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08-12-05, 18:45
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08-13-05, 02:12
Hello, I am Jose. I live in Cartagena and will be posting information on some of the apartments that are available for rent. I would like to thank Jackson for making this area for me to post.

In this area I will be providing link and photos to some great apartments.

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08-24-05, 01:04
Any links to the apartments you have available? I may swing by Cartagena for my Colombia trip two weeks from now.

09-02-05, 14:41
Hey, Fellow Mongers

Have not seen this thread being used much. So here are some links of some apartments websites I've collected through the years. Most of which I've picked up from the CTG thread. I'm not promoting any of them, nor have I used any of these before. In any case they might be useful to somebody. The Paul Ventura site is the consensus favorite here. Paul Juan's site is a good place to start if you consider buying in CTG.






Juan Ventura Apartments

Paul Juan Real Estate

09-09-05, 23:33
There really is no Cartagena penthouse, like in Medellin. There are several apartment rentals on the ocean which are nice and economical. I have rented nice apartments in Laguito from Mery Salence and also Juan Ventura. I have also rented from the Cartagena Escape building (obstructed ocean view) in Boca Grande next to McDonalds for about $50 a night.

China Monger
11-07-05, 00:55
I'm planning an extended trip to ctg and I'm looking for a condo or apt to rent. I would appreciate any info to help me find something. Pls pm me if you have any suggestions. I've always stayed in Hotels when visiting Cartagena before, so I'm not sure which are the preferable buildings and locations for condo/apt rental.

11-15-05, 17:55
I'm looking for a realtor in Cartagena that speaks english?

Can some one help in locating a realtor(s) in Cartagena that speaks English and knows the city very well?

Tom 33
11-16-05, 14:26
Both Paul Juan and Juan Ventura speak English very well. They both know the city very well. See Octy's links below.

Latina Passion
11-17-05, 02:32
The problem I have with any realtor down there is they do not let you speak to the Owner, and why might that be? I hate getting hit by that damn gringo f---ing tax!

My Novia's madre is a tax attorney for the goverment, she told me the one way to make sure that you get a good deal is contact the owner of the property directly! She said that the owner might want 20mil but the agent will try to get you for 25mil or 30mil. Just like in the Staes but worse! In the Auto game and Home lending game, the finance company has what they call a buy rate lets say 10%, in the automotive finance game what ever the dealer can charge you above the buy rate they split that with the finance company!

Tom33: When you where buying your place did you find that to be the case?

11-17-05, 02:39
a mortgage broker will do the same. Quote you a rate from the lender and then try to bump you up 3/8ths of a percent. Then they get a kickback from the lender for charging you over the lender's percentage. Its called "yield spread" and is perfectly legal in Florida. Look on your HUD-1 closing documents sometimes.

There also is no multiple listing service in Colombia. Be prepared to talk to every building administrator when you select an area. Then you cannot see the aparment because a renter is in there and not to be disturbed.

Just came back from my 4th trip to try to buy an apartment.

BTW, Tocagua is rumered to have structural problems. Look at the pool, close to the ocean and there is a long crack all the way to the building.

Latina Passion
11-17-05, 03:23
Ngp477: Go back and talk to the maid, and hit her up for owner information!
I'm still looking at buying in a few months or so, but like I was saying if you can find out who the owner is that is the key! I think, I'll let you know LOL!

Hell maybe my girls mom is getting a kick back!

And car dealers are the F--ing worse, because they get you on the rear end!

Tom 33
11-17-05, 14:05
I used Juan Ventura as my realtor and had none of the problems mentioned. I never spoke with the owner but never wanted to. I have never spoken with the owner when buying in the US nor have I spoken with a buyer when selling in the US.

Juan Ventura is from Spain and does not have a short-term outlook on things. He works on word of mouth advertising and knows the meaning of customer service and honesty.

I bought two years ago at a price that Juan called not good but not bad. I paid less than US$40K for a 4 bedroom, 3 bath unit on the 9th floor of a good building with 2 ocean view balconies right on the beach with a pool and parking place on the second floor in Laguito. Anyone think I got screwed?

11-17-05, 16:28

2 years ago, things were not as secure in Colombia, more kidnappings, that was then and this is now. I bought a 2- 3 bedroom houses 18 months ago in Florida for 35K in a drug neighborhood and resold them in Sept for 130K when the streets were paved and sewer and sidewalks put in. Back then it was fair market value and so is it now. Property values have gone up about 45% in 1 year where I live and I was happy to cash in a few of my chips here.

I also like Juan Ventura. HIs english is not perfect, but he is a pleasure to work with instead of 2 Colombia bitches who were trying to raise the prices in Tocagua on me because I was gringo. After looking at the pool crack I decided there probably would be structural problems soon affecting the building.

Sounds like you got a good deal on your unit, and were rewarded for your courage 2 years ago to buy. Now there is more demand and prices are going up. I also think prices will go down in 1-2 years because landlording is work, and many real estate investors have this view that it is easy money with no repairs or maintenance.

Thaj Todad
11-19-05, 02:39
This 45% is true, I am a property appraiser in Miami, and can vouch for that.

World Travel 69
01-27-06, 00:10
Found this site. Sounds good. Maybe when I come back.



01-27-06, 02:39

There are numerous apartments shown, located in Laquito and Bocagrande, Cartagena, Colombia


Mery manages these as well as others

07-24-06, 10:53

Found this site. Sounds good. Maybe when I come back.


WT69I thought that this thread was about this place The Cartagena Penthouse.

Chica Luva
02-25-10, 01:37

I'm traveling to Cartagena for my first time and I found this site http://www.cartagenaapartments.com which seems to have $40 apts in Laguito. He wants a 60% deposit.

Anyone use this site before? Is is legit?

Thanks for any help!

03-11-13, 05:51
El Conquistador sucks. It is infested and run down. If you have taken the time to research places to find the link you posted, you must have researched accomodations on here. Why would you not take the recommendations on here? Do you think you are going to find some gem or special deal no one else has heard of, or is it that you cannot afford the other places. Let us know what your main concern and necessities are for an apartment, and we would probably be able to help you out a little bit more. I checked it out when I was in Cartagena, as I stayed in Mirador del Laguito which is close by, and was not impressed. I would not stay there if it was free. I tried to tell my friend this, but he thought he knew better, and he ended up eating his words! . I suggest you use the people referred to on here, or I know on Craigslist Colombia, they offer some nice apartments.

*Remember the old adage, you get what you pay for*

There is a reason they do not charge the prices the going rates of other apartments are getting in that same area. Also have you checked to see if it is girl friendly, or is just a cheap apartment you are looking for? I ran into someone last month who told me they had stayed in that hole, and he had to pay the security a tip to let him bring a girl up to him room.I would be interested in talking to you. We share the same profession.