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Jaimito Cartero
10-10-03, 00:34
Traveller - Well, I like all kinds of girls, except for the fake breast enlarged type. Thailand is a cornucopia of interesting girls for me.

(General rant, not to Traveller) I've had the best time, and found the best girls through recommendations from members here. Don Gordo in the Costa Rica section told me about some very nice chicas there, and they were the best I'd ever experienced there.

Jackson, Elvis, Exon and Mickey Mouse in Argentina were a great bunch of guys. They'd give nice recommendations, and not blow a lot of smoke, like in some other sections.

I've been posting since the Atta days on WSG and I've always had the attitude that you have to give to receive. Many members don't post often, or just post enough to get Senior Status these days.

WSG has saved me thousands of dollars and led me to experiences that I probably never would have found on my own. Ranting and getting into flame wars don't accomplish anything. We're here to talk about women and perhaps living or travelling in different locations.

10-10-03, 01:03
I'm thinking about packing a carry on only for my trip to Pattaya next week. I only wear sandals, so no need for shoes. How many of you do this? I'll only be there for 6 nights, so I figure six shirts and shorts plus toiletries. I hope to buy some clothes there, if I get too much I'll buy a bag to check in. Since there is no in room internet I will leave my laptop home.

The main reason for my question is many guys talk about dressing up at night for some reason. I have only worn pants in SEA one time, and even then could have gotten by with shorts. I don't plan on hitting the discos or go to any temples.

I figure with only a carryon, I will be able to breaze through customs and the airport in general. Plus if I decide to change hotels it would be much easier. I might even do a sidetrip for a couple nights to Cambodia. My budget is so tight that I don't plan on much shopping at all.


10-10-03, 01:22
Mongering1, i never check luggage when travelling to Asia. i wear shorts and short sleeve shirts at tnight, and once in a great while a pair of jeans. TGs are used to falangs wearing shorts, as they realize it is much hotter than at home, and they really don't care. What they DO care about is what is inside your shorts. (on either side of your dick).
if you go shopping, you can get a small bag for next to nothing, and stil only have carry on.


10-10-03, 01:39
guys, i have abt a 5 days layover in LOS in a couple of weeks. have never made it to Pattaya, and want to go hang by a pool, and read a book by day, and check out the action by night.
I have read nearly all the posts, and many reccomensations on hotels, but i still have a question.
i am looking a for a resort style hotel, nice big pool, restaurant, on the beach, near the action, girl friendly. don't really care abt cost, within reason of course. don't really want a 5 story walk up, but rather something spread out.
any thoughts?



The Traveler
10-10-03, 01:49

well, I am just back from a two weeks trip to LOS. Maybe next time. I recommend Sabai Inn at Soi 2 for 800 baht or Sunshine Vista Serviced Apartment for 1.300 baht at Soi 3. Both are girl-friendly, very clean and very nice staff. The latter got a nice bathroom with separated shower and bathtub. Extremely clean, best maids I have seen so far.


I wasn't ranting or flaming and don't want to start a discussion over this. It's useless and doesn't lead to anything.
My point was, that you seemed to like different types of girls than I do. You can't argue about taste and therefore I don't. Furthermore I spend quite some time with those girls and I have seen them rejecting better looking guys than you (have only seen a pic of your pants, but it talks for itself). So telling you who and where won't help you. Nevertheless I gave you some names and locations, so what's your prob.

I also believe that you have to give to receive, it's just fair. Info about hotels, brothels, MP's, transportation and so on can be quite valuable for a newbie, but info about a specific girl won't bring you far. She might have moved, went home, got a long term relation or even don't like your looks or attitude or she might act differently when being with you. Therefore I will provide infos about how and where to find girls but no specifics about a certain one.

I think enough said about that issue, let it end here.

Have fun

The Traveler
10-10-03, 02:15

You can't have both, close to the beach and close to the action, since beach means - at least for me - Jomtien beach, which is a few minutes drive from south Pattaya. If you don't mind the busy and small Pattaya beach, the Dusit Resort, Amari or Montien should fulfill your needs. They are all located at Pattaya beach between Central and North Pattaya. That way you can jump on a baht bus and reach the action within a minute. All those hotels have 4 to 5 international stars. I never had a prob to get a girl upstairs - but that was many years ago - and I kept low profile.
Thai Garden at North Pattaya road might be a alternative, but I don't like the rooms, a bit worn down and compared to other hotels too expensive for the provided quality. Also not close to the beach and almost no taxis at night. Sugar Hut on the road leading to Jomtien beach, just in the middle between beach and south Pattaya, might also worth to look at. It's not at the beach but it got very beautiful decorated thai style bungalows and nice swimming pools. But keep in mind that they will rip you off at night in case you need a taxi.

Avoid the Hard Rock, totally overpriced, definately not girl-friendly and too loud for my taste. I like it calm at the pools to relax, but there is always horrible action. Also avoid on all costs the Twin Palms, it's very dirty. I know a few people who got skin diseases from the dirty sheets and blankets.

Hope it helps.

10-10-03, 02:54
thanks it helps a bit, but what abt the ones in your previous post? immediately preceeding your anwser to me.

just don't want to find myself in the same situation as i was many years ago, on my first trip to Phuket. stayed in Kata, and had to take a taxi for 20 minutes or so to Patong to find action.

If you had to reccomend just one, which wouuld it be, and is this walk in price or online booking? you mention the sunshine vista. is that also well located for the action?



Apac Boy
10-10-03, 03:41

next time buddy...after i make some more money here in China, I'll be there with ya...

Did u stay at the Penthouse again?


10-10-03, 04:06

Traveling light is not a bad way to go, but if you are one of the first few people going through US Customs you increase your chances of being stopped by them. I take a pair of sneakers with me if I was you, open sandals are great but at nigh in the dark closed sneakers offer more protection for your feet. I always travel with short pants, and only wear long pants on the plane coming or going from the winter weather. You really donít save much time as Bangkok Airport is really fast with checked bags.


10-10-03, 05:09
Close to the beach,

If you want to be close to the beach for a swim, Jomtiem beats Pattaya.
But if you want to be close to the beach for the the breeze and the sound of the waves Pattaya beats Jomtiem because of the plain and simple fact that Pattaya has way more action than Jomtiem.

Traveling light,

I went to numerous countries traveling light and I never got checked at customs anywhere.

Jaimito Cartero
10-10-03, 07:09
Traveller - The first couple of lines were to you, the rest was general ranting. Sorry if you thought I was flaming you. The odds of me seeing a girl from your recommendations are obviously lower in Thailand (as opposed to locales with less working girls) that other places, but it's nice to have a short list of girls/places to check out.

My main point was that I like almost all kinds of girls. When you look at how many views a particular picture has, you know there are lots of guys who actually go to Thailand and never post a thing. (And then there's the 90% of viewers who are just looking for naked girls).

Jaimito Cartero
10-10-03, 07:12
Mongering - You'll save 5-10 minutes at the airport. It's a pretty painless airport to arrive in. If you do buy a lot of stuff, you can find plenty of cheap bags to take home. Many airlines have changed their weight allowance (50 pounds max), but I doubt you'd buy that much stuff.

Jake II
10-10-03, 16:24
just left bkk 10/02. stayed 2 weeks first visit and had a great time. stayed at the pres solitaire. going back 02/24 for a month. will probably take a side trip for a few days.
my question is, are there any hotels in pataya with inroom high speed internet?


10-10-03, 18:52
International rules still set the weight limit per bag at 70 pounds. Even the US carriers that have gone to 50 pounds for domestic must allow 70 for international flights. Also, most airlines still gives members of their flyer programs the higher weight limits on all flights.

The Traveler
10-10-03, 20:06

IATA weight limit is set to 20kg

The Traveler
10-10-03, 20:42

I would choose the Dusit Resort over the Amari or the Jomtien. It is just what you are looking for. Only downpart might be a joiner fee, but not sure about that. Due to the size of all three, even sneaking in with a girl shouldn't cause a prob as long as the girl is dressed accordingly (no extreme shorts or ultra sexy). Usually security does not dare to stop you with a girl

Dusit Resort - no actual fee known

Amari published rates effective nov. 1st
Superior 125 - 135 US
Deluxe + 30 US
Loggia + 55 US
Junior Suite + 145 US

The Montien official rates
Standard (mountain view) 3000 baht
Superior (sea view) 4000 baht
Executive Superior (sea view) 4500 baht
Executive Deluxe /sea view) 5500 baht

Family Suite (1 bedroom) 7000 baht
Presidential Suite (1 bedroom) 12000 baht
Imperial Suite (1 bedroom) 15000 baht
there are more suites with 2 and 3 bedrooms

Try to book over the net, much cheaper rates available. Also Royal Cliff is an option. They charge you a joiner fee of 600 baht per chick and night but they have special offers right now. You can get a Mini Suite - 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 1 living/dining room, 2 balconies, free newspaper/fruit basket - for 46 US per person/2 days or in other words 46 US per day. That is a very good price for a international 5 star hotel which is still one of the 10 best hotels in the world.

My recommendation still is the Sunshine Vista in Soi 3. It has two small pools on the roof. Most people who stay there work in thailand. So very calm and not very busy. Just spent two weeks there. nice bathroom, not huge but separated shower from the bathtub. Also the washbasin is separated. Superior with King size bed, mini bar (small fridge), cable/satellite tv, phone, aircon, electronic in room safe will cost you 1400 baht walk in. Try to get them over the net or through your travel agent. Might be cheaper. Hotel is brand new (9 months) and very very clean. They clean the rooms till 4 pm, so if you like to stand up late, no prob. They also provide a late check out till 6pm free of charge. If you bring chicks you have to book a double - no joiner fee then. They will only ask for ID of the girls but even this can be avoided. They did with my chicks only once till they realized that I don't want it. Staff is extremely friendly and free of hassle. BIG C is directly opposite in walking distance of 1 min. baht buses too.
Only downturn is, that close by are two construction sites right now. One is the extension of the A-One Hotel. The view therefore isn't very nice, but I felt never disturbed by the noise. Windows are sufficient against the noise and it is not loud at all. Avoid room 703, aircon is very loud when the compressor switches off.

Hope it helps

The Traveler
10-10-03, 20:48

great to hear from you again.
Got your mail and saw the pics. Nice chicks over there. I like the one with the curly hair !
Maybe I will come to china once. you got to be my guide then.

Nope, haven't been at the penthouse. After I had seen the cockroaches beeing in my bed and even fridge I won't stay there again till they solve this problem. Also the maids have to change their attitude. They are friendly but lazy. Dropped a flower on the floor to check if they clean the floors as well. After 5 !!! days the flower was gone, so they only change sheets and towels but not the floor or the bathroom.

Do you contribute at the china section ?
Drop me a mail. See ya and

Have fun

The Traveler
10-10-03, 21:04

i'm in pattaya. some of the girls here look extremely young. maybe 15 or 16. my question is this if you are with one of these girls will someone call the police?will the hotel you go to call the police? do people here care or not?

thais usually look younger than they are to a certain age, but you are right, there are many ****d (below 20) girls around.
the answer to your question is : maybe.

usually the hotel won't loose a customer, therefore the leave it up to you, but if someone at the reception, who might keep the id of the girl don't like you, you can be in trouble.

so better check ids before you pick a girl. now is 2546 in thailand so any girl born after 2426 can cause trouble. but beware, many girls carry ids of relatives or close friends with them so they can enter the discos. check the pic on the id and ask questions like when did they finish school, how many years in school, where did they work before and so on. then add all the infos up and you come close to their age.

have fun

10-10-03, 22:20
Thanks, Traveler.
Seems that the nicer hotels are not worth the trouble.

I read your report about cockroaches at Penthouse some time ago. Too bad!! I haev never stayed at a place like this, Too cheesey, but wouldn't mind staying there for 2 days (minus the roaches).

Has anyone stayed there recently? How are the roaches?

I hate to ask this again, but are there any places like the Eden in Bangkok?

The Traveler
10-10-03, 22:30

I hate to ask this again, but are there any places like the Eden in Bangkok?

Not to my knowledge.
HappyWorld (close to Chonburi) or Manola (in Rayong) might be worth to look at if you like MPs.
I used to have great times - sometimes with dozen of chicks - at HappyWorld. Great interaction between the girls too, but will cost you a shit load full of money.

Have fun

10-10-03, 22:56

Checked luggage weight remains at 70 pounds on all international flights on American Airlines, NWA, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, Eva Air, Singapore Air, CP, etc. But in fact at least on the Bangkok end they don't care if the bags are overweight. Once the airline takes the bag it doesn't matter if it is overweight or not the will fly it to the final point.


10-10-03, 23:05

Bugs are a fact of life in SE Asia, even the best hotels have problems with them. Iíve been at the Penthouse several times over the last six months and never had a problem with bugs. Below is a photo of a standard room at The Penthouse Hotel.

About places like Eden in Pattaya. Try the bars on Soi 6 like the King Kong, any number of the many short time places on Soi 6 will give you services like Eden Club at half the cost of Eden.


10-10-03, 23:18
thank you so much, The_Traveller, you have been a great help.
will let you know what happens if I go.


The Traveler
10-11-03, 01:15

Don't know about american airlines and their weight limits for luggage. Just know that IATA limit is set to 20 kg. Most airlines accept 25kg without extra payment and with frequent traveler status or business class you might get 30+kg.
Sure any airline or connection flight will transport your luggage after it is checked in whether it is overweight or not.

The Traveler
10-11-03, 01:39
SexReview, Badass

Sure, insects of all kinds are a fact of life in all tropic regions in the world. Sometimes you can even find some in 4-5 stars hotels no doubt about that. But the latter are quiet rare occasions. Never saw a bug in any of the high class hotels I have been in thailand or even the cleaner middle class like the Sabai Inn in over 20 yrs now.

I wouldn't mind if there would have been just one or two roaches running through the room. But I saw many of them, running over my bed what I really hate and one also went into the fridge. They usually stay behind those wooden parts of the upper cupboards.
I was talking about that issue with the manager who claimed that he had some trouble with his pest control company. He doubts that they use only plain water instead of pesticides. Nevertheless, the maids don't work well too, like I proved through the flower I had dropped. They also never clean the dolls and pillows on the bed.

Maybe I had just bad luck with my room or maybe you didn't recognize them. They hide when you enter the room or turn on light. I have seen them on a daily basis and would have changed immediately but payed in advance (first time and will never do again) to get a better rate.

Rooms are decorated very nice and girls like them too. It should be mentioned that unless you take a mini-suite or up (1200+ baht) the bathrooms are extremely small, some especially in the cheaper rooms could hardly be called a bathroom.

They also have no pool (was under construction in April). More of a jacuzzi on floor four or five as far as I remember. Also parking a bike will be hard at soi Pattayaland. Parking of a car is impossible at all times. It's also a bit noisy due to the gogo downstairs and the others opposite.

My advice, check it for one or two nights and move as soon as you are not satisfied.

The Traveler
10-11-03, 01:47

About places like Eden in Pattaya. Try the bars on Soi 6 like the King Kong, any number of the many short time places on Soi 6 will give you services like Eden Club at half the cost of Eden.

Definately not.
Eden provides costumes and dildos, they also enforce two girls at a time and even greek style is available. Girls in Eden are really hardcore and will do whatever you want. Also rooms are better equipped and cleaner.

The bars at soi 6 are just bars with rooms upstairs. No costumes, no dildos. Most of the girls don't do anal too. Also rooms differ extremely in quality. Most rooms share just one shower, no porn video. Beds have been used for years, easy to see. Sheets are hardly changed after each session. Girls often use to stay in these rooms, just look at the belongings and clothes which are in the room.

I am really no friend of Eden bar in BKK, but it has definately a higher quality and provide different/better services.

The Traveler
10-11-03, 01:52

I forgot, most important girls are just bar-girls, not as hardcore as Eden girls.
If you can find a couple, good, but no guarantee that it will be as good as Eden and that there will be any interaction between the girls. Also take in count that every girl has its own limits. Eden girls have no known limits :-)

10-11-03, 03:48

You will find the same level of service in the Soi 6 short time bars. And the fact is Eden Club has closed all the rooms within the club. As for the quality of girls the Soi 6 girls beat it hands down. Also the price will be much less on Soi 6. I don't know about you but I've been able to get better service and girls at Soi 6.


10-11-03, 07:17
in the news - pattaya mail - crackdown?

banglamung district chief surprises followers by ďonlyĒ warning 3rd road bar owners

could officials finally be ďturning over a new leafĒ?

boonlua chatree

at 2:45 a.m. on october 1, surapol thiensuwan, banglamung district chief led a troop of voluntary officials and a squad of pattaya police to inspect restaurants and bars that might be violating the legal closing hour and serving alcohol to **** youths in the pattaya third road area.

after visiting the already closed dance fever in soi jirapol, the group of officials moved on to the rhino pub and found a huge flock of people still drinking in and outside the venue after legal hours. the district chief did not make any big scene, but only called the owner over to give him a warning.

the group then visited the beer hima bar on the pattaya third road, which was also still open and serving alcoholic beverages. not far from the bar, they found two young men angrily wrestling in the middle of the street. police arrested the two hot-blooded youths and transferred them to police station. but surprisingly the district chief let the party of drinkers carry on, and again only gave the owner a warning.

a bigger surprise arose when the group stopped at roi paed phan kaew bar. they found big crowd of police officers and night beaters sitting and drinking even though it was now 3 oíclock in the morning. the owner of the place was called over for a warning and let go.

The Traveler
10-11-03, 07:33

On my last trip - just a few days ago - I had some of the soi 6 girls as reported below.

Can't tell if Eden has closed his rooms down, cause haven't been there.

The difference between soi 6 and Eden club is - besides costumes and dildos - that you got guaranteed interaction between the girls and every girl would do whatever you ask for (not all do anal though). The soi 6 girls differ, everyone has a different limit.

True, some of the soi 6 girls and their services can compare to the Eden girls, but these are usually the ones which used to be in the business for quiet a while. Even if overall quality regarding looks seem to improve at soi 6, they still aren't good looking to me, just like the Eden girls. Therefore you are right, if you pick the old ones who look like Eden girls then you might get serviced like you picked Eden girls :-)

As I said, most soi 6 girls won't do anal and quality of interaction between chicks is questionable. Everything else can be same but don't has to be the same, especially if you pick the younger or new ones like I use to do. As long as you don't take a total newbie you will be satisfied.

At least it is definately cheaper. Barfine including room for about an hour is 250. If you want to take a girl with you BF is 350. The girls expect an extra tip for the provided services of 500. Attitude is usually very good.

Have fun

The Traveler
10-11-03, 07:44

Only selling of beverages after 2am or 2:30am is forbidden. If guests are just still sitting at the bar, it is not violating the law. Anyway, you can buy drinks at almost every bar around the clock. I used to go to soi 8 with my chick to get some rice soup or noodles between 4am and 6am and we still got served drinks of any kind at any given bar.

There is definately no crackdown, police only enforces closing hours - which means turning out the lights - at most bars and the huge discos.

usual closing times for the discos

Marine Disco 2-2:30am
Marine Plaza 3:30am
Marine II 3:30 - 4am
Marine Plaza Lek 4 - 4:30am
Boom 5am

Haven't been to Excite, so no idea at what time they close.
Hollywood and Stardice 2-2:30am

10-11-03, 10:12

You mentioned bar fines were 250 to 350 baht on Soi 6? I've only been to Pattaya a couple of times, and mostly stuck to Beach Road girls, but the few times I paid barfines they were 200 baht. This was in the last year. Do the barfines differ depending on the Soi or am I out of date? I can't remember but I may have gotten the 200 Baht down on Sois 2 and 3.

Also you said anal isn't easily available on Soi 6. I will be back in Pattaya in about a month. Where can one find anal? It seems there's probably a huge demand for this service. I'd be surprised given the volume of girls there that there aren't some that specialize. Guess its just hit or miss finding them?

10-11-03, 11:40
On the so-called crackdown, which doesn't exist - hence the '?',

To people who actually r-e-a-d it, the article clearly shows there is NO crackdown.
Again: There is NO crackdown.
It's business as usual.
There have always been checks like the ones described in the article, and there always will be.
It is the definitely the same in your hometowns and in mine.
It's just that our hometowns probably don't have as many bars and gogo's as Pattaya:) and of course police, where we live, may in fact enforce a law, every now and then, when they feel like it:(.

10-11-03, 23:17
Boy miss the WSG!

Could not use my computer since returning home from Pattaya,
WSG, those pop ups really killed my computer!

I be the first to omit that I don't contribute much to the forum,
my situation now is I can't run around like you other monger's
but I certainly read and learn alot from other's especially SA,
and Joe Z. I do much of my 3-Fs in Bangkok and Hong Kong.

But I have to contribute something on my last trip in Pattaya 30 days ago. I have a normal routine when I'm in Pattaya, let just say it'a like being in jail, can't butterfly! I went to the the Bank on 2nd Rd. one morning, usually go 15 minutes before it opens.This morning I was just sitting on the steps and reading, when a young lady came up the step's, my tongue dropped out and even at my age LittleBigMan, jump up like he had taken big V!
This women was wearing a nice sun dress, no stocking, and a sun hat, great body and legs! After a few minutes she of all people struck up a conversation with me, she wanted to know the time. Spoked very good english and came across to be very intelligent since she was asking me about the book I was reading.

As the bank open we continue to talk about things while we were waiting in line. She finished her business first and when I exit the bank she was standing there, like she was waiting for me. We continue to talk and it seem to me that she didn't want to leave. All the time we were talking I had to control LittleBigMan from jumping out of the zipper! Finally, I said I'm going to go eat breakfast at Apex Hotel, and would she like to join me. To my surprise she said yes! Throughout, the breakfast could not figure if she was a bargirl or what, but to make a long story short, there was alot of flirting going on and I ended up getting a room at the Apex. Times up will continue later!


10-11-03, 23:29
Hi, this is my first post.

I've been to Pattaya and it's my favorite place in the world. But, I've never been there for more than a week, so I never worried about hotel prices before.

This time I'm going for six weeks in November. Suffice it to say, I don't want to break the bank on hotel prices.

Are there hotels that offer weekly or monthly rates? Or can I rent a condo or bungalow not far from things? I'm hoping for $5 -$15 a day, and air conditioning is a must. I'm not willing to "rough it."

What about the girls? Will they go with you to a rented place? Or only a hotel?

10-11-03, 23:32
SR and Traveler,
Thanks fo All the info.
Will try to book the Penthouse for 2 nights.

10-12-03, 00:43
Freeler posted

"On the so-called crackdown, which doesn't exist - hence the '?'"

The crackdown is real and is in effect now, just take a Walk down Walking Street and you can see that there is a crackdown. Most of the clubs the girls are covered. Frozen, Big Willies, Polo all have been closed for showing nude girls, Frozen in fact was not able to reopen and is now under a new name.

Asked the mangers at any of the major clubs and they will tell you that there is a crack down on now. Just because the Pattaya Police gave some warnings for staying open after hours doesn't mean that a crackdown is not on. And it will only get worse as we get closer to APEC. APEC has already affected Pattaya and no one really knows what will happen in the end.

10-12-03, 00:55
Diamond A Go Go is a great little club on Soi Diamond. Below is a picture of May, taken a few months ago she really has a great set of headlights, the level of service was only average but very friendly in all other areas. The bar fine was 500 baht and 1000 baht short time and she was very happy. Can't wait to get back to Pattaya and the fun times.

10-12-03, 02:06
LBM- Continue's

Got a room at Apex, but didn't have any condoms, gave her the key and I went outside of the hotel and a few doors down there was a convienance store! When I got back to the room she had the bath running and was watching T.V. I went over to the bed and sat down right next to her, looked at her and starting to kiss her, from there we started to take our clothes off and whow!
what a body and pair of legs LBM was standing straight up!

From the bath I got her to the bed and man oh man she was a aniamal in bed, it was like she had not had it for sometime, which I could not understand! I, DATY for at less 20 minutes and she just kept on pushing my head into her, we switch to the 69 position and went at it again! During this time I play with her ass and from her response I knew LBM was going to take care of that spot too! Finally, I got on the condom and she rode me like there was no tomorrow, I flipped her over and she was going crazy on me and started to scream and dig her nail into my back and trying to bit me! I had to stop her because I could not let her leave marks on me! I finally got her up and finished her from behind!

Man I could not believe this was happening! While I was laying there I could not help but to think only in LOS!
You guys are thinking right now, was she a bargirl, go go girl, or what? Well, finally I found out that she is married to a doctor that
works at the Pattaya Memorial and he works alot and might be
a butter fly! She just lonely!

I only have her name, no phone, nothing, except our arrangement is that if she wants to see me, she meets me at the bank. I visit there once a week same time same day. Since our first meeting we went at it for 3 straight weeks. Best sex I have ever had! I'm returning in a few weeks and I can't wait to visit the bank again!

Previously, I had read SA, comments about lonely wifes, now I know what the hell he is talking about!


The Traveler
10-12-03, 09:22

Crackdown ? That's something different for me. Nowadays only the laws are enforced which are already dating back to my very first days in LOS almost 20yrs ago. Would you call it a crackdown if existing laws in your homecountry are enforced by the police. No, just Law and Order. Same in LOS. Anyway, police is still bribed by bar owners. A friend of mine owns a bar in Soi 6 and at third road. He tells me that he still got to pay for not being disturbed by the police. Sure, they also had some legal stuff to do. The bar downstairs is owned by one company, the rooms upstair by a different one. That's it.

Have fun

LOS Traveller
10-13-03, 10:53
Freeler, absolutely agree...but FYI:

I attempted to copy part of your post here to make the message more clear, but I guess that function is not active <?>

Anyway, last Saturday we went to Boom at 2am to wait for the 2:30 and 3am crowd (and get a seat). Right at 3am, all the lights came on and we were told that the BANGKOK police were in town again and had told them if they weren't closed, they WOULD be.

As long as the lights were on, everyone could sit "and wait". However, we left, because the last time they pulled that stunt, they returned at 4am, harassed everyone and made everyone take a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) test. Not that the test bothers me, but I don't want to be anywhere where the police are paying that much attention.

I don't know what happened Saturday as we left (and many of the people waiting) left as well.

We will try again this weekend most likely.

Bone Claws
10-13-03, 11:17
Hi guys,

This is my first post, so go easy on me if I make any mistakes. Thanks to all of the great post about the place, I was in Pattaya for 3 days last month and my girlfriend and soon to be wife, got very jealous. Now she wants to go see the beach, dance at the disco, and most importantly get some hot girl/girl action and a soapie massage with extras. I assume that Eden in Bangkok will be able to get her the action she is looking for, but I am not sure about the girls and places in Pattaya. Can anyone provide any information or recommendations on the girl/girl or couple action in Pattaya. Places or girls tag #ís would be of great help.

We went to Chicago Club and AB in TJ, but every girl I asked said that she doesn't do girls or wanted $300 US for 30 min. The street girls said the same thing. As you can imagine, I didn't get any kitty cat because she didn't get any girl/girl fun. I want to avoid traveling around the world to experience the same problem.

Here are the details from my last trip:

Two girls at the same time from classroom 2000? accross from the Big C near soi 2. Barfine $500 each LT $1500 each. I don't remember the tag #'s. Both insisted on dimmed lighting, only one smoked. Finished 5 times before they left at 10 am the next morning. looks 7.5 performance 7. One day to recover then a beach girl who picked me up. $500 ST. Lights on, great effort and lots of smoking. Paid $300 for rest of night and was not disappointed. Looks 6, cute face, small chest, c-section, performance 8.5. She told me the blue taxis are ripping tourist off and the fare should only be $20 and $5 for local Thai. Can anyone confirm?

10-13-03, 13:23
Pattaya: no noticeable crackdown. In fact, things are a little more orderly. What I mean is that the touts are not as hard core and annoying, like grabbing your arms or pushing you. People are well behaved/traffic orderly. You feel safe. If this is a crackdown, I welcome it. Tons of girls on beach road. Thousands of girls in beer bars and thousands more in go go's. NO CROWDS! I don't care what anyone says, YOU CANNOT GET A GOOD LOOKING GIRL FOR 2-300baht short time. You have to be blind enough to ignore the old age, battle scars, the fat body,the sickly appearance, the brown/missing teeth, the dirt under her toenails, and yeah then you have your cheap beauty. Last night scored a 22 yr old beach freelancer who said she came to Pattaya 2 days ago. 5'2, slim, short hair, no babies, firm titts, covergirl face . After a pretty long bbbj, while doing her doggie nice and slow, I admired the tattoo above her azz crack. Really took my time in 4 positions. Gave her the purple note when done, (500baht) and she was all smiles while giving me a wai and thanking me in thai. Her tip was a ride on my scooter back to where I found her. Hit the shawarma sandwich stall across from V.C. hotel. Scoped nice apartments on soi Bhuakow about 7500/month plus electric and water. Found a deal at the Furayama hotel on central pattaya road, across from Topps supermarket. Got them down to 500b/day with all amenities, clean, quiet but what got me is the bathtub, large bed and the large mirror as headboard. Pattaya- if it feels so right, how can it be wrong?

The Traveler
10-13-03, 18:32

totally agree in all points.
A beauty will never sell herself for just 200-300 baht, even when in need. She knows that she can get more, it's also a question of proud. Have observed it on my last trip just a few days ago. They were laughing or yelling on guys who offered them 800 for ST or LT. Everything below 1000 is out of discussion, but if they know and like you they will go for less. Was never asked about money, never negotiated a price beforehand. These girls are smart, they can sense a cheap charlie.

No insult or flaming, but I wouldn't take almost any chick I have seen on pics in this forum so far. Sure, those can be had for less than the standard rate, but who wants ?

Standard rate is still
gogo 1000 ST, 1500 LT and up
bar 800-1000 ST / LT
beach girls and soi 6 500 baht ST.

Stay in contact with some girls by phone. They also tell me no customers now in Pattaya. Can confirm, not very busy right now.

The Traveler
10-13-03, 18:42
One more

Currently I am targeting student and regular girls. Easy to find them on the net. Looks and amount seem to improve compared to a few months before.

Was chatting with a girl a few times, got her mobile and home phone number. Was also chatting with another one named Nut just once and got her mobile as well. Made appointments with both for my next trip.

Today I was chatting with both at the same time. Suddenly the first girl asked me if I know a girl named Nut. I said no, wonder how she can know, are they friends ?
She told me that this is her cousin and is sitting right next to her. What a coincidence ! They also share the same room.
After cooling things down they agreed to play the MTV DISMISSED with me. Both are very cute, so probably no one will be dismissed and hopefuly things end up in a threesome.

Keep you informed on that

10-14-03, 02:45

First one a question which chat site you use for Thai Girls?

Second recently I saw a report on news channel, somebody cheated on net an American by showing herself photo which were very cute & girl disappeared after getting money for coming to USA. Now police has found that she was showing him photos of Miss World. Just beware!!!


10-14-03, 04:33
Bone Claws,

I believe the blue taxis you are referring to are the blue baht buses. If you use one that is moving and running a regular route, the standard fare is 10 baht for foreigners and 5 baht for locals. If you get one that is parked they will want a higher fare which is why I almost never use one that is parked. For short trips I often only pay 5 baht and if they complain I may give them the additional 5 baht. Always have exact change because if you give them more than the regular fare they will ofter smile and just drive off or give you less change than you are owed. From the bus station to the beach area they usually change 20 baht. The last time I was in Pattaya I had a lot of stuff I had bought and hired a taxi to take me to the bus station for 50 baht. That was fair since then I was actually using him as a taxi and not just one passenger on a routed bus.

Speaking of being short changed, always count your change in Thailand. I always count my change and as soon as the clerk sees me counting, if he/she is trying to short change me, gives me the rest of the money. This usually happens when I pay with a 1000 baht note.


10-14-03, 07:20

Do you speak and read Thai? Because if you do please tell me where the regulated fare is stated as being 5 baht for locals and 10 baht for tourist or non Thais. The fact is I both read and speak Thai and have never found it written anywhere.

I'm not talking about the red and white signs in English that says

"The Regular Fare of Mini Bus In Pattaya Is Not Over 10 Baht Per Person."

Because that sign is not saying the fare is 10 baht, just that it is not over 10 baht. Besides most of the drivers cover or change the signs and try to charge more any ways.

NEWSFLASH: The Regulated fare is the same for all, 5 baht for a standard trip around Pattaya. Pattaya to Jontiem Beach or Jontiem Beach to Pattaya is 10 baht, that is 10 baht for everyone, Thai or Farung.

Some of the other sites have turn this into a major fight between those paying 10 baht and those paying 5 baht. Let's not have that happen here. If you want to overpay give them 10, 20, 50 or 500 baht, it is your money, but if you want to pay the correct fare just pay the 5 baht and move on.


Below is a picture of the sign in the Baht Buses.

10-14-03, 08:44

I do speak a little Thai but can't read it. I wasn't saying I had read it. I'm sorry if that's what you believe I was stating. I was trying to say. and obviously not doing it well, that the drivers generally expect foreigners to pay 10 baht. I usually pay 5 baht but if I don't have any change I know the driver is not going to give me change if I give them anything more than 5 baht. So I usually try keep a large supply of 5 baht coins with me but sometimes I do run out and end up paying more.


The Traveler
10-14-03, 11:49

I use Yahoo Messenger. Just use the extended search and you will find plenty of girls. Many thai girls are just there to make friends or look for a farang bf.

Funny story with this american guy and I got to say, I already received one mail that could be one of those. That mail wasn't very sophisticated. First to long, second proper language (my language is very difficult to learn) with just a few mistakes that seem to be faked, third pics were professional, fourth the girl was a real beauty, fifth the girl in the mail claimed to be a nurse age 33, the chick on the pic was a model of max 24yrs.
They/she also tried to get personal info about me and won't come forward with any info about themselves/herself that could be checked. I sent an appropriate message, will see what will happen.

I am not that stupid, would never send money. It's the same scheme like the Nigeria connection. Not only that I am quite familiar with thais, I am traveling to thailand for almost 20yrs, had a thai wife (currently in divorce) and speak thai, I also have thai chinese friends who could check it for me. So I will not end up like this poor minded american guy.

Anyway, what has police to do with it ? It's not against the law to promise something, receive money and not keeping your given word. I think police in my country would laugh about so much stupidity.

Have fun

10-14-03, 17:17
The funny story about the American guy getting ripped off was about an Indian girl who passed off pictures of a former Miss World (an Indian) as that of her. Now if he ever watched the world news he might have been ok. Anyway, the Indian police are looking into it, but it doesn;t look like anything is to come off it.

10-14-03, 17:24
Pix one of Miss World

10-14-03, 17:25
One more

10-14-03, 22:38

I posted a question about renting in Pattaya (condo or bungalow or apartment). My message got slipped under the new ones so I don't think many of you saw it.

Has anyone ever rented in Pattaya? Or do you all stay at a hotel? Do the girls frown upon you if you're renting as opposed to being in a hotel?

One little report I can make is stay away from that so called "Escort Service." It's not even an escort service.

I think one them is named "Blue Diamond" and the other is "High Class." They're both the same place. They want 2,500 baht for two hours.

The girl I got was a mother, I think she was at that bad time of the month with me, but no real evidence of this. Then she wanted to stop after about 20 minutes because she claimed she was sore. And she left and I didn't get the two hours.

Don't ever call this service.

The Traveler
10-15-03, 06:51

Why did you upload ash08.jpg ? Just a thumbnail, even less.
I think anybody who provides pics in a resolution like this (48 x 106) should be shot immediately :-)

Have fun

10-15-03, 12:14
When using the baht busses (blue pickup trucks) I suggest dropping the 5baht coin per person in the drivers hand, turn and walk away. Carry correct change. They are constantly on the lookout for UNSURE looking tourists with a question mark look on their face when they pay. If you give them a chance to bump up the fare, they will. Went prowling soi 8 last night and ended up with a tall 5'7" beer bar girl near the eastiny hotel. Face average but 20, no kids. Bought her an 80b ladies drink. She obviously was not in love with me but did her job by leaning against me as I held her in my arms. Those pretty and long toes in high heels got me imagining her legs around my back while entering her. We watch the street action and there hardly isn't any. Bar girls are bumping and grinding to loud music but very few customers. She seems very pre-occupied with her cel phone and tells me of her Irish boyfriend and shows me his picture. Said she stayed with him for 2 months until 6 days ago. I pay her 200b barfine after she agrees to the first offer of 500b for her. At the room she begins to shower and looks puzzled when I offer to wash her long sexy legs. Her phone rings and she leaps out of the tub to answer. Its his call from Ireland and she motions me to quiet as she will ask him for money. She walks into the hall dripping in her towel to talk privately, but after a while I mute the TV and open the door to motion her in as I see another guest propositioning her. She sits down while wiping tears and says to him "if you love me you will send me the money" and "I have to go now babe, if you love me call me in half an hour." This drama almost made me lose my hard on but sucking on her young , firm titts turned the tide. Watched myself fukking her missionary and doggie in the large mirror/headboard. The irishman never did call. "Nobody love me" she said. "I love you baby" said I.

Bone Claws
10-15-03, 16:01
Thanks for the info on the bus fare. I see that I got ripped off big time by asking them the fare. I won't make the same mistake when I visit next month. Do the buses run all over the city?

Jaimito Cartero
10-15-03, 19:16
Damn, I knew she was with another guy! And I just wired her $1000 Euros!


10-15-03, 20:16
Bone Claws,

They run all over the city, but of course some areas are serviced a little less than other areas.
The main point is: NEVER talk to the driver! Just get off and pay B5 if he's making a wrong turn and jump on another one.
Example: From Soi1 (BeachRoad) to TescoLotus on Sukhumvit is a maximum of three rides: B15.
The only higher and fixed fare in town for one person is the trip from the busstation to BeachRoad: B20.

The Traveler
10-15-03, 20:43
Freeler and all taxi driving guys

No prob to talk to the driver. Ask him where he goes to avoid a wrong turn. Talking thai is an advantage. Never tell him where you want to go, so you are always on his normal route.
I usually give 5 baht for a short trip and 10 baht for a longer ride.

Once a driver shouted at me when I gave him just 5 baht. I argued with him and told him - in thai of course - to behave well and to have better manners and that he would never do that to a thai. Thais on the baht bus could hear that too and shaking their heads about his wrong behaviour. Then I told him to give me back my money. He drove off. LOL

On an other occasion I also payed just 5 baht but the taxi driver - a quite old man - asked me politely to pay more. I did due to the way he asked for.

Anyway, keep coins handy, pay something between 5 to 10 baht and everything will be ok.

Don't understand why so many guys in this forum traveling on a budget. Just a few baht more or less won't change the world for you.
As far as I remember the main issue of this forum was where and how to get chicks. All other comments like how to save 5 baht for a taxi or where to buy the cheapest beer/water bottle should be placed in the general info section cause these rules are true for almost every country in the world.

The Traveler
10-15-03, 20:56
One more comment

Many of you guys post that they try to bargain for the services provided by the girls and that they agree on a special amount upfront and beforehand. I would never do so for different reasons.

First, agreed is agreed, therefore you have to pay no matter how good or bad the service was.

Second, the girl might, due to the fact that payment is low in her eyes, provide a low quality ride and / or less services (e.g. no BJ).

Third, in almost 20yrs only a handful of girls asked me about payment. I never tell them how much I will pay. Usually I say, i will be a cheap charlie if they are for me and I will be a good guy if they are good to me. Never got asked again after that. They understand what I mean and they can sense a bargain hunter. Only once - at my last trip - one girl insisted to know how much I will pay. I said "nothing", cause if a girl just goes for the money it won't be a nice experience. Money is an issue, no matter what, but there must be something more or you are doing a dead fish.

10-15-03, 21:19

I guess I did something wrong. I sized it at 640x480 pixels at 72 dpi as per instuction. Maybe Jackson can help me out. What dpi should it be.

The Traveler
10-16-03, 08:07

Hope you saw the smiley :-) at the end of the message.

10-16-03, 09:33

That posting about not discussing price beforehand was the best advice I've ever heard on this board. I was a big bargainer when I first got to Thailand and I am pretty sure it worked against me. Now I try to avoid the subject. Its easier to do in Pattaya I think where the price is fairly generally known and there's a lot of competition. I used to get gauged for 1000 baht per short time, and of course all the girls loved me then, in spite of my being a rather demanding customer. Now I generally don't discuss it and give a more reasonable 500-700 baht, much closer to the realistic market price. Most seem OK with it, though a few seem less friendly when I run into them again.

Here in Hua Hin there are a lot less girls per available free-spending tourist, so they tend to ask 'how much you give me'. Perhaps especially because they know I'm a long-termer, and therefore relatively likely to be a cheap charly (which I freely admit I am!).
In spite of the general price inflation in this town, I've had a few girls who never brought it up. They always turned out to be the ones that provided the best, friendliest service, and in some cases appeared to enjoy it a little themselves. I've even had a handful of freebies or offers for freebies, but of course that is rare.

10-16-03, 17:23
COUPLER / Apartments/ Pattaya

You were asking about apartments in Pattaya. I stayed in Pattaya for several months 2 years ago and so looked myself for a longer term bed. Towards the end of my stay there was a place I ran into quite by chance and referred by an ex-pat. Altho it is not luxurious by any means, it was run by a very friendly and honest Englishman and his wife.

It consisted of only 3-4 rooms and it appeared to be a large home at one time split into aptments. He was a way cool dude. Atmosphere is layed back. A/C, TV, kitchenette, Bath. Very in-expensive. If I recall it was only 4000b per month (170b/day). I didn't end up staying there becuase I opted to move onto Cambodia so I can't remember precisely were it is. However, In looking through my contacts prepairing for my upcoming trip I ran accross a business card which I am almost certain is the place. Everyones comfort level is different so you'll just have to check it out and see if it's right for you. You can't beat the rate and friendly comfortable atmosphere. Its on a small building on 2nd Road and Soi Golden Beach.

Address:: 519/100 Soi Golden Beach
Tele #(2 years ago) (038) 7202666- 7 (01) 5249969

10-16-03, 17:31

Oh yea, this would help, duh. The name is "Winner Apartment".

The Traveler
10-16-03, 19:11

About the "nurse" and my request for a phone number and my offer to visit her in thailand was answered as expected. "No need to visit her cause I am a sextourist." LOL
So if anybody got a mail from "chan-saphin@thai.com" beware, it's a fake, but I think you guys know that anyway.
Here are a few pics privided by saphin.

The Traveler
10-16-03, 19:19

Here is the second pic.

Jaimito Cartero
10-17-03, 08:20
Traveller - Well everyone here gets up in arms about pricing and tips and so forth. Part of my profession is in negotiating deals, and I know what my personal experiences in 10 different countries is. If you don't set pricing, then you only leave yourself open to problems and overcharging.

For many guys paying 1500 ST is no problem. It will erode the bargain market eventually, but it's your money. I'm sure your knowledge of Thai helps you from getting ripped off badly.

I personally negotiate all the services that I want, with prices and such. I have only had one problem, and in that case for bad service the girls did NOT get paid the complete fee. (About 30%).

If you want a girl to perform a BBBJ and you communicate that before she comes with you, and then she totally refuses, you would only be encouraging bad service/scam artists by paying her full fee.

Jaimito Cartero
10-17-03, 08:30
Dun - Well you may have downsized the picture more than you had meant to. It's about 10% of the size it should have. Most imaging software keeps the aspect ratio linked. So if you change the width to 300, the height is proportionate.

I always post the pics as large as possible so that you won't have to squint so much. By changing the JPG quality (to 7-9 if it's an original full quality pic), you'll reduce the storage size to 100-150k per picture.

For instance, this is what I got for 50 baht! Now I'm sure she's not up to most of your standards.

The Traveler
10-17-03, 10:30

I never had problems or have been overcharged. There is no way for that because I never agreed on a price beforehand, so I can pay what I want to.
Usually I stay within the standard price range. I also have no prob to pay 1500 ST - but prefer LT anyway - if service is superb, a girl at a MP will usually cost you more and provides the same service.

My payment always depends on performance !!!
Maybe the girls can sense it. I also never ever hand out the money, I like to put it into their purse, jeans or where ever. Might be that they check it (many do), but some don't and even don't asked me for money. Some are just too shy and are willing to go off even without payment. When I got the feeling that they don't know about the money that I gave them I give them a hint when goodbye.

Bargaining and negotiating on services make me feel bad and destroy the GFE. Sure I am hiring a hooker, I am fully aware of it. But playing around and tell them in a funny way what I want is much better from my perspective. Furthermore I still believe sex should be done without any laid out plans like what to do and when. Too mechanical for me. Just let it happen. A BJ is much better if the girl wants to do it rather than has to do it. You should also be very careful with a BBBJ, many deseases and even HIV can be transmitted that way.

The 50 baht chick on your pick is quite nice. I like her.

Have fun

10-17-03, 13:13
Sorry but I agree with Jaimito and alot of others on this board who definitely like to get the best puzzy for the least amount of money and that includes any and all personal preferences negotiated up front. I have tried it your way by not discussing the deal and hoping it will go my way. Many times have been refused a bj because it was not negotiated, or ended up with a girl who tried to squeeze me for more money because she "usually gets xxxx amount." This happened most frequently if I had to pay a bar fine. I almost always get satisfactory service. I think it's a bit strange that you play a game hiding payment after. I bet the girls deep down don't think its so funny. To each his own and good luck!

Joe Zop
10-17-03, 16:22
I'm generally with Traveler in that I usually don't mention or negotiate price up front for the same reasons, and I'm like him in tending to keep the whole money exchange thing fairly low key in most instances, often slipping it in her purse, while making sure she sees me do so unless she's a longer-term honey, in which case it doesn't matter. It's not at all a hiding game, and it does two things -- first, it helps maintain the GF sensibility, both for you and the TG, and it also basically eliminates any arguing over cash.

That said, it depends on where the girl is working. TGs from gogos, who are on the higher end of the scale, seem to more often bring up price up front, whereas I rarely hear it from beer bar girls. The one place where I make the exception is with freelancers, who in my experience are more likely to come up with outrageous prices at the end of things, and then go bonkers or wheedle if they don't get what they want. Those I sometimes will settle with in advance, unless I'm fairly sure of her personality. I'd also note that I tend to look for LT as opposed to ST, and in my experience most LT encounters have fewer issues about money directly -- they tend to be more about return encounters, going shopping, and trying to get you to send money from overseas :).

To be honest, the majority of the unsatisfying experiences I've had are with TGs where prices are settled up front, as it then often becomes a sexual checklist as opposed to a GFE. The few TGs I've kicked out have been ones with negotiated prices (except for a couple who were either a) wasted and useless or b) screwed up in the head.) Personally, as long as the sex is hot and my partner enthusiastic, the specifics of this or that act are secondary to me. The long-term girl I had in Chiang Mai my last trip wouldn't even do blowjobs, and it was a major adventure even to get her to ride on top (took two weeks to convince her she'd like it, as she'd never tried it before, was shy, thought she'd be bad at it and embarrassed, but boy, once she tried...) but she was still pretty much the hottest lay I had while I was there. I'd rather have some girl who enthusiastically tries to fuck my brains out than one who's hurrying through a list so she can say she did it and time's up and she deserves her money. That's one of the reasons why I prefer Thailand to Amsterdam. But as Bil says, to each his own.

10-17-03, 17:18
Joe Zop,

"That's one of the reasons why I prefer Thailand to Amsterdam."

Who doesn't?:D

Jaimito Cartero
10-17-03, 18:19
Joe/Traveller - Well if your system works for you, great. I personally will not go with a girl if she doesn't give a BJ. And while there aren't many girls that won't, I'd rather not have that surprise.

I guess in some respects, we'd all like to think that we're giving our Thai girlfriend a little spending money. We talk about hardened pros all the time, and yet many of us are the same. Looking for romance, perhaps?

10-17-03, 19:18
I'm on a one night visit to Pattaya and just had a great time on Soi 6. I walked up and down asking for girls who do the 'backside' - honestly I never know the best way to communicate this, and they really are like a needle in a haystack. Ended up with very trashy looking older (30's?) girl. Bareback anal with internal for just 750! Also she gave a fantistic BJ. Then strolled down to the Beach Road but it started raining and the girls seemed to have disappeared. After it stopped I was picked up by an off duty waitress on a bicycle, still in her uniform. Walked her home, planning a 'short-time' in her room. I always enjoy seeing the girls rooms! Alas, she was insistent on a condom so we parted ways with no hard feelings and no money exchanged.

The Traveler
10-17-03, 20:15

First, a BJ is nice but not a must for me. I instead like to do them long time in any position you can think of, therefore I want a girl who doesn't mind to get it done for an hour or even longer and who really gets horny or at least fakes it good enough so I won't know. Anyway, in 99% I get a BJ even without asking for it.

Second, I almost never experienced that "usually gets xxxx amount". This only happened on very rare occasions with some BKK gogo girls. Never anywhere else. I also don't discuss it with the girls, just tell them about their performance and in most cases they promise me that the next time will be better. Never took that offer though :-)

Third, I don't play a game by hiding the payment. I just don't put it in her hand. Girls who check their purse will see it immediately but others don't, so I got to tell them.

Last, I don't know how you look like, what's your attitude and how you treat the girls. But all these facts also play a role. They are human beings and if they really like you they are willing to do more than for just a customer. I never took a girl when I didn't got the feeling that there is more than just a business transaction, only MPs are an exception.

The Traveler
10-17-03, 20:19
Joe Zop

Well said. I am 100% with you.

The Traveler
10-17-03, 20:28

Not all are hardened pros. I prefer the younger and "innocent" ones. Fresh meat to say so. Only sometimes I need a hardened pro, but all these girls have the same kind of tool and I still believe that the use of this tool depends more on their mood and sympathy for a customer than just an agreed list of positions and tasks. Joe Zop said it all.

If you are happy with your system, go on, nobody critcizes it. I will stick to mine.

Romance ? NO !
I will do them and if good do them again in the future, why not.
If not, pay and walk.

Have fun

10-17-03, 22:58
Hi guys, Just my 2 pence worth I am a relative newcomer to Thailand and in total have had 6 Thai girls in 2 visits, not a lot by many standards but enough to report a trend.

I have never talked money before hand and after an all night session I have given each girl 1000Bht, not one ever looked at the money and they all wanted to stay longer.

I have never managed to make it to the pump station always got distracted on route but will try harder next time.

10-17-03, 23:22

The number of trips really doesn't matter, if it works for you, great. I will never understand why so many guys on the site want to fight over whose way is the best way. Just present your case and let the readers do what works best for them. No reason to start fights over these tings. Your opinions are just as important as anyone on the board.


Joe Zop
10-18-03, 01:10
JC, it's not romance, just human interaction as opposed to a clash of sexual automatons. There's a difference between being an experienced monger and a hardened one. I'm the former.

I guess this is mostly personal tastes -- when I'm eating, I'm happy to order the chef's special and let him/her make something up and surprise me (whether nicely or badly) as opposed to feeling ripped off if my plate's not precisely as described on the menu. Means I sometimes get fed things that are inedible, but also that I get to discover new things all the time. Success comes down to how you choose chefs.

Don't get me wrong -- like most guys I do love bjs (Skinless made great fun of me for touring the BJ bars for all my talk of GFEs) and I spent a fair amount of time trying to convince my aforementioned honey to give it a try. But to me the dealbreaker isn't this or that act, it's a partner who's uninterested or uninvolved in the proceedings or going through the motions to get me off so the baht will be forked over.

Bottom line: let us all thank the gods for the gems who do all sides of the equation, and that they exist in abundance in LOS!

Jaimito Cartero
10-18-03, 02:09
JZ - Well at least we can talk about it rationally. :)

There are probably as many different "styles" as there are girls out there. As you can tell from my pictures posted, I'd rather go with a non-model looking girl because there is likely to be better service and less hassles.

But that's from my personal experience. The times I've taken 9 or 10 (on my rating scale) type beauties, they've never been as good as the 6 who is great to be with, good bedplay, and a overall good GFE.

I'm not looking for starfish, or hardened pros, but I just don't accept the "up to you" answer. There are enough posts here talking about problems with it, that I'd rather skip any morning scenes.

I guess I'm partial to a good BJs, so it's higher on my list than yours. I've only had two "lackluster" ones in Thailand so far. Actually a lot less problems than, say, Mexico or Costa Rica.

The Traveler
10-18-03, 08:04

I can't see any fight, just a discussion, different opinions.

Joe Zop

I am totally with you.


You are right, sometimes the beauties might have a less nicer attitude than the "not so good" looking ones. The trick is to find out BEFORE you pick them.


Maybe move the whole thing into the "Opinions and Advice" section.

10-18-03, 13:35
If you have no qualms about touching/opening a thai girls purse, how do you feel about them secretly going into your wallet? I just want to mention this in case a newbie decides to take on your modus operandi. Take care.

Picked up a beautiful girl at the opening of Diamond street, south Pattaya. 24 yrs old, no kids long hair with highlights. After a ladies drink and bar fine she agrees short time-500b. Its so slow in Pattaya, girls are playing connect 4 and other games with each other. Getting out of the shower I see her perfectly shaped large titts of her hourglass body. This was not evident at the bier bar and I definitely suckled on them like the breast fed boy I was. After finishing I ask her to stay all night, but she refuses saying I should have mentioned it at the bar, because her girlfriend waits for her. Says, "I can take all night tomorrow if want." B.S. or not I am still horny.
Decided to go out again and stay out all night to see Pattaya late night life. There seems to be a type of thai girl that likes the "Arab" crowd. I was curious. 2:30 am after most bars closed/dim lights, I see a stream of arabs and girls leaving the marine disco for the hotel directly behind it. They are also going into other hotel discos in the Walking street vicinity. I was told some stay open until 9am. I follow a cutie into the hotel and proposition her in the lobby. Seems her friend and her were going to dance but she succumbs to my short time offer of 500b. Taking her back to my hotel I notice she is exceptionally clean, manicured and not very english savvy. Doing the nasty I find my dik in this certain position bumping into what I think was her G spot of the upper wall toward the back of her puzzy. Concentrating on this little piece of skin in her canal got me very intense moans and hip thrusts. She couldn't fake these orgasms and proceeded to sniff and kiss my neck. After, I ask her if she wants to sleep with me/long time, she says yes. We do it all again after sleeping all morning and afternoon, and I get her cel # and about 15 kisses on the lips. If I wasn't such a buttuhfly, I would call her.

The Traveler
10-18-03, 14:26

As far as I know and regarding to LEO.ORG there is a difference between the american and british interpretation of the word "purse".

A purse in America is a small bag girls/women use to carry with them for their keys,lipstick and other stuff. You used the british interpretation which equals the purse to a man's wallet.

I try to avoid to open their "wallet" and rather place it into their jeans or other places so payment is detected easily. Only in very rare cases - e.g. girls that stay with me more than one day/night - I put it into the "wallet".

Anyway, a good point, but you forgot the main difference between the two compared situations. If a girl opens my wallet she probably wants to steal some money, I instead will put some into it.

Have fun

10-18-03, 22:46

Did you get her name? She sounds alot like a girl that I met on the opening of Diamond street. (except the girl I know isn't enormous in the breast area) Same thing though, beautiful, hair with highlights, never doea all night, girlfriend waiting, etc...

If you don't want to divulge her name, does it rhyme with "ha?"

10-19-03, 00:25

On second thought, send me an e-mail. I'm just curious about her interaction with other customers. She struck me as very unique (not necessarily a good thing). I'm wondering if she's the same with others.

10-20-03, 21:45
I have been tryig to book a room for a couple of a days between christmas and new year, but..
Flipper House
Flipper Lodge
Sandy Springs
Pattya Center hotel

ALL are sold out!

What's the cahnce of me just showing up from BKK and find a room in a decent hotel?

10-20-03, 22:33

Many hotels are really not sold out but they don't want to rent a room for a couple of days, they are holding them for people booking the whole week or more. Just keep trying it is best to get a room now and not to wait. Also try calling the hotels and not using the internet many times it works much better. If you know someone in Pattaya have them go in and try to book a room now for you.

You should also try the AA Soi 13, Lek Soi 12, Diana Hotel, Second Road, the new Dynasty Inn Soi 13, also Eastiny Inn, Eastiny Place and Bella Vista all Soi 8 area. If all things fail places like the Marriott and Hardrock always seem to have rooms but you pay much more around US$100 per night, but you said a couple of days only. I would not wait until I was in Thailand to look for a room. Good luck, Christmas is great in Pattaya.


The Traveler
10-20-03, 22:42

SexReview is right, always plenty of rooms available in Pattaya. The hotels he mentioned are all in the same price/quality range of your preferred ones. But I think there should be no prob to find a room on arrival. Also try Ice Inn opposite Mike II close to the 7/11. Prices will rise around Xmas and New Year but still many hotels far below the mentioned US$100.

Have fun

10-21-03, 12:32
This may or may not be the girl you know. I got her name, but like all the others, forgot it 2 minutes later. She was at the 2nd bar in from walking street on soi diamond, the center row. I think she kinda looked philipino, but not dark skinned, taller than the average thai. I believe she would have gone all night, why would she offer it later? Her body was a perfect 10.

There are always a large selection of rooms in Pattaya, in all price ranges, at all times of the year. I have never made a reservation nor needed it for rooms in my price range 400-800baht/day- weekly rate. They are still building hotels and will be doing so forever. The Mike supermarket took over and refurbished a beautiful hotel near soi 3? The rooms in Pattaya will never, ever be sold out, ever!

10-22-03, 00:37
to sexreview and traveler,

i hadn't tried the typical 4-5 star hotels because of their guest policies. you are right, they dont want to book a room for only 2 nights.
i am sick of these mariotts and hyatts and wanted to try a local favorite like penthouse, but they have declined twice.

anyway, i just got confirmation from sunbeam...bht 2900/night for deluxe room. i have read mixed reviews on it's quality.

you think that it's wise to drive from bkk without having reservation, even around christmas time?
i can see myself standing out there on walking street with my luggage in the middle of the night!

might get raped by a whole bunch of tgs...hmmm..:)
(i'm going to cancel my reservations:))

10-22-03, 12:57

Yes, we're definitely talking about the same girl. She's a 10 in my book to. I don't go less than 9. Something about me, my standards shoot through the roof as soon as I set foot on Thai soil.

Anyway, let me know if you take her up on that all night offer. Maybe her attitude is changing, more money. Then if she says only ST for me, I'll say, "But you did all night for my buddy Bil."

And make sure to tell me the price too. I don't want to pay her more than others are giving her. And don't believe her, "I'm not really a regular prostitute" story.


There are always rooms available. The hotels don't like to let travel agencies and such do too much booking. Than they have to give a cut to the "recruiters." You walk in the lobby, the only one who gets your money is them.

I stayed at the Sunbeam hotel last February (the busy season). They would only book for one night through the airport service.

Then when I got to the desk, they said one week was no problem. For a bit of a higher price of course. Nice rooms. Make sure you ask for a balcony room pointing toward the beach.

And I paid 1400/night for a really nice room like that.

You booked for 2900? That's steep. I'd say you're getting ripped off.

10-22-03, 19:19
My 1st trip to Pattaya was around 20 years ago in the 1980, yes I am an old guy.

The only massage parlor was Sabialand massage parlor.the exchange rate was around $ 1US =28 baht.

I stayed at the Dusit Resort. there werent to many places to stay then. they were not many clubs, resturante,beer bars then.

My other trip to Thailand was in may 2001 I went to Bankgkok stayed at Presidente Hotel. it is about half a mile from Little darlings Massage Parlor.Then went to Pattaya and was very surprised from all the build up of shopping malls,open beer bars, many massage parlors,and the famous Walking street.The exchange rate was around $us 1=38 baht.

My other trip was in Dec 2002, went to Bangkok, Phuket, pattaya.

That was 1st time to Phuket. nice crowded beach. many bars,and clubs with woman in them I think i went to RockHard disco.

I perfer Pattaya. there seems to be a younger crowd of Thais.and hotel and massage parlors are cheaper than in Bangkok.

I did go to Sabia Massage Parlor and stayed at Sabia Inn hotel.Also went to walking street and pick up a girl forgot what bar .

I did visit some massage parlor in Bangkok but felt they were overprice at $ 4000 baht for superstars.I dont know what the prices are now?

I just came back from 17 days in Brazil. and got to say the woman are better looking and give better bbbj.Visit the termas in Rio de Janeiro. almost like the massage parlors in Thai except they dont give you the soapy massages.but they walk around in thong type outfits and you can talk and touch them and they touch you.They also have a steam room and hot suana,showers and a relax room=tv with chairs.

I plan to go back to Brazil in 2004.

The Traveler
10-22-03, 23:27

Bht 2900/night at the Sunbeam sounds totally overpriced to me. The Sunbeam is just a middle class hotel with 3 stars at best. Location is good, but for that amount you can get almost everywhere a room. Cancel it as long as you can.

10-23-03, 00:22

One more thing about the Sunbeam Hotel it is a tour group hotel, everyday bus loads of Asian tourist come to it. They even have a large parking lot so they can park a dozen or so buses. This information don't make the hotel bad, but should be noted. On a up note Sunbeam Massage is a great place for foot massages and Thai massages, if you take the girls out extras are available.


10-23-03, 17:31
My answer is YES. There is always rooms at the upscale hotels, which I am guessing you prefer. The rooms that are usually sold out are the Budget hotels for 400-800baht. If you think you might lose sleep over it, book a room or two online for a week and cancel. Christmas is not like a western holiday time in Thailand. Sure the europeans come to escape the snow, but its Summer in Australia . You will be able to find a room in the Siam Bayview hotel, the Pattaya Centre hotel, The Nova lodge, the Mike hotel, the Marriott, the Hard Rock, The Eastiny, Sabai Lodge, The Flipper, and the list is almost endless. Lots of other people make reservations and cancel too! I GUARANTEE you will never be standing on the street with your luggage in one hand and your joint in the other, with no place to stay. (one of the 10,000 girls for hire will help you with the latter) Have a helluva time!

10-24-03, 00:06
Well guys,
Overpriced? touristy? only a 3*?
I agree with all of you, so.....screw it.
I am canceling my reservations.
I'll show up in Pattaya.
A little adventure never hurt anybody!

Pattaya Bound
10-25-03, 18:53
The traveller is incorrect. A purse in England is strictly for women. Men use wallets. I have never hidden money from girls. Perhaps I am naive but I have never found it a problem.

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Pattaya Bound
10-26-03, 09:11
I have never negotiated price unless the girl brings up the subject, and have never had problems when I don't. I simply pay the girl depending upon how good she was. One girl recieved only 500 baht lt because she simply did not perform, whereas a girl who is hot can expect at least double that if she is willing. I think that is the key the more a girl likes you the more she will do.

Regarding BBBJ, it has simply never been an issue. Every girl I have been with in Thailand has simply got down to business. Some don't even want to wear one for sex, fuck that idea. I am not crazy for anal but I have been offered it by some girls freely.
I only ever tell the girl that I have some lingerie back at my hotel for her to wear and I'd say 90% are happy with this idea especially if you take the same girl again.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

10-26-03, 22:34
pattaya, october 2003,
i knew this trip would be my last for the year and had big hopes. i didnít let myself down. i upgraded to business class on china airlines. i only packed a carryon backpack thinking i may end up changing hotels or even a trip to cambodia. even though neither happened, not having to wait around in baggage claim was nice. i had reservations at flipper lodge on soi 8. i picked this hotel because itís in the middle of the middle of the action and because of the in house massage service offered. i will say now, i didnít use the massage service here knowing that full service was offered and i didnít find the girls attractive.

the ride to the hotel was great compared to the usual ride to angeles city, pi. shared a ride with a monger from denmark and was checking in less than two hours later. i didnít bother showering first since the only thing on my mind was a soapy. i walked down to second street and hopped on a baht bus to sabie land massage. i wanted a change, so i got a bleached blonde spinner with big hooters. she seemed a little stuck up at first, but i managed to get her laughing and it turned out spectacular. i felt great afterward and very clean, inside and out.

from there i walked down to eís favorite foot massage place and got a two hour session form porkerís girl. she recognized me as eís brother from last trip and would blush and giggle when i brought up porkerís name. she really likes you buddy! i fell into a light sleep and was in heaven by the time it was over. this girls is strong! next time i will warm up with a weaker gal first, lol.

i then took a baht bus down to pattayland 1 to look for the girl that stole my heart last trip. well her bar was closed. it was around 7pm by now and i enjoyed a few beers at the beer bars here. this is one the top three streets for short time beer bars imho. i was supposed to meet up with kuhnmor at the flb bar on walking street at 8pm, so i headed down a little early.

had a couple beers before i spotted kuhnmor walking in. my new denmark buddy showed up too and we chatted over a couple beers. i asked kuhnmor to show us the latest hotspots on walking street. i was exhausted by this time. even in business class i didnít get much sleep on the plane. add to that a soapy, a great two hour foot massage, and who knows how many beers, i was anxious to bar fine and get horizontal. kuhnmor didnít let us down. he showed us a couple bars with total nudity and some real hotties. had some fun playing around with the girls. all were very sweet and nasty at the same time. i wish i could have hung in longer on the barhop, but my eyes fixed on a dark skinned spinner with a perfect bubble butt. i bid farewell to my buddies and took my barfine back for some fun.

on the way to the hotel i was rubbernecking at all the eye candy. i hadnít even seen soi 8 at night yet, but when we were walking towards the hotel i was amazed and in total awe at the amount of flesh on both sides of the streets. it was an ocean of tgs. here i was walking hand in hand with my barfine all the while thinking how i couldnít wait to swim in this ocean.

up in the room i made the realization that i had barfined a girl that i would consider less than pretty. ok, her face was brutal in the light. so i turned off the lights and we had a lot of fun. i turned it into a short time afterwards and sent her on her way. i walked about 50 feet towards second street and spotted a solid 9. she played the very shy act, but logic dictated that she had experience. so i played along and ended up with sweetness with a nasty finish. this got me through the rest of the night.

the next morning she woke me up with a smile, between my legs! after cleaning up we went downstairs and ate breakfast at the hotelís restaurant. i will take the time now to say the flipper lodge is a very nice hotel. the room was completely silent. the staff were all attentive. i have no complaints at all. the restaurant was ok, nothing special, but nothing wrong either. i sent the bargirl on her way and went to the internet cafť. i saw some postings on the king kong bar on soi 6 and wrote a note to check it out. i finished up my emails and walked a little further down soi 8 to a massage place. i got an hour foot and an hour thai massage. this place was very nice and clean, and the massage was excellent. i would be back many times.

ok, now to check out this king kong bar that was the supposed equal to eden club. i have never been to eden club but have heard enough stories and seen pics and vids that had the idea. well the king kong bar itself was the standard beer bar just looking around. a fairly nice looking girl latched on to me outside and brought me inside where i ordered my first beer of the day. she was practically begging me to take her upstairs, all the while massaging mr. happy. i told her i wanted two girls and pointed out a girl outside. she brought her inside and i laid out my desires. i made sure each of them understood and agreed before we headed to the short time room. my last trip i bragged about how nice the short time rooms on soi 6 were, but this room was slightly above santos street short time rooms in angeles city, pi. but the girls looked good and that was all that mattered.

we all cleaned up from the barrel of water in the bathroom since there was no running water. hmmm, what is worse, alcohol clean up or freezing cold water splashed on your groin? we made it to the bed and the second girl starting her hoover action right away. soon the first girl joined in and took over. my god she sucked hard. i felt like i had to take a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) the entire time. after a few minutes, i nudged the second one down to my crotch. this didnít have the effect i had intended. the first girl stopped and started kissing and sucking my chest and neck. i told them i wanted them to do it together and made hand motions of moving them closer. they ended up making out with each other. they got down to business fast, french kissing passionately, fingering each other and quickly assumed a 69 position. i was thinking what the hell is this? i interrupted them and told them i wanted them together doing me! they both wiped off their mouths, apologized and proceeded to make me very happy. all in all a very nasty experience, so i highly recommend king kong bar.

i hopped a baht bus back to soi 8 and got another two hour massage. i had to stop the foot massage portion as it was too painful. iím thinking the extra strong massage from yesterday was catching up. so i opted for two hours thai massage. i then headed to soi post office where i got a nice bbbj at the pump station. i love this place. within 5 minutes of walking in, your dick is in a girls mouth.

afterwards i headed back down to pattayland 1 to see if the object of my desireís bar was open yet. it was. she was sitting at the bar talking to a customer when i spotted her. she looked up at me and got a puzzled look. she excused herself from the guy and sat down to her dinner at the table next to the bar. i asked her if she remembered me. she said she did and seemed happy to see me. i asked if she would like to go with me and she jumped up and down and gave me a big hug and kiss. i paid her bar and talked shit with an australian dude while she went to get ready. he told me a little history of this street and that it was his personal favorite escape.

when pun was ready we went down to the flb bar to see who might be there. i wasnít ready for action at the time, so we hung out there for a couple hours. the momasan was enjoying a shoulder massage when we walked in. i asked her how did she manage that, she replied, i give her 100, but itís up to you. i told her to put me down for next. it was very nice, enjoying a cold beer, my fantasy girl by my side, a rockiní live band, and an expert massage in a comfortable bar. i could have stayed here all night, but pun was looking too sexy. we left and i got something to eat on the way to the room.

pun didnít disappoint me at all in bed. just like last time. i know i fall in love way too easy, but i just couldnít get enough of her. i paid her bar the next morning and we hung out all afternoon, doing some shopping and sightseeing. after a little afternoon delight i went down for a thai massage on soi 8 again. i was in a trance it seemed. when i woke my masseuse was cuddled next to me. she said she tried to wake me but i looked too happy lying there. i went back to my hotel around 6pm, had more fun with pun and passed out. woke up at 5am!

ok, pattaya is great for daytime activities, but not so at 5-6:30 am. i walked around looking for a internet cafť open, or even a place to eat. seems all the restaurants in area opened at 6:30. by the time i searched all of sois 7 and 8 the restaurant at my hotel was open. i knew pun would want to sleep in so i ate alone. i got a dreadful shave from the in house salon. it was awful. i did not repeat. after checking my email i went up and woke pun. i felt myself falling for her again. i had made a few mistakes in philippines before, letting my plastic heart get in the way of my mongering. i have paid dearly for these mistakes and decided not to let it happen again. i told pun that i wanted to be on my own and let her go. she walked away without looking back. that was the last time i saw her.

i had so much fun my last trip on soi 6 that i decided to check it out again in the daylight. i passed on king kong and headed further down. i spotted a pretty girl sitting in a salon. i decided now would be a good time to get a manicure and pedicure. the girl looked very much like an ex chinese girlfriend i had in the us, except younger. a lady boy was there as well. she was very nice looking. i could tell she was a man, but only because my radar was on high alert. she ended up doing the make up for the girl that caught my eye. in walked another lady boy. she sat down next to me and started flirting. i was amused and we had the whole salon laughing hysterically. she knew i wasnít interested and the whole time was joking only. i definitely did not want to pork her.

it just so happened that the girl getting her make up done worked in the bar next door. she was very quiet and did not speak english. i ordered a beer in her bar and one for her. she slowly warmed up to me, getting braver by the minute. seated at the bar was a dude with his fingers in a very ugly girlís ass. she was bent over the next bar stool and he was doing everything to bury his hand up her ass. his other hand was finding itís way between another ugly girlís legs. when i say ugly here, i really mean ugly. i couldnít get into pun2 much as the sight was gross, but i still couldnít just not look. after he left i felt a lot more at ease, even with the lady boy down the end of the bar winking at me. i didnít want to pork her either!

pun2 and i were getting to know each other inside and out. i would look around occasionally and she asked if i would like to take another girl. i looked around and didnít see anything special. i needed another beer and a goddess came out of nowhere with it. she was a tiny spinner with d cups. cute face and a three inch tongue. pun2 said she was her best friend. i asked if her tits were silicone. she pull down her top to let me see for myself. wow, perfect! she said she was 18, i checked her id not really knowing what i was looking at, and said ok for both of them.

we all three went back to my room and took showers. i have a habit of saying ďoh my godĒ a lot. well her name was goi, so i soon started saying ďoh my goiĒ. her body was absolute perfection. no fat, but not skinny. she had a nice bubble but and those tits! perfect hour glass frontal and an improbable profile. funny how i didnít even think about pun the rest of the day.

we all got in bed and started making out, touching groping, all that. they took turns going down on me and rimming my ass. this is the greatest time of my life! we did so many positions. for the first time, i went down on a girl side by side with another girl. both of our tongues together licking pussy. goi was shaved smooth and pun2 had a bush, i had it all! i literally mounted pun2ís face while goi tossed salad from behind. i finished with goiís ass in the air in the lazy dog position while punís tongue was giving me a prostrate massage. i hadnít had a vitamin v yet this trip, but managed to last at least an hour and a half with these two. we all collapsed into a short nap afterwards. i had intended on short time when i set out earlier for soi 6, but i decided to keep these two all night. we would repeat the experience two more times this night and one more in the morning. i honestly canít imagine life getting better than this. we did a little barhopping as well and at the english restaurant on soi 7, excellent food.

the next day i sent the girls home. i told goi that i may see her later as she mentioned she was even better by herself. i had to see this. the girls left the room while i cleaned up. the phone rang minutes after the girls left. it was the front desk making sure it was ok for the girls to leave. now that is good security.

after i cleaned up i ate at the english restaurant and couldnít finish the superman breakfast. it was huge. then i checked some emails. made another stop in at the pump station. got a very good girl that actually swallowed this time. the way she was going on about it afterwards made me believe this was not a normal thing for her to do. she seemed a little embarrassed by it. she was the prettiest girl iíve seen there, and would have been tempted to barfined her except for the fact she told me she had 5 other customers that day before me.

then i made my way down towards pattayland 2 and second to world massage. i decided on a two hour massage but ended up with four. i had been here a few times on my first trip and the service is top notch. the girl asked if i wanted to see her when she got off work. i politely declined. she was pretty, but i was all about performance on this short trip.
from checking the internet, classroom was the buzz word of the day. i check it out on pattayland2. i didnít see any total stunners here, but a very light skinned mixed race girl was looking very cute and so, well lack of a better word, schoolgirlish. she was very attentive in the bar and would look jealous when my eyes wondered. so having looked around at all the selections, i thought maybe the word was for classroom2 on soi 1 i think. i made my way there and was very disappointed. the entire bar was smoke filled to the point my eyes were burning, and i was the only customer in the place. i didnít see one bar-finable girl there and headed to soi 8.

on soi 8 i ended up short timing twice within two hours. both girls were fine, but not spectacular. so i go to soi 6 and grab goi. we went down on walking street as i wanted to scope out some bars for tomorrow night. we had a few at flb bar then back to the room for a vitamin v enhanced super session. she was better alone! i swear i would marry this girl tomorrow! but, she had an older english boyfriend that her family already approved of. he didnít know she was working still, but she said she needed the extra money. i think she is a nympho. she is also the only sea girl i ever seen taking birth control pills. her conversations were very intelligent, especially for an 18 year old. no bullshit with her either. she even said i was not all that hansum and my dick was not the biggest sheíd ever seen, lol.

as much as i wanted to keep her for my last night, i knew i couldnít go home with this low of a body count from 6 nights. i wished her well and truly miss her still. did my usual rounds my last full day. couple hours thai massage and a short time with an unremarkable open beer bar girl.

in the late afternoon i was walking towards my hotel on soi 8 when i spot a thin girl with nice c cups. she was very pretty and funny to talk to. we joked around in her bar and i got the impression she was just the bartender or something, and not really available for barfine, at least it seemed this way. when i said i was leaving, she asked me where i was going. i told her my hotel and she said, ďok, i go with youĒ. like it was her decision for me to have her. fine by me. i wasnít expecting much from her. she seemed too pretty to get down and dirty. well she sure surprised me. she was a gem, not near the level of goi, but far above average. at one point when she was riding me, she took my hand and placed it on her stomach. i could feel my dick inside her. she was not so skinny as to look anorexic, but her waste was slightly bigger than my upper arm. we played for a couple hours and i began thinking about the clock. down to under 18 hours left.

tonight was supposed to be my trophy night, but i couldnít get the girl from classroom off my mind. so i went there and left with her. i stopped by flb bar and met up with bigd and had a good bs session. i left him there to go try out my classroom girl. well, she was not up to speed in the bedroom. she said she didnít smoke, i told her i wanted her to so she did. the rest was just like in high school. everything seemed uncomfortable to her. i knew she was trying and that she did like me. but time wasnít my side and i dropped her back to her bar with a good tip. she was crying when she realized i was leaving her there. she obviously was hoping for long time. i then set off for the trophy hunt.

bigd recommended super girl and or super baby. i checked them both out and nothing jumped out at me. went to a few more with no luck. i was walking by the thai boxing ring when the fight captivated me for a few moments. saw a clean knockout. then i saw living dolls go go. i had heard good things about this place. i walk in the door and a knockout in her own right was just coming off stage. i took her hand and helped her down. she was built like a brick shit house. mission accomplished, maybe. i bought us drinks and we played around a while. then it was her turn for a show. i started to protest, but didnít when i saw the other girls stripping down. i figured i might as well get a peak at the unwrapping before i committed. the minute she took off he clothes i told mommy that i would pay her barfine now and get her back to me. she seemed a little too happy to be going with me. come to find it was her first week working in pattaya after moving from bangkok. iím guessing the apec shit had something to do with that.

we went to flb so i could say goodbye to my new friends there. i very like this bar. although the girls here are not my type, they are very fun. hindsight tells me i should have bought more lady drinks there, but there is always next time. some fellow mongers taught me about having a ďsafeĒ bar, a bar that you donít barfine from so itís drama free to bring other girls to. we had a couple drinks and headed back to the room. this girl was a real sweetheart. i was expecting the cold mechanical act from her. but she was probably the most affectionate girl i had. the sex was great, but still not up to the level of goi. she even massaged me for two hours while i watched the fox news. she was very aggressive in the morning, practically [CodeWord125] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord125) me. she spoke no english but we still got along like long time lovers. she seemed to be able to predict my needs. this session was the definition of gfe. later at breakfast she asked for my phone number. this made me laugh. i made with my hand like i was on the phone with her and said ďhelloĒ, then motioned her to reply. she laughed out loud when she realizes phone numbers would be useless for us. i gave her my email and wrote out a mushy letter for her to get interpreted later.

my car was ready for me at noon. check out was a breeze and no surprises. i got a very personable driver that made the trip fly by. we stopped for gas about 15 minutes from the airport. all the attendants were young girls. when they saw me in the back seat they surrounded the car and each gave me candy. i was flirting with them and motioning them to come with me. the driver was doing well at some interpretation for us. i gave them some baht coins i had left in my pockets. this last little scene was enough to make me realize i need to come back here soon. i donít think i can make it to next year!


10-26-03, 23:01
Monger 1

Nice report. One of the best I have seen in here. Good reading.


Joe Zop
10-27-03, 01:32
I agree, excellent report -- and I heartily agree the advice to have a "safe" bar where you can always go without drama because you've never barfined anyone. That's always worked for me, plus it means you can simply flirt and have fun to your heart's content and safely walk away.

10-27-03, 01:57

Nice report that you filed. As I posted before, and as you found out, you can get services better than that of Eden Club at much less baht on Soi 6. Soi 6 is a great place and the prices are reasonable too. Never have bar fined a girl out of FLB bar you are right not my type either, I would say if you like over girls over 30, who have been around a while then FLB is a good place to find them, but much better girls can be had in other clubs.

Flipper Lodge always calls when a girl leaves your room without you, because they will not return the girls ID unless they call you.

The idea of having a safe bar is a good one but Iíve never had a problem bringing girls into a bar where I have bar fined a girl before or bar fining more than one girl within a bar. A couple of bars in Pattaya I have bar fined about a dozen girls from each. It is all a matter of control, if you donít let the girls control you, you will never have a problem. What many guys never seem to understand is we are in control, the bar girls need us more than we need them. Every night hundreds of working girls in Pattaya go home alone, compared to a few guys going back to their lodgings alone. The big difference is we do it by our choice, the girls do it because no one would bar fine and or take them.

Only a few weeks and Iím back to Thailand.


10-27-03, 16:21
Greetings All, Has anyone on this board had any dental work done in Pattaya i.e. crowns, root canals. I can find very little info as to quality and pricing.

Monger1: Great piece. I would like to provide this board with a second opinion on Goi. Can you tell me where you found this little jewel? ....16 days and counting.

Jackson: my cado's as well on the new photo section. Love it.

10-27-03, 20:36
Mongering 1
I think that was the best report I have ever read here on the WSG forum. Thanks, it was almost like being there.

I have a questions. For my December trip I was thinking of booking a stay at the flipper lodge. I have never stayed there but have heard lots about it. From your post you seem to have given it high marks. Was the area outside the hotel quiet? What did the rooms run? Also, how much did you pay for the private taxi service to and from Pattaya. I rode in a Mercedes my last trip, I got a small bar stocked with drinks music and cold AC for around $1200 baht I think I paid. Why anyone would ride the bus is beyond me. This made the trip so nice. Right from my BKK hotel to the front door of the Sabi Lodge.

Again, super great report. Any mongers up for meeting in Pattaya the first week of December, email me.


10-27-03, 21:33
I paid 780 baht for my room. Outside was nice, but not quiet. Soi 8 ranks right up there with Soi 6 as far as volume of girls on both sides of the street. Request when making reservations for the quietest room available. As far as the ride, 1,500 was the best I could do from the airport. I didn't have the energy or patients to bargan over 5 or 6 US.


10-28-03, 04:05

Great report. I was wondering if you could tell me what the hell a "pump station" is.


10-28-03, 15:24
Pump Station is the name of the bj bar on Soi Post Office.


10-28-03, 17:48

Your report have convinced my friend and I to include Pattaya in Manila trip this coming February - great report. Just have a few questions:

How much was the barfines - on average?
How much did you give the girls for short time and overnight service?
Would you have the address and phone number of the hotel?
How many night to do recommend we stay - strictly to monger.

Is it 250baht for 1US dollar?

Thanks again. Let me know if you are in Manila next month or February next year.


10-29-03, 03:09

Barfines are 300b for most beer bars and 500b for go gos. I usually give short time, beer bar girs, 500b and go go girsl 1,000b. Long time double it. Of course this is only a guide, more or less depending on service.


Stay as long as you can!

the baht is around 39-$

I should be in Angeles City in either Feb or March.


10-29-03, 16:47
Thanks for the info Bud. I will be in Makati Feb/March as well for 3 weeks. Never been to AC, always get my action on Quezon ave. I'll remind you then before I take off for Manila.


10-29-03, 17:26

Xcelent report, as usual...


http://www.xe.com/ucc/ is a good site for currencies.
It's as good as real time. And free:)!

10-29-03, 17:49
I wanted to point out to everyone the ability to send Private Messages using the software on this site has now been activated. It works well.

However, there is no default "On" setting. You need to physically turn it on by following the instructions on the site.

-Uncle Otto

Please don't forget to donate to www.wsgcharities.com! For every two dollars you contribute between now and November, I will match it with an extra dollar's contribution. Make your Pay Pal or snail-mail contribution by visiting www.wsgcharities.com, and emailing me with your contribution amount and "I'm a friend of Uncle Otto" in the subject thread at "Ottograham@hotmail.com"

10-30-03, 03:39
Here is another one of the LBFM that I came across on my last trip to Pattaya, works at What's Up A GoGo on Soi 15, never really found many great looking girls in this club. This one was about the best I came across. Bar fine 500 baht and 1000 baht tip.

11-02-03, 19:33
Mongering One, that brings back some great memories... in the not so recent past (was it just September when I came back?).

I remember going for mid afternoon and evening runs up Beach road. I could get my exercise and scope out all the women as well. Afterwards I would usually meet one out there and talk for a bit. I always did my humor test, after speaking Lao the scowlers would be x'd and the ones laughing at it would make the list. Almost always there is that one gem out there, cute and good humored. There was one fox like Goi.. it was funny b/c she was one of the few that made no pretense of her total indifference to me (she didn't like, she didn't hate, would do pretty much what I asked, just could tell I was one of many on her 'list'). Somehow that made me want to bone her all the more!! I'm sure she got that all the time. I only saw her out there once, but she would call me ever so often on my cell phone to see if I was up for a 'date'. I'm sure someone was taking care of her, which is why if I ever was going to send a chick money it would be to go to school in her home city (or at least far away from the myriad swinging dongs of Pattaya!)

I was staying at the Penthouse which is like Disneyland on acid. 'Pussies of the Caribbean or something like that...' I had gotten upgraded to their huge party room and was staying there by myself. Every chick I brought back to that hotel. It totally rocked. Seeing their faces when they came into that cavern was worth the price! The second would come when they realized there was no shower curtain..lol. Tell you the truth that really seemed to bring out the beast in most. There were actually some cool and very attractive chicks in Penthouse's agogo and I think I took two of them to my room.

I've never had consistently good experiences with two women, although the last time was literally knee-wobbling good.. the coolest thing was that neither of these two knew each other and one was definitely the teacher, but very cool!

Anyways, will most likely not be going there until next Spring, so I will have to rely on other's memories. *sigh*

11-02-03, 19:40
Mongering 1, this is sort of off-topic but have you ever compared the beer bar prices in Pattaya vs the BB prices in Bangkok? This trip it really hit home that in Ptty there is a difference and in Bangkok there isn't.

I was getting hit for 500 bt. bar fines in Bangkok for the BB (whereas in Pattaya BB you can get around 150-300). Also the girls wanted roughly the same money. Knowing Thai and 'the scene' didn't really seem to help.

It was sooo different in Pattaya. At least a few months ago there wasn't the large price increase I saw in BKK. I remember in the not too distant past when BB prices in BKK were much lower.

11-02-03, 19:56
Just for the fuck of it I was going through my own photos and came across 'F'. This was one of the coolest Pattaya chicks (and story).

She worked in an a-go-go and the first time I met her I was 'picked' by her and her mamasan as I was strolling down walking street.

They motioned me over and although this chick was looking VERY hot (in an evening gown type get-up, very different) I really wasn't looking to barfine someone that early.

But I went over there to bullshit after we got to chatting the mamasan told me that it was F's birthday and she got to 'pick' her guy. Bar-fine 'free'. Wow that was really cool. I had not before (nor ever again LOL) had this happen to me.

I took her to a friend of mine's bar and when he heard the story insisted the staff bring her a magnum of Champagne and everyone sang happy birthday to her.

Well the champagne took effect and it didn't take long before she was giving me a very sexy dance on my own and was hiking that slit ever higher (to the appreciation of more than one punter!). She was grinding front and back and after about an hour we adjourned to my hotel.

I never can understand why one bargirl likes her customer far beyond what one could attribute to acting, but 'F' was one of them. I kepther number and she kept mine and I think I periodically hooked up with her, this pic is one where she came for a 'visit'... No bullshit between us.

11-02-03, 22:39

Your girl is not too unique. Some girls like to "choose" their customers. They do this by not dancing, making the general public think their not available, that they don't work.

Then when they see a guy they like, they'll put a number on and stand in front of him, only showing him the number.

Some of the much better girls actually have the luxury of choosing their customers this way.

11-03-03, 03:12
had a funny experience about 4 mornings ago. was getting ready to say goodbye to my TG of the night, staying at Flipper lodge, (thanks, mongering1, it is a perfect place).
she and I went over to the guard for her to pick up her ID card. the guard pulled out a "wad" of ID cards. There had to be a stack literally 5 inches thick. we all laughed at the thought of every single room in the hotel, with a TG inside boinking some punter


11-03-03, 20:01
Well, I have had girls pay their barfine before (although they got it back from me) but have never had one paid for by managment for a birthday present. That was the unique part about it.

11-03-03, 21:03

I am enjoying the 'quirky' little stories Poobah - I just love the idea of the management paying! The ego trip of being "selected" must be great.

For my first trip to Pattya I like most people adopted a 'home' bar that was base. On my last night I was with one of the girls and back at the hotel her phone rang. It was one of her friends from the bar.

That night girl said it was her friend and that she knew it was my last night & she liked me. Could she come over to the hotel as well - WELL YES !! So she arrived and I had a great last night with both of them!

Remember the one thing these girls do is talk amoungst themselves. Treat one well they all know but the reverse applied. Treat them well and surprises can happen.

Happy Travels,


11-05-03, 22:08
They say that all pleasures in life fall into three catagories: Anticipation, The moment and lastly, Memory.

Well, I find the first the most intense and being a mere 2 months away from my next visit to Pattaya I can hardly concentrate at work as my mind wanders to the sweet memories of wonderous times past.

This is my first post and will be followed in January with a detailed account of my time in Pattaya, together with pictures and any other relavant information I can share.

I have not been to Thailand in nearly 5 years and am most intrigued as to whether the 'beach scene' is as it was. I certainly saw some sights there - even indulged a few fantasies. Any comment or experiences on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, thanks for all the helpful posts and comments.

Yours expectantly


11-07-03, 09:27
The FAQ sections says there are places in Pattaya like Eden in Bangkok. Where are they and what are they called?


11-08-03, 10:48
Gentlemen (and I use the word in its "loosest" form)

I will be in Pattaya from 26th Nov > 30th Nov and may even buy a beer or two.

If anyone fancies a beer and a bit of mongering together then drop me a line - would be keen to meet up and lose whatever scrap of integrity I have left..

Let me know,

The right honourable Cruk

11-08-03, 15:27
Anybody have any specific names for bars similar to Eden in patty? Price?


11-08-03, 20:57

I believe the beach scene is intact, though the last day or so its been interfered with by a Thai holiday. The Beach Road is full of holiday makers, mostly Thai but some foreigners, all shoving little boats full of flowers into the water. Charming, but it does tend to drive away the ones I'm looking for.

Another report - stopped in at the Pump Station at midnight. I think it was a mistake as by that hour the girls are all tired and not very motivated, having already made money during the day. Or maybe its just the holiday - at any rate, I got no attention till the mamasan made a girl come deal with me (whatever happened to customer service). Then, upstairs she started angling for a 'tip' before she even started - I should've just walked out then. She actually was about to put a condom on me for a blow job, and then expected an additional or generous 'tip' for bareback. I made her name the price and she said '500' - laughable given one can get BJ and FS for that price in town. And that was in addition to the 370 that the 'bar charges' as all the girls claim. Of course the truth is the total charge is 370, no tip required. So I told her forget it, I'm leaving, at which she changed her tune and started to do her job. Not surprisingly she was very bad at it, so I just let her suck for 15-20 minutes but refrained from coming. I wanted to make her work a bit for the 370 baht, but I figure why waste an orgasm on some lousy second rater who can't do her job, and who's also apparently been spoiled by people overpaying. Its like a bad meal - sure you have to pay for it, but does that mean you should force yourself to eat it when there's something delicious down the street?

Dragon Slayer
11-09-03, 01:28
I will arrive in Pattaya on Nov 25. I have a first timer friend accompanying me. I will be on Soi 8 and at Gilligan's on Pattayaland Soi 1. I speak almost fluent Thai. E-mail me here if you want to hook up. you can leave a message and phone # with Elvis at Gilligan's. He knows me as Mike's friend, "Bg Jim" from back home.

I am then heading on to the Philippines and then to Hong Kong and China. Will be there no more than 4 days this trip.

11-09-03, 02:58
I have never partied in Bkk. I always go straight to Pattaya. Same in PI, I go straight to Angeles City. Having all the info on other areas, I figure I'd go to the places that have the biggest bang for the buck. lol Cambodia is on my short list for next March, I hope...


The Traveler
11-09-03, 08:55
Brandon Lee

Scroll back, the bars that were mentioned are mostly in soi 6.

11-10-03, 00:11

Thanks for your reply. With so many Thai tourists, how do you tell the difference?

Last time I was there, if there was a lone girl on the beach, she was looking to provide service. I am sensative to the Thai people and culture and would not like to appear insulting by making an approach that might be considered rude.

No doubt all will become clear as I soak up some rays.

Opebo are you living in Pattaya? Care to email me if you wish? Not quite sure how to pass you my email but I will try the PM system in due course.

Best wishes to all.


11-10-03, 00:40
I will be in Pattaya from Jan 25 through Jan 31 for the first time in four years for some serious relaxation and mongering. Does anyone know of a gym where a visitor can can work out?

Also, is there a place in Pattaya where people meet to play chess?

Thanks in advance.


11-10-03, 11:40
Dragon Slayer,

Does this mean you are buying the beer and providing ladies FOC? Count me in.

11-11-03, 16:11
I spent a couple of weeks in Pattaya last month. Everything is about the same. Short time on soi 6 id still 500 B with 200 to 350 for the short time room. You can still get jurked off for a 80B ladies drink or a BBBJ on your bar stool for an extra 100 B tip.

WARNING: Watchout for the motorcycles on sois 7 and 8. I was hit from behind by one on soi 7 at about 8:00 pm. He never stoped. I got knocked down, cut up arm and broken nose. I took the right attitude and told myself that I was lucky to walk away.

The soi six bar Iss Laugune moved to Nakua road around soi 18. Owner loves Americans and speaks English. She has brought down some pretty young girls from the northern villages. I told Iss tha I would put up her card and a picture of the girl I had in the back room.

The pictures are too big. I'll resize them and post them next.

11-11-03, 16:33
For Carabu:

There is a large free standing gym on the main beach road. It is like a Golds Gym.

Here is one of Iss's girls.

11-11-03, 16:39
This is the Iss Bar business card. I am posting it separately because I am not sure if it is allowed. The Boss may delete it. The girls here are worth the extra 5 minutes on the Bhat Bus past the circle intersection.

11-11-03, 16:42
Just arrived in LOS, rooms are4 a bit more expensive, but food remains super cheap. I'm a newbie to the WSG but have been here several times. Into the golf scene besides the soapies, rubs, and tugs. There is a nice health club but it has gotten more expensive by 40 %. Its the dusit resort at the dolphin circle, north end of Pattaya. Monthly = 3600 Baht , 3 months = 9600 B.

Chess can be had at the 3rd floor food court in the Royal Garden Shopping Center on Beach Road.

Off to do MP duty. Hope to meet some mongers to compare notes. Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

P.S. Plan to go to Peru in Feb, 04. Lima, Cusco, and Machu Piccu (?) are of interest. Got experiences? Weather? Hotels?

Dragon Slayer
11-11-03, 19:44
Cruk & Guys,

I will be buying the "first round" of drinks at Giligan's GoGo Club on Pattayaland Soi 1 on Dec 26. Elvis is good for a round also (club mgr). From there it will be off to Club Nevada on Soi Parsenne (Post Office Street).

We will eventually end up at Soi 8, but NOT at Alamo Bar (american Club) and enough about the drunken slobs in there. Look for us at "Chicken Farm Beer Bar", "Sexy Ladies", "Blue Dragon", and other Thai owned establishments where htere are few drundken losers and tons of gorgeous ladies.

Ask for the Dargon Slayer, the big American who speaks Thai

Pop Gun mai krap.

Sawadee Krap

11-12-03, 04:53
I like to use the Sitpholec gym on the 2nd floor of the weekender hotel which is adjacent to the Sabai room body massage and Big C shopping center across soi 2. Free weights, pin adjust weights, treadmills etc. It is the home of the Muy thai kickboxing team with full ring and pads. Instructors available for hire. Free water and clean towel. 150b/day 1000b/mo. Serious gym, not for pretenders and "look at me's"

11-12-03, 10:32
First report, in Pattaya now.

Some of you guys are asking for "Edenish" places. Found one even better.

Place called Thai Rose at the corner of Soi 6 and Second road. Two girls dragged me in. Names were "Kai" and "Bee". They started groping me (really good) until I agreed to take them both up to a room.

In the room, both took turns giving me a bbbj to start, then Bee rode on top of me like crazy. After that, Kai got on top of me. I started fingering her anus. She said, "You want fuck me there?" I said "Yes." So I got behind her and started fucking her up the ass. Meanwhile, Bee was licking my balls and anus. She wanted to finger my anus but I stopped her. "Exit only" is mine. Then I switched from Kai's ass to her pussy, still doggy style.

Then I finished with her missionary. All the while Bee was licking me all over the place. Just about the best session I've had.

500 Baht a piece for a total of 1000 baht, plus some room charge or something (about 350 baht).

Well worth it though.

Just a warning though. I'm what women consider to be a really good looking guy. I don't know if everyone would get the same treatment.

11-12-03, 13:41
I will land in Pattaya on 26th Nov - staying at Penthouse - its my 1st time here so can anyone steer me towards good bars where I can find:

Young (but legal) cuties ...

Bars where 3 some's are possible (not in the bar though ...)

Better still if any of you more "experienced" members would care to leave me a contact point for you that I can pick up when I check in then I will meet you - buy you a very small beer and listen to your gd advise.

If u can leave a note for Rob Cruk - I should be there about 2pm on the 26th.

Thanks in advance.

11-12-03, 18:47

Soi Six is great, you're right. However I don't think the customer's appearance is going to make much difference. Keep reminding yourself they're there for your money, not because you turn them on. The way you'll know otherwise is when they stop charging you. If they do seem to be making an extra fuss over you it is probably that they want the feather in their cap of having a 'good looking' guy choose them - something to lord over the other girls, nothing to do with sexual excitement.

Cruk - you're looking for specific specialities in Pattaya, like bars with girls who do threesomes, etc. The thing about Pattaya is that its a huge volume of very homogenous product. The bars are all really similar, except there are maybe a couple of price ranges based on the girl's appearance. As far as I can tell the majority of girls in any bar will agree to threesomes just to get a customer. Whether or not they'll be good at it or totally awkward is hit or miss. In my experience any given girl will always be a better performer and more flexible alone than with another girl there to watch and judge her.

The Traveler
11-13-03, 00:35

Just a warning though. I'm what women consider to be a really good looking guy. I don't know if everyone would get the same treatment.

LOL, do you really believe that "hey, handsome man" that most TGs will throw at you ? Every guy is handsome at soi 6. Stay there for a few minutes and watch the girls how they approach the customers walking by.

Anyway, have fun

11-13-03, 00:57

you wrote: ".....Just a warning though. I'm what women consider to be a really good looking guy. I don't know if everyone would get the same treatment..."

Welcome to Thailand you lucky guy....


11-13-03, 20:05

Further to your................."I'm what women consider to be a really good looking guy. I don't know if everyone would get the same treatment."

Unless you look like the elephant man (even then if the cash was right!) Then anyone would get the same treatment!
No doubt you believed your Thai "aquaintances" when they said that you were their first, after leaving the farm the week before!

Remember, be a little cynical and you can enjoy Thailand's pleasures without getting burnt!

11-13-03, 22:12
Handsum man Cupler,
Just a warning though. I'm what women consider to be a really good looking guy. I don't know if everyone would get the same treatment.

The reason your good looking is they can see your wallet bulging in your cycling shorts, we all look pretty good in the dark!

Rob Brown
11-13-03, 23:40
Considering a visit to Pattaya to spend my remaining holidays in december and would greatly appreciate someone answering as I did not find the info in the reports.

1.If the rate is about 500 BHT for a SHORT TIME. What does it mean by Thailand standard ? (In Europe it means 10-15 min) ?

2.Is there a general price for an all nighter or is it all up to chemistry and bargaining ?

3.Besides all the comfort and sights in Thailand. One is spending money on the flight, so to make it worth the visit for mongering imho I would expect a beauty, a rate somewhere near 700 BHT including half an hour fucking, fees to the bar & hotel. Can that be realized without any hassle in Pattaya ??

4.Are the prices fixed or is it possible to bargain ?

5.Are you pushed to drink something in the bars or clubs or free to stay and choose your TG ?

6.What are the means of transport from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya. How much is a taxi, how much is a bus or a train and where to find it ?

7.When taking a TG up your room, can you be relaxed about your valuables, apart from the general caution, or do you have to be paranoid if your camera or wallet is lying somewhere openly ? Does the same apply when you take two girls at the same time ?

8.Is Pattaya an area which caters mainly to mongering or does one encounter a lot of general tourists in the bar areas or the girl-friendly Hotels ? I remember an odd sight of a family ( and the possibly disapproving faces of the action going on) with their kids strolling next to the GoGo Bars.

9.Are the bars free of Kathoys and other species somewhere in the middle ?

10.Is worth to leave Pattaya and travel to other towns nearby with Taxi or Bus for some action and possibly better selection and prices ?

11.Why could you recommend Pattaya instead of other locations in Thailand ?

11-14-03, 05:44
Okay, Okay, I get it. Yes, I see it everywhere, every man is handsome and sexy. Thanks for putting me in my place.

Anyway, I was throwing out a "just in case" just in case someone didn't get treated the same way, just so I wouldn't be seen as a liar.

By all means, check this place out. If you're into anal, Kai seems to really enjoy it. She said something about "chicken". Something about her name meaning "chicken."

11-14-03, 07:49
Hey guys why you all are behind "Cupler"

If he thinks he got an extra ordinary treatment becuase of being Handsome Man, let him be happy. There is nothing wrong. He may be really a handsome man & some girls may be happy to sleep with him even for free. We have lot more who are ready to sleep with our wallet. Why you guys drop into pond if jealous.


Dragon Slayer
11-14-03, 18:58
Hi Coupler,

I will check out the Soi 6 place. FYI Soi 6 is known as "Brothel Alley". A pal, Wolfgang (the "Wolf"), owns a Harley Biker Bar/Brothel there (can you believe it). The Bulldog had some cute babes there also. Bob the Slob used to hangout on Soi 6 (before the booze/tabacco killed him). He was just like his moniker, a fat slob. Yet, he also claimed the ladies loved him, for himself.

Least expensive place there is the oldest, Was there back in 1989 when I made my first trip ( this will be trip # 74). It is called King Kong. But the ladies are interested in a quick fuck and drop you like a "bad habit" if they find you want to relax and have a beer or two.

I get in late on the night of Nov 26. I will have my black , "dragon" shirt on so any of you guys can recognize me. I speak near fluent Thai (passable Japanese and ok Mandarin).

02:00AM that night on Soi 8 around "Beer Bar Row.

Note: one of you asked about "Flipper Lodge". Make reservations and get a confirmation #. They once lost my reservation and were fully boked twice after when I just dropped by. This is now the high season for the Euro guys there.

The Traveler
11-14-03, 21:16
Rob Brown

>>1.If the rate is about 500 BHT for a SHORT TIME. What does it mean by Thailand standard ? (In Europe it means 10-15 min) ?

The rate for a ST at the beach road or at soi 6 is 500 BHT, bargirl around 800, freelancers around 1000 and gogo girls 1000-1500. Prices can vary though.
ST means at soi 6 around 90-120 mins, all others one or two time of bonking, no time limit, but most chicks might try to spend just 120 mins max to get another customer :-)

>>2.Is there a general price for an all nighter or is it all up to chemistry and bargaining ?

The latter, but it will be in the above mentioned price range.

>>3.Besides all the comfort and sights in Thailand. One is spending money on the flight, so to make it worth the visit for mongering imho I would expect a beauty, a rate somewhere near 700 BHT including half an hour fucking, fees to the bar & hotel. Can that be realized without any hassle in Pattaya ??

700 including girl, bar and hotel ?
At soi 6 (bar and room 250, girl 500) or a beach road girl for 500, no barfine and back to your room, otherwise no. Beauties will charge you. They know that they are cute and can get better customers than you. But all depends on your taste :-)
Ask Freeler for a few pics of 300 BHT ho's and check if you like it.

>>4.Are the prices fixed or is it possible to bargain ?

It is possible, but will probably ruin the experience. Anyway, it's high season then and you are not the only one. You will get what you pay for.

>>5.Are you pushed to drink something in the bars or clubs or free to stay and choose your TG ?

At gogos you will probably being pushed to buy at least one drink, At bars sometimes no need to.

>>6.What are the means of transport from Bangkok Airport to Pattaya. How much is a taxi, how much is a bus or a train and where to find it ?

Taxi 300 BHT. Never took a bus. Freeler might know that.

>>7.When taking a TG up your room, can you be relaxed about your valuables, apart from the general caution, or do you have to be paranoid if your camera or wallet is lying somewhere openly ? Does the same apply when you take two girls at the same time ?

Usually TG's don't steal, but a minority might. It never happened to me during the last 20 yrs though. Girls from a bar or gogo can be tracked down, but freelancers and beach road girls are harder to get.

>>8.Is Pattaya an area which caters mainly to mongering or does one encounter a lot of general tourists in the bar areas or the girl-friendly Hotels ? I remember an odd sight of a family ( and the possibly disapproving faces of the action going on) with their kids strolling next to the GoGo Bars.

Why do you care about it ? If families go into a bar area they have to deal wth it, nobody told them to be there. Some will also share the same hotel with you but not the same room :-)

>>9.Are the bars free of Kathoys and other species somewhere in the middle ?

Nope, depends where you go (stupid question)

>>10.Is worth to leave Pattaya and travel to other towns nearby with Taxi or Bus for some action and possibly better selection and prices ?

Depends what you like. Manola in Rayong and Happy World on the way to Chonburi are real nice places to be. But I guess they will be too expensive for you.

>>11.Why could you recommend Pattaya instead of other locations in Thailand ?

I couldn't, every place has it's own advantages and disadvantages. Flesh is available almost everywhere in the Kingdom.

All in all it sounds that you are either on a extremly limited budget or an extremly cheap charlie. I guess you should reconsider to go to thailand and better spend the money for your ticket on a local ho. You should also consider to travel to cambodia instead, much cheaper girls available.
Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in not overpaying, but you sound quite different. Anyway, peace man.

Have fun

11-14-03, 22:37

Taxi 300 BHT. ????
A van perhaps? Taxi's are B800, or at least they were in August.

Interesting point: Families in bars. The girls like to have kids in the bar. Kids don't grab, kids don't get drunk, kids are nice people, the girls like to get the kids a coke. And then they take daddy upstairs for a quicky. But momma don't know. Damn, you would almost start to like Pattaya.

The Traveler
11-14-03, 22:42

Pardon me, you are right.
Was thinking about Bangkok Airport to Hotel in Bangkok (e.g. Suk area).

Joe Zop
11-15-03, 00:59
Rob Brown wrote: One is spending money on the flight, so to make it worth the visit for mongering imho I would expect a beauty, a rate somewhere near 700 BHT including half an hour fucking, fees to the bar & hotel. Can that be realized without any hassle in Pattaya ??

Umm, exactly where in the world can you reasonably expect to have a hotel, a beauty, bar fees and fucking in a safe and tourist-friendly place for $17.50 or 15 Euros? Please tell me, as I need to take that trip.

Just take the hotel out of the equation and you can easily do what you want in Pattaya. If you don't worry as much about a few hundred baht here or there you can have an absolute blast. I'm not against saving money, but given what you're spending on a plane ticket, how does it make sense to cheap out and limit your experience once you're there?

Rob Brown
11-15-03, 17:01
Thanks Freeler, Joe Zop, Traveler for your feedback and opinions

Joe Zop: "........how does it make sense to cheap out and limit your experience once you're there?"

Right, doesn't make sense, some questions were not carefully worded.( Would Love to have acess to editing options). Tried figuring out how far our currency can take us and get some idea of unfamiliar conditions, native prices, be it 10 or 100 $ . You guys answered that.

Traveler:".......... sound quite different......." - Possibly expressing myself in a non-native language contributed to that. & ".....anyway peace man"

Too few days of holidaying in the sun as someone would want to haggle over every BHT, neither cheap nor on a shoestring budget, within the average for the most part.

The Traveler
11-16-03, 19:12
Rob Brown

Did not try to flame you, sorry if you got me wrong.
You just sounded so concerned about every single baht.

Will buy you a drink (if we should meet) to make it up.

Have fun

11-16-03, 20:18
Speaking of price ranges, what's the bar fine/short time/long time price for the girls at Living Dolls? Just curious. I'd never pull one from there, no doubt out of my price range. I've just heard its the most expensive in Pattaya, wondered what that would mean.

11-16-03, 22:51
Going back to Thailand tomorrow (Tue), was going to stay in bangkok for two days, before head down to Pattaya. Don't know what's up with the reservation at ambassador, email then three times before them reply 4 days after, by that time I already change my plan, new plan is book a room at the penthouse hotel in Pattaya for 4 days, skip Bangkok hope to have great time down in Pattaya, have anyone stay at panthouse before? Is it good? Also do any one know any good diving school in Pattaya? I would like to learn water dive while I'm there. I can't be just banging and sleeping all the time. so if anyone know a good diving school or other day time sport, please tell me.


Jaimito Cartero
11-16-03, 23:03
I have a slow week after Thanksgiving, so I booked a one week BKK getaway. I'm going to spend all but one day in Pattaya this time.

From some of the pictures posted, there are some girls with tongue and clit piercings, but I've never run across them myself. Any tips on what beer bars you've found good ones at?

I've heard of the buses that run from Don Muang to Pattaya, but don't know if they run late. I'm on the normal almost Midnight arrival, so don't know if I need a taxi.

I'm going to try staying at one of the Flipper or Eastiny properties. Any real difference between these?

Dragon Slayer
11-16-03, 23:41
I always go to Pattaya at night from the Airport. Get a cab right from the Airport. B 1500 and hold firm on that when they try to move it up to B 2200 (helps if you speak Thai, but just keep saying "Mai ow, Pang"; "No, Expensive" in English).

Buses run at set times only during the day at 09:00AM, 12:00Noon & I think 5:00PM. Late at night the cab ride will take less than two hours.

Flipper is less expensive than Eastiny. Both tend to fill up fast this time of year. When I stay on Soi 8 to be near the "action" I always go to "High Five" Hotel. I pay B 800 ($20) for a deluxe room with a kingsize bed and a nice bathroom with a bathtub.

Guys, try eating at the little Thai Restaurant on Second Road just norht of Soi 8. "Open air"' and mostly Chinese Thai eating there but you get delicious, authentic Thai food for half what you pay elsewhere. Drinks are also about the half the price. Service is great and the Thai ladies love it. I have been eating there for 10 years now. Open until about 03:30 AM each night.

11-17-03, 01:27

I think Pattaya is a great choice for six of your seven days. And to answer your questions, First "girls with tongue rings" Soi Diamond, Diamond A GoGo and Walking Street, Living Dolls Showcase and Electric Blue.

Mini buses only direct from airport to Pattaya, spend the money and just take a taxi, after a long flight you don't want to be waiting around. Taxi should be no more than 1000 baht.

Both groups are great Flipper has two hotels and Eastiny has three, Eastiny is a little more laid back, Bella Vista (Eastiny owned) between Soi 7 and 8 is the newest of the five places, January 2003 and the lowest cost 750 baht.

Have fun.


11-17-03, 18:36
To Opebo:

Re Living Dolls: I was there earlier this year and I love the girls at that place. I took three girls from there in three days.

Bar fine was 500 baht; the girl got 1,000 baht for short time and 2,000 baht for long time.

But, if you want a featured dancer or one of the serving girls (they run around in these cute blue and white school girl outfits and serve drinks) the bar fine is 600 baht.

I don't know if Living Dolls is the most expensive. The beer bars are certainly cheaper than Living Dolls. But I will absolutely go back to Living Dolls because I loved the way I was treated there and it has, in my opinion, a great selection of very sexy, young girls.


Jaimito Cartero
11-17-03, 19:29
SR - Well, I was wondering if there was a schedule of the mini-buses to Pattaya from Don Muang. I would wait up to an hour, but more than that isn't going to work. A taxi runs about 1000 baht? I'm travelling light, so won't have to wait for baggage claim or anything.

Thanks for the other recommendations. Everytime I go to Pattaya I find another undiscovered gem.

11-17-03, 19:49

Go here:
bottom of the page for the Thai-bus schedule.

Jaimito Cartero
11-18-03, 19:27
Freeler - Looks like the midnight one might just work if my flight isn't delayed. Thanks for the help.

I'm thinking of doing a 300 baht Beach Girl challenge. Since it's been stated that it is impossible for a big guy like me to get decent looking girls for that price.

Dragon Slayer
11-18-03, 20:51
What Soi is "lIving Dolls' located on in Pattaya? After 15 years, one thing I noticed was that girls from GoGo Bars are generally much greedier and on the "short time" basis. Each time I took one out of a GoGo place she was gone quite fast. At the Go Go Bar on Soi 8 down by Beach Road I had one who left the following afternoon because I fucked her 3 times. She said "Boom only neung" (fuck me only once), said her pussy hurt and off she went.

I found my best luck hitting on local Thai girls (remember all Thai girls, and ALL Asian girls like to fuck) and taking my time and shopping in the various Beer Bars on the many Sois. This has produced some really nice ladies over the years.

I arive in Pattaya around 02:00AM on Nov 25 (not 26 as I mentioned before). I will be out that night on Soi 8 on the "Beer Bar Row" on the south side of the Soi. It is now possible, since my "first timer" got scared and backed out (already had his ticket, the pathetic wimp), that my Thai Lady may come down from Surin to meet me at the Airport (hate downtime; this allows for plent of fucking in the back of the limo). Look for me in my black, silk dragon shirt

See all you guys in Thailand on November 25-26.

11-18-03, 20:51
Jaimito Cartero,

I missed the midnight arrival in your post...
The Thai Airport-Pattaya buses only run 9 morning, 12 midday and 7 evening.
I'm sorry if this gave you any hope of smooth, cheap Airport to Pattaya transportation.
Good luck doing your B300 challenge.
Go fuck'em!
I'm looking forward to some pics in my mail:)...

Jaimito Cartero
11-19-03, 01:06
Freeler - They list 12:00am as a trip, which I've always taken to mean 12 midnight. Of course, this is Thailand, and they might just throw salt in perfectly good orange juice. :)

11-19-03, 01:18
Jaimito Cartero,

It would be nice if the whole world turned to 00.00-24.00 time format.
You could try and ring your local ThaiAirwaysOffice - they should have the answer.

Jaimito Cartero
11-19-03, 01:23
I'll check and see if they have a US phone number to call. If no midnight one, I'll probably stay in Bangkok and go to Chatujak on Sunday.

Anyone ever stay in a hotel by the Chatujak Weekend Market in Bangkok? (Yes, I know this isn't the right place, but figger'ed I'd tack it on anyway.) I might as well get some nice Christmas presents, and hate lugging stuff up the steps to the Skytrain or paying a taxi in horrible (everyday!) traffic.

11-20-03, 04:55
Hi guys, my typing is so labor intensive i wouldn't get any mongering in if I were to report live from the battlefields so will contribute when I return to the states. BUT am staying at corner of soi 13/beach road AA hotel (room 506) in Pattaya should anyone be around and fancy a drink. I will be there till Saturday. Nice hotel by the way with pool fronting directly on beach road and only 3 stories above. Easy shouting distance. AA also owns another hotel up the same soi which is a bit newer/nicer at standard 800bt delux 1100bt and well worth it. Beds are much to hard for me though.

JC. Have wanted to meet you and say thanks for all your excellent help on Costa Rica this last feb. I see you are in Bkk. I'll be there this Sat-m Mon if your able. I will be staying on Suk somewhere near soi8. PM me if you find you'll have the time.

Jaimito Cartero
11-20-03, 11:12
Wanderlust - I'm not in LOS yet. I'll be arrive late, Sat Nov 29. Looks like I'll just stay in BKK that night, and take a bus from Ekamai out in the afternoon.

11-21-03, 07:15
trip report

first of all boyz, i must say that iíve banged hot chicks in the 4 corners of the globe but no where on earth i have every found a prettier, friendlier, nicer and generally more wonderful bunch of girls than i just met in pattaya. donít be too surprised if you fall in love with the girls and this place.

pattaya is not a great beach resort, by any standards, especially thailand which has some best beach places anywhere, like ko samui, krabi, ko [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134)-[CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134), etc. but the night life is beyond compare. having said that, i quickly gravitated to one place, the climax beer bar (http://www.pattaya-at-night.com/climax/index.html). for me this was the ultimate night hang out. the house band is the best bar cover band i have ever heard. in addition to all your standard bar r&r favorites like ac-dc, zep, etc, they do a superb job on more complex music like pink floyd and metallica. they are also the hardest working band i ever seen, playing from 9 to 2 or 3am every night without a break. what do these guys use for bladder? i guess they sweat it all off.

also the crowd in there is a great bunch of folks, many of the same people every night so itís easy to make friends if traveling alone.

however, the reason you are probably on this site is the girls. many of them are at least a 9+ and a couple of 10ís included in the boss, nee (not available btw). see below and the pics on the pictures part of this forum.

i originally hooked up with a very nice girl, mai. she is so sweet, and very accommodating, but i quickly sensed she was maybe a little too into me and i wasnít there to get married, so in as nice a way as possible, i told her there was a couple of other girls at the bar i was into too. this is kind of an awkward situation because all the girls knew i was with mai and it would have been a major embarrassment for here in front of her friends if i flirted openly with other specific girls. so i mainly hung out with mai in the bar and flirted a bit with the other girls for fun while all the while quietly falling in love with kai. (all these girls seem to have one syllable names!). anyhow things worked out pretty well in the end i would say, i think i did the right thing by helping mai save face and iím taking kai to ko samui for a week on my next trip.

i guess the point of my rather bloated story is we are not just talking about a bunch of slag hookers here. these are beautiful girls who just happen to make a living on the generosity of guys they sleep with. iím sure there are parts of the job that they hate, but i get a genuine sense that in general they like meeting farangs, dating them and fucking them. it seems almost more common for them to fall in love with us and miss us when we leave than the other way round.

on one of my rare side adventures outside of my hotel room (i recommend the royal palace hotel on 2nd road around soi 13 btw, 1200/night for a nice, big room with sea view) and the climax bar, i went to a message place, called p p massage i think. itís a bit out of town, a driver took me there.

they have about 50 girls on bleacher behind the glass, many of them 9ís and 10ís also. i chose ah-nee (2 sylables, go figure!), no. 51 i think. she was fucking amazing!!!!! all business, she controlled me like i was her little puppy dog. every move choreographed like a cirque du soliel performance. i had never had a soapy before but wow, is that a life changing experience.

she gets you on an air mattress and washes you up and down with her pussy, and i mean every square inch of you. then she did this slidey thing where she puts her legs under yours, launches her self under you and messages you from underneath!! that was so fucking cool! she does a bunch of other great body entwined stuff too which has to be experienced to be believed. when we got to the bedroom it was all business too, just the right amount of jb and then the 4 greatest words in the thaiglish language, ďyou fuck i mista!Ē. i was so completely ready at that point, it didnít take too long but the whole experience was fantastic. the best b2000 i every spent.

first and last nights were in bkk of course. first night i couldnít get the nana so i ended up in the ambassador. bastards charged me 500 for the girl on top of a shitty room with 2 single beds. got a nice girl at the nana disco, not very proficient at sex but very cuddly afterwards. last night at the nana, the place to stay in the nana plaza area but it seems to fill up fast so book early. i got pulled in by a bar girl and had to pay the b500 bf and she wasnít worth it. should have stuck with plan a and hung out at the nana disco or just picked up a girl right outside for free.

my recommendation, if you have time, ďinterviewĒ for a nice girl in pattaya then take her somewhere romantic like ko samui for a few days.

so go forth and multiply but donít mess up any of my girls.

11-21-03, 09:41
Greetings Hobbyist,

Plan on going to Thailand in the near future, and I was wondering what the drug situation is regarding the BarGirls there. Are most of them "Yaba" addicts and if I picked up one of these BarBabes, what are the chances of me picking one that is an addict? Also, what are the consequences of her being busted in possession of "Yaba" while I am with her. Would I get in trouble too?

Any and all information are welcome.

Personal regards,


11-22-03, 06:03
Nok, Nok, Who's There? Nok, that's who!

It took me three days to finaly get into my groove here. Even though I studied Thai girls on the web for 2 years before finally coming to Pattaya, it still took some personaly eperience to find my way around this tangled web of love that the bar girls weave.

Thursday night was mixed bag for me, having a total non-GFE experience with Nui from SuperBaby, followed by some OK fun with bargirl Nok from the Minnie Bar. I will call her Nok1, for reasons that will soon become apparent.

Nok1 went home at my request early Friday afternoon. She is friendly, fun, and pretty, but she kisses with her mouth closed. I need good old fashioned tongue action to spring a boner. Strange, I know. But I just love kissing, I guess. It is the strongest connection to my libido.

Spent the afternoon with no purpose whatsoever. Had a suit measured up for me at King's Tailors on Walking Street (any of you guys have any comments about this place?). A silk shirt and cashmere suit for $4,200B. Hope it fits and looks good when I pick it up today.

Went for my first-ever soapie at Sabai Room, the place beside the Sitpholec gym. I had number 157, her name was Paa and she was gorgeous. Natural, full breasts, beautiful smile. She sang Thai songs to me in the bathtub, and I started to feel something akin to love for her. Worth the price of admission, that beautiful voice echoing throughout the tiled tub room. But alas, DFK and BBBJ were not to be found on the menu, so no pop for me, even after gulping down a Vitamin V earlier. A lovely time none the less.

Friday night went to the grand opening at the Mandarin Club on Soi 6. You guessed it, free pig roast. Real friendly girls there. They prefer short time, but will go LT if you are nice to them. And I was nice to Nok, or as I shall call her, Nok2. Nok Nok, who's there? Nok2, that's who. She was very gentle and soft, and brought me a plate of food the minute that it was cooked. I asked her to wait for me that night, as I needed to go for another fitting at the suit shop.

I did the fitting, and then went back to Minnie Bar to find a dissapointed Nok1 waiting for me. Time to juggle, Pattaya style. I tod her that I was tired, and asked her to meet me at 2:00 in the afternoon the next day. No, I won't stand her up. Then returned to the Mandarin Club, and payed the 500B bf for Nok2. We went dancing at the incredibly expensive Tony's on Walking Street; 130B per drink. Ouch. She was not into dancing, as her feet were sore. Ouch.

So back to the hotel we went, and I convinced her to hop into the tub with me. I gave her a long and soapie foot massage; she started to smile widely. Then bed time, and she was a great French kisser. YES!! Two pops, no problem, and then to sleep. She got up at 9:00 in the morning and went home, to her boyfriend I think.

Time now to go and meet Nok1 for an afternoon of whatever I want...."Up to You...."

I think I finaly found my groove here in Pattaya.

Jaimito Cartero
11-22-03, 06:45
Ras - It's hard to be forceful at first with the girls. I had a couple of similar situations where I would feel that I had to see a certain girl if I had seen her before.

If a girl acts hurt now, I just put a little smile on, shrug, and say that I'm a butterfly man. The beer bar beauty I found in Orn Beer bar last September, the girl that dragged me off the street was nice, but I just had eyes for Kai. I just be honest, and don't lie to them. I tell them I'm just in Thailand for fun. It's worked well so far.

Sir Gallahad
11-23-03, 02:14

At last, my first post. I have been researching for weeks now, but cannot decide where to visit, Phuket or Pattaya? I am an absolute first timer, so any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. I get the impression that Phuket is more expensive, less choice (both quality and quantity) but more of a "holiday/beachy" destination. Am I way off the mark?

Any help greatly appreciated.

11-23-03, 05:54
Hey, guys.

I got an email from my "little friend" from Pattaya who used to work at Living Dolls. She tells me she is now at Champion A Go Go. I don't remember that one.

Can anyone tell me anything about Champion A Go Go?



11-23-03, 07:11
My Last Day in Pattaya, and I'm Not in Love. Damn!

It is my last day in Pattaya today. But something is missing. I came to Thailand with the completely selfish desire to have a lovely brown skinned lady fall in love with me. To ask me when I am leaving, and to see a tear or two when I tell her that it will be soon. But that has not happened.

Maybe it is just the law of averages. Perhaps love was not meant to be on this first trip. Maybe that experiened is reserved for the second visit, I don't know. It's not that I am fat or ugly; I work out almost every day and am sometimes called handsome. It's not that I am a jerk; all but one of the 5 girls this week have commented that I am a "good man" to them. It's not that I am a Cheap Charlie; I pay the market rate and take them to good restaurants and night clubs. Maybe it's because it takes me a long time to cum, but I doubt it; not one girl has complained yet of being sore.

But for some reason, I have not had the memorable experience of falling in love with a Thai lady, or her with me. I travel to south China often, and have had amazing luck there. Soft, tender Chinese girls that truly fall in love with me, and treat me like a King. But here, I guess I am just another farang with a camera around his neck and a credit card in his pocket.

Anyone care to console me with their experiences to the similar or to the contrary?

Also, thanks to Jimito (spelling?) for the words of wisdom a couple of posts below.


11-23-03, 07:34
Ras: My heart goes out to you. I do not always find true love in third world brothels either.
ljohnson: I am happy for your friend. Is she in the typing pool there?

11-23-03, 08:24
Skinless -

Yes. I'm sure my friend was hired at Champion based on her "forty words per minute" typing skills (more likely her ablility to take "dick-tation" I suspect!)

But, really, do you or anyone else have anything good or bad to say about Champion A Go GO. I never heard of it.


11-23-03, 09:11

A quick search came up with two Champions:
Champion, no further information
Champion a go go, this one is presumably located 'in the Strip, just before Lucky Star'.
Drinks are '$69Baht', whatever currency that is:(!

11-23-03, 19:29
Raz: I guess it has something to do with your version of love.

I think it's unrealistic to have someone 'fall in love' with someone they just met, paid to bone, and is leaving in 5 days.

Do you fall in love like that? I don't.

Now if you're talking about the fantasy so many of these girls spin to make the farang THINK they are in love with them, well, that happens a lot. Remember in Thailand what is said is quite often different than what someone truly feels. This is especially true for bargirls.

More realistic is to immerse yourself in the fantasy then when the time is over leave.

The Traveler
11-23-03, 21:38

Champion GoGo is just opposite Marine Bar, a bit laid back. Small long stretched GoGo in which they used to show porn videos, but haven't seen them on my last trip (4 weeks ago).
Champion is one of the older GoGos, I know it about 10yrs now, maybe even longer. They host about 20-30 girls I think, mostly average looking and just one or two cute ones. Since I am choosy it might be different for you. Drinks are cheap compared to others like e.g. Living Dolls.
Above Champion is a huge screen where you can look football / soccer games and play pool.
The whole place is easy to find.

Have fun

11-24-03, 02:08
Thank you Freeler and Traveler for the responses re Champion.

My "friend" worked at Living Dolls and reported to me via email that she is now at Champion. She is a girl I met in Pattaya earlier this year and, of all the ones I "encountered" I had the overall best time with her. That is interesting to me because I was so hot to try the youngest and most beautiful girls I could find; and I did that and enjoyed them vey much. But when I think back on my trip, the overall best time was with this one and...while very attractive and fantastic in bed, she was neither the youngest nor the most beautiful. I guess that is a familiar story for several of us.

I'm actually glad she left Living Dolls. Now I can go back there (I like Living Dolls) and enjoy myself without worrying about offending her. After a couple of days or so, I'll look her up and see if the magic is still there.

I see Champion now on the Walking Street map.

Thanks, guys, for your input.


Jaimito Cartero
11-24-03, 06:08
I went into Living Dolls this year and they wouldn't move off 2000 baht ST. The girls did look young and cute, but 2000 baht, plus barfine is a no-no in my book.

I agree that my best times were spent with older girls (25-32) and ones that couldn't get a job at LD. A stuck-up Starfish isn't my idea of a good night.

11-24-03, 06:23

I have bar fined at least 15 girls many of them feature dancers from Living Dolls& Living Dolls Showcase over the last six months, and not one of them asked for 2000 baht short time. Never found it a problem getting Living Dolls girls for 1000 baht ST. But I guess everyone is different when it comes to finding girls and fees paid.


ChiMan II
11-24-03, 08:54

If you hang out in the prositution areas hoping to fall in love with a girl you might get what you want but you may also get suckered into sending this woman money from the states every month. I do know that chinese woman can pretend to love you hoping you will marry them and bring them back to the states. I believe chinese woman in general would rather be with a chinese man.I experienced this and see it alot. I do think that woman if they put their mind and pus-y to it can get what ever they want. When you have a green card and they don't be careful.

Jaimito Cartero
11-24-03, 09:06
SR - Good to know. Perhaps the first couple I asked were hard cases, or just smelled big baht in the air. That's the nice thing about WSG. You get a lot of different opinions and experiences.

11-24-03, 20:53
Jaimito -

My experience was the same as Sexreview. At Living Dolls (I never went to the Showcase location) I paid either 500 or 600 baht barfine (depending on the status of the girl) and 1,000 baht ST, 2,000 baht LT. I saw no variation from that. I did tip some extra, of course, for good service.


Jaimito Cartero
11-28-03, 05:36
I'll be coming to the Flipper Lodge on Sunday. Late afternoon or evening, I think. If anyone wants to get together post here.

11-29-03, 08:45
There is a gal named Vicki at Blue Bar in the beer bar group on Beach Road about soi 8 that has piercing (tongue). Blue Bar fronts directly onto beach and is in the sw corner of the group. Speaks exceptional English complete with English accent. A bit on the meaty side for me personally but then I like the tiny ones. Iíd say she is alittle bit overweight by Thai standards. Pixy haircut. 19 yr old. BBBJTC . 300 bf + 1000 LT

11-29-03, 08:53

Checked out several different hotels this trip and can recommend two of them. Both on soi 13. Both owned by the same company and called ďAAĒ.
I took pix of the rooms and will try to attach but not sure if they are sized correctly. My software does not allow reduction without cropping.

The first one really had it all going on. Beautiful large new rooms which included an attached mini living/play room besides the bed area, king size beds, lots of mirrors, dark full curtains, balcony on some units. Also there are 4 penthouse units accessed via spiral staircases at the 4 corners of the building. Same price if available. All rooms I saw were finished in natural stained woods. Very nice. Pool is top side with swim up bar. Friendly honest staff. Decent breakfast buffet for 85 baht. Rates are 800bt standard and 1000bt deluxe (pictured). Very quiet at night here although the beds were a bit hard for me personally, which is why I moved to their other property on the corner of beach road and soi 13. Over-all a great stay for those who like firm beds.
NAME: AA Residence
LOCATION: Half way down soi 13 off Beach Road.
CONTACT: aaresidence@yahoo.com
PHONE: (038) 423403, 410565
FAX: (038) 421271
ADDRESS: 109/20 MOO 10 SOI 13 Beach Road Pattaya City 20260

11-29-03, 08:54
Another view of AA residence room

11-29-03, 08:57

This is the other AA property I stayed at. Iíll have to post these individually to keep the attached photoís separate.

As I stated in the previous post I moved to this (AAís second property) because the beds were so much softer here. Altho this is a bit older hotel it is still maintained very well and has a few very positive advantages over AA Residence. I love the location of this Hotel. Most specifically the pool which sits only 25 feet directly above and overlooking the beach and Beach Road. There is a lot to be said for having the ability to set yourself down with a cold bear at poolside, and watch all the poony walk by at your feet. If one walks by that catches your fancy, just call her upstairs. AhhhhhhhÖÖ. be still my heart!
These rooms also have the mirrored kingsized headboards for your pleasure. AA Hotel positively has the hottest showers in town bar none. I thought the over-all quality of the rooms themselves to be slightly higher then the rooms Iíve had at Flipper. There is a suite which goes for 1200bt and encompasses the NW corner 2nd floor I am told.
Standard Room Breakfast included at 750bt.
NAME: A.A. Pattaya Hotel
PHONE: (038) 428-656, 420-894
FAX: (038) 429-057
LOCATION: (Corner Beach and Soi13) 182-182/2 Soi 13 Beach Road

11-29-03, 08:59
More AA Hotel @ beach road and soi 13


11-29-03, 09:01
More AA Hotel @ beach road and soi 13


11-29-03, 09:02
More AA Hotel @ beach road and soi 13


11-29-03, 09:09
Sorry about all the separate posts guys but length and photo segregation dictates. PLEASE don't do to me as was done to that good 'ol boy Samus! AAARRGG.

HOTELS- 150bt fan room

Hereís one for our cuz from the Ozarks. With shower and balcony to Soi Honey. Queen bed. I took a pix but somehow it broke my camera. Go figure. I actually stayed here years ago when it was new and you could still see the paint on the walls. The staff is friendly,cute and honest. Laundry and phone.
NAME: New Star
Location: About half way down Soi Honey towards Soi Buakao

HOTELS- 500bt A/C, Pool, Newer

This Hotel (Siam Sawasdee) is the best of the lot from the Sawasdee Chain in Pattaya. Decent sized rooms. Clean. Nice Pool. Excellent staff. MX rentals at 150bt per day. Ask to stay on the west or south side as the north side boarders a large group of very late night bars on soi skaw. These guys offer rooms in many price ranges and locations in Pattaya as well as BKK and I believe Chang Mai also. A good solid reputable company offering good value. Iíve stayed at several. Their web site offers pix, pricing and location of properties in Thailand.
LOCATION: Corner of Soi Buakao and Soi Honey
PHONE: (038) 720329
CONTACT: http://www.sawasdee-hotels.com

11-29-03, 10:12
my hatís off to raz for some excellent and entertaining reporting. although i had every bit as much fun iíll leave it to the writers to entertain. they somehow can make the 1000th fuck and suck seem like the very first time. i did however run into (again) a gem on beach road i can share with you guys. now before you peek at the pix below and call me all kinds of vile names, gimme a sec to clearify. ok! she ainít a 10! but she is a very solid 7 maybe even an 8? the only reason i even bother posting this pix is that if you run into her on beach road you should say hi. this gal is a real hoot. besides loving to f/s she speaks good english, is always laughing and clowning around and has a 10 personality. ainít bad looking either. this one is a lot of all around fun. her name is lee, works the lower beach road. 22 yr old. has had no kids. had her 3 different days this trip. tested her honesty several times. good guide as well. i liked this one a lot. freelancer at 1000bt lt + muzzelbag. ok iím joking! i did buy her meals though and she does eat an awful lot for an 80 pounder. good thing for me her favorite meal is rice soup.

Jaimito Cartero
11-29-03, 12:18
I am waiting here at Narita in Tokyo waiting for the delayed NWA flight to BKK. I am about to pass out from lack of sleep! Leave on Friday morn and get to BKK on Sunday morning. Sheeeesh.

A couple of neat things at the airport. They have nice shower rooms for 300 yen for 1/2 an hour. Plus they have free Centrino internet stations. Now you can't check your email, but you can see the pictures people have uploaded. Some small consolation, I guess.

I wonder if they'll throw me in jail if I leave some nice pictures up?

11-29-03, 21:57

Just wanted to say thanks for the good reporting of the AA hotels and the pic's. Nothing like a pic to show what it really seems like. Lee seems like a cutie too....was she the one under the covers when you snapped the pic? hehe.....:)

11-30-03, 07:50

Just back from 3 days/nights in Pattaya , had a blast - day 1 soapie was an experience (good) although it looked like I got there the same time as 2 million Japanese golfers!

Nite 1 = take away from Mistys at 1000Bt LT - - awesome lady (?) called kan 22yo and up for anything ... plus easy to kick out in the morning.

Nite 2 = actually wore myslef out golf in day and walking up n down at nite so resigned to sleep alone (dare I?) - but a last stop at Bubbles changed all that. Score a 21yo called Taim , seemed like a bad call at 1st as she was a bit aloof, but once alone and warmed up she nearly killed me off.

Stayed at the Penthouse which was OK for rooms etc - but crappy attitude - booked a party room and gave deposit etc on net to be informed on arrival - sorry we have none - standard room for you only, kind of "tough shit" - but I guess something had to go pear shaped.

Thanks to all the mongers for their insight and help getting around - gd luck to y'all and see you next time.



11-30-03, 09:47
Awesome! That's the best word I can think of to describe Pattaya. I left Bangkok on Friday, having taken up the Dynasty Inn offer to stay at their partner hotel in Pattaya. The rooms are exactly the same as in Bangkok, 990baht although they do provide free minivan transfers providing you book for at least 2 nights. Dynasty Inn Pattaya is on Soi 13(same row as Moi Maison and Lek Hotel). Initially, my first few hours were spent wandering Soi Yamato and Soi's 1,2 and 3. It was in one of these bars that I hooked up with a couple of Americans who proceeded to take me under their wing. They took me to the end of the beach to a stretch of road caled the "Walk", I think. Basically, it's one straight kilometer of gogo bars, sex shows and nightclubs. This must be heaven for any hot blooded male, in short it's Xanadu. Wandering the street for a couple of hours, we finally settled on Tony's Disco. It's a huge danceclub with live music, shows and more importantly girls. Be forwarned, the drinks in this place are on the pricey side. Draught beer for 130bt, heinekens 190bht and shots of tequilas for 80bt. Rather expensive when compared to other joints on this strip. Anyway, it didn't take us long to find some ready, willing and hot FL's in the club. Most importantly, do not pick up the chicks with numbers. You will need to pay an extra 500bt for BF. There are plenty of others to choose from. I picked one called Dom, about a 8 in looks, but more importantly, a 10 in personality. Before catching a cab back to the hotel I made a quick stop at a drug store to purchase some condoms and, with the recomendation of my American friends, some Viagra(not that I need it). A box of 4 pills will set you back 600bt. Needlessly to say I had an absolute blast of a night, 3 or 4 gos at that wonderfully smooth body before we both passed out. Oh and the damage was 1000bt LT although I did give her an extra 200bt in the morning. So for anyone contemplating coming to Pattaya, I can wholeheartly recommed it. It doesn't get any better than this.

11-30-03, 20:00

All is not lost!
Every now and then there is a first timer who puts all the big spenders to shame. It's not tough love for everyone:).


Well done and keep fuckin'em!

Jaimito Cartero
12-01-03, 12:15
You know you're in Thailand when even the Customs inspectors pats your stomach and smiles at you!

I have arrived more or less safely. I'm at the Flipper Lodge room 208. (Soi 8).

I took one beer bar girl from Soi 8, 500 baht ST. Good value, and a lot of fun. I almost thought I had another gusher, but no such luck. I was almost suffocated when she wouldn't let me up for air at DATY. Her lips swelled up so much by the time I was done. I've never seen quite that much before. (Like 4 times bigger!).

Most of the beer bar girls are all starting at 1000 baht ST. I usually just smile and tell them that I only pay 500.

It's almost like a gauntlet going up or down Soi 8. I get 3 or 4 girls who block my way, grab my dick, arms and such. It's fun the first few times. A few just jumped in my way and were almost knocked over. (Think sumo wrestlers).

12-01-03, 15:16
Jaimito Cartero,

You mentioned that the customs officer patted your belly? How rude and inappropriate! I'm pretty sure that for a Thai you don't know very well to touch you is extremly impolite. Obviously an exception is made in situations where the customer would wish to be touched, like with bar girls and other prostitutes. In general though, Thais consider touching a stranger, particularly one of higher status, to be impolite. You as a foreigner, though you'll never be liked by Thais, should automatically recieve higher status due to your assumed wealth. I avoid touchy Thais. For example, I would never use a taxi or motorbike driver who touched me during the bargaining - and if you notice they often pat you on the back or arm. This is a way of insulting you, or at least demeaning your status, without you knowing it.

12-01-03, 16:52
Jaimito Cartero,

Oh man, you got me all excited, just mentioning 'gusher' even if she didn't wet the sheets.
So please, if you do happen to find a squirter, take a pic for me and let me know the exact location, muchas gracias, as I would be quite willing to fill the - ehhr her - gap after you left!

"Her lips swelled up" - You should take the Viagra, not give it to her:(!

Greetings and go fuck 'em,


The Traveler
12-02-03, 00:44

Opebo is right. I never ever was touched by a thai who wasn't part of family, close friend or a girl. I crossed the thai border maybe a hundred times, but immigration would never dare to touch me.
I would like to know how he did it, sitting behind the counter and you in front of it. Did he do it when you walked by ? Due to your own description of yourself (and I saw your pants on a pic before ) you are much bigger than me and my belly walks never in front of me, so they are not attracted to it. I guess he might have pointed at it making a joke, but doubt he patted it ?

Anyway, have fun

Jaimito Cartero
12-02-03, 14:31
Well, I was the last one in the line going through customs in Don Muang. I think he was leaving and I was his last customer, and he smiled and patted my Budda like stomach after stamping my passport. I've long since given up on being offended by much in this world. He was smiling and joking when he did it, so I took no offense.

Freeler - I went back to see my "Gusher" from Orn Beer Bar (Second Road), only to find that some damn Dutch guy took her home for 3 months. Supposed to be back in January. You can see her picture from my last trip (Aug-Sep). I called her Kai, but her name is Pin, me thinks.

I did find a nice beauty on Soi 8, 52nd something (street?) bar. A perfect name, Porn. I told her I pay 500 baht, and away she came with me. Excellent service, good attitude, and she sucks like a Hoover. All my favorite qualities. Plus she let me take pictures. I may go back tonight for seconds.

I'm amazed that so many Thai girls think smallish tits are inferior. I pray that silcon doesn't come to Thailand in a big way. So far only shaved girls. I haven't even been on Walking Street yet!

12-02-03, 19:34
Hey sainter,

I never tried the V as I am still not at that stage but to all who have tried how is it?. 600B only? For 4? Was it the real deal? I will be in LOS in April for over a month so I will jump on that shit if its worth it.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" in future reports. Thanks!

12-02-03, 22:10

Thanks for the detailed report on Pattaya hotels you stayed at. Very helpful indeed. The AA Hotel and Residence both look like a better deal than the Sabai Inn on Soi 2, which is where I stayed for 5 nights in November.

Can you please tell me if the AA Hotel and Residence were both girl friendly (meaning no extra charges or hassle at the front desk when you bring a girl back to your room)?

Also, from your pictures it looks like the AA Residence room is quite large and deluxe, while the AA Hotel is smaller and not as well decorated. Is this a correct assessment?

Any hints on which room might be more quiet at night at the AA Res? It sounds like it is located on quite a busy street corner.

Thanks in advance!

Jaimito Cartero
12-03-03, 04:26
Does anyone sell a small cell phone jammer? It seems that cell phones cause me grief in Thailand (and everywhere!). I'm in middle of a great session with Porn, and off goes her cell phone. Some silly Englander has knocked up her sister a couple of months back, and now is back to take her to England.

He's also totally drunk and beating on her. Sigh. I've seen drunks all over the world, but none compared to *some* of the idiots in Pattaya. Guys, show a little common sense.

And what is it with Thai girls and games? I took Porn bowling last night. She swore up and down she had never played before, and still kicked my ass. (I am pretty bad, but I'd like to win at something.)

12-03-03, 04:46
Both AA locations are girl friendly, no extra charge at either.
Also you are correct in your assesments of the two properties. The AA Residence is simply newer, 1 year they said. They do have standard rooms though as well for 800 bt. Just as nicely done only smaller. I didn't hear any night time noise at either place. I did forget to mention that the AA Hotel , the one on the corner of beach road, also gives a free breakfast. Both also have individual lock boxes behind the desk counter.
Since I'm already logged in and writing I've got to comment on JC. That lucky bastard.. I've just left LOS not even a week ago and now gearing up for a month building a hotel in southern Idaho. BURRRR!! And there sits Jaimito sippin' a cool one upstairs at The Pump Station with a shit eatin' grin on his face! Damn I'm already jealous. What the heck am I thinking? IDAHO??? Doesn't take very long at all to miss that part of the globe does it?

Joe Zop
12-03-03, 05:02
"I'm in middle of a great session with Porn"

Umm, JC, sounds like you're winning at the only game that counts... :)

Jaimito Cartero
12-03-03, 11:20
JZ - Well, I like this kind of Porn better. I do detest cell phones though. No good ever comes from one in the middle of a great session.

Wanderlust - Well most of us can only have fun for awhile. You've got to work sometimes. It's been 2 1/2 months since I was back last time, and this was an unplanned side trip. No Pump Station yet. I went back in May though. I *still* haven't made it to Walking Street yet. Maybe tonight.

On a side note to "Budda tummy rubbing", about 20% of all people that I pass in Pattaya give my tummy a little rub. About 60% of these are bargirls, so you may discount that portion if you like. I am very good at scaring little children too. Perhaps the parents tell the children that I'll eat them if they don't behave.

Went to see Beautiful Boxer today at SF Cinema City. Decent, and pretty funny. Much better than I expected.

I ate my favorite duck dish at MK Restaurant in the shopping center. A lot of ducks die every time I come to Thailand. :)

Even though it's a chain, MK Restaurant is one of my favorites in Thailand. Always has decent service, and the Dim Sum at lunch is nice too.

12-03-03, 15:45
Jaimito Cartero,

"I ate my favorite duck dish at MK Restaurant in the shopping center. A lot of ducks die every time I come to Thailand."

If you ever go North and end up in KhonKaen, try the duck restaurant two(or three) doors down from RomaHotel. They serve the best pet yaang in the Kingdom.

PS Don't you ever mess up a vacation:)?

12-03-03, 17:53
I don't think JC ever messes up a vacation because when he goes there (or anyplace), he has the right attitude. He goes to have a great time, and have fun. He takes the good with the not so good and makes the most of it all. AND, probably most importantly, he observes and learns. That way, each time he returns someplace, he has a better time. I salute you, Jaimito Cartero. I wish I could get my ass to LOS sooner. Too bad next time I go I have to spend it with my girlfriend. No mongering for me. :((

12-03-03, 18:08
I hear that Mr. Thaskin has shut Walking Street completely down..Is it just a rumor? or, is it going strong! Shit, I got 25 more days to get my ass there!

12-03-03, 20:14
Hi Sainter,

in one report you have mentioned that you have met a girl DOM in Pattaya. It could be that we hd the same girl. Could you please describe her (tatoo, picture maybe etc..) it would be funny when we had the same...

Thanks a lot in advance


12-03-03, 20:17
Hi everybody...

I am going to Badtaya on 17.12.. I would like to know the course . How much I get for 100 Euro.

Is there anything special in Badtaya?

Thanks guys


12-03-03, 22:14

You posted

"I hear that Mr. Thaskin has shut Walking Street completely down..Is it just a rumor? or, is it going strong!"

While before APEC most clubs were not showing that is no longer the case. You will find Pattaya and Walking Street are going strong.


12-03-03, 22:52
To Sting:

"Badtaya?" I cannot tell if you are joking. or clueless. If you mean Pattaya, are you seriously asking if there is anything there?

Read any of the posts herein and you just might find that there are thousands of young lovelies eager to show you a good time for very little money, by most Western standards.

As for how much you get for 100 Euros - you know how to use the internet, right? Find a conversion table and you can do the conversion from Euro to Baht. In Pattaya, you can generally count on spending the following:

Go-Go girls: 500 baht bar fine, 1000 baht ST, 2000 baht LT

Beer bar girls: 200-300 bar fine, 500 ST and 1,000 LT

Freelancers generally run less than the above, or about the same as beer bar girls but no bar fine (so less overall.)

Others may dispute the above numbers, but they are "in the ballpark."

However, if there really is a place called "Badtaya" then I know nothing about it and you can ignore what I just said.

Enjoy Thailand, wherever you choose to go. And, please, be nice, respectfull, to the lovely young girls of Thailand. They will repay your kindness many times over.

Apac Boy
12-04-03, 07:20
So I'm watching a Travel Channel wannabe here in Beijing and they had a special on Thailand. When Pattaya came on, they showed a really clean beach, lots of people playing in the water, water skiing, etc. etc. The announcer called it a tourist heaven. I think those pics and vids were from South Pattaya...

Now I know why I always see Chinese tourists in Pattaya...

I wonder why they didn't show Beach Road or Walking Street in any of da vids...


Jaimito Cartero
12-04-03, 10:17
Meat - Well they are talking about only letting Thai Rak Thai officials run who have no mistresses, but I don't think it extends to Pattaya! Lots of action, lots of fun.

Every time I come to Thailand I learn something new. It's really a bonus to stay in a different section so you see something new and exciting.

Today I finally went to the beach. Pattaya, instead of Jomtiem like the last couple of times. I walked towards Mike Shopping Mall from Soi 8. Found some strong looking seats and nice looking ladies tending a few rows.

I get a nice cold coconut and start to relax and watch all the parasailers. It seems a massage/manicure lady works there, and she starts trying to get some money out of me. Another thirtyish lady comes and starts massaging my neck.

I'm not one to turn down a free massage, so I was having fun. I end up paying 200 baht for an supposed hour (40 min) massage, along with a pedicure and manicure.

In this time, the other lady had morphed into my girlfriend. She had jumped in my lap and was rubbing against my crotch quicker that I could have imagined. By the time the food massage was done, she had rubbed my dick enough to make the genie come out. Almost. :)

I realized that this was not part of the 20 baht chair rental, and that I was going to pay a bit if I wanted to play any more. It turns out Fon was a 32 year old beer bar girl who was hanging out at her friends beach concession. While both the oldest and least good looking girl I've been with on this trip, she did have a nice attitude. At least we waited until the kids cleaning the beach for the Kings birthday passed to get into public displays.

As a beer bar girl, she wanted 500 baht. I explained to her though, that since we were at the beach, that beach pricing prevailed. After a weakhearted attempt at 400, she smiled and said 300 was fine.

Off we went to the hotel, and had a really nice, non rushed time. My first nooner. I'm leaving in the morning, so needed to get some stuff at Tops supermaket, so I walked her to her beer bar near Tops.

I've got to leave at 3am to make it to the airport (I think!), Flipper Lodge was decent, but their wiring scares me. No outlets near the bed (Just wires running out of the wall.). The beds are very firm, but work well for me. Nice hot water all the time, and the security guard calls up before the girl leaves to make sure all is okay.

12-05-03, 05:22
Hey Guys,

This is my first report. I have lurked here for some time and enjoyed most of the posts here. I live in Pattaya for seven to eight months a year. I know quite a bit about Pattaya and speak decent Thai. For the most part, I love it here. The Thai people are great and it's kind of like anyplace else. You get what you give. I have had many women here and what most say is correct. Thai women are the best. One of favorite spots here is Electric Blue on walking street. The place is class for a go go bar. It has two levels for great viewing. They have shows nightly and a clean short time room upstairs, somewhat of a novelty in walking street bars. Andy, the owner, said you can take your pick of the girls and go upstairs for 1,600 baht. Some of the most beautiful girls here. If you don't like to pay bar fines you can go to the Marine disco on walking street (after midnight), Tony's on walking street (somewhat of a tourist trap but hundreds of women), several "dance spots" like the Bamboo club just off walking street on beach road, or the beach road it's self anytime. The girls will go to your room for about 4 to 5 hundred baht for s/t. The baht is now about 40 to 1 dollar. A new place on soi 6 called the China club is clean and some fine young hides. Soi 6 is a short time street with virtually hundreds of women right out on the street so you can take your pick. Standard fees are 2 to 3 hundred bar fine/room fee and 4 to 5 hundred for the girl. There are several out of the way places also here with maybe a thousand to fifteen hundred bars total here.

Anyway I will start posting here from time to time whenever I find a new gem here, either great bar or girl. I also wanted to say how much I have enjoyed and used the info in this forum.

12-05-03, 21:14

That was a great first post! Lots of useful info in a short space.

Hey, I will be back in Pattaya in mid-January. Will you be there at that time? If so, maybe we can hook up for a drink and chat.


12-05-03, 21:18

You like duck? Go to" Leng Kee" restaurant on the south side of Pattaya central road. It's about 200 feet east of 2nd road and their duck is better and portion is larger than MK. For Dim sum, all you can eat at the Pattaya Centre hotel, beach road on weekends, or "AYCE" dim sum at the Ambassador hotel chinese restauraunt Bkk.

Jaimito Cartero
12-05-03, 21:49
Bil - Thanks for the duck info. It's weird, I've had duck maybe 4 or 5 times in my life before I starting going to Thailand this year. Now I'll have it a few times a week.

Unfortunately I'm back in the USA now. Just finished the hellish last leg an hour ago. I'm so drained (From lack of sleep, plus, uh, you know what.) that I'm going to grab a bite and crash for 12 hours, hopefully.

The Traveler
12-05-03, 22:06
Bil, Jaimito

Stay away from "Leng Kee". It's quite dirty. Bil, did you never look how they serve your rice with their thumb (dirty fingernails !) in it ? I used to eat there many years ago but stopped when putting their thumb into my rice got common practice rather than accidental. Also a friend of mine went sick once after he had food there.

Jaimito Cartero
12-06-03, 08:17
A few comments before I jet off to Gatwick for a mileage run.

They talk about senior sexual drive not getting much attention. Well, when I'm 60 or 70, I won't have any problem getting all the attention I need in Pattaya. I saw lots of guys who could barely walk with a cute Thai on their arm.

The most interesting couple I saw was a 6' 8" guy with a 4' 10 Thai girl. She must have fun climbing that tree!

Soi 8 is nice, but you have to get creative going back to your room. If you chose Nong from Beatle bar, you may have to come in the the other way (Or through the Sweet Spot) to avoid the walk of shame.

I was a bit afraid that when the girls would pour out of the bars and "swarm" me I needed to be careful with my money. Pickpockets and so forth. Never a problem. I did cure a few of them who decided to just step out in front of me. :)

I only had two circumstances that I was short changed. Once with a convenience store clerk (probably an accident), and once with a street fruit vendor (not an accident).

I learned a new bar game (Hammer the nail), actually ate meat from a street vendor and lived to tell about it.

I had an interesting adventure on the way to the airport. I'll post on it when I load my pictures into my computer. I always get interesting ones!

Jaimito Cartero
12-06-03, 08:19
Traveller - I've noticed some other habits of Thai servers that make me a bit wary as well. There doesn't seem to be a prohibition to nose picking while serving food. I've had this happen a few times, and it rather kills my appetite.

12-06-03, 10:14
JC, Traveler,

I don't think its the perceived level of 'cleanliness' that determines if you get sick or not. Its whether the food has been thoroughly cooked, and how long ago it was cooked. I seriously doubt that someone's dirty fingernail or booger will make you sick. My rule of thumb is simple for eating in Thailand - eat where the Thais eat, and avoid the places where you only see Westerners eating. The one exception would be a Western oriented place that has a Western owner on premises. I've never gotten sick from street food in Thailand.

Since I'm in the Pattaya forum I might as well post a Pattaya anecdote. Its in the nature of a warning - I got a dose of the clap about a week ago from the beach girls. I'm pretty sure it was them because I hadn't done a bar-girl in ten days or so.

The Traveler
12-06-03, 11:03

Saw that too. Disgusting.
A few years ago I ordered some food at a food stall between Soi Pattayaland 1 and 2 from an old woman. She prepared and served the dish, everything looked fine. But then she sat down on her chair, picked up the knife she used before to cut of some slices of meat and started to clean her fingernails with it.
I spew my first bite out and prepared to leave, without paying of course. When she asked me why I want to leave without paying, I only asked back what she just had done with the knife. No discussion.

But I still prefer food stalls over restaurants, because at food stalls you can watch them preparing your food and the cleaniness of the place. In a restaurant you will never know how clean the kitchen is, are there rats or if anyone might sneeze or spew on your food. BTW, food is usually cheaper there and tastes very good. I am addicted to thai food anyway.

Have fun

Jaimito Cartero
12-06-03, 12:54
Well cleaninless is always a factor. I've done work in a lot of restaurants in the states, and often I'd not eat in a restaurant after I did work in them. In an Arby's there was a big roast beef just sitting out on the counter, not even covered. In Jack in the Box, McDonalds and Burger King I've all seen things that turned my stomach.

This is nothing in comparison to the roach I got served on top of my Taco Bell Nachos supreme. Like it was a garnish! And not a baby one, but as big as an olive.

You can never really know where all the food has been. I use my common sense, and if it looks clean, smells okay, then I'll give it a shot.

12-06-03, 16:21

You wrote: "They talk about senior sexual drive not getting much attention. Well, when I'm 60 or 70, I won't have any problem getting all the attention I need in Pattaya. I saw lots of guys who could barely walk with a cute Thai on their arm."

Good to know. I turn 60 in January and am gifting myself with 2 1/2 weeks in BKK and Pattaya. I'm in great shape and still good for two or three pops a day if I space them out. I'll be in the air winging toward LOS on my birthday. I'll post some reports and pix so you younger mongers will know what you have to look forward to if you live long enough.

This will be my second trip to LOS. My first was a 10-day tour four years ago. We hit BKK, Pattaya and Phuket. Best vacation of my life. Hope to repeat it. I recommend a tour as a great intro for newbies. But once you know the ropes, you can stay twice as long for half the money if you do it yourself.

I love this board and all the fine, useful, up-to-date info it puts at all our fingertips.


Jaimito Cartero
12-06-03, 16:52
as usual, i seem to attract interesting situations.

since i had to be at the airport by 4:30am or so, i had to take a taxi from pattaya by 2:30am or so. the flipper lodge wanted 1300 for their driver, so i just made a booking through the little stands that are everywhere.

800 baht, plus tolls.

i crashed at 9pm and got 4 hours of sleep before i got my wake up call. the taxi driver showed up fairly close to the right time (2:40), and i quickly checked out and was on my way.

the first thing i noticed was the singha beer that the driver was sipping on. he said he had delivered a fare to pattaya at 6pm and had been tempted to stay until 2:30am for the 500 baht he would make. the beer helps him stay awake, he said. this was only his second one, supposedly. what a way to start the day.

now i always try to put a little bit of wiggle room into my plans, so if we get a ticket, or need gas or such i won't miss my plane.

now the driver (neung luk, if i recall right) didn't seem like he had done the trip too often. he was going 20 kph below the speed limit, but given the beer intake, i wasn't going to mention it. he drives past the entrace to the expressway, and then goes into reverse to back up. luckily, light traffic, and we're (hopefully) on the right way again.

other annoyances - he decides we don't need to go on the toll road all the way. i'm pretty easy going, and as long as we get there in time, i'm fine.

one kind of annoying thing - everytime we'd go over an overpass, he'd slow down way too much. i don't think we ever hit the speed limit more than once, but he's slowing down to 40 or 50 kph every single time. and the roads were fine. shrug.

here comes the first bathroom break. no problem, quick in and out. [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) puddled on the floor, but hey, nothing too bad. after he takes a smoke break we get back on the road.

now he decides that he does want to go back on the toll road. go through some little town, and finally make it back on.

he only manages 90-100 kph in a 120 zone, and he flashes his lights and honks at every slightly slower car than him, even though they're way out of the way in the left lane. we're finally getting close to bangkok, but it's already been 2 hours since we left.

i start seeing airport signs, and he again has to stop for a bathroom break. since my plane leaves in 70 minutes, i'm not too keen on the idea. he says, "one minute, okay. so solly". he then goes into the womens restroom, and comes out in a couple of minutes.

we make it to the airport 53 minutes before my plane leaves. now in most places this would get you shut out of the plane. luckily thailand is a little more relaxed. after paying him the balance (500 baht), he asks for a tip. i smile, and politely decline.

just another adventure in the los.

12-06-03, 18:21
Opebo, Traveler, Jaimito
Best not to think about what goes on in the kitchen even in the states. I too have eaten at the roach coach sidewalk venders countless times and never got sick. I usually look for a vender that has a stir fry wok and order that way reasoning that cooking in hot oil would kill most anything. Maybe I'm wrong I don't know, but I have never been sick. What I did get though was some of the finest Thai food that can be had. I also like to be able to "point" at the stuff I want in my meal. I'm not real big on that god awful green leafy stuff that seems to make it into every Thai dish. Jaimito, it's so funny you should mention booger picking. I had grown acustom to it and had forgotten. I actually took a day walking the streets with my zoom lens catching booger pickers for prosterity. It's like their National pastime or sport or something akin to that. And to our western eyes the most striking thing is that they are'nt shy about it in the least. What are ya gonna do when that winch is on top riding the bronk and pulls out a big green one??

12-06-03, 19:47

So you and your friend had a bad experience at "Leng Kee" I have never. If I saw a dirty waiter stick his nasties in my food I would send it back. When you eat street food, do you take a microscope and count bacteria on the dishes and utensils? You will be surprised. There are NO antiseptic restaurants in Thailand or anywhere else in the world. At least the place is off the street and better than most places with the large portions. I see lots of cops and their superiors there dining. The spring rolls made with crab are terrific. Let me ask you this, did you use a condom when you kissed your last thai girl? She may not have used listerine after I gave her mouthful of tadpoles.

The Traveler
12-06-03, 22:01

Don't get me wrong. I know that no place in thailand is antiseptic except the surgery rooms in a hospital (I hope). I am not as picky as it might have sounded. I have eaten almost everywhere, probably at places where you wouldn't even consider to eat and I am well aware of the situation. Anyway, after 20yrs in thailand my immune system is already used to most bacterias and therefore they shouldn't harm me anymore.

I used to eat at Leng Kee for several years at a constant basis. Liked their food, reasonable priced, but after a few years they changed and got worse. If it would have happened only once or twice I wouldn't mind, but if you observe it constantly you would probably change your mind too. And do you really believe that the food you send back will not be served again ? You might get it back again, telling you it's a new one. And if they are pissed about you they might even put some nasty things in it, you would never know. This happens everywhere and was often caught on surveillance cameras around the world.

At least, I described my observations, expressed my opinion and gave advice. You don't have to follow it. So slow down, no need to be sarcastic.

BTW, didn't anybody tell you how to use a condom ? You don't have to put it over your tongue. There is a small description in every package, read it :-)

Furthermore I doubt that we picked the same girl, since I am much choosier with picking my girls than my food.

Have fun

ChiMan II
12-07-03, 03:43
Hey Guys,

To comment on the food in Pattaya. I found this out in the open retaurant on the street where the beach road begins one block away from the ocean. They had the best Pad thai I ever ate in my life. When I left to pay the bill I gave them a bill and waited for my change. The lady I handed it to nicely layed my money in the salad bowel on top of the food and acted like it was no big deal. I dought they would rewash that food that touched the money. I was very dissappointed in the handling of food there. I don't even want to think about what happens to the food I do not see they feed us. If your ever anger the chef or complain I would recommend not eatting there again.

The Traveler
12-07-03, 20:24
ChiMan II

If your ever anger the chef or complain I would recommend not eatting there again

Yep, you would probably get nice non ordered additions to your food, like anywhere else in the world :-)

Anyway, thai food is still top notch. Enjoy it.

12-07-03, 20:26
HI all,

I am going to Pattaya next week and I would like to know how is the action there (many tourists, prices, Tony entertainment, new bar at six 6 or..)

Thanks in advance


12-07-03, 20:30
Hi all,

I am looking for a girl her name is DOM or Tom. She is between 22 -24 years old and had a tatoo on her right shoulder. (Her name) Most time she stays at Tony or soi 8. I know is is very difficult. Particulary, I would say she has black hair :-).. but maybe someone has interesting news..



12-09-03, 03:23
How can anyone be sure!

There's no possible way anyone can be sure their not going to get sick from the food they eat! Even resturants like MK, Japanese restuarants next door buy much of their food from local markets, I have seen buyer from these resturants buying food
at local markets and bring them back. Sit outside Big C, complex and you will see small local pickup trucks pull up and drop off food with their employees of these resturants.
Do you real think these places go the extra mile to wash things twice or more. Ever see how stalls wash their dishes, can't tell the difference between the soapie dish water and the rinse water.

One can only go by word of mouth, recommendations, and good instincts,etc.etc. I have been buying and eating food from local stall markets outside of Pattaya and have never been sick, but got sick once from MK, just from having a glass of ice water, got sick at Buds Ice Cream from just having a Ice cold glass of Coke, both at the Big C.

So personally, after years of prison food, I just take the good and little of the bad, as long as I don't get sick and just enjoy! Being able to choose your own food and eat when you want now that's

In regards to nose picking, it is laughable, I think it the culture.
Recently, I was in my room, no A/C, just fans, laying around watching T.V. I had this one small fly that kept flying in my face and then right into my nostril, this happened several times and I just started to laugh at myself because it made me wonder if that's the reason why locals pick their nose!

Just my two cents,

Silly Puppy
12-10-03, 02:35
Hi all,

Last month I stayed at Pattaya for 1 night only. Walking down the beach on night after 11pm there were many girls than anything where else. I picked a young cutie for a ST. She said she was 18 but I don't know she looks much younger than that. The clerk at my hotel asked her ID and I was released when seeing she just turned 18 a month ago.

This babe is unbelievable. She got a hot tight pussy and I ate it for 15 minutes, made her come multiple times and she didn't push my head away like others . I turned her over for a doggie style and fucked her gentley for 10 minutes . She was squirming all over and her juice flowing like river :) I even sticked a finger in her little asshole and she let me do that! I switched to commissionary and slided my cock back and forth over her clit. She clenched her teech and screamed again. God! I just placed the head of my cock right at the entrance and pushed it home . That did it! She gave out a loud cry and held me tightly against her nubile body, rolling her eyes back. Man my back was sore with her finger nails.

I gave her $20 for it even we agreed on 500 Baht. I felt so good and when I came back to the states I still miss her a lot now .

12-12-03, 04:48
Beach Road is a great place to pick up girls and should be checked out at least once per night. If you are looking for really fresh girls you can find them along the beach. Granted, many older ones that I would have no interest in but just walk pass them. I'll picked up some hot feature dancers from the top clubs walking along the beach after work and many girls who have just come to Pattaya that day.

It can never hurt to take a look lots of gems like the one I had last night. Small 40 kilo, prefect tight little body and wanting to do nothing but please. Also very happy with 500 baht and never said no to anything I wanted.

The bar fine alone in many Go Go is 600 baht and the service level can be poor. I don't mind paying but overpaying for poor service is not on the menu.


Silly Puppy
12-13-03, 00:34

It took me almost an hour to find the girl I like. Actually I was looking for 2 girls who gave me big smiles when I was walikng with my friends back to the hotel. When I came dowm to look for them they were long gone. So I waked down the beach back and forth (in front of a McDonald) multiple times and I spotted a group of 4 girls sitting on a rock bench. I just introduced myself and picked the girl I wanted. She did not speak any English but fortunately there was an interpreter next to her so we agreed on price before we got back to my hotel.


Yeah I know what you mean , this girl weights probably like you said, around 40 kg not like my wife who weighs 55. So I was handling rather easily and she LOVES fucking !!!

12-13-03, 05:48
It sucks when you are not in Pattaya!

The worst thing about going to Pattaya, or Thailand in general, is it is unbearable been back in shit hole America, knowing paradise is only a 14 hour plane ride away.

If any one out there is thinking of getting married and having kids, go to Thailand first and then decide.

There's a pic of my girlfriend from my last trip attached. God I miss her!