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01-01-04, 02:00
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01-01-04, 04:15
LBM, Lee Bog,

Thanks for info and the trouble! Much appreciated!


01-01-04, 05:12
I might get into some trouble for saying this. I was wondering if there was a way to meet an outstanding girl in Thailand. I am going there of course for the great prices. I would though spend around 5000-7000 baht for an incredible LT secession, with a very, very hot asian girl with a body like Pam Anderson (implants and all) and a sexual hunger that matches. Just for one night, a special treat. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Also what clubs have the hottest girls. I will visit the sw's for deals while there (st), but now and again want LT with stunning girls.

I am a good looking guy (32) and get alot of good looking asian girls in Canada's asian city of Vancouver (half is asian), so spending more for quality is not a problem.

I am thinking of hitting Pattaya in early Feb. for a couple of weeks. Is this a good time to go?

If there is anyone out there who thinks they would click with me and want's to hang out there let me know. I'm going alone and would love to have some friends to party with.

01-01-04, 13:15
Has any of you ever get a "moluscum contagium" ? This is a kind of little shits that have been growing on my pubic (not the organs so far) and can become red and itching. According to the doctor I have seen in this Pattaya hosptital, it is not very serious but quite persistent and contagious. So I got that for Chrismas from one of the cuties here. Sweet isn't it ? The doctor suggests a curage but I have not yet decided what to do. It seems that cream is not very efficient. Any experience of that ? Thanks.

01-01-04, 13:20
Happy new year to anyone in Pattaya and eslse where anyway...

01-01-04, 17:19

I don't know of any place you could spend 5,000-7,000 baht for one girl. Thats more like a monthly rental! There are a few very hot girls at go-go bars like Living Dolls, Peppermints, and several others I can't think of right now, but they'll only run you maybe half what you're talking about spending. Or anyway that is what I've heard - I would never waste money like that. But as for 'sexual hunger', keep in mind that will probably not be available, or will be faked. Don't get your hopes up regarding performance of the real lookers - they know they're in demand and don't really need to offer exceptional service. One thing you learn in Thailand is never to look for anything too specific - just wander around and if something catches your eye, grab her and do her. There's always another one tomorrow night.


I once had something like what you describe, painless little sores that promptly went away. Though mine never itched or anything like you describe. Lasted less than a week. If I were you I'd just wait a while and see what happens. I suppose the itching suggests it could also be herpes - if so there's nothing you can do about that.

Joe Zop
01-01-04, 19:04
Moluscum Contagiosum is a very specific infection, believed to be a combination of a virus and a fungus, and while it's often seen as an STD it can be spread in other ways as well. (Kids get it from swimming pools, for example.) Supposedly can take years to get rid of if not treated properly, as even if you get rid of the symptoms (the little lesions or pimples) it can still stay in your system and recur six months later.

Some good baseline info at http://www.molluscum.com, though I make no representations on the "cure" they offer.

01-01-04, 20:02

Thanks for information. I know that's alot to spend. I was considering going to SA before I decided on Thailand. The reports on SA are that in alot of the countries you can get models and television actress's through certain agencies for 300-400 usd. Was just curious if there was a similar service in Thailand. Your response was fine with me, I enjoy the hunt more then anything. Happy New Year to all.

01-01-04, 20:23

This should not be considered a attack on you. But this as been discussed before in the Thailand forum. You can be handsome, ugly, big or small, young or old, and it will not make too much of a difference in the LOS. Everyone in general in a handsome man!

Before you start thinking about putting out that kind of money, I personally suggest you start by reading some of the previous posting and get a idea what you need to pay!

In the end I think if you play your cards right and treat the girls well and still use the 3F"S, you will find that you dont have to shell out that kind of money. I don't believe that paying more is going to get you more in this case. This is not like your buying a pair of shoe.


01-01-04, 21:10
Nailr - 5000B (OK, maybe it takes the whole 7000 for that level of female companionship) will get you a ssssttttunner (knock your socks off stunner) for 2 days INCLUDING barfine. Don't go jacking up prices, EH?! (no matter what it costs in YVR!!)

To paraphrase Dorothy "Nailr, I don't think we're in Canada anymore, eh."

01-01-04, 21:13
Joe - "swimmer's itch"

ChiMan II
01-02-04, 05:54

I wish you luck. With what you want to pay. Thailand girls are going to eat you alive. No offense.

Walter BKK
01-02-04, 09:06
Win is a dancer at one of the go-go bars in Pattaya. She expertly provided BBBJ and FS. I enjoyed DATY. Total cost was 700 baht for her and 400 baht for bar fine. I barfined her 3 or 4 times.

01-02-04, 09:18

Baht 5000+ is too much for Pattaya as far as I know. If you are looking for high priced girls like Models or girls which has appeared on local magzines, look into Bangkok Massage Parlour section of this forum. I have seen some reports of some Plaza Enetertainment Complex in Bangkok where price is B 4,700 for models like girls. Some time I heard that some girl you have to book a day in advance.

Enjoy your way...


Happy New Year to all the fella mongers.
I wish you get more & more horney, hot & tight pu.ssies thru out in this new year & cum a lot. Pattaya shall flood with your cum & girls juice. LOL

Enjoy ....

01-02-04, 09:51
Spent a night checking out Pattaya there were lots of Russian tourists including couples and singles. I believe a bold clever stud may actually be able to pull a decent looking Russian girl.

I strolled down soi 6 where there are countless beer bars. Most of the Thai girls trying to lure me in for a beer didn't look good enough to interest me. I did see one cutie and I asked her how much was the bar fine and was told 300B she then replied that she had a boyfriend and could not go.

Walking down the Oceanside sidewalk brings one to all sorts of free lance girls hanging about, most of which are average to rank and most of which will go short time for 500B.

01-02-04, 18:44

I have also seen the many hot Russian babes in Pattaya, but don't think much of my chances with them. I'd like to find the Russian prostitutes that are supposedly in Pattaya. Does anyone know where to fine some?

01-03-04, 06:02
What's with all these Farang children all around the Walking Street at 1 AM?
What kinda parenting is this?
So Walking street has become a genuine family retreat?
Anyway I was bit surprised to see many children milling about the gogos and beer bars all over pattya, late at night.

01-03-04, 06:40
OK forget the high priced girls, I was just wondering if they existed. I was looking for Heidie Fleis porn stars at Walmart prices.

I am a big fan of anal sex, not into lady boys though. I was wondering how common it is in Pattaya. I was hoping to spend 500 a day on short time and 1500 a day on long time. Would I have to spend more on anal for these girls? I was hoping to not ask but just go for it, maybe a 30% chance of it happening without extra cost...is that a fair estimate? If it is extra cost, how much should I expect to spend? What are the best ways to go about finding this?

I appreciate the input from you guys, I will be there Feb 1st. Like to talk with some guys who will be there at the same time.

01-03-04, 06:51

Those are the Russians and they are quite a bit more liberal in sexual values than Americans so they take their wife and kids on a holiday where they are surrounded by go-go's beer bars and streetwalkers.

01-03-04, 10:56

You're right Walking Street is wall to wall people these days, and many young children out very late at night. The below photo was shoot after midnight on the first of January and as you can see no room to even move on the street.


01-03-04, 11:03
Walter BKK,

You wrote:

"Win is a dancer at one of the go-go bars in Pattaya. She expertly provided BBBJ and FS. I enjoyed DATY. Total cost was 700 baht for her and 400 baht for bar fine. I barfined her 3 or 4 times."

I thought I knew all the Go Go Bars in Pattaya, which Go Go Bar has a 400 baht bar fine? Win looks more like a beer bar girl than a Go Go Club dancer? I know some second rate want a be clubs like FLB offer 400 baht bar fines, but no one could ever call FLB a Go Go bar, it is a second rate beer bar with A/C at best.


01-03-04, 19:56

Molluscum is a minor infection, I had it some time ago.

The best way to get rid of the bumps is by freezing them off, which is what the doctor did in my case. Then they dissapear in about 2 weeks or so, even though you may get new ones in other parts of your body in the following weeks, but as soon as you see them go to the doctor and freeze them off. The freezing is not painful.

It's very important not to touch the bumps, not even with the towel after showers as that's the way they spread to different parts of the body.

There's nothing to worry about molluscum as they are easily treated and cause no further problems.

If you have any question let me know, but do it in the STD section of the forum.

01-03-04, 20:56
I have a question. I have a friend who says she went to Pattaya the night of December 31th with some friends to celebrate the New Year. They susposedly left Bangkok at 9PM by taxi. They had planned to get a taxi that same night to return to Bangkok but could not find one and had to spend the night in Pattaya instead.

My question is, how hard was it to find a taxi for Bangkok that night? How long did the festivities last and would they have been heading back by 1AM or 3AM?

Thanks for any and all information.

01-03-04, 21:48

I could see how this could have happen. Very few metered taxis are in the City of Pattaya. You can always find Baht Buses but you would not want to take one all the way to Bangkok. And most metered taxis are not around the beach/Walking Street Area, so they could have been busy. But what is more likely is your friends didn't know were to look.

The Go Go Bars stayed open until 6 or 7 am, or until they ran out of girls. Living Dolls Showcase closed around 3:00am with no girls left after taking in over 240,000 baht for the night. The sister club Living Dolls closed at 7:00am and took in about 175,000 baht for the night. So your friends could have stay in the clubs all night if they want.

I believe they stayed more by choice than the lack of transportation.


01-03-04, 22:31
Thanks SexReview,

When I was in Pattaya last year, I don't remember seeing a lot of taxis but I did see a lot of signs for taxis to Bangkok (800 baht). Would it have been very difficult for one of these agents to arrange a taxi to Bangkok the night of the Dec. 31th/Jan 1st?

They say they stayed in a hotel but neither she nor her friend remembers the name of the hotel. She said they paid cash but the hotel didn't give them a receipt. She said it reminded her of a short time/long time hotel but it was 800 baht per room. They said they had a hard time finding a room. A taxi (I'm assuming a baht bus) took them around looking for a room until they finally found a hotel with available rooms. How full were the hotels in Pattaya for New Year's? When I was there most had plenty of available rooms and it was easy to find good deals. Is New Years in Pattaya really that busy?

What was the scene like near the beach, second road and walking street? Crowded everywhere or just walking street?

01-04-04, 00:52
review - you mean the ARE metered taxis in Pattaya? ;-)

Never saw anything but a baht bus or moto, myself

Anyway, the taxis to the BKK airport can be arranged pretty much from any provider - they want half up front and the rest on pick-up. For a 6am flight you need to leave at about 2am to make it there and get thru the airport BS (and remember to have the 500B for the deaprture tax)

01-04-04, 04:01
Well, I didn't get much input on the anal question? Lol, so I will ask something else. What is the best way to handle money in Pattaya? Are there alot of bank machines around that will convert your money into baht? If you are pissed out of your mind is it a good idea to hit atm's? What amount of cash is good to keep with you when you go out at night, keeping in mind I love to drink and fuck.

Still would like to know the percentage of girls in Pattaya who will go greek.

01-04-04, 06:02
Thanks Dinghy,

The few times I've been to Pattaya I have not seen many taxis but every once in awhile I will see what looks like a Bangkok taxi. They were probably in Pattaya dropping someone off.

Has anyone here ever arranged to get a taxi back to Bangkok from one of the agents with the "Taxi to Bangkok" signs I've seen mostly on second road? If so, how long did it take the taxi to arrive if you wanted to go immediately?

01-04-04, 07:17
While I use a private driver now I have used these services offering 800 baht Taxi to the Airport and never had any problems. The cars came on time and just wanted the balance due. TZhe deposit you pay is kept by the agent that you book the car with. Most hotels will setup a taxi for you to the airport for 800 baht.

01-04-04, 10:00
Duck - Immediate departure? Hmmm... since I was leaving at 2am, I prescheduled the taxi about 10 hours in advance. Didn't ask "how quick can you have someone there?" I suspect about 1 hour but might be quicker. Oh - and you don't really need to use the tollway that early in the AM until you get near BKK - you CAN, you just don't really NEED to. Took about 2 hours

01-04-04, 12:48
Hey guys, I thought I'd add something to this discussion. I used the 800 baht taxi service from Pattaya and only booked it 15 mins before departure. Most of these booths are open 24hrs, however if you're planning to depart at an odd hour, it's best to book a few hours beforehand. The place I used is around the corner from the Dynasty Inn on the Second Road.

Oh, and tollway charges are usually on top of the 800 baht fee.

01-04-04, 15:51
I would not recommand Electric blue complex, gogo bar and show bar on Waking street. I had been six months ago and quite enjoyed the athmosphere. But this time, it all changed. In the gogo bar, I approached 3 girls (one of which I had barfined last time, called Latt) and offered 2 lady drinks but the girls have now an awful attitude. Seem they have been spoiled and you are not good enough even to look at them. In the show bar part, it is now very difficult to have a girl. The complex is the only one that has maintained the 1000 B bar fine for the whole week and not only for 31th december (they wanted 2000 B bar fine on that day). They offer an alternative : 1600 B for ST in room upstairs + girl all included, but you have only half an hour for that, shower included... What a ripp off. And same shows as anywhere else any way, so why bother.

01-04-04, 17:40
Nailr - assuming you mean ATMs? Use any one in front of a bank (virtually any bank but some dispense lower denominations than others) otherwise, change real money at a money changer - just that rates vary according to site - and unless you are going to Cambodia, take larger bills since they charge a premium of about 1.5% on smaller bills.

As said before in other forums, take small stuff to go to Cambodia since virtually all transactions are in $$$$ and IF you use larger bills you get a fist full of Riels in change.

01-04-04, 17:41

Your question about anal sex is interesting. I'm also a huge fan of anal sex. When I first came to Pattaya and discovered it was available I swore I would only fuck 'tood' (thai for ass) the rest of my trip, and eschew the pussy. Well, that didn't last long, as even in Pattaya, only a very small percentage of girls will do anal - especially with the larger-endowed customer. Say maybe 5%, and maybe up to 20% if you're small. Girls often ask how big you are, or feel you up, upon hearing the anal request. Alas, this doen't work in my favor, but its only fair and reduces the chances of dissappointment later.

But I have been able to find girls that do it, sometimes for a bit extra, sometimes within the 500 baht range. One thing to remember is they normally will not be the youngest, prettiest girls, so you generally have to compromise somewhere. Also keep in mind that it probably won't work to just spring the idea on girls. Usually they will simply refuse, or at best will ask for much more money. I think I've had 'impromptu' anal maybe only twice in all my time here. Better to ask ahead of time, making it a condition of taking them.

01-04-04, 17:56
This may sound like a silly question on this section but are hotels down here all girl freindly. Anyone know if the Amari Orchid, Hard Rock and Montien are GF. Anyone stay here or have other recs for a 3-4 day stay.


01-04-04, 20:42

Electric Blue and Hootys are still very good bars but this is the heart of high season and the Walking Street bars up the bar fines for a couple of reasons; one is to make more money and the other is so they have girls left in the clubs. Living Dolls Showcase closed at 3:00am on New Years Eve not because they wanted to but they had no girls left, and that was with a 2000 baht bar fine in place. No dancers means no customers means no drinks sold means no baht coming in.

I don't like the bars rasing the fees and I will not pay the higher fees, many non walking street bars had low fees, but I understand why the bars do it.

About the way yhe girls act, you must remember thaey are Thai and only think about today. Many of them double bar fined ( two times or more) within the same night so their pockets are full of baht. The same girls who would sit with you all night in low season six months ago today don't need you. Because their is always guys who will pay the higher fees and the big tips.

If we don't get this under control prices will keep just going up and the playground know as Pattaya will keep going up in price.


01-04-04, 22:02
SexReview, i couldn't agree with you more, about trying to keep prices down. however,what is the percentage of mongers who go to LOS, who actually know about WSG, or other similar sites, and read and take notes prior to their trip?

They show up, used to paying huge prices in their own countries, and find themselves paying 2000 bar fine and 2000 LT, for a total of 4000, a bargain in most western countries.

they come to LOS once every 10 years, with a pocket full of money. They don't care what the results of them throwing money around are.


Black Boots
01-05-04, 15:03
Hi Everybody,

Been to Thailand for the first time and had a memorable time, this forum helped a ton thanks to all the contributors.

My first experience was in Pattaya a beer bar next to Day Night Hotel. A selection of 20 somethings. After a couple of beers selected one, seemed to be a lao's girl, longtime 1000 baht but experience was less than desirable.

For the New Year's experience tried another from the same place longtime for 1500 great girlfriend experience, was sorry to part the next day, difficult tackling emotional entangelment.

Can't wait to get there sooner.



The Traveler
01-06-04, 11:59
field report part viii

called my bangkok girl to come down to pattaya for a few days. she agreed, but this time she seemed to be more business orientated. she took the taxi (1300 bt) instead the bus and arrived late without any clothes besides some shirts and shorts, even though i had told her that we wanted to hit the clubs for party. so i had to buy some clothes (900 bt). total waste of time and money, cause we never left the room. great bbbj, hj and fs as always. had to move the bed, cause she wanted to see herself in the mirror during sex performance. had sex with her till 6am, woke up in the afternoon, had one more session and finally sent her back to bangkok with the bus. i hate those tiny games, but no regrets. approx. 3000 bt for six days (at the beginning of my trip) with great sex is quite a fair price. remember, there is nothing for free !

in the evening i again checked the bars at naklua road and found a cute newbie. started to work three days ago, didn't know what a barfine is and was the worst "4 in a row" player i have ever seen. went with her to tonys mummies and finally headed home. four sessions in the night and morning, always juicy for 200 barfine and 1000 bt for her.

next evening i intended to pick her up again but when i arrived the mamasan told me that i have to sit down to have a drink. i don't mind the 50bt for a drink, but had no time cause wanted to meet with juicespike for dinner. i also don't like the idea of being forced to sit down and have a drink, so i left without her. the mamasan was very rude, also to the girls. my advice, avoid that bar, it's located at the corner of naklua road / soi lovely home with the telephone cell in front.

met with juicespike and his bangkok regular, quite cute and funny girl. guess he had a lot of fun with her.

later on i hooked up with a few friends and we hit the discos finally ending up in boom. there i saw a very cute and sexy, dark skinned girl which always rejected any offer from potential customers, even younger and quite good looking, good dressed ones. therfore i believed she might have a boyfriend and did not approach her at all, but still wanted her phone number for my list and a future date. so when my friends and me left, i told her that she should smile more often cause she is very beautiful when she smiles. she waved me a smile and just asked me where i intended to go now. told her that i wanted to go home to sleep and she asked if she can come with me. that was definately much more than i had expected. approach is all !!!
i agreed and there we go. great sex for free. she told me that she got a british boyfriend who supports her and that she sometimes picks up guys if she is the mood and horny. she did not like the "do you want to come with me ? i give you xxxx bt" approach, since she does not want or need the money but instead is looking for the right guy and good sex.

next evening i went to tonys and saw a cute 20yr old. called her over and bought her a drink. when standing behind her i wrapped my arm around her and checked the skin of her belly. it must have looked like the map of greater bangkok. on the very next occasion i left the scene to look for someone else. police had caught me in the afternoon, not wearing a crash helmet, so i headed for the police station and decided to have a quick look at soi 7 and soi 8 when i suddenly saw a beautiful and tall girl. 25yrs old, 43 kg, 170cm tall, very nice attitude, calm, no alcohol, no smoking, almost perfect. stopped immediately, bought her a drink, paid 200bt barfine and headed to police station with her. afterwards marine plaza and finally home. fair bbbj, a bit too hasty for my taste but still ok, foreplay, juicy fs. next morning another session. set me back 1000 bt.

early evening i picked her up again, went to traditional massage with her which she really enjoyed. hooked up with friends and again same program like every night, tonys, marine, marine plaza. my girl wanted to go home and i agree. at arrival she suddenly pushed me on the bed and raped me. i like that. seems that she feels comfortable with me and that she just wanted to head home cause she was horny.

had to stand up early the very next morning. went to chonburi for some business and cashing in some profits at the local stock exchange. over 100% in 20 months. met a thai chinese friend and had dinner at the golf club with him and the senator of chonburi who was the former police general of chonburi. keeping in contact with those guys, might be useful in the future.

in the evening went out late and headed to tonys, saw a small fun girl, approached her and she agreed but told me that she is looking for friends. so she went away. as we all know there is nothing for sure and never to believe a thai girl i am still in search mode when i saw a cute chick standing at the table just behind my british friend. a bit small talk and deal is done. suddenly the fun girl stands behind me and seemed to be pissed off cause i took someone else. told her that she left the scene and i saw her talking to a tourist instead of staying by me. she is still pissed off. i give shit and leave with my friends. suddenly phone rings. my girl from last night calls me and wants to meet. phone rings again and a girl i approached a few days ago when i already had a girl calls me too. crazy world, one day it's hard to find a cute girl and on another day you got more than you can handle.
i intend to let my pickup from tonys go and wanted to give her 500 bt for the time she spent with me. she refused to take any money and something in her smile is so promising that i opt for a st and being back to pick up the second girl who called me.
back to the room she told me that she is on holiday and that she is with a 57yr old french, so she does not want any money and only want to get laid with a cute guy for some great sex. she only went out cause she was horny and then she shows me how much power a 20yr old can have. great bbbj, real slow and wet, nice foreplay and real juicy pussy. she likes to ride me and loves to get fucked. we do it twice and than back to walking street. told her to call me if she wants to go home, like to have more than one option. i searched for the one who called me by phone, but could not find her. so i hooked up with a few friends and finally picked up the girl i just had for st. again four sessions during night and morning/noon. no complains about being fucked for over hour like the gogo girls. she likes it and all for free !

will see what the evening brings. pattaya is still packed but seems to ease a bit. hope many tourists leave so more flesh will be available.

have fun

01-06-04, 14:29
To the millions of reader worry about my health : you can read my report in the Special Interest/Safe sex section.

01-08-04, 18:11
I have notice a tend in Pattaya over the last few years, more and more Russians are coming to the city. Some of them are just Tourist but also some of the girls are combining a vacation with a little work on the side. Enclosed is a picture of one of these Russian working girls, taken on Walking Street within the last week. The rate asked for was much higher than a Thai girl and not worth it to me, but maybe others would pay 5000 baht for her.


01-09-04, 01:09
Very Nice pic of the Russian!
I saw a few lookers on Walking street before new year's and was realy wondering about their availability.

Yes, I can see myself paying $125 for her.
Especially when I have paid 300/hour for chicks with half her looks in the US of A :)

But I wouldn't do it while in LOS. Gotta concentrate on the TGs!

01-09-04, 04:36

I'm a hard core monger and any and all are invited to review my posts in Washington, DC; Baltimore, Maryland and Northern Virginia in the USA.

I'm planning a trip to Pattaya for the first two weeks of February, and while I've been diligently R'ingTFF, unless they've eluded me, I don't find much in the way of hotel recommendations or info on reservations for facilities near the beach -- specifically ones that won't hastle or charge me when I bring ladies back to my room.

Any and all recommendations, either on the board or thru PM's are greatly appreciated.

Thank you all in advance, and I will post my experiences here as they happen.


01-09-04, 04:53
Robux here are some hotels in close proximity to the beach.

1) Lek Hotel. Rooms at around 1000 baht/night. Tel - 038425552
2) Ma Maison. 900 baht/night. Tel - 038429318
3) Dynasty Inn. 990 baht/night. Book online through www.dynastyinn.com. Best to try this one because it's new and it's monger friendly.

You didn't state your budget so I've given you hotels around the 1000 baht range. Pm me if you need further advise as to more expensive or cheaper hotels.

Rhino Tusk
01-09-04, 04:54
For hotel accomodations, try the Penthouse Hotel. I reccommend booking room 518, includes whirlpool, mirrored bed, DVD, CD stereo system, and a dance poduim for the girls to entertain you.

I think the price is about 2500. I had a great time in that room.

see http://www.penthousehotel.com

01-09-04, 05:41
I was at the electric Blue a couple of days before New Year. The girl I wanted had been wiht 3 different guys but had not gone with anyone. The girl was hot with probably the best ass I had seen in LOS!

Called Mamasan over and asked to barfine her. She said OK, but not until after 2 AM. Why? Because there were not too many girls left and the owner did not want to run out of girls too early. Anyway, as it turned out, the girls 'boyfriend' was there (meaning someone else paid a lot more), and she could not be barfined.

Well, I had to get some that night and agreed with Mamasan's recommendation.
Nui looked pleasant enogh, and could understand soem english. Had been in Pattya for 2 months.

As it turned out see was too petit. Too small for may manhood and asked me if I had 'oil'. No, I dont have any oil.
I was too big for her. She ws VERY tight and ordinarily it would have been enjoyable. Except that she did not seem to enjoy the penetartion and I felt like I was hurting her.

Anyway, here is Nui from Electric Blue in my rom at Sunshine Hotel.

Jaimito Cartero
01-09-04, 06:07
Hey Badass, you should have gotten her to make her own oil. :) If you don't want to eat her out, maybe you can have a bit more foreplay then.

01-09-04, 06:20
I did get her pretty wet, but she was too smal/tight and too new to the game. I was only her second barfine. Her first one was a chinese guy:)
I would have loved to train (stretch) her for the mongers to follow. Sort of a community service:), but had to leave LOS.

Bill Miami
01-09-04, 13:02
This is a response to a question from Gentlemongers.

You can try the Sunshine hotel. The rooms are in pretty good shape, not the best, about the quality of a holiday inn. It’s a block from the ocean with tons of beer bars all around. The hotel is filled with guys like us and there are no extra charges. Their email is: (rsvn@sunshinepattaya.com)

The Traveler
01-09-04, 13:38
Field Report Part IX

Went out late around midnight and visited soi 7 and soi 8 for a few drinks and a quick look at the girls. Again nothing worth to take home so I headed for Tonys. As I entered that dark cave I saw a cutie smiling at me me but first wanted to look around if there was something better available. There wasn't so I finally took her and that was definately the right decision.

Her name was Tik, 170cm tall, 43 kg, the darkness at Tonys helped a bit since she wasn't my style regarding looks but anyway, turn out the lights and you got probably the best fuck one can have in Pattaya.
Took her home, made a few pics as usual, small talk, shower, everything as usual, but when it was time for some action it changed all of a sudden.

Her first question was if I like to go anal, thought she was kidding and asked her if it was a real offer. She explained me that she likes it and only offers it to guys she likes a lot. So I took that offer and did her twice greek style. After a short rest she went down on me and gave me a great BJ, real slow and real deep throat trying to put in the whole length. Then another session this time frontdoor but ended again using the backdoor. Since it was my third shot in a row it took a real long time. No complains, she likes to fuck as much and as long as possible. Not enough that sex was great she asked me if I would like her to massage me which I did not deny. Got an approx. 30 min massage when the girl from the night before called me to offer me another free session. Had to decline that offer for some obvious reasons.
In the morning again one more session, let her choose and she opted for anal again. A short nap and again more sex. Immediately after I came she asked me if I want to go for another round. Told her that I need a rest, she gives me 30 mins and then calls me back to duty. Only the fact that I ran out of condoms (used 8 so far with her) finally ends this circle and saved my dick from getting sore. I wonder where all the sperm comes from or if there is only hot air coming out.
Definately no regrets with her. On a scale from 1 - 10 she gets an 11 for attitude and also an 11 for sex performance. If looks would be better she would be the perfect girl for me. Anyway, might call her again if I need a perfect session again or want to loose weight.

Next day same procedure, checking out bars but this time I also visit Soi Post Office and Soi Yamato. In Soi Yamato I see a cute chick having some food with a group of old and ugly girls, which seem to prefer this area. I have a seat and after a drink and some kidding she is with me. 18 yrs old, arrived two weeks ago, spent most of the time with a british guy who fell in love with her and cried when he had to leave. She seems to be more mature than that guy, telling me that he is stupid loving anybody after less than two weeks. Nice juicy and innocent sex, no BJ though but not important to me anyway. Spent the whole day with her and get one more session before I wave her goodbye in the evening.

Sent her back to her room, picked up my laundry and on my way back home I give soi 6 a try. Saw a cute one at the first bar (King Kong ?) at the left hand side corner soi 6/second road but first want to see what's available and moved on. In front of James Bar sits an extremely young looking cutie waving at me. Got to have that one, so I stop and take her with me. Usually BF is 200, but if taken home 350. She is 18yrs old but looks like 15-16. Brandnew to the business (3 days) and still a bit scared. Does not want to leave the premises, only after I accepted that her brother - a katoey who is working at the same bar, she got another one working at Tiffany or Alcazar - might send her to my room she agrees. Will put pics later but doubt that they catch that innocent smile of her. Average performance, very passive like most newbies. Anyway no regrets. Really nice body and all nice and petite.

Sending her back to soi 6 after I did what has to be done and moved on to Walking to meet up with friends. Probably won't pick up another lady of the night cause I feel a bit weak. Lack of food - a meal in two days only surviving cause I drink milk and the drinks contain a lot of sugar - and too many fights on the battlefield taking their toll.

Went to Marine Plaza, Plaza Lek and finally Boom. Nothing really worth to mention. Maybe only that a tattoed totally drunken ugly farang girl (hope that wasn't Samus Aran's chick) suddenly runs against my back and is looking for trouble with me for no reason. I ignore her and her boyfriend decides to take part. I tell both to back off and it seems that her boyfriend still has more brain than her cause he got the message and moves off with her.

Will see what tonight brings. Gonna check out that chick I saw at King Kong.

Have fun

The Traveler
01-09-04, 13:41

That Russian chick can be found almost every night at Marine Plaza. Seems that Muslims like them but they are not very busy. Had seen them going home alone even on extrem busy days. Might be due to being overpriced.

Have fun

The Traveler
01-09-04, 13:43

I like them small. Might give it a try with a lot of KY.
What number does she have ?

Have fun

01-09-04, 21:14
Traveler man,

This was around closing time and many girls did not have numbers on them. In fact, a few had nothing to pin the number on:)

You got any pictures of Tik from Tony's?

01-10-04, 09:23
Russian Girls,

There is a Heaven Enetertainment Complex on Sukhumwit road where some russian girls are doing shows everyday. I heard they are available after 11 in night for B 3000. Anybody interested can try & let all know.


01-10-04, 16:08
Khun, how long do the Russian chicks stay for B3,000? Is that for ST or LT?

01-10-04, 20:33

Two years ago with a Russian at Heavenly. I was at the complex two years ago! A friend was having a soapie downstairs and I decided to just wait for him. I was sitting outside when bus loads of tourist from Taiwan got off and enter the elevator to the top floors! I was curious, so the next bus load I blended in and got in the elevator and went upstair and saw the Russian show!

After the show I got in touch with one of the girls, told her where I was staying and told her when she was done to pay me a visit.
From my experience in Macau, Russian girls are a little overrated in my opinion but like to have a change once in a while.

I was told the going rate was 3,000 Baht for LT, she came at 1:00am and stayed until 10am. Gave her 500 tip! I was surprised of the level of service. BBBJ, GFE, DATY, I got her cell phone number and called after a few days, second time got anal.
Had some Russian since but it's hit and miss!


01-11-04, 14:26
Beware with all the sexy Russian girls you see in Wlaking street at night. Seems most of them are not prostitutes, but just tourists. Very often, the Red army shaped boyfriend is not far away. I tryed to approach one, but she spoke no english at all, even no *****-english, and was only interested in her photos from whatever island she just got. However, I wonder why these girls dress like *****s, with extra shorts pants, high heels shoes, and no bra under their thin teeshirt... My guess is that they are indeed Russian prostitutes, but they come on holidays to Thailand, along whith their boyfriend/customer, and the guys ask them to dress sexy, as it is part of the game. What do you think ?

Joe Zop
01-11-04, 17:31
Erik, are you seriously objecting to having Russian women dressing sexy because you can't be sure whether or not they're hookers? LOL! We should all be so blessed as to have good-looking women running around us all the time in "extra shorts pants, high heels shoes, and no bra under their thin teeshirt" IMHO! :)

01-11-04, 20:09

I travel often with a Russian coworker and he often tells me how diffently Russian women view sexuality. He has often told me how sexy and forward they are. He says the women often approach the men to pick them up (on a non-paid basis). I wouldn't be surprised if they were not prostitutes. I agree it is hard to tell given the high number of Russian prostitutes working other countries. I have posted on some great experiences with the Russian prostitutes on Tel Aviv board.

01-11-04, 20:20

Since I'm the one who posted the last photo here of a Russian girl (hooker) I will make this one very easy. She is a hooker, I was the one who was there and she offered her services. Can't say every Russian on Walking Street is a working girl but the one in the red dress below is for sure and 5000 baht was the asking price.


01-11-04, 20:26
Thanks for the info, LBM.

I'll be hitting the Land of Sex in 3 months' time and have already started to set my targets. Having some Russian chicks in the menu would be great.

Last summer I thought about doing a sexpedition to Russia, but finally declined. The point is that it seems that the going rate for LT in Moscow or St Petersbourgh with top quality chicks is at least USD 150, so if the Russians in BKK or Pattaya are charging in the region B3-5k, that means that they are actually cheaper in LOS than in Russia, and therefore it would make perfect sense to screw Russians in LOS as they offer better rates there.

Yes, I know that they are expensive compared with TG's, but let's not forget that they are 2 different products. I'm not saying they are better than TG's, I'm just saying they are 2 different types of chicks with different pricing in the international meat market.

I'll spend most of my time in Pattaya so, even though the bulk of my hunting will be focused on TG's -that's why I'm there in the first place- I'll also try my luck with the Russians.

I suppose the best places to hunt them are Walking St and Marine Plaza, but if anyone has any further info please let me know.

01-12-04, 01:18
forgive my ignorance, I've never had a russian girl, and don't quite see what the fascination is, especially if you have flown all this way to be with the LBFM.

there are many comments about russian girls in LOS. Can someone please shed some light on this for me?


Jaimito Cartero
01-12-04, 02:44
1ball - As I understand it, since Pattaya is a big tourist destination for Russians, that some of the girls go there to work there for awhile. I've never had a Russian chica, so I wouldn't be opposed to checking one out. Not having to worry about snow and stuff would seem to make it much more interesting than going to Moscow direct.

I think I can understand why Russians go there during the winter! Way too cold. It'd take a few months just to defrost your balls. It looks like you can get a direct flight from Moscow to BKK for $650 plus tax.

01-12-04, 05:47
JC, that explains why russian girls go there, but why do so many punters keep bringing up the russian chick thing?

there must be something special.......what is it?

01-12-04, 05:50
Variety 1 ball, just variety!
One can get tired of eating the same pus...I mean food everyday:)

01-12-04, 08:10
1ball, you asked why us mongers have such a thing for the Russian babes. I can answer that one rather quickly and simply.

True Thai women, like all women have their specific qualities. I.E., they are very sensual, warm creatures. They provide an excellent GFE for the most part. Not to mention they come in very tight packages, with small tight pussies that are very responsive to the touch. They are great in many aspects of the sexual desires for us males.

Now as for Russian women. Well, simply put, they are among the most beautiful women on the planet. Especially the women from Ukraine! These women can somewhat range in qualities, but most have beautiful milky white skin, dark sea blue eyes. Beautiful strong facial features, above average breasts, soft sensual rose pedal skin. When a Russian woman is considered to be slightly above average in looks, she could likely spread herself on the front page of most playboy magazine covers and not miss a beat! I have traveled may times to Russia and I can tell you fist hand, the Women of Russia are beautiful, PERIOD! I would say the big draw back about the sexuality of Russian women, is their often conservative approach to sex. They don't openly talk about it much and never brag or boast about such topics.

Now you know why we make such a big deal about these women.


01-12-04, 09:00
Well I thought I had seen it all here in Pattaya but today another new thing has happen, rain in the high season! It never seems to rain here in the high season, I have not seen it ever and I have been coming to Pattaya for the month of January for several years. I'm not taking about a few drops, but a few hours of rain. O well I guess no matter how well you believe you know Thailand you never really do.


01-12-04, 14:35
Thanks for the sexplanation GT. that explains why one would travel to Russia. Still don't get why one would travel to LOS for russian women. I am sure the one you describe is not walking beach road, or hanging in biergrden on soi 7.

To each his own. I myself love the darker color of the TG, rather than the creamy white skin on an eastern European.


01-12-04, 14:41
To each his own! I find Russian women to be average in attraction at best. Definitely not a temptation, but then again its below the neck that counts most for sexual attraction for me!

Why dont we just have a Russian ho in Thailand section? It will save space!

01-13-04, 00:08
Why go to LOS, if you're going to get a Russian? I don't think anyone here is going to Thailand just for a Russian. You go into a candy store and all see, buy and eat is Chocolate, when you see vanilla, it stands out and you want a change in taste.

I was told by a old monger of LOS, a few years back, that beware of Russians girls working as freelancers. That they are brought in by the Russian Mafia and answer to no one including the police.
He had a friend that was drugged and robbed by a Russian girl and he tried to make a police report and nothing was done.
His advice to me was stick with Russians that are working for a club etc... at less you can go back to them if something happens.

Russian or not Russian, they tend to be all the same! When you get a lemon, they all just lay there! I had a Russian in Macau, that did not shave and smell. So like they say, like a box of chocolate you never know what you're going to get.


01-13-04, 00:20
From my experience, Russkies never come close to TG's in terms of service and attitude. I think a lot of people are looking for their own "Anna Kournikova", maybe that's why they're fascinated with Russians. In any case, to each his own.

01-13-04, 00:43
I agree with some of the below assessments pertaining to Russian women. I agree that only a fool would travel all the way to LOS for Russian women. What I don't agree with is that Russian women are at best average in looks. I agree each type of women possesses their own qualities, but as for raw beauty, looks, Russian Women have it going on.

True it's like comparing apples to Oranges. Thai Women and Russian women cannot be discussed at the same level. Thai Women are petite, feminine, attentive creatures by nature. Their body frames alone makes them a whole different type of date then you would get from a Russian girl.

Again, I have traveled to Russia on 5 occasions. I can assure you they are beautiful girls there! I have been to Mexico, the Philippines, Thailand, Amsterdam, Korea, China, Sweden and all over the US. Russian women, especially descendants from the Ukraine area, are among the most beautiful women I have laid eyes on!

Now I realize we all have our own preferences. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what the western world views as beautiful. I. E. the typical thought one might visualize when thinking of a supermodel, or playboy centerfold, can be found and had with the greatest of ease in Russia. The Women of Ukraine are incredible. On my last visit, while standing in the line at a local supermarket in a small town, I found myself in shock. It just hit me as I looked around and noticed these everyday average women with such beauty. I was surrounded while standing in line with tall slender blonde bombshells, I counted six women all with ten feet of me that could easily grace the cover of the next playboy print. These were not women of any importance. Just typical 20 something's doing some grocery shopping!

If you need more proof. Book a flight to Russia, You will think the flight attendants are working for Hefner himself. You might ask to view first class to see if old Hefner is onboard.


01-13-04, 00:56
I probably wouldn't touch a Russian in LOS. Swedish girls however, you'd have to kill to stop me. Unfortunately I think Swedes are a little too classy to be *****s. That's probably why I've never seen any.(except Sweden).

01-13-04, 00:57
GT - what's even MORE amusing is that on my second trip to Mockba a couple of years ago, the immigration person was an ABSOLUTE stunner herself (western evaluation, of course). None of that old "Roosiun Lady Shotpooter" image stereotype AT ALL.

I DO like Thai, though, lots.

Joe Zop
01-13-04, 01:18
Personally, I've found beautiful women in every country I've visited, and while they're all different, from slightly so to as radically as the difference between Russian and Thai women, I'm thrilled not to have to choose only one. I can certainly see picking up a Russian while in Thailand, as it's a possibility and while the price is premium for LOS, it's well within the range you'd expect to pay elsewhere. Still, I do find it surprising how much conversation there is about it in the Thailand sections, as opposed to, say, talking about where the best place it to find Viet or Burmese women in LOS.

01-13-04, 02:06
Didn't mean to start a big discussion about Russian girls, was just curious, as I have seen many posts, in many of the thailand threads, about Russian women, and was wondering what the buzz was all about.

I vote we close the discussion on Russian women


01-13-04, 23:14
Russian women can be hit or miss, but if you run into one that totally gets you hard upon first look, give it a try. The beautiful blonde one I ran into on Sukhumvit in Bkk gave me a great long slow bbbj followed by a non hurried humping session with her long lean white legs clamped around my azz. Her red fingernail polish matched that on her toes. Lots of DFK and we showered together. Definitely a pro, but I asked about her and she opened up with pictures of her home, friends and child. Got her email address, and never used it because I like to butterfly. 1500 baht damage and it was a very welcome and needed break from constantly fukking LBFM's.

01-14-04, 01:08
Is the Dynasty Inn in Pattaya within stumbling distance of some cuties like in BKK? I imagine everywhere there is! Is it close to the night life?

I see I can book online with them for both BKK & PAT. About a 1000 a nite Transfer included. Seems like a good all round place from what I've seen posted. Anyone got anything to add?



01-14-04, 14:50

I'm back in the US.... hope Pattaya is treating you well.

By the way, my gf liked you but was wondering if you thought you were "god's gift to women..." Just joking. It was good to meet you. Wear a helmet, the cops will get you and put you away otherwise.

Stay in touch.


Pattaya Bound
01-14-04, 19:50
I arrive in Thailand in two weeks tomorrow,and the Incredible Hulk is presently on the plane, pending a court appearance for 4 charges, I am hoping they get him on a minor offence otherwise he needs to get the case adjourned, simple enough for most people however this is Herman Munster I kid you not.

Two men I know had returned from Greece and were giving us the low down when Herman informed us all that he had a cocktail going by the name of a dumb bastard!to which the reply was, dont you mean the waiter said here is your cocktail you dumd bastard while he was in Greece

I do my best to look out for him.

Regarding Russian women, I think virgo should realise this is the Thailand, Pattaya section and what goes on their, people discuss all nationalities in all countries, i think you should read the thai women section,and post on there

I agree with Gladiator that Russian sluts are cheaper in Thailand than in their own country, that fact alone should sway you, however they cannot match the Thai girls for service, no way.

But they are very attractive, but fuck going their as it is freezing. The girl in sex reviews photo was worth shagging but was very pricy for Thailand.

I have been ripped off in Thailand of course but I have never been stolen from, despite a few oppurtunities by various girls maybe I have been lucky.

Pattaya Bound

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

Jaimito Cartero
01-14-04, 20:34
It is strange how some countries have a lot of hookers from other countries. Russia and eastern Europe seem to export a lot. I've seen east block chicks in Costa Rica, even. Pattaya stills seems a strange place to find Russian girls though. I'll be in Pattaya in the middle of February, so perhaps I'll at least get to see some of these Russian girls. :)

01-14-04, 22:28
Sorry to butt in guys but I prefer a tight asian pussy rather than a russian cavern, biggest worry about russsians joining the Pattaya scene is the effect they will have on prices.

I admit I am new to Pattaya a 3rd visit is imminent but if I want a Russian I will go to Dubai

if anybody can reccomend a "Really tight one" please do so I am addicted to small pussies after an experience in South America with a Colombian.

May the force be with you!

(I remember my last visit to Pattaya the girl I had kept asking have I got power when she wanted another session)

01-15-04, 00:16
All those purported "Russians" are not always Russians, but from multitudes of former soviet states. ANd they do differ in the service GFE dept.
I am not opposed to having Russian in LOS, but the Russians can be had so many other places, (including USA, Canada).

Keep reading further down for my post on a real tight one.

But really, ANY pussy can be tight. Doesn't it depend on the dick size:D

01-15-04, 02:03
will be in Pattaya for 1 night only on Jan 24.
Anybody want to get together, PM me.


01-15-04, 14:38
Came yesterday and going tomorrow, out of Pattaya to BKK for one night and back to the States.

Coming to pattaya after 4 years was an experience. Never experienced so much in two days. Will file a FR when I get back.

What I wanted to discuss was, that there seems to be more discrimination in Pattya today. I was told that I could not get in to Silver A Gogo as it was for FOREIGNERS only (White boys?)

Being Asian I want to know if it was just me or if anybody else had similar encounters.

Got some great pixes. The TGs however have no discrimination rules.


Pattaya Bound
01-15-04, 19:32
To Duniwala,

Pattaya reminds me a bit of little England, so dont be surprised that you are being discriminated against, we hate asians as well, it is not just the Thai's.

Only joking! Look, if they don't want your money, fuck them, go elsewhere. I would.
Mind you it makes you glad to be white, knowing you are not going to experience that kind of difficulty and you have my sympathy for tolerating that sort of shit, I have only been to Thailand in Asia how are foreigners treated in your country? Mind you how many Thai's go to these countries

Perhaps you dont see enough of each other the likely cause of ignorance,

In thailand at the end of January until the middle of Feb or read on for more fun.

01-16-04, 02:51
does anyone know if there is a good spot to buy DVDs and computer programs in Pattaya, similar to Pantip?



01-16-04, 02:58
1Ball - market Tue and Fri (IIRC) just off corner of Soi Bukaow and South road - in the building - not ahuge selection, but adequate of DVD. Didn't see prog's

Jaimito Cartero
01-16-04, 21:56
Dun - I think this was discussed fairly recently. Find another monger to go in with, or dress in shorts and a loud shirt, and you'll blend in fine!

01-17-04, 02:39
DVD you can find anywhere in the shopping centers. All shopping centers have DVD stores.

Computer program can be find in computer stores but if you want huge selection like Pantip then go to Sriracha - 25kM from Pattaya. There is a store called 'Tikcom' just like Pantip but not so huge.

There is some places in Pattaya having discrimination for asian particularly 'Indians or Muslim' looking people. Don't get frustated, go to next bar. Fun is spread all over the Pattaya.


01-17-04, 15:38
thanks all for the posts and PMs about my question on computer programs.


01-18-04, 18:52
Just returned from 5 days in LOS.

JC, I was in shorts and loud shirt but I think it was a katoye's reaction to a dark skin. I let it go.

I landed up at the M..... bar (see pics gallery). Reception was cool. Only one knew some english. Things turned around when i bought some roses for the girls. (cost 10B ea.). Now i was a big jai dee.

left the bar with Kai (see pics). BF 200 ST 500. Spent a great 4 hrs. (the half tab of V helped a lot too)

Next night same bar. left with kai and Opaio (the short one). O may be short in height but what a tiger in the sack. The picture doesn't do justice, but she has those great dreamy eyes and a lot of Positive attitude.

Regretfully left for BKK next day. However, Nit was another great story. A little old but still a great FS.

Will post some other pixes in the gallery when I sort all the pics out.

Jaimito Cartero
01-18-04, 23:31
Dun - Oh no, not another Thai girl in a towel! :)

I've never had a Nit, but I have had a Tun, a Kai, and someother similar names. There seems to only be 20-30 "names" out there. Easy to get them confused.

I took a half dozen pictures of guys who were totally drunk out of their mind in Soi 8. I'm thinking of putting them in the photo section so that guys won't totally embarass us in Pattaya!

Vice Squad
01-19-04, 03:45
I've had a Poi, Nong, Ya-ya and Chennepa.

01-26-04, 13:00
Sunday, January 25, 2004

My first day in Pattaya. I’m staying at the Residence Garden Inn up the hill from south Pattaya, toward Jomtien Beach. Very nice place. The room is a suite with a kitchenette that includes a two-burner electric stove, a full-sized refrigerator and a breakfast table with chairs for two. The cable TV has 50 or so channels. AC is adjustable and good. The room has a balcony, including a table and two chairs, that overlooks the pool. The rooms normally cost more, but you can get them for 1350 baht a night by booking through the Free Lancer Bar’s Web site. The only downside is that it’s a bit away from the action. Nevertheless, the reviews I read online before I booked said that the baht buses run past the hotel. More to the point, the reviews said the girls like the rooms. Before this evening was over, I confirmed that they do. End of commercial.

In the afternoon, I walked from the hotel to Soi 4. It partly was a chance to do some exploring, but mainly I was hoping to meet some of the people who post on the Pattaya Lover’s Yellow Board, one of the sites where I post the field reports. Members of that group will occasionally meet Sunday afternoon at the Welkom Inn on Soi 4. But if they were there today, I couldn’t find them, despite asking at several primarily-male tables.

FYI, the two other places I post are the World Sex Guide forum and the Free Lancer Bar (FLB) forum. These are all boards that helped me research my trip, so I’m returning the karma for future travelers.

I started the evening’s serious activities by dropping by the FLB around 8:45 p.m. I briefly met Ben, who appears to be one of the owners, and Jan (English phonetic pronunciation: “Yon”) from Denmark, who was spending his first day ever in Thailand and Pattaya. I have read a variety of comments online about the quality of the FLB girls. I give them a solid thumbs up. But as I surveyed them from the bar, I realized that I couldn’t take one with me and the write about her as I have been about my other TGs, not if I expected to continue posting on the FLB board.

I left FLB after a couple rounds and had dinner at King’s Crab on Walking Street. The dinner was OK, nothing special, but I had a seat at the rail and was able to watch the action on Walking Street while I ate. It was around 11 p.m., and there seemed to be a lot of talent on the loose.

After dinner, I wandered south on Walking Street taking in the sites. I’d read good comments about Champion A-Go-Go, so I gave it a try. I was seated at the end of the bar with the girls dancing right in front of me. Most were dancing topless or nude. Many were very pretty girls. I’d happily have barfined several of them, but I couldn’t establish eye contact, and none of them paid me any attention. I felt invisible. After one Singha, I moved on.

Ambling north on Walking Street, I came to Happy A-Go-Go. I decided to give them a try, inspired mainly by online comments and photos of the legendary #58. I know she’s no longer there, but her legend still casts an aura.

Unlike many go-go clubs, the dancers here don’t work in shifts. Instead, they come up on stage one at a time, a new dancer every few minutes. As the new dancer steps up, the dancer at the far end, steps down, and all the dancers in between advance one pole closer to the end. I was placed on a stool at the starting end, where I ordered a drink and proceeded to ogle the dancers.

Again, there were many very beautiful girls, but no eye contact. Very frustrating. Is the system different in Pattaya? I’d appreciate some comments on this from experienced Pattaya mongers. In Bangkok, the girls come to you. They flirt with you from the stage. The problem there is learning how to say no politely. Don’t the Pattaya girls know they’ll be taken out faster and more often if they make human contact?

Still trying to figure out how it works, I took matters into my own hands. I saw one of the nicer ones, #93, coming my way. As she approached, I stuck out my hand and waylaid her. She looked a little surprised, but she stopped and joined me. We stroked each other tentatively, made the usual conversation, and I bought her a lady drink. Her name is Boom, and she’s from Chiang Mai. She's tall and slim with delicate facial features and long, reddish-blonde hair. Before we reached the barfine question, her turn came around to dance. She mounted the stage and began her slow progress from pole to pole. Periodically, we made eye contact and exchanged smiles.

About the time Boom reached the halfway pole, I saw the dancer I really wanted. Like Boom, she was tall and slim with nice long legs, but her lips were thicker and more sensual, and her hair was worn in the classic long, black TG style halfway down her back. A highly erotic package. Her dancing was self-contained, as though she was deep in her own thoughts, and they had little to do with what was going on in this room.

But it was too late. I had bought a lady drink for the lithe and lovely Boom, and I would stick with my commitment. I am honorable.

Unfortunately, Boom isn’t. She finishes her turn on the stage, steps off the far end, and I wait for her to rejoin me. Where is she? Maybe she had to use the toilet? Then I spy her across the bar, cuddling up to someone else. Oh.

I am surprised. This is new to me. I have to figure out the appropriate response. I know anger is inappropriate. I’m the newbie here in Pattaya, and I’m the one who hasn’t yet figured out how it works. But I’m clearly disappointed with her.

Over the next few minutes, the emotions work their way through, and I realize the best approach is to chalk it up to lessons learned at get on with the evening’s business, which is the hunt. But I begin to wonder if I will go home alone tonight.

I order another drink and begin a fresh survey of the dancers. About five minutes later, I glance across the bar, and Boom and I make eye contact. I smile to let her know I’m OK, and she smiles weakly in return. When her turn comes to dance again, she mounts the stage, does a couple of turns on the first pole, then kneels in front of me and picks up her lady drink, which is still where she left it. We clink glasses, sip, and she resumes dancing. All wounds are now acknowledged and healed.

About the time Boom reaches the halfway pole again, the dark-haired, self-contained beauty I had noticed earlier is back in the on-deck circle. For the next 15 minutes or so, I monitor her progress across the stage. This is not easy as she approaches the far end, because of all the gyrating TGs in between us. Finally, she steps off the far end. Which way will she turn? Will she take the path around the far side of the bar and disappear, or will she turn the other way and walk past me.

Here she comes! I reach out and accost her. “Sawadee, khrap.”

She stops, looks surprised, then breaks out in a huge smile. She steps up and leans on me with enthusiasm. We stroke each other’s arms and exchange the usual preliminary information. I buy her a lady drink, and when she returns with it, she seats herself firmly on my lap. I will call her NumberOne. She’s my keeper.

She’s 30, looks 22, and has two boys, one 9 and one a year and a half old. She speaks English not well, but well enough that we had some actual conversations about ourselves and our lives. Within an hour of barfining her, she was inviting me to her home and suggesting things to do together during the week. Will she eventually introduce me to her sick water buffalo?

I didn’t commit until the morning, because I wanted to see how she performed. But it’s always encouraging when they volunteer, “I make you happy.”

“I make you happy, too,” I said.

In truth, she wasn’t as much fun in bed as ParkingLotSweetie (see my BKK field reports), but the ability to hold an actual conversation makes her a companion as well as a bed partner, and that’s much harder to find in a TG.

During one of those conversations, I asked her why the dancers don’t make eye contact with the punters. She said she couldn’t speak for the other girls, but in her case, her eyesight is so bad, she couldn’t tell if a guy was smiling at her or at one of the other dancers. (She was wearing her glasses as she explained this.) I’d still like to hear other theories from the board.

Another amazing fact about her: She doesn’t own a cell phone. Who ever heard of a TG without a cell phone?

Looks: 8 out of 10
Attitude/personality: 9
Performance: 8
DFK: 6
Total: 36 – Highest score so far.

I will attempt some coaching to raise the numbers for DFK and BBBJ.

I have a week in Pattaya. It will be interesting to see how this works out.


The Traveler
01-26-04, 19:30

Good if you liked the Residence Garden. I don't like it, low quality furniture, can't see TV when in bed cause seperate extremely small bedroom and too loud due to the fact that bedrooms facing the nearby street. For the same amount or even cheaper you can get better hotels closer to the action. Just my 2 cents.

Boom might have been barfined by this guy before you approached her and just took the chance to get one more lady drink. Behaviour of the girls might also depend on temper and management of the gogo. I personally don't like if the girls approach me. I find it too pushy and rather like to call them over.

Have fun

01-27-04, 09:59
Monday, January 26, 2004

Went to Happy A-Go-Go at 7:30 last night to meet MySweetie (I've decided to change her name. NumberOne is too impersonal.) and pay her barfine for the evening. I was the first customer in. The music was paying, but the girls were milling about at the end of the stage. I didn’t see MySweetie. I ordered a Singha and settled back to wait. After a minute of two, the music hadn’t started, and the girls got up on stage to wait. MySweetie came out in her bikini and joined them. I was seated at a table against the wall, and with her poor eyesight, she didn’t see me. In addition, since this was the first time I was to barfine her by appointment, she may not have be confident that I was a man of my word.

TGs must have problems with customers who say they will come back and barfine them, but for one reason or another, never show up. When I was in PTY, four years ago, I barfined a sweetie named Jane from SuperBaby. I liked her so much, I told her I would come barfine her the next night too. When I showed up, Jane introduced me to her friend, who was sad. It seems her customer from the night before had promised to barfine her again. She liked him so much that she paid the barfine out of her own pocket rather than risk being barfined by someone else before he arrived. But he never came, and she was out the money.

In any case, it didn’t take MySweetie long to look around for me. I waved at her and she waved back with a big smile. She continued to visit with the other girls for a few minutes, then they began to dance, she stepped down and joined me. I bought her a lady drink, a small shot of tequila, because that helps her professionally, and then barfined her. I was surprised to find a receipt for the barfine – it’s 500 baht – in my check bin. Turns out the receipt was for her. It’s her record of what they owe her on payday.

After she changed, we went to dinner at FoodFair toward the south end of Walking Street. This is a nice place with fresh fish and seafood laid out on ice. You select your seafood and they prepare it to your liking. MySweetie chose four prawns for us to share barbecued. We ate at the table outside, overlooking the bay. Very nice atmosphere. She added a small plate of oysters and juice. I added a crabmeat salad and a glass of the house white wine. The food was excellent, but the wine was barely passable. I was a little shocked by the bill, which came to 1395 baht. I know it’s only about $35, but we could have gorged ourselves somewhere else for a quarter of the price.

Over dinner, I asked her about the economics of Happy A-Go-Go. She explained that the girls get 100 baht for each barfine and 40 baht for each lady drink, which costs 85 baht. There is no monthly quota for barfines or lady drinks.

“Used to be, lady not have 10 barfine one month, boss fine lady tousan’ baht. Lady not have 50 lady drink one month, boss fine lady 500 baht. But no more. New boss. Bettah now.”

After dinner, we tried to go bowling, but the bowling center toward the south end of Pratamnak Road appears to be closed and out of business. The doors were standing wide open, but it was dark and deserted inside. The only living thing in the lobby besides us was a stray dog.

At her suggestion, we took a baht bus into Jomtien Beach, where her girlfriend has operated a coffee shop for three years. When we got there, we were the only two customers. I showed them how to start the house computer and play a CD, we had coffee and tea, then took the baht bus back to South Pattaya Road and spent a pleasant two hours listening to live music at the Bamboo Bar. We heard two bands. The first, which played till maybe 11, was blues-based rock. The second, which started around 11:30, seemed to be more techno, but I’m not sure that’s the right term. Both were very good.

I asked MySweetie if she wanted to dance, but she declined. She explained that she dances every night because it’s her job, but that she’s always felt awkward and uncomfortable on a regular dance floor.

Around midnight, we went back to Happy for a drink and because it was payday for her. She’d been working at Happy for exactly one month. We ordered drinks – hers did not count as a lady drink this time – and she went off to find the boss. But he was not ready and told her he’d pay her tomorrow night. She seemed OK with that.

Behind our seats, under the stairs, was a small cluster of girls that I had been aware of the night before. MySweetie pointed it out and said, “Boss have bottle of tequila every night for girls.” I guess it helps keep them loose.

Suddenly, the music changed, and the dozen or so dancers were replaced by eight girls, each wearing two spandex bands, one on top and one on bottom.

“Special show,” said MySweetie.

“I don’t get it,” I said. “They look better in bikinis.”

But as the dance went on I got it. After about 10 minutes, they were all naked and simulating sex with one another. In the middle of the special show, there was a ping-pong-ball scramble. It seems the customers buy ping-pong ball for 70 baht each and on signal, throw them all on the stage where the girls scramble for them. The girls get 20 baht for each one they collect.

Then it was time to go back to the hotel. On our way down Walking Street, we passed the Jenny Star Bar. This bar has a live Web cam that lets you watch the action in the bar and Walking Street in the background from roughly midnight to 2 a.m. every day. I used to watch it now and then during the weeks before my trip. The Web cam’s resolution is fuzzy and the images are jerky, but the bar was high on my list of places to check out. I found it my first night, and decided against going in. I don’t know if it’s ladyboy bar proper, but there sure are a lot of them hanging out in front.

Back at the hotel, we showered and had a nice long, slow session before sleep. I can't tell you how much I enjoy stroking and kissing and licking her long limbs and torso, and watching her gyrate above me while she rides cowgirl.


Daring Mood
01-27-04, 13:04
Hi Guys,

Planning a trip to Pattaya this weekend. Last time I was there I ended up at a fairly upmarket Saturday night disco well away from Beach Roac / Walking Street. I can't for the life of me remember the name? Any idea? I rememer it was packed with Thai couples, lot's of cure looking women, and a great band.

BTW is this still peak season? Should I book a hotel in advance, or get a place on arrival. How is the Penthouse, and Flipper these days.


Daring Mood

01-28-04, 05:00
Daring Mood,

Upmarket Disco away from walking street/beach road. It could have been Exyte, Hollywood or Dance Fever.

01-28-04, 11:47
Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I look at the date I’ve just typed and realize the time is moving too fast. I have a little more than a week left in Thailand. It’s not enough.

MySweetie likes to sleep late. Fitting for a creature of the night. I am developing the routine of getting up when I awaken, composing these little posts on my laptop, and going back to bed with her for an hour or so. She seems to wake up about 12:30 or 1 p.m. BTW, one of the nicer features of the Residence Garden Inn is an in-room safe large enough to hold a standard-sized laptop. On the downside, the beds are hard.

I am learning more about MySweetie. Over breakfast, she tells me about the two tiny Buddhas she has surgically implanted in her upper arms. She invites me feel them under her skin.

“Very old. Very holy.”

But she can’t give me details about how old or what material they’re made from. They’re four or five inches below her armpits, implanted between her biceps and triceps. She credits them with saving her life about a month ago when she drove her motorbike in front of an oncoming car and was hit.

“Car very badly broken. Front come to many pieces. I just fall over. Ja, ja. Get up. No hurt.”

I told her about a new mystery I am reading, which is set in a Buddhist monastery in Bangkok. It is billed as the first in a planned series of Father Ananda mysteries. The Bangkok Post reviewed it favorably last week – “A last, a novel about Bangkok that is not about bar girls and dubious nighttime activities.” – so I went out and bought it. It’s “Mindfulness and Murder” by Nick Wilgus and is in paperback. I read a lot of mysteries. This one’s pretty good.

MySweetie told me about all the problems in the press with monks who go with girls and are defrocked. I told her about all the scandals in America with priests who go with boys and are sometimes defrocked. Same-same, but different.

She uses the phrase “Ja, ja” a lot. I take this to be German or Austrian for “Yes, yes,” which she picked up from the Austrian boyfriend she was with for most of the last three years. He is the father of her one-and-a-half-year-old. She hasn’t seen him in about a year. He used to call her once or twice a week and send her $100 once a month, but she hasn’t heard a word or seen a cent from him in several months now. She called his family in Austria and talked to his mother, which was difficult, because MySweetie doesn’t speak German. They claim not to know where he is either.

“But I know him,” she says. “He get in trouble, he run.”

As well as I can follow the story, he had a lot of trouble while they were together. Apparently, her sister stole 15,000 baht from him, so he held the sister’s gold necklace in ransom for the cash. The sister called the police, and the boyfriend wound up in Chom Buri prison. It took a lawyer six weeks and 100,000 baht to get him out.

Eventually, he outstayed his visa and immigration caught him. The last MySweetie saw of him, he was being led away in handcuffs. Shortly thereafter, he was deported back to Austria.

To make the story even worse, he developed a brain tumor shortly before he ran afoul of immigration. She imagines that he’s dead by now, but has no way to find out.

She was working at Happy when she met him, but quit working while they were together. She started at Happy again on December 26, barely a month ago.

After breakfast, we went into Pattya to change money. She changed two 50-pound notes she’d received from a well-tattooed Englishman who took her to Phuket for 12 days earlier this month. She says she doesn’t like tattoos – she has none herself – but I guess it was a lucrative gig.

We parted around 3:30, and I got my Internet posting done while she went home to see her baby. She rejoined me at the hotel shortly after six, and we went out for dinner.

She likes spicy food, especially Laotian, so I decided to introduce her to Indian food, which is my favorite. She’s never tried it. I suspect Laotian food is far spicier, but I love the rich sauces of Indian food. We walked along Walking Street then continued to Royal Garden without finding an Indian restaurant. I was sure I’d seen some. We settled for the Indian fast food place at the Royal Garden food court, but it’s not even close to the real thing. Later that evening, we found two Indian restaurants on Pratamnak Road. We plan to try one of them in the next day or so. If anyone on this board has a favorite to recommend, I’d appreciate hearing about it.

After dinner, we went to Happy around 9 p.m., so I could barfine her, and she could collect her wages. She found us a couple of stools against the stage and went off to find the boss. While I waited, I struck up a conversation with another American about my age, who was seated on the next stool. He was in heaven. Looking at the dancers, all he could do was shake his head and exclaim, “Every one of them’s so beautiful!”

He’d discovered Pattaya about a year ago during a yacht race, which he said his boat won. Last week, he won $2000 at the craps tables in Las Vegas and immediately spent it on a ticket to Thailand.

He commented on all the gray-haired guys walking around with beautiful TGs. We agreed there was nothing at all wrong with that picture and shared a nice self-congratulatory laugh.

MySweetie came back and stuffed a nice wad of currency into her small purse.

“You’re rich now,” I said. “You can barfine me.”

She gestured at the stage and flashed a big smile: “OK, but you dance first.”

I backed down and paid her barfine instead.

>From there we went back to the Bamboo Bar, which was pretty empty at around 10:30. We lingered for an hour or so over drinks, then headed back to the hotel. On our way, we stopped and picked up some coffee, tea and snacks for the room. As you can see, we’re getting slightly domestic and beginning to develop routines.

Before we slept, we had our longest, sweetest session yet.

I wish I could find a way to slow the clock. It’s just moving too damn fast.


The Traveler
01-28-04, 11:54
Daring Mood

if you also saw lots of Japanese it could have been Star Dice as well.

01-28-04, 12:32
Daring Mood, perhaps it's the one across the road from the bus terminal. The name escapes me at this point.

Freeler, avoid LK. It's now the duck flu as well.

Daring Mood
01-28-04, 16:49
Sainter, The-Traveler and duckman, thank for taking the time to responding to my post. Well, I'll follow my nose on Saturday and see where it leads me, and I promise to file my first report, which I expect will instantly propel me to senior member status.


Daring Mood

Toy Boy
01-29-04, 00:49

Sounds like you are having fun. Good luck mate.

Since you ask, the best Indian food I have had anywhere in Thailand was at a small restaurant on Beach Road in Pattaya. I was staying at Sandy Springs on Soi 13, and walked north past Mike's shopping mall and about 100 or 200 yards after that you will see it on the Beach Road. The local Sikhs use it, always a good sign, and it does a great chicken Vindaloo (though given the bird flu you may prefer the lamb). Can't remember the name, sorry, but it is worth the trip as the food and service are great. Also good AC.



01-29-04, 02:44
Indian Food

The best retaurent is Ali Baba in Pattaya on Pattaya Klang (Centre) just near to beach in front of Tops super center.

Then there are many named Abu Niwas (good preparation), Kohinoor, Royal India, Shere-Punjab (as mentioned below), Maharani (in 5 star Royal Cliff resort) and .....

Somebody was talking about Sauna in Pattaya with girls like a massage parlour. Is there anything like this?


01-29-04, 04:36

It seems like your having a great time, but usually when guys stick with the same girl for a while, there is emotional attatchment and the girl will use this against you especially when it come to her wages. If you see tears, remember these are "crocodile tears", no more. With experience, you use a long term relationship in your favor by negotiating a lower price, because the girl doesn't have to hustle a different guy every night. If your still paying her bar fine daily, of course this means you can stop at any time. Why go in a candy store and buy the same flavor lollipop each time? Who knows, maybe you've fallen in love with strawberry. Some guys just long for that boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship. Don't forget she is a prostitute. Keep up the good posts!

01-29-04, 09:17
Hi all,

For all newcommers!

just a general comment. When we talk about the girls here. We should not think so much and find out what the girl is thinking at the moment and why she reacted in this situation etc...
Everything is a deal and a game or a part of work .It is contract between the girl and you.

You can be a nice guy but if you meet a girl in pattaya, bangkok or... it is always the money which has the priority no.: 1.
It is also not import how you look. I mean if you young, old, a man with a big belly. The money is the power and the most interesting thing for the girl. You can have every girl it is doesn't matter if she has a boyfriend at the moment. If you keep the rules and pay a better price you will have a shot. Of course treat the girl good and I am sure she will show interest. Maybe not so long when her boyfriend is near or better his ATM-man but usually there is a way.

About thinking:

Don't think so much. Ask her and take her. Thai girls hate too think. Have fun but don't stay so long with her. They also want that you not think so much. They want fun and the money.
If you look for a girl or you mean the girl fell in love with you after a good session. Sorry man, you live in another world. A Thai girl need much more time to fall in love with someone than other girl in the world. Of course at the beginning or right away there is some simpathy but love ??.

It takes very long. Before love other things are more important like money, security in the future and a provider for the whole family.

If you have all these components you will be the lucky guy.

In Pattaya there are at the momet 250.000 girls from Isaan and anywhere. it is time for them to get money before they have to go home.

Take them but only 1 -3 days but then you should go hunting again or make a break.

Have fun and enjoy but protect yourself particulary your heart


01-29-04, 10:42
Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I want to start this post with a correction about the ping-pong ball prices at Happy. I double-checked with MySweetie, and listened more closely this time: The balls cost the customers 20 baht each, and the girls get 20 baht for each one they turn in. As some of you pointed out, it gives the girls some relief from the tedium of pole dancing and provides a fun way for the customers to literally throw some extra money their way.

When I get up to compose this post – MySweetie is still asleep, of course – I find a small tube of skin-whitening cream in the bathroom. I suppose Michael Jackson is proof that something like this works, but do these creams? More to the point, why? She’s so beautiful as she is. I understand the cultural values that drive darker-skinned women to buy these things, but what a fucking waste of human energy.

After breakfast, we went to “old Mike’s” to buy me a swim suit, so we could get in some pool time in the afternoon. While there, the shop girl tried to interest MySweetie in a large, colorful scarf, but MySweetie resisted, even after I told her I’d be happy to buy it for her. Finally, she relents, and I buy it. Later, she uses it as a swimsuit cover-up by the pool. Looks fabulous on her.

Still, the purchase of the inexpensive scarf is an exception: So far, MySweetie has ignored or rejected every opportunity for me to buy her extravagant presents. This is not what I have been led to expect from a TG.

Monday, when she went home during the day, her baby broke her glasses. I offered to have them fixed, but she says she may want contact lenses instead, and she doesn’t want to spend the money on repairing her glasses. Even though it’s my money. Is this a hint that I should buy her contact lenses? I’m somewhat open to buying her a pair, provided they cost considerably less than they do in Chicago. But when I ask, she doesn’t know the price and isn’t interested in finding out.

In earlier posts, I’ve mentioned that she doesn’t have a cell phone. Yet she’s never steered me to a cell phone store and dropped hints.

Walking around after Mike’s, I told her I need to buy some presents for my children before I go home. I asked her if prices were better in Pattaya or Bangkok. She says Bangkok has much better prices (not counting sanuk prices, of course) and tells me about a pair of jeans she bought for 1000 baht in Bangkok. Later, she saw the same pair for 1500 baht in Pattaya, and still later for 5000 baht on Koh Samui. She recommends I go to Pathunam Market when I’m back in Bangkok.

This afternoon, we went to see the big Buddha. She wanted to buy an offering for the Buddha. The offerings cost 100 baht, but she only had a 500 baht bill, and the vendor didn’t have change. When she asked me for change, I offered her 100 baht, but she said, “No. Make change.” Turns out, I only had four hundreds, so we traded anyway, and now I owe her 100 baht.

After the big Buddha, she negotiates the fare with a taxi parked there. The negotiation is all in Thai. After some discussion and head shaking, I approve $100 baht fare for the two of us. My impression, based on comments from this board, is that I should never pay more than 40 baht each, and that all we had to do was start walking away and the driver would have come down in price. I guess my head is just not into the negotiating game, because this strategy simply didn’t occur to me at the time. I just figured it’s less than $2.50, so it’s not much money. I’m not arguing that my point of view is correct. I know it isn’t, and I will try to do better next time. I’m just reporting my experience as an example of what newbies go through as they learn.

On the way down the hill in the taxi, she tells me the driver told her she should work with him to get a higher fare from me. She says she disapproves of that approach, even though she knows it’s normal among Thais.

“Not right,” she says. “All should pay same-same. Country no matter.”

I think this attitude reflects the three or four years she spent with her Austrian boyfriend, her baby’s father. They were apparently abjectly poor most of the time. He wasn’t working, and she told me that she often had to walk all the way from Jomtien Beach to South Pattaya:

“Walk many many time. Know why? No have money for taxi. No have ten baht.”

When the taxi drops us at the hotel, we realize that I gave her all my hundreds in change, so she pays the driver. Now I owe her 200 baht.

We arrive at Happy around 7:45 p.m. to have drink and pay her barfine. The mama-san offers me a deal:

“How many days you want barfine her?”

I count my remaining days in Pattaya on my fingers, and say,“Four.”

“You pay four, I give you five. One free.”

“Only have four days left. I pay three days, you give me four?”


“What about the three days I’ve already barfined her?”


Clearly there’s no economic advantage to me. There follows a lot of discussion in Thai between MySweetie and mama-san. When they stop, I ask MySweetie if there’s anything in it for her. She shakes her head, and I consider my options: As a general principle, you should never pay for anything in advance unless you get some specific advantage by doing it. Otherwise, all you do is close out options that you may want to take advantage of later. The only advantage I can see is that we won’t have to come back each night to barfine her. I explain this to MySweetie, who says, “No have to come tomorrow anyway. Thursday my holiday. No have to pay.”

This settles the issue. I won’t pay in advance. We’ll come back and pay three times, and I’ll get four more nights with her anyway. But I also realize that I’d rather come back each night anyway. I enjoy spending half an hour or so over a Singha and watching the girls dance, while MySweetie visits with her friends.

For dinner, I had the best Thai food I’ve had so far this trip. I asked MySweetie to take me where she goes to eat Thai food. We wound up at a little place that may not even have a name. It’s located on Soi 17, no more than 30 meters off Walking Street. She did all the ordering, taking care on my behalf to avoid full blown Thai spicing. She said the spicing was about 40 percent. We had a prawn dish, a shrimp dish, steamed rice, and a traditional Thai soup, the name of which escapes me. Absolutely great food. I had a similar experience four years ago with a TG I barfined from Flash A-Go-Go in Phuket. I’m convinced that the best way to find great Thai food is to get your TG to take you where she and her friends eat, and let her do all the ordering.

After dinner, we went bowling – Thanks for the directions, Mongo – at Pattaya Bowl on Second Road near Soi 1. She had a great time, and so did I.

Back at the hotel, we shower, turn in, and I fall asleep during BBBJ. Damn! Maybe my age is finally overtaking my enthusiasm.


01-29-04, 16:38
I thought I would post this article on a Indian actress fliming in Pattaya- I thought it was funny. I guess we mongers got to remember not everything that walks is up for sale over there.

Asia's sex capital is certainly no place to get wet and wild, 'Kiss
Miss' Mallika Sherawat discovered after being mistaken for a prostitute in Pattaya.

The exasperated Jat beauty says she was inundated with indecent proposals while shooting some raunchy scenes for Anurag Kashyap's 'Murder'. In the film Mallika plays a married woman who befriends a number of people to make her life happy and active, but it leads to some dangerous liaisons. She has newcomers Ashmit Patel and Emran Hashmi as her husband and lover respectively.

"Pattaya was a very unpleasant experience. All the perverts in the world seem to live there and I got tired of being constantly propositioned," laments the bindaas babe who smooched her way to stardom in 'Khwahish'.

According to the Mallika of Kisses, some tourists approached her during a break from shooting and offered her a great deal of money for a one-night stand. Dressed provocatively as she was, the actress says she had a hard time fighting off their lewd advances.

Joe Zop
01-29-04, 17:37
LOL -- well, she's gorgeous and while she might be wrong about all the perverts in the world living in Pattaya, a fair portion at least visit!

01-29-04, 17:49
Tonight they were working on this flim and Walking Street was the location of the shoot. Really made it hard to get around and hit the bars. When are they going to learn, Walking Street is for the sex trade, I really miss the low seasons, just us guys hunting the girls. And 300 girls for every guy looking but this is high season and Pattaya is fully of families and normal tourist, and don't forget the busloads of tourist from China.

Yep low season can't come fast enough for me. It was really great hear last year with SARS, everyone seemed to stay away. It was like after 9/11, empty bars fully of hungery girls.


01-29-04, 18:47

That Indian actress sounds like a *****. Every western female or westernized female thinks normal male sexual desire equals 'perversion'. In other words any guy who wants to fuck is a pervert. Our culture is a sad mess.

01-30-04, 05:09
thursday, january 29, 2004

before breakfast, mysweetie and i sit out on the balcony and share morning beverages. tea for her, coffee for me. she tells me more about her missing austrian boyfriend. it’s clear she loves and misses him deeply. we have a long talk about it. the tattooed englishman who recently took her to phuket and bangkok for 12 days wanted to take her away from the bar scene and take care of her. she told him no. she still hopes her baby’s father will return. but he’s not here, and she needs money to live and support her baby, so she works. she waits for now, even though she knows she is unlikely to ever see her boyfriend again. “waiting is hard,” she says.

for breakfast, we return to the coffee shop in jomtien beach run by mysweetie’s friend. it’s called sabai sabai coffee shop. it is literally a hole in the wall in the jomtien beach condominium. still, they serve a fair american-style breakfast. while we eat, mysweetie tells me that she and her missing boyfriend used to work there. mysweetie cooked and waited tables, but took no money because she was helping her friend. the austrian boyfriend appears to have been a real asset. he had lots of european friends who would fill the place day and night. after he was deported, business died. mysweetie said customers would ask for him, and when he wasn’t there, they would leave.

after breakfast, we found a real estate agency. i wanted to check out prices and properties with the idea of perhaps retiring to jomtien beach in a few years, after my children are out on their own. any decision is years away, and i have a lot of research to do first, but i learn that the prices are inviting. foreigners can’t buy houses in thailand, unless they do it through a company. but i am starting a small internet business. if it flies, i can satisfy that legal requirement and buy a home in thailand. i see some photos and a description of a house on jomtien beach road: three bedrooms, two baths, a/c, cable tv, for just under 5 million baht, roughly $125,000 american. this is doable.

on the taxi ride back, we passed under the large arch that spans the main road to pattaya from jomtien beach. this lettering reads, “pattaya – the extreme city.” i’ve never seen a more appropriate municipal slogan.

i want to relate a story i told mysweetie a few nights ago, the first time we walked past soi diamond on walking street: my first trip to pattaya was with a tour in march and april 2000. in pattaya, we stayed at the diamond beach hotel, taking a couple of mini-vans from bangkok. i was in the first van, which arrived at pattaya around 2:30 in the afternoon. as we turned the corner at soi diamond and walking street, all the girls at the carousel bar spotted the van with eight guys inside, and they all jumped up and cheered. a great moment.

mysweetie goes home for a few hours each day to see her baby and tend to things like food shopping. this evening, she is due back at my hotel around 7. when she is not there by 7:30, i begin thinking that she may not come back. there’s no particular reason for her not to come back, but this is thailand, and she has a real life besides going with customers. (note: she has used the word “customers” many times in our conversations. each time i am grateful she does not call us ‘johns.”) what will i do if she doesn’t come back? i would feel disappointment, because i now consider her a friend. but around 10 o’clock, i would simply head out and find a new companion for the evening, just as i found rainbowbeauty in bangkok when parkinglotsweetie was late. one of the advantages of thailand.

in any case, she turns up about 10 minutes later. she’s working on thai time and stopped to get some photos developed. we sit on the sofa, and she shows me photos of her baby and various members of her family, mostly taken at their homes in korat. then she showers, changes clothes, and we head out for dinner.

we finally find a good indian restaurant, thanks to tips from many other posters on these forums. i chose the sher’e’punjab for no better reason than my favorite indian restaurant at home is named sher-a-punjab. i do all the ordering. we have rogan josh, fish masala, sag paneer, pullao rice and onion nan. we share the dishes, but the fish masala is for her. she doesn’t eat beef, lamb (rogan josh) or any other “large animal,” as she puts it. it’s her first real indian food, and she enjoys it, but it still doesn’t please her as much as lao food.

over dinner, she tells me about an 85-year-old german woman she used to visit at jomtien condo. she says the woman was a big gossip, and no one liked her, but mysweetie would visit with her often.

“she need someone make talk-talk wid her. you know? she need, um" mysweetie searches for the right word.

“company,” i finish for her.

“no no. make talk-talk.”

“yes. that’s what company is. companionship. that’s what you do for me, why i keep you so many days. many girls fun in bed. not so many you can talk to. very few you can do both with.”

after dinner, we walk to royal garden to check movie times. by now it is 9:30, and the next show doesn’t start for an hour. we decide not to wait. we have been trying to see a movie for a few days now, but the timing never works. she volunteers that we will have to make an earlier start tomorrow.

we decide to take in some thai boxing. we stroll down walking street to the lock stock by dollhouse a-go-go. we catch the end of a boxing match, then a guy in street clothes climbs into the ring, pulls a snake out of a bag, and drops it on the canvas. i am not impressed until he teases the snake and it rears up and extends its hood. i realize this is a cobra. i know cobras are slow, as snakes go, but they are also among the most deadly. unfortunately, a group of tourists chooses this moment to mill around directly in front of us while selecting their seats. we move closer, but by now the cobra show is over. we get a good view just in time to see the snake handler grab the cobra behind its head and put it back in the bag. next the handler brings out what appears to be a python. it’s eight or 10 feet long. he plays with it for a while, then a tourist climbs into the ring. the handler and his assistant carefully drape the python over the tourist’s shoulders, and all three pose fiercely while the tourist’s friends snap photos to record forever his conquest of the monstrous snake.

thai boxing resumes. we watch two full matches, which seems to take no more than 20 minutes. i find them exciting with lots of quick shifts in momentum. sitting only two rows from ringside, you can see the rubber in a fighter’s legs when he gets up after a knockdown. all the matches seem to end in knockouts, most coming suddenly. the second match ends abruptly with the boxer sprawled on the canvas in front of us. he’s out cold. the referee is massaging his face, looking for some sign of consciousness. mysweetie squeezes my arm:

“we go now?” she asks.

“you not like?”

she shakes her head. she is frowning. we leave. i’ve had my fill anyway. as we take one of the little sois from walking street to pratamnak road, she says, “i see man go down, i think what if my little bruddah or my baby. i not like.”

back at the hotel, we crack a bottle of mekong whiskey. she sips hers neat. then shower and bed.

she has taught me a new word this week: “chickie-chee.” it means ticklish. her nipples are chickie-chee, and so are the smooth, flat planes on either side of her pubic hair, right where her pelvis ends and her legs begin. fortunately, these are not as chickie-chee as her nipples, because they are two or my favorites spots to kiss and lick.

when she starts bbbj, she says, “you tell me before you fall asleep.” we laugh.

tonight’s session is sweeter and more tender than most. the kisses are deeper and more deliberate.


01-30-04, 20:02
Continued from the Korat section:

Day 28, 1st day in Pattaya,

Writen at home from memory and notes:
Picked up a girl named Nok from the beach this evening. 30yo, slim, small and wearing a very sexy blue dress.
We quickly settled for a B300 ST back in my room (aircon!) in Soi6.
We got undressed and then she got scared. Pointed at my dick and said: NO!
I don't want any bullshit, so I told her that she was free to leave at any time, but: No work, no pay.
She put her dress back on, but then said that she wanted to try to burry the bone anyway. So she got undressed again and after a fine session she stayed a bit longer for 'a little sleep', a very good trick to make them stay and give you some after treatment.

Day 29, 2nd day in Pattaya,

Based on emails:
In the evening I met C on BeachRoad and we went to have a B400 ST. The ST turned into a nightlong total GFE with much more to cum.
The girl is from BKK and holidaying in Pattaya, same me!
She says that B400 a night with me beats the hell out of working 18hrs a day in a shoe factory for just B25 an hour as she does in everyday life.
I for one know that she's right!

Day 30, 3rd day in Pattaya,

A nice looking girl, but a little drunk, approached me on the old pier, saying without any further ado that she 'wanted to go room with me to go to bed'.
I declined saying 'I already have a girl'.
Later that day, when I met C on Beachroad, she said that she just
turned down a farang who offered her B1000 for LT, saying 'Mii fren leaw' ('I already have a friend!')
It must be love...
The next day she woke me up with a morning BJ. It kind of reminded me of that old song:
'I had a morning BJ at my Pattaya hotel-tel-tel-tel-tel'
B400 for the night+a B59 shirt.

Day 31, 4th day in Pattaya,

Today I rolled over for the knockers on a 40yo. Damn, they BIG!
She hadn't had it for a week - she said - and I guess it showed. The ST hotel bed almost lost the battle...
B100 for room, B300 for horny BT

Spent another night with C. And another morning BJ woke me up.

Day 32, 5th day in Pattaya,

I was totally 'downmarket' today, testing the cheaper end of BeachRoad. Got the full package from Fa for B300, but had to add B100 roomcharges.
I did better than the Dutchie before me, he paid B1,400 just to bang her and take some pics. I got HJ, BJ, a proper fuck and photos for B400 all in. I left the room in a state of total sanookness.

Lots of girls on BeachRoad do three customers a day and then go home. I spoke to quite a few and the MO is basically the same: Ask for B500ST, don't cum down in the first hours. After that, still ask for B500, but agree on B300-400 and get the job done.
Old hands tell me the place is much better now than a couple of years ago eventho there are more girls to split the bounty...

I also had a GOOD look at the Bar and GoGo girls. They lose on most counts against the BeachRoadBabes: Too young , too skinny, too expensive and too ugly. Many claim to have 'small pussy', sorry ladies, Freeler likes some room to move!

I saw another vintage t-shirt today. Amidst the LinkinPark and LimpBiskit (In Pattaya???-sic.) I spotted one that I could carbondate back to 1981: NaziPunksFuckOff, DeadKennedys. Yep, there is a God and His name is JelloBiaffra!

Day 33, 6th day in Pattaya, last day of the tour...

Had C over for the fourth night running. I gave her another shirt, a perfect imitation Burberry. In return I got some more pics and another treatment that made me sanook all over again. And this morning another morningBJ.

I have to vacate the room at 12noon, and I'm thinking to just leave the luggage downstairs and take a B150 room in the ST hotel until 6pm for fucks and showers.

I went along with this great idea and it gave me a chance to sample some more BeachRoad fruit just before leaving fior home.
Around noon I picked up Nid for a B400 ST. She looked prety good and agreed on some pictures, hence that higher price!
Nid noticed that there wasn't any luggage in the room. Smart kid!
But that didn't stop her from performing all out, putting a big smile on my face. She to stayed longer than ST suggests: until 3PM, when I kicked her out to make room for another girl.
Finding a replacement was more difficult than I expected. It was like all the girls had gone for lunch or something.
So I had to turn to the left overs.
One of them was Jip. She looked like L from Korat, but Jip had teeth. And a tiny pussy, the smallest of the tour but very 'open' to guests. Her BJ skills were a bit on the still learning side, but her pussy made up for that little flaw with flying colors, giving me something to remember...

01-30-04, 20:04
Hi there y'all

I will be in Pattaya next month. I want some mongering but it has to be very discrete. Seems that may be impossible? Any discrete girl friendly 5 star hotels?

I have seen the bar scene once and it was not to my taste.

01-30-04, 20:52

Funny stuff, great reporting. Just curious, will you post some of the pics of the girls/women/and "its" you have met and so happily fucked?


01-31-04, 04:27
Hello Fellow Mongers,

I am thinking of a vacation this summer from May 29 to June 6th. I have been reading these and WSG forum’s posts and just have to try the TG experience.

I will be traveling from Baltimore, MD, USA (BWI) and have shopped the internet and found tickets on Orbits for US $823.00. Is this the best deal or am I missing anything?

I just applied for my passport, do I need shots for BKK and how soon do I need them?

I know this is the hot season, but I figure less tourists and more TG and LB for me.

I will take lots of pics and videos and report back here.

Thanks in advance,

Kompressor Man

01-31-04, 05:01
Friday, January 30, 2004

Most mornings in Pattaya, I wake up without an agenda. The day ahead looms as a kind of hole in time that needs to be filled with activity. But I have no plan other than a vague list of things I’d like to do while I’m here. Inevitably, some interesting activity turns up, and we’re off. Today, it happens again.

MySweetie finds us a tiny place on Soi Marine where we can eat Thai food for breakfast. We sit and laugh at a small dog wandering among the tables. It has short, hair, thin legs and a fat body. It looks like small, furry barrel that walks on toothpicks. We consult briefly over the menu, but she does all the ordering. When the food arrives, she’s disappointed. One dish is too salty, another has too little spice, and the soup is not nearly as tasty as it should be. It fails miserably in comparison to the dinner we had two nights ago on Soi 15. I agree with her that it’s not nearly as good, but to me it’s still good, tasty food.

She begins to tell me again about Lao food, her favorite. Earlier in the week, we had discussed buying some groceries so she could cook Lao food in the hotel room. We discuss it again, but she rules it out because the room doesn’t have the right cooking utensils and because the strong smell of the food might permeate the hotel’s curtains and furniture.

“Very very strong smell.” She thinks a moment, then says, “We go to market, buy groceries. I cook Lao for you in my home.”

Outstanding idea.

The market is located a hundred meters or so up Soi 16, east of Pratamnak Road. We walk in past aisle after aisle of wooden stands loaded with food, shoes, clothes, toys – more goods than I can possibly name or remember. We go deeper inside. There must be an acre of goods here, at least. Somewhere near the center, we stop, and she begins to shop for groceries. I am surrounded by stalls bearing food in all shades of green, red, yellow, orange, brown, black, even blue and purple. They are mostly fruits and vegetables, but there are also water-filled tubs of sea food: shrimp, prawn, squid. Racks of different kinds of fish lay out for the choosing. This goes on as far as I can see in all directions.

A small procession of Thais in street clothes walks up the aisle, beating a drum and collecting money in a metal bowl. I ask MySweetie what they’re collecting for.

“The Buddha,” she says. “I no have small bill. Maybe you …”

I drop a 20-baht note in the bowl. After all, I am a Buddhist too; specifically, a Zen Buddhist doing karma yoga. On the rare occasions when I tell that to people in America, they think I am joking. But what exactly does it mean? It’s simple. The Zen Buddhist part means I try to be mindful and respectful no matter what I’m doing. The karma yoga part means I try to do my best at whatever I’m doing and not slough anything off as too trivial. I often fail at both, but these are worthy goals, nonetheless.

MySweetie buys all the groceries, nothing but vegetables. The first time she pays, I tell her that I’m happy to buy the groceries and that she should let me know next time. But she doesn’t. I realize that for this afternoon I am her guest and that I should keep my money in my pocket.

We exit the market on South Pattaya Road and take a taxi east. After we’re seated, she tells me I should let her pay; otherwise, they will charge us a high tourist price. We ride for 10 or 15 minutes. Soon, I am the only farang on the taxi. I have no idea where we are. When we get off, MySweetie gives the driver a 10-baht coin, and he leaves.

“Now, we take motorbike,” she says.

We walk about half a block to a line of motorbikes parked at the curb. She holds up two fingers, barks instructions, and two drivers spring to life. We each climb on the back of a motorbike and careen off through traffic and down back alleys. After three or four long minutes, the motorbikes stop front of her rented house. She pays the drivers 40 baht each.

Inside, the house is a box divided into four rooms: living room, kitchen and two bedrooms. MySweetie turns out to be the head of her small household, the economic provider for the five people live there: MySweetie, her two sons, Peter and Michael, her good friend, Om, and Uncle Oy, who is a good friend of Om’s husband. Peter, the baby, is named for his Austrian father. Michael, whose father is Thai, is nine. He was named for Michael Jackson, who was popular at the time.

The rooms are all simply laid out with a variety of functional, but mismatched furniture. There are no chairs. We settle on the blue linoleum floor in the kitchen. The only decorations on the walls are three or four calendars with colorful photos of the King and the Queen. I help with food preparation by shredding a bag of mushrooms, but the women soon take over. I sit back on the kitchen floor, play with the baby, and join in the conversation now and then when MySweetie speaks to me in English. She pours me some Sangsom whiskey. I sip and I become part of the furniture.

Soon the food is cooking on an open porch just outside the kitchen. It smells wonderful. I realize MySweetie was right to be concerned about the smell permeating the hotel furniture.

Food is served on the kitchen floor. MySweetie puts down two bowls of rice, one bowl of Thai food, which Om has prepared spice-free just for me, and a bowl of Lao soup, which MySweetie has prepared. Both are wonderful. Om’s Thai food is mainly asparagus, though that’s not the name MySweetie gave it. The Lao soup consists mainly of thick, French-fry-sized strands of coconut, squash, green chilies and something MySweetie calls “Lao salad.” She doesn’t know what else to call it. She warns me to watch out for the green peppers and not to eat them. At some point, I accidentally eat one and have to stop eating and drink Singha while I recover. It takes several minutes. She, of course, will pluck them out and eat them directly.

But MySweetie is not hungry yet, so she sips Sangsom whiskey, and we talk while I eat. She tells me about the people in the house and their connections to her. They all come from Korat originally, as she does. Her parents live there. She is Thai by birth, but both her parents are Cambodian. She does not want to live in Korat any more, for fear that her baby will be ostracized as half-farang.

Om is a close friend, who baby-sat Michael when he was born nine years ago, and now baby-sits for Michael, Peter and one other child from a different home.

Uncle Oy sells vegetables, but cannot work now because he injured his foot in a motorbike accident. It is heavily bandaged, and his toes are protected by claw-like metal hooks that act as bumpers to keep him from accidentally kicking anything.

MySweetie talks about the weight of responsibility. Since her boyfriend disappeared, she has realized that she must be the money-earner for her little household. She does this because they were so much help to her in the last year, when she was baht-less and trying to find out what happened to her baby’s father.

“They help me when I need. Now I help them. I strong. I can do. I know.”

After dinner, we walk hand in hand down a couple of dark streets and find two motorbikes, which we take all the way back to the hotel. “Faster than motorbike, taxi, taxi,” she explains.

On the way, our bikes become separated. MySweetie’s driver has gone ahead somewhere. I am sitting alone on the back of a bike somewhere on South Pattaya Road. My driver speaks no English, and I speak no Thai. I wonder briefly how this will work out. I know that the worst case is that I just point the driver straight ahead till we hit Beach road, then I know where I am. But I also trust MySweetie to take good care of me. My driver’s cell phone rings. There’s a brief conversation, then he wiggles the bike across the stopped traffic, we turn left, and there’s MySweetie and her bike about 50 meters ahead.

They drop us at the hotel – 40 baht each – and she tells me how angry she was with the driver. “I say to him, have friend follow us. But friend no do. I very angry. Speak strong to him. Very very strong.”

The rest of the evening is uneventful. We shower, dress and head for Soi 15, where she stops in a beauty shop and has her hair straightened, while I have a Singha in a bar a few meters away.

We walk to Royal Garden and see “The Last Samurai.” I have seen it before, but I enjoy it just as much the second time. MySweetie likes it too.

After the movie, we drop by Happy and pay her barfine. She convinces me to spend 100 baht on five ping-pong balls, but instead of throwing them at the stage, I tuck them into the eagerly offered bras of the dancers sitting near us.

Then back to the hotel for a snack, shower and sanuk.


01-31-04, 05:15

There are some in the Photo Gallery already!

01-31-04, 06:07

Many of the readers may think it is not possible but after several months in Pattaya it can start to wear a little thin. Last night I was in What’s Up A Go Go and found myself paying more attention to two cats playing on the floor than the girls on the stage. And I do mean four legged cats with tails not girls. Maybe it is time to leave Pattaya and found another playground? I know it has been said before so I’m not the first to say it but Pattaya is like a Disney World for guys, but even Disney can get old after a while.


01-31-04, 08:49
yup, sexreview. i also got a little weary of pattaya after a few days. too much sex can be overwhelming. as well as this, [CodeWord117] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord117) in pattaya is expensive and not as good as say phuket. not much else to do there.

freeler, i'll be heading down in april. so judging by your old posts, pattaya is alright for dentists? i have a few holes i need filled. and, is liposuction available in thailand. i have a few unwanted kilos i want to dispose of.

02-01-04, 06:30

I recently booked tickets on Travelocity from Dulles to BKK for $855 inclusive of all taxes and fees. I think the actual airfare was in the $500's. Flying ANA.


02-01-04, 10:35
Saturday, January 31, 2004

When I return from posting my trip report for the Friday, MySweetie is awake. Around 1 p.m., we eat an American breakfast at the Best Spot Restaurant at Soi 15 and Pratamnak Road. Serviceable food. We kill an hour back at the hotel room, then part company for a few hours.

She goes off to meet her little family – Peter, Michael, Om, Uncle Oy – and a few friends at the beach. They planned this outing yesterday, and invited me to join them, but I declined to attend the Lunch and Ladies meeting at the Welkom Inn on Soi 3. This is a weekly meeting of people who read and post to the Pattaya Lovers Yellow Board online. Like the other boards I post to, this one is full of trip reports and photos. But more than the others, it contains discussion of day-to-day life in and around Pattaya.

I find the table, introduce myself, and meet Michael, Chris, Lowell, Dave and George. We spend the next hour and a half sharing stories about mongering and other aspects of life as a farang in LOS. I had hoped to meet Eyenitnoy and Mongo, whose posts I especially enjoy, but Eyenitnoy does not live in Thailand, and Mongo is in Bangkok visiting his mute friend Daeng. The group breaks up about 4, as a couple members head inside for some short-time sanuk with the Welkom Inn girls, many of whom are quite beautiful. I leave to do some Internet filing. Heading down Beach Road in the back of a taxi, I realize I forgot to pay for my Singha. Sorry guys. Next time the first round’s on me.

MySweetie arrives at my hotel a little after 7 p.m. Wearing plain jeans and a tight, white tank top. She looks gorgeous. I tell her so, and we spend the next several seconds while she struggles with the English pronunciation of “gorgeous.” Then I shower, change into fresh clothes, and we head out for dinner at the New Orleans Restaurant on Soi 13/4.

It’s Saturday night in Pattaya. A line of headlights from cars, taxis and motorbikes stretches back over the hill from Jomtien Beach and edges slowly toward Pattaya. We could probably walk faster, but we squeeze into the back of a packed taxi.

The New Orleans turns out to be excellent. It would become one of my favorites if it were in Chicago. Small, candlelit tables, the music of Louis Armstrong playing softly in the background, and most importantly, outstanding food. MySweetie orders tuna salad and washes it down with cognac; she has decided she wants to get drunk tonight. I order seafood jambalaya and a San Miguel beer. It’s one of the best jambalayas I’ve ever tasted, including those I’ve eaten in New Orleans. MySweetie also reviews the restaurant favorably: “I eat tuna salad many restaurant. This very, very good tuna salad. This good restaurant.”

After dinner, we drop by Happy to pay her barfine and have a drink. The waiter takes my order but ignores her. She is annoyed, but smiles when he returns with my Singha and a tequila for her. He knows her tastes.

After about 45 minutes of drinking, visiting and girl watching, we head out to Peppermint A-Go-Go. This is professional research for MySweetie. A week or so ago, a new dancer, number 24, jumped to Happy from Peppermint. MySweetie likes her dancing and wants a closer look at Peppermint’s style. I remember number 24; the night I found MySweetie, number 24 was my second choice. Sexy Asian features, slim body, smallish breasts, long black hair. Does that tell you anything you didn’t already know? Brown eyes?

Peppermint has a number of dance stages, and some girls who dance on small tables. The girls serving drinks at the small bar near the front door are all topless. When we arrive, the lights are down for a special show on the main stage: Four girls are pole dancing, wearing only glow-in-the-dark butterfly wings. They climb the poles and slide slowly down, sometimes upside-down. It’s a nice act, and one I haven’t seen before.

The show ends and the lights come up. I like this better, because now I can see the girls, many of whom dance topless. I see many I would happily barfine. The guy beside me, who is bald and looks to be about 65 or 70, is having a great time looking up the skirt at the pussy of the girl dancing atop our table. MySweetie is amazed that the dancer lets him feel it for 20 baht a stroke. As I look around, many of the men in the club look to be at least 10 years older than I am, and I’m 60. At the bar in front of the main stage sits a 40-something guy in wheel chair. Pattaya offers rest and relaxation for everyone. This is good.

After a round at Peppermint, we move on to Dollhouse A-Go-Go. Here, the girls stand and pole dance on a stage that slowly rotates. I find this format less interesting, though I do notice a couple of real lookers, still available at 10:30 Saturday night.

Around 11, we head back to the hotel. We sit on the sofa, hold hands and stroke each other, while we sip Mekong whiskey and have another of our long conversations. She tells me more about her missing boyfriend, how possessive he was, and how he didn’t want other men to look at her. Early in their relationship, he strapped her arms behind her back with a belt and cut her hair short to make her less attractive to other men. When they first got together, and he visited her at Happy, he would sit and wait for her with his head down, intentionally hiding his eyes behind his long hair to avoid looking at the other girls. This is a dude with a deeply troubled head.

Over the last week, she has told me many stories about how hard and troubled their life together was, and how things are better for her now. I understand that she still loves him and wants him to return, but she hasn’t yet realized how much better off she is without him. She’s taking charge of her own life now, shouldering responsibility, and finding the strength to provide for her little family. In the long run, this is better.

Around 1:30 a.m., she steps out on the balcony for her bedtime cigarette. I shower, climb into bed and read my Father Ananda mystery until she joins me. Tonight, her orgasm seems longer and deeper than usual. She rides me a longer, and her sweet moans and noises are more pronounced.

Later, I click off the bedside lamp.

“Goodnight,” she says.

I find her lips in the dark. “Goodnight, my sweetie.”

For the last time, I fall asleep with her in my arms.


02-02-04, 07:48

Thank you for you posts. I just got back from Pattaya myself. I was there twice last year with a few friends. The first time for 3 weeks and this time for 2. I really enjoy your posts. They give good insight to the lifestyles in Pattaya. Please keep up the good work.


02-02-04, 11:29
sunday, february 01, 2004

i got up this morning around 9, and began drafting my saturday trip report. i shut down around 10:30, when mysweetie got up. she knows the car to bangkok is coming for me in two and a half hours.

we have coffee and tea on the balcony, while she smokes her morning cigarette. then we head into south pattaya for breakfast. on the taxi, we run into jan from denmark, whom i had met last sunday at flb. that was his first day ever in thailand. i introduce him to mysweetie, and we chat. i learn that he’s been staying at the residence garden all week, too. if i‘d known, we might have swapped stories a few times. he has his own cutie with him, so he’s obviously having a great time too.

over breakfast, mysweetie tells me that all the girls at happy have regular [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109), blood and vaginal tests for drugs and stds. i think happy is a well run establishment.

after breakfast, we return to the hotel, i pack, and we kill the next half hour sitting on the sofa having another of our wonderful conversations. i tell her i will never forget her, that my week with her has been one of the best of my entire life.

she says, “i hope you not paak waan.” sweet mouth, flatterer. she has called me this many times during the week and has given me many occasions to call her paak waan, too.

her austrian boyfriend tried three times to leave her before he gave up and stayed with her for four years. the tattooed englishman, who took her to phuket and koh samui, offered just 10 days ago to take care of her. i tell her i understand how they felt, that i feel it too. if i could stay in pattaya, i would want to keep her with me. but i can’t stay. halfway around the world, i have a full-blown, roaring life: children to help my ex-wife raise, a job that i love, and responsibilities that i value. and she is not ready for a new man in her life. for now, she is waiting for her missing boyfriend, hoping against hope for his return. that’s why she rejected the englishman’s offer. it would be wrong and foolish for me or anyone else to try and take charge of her life now, especially when she’s so close to doing it herself.

i tell her that if i come back to pattaya – and i hope to – i will see her again. she laughs and says we will see how we both have been and how we have changed.

when my car comes, we part without tears, wishing each other the best. we are friends who grew to know and care for one another. we hug and kiss for the last time. i climb into the car, and we wave as it pulls away. the last time i see her, she is walking down pratamnak road toward south pattaya, beautiful, as always.

i have no way to contact her – no phone number, no address. i didn’t ask for hers, and she didn’t ask for mine. this is by design. it is time to move on.

i am in bangkok now. i miss mysweetie, as i knew i would. there’s nothing to do but get on with life and let time take care of it. fortunately, bangkok offers the arms and legs of many beauties who are eager to help.

around 8 p.m., i decide to check out gulliver’s tavern on soi 5. i sit at the bar, and immediately two fat girls try to make eye contact. i’m sure they’re nice people, but i studiously avoid them. i order the house cheese burger and a singha. the burger turns out to be the best i’ve had in thailand.

after my meal, i move over and sit under the big red, rotating car and watch the pool players. one of the girls is fabulous. she wears jeans and a tight white tank top. she is hard-bodied and athletic and stalks her shots like a panther. she holds the table for an hour without loosing. i watch her and try to strike up a conversation, but her head is deeply into her game.

after an hour, i decide to drop by the soi 7 bier garten. maybe i’ll have better luck there. as i walk past the outdoor, fast-food place across the street from the bier garten, i spot a little cutie in a short black dress who is making solid eye contact with me. oh my god, it must be fate: it’s parkinglotsweetie, the girl i found at 2 a.m. in the nana hotel my first night in bangkok.

we chat, i stoke her back, her tummy, call her by her real name. she moves in close and we hug. parkinglotsweetie may not be mysweetie, but she’s a tiny bundle of great fun and sexual energy. i know i’m going to get my brains screwed out tonight.

she’s hungry, so we stop in the nana coffee shop for food.

“you go pattaya, boom-boom lady,” she says.

“one lady.”

“one lady seven days. lady good?”

“lady very good.”

she picks up her table knife. “we get to room, i cut. tonight, i cut.” she smiles.

in the hotel lobby, she meets her girlfriend. they had planned to go dancing at angel’s disco, which is in the nana hotel and one of bangkok’s fabled free-lancer pick-up spots. the three of us decide to go dancing. ladies get in free and guys pay 200 baht, which includes the first drink free. it is about 11:30, and all the tables in the front section are taken. we cross the dance floor to the back section, which is nearly deserted, and pick a table. within half an hour, the place is standing-room-only. while we dance, i look around. the talent is mixed, but a lot of it is prime.

after an hour of dancing, we head upstairs to my room for shower and bed. her pubic hair is recently shaved, and she has a little stubble as it grows back. i’m slowly licking the inside of her thigh, when she suddenly pulls away. “jakgajee?” i ask. ticklish.


she grinds into my mouth during daty, but after about 10 minutes, she stops me, unable take any more. she gives me a few minutes of good bbbj, then climbs on and rides cowgirl to a furious finish. we actually come together.

i will miss mysweetie forever, but the cure begins in bangkok.


Joe Zop
02-02-04, 17:57
Great reports, Carabu -- thanks!

02-02-04, 18:06

Nice reports. And you keep the whole thing in perspective. You have to.


The Traveler
02-02-04, 23:36

Did you know that the Welkom Inn in Soi 3 is a well known short time place also known as Belgium Embassy, mostly visited by local expats ?

Have fun

Atlanta Monger
02-03-04, 09:40

Very nice series of reports. You put a lot of effort into it, and it is certainly appreciated.

I've flagged them as references for my trip to LOS later this year.

Best regards,


02-03-04, 12:59
Well, proof again that these Chinese Tour groups are like cattle. On a sad note it seems that a tour bus had a run in with a freight train today in Pattaya, six people are dead at this time. The interesting part was them of them just stood around and waited for another bus and tour leader to go on with the tour. Pattaya is full of these tour buses every night it makes the traffic on Beach and Second Road really bad. Something really needs to be done here but Thailand’s record on traffic safety is not that great any ways among the worst as a matter of fact.

02-03-04, 19:20
traffic safety? WHAT traffic safety? You almost take your life in your hands every time you cross a street in Pattaya. I remember posting a story about a night bus ride from P'ya to Korat last year - scary.

02-04-04, 08:59
The_Travelr wrote: "Did you know that the Welkom Inn in Soi 3 is a well known short time place also known as Belgium Embassy, mostly visited by local expats ?"


Yes, I did. At the Lunch and Ladies meeting, one of the other guys excused himself for short-time with a real hottie. He rejoined us about an hour later, looking totally relaxed.


02-05-04, 11:37
Pattaya food

Getting tired of Thai food and long for some stick to the ribs, but classy grinds? There is no motor bike/ traffic/ pollution/noise/flies and questionable hygiene here. Hit the Mediterannean buffet on Wed. nights at the Montien hotel. Caesar salad, Tuna brochette, house signature dish filet mignon, seafood pasta, and crepes suzette with white chocolate ice cream all made to order. Line items include 5 different pastas, cured meats, cheeses, veal loin, leg of lamb, jumbo prawns, etc. Full salad bar with canapes, dessert table and coffee for 530b all inclusive. $14 ? Fukking awwsoome! Did I mention the soloist on the grand piano? The Marriott Royal garden restaurant has a great buffet too but includes carved prime rib, slipper lobster and prawns cooked to order and assorted sushi/sashimi for 550b. Try to find comparable buffets in the U.S. for less than $100/head.


Lots of white skin and bleach blonde tourists from russia and europe with their kids. Busses of korean and chinese groups loading on and off boats to small islands. More and more wheelchair people too. Pattaya is changing its image and clientele.


Sold out hotels are starting to ease up and accept walk-ins this month.
Price,selection and value much better than Bkk.


Soi 6 loaded with girls in and out of the bars, few serious mongering tourists to be found. Take your pick, but if you are picky, it will require effort. Beach road hit and miss, seems some guys take the prime ones for days instead of humping variety of holes. All decent looking girls under 23 can be had for 500b. Older ones will take and deserve less. If you like ancient battle scarred hags, with huge, multiple baby dropping puzzy's you can find them here. Yes, some guys are taking them (Freeler? lol) Soi 7 and 8 are filled with eager girls. 200b barfine + 500 s/t Don't be put off by the number of guys. Many of these dudes are over the hill alkies who can't get it up so they just sauce the nights and days away. Pattaya, imho has thousands more girls than Bkk, but the top lookers are harder to find, and many of these get taken for days. Prices a lot lower. The serious budget monger can have an a/c room with fridge and hot water, a motorbike rental, a short time young girl and thai meals for 1000b/day. This is true value.

Getting here

If you have no budget, then take any taxi or limo. These are great for big fat people too, who cannot fit in a regular seat without spilling out and sweating all over the next guy. You can get there free if you book a couple nights with a sister hotel in Pattaya, ex.-The Dynasty hotel. I like the public airconditioned bus caught at the Eastern bus terminal or Ekkamai. To get to this terminal take a cab from Sukhumvit or jump on the skytrain. 90b ride to Pattaya bus terminal and then 25b for a baht bus ride to beach or pattaya 2nd road.

Bird flu

If your afraid, stay home. Pattaya and Thailand in general is not for meek, conservative, germ paranoid geeks. Almost all restaurants and street vendors have pulled chicken from their menus. Meanwhile I am eating duck until I am sick of it which hasn't happened yet.

Jaimito Cartero
02-05-04, 11:57
Bil - I thought the signs at the baht bus terminal says the maximum charge is 20 baht? You weren't giving them a tip, were you?

And if you are a big fat guy, and don't want to spill over the other seat, you can always buy 2 seats on the bus. Still much cheaper than a taxi or such.

The different food options sound good. What's the location of the Montien? Seems like a better deal if you want to splurge on a nice dinner.

Jaimito Cartero
02-05-04, 12:08
Carabu - Nice reports. I found a lot of good information in your reports, without some of the snide remarks that many longtime posters inject in every message.

I'm going to Thailand in a week, and will have to thoroughly read all your reports, as you've mentioned a number of places that I haven't visted yet. It's very nice to have new members who have good reports, and a slightly different perspective.

The Traveler
02-05-04, 21:33

The Montien is at Beach Road, close to the roundabout traffic in North Pattaya (as far as I remember).

02-05-04, 22:15

The Montien Hotel is on Beach Road and Second road but not were traveler posted. It sits between Tops Market Complex (Pattaya Center Road) to the south and the Hard Rock Hotel Complex to the north. But you can't miss it, large signs on both Beach and Second Road.


Jaimito Cartero
02-06-04, 14:34
I've noticed a lot of beer bars in the area of the big mall on Second street (kind of close where you loop around to beach street). What kind of quality to these places? I want to stay in a different place than last time, and thought I'd check it out.

02-06-04, 15:46
Jaimito Cartero,

Do you mean near the BigC on SecondRoad?
It's in the Soi1-2-3 area, it where the SabaiGroup has hotels and mp('s?).
I don't like that area:D!

The Traveler
02-06-04, 19:02
SexReview / Jaimito

Sorry, SeReview's comment is correct. The Montien is located between Beach Road / Second Road right next to Nova Lodge, not far from Central Pattaya.

I have mistaken it with the Amari Orchid, which is close to the roundabout. Also the Dusit is there.

Have fun

02-06-04, 19:28

Down from Alcartzar on Second Rd. next to the tourist police station, and 7-11 store is a new outside bar complex built and finished around June of 2003. I walk thru then and it was pretty dead! Also across the road use to be a huge empty lot that was under construction. Look like more shops!

Good luck shopping

02-06-04, 20:08

'Also across the road use to be a huge empty lot that was under construction. Look like more shops!'

That area is now finished, but the stalls/shops are still empty.
The small bar area on SecondRoad next to Soi 6 is gone, some constructing is going on there now.
But hey, 5 years ago it was as if Soi8 would be barless within a year or two. Look at it now!

Jaimito Cartero
02-06-04, 23:27
Hmmm, okay. I guess I'll study some reports and figure where to stay. Thanks for help so far!

02-07-04, 08:07
Have always like Silver Star A Go Go on Soi 8, since it open about a year ago but don't think I will be taking any girls from the club anytime soon. I was in the club last night and heard a few of the dancers talking in Thai, it is great to be able to understand Thai without them knowing because they talk freely.

Anyways they were talking about not being able to past the Medical Check Card that they must have and keep updated. But then I heard #7 tell her friends that she doesn't do the checks anymore, she just pays for the stamp. She thought it was funny how the falangs would pay her more to go bareback and she would give them more than they paid for.

It is one thing for a girl to spread STD not knowing it is another to do so to get even with the guys. Something to think about and a club to stay away from.


ChiMan II
02-07-04, 08:54

Excellent report. This is a message that should be framed. I was with many Thai girls. Tg's seemed more than willing to go bareback. I always used protection. I hope more guys are smart when they go there.

02-07-04, 09:21

Yeah, maybe I fukked up and the paid the bus terminal baht bus driver too much, or it is a high season price, or I just forgot the correct price............or? Shit, its gonna haunt me forever. You might check out the New Dynasty hotel in Pattaya between beach and 2nd rd. just down from the A.A. hotel. Brand spankin new, my buddy is over 300lbs and likes it. No pool, teak walls, lanai, central location, carpet, artwork, good size room. All prices are a little jacked up here now. The Sabai Room soapie is up to 1600b all in. I found the best duck in Sukhumvit area is in a Chinese restaurant directly across Suk. from the Volvo car showroom, before soi Asok? 130b gets you 1/2 boneless with rice including added tip in comfortable, quiet, clean a/c surroundings. (Btw this is in Bkk) I may make fun of people and be obtuse, crass, opinionated and mean, but hey, your fat and I'm short and ugly, the girls don't give a flying fuk. Enjoy!

Jaimito Cartero
02-08-04, 18:10
Bil - Well, you won't live down that 5 baht tip for awhile. At least it wasn't to a girl. :)

I think I walked by the new Dynasty place when I was in Pattaya in Nov/Dec. I stayed in their place up on the hill the first time. Nice, but way too far out of the action.

Yeah, we're both handsum man! As long as you've got money, they'll like you plenty.

I don't know if I'll be in Bangkok long, but will check out the duck place if possible. I wonder if the prices are going up/down on them since the avian flu stuff.

02-09-04, 05:36
Dear friends,

I am new to this forum, and am seeking a helping hand from you fellow Thai lovers. I am a regular at Bangkok bars and after at least 15 years will be visiting Pattaya, will be there for a short stay ( 2 nights ) staying in a hotel in South Pattaya. Please advise me some good topless bars to go to and what is the ideal charges paid to Thai women for ST/LT, and any good women in these bars.

Also, if the Baiyoke Pattaya is a good hotel to stay also. Looking forward to good reviews for fellow Thai lovers.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

02-09-04, 17:20
Citizen - 500ST 1000 LT and you will have more available than you can EVER imagine. So much poon, so little time...

and if you go down to beach road you can find some for 200ST

the beach roaders vary from 3 to 6 and prices also vary. some are into it, others are starfish. luck of the draw

02-09-04, 19:46

Here is the deal on the bars, things change here very fast, but as of this week the information here is current. Pattayaland II is not show, Pattayaland I has very limited showing right now. The two GO Go Bars on Soi 8 are in part topless at this time. Classroom on Soi 2 is not showing in general but is for shows.

Now on to the South Pattaya area and Walking Street. Most of the bars have at least topless shows, with Electric Blue, Champion, Hootys and Peppermint having full nude girls. Living Dolls, Diamond, Happy, Super Baby and Girl all have topless most of the time. The going rate in most Go Go Bars is 1000 baht short time and 1500 baht long time. The girls in Happy, Super Baby and Girl all asked for 1500 baht ST and 2500 or more LT. It is not hard to find great looking Go Go girls for 1500 baht all night. Bar fines are between 500 to 700 baht for the girls with service girls(non dancers) being about 100 baht more.

Beer Bars all over the city, the bar fines are between 200 to 250 baht and the girls want 500 baht ST and 1000 baht LT for a tip. Soi 7 and 8 are very large beer bar areas over 150 bars between the two Sois. Soi 6 is a short time area and great during the day as well as in the night. Soi 2 and 3 and the Big C area have another 75 or so Beer Bars. Also more along Beach and Second Road.

Freelancers are all over the city, malls, Walking Street, Discos etc. but the largest numbers of them are found on Beach Road. The girls on Beach Road for the most part are happy with 500 baht ST and 1000 baht LT, with many taking less if you want to bargain with them. The girls in the discos look for 1000 baht ST, 1500 Baht LT.

With over 10,000 working girls you should have no problem being very happy, enjoy your time here.


02-09-04, 19:53
Red Rex,

I’m sorry to say that I really believe the management of the club doesn’t care. They are interested in just getting more baht from the customers. In most clubs I have found that the owners and managers have very little to do with the girls that falls to the person they have hired to manage and run the girls the mamasan (s) and I don’t know one mamasan here who does not already know everything that is happening within their club. I’m just going to stay away from Silver Star and go to other clubs instead.


02-10-04, 05:27
Sex Review,

Thanks a lot mate. Your help in this regard is truly appreciated. Is there anywhere, maybe a good massage parlour, where I can catch some action in the morning / afternoon.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

02-10-04, 05:28

Thanks for the update mate, appreciate it.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

02-10-04, 18:41

Massage is not really a morning thing in Pattaya. Most places open at 1:00 in the afternoon and stay open until 1:00am. Check out the pictures posted in the Thailand Photo Section, it shows many of the girls working Pattaya Soapy Massage. I like Sabi Land across from Big C on Second Road and Soi 3. But the other two places in that area are also good Sabi Dee and Sabi Room.

Have fun and enjiy,


02-11-04, 05:46
sex review,

I thought starting the day with a good fuck and massage was a nice way to begin with. However, maybe I will have to wait till the afternoon, no sweat. Is there a place where I can get some Russian women also? I remember few years back i saw a lot of nice looking Russian women outside Grace Hotel in Bangkok, I think year 2000. However last year I went there but never saw any Russians, any idea why?


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

02-11-04, 13:01
Sex review,

In a much older post you have added a photo of a girl from Sabai land. She seems a real knockout do you by any chance remember her name or her batch no. I could probably ask for her when I visit this place, also how much you paid her, help me I am falling in love with this babe. (added pic for refrence)


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

02-12-04, 16:43
Well, things seem to be moving along about the same here in Pattaya with the other shoe about to fall with the new midnight closings as of March 1. Things will be different here after the change happens. The general mood here is very unhappy about the change and the talk is about the death of tourism from the vendors here. While I don't think it will really be that bad I do believe things will be changing here as well as all over Thailand.


Tattooed Guy
02-12-04, 23:30
Hi all,

I asked this in the Moscow section before, as I was planning to go there but takes to long for my visa, so booked flights to BKK this morning but I'm planning to go to Pattaya. I'm a tattoo-artist and wondered how Thais are towards tattooed people. I've seen on the pics that many girls have tattoos, but I'm actually covered and can only cover them when fully clothed, will that give me any problems in clubs, discos, girls, ... also how is the dresscode, will jeans and Tshirt do to get in clubs and discos? I'm off on the 16th till 28th of februari, yep that's only a few more nights and still haven't found a hotel, waiting till it's morning there to give some a phonecall as many of the guesthouses or hotels don't really have online bookings, I know I can send in my details but it doesn't say when they gonna contact me back, so going to phone them. Anyway hope to read something before I go and keep an eye on the photoboard.

Take care all.

Tattooed Guy
02-12-04, 23:36
Oops, me again, forgot to ask if anybody is there between 26 and 28 Feb and want to meet up? it will be my first time there and will travel alone, so I could use some company, besides the company that I'll get there, hehe.

Just leave me a message.

02-13-04, 05:22
Tatooed guy,
No problems with the tatoos. The thais will still welcome you. I assmue due to your trade you have more tatoos then just a few? Some girls will actually find this kinky. Trust me, it will make no difference. More and more even the girls themselves have tatoos.


02-13-04, 06:02
Tatoo - Thai girls will love you & you can get lot of business.

March 1 will not change things in Pattaya as there is not much of changes for entertainment zones. Pattaya is full city an entertainment zone. Bangkok definitely some areas will be affected.

If you ask me, closing at mid night is better for people coming for sex. The girls normally does not like to go to room before closing time. They try to push you to discos & this will reduce then.


02-13-04, 07:44
When is the high season over in Pattaya? I was thinking of heading to the LOS real soon but don't want to join the large throngs I saw in a couple of New Year celebration photos.

Tattooed Guy
02-13-04, 13:34
Hi guys,

Thanks for your replies, it all seems to be in my advantage having tattoos, what's going on in Europe then? Because here the girls are more scared then anything when you're tattooed, and in Russia and Pattaya it seems to be a turn-on for the girls? I think I'm going to have to move soon haha

Take care all.

02-13-04, 14:26

High season doesn't really end until May 1st, but the main part of it is really winding down right now. Go to Pattaya anytime you can from now on and the crowds will not be a problem for you. Things are really nice here now. Besides the weather is good now and the longer you wait the hotter it will get. Also if you wait until April you will need to deal with Songkran and if you don't want to be wet stay away then.

In May the Cobra Gold Troops start to show up and things can be heat up with all the troops in town. Cobra Gold is only a couple of weeks but impacts the city for most of May and June.


02-13-04, 18:30

I understand that the early closing doesn't necessarily hurt those of us who're only coming into the bar for sex. I don't even get girls from bars, only freelancers. But I understand that this government is attempting gradual social engineering to get rid of prostitution and sex tourism. And it will succeed. I know my freelancers will not be around when all the bars go out of business. Once the bars are crushed and there's no revenue source to keep the police off the girls they'll wipe out everything fun about Thailand.

I give it just a few more years. And there is no viable alternative to Thailand - we've had too many of our eggs in one basket. Its amazing to think that in a big world of 6 billion people, most of the fun is in one little country of 65 million.

The Traveler
02-13-04, 20:53

heading to Pattaya ?
What happened to your sweety in BKK ?

Have fun

02-14-04, 01:37

Thanks for the info. I've been to Pattaya a couple of times before but didn't realize high season made such a difference.


I still have the sweety in Bangkok. She goes to Pattaya with me. Actually she goes everywhere I go. Kow poo ying heung maak maak. She is extremely jealous. She wasn't like that in the beginning but as we would walk around Bangkok she said she would hear other girls talking among themselves about me and how they wanted me and now whenever I go to Thailand she wants to meet me at the airport and never let me out of her sight for just about the entire time I'm there. It's ok most of the time but sometimes I do want to just get away for a little bit.


02-14-04, 02:36
Keep it real bro!
Bangkok, Pattaya, mongering missions and clingy, jealous girlfriend do not go together! You are in the ultimate land of smiles, sexual pleasure capital of the universe! There can be no place for jealous clingy girlfriends. Man you're missing out! OUCH!

My philosophy on the clingy girlfriend experience, she either learns to enjoy a threesome of my choice, or she gets booted to the curb. 99.9% of the time, they go through a little rebellion at first, but if they really into you, they almost always come around! If she really wants her honey happy, she will learn to enjoy the fruits of another woman!


02-14-04, 03:06

I had fun before I met my girlfriend but now that I've found one I really like I don't like to change.

The Traveler
02-14-04, 06:49

Everybody has different preferences. Anyway, no girl wth self-respect will do as you said. If she accepts your behaviour than she doesn't want to make her honey happy, she wants to be happy herself and is only after the money. You should know that.

Have fun

The Traveler
02-14-04, 06:54

I am sure you will have fun with her, she is a real nice and sweet person and definately in love with you.

BTW, hope the issue we were talking about in the past is settled and history. Just to answer an old question of yours. No hotels had free rooms at New Years Eve. I was looking for a room for JuiceSpike at Jan 1st and went into each and every hotel at Beach Road in a certain price range (up to 1300 baht/night). No rooms available till Jan 5th or 10th. Even at Jomtien most hotels were fully booked.

Have fun and enjoy

02-14-04, 23:19

Is June a really bad time to go to Pattaya? How bad does the weather get? How are the mongering possibilities in June? I thinking of going to LOS but can do the trip only in the summer June or August... Which one do you recommend? Thanks a lot!

02-15-04, 00:37

I have been in Pattaya at both times of the year and both of them the weather is very hot, with June being the hotter of the two. August is the wetter of the two months, both are low season and I had a great time during both months. In June the tail end and wrap up of Cobra Gold is still going on in Pattaya.

But you can't go by the weather patterns of past years because they don't always hold to be true, this last August it only rain 2 or 3 times all month as I remember but last month during the dry season we had heavy rain at least three days.

I would pick the month that works better for you and just go and enjoy yourself.


Friar Lust
02-15-04, 16:42
What is Cobra Gold and what kind of effect does it have on the beerbars, Go-go's and Freelancers?

The Traveler
02-15-04, 19:39
Friar Lust

Cobra Gold is the combined excercise of the thai and US military in LOS. The effect on the scene is quite easy to describe. Prices go up and less girls available. I have seen them many times but many guys just seem to enjoy to get pissed. They mostly prefer ST as far as I know and only hit the best known places. Never saw any in the set back places or in Naklua.

Have fun

02-15-04, 21:44
Friar Lust,

Since CobraGold is in may, which is almost low-season, and most of CG takes place around Korat (airbase) and Satahip (navybase) you won't notice much if you're in Pattaya.
The airforce/navy etc personel present in Pattaya do not show up in numbers high enough to change prices.

The only place where I ever noticed a change during CG was in Korat: More planes in the air than usual and sometimes even a sonic boom.

You can probably find exact dates through a search engine.

C'est tout.

The Traveler
02-15-04, 22:43
Freeler / Friar Lust

Freeler's comment that they do not hit Pattaya in large numbers s correct. Even a carrier group will only have about a few hundred or thousand people on shore at any given time. But prices go up definitely. Especially in GoGos the barfine rises up to 1.000 baht at some places and many GoGo girls will ask for 2.000 ST. Even bargirls might ask for higher amounts. They know that they can get it from those guys.

Don't be concerned about it, some girls might not be available because they try to make as much money as possible and doing up to 5 and more ST a day. Still lots of freelancers available. It won't last long as well.

Have fun

02-16-04, 00:18
From what I've seen in the past Cobra Gold has a large impact on Pattaya. First Walking Street inside the clubs tends to become very busy. It is true only a few hundred guys are given official leave time at any given time but the guys who stay in Pattaya for housing during the exercise all hit the streets at night after work. The Marriot Hotel, Hardrock Hotel and Montien are all places used in the past to house them.

These guys work all day and then party all night it seems. So between the guys that are on a few hours leave and the guys who are staying in Pattaya the total jumps up to several hundred troops hitting the city every night. As I said most go to Walking Street and Pattayaland and then many hit Soi 7 and 8, so the impact will be there and you will know Cobra Gold is on.

Prices do go up, places like Mistys raised the bar fine and only allow short time upstairs in the rooms over the club. Other places like the Marriot Hotel which charges joiner fees the rest of the years allows the guys to take the girls to their rooms without any added fee.

Now lets talk about when ships or carrier groups come to Pattaya. That is when it becomes very busy with a 1000 plus troops hitting the streets at any given time from a carrier group. But it should be noted that not a single US Navy ship came to Pattaya Bay in 2003, in fact the last time the Navy had a ship on anchor in the bay was June of 2002. I have been told that the Navy has some problems with the security of having ships in Pattaya Bay right now. They don't want another Cole type deal to happen.

Another change when a carrier group comes to town is the clubs open early to take care of the troops and here comes the part no one has posted about or really knows what effect it will have on things this year.

The new social order has ordered that these clubs can only open between 6pm and 12 midnight. That means that the impact will be much great than in past years. In past years girls in the Go Go clubs had 12 plus hours to find and service customers now they will have only six short hours.

The effect of this factor is a big unknown but you would expect it to drive prices up and also but the top girls in short supply. Another unknown is how many troops will be sent to Cobra gold this year, in 2003 it was about seven thousand US troops , in 2002 it was almost double that number.

Cobra Gold and or ships coming to Pattaya will have a major impact on the sex scene in Pattaya, how much of a impact no one really knows as of yet. That said if I have the time to be in Pattaya during Cobra Gold this year I will be there. Because I believe anytime you can spend in Pattaya is a good time to be there.


Jaimito Cartero
02-16-04, 00:18
I was in Pattaya during Cobra Gold last year. I'd say that 10% of the guys on Walking street looked military to me. I didn't notice any price fluctuation while I was there, but I was there for just a few days.

I'll be in Pattaya on Tuesday night.

02-16-04, 18:56
"ships hey sexreview i was thinking of going to pattaya next week are there or will there be any ships there then?"

This was sent to me in a PM,. I have not listed the members name as I don't want to flame him just point out that the mission of this board is: Finding women and getting laid.. You really can't tell that from what has be going on in the Thailand section but that is the purpose of the site. Therefore a question like this really belongs on the site and not in a PM.

As I have already stated the last time a US Navy Ship came to Pattaya was June of 2002 and I don’t see one coming in the near future because of our current threat level. There is signs up around town welcoming the Navy but it is for sailors who are really at the Thai Navy Station about 1 hour south of Pattaya.

I’m leaving Pattaya in 60 hours to head back to the states and take care of some business matters but, I would have no problem staying longer if my work would allow me to do so. I don’t see the US Navy as a factor right now.


02-16-04, 21:43
I remember being P'ya last year at the end of Gold and running into a group of Marine senior NCOs - they were under curfew to get back to Sattahip by 1Am IIRC (the senior Gunny kept saying "all that poon and my dick never left my pants") - was making sure the little woman at home didn't have any complaints

02-17-04, 19:26

This is off the topic, but whom else can I ask such a question When I call or send SMS to my significant other in the US on her cell phone when my cell phone is roaming, say in Thailand or any other foreign country for that matter, can the other party understand where I'm calling from? Does anybody knows whether or not my usual US number will appear on her cell? Since my call will be handled by the local mobile company I'm afraid that the code of the country I'm calling from will be appended to my US number or some random number will show up on her display. Any info on this "important matter" is appreciated...

02-17-04, 21:15

Good one. I beleive that if you are using your US number but calling from Thailand your number it will either not show up on her cell phone at all or show up as your US number.

A better idea it would to email her....:D


02-17-04, 22:18

I don't know what will appear on her cell phone but where you are calling from will probably appear on your monthly cell phone statement.

The Traveler
02-17-04, 23:05

I guess - not certain - that your US number will show up. Roaming means nothing else than that the local provider allows you to log into their network and use it with your own US number. If they would "change" your number and e.g. add the area code how could you receive a call when someone is calling your US number ?

As far as I remember my friends/family always knew when I called them on their mobile cause my number showed up.

Give it a try

02-18-04, 08:13
Mobile Roaming

1. If your mobile service provider in US & you are using in Thailand are working on same frequency then your US number will show up.

2. Otherwise some US random number will show up which your US service provider is using. or

3. No number will show up, will show 'withheld'

There is no case that will show anything by which the people at other end (home) will know that you are 'having fun in Thailand'.


PS but your telephone bill will show calls to/from BKK. Take care when back at home.

02-18-04, 09:05

Thanks a lot for your help. I think the safest route is to call a friend first and ask what's showing up on his display. But by now I am pretty confident that my US number will be displayed.

02-18-04, 20:10

"A better idea it would to email her...."

For safety reasons you would have to make sure that the mail is sent WITHOUT the header (that's the bit on your email that describes the route the email took on its way to the recipiants computer...)

02-18-04, 21:37



02-18-04, 23:04
Since US Cell Phones within the states work on the 1900 band and phones in Asia work on the 800/1800 band your number will not appear. What happens is simply if any number comes up it is the tower site number that your transmission was sent to. THe same holds true if someone calls you from the states from a line line or cell phone, your phone in Thailand will show the local Thai number that the transmission was download at.

Tattooed Guy
02-19-04, 05:13
Well what can I say, other then 'I'm in heaven'.

I arrived monday morning, staying in Sabailodge, 950 Bath a night, nice rooms, with everything you need, including safe, they have rooms for 700 aswell, but that's more noisy. After having a shower, went for a walk, wich seemed to be longer then I thought it would be, so ended up with bloody blisters on my feeth, silly me, with all them taxis and busses, but never mind. Was exhausted and when I passed Sabai Land, decided to try a soapy after reading that you have to try it a least onces.

Had a drink and spotted a girl sitting on her own, so asked the waiter if she spook any english, but he said very little, , but she had a gorgeous smile so told the waiter to call her in. Got her a drink and a little chat, but some shy smiles was as far as I got, but then she took me by the hand and poionted upstairs.

We got into the room and she undressed herself, perfect figure, in my taste, small ferm boobs, tight bumm, flat belly,... can you imagine her guys? haha. The only thing was that she probably never been shaved in her life.

I wanted to take a sigaret, but she took one out of my packet, put it in my mouth and lighted it, hmmm never had that in my life, but it's nice to be served.

After the bath was full, she guided me in and came betwen my leggs and started washing me, very nice and gentle, exploring my tattoos I guess.

She offered me another sigaret and brought my drink to the bath while she prepared, the rubber dingy with the soap. The soapy body to body massage, well you can imagine.

She did everything, froom washing, to drying, a real serving girl, and this on my first day.
On the bed she started giving me a BBBJ and she sure could use her tongue, went obn tiop og\f me and was very tight, she was only 1 month here haha.

Her name was Tai, #102, 21 y/o, 1500 Bath for hour and half all inclusief, gave her a little tip for serving me, she escorted me to the frontdoor and with a big kiss on my mouth she asked me to come back the day after, I just smiled, said maybe and walked out. It was around 5 o'clock then, and went for a sleep.

Around 7.30 I decide to have a look at the nightlife, and after doing a few gogo's I ended up in Classroom 1. Great atmosphere, had a drink and saw some girls talking and laughing about me, I soon knew what happend and in no time one came to me. I asked what they were talking about, thinking it would be my tattoos, but she said my eyes and long eyelashes, I looked her in the eyes and she got all red and hot, but was not pushy at all. She was here 2 months so English wasn't that good but we managed, had a few more drinks myself and some fun with other girls joining us, there were not a lot of other customers. Her phone rang and she said it was her sisiter and that she was in a disco, I asked her if she wanted to go and barfined her. 500 bath. We went to that disco, with liveperforments, I forgot the name. After loads of drinks and fun, we went to my hotel, she didn't have the most beautifull face but great body and the softest skin I ever felt in my live. She started a BBBJ and after I licked her to a climax, she fell asleep.... hmmm my punishment for lckinig her ready, but never mind I wwas tired anyway and she sure made it up in the morning and she left the room around 3.30 in the afternoon. She wanted to stay or wantyed me to come at night to Classroom and I said maybe, you could say I had a GFE with her but wanted to explore more opportunities. She was 24 but looked younger, her name is Lu, paid 2000 Bath, but spended loads in that disco, but still not as much as I would in Spain, so no worries.
Went for a foot massage after she went and at night I went out again, and even that I liked the Classroom 1 atmosphere and girls, I didn't want to go in for her. I ended up in Living Dolls but didn't like it in there, some girls were drunk and it was a bit hectic, but while I had my drink a girl came on to dance and she had a stunning body and very exotic. Our eyes crossed eachothers many times and I said to the mamasan to call her. I offered her a drink and in no time she put her nipple in my mouth and aksed me to barfine her. Her English wasn't good either, but still took her with me. 600 bath barfine and she wanted to go straight to my hotel. After a full long session I understood why. She had an American boyfriedn wich left 2 weeks ago and hadn't had any guy in those weeks. The guy pays for her and pays her rent so she can live alone, if she promissed not to f*** any other guys, he should of read this forum I guess, but never mind, he was only comming back in 2 months. After another session in the morning she left. Great body, BBBJTC, great kisser, so no complaints for me, but she didn't want me to lick her. She was 18. I managed to take some pics of all the girls, but need to scan them in when I get home, but no nudeones so far.

Take care all,
Tattooed Guy

02-19-04, 17:50
Caller ID

Not 100% about US cellular operators but this is how everywhere else works:

The caller id can be transmitted. It depends upon the operator you are roaming with. If caller id is transmitted it will be your own number.

What you need to be careful of is that operators may present the caller id differently. Such as


These could indicate that you are using a different operator and raise suspicion about your location.

As you suggest, call a friend, establish what happens then stick to roaming with that operator.

Be careful also if you use SMS, not all roaming operators will forward SMS making you unreachable. SMS sent when roaming also will use a diferrent message centre to normal.

Email, as long as you use a webmail account that you use back home should be OK.

02-19-04, 19:50
Caller ID

I don't know why anyone would use international roaming when the charges range from $2.00 to $4.00 according to all US operators I have checked with. (unless you have a very special deal which I would info about)

If your cell has been activated for international roaming, it is best to buy a local SIM card and use it. You will save a lot more than enough for a few more BGs

The Traveler
02-19-04, 20:17

I guess he will use a tri-band phone so the band doesn't matter.


The idea was not to let others know that he is in thailand. Local SIM will show a thai number, so this is no option for him.


Why not tell your mobile to suppress your number ?
As far as I know, this is not possible with a thai SIM (not 100% sure).

02-19-04, 21:15
The Traveler,

The band does matter because when you place the call on one band and the other person gets the call on another band it is two difference systems. Therefore the phone number the call was placed from will not appear. The only number that can appear is one from the same system and band.

Therefore, even if you are roaming and using a US phone with a US number you are when you are being called from the 800/1800 band (USA) and the call is placed to the 1900 band (Asia). T he call will appear that it was placed from a number within the 1900 band, because as far as the Asian system knows it has been. When the call is transmitted to the Asian tower it is put on an Asian carrier number.

If you are calling from Asia to the USA the same would hold true but the person getting the call would get a USA transmit number, instead of the Aisan one.


The Traveler
02-20-04, 00:11

Don't know, can not judge on that. I thought the signal will be converted by the network providers and that this will be transparent to the phone. I am european and we use the same system like most asian countries, therefor it worked for me.


Can anybody suggest which company to prefer ?
I bought an 1-2-Call SIM because they told me quality and strength of signal would be better. If you only stay in the cities it doesn't matter, but I use to travel overland so this is definitely a plus for me.

I know that only DTAC offers the possibility to forward messages you get via Yahoo Messenger.

Any other suggestions ? What would you prefer ?

02-20-04, 03:13
About cell service providers in Thailand, four main companies to choice from, 1, 2 Call (AIS), DTAC, HAPPY and ORANGE.

AIS: Is the largest with the most coverage within the country. Most of the clients for this service are prepaid. Good rates and easy to refill with prepaid cards and you can keep your number for two years without using it. I use this service and like it a lot.

DTAC: Service used by many overseas carriers for roaming, both regular accounts and prepaid. Several girls I know have used this service many dropped calls and bad connections are common.

HAPPY: The newest of the three companies and the smallest. Just started to offer prepaid cards for service. I would stay away from them until they have been around a little longer.

ORANGE: Most of the customers are Thai and most of the accounts are monthly accounts. From what I've seen the service seems to be very good. They also offer to their monthly account customers several good flat rate monthy plans.

Hope this helps the guys asking about phone service.


Jaimito Cartero
02-20-04, 06:45
TG - Well I would always negotiate before you go to the room, but that's *my* style. At least you're having fun so far. I'll try an drop by in the next day or two. Hopefully the girls won't have gotten all your money!

Jaimito Cartero
02-20-04, 07:04
i came from kuala lumpur on tuesday afternoon on air asia. one note, i'd check out their pricing if you want to go to phuket, chang mai and a few other places within thailand. they've got really great prices. i paid about $70 to fly rt to malaysia, including taxes. a really great deal.

flying back, the ceo, tony fernandes, was on the plane, and went down the aisle and talked to all the passengers and asked how everything was. i had what i considered a long wait in bkk checking in when i left, and let him know that an express lane (with no checked luggage) would be nice. he said he was working on it, but it was hard to get the space from malaysia airlines. i actually spent a few minutes talking with him on the plane and as we left. he was meeting with taksin the next day.

they do have tight restrictions on free luggage. i think 15kg on 1 piece of checked luggage, and 1 7kg carry on. they don't check carry on, though, and i had no problems bringing my 12kg one on.

i went upstairs in bkk and found a cab that would take me to pattaya for 800 baht. it turned into a bit of a circus though, as the driver took me 4 kilometers away, and then started taking my luggage out of the trunk. (i was thinking, wtf?). well it turns out i was being foisted off onto a private driver, who would take me to pattaya.

the airport driver then tried to whine 100 baht out of me. i said no, that i had negotiated the total price. i had to pay the 800 baht to the guy who was running the service, and he gave me a receipt.

as we're leaving the parking lot, the driver has to slow down going over a speed bump - i hear the front rotor scraping. ah, it's going to be an adventuresome trip. hmmm, maybe i should have just gone to ekamai and taken the bus.

we go through parts of bangkok and finally get outside of the city. it seems every 5km, another toll booth comes up with 20, 30 or 40 baht due. i'm probably exagerating, though.

i wasn't sure where i was going to stay in pattaya. there was supposed to be a place for 350 or 450 on second road across from tops. i just had the driver let me out, and went to check stuff out. the place where i thought it was, wasn't. it was f & b, and they wanted 700 baht, but lowered it to 600 baht quickly.

as i never take the first anything (girl, taxi, hotel), i decided to check other stuff out. i figured, at worse, i'd go to the apex down the road. i haul my two rolling luggages against traffic. i see lots of signs for rooms to rent. i was shooting for less than $10 us a night. (just to say i had done it).

full, full, 500 baht on top floor, no elevator. no thanks. finally went to apex. just as i was approaching the desk, a couple went in and snagged the last room. ah, my normal luck. i bought a thing of water and sat down to cool off.

after that, i went next door and checked the ice inn. no hay espacio. again, sucks big time.

i think, "hey, i bet i could get the first place down to 500 baht a night". i jump on a baht bus, go back down the mile or so (it seems) that i had walked. i go in, and ask to see a room. the 3rd floor (2nd in thailand) room was nice, a step or two above apex. we start bargaining, and after a lot of moaning (the wrong kind), she agrees to 550. not quite what i wanted, but i was a tired mofo from the whole flight, taxi and walking tour of second road.

they brought my bags up and gave me the key. no checkin, no deposit. they didn't even know my name. i quickly went to sleep, and woke up at 10am the next morning.

this would be the start of my great "duck adventure". (heart of duck adventure? naaaaaah)

02-20-04, 16:03

"Hmmm, maybe I should have just gone to Ekamai and taken the bus."

Ekamai is on the other side of BKK from the airport!
Instead go to Morchit2(MorchitSong) busterminal and take the bus from there. Don't let them bring you to Morchit - it's a skytrainstation...

02-20-04, 16:39
Jaimito: I think you did the right thing to take the cab from the airport. And, of course, to check the IDs around Beach Rd. But

1 I think you should always have a place to go to from the airport and know how to get there. We are disoriented when we got off the plane and conmen are waiting to strike.
2. You should check into a place when you have two bags as you are a target. Why two bags btw? Why not travel light?
3. Always check IDs. BTW, there was a Swedish conman used to "arrest"and shake down guys in Pattaya a few years ago for crimes like that. Lots of conmen there. And maybe even here.
4. Maybe we should all take a lesson from Robux/Globbo.

Be warned. Be alert. The WSG needs lerts.

A friend.

Pattaya Bound
02-20-04, 20:28
Well have just returned from two nights in Bangkok and fourteen in Pattaya, nothing changes it is as mad as hell, has anyone seen anything like this in thier own country, more birds than men, although it pays to shop around.

I have to go will write more soon.

Quickly we rang my friends hotel room after the first night in Bangkok and told him we were the hotel Ambassador by the way not reccomended on Soi 11 Sukuhmvit him have lady police will come in 15 minutes, lady must go so he started banging my door I told him to go away politely but to no avail when I let him in and he realised what was going on fucking greay. See ya.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple writing errors including missing punctuation, peculiar punctuation, missing capitalization, multiple periods throughout the text, etc. To avoid delays in future reports, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

Member #4351
02-20-04, 22:02
Sex Review (or anyone else that might know),

I unfortunately already have my tickets for May to LOS and plan to include Pattaya. How can I find out when Pattaya will be most affected by Cobra Gold or are they there the entire month so I´m screwed anytime I go?

The Traveler
02-20-04, 22:57

Are you sure that the number will be valid for 2yrs without recharge ? I have a 1-2-Call SIM and it will be only valid for a few weeks without recharge. 500 baht gives me another 6 weeks. Called so many chicks and had to recharge so often that it will be valid till mid 2005 already :D


Taking the taxi was the right decision. Why all that hassle with the luggage only to save a few baht ? I agree with Skinless, take a hotel just for one night and then look for the one which will fit your needs for the rest of your stay. Not only that it isn't very comfortable to run around with lots of luggage in the heat or rain, it's also harder to bargain since they might think you are desperate to find a room.

Enjoy your stay

02-21-04, 02:14
The Traveler,

Yes it is two years, I just returned from Thailand yesterday and my 1, 2, call phone is good until Feb. 18, 2006. I added a 300 baht card to the service while I was in the BKK Airport. If you use 300 baht cards each one adds 30 days so in order to have two years you would need to purchase 23 cards. The card can be made to be valid for two years for about 6900 baht. I never posted it was valid for two years as purchased you need to have added the baht to the account.


02-21-04, 02:57
1. Our gallant fighting forces are usually in town in waves during the last two weeks on May.
2. They are often fun and honest people to be with and you should be happy to have them. Treat them with respect.
3. There are so many hookers that the "Colaition of the Willing" do not fuck it up.
4. Many of the smaller bars will still have no customers: that, incidentally, should serve as a warning to anyone thinking of buying a bar from one of the conmen who operate from Pattaya.
5. John T Skinless will be in area, rewarding the good and punishing the wicked.
6. The only danger is Osama or one of his friends night try to blow up the town. Hey, shit happens!
7. Speaking of which, being Skinless is no protection against HIV dude. Long story!

Jaimito Cartero
02-21-04, 06:52
As for why two bags - This is the last half of a 19 day vacation. First 4 days in BKK, then off to Kuala Lumpur, then back to BKK to go to Pattaya for the final 9 days. I bring one large bag, and one carry on. I keep all the essentials in my carry on, and leave some extra room in my big one to bring some stuff back. (A Lek, perhaps? :)

I usually have everything set in advance, but decided to wing it this time. I'm basically happy with the F & B, and hate to move if there's nothing too wrong with a place. I guess I was surprised that Pattaya was as full as it was. I learn something new every time.

Thanks for the heads up on Morchit2 also. I knew there was another station, but didn't know which was closer. I would have stayed around the airport a bit more for the bus from the airport, but I figured the taxi would be quicker. All the taxi guys were quoting me 1500 baht, which is not acceptable to me.

It's really amazing - I have not taken any girls from a beer bar, massage place or beach road yet! I did get a crappy massage at a place down the road from Sabai (land?) massage across from the mall. 100 baht for an hour. Big signs going to the rooms. NO SEX. Kept trying to upsell oil massage, sauna. Rather annoying. I've had this happen in BKK this time an Pattaya. Not just asking once, but 3 or 4 times.

The "almost" aunty proceeded to do some groin massaging about 1/3 of the way through. Then halfway in, she started to play with mr happy, and ask if I want special massage. Her skill hadn't impressed me, so I actually passed. She was pissy the rest of the time and needless to say, I won't be going back.

The big question. What does it mean if you go to Pattaya for 9 days, don't go to Walking Street, and don't take LT or ST? Could it happen?

I have tried a few duck places so far. I tried the "thumb-licious" Leng Kee the other night. Seems like a really good deal, and good quality. I had a small portion at a small place I don't remember the name of, and have checked out a couple different MK's around town. I'd say that you get twice as much at Leng Kee than MK. The 130 baht Leng Kee costs 220 or so at MK. I got the chili and basil chicken too. So hot, I couldn't even eat 20% of it.

I'm still trying to catch up with Tattooed Guy tonight. Maybe we'll find some good Leks, Kai, Poo or such tonight.

Hey Bil - Tried the pizza place, not too bad. Staying out of trouble?

02-21-04, 08:44
With all due respect Skinless, most Navy personel whatever their country of origin(although the Americans are usually the worst) are the rowdiest/disrespecting group of mongers around.

I've seen the way they act up close in KL(Port Klang), Pattaya, Singapore, Melbourne, Perth, Okinawa and Sth Africa.

02-21-04, 08:56

I have met some very nice and well behaved US marines and sailors, males and females, in Pattaya during previous CG's and on other occasions when they just came in for a friendly visit.

02-21-04, 10:10
Plugger: American soldiers do not generally cause trouble except in war zones. They have never wrecked Pattaya. Smaller British forces have demolished it. OK? Last time US forces acted up in Australia was in World War Two.

David: Cobra will be no problem. And Skinless will be in the area, punishing the wicked and rewarding the good, so you wil be ok.

The Traveler
02-21-04, 10:25

... you can keep your number for two years without using it

Ok, so I got you wrong. Thanks for clarifying.

Have fun

The Traveler
02-21-04, 10:43
Regarding US Navy :

I made the experience that those guys are usually out for fun and are willing to spend big bucks on the girls. Some might get pissed but in general they do not look for trouble. A few exceptions possible, but there are always good guys and bad guys. Same counts for the tourists (BTW, they are worse !)

02-21-04, 11:47
I've only encountered US navy personel in Melbourne, Australia. Believe me, those times were more than enough. During my university days, my part time job was to drive a taxi. I can't tell you the number of times I've picked up drunken sailers who vomit in my car, refuse to pay the fare or behave in a totally insulting manner. Their behaviour got so bad that the majority of taxi drivers would avoid picking them up. As such the Navy ended up organising shuttle buses to get them from port to the city and back. And no this is not American bashing, just my personal experience.

I've also come across British Navy personel acting inappropriately in Newcastle, England. Just walking in the city when they were around showed how misbehaved they were. I think the word to describe them is louts.

Of course it's probably the actions of an loud idiotic minority that stain the rest. I'm sure for every misbehaving sailor there's at least 3 who behave in a proper way.

02-21-04, 12:20
"poofter bashing"

Skinless, your knowledge on world events and lingo never seizes to amaze me.

Sure, a few sailors acting up isn't a big deal. But if it directly affects your work and income, you'd probably have been just as upset as I was. In any case, I'm glad you'll be there to control them. Spank them if they get out of hand. :D

Btw what happened in Pattaya?

02-21-04, 13:14
Come down to Oz mate, we'll throw a couple of shrimps on the barby. I'll take you yabbying down by the billabong. All you need to do is pack some jarmies.

We'll spend our time knocking the shit out of whinging cunts. And if we see any dodgy characters hanging around the John, I'll count on you to give them a pash. :)

02-21-04, 15:32
"Taking the taxi was the right decision. Why all that hassle with the luggage only to save a few baht ?"

Funny how some people spend other people's money...

When you arrive at BKK airport in the daytime, you can save yourself the money for at least one ST in Pattaya (or three in Korat) by taking a very relaxing busride out of Morchit2 to Pattaya.
You can even take a bus from out of town to go to Morcht2 and there are no taxi hassles at all - the first time you do it is perhaps a bit of a test, but if you call yourself a traveler, why not act like one!

Should you arrive just before 12 noon or 6PM, the TOTALLY hassle free ThaiLimousine bus is the way to go (B200, one way).

The Traveler
02-21-04, 16:19

I do. I am a convinience traveler.
Maybe not as lazy as Sainter :) but I see no reason why I should carry my luggage in the heat. Also take in account that Jaimito probably needs more space than others (just kidding man). After a long flight I like to reach my target destination as soon as possible. Why waste time to grab the bus to Morchit, wait in line to buy a ticket, wait again for the bus to leave and take a longer ride than necessary ? I probably will be half the way down to Pattaya before he even leaves Bangkok.
Not everybody is on a budget. This is holiday.

The Thai Limousine bus is the only exception, but it will head for Pattaya only several times a day (as far as I remember).

02-21-04, 17:00
Funny how some people decide who is on a budget and who is not.

Perhaps you could share your list of who is and who isn't on a budget.

And exactly which taxi-company do you use? The London cab thing? Probably, they have the only cabs with enough room for your ego (just kidding man).

I'm having fun.

Pic: London Taxis on The Streets of Bangkok

02-21-04, 18:17

I can understand wanting to save money but when you hit the airport after a long flight a taxi or private car is the only way I would head to Pattaya. The cost is only around 1000 baht and if you go with a bus or another transportion means you can save maybe 750 baht. After a long flight it is just not worth the effort. If you cut out that sandwich and drink you purchased at the airport terminal while waiting for the flight that more than pays the extra cost of the taxi. Also most guys only have a limited amount of time in LOS so why waste it on a bus?

I don't have a problem with buses, many times if I want to go to Bangkok from Pattaya for a few days I will take the bus but not after a 30 hour flight.


The Traveler
02-21-04, 19:10

agree 100%

Member #4351
02-21-04, 23:30
Thanks a lot for the information. So I go to Pattaya the first part of the month and BKK and Cambodia later on.

Jimmy Red Cab
02-22-04, 06:39

You are so right about getting the taxi to Pattaya, no disrespect to my fellow mongers but I can't believe how some of them worry so much about saving a few dollars or pounds. Just try to remember what it would cost you back home, USA or UK they are both rip offs compared with the LOS.

The Traveler
02-22-04, 16:39

Thank you.

02-22-04, 18:04
Besides - If you can find someone to share the cab with to Pattaya, it only costs 1/2 :-)

The Traveler
02-22-04, 18:12
regarding cab :

Just move to the departure level and grab a cab there. Fare will be between 800-1000, never payed more and did like Dinghy said. So taxi sets me back 400-500, not much more than the bus but much more convienient.

02-22-04, 21:06
I need to know were i can have some xxx 35mm develope in pattaya.

02-22-04, 22:18

Check your PM

Steve Thai I
02-23-04, 02:44

Read your PM from me.

Maybe the first answer back to your? About the film is different than mine.

Good Luck, Be Careful!

ChiMan II
02-23-04, 10:12
Red Rax,

From BKK when you get off plane people will try to talk you into talking a taxi . Just ignore everyone and you will walk right into the bus. Just follow the patway outside. You cant miss it.

ChiMan II
02-23-04, 10:19

You brought up an interesting topic. I don't think bringing xxx pictures from Thailand to the USA is a good idea. When I came back last January they went though all my pictures at the airport. Luckly I did not have and nude pictures. What do you guys think about bringing xxx photos back? I personally think it could cause trouble.

Jaimito Cartero
02-23-04, 14:00
A quick note - I was also coming from Kuala Lumpur, so only a 2 hour flight. I'm a total basket case after a 24 hour flight, so I wouldn't even think of a bus on that type of journey.

Everyone will be happy (well?) that I finally made it to Walking Street last night. As I rode the Baht Bus from the beginning of Beach Road until the Walking Street turnoff, I was amazed at the amount of women! This is a half-assed guess, but I'd say there were about 1000 women. I figured after I was done with Walking Street, I'd stroll back down, and see what I could find.

I went to Happy A-Go-Go, and thought it was decent. I do always cringe when I see a 95 baht charge for water though. I'm a real sucker for those ping pong balls. It just gives my heart a thrill to see 4 or 5 ladies pushing each other out of the way to grab them. I stayed for about an hour. The best show of the night was when an old farang go up on stage and did a great show.

I then went to my favorite place from last year, Peppermint Palace Go-Go (or whatever it's called). Very crowded, but again, a nice show. About 40% of the girls were going topless, except for the special shows. They had one side show that the girls seemed to be always topless.

At one point, they flashed the lights on, and all the uncovered girls covered themselves. If any police poked their heads in, I didn't see it. This lasted for 5 minutes, and then back to SOP. I spent a couple of hundred baht on balls, and had all the girls just fawning over me. Handsum man! I'm such a bastard.

One of the dancing girls from the topless stage adopted me, and we had some nice fun. The 600 bar fine and 1500 ST rates killed my passion rather quickly, as I remembered all the honeys on Beach Road. I stayed for about 2 hours total, and actually drank the cheapest drink on the menu (45 baht Heinekin draft).

It was just before 2am, and every place was closing up. As I got to Beach Road the action had died quite a bit. I saw maybe 2 possibles by the time I got to Mike Shopping Center, but nothing outstanding. One girl started talking with me a bit, and got my attention enough that I thought I'd go with her. I thought we were still a bit away from PattayaKlang, so I walked up a side soi to Second street to catch a Baht Bus. Then I find we're only 150 meters away! Duuuuuh.

I took Mem, 25. Middle of the road, nothing special in the end. Did not want to shower first, justed wanted to get done quick. (boooo!) I stretched it out a bit, and we went about 45 minutes total. Moderate BBBJ, but didn't want CIM. I said, "No problem", but she's quit everytime I started getting close! Finally just got a rubber and finished up. The bed was on wheels, so it was rather interesting the directions the bed would go.

I've got a couple of beer bars I'll be looking at tonight.

02-23-04, 14:30

Great report.


02-23-04, 16:25
about bringing back pictures and video, you are always walking a thin line. first off when we get down to the bottom line pornography as well as prostitution are both illegal within the kingdom. as we know may laws are not enforced within thailand. if they ever enforced the laws against prostitution the jails would not be big enough to hold everyone. the thais seem to be happy to look the other way but they always reserve the right to enforce the law.

pictures or videos that involve sex acts or penetration are pornography and can land you in big trouble with the thais. it goes without saying that pictures of **** girls also are a major red flag both within thailand and most other countries of the world. so if you want to shoot pictures involving sex acts you must be really careful. i would never have true x rated pictures processed in thailand or would i carry them.

anytime i shoot true x-rated pictures i always get both a model release and copies of the girls id card. most of the time i transmit these images out of the kingdom over the net to a secure holding site and don’t carry them through the airports. i would rather be very safe than have a problem.

if we are talking about nude photos of girls not involving sex then it is a different case all together. i have never had a problem with these types of photos. i would still get a copy of the girls id for every girl that i have shot. digital images are a great thing because they can be placed within the depths of your computer were most customs agents will miss them. i always split my shoots up and put the general photos into one folder and the nude pictures into another.

i never worry about us customs because nude photos are not against the law within the states as long as the girl is of legal age. that is why it is very important to get a copy of the girls id to prove her age.

i have made at least 30 trips to thailand in the last several years and never had a problem but i’m always prepared when i travel through check points.


Joe Zop
02-23-04, 16:43
Good advice, Juice, and I'll just add one more -- it's a very simple thing to simply put your various pictures and/or vids into one or more password-protected zip files, name them "business_receipts2001.zip" or something like that, and store them in your documents in an appropriate folder. No one's ever going to go through the trouble of looking at that.

Steve Thai I
02-23-04, 17:31
Previous posts by other members here has good and bad points regarding XXX videos and / or pics.

While I lived and worked in the LOS 1994 thru 2000, I know for a fact that some ST mongerers and tourists were busted after taking or while in progress of previous mentioned subject.

Could have been a set up by LE friendly BG whom owed something for previous problem or whatever.

Those busted for XXX stuff were fined BIG BAHT and immediately deported and placed on the NEVER TO RETURN TO LOS LIST AT IMMIGRATION.

Leave then undeveloped till you get to your home base or transmitt via the internet.

Lust over them later and don't do anything stupid.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Joe Zop
02-23-04, 20:01
Your comment here is contradictory -- if it's ok to shoot nude pics for your own use, then how is it lying to customs if you don't declare them? Do you declare your nude pics at customs?

02-23-04, 21:19
Just a quick note re: the transfer of photos through customs. You are braver men than I if you even try.

The best way I can think of to do it is to have a digital camera, take em to an internet cafe and email them to yourself. If you can't find a free email service which will provide enough space to do this, simply pay a few dollars for one that does - there are loads of very cheap web accessible ones.

Then, when you get home, simply download em.

I bet someone else has posted the same idea by the time I get through my mandatory 24 hours ;)

The Traveler
02-24-04, 20:02

yes, someone else had the same idea, but this won't work for most of us. please do not forget that the speed of most internet cafes in thailand are isdn at best. even with dsl it will take a long time to upload that amount of data, not to mention the costs for it. on my last trip i had about 700mb of nude pics. just keep them on your cf/sd/ms/mmc or whatever card, place another one with normal holiday pics in your cam and move through customs. i never saw that they even asked to have a look at them.

02-24-04, 20:26
you guys are worrying about a very small plastic card. you can bury it anywhere in your bag, they won't care.

A buddy of mine works for customs, though not a big port of entry like LAX SFO JFK, they are on the lookout for fruits and vegetables, and of course drugs. They just don't have time to look at people's holiday snapshots to see if you have a few "naughty" pics.

I fly into SFO or LAX from S E Asia about once a month, and regularly have commercial samples. I am questionned 2 out of 3 times. i always have DVDs and computer programs with me. I've never had a ptoblem. They are too busy, I don't think you have anything to worry abt.

JMHO of course

02-24-04, 20:53

Good one. SD cards are so small that you can hide them anywhere or just carry them in your pockets.

Also, if you take your laptop and have many pics or videos you can burn them into a DVD or CD if your comp can do this and leave the burned disk blank (no labels, etc.) and the disk will look like an unuse one.


The Traveler
02-24-04, 22:06

...leave the burned disk blank (no labels, etc.) and the disk will look like an unuse one.

Sorry, but that's wrong. Compare a burned and a blank CD/DVD and you will see that there is obviously a difference. As already pointed out, bury them into your laptop, a ZIP with password is best, using stegano is even better. Nevertheless, I do not see why customs should be interested in any holiday pics. As long as they aren't looking for any prove of criminal behaviour they just do not care and do not have time for that. SexReview's advice to take a copy/pic of the girls ID should avoid any trouble if in doubt.

02-24-04, 23:34

I know there is a difference when you look at the grooves the burn creates on a disk but you can put that "blank" CD/DVD in its manufacture case and it would look like it has never been used... The zip drive idea is not bad either.

The problem with video is that it takes a lots of hard drive space... when you capture say 10 mini DV tapes each 60 minutes long...


02-25-04, 00:52
Contrary to you I hate this new trend of ping-pong balls thrown at girls. I find it ridiculous, not funny, pityfull to see girls rushing after the balls for a 20 bath tip, it is as if you thew them money on the floor and they would fight to grab it, it not nice, not sexy, all in all I find it so humiliating for the grils. That is not why we go to se them. While they are busy with this stupid game, they don't dance, they don't show their gorgeous body, they don't smile nore talk to customers anymore. Personnally, when that game starts, I just leave.

02-25-04, 02:27
Lets talk about the ping pong balls and the clubs that are now using them. Like it or not the clubs are just trying to bring in some more baht and it is working for the clubs. But something more important should be seen here, we all know how the girls fight over those ping pong balls, but did you know the girls get only 10 baht for each ball? We the customers pay 20 baht and the club keeps 10 baht.

So those girls are fighting for only 10 baht. Keep this in mind next time you are working out of much you will pay the girl for a tip. Ten baht seems to be a lot of money for them, because they sure battle to earn it. If you really like a girl or want to get more attention why not just give her a 20 baht tip? It cost you the same as buying a ball but the girl gets the whole amount.

While going down this line of thought, what about ladies drinks. Most clubs charge 85 to 120 baht for a lady drink and the girl gets to cash out between 30 and 40 baht. So why not just tip the girl you are interested in 100 baht? Again it cost you the same out of pocket amount but the girl gets two to three times the amount. Even a 50 baht tip is more money for the bar girl and cost you only half as much.

Most of the time when I have asked a go go bar girl which she would like a lady drink or a cash tip they go for the cash tip and you will have a better time with her in the club.

Just a few thoughts,

Jaimito Cartero
02-25-04, 07:31
Well I guess I'm a bastard at heart with ping pong balls. I'm there to be entertained, and it can be really fun to watch them going after them. Shrug.

Many of them also wanted me to put the ping pong balls in their panties, along with a quick feel, which always gets my blood pumping.

I was told at both places (Happy and Peppermint) that the girl got all 20 baht. If as usual they're lying about it, then I would probably stop it. Perhaps a change to 20 baht bills thrown in the air would be fairer. I'm always prone to give directly to the girl, and have done the same as SR has with lady drinks. Why give the club an extra 40 baht for a tiny glass of coke, or some other nonsense.

I'd let the management know you don't like ping pong balls. I'm sure some places have them, and some don't. I somehow think the "I'm just here to see them dance" argument is a bit two faced. You're there to see them dance naked (hopefully), be entertained, and take them home if you want. Then let them play with your own ping pong balls. ;) I would like to go to a bar that's not full of cigarette smoke. Do I let it ruin my time when I can't find any? Nope. Grin and bear it.

And speaking of things that annoy me (other than cheezy internet joints that have horrible connections and cause you to lose a long report), it seems that some people just don't know how to behave when they go to another country. I'm not talking about mongers, per se, since I don't think that stuff that happens in most beer bars or gogos are that strange.

Yes, people get drunk, do stupid things, but it's in a bar, so it's at least understandable. I've seen a couple of instances in the last few days that guys were just totally rude and made me embarassed to be in the restaurant with them. These were guys with their wives, and both sounded English.

The first instance was in Greg's Kitchen on Second Road. This bloke starts yelling at the waitress that the breads too late, and to take it back. He carrys on for a full minute, and I felt so bad for the girl. This guy was in his late 50's, and should know how to behave better.

The last one was yesterday at the MK restaurant in Carrefour. He had been loud the whole time I was there, but I had sucessfully ignored him. He takes the two soup laddles and starts beating on the table with them. I don't think that he's ever been in a band, and he went on for over 3 minutes. This isn't light tapping, mind you, but Pink Floyd, concert pounding solo (less the style and skill, of course). The whole restaurant was looking at the guy, and his wife was just ignoring him. I can't believe that some people can't behave in public. (Did I mention that I found a wholesaler of ping pong balls? Nahhhh - Nevermind.)

I went by Tattoo Guy's hotel last night again. I asked if he was in and gave his room number, instead of saying anything, they just started to hand me his key. I momentarily contemplated doing a Goldilocks in his room, but thought it might come out badly. I guess there is a downside to staying in a larger hotel. They may give you key out to anyone.

Jaimito Cartero
02-25-04, 07:55
i decided to check out a soapy before i leave tomorrow. last night i went to the sabai triangle, and took a peek at all three, sabai land, sabai dee and sabai room (i think).

i recalled that sabai land was recommended, but i'm not sure if that's correct or not. all were 1600 baht, except for sabai land which was 1500. normal 90 minute duration.

sabai land had 25 girls.
sabai dee had over 50.
sabai room had 35.

i was surprised that the girls put so much effort into smiling and keeping eye contact with you. at darlings and s. botan in bangkok there hadn't been much of that (i don't think they could see out as much, though). a good selection at all three.

i'm horrible at deciding, so i hit all three once, and then back to sabai land. i was talking with the capitain, and wanted to make sure that i got a "smoke" specialist. he mentioned all smoke was covered. hmmmm. guess i'll go check out sabai dee. same thing there. damn. decide that i'll just get one there anyway.

i'm getting low on funds, and have a credit card with just a bit over what it'll cost. but they charge 24 baht surcharge. i pass and use the little cash i have left. i got #120, fern, 26, from just north of bangkok. 45 kg, about 5' 5", a cup.

she kept up eye contact and smiled relentlessly. once we started going upstairs, i noticed she has a long puffy scar on her shoulder. i was thinking of carabu's report, and thought maybe it was another subdermal buddha, but it was just a reaction from a childhood vaccination.

we get to the room, and fern starts laying out all the lotions, shampoos and soaps she'll use. the attendant takes the air mattress out of the soapy area since i'm too big and i'll break it.

fern undresses me, and then fills the tub up. not real affectionate at this point, but not totally cold. i'm her first appointment of the day. it's 22:30.

i get in the water, and she thoroughly washes me, and gets everthing nice and sparkly clean. when we're done with that, the floor is so soapy i'm concerned about slipping, but she sprays the area down, and i survive.

while in the tub, i asked about the air mattress, and she say "too big". well i know she wasn't talking about my dick, and i told her that i wanted it anyway. (hey, it is a soapy!)

she had no problem, and prepared a foamy wash. i laid down (the mattress survived) and she started splashing the wash all over me. very nice. then she got on top, and did some real good body to body massaging, but kept sliding over the side of my stomach. this was the best part of the whole 90 minutes.

after that's done (20 minutes worth), i get back in the tub, rinse off, she shampoos my hair, and then we go to the bed.

i started to ask about the bj, and she said for good tip she'd to bbbj. she asked how much i'd give her, and i offered 300 baht. she said no. no biggie. she starts with a covered bj, and does a decent job. after about 10 minutes, she finally counters with 500 baht, but by then i knew that her skills just weren't worth an additional 500. i could get the queen of the beach road for that money.

we finish off with boom-boom, but it was pretty uninspiring. no dfk, no daty and then when we were done she kept asking for tips. i think not.

attitude 5 - looks 6 - performance 5 (mostly because of soapy portion).

02-25-04, 08:34

Alot of the soapie girls go out to clubs on their days off or after shifts. Have seen them going to Tony's (hate this place) and Marine disco. Some of them will also make side appointments when they have time. Will just cost you a lady's drink to get the digits. Good job on not giving a tip. Who started this tip thing in Thailand anyway? It definitely was a farang. Thailand's tourist area restaurants were just like Japan's at one time. Tipping was not necessary. Then some round eye's came and forgot they were not in New York or LA and threw some devalued money with the kings picture on it around. It made them feel like important, rich men. Hate to say this but money cannot buy class. The Thais have learned to make us feel obligated to tip, even if service was poor. I have seen them laugh at some customers who don't know how to act, and leave a big tip to avoid a faux paux. I don't fall for this nonsense and say "keep 'em poor". These are some of the main reasons we come to developing countries, to take advantage of the tremendous exchange rate and the availability of young beautiful women willing to spread for bread.

02-25-04, 09:27

There are four or five mobile phone companies in Thailand.

1. AIS (GSM 900) (Prepaid service is called "One-2-Call")
Thai Company (Thaksin founded)
Has the best coverage
Cost 5 baht per minute within a region (Has 5 regions)
Cost 8 baht per minute to another regioin
Charges per minute (1 minute rounding)

2. DTAC (GSM/PCN1800) (Prepaid service is "Happy Dprompt"
their prepaid serives was previously just called Dpromt)
(Thai Company)
Some say coverage not as good as AIS but some now
say it's coverage is as good or better than AIS coverage
Cost 5 baht per minute for the first two minutes, 2.5 baht
afterwards through out Thailand.
In addition, the 2.5 baht prices kicks in after 30 seconds in
the 'HappyTime' slot of your choice.
Good Day 09.00-15.00 hours. Good Evening 15.00 - 19.00 hours
Good Time 21.00-24.00 hours. Good Night 24.00 - 09.00 hours
Charges per second rounding

3. Orange (GSM/PCN1800) (Prepaid service is called "Just Talk")
(French Company)
Entered thai market in 2002. Coverage not as good as AIS
Cost 5 baht per minute through out Thailand.
Have specials: 1. call activation number and get 2 baht per
minute after 30 seconds or 1.5 baht per
minute after 1 minute when calling up to 5
registered numbers of friends
2. Pay 2.5 baht per minute between 6:00 - 18:00
Charges per second rounding

4. Thai Mobil (GSM 1900 same as USA)
Smallest of the thai mobile companies
Not sure company still exists. Web site has disappeared.

5. Hutch (CMDA2000) (Hong Kong Company)
Uses CDMA technology and doesn't have a prepaid service
Entered thai market in 2003. So far it has a small coverage
area Is currently expanding it's coverage area.
Has GPS locator service so you know yours or your girlfriend's

02-25-04, 11:45
So guys, if I was in LOS and I wanted a prepaid no just for a couple of weeks, which would you recommend?

Duckman, the prices you state below are prepaid rates?
Also, how much is the start up kit?

I usually just use my foreign phone. Costs me a heap of money so I guess it's more cost efficient to get a local line.

02-25-04, 16:32

The rates Duckman stated below are not 100% correct. I think he is just pulling information of their websites. Take 1 2 call for example, it is 5 baht per minute if you call another cell phone but only 3 baht per minute if you call to a local land line. Also it is important to note you never pay for incoming calls to your cell phone with this service. International calls start at just under 10 baht for calls to the states and Canada, calls to Europe are at a little higher rate.

If you are not Thai it is very hard to get anything other than a prepaid cell line. Over 70% of all cell phones in Thailand are prepaid and it is not a bad way to go. The price for a starter kit with 1 2 call is 500 to 800 baht within Thailand. I have seen them listed on Ebay for about $20 dollars if you wanted to pre buy one so you would have your cell number ahead of time.

I have use most of the services and have found that 1, 2 Call seems to preform about the best. The service with DTAC was very poor, every other call seemed to have a problem and many calls ended in drop calls.

Having a local Thai hone will improve your trip, it is very easy to hook up with girls if you have a local number to give them. And be prepared to get a lot of hang up calls, always answer them. The reason for this is very simple most Thai girls seem to always have very little baht on their phone accounts. I know girls who are always using their phones but have only about 10 baht of credit on them.

It works like this, the girls know incoming calls to their phones are free, so they will call your cell phone and wait for the pick up, without saying a word they then hang up within six seconds and the call is not charged to their phone. Since the calling number appears on the cell phone being called you will be left with a missing call return number. When you return the call the girl talks to you and you pay for the call, and she gets free phone use for that call.

If you spend more than a free days in a location you will have several girls calling you every night or if you don't find someone new you want you have girls just a call away. If you have a cell phone you can also get many girls without bar fines because they will call you when leaving work for the night.

If the new law really goes through next week and the cklubs are only open from 6pm until midnight a phone becomes even a better tool.

I would not go to Thailand without having a Thai cell phone in my pocket.