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07-19-03, 01:34
Originally posted by The_Traveler
Sexreview :
There are two reason why taking a pic/video in any gogo bar is forbidden.
First the owner tries to protect his business.
Second reason is to protect the girls.
That's it, don't take it personal and just respect the rules

Please go back and read the post I already know the reasons and it has much more to do with proof of illegal actions than anything else. The comment I was making was prior to the internet you could walk into the clubs with a video camera running and no one cared. The girls may have but the clubs said nothing. But since the internet became so popular and a video shot in a club Monday is on the net Tuesday the rules have changed.


07-21-03, 11:07
Under the Water

One man was enjoying the bath in a water pool & I felt something is sticking to him. When he came nearby I saw it was a small thai girl just sticking to him like a lizard. A big Lizard like Tokay. He is just travelling in the water on foot, not swiming.

After sometime I found this guy standing in the water & the girl facing him was jumping. Something strange.

Few minutes after the girl was 45 deg tilted & this guy was jumping. I could not control & took in dip in the water.

Oh my my!!! It was banging under water!!!

What a Style!!!

The face expression of both people was like live show of X movie. Oh!!! I got hard.

Hey this is happening in a public place. A Water Park. Nearby kids are playing & enjoying slides. I don't know how many notice this.

Now the people who say it is nothing in BFE with TGs shall think back. Does FFF can enjoy this?

This can happen only in Pattaya.


07-21-03, 22:23
Is the Marriott in Pattaya guest-friendly?

Apac Boy
07-22-03, 09:16
i dun think so...i am pretty sure u need to pay a heafty joiner fee at the mariott


07-22-03, 16:09
Originally posted by Hulk
Is the Marriott in Pattaya guest-friendly?

The Marriott Hotel does have a joiner fee. I believe it is 800 or 1000 baht, during Cobra Gold they wave the fee because the US Government is paying for the rooms and they will not pay for girls. But the rest of the year everyone pays. You can sometimes avoid the fee if you request a garden room and enter from Beach Road. They do have a guard working that you may have to pay a fee baht nut less than the joiner fee.

07-26-03, 08:13
Originally posted by eltib
I hate Living Dolls

but I love "Living Dolls"

They should be dolls & living.

If she is living but not a doll, I don't need. I have back at home who is living. I go Pattaya leaving her at home becuase she is not a doll.

If she is a doll but not living (dead in the bed) I don't love her. My kids may like to play with dolls which are not living.

but I love living dolls only.

where I get in Pattaya


07-27-03, 06:26
Just left Pattaya and would like to recommend a hotel I stayed at. It's Sandy Springs on Soi 13 (66) 038 414 752-8. It has a good location,walking distance to everything and no problem with bringing the ladies in.One night they did take the girl's ID,but most of the time just walk in. I paid 350B for a membership and the price goes from 1200B to 990B. The rooms are very nice and apparently new. The street is quiet and if you are above the 7th floor there is a view of the ocean. 3rd floor has a nice pool. There are a group on beer bars across the street from Big C that I found to have a very good selection of Beauties! Like Toy bar. Tried Sabai Body Massage and didn't think it was very good. My buddy and I each thought the girls very mechanical. The girl I had asked for the money up front which I didn't like,should have walked at that point,but the conclusion was satisfactory.Used Mermaid Diving in Pattay and thought they were good,but the visability is poor this time of year.

07-27-03, 10:09
Hi fellows/
I'm back to the board just for ask u something wich can be very useful for all of us.
Does anyone have ever had problems with credit cards in Pattaya ?
Just few days ago the Visa Card company called me telling me someone was using my card in UK (Manchester,Glasgow,Swansea,London).Now,last time I used my Visa was in Pattaya where I've been for 6 months (from December 02 'till May 03).During this time I've been to Singapore and Japan too where I used my Visa as well but there are more chances that my card was cloned in Pattaya.
Not a big problem anyway,I'll get my money (2,100,00 euro) in a month,but the annoying things like go to police,send fax,copy of passport,ask for a new card etc.,etc..
If anyone got same problem or knows something more about it please let us know.
As I know, Visa and Master card are easier to counterfeit than American Express.
This is first time in almost 18 years of Asia and Pattaya that something like this happens to me.....There's always the first time...I know.
OK, good hunting, I hope to come back soon.

07-28-03, 00:42
Never had a problem but I also keep a few cards that have very low limit on them. That way even if they cloned a card only a couple of thousand dollars worth left on the cards.

07-28-03, 03:38

Once I saw this old(ish) guy running after a TG with his 'old fella' in his hand out in the open. All this out on the street near Mike S/C. Not that there is anything wrong with that. We are just taught to be too prudish about these things. Pattaya's enlightenment is well ahead of the rest of the world. As far as I am concerned, civilisation ends as soon as you step out of P. It is still the place to be. (Not everyone might agreee though.)

Also, we often ask: 'How come there are go-go bars, etc in P.ya?'
Instead we should ask: "Why are there no go-go bars elsewhere, in the west for example? Why not?"

We are just so much behind.

07-28-03, 07:49
I have only had problems with ATMs not taking my card, if you guys have PayPal and want to pay for things or get money out of the ATMs with your PayPal card, it will be shut off the first time you use it.

Then its a major pain to get it back on. You have to fax them certain legal documents before they will turn your account back on.

If you call them ahead of time they will let you use the card for a 30 day period. You will need to speak to a supervisor as not all of the operators at PayPal know that this can be done.


07-29-03, 13:09
Hi marcostraight,

I had the same problem in March. The Visa card company called me. also I was told that they were many cases. In my case someone bought via Internet diamonds and computer stuff. However, the Visa company became suspicious and blocked my Visa card. I had no harm. I paid with my Visa card my hotel and some stuff at Big C and Royal Garden. If there was a cheat I do not know 100%. The times before I had never problems.

So, I can tell you that you were not the only one and probable, it is a cold comfort for you.



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Pattaya Bound
07-29-03, 20:52
I have just been reminded of my duties as a WSG member. I was in Thailand recently for 10 days. Nowhere near long enough. I am a Pattaya man myself. Bangkok is meagre in comparison but does offer some quality women. I had a much better time in the massage parlours in Bangkok. Once again some stunning women.

I got taken by a real pro in Pattaya. She dragged me everywhere but it was worth the wait. She called me at my hotel the next night to ask me what she should wear and had an even better night. She looked like Halle Berry. Unusaual for a Thai I thought. She can be found in a small go go bar on Soi 7 or could be? Get there early or she will not be there!

I don't recommend the large massage parlours in Pattaya as mentioned by some one else. It was a poor show compared to Bangkok.

I will be going back again next year for longer. Being press ganged by my brother to go back. Its a hard life as he has not been there.

Thst's my advice, be safe be happy, and once you have chosen a girl take her back and fuck her.


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07-30-03, 23:27
Hi Sting/

Let me ask you...Did you use your card at Fuji Restaurant in Big C ? It's that japanese restaur. on the left side of the first entrance.I got a friend of mine who said he's 90% sure that his card (Master Card) has been cloned there and 100 % at Big C.
(He used his Master Card only in Big C).

I hope we talk about the same dep.store.The first one at the end of the second road (after the Sabai Room body massage).

Have you ever been at the Internet Cafe' on the first floor of Royal Garden looking for your Visa situation on the net ?(If you are registered like Visa client on the Net).

Of course it won't be easy to find out the place where our cards have been cloned (probably impossible),but with our messages we can easily avoid or prevent next frauds...*

*I will pay more attention before using my card at Big C.

07-31-03, 02:42
Speaking about credit/debit cards - I get cash, leave the card in the lock box and spend the cash. It's easier than losing the credit card number, but it DOES require that I know where the cash machines are.

07-31-03, 03:27
There are indeed a very large number of hos sitting from early in the morning on Pattaya beach til very late at night.

Their business is pretty obvious. Prices must be pretty rock-bottom but I had never seen one that I really liked.

So I just paid a bit more and kept going to the go-gos. Also was quite afraid of the possible complications of hooking up with a ho without any stable contact.

Greater was my surprise when one evening I saw this very cute little girl squatting there on the beach, near soi 12. I wondered what she was doing there alone since she was just so much above the standard of the usual hos in that part of town.

Very simply dressed really, just shorts and a hort sleeve shirt but it's all squeeky clean as if just came out of the laundry, hair well kempt and one the most perfect set of gleaming white teeth that I have ever come across. She was also holding a cute little handbag.

She readily smiled back to me. (Beautiful teeth are a big turn-on). My first thought was that she was waiting for her thai boyfriend or husband and they gonna get in a Merc to head back home to Rayong or somewhere.

I squatted down next to her and asked(just to be sure):

"What are you doing here?"
"Look farang. Look you."

Well, it couldn't have been more clear than that. We got to talk a bit. Her English quite passable. She was indeed from Rayong. She had one kid. No food. The usual story.

Started working a couple of weeks ago. She was not too young, 25. I actually checked her ID. She showed me her kid's foto too.

I still wasn't quite sure if I really wanted a girl from the beachside so I proposed that we go and eat some simple thai food and I would think about what's going to happen.

If I don't take her to the room she gets 200 baht. If we get along well and do the deed then she gets 500 baht. She agreed.

Off we went to walking street, grabbed some cheap thai food in a soi, had a look of Living Dolls-a-gogo.

She turned out to be a great company, intelligent, gentle, submissive so we headed off to the hotel. She was a bit shy (no oral either way) but who cares when you can get that any day.

Had the most amazing time. It was very much like as if we had known each other for 10 years or something. How can some hos do this?

I felt in real danger of getting broken hearted so had to act before it was too late. It was just too good. I don't like that.

She seemed upset when I told her after about 3 hours that time was up. She got paid. But how could I give someone I liked so much just 500 baht? So I gave another 300, saying:

"It's for your kid. For food."

I know I am stupid. But it's still better than a broken heart.

At least nobody owes nothing. So, she went back squatting and I off to walking street to find another ho that hopefully wouldn't be quite as 'good' as this one.

Funny thing. When they are too good it's also no good. At least if you want to stay single.

Joe Zop
07-31-03, 04:43
Same approach for me, Dinghy, except that at times I'll pay for hotels and airline tickets using CCs. Have never had a problem getting cloned doing that.

JawDawg, very interesting story. I didn't run into the same problem using a PayPal card, however. I didn't pay for anything, just grabbed baht from an ATM a couple of times.

Apac Boy
07-31-03, 09:35
yes I still check out this part of the boards...anyways, just to add in my 2 cents.

I just got hammered for about $1,400 USD worth of goods from somewhere in Australia. The asshole tried to do another $800 worth but luckily, my bank card stopped it. Since this was on my check card, it took the cash directly from my checkings account. Thank god for credit protection cause I got my money back in a week.

Hey Marcostraight, it's funny u talked about that Japanese resturant in the Big C...cause I did eat there in my March trip. That was like 5 months ago though. Don't u think the thieves would have charged my ass a lot sooner?

sup Joe!


07-31-03, 11:24
I have used my AMEX 100 times in that Big C. "Touchwood" till date no problem. I do check my card bill on net frequently to check such activity.


08-01-03, 12:27
Hi Marcostraight,

Well we are talking from the same big C and I know theJjapanese restaurant but I have never eaten there so that I can say that this has happened in another location.

However, I used my credit card now only for buying an air ticket or big hotel.

As you mentioned it will be very difficult to find the right place or better this asshole who cloned our cards. I am also happy that the credit company made a good job.

The internet cafe at Royal Garden. I have never been there, but your advice is a good idea because it is not a good feeling to come home and get an call from the Visa company. I hate all administration stuff.

See you.


Originally posted by marcostraight
Hi Sting/

Let me ask you...Did you use your card at Fuji Restaurant in Big C ? It's that japanese restaur. on the left side of the first entrance.I got a friend of mine who said he's 90% sure that his card (Master Card) has been cloned there and 100 % at Big C.
(He used his Master Card only in Big C).

I hope we talk about the same dep.store.The first one at the end of the second road (after the Sabai Room body massage).

Have you ever been at the Internet Cafe' on the first floor of Royal Garden looking for your Visa situation on the net ?(If you are registered like Visa client on the Net).

Of course it won't be easy to find out the place where our cards have been cloned (probably impossible), but with our messages we can easily avoid or prevent next frauds...*

*I will pay more attention before using my card at Big C.

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08-02-03, 07:42
Originally posted by Mistapenus
She seemed upset when I told her after about 3 hours that time was up. She got paid. But how could I give someone I liked so much just 500 baht? So I gave another 300, saying:

"It's for your kid. For food."

I know I am stupid. But it's still better than a broken heart.

not at all Mistapenus.. you did a nice thing.. not a stupid thing.
they are human too!!

and you got it cheap for 500 bht anyway so you add another 300bht. man just the barfine at a beerbar would have cost you 500...
you did a real good thing...

08-02-03, 20:47
It's been some time since I've posted, but I don't usually have much to say unless I've recently been to LOS. That being said, I just returned last week, and so here goes another post.

I won't bore you with the details, as I have posted them before. If you want the details, please search under my User Name. In summary, though, I'm the type of guy who can escape from the real world for about 10-12 days at a time. I usually sample the fare in Bangkok for a day and then I head down to Pattaya where I do most of my monkey business. "I lub you like monkey lub banana".....still haven't heard this particular line, but the girls still act this way, as long as they believe they can extract a few extra baht out of you.

I confirmed with bar, massage parlour, and hotel managers that business is slow, but of course there are still plenty of girls to provide services. I didn't really see a softening on prices, but where else can you get a bonk for 500 baht? The local police are cracking down on all things made without proper license.....videos, software, watches, etc., so vendors seem to be a little suspicious when you ask to buy such things. At the end of the day, though, money speaks louder than words and you can still find the trinkets you seek.

Before arriving in Pattaya, I had been in communication with Freeler, an (in)famous personality on this Board. We met in Pattaya and got along very well. Maybe he feels differently? We spent almost a week hanging out with two other blokes....one from Tokyo and another from South Africa. For those of you who have the opportunity to get to know Freeler in person, I would suggest you do so. Not only is he very knowledgeable about all things Thai, but he's got the personality of someone with whom you wouldn't mind being a friend. One thing struck me about him.....he's VERY direct about his thoughts/feelings, but at least you know where you stand with him. Freeler doesn't seem to have time for bullshit, and I appreciate that. Though I'm a relative rookie compared to Mr. Freeler, I told him a story that literally made him blush! I guess that means I'm probably having a pretty good time while I'm in Thailand. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. In fact we talked about another trip in December/January. Maybe some of you would like to also meet for a beer or two.

Well, that's it from here. Now it's back to doing the thing that allows me to pass out purple notes.

08-03-03, 10:13

With reference to the card skimming, you didn't stay at Flipper Hotel did you?

I read on another forum that some guys who had their cards skimmed had stayed at Flipper.


The Friend
08-06-03, 15:49
Originally posted by muffdriver
It's been some time since I've posted, but I don't usually have much to say unless I've recently been to LOS. That being said, I just returned last week, and so here goes another post.

I won't bore you with the details, as I have posted them before. If you want the details, please search under my User Name. In summary, though, I'm the type of guy who can escape from the real world for about 10-12 days at a time. I usually sample the fare in Bangkok for a day and then I head down to Pattaya where I do most of my monkey business. "I lub you like monkey lub banana" still haven't heard this particular line, but the girls still act this way, as long as they believe they can extract a few extra baht out of you.

I confirmed with bar, massage parlour, and hotel managers that business is slow, but of course there are still plenty of girls to provide services. I didn't really see a softening on prices, but where else can you get a bonk for 500 baht? The local police are cracking down on all things made without proper license, videos, software, watches, etc., so vendors seem to be a little suspicious when you ask to buy such things. At the end of the day, though, money speaks louder than words and you can still find the trinkets you seek.

Before arriving in Pattaya, I had been in communication with Freeler, an (in)famous personality on this Board. We met in Pattaya and got along very well. Maybe he feels differently? We spent almost a week hanging out with two other blokes, one from Tokyo and another from South Africa. For those of you who have the opportunity to get to know Freeler in person, I would suggest you do so. Not only is he very knowledgeable about all things Thai, but he's got the personality of someone with whom you wouldn't mind being a friend. One thing struck me about him, he's VERY direct about his thoughts / feelings, but at least you know where you stand with him. Freeler doesn't seem to have time for bullshit, and I appreciate that. Though I'm a relative rookie compared to Mr. Freeler, I told him a story that literally made him blush! I guess that means I'm probably having a pretty good time while I'm in Thailand. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. In fact we talked about another trip in December / January. Maybe some of you would like to also meet for a beer or two.

Well, that's it from here. Now it's back to doing the thing that allows me to pass out purple notes. Hey, I was just in Thailand last month and I am going back next month and at the end of the year. I just cannot get enough of that place. Maybe we can meet for a beer or two. I am friends with several of the girls over there and get several emails from them weekly. So let's talk and we will see.

08-06-03, 20:07
Hi Gus,

Do you mean that Flipper Hotel in soi 8 ?
I know it but I never been there.

I didn't use my card to pay the Hotel.

The places where I used Visa card during my last trip:

Bangkok Pattaya Hospytal - Pattaya (gonorrhea treatm.of course)
Domon Royal Garden - Pattaya
Boss and Bass Travel Shop Agency. - Pattaya
Darling Body Massage Sukhumv.Road - BKK ( Very suggested)
Hardcore Surf Shop Royal Garden - Pattaya
Warehouse Records shop Royal Garden - Pattaya
Sizzler - Pattaya

Anyway I've already forgot.
I just wish to know what the hell my card was doing in England ???

08-09-03, 13:04
So here I'm in Pattaya, with a much better kharma I'd say. I took a mini-van with EBC (ph 0-2250-1188), corteous service and just bhat 350. The stupid travel agency reserved me the stupidiest hotel in town, beverly plaza, caters mostly to chinese families (baht 1200+300 guest charge). I'l leave it tomorrow for a room in family-operated place in Jomtien Beach, there are many, average bhat 500 and thay are girl-friendly. The room I saw (ban ruay dee) was quite spacious and had a balcony with lot of flowers, internet downstair (ok, the connection had some problems...)
Well aside the hotel delusion I'm happy anyway, rented a bike for just bhat 300/day, honda cb400 just like the one I had when a teen, not too big not too small, OK it is not quite the same nowadays it has has liquid cooling four-valvles quad-calipers brakes, but hey I have progressed too, aside grey-hair, I have now total ejaculation-control and (yeah) bigger arms.
So there I'm happy like a motherfucker having a grilled-chicken snack by the beach, in company of three nice cats, no chicks for me, not yet, I see them waving to me in the bar, but no hurry, I promised myself I won't go with anyone that (unlucky her) wears a number. I'm kind of happy with this Jomtien beach, I think I'll hang-out here a little before exploring further. If you are in Pattya until Aug. 13 and in the mood for some traveller's storytelling, drop a note here so we can meet.

Jing Jung
08-09-03, 13:16
<She seemed upset when I told her after about 3 hours that time was up. She got paid. But how could I give someone I liked so much just 500 baht? So I gave another 300, saying: "It's for your kid. For food." I know I am stupid. But it's still better than a broken heart.>

Above posted is just sensible, as noted by some others. I also would not say you were stupid for giving the girl a bit extra.

While I agree totally with SA that it's best not to delude yourself with working girls, it's also a fact that some give much better "service" than others. Giving them something extra for their kid, their mother or their boyfriend is just up to you.

I am as tough a bargainer as anyone when it comes to what I will pay the bar, the MP etc. However, I am perfectly willing to part with more $ than I must with someone who has pleased me.

08-09-03, 19:38
I think you'd really like CM. A LOT less traffic, pollution etc... and much more laid back. Personally, I can only handle BKK for under a week, then I gotta get outa there. Just too busy! If you're staying in LOS long enough, take a train up there and check it out. Oh yea, if you do take a train, don't cheap out like I did. Pay whatever it is for a sleeper car (so you can sleep), I bought the cheapest ticket possible (161B? can't quite remember sorry), and my ass was sore for 4 days after I arrived! (Hard bench seats). lol. Take care!

08-11-03, 16:15
I'm a novice in the Thai scene, but practiced the hobby in Russia a bit. I thinking of going to Thailand for about two weeks for hobby and seeing the country as well. Can somebody give rough cost estimates for two weeks in Pattaya for varying levels of comfort; budget, mid range and top end? Sawasdee See View advertises AC rooms for 2250 baht/week and Siam Sawasdee same for 3,200 baht/week. Are these reasonable places hopefully not too far from action? From the posts here it seems it is possible to get a lady for 1000 baht for LT. Is $50/day for food+accomodation+action a reasonable estimate?

08-11-03, 17:39

One US dollar is about B40.
Rooms are from B150 to B2,500 a day.
Breakfast is from B40 to B195.
Diner is from B30-B1,500.
Most 'streetfood', sateh, pineapple is B5 or B10.
All drinks are available at 7elevens...
Coffee on the street is B10, at Starbucks...
Girls are from B300ST to B2,000LT.
Songthaews are B5-10 a ride. B10 is the MAXIMUM fare in Pattaya!
Renting a motorbike is stupid. DON'T do it!
Souvenirs, shirts, shorts can cost you an arm and a leg...
So does booze...
The trip back to the airport is B100-B1,500.
Departure tax is still B500.

You're a newbie: $80 is safer to count on.
That doesn't mean you have to spend it all!

08-11-03, 18:20
Originally posted by Freeler
Renting a motorbike is stupid. DON'T do it!

I don't agree. A scooter or a medium size bike will move you around conveniently and you can go sightseeing around.

Joe Zop
08-11-03, 19:00
Umm, a scooter for sightseeing what exactly in Pattaya? It's gotta be one of the more underwhelming places in the kingdom for sightseeing other than of the TG variety. I've personally never found renting a bike in Pattaya to be worth it, though it definitely can be in other areas.

Hedonist, I think $50/day is the lowball estimate for mongers who are reasonably experienced in the area, and Freeler's estimate is more like the mid-range. He, of course, spends less than almost everyone, so if he's telling you that your estimate is too low that's definitely saying something LOL!

If I were you I'd just budget for $100 a day and then be happy to get out for less. Especially for a newbie, there's a tendency to end up acting like a kid in a candy store when you get to Bangkok or Pattaya, and doing several short-times at 500baht a throw, deciding to make the Pump Station your substitute for late morning coffee, being in the flow of things and hemmoraging money because you drink like a fish, going through the almost inevitable process of getting charmed and scammed for double what you planned to pay by a cutie, etc., all can break your carefully designed budget and leave you needing to cut back to get to the end of your trip. It's truly not that difficult to run through 4000baht quickly, expecially if you're someone who likes good restaraunts and hangs out at go-go bars.

Better to budget a little high in the first place, and then work to put into practice the excellent advice you'll find in this section and end up with extra baht for whatever excursion or shopping you decide to do -- or just for taking home and socking away to start paying for the next trip you'll suddenly find can't come soon enough...

08-11-03, 19:57

Accidents, scams...
At least 30 times I've been to Pattaya, and even on the shortest one day visit I see dumbfucks get accidents, fines and scammed out of their money.
And, like Joe_zop made clear, there is NO sightseeing in Pattaya.
Take the B5 songthaew or walk!

Renting a motorbike is stupid. DON'T do it!

08-11-03, 21:56
Thanks guys! As I told before I have a bit of mongering experience in Russia. I don't know if you agree with me but I find Russian women very attractive. I have been looking at some website giving advice on the Thai scene and it is hard to tell the same for Thai girls. On the average they are simply not beautiful with respect to Western norms of beauty. They are short and have small breasts. But on the other hand, so many men simply can't be wrong. Why am I writing all this stuff? Because I am afraid of not being able to find ladies for my taste after traveling all the way to Thailand. Can somebody comment on this please? What is it that attracts you to Thailand? Can you find really attractive girls for the prices quoted on this board?

08-11-03, 22:10
I agreed with Freeler and Joe Z, IMHO, being just your first time in Thailand particularly Pattaya, your don't need to have a bike.
There's nothing you can see or do locally around the action that a taxi could not do the job! Depending where you plan to stay, walking to your destination is never a problem.

I have been going and staying in Pattaya since 1995 and only in the last 2 years have I purchased a motorbike under my girlfriends name. I use it to get around town and to her house, otherwise there's no need for one!

Although, it depends on the individual, freeler is right! you can easily get into a accident, get spotted as a sucker and become a target to be robbed or scammed! Just last week I saw in the Bangkok newspaper reports of gangs in Pattaya, running off
locals and tourist on their bikes at night and robbing them!

Unless you really know your way around and need it, leave the driving to someone else and save the money for ST!


Joe Zop
08-12-03, 01:00
Hmm, Hedonist, if you mean Thai women don't look at all like, say, Russian women, meaning tall, leggy, buxom, with blonde hair and hourglass figures, then you're absolutely correct. But norms of beauty vary around the world, and IMHO Thais are among the most beautiful people in the world, with flawless and symmetrical features that tend more toward softness than angularity, thick and often long flowing hair, a general tendency toward slimness rather than the extra weight you see in the US and elsewhere, that everpresent smile and a love of laughter and joking that is far more genuine that you'll find most other places.

Yes, Thais usually are shorter and with small breasts (and you should generally be wary of those who are taller with bigger breasts because the odds are decent that you're dealing with a katooey) and they tend more toward the boyish or slightly pear-shaped. You can generally find TGs who either are taller or a bit more buxom, though the latter tend to be in high demand since that's the western ideal, and the issue of larger breasts seems to now be beginning to infect the kingdom, or so I gathered from various newspaper articles my last trip, whereas in the past smaller breasts were considered preferable. However, because TGs are generally more petite, the lack of breast size isn't all that tremendous a deal as they generally seem proportionate to the rest of the body.

If the Western body type is the only female package that pushes your buttons, well, LOS may not be the right place for you, honestly, and you might prefer, say, Brazil. Me, I'm thrilled with lots of different types, and Thais are high among them. (And I've got nothing whatsoever against the Western model, mind you!)

But that's not even considering the behavioral differences -- there's no question that Western men are very often and hopelessly seduced by the TG's heavy focus on and deference to the men they're with. Obviously, this varies by woman and when you're dealing with sex workers one never knows what you'll get, but I for one have certainly been gloriously spoiled by various of the Thai women with whom I've spent time. It's the very reason people tend to get so strenuous and exercised here on the subject of the dangers of Thai women -- far too many Western men lose their damn fool heads over them, which is not something one hears as much about in most other places. You don't read lots of stories about guys deciding to move to Amsterdam to live with Red Light District ladies, or to Costa Rica, etc., but you sure as heck hear it an awful lot about women guys have met in Pattaya...

And, yes, absolutely, you can find truly stunning women for the prices quoted here. (Well, maybe not for Freeler's 300baht prices, though he manages a few attractive ones for that. :)) Obviously, it's also kind of "what the market will bear" and astonishing beauties often hold out for higher prices, but everything's negotiable in LOS. If you're someone who can only stand to go with the single most ravishing lady on the block, simply up your budget a thousand baht or so a day and hone your bargaining skills...

08-12-03, 05:30
advice for the first timer to pattaya.
truly there is no place like it on earth. in my opinion, it really can't be beat. resort style vacationing with more girls then you can count within walking distance, ready and fully willing to please your every need!

on my first of now 13 trips to pattaya, i was robbed, strong armed in-fact! i looked like the lone bumbbling idiot typical tourist. it was my first trip. i was a bit stressed and had that "lost look" going on. i decided i wanted a massage for my first go. i walked to the curb.and sure enough along came a tut, tut. a rather seedy looking rough thai dude. i explained what i was looking for. i'm surew now in hind sight, he knew i was a stupid tourist. anyhow, he proceeded to tell me about the best massage house in pattya. ended up driving me about 9 miles out of town, down some dirt road. as we approached a large warehouse type building, i got this overwhelming sense, something was not right. i told him to stop. he speeded up, got on his little radio and before i knew it the large door to the warehouse was opening and out were coming about 5 thai guys! i jumped out of the moving tut tut, hit the ground hard, scrapping me knees, arms and back badly. i started running but they quickly surrounded me. two of them had knives. they took my wallet, cash card, everything, forced me to provide my pin number, (which i gave them the wrong number). my cc was maxed out. i had to hike back to the main road (about a 2 mile walk down a dirt remote road) it was hot as hell. i almost passed out. made it back to the road and waved down a passing motorist. they offered to take me to the local police station. i choose not too. about three days later i ended up seeing the same taxi driver picking up another tourist. as he was about to pull away, i yelled at him, before he could run off, i socked him right in the eye pulled him from the tut tut and basically beat the crap out of him. some locals were yelling for the police. he yelled at them in thai, not to call the police. i let him go, but he ruined two days of my vacation. all i had was my back-up cc i had left in my room safe!
if you go to pattaya, be careful with the taxi drivers and the girls too. some have jealous boyfriends and a few of the girls are committing scams, not many, but a few.


Apac Boy
08-12-03, 06:28
dood...u should have taken his money, kicked him in the nuts, then drive his tut tut away.


08-12-03, 08:39
Originally posted by Tapioca
dood...u should have taken his money, kicked him in the nuts, then drive his tut tut away.


Easier said then done. Amazing thing is (and I'm by no means trying to brag) I'm no wimpy dude. I stand 6'2" and have weight lifted for years. If these guys will pull of something like this on a guy like me, they will try it on anyone. Since that incident, I can say nothing of that nature has happened since and trust me it never will again. They lost my unconditional trust.

As for Pattaya, don't get me wrong, you can't beat it. Anywhere! And this is from someone who has been everywhere! I'm just trying to warn the fellow mongers not to be stupid. Some are so naive, they picture it as the unconditional LOS, and it is, ALMOST!

On one other trip, I ended up spending a night in the ER room in Pattaya, due to a very accelerated heart rate. I had been drinking and took back a free lancer. I remembered looking back, she insisted I suck on her breasts a lot. I think she laced them with something, that did not sit well with my system.

The hospital staff was great, very friendly, but trust me you don't want to have a cardiac arrest in that town. Their medical equipment and training is about what we used to have in about 1940 in the USA. It's primitive. All very old equipment and the staff is way, way under-trained!

So if you're going to indulge in Pattaya, watch you back, use common sense and don't end up in the ER.


Jack Spratt
08-12-03, 15:41
Originally posted by GettingTang
[On one other trip, I ended up spending a night in the ER room in Pattaya, due to a very accelerated heart rate. I had been drinking and took back a free lancer. I remembered looking back, she insisted I suck on her breasts a lot. I think she laced them with something, that did not sit well with my system.

The hospital staff was great, very friendly, but trust me you don't want to have a cardiac arrest in that town. Their medical equipment and training is about what we used to have in about 1940 in the USA. It's primitive. All very old equipment and the staff is way, way under-trained!

So if you're going to indulge in Pattaya, watch you back, use common sense and don't end up in the ER.GT, may I humbly suggest that if you are old enough to remember the medical equipment in US hospitals in 1940, your heart rate may have had more to do with your age than anything the free lancer had on her tits!

08-12-03, 16:03
Thanks for all the replies! Great advice!

08-12-03, 17:08
Hedonist, Moneymaker...

"she insisted I suck on her breasts a lot. "

Spells trouble.
Unless you've showered together, soaped her tits up goooood and gave them a goooood rub. Also gives you the extra time to check for signs of other (monthly) problems that could mess up your night...

Getting Tang,

I hope you did way better on your later trips. Getting Tang beats losing tang!

"Their medical equipment and training is about what we used to have in about 1940 in the USA. It's primitive. All very old equipment and the staff is way, way under-trained!"
Many who know say: "Arriving at the hospital alive means staying alive". In fact, Thai medical standards are very high. Somebody dropped you off at the wrong hospital...

08-12-03, 18:13

Sorry to read about your mishap but, you know what's was the funny part of it all?,he shows up at the same place! I would've broke his fucking neck!

He's not to goddamn bright. ha ha!

Oh well, lesson learned right?

08-13-03, 04:03
Hedonist - most of the sawasdee properties are about as close to action as you can get (er... there doesn't seem to be anywhere in P'ya that ISN'T close to SOME action. )

The only sawasdee that has a pool is on Soi Bukauw (parallel to second road but not out to thrid road) about soi 11 (might be 12) anyway, "soi" means side road, so "sai song, soi sip" means "road, second; side street 10" - SOME of the street signage is written in english and Thai, - all 46 characters of it - and I though Cyrillic was difficult. - at least the NUMBERS are understandable (but Thai actually has a different character numbering system, too)

IF you stay in one of the lower priced places, you need to watch that they stay open for you to come back LATE (like about sunrise) - where I stayed I knew where my room key was so it didn't matter. If you want a relatively nice inexpensive room, go to "Ice Inn" on 2nd road at soi 11 (might be 12). Just be prepared to walk stairs. Otherwise, the sawasdee on soi 10 (a dirt side street) is cheaper but depending on the mud level, might be "messy" to walk to/from. There is a 7-11 and "family mart" right on second road. There are some good beer bars in the area on soi Bukauw as well and on second, there are numerous beer bars (like I posted before, so much poon, so little time)

08-13-03, 09:16
freeler, joe_zop: your advice about not renting a motorbike certainly makes sense but you're ignoring a couple of facts.
first, like many others i like to have unconditional personal freedom of movement. that means, if i got bored in a place i can jump on the bike and go looking for something else, or just cruise the beach at the speed *i* decide. maybe there isn't really a better 'something else', but i like the feeling that i can go looking for it on my own at any time. second, i've choosen to stay in jomtien beach because it's less crowded, kind of more human if you want, as the exaggerated brothel-like athmosphere of pattaya bothers me a little bit. a bike is really needed in that case unless you like to be sitting among sweaty people behind a smoggy bus all way between pattaya and jomtien. in conclusion, don't call 'stupid' something just because your rationality is adverse to it.

joe_zop: your latest post on thay women describes their beauty quite accurately but again i feel the need to add something for the ones that had never been here, like hedonist: pretty girls/women are very, very rare. i've been roaming around this place and bangkok since a week now, including beer bars, go-go's, shopping malls, and saw just four or five really attracting beauties, and all of them except one had already a western partner. the one that had not one, did not replied t my salutation. if i make a statement, like you wouldn't do 98% of the girls not even for free, i think i'm not very far away to be kind of objective, no matter what your standards are. it's always a good practice to keep your expectations low before you go to see something but i really think is needed when it comes to tg's physical appearnace.

about the attitude of tg's and their ability to make a man happy longer than short time, i cannot say that i have much experience having meet less than ten of them in total. but again, i'm not very impressed fropm what i've experienced. i do not want to generalize or stereotype but they're too quiet, condiscendent and superficial. i think this the reason why they make a better companion for the mature fellow in search of tranquil days rather than for whoever (young or old) that likes bolder personalities.

joe_zop you're right, nobody in his right mind would move to amsterdam just to be close to one or all the working ladies there, but i'd bet the same isn't true for costa rica as you say, and i want to extend the concept to the whole latin america. if you like me, like to go out to latin dance almost every night, love beatiful asses that are often shaken just because they're proud of them, as opposed to mere exibhition on a club podium, if you like to visit a country where you can at least _try_ to learn the language in a reasonable time, where the girls aren't for sure more sincere than anywhere else but at least more straightforward and fun, don't come to thailand or better don't come asia at all, head for south america insted. argentina works excpetionally well for me, but you may like better a different flavor from the latin universe.

all in all, i don't regret my trip to thailand but i won't repeat it. sure, girls were willing to please and the last one in particular did something to me worth to be in a porno flick, but that's not enough to drive me crazy, and i was bored most of the time. i was thinking of quitting this hobby anyway, maybe this is the best way to put a closure on it and move on with other things in life. what about long-term, world-wide sailing with a stable partner or few friends? i'm sure many tropical destinations have interesting places to see at night too... oops here i go again :)

Joe Zop
08-13-03, 17:34
Stoly, points taken on the bike -- if you're outside of the hotzone and want to toodle around, fine. But riding a bike because you like the wind in your face or because you like control of how fast you cruise is rather different from actually needing to have one. I wouldn't go so far as to call renting one in Pattaya stupid, but it's certainly not anything close to necessary.

As far as women go, hmm, there's a degree of "glass half empty/half full" here. Obviously everyone has different standards. I've personally never been one of the "wouldn't sleep with 98% of them" kind of guys no matter what country or standard of beauty we're talking about, and I'd say I probably find at least 25% of women anywhere I go at least moderately attractive. Sure, like anywhere else, there are only so many supermodels wandering around, but my take is that there are certainly plenty of attractive women no matter where you happen to be, Thailand or elsewhere. You say potato, I say potahto. Sure, Thailand's only got so many breathtaking beauties, but that's true anywhere and if you're the type who only considers absolute stunners, well, you're going to have fewer choices by definition. But only a few "pretty" TGs? The general scale is that "pretty" ranks below "beautiful" which is below "stunning" so I've really gotta disagree with you here. If your standards of beauty are different from the standard of the country you're in you're either going to be adjust those standards or be disappointed -- which was my point to Hedonist about the distinction from western norms of beauty.

I'd agree with you that many TGs, particularly those you meet in places like Pattaya, can be quiet, rather submissive, and basically boring. Face it, for many their lives are watching TV, shopping, and then heading to the bar (presuming they're not actually living at the bar, which a fair number are) and possibly hitting a disco later. We're not talking about women who generally have much of a life outside of hooking up with farangs and making money, or who have much education since most come into this trade in their teens, straight off farms. You ain't gonna have great discussions on economics or world politics, or find too many TGs who think that hang-gliding is something they've got to do, because they're not going to have any experience in it. That said, there are definite exceptions, and if you're hooking up with someone for more than, say, a night, you're probably going to be looking for one of those. I've hooked up longer term with less than one in ten of the TGs I've been with, but when it works, it can work quite well, and that submissive aspect can turn into a heavy and intoxicating focus on your wants and needs. (Without going too much into it, let me also say that the submissive trait is highly misleading, as it's very often not real.)

Hey, I think South America and the women there are great, I certainly know that some people move there because of that, I'm always thrilled by my visits, and you're not going to see me kicking Latinas out of my bed by any stretch of the imagination. Certainly, picking up Spanish or Portuguese is easier for most folks than learning Thai, since those languages have more in common with English. I'm not championing Thailand as the single best place on earth or anything, though it's one of my favorites for a variety of reasons, at the expense of other places. I'm not even going to champion TGs as the best fucks in the world -- a high number are shy, hung up, unwilling to experiment, etc. and like sex workers anywhere there are also some who just want you to get off quickly, pay, and get lost -- though there are also glorious individual exceptions to all of this.

But don't misunderstand my point, which was that you generally don't see the same level or number of people suddenly ditching their entire existing lives to move halfway around the world as you seem to do in Thailand. It simply happens all the time, you see an incredible number of expats in the country, and generally the reason is because these fools hook up with a TG who makes them feel like an absolute king and who promises to continue to do so (for only the price of said farang supporting the entire village and everyone who can vaguely be identified as a cousin.) Heck, it's one of the reasons there has been immense debate in this section over how to deal with Thai women, and plenty of people advocating a strict adherence to find-fuck-forget as the only way not to get sucked in.

My point was simply that because this happens all the time, something's clearly at work here, and it's not the business climate, it's western men reacting to/connecting with Thai women. I'm sorry you didn't get that level of connection (or maybe I should be happy for you, if you're the type who can lose their head :)) but lots of folks have -- and not all, to be clear, have messed up their lives over it. So that's something that's on the menu of possibilities for a visit, for better or worse, and Hedonist can look forward to that possibility with anticipation or dread as he chooses.

08-13-03, 17:41

"I like to have unconditional personal freedom of movement."
So do I!
And in order to keep my freedom of movement, I like to stay out of the monkeyhouse and out of hospital.
No motorbike in Pattaya!

So your trip didn't work out for you. A shame.
But you ran away from BKK before seeing the GreatSights: Wat Arun, Wat Phrae Keaw, a boattrip on the river. An evening trip on the skytrain is nice too. Did you eat at a garden restaurant?
You ran away to Jomtiem, which has nothing, while Pattaya is a good choice for a first timer, like I said many times on these pages.
Saying that Pattaya is busy is untrue, perhaps even a lie. I left there last Thursday and never saw it so quiet.
If you want to leave 'the hobby' and the practices associated with it, come to Thailand and enjoy.
Enjoy the food, the wonderful Khmer ruins, the NationalParks, the people, the countryside, the Andaman Sea islands, the Ranong hot water springs.
And I almost forgot the sights that BKK has to offer...
I always went back to countries 'I didn't like at first' so I could check: Is it the country or is it me?

08-13-03, 18:08

Recognize you from the Moscow board where I post occassionally as well. Hope you don't mind me dropping my 2 cents here...:)

There is a parallel between Moscow and Thailand...

You won't know what it is really like to be there until you've been there yourself. And you'll never forget it once you have. And of course there is a lot of p4p pussy available.

Thai girls can be very cute.... but their beauty is completely different than a Russian girls. It is also silly to compare Brazilian women with Russian or Thai or African or Swedish or whatever. Thai bodies are obviously different than other races...if you like petite girls with tight juicy pussies and cute faces then you'll do great in Thailand. The big difference in my opinion is culturally. It is almost impossible to have anything but a very basic conversation with these girls. Beyond the language barrier... and it is very significant... there is the cultural one. Most of these girls can't even fathom the idea of what someplace else is like. Nor will they really understand you emotionally. For any type of GF relationship I greatly prefer Russian girls.... picking up "normal" Thai girls is nearly impossible IMHO and not worth the effort anyway for the short time visitor... you should be out pursuing as much cheap tight pussy as possible.

I will also visit Thailand again soon... I haven't been there in a couple of years.... Yet the sights and sounds of milling around beer bars in Pattaya, being surrounded by dozens of available girls to choose from while sipping Singha beer and playing Connect4 or watching an elephant stop traffic on Sukhumvit in Bangkok while sitting in the back of an idling tuk tuk have never left my memory. Nor have the girls I fucked there....I remember them in detail. I really see the appeal Thailand has for guys... old and young. There is appeal for every guy. And there are lots of touristy things to do as well. If you get a chance, go for it. You won't regret it. And you certainly won't forget it.

08-13-03, 23:04
Doctor Skank:
Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on Thailand. It seems that it is worth going there on its own right.

08-14-03, 13:09
All, I really enjoy this discussion with you guys.. it's also helping me summarize and freeze the feelings about my trip now that i'm back home.
random points:
freeler your question 'country or me' and, going back for better understanding is certainly the way to do... Hey I still have that many places to see yet, things to do ...
One thing that certainly didn't help me better enjoy my trip was that I was alone in thailand, after that I know that I don't like long trips alone ... not as much as before... let's not digress anyway :)
I think both of you have well described the physical and emotional aspects of TG's... and not only thai...it fits well to worldwide paid4sex girls ... we're headed toward the globalization also on that ? LOL... And yes to be fair please go over my post and replace 'pretty' with ... hot or sexy ... the Scale is the Scale .. right on the spot also about the joy and perils of getting in a LT relationship abroad ... believe me i know!

I was also amazad by the number of expats here, they clearly made a cool choice.. but me... my heart is in BsAs, gotta be honest on that... joe_zop, I'm guilty of not having done much of what you said ... but blow by blow: I love strolling and shop old stuff in Santelmo, chew down a gigantic steak in a Recoleta parrilla, patronize hip & shady clubs anywhere in Capital Federal, and of course hang out with the host of the board and the latest bunch of fellow travellers..

Respect to everyone and freedom for all !

Jaimito Cartero
08-14-03, 16:32
Stoly - I also enjoy BA a lot. However, there are some things that are easier to come by in BKK. And overall, costs will be lower in BKK. I'm going for a month, and have enough for BKK, but not near enough for the same action and fun in BA.

I love the steak in BA, but I'm looking forward to a month of great Thai food. I doubt I'll eat any fried silkworms or crickets, though.

08-16-03, 09:19
Originally posted by stoly
All, I really enjoy this discussion with you guys.. it's also helping me summarize and freeze the feelings about my trip now that i'm back home.
random points:
freeler your question 'country or me' and, going back for better understanding is certainly the way to do... Hey I still have that many places to see yet, things to do ...
One thing that certainly didn't help me better enjoy my trip was that I was alone in thailand, after that I know that I don't like long trips alone ... not as much as before... let's not digress anyway :)

Although I disagree somewhat with your assessment and opinion, I can certainly respect it. True when mongering, we have different tastes. I find Thai Women, to offer the absolute most when it comes to pay$sex services. Nothing, in my opinion comes close. I have traveled to Russia, Amsterdam, Brazil, Costa Rica, All over Mexico, Philippines, Japan, USA, Australia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, and the list goes on and on. I'm independent wealthy and no longer have to grind out a day to day living. I have taken up the full time hobby in engaging, very seriously in mongering. I enjoy meeting as many women as possible, either for GFE, or just paying for their services. Having been to all the places above and many others in search of sex. I can honestly say, Thailand beats them all! By far! It really has little to do with the $. These girls are cheaper then just about anywhere else in the world, but offer so much more you don't get anywhere else either! About 75% of these girls will openly provide a GFE. You basically have to "let them know" you don't want a GFE, or that's what you're going to get. They are affectionate creatures by nature! Western Women need that affection giving to be earned. With Thai women it comes naturally and quickly!

I would have to say Japanese women fall a close second, but not close to what you find in Thailand. Now all this comes from a guy who prefers and is sexually drawn to the typical blonde hair blue eyed American girl next door. Yet somehow, the Thai way makes me overcome this sexual preference I have for blondes. They are that good!

As for travel to Thailand alone, I completely agree with you assessment on that. It can be rough spending two weeks on the other side of the world alone. However, through the years of my travels to LOS i have been able to make many life long investments, in many deeply seeded relationships! I have many girlfriends that are now married and have children who will still come by for dinner or to chat when I'm in town! This is to me what life is all about. I have made many deep relationships, not all just sexual from my trips to LOS.

I feel if you tried this approach, rather then just banging it out with as many women as possible, you would find your trips much more rewarding. Now don't get me wrong, I bang it out with as many girls as my gonads will allow me, on each and every trip, but also enjoy the many different girls I have made friends with and their company in-between my go arounds!

You can make this sort of connection also, by hitting the many Thai dating websites. Strike up a relationship, set up many dates and make a few lasting relationships on your next trip. trust me, you will be eager to return once you leave!


Pattaya Bound
08-17-03, 08:57
For Hedonist

I'm not the most experienced monger around but in my experience Thai ladies will offer you the best, and believe me you will want more. I am of the same opinion as you that thai ladies are not the most beautifull around, and sometimes I spent all night finding a real cutie, but they are out there you just have to be patient. Trawl the bars and go go`s till you find someone that fits your needs. Don't get involved with the first girl that takes an interest in you. One other tip: if you see that girl don't hang around. I had been drinking in one bar and there was a real lovely in there very small but nicely dressed, almost western and a beautifull face with nicely done make up, but because I was surrounded by 3 mingers chatting to me she did not think I was interested when I got to chat to her. She had already been bar fined, I was gutted. She said I can see you tomorrow but this was my last night.

I found one girl who looked like Halle Berry and had lovely body. I would have kept hold of her but England Soccer Team had a big match on, so I had to go back out, she rung me the next day and we hooked up again she asked me what she should wear, sexy or normal clothes a nice touch, and in the evening after a shower she dressed up in stockings and basque for me. We were at it all night.

What surprised me most about the Thais was how selective they were. They seemed happier to go with young fit guys. Maybe I am being naive but that was how I
found it. Please comment on this subject anyone. I stayed with one girl for five days she had the look I go for very cosmopolitan dressed nicely and there was not anything she would not do. We were doing it in toilets the hotel swimming pool, got seen by other guests in a hotel in bangkok in the corridor. She took it in every hole every style and gave superb bj, always wanting me to spunk over her face and I duly obliged. The downside of this is that although she never took money I just paid her bar fine for five days about 1500 baht, obviously her food bill drinks and believe me she could handle her drink. Days out etc, the bill adds up but it was not the money that bothered me really she became very clingy if you know what I mean. She slapped me one night for dancing with an English girl to be fair to her I was coming on to this girl as she was tasty on her honeymoon and boyfriend was ill.

No luck there but she insisted on coming to Bangkok with me and then to the airport. Also in a massage parlour in Bangkok I found a real stunner. She asked to come to Pattaya with me but I thought it would be to expensive as I had payed 2000 baht for 2 hrs, the most I paid on the trip. I dont know how this works perhaps one of the more experienced members could help. I would like to know myself go there and have a great time. I'm sure you will.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

08-19-03, 06:02
What girls anywhere in the world would not prefer to go with younger more fit guys? They are sexual beings just like us and looks do count. sorry to all the middle aged overweight mongers, but the truth is the truth!

that aside, not to worry. That is the beauty of the Thai ladies, they can make us all feel special, old, middle aged, young, fat, short, skinny, tall, ugly, you name it, when you buy them, you can count on being special for the time you are with them!

I have probably dated 600-800 different Thai ladies over the years and I would venture to guess about 60-70% truly enjoy the sex, not just the money. Another unique quality these girls have!

08-19-03, 20:46

Hey, you should change your handle, ThaiWiltChamberlin and write a book of your experiences


08-21-03, 07:46
Originally posted by GettingTang
I find Thai Women, to offer the absolute most when it comes to pay$sex services. Nothing, in my opinion comes close.I agree with you. The attitude of these girls is beyond imagination.

Originally posted by GettingTang
You can make this sort of connection also, by hitting the many Thai dating websites. Strike up a relationship, set up many dates and make a few lasting relationships on your next trip. trust me, you will be eager to return once you leave!
May I have address / url of dating site. I found mostly girls interesting in marrige to a farang.

Originally posted by Pattaya Bound
What surprised me most about the Thais was how selective they were. They seemed happier to go with young fit guys. Maybe I am being naive but that was how II do not agree to this. Most of girls in Pattaya is looking for older people who need maid instead of bedmate. Beacuse they don't need to work hard in the bed. Manytime I was just avoided by girls (Iam 32 with single body) being scared of having big gun.


08-23-03, 10:09
Hi all,

I have a simply question. I am going to Thailand in October. Can anyone give a status report over Pattaya. The nightlife, girls etc.. Is it crowed ? Are there any restrictions ? In general, how is the business. I was there in April and it is a long time ago.

Thanks in advance


08-23-03, 23:33
Dear Getting Tang
I seen your post about being a younger man that the ladies would want more than an older man like my self, yes you could be true about what you said. Mr Tang you will soon be in my shoe and other like me, yes i take theV pill but you don,t need it yet.
Enjoy your self at your age,,,,remember shit happing,,one day you will be like us older farts, looking at our past thinking what happing to the years.

My advice to you is fuck them hard and fast, be the fucker and not the fuckee......enjoy your self thill mother nature take it from you...........

08-25-03, 18:29
My intentions was not to stir up the pot here, but sorry to say I guess I'm going to have too regarding this issue.

I do agree that their modo is basically money, f*ck em and leave em, true, the money is the single common denominator behind what they do. However, if they are going to do what they do, many of the girls on occasion will enjoy themselves. Maybe some of you older mongers have not been at this game in your younger years. I have and I am. I'm 31 now, been at this game since I was 19! I can generally (I used the term generally, not always mind you) can tell when a girl is into me for real. Now I'm not talking about being love struck, I'm talking about sexually! I have developed a sense for being able to recognize this factor as many of you may have. Now this tells me if you guys are saying that none of these girls are truly into you sexually and most just act this way, then there must be a reason for it. Sorry, but it must have to do with your appearance and age. I tell it like it is. Now true, I get a lot of dates, trust me, where I know the girl is acting or just wants to get it over with, but I also get a lot where she is very pleased, for real, to be having sex with me. On occasion many will make reference to my appearance and age and even say its a nice change over the regular fat middle aged or older guy. Again no offense but you folks are pushing this issue.

If you were a male prostitute, which would you prefer? A fat smelly bad breath women, or a young fit attractive one as a client. Even if it were just about the money, which would you prefer to have doing you? Even a girl who cuts hair has got to prefer a nice looking client over an ugly one, or the lady who works at the bank. It's life people! Think about it!

By your statements on this board, you are even further proving my theory. By stating that it's only about the money and nothing else and we all just the same to them, then this would leave me with the conclusion, that based on your age and looks, you don't get the same service I often get! Because, mongers, I get some outstanding service from time to time and that includes here in the states. I stand 6'2" been body building since I was 16, got a full head of very thick hair, dark blue eyes, a big shlong, and yes a 6 pack abs. Many girls will go nuts when I take off my clothes! Especially American hookers. They tell me time and time again, they should be paying me! If they are the least bit into the sex I make sure the cum! For real! It's a fetish of mine making them cum, not just me. Now I realize the Thai girls are more shy, often they are intimidated by me, but not always. The shy ones take some extra time and work, but I almost always get my way. That being for girls working or not, who gets into the sex, for real! ACCEPT IT!

Remember, you created this argument, not me!

PS. I'm well aware that I will someday be an old monger like the rest of you. Trust me, it's coming, this i know, but I plan to burn through a whole lot of sperm between now and then! I think for many of you, you only regret not entering this game at a younger age. There is a difference!


Originally posted by Samus Aran

Your assumptions are false. These hos are in it only for the $$$. And your hardbody at 1000 baht for a st is nothing compared to some old timer who is willing to pay 5000 baht. This isnt the USA where looks are important. This is Thailand where the only name of the game is $$$. Stop making stupid comments and believeing that Thai hookers actually like being with your young body. They act nice for all of us but in reallity dont give a damn! Fuck and stop thinking about what a Thai/Pattay ho thinks... Find, fuck, and forget them all.

Samus Aran

Acatman: Good reply to that moronic comment.

08-25-03, 19:15
Salutations GettingTang,

"I think for many of you, you only regret not entering this game at a younger age."

I'm glad that at least ONE person on this entire forum, GettingTang aka Superman aka the man who knows our age aka the man who knows when we started mongering, has his shit together.


Thumbs Up
08-26-03, 00:35

All that you say is probably true and no doubt nice to know (for you) but I have a simple motto that trumps that for me. As long as I cum I don't give a shit (about anything or anyone else). Hehehehehe!!!

08-26-03, 07:33
Getting Tang
Even after all your arguments I do not agree to the point that Pattaya Girls like younger guys over older farts.
Tell me if you go for a job which is labourous & another with a easy owner, which you will prefer if you are paid equally. Don't think sex is entertainment for these girls. The gatekeeper of a movie hall gets sick of movies.
Sometime try to tell the girl you don't have money & ask to come along.
If you are young & attractive as you describe yourself, you can get university students, may be even free (although you have to spend more indirect expenses). You can have more GF even in Thailand.
But in Pattaya, in bars or MPs, it is money.
When I go & sit in a bar, many time the girls come & tell me I am a sexy man. She is in love with me already. But I know the truth. I am not a sexy man. As soon as I tell her, I have no money, the sexy man & love both gets run away.
Howver if you think you are a sexy man & girls like you. OK be happy.
BTW I am also just 34, not so old fart.

08-26-03, 09:18
Right on Khun ! Most all girls in the wolrd are into it for the money. If they had their choice of an old fat guy that will pay them 2000 Bhat a night or a young stud for 1000 they will almost always go for the money. Besides the old guy is not going to s***w them to death all night long because he will want to sleep after the deed is done. Now mind you if both are paying the same then thats a no brainer.

Thats why us old guys seem to pay more because thats the only way to level the playing field. AGREE ?

Joe Zop
08-26-03, 14:56
Ok, GettingTang, now you're coming off as an egotistical fool, and I'm sure that's neither true nor your intent. Let's just look at the flip side of your argument. You say that if those of us who are older are not be getting the same quality of experience that you are, where the girl is really into it, that the obvious reason must be our age and looks. So what explanation do you have for the many of us who get into situations where the TG is really into us sexually? Is that also due to our age and looks? By your logic, that would be the explanation -- she must be into father fugures, or large guys or whatever. Presuming that all of us can tell when a TG is simply acting that way to get more $$$ from us, (which is a very large and arguable presumption) there's still a fine line between being told what you want to hear and what may be true. Let's see -- what would you, as a young guy who's into his body, want to hear? Hmmmm.

Should I be believing the TG who really and truly gets into fucking with me when she says she's really grateful to be with someone like me because most younger men are in a hurry, are more full of themselves and think they're a prize, aren't as good as lovers, can't last as long, etc. -- all of which I've been told by such TGs at various times? Should I be listening to every woman who tells me how big and beautiful my cock is who then really gets into the sex? Please! I've also had TGs say they ought to be paying me, based on what we do in bed as opposed to -- I presume -- my age and/or looks. Should I be looking into a career change based on all that? In my case, of course, it's probably all true, :D but that's hardly grounds for indicting all you young pups when the bottom line is that this is information coming from someone who has a stake in making/keeping me happy. What would I, who am somewhat older, prefer to hear? Hmmmm.

I'm perfectly willing to concede the idea that some TGs will prefer to go with younger guys -- it only makes sense that there are those who generally prefer boffing someone their own age -- but your blanket statement, not taking into account that there are also TGs for whom the exact opposite may be true, or that you may be just another deluded trick who's being told what he wants to hear, is simply specious. Age is simply not the same factor in Thailand as it is in many other areas, and that has far more to do with the culture in general than it does the monger scene.

08-27-03, 06:07
These girls are profesionals at what they do. They will treat you nice because is their job to make you feel like a king.

It is easy to confuse their sweetness with reality. If they are with a younger guy they will tell him thats what they prefer. If with an older man they will tell him thats what they prefer. In GT case they will probably say they like bodybuilders.

When I was younger I believed them when they told me how good I was in bed. What monger hasn't been told that. Now I realize it is part of their job to make me feel good.

Wether we are young or old, well build or fat, all we are is their cash cows.

We like to believe the basic rule of this hobby are the 3 F's. In reality it is find, fuck, "PAY", and forget.


08-29-03, 19:56
Samus Orang-a-tang:

Raz has noticed that you are much in third person speaking. This is like speaking to one's self, which is a sure recipe for the disaster known as Multiple Personality Disorder.

Also, in your post you opened with a statement of denial regarding your alleged reference between women and used condoms, and then you concluded you post with a comparison between women and used condoms. I think that you have potential for a career in politics.

However, according to your other posts, this approach is working for you. More power to you, you Mo-Fo!!


08-29-03, 20:32
Question for Samus Aran:

"Samus Aran" is a female bounty hunter/warrior in a computer game. Is there where you got your name?

Just curious.


08-30-03, 01:41
In the beginning I used to be annoyed by hookers trying to grab me and to pull in to their bars anywhere I walked on Pattaya's main strips.

I have tried different approaches but none had worked as well as this one.

This is a 'magic sentence' and the moment it is said they are all gone in a flash.

I am quite amazed too how well it works 'always'.

And it is:

"Have no money!"

This is all it takes and they are gone, I can continue the muster.

08-30-03, 08:01

No doubt you are right, but...
By saying you 'have no money' you place your self on the bottom of the heap.
And if you decide to sit with a girl you like she probably already knows about your financial state, because gossip is Thailand's strongest power!

08-30-03, 09:16
"No Money No love"

may be some people think they are young, smart, hansum or whatever !!!

not only in Pattaya,
in all part of world and life

"No Money No love"

08-30-03, 09:40
I am looking for a girl with face like this (see the photo) in Pattaya. Can anybody help me?

08-30-03, 10:00
Originally posted by khun
I am looking for a girl with face like this (see the photo) in Pattaya. Can anybody help me? Hi Khun,

Sorry it is my girlfriend. Where have you seen her?

However, there are many for us.

Take it easy :-)

Pattaya Bound
08-30-03, 10:03
It would seem that I have created quite a squabble, and I will add my bit.

Firstly, everybody will have different experiences, and I can only comment on my own, as I said before the only money I paid to my girl was her 300 baht per night bar fine as she is affilliated to this bar. I presume that this is unavoidable. The food and travel expenses when the time to leave Pattaya for Bangkok came as I was on a tour, she asked well pleaded to come with me all the last day. Once again I told her that I had no money yet she did not want money. I must admit I found this very strange as I, like most people, would assume it is purely a financial arrangement.

I have to go to work now. I offer emergency services you see but will continue with this post when I can.

p.s. Can anyone help with info on taking girls from massage parlours? Cost, etc.


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08-30-03, 13:15
Khun, Freeler

"You maybe think you are young, handsome" - Yes, in fact I do, and it might seem annoying to some older and ugly guys, but its quit possible to get bargirls and freelancers to go with you for free. Not trying to boast, but the "no money no love" thing ain't necessarily always true. Ive gotten quite a few free-bees in my days. I've had girls tell me that money isn't necessarily the most important thing to them - rather finding a nice guy that will take them to america or europe..


"Most all girls in the wolrd are into it for the money. If they had their choice of an old fat guy that will pay them 2000 Bhat a night or a young stud for 1000 they will almost always go for the money. "

Some girls would definately choose a nice looking guy who would give them a 1000 *or less!* rather than going with a fat, bald, disgusting old slob!

Although SOME would go for the money if the money was enough. But I don't think its very easy to make a generalisation that girls would always go for the extra thousand.

08-30-03, 19:26

All I did was try to warn Mistapenus and all for that thing called 'Gossip in Thailand'. Because it is a stronger power than most can imagine.

Freebies? I had some in Thailand, but - believe it or not - I'd rather pay and walk away than risk having a girl saying she's mine and I am hers.

Gossip, remember?

Khun's remark on 'more indirect expenses' for freebies is right on the money.

I never pay more than B500. I guess that automaticly makes me young&handsome:D!

08-30-03, 22:54
It's been a few years since I've been to Pattaya. After my last trip, I heard there was a crackdown, and that the blowjob bars and short time bars/rooms were shut down. Has the scene been diminished, or is everything open like before?

Pattaya Bound
08-31-03, 13:01
So what does she want from me you might ask, I dont know marriage was never mentioned, financial rewards not with me, could she be enjoying herself, who really knows. I am always polite and treat the girls nicely perhaps not everyone does. Ultimately poverty and standard of living is the driving force behind this market in my opinion, and the hope of a better life, what one person finds could be totally different to another. You cannot make a single sweeping statement about everyone it depends purely on the 2 people involved. Having spoken to some girls some do treasure money, some the body looks of a man, almost like a trophy one girl told me the other girls were jealous because of her young sexy aussie boyfriend. No doubt some are looking for marriage to western men.

The reason I brought this topic up was due to some Americans on my tour were very overweight, and on occassions they stuggled to pick up girls which shocked me a little. I presumed that money talked, end of story, not so in my experience some Thai girls casn be choosy about who they go with.

Changing the subject I will be going to Thailand again next year with a couple of friends in February so any new info is always welcome.

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08-31-03, 16:57
Originally posted by Pattaya Bound

...The reason I brought this topic up was due to some Americans on my tour were very overweight, and on occassions they stuggled to pick up girls which shocked me a little. I presumed that money talked, end of story, not so in my experience some Thai girls casn be choosy about who they go with....

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space between sentences. To avoid future delays, please include one space between sentences in future reports. Thanks!

Pattaya Bound,

Thais girls in general don't look upon being large as a negative, in fact from their way of thinking the person who is overweight is of interest. It is really very simply they see the size and think this person must have money because he can afford to eat a lot. Lot at one of the images that they worship most Buddha, who is a fat little man in western eyes but seen as heathy, prosperities, and wise. The eyes of the Thais look upon things differently than the western eyes.


Joe Zop
08-31-03, 18:01
there's no question that not every tg is going to go with absolutely any farang who asks her, but there's certainly no shortage of willing ones for anyone who's there -- large or small, old or young. read back through this and the bangkok sections about jaimito cartero's worries about being "chang-sized" and then his subsequent accounts of his experiences -- he's obviously not had a terrible time based on his size, considering he's gone from being a first-timer to complete convert very quickly. i've had conversations with tgs who say they don't want to go with really old guys -- but mostly they're talking about guys in their seventies, and right next to them are tgs who are perfectly willing, as they say, well, it's not really that much work. i can count on one hand the number of times i've been turned down in los where there weren't clear circumstances (a steady boyfriend, already barfined, on the rag, etc.) but even so -- it's not like i went begging any of those times either, as there were readily available alternatives.

personally, i don't see how managing to get a woman who makes her living as a sex worker to go with you for free or paying x as opposed to y is really that much of a thing. if you're paying in the general market range, then you're getting what you want and she's getting what she wants -- pretty much the right equation, in my book. the going rate in los is simply not that much money in any event. i see utterly no victory in getting it for free from a sex worker -- to me that's all about ego, and simply means she's going to have to spend more time with some other farangs so she can generate her income. if it's someone i'm having a good time with, why should i want to add that issue to the equation as opposed to just paying a fair rate and having her full attention? i'd rather be saying, look, i'm going to be fair with you, and in return i expect your attentions, and that's an equation -- short or long term -- that's always worked well for me.

money does talk, but there are other things making noise as well. naturally, tgs are also going to want to feel safe, feel they're going to be going off to someplace with someone who's jai dee, potentially a return customer, etc. if a tg thinks you're a young guy who might take her away to wherever, well, naturally that's going to come into the equation, as there aren't too many working girls who don't dream on some level of getting the brass ring. but the brass ring still is to be taken care of, so whether she's hitting you up for money now or expecting you to support her family forever is rather an issue of degree. personally, i'd rather just pay my 1000baht and not worry about the water buffalo, the mother who needs an operation, the sick kid, and the cousin who's been in a terrible accident.

at any rate, this whole discussion belongs in the "thai women" section -- pazuzu, the scene is still the scene, and there is no shortage of short-time or blowjob bars. the crackdown of a couple years ago was mostly about getting bars to shut down on time, stop employing **** workers, make a token effort on drugs, and to tone it down a little bit. the current one seems to be mostly more of the same. it sure as heck didn't make anything disappear, other than a few farang owners.

08-31-03, 18:12
I haven't been to Pattaya since March or April, but plan to go back in a month or so. The whole Apec crackdown has me worried, not because I think it will affect the bars much, but because my favorite aspect of Pattaya are the Beach Road freelancers. Are they still going strong? Or if not, any suggestions of any bars/streets where one can find three-holers? I have had better luck finding that with freelancers there in the past.

08-31-03, 21:58

About 4 years ago many bars closed in Pattaya, only to be replaced by many more!
And whether you live in $- or in €-land doesn't matter: things are cheaper now than on your last visit.
So, don't worry.
Come to Thailand and enjoy!

09-02-03, 09:51
Originally posted by Opebo
.. The whole Apec crackdown has me worried, not because I think it will affect the bars much, but because my favorite aspect of Pattaya are the Beach Road freelancers. Are they still going strong?

Beach Road is still going strong with many great girls. If the police turn up the heat look for the Beach Road girls to move into the malls and ther stores around the area.

09-02-03, 15:51
Let me share with you a gem from my trip so far (ten minutes ago): "Remember me? I was holding your cock in the bathroom."
Mistys A-gogo
I love this country.

Pattaya Bound
09-02-03, 17:54
Point taken, I am always willing to listen and be corrected.

I agree that squabbling over how much you pay is pretty pointless, its always next to nothing, and who cares if you are fat, thin, ugly or just a sex mad farang. I'm sure we all go there for a good holiday, not to prove anything. It was purely an observation I made, anyway let sleeping dogs lie. As I have said before I am fairly new to all this, is it true that there is a bar where you can flop your cock out whilst stood at a bar and get a bj, if so what is the name of it, and more importantly how do you know who is performing on you?

Jaimito Cartero
09-04-03, 06:55
Howdy folks! I'm off to Pattaya today, for 5 days or so of fun. I'm going the semi-Skinless route by taking the bus from BKK, and staying at the Apex in Pattaya. Now I know that the Apex is NOT 200 baht a night, so it's not a real Skinless adventure.

If anyone is around there now, come by and look me up. If you see a HUGE guy, with nice new Thai made shirts that actually fit, it's probably me! I'll probably only check in here once or twice while I'm there.


Jaimito Cartero
09-04-03, 07:00
PB - I think there are some places on Soi Post office if I recall correctly. I went to one place that had a communal upstairs room that could service a number of folks at once. I was the only one there though.

In BKK, Star of Light has nice bar stools with a curtained opening that girl can poke her little head (or your little head) through. I'm not that comfortable in a sitting position, so I opted for the little room they have.

I always check out the whole package before I let them touch mine. If they don't want to show and tell, I'll choose someone else. It's never been a problem so far.

09-04-03, 15:46
Jaimito Cartero, Pattaya Bound

There is a BJ bar at the SecondRoad end of SoiPostOffice, chose the girl downstairs, take her upstairs and let her do her thing.
Personally I like to see the wide open eyes when choking time is there:), so no under the bar sucking for me.
Last quote I got, in July, was B340 for a good cleaning.

Jaimito Cartero,

You have mail!

Jaimito Cartero
09-04-03, 19:38
Hey, Freeler, sorry for confusing you with Skinless (I think). It's the heat here. Yeah, that's it. :)

The last time I was here, I tried a BJ bar, but the girl jacked up the price without rubber. It's the only place in Thailand I had that happen to (well, a working girl place, anyway). I won't even get into Taxi's and such! I think they must be charging me by the pound!

09-14-03, 01:23
I'll be in Pattya Oct 13-19. Probably stay at Dolpin lodge. This is going to be a very serious mongering adventure, next trip may not be until next March!

09-14-03, 01:27
My cherry trip to Thailand consisted of four nights in Pattaya. I went there from Angeles City, Philippines as a side trip. Got most of my information on the FLB site. I went with a very good buddy, RW.

Ok, as soon as we got to Manila airport we were both laughing our asses off . I swear that neither of us have ever looked forward to something more since we were kids on Xmas eve. We had been to Phils many times as well as other destinations, but Thailand was the ultimate. We get in the taxi in Bangkok and head for Pattaya.

The taxi driver soon became our very good friend. He said that he is finished with work after our fare and would be happy to take us anywhere we like in Pattaya . We asked how much for this service and he said it was up to us.

We check in at the Penthouse Hotel. Then back in the taxi and told him to take us to a soapy! I had been dreaming of soapies for a few years by now. I forget the name of the place, but it is one of the big ones. I got two girls. Of course they were both very pretty. Well, I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time. Most would swear that a 12 year old boy was in the room instead of a world class monger. The soapy went just as I had expected. Bath, mat, mattress. The girls didn’t speak much English so I couldn’t explain why I was giggling so much. Overall, a good first experience. My buddy’s session did not go as well. He explained that it was mechanical?

The taxi driver was waiting for us when we finished. I made a note that we were not over charged by taking the taxi there. He parked a ways down the street. I was hungry as hell by this point. I had heard of hands free restaurants in Thailand and told the driver what I wanted. Ended up in a karaoke bar about half way between our hotel and the soapy. Not at all what I expected, but the girls did feed me. This was basically a total waste of time. I was starving and I’m a big guy . I had to order four times to get full. We probably spent two hours here. My buddy was having a good time, and since his birthday was only hours away I made sure to let him have things his way.

After the deafening karaoke bar, the driver wanted to help us find some girls for the night. Well we both knew better, but we decided to see what he had in mind. Ended up going to more fucking karaoke bars. At one point, just after midnight, he sang happy birthday to my buddy at a karaoke bar. Apparently his relations own a few. Every place we hit had the ugliest girls. Reminded me of Tijuana’s Revolution bars. Yuck. Finally I had enough and told the driver to take us back to the hotel. At this point, his cousin’s brother’s sister’s in-law(?) was in the front passenger seat. The driver seem genuinely concerned for our fun and tried to get us to go to more karaoke bars. I insisted at this point to return us to the hotel. The drive back to the hotel was a trip and a half. Nothing at all looked familiar. Seemed like we were driving in the jungle or something. My buddy and I exchanged some glances. Us in the back seat had the front seat by at least a hundred solid pounds, but… I started humming the song from the movie Deliverance.

Well, nothing eventful happened. Five minutes later we were outside our hotel again. We tipped the driver well and he gave us his card. All and all, not the worst four hours I spent. Most of you reading this know that the Penthouse Hotel is right in the middle of everything. We ended up at the bear bars on beach road. I barfined two cuties and my buddy got one. My room was one of the top rooms, Jacuzzi, two stages, swing, ect. Had a great time of course all night long. Next day my girls got our sim card for our phones. We hooked up with MalibogMark and he schooled us on the foot massages.

The rest of the trip was terrific for me. My buddy got a sinus infection our last night and was out of it for the last 24. I only had 7 more barfines and two more soapies, but they were all top quality. I found the Thai girls were just as GFE as the Phils girls, with the exception of the soapies. We did get confused as hell at some of the gogo bar’s barfine pricing structure, but we managed.

Now for the minuses as far as comparisons. My biggest ***** is the girls mostly don’t like pics taken. The language barrier is huge. My favorite girl from the whole trip almost was lost and forgotten. I barfined her from a bear bar, Billion Beer? I will say I did fall in love with her, ok, as much as I could in 15 hours. We wanted to go to the movies at the mall. She said taking the scooters would be the cheapest and fastest. Well, my driver could not understand at all what I was saying and I didn’t know the area well. I ended up at the wrong mall, TWICE! I finally went back to her bar and told mommy what happened. This took about twenty minutes. She called her cell and a few minutes later we were reunited and had the best of times for the rest of the day and night. I didn’t have a chance, or I just didn’t want to ruin it. But at 4am I told her I needed to pack and go to the airport. She told me she was 19, but cried like a two year old until I bid her good bye at the front desk. Don’t worry, I got her cell number and will make every attempt to contact her next month. Wait, some of you might think I was joking when I said I fell in love?

As can be seen, not a lot of cons in Pattaya. Now for the pros. Thailand is clean!!! Even the short time hotels from the beer bars were better than I was used to in my mongering experience. I love the food. Now for the best of the best, of course in my humble opinion. The regular massages!!! I had at least three two hour massages a day. Even had one girl come to my room the last two nights after she got off work. I was just chatting with a fellow monger buddy in Mexico about how I haven’t gotten laid since I got back from Phils two weeks ago. I just realized this today. Maybe I’m getting old (38), but I am looking forward to the massages more than anything else. And if they close the soapies… …Ok, I am not a world power, but someone will pay for this!

I want to throw one more episode in . I went to a beer bar on soi 6 or 7 maybe. Well the girls were eating outside. It was more than obvious to the girls which one caught my eye. We went inside for a drink. By this time MalibogMark had clued me into what these bars are all about. Cut to the chase, we went to the short time hotel, showered, then in the bed. We did kiss a little, but not much. I chew tobacco at times so I didn’t French kiss her up to this point. When she went down on me I let out a scream that reminded me of the movie Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, the new one. My dick burned like I had never felt in my life. I felt it to my kidneys. My first thought was that she had a razor blade in her mouth or something. I grabbed her hair to stop her. She looked scared. I forced her face to mine (no chew in my mouth now) and French kissed her. Ok, my tongue started burning. Come to find out, she ate so much spicy , and I mean SPICEY food before that the residual burnt my dick. We took a shower together and she held me like a child while I held mister happy. An hour later we had incredible sex. She was a little older, maybe 25, but she knew what she was doing.

One other memorable experience. Barfined a cutie from I think Lipstick? We went to dinner, a few bar hops, and an hour in my room making out. She gets a call on her cell. Her sister is wondering where she is. We haven’t made boom boom yet. She told me that she needed to be home in an hour or she would get beaten by her father. She told me that her parents do not know she recently took up work as a *****. I am very experienced at this sort of shit, and I will defend her that she was telling me the truth. I told her that if she has to leave before morning, NO TIP. She was in tears moments later and several phone calls, some I even spoke to her sister. She finally left without any boom boom and I didn’t return to her bar.

One more… The girl I actually took out on a decent date. It was her, my buddy , and I. We went down walking street and ate a couple surf and turfs each. I tried to take some pics, and she said she was going to tell mommy over some pussy shots. Hmmm, never heard that line before. Thai girls in general are more shy than Phils girl???

The night of my return to PI was as eventful as they come. Ended up ringing the bell at Flamingo and the daddy in charge actually didn’t let me ring it again when I tried. Fell out of a trike, pissed off my buddy, pissed off big time my PI steady, got banned from a bar that I can’t remember, barfined two girls for 5 days that I didn’t even fuck ever, and still finding out things to this day.

Overall, I love Thailand. I will be there next month, 13-19. Thinking now of staying at Flipper Lodge, unless someone has a better suggestion. This trip, I will be on a big time budget. Period. No more than $300/day! All you Vegas mongers, mongering1@yahoo.com.


Joe Zop
09-14-03, 01:47
Great report, mongering1, thanks! I'm right with you on the regular massages (very possibly the thing I miss most about LOS, which surprises me) and I've also had the "spicy food afterglow" bj, which is a very interesting experience.

09-14-03, 02:08
"spicy food afterglow"
Hahaha! I was crying like a little boy! I swear the tears were flowing big time. The only other time in my life I had pain like that was when my second ex went down on me after a shot of tequilla, but that lasted only a couple minutes.

09-14-03, 07:01

Great report.
Your best observation: Thailand is clean.
I can't believe you let a girl you barfined (B1,500?) walk out the door without a massive bonk AND a load of pix!

09-14-03, 07:34
Barfine B 1,500 theenai krub ???

I think it is just B 600 isn't it?

I took girl from Lipstick one day in afternoon for a total B 1,100 including bar fine. Went to her room nearby & bang her. Girl was good.


09-14-03, 07:41
This Saturday went to Pattaya on evening walk.

Saw many arabs now a days. Few are having stunning girls with them. Not normal Pattaya girls. From where they get tall full body thai girls? any idea?

Visted Polo. Now serves are boys & the serve before are now stage artiste. Many girls & many look like kids. Now after each 1 or 2 dance item they have small show of all girls. You can ask girl to come & sit with you. Side line girls are missing. May be now you can bar fine girls like other Go Gos. Didn't check as no time.

Looks like Pattaya has survived now SARS & coming to life back.

enjoy . . . .

09-14-03, 09:14
Sawadee khab Khun Khun,

I already added up the bf+the payment for the girl... And I was just guessing that Mongering1 spends a little more than you and I - combined!:D

09-14-03, 17:37

I only paid the barfine, 600b and bought her dinner. I was thinking about another girl when this was going on. I walked her out of the hotel and went straight to the beer bar and did a repeat with my first one there. I was only there for four nights, didn't want to waste a load on one that might not be up to par. I will add this, I had fun the entire time in Pattaya. The worst part of the trip was the taxi ride back to the airport, just because we were leaving.


27 days...

Atlanta Monger
09-15-03, 08:33

Thanks for the great report - I was literally lol and nearly scared the poor cat to death during the spicy bj part!

I'll be heading that way in late December, and also plan to stay at the Penthouse with Jacuzzi, swings, etc. I'm also giving consideration to using the hotel's Champaign Service (limo, champaign and 2 kitten girls, 11k baht) from the Bangkok airport. Any feedback on this from anybody (is bonking allowed in the limo, avg. looks of a Kitten girl, etc.)?

Is your decision to switch to Flipper next trip merely an economic one, or do you not recommend the Penthouse for other reasons?

I think I'll stay out of the karaoke bars, regardless. :o)


09-15-03, 17:21

As far as the champagne service, for a two hour ride, the price is not worth it. I have seen reports of the service and no one mentioned getting a big thrill on the ride.

The reason to move to the Dolphin Lodge is to at least check out other hotels. It has everything I need there. The Penthouse was great, no complaints, but the prices were about twice of other hotels.


09-16-03, 19:47
I am a new member and this is my first report. I have looked at this site a few times and used some of the helpful information, so I thought I would contribute this report in an attempt to help others. I have just returned from a great trip to Pattaya and Koh Chang. Many words have been written about Pattaya so I will restrict my words and hints to the relatively new people like myself.

During the off season, there is no need to book accommodation before you arrive. In fact if you can get a reasonable flight deal it will be advantageous not to. However if you plan on travelling around Christmas or New Year, having some idea of availability would be recommended.

I arrived at BKK airport and got the 19:00 bus to Pattaya for 300 baht. If you can get a taxi for around 800 then a taxi is probably a better bet. The bus took over 3.5 hours which after a long flight was too long !.

Arrived in Pattaya and found a great hotel on Soi 7 – Flipper house. Negotiated a rate of 600b per night for an air-con room (even though I was checking in at nearly midnight). This hotel is in the centre of the beer bar scene down this end of beach road. Not so good if you want to be on walking street but it is only a 10b baht bus ride away. The hotel was clean with a large room with TV which was serviced every day. No charge to get a girl in and the girl must leave her ID card with the security guards (who are actually good guys if you take the time to talk to them).

I’m sure Pattaya is busier in “high” season but I found sufficient choice & variety to meet my needs. The girls explained many of the subtleties of Pattaya’s bars which I personally found more entertaining than the Gogo’s. There are girls who work for the bar and those who freelance (i.e. hang out in several bars). The freelance girls don’t do any of the bar work but don’t get any “salary” from the bar. If you meet these girls in a bar you still have to pay a bar fine but this is lower than the bar fine for the “bar girls”. The bar takes 50% and the freelancer gets 50%. In general the bar fine for a freelancer was 200b and some of the bargirls 300b (but I found this to be a bit negotiable). Catching up with a freelancer as she changed bars or making a private arrangement eliminated the bar fine.

I found that none of the girls talked money after quoting the bar fine and if you treated them to a good night out (nice meal, dancing / live music and were interested in them and respected them) you would get great sex sometimes for nothing. Often the price was “up to you”. One girl was happy to say nothing so long as I took her out the following night.

Everyone will have their favourite bars here are 3 of mine on Soi 7 (why walk far when you don’t have to):

For a no hassle fun bar with some great (stunning) freelancers passing through EM bar on the corner of Soi7 & beach road. I can personally recommend Nat & Song (two freelancers who pass through from time to time).

On Soi 7 I spent some great afternoons playing pool in the tiger tattoo bar which has a couple of cuties.

This is probably enough about Pattaya.

Just down the coast (1 day mini bus) is the Island of Koh Chang. I stayed on the beach in White Sands which now as 3 or 4 Pattaya style bars. The selection was OK, I was never left with a choice from which I didn’t like anyone and I’m sure more girls will arrive for peak season. I liked Koh Chang because I could dive and trek and be active during the day and them pick up a nice lady for my evenings entertainment !. The deal with the girls in Koh Chang is the same as Pattaya – bar fine plus “up to you” and the happiness with the “up to you” amount depended on the value and how well you treated her. As a guide I tried to treat them well and then gave them around 500b. There was one exception who deserved & got more !!.

If you visit Koh Chang I would recommend getting to the bars about 20:00 (early) to get the best selection of girls if you wait until 22:00 you will be too late. !!!

In summary – I cannot wait until next time – I will return to sample the delights (maybe even some of the same delights) of Pattaya & Koh Chang again.

09-16-03, 23:32
To Summiteer:

Thank you for an excellent report. Sounds like you had a great time, treated the ladies with respect and had the courtesy to share it with all of us.

This forum needs more members like you and your style of reporting. You have inspired me to return to LOS ASAP.


Thumbs Up
09-17-03, 10:55

Good report. Was the rate (600 baht) you received at the Flipper House an all inclusive rate? I mean did you have to pay any additional taxes and charges? Also, did you have to stay multiple nights to get that rate and with that rate was a "free" breakfast included? Finally, how would you rate the quality of the accomodations on a scale of 1 to 10?

09-17-03, 15:31

Good report.

I have stayed at the Flipper and it is good value, security guards very friendly.

Only problem is after you take a girl from the beer bars around the hotel they don't like to see you bringing a different girl. The only time I have seen these girls get a bit aggressive is when they see you butterfly.


The Traveler
09-17-03, 19:18

I will be in LOS (Pattaya) from 9/20 - 10/05.
Just let me know how to contact you so we can agree on were and when we should meet.

See ya soon

09-17-03, 19:20
To Thumbs Up & Jodomas

Firstly the Hotel questions. I stayed 7 nights and breakfast wasn't included but there were no hidden extras. It did take a bit of chatting up the receptionist who had to ask the duty manager I have could have the cheaper rate, but they knew many of the hotels around were only half full - Hooray for free market economics!

Jodomas - I agree with your comments about annoying the bars girls near by. There is some saying about not S***ting on you doorstep I this applies. On "butterfly" nights - I was honest with the girl and she agreed to join me in the hotel lobby so I didn't have to walk past the bars provoking "old friends" !! It worked a treat - "Old Friends" would still talk to be and have a drink with me.

My philosophy - Enjoy all - offend nobody and its happy days !!

09-18-03, 20:36
On the subject of "butterflies."

I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with this. It's an old subject, I know; and it seems so unfair. These girls go with different guys each week, but if they like you and catch you with another girl, then you are a Butterfly and she is unhappy.

I formed a very pleasant bond with a sweetheart of a girl from Living Dolls. We had a wonderful time together, she spent the night with me for the short time charge, came to the hotel to see my buddy and me off, bought us both refreshments and refused my money when I tried to reimburse her, etc. I think we really bonded. We email frequently, etc. So, that should be a good thing, right?

Now I am concerned that when I return to Pattaya, if she knows I am in town, it will hamper my ability to enjoy the variety of beauties that, in my book, only Pattaya can offer. Of course, I want to see her, but am concerned that she will want me to be exclusively hers. It seems that selecting other girls from Living Dolls (I really like that place) is now out of the question.

Any comments or suggestions?


09-18-03, 23:19
L Johnson,

I’ve bar fined a lot of girls out of Living Dolls over the last couple of years. On some trips I have had five girls from the club all of different nights. It is really an easy thing to do. First you need to be honest tell the girls up front that you are on vacation and you like to take many different girls. Don’t give the control over to the girl you are the one that is paying. You can have a special girl in the club and take others, the key is to pay attention to her when you came in the club, but if you want someone else tell your girl, asked her about the other girl, she may even help to set you up with the other girl.

You give her the choice know that you are taking other girls and accept it, and that you will also take her, or you move on. She will not lose the income coming from you, she will go along with it. She just doesn’t want to lose face in the club with her friends. But if you have not been in Living Dolls for a while many things have changed. Most of the hot girls are gone and the total number of girls is less than half of what was in the club six months ago.

The fact that she didn’t take money from you at the end was an investment on her part, besides she felt you had already paid her. I would tell her about your plans before you return to Pattaya, you don’t want her telling her friends that you are coming back just for her. Again it is about saving face on her part. Be honest and keep the control, you are the employer she is the employee, remember that and it will be fine.


09-19-03, 01:22
A Week in Pattaya, or Skip It and Go To Rio?

I would appreciate some advice, as I am a newbie when it comes to Thailand. I will have about 10 days to spend as I choose, and plan to do some mongering in October or November.

Although I have always wanted to go to Pattaya, it sounds like it has really gone downhill after the crackdown. If you had 10 days to spend as you choose, would you still spend them in Pattaya, or skip it and go to Rio in Brazil?

And what about the APEC summit from October 17 to 21? If Pattaya is still the destination of choice, would it make sense to wait until after the summit? Or do you think that the APEC thing will have little or no effect on Pattaya?

The flight cost isn't really an issue in the decision, because I have tons of airmiles to spend as I please.

Your advice would be appreciated!


09-19-03, 02:06

I have been to both places and even with the current crackdown I would still go back to Thailand for several reasons. First the weather is better at that time of year in Thailand, and rainy season is over and not a lot of heat. It is still low seasons so the tourists are less and the fun is still in Thailand.

Rio was nice and the girls were great but Thailand is the whole package. I would go just after APEC and go to Pattaya, maybe spend the last couple of days in Bangkok but that would be it. Even if they closed the clubs and they will not, Pattaya still has the girls. What are they going to do close the malls, they can’t stop the girls from finding you?

On the cost side Pattaya wins, you will spend half of what you would spend in Rio. Don’t worry about crackdowns just go.


09-19-03, 05:03

Be honest, tell them it's today and then byebye. When you meet them in a bar, tell 'em is was a hard choice and that you liked that friend of her's - don't be specific! - a lot as well, and that you might have her tomorrow.
If you pick them up on the street, they'll understand, well they don't bother, or they don't speak English and never heard of 'butterflying'.
And let's face it: They want to fuck anybody who pays them. Why not fuck anybody who wants to get paid?
Quit butterflying, be a helicopter:D!

09-19-03, 05:09
Maybe is my favorite word in mongering! I start or end 90% of my sentences to bar girls with maybe. This from a well known spaceship!

Pattaya Bound
09-19-03, 17:15
I have just booked my next flight to Thailand for February. I would appreciate any info on how busy Pattaya is at that time of year, etc. etc.

I did not notice the members name who reccomended Bar Em on the corner of Soi Seven, but I had a good time in there also and would reccomend it. There were some tasty birds in here and also some mongers. I spent too much time drinking and missed the boat with one of the sexy ones. I would guess that they were freelance as they came and went as they pleased. One was short and sexy good body looks, no tits, sexy dresser. The other was flamboyant sexy dresser with good body, a bit too much make up.

Also does anyone know the email of the Grand Inn in Bangkok? Would be nice if anybody does.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

09-20-03, 00:52
The reason why the Thai sex-heaven is going down :
(my humble opinion.)

The purpose of this posting is not the degradation of women.

Fucking for cash might be the ultimate low for any ho. They love to say :

"No, of course I don't do that kind of thing." Just as most women would say.

Western women through the media and public education have been given great status and respect. What's more in fact they are often worshipped like goddesses.

How much is the price of a ho? And a goddess?

They do the same thing.
Except called by different names.

Individuals with mammaries and vaginas attached indeed do receive different treatment than those without. Can you argue?

Imagine, we are in business. Now, we have the merchandise, how much will we sell it for?

500 baht?
Or preferential goddess status, which includes a job, money, respect, smiles, favours and so on?

What do we want?
To sustain our status and in addition let's grow in influence, respect, power.

But look! Those bastard women (Thai, Filipina) are selling the same shit that we do except for one-tenth of the price or less. (And they look better than us too!)

That's no good for business! Fuck'em! We can do this now! Let's destroy their business so that ours may grow!

What's cancer and what's business? I grow my business and from my competitor's view that's cancer that needs to be cut out. From my point of view, his business is cancer that needs to be cut out. 'So, let's cut out the bastards that we may live.'

Who is right? Of course "I", "us".

If women's rights grow, men's rights erode and vice versa. Pick your winner.

A prostitute's life is not all that bad. She gets fun beyond measure. It's not just work in chains.

And a non-pro sex-provider (wife, girl-friend) 's life is not just freedom for ever and always.

I don't want bad for any of them. Just to clear up the issue.

To call them "professional sex-provider" (PSP) and "non-professional sex-provider" (NPSP) is much more appropriate.

After all sex is not just penetration. It's the companionship of another person who we feel sexy to be with. No matter how you call it.

The only significant difference is the price it sells for. And that's down to market-dynamics of demand/supply.

Did I imply that when you think you are getting it "free", actually you are paying more? Yes, I hope so. On the long term, definitely!

When you go for "free" sex, you are destroying the Industry.

Please don't kill the cow that feeds us all!

Think of all other men. Think of yourself when you will be 60 or 70! Who will you fuck then? A 60 year old 200 pound hag from the local singles' club?

Opt for paying cash and don't give them even more power. Please!


Over the centuries Thai men developed a fine system to keep their women under control.

Doing this for the benefit of all concerned: themselves, their families, their kids and for their country.

Who really wants a ho out of control? That would lead to all sorts of nastiness (see Western countries).

Can I just put this in context?

The (Thai) country's official religion is Buddhism. It is much more deeply rooted belief system then our "let'sgotochurchsunday" religion.

It is the state, the law, the people, the country itself. Thailand wouldn't be Thailand without buddhism.

Their number one saint is Buddha. A man who never married, never had girl-friends, yet is revered by all.

Other holy persons are also nearly exclusively men. Celibate monks and kings of old who have also lead respectable lives.

In fact the holy books of Thai Buddhism state that a woman is only an intermediary form of existence and must be reborn as a man to attain nirvana, enlightenment.

Women are considered spiritually more unclean than men.

You could have observed that women are barred from sitting next to a monk (a spiritually clean man) on the bus or even touching him or handing over an object directly to a monk.

Women are not allowed to enter temples when menstruating.

Where do we have these restrictions at home?

Women are also not eligible for free, religious education.

Furthermore, women are discouraged from wearing too revealing outfits in public places.

In fact they could get in trouble with the cops if they disobey this or they would become free targets for some grabbing, or comments.

All over Asia a single, uneducated woman stands on the lowest grade of social hierarchy. They get the lowest wages in any job, they have the least say in anything of importance.

Their only ways to step forward and gain some respect would be to gain education (usually barred) or to bond with a man, to marry and to have kids (of course male!).

If by any chance they lost their virginity then they are hopeless and can't even marry. So they just keep selling what they have (pussy).

This is all a well thought-out system that aims not to oppress women but to promote and support the country as a whole.

Because of all the stigmas there has always been a plentiful supply of cheap pussy in Thailand (and so in Korea, China, etc.).

If they think it's too hard, they can always reborn as men and enjoy the goodies. .. is the philosophy of asian men. After all we have been through it all, haven't we?

It's well known and thoroughly researched that 50% of ALL thai men regularly visit "knocking-shops" of some sort, at least once a month. (Some research say that 80%!) Most of these men are married! and do this with the knowledge of their wives. (In fact so did my grandpa back at home and every man in town.) This is not considered adultery for them.

Now, how does this compare with the "official western religion" of materialism stating that we all have evolved from frogs and monkeys and there is no such thing as spirit because we can't see that and everybody is equal because we are just meat anyway?

Also saying that it is okay for women to walk on the street near-naked, to sell pussy as long it's not for cash, they can vote, get equal pay plus all other privileges that men can't get.

It's a paradise for women!

So much more for an innocent little asian girl who comes over here to live. Have you noticed how much the change in a short time? They become rotten in a number of months.

Is this good for the country as a whole? Isn't western-society decaying away?

Does Thailand want this?

I am certain that they don't. Except they don't have much choice now.

Otherwise they can share the fate of Afganistan and Iraq, two of the last bastions of morality. They would be labelled terrorists or some other shit, everybody would hate them and they would be wiped out as a country.

Wouldn't you believe that Thailand was harboring terrorist elements and it must be occupied in order to save your life, your home, your dog? If it came at you day after day from the radio, television, newspapers? Of course you would. Everyone would.

Now, all these brainwashed, "woman-holified" western-educated men flock here and start spoiling these hos and treating them as equal. Aren't they happy?

In fact they are delighted. They love it. You can see the result. Meeting the average western dick-head every day they get brainwashed too and start to act like western women, which fucks the show up for everyone and ultimately will wipe the industry out.

I wouldn't say that there will be pussy for grabs in Thailand for ever. No. They will westernise, abandon their religion and pussy will be same as in Europe or America. Free!

Free pussy, yeah! Great. Except that when pussy is "free" it costs much more.

Don't give them more power won't you!

Everyone can help by not treating them 'like you are taught at home'. Treat them like Thai men do.

Surely, they have told you: "I no like Thai man. He beat me." Maybe she also shows you some wounds (that could have come from a motorcycle accident).

In fact they adore Thai men and their attitudes. Thai men mean Thailand to them and everything in it that they love. The little mistreatment they receive is just part of the overall experience and not a great problem. They think western men are suckers because they can't even control their own women.

One word of WARNING here: In Thailand the social hierarchy is as follows : Thai men
Thai women

Which means that you are the lowest in any argument of official kind. So even though thai men beat them, you are not allowed to. They will get you, if not really because they resent it but for the cash. But it doesn't mean that you have to be an angel either.

You have to decide where you want to go. And I am talking not only about Thailand but your own home as well.

What you want to do. Do you want pussy in ten, twenty years time? Where you go when Thailand shuts (plus all Asian countries) for pussy lovers.

Do you like power in women's hands? If not, then don't give them any. Do you like licking arse and shoes for seeing half a nipple?

(Forget about pussy, they don't sell that much for cash nowadays in the West).

Just be systematic in your actions how you treat them over there and back at home as well. You still have some control. Some...

If you think that women in the West don't have tis type of control then think again. After all the "Western Economic Miracle" has been built on the free spending 'liberated' hos. Observe any major shopping mall or centre. What shops are there: hairdresser next cosmetics next jewelery next beauty salon next fashion boutique next hairdresser next jewellery store, next....

Even if themselves don't have the power, it is of great economic interest to keep them liberated (and spending...) for those who have. Even if it comes at a cost...

Joe Zop
09-20-03, 01:08
Umm, any chance you could take that tome to the "Thai Women" section instead? I don't see a thing about Pattaya in there, and the good old "all women are wh**res and should be so treated" discussion is quite a departure from reports such as Summiteer's excellent one. Please don't misunderstand -- I'm not against having this discussion at all, but it's really not about Pattaya per se.

Joe Smuff
09-20-03, 11:14
Hi fellow-pussy-hunters ;-)

Have just returned from another memorable trip to Pattaya - 6 mostly fun-filled days in the sun. As promised to all who gave me tips before the trip here's my report.

Things didn't get off to the best of starts. The 2 plus hour ride from the airport to Pattaya seemed to take forever - man I wish they'd organise a short haul plane service especially as I didn't arrive till 10pm. After checking into the Roof Garden Inn (650B/night) I washed up and headed into the fun part of town for some chow and to check things out. I hadn't been there in years and it was great to see fewer tourists about - I knew that before arriving - yep the pussy to gringo ratio in the beer bars and on the street was something to savour... :)

Day 1 (actually Night 1)
It was Saturday night in full swing and I did the rounds of the Soi 8 beer bars before heading to walking street a little after midnite. The place was pumping and eventually I made my way to Marine disco to see if I could pick up a freelancer (why pay bar fines when you can get away with it?). It was like nothing had changed in 5 years - wall to wall pussy and ogling farangs. After one lap of the place I made eye contact with a very cute very very petite 5" babe (ie. a little short but just my type) with a tight little butt in a very short black seethrough fishnet dress (no, I'm not making that up) with a clearly visible g-string. I didn't need a second invitation.

Turns out she likes 'big man' (I'm 6'2"). When she told me her name was Sin I laughed and asked if she also had a 666 tattoed someplace on her (took me 5 minutes to explain that). After a little small talk she asks me how much I pay for 'boom-boom'. I said 1000B LT - she says she never goes for less than 1500B - I haggle her down to 1250B (we all need to do our bit to keep prices reasonable!). Turns out she's just arrived from Cambodia and looking to make some fast cash so she can go to cooking school (gotta give her marks for originality?? lol). Anyway, she then proceeds to bleed me for 500B in drinks and a meal outside and eventually my patience runs out - I pick her up and put her into a passing taxi-van and head back to the hotel.

Turns out she has no ID and the clerk starts making a fuss- but she has a mouth on her and just to shut her up he lets her in. She showers and things are going fine until she starts playing with my funstick. First she refuses to blow me saying she's not like thai girls?? then she starts to make a fuss about the size of my schlong - at maximum warp its about average in size but apparently that's a whole lot bigger than your regular cambodian number, giirth-wise anyway. I am not that easily dissuaded and I put on a rubber and straddle her on the bed, spread her legs and ease my knob in. She starts to make a fuss in cambodian (i presume) but she's damn tight so i go slow, but I can't seem to get more than halfway in. I get fed up with this and flip her over and enter her again. She then starts to slap at me - so I think if she likes it rough that's what I'll give her. I grab her wrists and pin down her arms and pump her tight little twat as hard as i can - all that stress from the long flight etc just unwinds into her. I get my shaft all the way in but the grip of her little pussy is still vicelike. This and the sight of that gorgeous slender body rippling under me are too much and pretty soon I blew my load and collapse on her.

I get up and get myself a Carlseberg ($1.50 can u believe that in a hotel minibar!?!) and kick back in bed to watch tv. I bar up after a while and pull the sheet of Sin for round #2. She is asleep and so after putting on another rubber I ease in the head of my shaft - she wakes up with a bit of a start and jumps out of bed with the sheet. Says she "no more boom-boom" for her. I remind her that she's on a LT deal and she tries to argue with me that we've already banged. I tell her I am paying her for a night of LT not a single shag. She says she wants to leave and has the cheek to ask for 1250B. I give her 500B as the price for ST and remind her that she'd already squeezed another 500B earlier. Its a crime to waste an erection when you've got a nice receptacle at hand but part of me is glad to be rid of her. I enjoyed her tight pussy and body but feel a bit irritated. It's 3am and I can't be bothered going out to look for a replacement so I call it a night and hope that the rest of the week picks up.

Didn't think it would take me this long to report on Day 1. Rest of the report to follow next weekend.



Rugger 123
09-21-03, 04:14
Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me of the action scene at Bangkok Airport?


09-21-03, 05:21
atta boy Joe Smuff,
hold your ground! Don't let these beeyatches roll you over like a meek little wimp. If only more mongers were like you, we wouldn't have this problem in the first place. Great job.

Jaimito Cartero
09-21-03, 05:48

i'd say you made a number of moderate errors and one huge one in your post.

honestly, it sounds like you raped her. i wasn't in the room, but holding her arms down when she was slapping you doesn't seem like consent to me.

they may be working girls, but if they don't want to do something, kick them the hell out. i had a couple of girls in bangkok who promised to "smoke" long time, and didn't deliver. i didn't force my dick down their throats, but just kicked them out.

unless they're your girlfriend, once you make a deal, get the hell out of there. no dinner, no drinks.

there are plenty of really nice girls in the beer bars for 600-1000 lt.

Joe Zop
09-21-03, 15:24
a couple of things. first, amen to jaimito's comment about just kicking them out -- what's so hard about that? just say, ok, you go right now. especially in pattaya, where you can't walk across the street without finding someone else, just get her on the road and avoid upcoming hassles. i've absolutely never had to get physical with any woman to get what i want, in thailand or anywhere else. prostitute or not, that's disrespectful bullshit at the very least least, and [CodeWord123] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord123) at worst. if she doesn't want to put out, then just put her out. that's no different from firing any vendor who doesn't come through.

second, a girl without id is always potential trouble, especially a freelancer. that's how you get drugged, ripped off, in disagreements, etc.

finally, surely i'm not the only monger who makes lube a standard part of his travelling kit! a small bottle of astroglide is what, two bucks? i just put it near the bed with the condoms, and apply liberally as needed. (you'd be surprised by the happy reactions of some tgs when they figure out what it's for.) if it's too tight to get in comfortably, apply some damn lube. small wonder this girl wasn't up for round two.

09-21-03, 22:09
No need to repost the same things again so enough to say I agree with Joe Zop post about how to treat the girls and lube being a needed part of your travel kit. One thing we need to remember is even if the girls lie to us and try to cheat us, we don't have to the same, just more on to the next one.

09-22-03, 02:50
Hey, guys:

The Thai girls are, as a group, the sweetest and most resilient (in more ways than one) ladies on the planet. I have found that if they displease me for any reason, getting angry is never the right reaction. I have had to be firm, but I've never had to raise my voice or get rough. It's just not worth it. We're supposed to be having a good time, right? I once had one ask for more money than we had agreed on. We went back and forth and I kept telling her we had a firm agreement and I would not pay more. I gave her the amount I knew we had agreed on, and I gave her an appropriate tip (a bit generous.) I gave her a little extra tip to help her save face and, let's face it guys, we're not talking about great sums of cash. Our disagreement amounted to around 20 USD and she had shown me a GREAT time.

I love these girls and they will love you if you keep things positive and upbeat, while still being firm and not letting them take undue advantage. But I'll let them get by with a little; after all, they let me get by with a lot, don't they?

Make it fun. We are not competing with them. We are enjoyng them.

Just my thoughts, for what it's worth.


09-22-03, 07:48
Joe Zopp,

I couldn't agree more about lube being a great thing to bring along. For commited barebackers like me its a must. Sure, most of the time the girls are very wet, but on the rare occasion one isn't, one definitely wants to avoid abrasions. Also, by always having a tube of K-Y along, I'm prepared in case I'm lucky enough to find my favorite - a three-holer. I have only ever found one girl in Thailand who could manage the back door with just saliva as a lube, so now I try to always come prepared.

The Traveler
09-22-03, 09:07
So Traveler is back in the Land of smiles.

This time I did two things I never did before. Rented a room beforehand and also agreed to meet a girl that I met on Yahoo chat. She claimed to be a student - wonder what she is studying, life, farangs ? - anyway, we exchanged photos and numbers and agreed to meet in Pattaya.
For all those guys who think it is a good idea to pick chics via the net, forget about it. I got hundreds of pics send to me, but only very few look close to good. Saw only 3 cute ones. Oy is one of those three. She kept sending me SMS and shortly arrived in Pattaya after me.
First we went out that night, had to do some serious shopping, needed some equipment like comdoms and KY. Had some food, played pool just to know each other and finally went back home.

We had a very nice shower together with a small handjob, went to bed and started to have great sex. She likes it hard and deep and so I did, but suddenly I saw something on the sheets.
"Specially for Tap, the series from my last trip continued." Her period which was overdue started due to the hard ramming. So I stopped immediately and we both took a shower.

The big Traveler wanted to stop, but the small one wasn't satisfied at that point of time. She immediately gave me a blow job which was quite good , but not good enough to get rid of the bad seeds. So I've told her that there are other ways to finish off. She suddenly realized that I was talking about greek style. She first denied, cause she did it once when drunk and it was hurting her. But Traveler had done his shopping and was fully equipped, told her to relax, which was hard for her at first. Was going very soft on her, did not rush her and finally, she started to like it.

From that day on we do only greek style - she still got her period - and nice BBBJ in combination with some kind of an oily. All my Nivea milk is already gone, after just 2 days.

Got to go to BKK tomorrow. She will come along, but I will come back alone. Keep you informed on my oncoming encouters.

BTW, Pattaya is still very calm compared to christmas time. Lots of chicks and less farangs. Second road still under construction and traffic still a prob, like always.

If anybody has a special request, let me know. I will try to get the info if possible.

Over and out.

09-22-03, 14:29
To Traveler:

Thank you for the excellent report. Way to make the best of what could have been an unpleasant situation!



09-23-03, 00:35
I will be there in less than 3 weeks. Can you check out the big soapies and see if they are business as usual. I haven't heard any first hand knowlege in a while.

09-23-03, 02:09

Is 6 days ago up to date enough? As of then it was business as always at the soapies in Pattaya. The number of girls seemed to be about the same too. So as far as the soapies in Pattaya, the cut down doesn't seemed to have hit them. Have fun in three weeks hope everything is the same then.


09-23-03, 05:29
Thank you. Now I can sleep a bit easier. I hope to be bringing a cherry boy with me and a soapie is mandatory!

Jaimito Cartero
09-23-03, 22:32
someone awhile back was asking about girls who were 'ejaculators' when they came. my favorite girl in pattaya (look under the picture section for kai - orn beer bar) was my first one ever.

now, i love daty, and i had a couple of pillows under her ass so my neck wouldn't cramp up on me too much. after about 30 minutes, she was so into it that i would have a hard time believing she was faking. but what do i know?

she was very wet, but nothing out of the ordinary. all of a sudden, she's shuddering, pressing my head into her pussy, and it feels like she's peeing into my mouth. now i'm not really into receiving rep002s, so i pulled back to check out what was happening. i tasted it, and while it was a tad salty, it wasn't [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109).

i kept diving in, and got another 4 or 5 waves of large amounts of liquid out of her. the first pillow under her was quite soaked. i asked her about it, and she said that it happened with her sometimes.

it was strange with her, because the next day i also ate her out, but that time she seemed much more aroused, and i really thought she was going to kill me with her legs wrapped around my head. she was screaming that time, but no mass amounts of liquid.

this girl had the best personality, and easiest to get along with of any girl i've met in thailand. i'm a really big guy, and when you sit down next to a girl, and her eyes go bug-eyed, and you can tell she's afraid of you, its disheartening sometimes.

this girls just seemed to love big guys, and it's always nice to be loved, right?

09-23-03, 22:47
JC: As a matter of interest and not to be a bigger asshole than I already am: but do you think the liquid was chlamydia discharge. Lots of Pattaya TGs have it and it is kinda salty. Though many of us like DATY, yet the high infection rates might suggest we should err on the side of caution. Last time I was there, my little Soi 7 bonk was emitting all kinds of strange liquids from her pussy.

09-24-03, 04:36
That was gross, but could very well be true.

A buddy of mine has a story. He went short time with a Filippina girl in Angeles City. She just started to suck him when she got a mouthfull of what she thought was cum. She said "You finish now?". I heard this story on the way to lunch, decided for beer instead.


Jaimito Cartero
09-24-03, 05:00
I'm pretty picky about eating out abroad... If it's not clean, I'm not going there.

She was plenty wet during the workout, tasted fine, totally great. Only after a good workout (at least 30 minutes, maybe 40), it was more like undamming a river that had been blocked. It came in waves over a 10 minute period or so.

And the top pillow was soaked by the end.

09-24-03, 05:04
Jaimito Cartero,

Last winter I had to dry the floor of my hotel in SiSaket after a session with the big **** lady from Utomphon Phisai. She is always pretty close to or reaching orgasm, but that time I had to use her towel - that's HER towel, Skinless - to dry off what she sprayed on.
I had a gushing lady too at Linda's Bar in HuaHin. She was a bit embarressed when it happened.
And of course in BlueHouseBeerBar in Pattaya, she doesn't work there anymore. I used to finish in her room, for her finale we retreated to the bathroom. Just to keep things tidy.
I like tidy.
And squirters:)!

09-24-03, 06:13
Had a good late sleep this morning. Needed it as I'm a bit run down from all the humping, drinking, and lack of sleep. Takes one a good 4-5 days to fully adjust to the climate and culture thing once here.

I'm at the internet cafe I think on soi 8. Just had breakfast/lunch, in-fact eating right now.

Earlier about 10 AM, got up, jumped in the pool for an early morning swim. Then headed down to the beach front boardwalk. Found a a freelancer and made arrangements for an hour from now. I had to eat first.

I must have saw a good dozen or so girls working the morning boardwalk area. That was the first time I have been down that way this early in the morning. Have any of you mongers been down the front walk area that early and noticed this many girls? I was surprised. Can't let the morning wood thing go to waste!

This girl is another young sweet thing. Shy, timid, smiled at her four times before shy came up and said hi! We are meeting back at my room in a few, for coffee!?!, whatever face saving excuse she needs is fine with me. I guarantee you her clothes are off in under 5 minutes!

I'm staying at the Sabai Lodge. For Pattaya I highly recommend. Nice location, very quiet, nice staff, good services. Rooms are fairly modern and clean. Setting me back 1150 baht per night, negotiated rate for a 7 day stay.


The Traveler
09-24-03, 09:35

Sexreview is right, it's business as usual at the three main soapies in Pattaya. Visited Sabailand, Sabairoom, and Sabai Dee, all three got quite enough girls to choose from. Opening times haven't changed too. Called my favorite from Sabailand and went in, but someone else just fined her for the next two weeks. But still enough other choices available.

If you want to know something more, let me know.

The Traveler
09-24-03, 10:19
Went to BKK yesterday to do some family business. Also got rid of my greek loving 20 yrs old student chick. Everything has to end sometimes.

Went shopping at Panthip Plaza and at night took a short look at Nana and finally moved to Soi Cowboy. Checked most of the bars but not much to my liking, seems that I am a bit too choosy again.
Then I went into Tilac. There she was, #28, 1,56m, 42 kg, slim body, small breasts. Only a 7.5 on my list regarding looks, but a 10++ regarding attitude. She got something that attracted me somehow. Was the only one who could really dance and knows how to move her body. Seems to like it too. Bought her a drink, talked to her for a while and then barfined her (500 baht). On the way home we had some food and I bought her a pair of jeans that she wanted. I think this was probably the best investment of my trip so far.

At the hotel the standard kissing, hugging and a nice shower together with a small BBBJ. Then onto the bed and here we go. She really couldn't get enough. Many gogo girls want you to get it done fast and wanna leave as fast as possible. Not her. Told me that I do meet her specs so she was really into it. We did it at least four times in a row before little traveler had to wave the white flag. The full program. Think she had studied the kamasutra before. BBBJ, handjob, riding, front, back, anal what ever you can think of. At the morning the same game. Did it twice, had a shower and when I dressed up, she asked me if I may have another half an hour or so just to do it again. So one more ride. At the end I felt really exhausted. She never mentioned any money durig the whole time. Gave her 2.000 and she was really worth every baht of it. She brought me to Ekkamai and gave me her cell phone number, just in case that I might need another good ride. Isn't she a darling ?

Will see what the night brings. Pattaya business is down a bit, would say at least 50-60% compared to March/April this year.
police enforces the closing times at 2am and is also very seriuos regarding traffic. Was fined for not wearing a helmet and not keeping my drivers license with me, cause I started to argue with the policemen. He was in a bad mood anyway. But at the police station they did not dare to charge me, because I was asking if a friend of mine - a high ranking police officer from chonburi - might be there. So it's still the old scheme. Relations and bribing.

Have fun

Pattaya Bound
09-24-03, 17:22
Hi there all,

Lots of shagging going down. Great stuff. I had a few TG`S cumming. You get more for youre money if you satisfy them definately. I had one girl bleed on me but it was from her arse while I was doing her, not good. I had this right horny bird got caught shagging her in the hotel, and done her in some bar in Soi Cowboy. I don't know the name but it had two floors the first floor had a couple of pool tables, and had a clear glass floor. Everyone went downstairs for the lesbi show, so grasped the oppurtunity and ragged her in the toilets after a decent bj.

l'd be greatly appreciated p.s any info prices really for fining soapie girls.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

09-24-03, 21:13
Whew, on a long run!

"It's 3Am and I just wanna do love to you" Is the theme of the day. About to bonk my third playmate in the past 14 hours, one i kicked out, so technically my second action of the day and night! My Thai lady friend is in the shower as I type this! I opted for separate showers as I was watching a news piece on the terror threat as perceived in Thailand. Turns out it is a very high threat right now for Bangkok and numerous other opportunist areas. I must have noticed 500 Arabs here in Pattaya this afternoon and evening. Not friendly to a blonde hair blue eye guy, such as myself.

The girl this morning from the boardwalk turned out to be par for the course. Played that shy routine with me. I hurried her up, laid her out on the bed and slammed her for a good 10 minutes paid her just 700 baht and booted her out! No BJ at all, even with a condom. Said she never do it and never will! So I made her pay by f*cking the living sh*t out of her! No, I did not force her or hold her down, but rammed her hard! I gave her no choice but to enjoy it by grinding on her G spot for over 5 minutes until I knew she was into it! Picked up another hickey too, I have five of them now.

Spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool, got a tad bit sunburned. This evening cruised the boardwalk area, picked up another cute young freelancer. About 50-80 of the sprawled out down there after 6 PM or so! Another non BJ girl, paid her 200 baht and asked her to leave, no service. Now this lady, in my shower right now, is 34, guarantees me a long slow BJ with riming! She better put out as advertised! Well, she's about out of the shower, just heard the water turn off. Agreed on 800 baht for her to mouth sex me anyway i like it! I was extremely upfront about this after my last two dates. I love getting a BBBJ and she indicated she loves to give them. Speaks fair english, so no BS anticipated as i explanined in great detail what i want!

Overall no complaints, again unlike the GP in Bangkok, I highly recommend the Sabai Lodge, for Pattaya, it's great. Very well located, excellent service, nice people around here. Within walking distance to many of the clubs, discos and markets.


Jaimito Cartero
09-24-03, 23:52
GT - The normal pricing for beach girls (which is what I assume you mean by boardwalk) is 300 baht ST.

I had one for 200 baht ST (which turned into a 400 baht LT), that was a tad crazy, but I'd talk with them a bit first. It wasn't too obvious to me until she got into my room and ranted an raved for an hour about some other girl who had ripped her off 6 months ago.

GT, I've only been to LOS twice, but I learned quickly to ask about "smoking". If you've been to Thailand so many times, why not make sure first?

I usually ask for "smoke long time", and then let them know that I expect 30 minutes minimum. Sure a girl every now and again can't do it for long (see my BKK post on the two I took and kicked out), but very few disappointments.

09-25-03, 08:14
I don't understand about the no bj. My only trip to Pattaya netted me girls that I actually had to interupt to get them to f*ck.


Malter Man
09-25-03, 09:17
GT, I do understand you, most Thai girls do try to evade bj's if possible, from my experience. However, you will find others who are more than willing to do it. Depends what girl you get. However, nothing to panick about. Just go out and get another girl. In a few days time you'll have quite a network of girls you have tried out and you'll know what they are up to in bed since you'll have tried them out. You can then choose according to what you feel like doing on that particular night. That's part of the excitement. Don't expect things to get as plain as a good old video game, you'll loose all the fun, of a helluva nice juicy fuck.

Better luck and happy mongering GT.

09-25-03, 09:49
Attn GettingTang:

What were all those Arabs doing in Pattaya? When I was there last April I didn't see any around. Is it going to be safe to visit in October since they are having the big ACEP Summit in Bangkok? I'm blond and blue eyes and I don't want any trouble from those guys. I think Pattaya is one of the best places in the world to hang out and party.

09-25-03, 15:20

For the prices you paid you could have had a girl+room+full top class service in one of the Soi6 bars, like Ruby.
I never paid a BeachRoad girl more than B300 ST or B500 LT.

Jaimito Cartero,

I had one that was slighty crazy too, name Miau. She was a far more than average lay, but then she started bitchin'.
I kindly showed her the door.

09-25-03, 16:10
G T,

I had originally logged onto this site to see if My favorite stomping grounds had been ruined since my last visit in 2001 by folks from the U.S. (mainly) grossly over-paying the little golden girls. This has become a major problem in Costa Rica, Mexico, ect. where it is now $75-100 U.S. to get layed short time!

I had my answer on the first page of todays forum. IT has begun, appairently. I Guess that it is un-avoidable in the long run, but I am kinda hoping that at least we could all make a concerted effort to slow this process down huh? It would be our patriotic duty gt, can we count on you? $20 US dollars for a s.t. BJ? Why don't you just stay here in the USA? That is the same price we pay here? Come on guys S.E. Asia is the last place on planet earth we have that still offers lots of great deals for the savy shopper. Lets preserve it. huh? There are 1000 girls on beach road/ walking street as we speak who will go home with you all night for B500-700, B200-300 S.T.

Jaimito Cartero
09-25-03, 17:44
Here's the semi-crazy beach girl I picked up for 200b ST, and kept for 400b LT. Question: why did I keep her LT? It was late, and she kept pestering me for LT. Stupid, of course.

09-26-03, 21:32
Well, I have decided to let my batteries recharge for about 12-14 hours. The last time I got my rocks off very little spooge came out. The little Thai lady I was with, thought she did something wrong and I was not pleased :) Little did she know over the past 4 days I have gotten my rocks off 13 times and there was just not enough sperm for her mouth!

It's been a fun run, as always. To those bitching at me for over paying the beach girls, I disagree. I have paid 600-1000 baht for my choice of ST or LT, they usually let me decide. You must remember, I'm quite the patient monger and choose the best freelancer I can find. And for crying out loud, were talking about $12-$20 here, for some of the best sexual experiences allowable on planet earth! Lets keep it real. I don't think I would want some 200-300 baht girl judging from some of the photos I have seen indicating what you get for that price. I would much rather fork out a whole whopping $3-$10 more and get some young fresh meat!

This being about my 11th trip to Pattaya and more then that to Bangkok, I can surly say, that ratio of Farangs to girls has never been better. There are by far too many girls to choose from. Every cafe, bar, shopping center, market place, massage parlor, restaurant, boardwalk, beach, sidewalk, is full of girls willing to give it up for under $20!!! They are everywhere! More then I have ever noticed in the past. This could be due to my expierence in finding them. On my first few trips, bar girls were all i found. Now I realize, almost ever young thing you see in Pattaya can be had!

I decided not to take anything home tonight, as my main vain is drained and my balls are acking! For real, they hurt. Also, got a bit of an upset stomach for all the cheap spicy food I have been eating. Weather has been fair, but thunder storms are passing through one after another, but still manages a few clearing moments during the afternoon for pool duty.

Got some good shopping in on this trip. Had a new custom fitted suit made for $76 US. Very pleased with it. Picked up some disks loaded with hundreds of MP3 files loaded on it. Found a wild Thai dude who will burn most any file you want, crams a good 60-80 songs on a CD of your choice for $12 per CD!!! I have a good 1200 songs done in MP3 form all for a deal I made of $110 US. this guy guarantees all his files and told me if any are bad he will fix them. No worries about downloading anymore!

Found a few nice massage parlors offering a hell of a good massage (legitimate) for $8 US! Got a two hour massage yesterday for $12 US, best massage ever, I almost was comatose after she was done. Overall the trip has been great, same problems as usual, too many girls, too little time! I have two more days left and plan to burn the candle at both ends before heading back to Bangkok for a day and then back to the states. Made arrangements with the virgin girl once back to Bangkok! Get this, I talked to her sister on the phone and her sister tells me she is in love with me and has not been working since she met me! Said she is waiting for me! Oh boy, could get scary! well gonna catch a few ZZs and then hit it hard later this morning and all day.

PS. One thing I have noticed on this trip, perhaps due to my experience from being here so many times, is the ease a morning or early afternoon date can be had. Seems to be lots more girls out in the afternoons and even morning walking around looking for Farangs. It's GREAT! I love morning pussy, just after I have taken my shower and had a good strong cup of coffee. I have found a good 40-80 girls to choose from between 8 AM and noon at the beach area, each morning I have been here. I never noticed that much action before on other trips. I'm telling ya, they are everywhere!


Jaimito Cartero
09-26-03, 22:53
GT - I know you're rich, but you simply must stop overpaying. Sure the girls are happy with you, but it ruins it for the rest of us.

How I prefer to do it, is to pay for excellent service. For freelancers in BKK, I would negotiate a 600 baht price for ST. I'd tell them that if they did very good, they'd get a tip. I never had bad service doing it this way.

I had some very cute girls from the beach. However, they didn't like pictures, so no posting here. They would ask for 500, but I never had one turn down 300 baht. Freeler helped with a lot of the info on the beach girls!

I guess now I know why the girls come at falangs with the crazy 2000 baht prices. Every now and again they'll find a stupid falang to pay it.

Wow, only $12 for a CD with 60-80 songs? Wow, where do I sign up? You can get any of these in Pattaya for $2 or $2.25 each. I got 2500 songs (and another 200 that were bad, and wouldn't load) for $33. This was with no bargaining.

And if you believe the virgin story, I've got a bridge that I think you'd be interested in. From my own experience and reading here, instead of Thai people thinking you are generous for paying double or triple, they'll think you're stupid.

At least you're having fun. You've managed a lot more than me. Once a day was always good for me. I take it a little more leisurely.

09-27-03, 00:29
One can't argue with keeping the prices down. Us paying $300+ in the States and Canada is just ridiculous.

But if the girl is that much better loking and better in service, then another 6-8 bucks may be OK.

Now, can one go to any places where girls are just that much better (looks/service)? Where?

I got the info an BKK hotels.
Where in Pattaya can one stay for 2-3 days in a nice hotel with amenities, near action?

09-27-03, 04:29
Vegas Mongers,

Meeting at Sunset Station in the dining area to the left as your facing Sabaro's Pizza by the theaters at noon this Sunday. Email for further details.

09-27-03, 07:59
Getting Tang,

I don't know what you do for a living, but you could be a government spokesman!
You seem to able to twist and change history without blinkin' an eye.
Not that long ago you couldn't tell a streetwalker from a palmtree and now you are the grandmaster?
Just a couple of weeks ago you begged for daytime mongering tips and now it's all
"due to my experience from being here so many times, is the ease a morning or early afternoon date can be had."

The thing that will help you finally understand Thai prices is talking in Thai money: Baht, not your money: Dollars.
You gladly pay B500 were B80-100, like Jaimito Cartero said, is the price. And you do that time and time again.


"Where in Pattaya can one stay for 2-3 days in a nice hotel with amenities, near action?"
But Sois 7&8 are still my favourites.
The map in the attachment:
X = buses for and from BKK (Ekamai, airport and Morchit2)
TL=Thai Limousine Service
M = Welcome to Pattaya monument from an earlier post
The numbers represent bars, hotels and restaurants. Multiply what you see on the map by ten, and you're still short of the real number...

Hope this helps

Jaimito Cartero
09-27-03, 08:36
Freeler, that's a great map. Is it in the FAQ section? If not, it should be.

09-27-03, 08:38
Always defending myself.
One has to believe it was my statement based a while back on the better service good looking and younger dudes "MIGHT" get from TGs, versus, older, middle aged, overweight guys! Notice I used the term "MIGHT" as this topic is open for much debate and many opinions, as it should be.

1. Yes I paid an absolute premium for my mp3 files. Why? As if I should have to defend myself I will. The dude who made my mp3 Cds is simply the best. He meets you at your hotel (has to verify where you stay) with a late model laptop. On this laptop he has a program listing almost every song ever recording in US history. From AC/DC, Abba to Yani and Zeppelin. All catagorized and in order. He shows you how the program works on his computer. He then leaves you his nice $1500 laptop for a day or even overnight if you need it! You use it at your convenience and go through the thousands of listings he has and mark a little "X" in the box nex to the songs you want. You then go through a list of just the songs you picked and order them by category, or in whatever order you want them to play in! These are not the files themsevles, but just an order and placement list. He then makes the Cds however you ordered them and brings them to you a few hours later. His mp3 files have no scratches, screaches and have all been digitally buffed to perfection! They are as good as any CD I have heard! They all play at the same sound level and play in the full term of the song. They play without a glitch and play in the exact order I want them to play in! Worth $110 US for over 1200 songs, that all work and play in the order I want them too play in.

As for what I pay, or don't pay for the girls. Really it's my business! I come to Thailand for more then just treating the girls like a F*ucking machine. I actually like some of their company, some of the time. Yes, the sex is the main reason, but if I like the girl, I'll give her more and don't mind doing it! When I select a freelancer, I go for the best I can find at that given time! None of the photos I have seen from certain individuals would even come somewhat close to my standards of what I choose! A difference of $5-$10 for a nice girl with a nice body and some spirit to her is much better then getting my rocks off on something I should cover with a paper bag! PERIOD! And contrary to what freeler and other might lead you to believe in this forum, most guys feel the same way!

The male body will only produce so much sperm and semen over it's lifetime! Why not use it with someone worth while and get some enjoyment out of it. The memories alone are worth far more then saving a fricken $5 bill! IMHO!

My point on finding the Freelancers was, on my prior trips, I used to walk the walking area, beach front areas during the day and morning. I would see a few girls out at that time and that was it, mostl old hags left over from the night before. Now I see them by the dozens, many are VERY attractive young girls. Something has forced this change in my opinion. I don't know what it is, but it's good for all of us. This was my point!


Jaimito Cartero
09-27-03, 08:41
Freeler - You're right about GT. Something doesn't quite make sense. Heck, even before WSG, I could tell you a lot about places I have been more than 3 times. And for the amount of trips he says he's made, it just doesn't add up.

On the internet you can be anyone. Some people need to "blow" themselves up. I'd guess he's between 19-25 and just getting his first taste of incredible trim.

If I didn't know better, I'd say it was his first trip. I know I was a dumb newbie in Thailand 5 months ago. You learn quick though, if you pay attention.

Jaimito Cartero
09-27-03, 08:51
I had one weird thing happen the second night I was the Orn Beer bar in Pattaya. There was a falang that kept trying to get girls to come to his table, but they all refused.

I asked Kai about it, and she said, "He ding-dong". I asked for clarification, and she said he was drunk, and being an a-hole. This was the first time I had seen a falang acting so bad that girls wouldn't even talk to him.

It's amazing that people will go so far to act so stupidly. Hopefully this person isn't a WSG member, as I hope we get a higher class of person.

09-27-03, 11:37
I haven't posted in awhile since getting a Thai girlfriend. A few months ago she strayed a little and that gave me license to do someone other than her which I hadn't done since hooking up with her.

You've all heard the line Hello handsome man. Sometimes I'm starting to believe it. The last three days I got it for free. When I tried to pay her she gave me the money back. She's afraid I won't see her again if I have to pay her. She actually told me this and she's a babe. Excellent body but just ok face but great in the sack.

I've had several girls tell me money was optional. I haven't gone with any of them. I want to know if they want to get paid or not. I hate when a girl gets pissed because I try to pay them or get pissed because I don't pay them.

Pattaya has been fun but more than half of the girls I've gone with practically refused to leave my room the next day. How do you guys get the reluctant ones out of your room without a big scene? This crying crap gets old very fast.

I've seen some very nice looking girls along the beach road the last few days. Most are still hags but there are a few gems.

Marine Plaza disco (no not Marine Disco) is loaded with babes. It's mostly an arab hangout but the play hip hop music and it appears that's what most of the stunners I've met really like. Some won't even go with any of he arabs but still like that disco. When Marine Plaza closes, most people then go to Malee One disco. Some go to Malee Two but there they play techno and most girls don't like that.

Tony's disco is at best ok. Marine disco so-so. But you can find some babes at both but I've seen the best at Marine Plaza and Malee One. Marine Plaza don't open until 1am and don't really get going until about 2am.

I hope this helps some guys find some higher quality ladies.


The Traveler
09-27-03, 12:35
Back from Bangkok I was checking out the bar scene and avoided gogos like I have done the days before. Soi 6 seems to get more and more girls to choose from with a slightly increase in quality.
But nothing there for me, so I went on to soi 7 and 8, my favourite playground nowadays. Even if there are real nice looking girls in gogos, the vast majority seems to lack attitude. Many of them want to do just a ST, never had any prob or so, but I still believe that bargirls got all in all a better attitude.

So I went up soi 7, drinking, pool and move forward to soi 8 when suddenly a girl called me and told me that I had been with one of her friends before. I ask with who and she pointed to a corner of the bar where there was a chick that i had back in March and that I had picked up in a walk by. She was again very charming and wanted to come along with me. So I bought her a drink, but then saw another one, just 1,56m, 42 kg, breast A75, but a real beautiful face. A 9.5-10 on my scale. I told my girl that I would prefer the beauty, which was very calm and seemed to be shy. My girl started to laugh and told me that this is her best GF and they share the same room. So I ask her if they would also like to share the same guy tonight and both agreed. So we went disco and finally home. Since I had made clear that a separate round which each of them was out of discussion we had a shower together and got the business done in quite a nice manner. All in all it was OK but the interaction between the two girls was a bit poor. The beauty seemed to be too shy to go off with her friend close to her, so it was quite a hard work for me to finish her. Took me at least 1h20min. Told her to relax next time and in the morning the service was much better. The other one was the exact opposite. Got off very fast and couldn't get enough.
All in all - as I said - the money spent worth.

The next night I went gogo hopping just to see if I would miss anything. Went to most gogos at walking street, but really nothing to mention. There are a few average to good looking girls, but compared to the bargirls the have no advantage. They are just more expensive. First barfine is 500-600 instead of 200 (or free) and they expect at least 1000-1500 some 2000 up for the provide service instead of up to you.
I spent a lot of time in Living Dolls 2, met two girls I had on my last trip. They do show there and really have perfect bodies. One named Boo and the other Ying.
Boo had some attitude, she is a nice person, but a bit too moody for my taste, anyway, got her last time and therefore wasn't really interested in her.
Ying instead has a great attitude and won't cause any prob at all. Was talking to her and she asked me if I wanna take her tonight again. Had her back in April and was thinking about it, cause she told me that she hadn't been with a guy for at least 2 months, she had been at home and just came back a few days ago. Moodkiller was, that she asked me how much I would give her and she was a bit too drunk too.

I have two major rules, never take a drunken girl, they either cause trouble or they want to sleep. Just very few really get hot.
Second rule, never take a girl that is just out for the money, sure they need and deserve some for the provided services, but there should also be some sympathy between them and me. In my almost 20yrs in thailand that was just the fourth time that someone asked me how much I would pay. She didn't asked last time so I blame it on the alcohol.

Went up to marine disco, found nothing and on my way down there were the two girls from last night, standing and the stairways and looking at me, asking if I wanna take them again. Couldn't decide at that point of time - already almost 2am - but I kept it as an option and asked them to come along with me.
We went to marine plaza disco, standing close to the pool tables so everybody has to pass me by and I won't miss anyone. Finally a group of girls came by who were friends of my two chicks. One of them was very nice, looking half thai, half chinese.
1,62m, about 46kg, cup C85, nice face and looked quite young. I asked her if she want to come with me. She seemed to be a bit unsure, cause I just had been with both of her very close friends last night, but they told her that it would cause no prob. So it was decided. Went home with her about 3am and the party started. She is like a rocket, once started no way to stop her till she reached the climaxx. Staying with her now the third day in a row. Will give more details later on. She is waiting downstairs at the Royal Plaza and wanted to go home with me now to do what has to be done and who am I to argue about that ?


09-27-03, 14:40
Hey JC....maybe that "tingtong" guy was the bald headed freak "nasty nigel" - Mr. Pervert who bangs all those chicks unprotected! "Dirty"......

Also, some good reporting lately fellows (here and Bkk sections)...good work! ;)

Freeler - as usual: sound advice and good tips....nice map!

Joe Zop
09-27-03, 16:22
Interesting little tempest here about prices, and it's one where I have a fair amount of sympathy with GettingTang's position, though I'm not sure I absolutely agree with his approach. The core of the dispute seems to be the prices GT is paying for freelancers along the road -- everyone knows they can be had for 300-500baht, and he's paying 600-1000 for the ones he considers younger and more beautiful. And this dispute centers on the theory that by paying higher prices he is inflating the market, and thereby harming the rest of us because these ladies will have higher expectations. Hmm.

I know there's a pecking order where gogo girls get the highest pay, bar girls come next, and freelancers get the least, but let's be honest -- there's really no reason for it other than where the butts happen to be parked. It's certainly not based on anything substantial -- there have been endless discussions here about gogo beauties who don't do anything and expect the moon. "Premium" beauties can always get premium prices, no matter where they're sitting. This wouldn't even be a discussion if GT had said he was taking TGs from beer bars as opposed to the boardwalk -- his pricing would be eminently reasonable, and he'd be being hailed as a toe-the-line hero if he were paying these prices for gogo girls. I doubt there's be any discussion if he said he agreed on 400baht for ST with a stunning TG from the boardwalk and she gave such exceptional service that he tipped her an extra 200baht. So to some extent this is all highly relative.

I'm like GT in that I'd rather pay slightly more for someone to whom I've got a stronger physical attraction, and I'm generally happy to pay in the upper as opposed to lower portion going rate scale if I get a sense that it will result in a better session. I also tend to spend more than simply boinking time with them, and have no issues with feeling I'm paying them for that time. That said, I do still tend to be in the going rates ranges.

I think you're dead wrong, GT, that people are reacting to you based on the previous discussion about age. However, any discussion that says "I pay more for TGs because mine are truly beautiful and yours are pretty much crap" is cut from the same cloth as the previous one, and people will understandably react accordingly. My tastes don't happen to generally run in the same direction as Freeler's (or very possibly yours) but I don't see the point of arguing it -- the bottom line is that one of the great things about LOS is there's a flavor available for every palate.

As far as the inflation argument -- there are always farangs wandering around paying hugely too much for anything -- all of us have watched people handing over whatever the asking price happens to be at various shops, and certainly in bars. This may mean that a TG will ask for 4000baht for short time in the hope that she'll come across another whale like the last one who gave this to her, but it doesn't mean she really expects that everyone will pay it. Let's face it -- the "going rates" haven't really skyrocketed in the past several years -- else people wouldn't be getting 300baht freelancers along the beach road.

And my only comment on the MP3 thing is that I've never understood the issue in terms of people going nuts over getting some kind of astounding deal -- if you want them, you can use any newreader to download them from the net. I was personally lots more interested in picking up CDs from the various Thai street bands I heard, or of Thai music I can't get at home. 80 songs burned on a CD means at best 160Kbps quality, which is solid but hardly exceptional or true CD quality. I only had problems with a single music CD I bought in LOS, and I exchanged that the next day without any issues.

Personally, I say bravo to the Thai entrepreneur who set up the service GT described -- he's found a nice niche market where someone will pay him a truly premium price for something that doesn't cost him much of anything -- he's got his inventory on his laptop, and he mostly needs to just use his abilities as a salesman and some cheap blank CDs. Not too many Thais get to walk away with 4400baht for that small bit of work. Next time I'm in LOS I should probably take along my hard drive with 25000+ songs on it and do the same...

09-27-03, 16:46
1. CDs: If GT's agreement suited him, great. There is a big learning curve there for us all and if he got what he wanted for his $110, great. It probably worked out cheaper and better for him than buying shit he would never listen to. Interesting to see the Thai entrepreneur: lending out his laptop seems risky.
2. Women: Freeler is correct to think in terms of baht, not $$. Some older women are better than younger women. A small minority of women are genuinely ugly though some, like the lady with the teeth, make up for it with nice personalities and better skills. Freeler works to a budget and sticking to a budget is one of the keys to successful traveling and mongering. Being fixated on younger women is immature and many guys who post here have this hang up. I like to size woemn up and take who will be the best bang for the buck. I have even been attacked on the Pattaya board for taking sexy looking lunatics: all in a day's job with me. In Bkk, I was actually tryIng to bed a lunatic: a black beauty with some serious head problems. When I go on the stroll here in Tokyo I often see women I fucked: between 5 and 10 is quite notaml. Many of them were good fucks/company. But I would not fuck them again as the effort is no longer worth it.
3.Thai prices are going up. Take the go go bar fine as the benchmark. Even TGs say it is too much. Take the BB One.When JS f'd her, she was 100 bt plus 200 fine a night. later, she graduated to Peppermint Go Go, 600 bt fine and 2,500 a night. Same pussy. Only older.

Finally, we are comparing notes here, nothing more. Our tastes do vary - and not only because of price, I actually hate 5 star hotels and hate staying in them, as I often have to do. Howeve,r by combining our information, we can help all of us have a better time by exercising a more infromed choice.
The Pattaya Beach stuff might be due to more women being let go from bars and go gos and being forced to pound the beat. Again, I prefer to meet a pounder than a quarter pounder. Go gos are too much like McDonald's to me. Keep em. I love only one girl. And I could never love a starfish.

09-27-03, 17:39
Thanks for the map and tips. Awesome!
I'm so fucking jealous of y'all real mongers (JZ, JC, Freeler and others)!!

Although I'm not that experienced, I still have an opinion about the price issues:

A few people paying above the standard rates will not inflate the prices. Just like in Economics 101, these are aberratiosn and blips that will not effect the market in general. I think girls do see it for what it is i.e. a bonus (or a sucker!)

It is a little bit (or lot) about the state of mind. Fucking an expensive ***** is like driving an expensive car. You may just feel beter (or different about the whole experience. I think we all to fuck beautiful girls with great bodies, but are sometimes disapointed after the experience. This happened to me with a US$ 300/hr an Ca $ 450 girls.
Hobbying, as Mr. Gump said, " ..is like a box of chocolate...", and price and looks unfortunately don't correlate with the service/attitude.

09-27-03, 18:58
Joe Zop,

Did that Thai CD burner guy make himself a solid business or is he a smart opportunist who just took an opportunity he'll never get again?
That is until GT returns to the streets of Pattaya:D!


I dare you to find a single post of mine in which I claim to travel on a budget.
In the old days when cash and checks were the only way to go I more or less did: Don't spend more than you carry!
Now it's ATM-cards and more AutomaticTellerMachines than you can dream of. It's just that during my last six trips I did not manage to spend more than about B900 a day average.
And I can't recall that I ever complained about the quality it got me.


We had a price debate here about a year ago. Prices in touristy places are higher than in non-touristy places.
If you act as a tourist!
Try to be a little like a local and you will find that many items that seem to sell at inflated prices only, in fact come much cheaper just around the corner. You can still have your B10 coffee right on the steps of a Pattaya shopping mall amongst people who paid B30 for their's.
Same for beers, food, women, transport...

09-27-03, 21:57
I can take a jab or two with the best of them here on this board. However, if and when I decide to hit back, it usually involves a knockout blow.

A knockout blow usually involves something along the lines of pointing out, that from pasts posts certain individuals who claimed to be reporting "live from Thailand" were infact sitting comfortably from the trailer park hacienda! Either that or they have wireless Internet capabilities now for customers while flying over the South pacific!

Enough said. I'm am very pleased, with the overall service and level of girls I have chosen to keep me warm on this trip! I am ecstatic that I now do not have to worry about being suit by the music industry for downloading music, because for $110 lousy dollars, I have every song in Mp3 form that I have ever dreamed of having. I'm also very pleased they all work perfectly, with no distortion. I'm very pleased that the individual who did this service for me asked for not 1 baht up front! And has a huge amount of Farangs lining up for his service as he digitally perfects each and every song he has.

I'm most ecstatic that I have gotten my rocks off 16 times now on this trip all for (what some think is a rip off) for the price of perhaps two shots for some stuck on herself, high-class Las Vegas or Los Angeles hooker would charge! Not too mention, (IMHO) they were far prettier, made me feel much better, and keep far superior company and friendship then any high-class stuck on herself hooker in the US could ever give!

If I'm the dumb farang, then what does that make some on this board, who fight, scrap, control, and claw their way to save a measly $5 or sorry $200 baht? I enjoyed all but two of my experiences on this trip. The only two that were less then desirable were the two girls who not give a BBBJ, but they still were a decent lay!

Overall, this was a great trip, still got two days left and plan to make the best of them. I don't regret spending one baht! It was great, the girls are exceptional, the food, the Thai people are always as advertised, warm and hospitable! For those who yell at me for paying too much for that beautiful 20 somethings beach girls (all 600-1000 baht, $15-$25 US) well, too bad, if that is somehow going to ruin it for you, then well, I guess it's just too bad, because, I'm having the time of my life!


Jaimito Cartero
09-27-03, 22:29
gt - you're way too defensive, dude.

some guys come on the scene and want to get senior status, and pretend they're big players. if you've been with 16 girls, you've been with more than i had in my whole month.

before wsg, i learned all my info the hard way. i went to costa rica in 1989, and knew nothing about there being girls there. i stumbled across a massage place that had stencils of naked ladies in the front window. i thought, "this looks interesting".

i went to mexico and asked around a bit to find some action. it was very hit and miss, but i had fun.

the whole thing that makes wsg such a great place, is the sharing of info. the fact remains that 80% of guys who get all their info here never report on it.

even better (sarcasm mode) is the guys who say, "i had the best sex of my life", and then say they won't tell anybody the girls info since they don't want to "ruin it".

some of your rants just don't make any sense. this latest "knockout" one in particular. there are a lot of guys who lie about stuff on here, it's nothing that unusual.

however, when someone just spouts bs all the time, it gets old quick. you got the music you wanted. i don't know of anyone who would leave a $1500 computer with someone he didn't know. didn't freeler mention getting his laptop stolen while living in pattaya? hmmmm.

i'm sorry, your cd guy is not going to improve the music. if it was encoded from a good source (no scratches, pauses) then it's fine. i'm sure it's either 128kbs or a 160kbs recording. sure, he can do volume leveling. it's not anything to get excited about.

i'm a little confused about your statements of paying the beach girls so much though. if you really want the best looking ones, why not go to walking street? i mean, you can pay 2000 baht for st at living dolls, along with 1000 bar fine. when i was there in may, that was where i saw some of the best looking girls in thailand.

and regarding "not getting suit (sic)", if you were really concerned about getting sued, you probably wouldn't post it on a public forum. a good analogy would be in procuring drugs. just because you buy something illegal in thailand, doesn't make it not illegal when you bring it back. i think you'll be safe, though. i have yet to see the riaa reps at the customs counter yet.

the problem i always encountered with online music swapping was quality. nothing worse than spending 3 hours downloading something (even with a cablemodem, it always seems the song you really want only get 3.2kbs dl speed) and then it's junk.

about 1/2 the music i obtained in bkk was stuff i already owned in one form or another. i've bought 600 cds in the last 18 years. nothing's worse than looking at your cd and it looks so scrached up.

09-28-03, 03:14
Jackson: I have to second your motion/order. Let's cut the CD talk. I have backchanneled JZ and Freeler on issues like this on many occasions. If GT got what he wanted at a price he was cool with, good. It is interesting to know there is a market in the CD gap as there is an obvious gap in the market.

Let's just accept all the info and ask questions or make smart assed comments as appropriate. The beach walk makes a nice stroll and it is heartening to see nice ladies out there. Such a change from the past. I can't say I have been particularly lucky there. The nicer looking babes have refused my cheap charlie offers and there are some dogs there who, though they might enjoy a bone, are nothing worth writing here about. Any price any of us pay won't have an impact on the market which is driven by the 99% who don't even though this board exists and the go g owners who set the top prices. I am meeitng my beloved in less than 3 hours. The hotel short term costs 1000 bt. Her fee is over 3000 bt short term. And that is a bargain here: two bonks with a flat chested animal. All prices are relative. Peace and shalom. Now always look on the bright side of life. No more bitching gents. Be thankful for all info, evne if it does not apply in your case. Everybody kiss and make up.

Joe Zop
09-28-03, 03:35
Well, let's be honest, it's nothing to get 16 girls in LOS, if that's what you want to do. All it takes is the time, the baht, and the stamina. A nice wake up BJ, a ST or massage or two in the afternoon, and something happening at night and you're at that number in no time. That's part of the wonder of the whole place. Heck, Skinless in his Heart of Darkness tour was doing eight TGs some days, so it's hardly some impossible number.

(And FWIW, nobody's been sued for downloading MP3s, only for exchanging. My point was simply that there are lots of other ways to get MP3s than to fly halfway around the world to do so, so whether someone's getting them for 80baht or far more is pretty much irrelevant. Are we next going to argue over the proper price of camera accessories? Of the merits of this versus that cell phone? Jackson's rightly pointed out that this whole discussion is seriously off topic.)

Well put Skinless, since your comment came in while I was composing -- the bottom line is always whether you had the time you wanted to have, and the money and numbers are in the end secondary if not irrelevant to that, especially after you've put out a grand plus for the flight and lodging. In the same way that folks have taken people to task for heading to LOS for one girl, I say, who cares? There's no one prescription for how to have your good time any more than there is one standard of beauty. Freeler thinks we're idiots for spending extra money in gogos and for paying too much for booze when we can get it cheaper at the 7-11. I think he's missing out on some degree of atmosphere and watching the circus. What's the right way? What's the difference? If it's what you want, and you're happy with it, that's what matters. And being an intentional fool is very different from being an unintentional one. GT's happy with his trip and experience, so I'm pleased to hear that he's taken whatever advice he found useful from this forum and made use of it in a way that makes him happy, and I'm grateful to learn from him that the quality of TGs along the beach road appears to have shifted, for whatever reason. That is something I can keep in mind during my next trip, and getting such information is, after all, the purpose of the forum.

I say thanks, GT, for your reports, regardless of whether your approach would be mine or not. Don't worry too much about the criticism -- the bottom line from my personal perspective is that you're the one being fucked into oblivion by pretty TGs at this particular instant, and I'm not, and so I'm enormously and appropriately envious :D

10-01-03, 00:26
I'll be in Pattaya beginning 21 October and I'd like to stay in a nice hotel. I know everyone raves about the Eastiny, etc, but has anyone stayed at a 4* Hotel there? How about the Hard Rock--would it be expected to be guest friendly? I presume it's not in the heart of the action, but I like nice places. Thanks for any help.

10-01-03, 00:56

I highly recommend the Sabai Lodge. 1000-1250 Bt per night, modern clean rooms, excellent pool, walking distance to anything and everything you desire! Flamingo hotel is another great hotel in the heart of the action. Owned by a Dutch guy and his Thai wife, very clean, very friendly staff. If you're seeking a 4 or 5 star hotel resort type setting, they will NOT be guest friendly and check EVERYONE as they come onto the grounds. The cost from a 3 like the two I listed, to a 4 star resort place is triple and not worth paying the difference, plus the hassle of getting ripped every time you bring a girl back. The two hotels I listed are not dives and just a notch below a resort (IMO). The resort places are geared at keeping you on the premises to pay their overpriced costs for drinks, food, etc. I can recommend a few very nice places I have stayed on my earlier trips, but trust me if you're into serious mongering you won't be happy. You'll end up staying at the regular recommended places most all of us do.


10-01-03, 02:58

Hard Rock hotel is very expensive! They want dollars, about $100 plus for one night! Forget that place.

Dashing Don
10-01-03, 04:02
Hello again,Tman777,

I stayed in the Hard Rock in Feb but it is not guest friendly. Its mostly Japanese families. You will be made to feel kind of foolish when you bring in your lady of the night, what with the registering and questions and stuff. A fellow monger was staying at the Sabai Lodge and it is a nice place. BTW, is this your first time in Thailand? You'll have a ball.

I'm thinking of doing a Rio/BA trip in the next few months. If interested, let me know at : snafle@hotmail.com.


10-01-03, 04:08

Don't waste your money on a high priced hotel. The Hard Rock is a great place, the best pool in Pattaya, but not needed. Stay on Soi 7 or 8 at the Flipper or the Eastiny and you'll have a ball. If you want upgrade to suite and you still will pay half or less of the Hard Rock price. Nothing like having 500 girls within a hundred feet of your front door.


The Traveler
10-01-03, 09:54
Still in Pattaya and hunting.

My thai chinese girl is the one your mom warned you of. She got a french boyfriend who keeps calling her all the time spending a fortune on phone bills just to hear that she goes with other guys. It's quite funny, she is in bed with me playing with small traveler and assuring him at the same time that she loves just him. Usually I insist that the mobile has to be switched off when doing what has to be done, but it is so amusing listening to her that I sometimes even remind her to call him so he can call back.
This guy is more than stupid, cause he isn't supporting her at all (which is the smart part) and instead spends all his money for calling her. He should better keep it and come here to stay with her, but what can you expect from some who is eating frogs and whitebread ?

After five days with her I lost interest, she is sexy and a rocket in bed, likes to party, is easy to handle, gives a shit on farangs and cares only about herself. So she is the total match for me :-)
But at least, so much other meat around that has to be tested.

Had my beauty for a ST from the threesome some days ago again. Was much better now. She told me that day she was worrying about her mom who got serious ill but that she is improving now.

Found a real sweet one at the bars opposite BIG C. Just 17 turning 18 in february, a cashier, still goes to school and quiet smart. Won't go with any customers and does no dating. Visited her every day, playing pool, talking and finally got a date for tomorrow afternoon. I know that there is not enough time now to get her, but will be back in december. I love to be challenged.

About closing times, Marine Disco 2:30am, Marine Plaza 3-3:30am, Marine II 3:30-4am, Marine Plaza lek (small) 4am. So people move from disco to disco till police enforce to close one after the other.

Tonys is getting nuts. For a jug of Heineken they want 410 baht now. I wanted some more ice and they tried to charge me 30 baht for it. They also having signs hanging around that say, that every customer has to buy at least 2 drinks. Think we should all stay away from there.

Will check the shorttime scene around third road in the next days and will report on that.

The most important equipment for a trip to pattaya nowadays - besides a sufficient amount of comdons - is an umbrella. It's raining every day.

to be continued...

10-01-03, 15:37
Does anyone have a recommendation for a good cheap month-to-month rental hotel room in Pattaya? This strong baht weak dollar situation is killing me. Will be in Pattaya at least December and January.

10-01-03, 18:13
OK, thanks to all (GettingTang, npaul, SexReview and Don)
I'm convinced. I'll stay at one of the recommended places and try to upgrade to a suite. This will be my fifth time in Thailand, but I've never been to Pattaya--just BKK, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Don, I read about the Angeles City trip and it doesn't sound like you'd bother to return. I'll be arriving in BKK on October 17th--right in there with the APEC conference! If anyone is around then, let's meet up. Travelman777@yahoo.com

10-01-03, 19:08

'strong baht weak dollar'? Thailand is still cheaper for Dollar earners than four years ago...
Please define 'cheap' for a month' roomrent: B4.000, B10.000 or perhaps B20.000?
Do you want a hotel or is a (serviced) appartment ok?

10-02-03, 16:20
Freeler, the Baht is at about 39.6 to the dollar at the moment. Was 39.77 when I posted my complaint. I suspect it will go to 38 or worse. This is a lot more expensive than the 42 or 43 that prevailed on my earlier visits, and definitely cuts into the money available for paying the girls. I'm on your wavelength as far as paying as little as possible, using freelancers, etc., but still it all costs money.

As for a room in Pattaya, I want something cheap. Clean and comfortable, with A/C of course, but no pool required. I'll only be there three months. Somewhere fairly central as I won't have a motorbike. I don't mind walking, but just not too far. Know of any such places for say between 4,000 and 7,000 baht per month?

10-02-03, 17:08
Hi Tman,

The Hard rock is too expensive to be practical,I'm also certain they either have a joiner fee (if you bring a girl back) or are not guest friendly.

You could try the Residence Garden which is on the main Pattaya-Jomtien road and is a baht bus route. It has suites, a good pool and good service, guest friendly and can be found at www.theresidencegarden.com. I have stayed there several times and the owner, Ib is a scandanavian guy who is very approachable and knowledgeable.
They offer a discount, just say you are a member of the FLB board (freelancerbar.com) which is a board set up to promote one bar but has a discount scheme working with the hotel. Currently prices are 1500 THB for a 1 bedroom suite.

Opebo, if you want a long term rent, there are a set of Condos called View Talay, prices range from around 4-5000 THB per month (bills not included). The best thing to do is get there and rent a hotel room for a week then shop around.


Happy hunting


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space avter commas. To avoid future delays, please include one space after commas in future reports. Thanks!

10-03-03, 00:22
Joe Zop

I have moved previous post to "Thai Women" section. Unfortunately haven't been able to delete original posting as the Admin sets a time limit on editing.

Nevertheless what I was meaning to say was that the sex-scene in Pattaya is at crossroads. What will happen to it is partly up to us. If we get together, we set the rules. Otherwise it will be all just history. My aim is "responsible, sustainable sex-tourism". Good fux for all on the long term. Let's not destroy all this good thing.

10-03-03, 02:50
Just got my confirmation for Flipper Lodge, Oct 13-19. Had a group of mongers over to BS about SEA. Printed out a map of Pattaya and planned every minute. lol I NEVER follow a plan when mongering!

I do have one concern. If I make I make it to Billion Beer Bar, I may end up with one girl my whole stay, yes, she was that good. (The last girl in my trip report) Is this possible? For reference sake, this year, 160+ unique barfines in SEA and a few "freebies" and non workers. What if this really does happen? I have a steady in PI, but I do girls with her. Hmmm, I won't have a group of buddies this trip to scorn my actions. Last time this happened, for two days, it cost me a water buffalo and a generator. lol

Ok, you all can tell I'm getting pretty excited about now. Anyone going to be in town feel free to email me for a beer.



10-03-03, 05:04

This is not a plan:D:

Go to the BBB, or better the BlueHouseBeerBar nextdoor, pick a girl, pay mamasan B500, take the girl upstairs, to your thing, for extraordanary service tip the girl B100-200 and leave saying: See you tomorrow, maybe, maybe not.

PS My 100+ Thailand bonks this year were all none BF.

10-03-03, 14:14
You surprise us,recommending tipping 100-200 on top of the 500baht house fee. I talked to alot of expats who frequent the Blue house beer bar and the Billion bar and most all of them don't give the girls any additional money and the girls don't expect it. They split the fee and the girls make their money doing falangs in quantity. I have been going there for years and have never given tips and the girls are very happy to see us the next day or whenever we decide. As a matter of fact I got laid there about 5 hrs ago. Please stop helping to drive up the prices in Pattaya!

10-03-03, 14:35
Bil here reporting live to mongers with questions and helping to supply hands on information to those so enamored. Beach road sidewalk is looking great daily, as the freelancers are plenty and vary in numbers depending on the hour and rainfall. Sure there are the 200-400 baht old and over the hill nasties that can be had, for those who keep them in business. Interviewed a couple of younger (21 & 23 with no children) not- so-jaded lovelies who refuse to go for less then 7-800baht. Still a great deal compared to the price of equal quality girls of Bkk. The beer bars are not crowded at all with customers, so its the best time of the year to be here if you don't mind the intermittent rain. Bought a pocket poncho for 45 baht, handy to have when riding my scooter for 100b/day. A great gym to work out in with basic machines, free weights, etc is the Sitpholec gym in the weekender hotel 2nd floor opposite soi 2 near big C shopping ctr. 1000b/month or weekly/daily rates. The Sabai lodge on soi 2 is quiet, great pool and the clean economy rooms with a/c, a 19" tv,lock box and fridge can be had for 600b/weekly rate now. Lots of Brand New hotels opened up near the Lek hotel with price starting at 900b up.

Joe Zop
10-03-03, 15:52
Bil to Freeler: Please stop helping to drive up the prices in Pattaya!

Hilarious! Thanks -- I choked on my coffee laughing.

10-03-03, 18:20
Joe Zop,

On Bil:
You beat me to that one, but only because I had to reinstall some sh*t on ye olde 'puter!

Jaimito Cartero
10-03-03, 19:57
Bil - I'd say you were high on the price of upper end beach girls. I had a nice 22 year old for 300 baht, no problem. And I'm not handsome any more!

I know that for 700 or 800 baht, I'd definitely just go to a beer bar. That way you get to play some pool, and maybe feed an elephant or two. And the selection of girls (plus you know where they work) is usually superior.

10-04-03, 04:22
It seems that the prices are being driven up all over Pattaya. What we need to remember is that we (the client) have almost all the power in Pattaya over the providers (the girls). Even in high season always more girls than clients so never a problem finding great girls. With that in mind we set the price and if the girl doesn't like it then move onto the next 999 girls waiting to service you. It is really easy, until guys see girls they really want and start overpaying then the girls always want to be over paid.

The best way to keep the prices down is don't agree with the girls to meet their high prices. It happened in TJ (Mexico) the guys coming across the border for the night started paying based upon US rates and now the prices are through the roof. Let's not make the same mistake here too.

Joe Zop
10-04-03, 07:09
Just as a note about the "driving up prices" issue and the level to which we can or cannot affect things, it's worth noting that the folks on this board make up a fairly small percentage of overall visitors to LOS -- according to the Thailand Tourist Authority, only three countries from the west are in the top ten in terms of number of tourists to Thailand -- that top list is, in order, Malaysia, then Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, the UK, Hong Kong, USA, and Germany. I post this not to say we don't affect things, but to note that the things we affect are only a small portion of the whole.

And perhaps this list also helps explain why Thaksin's government feel comfortable attacking and demonizing Westerners -- the truth is that we're a far smaller part of the whole tourist trade than we might suspect.

Jaimito Cartero
10-04-03, 10:21
SexReview - Well I know that TJ is really a cesspool. My first time there in the early 80's it was $25 for the girl and a room. Nothing exciting, really.

I've gone 4 or 5 times in the last ten years, and while Adelitas has some nice girls, the service is horrible, and $40-$45 for 30 minutes, plus $11 for the room, plus tips to everyone anywhere associated with place is ridiculous.

I guess if you're in So Cal, then it's not badly priced compared to north of the border.

Hopefully Pattaya will never get to that level. It's really nice to be able to go somewhere for a month, have as many girls as you want, eat great food, and stay in decent hotels. All for well under $3000, including airfare.

JZ - Even though there are more tourists from Japan, China, etc, most of Pattaya is a US/Europe zone, as far as I could see. There are select places for Japanese, but in my meandering around the city, I didn't see many.

I think that unless Thailand attacks the underlying reasons, there won't be a serious decline in prostitution. (Such as rampant poverty, inadequate education and lack of jobs for Thais).

Even without the girls, Thailand is a wonderful place. I would have never known this if there hadn't been the girls to draw me there.

Joe Zop
10-04-03, 16:45
JC, I completely agree with you that Thailand is a wonderful place regardless of the girls, though I rather doubt the TAT will base a campaign on your experience: "Come screw our beautiful women, and discover the country while you're at it!" LOL -- I'd love to see that one!

I agree that Pattaya is primarily a western mongerer hangout -- I posted the list to note that it's the exception rather than the rule. In truth, mongers who read this board have the ability to be far better informed than the vast majority of tourists in regards to prices, and a few people from this board paying a couple of hundred baht too much here and there isn't going to have the same effect as that had by the thousands of guys who are there paying outrageously. (Not to say that talking about it isn't important -- that's one way we all get informed.) The other reason was simply to suggest that perhaps one reason Thai officials feel they can safely target the sex industry for cleanup is because the reality is that western mongerers are actually a relatively smaller part of the total tourist package -- fully 50% of those who come to LOS come as part of a package tour -- and authorities probably feel that if they can buff the overall image of Thailand then they can further improve those numbers, offsetting the baht these hard-working TGs would be losing from budget-conscious mongers.

10-04-03, 17:43
As I apologized on the BKK Hotel thread, so I do for this one. After posting the message below, I did a search and found some postings regarding the Sawasdee Chain. But, any additional info is most welcome.

Sawasdee SeaView?

Hello all,

I'm counting down the days before my next trip tp LOS (late Nov).

Just wondering if anyone's stayed at the Sawasdee Seaview before? How is it? And are they guest friendly?

They also have a hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 4 in BKK called Woraburi Inn Suk Soi 4. How is that? Anyone stayed there before? The price jumps from 450 to 800 between standard and superior room.

Would really appreciate any comments on the above hotels or just on the Sawasdee chain in general.

Will post report upon return from trip.


10-04-03, 20:13

Malaysians stay in the South: HatYai and Phuket. The pricelevel for mongers in HY is about the same as in Malaysia and easily 2 to 4 times higher than the rest of the Kingdom. The way prostitution works in HY resembles more what happens in Malaysia than Thailand.
The Chinese come in groups, stay in groups and leave in groups.
The same goes for the Koreans.
More and more Japanese travel on their own, many carry the Japanese version of the LP, so these folks all go to Ayutthaya, Lopburi and Surin.
Leaves Yanks, Brits and €-landers, who all come to fuck their brains out, but many are to baffled by the experience to enjoy it and just get drunk.
Some claim to actually go out there and see the sights: Sukhothai, Phanum Rung and the GrandPalace. Pfff...

What did the TAT statistics try to tell us: Number of arrivals per nationality?
Not nights or money spent!
Fact is that only the number of Russians and the Dutch visitors went up in the first half of 2003 compared to the first half of 2002. All others got scared and went to fucking Turkey or Aruba.
Their loss.

10-05-03, 06:02
Guys lets get back to the girls of Pattaya. Here is one I found one night at Dollhouse A Go Go on Walking Street.

10-05-03, 06:06
Here is a beer bar girl that I found on Soi 7, great girl and a great time.

10-05-03, 06:11
I found this girl on Walking Street, no bar fine and very happy to take a date. I think she works at Polo A Go Go when not being a free lancer. Great little body and lots of fun.

10-05-03, 06:16
This little honey works at Giligans A Go Go on Soi Pattayaland I. Even the smaller bars can sometimes hold a gem or two. The Penthouse Hotel is a great background for pictures but to much noise for my taste.

10-05-03, 06:20
I've always liked Diamond A Go Go on Soi Diamond, fair drink prices, lots of hot girls and very low key. Here is one of the many girls that I found at Diamond.

10-05-03, 06:29
One more for now, you would think any girl who tattoos “SEX FOR YOU” on her arm has to be a little wild right? Well you would be right, and she was very wild, 18 and high energy all the way. First saw her while walking on Soi 8 but I was with another girl so didn’t act. Then later went into a Go Go bar on Soi 8 and she was dancing and moving on the stage. A great overall package.

Joe Zop
10-05-03, 06:40
Great pics, and very useful descriptions, SR -- thanks!

10-05-03, 12:04
I'm glad you are finding girls that appeal to you for 300baht. I personally think that there is something very wrong with a young girl who would ask or agree to so little money from a not so attractive falang.(you said it, I didn't) And the beer bars are great for guys like you who don't mind the smoking, the pestering beggars and vendors, over inflated soft drink prices and just being around drunks. Sorry, not for me. It just bothers me that some guys ARE driving up prices by giving tips on top of the already agreed to s/t or l/t price. These girls don't give a damm about you and are ready for the next dick in line that has the baht. You will be forgotten. Sorry to be so harsh, but sometimes the truth is a mofo. Some of us are so brainwashed and westernized that we feel we should be tipping the street food vendors too! Tipping hookers in thailand is for suckers.

10-05-03, 12:15
SexReview, that Sex For You girl sounds great. I'll be in Pattaya next month, having a look at Soi 8. What was the name of the Go-Go she came from?

10-05-03, 14:28

I don't believe that 'extraordinary' means normal, average or usual.
More and more posters here FINALLY are paying less than they used to, thus leaving some money for the girls who deserve it, like the ones in BBB or BHBB who never disappointed me or anyone I met there.


Of course we are not as handsome as Mr. Bil, so I guess the girls go with us for 'little money' because they like us, lah!


The Penthouse IS a great place for pictures (as some Farangs with 'pay'sites:D found out!)

10-05-03, 17:29
Sex Review,

Great pics.

I especially like the Sex For You girl, Doll House and Giligan girls.

Wow. I've never mongered in Pattaya - did my activities in BKK, Hat Yai and up north. But I've promised myself a trip to Pattaya this next trip.


10-05-03, 19:20

If you have never tried Pattaya you really should give it a try. I think it is the best place in Thailand but that is only my opinion. Most guys seem to really like it a lot. The Soapy Massage places are also great, below is one of the girls from Sabai Room, 90 minutes 1500 baht.

Sex Review

10-06-03, 01:28
Here is another Massage girl from Pattaya, this one works at Susie Massage on the corner of Soi 4 and Beach Road. She really worked hard for the full 90 minutes and a nice rack too. It is one of the smaller soapy massage places in Pattaya, about 20 girls on any given night. The fee charged is 1500 baht with complete service.

10-06-03, 03:22

Thanks for the pictures Senor. Es muy bonito para mi (it is very beautiful for me).

I have never mongered in Pattaya. The only time I ever went there was with a Thai girl that ended up marrying a guy from New Zealand.

These girls are as bonito as her. But I think #13 is a little on the chubby side.

No matter. In the past there was a guy that went by Z. He always said the girls in Pattaya were ugly ho's that should be F@#$ed like recepticles, or at least they should be thrown out in the morning. Maybe he was right. But on the other hand...

Well Sir,

You are changing my opinion. I think I will visit the supposed land of ugly ho's next time I frequent LOS.

Gracias Amigo,
Miquel (I mean poster...)

10-06-03, 03:51
All members

First trip to Pattaya and I am looking at the Residence Garden Hotel 146/107 Moo 10, Thappraya Road, could anyone let me know if this is a bit far from the action.

The hotel syas it is 5 minutes from Beach Street, but it is hard to judge from the map.
I assume Taxis are in plentifull supply anyway, it just looks a good place to relax in the day and is very girl friendly.

Arriving on the 21st Oct so any suggestions are most welcome.

10-06-03, 05:27
Girls look great! I was kinda disappointed after having seen some other pics from LOS.
Now that's more like it!

Enough to change my plans.
I'll have to take a couple of days out of my BKK trip and head over to Pattaya.

10-06-03, 05:35
I was thinking the same thing. I've only been to LOS once, but the girls looked much better than the pics being posted IMHO. I like the young, over 18, girls with hard bodies and cute faces. Of course thier attitude and performance will make up for beauty flaws. lol Pump station on Soi Post Office, perfect example. Skills to beat all, but not easy on the eyes. For some reason I had my eyes closed during my sessions there. Could be because I didn't want to look at my buddy next to me getting off?


10-06-03, 06:47
Mongering1, Badass,

Pattaya has many great girls, and lots of very hot ones. Below is a picture of Dau she works at Sabai Land Massage on the corner of Soi 3 and Second Road, across from Big C. She is a really a little operator, I believe she is 25 now but she tells guys she is 21. I first saw her about three years ago working here, and she has hardened somewhat over the last couple of years but still a great time. Always very popular and in high demand, she works almost every day. As hot a soapy massage and finish as you will find anywhere in Thailand. If you want all out no holes bared and/bi two girls’ threesome, this is a great choice.


Jaimito Cartero
10-06-03, 07:33
SR - Nice pictures. Much better than the ones I take. It's nice to see some of the other girls out there. I'd probably see a few of them just from the pictures.

Jaimito Cartero
10-06-03, 07:43
Bil - Oh, so if I paid a beach girl 2000 baht, it would be okay? What a ridiculous bunch of rubbish! They're not doing it for love, no matter what they tell you.

It's supply and demand. Want to know how many girls turned me down while I was there? None. I had three girls that would only come with me together, and I wasn't quite up for that.

Some guys will tip, others will make the girl pay for the condom. In Pattaya I didn't tip at all. In BKK I would tip for excellent service, and tell them that up front. And I think I paid 1000 baht ST twice.

I only went to one beer bar, and there was not a lot of smoke or such there. It was open air, and I prefer not to be in a closed club with poor ventilation.

Guys go to Thailand for sex for a few different reasons. (1) They want good quantity, quality and price. (2) They're so obnoxious that they can't even get SWs from where they're from. (3) They're so hideous they wouldn't get a second look from their own mother.

10-06-03, 09:57
LOS Gonorrhea warning:

Got back from Cebu and as you know over a week in Thailand. I forgot to mention, I struck up a friendship with a few fellow mongers while I was in Pattaya. I got to talking to two mongers who told me some horror stories regarding their recent trip. Both had come down with Gonorrhea and the second guy caught Herpes, Gonorrhea and the clap all with a 35 day span. Both of them said from receiving BBBJ as everything else was kept covered! More on the second guy later, who ended up spending three days in the hospital with an IV in his arm feeding him antibiotics.

Now I had explained to them about my track record of some estimated 2500 or so BBBJ, most from different providers and how lucky I was for not coming down with anything. I explained to them my method of pissing right after the BBBJ and wiping down my package and the surrounding areas with Alcohol.

Anyhow, it turns out that when the second monger came down with his trio punishment, he also caught a rapidly growing strain of resistant Gonorrhea! Yes, I said resistant! He was given the typical 2 pill two day dose, did not phase it, went back to the ER, by now he had broken out in herpes, the prescribed medicine for was doubled from the original dose for the gonorrhea! This poor sap was covered in lesions, his left nut was swollen the size of a baseball as now the gonorrhea had spread inward rapidly. He goes back to the ER two days later and they admit him and call in a "specialist" as he know has a raging fever. The specialist tells him there is an epidemic of resistant gonorrhea spreading around Pattaya and has started hitting Bangkok! He told him of some patients from the UK who had died from this strain! Well, the "worlds strongest antibiotics" as he put it, eventually knocked it out, he had 104 degree fever for three days and said he thought he was done for! Anyhow, his lesions clear up after about 12 days, he goes out mongering, gets a few BBBJs and catches the clap! Luckily it was the easy to cure kind this time around! This dude said he was officially retiring from mongering after that!

Now the point of me mentioning this is to warn fellow mongers. I could not verify his story. I would consider these guys, friends and there was no reason for a lie to be told, not along these lines. He even showed me his little Pattaya hospital card and his bottles of meds. So I have to believe him. Also, if you go over to the Bangkok tonight forum, there are hundreds of posts to be found on mongers catching gonorrhea and other nasties in Pattaya and some from BKK from receiving BBBJ's, many claim they are getting it from the BJ bars. Now this seem logical to me, but scary. I just went in yesterday for my usual screening, no symptoms yet, but I'm a bit on the paranoid side, so I think it might be safe to say I escaped any nasties. I have on occasion heard of the fellow monger picking up something as you all have i'm sure. But never like this. This guy told me a very high % of the girls in Pattaya were packing, as the doctor told him this directly. Said he treats over 15 patiens per day alone for Gonorrhea

Has anyone else heard of such a thing as resistant Gonorrhea? I always thought it was simple bacteria and quite easily curable. Could there be such a thing? I consider myself a safe guy, I don't do DATY, unless she is my GF, I don't fuck anything without it being covered, but I do love BBBJs. And I get a lot and I do mean a lot of them! The thought of having to cover up from a BJ is almost enough to make me stay home from Thailand!


10-06-03, 13:56
G.T. /
The one you called ghonorrea is not that kind of disease.I guess you're talking about something else, harder than that.
As you said Ghon. is a very stupid bacterial very easy to treat.
Unfortunately Pattaya in the last decade has becomed the reign of the worst N.S.U. around the world. Most of the Non Specyfycal Urethretys are often mistaken and treaten like Ghonorrea and that's why they're becomed stronger and harder day by day.

Most of the girls got both of them.Ghonorrea + N.S.U.(Clamydia,etc..)
I wrote something already in the 'Safe sex.. report' few years ago about treatment,test to do etc... (I hope it's still there).

The chances you have to get Ghon. by a b.j. is extremely low ,
The ones you have to get genital Herpes by a b.j. is very high instead.
Do you really think having a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) after a sex intercourse it gonna help u ? No way. If you hit something sick without protections there's no [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) wich can help u.Better use condoms.

If you think u get something rule N° 1 : DON'T GO TO ANY SMALL CLINICS around in Pattaya, they're gonna charge you money for fake test,giving you some expired anthibiotics.
Go to Bangkok Pattaya Hospytal or International Hospytal (PIC).
I suggest you in the first one, Dr. Prasit (038,427777) he's a honest and good one , or if you want just have a check go to Chonburi at Chonburi Medical Center (038 792357) ask about Dr. Somyote.
Good luck.

10-06-03, 14:27
I know Dau! She was my second soapy girl from May. She asked for 4000b in the room. I told her I only came with 1000b. She has a great body, wish I had a pic of her tits.


10-06-03, 15:09

Yes that is Dau, she trys that with everyone I think, if you go for the high price then she is happy if not she takes the lower price and still provides great service. I do have a few pictures of her nude and will post one when I come across the disk that they're on. In any case she is a get time.


10-06-03, 16:03
Hi! I agree mostly with Marco. I contracted genital herpes some 20 years ago from BBBJ from a cute college co-ed when I went through rush. Damn, it was the most painful and embarassing experience! My family doctor thought I had some strange african disease (he had just returned from peace corps volunteer) and my university doctors had no clue either. This was the start of the herpes epidemic and medical personnel were clueless. Anyways - now it's basically in remission, I rarely get outbreaks. Have never infected anyone else (that they mentioned) and took acylcovoir during its testing period for almost 3 years.S o - our fellow monger with the fever and swollen testicles. It sounds like a typical initial herpes outbreak. Some people react more strongly than others. Doubtful that he had clap at all. And the extra strength antis would do absolutely nothing! It takes about a week or 2 just to get feeling normal again which would confuse the treatment (and the white blood cell counts). SO, I suspect he never had clap, just a severe reaction to herpes virus. And there ARE many strains!! Some worse than others, just the common cold it is related to.

Upshot, you CAN get herpes from BBBJ, fingering from her pussy to your mouth or cock, or just about any saliva/fluid exchange. You can even give yourself herpes! That's right! Rubbing your mouth and hitting a cold sore, then touching your dick - BAM! Or worse - jacking off your infected cock then touching your eyes!

The cure for resistant clap is well known and works. There is no cure for herpes - you will suffer with it the rest of your life! And for the first few years, I do mean suffer! The first outbreak is a living hell (at least it was for me). Pain, fever, vomiting, tenderness, etc. Then followed by several weeks of blisters and itching like someone poured acid on your cock.

The upside: I don't worry about it so much now. Doubtful I can get it <again> And it did go into remission amazingly enough. But I watch my diet very carefully (alcohol can make it worse) and try to stay away from obivous new infection sources (bbbj only from regular and clean mouths)

Also, the [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) trick doesn't work with herpes. It's transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. If she has herpes, chances are you do too!

Play safe, guys! I know it's a hassle,but reduce your risk by covering up!


10-06-03, 23:11
Dear Sojourn
Thank you for your post here and the one on the Tokyo board telling us you fuck on my stroll. What are we (and I) to think of the fact that you have herpes and that you engage in unprotected sex?

10-07-03, 00:13
If it wasn't for selfish, thoughtless people like Sojourn (and the one who bragged about BB anal creampie), the hobby wilbe lot more fun.

He knows that he has it, and if he had half a brain, he would know that he can pass it to the girl (and rest of us) even when he has no symptoms.

Yet he and many more like him go on with uncovered sex.
Totally disgusting!
What a damper on my first Pattaya/BKK trip.

10-07-03, 00:43

You Da Man!!!

Great pics. Will definitely go to Pattaya on my next trip and I hope I'll get great pics like yours so I can share them with all here.

Are the girls pretty good with camera? Or do you have to tip them extra for taking pics?

Look forward to more pics from you - Better yet, looking forward to taking some pics myself.


10-07-03, 05:23
Hi Skinless! I humbly beg your forgiveness for being honest! However, in contradiction to your flame:

1) Herpes is not <always> contagious - it is only contagious during the prodomal period. Pay attention to that and you are safe.

2) Over 90% of the world's population already has herpes - so you are probably carrying it yourself!

3) Given the number of infectious diseases aside from herpes, any personal contact carries risk of contraction. So maybe to play it absolutely safe you should grab a couple of your favorite hos -ˇˇwho have never fucked anyone else except John Skinless - and head for the plastic bubble.

Maybe I'm one of the few that had/have the guts to acknowledge the presence of this instead of covering up with negative tatemae. The first step to resolution is acknowledgement, desu ne? Who knows what you, John Skinless, are carrying in your Pandora's box? It could be something far worse than herpes?? After all, how many hos over how many years have you banged? And never any fluid contact, right? No broken condoms, no DATY w/o dam? no BBBJ? No fingering? Always perfectly covered, right? Gimme a break already with your self-rightousness.

10-07-03, 11:34
From your attitude, you seem to think that you have many years and multiple trips and the experience of 500+ thai women under your belt. I hardly think that's true, from the facts you present. Your saying to me that thai women tell me they do it for love and that I believe them? Dude, I hardly believe you have the time in Thailand to begin to school me. Guys like Freeler, have definitely more experiences and time in Thailand than most of us combined, even though I disagree with much of his definition of a good time on a budget. And no, I am not good looking by any means. Being here for over 3 wks. have not once heard, "hansum man, sit down please." I have been turned down a couple times because of girls saying "NO" to "smoke." Freelers information on geography, travel and life experiences are almost infinite. Your general info is good for some newbies, but so far is nothing I find new. In fact, I still stand by what I have said:"tipping hookers in Thailand is for suckers." This is not generally done and SHOULD NOT be done. You ensure good service by paying at the end of a session. These working girls are making more than an average persons weekly or monthly salary for lying on their back for an hour or less. If there is someone who deserves a tip, its the construction worker, or average joe who is eeking out a decent living, instead of choosing to be a prostitute. You forgot a couple other important reasons why guys go to Thailand to get laid- 4. Many of us have an "asian" fetish, thai girls can be tall, short, light skinned, dark, It is a candy store for hoor mongers! 5.Thai women have hard bodies and aren't fat bacon and mayonaise loving cows like western women. 5. after getting laid, lots to do like shopping, traditional massages, eating international or thai food very cheap, see a movie for a few bucks 6. Such a range of accomodation for every budget, always a great deal. 7. Thai body massages......can't get them in the states.

ChiMan II
10-07-03, 19:04
Hi guys,

I'm in Pattaya. Some of the girls here look extremely young. Maybe 15 or 16. My question is this if you are with one of these girls will someone call the police?Will the hotel you go to call the police? Do people here care or not?


Jaimito Cartero
10-07-03, 19:41
Howdy Bil. You'd have more people read your messages if you'd learn about inserting blank lines in your posts. Click on Posting Guidelines to the left for more details.

So if you've made lots of trips then you're the ultimate expert. Take Getting Tang for instance. He says he's made 15 or 17 trips. Yet he was acting like a rookie in most things that he posted.

There isn't much that I claim to be an expert on. I've given my reports on places I've been and women I've been with.

For someone who has seen 500+ Thai women, I would expect to find more reports and some pictures of these adventures. Instead there are attacks on other members and not much real contribution to the WSG.

Tips seem to be a real hot button for you. I think you were upset at Freeler for tipping 100 baht. What is worse? Paying 1500 baht for ST when she would have easily gone 1000 baht? Is giving a couple of hundred baht to a girl you negotiated down to 600, who blew your socks off, evil?

Let's get back to the discussion that this forum is for. Girls. Pedantic discussions only bring the whole thread down.

The Traveler
10-07-03, 21:51
After I got rid of my thai chinese chick I headed for third road and the short-time bars there. Had one from Rubys - owned by a friend of mine. Girl looked nice but had a baby, still very nice body but the most important part of her body was HUGE. She said that she was horny too, but I had the impression that she just did what has to be done. Wasn't fun at all. Won't ever take her again.

After that I had to go to Buriram for some family business. Was too busy to look for any girls there and went back to Pattaya as soon as possible.

After returned I was walking at soi 7 were I found a nice 18 yrs old. Very nice attitude, talks a lot and really seems to like me. Had her for two days, was very sweet, 163 cm, 53kg, nice face, a very nice and sexy body. Likes to get it done but I need fresh flesh so I quit with her.

Went to soi 6 and had a 22yrs from one of the bars. Very slim body, 162 cm, 48 kg, small breasts and nice attitude. No complaints even after pumping her for over an hour. 500 baht for the services provided.

On my way back to second road I suddenly saw a real young girl sitting at the side. Seemed to be very shy, so I went inside with her to talk a bit. She told me that she just started about a month ago, didn't want to work like this but she has to, cause she owes the mamasan some money. Mamasan also told her how to act, what to do and even to shave her pubic hair !
She was 18 yrs old, 162 cm, 54 kg, small breasts and very unexperienced in bed. No BJ, she does not like it and therefore I did not force or asked for it. Wasn't much fun, she could only come once and almost did not move, somewhat like a dead fish. Gave her 500 baht but won't come back.

After that I headed to soi 8 were a girl-friend of my thai chinese said hello to me and asked me to sit down at the bar. My former GF was also there so I sat down and finally decided to take her again. Her skills in bed were unmatched - not only at this journey. She really likes me and also loves to have sex. She has the ability for multiple orgasms which makes me really horny. So we went to Marine Plaza to party. Went home afterwards and had great sex. Next night same game. But that night - which was my last one at this trip - I tried to get a bit drunk with her just for fun. Usually I avoid alcohol and any drunken girls but when she is drunk she is even better in bed. No sleep or even trouble, just sex without any limits.
So I had at least 5 tequilas, 4 B52, 6 mekong coke and a few beers, three waterpipes (chi chas) but with almost no effect. Went home and finally found out that the alcxohol seemed to have an effect on me, little Traveler was strong as usual but I couldn't come ! We did it until we were exhausted and when we looked at the watch we found out that I had pumped her for at least 2 and a half hours. Couldn't believe it and wanted to rest a bit to try again later but she - even though she was exhausted too after lots of orgasms - started to play with little Traveler to bring him back to live. She was succesful and after another half an hour it was done. So all in all a great night and no regrets that I took her again. The next morning she even organized a cheap taxi for me and wanted to bring me to the airport. Real nice.

Will be back in Dec. and probably taking her again.

Over and out.

Jaimito Cartero
10-08-03, 00:20
With all your alcohol intake, I'm surprised you could even walk! If you know the names of all the places (and girls) post them please. I always like to have some places on my list to check out the next time I'm in Pattaya.

While taking a "new" girl has some benefits (not a hardened pro yet), the service is usually subpar at best. Some of my best times have been with 25-30 year old women.

10-08-03, 00:59
there is a bangkok hotel thread, but is there a pattaya hotel thread? i didn't see it.

freeler referred me to a map, and to stay anywhere in soi 7 or 8 area. so i am looking at those.

does anyone know, off the top of their heads, about a 4-5* friendly hotel, near, or in the middle of action?

yes, i will did a search as well, but for now, my vision is blurring from watching the monitor since this info is pretty rep001tered.


10-08-03, 05:19

I don't think they qualify as 4 or 5 star, but both Flippers and both Eastiny's are good enough. About B700-1000, depending on season. Some say that Eastiny Place is better than Eastiny Inn.
The HighFive, on the corner of Soi8 and 2ndRoad, is cheaper at B550.
There is also Sunbeam, next to HighFive, they claim 5 star status, But I've never been inside and don't know if they are 'girlfriendly'.

Google for the hotels' websites.

10-08-03, 07:32
Another one of the girls from Sabai Land Massage, I could visit this place very afternoon I think. Same as the others here 1500 baht for 90 minutes complete service.

10-08-03, 11:22
What Soujourn said about herpes is true !
The fact someone get it DOES NOT MEAN HE'S CONTAGIOUS all the time. You can be contagious only if you got the outbreaks on your genital area.(So it's not a big deal if you got the outbreaks only 2 or 3 times a year.)

HSV is not like HIV or HSC.Many people writing on this board probably are already HSV infected but they don't know.
If you have a strong immunitary system you won't never develop any outbreaks.
You can easily check doing HSV type 1 and 2 antycorps test.

The bad thing about herpes is that once you have the outbreaks (sort of blisters on your skin) ,they can be an easy carrier of any worst infection such as HIV,Siphilys etc....

10-08-03, 19:11
Sorry Marco that's not completely accurate.

True, one can get a blood test, and many people who have antibodies to HSV-1 or 2 will never express the virus (become symptomatic). But the idea that one can only become infected when a partner has an outbreak is false. It has been shown repeatedly that people who are asymptomatic can shed virus before or after an outbreak (the term is asymptomatic shedding).




For myself, the take home message is that if you are going uncovered you probably have been exposed. The good news is that few of us will actually have the lesions. Most people already have antibodies to HSV-1 or 2 so the damage has been done.

The other poster about Gonorrhea is also incorrect. Gonorrhea has developed very resistant strains to antibiotics that used to be effective (in the fluoroquinalone class such as Cipro). Unfortunately much of the resistant gonorrhea is found in SE Asia.



Interestingly enough, Syphillis is still very sensitive to it's old nemesis Penicillin.

10-08-03, 20:55
I WAS correct about the highly resistant strain of Gonorrhea in Pattaya. You can call Pattaya hospital yourself and ask. There they treat 15-35 cases PER DAY for Gonorrhea alone. The resistant strain has also increased dramatically. I spoke with the STD clinics Doctor's assistance who spoke fluent English. She told me they have actually had cases there of tourist dying from this strain of Gonorrhea because it spread inward violently and caused severe internal infections, spreading through the blood to other areas of the body causing death! Looks like my friend narrowly escaped this fate. She told me about 10% of the new cases they get in Pattaya require hospitalization for treatment via IV antibiotics! I don't know about you people, but someone should call in the CDC and have this looked into. If it is true, and people are actually starting to die from Gonorrhea then this information needs to be told to possible mongers.


Joe Zop
10-08-03, 20:55
Let's please also make an important distinction between Herpes Simplex I and II. Contrary to what Soujourn said, 90% of the world's population has not been exposed to HSV, and most especially not HSV II, which is the strain he's carrying -- genital herpes. Even the absolute highest estimates of exposure in the US, which has pretty much the worst rate world-wide, are around 80%, but that's for HSV I. Simplex I generally manifests as cold sores or fever blisters around or in the mouth. Simplex II is generally what people are worries about, and that's the one usually transmitted via sexual contact and called genital herpes. (There is a small amount of crossover between the two.)

Most estimates say the percentage of those infected by genital herpes or HSV II are between one in six and one in four, with the percentage rising with age (naturally, since it's incurable.) Similar rates are found in most of northern Europe and in Africa. It's absolutely true that lots of people never manifest symptoms at all, but a) there's really no way of telling whether or not someone's going to be that kind of person, and b) the lack of symptoms doesn't mean they can't transmit the disease.

So, Soujourn, there are still a vast majority out here who have every reason to be concerned about the possibility of HSV infection. And, while yes, you are more infectious when you have lesions, Poobah is absolutely correct that you can also transmit via asymptomatic (or subclinical) shedding of cells when you don't have an outbreak. In fact, because you exhibited symptoms, a lot of research says you're far more likely to be someone who sheds often and is more infectious. And such shedding happens randomly, typically three to ten days in the year. So while the risk is minimal, it still does exist, as one can't tell when those days are.

Bottom line -- if you're running around HSV II positive and going bareback then you're at best an inconsiderate jerk, as you're rolling dice with your partner's safety. If you were doing the same thing with HIV we'd consider you a felon.

Jaimito Cartero
10-08-03, 21:00
Just reading all these posts makes my balls shrink! I guess it's time to get tested again. I normally get tested once a year, but how I hate that Q-tip down the tip.

10-08-03, 22:14
Well all this talk about testing is great but lets get back to the girls and where to find them. Here is another one of the soapy massage girls from Sabai Land Massage. Lots of fun and unrushed service agian 1500 baht 90 minutes.


10-08-03, 22:28
Here is one from Sabai Land Massage if you like a larger chest. And yes she did have a little help with her shape about 65,000 baht worth of enlargements. The service was good and the price was right at 600 baht for the soapy and a 1000 baht tip for full service.


10-09-03, 00:24
Thanks for the pics! No offense to others, but the pics posted before, IMHO, did not really represent the quality of women I seen when I was there. Of course to each his own, and of course I am not one to criticize since I haven't posted any pics YET.


3 days...

10-09-03, 00:38
Joe, while HSV-1 has been (and still is) predominately oral, about 30% of genital cases are HSV-1 while about 10-15% of all oral cases are HSV-2. In the past it was assumed that HSV-1 and 2 were confined to one part of the body. This is not correct.

I think your figures on positivity are a little off, but the last time I reviewed it was for US only. I believe (and would have to check) that seropositivity for HSV-1 is about 80-90% while HSV-2 is about 30% (general population, higher risk groups may be greater).

I haven't heard of someone dying from gonorrhea. Usually untreated gonorrhea involves joint and skin problems. Even the resistant strains respond to Rocephin (ceftriaxone) which can be given IV but usually is a single IM (intramuscular) injection. There is a related strain (neisseria menningitis) which is one of the causes of bacterial menningitis which can cause death but this is different.

10-09-03, 01:06

A good buddy of mine that lives in PI came down with menningitis last month. He was in the hospital for a couple weeks and now has little use of his right arm and his mental health is questionable now. I didn't know this could be a possible STD related illness. Thanks for the info.

The thing that worries me the most about gonorrhea is that my doctor said it can be transmitted by a bbbj.

On herpes, I get fever blisters at least twice a year. One day after barebacking my GF, my dick had red spots all over it. They were not painful or itchy in any way, just looked bad. I went to my doctor and he took a quick look and said it was a yeast infection. I would have hugged the guy, but my pants were down! lol He gave me a pill and some cream. Problem is, since this I have come down with a yeast infection two more times in six months. I went to a different doctor the second time and she said it was a yeast infection as well, but only gave me the cream. One possiblity, with me anyway, is that I'm not circumsized. I know now that this can lead to yeast infections as well.


10-09-03, 01:26
I'm not one to questions your knowledge of diseases as you seem to have a vast amount of knowledge. I'm wondering if perhaps scare tactics might be the motive behind some of the information I received from other mongers and health providers in Pattaya itself . After-all the lady I spoke with via phone, was very well spoken, knowledgeable and spoke as fluent of English as you or I, but the key element is. "she was a female". Often professional type females are very resentful against us mongers or jealous of bar girls. They may be liberalized to the point of feminism and have a deep hatred for us mongers coming to her country and paying for sex. However her explanation behind what she told me sounded quite logical. She said, the bacteria has become excessively aggressive and resistant, and would often spread into and infect the blood. Not just the tissue. This would allow the resistant bacteria to attach to internal organs including the heart and in some cases the lungs causing heart and or respiratory failure in extreme cases. (this was exactly how she put it to me) She said this form of blood infection was very rare, but the form of gonorrhea requiring hospitalization was becoming very common in Pattaya. She said we are sending home 15-35 patients per day with the usual Cipro dose for treatment and about 10% are coming back with worsened symptoms and having to be checked in for treatment.

This could lead to a massive crackdown and closure of mongering water holes if they don't get this under control soon. My planed trip in December will now involve covering me pecker even for BJs!


10-09-03, 02:52
GT, I wanted to clarify that Neisseria Menningitis and Neisseria Gonorrhea are two different animals. NM is not an STD.

The only case where I can see someone dying of Neisseria G. is from a woman who gets PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) then lets it go to the point where it becomes overwhelming and kills her. There isn't really a male collary to this, but anything is possible.

Anyways, I realize I am contributing to this section becoming off-focus. I will confine my comments to the 'safe sex' section.

To do my part to get back on track, here's a personal photo of mine from Thailand....

10-09-03, 04:20

Covering for a BJ? Where the hell is Freeler now?


10-09-03, 05:12

I'm at home, thanks for reminding me:(, all confused.
Isn't this the P A T T A Y A page?

If you think I don't cover for a BJ you're wrong; I always do.
Only ONE girl ever (Angeles City) denied me a covered BJ and she went out the door, no payment.

Joe Zop
10-09-03, 05:41
Poobah -- getting numbers on this is to some degree an apples and oranges equation. Obviously, the further you move up the age scale the higher the percentage, so the more you screen out the younger side of the equation the higher the percentage goes. The CDC says the percentage of HSV-2 infection in the US is about 1 in 5 of the total adolescent and adult population, and most of the other independent places I've looked (no figures older than 2001) say at most 25% of the sexually active population. Some of the drug sites I've seen have estimates as high as 40%, but I tend to question their objectivity. Yes, specific groups vary -- for example, the HSV-2 infection rate is much higher in blacks (46%) than in whites (17%) and the usual socio-economic factors apply.

As I understand it, HSV-1 genital infections are almost always caused by oral-genital contact, and the rates of this vary greatly by locale -- with Japan and the UK, for example, long having a very high rate of it as a total percentage of genital HSV infections. You might be right that it's risen in the US, but most of the citations I've seen have put the percentage of genital infection by HSV-1 far lower than 30% -- mostly about 1 in 10.

GT, there certainly may be some scare tactics going on, but it's also very true that there are nasties out there, and it pays to be informed so you can decide for yourself the degree of risk you're willing to take. I've read that an uninfected person has a 75% chance of contracting herpes during contact with someone who's actively shedding the virus, with one in six carriers thought to shed occasionally without symptoms. If I presume that I'm good enough to avoid those with visual symptoms, that half of all TG's I'm with are carriers, and that my risk comes from the 1/6th of them who are randomly shedding HSV virus ten days a year, then my chances of coming in contact and getting infected are in the range of 0.17% every unprotected sexual encounter. So if I'm screwing a dozen TGs on vacation my risk of being infected with HSV-2 under that equation is about 2%, with the risk being cumulative (4% for two dozen women, 17% per hundred, etc.) Obviously, I can cut that with condom use.

I also promise that's my last note on this -- the safe sex thread is really where this belongs, and thanks again to SexReview for his pics -- I completely agree with mongering1 that they're more representative than some of the others.

10-09-03, 06:18

So, you sent an AC girl home with no payment? We all know she got her payment with the barfine, 50/50, AC is a pay before system. No sense in splitting hairs though.

You made the rest of them suck rubber? I am lost for words now. Now it is a little more clear how you get by on less money than the average. lol Just joking with you, of course you know that!


The Traveler
10-09-03, 06:53
hi jaimito

i do remember all the names and places, i also got pics and even mobile phone numbers but i won't put them on the net.
first, i respect the girls and their privacy, would you like that anybody makes your phone number public on the net and places a pic beside it so you could easily been identified as a hooker ?
second, some of these girls are less than 20 yrs old which could cause some probs for them if this info reaches the wrong places.
third, some guys would probably talk about the infos i gave here and therefore the girls could easily identify myself and go angry on me instead of giving me another perfect shot.

so just a hint, check uk bar at soi 7 and sexy bar at soi 8. it seemed to me, that some chicks are working like freelancers instead at the bar where you can find them most of the time.
i had to pay a bar fine when i picked them at the bar, but no barfine when we just went party or when i took them then.

one more thing, most of you guys think checking the id will give you 100% security of not taking an ****d girl. wrong.
many girls carry the id of a friend or a relative for entering discos, so as long as you don't know her real name and can't read thai
you will never know.

have fun

Jaimito Cartero
10-09-03, 08:41
The Traveller - Well, I'm not asking for their fingerprints, but a bar location and a name would be nice. I mean, most of the good information we get here is by being specific. I can understand if you don't want to publish pictures. It's not for everyone. I, for instance, usually only publish clothed, or semi-clothed women.

I've had many Thai girls ask, "You put on internet" and I'll say "yes", and they don't have a problem with it.

The Traveler
10-09-03, 11:07

Things are changing so fast in Pattaya, a girl that works at a specific bar today might be gone the very next day. Since taste differs, you might like girls with big breasts and due to your own size bigger bodies but this is just the opposite of what I like. Therefore I think everybody should look for himself and only attitude matters when recommending a chick. Even this might be different for you, cause I treat the girls my way and you do it your way. So any specific info about a girl might be already outdated on your next arrival.

Furthermore I believe that we have a totally different taste. I have seen a few pics you posted and - without any insult or criticism - I got to say that I wouldn't have picked any of those.

Anyway, if you really want to check some of those girls I have mentioned, try Wi at UK Bar in soi 7. Great attitude, nice face, very young.
Also Na at Sexy Bar in Soi 8 has a great attitude. She picked a few chicks and made great advertisement for me when we went to different discos.
Ning at the same bar is a very calm one with a beautiful face, very small body, easy to handle. Usually she has long term relations which prove her qualities.
Also Aoy at Tilac Bar in soi cowboy bangkok is worth to check. She had #28 as far as I remember. She loves sex and told me that I can have a shot whenever I want to. Sounds great to me, but I matched her specs 100%, might be different for you.

Have fun

10-09-03, 13:18
Like I said, you have no right to try to scold me and give me advice on how to better myself in this forum. You don't have the experience or knowledge yet accumulated, so don't act like your the teacher and I'm under your tutellage. Its embarassing for you. And I, like the previous poster have exactly the opposite taste on women than you and would never take them or give them a 1 baht tip. What good does it do? Will it help you get laid? Maybe for you it will. You remember, this is not the West. Tipping will get you nothing, but will raise prices for the next guy. Meaning the girl will think if YOU gave her extra money, maybe she can get away with more. Back to Pattaya info: The brand new hotel adjacent to the Lek hotel, 2nd road has very decent rooms for 500baht. Roomy, near the action. On soi Post Office, the Thip hotel has remodeled their rooms and for 350 baht, their clean, a/c/ fridge and 19" tv is a great budget value for the location. Checked out a motorcycle dealer on 3rd road, and was told if you purchased a scooter, they will store it for you upstairs for 6 months for 500baht, for when you leave Thailand. Beach road is the way to go guys! Last night found a gem amongst the old coals. A new comer, spoke very little english, but the translater was sitting there. 20 yrs old, hard, firm titts and ass, slim and tall for a Thai girl, in front of the Royal Garden Plaza 7pm, 500baht. Before leaving,she asked for 100 baht extra for food. No. Then 50 baht for taxi. No. I gave her a ride back on my scooter.

10-09-03, 15:13

"We all know she got her payment with the barfine"
Nope, freelancer!

The Traveler
10-09-03, 18:39

right, I would never take them or even consider to do so.
Wrong, I would tip them if they provide any (of course non sex) service for me.

I can't see any reason why a tip should raise prices.

10-09-03, 19:07

What a little cutie you posted! I wish I could buy a ticket today. Oh well, I have to wait til next year for more vacation time. But I'd better start putting some pennies aside. I might want to LT her for couple of days. [insert evil grin here]

Let's see, a couple dozen condoms, a vibrator, and a large supply of Vitamin V for this FUBO and I'll be finding my way through LOS like a blind man with a built-in cane!

Hey, has anyone tried the Vuka-Vuka supplement? Yeah, I know you young guys don't need it, I didn't either for decades, but time takes its toll and it becomes a matter of interest.


10-09-03, 23:49
SexReview and Traveller,

Seems to me that you guys are in Pattaya now.
What hotels are you in and how is the service?

Are there any clubs similar to the Eden Club (Bangkok) in Pattya?
I love this whole "yellow line" idea:D.