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Pablo for Fun
01-02-05, 02:33

Good report, seems like your wife is very understanding. Was wondering as I read your post, are there any health issues with drinking milk from a lactating chica?

Lastly, on the subject of Americana women, I agree 100% with you, but announcing your displeasure about them on this board is like preaching to the choir. You would be more effective by informing all the American women you know of about there inabilities compared to Latinas, IMHO.

Country John
01-02-05, 21:24

Good report, seems like your wife is very understanding. Was wondering as I read your post, are there any health issues with drinking milk from a lactating chica?

My wife cuts me a lot of slack. I work in Mexico a lot so it's easy to fudge it. There is nothing sweeter in this world than a lactating chica. Just check for drug use before partaking. If they are unhealthy it could be a problem so chose wisely.

Lastly, on the subject of Americana women, I agree 100% with you, but announcing your displeasure about them on this board is like preaching to the choir. You would be more effective by informing all the American women you know of about there inabilities compared to Latinas, IMHO.

Fuck the American women. Many read this board anyway. Every once in a while the choir needs a good preachin!!!

I don't waste my time even talking to them about it. They get all offended and they think their pussy is made of gold.

Latinas rule! I love them all. They have all the best qualities and features of the women of the world. Gringas don't even come close (except for Cindy Crawford).

Be safe and Be Nice
Country John

01-04-05, 06:40
Is anyone headed to TJ this weekend? I'm headed there Friday. I haven't been there in a couple months. Is there anything I should look out for?

Country John
01-04-05, 21:29
Is anyone headed to TJ this weekend? I'm headed there Friday. I haven't been there in a couple months. Is there anything I should look out for?

Caddy, you should start seeing some girls returning from vacation both in the Alley and at AB/CC etc. All that Christmas money is gone so they'll be as pushy as a used car salesman. Pricing should be in your favor so NEGOTIATE.

I watched a few unload luggage last week (which I thought was a bit early).

I'll be there on Thursday Jan 6 before my girley get's back from Michoacan. I got my eye on Esmarelda at AB. She's been looking real good and I missed her the last few times I was in town.

Most of the girls will be back on deck by the 15th or so.

Welcome back girls.

Country John

Mutha Foo
01-05-05, 02:09
A few weeks ago I was at the Zona and attacked by a crazy SG. This SG was someone I've f*ked before but when I passed her to talk to another SG, she flipped out. She was punching and kicking. All I could do was run from her. Have any of you guys experienced this? I think she was jealous or on drugs or both.


01-06-05, 02:44
Last night, I was in CC having a drink with my regular provider at one of the booths when one of the waiters came up to my girl and told her that someone wanted HER to drink with them. She refused without a glance but the waiter kept insisting for her to go. She kept saying "NO" until he finally left. I looked to see who wanted to take my girl from me and it were these 2 guys, practically blowing their money on every girl to sit with them. Luckily for me, my provider loves servicing me more than selling out. Throughout the night though, she would say they kept glancing over at us. I would catch them looking and they would quickly turn away. I was a bit upset that someone would disrespect me by snatching my girl while she's with me, but she made me forget it by blowing my mind away.

If you want to have fun in TJ and buy drinks for every chica out there, go ahead and have fun. Just don't disrespect another monger. Has anyone else ever had another monger try to snatch your provider like so? My chica told me those chumps come in every now and then and ALWAYS try to buy girls off other guys.

TJ Bob
01-06-05, 03:16
A few weeks ago I was at the Zona and attacked by a crazy SG. This SG was someone I've f*ked before but when I passed her to talk to another SG, she flipped out. She was punching and kicking. All I could do was run from her. Have any of you guys experienced this? I think she was jealous or on drugs or both.

Mutha.Or maybe she just remembered you as a dirty Mutha F.

01-06-05, 03:34
I think I am going to pick up a SG this time. Do I need to have my own room or do they have their own? What time do the SG's start coming out in full swing. Last time I nailed some girl from AB at 2am and she smelled like a porta potty. I don't want to repeat that again. I wish I could remember her name so I could put out a warning. This time I want to try to get one before she's been railed by 7 different mongers. Sloppy seconds sucks, but sloppy eighths is much worse. Also, what is the going rate for half and half?

Mutha Foo
01-07-05, 02:28
You guys should have more respect for these putas.


01-07-05, 18:36
Made a quick afterwork trip to TJ last night. Got there about 6:45 and headed to AB - found the place not as apealing as usual (in fact pretty boring) ... then took a walk around to check out the SG's, but the cool temp's seemed to have thinned the choices there too.

Feeling kind of frustrated, checked out Miami and the bar (can't think of the name) that's connected by a glass wall. In the "forgotten name bar" there was a 2 girl whip cream show going on that was quite entertaining! Ended with the two girls taking a shower together in a glass-encased shower atop the bar ... who comes up with these marketing ideas and why aren't they working for Bill Gates?

Finally, thinking the night was a complete waste, decided to take a stoll down Calle Coahuilla to Las Perlas to see if anything was going on there. Las Perlas is basically a bar that's a front for a massage parlor behind it. When it first opened, they actually had tv's with porn showing in some of the booths, but now they've "cleaned" it a bit.

Walked in and was the only gringo in the place ... was about to leave when the waitress asked if I wanted a $1 beer - couldn't pass this. While drinking my full-sized Tecate, the same waitress asked if I wanted a "private dance" in one of the booths. my question: "Cuanto?" her response: "$11" my response "why not".

She brings over a girl whose about a 6 who is fully dressed (pants, long sleeve top, etc.) - I'm thinking this sucks already. We go in to the booth, and before the curtain closes, she's all over me and taking off her clothes and my pants. She the begins grinding me and playing with me while I'm doing the same to her. She then gets down on her knees and begins a bbbj. She stops before I explode and then turns around and invites me to do her from behind sans-condom. No thanks! Back to face to face (we're now well into song number 2) and she drops back down to her knees and resumes the bbbj, but this time to completion with swallow!

I hadn't given her any $ yet, so I give her $20 instead of the $11 for excellent service. She dresses gives me a hug, finishes off my beer and leaves. When I step outside the booth, the waitress says "$11" - I respond "I paid her" and I leave the building. Grab a cab and head back to the border - check my watch 8:45

Trip costs:

parking $4
taxis $10
beers $5
tips $5
"dance" $20

Wait at imigration - less than five minutes

Country John
01-08-05, 01:42
OCT, you're talking about Hong Kong Bar.

For me another mixed-use day in Tijuana. Work in the morning, then the ZONA in the afternoon. I really look forward to landing in the Zona. I think I somehow belong there.

After work, I had to replenish my monger muny supply so I went to the Calimax store (Mesa) and as usual fed my ATM card into the HSBC machine for the cash. Anticipating a smooth run to the Zona I waited for the "enter PIN" message. It did not come. The machine that took my card with inexhorable promtitude was now refusing to give it back and if that wasn't sad enough the machine would not dispense the cash either.

Imagine me, very white and no Spanish standing in front of a malfunctioning ATM machne with no cash and a hard on. Classic. Oh well, ran back to the office, got online and sorted it out, got my monger muny. Fortunately the machine didn't hit my account. Fuck. What a hassle. I did re-boot the ATM in the store, the computer inside is all fucked up, the thing was not loading the op/sys etc. I did not get my card back and I will never see it again, this is according to the customer service dept at HSBC. What a terrible feeling.

Dropped DTM off on Revo to hit an ATM for me. Drove to the lot, parked got a buzz going and met DTM at AB. We were a bit hungry so we set out for some tacos but first I'd take DTM back to the lot and work on getting him a daytime buzz going. That done and then trying to explain why I don't want my car washed (because it's gonna fuckin rain) kept us tied up for a minute or two. Then it was off to the Zona.

Standing at the taco stand on the corner across from Chicago Club, I was challenging DanTheMan to a taco eating contest (a serious case of the munchies was setting in). DanTheMan is a bit larger than this AlleyKat so it appeared to me that even in the condition I was in, he would win that one so I backed off. He said he could do 15, I was on my 5th and getting a bit full. So we ordered tacos from Isabela, the beautiful child responsible for business at the taco stand there that day.

It's no fucking wonder that by the age of 18 or 20 these girls can cook up a storm. Watching her prepare, slice, dice, cut, wrap and all that I could clearly see she would master the cooking craft and be a star. She was all business too.

I noticed Monica (de AB) pulling in the lot in around 3pm and I was looking forward to ignoring her again. When she walked by me at the taco stand I didn't even look at her but DanTheMan said she turned around and looked at me REAL hard, like she knew me or something or was waiting for me to say hi but maybe she forgot that I am "not her customer."

Tacos down, we started trolling the alley. Gaby is mad at me for not going with her for a while. She's too expensive and she doesn;t want to give this gringo a break. As much as I love her I don;t appreciate getting premium pricing. I'll talk to her about it maybe next time.

Blanca and Jacqueline were out too, tugging at me for a session but I was looking for Esmarelda tonight. My fav is back on the 13th and I wanted to boink this girl before she returns. DanTheMan and I continued around the block and settled in to LC for a beer to loosen up. One dancer who was clearly CLEARLY a newbie struggled her way around the pole. DTM and I tried to keep a straight face but we just couldn't. Looked like she was going to fall a few times - we busted up. I felt bad for her so I called her over for a tip and a suck on her (very nice) titties. It's fun watching them start out. Kinda cuite really.

DTM had to split early so I was on my own looking for the.ronan and curiousxxxcat. I was checking around AB looking for curiousxxxcat but so many of the guys there matched is descriptors that I'm sure the fellas thought I was interested in something other than girleys. I had to back off that and grab a girley.

No sign of Monica in the club. She takes forever to get ready but by now it's 5 o'clock. Didn't see her all evening so she must have been busy. I just wanted to snub her again - just one more time. Sick, I know.

Ran into a mongerer I met the other night with the.ronan. Super guy and we had a chat, squeezed some babes, stole some hugs and kisses then I split looking for the.ronan and Esmarelda.

Esmarelda would not be working today. I almost lost interest at that point and was walking towards the door when I realized that perhaps another smoke, and another walk around the place was in order. I just couldn't walk out that door. Who knows when I'd be back and I hated to leave.

I still had the can of Coke from the taco stand. Jeez, I can't drink plastic water so I just carried it around. Nice to have it as a weapon by the way so WORD.

I was slithering behind the high bar and put the can of Coke on the tabe next to a Spanish Mexican babe who reached out, grabbed my arm and pulled me down next to her. I wasn't in the mood for doing anybody other than Esmarelda so I was a bit bummed. But this babe would pull me out of it. Fast.

She is Angelica de Mexico City doing her second tour at AB. Beautiful girl. Classic Mexican - a 100% made in Mexico delight. Fuck I love these women. 5'4" black thick hair to her mid back. No English, 24 yrs, one kid, A cups and a tight TIGHT bod. A REAL princess. No tats, one scar (not a "C") and PERFECT teeth.

She made me laugh, her with no English, me no Spanish. These girls are sooo smooth. You don't need to speak Spanish, gringos. Forgetaboutit.

An hour later and several ficha drinks we start negotiating. She wanted $60. for 20 min plus the room. I literally FELL out of the booth onto the floor. NO WAY was I paying that shit but I kept at it using the ways of the AlleyKat. Started purring in her ear telling her that 20 minutes was not enough time. How about uno hora????

Well, she looked at me and a big smile came across her face because by now we did enough touchy feely to get the message across that I wanted her in the room so I could treat her right, not jam her around the walls. She knoew I loved her and wanted her body and so the negotiations shifted from 20 minutes to one hour. I knew the room would be $22. but the big question was the GIRL. I already decided I wanted her.

WE fell back into negotiations, using the napkin on the table to write out numbers etc. After a few fichas and some back and forth (with a LOT of rubbing and squeezing in between, pecks on the neck etc) I finally agreed to get her to go for the hour - $90.00 or 1000p. We finished our drinks and off we went, up the stairs holding hands, me playing grab ass, her giggling etc.

In the room, she let me slowly undress her revealing her A cups. Those little titties you see all over the place and just love to fondle. She was great. Letting me kiss her all over as I undressed her. When I finished undressing her, she went immediately to the shower - scrub scrub scrub. I like that so I washed up the old feller in the sink - lots of soap - and got him squeaky clean.

She emerged from the shower wrapped in the towel. She lay back on the bed waiting for me and I immediately got her to relax and wanted to DATY but she was shy. Wouldn't let me kiss below the bikini line but I started to purr and blow on her bellie. Works every time.

Took a few minutes to loosen her up but you know what? There's nothing like feeling a 24yo body quiver with delight as you DATY with feeling. There's nothing like feeling the goosebumps on her thighs and hips as you run your mouth over every inch of her moreno solid tight body. I love it when they lay on their back during DATY and they arch their back and moan with their eyes closed and both hands gripping the pillow.

She put up with that for about 15 minutes then it was time to work on the AlleyKat. So she rolled over, slipped on the party hat and began a very poor CBJ. Soooo poor that I wasn't even getting an erection. WTF? So I had her 69 with me for a few minutes and man that did the job. Rock solid and ready to go she started reverse CG and then switched to CG, Doggie, mish, the same cycle over and over again a few times.

What was most enjoyable was her tight body. The feeling of her tight body and firm skin was a real treat. She warmed up real fast and sex with her was a treat. I came like a porn star and filled the condom. She smiled quietly, removed my condom, I took it from her and flung it across the room and that mutherfucker stuck right to the wall - give those tip sucking cleaning leaches something to talk about.

She slowly dressed in front of me, almost making want to fuck her again but I was out of time, jizz and muny so I had to go. COULD NOT talk her into TLN for under $400. I'll keep working on her though because I liked her. She was a great toss.

She left a minute before me and must have gone home after wards becuase she was nowhere to be found in
the club. I went back to look for Monica.

I tipped the room guy a buck when I left the room and as I was approaching the stairs another cum cleaner stood on the stairs and said "Hey, where is my tip?"

I said "OH!, am I supposed to tip YOU for cleaning the room?" He says "Yes," I say "Are you sure I'm supposed to tip you?" He says "Yes, you are supposed to tip me senior." I said "Well that's too bad and that means the other guy stole your tip because he told me I was supposed to tip HIM, not YOU." "Let's go and talk to him together."

That flew like a piano. Fuckin guy.

So AlleyKat 40 was great. I can still taste Angelica and feel her tight body. I can still smell her hair and see her smile, that big wide open smile. Man. The Latina. I love them all.

AlleyKat 41 on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

Be safe and Be Nice
Country John

01-08-05, 21:10
Last night I was headed to TJ but I was going to meet up with some friends at Mooses in the gaslamp district first. I ended up meeting 2 white girls at mooses and taking them back to my hotel. We were having a great time and when I went to take off one of their pants the other said she had to leave. I totally got cock blocked. Tonight I am supposed to see the easy one again so I will fill you all in. But she was about 5'4" 135 lbs. Great tits. I will see if I can get a picture. Anyways, all I got was a bad case of blue balls and bad hangover. Shouldv'e mongered!

Blue Sterling
01-10-05, 18:47

I am headed to TJ this week & just wanted to know if there are any big problems getting over the boarder these days. I am going to do a little shopping - hell, if I can get my blood pressure medication at 1/4 of the price, I'd be crazy not to do it. Is there any difficulty with that? I never had any issue along the AZ boarder.

Member #2041
01-11-05, 06:12
I've never had a problem bringing my Diabetes meds back, but it is a good idea to bring your U.S. prescription for when you cross the Border.

International Player
01-11-05, 06:42
Those new orange and white metered taxis are great. From AB to the border is only $3.00, $2.00 fare and $1.00 tip. Sure beats having to negotiate for $5.00 to the border.

You can pick up the metered taxis just past the McDonalds as you enter Mexico. If you are walking, exit from the gate on the right, rather than the one straight ahead. The McDonalds is straight ahead, and the metered taxis are right there (orange and white). Just tell them to take you to Adelitas or Chicago Club, and you are there.

California Guy
01-12-05, 10:42
A women was just released from a Mexico prison last month after being detained for not having a prescription for her medication. This wasn't an illegal drug but just something she could buy cheaper in Mexico yet they put her in jail. It was terrible and with the help of Bob Filner she was let out after 8 months I beleive but it may have been longer. All I know is that it was BS and a sad situation to say the least. Just keep this in mind and be careful.

Peter Pan #3
01-12-05, 12:54
About 50% show up for their jobs at AB, CC and the alley. Must be because most of them are still at home for Christmas / New Year vacation.

The selection was terrible. Not even one worth doing.

Country John
01-12-05, 18:32
Peter Pan, are you going to the same Adelitas I am? The one in Tijuana? The Zona?

We must have different taste because even though a lot of girls were home for the holidays, a LOT of girls came in.

My fav has been in Michoacan since before Christmas and she's back on the 13th. Most get back around the 15th.

The selection even on the worst of nights has been anything but terrible. Sure, you got your dogs, just like here int he USA but I would encourage members to GO to AB. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Then again, you probably have much higher standards than I do.

Country John

About 50% show up for their jobs at AB, CC and the alley. Must be because most of them are still at home for Christmas / New Year vacation.

The selection was terrible. Not even one worth doing.

01-13-05, 05:15
I've never had a problem bringing my Diabetes meds back, but it is a good idea to bring your U.S. prescription for when you cross the Border.A prescription from a doctor in the US is not valid in Mexico. If you buy prescription drugs in Mexico you should have a prescription from a mexican doctor.

01-13-05, 05:43
Anyone interested in heading down there this friday night, PM me and let me know.

Peter Pan #3
01-13-05, 08:08
Hi John,

When I was down in TJ, the storm was hitting So Cal very hard. It might have been the torrents of rain that aroused the latinas' romantic instincts. They might have wanted to stay home to boink their pimps' brains out than us mongers...

There was not much selection in AB, CC or the alley. I made a couple rounds then decided to go home! I hope the girls are coming back soon, cuz I am wearing my palms out, hehe.

I was also over the TJ East Side, near the airport, a couple times. Are there any Zonas Rojas over there?

Seems like you live half your life in La Zona Roja. Would like to hook up with you some night so you can show me where all the fine chicas are! Let me know how I can get hold of you!

01-30-05, 10:08

Since it's been pretty hard to connect to this site recently, this report is from two Sundays ago. I met my favorita Denise at Las Chavelas. It's been a while since I have been back to Tj and Denise still is cute, but she is getting a little thick around the waistline. She is still alot of fun upstairs.

I then went to Tropical Bar. Boy was there an awesome looking girl there. She is a stripper and her name is Ruby. Tall, thin and cute. As she was stripping, I gave her a couple of dollars and told her to come to my table after her dance. She told me she was sitting with another guy and would come over after she was finished with him. Anyways, I never did hook up with her, the guy kept her well over two hours without going upstairs, I was running out of time. Has anyone here taken her up? If she is as good upstairs as she is in the looks department, Denise may be my ex-favorita. By the way, she is an afternoon early evening girl.

Since time was running out for my stay in Tj, I went into A/B just to bust one more nut before going home. There were alot of guys in this place. Anyways, the hottest looking girls were sitting with someone or were upstairs. I picked a girl whose name sounded like Lilliana. She is tall and from Sonora. She was fun upstairs but did everything covered and no kissing. Unlike Denise who loves to kiss. Still it got the job done. I can't wait to get back to try Ruby at T/B unless someone whose been with her says she is not to good upstairs.

Country John
02-02-05, 17:56
First, let me say how delighted I am to see the site back up and running. Thanks Jackson. They can let you out of that straightjacket now eh?

PPan, yeah. The rain sort of put a "damper" on some things but I was surprised to see some street girls actually working the clubs, several at Adelitas. Did you see them?

The rain also did wonders for pricing. Some of the girls were so happy to see some of us regulars that they were going for cheap just to snuggle!!!! Imagine that.

Oh well. Bring on the rain.

Several AlleyKat forays took place recently. I'm not sure you want to see all those posts here though. It's a lot of reading.

AlleyKat 48 Thursday night. I'm checking up on a SW I had busted a week or so ago as well as looking for a few girls to put on the first string since I've benched a few of my regulars (Karina, Diana, Gaby, Jaqueline and Blanca).

If you 'll be int he Zona, PM me (today if possible) and we'll try to hook up!

Be Safe and Be Nice
Country John

Peter Pan #3
02-03-05, 07:06
I am tired of eating out of the street vendors' stalls and risk the Montezuma revenge. I found an excellent seafood retaurant cheap near AB.

If you walk past AB, on the corner of Coahuila and Nino Heroes, there is a large restaurant with thatched roof, very tropical. The name is La Perla. The place looks fancy but it's cheap. It has a large kitchen and sportsbar with large projection TV and a mariachi band. The place is large, clean, tropical, romantic, like any fancy restautrant in Cabo. The menu is commendable, the food is deliccious and cheap.

They serve excellent seafood dishes. The seafood tacos are only 15 pesos or $1.5, but they serve it with chip, salsa, rice and salad, so it's like a full meal. Beers are only $1. It's a nice, clean, quiet place to relax.

I had a shrimp taco and a marlin with cheese taco, the freshest and most delicious tacos compared to any place in Mexico, with a Corona, a full meal for $4. I don't have to go to Esenada for seafood any more.

Had a good time with the band too. A few young Mexican couples were hanging out, necking. When you leave, don't forget to tip the band a buck or two.

F*K the dirty, sleazy street vendors.

Peter Pan #3
02-08-05, 08:53
Catch a Taxi libre and insist he turn on the meter. You will find that the meter only runs 18 pesos or $1.50 between La Linea and AB. He would be happy if you give him $3.00 for the ride.

If you walk towards the McDonald and bargain with the taxi drivers, even the yellow taxi will take $3.00 for the ride.

Don't overpay for anything and spoil the fun for the rest of us.

02-09-05, 00:03
Sat Feb 5th

Went to SD for work in the morning and was done around 11AM.
Crossed the border around 12PM and decided to walk to ab this time.
Bad choice since i never walked before. Planned to go and be out of TJ by 1:00ish but then didn't Get to AB untill 1:00!!! Took me 1 hour to get to ab. I got so lost lol

Anyways. Wondered around in ab had a few beer. During that time the club owners were doing something on stage. Everyone was watching including the girls so I had to approch them. Spoke to a girl named Bwendy(sp) don't even remember her name now. Asked $80 for a session! No way, $50! And she agreed!!

Went up the stairs paid for the room, she wanted cash upfront, declined but settled in the middle and placed the cash on the table. Got undressed and she had an 8 body 8 face. C cup or so and very clean and smelled superb. It is still early in the day.

Started in Mission went for a walk with doggie and ended up CG. nice performance but was abit hurried towards the end. Shower split ran to the nearest cab hop on and...took 20minutes to drive to the crossing border line. The line for INS was longer than magic mountain!! hour wait. Finaly crossed and ran for the car hope on and raced back to LA.

Total damage: $7beer+$50fun time+$5taxi

Country John
02-14-05, 20:29
Manatsu, great Trip Report. That's how it's supposed to go.

Here's a heads up: The SGs tell me that because buisness has been slow, they've not been able to pay off the cops (average $20. per week per girl) therefore they are being a bit more aggressive towards "tourists."

Be very cool, obey traffic laws, don't be an asshole, and just generally behave yourself. I'm sure that when things "improve" the pressure will lighten up.

Country John

Blue Nose
02-15-05, 03:38

As evidenced by the lack of posts recently, I know that many of you, like me, have grown frustrated with this board's sporadic functionality over the last few weeks. This must be the server upgrade from hell!! Anyway, I am assuming that most of the regulars are checking in periodically. I wanted to let everybody know that I will be in the zone this weekend, arriving Friday afternoon (2/18) and departing Sunday (2/20).

It is supposed to rain later this week so if the weather is really awful then I may not come down until Saturday, but I will definitely be there, even if I have to paddle a canoe all the way from San Ysidro. That being said, if anybody wants to hook up for a while, I will be staying at the Cascades and would be glad to meet up with you. If you are new to the board or to the area and just want a free tour guide then I would be glad to show you around.

Country John - thanks for the heads up warning about the Police in the Zona. I figured business might be a bit slower than usual what with the rainy weather and the US State Department travel advisory, but I thought this would be good news for us guys, rather than bad news. I guess the TJ Policia have to make ends meet somehow, so if not from the girls then from their customers.

Just PM me to let you know you will be there or ask for Senor Blue at the Cascades.

02-15-05, 06:08
I went down to TJ for no other reason than to *&^% Jainas. I checked into the Hotel Leyva got a room in the heart of Zona Rosa. Pretty sparse room but it did the trick. I was at Adelitas 30 min later around 4:00 PM on a Friday night. Many good looking women in here, I chatted up three different women trying to decide who I would go upstairs with. Each one was willing to let me buy them one beer before they wanted to move on to someone else. They really have little desire to talk to you, I speak fluent Spanish and have at least a beers worth of charm. These girls got off shift at 7 and the next crew began to come in. I saw this tiny little Jarocha about 78 pounds 4 foot tall, 18 yrs old with long silky hair. Very hot spinner. She marches me up, Jumps in the room and begins a mechanical set of preparations like a doctor’s nurse getting ready for surgery. Much like the last report she places the condom on a limp dick that is suffering from WTF. Then the rules… No BBJ, no touching, no sucking chi chi, (Kissing Chi Chi was ok Woo Hoo!) and of course to kissing on the lips. This girl hated what she was doing and it showed. After two different positions and her telling me to hurry up I finished the job myself. Totally lame. She grabbed her stuff got her self for ready for down stairs and was out hunting for her next victim four minutes later. I’ve had better experiences in Asian Massage Parlors.

I ended up checking out the girls on the street over that hang out side of hotels trying to talk you in them. Some were very cute, but definitely a couple of notches below the 8’s and 9’s that are at Adelitas. They all quoted me $70 Dollars I could not talk any into lower figure. I tried to get some to my room and they wanted $100 for that block long walk. I could not understand the reluctance cause it was friggin cold and raining and I literally saw the same girls out there hours later still leaning on the same wall. These same girls saw me walking by later and still no discounts.

Now I’m getting pissed.

I start doing all of the things a Newbie shouldn’t do. I ended up way down the street at a Mexican dive bar named Rio Verde. This is hard core all Mexican dance place where mostly the girls dance with the locals for a tip. You can take them upstairs if you’d like. The beers were hella cheep. I was the sole gringo in there dancing with chickas and some folks were digging my bravado, other younger Mexican boys were looking at me like get the *&^ out of here. Anyways I ‘m making time with the cute 5’8” Pocha Hontas looking girl and ask her to my room she agrees to come over for fifty and ends up staying the whole night. Dam good lay and was into it.

Ahh the TJ vacation was getting better.

At one dive bar down on constitution by the Purple palace? I got grabbed off the street by an extremely drunk chicka who I bought a drink for and she let me do anything I wanted to her. I had her on a stool next to the bar panties off fingering her Jina and sucking her breasts like no tomorrow.

I had a lot more adventures but want to get this uploaded as the forum seems to working for a few minutes here so better take advantage

I am going back on the March 25th to try a few more things. I want to try one of the Massage places that seem a little overpriced when I checked them out earlier, once again they would not budge on price when I was haggling with the Hefe. I am looking for GFE and it does not seem I’m going to find that at the Adelitas/Chicago assembly line. If all you want to do is stick your pene in a good looking hole, blow your load and leave then Adelitas is for you.

Thanks Country John for advice.

More to report later,


Country John
02-19-05, 17:32
Bluenose, If you're checking the board, I'll be in town today and possibly tomorrow. I'll look for you at Cascades!

Rainy day today. Oh boy. Just the way I like it. Cats hate rain but this AlleyKat can tolerate it as long as I see those wide Latina Smiles!!!!!!

Country John

PS Jackson, looking good man. Hope this is it. Keep up the good work.

02-25-05, 06:03
Checked out the Zona. Got 5 girls/4 pops (1 was an unfinished bj). Just wanted to let you all know: There's a sw at Hong Kong named "Estrayah" that has herpes. Almost no english skills. I didn't notice her lack of hygeine until later on. She's really thin, looks about 20, some might say like a model.

I was foolish enough to buy her a beer, then was told that for $42 (for bucket of beer), I could take her to the VIP room upstairs. We negotiated $50 for sex sin ropa and right before we started up, she got that "wicked puta" smile going on. I looked over at the waiter guy and asked if we could fuck up there. He said, "No, you go drink some beer in the VIP room, then take her to the hotel next door to fuck." Wait. Why the fuck would I pay for beer & still pay for a hotel? I called him on it and he said okay, just pay $30 and take her to the hotel.

After paying the $30 to the waiter at Hong Kong, I paid for the room (1/2 hour), and laid her money on the table. She was a ***** right off the bat. I didn't notice it inside of Hong Kong (she looked really good in the club dancing), but her teeth have some kind of green shit growing on her gum line. It was so fucking nasty! It took about 8 or 9 minutes to get the ***** to take her dress off, and when she did, she took almost a full minute to inspect my johnson. After she was satisfied with it, she told ME to put the condom on.

Then suddenly (she was on her back), she grabbed me and said "Put it in". I was about to, when I decided to suck on her mosquito bites instead. She pushed my head away and shook her fucking finger at me! After how much I paid for this *****, I'm not supposed to even suck tit? As I looked at her in disbelief, I noticed that her pussy had a small bump on the inside (her right). She noticed that I noticed and started pulling me toward her again. I tried to inspect it but she sat up and just stared at me.

Then she went off on a tirade in spanish and got off the bed and grabbed the money. I grabbed the money out of her hand and we stared at each other. She put her hand out and said a bunch of incomprehensible stuff in spanish. I pointed to the bed. She returned to the bed really pissed off. I ended up jerking myself off, touching her tits (very small) and her legs. It was definitely a herpes sore.

Biggest waste of time and money I've ever lost in TJ. Avoid her unless you want herpes. Check out the gumline! It's fucking green!

02-28-05, 18:08
I'll be in San Diego next week and I've been told not to look for action in SD to go to TJ. I've been in TJ one time about 10 years ago so I'm a newbie at this place. I found several good suggesting in this thread so I thought I throw out a request for more detail since I don't know the lay of the land. Any suggests starting with the Border Crossing?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Bend It
03-01-05, 16:22

Take a look at Brockton's FAQ thread (go up one level from this thread, under Mexico, and you'll find it). Great stuff. You'll find everything you need to know.

Bend It

03-03-05, 07:15
Spent some good time earlier this evening at the Hong Kong. Hooked up with one of the dancers there (definitely not one that Sordid mentioned in his post - no green teeth!) and for the price of two drinks (both mine) and $7 dollars in tips while she danced on the bar and $20+ $10 tip for superior service, took part in a two song session in one of the booths upstairs that finished with a bbbj with Russian activity that finished with a smile and a swallow. Muy bien!

Country John
03-04-05, 05:27
OCTraveler, great TR. I gota say that Hong Kong is getting interesting lately. Miami too is perking up a bit. My thinking is that with the new direction for AB, some girls are finding better opportunities on the other side of the alley. I met my fav at Miami and I have no complaints at all. My wingman loves Azul the Amazon at Hong Kong (and so do I) and there are several others that look very interesting. They gotta kill that siren at HK. That's the only thing I don't like about the place.

Country John

Blue Nose
03-05-05, 02:17
OCTraveller - great report! Thought I would weigh in with my two cents. I have been in HK & Miami the past two weekends, and I love these places. I really do think that they are overlooked in all the hype over ABs. If you haven't been to these places, Miami is a tradiional Mexican "Ficha" bar where the girls work mainly for drink tickets and dance with the customers, while HK is like a strip club without all the annoyance of high pressure of the clip joints on Revolucion.

I really think that there are some hidden gems in both of these places, Miami in particular. The girls sit along the back, adjacent to the bar and facing the dance floor. A much lower percentage of really awesome ones than ABs or CC but there are a few gems in there that are worth it if you can grab them. One thing to remember about Miami - not all of the girls go upstairs. I was refused two weeks ago. Don't take it personally, as they either go upstairs or they don't. I had a blast a few weeks back and got pretty loaded (2 for 1 beers before 8pm). I even did some dancing, so I must have been drunker than I thought. Ended up with a really nice 22 year old - firm and hard body and she had just started her shift as her hair was still wet. Only downside was we had to use the Hotel Cascades - I don't like this hotel anymore.

HK is great too if you want to chill and watch a show. You can choose to tip the girls or not - it really doesn't matter and I usually give them all at least $1 (the price of admission to a place like this). Same rules here - 2 for 1 beer before 8pm. I did find that, when sitting with a girl in HK, the guys are more aggressive - want to take your picture, sell flowers etc., but it's a cool place to hang out between tricks and watch the show. Only bad experience was one of the girls, when spreading her legs onstage, accidentally knocked over my beers with her 5" stilletos as she spread her legs. The beers spilled and both bottles broke - beer everywhere!! This is the only time that having 2 for 1 beer is a drag, as it means twice as much beer got spilled on me. She was very apologetic about it though, and let me finger her pussy afterwards at one of the tables.

Haven't been upstairs with a HK girl yet, but there are some real lookers in there. It's worth a visit if you are in the zone, especially if you just want to mellow out for a while after being with a SG.

Blue Nose

Blue Nose
03-05-05, 02:50
No, these are not the same althought they have similar names. As I continue my reports from the past few weeks (I tried to post previously, but the server was messed up) I would like to post a review of these two places, as they don't get much air time here.

I ended up at Bar Tropical at about 1am on a Sunday monring after a long and brutal night of sex and drinking. I still had a lot of Cialis in my system, despite having been at it for almost 10 hours. I arrived at Bar Tropical half in the bag and immediately noticed that the place was somehow fancier than the other bars in the zone - the tables have tablecloths etc. Don't let this fool you - this is just an excuse to get more $$ out of you as the place is basically a Ficha bar. I sat down and sipped my beer, all the while eyeing a hot brunette. Eventually, I called her over and she turned out to be a real dud. She ordered a drink that cost $9.75 and she was about as friendly to me as my ex-wife. I dumped her and was getting ready to go when I saw another hot blonde at the bar. On my way back from the restroom, I sidled up and said hello. Her name was Michelle and she had a huge set of natural tits. Anyway, one thing led to another and we ended up upstairs. Michelle says that she doesn't go upstiairs, just with occaisonal gringo and after being turned down at Miami I believed her. At AB or CC I wouldn't, but not all of the Ficha girls go up.

Well, Michelle has these huge tits and an unbelievably tight pussy. So tight that sex hurt for her a little bit, but I took it easy as I played with those enormous mams. Anyway, overall good service and I would recommend Michelle but not Bar Tropa, as it is overpriced for what you get. The locals know this too - the place was half empty late on a Saturday night. I think Michelle is as close to a "semi-pro" as I have met in the zone. She goes to school during the week and only works on the occaisonal weekend at Bar Tropical.

I went to La Tropa last weekend during the day, and I was not overly impressed with what I found there. Again, the place is trying to be fancier than it really is. It was absolutely dead during the day with a grand total of 8 girls in the bar, only 3 of whom were actually there. I tried their outdoor bar, which was really nice since it was a sunny day (a rarity this winter). Eventually, I went to try their massage parlor - the real purpose of my trip. Big mistake. You talk to the woman about pricing and then they line the girls up and you choose. $40 for the massage and then you negotiate with the girls. Rooms were nice and clean but after 2 min of massage the negotiations began. She started at $120 for FS and I never got her below $100. She even wanted $30 for me to "touch" her while she massaged me (WTF?) Despite a massive hard-on (again, from Cialis) I turned her down. This pissed her off and the 45 min massage ended after about 15 minutes. No running water with which to take a shower as the water wasn't working.

Anyway - the moral of the story is: DO NOT GO TO MASSAGE PARLORS IN TJ. It has been said here many times, but Senor Blue Nose just had to find that out for himself. We all like a good massage, but it ain't gonna happen in TJ unless it is a massage only with no extras. If you feel you must go to La Tropa for a massage, make sure to get the full package up front: $120 for everything - massage and sex. I sure didn't have much luck negotiating these girls down.

Well, I'm taking a break this weekend but I'll be back in the zone for a full scale blow out on Friday March 18th. Anybody want to join me, please let me know.

Blue Nose

03-05-05, 09:42

The Tropical is very hit or miss. This place is unlike Adelitas where all the girls go upstairs. I still want to go back to Tropical during the day because I still want to have a session with a chica named Ruby. If you like them tall and slim, plus she is a stripper there. Don't know how good she is upstairs, but I'am willing to find out. I just need some time to get down there.


03-06-05, 22:47
Ok, one final note. We were leaving Adelitas and caught a Taxi Libre right out in front. After going a few feet, I noticed he didn't have the meter on. I asked him to put it on, he said no. I asked him how much and he said five bucks. DON't GIVE INTO THIS PLOY. Otherwise, they're all gonna start charging 5 bucks, just like the Yellow cabs. We got out immediately. Went to catch a taxi libre in the alley, who also had his meter off, but he only charged 3 bucks. (So i guess he got no tip, sorry). Lets make sure we keep the Taxi Libre's the good deal that they are.

Country John
03-07-05, 01:25
In ANY bar, if you find something you like, ask her if she goes unless you want to buy her ficha drinks. No need for small talk, no need for games. She either goes or she doesn't.

This doesn't mean YOU have to go. It's handy to know who you got at the table is all.

If she doesn't offer in 30 seconds then you should at least ask if YOU are interested in going with her.

AlleyKat 53 this week in the Zona, probably Tuesday. There are a few faces I want to get to know a bit better. Might hang at the Rio Verde up the street. I saw some very interesting items there a few weeks ago and AB ain't getting any more of my muny.

Be safe and Be Nice
Country John

03-07-05, 20:39
This has probably been addressed before but where can I find Cialis for cheap? (either off the Internet or in TJ)


Brent in So Cal

03-09-05, 00:54
Hey a couple buddies and me are gonna be in TJ this weekend. A lot of white boys and a couple colored ones too. I have checked out Luxor but don't know how good it is to go in the room....are they legit? If you go to Adelitas sat night sun morning look for a lot of white guys and mention wsg so we know who you are.....but someone please let me know about luxor.

Blue Nose
03-09-05, 04:41
Time4aSpliff: Cialis is available on virtually every corner of TJ. At any pharamacy in the city, it is available without a prescription for about $14-$15 for a single 20mg tablet or about $50 for four 20ng tablets. I personally only buy one at a time and take them IMMEDIATELY after I purchase them (literally 15 seconds after I walk out the door, the tablet is down the hatch). Then I toss the packaging. The reason for this is that if you are searched by La Policia in TJ and they find Cialis on you without a prescription written by a Mexican doctor then you are in violation of the law. Read the section on Crime in TJ to get a better feel for this.

Don't know why they don't enforce the law against pharmacies (only tourists) but that is just the way it is - mostly they are looking for a payoff, but you could end up in jail. So, if you want to stay out of jail and not lose all your money, don't walk around with a pocketful of Cialis or any presctription drug in TJ. I've used common sense when buying and consuming and never had a problem. As a last piece of advice, you could use one of the Farmacias on Constiucion (near la zona) rather than on Revolucion. On Constitucion you are well away from most tourists and hence are less likely to be "marked" by crooked TJ cops (as it is mainly locals in this area).

If you want to buy in the US (online) just go to google and type "Cialis". Then take your pick of sites.

Blue Nose

Country John
03-09-05, 21:03
decided to hit the zona early tuesday the 8th, got threre around 9:30 to start alleykat 53.

of course karina was scanning the horizon (i was surprised she was out that early). i wanted a quick blowjob before heading off to work.

karina grabbed me for a 20 minute session ($20. + $5 for the room) and being the first fuck for the day she was tight tight tight.

country john busted his nut in 20 minutes!!

so it's off to the office for a while then back for the 2 pop this afternoon. karina said she'll wear her mini skirt tonight and agreed to $50, for an hour so heck........what's a mongerer to do?

got back to the zona at about 4:00 with dantheman and started trolling. i saw monica's car in the lot so ab was on the rotation. talked to omar for a few minutes, he told me franco was doing ok. must have gotten his blood work taken care of. i didn;t get to see him at all but i was told he was around.

dantheman and i strolled the alley, squeezed some girls and then stopped into ab for a quick beer and a look around. there was monica, with those perfect d cups jamming her hand down some gringos shirt and blowing in his ear. he didn't look very impressed. she eyeballed me walking by and glanced over a few times. she knows i remember her blowing me off like some cheap ass newbie but i know she remembers me now.

turns out the gringo didn't go with her and dtm & i decided it was time for a walk up the hill. dtm met a sg he did previously and was pleased with so he decided to take her again. i would stroll back to ab and grab another beer. i had a 6:30 with karina and it was still early. there was nobody else out that i was interested in and nobody caught my eye.

dtm takes his sg and i part the curtains at ab again. hook up with adrian (waiter #2), decided it was time to take some advice for a change and establish a rapport with a waiter. seems like a cool guy, handled the money right and was prompt.

the girls were out at ab last night. some exceptional ladies. as usual the place was crawling with guys too. seems for the most part to be the same old thing. i walked around the west bar and past this chica who had to be a 250 pounder. i thought, wtf? something for everyone. she looked at me and gave me the big-eyes. i thought to myself, "honey, i admire you for even fucking trying." so true to my alleykat code i approached her and gave her a big hug and a peck on the cheek then moved on.

time to session up with karina. i hoofed it back to hotel hacienda but no karina. she promised me that she'd be there wearing her mini skirt, showing me some leg and we'd do an hour session for $50. this was worked out earlier in the day but the girls said she was not coming back tonight. wtf? she told me she lubs me, she told me all kinds of things.

so i decided to return to ab to wait for dtm who was doing the glam slam with his sg friend.

i slipped back between the curtains, ordered up another beer from adrian and took another stroll by monica who was now standing solo. i walked right towards her and she thought for sure i was gonna hit on her. you know how they prep the pose like your gonna approach well, i walked right on by.

one day i'll make peace with her, perhaps the next time i see her but i'm still a bit pissed about the "ju no my cusomer" shit she pulled on me, i think it's probably time to give it a rest.

i walked through hottie central and was gasping at the babes. but i would not knuckle under to the new deal at ab. this $60.00 or nothing way of doing business would not work for me. it was about the beer, then a sg then home.

i was approaching the bench seats outside the mens'room (by the bar) when i spotted a chica that looked familiar to me.


just a bit of background on esmeralda and me, i slobbered like a fucking dunce and doated over her like a heartsick fool the last time we met in the club. i fell in lub with her. but i didn't have $$ to bang bang. just enough for a few ficha drinks and a rub. that was a few months back and i've been looking for her ever since.

tonight would be different. i would still slobber like a fucking dunce and doat over her like a heartsick fool but tonight i would have mongermuny!! jeez. she is a classic. sooo beautiful to me. esmeralda is my idea of the (almost) perfect latina.

she jumped up from her seat, stretched out her arms and walked over wearing a huge smile and planted a big kiss on me. i just melted. then i hugged her back. she remembered everything about me. where i'm from, my social security number, the works. we took a table behind the west bar and i bought her a few drinks. all the while she's hugging me and kissing my ear, just being a babe, a classy babe.

i decided that tonight i would take her. fuck it. this would be an acceptable exception to the rule. so i cut to the deal which was $60 plus the room. i would not attempt to negotiate. i waited a long time for this opportunity. this is one girl that i'd gladly pay just to get her in the sack. if i was making a mistake, so be it but my instincts told me that she's real warm in the room and that i'd enjoy my session with her. no american woman i know matches her class and her style - none.

got her to slow dance a couple of tunes and she was very warm. kissing my neck, slipping her thigh between my legs and then pulling back to smile that huge perfect smile at me. she knows i'm nuts about her. it was time to go. she's the kind of girl that get's my heart pounding and she knew i was all fucked up over her, the way it should be because she (to me) is beautiful - classic latina.

in the room, she washed her hands and asked me to do the same, then she asked for the muny which i forked over without hesitation. she asked me to lay face down on the bed and then massaged my back and cracked my spine like a pro. last time a chic did that was in honolulu and it felt goooood.

then the flip. she partially dis-robed revealing a 25yo body that was so fucking hot i could barely contain myself. she's 38 yeard old but man, what a bod.

i was horney as the devil by then so she slipped on the condom and started with a sensual cbj that made me even harder. she then lay next to me and let me take off her panites and bra. holy shit. she's smiling all the time and looking beautiful. i started fingering her pussy and she responded well. she was quite moist, i thought about daty but remembered time was a ticking so she tosses me over and mounts ontop.

esmeralda is a pro. she got the moves, the angles the whole bit. the realistic moaning added to the mood. we shifted from ontop to doggie to mish and then back to her ontop. excellent pussy control. all women should fuck like this.

on the way into the room, the cum-muck boys were smiling almost like they knew i wasn't ready for esmeralda. i smiled back, then walked over to one, slipped him a buck and said to him "no 20 minute knock." he said "ok."

i have to say that esmeralda was everything i thought she would be and more. she popped me so good that the condom felt like a fucking water balloon. when i popped, she kept me inside her and gently squeezed for about one minute then rolled me over and lay next to me, massaging my back hugging and kissing a total gfe, more than i expected.

afterwards when the knock finally came i looked at my watch to discover that we just completed a 45 minute session. fortyfive minutes. i was amazed. i was a bit concerned about the massage time going in but she more than made up for it. i watched like a smitten puppy as she dressed . she was flattered that i thought so much of her and after slipping those panites on again, she beckoned me over for another bear hug, drilling those c cups into my chest. very classy lady. her smile is quite disarming.

so i did the ab thing despite by bad rapping the place but this is one of those times when you just shut up, pay the girl and do the session. i walked by a lot of girls at ab, but she is one that'll get me to go anytime.

and while i could have taken anybody for $60. i didn't take "anybody," i took esmeralda who i've been looking for the past couple of months. a definite repeat. a new fav. wow.

she hugged me before leaving the room and said "i hab to go to my hroom to take shower now." she smiled as she walked out the door, looking back to see if i was still checking her out. i was. she slowly closed the door peeking back as she did. excellent manners. excellent performance. the way it should be in my opinion. nothing missing from this session. a complete experience. i can't even think of anything to criticize about her or the session.

i collect myself and exit the hotel. i'm walking past the check in and some fat fuck cum-muck guy says "where's my tip?" so i said "am i supposed to give a tip to you?" trying to sound as newbie as i could. he replied "yes." i then said "well, i'm very sorry but the guy down the hall said i should give it to him." then i asked if he wanted me to get it back from the other guy for him and he said no. fuck that guy, putting the arm on everyone that walks by. just tell them that yu "gave the tip to the guy down the hall."

i hit the cool evening air as the cel phone rings, dtm calling to see if i were alive. i was, barely and we had some urgent biz to discuss so we spent a few minutes on the phones.

i suggested we walk up the hill to rio verde. i talked about it a few times before and decided that tonight would be a good time to run up, have a beer and squeeze some girlies.

we did and i ended up with judith (23yo, 5'7" about 130lbs, silver cap on one tooth but otherwise a sweet kid) on my lap about 10 minutes after we arrived. one cool thing about this place is that ficha drinks are $5.00, which is different from ab. so i bounced her on my lap for a while, got a few dances in, rubbed her up and down and she's was real cool.

dtm had to split so we drank up and i said goodbye to judith and she was really warm. we didnl't talk about going up or anything but it was interesting to sit there for a few beers and check things out. i kinda like the place.

dtm and i swapped session stories and decided to call it a night. i'm still all smiles after my session with esmeralda.

on the way back to the car, i get grabbed by karina who now is posting outside hotel hacienda. fuck. i told her i had dtm in ab so i need to get back with him and i would probably see her later. she was expecting a session with me especially since i promised early i'd be there.

but it was now about 8:30, she was two hours late, i was popped and good to go so i ducked down the alley across the street from ab (the druggie alley) and made my way to the parking lot. omar came with me to make sure there'd be a witness to the murder. i appreciated that.

in the lot i ran into joe cougar who was checking out eduardos van. i wish we had time for a few but i was a wanted man and had to split.

i'm still allsmiles over my session with esmeralda. that's what i like about quality sessions. they can stay with you for days. that's how you know.

esmeralda will be on the alleykat 54 to do list. until then...
meowwwwww baby.

country john

03-11-05, 20:01
Started my evening at the Hong Kong Club, which has received a few favorable mentions on other online forums. Frankly, I was underwhelmed. There were about 25 girls dancing, but 20 of them were too chubby of form and/or too plain of visage for my taste. The remaining five were worth a second look, but perhaps only two or three were even close to being hot and they were all quite tall. If chicas altas do it for you, then the Hong Kong Club may be worth a visit. But I prefer the more petite spinner type chicas, so I decamped via Taxi Libre for Madonas. Probably sizing me up as a gullible gringo who was good for the overpriced, five-dollar price fixe ride to la linea, the driver eschewed operation of the meter at first. But I was sitting in the front seat and able to persuade him to start it by using sign language. Request for our Spanish speakers: How do you say "Please turn on the meter?"

At Madonas I paid the outrageous $10 cover charge, knowing I was being a chump. Would appreciate any advice re how to bargain over this ridiculous tariff. Inside, the booths along the walls were occupied by perhaps a dozen guys, but the rest of the club was vacant. Not as many girls working as at the Hong Kong Club, but the talent was just as underwhelming. Saw perhaps one or two petite brunette hotties, but they were firmly ensconced in booths with other guys and I didn't get the chance to see them up close or to go for a privado. Fended off the hard sell from several gorditas, then went for a couple of privados with girls who were just average. The $20 dances featured low mileage in terms of touching by either of us, and the $40 dance wasn't much better. Definitely not worth the expense.

Left feeling vaguely hustled and walked across the street and up through the parking garage to Penthouse. One level below Penthouse, I saw what looked like the entrance to a club. A well-dressed guy who had a bouncer/security vibe about him said "Penthouse?" and jerked his thumb toward the stairwell. I walked up the last flight wondering about the club one level below. Is that the Club Altiz? Anybody ever been there?

Penthouse was even deader than the first two clubs I'd visited, with one girl listlessly wandering about the stage and the rest of the girls either in the ladies room or invisible in the gloom. Up on the window sill there were what looked like oscillating fans, but instead of a propeller to stir the air they had a glowing orange heating element. When this gizmo pointed in my direction I could feel a beam of intense heat for a few seconds, then it was gone. In the darkness, the heaters seemed to be living things examining the patrons with their oscillating monocular gaze. Perhaps it was all that Tecate, but I found the scene rather unsettling.

Gave up on my strip club inspection tour and headed back to the Zona Norte feeling frustrated. Granted, it was Thursday night. But someplace, somewhere in TJ there has to be a place where the dancers are well and truly hot. Any and all advice cheerfully accepted.

Made a lap or two around the Adelita Bar, but cannot claim to have made a thorough study of the talent on duty. I haven't been there since they installed the flat screen TV on the back wall. Nice touch. Not only does the futbol look better, but the screen gives off enough illumination that it's now easier to see the girls who stand among the booths in front of the TV. The girl who caught my eye was about 5 feet, 4 inches, 110 pounds, with curly/wavy blonde/brown streaked hair that was about chin length and a gorgeous face. Her haircut and reminded me of the do sported by Sara Jessica Parker a few seasons back on "Sex and the City." She was wearing low rise jeans and a snug long-sleeve top and in the bar she seemed to have some energy. Sorry, cannot recall her name. But she said she had a three year old daughter. One ficha later we were upstairs for an average session. Turns out her chi chis were rather small and little saggy, and her technique was best described as workmanlike. But she got the job done.

Taxi Libre back to la linea, with the drop off point on the east side of the traffic, "cerca de Sentri." With the meter running, the fare was roughly 20 pesos. So even with a hefty tip, you should be paying about $3. As I alighted, I observed la policia gathered around a young man who had assumed the position. I overheard him say something about the rolling papers they found. Needless to say, I did not tarry. But now that I think about it, I've seen more than a few people stopped by the police at that location during my (admittedly infrequent) visits. Was wondering if anybody thinks it might be smart to cab it back to the Yellow Taxi stand and walk across the street from there, the better to arrive on the east side of the street 50 yards north of where la policia seem to be waiting for easy marks. Just a thought.

03-12-05, 11:55

You can always tell the guy at the door of Madonas you will go in if he let you in for less otherwise you will have to try somewere else. Also try to let him get you in for free by giving him a tip (usually $2-3). This worked for me a lot of time. If this doesn't work, just walk away and go to somewere else. There are some more strip clubs within a block or two that will have less cover charge or even free to get in. Penthouse is located on the 5th floor of the building right cross the peanut and Beer. You have to take elevator to get up there. Last time I was there, they had a better selection of girls than Madonas.

Blue Nose
03-13-05, 05:55
Does anybody know much about Bar Taurina or been in there? I am kind of fed up with AB and looking for new places...Just want to make sure I won't get the S**t kicked out of me if I go in here.

Bar Tuarina is at the top of the hill, right on the ege of la zona, as you enter la zona norte from the south on Constitucion. It is on the west side, and there is usually a guy with a cart in front who sells oysters, clams and other shellfish right in front of the bar. The reason I ask about this place is that I have noticed a couple of really, really hot SWs right in front of it. Now, the SGs might not be associated with the bar, but they are probably associated with the hotel upstairs. Anyway, let me know if you guys have experience with this bar or these girls. They are a bit "off the beaten path" but they look well worth it.

Will be heading to TJ this Friday 3/18 for a night of excess, and staying in la zona. Anybody want to hook up please let me know.

Blue Nose

03-13-05, 23:58
Does anybody know much about Bar Taurina or been in there? I am kind of fed up with AB and looking for new places...Just want to make sure I won't get the S**t kicked out of me if I go in here.Bar Taurino is a well known gay bar. I would imagine that they are very friendly. :)

Country John
03-14-05, 20:11
Yeah, stay away from Bar Taurina or that blue nose won't be blue much longer!!

Listen, try Rio Verde. It has a local feel and is a cool place to relax. Fichas are $5. and if your game is right you won't get hustled. Just be smart. Many dis-like the place but I love it.

My fav returns from Michoacan on Wednesday and she wants to TLN at LM or PA for AlleyKat 55 so I'll be out of curculation for a while as she settles back into the club. She wants a nice first session upon her return. And it's a freebie. I just can't say no.

To get to rio Verde, go up the hill, make a left then half way down the block on the right. There are no "10's" there so don't expect to see any but there are some very cool local chicks who are fun to be with; a nice change.

Country John

Ball Snot
03-14-05, 23:32
At Madonas I paid the outrageous $10 cover charge, knowing I was being a chump. Would appreciate any advice re how to bargain over this ridiculous tariff>>

I usually offer a friendly chuckle and explain how I get in free everywhere...why should I pay you? Then turn around and leave. Chances are good the doorman will pop outside and bring you in for free.

Hong Kong Bar has long been the best kept secret in town...I'm almost sorry to see it get so much exposure here <g> But we must share!

I often go around Midnight on a Saturday when there is a vast ammount of chicas. Never "went upstairs" there but it's a true 3rd world experience on the entertainment side.

Ball Snot

Country John
03-15-05, 20:46
Ball Snot, I agree. HK and Miami are interesting places. Most of us are on a tight budget though and when the squeeze is on we have to slither where we get more bang for our buck. I got some chica friends there though so I like to stop in.

At the door, I just say "Look, I'm saving my money for the girls and the drinks." "I can spend it down the street if you like, just tell me where there I can go where there is no cover." That usually works. I've heard that "fuck you" works also but I've never tried that in case I need to go back to see a girley.

I've spent many hours just roaming the Zona. It is truly the crossroads for many worlds and a very interesting place. Maybe someday you'll take a chica and experience the icing on the cake!!

Country John

Country John
03-17-05, 20:51
i like the first part of the week to wednesday because things seem to be a bit tamer than the second half but if you were in the zona last evening you would have thought it was friday.

ab was very crowded. i got there around 4:30 and the place was jumping. no sign of esmeralda so i stepped out for fresh air and to look for dantheman who was enroute.

i just got settled into my spectator spot outside ab when who drops down the stairs but esmeralda. looking fine in her black skin tight dress, reddish tint hair and a smile that is the stuff of calendars and postcards, very disarming. we exchanged glances, a nod and a wink or two, i decided to be polite and wait until she got back inside the club before approaching her since she was doing some biz at the door collecting tickets.

got inside, couldn't find her. i thought she was in the shitter so i walked around a bit. sure were a nice lot of chicas on display last night. a few ugly ones too. i looked for esmeralda again and fuck me, she was sitting with some other dude.

she looked at me with these "i don't wanna be here" eyes. earlier i made it very plain that i wanted to get her in the sack again and i was prepared to go but i did the right thing, nodded and smiled and left her to her customer. i decided to take a hike and walk the track. i would return, maybe she would be available.

ran into melonbag outside ab (he's moved into the zona for the weekend, jeez, i wish i could do that). somebody needs to explain the game of hockey to him though. i just couldnt get through. must be his weight problem. scarfing down too many jelly do-nuts melonbag.

dantheman arrives and wants to meet at miami. turns out azul the amazon is working tonight and dtm lubs her so he went in to buy her a few ficha drinks i got there halfway through the whipped cream routine. you think they's use girls that have a little bit less extra padding.

azul was looking good as usual, happy to see her, hugs and kisses and all that. dtm would not take her tonight however so it was a few quick beers and we're trolling the alley.

after leaving miami, i wanted to stroll back to ab again to check on esmeralda but by then it was about 8:30 and she was nowhere in sight.

karina was not out, diana was nowhere to be seen, now there is no esmeralda, i sure as shit wasn't interested in monica tonight so dtm and i decided it was time to hit rio verde again and relax with the locals. so we climbed the hill and got settled and after 30 seconds when judith appeared on my lap. now dtm thinks she's ugly but what does he know, his fantasy is to screw some blonde gringa stateside. but i think she's kinda cuite and we warmed up nicely. i bought her a few fichas, did some slow dancing and heavy squeezing and she was squeezing back

dtm thinks i could get her to go for about $25 and so i arranged to meet her back at the club in a few hours. she's getting moist now and walks me to the door etc. my second night dancing with judith was a bit more intimate than the first night.

unfortunately, this plan would turn to shit i would find myself between two chicas and it was not pretty and i pissed some peeps off.

dtm and i left and started back down the hill. we end up back at ab for some huggin and some squeezin then dtm splits to bail some bud out of a jam. still no esmeralda. dtm noticed karina reporting to the hacienda so now i can't walk the loop anymore unless i take her. so we cut down the alley and take the long way arounfd to ab.

ab was getting too crowded. i could't hang there very long. i remembered that jaquelin de veracruz was working at chevales so i thought it would be cool to stop in and take her temperature. we hooked up and took a booth on the back wall and she was turned on man. all over my shit. buying her a few fichas, she's groping the family jewels and wanting to go. she quoted $50. for 30 min plus the hroom. i had a problem with that and she didn't seem willing to negotiate which i did not appreciate since i've had a few sessions with her when she was posting in the alley. i told her "i'll think about it and come back later."

she was very gracious and kissed me when we were done with our beer. i left the club, wandered around for a few minutes and then decided that i should take another whack at getting her off this premium pussy pricing bullshit so i went back inside.

fuck, she's now sitting with another dude!!!! just shows to go ya, you snooze you looze.

but she's now looking back at me and i think her date was not cool with that so i hung for a minute in case he or she split but it was not to be. maybe another walk would work, perhaps she'd be free a bit later.

so, around the block again, but not constitution because karina was looking around with that hawkeye vision. she's a sweetheart and hard to say no to and i was not yet ready to say yes. met jessica on cohilla and we talked, she's pressing real hard for work and wanted me to commit to a session before leaving the zona. i told her i'd look for her after my last recharge cos i need a real pro bbbjtcim.

by now 20 minutes or so ticks by and i head back to check on jaquelin, she's still with her customer but she's looking at me real hard but i decide to stay away. i'd hate to have someone walk up on my situation with a girl so i respected that. if she was as eager to get with me as she looked then she should have made the move.

i decide it's time to head back to rio verde and check out judith again, she said she'd meet me there but she was a not show. wandering around the club i am jumped from behind by none other than diana de culiacan, dressed in her buckskin skirt and top, made up very nicely and looking good. we started wrapping ourselves up in each other etc, she put her coat on at the table so i could continuously feel her tits (which by the way are a cups with dd nips). seem like if she was mad after alleykat 53 now all is forgiven.

after a few fichas and me feeling her up i notice she's getting moist and smiling a lot so i tell her that we will go to the hotel. she's stoking my dick and being real girlfriendly. just like diana. i slip her $10 for her usual fix and settle into waiting for her for about 20 minutes.

it was just after diana returned ready to go when judith appears out of nowhere for our date. she is expecting me to go with her, doesn't understand what's up with diana, diana is getting froggy because she heard i was getting fresh with judith earlier in the evening. fuuuuuuck.

bottom line is i end up breaking judiths heart and leaving with diana. the reason? judith is an unknown quantity right now and diana is a fantastic toss. so you gots to go with wot you know. i hated doing that. i'll have to fix it somehow.

diana and i depart rio verde for hotel tropical. remembering that karina is still posting outside hacienda, i tell diana to go to the hotel and i'll meet her there because i have to go to my car. (actually, i wanted to finish up that joint as part of my pre-session with diana. i also wanted to skirt around the alley and try to miss karina.

i get to the car, do the remaining illegal druuuuuugs and head out the hotel. karina is waiting for me on the sidewalk at the parking lot. "novia???? novia?????" she asked because she saw me give diana a peck on the cheek and a slap on the ass. man, now i have to put her off. jeez.

further complicating this is the fact that neither of these girls speak english, including judith at rio verde. karina knows i'm going with diana and i can tell she ain't happy but she's just going to have to suck it up because diana is moist and froggy.

i hug karina and tell her i'll hook up with her soon. she doesn't understand but agrees anyway and i charge off to the hotel to meet diana.

in the hroom diana removes her jacket and i get a closer look as i undress her to reveal this very cool slim bod and a bald pussy, totally no hair - all gone. smooth like, well, like a bald pussy!!

she smelled great, was clean as a whistle etc. after i was done admiring her gread bod and those huge nips, she jumped into the shower for about 15 minutes. scrub scrub. when she emerged she was sqweaky clean. i fondled her for a few minutes then she insisted i take a shower and so i did. srub scrub.

i jumped in bed, reached into my pocket for 400p. i wanted to pay 500p for the session which i thought would go for about an hour or so and i already gave her 100p earlier. i bought the room for the night cos i planned on staying in the zona and getting out before the rush.

she turns off the main light in the room, leaves the bathroom light on and closes the door to just a crack.

diana turns on the porn channel, then slips under the covers next to me and places my balls in her hand for a gentle massage. she's breathing in my ear and wispering something that i could not quite hear so i pulled back and said "what?" she wispered again in my ear, this time so i could hear "toda la noche." i said "no mas muny diana." she then snapped "i no ask ju for muny." "yo give muny to me already."

the deal now is that i get diana to tln for 500p. who could ask for anything more?

diana starts in with a fine bbbj to rock hard and then mounts ontop which is a position she likes a lot and so do i. she has a fine tight pussy and can get a great grip. she likes to slow fuck and take the whole rod squeezing as she plunges and pulls back. we do the usual positions, dfk, lots of skin contact and have a 1-1/2 hour session before this alleykat 1pops.

diana came several times and i know they were legit orgasms. she grinds her teeth when she cums, first time she ever did that with me, first time i ever saw any chica do that. i could tell she was popping. it's easy to fake of course but the teeth grinding? i don't think so.

after she cleans me up using her towell she slips back under the covers where we embrace in the dark and fall asleep. i wake up at 5:30 and we hit the showers again then get out of there. diana wants a cel phone and was lobbying me big time when we hit the sidewalk. i told her that i don't have any fucking mony for a cel phone, she now has more mony than i do. but she doesn't understand english. so i just used sign language. she got the message and stormed off again. oh well, still a great session. no sign of jessica, i was kinda looking for that porn style bbbjtcim but she wasn't out.

climbed in the car and got back to the usa, straight to the office. end of mission, alleykat 54 in the bag.

the zona would be excellent material for soap oprahs. it's a never ending story and never ending cycles of cumings and goings.

alleykat 55 next week. my fav should be back. if she is, she'll be taking a cab to pa or vz. if she no shows, i'll try to make peace with judith and then try to get a piece from her.

country john

03-18-05, 10:24
Gotta love the chicas. Never understood why they get upset when they see us go with another girl when we see them with other guys all the time! Plenty of horny guys with money so its not like we can't be easily replaced if the girl is decent looking... Heheh I cant 'cheat' on my favorita at Chicago even when she's on vacation cause she has another friend tattle on me now when she comes back! My wingman has experienced this with his favorite at Adelitas who got kinda mad at him when she sensed he banged some other chick before her (he had to because she left for upstairs with another guy earlier !). Go figure.

Country John
03-18-05, 18:34
Gotta love the chicas. Never understood why they get upset when they see us go with another girl when we see them with other guys all the time!

Belgrath, you hit the nail on the head. That's my out every time. If they speak english I just tell them I know they have sex with many other men so they must not get upset if I go with someone else from time to time.

It's about the money. I once had Karina post for two hours after her shift ended because she knew I'd take her for an hour and she wanted the money. Love had nothing to do with it. Their angle is that the guy will be sensitive to their feelings. Well, Karina could be waiting for me but anyone who comes by and waves 200p under her nose will have her climbing the stairs at Hacienda like a home-sick angel. She knows it and I know it.

Treat them right but don't let them run the show. Be sensitive and don't be cruel but you session with whomever you want. They'll get over it and if they don't move on.

Country John

03-21-05, 01:57
Saw this message about TJ on Mexicali section posted by Mexicali Jack and it has me curious. All the ones on Revolucion have been ripoffs so far. Is this one that actually isnt? And what is the "small bar fine"? $10 or $100?

"So RTFF and hit either AB or CC or try your luck in the alley with a SW. Also, if you are into older chicas try Mexico Lindo (ML) across from the seafood restaurant (Los Arcos?) just down from the jai lai, think its 6th St, a little west (south) from Revolution. Do not arrive early at ML. Things start late at LM so get there after 8 p.m. Use the hotel across the street. If you want a knock out older woman in her late 30's to mid 40's try ML. I like ML as the women take time i.e. over 1 hour and just worship you rather than the quickie TJ special. I love to have women worship my body with their lips! Also, it is easier to get a toda la noche at ML. Be prepared to pay a small bar fine."

Country John
03-22-05, 06:06
Meeting up with a few bros tomorrow afternoon for a day, a night and another day of mongering in the Zona. Looking to TLN with either Diana or Judith if I can make peace with her and convince her to get her civillian looking body into the sack with me.

DanTheMan will be my wingman and will be handling my PR with the girls. I'll check Rio Verde out again and slither around Tropa looking for TJtaxi. I'm gonna owe DanTheMan BIG TIME because he's got his work cut oout for him.

Sure would be neat to say Hola to a few of you, I can't check PMs on this site from my phone so you'll have to use alternate channels.

Country John

03-22-05, 09:21
Grrr I wish they make viewing pics allowed only by registered members or higher to cut down on server traffic and lag. Dang photo linkers. The other WSG site does something like that.

Hopefully get to spend some quality time with Fernanda and her beautiful boo-errr, smile and my wingman swears he's gonna go for Karla. (If he doesnt and dallies too much again I will !) She really has him intrigued with her motions on the dance floor. One song set was Karla in a silver grass skirt shaking to a brazilian samba beat and another was her in a thigh high boots and a white fur stole and white g-string that highlighted a perfect camel toe! Karla speaks pretty good english and has a pretty sexy low voice and like to talk but she wants $70 ! :( (though she was worth it according to one guy we met that did go upstairs with her before). She must be an animal in bed since he has had other girls in Adelitas before and knows what a mechanical babe is and 70 is above the norm. Interestingly at least one dancer (Gabrielle?) is copying Karla's dance moves now.

I wonder if Fernanda's friend(s) were there Fri night to tattle on me? ;) Like she'd really care about anything more then the money going to another woman.

Of course its threating to rain Thurs.

Country John
03-22-05, 18:13
Brothers, do not worry about the rain because the girls (most of them) don't worry about it and club action is inside.

I like trolling the Zona in the sunshine but the rain adds character. You ain't gonna melt and you'll find the girls appreciative that you want to cuddle and get them out of the cold.

Times are slow for the girls when the weather is bad. They'll spend a few more minutes with you (and some will also try harder to clip you, so beware) if you are nice and the 1 hour sessions might be a bit more economical. TLNS are easier to set up with your favs when the weather is bad and they're posting.

Nothing like having a young latina under the covers shivering those goosebumps against you as she wraps herself around you. Nothing like it in the world. So don't be afraid of the rain; they certainly are not.

Country John

Blue Nose
03-23-05, 05:40
Well, it was quite a wild ride last Friday night. Started out at HK to enjoy the 2 for 1 beer and the "shaving cream" show (if you are new to TJ or just visiting the SoCal area, this should not be missed). HK just seems to be getting better and better. I bought a few ficha drinks there and had a few offers to go upstairs, but declined for a few reasons: the girl that I really wanted didn't go (to the hotel) and the other girls wanted a bit too much dinero. Great place to hang out though.

After a quick dinner at La Perla, I headed over to CC. Really a great club if you ask me - the whole place just seems more relaxed than AB and the girls are very nice to you. There are some really hot ones too, if you go after 9pm when the place is busy. Unfortunately, my fav was busy with some slick guy who looked like he could be a politician, and I just could not seem to shake her loose. Anyway, I left after about an hour intending to go back but one thing led to another.

I had a lot of alcohol and Cialis charging through my system so I took a quick walk around la zona. It was raining Friday night, but this is never a problem - if anything, as CJ pointed out, it works to your advantage. Had a hard time finding a street girl who I felt comfortable with (I don't have any regular fav SGs) so I decided to call it a night. As I walked back to the Hotel Nelson, I was pretty drunk and also (sexually and physically) frustrated. But there in the distance, like a beacon on a dark night, was a sign for Rio Verdes. Slowly, through alcohol, Cialis, sleep deprivation and frustration my brain began to search back to where I had heard that name before. Then it dawned on me that this place already had the Country John Seal of Approval. That sealed the deal - I went inside and immediately liked the place.

Fancy it ain't, but that's OK by me. The floor was so dirty that it needed not sweeping but shovelling. The seats at the tables looked like they had been ripped out of an old school bus. Anyway, they treated me very nice there (even though it was 95% locals) and soon I had a girl sitting with me. I waved her off after one drink and that's when I was joined by a young 22 yo TJ native. After two fichas, we got down to negotiating, and agreed to $50. I probably could have gotten less but by now it was 4am and I was pretty tired. We headed out and back to the Nelson (which is right next door).

Imagine their surpirse when Senor Blue walks in at 4:15am with a girl who is using his coat to keep her warm. I politely said Hola to them and kind of dared them to say anything, which they did not. Forget about the Walk of Shame at the Nelson, gentlemen. Hold your head up high and escort your girl to the elevator on your arm!! (LOL). Anyway, we were soon warming up in my room and what a great session it was. She started with a nice strip tease and dance routine before we got down to it. Lot of positions and not rushed at all. When it's your room, you can take your time. A shared shower afterwards, and then on a whim I told her that she was welcome to spend the night. To my surprise, she accepted, and we cuddled and chatted for about an hour before nodding off sometime around dawn. My new Fav!!

Anyway, she left the next day around 11am and I gave her a few extra dollars for a taxi ride home. What a great place Rio Verdes is!! The girls there are not 10s, but many of them seem to be "semi-pros" which means that if you can talk them into a session, it will likely be a good one. If you want 9s & 10s then go to AB or CC. If you want a place that has a real South of the Border feel, with nice honest girls and relatively inexpensive Fichas then try Rio Verdes.

Thanks to Country John for recommending this place, and thanks also for steering me clear of Bar Taurino. I give a small chuckle every time I pass that place now thinking that I almost went in.

Don't worry about the rain, fellas. It doesn't seem to slow things down in la zona at all.

Blue Nose

Lurking Fan
03-23-05, 06:08
Do the sw's on the alley behind AB still come out in the rain or do they stay away since I don't recall many covered areas the last (first) time I was there? Thinking about heading down from LA on Thursday for a few hours even though the freeways will be really bad with holiday traffic.

03-23-05, 08:05
Ok, one final note. We were leaving Adelitas and caught a Taxi Libre right out in front. After going a few feet, I noticed he didn't have the meter on. I asked him to put it on, he said no. I asked him how much and he said five bucks. DON't GIVE INTO THIS PLOY. Otherwise, they're all gonna start charging 5 bucks, just like the Yellow cabs. We got out immediately. Went to catch a taxi libre in the alley, who also had his meter off, but he only charged 3 bucks. (So i guess he got no tip, sorry). Lets make sure we keep the Taxi Libre's the good deal that they are.

Good stuff. I always ask about the meter before I get in.

BTW, the drivers are all pissed about having to paint red stripes on their cabs, because of the election.

Blue Nose
03-24-05, 03:33
Lurking Fan,

Again, no problem about the rain. There will be plenty of street girls out, and there are actually quite a few places for them to stand where they will not get soaked, including right up against the buildings, under awnings and in the entrances of some of the hotels. I have never seen the rain drive the street girls away, but it does drive their customers away. Use this to your advantage.

If it gets too bad, you can always go in a club for a while and wait out the weather. Believe me, when you exit the SGs will be waiting for you!! Have fun, and don't forget to negotiate sin ropa (without clothes) and todos los posiciones before you agree to go up to the room.

Blue Nose

Lurking Fan
03-24-05, 08:21
Lurking Fan,
Have fun, and don't forget to negotiate sin ropa (without clothes) and todos los posiciones before you agree to go up to the room.Thanks for all the tips. I've read here about asking first for sin ropa, but didn't recall the todos los posiciones tip. Hopefully I'm not too tired and can make it down tomorrow. Just finished working a 13hr shift w/ no OT and gotta be back at work in 6 hrs.

The TLN concept is interesting, although I'm afraid that I'll get ripped off since I'm a very heavy sleeper.

Country John
03-24-05, 21:05
The TLN concept is interesting, although I'm afraid that I'll get ripped off since I'm a very heavy sleeper.

I don't want to drift off topic but when you book a TLN, very little sleep is supposed to take place. A TLN usually means that you got YOUR sleep and SHE is going to put out several pops.

Don't take the girl to the room, have a session then have her (and you) fall asleep. I've heard of losing weight while you sleep but not making money. Take her for an hour, have a great session and then YOU get some sleep by yourself if you or she is not up to a TLN.

INteresting two days in the Zona on AlleyKat 55 and 56. I got one hell of a post coming.

Chuponalgas, nice to see you after such a long time, sorry I could't shuttle you back stateside but, well...... you saw the girl right?

Country John

TJ Bob
03-25-05, 11:53
Wow, it's good to see that WSG is up! i'm looking forward to contributing here more after all the downtime. keep it coming guys!

03-26-05, 20:11
Me and my wingman have been keeping a tally on the number of different chicas we've gone with in the zona and before I had a sizable lead on him. Last few times I've been doing mainly repeats but he's been trying out new talent since his favorita is on vacation ;) My lead is down to only one chica now, 12 to 11. Gotta get my lead up again so keep the reports coming, I need to find some more good ones to risk moola on! Still no luck finding the Diana and Gabrielle mentioned here when I'm prowling the alley.

California Guy
03-28-05, 14:35
Okay first let me me start by thanking Country John for chatting with me for a while and giving me advice. I didn't know what I should expect down in the Zona and he was cool enough to tell me what to look for so I do appreciate it.

I wanted to head down with another person to feel more comfortable, safety in numbers, but I couldn't get anyone so I said fuck it. I left San Diego around 9:00 PM and stopped to get some change and food before I crossed the border. I also didn't want to bring my wallet so I went made a quick stop as well at a Savon and bought a cheap wallet to hold only my ID and cash, nothing else like credit cards!

Next I arrived at the border, it was about 10 PM now, and I parked at one of the lots. I walked across and got the taxi to go to the Zona, cost was $5. After getting dropped off I immediately looked around for a pharmacia but I couldn't see one. I decided to ask the taco stand guy and he pointed me up the street. Now I start walking when all of a sudden this guy is on my hip asking me what I need. I am not sure if he heard me ask the taco guy or the taco guy pointed me out but man he was practically holding my arm. Right then I started thinking about what Country John told me and one thing was to ignore any guys trying to help you get things, unfortunately this guy wouldn't leave me alone! It sucked because I wasn't 10 min. in TJ, already nervous being alone and my first trip, and now I have some guy right there asking me stuff and I know what Country said. I just tried to ignore him but he walked next to me to the pharmacia where he said things were cheaper. By the way he was asking me if I wanted girls because he knew some, telling what clubs to go to, but not trying to sell me drugs or anything illegal. Needless to say I was pretty sketched so I walked into the drug store and told the guy I was over it and I would rather go to the club instead. I have never taken anything before so this also entered my mind but I just wanted to try it and see how it felt. Well we walk out of the store and 5 seconds later 3 policia stop me and this guy next to the pharmacia. I am like great! My first trip to get some pussy and I'm going to get jacked for no reason. Well they made me put my arms behind my head and started searching me. I just let them do what they wanted because I didn't have anything on me besides my wallet and keys. The guy at one point asked me to open my wallet and I thought for sure he would take my cash but they just let me go instead. Country said that if you do stupid things and get caught they will jack you but I wasn't doing anything stupid and luckily I didn't get any pill from that damn pharmacia, although I would have downed it right away.

Okay well after that fun I grabbed a redbull and went to the HK club, and yes he was still by my side. I walked in and I wasn't impressed by the ladies but I wanted to see the much talked about shows. I got a couple beers and hung around for a while as they weren't starting for a while. At one point I noticed this hot piece of ass walking around and getting all she could handle from the guys. She didn't seem to mind although they were only giving her $1's and she let the guys around suck on her tits, rub her pussy, etc... I was amazed because she was a solid 7 but she didn't mind the guys too much. Anyway, I didn't see anything else I liked but I was just waiting for this lesbian show. I did see one American guy and asked him how the girls were but he didn't say much and I was cool with that. The guy who had been with me the whole time, by the way he did speak good English, didn't ask for any beers but the waiters gave him everything he wanted. He said he knew some people and I was like okay cool. Finally he saw some other American guy he knew and said he had to do something and for me to wait, obviously I wasn't planning on it. I therefore waited for the lesbian show and left about 10 min. in so I could avoid this guy.

After HK I started walking down towards CC and I met this street girl, don't recall the name, and I started talking with her. She wasn't super hot, like a 6.5 (oh just so you know I judge pretty hard though so Pam Anderson, Brooke Burke, and Adriana Lima are all 9.9's to me and no girl is a perfect 10) but I was horny so I asked how much? She said 30 fuck, suck, and I could touch as well so I should ok. She led me to this shady as hotel across the street and I paid $5 for the room, I knew it couldn't be anything close to nice and I was correct :) LOL so now we are sitting there in this rat room and she has her lube, which is a real turn off to me, and a condom. She asks me for the $30 and this is how much I know about the hobby, I say no I want to pay her afterwards!!! HAHA I have seen two girls in the US but I thought since it was TJ that the girl would just take off :) She couldn't understand me and once she finally did she said I was crazy and I left. Man I felt like a dumbass but I really had no idea. Well then I walk down the street another 10 feet and this girl is walking in the opposite direction. She was super cute and Im freaking horny so we lock eyes and she stops me. I ask how much and she says $20 so I am like "oh yes" We go to another hotel, right next to the previous place, and this is actually just as bad. I didn't care though and paid the $5 for it and off we went. We got in this time I give her the money up front, lol, then she starts undressing. She is a solid 7.5!!! Pretty face, super nice 34 C tits, little ass, tan, and on a 5'0 frame that must have weighed 95 pounds. Again I apologize but I can't recall her name? Now we are both naked on the bed and she puts on my cap and she starts sucking. It is a poor job really but I just liked looking at her tits, face, and that hot pussy. After a few minutes I told her I wanted to have sex and she climbed on for a ride. No lube for this girl at all and she starts getting really wet! I was so turned on knowing she was liking everything and she didn't moan too much where you knew it was fake. It was very good and after about 15 minutes I exploded, as she kept riding away. After I tried to talk with her a little but she couldn't understand me so I gave up. I would have taken this girl all night if I was staying there but I didn't want to do that. I ended up walking with her to the sidewalk and bought her a bottle of water at the store next door and she was happy I did this.

Now I was thinking about what I was going to do next when I see the American guy I briefly chatted with at the HK club and said hi again. He said he flew down just to go to TJ and had been there for a couple days already. He then said he was sorry he didn't talk with me more about the girls in the HK club but the guy that I was with was a gangster down in TJ! LOL, great that whole time I was hanging with some gangster guy which probably explained the policia searching me with him. He didn't seem like one because he was pretty cool and we just chilled but I just thought again about what Country John said and laughed a little. Finally after chatting for about 5 minutes he said I should probably leave and I think some guys were scoping me so I went to the CC.

The CC had many more girls than the HK but it was funny that most of them sat on one side while the guys sat on the other. I decided to chill and check them out so I sat down and got a drink. A lot of the reviews I have read say the CC has bad girls but I saw some easy 8's and a couple 9's. This one girl was just unreal but she was with some guy the whole time, looked a lot like Catherine Zeta Jones. Well I sat for about 10min and finally this little girl came up to me and asked if I wanted to go up stairs. She was cute, 6.5, and I asked her what I got and how much. She said for $60 she would give me a bbbjcim plus sex and I was really tempted but I wasn't into her that much. She even said I could have 40 min. instead of 30 but I told her I wanted to kiss her as well, which I really didn't, and she said I had to pay an extra $40!!! LOL I was laughing and told her I wasn't into so she finally left me. It was now about 2:00AM and I was getting tired so I decided to go check out the famous AB.

I walked over to AB, and by now I smelled like an ash tray which really sucked and I could barely talk because of all the freakin smoke. Being outside for a bit was nice but I didn't want to hang out too long because I know I would get hassled. I went in and right away I was floored!! Damn the first girl I see is super hot, solid 9 and just on fire! Then I look around and the room is full of hot chicks. There were about 30 girls there and honestly 20 of them were solid 7's and 8's with about 5 9's! I was really impressed so I bought a water and just sat down at the bar. I started talking to this American bro and he was there alone as well, really nice guy. He pointed out a couple girls he had been with that were good and I told him about my fun night. After an hour I noticed not one girl had come up to me or this guy so I started tripping out. I am not a bad looking guy and he wasn't horrible either so I didn't get it? He told me a lot of the girls there are snobby so you just have to pick the right girl to check out, etc... He actually left after a while not even going with a girl becuase it was so bad. I started getting bitter as well and I noticed the super hot girl I noticed right when I got in AB's had turned down about 4-5 guys while I was there. More people were starting to come in as well, probably from revolution street so I started debating on whether to grab one of these porn star looking girls or just bail since none came to me. As I was about to leave I turn around and this hot one at the bar calls me over. Her name was Carla, I remember lol, and she was a 7-7.5 in terms of looks. She really wasn't as hot of girl as I wanted to do, because I knew the prices were minimum $60, but I just said okay and I would do her. By the way, the girls in AB have some serious plastic in them! Some of these girls have the worst ass implants I have ever seen, actually a good number have both tits and ass impants, and most have done too much! Carla had fake boobs but they were good size, D cup, and had a good ass so she didn't need any impants. Well we went up to room next door and I paid the guy $11. Carla speaks good English so we spoke for a few minutes and then we got to business. It was funny as well because this time she didn't ask for the money but I just put it on the counter :) Oh and the room was 10x better than the other places and she laid a sheet down as well. I felt more relaxed and she started playing with my dick telling me how nice it was. She put on the jimmy and she started cbj and she was a 9.9!!! Serious porn star sucking style and was just really good, best I ever had. I let her do it for a while and then I wanted to fuck her so she climbed on top. This girl also used lube so it kind of sucked and not 1 minunte into fucking her does she start moaning like we have been screwing for 4 hours. I almost laughed but I just wanted to bust a nut and go home now. I finally got her doggy and cremed away after about 10-15 min. then we just laid there talking for another 15 min. and I said I was leaving. I went out, some guy asked me for a tip so I gave him a buck, and I got a taxi back to the border. It was now about 5:30 and I was so freaking tired!!! I got dropped off where the taxi's turn around, asked for the bridge but this is where I ended up. No policia around though so I just walked back easliy with all the people.

Overall I was happy I finally went down to check things out but I am still sketched out by TJ. I think some of the girls on the street were as good as the ones in the clubs, in terms of looks, bust on a larger scale the girls in AB were smokin and this was a Wed. I think I will go back this week again, hopefully with Country and maybe get a room for the night instead. I spent about $170 total down there so it wasn't bad since I banged two chicks, much better than I would get in the pathetic US! OKay well I know this was long but hopefully you enjoyed my story and I will post again when I return.

Country John
03-29-05, 00:52
Good job California Guy. I hope I was able to help out a bit. If you got Vpill in the farmacia and had it on you when you got searched it would have cost you. Never forget to take it inside the store before leaving.

Next time, when you got a street guy on your tail, stop and say to him (politlely) "Please don't follow me, I want to walk alone." and that usually fixes that. The cops might have thought that you bought some dope from this guy so they had you figgered for a mark. Smart move.

If you are firm but polite, the street guys will fall away.

Chicas want their money up front until they get to know you. $30 is high for a SG, unless it's full sin ropa and full contact.

I'm a lurker at AB now (except for the fabulous Esmeralda). I just grab a beer, check out the eye candy and move on to Hong Kong or Miami (or Rio Verde).

Maybe we could hook up soon. AlleyKat 57 tomorrow in the Zona. Got some errands to run and some chicas to squeeze.

Country John

The E
03-29-05, 06:01
I had a great time in TJ last month. I went to the alley and fucked four girls in one night. $20 for the fuck, $5 for the room. I spent $100 on the fucks, $4 on parking. Where else can you get good quality pussy that cheap? I am definately coming back. I have never had so mch fun in my life!

Word of advice, have your money converted to pesos and you can save a little. The girls will fuck for $200 pesos and the rooms are $50 pesos. And since $1 = $11.65 pesos, you come out better in the long run.

Fat Clap
03-30-05, 05:27
Any one been in zona on sat at 2pm?? Country John I know your down there alot?

I've been on fri sat sun night but never day. Are ther many SW out or girls at AB. Taking a greenhorn with me dont want to disapont him.

Thanks JAll.

03-30-05, 10:35

I will be in San Diego soon and want recommendations for travel to, and lodging in, Tijuana for two days. I want to visit spots described by some of you. Next; and based on your reports read here, I'd also like to make a trek to Mexicali. So, is there someone here that can advise on the best way to travel; rent a car (US) or other for crossing the boarder? After a stay in Tijuana, is there a bus that runs between the 2 cities (Tijuana and Mexicali) -- and is it recommended? Are taxis in Tijuana safe for use late at night?

Based on some reports of crime in Tijuana, can someone list the three things to keep in mind to avoid problems, other than staying sober? My Spanish is not great but well enough to generate a conversation. My apologies if answers to these questions can be found here. The amount of material to read is a bit overwhelming, albeit very good stuff!

Thanks guys

Blue Nose
03-31-05, 03:41
MacGoo & FatClap - Let me see if I can answer a few of your questions:

Yes, there are buses between TJ & Mexicali (there are buses from TJ to all major Mexican cities). Just ask a taxi to take you to the bus station or you can walk to it. From Av. Revolucion, as you are walking north toward the arch, take a right under the arch and follow the signs for the US border (towards pedestrrian foot bridge). Cross the first intersection, and the bus station is on your right - doesn't look like a bus station as the buses are parked at the back. 3 min walk from Avenida revolucion. No idea how often the buses go to Mexicali, but bus is a safe way to travel. My advice if you want to drive would be to park your rental car at the border, walk across to TJ, have fun, go back to the US, drive to Mexicali and repeat as above!

Taxis are safe late at night. Be sure to flag down a "Taxi Libre" - a white car, and not a yellow taxi. Should be about $3 from la zona to the border. Ask the driver to start the meter and/or negotiate before you get in. Sit in the FRONT seat so the guy doesn't take you for a rube.

La Zona on Saturdays at 1-2pm is hopping, my friends. Lots of action in the clubs and with SGs outside. By 2:30, AB is crowded with guys & chicas. Anywhere from 40 - 60 girls in the alley at that time. Chicago Club gets started after 8pm, but Hong Kong & Miami (located in the alley) are also good in the late afternoon / early evening.

A few things to keep in mind to avoid problems: take a taxi to & from la zona your first trip, until you get familiar with the area and the route; Do not walk to/from la zona at night; Avoid (politely) the street hawkers who try to "hook you up" with anything/anybody. Just shake your head politely and say "No, Gracias"; When walking, always look like you know where you are going (best to have a destination like a club or something in mind) rather than looking like you are lost; Leave valuables in the US; If you are using a Farmacia, be careful and take your vitamin C / V immediately before exiting; Do not have drugs or weapons in your possession; Show the club waiters the bill denomination before giving them the $; Take and use your own condoms;

Last, but most importantly: be polite, and remember your manners. You are a guest in Mexico, so act accordingly, even if you are not afforded the same respect in return by everyone who you meet - this is the Price of Admission into La Zona. Most agree that it is well worth it.

03-31-05, 06:41
There are a few songs that seem very popular with the ladies at the strip clubs like CC and Adelitas. One of em I call 'the Sa Sa Sa song' that I'm trying to figure out what the real title is so I can download somewhere and relive the memories of the chicas swaying their hips and smacking their butts in rythem to this song. Anyone know the real title to this song or any other chica favorites?

Rabo Verde
03-31-05, 20:20
2 PM on Saturday is a fine time in the Zona.
Not quite the scene as later, but no crowds and more laid back.

Country John
03-31-05, 20:50
Bluenose, good advice. I'll license you all to use my AlleyKat Street Guy Bye Bye line:

If they walk with you while pitching a club or anything, say:

"Hey, no thanks. Please don't follow me, I want to walk alone."

In English, this means: "No thanks, I don't want you walking with me in case the cops want you in which case they might hassle me too." They understand this. If you have to say the above verbatum then do so, some need it spelled out.

In any case, be polite. They might be deported criminals with serious drug issues but they do have their pride.

My other favorite line to use when they ask for a tip is:

"I'm saving my money for the girls, see me later and if I have a few bucks I'll help you out."


If you are not driving in Mexico, go back and get your car, take the 8 East to Caliexico, park and walk across. The Mexicali zona is about the same distance as the TJ Zona from the border.

Search out Rico Cafe (on this board). He is the Honorary Monger Mayor of Mexcali and will keep you out of jail. (I think.) PM him and set something up. You need a good wingman your first time out.

DO NOT take your rental vehicle to Mexico without clearing it with the rental agency. Cops like to stop rentals and who needs the hassle. If you DO drive in Mexico, take the 2 highway (toll) from TJ to Mexicali. It's much shorter than the 8 Stateside and you can drive 100 MPH with no problems (until you get into the mountains). It's a beautiful drive. You'll spend about $US25. in tolls (return). The toll booths give change.


Then do not venture out into the bus terminal area at night. I can go on and on about it but my advice is to travel in your personal vehicle to Mexicali either on the 8 Stateside or the 2 in Mexico.

Last, but most importantly: be polite, and remember your manners. You are a guest in Mexico, so act accordingly, even if you are not afforded the same respect in return by everyone who you meet - this is the Price of Admission into La Zona. Most agree that it is well worth it.

Could not have said it any better myself.

There's an old guy in the Zona who shines shoes but he doesn't ask you for a shoeshine, he first says "How are you my friend?" When prople say "No thanks." He says "For What??" "I just asked you how are you doing, do you have manners?" He got me once several weeks ago, now I got his number. I keep him talking and WAIT for him to solicit the shoe shine. My point is that your manners are the lubrication that keeps the machinery of humanity running smoothly in the Zona. Don't leave it at home.

The amount of material to read is a bit overwhelming,

The only thing you need to read (should be required reading) is Brockton's guide. The rest of the posts are our personal experiences and count for something but to get to "baseline" read Brocktons guide. It is spot-on.

can someone list the three things to keep in mind to avoid problems, other than staying sober?

I'll try.

1) Do not argue with the girls if the session doesn't go well. Take your hit, learn your lesson and move on. It usually means you did not negotiate well.

2) Do not bling. Leave the Rolex home. Dress clean, shave and look good but no bling. You do not have to impress the girls; they already know why you are there. Some already know that they are so much better than American women, that is all you need to know.

3) No drugs or weapons. Even a knife can get you in trouble. Take your Viagra before crossing or immediately after purchasing. It is illegal to carry prescription meds around without a prescription. They now have a reason to put the squeeze on you.

4) Make sure the waiter sees the denomination of the bill before you release it to him. Otherwise he could scam you if he wants to try. The way of the AlleyKat is to grip the bill, then let him tug on it (slipping out of his fingers the first time). Everybody laughs, but he sees the $20. bill and he sees me looking at him looking at it the second time. Also, they like to cover the spare change under a $1.00 bill. If you have $6.75 coming back, you'll see the five and the one (that you usually give as a tip) but they like to hide the 75 cents under the dollar bill in case you're not paying attention and just waive him off after taking the five. Get it?

5) Don't pay for anything YOU didn't order. If YOU didn't sign off on the drink for the girl, do NOT pay for it. Let the girl and the drink go. You're getting "ficha-fucked."

I'm running way off topic here. But I think this might help a bit.

Country John

04-01-05, 05:23
A good waiter will count out the change in front of you on the serving tray so you know there is no slight of hand tricks with your change. Thats one of the reasons I like Chicago club, most of the meseros do that there.

Pick pockets dont seem to frequent the AB and CC like they do the with the Avenida Revolucion clubs but there are a few. HK sometimes lets trashy begger type women in and sometimes they do try to pull a few fast ones in there so its always safe to stay aware. There are a few REALLY persistant male beggers if you are by yourself but if you are near a club go in or duck in a hotel to talk with a girl they wont follow you in cause the owners of the place will toss em out. It is always good to dress down and even if you are a doctor/businessman, dress like a bluecoller worker or poor college student.

I found out from my wingman that the song the ladies of TJ clubs liked was "Mesa que mas Aplauda" (table with the most applauses). The women would shake back and forth and smack their butts to the Za Za Za when it was playing in the clubs..

04-01-05, 06:42
Had an opportunity to travel to my favorite mongering destination (TJ) this evening and wound up at the Hong Kong Bar. Went there intentionally to see if I could get a repeat perfomance from "Azul" (translates to "Blue"). She's a 28 year old provider that has a great body (not too frail but not too much) and a better attitude. Hooked up with her last time and loved it.

Got there today and sure enough she was there ... same routine as the last time ... a couple of fun moments while she danced on the bar downstairs and then upsatirs into on of the private booths for an incredible and sensual nude dance that ended in a bbjcim with Russian action as well .... all for the ridiculous price of about $30.

Total time in TJ was probably an hour and a half and the total cost breakdown was:

Cabs/parking $14
Beer $6
Azul $30
Oysters from a street vendor $5
Total: $55 (less than one hour @ an AMP!)

Pleasure scale 9.999 out of 10

Country John
04-02-05, 01:30
Went there intentionally to see if I could get a repeat perfomance from "Azul" (translates to "Blue"). She's a 28 year old provider that has a great body (not too frail but not too much) and a better attitude. Hooked up with her last time and loved it.

Not Azul the Amazon right? I wasn't aware of another Azul at HK. If it's the same girl I'm thinking of, I hear that she's moving to AB for a better paycheck.

She'll have some competition that's for sure and I'm not sure she'll be able to handle the pressure. good luck.

Great TR by the way OCTraveler. Didn;t they make you buy a bucket upstairs?

Country John

Country John
04-02-05, 01:38
Any one been in zona on sat at 2pm?? Country John I know your down there alot?

I've been on fri sat sun night but never day. Are ther many SW out or girls at AB. Taking a greenhorn with me dont want to disapont him.

Thanks JAll.

You will not believe your eyes. Take a spare set. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the girls are gonna start dressing to impress and I can't wait.

Try not to overpay the SGs. More and more they are getting $30. for $20 service and then clipping in the room. The deal is $20. for 20min and then you can negotiate for extras. Just try to control yourselves!!

It's gonne be tough, especially now. They're gonna be looooooking good.

Country John

04-02-05, 06:21
Country - Thanks for the compliment on the TR - been reading yours for quite awhile and appreciate your insight as well ...

Must be talking about a different provider here - this girl isn't ready for Adelitas - English skills way too limited (she'd starve there). She's also pretty naive.

As for the bucket charge ... NOPE. Guess it was because we made all our arrangements downstairs and she escorted me directly to the booth.

04-02-05, 19:22
I went down to the zona last Thursday and ended up at Las Chavelas late around 9:00 p.m.. The girl I usually see went home already so I was ready to try someone new. I ended up with a chica named Fernanda. She is tall 5'6", slim with long black hair and a pretty face. Downstairs, nice and friendly, upstairs totally different. Won't kiss, can't put your hands here or there, no bj and just missionary. Also, can you hurry up so I can sit on my ass back in the bar. I would not recommend.

After that session I went over to A/B where there we two hotties I wanted to take up. Unfortunately, just as I was ready to ask, they both went next door for dinner. I was running out of time so I split. There is always next time.


Country John
04-02-05, 23:06
An all to familiar trend in the Zona:

Downstairs, nice and friendly, upstairs totally different. Won't kiss, can't put your hands here or there, no bj and just missionary. Also, can you hurry up so I can sit on my ass back in the bar. I would not recommend.

The way of the AlleyKat:

First 30 seconds is to find out if you want to buy the first ficha that might lead to the second ficha or to a session.

First ficha with lots of hands-on at the table to take her temprature. Decide on a second ficha, you're ready for a session, or moving on if you don't like the girl.

She might not like you and want to move on all on her own before, during or after the first ficha. Maybe your mouthwash ain't making it. Maybe you don't know how to behave around the girl.

Some of these girls are very cool and want to go right away. Others are fun to cuddle at the table or the bar so if you're having fun (like I often do) then pay another 5 bucks or so and enjoy the company of what might be a fabulous latina princess.

There's nothing like a dreamy sensual cuddle with these women. My, some are so perfect and most are fabulous at least. How can 10 minutes of cuddle with one of these creatures not be worth $7.00.

Second ficha is more hands-on and the session decision. Session decision if during the first half of the second ficha she promises to be as much fun upstairs if you go. Hold on 3rd ficha until after session decision.

Session = Yes, she's a dream.- No 3rd ficha. Negotiations are out of the way, go up.
Session = No, Houston, we have a problem: - Can't negotiate, she's a ficha only girl, or you two are not hitting it off. Do you want to pay for another ficha ticket? Probably not unless you're having a good time with her at the table.

Under the above scenerio, your chances of having your dreams come true upstairs are very good. You're already having a good time or not. Not like American women who can play you out of weeks and are stoopid in the sack.

If you're hitting it off and things are going well it's fun. Especially if you're an old fart like me and really appreciate the girls beauty and sensuality.

If she likes you, then she might want to be with you even given the fact that you're giving her money and paying for the room. There are girls that enjoy good sessions. I'm glad they do. My fav happens to be one.

I'd rather give her the money then give it to the restaurants and bars in Orange County (SOUTH Orange County actually). We actually spend some time together out of the Zona too and that's fun. Like at MY hotel for example. She often spends the night and we sleep together. She's beautiful when she sleeps.

I've had bad sessions too but I've had many many more good ones. Now they are beyond good, they are fabulous.

So when I hit the zona and because I have limited time and finances, this sort of arrangement works out for a few beers, a quick date and a cool session. If you get into repeats with the same girl then lucky you. You might find out why these girls are so special.

Some vets out there might call this a load of cow-shit and others might think that flying a plane is easier. Well, flying is easier. Some might go to simply pay for sex etc. But when you can get the session going well for you and her, have a squeeze or two with a beautiful Latina then it doesn't matter does it? You (each) may walk away satisfied and when you can get to that point with these girls you'll enjoy the sessions much more and get away from the difficulties and all that stuff.

If the "thrill of the chase" doesn't excite you anymore then IMHO you're missing out on a fun part of the game. The girls can still play their tricks on you if you let them. Be careful though, you might fall in love.

Country John

04-03-05, 07:03
Country John,

Don't get me wrong, I still had a great time in Tj.. I was just trying to warn some of my fellow mongers. I do like to get to know a chica with a drink first but this chica was all nice and sweet downstairs, totally different upstairs. I know ymmv, but with this one, I don't know. I have written about my good experience also. Currently, I would have to say my good experience vs. the bad ones are about 70% good to 30% bad.


Blue Nose
04-03-05, 21:02
Tried out a new place in la zona yesterday afternoon. I have walked by this place a million times, but this is the first time I have gone in. Bar Rio Rosas is on the corner of the alley and Ninos Heroes. As you exit HK / Miami, take a right and walk about 40 feet and you will arrive there. They usually have a barker on the street who tries to get you to come in. Wanted to try something different so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Arrived about 5pm and there was a girl on stage just finishing up. They had a continuous floor show where the girls get totally nude. Place was no HK, but not too bad either. About 10 girls working and maybe 15 customer total -not very crowded, which was fine by me. Tipped the girl dancing $1 (again, the "price of admission" at these places IMHO) and she was surprised and grateful, as nobody else had tipped her. When she finished her set she came and sat with me at the bar. When I declined to buy her a ficha drink, she sat and chatted with me anyway, which surprised me. I had my eye on another girl, but as she was dancing she fainted in the middle of her set!! This was a first for me, even in TJ! Anyway, she was eventually revived and returned to the bar area, but by then I had my eye on another chica.

Can't remember her name (sorry) but decided to move to a table and buy her a drink. Good place to buy fichas!! This girl was all over me at the table, and I had a good amount of action from it - she was kissing me and rubbing my cock, and I pulled out her tits and started suckling them at the table! The only thing that sucked was that people were constatntly interrupting us - they see you with a girl and they try to sell you every piece of crap imaginable - food, snacks, flowers, candy, photographs, stuffed animals. Had I really wanted to, I probably could have re-financed my mortgage while I was fondling her! It is distracting when you are having fun to be hounded by the vendors, and at one point I waved off the camera guy while I had a breast in my mouth and my hand up her skirt.

Anyway, the girls there generally go up to the hotel for $50 (as always, you should negotiate as $50 was the starting point), or there is a room at the back where you can go for $30 and probably get some good action. Did not use the room, but I would recommend stopping by for a drink if you are tired of the crowds at AB or noise at HK. Girls are not 10s, but they are all lovely IMHO, and there are a few gems in there, too.

Blue Nose

Blue Nose
04-03-05, 21:10
ok, what's the deal upstairs at hk? i have been to hk many times but only been upstairs to use the restroom. i know that they like you to buy "a bucket" upstairs, so i have never bothered to go because the beer is so cheap downstairs. any cheaper and i will pass out from drinking too much of it!

after reading octraveler's report about azul at hk, however, i have decided to re-consider going upstairs, as it seems that there is some great action to be had!! how much does it cost to buy a bucket? how much do the booths generally cost, and how long do you get in them? i assume that, depending on the girl, ymmv.

thanks for the report octraveler. will keep my eyes peeled for azul, and there are also some real hotties there whom i would like to have the same action from as you had with azul!

blue nose

04-04-05, 03:05
Blue Nose -

If you negotiate with the girl downstairs and have her escort you directly to one of the booths, you can bypass the bucket of beers. In all my experiences at HK, I have yet to buy a "ficha drink" or a bucket and by no means have I been sucked into their VIP room.

Here's my usual approach - enter the club, go directly to the bar and buy a beer (usually a Bohemia - good taste and a dark bottle so the waiters can't see if you're done). Then walk around admiring the talent, finally arriving back at the bar where the girls are performing. I then choose my provider and begin to tip regularly while she'd dancing - by this time she's flirting with me and between tips we're "bonding". I then pop the question - "How much for a private dance in the booths upsatirs?" Usually she'll quote $20 - if not, I'll counter with that, and when accepted, when her set on the bar is finished, I let her immediately take me up to the booth for our private session.

This has worked everytime so far and don't see any eason why it won't for you - just remember - be nice to them down in the bar and they'll be nice to you in the booth!

TJ Bob
04-05-05, 09:43
OC traveler gives good and accurate advice about HK. However, i'll go one step further and say that you don't need to buy them any fichas if you got game and go for the sexo. you may have to wait until after their shift at 5am, but it's worth it if you want alot of sexo for cheap while she's horny and wasted. i don't go for fichas or laps, so my game is hot sexo con drugas. but, you do what pleases you as we all have different needs.

04-06-05, 00:30
AP article below -- says that we will need passports to re-enter the US from Mexico by 2008.

It will be a serious pain to carry a passport, and I'll bet a bunch will be stolen.


Apr 5, 2:17 PM (ET)

WASHINGTON (AP) - Americans will need passports to re-enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, Panama and Bermuda by 2008, part of a tightening of U.S. border controls in an era of terrorist threat, three administration officials said Tuesday.

Similarly, Canadians will also have to present a passport to enter the United States, the officials said.

Asked about the changes in an Associated Press interview, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the United States had to take every precaution to screen out "people who want to come in to hurt us."

Rice also said the changes were made after consultation with Mexico, Canada and others in the Western Hemisphere.

The announcement, expected later Tuesday at the State Department, will specify that a passport or another valid travel document will have to be shown by U.S. citizens, the officials said.

These include a document called Sentri that is used for Mexico travel or a Nexus for Canada travel.

Until now, Americans returning home from Canada have needed only to show a driver's license or other government-issued photo identification card.

Americans returning from Mexico, Panama or Bermuda currently need only a government-issued photo identification card plus proof of U.S. citizenship like an original birth or naturalization certificate, according to the State Department's Web site.

The new rules, to be phased in by Jan. 1, 2008, were called for in intelligence legislation approved last year by Congress.

Safeguarding U.S. borders are a top concern of U.S. intelligence and security officials. The concern increased after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and on the Pentagon.

The travel industry has raised concerns that the changes might hamper tourism, one official said.

The announcement follows a three-way summit last month that President Bush held with Prime Minister Paul Martin of Canada and President Vicente Fox of Mexico.

Speaking at Baylor University at Waco, Tex., Bush said border controls with Mexico had to be tightened to make sure that terrorists, drug runners, gun runners and smugglers do not enter the United States.

Besides a passport, re-entering Americans could use another approved travel document like frequent travel cards, which are issued to some people who travel often between the U.S. and Mexico. These cards typically are used to avoid long border-crossing lines.

But in most cases, only passports will do, another U.S. official said.

The new system will deal first with the Caribbean, then Mexico and Canada. It will start at airports and subsequently spread to land crossings, said an official speaking on condition of anonymity.

U.S. inspectors will bear less of a burden with the changes because they won't have to sift through different kinds of travel documents, the officials said.

Blue Nose
04-06-05, 03:42
OCTraveler & TJ Bob,

Thanks for the info about HK girls and the booths upstairs. I will give the booths a try next time I'm in there, and I like the idea of waiting until the end of their shift for lots of cheap el sexo. The one girl who has offered sex at HK (this was at the end of her shift at 7pm) quoted me a really high price, which I declined.

As for needing passports to go to Mexico, this might just work in favor of regular "local" mongers who live in California. Yes, it is a pain in the ass to carry a passport but I do think that this will discourage a lot of casual visitors from visting TJ and La Zona, especially toursists who are visitng SoCal. Bad for the Mexicans & Las Chicas, no doubt, but their loss is our gain when supply outstrips demand. Who knows - there might just be a silver lining to this new rule, and I am in favor of anything that keeps prices reasonable-even if it is an inconvenience.

Blue Nose

04-06-05, 22:33
Hey guys!

This is my first post on wsg, I have been a long time reader but just got my upgrade, not to mention a member of RedBook for years! But I wanted to say hi and see if anyone is going to be in TJ around April 14 /15?

I also would like some advice, I have been to TJ 4 times and I always go to Adletos (sp). I have gotten a street girl a few times too. Are there any other clubs that you recomend?

If any of you will be in the area please let me know!


04-06-05, 22:40
"Hearing this news is catamount to requiring mongers to register to partake." OK ... maybe an over-reaction, but hear me out.

Don't know about you, but each time I go to TJ, I don't share this data with "Mrs. OCTraveler", but when I do go out of the country on vacations with her, guess who keeps the passports... I can just see (hear) it ..."What are these 6 stamps in your passport from Tijuana? When did you go there? What did you do there?" Will the divorce lawyers love this rule!

Requiring a passport to cross over from TJ will also likely mean the end to a number of age-old CA traditions (late night escapes as high school seniors during which we drank beer and bought fire-crackers (too affraid to go into the 'Blue Fox' or the 'Unicorn'), weekend surf road-trips to Rosarita, end of boot camp celebrations for the USMC, Cinco de Mayo at Hussong's) all of which meant the end of innocence for a number of us.

OK ... I'll stop the ranting and go cry in my Corona.

Progress sucks!

04-06-05, 23:25
Just one more reason why we must catch Osama, torture and kill him.

04-07-05, 03:03
Unless they change the system, I doubt they will be stamping anyone's passport. Since I became a citizen in the early 90's, I have always taken my passport to TJ and it has never be stamped on either side. I take it to avoid the questions by the US agents at the border once they hear my accent. When I take just my driver's license, they usually delay me for a few minutes before letting me through. Funny though, once I crossed without any id the agent just waived me through once I told him I am a US citizen. I was very grateful because he could have made life hell for me.

04-07-05, 18:20
I'll also be there on the 14th. We could hook up. Are you the same NORKAL from the SFredbook that posts for SR? If so we need to chat.

TJ Bob
04-07-05, 21:34
Another advice for mongers crossing back across to the US border is to avoid the fat ***** female custom's worker ~40-50yo because she'll ask you so many Q's and give you shit knowing you where in TJ for Azz.

Just have your DL handy, say hi and that you're a US citizen with a male custom officer. They'll usually just wave you threw no problema.

Blue Nose
04-08-05, 02:53

Not to worry, my mongering friend. The US is currently not in the habit of stamping passports for travellers returning from Mexico or Canada. At a land or air crossing, they may scan your passport, but neither the Canadians nor the Americans stamp the passports of citizens of either country upon entry or return from the other country. I don't know if there is a policy (due to NAFTA maybe?) or just an informal rule, but I very much doubt it will be an issue at the pedestrian crosssing in TJ.

Additionally, if you drive across they are even less likely to stamp as they generally step out of the booth to talk to you (so there is no flat surface on which to stamp your passport). They would literally have to walk around carrying a stamp with them at all times. No, the new rules are, I believe, all about standardizing the documentation requirements at the border so the agents don't have to recognize 50 different types of DLs. Mark my words, once they establish your citizenship and see your passport they will wave you through without a 2nd glance. There is way too much traffic in TJ to do it any other way, and stamping will only slow things down considerably.

Just my opinion, but I would be very surprised to see stamping become a policy at the TJ border.

Blue Nose

Country John
04-08-05, 05:38
Looks like AlleyKat 61 will be on the 14th/15th. Although I'll probably be TLNing with my fav, it would be cool to hook up for a brewski if anyone is interested.

Country John

04-10-05, 07:22
Me and my wingman came back to la linea Friday (actually Saturday) at 4:45am and what greets us? A huge line still of stupid obnoxious drunk college idiots. took forever to get thru with some drunk kid right behind us puking up a little every once in awhile and looking like he might release the big one on our backs. Looked like the a few drunken brawls almost broke out behind us too. Of coarse having to deal with this all night made the customs guys in a bad mood and they grilled the both of us when they normally let us thru with 1 question. Dang I hope spreak break is over by the 22nd of this month when we plan to go again.

04-11-05, 06:50
Haven't been to TJ in years years years. I lost my virginity there and my cheap digital watch that I left in the room. She had me in all sort of positions cuz I wouldn't cum. We finally ended standining up. So I got a good lesson. But I left with the notion that all pussy was that loose. I was thankful soon afterwards to discover that friction varied. Plus I felt more manly! Hahahaha

Country John
04-13-05, 22:29
Me and my wingman came back to la linea Friday (actually Saturday) at 4:45am and what greets us? A huge line still of stupid obnoxious drunk college idiots. took forever to get thru with some drunk kid right behind us puking up a little every once in awhile and looking like he might release the big one on our backs. Looked like the a few drunken brawls almost broke out behind us too. Of coarse having to deal with this all night made the customs guys in a bad mood and they grilled the both of us when they normally let us thru with 1 question. Dang I hope spreak break is over by the 22nd of this month when we plan to go again.

Belgrath, all the more reason why we have to behave in the Zona. The bad image created by these people casts us all in a negative light. I saw a gringo step out of an SUV at the boarder line and take a squirt in front of everyone. Proof again that we have much to learn, and a bit to prove (if we care).

Country John

Bend It
04-14-05, 15:59
I'm coming back to S. Cali for the first time in over a year and can't wait to visit TJ. WoooooHooooo!

Bend It

04-15-05, 16:22
In keeping with one of the traditions of this forum ("Post any trip information -not just the good ones!"), here goes ...

Went to Zona Rojo yesterday with the intention of hooking up with Azul in the Hong Kong Bar - even came equipped with my own protection, in case I could convice her to go further than BBBJCIM in the booths. Got there and ask "Donde esta Azul?" - was told "Today is her day off." Dam.

What I should have done is get back in the cab, go back across the border and go back to work ... but no - I had to let other parts of my body do the thinking.

Thought I'd try another HK girl in the booth - hooked up with Angela (?). Paid the $20 to the guy who is in charge of the booths and off we went. From almost the moment we got into the booth, Angela had changed from "let's go baby" and began display about the same customer service I recieved from my ex-wife's attorney. Got nothing much more than a US version of a nude lap dance. Finished our set and off I go.

Once again, what I should have done is get back in the cab, go back across the border and go back to work ... but no - I had to let other parts of my body do the thinking.

Decided to try the SG scene ... cruised and selected Jani (21 year old nice features and a great rack) ... paid the room fee ... and once again, what talked "warm" outside turned "cold" inside ... once we got inside, she became the car dealer asking you to buy additional options ($10 more for "sucky", $5 more for multiple positions, etc.) ... said "No" to all the options and recieved an emotionless missionary experience that was about as far from rememberable as any piece I've ever had.

What I finally did do is get back in the cab, go back across the border and go home (too late to go back to work).

Oh well ... first bad experience in probably the last five or six trips to the zona. Better luck next time.

Cali Dude 1
04-16-05, 03:45
Does anyone know of this club Purple Rain? A cab driver told me about the club but no specifics.I think it's in ZN on revolution.Just up the block from AB/CC.

04-16-05, 09:20
Purple rain is probably one of the massage parlors that pay cabbies some cash for every sucker they steer away from AB or CC to go there. Cabbies have told me and my wingman so many times that zona roja is closed by the cops (LIES!) or that the cops have closed Adelitas (MORE LIES!) and that they know a great place to get laid cheap. Never heard much good about any of TJ's massage parlors, you prob could get laid but it'll really cost ya 100-150+ $US total and you dont get near the selection of a Adelitas or street girl scene.

Does anyone know of this club Purple Rain? A cab driver told me about the club but no specifics.I think it's in ZN on revolution.Just up the block from AB/CC.

TJ Bob
04-16-05, 12:50
Does anyone know of this club Purple Rain? A cab driver told me about the club but no specifics.I think it's in ZN on revolution.Just up the block from AB/CC.

It's a $100/hour F/S "massage" parlor. You get to pick your line-up of putas, but YMMV. negotiate the $100 beforehands or you'll get ripped. Same as mermaids across the street from AB. The putas are hotter at AB/CC, but you may get better service at the massage parlors. it's always a gamble and the cabbies get a cut to get you to PR or any massage parlor.

04-17-05, 22:28
Does anyone know who the one puta is at Hong Kong Club with dred locks and HUGE areolas? Man that girl has SO much attitude and I've never heard any one say "FUCK YOU " with so much enthusiasm. Stupid putas.

Country John
04-19-05, 02:18

I may have asked you this before but are you talking about Azul the Amazon? If so, she's been a slacker lately. She will work for weeks on end and then just lay low. She complains about not enough money but doesn't always show up for work.

Country John

04-19-05, 08:13
Can anyone recommend a good cheap phonecard to call mexico. Seems that the one I'm currently using (Senorita Bonita) likes to promise a lot of minutes for the first call, then they disappear after that.

04-20-05, 02:40
CJ -

Not 100% sure ... If your definition of "Amazon" is a woman (no "girl" here) about 5'8" -5'10" with a nice rack, ample booty, very minimal English skills (almost none) and suction like a Hoover vac, then we may be talking about the same provider - especially if you read my last post where I went down there last Thursday and it was her day off! [Interesting thing here was one of the "bar boys" volunteered to go to the hotel and get her for me, but I wasn't that anxious in that proposition.]

Chica Seaker
04-22-05, 02:53
I just returned from my first trip to TJ. Wow was the information on this site helpful. I parked in one of the parking lots on this side of the boarder. I walked across the boarder where there were cabs waiting to take me to Adelitas. They dropped the flag on the fare meter and clocked up close to 22.00 on the meter. I simply handed the driver five dollars and said “gracias.” It helped that I have some experience in Spanish. Ironically, the cab driver responded in English and said “you are welcome.” I stood outside Adelitas for a moment to see if I could see the Chicago Club. It was not visible from Adelitas; however, a few steps to the end of the block and there it was on the next street. Anyway, I entered Adelitas around 9:00 PM on a Wednesday. There were many men and few women. Yes the women did look very good. The women that worked there seemed to be trying to look like beauties from America. After about 20 minuets wondering around the Adelitas and looking at a ratio of men to women 15 to 1 I decided this did not work for me so I left. I went to a club next door to Adelitas. There were about 14 women there to 3 customers when I entered. About 6 of the women were on the chunky side. The door man insisted on seating me and bringing a two beers for $3.50 US. He brought my change for a five in pesos. I told him next time I want all change in “Dinero Americano”. He opened one of the beers and offered to bring me a women. This place seemed like an American strip club except the women would not approach me. It seems the custom here was to have the waiter go get the woman you choose and bring her to you. I took my time a choose a Sara. She was about 5’3” less that 100lbs. She had long flowing black hair and c cups. She was a doll. I guess I found out I was some what fluent in Spanish. I bought her a couple of seven dollar drinks, otherwise know as paying off the club owner. This thin woman sat with me for about an hour we joked and discussed many different things she would never press for sex. Finaly after talking for an hour I asked her how much for going to a room with her. She turned red and said she did not know. She then said she did not want to say. So I could tell this was making her uncomfortable. I guess she did not like what she did for a living. I changed the subject and asked her about what she did when she was not working in the club. She told me that she does not work in the club full time only when she needs money. She said her rent cost $200, American a month. If she can find work outside the club, she may make $50 a week if she is lucky. After I had an idea of what she would be happy with, I offered her $40 for an hour in the room. She smiled an accepted. By the way I did all my transactions in US currency. It is easier than trying to calculate currency exchanges. She was happy with the rate I provided. There were some fees discussed to the club. A twenty paid the club and a second twenty paid for a room for an hour. We hopped in bed right away. She was really good looking. She was so small we spent a long time trying to get me inside her. Prior to going to TJ I stopped in a US drug store and purchased a package of Trojan larges since regular sized condoms don’t seem to fit comfortably. She asked me if I had condoms. I told her yes after some for play to get her wet I told her to use her mouth to put the condom on me she complied. We did it in tow positions then lay in bed a talked for about 20 minutes. I thanked her, tipped her, then we left the hotel. By the way the hotel was next to the club. We did not have time to shower She did the sponge bath thing, and cologne over dirt. She did look healthy, smelled clean, was she tight. I would have liked to take her for all night. Anyway, I left the club I returned to the boarder. What I found most helpful were the advise on WSG. Jackson your site rocks. Thank you. Anyone want to go back with me during the day on Friday?


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it very difficult to read a report that is written as one long block of text. It's kind of like trying to eat an entire steak in one bite.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key every few sentences while you're writing, and thus break your report into smaller paragraphs, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



El Juez
04-22-05, 19:06
It's a $100/hour F/S "massage" parlor. You get to pick your line-up of putas, but YMMV. negotiate the $100 beforehands or you'll get ripped. Same as mermaids across the street from AB. The putas are hotter at AB/CC, but you may get better service at the massage parlors. it's always a gamble and the cabbies get a cut to get you to PR or any massage parlor.I was looking for Purple Rain when I was there last Monday night and couldn't see it. I've heard it's near the Chicago Club. I've been to Mermaids and the place behind La Tropa and, in the case of Mermaids,I agree with TJ Bob on the level of talent and the service. I go there when I don't feel like gambling between a level 1 to 10 experience and am willing to settle for a guaranteed level 5.

Country John
04-25-05, 21:24
My eyes are still a bit red, so the blue message from Jackson at the end was helpful!

Sounds like you found a girly who did the trick. The $20. for the bar was actually for her, so stick to the $40. next time and save the other $20 for the next girl!

Looking forward to your next TR!

Country John

Country John
04-25-05, 21:51
Left the office at 4:30 on Friday and was clear for the night. My girl was heading back home for a while so the plan was to hook up at Miami for a beer and then upstairs.

Traffic was much better than i expected, especially once i got through Temecula. The I-15 Northbound was jammed from the checkpoint to Norco. I told her I'd be at Miami at 7pm. Got there at 7:05, not bad.

I could see into HK from Miami, and she was with a customer so I chilled but as I was taking a seat she saw me and split from the guy and come over to me right away. Hope I didn't [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) anyone off. She gave me a nice feel and kiss then we got some drinks.

We talked about work, had a few slow-dances and she introduced me to the boss-man. I told him I was sad that she is leaving. He said when she is ready to return they will pay for her flight, a cool guy but I didn't write his name down....

I told her I wanted to pay for the dances at $20. each and she understood. She said the extra money would be helpful when she got home.

Another beer and we were off to her room. When we got to the check-in desk I was digging for the standard $31 to pay to be with her in her room when she got my attention and said "Is ok, I already took care of it." Very cool.

In the room we talked, massaged, showered an crawled under the covers for what would be three hours of fabulous fun.

Showered up afterward, collected my stuff, talked a bit more about my little situation at home and said our good-byes.

She'll be back, maybe a month, possibly sooner.

Got to the boarder at 10:30, an in my driveway at midnight - no problems. Called her at 7:00AM to wake her for her flight. She said she had a great time. Me too.

Country John

04-28-05, 04:41
Hi All,

I made my first trip to TJ and I thought I'd report in the spirit of putting something back to the board. I try to share my experience, so will go into some basic details, appologies to the old-timers in advance.

I've quite a bit of experience with the MP scene, but as I said, this is my first trip to TJ, rather unplanned when a friend of mine called. I tried to remember all the tips and names I had read from the board, but felt I made a bunch of newbie mistakes, oh well, live and learn.

Ok, my buddy had lived in SD for 20 years, and must have gone down to TJ
hundreds of times. He called yesterday (Tuesday), I dropped by the ATM to get $200 (in $20 bills naturally, more on that later), and checked that I had about $10 in $1 bills, and a couple of $5, trying to anticipate what I'd need to use.

I must say making the trip brings to reality the notes I read. Arranged to meet him at a supermarket parking lot, and off we went at about 10pm. He pointed out the "last exit" exit, into one parking lot (US$8). He pointed out you can also legally park along the street outside the lots for free, if you can find a spot.

He reminded me to leave my cell phone in his car. I said I had a little over US$200 with me, he wanted me to bring US$100 and leave the rest in his trunk, but I didn't want to forget my money when returning so I took $100 out of my wallet and put in a different buttoned pocket.

Ok, through the turnstile. Plaza, where the heck is the plaza? They are erecting some weird metal walled walkways that are long and narrow, kind of bizarre looking. Hopped in a yellow cab, one of us in the front, "just pay 5 bucks, they'll know we are regulars". "Adelitas, por favor".

Along the way, the driver tried to tell us to check out some place, "paparey, very nice", "where?", "paparey", "no, adelitas", "paparey, very nice". My friend said ok, quick look only. "no problemo". He pulled up in front of Purple Rain, ah Purple Rain, paparey, si. We walked inside, there were 10-12 girls, none good looking, looking very bored, no patrons, run-down. We walked out.

Got out in front of Adelitas, my friend whipped out US$5 from his pocket, while I fumbled with my wallet for a fiver.

Mental note #1: Have some loose money ready, save fumbling with the wallet in the street.

There were 40-50 girls inside, various shapes and sizes, with same number of guys. "Do we sit down?" "No, let's grab a beer and walk around". Now, "hottie central, where the heck is hottie central?" then I remember, straight ahead under the TV. We made 2 rounds, smiling at the girls, then settled down at a table outside the womens bathroom.

First observation (subjective here), there were probably 10-15 good looking girls, a few younger ones, several older ones, most are enhanced in the boobs department which I don't like. The rest are so-so and did not get me excited, may be 5-6 I would call ugly

Told my friend to go ahead if he finds someone he fancies, we'll meet back here when done. Sat down, scanned around, sipping the beer. Noticing one girl with a cute face, with a smaller natural set of boobs, about 5'2 short straight swept back blond hair, wearing a short jean miniskirt, just about to get her attention when another girl sat down at our table. I had noticed her before, beautiful face, long straight black hair, classic Latina beauty look, nice smile, didn't look at her body.

We made small talk, "my name Erica". She leaned over, "hotel?", "how much", "sixty", "fifty", "ok, you want go?", "may be, me looking around", "we go now, yes?", "what the heck, sure"

The usual $11 for the room, she took off her black skirt and jacket, oh my, look at that big gut!

Mental note #2: Pick a girl who wears little clothing so to check out her figure.

"Money please", "After", "noo", "I always pay after", "noo", "alright, what the heck". Some small talk, 24 yrs old she said, I taught her how to say that in English. Somewhat friendly, so-so service, undid but did not take off halter top.

Mental note #3 while fumbling with wallet looking for a $10: Get some $10 bills next time.

Subjective ratings: Face= 6-7 (classic Latina beauty), body= 3-4 (natural medium breasts, very saggy, big gut and butts, chunky legs), attitude and service= 3-4 (straight forward, non-rush but mechanical, no kissing on the face, would not take top off, just as well), hygienne= 4-5 (looked and smelled clean, did not wash before or after). Erica= Will not do again, actually her fat butts and pussy kind of put me off. Also I did not swing by the local pharmacy for the little pill.

Hooked up with my friend and wondered over to Chicago. Man! the place was dead, about 20-25 girls, none looked too exciting, only a handful of patrons, one girl dancing on stage. We left after about 5 minutes.

We wondered around a bit, my friend bought some cigarettes, the streets were very quiet at 2am. Wanted to check out the SG's to compare but saw nothing, and I couldn't remember where alley was.

Hopped in a yellow taxi, "border por favor", the route was very round-about, seemed like too many turns through dark streets. "Don't worry, it's 5 dollars regarless, and it's very safe here"

Walked back, what's with these metal walled walkways again? Through immigration, out the door. My friend said "this looks really different, also walking back is very confusing so remember the shop and the McDonald"

"What do you mean?, Hey, why are we at the yellow taxi stand again?" Somehow, we missed a turn and endded up back in Mexico while yakking and exchanging notes. Through immigration again, the same guy laughed at us.

All in all, it was fun, I finally made my TJ trip, but at the same time, it was unexciting, will probably go back in a couple of weeks, though, after reading up the forum notes and try to remember some names. One taxi driver told me about Monte Carlo massage, may be I'll go once to see, from what I have read, I may like it.

Final mental note: Learn a bit more of Spanish.

Country John
04-28-05, 20:27
Vegas #2, great TR. Mental notes have a way of flying out the window when you are being put upon by some luscious latina.

The money thing makes sense so that's s good lesson. These ladies are masters of disguise. The miracle of the push up bra is not lost on any of them but beware of clothing that covers the tummy. Always give them a rub on the bellie. Feel them up real good if they enter your space - they're fair game at that point. Do the touchy feely thing downstairs and if they won't let you then move on.

YOU are the customer. If they won't let you feel then they are packing some extra padding that they won't share until you're in the hroom. They can sure look different outside the club so take your time. Relax. Have a beer. I like standing outsdie and watching as they exit the club to go upstairs. Some very revealing stuff!!

Country John

04-29-05, 06:16
Thanks CJ, standing outside is a great idea, will do next time.

I felt I was rushing a little this time being the newbie tourist, but I'll be an old-timer next time, or at least will try to act like one...haha. Will chit chat and feel them out more.

A few things I also observed, you have to wander around Adelitas to see all the girls due to the layout and the crowd. And next time when a girl smiles at me or taps my arm, I will stop to talk may be ask her name. At Chicago, you can pretty much scope out everyone sitting down anywhere.


04-29-05, 07:14
I was looking for Purple Rain when I was there last Monday night and couldn't see it. I've heard it's near the Chicago Club. I've been to Mermaids and the place behind La Tropa and, in the case of Mermaids,I agree with TJ Bob on the level of talent and the service. I go there when I don't feel like gambling between a level 1 to 10 experience and am willing to settle for a guaranteed level 5.Purple Rain is at the North end of Avenida Revolucion. It's Northeast of Chicago. I would advise you not to walk there alone at night. If you plan on walking there at night I would suggest walking east on Coahuila to the Rev and then go north.

El Juez
04-30-05, 22:39
Thanks Heyzeus

Oh, so it's on Revo. That was my problem, I was looking on Constitucion where Chicago Club is. Is the name of the club clearly marked?

At night, I always take a cab to the Zona and back to the border.

Country John
05-01-05, 07:55
Thanks CJ, standing outside is a great idea, will do next time.

I felt I was rushing a little this time being the newbie tourist, but I'll be an old-timer next time, or at least will try to act like one...haha. Will chit chat and feel them out more.

A few things I also observed, you have to wander around Adelitas to see all the girls due to the layout and the crowd. And next time when a girl smiles at me or taps my arm, I will stop to talk may be ask her name. At Chicago, you can pretty much scope out everyone sitting down anywhere.


Yeah. Just remember that you are the customer. Walk through the place and check everyone out. some of these girls troll for newbies so watch out. They can spot you when you part the curtains. Standing outside for a bit gives you a good idea of what these girls look like in the daylight but also who is getting the traffic (if you're out there long enough).

Most of all just have fun man. The right gorl will rock your world and nobody does it better than the Latina.

Country John

Country John
05-01-05, 07:58
Thanks Heyzeus

Oh, so it's on Revo. That was my problem, I was looking on Constitucion where Chicago Club is. Is the name of the club clearly marked?

At night, I always take a cab to the Zona and back to the border.

If I were you I'd cut my teeth on AB and CC well before going down the street. When you exit CC, turn left to the corner, turn left again and keep going straight. It's at the end of the street.

Country John

Blue Nose
05-01-05, 22:50
Had another great time in TJ at Bar Rio Verde. When I go la zona, I usually try to spend the night and go for a marathon session. This trip was no exception. I got to TJ around 5:30 Friday night, then right to my favorite Farmacia in Pharmacy Alley as you walk through the turnstiles and across the street. Picked up some Cialis and took it immediately upon exiting the pharmacy. By the time I got to the plaza, I had swallowed part of the evidence and discarded the rest in the trash bin. Then into a taxi for a short ride to the Hotel Nelson.

I've been using Hotel Nelson a lot lately. It isn't right in the zone, but it is close enough that you can walk to it easily, and it is a relatively safe walk, even at night. It is a good hotel, but a little run down. Everything is clean, and the staff are friendly. Cost me $54 for a double, so I think the price goes up in the summer season (was $50 in the winter). A little more than in la zona, but I like it and I have come to hate La Cascadas. If you do decide to use the Nelson, and you want to bring a girl back, make sure you pay the extra $3-4 for a double room - this way, you just breeze in with no hassles later. Also, keep in mind that, unlike in la zona, many of the people staying there are not there to monger. When I bring the girls back, it tends to be late (after 3am) after most other guests have gone to bed, and I am also very quiet.

I had a pretty fun night starting at HK/Miami. Stayed long enough to see the shaving cream show at HK, and to say hello to a couple of the girls there that I know. On the advice of some of you here, I decided to try the booths upstairs. I went with the chica with the long blonde hair that is braided and kind of looks like dreadlocks. Didn't get her name, but you will recognize her (very large, firm natural breasts). Anyway, it was a big disappointment, and none of the exciting stuff that I read about here happened. Maybe it was too crowded, or maybe I just didn't click with the girl, but it was just a straight lap dance. Will avoid these booths until I develop a fav at HK. So far this has been hard to do and I have been using it as a warm up bar.

Before I move on with the rest of my trip report, I have one simple sidebar story. One of the girls I saw at HK was the same girl I bought a ficha for at Miami about 2 months ago. She used to just hang around Miami and dance and get fichas. I tried to get her to go upstairs with me, but she refused. Since this was my fisrt time being refused in la zona, I was bound to remember it!! Well, she is now stripping on the main stage of HK and participating in the shaving cream show (LOL). I smiled and waved at her, and I hope to see her again. She is hot hot hot with long dark hair and a killer body, about 23. Also saw a girl at Miami who used to work at AB, so the moral of this little sidebar story is that these girls do tend to move around to different bars and also progress through various stages of what they will and will not do. I think when they first start out, they are reluctant to do everything, but then the lure of more money attracts them. So, if at first you don't succeed with your favorite Miami hottie, try and try again!

OK, after HK I was really ready to go so I went to AB. The place was packed to the rafters, and I couldn't even move in there. I left after 10 seconds and went over to CC - it was just getting warmed up. Lots of chicas and not that many guys. Perfect. I really do like CC much more than AB these days, especially at night. Ended up at a table and I was soon joined by Roxanna, a small dark girl from Cancun. She has a lot of Indian blood in her as she is really dark. She was slim, about 5'3" with nice c-cup breasts. She was all over me at the table, and we had a great time. When the time came to go upstairs, I was more than ready. Started out with an enthusiastic CBJ and then on to the main event. She came on top of me and it was great to watch her small dark body move up and down on me. Her breasts were perfect and looked great as they bounced up and down. Finished up in mish with lots of enthusiasm from Roxanna. I really liked this girl, as I like the very dark skinned latinas (just my preference), and she had a great bubbly personality. I asked her about TLN, and this is available. It was too early to start talking about TLN (it would have been way too much money that early in the evening) but I was thinking of next time. She gave me her cell number and I might call ahead next time and make an appointment.

Total price for Roxanna was $50 + $11 for the hroom. She started at $60, but I don't pay $60 for anybody (just on the general principle that this raises the price for everyone). I sometimes will pay $50 and give $10 for good service, but this is only after the session and it is also my choice. Earlier on in the night at CC when there are as many girls as there are guys, it is easy to get them down to $50. Have not yet been refused for $50, but I know the day will come.

Off to La Perla to have a quick bite of dinner (was now about 9:30pm). La Perla is a good place to hang out and take a breather and have a nice bite to eat. It is an extremely clean sit down place, and the service is efficient. The food is quite good, and I've never had any trouble after eating there. I know that a lot of guys just go to the taco carts on the street, but I prefer to sit down and some guys I have spoken with have had stomach problems after eating tacos off the cart. If you've got a sensitive stomach like me, you may prefer La Perla. Total cost for 2 shrimp tacos, salad and 2 cokes was $4.60 - a pretty good deal.

Well, down to the alley next to check out the SWs. They were out in full force and I did three laps before choosing one. I did the Squeeze test on many of them before deciding on one, whose name eludes me. She stands to the right of HK and wore thigh high boots. Was $20 (for el sexo sin ropa) + $5 for the hroom. I also asked for and received a CBJ (this was $10 extra). I had some flavored condoms with me, so it was actually not a bad CBJ as the girls tend to put a little more effort in when you have a flavored condom. Anyway, the CBJ was pretty good, but the sex was very straightforward - just mechanical mish, really. Overall, it was still an OK experience as she was pretty hot, but she is far from the most enthusiastic provider in la zona. But, what can you expect from a SW?

Afterwards, I walked down the alley a ways and crossed the street to try a new bar that I hadn't been in before. Can't remember the name but I think it had "ranch" somewhere in its name, and it was sort of a wooden looking place on the outside. Another ficha bar, and not too crowded for a Friday night. Had a seat at the bar, and I spoke with a few of the girls before buying a ficha for one of them. Did the squeeze test on her, but she seemed a bit reluctant. This caused a red flag to go up for me, so I immediately asked about going upstairs. She quoted me $70, and would not budge. Of course I bailed, but not before doing some more kissing and squeezing at the bar. At this point it was quite late and I was looking for a TLN. I left once I got rid of the girl, but not before flirting with the bartender, Alejandra, for a while. I always seem to desire what I cannot have.

Up the hill to Rio Verde, and I was very happy to meet an awesome chica there who I could have. She was a nice girl, about 5'6", slim with nice B-cups and a big smile. A sweet, sweet girl. After two fichas, the negociations began. It was $50 + $10 bar fine. The bar fine was a new one for me at Rio Verde, but I guess it makes sense. Over to the Nelson, strategically located right next to Rio Verde. Up to my room, after the clerk confirmed that I had paid for a double. The sex was, in a word, AMAZING. She did a nice strip tease for me, then took a quick shower. When she came back, it was straight to a very nice enthusiastic BBBJ. Lasted about 10 minutes before she slipped the condom on. I finally know what guys are talking about when they mention latina passion, as I had never before been with a woman like this in la zona. This girl was an ANIMAL. I don't know if she was pretending or not, but if she was then it was a hell of a show. She just couldn't get enough. Anyway, as it was my third pop, we went at it for about 20 minutes and I finally popped when thrusting deeply with her legs on my shoulders.

Afterwards, we just relaxed for a while as there was no pressure to vacate the room. She rolled a joint and I lay there just enjoying her soft body. Before long Mr. happy was awake again. I had already given her the $50 + $10 tip, but I wanted another round. The next round started the same way with a nice slow BBBJ, but this time we ended up Russian style with me shoving my dick between her breasts and her licking me after each stroke. She told me that she wanted me to cum on her, and I lost it, giving her a nice pearly necklace. Anyway, I cleaned her up and gave her the money for the second round. At this point it was 5am, and I had to get some sleep. Sent her packing, and fell into a very satisfied sleep.

I've had good luck with the girls at Rio Verde. They don't all go upstairs, but the ones that do are really into it. I think this is because they don't have too many gringo customers so when they go with a gringo it is a bit of a novelty. As well, many of the girls there are semi-pros (not like at AB or CC) and that always seems to make a difference. Just treat them nicely and they will treat you like a king!

Blue Nose

El Juez
05-02-05, 02:23
If I were you I'd cut my teeth on AB and CC well before going down the street. When you exit CC, turn left to the corner, turn left again and keep going straight. It's at the end of the street.

Country JohnThanks CJ,

I've been down the street before. Usually to the MP behind La Tropa which is on Revo. I was wondering where Purple Rain was in relation to the corner of Revo and Constitucion.

Country John
05-02-05, 14:57
Bluenose, what a great TR. Rio Verde was my mark until my girley came back. Nice stuff man. SGs are hit and miss until you develope a fav. When you do that, they losen up and the sessions go well.

Country John

05-03-05, 01:24
I will be visiting TJ for the first time in a couple years soon. God, I've missed it!!

I want to check out this Rio Verde -- it sounds like the kind of place I like. I searched and found this description from Country John about six weeks ago: "To get to rio Verde, go up the hill, make a left then half way down the block on the right."

"Up the hill" I assume means "go up Constitucion to the next street (Primera?)" But then I should go left? I've never gone that way before, so I just want to check. I've gone right and seen a few street girls -- somebody posted about going that way and having some trouble, and it doesn't surprise me, I remember it as somewhat deserted and therefore a bit scary, though I had no problems.

Also, the last time I was there I visited a massage parlor that was a bit of a distance, not in the zona (took a cab). I think the name might have been Aquarius or something like that. It was very nice. Does anybody remember it and know if it's still around -- I haven't see it mentioned.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

Blue Nose
05-04-05, 02:03
Azil - to get to Rio Verde, turn right out of the alley and walk along Constitucion. Go up the hill and turn LEFT at the intersection onto Primera I believe and walk towards Av. Revolucion and the large TJ arch. Do NOT turn right onto Primera, as I was searched that way by two cops a few weeks ago (they didn't find anything, but you want to avoid this if possible). There are street girls to the right, but not many, and there aren't that many people around at night - perfect for a TJ shakedown.

Rio Verde is on the right hand side of Primera as you are walking towards the arch. It has a fairly good sign that is lit at night. If you hit Hotel Nelson or walk past the arch then you've gone too far.

A word of caution: it is mainly a local crowd, so it is not a fancy place by any stretch. Also, don't expect AB or CC quality girls at Rio Verde. Many of the girls are very nice, I think, but overall quality is lower than at AB or CC. Lots of semi-pros, it seems. However, the girls seem a lot nicer and don't have the attitude that many of the other chicas in the zona have. Probably because they don't get a lot of gringos in there. A refreshing change from "down the hill".

Haven't heard of Aquarius, but there are a lot of MPs outside the zone. Remember that most TJ MPs are not worth the money they charge. Be wary of any MP that a street barker is trying to get you to go into. If you do manage to find a good MP in TJ, please post the details as there are many on this board who have been searching for such a place for a long time. Have a great trip!

Blue Nose

05-04-05, 02:43
Azil - to get to Rio Verde, turn right out of the alley and walk along Constitucion. Go up the hill and turn LEFT at the intersection onto Primera I believe and walk towards Av. Revolucion and the large TJ arch.

Thanks, that clarifies it -- I know right where that is.

Do NOT turn right onto Primera, as I was searched that way by two cops a few weeks ago (they didn't find anything, but you want to avoid this if possible). There are street girls to the right, but not many, and there aren't that many people around at night - perfect for a TJ shakedown.

Been there. I had one experience on that stretch of road a few years ago. Although there was no problem, I can imagine problems happening there.

A word of caution: it is mainly a local crowd, so it is not a fancy place by any stretch. Also, don't expect AB or CC quality girls at Rio Verde. Many of the girls are very nice, I think, but overall quality is lower than at AB or CC. Lots of semi-pros, it seems. However, the girls seem a lot nicer and don't have the attitude that many of the other chicas in the zona have. Probably because they don't get a lot of gringos in there. A refreshing change from "down the hill".

I've had semi-pro fun in TJ before, in a similar place that used to exist on Coahuila, a few doors down from AB. I realize that the girls you find in those places may have a bit less polish than in AB or CC, still I find some of them attractive, and a lot of fun.

Haven't heard of Aquarius, but there are a lot of MPs outside the zone. Remember that most TJ MPs are not worth the money they charge. Be wary of any MP that a street barker is trying to get you to go into. If you do manage to find a good MP in TJ, please post the details as there are many on this board who have been searching for such a place for a long time. Have a great trip!

I wish I could remember this place -- it had some nice-looking girls, dressed up in school-girl uniforms (very appealing to the pervert in me). It was expensive, but not outrageously so, and I felt I got value for my money (about $125 as I recall). In any case, it's probably gone or changed by now.

Thanks for the info.

The Prawl
05-09-05, 12:14
Going to be in Santa Ana for two weeks and thought of heading down to Tijuana for a little fun. Does anyone have any information that a new vistor should have.

05-09-05, 15:57
Going to be in Santa Ana for two weeks and thought of heading down to Tijuana for a little fun. Does anyone have any information that a new vistor should have.http://www.*************.info/forum/showthread.php?t=1772 Read Brockton's Guide, and thumb the forums here. All the info you need, how to be safe, have fun, and eat w/o blowing your stomach out is listed ;)

Have fun!

Country John
05-10-05, 05:24
Got off the airplane in LA on Friday night and realized I hadn't seen a chica in over a week so instead of driving to Murrietta I just kept running to TJ. Wasn't due home until Sunday anyway and I could use a few days of lustful sex.

Checked into Leyva at about midnight, I was surprised to find a room.

Basically it was a 5 pop with SG action (Gabby/Karina/Michelle/Sara and Dulce).

The highlight of the evening was meeting Ben, Sol and big old melonbag At Tropical, jeez it's tough when you take up two stools eh Melon?

After that, I'm squeezing this babe and she's drinking Tequila and ready to go to the hroom. I get up to watch her dance and while I was away from the table, Waiter #20 takes my wallet. Stupid me left it on the table. (I thought it was in my Jacket). I know it was Waiter #20.

He kept saying "don't worry, we're going to find it." The guy had it in his pocket the whole time. I lost about $300. in cash but got the drivers license, credit cards etc. So it was not a total disaster. Needless to say the girl split when my wallet went missing. I never suspected her.

After about an hour (thanks for the beers Melonbag) waiter #20 says "Here's your wallet, I found it in the trash in the banos." Bullshit. I know the guy had it on him the whole time.

So, I had to get back to the hotel, get in my car ans do an ATM run to salvage the evening.

Leaving the wallet on the table was a $300.00 lesson, very very stoopid but I was smitten by the girl. I was gushing over her like a *****.

I left the Zona 11AM This morning, got home and everything is cool.

AlleyKat 68 later this week, maybe Wednesday. See you there.

Country John.

Member #3125
05-10-05, 10:11
Just wanted to know if any of you will be in TJ on Tuesday. I'm thinking of going and wanted to meet up with some people.

Ninguno Especial
05-13-05, 05:29
I get up to watch her dance and while I was away from the table, Waiter #20 takes my wallet.That's a hard dose of mongering medicine to swallow. I think I'd be calling the manager in to search the guy.

Waiters #7 & #8 seem like OK guys and I'm sure there are others. #7 is on vacation for a couple of weeks.

05-13-05, 07:54
Sexy Raquel is an Internet Escort, in Tijuana. She is offering a 90 minute special for $120.00 until the end of May.

Raquel will pick you up at the border and supply transportation to/from her apartment. She gives good GFE session with DFK.

IMO, Raquel has a very beautiful face, georgeous skin color, pretty hair, and overall looks pretty darn good. Great personality, fun to be with.

Check out her pictures at: http://www.escorttijuana.com/P2.html

[Email Address deleted by Admin]

Oops, sorry -- email address is available on the website.

(I personally know Raquel, but have no business affiliation with her)

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Ocho Monger
05-13-05, 17:36
I have a question for the veteran mongers on the forum. I'm sure that this might have been covered before but why do alot of the veterans here prefer the SGs over AB or any of the bigger clubs.

Is it for the price? I know it can't be quality since there are quality girls at the clubs as well.

I dont consider myself a newbie since I may have about 40-50 trips under my belt for the last 4 years. But I still prefer AB, especially more recently.

Country John? Anyone else?

P.S. had a Maria last nite. Spoke very good english. I think I may have found another GFE type. Bonus!

05-13-05, 18:57
Went to TJ last night with the sole intention of hooking up with Azul of HK. Have had 2-3 previous excellent in-club experiences with her in the private booths (see previous reports) and decided this time I'd try her services in the hotel.

Got to HK and did a walk through. Saw her at a table with another "customer" and thought "better luck later". Made eye contact with her got a provacative smile. Thirty seconds later, she was saying "adios" to him and was on a stool next to me.

Sat in one of the booths - did some small chat (her English is as bad as my Spanish) and then it was time for her set on the stage.

Following her set we finally could adjourn to the hotel! Once there, it was a complete GFE. With the porn on the TV, she begins by doing a little strip show, then slowly undressed me and then to the bed.

What happened next was an unrushed experience of nearly an hour that consisted of DFK, a long bbbj, an even longer cbj including great attention to my pelotas (balls) and then finally multiple positions and mutual climax.

Country John
05-13-05, 21:46
SG's are great for the quicky release economically. The selection makes them very attractive to the BG alternative of bar lurking etc if you are not into that.

If you are into that then you can usually find a different (as opposed to better) selection of girls. The mating ritual may or may not involve expensive drinks, a bit more time downstairs etc. The surroundings upstairs are better than the "slaughter-room" ambiance of the SG hotels and that can make your session more enjoyable.

I've developed "amigaships" with several SG's because I treat them well, I do not have the typical American asshole attitude and in exchange for that I get great sessions at my hotel room with my SG favs. Oh yes, assholes- you know who you are and so do the girls.

Look, you're there to have a session with a lusty latina that in most cases makes American women seem pale in comparison. Enjoy yourself, take care of yourself and treat the girls well.

You'll find your own Amiga or "Fav" out there that will do the same for you when she is certain that you are NOT and asshole, you treat her with respect etc. BGs are the same. My current fav was a ficha girl (she returned to Michoacan) but then there's Esmarelda.........ahhhhhhhhhh Esmarelda. A classic Latina.

What it comes down to is how you bahave and what YOU are looking for. You'll find bliss with SGs or BGs. Just take your time, relax and have fun.
The rest comes naturally if your kick your game.

Country John

05-13-05, 23:13
Can't agree more with what Contry John says.

As a veteran of many trips to TJ here are my "Top 5" on the topic - take them for what they're worth.

In David Letterman coundown format ...

5. Watch the liquor. - Can't say how many times too many $2 Corona's have led to seeing someone get into a fight or getting hasseled by the policia.

4. You're in control of the negotiations. - Look around - you're in a buyer's market! Find who you want, offer what you want (within reason) and if she says no, move on to your next option.

3. Remember, pros or not, they're still women. - I'm not going to suggest you "treat them like you'd like someone to treat your daughter" but I am going to suggest you "treat them better than you treat your daughter's dog."

2. Leave your attitude in San Diego. - Go down their to play, not to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) people off.

And the most important (IMHO) thing to remember ...

1. At all times remember YOU'RE IN A FORIEGN COUNTRY. - I don't care how close San Diego is...once you cross the border and hop in that cab and say "Adelitas por favor", you've entered into another world that is nothing like what you've grown up in. People actually live in those shacks ... the kids on the sidewalk actually are that dirty all the time ... the policia actually do let the chicas sit on their cars while they say "Go to the room?" ... and most important, when you are there you HAVE TO ABIDE BY THEIR RULES.

Be safe & have fun ...

Ocho Monger
05-14-05, 02:21
I couldnt agree more with the comments.

The fellow mongers that I frequent TJ with hav developed a philosophy from the experience of our visits.

I'll share some of the thoughts we've had the past few years.

"In-n-out" The impromptu pick: We travel from the LA area and with our schedules we have a limited time to go down to the border and come back in time to be ready for work, etc the next day. So we developed the impromptu method. We all know that sitting there and deciding which to pick takes time and in the end, the result is usually the same whether you picked in the first 15 minutes or 2 hours later. So we give 2 hours to travel down to the border. 5 minutes to get to AB, scope the room and pick within 15-20 minutes, sometimes even faster. After 20 minutes you've scoped out the whole room. by this time you should act on your instincts and don't let the choices sway your indecision.

You have to avoid the "Porn Star Syndrome." The term is derived from when you go to a video store and you dont know which Porn movie to pick. haha. They all have the same point and and end result is the same. So after looking at all the videos, they end up looking the same and you can't pick which one to get. So just go with what makes you do a second look first and stick with that. Usually its a good choice since it attracted your attention anyways. If the experience is not good, theres always another time to go. So don't worry about that.

Another thing we avoid sometimes is hottie central in AB. While those in that area are often the top ones in the club, theyre not usually the best service. So keep your eyes open for the ones in the corner and on the men's Bathroom side of the bar. There have been plenty of good finds in that area. I've had a handful that have given me 40+ minutes of service that was top notch. Unlike the "Rotation" girls that are in Hottie Central.

I dont think i've mentioned this before, but this site has been a great forum to share experiences with. I commend all the members and contributors to the site. 1000 thumbs up.

Blue Nose
05-14-05, 21:02
Good question. In general, I think that SGs and Bar Girls serve two separate (but definitely overlapping) market segments of guys.

Street girls (and I'm talking about one whom you just met, not a fav who you know) offer the very basics: 15-20 minutes of very mechanical sex in one position, often in a not so great hotel room. For this, they charge about $20, with extras costing more. Picking up a SG is a very transactional experience: generally, you walk a lap or two around the alley, do the squeeze test on a couple, and make your pick. The negotiations typically last less than 1 minute, and after that you are on your way to the hroom.

The experience is usually (but not always) much less transactional with bar girls. After you make contact, there is time to make small talk and get to know them a bit. You can also buy them a drink, check out the merchandise and see if you really want to buy. The girls, of course, know this so the smart ones use this opportunity to get you to a point where you "just can't" say no. The price is a little more, but you also get more. With BGs, you can generally count on at least a CBJ and multiple positions in a hotel that is somewhat decent (and at least has running water). The price downstaris is generally the price you pay upstairs, with little or no upselling.

Some guys feel more comfortable going with a woman with whom they get to know a little, rather than one right off the street. After a drink or two and some small talk, you can definitely start feeling a bit more comfortable. Other guys could care less, and grab the first SG they like and head upstairs. I fall into both categories at different times of my visit.

When I go into the zona, I usually buy a Cialis and then walk from the border. By the time I get to the zona, it is starting to kick in. I often make one lap, develop a short list and then grab a SG I like on my second lap. I often use this first one as an economical way to ease back into things, since I know that after a prolonged absence, I won't last long with the first girl. I sometimes think of the first one as my "fluffer". From there, I head to the bars to re-charge my battery. Going into the bars with a battery that needs re-charging helps ensure that I think with my big head, and not simply with my little one (especially as the beer starts to flow). At $50 a pop + room charge + ficha drink, I want to make sure I pick somebody who I like. With SGs, even if you end up picking a bad one, you are only out $25 - and, hey, you still got laid - but with BGs, the economic risk is greater.

Many experienced guys prefer the SGs, I think, because they have over the months and years developed favs and because of the cost advantage. Once you have a few favs, you can enjoy a great experience for $25 or $30.

Blue Nose

The Tax Man
05-15-05, 02:07

I am heading to TJ next month for the first time in about two years. I hope to spend several days in TJ and also in Rosarito.

What I would like is some good suggestions on cheap but safe hotels in both TJ and Rosarito. In TJ, I would like something close to the Zona, but I am willing to take a taxi for the right hotel. In Rosarito, I would like something just close to the beach and safe. I plan to party in TJ and then relax on the beach.

Any suggestions and details would be very helpful.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Country John
05-15-05, 20:18
Tax Man, what is your idea of cheap?

You can go $20. per night for the "slaughterhouse" type room (some actually have blood on the wall) or you can do Leyva for about 25., (more to park your car), 21 for Coahilla (the same hotel the AB girls use) and up from there. Much has been written about the hotels, check Brockton O'tools guide. It's a great reference. And welcome back to dreamland.

Back to the SG issue, I have good "amigaships" with 3 SGs and a very very good friendship with one BG (who is away at this time).

The SGs I know are sweethearts and I treat them well. I make them laugh, buy them a coffee, maybe even lunch just to enjoy their company and they appreciate that. If I can't go with them I give them a buck for a hug.

They post in different parts of the zona so they don't see me going with the others (they DO watch you as you troll the alley, especially if they had a session with you). If they see you taking everyone up, they might develop a little attitude and if you care about such things you'll quickly realize that it will quickly come back to the "money" and the "amigaship" goes out the window.

The sessions are excellent because of this and even though they are pros, I sense they like going with me. I don't glam slam them all over the room, treat them rough or anything like that. You'd be surprised how many like it slow and easy, especially when you find the g-spot.

My BG has returned home to Michoacan, I don't know if she'll be back. Hey Bluenose, if you see her please PM me.

I might be in GDL in a few weeks and could skip over to her place and visit. She is a sweetheart and we get along real well. DanTheMan and I will start our Mexicali/Monterrey/Guadalajara/Culiacan/Hermosillo tour in a few weeks so look for some happy postings. Ahhhhhhh Guadalajara!!!

Remember with SGs or BGs a lot depends on your attitude. They see more dick than you do and YOU got one. If you are just like the average crowd you'll get average sessions.

If they like you (because you got game and treat them like the human beings they are) you'll have an experience that no American woman could come close to (except maybe Cindy Crawford, whom I love).

Yeah, you're giving them money but try to get beyond that. You'd spend it anyway at the bar, the dance, the dinner, the movie, the bullshit with a civillian who might be infected and not know what a condom is (or a blowjob even).

If you want something done right, leave it to a professional. If the amigaship notion is an illusion then I guess the joke is on me but I promise you this: I've had several free TLN's and one hour SG sessions for much less than the rate card so my belief is that if you bahave there are some great sessions to be had.

I said elsewhere that you have to crush a lot of rock to get that nugget of gold but when you find it, it is very very cool.

Country John


I am heading to TJ next month for the first time in about two years. I hope to spend several days in TJ and also in Rosarito.

What I would like is some good suggestions on cheap but safe hotels in both TJ and Rosarito. In TJ, I would like something close to the Zona, but I am willing to take a taxi for the right hotel. In Rosarito, I would like something just close to the beach and safe. I plan to party in TJ and then relax on the beach.

Any suggestions and details would be very helpful.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Max Two
05-18-05, 03:52
A Tuesday In April

I love Tuesdays. They are the Max! This was my first Tuesday in 2 years and after a quick check of the WSG it looked like not much had changed. Well actually two years ago we did not have CJ, BN & OCT posting up a storm with so much detail… But alas their reports had little bearing on the course I was plotting. No offense. I just was not looking for the regulars, even if they were great consistent performers.

No, I was looking for the new girl in town. And so my strategy had to reflect what I was looking for. Maximize Tip # 22, If you don’t know what your looking for you wont know when you have not found it. “LOL” So my style in TJ has been optimized to befriend the manager, bar keeper or on very rare occasions the taxi driver. It takes A LOT MORE TIME but hey this is an adventure where the journey is half the fun. Well, depending on the girl maybe closer to a quarter of the fun!

Tuesday it was the taxi driver, we just clicked, he was an older soft spoken gentleman who did not try to hustle me at the lineup by the pharmacies. And he spoke decent English so there would be no misunderstandings faulted to my passable Spanish.

After some basic chit chat he asked me where I wanted to go since I was his last customer for the evening. I asked him if he was in a hurry? He said no he was headed to a bar after wards to watch the game. At that point he asked “Are you here for the girls or the game?” I am looking for a very specific young lady. Do you want to go to Adalitas? No I do not think I will find her there. A place like that would scare her. “Si” Do you want to go to a strip club or massage. I have had very poor luck with massage especially if I want TLN. And I am looking for a very specific girl. “Si - I have amigo who knows every girl at every strip club and massage. He would know who looks like that picture and who is very new. He is meeting me at the bar to watch the game. If you want I can call him before the game?” I don’t know, where would I hang out until you get back to me. “You can hang out at one of the strip clubs and I will call you there or on your cell phone.” How about you give me your number and I will call you before the game starts to see if you found anything.”

At that point it was 7:30pm and I had him drop me on revolution. I figured hey what the heck. With the right precautions I can take a gamble w/o taking a personal risk. So I gave him a $20 tip (for drinks for he and his amigo) and told him that I would tip him an additional $80 if I decided I liked the girl(s). I know, you can get a great session in the zone for less than what I was going to shell out if this panned out but then again he had to come through with a girl that was worth it at a price I had previously disclosed. In the mean time I was free to scour TJ in my hunt for a perfect Gem.

As you might expect at 7:30pm on a Tuesday there was not much happening on revolution. But surprisingly There were two reasonable young things dancing at Beverly Hills so I decided that would be a nice safe place to blow an hour before my call. Well the waitress recognized me from two years ago at another club!!! I am not sure I liked that but I had always treated her very well and I guess that leaves an impression. A good one as it turned out. It seams that the early shift on Tuesdays were so dead that none of the seasoned girls would work it so they had several “New” filer girls that night. I guess the good part about being remembered is that she also remembered my tastes and promptly brought out three stunning young girls who quite frankly made me wonder whether they were “Of Legal Age” She assured me that they were and when I frowned she said I will bring their ID. That was a nice touch. In the mean time I ordered a 12 pack of Patron Tequila for $25 as I winked at my waitress. She new the drill, I would tip the girls separately and would not pay for fiscia drinks. At this point I am the only paying customer in the joint so I guessed that I could get first class service If I provided first class tips.

In the mean time the girls sat at my table which happen to have a couch instead of chairs. What was amazing compared to other nights at BH was that these girls were dressed pretty classy. Black thigh high hose, Thong and a small see through wrap. There were also very shy. Speaking of shy here came the 12 pack of tequila (3 for each of us). Thankfully my waitress also gave me a quick peak at their ID. I was right to be cautious one of the girls was only 16 so unfortunately she got a $5 tip and a handshake for the evening. The other two and thankfully the cutest of the trio had just turned 18 in that last two months.

Oh Noooooo, who is going to drink Maria’s Tequilia? At that point my waitress said something in Spanish and the two girls, who each had a smile wrapped half way around their head, each took two additional Tequillia from the 12. Wow, That was 5 apiece for the girls neither of which weighed over 45kg. Either this was going to be the shortest evening in my history or the most fun. So I toasted them both and we slammed the first one down as the regular BH girls started to arrive. I must say these two were looking better ad better as each one showed up. So in very poor Spanish I asked how long they could stay? The one girl looked at the other and then called for the waitress who talked to the manager who told the waitress that they could stay as long as they were drinking but then they had to go because the other girls would not like it. Perfect

Now what kind of drinking games can we think Up… I know the first girl to finish her shot gets a $5… The cute one looked at the tequila and was obviously worried about slamming another so she said “No” at which point the other girl slammed her shot and reached for the $5… Ah Ah Ah NO No No… It does not count If she does not finish it! At that point the one girl starts talking to the other and before I can see her hand move she downs her shot. At this point I gave them both a $5 on the condition that they would do it right next time. After some consultation the cuter of the two agreed and I handed her the tip. At this point the girls now have two shot in them in less than 10 min. The club has started up the A/C and they are both snuggling into me like a well made suit.

After 10 min of warm snuggling and a little groping I put a $10 and a $5 out and put my hand over the two shots. The $10 is for the winner! Each girl reach out and put her hand under mine and I could feel them trying to lift the shot before I had removed my hand. At this point I cheated and gave the cutest one a slight head start. The result was a close to a tie as I have ever seen. At this point the two girls are looking at me and I am at a loss. The waitress comes over and tells me that the girls want to split the $10. So I of course said No way we have to have a tie breaker. And so I put out Two more $5’s and set up the drinks again (Their 4th shot in 30min). this time I gave them both an even chance and to my surprise the cute shy little thing had the reflexes of a cat. It was not even close.

So at this point the girls each have about $15-$20 in tips and are as having a great time. The waitress takes this moment to whisper in my ear that the other girls are complaining to the manager about the New girls steeling their tips. So I gave her a $20 and asked for 1’s. she understood and brought them back quickly. Where upon I told her to tell the girls with me that the one who came up with the most interesting way of tipping the stripper on stage would win another $5. That was all it took. These two semi drunk cuties started putting those $1s in some very interesting places. And the best part was they were having a great time doing it!

At this point I remember my deal with the taxi driver and momentarily excuse myself to the bathroom making sure that the girls know that they are not to drink and the shots in my absence. Ok so I make the call with 3 min to spare and get a busy signal. Fine!!! I think I have this handled anyway… As I finish in the WC.. my phone rings and it is the Taxi driver who tells me that his friend knows where I can find two or three girls meeting my descriptions but we have to get there quick they are with another gringo who make take them ALL… Where are you now amigo? I am on revolution. Good then you are very close to them. He is in the bar now trying to make a deal while the gringo is in the bathroom… What!!!! At that point the light shone clearly through the Tequila and I ran out into the BAR to find my two cuties, the 16yr old and my waitress arguing with this Mexican guy.

At this point I am thinking OH Shit, I am my own worst enemy and proceed to walk out to the argument with the taxi driver still on the phone! When I get close enough to see him well I ask my taxi driver to describe his friend. And guess what it is the same guy right down to the white and black jacket. So I tell him to hold on and mute the phone.

Time for some diplomacy… But as I approach my waitress heads me off and tells me that this guy is about to out bid me for the girls… at which point I realized the irony of outbidding myself. She also told me that the shy one does not want to go because she is afraid and the other girl is pressuring her by telling her she will take the 16 year old with her instead. The problem was that the 16 year old did not want to go with this guy either. Evidently he was not very polite. This all translated by my friendly waitress. At which point I unmated the phone and handed it to the taxi driver friend. That took about 30 seconds before he looked at me in surprise. I took that opening to take him aside and explain the situation. Then I spoke to the taxi driver who just laughed. Amigo, you get around. I told him and his friend that I would pay them the $80 but his friend would have to make a little show of an argument that I would end up winning.

So I hand him the $80 and he starts screaming at me… It stops the whole place.. So I say something quiet enough that no one can hear me and he screams again and then walks out of the bar.

That was my as I walked up to my two fav’s and escorted them back to our couch.. They could not have looked happier and the shy one was practically, No physically, sitting in my lap. Her protector LOL.

After a few more Strip o Ramas with the girls eating through the last of the $1’s in very interesting ways, I got up and explained what had happened to the waitress. She just smiled and shook her head. Then she told me that the shy one wanted to stay so she could be with me and have fun tonight. At that point I just smiled.

So as the girls got down to the last dollar bills (9:00pm) we had another tequila shoot out but this time those cat like reflexes had been dulled so the shy one lost. The girls are now all over me and I have some decisions to make. No Question I ma headed for the Lafayette hotel but with who? The shy one is melting into me like butter on a hot tortilla and the other one has her hand on my “&^$$%” as she breaths into my ear. Pretty tame by TJ standards but it had me going.

Now it gets interesting, while the shy one is snuggled on my lap the other cutie gets up and approaches the waitress who keeps looking at me while she talks. That could be bad or it could be good. In a few moments the girl disappears into the back and my waitress approaches me whispering very low in my ear that the other girl wants to know if you are ever going to take them out of the bar? I smilled again and looked down at the cute little shy thing in my lap and then she leaned over again and said that she was not sure if the other girl would let her friend go without her. But she was sure the one in my lap would do whatever I wanted.

Oh, Oh, Oh I have to make a decision between a trio with two hot young women or a special night with a shy young woman who will obviously treat me very well. Wait That’s no question! So I told the waitress to give have the shy ones friend come back and tell her I would give her $50 to come to the Lafayette at 10am and collect her friend. She was not happy but she agreed and smiled when the waitress explained the $50. At that point she gave me a huge wet kiss on the cheek, said something to the waitress, and then whispered into her cute shy friends ear. The shy ones reaction was price less. She just snuggled closer and gave me a big wet kiss. Then she went into the back and changed for the walk to the hotel. Never any discussion of price or terms or any of that. Just a precious little smile.

At the hotel we received a great room. Clean, Warm Water, Towels and a Heater… My little girls reaction was priceless she loved the room and kicked off her shoes. She could not have been over 5’2” and had the flattest tummy and toned body I have seen in years. She looked even smaller sopping wet as she came out of the bathroom and took her towel of as she slipped into bed beside me.

At this point I started to get a little worried. As she almost immediately went back into the shy little snuggle doll. But I went along with it and turned down the light next the bed. That must have been the que, because in just a few moments she was licking my ears and running her hands all over me. All the time managing to melt further and further into me until I finally rolled her over on her stomach and gave her the most erotic massage of my life. Teasing, massaging, and teasing again with my large warm hands. Gradually she began moaning with each pass and I could feel and smell her getting excited until eventually I could see a small drop of moisture on the outside of her lips. At that point I just stopped. She immediately sighed and then moments latter turned from a shy little girl into a voracious woman. Who would and did do anything and everything I wanted. We spent the entire evening (10PM-10AM) making love, sleeping, cuddling and making love again. We had to take it very slow. She is very small, and I am not, so simple things took a lot of time but it was worth it for both of us. There is no way she could have faked the kinds of reactions she had.

When her firend showed up in the morning I asked her how to reach her again and she told me that she and her friend were flying back to GJ on thursday. They had come for a firends wedding and just wanted some fun before going back to their little town. Too Too Dam Bad. The only bad part of the night was knowing I might never see her again. But I will certainly never forget her!

All in all the best time I have ever had in TJ or any other such destination.

Just goes to show you. There are lots of ways to do it right.

Have fun Guys

Country John
05-18-05, 19:22
Probably one of the best TR's I read in a while. You are hereby cloaked as an Honorary AlleyKat. Very well done, high fives all around.

Country John

Max Two
05-21-05, 19:48
Probably one of the best TR's I read in a while. You are hereby cloaked as an Honorary AlleyKat. Very well done, high fives all around.

Country JohnThat's quite a compliment coming from you and the gang.

Have fun.

Country John
05-22-05, 20:24
Arrived last thursday at 7PM, checked into Leyva, showered up, got my wiskers nice and soft, hair up and ready to prowl the zona. Today I was interested in Esmarelda at AB, or perhaps Diana for a TLN. Maybe something else will catch my eye.

Popped into AB, no Esmarelda. Door guy says she'll be in at 8. I know better, she doesn't work late so the guy was bullshitting. Took a walk through the alley and stopped at Miami, same deal. Bu thte doors to HK were locked because they were charging $5. admission with no free beer. Fuck that noise. I wanted to see Azul (the amazon) and buy her a few drinks. So back down the alley I went.

Hooked up with ddt and m_right in the alley. Decided to head back to AB for a beer and a squeeze or two but m_rights back is out so we had to squeeze the girls. Got a few in but the night was young and we wanted to bounce a bit. Went to CC and MAN there was this one chica, dark and fabulous that almost made me part with my money. IN hindsight I should have taken her. She was beautiful and probably a fabulous toss. What was her name m_right?

Exited CC before m_rights heart stopped and he split for the evening. I decided to take ddt up the hill to Rio Verde. He never saw the place before so now would be a good time. I briefed him a bit on what the place was all about but you can never fully prepare anyone for these places.

Inside, seated and beer in hand, Judith decides to sit and drink with me. We all know Judith the runner from previous posts. Tonight she told me she was going to go with me to the Leyva. I suspected it was bullshit and in the end I was right. We danced up a storm and had a nice time at the table, lots of feely touchy etc. No complaints there.

ddt found himself surrounded by this really cuite chica. Man, she was a bundle of energy and could she dance? Yessir. So ddt was falling in love and with a nice girl at that but he had to be back in the brickyard early so he split around midnight, vowing to return. I think he discovered that Rio Verde is a cool place even though it is mostly locals who go there.

Towards the end of the night and after about 4 beers in Judith I see Diana walking in. She spots me right away and gives me the "SUP?" look. I went over to her and told her that I was with Judith but for only another 10 minutes. She was going or not going and now was decision time.

As soon as I got back to the table, she finished her beer and wanted another. I said "No, we go to the room now." She persisted on the other beer and I again refused. She left the table and stood by the bar. She had no intentions of going. My instincts were right. Interesting was Diana standing next to her at the bar but she had her back to me. While Judith was looking at me I motioned for her to come with me to the hotel but she stood fast at the bar.

She turned her back to me and at the same time Diana turned around so I did the same thing - I motioned her to the table. She came over immediately and started GFE'ing all over me. She was looknig exceptionally well. Quite pretty actually and I already know she's a great toss. So I told her "One beer and then to the hotel OK?" She said Two beers. OK. Two beers. Now Jutith started wandering back to the table but I just ignored her as I will do in the future.

Beers away and to the hotel we went. Fuuuuk, the 4th floor can be a pain in the ass late at night and half drunk!

IN the room Diana was her old self. GFE from the word GO. She looks great undressed. Tight body, tight pusssy and those titties, well I raved about her nips before so I'll not go into it again but they are the greatest.

We fucked for about 2 hours. First half hour was foreplay to loosen her up and bit and get her foamy. Then an hour and a half session full on GFE. I popped like a porn star. She cleaned me up, and said she couldn't TLN because she works on Friday or some shit like that. Paid her $100 for two hour session. That was fair and she was happy with that.

Diana gave me her cel. I told her I would not be going back to the Zona for a long time but I would be calling her to meet me at PA or LM. She's always a sure thing and worth the money. Until my fav gets back (if she even comes back) Diana will be the regular.

Friday morning found me prowling around the alley again for a quick pop before heading to the office. I found Karina and decided to take her for a short session. In and out, fully popped and Karina got a coffee for me. I was ready for the day. Hit the office, did the biz and across the border at about 12:30.

DanTheMan and I are interviewing models for a corporate brochure on Wednesday. Might get AlleyKat 70 in then. We'll see. We're also starting to organize our AlleyKat multi city tour. My fav in Guadalajara is still private stock, and she's gonna be mine again!!!! Fuck I can't wait!!!!

Nice to meet you ddt, we had a blast. We'll do it again.

Country John

Big Bopperino
05-23-05, 07:36
Has anyone out there tried Luxor? I Hear that it was a classy joint with some real hotties. More expensive though, but you're paying for quality, not quantity.

Can someone report on this place, please? Thanks.


Country John
05-24-05, 00:10
Has anyone out there tried Luxor? I Hear that it was a classy joint with some real hotties. More expensive though, but you're paying for quality, not quantity.

Can someone report on this place, please? Thanks.


BB, No personal knowledge, you might try running a search. Click on SEARCH above and enter LUXOR, you should get a list of threads that have info on the place.

Country John

05-24-05, 08:22
From the girls perspective, does anyone know what make a girl choose to work the street or in a club?

So I read all the notes here about the SG's and the CG's. So some CG's speak better English, marginally. It can't be their looks because everyone say there are SG's who are just as good looking as the CG's.

So do they have to apply to a club for a job? and if not accepted they have to settle for the street? Surely they know the money is more in a club. Or is it?

The inquiring mind just wants to know.

Country John
05-24-05, 19:37
From the girls perspective, does anyone know what make a girl choose to work the street or in a club?

So I read all the notes here about the SG's and the CG's. So some CG's speak better English, marginally. It can't be their looks because everyone say there are SG's who are just as good looking as the CG's.

So do they have to apply to a club for a job? and if not accepted they have to settle for the street? Surely they know the money is more in a club. Or is it?

The inquiring mind just wants to know.

Most Club girls have quotas. The club wants to see them go up, table dance make money with ficha drinks etc. Some clubs have a daily minimum for the girls (hence the bar fine). Often you'll see girls kissing ass at the door or the bar because they are a day or two behind quota. If they are not "producers" then they don't last. It's a lot of pressure for some, others have no trouble.

Some clubs don't have quotas so the above does not apply.

One of my girls applied at AB and was rejected because she looked to "white."

Street girls have no "quota" per se, they just have to cover their expenses which in a lot of cases is modest therefore they can control their hours, fees etc. They have more room to negotiate or clip. Most SG's have someone watching them, a sort of pimp. The hotels agree to let them stand out front as long as they use that hotel, others might post across the street. Some girls will ask you to pay their hotel even if you want to go to yours.

Nothing is cast in stone except you're gonna pay to play but I hope this gives some insight.

Others know much more than I do and hopefully they'll chime in.

Country John

There's only one group of men that I know of who might possibly understand the fairer sex, and all those guys already have boyfriends.

Blue Nose
05-25-05, 03:21
I finally met Azul in person last weekend. Went down on Saturday afternoon, grabbed a room at the Levya and headed over to ABs to check out the action. After a few beers, I moved over to Hong Kong where it was surprisingly crowded for a Saturday afternoon.

Due to circumstances north of the border, I was not in a great mood Saturday, and I waved off the first few offers of waiters to buy fichas for the girls. By my third round, a new dancer had appeared on stage and one word that escaped the DJ's mouth caught my attention: "Azul". This was the girl I had been reading about.

She is a good dancer, and has very friendly demeanour about her. I was sitting in pervert's row, right by the stage, as I always do and I tipped her a few times. After she came off the stage I smiled at her and my eyes followed her to a table, where she proceeded to get dressed. I smiled again, and she came over. She explained that she was sitting with another guy, but that she would be over later. I smiled back and told her no problem. Ten minutes later, we were cuddled at a table with a ficha drink for her. When she asked me to go upstairs to a booth, I pretended to hesitate, but she explained that she gave a very nice dance. That turned out to be an understatement.

Eventually, we went up - $20 for two songs. After stroking her beatuiful body and feeling myself get hard, I told her she was very beatuiful and asked if she did more than dance. She smiled, asked me to stand up and then she sat down in the chair. She pulled out my dick and gave me a nice BBBJ right there in the booth. After a while, we switched to Russian, then eventually back to BBBJ. I felt myself cumming and she gave me a few final licks that sent me over the edge. A great experience from a truly special girl.

Thanks to OCTraveler and others for mentioning this rare find of a woman in this forum. If you are in HK, be sure to check her out. Remember to treat her nicely and to give her a tip afterwards, as the $20 dancing fee goes to the club not to the girl. After you experience her, you will agree that she is worth it.

Blue Nose

05-25-05, 04:15
Guys I need some advice. I can only go to TJ for the day to monger. In between fun with different SW’s(I always get atleast 3 pops in a day from three different ladies) I would like to a find a place to relax a bit..sit down, have something to eat, etc.

Any suggestions?

05-25-05, 05:22
From the girls at Chicago Club I've heard that at least at night they get charged 3 fincha drinks credits for every 1/2 hour they use the hotel. The finchas are about US $6 and the girl splits the money with club so for a 1/2 hour date they have to hustle 3 drinks outta guys or fork over $3 bucks for every drink they fall short. Not sure if there is a minimum number of drink tickets they gotta fork over for the night if they dont get a guy to go up with them.

I dont know if the bar does ban girls that dont get many customers or if the girl simply quits on her own from lack of making money. There have been a number of fatter, older, or just plain shy or ant****ial chicas that I have noticed dissapper over time but unfortunately there are a few persistant uglies that keep hanging around.

Rabo Verde
05-25-05, 05:58
For hanging out and eating, the restaurant next to Adelita, Monte Carlo, is quite clean and good. I especially like the fresh guacamole, and the Caldo de Pollo, (chicken and vegetable soup). The only thing to avoid in this restaurant, and almost ALL Mexican restaurants, is the refried beans. You can order food or just coffee and hang out as long as you want. All the AB girls eat there. The Perla seafood restaurant down the street is also quite good. There are also several internet cafes about 5 blocks from the zona, two on Revolucion and 2 just off of Revolucion, which charge about $1 an hour for fast internet connection.

The deal for the AB girls is, mandatory 8 hour shifts, they can't just come and go, and they have to turn in 20 drink fichas (they get 2-3 fichas per drink) per shift, or pay about $20 out of their own pockets. They also have to show good ID and a health certificate. The SG's, of course, can come and go as they please, and many have questionable ID's.

Ocho Monger
05-25-05, 08:17
Always wondered, at AB, Who are the guys on the front door. There's 2 of them. One I see more often is the balding older guy. Then you got the 2 TJ cops, young small dood and the big fat older guy against the wall all the time. hehe.

Ever talk to these guys? The balding older guy one of the higher ups? Manager?

El Juez
05-26-05, 05:08
Hardly ever look at the guys since I am there to screw the women. The more knowledgeable mongers know it's a good idea if you are going to hang out there any length of time to perhaps to get to know the meseros, doormen and managers. I guess you can hang outside the club and shoot the breeze with them to get acquainted and learn who is who.

For restaurants, I really like La Perla, across the street from Bar Tropical. I have only been there during the day and find it quiet, friendly and an escape from the usual hustle and hard sell in La Zona. Food is good and reasonably priced too. At night, I hear they have a live band that is way too loud, however.

Primary difference, in my opinion, between bar girls and street girls is money and time. The SG's are cheaper, especially considering the fact you don't have to buy them drinks, but, as a rule, do as little as possible in the hopes of getting you to chip in more $ to get extra. The fact that you don't have to hang around the bar and buy fichas cuts down the bs factor and allows you to cut right to the chase. I routinely get better service from bar girls though.

An experiment, I have yet to try, is to see if I can negotiate a session with an SG that will provide me the level of service I can get from a BG for less or even about the same money (including drinks, etc.) There are a lot of guys who are very happy with SG's and mostly complain that they won't do everything for $20.

Country John
05-26-05, 20:51
alleykat 70 started out with a plan: fast first pop, probably a jessica style bbbjtcim, then a shower, then hit a few clubs then the 2pop then to sleep. long day on wednesday so i had to make this work.

dantheman was with me earlier for biz stuff. i checked into leyva at around 2pm so i could get right down to business at showtime.

had some tacos, talked to some girls, dtm & i had a 5pm biz meeting then he went back to the office, i got to the hotel at about 6:40.

on the street i grabbed the first cow (within reason of course) i saw for the 1pop and to flush the pipes for the evening. that done, i showered up and set out on the prowl.

my first stop was the obligatory shoe shine so i could impress the girls then off to ab looking for my esmarelda. not there - it was shortly before 8, may 7:40 or so. i wanted to get with her. i was bummed out. my feelings were hurt -all that.

strolled into cc looking for the girl who stole my heart when i visitied last with m_right and ddt, but she was not in. bummer two times. then it was to hk/miami. no cover at hk tonight so i walked in like i owned the joint. azul finished at 8 so i just missed her. had a beer, strolled the alley for a while. meeting and squeezing some girls, having a great time but not getting the 2pop off.

met jessica, she starts into her life story again so i spend abut 20 minutes talking with her. jessica is getting a bit tired looking. the extra pounds of makeup and lipstick don't quite do it. the zona is taking it's toll.

got some tacos and a coffee, back to ab looking for miss wonderful but didn't find anything compelling at the moment. the "fuck factory" feel to the place somehow turns me off. i need a few good sessions there to get back into the grove. but esmarelda was not there and i wasn't in the mood to roll the dice so one more trip back to cc, then perhaps's i'll see what all the excitement at mermaids is all about.

by now it's around 11 and time to get down to business. i decided instead to walk up the hill to rio verda and if diana was there, i'd take her. always a sure thing, diana would be an economical toss and a great nut. on the way up the hill, this very cool sg catches my eye. the fabulous maria de mexico city. a real handsome woman. she grabbed me and we made small talk but i wanted to get down to biz with a known quantity - diana. i gave maria the "i'll be back" routine and continued up the hill, looking back a few times to see her again - she was looking good.

rio verde was jumping. not full-up, but lively. the waiters almost fucking carried me to a table. i hung out, had a brew no diana, time for another look at maria.

back down the hill and maria was still posting, looking good in her gold top and mini see thru. great legs, big smile. ok, let's talk. negotiated $30. for 30 minutes. i figure if i liked what i saw i'd develope her because she was cuite and seemed to have a great attitude on the street. i hugged her, she hugged me back - an excellent sign. amost no english but still game.

got to the room and she was very gfe. i wanted her for an hour but the hoe-tel wanted $20 so i took her for 20 minutes. after we got inside and before she stripped, i started negotiations to get her to my room at the leyva. no sense starting a 30 minute session if i can get her to my room for a few hours. i wanted some quality time and she wanted to get in out of the night chill.

got her for two hours at a very reasonable price. we got along very well. decided to forego the session in the hoe-tel, and walked her down the hill to the leyva.

got to the leyva, she checks the room for amigos and sends me off to the shower. cool. 10 minutes later i'm taking her top off and looking at these very nice natural full "c"cups. the reports on her are accurate. she has a bit of a tummy but man, just a bit. no scars from childbirth, she had a vaginal delivery - very cool.

got that thong off and we're under the covers 'cos she's cold, lights out and the session is underway. turns out her kid is 8 months old, not 8 years. she's still lactating and when i was nibbling on those perfect nips, i got a drop or two. she pointed out that it was only for her bebe, so i was polite and just sucked around the nips.

she was getting wet from the light foreplay (another good sign) and a bit more gfe. she's stroking my dick and all i want to do is fuck her.

about 20 minutes into the session some lunatic starts banging on my fucking room door. she panics, thinks it's wifey or the novio. i tell her no problema and settle her down but the banging doesn't stop.

turns out karina saw my car in the lot, got my fucking room number out of the front desk and wanted to session. she's in deep shit with me. i can't believe it. she peeked into the window, found a crack in the drapes, she knew i was in session but kept banging anyway. fuck that made me mad. i just ignored her and she went away after a few minutes.

the session progressed nicely after i got maria settled down, she was visibly disturbed.

maria was very gfe. very sweet, very accomodating. she popped me at the 1.5 hour mark. she felt great in bed, a definite repeat. got her dressed cos i'm gonna walk her up the street to her post. and look for karina. karina was nowhere in sight.

maria gave me a warm hug and kiss after we got back to her post. i think i like her. i'll certainly repeat. asked how much for tln, she quoted me $500.00 so i still have some work to do with her but after all, it was the first session. she seemed comfortable with me and i gushed over her like a *****. by the way, she has three crowns (not metal caps) on her front teeth. there is a difference in color but it is not unsightly at all. she's a sweetie. she has no tattoos and her tits are natural - she is very proud to say "no silicone!"

i have to say that i got a terrifying feeling when the banging started at the door. i thought i was busted. fuuuuuck. i thought the wifey finally staked me out. jeez. what a feeling. i still wasn't going to answer the door - no way man.

got back to the hroom, crashed and awoke to the sounds of the zona at about 8am. the place is starting to sound like home. off to mexicali for the day.

so that's it for alleykat 70. two pops, no money problems and one sg who doesn't know that she shouldn't bang on the door during a session. i'll handle that with her. number 71 perhaps next week. see you in the zona.

country john

Country John
05-26-05, 20:55
there are a few persistant uglies that keep hanging around.

That's because Chuponalgas keeps showing up!

Country John

05-31-05, 00:09
On my way to Sao Paulo, I scheduled a 2 day stopover in LA. Rented a car from LAX and drove to Tijuana. Left the car parked in the $7 lot. I walked to SG alley. I was not dissapointed. Some of my favorites were back after the construction stopped. The place looks really classy now. I did a quick browsing, and headed to AB. I was dissapointed with the selection because of the price/looks ratio. Went back to the alley. And started to fuck every SG that I could see. I went through 9 of them. Total damage $220. Some were just a quick release. I wanted to test my strength before going to ground zero in Sao Paulo to nuke my balls with brazilian pussy. The SG's told me to put the word out that your business is welcome. They say they miss the foreign mongers. There has been a drop in business because the construction slowed down the business. But they are back to normal, and want you to come see them.

Rock your balls.

05-31-05, 10:02

More details!

Country John
05-31-05, 17:14
Found myself clear on Saturday thru sunday morning so what better to do than to catch up on my boinking.

9 is right. The girls have also been complaining to me about the drop in business. I mean, I am screwing every one I can but these old bones tire easily. We need some respectable mongers to get back to the Zona. The selection is better than anything you'll find in the USA, lots of new faces and new 18+ schoolgirls who really are schoolgirls.

Made it to the Zona around 8PM and Leyva was booked so I decided to make the rounds, do a pop or two and head back. I posted the trip but nobody was around and I didn't see anyone I knew so I decided to focus on some new skin. AB was cranking as usual, HK was back charging admission (it must be working out for them) and the Zona was jumping as I expected.

But I hooked up with Jaqueline in the alley. She was looking sweet in that skimpy red outfit. She's out of the club. I think she has a bit of a following because as our session ended, she got a call on her cel. One of you hooked up with her right after I took her for an hour and a half. Negotiated an even $100 for the 1-1/2 hour and she worked every minute.

I don't know what it is about her. Petite bod but loose pussy. She was fun anyway in all the old familiar positions and like I said, she's a trooper. She's telling me she is 19 but she told me in a previous session that she was 25. Well, she looks every bit of 19 to me.

One pop out of the way it was time for a beer so back to AB for that and another look around. No sign of Esmarelda. One day I'll catch her there. Thought about doing the Mermaids thing but decided against it knowing I had some time I wanted to find Diana. (Karina (Olga) is on the fucking BENCH!)

Found an interesting SW (I'll edit to insert the name - it escapes me right now) 22YO from Sinaloa, looked ok on the street (got her at Cohilla and Const.) but when I got her in the hroom I was surprised to see a perfect 18 year old body. This girl was a sweetie. Took her for an hour at $60 (based on $20 for 20 min) and she was fabulous. A cups, real tight pussy, loved the foreplay, sweet smell and a great attitude. She was not used to being prepped for the session so she popped a few times during the hour and offered a great GFE. She'll replace Karina (Olga). One kid, and lactating!!!! A nice sweet tasting milk. Very cool.

One thing that makes a girl a regular for me is when she can 2pop my within an hour or so. This girl had no trouble. Great cowgirl, doggie and mish. Very nice BBBJ, really into the session. Lots of kissing etc. Yeah man. she was cool. I'll be looking for her again.

Went to La Tropa, met this ficha only girl whith a great bod who loved to let me feel up so I bought her a few and went on my way. Up to Rio Verde for a few drinks. Decided to walk the place and squeeze the girls, see what color they turn. Everyone was very cool. The prices are right if you find a good girl to go, I'll spend a bit more time there.

Ended up with Jessica for the three pop to end it all off. I've written anough about her so - there it is!

AlleyKat 71 in the bag with the 3 pop. Nice evening!

Country John

06-01-05, 05:30
Well it looks like I took the baton from CJ and stayed in Tj from Sunday night to Monday night. Met some friends for dinner and went to A/B. It was crowded but not crowded like a Saturday night. No charge for going in. It seemed like there was about 5 guys to every chica in the bar. We stayed there for about two hours and I didn't find anything I wanted to take up. Not saying there wasn't any hotties, there were. It just seemed like the hotties that were there, were the ones with the attitude. There was one stripper who I wouldn't mind going up with, but as soon as she was finished dancing, she was scooped up in a blink of an eye. My friends all got a chica and were happy campers although they said it wasn't the best time, it wasn't the worst.

We then headed to C/C. There were a few hotties, but A/B had more. Once again, I didn't go up but my friends did. They all agreed that their chicas from C/C were better than the ones in A/B. There was one stripper who looked pretty good but when she did her dance, she only stripped down to her bikini top and bottom. Wtf? This turned me off and thought this isn't my night. After my friends came down, we went to eat tacos next door. Not the restaurant but the little taco stand next door. They now charge $1 for a taco. It only seemed like yesterday when I was getting them for $.75.

Next stop L/C. Nothing stood out the first time I did my circle around the club. On the second tour I saw Denise. She's not a hottie but can she perform upstairs. I bought her a drink and we were making out in a booth. That was fun and eventually we went upstairs. After the session we wanted to head back to our hotel in San Diego. It's funny but now some of the taxi libre guys are trying to rip us mongers off. The first cab we went into I told the guy to start the meter and he says no meter it will be $6. I told him no and drop us off. He then said okay $5. I told him fuck you very much now drop us off. We get out and get into another taxi libre. I said la linea and he said $5. I was halfway in and said forget it. He then says $4. No thanks. Finally a third taxi libre. Before getting in I was about to ask how much but I saw his meter working so I asked meter working? He said yes, I said la linea. On the third try we finally get an honest taxi libre driver. when we reached the border the meter read $20 pesos. What a difference. Two dollars instead of six. Any of you newbies reading this, don't be afraid to say let me off when you know some of these guys are trying to rip you off.

At immigration about two persons in front of us. Nothing excited to report on. Off to bed, more of my adventure on the next report.

06-01-05, 06:01
Monday morning, my friends wanted to head back home, I wanted to go back to Tj.. Good thing I drove separate. Around noon I past through the gates and decided to walk to A/B.. For this early in the afternoon there were a few cuties working. Although it was tempting, I passed because I had read some of the reports on Hong kong and I wanted to see what Azul looked like in person.

I get to Hong Kong and there were about 8 guys in the club. I had a drink and asked if Azul was working. The bartender said she wasn't working today. The stripper who were on were not the best looking. I was just about to finish my drink and leave when a sexy chica comes walking by. I smiled at her, she smiled back which was a good sign. I call her over and buy her a drink and start to talk to her. She knows a little English and her name is Carolina. Very cute, slim and has brownish blond hair.

After talking for a while I asked if she wanted to go to the hotel. I still haven't been upstairs in H/K. She said yes but wanted $80 dollars. I countered with $50, we ended up at $60. I know it was a little high but she was hot. Usually when they look this good, they don't perform as well. With Carolina, the performance was top notch. She really gets into the act. At one point I was finger banging her and she grabs my hand and forces two fingers into her. Then she start to buck on my fingers like a horse. All the time her body is gyrating like crazy, then she reaches for my wrist, the one finger banger her and she starts to pump my hand harder into her. Really wild. I could see her pussy juice coming out making a stain in the sheets. I finally get my turn and I was in heaven. Before we were finished, the knock came and she told the guy to come back later.

Carolina was more fun than Denise the previous night. And Denise is an excellent provider. Unfortunately I tried to make plans for the next week with Carolina and she said she was leaving for home the next day (Tuesday) to La Paz. She would stay there about 6 months then she was going to live with some relatives in Florida. For those of you who were not able to experience Carolina, sorry about that, you missed a good one. For those of you who had experience Carolina, way to keep a secret from your fellow mongers. I don't blame you too much, she is something special. By the way, she is only 19 and slim. After our session, I had to get some nourishment back into my body. Time for lunch, and a time for a break from this post. One more to come.

06-02-05, 03:53
After lunch I head back to A/B.. It's a little bit more crowded with a few more chicas in the place. Still nothing grabbed my attention. I head back to H/K.. Carolina sees me and gives me kiss on the cheek and we do a little chit-chat then tells me she has to dance. After her dance a guy took her up for a vip. Along comes a chica named Michelle. She is very pretty and has a tight body on her. I was feeling horny again so I buy her a drink. The vibes were good so I took her to the hotel. Upstairs she was fun, but no way close to Carolina. Her bj was covered and she didn't get into the session until almost the end. At first she was kind of laying there, but the more I pumped her, the more active she became. I think if I didn't have Carolina first, this session would have rated higher.

Went to the sports book to relax and recharge. I didn't want to stay too much longer because I had to work early the next day. I headed back to H/K thinking I would have Carolina one more time. No sign of her. She is either upstairs or at the hotel. I spot another hot chica. Her name is Wendy. Cute face, hot body. I smile at her and she comes to sit by me. All indications are good. As we are talking, she is sitting very close to me, stroking my arms, legs and woody. I'am thinking if I'am having this much fun downstairs, she must be fun upstairs. Not!

I asked her if she wanted to go to the hotel. She said yes but to buy her another beer. No problem. She finished the beer and I asked are you ready now? She then asked me to go upstairs for a vip first. I asked how much? She said $40 because I had to buy the beers. Now I read where Azul charged $20 so I'am thinking scam. I told her if she was good at the hotel I would get a vip after we come back down. She agrees and I get up. As I was standing she says she wants the money first. I'am thinking in the club you expect me to pay? I tell her no, I will pay at the end of our session. She says she doesn't do it this way. I tell her to asked Michelle if I could be trusted, since she was dancing on the bar. Wendy said either I pay now or forget it. I told her to take a hike. Anyone else been with this chica? First time in all the times in Tj, where I felt [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)-off at a chica. Yes, there have been disappointing sessions, but we all know ymmv. With this chica, it read rob all the way.

I figure time was running out so I head for the border. It was still a nice day so I ended up walking there. I walk over the bridge and holy cow, the line was so long, it reminded me of the days after 911. I thought to myself, either I suck it up and wait in line. Or I go back for some fun and let the line go down. You guessed it, I went back to H/k.. The time was about 7:00 and Carolina told me she was leaving at 8:00. Still have a chance for one more fling. Alas, no Carolina. She was upstairs with her last customer.

As I was sitting there, a chica by the name of Arrancha sits down next to me. Not the prettiest, but was doable. I said why not. Went upstairs. She also performed a cbj, and although she was very willing, I just wasn't feeling it. I finally finished ahead of the knock. The thought of a last session with Carolina ruined this session.

I still want to find out more on Azul. I like the idea of a bbbj. I guess there is always next time.

Because of the long line earlier, I decided to walk up to the Mexicoach. I figured, if there is a long line, I may as well be sitting down. Wrong move. there was still major traffic at 8:45. It took an hour to get off the bus for immigration. There was no line on the pedestrian path. What could have taken me 5 minutes, ended up an hour. Too bad there aren't any cameras to see what kind of lines there are at the border.

All in all, had a great time. If anyone can suggest a good looking chica who does bbbj, I'll buy the first round. Azul is still on my shopping list.


06-02-05, 22:32
Quackup - GREAT POSTS. Did the mongers proud.

As far as Azul is concerned, once you've experienced her "Hoover Vaccuum" imitation and enjoyed her ability to follow orders ... tough to compare!

By the way, FS with her is awesome as well - especially enjoy RCG. Great seeing (as Country John refers to her) "an Amazon" riding the horse.

06-03-05, 03:58
Thanks OC, it was your post that got me going to H/K.. Hopefully she will be there the next time I come down. Although Denise is bigger than when I first met her, she is pretty skilled with the oral also. Great service upstairs. Now if I could find more that enjoy giving bbbj's, I would be a happy camper.


06-04-05, 15:23
I haven't been to TJ in about 2 years, and want to know if anything has changed since then. I'm thinking of going back.Is it cleaner, more expensive,or is it the same ol dirty place it's always been? Any new clubs?

06-04-05, 18:59
I haven't been to TJ in about 2 years, and want to know if anything has changed since then. I'm thinking of going back.Is it cleaner, more expensive,or is it the same ol dirty place it's always been? Any new clubs?Though figuring the turnover rate of the girls, about 85+% of girls in the streets and in the clubs werent there 2 years ago so alot of new faces there. Also means lots of old favoritas are gone too :(.

During the past year they repaved the roads in the Alley and Avenida Revolucion. They tried to clamp down on the street girls in the alley during the winter but there was kind of a mini revolt by them so they are pretty much still in the same spots though maybe not as many. The clubs/bars in Avenida Revolucion are still total high pressure rip off the touristas places where you might get laid, but far more likely to get ripped off or pay way way too much in 'tips' to all kinds of hands every step of the way.

Adelitas and Chicago are still the mainstays of the Zona Roja and still you can get any girl pretty much for US $50-60 for 30minutes. $40 for the uglier girls or during slow times there and oc YMMV as to how enthusiastic the girl is up in the room. The girls will always do at least a robotic suck and f#ck. Get the right one or if she likes you she can get pretty wild. Hong Kong is kinda like how you picture a wild TJ strip club to be like with girls danceing on the bar and on stage. They fixed up the interior so the booths with curtains are now upstairs and have doors. Downstairs they do have a glass shower booth that they have girls shower in down there in full view sometimes, especially after the occasional multigirl shaving cream shows. Pretty much every girl will go to the booths with you though what they allow there varies and only some of them will go to hotel or someother place upstairs to have sex. The looks of the girls at HK is below AB and CC though there are a few cuties in there.

There are several other clubs around but they cater mainly to the locals or spanish speakers only and only that one Country John mentions seems to have gotten much positive press lately. There are always the massage parlors around that the cab drivers will lie to get you to go to but it seems they've pretty much gone downhill. 2003 reports used to mention good times or lots of girls in Deja Vu and some others but no one is saying so lately.

The street girls vary wildly in service and prices depending on how well you click with them or how many dudes are on the street looking too. You might get a $20 totally nude 40 minutes with a sexy wildcat or a $30 dont touch this or that's extra money, hurry up I'm bored, blow up doll.

TJ itself is mainly the same, lots of corrupt cops looking for any excuse to shake you up for bribes (mordida) trash and sewage on alot of the streets, crazy traffic and taxi drivers, beggers everywhere... Not as many drugstores but they are still there too, catering to seniors looking for a break from high US drug prices. Revolucion is still the place for US teenagers to get drunk and ripped off. Donkeys painted as zebras.

Blue Nose
06-04-05, 20:09
Decided to try a new place in la zona last week. I went to a bar in the alley called La Caratera. You've probably seen it, as it is right across the street from Miami / Hong Kong. Not much posted about it here, but I talked to a few gringos who had been there before and they said that it was OK. I was staying at Hotel Leyva, so after parking my car in their lot and grabbing a room, I headed over.

It is more of a local place with few, if any, gringos. Busy for a Friday night, but not as crowded as Rio Verde, where it can sometimes be hard just to get a table. Went in and grabbed a seat at the bar. Two seconds after I got my drink, a waitress showed up and asked me if I wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes. I politely declined, and she then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to buy her a drink. This was a new one for me - buying a ficha for the waitress, but she was cute so I said what the hell and bought her one. Well, we all know that buying a regular girl a ficha gives your hands a license to explore, so I decided to test the rules for the waitresses and see if she was cool. She was, and let me caress her lovely body with my hands. After some gentle persuasion, I even convinced her to rub my woody a bit with her hands.

Well, after two fichas I was ready to go to the hroom. Problem was that she didn't go. She just shook her head slowly when I asked, even though I could sense some hesitation in her response. I could tell that I was wearing her down so I really turned on the charm. Ultimately she declined, but not before asking for another drink. Using my "tough love" approach, I politely refused and she left, but not before giving me a hug.

I was disappointed but not completely, since, like many of you regular visitors to TJ, I am in this thing for the long haul. What I mean is that I have been going to la zona for long enough to recongnize a pattern: A girl arrives in la zona from out of town and starts to work as a waitress or as a ficha girl who dances only. At first, she is reluctant to do anything more, but she gradually realizes that in order to make any money, she will have to do more. One trip to the hroom earns her more than the commission from 10 fichas (a day's work for many of these girls) plus tips. As she stays longer in la zona, her inhibitions start to wear down and the next thing you know she is dancing on the stage at HK or standing in hottie central at AB.

I know that this girl is unhappy with the money she is currently making, and I would be willing to bet that, if she sticks with it, by Independence Day she will be a ficha girl and by Labor Day (if not sooner) she will be available for the hroom.

Anyway, since that didn't work out, I turned my attention to brighter prospects. There were some nice looking women in the bar that night. They even do this really sexy dance where all the girls get on stage and dance kind of a line dance together. You can really size them up as they are dancing. Anyway, there was one dark eyed latina in a shrt skirt and a tank top wearing high heels who caught my eye. After the dance she came over and I bought her a ficha. Anyway, it quickly got really crazy at the bar - she was all over me, kissing me and feeling me, and I was gently stroking her legs and breasts. I had to have her, and we quickly agreed on $50. Went next door to the hotel and she underwent the biggest transformation I have ever seen in any TJ girl (or any woman for that matter).

She went from a very sexy sassy little thing who couldn't keep her hands off me at the bar to a completely dead fish. Did not even want to take her clothes off at first, and only complied when I insisted. Did not want to give even a CBJ, and gave me about 20 seconds worth (again, after I insisted). It started off in missionary, and she was totally not into it. Eventually, I got tired of this, and told her to turn over for "El Perito". At this point, I was kind of pissed, but still very horny (which is a weird combination) so I kind of didn't care whether she enjoyed things or not. I started to pump her very fast and very very hard from behind, focusing not as much on my own enjoyment as on lasting as long as possible so as to maximize her dissatisfaction with our session. Anyway, after a couple of minutes of drilling, I looked down and saw that great brown latina ass wiggling and shaking with every stroke. That's when I lost it and busted my nut. Overall, it was a bad session, but I managed to salvage it at the end with some good ol' fashioned doggie style pumping. When it was over, she got dressed and got out of there without so much as a backward glance.

A bad session, but I don't want to jump to any conclusions about La Caretera. I think it is still a good place, but that I picked the wrong girl. This can happen with any bar girl / SG, but I was surprised as I am usually a good judge of girls "downstairs" with respect to what will happen "upstairs". Well, I guess we can't be right all the time, can we? A humbling experience.

But I know I'll be going back before Independence Day to nail that waitress!!

Blue Nose

Blue Nose
06-04-05, 20:25
Quackup - too bad about missing Azul. She's the best. Besides her, you might consider trying Rosa at Rio Verde - she does BBBJ. In fact, she does just about anything, and she does it very well. Being with her is like being with an uncaged tiger.

One quick question for you - where is the Sports Book in TJ located? I have wanted to go there for a while, but I'm not sure where it is.

Brazilman - TJ is a little cleaner now than it was two years back. About a year ago, they ripped up the alley and made it look nicer. They also cleaned up Revolucion as well. However, beneath this it is still the same old place that we all love so much. Somebody here commented last summer that cleaning TJ was a bit like putting lipstick on a pig (LOL).

Best clubs are still Adelitas, Chicago Club (after 9pm), Miami/Hong Kong and Las Chavelas. Prices are stable, but many girls are asking for $60 and sticking to their guns. Try not to go for more than $50 with a bar girl or $20 -$25 for a street girl as this raises the bar for us all. Use Taxi Libre (white taxis) to get around - no more than $3 to or from the border & stay away from the strip joints on Revolucion - they will suck the money (and nothing else) out of you faster than you can believe.

Blue Nose

06-04-05, 21:15
Are you saying they finally filled in the big pot holes i use to always step in on the way to the chicago club? The streets are actually paved? I have to see it to believe it.

06-05-05, 04:07

Thanks for the 411 on Rosa, I will try her on my next trip. At least now I have two reasons to come back. Sorry about your La Carreta chica. I had one like that a while back from Las Chavelas. Still, we make the best of it and it's still a heck of lot more fun than being home. Keep up your great posts.


El Juez
06-05-05, 04:59
Blue Nose,

I have picked up girls twice at La Carretta. One about a year ago who gave me great service including a BBBJ without asking. The last time I went, I ran into a real shark who tried to milk me for as many drinks as she could. When I finally got her up to the room, she didn't do even a CBJ and kept this funky shawl over her shoulders while doing mish. I finished up fast and overall, disappointed.

I think our experiences are a pretty common nowadays at this bar since I rarely hear anything good coming out of it. By the way, what time of day or night does Rosa usually work?

Blue Nose
06-05-05, 19:45
El Juez & Quackup,

Rosa at the Bar Rio Verde usually works the late shift (8pm onwards) on weekends. I have only ever been to this bar on Friday or Saturday nights, so I don't know if she works during the week as well.

Usually, I try to make Rio Verde my last stop of the evening (1-2am onwards) so that I can pick up a chica for TLN or "semi-TLN" (multiple sessions over the course of a few hours) at the Hotel Nelson, which is right next door. Rosa is usually still there at such a late hour. I have had very good luck with the girsl at Rio Verde. I have only been turned down once (it is, after all a Ficha Bar, and not all Ficha girls go to the hroom). The ones who do go upstairs have never disappointed me. I postulated earlier that this might be due to the fact that this bar is 98% local, and they don't see many gringos in there (unlike the bars in the alley). Girls there just seem friendlier and more eager to please.

Check out RV and even if you don't see Rosa you will still see a lot of hot chicas (although this place is no AB or CC, so you won't see as high a percentage of hotties). Do the squeeze test on a few, and I'd be willing to bet that you'll find something you like. Going to the RV has even caused me to change my hotel habits. I like the Leyva (because at $24 it is cheap), but the convenience of the Nelson for TLN sessions with girsl from RV is irresistable. Nelson is ~$54 for a double, but the rooms are bigger, nicer and a little cleaner than the Leyva.

Happy hunting to all at the Rio Verde, and don't forget to post a trip report to let us know how it went.

Blue Nose

El Juez
06-06-05, 03:36
Blue Nose,

Thanks for the intel on Rio Verde. I had thought about writing this place off after reading a recent post by Country John about how one day,two of his favoritas in a row blew him off after getting a couple of drinks from him. I understand how the ficha bar scene isn't a 100% sure thing as opposed to AB or Chicago Club but I wasn't in the mood to find another bar full of ROBs.

I'll just rack that one post up as just a bad day for CJ and give it a try. The smaller bars in the Alley have been disappointing and Las Chavelas is hot and cold.

Country John
06-06-05, 15:06
Blue Nose,

Thanks for the intel on Rio Verde. I had thought about writing this place off after reading a recent post by Country John about how one day,two of his favoritas in a row blew him off after getting a couple of drinks from him. I understand how the ficha bar scene isn't a 100% sure thing as opposed to AB or Chicago Club but I wasn't in the mood to find another bar full of ROBs.

I'll just rack that one post up as just a bad day for CJ and give it a try. The smaller bars in the Alley have been disappointing and Las Chavelas is hot and cold.

Don't let me cast any negativity on Rio Verde. I like the place. I was with Judith because I thought I could get her to go using only the irresistible charm of the AlleyKat. I was wrong. But I had fun trying. Don't get me wrong, I'm going back to the place because it is fun. For me the fun was in trying, I didn;t cave in or anything like that. There are a couple of chicas I have my eye on there so the game will go on.

I actually had a member with me one night on his first time there and he met the love of his life. I mean, Miss Wonderful. The guy is is head-over-heels for her and she for him. So I hope I didn;t discourage anyone.

I'm getting on a plane in a few hours for Guadalajara and then Culiacan but I'll be drinking beer at Rio Verde when I get back. See you there.

Country John

06-06-05, 19:28
Blue Nose (you didn't get tha name from "Azul" did you???) -

Anyway re: Sports book - there are actually two primary "Caliente" wagering places - one is in the newer plaza area near the newer upscale hotels, but I prefer the one directly adjacent to the jai lai arena of Revolucion. It's pretty much old school and it is a very safe place to make wages and watch some sports - in fact about 3 years ago XTRA690 Sportstalk did some remotes from there.

As for your comments on Azul ... I agree she is very good ... now if she only spoke Greek!

06-06-05, 22:40

After seeing OC post, I totally forgot to answer the location of the sport book. The one I go to is in the alley across the street from Valentina bar. There is a small red sign that says Caliente on it and you have to climb some stairs to get into it. The street girls will try and stop you from going in but that's half the fun. The sport-book is a cool place to unwind and have a drink, or just to watch a game. This is usually where I count my money that I have left and feel very comfortable doing so. Another thing ( off the wall ) it does have clean bathrooms.


El Juez
06-06-05, 22:44
Don't let me cast any negativity on Rio Verde. I like the place. I was with Judith because I thought I could get her to go using only the irresistible charm of the AlleyKat. I was wrong. But I had fun trying. Don't get me wrong, I'm going back to the place because it is fun. For me the fun was in trying, I didn;t cave in or anything like that. There are a couple of chicas I have my eye on there so the game will go on.

I actually had a member with me one night on his first time there and he met the love of his life. I mean, Miss Wonderful. The guy is is head-over-heels for her and she for him. So I hope I didn;t discourage anyone.

I'm getting on a plane in a few hours for Guadalajara and then Culiacan but I'll be drinking beer at Rio Verde when I get back. See you there.

Country JohnThanks for the post, CJ

I'll give RV a try. I appreciate the honesty of your posts in including the misses as well as the hits. That's what real life's about. Have a good trip and hope to run into you some time in the Zona.

Blue Nose
06-07-05, 02:51
Thanks, guys, for the information on the locations of the Sports Books. It is nice sometimes to take a bit of a break from the clubs, the SGs or my hotel room. Usually, I have gone to La Perla to do this, but I will definitely check out the Sports Books.

My two cents regarding various clubs in la zona: I think the takeaway lesson here, for all of us, whether patronizing the Rio Verde, La Carretera, HK/Miami or any other club is that we are playing a game of Hit and Miss. Having read many posts and frequenting TJ for some time now, I do think that experiences at the same club (and even with the same girl) can vary tremendously from one person to the next, and from one visit to the next. Rather than guaranteeing a good time, what this forum allows us to do is share information and opinions in such as way as to increase the probability of a good experience. That being said, and even though I share both good and bad experiences here, the only time I would ever actively discourage somebody from visiting a club is if there is an obvious issue that we all want to avoid (presence of TVs, safety issues etc.) I hope my bad experience at La Carratera will not discourage anybody from at least taking a look.

Finally - my handle. No, I didn't steal it from Azul (in fact, she wasn't even in the picture when I first showed up here). In the same way a guy from Pittsburgh might call himself "Steelers Fan", the name serves as kind of a "code" for people from my home area, to let them know I am one of them and, hopefully, to hook up. One of the more active members in this Forum recognized it right away, so I guess it must be working.

Blue Nose

Member #3399
06-08-05, 20:42
008 here. SE Asia, Eastern/Western Canada participant typically finally with an opportunity to participate in the infamous Tijuana scene.

Looking for a Saturday night in Tijuana, June 25, would like to hook up with an experienced traveller to the area and I am in definite need of a little 3 way actions with 2 girls so if some wise counsel could be provided please PM me or respond with some experiences of highly trained proffesionals.

It will be a quick trip but I am eagerly anticipating it already.

If any boys will be in the hood please let me know.


06-09-05, 07:16
When you have a taxi take you to "la linea", where exactly do they drop you off? Do you still need to walk across the pedestrian bridge?

I've been to TJ many times, but everytime was during daylight hours. Thus I've always felt safe enough walking between the border crossing and zona norte. But now I'm planning to take my first visit to the zona at night...and obviously I want to take a taxi.

06-11-05, 18:04
Zoomie - depends on cab - usually, at the overpass (yellow cab) parking lot - be careful crossing the overpass late at night - pretty dark up there at the top -- if you can stay with another person. At night at least there isn't so much of the mexican roulette crossing the main road. The overpass is the bridge over the US ENTRY. not over the river (which is called the "pedestrian bridge")

SOMETIMES, the cab will drop you by the border entry side a ways back from the liquor stores. Not a "good area" but a shorter walk. - OK during the day, but I would be reluctant to go there at night

06-12-05, 05:01
The Robux fucking machine is coming to town. If there is a sudden lack of ladies on the streets, it is because the rat bastard has fucked them sore. Don't worry, they will heal, and the guys back in DC will have a chance to get some pussy.

Hi Robie,
Keep me posted you lucky shit.

Your humble padowan,

Member #2798
06-12-05, 07:24
I'll be in TJ July 10th how are the massage palors in TJ? and how much for full service?

Bob Amp
06-12-05, 09:09
If I want the best gal, where do I find her. Even if I dont mind paying 1.5 or 2, how would I find her? I hear of some escort services. anyone know anything about this? Would love a young thing gal with nice looks. TJ gets some thin pickings sometimes.

Let me know if anyone know where to find the BEST of the BEST!


Bob Amp

06-12-05, 14:10
Thanks Dinghy

You're right..I had my terms wrong when I said pedestrian bridge, when I meant the overpass. My original guess was that the taxis dropped you off in the vicinity of the area where you run the gauntlet of yellow cab drivers offering you a ride as you enter Mexico. And generally, from what you said, that I was correct in my guess. I was hoping to avoid walking as much as possible at night.

I'm taking a buddy from out of town with me on his first visit to TJ, so walking alone isn't an issue. We're both very capable of defending ourselves, but we would certainly like to avoid trouble at all costs.

Thanks again for the info,

Blue Nose
06-12-05, 20:23
Was in la zona this weekend, and I started off as usual at ABs. Saw a few things I liked but decided to wander over to HK to see if there was anything going on. I'm glad I went - the place was rocking on Saturday afternoon.

Lots of girls working, and the quality of the girls seemed better than it has been for a few months. Lots of high quality girls dancing there, and the place just seemed to be in a more festive mood than usual - girls walking around nude, dancing at tables for guys and, of course, the shower show. As I was sitting at the stage one chica even came over, straddled me and gave me a nice lap dance - unsolicited. Cost me a grand total of $3 in tips, but to have that great latina ass wiggling in my lap was worth many times more than this.

I saw Azul there, and she was extremely friendly to me. She clearly remembered me, and I had a feeling that I could have had a great session with her had I wanted. But, I was so busy having fun at the bar that I didn't feel like going up with her then. I finally ended up with a girl called Elena. She has worked there for several months, as I have seen her there before. She is about 5'6" with heels, blonde hair and a nice body. She usually wears thigh high stockings and a garter, and she has a really nice latina ass.

After one ficha, I asked to go to the room. She asked for $80, but settled for $50. Off to the Hotel Cascadas we went. After turning on the porno channel, she started to get ready. She kept her heels and stockings on for the entire session, which was just fine with me. Started off with a nice 69, followed by reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and then into mish. I would have gone for some El Perrito, but I busted my nut a little too soon. Too much excitement at the bar, I guess, and that got me all revved up!

Overall, it was an OK session, but I don't know that I would do her again or really recommend her. Although she was not a clock watcher, she was not really into the session. It was basically a SG experience with a Bar Girl price. However, sometimes I get it into my head that I "must" have a girl, and after seeing Elena dance several times over the last few months, I definitely wanted her. I went down yesteday hoping that I would see her, and when I did that was it - I had to have her.

Overall, a good trip as the scene in the bar more than made up for the mediocre session. I've never slapped that many asses before in my life, and I can't wait to go back and do it all over again.

It happens at Hong Kong. See you there!

Blue Nose

Blue Nose
06-12-05, 20:48
I'll try to respond to a few questions that have been posted over the last few days. Here is my two cents:

Bob Amp - In TJ, the best of the best of the best work at Adelita's Bar. While there are escort services available in TJ, you are IMHO much better off going to AB. First off, you get to check the merchandise before you buy. Secondly, the selection is much better. Lastly, if you desire a 1.5 or 2 session, these girls can provide you with one. For that kind of money, you are looking at a multiple hour session with an AB girl. Best time to get this would be to go in the evening. Not too crowded yet, and the day girls are finishing up their shifts at 7-8pm. This would be a chance for them to earn a fair bit of extra dough with only one more client.

If you do go this route, make sure that you negotiate everything you want up front. For the kind of money you are offering, you can basically get everything you want and then some. But you have to be smart about it and negotiate up front. Everything from the length of the session to where it will be held to when you pay - before or after. For $200, even a chica from hottie central will be eating out of your hand, but don't get burned by not agreeing to things up front.

Member 2798 - massage parlors in TJ are widely acknowedged as a complete rip off. It is $40 just to get in, and then the girls generally want at least $100 for FS. Yes, the rooms are nicer, and the chicas are hot, but for $140 you can have a great session with an AB girl (see my post above with advice to Bob Amp). If you absolutely MUST try a massage parlour, try the one at La Tropa. This is a club with a massage parlour out back. The bar is not usually busy, so ask the door man to "show you around". Then ask about the massages, and tell him what you're looking for. They do offer a FS "package" that for about $120 you get everything but do not have to negotiate with the girl. Don't expect more than 3 minutes of massage. If you just want a massage, try Aztec massage on Revolucion ($20 for one hour, no extras).

Canada008 - Three ways can easily be arranged at any club in la zona. This is not an unusual request, and it is quite common to see guys go upstairs with two chicas. Pick a girl, buy her a drink then tell her what you want. You will have fun picking the third partner together. Don't expect the girls to do anything with one another. They will focus on you only, which is not such a bad thing. If you want a two girl show, this will be more. You can also do three ways with the street girls (a few have even offered this to me). Now this would be a very cheap way of getting a threesome, but judging by service levels, my advice is to go for the Bar Girls if you want to have a better experience.

Hope this helps. PM me if you have any other questions.

Blue Nose

06-12-05, 21:14
Good info, Blue nose. Do you know how I can get a map of La Zona? Where are the sg's in relation to Adelitas? I also would like to know where the Hong Kong is? This may sound stupid, but with the comments about safety and not going in some areas, I don't want to wonder around looking for these places.

El Juez
06-12-05, 21:20
Blue Nose,

I've never taken a girl out from the Hong Kong. Is there a bar fine? If there is, is it the usual $10?

06-13-05, 21:21
Good info, Blue nose. Do you know how I can get a map of La Zona? Where are the sg's in relation to Adelitas? I also would like to know where the Hong Kong is? This may sound stupid, but with the comments about safety and not going in some areas, I don't want to wonder around looking for these places.Rob,

As you EXIT Adelitas, turn right and walk to the corner, which is Constitution. Turn right on Constitution, then turn right on the very first small street, which is nicknamed "The Alley". This is where more SG's are, as well as Hong Kong and other bars.

You'll also see more SG's on Constitution if you don't turn right at "The Alley", for the next short block up the hill, ending at Articulo 123.

Blue Nose
06-14-05, 01:38
Rob3678 - go to www.tijuanazonanorte.com for a map of la zona norte in TJ. This will point out all the clubs worth going to as well as provide a map and even some pics. The alley runs parlell to the street that AB is on, but one block further south. HK is on the alley and lots os SGs too. Stick to the clubs and girls to the alley (as well as AB & CC) until you find your way around. Day is OK, but do not wander at night.

El Juez - no bar fine at either Miami or HK. You will have to use the Hotel Cascades though. La Carretera has a bar fine of $10 as does Rio Verde (although I did avoid it once at RV). $10 is the standard bar fine - if the doorman asks for more, he's probably ripping you off.

Blue Nose

06-14-05, 02:11
Good advice Blue Nose and JeanLuc. I appreciate the prompt response.

El Juez
06-14-05, 04:03
Blue Nose,

Gracias for the info. I've already paid the $10 fine at La Carretera. It's nice to know you can get much nicer looking girl at Hong Kong without paying one.

06-14-05, 05:25
I agree with Blue Nose - there's always been no bar fine at Hong Kong (or many of the bars). But often it will depend on you ... as long as while in the bar you play by their rules and don't act like you own the place, chances are they'll be no bar fine. On the flip side, I have seen more "TJ rookies" act like fools and cause more problems for the rest just because of one too many cervezas.

Can't say it more clear than it has been said before on the forum - leave your attitude accross the border. If you treat the people in the Zona (from the cabbie who drives you to the clubs to the person who makes your tacos at the streetstand) with a little respect, you can come to expect more - even the bar workers begin to treat you differently and cut you some slack - and as for the ladies, well I believe more GFE's start with little kindness in the bar than foreplay in the hotel!

Country John
06-14-05, 21:45
What worked well for me and my wingman in Guadalajara and Culiacan last week was getting to the club early in the day. We could check out what was available and when we found something we liked, we would arrange for an after hours session. This way we were not buying fichas all night and getting hammered ourselves.

Remember that the club expects the girls to sell drinks and table dances so show the girl you're interested by buying a few. It's good for the girl.

The girls will go. Some will not for several reasons but most will. B/Nose's advice is accurate. It all depends on what YOU are looking for. Some clubs will barfine the girl out especially if she's not been productive with fichas etc.

Negotiations is the key. You get what you negotiate for if you negotiate for it properly. If you don;t get what you paid for then you probably didn;t negotiate for it properly. Very simple stuff.

It also helps if the girl likes you, and especially if you are not an America Gringo asshole. They still might go, but it would be a less than spectacular session and that you can count on.

For some it's all about getting the pop off, for others it's quality of session, and still for others it's about GFE and TLN's (as with me) but whatever your favorite flavor is, you'll get more bang for your buck if you negotiate well with a girl that likes you and by being nice.

I too have seen a lot of monger assholes in the Zona. I just don't get it. Why can't people behave? I had a girl in a club (in Culiacan) sit next to me last week and tell me to my face that she hated American Gingo Assholes. This came out of nowhere.

I could have had her thrown out of the place for that but instead I couldn't help but wonder what Americano jerk pissed this delightful creature off. I leaned into her and said "I understand what you mean, but I'm from Canada."

Turned out to be a girl I had three sessions with while there. Excellent GFE and I can't wait to get back to see her.

You your behaviour does make a difference -believe it because it is true.

Remember also that they see you coming and their game is better than yours. So you really need to be sharp and know what to do if you want to keep more of your money in your pocket. It is possible to have an exceptional time in the Zona with a real woman and there are two ways to pay. You decide which works best for you.

MP's? Nothing like a 5 minute massage before a good session with a Latina delight. AlleyKat 74 this week - my spies tell me that my fav is back in town.

Be safe and Be Nice
Country John

06-14-05, 22:36
Someone mentioned that they went to Mermaids and paid $30. Mermaids is located across from the Adelita bar. He said he left a $100 tip.

Has anyone heard anymore about the prices....??

El Juez
06-15-05, 03:12

I don't know where you got that info but I think something was lost in the translation. Mermaids is a bar across the street from Adelitas where there there are dancers dressed in school girl uniforms. They offer a massage in the room upstairs. This costs a straight $40 up front. You can then negotiate sex in the room with the girl or pay a package price of $120 for the massage and the sex. You can usually negotiate something directly with the girl for $60 - $80.

06-17-05, 01:51
I spend some time in TJ over last weekend, see my post under Street Walkers and Adelitas Bar, and this is what happened on the home on Sunday.

OK, so Sunday afternoon I walk across the street to get in line waiting to cross back to the US when this young Asian girl gets in line right behind me. Well we started talking and after 45 minutes in line we had become kind of like old friends. There was nothing sexual going on just light hearted talking and joking. Her name was Yayoi, she was 23 years old, going to school here studying English, and she was from Tokyo and has only been here 2 months.

Well after we got back to the US I said my goodbyes and wished her luck then headed for the trolley. Well she was going on the trolley too and we both really got a kick out of that as we waited for it to arrive. We got on the trolley and sat together. As we were getting close to the Iris station, where I get off, I started with the goodbyes only to find that that is where she got off as well. I asked her where she was going now and she said back home. I asked her is she would like to go with me to get dinner and she said she would. Seeing that I’m not from here I told her I didn’t know of anyplace that she might like and she suggested we go to a place near her house so off we went. We had a nice quiet dinner at a little Japanese place and I had the best time, she was so sweet. After dinner I drove her home and she invited me in and I said sure. Still there was not a hint of anything sexual the whole time.

Inside she asked me to sit down while she changed. When she came back her hair was down and she was wearing a very loose fitting t-shirt and shorts and dang for the first time I thought she looked really good. She sat next to me on the couch and as we talked she would touch me on my leg and arm but soon she was leaning into me and her hand was rubbing my leg. The next thing I knew she leaned in real close and give me a little peck on the lips. I told her that was nice and she got a big smile on her face as I put my arm around her and pulled her close. Well she needed no encouraging and she was all over me with really wet DFK. Next she climbed on top of me and I rubbed her all over her legs, back and then her ass. It was amazing how this sweet little girl turned into a real tiger. We were at it for over two hours and she held nothing back. I could barely walk when I left and I still had to drive back to Los Angeles.

We have exchanged a few emails and she wants me to come or she wants to come up here to see me. I’m just going to play it by ear and see how it goes.


06-18-05, 07:08
The walk-over ramp at Linea Sentri to the US parking lots has a sign that says it will be closed from June 20 to July 20.

06-20-05, 01:49
OC, Bluenose or anyone,

What is the price to sit upstairs at the tables in front of the booths or the Vip room? I was able to go to Tj yesterday Saturday June 18. I arrived around 5:30 p.m. and headed straight to Hk to see if Azul was there. At the time they were not selling beers in front but it was still crowded inside. No seats at the bar, no seats at the tables. I asked one waiter if Azul was there and he said he didn't know.

Not sure what Azul looks like but I see a slim chica with not a great looking face, but the body I love. I start to talk with her and of course a waiter comes by and asked if we wanted a drink. I said sure but we needed a table. He says for us to go upstairs. I have never gone upstairs so didn't know what to expect. As we are going up, I asked this waiter if Azul is working and he says yes. We get upstairs and see some tables but most of those are filled. The waiter says you want to go to the vip room? Then he walks into the vip and pulls Azul out. He tells her how I was asking about her and she comes over to me, gives me a hug and a kiss and acts like we know each other.

After a while Azul goes back into the vip room, then the waiter guides us into the vip room. First I'am thinking this must be the rooms for the lap dance. I enter the room and there are two tables. One where Azul and her client are sitting and one that is open. I sit down and the chica I'am with Akira ( sp ) sits on my lap. The waiter asks us what we want and I get the usual water, she orders a beer. Since this was the first time I was meeting Azul, I ordered a beer for her also. When the waiter comes back with the drinks he says I have to buy a bucket to be in the room. I said how much? He said $46.00. I told him no way, I just wanted a table and to buy one beer for the chica.

This is where it gets interesting. Azul is listening in on the conversation and she gets up from her seat and starts to tell the waiter off. Then the chica I was with starts to argue with the waiter. Both Azul and Akira tell me I don't have to buy a bucket. They argue for about 10 minutes, finally the waiter says okay. Finally some peace and quiet or so I thought. Azul is going between me and her client and I'am about half done with my water when the same waiter comes in and says we cannot stay in the vip unless I buy a bucket. I basically told the dude to suck on an egg, but I decided it was time to leave because I had to meet with some friends for dinner.

Before I left, I gave Azul and Akira a $10 tip just because they were fun to hang with and they did try and tell the waiter to go fly a kite. In case any of you go there, this waiter is the kid who has short red hair. As you walk in, he is all friendly but once inside, all he tries to do is push drinks. Also the tip for Azul was so hopefully she will remember me the next time. All I know, it seems she was in the vip room for a while with her client.

What was cool, before I headed down the stairs, Akira says she was sorry and that I should come back after dinner. I told her I wouldn't be finished until 9 or 9:30. She said that would be okay, she gets off at 8:00 and I could come see her in her hotel room. She is staying at the Cascadas. She gave me her room number, then she starts to kiss me. I mean full long deep french kissing. We made out about 5 minutes before dickhead waiter comes up and starts to stare at us. He didn't say anything but you could tell he wanted us, or actually me to leave. I told her after that make out session I would come to her hotel.

To make a long story short, our dinner ran a little late. I got to the hotel at 10:00, went to the reception desk and called her number. No answer. Either I screwed up, or she just told me what I wanted to hear. The way we made out, I think we would have had a great session. Oh well, the next time I go, at least I now know what Azul looks like.

One thing to note, while in the vip room, although they close the door to be private, it seemed the waiters open the door every 5 minutes to see if you are allright. I thought with the vip you could try things with your chica in private, but then again I did [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off the waiter. I take it, the other section with the silver booths, or they looked silver, were the actual lap dance booths?

After the no-show at the cascada, I went back to hong kong and at that time they were selling the beers out front. There were a few more hotties but it was so crowded I stayed for a little while and left. This trip report does have a happy ending. I went over to L/C and saw Denise. My old standby and had a great session with her.

I didn't have time to visit the rio verde. It is on my to do list.


Country John
06-20-05, 03:52
Tell the waiter to stay out unless the door is opened (by you) and tip him if he behaves and NOT BEFORE. It'll cost him a buck every time he steps through the door uninvited. Sometimes it works well, others not so good but its a fun strategy.

Yeah, it usually costs a bucket to get in but the blowjobs are great and more if you got the right chica.

Country John

Ball Snot
06-20-05, 05:48
<<The waiter asks us what we want and I get the usual water>>

Maybe that's why you got the bum's rush. Not a whole lot of money to be made with water. Servers know it usualy means a lean tip.

Maybe you bought the bottled stuff?


Chris H
06-20-05, 15:54
Is it a sure thing that if you buy a bucket of beer upstaris in the VIP at HK, that you will get a blow job? If that is the case, that seems worth it, kinda reminds me of the BJ bars in BKK.

Chris H

06-20-05, 22:20

Thanks for the advise but I think I'll just go back to taking the chica next door. If Azul is there or someone who is just as friendly, maybe I'll take a chance upstairs again.

Ball snot,

??????? I don't think there is a bar in Tj that won't charge for anything in the bar. Also, if the bar did give out water, would you drink it since it would probably be tap water? And if the waiter brought be the so-called free water, I would still tip him for bringing it to me, so that would take that equation away.

Chris H,

Not all the chicas treat you the same. Just like the strip clubs up here, some give very high mileage, so don't. Choose right and yes, the upstairs is alot of fun without spending loads of cash.


Country John
06-21-05, 04:59
Just check the girl's drink. Most drink water or juice. It is not the "drink" it is the "idea" of the "drink." She (or you) could get booze if she wants but you are going to pay the rate in most cases, even if it is water.

Country John

Blue Nose
06-22-05, 01:49
Quackup & Chris H,

I generally don't go upstairs at HK. They always try to sell that "bucket" and it is a total rip off. Downstairs, you can get 2 for 1 beer for you before 7pm and $7 ficas. Upstairs, they all of a sudden want to increase the price six-fold. In the regular part of the upstairs (the non VIP section) it is just like downstairs - girls sit with you and drink. Occaisonally, one who has just finished a show will be up there topless, but this is rare. There is so much traffic in this area due to people using the restroom that you are better off drinking downstairs.

Here's what I do (with my thanks to OCTraveller, as this is really his method). Find a chica you like downstaris, and tip her a few bucks if she is dancing. If you like, buy her one ficha drink before you head to the booth. You'll know after one session what she will / will not do. You can even ask up front is she will blow you in the room. Not all of them will. With Azul and a few others, they will do this if they like you. If not then you're SOL and out at least $20.

Never been to the VIP room, but my sense is that it is the same story in there - YMMV, depending on the girl and the waiters will not leave you alone. At least in the booth you can slam the door shut.

The waiter with red hair at HK is a fucking asshole. This is strong language from Senor Blue, who does his best to get along with most people, especially in Mexico. He has a real attitude, does not like to take no for an answer, and will not remember you next time, even after you tip him. You're just another gringo with a fat wallet to him, and he has been rude to me in the past despite me tipping him. Don't order anything from him. The best waiter at HK is number 21. Get him to serve you, tip him and he will take care of you for the rest of the night. He always greets me with a handshake and makes sure my beer is always cold. As well, he will go the extra mile to get you the best girls. The prices for this VIP service is $5 plus $1 tip for every (2 for 1) beer I buy. Can also work up a relationship with the other waiters in there.

As always, it's best to have the girls you want in mind before you go there, so you can ask for them by name. Azul always greets me with a smile and a wave, even if I don't go with her. Quackup, sounds like you've got a good reason to go back with Akira. With DFK in the bar and an invite to the hotel, I don't think she was just yanking your chain. Ask for her next time, my friend, as it sounds like you've got a GFE coming your way!!

Blue Nose

06-22-05, 21:42
Looks like I am going to have to be in SD all day on the 28th for a
conference, so I thought I would go down the night before and stay
over night. If so, I am definitely going to TJ. Let me know if any
of you want to go as well. Prefer to stay down there till about mid-
night before heading back via taxito the hotel. Yes, a few too many
beers are in order so I won;t be driving.

06-23-05, 00:19

Sorry you had to experience the red headed waiter also. Hopefully everyone on this board does their best to avoid this little bug. I spoke to one waiter, his name is Carlos. He speaks English and told me the kid tries to rip off some of the chicas by not giving them their ficha ticket. So I guess this guy likes to play everone.

I plan to be back in two weeks with full write up.


Country John
06-24-05, 03:34
Thanks for the heads up on the red head. I spend more of my time at Miami/HK and this guy is benched before he's signed.

I had one rip my wallet at Tropical. Waiter 26. He had it on him the whole time. Ripped about $300. and then "found" the wallet with my ids. (whew)

Pay attention fellows. They ARE out to get you.

Country John

Country John
06-28-05, 03:28
Well, feeling slightly depressed over the sudden departure of my wife, most of the furniture and some of the cash, I turned to the only person who could help me - Chupo.

Decided to hit the Zona on Saturday night at about 11 but for some STRANGE reason, I couldn't find my car keys!! When I finally decided to check the trash can the next morning - THERE THEY WERE!!

OK, so about 5PM I'm rolling down the road, me and Chupo decide to hook up at AB at 7pm.

We hook up with a couple of AB girls on the restaurant next door, one of them knows Chupo and the other one is blonde and lucious. Next thing you know we go to the hrooom and have a great session - me and the girl.

She wants to be my GF now and go out on her off time. (Yes, the session was that good.) Chupo was giggles and smiles too, might join us. Anyway, she headed back to Monterrey on Monday and won't be back for a while. She gave me her number and made me promist to call her. (I will)

She is very pretty, looks like Meg Ryan and is 23 years old. A great toss too.

We'll see how it goez.

Took "Candy" with the smelly pussy up from La Tropa but she was a live wire in the sack. I took her for just over an hour for $60. She needed the money to pay for her hroom so she was anxious to please. Nice girl, from San Bernardino so perfect English. Nice NICE tight bod, loves to do the deed.

It's so much more enjoyable when the girl gets into it. Anyways, got the 2 pop out of the way and hook up with Chupo at AB again. No sign of Esmarelda. Jeez, where is that girl???? I wanted to ask her to marry me but she is nowhere to be found!.

Chupo is scoping his 3pop and I gots to get out of town because I am not independently wealthy like Chupo and therefore must work the next day.

Got home at about 4AM in time to catch a few winks.

Chupo, thanks man. I needed a wingman and I needed to flush the pipes. Thanks for dinner too. I appreciate you wanting to cheer me up. You did it.

Country John

John in Tampa
06-29-05, 05:48
I will be in San Diego over the weekend - staying for the 4th. I am planning on catching a nooner at AB. If any regulars who know the ropes want to meet up there and offer some advice, the first beer is on me.

Let me know via PM.

One Wing Low
06-30-05, 05:19
When his wife departed with the furniture.

I wonder if the many long visits with the chicas had something to do with it?

Now free like a bird, he may consider taking up residence in El Zona Roja permanently?

[/QUOTE]Country John]
Well, feeling slightly depressed over the sudden departure of my wife, most of the furniture and some of the cash,
Country John[/QUOTE]

07-01-05, 04:51
Got a thumbs up from my friend on that girl and he's pretty picky. Tall 5'10"+ heels, long legs, dark curly hair, med dark skin, has fake boobs though she can move them around without touching them like I've seen musclemen do. Flirts and dances outragously at the bar and on stage for a few bucks in tips. Didnt find Azul there though, was interested in seeing what she looked like.

Country John
07-01-05, 19:38
I wonder if the many long visits with the chicas had something to do with it?

Now free like a bird, he may consider taking up residence in El Zona Norte permanently?

She never knew about the chicas. I'm in Mexico (and other places) on business regularly, this is one of the problems.

Country John

07-04-05, 09:56
Posted on the other wsg site, thought it was hilarious though the dude and his midget friend had MAJOR balls to go use a motion pic camera in the red zone especially since the chicas did see him use it on the street and usually cops are there too. Just a 30 sec promo for the guy selling his site but still pretty good. Hope the admins dont mind. Looked oh so familiar... the border gates and thought I saw a shot of Cascades entrance.

WARNING !!! NOT WORK SAFE and has nudity/sex


Chris H
07-05-05, 20:27
That video clip was excellent. I wonder if there are more chicas in TJ, that are willing to do a porno video like that. I know it is common in Rio, but never seen one from TJ. do you know of a site where I could view some more videos from TJ?

Chris H

07-06-05, 05:47
Haven't seen any others, no doubt there are movies that mongers have taken with their favoritas. I doubt they'll see much light of day since by the time you get that close with a chica to where they'll trust you with something so potentially damaging to them once they 'retire' or go back to their families home cities, you kinda wouldnt ever do that to them. I guess though if you offered enough money to some sg or her pimp she'd still do it, the ones in the side streets especially are more desperate and under a pimps thumb more.

Personally, why watch alot of videos of someone scr*wing chicas in TJ when you could be that guy doing the scr*wing in real life? Just be Ron Jeromy without a camera and the hairy gut...

Member #3063
07-06-05, 18:48
Going to TJ on Wed afternoon anyone interstead in hooking up P.M.

Country John
07-06-05, 21:57
It's stoopid for mongers to carry cameras and try to shoot video on the low while in the Zona. If the wrong person (let's call him "drug dealer A") senses that you got him on tape dealing then not only could you lose the camera, you could lose the fingers that were holding the camera.

Don't do stoopid things in the Zona. You might be lucky enough to get away with it but it's the unlucky part that should scare the shit out of you. You're not in America and you don't have the same rights, liberties or freedoms.

If some knucklehead wants to take the chance, shoot the tape and upload it for our enjoyment then we can do so from the comfort of our own space. But the same knucklehead could [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) someone off and end up on the wrong side of the dirt. Don't let that knucklehead be you.

Country John

Ocho Monger
07-07-05, 00:47
Good advice CJ. I'm sure not many of you are not aware of the camera and video rules of the area. But if you've seen guys take out their phone or camera in front of AB or other places. The Police and bar workers would usually confront you and ask to take away the camera or if you're lucky, just put it away.

General rule in the zone:

Do not do anything that would make you stand out or cause potential trouble that the people around you and the police wont like. You just dont want to give any reason to be picked up or hassled with.

I cringe at the group of guys that are drunk and are wild and loud. It attracts so much attention and can irritate police and other bad apples in the area. As much as we dont fit in the zone as residents, you just have to try to blend in and lay low as much as possible. The more you do things that stand out, the higher chance you have in getting in trouble.

El Juez
07-07-05, 03:15
If you are obvious about it, you definitely don't know what you are doing and are potentially dangerous to others as well as yourself. Experienced mongers know how to take pictures discreetly and share with others on the net without catching faces of people we neither know, care about or (knowing who they really are) would want to record.

Just remember that all anyone cares about are the girls.

Chris H
07-07-05, 04:39
The chica in that little video clip, sure did not look like she had know idea that she was being filmed. I know from experince around the globe that females enjoy the spotlight, and that includes the camera. That does not mean all girls, but there are enough out there in every country, and city, including TJ, Mexico, that enjoy to be filmed, which was very obvious from that video clip that we saw. I am not encouraging anyone to go to TJ, with the intentions to make a porno, but if you happen to have a camera with you, and does not hurt to negotiate some filming with the chica before you commit. That's all, don't get all pissy about some hookers and their wanna be pimps, that could not last outside TJ.

Chris H

John in Tampa
07-07-05, 06:28
I will be in San Diego over the weekend - staying for the 4th. I am planning on catching a nooner at AB. If any regulars who know the ropes want to meet up there and offer some advice, the first beer is on me.

Let me know via PM.O.K. So here is how I spent $82.00:

$ 5.00 - round trip by trolley from San Diego
$ 3.00 - Tecate beer at AB
$ 2.00 - tip to my waiter
$11.00 - room at the hotel
$ 1.00 - clean-up crew
$60.00 - Jessica

Before you say, "John, dude, you should never pay more than $50.00.".

She was sooooo hot, it was 12:00 noon at the AB and I was about as horny as a guy could possibly be. Did I mention that she was hot? She was 24, slim, excellent natural breasts, a tight little butt and when her tongue went into my ear, I would have paid even more.

I haven't been to TJ in a few years - what a lot of changes have taken place. I could not believe how many truly hot chicas were in the AB early in the day. These girls were incredible.

I can't wait to return.

07-07-05, 15:29
What about bringing cameras into the bars? I read somewhere that they don't allow it. I don't mean to take pictures there but I know some clubs here don't even allow you in with a cameraphone.

Mr Speed
07-07-05, 16:24
my 2 cents
i have seen monager bring their video to tape their own girls for their privacy use or a few buddies with beer to show off
they would often do it if the money is right and if they like you enough

i see to tape the girl and sell it is like the compnay " girls gone wild" you might worth 100 millionnare like the dude that sells the tape . especially if your in tijuana and you never know you mihgt run into some **** " i swear she look 18 " excuse . you might not be fortunate.

apparently a few years back when i took a digital camera and start taking picture i dint knwo better i got chased up in down tijuana if i was the immigrant that is in the us. i just think it not worht the risk of gettign the living sh#@$ beat out of you literally. it almost happen to a buddy of mine long story . let just say ...some how a bunch of mexican wnated him to go inside a van kinda forced him into one and he ran for his life and continued into us and ended up on the local san diego news on the freeway in a high way speed persuit and the ending was not fun. some of you guys might have seen it on tv he was driving a white infinity ....

let jsut say i tried and i'll prob not do it again so publically i'll do it sublimaly like i did yesterday night i asked the grl if i can take picture of her she said yes. she had long lack hair killer body look like that mexian porn model they have a big poster of her out side of hong kong.

now all i need is to figure out a way to transfer the pic form the camera phone to the comp so i can share the wealth.

by the way i did get stopped by the ( auxliarry cop) the alley on the left of adelita by the sea food food cart dunno what the street is called. they stopped me wanted to search me. they ask me what i was there for hmmmmm.... what do 99% of men doing down there for. they thought i was a salesman anyway i got off with out forking over the big bills that was in my pocket heeewwww. so watch out when you guys carry backbag anyway ..

been a whiel since i have posted i hope i dont miss anythign much important

peace out happy hunting

07-08-05, 03:49
Hit TJ yesterday at 5 pm & went straight to Hong Kong to see if Azul was working, but alas not such luck. Thought my trip was going to be a downer ... WRONG!

Hooked up with a newcomer "Brittany" (I know ... but it sounded good) - short, sweet 28 year old with a bit of "baby fat" in the right places. Took my usual approach - conversation downstairs, $20 for a two song set in the booth to see if she was worth taking to the room - gave her two thumbs up for an awesome set in the booth - nude, all touching allowed, DFK and a whole lot more from a girl who really got into it.

Her performance in the booth sold the trip to the hotel ... I offered $40, she wanted $60, we compromised on $50.

What happened in the hotel was "unfuckingbelievable" - she gets in the room, smiles at the porn on the TV and says, "We take shower" ... no problema! The shower was awesome - tons of DFK, hands, fingers every possible place, and finally BBBJ until completion. All before we hit the bed.

Then to the bed ... lots of conversation, snuggling kissing while I recharged my batteries - finally start up again by playing with her clit to the point where she is squirming and screaming ... and I'm enjoying this so much that I'm ready for more - she sees this and immediately tries to insert me sans condom ... wouldn't have it, so on goes the helmet and she hops on board and rides me like a bucking bronco until I pop for a second time .

The guy knocks on the door for the third or forth time and she starts laughing ... we reshower, dry off and say our good-byes.

Hong Kong is truly the "Field of Dreams".

07-09-05, 09:01
all right guys,

i just want to share my fun day today. i know alot of you are veterns at tj. well i'm not. i'm just a hometown cali boy.

so my first trip to tj was freaking exciting. my buddy and i just got off work at 4pm and decided to see what it was like there during the day so we dont get mrr(mugged, robbed, and raped) of course neither of us knew our way around, nor did we know how to find the us border again, even tho its kinda hard to miss. but balls out we marched on.

i have to thank every single one of your posts on advice concerning the area. we were looking for a pharm for cialis and some post 4th fireworks morters. when we got pulled into a topless bar (somewhere on second street and revolucion) holy crap they are aggressive there! i think i went home with a fingernail still embedded in my nuts. not only that, the waiters had guerilla tactics similar to those used in vietnam probably.

thanks to everyone's detailed advice, we got out partially unrep001hed and 40 dollars lighter under 12 mins. flat. i tried to fake a smoke break but stupid me i didn't see all the ashtrays on the table, forcing me to sit right back down.

this place wasnt even one of the top five favorite of veterns in here either. i learned to say no thank you fast and refused eye contact. some guy kept following us around too. thanks to a senior's post about always checking over your shoulder (without being suspicous) we spotted him and clocked him tagging along intently for about 6-7 blocks.

so my word of advice for newbs: dont pm people for their hard earned knowledge and get mad when they refuse to give it up. you should back track and read, and memorize! write the commandments on your boxers and follow them. only ask once you have something to contribute.

now, i want to go back and have an even better time, so whenever someone is going to ab, chicago and hk, pm me with an invite. i'll buy your first girl for you. haha. i swear. i love to learn by trial and error, but after today, i don't wanna make any errors.


Blue Nose
07-09-05, 22:04

I will be heading down to TJ on Friday July 22 in the morning and coming back some time on Saturday the 23rd in the late morning or early afternoon. I will be driving over, parking at the Leyva but staying over at the Hotel Nelson.

Anybody who would like a ride down and back or to meet me down there then please let me know. I plan on going for my usual beer and Cialis-fueled marathon so I would be happy to show anybody the ropes or, if you are experienced, learn a few things from you.

Please PM me and we can set something up. It would be great if we could get a number of us guys together to finally meet in person.

Blue Nose

Country John
07-10-05, 04:02
Last week Jessica (the walker BBBJTCIM Queen) started shouting my name from across the fucking street to get my attention. I was trying to avoid her. She's not looking too good these days either. She's got bandages all over her and she shows me her blisters, they're ozing. I've not seen any girl slide like this before. Very disturbing. How much would it cost to get her in front of a doctor?

So InstantDust, you had a good time in the Zona eh? Glad to hear it and the post was great. Welcome to Paradise. You got a bit of the good with the bad so it was an average balanced visit, you're almost a vet.

Remember that you should treat everyone with respect even when you say "no" or are leaving the club. Just finish your beer and leave. If you don't want to buy a drink for the girl then do not buy it. Sometimes it's tough to do, believe me.

When you say "no" try saying "no, thank you." Become a little more comfortable while at the same time not acting stoopid. I got everything down except the acting stoopid part.

When you're in TJ you are in Mexico and things run a bit differrently there. Have fun, obey the laws and don't do anything stoopid.

I'd love to have a beer with you and I'll PM you when I'm heading back so perhaps we can hook up.

Again, Nice TR.

Country John

07-10-05, 07:46
Boy, I guess im not the only one that religiously reads this board. I came back today and got alot of response for my plea for reinforcements.

The calvary has arrived, so to speak. So I'll announce the winners. Zoomie replied for a trip this coming Monday, so he wins the freebie. However, I had responsed to Blue Nose FIRST for the 22th. Hahah so I guess i have to be fair and award both. At least they are far enough apart that I don't get sick of the place too fast. (or fall in love)

Hey Country John,

You are a generally all around nice guy, or at least thats what I see from the posts. Thanks for the kudos. I'd be honored to road trip with you.

For everyone else, feel free to PM me when you go. I can't make every trip, but I never know when I'ill have the urge to travel right?


07-11-05, 04:10
Sorry this took so long to write. At the start of last week I was in Costa Rica ( report in the CR post). Two days in Vegas, no mongering, then because I was still horny, off to the Zona.

I arrived on sunday about 18:00 and headed straight to HK to see if Azul or Akira would be there. I sat down and didn't see either. I asked a waiter if Azul was working and he said no. A bit later I asked another waiter if Azul is working, he says yes. These guys are great.

I decide to wait a bit before leaving when I see Akira come through the door. She sees me, comes over and gives me a hug and a kiss. Good start, Azul will have to wait another day. Anyways I buy Akira a drink, we make out at a table and I ask her if she wanted to go to the hotel. She says yes but to buy her another drink first. So I do. After the second drink is consumed I told her lets go to the hotel. She said she gets off at 20:00 and to come back. Now I'am thinking, am I getting played? It was so good at the table but I told her I would get something to eat and would be back.

At around 20:30 I come back and she is with a customer. I wait about 15 minutes and she comes over to me. She ask me to buy her another beer. I told her no, first we go to the hotel, then I would buy her a beer. She kind of look at me funny and decided to get a beer off of someone else. I can't tell you if she worth taking to the hotel or if she is just a rob. Downstairs she is great and until someone else comes up with a report on her bedroom habits, I will not be buying her anymore drinks. I need OC and Bluenose luck at HK ( lol ).

I ended up going with old reliable Denise from Las Chavelas. On this night if Denise wasn't there, there were a few other candidates there. One in particular was a blond tall girl with a big chest whom I cannot remember her name but said she grew up in San Diego. I told her if Denise wasn't there I would be taking her up. She just smiled and said that's okay the next time you come down here we will hook up. Does anyone here know this girl?

After Denise I went over to Rio Verde. I went looking for Rosa but apparently she wasn't there. It is definitely a locals club but nobody bother me or stared at me when I went in. I had a drink and there were at least two girls I would have done but of course they were already occupied. As I was sitting at the table I notice a couple of girls trying to get my attention. They seem to be very friendly but they were just a little big for my taste. This place seems like a hit or miss kind of place but when I have more time I will check it out again.

Tomorrow, spending the 4th in the Zona.

Country John
07-11-05, 05:51
Quackup, you're being ficha fucked by the girl.

Some will go after or during the first drink. HK is not the place for this however. Adelitas or CC is. HK and Miami are hit and miss propositions. If you want the girl to go you need to check it during the first ficha.

"Let's go to the hroom." That's what you need to say during the first ficha drink. If they don't go you shold move on right away.

They are happy to see your wallet, not you; burn that into your brain my son.

Please remember that these girls bring a different side of themselves to the Zona. You don;t see the real girl. She is not a civillian, she is a pro and her job is to extract as much money out of as many people as possible. She doesn't like you - she probably never will so forget about it. If you want to fuck her then get her to the hroom or move on.

Drinks are expensive and they add up. the cock teasing will be at it's finest as long as you are buying the rounds. They'll go cold on you if you stop buying the drinks - just you wait and see.

So if you want to get laid after the first ficha (or in many cases before the first ficha) then go to AB and get it over with then play grab-ass at HK or Miami. Maybe you'll hook up with Azul or some other chica who will go but GO AFTER THE FIRST FICHA.

Don;t keep wasting your money buying drinks if you're out to get laid unless you want to try to impress the girleys with how much money you're prepared to spend on them. Give the money to a session girl.

InstantDust, any time. Are you going to the Fiesta at La Tropa?

Country John

07-11-05, 23:18

No, I'am not there to impress anyone. I'am letting people read my experiences so they don't make the same mistakes. Although I bought Akira two drinks, at least we were making out at the table. So I did get a little something in return, not like other chicks who try to get you to buy them drinks with just hugs.

Anyways returned to Tj on Monday around 16:00. I wasn't planning on staying to late because I had to work early the next day. First stop HK. Azul is there and she sees me. Even though we just met briefly before, she comes up and gives me a hug and a kiss. I don't waste any time and ask her if she wants to go to the hotel. She says yes and off we go. Everything written about is true. She wants to make sure about customer satisfaction. I was one happy camper. Just a warning for those that have not met her, she is not thin and she isn't fat. So if you are looking for thin, you will be disappointed with her looks. But for performance, way off the scale.

Had to get some strength back so I went to dinner. If I don't get laid again tonight it doesn't matter. I'am a happy camper.

After dinner I head back to HK. No sign of Azul but I did meet a knockout looking girl. Her name is Allison. Beautiful face thin body, great smile. I started to talk with her then asked if she would like to go upstairs. She came back with un mil. I said I don't pay that much in the States. She came back with how much do you want to pay. I told her P$600. She told me it was too low and she couldn't come down lower than a mil. I said thanks but no thanks. Believe me guys, this girl was fine. Maybe someone else could take the plunge and report back.

I left HK and now I'am feeling horny again just by talking with Allison. I figure wtf, I'am going to get a hottie out of AB. I know most of the hotties at AB are robotic upstairs but the mind set I was in, I didn't care.

I picked a 20 year old morena from DF.. Tall thin and cute. Her name is Pearla. Upstairs the usual cbj, she wouldn't let me kiss her nipples, she did allow multiple positions. Wasn't totallly bad, just wasn't great but it served it purpose.

Because this was the 4th, I decided to walk to the mexicoach and catch the bus there in case there was a wait at the border. At least if there was I would be sitting down. I guessed right. There was a line at the border but for the bus, no waiting at all. We breezed right in, had our own line to go through. Hopefully I will be back in three weeks.

Country John
07-12-05, 16:31
Quackup, understood.

Describe Azul a but more, I know Azul the Amazon is it the same girl? Big titties and all that? I got a bbbj from her in the privado. She won't go with me to the hroom because I'm seeing one of her friends -Salma de Michoacan.

Country John

07-12-05, 22:37

Not sure if she is Azul the amazon but the one I saw was about 5'6" to 5'7" in height, has black hair and everytime I have seen her she has it pulled back. Not sure what her weight is but she does have some big chi-chi's. She gives head with the best of them and she lets you finish cim. Sorry I know this is not the best description, but I hope this helps.


Country John
07-13-05, 02:54

Thanks. Sounds like her. Speaks no english right? She shouldn't put on any more pounds but she does have great tits. The height is right. Yeah, I didn't get to cim because the maseros would't stay out of the privado!

She would never go with me either, always had an answer. If it's the same girl she's not at the hotel anymore, I hear she's living with a guy and doesn't like to go but will bbbj.

Country John

07-13-05, 12:12
InstantDust, any time. Are you going to the Fiesta at La Tropa?

Country JohnHowdy Cjohn,

What is the Fiesta at La Tropa? LOL i have no idea what, where or when that is, so excuse my ignorance, and gimme the short and brief about it.



07-13-05, 22:52

Azul speaks very little English. I did make it to the hotel on my last trip but I don't know about a boyfriend. If she gave you a great bbbj, chances are, she is the same. Hope this helps.


You are killing me. Just when I thought I would reach the end of the tunnel, you find another winner. Another reason to make a trip down south. Keep up the great reports and recommendations.


Blue Nose
07-14-05, 03:03

That's weird about Azul not going to the hroom with you 'cause of Salma. When I last saw Salma a few weeks ago, she asked me if I wanted to double up with...you guessed it - Azul. I declined, but the offer was definitely on the table. Maybe it's cause I'm just a regular and not a novio, hence no jealousy / possession issues.

Azul does have great tits, doesn't she? Great for Russian style!

Blue Nose

Country John
07-14-05, 08:46
Well, it was Salma doing the asking. Didn;t know she doubled up, she said Azul was having money problems so she must be trying to help her out. I had Azul in the privado for almost 2 hours and she bbbj'd me but when she finished her shift she would not go to the hroom. I'll have to check that again.

Salma will be back perhaps this weekend, she still has the cel phone I gave her so she should give me a call. I got another girl at Rio Verde I'm watching right now though, I'm trying to get her to go off-site for the evening -she's a babe.

I hope Salma isn't calling me Novio, I'm not her Novio. Jeez, I don't need no stinkin novias. I alreay kicked Karina to the curb and Diana is nowhere to be found so I'm prowling again.

When are you next in the Zona?? Didn;t I PM you already?

Yeah, I love Azuls tits. All Natural and very very nice to squeeze. Don't see that rack on too many gringas, that's for sure.

Country John


That's weird about Azul not going to the hroom with you 'cause of Salma. When I last saw Salma a few weeks ago, she asked me if I wanted to double up with...you guessed it - Azul. I declined, but the offer was definitely on the table. Maybe it's cause I'm just a regular and not a novio, hence no jealousy / possession issues.

Azul does have great tits, doesn't she? Great for Russian style!

Blue Nose

Country John
07-15-05, 04:58
Well, it's time for another stroll down the Alley. I want to squeeze fome chicas and tell them how beautiful they are. See what color they turn, take their temperature.

If they go cold then I move on. If they get warm I go or I make a note. Some interesting SWs out lately. I didn;t post AlleyKat 79 or 78 because it was the same routine, nothing out of the ordinary.

But this time I'm looking for a girl. A girl I met a few weeks ago at Rio Verde. She is the most beautiful creature out there, fresh off the farm and man can she dance. She's 20 and 1 baby. All natural and a body that is so Latina it just makes you want to hug it. So that's the plan.

DanTheMan and I are going to hook up and see if we can get these ladies off property (he's chasing one too). They come off as civillians living off fichas but I think that's bullshit.

Let's hook up Sr. Blue. I'll be at the Leyva. You got my name, look up my number.

Country John

Daddy Lows
07-15-05, 08:51

That room looks like that motel next to Club Adelita's, right? BTW, don't mind me, I broke my TJ cherry Wednesday morning 12:50am. Thankfully, I had a friend, a regular veteran, be my wingman.


I felt the same way about TJ and the learning curve after I left. I hope to return there since I'm not so intimidated driving there and walking around anymore. And thanks to everyone here. I need to do some heavy reading for several days to find out where, who, what, when, how, and why. ;) BTW, instant, I don't get all that negative attitude about your post in the Inglewood-LAX thread. Don't worry about it, PsyberZombie and Wastrel are both really outsiders to the Los ANgeles threads. PsyberZombie, if I recall, is an East Coaster but Wastrel does come down to LA once in a while from Las Vegas. Oh yeah, one more thing, I think the word you're looking for is amicably. :D

XXXTo be filled with reportXXX

Date: Wednesday July 13, 2005
Time:2:56AM arrival 3:35AM encounter 5:45AM departure
Place: Club Adelitas
Name: Milos Cara????
Age: mid-30's???
Face: (yeah, you can see the crow's fingers yet...) 9
Body: (clothed=9.5) (unclothed=8.25 saggy A/B cups and a tiny sag in the belly but otherwise very nice)
Service: 8 (CBJ, no DATY per Milos, cowgirl, mish, spoon, doggie)
Attitude: 9 (this is skewed since she was my first bang in TJ)
Cost: $60 (sorry, I didn't read this forum before going)

Is that her correct name?


Country John
07-15-05, 16:50

I'm sure that it might be her stage name, I never met her (that I can recall). AB is always a good first experience in the Zona. (Provided the girl co-operates of course.) After a while when you turn into a sicko pervert like me you start trolling the place for the new 18yo girleys who want to find out what all the excitement is about.

Good job on going with a wingman. Always advisable first time out. As for Habib, I think you're right. It looks like the place next to Cascades though, not Cohilla.

Country John

Blue Nose
07-16-05, 02:18

No problem getting the girls at the Rio Verde to go with you. I am 3 for 4 there, and that's better than my average at Miami. If they like you (and they will because you are a gringo and therefore a novelty at RV) then they will go. That line about living off of fichas and dance tips is definitely BS. Nobody can live off of that, and my girl appreciates the $50 per session plus generous tip that I provide. I have a fav at Rio Verde and I will be hooking up with her next Friday evening, hopefully for a TLN.

Hope to see you down there. I'll be at the Nelson, but I'll probably see you at HK, especially if Salma is back.

Blue Nose

Blue Nose
07-16-05, 02:27

I don't know about the fiesta at La Tropa either, but it sounds kinda cool. I know the doorman at La Tropal (he's on my payroll, so to speak) so if we hook up next Friday afternoon then we can ask him. That would also be a good opportunity to have him hook us up with some chicas - either bar girls or massage girls. The massage girls at La Tropa are really hot, but unforuntately I've never been able to get past the Tijuana MP bullshit (too much dinero for what I want). My pal might be able to help us out in this regard. I call him my "get out of jail free" card, but hopefully he'll be useful for setting us up as well. He claims to owe me one, and I intend to collect.

Blue Nose

07-16-05, 04:10
I am heading back down to TJ in a couple of weeks and looking to hook up with some Chicas for a few nights. I am OK with either a SG or a club girl. I want to try and hook up with 2-3 girls for a couple of days and believe that variety is the best thing about TJ.

Last time I got a reccomendaiton it was impossible to find this SW. If you have someone you would suggest is good I would appreciate anyway of finding her like a name, description, where she hangs out, or any other details. This board has a lot of great TJ information but not enough picks of the best talent.

Blue Nose
07-16-05, 23:17
Netman - A few reccs for you in TJ:

Ann Marie - Originally from Mexico City, Ann Marie is a 30 yo bombshell with a nice big latina bubble butt and a massively enhanced front end. She works the day shift at ABs and speaks pretty good English. She is by no means the hottest girl at AB, but she if you are an ass man then she may just be the one for you. Ask her about getting the room for 1 hour and getting a massage first, as she is usually amenable to this. Should be able to get 1 hour, massage and FS for $50 - $60 if you go during the day when it is not too crowded and negotiate.

Fernanda - While not the best lay I've ever had, Fernanda is a real Latina princess with dark hair, dark eyes and a tight body. She has fake tits, and they look good on her. Service is OK - the standard AB mechano-fuck, but she may warm up if you take her for longer than a half hour session. In my mind, it is worth it just to get some El Perrito from her and see that great ass wiggle! Again, she works days at AB

Veronica - A cute, sweet young thing who works evenings at CC. She is a strawberry blonde and has a cute smile and a great attitude. Haven't seen her for a while but she is from TJ so my guess is she's still around. Good attitude, nuce looks and nice body.

Roxanne - A short, dark and sweet thing who works at CC. If you like Latinas with some Indian blood in them then Roxanne will fit that bill. Does not speak much English but she is an enthusiastic provider.

Merriam - Another CC special, she has a nice tight body and looks great in her low slung jeans. Service could be a bit better, but she's worth a shag.

Guadalupe (aka Alejandra) - The one and only! She is something of a legend in the zone. She is a SW who stands on Constitucion at the bottom of the hill almost directly across from the alley. She is very well known so you can ask for her by name.

Blue Nose

07-17-05, 08:29
Blue Nose,

The description of Fernanda from AB sure does sound like a chica I had as a regular sometime ago and had a good time with; which I have not seen for a long time now. Is she from Mexico City? Would you know if she works on the weekends? Last times I saw her was during the weekdays but now I only am able to go on weekends. I agree she is a "machano-fuck" but she is a "Latina princess" at least to my taste. Hope she does work on weekends, because I miss her and her tits.

Thanks for any info you can give me on when she works.


Queer Juan
07-17-05, 15:28
One minor correction, her name is Anna Marie and she hasn't seen this side of 30 since 1988. Lewis and Clark both did her in 1850 while attempting to survey her ass but the job was too big and they died trying.

07-17-05, 21:59
After trying a few massage places and cruising the boulevard I decided to give TJ another try. The parlors were fun, but I was looking for that trophy. After the heat of the Escondido raids, the Parlors lost there luster in my book. I already have someone young beautiful and willing at home but I need variety. Why pay for a girl less beautiful and willing than what I already have?

I’ve been too paranoid to indulge with anyone from the boulevard, plus the only girl that I found that was really hot was on a day when the po po were everywhere. She was young, thin, blonde and gorgeous. She dressed like a girl out of seventeen magazine, very stylish. It took a lot of work to even get her to stop and talk and when she did not only was I worried about 5-0 she also seemed as though she may have been a little *too* young. I asked for her digits but she said only after we dated. In the end I passed.

That left me with go ol’ Adelitas. A friend of mine took me there once many years ago. I found the girls to be, shall we say, not so hot. He had a regular girl that he would pay to stay all night with. She was OK but nothing that I would pay for. Again my standards are very high and I wanted something special.

Lately I’ve read about the little hotties south of the border. I was somewhat reluctant because it’s been said that the hot looking ones are cold upstairs. I’m not looking for a GFE, just someone who is pleasant, accommodating and would not rush me. The reports of the Mexican authorities waiting at the cab drop spot made me a little uncomfortable as well.

I decided that I waited long enough. All of my friends either would not, or could not go that night so I had to go it alone. I parked stateside, crossed over, hit the yellow cab, (I know, take the libre, but the yellow were so convenient) and arrived just before 2 am on Friday night/Saturday morning.

The place was much more packed than the first time that I went. One of the first girls I saw took me aback. She was very good looking. She was with some other girls that were also pretty hot standing to the right of the front door as soon as you walk in. My first thought was that maybe I should grab her after reading the laments of mongers seeing that one beautiful girl, letting her get away , and never seeing her again. Only to have to settle for another not so hot chica.

I decided to be bold, let her go and roam around the club. A few steps latter I saw a girl that looked way too beautiful to be there. She looked like a girl that could be at a club stateside turning down guys advances left and right, but was too young to get in without fake ID. More like a little high school hottie that you would see at the mall and try not to stare at too long at for fear of looking like a perv.

I actually hesitated for a second, thinking that she might have been from the US, with some guys checking out that action like they do more and more at the strip clubs in SD. I smiled and said hi to her.

Some young guy was standing near her looking very tentative. I asked him if he was going to get with her and he said yes but looked like a deer caught in the headlights. She was so hot that at that point I said to myself; forget about the other girls, this is the one. I had been in the club for about two minutes. I asked her name and told her that I wanted to see her when she came back. Her name was Cathy. She had long straight black hair, beautiful eyes and the most smokin’ little body. She must have weighed 90 pounds. soaking wet, if that.

I was worried that I would not she her again. As I walked around the club another hot little chica approached me. She was good to go, but not as hot as Cathy. She and I talked while she gently groped my crotch. I got her a drink and chatted while she continued to stroke me nicely. She spoke pretty good English, a lot better than my half-assed Spanglish. I thought to myself, why would I ever go back to the US strip clubs? Many of these girls are just as hot, or hotter than the strippers stateside and I get more mileage from them just having a drink than half of the lap dances that I get.

She was a short little thing with a beautiful face and good sized, natural breasts that she encouraged me to feel. She finished her drink unhurriedly and asked to go upstairs. She was nice and had a very low pressure attitude. I told her that I promised Cathy that I would see her but if I could not find her I would come back. She was very pleasant, gave me a squeeze thanked me for the drink and was on her way.

I negotiated a slow lap around the club, through the heavy crowd of mongers. Many of the girls looked like the type that I expected to see but there where also many more beautiful ones than I expected. There were a couple that were good enough to get with but I wanted Cathy.

Just then she appeared. I thought to myself that it was rather quick to be back with the long line just to get upstairs. I did not care. I rushed over to her, feeling very lucky to have found her. We got in the line to go upstairs and had some time for small talk. She also spoke good English. As my hand roamed over her body I notice that she had the firmest little butt. Each cheek fit easily in my hand.

Upstairs she said, OK, take it off baby and began to strip out of her tight white pants that showed every little curve of her hips and pussy. She had an amazing little body, small tea cup titties, long thin waist, and that wonderful firm little butt. She seamed almost too young but I knew since she was in the club that she had to be of age. It seemed as though she wanted to get right to it but I wanted to take some time and explore her little body. I ran my hands over her smooth light skin down to her butt. I though that maybe her tight pants were making it seem firmer than it really was but to my surprise it was perfect even out of her tight jeans. She was no GFE, but she was exactly what I was hoping for, someone who was pleasant, accommodating and would not rush me. She allowed me to kiss her neck and explore her body. She had a completely shaved little pussy, just as I like.

On went the cover and the slow CBJ began. She did not rush me at all. I had her lay doggie style on the bed with her butt propped up so I could see her pussy in the mirror while she sucked my cock. I had to make her go slow so I would not pop because she looked so hot. She obliged and after another couple of minutes asked how I wanted to fuck her. She grabbed some lube and before I answered she got on the bed doggie style. She slid me into her hot little pussy and after a few stroke began to moan gently, (I know it’s fake but I love it).

Again, I had to slow down several times so I would not pop too fast. At no time did she complain or try to rush me. I was standing behind her pounding her fairly hard. I asked if it was all right and she reached back and pulled me to her with her hand and pressed her feet against me, very nice. I grabbed her little butt with one cheek in each hand, (have I mentioned how firm it was?) pressed her down on the bed and pounded her from behind as she began to moan louder. I though of asking her to change positions and I think she would have but I couldn’t think of a better way to pop than with her little but in my hands. I couldn’t hold back any longer and let it go.

I continued to slowly pump her for another minute and she didn’t say anything. The room was about a 1000 degrees but I did not care. As we were getting dressed she said that the kid before me was mad because he came during the CBJ and she told him another pop would cost him. Seemed fair to me and I thought that if I see her again I would definitely go for two.

I got everything that I was looking for and more. My little trophy girl, Cathy from Monterey. I probably will never see her again but I will be back. My return to the US was uneventful but as I got out of the cab there were several police standing around. I heard that they sometimes hassle us mongers. As I approached them I gave them a quick glance, smiled and nodded but did not maintain eye contact, as I read not to do. The youngest one motioned towards me and I thought, oh shit. He then started playing air guitar and banging his head as I went by while the others chuckled. I didn’t mind the light hearted mocking, as long as they didn’t stop me.