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01-01-03, 02:00
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01-01-03, 02:05
Happy New Year to all pussy-mongers !!!

May god bless you with more pussies in the coming year.


01-02-03, 02:24
Just got back from vacation and hence have not been on the board for a while. I must say that I am chocked to find that Z is retiring!!!

I know I am going to take a lot of heat for this but I will be the bad one. Z come back please. I actually enjoyed your bad ass posts. How can one forget HHH, 3Fs, sperm tupperwear etc. Hysterical!! I use some of Z-lingo all the time now.

You might not like what Z says but he is needed. There need to be someone that throws some crazy stuff out there to create discussion. As for Z's knowledge - he knows what he is talking about prices etc. I know for a fact. Z recommended #176 at Saibaland and I tried with fantastic result.

Just my two cents!

01-02-03, 07:59
Originally posted by LarryOne
.....but I will be the bad one. Z come back please. I actually enjoyed your bad ass posts. How can one forget HHH, 3Fs, sperm tupperwear etc. Hysterical!! I use some of Z-lingo all the time now....

Don't worry, he will be right back here with his new handle as he can not leave the board so easily. I see this board everyday with & like a newspapaer. & its not easy to leave this board. Do you know the three handles previous one.
Tur.ck the Dina.sor
& Ade.lZ

hope pretty soon he will be be here with his new handle & new style of writing. (actually I think he is already there)

I welcome to Samus Aran, a new member who has landed his ship in Pattaya & Pattaya section of this forum. Hey Samus write some more post.

heeeee heeee heee

01-02-03, 09:14
well..i just got back to korea after 10 days in thailand..spent a few of those in pattaya and was pleasantly surprised..both by the quality of some of the girls, and the punters themsleves..was half expecting obese sunburnt octegenatians at every turn after reading about pattaya on the net.
on my first night i went ot he sabai room massage beside the big c..well what an experience, the overall quality was excellent, and took my time in choosing, eventually picked sa, a 22 year old, weel she was beeautiful with a great body..after the massage etc she wanted to meet up afterwards, also wanted to go to koh samet with me!
declined as was meeting friends on the island, but on my return i visited the sabai dee (i think) place accross the road form the big c..this place was a disappointment, the girls werent nearly as attractive, and eventually i chose one of the few half decent ones, got the bath and massage but decided not to waste my wad on her so declined the extras,,she wanted to meet up in dice disco afterwards and gave me here cllephone...again didnt bother as wanted to try tonys disco...well some really sexy women there..seems to be more like a regualar nite club in that looks, age, fashion sense seem to play more of a part here then in other parts of pattaya...got a few fondles and propositions but waited til near the end, presumed i had missed the boat, but a girl came over and said her friend wanted to say hello...well her friend was georgeous, and didnt look like a typical pattaya girl, turned out she was just visiting her friend for the night..well we hit it off, we went to the mr p disco(where pills and coke were very much in eveidence) and she stayed the night with me..just to point out expenditure on drinks was 50-50, she seemed to be trying to prove she was not a working girl..i ended up staying in her apartment in bangkok as she showed me the city over the weekend, again expenditure was maybe 60-40 to me...
she showed me photos of here winning her university beauty pageant and she truly was beautiful...maybe i am younger then the average guys that go to pattaya(24), but i would advise people to go to the freelance discos early and there seems to be a few girls there that arent working but just like fucking....
or else got late to the sabai room and u should be able to get the girl to meet u after for an all nighter..the girls there were stunning, far better than the average beer bar/go go bar girl

first time to thailand and i am definitely hooked, beats the crap in korea hands down

01-06-03, 07:58
hey guys,

here is some informations about pattaya

yesterday while wandering at walking street, stepped up to a new place "polo entertainment". this is not a gogo bar but i can say it is a show bar. the shows of about 5 minute each by a group of 3-4 girls or solo continues with diffrent songs or items. some time total nude show. i like this place even better than my most favoirate super baby. and i shall tell you the secret. they called me on stage to sit on a chair around which 2 total nude girls were dancing. a new place to enjoy.

second place i saw yesterday was "casa massage parlour". i thought it is a new place but the girl told me "laai [CodeWord134] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord134) laiyo" (it is from many years) surprised i used to cross this road every week in the last 4-5 years. placewise nothing new but girls are good. particularly 666 a great body.


01-10-03, 05:55
Does anyone know of any other "totally nude" dancing in Pattaya, or at what time where. I do like that. Thanks.

01-11-03, 02:35
Re Polo :
It is true that the show is rather well choregraphed, but :
1) You cannot bar-fine any of the show girls, they are paid by their boss to keep the show going on the whole evening.
2) The cuties who wait bare breat on the side are for take away, but I spoke to all of them, no one does BJ.
So Polo is OK to enjoy the show (always the same one) but not for f...k.

Ting Tong
01-11-03, 08:23
Yaah Erik, Polo is for enjoying the night, not to get a girl. Many time people are sitting in gogos to pass time & drinking. For them Polo is better option.

To get the girl, now a days which bar is having best girls. Any one can put a light on this???

01-14-03, 13:43
Originally posted by khun

Arrivals set to exceed projection

Stepped-up PR campaign effective

Nondhanada Intarakomalyasut

About three weeks back I had posted that I had been told things were slow this high season in Thailand. I have now been to Bangkok and saw fro myself, the number of tourist in the sex areas is way down. And now I am in Pattaya and it is not like a normal high season, walked into five hotels today all had rooms for rent. Walking street has the same number of people on it at night as in Oct/Nov. Spoke to a couple of bar owners and all said the same thing business is down. But still more than enough girls to keep everone happy. If you have some free time this is the time to come, high season without the normal crowds.

01-15-03, 08:28
Because of the lack of buisness prices have seemed to stay about the same or gone down a little. Unlike a normal high season when the prices go way up. You can still get a first rate A-level girl from a GO GO Bar for 1000 baht short and 1500 baht long. Yes some will ask for more but they are taking what they can get. Talked to three owners of GO Go bars, and they all say the same thing business is way down the clubs are less than half full and the really great girls are still in the clubs at 10, 11, 12 o'clock when in the pasted they were bar fined in high season within the first hour. Also spoke with a ex-pat I know who has a beer bar on soi 7. He has the bar as a toy but he says he is happy just to have 3 of his 5 girls here started with 2 years ago. The bar has a total of 10 girls and each girl is doing 7-9 bar fines a month.

I am not telling any one to stay away, in fact I'm saying come now it is the best high season I have seen, lots of girls, but not big crowds. The beer bar girls are still happy 500 baht short and 1000 long with 200 baht bar fines. You maybe can pay less but I don't try because these prices are fair and I am here having fun not counting pennies. A lot of street girls working beach road, but be cafeful late at night because more lady boys working this area than normal.

And for those guys on the board who think the good looking girls are only in Bangkok, sorry to tell you just as many are here now too.

01-17-03, 17:27
Hi there... Looking for someone to meet in pattaya to get some girls with... Anyone there in march? I'm going by my own and I would prefer sharing... the fun! my email : ricion@romandie.com

Take care!

01-19-03, 14:16
Originally posted by Samus Aran

Pussy is pussy! No matter where you go in Thailand there is always an abundance of beaver available. People should not come into this website and give false information about pussy being more special in one place over another. That is plain bullshit!
I'm with you!
Samus Aran

I agree that the same type of girls can be found in both Bangkok and Pattaya, I just find Pattaya to be a bettter overall place to be at. What I think really happens on the board is a guy who likes Bangkok lets say feels he must make Bangkok better than lets say Pattaya, so he starts to post great things about Bangkok and bad things about Pattaya, and then the cat fights begin on the board. What I don't think is right is people who comment on places that they have never been too. Right now I have a friend who is in Bangkok on his 13 th yearly trip, he has never been to Pattaya. That I think that is sad, people fly half way around the world and will not go the extra couple of hours. Me as I have said before I will spend a little time in Bangkok but most of my time is in Pattaya. And things are really hot here now, last night Saturday Walking Street was packed with people but still lots of great girls to go around. Well time to sign off and hit Beach Road.

Joe Zop
01-19-03, 20:56
Point well taken, sexreview, and I agree with SA that pussy is available anywhere and everywhere in LOS. Still, if people can articulate why they prefer this place to that place it's something useful for other travellers. I've spent time in Pattaya (including a couple of days this last trip) and it's simply not my preferred cup of tea, as I find it a bit too frantic and with too many tourists of the kind I'm generally trying to escape. There's no question that it's a happy hunting ground, (and I was immensely happy with those ladies I chose) and has probably more available women per square inch that just about anywhere else, but it's also got a fair amount of grime, a filthy ocean, underwhelming beaches, strip malls and fast-food places galore, etc.

I look at it like any kind of shopping: me, I generally though not exclusively prefer funky little restaurants and shops, or local places to big chains. Other people prefer to get to the biggest mall available so they can easily find what they want. Pattaya is the big mall to Bangkok's series of smaller malls to other places' small and funky places (with exceptions hither and yon, of course.) Mostly the same stuff is available in all those places; what matters are issues of taste and fashion. SA's comments on where you want to screw are exactly on point -- you can do it anywhere, so information about what's around, what the ambience is, etc., is highly useful.

01-19-03, 23:38
My 2 cents worth on the subject. Personally, I don't like Bangkok. It's just a big dirty, nasty, smelly city. Pattaya is a bit more to my taste but I would prefer a place that is more relaxed. If Chiang Mai had more women to choose from it would be my choice.

01-21-03, 09:22
Was in Pattaya 2 times... In bangkok just the first time because I thought it would be fun! But since I was very "newbye" I had only bad luck in Bangkok, the action, as I understood, was just in 2 streets, and prices were almost double as Pattaya, though the choice was less... I suppose I am completely poor in experience in that huge city... But I certainly was also in Pattaya the first time... Nevertheless it was obvious there that almost every single girl was there for.... FUN!

01-27-03, 20:13

hereís my report on two recent trips to pattaya. many times, the question is often asked on the best way to get to pattaya. i think it mostly depends on your flightís arrival time. if youíve been flying all day and night and arrive after 8pm, iíd recommend getting a room in bangkok (reserve it in advance for the best rates), find yourself a hhhh (hot hired humping ho), hump away short time or long time (up to you!), and head down to pattaya the next day. if you donít mind spending around 1000 baht, hire a cab, but negotiate the price up front, as many others on the board have recommended. personally, the cab drivers drive too recklessly for me and may not be clear on exactly where you want to end up in pattaya, so i think the minibus (at about 350 baht) is probably a better option. not only does it cost less, but theyíll also give you the same door-to-door service as a taxi. if you want to maximize your available funds for the hhhhís, taking the air-conditioned bus is the best option. if you decide to take the air-conditioned bus, here are some suggestions.

take the skytrain station to the ekkamai (# e7) station. before you head down the stairs, take a peek over the side of the station platform, and you will see the bus station for air-conditioned buses. go to the far right hand side of the station, and you'll see a ticket window with a sign posted for pattaya. pay your 90 baht, and take note of your assigned seat number; people seem to want to sit in their assigned seats. after you arrive at the pattaya bus station, go to any of the baht buses (guaranteed to be waiting for arriving buses) and give the name of your hotel to any of the gentlemen waiting by the baht buses. after you get off the bus (they may not drop you off immediately in front of your hotel, but they will point the way), pay your 20 baht.

cost: skytrain 20-50 baht
bus ride 90 baht
baht bus 20 baht
total =130-160 baht (what a deal!)

buses leave from the ekkamai station every half hour during the day; it takes about two hours to get there.

before you leave the bangkok airport (upon arrival), if you plan to spend any time at all in bangkok go to the information desk on the arrivals level and pick up a free city map. this map, which should be available in english, provides a lot of city/landmark detail and includes the routes/stations covered by the skytrain. if youíre traveling to downtown bangkok, donít bother with the taxi stand on the arrivals level of the bangkok airport; iíve been charged as much as 350 baht (including tolls), and i know someone who was charged 1100 baht round trip, or 550 each way. instead, go to the departure level (upstairs level), hail down a cab that just delivered someone to the airport, and make sure the driver understands that the meter should be used for the drive. if you arrive late at night, you can elect to avoid paying the 70 baht expressway toll by asking the driver to take the regular streets (under the elevated expressway), and it wonít take you much longer to reach downtown. if youíre arriving any other time, take the expressway, as bangkok traffic ranks among the busiest in the world. using the surface streets, the base fare should be around 140-160 baht.

okay, so now youíre in pattaya. where do you stay? i visited both flipper hotels on soi 7 and soi 8 and checked out the rooms. the rooms at the flipper hotel on soi 8 seemed nicer to me, and youíre right in the middle of the action. but if you donít like the noise, maybe the flipper hotel on soi 7 is a better choice for you. i stayed at the eastiny place hotelÖ..note that there are two hotels with the name eastiny on soi 8. the one nearest to 2nd road (eastiny place) has the best rooms and is the newest. all of these hotels are girl friendly (i confirmed this with the receptionists) and offer rooms for 700-800 baht per night. make sure you confirm that theyíll include breakfast. one two separate occasions, eastiny place told me that my rate did not include breakfast. this required me to whip out my (email) confirmation and show them that i was quoted 750 baht per night including breakfast. on my second visit to this hotel, they tried to pull the same crap and copped a bit of an attitude about it. i had my email confirmation handy again, and that was that. the food at the eastiny placeís restaurant is fairly good and the service there is very good. they have a couple of nice-looking and helpful waitresses working there (dinner only). one night, one of the waitresses was a bit flirty; she seasoned my pad thai like the locals prefer and began spoon (well, actually it was a fork) feeding me my meal. i wouldnít have minded getting a piece of her but i had other plans, like ďfcukingĒ and not dating. next time, iím going to try staying at the flipper hotel on soi 8. oh, did i mention that both flipper hotels have rooftop swimming pools?!! i have also stayed at the sabai inn on soi 2. this is also a good choice. the service is good, rooms are about 800 baht (or less) per night including breakfast, and girls are always welcomed. i like that the hotel reception always asks for the girlís identification card (for your safety). the hotelís manager is mr. aan (pronounced like ďonĒ), a young man who has always made sure that i had a quiet room and a good time at his hotel. the bad part about the sabai inn is that they donít have a swimming pool, but their sister hotel (immediately across the street) the sabai lodge does. i think the rooms are slightly better at the sabai inn, and i also like the fact that no one (like a jealous tg), can get close to your room without the hotel reception knowing about it; some of the rooms at the sabai lodge have ďexteriorĒ room access.

if you need to pick up some souvenirs (like cheap polo shirts or watches), try the mike shopping center or royal garden plaza shopping center. these are both toward soi 13 and have entrances on beach road and 2nd road. if you want to save some money on eyeglasses (ok, i have four eyes, but iím no nerd), try the optical shop on the first floor at the royal garden plaza shopping center, located behind the escalators near the entrance on the 2nd road side. i paid $75 per pair of glasses, including lenses (with scratch resistant and anti-reflective coatings) and frames (very modern designs); they are willing to negotiate here. i brought my own prescription with me from home, so i didnít need the free eye exam that they offered. the royal garden plaza shopping center has all the fast food restaurants youíll ever need, including mcdonalds, burger king, kfc, and a few others. they also have a good food court on the top floor. the vendors at the food court only take pre-paid meal cards, which can be purchased at the food courtís entrance. 100 baht should be enough for a hearty meal, including your soft drink. this shopping center also has a cinema on the 2nd floor; if you decide to take in a movie, you wonít believe how inexpensive it is. two admissions, two drinks, and a large popcorn should set you back no more than $6.00. atmís are located inside this shopping center and also at the mike shopping center (on the beach road side, outside the shopping center building). if you stay near soi 2, the big c shopping center is a good place to pick up food, trinkets, and trash. big c has a good cinema and a number of decent restaurants to get a cheap meal. if you want to relax and stay away from the beer bars for a few hours, hang out at the big c after 8 oíclock. listen to either of the two outdoor bands, have a beer, and give your willie a chance to rest/recover from all the ďboom boomĒ youíll be getting in pattaya.

now, letís talk about the reason why anyone would really come to pattaya. there are those esteemed gentlemen on this board who will tell you that pattaya isnít worth a visit. however, these same gentlemen seem to have a lot of current information on pattaya, which leads me to believe that they havenít completely abandoned this place. while there may be other (perhaps better, but thatís an individual value judgment) places to visit, a guy can have a great time in bangkok and pattaya, especially if youíre like those of us who can only slip away to los for a few weeks at a time. there may be more stunning girls in bangkok, but theyíre more expensive and bring a lot of attitude to the table (or uh, bedroom). it seems to me that the big city girls (maybe as in any other big city) arenít as accommodating. if you are the kind of guy who strictly follows zís 3f approach, then bangkok provides a lot of great choices. if you like to occasionally go long time or shag the same bird more than once, then pattaya could be a better choice for you. to minimize any problems, always negotiate your deal up front with your hhhh; if she wonít do what you want, as long as you want, or as many times as you want, move on to one of the thousands of other thai papayas there for your pleasure. if you choose to deviate from the 3fís, make sure you donít succumb to the charms of these girls! theyíve perfected the art of catering to men; sure some of them may simply be generous with their time and effort, while (most?) others expect something in return. let me tell you a little story about something that happened to me while i was in pattaya.

i selected a little cutie named mai one night. she had this hot librarian look, which sometimes gets me going. anyway, we took our obligatory shower before getting on the job, and she tells me that she might receive a couple of phone calls that she would need to take. we had all night together, and so i didnít care. she tells me that sheís got an irishman and a swede on the hook, who send her money on a regular basis. the irishman called first. she told him that she was with a friend and smiled at me. i was already massaging her tits when the call came in, and i was in no mood to stop so i didnít. she was giving him answers that you might read in private dancerÖ..i couldnít believe it. it got so corny that i started feeding her lines, which she delivered to her irish ďboyfriendĒ. at this point, i started to caress her thighs and stroke her papaya. she opened up her legs, and not wanting to decline her invitation to insert my fingers inside her, i did so. all this happened while she was talking with this sucker. the swede called in the middle of the conversation with the irishman, and mai told him that sheíd call him back in a few minutes. after she finished her first phone call, she said, ďwhy are people so stupid?Ē i couldnít help but agree with her. she calls back the swede, and starts speaking swedish! mai told me that she learned swedish when she went to visit sucker #2 for a few months. after this call, she expressed her clear impatience for farang stupidity. not more than a few minutes after the second phone call was finished, i strapped on a jolly and got down to business. the next day, i took mai again, because she was so good in the sack. the next day, she whips out a bank (sent via western union) receipt, which shows that the irishman had wired her approximately $200.00. she asked me if i could tell her what some of the words meant on the receipt. bottom line guysÖ..donít be a sucker! if you let yourself fall into this trap, you probably deserve it, especially after reading all the warnings posted on this website. have fun, treat the girls well, pay them fairly (but donít overpay), but take care not to fall for a hooker!

if youíre the type of guy who could even consider falling for one of these bar girls, i strongly urge you to stay close to zís 3f rule. mr. adlezís advice is particularly valuable for you type of guys. iím not saying that anyone needs to change who he is (or what he likes to do); iím only suggesting that you be aware of what youíre doing and what your female companion is attempting to do to you!

on to specific suggestions. much has been written about bj bars, so i decided to try one. i went to the king kong bar on soi 6, and it was terrible. donít waste your time here! okay, you can get a chick to blow and fuck you for no more than 500 baht (very dirty s/t hotel room included), but these chicks are a bunch of skanks. sometimes appearances can be overlooked for good servicing, but thatís not the case here. a better place to visit is nice with ice (now called the spice bar) on soi 13/2 (or 13/3?). though the name has changed, theyíll still give you ďice treatmentĒ if you ask for it. larryone and i went to this place at the same time, and the girls did a nice job. they charge a fixed price, and the girl will blow you w/o a condom for an extra 100-200 baht (maximum!). the pump station is also a good place to visit for a quick release, if that suits your mood.

i went to the sabai dee massage parlour, and while a few girls are nice looking, thereís maybe only two or three great looking girls who work there. most girls are pretty average. sabailand seems to have better looking women, but since i prefer the hunt (okay, so itís like dropping a hook in a barrel full of fish), i chose to pass on the massage parlours and concentrate on the beer bars. near the soi 2 area, there are some bars that seem to have some of the better looking beer bar girls. any of the bars on 2nd road near soi 2 would be good choices to have a beer, chat with the girls, or whatever. a beer bar is a beer bar is a beer bar. the only difference is that occasionally you find a really hot girl working there. one should never pay more than 500 baht s/t or 1000 baht l/t, no matter what you want the girl to do.

some of the better looking girls work at the go go bars. check out any of the go go bars on or just off walking street. the drawbacks: a little more expensive (still never pay more than 1000 s/t or 1500 l/t) and a little more antiseptic in their approach toward doing the deed(s).

by the way gents, it appears that iíll be back in los (pattaya, of course) 18-25 february. any of you dudes want to meet up for a beer to compare stories?

Joe Zop
01-28-03, 00:24
Very nice job, Muff. And as someone who's stated that Pattaya's not my main taste, let me re-emphasize that I'm making a personal statement about taste, and not at all a judgement, as there's a lot to like about the place, including the fact that it's crawling with available women. Will I still go to Pattaya? Heck yes -- it's just not where I'm going to spend all my time in LOS. If you've got a week or only a bit more, then it or Bangkok are excellent choices.

For what it's worth, when I was there both Eastinys were all booked up, and I stayed at the Central Plaza hotel. Had a suite for 1200baht, and no troubles at all bringing ladies in -- they simply take the ID at the desk. Let me note that I registered as a double, as usual, just in case. It really makes no sense not to in LOS, as there's usually no additional cost to do that.

And the airconditioned bus to Pattaya is really one of the more simple and pleasant ones around -- nothing like some of the ones you'll get outcountry. Simple and cheap, and leaving every twenty minutes or so. Once you're back to Bangkok, just beware the cabbies around Ekkamai, as they're out to gouge tourists big-time, and generally won't do much negotiating, preferring to wait for another sucker who doesn't know what he's doing.

01-28-03, 03:12

Nice report!
Bus #29 aircon runs from the airport to the Skytrainstation near NationalStadium/MBK building for B18. Take the skytrain to your preferred Soi and more money left to spend on the ladies.

It should be clear to every one by now that the aircon buses are the way to go from BKK to Pattaya.You can take one from Morchit2 or from Ekkamai... Up to you!

BTW, do you have an email addy?


Dashing Don
01-29-03, 10:33
I will be in Pattaya on Tuesday, Feb 18 thru Sat Feb 22. Will be staying at the Hard Rock and would love to meet up. Haven't posted on this board in a while but then I haven't been to LOS in over a year. Expect to post an explosive report this time though.
I'm at snafle@hotmail.com


01-30-03, 05:17

Have fun in Pattaya. Sorry I can not join you this time but things are heating up at work, perhaps next time. While you are there can you do me a favor - I have heard that Titty Twister if for sale so head over there and check out the inventories. Perhaps we should pool a group of investors, buy the place and become residents Papasans. It would create a homebase to operate out of and kick back a few Singhas for the weeks we are in town. In addition, think of how the pleasure of the hunt would increase as we could hold auditions for our workerbees - of course we would be an equal opportunity employer. Hell, we might even introduce amature night!!!

For those of you that don't know Muff - I would highly recommend meeting up with him. Fun guys that have a very sane view on the whole experience plus he got some good and interesting stories.

01-30-03, 22:01
As far as I understand, it seems difficult to enjoy good time as bar owner or papasan in Thailand. Since, by law, you need to have a Thai national as associate, obviously it is more cautious that it be your wife/girlfriend (though you still need to be very cautious about money). Problem is Thai girls are so jaleous that there is no way your girl, even if she is a former/present prostitute, allow you to "bai teeyo puying" (=whoring). She is the boss' girl, and would lose face if you go out and pay other girls. In such circumstance, a Thai girl would reveal the too unknown aspect of Thai fury. There are so many stories of Thai girls taking horrific revenge for being deceived, for exemple by cuting the penis of their husband during the night !
Good luck !

01-31-03, 05:09

It is far safer to let others invest.

Q: how much can I loose when I invest in a bar
A: everything!

Recently a bar'owner' was arrested by immigration in Pattaya for doing the books on a day that his Thai wife didn't come in for work.

He probably still resides in ImmigrationPrison...

And that is NO fun place to be!

01-31-03, 05:37
EriK: You can lose more than everything by investing in a bar. Even in high season, many bars in the back streets are totally empty so cash flow is a problem. Also, the Middle east is full of guys working on rigs etc to pay off their bar mortgages. They lose more than it costs.
There are some Germans and other guys who specialize in selling bars to suckers. The scam is this: you go into the Munich Beer Cellar or whatever they call it. Lotsa Germans drinking away, a jovial lot with lots of money. You hear it is up for sale. You meet Fritz, the owner, a nice guy who wants to return hme. You buy and pay top dollar. Then Fritz and all his friends buy a flea pit for next to nothing and they look for the next sucker. Your new dream bar, meanwhile, is empty. If you do not expect to make a living from a tiny bar, sitting 13-30 people in your own country, why should you expect to do so in LOS???

There was some talk a while ago of buying Eden but who would deal with a division of Thai troops intent on tearing it down?

There are some interesting bars in Pattaya. One such is The Dogs Bolox, run by (former) notorious English soccer hooligans. They have cable soccer, fish and chips and all the usual shit. But they also have the hooligan element, which is a good commercial move. Unless you can bring something new like that to the party, something which will attract a new and loyal following, forget it.

The foreign husband Freeler mentions looks like the victim of a scam. Just forget it man. Or hang around and listen to the horror stories. And then forget it.

01-31-03, 06:49
Be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it.

In my younger days I got a job as the bartender/manager of the slickest strip joint in town. My road partner owned it and told me what I have posted to you. The first two hours were OK, after that it was straight down hill. There is nothing more boring than working in a sex orientated place.

If you must try, hope your the one in a million who enjoys the work, because as an owner, your in a much different position than the tricks. Your relationship with the girls is a business relationship and it has to stay that way.

The other posting about scams are very accurate.


01-31-03, 09:23

According to a short mention in today's BKK-Post there is a joint for sale in Nana second floor. Rumour has it it has to fetch EIGHT figures...

I know very few bars that have been around for five years or so. And those are NON-sexoriented bars...

BTW: You don't own the bar, just the business. If the property owner kicks you out, end of that business. In fact, they can simply fit the door with a new lock and NO WAY you can get your belongings out of there. Break the door in and the monkeyhouse is your new home.
And I ain't fq-ing kiddin'!
Also, in 1997, during the Asia-financial-crises, some barrents went up TENfold. That made more than a few people leave with their losses.

Many apparently 'unsuccessful' Thai owned bars are fronts for other businesses. This past January there was a high profile cartheft. The gangleader had a karaokebar as a front.

Again, let others do the investing, let others loose everything.

No need to say that I fully agree with Skinless and Shamas!

Joe Zop
01-31-03, 16:34
I posted a while back in the Bangkok section my conversations with farang bar owners there, and I had a bunch of similar conversations with bar and restaurant owners in Chiang Mai. All had pretty much the same perspectives: 1) If it works, you can make a minimal living, but it's a lot of work, and the living is only what you'd consider ok if you're living on the cheap in LOS. 2) It's something that can and probably will end at any moment, as if you [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) someone off, you and your business are history. 3) You need work your ass off, keep a constant eye on everything, and know exactly where every bit of your money is going at all times, and you should be aware that the way things work will change as soon as you walk out of the door for any reason. One guy said the only way he made any money was by having a Thai manager who got a percentage of the net profits, so they were a bigger bastard than he had to be. But he said it took three tries to find the right persona, and there was no guarantee they would stick around, as the first two managers figured there was a better percentage in just skimming things. Even if you manage to pack the place, there's certainly no guarantee you're going to make money.

I'd also note that the recent bulldozing incident in Bangkok should serve as a good context for the whole thing -- bars just disappeared with no notice whatsoever, and it had nothing to do with any of the tenants doing anything wrong. If that happens to Thai owners, what sort of chance/recourse do you imagine one of us would have?

02-01-03, 06:31
Thanks Joe and Freeler. Yes, my email address is jdsmithnyork@yahoo.com.

Don, Iíll keep in touch through the back channels. Guys, it looks like Don and I are having a beer or two in Pattaya. Anyone else up for joining us?

LarryOne, itís too bad you canít get away from the banana factory. Hopefully, weíll be able to plan another trip for later this Spring or this Summer. Seems to be a lot of feedback against getting involved in the ownership of beer bars, despite the apparent fringe benefits. Iíll check out Titty Twister nonetheless, but Iím going to need to be pointed in the right direction. Uh, where is it?

02-01-03, 12:13

THNX for the addy.
I will 'backchannel' a selection of my private reports and perhaps some pix aswell, after I've returned home later this first week of February, 2003.

PS I will absolutely return to the HolyLand in the end of June, 2003 for another six week Tour of Duty.

02-01-03, 12:33
Sorry to ask a question which must have been asked many times but arriving Pattaya for the first time Feb 24th, not sure which hotel to stay at. Can someone please help with a reccomendation not mega bucks I will go upto £30/night, I prefer a chalet type room then I can come and go discreetly with my victims but as long as it is clean anywhere will do Cheers all.

02-02-03, 05:36

I look forward to receiving your private reports and any pix you want to send over. I'm sure I can be tempted to visit other parts of LOS based on your sage advice.



02-02-03, 06:33

Do yourself a favour and lose the thought of chalet type lodging when in Pattaya.
Go to Soi8, rooms there in numerous hotels from B350-B1,200+.
Try Flipper, both Eastiny's, HighFive, VisasHouse or a dozen other hotels in Soi8.
Just check out the hotels, if you arrive at a miserable time, take any room and check for other/better the next day.

02-02-03, 11:41
Thanks Freeler for the response, it would be nice if any of the hotels you mentioned did Massage also, I am looking forward to my first visit to Thailand I am not a novice traveller, I love South America and very curious how Thailand will compare. There must be many experts on Pattaya but perhaps there shagging all the time so cannot get on the tinternet.

02-02-03, 12:06

I'm not sure if these hotels have massage. I'm also not sure if Pattaya would be the town for massage either.
The massage culture is Thai and therefore it sounds logical that Thai towns that do not specificly cater to foreigners would do better in that field.

Boys hand out MP flyers on the street. Since you are not a novice traveller, you should be able to separate the 'BS' from the 'genuine'.
As always: What sounds too good to be true is too good to be true...

Do a forum search for 'KHUN'. He reported on MP's in Pattaya on several occasions.

02-02-03, 12:07
Dear Luke: Here are some contacts plus comments for you

216/3-9 M.10 Second Road,
Tel:421-623/4, 429-675, 411-650, 429-870 Fax:424-566
E-mail: dianagrp@loxinfo.co.th

this is a good place, breakfast thrown in for you but not for your beloved. Usually books up as it gets a good golf crowd. Figure on 650-850 bt for rooms. Good security checking out your temporary employees. Gets the John Skinless recommendation

216-1 M.9 Soi 11, Pattaya 2nd Road
Tel:429-233, 428-218/2 Fax:421-184

Beside Diana. Breakfast included. Cheaper than Diana. some like it, some don't

367 M.10 Soi Diana Inn, Pattaya 2nd Road

Maybe 300 bt a night. Good and clean but too many young horny and noisy Europeans (Brits and Germans). Bad room service but good rooms on top if you are on a budget. Just carry them up and fuck them like Skinless does.

$30 is way too much for a room. Please remember your needs: a bed (important), a lock (very important), washing facilities and a TV for the sweety to watch in between ramming sessions.

For a massage go to: World Thai Oil Foot massage, 205/34 M.10 , 2nd Road, Pattaya tel: 038.425.376. Ask for Joy (no 9). Tell her I still love her. AND DON'T FUCK HER. Go there for a long massage. AND DON'T FUCK HER. You can do that after she finishes work but you gotta tip her more. Give her a good tip for a long massage. Don't let her or anyone else do a hj on you unless you want to shoot a load. be good.

02-02-03, 16:33
cheers guys thanks for the info I will let you know how I get on.

02-04-03, 19:25
Hi all...

Finally I booked my flight... I will arrive the 10th of March and will leave the 20th of March... Will anyone wanting to share some fun want to join? My email : ricion@romandie.com

Hope to hear from you! There's so much to do when we are many... ;-)

C U... Take care!

02-05-03, 03:28
Hey guys

what kind of massage you are talking about?

Pattaya has all kind of massage. Please try to understand before you go to a massage parlour in Pattaya. A body massage parlour like Sabai Dee, Sabai Land, Sabai Room, Susie, Casa has nothing to do with the traditional Thai Massage. Actually these are high level ***** house. Here the girl gives you a bath with body to body rubbbing with soap. and last is a fuc,king session.

Other are oil massage which is better then body massage if you like massage. or go to traditional Thai massage. All are available in Pattaya.

and remember Pattaya is a city for foreners only.

02-05-03, 15:33
Thanks Khun for the info I will try them all. My preference is a good massage oil or talc, maybe 1/2hour to 1 hour followed by one off the cuff or a blow job.

02-08-03, 19:07
Thanks skinless for your advice, have booked a week at the Dianna inn I am now stocking up on KY and condoms, already have enough viagra to keep it solid for a month, I intend to sprise open some very tight orifices during my stay. I have one more question for you or anyone in the know remeber this is my first visit to pussyland what is the normal price to pay for an overnighter or 1-2hours Freeler seems to say 200-300 Baht is right but this seems cheap to me (if it is right I will not be leaving) for many years. Oh also I forgot will the Dianna be happy with 2 girls having job interviews at the same time.

02-08-03, 21:02

I had 2 B300 ST girls from BeachRoad last time around.
B200 is cheap in Pattaya... or even impossible
Most, if not all, women from Beachroad will go with you for B300-500 ST and B500-800 LT.
ST bars on PattayaLand have girls from B500 incl the room, on Soi6 the fun starts at B700, B200 room + B500 girl.

Since this is your first stay in Pattaya, allow me to recommend starting with ST, either SW's or in bars. So you can get used to typical TG behaviour.
There is a bit on a crazy girl I had there last time in my report in the OtherAreas section. You don't really want that in your room all night...

Some advice to keep prices low:

The MAXIMUM price for the 'bahtbus' or 'songthaew' in Pattaya is B10!
Except the ride from the busstation to Beachroad: B20.
Basicly all rides are B5, unless you think: 'Wow, that was a long way, dude!' Then you pay B10.
N-E-V-E-R talk to the driver!
If the bahtbus makes a wrong turn, get out and pay B5 and wait for the next one.
Always carry B5 and B10 coins, don't expect to get any change...

02-08-03, 21:23

You have the right hunch. 200-300 bath seems way to cheap - unless you are as smooth negotiator as Jimmy Carter trying to promote peace around the world. I think Freeeler price range applies up north around Korat, Philok and other less monger visited places. Actually the walkers down on Beach road could probably be had for 200-300 - but most of them I would not touch with a ten foot pole (this would have to be confirmed with others who have actually tried, as these snappers looked fairly unfresh to me hence no sampling by Larry).

I was in Pattaya during end of Nov/beginning of Dec and it seems that if you toss BG 1000 Bath for a whole night she will be MORE than happy (I think many probably will argue that this is way to much in Pattaya actually BKK ladies will be happy with this). Anything more than 1000 in Pattaya is too much. You should start at 500 bath!!!! Stand your ground even if your dick is steel hard and test your ground what she will take. One thing I noticed with BG is that if you offer them lets say 500 she instantly will want more, if you offer a 1000 she wants 1,500. In other words you are being sized up as a pig at a roast - whatever they think that you can afford and how much she can con you out of - she will try to get. There are plenty of guys that only pay lets say 500 bath and the BG is happy with that. See posted reports from early summer/spring last year some guys "Cooljool", a newbie on his first trip never paid more than 500. A buddy of mine is a fighter pilot and was in Pattaya for the Cobra exercise last year and he also NEVER paid more than 500 bath and this was while the whole freakin US Navy was there!!!!

In addition, I advice you to practice Muff Drivers technique if you want more than one or two pops. Tell them right up front that you want to come lets say 4 times and you will know if your HHH is up for some serious bonking - otherwise tell her to take a hike. Remember there is 10,000 others to chose from. Hell all you need to do is to turn around pick the next one.

Remember as one now banned member used to preach - You are in charge!!!!

Hello HanSum man, whe U go, love me long time, boom boom, up to U

02-08-03, 21:36
Actually, I would like some constructive feedback on my last posting. What is fair price in Pattaya? Lets try to set the parameters to ST (one come, wham bang, in and out) and LT (all night, minimum one come at night and one in the morning, smoke and the whole program, ghost tunnel/anal performance perhaps a few bath extra).

Over to the board.

02-08-03, 22:01

Thanks for all the good info posted. Iíll be arriving in Pattaya at the end of next week and had a few questions. The first place I plan to hit after checking in at the hotel is the Pump Station it was easy to find on the map (still not sure with or without condom, Iíve seen lots of good posts from members on topic).

1. The other BJ bar mentioned was the Spice Bar, Anyone know where it is I canít find it on the map. Are there any more (excluding the King Kong)?

2. Thanks to Freeler's post I now know to check Soi 6 And Pattayaland for ST bars. These sound pretty good but I was wondering are there any ST hotels in the Walking Street area? I donít think that if I pick up a freelancer that I would want to take her back to my room.

3. Iím still not sure on transportation to Pattaya, the bus sounds good but my Thai is limited to about 5 words and Iím not sure Iíll be able to get to the hotel from the bus station by baht bus (I hope to master this after a couple of days). Are there taxis that I could take, or should I just take a taxi or limo from BKK straight to the Hotel?

4. If any one will be in town that would like to meet for a beer or two let me know.


02-08-03, 22:03

"What is fair price in Pattaya?"

I quote myself:
Most, if not all, women from BeachRoad will go with you for B300-500 ST and B500-800 LT.
ST bars on PattayaLand have girls from B500 incl the room, on Soi6 the fun starts at B700, B200 room + B500 girl.

I was in Pattaya less than two weeks ago. These prices haven't changed in four years...

BTW LarryOne, you don't offer them a price unless you know the price. That is basic negotiating.

Joe Zop
02-08-03, 22:17
"BTW LarryOne, you don't offer them a price unless you know the price. That is basic negotiating."

Well said -- either ask her price and then make a counter-offer, or don't bring it up at all and pay what you think is fair. And in the latter case, expect there will be times of argument and negotiation. This is, I think, particularly true in Pattaya, where ladies have far less expectation that anything longer-term might be in the offing, and are simply trying to get as much as they can whenever they go with you.

But for what it's worth, I never had any problems in Pattaya simply slipping 1000baht into a woman's purse or pocket the morning after a long-time session. Yup, that can be seen as slightly on the high side, though not all that much, and you can save some dough by negotiating, but for a couple hundred baht I always found it nicer simply not to have to spoil the GFE.

It's the ST sessions where I really think it's important to negotiate up front.

02-08-03, 23:05
How do you ask a thai girl for anal?

02-09-03, 00:52
Good info guys I can't wait to get to Pussyland I will have a wet dream tonight in anticipation. Tomorrow I start training 10 mile runs 6 mile swims 20 mile bike rides lots of carbohydrates and maybe half a dozen knuckle shuffles. I am going to do some serious pounding while I am there, I had a Colombian girl once while in Venezuela who was a genuine nymphomaniac, never had one since but hope to find one in Pattaya.

02-09-03, 07:22

PattayaLand is about 150m from Northend of WalkingStreet.
A good ST hotel is:

PS Guesthouse
Soi Yamato about 50m from BeachRoad

This Soi is very close to SoiPostoffice. Both definitely are on your map, about 400m from Northend of WalkingStreet.

If you plan to ST girls from BeachRoad it is smart to take a room here (fan B150, air B250). It's nothing classy, but you're only going to be there to fuck the hell out of some girl...

From the Pattaya busstation any total idiot can get on the bahtbus and go to BeachRoad. So, if your hotel is on that road or one of its Sois, no problem. If not, it may take a few changes at B5 each. Then it's probably better to take a motorcycle from the busstation straight to the hotel. The motorguys in Pattaya have recently cleaned up their act and became pretty reliable, including fixed prices...
BKK-Pattaya... is BKK the airport or will you be in town? If BKK is the airport, when do you arrive? The when part is important, at night only taxi and limousine, during the day bus, airportbus, limousine, taxi...
For the bus you don't need Thai, just B10 and B94!

Apac Boy
02-09-03, 07:50
luke...dickups dood...dats da key...dickups..

some people can actually go up to 10 lbs already.


02-09-03, 10:00
Hi Guys

Can some one please comment on a serviced apart accomodation in Pattaya with reasonable price and not too far from the actions?

02-10-03, 05:05
Freeler and Joe_Zop,

Good comments. I usually practice Joe's method of giving the lady what I thought was fair for a good overnight experience (I have sometimes tossed 1000Bath if the experience has been good, emphasis on good here) and to avoid ruining the experience by haggling about 200-300 Bath. I did not mean to beat a dead horse but I was curious if I was in line or not. Short time I always negotiate the price before so I know what I getting myself into.

To whoever it was that asked about location for Spice Bar,
The Spice Bar (Nice with Ice) is right next door to the Pump Station.

Cooter Hunter
02-10-03, 05:28
Guys, I have been hearing about a place called the Pump Station, exactly where is it, what is it and how does it work?

02-10-03, 05:32

Thanks for the info. Late night BKK arrival probably easer/cheaper to stay in Bangkok and take the bus in the morning and since I fit into the any total idiot catagory I guess the bahtbus won't be a problem.

I'll post info on prices paid for various types of entertainment upon return. It'll be nice to post info rather than just ask questions. I've found a few gogo's and beer bars on line that I will check out. Still not sure which soapy (the saibi dee or saibiland) I guess it depends on which the fish bowl looks like since I've heard good and bad about both.

I had a free half hour yesterday and I read your posting about your 6 week tour of duty in the holy land. Good stuff.

PS: Does anyone have info on the spice bar (nice with ice) I read a couple of postings and it sounded interesting. Any info on location and what is meant by assemmbly line service?

02-10-03, 18:02

Glad to read you fit in somewhere:D!
It is smart to stay in BKK for the first night(s).

I would not focus too much on specific bars and such, like PumpStation or NiceWithIce. There are more bars in Pattaya than the human brain can understand.
Pattaya's bars outnumber those in AngelesCity (PI) by at least 50 to 1.

I saw some posts commenting on WalkingStreet. WS is more or less the scam zone, more (attempted) robberies, katoeys and other unpleasant stuff. Sois 6, 8 and PattayaLand are safer.

For other info on Pattaya, check: http://www.pattayamail.com/current/news.shtml
a new issue on the net every Friday. You'll be amazed by what goes on in that town...

02-10-03, 23:26

Counting my hours to LOS.

Thanks for all your help.

02-12-03, 13:29
Originally posted by Freeler
I saw some posts commenting on WalkingStreet. WS is more or less the scam zone, more (attempted) robberies, katoeys and other unpleasant stuff. Sois 6, 8 and PattayaLand are safer.

It is this type of mis information that really sets me off. Have you even ever spent a day or night in Pattaya? Walking street is the heart of the entertainment scene in Pattaya. Saftey is not really a problem within the city but to say Walking Street is the scam zone is just a 100% direct lie. Walking street has the Thai Poloice and the Tourist Police, it is also the best lighted area of the city. And more people than the other areas you mention.

Now on to a few more things most of the Go Go bars are on Walking Street / Soi Diamond, all the Go Go's with nude dancing are there. Also the Discos and the large clubs, Pattaland is fun but the Go Go bars are small and the girls dance in clothes, at Misty's you will get top less but that is it. The bar fines are highest on Payaland Land and more Katoeys are on Pattayaland than Walking Street. As for Soi 6, and 8 people are hit every night by cars, trucks, or motorbikes, the same can't be said for Walking Street. That said I like Soi 8 and Pattaland but Pattaya is not Pattaya without the heart Walking Street.

I don't understand why anyone would try to mislead the readers of this board?

02-12-03, 13:41
totally agree with you. Soi 6 and 8 are good to be on, but walking street is where the action is. I don't know what's going on in people's brain trying to mislead others by giving wrong information. Just remember how I was a "beginner" myself and happy about all good advices from the seniors.

02-12-03, 17:32
Bide59, Sexreview,

Drunks get hit by cars, true.
WS is safer than it used to be. Now with the fence at the north-end the nighttime motorcycle drive-by robberies may stop. And indeed Pattaya police are cleaning up their act too with the new Chief in place, they may even come out of their box when they hear or see a disturbance...

But, it is still more or less a scamzone (the bars, the pooltables, be careful!). It is ofcourse possible that you didn't see that on your many visits there.
(I mean some people don't see the katoeys in Patpong, or WS for that matter...)

I'm sure with all this information, yours and mine, any newbie can have a look and decide for him self.

Joe Zop
02-12-03, 21:02
I think you're right, Freeler, that there are more scams concentrated around or near Walking Street than elsewhere, but labelling the whole thing as a "scam zone" is a bit rough. There are plenty of places there where people can go and have a good time with no problems, and while the crime and scammers are about that's no different from anywhere with lots of crowds. I wouldn't warn newbies off from it, I'd simply note that they should probably be a bit more careful there, though there is a more obvious police presence there these days as well, which is good.

You could say the same thing about walking down Sukhumvit -- and probably should -- in terms of being a place where there are more scams and crime than in some other places, though it seemed to me this time that it as well had been cleaned up a bit, with not as many aggressive katooey pickpockets roaming around. (Just gotta watch out for roaming gangs with bulldozers, I guess!)

02-12-03, 21:21

I'm sure I wrote 'more or less the scamzone' and 'Sois6&8 are safer'.
I didn't say: 'If you go to WS you will die!'
It just means, in your words, 'be a bit more careful there'.

BTW Sois6&8 (&7&1&2&some more) don't need extra police attention...

Joe Zop
02-12-03, 21:58
Points taken.

02-13-03, 18:42
Hey... Anyone there between 10th and 19th march? I will... Want to share some drink, laughs... girls... hunting?

Just drop a mail at ricion@romandie.com

Take care...

02-21-03, 11:21
I've been in Pattaya for three days and met up with Dashing Don and JoshScoresEZ, a couple of great guys and fellow mongers. If I were to give another report, it would be much like my last (and rather lengthy) posting, so I'll spare you the details here. Pattaya's cooler in the evenings this time of year, and there are plenty of nice looking girls willing to go for 500/1000 ST/LT. It appears that the city isn't very busy, considering that this is the high season.

A group of us have talked about meeting here sometime in September, so mark your calendars for that possibility.


02-23-03, 05:59
Hey Guys;
It is finally my time. I leave San Fancisco at 12:15 AM on Mar 9 and arrive in BKK 11:15AM on Mar 10? ( I still don't quite understand the time thing). I have a lot of questions but I am not sure what to ask.
Since my destination is Pattaya, should I try to go directly to P as soon as I get there or stay overnight in BKK?
What about hotels? I want to find a room below $30 or about $25 but I want a comfortable place with good private bathing facilities and convenient to the action. I was looking at the President oin line but Tap said that it wouldn't be too good an idea for me. Do I need to book ahead and how?
I also need some nuts and bolts advice on getting what I want but I am not sure what I need to ask.
I am also curious about but not attached to the possibility of getting a suit made. About how much does one cost and how long do you need to get one done?
These are the only questions I can think of for now.

02-23-03, 09:06

Welcome back!

So you arrive in BKK at 11:15AM, that is perfect timing if you want to go to Pattaya on the same day. In fact, you should be able to take the easiest mode of transport to Pattaya: The ThaiAirwaysLimousine Bus at 12.00AM (midday). That may sound a bit silly, a Limousine Bus, but it is a busservice run by ThaiAirways. A ticket is B200.

This is their website, prices on the bottom of the page:

Here is how to find their counter in BKK(=DonMuang)Airport:
They will drop you off at their Pattaya office on ThirdRoad. From there a motorcycle to the pleasure zone (Soi8) is B30-40

'I want to find a room below $30 or about $25', that would be 30xB42=B1260 max.
Allow me to laugh out loud: HAHAHA! It will be hard to find a hotel that is that expensive!
I (as usual) suggest you, being a firsttime visitor, go to Soi8 and make a pick from a dozen hotels ranging from B350 to, OK, the max price you mentioned.
I like FlipperLodge for 'top-end'.
Pool, 50m from the beach, nice terrace outside overlooking the Soi8 bars, spacious rooms, B1,000 for a double, no 'deluxe' or 'extra bed' needed...
Their website is here:

For mid March there is no need to book in advance. There will be rooms plenty available. However, for your peace of mind, perhaps you should book for the first night.
Booking here:

There are dozens of tailors in Pattaya who can make you a suit within 48 hours. I don't have clothes made anymore, I buy of the rack only now. Both Mike's Shopping Mall and RoyalGarden, both on BeachRoad, have all the top brands in their collections at prices you will find hard to believe.
If you checked out this possibility and still want to find a (good)tailor, best ask a local/expat for recommendations.

March is a hot month. Bring just one small bag (I never bring more than 10kg/20lb). If you bring a suitcase full of stuff, it is full of stuff you won't use! One bag also means 'carry on' luggage eg no need to check it in, no need to wait at luggage claim, saves time - up to half an hour in BKK.
Even if you arrive at 11.45, and hurry, you can catch the LimousineBus...

The time thing is indeed a bit strange. But you will fly across the dateline. This can be VERY confusing!
Do check with the airline! You don't want to miss your flight. Dammit, you waited long enough!

Whatever airline you fly, your mileage will be staggering, so do get a frequent flyer card with that airline. Check their website, on line sign-up often gets you extra miles for free!

These are the only answers I can think of for now:)! We can fasten the nuts and bolts later...

02-24-03, 04:55
Originally posted by najene
Hey Guys;
It is finally my time. I leave San Fancisco at 12:15 AM on Mar 9 and arrive in BKK 11:15AM on Mar 10? ( I still don't quite understand the time thing).
Here is the explanation about time:
Thailand is ahead of SF 15 hours so if it's night time in SF then it's day time in BKK the next day. When you travel out bound (i.e., leaving SF) and fly transpacific you will cross the international dateline.

Dashing Don
02-25-03, 12:30
Just got back after 4 days in BKK and 4 in Pattaya. As I already posted in the BKK section, I will confine this to Pattaya.
First off, I met up with fellow monger, Muffdriver. As it was my first time meeting a WSG monger I was curious as to how it would work out. Both I and a friend met Muff in a bar on 2nd Road last Tuesday. At first we exchanged pleasantries and kind of felt each other out. This was understandable considering that many people don't want to jeopardize their livelihood etc. back in the USA. Hilariously, however, the conversation soon turned to barfines, fucking experiences, blowjobs, jokes etc. Muffdriver is an entertaining and well-travelled monger who we got to see quite a bit during the four days.
A word on the hotel: the Hard Rock. Stay away! It is mostly frequented by Japanese families and the hotel doesn't want mongers staying there. The girls were always stopped for lengthy perusals of their ID and multiple questions about the length of their stay. During one interrogation where the reception clerk wanted to know just how long my girl would be in the room, I replied " until I finish fucking her." He bowed, Thai-style, with a phony smile. He then informed me that if she stayed overnight, there would be a 900 baht charge. This, despite that I had reserved a double room. I protested loudly; he conferred with another clerk and he admitted his mistake. Boiling over, I loudly informed him that the Hard Rock stank, and that I would never be coming back. He bowed, thanked me, and again with the smile.
The Hard Rock was $97 a night. Muffdriver's hotel was $18 and was really nice--the Sabai Hotel (Inn, Lodge or something) on Soi 2. Very monger friendly he assured me, to the point where the manager would go out to purchase condoms for a monger!!

I won't waste space on prices; suffice to say that after the US, its really cheap. A word on go-go girls though. It seems that the best looking, are the worst in bed. I barfined one from Pigalle on Walking Street. She was beautiful and seemed to have a nice personality, but she barely participated in bed. The usual 5s and 6s, bargirls, were much more enthusiastic and never needed to be encouraged to "Smoke" or things like that.

There were many funny moments and lots of laughs. When you go from a world of work work work, to where the biggest decision of your day is who to barfine, the incongruity of it is often hilarious. At one point, in a bar, a girl asked me what I liked to do. Already in the LOS groove and without thinking, I immediately responded that I liked "smoke" and "boom boom." By the look on her face I knew that this was the wrong answer and that she really wanted to know my interests. Weakly, I relayed my interest in tennis, travel etc.
After barfining a girl and not being happy with her performance I expressed this to a girl from the same bar who was with my friend. She must have relayed my concerns to all the girls in the bar because when I returned a few days later, my barfine came up to me and told me that she was angry with me because I was "talkshow", no longer "sweetmouth" but she would go out with me again as a " case study."!! Hilarious.
"Schmuck of the year" award should go to the farang who, I overheard, tried to impress a bargirl by telling her that he was a one-woman man. Yup, its true.
Pattaya is so full of girls that I never got around to seeing the BJ bars or other sights. There are so many other things to report that the post would be too long. Just many laughs, and many girls.


02-26-03, 13:54
Hi everyone,
Going to be in Pattaya March 6 until March 10. Staying at Flipper at Soi 8 or any other Hotel around as that was a good place last time (for hunting and action). Anyone there at this time who wants to meet up with me ? Anyone intrested in some group action ? 3-some with a nice TG or 2-3 couples ? Sorry to ask, but would be a change instead of the "normal" boom boom I use to do over there. Shared fun, more fun.....
mail me at : "villhakul@yahoo.com

PS Does anyone know a good massage place close to Soi 8 ? Last time I didn't look for one but would love to get a massage and "treatment" after hours of flying the evening I arrive.

02-27-03, 05:32

Field report please! I am boring myself to death at home and am in dire need of war stories from someone who is on location.....Soi Post Office, Beer Bar at Sabaidee, Da2?? Ok I will wire barfine via Western Union in exchange and perhaps you can ask one of the ladies how to pick it up - how about that for turning the tables!!!

02-27-03, 10:03
originally posted by najene
i am also curious about but not attached to the possibility of getting a suit made. about how much does one cost and how long do you need to get one done?

there are 100+ tailor in pattaya mostly indians providing tailoring service. price between us$ 75 to 100 (including cloth). may be little expensive if you go for better cloth. priced tailor is tajmahal at 2nd road in front of royal garden. otherwise grovers below alibaba restuarent (in front of tops super center in pattaya center road near beach). then there are many rep001tered at beach road or 2nd road.

03-02-03, 05:51
The Flipper sounds good. Which is better the lodge or hotel. How can I book a double. The only choices are single or twin. Is there a need to book a double to bring an overnight guest without being charged extra.


03-02-03, 05:59
Skinless and the ho from hell.
Tip of the Day: Always be sure of the lady before poppping the V.
Skinless said farewell to Korat. He ignored the over priced motor bikes outsdie the hotel (big mistake), walked, tired and got a pedi cab (the ass holes smelled of cchweap whisky). He dropped me at the wrong bus terminal wherer I got a songthaw to Terminal 2. It passes the moat on the side opposite Sokal, the one where the old ladies run the internet shop. The Pttaya bus had only seats downstairs so I skip and get put on the wrong bus (to Pattay) after asking about 20 times if it was the Pattaya bus. I return to the terminal 40 minutes later and get a shit seat in an air con bus, right up the front where tghe stewardess gives me shit about my feet. I ignore her. She tells the big Thai guy opposite me. He tells me "In Thailand feet blah blah". I tell him to tell her to fuck off and I spread my legs further" She talks shit to the driver and another loafer all the way to Pattay, when they are not stopped for some reason or another.

Finally we make it to this fabled city. The sight of huge massage parlors perks me up. I get a song thaw to 2nd Road. With backpack on and nowhere to stay, I approach a BB chick but no go. I go up a lane to find a fleapit to sleep in. Then SHE appears. Long legs and longer hair. I have to have her. Instead of checking out the hotels, I watch her vanish around the corner. I run after after. "HGello hansum woman, where u go?" "Work" Where u work and how much bar fine and how much long time (No time for talking shit about the weather. She tewlls me 200 bar fine and 1000 for her but she will settle for 800. Skinless checks out some flea pits behind Apex but all are boooked out. He finds a shiot hole (200 bt), books in for 3 nites and returns to the bar: opposite 7-11, the one furtherst from Soi 8 in that little strip. She is there eating food with a farang and 3 fat cows. Skinless says he take walk. Skinless him take walk but he has apready popped the V and is very tired.
Him go back to bar. Him see her legs. Him gotta have even though the fat cows are repulsive and htere is a 6'2" TV working behind the bar (not working as him/her get many baht from bf him live in Europe). Anyway, Oy for thatr is my sweetie's name, siuts down beside me. orders a 90 bt drink (another bad sign), then starts talking shit to one of the cows about farang bf (him no good). Skinless must be tripping or something coz he is ignoring all these bad vibes. THenshe dances up on the stage and Skinless ogles at those legs. (high boots and a sexy dress seting things off I am afraid).
She sits down beside me, talks about her 2 kids and man form Denmark, him no good. Talk about the little head doing the thinking. I ignore her belly (not really I pinch it, taking a good fistfull in my hand and make a joke that falls flat). More shit form her so I say, ok let's fuck.
We go back to my place where she makes me shower, then tells me no smoke etc (the bed is perfect for handcuffs etc). We talk about her 2 kids, man from Denmark, some other shit. I fuck her, doing all the work and wroking her up. Then she very reluctantly gives me a 10 minute shit ass massage. I get ready for a 2nd fuck. Like my wife she says not tonight darling. Now I sleep tomorrow morning u boom boom me. I tell her the law. She cries and tells me man from Denmark, him break her heart. There is plenty of other shit talk to go with this. PLenty of tears. I start fucking her again but give up. She won't even let me kiss her tits now. She cries again. Somewhere along the line we look at her photos of her kids. When she is showeriung, i check her purse (she has about 350 bt). Her whole conversation is $$, about how she needs 5000 bt to pay 4000 arrears in rent and to go to Buriram for 1 month (you do the math).
A technical detail: as we fuck, I notice her belly contracts and she looks like the young beauty she might have been (she is 33). She wais, apologises for not making me happy etc etc. AdleZ famous mantra jumps t mind. I pay her to get rid of her. Iti s only 11.30 pm. I give her 720 bt.
So Joe Zop: I paid more for 90 minutes with a lady on the verge of a nervous breakdown. That and the barfine and drink, means I must sepnd 1000 bt on myself today. It laso means a 3 day gfe is out as one nite is already gone. Jow, I had visions of kicking the shit out of you today as I pigged on the 85 bt breajfast buffet at the Diana Inn of happy memories (where the BB one gave me the clap). Paying ore does not give more. Most of these women are extremely fucked up in the head. The sight of all the gray headed old men with their young ladies is obviously food for thought. Skip the buffet: they are even making the plates smaller so you wil eat less. I also got the runs from it.

The Diana Inn breakfast is worth it only to see the customers. A Thai lady slicing a soft friend egg with a knife and trying to pick up the runing yolk with her knife, some mixed couples and their children (sme of these marriages do work). There is a noted drop in the number of mongers and more families which is where the futuree probably lies. I did not explore much yesterday due to the raving Pochauntas. This is the second time that happened to me. The other time was staying at Nana where I followed a long legged beauty (same type of boots up to the ankles, very sexy) into a 7-11 outside Nana Plaza, barfined her 600 bt and got a bait and switch (she only short times me after talking about farangs buying her jewelry. She left 5 minutes before i was going to fuck her out).
There was also a Thai beauty in Japan: leather dressed, t\ended upo taking her for a Thai meal after a so so bonk, cost over 10,000 bt in all, that one).

Moral of the story. Buyer beware. CVheck the merchandise before purchasing. Oy wil have a serious nervous breakdown very soon. These women are damaged goods. Either follow Adlez' mantra (one quick bonk, learning from Freeler by paying bottom end prices) or find a reasonable bonking machine and do her long time. If she orders an expensive drink or hints at shopping, drop her. If you are looking for love, look somewhere else.
Tapioca: the good pussy in Japan is reserved for Japanese people. You had the bottom of a very deep barrel and paid high $$ for it.
The intenret shop is now filling up woth the gray headed partially bald pony tail brigade. Time ofr me to go, most probably shopping or to get some cheap trash along Beach Road.
Joe: Plese stop talking about "choice" like we are fucking Hilary Clinton. These women are too dumb/young/ignorant to make rational choices. I canot make rational choices either even if I am old enough, ugly enough (I now feel like a fat, balding, Ich Bin ein Berliner) and educated enough to know and do otherwise. I have also engaged in unsafe sex practices. Howeve,r if I was to take the lead from Oy etc, there would ne no unsafe sex and very little sex. One of htem in Korat, I think, wanted me to wear two condoms.

Joe: did you ever check out the surreal paitings. This place can be like a very bad acid trip.

Freeler: All is forgiven. I love you./ Please take me away from all this.

John Skinless xxxxxxxxxx
(Freeer": I don't really love you . I am going to go down and pick up soem beach trash. Why share a bed wirth someone who might rob you, who you cannot trust and who only fucks, EVEN ME!!!!, for money.
ps: ever notice how often the wordf "baht" appears in conversations here. Now I am off ot Beach Road but I must also spend 1000bt on myself first.

Remember there are no 300 bt hos, only 300 b t Johns.

03-02-03, 18:47

A single room in Thailand is a room with one double bed.
A double, sometimes called a twin, is a room with two double beds.
So, if you want to sleep in this bed and you want your lay to sleep in the other, by all means, get yourself a twin.
Both Flippers are 'girlfriendly' and safe. The girl has to leave her id at the desk.

Do NOT barfine a girl before seeing her ID!

On the rare occasion that I actually BF a girl, I let them pay the BF, telling them they get it back if: NO problems getting into the hotel and NO f*cking bleeding pussy.


First the wrong busstation and then on the wrong bus, happens to everybody and it can drive you crazy! I know, I've been there.
So I bought me a bilingual map and if I'm not sure they understand me, I show them the map with the destination's name in Thai. Always works.

On the bus you were not in great danger showing the soles of your feet or shoes. In other places, like bars, karaokes or restaurants, sometimes this very rude behaviour results in death.

In Pattaya you lost sight of the most important rule: Always be in control, you decide!

I am glad you don't love me.

Joe Zop
03-02-03, 19:49
Skinless, it can be summed up very succinctly: the little head was doing all the thinking, and that's always trouble no matter what you are or are not paying. 200baht, 1000baht, $500, a house or two, whatever, if you're only paying attention to the legs they're gonna lead you astray. You put up with all kinds of shit you never ordinarily would have put up with (nor would I) for any price. Don't blame that on me or my approach -- this sounds like the same story I'd expect from any newbie in LOS who got hot for a particular girl who managed absolutely to quickly figure out that fact and take advantage of it! The secret, as you very well know, of successful long-time and of value-added experience is in proper choice of partner. Most do not fit the bill. If you're gonna ignore all the bad vibes what do you expect? How you could have imagined this situation should be anything other than a quick bang and a walk is beyond me.

Absolutely, paying more does not necessarily give you more -- I don't disagree with you in the least. You've got to be selective, and make sure you're picking a winner. The point is whether you're in a place where value-added GFE is available, which is is in Pattaya or Sukhumvit, where the park in Korat apparently isn't.

The bottom line, frankly, is that based on what I've been reading in your reports, there's little or no difference in the amount you and I paid. It's a difference in emphasis. Paying 200baht five times a day or paying 1000baht once is still paying the same. The question is whether you're getting what you want -- if you are, any price is cheap, if you're not then free is too expensive.

Yup, lots of these women are screwed up -- and there's undoubtedly a higher percentage of that in Pattaya than in other places. That makes the screening process ever more important, and is also a reason to look for those who are not completely hardened pros with broken hearts and sad stories. And please, before you go off on me, remember that Pattaya is very far from my favorite place in LOS.

Yes, I checked out the surreal paintings. I was underwhelmed -- too much same-same, knock-off crap for my tastes. Nothing I haven't seen a thousand times, and the usual and understandable problem with so much Thai work for tourists, whether we're talking about women, food, or painting -- decent technique but no soul.

03-03-03, 00:05

Very funny report. On the edge you stand looking straight down to the depths of your tour. It sounds like you are having a nervous breakdown...

Don't let the who.res get the best of you. You get the best of them..... Enjoy.


03-03-03, 00:26
Joe_Zop and anyone else who has an opinion:

I took Joe_Zop's advice and booked some nights at Royal Asia in BKK. Now need some good advice about a place with similiar criteria Joe_Zop.....any suggestions?? I've heard good things about the FlipperLodge. Thanks again for all the good advice everyone on here has been excellent!

03-03-03, 03:57
Hi guys;
Thanx for your help. What about the weather? Is it hot 24/7 or do I need a jacket or something part of the visit in March? I'll have to bring one anyway as I'll need to wear it to get out of San Fransicko. I read what you said about the bag but I only have a large one so I'll have to use it. I assume there are ATMs readily available. I'm still a little confused about the time. If I leave here Sunday morning, do arrive there Monday morning?
thanx for the links. what is the difference between the regular, deluxe and suites, besides 500bht? Also, if I can't make the noon trip what alternatives do I have?

03-03-03, 04:48
skinless, the hiv and herpes hos and the shit heap of pattaya: greetings where i spent a full day scouting beach road etc and almost took a 60+ lady. hiv: some (at least 2) terminal aids ladies for hire on beach road -they look so bad you have to stare at them, some young lady boys: shop carefully. most beach road ladies wanted 500 bt but i did not push negotiation skills and passed on them. during a marathon patrol session, i saw one definite cutie (who was with the old hag but those cuties are full of shit). i also saw some feral hos, most probably on yaba.i went for a swim and made sure to rinse my mouth continually. those speed boats suck.

after walking most of the day, i went for a littel piece of soi 8 tail but she refused me (!!): just opposite a new go go bar there. then strolling down soi 7,i met the little f-g machine i took last time. popped v, paid bar fine, no drink etc, took her back, popped her 3 times plus a bbbj. i showed her the door at 9 am, having tried to get rid of her last nite as i had some health concerns with her: small little white spots (5 near her shaved pussy) and some discharge in her pussy when i took her panties off. i drank plenty of water, pissed a lot, showered many ties, used condoms so...

pattaya is not for me. i am going to check out of my flea pit today a day early and go to bangkok for some shopping and r&r.

joe, we are not in disagreemnt and the little head was not doing all the thinking. her legs were nice, i did show her the door but i like to go easy on people who are fucked up in the head. i was also tired and did not want to walk to soi 8 and i find the bars around diana inn full of second rate women. as regards crazy women, i pay them and get rid of them. that way i avoid explosive situations. same as last nite's lady: very cooperative, good heart and nice legs i admired going away in the distance today. but she will be in the bar tonight and i will not as i will be in bkk. also, i did not contact the bb one. i find their tragedies (the real ones) the most interesting part of them. i also found it interesting to see how this one (whose name i don't even know though i have her email passowrd at home somewhere) had progressed (or regressed) since last time out. she now speaks some english, has learned to lie and, if she passes herpes etc around, it is a true gfe.

i paid her 1120 bt. remember there are no 1120 bt hos... oh, she is also into talking about her friends who married europeans and she sports a nice mobile phone.

so all in all, pttaya is what you make it. also depends what you are looking for.

as regards those paintings: they just struck me hard the first day as the prior experience of that day had been so surreal. there is much that is surreal in pattaya: figure yesterday as a tiny example: 3 one legged guys (all three on crutches and with withered legs) with 3 cuties going for a walk along beach road. the ladies in pattaya, korat and everywhere add to that surreal life. it is one i find interesting up to a point.

03-03-03, 07:58

I only stayed in the regular Flipper rooms, and I liked them. I would not book up the scale from that, that sounds like a pure waste of money to me.

March is HOT. You don't need the jacket.

There are plenty ATM's at the airport now, though mainly in Terminal1. If you find the Limousine counter first, ask them where the nearest one is.

Even though your departing VERY early 'today', you will arrive in BKK midday 'tomorrow'. It has to do with crossing the dateline. Do book your hotel for 'tomorrow'.

'if I can't make the noon trip what alternatives do I have?'
Well, The limousine service has reliable limo's too, an awful lot easier/better/safer than your average taxi.
All the way to Pattaya is a bit pricey compared to this alternative:
For B500 they take you into BKK, ask to go to Ekamai Bus terminal(40-60minutes). Hop on a bus for Pattaya there (B95 or so), the trip takes about two hours. You can't miss the Pattaya bus.
(Normally I would say to go to Morchit2 terminal, but the B500 is a fixed rate, Ekamai is on the 'other side' of BKK and during the ride to Ekamai you will see a fair bit of the city.)
In Pattaya, take a B20 songthaew from the busstation to BeachRoad. You can't miss the songthaews, but just say BeachRoad and get in the BACK, not next to the driver! On Beachroad, look for the round blue signs with the soi numbers, ring the bell when you see Soi7 or 8. Make sure you have a twenty Baht note in your pocket!
If I had your email I could send you some pix to familiarize yourself with the situation.

03-04-03, 11:26
Anyone knowing a good massage place around Soi 7/ 8 ?

Would like to get relaxed and well treated after a long trip on Thursday. Man, can't wait to be there again, 48 hours and counting .....:-)

Thanks for your help.

03-05-03, 06:22

Thanks, seems like a single at the Flipper late April. I have stayed at the Rose Garden and it is very good but far from the action.

About the a/c bus service from Ekamei. Are there more than one company that operates this service from this terminal? I used the service last year and the bus I was on left with only 7-8 passengers but by the time it has left BKK it had stopped a few times and it was standing room only. The bus kept stoping along the way to drop and pickup more passengers. The arrival in Pattaya was on the side of the road and not in a terminal. It was a good 3-4 hours ordeal.


03-05-03, 17:07

From Morchit2 this problem never occurs, only seats are sold, but if you're unlucky they drop off a lot of passengers near Pattaya. However, the ride never takes longer than 2-2Ĺhrs.

What you describe happened to me too when I took the service from Ekamai some years ago. But it was the same company that runs the Morchit service... I don't know if there are other companies that go to the Pattaya-BKK terminal.
There are companies that, en route to Jomtiem or Rayong, stop at the busstation on Sukhumvit in Pattaya.

The one buscompany I know of is 'Roong Ruang coach'.

03-06-03, 01:15
Hey, hey hey... Some view more days here and I'll be between one or two nice legs there... Anyone wants to take part to the fun there? Drop an email at ricion@romandie.ch

And lets get wild on those nice thais... ;-)

Take care...

03-06-03, 04:11
The Bus Service

Everywhere you have express buses & passenger (slow) buses which takes more stops. Some buses are express service which enroute to sky way & bypass to Chonburi & Sriracha. These buses will reach very fast to Pattaya (2-2.5 Hours). Some buses are coming through inside which takes lot of time.

Preferably take buses from Bangkok to Pattaya (not via Chonburi & Sriracha). If bus is for Satahip or Rayong then it will drop you at Sukumwit Road in Pattaya (not on the bus stand) but it does not matter. You can get Sonthew there also.

03-06-03, 10:53
Just returned from my first visit to Thailand (Pattaya) got serious depression on way back to England here's how it went.
Arrived at BKK airport at 12:00hrs from Dubai scanned the women at the airport and very disapointed I travel to Venezuela frequently and as soon as you arrive there are beauts everywhere never mind hope it will improve in Pattaya. Arrived Pattaya at 16:00hrs MY GOD I AM IN HEAVEN there are stunners all over the place booked in Diana inn, bags to room and then out font door to the right, first right again (soi Honey inn 2nd place on left for massage after traveling. 400bht for 2hrs followed by knuckle shuffle with loads of hot oil on knob, wonderful came out skipping.
A few beers in a couple of bars near Diana nice birds everywhere then back to hotel to get ready for first night out, visited Soi 2 with a friend who lives in Jomtien had a takeaway from Atlantic bar 29 yrs old excellent attitude, good looking but a little tame in bed not what I was looking for on my first night but can't complain 200bht barfine I gave her 1000bht for the whole night she never asked or checked the money.
Next day she didn't want to leave talked her into going after promising I would call her mobile she made sure I got the number, went up to Soi 11 Lipstick bar quite happy with just looking for something later in the evening but girl No 40 came and sat with me a little chitchat then hand up my shorts had me a bone on in less than a minute this girl had skill she would have got me off there and then but decided to have a short walk back to hotel to show her my stamp collection.
In the evening only got about 20yds from Diana's front door to a past the green bottle stopped for a Singha and fell for a girl called Dan with big teeth beautiful smile and good at connect 4 had another take away same price OK but again a little tame. 3rd night this is when things got fucked up went to a bar on Soi 8 and started playing dice with a lovely young thing said if win I will pay your barfine of course I won and took her back to Diana she was a real doll couldn't do enough for me I was hooked spent the next 3 nights with her what a fuck up I need help from Zen got rid of her sadly after deciding I needed to get my act together, but ended up seeing her again in the same evening. Sunday night off to the airport for home she insisted on coming tried to put her off but tears OK I gave in I expected to be embarrased at the airport having a girl hanging round my neck heartbroke but in the checkin area almost every single bloke there was in the same situation so I didn't look out of place. Somebody needs to give me a serious talking to I am in love can't wait to get back. I was probably at the Diana the same time as Skinless he recommended it some postings back it was OK but I did notice there where a lot of queers staying there at least 4-5 hung around pool during the daytime. I will be going back very soon I think and I will try out the Eastiny inn my new Thai wife reccomended it.

03-06-03, 10:55
Hey Guys;
The nurse at our detox facility (I'm a counselor, not a client) when she heard I was going to Thailand, said "Be careful there. Only get oral sex". OK, where is she coming from?

03-06-03, 11:03
Since I am still unsure exactly when I will get into Pattaya, (I am just really dense on this time and dateline thing) is it easy to get a room at the flipper at that time without a reservation? I was also wondering about the Danish Hotel. It's cheap and the food menu looks good.

Joe Zop
03-06-03, 17:12
Luke -- so you're in love with someone who you met, bought after a few minutes, and had great sex with for three days. You weren't embarrassed at the airport because there were lots of other guys who were seen off by crying women hoping for repeat customers and going-away gifts.

Time to get the big head back in charge. Umm, how exactly do you suppose she knew to recommend the Eastiny? Perhaps you should ask her what room she prefers?

But of course you know this.

Najene -- your nurse is coming from the perspective that there is a far higher percentage incidence of STDs in Pattaya than in most places you're going to visit in the US, and that, in general, receiving oral sex reduces your personal risks of infection. As does using a condom and practicing safe sex. She's right about that, of course, but it's hardly cause for cancellation or undue concern.

03-06-03, 18:00

All the party sois run from BeachRoad to SecondRoad. Soi8 is in the heart of it. FlipperLodge in on Soi8. But so are 15 or so other hotels on soi8. I would not go for any hotel that has a nationality in its name. At the Danish Hotel (never heard of it) Danes will be all over. In a hotel like Flipper nationalities are more mixed.

<It is finally my time. I leave San Fancisco at 12:15 AM on Mar 9 and arrive in BKK 11:15AM on Mar 10?>
Yes, you arrive in the late morning of March10! Book a room at the Flipper for March10. I would say they will have rooms available if you walk in and ask for one, but making a reservation will help you settle down. Book, go to the hotel, go to the room, done! No worries about looking for a place to stay while you're jetlagged ...
I checked the China Airlines schedule, they have similar departure times from SF-BKK on their website. They arrive just after you do. Dep March9-arr March10!

OK Just three more days!!!

PS You have mail...

03-06-03, 22:07
Thanks Joe for the comments I know my big head is between my legs But I forgot to mention how persuasive she was she kept saying hello sexy man I'm a sucker for compliments and I'm sure she only say's it to me (HaHa) also what really did it on the way back to the hotel on the first night she said she was sorry she was very small (Tight ****) and this proved true beyond belief 1 finger was tight. I had to use KY gel and still go very very slow on entry she really moaned and made sure it was eased in slow. By the way she did tell me which rooms where the best ones in Eastiny.

03-07-03, 01:58

Good Luck.


03-08-03, 03:00
My first trip to Pattaya was in February 2003. I LOVED it!

I started out in Bangkok and had a good time and also learned some lessons.

Don't believe the pimp. He'll tell you anything just to close the deal. He will lie about price and what the girls will do (my experience.) I paid almost 3000 baht for a beautiful young Thai girl. Price was more than what the pimp (driver) who drove me to the place said it would be. I also made the DUMB mistake of asking HIM if the girl would give me a blowjob. SO, I had a great fuck with a beautiful young girl, but, she cost more than I had been told and she did not give head. She also did not kiss. That's okay. I had a nice time and I learned something.

Late that night my American friend arrived in Bangkok. The next morning we went out. I found a cutie at a local bar. This time I asked the GIRL if she would give me a blowjob and she said yes. Took her back to my hotel (Siloam City Inn Hotel) and she was great.

Now for Pattaya. Took an afternoon bus to Pattaya. First night out I found my "home." Living Dolls! (the name of the bar) The girls out front are dressed in these little schoolgirl type blue and white outfits (white blouse and short blue skirt.) The staff inside is friendly (Ken, the manager/bouncer is very personable and is from Flagstaff, Arizona.) The girls serving the drinks wear the blue and white outfits. The dancers on stage are beautiful and some are fully nude. NOTE: The sign says the barfine is 500 baht; but if you want one of the "featured dancers" (never did figure out that one) or one of the "schoolgirls" serving drinks, the barfine is 600 baht. The girl is 1,000 baht for 2-3 hours back at your hotel. 2,000 for the night. You pay the girl directly, after the sex.

I took three girls in three nights, all from living Dolls. The first two were for short time. I gave each of them the 1,000 baht plus 200 tip. The third night I kept the girl for the night and had a wonderful time. About 2 hours into that session we were lying in bed in the afterglow of some great sex and she mentioned the subject of her spending the night. I told her it was up to her; that I'd be happy for her to stay but that I would not pay the additional 1,000 baht. We discussed it and I repeated that I would not pay. She stayed the night and tried REALLY hard to get me to pay her 2,000 in the morning. I stood my ground and she was cool.

My last night there I decided to rest and not take a girl. Went into the internet cafe at my hotel (Diamond Beach Hotel) and in walks this beauty who keeps looking at me. Long story short, she works at the bar next door, and I end up with her for the entire night. She works at an outdoor bar (right in front of the Diamond Beach Hotel); its one of those where the bar continually rotates. The barfine there is only 250 baht and I had a fantastic time with this girl and gave her only 1,000 baht for the night. Afterwards I felt like a cheapskate and I actually mailed her a card and $25 USD (that's about 1,000 baht.) Call me a sucker, but she earned every cent of it and treated me fantastic. Made me very happy.

I also had a daytime date with one of the cuties from Living Dolls. I asked her the night before if she wanted to go to the beach with me and my friend and his date. I asked her how much and she said "Up to you." She met me at my hotel at noon the next day and the four of us took a taxi to Jomtien Beach and had a great afternoon. I had a little cutie that I really liked with me all day. We ate lunch on the beach; I paid for her to get a massage and a henna tattoo. At the end of the day, we went back to my hotel. She came up to the room and I gave her 500 baht, thanked her and kissed her goodbye. A great date!

I can't wait to go back to Pattaya. I'll skip Bangkok next time.

03-08-03, 06:04

In Thai "Luke" means kid. Did she knew you are a "luke" & she made you fall in love. Hey don't fall in love with a pattaya girl even she is a small. I heard here in Thailand they can be made small after palying too much wuith a small surgary. I don't know how much is the truth.

Yaah, one amazing truth is "you can not buy a girl friend in any other part of the world & can not get a girl friend (some time like lovers) treatment from hookers. This happens only in Amazing Thailand. Amaaaazzzzing na....

03-08-03, 10:07
Najene, All,

A wee bit off-topic, but if you cross the IDL you might aswell understand it...

The InternationalDateLine explained:

03-08-03, 10:16
I think I about have it now. I know when I get there. Anyway, thanx for your help. I'll be in the air about 26 hours from now.
I plan to get a room at the Flipper so anyone around look for a handsome "mature gentleman" named Jene with rarely combed hair and an impressive belly . I'll also be carrying plenty of condoms and viagra and an effective herbal alternative.

03-08-03, 17:52
Originally posted by Freeler
All the party sois run from BeachRoad to SecondRoad. Soi8 is in the heart of it. FlipperLodge in on Soi8. But so are 15 or so other hotels on soi8. I would not go for any hotel that has a nationality in its name. At the Danish Hotel (never heard of it) Danes will be all over. In a hotel like Flipper nationalities are more mixed. Freeler
PS You have mail...

Soi 8 is in the center of the beer bar action. I counted 59 bar bars on it during my last trip. As for hotels I believe the number 15 is a little high. You have have seven major hotels located on the Soi; Flipper Lodge, Prince Hotel, Sunshine Hotel, and Eastiny Place are along the right as you walk from the beach to Second Road. On your left when you return towards the beach you have High Five, Sunbeam Hotel and the Eastiny Inn. Then a couple of smaller rooming house type places, like the Danish place.

I have always liked the Flipper Lodge the rooms are a good size, great staff and location. It can be a little loud and is not a Hotel if you want to go to sleep early. The best rooms are on the ocean side because they are away from the noise. You will pay about 80 baht more for one of them. It is loudest from midnight until 2:00 am, at 2:00 they turn off the music and lights in the bars so it is not a problem. Most of the bars seemed to say open well after two when I was staying at the Flipper Lodge in Jan.

03-09-03, 01:13
Originally posted by Samus Aran
You did not practice the 3f method! You went to see her more than once. This is the cardinal rule for true players in Thailand.

Funny. You seem to think you have a lock on being a 'true player'. This may be your cardinal rule. And, many other mongers may also follow it. But, not all, and certainly, breaking it doesn't absolutely lead to destruction.

I figure Luke felt like he had a great time. And, to me, the cardinal rule is "Enjoy yourself." That encompasses your FFF rule if that's how you enjoy yourself. Of course, I'm a hedonist.

I'd like to point out a really good counter to your 'cardinal rule'. Read Skinless's recent adventures. I would consider Skinless a 'true player' (maybe you don't). He pretty much followed the spirit of FFF and note the boredom that appears towards the end.

I dont understand why you would want to be involved with a Thai hooker?

A beautiful woman who is a sexual dynamo and treats you like a your the most important thing in the worl. Hmmm... I just don't understand it either. Whether it's healthy or not, it's certainly not something that would be natural to reject out of hand.

BTW, after reading his post, I don't see him saying that he is intending to get involved with his honey. Only that he was in heaven and can't wait to get back.

Most of these girls already have Thai boyfriends or even other suckers like you living overseas and sending them $$ each month.

And some don't. Again, I didn't read anything about sending money to the girl. What post did you read?

Your next trip to Thailand should be a TRUE trip. That means no GFE and just plenty of 2hour episodes. I will repeat. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THESE BAR GIRLS! Be nice t o them but always 3f them.

Heed my advice from somebody who has lived here for 5 years. Still single and Loving it in Thailand.


I think I understand what you tried to tell me before concerning not going to live in Thailand on a permanent basis.

03-09-03, 01:26
Originally posted by Samus Aran on 3-07-03
Heed my advice from somebody who has lived here for 5 years. Still single and Loving it in Thailand.

Samus Aran
Metroid Prime

Originally posted by Samus Aran on 1-06-03 In the Thai Women Opinions forum

Earthlings in Thailand:

Samus Aran here from Metroid Prime

A few questions for my upcoming landing in Thailand:


If I have other questions I hope I can get a reasonable answer.

Signing Off,
Samus Aran

And, still...

Originally posted by Samus Aran on 12-23-02

I just landed my spaceship in Pattaya. Looking for interstellar sexfreaks...

Huge inconsistency here. So much for the true player. But, what would you expect from someone who names themselves after a character from a lame ass video game. Oh. Now I get it. You play the video games where you go on a trip around the world!

Joe Zop
03-09-03, 02:11
Umm, PNG, I think in your lawyer-like attempt to dissect text, you've rather misinterpreted the big picture, despite having a solid grasp on the specifics. Yes, S.A. is playing a video character, (having worked his way down from more the outrageous to a somewhat milder one) hence the "spaceship landing" references. He also, and I say this as someone who's actually met him, truly does live in Thailand, and there's little doubt that in almost all variations, permutations, and implications, "play" is perhaps the single most appropriate verb one would apply to him.

03-09-03, 02:48
Hey, if you say you've met him, and that he does live there. Fine.

But, his posts indicate otherwise. Why would someone who lives there, and who's lived there for five years post a request for basic info concerning an upcoming 'trip'?

03-09-03, 03:51
I'm ready to go at last, just waiting for the airport shuttle. I've overpacked. I always do but I don't feel right otherwise. I just know that whatever I don't throw in is exactly what I need. I don't know why they feel compelled to do this but everyone I know just has to say "It's an awful long flight. How can you go that long without a cigarette?" As if I need to be reminded.

Apac Boy
03-09-03, 04:14
he does live there...he's just playing around like always.

i'll be in pattaya from 3/17-3/27ish... if ur there, we can go down a couple of orange juices


Joe Zop
03-09-03, 04:40
Why would someone who lives there, and who's lived there for five years post a request for basic info concerning an upcoming 'trip'?

Because he was "playing" Samus Aran, and being his (or her) traveling bounty hunter self, landing in a place where there is much to hunt, and he was landing in his new incarnation. Reread the post understanding that he has at one point or another (under some now-banned names) answered every question he asked -- it's a totally facetious and amusingly ferocious commentary on the same questions that get asked here over and over...

Najene -- taking pretty much anything is overpacking, really. It's simple and cheap enough to just pick up what you need while you're there. Odds are you'll end up doing in anyway. :)

Have a blast!

03-09-03, 04:56
Okay. My apologies then.

So, is Samus the infamous 'AdelZ' that gets referred to so many times?

Joe Zop
03-09-03, 04:58
You got it. And that's the third name he's managed to rile Jackson under, so he's found a somewhat kinder and gentler persona to play with.

03-09-03, 05:04
Anyone have a shovel? I need to get my foot out of my stomach.

Now, some of the things in his post make a lot more sense. If this is the kindler, gentler persona, go figure that he pissed off Jackson :D

03-09-03, 05:24
I'll be there until the 19th. I plant stay at the Flipper but I tried to book a room too late to get a confirmation so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed . My name is Jene Meyer. I really don't worry about anyone knowing my real name. I'll be on my way to the airport in about 30 minutes.
Yeah I know, but I'm a compulsulsive packer and there ain't no 12-step program for that. Unfortunately I am not a very organized compulsive packer so I pretty well have to dump everything out to find anything.

03-09-03, 06:24
I am now going offline. Thanx for all of your help. Talk to ya all soon.

03-09-03, 06:47
Originally posted by najene
Yeah I know, but I'm a compulsulsive packer and there ain't no 12-step program for that. Unfortunately I am not a very organized compulsive packer so I pretty well have to dump everything out to find anything.

Hey. That just gives you reason to repack, eh? Should be reason to celebrate in your case ;)

03-10-03, 11:05
I'm in 314 at the Flipper Lodge.
You guys were right. It's a good size room for 850 with sea view although the view isn't all that.

03-10-03, 12:01

(to Soi 7, Happy Bar, and fuck my little friend, tiny tits, shaved pussy and 1000 bt lt plus 200 bf)

03-10-03, 13:52
You know what? It''s like a candy store. I can't make up my mind...yet. I'll probably wait until tomorrow when I've rested. I worked all day Friday, slept about 4 hours, spent the day packing Saturday and then flew forever. I will get mine though. I did get a suit ordered. Damn there are a lot of fine ones.

03-10-03, 14:08
Najene: GO FUCK HER.
Iti s 7 pm in Soi 8, Pattaya and you are going to settle in with a book for the night. Fuck AT LEAST one f machine tonite. Otherise u will be sorreee. Go get em

03-10-03, 15:41
I am coming to thailand (BKK) for 5 days of fun in couple of wks time, and was wondering if it is worth to extend my trip to pattaya as well. have been there once about 5 yrs ago but then with wife, so do not really know the scene there. How is it compared to BKK (price/quality)? Any good recommendations where to stay in decent place close to action (sub $40 range)?

03-10-03, 19:41

I guess our friend Najene took your honorable and friendly advice and got himself some. I mean, no post in six hours:).


'Welcome in Pattaya', may this holiday serve you well!
Let it be worth the wait...

03-10-03, 19:44
Maybe its a good book. What a dork!

03-10-03, 20:00
7 days later no longer in love just dissapointed I didn't fuck everything that moved while on my first trip to Pattaya. Looking at flights for a return match sometime in April ordered another stock of Vitamin V, intend to have a 3some as I suppose it would be harder to fall in love with 2 birds at the same time but knowing my past track record I would probably end up walking round Pattaya holding hands with 2 birds, it would look good at the airport though every other daft **** has 1 hanging round his neck me 2. What I need is the name and bar of the dirtiest bird in Pattaya and I will start with her first and forget the tame ones.

03-10-03, 20:05
Hi Najene I took 2 books to pattaya and never turned a page and I fucked up big time. Bin em.

03-10-03, 21:33
najene, arriving in the Sacred City of Pattaya and not fucking on your first night is illegal under Thai law.

I hope you haven't commited such a crime.

03-11-03, 01:09
Originally posted by knobrm
I am coming to thailand (BKK) for 5 days of fun in couple of wks time, and was wondering if it is worth to extend my trip to pattaya as well. have been there once about 5 yrs ago but then with wife, so do not really know the scene there. How is it compared to BKK (price/quality)? Any good recommendations where to stay in decent place close to action (sub $40 range)?

Given a choice between Bangkok and Pattaya I would take Pattaya every time. I think the quality is better and the price is lower. Most GO Go bar girls want 1000 bt short time 1500 all night. In Bangkok most Go Go bar girls start at 1500 baht short time. In Pattaya it is easy to find great beer bar girls for 500 bt ST.

As far as a place to stay near the action you have many choices. If you are talking about Walking Street, check out The Diamond Hotel Soi Diamond or The Grand Hotel Soi 14. In the Patayaland Area you have the Penthouse Hotel. I like to stay at the Soi 7 & 8 area, which is the capital of the beer bars. Here you have the Flipper Hotels and several others. See my post about Soi 8 from a few days ago. All these hotels will run well under your $40 dollar price range. Most less than $30 and some around $ 20 dollars per night.

The reason I like the Soi 8 area is that it is only a short ride to Walking Street and Pattayaland, or going the other way to the Soi 2 Big C mall area. Many nights I've walked from Walking Street back to Soi 8 (10 minutes) and found great girls along the beach. (500 bt).

Pattaya has more working girls than Bangkok the cost is much less and the girls are not as harden as Bangkok. Also many new fresh girls hitting the beer bars every week. Make the trip to Pattaya you will have a great time.

03-11-03, 14:16
Thanks for comments sexreview

Any hints about convenient transfer from BKK airport to Pattaya?

If flight arrival around midnight, is the bus/shuttle to Pattaya, or do I need to stay overnight in BKK?

How about the English skills of girls in general in Pattaya; better/worse than in BKK?

03-11-03, 18:04
Samus Aran aka ***** aka Adlez,

'Why are you giving out such inaccurate information?'

Your spaceship may have landed between the wrong set of legs in Pattaya, but that doesn't mean that everyone is stupid enough to make the same wrong decisions as you did, Mr. *****.

You are soooo obvious, it's beyond pathetic!


Midnight is fucked-up arrivaltime anywhere.
Get a cab to BKK and stay the night (or two nights). Then go to Pattaya, a far better place for a second-time first-timer to the HolyLand than BKK!
I agree on Sexreview's view in this matter.

03-11-03, 18:15
Originally posted by Samus Aran

Why are you giving out such inaccurate information? How could you even say that there are more girls in Pattaya than Bangkok? Furthermore, your statement that the girls are "better quality" than in Bangkok doesnt hold weight. Come on... All the girls have the same equipment. You can get real lousy girls in both Bangkok and Pattaya. "Hardened and non hardened" Thats like saying the McDonalds in LA tastes better than the McDonalds in Phoenix. What you see in Bangkok (Nana, Patpong etc...) is just the tip of the iceberg. More of the ugly girls work in Pattaya than anywhere else would be a more true statement. There are by far more girls in Bangkok than in other place in Thailand. ....

Maybe sexreview you should do some more research before spewing out words that dont make sense. Also, maybe you should get out more. Your trips to Thailand seem to revolve around Pattaya and nowhere else. No wonder you report the things that you do.

Samus Aran

Samus Aran,
Sorry if you don't want to here the truth. It is true you have more overall people in Bangkok, 10 million to less than 80,000. Pattaya has far more working girls. Pattaya also has many more beer Go Go bars. So the overall number of working girls is much higher.
Since most of these girls don't come from Bangkok or Pattaya they could work in Bangkok or Pattaya most pick Pattaya. You also stated that "All the girls have the same equipment. " which is true but how they use it and act is not the same. If that were the case why travel to Thailand, why not just stay in our own countries for girls?
My reports do revolve around Pattaya because after traveling all around the country of Thailand I have found Pattaya to be the best place in the country. About the girls being hardern look at the girls in Bangkok; almost all of them have cells, wear gold and speak English very well. These are not signs of a girl who is just off the farm. Unlike Pattaya weryou will find many giels each night who just hit the city. Also the quailty of life is just better in Pattaya. These are the facts sorry if you don't like them.

03-11-03, 18:31
Originally posted by knobrm
Thanks for comments sexreview

Any hints about convenient transfer from BKK airport to Pattaya?

If flight arrival around midnight, is the bus/shuttle to Pattaya, or do I need to stay overnight in BKK?

How about the English skills of girls in general in Pattaya; better/worse than in BKK?


Many flights come into Bangkok at midnight; Northwest, Thai Air, etc, it is a busy time at the airport. Sometimes I go into Bangkok for a day or two others I go right to Pattaya. If you catch a taxi at the curb DO NOT TALK TO THE GUYS INSIDE THE BUILDING YOU WILL PAY MUCH MORE. Walk outside and up to the Taxi stand, the fare is around 1200 baht. You could also take Thai Limo to Pattaya for around 1500 baht. Since Pattaya is more or less a 24 hour city even at 2:00 am when you check in to your hotel things will be going on. English skills are very good in Pattaya, because it is a tourist town everyone seems to speak English. Only the new girls fresh from the country side will speak little or no English, but give them a few weeks and they will. You could speak no Thai and be very comfortable in Pattaya.

03-11-03, 18:51
Originally posted by LukeSkyWanker
7 days later no longer in love just dissapointed I didn't fuck everything that moved while on my first trip to Pattaya. Looking at flights for a return match sometime in April ordered another stock of Vitamin V, intend to have a 3some as I suppose it would be harder to fall in love with 2 birds at the same time but knowing my past track record I would probably end up walking round Pattaya holding hands with 2 birds, it would look good at the airport though every other daft **** has 1 hanging round his neck me 2. What I need is the name and bar of the dirtiest bird in Pattaya and I will start with her first and forget the tame ones.

Hey, Luke. Don't know if she is the dirtiest, but she is hot, and boy can she phuq!!! Her name is Maak (#37) and she works at Superbabies. She dances up a storm! #1 gogo dancer I have ever seen, and she dances this way in bed, too!!! She will be worth your (or anybody else's) while. Hey, Najene, why don't you give her a try!! She has an awesome smile. I think you will like her. Very Jai Dee!!! Later, dudes!!!

03-11-03, 19:06
Cheers Phuquer for the tip she is now on my hit list for the return match, I am going to do some serious damage to the pussies of Pattaya the next time no more romance shit. I did enjoy myself tremendously even though I only managed 4 chicks in 8 days Aeroflot are offering flights from London to Bangkok via Moscow for 320 pound at the moment which is a good deal.

03-11-03, 20:38
Originally posted by LukeSkyWanker
Cheers Phuquer for the tip she is now on my hit list for the return match, I am going to do some serious damage to the pussies of Pattaya the next time no more romance shit. I did enjoy myself tremendously even though I only managed 4 chicks in 8 days Aeroflot are offering flights from London to Bangkok via Moscow for 320 pound at the moment which is a good deal.
I hope Najene tries her out so he can tell you if what I say is true or not. She's awesome. BTW, Najene, if you do try her out, can you ask her to take a photo for me (with clothes on, of course). I wanted to show one of my friends what she looks like. She has a smile from ear to ear. Luke, when do you think you might be headed back to Thailand? I was thinking about trying to return August or Sept. I know it is rainy, but it's the only time I might get off from work.

Member #1005
03-11-03, 22:55
Originally posted by LukeSkyWanker
Cheers Phuquer for the tip she is now on my hit list for the return match, I am going to do some serious damage to the pussies of Pattaya the next time no more romance shit. I did enjoy myself tremendously even though I only managed 4 chicks in 8 days Aeroflot are offering flights from London to Bangkok via Moscow for 320 pound at the moment which is a good deal.


Take my advice and avoid Aeroflot at all costs! They are very very unreliable and have a terrible habit of running flights when it suits them- the last person I warned not to use them was stuck at Moscow, on her way back from Bangkok, for three days and ended up selling her camera, walkman and some accessories to buy food because they only want US dollars. Its better to pay a few dollars more for a better airline that stops in a much more civilized place. You have been warned!

03-12-03, 11:07

03-12-03, 11:42
NAJENE: BREAKING THE RULES . like writing in caps!!

So was the book any good? What was it, Harry Potter? Did you check out the Crocodile Farm. And Ripley's is really koool. Especially if you are 10 years old.

Najene: please invlte me to the wedding as Freeler apart (he is a lost cause, poor guy), I am the sickest dude here. Enoy your vacation and don't drop too much acid or E.

03-12-03, 13:37


You lost your player status? You were reading books not being a player... I hope you are having a good time with that girl. If you think she is not a "sex worker" then why is she taking good care of you?

Are you by any chance giving her a little money?


03-12-03, 13:51
Hey Juice lay off him. I fucked a girl who works at 7-11. Her friend is doing law just like little Lek, the world's greatest f machine. F I might enrol in Law there myself. Lek dresses like the total cheap **** she is. None of the girls in Bkk are full time leg spreaders. That's what they tell me. And me, Najene, and Irish Lager believe them.

03-12-03, 15:14

"Up to you."


Joe Zop
03-12-03, 16:40
Najene -- not to be disrespectful, but as I recall you've described yourself as being over 60 with a fairly large belly. Just how old is this "regular girl" and does she just have a major thing for substantially older men who don't speak her language and who are only going to be around for a couple of weeks? You say she's a non-pro, but you sure managed to hook up with her pretty fast -- which is hardly normal for non-pros in Thailand. Guess you must be quite a player after all...

Look, there's nothing wrong with finding a woman you like and enjoy and staying with her for all or part of your vacation, (though of course that is horrifying to the 3F crowd, who preach their gospel precisely to protect you from youself -- which in your case begins to seem warranted) but don't be foolish and mistake it for something it's not.

Bottom line -- you found a pro who says she's a good girl, and she's treating you nice and you're enjoying it. Good enough. Have fun. Just be sensible about it, ok? It's just as possible to be an old fool as a young one.

03-12-03, 16:57
Hey Joe: whazzup? No fool like an old fool.
If their English is good.......
Pattaya is an emotional minefield, much more dangerous than Cambodia. There should be BIG SIGNS, big policemen under the stewardship of Generalissimo AdleZ warning us off it. People's emotions are so fragile. There are many good women in Pattaya but cold reality is harder than steel.
Najene: be careful. Be very careful. Send no money, no gold shops. Keep us informed.

03-12-03, 21:47

Please read your mail!

Very sad Freeler...

03-13-03, 03:40
Hey guys,

Just understand the definitions of few words while you are in Pattaya.

Good Girl - All girls here are good girls because they don't beat you. They beat thier Thai boyfriends or husband. Sometime see the Thai TV soap opera if you can not see the actual converstaion betweeen Thai woman & Thai Man. They are worst after you tie up with them. Yes after you tie with them permanent their behaviour will be same possasive with you also as anywhere else in the world. Then you forget even going to bars.

Non-Pros - In Thailand pros exist only in the who_re houses which are our of our reach. That is for Thai poor class in 200-300 baht. The girls in Pattaya are providing you companionship & entertainment service. You cann't fu_ck them at your wish. They will do that if they like that (for the money or something else, it is thier choice).

Take care very well - This is Thai culture to take care very well with smile. You will feel further better you have problems with langguage & knowledge of the area.

The moral is be happy & enjoy, don't get trapped.

03-13-03, 06:04
Originally posted by Samus Aran

Is this "hot" thing staying with you for free?
You must be the first guy in Pattaya to find an associate who doesn't charge. Hurray!
Samus Aran

Nothing is free in this world not even your wife to whom you get married.
One of my friend never pays to any of the girl for sex. He have sex with better girls like college students or working (no bar girls) woman which are his friends. But to maintain friendship he spends much more money than me which I spend in Pattaya going to MPs or Bars. His telephone bill is more than one time charge of Sabaidee.
I know one girl whose all utility bills are paid by different boy friends with whom she goes for movie, dinner & may be one time for sex in a month.
You may find a GF who will not charge you for sex or for one day but she knows it very well that you will pay much more than normal fee.
This is Thailand where you can get a pros in role of girl friend even some people marry them.

So, it is your choice you want to be a free bird or tie to some good girl of Pattaya.

03-13-03, 18:28
I guess Najene won't be taking that pic of #37 at Superbabies for me after all! :( Oh well. I hope he's OK. And I hope his girl doesn't cause him too much damage, financially or emotionally. Take care, guys.

03-14-03, 09:23
Heyn Guys;
Yes she is staying for free, as free as any woman can be. Also she was introduced by a friend who I have known for a while. She is 35, a divorcee, been in Pattaya a month, and no more dangerous than American divorcee. What I like is that she is Thai and treats me better than any American woman would. When I say "hot"I need to clarify that this is by my standards. She only costs me what I have been spending on dinners for both of us and a couple of trinkets and a Thai CD.

03-14-03, 15:44
Seems to be divided opinions about Pattaya vs Bangkok.

As you recommended (if I get my trip confirmed), I think I will stay overnight & maybe one more day in BKK and go to Pattaya for 2-3 days after that. good way to test the difference also.

I was looking at the hotels that sexreview mentioned from web. penthouse seems to be more boutique style and equipped for fun, not a family place I guess. Any opinions/experiences about it, is it OK? Spacier premier and pattaya rooms looks OK.
How do you compare Diamond and Flipper hotel, are they also mainly for clientele traveling for the hobby?

How is modem connectivity in all these hotels?

I guess there are some shuttle services from sukhumvit area to pattaya. Any recommendations of those?


03-14-03, 17:08

Lose the thought of taking a shuttle service.
Just go to Ekamai BusTerminal by bus, skytrain (or taxi:(), and hop on the bus.
Safer, cheaper and more comfy too!

Search these pages for details.

03-14-03, 17:22
Flipper provides 35 yo divorced heart throbs so maybe worth a go.
Ekkami is a few Skytrain stops from Nana is Soi Suk so maybe worth a go.
Hotels are for bonking so internet cafes might be worth a go (30 bt an hour in Pattaya, some will let you use your laptop)
Pattaya ladies are cheaper so maybe worth a go.

03-14-03, 20:10
originally posted by knobrm
seems to be divided opinions about pattaya vs bangkok.

i was looking at the hotels that sexreview mentioned from web. penthouse seems to be more boutique style and equipped for fun, not a family place i guess. any opinions/experiences about it, is it ok? spacier premier and pattaya rooms looks ok.
how do you compare diamond and flipper hotel, are they also mainly for clientele traveling for the hobby?

how is modem connectivity in all these hotels?

i guess there are some shuttle services from sukhumvit area to pattaya. any recommendations of those?


whatever you do don't take the shuttle service. first they pack you in very tight, second they go around to several hotels and pick up everyone. it is not a fun trip. the express bus for 90 baht each way is faster and more room.

if you take a meter taxi to pattaya you can get a rate of about 1000 baht for the trip. but don't use the taxis that work for the hotel, like the ones at nana hotel they charge 1500 baht plus the toll fees (80 baht).

very fee hotels have connectivity in the rooms, but internet cafes are cheap and have high speed lines to use.

about hotels in pattaya, most of them have sex travelers in them. the closer you are to the action the more of a players place it is. penthouse is 100% fun and all sex players. diamond hotel is more sex travelers than anything else. the flipper lodge is in the middle of the beer bars but it has many guest that are not in the game. if you want to stay at a more main line hotel try places like the pattaya center hotel soi 12. at the pattaya center hotel you will have to deal with the tour groups. you have three choices in pattaya; stay in the sex player hotels, stay in the hotels the tours use, or the high line hotels that the normal tourist think are a deal. hotels like the marroit, and hard rock have many non sex tourist in them but at $80 to $100 per night plus joiner fees not worth the price.

03-14-03, 22:06
Due to my fucked up last trip (heart swelled more than knob) I have been lurking the websites checking hotels etc that look like they fit the criteria for my next trip to sex olympics. I have found Tims beer bar has 3 rooms this is very close to Diana inn where I stayed last time on 2nd road the big room with jacuzi is 900 bht and looks good if it is on the premises I wouldn't have far to walk with girls from the bar and maybe qualify for a inhouse discount. it looks like an ideal place to stop me getting hooked again and situated in a good spot has anybody else stayed here or can offer any additional info. so far Lek and Maak are on my hit list for return match.

03-14-03, 23:03
knobrm, for a few reviews about the Penthouse htl (and many others) take a look at this site:


I've never stayed at the Penthouse, but last time I was there I visited it to check it out and I was shown one of the rooms. It looked fine. This htl is especially designed for pussy hunters. It's a bit overpriced, but it definitely has some facilities that you can't find in any other htl in Pattaya.

By the way, Pattaya is better than BKK in every sense. BKK is full of pussies, but apart from that it's a crapy city.

sexreview's assessment of the differences between BKK and Pattaya were spot on.

03-15-03, 02:59

Count me in on the Pattaya side of the ledger. I much prefer it over Bangkok. You can at least inhale air instead of bus exhaust. Lots more bars and girls as well. I thought the beer bars were a much better value for ho's than the go-go bars (over priced IMO) and Pattaya has a shitload of beer bars. Unbelievable!!!

When I was in Pattaya (January) I stayed at Eastiny Place and was glad I did. Good value for the money. Great location. Decent rooms. I did not see any hotels in Bangkok that I thought were as good a place to stay (all things considered).

03-16-03, 03:56
Originally posted by LukeSkyWanker
Due to my fucked up last trip (heart swelled more than knob) I have been lurking the websites checking hotels etc that look like they fit the criteria for my next trip to sex olympics.
........ .... .... .... ... .. .

We feel very sorry to hear this type of statment particularly from a member after his trip, even after having so many gurus here to advice on the dos & don'ts while in Pattaya. I see this with a wonder surprise as this is becoming a repeatative cycle.

Hey Najane are u listening ?/?/?/?/?

03-16-03, 04:08
Originally posted by najene
and no more dangerous than American divorcee. What I like is that she is Thai and treats me better than any American woman would.

here is the catch.
what I got to believe now
some people who are not well respected (by woman) or can not get a woman in thier own country particular in USA
(I include myself also in these type of people as me too have to buy sex, becuase I am not liked by girls as a friend even in Thailand)
get trapped when they come to Thailand as Thai Girls behaviour if entirely different.

but my warning ... ... ... ...

They are also same dangerous like US woman but after you fix with them
beware ... .... ..... ...........

Check your "dow" before you make a decision or show your intention of love with them.

God bless you

03-16-03, 11:43
hello Khun don't feel sorry for me I admit I fucked up but what does it matter I had a great time with the bird and believe it or not she did not ask for money or goods. I could have had a lot more birds but also I could have ended it up with a dose to, on my return trip I will try to do better and "Shoot more Targets" but if I end up getting hitch again as long as I can deal with the after effects no worry.

Apac Boy
03-16-03, 13:45
me and Traveler checked into Penthouse today...oh fuck YEAH...I've been in the rooms before to take a look but never stayed...we were going to get a suite but I dun think I can take a shower in front of Traveler. The shower is RIGHT BETWEEN the two beds and there's NO wall...there are no walls or cover between the two beds either...basically, u can hear and see ur buddy fuck the shit out of their ho from ur side of the bed. I'm just a shy lil tapioca...although I wouldn't mind fucking in the rooms with him, showering is too private for me.

rooms are so kewl...many many toys heh heh...

havn't been taking pics though dammit...i have a feeling i might lose my camera if i take it out with me..


Dick Johnson
03-16-03, 14:53
Take the damn pics, Tapioca! LOL. Everytime I have to tell you that. That's what the camera is there for. You'll regret it if you come back without lots of cool pics. Your trip costs you a few grand and you got the camera largely for your trip, and the camera is a few hundred bucks, so use it lol. Just tell your friends to remind you not to leave it somewhere.

But I can see your dilemma. I did lose an Elph camera on my last trip. But you know I travel with like 9 cameras. Digital, APS, 35mm, DV, Polaroids, cheap cameras etc. Getting a carrying case with a strap for your digital camera helps to prevent you from losing/scratching it. 2 megapixel is enough Tap lol, you got a 3.2 megapix and it is too expensive to carry it everywhere lol.
(And those pics will come in handy for your website.)

Joe Zop
03-16-03, 15:21
LukeSkyWanker, if you "had a great time with the bird" I'd hardly call it a fucked up trip. A missed opportunity, losing your head, coming close to making a big mistake, etc., maybe, but there's no need to beat yourself up or revise your opinion of your own enjoyment. Your post when you returned sounded like you enjoyed yourself immensely -- that's what really counts in measuring things. Now you're at the point where you can see that you were probably played -- big deal, as long as you enjoyed it while it happened, figured it out, and got out without damage. Admire the girl for her skillz, be happy with the good time you described, and just be more aware and careful your next trip.

03-16-03, 17:35
After browsing the sites of various hotels I also got curious about the Penthouse and sent a reservation there for my trip; asked for mini suite.

Based on your look, is it worth the extra $ compared to the cheaper rooms?

03-17-03, 04:29
BTW, can anyone tell how frequently express buses from Ekamai to Pattaya leave?

03-17-03, 06:40
i found this in bkk hotels section; any comment from those who know the place? scares the shit out of me...
i read on a forum (i think bangkok tonight) about a guy who stayed at the penthouse hotel and found out about a "peepcam" hidden in his room. the story goes like this "he went to the bathroom and started to brush his teeth and wandered back into the bedroom and flipped on the tv. scrolling through the channels, he selected the "in-house" channel where you can see the girls in the go-go downstairs. while he was standing there brushing his teeth, one of the girls started to imitate him by moving her index finger back and forth simulating his brushing strokes. the guy then started waving at the tv and she started to wave back! the guy figured that the hidden cam must be in the mirror'd ceiling above his bed, but didn't want to rip everything apart to prove his point. he checked out of the place shortly thereafter." this was fairly recent too.....

Apac Boy
03-17-03, 10:42
2nd day in Pattaya:

man, my fourth trip here only and it's getting boring I think. I can totally see where Samus is coming from. Since Traveler brought his own sand to the beach, I had to find one of my own last night. Went into a couple of gogos near the Penthouse but nothing going on. Traveler's urging me to take a gurl but I want to take my time...finally ended up at World Wide a gogo where Traveler's chick use to work at. She recommended a gurl there with blonde hair, square face, but a nice fuckin' body...hun dee mak mak...

If her face wasn't so damn square, and if she didn't have a small mustache, she would be a 7/10. Well, I fucked her...but not from the front...told her to just get on her knees and hold on to the metal bar (its used for the handcuffs)...boom boom boom...finished...told her I only wanted ST and she was kinda dissapointed, told me I should have told her I wanted that in the first place. Put 1,000bht in her pocket and escorted her downstairs..

On a brighter note, I'm beginning to really like the Penthouse for these sex trips. You can turn on only these red dim lights in the room and it's just great fucking a gurl..this, along with all the mirrors, is just fantastic atmosphere.

When Traveler's chick leaves, we've decided to get 2 chicks each and have a big orgy in one of these rooms (prob his cause I don't want to sleep on cum). I told him I would pay for my time only and not for 2 gurlz...cause if I have 8 hands on me, 4 tongues, and 8 breasts to touch, i'll be done in 5 min.


03-18-03, 10:35

What's going on in Pattaya? I am close by and thinking of stopping in.

Have the heards of European Holidayers left yet?

The weather?

And of course, the women?

Apac Boy
03-18-03, 12:43
3rd day:

what a weird trip so far... first, i meet the my friends from back home in Bangkok...and yesterday, I was just getting some food at a stall and guess who was right next to me ordering the same thing?...Jen...except she was like 15 lbs heavier. haha...

another first for yesterday, we went into boyztown and went into a boyz gogo...yeah, u KNOW ur bored in Pattaya when u decide to step in to one of those places. actually, it was traveler's chick that decided to go in and we just followed. if u guys don't mind gay TBs (thai boyz) doing their impression of a TG gogo dancer while wearing white underwear, this place ain't dat bad...good music and a small dancefloor. for u freaks out there, barfine is 300bht...

Picked up a service gurl at Electric Blue a gogo...it's a new place cause they just opened like 3 months ago. actually, i didn't really pick her up, i just told her i didn't want to pay the 600bht barfine and if she wanted to see me after work, she can come to my hotel. she showed up! there were some hotties though in that place..

pretty good fuck for a service gurl, kinda surprised me. took her LT, gave her a 1,000bht in the morning..actually, afternoon...she left around 1pm. the hard part is getting rid of this gurl. she wanted to come by after work again today but i told her she better not cause i'll have another chick by then. I got 2 pics of her!

in the afternoon, I went into VIP massage to get an oily..i thought hjs were offered here but to my surprise, she didn't even get close to my tapioca stick. grrrr

stupid shower didn't wash it all off so decided to hit a soapy..didn't want to goto soi 2, so went into that soapy off walking street. saw a hottie, paid my 690bht, and off i went...stupid byatch wanted 2,000bht for a f.uck so i went with the 1,000bht bj...ok i guess...but at least all the oil that was left over was washed off...

well, that was an eventful day. damn, it's boring here in PAttaya...

Dick Johnson
03-18-03, 13:16
Tap are you online now lol?

I bet someone told Jen you are there and she sat next to you deliberately. I mean what's the chance of that happening by coincidence? I bet she wants to see if you still want to get together. Why don't you just bang her for old times sake.

Sad to see some of these Thai girls put on the pounds. I had a model type girl I had sex with in BKK and when I went back 2 months later she got fat.

I gotta put the word out to the Thai girls to not crash diet or take pills to lose weight as those are temporary solutions. They blow up like balloons later. Thai girls are not naturally fat. Just exercise a little and eat not one but three meals a day (some girls tell me they eat 1 meal a day).

The Traveler
03-18-03, 13:25
Tap has said everything of importance.

My girl is quite ok (see BKK section) but I am getting used of it. Need some new thrills, therefore her time will be over soon.

Some really nice chicks around here. No need for barfine, walk around and they will run into you.

Keep you posted on new events

03-19-03, 08:21
The outcome of Pattaya trips

after first trip

sad, fall in love, have great opinion about the girls in pattaya

after second trip

very enthustic and happy, enjoyed a lot, no love, have opinion about great attitude of the girls

after third trip

not very enthustic but happy with time having fun, enjoyed a lot, not even think about love

after fourth trip

Ohhhhhh so boring, (Tap)

after 10-20 trips


Samus Aran

Apac Boy
03-19-03, 10:30
the gurlz arn't boring...just that there ain't shit to do here. gurlz are still great and cheap...1000bht LTs

nobody told her anything...we met on the streets buying the same fruits...

last night was kinda fun...traveler ditched his chick and we went trolling...found ourselves at Amazon gogo on walking street. we both eyed the same gurl for once and bought her a drink...asked her if she'll do us both at the same time but she declined. then we asked her to choose only one of us...she kept laughing and couldn't choose...although eventually she did choose tapioca, it wasn't because of my dashing good looks, my manly voice, or my bulging...arms.
so i paid her bf and wanted to go eat...she said she was hungry too but i dun like to bring chicks with me unless i'm going to go f_uck them. told her we would be back at midnight to pick her ass up.

went to FLB bar...didn't see any cuties there...most "hostesses" were on the chubby side and only about 2/8 chubby ones were decent. BUT..they were fun to hang out with and play games with.

anyways, picked that chick up, went back to the room and was about to do ST with her when she said that she never had a man before...DOH...tapioca doesn't like to do virgins...then after a big fiasco and misunderstanding, tapioca needed to bring in Traveler to appease the situation...told her she can stay but no boom boom...she stayed until about noon, then i sent her away...

about 3pm right now...what to do ...what to do...sigh...

going to pick up a freelancer at marines later on...damn, that place is packed with cuties...if u guys don't mind the 130bht drinks, it's still a great place!


Apac Boy
03-19-03, 10:33
ur other handle is Khun?


03-20-03, 03:25
In wondering why he does not have his senior status.Kinda srange both Tapioca and Joe_Zop liked Samas A in person.
Kinda sad love between Jen and Tap did not work out. Oh well, the course of true love... And she put on weight. Porbably sitting at home, eating chocolates and waiting for her sailor boy to cme back.
Good one about the virgin go go dancer. That has to be a first.

Samas: spoil yourself and Taplioca and bring him to the park in Korat to play with the ducks, or should that be f****.

03-20-03, 08:42
Originally posted by khun
after 10-20 trips


Samus Aran

Sorry Guys

It should be read as
after 10-20 trips

"Shit" - Samaus Aran

I did not try to use the handle of SA. I know after someday he will have new one as somebody will cut his old handle (kit wa kau loo duay)

SA - become senior before getting the status caus your post always are full of shit. Learn to shit at proper place.

Tap - think you need few more trips to reach to status of SA.

Freeler is real freeler. (not free like americans - "free under dictator")

Guys be alert while at public place. War has begun. Most of the people don't know difference between amaericans & europians. All white skinned are farangs & so are americans.

Enjoy with care.... ... .. .

03-20-03, 08:52
Originally posted by tapioca
...although eventually she did choose tapioca, it wasn't because of my dashing good looks, my manly voice, or my bulging...arms.

Ohhh god, amazing, even Saddam don't think so about him. May be he also claim "Ahhhe Bush don't like me because of my dashing good looks, my manly voice, or my bulging...arms.


Apac Boy
03-20-03, 10:55
picked up a beer bar gurl yesterday...damn, she was cute..200bht bf too... i got a couple of pics of her...too bad none of them were of the xxx kinds cause she wouldn't let me..she had a fuckin' great body with big, firm tits, small waist...sigh...oh well...maybe tonight i can take a nekid pic cause i already gave her 200bht for the bf again...

Traveler picked up a cutie too from Bubbles but she was just too damn bush league after the stunt she pulled last night...I'm sure Traveler can elaborate on that.

oh, i paid 1,000bht for mine LT...no bitches or complaints about tip or more money...beer bar gurlz r great!

samus, how can u tell me to go back after what u saw happen near Nana plaza...i can't show my face around bkk for at least another week...

since war has started, i am changing my "ma jaak america" to "ma jaak china, pen con jene"....that should do it.


03-20-03, 17:17

'she had a fuckin' great body with big, firm tits, small waist'
Bla, bla, bla...
But: Was she a good fuck, dammit!

However, you finally went from over the top GoGoGurlz to BarGurlz.
I am now awaiting your first BeachRoadGurlPick-upPost with appropriate impatience.

Peace bro:)

03-20-03, 23:49

I don't believe this site or at least this thread is the place to attack or praise the President. It serves no purpose other than to start in fighting on the site. Better to talk about the effects of what is happening with Thailand and other sex destinations throughout the world.

One major positive is the airlines have relaxes the rules and the no exchange ticket polices are gone. I know that when I purchased tickets a few weeks ago I had to leave on a Monday, because leaving on Saturday added three times to the cost. Now I can exchange my tickets and pay about $20 dollars, have extra days in Thailand and better flight times. I believe between the war and the Fu problem Thailand is going to become even a better bargain than it has been. I am even thinking about no making a reservation for a hotel in Pattaya just come to town and bargain for a better deal.

Looking forward to being in Pattaya again within a few weeks, Iíve been away to long now a little over two months. So lets not look at the down side and only at the upside which is what the site is really all about. Finding and getting girls throughout the world.

03-21-03, 01:02
The airlines have relaxed policies, but in my case it was only pertaining to the reticketing fee of $150 for postponing my BKK trip. In my case it meant that if I chose to leave on a weekend day, I still had to pay the additional $200 or whatever it is. For instance, I was thinking of going mid-May instead because that would give me more time to save up, plus with my business I am apt to have more money then naturally anyway....but because the fare is more at that time I will have to pay an additional $80 to do it. But yes, I guess that's better then an additional $150 on top of that. Hate to put it off longer though, I'm really excited about going. I'll have to think about it. Just making this post to let everyone know that not all airlines are as good about just letting you go whenever as was the good fortune of the previous poster.

03-21-03, 04:21
Pattaya Music Festival on 21-23 March

Just for information for the mongers in Pattaya

Pattaya North Road leading to beach road & near Lotus, & beach road will be highly crowded after 7-8 PM beacuse of Music Festival. Avoid using song thew on these routes & walk.


Apac Boy
03-21-03, 08:12
i walked up and down beachroad for the last 3 days...ain't one "gurl" I can even stand next to within 5 min let alone take her germ infested self into my play pen....i use the term "gurl" lightly...my gawd...it's pretty ugly out on that side of the street.

ok, u want details eh (wait till u see the pics of this chick...she's really that hot)...she's like 5'1", 105 lbs, white skin, bit tits, nice round ass, small waist...

so we went up to the room right after I picked her up again from the beer bar. had her sit in front of me when I started the thai porno vcd i bought on beach road...btw, dun ever buy a thai porn, the two i bought really sucked..

she kept watching it so i started taking off her clothes...she wasn't wearing much so it only took like 30 seconds. she's like a 32C so those breasts sat perfectly within my hands. Did I also mention she pierced her left nipple? started sucking on her piercing and my tongue piercing got stuck in her nipple piercing...pretty funny...she unhooked it and off i went again...

she flipped me over so now she's on top and started kissing me on my neck...then down...down...until she tasted the tapioca shtick. ok bj...not great...butpleasant.

put on my durex condom and she started riding me. if there's one bad thing about this chick, is that she can't fuck on top...it kinda hurts when she was grinding so i turned her over...while i was going at it, she kept looking up on the mirrors on top...i guess she's never seen herself...anyways, turned her over for doggy and finished. i love watching her body when her ass is in the air.goddamit, i love those breasts...

did her again the next morning...called Traveler and he told me that my chick from that Amazon gogo (the supposed virgin gurl) was sleeping right next to him. Apparently, that chick came by the hotel last night and called Traveler thinking he was me...Traveler protected his boy from an embarrasing moment and invited her to his room. I'll let Traveler tell the rest of the details.

so I give her another 1,000BHT for her troubles and sent her away...oh, her sister is equally hot..same mother, different father.
traveler was going to pick her up last night and we were going to go for a sister-sister orgy but her sister was with somebody else already.


03-21-03, 08:45
point taken, sexrewiev....

anyway, the Deus In Machina has removed the post. Let it so be ....

03-21-03, 11:36

I know what you mean about the LOS becoming a little boring. My first extended visit (not one of my weekend expeditions while working in the area) to Thailand was last January. A friend of mine wanted to check it out and we made a plan.

My friend could only stay about 10 days but I planned to stay a couple of weeks longer. We flew into Singapore and traveled overland to Phuket. Checking out Kuala Lumpur (the capital of malaysia) on the way up the peninsula. There is also much fun to be had in KL but it's much more expensive than in Thailand.

Our first stop in Thailand was Hatyai. We only planned to spend one night and then head to Phuket but we met a Malaysian dude and he convinced us to stay a second day.

The first day we walked around the city and checked out a few Kareokes. Found some entertainment for the night and settle in for some fun. It was good. My buddy wasn't able to sleep on the bus up so he was to tired to do anything but sleep.

The second night I was going to skip the entertainment for a good nights sleep. My buddy wanted to check out a show that night before turning in and a couple of girls came over to sit with us during the show. He ended up arranging for his girl to come by his room after the show. I wasn't the least bit interested in mine. His was a babe.

When we walked out of the hotel in which we saw the show I noticed a few kareoke nearby. We walked over and checked one out. There I saw Ping. She was the cutest thing I had seen in a long time. She was Chinese Thai. White skin and a beautiful face. I had to take her.

My buddy thought I made a good choice so Ping, my buddy and I headed back to our hotel. Ping and I when to my room and got down to business. She was cute but boy was she a flake. No kissing, no BJ. Just boom boom. OK. Even though she was weird there was something about her I really liked. It was really exciting. We did the act and I took a shower. Unlike most Thai girls, she didn't take a shower before or after. Like I said, she was weird.

Usually I go to sleep after one shot late at night but like I said there was something about her and I had to have another but she wasn't having none of it. She just wanted to sleep. I got pissed and told her to get out. At that point she came around and I had another great time but I still wasn't done. We had another disagreement and this time she did leave.

Well now I had a problem. I was extremely horny because of her but it was about 4am. I went down to the lobby and one of the bell hops saw me. Asked me if I wanted some company and he made the arrangements. The girl arrived about 20 minutes later. She was ok. About a 7/10 looks. 8/10 body.

We went to my room and she went to take a shower. While she was in the shower there was a knock on the door to the room. Guess who, Ping was back and wouldn't leave. I paid the other girl and she left and Ping stayed even though I didn't think I was going to get anything from her.

I laid down thinking we were just going to sleep but I got round three. What a great night. What a weird night.

The next morning she left and my buddy and me headed for Phuket. (to be continued)

03-21-03, 11:56
Oops. I didn't mean to write a narative. I guess that should have been in the Hatyai section. I'll continue it in the Phuket section. The Pattaya parts of this story would be parts 7, 13 and 14.


How long do you plan on staying the in Thailand? I had a death in the family and my plans had to change. I may be over there next week though.

By the way, have you told Traveler about my adventure with you know who?


The Traveler
03-21-03, 12:50
What happened the last days ...

Got rid of the sand that I brought from BKK to Pattaya. Big tears from her side, known stories of great and real love ... I am immune to that, so it was payday, but when I tried to gave her money she first refused to take any from me. But I insisted to keep it business and she finally took it with a small note that I should come by whenever I want or when I am in need for a free BJ. She is really good on that.

Took a real cute one from Bubbles, face 9/10, buddy 9/10, breats a bit to small but nice hard nipples. Unlike the evening before, she was more on the professional side. Very tough but still nice somehow. When we finally went home she told me that she is tired and wants to sleep. Made clear that I am paying the bills only when get rewarded for it, so the thing went on.
Was real good, very nice, good and long foreplay. As the action started she was so hot that I had steam on the mirrors around my bed. But after about 10 min. she grabbed my magic stick - thinking she wanted to check the condom - raised her hand and it was red. What a shit, immediately had a shower with desinfection and went to sleep cause was really pissed of. In the morning expected some action to get even for bad night, but nothing, only wanted to sleep. Got her out of the room and before she could ask for payment I told her that I already placed some money into her purse, but the the full amount cause I got not the full service. Payment always depends on performance !
Said so and went away with Tap.

In the afternoon went to the soapies. Just a few cute one.
Sabairoom got 270 and 182, Sabailand 005 and 176, Sabai Dee just 005.
So I took 176 from Sabailand and Tap another chick. Tap is a shy guy, so we had different rooms instead of a bigger one with two beds and two tubs.
Girl was real fun, very nice attitude and real hot in bed. She knows how to move. Usually Tap scares to share a room with me, cause I always need some extra time and his girl might come to my side to get an extra shot. But this time no need to scare, girl got me off below the average hour.

She also told me, that the fine at Sabailand is 5000 for as many days as you want. Payment for the girl has to be negotiated with her. She also offered me to meet me at her free day, cause I told her that I intend to do her all night and that she couldn't work after that. Not sure if she will come for free but it sounded like that.

So we went to the bar of Tap's girl where I wanted to pick up her sister (18). She was already with someone twice my weight, but only half my muscles. So took one that Tap and his girl picked for me. She was nothing I would have picked, face 6/10, body 8/10, brain 0/10 but acting like she did it all. Telling Tap that I still have doubts about her performance back home, but bf her and there we go.
Shower, a bit foreplay, action started, checked my condom after five minutes and put my hand back on the sheets just to see my fingerprints. Shit, again a red one. Three in one week is far too much. Never had any in almost 19 years, so I was really pissed, Sent her home and headed to Walking street, checked a few Gogos, Tony's (drinks are 180 B now), Marine and some bars, but nothing to my liking. Went home around 5:30 am to watch the news about the war.
Suddenly the phone rang, Tap's virgin is there, forgot his room no. (really ?), but remembered mine. Don't know what to do. Let her come upstairs to avoid asking her the staff which room Tap stays. Ordered some food cause she is hungry and talked a bit to her -she mentions money quite often - to release Tap. Keeping him out of trouble, cause he is downstairs with his bar girl (the pierced one). Let her sleep in my bed without touching her, sleep there too, then take a shower, phone rings, Tap is there, she got to go to toilet, locks it, my wallet inside, she comes out, I go back, check my money (always count it in advance), 500 B gone.
Can't prove it, so no way to get it back right now. But when we went downstairs she grabs my hand, also wants a kiss for goodbye. Seems that secondary target (me) has become primary target. That way I might get back my money. Will probably do her and payment will be reduce.

BTW, she told me, that she choosed Tap instead of me that night because I haven't shaved. I always shaved before action starts, so not that itchy for the girls. Small things can have great impact. Secondly I am european, Tap is asian, which she prefers.
So Tap, come back down to earth !

Got to go now, Tap is waiting for me at Sabairoom. I want to take 005 from Sabailand right now and we will see what Tap is up to.

03-21-03, 16:58

Nice one! I know I will get your pix, you sent some before, unlike Joe_zop, who is all promises, no delivery:(...


If you would have asked the girls to pay their BF, you would not have ploughed around in the red.
Try it, it REALLY works!
Shave, put on clean clothes and be nice: All the girls 'lub you too mut'!

Apac Boy
03-22-03, 14:18
i'll be in Pattaya until the 28th...email me if u'll be around


GREAT day today!!! not because i fucked anybody or had a bj or anything like that...went to the hospital in soi 4 and got my HIV test...N E G A T I V E

whew...i always thought the worst feeling in the world is when u see a cop with his lights on in ur rear view mirror while ur going 90mph on the highway....WRONG...the worst feeling in the world is the 30 min. wait and the unendless stares from the hospital staff when ur blood is being checked.

shit, stupid Traveler was making fun of me while i was in terror and was even trying to pick up the cute hospital staff...they were all just laughing, goofing around. After I got my results, the cute chick said I should just carry that paper with me so I can show all da pooying that I'm safe...

anyways, it's about 7pm...time to start the prowl.

marine last night was very very good...this is a trip of past memories cause i found my chick that i banged on my first pattaya trip 2 years ago. damn, pattaya ho's age fast in 2 years. scary shit...i couldn't believe i picked that thing up 2 years ago.


Dick Johnson
03-22-03, 14:25
Just curious, Tap, who is 'that thing 2 years ago'?

The Traveler
03-22-03, 14:25
Freeler :

I remembered your post about letting them pay the bf first and giving it back to them when everything ok. Already took that in account. Prob is, I don't wanna be cheap or look like that. Secondly, within 19 years I had only one red, now with Tap I had three of them (one picked by Tap) within one week !

Was that night at Tony's, saw the dance show, one real cute katoey, when it came into my mind that katoeys don't go red. But this is no real alternative.

03-22-03, 14:27
"pattaya ho's age fast in 2 years. scary shit"

Very interesting point by Mr Tapioca. Anyone agree or do they grow old gracefully??
MY my. We are all on line right now.

The Traveler
03-22-03, 15:02
Story goes on ...

Went to Sabairoom to meet Tap. He took 805 I think and I had 176. Real nice face 8-8.5/10, body and breats looking good. Paid 1500 and went upstairs. Took off, she too ... boom ... what a battlefield.
Tits flat and hang down, belly looks like map of central bangkok.
Had the cleaning thing - she knows how to clean small traveler - and headed to the bed. Payed for it so I want to get it done as fast as possible. Got to concentrate on the face, don't look down or in the mirror ! Got a bj and took her from behind. Finally it's done... huh ... great relief, thoughed this half hour would never be over. My hardest job so far. That thing was really to prove that clothes can change a lot.

Went out with Tap. He met Jen and got private things to talk about. I used the time to check out all gogos (no boyz stuff) at Pattayaland.

Planet Hard Rock was the best, the rest got none or just one within my limits, Rodeo should be avoided due to the pushy mamasan. Just sat down and already the question for a lady drink.
ALL GIRLS should be avoided on all costs ! Now I know why they gave it that name, they have all kind of girls, mostly from the lower end and nothing from the upper one. I went in and was shocked. Never saw so many ugly girls on one place.
Boyz town is really a alternative to that.

Went to Walking Street with Tap and check most of the gogos, nothing really worth to look at. Went to marine disco and plaza too. Disco is too dark and plaza too many arabs.

Nevertheless, Tap found his girl from first trip to Pattaya. Got a real nice body, but the face, man, the face. Tap calls them butterface (but-her-face). She tells me that she and two of her girl-friends wanna come with me. They are all average, so I better went off alone and back home.

At 6:30am phone rings, Tap's virgin wants to come up. Since I want to come even I let her.
She immediately starts that financial support thing, I assume to sleep and off she takes into my bed. Just sleep, no action. Around 1pm I wake her up for a morning session, but she claims to have her period. Telling her that I do not belief, period is immediately over and now she wants to eat. I tell her that everybody of us got to work to buy some food. After a few words she understands that I need something in return, cause I'm no sugar daddy. She says, after a meal she would have more power, that's a good reason for me. Let her go buy some food.
After the meal, she undresses and goes to the shower, then in my bed. But what to do with a dead fish right next to you. Play a bit around but finally get pissed off. Really believe that she is a virgin, cause I had the strong intention to do her on all costs and she even broke me. No guy wanna do her like this.

Stand up, shower, dress up, outside, tell her to leave, small discussion, telling was last chance, need for change of attitude.
Suddenly she tells me to go back to the room to show me what she can do. Sorry, lucky draw already timed out. Just wanna get rid of her.

Went to the PIC Hospital at soi 4 with Tap. He is quite anxious about the outcome of his HIV test (about 1200). I use the time we got to wait to chat with this cute one at the reception. No boyfriend. She is real funny. Face 8.5/10, body hard to say, but should be around 8.5 - 9/10 at least. Inviting her for the evening. She says her sister from Lopburi is in town. Inviting her too. With four girl friends.
So Tap and Traveler will be out with 6 chicks tonight. Not the standard chicks from south Pattaya. Will see if we can get laid the first night. Doubt so, but when she asked how long I will stay, two weeks were a long time for her.

to be continued ...

The Traveler
03-23-03, 10:17
Last night visited the concert at beach road with Tap and the girls. Had some food and bye, bye at around 2am. My receptionist asked me to do a HIV test. No prob, not scared like Tap :-)

Went to south pattaya then, Marine too dark, nothing really cute. After that Marine Plaza, just one nice one but already occupied. Then headed over to the disco opposite of Marine Plaza, quite dark as well and only left overs. We were not that much in need so went back home alone.

On the way home looked at the crap at the beach road. How can anybody take anything like this ? I think Freeler and skinless posted that they will go for 200-300. Still far too much. You got to pay me real big bucks to even touch one of them. Guys, are you blind ? I know, same equipment, but then you could also drive a Ford Aspire or a Yugo instead of a Benz.

Gonna seee what the evening will bring

The Traveler
03-23-03, 10:21
Forgot to post, fine for Sabai Dee depends on time of day. If early afternoon it is 3 fines = 4500 at late evening 2 fines = 3000 baht.
Think Sabairoom is the same policy, due to same owner.

Maybe Tap and me will check out Susie Massage at Soi 4. Keep you informed.

03-23-03, 10:56
WTF IS GOING ON. Why am I being flamed?

Traveler: Are you 2 doing anything else except getting HIV tests and saying all the Pattaya women are ugly (SA, looks like u have new recruits) I use them to fuck them, not to enter them in a beauty contest.

I thought Tap would follow on about Jenny the Burger Queen, as I am interested in that but no. All I get is flame. So maybe I fucked one or 2 cheapies from Beach Road. If it was any consolation, I was going to fuck the ugliest and oldest and Freeler is made of sterner stuff; he fucks anything female, of age and of warm blood.

May I laso say that many ladies moonlight there and in the malls i nbetween jobs and osme might be more disease free than the go go virgins (that has been the most enjoyable part of your joint reports to date).
I have a love hate relationship with Pattaya. This time, as I posted, I mostly just fucked the little lady from Happy bar in Soi 7, I also inspected her panties for sign of diseases and fucked her anyway even though I thought she might have a STI. I enjoyed listening to her explain how farangs tell her she is pretty coz she is small and when I asked her for a butt fuck, she said she was not a lady boy (metaphorical relief). They have their own status symbols and I am sure I am regarded as a prize catch, even if many of them will no longer let me fuck them.

I posted I thought one (1) of the Beach Road women I saw was pretty. But pretty women think they are owed a premium for that. The bb one was pretty the first time I saw her, plain ho type the second and downright ugly in the photo with the Czech guy. Thus my interest in Tap's Jen reflection.

As it happens, I am blind as love is blind and doing u know what makes you go blind. BTW, blind women are often great fucks. Not as good as dwarves or hunchbacks but, hey, no one is perfect.

How about some peace, love, unity, big tits, heavy metal and good reports. Is Tapioca off the ecstacy btw?

Joe Zop
03-23-03, 17:07
Now, Skinless, that wasn't a major flame -- just a poke. But really, trying to come to consensus on who or what is desireable or worth poking is a hopeless exercise -- and silly as listening to Thais discuss skin color. Everyone has different interests and standards. I generally wasn't attracted by the ladies I saw along the beach road either, but neither was I all that impressed by lots of the farangs wandering around, lots of whom were clearly highly impressed with themselves.

Apac Boy
03-24-03, 09:07
nobody's flaming u or freeler...we're not saying pattaya hos are ugly...although i would say 80% are...but who cares, i only need one chick a night...

tapioca's got a fever so that fucking sucks...jen stayed over last night and we tried to fuck but i couldn't do it with this splitting headache...

man down, man down...


The Traveler
03-24-03, 09:10
skinless :

I wasn't flaming you, I just said that most of the gurls at the beach look like crap to me. I am a bit picky too, know that.
If you like what you get, go on with it. They got to make a living too. It's like a discussion about taste, everybody prefers something different.

I like fresh flesh, not old warriors, who fought a thousand fights on that battlefield. Young and tight, clean skin, nice face, good attitude if possible, breast size doesn't matter (no flat ones). I am more out for fun and great sex (which comes together) than just getting it rubbed off. Could do it myself - have two healthy hands - and would rather do it than get it done by one of these at the beach.

Was at Hollywood last night with my receptionist. Now the question is not if I can get laid, it's just when. Got to wait till her sister leaves in about two days.

Also found a new challenge there. Two of the show dancers are really hot. Give them 10/10 for the body and 8.5/10 for the face. Keep you informed on how to approach them.

Nothing else going on so far. Tap got the flew but insists to be my wingman in the nights to come. Will see how he performs with such a handycap.

03-24-03, 09:43
Ah so. Glad to see our two Pattaya warriors are back in action. Is that guy Najene alive or dead?

Is Jen a BIG secret? What is going on there?

Fresh flesh in Pattaya? You should be so lucky. Experience does count though probably the World War One veterans on Beach Road are not for everyone. Freeler did photo a passable one however. Also, fresh flesh must pound the beat before they get a bar. And some women prefer freelancing. Two times ago, Igot htis Indian looking cutie from Beach Road and fucked her out as she was no good. Great English, great body but a b&tch in ways.
Tapioca: how come you have a fever? Also, where does Jen work now (bar, freelance or go go)? I am very interested in her career, not so much in her.
Peace, love, unity, acid and heavy metal

03-24-03, 20:19
Tapioca, Skinless and Newbie(9 posts?:(),

'Guys, are you blind?' Newbie asks...
Some folks think they have to have a good looking chick on their arm, because they think that other mongers will say:
'He must be a great guy to be with, just look at that good looking chick on his arm!'
I don't, I just want a gooood fuck.
And if it isn't any good, at least I didn't pay B2,000:( for it. But B200:D, or B300:) in Pattaya.
Last time around I had me two from BeachRoad. Two MasterFuckers, OK the first one was a nutcase, but #2 HAL-LE-LU-HA what a woman and she almost forgot to take the money...

'I like fresh flesh' Newbie continues and takes on Tapioca's virgin girl....
'I like fresh flesh'...
'Tits flat and hang down, belly looks like map of central bangkok.:('
Fresh flesh:(?
The B'1500':( you paid for that 'map' would have gotten me 4* solid fucks, a map of BKK printed on durable paper and a very good KingPrawnSweet&Sour with drinks...

*= 4:) in Pattaya, 6-8:D upcuntry...

Now, who's flaming who:D?


Dick Johnson
03-25-03, 01:42
Different guys have different tastes, and different priorities. Of course we will never come to a consensus as to what is desirable here. Some guys like big tits on a shapely body and some guys like petite chicks that he can bench press with. But that does not make discussing what one's preference is silly. After all this is a whor hunting site and if we are not going to talk about our whor preferences, what the heck are we going to talk about?

Some guys like fresh faced chicks while some like the idea that the pussy he's banging has been banged by thousands of men. Some guys just don't give a shit, a pussy is a pussy, so long as it gets you off. You're not looking for a wife, so why waste time?

If this is a site about automobiles we'd talk about what cars we like. Traveler likes the newer Hondas(but maybe he likes German cars) and skinless drives the classic Toyotas(a few generations of the same model). Freeler owns a junk car lot while tapioca likes the zero mile new cars(whether the odometer has been rolled back or not we do not know). Some guys don't give a shit as long as the car have a Nintendo built in.

03-25-03, 03:23
So the DJ surfaces again. Where, nobody knows. I think you miss the Z man. :)

Freeler is happy keeping it real. I like the name Freeler Road. It's got a nice ring to it. :)

skinless is doing acid??? Damn! I hadn't done that in years.

Tap, When I get sick I buy a bottle of JD and drink it until I pass out. Somehow, it seems to do the trick. lol... So it isn't exactly orthodox.

As for me I'm just board. I'm waiting for a window to implement a software change and it's not for a coupe of hours. I'm just being a lurker and drinking a vino in preparation for the big event.

It will be good to finish this project because next Monday I am on the way to LOS. Then I won't be bored for a while.

I'll not waste anymore posting space.


Dick Johnson
03-25-03, 06:29
Where did this idea that I miss the z man come from? From z asking me about my gaming? From firedick? I use to be enemies with z and disagree with him on just about everything.

z : 'use TG as sperm tupperwear.. human kleenex'... 'never fuck the same girl twice'..'always ST'
DJ : 'be nice' ...'ok to repeat', 'LT sometimes is good'

I was also the one to correctly predict that z is a two minute man, which, to his credit, he proudly admits. I turned the tides and gave him positive recognition on the board. I was the only one to chew out z and wildman and never got chewed back, unlike skinless, joez, tap etc.

Haven't posted for a few days and people think you're dead. :)

03-25-03, 07:47

So you are alive and well.

Okay man, do you remember when I said, "The last thing someone says is their world view?" Well... This is the last thing you said, "Some guys don't give a shit as long as the car have a Nintendo built in."

Now, am I the only one, or does this sound like someone that misses the Z man?

Well, now I'm waiting to hear what I said last. Such is life!


Dick Johnson
03-25-03, 08:38
I bought a Gamecube just to check it out and realize I'm too old for this shit. z has been giving me tips on GC. Maybe I should get some more adult games like Eternal Darkness. Or I shoulda got an xbox for internet gaming.

Posterlion, sounds like you're the one who missed me. :)

03-26-03, 03:03
hahahaha! touche!

Apac Boy
03-26-03, 10:20
2 more days here...thank buddha my 24 hr flu only lasted 24 hrs.

email me and i'll give u the full scoop...

traveler's got better stories than me...


The Traveler
03-26-03, 10:34
Freeler :

Do get mad man. Did not criticize you. Go on with what you like. We just don't hunt the same prey.

Furthermore, map of central bkk was from a soapie, nice face, body shape good, but how can you say what is in a box before you unpack it ?

You always mention the money you got to pay for it. This is not of my concern. I am willing to pay for what I get. Payment always and only depends on performance. If a beach ***** could bring me to my limits she would also get an appropriate payment.
I don't say you are cheap, but your main interest seems to get away with spending less - which is ok. But I am not blind and do not switch off lights when action starts. Like to have beauties around me, that's what makes me horny. Therefore it is just for me and not that anybody says 'great guy cause he got a good looking chick". I am a great guy anyway, even without a good looking chick :-)

So be cool and don't take everything to personal.
I just put my 2 cents here without any insults and without flaming you.


The Traveler
03-26-03, 11:11
story goes on ...

Tap and me went to Kittens Club where we asked one to choose between us. After asking her a hundred times she finally picked Tap, due to his chinese looks she said. When digging deeper she told me, that farangs used to cheat her, telling her to wait and pick her up later, but than never showed up. That gives us farangs a bad reputation, so do not do that !
Tap told me later on, that the girl was totally disappointing. So Tap won, but lost at the end :-)

Picked up a girl from Chang Bar 2 at the beach road in the afternoon. Nice face 8.5-9/10, body and breast ok 8/10, a bit strong below the waist, but not fat or chubby at all. But if anybody can withstand so many impacts for such a long time, than you need some armour. Undressed better than dressed - as always :-)

The best thing was, she loves to have sex and was always smiling. We did it in the afternoon once, at night twice (took me 3 hours with just 10 min break) and in the morning again another one and a half hour.
She is up to every position, even gave me a BBBJ and let me also do anal. Was a bit scared but trusted me on going easy.
Morning session was hard for me, cause she always liked it hard, fast and deep and I hadn't that much time to rest. Felt quite exhausted afterwards. So went to have breakfast with Tap.
Gave her 1500. I know even 1000 would have been enough for a bar girl, but don't save on the ones who deliver good service, better save where they try to cheat you or just playing dead.

Funny thing was, I saw the small papers where they do the calculation for the lady drinks and bar fines. She always had between 2 - 3 barfines and one day even five. Will probably take her again.

Last night we went to walking street and had a seat at Living Dolls. There was a real hot chick selling tequila and doing the shows. She has a boyfriend from the UK and normally does not go with customers. I asked her if she will go with me and if her boyfriend is here. She just said, that boyfriend is not here therefore she got none and if I want her I got to pay for it. Doesn't mention any amount, just the 1000 bf cause she is doing she shows. She told me, that I can do with her what ever I want but no anal. That's a promise.
Afterwards saw her at Marine Disco. Think I gonna pick her up from there tonight and save the bf. May give it to her, got to see how she performs.
Tap can reconfirm that she knows how to move, isn't that beautiful but still a 8.5 on my scale. Beautiful tits, if you buy tequila you can lick the salt and lemon from her nipples for an extra 100 baht.

Finally saw the sand I brought to the beach back from BKK. Took her last night. Full program again including BBBJ. Since it was a freebie I took it, but won't do it again. Even if it was very good I got used to her. Need some new flesh and will take it tonight.

So back to the roots and pick them from Marine Disco like in my early days ...

Joe Zop
03-26-03, 14:56
Great reports, Traveler. They are very much appreciated!

The Traveler
03-27-03, 11:35
Last night Tap and me checked the chicks at beach road again, just to see if it can go worse. To our surprise we found a few (4-5) which were about average. Some young ones (around 18) were there as well. We were ready to take a couple of sisters 19 and 20 ys old, Taps favourite look blond/red hair, a bit chinese/japanese like and young. But attitude was a concern so we went on.
Chatting with a few of them, prices range between 200 -500.

Nothing else to report so far.
Receptionist keeps calling and got to pay me back soon.
It's Tap's last night in Pattaya, he is heading back to BKK. Just coming from a traditional massage and now feeling relaxed enough to go on for more pussy.

Over and out

The Traveler
03-27-03, 11:39
Anybody currently in Pattaya ?
Tap is gonna leave tomorrow.

The Traveler
03-28-03, 10:58
The night before I saw our so called virgin with a very old guy at the Marine Plaza market. As Tap and me had always suspected, she was going with other guys - Tap wasn't the first - and wasn't a virgin at all. Her behaviour was just a tactic to avoid sexual intercourse and of course a very effective one. Since I haven't spent any money on her, I don't mind.

Just use your brain, a girl 25ys, good looking, working as a dancer in a gogo, smoking, drinking alcohol and a virgin ?
Very very rare combination I think. But nevertheless she knew how to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) off customers. When I finally rejected her, she told me to go back to the room and she would show me what she could be up to. But I was happy to had her out of the room and went for breakfast with Tap.

Last night - Tap's last in Pattaya - we went to Soi 6. Did expect nothing, due to our last visits, but things are getting bettter. Saw a few who could be worth the 500 Baht. Sitting down in DMT and playing around with two chicks, one which went with Tap before. Then moving on down the street when we suddenly spot a real nice one. Since I am always checking the things to come, my eyes already went to the next bar, where I spotted another one that could fit in. So I couldn't decide where to go for a few seconds and finally went to Jimmy's bar. There we played our old game and let the girl decide who she wants to take. After a hundred questions it's again Tap ! What's wrong with this world? She says, that she choosed him because he immediately decided to go to her, but I had to think about it first.

So Tap went up (250 bf incl. dirty room + 500 girl) and is down half an hour later. Then suddenly his favourite girl calls and wants to meet him. Since I am still desperate and in need we go to Soi 8 for a stopover.

Even here things are getting better. I see a few opportunities but want to look at the whole variety first when we suddenly pass by a little cutie. I turn around, Tap says "she is cute" and barfine is paid immediately without even changing a word with her. That's what I call a quick decision.

Going out that night, but she tries to avoid Marine Disco and Plaza, prefering Tony's. Why?

Back home, undress, shower, I check her purse to reconfirm her age. She said, that she is 20, but her ID says she will turn 17 this year. That's the reason for staying away from Marine, cause they check ID when in doubt. Ask her about her real age, telling her that the things she told me don't fit in. Just left school (Mo 6 = 12 ys), two months in Pattaya, only three longtime customers adds up to max. 17 ys. But she insisted to be 20 ys old and her ID got lost.

Thinking about to send her home but finally my hormons suceed over the rest of my body and here we go. Since I am only the fourth customer I go very slowly, foreplay lasts at least 45 min. After that I changed her name to Miss Waterfall, never saw a girl that wet, even the sheets are wet because she is dripping.
Session was quite nice, she is unexperienced but when she comes she locks on you and when taking her from the back the knows how to move. Very naturally talented.

The best thing about her is her perfect skin all over the body, no scars, no pimples, absolutely even and very soft. Tight body, definately 9.5/10, small breast, but when coming from behind still a hand full, nice nipples getting hard when playing with them (she gets horny when doing so), face just a 8/10, 1,50m tall, 43 kg.

She is still shy - wants towel when standing up - and very calm. Tonight will take her again.

Receptionist still keeps calling. Payday will be quite soon.

Saw a cute one at Royal Plaza today. Is selling drinks at first level. Looks like mixture of thai / indian with a bit arabic blood. Will be a challenge but not impossible. Got to focus on the dancers at Hollywood too.

Keep you informed ...

The Traveler
03-30-03, 16:51
Was in Soi 6 again. Took one from Copacabana, 25 ys, 1.65m, body and face 8/10, former dancer from the gogo above Champion in Walking Street. Nice Talking, very smart girl. Sex was average but still fun.

Last night I walked down beach road and suddenly ran into a quite cute one. Maybe I just took her cause she looks like my father's girl friend. Isn't that weird (or better sick)? Tall 1.72m, 50 kg, body and face 7.5-8.0/10. Gave her 500 for average service.

Was wandering around and finally ended up at Living Dolls. Tap and me saw a very hot chick doing the show, but that one was even hotter. Doing all shows like sado/maso, sexy show and thai show. Knows how to move, fast and slow. Very nice face 9/10, body 10/10. Slimmer than the other one and better face.
Tap, yes she is dark and from Buriram.

Ask mamasan if that girl can be bf. Mamasan says 1.000 baht and up to the girl, but she probably won't go with me cause she has a boyfriend. Nevertheless I call the girl. She tells me that she needs time to decide and off she goes for the shows. A big spender - big bottle red label and tipping girls big - offers my show girl 5.000 for the night. She refuses but when shows ended she gives me her mobile no. and tells me to call her so I can save the 1000 bf. Very nice idea.

Receptionist keeps calling, got the number from the hotel somehow and managed to find out my room no. says that she is missing me. Payday comes closer.

Will see what this evening got for me. Tonight will be freelancer time.

03-30-03, 18:40
Traveler, thanks a lot for all those excellent field reports. Keep up the good work!

It's over 1 year since I last visited the Sacred City of Pattaya and I miss it so much...

Maybe you can help me with a couple of questions...

The first one is regarding the Penthouse hotel. Apart from those red lights in the room, has it got a normal lighting? I'd like to give it a try next time I go over, but I guess it must be difficult to carry out a good examination of the girls' pussies (in search of possible signs of STD's) with those red lights.

The second one is about Marine disco. Is it still closing at 2 am? How severe is the crackdown nowadays?

03-30-03, 19:58
Hey Guys,

This is a great forum...did much reading here a few months back and bought a ticket for some sanuk toward the end of May. Plan on hitting BKK, Pattaya, Khorat, and maybe PNP, however, seems that PNP is having some problems, so I will have to see.

Anyway, I want thank everyone for posting all the great info, and I will soon be able to offer my contributions to help out the cause.

I would like some observations and suggestions regarding hotels in Pattaya. Can anyone recommend a hotel that has access directly to the street rather than going through a lobby? It is my preference for not having to deal with hotel staff regarding signing in the ladies, obtaining the room key each time I step in and out, not having to wait for elevators, etc.

I recall a few places mention quite before in the archive such as Ice Inn, Apex...any thoughts?

Seems that Penthouse mentioned by tapioca and Traveler is a place that might not require constant interaction with the front desk.

Just planning ahead (of head)

Apac Boy
04-01-03, 05:46
penthouse has some brighter lights besides those red ones...there're a couple of small lamps besides the bed that u can use to do ur checks.

marine is so erratic on when they choose to close...but the times we've been there, it's always past 2am...latest at around 2:30am.

again, penthouse is great if ur a sex tourist...there are no walks of shame like those at the Hard Rock or Marriott. no ID checks either...


04-01-03, 07:15
Tap - marine closed last PM at 230. For those wanting to do gyno inspections, remember to bring your own FLASHLIGHT. Some of the cheaper hotels are good banger spots, too. If you need absolute western comfort, why did you come to Thailand?

so many bars so little time. Anybody out there have recommendations of what to ABSOLUTELY avoid? (and no I don't mean the "boyz bars" - I know about them. Went to "Nui" across from wild willies I think the dancers named me "tequila" and drank up the 1/2 litre of tequila I had (and did it again last nite, too- still have 1/2 litre left - so expecting more drunk dancers. mamasan wasn't too happy with me getting her dancers drunk on "free" tequila. a drunker dancer is a happier dancer. Nui has on site room service 300B plus 1000 girl, ST. Found a situation where 1 dancer was on stage an another dont remember name bar so I rang the bell and bought her a drink but she no like older papa (but hey, baby, the money's not old...").

I USED to tout TJ. Man this place runs over TJ like a semi over a bug (but here if a semi runs over a bug they will cook it and eat it)

for those inerested there is a pattaya to cambodian border minibus for 700B. probably get the rest of the way to sihanoukville by moto except that dinghy might not fit on back of moto with bag and bag. more info posted on PNH in cambodia section

The Traveler
04-01-03, 12:29
daboy :

almost all pattaya hotels are girl-friendly. just avoid the very expensive ones like royal cliff, they will charge you a joiner fee.
all the others might only ask for the id of your girl. if you don't want that just tell them that you know the girl and everything is ok. but remember, id checks are only for your own security. if there is anything stolen from you or any other problem occurs the girl would be rather careful, since her id is at the front desk (or at least a copy of it). btw, i never had an id check done and never had any probs so far.

gladiator :

regarding the lights at the penthouse, tap said it all. there are other (white) lights in the room, but it will never be a bright light whatsoever. the fan over your bed got red and white lights and will probably bright enough to do the exam.

about marine disco, it always ends at 2:30 am. then most of the girls and customers moving over to marine plaza disco (the one directly at the night food market, saudi disco) which closes around 3:00 am.
you will also find girls at marine 2 (which is located in the hotel at the end of the food market). this one is mostly open till 5 am. it is very dark in there though. nevertheless, last night i took a stunner from there. she is working at living dolls too and one of the show girls. fantastic body 10/10, face 8.5-9/10. this saved me 1.000 baht barfine.
there is also some action till 5 am in the disco at the hotel opposite marine plaza (where the car park is). very dark in there too.
remember to bring a torch with you, therefore you can see what you get. most girls are left overs from gogos and marine freelancers. i like to sit directly opposite of marine disco when it close down. everybody has to pass me by and got to face me. so no bad surprises and but-her-faces. also do the same when the others places are shutting down.
also a nice place is at one of the bars (but too loud) leading to the food market) and at one of the food market places. all girls appear in bright light, that way you can do a pfc (pre-flight-check).
hollywood will end around 2:30 am, but exite will be open up to 5 am (can't reconfirm but a girl told me so). and if you haven't found anything till then you got to sit down at the bar directly at the staircase leading to 17th hole in front of the small disco (tap we had been in there once). this bar keeps open till the last one drops. yesterday i went home around 6 am, still many customers and some nice girls as well.

what to avoid ? depends on your taste.

i recommend sabailand as best soapie. try 005 and 176. good looking and nice attitude.

soi 2 and the bars around had no nice girls. just the ones on the higher level opposite big c had some cute ones. but take a look at their working id, white is only serving, blue goes with customer.

soi 6 mostly only crap, but walk slow and you might find a nice one. remember, do not go into the bar to check, cause all free girls are sitting outside and like the gogos they place the best looking there to attract customers.

soi 7 and soi 9 got nothing for me, but soi 8 had a few quite nice one.

most bars in between soi 8 and walking street, including soi post office and soi yamato has nothing.

soi pattayaland, recommend planet hard rock and bubbles. but avoid a girl named tum at bubbles at all cost (no. 12). really nice but very bad attitude. got already prob with three customers (incl. me). one more and she gets fired.

soi diamond, superbaby and the one opposite superbaby (don't recall name) are the best ones.

walking street, happy gogo and best of the best living dolls.
living dolls has really the best girls in pattaya, but some of them won't go with customers (don't worry, just some show girls). like my dancer, i had to work on her for at least four days before she finally did what we all at this forum like so much. she is a stunner and knows that, but still wants to be a good girl. i heared and saw that she was rejecting an offer from a big spender of about 5.000 baht for a st.
the good news is, that these cuties have also very nice girl-friends, which come to visit them.

about the show girls, they do only shows and get only paid for them 50 baht each. if they would work there on a monthly basis with a monthly salary, they would have to go with men. they also collect tips and lady drinks.
some will go with you if you got the right approach, good looking, good clothes (no speedos please) and a nice attitude. just like me :-) being a big spender might help as well, but is less important, cause they got so many offers that they can choose, and they do !

so far so good. got to go to sabailand right now to take no. 005 for a cleansing.

04-02-03, 08:18
travlr - what I meant was obvious rip-off joints or high katoey to girl ratio. maybe I'm just jaded from exposure to Tijuana

04-02-03, 19:57
I am planning on arriving at BKK airport at around 1:30 a.m. I want to go directly to Pattaya from the airport. Is a taxi my best bet at that time of night? I hear the cost is around 1500 baht. Is this correct?

Also, I stayed at the Diamond Beach Hotel last time. That was fine but at around 1250 baht per night I think I overpaid. I hear the White Inn is perfectly adequate and a lot less money. Do any of you have any comment on this? Also, I can't find any way to make reservations at the White Inn via internet. Do I have to call them on the phone? I don't want to arrive at 4 a.m. and not have a room.

Any advice on the above will be appreciated. I'm planning to go the week of April 14 - 19.

04-03-03, 06:28
Traveler and Tapioca,

Thanks for the info on the hotels.
I plan on being in Pattaya during the end of May, as long as this SARS b.s. settles down a little from now to then.

Also, good info on places, discos, soapies, etc.

Looking forward to checking things out and reporting.


04-03-03, 06:40
anybody in town and interested in comparing notes with an old fart?

04-03-03, 09:02
I read in The Bangkok Post that all travelers coming to Thailand from designated areas, including Taiwan, will be required to remain indoors for 14 days. I am planning to fly to BKK on China Airlines April 11. I want to go directly to Pattaya and stay there for one week. But I change planes in Taiwan!

Am I going to be prevented from doing this? Any information would be appreciated.


04-03-03, 09:42
Originally posted by ljohnson
I read in The Bangkok Post that all travelers coming to Thailand from designated areas, including Taiwan, will be required to remain indoors for 14 days. I am planning to fly to BKK on China Airlines April 11. I want to go directly to Pattaya and stay there for one week. But I change planes in Taiwan!

Am I going to be prevented from doing this? Any information would be appreciated.


Check the reply posted in the Bangkok section. As of now visitors are required to wear masks for the first two weeks, if the follow the rules.

The Traveler
04-03-03, 14:32
went to sabailand that day, but 005 was on duty. the other girls weren't looking that good so i headed to have a traditional massage.
afterwards walked through soi 7 (around 8-9 pm best time) and soi 8. saw one in soi 7, nice face 8.5/10, body 9/10 and breats that were a bit to big for that slim body, but pure nature no silicon. made an appointment with her to meet me around 4am. a girl-friend had already bf her cause they wanted to go to a karaoke or something similar.
in soi 8 there was an eye-catching one, but when i came closer another girl asked me if i want to take her or her girl-friend right next to her. haven't seen both cause they were sitting down behind the girls standing in front. took the one who asked me immediately. she was real cute, very nice face, perfect teeth, very good body too. she was huge for a thai girl, looked like a girl and voice like a girl, but i was curious cause of her size (more like farang). so i told her that she will be in big trouble if it turns out that she is a katoey. wasn't one. sex was average to good. gave her 1.000 and some money for the taxi.

went to walking street, but wasn't in need, therefore not to much around that fits my needs. already had the cute one from soi 7 in stock so i went home at around 3:30 am.
she came around 4am and not drunk like i was scaring. don't like girls who drink alcohol. drunken girls want to sleep or are out for trouble. night and morning sessions were nice. might probably take her again.

new day, new life.
was lurking around, royal plaza is a nice (aircon) place to pick up girls. good ones already had boy-friends. in the evening walking street again. this time living dolls 1 not 2 as usual. see a nice one, buy drink and tell her that i want her but no bf, since gogo is closing down in a few minutes. she says ok and tells me to meet her at marine plaza. we have some food there and then disco (marine 2). there we see one of her girl-friends, who is a dancer (cute and nice attitude, just fun) and works at living dolls 2. spending some time in marine 2 and on way home decide to take both. they agree.
back home shower, slow music and action... my girl cums off very hard, therefore i got to work on her for over an hour, but the other one always around us and sucking my balls. finished the first one and really needed a rest, but dancer still has to much power. bringing little traveler back to life and here we go. what a night !

receptionist from the hospital calls me. reminds that we gonna meet today. say goodbye to both of my chicks with another session, but now knowing how to finish the first one off quicker.

then shower, dress up, meeting receptionist at royal plaza. look movie (craddle 2, jet lie) small talk, sitting at the beach. coming closer to the hotel. sitting downstairs in the restaurant and finally upstairs.
action starts immediately. girl is really in need, no guy over a year. wet and hot like hell. whatever i do, whereever i touch or suck, reaction garanteed. good and long lasting session even a bbbj. tap you have seen her ass, best thing is to take her from behind, she knows how to move in every position. afterwards a short nick and here she goes. got to work tomorrow.

it's already 4am. but not tired. out again. marine disco sucks, only average or ugly chicks available, hot ones are already occupied. back down. suddenly the chick from soi 6 (smart and funny) is there. like to hang around with her, she is real fun and smart and best, she likes to bring me girls. moving over to marine 2. she is looking girls for me again. shows me one of her girl friends, real nice but likes to drink heineken. my estimation, already 6-7 bottles, by all means far to much for such a small body. therefore i reject her.
looking further, but nothing to my taste. moving on to boom disco, a small thai disco opposite od bowling (way to jomtien, close to the intersection) that keeps open till 7 am. some nice girls but with customers.
going home, she wants to come with me. telling her i have no money no more, so just want to sleep. she says, that she does not want money, only boom-boom from me. so here we go. i am really tired and want to sleep, but no way, get raped.
morning (2pm) same story. she cums off easy so only short game (20-30 min). put 1.000 in her purse, having breakfast at royal and looking for girls too. then see one passing by in a distance, real cute from behind. following her and it turns out that this is the one who is selling drinks at royal i have mention before. my girl immediately approaches her and makes great advertisement for me. real funny too. now i have her mobile no. and an appointment for tomorrow night. won't work out, cause not enough time, but like i said, not mission impossible.

keep you informed. over and out.

The Traveler
04-03-03, 14:37
Regarding SARS :

Nobody is wearing masks over here.
How could they enforce it ?
Police won't stop everybody to check passports. Nobody is carrying his passport with him all the time. Don't be afraid, no such thing like staying indoors.

Come and have fun.

04-03-03, 20:02
Originally posted by The_Traveler
Regarding SARS :

Nobody is wearing masks over here.
How could they enforce it ?
Police won't stop everybody to check passports. Nobody is carrying his passport with him all the time. Don't be afraid, no such thing like staying indoors.

Come and have fun.

When you enter Thailand the country that you are coming from and flight are listed on your entry request. So they know were you came from. Most peole don't carry a pastport with them but the government does require ID on you, also your hotel takes your passport to review so they know if you are on this 14 day list. Most of the time I don't think anything will happen but if things get worse it could be a major problem. To say don't be afraid is just to hide our head in the sand. Also the mask thing is only a few days old now so we will not really know for a week or so. Also to say that nobody is carrying his pastport with him all the time is just wrong. I carry my passport with me and have for the last 25 years when traveling.

Like I have said before I still will be in Thailand for Songkran, I have just changed a few things I am doing and will be careful.

04-03-03, 21:21
Thank you all for the input re SARS and what I might encounter. I have decided if I make this trip at all I am going to avoid China Airlines and avoid any carrier that stops in Taiwan or other targeted locations. Japan Air appears to be okay, as well as United and Northwest.

I would like to experience Songkran in Pattaya this year. Hope I can figure out how to do so, safely and without being masked or quarantined. I'm missing the cuties from Living Dolls.

04-04-03, 06:13
walking by "aussie beer bar" (toward 2nd road up from walikng street)and saw this rather angelic TG (*** from rayong - no name, you go find this one for yourself - but if you go there it will be OBVIOUS which one she is). I had to go fit my suit so told her to wait, played several games of pool bought 2 LD's and then when I came back at 8 or so she said ST ok but no LT tonite. anyway, since it won't work as designed and viagra just doesn't help, I decided DATY is the only available option. Started, she started showing multiple shakes (like custer and the indians - just kept coming and coming...) Now I'm a true believer because I doubt that ANYONE could fake that kind of shaking and contractions for THAT LONG. (only that they couldn't fake it continuously) I finally got worn out (Dinghy is older gentleman) dropped 500 in her pocket and hope to see her again. THAT could KILL me, but whata way to go

04-04-03, 06:27
In the Pattaya Mail today:

"King Kong is no match for Pattaya police

Boonlua Chatree

King Kong turned out to be no match for the Pattaya police last week when the bar was raided for allegedly offering prostitution. Police raided the King Kong Bar on Soi 6 after an investigation implied the bar was allowing this nefarious activity on its premises.

The in-depth investigation concluded when under covers officers handed over marked banknotes during a Ďpay for playí transaction. Once the baht changed hands, a signal was given and police executed the raid, detaining 7 service girls, the owner and the manager of the bar on charges of prostitution.

Using the marked money as evidence, police took all nine people to the Pattaya Police station for further interrogation.

The service girls admitted to their misdeed and were each fined 100 baht. Police took their personal details and released them.

The owner and the manager of the bar denied all allegations and said that they had nothing to do with the procuring of customers or control of the girls for the purposes of providing sexual services. Annoyed, they told police if prostitution is illegal in Thailand they should open up their eyes and check all the rest of the bars in Pattaya. Unmoved, officers held the pair in custody saying they had enough evidence to charge them both."

Shit happens:(

04-04-03, 07:00
freeler - the difference is that on-site is different from "up to you" even though the prices are relatively well established, PRIVATE transactions are allowed (sanuk) COMMERCIAL transaction (bar has rooms, etc) are NOT. Different mindset

The Traveler
04-04-03, 11:18
Regarding SARS again :

Last night I saw some chinese, taiwanese, hongkong wearing masks. Mostly from these group tour buses. They don't mix up with us european, american. Nobody else is wearing masks (outside hospitals)
Was talking to my receptionist last evening. She told me, that there is already one SARS related death in Chonburi.

The Traveler
04-04-03, 11:36
sexreview :

Do you really believe, that the police would enforce, that all tourists (or just the ones from enlisted countries) got to stay indoors for the first 14 days of their travel ?
That would knockout tourism !

In thailand you don't have to carry your passport with you, put it in the hotel safe, especially during songkran. I and most people I know never carry any travel documents with them, to much hassle if they got stolen or damaged somehow.

Not to worry is not equal with putting my head into the sand. Just be realistic and don't panic. The risk of an infection in Pattaya should be the same as at any other main tourist destination.

I think the risk of getting SARS is equal to the risk of getting an HIV infection over here. Lots of people have HIV regarding to the info I got from my receptionist.

Come, be careful and have fun.

The Traveler
04-04-03, 12:58
Yesterday was the best and the worst day of my journey.
Best, because I found the perfect girl and worst, because some shithead wanted to fight with me.

Last evening I went to Soi 8 again and took a nice chick from one of these bar beers. 1,56 tall, 47 kg, nice face 8/10 (most important for me), body 8.5/10. ST at my place, sex is average to good, give her 1.000 and now I am ready for the evening.

I always try to get a ST in early evening. that way you are not in need and don't take the first one you see, so you are not occupied when something better is crossing your way. Also try to make appointments for late night. If you can't find anything, then you don't got to go home alone. Just bf a nice one from a bar, it's just 200. If you find something better, than you should give the one who was waiting for you a nice tip, 500 is appropriate, cause she didn't took any other customer. Just be fair and the girls will show up as agreed.

Around 10 pm I went to Walking Street and checked a few Gogos. Happy Gogo was ok, also Champion, but avoid Private Dancer above Champion, only crap.
Also went to Living Dolls 2 to see my dancers. The girl from my threesome (sucking balls) was also there. Wanted to take her, but I then recognized that she got a few Mekong/Soda too much. Told her I got business to do and left. She asked me if I will be back the next day and I promised her to do so.

Went up to Marine and checked Peppermint a Gogo, directly at the entrance of Marine Disco. This place is quite good, the light is bright enought to see the goods before you go shopping. The girls who are working there are just average, but the freelancers who come up to catch customers are quite good.
Didn't want to take the first one and went down. Suddenly the girl from Soi 6 (the smart and funny one) ran into me. She went to highschool and university, but had to stop due to lack of financial resources.

We decided to head for Tony's. Don't like it, cause they are to pushy and always ask you to buy drinks, tequila, flowers and all this other shit, but Marine was almost empty at that time. Now they are nuts over there, I paid 230 Baht for a bacardi-lemon (the small bottle already mixed). Marine Disco charges 180 for it, Marine 2 the same. Marine 2 is a bit more expensive than Marine Disco, maybe because they have to pay more to police to keep open longer.

Nevertheless was walking around with my girl when I suddenly saw two girls who would do. One was cute and looking very young. The other one was real sexy though. But my girl told me to stay away from the first cause she knows her and told me that she was taking drugs. Instead she was pointing at a third girl I hadn't seen so far. She was real cute and sexy, not only for farangs, thais like her as well I think. Even Tap would like her, cause light skin, brown/red hair, perfect body 10/10, beautiful face 9.5-10/10. Very nice attitude as well. Decision was clear, got to have her. Before I could say a word my girl is already talking to her and telling her what a nice guy I am. She comes over, seems to like me and agrees to come with me. Her sister got her birthday today, so she promises to hook up with me later. want me to call her around 2:30 am.

I leave and move over to Marine, call her 2:30. She is already at Marine. As Marine closes we want to go downstairs when suddenly a big guy, no streetfighter but someone looking for trouble 1.90 m, over 100 kg, a lot of muscles, no brain , too many beers, approached her. Usually I let the girls handle it by themselves, they are used to it and know what to do, but this guy seems to insist and grabs her arm so strong that she got hurt. First mistake.
So I got to go in between to take him away from her. He says something like "I need just one smack for you" and tries to kick me. Second and final error.
Usually I try to avoid situations like these. I find nothing wrong in walking away from trouble, telling people that they scared the shit out of me so I am not able to fight any more. I am on holiday and don't want to spend my time at the police station instead in my bed with a nice chick.
But to crowded, can't walk away. I did marshall arts for 15 years (holder of second Dan) and used to work as security in a disco when I was 19, so I know how to handle it.
He is much too slow for me, due to the many beers he had, so I give him a short kick at his throat to put him back to reality and giving him probably the worst three to five minutes in his life. Could have finished him off at that time cause he tries to breathe like a new born baby, no defense, no attack, just wants air, but instead I decide to walk away and vanish in the crowd. Don't want to sit at the police station, don't know either how much damage I inflicted on him. Don't care anyway.

When we finally arrive home I see what she got to offer. She is really the most beautiful girl I have seen on that journey or better in the last few years. Perfect proportions, nice skin. She tells me, that she is working since 3 months but only if she needs money. Just went out today, cause finished her english course (otherwise got to stand up at 8 am) and her sisters birthday. She was at the university as well, but not enough money to go on.
So shower and here we go. Very, very sensual, a real GFE or even better. Comes off quite easy and fast, so when I finished it is 1:3. Morning same game. She moves so good, real slow, but good synchro. Would take her with me back to my homecountry if possible, but I doubt that my wife wouldn't like that.

Will take her again tonight. Also have my appointment with the one, who sells drinks at Royal, tonight. Got to prepare her for my next journey to LOS.

to be continued...

04-04-03, 18:35
Originally posted by The_Traveler
sexreview :

Do you really believe, that the police would enforce, that all tourists (or just the ones from enlisted countries) got to stay indoors for the first 14 days of their travel ?
That would knockout tourism !
Come, be careful and have fun.

The _Traveler,

Go back and read the post again I never said tourist must stay indoors for 14 days. I said tourist from those five countries must wear masks for 14 days. Will the people enforce this maybe but in most cases no, but if you are the one that they single out and you are caught it is a problem. Don't forget we visit at the pleasure of the kingdom. I could see a case of a visitor being caught for not doing so and then deport, and after that happens you will not be coming back to the kingdom. Bottom line if the only way you can get to Thailand is by comming through one of these five countries it is not worth making the trip.

Again, as I have said before I'm not worried about getting SARS. I just don't want to deal with the whole mask thing so I will enter through a non SARS country.

Apac Boy
04-04-03, 18:43
i saw that on the PAttaya news station when I was over there...me and Traveler went to Soi 6 to see if they closed but they were open as usual...nothing really happened...just a lot of talk.

damn, i wish i was there, i would have kicked that guy after u knocked his ass down...not before though...
i want to see some ass beatin'.....
oh, i got pictures of u and ur hunnies...i'll resize em and send them to ya.


04-04-03, 19:16

Obviously the girls went straight back after paying (or not paying...) their B100 fines. They have nowhere else to go.
The thing that is going to happen, no doubt, is that the police are going to check the pair's immigration status, their licences and what not, in order to set a fine of about B15,000.
The money they should have paid to 'someone' in the first place.

04-05-03, 06:20
Well update on angel - "Dan" and the bar is NEXT TO aussie beer bar at the entrance to "bluse factory". interesting thing, sshe just gors there so no BF. anyway, decided to go LT, so stop off at seafood restaurant for shrimp and stuff (750B - lots of food, for little gorl, she eats like a horse) and then off to the room where she strips, jumps into bed and promptly falls asleep (must have been all of 1 minute) now when this TG sleeps, I doubt if a 21 gun salute would wake her. anyway, I nod off after trying to arrouse interest with no luck and waken about 2 or so and reach over to pet the kitty and get a wet hand - oh great, she pissed the bed. at least they are twins pushed together. anyway, she wakes, gets up , goes to bathroom to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140), climbs back in bed and poof, gone again. I would have preferred starfish this was more like snail and all she wants to do is cuddle (probably trying to stay warm, she shivers a bvit, gets up turns off AC back in bed and poof. So it gets to 530 or so and she gets up, takes shower, and comes back in. AHA, time for sanuk. Fat chance as she anpounces "It 5 leave now" "But what about me?" no response. shove 250 into pants for bedwarming and living hot water bag duty. she go now. this was the same girl???

04-07-03, 05:25
Okay, guys. Looks like I'm gonna do it. Planning to leave L.A. this Friday the 11th and arrive BKK late Saturday night. Planning to take a cab directly from the airport to Pattaya and stay there the whole trip. Want to experience Songkran in Pattaya. Will stay in Pattaya through Friday night the 18th and leave BKK late on the 18th and be back in L.A. the morning of the 19th (day before Easter.)

I've been to the LOS only once (early February this year) and am still new at this and would really appreciate your collective advice.

1. SARS - my plan is to fly on Korean Air (or possibly United) and avoid even passing through any suspect countries. Any other precautions I should take or other advice?

2. Hotel - I think I want to stay at the White Inn. My info is that it's a good place to stay, is cheap and it looks like the location is good of you're picking up girls on and around Walking Street area. I'm not sure how to reserve a room there. They don't seem to have a website. I don't want to arrive in Pattaya at 3-4 a.m and not have a room. Should I call them on the phone from L.A.? Also, will I be able to get a cab from the airport to Pattaya late at night?

Any other advice from you "more seasoned" travelers will be appreciated.



04-07-03, 06:12

Better take a ThaiLimousine. A bit more expensive, but safer, fixed rates and easier than getting a cab in the middle of the night.
Ask the people at the ThaiLimousineDesk to call the hotel for you.
Have one or two alternatives handy.

This is their website, prices on the bottom of the page:
Here is how to find their counter in BKK(=DonMuang)Airport:

04-07-03, 07:57
Freeler -

Thanks for the advice and links...BUT...I'm arriving at BKK at around 12:30 a.m. and I want to go to Pattaya right away. The Thai limo/bus schedule says I'd have to wait until 6 a.m. Are private cabs not available at that time of night, or are you saying they are not advisable, e.g. safe? Asking for a ripoff, etc.

Sorry if I'm being a pain in the ass... I do appreciate your advice.


04-07-03, 09:18
Originally posted by ljohnson
Freeler -

Thanks for the advice and links...BUT...I'm arriving at BKK at around 12:30 a.m. and I want to go to Pattaya right away. The Thai limo/bus schedule says I'd have to wait until 6 a.m. Are private cabs not available at that time of night, or are you saying they are not advisable, e.g. safe? Asking for a ripoff, etc.

Sorry if I'm being a pain in the ass... I do appreciate your advice.



The limo links below offer private limos 24 hours per day. You can use them anytime, you should reserve ahead of time so that you don't have to wait. Private meter taxis are also offered 24 hours per day and take about 2 hours to travel to Pattaya. They are safe and without problems, just go to the starters booth outside on the curb and get the price before you leave. By going through the starters booth outside on the curb there is a record of your trip so you will not have a problem. As you walk through the terminal several people will asked if you want a taxi or limo, don't even talk to them you will pay double the price. Several years ago they did have a problem with taxis, but it was taxis that people took from outside of the official taxi area. I have taken taxis many times without any problems. You may want to check on the incoming plane and find another American going to Pattaya and share the cab.


04-07-03, 09:47
Sexreview, Freeler, et al

Thank you all for the advice. You generosity is appreciated.


04-07-03, 16:05

The limo's are Mercedes, the taxi's Corolla's...
No pain at all:).

The Traveler
04-07-03, 21:50
My last night in Pattaya.

After a tradiional massage on my way home I went to Soi 8 to pick up a small cute one, 1,52m, 45kg, short hair, body 9/10, face 8.5/10. Nice and decent intercourse but no BJ. Nevertheless good start for the evening.

After that, dated the girl from Royal Plaza. Went to a restaurant with her and joking around. She seems to like me and to be interested in more, but time is an issue. She is a good girl, therefore I got to work on her for a while. Will proceed when I am back next time. Have her mobile no. and can contact her.

Afterwards checked some gogos like Happy Gogo, Living Dolls 2 (former Blackout location), Champion and Superbaby. Availibility and looks of girls were ok, but I wanted to take a freelancer, still some very nice ones around.

The one I had last night phoned me and told me, that her long time boy-friend came back, so she can't meet me tonight. He is one of the smart guys, sending her money every month, so she don't has to go with other men :-) Her sisters boy-friend is doing the same and also want to open an internet cafe for them. Poor guys.

Checking Marine and all the other discos, but too dark in there, so I sat down at the JP International ... something bar on the small path leading from Marine Disco to Marine Plaza. Had a few drinks when finally a blond one passed by. 1,65m, 47 kg, breast just 70a but nice face though. And Tap, she was very light skinned. Quit calm person, but nice attitude. Sex was average, BJ really not impressive but better than nothing. Morning session same game. Gave her 1.000 and went to BKK so my Pattaya report ends here.

The Traveler
04-07-03, 22:59
Actual price list directly from the source :

beach road :

no bf, ST 300 - 500, LT unknown (won't do that)

beer bars :

bf 200
ST 500 (cheap charlie)- 800, 1000 at best
LT 1000

gogos :

bf 500 - 600
ST 1000 - 1500
LT 1500 - 2000

freelancers (pickup like marine disco) :

no bf
ST 800 - 1000
LT 1000 - 1500, some might ask for 2000
prices are not fixed, pay for performance
I would give ST 1000 and LT 1500 - 2000

Soi 6 short-time bars :

bf 250 - 300 incl. room
ST 500 for girl (paid separately)
You can also take them with you. BF is slightly higher, cause girl will be away a bit longer. LT is also possible, 1000 for the girl should do.

Just remember, be fair and treat them nice and they will come again. Otherwise they won't and their girl-friends as well.

Have fun

Dick Johnson
04-08-03, 13:23
Hi there Traveler, good reports.

As a fellow martial arts practitioner, I know that we almost never start a fight. It is usually some wanna be tuff/drunk guy.

I want to add something because I know there are lots of guys who read this and don't post(lurkers, I get emails from them all the time). And there will no doubt be some wanna be tuff guys who think "The Traveler.. what a tough guy.. kicks a 6 foot guy down and brings a cute girl home and fuck her good. Dang what if I'm tough and kick someone will I be a hero too?" Don't.

Now I know traveler to be a very rational and smart guy, a good guy. And a total ladies man so even if he didn't kick someone's ass he'd still get good sex.

And Thai girls do not like violent guys. And don't fight with a local guy. The Thais and the cops will be on his side and the guy may know Muay Thai kickboxing.

But Traveler made a good move. Besides his foundation is pretty solid.


The Traveler
04-08-03, 17:31
Hi Dick Johnson,

thx for your comments, that goes down like honey.
Sad that you couldn't make it this time. Had a lot of fun with Tap. Maybe next time.

Anyway, never wanted to be a hero and don't feel like one. Situation went out of control and I had to save my ass, nothing more. Posted it only, cause it was part of the evening.

But to all, remember DJ's advice not to look for trouble with a thai. Prob isn't that he might know muay thai, most don't and are no match. Also police isn't necessarily on his side.
Much more important is, that even if you can defeat him, he will be back with a dozen of his friends. Saw that once happen to a thai guy who was really hunted down by a group of other thai guys. They kicked the shit out of him, even when he was already laying on the ground. Only his girl-friend might have saved him, she went in between and the guys went off. They will use everything in reach, pieces of wood, bottles, chairs and so on. So be warned, think most of you guys come to LOS for the ladies and not for a decent but unfair fight.

04-09-03, 03:23
Traveller is the man of the month.

(It looks like he is the only man in Pattaya fuck.ing all the girls in the entire last month. No other postings)

Great Reports with deep details.

Thanks Traveller !!!

04-09-03, 04:10
Originally posted by khun
Traveller is the man of the month.

(It looks like he is the only man in Pattaya fuck.ing all the girls in the entire last month. No other postings)

Great Reports with deep details.

Thanks Traveller !!!

Traveller's report are very good indeed, hope to be adding a few of my own within the week.... it has been to long since my last trip to Pattaya... over two months.... but soon the dry spell will be over. In more ways than one being in Pattaya for Songkran is anything but dry.

Dr. Cop
04-09-03, 04:48
Does anyone know when the U.S. Navy is due to hit Pattaya in May???

04-09-03, 11:00
Hi everyone,

After reading all the contributions given by traveller I guess I need to give you a short story of what happened on my last trip to Pattaya 3 weeks ago. It was the second time to Pattaya and for sure I donít regret it. I also sent some pictures of my girls to Jackson, letís see when he has the time to add them to the gallery.

Day 1
Arrived by 16:00 att Don Muang and took the Bus to the bus terminal where air con buses go to Pattaya (100+90 Baht). Already here the fun started. Had a very cute chick sitting next to me and me, not willing to loose any time, started to make conversation directly. Asked her if she likes farang, where she livesÖ Unfortunately, leaves the bus before Pattaya and gave me phone number. But hey, there are thousands more later to choose from. Sorry ma'am.
Coming to Pattaya, took the small bus to Flipper Hotel at Soi 7 where I had reserved a room (stayed at Flipper Lodge before, but where fully booked now). Unpacking, shower and out we go. After a short dinner at a restaurant across Tony supermarket, walked along the bars around there. Man, I still love this place ďHello mister, Sexy man, handsome man where you go ?Ē Lots of beauties to the right and left. But no hurry, the first evening has to be a good one.
Found a very cute one at a bar and tried to get her to the sofa for lady drink. She was happy and laughed, but Mamasan came directly telling me she only works Fridays and doesnít speak English, so not available. Bullshit, guess she wanted to keep her as attraction and earn on the other hags first.
Wasnít in the mood to argue so went on to Soi 8 where I found another cutie: nice face (important), young looking, boobs and nice ass. Good she looked good, imagine how heavy my lower part got. Didnít understand shit of what she was saying cause of the loud music, didnít speak much of English either, but paid my bf (200 Baht)and her drink, she told me I could do with her whatever I wanted. When returning to my room she switched on the TV and sat on my bed like a statue. By that time my Willy was on fire so I wanted to get started. Told her to take shower and get ready. No, she said, we make boom boom and later I forget her. What ????? Here I was, my Willy hard like steel in front of this gorgeous and she tells me she is a newbie ? How unfortune could i be ? Are the only cuties in town beginners ? Cannot sir, want to be your girl friend, take easy ? I simply showed her the door (hey, Iím not a missionary), took her a while to understand. Went back to her bar where Mamasan told her to go back with me. Complained but didnít feel for taking her again or any other chick from this bar.
Went down towards Beach Road and found a cutie in the last bar on the left. English good(lived in HongKong), cute face, no boobs. But now I was desperate, balls were hanging heavily like stones after the long trip and that incident. No maíam, no lady drink, no sitting down. You come with me now, take it or leave it. She took it for ST, told me she has a Canadian boyfriend whom she has to meet by 2 am at the Marine, she was only at the bar to visit her friend. Yep, sure baby. Still went for shower and here we go. No pictures though, too shy. Nice bj bareback but no shooting in mouth, said she was afraid of Aids. Close to coming, I put on the rubber, grabbed her ass and banged her from behind. Man, I am in heaven. Close to shooting, I took of the condom and shot over her ass and back. Good, what a relief, that felt god. I took her head and moved it to my dick so she did some aftersucking. Man, that was nice, I was exhausted and needed some sleep after hours of travelling. She wanted to have a quicky again the next day, maybe I said. Sent her back to her boyfriend. Fell to sleep relieved. End of first day.

04-10-03, 13:09
My experience with Newbie

I went to Superbaby & selected a girl which looked nice to me. I call her & talked a little bit & she told me she is new about one month back came to Pattaya. I ask if she like to go with me & she said if "Phee" (her friend) goes with my friend then OK. No discussion on payment because phee was with us.

I, too, avoided to discuss the price because I wanted to use the way many people submit on this forum. Mostly when I ask the price the girls tell a bit very high as normally quoted on this forum for LT.

OK we walked away from walking street & moved to Xyte. My friend wanted to go there. Phee was little hungry & so was I. At the restaurent outside Xyte we had some food. My girl did not eat anything even she ordered some Thai dish.

Inside Xyte she refuse to drink anything & no dance. No dance then why we are disco? She says her elder sister was there & she do not want her to see her. OK, at 2:00am we left disco & went to have a coffee at second road. Now this girl want me to pay money so she can go home and to "add interest" payment for long time as it is already 6 hours. However me & phee conveince her to go to hotel & go home in the morning. I don't know what she explained to her.

Come to the room, I asked her about her experience in sex & his one month life in Pattaya. She say she have not have sex anytime. When asked 3-4 times she told she have never gone with farangs. So with whom? She told me 3-4 times in one month she went with chinese/japanees. The she come out that they have a small gun. Farangs have big gun. Guys I was decided & need of the hours was too high. She have to have my gun. She was not a virgin. I can never believe a girl in a gogo can be virgin. Atleast she will have to undergo a training & testing course when she joins a gogo.

After shower, she face the gun & immediately asked me if I have KY gelly. Hey I am not getting married here & looking for virgin to buy KY. Perhaps I use some face cream. OK use this. She was not virgin but she was tightest one I have ever screwed. I am crazy in pushing hard so I enjoyed this. After one session she fell down & got sleep. It was 4:30 am & by the 6:00 am I was again loaded. How I can sleep deep when I want to have deep slip. I did not tried to awake her but started playing again. She kept sleeping with murmur with little resistance. I had another round in the very pleasant good morning. Then I slept till 10:30 am & when I wake up she was waiting me to wake up. She asked me to pay 3000 baht (2 times for short time) which she say was a normal rate at Superbaby. My friend & phee were still sleeping so I had to pay. Further I did not wanted her to force for lower money myself because I had enjoyed a very tight (like virgin) play.

The moral of the story is - the newbie will always have resistance & may be some time few non-sense. You have to force little bit. You may not have fun or they can give you some tensions. You can get a good tight sex if you like that.

My night was boring but morning was super.

I will search for a girl like that again but will not repeat msitake to take her to disco. Straight to the move.

04-10-03, 20:30
Originally posted by khun
She asked me to pay 3000 baht (2 times for short time) which she say was a normal rate at Superbaby. My friend & phee were still sleeping so I had to pay.

This sounds like a Superscam. You should've given her 1000 B and kicked her ass out of the room straightaway.

It seems that there're lately many 'virgins' in Pattaya go-go bars... Let's be tough with them, otherwise the scam will spread and shortly Pattaya will be full of overpriced 'virgins'.

Dick Johnson
04-11-03, 06:31
Traveler(aka. Man of the month),yeah too bad I can't make it. I can only imagine cool dude Traveler + wild man DJ + Tap, I think the roof will go off:D

04-11-03, 07:38
Originally posted by Dr. Cop
Does anyone know when the U.S. Navy is due to hit Pattaya in May???

This year's Cobra Gold is set in Chon Buri, Rayong, Chanthaburi, Trat and Prachuap Khiri Khan on May 16-29. So you will see the US Navy around at that time. The number of troops from the US will be about half of what was sent last year. Look for around 6000 to 7000 thousand, not all of them will be in Pattaya, not all wil get shore leave, and those that do will be spread out over several days.

04-11-03, 13:22
Day 2

Woke up late the other day. Went down to the hotel restaurant and later to the pool. I can recommend Flipper hotels. Nice rooms, reasonable prices and a pool on the roof. Had some dinner later and went on hunting. Went along the bars on Soi 7, 8 and 11 and flirted with some girls. Either I was too early or was to picky, didnít see any attractive one. What I want is a good face (at least 6/10) and nice ass and legs. Thatís all I need.

Decided to go to Beach Road. Despite the discussion on this board earlier about chicks at Beach Road I can tell you one thing: I start to hate the bars and discos in Pattaya, they charge you like hell (Thailand price level), you donít understand shit of what they are saying whereas the girls are not all necessarily better looking. Yes, I agree, some of the girls at Beach Rood are ugly and dirty like shit, donít even understand how they even try to get one. Yes, a lot of ladyboys you met, but keep your eyes open and your dick under control, you will see the difference. But I love Beach Road, you sit somewhere, see the girls passing by; you have the time to check them out, look at their profile, see their English level. You can start to flirt with them with no noise surrounding you, no lady drinks and if you like her, you can start to negotiate with her in peace and calm. If you have the patience and the time you can find some real pearls there.

Whatever, after going up and down on the road for an hour or so, I located a real heavy cutie on the circular benches you find north of the monument. I just reacted on her ďhello handsome, you sexy manĒ and her nice breast shining through her tight open ringed blouse. I sat down and we started chatting. She had really tight short pants showing a cute ass and solid legs. As I love to bang them from behind there is nothing I hate more than a bony ass and thin legs. Her name was Goa(23 yrs) and we agreed on 800 Baht LT, with a lot of ďboom boomď, bbbj and pictures taken during all sessions. (I will also send some of her pictures to Jackson tonight so you guys can see what I am talking about.) Paid too much ? Maybe, but I love to take pictures of them and me doing the action and most of the bargirls donít want that.

Went back to the hotel and here we go again. She undresses and what a sight ! Nice firm boobs (not fake!), lovely ass and perfect legs. After a couple of pictures in different positions, spreaded legs and bended over, I put my already stonehard dick in her mouth, couldnít wait any longer. Even though she wasnít perfect sucking, I couldnít help it and came right over her face and in her hair. Sorry maíam, you didnít want to swallow, thatís what you get. But she wasnít upset as I thought she would be and after 10 minutes of TV and she massaging my balls she started to suck me again and here I was ready again. Fast on with Jimmy the rubber, she grabs my dick and slides it in her, riding me. I donít like that position so much as I love to look at the ass during fÖing so I get up and take her from behind both in bed and leaned towards the TV table. She has a wide ass so while screwing her I wet my finger and stick it in her anus and massage it. (Call me sick, but I love it even though I never ever was so lucky to get one of them to let me f..ck their back hole for a reasonable price. I could force it, but I like them to be nice to me so I want to be nice to them. Whenever I asked for anal they either refuse or ask for 4-5000 Baht, thatís not worth it. Their holes are tight and nice anyway; different with the Russians you can take in Italy or Macau.) Right before coming, I take a good grip on her, take my stick out, slip of the annoying condom and shoot from behind right in her anus. Not entering of course, donít want to get any STD. Took a nice picture with the sperm on her anus ring running down to her wide opened pussy. After that action I was so exhausted I just had to let her go even though she wanted to stay. I promised her I might get her tomorrow again and had not and will not see any other woman but her (hm, sure). Considering her body shape and willingness I donít think I had gotten much of sleep and I need to save some juice for other TG. One chick every day, that was my promise.

Attention: If anyone wants to swap pictures with me from your adventures, just send me an email at
and I send you some from my collection. But they have to be your pictures, not any internet picture, please !