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Simple Man
06-30-04, 02:55
Everyone watch out for Chuponalgas, he has been known to put barnyard animals in dresses and take them out to fancy resturaunts and then leave the poor animal with the check.

But seriously, I have known Chuponalgas for many years and, to my knowledge he does not covort with transvestites. (He married one but I don't think he fucks him anymore.) I have mongered extensively with Chuponalgas in Mexico and other countries. I have seen him leave with some women that scared me, but I believe them all to have been actual women. He does have a very good sense of humor and most of what he writes is tongue and cheek--in a heterosexual, non-transvestite way.

But now that this issue has come up, I understand why he gave Frijole pantyhose and lipstick last Christmas (I wasn't jealous neither were my shade). I also now begin to doubt the story he told me about the spider biting my ass when I passed out in Colombia and woke up with a sore sphincter. It also explains why he calls his strange friend Josh Betty.

Oh well water under the bridge.

06-30-04, 03:00
[Report deleted by Admin]

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06-30-04, 06:14
Well, all I can say is that I was to "tour" San Salvador with
him, went to the airport and waited for over an hour, and
he never show up. He claims that he did ten minutes after
I have left. However, if this is his way to joke: I really do not
know if I can take that shit.

I Love Sluts
06-30-04, 06:46
Dear Mongers,

Club Miami is heating up lately, many hot chicks at this moment, I actually am impressed with the line up at Club Miami, the only problem with this place is that it is run by chinese and they are not good to deal with at all. They are all goooks with slanted eyes. They usually like this food called " the come of sum yung guy" .

[Deleted by Admin]

Man, Yeah I lost your number when I changed cell phones in Panama. I am sure I will see you at GT before I move from Panama.

On a side note, I have become bored with the name "I love sluts" , so I will change at one hundred to something much more creative.


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I Love Sluts
06-30-04, 07:30
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Rabo Verde
06-30-04, 08:11
Hey ugly girls need love too!!!!!

If your daddy hadn't been a pigfucker, you wouldn't even be here...

Blitz Dog
07-01-04, 04:05
Hey Fellow Mongers,

I will be in PTY next month and i was wondering if anyone knew how much the take out at GT is for the entire night? PLEASE help.


07-01-04, 17:48
i believe it should be around $200

Tica Man
07-02-04, 08:13

I really think you are a such [Deleted by Admin], I feel sorry for you, can we tell you are not happy about your life by reading your postings. You need help.

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07-03-04, 00:14
Blitz Dog

It costs $350 to take a chica out for the night at GT. But keep in mind that they will only stay till 4am regardless of the when you get them to go.

Blitz Dog
07-05-04, 16:13
Thanks Chorizo,

I plan to get their at 7:30 pm opening time so I can get the most of my $350.00 HAHAHA


Rabo Verde
07-05-04, 19:29
Chorizo usually goes with the towel boy, who is much cheaper!

Simple Man
07-06-04, 20:05
Chuponalgas is just jealous because the towel boy and the madam both turned him down.

Rabo Verde
07-09-04, 22:59
Actually we had a threesome!

War Doggie
07-12-04, 02:52
Is the Anchon Inn still in business?

07-12-04, 16:53
gee War!!! ancon went out of business a long time ago in a galaxy not far away!
and even recently the place burned down

Rabo Verde
07-12-04, 20:09
current prices for one hour :
gt $84
mc: $90

currently, the lineup is the best i have seen in many years, as good as rio! some real 10's.

they may charge a few dollars more if your taxista takes you directly there, they pass this on as a commission to him. i have him drop me on the corner. most cabbies are honest, but recently a very few have asked for double fare because "that's the rule" when they pick you up in front of, or take you to a nightclub (lie!). they just figure you are a stupid gringo. sometimes they will hang around to get a commission for bringing you, and then ask for $20 for "waiting" for you, for your safety. just say no. gt or mc or any other business will be glad to call you a regular cab, or you can just walk out to the main drag and wait 3 minutes. gt and mc are located in el dorado, a very affluent neighborhood, and tho it looks a little spooky late at night, it is generally very safe. all cab rides in panama city are determined by a zone rate card, and the most you can owe for going from one end of the city to the other, is about $3. i generally just hand them $2 for a short ride, or $3 for a long one, and figure the extra is a tip. 99% abide by the rules, but be prepared to call their bluff of any that do not.

by the way, the chinese restaurant upstairs in the back of the strip mall where gt is located is huge and excellent, some of the best chinese food anywhere, about $10 per person. full bar. a great plan is to go eat there at 7, hit gt when it opens at 8! the clothes store at the right front of the mall also has some great deals on casual clothes. cheaper to buy new clothes than wash the old ones! also a great place to take a chica to buy some (cheap) presents. you can let her go wild, and it is hard to spend more than $30 on a shopping spree there, due to super-low prices. on a similar note, tehre is a new internet/telephone place 3 doors down from mc, run by chinese, super cheap, 10 cents a minute to call usa and 50 cents an hour for internet, with high speed connections. i have the taxista drop me there while i check my email, so he doesn't follow me into mc.

BBW Admirer
07-15-04, 15:15
Well I made it to Panama last week and following the advice of the people on this board we went to 3 clubs.

Club Miami - Stripbar/Massage - $90/hr, Very hot chicks (mostly Colombians) all wearing white (bra, stockings, panties), nice clean atmosphere. Good place if you go with a bunch of guys as you can drink, chat, watch the stripshow if your buddies take longer than usual.

Golden Times - Massage - $84/hr - Good selection of girls, about 30 when I went there. They all parade around you with numbers and you choose the one you like. As it's not a club there is nothing to do if you are waiting for your buddies other than watch baseball on a little TV they have.

Club Fenix - Stripbar/Massage - $30/half hour. Various types woman from fat/ugly to decent, dark & sketchy stripbar, security will pay you down at the door.

I enjoyed myself in all places and hope to try out others next month when I go back.

I have a friend that used to leave in Panama City years ago when he was stationed there. He said that there was a place called J-Street or J-Section near the bus terminal. Lots of bars filled with hookers. Does this still exist? Is it safe and worthwhile fun?

Anyone have other places to checkout beside the 3 above and Elite/LePalace?

07-15-04, 18:03
Hey ILS, send me a private message.

Rabo Verde
07-16-04, 22:04
LOL welcome back!

Blind Lust
07-19-04, 19:32
King of Sluts,

Exactly where are you finding hotties for USD$11.00? Bragging without supporting information is basically bullsh*t. <grin> C'mon man, reveal your secrets!


Free Sex
07-20-04, 08:01
Report on La Gloria:

La Gloria
Avenida Carrasquilla No. 34
Telephone: 507 229 1171

OK, I get in my taxi and tell him La Gloria. Considering La Gloria is a popular place he knew exactly where it was. So after about a 10 minute ride from Via Espana ( One of the main streets in Panama City) we arrive. We pull up and the first that gets my attention is in the parking lot there are 2 or 3 pit bulls tied up to poles, lol. I guess this is to scare the riff raff away.

I walk in about 1130pm, and myself and about 4 other guys are in there. I order a Panama Beer, which was 1.60 and sit down and drink. Ok, there are about 10 hoes in total sitting down waiting for you to talk to them. La Gloria is not a strip club/ho house. The chicas just wait for you to talk to them. There were about 10 and total ranging from 4-7. The talent was not really much to talk about BUT it was a new spot for me to monger so that in itself made it worth my while. So, I sit down drink and just check out the ladies as they walk by. As I said prior the talent was mostly poor but I saw one that I wanted to take.

After about an hour of sitting and drinking, a chic comes up to me and says they have a special going on. She goes on to say that for 10 dollars you can fuck for 12 minutes. Sounds like a good deal to me, only problem was the chica I wanted was obviously no where to be found. So after about another 15 mins of looking for her she comes out from the back. And of course RIGHT when she comes out some dude takes her. So in my head im thinking "fuck, that was the only one I really wanted to get with."

Well I hang out for another 15 mins hoping that the guy that took her was going to do the "10 dollar deal." Well 15 mins comes and goes, no chica. Well you know what that means, get another. Sitting towards my left was an ok looking chica, about an 6.5 with HUUUGE fake titties and a thick body. I wave her over, she comes over and we start to talk. She explains the 10 dollar deal to me once more and I go for it. Well as we are walking out she tells me her name, Tania. She is 28 and from Equador. As I explained ealier she had HUGE tits, decent face, and the rest of her body was decent to look at.

So as we enter the room and she strips I decide I want 30 mins with her,really becaues I was so taken by the huge fake tits. 30 mins was 20 bucks. Anyhow we start out session. She gives a decent blow job with the condom. After about 3 mins of that I wanted to start giving it to her considering I was on a clock. The session was hot and heavy although I think she was acting just a little to much (which I HATE..lol). But all in all she was probably one of the better sessions I had while here in Panama. No rush, friendly, gave me her number after the session, different positions without a fuss.

Yo Blitzdog, I informed her about you coming down in a couple of weeks also. She seems VERY interested in meeting you and gave me good times to call her. So when you touch down in Panama City, why not start the trip off with her. Anyhow thats about it.

Random notes; La Gloria is an OK area, its looks worst then it is. Considering I live here in Panama City, I have traveling around that area numerous times. One thing that is a ***** though, getting a Taxi DIRECTLY from La Gloria is tough because it is located off the main street. So you may have to walk (As I did tonite) to get a taxi. Another sidenote, if the chica ask do you live in Panama say YES. Tania(my chica) asked me as if I had said no the price for the session would have went UP. So if asked say yes. Lets see, Ok, your taxi from anywhere in the city should be 1.25 at MAX 1.50. Umm..thats about it on this end. I will post her pic next time I see her which will probably be in a couple of weeks. Any questions or comments PM me.

07-20-04, 20:25
Hey King of Sluts.
How reliable is the information regarding immigration of Colombianas?

Rabo Verde
07-20-04, 22:39
I recently heard from several sources that the Gov't. is not issuing work visas for the Colombian girls. Don't know why.

07-21-04, 08:17
[Report deleted by Admin]

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07-21-04, 23:08
That will be a shame. Panamanians girls are not much to look at compared to Colombianas.

What stops a Colombian girl from coming to visit, and working out of an aprtment?

Rabo Verde
07-22-04, 01:17
Some are doing that, some are coming on a tourist visa and risking working at the clubs. Long story short, the girls who have PREVIOUSLY been in Panama on a work visa are in the immigration computer and are not allowed to enter Panama on a tourist visa at the whim of the officer on duty at the airport.

Termas Time
07-22-04, 02:34
This policy sucks if it is true. What will become of the infamous clubs such as GT and Le Palace without the Colombianas! Well, scratch Panama City off my list. Cali here I come?

Termas Time

Want To Play
07-22-04, 11:41
KOS, in my opinion is ILS reincarnated. The posts have the same negative tone. Just when I thought we had a breath of fresh air the negativity returns. Hmmmmmmm Panama is and will continue to be a mongers heaven. Treat the people as you would like to be treated and you will have no problems. I don't understand why you would prefer to have all the pro's anyway. They are a little more easily obtained at the first but with so very little effort you can be introduced to a totally different set of rules and women. The local ladies are more than happy to service your needs for a fraction of the price and are willing to give you all the time you want with them. Ask the taxi drivers and the security at the hotels. If you need a starting place, ask the security guard at hotel San Remos. Young (18-20), ladies for $25 per hour. After that ask the lady for her friends and you are off and running. Don't dwell on the negative and enjoy what is truely there.

KOS, I hope you have a nice day and the world quits shitting on you.

07-22-04, 18:37
King of Sluts SMELLS like I love Sluts. GET A LIVE ILS

07-23-04, 01:31
A Little Help.

I am headed to Panama for the first time next. I have been looking for a previous post about a good guide in Panama City but can't find it. Can somebody PM me with his information if you know whom I am talking about.


07-23-04, 23:33
I would personally rather pay $100 for a Colombiana, the $25.00 for a Panamanian. They just look better, what can I say.

Rabo Verde
07-24-04, 19:30
Hey SLUTS, if you hate Panama and Panamanians so much, why don't you move somewhere else?

King of Sluts
07-24-04, 19:41
Hey Chuponalgas, (AKA Butt Cheek Sucker)

I am just giving everyone the true story of what Panamanians are like to deal with on a everyday level. Also be careful you guys, there is a black taxi driver who was let out of prison about two weeks ago, and is currently killing girls that he picks up. He stole the taxi, and is killing girls that he picks up at night and during the day, if you have noticed police all over the streets. They are looking for this guy very very hard, but cannot find him yet. The cops/transito/ tourism police are all looking for him . He is dangerous and on the run and cannot be found yet, just be careful of your taxis.


Want To Play
07-24-04, 23:14
[Report deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any personal attacks or derogatory comments directed towards another Forum Member or the Forum Membership in general.

07-25-04, 19:09
Dont worry people, i have already taken care of the issue, WE have found his real world identity and WE will throw him a party he wont forget anytime soon...

07-25-04, 21:14
Heading down Tomorrow doing a stop off in PTY on my way to Colombia. Anyone know if the lineup is still strong at Miami?

Rabo Verde
07-25-04, 22:01
I find SLUTS funny. If you don't like him, don't read his posts!

07-26-04, 21:17
I don't understand why you all do not ignore the comments you do not like. This board strives on the comments of King Sluts.

Although I personally do not care for some of the personal comments he has made, I think he has been giving some good advice.

BBW Admirer
07-27-04, 03:55
KOS is correct im his comments

Is there a serial killer after all?

In the wake of public protests against a rash of murders of women, police and prosecutors assured Panamanians that the cases were unrelated and that there probably is no serial killer loose in this country. However, police now say that one Carlos Meneses Lambiz is the prime suspect in the killings of both Leticia González Gaitán, whose body was found in Veracruz in June, and Rafaela Abrego, whose body was found in a wooded area of Panama City’s Betania corregimiento. Because they tend to be psychopaths who calmly wipe away evidence of their crimes and because murders in which the victim and perpetrator do not know one another are hard to solve anyway, serial killers around the world tend to go unapprehended and in many cases unsuspected. Thus, if it turns out that Meneses Lambiz is a serial killer, he would be only the second one ever detected by Panamanian law enforcement, though there may well have been others. Police are looking for Meneses Lambiz, who is described as a young adult of about 5 feet 7 inches tall, 170 pounds, of brown complexion, with short black curly hair and brown eyes. A $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to his apprehension.

The Graduate
07-28-04, 03:14
I'm interested in finding a high quality pro or semi-pro in Panama City for casual encounters. Discretion and traces of intellect are welcome. Like high quality escort. PM me if you have any clue.

Rabo Verde
07-28-04, 21:48
DEAR SLUTS: So move to Cali, you will be much happier.

Blitz Dog
07-29-04, 05:39

I am headed to Panama next week, are places like GT and MC still employing hot babes, I have read about all these raids, when they are raided is it like the US, the John gets hauled in also?

Where can I go to get hot women at a cheap price, which clubs can I hit for semi or non pros.


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Unborn Son
07-29-04, 16:27
Hey any information on how the semi-pro/pro action has been at the bars around the main hotels such as El Panama or The Continental hotel. I have seen previous posts that you can find some action there but I am never sure of which bar they are talking about in the Continental (The one in the Casino? The one in the lobby?). I know the disco at the El Panama you can find some action but the last time I was there the music was so loud I didn't even go in the door. OH well!

Just thought I would see about any updates since I will be in Panama in a few weeks and wanted to get my getting laid-tinerary planned out. GT and Miami are definately on the list but a little more variety is always nice!



Free Sex
07-29-04, 19:39
Quick Question,

I am looking for a cheap flight out of Panama City to Los Angeles. I am also looking for a Western Carribean office here in Panama City. Can anyone suggest a good travel agent? Does anyone know where a Western Carribean Airlines office is located? They flight direct to San Andres, Colombia. Anyhow, let me know, thanks.

Rabo Verde
08-01-04, 08:13
COPA has a direct nonstop flight from Panama to Los Angeles every day at about 7:30 P.M.

Free Sex
08-02-04, 03:38
Next Bar,

Avenida Balboa (Between Bennigans and The American Airlines office on Avenida Balboa. The same street as multi centro Mall)

Ok, it was Friday night and I wanted to check out a new NON-PRO disco. A buddy of mine told me about a new disco that just opened up called Next Bar. My taxi pulls up about 11:45pm. From the location of the disco I knew the disco would be more of an upscale crowd. Which is good in someways but for the most part not really my scene, but I went just to check out. Well as expected when I pull up and I think I am at a disco on Sunset blvd in Los Angeles, California. Why do I say this?

Well, the FIRST car I see when my taxi pulls up is a Ferrari, next a 745 bmw, next a 700 series Benz. So from the onset I realize the chicas in this spot are going to be on the side of money. So initally I freeze about going in considering that I may be wasting my time. But I firgure, fuck it I might as well check it out. I walk in with no problems, entrance fee is 10 bucks. The set up is REAL nice, lights everywhere, lots of space, nice bar, friendly staff, the works. I order a panama beer, which is 2 bucks, and just observe the scene. To my dismay it seemed as if EVERY chica is the club was WITH a guy. (most of the clubs here are like that). Another thing is although the scene seems like a posh club from the states the caliber of the girls was just OK. A bunch of skinny chics, sipping away at drink, hoping to be seen. By who I dont know.lol.

Ok, the music. On this particular night (friday), techno. As i explaned earlier the club in general was pretty tough to crack because it seemed as if every chic was with a guy, so I basically just walked around, danced a little and left about 2am.

So, the club itself it was nice scene but not really MY type of scene. I am more into the down to earth females. And clubs were the females are in large groups, not with male friends or boyfriends. Clubs like this most times attract; chicas that think they look better then they really do, chicas that want to suck you dry for what you can get at a strip club for MUCH less, and run around and bullshit.

So all in all its worth checking out I guess, just go "look" important, flash some money, and you will probably do a little better then I did.

08-02-04, 19:11
I was in Panama City a few months back. A working girl that I met in Costa Rica convinced me to visit to see the sights. I flew roundtrip from San Jose, CR for about $250. Maria met me at the airport in Panama City. She showed me a little trick for getting into the city without paying cab fare. When you get to the baggage claim area, walk to far end of the building (by the seats), and go out the doors and take a right. Go behind the contiguous building and walk through the gravel parking area toward the highway. By this time (provided it's daytime), you will see the bus stop on the far side of the road. Take the bus into town at a fraction of the cab fare.

The first night I was in Panama City, I lost my passport. What a freakin' drag that was. Instead of sight seeing with Maria, I spend my entire three days running around getting necessary documents, etc. for a new passport. What a mess. If you are going to lose your passport, however, I am convinced that there are few places better to do it than Panama.

Here is the drill: Don't bother going to the embassy the first thing. They will send you on the wild goose chase that I am describing here (and I am sure it is similar in other countries).

First, you have to go to the city central police station, and get a report of when and how you lost your passport. You will NEED this report at the embassy. For this report, you will need to be able to prove who you are. Fortunately, I had my driver's license with me. Also, you will need to know the name and address of where you are staying.

Then, if you don't have an itinerary of your flight out of the country, you'll have to go back out to the airport to get that. After that, you'll need to get passport-sized pictures taken right across the street from the embassy. I initially when to a photoshop, but they didn't use the correct specifications, so I had to take pictures all over again.

Now, you're ready to go to your embassy. Don't wait in line where the Panamanians, et. al. are in queue. At the American Embassy, there is a separate door for citizens. Once inside you will have to beg, plead, and borrow to get a new (temporary) passport (The cost was $80 if I remember correctly, cash only). If you present your flight itinerary showing an upcoming departure, this will help you big time. Be ready to prove that you have done everything possible to recover your passport (for example, my passport was in my portfolio which I absentmindedly left in a cab, and I had to prove that I had gone to each of the major cab services to check if my passport had been turned in. I proved this by showing the business cards of the manager at each cab service).

You will have to present all the documents illustrated above, and here is a catch-22 that you want to avoid: Be prepared to present a copy of your information page of your lost passport! Fortunately, I was able to have a copy faxed from my workplace in South Korea. That saved the day. Without that photocopy, there is no telling how long the process would have taken. Keep a copy of your information page of your passport in your belongings, and have a copy available in your respective country so it can be faxed. This little travel tip will save your ass.

Okay...now you just have to wait. The embassy will likely give you some idea of when to return. In my case, I had everything lined up (thank goodness for Maria; she was an absolute angel), so they were able to issue a new passport the following day (but I have heard of situations where it takes two weeks), the day of my return flight to Costa Rica.

When I was leaving for the airport, Maria got a call from one of the cab services. My portfolio was found, everything contained (even about $300 most of which I gave to Maria for helping me; I could have never gotten through all that without her). I am the luckiest dumbshit that I know.

I am trying to convince Maria to let me post her pictures here and to let me give her contact information through PM. She is the best GFE I have ever had with a working girl--total sweetheart.

08-03-04, 22:58
I will be in Panama City july 5th thru 9Th. Any mongers in town want to hook up for a beer?

Pajama Sam
08-04-04, 06:11
I just got back from a trip to Panama with my business associates Sabado and Domingo. It was the first time for Sabado so we hit several spots to give him a tour of the "chica" spots.

We started at the Miami Club, which happened to be within walking distance from our hotel (Country Inn in El Dorado). MC is a standard and currently the best club IMHO. The girls there are solid 8s and 9s, as scored by my trusted colleagues and ready to have fun. As aslways, it is better to buy your selection a drink and then make plans for the following day. The girls here are wearing white lingerie and do strip shows every hour.

After MC we went to Royal Elegance, a waste of time. The girls were 5s and 6s with no atmosphere.

We made a quick exit for Elite II. The place was full and we found girls ranging from 5 to 8. The girls there hustle you right away for drinks which cost upwards of $16 a piece. We left after one round of drinks.
We ran by the Oasis Massage and found 4 girls there. The quality was from 6 to 8.

Ultimately, we ended back at the Miami Club, which we made our official headquarters for our mongering activities.

I almost forgot, we stopped by the Golden Time as well. The quality was from 6 to a couple of 10s. My colleague Domingo found a nice girl #14 to attend to his needs. The best part of the place was the "chicas a la sala" cry from your host which starts the parade of girls with their numbers attached. You need to pay attention as the numbers are pinned to their waist and you are checking out the girls other extremities.

In conclusion, if you want a place to hang out with friends or fellow mongers, The Miami Club is your spot.

If you want straight one-on-one time with a knock-out, then Golden Time is your place.

Monger on!

08-05-04, 00:26
Make that Aug 5th- 9th.

08-05-04, 21:33
GT is going down.

I am sure it is the results of the new immigration rules, but I agree with your assessment “KING OF SLUTS” that the clubs are going down in Panama. For me the best part about GT was the ability to get fresh chicas who were new to the business. About 80% of the time, I got a real girl friend like sex, and loved every minute of it.

Now a days, all the girls are HARD PROS. Their mentality is all the same, just get in the customer, fuck him as quick as possible. Say “Que Rico” every other minute as if she is truly enjoyes the experience, and move to the next customer.

In fact, currently there is very little difference in the quality of the sex one gets at GT $84.00 compared to the amazingly cheaper “Club Finiex” at $11.00.

I have never had an issue in the past about throwing $100 on a girl at GT because it was worth it. I no longer think it is worth it.

08-06-04, 09:39
Hey guys,

Don't worry so much guys that "fat b*tch" in charge of immigration is gone as soon as the new presidente takes power. I guess I would be bitter too if my husband took off to colombia with a colombianita.

Hell that "fat b*tch" is so bitter that she's been fined by the panamanian courts for deporting a couple of colombianas and dominicanas that where married to panamanian citizen. She was apparently told not to deport this ladies but she did anyway.

Guys I really wouln't be to concern, must of the guys that bring this girls from colombia to work here in panama are spaniards, sh!t they have alot of political connections here.............so tranquilo and enjoy panama and of course las colombianitas.

08-09-04, 01:00
Hello guys,

This will be my frist trip to Pamama. I have RTFF and thanks to all the great information think I will be OK.

I will be there 8-11 tell 8-18 and staying at the El Panama.
My daughter-in-law will be around part of the time so I have to play it cool but should have plenty of free time. Then she leaves on 8-16 and I will be all alone to explore.

Would like to maybe try and meet up a fellow WSG'er while I'm there. If you want to meet for a drink let me know.


08-09-04, 19:58
It's pretty easy t o hang out on the street corner near dos mares hotel to get street hookers, no problem with hotel as they will buzz you in for no extra charge.

08-09-04, 21:41
Listen KOS or ILS or WHATEVEROS you are. I wont waste my time with the likes of you that only degrade other people with any comments that you make. I already know who you are in the real world...

Want To Play
08-11-04, 05:31
I just read in the banned section that ILS was banned. Hmm, go figure, a nice guy like that. With nothing but positive things to say about everyone and every situation. How unlucky can a person be. KOS should be so lucky as he was doing a bit of name calling in his last post. I would like meet up with him and will be in Panama City on Sept. 3rd and 4th. I think with the new president, Martin, everything will calm back down. They do a house cleaning all the way down to the most menial jobs so the lady from immigration will most likely be gone. That happens the first of next month.

Rabo Verde
08-11-04, 05:58
Nice Guy, just tell her you are going to a short meeting and grab a cab and go straight to Golden Times, cab costs $2 from El Panama and takes 15 minutes.

08-13-04, 01:31
Just got back from a trip in Panama City. Stayed in Panama City the whole time. Went to Club Felix and got a girl for 31 dollars. Very good looking girl. Big tits and a little thick. Just the way I like them. Was from Colombia I think. Was a little disapointed with the place. Went in there and the girls didnt even come up to you. They stayed away until I called one over. They did have some very attractive girls. Every girl seemed to be 31 dollars. I was going there thinking it was 11 dollars. How did you guys get a girl for 11 dollars. Also, saw a lot of street walkers by the Soloy Hotel and Hotel Veracruz. Didnt pick anything up because thought they might be dirty. Did see a girl at a disco that I saw working at Club Felix. Not sure if she was working or not. Good trip overall.

08-13-04, 19:00
Wed. 8-11 - Arrive at the airport at 11:30 PM local time and clear customs. Getting a taxi they wanted 25 but I told them that was too much and said I would walk out to the street and get one. But as I crossed the street the guy called out 20 and I waved him off. When I was in the parking lot he came running and said how about 20 and I told him 10 and he said OK.

As I entered the El Panama Hotel there were two girls setting in the lobby and give me the eye and smiled as I passed. I said something to the bellboy about them and he said they could come to my room if I wanted. He said it was 20 to the hotel and then something to the girl but I didnÕt ask how much. I said 20 to the hotel, what, do the girls work for the hotel and he said sort of. I told him that after I get checked in I would come back down and check them out. Well when I got down at about 1:30 AM they were gone and I didnÕt see the bellboy.

I decided to walk to the Oasis right next to the hotel. As I was walking down the street I was hit on by several working girls asking if I wanted a massage. I said I didnÕt want a massage I wanted more. They all said about the same thing, if you want sex she would come to my room and itÕs 20 dollars for everything. Well after about 4 of them I found one that spoke English so I asked her a few questions. She said that I had to pay the hotel 20 and 20 to her for 1 hour. Oh what the hell so I said OK and we were off to my room. When we got to the lobby it was packed with a big group checking in so we just got on the elevator and went up.

I think her name was Joan she was 19, from Columbia and with dark skin. She was short with a little weight around the waist but after she took her clothes off I could really see her big boobs and a nice ass. She gave a nice service with CBJ, several positions and finished doggie. I gave her the 20 and 10 tip. We dressed and I walked her out and back to the street.

I still wanted to check out the Oasis so I headed that direction but went in a club called La Cazuela to get a Coke and rest. Had no idea what to expect but it is a little strip club. As it turned out there were 5 girls working, one was a 10 and really hot doing lap dances with a guy, three others sitting around maybe 7Õs and the last one was on stage taking it all off and was overweight. IÕm used to always giving the girl a tip so I went up to hand it to her. She still had her thong on and opened it up for my tip. After she got the tip she took my hands and wrapped my arms around her ass and kept dancing with me feeling her up. I thanked her and went back to my seat. After her set she came over and sat down with me and I bought her a drink. Her name was Ruby, 26 from Panama and she spoke English so we talked. While we talked she kept rubbing my leg, grabbing my dick and trying to be sexy making moaning noises and doing stuff with her mouth. Then she said that it was closing time and asked if I would like to have her come to my hotel. I said that would be nice and asked how much and for what. She said it was 50 for the club and 100 for her and she would do everything I wanted. I came right out and told her that was way too much. She kept trying to talk me into it and didnÕt even lower her price. I finished my drink, left at 3:30 AM and went back to the hotel.


08-14-04, 00:27
Thursday, 8-12 - Went to Cafeteria Manolos for breakfast, to read my notes and kill some time waiting for Oasis to open at 11:30 AM. I forgot something at the hotel so I had to go back before going to Oasis.

When I got to the street I was stopped by a taxi driver and he asked if I wanted to get a massage. I told him no massage I want sex and that I was going to the Oasis. He said it was not good and the girls do not look good there. He said Royal Elegance has much better girls and the service is better too. He said it was 60 for one hour so I said OK. He drove me there in a pouring rain.

When we got there I was lead to the back and 5 girls came in for me to choose from. I picked a tall thin girl named Sica, spoke English, 25 and from Colombia. Paid the 60 at the front counter and Sica lead me to a room in the back with a shower, a bed and a massage table. She was a very nice, sexy girl with a great body. She took off her top and was in her bra and thong and then undressed me. We had a great time and enjoyed each other. There was a little DATY and 69 followed by a CBJ. Then her on top, me on top and again I finished doggie. God, I pounded her so hard and she acted like she loved it. AinÕt that the best? I gave her a 10 Dollar tip and she was happy. I told her I would be back but to try the other girls and she looked sad but said she understood. I went out and my taxi driver John was waiting to take me back to the hotel.

ItÕs now 11:00 PM and with all of the social stuff out of the way IÕm on my own. I decided to try the Club Fenix. Got a taxi on the street in front of the hotel and asked him about the place. He said it was nice with many girls. When I asked him how much it was he said it was 31 dollars so I said I thought it was 11 dollars for locals and he said it was. I asked him to tell them when we got there that I was new to the area but local and I wanted the 11 dollars price and he said he would do that.

When we got there I paid the 2 dollars at the door and the taxi driver and I went in. He got the first waiter, I think his name was Haviar, and told him I wanted the 11 dollars price and he said he would take care of me. He showed me to a table and got me a Coke. He told me when I see a girl I want to tell him and he will bring her over. I think the place is OK. There were maybe 15 to 20 girls there. There were a couple 9-10Õs, a few 7-8Õs, a lot of 5-6Õs and the rest were older.

My waiter kept making fun of me with my eyes bugging out and my mouth open as I looked at the girls and thinking to myself I can have that one or that one or that one. There was this one that had to be the best one in the place that walked by a couple of times that I really liked. As I was getting ready to make my move for her a guy came and grabbed her up and took her to the back. Oh well, what next.

Later my waiter came up to me and asked if I want this girl and pointed behind me, I turned around and there she was. She must have come out from the back and stood right behind me and I didnÕt even see her. I said yes and he got her to come and sit down with me. Her name was Crystal, she was 25 and from the Dominican Republic. She was really cute and I think she had the best body in the place. She was a little tiny thing, maybe 5Õ3 and not more that 95 lbs. With small boobs and a firm tight little ass. I bought her a drink and she spoke a little English so we did our best to talk.

When she finished her drink I asked if she was ready to go to the back and she said she was but wanted to know if I was ready so I took her hand and put in on my dick and her eyes got real big with a big smile on her face and said OK letÕs go. There was a little problem at the window about the price but they worked it out and I paid the 11.

In the room she was so much fun. She was dancing around as she took off what little she wore. She gave a real nice CBJ that lasted quite a while. She then got on top and really went to work on me. She asked to switch and got on all fours, wow, what a sight. After she put it in I just stood still and let her do all the work. She was doing OK with taking it all so I grabbed her by the hips and let her have it. After a few minutes of this she started shaking and cried out Oh baby. Then she collapsed on the bed and said uno momento. After she recovered she got back into position for the final assault and I continued right where I left off. After I finished she kissed me hard on the lips and we held each other for a couple of minutes and then the phone rang telling her that the time was up. As we got dressed she kept coming over to give me another kiss and a hug. I gave her a 10 dollar tip and she was really happy with another kiss and hug.

Out of the club I walk to the street and get a taxi and back to the hotel. ItÕs now 1:00 AM and once again I stopped at the La Cazuela for a Coke and a little break. There were about 8 girls in the place this time. There were two very young girls sitting with one guy. I may not be the best at guessing ages but I would say they were 16-17 but no more that 19-20 and they were both HOT. The rest were 5-8Õs I guess and was approached by two but said no thank you I just wanted to rest and have a Coke. I stayed there a little over an hour and now IÕm ready to go again.

Out to the street and ask a taxi driver about La Gloria. He said it was good with many nice girls and you can have for 30 dollars. I said letÕs go. When we got there he said he would wait for me because it was late and I would have a hard time getting a taxi when I was done so I said OK come on in with me.

The club is nothing to write home about but was OK. There were maybe 10 to 15 girls sitting around. I got a Coke at the bar and walked around looking at the selection and then sat down at a table right across from where most of them were sitting. I would say that there were maybe two 7Õs but most were 4 to 6Õs. I had my taxi driver sit with me and got him a Coke. One girl was bold and came over and sat down with us and started talking. She was rubbing me all over and kept grabbing my dick and getting me hard. My driver said that if I want I can choose another but I didnÕt. I should have listened to him as she was not that nice looking or young.

Paid the 30 at the bar and went in the back to her room. She said she was from the Dominican Republic and was at the club on a contract for six months. I think that the girls live in these rooms while they are here because I saw several personal items around the place. Her name was Lina and was 28, not that bad looking and her body was nice. Service was nice though. She gave me a real nice CBJ with licking my balls and playing with my ass. When she got on top she did it reverse with her ass toward me, what a nice view. Next was doggie with her at the edge of the bed and me standing. I started slow to see how it went and then started pounding her but she could not take it all and asked to change positions. She got on her back, still at the edge of the bed, put her knees up and slipped me in. Again I started slow and easy to see how it goes. She is doing OK so I give her more and more and harder and harder. I never came but just keep going and going thanks to the vitamin V. And just when I think she cannot take any more the phone rings and she is saved by the bell. We dress and I tell her because I did not finish I was not going to give her a tip and she bought it. I think I just saved 10 dollars.

ThatÕs it for one day. See you out and about on Friday.


08-15-04, 02:00
Friday 8-13 - Went to Cafeteria Manolos for breakfast again. I like this place it has good food, itÕs cheap, I have a ham omelet with coffee and toast for less that 5 bucks, and itÕs close to the hotel.

Had do regular stuff today so first chance was not tell 5 PM and had to do a quick one because I had do some other stuff. I thought La Gloria opened early so I grabbed a cab and headed there. Well I was wrong because there was not one girl in the place. My driver came in with me and he asked the bartender where the girls were. He made a couple of calls and told us that his best girl would be right out. Took one look at her and thought thatÕs your best. What the hell is the matter with me and why didnÕt I just leave? But I didnÕt and paid the 30 at the bar and headed back to her room.

Her name was Maylina, 25 from Columbia and on a good day she is maybe a 5. She did give a good CBJ and had a stud in her tounge that was kind of a cool feeling. She asked me to get on top and after 30 seconds I smell this gross odor and I lost it. Got up and went in the bathroom, took the condom off and washed myself real good. Came out and got dressed and left.

Now itÕs 9 PM and IÕm off to Club Fenix again. The cabbie knows where it is but does not know anything about it and has never been inside. I invite him in but he has to go home to eat and said he will stop by after to see if I am still there. I get a Coke and sit down then somebody behind me puts her hands over my eyes and whispers in my ear hello baby, guess who, itÕs Crystal from the night before. Damm she is looking good. She asked if I want to go in the back again and I tell her that I want to try a different girl tonight. She looks at me all sad but said she understands. As IÕm checking things out a couple of guys came over to my table and I know him, itÕs one of the taxi driver I was with the night before and he brought another American to the club. We talk awhile and then they leave. No sooner had they left and in walks the taxi driver that brought me her tonight. This is weird IÕm starting to know people here. The driver tells me about another place he knows of but hasnÕt been there in awhile and suggests that we go check it out and I said OK.

ItÕs about 10 PM when we arrive at La Nueva Gruta Azul, pay 2 dollars at the door and go inside. What a dump and not one girl to been seen. He asks where the girls are and is told that there are 10 girls tonight and they are dressing and will be out in a minute. After awhile there's maybe 5 girls in the club and not one better than a 5. The cutest one sets down with us and does not speak a word of English so Jose has to do all the talking for me. Her name was Carol, 21 from the Dominican Republic, a little bit of weight but not to bad with nice tits and one of those bubble asses that stick way out. ItÕs late and IÕm tired and gave in again when I shouldnÕt have. Paid 32 dollars, went to the room and had my way with her. It was just OK but there was one thing that was cool. With that ass on her there was a real slapping sound with every pound. And with the bed on wheels it was hitting the wall every time as well. So it may not have been a good lay but it sure sounded like it was.

At about midnight when I finished typing the above report I thought what a rotten day this was. Decided there was still time for one more chance to save the day. So I hit the street in front of the hotel to check out the girls working there but I found nothing of interest. All of the taxi drivers promised the world but I didnÕt want to go anywhere. Looked at the La Cazuela but wasnÕt going to pay 150 for anything. Last spot around was the Oasis so went in there. Only two ladies in the front so I asked if there were more and was told that there were 5 more in the back but I would have to wait. Well I didnÕt want to wait and one of the ladies kept smiling at me and looked nice with a little tiny body and kind of cute from what I could see in the dark lobby there so I said I would take her. Told them I wanted just the massage for an hour and paid 30 dollars.

When we got in the room with better light I was right she was cute. Her name was Coni from Panama and she said she was 32 but I didnÕt believe her and asked her to come into the light so I could see better but she still looked good even if she was 32. She spoke good English and gave an OK massage with lotion and I was getting turned on. After I turned over she asked if I would like anything else and I told her I sure would. She asked for 60 for everything and I countered with 30 and I still wanted everything and we settled on 40 for everything.

She took everything off and asked me to come over to the sink and washed my dick and balls real good then dried me off and had me get back on the table. She started with rubbing her tits all over my chest and face while giving me little kisses all over. Then she put a red condom on with her mouth and gave a wonderful BJ and got me really hard. She climbed on and slid it in but took her time getting used to it then she really got into it. She asked to switch and I got on top for a while and then I asked her to switch to doggie. We did that for a while but she was having a hard time when I went in all the way so I got back on top. She did great and with her hands on my ass pulling me down was able to take it all this way. I came really hard and she kept a hold of my ass and just kept going. It was real nice for her to just hang on while I finished. When I was done she laid there with me on top and her arms around me and kept moving her hips trying to get the last bit out of me.

I was really happy with her and the service so I asked if I could see her outside of here. She said that she could get in trouble and asked me to talk quiet. I got her cell number and she said I could come to her house and see her. I just might do that.

ThatÕs it for today,


08-15-04, 03:06
Hey RealNiceGuy.
You sure are getting around.
Have you been to GT yet?

08-15-04, 09:07
Hi Man,

Yea IÕm having a good time. And IÕm pacing myself because I still have two nights here then Buenos Aries and Costa Rica.
GT and Miami are on my list and hope to hit them both.


08-15-04, 16:13
Saturday 8-14 - Breakfast at Cafeteria Manolos again at about 11:00 AM. Then spent the all day at the event I came here for and didnÕt get out tell 8:00 PM. A quick shower then to MacD then off to Club Fenix and got there about 10:00 PM.

I still like the choice of women here and I watched the strip show awhile, several were actually good. Saw my girl from the first time, Crystal, I still think she is so hot and I enjoyed just watching her but passed her up. Got hooked up with a great looking girl instead. I think her name was Lina and was from the Dominican Republic but because she didnÕt speak a word of English I donÕt know any more.

I didnÕt get away with the 11 dollars this time and was told that it is now 20 for the locales and I had to pay the 31 dollars.

Lena gave OK service but she just didnÕt do it for me and I kept losing interest, she would get it up again but then gone again. We did this for a while and I found myself thinking about Crystal and how good she was. I called it quits with Lena and got dressed and went back to the bar. One look at Crystal and I knew I had to have her. I called her over and got her a drink and I told her I wanted to go to the back and asked her if she thought she could get me in for the 20 instead of the 31 and she said she could. We went back and she got me in for 11 because I had just paid 31 for the other girl.

She was incredible again. I thanked her and told her I would never see anyone else there, gave her a 10 dollar tip and went back to the hotel.

I fell asleep for a while and woke up at 2 AM and felt up for one more. It was nice out so I walked down a couple of blocks to the Blue River. Was told it was 60 dollars for massage and everything sex. I paid and was asked to choose a girl. There were 10 girls and IÕm sure I was the only customer in the place. I think they were all from Panama and would say most were 5 or 6Õs and 2 were maybe 7Õs with nice bodies and young.

I picked one and she was actually happy. Her name was Rosemary 24 with a thin body, dark skin, a great figure and she had her face fixed up really nice. When we got in the room she said something about if I wanted her to take her clothes off. I said what and told her this wasnÕt going to work and said I was going to leave. She said no no wait here. When she came back she said she was sorry and everything was OK now.

It was an OK massage with lotion and she used it on my balls and dick then jacked me off for a while. She put a condom on and gave a good BJ then got on top and rode me hard. We switched to doggie and I hit her hard. She put her hands on the wall to brace herself so she didnÕt go anywhere and I finished deep inside her. When I recovered we took a quick shower together and got dressed. She asked for a tip and gave her 5 bucks and she was happy.

Another day of fun here,


Rabo Verde
08-15-04, 21:21
Nice Guy, get over to GT and MC, you will be AMAZED at the lienups there, although much more expensive than Fenix.

08-16-04, 15:39
Sunday 8-15 Ð What a long day at the event with competition, awards ceremony, dinner and hanging out with everybody until midnight and I was too tired to go out.

But I did get a break from 3 tell 6 PM and thought that if I hurry I could get in a little fun. Up to the room and check my notes and decided to try Golden Time. Got a taxi there but when I got there they were closed. I failed to make a back up plan so I had to go back to the hotel. I got the phone book and called Golden Time but there was no answer so I guess they were closed. Next I decided to try Club Miami and called them. When they answered I said English and they put somebody on and I got directions.

Club Miami is a nice clean place, there were only 4 girls there but they all looked nice. I sat down, got a Coke and the options were told to me, 100 dollars for a Jacuzzi room and 80 for a regular room that had a shower. He said that was the full price for massage and sex with everything and that the girl would not ask for more money in the room because they split the money. I told him the regular room was fine and he told me to pick a girl. They all wore white thong, bra and stockings, there were 2 from Columbia and 2 from Panama and I would say they were 7 to 8Õs. I was leaning toward the locals and asked them if they speak English, one stood up and said that she did a little so I said OK come on over and had her sit down and got her a drink. We chatted a little it was fun.

Her name was Song, I think she said it was Soy in Spanish, said she was 26 but she didnÕt look a day over 20, really cute, no more than 5 feet tall and she said she was 95 lbs. with long hair, no boobs, a nice ass and thin waist. She gave a nice massage and worked my balls and dick and she even stood on my back just like I got in Thailand. She gave body kisses all over my chest, neck, face and ears and all the while she was rubbing her little boobs all over me too. She really took her time and was doing everything she could to get me turned on and it was working. Next she put the condom on and oh my god what a wonderful BJ that went on forever. She said are you ready Mike, she remembered my name, and I said are you kidding, yes IÕm ready. She got on top and wow she was great. She would grind down on me and made noises and moves like she climaxed. And then, with a big smile on her face, she said some for me and some for you OK, I said yes go for it. She would get me so close then stop and then do some more for her. She had so many moves I never even thought of changing positions. When we were done we just held each other and she kept kissing me all over my face and neck with some little ones on the lips. We then showered together, got dressed and went back to the bar and I told her I had to go. She walked me to the door, gave me another big hug and kiss on the lips. And, as she was holding my hand, she looked me in the eye and said Mike thank you, that was nice and I had fun. Then she threw her arms around my neck and gave me another big hug and kiss on the lips.

She was a really nice girl, a lot of fun and I had a great time. This was about as close to a GFE as you can get.

Yes it was a slow day but it was great.


08-17-04, 16:59
Monday 8-16 Ð This was a free day and I decided I better get out and see the country so I got a taxi for the day to take me around.

It was around 7 PM when I got back to the hotel, had dinner and then headed to Golden Time.

When I walked thru the door I was taken back with the number of ladies, there had to 20 setting in the hall and the room on the left. I was taken to another room with chairs and there were three other men waiting. I was told that it was 94 dollars for massage and sex and I told him that I thought it was 84 dollars and I did not come by taxi. He asked if it was my first time and I told it was and said again it was 94 dollars. I told him that I wanted to see the girls first and he agreed. Then they did the parade and it was a wonderful thing. When it was over he asked me what girl I wanted and I told him again that I understood that the price was 84 and not 94 and he would not move from the 94 so I told no thank you and left. He did not even come after me to offer 84 and I was out of there.

When I got back to the hotel I called Coni, the lady I saw at Oasis, and asked if she could come to my hotel and she said she would be here in 30 minutes. I jumped in the shower and she showed up right on time. I had a great time with her and after the hour, 50 dollars, was up she asked if she could stay and I told her I could not afford any more. She said she had nothing else to do and was having fun and it would be no charge and I said sure. We got dressed and went down for a little snack and talked for a while. Then back up to the room for another round and this was better than the first. She stayed for over three hours and wanted to spend the night. As she was leaving I went to give her the 50 and she would not take it and said she thought of me as a friend now. I did get her to take 10 for the taxi.

I have to say that I may have misled her by telling her that I was thinking of moving down here and she is thinking maybe there could be something more long term and permanent with me.


08-18-04, 05:55

Although some of your posts are filled with good information and facts, I find the others leaving a lot to be desired. I feel that you are racist towards us panamanians and you need to tone it down. If you feel that bad towards us then what are you doing in panama? I would love to meet you when I come down again, I will be there the 22nd of Sept.


PM me.

08-18-04, 14:44
Tuesday 8-17 Ð Final day in Panama City and spent the doing more tourist stuff and got back to the hotel at 6 PM. There was a message from Coni, the lady I saw at Oasis, and she wanted me to come to her place for dinner. She said she got off at 7 PM and would stop by my room when she got off and sure enough there she was. When we got to her condo, it was nice, we talked while she fixed dinner, than after we had great sex for two hours. I told her I couldnÕt stay late because I had an early flight and left about 10:30 PM.

The truth was I was going to meet one of the bellboys at the El Panama Hotel and he was going to take me someplace new. He got off at 11 PM and I was waiting.

The name of it is Club Mayor and it is in what he called Black Market. Not a good part of town and I would not have gotten out of the taxi if I had been alone. He told me donÕt worry, stay with him and donÕt to say anything to anybody and let him do the talking. Oh my god what have I got myself into? I paid the 2 dollars at the door and was patted down before going in.

This place feels just like Club Fenix, kind of dark and dirty. We got a drink and walked around and he was talking to the waiters about something. I would say there were maybe 15 ladies and they were 5 to 6Õs and maybe a couple of 7Õs. Soon the manager joined us, his name was Jamal, and he asked us to come to the back where it was quiet and we could talk. They talked a bit and then the manager said, in English, he would take care of me. Said he would get me any girl in the place and give me the suite for 30 dollars for 30 minutes. I thanked him and said that sounded great and I wanted the little girl that was dancing on stage and he said wait here IÕll go get her. When he returned with her he told her, she spoke a little English, I was a VIP and he wanted her to take good care of me and she said she would.

Upstairs was nice and clean, everything painted and with marble floors. We got room 19 and it was really big and it had a couch and a nice bathroom with a shower.

She did do a good job, and really got into it. However she was having trouble getting me to cum and she did everything she could, several positions and lots of sucking, to get me to finish. When the time was up I told her to stop and that I was happy. As we were leaving the room she asked me not to say anything to Jamal about her not being able to finish me because he might get mad at her. I told her I would not say anything and she thanked me and gave me a big hug.

ThatÕs it for me and Panama City now IÕm off to Buenos Aires for a few days.


08-18-04, 20:26
Sounds like a good time you had "ReallyaNiceGuy". Its funny because on your last story that place sounds really familiar. I ran into an American down there and he was saying how he knew a place in a really bad part of town that you would not go to unless you knew someone. He said they had a lot Dominicans and Colombians. Said the place was on the black market because a lot of the people working there were not suppose to be living in the country. Said it was 10 dollars to do anything with the girls and that they were all clean. This sounded way to good to be true so I didnt take the guy up on his offer. I thought he was going to try to rob me or something. But now that I think back to it I believe the guy because I quized him on a lot of thinks and they all turned out true. I wish I had more time in PC. Next time I go down there Im going to find that American I talked to, I know were he hangs out, and take him up on his offer.

08-18-04, 21:20
well reallyaniceguy, you got everything right except the name of the area, its not black market, but Public Market(mercadeo publico), and yes its not an area where you should be going alone unless you speak spanish fluently and even then its probably safer to bring a friend or a local along

Daddy Lows
08-18-04, 23:12

Props to you. Great reports. BTW, how much weight did you lose? I mean, that was the 2 Fuck a Day diet, right? I need to lose a little weight myself. I hear it's really good cardio. ;)


JD de Moca
08-19-04, 07:09

Excellent reports. You have me thinking about a first trip to Panama in the near future.

Happy Hunting,


Free Sex
08-19-04, 21:51

I have also been to Public Market(mercadeo publico), and I went alone. Thats just the way I am, and considering I look im from Panama I have never had any problems there. Only thing is whenever I go there are never any chicas that I want to session with. Also whenever I would go, upon leaving the police always stop the taxi and check your Cedulas (ID). Which at the time was a huge problem for me because my visa was overdue, lol. BUT I showed my ID from the states and they were fine.


08-21-04, 04:18
Good report RealNiceGuy, but a it too much detail for my taste. By the way, I did not get an impression that you were anti Panamanian.

I myself love Buenos Aires, although I just visited with my wife and never played the fields. I would however be interested in knowing how you like it, and how it compares with Panama.

Enjoy the rest of your tour.

Free Sex
08-24-04, 21:48

I'm thinking about giving amigos.com a try for panama city. Anyone have any feedback on that? I tried it for my trip to Colombia and had good results. Let me know

08-28-04, 04:53
You are just hooked on Fernanda.
I tried her once, and she was excellent, but there have been many others just as good.

Not now adays though, when there is no more selection.

Termas Time
08-28-04, 19:37
Free Sex,

I used amigos.com when I went to PTY and got some feedback. It didn't lead to any action but I was dealing with some time constraints. It is worth a try.

Termas Time

09-04-04, 17:50
regarding colombian women in Panama...would you say they are all "on the job"??
I guess many colombian women there are pro's.

What is the price level for hookers and lodging in Panama-city compared to let's say Colombia or Brasil??

Is there any beach live? What about street hookers. OOO God I love them...like em sleasy,with tatoos and stuff...yummie.
Do you guys think the street scene is too dangerous for a gringo?

Are there outside PC girls availeble for p4p sex?



Want To Play
09-05-04, 19:59
If you are looking for the steet girls in Panama City, stay at Hotel San Remo. It is $20 a night. The rooms are clean, cool and they are very chica friendly. Just around the corner is a place where the young women hang out. They will all go to your room for $20 and hour or $30 for 2 hours. I took an 18 year old up to my room and all went wonderful. There were about 5 to choose from and all were in the 7-10 range. I to like the thrill of the hunt and someone who is just out for a little extra cash and has not become hardened yet. Fly safe and have a great time. Panama is a gift from God for mongers.

09-08-04, 00:28
attention all mongers, im organizing some kinda party around november, so all of you guys that would be in the country are invited except KOS ILS or whatever alias you use. Send PMs for more info

Want To Play
09-11-04, 01:01
I was in Panama City and there are still a lot of Colombianas. I think that KOS has just worn out his welcome and no one wants to talk to him so he doesn't have any idea what is going on. I don't know if they are here on tourist visas or what but they are here. I wonder if KOS has such a negative attitude on all aspects of his life? Most people who are like this were molested while they were children. I sure hope this wasn't the case with him. It would sure explain a lot. I feel lucky though as he always mentions me in his posts. At least those that don't get deleated. I see that he was banned with his last ID of ILS. Maybe we will get lucky and it will happen again.
On a more positive note, there are still plenty of beautiful ladies to be found in panama. If you have a couple of days search out the local talent. The ladies working in the stores only make about a dollar an hour and many, or most, will supplement their income by spending a few hours with you. They are loveing and most offer a girlfriend experience. It is hard to get over the shyness of asking for what you want. They are pretty straight foreward though and will simply tell you yes or no. I have only been turned down about 1 in 10 times. I guess that I am sure before I ask though. I just spend a few minutes talking to them and then pop the question on if they would like to go out that night. If you treat them descent at all you will hit a home run. Stay positive, enjoy the hunt and play safe

09-11-04, 21:55
I actually have to agree with King of Sluts on this one.

1. I took a small vacation to San Andreas, and in the airport I saw 2 beautiful Columbiana working girls. They are easy to spot on account of the sexy outfits they wear. Immediately, once they joined the line, an immigration officer joined them and spent the whole time with them accompanying them out. Mind you, this was a flight out of Panama, not into Panama.

2. I went to GT about a week ago, and there were only 5 girls in. The manager said something about that they all had to be out for the renewal of their contracts, and will be back next week. Will they, I don't know, but I can tell you that I have not seen a new girl in months.

Overall, it would be ashamed to lose the GT experience. It was just too convenient to pop in, fuck and be out all in 1 hour. If the rules change, I am sure we will still have Colombians, but in the bars instead of the shops.

09-11-04, 22:19
Boy Free Sex.
Nice review on San Andreas. I only wish you gave the same detail previews about Panama City.

I also thought the best part about San Andreas was the ride around the island. There is absolutely no reason to go there for sex, as Panama is much better.

I also hated the San Andres airport, and the 3 hours of sweating I had to go through.


09-11-04, 22:32

I found on the internet (the last 1-2 weeks)TONS of colombianas "working" in Panama!!!!!!! Most of them say in their profile they are "students"...OO well....whatever.

But fact is that Panama offcials indeed want to get rid of the Col. Ho's.
Sooner or later there will be a big crack down on them.
I even expect Panama government to make visa rules for them!
It's bound to happen guys.....


PS: SW action in San Andres sucks.....bring in your own girl!!;-)

Free Sex
09-12-04, 00:37

Thanks for the compliment. I would post more on panama city, BUT I hardly EVER hobby here (hence my member name). There is really no need. I just hit up the non pro discos, meet chicas, then go from there. Although, when I do hobby or hit a new non pro disco I try to post the info for the board.

As many of you should know by now, I reside in panama city. If any of you need info or wanna hang out, Pm me.


09-13-04, 19:42
No worry.
I personally think, it will all go to normal in a month or two.

1. How do you find girls on the Internet? Any particular sites?
2. Anyone knows girls who work out of thier apartments?

09-13-04, 21:12
Hi Man,

try amigos.com

there are a lot of hooks/party-girls outthere.....

have fun!!!


09-13-04, 21:28
Thanks Johan. What is "hooks/party-girls outthere"

I am so tired of the clubs. Much prefer to find a steady supply of girls who work out of thier apartments.

Any help is appreciated.

09-13-04, 23:30
Woooo that's another ball game Man!!

do you speak spanish...I hope so.
Because if not...it can get pretty hard communcating with the chicas.

If you buy a LOCAL newspaper there should be LOADS of ads from "home-workers"...or private casas de putas.
"hooks"= hookers. Party-girls are mostly younger girls that like very much to "party"....it's up to you if you get down in their pants;-)

I did that In Brasil,DR and Peru...and I liked it a lot.

Better then expensive clubs. A TIP: buy a local cell phone...it pays off big time;-)

Streetwalkers are a option too....but youhave to like that.



09-13-04, 23:37

in the paper look for "personales"...or "magajistas"....or something like that.
You can NOT go wrong.

But like I said before....YOU must speak spanish.
The girls who usualy speak good englsih are more expensive....and have lots more interaction with gringos. So...they cost more $$$$.(usualy)

You also could ask a taxista about clubs,home-workers or street walkers.
If you are out on streetwalkers and it is dark....BE CAREFULL.
Bring your own rubbers....jee I hope I don't sound like your mom!

try to avoid Colon.....I hear it's pretty bad city with lots of crime and shit like that. No place for non-spanish speaking gringos;-)


09-14-04, 03:20
well people, a lot of rumors have run around lately about porn movies made here in Panama, guess what, they are all true, this afternoon a friend of mine came with 2 dvds, and to some surprise, i saw a girl i know in the cover!!! not a pro as far as i know but ive known some info of her about being not so saintly, and then i see her in the cover, WOW!!!

wont post the address cause i know it will get deleted, pm if anyone interested in getting them

Free Sex
09-14-04, 08:55

Gaunt funny you should mention panama porn. Currently I am in the states visiting some people. RIGHT before I left Panama I went to visit a female fuck friend of mine, whom just so happens to love porn.Well she says she has a new porno. We turn it on and to my delight it was vintage panama porn! Honestly, the porn itself wasnt anything special, BUT it was fun seeing it along with some local spots I could recognize.


Girls on the net. Your best bet is amigos.com and cybercupido.com
I have had more success on amigos.com. As far as females working out of apt., cant really help you there. As Johan suggested the Taxista thing can work, but some spanish is neccesary. There are a few Colombianas that work out of there apt. that live near or around my area, BUT I am not sure because I have never utilized their services. I just see them everyday around my area in EXTREMELY tight clothes, titties damn near out, and ALWAYS with new men. So, I take it they are "freelancers".


I have recieved a few PM's about non pros discos here in the city. A website you all may want to check out is
www.cocoas.net they highlight the different nights and different clubs here in the city. They also have pictures of chicas from the different clubs on the site. BUT, the site is in spanish. Gauntman may want to chime in on the non pro scene also since I know he is very familiar with that scene, along with being a stand up guy.


Blitz Dog
09-15-04, 03:54
Free Sex

Hey brother whats up man! To all the mongors I chilled with free sex when I hit PTY last april, he is a stand up guy! I highly recommend hanging with him, he does have the inside track to all the mogoring sites

Go hit em buddy!


Free Sex
09-15-04, 16:29
Blitz and friends,

Thanks for the compliment!! You yourself are a stand up guy also, wish you could have made it out here!! Well, in any case Ill see you when you do make it out again.


I have a quick question. As you all may know by now I live out here in Panama City. I have a quick question that I wanted everyones input on. I am thinking about renting out cell phones to you guys that come out to panama city to hang out. Considering a cell phone is pretty much a must have if you plan on staying in touch with chicas, being accessed on the road or in general, etc. Nothing HUGE, just a small, friendly outifit to assist everyone in having rental access to a cell phone while in Panama City, as opposed to buying a phone that you may never use again. I am still toying with the idea, prices, etc. So my question is would you guys that are coming to or have visited panama utilize such a service? Post of PM with me ideas, comments, etc.

Thanks in advance!


09-16-04, 01:55
hey people! check the gallery!! added some photos from last nigth party at a local club! Free Sex you missed it!

09-16-04, 06:31

Are there certain nights of the week, or certain "theme" nights that this club rocks like that? Or is it a nightly occurence.

Thanks. Great shots.


09-16-04, 10:38

as Freesex stated...a cell is 100% necessary!
You can not do without it unless you only want to stay a veryyy short time.
I bought cell phones in Brasil and Colombia both for under 90 US $..!!
Thing is DON'T expect them to work in your home country,because they were pre-paid cells. So they are with a simlock...and in the case of the col. phone...it is working with another plug for the adapter and with 110 Volts:-(
Be prepeared to make a special ID (with your complete info AND Picture!!) if you want to get a cell in Colombia.
Also you can obtain second hand cells......from "certain"people on the street. But I prefer a new cell......because with the second hand cells....sooner or later you'll get F*cked!!!;-)
And just for 30-40 bucks more (for a new one) I do NOT want to have any hussles.....

Heeee who gives a sh*T......as long as we can have our fun:-)

In DR and PERU I phoned cheap with a socalled "tarjeta".....cheaper then phoning form your hotelroom!!!!!!!!!!!!

btw....GREAT pics from that disko chica:-)


09-16-04, 16:56
well this happened on tuesday, when there are only girls in the club untill 11pm, guys enter @ 11pm and its all you can drink for $10.

Normally you wont see this kind of action but lately its happening frecuently

Free Sex
09-16-04, 18:19

Wow, what a party on Tuesday, lol. To bad I missed it. Well I guess I will have to check the next one! Tonite (wednesday) myself and Master Monger (a real stand up guy) went to Liquid and a shit load of other spots and had a ball!! Sign me up for your party in November Gaunt!

Johan and Company,

Yeah, cell phones here are a must have if you plan on keeping in touch with anyone, chicas, friends, etc. Im putting things together now with the cell phone rentals, so I will keep everyone posted on the status. As usual PM me for info, comments, etc.


Master Monger
09-16-04, 18:51
Dear Fellow Mongers,

I have been in Panama 4 Days now, so far, here are the goods I got.


Carribe - ok- $22 including tax

El Parador - nice - $35 including tax and breakfast and very chica friendly with no cedulas needed



Avenida Cuba or Peru or around El Parador, Oasis, El Panama, and the Soloy for streetwalkers. I grabbed one so far and I will post a pic soon. $30 for 3 hours.


Oasis - is nice and it is easy to always get the $50 rate for everything. I had nice little spinner outta there and got her number and she spent the next two days with me while I waited for ¨ FREE SEX¨ to get back to Panama I had Free Sex with her.

Golden Times - I saw two 10´s in this place and had the pleasure of the services of one of them which her number happened to be number 10. Its $84 for everything if you get dropped off at mirage center which is the plaza where Golden Times is. Just tell the Taxi driver you are going to the chinese restaurant and you will avoid the $10 being added onto your price at GT.


Miami Club - Drink spending minimum is not enforced, there are decent looking girls there, but, the trick is, get there around 5am and tell the girl to meet you after work for $50 for two shots and two hours.


La Fenix - This is the best Sex Bar but it is bad because they charge gringos $31 for 15 minutos or $11 for Panamanians. We need to protest this shit by going there and asking how much the girls are before the $2 cover and if they say $30....laugh out loud and leave to make them feel stupid.

La Gruta Azul - I didn´t see aything special when I went there with FREE SEX.

La Gloria - Had a great time with a tight little Colombiana for $10.

La Mayor - actually they were closed so we went to the next door and both me and FREE SEX had this one hottie for $10 each.

Hope this helps,


Also I would just like to say that Free Sex is by far the coolest guy I have met in person off the WSG and you would be in good company to have him as a friend in Panama or anywhere for that matter.

09-16-04, 19:37
Thank you Free sex, and Johan007.

I actually do not mind paying $100 for great sex. I have tried just about anything here, and each time I use the cheap places ($11.00) I come out feeling cheap. Boy, the things we do when we are horny.

I just miss the full body massage type experiences in the US. Great looking girls, and a really sensual experience. The best part for me was going into a new apartment each time, and experiencing the thrill. It was only a full body massage, but I swear, it was often better than getting laid.

Looking at the girls in these papers, most look like local empleyada type. I prefer an upgrade. Yes, I do get along with my Spanish.

Lets do a pary together, or at least build a list of must see girls.

Free sex: Why just rent phones, you can expand on the idea and really make money. Send me a PM

Here I Come
09-17-04, 18:50
Hi all,

I will be in PC for the first time in late October and have a few questions.

How hard is it for a 40ish gringo to hookup with non-pros in PC (e.g. sales clerks, waitresses)? I speak a little basic Spanish and am looking for someone to hang out with for a few days, movies, sex, restauarant, sex, drinks, sex ... you get the picture.

How much do cell phones cost? I am only going to be there a 9 days.

Do many of the pros down there do girl/girl?

Any action around David or Boquete?


Bunny Boy
09-17-04, 21:02
Hello Everyone,

I'm hoping to visit Panama City in October, and would look forward to a few WSG friendships to make the trip more entertaining. This would be my first time in Central America.

Hoping I can get some questions answered beforehand. Please PM me if you have a few moments to start up a conversation.

Bunny Boy,


09-18-04, 01:59
I have been a long time monger in the USA, Australia, and Asia (5+ years), and Panama was simply one of the best mongering spots I've visited as far as quality and value. Any cab driver knows where to go (just say the Club names). And a ride to just about any of these places is between $2-$5, but they usually get a kick back from the club.

I had 2 experiences just last month (based on the reports on this board):

Miami Club: This place is near the El Dorado shopping center in a safe part of town. I arrived in the early evening (7pm), and I was the only guy in the club. It seemed like a typical American style bar as far as decor. The cab driver who dropped me off got a tip from the bartender (maybe $10? ). A cute Columbia chic seemed to be the friendliest and approached me as I sat down. I asked her what the deal was here, and she had the bartender to explain it to me. It was $90/hour for the girl and the room (probably inflated because of the cab drivers' tip). He said I could choose any girl (all dressed in white G-strings and lingerie). I choose the friendly Colombia girl with blonde streaks in her hair…. although there were some better looking girls available. She was about an 8, but there were some 10s there, although they seemed pretty disinterested.

After paying the bartender, she took me to the rooms, which where fairly small, but not too cramped. She pinched my butt on the way over a few times frisky. She was a short (5’2), C cupped, fair skinned Columbia with a great J’Lo style ass.

When we got to the room, we both undressed, and she gave me a decent back massage with hand cream, and tease my balls occasionally. When I turned over, she massaged my legs and chest, before focusing on my balls and dick. When she had me decently hard, she grabbed a condom out f her purse and gave me and excellent CBJ. Probably one of the best I’ve ever had, pausing every minute or so to ask “Te gusta? ” or “Que Rico”. After working me for what seemed like 5 minutes with her oral skills, she lubed herself and hopped on top for some froggie style and proceeded to pound herself down on my cock while and thrusted upwards. She moaned and panted as well as occasionally saying “Te gusta? ” or “Que Rico. ” When I came, she said she came with me, right. Anyway, we kissed and cuddled for a little while afterwards, she gave me another massage and asked if I wanted to play again, but after a long days work, I just opted for the shower (which she did everything, including lather me up and clean my dick).

After we got dressed, she walked me back to the bar and asked if I would give her a tip. I gave her $20, and she gave me a big hug and kiss. So all up $110 for some good sex and a decent time with a pretty girl. Considering a similar experience in San Francisco would cost $300-400…and be rushed in the back of a strip club.

A few days later, I went to the Aquarius Club on the first floor of a 2 story building behind a small shopping center off Via Argentina. This was a small budget operation. The guy in the front room charged me $10 to go inside and select a girl. There were 2 available (dark skin tall thin girl or busty blonde)…. The price was $40 per pop. The place was no frills, but certainly not run down either.

The girl I choose was a fair skinned Columbia blonde chic with real Double-D cups…. definitely caught my attention…. not a slim girl, but attractive none the less. After a massage, she lotioned up her boobs and titty fucked me for a long time… whilst I played with her nipples and ample breasts. After a lot of titty fucking, she put a condom on me and sucked me off. Very talented. After I came we talked for a bit, and I decided to sample her other assets…. so after a short rest, she got on all fours and let me fuck her from behind. I must have pounded her for 10 minutes before I came. Nice girl… no acting like the other chic, and all in all, I had a good time…. coming twice for $90 net.

Unfortunately, my stay in Panama was brief, but in the coming year I should have the opportunity to go down there for a week or two…perhaps to buy some property. I’m interested in getting some other recommendations. I’m usually a “day” guy, and I love the professional Rub and Tug places they have in places like Australia and Germany. I occasionally go for full service, but mostly RnT and BJs are my style. Panama offers full service for the price of a massage or BJ in other parts of the world.

Free Sex
09-18-04, 02:27
Hey everybody,

Free here just checking in on the board. I will post a small report on the session I had in the Mercado tommorow. But in the meantime just a heads up for all you guys heading down to Panama City. I have a few very cute colombiana chicas working with me doing some "freelance" pay for play. Im not sure if I will post their pics or not, well see. Anyhow, PM me for details about the chicas.


09-18-04, 12:01

this article i read today (18 sept)...about deporting illegale immigrants in Panama.


and here is the text:

Migración captura y deporta a 37 inmigrantes ilegales


Colombia encabeza la lista de ilegales que ingresan a Panamá.
Un total de 37 inmigrantes ilegales fueron puestos ayer a las órdenes de la Dirección de Migración y Naturalización, luego de ser detenidos en las últimas 24 horas por funcionarios de la Policía Nacional, en una serie de operativos de "profilaxis" (limpieza) social efectuados en la jurisdicción capital.

Portavoces de la institución informaron que en el grupo se encuentran ciudadanos colombianos, dominicanos, peruanos, nicaragüenses y hondureños.

Casi todos fueron sorprendidos cuando deambulaban por diferentes arterias comerciales del distrito de Panamá.

Las fuentes informaron que muchos de estos ciudadanos extranjeros ya fueron deportados hacia sus países, y que los demás permanecen detenidos en las celdas de Migración en espera de ser enviados a sus respectivas naciones.

Colombia, Perú y República Dominicana ocupan los primeros lugares en la lista de inmigrantes que ingresan al país ilegalmente.

Sólo en enero de este año fueron deportados 222 ciudadanos colombianos, de los cuales 61 estaban ilegales en el país, 27 eran turistas no bona fide, (no de buena fe) nueve salieron por motivos de seguridad y orden público y uno por salubridad pública. El resto fue deportado por diferentes motivos.

Mientras, las autoridades de Migración deportaron en febrero a otros 85 ciudadanos colombianos, 27 por ser turistas no bona fide y 12 por seguridad y orden público.

Ese mismo mes se reportaron 23 repatriaciones de ciudadanos peruanos y dominicanos.

Datos de Migración indican que el Estado invirtió en 2002 la cifra de 301 mil 213 dólares en los procesos de deportación, mientras que en 2003 la suma alcanzó los 237 mil 77 dólares.

Muchos de los extranjeros usan a Panamá como "puente" para seguir su ruta por los países centroamericanos, con el fin de alcanzar el llamado "sueño americano" y quedarse a trabajar en Estados Unidos.

Seems to me that indeed Panama is stepping up it's actions to deport more and more illegal people.


Master Monger
09-19-04, 16:18
Dear Fellow Mangers,

I have left Panama and I am back in San Jose, leaving here Tuesday for Colombia, Cali for a month then Medellin for a month.

I posted all the good info on Panama already and I would just like to reiterate what a great guy FREE SEX is.

Now for the Truth:

If You don't mind spending $90 for a girl at either Maimi Club or Golden Times to have sex in the little rooms they offer there, then great, or even if you don't mind the Salida fee of $150+ to take the girls back to your hotel for an hour, great.

BUT, If you aren't VERY good looking and have alotta game then you will not get a girlfriend unless you spend alot of money. In which case just stick with the putas.

I found the girls in Panama to be a little stuck-up and stand-offish reluctant to smile, similar in Costa Rica, but not at all the case in Managua, I hated it actually, but, I do believe there is a niche to Panama. I think if you moved there and had a car and a house you could start working some game. It is a very beautiful city and cheaper than San Jose with better EVERYTHING.

But Frankly in conclusion the best looking girls in Panama are Colombianas, so why pay more for the imports when you can just go directly to the source, and more often, get it free. In other words go to Colombia...well hold that thought until I am done with my report for there!

One last thing, you have to be one hell of a Monger to find good girls for sex in Panama or you could have Free Sex help you.

Hope this helps,

Master Monger

Free Sex
09-19-04, 22:26

Thanks for the compliment, the feeling was mutual. Your reports are right on point about the situation out here in Panama City.


I myself also am thinking about buying some property out here in Panama City. The city istself is booming with new growth and apt. on almost every corner throughout the city. Unfortuneatly I do not have much information on this topic YET. And I am the type that would rather not comment if I dont know anything about it. You might want to talk to GauntMan about this one.

Here I Come,

Everything is relative here in Panama City. I would say you can hook up with a non pro in the city, BUT how do you look? Is your spanish up to par? Are you willing to take your chica out to dinner, treat her like a "lady". I say all this because the non pro scene here in Panama is NOT easy. Especially if you dont speak spanish, dont look half way decent or have any game. Sure you meet a semi pro and pay 10-20 bucks for an hour, but I would consider that a pro. SO, if you are looking for a through and through NON PRO. It could take some work and time. Unfortuneatly a lot of guys think since they are gringos, the SECOND they step off the plane here in Panama City you will be mobbed with chicas. That is NOT the case. SO, just prepare yourself.

Since you are going to be here for only 9 days you may want to just rent a phone, PM me for details.

I am not sure about the girl on girl thing nor have I ever been to David or Boquete.


09-20-04, 22:52
I have moved here about 3 years ago, and decided to stay for good. I have also visited many places in South and Central America, and Panama is certainly unique. To start with, Panama is on the ocean, and is beginning to look like Hong Kong. There are over 100 high rise buildings 30-50 floors which make the city look amazing. There are currently about 50 new high rise being constructed.

In addition, Panama is the 5th largest banking center in the world, and recently has seen am amazing growth. I suspect that within the next 10 years, Panama will become a major retirement community for the US. The reason why is because Panama offers all the amenities that Americans want.

The average Panamanian chicas (Emplyeyada) here don’t look too hot, but wait till you go out at night. There are plenty of beautiful Panamanians. Are they easy? Probably the same as everywhere. If you look good, decent, and most importantly have money, you will have far more than you could handle. In the Latin culture, money is everything, and a 50 years old man can easily marry a 25 year old girl.

However, if you are the typical American, beer belly, loud, and without social grace..…Coming down to get laid by pros is one thing, but thinking that girls will see you as Don Juan is wishful thinking.

09-20-04, 23:55

Rabo Verde
09-21-04, 01:43
Did you see the huge middle class housing subdivisions they are building out at Ponte Este? Sheesh, looks like Southern California!

Free Sex
09-21-04, 03:12

Money, money, money. Thats seems to be the bottom line WHEREVER you go. Thank god I realize that. That is one of the main reasons why I came to Panama City, I THOUGHT the power of the dollar would not be as strong here as it is in the states. Well, it isnt, BUT its still a huge factor out here in Panama City. In order to get the "best of the best" out here you have be holding or least have to make it look like you are holding big money. Otherwise the chicas wont even give you a second look. Yeah, I have had my share, so by no means am I complaining BUT in order to get the 10s (non pros) it takes time and money.

I need to go BACK to Colombia or to Asia from what Master Monger tells me, lol


Termas Time
09-21-04, 03:15
I'll agree. All of the highrises make the city very pretty. Also, from what I heard, Panama is already has one of largest populations of ex-patriot retirees.

I went to Panama City in June and while I do like the city if they are really deporting all of the Colombia hottties than I don't think I'll be visiting anymore.

Termas Time

09-21-04, 07:29

I have a quick question. I will be in Panama in November, may want to take a run to Cartagena. Does anyone know which airline has cheap tickets there? Can they be bought in advance or is it ok to wait and buy there? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


09-21-04, 11:10

I don't know about you guys...but I sure do NOT like very big cities. Well at least NOT to live in. High rising buildings?? Yeah..whatever. Also the huge grow rate of banking isn't promising. It only tells me that prices for houses will go skyhige within now and 10 years.

For mongering Panama is mabye not your prime A destination;certainly not comparing with Brasil,Colombia,Peru or DR. But IF you speak spanish and look decent and KNOW the talks you certainly can do a lot of chicas there.

I think if you look very decent and have MONEY you can even attract many young girls here in Europe!!!! LOL

But for retirement (OOOO jeee only have to go another 27 years or so...lol)n it looks very nice.

And when the Russian hookers start to invade Panama...it is time to MOVE on....;-)

OOO Man....


Member #1507
09-23-04, 00:16

The airline that offers the direct service is Copa Airlines. I lived in Panama for 5 years (until a year ago), and used Copa to fly to Cartagena. Rates were reasonable, middle of the day flight, new aircraft, and good routing (direct!). The return makes a quick stop in Barranquilla, but you don't even get off during the 20 minute stop.

Good luck!

Member #1507
09-23-04, 00:19

The area you are referring to, Punta del Este, is in fact upper class housing. The middle class can't even think of moving out there. As with the rest of Central America, the classes continue to separate!!

As an expat, living out there is quite reasonable (when the company pays!!). Many of our friends were living out there, and very, very few were Panamanian. Either expats or Panamanians with money.

Hope this helps!

Free Sex
09-28-04, 01:08
Quick Question,

After being in Panama City for a decent amount of time I still cannot find that "perfect" resturant!??! I am sure most to all of us can agree that the food here is just "good" at BEST. Does anyone know of any resturants that have OUTSTANDING (not just OK) food, for a decent price? When I say decent price I mean an entire meal for about 8-10 bucks per person. Thanks in advance.


Master Monger
09-28-04, 19:12
Dear Fellow Mongers,

Panama is a beautiful city and if you need a city where you can make money or have a good job, I would say it might be your place. Although never go to Panama on the bus, the shit they put you through coming and going is a nightmare.

Free, your ass needs to go to China if want some awesome food, at about $1.50 a person. Let me know when you want to go and I will be your personal tour guide or Indonesia. Hope you are doing ok!

Happy Mongering,

Master Monger

Free Sex
09-28-04, 21:23

The Asia things sounds like a plan. After all the great things everyone has told me about it, now it is a must see destination. BUT until I make it out that way I still need someone to help me find a place out here in Panama City with some great food that also is not that expensive. Also another question, I am going to be moving out of my Apt. soon as want to know if anyone knows any good real estate agents in the Panama City area. I deal with a good guy now, BUT myself and my roomate are looking for that "perfect" apt. building, any insight would be helpful. Thanks in advance!


09-28-04, 21:26
Free sex.
I also had serious difficulties finding decent restaurants. Overall, I have found that 90% of the restaurants are not worth a 2nd visit. I have been to many well known restaurants, and most are simply below par. Even a well know restaurant like 1985 will not get a second look in the US.

Here are your best 3 low range restaurants in Panama.

Costat Azul.
Jimmy Parillia
Delicias Del Publo.

The above are all cheap and have great food.

Unborn Son
09-28-04, 22:58
Personally, for food I thought the best place for a value was one of 2 places:

1) Athens - it is a small chain restaurant that has good greek/Italian food. Their pizza's are awesome with very fresh toppings and their Gyro's are pretty dang good also.

2) Tenajas (spelling???) - it is good food that wasn't too expensive.


1) Siete Marres - Very good seafood but you pay for it.


I will be in Panama this coming weekend, anything good going on?

09-29-04, 00:28
well you can also try going to bocas del toro, never been there myself but from what i heard from friends is awesome. If you want lobster, they get it right out of the water after you choose which one

Free Sex
09-29-04, 04:03
"Overall, I have found that 90% of the restaurants are not worth a 2nd visit."-Man

Wow, that is EXACTLY how I feel about the situation on the food here. And just abuot EVERY restaurant gives me that same feeling. Well anyhow, thanks for the input guys. I think im off to Decameron with my chica this weekend (thats if she doesnt bullshit like she usually does). Umm, not much chica news on this end. I have not hobbied since I hung out with Master Monger a few weeks back. Oh, a note on the Colombiana chicas I spoke on. They dont seem to be serious about working with me, nor and I serious about chasing after chicas that dont have "vision", short or long term. So anyone interested can forget about it now, if anything else comes through Ill let everyone know.


09-29-04, 19:09
Add Pizza Napoli to the list. The best pizza in Panama, and very cheap.

Beware, only try the pizza, and the bread. The pasta dishes are not good.

The best, but expensive resurant in Panama Cit is "Angel"

09-30-04, 01:48
Best Location/Hotel to stay? Best action spots? in Panama City.

Hi all,

I will be in Panama City between Oct.30 and Nov.5/2004
There seems to be an acute shortage of info on Panama City.
(as opposed to say; Costa Rica)

I have no idea as yet as to which hotel to stay at, so as to be close to the "action" district, if there is one,
or exactly where the best places to go are.
-massage Parlors? / Bars? / Clubs? / Escorts? / all-day companions?

Any info/advice towards getting a good mongering experience in Panama City?

Any Info/help in this regard would be very much appreciated.
Specific web-sites for more detailed info would also be helpful.

Also: if anyone will be there during that time, it may be worthwhile to
team up.

I am actually leaving the US on Oct. 5th..so time is of the eessence..

10-01-04, 16:02
Hi Astro,

hope this helps:


you don't have to read the whole thing. The first chapter is about the hotel.

Sounds good to me:-)

Happy hunting


10-01-04, 16:09

sorry i forgot to mention the address of Hotel Ideal:

Name: Hotel Ideal
Address: Calle 17 Oeste
Phone Number: 262-2400
Fax: 262-0137

In Panama there are NO phone city codes;-) The country number is 507. If you phone be sure to speak spanish;-)

Still couldn't find a direct website of this Hotel...probably they don't have one.

I am thinking of staying the night here when I arrive there in february next year. Sounds tempting to me. Good service,cheap and safe and chica friendly. What does a man want more?


10-01-04, 19:43
Gee Avenida Central ?

I am just wondering, how cheap of a hotel, does the average monger look for?

Going to Avenida Central is extreme.

Rabo Verde
10-01-04, 19:52
Need to knowyour price range b4 we can make realistic recommendations!

10-01-04, 20:59
See some of my old posts (and Simple Mans). The last time I was in Panama, Sept. 04, I went to Hotel Parador by Via Espana, 3 or 4 blocks from the Holiday Inn/Hotel Panama, it cost $35 a night. On the same street you will find Torres De Alba, I think they charge $75 per night but, I'm not sure (check their website). Also, on that same street is Sevilla Suites, I think the last time I was there I paid $65 (its been a while). Also, on the oposite street Calle Del Cangrejo is a place called Coral Suites, I think they charge $55 per night. I think the Holiday Inn charges $75 per night. I like that area because, its safe and theres lots to do within walking distance.
As for places to see heres a few: Golden Times, Miami Bar, Le Palace, Elite II).
I hope this helps. But I must warn you, "I'm no Panama Expert".

10-02-04, 00:39
the rooms are good...clean..safe..and GF friendly. (no charge).
The room cost 16 bucks a night.

And yes I am extreme...I do not like paying 95 bucks for a shitty hotel.....just because it has 3 stars painted up on the front door!!!!

BTW I am Dutch...I never pay more then 20-25 US Dollar per night. I think hotel rooms should be clean,safe and GF friendly. I do NOT need jacuzzi,90 channel cable TV or stuff like that.
When I hear that some of you guys are paying mega $$$$ just for a room It gives me the creeps. Save the $$$$ for the chicas:-)

How's that?


Want To Play
10-02-04, 16:00
Hotel San Remo $20 per night and it is clean, air conditioned, only a couple of years old and chica friendly

Bamboo Tree
10-02-04, 16:26
I can recommend Hotel Covadonga near the city center. 25$ for a double room with ac. From the swimming pool on the roof terrace (!) you really have a nice view over the city.


Never had problems to find non-pro accompaniment. Just go to a supermarket. Look at the girls with a smile on your face and the rest goes automatically. During one week I had three hits.


Rabo Verde
10-02-04, 18:33
Is the visa ban still on? Any new faces at Golden Times and Miami Club?

10-03-04, 23:30
Hi all,

Thanks for all the good info. Leaving on the 5th,and will find out how things are there.

Regarding Avenida Central: What IS the deal there? Man, why you say that "Going to Avenida Central is extreme"?

There was a mention of this Ave. and The Hotel Ideal in the Escapeartist report that Johan007 provided.

BTW, I read quite a few of the older panama reports mentioned here. The rates mentioned are all over the place from $11/15 min. to $330 for 2hrs.

Does anyone have any specific info. on any Place with rates around a $100 or less for "take-to-Hotel" ?

Also...do you have to be able to speak Spanish, if you say you are from Panama to get a better rate? ( I speak English only).

10-04-04, 05:04
hey astro, drop me a pm a or an email a few days before your arrival so we can hang out. Maybe free sex is in the country and he might join up.
Johan you sound like you know panama well, been here alot before?

Also, got my hands on the famous panamanian porn movies, ill post a couple of pics from some of the girls on the photo section check them out!!

BBW Admirer
10-04-04, 16:59
Went to Miami Club last night at about 7pm after the football games. It was dead. Only 5 girls working. Hooked up, $90, for ok time. Guard at the door said it gets busier later and there where more girls coming as we left.

Now that I moved here, I've talked to lots of locals and they suggest Mejor. Our cab driver didn't know where it was so he took us to Miami Club. Does anyone have directions that I could tell a taxi. We would like to try it out.

10-05-04, 00:05
avenida central is WAY TO EXTREME astro. Hotel ideal is right in the middle of avenida central and within very short walking distance to acropol
from what ive heard, acropol girls can be taken out for as low as $50 depending on your bargaining skills, and spanish i would say is a must!!

Free Sex
10-05-04, 01:43
Hey everyone,

I am actually out the country right now (Panama that is). So, I have had a terrible delay in answering PMs and posting. I am in Domican Republic as I type this. A report should follow there soon.


10-05-04, 03:30
Hey Chuponalgas

I went to GT about 2 weeks ago, and they do have lots of girls. However, things are not the same.

1. The girls are not as pretty as before.
2. They are certainly, the more experienced kind, and have a hard look to them.

As I am getting old, just banging anything that moves is no longer an attraction to me. I want great sex, and great experiences, and most of all, I want to feel good after I am all done. Unfortunately, lately as I walk out the door, I say to myself, last time. Amazingly enough, I find myself back there a few weeks later.

Well, its time to travel and change the scene. I have also heard that the government is serious about cleaning Panama our of the Colombians. TOO BAD.

10-05-04, 03:35
I realize that we all have a budget to deal with, and my comments should not be misinterpreted the wrong way.

If you are on a low budget, then by all mean search for hotels in the $20-$30 range. However, I personally prefer to be in a nice place, so my whole experience is better. I so happened to have money, so I am not concerned with saving a few dollars. However, if you can afford it, then spend it. You will fell better, the girls who visit you will fell better, and in the end, you will go home happy.

So, if I was on a low budget, I would search for the med range hotels, rather than go to Avenida Central.

Chapin Polvo
10-05-04, 10:36
Wow!!! Tasty Gauntman

10-05-04, 16:28

it s NOT only about the money.....sure i'd like to save everyday 40-50 bucks(I would be lying if I would deny that)...so I can spend that on chicas:-)
IMHO it's just a waiste of money....to spend big time $$$$ on hotelsroomsinwhich you probably only fuck,take a quick shower....or do something else very triviant. Most of the time I would be out on the streets...bars....malls looking for some action.
Hotelrooms are dull...no matter what they cost.

HOWEVER......as a true sleasy monger certain hotels,bars and restaurants do attract me:-)

For me personaly I feel fine in a middle lower (jee is this the correct term?) rate hotel between 15-25 US Dollar a day.

Up untill now never had security problems or that hotel staff stole from me. Nore did I ever encontered severe hygienge problems like cockcraoches...or other small animals that are not welcome in my hotelroom.

In Sobral (Brasil) I spend 2 nights in a very shitty hotel...11 bucks per night...and for me it was GREAT!!!
No questions ask......When I asked the hotelguy if I could bring "amigas"in he just smiled and said "NAO PROBLEMA SENOR".....:-)My kindda guy!!!!
In Lima also there was avery fine fuck hotel called "Polonia",.......10 bucks per night....:-)
Ask Nibu about it....he can confirm this...LOL!

Again in Brasil I fucked a street ho in a lovemotel in Fortaleza. The room would barely be able to deserve the name "room"...LOL But the hooker was GREAT...HORNEY......and she was straight (no clockwatchers or cock teaser)!!!!!This experience is a MUST HAVE in a LIFETIME...what a kick!!!!!! Wouldn't have missed it for the world;-)God I still could punch myself for NOT having my camera on me that day....

Next time...allthough I 'd just take a plastic bag with slippers,a towel,a fresh underwear and a bar of soap.....LOL

That is my kick....:-)

If I want a 5 star jacuzzi room (which costs 200 EUROS/night !!!) with a hooker that cost 150 € an hour...I just don't have to travel 10.000 km...I can do that just here in my own country.
But that would be just insane to do.(for me)



10-07-04, 01:01
hey BBW, they might have said La Mayor, is in the Public Market Area and i would suggest that if youre planning to go, go with some that knows the place around and speaks spanish

Want To Play
10-10-04, 17:22
Well, another glorious day in paradise. I hope that everyone has the same type of experiences in Panama that I have. A little patience gives great rewards. I have been in the city for a couple of days and hit some of the local hot spots. I went with a cute little colombiana in Fenix and she was a treat. Tiny, just as I like them. I had been stood up that night by a woman that I had met at Bennigans. She was such a beautiful woman and only 22 that I thought maybe she was out of my league. We had written back and forth a few times before my trip and she assured me that she would be there. She did however phone the hotel and say that she couldn´t show. She seemed very shy and said that she could make it the next day. After much waiting and another call to say she would be late, God´s masterpiece appeared. She was even more beautiful than I remembered. Things progressed slowly after that but that´s ok too. It is nice to spend time with a fresh woman who has not been used up. She is just a girl trying to get through school and working a real job. I tried to buy her a few cloths and she said that she was to embarrased to take them. I insisted but she wouldn´t buy much. How refreshing. She told a lie to get off work that night so we could spend more time together. She said that she couldn´t spend the whole night because she was embarassed about what her room mate would think. I asked her how much money she lost by not working and tried to give her more than that but she wouldn´t take it. Hell, I felt guilty too because I make more in 1 hour than she makes in a month. My point of this story is that if you are patient and willing to spend a little time that there are some real jewels to be found. If you are willing to invest a little time and treat the woman like a woman and not a commodity you can get more than you expected. If it sounds like I lost my heart to this one, you might be right. Un regalo de Dios. Enjoy and play safe. I am off to David in the morning. I really don´t want to go at this point but have to. Hell, I love this country. The womans outlook on life here is so different than in the US.

Pajama Sam
10-11-04, 05:59

Just came back from PTY. I missed hooking up with Free Sex as he was out of the city, too bad.

I had read reports about Golden Time and Miami Club being low on the Colombiana's due to immigration problems.

I'm happy to report that both places are full. As a matter of fact on Friday, the Miami Club is usually packed with guys and the ratio still favored the girls. I saw lots of quality girls at MC. The place was full and had probably the best group I've seen there yet. Several 8's and 9's, 10's are usually discovered after you have been with them. Usual cost $90 for full service. If you buy a few drinks to the girl of your liking, most of the time she will agree to see you outside the club. Offer $60, don't pay more than $80.

The best pro value, Oasis Massage on Via Veneto. Lunch special $50 or $65 after 6pm. Decent selection, the prettiest ones are Colombianas of course.

Went to Next Disco as well. the place is as good as a Disco in NYC or Miami. I also went dancing to a place called Cappo's in Dorado, walking distance from GT and MC. This place is laid back and has great music to dance to. Good place to go to warm things up with a non-pro.

Be safe!

Rabo Verde
10-11-04, 20:12

I have a friend (honest, it isn't me I WISH I had thought of this!). He travels and stays for months in various of our favorite places. He is quite handsome and rich, especially by third world standards. He meets girls and tells them he is just looking for a wife and family, someone to take back to the U.S.A., but he wants to make sure they can have kids, because kids are REALLY important to him. He will marry them and take them back to the USA as soon as they get pregnant. They fuck him bare-back night and day. The punchline: He had a vasectomy 10 years ago! My hero!

10-11-04, 20:20
Hi Chuponalgas,

Can you spell:


I am rather sorry for your friend to use this low trick to fuck women bare back.
I think it is sick and disgusting.

Sorry but that is MHO.


10-13-04, 16:12
Hey Chuponalgas,
you lost me at, "I have a friend". No way...your kidding right?

Rabo Verde
10-13-04, 22:26
Well I USED to have some, but they married each other and moved to Mexico, and now they spend so much time cuddling with each other, they never call anymore!

Blitz Dog
10-14-04, 16:46
I agree with WTP I have a female friend (NOT A WORKING GIRL) in panam and their outlook on life is definetly different fron those girls in the US. It seems that Panamanian girls are more willing to contribute to the household and are not demanding of material things. I love Panamanian girls hope to to move thier one day and get me a little angel

Peace and Release


BBW Admirer
10-14-04, 21:55
Last Saturday we got a taxi that took us to Le Mejor. Thanks for info Gauntman. It was right in Casco Viejo as you said by the fish market. The street outside was packed with people, cars, cabs, etc. Inside it was even crazier. Barely a seat in the place. Nice loud music, girls on stage, hanging out everywhere. Sure it's a bit seedier than MC, but it's got atmosphere. A middle class Panamanian kind of bar like Club Fenix. Johan would probably like it.

We don't speak Spanish but my 2 friends and I had no problem getting some beers and quickly hooking up with girls. I was kinda drunk so I think I paid somewhere between $20 and $30 for 1/2 hour. I think I paid a couple $ more for the good suite (lol). The girl was friendly and more than willing to please. My friends also had a very good time. I'd recommend it, but then I had a good time in every place in Panama.

10-15-04, 16:47
Hi BBW Admirer,

Sounds like my kindda of place!!!!:-)

OO did you ever saw Quintin Tarrantino's movie "From dusk till dawn"? (With Salma Hayek in a very nice role as vampire queen?)
And then especialy the part were they first enter the bar "The Titty Twister".....after a long ride through texas and northern Mexico.

That's just what I mean;-)

Loud,cheap, Tequilla and lots of pretty horny girls......O well as long as they don't want to suck your....BLOOD!


10-15-04, 21:20
I wonder what % of all mongers , have emotional problems?

Rabo Verde
10-20-04, 05:36
100% LOL! Pass the condoms and the Prozac!

Rabo Verde
10-22-04, 04:28
So where you going NOW, KOS?

10-22-04, 14:11

or should I say King of Idiots?
Please shut your mouth about Panama. You are bad biased. Very bad.
I could same the same for Colombia...or Venzuela...or whatever country.
Everywere there are scammers,hookers,bad people....yes also in the US or in Europe. SO???? Look out better next time you looser.
UP till now I only had GOOD experiences with ALL panamenian girls I know. Nobody ask me for money...cheat me...or did try to hassle me in any way.

So Please shut your bloody MOUTH!!

Go play outside with your toy cars...or get a real life you wanker!
Maybe you had such bad experiences with panamenian hookers because you don't wash up good...or have a huge beergut...or whatever fysicaly on attractive features about your disgusting body. Go and F..K your self KOS.

If somebody needs medicine it is you KOS!!!Go get some...now before it is too late.


10-22-04, 20:12
Con Calma Senior Johan.

Salsero Loco
10-22-04, 21:06
Hi gang,

Thanks for all the research and tips, which have really come in handy during my first 24 hours here. After my flight got in around 10pm, hit the ground running last night and went to Golden Times, which was full of 7 through 10's from Colombia. The price was $94, I guess because I screwed up and let the cab take me right there.

Anyway, after a nice session there I went to Elite which had plenty of very very very hot women, again mostly Colombians. Taking the advice of a previous poster, I took my favorite to the back for $25 lapdance and tried to set up something for the next day so as not to pay the hefty multa or barfine of about $100. She said her cell had been stolen but I arranged for her to stop by my hotel later today. She actually wrote my info on her lovely hand and tight brown upper thigh. ay, caramba!

I chose the hotel covadonga for my first night, which was recommended by someone here as being cheap and GF friendly, but I think the place is a bit of a dump frankly, and worse, is in a lame neighborhood. I found a new place today, the aparto suites alfa, next to hotel continental, which is far better. Lonely planet list the place in their high end category, but that is a stretch. The price is only $33 per night, they say there is no problem with bringing girls up, and you are walking distance to oasis, river club, and a bunch of night spots, shopping, restaurants, etc. all in all, a good spot I think.

All that said, so far, I have a pretty good impression of this place, though it doesnt quite stack up to Colombia in my estimation, or Medellin at least, where I have spent a lot of time. I feel like someone is trying to rip me off every other second here, cabbies in particular, whereas in Medellin the people are very sweet and honest and it is easier for me to relax. Also, though the girls I have seen so far here are nice and very good looking, I have not yet had the true GFE I regularly get at the massage parlors of Medellin. Perhaps being one of a very few gringos gives me a special status in Medellin, whereas here I am just another horny American guy with a fat wallet to be plucked.

More to come.

Salsero Loco

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

10-23-04, 08:19
Con Calma Senior Johan.

Ok...soy tranquilo....no te preocupades Man.....

Claro Panama es un pais donde se llavare dinero negro...y tambien son muchos otras paises en Central y Sur America.
Grande cosa??? No creo. El gobierno en Washington siempre estas preocupades sobre todo en ese paises.

I hope my spanish was good enough.

Ok KOS I agree with you on Colombia: Do NOT go and LIVE there. It's just TOO dangerous. For mongering however it might be better then Panama.


10-23-04, 15:27
Your Spanish is very good.
You just seemed a bit out of it when it came to KOS.

Senor Amable
10-27-04, 17:46
I haven't been to Panama City since late August of this year. At that time there were severe problems with immigration and La Gloria, Gruta Azul and Oasis Massage had very few girls. Has anyone been to either of the three above mentioned places recently and if so how's the inventory?

10-28-04, 13:45
I was thinking about going back to Pamana instead of Buenos Aires but the KOS has ruined that for me. I find it hard to even go to this thread anymore . Well done KOS for destroying what was once a great board. You're a butcher plain and simple.

10-28-04, 14:20
Hi Starfe,

yes Panama is a very nice country and has many things which speak in favor for it. Nice beaches,nice tranquillo cities and lots ot pretty women.
Besides that Panama is quite safe so there is no need for inland flights...you'd just take the bus from Panama city to David (fe) and have the time of your live chatting with other fellow travellers. A medium level of speaking spanish is required,but that also goes for most other LA countries.
The crime scene also is at a very low level (Colon might be more dangerous on this one) certainly compared with Colombia,Brasil or DR...!

OO and Starfe you do find Panama a lot cheaper then BA...!! Certainly in airfares;-)

What KOS....well I prefer to caLL HIM KOI (King of Idiots) is trying to do is make up for his on personal failures in the past. Now he is ranting against Panama.
If he got fucked up fe in Honduras...he'd probably was ranting against that country or against all Hondurenas...!!

This guy probably needs mental aid. I feel sorry for him. The guy is talking about "arch enemies"...and "starting a war".....OOO my God...and this should be a forum for mongers to HELP each other. It is NOT a personal outlet for feelings of frustrations.
I would NOT pay too much attention in what he is saying Starfe......just stick arround and ignore people like KOI here.

The only thing which I realy think is bothering me greatly is that KOI made some very nasty RACIST remarks about Black people in Panama and about black people in common.

Only for THAT I think Jackson should ban him. But maybe that is allready been taken care of........


I was thinking about going back to Pamana instead of Buenos Aires but the KOS has ruined that for me. I find it hard to even go to this thread anymore . Well done KOS for destroying what was once a great board. You're a butcher plain and simple.

10-28-04, 16:31
Fellow Mongers,

I am in the process of setting up a 6 month trip to Panama starting right around the 1st of the year and would like some advice on any clubs ect. you might reccommend for find women. I lived in Costa rica for about 6 months last year and had a blast. I've heard Panama City is a lot more developed and the cost of living is roughly the same. Additionally what should I expect to pay for good looking Columbianas? On the whole they seem to be more attracive than both Ticas and Panamanian women.

Any comments would be Greatly appriciated.



10-28-04, 17:42
First timer here writting a reiview. I have to thank all the board members for their inputs throughout the year. I found much of the info in this board quite accurate and informational (except KOS, he just seems to have some kind of hidden agenda bashing and intent on destroying Panama as a whole!... weird!).

Anyways, flew down to Panama for the 1st time a few weeks ago. I have to say that this is a mongers paradise. Cheap prices, cheap women and cheap cost of living. Found out by far the best women are in Golden Times. WOW. talk about 10's. Yes. Columbian women are very very HOT. and yes I did find Panamanian women are not all that hot. But I did see quite a few hotties around. Tried a few places a cab driver drove me to: La Gloria, Phenix?, and La gruta.... it was ok, really really cheap, like $10-20 per 15 minutes or something like that. I preferd Golden Times tho, women much better looking, more expensive but like many on the board suggested just pay once, get to know her and ask for her phone # and man u are set for the whole week!
Overall I found my stay in Panama quite a fun experience, very safe (went walking all over via espana late at nite, no problem), lots of streetwalkers and great entertainment. Thanks to this board for all the suggestions and ideas. Be safe.

10-31-04, 23:18
Hey Starfe.
How could yopu compare Panama with Bunos Aires.
I thought it was no contest?

11-01-04, 06:36
11 hour trip makes a big difference with me. I know its not B.A. but Panama has its special features.

11-01-04, 13:45
Hi Starfe,

is it true what some guys told me that also most girls down there in BA are white?
I mean I myself love the canelitas,the morenas and offcourse the negritas too!!!

Is it true that hotels are more expensive in Ba?? How's the crime rate dowe there. Can Imigaine with the economy of Argentina down the drain for the past 4-5 years it should be pretty spooky downthere!

You are definately right about that flight...When I land in Panama it was about 16 hours!!! (with short stopovers in madrid and San Jose)
And the first 1-2 days I am bust:-( (oOO not to forget the timedifference...)

Thanks Starfe for the infos.


11-02-04, 13:50
Johan007 -- I can't help jumping in on the subject of Buenos Aires since I was there in Sept. It was my 3rd trip to Argentina.

I think the BA women are the best looking in South America. Most are white but there's a lot of latina morenas also.

BA doesn't have to be expensive, I've always stayed in budget hotels in the microcenter area. where there's alot of action.

And lastly the crime rate is very low in BA, which is unbelievable considering the economy, but I've always felt safe there. Never been robbed.

Anyway I'll be going to Panama in Jan. '05. I'm anxious to see what the monger scene is like.
Take care -- bayboy

11-02-04, 21:25
I personally love Buenos Aires. I have never mongered there yet, but visited on two separate occasion.

Buenos Aires is pure joy. Food, hotels, walking, you name it. Unlike Panama which aside from sex is pretty boring, Buenos Aires has everything. I can walk for hours in this city, and it is as close as you get to Europe at half the price.

Hotels and food are currently extremely cheap. I stayed in a fantastic brand new Howard Johnson hotel with ADSL connection, breakfast, all for $59.00 a day. A complete 4 course dinner for 2 with a bottle of wine, is $25.00 at the best restaurants.

Can’t beat it.

Pajama Sam
11-04-04, 22:42

I personally think that the ratio of price/value is better at massage parlors than at strip clubs. When in Panama, I enjoy the Oasis (Via Veneto next to Holiday Inn), the rate there usually hovers around $60 for full service. The talent is in the 6 - 8 range, although you can find a gem every now and again. My experience at Golden Time in Dorado is consistently good (7+ girls) with a rate of $90. Make sure the taxi driver drops you off at Plaza Mirage and don't tell him you are going to GT or else you'll have to pay a commission.

Does anyone know where to find the Oriental Massage Parlor? Can Anyone give a report on it?

Monger on!

11-15-04, 15:11

Another option would be to go to Elite on an all-u-can-drink night, arrange a next-day meeting with a hot chick, go to GT around mindnight, home to sleep around 2:00am, wakeup at 10:00 am, drink coffee, read the paper, worry about what the banks are doing with your money, then, around noon, call your Elite girl for a 1pm-2pm session.

Take a nap.

PM me with information on you new haven.


Simple and MUCH more civilized!


P.S. By the way, you can STILL have a great time in San Jose for $40.

11-23-04, 17:44
This is actually an answer to a PM, but, since nothing's happening here, I at least though it would serve as a post for some.


Great sports bars (with betting). Great, classy bars filled with hookers who charge $100 for two-hours or through the night, and that's if you get ripped off! And no exit fee, by the way.

Daytime all-inclusive massage places full-hour for $32-$55.

Hotels range $40-$60, no charge/hassle for girls.

All-inclusive strip joints, but not that great a deal compared to other places in town. Club Kamur has some potential, though. There is even a branch of Elite, same white uniforms and all.

I like Panama City, but there really is no comparison for quality and price. Club Miami, for example, would be considered a low-rent dive. GT would be good anywhere, but would need to drop the price about $40 to compete.

This forum needs some help in C.R. There are other sources of information, though.


Dutch Boy
11-28-04, 05:26
Hi guys,

I have browsed throught most off the topics on this section of the board and to my dismay there is very little info on the freelancer scene in Panama.

What can anyone tell me about this? Is there alot of action like this, and are the girls open to this such as in other latin country's?

And what are the best bars, clubs, massageparlours or whatever to try and score such a little beauty.

I will be soon in Panama and looking for some info on this as I am not really in the mood for a hardened hooker and more up for a gfi (girlfriend illusion) type experience cos like I said, if I want hardened hookers I can get em here in Amsterdam!

I hope someone out there can direct me into the right direction and of course everyone else at the same time.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

Free Sex
11-29-04, 15:43

Yes, there are freelancers in Panama City. BUT, considering you are going to be in the city for only 3 days it is going to be difficult to find a TRUE freelancer. This being a female that does not work in a club, but works from her apt. or attends the discos looking for clients. I know a few freelancers but only because I live in panama city and can easily "sniff" them out. DONT get me wrong, it is possible to find them BUT NOT worth your time considering you are only going to be in town for 3 days. I would suggest you do this: Go to clubs mentioned in the forum (Miami Club, Golden Time, etc) and get the chicas phones numbers, call them the next day, then go from there. Or within your travels around the city doing random shit (shopping, eating out, etc) have the balls to talk to some of the normal girls and see what happens from there. I cant wait to get back to Panama City.


12-02-04, 05:04
Me and my buddies are going to Panama next month for a few weeks vacation. We'll be spending some time in Panama City as well as some of the outer areas.

I pretty much have the bars I'm interested in in my sights, (like Club Fenix, La Mayor, and La Gruta Azul) but can anyone tell me the address of the bar La Gloria? What part of town is it in?

Thanks for any help you can give me. Adios

Free Sex
12-02-04, 18:36
Bay Boy and Others:

La Gloria
Avenida Carrasquilla No. 34
Telephone: 507 229 1171

Above is the address and telephone number for La Gloria. DO NOT expect to see anything special. It is a hit and miss place. MOST times the chicas dont look like shit, BUT sometimes there are a few gems. BUT I have NEVER seen a solid 10 there, the best I have seen is about a 7.

La Gloria is located in an area called Carrasquilla. You and your friends should be fine there. I have walked from La Gloria back to the main street, Via Espana alone, at all hours of the evening, up until 3,4am. Have someone that works there call you a taxi once you want to leave, it is NOT centrally located on the main street, and its hell waiting outside to get a Taxi.

Just a quick remember the address and telephone number of La Gloria is in a previous post of mine. There is TONS of info in the Forum, old and new, read them.


12-03-04, 19:21
Me and my buddies are going to Panama next month for a few weeks vacation. We'll be spending some time in Panama City as well as some of the outer areas.

I pretty much have the bars I'm interested in in my sights, (like Club Fenix, La Mayor, and La Gruta Azul) but can anyone tell me the address of the bar La Gloria? What part of town is it in?

Thanks for any help you can give me. Adios

la gloria is in "Carrasquilla", near the San Fernando Hospital, entering the street right in front of it, then turn left and you should see the sign at your right hand

12-05-04, 16:46
Thanks Free Sex and Gauntman for the info on La Gloria. I just saw a map of Panama City and see where the Carrasquilla area is.


Want To Play
12-07-04, 08:48
Just got back from another nice time in Panama. Eighth time since February. I went to La Mayor and didn't get a chance to leave the whole night. The prices are more than reasonable. $10 for 15 min. I found a very nice 18 year old Colombiana and we stayed upstairs for an hour and a half. She was up for about anything and a 10 in my book. Not a blemish on her perfect body and had a very beautiful face. Her name is Lina and she gave me her private digits. To bad that I had to leave the next morning early. I regained a bit of strenght and next decided on a very nice Dominicana. About 5 foot tall and between a 9-10. Another wonderful time but I could only last for about 45 min. this time. Also a keeper. There was so much eye candy on Sat. night that I completely lost track of the time and didn't go anywhere else. There were over 50 women in the place according to a friend who works there. Anyway for a nice unrushed time it is a good spot. I haven't spent a lot of time in Panama City as I like to go to David but this was a wonderful time. I also got the numbers for some non pro ladies who will go for about $30 per hour or $100 for the whole night. The one was a very beautiful 20 year old named Jacqueline. Wow, another hottie. She didn't like to kiss but anything else was a go. Have her digits if anyone is interested. I hear that there are not a lot of Colombianas but I didn't find that to be the case. They are always hot it seems. Play safe and have a great time.

12-07-04, 20:33
Where is La-Mayor???

Want To Play
12-10-04, 08:38
Read the last post by KOS. He says something negative about every club and then his final thoughts, if indeed he has ever had a thought, were "the rest of the clubs, not good" I don't know why anyone pays any attention to this guy. He is a legend in his own mind. He pretends to give out information but he doesn't know anything. There are a lot of good places to go. Find your nitch and then have the time of your life. You will find what you are looking for. If you are always negative like KOS, life will always deal you shit. If you go out with a good positive attitude you will leave panama with a huge smile on your face.

12-12-04, 15:27

I would suggest that we ignore KOS. The guy is absoutely very negative and strongle Biased against panama and panama girls.
In fact I think he even would find something negative when being ALONE on a Tropical Island together with 100 gorgeous women between 18-30...!!!

I wouldn't put too much attention to his posts. Such guys only crave the attention they get.

Panama indeed is a fine country and if you TRY to speak spanish you will see that many panamenians will even open up the door for you! Just stay LOW PROFILE and everything will be OK.



PS: KOS why you just don't go to the ARTIC??? I bet you like it there! There are some very nice polar beers!! Go and play with them.

12-17-04, 20:31
Hey KOS, any good ones in GT?
I see nothin but hards pros now a days.

This sucks.
Gone are the days of weeing a fresh thing starting a long career.

12-20-04, 22:35
Cam you give the numbers of these girls. Somehow, I only remember the numbers.

GT, used to be the best *****house in Central and South America, but no more.


Free Sex
12-27-04, 22:31

I will be back in Panama City in a few days, not that it matters. BUT what is a DEFINITE plan for new years eve? Anyone know anything? From what I understand new years is COMPLETE bullshit in panama city, is that correct? I am thinking about heading out to Bocus for new years eve. Does anyone have any insight on that. Let me know, thanks in advance!

12-29-04, 18:54

I will be back in Panama City in a few days, not that it matters. BUT what is a DEFINITE plan for new years eve? Anyone know anything? From what I understand new years is COMPLETE bullshit in panama city, is that correct? I am thinking about heading out to Bocus for new years eve. Does anyone have any insight on that. Let me know, thanks in advance!

it depends on what are you planning, besides Bocas is already sold out. There are a couple of parties at local clubs, but nothing fancy

01-01-05, 00:49

I will be passing through PanCity mid-January. Seems like the mongering in PC is pretty much confined to a few spots already detailed here. That being said, drop me a PM if you'd be up for grabbing a drink. First one is on me! Happy New Year!

Free Sex
01-03-05, 02:10

As you correctly stated, mongering is confined to a few spots here in Panama City. And most, not all, of those places being a little on the expensive side. Either way it goes, do the usual, Golden Times, Miami, etc. PM me with dates on when you will be in the area. I just got back home (panama) and it feels good.


Senor Amable
01-03-05, 03:45
For anybody that's interested, I'll be in Panama City on the 26th & 27th of January. I usually hit,Gloria, Gruta and La Mayor. Sometimes I splurge and hit Golden Times and Miami.

Anybody that's interested in joining me PM me.let me know with a PM.


01-08-05, 02:23
For anybody that's interested, I'll be in Panama City on the 26th & 27th of January. I usually hit,Gloria, Gruta and La Mayor. Sometimes I splurge and hit Golden Times and Miami.

Anybody that's interested in joining me PM me.let me know with a PM.

BA_BOOMI will be in Panama at the end of January for a couple of weeks. Send me a message so we can link up down there. We can share notes.

Huan Rui
01-08-05, 20:44
My first post here, but an avid reader of the board.

I will be in Panama in Jan 28 for a short stay. I grew up in Panama, know the language, and the places. My last trip to Pty was on Dec 03 and visited Chiriqui, Bocas, Golden Times, etc.

Would like to try some clubs or newspaper ads, or escort agency besides the usual places. Anybody wants to meet or share current info ?

01-16-05, 11:22
Team-I'm in PTY now. Drop me a PM if you want to get together. I checked out La Mayor -- very crowded on a Saturday night. 3.5:1 guy/girl ratio. Quality ranged from a 3-7. No real stunners--a few with nice faces but bad bodies, or good bodies but bad faces. You know the drill.

I didn't get a chance to price out the action, but my understanding is it runs from around 10-15$ for 10 minutes. They charge a $2 entrance fee. Drinks run $2-$3 each. The area is industrial/slummy residential. It may seem a bit shady, but just take a cab there and you should be fine. Security is at the door when you enter and there are plenty of cabs waiting for when you exit.

I had my taxi driver take me around to look for some street action but we could not find any. Supposedly it takes place around the block of the Crown Casino nearby the McDonalds. When he questioned some other drivers about the mujeres, they said some about the girls getting locked up, I think; blame my poor spanish skills.

Overall Panamanians seem very friendly and I think it would be relatively easy to pick up local girls. I'll post more as my explorations progress.

Want To Play
02-02-05, 09:52
Just got back from another 2 weeks in Panama. I stayed at Hotel San Remo as it is new, clean, private, chica friendly and only charges $20 a night. The security in front will set you up with university students for the $20 to $25 range for an hour or two. They are great too, I have never had one that was a clock watcher. The first night I got there about 6 p.m. and I walked 2 blocks to a small park. There were 5 or 6 young ladies who appeared to be "working". I sat on the park bench and watched as a local cop hastled one of the good looking ones for about 15 min. She noticed that I was keeping a pretty close watch and afterwards motioned me to came over to talk. She spoke fair english and was definately out to earn a little extra money for school. Whe asked me what I wanted to do and I suggested going back to my hotel. She said it sounded like a great Idea so off we went. I asked her if she was hungry and she of course was. The hotel has a restraunt and she wanted to order in the room. As usual the always want the most expensive but still it was only $11. After she was finished eating we started to get a little more comfortable. She was 21 years old and a nursing student. She was part black and had a beautiful face, better body and wonderful flawless complexion. She asked if we could use very little light as she was a bit shy. Why not. Well things got progressively better from there. She was a true girlfriend experience. All the kissing that I wanted, bbbj, and seemed to enjoy the whole session. She never held back and was willing for me to do whatever and as many times as I liked. As I am only human, after a couple of hours I was exhausted. She stayed for about another hour and cuddled and watched television and then said that she had to study some for a test tomorrow. As we had never talked price I gave her another $30 and she seemed happy enough. She gave me her phone # and her email address and pleaded that I call her when I come back and to not forget her. How can you forget a treasure like that? Not soon I know.
I picked up a beautiful tall slender young lady off the street a couple of days later. She was very nice looking and with a body to kill for. I got a little suspicious once we were in the room as she didn't want to take all of her close off and kept trying to hurry things along. She tried to grope me but for some reason I just wasn't getting the right vibes. She was telling me she couldn't wait to give me a blow job and would I quit being so silly. Well to make a short story shorter, I demanded before she touch me at all that she take all her cloths off. I was still totally dressed as I was feeling uneasy for some reason. Anyway when I forced the issue off came the rest of the cloths and this woman had a bigger dick than I did!! My hell, this was a first for me.
When I told "it" to get the hell out of my room It demanded to be paid for it's time. I told it to just be damned glad that it got out of there with its life. I asked why it didn't tell me that it wasn't a woman and it said that I never asked. My reply was that if it looked like a woman, walked like one, smelled like one and that I assumed that it was one why would I even think to ask? It left in a hurry rather than get beat to death. Now I grab them all by the crotch like Crocadile Dundee to make sure of what I am getting. That almost turned me off Panama as I had to shower for 2 hours just from the thought of what could have happened.
Most of my time was spent with my Novia who flys in from Colombia but I did have some free time at La Mayor. I found a couple of jewels in the rough but most of them were in the 5-6 range. There was one colombiana that had a killer body and an ok face that I took home for the night for $100 Her name is Michelle. She was a nice person to talk to and even though she wasn't a 10 in looks she made up for it in effort and service. Wish I could have stayed for the Carnival on the 4th but had to get back to the states. Anyways for all you lucky guys there right now, have one for me and play it safe.

02-03-05, 19:52
hopped into a taxi last night and decided to check out a bunch of places--offered my driver $6 and he was okay with driving me around as long as i bought him a beer or two.

royal elegance: first stop was some bull crap place called royal elegance center. no cover, small club atmosphere and approximately 5-6 free chicas at 10pm. the big dissapointment here was the place was filled with u.s. navy servicemen thugged out (gold chains, teeth, etc. etc.). at least on this night the club was catering to hoodrat service men and the down south ghetto thug hip-hop. i only was able to speak to one girl here because of the poor ratio--she was a 5.5 at best and quoted me $50 for a quickie. just for shits and giggles, i asked how much for all night and she quote $160 for the house and $150 for the girl--uhh, okay.

golden time: after that stopped off at golden time. it's pretty interesting how this place is situated in a strip mall. again no cover here. you walk in, a room to the left will be where the girls all congregate. you walk a few steps further to another room where all the clientele sit. as soon as enough clients come in and have taken their seats in these burgandy leather barcoloungers with white towels draping the armrests and behind your head, the girls will be called to come show themselves. the space is small so only one girl will walk through into the room at a time--gawked by the 12 or so guys sitting around. they all wear numbers for easy identification, but the main problem here is that they walk into the room for maybe 3-5 seconds at most and then speed out! just picture about 15-20 girls who parade in as if it's a catwalk and they are the models, but they only give you the opportunity to see them for several seconds! a man working there will stop in and ask if you like any of the girls--you can select 1-2 girls at the same time to come sit with you before making your decision. the cost from what i was told was $93. i didn't partake. the quality of the girls ranged from a 6-9 imo. quality wise, this place was tops for the night.

miami club: stopped in here for only 3-4 minutes. this is more of a club atmosphere. there were about 20+ girls, 10-15 clients. girls were dressed in all white, actually they looked quite sexy! black lights made their white tops, and white leggings and garters look pretty sexy. no cover here, girls were about a 4-9 here, but i really couldn't properly evaluate since i only stayed for a few.

fenix: best part of the night. $2 entry--my taxi driver got in for free since he was panamanian. the girls were of varying quality but there were definitely some 7+'s. in total there are probably 15-25 girls here. the have rooms in the back. $16 here for 15 minutes including room. i took up a nice colombian girl named perla. she looked like she had a huge chest, but once she removed her top, they were just inserts. the rest of her body was very nice, nice butt, legs, pretty face, etc. she said she had been working there for only 5 days (right).

02-05-05, 10:57
Hi want to play,

well i wonder next time you should check ït's"throat. I mean the "Adam's appel"?
This feature is almost not at present with women;with men you can see it very clearly!!

I saw many TV's in Brasil...and also Peru has it. But I always could see the difference.

ok...it could happen to anybody. If you are in a dark area....and ït"is made very good....well maybe I too would be mitaken.

I know in Thailand many very good "it's" walk arround. In that case ALWAYS go for the balls.....just to check!

btw.....when i told my girl i would stay in the San Remo hotel she FREAKED.
She told me taht was a very bad area. She didn't mention nothing about puta's. That's the reason why i went to the Montreal. Besieds that they have a swimming pool there:-)

Hell......i even can go there (to the san remo area) by taxi!




02-09-05, 20:23
Hi mongers,

i was at the big carnaval parade last night...very nice...lots of chicas. But I guess it was family day...seen not too much *****s or the likes. I was still a rarity here....i was one of the few whites that walked the streets.
the day after still many things are dead...as in TRY TO FING A TRAVEL AGENCY!!!!!8i am fucked)
still one more day to wait. I mean how difficcult can it get to find a decent travel agency in panama city.....well the answer is VERY DIFFICULT!!!!

well....during my stroll through the city looking for a travel agency (i have to book a flight to david and maybe to guayaquil) i found several casa de masajistas...!!!! But during the day these are closed. I will try them tonight. as the hooker nearby the hotel are too expenisve. I talked yesterday with some hooks,and they charged me a straight 100 US $....for 2 hours!! And tell you what...they were butt ugly fat asses bitches from Pa city....so I am NOT TALKING ABOUT PRIME ASS COLOMBIANAS HERE. i MEAN wtf THE THINK???
I mean that´s an insane price.....for that money i don´t need to travel 14 hours in a plane!!!!

My hope is that tonight i will find some amateaur action....but OOO what am i talking about....the %&$&/(// carnaval just is over.

holding the fort here in Pa city.

johan signing out.


02-12-05, 21:38
I visited recently GT and unfortunately picked up Kelly (as far as I can remember the name but the # is 42). She looked sweet, small size blonde from Medellin. We started nicely, she even sang during the massage. When the banging was going on she came 2-3 times and was out of breath. So I stopped just as a courtesy. She became mad because of the time and I would take much longer to come. I decided to leave, she got scared – may be thought that I will report her down stairs- and she finished me with a hj. Just avoid her.


Jaimito Cartero
02-13-05, 00:06
I've got a layover coming back from EZE in a few months. Does anyone have any recommendations for a reasonably priced hotel that's convenient to the airport. After coming back from EZE, I doubt I'll be looking for any girls!

02-16-05, 12:52
I am afraid GT sucks big time.
Hardly any new girls in a long time, and the average now is 6-7.

02-24-05, 18:52

Right now I am at the Latino Hotel. It has free internet, pool, and decent rooms with hot water just for 22 bucks a night! Is that a deal or what?

Many more hotels arround in this area, Avenida Cuba, close to Cuban embasy in Caledonia Barrio.

If you want girls there are lots of them here, mostly Dominicans and Colombianas. But as I said before they are usualy overpriced and offer poor service. If you speak spanish you could fling arround with some local women. very easy. Just spend some $$ on diner, sodas and you are in.

Johan siging out. Have to fly back next monday.


02-25-05, 18:14
I am thinking of a 9 day trip to Guate, Panama, Brazil or BA. I used to do 20/80 mongering to touring, now it will be the opposite!

I have been to all but Panama - but not for 10 years. I am looking for places like Help in Rio where there are discos where one can pickup a GFI (GFIllussion) and where occasionally one can pick up a girl. I am fluent in spanish, speak some Portueguese and am okay looking.

What do you folks think? Cost is not as much a factor as avoiding a long flight and avoiding crime. I got mugged in Rio.

I used to post on Cuba and Colombia boards.

Thanks, Lalo

02-26-05, 22:58
hi lalo,

if you are flying in from the US i would definately recommend Panama. forsure if you speak spanish and don't want to start calculating them pesos back to dollars...lol because here the greenback is national currency!! Yes sir.

if you come here on any thursday,friday or saturday night downtown....or even at any other day in the mall...you will find PLENTY of women who are in for the GFI.

in the long run offcourse they are more costly then hookers...that's for sure....But if that doesn't bother you......no problema.

I have seen LOTS of girls here that are intresting in us males *most panamenians think all forreigners are fromthe US...!(.. just be friendly...speak spanish and get ready to buy some sodas...dinner and cab fares. And you are set for the next couple of days. The black people here speak patua.....and that is a language that sounds very familiar with english.Has a lot of carribean infleunces. But they understand you as long you keep the gum.n out of your mouth...hahahahahah

Give it a try....Panama is close. If you fly to Brasil expect to be in a plane longer. As far as i know American airwlines. has discount flies as low as US $ 250-300.....two ways! Check it out.

Many kinds of girls here from dark black untill white white.
Panama has a great nightlife and is pretty secure town.
You can even drink the tapwater here!!!! try that in colombia or Brasil and you will get FUCKED up pretty bad with a nasty running shits for 2-3 days.

Up till now i didn't see any TV's or the likes. So that's sure is beating Brasil...were i seen lots of transvestits and many other freaky stuff.

just stay low profile.....and you'll be fine.

Have fun dude.


PS> the beauty parlors here are also a great place to find women. Lots availeble...and dirt cheap. I had my feet done for 7 bucks...and the girl worked on my feeth for a full hour!!

02-27-05, 02:17
I am happy to say that GT has gotten new chicas. Was there twice this week, and saw about 40 chicas overrall. Unfortunatley, there is no more Bare blow jobs to be had.

03-01-05, 09:22

Thanks for the very helpful response. You have almost sold me on Panama. The mall walk sounds intriguing. I used to live in Tegucigalpa and on Sundays I would walk around Parque Central where the amas de casas (maids) used to while away there day off. Just as you mentioned, I would buy a soda, or maybe lunch and bring them back to my apt. The neighbors hated it but the girls and I were happy. They did not have much excitement so an Americano was probably was even better than a movie.

Hey, speaking of America, of course everyone is from the U.S. - isn't Amsterdam in Ohio or something... ;- )

Did you ever poke around the country? Kuna Islands, Bocas del Toro or other spots? Oh, another question: is it easy to avoid the G.I.s?


Free Sex
03-05-05, 06:47
Just a quick update. Club Fenix is now $16 for locals, before is was $11 for locals. Thats gets you about 10-15 mins depending on the chica. For tourist look to pay between $30-$40 for the same time.

La Gloria is still $10 for 10 minutes.

Want To Play
03-07-05, 09:10
La Mayor was $24 for 30 min. about a month ago. I don't know if it has changed or not by now. Still you got to love Panama. I was there 9 times in 11 months last year. You can taste the freedom when you step off the plane. Not unlike it was here 30 years ago.

03-09-05, 17:43

I have been in Panama several times in the last 3 years and here is an update from last week :

1. Places to stay : New Hotel : Hotel Milan - $20 for single rooms (large & clean). $35 for suite having jacuzzi. No free breakfast or pool. The address is : Eusebio A Morales Avenue. Telephone : 507 263 6130. Nearby are places to eat, internet cafe etc. within 2 minutes walking.

Place is girl friendly but not if you bring in 2-3 girls.

2. Free Lance Colombian Action : Go to the bar at the Continental Hotel off via Espania you will have working women at the bar. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $40 for one shot or more than $100 for all nighter. These are beautiful and classy columbianios working at restaurants during day. So go after 11pm.

Screwed Up
03-10-05, 18:20
Good info Osaka.

I stayed in Panama only two nights in the hotel El Parador.

$38/night with breakfast included and pool. Internet in the lobby.

The room was fairly small though.

Hotel Milan sounds good. I´ll check it out next time.

Cocos bar in Panama hotel is one block away from El Parador.

Mostly couples in their late 30s, 40s and over.

You can easily spot the pros, young and alone or bored with another friend.

They will be eyeing you. Didn´t ask about prices.

I went to a $10 fuck place at 5AM. About 3 hotties, 10 average and under.

The guy I was with told me it was packed at 4PM. It´s a 24 hour place.

In the same street of Mercado Publico.

I´ll attach a pic. If you´re standing in the same position as I was when I took the pic, walk to your left. It´s in the middle of this block.

For $10 she was fucking me while sucking my buddy and vice versa. She didn´t stop immediately when the guy knocked the roonm to motify that 30 min. passed already. She was Colombian. I can´t remember if the BJ was covered or not.

Taxi from and to the airport to the center should be around $15.

They will quote you $25 though.

Taxi´s in the centre are about $1 - $1.25. Don´t pay $1.50.

Most gin & juices that I drunk costed about $2 and are more gin than juice.

Senor Amable
03-10-05, 20:49
Hey Screwed Up, from what I see in your picture, it looks like you were probably at the "La Mayor."
Did they have a security guard in a small alcove,who checked you as soon as you walked in? Did they have a Stage in the main bar area for "Topless/Naked Dancers?"
When you went to the room, did you go up a flight of stairs and pay the cashier, who was half way up the stairs,on the left. If the answers are yes to the above, There's a better than 99% chance you were at the "La mayor."

03-12-05, 11:23

Don't be offended but please guys you need to quit. Both of you need to stop this. I don't want to take sides and add fuel to the fire, but I know most of the members that are interested in this thread are tired of this.

Both of you seem well informed about Panama City and I would like to know if either of you know of any 4 star hotels near Golden Times and other massage places in the area. I did search the thread but I could not find the info on nice hotels such as Marriott, Radisson, Bristol or Intercontinental in reference their proximty to nightlife.

Thank you very much

Screwed Up
03-12-05, 17:05
Member #2983,

I was kinda drunk, so I don´t remember that well. I paid the girl though, she then took us upstairs and made us wait 2 min. in the room. But the rest all sounds familiar.
Then again most $10 chongo`s are set up in the same way. ;-)

03-12-05, 21:09
Greetings everyone,

Effective immediately, King of Sluts has been relegated to posting in his own section titled "KOS in Panama". He is no longer permitted to post in any other section.

Those of you who wish to join him in his discussions may do so in this new section.

Hopefully, this will bring some peace to the Panama section, and possibly encourage some new reports from some otherwise reluctant potential contributors.



03-12-05, 21:20

GT is located on Tumba Muerto, if you go towards downtown, Tumba Muerto is renamed Ave Boyd,it's all the same street. At the foot of Boyd, right on the bahia is the Intercontinetal, very nice. Hotel El Panama is also a block off of Boyd as well as Las vegas, all within a block. The Raddison and Ceasar Park are a ways away. There are not any 4 star places really close to GT

03-14-05, 20:43
Just one more compendium of all the places and the aproximate prices and quality of girls, the order does not indicates quality, that youll have to judge for yourselves.

Around Mercado Publico
La Mayor
Last time checked prices where around $10 for 15 mins, $2 cover, drinks are around $2 and I think $5 or $6 for the girls
The quality of girls varies A LOT, sometimes you might find really stunners and sometimes not, Id say range from 5 to 9 some times

La Bocatoreña
Almost the same as above, as its right beside La Mayor

Club Acropol
A few meters by car away from the Mercado Publico, in Central Ave.
No cover. Striptease on stage, girls range around 5-8, some 9 every so. I think they know have rooms in site for your deeds, $40 an hour Ive heard, or can negotiate afterwork encounter directly with the girl.

Massage Parlos
Golden Time aka GT
Located in EL Dorado area, Plaza Mirage
The infamous GT, real stunners MOST of the time but it has some low times. Avoid cabs droping you directly at the place, cause theyll charge you and aditional $10 to your bill for comission to the cab driver.
You enter and pay $83(last time I check), then go to a small lobby where the girls are paraded with numbers on their dress for you to choose. If you have several options they make another round for you to make your final choice. They do service at your place for around $150 Ive heard, you can also get the girls cell phone to arrange dates directly with them.

Located in Via Venetto, right beside El Panama Hotel. Check the website www.oasispanama.com

Aquarius, River Side and others
Located in Via Argentina, Galerias Alvear
Mostly $20 for the massage and you negotiate in the room with the girls

Hawaii Center
In El Dorado area near Do It Center. Not much info about this place

In Calle 50, now they have a cover of $15 for 2 drinks minimum, also is OPEN BAR(all you can drink) for $20 mondays, wednesdays and saturdays.
Good selection of girls most of the time. Drinks for the girls are $15, table dance $10 or $15(not sure) and special table dance in a separate room $25
Take out is around $250-$300, part to the club and part for the girl
No in site rooms for the deed. Can get girls cell phone discretely to setup next day appointments.

Le Palace
Right in front of The Executive Hotel, centerfold quality girls, open bar for american citizens for $20, girls drinks at $15, shows on stage(they been the same shows for the past 17 years!!) Table dance $10 and I think they have a special table dance in separate room for $20. No rooms in site, take out is around $250-300 but its best to get the girls cellphone for next day appointments.

Club Miami
Behind El Dorado, in Plaza Miami, avoid cabs droping you directly. Good selection of girls, on stage show. $80 or $90 for the deed at rooms backstage in site. Take out around $250, but again its best to get girls cellphones.

*****houses and the like
La Gruta Azul
In Rio Abajo, sometimes $2 cover. Dont expect too much but SOME SOMETIMES you might find some nice girls. $10 gets you laid for $15. Stripshow on weekends. Dont know about take out fee, but same as above getting girls cellphones.

Club Fenix/Capri
A few km past La Gruta, cover entrance is $2, from what ive heard lately $15 for 15 mins, but I used to get 15 mins for $10. Shows on stage. Good looking girls often.

La Gloria
In Carrasquilla, entering the street in front of San Fernando Hospital. IMHO dont waste time getting there, but you might want to check it out anyways.

La Guaracha
Very near hotel Continental. Place gets jam packed around 4am with the working girls of all clubs after getting out of their jobs. You can find any range of girls.

Near San Fernando Hospital, same as above

Call girls/escort services
Check a local newspapaer called El Visitante, also Adult/Personals in local newspapers

DD Phil
03-16-05, 00:26
Hi all,

Planning a trip down to Panama next month.

Just wanted to know how the Panamanian girls compare to the ticas of Costa Rica. Most of the ticas are a mezito mix - which makes for a nice tanned colour skin.

Whats the ethnic background of most Panamanian girls - are they in general darker skinned like Dominican Republicans?


Big Ron Studd
03-18-05, 02:40
Greetings to all,

I've been reading posts for a while but this is the first post I am putting up. I was wondering if anyone can give me any info on how Panama City is in June? Women, night life, and weather?

Want To Play
03-18-05, 09:53
Hi all,

Planning a trip down to Panama next month.

Just wanted to know how the Panamanian girls compare to the ticas of Costa Rica. Most of the ticas are a mezito mix - which makes for a nice tanned colour skin.

Whats the ethnic background of most Panamanian girls - are they in general darker skinned like Dominican Republicans?

That is like asking what is the ethnic background of the women from the US You will find any size color and shape there. I guess in general they are light brown skinned. There is a lot of racial mixing which I think gives the most beautiful women. You have blonds to blacks and everything inbetween. I have been also to Costa Rica and I guess they compare. I have also been to the Dominican Republic. They are not dark skinned like the Dominicanas, howerver there are a lot of dominicanas there. You will find a lot of colombianas also. It is a treasure chest just waiting to be discovered. There is a lot of non pro action too if you just take an hour or 2 to find it. I am in my early 50s and have no problem in that area at all. Good luck and I am sure you will have a great time. I am going back there again myself within 3 weeks.

Ap 11
03-24-05, 17:10
Hello all,

I have been reading literally for years, and thought it was time to say Hello. Panama City has got to be my favorite playground, although Ive had great experiences all over the globe. The one thing I find missing in these posts is the free sex references. Like everyone here, I've done the p4p thing, mostly just to satisfy an immediate itch. However, for the visitors (those in country already know this), EVERY woman you meet is a potential free shot of ass. Don't be obscene about it, but a little humor and personality can get you in good with everyone from the waitress, supermarket checker, bank teller (you get my point). You don't need to speak perfect spanish, they understand that as a man you want a good time, and the #1 trait I have found in panamanian women is that they also want a good time. If you feel you must, offer $20 to help with the cab fare, and you'll be set for the night. Don't limit yourself to hanging out in the massage parlors and strip clubs, and you could end up with way better pussy for much less investment. Whatever your MO is though, I'm sure you'll be cracking some quality nuts, so enjoy and don't do anything to give all of the rest of us a bad name (and for god sakes, don't inflate the price of pussy by paying the first price qouted!)

Senor Amable
03-24-05, 23:02
I'm planning on being back in PTY the middle of April. I haven't been there in a few months. Does anybody have any recent information on the quality and quanity of Colombiana's in the above referenced establishments?
I would appreciate any information anyone has.

Want To Play
03-25-05, 10:08
I am in contact with a colombiana that works in La Mayor. She told me 2 days ago that the boss told them all to stay home until Monday as immigration was making their usual raids. I was there a month or so ago and it was full of colombianas and quite a few light skinned attractive dominicanas too. There are a couple of colombianas there that are 8-10 range. My friend told me that there are more women there now than ever and for some reason fewer guys. The gal I know is named Michelle and is quite nice looking mid 20's with huge breasts. Wish they were natural but nice just the same. She is willing to meet before and after work also. I also stopped into the bars right next to La Mayor and they had a lot of nice looking colombianas there too. One 10 with a killer body and face. Was good for the half hour that I had with her too. Paid about $20 for the time. Have fun, will be there myself the 9th of April.

Senor Amable
03-25-05, 14:48
Thanks for the information. I believe I'll be passing through PTY on my way to Medellin in April. I'm not exactly sure of the timing, but it will probably be around the end of the month. Thanks again for the info.
Member #2983

Want To Scruw
03-28-05, 16:47
I will be heading to Panama City for first time and I am going for only the ladies. But, I do not want black girls, I want light skinned women that are as light as americans. No sexual chocolate for me. I will be staying at the Country suites inn on the Panama canal. If anybody could give me information on where to find the hotties, let me know, I want super skinny with big tits.

Want To Scruw

03-29-05, 04:11
I will be heading to Panama City for first time and I am going for only the ladies. But, I do not want black girls, I want light skinned women that are as light as americans. No sexual chocolate for me. I will be staying at the Country suites inn on the Panama canal. If anybody could give me information on where to find the hotties, let me know, I want super skinny with big tits.

Want To Scruw

check my compendium down for the places, for the tastes that you mentioned, try GT, Elite, Le Palace or Club Miami, also if you're a bit adventurous check La Mayor, sometimes you find some real hotties there

03-29-05, 04:28
From Country Suites walk down the Causeway to the Balboa Yacht Club on thursday or friday for happy hour, usually a few locals around looking for fun. Also go to Isla Flamenco at the end of the Causeway on friday and saturday nights. Pros and locals always around. If you have to pay, it's never more than 40.00 or say goodbye.


Asshoole Greg
03-29-05, 22:28
I just returned from my first trip to panama city, and I am here to report my following expereince in Panama. The people seem different to Americans, they almost seem like they are constantly out to screw you, not out to literally help you. I was shocked at how many times people tried to rip me off. They are abrasive and very aggresive, almost like they have a separate way of treating Americans. A like " how can I get more money out of his hands" mentality. I was surprised because the city does not appear to be as poor as the mentality of a panamanian.

The Colombianas were the same way, always had there hand out looking for more money. They are pretty and very attractive ,but very aggressive for the dollar. I fuuucked many colombianas, and they are great sexually , but also very expensive. I think all the americans have driven up the prices and are comparable to the united States.

The city is well put together like any other city, not bad with all the amenities, the water is drinkable, and many american restaurants. I thought i was in america for a while. Everything we have in the U.S. , they have in panama city. It was unbelievable for a thirld world country to have everything we have in the United states.

In conclusion, I liked the city very much , but the people are most utterly aggressive for the money. There are many other people here that have posted similar results, and have to read these posts very much in depth. I will return to Panama City, but will trust a panamanian for nothing. They are very slimy.


Asshoole Greg
03-30-05, 20:19
One thing that I noticed about Panama City is that when I leave Multicentro, there is this weird smell, i could not forget it out, anybody have any idea. I thought for a minute I was in a sewer, anybody know what that smell was? Any info, thanx.

Fu Old people

03-31-05, 03:51
FU Old People,

You ARE smelling a sewer, it's called Panama Bay. Raw sewage is pumped directly into the Bay, no sewage treatment facilities for the downtown area.
Try walking along Ave Balboa close to the Intercontinental Hotel and the Yacht Club at low tide, the stench is unbelivable.


03-31-05, 09:21
FU Old People,

You ARE smelling a sewer, it's called Panama Bay. Raw sewage is pumped directly into the Bay, no sewage treatment facilities for the downtown area.
Try walking along Ave Balboa close to the Intercontinental Hotel and the Yacht Club at low tide, the stench is unbelivable.


hmm, I think I smell something else besides the untreated Bay. Read the comments and comment your impresions.
Besides this, LAST MINUTE UPDATE, Elite is charging $25 for OPEN BAR on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays, $5 more from the previous rate AND on the other days they are charging $15 cover

Easy Rider 2
04-06-05, 23:18
From Country Suites walk down the Causeway to the Balboa Yacht Club on thursday or friday for happy hour, usually a few locals around looking for fun. Also go to Isla Flamenco at the end of the Causeway on friday and saturday nights. Pros and locals always around. If you have to pay, it's never more than 40.00 or say goodbye.


Majagualo, is TGI Fridays in the Country Suites Hotel? Is there any action there?

Is Balboa Yacht Club within walking distance of Fridays?

I ask because I was just there two weeks ago and am trying to get my bearings. I plan to come back many more times over the next few years and with luck will be staying near there when I visit.

I did get to visit La Gruta Azul (I think it was - the taxi driver just took me there and I don't know what street it was on). Anyway I had a Columbiana, all 3 holes for $50 including $15 more for her. Since I really prefer Asians, she was not my favorite cfs of all time.


04-07-05, 13:36
Easy R 2

Yes, TGI Fridays is connected to Country Suites and no, no a good place for locals, too expensive for them to just hang around.

Balboa yacht Club is about 200 yards South from Country Suites, Thursday, Friday and Saturday's are the only nights with anything happening but can be a lot of fun. Locals make a turn from the Club to Flamenco Island at the end of the causeway, always in a group of 3 or 4. At Flamenco they hang around the small coffee bar very close to the boat haulout ramp.


Want To Piss
04-07-05, 15:01
My name is Want To [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140), a close relative of Want To Play. Just back from my first trip to the city and colon. The sluuuts here are overpriced and there are plenty of them here willing to fuuuck for the dollar. Went to the usual , GT,Mc,Elite,LP, and found that mostly are colombianas willing to do the deed. Many attractive girls, and had some good sex here in the city. But I found hotter girls in Colon. Even though colon is for most part a dump, I went to the Icepalace and another around the corner, and found some gems in the dark. I could not believe it, but there is better selection in colon for the price rather than the city, were most things are expensive.


Want To Piss
04-07-05, 15:36
I am a regular in Panama City and just wanted to let you know that yes these girls are hot, especially the colombianas, but do not forget that they are prostitutes , and they are not to be trusted. I had a encounter with a old friend/ prostitute. Her name is Alexa and lives in punta paitilla. I had good sex with her the other day and found out she is trying to get married to an american. She has a new great body, but is really a prostitute. She told me that she is giving this guy a fake life so that she can get into the United States, and then study and eventually go with another guy. Gentlemen, these colombianas will do anything to get into the United States,do not trust them for a bit.So if your name (AND THIS IS THE TRUTH) IS KEN FROM HOUSTON, TEXAS, DO NOT MARRY ALEXA. She is a whooore from Cali, Colombia, and is using you to get into the United States. Her phone number is 5-- 9870, just as proof that I am not lying and that I really know her. These colombianas will do anything to reach the united states, even create a false life to make them look good, they are such con artists.


Want To Scruw
04-07-05, 15:49
The Colombianas are hot, but dangerous. The Panamanians are not so aggressive, but not as pretty. It is so hard to figure out which is better to hang out with, but I have compiled a list of known colombianas that are trying to get to the United States.I have a list of some the colombianas that are trying to use us Americans so that they can get entry to the united states, then probably eventually take off on you. Here they are :

Alexa, lives in Punta paitilla, dating a guy named Ken from Houston
Karen,lives in Paitilla, good body, bad face
Allison,lives with karen in paitilla, good sex, bad face with no makeup
Natala, used to work at Le palace, is trying to get green card for U.S
Christina, used to work at le palace, in colombia
Maria, elite whoore, tries to work all guys.
Sophia, works at le palace, old golden time *****, dating american, too fat
jessica and brenda, both american boyfriends deceased in war, heartbroken
Joanna, old le palace, in armenia, trying to get green card

This is only a warning, every Colombiana wants to get into the United States, their culture is based mostly on prostitution. Prostitution is a way of life for most Colombianas, they could care less about us Americans, they just want that green card. In conclusion gentlemen, do not get used by these colombianas, you think they love you, but they are just using you for a free ride to America. They have no interest in our culture, just our money.

W to S

04-08-05, 06:53
Hello all,

Passed on my unteenth trip to the kingdom for a taste of something different. Will be in Panama City from the 19th. Would like to hook up for some tail-chasin' with like-minded individuals. If you know your way around. I'll be happy to buy a few!

Staying at the El Panama, worth as shit or no?

Please reply.



04-09-05, 00:19

as for me i was last february 3 weeks in panama and I noticed many (read: almost ALL) colombians among the ***** population in the capital!!
I mean REAL panamenian hookers are HARD to find.....serious.
I also saw some dominicans.
Most of them rather pretty and good looking.

Some of them promise you everything just to get into the States (or Spain).
I didn't even bothered to say I was from Holland..because I know they are NOT intrested to get to that country at al and because i am NOT intrested in to bring Colombianas to my country.

Don't fall for their act. Just have your ways with them without overpaying them. Remember they are HOOKERS!

In one of the hotels were i stayed (the Montreal) they had inhouse hookers.
At first i played stupid (on the first and second day) and acted like i didn't undertood spanish. They only said "cien dollares" (100).....which btw was meant for 1-2 hours of sex!!!

later on when i spoke to them in spanish they became more friendly and lowered their price to 80 dollar. Still to much for me.

I haggled one of them down to 40 bucks for 2 hours of sex. (which is enough for me)
Later on i had several conversations with taxistas and the (male) hotel staff...and they confirmed me that the going rate for 1-2 hours of sex was NOT more then 30 US $.....;-)

But if you don't speak spanish they will overcharge you for sure.

just my 2 € cents.


PS: if you book a room in the Montreal,a driver will pick you up at the airport,and the ride to town is for FREE! (which normaly would have cost US $ 20-25,-)They also have a pool there.

Tiny 12
04-09-05, 01:10
Hotel Montreal. Yes, I had an interesting experience there recently.

It started at the Casino in the Hotel Panama. There were a couple of women hanging out on the couches just outside the door between the hotel and the casino. I was following 3 very attractive looking chicas into the casino, thinking they might be pros or otherwise worth talking with. Anyway, after a few minutes I came to the conclusion they were too young, so headed back out, and the two women were still there on the couch, smiling at me. We talked for a few minutes and then went to the pool to get some drinks.

Alicia was about 27 years old, blond, light skinned and nice figure, from Cali. Very nice woman. Her friend, Eskera, was black, overweight but with giant breasts, and nice too. Eskera was a dual citizen of Panama and Colombia.

I was enjoying their company after a couple of beers and decided I wanted to take Alicia. Then I figured why not take Eskera too. I wasn't sure I wanted to do her -- I'm not particularly attracted to fat women -- but hell, why not have her around.

I really didn't want to head out to the love hotels out near the airport, and there was no way I was going to try to slip these two into my room at the Bristol. So I asked for suggestions, and they said Montreal.

We loaded up in my car and headed over there. Montreal is right on Espana, less than a mile west of the Panama and Continental hotels. Very good location if you've picked up a chica in one of the casinos or off the street on Espana. And as best as I can recall, price for the three of us was only about $30.

We get back to the hotel, and the bellboys are giving Eskera, the black chica, hell. She didn't seem too concerned though -- took it all in stride. A European couple are checking in, a man and his wife, late 30's in age. The guy is just grinning at me, and his wife seems to be entertained as well.

We head up to 2nd floor and are starting to get comfortable (naked) when bellman comes by and opens the door to take a look. Some kind of a voyeur I guess. We chase him off, and Alicia calls down to the desk and tells the receptionist to tell the bellman to quit hassling us. We start to get comfortable again and another bellman comes back, this one to move us up to the 7th floor.

So we take the elevator up and finally get down to business. Alicia apparently is looking for a boyfriend/husband. While Eskera is in the shower, Alicia is telling me how she'll cook, clean, f**k, s**k, and do whatever else any man would desire as long as he takes her and her two kids to the U.S. She also wants to go out on a real date, movies, dinner, etc., the following evening.

So Eskera gets back from her shower, and the two start working me over. I start to get extremely aroused by Eskera, especially when she lays down on her back. Even though she's big, her body is perfectly proportioned. And those cenos are HUGE! I turn over and do the deed with Eskera. About 20 minutes later she heads on off into the sunset, as Alicia wants to spend time with me alone. A lot of time -- all night long and every day until we leave. That doesn't really fit with my plans though, so we spend about another couple of hours together. By now it's about 4:00 AM, and I have things to do the next morning, so it's time to pack up and head out.

While we're walking to my car, the bartender at the Montreal comes out and speaks with Alicia for about 5 minutes. I figure he's putting the move on her, but in reality he's got a customer looking for a woman. So she says good bye and heads back into the Montreal with the next customer.

It was an interesting evening.

Tiny 12
04-09-05, 01:20
[QUOTE=Nojones2]Hello all,

Staying at the El Panama, worth as shit or no?


I really, really like the casino and pool. Catch myself hanging out there a lot, but I've never stayed there. Somebody told me something bad about his room there. I can't remember if it was about the A/C or street noise or what. But anyway place definitely has a lot of character.

Tiny 12
04-09-05, 01:36
Where do you find these women? Any places where they hang out? From your description, it sounds like these women don't work at clubs right now. I ask because I've had good experiences with several Colombian green card sharks in Panama. I never mislead them, but still their performances are a lot more inspired than your run of the mill hookers. I'd like to find more.

I guess casinos are obvious places to try, but how about some others?


Buko Max
04-09-05, 05:26

Is it true that Americans do not need a passport to visit Panama? I don't mean via cruse ship.

Thanks in advance

04-10-05, 03:43

Thats true, an American can enter Panama without a Passport, a DL or birth certificate will work. The problem comes in when you return to the US. As of this past week, to re-enter the US from Central or South America you must have a passport. Your Airline may also require you to have a passport before leaving the US, they're all different.


04-10-05, 12:07
Actually that new rule does not take effect until 2008. according to the following AP article:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Americans will need passports to re-enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, Panama and Bermuda by 2008, part of a tightening of U.S. border controls in an era of terrorist threat, three administration officials said Tuesday.



Thats true, an American can enter Panama without a Passport, a DL or birth certificate will work. The problem comes in when you return to the US. As of this past week, to re-enter the US from Central or South America you must have a passport. Your Airline may also require you to have a passport before leaving the US, they're all different.


04-10-05, 16:02
Right, the full rule for all countries formerly exempt from passport requierments is scheduled for 2008, but as of now on American and Copa you can't fly direct to panama without a passport.


04-11-05, 03:49
[QUOTE=Nojones2]Hello all,

Staying at the El Panama, worth as shit or no?


I really, really like the casino and pool. Catch myself hanging out there a lot, but I've never stayed there. Somebody told me something bad about his room there. I can't remember if it was about the A/C or street noise or what. But anyway place definitely has a lot of character.Thanks for the reply, Tiny 12. As I am already booked, I will look forward to the joints "character", LOL.

I've heard good things about the pool as well. You say you frequent the place...do you live near-by?

PM me if you'd like some company while bikini-spotting, etc.

Thanks again.

04-11-05, 16:46
You'll enjoy El Panama, it's a very nice place, especially Cocos, bar/discoteca, on thursday and friday nights. Working girls will be stationed at the bar directly in front of the enterance doors, available locals will have a table near the dance floor or in the sitting area to your right as you enter. Also just take a table at the cafe in the enterance to the pool, area and they will come to you.

04-12-05, 09:27
You'll enjoy El Panama, it's a very nice place, especially Cocos, bar/discoteca, on thursday and friday nights. Working girls will be stationed at the bar directly in front of the enterance doors, available locals will have a table near the dance floor or in the sitting area to your right as you enter. Also just take a table at the cafe in the enterance to the pool, area and they will come to you.
MajagualoThanks for the heads-up, bro. I leave Hawaii (my base) tomorrow, spend a week with my kids in Dallas, then Panama City on the 19th.

I report this as I will not be able to reply to posts /PMs after tonite. Hopefully I will catch some of you down there and... hopefully (count on it) my next report will be of some interest. ;)

To the few that replied, Thanks for the help, and thank you Jackson for this informative site.