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01-01-05, 02:00
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Sugar Baba
05-08-05, 11:31

Butt ugly! She probably gives great head though. Ugly girls definitely give the best service.

Just got back from my afternoon session with my ugly, but in certain lights and angles cute , department store shoe sales clerk. She gives the best tongue bath.

Sugar Baba
05-08-05, 11:41
She really enjoyed having her photo taken. making all the right noises and very very wet by the time I entered.

Not my Kunming beauty but service is A1. They all look the same from behind.

Sugar Baba
05-09-05, 12:24
My little foot massage girl is the best. Very energetic. She can ride me for a minimum of 15 minutes with a seemingly never ending bouncing motion. She's thin and fit and taut as a tightly strung rubber band. I drink a xiao er and a bottle of beer for lunch - the key to lasting so long. Beyond the alcohol, of course, the main reason I can stay hard so long is because my little foot massage girl probably has one of the tightest pussies north of Yangtze.

Once I pop though, thats it, no seconds.

Sugar Baba
05-17-05, 11:03
More of my foot massage girl and her loose fitting Victoria's Secret lingerie.

Sugar Baba
05-17-05, 11:09
I love getting my balls licked and sucked. And of course, like it when she licks and sucks my shaft.

Sugar Baba
05-19-05, 01:29
I think I'm getting to the age of requiring viagra for some of my repeat sessions with my regulars. I did go a little limp in some of the shots because I had just gotten off the plane the day before after a 20 hour flight + transfer marathon, and I was also a little preoccupied trying to get better shots. I think I need a buddy to help me take photos. I can stare at his dick and mine and really touch base with my feminine side.

Sugar Baba
05-20-05, 01:23
Just got back from an afternoon session with a new outcall service in the apartment complex where I have my shag pad. Thoroughly satisfying. 22 yr old, tight all around, and very eager to please. Never tried photos before. Was shy at first but warmed up after I showed her the photos and convinced her she looked beautiful and sexy on camera. Definitely a new pengyou that I can enlist in exploring more creative venues.

1. outcall heaven - competition is fierce in the apt. complex
2,3. start off with a nice massage
4. sucky wucky
5. swallow my balls

Sugar Baba
05-20-05, 01:52
1,2. Look at the camera with your man-eater gaze. [860,861]
3. A little deep throat with my help [878]
4. Take a little more... [879]
5. Choke on it [880]

Member #1604
05-20-05, 02:14
Just got back from an afternoon session with a new outcall service in the apartment complex where I have my shag pad. Thoroughly satisfying. 22 yr old, tight all around, and very eager to please. Never tried photos before. Was shy at first but warmed up after I showed her the photos and convinced her she looked beautiful and sexy on camera. Definitely a new pengyou that I can enlist in exploring more creative venues.

1. outcall heaven - competition is fierce in the apt. complex
2,3. start off with a nice massage
4. sucky wucky
5. swallow my ballsPlease enlarge the first phote (namecards) so that we can know how to pick up them. Thanks.

Sugar Baba
05-20-05, 02:16
1. Ready to receive. [892]
2. Slide it in ever so slowly. [898]
3. She appears to be enjoying the in and out with slight corkscrew/rotation motion to help exercise my bad back. [902]
4,5. Change position. Smooth ripe bottom, pleasure to touch and caress as I enter. [903,905]

Sugar Baba
05-20-05, 02:38
1. Get ready for doggy style. [907]
2. Spread wide to receive. [914]
3. Enter slowly, prolong the anticipation, and enjoy the way her tight pussy seems to grasp and suck you up in to her. [916]
4. Plunge in and feel the exquisite tingling down your spine. [911]
5. One last shot of bbbj I so relish. She uses her lips well. [856]

Sugar Baba
05-20-05, 10:35
I must be a sex addict. With this new photo hobby I've entered a new realm of narcissistic gratification. The pursuit of memorializing on digital film is rapidly becoming more important than the act itself. Case in point, just got back from my afternoon session. What a hassle trying to convince this 25 yr old mother of a 2 yr old that her hubby and all her relatives would never know it was her face splattered all over the web. It was amazing I didn't go fully limp with all the sweet talking I had to do to keep her from flushing my camera down the toilet.

Session was a little hurried, and she was loose - could have driven a small Hertz rental van down that canal of hers. Managed to shoot though, only because she had her moaing/groaning/screaming sound effects down pact.

Acquiesced to her demands for privacy. Can't see her eyes, too bad because the eyes hold so much expression during the acts.

1. Preliminary nipple licking to get me in the mood. [927e]
2. Start getting to work. [929e]
3. Said she never gave head, not even to her husband. She's doing fine though. [936e]
4,5. Using her tongue to lick up and down the side of my favorite appendage. Sorry can't show you the eyes and the indescribeable look therein. [939e,941e]]

Sugar Baba
05-20-05, 11:12
1,2,3. A little titty rubbing - cushy cushy. [942,43,44]
4. She's spread wide. I'm only semi-hard. Too much talking, too much effort expended. Where's that Hertz rental? [950]
5. Grab that titty as you pump at an angle. [959]

Sugar Baba
05-20-05, 11:20
Crazy Jim Wood,

Good to see someone has a sense of humor. Life certainly is too short to take everything so seriously.

Stay smiling,

Sugar Baba

Sugar Baba
05-23-05, 10:33
I'm sure all of you have gathered from my photo contributions that my favorite of all acts is the BBBJ. For me nothing can compare to the dextrous pin point accuracy of tongue, lips, and even teeth as they sloppily slurp up my most favorite appendage. A tight pussy is fine, but the vaginal canal can only squeeze or loosen - pure one dimensional range of motion. The mouth can do so much more.

Unfortunately this Monday afternoon I was sent a newbie - a novice in the art of fellatio. 21 yrs. old from Szcechuan Province. She claims she has never given head before. She gagged twice and brought up a little of her lunch the third time I tried to teach her how to really please a man.

Pussy was really really tight, and I was really really limp after the upchuck scene. Managed to burrow in however, and pump to conclusion.

1,2,3,4,5. Getting ready and starting a delicate finger tip technique massage as she giggles and comments on how curved my appendage appears to be.

Not a keeper this one. Hope someone else has better luck training her in the art of fellatio.

Sugar Baba
05-23-05, 10:50
1,2,3. she starts off fine. appears to know what she is doing. [980,81,83]
4. i started using my hand to force her to take it a little deeper [985] - started gagging and spit up a little into a tissue.
5. went a little limp after the gagging spitup scene. had her lick and suck my balls to help me get back up to speed. [988] what a mistake...

Sugar Baba
05-23-05, 11:11
1. Mildly upchucking into a tissue - apparently more a show of displeasure at having to lick my balls which tend to hang close towards my shit hole. Hang up of most novices - can't imagine putting their mouth anywhere near the fudge factory. [989]
2,3,4,5. OK, you done wiping your mouth? Take that bra off and rub those little titties on mr. happy and see if he will come out and play after that frightful scare. [990,991,992,995]

Sugar Baba
05-23-05, 11:30
Let's try again. I am relentless when it comes to getting my bj done right. Change positions and see if I can coax her through the process again as I straddle her face in a position of control. [998,1001,1002,1003,1004]

Sugar Baba
05-23-05, 11:37
1,2. Won't go for anymore licking and sucking. Take off your panties and spread'em. [1009,1010]
3. Going a little flaccid, need to tap and beat the meat on her soft inner thigh to get the blood flowing. About 10 taps/slaps does it.[1011]
4,5. Achieve entry into the so so tight little Szechuan pussy. [1012,1013]

Sugar Baba
05-23-05, 12:00
1,2. Cause her a little discomfort. Punishment for the poor bbbj. She is in a hurdler type position with her right leg up and bent as her left leg is extended straight out. [1016,1017]
3,4. Does it hurt? Or is it shufu? Reply - a little bit of both. [1018,1021]
5. How about now? [1022]

Sugar Baba
05-23-05, 12:09
1,2. Slight position variation after complaints of pain. [1023,1024]
3,4. Another slight change after continued complaints - both legs straight up in the air closed together [1025,1026]
5. Legs up in the air, spreadeagle for deeper penetration. [1029]

Sugar Baba
05-23-05, 12:21
1,2. Turn over baby, lets see that nice round bottom of yours. [1032,1033]
3,4. Doggy doggy doggy [1034,1035]
5. One last shot of a most dissatisfying bbbj by a unteachable first timer. [979]

Sugar Baba
05-24-05, 17:57
Where else could a middle aged businessman with fat hands?, mouth full of gold capped teeth, a glass eye, and wooden leg be pleasured on a daily basis by a virtual cornucopia of nubile young girls. I really love China, and I really do love these girls who give me such pleasure.

Do I respect them? Yes. Specifically those who know what they are, and thus take pride in the service that they offer as pros. The core issue is not about respect, and treating them with kindness [which by the way, I do with all my girls]. Its about paying them to live out my fantasies. The pros are not destitute, they are good entrepreneurs who understand the game. Its all just a game, a little harmless fun in the pursuit of all of our favorite hobby. Enjoy and don't take everything so seriously. Go out and get laid gentlemen.

Now for that which is truly important. I had not been to the Yansha region in the afternoon in a long time. Was just there this afternoon and picked up a SW near the corner of Hademen Hotel. Had a great bbbj/cof session back at her place. Will post photos tomorrow when I go into the office.

05-24-05, 17:59
If Sugar Baby thinks his tiny dick, compared to the rest of the fat bastard, is anywhere near a 10, let alone his shrunken manky scrotum; that immediately makes anyone with a semi hard-on at least a 20. Tapping his limp worm on her leg... and taking a photo of it. Yeuuck. Not surprised they gag. Get the fuck out of China arsehole.

05-24-05, 21:05
it looks to me like SB was refering to tap his cock 10 times against her leg, but maybe i misread.


Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 03:51
Photos of the SW I picked up yesterday afternoon. A pro all the way. She gave me her business card after we finished. Brought a smile to my face. Life sure is good. Relax and enjoy. Some of you gentlemen really need to go out and get laid.

1,2,3. Arrived at her place, getting ready. [1,3,4]
4,5. Start to work on my limp member. [6,7]

Dog Day
05-25-05, 04:08
I think we need a new group:
Guys, this is the photo gallery. Stick to Photos, please.
SB, you are enjoying your time..so be it!
To cool down everybody, the caption of below's picture is:
"NO wonder my Pizza arrives cold in China"

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 05:15
1. Great suction, but scary eyes. [12]
2. Lick just under the crown - very shufu. [14]
3,4,5. Lick and suck my balls. [17,18,20]

Taking forever to upload photos. Too much traffic on the server in the morning. Will try later.

I give up. My connection must be too slow. Have to head out for today's afternoon session.
See if I can get my newest pengyou, Fine Arts College new graduate who studied fan dancing, to allow me to take photos for all our enjoyment.

Got photos of the fan dancer. She is exquisite, but very poor service, as is usually the case with beauties/princesses.

Will try to complete upload of the SW photos first and then post the fan dancer ones from this afternoon.

Give up. Maybe its harder to upload when using the edit function on a previous post. Will try to start off with a new report and see if I fare any better.

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 10:49
2. Lick just under the crown - very shufu. [14]
3,4,5. Lick and suck my balls. [17,18,20]

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 11:37
1. Lay back and prepare to be straddled. [37]
2,3. Keep sucking sweetie. [40,42]
4,5. Lick the stick [43,44]

can't upload. will try again later.

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 12:43
1,2. increase the in and out reps, hold her head to keep her steady. [54,55]
3,4. she's really working it as i ratchet up the speed. [59,60]
5. she's getting ready to receive the facial. [61]

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 12:55
Are you ready? I'm going to come on your face, is that all right?[my recent sensitivity training]. Yes, just don't come on my hair, just washed it this morning.

Didn't release too many swimmers, couldn't get the dramatic splatter effect that adds to the moment. This usually happens when I have shot my load for the third consecutive day. I must be getting old. Make mental note to add more oysters in my diet.

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 13:15
My afternoon session with the new graduate from the Fine Arts College was both satisfying and disappointing, but with no real surprises in the end.

She is 21 yrs old and beautiful to behold. China doll that was meant to be looked at mostly. This is the second time we have met, and she says she wants to be my steady. She can't find a job as a Fan Dancer so she's looking for a boyfriend and a rent free apartment.

Never in a million years honey. She's the type of girl that essentially doesn't like sex. For her sex is just a tool she uses to get what she wants. What she likes to do most, according to her, is to go shopping for all the name brands. She gets wet when she goes shopping. Humping a Gucci bag would be her fantasy.

She costs 1000 rmb for a rushed bbbj and penetration. She had a foul odor this time because I think she is about to get her period, and she didn't bathe this morning because she injured her foot.

All in all a satisfying experience in terms of visual stimulation, but very disappointing experience in terms of services rendered. Ugly girls, and moderately pretty ones are best. Can do without these porcelain China dolls for the most part. Princesses are only good for occassional shags.

1,2. Convinced her to help me with my new hobby. She wants to see the pics and approve them. She couldn't imagine allowing a bad photo be taken of her. [3,43]
3. Lovely.[5]
4. Get ready to do what I like the most. [10]
5. So pretty going down [12]

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 13:24
1,2. She sucks ok. Nothing special. [13,14]
3. Eye candy shot before she whips out the condom to get things moving along. Only sucked for 1 minute or so. [16]
4,5. Took more time putting on the condom than she did bbbj. [17,18]

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 13:31
1. Placing it in slowly. Whether ugly or pretty that first initial entry is so pleasurable. [19]
2. Look down and make sure everythings pumping fine. [20]
3,4,5. Starting to enjoy the sensation. [23,24,25]

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 13:47
1,2. On your back my beauty. [26,27]
3,4,5. I am enjoying the view as I plunge into the princess. [28,29,30]

Sugar Baba
05-25-05, 13:58
1. Different camera angles - still looking pretty. [31,34]
3,4,5. End with her legs curled up and her legs and pussy clamping down hard as I burst after only 2 minutes of pumping. [35,39,41]

Pute Nut
05-25-05, 14:23
Sugar Baba

As much as you have the right to a good service (and I am sure you have specified beforehand what you want), the service provider has a right to refuse when she does not feel like it, even previously agreeing to it. You then have the right to send her packing. By forcing it, you are inflicting pain and humiliation on her. This smack of torture or worst still can be construed as racist behavior.

EddyIMHO its a done deal unless you do want to apply some medeival "a carta de gracia"-like logic here. As for the "racist & torturing" Lao Wai, the girls always have the option to go back to the sweet & gentle Chinese punters, right?

Thanks for sharing, Sugar Baba. Keep up the good work pls.

Member #1210
05-25-05, 14:36
Enjoyed your pictures.

Keep up the good work.

05-25-05, 14:59

Great pictures!

Ignore some of the members here who wouldn't have a clue what they are talking about, yet are happy to jerk off to your pictures

I see no problem with giving the girls an "encouraging" hand if they have promised one thing then try to back out of it. :D

Sometimes these girls need to be shown the "proper way" ie deep throat, anal and get used to it quickly :D if they haven't done it before. If they want the money make em earn it :D

Albert Punter
05-25-05, 16:04
SB what do you mean by that ?
Many times I find pros offering very bad BBBJ.

I think that BBBJ is performed at best by girls who enjoy it.
Particularly by those who enjoy to swallow.

I prefer not to add anything to the comments made by other mates about your captions, eventhough I agree with those who criticize you.
Only I would like to commend you for your excellent technical work and just give a humble suggestion: please do not post all frames of your videos, just make a summary.

Albert Punter
05-25-05, 16:23

Sorry but I disagree in this case too.

I have to admit that moderately pretty girls <I do not go with ugly ones - just joking ;-) > in most cases offer better performance than princesses.
However, I had experienced princesses providing wonderful treatment.
It is always a matter of willingness and, let me say, chemistry.
Maybe a girl that is fantastic for me does not satisfy you and opposite.

[QUOTE=Sugar Baba]
Ugly girls, and moderately pretty ones are best. Can do without these porcelain China dolls for the most part. Princesses are only good for occassional shags.

Sugar Baba
05-26-05, 02:37

Sorry but I disagree in this case too.

I have to admit that moderately pretty girls <I do not go with ugly ones - just joking ;-) > in most cases offer better performance than princesses.
However, I had experienced princesses providing wonderful treatment.
It is always a matter of willingness and, let me say, chemistry.
Maybe a girl that is fantastic for me does not satisfy you and opposite.

[QUOTE=Sugar Baba]
Ugly girls, and moderately pretty ones are best. Can do without these porcelain China dolls for the most part. Princesses are only good for occassional shags.


You stated correctly, "in most cases" the ugly and moderately pretty ones provide better service. I am also speaking in general. Of course there are very beautiful karaoke model type girls who provide excellent service. But they are few and far between. Just like the generalization concerning blondes - difficult to find one who has brains and can cook. Pretty girls just don't need to develop as many other talents as the visually challenged ones.

As for your suggestion that I do a summary of my video: I haven't purchased a suitable video camera that I can fully control with one hand. All the photos you see are from a camera. Thank you for the editing advice, but I am presenting the sequential photos in a manner which allows viewers to build up to a nice gradual release.

Few more of my Gucci humping Fan Dancer since this is the photo gallery.

Sugar Baba
05-27-05, 15:58
Quite a fire storm the last few days. As the spark that lit this particular flame I feel I need to explain precisely what transpired with my BBBJ upchuck girl so that balance can be restored in the China thread universe.

Let me begin by saying that the novice was in no way harmed or emotionally scarred by her experience. OAH alluded to the situation perfectly when he talked about how pros will do anything to go for more money. That is precisely what my little novice was doing. She sucked far too well, with tongue deftly swirling as she took more than half of my member into her mouth. Simultaneously swirling the tongue around the shaft and head, while bobbing up and down, is not a novice move.

If one correctly views the sequential photos, there are a few determinants which show that the novice was in no way being forced to do anything. 1) I was flat on my back with her in control when she feigned the gagging/upchucking scene. She basically did one convulsive motion, after doing the deep throat/swirling tongue move for about 6 to 7 strokes, and then spit into the tissue she had handily prepared prior to going down. 2) If you notice the photos of my second attempt to have her suck me off as I straddled her, they only show her lightly licking around the crown. That is precisely what happened. She was not about to let me ram anything down her throat in that position. I let her just lick me, all the while trying to sweet talk and gently coax her into taking the whole thing. 3) The expression of pain as I pumped into her was due to two things. One, my cock curves downward, causing it to feel much bigger than it is as it enters. Two, she was super tight. She really enjoyed my in and out – said the curvature gave her more pleasure because the angle resulted in increased clitoral stimulation [real technical dirty talk coming from a pro – brought a tear to my eye from joyous admiration at having found such a gem].

Nothing was forced, no pain was involved. No humiliation was intended and no disrespect or unkindness was perceived on her part. Most girls love me, my wallet, and the gifts that sugar daddy [baba in mandarin] gives.

Those of you so quick to pass judgment, and so eager to curse, belittle, and attack another individual; I attribute your behavior to a lack of maturity. After living more than a half century one thing you do learn is that there are no absolutes. Every situation and occurrence may potentially have multiple interpretations dependent on the myriad of seen and unseen factors. To pass judgment so swiftly and lightly is only possible with young men. I was young once. I remember being a self-righteous, judgmental young man who prided himself on his incomparable intelligence which could never lead him wrong. All my arguments were correct and irrefutable, and no one could convince me otherwise. One thing I wasn’t, however, was cruel and mean spirited when engaged in discourse with those who held views that differed from mine. Some of the responses and personal attacks I’ve seen are truly frightening. The comments and opinions border on fanaticism, the kind that when taken to the next level, resemble the ravings of lynch mobs / cross burners, homosexual beating skinheads, and abortion clinic pro-life bombers. All extremists feel they are justified in what they are doing, and therefore are able to say and do anything against the perceived enemy and evil doer.

Time to grow up gentlemen. Don’t give in to the Dark Side young Skywalkers. Life is short. Go out and get laid with as many women as you can, while you can.

Sorry no new pics today along with this long post. Have been working too much. Will get back to playing tomorrow. Want to try out a new toy I picked up on one of my regulars. Nice triple action dildo with flashing lights and sound effects. Gotta love China.

Sugar Baba
06-08-05, 09:47
Business is growing. Been too busy to have sex. Definitely detrimental to ones health with all those pent up swimmers.

Just got back from a nice afternoon release with my favorite bisexual girl friend. She always manages to find nice young things who are a little new to the lesbian scene. She enjoys seducing these young ones as much as I do.

1. Start with a little licking and kissing of the older ones nipples. [1]
2. Muff divers away! 69 - munch munch. [2,3,4]

Sugar Baba
06-08-05, 09:57
1. Change positions, grind those pussies, and suck those very engorged nips. [5,6,7,8,]

Sugar Baba
06-08-05, 10:02
1. Time to bring out your favorite toy. First suck and lick it, make sure its nice and wet. [10,11]
2. The young one is a good helper. Shove that big red knobby dildo into your jie jie. [13,14]
3. Jie Jie is moaning and screaming - putting on quite a show. Definitely affecting the young one. Note the glazed eyed turned on look as jie jie simultaneously uses the little vibrator to stimulate her nipples. [15]

Sugar Baba
06-08-05, 10:20
1. Time for me to get into the act. Me standing up and being accosted in the most pleasureable of manners. [18,19]
2. Nothing can compare to having your dick sucked and your balls licked simultaneously. The mix of sensations is beyond description. Two sets of lips, tongue, and mouth - monger paradise. [20,21,22]

Sugar Baba
06-08-05, 10:33
1. Change positions. Me, flat on my back. Let the girls lick me in all the right places. [25,27,28]
2. Nice long [albeit fake] lashes on the young one. She used them to tickle my nipples. [29]

Sugar Baba
06-08-05, 10:59
1. Me about to enter as she spreads her legs wide and the young one licks and rubs her lips on her jie jie's nips. [31]
2. Ready to dock. [32]
3. Plugging away as she sucks on her favorite toy. [35]
4. Close up of the young one breast feeding. [36]
5. I'm about to explode, and the young one just can't get enough of her jie jie's tit. [37]

Sugar Baba
06-09-05, 10:46
Had reason to pass by my favorite SW strip in Beijing. I was a little tired after the morning meeting with guests, and was considering driving back to the office to rest. But decided to check out the afternoon SW pickings since I was in the area. I was very happy I made the effort. 19 yr. old from Sichuan. Just arrived in Beijing 2 weeks ago. Nice chest and eager to please. Went back to her place.

1. Break the tension about photos. “See, I’ll take one with you. Say qiaze” [eggplant – equivalent of saying cheese]. [1]
2. Let’s take one by yourself. Your so pretty. So photogenic. [2,3]
3. Come over here baby, let’s take another one together. [4]
4. Ok, take off your bra and panties. Time to get started. [5]

Sugar Baba
06-09-05, 10:48
1. Doing what I like best. Great suction. [10,11,12,13,14]

Sugar Baba
06-09-05, 10:53
1. Of course, what is a bj without ball licking. She not only licked, but she nibbled and sucked up my balls as well. [15,16,17,18,19]

Sugar Baba
06-09-05, 10:56
1. Use your tongue to stroke around the crown. That’s a good girl. Look how well she uses her thick pouty lips [22]. [20,21,22,23,24]

Sugar Baba
06-09-05, 10:59
1. Your tits are so soft and cushy. That’s right, squeeze them together just like that. [26,27,30]
2. Let me take a break. Rub your titties against the head. [31,32]

Sugar Baba
06-09-05, 11:02
1. OK. Time to get to work. Suck me a little more. Then I’m going to come on your face. Is that allright? No, buxing. Its good for your complexion, makes your skin real soft and supple. Buxing. I’ll only come once. One time on your face and that’s it for today. Promise? Yes, I’m a little tired today. Okay then, but try not to get any in my hair [seemingly universal request/concern of women who will let you splurge on their face]. [48,53,55,56,57]

Sugar Baba
06-11-05, 08:21
This is my favorite BJ girl. She’s been around the block a few times but she is comparable to none in terms of skill and technique that can only come from experience. She’s the laoban of an outcall massage located in my shag pad apartment complex. She is the embodiment of the attitude, “if you want something done right, do it yourself.” First time she ever tried photos. She was really into it. She wants to do more naughty things in the future. We’ll see…

1. You look so nice in your pink dress. [2]
2. Rubbing my sausage as if she were making jiaozi [Chinese dumplings] [4]
3. She starts slow. Sign of an experienced pro – no rush, just coax and cajole the tasty little sausage. [6,8,9]

Sugar Baba
06-11-05, 08:33
1. My legs are lifted up in the air so she can have full access to my bum hole. She alternates between licking and sucking the rim. [12,13]
2. Lick up and down my leg, then back to where the sun don’t shine. [14,15,16]

Sugar Baba
06-11-05, 08:42
1. Start some serious concentrated sucking. Give Hoover a run for their money. [20,21,22,26,30]

Sugar Baba
06-11-05, 08:45
1. Take it up a notch – she is sucking furiously, ready to take my load in her mouth. [46,47,48,49,50]

Sugar Baba
06-11-05, 08:48
1. The first shot in her mouth, as she groans and mmms in acknowledgment. [ 53]
2. Second squirt. [54]
3. Third agonizing squirt – so sensitive as she sucks out the last remaining drops. [57]
4. Show me. [58]
5. Hint of a smile as she sees how very much I enjoyed and appreciated her efforts. [59]

Best BJ in BJ.

Sugar Baba
06-16-05, 10:46
Met up with a real cutie. Looks aren’t the best but she more than makes up for it with her cute cute personality. Very playful little girl, 21, from Guizhou. Real internet savvy, took all my charm to convince her there was no harm in taking photos. “Its my favorite hobby, for my eyes only. Look into my eyes, do I look like a huai ren ?”[bad person] “No. You look kind and honest.” What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, heh heh. My cock seemed to hurt her a little though. Got some pained expressions on camera – for you touchy feely types, will post warning so you can refrain from viewing those particular shots.

1. Pose for the camera. Gee your so pretty. Take a look after I take it, ok? [2]
2. See, nothing to it. Come here, we’ll take one together. [3,4]
3. We’re still talking about whether or not to take pics while naked in bed. One more together, see no problem. Let’s take more ok? [6]
4. Now that we’ve got that all settled. Start sucking. [11]

Sugar Baba
06-16-05, 10:51
1. You suck so well. Niiice. Keep up the suction. [12,13,17]
2. Lick my balls sweety. Thaaat’s right. You do that so well. (flash, flash, etc.) [22,23]

Sugar Baba
06-16-05, 10:53
1. Lick and rub your lips along the side of my shaft. Good girl. Put in your mouth. Good good. [24,25]
2. “No more photoooos. Bu xiiiinnnggg.” Don’t worry. You look so good on camera. Here, lets take another one together. [26]
3. Ok, ready for the tao. Put in on slowly. [27,28]

Sugar Baba
06-16-05, 10:55
1. Shufu ma? Yes, your filling me up. Go slow cutie, lets enjoy it. [31,32,33,34,38]

Sugar Baba
06-16-05, 11:00
1. Change positions. I’ll be on top. First a photo of your nice little snatch. Bu xiiinnggg. [39]
2. I’m putting it in slowly. [40,42,43]
3. How does it feel? Gooood. [45]

Sugar Baba
06-16-05, 11:04
WARNING: service provider earning her fee. Mysoginists’ only.

1. Your so tight. Let me change the angle of entry. How does it feel now? [47,48,49,50,52]

Sugar Baba
06-16-05, 11:09
WARNING: Mysoginists’ only

1. It huurrttss. Ok, I’ll change the angle a little. How’s that? [53,54,55,56,58]

Sugar Baba
06-16-05, 11:11
1. Let’s do doggy. It shouldn’t hurt as much. My my, look at that nice full pale moon rising over Beijing. [59,60]
2. Notice how she is arching her back, fucking me back. She likes this position much more. [61,62,65]

Sugar Baba
06-16-05, 11:13
1. Damn she’s tight. Feels sooo good pumping into the little Guizhou gal. [68,69]
2. Last pic, right as I’m shooting. [70]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 09:46
1. Good suction. [6,7]
2. That’s right, deeper, take more of it in. [8]
3. Fondle my balls as you keep up the suction. [10]
4. Look at the camera. [12]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 09:57
1. Different camera angle. [14,15,16]
2. Look at the camera again. [17]
3. Close up. [18]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 10:03
1. Lets change positions. I’ll lie on my back, you keep doing what you’ve been doing so well. [23,24]
2. Fondling her breast, she groans in response. Really sensitive nipples. [25]
3. Increasing the suction. [26,27]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 10:09
1. Use your nice titties and rub my xiao didi. [28,29,30,31,32]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 10:15
1. Time to breast feed my plump little baby with my right tit. [33,34]
2. Breast feeding with my left tit. [36,37]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 10:26
1. Sword is sheathed and she is on top. Took a couple of tries to fully get me in to that tight tight pussy of hers. [39]
2. She’s really liking it. Love these facial expression shots. [40,42,43,48]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 10:29
1. She’s still on top. Different camera angle. [49,50,51]
2. Change positions. You on the bottom. [53,54]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 10:38
1. Entering that tight pussy of hers in increments. [56,57,58]
2. Facial expressions – trying to determine whether or not she’s faking or its for real. [59,60]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 11:01
1. Picking up the pace and pumping in and out. Facial expressions. [61,62,63]
2. Notice her clutching the pillow case. Think I jammed into her at an unusual angle. [64,65]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 11:08
1. She’s looking down at my cock as it pleasure/pains her. [66,67]
2. Change position. Have her lie on her side for more unusual angle of assault. [70]
3. Definite response. [71,72]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 11:16
1. Lying on her side with her legs clamped together really increases the pressure, friction, pleasure/pain. [73,74,75,76,77]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 11:23
1. I want to come on your breasts, Ok? Nod, nod. [80,82,83,85,86]

Sugar Baba
06-18-05, 11:25
Give me a nice smile if you enjoyed it as much as me. That’s a good girl. [87]

Jack Spratt
06-19-05, 04:32

From the emphasis in your photos and words I would have have thought that her pleasure was incidental - in fact, probably undesirable. Otherwise you may not be able to capture those classy "pain" shots that some of your admirers seem to enjoy.

Keep on pumpin'!


Member #1604
06-19-05, 15:08
Give me a nice smile if you enjoyed it as much as me. That’s a good girl. [87]Hi Sugar,

Highly appreciate if you can upload for us some voice record girls moaning, etc.

Going To China
06-19-05, 17:10
Since we are all on here to find out where to get pussy for a price, in truth, we are ALL looking out for our interest. Fuck them hard and for our ego's.

O YES, love fucking them and do want to meet up with Sugar Babe because I have to admit, the man knows where to find more pussy than anyone else on this site.

Only one thing Sugar, we all have to get you another set of sheets and all, that green one is starting to get to me.:) Laughing.

ALL enjoy yourselfs and keep up the GREAT work Sugar Babe.

From the emphasis in your photos and words I would have have thought that her pleasure was incidental - in fact, probably undesirable. Otherwise you may not be able to capture those classy "pain" shots that some of your admirers seem to enjoy.

Keep on pumpin'!


Sugar Baba
06-22-05, 10:34
Went and visited one of my long time service providers. Known her for over 3 years now. She just turned 28 and is starting to show signs of age. But she is as good as ever. Nothing can substitute experience. I think this is probably the last time I’ll visit with her however. She lives just too damn far away. With all the traffic and imbecilic Beijing drivers on the road these days, took me 45 minutes just to get to her place. Memorable last meeting – nice cum bath ending.

1. Oh, such a sexy outfit. Pose for me. [3,4]
2. She loves to lick my feet and suck on my toes. [12,13,24]

Sugar Baba
06-22-05, 10:47
1. She’s a great cock and ball sucker. [25,28,31,38,39]

Sugar Baba
06-22-05, 10:57
1. Playing with herself as she sucks and licks my other foot. [43,46]
2. She really has a strong foot fetish. [48,49]

Sugar Baba
06-22-05, 11:00
1. Time to pick up the pace and concentrate. I want to come in your mouth. Don’t swallow. Spit it out slowly so I can get a shot. Start sucking babe. [51,52,59,61,64]

Sugar Baba
06-22-05, 11:02
1. Shooting into her mouth. [66,67,68,70,72]

Sugar Baba
06-22-05, 11:05
1. Aaahh. You spit it out too quickly. I didn’t get a good shot. I’ll rub it all over my body then, take some shots. It’s good for the skin. [73,74,75]
2. I love your cum. It tastes sweet mixed with my sweat. [76,77]

Sugar Baba
06-22-05, 11:11
1. Rub and knead more of that cum on to your titties. [79]
2. Taste some more. [82,83]]
3. So much cum. You must not have cum in awhile. Yup, a few days. [84]
4. One last lick to get any last remaining drops. [87]

She insisted on not taking any money. But I placed her usual fee on the dresser – 1000 rmb. She’s worth every fen.

Albert Punter
06-22-05, 12:20
Congratulations !

Outstanding series !

Xiao Ma
06-22-05, 14:29
thanks for the picture, you are great.

But 1000 kuai is a bit high, don't you think?

Sugar Baba
06-24-05, 12:11
What an ordeal. Took me forever to figure out how to make vidcaps from the windows media player. The video is definitely too dark also. Asian Rain is very correct on advice about extra lighting. Will do better next time.

Series of straddling my favorite foot massage girls face and spunking all over the little cutie. Shots may appear to be redundant to some, but every little sequential change and detail makes the series worth viewing - as if you were there with me.

Sugar Baba
06-24-05, 12:16
she is a good girl, sucks well and really enjoys giving me pleasure.

Sugar Baba
06-24-05, 12:18
testicle sucking and happily preparing to receive my load on her face.

Sugar Baba
06-24-05, 12:21
Swimmers away. First squirt got her in the eye.

Sugar Baba
06-24-05, 12:23
More than the usual swimmers today. This video thing really got me excited. She's licking the head as my member jumps and jerks in appreciative response.

Sugar Baba
06-24-05, 12:26
She licked off the droplets seeping from the eyelet. She looks really sweet doesn't she, with cum all over her face.

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 02:07
1. Start sucking it directly – enough teasing. [14]
2. Suck my balls. [16,17]
3. Lick the shaft from balls to head. Very nice. [18,19]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 02:09
1. Suckle on the head. [24,25,26,27,28]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 02:17
1. Increase the suction. [30,31,33,34]
2. Licking my balls. [35]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 02:23
1. Straddling her face. Getting in position to cum on her face. [38,39,41]
2. Different camera angle. [42,44]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 02:27
1. More ball sucking from side angle. [45,46,47]
2. Burying her tongue up my ass. [49,52]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 02:33
1. After coming on her face. Rested for about 15 minutes. Introduced her to the new toy I purchased recently. First time for her playing with toys. [61,62,63]
2. I don’t have any lubricant, go ahead and wet it down some more. [64,65]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 02:48
1. Lets’ see if we can get it to go in. [67]
2. You’re to dry. Let me give you a little pleasure and rub those juices out of you. [68,69]
3. Do you know how to say “G” spot? [70]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 03:01
1. How’s that, any sensation? Uuuughhh. [72,73]
2. How is it when I rub your spot and your clit simultaneously? Shuuufuuuu. [74,75,78]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 03:04
1. Your pretty wet. Lets’ try the toy again. Lets see, on switch. Wooee, look at that. In and out motion, corkscrew motion, and vibration to boot. [80,81,83,85]
2. Let me take a closer look at that thing. I like your cock much better. [86]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 03:21
1. Ok time to get me hard again. Lie on your back and bring your head toward the edge of the bed. Let me face fuck you at an inverse angle. Will be careful so you don’t choke on it. [90,91,94,96,99]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 03:27
1. Time to go missionary. Damn your wet. [102,104]
2. Feels so good. [105,106,107]

Sugar Baba
06-26-05, 03:57
1. Bed is banging against the wall. Pumping hard. We’re both enjoying it. [108,109,110,111,112]
2. Ran out of memory.
3. Ended up finishing on her sweet little belly

06-27-05, 02:32
Suga baba,

Where is she found? Great pics!

Sugar Baba
06-28-05, 11:36
It is hot outside. My lovely little fan dancer from the arts academy visited this afternoon. She was dressed to stay cool - no qualms about issues of modesty. Glad I didn't promise to take her out for lunch. She's a beauty, but as expected, service was poor. A little better than the two previous occassions, but still a long way to go. Just some vidcaps of her posing and pirouetting in my living room. Will upload sex and cum on chest vidcaps tomorrow.

1. long long legs. just like a dancer should be. [1,3]
2. striking a pose in her felix the cat t-shirt and hot pants. [4,5]

Sugar Baba
06-28-05, 11:45
1. such a nice ass accentuated by the skin tight hot pants. [7,8,9,10,11]

Sugar Baba
06-28-05, 11:50
1. She's giving me the "I dare you to cum on my face look." She's hot and she knows it. Have to be confident to be able to wear the outfits she does. Smart blondes, beautiful women who can cook, and icy cool beauties who like cum on their face, few and far between.

Sugar Baba
06-29-05, 04:21
BBBJ cumonchest from yesterday afternoon. Getting a hang of this video capture stuff. Wish cumming on my fan dancer’s face was as easy to achieve. After the service she provides, she still has the audacity to suggest I take her on as my steady. She can’t cook, she gives a very mediocre bj, and she wants to finish sex and go shopping as soon as possible. One more time with her after this. Will promise to cum on her chest and then splew all over her face and hair next time.

1. Sitting pretty, waiting for me as I come from the shower. [1,2,3]
2. Start sucking. [4,5]

Sugar Baba
06-29-05, 04:29
1. Keep sucking. [6,7,9,10,11]

Sugar Baba
06-29-05, 04:40
1. On your back for a good face fuck. [13]
2. Using her teeth to keep me from plunging deeper. [14,15,16,18]

Sugar Baba
06-29-05, 08:09
1. Use your tongue and lick the underside of the shaft. [20,21,22,23,24]

Sugar Baba
06-29-05, 08:26
1. I want to cum on your face. Buxing. I didn’t bring my make up case. You can come on my neck. [25]
2. Ok. Bring your cosmetic case next time. Start sucking. [28,29,30,31]

Sugar Baba
06-29-05, 08:40
1. Gonna have to cause my little fan dancer some discomfort. She really does deserve it. Take it deeper baby. [33,34]
2. Aaacckkk!!! [35,36,37]

Sugar Baba
06-29-05, 08:42
1. Oohh. Poor baby. Swallow a little precum? [39]
2. Ok. No more sucking. Just lick my balls while I beat off. [40,41]
3. I’m getting closer. That’s right, protect your neck with the wall of tissue. Hey, I thought I was suppose to cum on your neck – Indian giver. [42]

Sugar Baba
06-29-05, 09:07
1. First squirt. [43]
2. Dribbling on her chest. [45,46]
3. Rub a little on her tit. [47]

Smart blondes, beautiful women that can cook, pretty fan dancers that let you cum on their face, few and far between.

Big JP
06-29-05, 10:00
Great photo's.

(the nampa king)

Sugar Baba
06-29-05, 10:06
Appreciate the encouragement. I am an admirer of your work. We appear to have similar tastes. Look forward to seeing more of your escapades in the Japan thread.

Sugar Baba

Member #2438
06-30-05, 03:49
Sugar Baba,

Your are my hero. How the hell you got to took all of the wonderful photoes, especially with lots of beautiful chinese girls. Keep up the good job.

QUOTE=Sugar Baba]Appreciate the encouragement. I am an admirer of your work. We appear to have similar tastes. Look forward to seeing more of your escapades in the Japan thread.

Sugar Baba[/QUOTE]

06-30-05, 04:48
Fantastic work, and many thanks on behalf of posters. Just know for every one thankful post there are hundreds who do not write (out of respect that thiss IS a photo gallery.)

Just had to mention how funny I thought it would be if you accidently fell in love with that Fan Dancer.

I laughed my ass off just imagining that earlier today.


Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 01:55
New arrival in town – a mere two days. 19 yr old from Hebei. One of my regular feeders introduced her to me so I can help break her in. A very happy girl who enjoys sex. Sensitive nipples, sensitive body. She would squirm and shake wherever I touched her. Love the newbies.

1. How old are you? 19. Niiiicce. [1,2]
2. Stand up and turn around for me. [3,4,5]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 01:56
1. You look so fresh and clean after the shower. [7]
2. Let me see your nice young body. Don’t be shy. [8,9,10]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 02:10
1. Lie back on the bed. Your so cute. [11]
2. Go ahead, spread your legs for daddy. My my, what a nice furry patch you have. [12]
3. You like to touch yourself? Yes. [13,14,15]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 02:14
1. Ready for a taste? [16,17,18,22,25]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 02:26
1. I’ll stand up. On your knees little one. [26]
2. Oooh. That’s nice. Your rubbing your pursed lips back and forth across my crown. [27]
3. You look so sweet and innocent looking up into my eyes. [29]
4. Start sucking sweety. [31,32]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 02:36
1. Look at the camera while you suck. [34,35,36]
2. Damn, nice suction. [37,38]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 02:44
1. Such a happy little cock sucker. [39]
2. Let me fuck those nice titties of yours. [40,41,43,44]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 08:13
1. Enough titty rub. Your real sweet. I’m going to cum on your face ok? Smile in acceptance. [49]
2. Start pumping her mouth. [50,51,53,54]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 08:19
1. Use that tongue of yours and lick the underside of my shaft. [55,56,58,59]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 08:22
1. Some serious sucking. [61,62,64,66]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 08:27
1. literally fucking her face now. have to stabilize my cock with my hand because of the increased speed. [67,68]
2. pulling out, ready to shoot. [69,70,71]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 08:39
1. First squirt. [73]
2. Dragging the sticky fluid across her lips. [74]
3. Second squirt under her right eye. [76]
4. Seemingly done squirting. She opens her eyes and looks up thinking its over. [77]
5. Third delayed squirt as I rub the head along her cheek. [78]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 08:52
1. Still rubbing and squirting along cheek. [79]
2. Rub some cum on her other cheek. [81,82]
3. She’s happy that I’m happy. [83]

Sugar Baba
07-01-05, 08:55
1. Licking off the residue. [84,85,86,87]

Love the young amateurs who are so willing to please. Will invite this one back for straight fucking next time. Daddy’s too spent and tired to ride you this time.

Sugar Baba
07-02-05, 02:02
Your efforts to post such detailed session sets are most appreciated. It takes a long time to process video, get captures, resize and - most annoyingly - post to the super slow WSG server.

Thank you for the ackowledgment and encouragement. Means that much more coming from a video veteran such as yourself. As for the slow server, maybe Jackson can provide some type of direct upload line, or account, specifically reserved for regularly contributing senior members.

Look forward to seeing more of your fantastic finishes.

Sugar Baba

07-02-05, 10:57
Sugar Baba,

I am curious how much you have to pay these girls, if anything, to let you take all the pics. It never ceases to amaze me how guys do it. Whenever I pull out the camera the girls always cover up or run into the bathroom. What or how much is your secret?


Sugar Baba
07-02-05, 13:57
Sugar Baba,

I am curious how much you have to pay these girls, if anything, to let you take all the pics. It never ceases to amaze me how guys do it. Whenever I pull out the camera the girls always cover up or run into the bathroom. What or how much is your secret?


I pay 300 to 500 for afternoon ST. I haven't had any thus far ask for more because of the photos and video. The secret to getting them to take photos? You have to look gentle, sweet, and innocent so that they can relax and trust you. Of course it helps to have a good command of the local language, because being able to sweet talk them into acceptance is everything.

Most I've paid is 1000 for ST. They were either extremely cooperative, or extremely beautiful.

If the language is difficult, I suggest you practice the puppy dog in the pet shop window look the next time your shaving in front of the mirror. Women are suckers for soft cuddly puppies that are meant to be held.

Sugar Baba

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 09:25
One of my girls I’ve known for nearly a year now. Been with her a total of 5 times. She started getting way too close, wanting me to be her “lao gong.” First time seeing her in over three months. Just as playful as ever, with grade A service.

1. You want me to pose? [1]
2. Lets’ see that cute behind. [2]
3. Your so bad. I’m going to knock that camera out of your hand with this cushion. [3,4]
4. Sit and rest cutie. [6]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 09:36
1. You can’t recognize me with my sunglasses on. [7,9]
2. Let me see that pert little ass. [10,11,12]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 09:48
1. Washed and clean. [13,14,15]
2. A little probing. [17]
3. She likes it. [18]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 09:59
1. On her knees slowly licking me hard. [20,21]
2. She loves to lick my balls. [22,23,24]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 10:11
1. She knows how to suck. [27,29]
2. Kissing the cock she so loves. [31]
3. Deep throat. [35,36]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 10:16
1. Suck and swallow the whole thing. [38,39]
2. Swirling her tongue all over my ass. [42,44,45]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 10:18
1. Putting on the condom with her mouth. [47,48,49,51]
2. First entry. [52]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 10:30
1. Sheer pleasure of that first entry – nothing like it. She aahhss in pleasure. [53,54]
2. She took the camera and shot from above. [55]
3. Straddling and bouncing up and away. [56,57]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 10:36
1. Licking and sucking on my nipple as she rides me hard. [59]
2. Face shots as she’s fucking my brains out on top. Notice the hair flying back and forth across her face. [60,62,63,64]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 10:40
1. Change position. On her back. Slowly entering. [65]
2. She’s really enjoying it. Touching herself. [66,67]
3. Change position. On her side. Helping me guide it in. She really likes this angle of penetration. Maximizes the rub. [69,70]

Sugar Baba
07-05-05, 10:44
1. She’s clamping her hand on my green sheets as I pump into her and squeeze her tit. [72,73]
2. Giving her a little twisting action to the angled entry to evoke a response. [74]
3. Wanted to come on her face but couldn’t hold it. [75]
4. She’s happy that her “lao gong” has cum with such evident pleasure. [76]

07-05-05, 12:50
Sugar Baba. As a long time lurker and long time resident both of this forum and the fine city of Beijing it's impressive to see someone as prolific as you come along!

I shouldn't be wasting space here without a picture but all the more power to you for the massive effort on your part (and the girls) for the posts, considering how long it takes to prepare so many screen captures. Is it possible to post actual video files to this forum? Would make life easier for people such as you and Asian Rain.



07-05-05, 14:28
Sugar Baba,

Your pics are great, but DAMN! Now I gotta get a new monitor.

This one's got stains all over it :)

Sugar Baba
07-06-05, 11:43
Afternoon session with nice pliant Xian girl. The uglier they are the more willing they are to please. Didn’t want to do the sideways tango with this one. Purely built for facial pleasure. Great pair of large Mick Jagger lips. Soft and cushy, perfect for rubbing against my turgid member.

1. How old are you? 21. [1]
2. My what an incredibly ugly outfit. Stand up sweety, let me see more of you. [2]
3. Close up of your face. Not bad. [4]
4. You can hang your clothes over there. [5]

Sugar Baba
07-06-05, 11:48
1. Oooh. See thru panties. Nice. [6,7]
2. Wash well. [8]
3. Look cute enough in the pink towel. [9]

Sugar Baba
07-06-05, 11:51
1. That’s right, cover up the sheets with the towels. [10,11]
2. Sit up, on your knees. [12]
3. Wooe. Pretty hungry there. Slow down little one. No need to chomp down on it so fast. Give me a chance to frame the shot. [13]

Sugar Baba
07-06-05, 11:54
1. Nice deep throat. [14]
2. Tastes good? Mmmgh. [15,16,17,20]

Sugar Baba
07-06-05, 11:55
1. Lightly furred pussy. [21,22]
2. On your back with my cock in your mouth. [23,24]

Sugar Baba
07-06-05, 11:57
1. Ready to shoot. Just pulling out of her mouth. [29]
2. She’s getting ready with the receiving facial pose. Look at those full pouty lips. [30]
3. Lick the head as I beat off with my left hand. I should improve my ambidexterity. [31,33]

Sugar Baba
07-06-05, 11:59
1. First large squirt. One stream goes all the way up to the hairline on her forehead. [35]
2. Second quirt. Clogs up both of her nostrils. [36]
3. Third squirt. Little in her mouth and rest on her left cheek. [37,38]
4. Fourth squirt. On her upper lip, little more in her open receptive mouth. [39]

Sugar Baba
07-06-05, 12:09
1. Rubbing my cock back and forth across her thick lips. Draining the last drops. [41,42]
2. Last few squeezes for lagging swimmers. [43,44]
3. She’s wiped her face with the Kleenex, and giving me a big happy smile as I comment on how radiant her skin looks after being moisturized with my cum. [45]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 12:19
I love Northeast girls. They are so big boned, and energetic. 23 yo from Harbin. This one was not camera shy at all. She was eager to participate in her first homemade porno. Will definitely invite this one back for more kinky stuff. She’s open for anything. My kind of gal.

1. Pose and turn. [1,2]
2. Peace to you too. [3]
3. Off with your clothes. [4,5]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 12:22
1. Nice and chubby, without being fat. [6,7,8,9]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 12:32
1. On the bed tweaking her nipples. [8a,10]
2. Checking out her privates, make sure there are no strange bumps or lesions. [11]
3. Happy little cocksucker. Smiling as she blows me. [12]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 13:33
1. Use both hands to rub the weiner as you suck. [14]
2. Look at the camera. [15,16,17]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 13:36
1. Good energetic ball licker and sucker. [18,19,20]
2. Inverted face fuck. [21]
3. So romantic, holding hands as I fuck her face. [23]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 13:40
1. Straddling her face. [24,25,26,27]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 13:51
1. Pulled out and beating off as she licks the head and uses her pursed lips to rub back and forth along the underside of the crown. [28,29]
2. Swimmers away!! [30]
3. Straight into her mouth. [31]
4. Up her nostril. [32]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 13:53
1. Nostril and upper lip shot. [33]
2. Shoot shoot. [34]
3. Rub along her lips, make sure more swimmers enter her mouth. [37]
4. She’s smiling as I groan in pleasure. Mind you, a pro that can smile with a mouth full of cum. [38,39]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 14:00
1. Purses her lips together as she oozes out some of the cum from her mouth. [40,41]
2. Rub the just oozed cum along her lips and chin. [42]
3. She’s sort of smiling/grimacing. Just involuntarily swallowed some swimmers. [43]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 14:02
1. Make sure to get more of that swim team out. Second ooze. [44,45]
2. Rub more of those swimmers on her lip. [46a]
3. She opens her mouth to get some air – notice the stringy cum from top to bottom lip. [47a]
4. Rub more sticky stuff on her chin. [48a]

Sugar Baba
07-08-05, 14:04
1. More stringy cum trails from cockhead to chin. [49a,50a]
2. Last combination smile/grimace as she sees how happy I am. She still has some cum in her mouth at this point. She spits out into Kleenex as she gets up. Quite a gal. [51]

07-08-05, 18:01
Would it be possible to post your photo's slightly bigger? They have the size of a poststamp no, and its difficult to enjoy them on that size.

Thanks :-D

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 06:03
You can’t deny the benefits of youth. My little 19 year old has come back for a second visit with baba. Sooo cute, and so energetic. Love pounding into the young things. She worked hard and had me cum twice. Another one to keep around for a little while.

1. Your hair looks nice that way. [1,2]
2. Off with your clothes. [3,4,5]

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 06:09
1. You have a nice body. [6,7,8]
2. All clean and ready. You look so cute. [9]
3. Look up cutie, as your fondling my tool. [11]

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 06:13
1. Pose again for me under the good light. [12,13]
2. Start sucking. [14,15]
3. Look at the suction she’s getting. [16]

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 06:19
1. Wider angle of her on her knees. [17]
2. Me on my back, she’s using her hand and sucking like crazy. [18]
3. Time to ride. Hop on baby. [19]
4. Nice tits for fondling as she moves on top. [20,22]

07-12-05, 08:02
Suga Baba,

I cannot wait for your DVD series "The man with the ugly green sheets, fucks 'em all"

Let us know when it is available in stores.

Shame you cannot upload movie files.

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 10:54
1. She’s oohing as she rides me. [23]
2. On her back and in a little pain. [24,25]
3. Burrowing into that nice moist dark valley. [26]

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 10:59
1. She’s on her side. She's never tried this angle before. Seems to like it. [27,28]
2. Giving her what she likes. [29]
3. More ooohing. [30]
4. More screaming. [31]

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 11:01
1. Doggy style shot from the side. [32]
2. Framed from behind. Look at her nicely puckered anus. Will do that next time. [33]
3. Ended up with her on her side again as I unloaded. [34]

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 11:02
1. After a 30 minute rest went at it again. She was sore so she wanted to suck me off and have me cum on her face. My kind of gal. [35]
2. Pulling out, getting ready to beat off. [36]
3. Beating the meat as she nibbles, licks, and suckles on the head. [37,38]
4. My hand is a blur as I beat the meat savagely. Wondering if I’m ever going to cum. [39]

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 11:04
1. Finally, first squirt. [40]
2. Second. [41]
3. Third. [42]
4. Fourth. [43]
5. Rubbing residuals. [44]

Sugar Baba
07-12-05, 11:07
1. Rubbing more on her face. [45,46]
2. She smiles as she hears me continuing to groan. [47]
3. Last little rub on her breasts as I move off of her. [48]

Rare to find such natural talent in one so young.

Asian Rain
07-12-05, 15:31
SB, Another superior quality post. Seeing those firm perky tits and that smiling sugar-coated face warmed my heart. You really get those girls to perform! AR+

S Times
07-14-05, 06:17
1. Rubbing more on her face. [45,46]
2. She’s smiles as she hears me continuing to groan. [47]
3. Last little rub on her breasts as I move off of her. [48]

Rare to find such natural talent in one so young.Hey Sugar baba,

Can you post more pics of the girl on her own? Preferrabley in her birthday suits.

Member #4038
07-14-05, 07:57
I agree with Douglas.

Besides laughing my ass off when seeing sheets like the green one, I would also encourage we all make a petition to Jackson and convince Sugar to change a new sheet to add to the already near-perfect posts.

Not sure how come Sugar manage to use that same green sheet for all the series, but assume he must have more than one green sheet.

Correct me folks, looks like the bed with the green sheets is solely for mongering by Sugar. Any comments on Sugar's mongering STUDIO?

Again keep "em" coming. Thanks for all the good posts.

Thanks, she's a hottie. I do have to say, however...when I am in China next ... if I am in some Department Store and see any sheets that look like those green ones, I will do two things:

1) Laugh my ass off

2) Buy the set - auction it on eBay, or just use for good luck.

Keep 'em cumming. More of that 19 yr old would be great.


Sugar Baba
07-16-05, 06:24
My laopo wanna be visited with me yesterday. She tricked me into inviting her over by saying she had a 17 yr old girl friend she wanted to introduce to me. After making arrangements to meet, she informed me her friend was having her period, would I mind if she can and serviced me instead. Need to keep my distance, but decided I needed to get a facial with her on tape anyway, so had her drop by the shag pad.

1. Aaahh, its so cool and comfortable in your apartment. [1]
2. Sit up and look pretty for me. [2]
3. Undress. [4,5]
4. Give me some attitude. [6]

Sugar Baba
07-16-05, 06:32
1. Sitting on her haunches after laying out the towel on the forever green sheets. [7]
2. Relaxed and reclined. [8]
3. Start with breast feeding. [9]
4. Followed by ear licking and sucking. [10]
5. Work slowly down to leg and inner thigh licking. [11]

Sugar Baba
07-16-05, 06:44
1. Lapping her broad tongue on my scrotum. Hen shufu. [13]
2. Stabbing her tongue into my rectum. [14]
3. Sucking hard. Deep throating. [15,16,17]

Sugar Baba
07-16-05, 06:53
1. Going Russian. [18,19]
2. Give her a mouthful. [20,21,22]

Sugar Baba
07-16-05, 06:55
1. Adjust the pillow to better support her head for deeper entry into her esophagul canal. [26,23,24,25]

Sugar Baba
07-16-05, 07:11
1. Pull out, ready to dump my load. [28]
2. Pounding the meat as she opens her mouth and emits sexy anticipatory whimpering moans. [29]
3. First little squirt next to her right nostril. [30]
4. Big squirt over right eye. [31]
5. Squirt and drag the cum across her nose. [32]

Sugar Baba
07-16-05, 07:14
1. Second bigger squirt right on her left eye. [33]
2. Cum dribbles down her left cheek from the eye squirt. She blocks with her hand, trying to keep the trail from flowing down her neck. [34,35]
3. Licking the head. Tasting the warm and salty juice. [36,37]

Sugar Baba
07-16-05, 07:17
1. Licking the eyelet to scoop out drops with her tongue. [38,39]
2. My xiao didi jerks and jumps in appreciation of the licking, depositing last little bit on her lower lip and tongue. [40]
3. She smiles as I praise her for how well she has pleasured her lao gong. [41]
4. Nothing quite as uniquely beautiful as a woman with streams of glistening cum on her face. [42]

Sugar Baba
07-20-05, 15:17
A little Kunming beauty I’ve known for four years now. She’s still in good shape. Gives an excellent full body oil rub/massage. Her well oiled tits rubbing up and down the back is an experience that every man should have at least once in their lifetime. First time ever taking video. She was really shy. Worried that mom and dad would find out what she’s been doing in Beijing all these years. BBBJ and COF only, because from past recollection, her canal had become wider with the years. She is a happy cocksucker, very skilled at her trade.

A word for those who deem my photo series to be a bit boring; I tend to enjoy viewing the subtle nuances of each frame, the slight turn of the lip, the changed shape of distended lips, the range of concavity of cheeks engaged in vigorous suction. To the eye that is not concerned with detail, the sequential images may appear the same, but to those like me who enjoy the subtleties - sit back and enjoy.

1. Do you have to take video? [2]
2. Giggling with delight after doing her pirouette for me. [3]
3. Turn slower this time. Let me get a shot of your nice round bottom. [4]
4. Off with your cloths. [5]
5. Nice g-string. [6]

Sugar Baba
07-20-05, 15:21
1. Your breasts are still so pert and plump. [7]
2. Covering the green sheets so that they won’t get spoiled. [8]
3. Nice pin up pose. [9]
4. Suck away. [10,11]

Sugar Baba
07-20-05, 15:24
1. She has nice dark sultry eyes. [12]
2. Looking up as she is about to burst out in laughter from the novelty of making a homemade porno. [13]
3. All happy smiles for my gaoxing cocksucker. [14]
4. Look at those eyes. Dark and beautiful as she licks the head. [15]
5. Eyes again as she swallows the shaft. [16]

Sugar Baba
07-20-05, 15:26
1. On her back using her long dextrous tongue to swirl around the head. [17]
2. More swirling of the tongue as she gives me a half closed bedroom eyes look. [19]
3. Face looks so different with a cock shoved half way down the throat. [20]
4. Happy happy little cocksucker. [21]
5. A little bit of rub-a-dub-dub on her breasts. [22]

Sugar Baba
07-20-05, 15:29
1. More happy looks. [23]
2. Looking a bit more serious as she licks and sucks the undershaft. [24]
3. Swallowing the whole thing. [25]
4. Picking up the pace, using my hand to stabilize the in and out as I fuck her face. [26,27]

Sugar Baba
07-20-05, 15:34
1. Pulling out to beat the meat. [29]
2. Beating the beast as she uses her tongue to lap up the pre-cum from the underside of the head. [30]
3. First shot. Always so exquisitely painful. [31]
4. Second shot on her right eye. [32]
5. She smiles as she is surprised by how warm and sticky the cum feels on her face. [33]

Sugar Baba
07-20-05, 15:36
1. Rubbing more cum on her cheeks. [34]
2. She’s really happy, enjoying the experience. [36]
3. She’s a good girl. She’s lapping up the cum still seeping from the eyelet. [37]
4. She’s an even better girl. She’s sucking me dry. [39,40]

Sugar Baba
07-20-05, 15:38
1. Spitting/bubbling out the cum that she sucked out of me. [41,42,43]
2. What a gal. She’s giving me a final lick and suck to make sure she’s got it all. [44,45]

Happy cocksucker indeed.

Member #3003
07-20-05, 20:21
Sugar Baba, keep it up.

Sugar Baba
07-21-05, 05:36
My eager little 19 yo visited with me yesterday. I just can’t say no whenever they take the initiative and contact me first. She was extremely shy and cautious this session. She must have been having second thoughts about allowing video to memorialize our meetings. No cum to conclusion this time. Battery ran out from taking a lot of video of slow intimate girl friend cuddle and play scenes. She’s starting to get a little too close. Will probably need to adjust frequency of meetings with this one. Not tired of her yet though, and she is one of those rare gems who really enjoys having sex.

1. Don’t be shy. You look so pretty in your Wal-Mart dress. [1]
2. Such a nice dress, such silky smooth thighs. Lets’ look underneath that dress of yours. Oh my, cute little panties. [3,4,6]

Sugar Baba
07-21-05, 05:44
1. Still shy? [7]
2. Ok, time to strip. [8,9]
3. Your ass looks good enough to bite in those see through panties. [10]
4. Nice shadow of the bush beneath the panties. [11]

Sugar Baba
07-21-05, 06:06
1. Off with your bra. [12]
2. Love your titties. [13,14]
3. Hao, lets take a picture together. I’ll flip the screen so we can see ourselves on camera. [15]
4. Give daddy a kiss. [16]

**taking too damn long to upload. think its my isp. not as slow when i upload at home. will try later.

John Kallie
07-21-05, 06:55
Hi Sugar Baba,

We very much appreciates all the photos you are posting. But please, make them bigger in size man!

Sugar Baba
07-21-05, 07:06
1. Fondle that tit of yours. Still shy? [17,18]
2. Rub your nipple, its getting so hard. [19]
3. Hiding your titties, you playful little tart. [20]
4. Fondling me as she looks at herself on screen. [21]

Sugar Baba
07-21-05, 07:23
1. Looking up for approval. [22]
2. Relaxing on the couch, getting harder as she slowly fondles my member. [23]
3. Time to go down on daddy. [24,25]
4. Happy to see me so excited. [26]

Sugar Baba
07-21-05, 07:30
1. Me playing with her tits as she strokes me. [27]
2. Using both hands to rub the top of the head with her finger. Like rubbing a magic lantern, waiting for the genie to cum out. [28]
3. Kissing my cock as she’s seated on the couch. [29]
4. Sucking sideways. [30]
5. Rub her nipple with the rubbery cockhead. She licks her lips and makes little oohhing sounds. Her nips are really sensitive. [31]

Sugar Baba
07-21-05, 07:51
1. More happy shots of her fondling me. [32]
2. Using her pinky finger nail – raking it up and down my shaft and surrounding areas ever so lightly. Quite a new sensation. [33,34,35]
3. Cowgirl straddling. Just as she’s entering. [36]

Sugar Baba
07-21-05, 07:54
1. She’s riding me good. Look at her engorged nipple. She really enjoys the curvature of my cock. [37]
2. Side view of my cowgirl. [38]
3. Stabbed into her with a little extra thrust of the hips. [39]
4. She’s in a nice rhythm, we’re both enjoying the ride. [40,41]

Changed positions with me on top. Went real slow, with 20 accelrated thrusts ending in a very pleasurable release for both of us. Her face and chest were flushed red as she came with me this time. Not a good sign when they start cumming with you. Definitely starting to get too close.

Sugar Baba
07-21-05, 08:26

Apparently you aren't fucking her on your green sheets bed in the "video room". You actually fuck this girl on white sheets with pink gingham comforter. Did you not even make her put down a towel to cover the sheets? I think you might be in love.

She is also the only one who has been allowed to rub your Buddha belly, so maybe it is true love.

She is hot though!

PS. You might want to edit pic 27, it has quite a bit of a face shot of you.


Thanks for the heads up on securing anonymity.

Definitely a potential GF problem. Cuddling and fondling was done on the couch, with the good ole in and out faithfully completed on my patent green sheets.

Love sex too much to ever fall in love with any one girl. Too many girls yet to fuck, with seemingly so few hours in each day. Definitely need to get into better shape so I can keep on pumpin well past 80.

Happy in paradise,

Sugar Baba

New SH Goer
07-21-05, 09:11
S B,

Keep it up. They are all great photos! I envy you so much that you could have had some many pretty babes. How did you get them?

07-21-05, 09:43

Wow, your tits are almost as nice as hers!

07-21-05, 10:32
Hey SB,

I really enjoy your pics. Just curious, do you speak Chinese? Any helpful pointers for us newbies?

07-21-05, 17:50
SB, I like #39.....I always enjoy those painful faces of the girls I am having business with....

07-21-05, 19:57
What you need really Sugar Baba, is something invented one hundred years ago, it is called "cimema". Your little pink images would appear more lively. Why don't you create your own web site or have Jackson opening you a video thread aside ? I must admit I nearly fell asleep scolling down the douzen of little stamp size polaroids. SB, you are an artist, you deserve a better, separate thread of your own.

07-21-05, 22:49
Sugar Baba,

You really keep this thread rocking.

Keep up the good work.

07-23-05, 05:53

You are my man. It is only people like you that keep this thread alive and interesting. Forget about some smart ass comments and I applaud Asian Rain's comment in 'Perspective on Pic Posting'. Please keep providing pictures of your escapade. I am looking forward to this.


Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 09:12
My laopo wannabe finally introduced me to her friend. She appears to be approximately 23 to 25, judging from the underbrush and skin tone. The gal sells clothes at one of the main shopping centers here in Beijing. Not very skilled, but a fabulous fuck in terms of enthusiasm and level of personal enjoyment she is able to derive from having sex. Was a major effort in getting these vidcaps. She was reluctant to take video from the start, but I was able to convince her to play along. After all was done, she sat stony faced as she asked me to erase the video. She didn’t want money, she just wanted me to erase the video. “I’m not leaving until you erase it. ” All my sweet talk was to no avail. Erasing would take too long so I took out the cassette and proceeded to stomp on it and break it into little pieces. She was satisfied. Still wanted to give her money but she proudly refused. After about five minutes my laopo wannabe called. “The little girl is outside in the elevator lobby crying. You shouldn’t have taken the video, this is the first time she’s done this sort of thing. ” Went out to the lobby and gave her the undeserved fee of 500. “Bu hao yisi. Will make sure you are satisfied next time. ” Snowballs chance in hell. She left happy.

Went back and rummaged through the garbage can and salvaged the two spools of video. Went to the store, bought a new tape, and became a video splicer extraordinaire. What a chore. I must really enjoy this video hobby of mine to go to such lengths. Was worth the effort though. Captured on video the painful pounding I gave the little amateur. If I had known she was going to be such trouble, I would have increased the angles and the pace in order to cause her even more pain/pleasure. She had a little blood residue as she wiped herself at the end. Fucked her good and raw.

1. Liplock scenes are somewhere in the gargbage can. Just me giving her a peck on the cheek, trying to get her to relax. [1]
2. Been sweet talking her continually. She looks at me with the “do you really think I’m pretty” look. [2]
3. Unbuttoning my shirt. [3]
4. Breast feeding. [4, 5]

Don't know whats going on. Way too slow on upload.

Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 16:35
1. Pulls out my xiao didi and starts stroking it. “Aaahh, ting piaoliang.” [6]
2. Putting it into her mouth. [7]
3. Using her hand to stroke as she sucks. [8]
4. Ok, get up and undress for me. [9]
5. Nice g-string. [10]

Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 16:39
1. Turn so I can see you. [11]
2. You’re so pretty. You look like a little mermaid with your curly locks covering your breasts. [12]
3. Strike a pose, don’t be shy. [13,14]
4. On the bed with towel in place. [15]

Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 16:45
1. Renaissance full bodied girl. Plump without being fat. [16]
2. Rear view as she crawls across the bed to get to the condoms in the bedstand drawer. [17,18,19]
3. On her knees. [20]

Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 16:49
1. Sucking energetically, but not very skilled. [21]
2. Biting my testicular sac. [22]
3. Different angle of BBBJ. [23,24]
4. She’s tired of sucking, just stroking me as she asks me to put it in her. [25]

Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 16:54
1. First slow entry. She’s tight. [26]
2. Her facial expression on the second stroke after first entry. [27]
3. She’s squatting over me so she can have full control as she rides me. [28]
4. Love the facial expressions. [29,30]

Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 16:58
1. More facial expressions as she is on top. She’s really picking up the pace and making these whimpering, moaning, crying sounds. Total turn on. [31,32]
2. Change positions, going doggy. [34,36,37]

Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 17:05
1. Have her on her back. Ready to enter that tight little pussy. [38]
2. She looks down as I slowly enter her. [39]
3. It feels good, but starting to hurt a little. [40,41]
4. Another shot of me shoving it in. [42]

Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 17:09
1. Hurting her a bit more. [43]

2. Hurting a little bit more, but not really bad yet. She’s only lightly clutching the pillow. [44]

3. Change position to the sideways corkscrew entry. [45]

4. She’s hurting much more now. Notice how she's really clamping down on the pillow. [47]

5. She’s yelling, crying, whimpering – getting me super hard and excited. Look at that ass as I pump into her. Exquisite. [48]

Sugar Baba
07-23-05, 17:14
1. Using a little rotating motion plus increased angle. Really screaming now. [49,50,51,52] Apologize for the slightly blurred vidcaps, I was really pumping into her fast and furious, hard to get caps that were still enough for better clarity.

2. All done. Rubber is intact, and I’ve got a big smile on my face. [53]

07-23-05, 18:26
Bravo! Bravo!

KL Guy
07-23-05, 19:00
My laopo wannabe finally introduced me to her friend. She appears to be approximately 23 to 25, judging from the underbrush and skin tone. Hi SBB,

Firstly I wish to say thank you to you for keeping this photo thread so alive & vibrant with your contributions, however I urge you & Asian Rain all others to continue irregardless of negative comments made, however I'm glad that you took the trouble to reedit your posting to explain that the girl looked more 'approximately 23 to 25, judging from the underbrush and skin tone.'

I have had the experiance once being told by a mamasan that the particular girl I had the pleasure of spending a nite with in Guangxi in China was legal age but when she was naked indeed she was way beyond her legal age & I was proven right when I asked to see her ID.

Anyway guys give our dear friend here & others a break and if you really do not like thier pictures please avoid opening any of thier postings and allow the rest of us to 'enjoy' and envy our dear friends taste of colour in his wonderful green bedsheet. Hehehehehe just had to rub it in!

Cheers all! ;)

Ontario Boy
07-24-05, 19:12
1. Hurting her a bit more. [43]

2. Hurting a little bit more, but not really bad yet. She’s only lightly clutching the pillow. [44]

3. Change position to the sideways corkscrew entry. [45]

4. She’s hurting much more now. Notice how she's really clamping down on the pillow. [47]

5. She’s yelling, crying, whimpering – getting me super hard and excited. Look at that ass as I pump into her. Exquisite. [48]The attached quote is from one of SB's recent posts I have copied it entirely. with no edits. Please read the above very carefully and decide for yoursel. is this the type of person you want to be envious of. - hurting- crying whimpering - etc. SB's pictures may not be the only thing he gets off on. I definetely will not be opening any of his posts anymore but SB you need help man!

07-25-05, 01:49
Take a chill pill,Ontario Guy. Do exactly what you state by not opening the pics SB. As far as SB needing help, I don't feel you are qualified to make that judgement.

Gualtier Malde
07-25-05, 01:53
I've got to say I've enjoyed most of SB's photos. And I'm sure I'll keep opening them. And I've posted a couple of photos myself, so I've earned my keep here, at least a little (and I'll be posting more, next trip).

However, if a lady asks, no, *begs* with tears in her eyes to have the video destroyed, and then SB still posts, the photos, *with* her face showing - that is the mark of a true, unadulterated, complete asshole. Of course, while he so callously posts her face, he is quick to hide his own chickenshit, worthless identity.

I think it is within bounds to criticize someone who so blatently abuses the wishes of these ladies, who are, after all, human beings.

SB, I don't mind if you keep posting, but hey, show at least a little respect for the wishes of the lady.

The Producer
07-25-05, 02:14
How easy it is to fool fools and how strange some people's obsessions are. The many posts by SB are a con and many of you are falling for it. If he had some imagination he would have found a porno flick that had different backgrounds.

OK SB so prove me wrong, post a picture that has something specific in it, how about getting a packet of cigs and putting it near your famous green sheets, see if you can blow some of that load onto the packet of cigs as your imagination is letting loose on the women.

Lets get back to the genuine pictures. When I get to China early in the new year I will post some proper pics and with any luck they will not be buried in the hundreds of porno clip captures that SB is posting.

07-25-05, 07:14
The attached quote is from one of SB's recent posts I have copied it entirely. with no edits. Please read the above very carefully and decide for yoursel. is this the type of person you want to be envious of. - hurting- crying whimpering - etc. SB's pictures may not be the only thing he gets off on. I definetely will not be opening any of his posts anymore but SB you need help man!I haven't open any of his thread for a while now and learend how to use the scroll bar on the right real well. Do not know the impact of the narratives he used upon fun seeking brothers in China but I am not feel good about it. I do not have enough clinical psychology knowledge to make a judgement but such descriptions were just not my cup of tea.

Lao Ma
07-25-05, 08:26
SB's great with the camera, no doubt. I don't think he is forcing himself or his ways on any girls either, unlike some of the mongers on the USA site.

My only comment would be that when a girl says no to pictures, I'd honor her request. If I can't be a gentleman who can be trusted, even with a hooker, then I'm pretty worthless. But that's just my personal ethics. Carry on.

Sugar Baba
07-25-05, 13:55
Big boned Harbin provider serviced me this afternoon. Nothing like a good Monday afternoon release after a seemingly unending morning of headache filled meetings. Harbin gal is just so eager to please me, continually asking me what she should do to give me the most pleasure. Attitude equal to none.

1. Pose for me. [1,2]
2. Unzip my pants and take it out. [3]
3. Into your mouth. [4]
4. Look at the camera. [5]

Sugar Baba
07-25-05, 13:56
1. Undress. [6,7]
2. You really like touching your breasts don’t you. [8]
3. Do you like touching yourself? Show me how you play with yourself in the dark. [9,10]

Sugar Baba
07-25-05, 14:00
1. At this rate she’s going to cum all over my blue towel. Really getting off on masturbating as I record. [11]
2. On your knees. [13,14]
3. Me on my back as she sucks and licks my balls. [15]
4. Looking at me as she sucks. [16]

Sugar Baba
07-25-05, 14:07
1. Sheathed and about to enter the dark kingdom. [17]
2. Pointy nipple view as I’m entering. [18]
3. Reaction after second and third stroke. [19]
4. She really likes to touch her own breasts. [20]
5. Penetrated to the hilt. [21]