tijuana Clubs is that you always see the same gals and there is very little to choose from once you've done the 2 or 3 times.

Back to Panama. It is true that one should be careful as to not get ripped off. It Happens. Just as it happens in the US and all over the world. If someone thinks this only happens in Panama they should get out more. One way to protect yourself is simply to get all the info before you travel to any country. For instance the average cab ride within Panama City is $1.25 (I usually give them $2 and let them keep the change). A trip to the airport costs $15-$20 depending on what you can negotiate.

As far as the gals in Panama on various trips I arranged for various gals to come to my room during the day for $100 some stood for 1hr (Le Palace Gals) others for 2-4 hours (Miami, Golden Times, Elite II). Hell me and my pals once had Miami gals stay with us all day for $100. One key thing is to remember (as in life) if you treat people, regardless of who they are, nice and with respect you will be much better for it.

PS (to all members) I will be in Panama (unless I opt for Brazil) in a few weeks on my way to Argentina. I'll send a new report on both places asap. Later!!!

Simple Man
04-26-04, 21:45
Dear I Love Sluts,

p.s. Both your user name and your writings reveal an incredible anger towards women, I would humbly suggest that any performance promblem issues that you might have with the ladies might be based in this anger and the manner in which you treat the women and not with the women.

Free Sex
04-26-04, 22:14

A lot of emtions flying around the board! lol..lol. Well, im not going to take part in any of it. I am basically going to list my hot spots for non-pros. When I say "hot spots" I mean discos where I have met a chica in the disco, took her home, and got "it" done that night. I have been to Zoombas, liquid, and the other ¨major" discos, but dont get a good "response". So anyone that has a good handle on the non pro scene out here help me fill in the blanks for the nights I have "nothing" listed. Gauntman I know you in particular could help me out with this one. Sidenote, I like light to brown skin chicas, 18-late twenties.


Tuesday-Rock Cafe (Ladies night)


Thursday-Baccxus (Ladies night)


Saturday-Baccxus (BUT I seem to have to WORST luck leaving with chicas on saturday night, dont know why)


I Love Sluts
04-27-04, 01:33
My Dearest Negative bashers,

Since it seems that most of you do not live here and are only tourists, it seems to me that you are not aware of what really goes on down here. Since I have lived here for most of the past year full time, except for a couple days a month in the U.S. , I would think that my knowledge would be of a broader spectrum. The tourists always come to Panama City unassuming, and always get ripped, because he thinks(at least it is cheaper than than U.S.). I have visited many places all over the world and never have me nor my friend s been accosted by so many different ways to legal theft. All I am saying is beware of the prices and do not let these bastards take advantage of you.

For example : a taxi never costs more than $1.50 ,,,,a **** at your place is never more than 50.00/hr,,,,a taxi from Tocumen is no more than 12.50 with the fast mexican freeway,,, a girl all night at your place is no more than 150.00 per night

Some of you guys come in and inflate the prices and these stupid latins get greedy and think that they can rip off all the tourists. But it is true , the Panamanians are schemers and very slimy people. Watch your wallet. They are some of the worst I have ever seen in the world.


04-27-04, 03:14
I Love Sluts ,

Its really very hard NOT to like Panama or its people. I have always been treated very well there and its been my entry to the rest of Latin America. I owe my trips to Buenos Aires an S.P. to my
wonderful experiences in Panama.

I like to think of Panama as " The idiot's guide to Latin America "

Godbless you Panama


P.S. They even let me pilot a cruise ship through the canal last year. Now that was scary. Just ask your tour operator. It worked for me. Carnival Cruise lines has a fairly open policy for allowing strangers to captain their ships while proceeding through the canal zone. It helps to dress like Captain Stubbins.

04-27-04, 13:50

Are you kidding? I live in Texas. I write like a New Yorker and curse like a Puertorican.

I only stay at the Bristol hotel when in Panama and I get all my girls from Le Palace. I do go to Golden Time prior to my Palace excursions.

I have had only 1 problem in 4 trips there and that was with a taxi driver. I had to kill him . That's not the first cabbie I have killed either. 3 in Bangkok and 1 in Taipei. Most of the fights broke out over my lack of giving proper directions- them wanting me out of their cab-me staying put- which always brought on a knife fight.


I Love Sluts
04-27-04, 14:27

You are getting a little immature and off the point here. The Bristol is nice but the Miramar is better , you have no view at the Bristol, only a view of the street, maybe thats what you like. The girls from Le palace are mostly all crap when they are in the light. I admit when you enter and see the girls in the dark , with there underwear highlighted, they look smoking , but in reality it is a mirage. Light someone said awhile ago " even godzilla looks good in the dark". The only girl that is hot at le Palace is Nataly, but the rest in the light are disgusting. I feel bad for the guys that pay 330.00 for these girls and when they step outside the club, they look totally different. I can just imagine the faces on 90 percent of the guys that buy these girls as soon as they see them in the light. I am sure they feel like they got suckered. But the average Joe is not going to recognize this at all when he just gets off the plane.

At Golden time, what you see is what you get, the lighting is good and you see all, I guess it depends on what you want. For the price, you cannot beat Golden Time.


04-27-04, 14:50
I Love Sluts,

Maybe I have seen 40 or more girls from Le Palace over the years. Most at closing , some during the day and many during operating hours. I have been more then thrilled with the quality and quantity there. Some are pigs but please do not compare the girls to Golden time. The girls there are children.


04-27-04, 16:39
Im a full blooded panamenian, and I wont tolerate your bad mouthing of the panamenian people, if you dont like Panama DONT COME!! PERIOD!! but i wont allow you talking like that of Panama.

Blitz Dog
04-27-04, 16:43

All this hostility! I agree with alot that has been written,

Panamamian women are unreliable

I know they charge more for gringos, (1st hand experience)

BUT they are NOT scumbags, panamanian people have always treated me good, I have never had a problem with taxi's, high prices for americana (other then sex, sometimes).

Listen to all those newbies Panama is a safe place to mongor and its a nice place to get your feet wet!

INFO: Regarding prices

In Los Angeles Massage parlors 50 to house 100+ to the girl. In Panama 23 house 40+ to the girl, YOU do the MATH, its still cheaper in Panama.

Killing taxi drivers? admitting to it? Hey am I the only one who hears someone tooting his horn? Come on if your that foolish as to brag about that (if it happened) maybe you should start a murders forum and you nuts can brag their


04-27-04, 17:06
Hey Guys (and ILS)

ILS has a good point on Le Palace the lighting is terrible and $330 is too much to pay for one gal. In previous trips I always cleaned my pipes at Golden Times, Miami, or some other place, and then to cap the night I went to Le Palace just to have a beer or two. I would buy a few gals drinks (1 per only) and get their #'s. I usually asked them to sit with me at the Bar at Le Palace because, the lighting is usually better. I would call them for a nooner the next day. Some wanted $150 others wanted $200 but, all I ever offered was $100. Most were okay with $100 for 1 hr. (and only one pop) in my room. Of course, every now and then one would not show up (nine out of ten times they did and it was usually well worth it). If they did not show up, I would just call a different gal. I figure someone else probably called and offered them more $$$. I can't blame them, its only business. I guess, I would do the same if I was in their line of work.

I Love Sluts
04-27-04, 21:49
Dear Mongers, (and Gauntman)

I am not here to argue with all of you about what is true in Panama City, but am bringing awareness of precautions of the city and its sex trade. If I was visiting a city, then I believe I would want to know everything there is to know about the area,people, women ,etc.

But Gauntman, if I am so out of line , why are you so pissed off? Obvoiusly I touched a nerve of yours and that you realize that I speak the truth about your people. I do not at all believe Panamanians are kinappers , killers or wife thieves. But when it comes to money, watch out , these people lie ,cheat , look in the eye and bullshit you for every penny you got. They are some of the worst money hungry people that I have ever seen. Do not believe a panamanians story for nothing. They mostly are all rotten people whom are starving financially after the United States exited panama many years ago. But gauntman, You realize that i speak the truth and you are pissed and cannot accept it, you are the typical Panamanian that I am talking about.

[Deleted by Admin]


EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

04-27-04, 23:20
"Can we all just get along"

Rabo Verde
04-27-04, 23:48
LOL... ILS get a grip. Panama is quite wealthy. Per capita income is very high. That is why they have to import Colombians to work in the sex clubs and do domestic work. Tourism is a very small part of the Panama economy. The major income comes from the Canal, trade, and banking. Panamanians are some of the LEAST greedy and MOST honest people in central and South America. Crime is very low, lower than the United States and most other countries.

I Love Sluts
04-28-04, 01:50

I think the average median salary annually is 3800.00 in Panama City. I understand why these people act so desperate , but come on, do not take it out on the Americans because we are a superioir country. These panamanians are wacked. You have no idea how many times I have seen Panamanian old men serving young americans drinks all the time. I understand they are jealous and pissed, but it is not our problem.


Blitz Dog
04-28-04, 21:17
OK Mongors

I read that panamanian people, LIE, CHEAT, LOOK YOU IN THE EYE AND BULLSHIT, That sounds like any american you might cross in the street, hell thats the war cry for the leaders of the USA (politicians cry).

When it comes to making money we (humans) are all the same, we all lie, cheat, and bullshit. So dont throw stones at panamanians when americans do the same. I am american and I am just letting the truth be told, MONEY corupts us all, so does SEX! but since the two are linked in this case, we must deal with it.


Want To Play
04-30-04, 21:34
When I read some of the post here I smile. In this world you are going to find what you look for and what goes around will come around. The panamanians work for very low wages. Most for $1 an hour. Not what you would call high income. The ladies average about $5-$700 a month when the dance in a club and sleep with the men. Their job is to get you to spend as much as possible. When you buy them a $3 drink, they get a dollar. An $8 drink they get $4. When you get them one on one you find a very gentle and loving people. Even the hookers do it now because they want to but because they have a family to support and don't know how else to make a living. Most have some education but not a college degree. I wandered around the streets in Panama City and David at all hours of the night and never felt threatened or like I would have any problem. I treated the people like real people and I was never treated any better in my life. If you go there and find that you are having a problem with the people all of the time, take a trip to the mirror and see if you can find out what the problem is. They are a proud people and feel that you are in there country and that you should be the one that tries to fit in, not try to mold or force your way of thinking on them. This attitude that we are a superior country is total BS. That is the attitude that lets you sleep alone at night while you are in Panama. Go with the flow and you will have a great time. It is a Mongers heaven. As far a lying and cheating, I feel that the people in the US are experts at the craft. I am searching for a way to stay in Panama perminantly

Simple Man
05-02-04, 04:37
This entire section has gotten completely off the subject that we are all supposed to be here discussing--the LADIES!!!!!

As far as the issue of whether Panamanians are all lying, cheating, money grubbing thieves. Frankly, scum comes in all colors and nationalities and is found everywhere. Panama has its share of human scum and it seems that, unfortunately, ILS has run into more than his share of scum in Panama. I on the other hand have had great luck and great times in Panama.

As far as the pricing issue--I find it somewhat amazing that the prices have become such an issue recently. The price has not really gone up in the 2 years that I have been going to Panama. Generally speaking the rates are set by the club owners and the girls must honor the house rules. For outside appointments the girls will often quote high prices to start but become reasonable after a little friendly negotiation. I find it somewhat amusing that some people on this site seem to be outraged that a girl would demand a high price to have sex with them.

Well I hate to burst your bubbles fellas but I doubt that you are the man of these girls dreams. Further, absent the exchange of money the overwhelming majority of the girls in these clubs would not have sex with you. In addition, the girls have a limited shelf life in which to earn (though, judging from the photos, some of you pig******* like the girls well past their prime.) When you understand these facts then it makes sense that the girl would try to get top dollar for a piece of ass. Rather than be upset, understand the situation and negotiate in a reasonable manner. Ultimately, even more than marriage, our hobby is a business transaction.

I Love Sluts
05-03-04, 00:04
Dear Mongers,

I actually agree with some of you in the fact that some Americans are worse than Panamanians, that is true. But as a whole, when a Panamanian sees an american walking around, or is interested in business with a Panamanian, the panamanian will always try to rip you off. The latin people were born with a different instinct, that when they see American, they try to take every penny the gringo has in his wallet. Americans have a reputation for money, so these people have learned that most of the Gringos have money when they are traveling. You will find this similar attitude only in Miami, especially Miami. As for safety, I have never had a problem for safety with other people, even though i know others who have had problems. The worst problem here is teh TRANSITO, or the traffic police, they are worse than crooked drug dealers. They will rob you blind and always ask for a bribe. I only understand all this after living here for about a year.


The ladies at Golden Time always blow away the others at all the clubs. It is a known fact that the Golden times girls have all teh curves ,, the other girls in the other clubs are hidden in the night. Golden times has full lighting to show everything, the others are much different and you have no idea what the girls look like in the club. In conclusion, starfe, go buy some glasses!


Blitz Dog
05-03-04, 18:11
I agree with ILS, the girls at Golden Time are top notch, BUT that doesnt mean you wont find a girl in another club better then the GT girls, it will be rare, but possible.

To be safe and satisfied Golden Times (Manuela) awsome service!

Blitz Dog

I Love Sluts
05-04-04, 01:48

I agree with you very much in the fact that Manuela is top notch service. Her number is 501 9084 in Panama, as is excellent with total. She has had much surgery but is smoking. A girl like that in the United States could command 500.00 a hour with that service, but luckily we only pay 84.00. Also check out LINA, PAULINA , some of the best porn star sex I have ever had. The girls from other clubs look better in the dark, but the girls from golden time are fabulous with service. I believe there are a few better looking girls in the other clubs, but as a whole, GOLDEN TiME has the hottest chicks with the Porn Star service.


05-04-04, 19:23
Keep bragging ILS, and Golden Time will go to $100.00

I Love Sluts
05-04-04, 22:31
Hey Man,

You are correct in your analysis that the price is eventually going up, the price never goes down. But I had the funniest thing happen to me the other day. I was at Multicentro mall going to the movies on Sunday night with my girlfriend, and whom do I see, every girl from Golden Time going to the movies. As soon as as I got off the elevator on the fourth floor, they were right there, I was like "oh my god" . As I approached to buy the tickets I saw more and more of them , and just thinking to myself, I am in deep shit because I knew all of them recognized me as they keep looking at me like they wanted to talk to me. I was waiting in line right behind two *****s that I fucked there a couple months ago, it was kind of amusing, but I just acted like I never seen them before. I just acted like they were not even there, it was a shocker running into all the slutss with normal wardrobe, they just keep smiling at me and i was like, please do not smile or attempt to talk to me. This was one for the records, as I have learned to never go to the movies when all the slutss have the night free. Oh yeah. saw other girls from Elite and Le palace, they looked like shiit in the light.


05-05-04, 00:36
[Report deleted by Admin]

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I Love Sluts
05-05-04, 02:21
[Deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

05-05-04, 19:38
I have a sugestion for all posters here in the Panama forum, lets just IGNORE this moronic lamer ILS and keep exchanging our good experiences in PTY.

We dont have to keep taking all the crap and bs that this guy is posting.

Anyone agrees?

05-05-04, 22:38

I find it hard to ignore such hatred but I will make an effort.



I Love Sluts
05-06-04, 02:50
[Deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

I Love Sluts
05-06-04, 04:42
[Deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

Termas Time
05-07-04, 01:53
Man, what in the hell has happened to this board? Ridiculuous. I am going to be in Panama City, Memorial Day Weekend. Places on the agenda include Golden Times, Le Palace, Elite II, Club Fenix, Zoomba, Club Liquid, and if time permits a few others. If anyone is interested in hanging out one of those nights or would like to introduce to other less know hangouts, please PM me thanks. And can we please get back to talking about the women?


PS: For those who have seen the Pacific beaches outside Panama City, is it worth the trip? Trying to figure out my daytime options besides Amador Causeway and Casco Viejo. I have been to the Canal and the rainforest.

05-07-04, 15:26
Termas Time

If you have the time and your own chica a trip to Playa Santa Clara can be fun, it's about an hour and a half from PC, nice beach and a small Ranchito resturant. If you don't mind hanging with 3000 drunk locals, Playa Venado at veracruz is a great time on Sundays. loaded with local chicas, lots of music and bars/resturants. 20 minute drive from PC, exit just over the bridge and stay on the road.

05-07-04, 17:31
Stay away from veracruz.
Playa Santa Clara is decent.

05-07-04, 18:50
i agree with Man, dont go to veracruz unless with a good local friend of yours, as for daytime, try the decameron, during weekdays the price per night is cheaper and is all inclusive(food, drinks) check out decameron.com

05-08-04, 10:09
What are the problems in Veracruz?

I Love Sluts
05-08-04, 19:21
In my opinion, the whole country of Panama is dangerous, let alone Veracruz.

05-09-04, 09:46
Hello Guys,

Although this is my first Panama post, it was once a frequently traveled destination for me. This was pre my WSG membership. Since, I had not been to Panama in over a year, I did not want to post stale information on this great mongering site. I was in Panama City two weeks ago; I was on my way to the US from Argentina. It is nice to see that not much has changed since my last visit.

On my first night in Panama, I decided to hit the old Miami Club. It was great. They had about 30+ gals most of which were, in my humble opinion, very attractive. Of course there’s always a few that one wonders how they make a living considering all the competition. One new change, which I like, is the outfit the gals wear. They used to wear a small black skirt and matching top. However, now its all lingerie and the club is much larger. In the old days one would sit with the gal of ones choice, have a few drinks, and eventually hit the rooms in the back for a little massage and extra services. Now days there’s the strip tease show, which I was told starts at 10pm ( I arrived at 11pm but, was informed of this by the gal I was sitting with). They still have porn on the Television next to the bar.

The gal I spent my time with told me her name was Monica, 20 yrs. Old from the Dominican Republic. Although, she seemed very nice I would not recommend this gal. Her performance in the room was not as I had hoped. I must admit, part of the attraction was the fact that she was from the Dominican Republic, a country I have yet to visit. In all my past trips to Miami Bar almost all the gals were from Manizales, Colombia (a country I visited lots in previous years).

Upon my return to the bar, I had a discussion with a young brunette, Sandra from Pereida, Colombia. She offered to meet me the next day in my Hotel for a one hour session for $100. She gave me her cell number but, I never called.

On my Second Night, I decided to take it a bit slow to try and recuperate from a previous night of drinking Rum and Smoking Cigars. Thus, I visited another old favorite Golden Times. They rarely disappoint. They had about 30 gals all very young and pretty. I chose number 28, Yenny from Medellin (a Paisa), she was very nice and gave excellent services. She was amazingly beautiful. I paid $84.00 for one hour with this great gal. I think they used to charge $80 but, hey it was well worth the extra $4. After our session ended I decided to hangout in the reception area and have a beer (there is still a no smoking policy which I respect). A few Americanos came in while I sat there enjoying my free beer, they had the gals come in and introduce themselves. Ah yes, Chicas A La Sala. I was inspired to go up one more time before heading to my hotel room. This time I chose number 9, I can’t recall her name, she was a beautiful brunette with an incredible body, 19 years old, a Paisa from Medellin. Paid another $84 for 1 hr. Once again, I was not disappointed. She was very sweet and quite a performer. Thank God for Cialis.

On my last night in Panama, I was feeling a bit tired from traveling and staying up late. Thus, I decided to head to Golden Times. They open at 7:30pm, I think I was there about 8:00pm. I decided to take Yenny for the night. Paid $350 for the night. I took Yenny to dinner and then to my room. I was able to get 4 pops in before calling it quits. Although, she was obligated to stay till 4am, I decided to let her leave early. It was 2am, I was tired and so was she.

I will certainly be back soon. I will stop here in June on my way to Medellin (a City I love to visit).

Boring Details:

Paid $60 per night at Sevilla Suites Hotel, on Calle Del Cangrejo near Via Espana.
Paid $1.25 for a Taxi to take me from Via Espana to Miami. Paid the same when I visited Golden Times.
Paid $15 from the Airport to Via Espana. Paid $14 from Via Espana to the Airport.
Paid $150.00 to change my ticket and stay a few days in Panama.

The Memories, Priceless.

05-09-04, 19:39
Hey I Love Sluts.

What's with the issue of Panama being dangerous, and the Panamanian being thieves?

I personally find that most Panamanian are very nice people. In fact, as a group, they are far nicer than Americans who are generally quite cold.

Naturally, there are Panamanians who hate Americans, but so do other nationalities in the world. Take a look at Baghdad. Do you think they like Americans?

Taxi drivers in many countries are a group to watch for period, regardless of where. Gringo pricing is another phenomenon, and although may be upsetting at time, is just life.

So forgot about it, and keep fucking as many chicas as you have been. If I were in your shoes, I would be more worried about running our of chicas in Panama.

05-09-04, 19:45
How come most working girls come from Manizales?
Anyone knows?

05-14-04, 00:54
Thanks for the report Chorizo. I have only been to Panama City once and beleive it or not, I missed the Canal. I guess I have to go back and take in some ladies while I'm at it.

My only unpleasant experiences were with cab drivers. I believe some of the ones in Panama to be among the worst in the world.

I stayed at three places on my trip. I didn't like Costa del Sol, and preferred Torres de Alba over Sevilla Suites.

Miami Club was undergoing construction while I was there...very annoying. I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like now that it's completed.

If you or anyone else needs a map, shoot me a PM. It has 14 clubs/massage parlors plus 4 hotels. It's too large to post here.

Rabo Verde
05-14-04, 01:28
Most of the girls in the Miami Club are from Manizales, because the owner, Carlos, has a recruiter in Manizales. In 20 trips to Panama, I have never had a problem with a cab. The rates are set by law, and $2-3 will get you anywhere within the city. If a cabby asks for a lopt more, or asks if you want him to wait for you, say no. Of all the capital cities in Central and South America, Panama City is the LEAST dangerous, in my experience. Also safer and nicer people than any major USA city, in my experience. ILS wants to scare everyone else away so he can have all the chicas for himself!!!!

05-15-04, 23:51
I can't begin to imagine why anyone would consider Panama to be dangerous. There are a few places (Chorrillo) to stay away from but there is absolutely no reason to even consider going there. All the clubs, discos, bars or massage places that are worth visiting area in areas you can go to 24 a day.

As far as Veracruz, after living here, in Veracruz, for more than 5 years I can only say that its reputation far exceeds reality. If you don't want to boink your choice of a large number of locals for the price of a cup of cerviche and a few beers, stay away.

05-18-04, 00:45
After reading this forum for some time now, I am getting closer and closer to booking a trip to PC. But I have been considering San Jose Costa Rico also.

If you have experience in either or BOTH places, I am interested in your recommendation: Panama City or San Jose?

What is important to me (please comment on each area):
1. Price of girls
2. Total price of trip (hotels, food, taxis etc.)
3. Personal Safety
4. Quality of sex, quality or extent of GFE
5. Fun and overall quality of lewdness
6. Good food, safe water to drink etc.
7. Convienance
8. Other entertainment, site seeing etc.
9. Comraderie (all for one, one for all - Mongers of the World Unite and Take Over!!!)
10. Cialis or Viagra Prices


I Love Sluts
05-18-04, 07:01
Dear Fellow Mongers,

Panama City is not a tourist destination, it is a business city that has little to do or see for tourism. The Panama Canal is very boring, no beaches within city limits, it is just a business city with Colombian Sluuts running around trying to make living off selling their bodies.

Costa rica is much better, prices are way cheaper for girls, Panama City has American prices, not worth the bang for the buck. Costa Rica has better beaches,waves, and the water is much more clearer. The people are more honest in Costa than Panama, and Costa is much more safer. Remember, Panama does not even have a army, just police. Costa also has better weather. FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS OF PANAMA , IT IS THE RAINY SEASON.

I would reccommend costa, much better all the way around and especially for tourism and hotter/ cheaper women.


05-18-04, 16:29
Boinker as requested:

1-Price of girls varies and might be according to your bargaining skills if dealing directly with the girl, at their working place is a fixed fee
2.This varies according to your allocated budget for this, if you want a 5 star hotel, be prepared to pay top dollar
3. As long as you have some common sense, you should be relatively safe(not going alone into areas you dont know alone)
4. I think this depends mostly on the girls and you charm towards them, but I believe is overall good
5.It depends IMHO LePalace is boring, ive been seeing the same shows for the past 10 or 12 years, Elite's girls are friendlier and the overall mood, at least for me, is great
6.For water, Panama is rated as the best water in the world, for food, you can find any kind of food right around the corner of where youre gonna be staying
7.Everything is just within a short walk or a short taxi ride, if youre staying around the nightlife center
8. You have the Canal, you can book a trip to Colon, Decameron, the beaches, Bocas del Toro, etc
9. Most of the time you can find a fellow monger to chat with, drop me a pm if your coming
10. I think you oughta bring your own, because here they are sold under prescription

MJG Dogs
05-18-04, 19:19

Five years ago, I would have said go to Costa Rica, it was paradise. Now for sure I would go to Panama.

Panama is modern, the city is in the first wrold, there is great restraunts, the people of much more pro-U.S. than Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is going downhill fast, due to high crime rate in the streets, a very anti-U.S. president, and due to the influx of Colombians, who are money hungry and ruthless. These girls are beautiful, but shoudl be avoided.

Go to Panama

I Love Sluts
05-20-04, 06:07
boinker as requested: (the truth)

1. depends on the quality you want, but the prices are just like the united states, unless you go to golden time, or settle for a ten to fifteen dollar short session, elite and le palace are more expensive than most escorts in the united states. the only true value in panama is golden time, the others are american prices without the good service.

2. there are plenty of cheap hotels in panama city, check out the hotel montreal, i heard you can stay there for 20 dollars a night. but do not expect much value on the low side of the price schedule. on the high side is the bristol and miramar in which both are decent american hotels.

food is reasonable.

the taxis will try to take your wallet, they will screw you any minute they get, they will aks for twenty dollars, and you will have to bargain them down to $1. 50 guys, going from multicentro mall to allbrook airport is only 1. 50, never a penny more, so no taxi is worth more than 1. 50. these assshole taxis have no insurance, their only overhead is gasoline.

3. your personal safety will be fine, but stay in the tourist areas and be ready for many people to accost you for money, or make up stories for money, these people are very sly and conving when it comes to money.

4. the quality of sex is good at the right locations, but most require protection in relation to all, try golden time for porn star sex.

5. pty is a business city, it is not a tourist destination, be careful with the police, they always want to trick you for a bribe if you are doing something wrong, they will confirep001e your passport with no problem.

6. water is safe and the food is decent.

7. everything is close.

8. the entertainment is dead, except a beach or so, the canal is so boring.

9. most people say they will meet up with you, and will meet up with you no problem.

10. you need prescription from a doctor, and the prices are moremoney because it is a import, everything imported here is always more expensive.

I Love Sluts
05-20-04, 17:27

Also remember that there is no day time action at all in the city in Panama. The city is a normal business city in the day with very little action availaible. I have known many columbian girls leave Panama City for costa rica because the action and clients here are no good in comparison to Costa Rica.

On a side note: Is every columbian girl a ruthless money grubbing prostitute or what? Every columbian girl is a prostitute either in a regular club, or one of the pay for action clubs. All colombianos are prostitutes. WOW.

Bruce Middlebrook

Termas Time
05-21-04, 14:42
Just to add a note, if you want daytime action, there are massage parlors which feature Panamanian women such as Aquarius, the Caribbean Center, Oasis, etc. The talent isn't on par with Golden Times, but you can bust a nut that way. Also, you should try to negotiate the price at these locations, but not at Golden Times.

Termas Time

Want To Play
05-21-04, 16:14
It sounds to me like those giving a lot of the advice here have never even been to Panama. I was in Panama city and found it a virtual playground. The prices were very cheap. If your personality sucks and no woman would like to be with you for any price, then you will have to pay hazardous duty rates. If a person shows a little respect to the gender and the people in general you can have a great time. I found all the playing around I wanted for under $50 and time didn't seem to be a factor. These ladies want to stay around if they are treated decent and want to come back as soon as possible. Word spreads in a hurry and you can get a lot of tips by acting decent. I didn't have to go to any of the clubs to stay busy every night. One good contact and you are set. Some people on this board are so negative that I am surprised they can even face another day. If you don't have something constructive, or at least close to reality, maybe it is better not to prove to the world that you are an idiot.

05-21-04, 19:11
Mr. I love sluts.

It looks like you can use some mileage.

Everywhere in the world, the sex industry will try to make a premium out of tourist for the reasons explained by the Simple Man. Especially if you don’t speak the local language.

Seasoned travelers know this for a fact. C'est la vie!

Have you rented a movie in Blockbuster lately? After 2 rentals you get a discount on the 3rd? That is the beauty for economics, and the same principle applies here.

If you feel ripped of because a US$ 20 difference between local and tourist prices, you really need to get around the world more frequently. Try to hire sex in Las Vegas, Florida or London. Lets see how it goes and how much does it costs you.

The whole purpose of traveling for sex is to have fun. No country is perfect.

Your remarks makes me think that either you are.

1. Too Young
2. Too Inexperienced as a monger
3. Too Cheap

I can thing of some more adjectives, but I rather keep this high level.

Best Regards,

Mr. Chencho.

Jon Jones
05-21-04, 23:14
"Just to add a note, if you want daytime action, there are massage parlors which feature Panamanian women such as Aquarius...."

I have had good experiences with local women at the Aquarius. But I stopped by there mid-day around two weeks ago but they were closed.

Anyone know what hours they're open?

05-22-04, 07:25
Boinker, my personal recommendation is Costa Rica by far, especially based on the questions you ask and what I presume to be your expectations. It should be obvious why by my answers to your questions below.

1. Price of girls

$50-$100 at most places. Price goes way up if you try to take a strip club lady during her shift, but you she'll likely give you her number and meet you for around $100 after work or the next day. You can pay bargain prices at locals places like La Mayor or Club Fenix(Capri), but I don't recommend them unless you are an experienced traveler.

2. Total price of trip (hotels, food, taxis etc.)

I recommend aparthotels. I liked Torres de Alba and Sevilla Suites, both in the range of $60-$70 night. Taxis should be less than $2 each way to anywhere in town, but don't let any wait for you or they may charge you $20. Food depends on what you eat, but prices are not too different from the US. You do the math.

3. Personal Safety

Shouldn't be a problem as long as you stay away from the bad parts of town.

4. Quality of sex, quality or extent of GFE

Good quality, but I personally experienced better in Costa Rica. I didn't receive any BBBJs in Panama City.

5. Fun and overall quality of lewdness

Not much partying and lewdness going on, closest will be the strip club scene at Le Palace and Elite II, but still not very lewd. Blue Marlin and Park Hotel in CR would be much better for that.

6. Good food, safe water to drink etc.

I don't think Panama or Costa Rica is really known for exceptional food, but you can find it for a price at both. Just pick up a tourist guide or look it up online. I wouldn't recommend drinking water unless it's out of a bottle anywhere. It's safer in the US, but a better rule is just to always drink water from a bottle when traveling.

7. Convienance

Depends on where you're staying and where you're going. If you stay at the places mention above, you can walk to Le Palace, Elite II, or several massage parlors in 5-20 minutes. You'll need to take a taxi to Golden Time, Miami Club, and many other places. Costa Rica is more walkable and much more convenient. ILS's description of PC as business city is accurate. CR is much more tourist oriented.

8. Other entertainment, site seeing etc.

Not much besides the Canal.

9. Comraderie (all for one, one for all - Mongers of the World Unite and Take Over!!!)

Not in Panama City. You can probably hook up with guys, but the Blue Marlin and Park are much better for this.

10. Cialis or Viagra Prices

Sorry, no idea.

If you need a map, I have maps for both places, just send me a PM and I'll email it off to you.

05-22-04, 19:06
Cheers to you Mr Chencho!!

I Love Sluts
05-23-04, 08:14
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

Rabo Verde
05-23-04, 11:58
I vote for Panama. I Love Sluts really LOVES Panama, and is hoping to scare everyone else away so he can have all the chicas for himself!

I Love Sluts
05-23-04, 18:09

You are crazy, I am giving a true and accurate description of Panama City, unlike others that try to boast of the city to gain more money for the country of Panama. Especially Gauntman, I have never seen a person push a country harder than Gauntman,this guy is your average Panamanian in which he will say anything to get you to visit here, and once he gets you here, he will try to strip you of all your money, it is fact and he knows the truth. DO NOT TRUST THE PANAMANIANS, THEY ALL ARE VERY SLICK AND LOOK FOR ANGLES TO TAKE YOUR MONEY.


05-24-04, 01:02
Hey Chups,

you're not crazy, regardless of what ILS says, I just figured out that he's refering to Panama City, FLORIDA and has never actually been south of Gainsville.

Want To Play
05-24-04, 02:50
I love sluts, before you attempt to chastise Mr. Chenco for his English you need to learn the following lesson. "People who live in glass houses should not throw rocks." I refer to your post of 5/17.

Dear Fellow Mongers,

Panama City is not a tourist destination, it is a business city that has little to do or see for tourism. The Panama Canal is very boring, no beaches within city limits, it is just a business city with Colombian Sluuts running around trying to make living off selling their bodies.

Costa rica is much better, prices are way cheaper for girls, Panama City has American prices, not worth the bang for the buck. Costa Rica has better beaches,waves, and the water is much more clearer. The people are more honest in Costa than Panama, and Costa is much more safer. Remember, Panama does not even have a army, just police. Costa also has better weather. FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS OF PANAMA , IT IS THE RAINY SEASON.

I would reccommend costa, much better all the way around and especially for tourism and hotter/ cheaper women

You make is sound like the Panama canal has no beaches withing it's city limits and is just a business city. The canal is not a city silly boy. And the colombian Sluuts are sluts. Water is never much more clearer. Hmmmm not at all proper english and nowhere is it "much more safer" again poor grammar. And the army should be an army not a army. For the next six months "of" should be "in" Pamana it is the rainy season. Don't reccommend Costa Rica, recommend it instead. And we don't want cheaper women anyway, we want less expensive.

Have a nice day and try smiling.

Dr. D

I Love Sluts
05-24-04, 07:46
Dear Fellow Mongers,

It is way to easy to get you guys all pissed off, it is too simple. You guys are [Deleted by Admin] who fell for my trap way to easy, bunch of [Deleted by Admin] . That is fine, I do not mind being the center of attention, but come on, I live in Panama City, Panama, so I believe I have a little more experience with these people than most here on this board. Most of you [Deleted by Admin] Americans come down for two or three days and then leave, that is great, we do not want [Deleted by Admin] with no class in Panama. Most of you Americans work day to day just to afford a vacation here, that is great, I am just so happy that you people do not live here, or there would be a bunch of [Deleted by Admin] jamming the *****houses everynight. You Americans stay in the U.S. or go somewhere else.


EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

I Love Sluts
05-24-04, 07:50
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

05-24-04, 19:02
well ILS if you DO live in Panama, I just have one thing to say.
We are all ants, and in the field we all meet...

I Love Sluts
05-24-04, 20:57
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.


Free Sex
05-25-04, 04:06
Just a quick and short report.

I went to River Club this afternoon about 6pm. It is located on via espana and via argentina. There is no sign, you have to walk into the first parking lot to your right on Via Argetina, and it is located towards the back of the parking lot. There is a sign inside the parking lot so its not to hard to find. I choose a cute 22 year old, cannot remember her name. She gave decent head with a condom and was not in a rush to finish off. She was about 5'6 blond hair and was about 145 lbs. Overall I give her a 6.5 The session was for an hour but after I finished with her in about 30 minutes I was ready to go. OK, cost. I had to pay the house $60 bucks, then once I got into the room with the chica she said I had to tip her $20. So in total $80 USD. more then I would have liked to spend, but I was in the mood to monger, as I have not done so in a while. Anyone have any other spots that are "off the beaten path." Im tired of Golden Times, Miami, Fenix Club and Acropal. Im also tired of spending so much ($80 for and hour) to session, sorry, Colombia spoiled me! All the insight is welcome.

Happy Humping

05-25-04, 12:28
Mr Gountman,

ILS is obviously a kid, and kids are always demanding attention.

You can derive this by the simple fact that he believes that he is the centre of attention and that people actually do care about what he has to say.

He is talking about taps, etc.

As you can see, this kid has a dull life, so he has to hang out somewhere to be able to interact with people, even by making them angry. Again, it is a kid behaviour.

Lets buy this kid a Nintendo for christmas and ignore him.

Mr. Gountman, next time I do my Latin American rounds, and I am in Panama, lets share a beer and laugh about the kid.

B. Regards,

Mr. Chencho

05-25-04, 18:01
Free Sex

Go to Malibu, next to the parking lot for River Club. Most of the girls working at River hang there after work and are much cheaper, never pay more than 40.00 for short time. Malibu is also great for locals Thursday thru Saturday

05-25-04, 21:39
Hey Free sex
Sign up to Copa email service called "Irressistable", and fly to Colombia for about $150.00.

They have these type deals quite often.

Rick Anderson
05-26-04, 00:23
Jon Jones,

Aquarius looks to have closed permanently according to the guy from the "River Club" (I think) downstairs.

05-26-04, 20:27
First round of drinks are on me, Chencho!!
Majagualo, Free Sex Malibu is closed since a long time ago, most of the girls that work at the "off beaten path" locals hang out after work around 4am at Farmers, located on Via Espana right in front of the San Fernando Hospital or at Montana at 12 de octubre avenue. Any cab can take you there and most runs cost around $2

05-27-04, 05:29
hey ils I have been to panama and beleive me there is enough for all of us. I am glad you get to live in paradise . maybe you should join the whiners in the lima peru board or maybe jackson might put all of you complaints together. please talk about pussy thanks focus pussy just pussy

05-27-04, 22:52
Personally I did not think much of Farmers. I went two different nights and saw very few ladies there, mostly other gentlemen. The ladies I did see appeared to be accompanied by locals.

I did see two ladies from Golden Time there on two different nights, both were with others.

The first night I was supposedly there too early and was told I should try around 2am-3am. The second night I think I was there from around 3am-4:30am and still hardly any ladies.

Could be I just picked two bad nights, but it seems mostly a waste of time to me unless you are there over an extended period of time or can visit regularly.

I Love Sluts
05-28-04, 04:08

I hear you , you just want the pussy facts, no problem, I always have good advice on where to go for pussy

Golden Time- Hot chicks, just imported two new girls with great bodies , both from medellin, I think number 8 and the other number I am not sure. ALSO Gina is returning, a super hot chick but she has an attitude problem, in june she arrives, cannot wait to smack that ass again, this time I am going to make her pussy sore to remember me forever.

Elite- Check out this girl Julianna , she is hot, but tough to get for after hours sex, but is one of the hottest in the city, what a body, especially for no surgey

Club Miami- Has a couple new hot chicks with fantastic bodies, a couple stunners, for only 90.00, not bad, also the atmosphere is very good,

Le Palace- Check out Nataly and Pamela, both a couple months there working, but also 330.00 for two hours and the service is not so good.

La gruta Azul- not bad, two hot chicks for only 11 dollars

Club Fenix- A couple new girls that could easily be 16 years old, but they are hot with natural bodies and small tits.

Not sure about others, so I cannot comment.


05-29-04, 13:12

I just visited Golden Times and Saw Caroline (number 32).

What a great girl. She saws she is 20 but i suspect maybe 18. Excellent service from her nice tight pussy and mouth. She said she has been there since January, and they all rotate after 12 months.

Rate was $US94/hr, there were lots of other guys there, so I think supply and demmand put prices up but i am not local.

They have maybe 20 girls working there at any one time. You go in the girls come in and parade, then you select by number. Just make sure you remember the number!

Have fun if you go there.


05-30-04, 04:24
I must have no class ha I have been to the ones on the bottom list thought golden was too high you do know ya stuff very good intel

Free Sex
06-04-04, 20:19
OK, here is the situation:

In about 2 weeks I am planning to take "the old lady" to Decameron. I do not know much about it, I did a search in the forum and not much info comes up. This is what I need to know.

1. Do they packages that include transpo, room, food, etc and how much?

2. I am only looking to spend about 50-75 bucks a day (that includes EVERYTHING) Is that possible.

3. Anyone have any connections here where I can get a good inexpensive package?

4. Are there any parts on the resort to creep around when the old lady is sleep? Let me know "team"..lol..

5. Does Decameron have a private bus that goes there and back from panama city and how much is it?

PS-I went to club Bacchus last night and it was A BEATIFUL THING!!! Anyone coming to panama city looking to pick up some cute 19-25 NON PROS, GO TO BACCHUS!! Great disco!

06-07-04, 01:46
decameron is all inclusive, which means, all meals and all you can drink. Is cheaper during the week and i think they provide you with transportation to the hotel from a fixed location in the city

Fun Planet
06-09-04, 14:50
I spent time in Panama during the 80's and have not been back since I moved to Asia but I am curious...is Calle J still a hot spot? There use to be some really great bars and girls in that area. What about Colon? There were 5 great bars there (La Flor, Casanovas, Olympia, El Moro and another I forgot). Has Colon died down since the US left Ft. Davis? I am just curious as I would like to make a stop there on my way to Colombia to visit some friends.


Rabo Verde
06-11-04, 01:09
Decameron is all inclusive, they have a bus that goes from downtown Panama City, for I think $30 RT per person. A taxi will charge you maybe $40 each way, as it is about 3 hours outside the city. Midweek is about $99 per room, if you book in Panama, sometimes $200 per night on weekends. The club is in the middle of nowhere, so no point in sneaking off.

Termas Time
06-12-04, 05:45
Hey everyone, Memorial Day Weekend I made my second trip to Panama City. This report is basically a summmary of my night time activities. I arrived Thursday May 27th and left Tuesday June 1st.

Day 1

I arrived in Panama City late (10:00 pm), and immediately went to my hotel where I quickly showered to prepare for my night activities. I stayed in Plaza Paitilla Inn which was walking distance (for me) to Le Palace and Elite II. My thought process was that since it was my first night and I was tired that either I would go for something cheap or skip out all together.

So I decided to go to Club Fenix. I knew the pricing structure
($31 for a quickie) and what to expect (visited here last year). Unfortunately, I didn't see anything remotely appetizing. Most of the girls were carrying extra weight, and only one was sort of cute. I know the price is cheap here, but I couldn't do it. I didn't travel all the way from LA to bone some skank that I probably wouldn't hit at home. I stayed for about 40 min and watched a couple of the girls dance. I would only recommend this place for those looking for a quick fix. Like I said, I didn't find any of the girls really attractive.

Next, I went to Elite II. I absolutely loved this place during my first visit. I enjoyed watching the young Colombianas dance to faster dance/club type music. I really liked the upbeat atmosphere and thought most of the girls were hot. A year later, not much has changed except they have waived the entrance fee. Most of the girls were still hot, maybe not as good as last year, but then again it is always tough to compare to the first time. I had such a good time that I ended up spending 4 hours here. One knock against this place is the girls really seem to be hustlers when coming to buying lady drinks which are $15. I bought one Panamanian girl a tequilla shot and 3 min. later she was asking for another. Yeah right, not that fast!!! The highlight of the night though was seeing a girl named Kimberly. I saw her a year ago and remembered how well she danced and how she had a really solid body (strong legs, nice natural breasts (I think), and a firm ass). Plus I am sucker for latinas with long dark wavy hair. I didn't get a chance to speak to her the last time because she was busy bullshitting with her friends. Well, this visit I made sure to waive her over. She was from Medelin (like most of the Colombianas I met) and was making her second tour of PTY. I immediately told her that I remembered her from last year and how much I liked her. I probably spent a hour buying her drinks and getting lap dances from her which was really cool because she can dance and has a hot body, plus we had a nic evibe going. I eventually got her number and promised to call her for a future date.

That was it for Day 1. No action, but I was pacing myself.

Day 2

It was now time for the fun to begin. I decided to hit the infamous Golden Times. Like many here have said, it is always better to ask the taxi driver drop you off at Mirage Plaza rather than Golden Times to avoid the extra $10 being added to your fee of $84. I arrived early (7:30 pm) so I pretty much had my choice of everyone. For those who haven't been here, you will be amazed by the quality of the bodies of these young Colombianas. The majority of them have implants, but the rest of their bodies are also very tight. The only real turn-off was that many of them have braces. While I am advocate of fixing your teeth if you can afford it and many of these girls are just coming into any wealth, I am also not in high school anymore. While braces aren't really a huge deal to me, I needed something to weed out some of these women. Rest assured I still had plenty to choose from. In fact, I wrote their numbers down when they introduced themselves as a pro would, and made sure to get a encore presentation. As chance would have it, I chose a familiar face. When Alejandra (#20) introduced herself, I immediately asked her if she worked here last April, she said yes. This was the girl I chose a year ago during my only visit to Golden Times. She is short with a nice rack and a very pretty face. Up in the room, she was as I remembered, alot of fun. I love the way her eyes roll when she rides on top. She enjoys it when guys situp and feed while she rides on top. She also has good muscular control as she tried to squeeze me when I was hitting it from the back. To top things off afterwards she was trying to tickle me repeatedly saying "ticklish, ticklish". She didn't quite remember, but I actually taught her the word "ticklish" a year ago. She did say she sort of remembered me because I have a coconut head. How cute!!

Next, I wanted to hit a normal dance club. Last year, I went to Bacchus twice. Alejandra suggested Opa, but I had heard about Zoomba's from this forum so that's where I went. For whatever reason, Zoomba's was dead that night.

Therefore, I headed to Le Palace to end the evening. Le Palace is a good place to chill since it has a relaxed atmosphere. In fact I saw a few people sleeping in there. Last year, Le Palace had alot of hot women, but this year it didn't have that many.

Many of the girls weren't that cute and many weren't that tight. Elite II had better talent in my opinion. Nonetheless, there was still some talent there. One funny thing was there was this fat guy who was completely wasted yet still was entertaining 4 girls there. They were all drinking and giving this fat guy dances for 2 hours while he kept coming into and out of consciousness. That fat bastard ended up taking all 4 girls out of the club before closing. He had to have spent at least 2 G's for all that. What amazes me about this place is that all the girls have the audacity to ask for $200 for their company. At closing time, many drop their prices but some don't. One girl said she was willing to come to my hotel for $100 since she thought I was cute, but I had my lay for the day and wasn't in the mood to be greedy and spend the extra dinero.

That was it for Day 2.

Day 3

Oh, day 3 had such potential. I sent a good portion of the afternoon trying to arrange a date with Kimberly from Elite II. I was very much looking forward to it. I called her a couple of times when she was in an internet cafe. Finally, she decides that she wants to go see a movie with a friend at Microcentro, but she promised to stop by afterwards at 7:00 pm or so. By 8:15, I was tired of waiting so I took off.

I immediately went to Miami club. Interesting place in that it is a cross between a massage parlor and strip club. Well talent here isn't bad, all or mostly Colombianas. I see one girl named Karin whose body is loaded. Everything a man could want: cute face, tall, long dark hair to her lower back, big nice implants, and a nice ass. I mean built for screwing. She looks exactly like a girl I wanted to do the last time I was in Panama. I couldn't be sure if was the same girl or not because Karin said she worked here the year before as well.

After the Laker game, I quickly hook up with her and take her to the back ($80/hr). I get the massage first which she rushes. In the back of my mind I say to myself, she'll pay for this one. She then proceeds with CBJ and cowgirl. What a beautiful sight, a long dark haired Colombiana ridding me with her high heels still on. When I took control of the situation, I made sure to pound her in multiple positions, my favorite being standing doggy while we both looked straight into a mirror. After a while, she was throwing up the white flag saying "Papi, no mas por favor". Big fun.

So after hanging out a little while longer, I decided to go to back to Club Liquid. Didn't like the music since I was hoping for more dance or techno music.

I quickly went to Elite II since it was around the corner. And when I sat down, who did I happen to sit next to, Kimberly. She went on about she came to my hotel later and they wouldn't let her in, blah, blah, blah. She could sense I was upset with her so moved about 30 min. later. I had a wonderful time here again. I received a quite aggressive lap dance from a thick Panamanian girl. I mean I was laughing hysterically while she pounded me without mercy. Other guys stared in envy. To make the dance even better I was wearing my sweat pants and flip flops. Ha ha!

That was the end of Day 3.

Day 4

I thought this was going to be my last day so I wanted to tap some Panamanian blood before I left. I remembered the River Club, a massage parlor off of Via Espana, and thought they would have something for me. When I arrived there was only one girl there. Being in somewhat of a hurry since I wanted to make it back to watch the Pacer-Piston bame, I said what the heck. The girl was cute but the body was a little heavier than I liked. I still had a good time with her. I think her name was Paloma.

So after watching the game at my hotel, I wanted to finish my trip with a bang so I went back to Golden Times. Alejandra wasn't available and the girl that I would have chosen runner-up just got selected by some other guy. I went with Mayore (#29). She looks very young (like 19) but is actually 24. I chose her for her nice strong looking body and because she was a little darker than the rest. Well, she actually put alot of time into the massage which kind of scared me at first thinking the sex was going to be rushed. But the massage was good in the sense she put alot of effort into it and even walked / jogged on my back for a while which no other girl did.

When it came time for the sex, it was pretty good but didn't last as long as I would have liked. She rode me for a while and after sitting up to feed and laying back down, she really got into it. First she started saying "Come on baby" while she sped up. Then she startrf really using her hips saying "Te gusta, te gusta" while she gave me an intense sex look. Being kind of tired from earlier and being shocked from the vigor of this young lady, I released before moving on to more exotic positions. What's funny, after I admitted that I came, first she was surprised, then she smiled and continued to ride me saying "Te gusta, te gusta". I guess she won.

I went to my hotel with a smile on my face thinking this was a good end to my trip.

Day 5

I was wrong. My plane had trouble with its "trim-motor" so the flight was canceled and rescheduled for the following morning. Inconvenient, but what the hell!! I went to back to Miami during the dayshift. I wasn't to impressed with the selection. I just had a couple of drinks to bide my time.

At 8:00 pm, I made one last run at Golden Times. Now things are interesting, because I virtually have the full selection again. Alejandra smiled but kind of knew I would go with someone else. Mayore looked like what the hell are you doing back here, but was nice. I was fortunate enough to select my initial runner-up Monica (#29). She is very hot with long wavy light brown hair. She is really cute too in JLO type way too. I just love the bodies these women here have. You can grab their asses and thighs and feel really toned muscles.

Upstairs, nothing was too spectacular but not bad either. We both worked up a pretty good sweat. I really enjoyed looking at her more than anything saying to myself, "I wish my girlfriend was this hot".

Now my trip had finally ended. I hope you enjoyed the lengthy report.


Termas Time

I Love Sluts
06-18-04, 00:43

Thank you Termas time for time for the excellent report, you were very informative in your writings and very accurate. I wish other people on this board were more informative rather than trying to tear others writings about the city apart. For example, the following people need to be more informative rather than tearing others writings apart.(especially when the writings are true).

The following need more input rather than dwell on others writings:


Please the above five mentioned guys, dwell on informative writings , rather than trying to tear my masterpieces in two. Lets build up, rather than tear down. If you five guys could make a concentrated effort, that would be greatly appreciated.


I Love Sluts
06-21-04, 17:35
I think "Want To Play" is an unhappy 54 year old man who loves to take advantage of poor Panamanians in the country side. WTP, if you do not have anything good to say, do not say it at all.

Thank you very much.


06-22-04, 02:32
nah, he doesnt get it EVEN with Rosy Palm.

I Love Sluts
06-22-04, 18:15
Gauntman is your typical panamanian in which he is trying to invent ways to live off the americans. All Panamanians suffered hard financially when the americans took off from Panama. All Americans must realize that Panamanians are desperate people who will say and do anything for you to support them. They are truly slimy people, the most slimiest I ever met.

On the important side of the game, the woman, it seems that only one place is truly excellent time and again(GT). Elite and Le Palace are very tough because the girls their look so different in the light than the dark. Most of them have tons of makeup on also, I have seen some of these girls in the day, they are fat and ugly but look very attractive in the club. Very wierd.

Oh yeah:

Gauntman- You need a life besides praising Panama, Have you smelled the bay of panama lately?

Want to play - Taking advantage of girls in Panama for 10 dollars and thinking you are a rockstar, come on, please!


06-23-04, 20:30
Hey I love Sluts.
Are you really moving to Colombia?
Call me.

I Love Sluts
06-25-04, 01:57
Hey"Want to Play",

Do you think you are the man because you are a 54 year old man who bangs panamanian girls for ten dollars?

Also the following I am assured of:

First of all Panamanians all look like moneys.

I am sure for ten dollars they are disgusting.

So inconclusion, You are fucking ugly monkeys for ten dollars.


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06-25-04, 17:32
ILS, if you are SO cool with girls that you can get the best deal anytime, anyplace, WHY are coming to monger in Panama? If you are so cool as you imply, WHY do you monger? Cant you say I dont pay to play?
As for panamenians being desperate, WHY do you have to go to other countries to get laid?
Are you so Mr Personality that you cant get laid even with money in your own courtyard and you have to go outside the US?
If someone shoud be getting a life is you ILS.
Thank God you are leaving Panama. I might even invent some bogus report on you on migration so they dont let you come back ever again.

Rabo Verde
06-26-04, 23:11

My semi-pro friend Ally McSqueal is coming back to Panama City next week. EXCELLENT affectionate GFE, free to hang out with you. Very gifted, DATY OK but no bareback or Greek. $200 all night or take her away for the week at one of the beach resorts for $1,000. Speaks a “leetle” English. She gave me permission to post this photo. PM me for contact info, ONLY of you are a nice guy and serious. I am posting another photo in the PANAMA photo section.

06-27-04, 12:27
Hi All,

I'm heading to PTY the 2nd week of July. As mentioned
in my last post a while agi, I lived in the Canal Zone for a little over 2 years and looking forward to coming back. I'll be there for 25 days and have made arrangements to use an aquaintences' car. Thanks to all who have given me info9rmation (including the El Ranco where I
always found freelancers and the occasional freebe :) )
I'll post and results 0once I settlke in. So long for now.

BBW Admirer
06-28-04, 04:44
Coming to Panama City in a few weeks. I like big woman, the bigger the better. Any idea where I can find escorts like this in Panama?

BBW Lover

I Love Sluts
06-28-04, 19:09
BBW Admirer,

You should send "Want to Play" a private message, he knows where all the fat black girls live and hang out. He is the master of fat pigs for very cheap prices. "Want to Play" is truly one of a kind, banging fat panamaians for cheap prices and then bragging about it and then thinking you are the greatest, come on "Want to Play" give it up already.

BBW admirer, if you want hear about how Panama is paradise, private message "Gauntman" , he will tell you that Panama is the closest thing to heaven, he might also try to tell you that there is gold and oil under every acre of land you buy.

Hey Gauntman, how come you never make any comments about the Bay of Panama(aka sewer), I am waiting.


I Love Sluts
06-28-04, 19:45

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Member #1625
06-28-04, 20:32
BBW Admirer,

Try the Hippo exibit at the Panama Zoo! You pig!

Rabo Verde
06-29-04, 08:26
THE Line-up at Miami is real good right now, definitely worth a look. There are a few beefy girls there, but no real fatties. ILS if you think the Panamanians are crooks, wait til you get to Colombia, where they will KILL you to take your shoes!

Want To Play
06-29-04, 16:57

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding women for sex.

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06-29-04, 19:13

Thanks on the report on Chuponalgas

06-30-04, 02:51
Hey Chuponalgas great comeback. Next time try, “I’m rubber your glue...” or something snappy like, “takes one to know one”. In Chuponalgas’ defense, he’s always the pitcher!!! Actually, I know this guy and he is not gay, just nuts. All that stuff about transvestites is his idea of a joke and nothing more, I hope.