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01-01-05, 02:01
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The Traveler
04-09-05, 01:34
You are correct. Some of the pics I post here are from video frames. Some are digital pictures. And yes, I do throw away all the digital pictures after I post in here but I keep an edited version of the videos....:D

I hope my video collection doesn't make you silly in the head and you start ranting about me... :)

BTW, porno bores me becuase it's fake. I find my little video collection amuzing and worth watching once every six months. Some people collect stamps, coins, etc., I collect vacation movies...:D

Speaking of "pretending to be" I hope you are not in that list.

Don't be a sour puzz and post some pics of your recent trip.


I wasn't attacking or criticizing you, never commented any of your pictures in the past, just described my observations. In fact I do not care at all if you take pics, videos or whatever. So why should I start ranting about you ? Silly idea !
I also wouldn't care if you or others would post a frame out of a porn. I guess only Jackson would have concerns due to copyright violations. These are just unimportant pics to me. I just look at them to see who else got the same girls I had. That's it.

But as you have just confirmed, my assumption that those pics were taken from a video are correct. Sure you can have a cam on a tripod and shoot your own movies, that's just what I said. I did that on several occasions long time ago but stopped it since I never ever watched them. I also do not look at pics I have taken. I took them as a courtesy to the forum, not for myself. The forum - or better a couple of a..holes - rewarded that courtesy by telling some of the girls. Due to that I won't post any pics anymore.

BTW, regarding the video/pics, it looks like that they were taken at the GP as far as I remember the rooms.

The Traveler
04-09-05, 01:40

"Speaking of "pretending to be" I hope you are not in that list."

Wasn't it you who once said (something like) 'You don't want to start that again'?:D

Juice and me are talking about pics/videos. So what are you talking about ?
Guess you still haven't found out that you can't score with that shit and that nobody cares about that crap.

Get a life

04-09-05, 14:11
"....In fact I do not care at all if you take pics, videos or whatever...."

But you do. :D

Keep amuzing me.


The Traveler
04-09-05, 18:47
"....In fact I do not care at all if you take pics, videos or whatever...."

But you do. :D

Keep amuzing me.


this is childish.
You either want to provoke or are bored to death that you waste your time with crap like that.

I bail out right here ...

05-13-05, 03:09

Not to make your situation worse than already is but I have done a little invesigating and have found out that some recent pictures you posted here were also part of a commericial website. Hmmm. You did say that those pictures in question you also posted them in another website...


Did you really take the pictures or did you just grab them from the other website then posted them in here?

You actually shot and sold the pics to the other website then you posted them in here?

Below is the link to the website where I found the pics you claim you shot. Also, here is the pic(s) as presented by that website's page with other shots.

Enlight us with your insight. :D



Crazy Swede
05-13-05, 12:18
Good Job Detective Juice :)

I my self uploaded a picture a few years ago that appeared in a so called "video" about Girls in Patong!

Gue's that little soapie girl from Uttardit never had been in Patong and i felt surprised when i saw my own picture i tock with my own camera a year or two earlier!

Nowadays files' shows up and if you look at the file name the "burgler" have been to lazy to even re-name it! ******.orginal still is from Thailandfriends.com and not delivered directly from some one´s camera :D

Take Care Out There!



Not to make your situation worse than already is but I have done a little invesigating and have found out that some recent pictures you posted here were also part of a commericial website. Hmmm. You did say that those pictures in question you also posted them in another website...


Did you really take the pictures or did you just grab them from the other website then posted them in here?

You actually shot and sold the pics to the other website then you posted them in here?

Below is the link to the website where I found the pics you claim you shot. Also, here is the pic(s) as presented by that website's page with other shots.

Enlight us with your insight. :D



The Traveler
05-13-05, 20:50
Private Eye Juice, :)

I followed your link but couldn't find any pic I posted, so what are you talking about ?
Also your posted pic is of another student. BTW, you violated the forum rules by doing so.

Furthermore, I do not sell any pics but I wouldn't wonder if many pics that have been posted here or anywhere else can be found at other sites, free or pay sites.

I met one of the girls about a year and the other one a couple of months ago.
Do you remember that Jackson told us that other sites are linking the pics in this forum ?
Guess why he set up the photo viewing restrictions ?
Don't you believe they will also copy them to extend their own archives or do you really expect that all sex sites do only publish their own pics ?

Guess you have a lot of free time and now I wonder even more where you get your pics from.

When I assumed that many of your pics were taken from videos you admitted that they were indeed taken from videos but started to call me a pussy. Guess because I revealed your little "secret" but it was easy to see.

I still remember when SA used to call us uncool for taking pics of our girls. You immediately hastened to assure us that you do not keep your pics and delete them from harddisk after you have posted them. Wanted to look cool ?
Why didn't you tell us that you keep your videos instead and even watch them every three months ?
I can imagine why and what for. :D

It looks like you want to open a new front and start a new war.
Where is the benefit in it ?

05-13-05, 21:11

It's not that I want to start a betting frenzy, but my money (or some of it rather...) is on you:D.

05-13-05, 21:16

LOL. Nice try. Follow the link below and on the third row to the right are the pictures grouped (4) together but you posted them separatly...


So, did you steal them?

Answer honestly becuase I already have the answer based on more research.:D


The Traveler
05-13-05, 21:30

LOL. Nice try. Follow the link below and on the third row to the right are the pictures grouped (4) together but you posted them separatly...


So, did you steal them?

Answer honestly becuase I already have the answer based on more research.:D


I saw the pics but I didn't post any of them, please compare, it's another girl.
Do we talk about the pics below ?

LOL, these pics aren't in no way even similar to mine. Clean your glasses. :)
Is it so hard for you to remember a handful of pics ?

And why do you ask if you believe to have the answer. You are only out for trouble.
Is life that boring for you ? :D

05-14-05, 05:21

So I made it all up. Right... Nice cover up. You are a fucking sick dude. :D

Your fortune cookie for today: "You can run but you cannot hide."


05-14-05, 06:08

Here is the proof:

BS1 (a still image taken a few minutes ago) is your post dated 05-07-05 at 01:35 you changed today with new pictures replacing the ones I presented in here. Look at the count for hits people looking at those pictures. The count is low 34-28-24-28 respectively...

BS2 (a still image taken a few minutes ago) is your post dated 05-07-07 at 17:20 which you posted only a few hours later than BS1 on the same day with hit counts of 2,588-2,072-2,090-1,944 and 2,109 respectively...

As you can see, you went into BS1 post and changed those images to cover up your BS and that is obvious in the new and low count of hits. Not to mention the number of PMs from members I received saying you changed the pictures...:D

Enlight us with your acumen.


The Traveler
05-14-05, 07:08

LOL, still try to save your case ? :)

You are obviously very desperate, first you talk about student pics but now you switch to boobs pics and try to use them as "evidence". If you had a look at them before - just as others - you will have recognized that these are still the same pics. Everybody who had seen them does remember that they were all nude (nothing but bare tits) and not just a look at the neckline of some still dressed student chick. Look at the subsequent comments from other members. Why not ask MS Clive, he obviously liked them and probably will remember the pics or some other members might have downloaded and are able to compare them.

So where are the nude boobs in your "evidence" ?
And what do boobs pics have to do with student pics ?

It's correct that I reuploaded the very same boobs pics but just because I accidentially deleted them.

Try this link

(w w w.*************.info/forum/profile.php?do=editattachments&pp=20&showthumbs=0&page=1)

it should lead you to a list of your posted pictures.

If you have any recently posted pics you can checkmark them. It's more convienient to manage your pics this way than scrolling through all the posts. So I marked a few to compare them and see what you are talking about and if my pics really had been copied and published somewhere else. But instead of "show thumbnails" I accidentially clicked on "delete". That's it, disappointed ?

If I would have cut the pics out of the 4in1 (100x82 pixel) as you say and increased the size to approx. 640x640 pixel each, quality would have extremely suffered (see pics below), correct ?
But the quality of my pics was good. So how did I managed to also increase the quality of the pics ?
The fact that you can't explain it is prove enough that you talk plain nonsense.
If you are able to do that, try to get a patent for it immediately. You will be a rich man soon. :)

Nice try, but in vain.
Life must be very boring for you, that you try to find the posted pics somewhere else in the internet. Maybe you aren't as cool as you want us to believe ? Or do you only look for trouble ?

Go get a life or better try to find a girl. You wouldn't have to watch your videos that often.
Did you know that in the past parents used to tell their children that masturbation has a damaging effect on the brain ? I slowly believe there is some truth in it :)

Happy searching :D

The Traveler
05-14-05, 10:03
Detective Juice,

I have posted the below pic some time ago and it was downloaded far over 15.000 times. (Can you top that ?)
Guess that wasn't only for private use. Since you seem to have a lot of spare time I assign you to find this pic at other websites. I intend to sue them and to claim for compensation because they violated my copyright.
Do you believe it will be successful ?

Hope you will have more luck this time :)

Again, happy searching :D

Attachment deleted due to request by Run Mann.
Thanks for advice.

05-14-05, 13:11

Here is more proof of your lying.

Talk your way out this one.... :D


Man, you are pathetic.... :) Now, you got more deleting to do... "You can run but you cannot hide."

Just below, you are still posting stolen pictures and degrading them to make them look different... What's wrong with you?


05-14-05, 13:50

Glad to see you are having a bit of fun...I'm too...:D

Now Traveler is posting pictures of dead women to get a "sympathy" vote. Hmmm. Desperate?


The Traveler
05-14-05, 14:13

LOL, that only proves that others seem to like my pics as well. :)
Try to find your own !

BTW, did you recognize that the face of the girl is blurred on the website, but not on my pics.
Especially the one below. How I managed to get rid of it ?

This is the one I have posted
(w w w.*************.info/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=21226)

This is the one from the website (also below)

You can also use your posted link and click on a thumbnail to get a bigger version of the pic and see details.

And why should anyone have sympathy for me just because someone I used to know has died. Guess we all used to know someone who is dead now.

Go on, it's indeed quite entertaining :D

The Traveler
05-14-05, 14:45
Coma Boy,

yes, this is another sad example of "No one can live in peace if his neighbour doesn't let him."

Juice put a lot of effort in it, why ?
I also wonder why he seems to know so many sex pic sites, maybe he uses them as his "personal archives".
That would explain why he claims to immediately delete his pics from harddisk.
These and other pics could probably be found at many other sites.
He should seek further, that will keep him busy and spare us some of his nonsense :)

05-14-05, 16:00

So, now you claim that the commercial website actually stole "your" pictures after you posted them in here and then posted them in theirs? LOL.

BTW, I spent only minutes doing this after several members sent me PMs with the links to the website where you stole the pics to post in here... :D

Why posting pictures of dead women? Huh? Show some respect for the dead... What's wrong with you? Are you sick?

OK, I'm done with you, I made my point. I would advice your sorry ass to stop taking pictures form other sites and claim them as your own or else they will come after you and you better have proof you took them.

Love thy neighbour. :D


The Traveler
05-14-05, 17:53

fine if you are done with me, then you will hopefully stop bothering me.
A welcomed move :)

And I didn't say that they have been taken from here, I really don't think so.
As I already said, I use to upload and share my pics with others. Might be that these people forwarded them or might be that these pics took the same way other pics of mine already took, when I had them copied from memory card to CD in a photo shop close to Pantip Plaza. Who cares ?
If you would make nicer pics maybe they would be placed at other sites as well, give it a try.

Please prove that you have actually taken your posted pics !
This is something impossible as long as you don't want to post your own face.

Anyway, you still haven't explained how I got rid of the blurred faces.

Regarding my dead GF. I was thinking about it too but came to the conclusion that it wouldn't matter because I had posted her pic a few years ago. How else could it be downloaded that often ?
Anyway, I deleted them immediately when Run Mann asked me to do so.

Keep searching, maybe you might find more of my pics and make me proud. :D

05-14-05, 18:01
Bla, bla, bla,....

Take care.


The Traveler
05-14-05, 18:04

correct, lots of bla bla bla ... from you.
So you still aren't done with me ?

I really love this site, there is always someone around entertaining me :D

05-14-05, 18:52
Don't push your luck. You don't want to do that.

The Traveler
05-14-05, 19:10

I am really scared :D

You know what I don't get, when we met last time we had no prob with each other. But as soon as you are on the web you try to be a "cool" guy, attacking me and saying things you wouldn't dare to tell me face to face.

Why some people like to change their personality as soon as they go online ?

05-14-05, 19:14

I know you are :D

The Traveler
05-14-05, 19:20

dream on :D

Wow, lots of smileys, so in the end we could laugh about each other. Isn't that nice ?
Since this is extremely childish I grant you the last word.

05-14-05, 19:40

Read closely: I got several PMs from members saying that you stole the pics with links and I decided to confront you.

If this happened in Thailand and you and me were there I would tell you on your face. You know that. Use your own pictures and you won't find yourself in this BS.

Anything else? Or is this is my last word? :D


The Traveler
05-15-05, 07:40

OK, away from childish stuff back to nonsense.

So you try to tell us that you started that argument because a few members told you that these pics weren't mine ?
Do I get you right that people felt the need to approach "Policemen JuiceSpike" to report something they had seen ?
Are you now the offical authority here in this forum ?
Or did these people - if they exist - told you AFTER you started this nonsense, which means you took a lot of effort to search for these pics at a couple of sites you already used before ?
Why did you took so much effort in it in the first place ?

You know very well that you wouldn't have told me that face to face. In real life - just like in the forum - you try to be a "coooool guy". But in real life you would have said "Who cares, back to business" which is the much smarter approach and which for I like you in real life much more than here. You also wouldn't have dared to threaten me, knowing that physically you are no match for me. Or what did you mean by "Don't push your luck. You don't want to do that."

But at the forum you loose your coolness quite fast and often. As long as you are a bystander, you make some "cool" comments, but as soon as you are involved you start calling names quite fast. Furthermore you just displayed by the recent argument that on the web you are a little pedantic boy. This is not the behaviour of a mature and cool guy.

Additionally you are not someone to trust. After we met last time you immediately forwarded some personal info about me to my very special friend Domino. Why did you do that ?
My assessment about you was correct, therefore I didn't gave you any valuable info.

You asked for a prove that these are in fact my pics.
You know that nobody can prove who actually shot certain pics or that you have been there without displaying your own face. You can't do either.
But I already gave you a very good evidence that these are my pics.

The face of the girl is blurred on the website, but not on my pics.
Especially the one below. How I managed to get rid of it ?

This is the one I have posted
(w w w.*************.info/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=21226)

This is the one from the website

You can also use your posted link and click on a thumbnail to get a bigger version of the pic and see details.

You avoided an answer, knowing that would blow your "case".

You also want to make us believe, that these sex pics sites do only publish pics that the webmaster/owner made by himself. He obviously does not pay for them, they are for free. So how does he get them ?

You might ask Jackson, who already had probs with other sites who were stealing his pics. This is the internet, those sex sites steal pics from everywhere and you know that very well.

I have a pretty nice idea how these pics got in circulation and my advice to all members is, that you should copy these kind of pics by yourself. Don't use a photo shop to have them burned on CD for you. Do it yourself, look for an internet shop with CD burner, burn them directly from memory card to CD. This way you will at least keep control of which pics got published, but sadly not where.

But I agree with Msaisme, this is going nowhere. All has been said, you made your point, I made mine. We can't add anything to it that would benefit the forum. You might go on but I won't, knowing that you love to have the last word.

05-15-05, 08:19
I have met Juice Spike on two separate visits. The last time I met him was in the company of the charming Mr/Ms S Aran. After we split, I went back to the hotel and slept and got up around 2 am for an early morning flight. Later on that day, when I was long gone, Juice Spike met some other posters here. Even if I wanted to, which I did not, I could not have met those people as I was not in Thailand. One, a persistent troll, has "accused" me of a no show; the other now says Juice Spike passed on information to me, El Diablo, about him.

That is untrue as far as I know. I have no emails or pms on hand from Juice Spike about any other poster and I have no recollection of receiving any. I enjoyed my time with Juice Spike and Samus; the only current poster we (and Freeler and I) spoke about for more than 2 minutes was Jackson. I have emailed Juice Spike and Freeler today to tell them about when I should next be in Thailand and to see if we will meet up. I will most likely meet Freeler who is a very risk averse and (see below) well read person. We will most likely take the air on Beach Road, Pattaya or maybe go for a walk in the park in Korat.

I agree with Samus about the photos. Peace, love and prosperity for all.

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.

As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexatious to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love,
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul.

With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

The Traveler
05-15-05, 09:08

nice try, but you referred many times to an info I only gave to JuiceSpike and you did that not long after I have told him. Contents and timing are evidence enough.

I posted my origin before, so you could get it there but how did you know what kind of job I have ?
This could only be forwarded by JuiceSpike, no one else.

But I take it as a nice guesture to one of your pals, to cover up his misbehaviour.

05-15-05, 12:15
Stop taking space in here with your whinning and PM me. Lets see if you can handle that. You can go on and on but the fact remains the same: you took pictures from a commercial website to post in here.

"Additionally you are not someone to trust. After we met last time you immediately forwarded some personal info about me to my very special friend Domino. Why did you do that?"

LOL you are desparate.

"You also wouldn't have dared to threaten me, knowing that physically you are no match for me. Or what did you mean by "Don't push your luck. You don't want to do that."

I was not threating you physically but if you feel that way then I guess we would have to find out in person. I would tell you on your face what I'm telling you here. You think being an inch or two taller makes you a strong man? Perhaps you feel insecure about this too.

PM me so we dont take space in here with your whinning...:D


05-15-05, 13:07
Sorry guys but I keep finding posts by Traveler making false and stupid statements... Part of the cover up? :D I thought he gave me the last word... guess not.

Traveler, you wrote: " Domino, nice try, but you referred many times to an info I only gave to JuiceSpike and you did that not long after I have told him. Contents and timing are evidence enough..."

What the fuck are you talking about??? Now you are coming acroos like a baby. As far as where you from, you made it clear before where you come from and what your native language is. And who cares anyway. I have no idea to this date where you work and I don't care either. :D

Anyway, PM me and we can discuss your insecurities and paranoia there.


The Traveler
05-15-05, 21:00

again you avoid to answer my questions. :D

Nevertheless, have a look at your PM inbox and let's spare the forum any more of that nonsense.

Just Me
05-15-05, 22:55
Did Not
Did Too
Did Not
Did too
Did Not
Did Too
I know you are but what am I
You touched me
Did not
did too
Did not
Did too

Mother of God, can you guys just shut up? This must be embarassing for both of you, right?

Take this shit offline and spare us. Please.

Just me

05-28-05, 14:03
Mr Spike I was just expressing my opinion about an Ocker piece of shit recently convicted in Bali when I saw your post. Fearing that it would be yet another photo of your dick, I was slow to open the files but, luckily no dick but a fine pair of hooters in #2.
1. why do you not show the face? Is this to spare us the agony?
2. How much for Ms Titty?

Coma Boy: I looked at the first two snaps you have. They are disgusting.

The Traveler
06-04-05, 10:12

speaking of taking pics and lies. In your post dated 05-28-05 at 14:54 you claim that you have found and bonked the three girls on these pics at a single afternoon.

I usually don't care if someone lies in the forum, I don't feel entitled to play policeman and my time is too precious to waste it searching for evidence.

But in your case it is a bit different. You accused me of stealing pics and lying. Astonishingly your attack came shortly after I pointed out that many of your pics were taken out of videos and that not everybody is what he pretends to be as a reply to other members questions about how you took these pics (two hands could be seen on them, not to mention the view angles). You called me names afterwards, childish. Guess you had a guilty conscience.

Some others and I wondered how fast you were able to find a few student pics I've posted. I wouldn't be able to find a certain pic in the internet.

In our discussion via PM you pointed out that my pics must be stolen because I haven't claimed my ownership to the webmasters of that site. How do you know ? Do you have any links to them or are you affiliated otherwise ? That would explain how you "found" my pics so fast. Hope you did not help the webmasters to get them :)

Anyway, guess it doesn't make much sense to claim the ownership and insist on a personal copyright in a coutry where copyright protected material is sold everywhere. And you should also know that pics can be stolen at photo shops when you have them copied from memory card to CD.

I proved that these are my pics by providing a picture that isn't on that website. All my posted pics of that girl were on that site, with and without a blurred face, except one. It's only there in a blurred version but I posted it without a blurred face. How did I manage that ?

Cause you couldn't explain it you even dared to assume that I have hacked that site, ridiculous.

Anyway, back to your pics and lies.

I wondered why the sheets on the pics were in perfect condition at your 3:15pm and 6:40pm pic, even though that wasn't the case at 1:20pm.

You just told me via PM that you tipped the maid a 100 baht to make up your room 3 times that day. Funny, I always tip the maids a hundred baht per day or every second day but they wouldn't make up my room after 4pm cause they went home ! So just another lie.

Remember that Crazyswede told you that a lot of info is stored in the pics ?
Since I don't know with what kind of digicam the pics were taken I loaded them into the software that came with my digicams (Canon, Nikon and Sony (my sister's)) and guess what I found ?

Beside some technical info there is also a timestamp.

Your Sat 05/28 1:20 pm pic was taken at Wed 05/25 10:04pm
your Sat 05/28 3:15 pm pic was taken at Fri 05/27 09:04am
your Sat 05/28 6:40 pm pic was taken at Tue 05/24 01:36pm

Please don't tell us that you changed the date in your digicam 3 times per day or did you pay the maid an extra 100 baht to do it for you ? :D

Since you obviously don't know when these pics were taken I ask you to prove that these pics are yours and not stolen ones.

See your dilemma, if you claim that these pics are yours, you lied to us, want us to believe that you are a "cool guy", the "master monger" of that site. Need applause ?

The proof is in the pics itself, so you can't blame me of having it set up just as you did.

So our self entitled policemen who wanted to be promoted to public attorney just disqualified himself by lying.

You are some sad existence.

06-04-05, 12:20

Nice try...LOL. Whatever... Up to you. Jing, jing.


06-04-05, 12:34
You are a fool. Here is a pic for you to relax. Enjoy. Guess the time I took this pic. ...:D


The Traveler
06-04-05, 22:33
Here is a pic for you to relax. Enjoy. Guess the time I took this pic. ...:D


I am very relaxed and enjoy life very much :D
No need to guess, the timestamp reads as May 31st, 5:16am, guess your digicam is still set to US time (AST).

The timestamps can be checked by everybody else. Since you can't deny the facts it's indeed better to not argue about it. Stop lying and stay clean.

The Traveler
06-04-05, 22:36

I am bored of those pissing matches as much as you are, I don't start them but I respond when being attacked.

I don't care about Juice's lies, if he needs that others applause him, up to him, it's not important to me.
But he pissed at me without being provoked first. Why not ask him why he started it in the first place ?

I just wanted to show his real character - a wannabe cool guy - and how "honorable" he is.
The facts are there, he lied and someone who is lying shouldn't call others a liar.

You are right with what you said in your post dated 05-14-05 at 20:49, for some unapparent reason JuiceSpike needs to feel like the WSG police force. I made my point, so time to move on.

06-05-05, 03:58

LOL, at 5:16 I'm sleeping and the sun is not out for picture taking...Damn, I called you a fool before when I should have called you and idiot. Sorry. Your bogus software does not work, you have no idea what you are doing. I took the picture around 11:00Am... along the cost of Samui...

Thanks for being my biggest fan. But, are you stalking me?

Miss Braces :eek:

I found this girl in BG, she had average looks but great personality. Since she was wearing braces it look too weird giving me a BJ so we skipped that part. :D Fun girl in bed.


06-05-05, 04:44
Mr Spike: You said bracelets when you meant to say braces so I looked at your dumb pic. Is the big suitcase for the dead bodies btw? Thank you for not showing us your dick this time. I can understand why people would be afraid to have iron braces on their dick (30 years since Jaws) but bracelets are a much more pleasing affair. A Muslim or Indian with lots of bracelets and lots of time is a joy to let loose down there.

The Traveler
06-05-05, 08:48

LOL, at 5:16 I'm sleeping and the sun is not out for picture taking...Damn, I called you a fool before when I should have called you and idiot. Sorry. Your bogus software does not work, you have no idea what you are doing. I took the picture around 11:00Am... along the cost of Samui...


seems you want to keep it going.
By your last post you either proved to be illiterate or a complete idiot.

I clearly said that it seems that your cam is still set to US time. Therefore you have to add a couple of hours to the timestamp to get the correct local time. If this is too complicated for you go back to elementary school.
If you really took it at 11am you seem to have it set to GMT (factory default ?)

I found a nice little proggie which shows all info stored in the pics.
See the attached screenshot. :D

BTW, thanks for the info, now we know when the pics of the three girls were really taken.

The Traveler
06-05-05, 09:26

below you will find the appropriate screenshots of the pics you claim to have taken at Sat. May 28th during a single afternoon.

As you can easily see, these pics were taken at three different days, none of them on Sat 28th.

All you have done at the 28th between 1:42pm-1:52pm was modifying the pics with Adobe Photoshop CS Macintosh.

Sorry, if I destroyed your story. Seems you need applause. Why is that ?
Is your dick too short or any inferiority feelings ?

I guess none of us cares if you had one, two or three girls at a day.
But it is a nice opportunity to show what kind of character you are.

06-05-05, 09:38
The Traveler: I normally don't involve myself with this shit. Maybe there were two beds in his room, maybe he fucked them on alternate days but he did fuck them (not that I give a fuck). Some dude in the Phils board claimed to have fucked 7 or more women in a day, just as I have claimed in Phitsanalouk. I doubt his story even as I know my own to be true.

Your links to the porn site Juice Spike alluded to were misleading, to me at least. Your story there seems, to me, a neutral observer, weak. But I just believe you want to be popular and do not regard it as being important, except in so much as it established a trend.

Your gizmo is interesting. I wonder how long before it gets used in court cases? Do you think Michael Jackson will get off (again)?

06-05-05, 09:47

You are amzing...In your world at 5:16AM the sun is high in the sky? And in your fucked up world 5:16 plus 2 (hours) is 11AM? You are baaaa. Keep up it, you are making a fool of yourself... :D


His gizmo does not work. His brain does not work and he cannot add either....:D


The Traveler
06-05-05, 09:53

it's hard to believe that you are a neutral observer.
To make a long story short, try to find the attached pic on that website and provide the link.

But beware, on my pic the face isn't blurred. On the pic at this site it is. So how got I rid of it if it isn't mine ?

Please avoid to use the same techniques as Juice did, just posting the link to the index page with thumbs on it. The thumbs are too small to see the difference. Just click on a thumb and provide the link. Easy as that, sadly Juice wasn't able to do it. What do you think, is he just completely incapable or did he avoid it because it would blow his "case" ?

Anyway, I'd rather tend to believe you, when you say that you have done 7 girls, than Juice. I have met him and know that he is a wannabe. As far as I can see you are some sort of crazy guy but you don't take yourself too important, but Juice does. He is a dazzler, nothing more.

BTW, I don't want to be popular, what for ? I will never meet 99,999% of all members of this board and the ones I have met probably know that I don't cheat.
I just don't like to be called a thief and a liar, especially from someone who continously lies himself.

The Traveler
06-05-05, 09:58

You are amzing...In your world at 5:16AM the sun in high in the sky? And in your fucked up world 5:16 plus 2 (hours) is 11AM? You are baaaa. Keep up it, you are making a fool of yourself...


you can't be that stupid or uneducated, can you ?
The time difference between GMT and local time in LOS are 6 hours, so 5:16am plus 6 hours match perfectly with 11am you mentioned.

Just look at the screenshots, it's all there.

06-05-05, 10:02
Go fuck yourself .... or post some useful information :D


The Traveler
06-05-05, 10:22

now back to name calling, lost your coolness ?

Your reaction shows me that you finally acknowledge that you can't deny your lies anymore and that my math is correct. :D

If we would sum up all our posts I have posted more useful info than you did, answering questions, giving directions, guidelines, general info, prices, pictures and so on.

Your posts usually are made up of comments, smileys and from time to time a pic. I was quite astonished that you explained the difference between a bar and a gogo to another member yesterday. But even that explanation lacked some important info, the barfine in a bar.

Nevertheless, it doesn't make sense to compare and engage in a competition who is the better poster.

I am not stalking you, it's all your own fault, why did you accuse me and started that crap in the first place ?
Have you been stalking me ?

Anyway, I have made my point in that matter.

06-05-05, 10:48
The Traveler: You seem incapable of making a single post without being insulting. If you notice, I have not joined in on the photo argument and I do not want to. This is because I regard the photos largely as a waste of space. It was some other guy who claimed to have done 7, not Juice Spike, whom I have met in Biergarden and Gullivers in the company of skanks who regard him as a heavy duty fucker. (one who fucks a lot). My take on him is he fucks a lot to relieve his stress, give him a hobby whatever. But he is well tanked up on batteries.
The next time you are talking to your skank/katoey friends, ask them are Thais/Laos good fuckers? They tell me their men are small but strong, great power. As I am not a racist, I would not suspect otherwise though ymmv.
I did go into that porno site at the time and formed my own conclusion. I think it odd that they stole your snaps expecially as so many are out there and skanks are so cheap. I followed your lead but it was confusing, whether deliberately so or not, I don't know.

When you were being "exposed" over the photos, you accused Juice Spike of passing on your personal details to me, whom you have labeled as crazy and probably therefore prone to do you some serious damage. Your details are easily obtained as you should know from your line of work. But Juice Spike told me nothing about you; I did gently press him for 20 or so seconds but he said he does not do such things. You should learn to respect others, even at this late stage. Maybe you are also jealous of J Spike and his tea parties. As I go there to fuck women, not to socialize with the likes of you, I would not know.

As regards useful posts: Freeler has been the most useful for me but photos are by far the most popular. I cannot recall once using your posts for anything though I do acknowledge many guys might find them useful. It also makes me wonder why you visit so many hotels. Do you get fucked out of many of them that you move around so much? This applies to others as well but I would have imagined the best policy is to stay in a small number of hotels.

When I hear about guys getting jailed over tagged photos, I will think of you. Good result for the Fatherland last night(4-1) but only a friendly. Do you think Wacko Jacko will get off? (again?) No need to reply.

I won't reply as this very popular thread exists for guys to show off their skanks like some deformed species of fish:) Let's leave J Spike post his mutants.

And as regards J Spike and wannabees: these women are prostitutes. You pay them they fuck you, that simple. There is nothing to boast of in fucking a prostitute or 100 prostitutes. I hope you see that some day just as your father eventually did.
And as regards J Spike fucking some freebie on that sitty beach, not exaclty world breaking news. Relax dude. I would advise you to drink some tea but that might enrage you.
Juice Spike: The first photo was he nicest; the last had your stupid dick in it (and her) as well as a tattoo. Both of those fucked up the image.
The Traveler: There are photos fom the same sequence on the site as you know. Either you own them all or the site owns them all. The smart money would have to be on the site.

The Traveler
06-05-05, 12:44

I see that you couldn't provide the requested link, that speaks for itself. :D
As soon as you have an explanation for "how I can own a pic that isn't on that site" you will have the answer to it all.

It's a matter of fact, that pics are stolen and copied from one website to another on the internet, just ask Jackson and the current problems with the WSG are some of the side effects. It's easier and cheaper to copy them instead of paying the girls. I am quite certain that mine have been taken in a photo shop when I had them burned on CD. Some other of my pics - which I have never posted anywhere - emerged on another website and a girl just blamed me for it.

If you followed the trails from that site, you hopefully found out that they are also on two other sites. Did they hire the very same girl too, to get the very same pictures ?

Since these sites are free of charge, I guess they do not invest too much into their pictures. What would you do as a webmaster ?

You also seem not to get it !
The question is not if he paid and fucked them or not. The question is why he wanted us to believe that he did that on a single day ?

I don't care if he or anybody else did none or 100 TGs at any given day. I give shit and we are not in a competition here. But he called me a liar even though he is obviously lying. Why not scrutinize his intentions, what was his agenda and why he did it at all ?

My request to prove that he really owns the pics was just to show him that this is an impossible thing to do. I could easily send or post his pics at other sites, provide the links and call him a thief. Easy as that. He wouldn't be able to prove the opposite.

Your last post clearly displays that you aren't a neutral observer as you have said. You clearly favour your pal Juice, but that's ok, that what friends are for.

You told us what you think about him and I said what I do think about him. We both have met him, we have different opinions but does it make mine an insult ? Guess calling me an idiot and other names is polite for you. Do you have again double standards ?

Doesn't his recent lie prove that he is a wannabe ?
If not, why did he lie about it ?

Regarding hotels : First, I travel within LOS and do not just stay in those "tourist bubbles" along Sukhumvit and in Pattaya. I also often have a look at the rooms at other hotels. The quality/price ratio or location might be better than at my current hotel. Are you one of those who always stay at the same hotels, visit the same places and do the same things ? How boring, that way you will never learn.

Regarding that Jacko thing : I thought we layed it to rest, didn't we ?
Or do you in fact never learn and start it all over again ?

06-05-05, 13:07
Asian Rain: You are a hairy dude. Did you make her drink the cum off you?
The Traveler: You have met Samus Aran and make a point of going in to his thread to annoy him. Why? He is not an aggressive guy. Your last post also contains insults. You want to be liked and that is not a bad thing.
Juice Spike: He is a clever guy in ways but who is not? He fucks a lot and in a way that shows he is a busy guy. More a whisky drinker than a beer drinker, an open book that way. Easy to tell his character by how he fucks. Here in Japan there is a lady reads fortunes by fellatio.
You are the one who does not get it. I don't give a fuck about your photos or the sites you "stole" them from. Maybe you stole the pics earlier or maybe they removed the dumb sht photo you use as a fig leaf, who cares? When you and Juice Spike were at it, I briefly checked the links and have no intention going back there. It strikes me as odd they robbed only yours but it does not affect our relationship at all.
Your hotels: I meant your hotels in Pattaya, Suk etc not in off beat places. You seem to stay in a lot of them. I go there to fuck women, not to write a hotel guide.
Do you like the German music in Beirgarden? I do. Why do you not fuck German women? I do. Are you afraid of them? I'm not.
Also on several occasions, you have told us you went to places like Isaan but do not tell us any more about your time there. So why tell us you went there?
Jacko can wait.
Regards to your mother.

06-05-05, 14:05

Thanks again for being my number ONE fun but you need not to obsess about me. Don’t worry, I think you are a “cool” guy too. Hope this makes you feel better. :D


The Traveler
06-05-05, 14:16

didn't you just said that you won't reply ?
You seem to be a moody guy, changing so fast. :D

Nevertheless I am willing to answer your questions.

I am travelling to LOS for over 20yrs now and have lived there too. So I have seen many hotels and locations. I also have seen many hotels come and go.

In my old days I liked The Promenade for it's location, close to the scene but in a tranquil and silent soi, but now the rooms are worn down. Same counts for Royal Asia and others. I choose my hotels depending on the purpose of my stay. If I am on holiday I usually choose a hotel in the Suk area like Regency Park, Royal President, Imperial Impala or the Tai Pan but if I am there to do business the Montien or Shangri-La is a better address. It also depends if they offer a promotion package and the like, I already made quite good deals.
Of course, same counts for Pattaya. I also choose my hotel depending on the climate, during the rain season I prefer hotels close to Beach Road for example. That way I can pick a taxi easily and don't get wet. But during the hot season I like to stay at Jomtien, Naklua or somewhere else in the outskirts. It also largely depends on the duration of my stay, if I stay longer I might rent a serviced apartment otherwise just a room in a hotel.

I also used to travel within the country and still do. I drive on my own and only used the public transportation on very rare occasions. As you might remember I own a chopper and also used to own a car. I have been virtually everywhere in LOS and my next trip will be bring me to Chiang Mai via Kanchanaburi, Mae Hong Son, Lampoon, Lampang. I will stop by at the Chian Dao Caves and drive up on Doi Inthanon, the highest spot in Thailand. On my way back I intend to take the route over Tak, Nakhon Sawan, Ayuttaya and Bang Pa In.

I did many similar trips all through Isaan , the North and the South. I sometimes travel alone but mostly with my Thai GFs. So if you have any specific question regarding a certain location feel free to ask.

Back to the pics.
You use the same technique as Juice. As soon as you can't explain something you either change the issue or say nonsense like that they deleted the pic in question, that I stole it long ago or that I have hacked the site.
But all your excuses don't explain why they should have only deleted that single pic and not the whole series or why I should have waited so long to finally post them.
Anyway, why do you think that I am the only one, there are probably hundreds or even thousands like me. Not all might be members here and not all might know which way their pics took. I wouldn't know if Juice wouldn't have pointed to that site. I do not search the web to find pics of TGs, it's a waste of time, I prefer reality. Furthermore you seem to forget that even Crazyswede said that he saw one of his own pics somewhere else.

Regarding SA :
If you read back you will see that I even used to defend SA in the beginning, but then he started to refer to the girls as objects, being less worth than a used kleenex and shit like that. They are human beings and do not deserve to be announced like that. Furthermore it might lead to according treatment. So I decided to oppose him until he used a more civilized language. Go back in history and you will see that my concerns about the correlation between language and treatment of people are not only a mirage.

The rest :
I do not like german music, I fucked german girls besides many other nationalities but I am more attracted by Asians.

Why do you spend your holidays in LOS instead of flying to Germany if you like german girls that much ?

Any other questions ?

At least it honors you somehow that you try to help your friend out of his misery, but why did he lie about it, if it wasn't to look "cool" and being a "master monger" ?

06-05-05, 14:24
Had a great conversation with a friend at BG this afternoon. Then she came along, friendly and a sexy smile... She had a great guffy laugh... Fucked great, nice bj she was very horny ...:D


The Traveler
06-05-05, 14:25

good to hear that I entertain you. I like to make people happy. :D

BTW, do you always say "Go fuck yourself" when being amused ?
If yes, I hope you visit funny shows alone. The people who might accompany you would be ashamed of so bad manners.

P.S. Not much to see on your last pics. Did she have a face and feet ?

06-05-05, 15:38
The Traveler
You told us some time ago you have not fucked a German in very many years. That strikes me as odd simply beause you are German and a self ocnfessed all round good guy.
I only noticed Bill going on about you and the chopper. I find boasting and boasters childish and I regard you as a boaster. I do not understand why you tell us of your journeys if you give no relevant information on them; I asked you about this and you rattle off a number of Thai towns as if anyone gives a fuck. For example, you tell us you cruise through Isaan but as you give no details, why tell us?
Juice Spike is not my friend and I am not defending him. I don't give a fuck how many cheap hookers he fucks or does not fuck. He posted a few skank photos here and you insist on making an issue of it. You go into the SA thread just to provoke and there is no reason for that.
As regards CrazySwede, I don't give a fuck about his photos. The only photos I like are of big titted, slim waisted babes with contacts (or freaks of nature). But I prefer the real thing, in moderation.
There is nothing to fucking hookers and anyone who wants to be "Master Monger" is a sad fucker. Be sober, reasonably polite, pay them and they will fuck you, the older you are, the better. You should know that. I reckon most guys here do not fuck the hookers for the sex but for companionship, something to do, stress relief, a dead end hobby, whatever.
Did I say I like German women? Anyway bye bye for now. And no more asking me to check out that porno site http://disney.go.com/home/today/index.html

Juice Spike: Show us their faces and tits or don't bother. She looked passable.

The Traveler
06-05-05, 22:44

correct, I haven't fucked a white - not only Germans - for a long period of time. But I never said that I have fucked one a short while ago. Read a bit more carefully or do you just try to find something to criticize ?

BTW, there is nothing odd of not having fucked a white for such a long time. I favor Asians, took them with me or had them here back home. You would wonder how many Thai and Vietnamese can be found here. I was even married to a Thai. So no antagonism.

Is it boasting when I say I own a chopper ?
It's not made of gold and there are no diamonds at it. The boasting exists only in your head. A chopper or car is something ordinary to me. If it is something special to you - just as it is for Bill - then it is your prob, not mine.
I bought it because the rented bikes can't be trusted. Maintenance is often quite bad and they are not very reliable. I have had quite bad experiences with rented bikes in the past.

BTW, you are the only one in here who is boasting. Remember your pic of chump change and your constant repetition how wealthy you are ? Who do you try to impress and why ?

What kind of info do you expect ?
Want me to tell you about the buildings at Bang Pa In, need some info about the temples at Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai or do you want me to tell you about the buildings at Phi Mai or Phanom Rung ?
I mostly travel to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and to see the temples and ancient sites. But this is nothing people like to read in here. As I have said earlier, I not only travel to LOS to have sex with someone who has no other options. The TGs are just a nice addition.

I could easily tell you something about the scene in Aranyaprathet, Surin and Sakhon Nakhon, the cafes in Kabin Buri and Buri Ram or the bars in Nong Kai but most of the info will be outdated. If you have been around you should know that it changes fast. Or do you only know Bangkok and hang around Nana and Beergarden, spots that have been there for many years ?

Your question wasn't very specific, it's like I would ask you to tell me something about Japan. I could write a book about LOS and the experiences I have made there but this is not the right place to publish it.

Sure, Juice posted a few skank photos, just as I did. He made an issue out of it and attacked me without being provoked. If you are really a neutral observer why not get back where it started and ask him why he felt the need to act as he did ?

I don't see what SA has to do with the issue, guess you only look for excuses. I only went in when SA referred to the girls as objects or attacked others just because they were older and burlier than him. SA totally lacks of tolerance towards others. I would like to know if he will walk hand in hand at Emporium with a TG when he is old and bald.
Anyway, the SA thread is the offical "throw away section" of this forum. SA doesn't own it, it's Jackson's site. And since SA stopped his rantings I did not interfere with him.

I could also ask you why you used to constantly attack Posterlion, a peaceful and friendly guy, only because you did not like his writing style and the way he lives his life. He doesn't harm anyone, so it is not of your concern.

You seem to have severe problems to understand what I say.
Crazyswede was just an example that other members also suddenly found their pics somewhere else. Nobody said that you should care about them.

Finally we agree, that someone who wants to be a "master monger" is a sad fucker. I wouldn't have used such harsh words, but it describes it quite accurate.

The Traveler
06-05-05, 23:11

let it end here.

There is no additional benefit - if there ever was any - in keep it going.
You will never accept anything I say. Even if I could provide a notarially certified document which proves what I say, you would still look for excuses or run around to find a new issue. So you and Juice do not differ in this aspect.

Juice called me a liar and maybe set it up as retaliation for pointing out that many of his pics are taken out of videos. I proved that he lied and raised the question why he did it. He didn't even dare to try to explain why he lied, knowing that there is no other explanation than the one I gave.

So we all have made our point.
I guess it's enough, do you agree ?

Anyway, you might have noticed that no one else is interested in it, so spare the forum any future comments on that issue.

06-06-05, 05:05

Are you now saying the pics of my videos I stole them?

Anyway, thanks for being my number ONE fan but agian, you need not to obsess with me. Yes, I do think you are a verrry "cool" guy.

As for your inquire of one my recent postings where the head and the feet of the woman were not in the frame of the picture, here is the answer: She did not want her face or feet photographed. Hope this answers your question.

Sir Domino,

I thought I was your monger friend :( Anyway, mongering like you say it can be the biggest waste of time and money. When I read all the shit is written in here I wonder why some take this site so seriously. Jackson has created a great resourceful site for info sharing but I'm sure he is rolling his eyes with some freaks, hackers, husttlers, pimps, posting in here.

I have said it before: most of the useful info about fucking in Thailand has been said 3 or 4 times over. The rest of the stuff here is crap and for fun.


06-06-05, 05:30
Third fucking of the day... this one was special...:)


The Traveler
06-06-05, 07:03

Are you now saying the pics of my videos I stole them?

Anyway, thanks for being my number ONE fan but agian, you need not to obsess with me. Yes, I do think you are a verrry "cool" guy.

As for your inquire of one my recent postings where the head and the feet of the woman were not in the frame of the picture, here is the answer: She did not want her face or feet photographed. Hope this answers your question.


I did not say you stole them. I don't accuse people if I can't prove it, even though some of your posted pictures/stills might indicate that due to view angle and the like. I just pointed out that they were taken out of videos. If it gnaws at your conscience you should ask yourself "why ?".

You tried to damage my credibility and so did I with yours by showing that you lied about those pics. I still don't know why you lied, the only reason I can see is that you wanted us to believe what a "cool" guy you are and that you are the "master monger" of this site. Read below to find out what even Domino thinks about it.

Regarding crap, why not tell us about your motivation why you felt the need to play policeman and started that whole crap ?
Was it because I dared to point out that your photos were taken out of videos, which means you reacted like a "pussy" (that's what you called me back then) ?
I said nothing wrong nor did I did accuse you. You even admitted it, too obvious to see.

Don't worry, I am not obsessed with you, you aren't pretty enough :D

I can understand that she did not want her face photographed even though I never met any girl who had a prob with it, especially when still dressed. But that she objected to photograph her feet is quite unbelievable. Why, did she have deformated feet or any abnormalism ?

06-06-05, 07:47

Thanks, again, for being my number ONE fan. I regards to your "cool" and "master monger" comments, I appreciate your interest to label me but I have to disagree with you... I'm just a guy who fucks a lot, in binges, but don't feel "cool" or a "master monger..." But, it is OK to show your admiration in whatever form of expression you like...:D I have to admit that the binging and random fucking is getting boring and making me tired...

Glad to know you are not obsessed with me... it was starting to look that way so be careful...:D Also, glad to know you like "prettier" men than me.

My motivation for crapping on you? Picking on you.

In regards to my "Busy Sturday" post of two weeks ago which you went crazy over it. My explanation is simple and correct but it is more fun to see you obsssing and using bogus software to hack pictures to prove something. BTW, mediocre hackers reveal their hacking techniques, those who really know "how to" don't bother. You are mediocre. I bet you $1,000.00 USD if you can tell me correctly the camera I use and the setting configurations that are available in that camera for data recording and extraction. Up for it?

Hope I have answered your questions.


06-06-05, 07:53
Lol, I always walk them to the door... the last one was my ex and it was a farewell thing...:D


The Traveler
06-06-05, 19:31

I find discussions with you quite boring.
Not only that your part of the exchange totally lacks any substance, you also ignore arguments and facts which do not fit into your agenda. Furthermore you constantly change the issue as soon as you are loosing ground. Keep focussed.

You are also extremely repetitive, it's part of your tactics to repeat your accusations over and over again until it burns into someones mind. You have done that before, you do it again.
But repeating accusations doesn't make them true, they are still just accusations.

Juice's pics and the fact that he lied about them is the issue, not SA or others.

Anyway, even you have to acknowledge that I never personally attacked SA, this is part of your tactics, not mine. I am not into character assasination, I prefer arguments and facts, not insults and unjustified accusations. I also always differentiated between the real person and the virtual character SA.

SA used to be very provocative against others, who do not share his views or are different from him. His bad wording and total lack of tolerance draw my attention. I found it quite funny that he was proud of the number of visits in "his" thread, the offical "throw away" section of the forum (as Jackson calls it). That was the reason to make fun out of him as he made devaluating comments and fun out of others. You always get what you give. Harm set, harm get.

Why not analyze yourself ?
You did not only lecture Posterlion and criticized his writing style, you also called him a loser, because he is living with a "skank" and has no plan for his life.

Who are you that you dare to set up rules for him and tell him how he should live his life ?

You often remind me of the Crusaders in the mediaeval times. An intolerant fanatic who does not think, ignore facts and who will never learn. You only follow your agenda and everything that does not fit in will be ignored.

Additionally your words do not match your actions. Terry just sampled a few of your contradicting posts.

I have seen guys like you many times, nothing but hot air.
First you threaten me, but when I offer you to meet me, you decline, but later on you try to gather information about me. If you aren't man enough to threaten someone face to face you shouldn't issue threats at all.

Same counts for Juice, he said "Don't push your luck. You don't want to do that."
When I pointed out that he shouldn't say something over the net what he wouldn't tell me face to face and that he should know he is no match for me, he retreated and answered it wasn't meant as a threat. What else ?

I know the internet sometimes has a strange effect on persons, me included.
In real life I avoid trouble by just walking away from it. Friends and family are important, but not a freak who tries to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) at me. Who cares about a barking dog ?

You are a "know-it-all" who hides behind the anonymity of the internet.

You are not stupid, so why not pick up the arguments of your opponent, think about them, reevaluate your position and answer truthfully ? Is it so hard to be honest ?

You and Juice like to play policemen like little kids, but if facts are provided that will blow your "case", you ignore them and have numerous excuses why you can't disprove the provided facts.

Just look at the current issue. I posted a pic that can't be found on that website, but instead of favoring the obvious, that it is my pic, you say it must have been deleted or Juice even assumes that I have hacked the site. Ridiculous !

I - besides a few others - were wondering how Juice was able to find these specific pics in the internet.
I couldn't find any given picture in such a short time, could you ?
I could easily send posted pictures to any other site, provide a link and call you a thief.
That's easy, but I don't foul.
And I hope you don't think that I would be that stupid to take pics from a free site. What for ?
I have posted far over 200 pics and now I should feel the need of stealing 4, what a nonsense.

Haven't you been wondering that his assault came shortly after I pointed out that many of his pics are stills from videos ?
It was nothing but a retaliation for pointing to that fact, he wanted to damage my credibility.

I don't care about his little stories and lies, not important to me. If he has an inferiority complex and needs applause, ok with me.
But knowing him and his little lies, I took the chance to reactivate an old rule : An eye for an eye.

It might be childish, but now we are even.

There is nothing more to say about.

Maybe we are all a couple of roosters with a big ego and small dicks, even though I am quite satisfied with my size, no complains so far. :)
But this is nothing you will ever think about, you live in your very own universe in which you try to play God, setting up rules for others and lecture everybody.
"Black and White" would be the perfect game for you, ask SA if you don't know it.

The Traveler
06-06-05, 20:11
my motivation for crapping on you? picking on you.

in regards to my "busy sturday" post of two weeks ago which you went crazy over it. my explanation is simple and correct but it is more fun to see you obsssing and using bogus software to hack pictures to prove something. btw, mediocre hackers reveal their hacking techniques, those who really know "how to" don't bother. you are mediocre. i bet you $1,000.00 usd if you can tell me correctly the camera i use and the setting configurations that are available in that camera for data recording and extraction. up for it?

hope i have answered your questions.


so you were looking for trouble ?
now you just showed us your real face, you are a trouble maker and that confirms what i said at the very beginning "no one can live in peace if his neighbour doesn't let him". in short, you are responsible for the crap that fills up the last 10 pages of that section.

you call that hacking ?
man, you obviously don't know shit. this is common knowledge, nothing secret about it.
cam model, that's easy. i could also tell you the exposure time, aperture, shutter speed, flash mode, compression, digital zoom, metering mode, white balance and much more about your pics.
it's all in the jpeg file header.

btw, you use a canon powershot sd 100, it's a 3.2 megapixels (effective), 2x optical/3.2x digital zoom, autofocus only, program exposure only, jpeg file format, iso range 50-400, movie mode with sound, the rest can be found on the canon homepage or here http://www.imaging-resource.com/prods/sd100/sd10a.htm

it's called ixus in europe, quite an old model, can't you afford anything better ?
i will pick up the us$ 1,000 when i see you next time in bkk, but i guess you won't keep your word.
you can also hand it over to a friend of mine who lives in bkk, but again, i guess you won't keep your word.
liars keep lying, they can't be trusted.

if your explanation of your "busy saturday" is so simple, why not share it with us ?

remember when sa called everybody being a loser who is taking pics ?
you were the only one who felt the need to insure us immediately, that you delete all your pics instantly.
if it's true, why you take them at all ?
but you forgot to tell us that you take videos too and even edit them to watch them every few months.
jerk off material i guess. that gives a totally different picture, doesn't it ?

it's quite obvious that your "humor" is nothing than a desperate move to draw attention away from the issue. someone who says "go fuck yourself" is definitely not amused. :d

The Traveler
06-06-05, 22:35

photos, no prob.

Another wannabe cool guy, who got his "smart ass" burned :D

06-06-05, 23:05
try brevity; it is the soul of wit. what kind of chopper have you? is it something like the one freeler posted in the sa section? that is the section you enter to shit stir when it is quiet. glad terry troll can now fuck rabbits. maybe you will help him graduate to other little animals eventually;) btw, what type of camera did you use to snap the ****d girls you molested? do you know if digital camera prints have been used in courts yet as evidence? i wonder if jacko is also a camera freak.
as regards threats: i will have you arrested when we meet. you fuck children, remember (that's plural). terry troll is a pathetic case, a self confessed and self proven moron, the wsg's resident idiot.

reading your latest pics. so you into naked boys bums as well as your other perversions. (there is an old afghan marching song which compares little boys' bums to succulent peaches; perhaps you are familiar with it). you have been too long in thailand. try a normal woman next time, from germany. there must be at least one, besides your mother, who will have you.

06-07-05, 03:07
Thanks for being my numbe ONE fan... I wonder one thing: are you posting pictures of men asses to tells us something about yourself (a F slip...)? Your sexual orientation? Remember this site is for finding woman... Hint.

Regarding my camera: Wrong! It's a Sony...You owe me 1kUSD :D

Regarding the pictures you stole then you posted in here: 2 members sent me the links and I just posted them... BTW by bringing this up again and again you continue to ruin your already shady reputation...

Regarding my "Busy Saturday..." I don't have to explain myself to you and it's more fun to see you get weird about it. Get it? In fact no one else in here gives a fuck and neither do I...:D Actually, a couple of guys PM me asking clarification and I told them and they laugh their ass off... at you...:D

Hope I have answer all your questions. Consider stopping obsessing and leave this section for pictures....


06-07-05, 03:50
Lol... hmm... maybe if the stalker keeps on stalking someday he will have the tables turned on him and that he will not like...worsed than being picked on for being a nuance to the board...:D

Happy 1,000. Hope many more to come...


The Traveler
06-07-05, 19:14

you are so predictable.

Having nothing at hand you again turn to a new (old) issue. That's poor.

It's amazing, you decline to meet me but tell us that you have me arrested when we will meet. :)
Anyway, how do you want to manage that ?
Will you provide faked evidence just as Juice did ?

As I said, discussions with you are boring.
Surprise me, only once :D

The Traveler
06-07-05, 19:15

since you seem to have some interest in my chopper i will tell you a little bit about it.
but please don't ask me for pics, want to peep at the license plate ? :d

it's a honda magna vf 750, quite an old model, nothing special though, but well maintained.
i made several modifications to it, so it will be more convienient when travelling long distances.

i know you expected a harley davidson or a gold wing, but i choosed it for practical reasons, not to show off.
when i bought it over 10yrs ago, the magna could be found virtually all over thailand, therefore spare parts are available everywhere in case of a break down.

any other questions ?
feel free to ask.

The Traveler
06-07-05, 19:19

I knew that you wouldn't keep your word. Have a short look at the attached screenshot, the file header of your posted pics proves that these pics were taken with a Canon Powershot SD100.

So did you steal them or do you lie again ?

You are really a sad existence.
Now you claim support by your ever present imaginary - and of course anonymous - members who PM you.

Are these the same ones who decided to inform policeman Juice out of a sudden that they have seen my pics on that website, of course BEFORE you decided to picking on me ?
Do they refer to you as the new public authority of this forum ?
What about Jackson, is he informed about your new role in here ?

Why not let us all laugh and tell us about your reason to lie about those pics ?

But please don't try to say that you have set it up because you expected me to pick up on it.
That doesn't sound very authentic, you didn't know that I can access the info stored in the file headers, in fact you didn't even think of it. You even called it hacking :)

You have been caught lying again. Accept it and learn to live with it.

The Traveler
06-07-05, 19:20
Choir Boys,

this section is for posting pics, not crap like this.
Why not let's move that shit where it belongs, in SA's section the offical "trash can" of this forum ?

There we will have enough space for your pals Mr. B... and Mr. F...... in case the might decide to join in. :D

06-07-05, 20:37
Now you act as if you owned and run this forum. Arrogant. At least you stopped posting pictures of dead women and men.

And, why you insist to be a hacker and know it all when you cannot hack yourself out of beginners computer class?


Jaimito Cartero
06-07-05, 20:42
At last! The boys have thier own sandbox. Go at it!

06-07-05, 22:23
THANK YOU GOD. ( I mean, Jackson)

06-08-05, 00:44
Greetings everyone, I have created a new thread titled Domino vs The Traveler vs JuiceSpike specifically for these three gentlemen to engage in their ongoing discussion without cluttering up the photo section.
This is not quite right of course, except I (The Good) have not many problems with Juice Spike (TB), his propensity to put his prick in most of his photos apart.
The Traveler (TU):
Could you please explain to us your type of woman? If you are such a hot shot, why do you go to places like Biergarten so much? I feel you need to be loved and that it might be something to do with your ex wife. I feel you are stuck in time and cannot move on. Maybe this bird can help?

Jackson obviously deleted a lot of the posts. But who is Mr B-- and Mr F------? Bill and Freeler? To the best of my knowledge, they are not friends of Juice Spike. You are a little school boy needing attention and love. Rergards to your mommy,who loves you deeply.

JC: I don't like your attitude, sniggering when teacher Jackson throws the three of us out of the class. Next time you are having a cigarette behind the bicycle shed, watch out:)
(On behalf of the Three Amigos)

Coma Boy
06-08-05, 11:59
So let me get this straight- Domino and Traveler argue as to whether Traveler is a paedo, Juice and Traveler argue about whether Juice's photos are taken with a Sony or a Canon and whether Juice rides three chicks per day, and whether Traveler steals photos from other web-sites, and Terry Terrier and Domino fight over [CodeWord105] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord105) and knowledge of Northern England and so on...

And now all three are locked in this rusty cage together, hopefully accompanied by a dwarf (for D), three girls (for JS) and a chick with ID and photo-software (for T).


06-08-05, 14:53
Coma Boy, nobody's really locked up here. Jackson just made a special place for them to take their discussion, out of the other threads. It's different from what happened to SA, where he was exiled completely to a seperate thread. They can still post in the other threads. SA is stuck in his own thread. :(

06-08-05, 15:01

You said: "Traveler is a paedo"

Needless to say that I totally agree. And so does he. He announced his preference himself - and then defended it!

Damn, it's easy to start an argument:D!

Juice, Domino,

How's living with the new tenant:D?

06-08-05, 16:27
This feels like a mixture of WWF and getting fucked out of class. I got thrown out of class for nothing;). WWF as I have to make threats to Muppet head as part of the act. Here is a photo of Terri Toilet and Chopper Man. It even has a Dickhead in it to keep Juice Spike happy. Tweedledum from the CR board helped me.

Fucker: Thanks for your PM. I am happy enough here in the Photo wing with the other 2 musketeers and, though plenty more should be sin binned, we are happy enough here. My ambition, as well as saving the world, ending world poverty, winning the Mr Universe contest and fucking 45 skanks a day and posting their photos with little techie tricks to annoy you know who, is to make this thread as popular as that of Samus Aran, whose wise words I miss. But I have a major disadvantage as Top Gun is here and who would want to visit him? Maybe he will rescue us all with his chopper and we can fly away to Neverland?:(
Keep up the good work in Thai General. TT is rooting for you;)

Coma Boy
06-08-05, 20:39
They can still post in the other threads. SA is stuck in his own thread.Was Samus banned from other threads? Wow, what was his crime to deserve that? Must've been before my time.

Coma Boy
06-08-05, 20:42

You said: "Traveler is a paedo"
Well, yes, but no. I thought that Traveler accidentally went paedo and y'all were jumping on him because you wanted to.

Hey, I don't know about all that, but it's funny that those three are bound and gagged in a threesome thread of their own.

Free to sneak out into other threads yet still having to sleep in the same room.

Two Germans, a Yank, 90 degrees and no air-con.

06-08-05, 21:01
pretty boy: when you were pretty baby, samus, me, gladiator, seydlitz etc used to shoot the breeze. samus, then known as z_leda used to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) people off calling the skanks the choir boys fucked and came over skanks. because he hit a sore spot, he was always in trouble with head teacher, mr grateful dead lover, the one with the dry sense of humor, mr jackson, who blue inked him on a very regular basis and expelled him from wsg high on several occasions. then, having tamed down his posts, sa met the traveler and a few other trolls and later, with terry toilet and a few others, attacked him with no provocation. any more questions just ask. but i can't write the wsg history just now. here is a photo of my dick to show you what **** boy is up against.

jackson: if you are reading this, i am a prisoner of conscience and should not be locked up here with these villians. i am writing to amnesty international and others with a view to having you prosecuted for this unjust crime against me. i demand to see a solicitot, but not one who is a choir boy

ps: juice spike: mine is bigger than yours.

06-08-05, 21:27
:eek: :eek: :eek:


Thanks for the bullshit thread ...:)

Coma Boy
06-08-05, 21:40
here is a photo of my dick to show you what **** boy is up against.

jackson: if you are reading this, i am a prisoner of conscience and should not be locked up here with these villians. i am writing to amnesty international and others with a view to having you prosecuted for this unjust crime against me.

nice dick, but, of course, mine is even bigger.

domino, you're correct- your detainment is in serious breach of the geneva convention. you are being unfairly treated, and jackson could find himself in trouble at the hague if he is not careful. the geneva convention clearly states that each pow is allowed at least two dwarves for company, and having terry terrier pissing through the bars of your cell is without doubt both inhumane and barbaric.

this is truly a cruel and unusual punishment.


06-08-05, 21:51

"Was Samus banned from other threads? Wow, what was his crime to deserve that? Must've been before my time."

Hahaha, Coma is a newbie, nananana-nah:D.

Anybody, except Juice, dl the new Coldplay album yet?


"Two Germans"
Two Germans? Who might the 2nd one be in your valued opinion?

06-08-05, 22:02
Pretty Boy: This will be a well run wing with majority rule, ie me and Juice outvote Tom Hanks. If Terry Toilet really needs to visit to be mouth fucked by TT, he should do it on their time, not ours, He is not welcome.

ps: all women are the same upside down
pps: TT is very quiet in the padded cell down the end. Maybe he topped himself:):):)
ppps: if you do come visit, watch your back as TT like you and might want to put a tail on you;)

Terry Terrier
06-08-05, 22:27
Coma boy

The Poster Who Enjoys The Company Of Little Boys (aka Domino) told you that I attack Samus. He is confused as usual. SA in Thailand is a jokey, throwaway thread, and Samus is a natural comic talent. The Eminem of WSG, a poster who spends a little of his spare time avvin a bit of a laff winding up a few people on a specialist message board.

I have tried to explain this to Domino on several occasions, but entering Dominoworld is like walking onto the set of 'One flew over the cuckoo's nest' as enacted by Fred Karnow's Circus.

I see that Domino is incapable of keeping the bullshit out of other threads less than 24 hours after Jackson's gentlemanly, polite quarantine. What must Jackson make of it? How much goodwill gained in a former existence has Domino left to use up?

I don't know how often you check that web email, CB, but expect some anti-scouser nonsense sometime soon.

btw, the thought keeps crossing my mind when I look at your photo sets: Do you shave your hands?

Joe Zop
06-08-05, 22:32
Unfortunately I predict this will quickly become the most pointless thread (beyond its already pointless, though necessary, existence, of course) on WSG, since none of the principals will feel they at all belong here, because of course it's the other guys who are misbehaving. The rest of us can only dream that these conversations will take place here as opposed to anywhere/everywhere else, and that any of the similar conversations begun elsewhere will actually migrate here.

But don't stop now, guys, please! You've got a sandbox designed just for pissing in!

And Freeler, I'm listening to it now... I think "White Shadows" is my favorite so far...

Terry Terrier
06-08-05, 22:43
Freeler and JZ

In the UK, Coldplay are categorised as 'Indy music for bed-wetters', or 'Radiohead-lite'.

Joe Zop
06-08-05, 23:13
well, i like radiohead regular strength, but they don't put out albums often enough for my tastes. as far as the bed-wetters thing, i'm not one to take my critical direction from anything other than my own tastes, which are fairly peripatetic, but what is this thing you got with [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109)? (and i'm just kidding, as i realize i started it with my last message ;) )

Terry Terrier
06-08-05, 23:33

it's a kind of self-parody. domino isn't going to stop repeating his lies about my behaviour, so i might as well play along. after all, it's not like i'm spending my mongering time in los accompanying **** boys, is it?

isn't contemporary music great? it's like consensual adult sex. we can argue about them both all day long. but, in the end, it all boils down to personal taste. except for the killers. there is no excuse for that insipid drivel.

06-08-05, 23:54

Exactly, this will be the pointless post central. But, if you think about it, mongering is pointless. Although we all get the rush and the thrill (I hope you guys do...) in the end it is to me a waste of time and money too. The hobby still fun and in moderation it's like having a good meal (sometimes) or a great workout session with sensations...:D

So welcome to the pissing room. And I hope certain individuals will not lose their sense of humor...


Parachute was a good album. The second had 2 or 3 good songs and the new one is...I'm still listening.

Member #2001
06-09-05, 00:51
Nice place for you all to argue about.........what ever

06-09-05, 02:23
This will be my last post in this thread.

This is addressed to all and sundry, except the 3 mouse-quetaires.

Why are you all adding fuel to the fire? 2 people who belong here revel in controversy. You (including myself), were fed up with the argument going on in the photo thread. Now that arguments between these 3 are in a little sandbox, where they can duke it out, without having to bother other people, you add lame comments. Do you want this to become another stupid, worthless SA thread? Do you wonder why he has not posted in weeks? (He was actually logged in today, but had nothing interesting to say, why does that not surprise me? )

If you all ignore this thread, leave it alone, I for one, will not even bother reading it, as I skipped 90% of the Juice / Trav “my dick is longer than yours” contest, then it will go away.

Keep adding your dumb ass comments, and what do you get, a bunch of dumb asses.

Respond all you want, this is what these 3 want, though, as mentioned above, I won’t read it, as I won’t open this thread again.

I read and participate in several threads, all in SE Asia, and the LOS board is by far the worst. I mean, there is just no comparison.

JMHO, and good luck to you all.

06-09-05, 02:37
Hello, Jesus Christ here, sandwiched between the good monger (JS) and the other guy.
Terry Toilet: I read your two latest identical posts on the other threads. You have nothing to contribute. Just open your mouth when you want a a skank to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) in it or TT to mouth fuck you. Otherwise, silence is like your showers, golden. You still have no credibility, whether talking about Thailand or the red light districts of your own country. Even 1ball wants you to fuck off.

1ball: I hate to disagree with you. SA's advice was actually worthwhile and some recent posters, in the Indonesian board, I think could profit by it. There are issues involved in long term cross cultural relatios - living in Asia I probably know quite a bit about it - and though I wish the guy all the best, I do feel it will be an uphill fight for him.
Controversy and disagreement can be good - if it gets someone to change their mind or reconsider their position. I know you were referring to the other two but just look at how the AW has changed for the better in recent weeks, with people arguing positively over actual cases instead of bad mouthing their ex wives.
There are a few trolls around, it is true and let's hope you do persuade them to leave but let's not worry about them and party on.
JS: How was your cell last night? Any big titted visitors? Nihilism and the Clash are ok but in small doses. Freeler can sure come up with the links. ow if he could only get us a file, we might do The Great Escape.

Is it a bird? Is it a man? No, its TT in his chopper!

So, Juice Spike, as The Traveler is not coming out to play, why do you think mongering is as you describe it? I think very few guys here fuck for the sex. I think companionship is more important, certainly in places like LOS; so too is stress relief, just to work off stress (when Hitler and his cronies were shitting themselves in the bunker as TT's family and the Soviets approached, aparently there was lots of sex going on there. )
Also, here is a very strange but true one. I knew a 30 + year old guy who was mentally retarded from birth and had the mental age of a 12 year old. He was big time into nuns (real ones in black) and shiny black leather stuff. There is no way he read it in a book or saw porno or was told about it but he became a sexual predator in those circumstances and had to be physically restrained from attacking sexually nuns or other ladies in black.

Any ideas?

06-09-05, 02:43
... apparently too much wheat.

Is Thailand too much? Seems so.


06-09-05, 05:09
just slopped out my cell and asked the screw to pass it along to terry for a treat and to show there are no hard feelings. here is a book tom hnaks might like. it is about a guy who [CodeWord124] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord124) and kills 15 year old girls. true story.

Coma Boy
06-09-05, 05:21
dear freeler- i thought both d and tt were german. when will you learn to use the quote function correctly? notice you posted at about 4am, was this a late night or another ridiculously early rise?

dear domino- i've seen that one-legged skater, he's a cnx local. attacking nuns now eh? good work.

dear terry- you really should get into [CodeWord101] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord101), after all you already have the reputation for it. i'd love to try it but not quite yet. and yes, well spotted, i do sometimes get carried away with a mach 3. i never have manicures though, am a biter.

dear 1ball- bet you read this.

dear juice- have found a way to get you out of there. sneak out to the exercise yard at exactly 3:44am on sunday and await my signal. bring condoms, if jackson was kind enough to provide them.

06-09-05, 05:51
It is strange the amount of white guys with one leg ones sees in LOS. Ex vets a lot of them, I guess. I am thinking primarily of around Mike's Mall.
That is a true story about the retard and the nuns. There must be something in it. I asked Mistress, this East European psycho Mistress I fuck, about it. She has good insights into weak men but she is a retard too.
You also seem to know CM pretty well. How many of the ex pats there are into heavy duty fucking? And are many hill tribe ladies selling their pussies?

Coma Boy
06-09-05, 06:37
You also seem to know CM pretty well. How many of the ex-pats there are into heavy-duty fucking? And are many hill tribe ladies selling their pussies?Have been based there about three/four years. Before that was living in BKK (and beaches) for about four years. Moving back to BKK soon as I seem to be here a lot, and prefer it here.

Anyway, yes, CNX has plenty of heavy-duter fuckers, although a lot of non sex tourists also, but most expats are here for the same thing. Many bars girls and brothel chicks are from the hills, mostly Akha and Lisau, and it is normally easy enough to pick up mountain chicks wherever else you meet them. Although I haven't been with any of the black-toothed traditional costume street-hawkers yet.

Akha (and probably Lisau) culture involves pre-marital sex, and plenty of it. Unfortunately missionaries are trying to destoy Akha culture; missionaries suck!

06-09-05, 08:59
If the point was so important, getting and assembling facts, we would spend our lives reading phone books. But pointlessness gives us other things to do, and, in quiet moments, to contemplate on. 1000 views so far. Not bad for a crock of shit:)

06-09-05, 14:26

You mention a very interresting point: time on WSG.
When I post I seem to get 'any time', but when I check back later it is 'my time'. My time is 5 hours behind Thai time. Your 4am means my 11pm.
Here, another great mystery solved on WSG.
Quotes: I know how to copy and paste (cntr+C-->cntr+V), no need for space wasting quotation windows.

Is anybody going to say 'congrats' on my latest 1,000th post, the third time I believe? Or are you quite fed up with these milestones?


Just ask for the link, pms are free (gratis!) and stop your jealous yabbing!
Remember you asked me to send you this one: www.markta.co.uk/flash/dogs.swf :D

PS I'll be having a privat party to celebrate the magic 1000th, next month, in the company of Ms. Big Ass, Ms. Mother of Hoes and one more freak yet to determine.

06-10-05, 03:22
Well, I guess it will be me. Congrats, Freeler. I'll barfine a Beach Road skank for you if we ever meet in Pattaya. You have to pay her tip, though.

06-10-05, 20:15
Congrats Freeler!!!

Welcome to the Mile High Club!:)

06-13-05, 09:29
sa was eavesdropping on some low life complaining to his buddy that he has bought this thai hooker everything to win over her love and set her free from the bar scene.
sa has not witnessed any of you mongers actually parade around any girl that was worth a first glance.
most of you guys need to put leashes on your dates.
and, the photo section is just more evidence that some of you guys have got some real bad taste. where do you find these skanks? do you actually go from bar to bar in search for the dog ugliest hooker in thailand? sa

1. the bar and the skank. oh well.
2. nor have you witnessed any skank taking an inform speedo freak worth a glance unless you saw me. samus, have pity on the ugly fuckers who post here.
3. some of us do put leashes on their dates and treat them like hired dogs.
4. photo section: as the skanks don't have sites showing the unwashed animals they have to sleep with for a few baht, i wonder what they would make of this site.

i hope to be in nana soon, watching the dregs of europe and america fornicate with the dregs of thailand. i intend having a tea party, using the skanks for furniture but not as a tea pot as that is the golden boy's gig. we need cages for these "people" not just leashes. freak shows belong in cages, freaks on leashes.
you will notice this bs thread has now as many hits as the faqs which le fucker with freeler's help;0 is going to update. iron mike says he is retiring. he also claimed he could fill madisson square garden by masturbating. same same as the photo section. people like admiring freaks.
i reckon 90% of members are just here to jerk off to the photos when the commericals for desperate housewives are on.
some bs photos: monkeys, farangs and their boyfriends praying to buddha for a hard on, some other stuff to amuse the choir boys.
the traveler: if you are still alive, i would like to ask you why the katoeys you are firnedly with are prostitutes and not stand over merchants, given their prowess at kick boxing. however, i understand if you are sulking. and i do hope you find true love.

06-13-05, 14:35
Here are some ugly skanks. The faces have been covered to protect their innocence. Most were Pattaya/Korat bargirls/bottom feeders.
I hope the last post did not offend. Hope to meet some of the nicer and more genteel mongers in LOS soon. Maybe we can do vaginal examinations on these ladies or shove rubber ducks up their pussies. Some day, we wil find a way to clone pussies and then these unfortunate women will have to earn a living a different way. Here in Japan, they have rubber dolls that cost more than a small run around car. More mileage on them though, I hear.

06-13-05, 14:45
Many of these skanks will be famous one day. Fuck them gently, treat them with respect and don't be a cheap Charlie. These ladies were all $1,000 a night, once upon a time.

06-15-05, 03:08
I am surprised. This thread started out strong, and just died out. Well, I wanted to ask all the characters involved, what is your age? I was thinking about the topics that were argued about and was trying to visualize each person involved. Perhaps a difference in age would explain some of the differences in opinion. I don't know. Just thinking. To get it started, I am in the 30-40 age group, and I am originally from the USA. Next???

06-15-05, 16:21
why are you surprised. once the audience is gone (this being a new thread and not the photo section) what is left to talk about an inane topic like who is the liar, **** ad nauseam (sp?).

look at the sa section. how much can one talk about the 3 fs. that has already died.

just goes to prove that all these discussions were nothing but hot air with no substance and relevance to this forum.

The Traveler
06-19-05, 05:37

I agree and was ashamed that Jackson felt the need to create a section for crap like that. Therefore I decided to ignore Domino and Juice from now on.

This section is a Hall of Shame, nothing else. But take a look at their posts, no regrets, no shame or remorse. They just don't get it. Domino was even proud of it, what a sad character.

Both feel entitled to play policeman and judge. This is Jackson's site, he sets the rules and if they believe that anything does violate his rules they are free to report it to him. He might decide what to do, it's not on them to decide (and constantly violating Jackson's rules themselves).
If they don't like it that way, they may leave at any time.

Both stand for the bad attitude of the Thai forum. I had a few guys sending me questions via PM just because they don't wanted to get bashed by freaks like them for asking "stupid" questions a newbie might ask or which might collide with "their rules". Now we are at a point where people are scared to ask legimate questions just because a few freaks jump on everything and everybody. This is not what this forum was intended for.

Domino and Juice should reset the size of their ego matching the size of their dicks.
We all would be much happier then.

06-20-05, 14:48
You are a self-righteous prick. In one sentence you say you will “ignore” me then in the next one you call me a “freak” and a “policeman.” You are a hypocrite. You are self-righteous to cast yourself as having nothing to do with what you call “hall of shame” as if you are above it all. Yet, you post pictures of a dead woman, and a man’s ass. Who is the freak? Yet, you go around hacking pictures from other sites to post in here. Yet, you are a forum rule breaker as much as anybody else in here. You have an inferior complex and anything that is a threat to your small ego you criticize in others. You are transparent and weak in character.

You think you know it all but I have yet to see a post where you really have an opinion, or post your true experience or have something useful to say about your “20” years going to Thailand. You are good at providing some facts about Thailand’s weather, addresses, phone numbers for hotels, hospitals, etc. Good, all damn questions should be addressed to you via PM. You go around the threads correcting people and ending almost every post with a question, a smirk on your face to entice argument not a discussion. You earn trust not manipulate it.

You are paranoid to think that me and Sir Domino are after you. Your own insecurity is what at the end of the day gets you and when you see no way out you whine about how others are out to "get you." When you don’t agree with other poster’s experiences and opinions you inferior complex shines in suggesting those people should leave the board as if you have a “special” entitlement to what you think the board should be like.

Let's see if you will keep your word and ignore me. I will bet you will not because you never seem to practice what you preach. If you do ignore me I will be shocked and take back this challenge. Prove me wrong…. :D


06-20-05, 16:29
Domino and Juice should reset the size of their ego matching the size of their dicks.
Juice Spike: The Traveler says he will ignore you. Please check out his dumb ass replies to you in the Thai Women section and his equally silly attempts to link me to pm attacks on Crazy Swede. His tombstone will have a number, the number of Thai skanks he fucked and who fucked him.
You mention in the Thai women section it is important to have a wingman when meeting Thai skanks for the first time. I disagree as:
1. depends on the wingman and I certainly would not want certain individuals giving me advice and fucking up my plans.
2. Many losers are on auto destruct anyway and cannot be helped. Several posters, including Skinless, Tapioca and PurplenGold posted transcripts bearing this out.
3. The skanks will fuck 5,000 guys without thinking but when the juicy morsel comes into their cross hairs, they wil lick their licks, lick his dick and suction his wallet. There is a traveler born every minute.
Pity there are only three of us here and not four or we could do Connect 4.
btw, guess who is well ahead on the number of posts? our own friend, necroboy.

06-20-05, 16:38
I did not mean to have a wingman to meet hookers...LOL...:D What I meant in that post was this: It is good to have other things to do in Thailand besides fucking around, either have friends or things to do like...well, everybody has their own agendas...:D And, yup there are a few guys out there on a self destruction path and they will definately find it in Thailand. Good luck to them.

Yes, there is a sucker born every minute... And worse, there are suckers who were born a long time ago and still a sucker. :confused:


06-20-05, 16:40
Domino, I think he meant you should have a wingman to do things other than chasing pussy. Wingman for playing golf, drinking some beer (in a non-p4p place), hanging out, etc. I wouldn't want another dude hanging around me when I am picking up chicks as he might screw up my negotiations, or worse, he might pick up the girl I wanted.

08-06-05, 16:06
If the point was so important, getting and assembling facts, we would spend our lives reading phone books. But pointlessness gives us other things to do, and, in quiet moments, to contemplate on. 1000 views so far. Not bad for a crock of shit:)I know that bed anywhere is it the lk apartments on 2nd road?