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04-11-02, 08:03
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04-21-02, 13:05
In May I will stay for a week in Costa Blanca at the Decameron hotel, there is somebody that could suggest me some interesting places in that area? Thanks

04-26-02, 03:11
Hi Brontolo

A place named MOCAMBO is about 30 to 45 minutes, girls are cute, you can watch the girls dance before you decide wich one to pick and it´s very accesible only $12.

One nigth i fuck 3 different girls

Senor Amable
04-26-02, 04:16
I need some info on a place in either Panama City or Colon. All I have is the following:
The place has a Bar. The establishment charge $10.00 for ten minutes and the Girls get a chip / ficha for each $10.00 spent. There are about 20 - 25 Girls mostly Colombians and Dominicans. They are closed on Sunday and open around 4:00PM and close around 4:00AM during the week and Saturday.
Each day five or six girls wear the same outfits and have Red bandannas in their hair. These gals act as working hostesses. I understand that you can buy the girls out for the night. The girls also have their own rooms and live on the premises.
The girls when bought a drink (mainly fruit juice) also get a chip/ficha.
Perhaps someone knows a place or two that somewhat fits the bill , that I described above.
Muchas Gracias

04-30-02, 20:21
I have an open question to anyone who can answer it at an time. I will be going ot Panama soon and have heard great things about Le Palace. Does anyone recommend anyone in particluar to see while there? And why? I can't wait to visit so feedback on the girls would be great.


05-02-02, 08:28
Originally posted by funchicago
I have an open question to anyone who can answer it at an time. I will be going ot Panama soon and have heard great things about Le Palace. Does anyone recommend anyone in particluar to see while there? And why? I can't wait to visit so feedback on the girls would be great.

Hello ppl! I live in Panama and I will gladly answer all the questions you might have
Well Le Palace is great but if want to spend lotsa money thats the place to go. The girls are awesome and also the prices, the shows are good but kinda boring and the girls are somewhat frigid.
Ill recommend evryone Elite, just ask any taxi driver for Elite in Calle 50. Its OPEN BAR on monday, wednesdays and saturdays and youll spend only $20 bucks!! thats it 20 bucks for all you can drink! The girls range from very pretty to drop dead gorgeous.
If youre looking for just plain action, ask the taxi to take you to Gruta Azul, for $10 youll get laid for 15 mins, dont let them rip you if they know that youre a tourist!!
As for the massage parlors, i need to get some recon on them so i can give you accurate info

05-17-02, 01:47
I would like to travel to Panama city for a week to check out the scene. Can anyone recommend guest friendly hotels that are decent and close to the action. Any club names or houses with addresses would be appreciated. What can one expect to pay for a hotel. I am interested in Columbian women. Thanks in advance.

05-20-02, 07:04
Originally posted by MRC
I would like to travel to Panama city for a week to check out the scene. Can anyone recommend guest friendly hotels that are decent and close to the action. Any club names or houses with addresses would be appreciated. What can one expect to pay for a hotel. I am interested in Columbian women. Thanks in advance.
hotels near "ground zero area" are the El Panama(expensive), Costa del Sol(average),Continental(expensive i think), Roma(average),Marriot(expensive hehe!), Ambassador Suites(expensive i think), Soloy(average).

As for houses or clubs, you can check my previous posting, and you can also check the following massage parlors(just tell a cab to take you there) Club Miami, Golden Times(excellent commentaries from friends, havent had time to check it by myself), Aquarius (in Galerias Alvear, Via Argentina, also a couple more on the same premises)

Another strip joint you might check is Costa Brava, drinks are $3 on the average, girls range from average to pretty, and the take out charge is around $80 last time i check.

Feel free to drop an email if you need some more info at gaunt@hotmail.com

05-22-02, 07:01
i was in panama about a month ago,had great time, panama is truly paradise when it comes to putas; went to this place called hawaii center on calle arosemena around 30 beautiful girls mostly colombian for the picking, hardest choice i had in a long time, had me this fine caleña brown hair, green eyes, average size but with the roundest ass, i think heir we call it a bubble butt; two hour of ball bustin fun had great time, her name is lorenza, if you get a chance to go to panama enjoy my friends because i did, also went to colon this place called "las flores" don't recomended colon is to dangerous.

06-23-02, 20:00
Colon has a lot of action, but you have to know where you are going and what you are doing. They aren't automatically enamored of Gringos. Find a local police officer and tip him $30.00 U.S. (which they will call Balboas) and you'll be fine all night long, or at least until that officer goes off shift.

06-30-02, 08:42

Are you panamanian? what part of panama are you from? Yo soy de La chorrera

07-10-02, 06:08

07-15-02, 17:03
I may be going to panama in 2 weeks. Can someone tell me where are the best places to stay? What should I expect to pay in a brothel and also for an overnight. Where are the best girls for overnights? Anyone there I can meet up with?

07-16-02, 03:15
Dittoe for me! I may be heading there from Miami in early Sept. Let me know anyone if you will be there. Will be traveling solo, and will be my first trip there.

07-16-02, 05:04

i stay at the bristol hotel. very girlfriendly.

leading hotel of the world chain

$125 a night. perfect location .

everything else is 2nd class. if you have the money spend it. you will leave the hotel well satisfied. they can book the girls for you. the 2 main strip bars are 100 yards away. all the massage places are a 5 minute ride.


07-17-02, 01:31
thanks for the info. But $125 per night sounds kind of expensive for there. What will the girls costs then?

07-19-02, 02:20
its really a great hotel.
you can go to any massage place and get laid for $80 us.
usually 1 hour. also go to elite or le palace strip club and get the phone # of any girls you like. they all have cell phones. then call the next day and book in the afternoon or early evening before they go to work.

check out the bristol when you are there if you decide to stay someplace else.
read the past boards for massage places

i like GOLDEN TIME or golden tune at plaza mirage. they open at 8 pm
cost around 80 us + a 10 dollar tip

marriott hotel is not girl friendly.

08-01-02, 15:47
If anyone needs a guide drop me an email gaunt@hotmail.com

Rabo Verde
09-18-02, 08:16
Panama city expert here. GREAT destination, better than Costa Rica, IMHO. Very modern city with low crime and no third world B.S. Prostitution legal and not hidden. The currency is the DOLLAR! ATM's on every corner. Good food and clean water. Internet cafe's on every corner, $1 an hour fast connections. Lotsa good hotels, negotiate and ask for corporate rate, usually get 1/3-1/2 discount. Recommend Coral Suite apart-hotel and Sevilla Apart-Hotel, both small hotels for around $50 a night, after minor haggling, with kitchenette, TV, pool, A/C, good security, good locations, girl friendly. Lotsa larger hotels available, including 5 star with casinos, but I prefer easy in easy out. Taxis cost $2-$4 anywhere in the city, even half hour rides, if they ask for more (rare) they are cheating you. Most ignorant taxi drivers in the world, rip the "masaje" and "night club" pages out of the yellow pages to show them addresses. Go direct to Golden Times 20 chicas 7-10, $90 an hour in nice clean room. Also, Miami Bar, 20+ chicas 6-10, $80 an hour in nice clean room. All nighters run about $200, YMMV. Most of the chicas, as everywhere, have cell phones, and you can arrange a cheaper date by setting up a private meeting for about $100 all night, or more likely all DAY b4 she goes to work. Do this very discreetly, as the bar owners are always trying to catch the girls working on the side, and will fine them or deport them. For darker meat, try ACROPOLI club, which has some FINE dominican chicas, prob better than you will find in Dominica! You will be constantly touted to go to Josephines and Le Palace, worth a visit, nobody shows there til 11 P.M., very pretty girls, very high prices ($200+ short time), expensive drinks. Not worth the extra $$$ over GT or Miami, except you can ask for cell phone and set up private day date for about $100, nice because they can hang with you for dinner and do not have to "report" to work until 11PM. Almost all of the really hot chicas are NOT panamanian, but rather Colombian, fleeing from the fuckup in Colombia, many college chicas from Medellin and Cali. True GFE experience possible, and then you will get to hear the sob story... the brothels are run by mean Chinese who keep the girls indentured, "I owe my hole to the company store", my mom needs surgery, etc. Very easy to fall into the "rescuer" mentality if you are not experienced. The Colombianas work on 3 month contracts, and can renew once, so they are pretty fresh and sweet and nice, and not many hardened *****s. Basic Spanish very helpful, but not absolutely necessary. The girls LOVE a little respect and flirting or a flower, etc. No street scene visible, and no need for. Cheap short-time available for $20-30, with rated 4-6 girls, at various seedy bars in the old town, but the above mentioned places are 200% better for a few extra bucks. This is a BEAUTIFUL country, just south of Costa Rica, and for some reason CR gets all the tourists. Check out Panama! It is like Costa Rica in 1975. Fun to go see the canal too. Flew on COPA from MIAMI cheap, nice airline with newer planes. Also COPA flies at night, so you don't lose a day coming or going. They give frequent flier miles on MOST U.S. Airlines, but you have to ask. Give it a shot! Better than CR. Much safer, and much shorter flight than Rio or B.A.

09-19-02, 02:57

lets keep this sleeper to ourselves. you nailed it to a "t"

i love gt

i happen to love le palace even more. what you see is what you get. the cell phone afternoon meeting are the the very best.


09-20-02, 02:29
[QUOTE]Originally posted by chuponalgas
[i]Panama city expert here. GREAT destination, better than Costa Rica, IMHO. Very modern city with low crime and no third world B.S. Prostitution legal and not hidden. The currency is the DOLLAR! ATM's on every corner. Good food and clean water. Internet cafe's on every corner, $1 an hour fast connections. Lotsa good hotels, negotiate and ask for corporate rate, usually....

I can confirm all the info chupo posted, ill check around my hardrive to see i have some photos of a couple of girls from le palace and josephines.

Rabo Verde
09-20-02, 10:25
Starfe, etc., yeah but I have made friends with some of the girls at GT and Miami Bar, and biz is so slow they are really hurting! You would think the owners would lower the price to bring more biz in, but that is not the latin way: Hey Carlos, our biz is down by half, we better double the price so we don't lose any money!!!
Anyway, amazing how 1,000s of Gringos go to CR a few hundred miles away, but seem to think PTY is at war or something. PTY makes San Jose look like a 3rd world pit! Do you live in PTY or just visit?

09-21-02, 02:16
im panamenian if anyone comes down me here let me know and ill setup a tour de force around the premises!!

09-21-02, 17:28
been there 3 times in the last 14 months. planning on going down in late nov for 3 days. your right about not looking 3rd world. san jose is such a dump of a city. the best hotel i could find in or near the city was the camino real hotel and they are not girl friendly.

the reason for the higher prices is the fact they are pegged to the dollar. my opinion only.
i aslo like the massage place near shula's restaurant called carribean club( i think ).
is there a better massage place then GT????????

09-24-02, 00:56
try yigael@yahoo.com

09-24-02, 01:43
Panama has an amazing construction boom going. There are all kinds of new hotels.

The upscale community called El Dorado and newer part of Panama is nice and safe.

I really like the seafood restaurants especially Centolla's Place and an upscale restaurant called Siete Maries.

It is easy to rent a car and go to the beach. You are talking about anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes drive.

A lot of the working ladies in the clubs have Sundays off and love it when they meet a guy that has a car to go to the beach.

The working women are probably 95% Colombian and Dominican. There has been a tremendous increase in working girls from Columbia. And many are absolutely gorgeous. I know some of you are not into massage parlors. But, most are working in massage parlors and the rest in expensive strip clubs La Palace, Elite One and Elite Two which used to be Josephine. Your can pay to take the girls out of the massage parlor for an hour or the night. But, its best to date the girl the first time at the massage parlor. Once the owner and girls feel they can trust you, you can actually call and have the girl you want come to your hotel. The Panama reports submitted by Gaunt Man on May 22 and 17 and also the post by Chuponalgas are pretty accurate. Except, the price for all night with a top girl is $300 -$340.

Panama prices are pretty much in line with what the owners know is being charged in Costa Rica for top girls. Golden Times in the number one massage parlor. I know the owner (Maria) real well and I was around when her husband and she started the business. Maria speaks English well, but is very seldom there. The other two ladies running the place are her sisters. Golden Times, The Miami Bar, and Caribbean Center are all located in the El Dorado neighborhood. If you ever go to Panama recommend you go to all just to see what's available. There is no entrance fee. And all of the girls will be shown to you. A group of three massage parlors is located in a parking lot off of Galerias Alvear and Via Argentina. The taxi driver know Aquarius and there are two other massage parlors. One is Oriental something. I went in the daytime, met a beautiful Costa Rican girl that was getting off of work at 7pm and we went out afterward.

Hotels I like Apthotels. My favorite is a place in New Panama called Torres de Alba. It is similar to Art Suites but much larger. Also, there is a washer/dryer in kitchen area. And some have minibars. The rate is $70-$75 for night.

Another nice one that's mentioned is the Ambassador Suites, same rates. Right besides the Ambassador Suites is a simple Hampton Inn type hotel, but no breakfast included, for $45-45 a night. Sorry, I don't remember the name. Also, the AptHotel Las Vegas is an older, but well respected, sometimes noisy because of the traffic, chica friendly hotel right besides the Torres de Alba. If you tell a taxi driver you want to go to the Torres de Alba, they don't know where it is, just say you want to go to AptHotel Las Vegas. All taxi driver know this hotel. I would not stay at Soloy. It is not being maintained. But, you can check out the disco on the top floor on Fridays and Saturdays. Some pros sit around the bar.

The Hotel Panama has a band on Friday and Saturdays. Sometimes you can meet some Panamanian pros sitting around the bar. But, this approach is time consuming. I have made friends with girls who weren't working but just out to dance and have a good time. I think it is best to discretely ask a bartender or waiter. Sometimes the Caesar's Park Palace hotel has working girls in its bars. But, this hotel is in an isolated, but safe and upscale neighborhood called San Francisco. It is a nice place to take a girl you meet.

Other places The problem with going to other places for cheap women, you need a guide.


Outside hotel Panama there are guys hustling you to take you to all of the massage parlors. If a driver brings you to the massage parlor and you choose a lady it is $90 because the driver gets $10. Otherwise, if you catch a regular taxi and go to a massage parlor, it is $80. They can be abrasive and aggressive, but there are a few older more reserved taxi drivers that I always pick to show me around and I never have a problem. Just, say you want to see more than massage parlors.

The Acropolis Club, I think is in Old Panama in an area called Santa Ana. There are generally some really nice Dominican girls and a few Panamanian girls working there. But, you shouldn't go in this area along.

Also, in Old Panama right at the beginning of Central Avenue Shopping District where no cars are allowed, there is a hotel where you go up the stairs, and walk around on each floor. Mostly Dominican chicks are sitting in the door of their small rooms looking to service customers. Be warned generally the girls are not great looking-but I have run across a couple of decent looking girls and they all provided really good service for $25-$30. The girls work out of there rooms because they don't have papers to stay in Panama.

Besides Gutza Azul, there is Gloria and a place called Phenix.

Rabo Verde
09-24-02, 23:29
I am temporarily in Canada. STARFE and anyone else who wants to talk private about PANAMA CITY, TIJUANA, B. AIRES or RIO, can reach me at chuponalgasNOSPAM@yahoo.com (remove capitalized word).

Rabo Verde
10-05-02, 10:46
A few new notes on NPTY:
Current selection at Miami Bar and Golden Times (both open 8PM-4AM) is very Good, and first timers and non-Spanish speakers should look no further. GT and/or MB will take care of you in a nice, clean, perfectly safe environment. Girls get complete physical exam every week, and are fined and deported if they mistreat a customer. Normal price for onsite 60-90 minute service is $60-90. Bad times in Neighboring Colombia are sending 100s of absolutely stunning Chicas to neighboring countries. Broad selection of 7-10s.

Be aware that most taxi drivers will want to drag you to wherever is paying the best commission that week, and they may tell you they never heard of GT or MB, the girls all have AIDS, etc. and this is absolute BS. We checked out EVERY dive in Panama. in order to save you the trouble. Fun to run around and slum it for one night, but you will not find any other on-site service anywhere as noice as GT and MB.

Very few ripoffs in Panama City, compared to say Mexico City, Manilla, or Costa Rica. Much safer and cleaner, in general than say Miami or Chicago. Taxis pretty much anywhere within the city cost $2 or less. Occasionally a taxi driver will ask you if you want him to wait, and then try to charge you $20 for waiting. At the places mentioned there are ALWAYS taixs, or they will get you one within 5 minutes, so don{t bother. But overall there is much less of this nonsense than elsewhere; very few touts, louts etc.

There are also two very upscale clubs, Le Palace and Elite II. BOTH CLUBS HAVE 20 plus girls of which half are 10s (trust me). There are a few problems however. Nobody really shows up at Elite II until 10PM and Le Palace at 11 PM, which is a little late for me. They both charge about $7 per beer or $15-20 for a name brand drink. Elite II has a special 3 days a week, $20 for all you can drink. They both offer $10 chair dances and $25 private booth dances, touch but no penetration, infrared camera in booth. As anywhere, do not let a girl sit with you and order drinks, as they wills erve her ginger ale for $10 a pop. They do not offer on-site full service, and after paying the bar fine and the girl, you are paying $250-$400 to take her to YOUR hotel.... OUCH. Here is the trick, the girls are very eager to get "citas privadas" during the day, $100 for first hour, ymmv. So go to the club, nurse one over-priced beer, pick out a girl, pay $10 for the full nude lap dance if desired, then ask DISCREETLY for her "numero cellular" and call her during the day. The clubs do not like the girls giving out their numbers, so do this quietly!
This is a little difficult unless you speak some Spanish. BUT, you can end up with a Pamela Anderson, Brittney Spears, or Penelope Cruz lookalike in your room, shaved, oiled and ready for action!
Any questions will be promptly answered by Sir ChupoNalgas, Jedi Whooooremaster (Go with the whooooooores, Luke!)

10-10-02, 21:46
yo chupo, you panamenian? seems like you know every dive in pty up & down!!
youre missing an "old but new" joint, is called La Mayor. Most chicas there are mainly those that didnt qualify for a place at Lepalace or Elite, they are all around 6-8 with an ocassional 9-10 around.
They have full service at the local and is $10 for 15 min. there are constant strip shows and after the chica finishes dancing you can talk to her to take them upstairs

Rabo Verde
10-12-02, 03:51
Nah, gringo here. Just love PTY

10-15-02, 01:18


10-23-02, 03:23
another fine place to know new girls is a discoteque, named Foxy, in the dorado area. you have only to buy a few beers to the girls and , the rest is history....

10-23-02, 18:23
Hi All

Operate on an interesting schedule. Usually, I arrive around 9:00pm and leave at 6:00am. Stay at the InterContinental. Are GT or MB close and efficient enough for a (very) quick visit?


10-25-02, 01:57

Check this site:


find a link named Chicas Zafiro

There is a gallery with the girls and their phones

Rabo Verde
10-26-02, 00:00
JavMan, yes, onsite service at either MB or GT, $80 an hour, very good service, lotsa choice, they are both open 8 PM -4 AM, maybe slightly less on Sunday. From the Intercontinental either one is a $2/10 minute cab ride. Suggest you try GT first. Note that Cabbie may play stupiud, insist that another place is better, GT is closed, all the girls have AIDS, or he doesn't know where GT is. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! He wants to take you to a dump, where they pay a commission, or to Le Palace, where the same thing costs $300+. Insist: "Golden Times, Tumba Muerta" (this is the name of the neighborhood).

10-26-02, 16:22
any street address & zipcode available for GT? Thx in advance.

Rabo Verde
10-27-02, 02:12
"Golden Times Masajes, Tumbas Muertas" should get you there. Tumbas Muertas is the name of the neighborhood, must have been a cemetary there once upon a time. GT is in a two story strip mall across from a McDonalds and a supermarket. It is also listed in the Panama phone book under "Clubes" and "masajes". If you don't speak Spanish, not a bad idea to tear out the page to show to cabbies. It is world-famous and they should all know where it is, they just play dumb sometimes, especially if you don't speak Spanish, to try to take you somewhere else where they get a commission. Panama city is very compact, the main area is only about 5 miles square. Cabs are highly regulated and not metered, go on a zone system. Cab ride between any two points in the city center is less than $2. I don't even ask the fare, just hand them $2 when I arrive.

10-27-02, 15:59
To respond to the previous posts about the location of Golden Times Massage. "Tumba Muertas" actually isn't the name of the neighborhood, it is the name of the street. It is so named because it is one of the most dangerous streets in Panama City, Traffic fatality wise. The neighborhood is actually called "Dos Mares" (pronounced dos mar es). The strip mall that GT is located in is called "Plaza California". To sum it all up, just get in a taxi and ask them to take you to Plaza California in Dos Mares. This will save you about ten dollars on the admission, since if you ask the taxi to take you to the club, they will get a commission which the club recoups by charging you more. Once you pay the taxi fare, simply wait until he drives off and then walk the thirty feet to the entrance. You can't miss it, it has a neon sign out front with the name.

Also to correct the previous post, last time I checked GT was still closed on Sundays. But Miami Club is open.

By the way, in case anyone is interested. GT s is the club that Samual L. Jackson was busted in by the local Press!


10-27-02, 16:25
Originally posted by Rastaman
Please tell me...what happened to Samuel L. Jackson???

Keep it under your Panama hat...

Happily married actor Samuel L. Jackson is at the centre of a controversy after a journalist claimed he was spotted in a Central American house of ill-repute. Jackson joined Pulp Fiction co-star John Travolta in Panama City, to film the new action movie Basic.

And local press are reporting the star enjoyed more than work on his trip. Top Panamanian TV reporter Ubaldo Davis reveals, "I got a call from someone saying that Mr. Jackson was at Golden Times bordello, and that he'd been there for three hours. We set up outside.

Around midnight, a bunch of bodyguards came out escorting to a car a tall black man with a towel over his head." And Davis thinks he has reason to believe the man was Jackson, explaining, "The bodyguards were members of the presidential guard. I saw them at a disco hours later, and they were escorting Jackson. A girl at Golden Times explained that Mr. Jackson had been playing golf that morning and was just looking for a massage. He posed for pictures with the girls before he left."

End of story. The star, who is married to actress Latanya Richardson, has refused to comment.

10-27-02, 20:40
Originally posted by jamesbond69
Keep it under your Panama hat...

Happily married actor Samuel L. Jackson is at the centre of a controversy after a journalist claimed he was spotted in a Central American house of ill-repute. Jackson joined Pulp Fiction co-star John Travolta in Panama City, to film the new action movie Basic.

And local press are reporting the star enjoyed more than work on his trip. Top Panamanian TV reporter Ubaldo Davis reveals, "I got a call from someone saying that Mr. Jackson was at Golden Times bordello, and that he'd been there for three hours. We set up outside.

Around midnight, a bunch of bodyguards came out escorting to a car a tall black man with a towel over his head." And Davis thinks he has reason to believe the man was Jackson, explaining, "The bodyguards were members of the presidential guard. I saw them at a disco hours later, and they were escorting Jackson. A girl at Golden Times explained that Mr. Jackson had been playing golf that morning and was just looking for a massage. He posed for pictures with the girls before he left."

End of story. The star, who is married to actress Latanya Richardson, has refused to comment.

10-28-02, 05:15
golden time is at the
plaza mirage shopping center

11-05-02, 05:19
I have moved here to panama about a year ago, and Yes Golden Time is the best.

However, how many time can you go to the same place?
Is there more?
How about girsl who work out of thier apartments?

Fat Bastard
11-06-02, 03:52
I too would like to know about the girls that work out of their apartments.


11-09-02, 14:00
who is the best at Golden Time? Any girlfriend-experience available?

Rabo Verde
11-09-02, 20:58
Depends what kinda girl you like, and whether you speak Spanish. Best performer is #15, a voluptuous blonde colombian and a steller perfomer. New girls every week, and they inherit prior numbers, so very hard to keep track. GT is great for on-site service, but they are very strict, girl gets a BIG fine and trouble for making private dates. They have the police come and arrest a girl and deport her back to Colombia in handcuffs a few times a year, just to remind the other girls of the rules... For citas privadas, go to Le Palace, buy a $7 beer, bring a pencil and paper, and get a $10 lap dance (not the $30 in the private room, same dance) and ask the girl for their cell phone number. Times are very slow there, because it costs $350 to take a girl home from there direct. Therefore all of those beautiful girls are starving and 99% will meet you during the day on her own at your hotel for $100/hr. And those are the most spectacular, playboy playmate girls, many with a year or two of college. Same at Elite II, Miami CLub. At all but Le Palace, must be very discreet getting the girl's private number as the clubs do not like the girls screwing them out of their "multa". The owner of Le Palace is apparently a rich older French guy who makes his money on the $7 beers and $10 mixed drinks, and the occasional rich drunk Chinese guy, and doesn't give a shit what the girls do on their days off. You will be amazed at the quality of the girls there.

11-10-02, 13:18
hi, thx for sharing your experience. I just tried the blond. You know what? She stunk, bad mood, very impatient, unfriendly, insatiate for money but no performance at all, big turn off, in my regards she is really not whorthwhile... perhaps she was kind of drunk or on drugs or something... also tried a tall dark haired columbian. nice skin. cordial, nice breasts, likes to swallow, very good investment.

Rabo Verde
11-11-02, 03:02
DEFINITELY not the same Blonde! The supervisor's name is Juan and if you are friendly and tip him a few bucks when he brings you a beer, he will make recommendations. As for apartment girls, not much action in Panama, because the best girls are Colombian, and they all work in the clubs anyway, and share a bedroom with four other girls. I have a friend who works at Le Palace and she says the gorgeous girls are starving, no clients. Go buy a $7 beer, make it last, and get some cell phone numbers. They will all go to your place for an hour during the day for $100 (Don't ASK or they will try to get $200, just tell em "cita privada para cien dolares") ... THOSE GIRLS ARE ALL 8-10'S! They have no sense of time 5 PM CAHT "Central American Hoooor Time... " can mean anywhere from 5-10 PM. If you wanna be sure, try this trick: go to bed early, get up and go to Le Palace at 3. The girls get off at 4 AM, take one to coffee and hotel. Actually kinda fun. If any of you are really nice and really shy, we could probably actually give you some cell phone numbers... but better to go pick on your own.

11-14-02, 04:53
I had a similar experince with the Blond. She is a waste of time.

Rabo Verde
11-17-02, 22:33
Hard to make any long-term recommendations as the girls change weekly. If you like a sweet small pretty girl, ask for Jimena (himmenna) at GT, if she is still there, Very nice smile and long black hair. Not a screamer but very nice and sweet, if you are nice to her.

11-19-02, 05:07
Does anyone know if there is anything on Isla Contadora. I am going there for a few days in December.

11-19-02, 20:43
Isla Contadora has some very beautiful beaches, one of which is a nude beach, although it is very seldom used. The island is very small and remote. I do not think you will be able to practice our favorite hobby there unless you bring your own company. Trust me, any of the girls from Elite or La Palace would kill for a free trip there and would be more than appreciative. If you have the time and resources, that would be my suggestion.


11-20-02, 03:27
Yes,Contadora is beautiful, but no action. It is a great place to visit though, it is on the humid side. I go there about 3 times a year with family.

How about private girls that operate web sites. Any such thing? Anyone that speaks English would be great.

11-21-02, 03:37
I've lived here in Panama City for 3 years now and have been amazed at the number of people who are so impressed by the local strip clubs/massage parlors. Talk about a rip off. The absolute best you can do is simply go to any of the better discos, Cocos, Malibu, ect, or even to Farmers across from hospital San Fernando on via Espana. Sit at the bar, take your pick, buy them a drink or two and you're on your way. The idea that you have to pay one cent more than 40.00 for a piece of good ass here is absurd.

11-21-02, 03:54
Thanks for the ideas. I may try to take someone from Panama City or the internet as suggested.

11-23-02, 18:33
Had a quick, 36-hour excursion to Panama City with a good buddy. Thanks to all your help, we made the most of every moment between 10pm arrival, and 7am departure one and one-half days later.

Started out at EliteII (after all, it was a Monday, and $20 for all you can drink definitely set the mood). What amazed us was how good the service was. I suspected that waiters would be hard to find, and they'd push rot-gut on us. Instead, they were attentive and pleasant, rarely allowing us to drain our current drinks before a refill.

It was a fun atmosphere. While the first "production" show was a bit hokey, we began to appreciate the semi-hourly numbers for their variety and effort. They ranged between sexy and silly. The high light for all was a singing trio that transformed the audience into an enthusiastic high school fieldtrip to see Elvis! The girls ALL sang along and danced in the aisles. Quite fun, really.

Anyway, I spent most of the evening with a very nice Columbian girl named Tatiana. She is 22 with a rock-hard stomach (my thing), a very pleasant smile and a sweet demeanor. I didn't buy any drinks for her, but purchased 2 table-side lap dances for $10 each. I also arranged for a rendezvous for the following afternoon...

Around 2:45AM, we left for Golden Times. Funny how everything you guys posted came true. The hustling cab drivers who always want to take you somewhere other than your destination. Then he decided to wait for us. I told him he was loco, but whatever he wanted to do, then, upon dropping us off at our hotel wanting $20...

The facility is clean and comfortable. You are escorted by the girls into a 20'X8' room equipped with black lounge chairs. They offer you a drink (2 are included in your $90 tuition). The girls are then paraded individually but briefly. We asked for a second round, which was very helpful. I literally took notes, as I know my annebriated, dyslexic brain would screw up. Upon choosing based on numbers fastened to their clothing, the girl joins you to get to visit. There seemed to be no rush to go upstairs and, once there, clock-watching did not seem to be any issue, whatsoever.

Anyway, among some terrific talent, I chose Erika, not the most glamorous or youngest, but she seemed to have a certain sense of energy and friendliness about her. It was an okay choice. No DFK's and didn't like finger play very much. She also would have come back to the hotel for a nice place to sleep for no additional money.

My buddy chose 41, an exotic, polynesian-looking beauty. Turns out he hit the jackpot. He can post with details.

Tatiana did come visit the next day for $100. She was very affectionate and enthusiastic with DFK's, and BBBJ. Only issue for me was fairly bad breath and the sense that she hadn't showered that day. I think I woke her with the phone call, and we didn't have much time, so she may have rushed without showering OR brushing her teeth. She forgot her passport, setting us up for a potential hassle with the front desk.


Looked at several places, and spent some time in La Palace (the neon "e" is extinguished, so it will forever be known as La Polack to us). Gils there, on average, are a notch above Elite. Drinks are $6.50 and up for us, as noted, but dances are reasonable at $10 and $25. In fact, the table dance for $10 is better than Elite in that it is nude. The dances I got and those that I observed were better production-wise, but not as intimate as at Elite.

Price asked for takeout was around $320. We didn't discuss next-day possibilities, as our flight left early. Seemed they wanted $200 for themselves plus the house bribe, as a rule.

Moved on to Miami Club. I was surprised how different MC was compared to GT. MC is a more traditional bar and was fairly well lit, which didn't do most of the talent any favors. There were a couple of 7's, but mostly 4-6's. The place was unbelievably smoky. The bartender was a nice guy, though, and the girls seemed personable. Price apparently $80.00.

We decided not to partake.

Thanks again to everyone who made this quick trip so memorable and easy. If you have any other questions, please post and I'll reply.


11-25-02, 07:13
last minute info(at least here in the forum) Keep it low profile and check this site
site is most in spanish but the operator speaks english, TOP NOTCH SERVICE and prices are not that high, tell them that yigael recommended you, i get 20% discount on any service!! =-)
also check this one
and check the Chicas Zafiro section, havent tried this one but looks cool

Rabo Verde
11-27-02, 20:15
Very nice short skinny blonde, Sandra, at Miami Club, or private at 601-4474

11-27-02, 21:52
Sorry, I asked my buddy and he has no recollection of the polynesian-looking girl's name. For what it's worth, she was number 41.


What is the general price range????



11-30-02, 19:53
For a strip show and good full service sex for prices between $15-$30 including the room check out (Club Capri). Ask any taxi driver to take you. I have lived in Panama City for a couple of years and the idea of paying more than $15/$40 for sex with a 8-10 is crazy.

11-30-02, 20:21
The "polynesian" chicks name is Cicibel and she lives in La Chorrera. She hangs at Mi Rincon, very close to the Marriot and Sorento Pizzeria.

11-30-02, 21:38
Originally posted by JavMav
Sorry, I asked my buddy and he has no recollection of the polynesian-looking girl's name. For what it's worth, she was number 41.


What is the general price range????



last time i got 2 girls for $150 for 2 hours, massage w/hot oil and lez show
it depends on the package you choose
had to get another mail because mine keeps filling with junk, any1 visiting drop me an email so i can arrange a tour of the premises at themothman1138@hotmail.com

12-01-02, 04:59
Thanks JavMav and GauntMan for the excellent posts. You have convinced me to give PTY a try in the first week of January. Three questions.
1. What do Panamanian chicas think of gringos?
2. What action is at Shulas and TGI Fridays?
3. What is the best plan for a GFE all-nighter?

12-08-02, 02:12
Originally posted by Cowboy1
Thanks JavMav and GauntMan for the excellent posts. You have convinced me to give PTY a try in the first week of January. Three questions.
1. What do Panamanian chicas think of gringos?
2. What action is at Shulas and TGI Fridays?
3. What is the best plan for a GFE all-nighter?

theres no action (as far as I know)at shulas or tgi fridays, theyre just restaurants
as for a best plan for an all nighter, it could be rather hard, depending on where you are going, ill take the elite place as an example
when i go there, i usually strike conversation with the chosen girl, get a couple of drinks for her, i try to be very nice with her, but i dont press the issue that night, just leave and come the reap the fruits another day
the next time i get there around 2am, she jumps at me when she sees me coming(if shes not with another customer)and we sit and have a couple of drinks and then i tell her what are we gonna do after the club, and the rest is history

thats my plan that has worked wonders for me.

12-17-02, 23:26
I'm also planning on January run. Are many sex workers around or are they away for holidays? Would it be better to postpone trip until late January or February or later?

12-19-02, 14:49
Originally posted by TJesdabomb
I'm also planning on January run. Are many sex workers around or are they away for holidays? Would it be better to postpone trip until late January or February or later?

its the same level for the sex workers for holidays, but theres an advantage of postponing till february or march. CARNIVAL!!!

I might be able to set up a carnival trip if enough people show up, at least 10, 9 or 8, that might include a special plane package, transportation, hotel or house accomodations and, of course, girls!!

but we have to set this up by mid jan, because carnival accomodations start to fill up even now in the december.

12-21-02, 03:25
Gauntman. As usual, you have much insight.
1.What is Carnival like?
2.What is the deal on get an allnighter for a GT Colombian chica back at the hotel?
3.What are native Panamanian women like?


01-02-03, 04:02
Ok fellow mongers, I am headed to PTY from 1/8-1/11. The valuable information has prepared me well. I will definitely go by GT and La Palace to set up afternoon sessions. I will also go to Club Liquid and other discos hunting for semis. A report will follow my return. Please let me know if anyone will be around. Reply here or at my e-mail address of cavs999@swbell.net.

Rabo Verde
01-04-03, 09:49
Cowboy, you will have a blast. Elite II, Miami clubs also good for getting cell phone numbers, making day dates. At GT and E2, you have to ask very quietly, because the girls can get DEPORTED back to Colombia by the mgt. if caught making private dates. The Owner of Le Palace is an old French guy who doesn't give a shit. Do you speak Spanish? Do you know where you are gonna stay? One good tip, Panama uses U.S. Currency. Get $50 in singles before you go to pay cabs, tips, etc., I never had enough singles.

01-04-03, 21:26
Thanks for your response, Chuponalgas. I have found your information valuable. I decided to stay at the Bristol based on the recommmendations on WSG and received a pretty good corporate rate for a 5 star hotel. I know a little Spanish but am pretty outgoing especially after some refreshments.

I am being met at the airport by a hot Panamanian chica who I met in SJO. I will have fun with her for the first 24 hours and then move on to business. That is probably good because Wednesday nights are probably not as good as Thurs-Sat. I will probably run by Club Liquid just to get the "lay of the land", no pun intended.

After the initial tour, then I will go on my quest for trophy Colombians( without having to go to the war zone). Of course, I will report back to WSG and Club ****** when I return.

I have two questions for you if you please.
1. How is the PTY Carnival?
2. What are typical Panamanian women like, especially ones with some of Indian mix?

01-05-03, 21:59

you will love le palace. you will love the bristol. use the staff to book any appt while there. they were a major help for me. i was there for 4 days last month been staying there every trip to panama.
le palace:ask for "poppy". he is 1 of the waiters there.
speaks english and knows the girls.

you can book a girl for 4am . ( no cover charge) just tell her to come to the bristol and they will ring you when she gets there.

make sure you get lots a printed business cards when you check in at the hotel. they are free.

have fun. panama is a little hidden treasure. be sure and get to le palace by 10:30 pm . if you like a girl you can book her then and have her meet you at later. i have noticed that the clubs haVE BEEN GETTING BUSIER OVER THE LAST YEAR OR SO.

01-07-03, 11:40
panama sounds alot like costa rica any deals or is rookies driving the prices up i am stoping over 1 day on fat tuesday or whatever thy call it in panama .hey any ideas seem like the clubs are real hi

01-07-03, 21:29
Originally posted by vagringo
panama sounds alot like costa rica any deals or is rookies driving the prices up i am stoping over 1 day on fat tuesday or whatever thy call it in panama .hey any ideas seem like the clubs are real hi

I lived in Panama for four years from 1995 thru 1999 and have visited as recently as last year, and although it is a great place to chase women (professional, amateur and semi-pro) it in no way compares to Costa Rica. If you have a choice between the two, do yourself a favor and take a trip to San Jose.


01-07-03, 22:15
if money is not a problem then you will love panama city.

maybe not the city but the " working girls"

01-08-03, 04:19
Hi Trojan.
I have been living in Panama, and was wondering why you preffer Costa Rica?

01-08-03, 08:48
by no means costa rica has its place for 50 year old gringos but it is over rated and over price all i am asking is I would like to see panama on a stop over I go to the source columbia and peru so if all panama is recycled girls from other countrys then i will skip it so are they morenas or indian or both all i know is fom my amigos so spill the beans .

01-08-03, 20:35
Originally posted by man
Hi Trojan.
I have been living in Panama, and was wondering why you preffer Costa Rica?

First, in my experience the selection of women is much greater in Costa Rica. Panama is mostly locals, Columbians and Dominicans. Costa Rica seems to draw women from all over Latin America.
Second, when it comes to professionals and semi-pros, I found it much easier to find a girlfriend experience in Costa Rica.
Third, There is a much more established sex tourism business in Costa Rica than in Panama. Most of the clubs in Panama seem more oriented towards the locals.
Forth, the overall attitude of the people in Costa Rica towards tourism is much better than in Panama. I'm not speaking of sex tourism but tourism in general. Costa Rica's number one import is tourism dollars. In Panama they don't have the first clue how to treat tourists. The people are rude, unfriendly and just don't care. I'm not trying to run down Panamanians; in fact I'm married to one. I'm just stating a well-known fact, Panama has not developed it's potential as a tourist destination. You can't screw 24 hours a day and Costa Rica gives you much more do during your down time. They are very big on eco-tourism.
Fifth, Ticas are some of the most beautiful women in the world.
Sixth, Panama has gone way down hill since the U.S. Military left. There used to be four Josephine's clubs, each with twice the number of women working in them as are now working at Elite 2. The Quality has decreased too, the last time I visited Elite, the best looking woman there would have been the bottom of the barrel four years ago.


01-08-03, 20:42
Originally posted by vagringo
by no means costa rica has its place for 50 year old gringos but it is over rated and over price all i am asking is I would like to see panama on a stop over I go to the source columbia and peru so if all panama is recycled girls from other countrys then i will skip it so are they morenas or indian or both all i know is fom my amigos so spill the beans .

It is technically illegal for a Panamanian citizen to work as a prostitute in Panama. Yes, you will still find a few locals turning tricks but the majority are imports. Your best bet to find a local is with an amateur or a semi-pro.

01-12-03, 02:43
OK Mongers, just got back from my 4 day visit to PTY. I can barely walk but I can type. Here are my observations:

1. My Panamanian semi-pro who met me at the airport was awesome. Very friendly and great in the sack. Most of the Panamanian women are of mixed blood but very hot! The only true white women are Colombians and the small Panamanian upper class.
2. Golden Time. Say no more, everyone must go. It's kind of like a Colombian beauty contest with you being the sole judge. I will not say more because this subject has been extensively reviewed.
3. Bristol Hotel. Awesome place. Babes were thoroughly impressed and it paid off.
4. Disco's. Scored with a semi-pro and a non-pro
at discos. If you are Yankee like I am, you will be noticed. I think I saw only one or two Americans the whole time I was there. I thoroughly enjoyed Club Liquid and the Cantina.
5. Josephines. Full of hot Colombians. Thanks to my friends on WSG, I set up several afternoon/dinner sessions the next day. Great place! I did not get to Elite's so I can not compare.

Overall, I enjoyed PTY because the parts of town I was in were safe and clean. It is also nice to see alot of water. It is not a bargain type of place but the restaurants are great and the overall costs pretty decent. Taxis were a bargain! I went to SJO last Novemeber and found that the two mongering scenes very different, but both are great.

Last bits of advice.
1. Dress sharp because the ladies like it.
2. Spanish is good but not a requirement. My broken Spanish did great at the discos.
3. Look like a Yankee. PTY is very Americanized but without the Americans thanks to the Canal Treaty. The girls LOVE Americans ( and their money).
4. Panamanian chicas live to dance. Meringue will do fine!
5. Take some chicas over the causeway to the Amador area and party there before hitting the sack. It is an awesome sight on a Friday night!
6. El Dorado Mall has some pretty hot ladies to look at.

That is it for now. I would love to answer any questions. I am making my reservations for the Carnival in early March.

01-12-03, 03:36
Hey Cowboy1

Did you have dinner with a lady at the Pomodor resturant?

01-12-03, 05:25
Not this time, even though I heard good things about the Pomodor. I took ladies out for dinner at El Trapiche, Bucaneros, and the Seven Seas. My favorite was the Seven Seas. Bucaneros was pretty good given the view from Amador.

I would give PTY excellent ratings for hotels, restaurants, topography, sightseeing, discos, taxis, and chicas ( both native and Colombian). Do not short-change this spot for mongering!

From my view, SJO is kind of like a buffet ( Blue Marlin, etc), while PTY is a sitdown menu where you have to make choices. I do like both but I enjoyed the game in PTY.

Man, given that you are living in PTY, did you find my write-up consistent with your views?

01-13-03, 06:06
I have moved here about 1.5 a year ago, and love it. Aside from the traffic, Panama is a paradise. Is has not been promoted to tourists much, and it really is a hidden secret. I suspect 10 years from now, Panama will be discovered.

Golden Time has been my favorite scene. although it is a bit embarrassing to go back to the same place. Anyhow, nothing compares to Golden Time, and I wish I owned it as I am sure it is a gold mind.

The girls are on average 7-9. I leave 10 to God, and 50% of the time I had girl friend sex, and the majority of them really get into it. I have given many orgasms to the girls, and was a the happy recipient of the same.

I miss the US style girls who speak English, and offer thier services from thier own home. (That was fun).

01-13-03, 06:07
Yes Cowboy1. I think your review was quite accurate.

01-13-03, 11:04
ok not to much info on capri and la mayor and discos please tell are they 7 days in pty or just fri sat . I have a day wanna be a touron see the canal so enlioghten me. paying a 100 at gt or elite is absurd to me sorry classy but cheap.

01-13-03, 11:04
ok not to much info on capri and la mayor and discos please tell are they 7 days in pty or just fri sat . I have a day wanna be a touron see the canal so enlioghten me. paying a 100 at gt or elite is absurd to me sorry classy but cheap.

01-14-03, 19:35
Is that English?

01-15-03, 04:03
Man, have you tried the discos? I came across a bunch of Colombian chicas at Club Liquid. Also, how is the Carnival? I agree with you that Panama City is a hidden jewel.

01-16-03, 22:05
How do you identify the semi-pros and freelancers from normal guests at the discos? And how do you usually go about approaching them? (the working ones)

01-17-03, 04:45
No, as a married man I try to keep my life simple.

01-18-03, 11:02
sorry using abbrev like your supposed to confuses some people . beside talking about gt and jos is there other spots less exspensive that I named earlier I WILL BE in col and peru so I am passing through maybe just hit a dance club for non -pro or will I be missing something not going to a pty chica joint

01-20-03, 05:59
now that you mention it, capri is $3 cover, inside theres a small strip show and girls are parading around, on average ive seen the best at 8 and an ocassional 9, that was a while ago, havent checked it in a while
you pick the girls and go into small rooms with a/c bed(basic commodities) where most of the girls live. Price is $10 for 15min and $.50 for the condom
For la mayor, right now is the most talked about place in the middleclassed community, i think there is no cover, the girls from what ive heard are pretty and the prices are around the same as a capri

01-20-03, 06:04
La Mayor is in "El Mercado", a run down section of Panama City. There are a few attractive ladies, but nowhere near as many as places like Le Palace or Elite. Cover is $2. Prices are a bargain at $10-$20 for 15 minutes. You can negotiate take out for $50 or less.

Club Capri has been renamed to Club Fenix, but cabbies likely remember it as Capri. It is located off of Via Espana on Calle 17. Cover is $3. Lady prices are the same but they may ding you an additional $10 for being a tourist.

Both are places for locals so dress down, tone down drinking, and show respect. Be alert and leave if there is any sign of trouble. La Mayor is more dangerous than Capri because of the area.

Mayor is 7 days, I believe Capri/Fenix is 7 days but possibly closed Sunday. I will verify today and edit this post if I am allowed or follow up with another post.

Will post on more places later.

01-20-03, 12:21
thanks gaunt that is what i need to know why spend 100 at (gt) i am not sam l jackson i might check it out but capri and mayor more my speed.

01-23-03, 01:02
Anyone else noticed that at Golden Times some of the girsl are not all that free??

Meaning no girl friend, selective touching and all?

I don't know if I am getting old and your milage may vary is starting to apply to me, or the new girsl are shy at the first few weeks at GT??

01-23-03, 05:33
No!!! What is the world coming to you! It must be the new batch of Colombians. First they kidnap journalists, now they are restricting GFE's. We must talk to the Chinese ladies and get this straight!!!!!!

Man, did you notice this on one chica or more????

I may not be able to sleep tonight.

01-23-03, 06:31
for a golden time at GT

see jessica: buxom with 5 inch heels

01-24-03, 20:51
Does anybody know if "La Mayor" and "Club Capri" are open in the afternoon? (1-6pm)

Also is there any places with similar prices (10-15$) to "La Mayor" and "Club Capri" near via Espana or El Dorado?

01-25-03, 16:44
Well, we made it here. We got in around 10:30 last night, and to the hotel
around 11:15. K11 and I decide to go out and see what was going on. We
went to the most "famous" place here which is called Le Palace. It is a
strip club. There is no cover charge and they have a special deal for
Americans, $20 gets you all you can drink for the whole night. That was the
first bit of good news. The first bit of bad news was that any drink you got
for a girl cost $13.00, and the girls all ask you for one. The second bit od
good new is that the girls were incredible. There were at least 5 nines or
tens on a wednesday. All the girls are from Columbia. I meet Melanie and she
was easily a ten. She sat with me for about an hour and had 1 drink. They
have lap dances there for $10.00. The second bit of bad news came when I
asked her how much to got back to my hotel with me. I alsmost fell over when
she told me $130.00 for the house and $200.00 for her. I told her no way.
Later she negotiated, but only down to $130.0 for the house and $150.00 for
her. We stayed about 3 hours, I drank 6 drinks and we left. When we left
there we meet a cabbie named Tony. He speaks pretty good english and knows
where to go. We told him that the place was way to high, and he said he
could take up to a place thta was $60.00 for 1 hour. He took us to a place
called River Place. It was 3 in the morning ad there were about 7 girls
there. I saw one girls I liked, but Lonnie wanted to go back to the hotel.
When we got to the hotel I told K11 thta I was going to go back to River
Place and all of a sudden he wanted to go to. Of course when we returned the
girls I wanted was busy. Tony told us he had another place to take us so we
went. I don´t recall the name right now but it had about 8 or 9 girld there.
None were 9´s or 10´s, but there were a couple a 6´s and 7´s. At this point
I just wanted a Massage, I didn´t care if she was a 10. I got a girl called
Lucy. She was probably only a 6, but gave a 10 in servece. I gopt a great
massage followed by some wild into it sex. She had fun, which made me have
fun. It was worth all $60.00. Today I am going to check out some other
action. K11 is sleeping. I am going to walk around and see what I find.
The hotel here is nice, but of course K11 is bitching because it is not a
true 5 star. The great thing about this place is that they have FREE
internet service. I will email you later and let you know what I found.
. I am going to do a long post on my trip later.I´ll
talk to you later.


The beat goes on!
I am now at number 2. I went to another massage parlor this afternoon. I
found a "diamond" in the rough. I went to a place that they called a
oriential massage, the funny thingis that there were no orientals. I foun
this 24 year old Panamanian girl. She was nice. Great body, pretty face,good
service. $50.00 complete, the beat deal by far. Also found a deal on lunch,
2 hamburgers and 2 pepsi,s for $2.00. I just came from upstairs where the
maid was cleaning my room. I am trying to set the ground work to get her to
come back for a massage. K11 is sick in his room. Talk to you


ps. you gotta love the free internet

Mav undone!
This is defenitly not the place to be for "cheap" action. I may go to
Cardegena with K11 if he can find a cheap flight. I am going to contact
one of the guys that a WSG poster uses locally. He bring you girls from 7`s
and up from local towns for $25.00-$40.00. His services cost $50.00 for a
week. Lonnie and I may split it if he stays here. I figure it is worth a
shot until I get to know this place better. There is an incredible women
working here right now is the business center. She has got to be a solid 9.
I may try to talk to her when I am done. The "regular" girls in general here
seem very cold and uninterested. Maybe that will cjange in the next few
days. There is only 1 computer working right now and I am "hogging" it. HA

Day number 2:
Yesterday I had #3 at about 6:00. I call up an agency that came directly to
your room. Again the price wasn´t cheap, $75.00 for 1 to 2 hours, but it was
easy. The first girl that showed up wasn´t to my liking so I turned her
away. The second girl they sent was NICE. She was a solid 8 Panamanian girl.
The mix of the local girls is very interesting. This girl was French,
American Indian, and Asian. She had an incredible body. The service was good
not great. She stayed about an hour and a half and I sent her on her way.
After my session I went to the casino downstairs. While on my way I saw 2
local girls in the lobby. I stopped and talked to them and found that one
spoke fluent english and the other one spoke fair english. Neither girl was
a knockout, but they were solid 6´s. I woke Lonnie from his all day sleep
and we took the girls out to El Panama Hotel which has a nice casino. I was
pretty shot from 3 hours of sleep, so we left at 1:00am and scheduled a
meeting for today at 2:00. The local 6´s were the best deal so far. I put
$5.00 in the slot machine for the one I was with and left to play on my own.
When we cashed out she had won about $15.00.She tried to give the money to
me, but I told her it was hers now. You would have thought that she just won
the lottery, she jumped up and thanked me all for a $5.00 investment.

I am going to head over to another massage parlor right now for the "lunch
special". I figure that I have to try ever parlor at least once. I only have
about 2 hours until my 2:00 date.


Day #3
Well you can chalk up numbers 4,5,6 and 7. I went to the massage parlor with
the "lunch special" and it was terrible. There wasn´t a girl I would fuck
for free in there. After that I went to the Hotel El Panama to look at there
rooms. While there I notice three attractive locals n the lobby. As I walked
by one caught my eye and smiled. I went to the front desk and was told that
they couldn´t show me a room for 30 miniutes. I sat down near the front desk
and one of the locals came to talk. From what my terrible Spanish skills
could decifer, she told me to meet them in the casino, of course one not to
be rude I had to go. I went to the casino aprox. 5 miniutes later and found
them playing nickle slots. I told Alexis, 18 Maria, 24 and Rosa 24, that I
had a friend at the hotel amd that I eould go call him and return. I went
and called K11 but of course he was sleeping. I returned to the other
casino and told the girls that my friend was sleeping, but did they want to
go to the hotel until he woke up. The agreed and we all went back to the
Contential. When we got there I called K11 again and he aid he was going
to take a shower. We´ll one not to waste time I asked the girls if I could
take there picture. None of the girls wanted there picture taken , but after
a little coaxing the agreed to one a piece. After the girls started a pillow
fight and beng one that doesn´t like to be left out, I joined in. Well after
a few miniutes of that It got interesting. I was playing wilth one and her
shirt "accidentialy" came off. Well next thing I know we are all naked for
an hour of pure pleasure. After we were finished the girls were hungry so we
ordered KFC for them and a Pizza for me. While waiting for the pizza K11
calls and tells me the girls that we had a date with at 2:00 were here. By
this time it is 3:10. I told him to tell then that I had left and stall and
that I would let him know when the other girls left. He agreed and said he
was going to get them in the lobby and bring them to his room. about 5
miniutes later the pizza guy called so I went and got the pizza, well
"asshole" K11 hadn´t went down there so the 2:00 dates were the when I
got down to the lobby. I did some lying about having to do some work and
told them that I would come to K11s room in a half hour. When I got back
up stairs?my" girls were finishing there lunch. After they finished they
left and said they would call me later. So after they left I went and found
Lonnie and the girls in our hotel casino. We played for about an hour and
then went back to the room. I was tired and just wanted to lay down. Well
layning down turned into a massage and you know what happens after that. So
I ended up havng a little fun with Belinda. And now I am emailing you while
she sleeps in my room.

So inconclusion, there are deals in Panama. You have to look for the local
"semi-pros". My whole afternoon ended up costing me $9.89, the cost of the
chicken for the girls. No that is a deal. If you and me come here we could
have success just off locals semi-pros. If you know alot of Spanish and are
American you can´t go wrong. I at least have part of that down.

I´m not sure what we are going to do tonight. Hopefully Lonnie can get his
ass out of bed. I believe he is finally having some fun right now as we
speak. I´ll email you later to tell of my next adventure.


01-25-03, 17:52

you missed the point of le palace.
get the girls phone # and meet her the following day. its about 150 for 2 hours.

give your phone # out to other girls there. they WILL call you.
don't pass on a 9 or 10 for a 5


now get back in the fight

01-25-03, 18:01
Originally posted by starfe

you missed the point of le palace.
get the girls phone # and meet her the following day. its about 150 for 2 hours.

give your phone # out to other girls there. they WILL call you.
don't pass on a 9 or 10 for a 5


now get back in the fight

Its reports from Mav to me. I am only posting for him.

I added on his next 3 days and they are getting better!!!

01-26-03, 16:43
Well, number 8 was the one. Last night I hit the town "solo" again, K11
is still sick in bed. I started about 8:00 and headed to the El Panama
Hotel. I hit the casino first. There were a few girls there including the
"threesome" I had earlier in the day. Hitting that again was intriguing, but
I wanted something different. I still had not found a girl that I wanted to
spend any extra time with. After about 2 hours in the casino, losing money
of course, I decided to hit the Coco Club Bar in the El Panama Hotel. I got
there about 10:00 and got a seat at the bar. A really nice place with a live
band, but very dark. I was there about 40 miniutes and the place started to
get hopping. The were a few girls working the bar, but all of them seemed to
have found there "date" for the night. At about 11:00 2 girls came in and
sat next to me at the bar.One was columbian and had a HUGE fake rack, paid
for by an American of course. The girls didn´t say much and sat quietly, I
noticed the non columbia girl and was struck by her beauty. She was a little
older, but had the most beautiful face I had seen since I got here.After
about 30 miniutes the Colunbian girl went to the bathroom and I started up a
conversation with the other girl. She did not speak English, so I had to use
my limited Spanish skills to learn that there names were Alexandria, 26 and
Ysabel, 25. Ysabel told me that her friend spoke english so I was hoping
that she would help me translate. When Alexandria returned I kind of got the
cold shoulder from her. I talked to them for a little while and asked if I
could buy them a drink. As soon as the word "compra" came out of my mouth
Alexandria completeley changed her tune. I ended up having a absolutly great
time at the bar with them. It is hard to go out everynight by yourself and
have fun other then the extra cirricular activity. It was great to spend the
night drinking and dancing with both girls. I was the envy of everyone in
the place. I was a little hammered, so I was dancing up a storm with both
girls on the dance floor, while everyone watched. I think that Alexandria
was thinking that I was going to take both of them back to my room, but I
was REALLY enjoying Ysabel and didn´t want screw it up. This was the first
girl since I got here that was truely genuine. She was giving the true
"girlfriend" experience. The one thing I noticed here is that with most of
the girls it is all about the money and they don´t even let themselves enjoy
the time with you. As you know, I like to have fun as well. I ended up
taking Ysabel back to my room about 3:00am and had the best sex since I got
here. We ended up spending the whole day together. She took me to her casa
this morning and I waited while she got her cloths for the day. It was a
really "strange" place. It totally reminded me of a college dorm. There were
6 girls living in a 4 bedroom apartment. It was very clean and pleasent.
After she changed we walked around for a little while and then returned to
the hotel for some more incredible sex. She left at about 5:00pm and is
going to return tonight. This girl was completly different, and I figured
out what the magic ingrediant was. She is Dominican. How funny is that. You
can say all you want about Columbian girls being "HOT". They may be for that
1 hour they are with you, but there is no other girlfried experience like
the one with a Dominican girl. Dominican girls truely have the gift. By the
way she is from Santo Domingo and has been here for 8 months. She came here
to "work", because there is no way she could do this in Santo Domingo. It is
really funny how some thing´s don´t change anywhere. When ever a girl turns
down those tracks, she doesn´t want to be anywhere near home. I gave her
$100 for a great day and night. She had a strange look on her face when I
gave her the money. She looked as if she felt "guilty", for a moment at
least. HA HA HA. She said that she wanted to come back "Gratis". I love when
a girl says this. Even though she´ll ended up getting taken care of one way
or another (cloths, food, ect...), It is nice to give them something because
you want to, not because you have to. Well that was my day and night. It
looks like I might be stuck on 8 for a little while. The NBN phrase is going
to have to take a rest for a little while. I will give you a call tommorrow,
I tried today but left your number in my room. It is only 15 cents a miniute
here to call the US. Also the internet cafe´s onlt charge 50 cents - $1.00
an hour here. I´ll email you later.


Well Sunday wasn´t an off day after all. I talked to Ysabel and told her to
come by in the afternoon about 5:00 so I could have a little time to
explore. The town is completely dead on Sunday. Most of the stores are
closed and the streets are deserted. I finnaly got K11 to get out of bed
to walk around a little. We decided to tour the local area. I showed him
where the 3 MP´s were in the same complex. Only Relax was open and we decied
to check it out. There were only 4 girls there and maybe only 2 were 6´s. I
suggested to K11 that he try one of the girls and get back into the game.
He declined, but said he would wait if I wanted to. Not being the type of
person that likes to be rushed I declined myself. We walked a little farther
up town and K11 was "dying". I told him if he was that miserable that he
should just head back to the hotel, He agreed and hailed a cab back to the
hotel. I decided that since there wasn´t alot going on that I would head
back to Relax for a little fun. I pick Arales(the closest I can come to
spelling what she said), 22, Panamania as my entertainment. She was a solid
6 on looks, but was only a 5 on service. I am all for protection, but when
the girls freaks out every 2 miniutes about whether or not the condom is
broke, it takes a little from the service. To her credit she was basically
gave willing to do anything. The total cost was $40.00 for about 90 mniutes.
Depending on how long I am with Ysabel tonight, I may check out a couple of
the clubs and set up something for tommorrow. Lonnies friend comes
tommorrow, so hopefully I will have someone else to hit the town with. If
not the clubs, I am going to check of Golden Time tonight. It seems that the
pattern here is that 7 - 10´s are availible all night long. But you have to
settle for 6´s or 7´s if you want a little day fun. I am a suker for both
day and night fun. I´ll email you later with detail´s of tonight.


#10. Well first of all, last night was alot of fun. I finaly got Lonnie to
leave his room. My girl(Ysabel), k11, Ysabel´s friend, and I all went to
Amador to watch the game. It is really cool there, it reminds me of the
key´s. There a a bunch of restuants, bars, disco´s, and shops there. Also a
huge Marina. We went to a bar I believe was called Traffic to watch the
game. They had a 42" flat screen TV and lots of really good drinks. After
the gane we went to a small bar in the complex attached. The place was
really cool, it was all black with neon colors at internet stations at the
bar. They played American Music and seemed to draw an American crowd(with
some really nice Columbian talent). After the bar we headed back to the
hotel for some fun. Today is where #10 came in. Ysabel´s frien called the
room this morning at 7:30 to say she was ready to leave. Well I needed a
little wake me up so I made her wait an extra 40 miniutes. After they left
K11 and I headed for breakfast(included in my $50.00 a night 5 star hotel
room rate). After listening to K11 ***** that he gave his girl $100.00
and I gave my nothing, I decided to take a shower and see what trouble I
could get into. Lonnie decided that he wanted to sleep all afternoon, so I
went solo. I walked around town about lunch time. There a million beautiful
girls with regular jobs everywhere at lunch time. Most of the girls don´t
have much interest in talking to a tourist during this time, but I did get
to talk to a beautiful Panamanian girl that I asked to stop by tommorow
night. If this works out it will open up another avenue. After "perving"
fora couple of hours I decided to head to the Oasis massage parlor to check
out the talent. When I got in there were 5 girls working, and a couple were
defenitly interesting. I decided to take a Columbian girl with a stunning
rack. She was a tad bit bigger then I usually like, but I was really in the
mood for some nice tities. Her name was Alicia, 24 and a solid 6 or 7. the
guy at the desked quoted me $60.00, so I offered him $50.00. He grabbed it
as they always do. I had a nice 1 hour session with service rated a solid 8.
Boy did this women know how to use her tongue. She was the first girl I met
here that LOVED to use her whole mouth for as you wanted. After my afternoon
"break", I headed for some lunch and some rest. K11 friend comes in
tonight. I believe that we a going to go clubbing tonight. I will email you
later and let you know how it went.


01-26-03, 22:56

I knew all about getting the phone number for the next day, thanks to the WSG posters. That was my first night there and I didn´t want to commit to anything yet. I will be headed back to Le Palace tommorrow night and setting up Tuesday. I found out here that you are better off hitting the other places on the weekend and going to the "clubs" during the week. It seems that most of the regilar non "club" hangouts are dead Monday - Wednesday. Thanks though. Do you know of any other secrests about this place? I am basically riding solo here and can use any help you can give.



01-28-03, 21:34
Originally posted by MAV

I knew all about getting the phone number for the next day, thanks to the WSG posters. That was my first night there and I didn´t want to commit to anything yet. I will be headed back to Le Palace tommorrow night and setting up Tuesday. I found out here that you are better off hitting the other places on the weekend and going to the "clubs" during the week. It seems that most of the regilar non "club" hangouts are dead Monday - Wednesday. Thanks though. Do you know of any other secrests about this place? I am basically riding solo here and can use any help you can give.



An E mail from the Man himself!

Last night I had about an hour to kill before K11 and I headed to the
airport to pick up Dave. I decided to go by Oasis only to look and see what
there night crop looked like. When I got in I saw a very hot looking
Panamanian girl with long legs and a beautiful body. Well so much for just
looking. I asked the owner how much and he quoted me $70.00 for full
service. I told him that I was there in the afternoon and I only wanted to
pay $50.00. Of course he accepted and I headed back to the room with Alex,
24. The girl was beautiful a 8 in my book. When I got in the room I was
pleasently surprised to learn that she spoke English. It is so much easier
to communicate when I don´t have to use my terrible Spanish. Well let me
tell you something, this girl may have given me the BEST service I have ever
had. She was AWESOME. She did everything to me and let me do everything to
her. She went non stop from beginning to end. This girl was amazing. If I
would have had more time she would have keep going until I was DEAD. When I
was finished, and completely exausted, she was still playing with me as I
got dressed. WOW. I told her to come by the hotel during the day on
Wednesday and we could get into a much longer session. After my incredible
time I went with Lonnie to meet Dave at the airport. It is quite an
adventure here just to get to the airport. When we got back we all headed to
the El Panama Casino. After an hour of losing there, I decided to show Dave,
El Palace. We headed over for a couple of hours. Monday nights are 2 for 1
drink nights so that is always fun. While I was there Christina, 18,
Columbina came and sat with me. She spoke very good English and was real
down to earth. She asked for the customary drink for her and I obligized.
She gave me the scoop on the bar making them ask for a drink. She was
beautiful. A true Columbian beauty. Maybe the closest thing to a 10 I have
seen here. She asked if I wanted to have some fun, and I told her that it
was to expensive there. I asked her if she wanted to give me her cellular
number and we could get together tommorrow. She agreed and offered to come
by when she got of(3:00am), I told her lets make it at 3:00 pm tommorrow. I
spoke to her this morning and am looking forward to my 3:00 date. Some of
the women there are incredible. None are worth the $330 they want to charge
there, but are well worth the $100 afternoon date. I will email you later
and let you know how it goes.

PS. K11 is back sick in bed. He saw a Panamaniam doctor today and said if
he didn´t feel better tommorrow that he was going to the Hospital. That
should be fun.


Yesterday I had my afternoon date with Christina 18, Columbian from Le
Palace. Very sweet girl with a killer face and body. Had great 3 hour
session of heated action. Service was great, she took her time and was a
total GFE. Thanks to everyone on the WSG board the whole afternoon only cost
me $100.00 for a 10. After she left and headed to work I decided to walk to
a nearby resturant for dinner. On my way there I started talking to a local
Panamania girl walking back from work. Her name ironically was Christina as
well, 26 . After talking a little I asked her if she wanted to join me back
at the hotel. With a little coaxing on my part she agreed. When we got back
to the room she was a little shy. After watching TV for a while, I asked her
if she minded giving me a massage. She agreed and started to relax a little.
Well the massage turned in to caressing, which turn into a very nice GFE
experience. When we were finished she said that she had to go home, but
would like to see me tommorrow. I told her OK and she gave me her phone
number. I asked he if shed need money for a cab and surprisingly she said
no. This is the type of experience that really makes a trip. You have to
love when a "regular" girl is part of the equation. Next, Dave and myself
decided to check out Elite II. Elite is similar to Le Palace, with the girls
a notch lower. The pricing system here is ridiculous as well. I meet a
beautiful Columbian girl named Paulina, 22. She sat with me for over an hour
and did not even ask for a drink. So being impressed I had to buy her one
for not asking. I told her that I was thinking about going to Cardegena
tommorrow and she went on and on about how beautiful it is there. One thing
that I have noticed is all the Columbian girls hate it in Pananam and cannot
wait to get back to Columbia. Paulina offered me her number, which I
accepted of course, and asked me to call her tommorrow. After Elite, Dave
was looking for something different. He wanted to go to a MP. I suggested
that we check out Golden Time, since I had heard such great things about it.
The first thing that I have to say about this place is that is is everything
everybody says it is. I was not planning on getting a "massage" since my day
was pretty active. Well when I got there I could not refuse. The women were
BEAUTIFUL, with 5 or 6 being 9-10's. They parade the girls in front of you
like cattle. I picked an incredible Columbian named Jessica, later I found
out it was really Monica. I had a incredible time with her. She was the
sweetest, most beautiful women I had meet there. We really hit it off. She
is heading back to Columbia for good on Feburary 22. I told her that I was
thinking of going to Cali in March with a friend and asked if she would like
to meet up. She gasped and said YES YES. I told her that she could be my
Columbian girlfrield (HA HA HA). I left with her Panama number, her
Columbiam number, and her email address. I have learned that just about any
women will come back to you after the first meeting for free. All it takes
is a little kindness and affection. The Columbian women especially enjoy
affection. Other then money, I believe this is the main reason they love
Americans. Well that was my full day yesterday. I will email you later and
let you know if I am in Cardegena

01-28-03, 22:07
you might want to try " carribean club " next to the restaurant shula's. thats the way the taxis will know it
i missed out on the club scene. my loss

pound for pound le palace has some of the best looking women in the world there. am i right or am i right

i hope K11 feels better soon . what a nightmare

what hotel are you guys staying at?


why is the airport so difficult ? it a short ride from the city

02-01-03, 19:44
Went to my favorite place, Elite last night. Had a wonderful time, but!
if you go, stay clear, away, far, set a force field, etc from VALESHKA.
this girl came and sat down and she didnt have more than 2 mins when she was already asking for a drink!!
dont even pay attention to her if you go, shes one money ripping machine.
After I properly disposed of her company with the help of the waiters, went with a girl named marlene to the champagne room...
what a nice evening!! arrive at my HQ around 530am

02-14-03, 13:44
The Vladimir Chronicles - Panama: Chapter 01: Arrival

The orange taxi arrived at 8:30 am exactly. I’m never ready, so he had to wait a few minutes while I packed the last of my things. The flight was at noon so I had plenty of time with only a 15-20 minute ride to the airport. The cost was $23, but I gave him a few extra bucks as a tip.

I had him drop me off at the terminal for American Airlines. What I didn’t know was that American Eagle was responsible for the first leg of my trip to Los Angeles and I had to go to the commuter terminal. American Eagle was mentioned on my Priceline itinerary, but it wasn’t very clear. The delay was only 10-15 minutes as I simply had to walk downstairs and outside to take a free shuttle to my correct location.

Since I was so early, I was able to catch an 11:00 flight. I asked the lady at the check-in counter if she knew if I got mileage credit for Priceline purchases. She had no idea, but told me she would check. She forgot, so I checked with her again shortly before the flight. I did get the miles.

The flight to Los Angeles was short. I spent more time waiting in the airport before and after. The next leg to Miami was the longest leg of the flight at just over 4 hours. We arrived in Miami around 9pm and it was practically empty. I played around on the lap top and made a few phone calls waiting to board the flight. Boarding took place over 30 minutes late. There were barely 20 passengers on the 737, so I grabbed a seat with plenty of leg room and stretched out for the 2.5 hour flight. Despite our late boarding, we arrived a bit ahead of our scheduled 2:00am landing.

I got delayed at customs because I hadn’t purchased a tourist card beforehand from American Airlines. The Lonely Planet web site mentioned the need of a tourist card, but the day I called American, they put me on hold for a long time and I ended up forgetting about it. I think I probably would have been notified if it wasn’t for my San Diego to LAX leg, since my first leg was a commuter flight they probably didn’t have their employees familiar with the travel requirement. Anyways, the delay ended up costing me about 20 minutes, but I still wasn’t too happy about it considering the middle of the night landing.

I didn’t have a taxi scheduled so I ended up taking one of the airport taxi’s out front. The driver gave me the option of the long route or the short route with toll charges. I opted for the short route which ended up setting me back $27.50. It seemed kind of high for the 20 minute ride, but I didn’t have the information beforehand to argue with him nor many other options so I didn’t concern myself much. I would find out later that this was a standard rate.

The streets were almost completely empty at 2:30am. In other Latin America countries you don’t see a lot of traffic at this time at night, but this almost seemed desolate. There was a little more traffic when we entered the city, but it was still practically empty with no sign of anything, not even gas stations, open.

I was a little concerned about being able to get around and finding anything open, but we finally ended up passing a club I had read about called “Le Palace”, and it ended up being on the same street, hardly a quarter block away, from the Costa del Sol apartment-hotel where I was staying. I quickly checked in and put some stuff away, and was back out of the door by 3am.

There were a couple taxi guys waiting outside the hotel, and several more waiting in front of Le Palace. There was also a guy that worked the entrance that invited me in. Le Palace doesn’t charge a cover, so I just walked in and did a quick survey of the surroundings.

My impressions were a little mixed. The club was very dark, making it difficult to get a good view of the ladies, but this ended up being because there was a show going on. I also didn’t like that there was what looked like an overabundance of waiters. The final negative was that none of the ladies seemed to care much about me coming in, I guess I’m used to feeling like some kind of celebrity when I walk into a prostitution bar or brothel.

On the other hand, the quality of the ladies in looks seemed to be very high. It appeared as though the majority of them were Colombian. Almost all of them were wearing white bras, panties, garters, and stockings that glowed under the black light in the place. There outfits highly accentuated their voluptuous curves, with the majority of them having large breasts on curvy bodies. The longer I stayed, the more I appreciated the Playmate like appearance of the ladies, it was just too bad they weren’t all lusting over me.

Le Palace has a nice stage and regular shows with full props and technical lighting. Technically, the settings were excellent and the shows seemed interesting at first, but I started to notice that the ladies weren’t that into the performance as they could have been, but it was still great eye candy.

Eventually a Columbian ended up claiming me. She had a little bit more makeup than I would prefer, but she was still a solid beauty with shoulder length brown hair and overly large breasts atop a nice curvy body. She told me it was her first day working at Le Palace and her second week in Panama. I bought her several drinks at $13 each and one lap dance for $10. She really had me worked up with some excellent massages and a great attitude, but the cost was significantly higher than I was ready to spend. Le Palace ladies will charge $200 US if asked, plus you have to pay the house a $130 “multa”, or bar fine. Considering her attitude and looks, it would be a remarkable deal in the US, but this wasn’t the US and I knew I could find the same or better in other parts of Latin America for much less. It was painful, but I left with a third leg and $68 poorer when the place closed at 4:30am. I was ready to call it a night, but a taxi driver got a hold of me and saved the day. I knew I would end up paying a premium tonight, but it was no big deal since it was just the first night anyways.

After I got more money from my room, Alexandrio the cab driver took me to a massage parlor which ended up being Royal Elegance. Only one slightly larger than I would prefer lady was available at 5:00am, but she had a cute face so I ended up taking her out. I had to pay the house $60 for the privilege and my driver $20 for the ride despite his earlier promises of giving me a better deal. We also got into an argument with my guest, privately asking her for money for bringing her business. The guy was a total leech.

Photos: Marisela

Marisela and I were both annoyed going into the hotel, but we soon relaxed into each others arms upon entering the room. She was happy to pose for a few photos before we fell onto the bed in each other's arms.


02-14-03, 21:14
if you waited just 30 more minute you could have had the le palace girl for $150 ( 2 hours )

the idea is to grab them at closing. next time read the posts on the board before going. thats WHY PEOPLE POST

02-20-03, 01:26
Originally posted by starfe
if you waited just 30 more minute you could have had the le palace girl for $150 ( 2 hours )

the idea is to grab them at closing. next time read the posts on the board before going. thats WHY PEOPLE POST


02-20-03, 02:47
What a friendly forum, I didn't know I was supposed to memorize the operating procedures of the two strip clubs, 5 massage parlors, and 3 clubs I visited and remember them at 4am in the morning on my first night in Panama. Next time I will try not to be such an idiot and post such useless information.

Here is Chapter 2 for the more literate and intelligent gentlemen here.


Chapter 02: My First Full Day

Marisela would end up with $130 of my dollars after excellent sessions before and after we went to bed. I almost had to kick her out in the late morning as she seemed perfectly content to just hang out longer, but I was very tired after so few hours of sleep in the past couple days.

Room photo
The rooms were somewhat gaudy looking. The yellow walls have a raised orange texture which makes them appear dirty

Kitchen photo
Behind blech white foldaway door number 2 are old kitchen appliances.

After another long nap I finally got up and decided to do a little exploring. In the hotel there is a business center on the first floor, but it was closed the two times I stopped by. The seventh floor has a restaurant and some nice views nearby surroundings. I was hungry and some of the food smelled good, but I decided to wait.

I asked about the business center and was referred to a small bookstore directly across the street for internet access. (I asked about the business center, not internet access) The book store was a nice small one with a short staircase leading up to the second level where there were more books, a small café, and three computers. There was a flamer working upstairs that seemed to take a little bit too much interest in me and sang a melodic “Chow” when I left. I picked up a city map for a few bucks before leaving.

Costa del Sol Photo
There is a very lightly stocked convenience store to the right of the entrance to Costa del Sol. A bookstore with a coffee shop upstairs is across the street.

Corner photo
The corner of Frederico Boyd and Via Espana is one of the main intersections in Panama City.

As you exit the Costa del Sol, there is a busy street to your right named Federico Boyd. I turned right on Federico Boyd and walked a short distance to the intersection of Federico Boyd and Via Espana. I was really starting to get hungry now, so I walked towards the McDonalds I saw about two blocks in the distance. Directly across from McDonalds was a Citibank which would suit my ATM needs. As I was crossing the busy Espana street, I stumbled a bit in front of two lovely ladies who were also going to McD's. I think one may have noticed that I was checking her out while we were waiting in line.

After eating I stopped by an internet café in a small shopping center around the corner to check email. The setup of the place was really nice and they were open to me connecting with my laptop, so I asked for the name of the street to come back. When he said Venetto, I realized I was probably near a massage parlor I wanted to check out named Oasis.

As I walked up Venetto, I noticed that there were 3 other internet cafés in the immediate vicinity, one was open 24 hours. Oasis was at the end of the plaza on the bottom floor down a few steps. I was surprised that there was no sign visible from the street, you could easily see it if you were walking by, but if you were driving by in a cab you might miss it.

There were 4 ladies working when I stopped in, two were acceptable in looks. I was quoted $50 for the hour. I asked for a little info and was told that they charge $60 for the night shift that comes in at 7pm. I wasn't really interested in anyone there at the time, so I said thanks and left.

On the way back to the hotel I stopped by the Citibank to get some more funds and found another 24 hour internet café nearby. This café also had plenty of phones to make local and international calls. I made a call to my house in San Diego, it was very inexpensive.

One of the cab drivers recognized me as I walked by Le Palace. He said he was a friend and would be happy to take me to a massage parlor if I wanted to go. What a nice guy.

I needed more sleep, so I took another nap before cleaning up to go out.

I had a list of places to hit. I decided to try out Golden Time since it had the best reputation from what I had read. I didn't want to pay any more taxis' finders fees, so I completely avoided the taxi hawkers outside the hotel and picked one up from the street. I asked him to take me to Plaza California in the Tumba Muerto area. He dropped me off just past Plaza California in front of a Burger King. The charge was a mere $1.25 which turned out to be the typical price for a ride.

I walked to the right back towards Plaza California in search of Golden Time. I passed the Plaza without seeing it and reached a spot where it looked like there wasn't much else for a long distance, so I backtracked. I checked my notes and found that I was looking for a Plaza Mirage and that Golden Time would be within. Plaza Mirage ended up being to the immediate left of Burger King, right about where the taxi driver dropped me off. Had I walked a few steps farther than where I got out of the cab, I would have been able to see it.

Street Photo
If you face the street (Tumba Muerto) from Plaza Mirage, you can see it's across from a McDonalds.

Golden Time Photo
Golden Time is that tiny sign in yellow neon in the far back left corner of Plaza Mirage.

Golden Time is in the back left corner of Plaza Mirage. It is not listed with the rest of the places on the sign identifying Plaza Mirage. You'd never know what kind of place it is from the outside. Upon entering you're in a small reception area. The lady at the desk told me to go on inside, so I went through the door where my jaw practically dropped.

I was now in the waiting area for the ladies and had no idea where to go. Everyone I saw looked tempting, and there were at least 30 of them. Some were giggling as they could tell it was my first time there and that I was taken a bit off guard. Finally, one of them told me to continue on the waiting area for customers. I walked past the ladies and entered the doors to the left where they had small couches and a TV.

I thumbed through a brochure while waiting. An older lady eventually came in and asked if I wanted a drink and to see the lineup. I asked for a Coke which she brought back shortly, then she called for them to present themselvesp. They entered the room one by one with small numbers attached to their blouses. I was really surprised by the average level of talent here. I could have taken any one of them based on looks. As it was, I had a little difficulty remembering all the numbers that were flashing by. I knew in advance that I would have to remember numbers, but it was still difficult trying to remember the top five because so many were close. I asked for an encore lineup from 4 numbers I did remember and decided on a dark-haired Columbian with a smoking body.

Photos: GTF 1-5

She came back in the waiting room for the interview process. One of the coolest things about Golden Time is that they give you a chance to change your mind after making your selection. Up close, my choice wasn't as attractive as I had thought, but she was very friendly, had a great body, and still attractive enough. We talked for a bit before going upstairs to the rooms. I paid the $80 fee at the front counter before going upstairs.

The massage tables in Golden Time and other places are a lot better than tables at MPs I've visited in other parts of Central and South America. Instead of the tiny tables with head holes they have large tables the size of twin beds so it's possible for the masseuse to lay next to you and engage in sex in a variety of positions.

When she took off her clothes I learned that she was wearing an "accentuating" bra which overstated her actually boob size. It was no big deal, though, as she was still cool. She was only kind of average in bed. She didn't give me a massage, I ended up giving her one, but it was nice in that she seemed to enjoy the session as much as I did.

After the session, I was hungry again so I stopped by Don Lee to eat. Don Lee is a Chinese fast food chain, decent fare for fast food.

My next stop was Elite II, a strip club only several blocks away from Costa del Sol and Le Palace. I would later learn that Elite II, Elite, and Josephines' are all the same place, it just went through several name changes. They had a $20 all you can drink special. I don't drink much so I wouldn't have spent that much in drinks, but I bought one of the tickets anyways. I paid the lady at the counter downstairs and headed upstairs into the club.

The place was much larger than Le Palace with a large stage in the center and seating all around. There were also two poles with dancers gyrating around them. There were a number of reasonably attractive ladies, but the talent level was significantly less than Le Palace and Golden Time.

Many of the ladies were busy, and those that weren't didn't seem particularly interested in drumming up business, but eventually one of them identified me as a prospect and winked at me. I walked over to talk to her. She was a very attractive Colombian with a nice tan. She told me her name was Karina and asked if I'd like a table dance for $10 or a private for $25. I opted for the table dance. We went to the dark area to the left of the stage for the dance. She had a very smooth body and was incredibly tempting. During the dance she slipped her tongue into my mouth and I learned she had a tongue ring. After the dance, we sat at some nearby tables where I bought her a drink. The cost here was $15, payable to the waiter after each drink. We talked for a while and discussed meeting up the next day for $80. I spent a total of $88 in Elite before leaving horny as hell.

I walked past the taxi drivers given my previous experience, but eventually went with one that followed me promising to take me to a nice disco. I asked for the name of the place and he kept telling me something like Los Palace. I asked if he said Le Palace and he said it was a different place. During our ride, I inquired further about the place and he described a freelancer bar where you deal directly with the lady and do not pay the house any money. He ended up taking me to the River Club massage parlor. There was a young black lady there that I was interested in, but I spent some time arguing with the taxi driver in front of the manager for lying to me. He was insistent in that he wasn't lying and tried to turn parts of our conversation around. I ended up giving him a few bucks and dismissed him. I'm sure he got some more money later.

I paid $70 for the session with the black Panamanian. She really seemed to enjoy having her photo taken, clapping after almost every one. She didn't look young, but she acted like a little girl and spoke with a lisp. But after the photos, the little girl disappeared to be replaced by a sultry vixen. She gave a very nice covered BJ and we had an active romp.

Photos: Gloria 1-6

Afterwards, I left the place and started walking home to get my bearings. The streets were practically empty and it probably wasn't the best idea for me to be walking around alone at night, but I didn't really seem to care. I found Nico's Café on the way and stopped in for some of their buffet food. I probably should have ordered something else as it tasted kind of bland, probably from sitting out too long. I also passed Rey, a 24 hour supermarket on the way. The last part of the walk took me past a 24 hour pharmacy, a 24 hour internet café, and a disco. The cab drivers in front of Le Palace recognized me and one promised to take me to a massage parlor any time I wanted to go. I continued to the hotel and went to sleep.


02-20-03, 20:07
Originally posted by Vladimir
I would later learn that Elite II, Elite, and Josephines' are all the same place, it just went through several name changes.

Just a little history lesson on why this club is known by so many names from a Panama old timer.
Back before Jimmie Carter's stupidity caused all the gringos to have to leave Panama there were actually four clubs in the Josephine's chain located around Panama City. There was the original Josephine’s Elite, which burned down about two years ago. There was the original Josephine’s that was across the street from were Elite 2 now stands. It went out of business about four years ago due to a lack of business caused by the U.S. draw down. There was a small club called Acasocki or something similar to that. It mostly catered the Japanese businessmen. And there was Josephine’s Gold, which was renamed Elite 2 after the original burned down. Elite was always the most popular of the four clubs, so I guess they wanted to try to continue to capitalize on it's name and hence renamed Gold to Elite two.

- Trojan

02-24-03, 04:44
Ok panel of experts. I am off to PTY for 6 days starting next Sunday. As usual, I am staying at the Bristol and have loaded my schedule with semi- and non-pros with Golden Time as my constant Plan B. I will also try to do some mid-day specials with gals from La Palace.I may run over to the Hotel Panama casino to check it out.

Any new recommendations for restaurants, discos, etc.? Also, this will be my first time at Carnaval, any words of wisdom?

02-24-03, 06:45
thats my routine. i love the bristol. the only hotel to stay in panama. golden time is a filler until le palace opens in the evenings
i love le palace even more

i can't help you on dicos . give us a full report on any new things you might find

by the way the bristol has great food, but you know that already.


i also have 6 done 6 trips to panama. i need to expand out the next time

le palace can fill any mans needs for a 4 day trip

02-25-03, 05:51
Starfe, thanks for the response. Last time I was there, I think the staff was amused by all of my action. Did you have a contact at the Bristol who was a waiter that knew some good chicas? Any recommendations on Le Palace babes?

02-26-03, 02:00

i always found that the guys who valet your car are always recommending girls. never used them.
don't know about the waiter.
since i speak no spanish i use any of the conciege peole who are working at the desks at the any given time. they are so helpful. they set the time for my meetings and the price i will pay.

i uasually walk in 2 girls from le palace every night while there
1 at about 12pm for a 2 hour session
then again
at 4 pm when le palace closes and i save the exit fee.
for some reason i have only been with 1 girl from elite in my 6 trips.

other then golden time where else do you go?. i used a driver to take me around 1 night to some other bars to pick up women but they were just to seedy for me.

3 or 4 nights is all i can take of panama city at a time.


02-26-03, 06:31

"they set the time for my meetings and the price i will pay."

i set the price and time, they make the call when spanish is needed for translation.
thats mostly for booking girls in the afternoon.

i use Poppy ( waiter ) when i am at le palace to screen the girls i want to see.

02-28-03, 08:45
My late breakfast/early lunch was at Don Lee. After eating, I walked downstairs to check some email, then walked back to the hotel, stopping at the Citibank for some funds. I tried calling Karina for a 2:00 appointment we had, but she had given me the wrong number. I then set out in search of the Bristol Hotel a highly recommend place by others. It turned out to be only a couple blocks from Costa del Sol. The place was very upscale, but the prices matched as well. I was quoted $175 per night. I've read that you can negotiate a discount, but I'd rather spend the extra $100 each day on female companionship. I picked up a card and brochure anyways.

A bit later in the afternoon, I set out for Acuarius. Not wanting to pay any taxi commissions, I had the driver take me to Via Argentina and Via Espana. There is a Blockbuster video right there if the cabbie asks where you are going. Just walk up Argentina past Blockbuster and you'll see a parking lot entrance on your right. You cannot see the name of either place from the street, just remember it's that first parking lot entrance on Argentina from Espana.

Lot Photo
The lot entrance for River Club and Acuarius is on Via Argentina less than half a block from Via Espana

River/Acuarius photo
River Club is downstairs, Acuarius is upstairs, Sauna Horario is in Galeria 7 across from this building

Only three ladies were working when I arrived. I had some trouble deciding between the one with the better face and the one with the better body. I decided on the prettier face as I enjoy kissing. The cost was $20 for the hour massage, and she later asked for $60 if I wanted full service. I had a really nice time with her and she offered to be my guide around Panama if I needed one, she gave me her cell and I could call her at any time.

Photos: River 1-2

On the way to Acuarius, I had spotted the Sevilla Suites Apartment Hotel, so I went looking for it. I found it very close to the Oasis. I took a look at the rooms, and they were much nicer for less money, so I made a reservation for the next day. The Junior suites were only $55 per night and they provided a nicer kitchen, a coffee table in front of a love seat, a VCR, and a hair dryer, plus a in-room safe and the decor looked a lot nicer.

Sevilla photo
The Sevilla is a great inexpensive place to stay and is in a good location.

Costillitas photo
La Casa de Costillitas is a sister restaurant to Cascade, located elsewhere in the city

I ate my dinner at La Casa de Costillitas (The House of Spare Ribs), Argentina Cuisine. Their menu was the largest menu I've ever seen, 10 inches wide and 16 inches high with heavily laminated pages. The front page of the menu served as an introduction and guide to the restaurant and using the menu. There were entries for such things as the history of the restaurant and philosophic phrases of the restaurant. One of the pages was a bullet-list of popular dishes, such as Chef's Recommendation, Most Popular with Tourists, Most Popular with Panamanian Women, etc… I had a Pina Colada and the Chef's Recommendation, which was Filet Mignon with Lightly Breaded Shrimp. I also ordered a Ceviche Covina as an appetizer. The ceviche I ordered had small cubes of fish mixed with chopped onions and spices and cooked and served in lemon juice. The entrée was huge. They served it with a full plate of fries, salad, baked potato, and plenty of garlic bread. The desserts looked nice, but I was completely stuffed. Dinner set me back $13 and was a great deal.

Around 10:30pm, I found a taxi and set out in search of Farmers. He didn't know where it was, but got directions from some people on the street. It took us a while to find it as the sign wasn't well lit, but when we did it was open but empty. Turns out you shouldn't show up before 1am at the earliest. I then told him to take me to the Do It Center, as I knew Caribbean Center was directly across the street.

There were 5 ladies available and 5 ladies busy at Caribbean. 4 of the available ones were black, and all appeared to be from the Dominican Republic. I left the place to check out Club Miami, which I had seen on the way there.

Club Miami is Asian owned and has a lot of Chinese and Koreans coming in. There were about 10 ladies available, but they were mostly only marginal in attractiveness. They also seemed much more interested in talking amongst themselves then trying to get my business. I wanted to try a couple of the ladies out, but I knew that Golden Times was nearby with its spectacular lineup. Bored and uninterested Miami or hot Colombian at Golden Time? I left Miami to look for Golden Time.

I thought I recognized the McD and KFC signs from previously, so I walked towards them in search of Golden Time. I got to the street where I thought Golden Time was, but I didn't recognize anything and ended up hailing a taxi. It turned out that I was right after all, as it was on the same street just two blocks to the right. I had him drop me off at Plaza California, so I walked the short distance to Plaza Mirage and Golden Time.

Photos: Nina 1-9

The selection was much smaller at this time, but still of excellent quality. There was a really hot blond Colombian with some vicious curves, but I opted for the pretty and petite brunette that came highly recommended by my host. I had a great time with her. This time we got a bed instead of a massage table. She was incredibly sexy and gave some serious ball licking, but the BJ was relatively short. The sex was great. On the way out I saw the lady I did previously going upstairs with another guy. She had a huge smile on her face when she saw me. I caught a taxi outside which I took to the 24 hour Rey on Espana for some shopping. I bought juice, ice cream, and a razor and walked through mostly empty streets to the hotel.


03-08-03, 03:50
Hey guys. Did ya miss me? Well, my 5 day trip to Panama was awesome! Here is the lowdown on my week at Carnaval.

Arrive on Sunday afternoon. Met by my semi-pro Peruvian Pica ( 27 years old)who checked in with me at the Bristol. I am 47 with a medium build. After a great dinner at Seven Seas, she proceeded to grind me to pieces.

Monday night. Le Palace was closed so I ventured into Elite II at 11 PM. There were at least 24 women and about 5 guys. I was swarmed like a bees nest. I ended up hooking up with a Colombian babe ( Cece who is 24 years old and a 9.9) for the whole night. Negotiation was drawn out but ended up at $ 65 for the house and $ 120 for her. I think you guys can tell I do not negotiate too well with a gorgeous Colombian giving me a BJ over my pants. I meant to do the $ 100 next day luncheon special but lost most of my senses. To say the least, this babe tore me up inside and out for about 10 hours with an hour or two of sleep in the middle. Best mouth I may have ever had antwhere. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED chica!!!

Meanwhile, my non and semi-pros from last visit are calling every 30 minutes like airplanes around O'Hare airport at 7 PM. I ended up picking one and we go off to Isla Contadora for about 36 hours. Awesome beach and water! Only 15 minutes by plane from PTY. This also ended up being a sex-a-thon.

Wednesday night. My Peruvian semi-pro returns for whatever I have left in me. We had a good dinner at Angel on Via Argentina to set up the date.

Thursday night. Cece has breakfast with me at the Bristol before I have a car set up to go to the airport. She rushes me upstairs for one last pole vault since she now "loves me" knowing I have to leave in 20 minutes.

The trip was great but I saw very little of the Carnaval and did not get to Golden Time. My conclusions this time.
1. Picas love Americans and will do most anything to get down your pants. I had a zillion times more opportunity than I had time or body fluids.
2. I would not do Carnaval again since alot is closed and attracts a lower class following
3. Latino dancing continues to be a great tool with a little Spanish.
4. Bristol remains the most awesome hotel. The staff was thoroughly entertained with my parade. The receptionist did an awesome job screening my calls and managing the traffic.

I will be back in April for Part III. Please let me know if you have any questions. Cowboy1.

03-08-03, 06:20
Will anybody know which is better

Costa Del Sol
Torres De Alba
Executive Hotel

Thank You

03-10-03, 04:51
Originally posted by Hobbyists
Will anybody know which is better

Costa Del Sol
Torres De Alba
Executive Hotel

Thank You
well that depends on your spending budget, but costa del sol is very near Le Palace and between walking distance to Elite and also the Executive

03-10-03, 04:59
if any1 is coming to Panama, drop me an email at themothman1138@hotmail.com, and ill gladly be your guide around town

03-10-03, 05:36
Thanks GauntMan

BTW, is the Executive Hotel guest friendly?

Is there any "ugrade fee' or do I have to stay at double room (like Debret/Rio) to avoid the fee?

Is there any limit of guest numbers to any hotel friendly in PC?

Any info will be appreciated


03-11-03, 09:22
Originally posted by Hobbyists
Thanks GauntMan

BTW, is the Executive Hotel guest friendly?

Is there any "ugrade fee' or do I have to stay at double room (like Debret/Rio) to avoid the fee?

Is there any limit of guest numbers to any hotel friendly in PC?

Any info will be appreciated


so far almost all hotels have a NO GUEST policy, unless you take a double room alone.
there are a couple of good hotels that charge you 27.50 a night for a double room and a $10 per guest fee

03-15-03, 01:04
I packed up my stuff, emptied the safety deposit box, and checked out of Costa del Sol. I then caught a cab to Sevilla. I was much happier with Sevilla Suites. I put my stuff away, took a shower, and lounged around the room for a while.

Kitchen Photo
I actually felt comfortable cooking in this place, but no foldaway door! (Sarcasm)

Bedroom Photo
At $55, this room was less expensive than those at Costa del Sol

After unpacking, I went to lunch at Café Manolo which is around the corner and down the block. I had a nice dish of Spaghetti con Almejas (Spaghetti with Clams) and a glass of lemonade. I returned to the hotel to rest for a while.

Manolo Photo
Cafe Manolo is on Via Venetto a few steps from Oasis Girls Massage

Oasis Photo
Oasis Girls was really close, but I only saw one I was marginally attracted to in several visits

It was kind of a lazy day with many of the shops closed and few pedestrians in the street. I walked around for a while before deciding to give Oasis a shot. The selection wasn't too good, but there was one named Alex that caught my eye. I paid $30 for an hour massage, a different deal than I had been quoted before. I knew of course that I would be negotiating directly with Alex for extras.

Photos: Alex 1-5

In the room and in person, Alex turned out to be more attractive than I thought initially. Her body was really nice with smooth skin, but she had a tattoo under her belly button. She was from Panama and spoke some English. She only asked for $40. I gave her $50 as I didn't have change and she was really happy with that. (paid afterwards) She had lots of energy and seemed to enjoy herself. I considered getting her number as she was worthy of a repeat, but decided against it. I figured I would continue to search for a lady that excelled in both performance and looks.

I got some Dim Sum afterwards at Don Lee, then returned to the hotel to clean up. I looked over my list of places and decided to check out some discoteques. I hailed a cab driver and asked him to take me to Liquid, but it was closed on Sunday. We drove by Cantina which was also closed, so I finally asked him to take me to Josephine's. I was a little confused when we pulled up in front of Elite. He explained that Josephine's and Elite were the same, Josephine's was the former name. I went upstairs without paying for the open bar.

No open bar means a two drink minimum which sets you back $13. So if you are going to drink more than 2 drinks, it makes sense to go for the open bar. There were plenty of men but not too many ladies for Sunday. Karina wasn't around. There were a few cuties, but they were mostly busy with other customers. I hung out for a little while before deciding to hit the Dorado area.

Don Lee Photo
I'm not picky with food, so I ate a lot at Don Lee which was quick and inexpensive.

Miami Photo
Club Miami is run by Asians and has a mostly Asian clientele.

Despite being unimpressed with Miami from my earlier visit, I decided to give it a shot. A cute blond I saw earlier wasn't available, but a few others were nice. A couple guys from Los Angeles came in the bar while I was deciding. We chatted a bit and the subject of Golden Times came up. He told me they were just there and it was closed, so I figured I would have to pull from here unless I wanted to try Royal Elegance again. He ended up choosing a brunette that surprised me because I didn't find her very attractive. His friend chose one of the brunettes I was considering. I think his friend was uncomfortable with being there, almost like he was concerned about being recognized. That could have been the case as I learned he was a professional skateboarder on tour. They would be leaving for Costa Rica on Wednesday.

I eventually chose the petite brunette with the nice body but big nose. She seemed very board about being there and wasn't very lively in talking with me either. She was cute and friendly enough, though, so I paid $90 to take her to my hotel.

During our conversation, Estele told me she was tired from her previous night at Farmers where she was dancing until the early morning. She was a Dominican from Santo Domingo and had spent the last six years in Panama.

Photos: Estele 1-12

She did some dancing for me in the room and turned out to be a very sexy dancer. The session wasn't spectacular, but it was better than expected given her personality beforehand. Her body was very nice with very smooth skin and nice b cups on her small frame.

Afterwards I walked her out to a cab and paid for her cab fare. I returned to the room where I soon fell asleep.


03-15-03, 01:05
Originally posted by Hobbyists
Will anybody know which is better

Costa Del Sol
Torres De Alba
Executive Hotel

Thank You Torres de Alba is much nicer. Costa del Sol is nice location but kind of shoddy. I recommend Sevilla Suites or Torres which was my favorite. I don't know anything about Executive.

03-17-03, 05:37
Originally posted by Vladimir
Torres de Alba is much nicer. Costa del Sol is nice location but kind of shoddy. I recommend Sevilla Suites or Torres which was my favorite. I don't know anything about Executive.

where are the photos?

03-21-03, 08:59
on march 17 the board was off line but I was able to make my 1 day in panama worth it .i stayed at the panama hotel 5 star free from copa air /no chicas /but I had a good time at fenix drinks were ok the girls were cute 31 usd for 24 min tried 2 colombanias, went to azul the chicasa were ugly but cheap didnt try there then to get some strreet action about 20 usd and 10 dollars for sleazy hotel ----hey the 5 star hotel is about 175 how are they gonna say if i can have a guest just my opinon

03-23-03, 20:33
Check out Baja, a bar disco on Calle 50, up a block and the other side of the street from Bavarian Motors. Friday was loaded with very friendly office/clerk types, no working girls apparent but a large selection. Dress neat and buy a few drinks and you're in.

Farmers on Via Espana, across the street from Hospital San Fernando, filled with Colombianas and Dominicans, many working girls out for the night. Best if you speak fluent spanish and keep a very low profile.

03-28-03, 23:22
Anyone knows of a working girls out of her apartment in Panama City?

I am getting tired of the comercial places.

03-29-03, 01:50
Originally posted by man
Anyone knows of a working girls out of her apartment in Panama City?

I am getting tired of the comercial places. Go to the small coffee bar near the fuel dock at Flamenco Marina. On Thursday and Friday nights you'll find a few local freelancers sitting around, they're all friends and live in the city and Chorrera. $40.00 plus the cost of a push.

03-29-03, 01:56
I just completed 3 weeks in PTY. I spent 1 week here to renew a visa in December also. I spent the rest of the last 8 months in Costa Rica studying Spanish. Here is some info that would have helped me in December.

Beware. The cabbies here are the most aggressive I have seen. They are constantly trying to hustle you into going to a massage parlor with comission, and any deal they offer is a probably a bad hustle. I tried to be friendly with several cabbies, but it is hard. Even after weeks, they lie to me constantly. In December, I left Elite with a woman and without thinking took the taxi right in front of the place without negotiating a rate first. Bad idea. He tried to rip me off for $20, claiming the taxi parked in front is a "special service". I argued with him and we settled on a rip off of $10. In the confusion at 3 in the morning with the girl I forgot to check for a taxi # on the rear door. If it is a registered taxi, there can be no special service or rate. $2 is a very generaous rip off. I think the true fare is about $1.25.

The main downtown area of interest is small, roughly 8 blocks by 5 blocks, bounded on the west by Frederico Boyd and on the east by Via Argentina, on the south by the Bay of Panama and on the north by Via Argentina also, which curves around from the east. Via Espana is a large street thru the area. It is generally safe to walk in this entire area, and I have walked it alone until 2 a.m. Use nomal precautions for an upscale area of a city.

One street of interest is Aquilino de la Guardia. It begins directly accross Via Espana from the Hotel Panama. Walking down this street from Via Espana, on the first corner is the Executive Hotel, a large and nice hotel. A cabbie who hangs in front says it is guest friendly.

One half block to the right is Le Palace, one full block right the Costa Del Sol. In the next block of Aquilino is the famous Bristol Hotel. At the end of this block it crosses wide Calle 50, where one long block to the right is Elite II. About three blocks further down Aquilino is the Bay of Panama.

On the next street east(by the Bank of Boston on Via Espania) is a club named Bacchus. Thursday at about 9:45 there was a line of about 50 waiting to enter, mostly Panamanian women(20's), too young for me.

One block further to the east is the Hotel Continental, which from pasts posts seems guest friendly, with a casino, very nice.

Behind the Continental is the Marriott. There are several nice, and very nice restaurants in this area. It is worth a look around.

Diagonally accross Calle 50 from Elite II is Athens Pizza, which has some great looking unique Greek Pizza combinations, with lots of sour cream and stuff, too rich for me.

Accross Via Espana from the Continental is Via Venetto, a street with many small businesses and internet cafes that is alongside the Hotel El Panama and its Fiesta Casino.

One block up Via Venetto from Via Espana on the left is Oasis Massage(check past posts). Accross the street on the corner is Manolos, a nice street cafe/restaurant.

To the right on this cross street is Coral Suites, where I stayed 2 weeks for $50 net. Very nice suite hotel. The guy who showed me the room said there is no problem with guests, but I did not get a chance to bring one in.

Next to Coral Suites is Ambassador Suites, looks very nice, supposedly guest friendly.

Next to that is the Hotel Marbella, a nice looking plain hotel I know nothing about.

One block further right is the Hotel Granada, ($45?) a nice hotel with casino, the cabbies say is guest friendly.

Two blocks up Via Venetto on the corner of Eusebio a Morales is Torres de Alba Suites, very nice, guest friendly from past posts. This street is Eusebio a Morales.

Also on the corner is Las Vegas Suites, older and cheap($30), guest friendly. Nice rooms and interior. Its big problem is the instant water heater for hot water. I spent a week there. It also has a bad reputation with the cabbies and girls of Elite, mostly undeserved.

One block to the right on Eusebio is Sevilla Suites, nice and guest friendly from Vladimir's post. Two blocks to the right is the brand new El Parador Hotel, cheap($30), the cabbies say is guest friendly.

One block further east on Via Espana is the Supermarket "REY" where there is a good selection of beer, wine, and liquor, as well as food and a pharmacy. About 2 blocks further east is Via Argentina(Blockbuster Video on corner). On Via Argentina is Malibu disco, which looks like a locals place.

Past Malibu right into the parking lot is River Club and Aquarius Massage Places. See Vladimir posts for a good description.

Further up Via Argentina are several street cafe style restaurants that look nice.

After Frederico Boyd crosses Via Espana going north, it becomes Tumba Muerta, but it shows on maps as Ricardo J. Alfaro. About 8 blocks out this street is the area where Golden Time, Miami Club, and Caribbean Center are located. See Vladimir posts for a description of this area. This should give an idea why the cab rides are a rip off at $2. I think the real fare is about $1.25.

Southeast of this area about 6 blocks (take Alquilino de la Guadia to Balboa on the bay and go left on Balboa) is a large new rich area on the Bay of Panama called Paitilla, with many high rises and a hotel and restaurants and such. If you need some exercise, take a look.

I did not do much with the hobby. After 8 months in Costa Rica and facing a return to the US for a month or so and much to think about I wasn't into it. I stopped by Le Palace a couple times. The woman who ripped me off in December is still there. I took her at the closing for $200 for 2 hours to avoid the bar fine. The risk is that she is tired and if she rips you off you can't complain to the bar. I foolishly paid in advance when she asked. After 20 minutes she started rushing me and after 40 minutes she left. She isn't hard to recognize. A gorgeous small slim blond, the only slim woman in the place. The other women call her "skinny".

I stopped by Elite. The Nica I took in December at 3:00 was still there. I paid the bar fine, but she gave very good service, and stayed until 2:00 PM.

Generally, I am not very happy with Panama City. I guess for me the comparison with Costa Rica and my favorita there is a big part of the problem. I think most people would enjoy it more.

03-29-03, 08:38
Does anyone have any pics of panamian chicas? Also would like a list of guest friendly hotels near a good bit of action or a location of an online map of Panama City.


04-01-03, 02:01
Hi guys. I just arrived in Panama City for the first time. Thanks for all the background info. I am staying at the Miramar Inter Continental (this is a business trip), which is kind of pricey. The taxi from the airport was a ripoff, but driving to meetings around town they only charge a few dollars per ride. There is a semi-English publication called The Visitor with lots of ads for escort services. I will try some of them out shortly and be reporting in. I just had a long conversation with Nicole at 614-1722. She is promising excellent quality and 2 hours for $100, with no problems sending the talent to my hotel room. This compares favorably to Golden Times ($80?). She described Golden Times as all uneducated Colombian women--which is not a problem for me!

04-02-03, 01:29
Last night was a first--the girl from Nicole never showed up! I gave her an hour and a half, could not reach anyone by phone, then called another service in the paper. This place was Sensual Girls. I spoke with Anna at 235-8607 (or 674-7331). She got Ashley over to me in less than 30 minutes. It was absolutely no problem at the hotel; she came right up to my door. The initial cost was $80, but I had to go to $110 for sex twice. But the money did not change hands until the end of the evening. Ashley was 24 years old and a little over 5 feet. She had a nice face and a good body. I would rate her around a 6.5 or 7. What was most important was her friendliness and cooperative spirit. She took a quick shower and then I started playing with her nude body while I was still dressed--hugging, kissing, sucking on her breasts, oral, etc. After a long effort she had a great orgasm. Then it was my turn--uncovered blow job finished with a hand job. Next came a quite acceptable massage from my shoulders down to my toes, followed by more sex with me on top. I will have more to report from tonight.

04-03-03, 00:28
On Tuesday I was lazy and called up Anna again. She sent over Vicky, who arrived promptly with no hassels at my hotel. Vicky is from Panama and 21 years old. She is a little over 5 feet tall, nice figure, large enough natural breasts, and long brunette hair. Another 6.5 to 7. She speaks almost no English but was very friendly and willing. We had sex twice--me on top then from behind--each starting with a BBBJ to get me hard. She did ask for the money up front, a total of $110. Vicky also gave me a great massage from the neck down to my hips.

I swear that tonight I will get over to Golden Times.

In the central downtown area you should never have to pay more than $2 or $3 for a taxi.

04-03-03, 04:17
More info to help you avoid taxi ripoffs: I rode all the way from the Inter Continental to Golden Times (20 minutes) for only $1.50. The return trip from a taxi waiting out front was a still reasonable $5.

Maybe because I am obviously a gringo, but the quoted price was $90 PLUS tax at Golden Times.

The place is exactly as advertised. I sat down alone in a comfortable room and they paraded in at least 20 women. Almost everyone is from Colombia and most speak little to no English. I had a pen and scratch paper handy and selected 5 (by their number tages) for a closer look. The girl that I settled on, Fernanda (#47) was just great. She is around an 8 or higher in looks: Pretty face, slim, medium height, long brown hair, large enough natural breasts. And her eyes look just like one of the Victoria´s Secret models whose name escapes me. For my tastes she was the perfect package. Also, she could not have been friendlier. We started with a thorough, relaxing massage of around 15 minutes, then I went to work on her--kissing, licking, sucking, and oral. Afterwards I ended up on top in several configurations for a satisfying orgasm. Following a shower we spent some time laying on the bed talking in my broken Spanish.

The hours are something like 7:30 PM to 4 AM, but I got Fernanda´s cell phone number for afternoon get togethers. She is in Panama for around one year.

By the way, the room we used was quite nice, but a little on the warm side.

On to San Salvador...

04-06-03, 06:08
Originally posted by Vladimir
Lot Photo
Photos: River 1-2
Sevilla photo
Costillitas photo
Photos: Nina 1-9


I just saw this post....I am a lurker on this group. Could you please show me these photos? Where can I see them, my man? Where are these photos?

For privacy's sake, if you want to email me, email me at ohhh_hard_penis@yahoo.com

OK, let me know either way if I can see some pics of Panama babes. Thanks bud!


Texas Now
04-29-03, 15:04
I agree with the posters who say you should never pay more than $40 for a piece in Panama. Even that is the high end. I lived there for over 3 years. That was a few years ago, but I'm sure with the economy the way it is, pussy has not gone up in price, it has came down.

You can go to the clubs like Le Palace etc, but I would only do that to check out the eye candy. You can find beautiful women who will do the deed for next to nothing, and without any attitude you may get from the expensive girls from the clubs. I know my sister-in-law in Panama for example will do almost anything for only $20, and she is good at it too. I prefered the native women over the imports anyway.

04-30-03, 20:09
Texas Now,

Your crazy. I would like to see the animal you get for next to nothing.


05-01-03, 14:13
"I know my sister-in-law in Panama for example will do almost anything for only $20, and she is good at it too."

I will be in Panama next month and would like to book your sister in law.


05-01-03, 17:07
I will be in Panama next month and would like to book your sister in law.

Starfe [/i]

Now That's funny!!

Texas Now
05-01-03, 22:19
Well, I was accused of being crazy by some people when I lived there :)

I found the best girls were the ones you picked up at the "regular" clubs. There used to be a place called the Hotel Premiere that rocked. The girls there were working girls, but again $20 - $30 would get you a round with them. Hotel Premiere is gone now, but there are still plenty of discos and other clubs/bars. But it does help to speak the language, and you have to be brave enough to go into some of them. That's why I was accused of being crazy I guess.

Seriously, if you want to hook up with my sister-in-law, e-mail me at jestxm@yahoo.com and I will give you her cell phone number. Only thing is if you don't speak Spanish you will have a hard time communicating with her.

05-01-03, 23:10
I have been living in Panama for the past 2 years, and Golden Time at $85.00 offers the best quality for the money. I would like to own it if I could. I sometimes wonder how much business Golden Time gets from this board as they rarely advertise locally.

There are others which are cheaper, but the quality of the girls is far less than Golden Time.

You can also find escort services in the local papers, but the problem is that you ever know what is going to come to your door. Many of the girls think they are beautiful, but they are not.

Of course, you can go to bars and pick up local semi pros for 20-30, but it is not going to be great quality.

What Panama is missing is a decent online escort representation as is in BA. There is one here, but the quality is not great.

05-09-03, 04:42
What's with the slow traffic on this board this week?

I Love Sluts
06-12-03, 16:41
I am going down to Panama City for my first time on business, but plan to look for ass every night. I will be down there form June 16th to the 20th, anybody recommend where to go for great looking women? I plan on going to Golden Times, Le Palace, but not sure where else to look. Anybody have a different recommendations?


06-15-03, 03:42
Am I the only one finding this curious that an active board has gone dead for the past 2 months?
There is got to be something wrong.

06-15-03, 23:10
I Love Sluts,

You have the 2 best places in my book. Elite is also good.

At Le Palace ask for Poppy ( waiter). His english is good and he will lead you to the worker bee's. Get #'s of the girls you want to see the following day. Book a date at closing 4am. You save on the exit fee.


I Love Sluts
06-22-03, 01:11

Just back from Panama City and was very impressed with the selection at both places. I wished we had places here in the United States that were legal with stocks of hot women. I am considering moving to Panama City as I love the city. Besides the *****houses, the city alone is full of hot chicks who love Americans. Was impressed with GT and LP, the girls from these clubs hang out on Via Espana during the day. I was hanging out with one girl who worked at one of the clubs, and we kept running into all of her co-workers, It was too funny.

06-26-03, 21:27
Where in Via Espania do they hang out?

I Love Sluts
06-27-03, 19:30
Hey Man,

They are not working during the day on Via Espana, they are just shopping and hanging out , I was shocked at how many girls there were hanging out , but they are not selling their bodies. Just enjoying themselves.

I will be in Panama City from July 3rd to july 14th, let me know if any fellow mongers want to hang out and find hot women.

06-30-03, 03:57
Hey Ilovesluts. I will be in PTY from 7/11 to 7/14. Please write me at douglschan@aol.com if you want to get together. I have a favorite colombiano from Elite but have many others as back-ups. You are right on about beautiful women who love americans. GT/Le Palace/Elite are all fun, but you to have check out the sights at Club Liquid and Zoomba's.

I Love Sluts
07-01-03, 00:13
Hey cowboy 1 ,

I am only there from July 4 to the July 11th, so we will not be able to meet That would have been cool, we could have tried to scoop them all up.

Anybody else going to be in Panama City from July 4th to the 11th, give a post or give me a email at dcx008@yahoo.com

07-02-03, 03:57
Just finished up 36 pleasant hours in Panama City. Upon arriving Sunday night, I phoned a local acquaintance from my last visit in April. Rebecca is 22 and a 6 to 7. We had a great multiple hour session for $100, but she succeeded in turning me off to Panamanians: My birthday was last week, why didn´t you bring me a gift? Why didn´t you call? I immediately resolved to stick with the Colombians. On Monday night I first phoned the service run by Anna (see my last posts here), and she sent over another Anna. I stay at the Miramar Inter-Continental, and they give me no hassels whatsoever with guests. This Anna was probably only a 6ish, but she spoke a lot of English and could not have been friendlier and more cooperative. The cost for this service is $80, but I tend to add a nice tip for double dipping. We did a CBJ to completion, then later me on top--with her legs as wide as I´ve seen. After a rest period I took a cab to Golden Times. There is a young lady, Fernanda, that I´m totally in love with: 19, no fat whatsoever, great tits, pretty face, and the best personality--at least an 8. She also happens to give incredible massages. The current cost for an hour is $90 plus tax. You can take them out for a higher fee. I had at least 20 to choose among, so there´s something for everyone.

I Love Sluts
07-02-03, 04:36
Hey Keith,

Did Fernanda have braces for her teeth, I think that is the same one I banged also. She is a little hottie from medellin with great tits, the tits are the first thing I noticed, her face is not that great. But she is a great bang as she can really spread those legs wide.

Yeah the Mirramar never gives me a problem, they are very guest friendly and have never even said anything about the sluts that come over.

If anybody is going to be in Panama from July 4th to the 11th, let me know.

Texas Now
07-02-03, 22:38
I will be heading to Panama from July 11 - 25. Will be going with my wife, but will still be doing some playing around. In fact I wanted to ask, which hotels are cool with "guests"? I see the Miramar Inter-Continental mentioned. Don't know how much that place costs, but we will just need to room from time-to-time to bring a girl or two into for play with and do some photographing (planning on a lot of pictures). Most of the time we will be staying at my wifes house, but she has family staying there so bringing girls there is pretty much out of the question. Does anyone know of any "economy" hotels that are cool with guests?

07-03-03, 05:18
No braces the two times I´ve been with her. IMHO she has a beautiful face. I´m definitely in love.

I Love Sluts
07-03-03, 23:18
Hey Keith,

Did you get her phone number ? They will give there number to you, they will not write it down, but will put it in your cell phone. (Maybe she got her braces off, i know which one she is, she has a smokin body to die for.) You can get there number and they will visit you at your hotel, the next day, that is what I am doing. I am going down tommorrow to see my favorite, she is smokin, much hotter than any American chick. Last time I met one of the girls there and she came over everyday, she wants me to bring her to America. But she is so hot that it really does not matter.

Why is everyone going on the 11th, I am leaving that day, that sucks, Cowboy and Texas Now, are both going down on the eleventh, I wish I could meet up with you guys, timing just a little off. You two should meet up.

07-06-03, 14:50
Hey guys!! I am sorry ilovesluts that you will be gone when i get there. Please give us updates!! Texasnow, if you want let's meet up at Zoomba's at midnight on 7/11. Please e-mail me on the address provided earlier if you can make it. I am ready to see all of my favorite colombiano chicas!!!!

I Love Sluts
07-08-03, 22:42

I will be in Panama city for the upcoming weekend , I decided to extend my stay till the 14th. I will see you at zoombas at your time. I was there last weekend on friday, what a place, hot chicks that speak English. How the hell will I be able to recognize you, most people there look like they are from America.

I Love Sluts
07-08-03, 22:44
Hey Keith,

I banged Fernanda for you, she is excellent sexually, the best I have had there. Her tits are perfect, her body is smoking, she reaaly knows how to fuck. I need a girl like this in America, got she is good at her work.

Texas Now
07-11-03, 13:14
Look for the guy with the dark blue shirt that says "American Embassy, Prague, Czech Republic". Only unique thing I can think of to wear.

I Love Sluts
07-12-03, 18:08
Yes I have Fernandas phone number, but she never picks up the phone when I call her.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Texas Now
07-15-03, 00:03
Hey I Love Sluts,

I misread your message before. I was thinking you wanted to meet on the 14th. My bad, wish we could have hooked up. I will be going to Zoombas tonight (the 14th).

I Love Sluts
07-20-03, 14:57
Hey Man,

I can give you the phone number, but I will not post it here for privacy, she does not want many guys calling her. Please post me your email address, and then i will send it to you in a email. I also needed a favor from you in relation to Panama City. Give me your email address.

Cowboy 1/ Texas Now,

Oh yeah, I missed Cowboy 1 / Texas Now at Zoombas, sorry guys, I was in the middle of a sex feast. I am sure you guys had a great time a zoombas, there are way more hot chicks there than guys. That place is great.

07-23-03, 23:07
Hi all.

I will be going to Panama, Guayaquil (Equador) and Costa Rica between the 29 July and the 8 August. Any Up to date info would be appreciate. I would not mind having a contact for Farnanda if anyone has it.

Thanks in advance


07-24-03, 18:20
Does anyone know the hours of operation of GOLDEN TIME.
Going to be passing thru Panama and I'd love to check it out.
Also any favorite Chicas that work there I should check out?

07-24-03, 20:27
Open at 7:00 PM till 4-5 in the morning.

07-25-03, 04:36
Ok mongers. Zoomba's is an upscale disco that all the chicas in PTY die for. You can go there and pick up damas or bring your own colombianos. I prefer the latter. It is not a Blue Marlin sort of place. Go there to have non and semi-pros chase the rare americanos. Most will be Panamanians. Panamanians are required to learn English in school and many are longing for the americans to return. Have fun and be prepared to have more sex than you ever imagined you could in a given period of time!

I Love Sluts
07-25-03, 16:47
Hey Cowboy,

Sorry we did not meet up, I was with Colombiano girlfriend who kept me more busy in the bedroom and could not get out of the room.

The more you brag, the more Americans will show up and ruin it for us, I am American and Zoombas is really not that good. The Latins are like the Latins in Miami, and do not want anything to do with the gringos.

Hey cowboy, do not give every one a false hope when they go there, it is really not that good

07-27-03, 17:01
I went to see the Canal in mid-July, and also to see Le Palace Gentleman Club and Golden Time Massage.

Golden Time opened at 7:30 the night I checked it out. So you go in past all the chicas that are primping. Sit in the salon room, maybe with some other guys, and then all these 18-21 year olds start filing thru. They pose for a moment with their number on, in some really cute outfits, this part is fun too.

$80/hour, "recommended".

At Le Palace, there's no door charge and no lady-drink pressure. You gotta see them do "La Marche" with about 35 Columbian beauties, all in a line. Nice stage acts too, very recommended.

The chicas will sit and chat, they know that take-out is $320, but they will agree to stop by your hotel tomorrow, no prob. Funny thing, when I went back there on a Saturday night, I'd say the hottest 10 Columbians were missing. I guessed they might be other dates.

07-31-03, 00:17
[At Le Palace, there's no door charge and no lady-drink pressure. You gotta see them do "La Marche" with about 35 Columbian beauties, all in a line. Nice stage acts too, very recommended.

Stage acts good? my god, im 28 and ive been going to strip clubs since i was 17 and at le palace they havent changed the acts in 11 years!!!! i can even sing the songs of some the acts!!!

07-31-03, 00:19
Originally posted by I Love Sluts
Hey Cowboy,

Sorry we did not meet up, I was with Colombiano girlfriend who kept me more busy in the bedroom and could not get out of the room.

The more you brag, the more Americans will show up and ruin it for us, I am American and Zoombas is really not that good. The Latins are like the Latins in Miami, and do not want anything to do with the gringos.

Hey cowboy, do not give every one a false hope when they go there, it is really not that good

zoomba's been full with pros lately, but theyll want to rip you pocket, last time i check a friend of mine was asked 200 for 1 hour!! better stay cool at golden time

08-02-03, 02:22
Hey fellow mongers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am headed back to PTY from 8/27-8/31. Yes, I will be with my favorite colombiano but will make sure to get one night free for new adventures! I will be bringing a Mexican friend from Texas with me. Let me share my opinions on a couple of things:

1. GT. Great place but I never get the chance to go because of everything else available.
2. Zoomba's. Outstanding place. Get a spot on the second floor looking out over the dance floor. They will find you pretty damn easy. I have seen a few pros there but they are there to play and not to work. This is my new favorite place instead of Club Liquid.
3. Le Palace. Good place to start your colombiano network. Once you get tight with one, the world opens up. Colombians stay pretty tight-knit because they do not like Panamanians and many Panamanians do not like them.

Remember my basic rules of success:
1. Dress well
2. Learn some basic Spanish
3. Dance meringue
4. Treat them nicely
5. Be American

If you follow these rules, you will have the experience of a lifetime. Book it!!

Rabo Verde
08-04-03, 02:00
The MIAMI CLUB is four blocks or so from Golden Times. Sort of a cross between Golden Times and Le Palace. Recently expanded to twice the former size. Standard bar up front, clean rooms in back, $80-90 for an hour, or $100 Bar fine to leave. 20-30 Colombianas in the evenings. Currently an EXCELLENT lineup, comparable to GT or LP, sometimes better. Lots of very friendly young cuties up from Manizales. No pressure, no cover charge. Give it a shot. It is back behind the El Rey Supermarket in a little strip mall.

08-07-03, 00:28
This board has been a great source of information for me over the year. Just out of curiosity, are there other decent boards about sex in South America?

08-07-03, 03:26
Ok guys. Here is the game plan for my visit on 8/27 with my Mexican buddy. I need feedback from my fellow mongers.

Wednesday: Have my favorite colombiano stripper pick me up at Tocumen, go to amador for some romantic vistas, and bang away.

Thursday: Tobago in day and Zoombas at night. I might try the karoake bar for grins before zoombas. See what gets hooked, if all else fails, we are off to GT. But this has yet to fail!

Friday: Show my bud the sights in PTY in the day, including via espania, go to Miami Club and Le Palace to test the colombian waters. Set up many 3 am meetings and saturday visits. I want to thank Chuponalgas for the MC lead since I had heard MC was doing some expansion work. Chuponalgas, what time does MC open?

Saturday: Recuperate to spend the last night with my favorita colombiano.

How does this look to my panel of experts?

Also, as always I am open to meeting up with fellow mongers!!

08-08-03, 19:00
Sounds like a plan to me.

Is this zoombas a place to pickup working women?

I always do the same things in Panama: GT & L.P.


08-09-03, 18:45
Good question Starfe! There has been some debate about this issue. I have found the following at Zoomba's:
1. Non-pros
2. Semi-pros looking for work
3. Hard pros there to play, not really work

I like this club better than Club Liquid because it is much bigger.

What has been the experience of others?

Most of the time I have been there I have brought my own colombianos.

08-12-03, 02:06
Originally posted by Cowboy1
Good question Starfe! There has been some debate about this issue. I have found the following at Zoomba's:
1. Non-pros
2. Semi-pros looking for work
3. Hard pros there to play, not really work

I like this club better than Club Liquid because it is much bigger.

What has been the experience of others?

Most of the time I have been there I have brought my own colombianos.
I agree in part with your post, but the hard pros are there to work, since the average customer its from an upscale sector, mainly those that live around the premises, which is a high class neighborhood. On wednesday and particularly on weekends, all the above pros are there, out to hunt some fluffy pockets. IMHO, stay clear of them, unless you want to spent top money and be cool at GT or MC or even LP or Elite and setup next day appointments, best bet.

08-22-03, 17:14
Any of you guys that know Panama have any recommendations for daytime mongering in Panama.
At night, I know GT and Miami and Le Palace. Just looking for some daytime fun. Thanks.

08-22-03, 20:24
You might want to try Carribean Club near Shula's restaurant.

They have 4 or 5 girls at lunch time


08-24-03, 02:25
OK mi amigos, the rocket is ready for launch.

I arrive Wednesday night. Wednesday is safe because I need to see my novia. ja,ja,ja. Thursday, I will head to Fox(karoake) and do Zoombas byoc (bring your own colombianos). Friday will be like a bat out of hell. Me and my mexicano bud are going to start out with GT's for afterwork and saturday citas, then try Miami Club per Chuponalgas'lead (thanks my friend), possibly Zoombas again and GT if I am still standing. Saturday will be undefined for now. However, a new PTY monger may arriving from out west!

As usual, any of my WSG friends are welcome to meet up with us. Please pass on any last minute advice!

I will give a full report upon my return!

08-24-03, 03:59

08-24-03, 04:17
Next month I will be spending one night in Panama City on transit to Newark, coming from Buenos Aires.

From some of the reports I've reading, Zoombas is a must and if can't find something there, maybe I'll try Le Palace.

But I can't find info about the Riande Airport Hotel, is it chica friendly ?

What's the average price p/hr for chicas listed in the Club Zafiro section?

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

08-24-03, 13:50
Elvis,I am not familar with the Riande Airport Hotel. If it is located out near Tocumen airport, you will be faraway from everything. Tocumen is located closer to Colombia then Panama City!

Ok, Zoomba's will be more of a hit or miss sort of place because it is a bonafide disco. LP is a no miss sort of place. Kind of like shooting cats in an alley. I would suggest Golden Time for those with a limited amount of time. You can read about it here on the Board.

It also depends on if you want Colombianos or Panamanians (Picas). Colombianos are slighter colored and sex machines. Picas are largely darker skinned but also take care of their men. Have a good trip!

Blitz Dog
08-26-03, 05:20
Hey Cowboy

I have been waiting for your e-mail response, hey I will be in PTY the same time you are lets chat, e-mail me amd give me a number where I can reach you at, OR would it be better if we chat in PTY, I wil be at the Seville Suites. I arrive Thursday Night should be at the hotel by 7:30pm. I will probably be with my Pica for dinner but then I plan to head out to GT or one of your other suggested spots, lets chat ASAP


Also open to meet or talk to any other mongors in PTY this weekend.

Blitz Dog
08-26-03, 15:40
Hey does anyone know if Seville Suites allows Guest? I plan on having some action come by!


08-26-03, 23:56
Just back from Panama. Went to the Miami Club in the daytime. It opens at 2pm.
Had some nice chicas ... an assortment actually, ranging from a level 4 type to an 8 possibly 9 depending on taste. Quality definitely not that of GT.
The cool thing is, if a chica likes you, she gets off at 10pm (from the day shift), and she will meet up with you. Just can't let the management know ... they will fine the girl about $150.
It's easily done though with a little discretion.
I met a nice Colombiana, probably a 7 in looks, and we met up after her shift and had a great time ... all nighter ... GFE ... service was a 10 ... no exageration.
Those who know the Colombianas know ... if they like you ... they will take care of you well!

08-29-03, 16:48

thanks for the info. Despite spending on day in PTY, I'll try to do as much as possible. I'll definitely check out the Golden Time !!

Btw, I love colombianas- they are gorgeous, muy caliente neighbors. I'm from Ecuador.

Rabo Verde
08-30-03, 05:42
Highly recommend Alyson, Blonde Colombiana with great figure, works LP. Cell Phone 600-8850. $150 for private daytime dates. YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!!!

Rob Hay
08-30-03, 18:58
They have weekly photos of parties at Zoomba posted at www.zoombapanama.com

There are some real hotties there. Any of you guys recognize any of the chicas?

08-31-03, 00:50
Whatever they ask, never pay more than $100. I have had the best girsls ask for the moon, but always agreed to $100.

Woody For Asians
08-31-03, 15:04
Originally posted by Elvis
Next month I will be spending one night in Panama City on transit to Newark, coming from Buenos Aires.

From some of the reports I've reading, Zoombas is a must and if can't find something there, maybe I'll try Le Palace.

But I can't find info about the Riande Airport Hotel, is it chica friendly ?

What's the average price p/hr for chicas listed in the Club Zafiro section?

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks The Riande is close to Tocumen airport but that convenience is it's only positive attribute. I think they are chica friendly. I stayed there with my Panamanian girlfriend when our flight to Colombia was delayed and the airline put us up there. There's no action near the Riande and you will need to get a taxi into town (long taxi ride). You'd probably be better off staying in town. I personally like the El Panama. I heard that they don't like unregistered female guests but I had no problems the four or five times I stayed there. Ask for a poolside room and it's easy to bring women in. The El Panama is walking distance from Le Palace and there are several other nightclubs and massage parlors in the area.

Blitz Dog
09-03-03, 16:36
I just got back from Panama, I had a great time, hit Golden times, Oasis, and My Local Pica. Panama is a great spot to have alot of fun. I missed hooking up with cowboy 1 to hit some of the clubs. Hey cowboy how was your trip?


09-13-03, 23:39
Hey Blitzdog and fellow mongers. Blitzdog, sorry I missed you but there will be a next time. Did you connect up with AsianTraveller?

Ok, here is my trip. Wednesday night, I saw my colombiano novia and got re-acquainted. Thursday night, took my novia and otre colombiano and went to Zoomba's. Lots of action there but I was more than taken. Friday evening, went to Miami Club and set up a 10 PM afterwork cita from the day crowd for me and my Mexican buddy that just got in. Miami Club had about 7 chicas when I got there and had no customers. Nice place though!!!I focused right in on the Manizales group. Met them at Bennigans at 10:30. Don't waste your time at Bennigans since it was all Panamanians unless that is your interest. After Bennigans, took them to Zoomba's. Again, lots of action but had byoc (bring your own colombianos). We went back to the hotel when I got a call at 4:30 from my novia's co-worker who said that my novia had got drunk and passed out at her club ( LP) because she was pissed that I had not come in earlier. So, I had to finish up with the gal from Manizales and go carry my novia back to my room. I can now attest that the Holiday Inn is very chica friendly even carrying in passed out ones! Saturday night, it was novia and otra colombiano with my bud to Amador for dinner and dance.

As Blitzdog said, this is a great place to party. It is very Americanized and the chicas are everywhere. I did not get to GT or Club Liquid. I did spend a couple of hours in the Fiesta casino and there were many chicas on the prowl. Overall, good trip!!

Blitzdog, tell us more! Was your favorita there at GT? How did it go with your novia?

Hobby Fan
09-15-03, 02:57
I just got home from Panama and had a great time.

Strongly recommended: review Lexton´s excellent 3-28-03 report, about five pages back from this one. Vladimir´s posts just prior to that are good too, but it would help if he would resubmit the pictures to which he refers.

Strongly recommended: Alex or Alec (not sure) at Oasis, night shift (gets off work midnight or 2 a.m.). She has been prior described on this board as a very willing 7, and for i.d. purposes she is now 25, and has a tiger´s head tatoo on her abdomen. She is very enthusiastic. In fact, I do not recall hearing the word ¨no¨ for a solid hour, and I can be somewhat exploratory and pretty expansive in selection of activities!


Sean EZ
09-15-03, 10:04

Several buddies and I are considering a trip to Panama City and the islands. We have a couple of questions:

1. What's the general sentiment towards gringos (indifferent, unfriendly, friendly, [exotic??]) in general and in light of the canal histry thing.

2. Partywise - what's non-pro/semi-pro action like at regular discos (night clubs)?

3. What do the girls look like there (local ones).


09-18-03, 03:09
Hey Sean EZ! Here are some answers to your questions.

1. Panamanians and transplanted Colombians are very receptive to gringos. Panama City very much misses the US military especially from an economic perspective. The dream of many Panamanian girls is to find an American and get a green card!Most of the Colombian chicas there are working at clubs but are also very receptive to Americans. You will be successful if 1. Dress nice 2. Look American 3. Dance meringue/ salsa 4. Speak some Spanish 5. Make eye contact and smile. The rest will take care of itself.

2. Go to Zoomba's or La Cantina and you will score at will. Remember that everything there starts late on gringo standards.
If for some unknown reason you can not score, read the material on this board and go to GT, Miami Club, or LP.

3. The average Panamanian lady is darker skinned but pretty sexy when younger. Latino babes do not age very well in my opinionl! There is a minority of lighter skinned Panamanians and all of the Colombians that are real sexy and pretty.

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Sean EZ
09-19-03, 08:23
Thank you Cowboy. Sounds like a fun place. I'll be going at the end of Oct, and I'll be sure to post a detailed report when I return.


09-22-03, 22:09
Thanks for the good information. I am planning a trip and would like to know where is a good place to stay in Panama City?

09-25-03, 03:47
Hey Fred. When are you going to PTY?

Ok, I stayed last time at the Holiday Inn off Via Espania and it was ok. It is $ 85 a night, in good shape, and chica friendly. Remember my last post, I even carried a passed out colombiano in one night!

I have also stayed at the Miramar Intercontinental which is on the water. It has a great view and runs about $ 115 a night.

My favorite is the Bristol which has a corporate rate of $ 125 a night. It is thoroughly 5 star and the folks that work there are very amused by my activities. I will stay there when I return in early November. I know it is higher but I have always felt it is worth it.

Fred, you can really stay anywhere downtown because cabs are cheap to any of the spots you want to go to: Zoombas, Le Palace, Club Liquid, Miami Club, Elite, La Cantina, and of course, Golden Times.

Have fun and remember to bring a wad of one dollar bills. You will use it everywhere!

Rabo Verde
10-05-03, 01:14
If you want to spend less, highly recommend Sevilla Suites or Coral Suites. These two very similar small hotels are back to back a block off the main drag with good restaurants (Manolo´s, Swiss Corner) all around. Small pool, gym and laundry on roof. Rooms clean and nice with small kitchen, super chica friendly. $2 Cab ride to almost anywhere. 3 blocks to grocery and cineplex. Normal rate about $60-75, but ask for a corporate discount and they will give $50. Only problem is many taxis do not know where these small hotels are. Tell them EL CANGREJO AREA CERCA DE RESTAURANTE MANOLO´S.



10-06-03, 22:42
The other problem with the suite hotel is its noisy air conditioning.

10-07-03, 16:00
Ok fellow mongers. Let the countdown begin. I will be headed back to PTY from 11/4-9. I will be staying at the Bristol and spending a little time with my favorita colombiano. But will definitely be mongering half of my time there. Zoombas, Miami Club, and Traffic. Please let me know who will be in town.

10-09-03, 01:04
To Cowboy,

I really appreciate your posts on this board, they are very detailed and informative! I have traveled to both Central America this year and just got back from the D.R., but Panama is absolutely a destination I wanted to add to my "dance-card" before the year is out. :)
My questions to you - if you would be so kind.....

What are the three best hotels for our kind of fun? I'm looking for reasonably stylish accomadations with a pool (near a beach), guest friendly of course and preferably with a restaurant. If any have websites I could check out or email addresses I could send reservation requests to it would be better.

Do you rent a car when you are in country? I found driving in Honduras and El Salvador to be insane, is it any better here? What do cabs cost if you don't rent?

What do Panamanian or colombian pros cost in american $ for toda la noche? I am american, in my 30's, nice looking and speak reasonably good spanish but prefer pros (no headtrips, or phony promises necesary if you know what I mean)

Thanks very much for taking the time to answer my questions and keep up the great work, you paint a very inviting picture of this country for us senior members.:)

10-09-03, 12:53
FORD, thank you for the kind comments. I have benefited greatly from the information on this Board too.

OK, I will try to answer some questions.
1. Never drive here. Taxi's are cheap and plentiful. Everything here is on the US dollar. The airport ride is the only high cost run at about $ 25. Everything else is a couple of dollars. A run out to Amador will cost you a little more but is VERY worth it.
2. The best beaches are not in Panama City ( try Isla Contadora). However, I think you would like the Miramar Intercontinental. It is on the water, has a great pool, and good restaurants. The corporate rate is about $ 115. That may be your best shot. If you can not find the website, I will track it down for you.
3. I like guapa colombianos so my tastes are a little more expensive. My recommendation is to go to Miami Club during the day shift and track down the Manizales bunch. The day shift ends at 10 PM so this will fit your needs. You will be able to negotiate a deal for $ 200 without any takeaway fees. I would suggest feeding them and/ or some dancing and you will be very happy!!!
4. Yes, there is much to be said about pros who know exactly what a man wants and have the necessary experience.

FORD, please let me know if you need anything else. I find Panama to be a very safe place to party and run with hot colombianos without having to go to Colombia. I will be back there in a couple of weeks. However, I will be trying Colombia for the first time in December (CTG)! Cuidate mucho and portate bien. Cowboy.

10-09-03, 22:55
Hey Cowboy,
Thanks for getting back to me so quickly - I kind of figured you would, you seem like an honest and "straight-up" guy.
I understand what you mean about renting a car as opposed to taking cabs, I guess "insane" drivers are prevalent all over Central America. ;)
Thanks again for the tip on the hotel, I found the Miramar Intercontinantal at www.miramarpanama.com and I saw that its corporate rate is as you said $115 per night. Wow, this is some hotel! I mean I have stayed in some impressive places in my day but this place looks absolutely incredible. Too, I also found the El Panamanian Hotel at www.elpanama.com and The Bristol Hotel at www.thebristol.com. Both are also around $115 corporate and both also look like absolute "Top-class" resorts!
How exactly does a person ask for the "corporate rate"? Do they usually approve it? Should I say that I plan on being a reguler traveler to their country in the future, or some nonsense like this?
The one problem I had with your report was the price of a companera for toda la noche. $200 seems very pricey to me, and trust me - I'm not exactly a poor person. :)
An allnighter in Honduras with a "9" ran about $85 American [tops]. In the Dominican Republic about $70 American. In Curacao I went for all-dayers with some absolutely "smoking" Colombianas and never went into my pocket for more than $120.
Would you say Panama in general is a kind of pricey monger destination? Most of the destinations I have been to don't even have Hotels that look like the Bristol or the Miramar Intercontinental.
(And thanks again for the information)

10-10-03, 04:46
Hi Ford.
I second all that Cowboy1 said.

I have moved here to Panama about 2 years ago, and have also visited other countries in the region.

I like living here because it is safe, friendly, and compared to the US is quite cheap. Although not the cheapest in South America.

Compared to other countries in South America, Panama is a bit more expensive. Colombia, or Argentina for example are about half as expensive.

The Bristol is real sharp, and is actually my favorite. You can find plenty of hotels at lower rate (below $50.00), but if you are looking to impress a girl, It may be worth it to splurge.

From my experience, you can hire a girl for an hour at about $100, and if she likes you she will stay with you for many more hours at no extra charge.

Let me know if you need any help, or just want to get together. It is always more fun to go together with a friend.

My favorite is Golden Time.

10-11-03, 23:59
Hey Ford. As always, man has provided some sound advice.

Panama is probably more expensive than some other countries but it is in a different class. The hotels, clubs, and restaurants are great (my favorite restaurant is Siete Mares and some of the places at Amador). You feel comfortable moving around in all hours of the night. I would agree that if you were looking for round the clock banging, there are cheaper countries to go to.

I would also say that the prices I quoted are for prime colombianos. If you like slightly darker skin, the price would be less for Panamanians. In fact, I have never had any problem hooking up toda noche with Panamanian semi-pros for a good dinner and clubbing.

You get the Corporate Rate by just telling them you want it.

Good luck FORD on your trip.! Please let me know if you need anything else.

Q Bert
10-17-03, 20:57
Hi Ya'll,

Fresh off a trip from BKK now I am going to hit Panama! Actually it's on my way to the Carnival in Brazil. I have a one night stay over in Panama on the departure and then on the return as well.

My question: I read many posts on here but who could give me the best recommendation for a place to pick up some hotty non-pros and semi-pros with limited time a 6:45 pm arrival for one night..hotel and location since I'll be near the AP. I am a guy who as little problem picking up in normal situations and I am a 30 year old if that makes a difference.

As in BKK I had a LOT of good help from this site which I am thankful for and will post a detailed report upon my return!

Thanks all!

10-17-03, 21:21
no i did not sail off the edge of the earth but i was seriously ill for some 7 days in the last 10 days, undoubtedly due to the changes i have endured "escaping" the great white north. anyway, i am fine now thanks.

here in panama and have a good hotel recommendation. this is a nice, clean air-conditioned hotel around us$40/night, a little less if you ask for the corporate rate. the name is hotel aramo on via brazil which is important to tell the taxi driver or he won't know where it is.

depending on how far you go, taxis are a buck or two. the weather is warm and humid but not oppressive.

went to golden times last night - what a mind blowing experience that was. you walk in, take a seat in a waiting room and before you know it colombianas are being presented/presenting themselves to you in maddening fashion - if you have a weak heart, don't go. total cost was us$94.50, all covered and while a little expensive in my judgement, well worth it and the whole experience is something every man should experience daily. a totally awesome experience.

club miami is a great strip club with about 100 colombianas available. only stayed here a while but i will go back and give a detailed report then.

tried a daytime massage parlor in the cangrejo area and it was great but i forget the name - it is caddy corner and downstairs from restaurant manelos. daytime special us$50 and worth twice that.

tried a massage out of the newspaper when i first arrived deathly ill here from san pedro sula and i was so sick i forget how much it was, something like $40. i though i just wanted a therapeutic healing massage but by the end of it i was ready to rock and rock we did. she did not want to leave and in fact returned the next morning, having invited herself. i was still more than a little under the weather then but we looked in the newpaper together for an apartment for me. this time she left after a little bit. hell, i wasn't even sure why she came over as she was simply a commercial experience but what the heck.

there is a whole slew of massage places in the via argentina area i will be reporting on in the next few days as well as zoombah's.

if anyone is here and wants to get together i am at hotel aramo, room 502. more reports to follow.

10-23-03, 18:11
OK, so I am off to Panama City in about a month and I will be there for 3 weeks, that is right, 3 weeks. I have researched this forum and from what it sounds like, Golden Times is where it is at. I am a 28 year old American that speaks spanish at an semi advanced level. My questions are...

1. I am looking at either the Las Vegas Suites or El Parador since I am somewhat on a budget. Which one is preferible.

2. Is it possible to set up a cita with the girls at Golden Times and or Miami Club in a discretionary manner.

3. I have heard that there are fair amount of Dominicanas in PTY, is this true and if so where can they be found.

4. Finally, is there any of place I should check out besides GT and MC.

Muchas Gracias for your help.

10-26-03, 19:50
Ok fellow mongers. I am headed back to PTY from 11/5-11/10. If anyone is up for some tequilla shots, please write me and we will meet up.

Studplayer and other masters of the domain, please give me a quick update on Zoomba's, Miami Club and any other places of interest.

I have also heard theat Club Liquid was closed. Is this true? I bet it was closed because of drugs!!

I know you guys will be shocked, but I plan to see much of a PANAMANIAN babe I was seeing earlier in the year. My relationship with my favorite colombiano has cooled off a little since I told her to vamos. I wonder why?? I will make a surprise visit though and see if I get a drink dumped on me. Maybe I could hook up with her hermana o amigas....

Stay-tuned and please give me any updates. Thanks. Cowboy1

10-31-03, 00:29
Cowboy and others:

I dont have enough time right now for a full report but in general Panama is like "shooting fish in a barrel". Loads of fun and a full report to follow tomorrow. The dates you have chosen to visit are during the centennial celebration. Make sure you have a hotel reservation before coming.


10-31-03, 05:49
To allwet,

1) El Parador (new hotel)
2) Yes & Yes
3) Acropolis Club
4) Yes you can search through this forum or just get it from the phone book.

Have fun

Sean EZ
10-31-03, 15:46
For right now quick update on clubs: Liquid seems to have been closed, and if you are going to Zoombas it was packed on Fri, and it was closed for some rich high school kids party on Saturday 14-15 year olds (that was last week), this week Thursday it was completely empty. So call them before driving there. Also this is true about hotel situation - most hotels in the center area are sold out due to people coming for selebration of 100 years of panama. Also on Thu club Rocafe, which is near Liquid, had a very poor ratio of men to women-we did not like it and left. So sundays and thursdays seem dead as far as party is concerned.

Golden times: 94 per hour, 74 per 1/2 hour, 150 take out, really good selection.

Miami: was told 90 on premises, also 10 bucks minimum consumption, which sucks because they dont warn you beforehand. Girls ok but not great

Elite II: 21 dollars to get in all you can drink (open bar) HOTTEST chicks ever on Sat night, show. But was almost dead, many guys, few girls on Sunday. Advice: before you pay go upstairs and check.

Some taxi drivers will try to cheat you, dont let them, remember its 2 bucks almost anywhere in the city. If you are taking one out of a really nice hotel expect them to expect you to pay more, so Id just walk half a block away from where u r staying

El Panama - 115 corp rate - is too much for this hotel. If you cant get it lower stay elsewhere. Crystal Suites is a nice place, little further away from the main street, but gives you separate rooms and a living room if you are with a buddy (ies)

Thats it for now.

I Love Sluts
10-31-03, 20:24
Hey Cowboy1 / Man and others,

I currently am living down here in Panama City and currently go to some of the places you have been mentioning in your writings. But at Golden Time, it is $84.00 for Americans(like me) and $60.00 for Chinese/Japanese. The reason you guys are paying 94.50 is because you are letting the stupid taxi take you to the door. Pay the taxi at most $1.50 for anywhere in the city, and tell him to drop you off at Plaza Mirage, but not at the front door of Golden Time, just take a 10 second walk around the plaza and you will have no problems. These taxis are assholes and aggressive for no reason. I have a car down here, but at first when i moved here, these assholes were always arguing for more money because I am American. Anyways Golden Time is the best for the buck, the girls at other places are no comparison. Le Palace is an illusion, these girls look totally different during the day. Le PALACE is way over priced and once you see these girls in the full light, you will say"oh my god, is this the girl that I picked", it is scary what the dark night can hide. Golden Time is bye far the best for only 84.00.

ANYWAYS, COWBOY, MAN and OTHERS, please send me a private message via the WSG Forum's Private Messaging system and we will meet up.


11-01-03, 03:23
Whenever I've gone to Golden Time and the guy tells me the $94 price, I simply say "no senor ... I always pay the $84" and he says OK always.

I didn't know the asians were paying only $60 though. Why is this senor I Love Sluts?

By the way I also love Golden Times ... sometimes I hang out in Miami Club ... but I'll agree ... GT has the quality.
Even better though ... I'm heading to Medellin again Monday ... Golden Time quality all over for a fraction of the cost.


I Love Sluts
11-01-03, 12:27
Ricker and others,

The asians only pay $60.00 for one hour with one of the girls, because the owner lives in China currently and gives his fellow countrymen a fellow discount. What B.S? Sorry if my wording offends some of you, but until the owner gives everyone the $60.00 same discount, that is what you are called for price discrimination.

Hey Ricker, how much can you get laid for in Medellin by a hot chick with the top quality of Golden Time? I am assuming that Colombia sends all it money desperate, not so hot chicks to Panama City, and that the flawless chicks are in Colombia. I still have your email from before, I'll give you a shout.



11-01-03, 14:18
Hey PTY experts? What is a good drop-off point for going to the Miami Club with the taxis? Shula'a Steak House?

I am ready to rock and roll in PTY!!!!!!!!!!! Cowboy

11-01-03, 17:35
Hey all you guys - yeah GT is good but after a while when you make connections, who needs to go anywhere to bone a Colombiana or a Panameniana (sp). Just go out and pick up girls. They are everywhere. Just give her $20 after you do her and then tell her to send any of her friends who might be interested. This place is like shooting fish in a barrel; I am no spring chicken but I am boning spring chickens on a daily basis, $20 a pop.

I am in Colon now where I am purchasing a penthouse apartment overlooking the eastern terminus of the canal and the Caribbean - and no gringo price either. As some of you know, I have a nice boat so this is going to work out great for me. And for those of you who think Colon is a shithole, well yeah there is a lot of poverty here but that is what makes this place so attractive too - lots of girls willing to go. And don´t forget the sizeable population of Colombianas here too. If you want to party any of you guys can call me - (507)4417133 extension 209.

In the next weeks, if anyone wants to take a trip to Colombia together, let me know. I just dont have the balls to take my first trip there alone yet - and I have been a little busy buying this penthouse. Anyone interested in sharing the purchase of an apartment there, probably Cali?

11-01-03, 21:53
a GT quality girl in Colombia you can get for about $20 / hour.
All night long from about $50 to tops $80.

Unfortunately or fortunately ... I changed plans for returning to Medellin ... I met a chica in Caracas ... 18 yrs old and sweet.

She called me and said ... te necesito papi ... so off I go to Caracas for a week.


I Love Sluts
11-01-03, 22:56
Hey Studplayer,

Colon is a shithole, I mean it is probably really natural but you are banging girls that were born without running water in their house when they grew up. Many of these girls from Colombia are lucky to have a toliet in there house. Hey studplayer are you living in the Panama City currently? I live in Panama City, but will not venture into colombia without other gringos. Ricker says he has had no problem, and I believe he is correct, but I think it would be wise to go in a group.

Anyways Studplayer , are you living at a hotel or what while you buy this apartment? Why Colon? I am interested in going to Colombia, let me know when you are going, I would definitely go without a doubt. I would prefer Cali or Medellin, Ricker says medellin has much more hotter chicks, he seems like the connosieur of Colombia. Let me know what you think


11-02-03, 01:19
Hi Sp and ILS,

I'll be back to Medellin for the 2nd time, will be in PTY for few days before going to MDE ,let me know your emails if you'll like to meet in PTY). Thanks for Ricker and Medellin board, on my 1st visit found out that most parts of Medellin are much saver than Santa Ana -(PTY ) or SJO Costarica.

11-02-03, 08:58

I've been to colon quiet a bit and can atest to the numbers of colombianas they have there. I myself move to panama city this past summer, been very busy just settling in but its truly a fun city to live in. About colon have you been to any of the bars full of colombianas. Colon appears to be somewhat dangerous but I've never been mugged I guess been lucky. Oh another thing, I know cali colombia well been there many times was thinking about buying an apartment but don't know yet, gotta check out a couple of other cities like medellin, pereira and barranquilla. About Panama city I see alot chinese in town, I wonder if they have any chinese massage parlor in town with china dolls just wondering?.

11-02-03, 15:43
Panama Jack,

Definitely visit Medellin before you buy in Cali ... in my opinion, it's much prettier and the climate is better. I think you'll like it.

Worth a visit.

11-02-03, 18:15
"I Love Sluts"


You need to be more respectful! Some of your remarks are either rude or uncalled-for. Example, ".... you are banging girls that were born without running water in their house when they grew up. " and "...his fellow gooks/chinks a fellow discount."

Come on now, you need to tone down a bit; with that in mind, let us enjoy all those good messages posted in this web site.

11-03-03, 00:56
I second that.
Medellin is much better.

11-03-03, 01:06
I agree with you I love Sluts. I have always had an issue with the neon lighting in Club Miami, and La Palace which can make Godzilla look great. I like GT because you get what you see.

Yes, we should meet. How do you like living in Panama?

11-03-03, 02:34
Panama Jack, I Love Sluts Man and others,

Yes, I am living in a hotel in Colon while I am buying this apartment. Yes I have visited the two bars of Colombianas, Olympia and La Flor, literally catty-corner from each other. $10 for the room, $30 for 30 minutes or $50 for an hour, beer $3 a bottle. I have not indulged as there is simply no need to go professional in this town. Tons and tons or girls everywhere you turn. Just say hola.

As far as the chinese go, they own all the small grocery stores and many other small stores but I have yet to see one working in a massage parlor. If you want chinese, I suggest heading to China.

Yes Colon appears to be dangerous but I believe appearances belie the truth. It is night time right now and I have been out and about and no problems, but I am not carrying much cash either. Once I get settled here no doubt I will learn more and more each day.

Why Colon? Less traffic, less smog, cleaner (questionable) better weather than PTY and this penthouse apartment I am buying would cost more than a million dollars in Los Angeles and as of this moment I do not have anywhere except a hotel to call home and that gets old. It overlooks the Caribbean and the eastern terminus of the canal and is just a couple blocks from the yacht harbor. What more does a guy need? And I am buying it at what I estimate is construction cost.

Maybe someone could come down here to Colon for a day and take a look at it and either tell me it is a hot deal or I am out of my mind. I would appreciate a second opinion.

As far as heading to Colombia, I don't want to go alone the first time either. Later this month or early next year is probably the time to go. The whole world seems to revolve around Christmas during December.

Sometime here in the next weeks I will need to hit Los Angeles to containerize my Jeep and boat and other stuff and get it on its way.

You can private message me on this board or use the phone number in my previous post or email me at studplayer1@hotmail.com. Make the subject "Colombia" so I know what it is about.

11-03-03, 04:29
Hey fellow inmates, just a quick update.

1. Looks like ILS and Cowboy are going to meet up at Elite at 9:30 on Wednesday to begin our PTY tour. Others are welcome. Please write me here if interested in joining this experienced team.

2. I am set up to go to Colombia for the first time from 12/16-22 in Cartegena. I have my Mexican buddy joining me but all gringos are welcome. This will be a party!!!! We are even staying at the Hilton!

3. I don't know crap about Colon so I can not add anything to this discussion.

I will return with a report after the rampage of PTY. Cowboy.

11-03-03, 18:49
A couple of notes about Colon:

The disco and casino at Hotel Washington are great places for locals on Friday night, as well as either of the 3 bars/resturants in Colon 200 center.

Also check the bar at the Panama Canal Yacht Club on weekend nights.

11-04-03, 15:31
Majagualo, thanks for the tips.

I take it that is the Colon 2000 (not 200) center. As for the Hotel Washington, that is where I am staying and yes it is hopping - a very interesting place. For instance, just this morning an English duke with his entourage of security guards with machine guns in too obvious bags was hanging out. I have met the owner, manager and assistant manager but due to privacy, their names will remain confidential. Tonight "Le Meringue" a salsa band is playing there. So the Hotel Washington is hopping - the only bad thing is that the music at the pool is too loud so it is a little difficult to enjoy a restful moment at the pool.

I have not yet but will check out the Colon 2000 center. Is it only on weekends or just a little slower on weekdays?

And the yacht club - only on weekends or just slower during the week?

How is it you know this town so well?

11-04-03, 19:20
Thank you for the replay Studplayer,

I've lived in Panama for a little over 4 years, Colon is a great place to go just to have fun at the Washington. The best play time is on Friday and Saturday nights at the PCYC, especially around 5pm, when the Zone closes, same with Colon 2000. I really prefer locals as opposed to working girls, it's a little more work but it's worth it.

11-04-03, 19:22
yo cowboy, you mean this wednesday november the 5th? if so count me in, youll definetily need a panamenian guide!!

11-05-03, 04:37
Yes Gauntman, tomorrow night after 9:30 at Elite. Rock on.

11-05-03, 09:06

I've been to the clubs at the hotel washington if I'm not mistaken one of then its called pharaoh and the one by the casino is piratas. Don't really like pharaoh to many kids but piratas is nice. Also if I'm not mistaken they have a bar close by the free zone alot of beauties go there after work, I can't remenber the name of the place.

Well Mr. ricker I have a question for you? Chica wise what city is better cali or medellin, and when I said better I mean attitude wise, I sometimes get the feeling that the girls in medellin seen to be stuckup.....girls that I've met here in panama from medellin pros and non-pros.

Sean EZ
11-05-03, 17:21
Thanks, ILS

You are absolutely right about this. The walk in prices at GT are 84 an hour, and 63 for half. Damn taxi drivers. They live off of tourist and don't treat them with respect. I don't know if this was posted before or not, but once you are in, the process is you wait in a room and the girls are paraded in front of you each one wearing a number, one girl at a time. You can write down their number(s), and then ask to see them again for the final pick. Pretty cool.

Also I incorrectly posted earlier that Liquid was closed. It is open on certain nights. btw Liquid and Zoombas are the only 2 clubs that charge cover 12-15 bucks depending on the night, and you also pay for drinks inside. All other clubs in the city (like Vakoos and Rocafe) are 10 bucks cover and all you can drink open bar, and there are tons of them.

Oasis (right next to El Panama): the quality was marginal at 2AM, it might be better during the day, not sure. They run specials, I am posting it here.

Have fun!

11-05-03, 21:45
ok see ya there cowboy around 10

11-06-03, 18:08
Everyone thanks for the help.

Majagualo, I got your pm´s and you are right.

Pharoahs must have been what is Hackers, another closed club at Hotel Washington.

Panama Jack, can you give a reference point for the bar at the free zone. Remember I dont have a clue where I am right now but if you tell me this bar is near some other place, I will be able to find it.

Now for my newest report:

Gentlemen (and I use this term loosely), let´s just say the last few days have been......... busy.

The centennial celebration has been ongoing here in Colon for several days now. Monday night, the most famous of the salsa singers, Sergio Vargas, put on a show at the Hotel Washington where I am staying. I grabbed a couple of Colombianas out of the line and we "enjoyed" the show from the comfort of my suite overlooking it all. And god damn, these colombianas, when they want you to have fun, they wont take no for an answer. Herb was there too. So a great show and a great time. Try to imagine boning 2 young colombianas in your suite as the Sergio Vargas concert is going on all around you. Drinks and more all around. And then at 3:30 in the morning, as if as a gift from god, a tropical downpour developed, effectively putting a stop to the concert and allowing me to get a few hours sleep.

Simultaneously, every girlfriend of every girlfriend in this town has been dropping by to earn their $20. The deal is send your girlfriend here - she must be young pretty and slim with no children and sympatica and you get $5 for doing it and she gets $20. Fair enough, right? It would be an understatement to say there has been no shortage of willing girls.

Photos are being developed today and should be posted tomorrow. Standby.

11-06-03, 18:14
You are one horney dude. LOL

11-06-03, 23:34
This sex ratio is quite dissapointing.

11-07-03, 18:48

I´m in Medellin now and loving it!

As far as ¨stuck up¨girls go ... I´ve found stuck up girls in Cali, Medellin, Bogota, Cartegena, etc.

Usually these are the girls that come from ¨higher class¨families and find themselves muy importante. I stay away from this type no matter what city I´m in.

The ¨Paises¨... chicas from Medellin ... and the people in general here are very warm and friendly ... if you are also nice to them.
They hardly ever see gringos and are quite impressed to meet you, especially if you can manage a bit of spanish.

My biggest problem here, seriously ... is trying to manage the amount of chicas you meet on a daily basis ... and trying to prioritize them and not have them see eachother and cause the big jealousy deal.


11-09-03, 02:11
yo cowboy, didnt catch with you at elite. did you go afterall? i stayed there with some friends till 2am

11-10-03, 03:33
Hey Fellow Inmates!!!! I am back from my 5 day visit to PTY. As always, a blast!

Gauntman, I was at Elite on Wednesday from 9:15 until about 12. I was right by the door to the dressing room. Yes, I am guilty of seeing my ex-favorita C.... and friends which I knew was a mistake! Never mix emotions with fun!! We took off for Zoomba's and called it a night with you know who. I was really turned on with one of her friends at Zoomba's but did not want to start my trip with a latina "meltdown". Zoomba's is a great place but was not as busy as usual.

OK, Thursday night I met up with ILS at Le Palace. ILS, you are the king of mongers!! You are a fun guy to hang with and a man that knows his Colombianos. We must party in December in Cartegena!! I hooked up with a Cali girl named M...... and never regretted a minute. THIS GIRL CAN ROCK!! I may use up my newly implemented 3X rule with her on return. As usual, LP is an awesome place to go to.

On Friday and Saturday, I hooked up with my favorite non-pro Panamanian, and had a great time. Could this cowboy be falling in love???-not, but she was awesome. We did Zoomba's again and Siete Mares. Zoomba's was better on the weekend but was not as busy as I have seen it in the past. I did see a lot of available action if I did not byop.

Overall, another great round on PTY. I still like my colombianos but I have become much more open-minded about Picas. I am headed to Cartegena in December, so I will test those waters very carefully.

As usual, I am open for any questions. Cheers to you ILS! Gauntman, we will meet up again! Cowboy.

Rabo Verde
11-10-03, 03:48
COPA is running some good Internet Only fares:


I Love Sluts
11-14-03, 18:51
Hey **** Lovers,

Just got back to Panama City from South Florida, heading to GOLDEN TIME for the typical sluts tonight. If anyone wants to meet up and then go to Elite after , let me know. I love all these little sluts, compared to South Florida , this place is great.

Hey Cowboy, nice hanging out with you last weekend, I was surprised you have banged so many of these sluts, that is great.
It is great you have banged Jes---- from Le Palace, she has a body to die for, what a body on her. Yeah , I know all of these sluts, but i have to hand it to them, they are pretty hot.

In reference to Colon, that place is a dump , you probably could get laid for 2 dollars there, those girls grew up on the street, at best the BARRIO with no running water.

Hey MAN, if you want to hang out, let me know, I am always looking for more mongers to hang out with, my buddies here are tired of these places in Panama City, I cannot get enough.


11-15-03, 22:55
Suer I love Sluts, I would be happy to go with you, although my favorite has always been GT.

I have to admit it gets embarrassing going to the same place all the time.

What's your email?

11-17-03, 10:57
Travel in Colombia

It is pretty UNSAFE down there right now, especially for American "tourists." My family is from Colombia and I can pretty much say confidently, that it is not very safe at all. Kidnappings of tourists is at an all-time high, and you are better off going to Panama or other countries for your fun. I'm not trying to be a "kill-joy" but it foolish to go there right now.

11-18-03, 11:00
SALE on American Air from MIA to Panama City, Panama for Thanksgiving weekend at $209 round trip. See AA website for reservations.

11-18-03, 19:03

I am going to Panama in the next week. Any advice on where I can meet some pretty working girls and how much do they cost on the average.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

11-20-03, 12:44
Shout out to Man, studplayer, cowboy, panama jack, I love sluts etc.,

I have read and enjoyed all your posts, but now I need some quick assistance! I have returned from my second trip to the Dominican Republic in as many months and had a great time, but now I have my sights set on su pais.

I should be arriving in PTY on the 6th or 7th of December, in about two weeks - and I would love to "hook up" with someone who knows the ropes. Its my first time in Panama.

If any (or all) of you that expect to be in country at that time can private me through this board at FORD286, it would be very much appreciated. I got lots of questions.

If we can hook up, the beers are on me. (Or at least the first 72 beers are on me, once we start the fourth case you're on your own) ;)