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01-01-04, 02:00
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Plain Hungry
01-01-04, 10:11
Many years ago on an Asian business trip, my employer abruptly sent me to BK to look into an emergency situation with an account there.

I didn't expect to be there, so I was unprepared. Asked a cabby to take me to a decent, but reasonable hotel. I didn't haggle with him and was delighted with Hotel price. Hindsight I probably overpaid, but the dollar was so strong!

I wandered the area, eventually let some tout show me to a girl. Later I found a TG on my own. (actually she found me).

Next Day I stopped in some bar for a cold one. That's when I got educated on the bar girl system. Too late, I had a plane to catch.

The too few hours I strolled around mongering and finding food etc, convinced me that this was paradise...I shall return (dream).

IMHO I would have benifitted from a service like Globotto's. Sure I got laid, but it was a sloppy disorganized effort.

Thanks to WSG, I'd do better next time. But I'd still consider having him show me a few things, just to get me started.

You guys are LOS experts, I offer a rookie's perspective.

01-01-04, 17:42
Good news for those who are from the states and need to call home, the new 9 baht per minute rate for calls Thailand to the United States is in effect now. And it works on cell phones too, so the cost was just cut by more than half.

01-03-04, 00:57

I'll be in BKK and then Pattaya beginning 17Jan for 1 month(1st trip) and I just started to research rates and calling options to the US. How do I get the Bt9 per min. rate?

I've considered buying a cheap cell phone(just for use in Thailand) at MBK if I have to but would prefer the cheap way (if it actually is) by calling from my hotel room phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks up front.

01-03-04, 03:57
SexReview, can you elaborate on the 9 baht per minute call? is it a calling card? where do i buy it?



01-03-04, 09:42
The cheapest way I found to call the USA is to purchase a calling card from Sam's/Costco. You look for the yellow international dialing phones on streets and in hotels. The top right button will connect you directly to AT&T in the states, then follow the prompts.

01-03-04, 11:14

In a effect for Thailand to build its position as a business center the Long Distance carrier for Thailand (Government Controled) has cut the long distance rate to 9 baht for calls to the USA. If you have a cell phone with Thai service; Orange, 1, 2 call, etc you will get this rate. Or if you have a land line in your name the same is true, but using hotel or pay phones they are free to charge a higher rate it they want.


Using a Costco Calling card (MCI) you get 60 minutes for $20.00, which is not a bad deal but 9 baht per minute ($0.23) is a much better rate.

The internet cafes offer 20 baht per minute which is about the same as the Cosco/Sams calling cards.


01-03-04, 19:48
Sex Review,
Sorry buddy, I don't know what Costco you shop at, but last November I bought my AT&T 650 minute pre-paid calling card for $19.95 plus tax. How much a minute is it now?

01-03-04, 21:16

Did that AT&T 650 card actually give you 650 minutes from Thailand? In the past from my experience, the AT&T cards were the stated amount of minutes for domestic U.S. phone calls but 10 times that rate for calls to and from Thailand.

I have a couple that state 2.9 cents per minute but were 29 cents per minute when I called from Thailand.

01-03-04, 21:38

You are right the cards say 670 minutes with a * on the front, but if you take the time to read the fine print on the back that rate is the lowest USA rate available for calls within the USA. It assumes no payphone surcharge and also states the Max telco rate of $2.99 per minute.

Which would give you about 60 minutes of calling time. The fact is that the new Thai rate is lower, I have the Costco (MCI) Prepaid Card, I have ATT, and Sprint and they all want more than the new rate. I'm in Thailand now and the lowest cost, and least hassle is when using my cell phone with a 1, 2 call sim card.


01-04-04, 10:02
I had about 10 minutes left on my card and I made a 3 minute call to the U.S. from the yellow international phone in the lobby of the Nana hotel. I then placed a second call and the recording said I had 7 minutes left on my card. They tell you how many minutes you have left before they connect you. To verify my experience, why doesn't- Sex Review - just make a call to the U.S. and tell us how many minutes were charged to his pre-paid card.

01-05-04, 00:00

Did the phone have an AT&T Direct button? I have noticed that those telephones do allow you to get the stated amount of minutes on the card. It's just like you are dialing from the US.

01-05-04, 03:58
Yes, just like I said 7 posts previous. It's the top right button above the numbers.

01-06-04, 21:28

At first glance it appears the title should read 60 DAY TOURIST VISA. I am still pinching myself trying to figure out if I am dreaming. It appears I am awake as I sit here looking at the stamp I got in my passport today.

Yesterday I met with an honorary member of the Royal Thai Consulate and today I have a multiple entry tourist visa that is good for 180 days. I didn’t think a tourist visa could be acquired for such a long stay, but apparently it can.

I asked the guy repeatedly, “Does this mean I can stay in Thailand for 60 days before I have to leave the country, but I can keep coming back for six months?”

He says, “No, it means you can stay longer than 60 days.”

I say, “But I didn’t think it was possible to get a tourist visa for that long.”

He says, “You got it buddy.”

I say, “Can I come back to you and get another one when I return to the USA in six months”

He says, “Sure thing.”

I walk out of his office with a huge ass smile on my face.

It only cost me 50 bucks USD. I gotta pinch myself again. Hmmm . . . I’m still here and so is this visa in my wallet. Hell, I didn’t even have to give the guy any pictures. All I handed him was the application form hand written in blue ink by Jesus!

It reads as follows:



No. 1/2004
Category: “TR”
Good for multiple journey(s)
to Thailand. This visa must be
used before JUL 05 2004
if passport is still valid.
Issued on JAN 05 2005

It is stamped with a red seal that says ROYAL THAI CONSULATE – GENERAL in both English and Thai. There is another red stamp that says FEE PAID in both English and Thai.

Pinch, pinch, pinch . . . It’s still there!

Has anyone ever heard of a 180 DAY MULTIPLE ENTRY TOURIST VISA before? I still can’t believe it!


01-06-04, 21:44

To answer your question what you have is two visas that are good for 60 days each, (really 59 days). When you enter the country if you list the visa number on the Thai entry card they will give you a stamp for 59 days, if you don't want to leave after the 59 days you can apply to extend your visa. The fee is 1900 baht, this must be done before the 59 days is up, and they will give you 30 days more in most cases. Somethings you can apply for another extention for 1900 baht more but they will only give you 10 days or so, if anything at all.

Then you must leave the country, just step out and back in and you can start over again with your second visa. You purchased two of them for your $50.00, you must use them within six months or they become worthless. And yes anyone can get the same visas by paying the fees.


01-06-04, 21:52

That sounds logical, so they enforce the 60 day rule at entry time then?

I queried the Consulate member with all kinds of questions, but he didn't know much. I asked him about Student visas (which he knew nothing about). Eventually he said, "I'm not one to ask many questions as I don't know too much about all this. I issue non-immigrant visas, tourist visas, and transit visas. My services to the consulate are limited to that."

It's highly possible (I guess), that he didn't know to inform me about the slip of paper that says, "60 days", upon arrival.

Anyway, my visa says multiple journeys (no numerical limit specified) which I assume means I can run it for the full 180 days right?
If that is true then it looks like I got a third 60 day visa as a bonus (assuming my flight to Thailand is tomorrow, which it's not, it's JAN 26).

From what you have told me so far, I gather that I could ask for a visa that lasts a year, has six entries/exits (360/60) that would cost me $150? Am I correct to assume that from what you have said?

Thanks for your comments on this matter. I've never applied for a visa before (painfully obvious I think), as I have always used the 30 day automatic version upon entry to Thailand, or any place else for that matter.


01-06-04, 22:34
I'm curious on how busy Bangkok or the rest of Thailand is during the month of July? Will it be really quiet because it's off season?


01-07-04, 03:32

You could asked for a third or fourth visa on the multi entry tourist visa together but they will not give it to you, and it would not help you. Any visa given to you under that program must be used with six months, so two is just about all you could use within that time period.

The year long visa is not a tourist visa but a non-immigrate visa and that is a higher type of visa to get. Remember the Kingdom doesn't want you to live in the country unless you are of retirement age or have big money, so longer visa are not looked at very well by them.

Thailand wants you to come spend lots of money and go home.


01-07-04, 04:39
On visas,

The Thai consulate in LA has a fine website with all the rules and regulations for anyone applying for a visa.
Go check it out!

01-07-04, 17:46
Hey PosterLion,

Which consulate did you go to? I will be in the LOS and Cambodia for a coupl months from mid April. That multiple entry sounds good. Does anyone know if I actually really need it or will going to cambo for a week or two and then coming back just start me all over for 30 days again, and then to Burma and back and new visa? Will multiple entry be better?

Hey FreakFunk,

July will be fine. I was last in the LOS in August and before that it was in April-May. It was SARS time and quiet but still much fun to be had. Dont worry. After the high season it slows but doesnt stop. Just less competition for you!

01-09-04, 07:26
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I can provide Thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

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Contact me via a private message by clicking PM button below.

Pay $20 to my Paypal account and I will call you and answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge in a 40 minute telephone conversation via Bangkok so you can pre-plan your trip.

EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

01-13-04, 09:44
Well Guys,

Today could be the day that changes the game here in Thailand forever. The Cabnet is meeting today and voting on a new rule to limitied entertainment places; Go Go Bars, Pool Halls, Bars, Massage, Internet, etc to the hours of 6pm to midnight. The guy behind this is the same guy who changed the bar closings from 3:00 to 2:00 a few years ago. It is a wait and see game now.


01-13-04, 10:54
On the news today, the Australian government has warned Aussies to defer non essential travel to Thailand in particular the 3 provinces in the south. Apparently they are concerned about impending terrorist threats. Just try and be vigilant guys. I know it's difficult but, I was in Hatyai a couple of years ago when a bomb went off outside a hotel. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

And if the terrorists were ever going to strike Bangkok, they'd probably do it at either Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. Considering the number of foriegners, in particular the americans who go there. Not trying to scare anyone, just thought you'd like to know what's going on because it's very rare for the Aussie government to react like this.

Joe Zop
01-13-04, 15:38
It's worth noting that this kind of thing has been going on for 500 years or so -- Thai Buddhists crushed a Muslim uprising in the region the same time the American revolutionary war was going on, for example, -- but it certainly seems to be escalating again.

There was an attack on a Thai army camp last week in Narathiwat province that left four soldiers dead, and more than a hundred assault rifles were stolen. This was followed by a string of bombings in the area, killing two Thai police officers and a military crackdown has been called for in the area. Supposedly Malaysia has caught some of the assailants, and Thailand has arrested some, but there are clearly still issues, and a successful attack on a military base is a huge embarrassment for the Thais, who have never reacted particularly well to this kind of thing and don't appear to be doing so now. Their reaction -- doing things like dragging students out of schools to be photographed or fingerprinted and using dogs (considered unclean by Muslims) for searches -- has caused a lot of Muslim teachers to flee to Malaysia for fear of being branded as terrorists and is only likely to further escalate the tension and unrest.

I wouldn't be worried about other places in LOS, really, as the history of the Pattani separatist movement in the south has remained localized, but there's definitely some cause for caution right now in the far south.

01-13-04, 15:40

I found the honorary consulate member that issued my visa from the Royal Thai Embassy, Washington DC web site: http://www.thaiembdc.org/index.htm

There is a comprehensive list in the directory section of the embassy/consulate member nearest you. I printed the form, filled it out, and trotted down to his office (no line - I was the only person there). I dropped the application off with his secretary and went back the next day to pick it up, viola.

If you don't need/want to stay in Thailand for longer than 30 days you should be fine using the 30-day automatic visa. I am going to be there for a long time and don't necessarily want to cross the border every month. That is what prompted me to try out the tourist visa. Based on what SexReview told me, I can stay inside Thailand for 60 days at a time until the visa expires.

Freeler, I'll go read the LA website and see if it makes more sense than the DC site. Honestly, I was under the impression that the 60 day visa worked exactly as SexReview explained, but this consulate member in Dallas does not seem to understand how the visas he is issuing actually work, lol... :)


Jaimito Cartero
01-14-04, 08:04
Air Asia has announced some killer deals at their new Bangkok hub. (airasia.com)

For flights inside Thailand, they have many flights available at only 99 baht each way, plus tax! They're selling 20,000 tickets at the low price. I decided I would come to take care of a little business, and then check out Phuket and Malaysia for a couple of days.

You must buy between Jan 14-19 for travel 3-29 Feb 2004. Even if you don't snag one of the 99 baht fares (for Phuket, I got one way at 99 and the other at 800, still a deal).

No refunds, no name changes, nothing. This is a real no frills airline. No free drinks, but most flights seem to be pretty short. You can even fly to KL for less than $75 round trip at their promotional prices. Singapore and a few other international places are all under $100 round trip.

These 99 baht fares apply to Phuket, Changmai, Hat Yai and Khon Kaen, each way. Taxes seem to run about 140 baht per flights. So about $12.50US for a round trip.

01-14-04, 08:43
It's fantastic that airasia has decided to cover domestic routes in Thailand. Just be cautious regarding their low 99 baht fares. In Malaysia they advertised the same thing. The only catch was there was only going to be 4 seats per flight allocated to these bargain fares. So usually, the chances of getting the advertised rate was extremly slim. However, eventhough you don't get the absolute bargain fares, they will still be significantly lower than if you were to use Malaysia Airlines or Thai Airways. Also, their website is an absolute pain. It will show flights scheduled for departure but, you can only check the availability once you pay up. Nevertheless, their venture into Thailand is very welcome indeed. It is a no frills airline. In Malaysia the airports only announce the flight departure once or twice. The onus is on you to be at the gate on time. The really funny part comes when everyone has to try and get a seat on the plane. Airasia do not do allocated seating, resulting in a mad rush evertime the gate opens.

Jaimito Cartero
01-14-04, 08:50
Well I actually booked flights before posting. I'm used to pie in the sky campaigns that never have seats available.

I found at least 1/2 of every flight I checked (inside Thailand) had a 99 baht price. I'm sure if I wanted to play with the dates I could have come up with all 99 baht prices. But heck, there's only another 400 or 700 baht difference, which isn't bad.

I've flown Southwest before in the US, and no real difference in business strategy. If it makes the other airlines come down, that'll be an added bonus.

Most airlines never make is easy. Last time going to BKK I had to wait a few hours in Tokyo for a plane from Detroit to show up to continue the flight. They gave me a convenience pack to make up for it, including a $100 discount off a future flight.

I tried about every way to get to use it online, with nothing working. I finally had to buy two different tickets, one only on NWA metal from LAX, and another to get to LAX. I should get almost 40k miles with bonuses and such.

01-14-04, 09:01
Yeah I think you're right. Cos I've gone ahead and booked 4 flights. What the hell? At 99 baht, even if I can't fly, it's no big deal. I think we got in real early on their offers. If we wait a couple more days, they's surely be booked out.

But JC, don't expect airasia to compensate you for any delays. I once had to wait 4 hours for a flight from KL to Kuching. All we got was free orange juice.

Jaimito Cartero
01-14-04, 09:08
Yeah, I'm not expecting much in the way of amenities from them. And with the money I've spent, I won't be too upset if I don't fly any of them.

I'm going to Phuket for 4 days, Malayasia for 3, and then the balance (a week) in Pattaya, I think. For a $7 ticket (with tax), I think I can manage to bring my own drink with me.

Jaimito Cartero
01-14-04, 10:57
I just got my emailed booking confirmation from Air Asia. They have some super low weights that they allow as luggage. Only 7 kilos of carry on luggage, and 15 kilos of checked luggage. I think they charge 100 baht per extra kilo for intra-Thailand travel. Now I wasn't considering bringing much with me, probably only a carry-on, but I wonder if they'll actually weigh the carry-ons or not.

I'm glad I at least read the email notice, or I could be in trouble. Has anyone ever stored luggage at BKK?

01-14-04, 16:43
I stored luggage at the airport. Just go to the left luggage or long term luggage desk. I forget what they call it. It is pretty cheap. It is just a room with a couple of clerks. They will give you a form and you just bring it back to pick up your bag. I only did it for a night out on my way through one time. I saw people picking up bags left after a month or two. Of couse only keep clothes and no valuables and use a cheap bag.

01-14-04, 20:23
I had 4 girls in LOS that were reluctant to shower together.
3 eventually did after a bit of convincing.

What this about, some religious thing?

01-14-04, 21:01
I will be heading to Bangkok shortly and want to stay in an upmarket hotel, preferably the Oriental or the Peninsula.

However I would like to entertain the company of some ladies while i am there and would like to know if this would be frowned upon.

Would i be better off hiring an apartment?

01-15-04, 00:37
JC, regarding the luggage, I can tell you that from the Malaysian side they're not strict at all. I once checked in more than 35kgs. Hand luggage won't be a problem. Just make sure that it's small enough to fit in the overhead compartments. I think this whole weight also depends on whether the flight is full. If it's half empty, they're not likely to give a stuff.

Badass, 4 girls at once. You hero!

01-15-04, 00:41
Badass. I don't know as my religion does not say much about the need to fuck 4 women at the same time. Without meaning to be to personal, did you give them all a run? Just how did each earn their $$. Seems like a job for John Skinless but no good unless they all join in. Like two somes: no good doing them one after the other. They all must participate. Gotta be inclusive.

01-15-04, 00:48
They couldn't all fit in the same bed, could they? I think 4 is way too many. There is no way that anyone could adequately service 4 girls. Unless you're Ed Powers!

Skinless, when will you be LOS next. Should meet up if possible. Also I want to see this perverted Freeler first hand.

01-15-04, 04:16
Badass, 4 girls at once. You hero!
Too funny!
I wish!:D:D

Let me clarify. I never had more than 2 girls at one time. I had several girls during my time in LOS, but there were 4 that were reluctant to shower together with me.
But most of them did.

My days of servicing more than 2 girls are over by about 10 years!

01-15-04, 07:10
I will be in Bangkok next week.

Anyone can tell if there is SM/bondage club in Bankok?


01-16-04, 07:04

Although thailand is not known for its S/M I would recommend the Cave on Sukhumvit Soi 33 it is sort of a exclusive club and the doorman will open a small port in the door before letting you pay the cover charge. Also try Angelwitch in Nana Plaza bettween 10-midnight. They have a good dance show with a titch of S/M.


01-25-04, 05:58
Can anyone provide a general guide as to the seasonal aspects of mongering in LOS? I generally rather go when supply exceeds demand, but I understand that means dealing with the heat.

Joe Zop
01-25-04, 06:33
SeattleGman, the bottom line is that supply always exceeds demand in LOS, and you can always find TGs to hook up with. That said, peak season (November through April) means more mongers and thus more competition. The rest of the year there are fewer tourists, so less people hunting for TGs, but it also means that some of the ladies head home, partuclarly in places like Phuket or Koh Samui. There are always plenty of ladies in Bangkok and Pattaya, however.

01-26-04, 01:25
Based on Joe Zop's note, I would also want to make a comment here. The month of April in Bangkok and Pattaya, for example, is the hottest month there and, probably not a good time to be there. So if anybody wants to go to Bangkok in the next few months, there are two choices (in my opinion):

Either go now (in February or beginning of March) or wait until end of May or June when the heat is not so bad. Starting with end of May there will be less mongerers, but more rain.

So, I would like to ask this open-to-discussions question:

If you contemplate to go to Thailand in the next few months, would you rather go to Thailand now at the end of the peak season (February or begining of March) or wait until end of May (less mongerers, more rain), .. or it makes no difference to you? What are the pros and cons here, considering also the weather?

I feel that people with a lot of experience in traveling to Thailand may have strong and useful opinions on this matter.

Timber Tree
01-26-04, 02:43
I am planning a trip really soon to LOS, and it is my first time there.

Is there a money exchange or ATM in the BKK airport?

Any advice if I should take out, is there available ATM or money exchange nearby hotels?

Is taxi the best way to get from BKK to your hotel?

I'll write up a report during my stay while in the LOS.


01-26-04, 08:10

There is a nice elevated bike/walking path that stretches between sukhumvit soi 10 (Thailand tobacco monopoly) and Lumphini park. Find it about 3/4 mile south of Sukhumvit. It can be accessed at both ends as well as from the bike path next to soi 0 railroad tracks that intersects it. Someone left some freeweights up there to use about 1/2 way down. No smog pollution, quiet but runs along a smelly canal. Enjoy!

01-27-04, 02:22

At this time you are referring to the rain is negligible. Its not full on showers usually but occasional brief ones. It won't bother your mongering.

01-27-04, 04:56
Timber Tree,

There are ATM and money exchange everywhere. You can have the money exchange at the airport so you would have some baht for taxi. You also can have money exchange at the hotel but the rate is not in your favor. You can exchange the money at the local bank or money exchange boot throught out BK. I have not use ATM in Bk so I do not know how it works. But you need to know how much your bank is charge to use foreign bank to withdraw money.

By the way, when are you going to LOS. I am planning to go there in March but not sure yet.

I would take taxi from the airport to hotel since it is cheap and faster.

Hope this help,

San Dog

01-27-04, 06:36

I find the cheapest and a very safe way to get to your hotel is by the public airport bus. It is 100b and they run along the main streets many hotels are on. A/c, lots of room for luggage and can be found just outside of airport exit to your left. The girls who sell the tickets speak good english. Runs from 6am? til last bus at midnight. Same price for return. If your a newbie and feel safer in a taxi its about 200-300b to Sukhumvit hotels, depending on traffic. You will also have to pay freeway tolls. and make sure you say "meter" when you get inside one. (look at drivers face for acknowlegement)

01-27-04, 11:41
While I was in Thailand, I had the opportunity to meet a number of African men at Gulliver's. Apparently they were refugees in Bangkok, under the blessings of the UN(waiting to be relocated to a western country). They told me that they are provided with free board and 500 baht allowance a day. I don't for one minute doubt that they have suffered in their homeland, But, that money is more than the average TG gets. Coupled with this, they also try to sell themselves to willing foreign women. Some of you guys may have noticed them hanging around on Sukhumvit Rd near Soi 5. But I've also noticed that the Thai people don't really like or trust them. You wonder why!

Member #2984
01-27-04, 15:24
Okay fellows here's the bomb. Get your best bang for buck in A.C. Philippines. Been to LOS dozens of times and P.Islands dozens and A.C. is the bomb. Still 1000PhP bar fine "long-time" and tip only if you wish (Which I do coz' girl only gets 500 of barfine) 1000PhP=<20USD. Let's support the Philippines dilapidated economy and fulfill our needs. Thailand's still great but man <$20. I had to do it guys to say I did it anyhow and yes I Barfined 4 girls. Nice, nude, and small in the QueenSize bed of my hotel. Can't beat that!


01-27-04, 17:36

Whats the point of that post about the african dudes? So what? $500 bhat aint exactly making anyone rich. Some cheap street eats and 711 sodas. A grown western sized man at 3-4 meals a day being full and some cokes and half that is gone. Lets just be glad we arent refugees of any kind. Lets keep to chick talk, which I have seen you are good at!

01-28-04, 00:26

I know which guys you're talking about. Some of them even offer guy-guy action. Yuck. I've been approached many a time. Maybe I've got gay plastered on my forehead eventhough I'm as homophobic as they come.

You on the other hand, LOL, I remember you accidently kissing a ladyboy. Hmmm....

01-28-04, 01:34
Virgo, point taken.

01-28-04, 05:28
Secret Asian Man,

I didn't barfine a single girl in Thailand during 17 weeks is the past 13 months. The only longtimer I paid more than B500 was a HadYai KFC girl, I had 3 shots with her for B1500.

01-28-04, 06:18
Freeler, welcome back. Nice to see you're having such a great time. Did you have any problems finding those pills in Pattaya?

Oh, and stay away from those chickens.

Saint #3
01-28-04, 08:31

I go through you posts. 99% are useless. You waste space. Leave the commentating to expert.

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01-28-04, 16:19

I found Caverta, 4 for B800 in HadYAi - Singaporean prices:(, and had no trouble at all finding Caverta and Penagra, 4 for B600, in Pattaya.
It is quite obvious that all these product can't be sold over the counter in Thailand. R-E-A-L pharmacists said that only 'clinics' could prescribe them.
All the products that were shown to me came from bags and funny boxes and were never visibly stacked.

01-29-04, 03:52
Saint #3,

I agree with you 100%

Saint #3
01-29-04, 03:57
Hahaha, yes and you are disgrace to Saint's name. Please change your nic.

You see, even senior member agree with me. Post useful thing on post nothing at all. Also, that Skinnlesshead want make jokes go become comedian.

Jimmy Red Cab
01-29-04, 15:41

I bought genuine Viagra (1800 baht 4 100mg) and Penegra (500 baht) on Sukhumvit Road from a large pharmacy between Soi4 and Soi2. I don't know whether it is illegal to sell them over the counter but I had no prescription.

01-29-04, 23:00
Anyone have any positive or negative comments for me regarding China Airlines? Am considering booking a flight with them to BKK from SFO as they are cheap.

01-29-04, 23:59
hi all,

for those who may have some questions or reticences coming to los due to the bird flue:

thai hotels association asks 400 member hotels to pull all chicken from menus; no impact on tourism industry yet
jan 29, 04 | 3:34 pm

the thai hotels association (tha) has suggested that its 400 members pull all chicken and other egg-based dishes from their menus to avoid the risk of bird-flu transmission, tha secretary prakit chinamornpong said yesterday.

he said the advice had been taken up by most of the hotels until the disease is contained.

"currently, most of our hotel members have stopped offering chicken- or egg-based menu items such as mayonnaise salad dressing in their buffet services but cooked chicken dishes are still available on a la carte menus," he said.

chicken normally represented the largest proportion of meat offered in hotels but sales revenue from member hotels' restaurants had not been affected so far by the absence of such dishes, he added.

on the other hand, sales of shrimp and seafood menu items have shown a significant increase in hotel restaurants since the outbreak of the bird flu.

chatchawal supachavanont, president of the tha's eastern chapter, said the bird flu was unlikely to have the same impact on the tourism industry as the sars outbreak did last year.

however, tha members expressed concern that the disease could significantly affect the industry if it started to be transmitted among humans.

they suggested that the government be more transparent about the situation and that a credible person should be responsible for communicating with the international media.

meanwhile, cathay pacific airlines has stopped serving chicken dishes on all flights out of thailand, said yongyut lujintanon, the airline's sales and marketing manager for thailand and burma.

however, flights from non-affected countries still offer chicken but all the dishes are cooked at a higher temperature or at least 65 degrees celsius.

all poultry dishes have been replaced by pork or fish for flights to and from vietnam, korea, japan and taiwan.

at the same time, all of the airline's staff are being encouraged to obtain flu vaccine and to avoid wet markets and farms with chicken.

juthamas siriwan, governor of the tourism authority of thailand, said the bird flu had not had a significant impact on the tourism industry.

however, she has asked the crisis management centre to communicate closely with involved agencies such as world health organisation and the public health ministry for updated information to be sent to tat offices overseas.

hope this help or answer at afew of your question.


ps: it such a pity to see a regular member like saint#3 to make stupid comments on other members, get a life dude or post a question or report, and most of all look at the senior member you take support, bil ( or should i say bug???), he never did, in the thailand section, anything else than flaming people, especialy sa which is, even if repetitive in his speech, usefull for the newbies like recently gabanz. come on guys i am sure you will find a kindergarten forum on yahoo or msn.

01-30-04, 00:07

I took China Airline from Taipei to SFO in april 2002, have to say they have the best service in 1st class and business class, but the worst service ever in eco, the meals suck, the personnel unfriendly, a total of 4 drinks for the whole flight, never took china airline again, IMHO you can find the same price range with better service, don't forget you are going to stay something like 15h on the seat, but it may have change since or I wasn't lucky on that flight.


01-30-04, 00:09
What's the bird flu doing to the KFC business in Thailand?

01-30-04, 03:46

i fly China airlines from SFO or LAX to BKK or Denpasar every month. i fly 300,000 miles with them every year, in either first class or business. value wise, they are the best. i pay 1850$ for a first class ticket from BKK to SFO R/T. Singapore airlines is 3 times the price.
CI has fully reclining beds in first class, and I am now boinking a beautiful CI flight attendant. nice thing is, we stay in her crew hotels, in Taipei, Bangkok, SFO, LAX, and Denpasar for free.

I say go with CI if you are flying business or fist. Otherwise, i would suggest Singapore or Cathay

01-30-04, 07:39

Thanks for sharing your experience. Will travel by China Airlines. I envy your situation.

01-31-04, 00:28
Vchip, let me be perfectly clear. If you are going to fly economy, I would strongly suggest you do not fly with CI, but CX or SQ.
if you are going to fly with CI, and will do the trip on a semi regular basis, join their mileage program when you check in. they have a good upgrade system, (except during chinese new year), and the miles don't expire for 6 years.

Good luck

01-31-04, 05:17

I am thinking of a vacation this summer from May 29 to June 6th. I have been reading these and WSG forum’s posts and just have to try the TG experience.

I will be traveling from Baltimore, MD, USA (BWI) and have shopped the internet and found tickets on Orbits for US $823.00. Is this the best deal or am I missing anything?

I just applied for my passport, do I need shots for BKK and how soon do I need them?

I know this is the hot season, but I figure less tourists and more TG and LB for me.

I will take lots of pics and videos and report back here.

Thanks in advance,

Kompressor Man

01-31-04, 06:24

Thanks for the clarification.

01-31-04, 07:18
When I fly to s.e. asia, what matters to me is 1. price 2.price 3. length of flight. China always always seems to have the cheapest and fastest economy r/t of all the carriers that pass my way. They used to require an overnighter in taipei at no charge, but now it seems to be only an hour layover! I for one don't give a damn if they don't serve any food. I will eat all kinds of food at my destination. The food has been satisfactory , the service excellent and the stewardesses sexy. The flight is shorter if you stay up all night before you leave and sleep through all or much of the trip with eye blinds and ear plugs.

RCA Knight
02-02-04, 19:16
Don't forget China Airline is also the most dangerous airline in the world. I never took it but I remember this airline made the headline news quite often. From BKK to CA, I think JAL and Cathay have most number flights, and service also very good. Price about the same as China. To Euro from BKK, I like Lufhansa and SK. SK has great service. Both have fast connection to your destination all over Euro. Avoid KLM and Swiss Air. Both have bad food everytime.

02-04-04, 00:59
V chip, just in case you do fly CI, here's a little more info, which might make your flight more pleasant.

If you are flying from the West Coast, the emergency exits, where you will have the most legroom, are 28, 38, and 47 in economy, and 10 in business.

If you are flying from the East Coast, emergency exits are 10 and 26 in economy. None in business.

Hope this helps.


02-04-04, 01:47
Speaking about airlines, nobody seems to mention anything about United. They have a few flights to BKK from SFO via Tokyo and via HongKong. Recently I have checked their web site and I found flight from SFO to BKK round-trip with 710$.

They seem to be a reliable and safe airline. They also have a good mileage program.
Any comments about United ?

02-04-04, 08:09

Thanks for the info on the emergency exit seat rows. Will try to get one as I sure appreciate extra leg room on those long flights. Am flying to BKK from SFO on China Airlines, cattle class. I'd like to travel in an upgrade class but like you don't want to shell out a lot of extra dough for a seat that arrives at the destination the same time as the cheap seat. BTW, $688 RT thru a local travel agency (price just went down in Feb during low season).

02-04-04, 10:37

Well, I have not flown China air in several years I believe the exit row seats have fixed arm rests like most other airlines. Which means you will get more leg room but the seat is not as wide, about 1" less and if the seat next to you is empty you can't fold up the arm rest and use the extra room.


02-04-04, 16:33
If you're flying in Feb and March 2004, you can get a fare of $609 R/T SFO-BKK on United's website, as long as you depart/arrive on a Monday-Thursday.

02-04-04, 21:18

I use to fly China alot to BKK, which makes a stop in TPE. From my experience out of SFO they do not give advance seat assignments unless you belong to their Club! Each time I have traveled on China I have gotten to the airport well before the counters have opened and each time I was the first one in line.
Each time I was told that the exit rows were taken or that they could not give me a exit row out of TPE to BKK. This is the same situation I run into when leaving BKK for SFO, many times when arriving in TPE, I have tried to switch to a exit row and there are no gate agents in the area that would even help! While you are trying to get someone to switch your seat in the gate area others are checking in from TPE to SFO or TPE to BKK and getting exit row from the check in counter. I have even gone up to the club in TPE and complaint about this situation and have written to China that as far as I know no other airline have such a restriction!

Also, when arriving in TPE, everything seem to be closed and the return to SFO, the layover time as I remember is about 4 to 5 hours! Overall the customer service is bad at the airport!
Their miles program is also one of the most restriction and obtaining a freebie I believe is 100,000 miles just for coach compare to NWA, which is only 60,000.

All in All, not worth the trouble to fly China,


02-04-04, 22:25
Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

Tapping my experience will help you into action and save you money. Whether your looking for a wife, girlfriend or casual sex, I can advise you on where to go and what to expect to pay, where to stay and how to get around the city and country.

I will help you to identify and avoid touts and transsexuals.

I can provide Thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

My rate is 500baht/hour plus expenses if there are any. After 2 hours the rate goes down to 300baht/hour. If you pay by Paypal I can pre-book your room or help you into an apartment.

I can also greet you at the airport. Refer to website: http://www.geocities.com/globotto/

Contact me via a private message by clicking PM button below.

Pay $20 to my Paypal account and I will call you and answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge in a 40 minute telephone conversation via Bangkok so you can pre-plan your trip.

EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

02-04-04, 22:43
Andix: I used to do security sweeps at YVR airport and one day I was assigned to do an incoming United Airlines flight. I waited at the jetway for all the passengers to disembark, then the pilot and co-pilot sauntered off the aircraft. I overheard the pilot telling the maintenance technician "she's a little low on oil - below the minimum line, but she should make it to New York!"

Ever since I heard that comment, I "just say no" to US Airlines and stick with Cathay Pacific or Air Canada. Just my opinion.


02-04-04, 23:29

I'm sure the comment you overheard between the United pilots and the maintenance guy was a joke - jet engines, unlike the old prop jobs, don't have an oil reservoir.


Your right about not being able to get a seat assignment in advance with CI in cattle class. Will have to wait until I check in before trying for an emergency exit row seat. If I get one- good; if not, no biggie - I'm going to Thailand!!!! On the return trip the layover in Taipei is only 65 minutes.

02-05-04, 00:53

I must agree with Vchip on this one: most likely it was a joke. But I am sure that your bad opinion about US airlines is based on more than this incident you experienced. If you have other facts or insight here I would like to hear them.

Also, another point here: based on safety records (accident rates), the US airlines are more safe than Asian airlines. But I would agree that airlines like Cathay or Singapore are much more elegant and enjoyable to fly.

Still I think United is a good option to fly from West Coast to BKK. If anybody has used United to fly to BKK please share experience.



Mountain Guy
02-05-04, 01:21

United announced a fare decrease today for Denver to Bangkok. It is only $585 but you have to travel within 30 days.

I booked with NWA for my March trip at $899 including transfers and lodging.

02-05-04, 01:52
Vchip, reading other comments abt China air, I hope I didn't steer you in the wrong direction. as I said, I don't fly economy, but I think I would prefer to be in an exit row, with a little less elbow room, than to have to wake up, and get out of my seat to let somebody out to hit the john.

I know quite a few people at the SFO office of China airlines. If you want, PM me your flight info, I will contact them to see if they can arrange for an emergency exit.

But as you said, you're going to Thailand. A few hours of discomfort is no big deal.


02-05-04, 21:52
All: www.crashdatabase.com and http://www.ntsb.gov/aviation/Paxfatal.htm

Andix / Vchip - Yes, I know they were joking "now", but I admit back then I was thinking, "what the ?" Doesn't exactly inspire confidence making flippant remarks like that. It's fairly common knowledge that Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines & Quanta's (for example) are good, safe airlines with good safety records. IMHO, I would NEVER fly China Airlines and Korean Air no matter how cheap the airfare is. Pay a little more for a direct (or semi-direct) flight and a better airline - less risk, transfers and delays.

Chikan (not Chickan).. :)

02-06-04, 08:10

In the past several years I've flown both Northwest and United airlines from SFO to BKK. They are both satisfactory to me and comparable. They both depart about midday from SFO, have about a 2-3 hour layover at Narita Airport in Japan, and arrive about midnight in BKK which is kind of late but at least the traffic in Bangkok at that hour is about as good as it's going to get. I generally look for the cheapest fare and go with that. The only airline that I've flown from the west coast to BKK that I wouldn't fly again is Korean Airline primarily because of the loooooong layover in Seoul.

02-06-04, 10:13
Anyone know what would a very good laptop cost in Pantip Plaza? Would I get much change out of $1000? Would I be a fool to buy one there?

02-06-04, 13:32
Skinless get on a 99 baht flight to KL and get your laptop there. Heaps cheaper. www.airasia.com

Jaimito Cartero
02-06-04, 19:36

I think that airasia only has 99RM each way flights to Kuala Lumpur. The 99 baht price was for places inside Thailand. I think I paid about $80 US total for my flight to KL. I just rechecked, and it was $68 total. Not bad, really.

02-06-04, 19:42

I not so sure, I traveled on CI, in 2001 and 2002 several times out of SFO-TPE-BKK-TPE-BKK, and I was tired and I don't remember the wait being so short. In fact, if it was only 65 minutes I might still be using CI!

I went on their web-site, and notice some confusion on their schedule! Since I know of only 1 flight to SFO, I notice several on their schedule!

Dates: May 31st - June 16th returning.

One show at less that a 65 mins connection to SFO, then on the same day,

Flight CI066 departs BKK and arrives at 13:00, then Flight CI004 to SFO, does not leave until 22:20!

This looks like the flight I might been on.


02-06-04, 20:13

I checked my itinerary. On the return leg, CI flt 696 lv BKK 550pm, ar TPE 1020pm, lv TPE on flt 4 at 1125pm, & ar SFO 605pm all same date. Since purchasing my tickets I see where UAL has even cheaper fares to BKK during Feb as mentioned in an earlier post by Mountain Man.

02-06-04, 22:51
JC, yeah you're right. But I'm sure a moneybags like Skinless could even afford flying first class on Thai airways. :)

02-06-04, 23:17
Thanks Vchip for your feedback.

I have booked my RT flight with UAL for Feb 22 (SFO-BKK). It was 660$ (departure on a Sunday).

I will be there for 2 weeks. If anybody happens to be there in this period let me know. Happy to meet some of you fellow mongrs for a drink.

02-07-04, 03:11
(I can now see Jackson's point about not using text style: Vchip it takes three shots to decypher your post).
A major problem with IMBI/Pantip Plaza would be the warranties.
Kuala Lumpur has the advantage I really like fucking Indians and Malaysian Muslims (nothing sectarian, I just find them sexy and hot and they have great tits and great bj techniques). I know Pantip Plaza is expensive but I thought someone might have a good IT lead).
I might now strike south from Bangkok and just hit Buriram and Korat as well to visit my true love. Any IT shopping tips appreciated. Also anywhere good to fuck Indians.
I think a train with plenty of R&R stops might actually be better than a plane.

02-07-04, 06:08
Whilst in Thailand, I came across a charity for disabled children. The disabled there are treated like dirt. As you know Thai's are buddhists and they believe that if you are disabled, you must have been a bad person in your previous life. As a result, disabled children are usually abandoned at birth and left to fend for themselves. Visit www.ccdthailand.com if you're interested. Even if you've got no money to donate, something as simple as showing up and reading stories to the kids makes a hell of a difference. There's no better feeling in the world than seeing a child smiling all because of you. Thanks for understanding. :)

The Traveler
02-07-04, 11:09

There is an orphanage in Naklua at Sukhumvit Road. I use to donate there on a regular basis and would kindly ask any other monger who will visit Pattaya to do the same. It's not much money for any of us but will make a big difference for them.

Have fun and sometimes think about the ones who had less luck than we had

02-07-04, 14:11
Took the words right out of my mouth, Traveller. What's ten or twenty bucks to us? But it sure does make a hell of a difference to them.

The Traveler
02-07-04, 17:49

I myself use to donate a part of my interest that I collect in thailand (definately much more than just 20 US$) to compensate for not paying tax in thailand and helping those orphans. If someone can not afford more or just do not want to donate more, every single bath is welcome.

Have fun

02-07-04, 19:47

Thanks for the remark on the oprhanage, I'm going to track this place down. I have alot of toys and trucks at home and want to get rid of them. I think a donation of money or material is a great idea and would put a smile on a face.


02-07-04, 22:03

I did the train all the way down to Singapore. Good trip, but then, I love trains (railroads, not the other). Upgrade to a 1st class ticket. You'll get what can only be described as a "recliner" seat. Lot's of room and 360 degree swivel.

Heads up for all,

Cathay Pacific (cathay-usa.com) has an internet only deal right now. $599 west coast to BKK RT.


02-07-04, 22:55
Traveller, I was just using the 10 - 20 bucks as an example. The charity I mentioned was nearly going bust until it was saved last year(no not by me). A british woman won 250,000 pounds on who wants to be a millionaire and gave it all to them. Now that's generosity! As a result, they've managed to build brand new accomodation, much more comfortable than the shitheap before.

Joe Zop
02-08-04, 02:14
While the subject is donations, if anyone here wants to put their money where another part of them has been, I highly recommend making a donation to the Empower Foundation (Education Means Protection Of Women Engaged in Recreation) aka Moolniti Songserm Okard Pooying, the Foundation to Promote Opportunity for Women. (The Thai Government wouldn't allow them to register as Soon Pitak Sitti Ying Borikarn -- the Center for Protection of Rights of Women in Entertainment Sector.)

Empower helps Thai sex workers who want to make the transition out of the industry and back to a more "normal" life. It's partly run by an ex-bar girl and her Thai artist spouse and it's not only very legit, it's one of the few charities of its kind that doesn't preach to anyone about the sex industry, tries to look out for and educate sex workers, and simply tries to get some of these ladies some new and marketable skills if they look for that.

I also love their mottos -- one is "Can't Be Nice All The Time."

02-08-04, 12:32
Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

Tapping my experience will help you into action and save you money. Whether your looking for a wife, girlfriend or casual sex, I can advise you on where to go and what to expect to pay, where to stay and how to get around the city and country.

I will help you to identify and avoid touts and transsexuals.

I can provide Thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

My rate is 500baht/hour plus expenses if there are any. After 2 hours the rate goes down to 300baht/hour. If you pay by Paypal I can pre-book your room and /or greet you at the airport. Refer to website: http://www.geocities.com/globotto/

Contact me via a private message by clicking PM button below.

Pay $20 to my Paypal account and I will call you and answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge in a 40 minute telephone conversation via Bangkok so you can pre-plan your trip.

EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

02-08-04, 17:38
Why in hell would anyone in this forum pay good money to decrease the number of thai hookers? Does the donation include a bj? The more working girls, the better.

02-08-04, 18:10
Jeezus Bil, there will always be hookers. I know I am semi new but you arent so popular and you are reaching some new lows with your comments.

Hey is anyone in Thailand now? I am trying hard to convince my friends they wont drop dead of bird flu. The newspapers around the world are causing panic. Won't stop my spring trip but is everybody calm there?

The Traveler
02-08-04, 22:12

Your comments are definately unbeatable. I doubt that anyone can sink as low as you.

Joe Zop
02-08-04, 22:23
Well, Bil, I guess we can count on you never again to question Freeler on boinking old hookers then, right?

02-09-04, 01:33
Bil, the real you rears it's ugly head, once again, huh?

02-09-04, 02:44
Quality over quantity. One good reason to reduce the number of hookers is because a lot of them are raving and dangerous lunatics, forced into it by their relatives at a young age and are dangerous schizophrenics. Scitzophrenia hits women/girls between 15-23, the very age many of them are being shunted off, like the Jews were to Dachau, to Pattaya and similar shit heaps by their relatives. Although most women enjoy being fucked by SUPERMAN Skinless, the sad reality is they are forced to have other customers, both Thai and non Thai as well. When John SUPERMAN Skinless spreads his seed, he does not want any mad women around who might like to feed his SUPERMAN dick to their ducks, an all too common habit with many Thai hookers, as some of you can attest. I am also sure many of them are HIV positive and that might also be a good reason to get them out of the trade. YMMMV.

Virgo: no need to worry about bird flu, like there was no need to worry about Sars (last week's scare). Go to Thailand. Make new friends. And pay them well.

Freeler likes to eat duck. But the Thais had a recent Eat Chicken Day. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/3467975.stm
You will be ok. John T Skinless and the Thai Prime Minister both guarantee it.

02-09-04, 11:22
Skinless, that actually made a lot of sense. You're not a lecturer or professer by any chance? :D

Bil, that comment doesn't surprise me. I wonder how you'd feel if it was your mother or sister or daughter out on the streets. Maybe that would jolt your cold heart into action. :)

02-09-04, 15:38
Globo: You can help me get a "wife, girlfriend or casual sex" in Thailand. Please explain how your services to me will differ form my services to me. How much should I pay for a wife (I presume trade ins are not accepted) and how do I know she is not a "lady of easy virtue" . I am looking forward to suckling like a new born babe at the nipples of my new wife with your kind assistance.

Timber Tree
02-09-04, 18:56
I will be using Globotto's services in April.

I'll see how his services work.

I'll let you guys all about it.

I'll be visting Angeles too. I will have a long report for everybody to read.

02-09-04, 21:06
ooooo, i feel so baaaad, i am being ganged up on..............not!

just think gang bangers. it's obvious some of you are not playing with a full deck. you don't like my comment, well i can respect that. but don't be a hypocrite about it. you come to thailand and then pay thai women (girls) to let them fukk you. (at least one of you is a **** and your record is history.) this is in itself promoting/contributing to the prostitution industry. are you so ignorant and stupid to realize this fact? then you are in favor of donating money to an organization for these same women you entice with your dollars/euros, etc.... to help them get out of the life you got them into. will this make you feel better and take away the guilt? is it like going to confession and saying some hail mary's to wipe the slate clean? one thing i cannot stand is a fukking hypocrite. if i knew how to make a smiley, i would add about 30 of them, because i am laughing very hard at you.

02-09-04, 21:13

:):) make a text look better!
And it's soooo easy, just type : and ) (without the spaces and the 'and') and you're done.
Other combos are:
: and( - :(
: and D - :D

Now, give us a smile!

PS You can't add thirty, I had to remove a few example smileys because of a limit:(

02-09-04, 21:26

Oh, the sting of your words. Okay, so in a purely logical construction, you would have your point. But, as you may not have noticed yet, life is not a purely logical construction. People end up with ambigious feelings about things.

Do I enjoy a young "professional sex worker" (since we are forbidden to use the word whxxx here) waving her ankles in the air? Damn straight. Do I notice that her world (and my presence in it) can create some serious problems. Yep, I sometimes do. Presents a dichotomy to me. I really like doing this, but I don't much like seeing that. What to do? Be a monk, wear a chastity belt, just say no?

So I, owning to the seeds of hyprocracy that we all (save bil) have, reward the ones I like (ST/LT) and condone, even encourage, an exit strategy for them. Personally, I'd rather see a counselling service that helped them quit hooking when they come to that decision than have them marry some poor fool as their ticket out.

Same sort of thing that happens with the migrant workers in the US. Sure I like my fresh veggies at a cheap price. Doesn't mean I like that cheap price sooo much that I think the lettuce pickers should be living in squalor, working for pennies, and looking down my nose when I run into them in the store.


Joe Zop
02-09-04, 21:36
See, Bil, I don't happen to feel there's anything wrong with prostitution, or the prostitution industry per se, and my posting of the NGO info wasn't to wipe away any guilt -- they simply do good work, and it's related to the mongering interest many here have. By your logic, if I'm contributing to a sport-rehab center it's out of guilt for enticing athletes to injure themselves for my entertainment. Or giving to an AIDS relief organization must be to salve guilt for having sex and maybe spreading nasties. That whole line of reasoning is utter baloney. I've got no guilt to get rid of, personally. Adults make their own choices, and I only hook up with adults.

That said, we all know that many of the women in the sex industry in LOS would prefer to be doing something else. So let them, and let's have the industry filled with willing, happy workers. What's wrong with helping that process along -- I seriously doubt we're going to run out of sex workers because some find another skill that's going to pay them a fraction of what they can make being prostitutes. Heck, the opposite may be true -- perhaps because there's a decent available option for whenever they get sick of it, more women will feel more comfortable going into the industry. Who knows? And if nothing else, you've ragged on Freeler's choices of women -- perhaps this NGO can help some of them retire!

As I've said before, I prefer to go with women who make free choices to go with me. If they truly don't want to be in the industry (as opposed to simply complaining about it as many do, but really not wanting out) then I prefer they have that option, and Empower does a nice job of assisting with that, to the limited amount they're able. You don't want to give, cool. But that hardly makes the rest of us hypocrites.

The Traveler
02-09-04, 22:31

i wish you would be born in a different environment with less choices and chances. maybe that would clear up your mind.

don't you feel sorry for a child who lost her/his family ? don't you think it is a pity that young children have to starve or can't go to school just cause they are poor or have no family ? don't you feel sympathy for kids who had less luck than you ? do you know the word charity ?
all those things have nothing to do with guilt or prostitution. some of these kids might end up like that, but i don't like to have anybody forced into it and if i can help to avoid i will do so. it's just our social responsibility to try to help if we can. you sound extremely selfish and hopefully you once will be in a situation where you will need someones help.

your comment "...to help them get out of the life you got them into" is just plain stupid. no one of us is responsible for any girl being a hooker. it was their decision, no one of us forced them into it.

btw, a **** is someone who targets extremely young kids (12yrs, 8yrs or even babys) and who needs them to get sexually stimulated. i think there is a huge difference between child abuse and running into a hooker who made her choice and is lying about her age.

02-10-04, 03:02
Of course there is an element of hypocrisy in all this, as there are in all walks of life. Few would deny that and I have had differences with Joe Zop over that before - in the case of one particular lady getting diseased and getting pregnant. I asked Sikh friends in Bkk about the hookers, like I ask all locals I can communicate with about them. He put their "plight" down to one one thing: lack of education. Witness how many of them are single mothers. They have nothing to fall back on and if they get an upset, they are in deep shit. Are we hypocrites? Yes. Should we stop fucking them? The forum does not exist to push that line. Should we donate to the pro hooker pro handicapped kids causes? We can do worse things with our money. Let's spread some happiness:(

02-10-04, 07:11
Yesterday when I attempted to access the following website:
I was redirected to a site which said in Thai and English that the website I was attempting to access had been restricted by the Royal Thai Police for pornographic content. Today I can once again access the offending website without any problem. Is Thailand becoming as sexually repressed as my former home country? (You know, the one where a Superbowl nipslip is the current scandal of the year.)

02-10-04, 10:30
:) :( :D Hmm, your right, that wasn't so hard, thanks Freeler.


As usual your pragmatic, tempered, romantic, and eloquent writings inspired deep contemplation. I don't like grey areas, so my answer is fukk to your hearts content without conflict or keep it in your pants and help to eliminate this procreative activity. Believe you me, the illegal lettuce pickers are still living a life 10 times better than their non working cousins down south. I like my vegetables cheap.


Nowadays is not like it was 10 yrs ago when there was rampant and forced sex industry induction. It happens alot less. The majority of workers imho are just lazy girls looking to make the fast buck instead of the old fashioned way of earning it. They can learn to sew, sell fruit or whatever job requires little education. They don't because they know the easy way out is an option. Reinforced by all of us mongers and the wages we pay. If they really were in it for their families, they wouldn't be spending surplus baht (not bath) on cel phones and jewelry.


You just don't get it. Your the biggest hypocrite of all. Your not that fluent in english as I thought. I'm not buying what your selling. Don't forget the old english saying that "your actions speak louder than words"

If you guys want to contribute to the aforesaid fund, goody. In the mean time I want you to think about how you are bolstering the same industry that the fund will ultimately destroy. In other words, don't kick yourself in the ass. Fuk...........this shit is givin me a headache. Time to go trolling for beachwalk 500baht gash. :D

02-10-04, 10:44
Bil, we all have our opinions. And after reading your's thoroughly, I repect your's as well. Even though I don't agree with you, I believe that all of us here are entitled to our opinions. The reason we always jump on your back is because sometimes it appears that you are flaming just for sake of it. It's like this whole Samus/Skinless thing and this current topic. There was no need to be sarcastic. I would appreciate your contributions even more if you were to provide more intelligent discussion as you have done below. It's obvious that you're capable of it. :)

Joe Zop
02-10-04, 17:06
Bil, I agree that the whole forced labor thing is a lot less prevalent these days, and hooray absolutely for that. But the family pressure -- which formerly meant selling off daughters -- is still there, and a lot of these women are still basically put into their position as a "duty," feeling they need to do this to better their families in some way or to support their kids. We've all come into contact with TGs who have a baby at home that mom's taking care of, and sex work is paying for not only that but mom's newfound local status.

I absolutely agree with you that there are plenty who are simply in it for the money; no question about that, and more power to them as far as I'm concerned. That said, c'mon -- what 20-some-yr-old woman isn't going to want a cell phone and some jewelry!? It's not necessarily an either/or equation; many can be supporting their families and also trying to maintain some degree of status among their fellow sex workers. They're on the bottom rung of the social status ladder, so the only place to climb is within their own level.

If I'm not mistaken, the Empower folks basically do what you say these women can/should do -- train them in a skill that doesn't require a lot of education (craft-making, I believe, so they're making things to sell to tourists) so there's really no disconnect here from what you suggest, only a difference in methodology and timing, in that this is after the fact. And I doubt that one little NGO that helps sex workers who come to them get out of the life (they don't go recruiting) and provides sex education for them is going to manage to destroy the industry. In fact, given how often these folks end up on Thaksin's bad side, they'll probably get crunched long before he manages to tone the sex industry down.

02-10-04, 18:49
Effective March 1 all adult establishments must close at midnight instead of 2 am. Patpong excluded. New law was just passed for most of the country.

02-10-04, 19:51
I've been to Thailand once before, in Bangkok and Pattaya. Basically a virgin to the area. But Loved it. Was planning another trip, but was looking for a better beach and area to snorkel and dive. Ko chang and Ko Samet look good. Any info on the girls there? Or should I get a girl from Pattaya and bring her along? I'm planning a trip to Pattaya and then an island to relax. If there are other places for good snorkeling, beaches and women please let me know. But close to Pattaya, I don't want to spend $ on a trip to Phuket. I would rather be at one place for a longer period of time, rather than jumping from island to island.



The Traveler
02-10-04, 20:17

Your assumption that donating to an orphanage will destroy the sex industry is absolutely ridiculous. I do not care if you buy what I say and if "my actions speak louder than my words", even better. It also seems, that you don't know anything about the labour market in thailand and that you can't discuss in a proper way without flaming. Do you believe that flaming will strengthen your position ? It only shows how immature you are.

02-10-04, 20:47

I woudn't care if they closed those joints down altogether and kicked all the foreign owners out as well.
No more gogo's, what a wonderful world this would be...


He really doesn't get it. I'm not sure which one to put here: :) or :(!

The Traveler
02-10-04, 20:56

would you please be so kind and enlighten me.

The Traveler
02-10-04, 21:03

I won't brake out in tears about that. 20yrs ago most adult establishments were almost empty after midnight, action started in the late afternoon and not late at night like now. Marine Disco had a lucky number lottery where you could win a small gold chain to keep the customers inside after midnight.
Bringing back some good old memories.

Have fun

Pauline Hanson
02-10-04, 23:01
Report deleted by Admin.

02-11-04, 05:24

It's hot, it shines and it looks like the sun.
Wouldn't that be the sun?

02-11-04, 06:16

Yeah, that would be the sun. But you dont go after the sun unless you know how to catch it. The sun is clever it hides at night.


02-11-04, 06:24
juice: what a profound comment. have you been doing meditation or levitation?

it could also be beetle bailey's bald head or my bald fella:)

there are a lot of thai girls/women under the legal hooking age hooking. the bb one was at it when she was 17. consider the facts. their compulsory education finishes well before legal hooking age. they are poor, they have a choice of working 20 hours a day for totally shit pay (by thai standards) as she did, or they can join the family business. we all know about jail bait, young western girls dressing up and spreading their legs after a few beers. these thai ladies have a vested interest in dressing up and getting false id, not a major problem in los.

of course, le would love to catch farangs and put them in jail. there have also been scam stings in pattaya. anyone intentionally fucking ****rs in thailand better watch out as the cops would like to haul your ass to places you don't even want to dream about. so let us move on and get back to our lofty deliberations.

i actually feel women are like wine: better with age. i particularly like 1930s and 1820s. also, young women are no good at bjs; they just look funny slurping at mr skinless and i pay them to get rid of them.

02-11-04, 09:39
Pauline, again another stupid and ignorant post. You really, really worry me. I sure hope you get hit by a bus real soon.

Btw, you are really on shaky ground young man. Jackson, won't tolerante this crap much longer.

02-11-04, 09:53

seems there are aussie ****s moving in on bali. no doubt pauline approves of this as they are not white morons like himself.

pauline: why not donate your plane fare to an aussie hospital to do baby scans to see if any unfortunate aussie mums are carrying swamp creatures like you. aborting them would have to be win-win. that way, you would not be a hypocrite like joe and me, and thailand (and bali) would be saved the trouble of one awful ocker! :(:)

02-11-04, 11:53

as usual, your lack of english language and comprehension is obvious. (this means you don't understand) joe zop's charity is not an orphanage. why did you state that i did not want to donate to his orphanage. do you even know what an orphanage is? look it up, like you do everything else. yeah, i know your probably sorry again for blurting out something you don't even know you were talking about. same old thing over and over. you act like i pin pointed you as a ****. i did no such thing, so why are you so defensive and nervous? does the shoe fit? i better stop analyzing your faults because you might show up at my doorstep on your big chopper and give me a 10th degree judo chop. like all else is pure fantasy.

Jaimito Cartero
02-11-04, 11:58
damn, i'm on the plane for 24 hours and all you guys are at each other with knives and forks. i've learned that a **** is only interested in 14 year olds and up. see, you actually learn lots of important stuff on wsg.

Pauline Hanson
02-11-04, 14:49
Report deleted by Admin.

02-11-04, 16:55
Jaimito Cartero,

"with knives and forks"
Yes, I learned to use them a very young age.
But in Thailand, it's forks and spoons. You would want to use the fork to transport the food onto your spoon and use that to do the actual feeding.
In Thailand it is pretty unproper to use the fork as you would with the knife and fork combo.

I hope your flight isn't too miserable and enjoy your duck:D!

The Traveler
02-11-04, 21:01

I am referring to my post dating 02-07-04 09:09.
"There is an orphanage in Naklua at Sukhumvit Road. I use to donate there on a regular basis and would kindly ask any other monger who will visit Pattaya to do the same. It's not much money for any of us but will make a big difference for them.

Have fun and sometimes think about the ones who had less luck than we had"

and your comment dating 02-08-04 16:38
"Why in hell would anyone in this forum pay good money to decrease the number of thai hookers? Does the donation include a bj? The more working girls, the better."

Do you get it now ?

If your comment did not refer to my post, then there was just a misunderstanding between us. Even though I pointed to an orphanage and those kids without parents (I seem to know what an orphanage is, do you agree ?) on more than one occasion you weren't able to make that connection. I think that speaks for itself.

Nevertheless you should use your brain to try to understand your opponent rather than wasting it's limited capacity by thinking about how to flame him. I hope you will grow up soon and will be able to discuss in a proper way.

Anyway, it's well known that you are my biggest fan. No need to emphasize it again and again in repetitive comments about my skills. Try to find something new.

The Traveler
02-11-04, 21:05
Joe Zop / JuiceSpike

I absolutely agree.

The Traveler
02-11-04, 21:09
Pauline Hanson

crawl back into your cave.

02-11-04, 21:14
It is 2 am in LOS and you are typing this shit. Why are you not with a 200 bt grandmother?;)

The Traveler
02-11-04, 21:29

because I am currently not in LOS. Anyway, why are you online ?

I do not agree with Bil and I don't like that he flames me, but I respect his right of expressing his point of view.
Why you don't respect mine ?

Have fun

02-11-04, 21:33
Only joking with you man. No offence meant at all. Relax! I am getting some trades in. Money never sleeps dude:(:(:);)

The Traveler
02-11-04, 21:35

accepted. How do you make "bold" text ?

02-11-04, 22:11
Simplest way is to type something, post, then edit it to put in a header. That is how I do it. I put the last nonsense in bold as a catch but jokes can backfire:( I also went into yahoo messenger to check which face signals work like ;) ; and ) Others don't work:(

So you are German? Your English is as good as that of many of your critics who do not know the difference between your and you're. What kind of hooker would let shit like that fuck them:)

So where are you now dude? Europe? I think it is time for John Skinless to move on. Latin America seems to be the place. Or China.

So go ahead, punk. Make my day. Make some Bold

The Traveler
02-11-04, 23:00

thanks, I will give it a try.
Yes, I am in Europe and I know the difference between "your" and "you're" :D

Have fun

02-11-04, 23:02
LOL that didn't work Traveller. :D

The Traveler
02-11-04, 23:14

these seem to work. There is also a limit of 5 images per post.

: ) = :)
: ( = :(
: D = :D
: o = :o
: p = :p

02-11-04, 23:15
But you still haven't mastered the bold. ;)

The Traveler
02-11-04, 23:18

yes I haven't, keep on trying. Skinless didn't post how to put it in a header. Tried HTML but did not work, I won't give up.

02-12-04, 05:49
Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

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I can provide Thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

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The Traveler
02-12-04, 21:58

Good to see you are back. Hope everything is going well.

I agree with all you said. Your post is (as always) very balanced and I appreciate your mature point of view.

I guess I won't post any pics in the future and issue warnings for others. Sorry to all those guys who PMed me about more pics and detailed contact info but as you see I can't live in peace then.

Hope to see you soon

The Traveler
02-13-04, 01:32
Sainter / Skinless

now I got it. Was probably too obvious so I did not see how to do it. :D

02-13-04, 18:07
The beginning of the end - the new midnight closing is very depressing. Some guys say 'oh we'll show them we'll go somewhere else', but alas, there's no substitute for Thailand, once it is gone to the forces of puritanism there'll be nothing left.

02-14-04, 19:22
Greetings everyone,

I've created a new section for Traveler, Skinless and anyone else who wishes to continue their now pointless argument.

The new section is titled "Traveler and Skinless Discussions".

Please make all future posts on their subject (at this point I forget what the subject was) in this new section and leave this section reserved for the purpose of this Forum, which is...

To provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding Women for Sex.

Thank You,


The Traveler
02-14-04, 19:55

once it is gone to the forces of puritanism there'll be nothing left.

There will always be enough supply of girls as long as the underlying economic situation does not change. The scene might change it's face and to be honest I appreciate the things that will come. It might be more hidden but still available. The sex industry existed long before farangs came to thailand and will still exist after we will have left the kingdom. Anyway, how police can control freelancers or bargirls ? Hard to prove that they will sell themselves. Only way to get rid of it is to post policemen at every single hotel entrance to control every couple. I doubt that they will dare it. The economic impact would be too hard.

Have fun and enjoy

02-14-04, 22:58
The Traveler,

The police can easily control prostitution, just as they do in the US. They can't totally eliminate it but they can certainly ruin it by driving away all but the most desperate girls. Also I don't buy the economic argument - plenty of poor countries have terrible sex industries, and Thailand as a middle income country has the best. Thailand is far more prosperous than any of the other countries I've visited in the area (Cambodia, Vietnam, the Phillippines), but it is far and away the best for sex. All the others more than make up for their relative poverty by having a more restrictive or unpredictable government policy. I don't welcome the changes - without the broad base of the bar scene to draw mass numbers of males, and to generate revenue to pay off the cops, our freelancers will disappear and/or be tossed in jail.

The Traveler
02-15-04, 15:34

maybe your assumptions are correct. I guess we have to wait and see what will happen.

Have fun as long as you can

ChiMan II
02-16-04, 06:26
For all you newbee's going to Thailand. Rent the movie Brokedown Palace. It might teach you to not do anything stupid. You do not want to go to a Thai jail. People when they drink do stupid things. They for get they are in a different country. Always be aware of your surrounding and don't go near any illegal drugs.


02-18-04, 11:55
Hi guys, I just finished watching a video my friend gave me. It's called "Shocking Asia". It looks like it's at least 10 years old. I was wondering, in one of the scenes they showed a shop whereby men would go and shove their dicks into a little hole in the wall(where there's a picture of a naked girl), and a lady on the other side would give the man a bj or hj. Is this in Thailand? Has anyone else seen this video? Curious to know where this happens. Thanks.

02-18-04, 16:59
Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

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EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

02-18-04, 19:57

While LoveLOS and the Thailand forum was a great help to me before I went, I needed somebody on the ground in BBK to guide me.

For any of you that plan to go to the Land of Smiles, I highly recommend Globotto as your tour guide and resource. Just PM him here on WSG and PayPal him a small advance. He's an American expat living in Bangkok, and a personal friend of Jackson, our WSG patron, who urged him to take up this line of work.

Globotto will call you up to brief you before you leave; meet you at the airport; coordinate your mongering goals with your itinerary; help you with reservations; fill you in on the best/cheapest places to stay, eat and get laid, etc -- all tailored to your specific needs and wants. He even helped me negotiate my first lay after getting me settled in at my hotel. Work with Globotto and you won't get ripped off by the ladies, by street vendors or shop owners. His rates are exceptionally reasonable, and I consider his fee as money very well spent.

Globotto's on-the-ground tactical directions, coupled with his extensive experience and social network, made my trip a complete success. I have a shock-proof crap detector, and Globotto passed with flying colors. He is a pro at his tour guide business, and an honest and trustworthy man. For example, he doesn't take any kickbacks from any businesses or providers, so his recommendations are dependable.

Another example: my initial idea was to go to Pattaya, but after considering my goals, budget and personality, Globotto recommended Cambodia, and Phnom Phen specifically, which worked out better than I can easily express. He set me up in an excellent hotel, right on the river, made my reservations, and helped me coordinate my travel there.

To make a long story short, I'm very happy with his service and will definitely hire him again.

Please PM me if you have any questions about Globotto. No, I don't get a commission for recommending him.


02-18-04, 22:46
Robux, I would have thought that one endorsement was enough. Rather than posting in 4 different threads on the Thai board?

Sainter, I saw that video at least 15 years ago. It looks like Thailand but, I've never encountered that service before.

02-19-04, 01:04

What can I tell you? I was very impressed with Globotto's services and feel it was the best way to help another monger from stepping on his dick on his first trip to Bangkok.


02-19-04, 02:42

You maybe impressed but the rules of the site seem to be very clear about this point. The posting of the same post in different sections of the site is spam. And posting spam is grounds for many things to happen, hopefuly you will still be able to post.


02-19-04, 12:05

With this reply to your post, coupled with my exchange with Plugger, we are now at 4 posts to comment upon the 3 extra posts that might be considered spam.

I explained myself in my last response to Plugger. Shall we spend more time, bandwidth and posts discussing this issue, or just put it to bed?


02-19-04, 16:17

it is four posts in the thailand section, and two in washington, d.c. and baltimore. the bottom line is spam is spam the posts plugger and i did are not spam because we are not reposting the same text.

the only thing that may stay you here is that globotto is a personal friend of jackson the owner of this site. and jackson can let anything happen he wants, that doesn't make it right it just makes it this site.

so while your posts may not be deleted, as they should be, plugger and i within the rules to point out the fact that they are unneeded spam.

and if you post another reply their will be another two or three posts added here.

i don't know globotto myself, but seen a lot of information he has posted to this site that is just wrong, so i question how good and how much he really knows. to send someone to cambodia instead of pattaya really makes no sense. the overall cost difference really is very small and pattaya offers so much more to the visitor than cambodia. not to get into a whole new area that is being battled elsewhere on the site but the one major thing about cambodia is the number of **** girls available. and that is something i'm not interested in.


Joe Zop
02-19-04, 16:46
Now, to be fair, SR, there are plenty of reasons to go to Cambodia as opposed to Pattaya -- a first-time visitor to the region who might be into seeing sights or experiencing another unique culture, for example, is going to be able to do far more there than Pattaya. Obviously, your points are well taken regarding the scene there, but there are other things to do and see in SE Asia in addition to monger, and Pattaya isn't exactly the best place to do some of those since it's so heavily geared toward nightlife. Globotto is someone who Jackson feels is knowledgeable and helpful, so that's good enough for me, even if I'd never have need of his services.

I'd like to point out to Robux, however, that multiple postings of the same message tend to be highly counter-productive -- they're invariably commented on in a negative way, with a messy follow-up spat sometimes resulting, which means in the end that people walk away not with a good feeling about what's being pushed (in this case Globotto) but with a bad one. And that certainly seems to defeat the whole point of lavishing excessive praise. Given that most people tend to read all the threads in any given area in a place like LOS, it's also purely and simply simply unnecessary.

02-21-04, 13:24
found this to be an interesting read.

the brothel king's revenge

he's the godfather of the thai sex industry - and what he knows about corruption could bring down the government. by cathy scott-clark and adrian levy

saturday february 21, 2004
the guardian

if you want to drive to the heart of a political scandal that has shaken thailand, just tell the taxi driver to head for "soapland", a 5km stretch of neon that slices through north bangkok. every night, thousands of thai punters flock to this garish highway flanked by high-class sex clubs, spending (according to one recent academic study) an incredible £1.5bn a year. but as prostitution is illegal in the kingdom, the signs above every doorway say ap ob nuat, thai for "steamy hot shower massage". it's hardly a sophisticated front, but until last summer this vast sex industry prospered without attracting unwelcome attention.
then in july last year, soapland's most powerful jao phor, or godfather, broke the unwritten code of silence. chuwit kamolvisit, who was estimated to have made between £50m and £100m from the district's six most exclusive clubs, went on nationwide television to announce that soapland sold sex and everyone knew it. chuwit revealed that some of his best clients were senior politicians and police officers, whom he also claimed to have paid, over a decade, more than £1.5m in bribes so that his business, the real business of selling sex, could thrive.

motivated by what chuwit described as the royal thai police's persistent attempts to extract ever increasing bribes from his sex empire, he then launched a series of allegations that today threaten to pull down the thai government. calling newspaper reporters to the front entrance of his copa cabana club, the millionaire pimp revealed that he had kept a diary in which was detailed every one of his company's commercial and sexual transactions. as a taster, chuwit alleged that days earlier (on july 7 2003) four senior police officers had used the services of his masseurs, numbers 103, 130, 137 and 299.

the thai media was gripped by chuwit's claims and the headlines ran: top cops got free sex and drinks. although thailand's foreign sex trade, with its ping-pong girls, pole dancers and £3 hand jobs, is overt and raucous, the enormous industry that caters exclusively for thai men had never before been publicly scrutinised, let alone the sexual mores of thailand's unchallengeable officials. but now, in downtown bangkok, general sant sarutanond, thailand's commissioner general of police, was forced to act and reluctantly ordered an investigation into chuwit's claims.

no one publicly berated the royal thai police. with its tanks and military ranks, the police is a paramilitary force that has demonstrated a hardline attitude to those it sees as enemies of the state. an inquiry is currently under way into claims by human rights groups that the royal thai police was complicit in the deaths of 2,849 people, killed last year in a 12-week government campaign to eradicate drugs.

days after sant's bribery investigation was launched, chuwit called reporters back to the blacked-out doors of copa cabana and claimed that police station "h", commanded by superintendent "t", had been bought off by him for 355,000 baht (£4,900) a month for 10 years. officers at huai khwang precinct (half a mile down the road) were placed under investigation and its commander, colonel thitipong settisombat, suspended. "transfer the entire station," one broadsheet demanded.

smelling blood, chuwit described a "tall police general" with the initial "s" who had secret stakes in two massage parlours. thai papers gleefully reported: officer has shares in sex venue firm. sant himself was called before the house committee on police affairs, where he admitted that he had a four million baht (£55,000) investment in a hotel in soapland, but maintained that he had nothing to hide (and launched a libel action against chuwit).

as the thai public anticipated further revelations, a rumour spread that the jao phor of soapland had vanished. for two days no one could find chuwit. there was no sign of him at copa cabana or at any of his five other clubs. wild speculation filled newspaper columns. had he been abducted by rogue police officers attempting to shut him up? maybe chuwit was dead. then, on july 11, a dazed man was found by a taxi driver wandering on the hard shoulder of the bangkok-chon buri motorway. he was driven to hospital where he was identified as chuwit. after being checked over, chuwit called a bedside press conference in which he claimed that he had been taken hostage, drugged and beaten by men he said were in the pay of the royal thai police. even though the police strenuously denied responsibility, the headlines the next day reported: "chuwit saga: payback time."

once discharged from hospital, chuwit held an impromptu rally outside government house and warned the crowd, "i am now a man with no future. i may be shot dead at any time." the morning papers all covered the event: "huge media circus follows sex king."

the thai prime minister, thaksin shinawatra, blanched. before becoming a politician, he had served as a lieutenant colonel in the royal thai police and had appointed many of his former police colleagues to senior positions in the cabinet and civil service. he needed the support of the police to stay in power. however, thaksin had been elected in january 2001 on a populist mandate to curb institutionalised corruption and here was a pimp demonstrating that, midterm, bribery was still endemic and its exponents were the police.

thaksin had to be seen to act. on july 12, the prime minister announced that all of chuwit's allegations would be investigated. within days, four police major generals were suspended, as were nine colonels, six lieutenant colonels, one major, 20 deputy station chiefs and crime suppression inspectors, and 11 lower-ranking police officers.

but chuwit would not stop. he announced dab krueng chon, a declaration of all-out war against the establishment. describing himself as "a weapon of mass destruction", he claimed in public that three cabinet ministers with the initials "s", "p" and "p" had received expensive gifts from him, and that one was a regular at copa cabana. pracha maleenont, the deputy interior minister, went on record to say he had visited massage parlours, but "that was long ago". for the second time in less than a month, the prime minister was forced to act. thaksin announced that he would conduct a moral purge of his party, sacking any mp found to have a mistress or patronise brothels.

still it was not enough for chuwit. in september, he registered his own political party, ton trakul thai (first thai nation, or ttt), launching the most unorthodox political movement thailand has seen. the pimp claimed he could do a better job than the government at ending institutionalised corruption. promising to sell his sex business to fund his bid for election (claiming he would throw in a free personal tutorial on "how to buy off the police"), marching to the slogan of "brave to think, brave to talk, brave to do", chuwit and his ttt party experienced a groundswell of support. within weeks of his taking to the hustings, 50,000 had registered with the party.

the government changed tactics. the country's anti-money-laundering organisation (amlo), a quasi police body, attacked chuwit as an itthipon meut, or "dark influence", on society, and froze a number of his bank accounts. the police shut down two of his six bathhouses, raiding the ones that remained open, charging chuwit with pimping **** girls and procuring women for sex. the empire strikes back, one headline read (although the government denied malice).

but it was too late. chuwit kamolvisit, a man from the margins, someone who admitted to having been "born bad", had already been transformed from a smut peddler into an unsung patriot. he had exposed the kingdom's rawest nerve, talking about what the thais call suay and the west calls bribery, the giving of tribute money, a factor in everyone's daily life. professor sungsidh piriyarangsan, an economist at bangkok's chulalongkorn university who has studied the nation's black economy, said, "chuwit's fight is brave and will help us understand the dark side of our society."

in december, thailand's leading english-language daily named chuwit "person of the year". declaring that suay was as "common in thailand as cockroaches", the nation wrote: "it now follows for the thais to decide if they are willing to tolerate injustice or turn out strongly to demand what they really deserve." the thai people will be able to make that decision imminently. elections are due to be held in the country's 74 provinces on march 14, and a general election follows in february 2005. but when the authorities are accused of being criminal and the criminals present themselves as just, who should the voters believe?

chuwit has five mobile phones, six bathhouses, a general office, two wives and at least two homes, one of them called sea of love. we are trying them all. "is mr chuwit there?" no one answers at his massage parlour, victoria's secret. we call another, emmanuelle: "not here." we call honolulu, chuwit's "love boat club". nothing. it's the same story at the hi-class, barbara and poseidon (where the foyer is shaped like an ocean liner). for a man so much in the public eye, chuwit is nowadays remarkably difficult to pin down. perhaps he always was.

finally, we reach him. "oh," he says, when we explain who we are. "well, i'm trying to keep a low profile. get on with election business. not make too much heat." pause. "from london, you say? oh. a newspaper?" a very long pause. "come to my office now." he gives us an address in soapland.

we find chuwit's campaign headquarters nestling smugly down a discreet lane at the copa cabana entertainment complex. up a marble staircase flanked by cement landseer lions are the much-photographed blacked-out doors above which is chuwit's old slogan from the days when he was simply a pimp: "work for living, love for life."

inside, we are bustled into a windowless karaoke room. after an hour's wait, a man in shiny trousers, a day-old white shirt and drooping black moustache strolls in. chuwit is slightly disappointing in the flesh and through chipped teeth he mumbles an apology for his tardiness. he stares at us and then launches into a well-rehearsed offensive: "i am a bad person. you're thinking it. but at least i am honest about what i do." we hear water swishing around a bathtub in a nearby room.

"take sex," he continues, lighting a mild seven cigarette. "we have more sex in thailand than in any country in the world, but politicians pretend brothels don't exist." chuwit starts scribbling figures on the back of a 10% discount voucher for copa cabana. "i pay three million baht [£41,000] in taxes every month. the permit issued to my bathhouses by the government is calculated on a room-by-room basis, that's 500,000 baht [£7,000] for every room, so with six clubs it means that i pay the thai exchequer 18 million baht [£247,000]. what do they think we do here? as for the police, i threw away five million baht [£69,000] a month giving them free services. i paid them 12 million baht a month [£165,000] in bribes. i had a delivery boy whose only job was to drive around on a little suzuki scooter distributing cash." he motions to a notional mountain of money on the table. a falsetto laugh echoes down the corridor. "you see, you can ask me anything," chuwit says.

why should anyone vote for a pimp?

he scratches his ear with a long, manicured fingernail and then his pockets begin to trill with polyphonic tones. one by one, he fishes out a succession of identical silver flip-top motorola phones. "sorry," he shrugs. "my campaign managers. why vote for me? because i don't lie. everything i have said has been proved correct. and i have lots more to say."

chuwit explains why he decided to go public. "i inherited the system of bribery from the man who sold me my first club - the love motel," he says. the sound of bare wet feet slaps around a neighbouring bathroom. "i understood the police. and they understood me. our relationship was like the body and the coffin. we went together. silently. but then it started to go mad." chuwit contemplates his mobile phones: "senior officers began ringing me all the time. 'my son, he's just graduated - he needs a new house.' i couldn't say no. never get too close to the police or they will pull you down. i decided to talk out to end the corruption."

chuwit glances at his watch. "sorry, i have to go," he says. "i am off to a campaign rally. i already have tens of thousands of party members, but i need more. today, it's the north-east, where the people are really poor and understand my anti-corruption message. thais are quiet. they like to compromise. i am saying don't be quiet. be loud like westerners."

does chuwit see himself as a thai-style larry flynt, hustler's show-all pornographer who took the moral majority all the way to the us supreme court and won (despite an assassination attempt)? "i'm an original," is all he says, ushering us out.

a mercedes with tinted glass pulls up at the vip entrance and deposits a customer. chuwit smiles. "at first they stayed away. wary of the scandal. but where there are men, there will always be the business of sex," he says.

police spokesman major general pongsaphat pongcharoen isn't taking calls. his mobile phone is switched off. we send text messages. several a day. "dear major general, etc, etc." no response. up the ladder we go, faxing the four police stations under investigation, sending messages to the nine colonels, six lieutenant colonels and one major suspended, calling round at the homes of the four major generals facing investigation. mercedes cars in the drive. golf clubs by the steps. faces at the windows. but, apparently, no one at home.

at the downtown office of the police general, sant sarutanond, a secretary says, "send a fax."

we do. "you can have an interview. call back in four days."

we do. "ah, he's gone to vietnam for a week. call back."

we do. "i'm sorry but he cannot possibly talk to you at the moment." he has been ordered to investigate police collusion in the 2,849 death toll in the government's war against drugs.

however, the secretary-general of thailand's amlo agrees to meet us in his office, decorated with orchids and copies of his four university degree certificates. police major general peeraphan prempooti is leading the campaign against so-called "dark influences". he immediately downplays the pimp's significance. "why all this fuss over mr chuwit?" he says. "he's small fry. i would like to believe mr chuwit, but when i called him here to give evidence on his bribery allegations, he refused to name names." the major general says the government planned to target corruption long before the chuwit saga began. "it's the prime minister who is gauging levels of corruption, not mr chuwit. our pm asked all agencies to join hands and fight drug trafficking and 'dark influences'. and, as it happens, mr chuwit is one of our 'dark influences'. next monday, my 100th money-laundering case will be listed in the civil court and it is against mr chuwit. we have frozen six of his bank accounts."

some parliamentarians have accused the government of running a vendetta against chuwit. the major general says this is untrue. "no one will escape the net," he adds. "i personally conduct money-laundering probes. they are all genuine. already we have seized three billion baht [£41m] from a plethora of 'dark influences'. if you want to know more about the nature of mr chuwit, then i suggest you look at the beer bar scandal of january 2003."

he is referring to an episode in the early hours of january 26 last year, when a 400-strong demolition team encircled sukhumvit square, a plot of land in downtown bangkok that had become a makeshift tourist night market of bars, restaurants and shops. within minutes, the site had been fenced off and over the next nine hours it was levelled, causing more than 140 million baht (£1.9m) damage to the small businesses that had sprung up on it. news footage of the destruction caused a public uproar. prime minister thaksin paid a flying visit and vowed to punish those responsible. it was eventually established that only weeks earlier the land had been sold to chuwit, who had lodged a planning application to build a five-star hotel.

amlo's chief sighs. "chuwit was charged for the demolition. thailand's 'dark influences' are devious and manipulative people," he says. "did you know that i went to the same christian school as our prime minister? we were both educated by white-robed brothers. we will make thailand cleaner than clean."

outside the amlo office, we hail a taxi and the driver starts chatting about chuwit. "i'll vote for him for sure. he's not the straightest guy in the world but we are sick of paying off the police and politicians."

after a morning's calling, we reach chuwit on his mobile phone and put it to him that the thai government is alleging that his police bribery and abduction stories are concoctions intended to obscure his role in the sukhumvit square demolition. chuwit agrees to meet us at one of bangkok's plushest new hotels, a stone's throw from the square.

guarded by familiar cement lions, the davis hotel is low-lit, understated and geometric. inside the lobby, chuwit is waiting, twiddling with a silver-topped cane. "this was my dream," he says. "the flagship of my legitimate empire. i spent two billion baht [£27.5m] building this hotel. my bid to be respectable. anyhow." chuwit closes his eyes. "you wanted to talk about sukhumvit square."

chuwit denies that he did anything wrong. "yes, i bought sukhumvit square in december 2002. i paid 500 million baht [£6.9m] for the plot and i wanted to build another hotel. but the land was occupied with squatters."

chuwit claims that the royal thai police offered to clear the site for him in return for a bribe. "these officers received 10 million baht [£137,500]. but when they started to get the blame in the newspapers, a big officer rang and said, 'paytwo million baht [£27,500] or we will arrest you for the demolition.' i told him, 'no. you did the demolition. and i paid you. no more money.' he said: 'the wind, cloud and rain are coming. we will not help you.'"

chuwit was arrested in may 2003. when he appeared in court, he argued that even though there was a police station only 200m away from sukhumvit square, no officers intervened for nine hours. however, he was held on remand for a month and, while in jail, was further charged with pimping ****d girls and procuring women for sex. one week after he was released on bail, major general peeraphan prempooti, of amlo, began to freeze his accounts.

chuwit drums his cane on the floor. "after i got out of jail, i was furious and started to name names. i told the thai people who took bribes and who got sex for free. now the government accuses me of being a 'dark influence'. but here, look." he shows us a letter he has just received from amlo. "among the accounts they froze are my two-year-old son's and my wife's. they had 2,100 baht [£29] in them. they are just out to get me."

shortly after chuwit's accounts were suspended, his clubs were raided. he says: "the police had sex with my girls and then came out waving their used condoms in the air, shouting, 'mr chuwit, you're the bad guy. you're a pimp. your girls are *****s and they will be prosecuted. here is the evidence.'"

although general sant defended the unconventional operation, wuthipong chaisaeng, a thai mp and spokesman for the house committee on police affairs, said, "many of us see the raids [on chuwit] as a discriminatory enforcement of the law."

a phone rings and chuwit scrabbles in his pockets. "i'm sorry. i have to go to hat yai now [a town in the southern gulf of thailand] to raise more political support." he mulls over an idea. "everything i have done is about transparency. so i have made a decision. go to copa cabana and unlock any door you like."

the copa's front-of-house manager is waiting for us at the blacked-out front doors and introduces himself as khun kom sa - "mr handsome". he leads us over to the "fishbowl", a large window behind which sit young thai women in evening dresses. forty pairs of heavily made-up eyes swivel in our direction. "those girls on the left, with numbered badges but no stars, are 1,700 baht [£23] for two hours," says mr handsome. "the ones on the right with stars and numbered badges are 1,900 baht [£26]." what do the girls do, we ask. mr handsome looks bemused. "have sex, of course."

beside the "fishbowl" is a cash desk. "money or credit before 10.30pm," says mr handsome. "after 10.30pm, cash only." where are the rooms, we ask. he leads us down a carpeted corridor. it could easily be a five-star hotel. a door is ajar on the right and inside we see a woman in a towel sitting on a bed watching television. a man's hand reaches out and pulls her back by the shoulder. another door opens on the left. two maids knot dirty sheets and throw an empty tube of lube into a bulging binbag. a woman in a powder-blue strapless evening dress sways towards us, her glass-heeled stilettos in one hand and a clutch bag in another.

we pick a door, stopping at room 2157. we'd like to go in here, we say. mr handsome laughs and knocks. he pushes the door open and sitting on the bed are two girls in fluffy white towels. the bed-sheets are pulled back. the bath is draining. the customer is gone. we perch on the bed between may and ay, and ask mr handsome to leave us alone.

may explains how she ended up in copa cabana: "i used to be a hairdresser, but i got divorced and my business went bust. what i do now is just another job. i am not ashamed, but i cannot tell my mother. the money i earn helps pay for my sister's education."

what does may think of chuwit's decision to tell all? "it's none of my business. but he's brave. we used to get a lot of police clients. they would never pay. they were called vip guests. but mr chuwit would always make up the difference so that we were never out of pocket. i'm glad the police don't come any more." ay nods: "no one would do this job unless they had to. it's tiring having to be nice all the time. having to smile and make conversation. and then having to do it for free for the police. mr chuwit is an ok guy." we wonder if they would have told a different story if we had interviewed them outside copa cabana.

mr handsome is waiting for us at the cash desk and he takes us into a small office. "this is where we assess the newcomers. we never have a shortage of applications," he says. "girls that do well are rewarded with gold jewellery. those that turn up on time win bonuses. on a good night they take home 5,000 baht [£69]," he says. it's an attractive salary in a country where the poverty line is £14 a month.

behind him on the walls are dozens of house rules. "you must wear nylons between 1pm and 8pm. you must not scratch your crotch [in public]. if you owe money, contact the company for a loan. drug-takers will be sent to the police." at the staff entrance is a large board of clocking-out cards. beside it is a poster for chuwit's ttt party and a pile of newly printed campaign t-shirts with the slogan: "stop the government corrupting our country now!"

the newspapers are full of bad news. two seers have picked up cosmic signs that thailand's economy and government are in for a rough ride. one, the chairman of the international astrology association, says "the pm should watch his back", warning that "he has made enemies, executing drastic policies such as the anti-drugs campaign". a specialist in political astrology says the prime minister should brace himself for an "unexpected happening in march". so jittery is the country that prime minister thaksin has had to issue a calming statement.

we try again to elicit comment on the bribery scandal from the royal thai police. lieutenant general damrongsak nilkhuha, bangkok's metropolitan police commissioner, recently told one thai newspaper that the police should not feel guilty for accepting bribes from chuwit because such payments were only an expression of "closeness and sincerity". but the lieutenant general does not have time to explain his views to us. instead, we try a more direct approach and take a cab into soapland, tosutthisarn police station, whose officers raided chuwit's clubs (and allegedly took hush money).

"police for the people" reads the sign inside the station house. but the desk officer claims that there is no one qualified to talk to us: "there are no senior officers left here. our first superintendent walked after chuwit began to speak. colonel varanvas has been transferred. our new boss is on sick leave and, between you and me, he won't last another fortnight."

as we leave, the justice ministry calls to say that its permanent secretary is willing to be interviewed. somchai wongsawat has overall responsibility for investigating the allegations made by chuwit, as well as most of those levelled against chuwit by the police. he is also the prime minister's brother-in-law.

at his office on the 38th floor of a tower block, somchai is waiting at the end of a long conference table. "mr chuwit is not a big deal," he says, firmly, not wanting to discuss the details of the ongoing investigations. "his case is distracting attention from our campaign against 'dark influences'. all people outside the law will be punished, whether the police or mr chuwit." china teacups arrive, embossed with golden scales of justice. a silent stenographer in a petrol blue suit records all that is said.

like amlo's secretary-general, somchai wongsawat insists that it is the prime minister who is reforming society: "our current government had been thinking about the issue of corruption for many months before mr chuwit came along. our prime minister is trying to eradicate the big problems of the past. it is the prime minister who is making the difference. transforming thailand into a developed nation."

we drop 38 floors back down to street level and hail a taxi. the traffic snarls into a jam. the cabbie huffs and puffs. "everyone got their wages this week and so they are out collecting again," he says, pointing ahead to police officers in chocolate-brown uniforms, their penalty notice books fluttering in the breeze. one hundred baht extracted here, 100 baht squeezed from there. every driver forced to pay off the royal thai police. "yuen moo, yuen maew," the taxi driver sighs, summing up the quid pro quo happening ahead of us. "you give me a pig, i'll give you a cat." the royal thai police serve the people and the people demonstrate their gratitude.

facts are hard to come by in the chuwit saga. there are his allegations that caused a herd of policemen to fall on their swords. and then there are the government's counterclaims that show chuwit as a cut-throat property speculator. some facts may be established when the welter of charges surrounding chuwit eventually come to a head in court in three or possibly four years' time. but it is not facts that will decide the forthcoming elections. it is money.

the pimp calls. "meet me at home." we expect a white stucco mansion, but he lives in the penthouse of a 15-storey block behind soapland's tesco-lotus supermarket. the only other tenants are girls. this is chuwit's sea of love.

in a small office, he is slumped before a map of the world. "today i have received another letter from the money-laundering people," he says. "more of my assets frozen. i'm in court on monday. what will my children and wife do? i will soon have nothing in the bank.

"in july, i began to talk because i was getting angry with the bigots. the more i talked, the more they lied. i became possessed. i lost control and said too much. now i feel like i'm walking in a desert. i can see a mirage: success in the polls, me the respected politician."

this doesn't sound like the ebullient entrepreneur who promised to avenge the thai people. surrounded by piles of well-leafed porn magazines and shelves of books on the world's hippest hotels, chuwit seems like an adolescent: angry, impetuous and vulnerable.

he says: "in hat yai yesterday, when i met the local officials, all they wanted from me was money. three million baht [£41,000] before they would even shake my hand or support my party. what am i doing? having to pay all over again."

how could this arch practitioner of paying backhanders have ignored the fact that the practice is just as deep-rooted in the thai electoral system? until thailand reformed the way it votes in 1997, it was commonplace for aspirant politicians to staple banknotes to election leaflets; it is a tradition that is proving difficult to eradicate. during the country's first ever poll in 2000 to elect members to its parliament's upper house, 40% of newly appointed senators were disqualified for electoral fraud. during the 2001 general election that brought thaksin to power, politicians campaigning in 62 of the 400 constituencies were accused of vote-buying.

it takes bottomless wealth and uncommon resilience to succeed in thailand's political arena. and although chuwit still claims that he will field candidates in key provinces in the forthcoming provincial elections, he is already exhausted and out of pocket - his prized davis hotel was quietly placed on the market on december 28 last year.

chuwit turns off the main light and switches on an anglepoise. the hustler's face is greasy in the golden glow and he no longer resembles the people's champion. "i am just a little man," he says quietly. "with me or without me, it's always going to be the same."

© cathy scott-clark and adrian levy, 2004

02-21-04, 16:07

Excellent and informative article about Chuwit and the Thai sex cleanup. Thanks for posting it. I was struck by the following quote:

AMLO's chief sighs. ... "Did you know that I went to the same Christian school as our prime minister? We were both educated by white-robed brothers. We will make Thailand cleaner than clean."

Does anyone know if Thaksin is Christian rather than Buddhist? Is he trying to impose traditional Christian anti-sexual attitudes on a Buddhist nation?


02-22-04, 15:17

there was an interesting thread on the Russia board regarding ways to improve "performance". The consensus was that taking ginseng was the best thing (although someone suggested eating tons of caviar, which is definitely easier to do in Moscow than Bangkok!)

Obviously Viagra, Cialis etc. can help a lot, but that is to improve hard-ons. What about enhancing sensation ? Especially welcome to compensate for the condom.

The gay community favors the so-called "poppers", but those have a very nasty effect on your health.

Any idea ?

02-22-04, 22:27

As it should be, the WSG Forum has an amazing amount of excellent reviews from all over the world. There are so many opinions as to what place is the best, it makes my head spin! To be honest, I think I am suffering from information overload! I am still stuck trying to decide where to go. By the way, I will have about 1 week around the end of March into the first of April.

I've been reading the fourm constantly for several days and it seems that each area has some differences. Please let me know if you disagree with the following:

Thailand is very inexpensive and has a great number of women to choose from. The city of Bangkok is huge and has some tourist value beyond sex while Pattaya seems to be much smaller and there is little tourist value beyond mongering. Both seem to have the potential for unique experiences!

Cambodia also seems to be very inexpensive. Maybe I am missing someting, but most of what I hear about this place is bad. Is there anything good about Cambodia? Are there a good amount of legal women to choose from?

Buenos Aires, Argentinia and Rio, Brazil is slightly more expensive and of course the ethnicity of the girls is different. GFE and LT seems more difficult to come by than in Thailand, but the girls here are more likely to do anal and BBBJ.

Is that all correct? Or did I miss something? I am looking for a place to go that has some toursit value beyond sex. I'm just saying that I need to be able to tell people a non-sexual reason why I am going there. You know what I mean? However, I really want an inexpensive, safe, and fun place.

So, where should I go? Does it come down to a personal preference in the ethnicity of the women or what? If anyone would like to share a simple comparison between the major places, I would apprecaite it. Thank you for your replies and advice.


Little Boy
02-23-04, 11:56
Little Boy in Bangkok

Well my first day in Monger Central was amazing I got there by cab and was truly amazed by all the gals up for hire. But Globotto said make sure you wait for me before you do anything so it was a good idea. So recovering from jet lag took a long shower and had a half an hour to sleep all in all worked out well. Next thing he showed me the free lancer section it was great view and a nice feeling. We came up with are own code language for lady boys and gal with stretch marks from babies. So after about an hour of gazing at all the hotties by Nana Plaza I finally found one I liked. She wanted a high price but he speaks Thai and managed to bargain her down to 1500 and she original wanted 2500. So it was a great pick still tight and great work effort.

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Next day he hooked me up with the Russian Hore. Its weird these gals are freaks they remind me of black gals. She original wanted 2500 he managed to knock it down 2000 and he’s a smooth talker. So it worked out great so what can I say but great job.

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02-23-04, 15:17

You seem ok with your info and I am sure the experienced big boys will help you. Dont discount Cambodia, as it has a lot of great temples and some beaches as well. Of course the girls of the LOS are ready and willing and you CAN find plenty of BBBJ and anal. The archives are full of info. Bangkok has some great areas outside of mongering as does Chang Mai and others. You can take a cutie of your choice to the mountains and relax as well as visit a great beach in the south. Absolutely beautiful. As a side trip if you have time Cambodia has fantastic temples as well. You can have a GFE there as well with an ADULT lady. (Please no one open that can of worms again). Most of us will agree that the LOS would be your first SEasia choice.

02-23-04, 17:55
Anybody in here has used an Apple laptop to connect to the internet in a Bangkok hotel?



Joe Zop
02-23-04, 19:10
Nefarious -- it seems you've mostly got a good handle on things, though I don't know where you get the idea that BBBJ is hard to come by in Thailand -- it's not. As far as your questions, yes, I do think to some extent the choice comes down to personal tastes.

If you're looking for tourist things all the places you mention have them -- Cambodia has Angkor Wat, one of the seven wonders of the world, Thailand has countless temples, beaches, cultural attractions, etc., Buenos Aires and Rio are major cities with lots of attractions. Cambodia does have plenty of legal women to choose from -- not to the same extent as Thailand, however -- but it's simply a poorer, wilder, and more damaged place than the others on your list, and it's still recovering from both the SEA wars and the horrible regime there, scourges which Thailand avoided.

Pattaya does indeed make a poor excuse for a tourist getaway that has nothing to do with mongering, and Bangkok can wear on you unless you love big noisy congested third-world cities, but there's certainly tons of tourist things in Thailand. Come home with a picture of yourself riding an elephant or ox cart, standing on the Bridge on the River Kwai, in front of one of the wats, lounging on the beach, etc., and you can quiet most questions. If you want to be a tourist who mongers as opposed to a monger pretending to be a tourist, head to Phuket or Chiang Mai as well as Bangkok. I can't speak directly to BA or Rio because I've not visited either, but my other travels in South and Central America have certainly been wonderful, the women alluring, and the culture vibrant. I do think that Thailand, with its far longer history and distinct Buddhist culture, makes an absolutely wonderful tourist destination, and it's one where not speaking the language isn't at all a barrier, since it's such a tourist-oriented and friendly place.

02-24-04, 20:23
Juice - while I don't use a port-a-mac - the MACHINE doesn't care as long as the either phone line or ethernet plugs in and the ISP hooks up. Browser is browser - the machine sorts it out

02-24-04, 20:59

Yes, you are right the machine does not care. I did not ask the right question.

The right question is: Can I use my American ISP provider to go online in Thailand. I have one through my biz but don't know if it work overseas with Thai phone line....


02-24-04, 21:10

The short answer to your questions is no you can't use your American ISP in Thailand. The long answer is you can use it anywhere in the world but you need to get access to the ISP and in Thailand your American ISP does not have an access number. You could if you wanted make an International call to the ISP access number within the states and then it would work. But the service would be slow, and very costly.

For Internet access on your lap top your best bet is to buy a prepaid Thai access card. The best of these is Loxinfo/CS Internet, they have a card that has local numbers throughout Thailand. The cost is 750 baht for 63 hours of service or 490 baht for 30 hours of service. The cards can be purchased at many places throughout Thailand, even many 7/11 Stores sell them.


02-24-04, 23:27



02-25-04, 07:53
Hello Folks,

My problem: my company logs all web pages visited by their employees.

My second problem: I love to browse this site (and others).


Is there an easy way to browse a site within some sort of anomymous shell?

thanks much


02-25-04, 21:35
gentlemen, i'm doing a solo coming up in march. just a few short days. my quesiton is, do you recommend bkk or pattaya for a solo.

my experience in bkk has only ever been with a local friend and only for one night out at a time before embarking on a journey so frankly i've never paid that much attention in bkk. pattaya i have handled on my own several times and so am fairly familiar for solo efforts.

my question to the much more experienced. do you recommend staying in bkk; nana, pong, cowboy, etc. rather than heading elsewhere. i'm just a bit tired of the two hour rush down the coast for only a couple of days of fun in the sun. i'm only going for the girls and booze so i don't necassarily care about [CodeWord118] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord118) at the beach. but i am not sure if hanging out in bkk for 3 days is worth it either. especially when i don't have the area dialed in so to speak.



02-25-04, 21:52

I think you answered all your questions yourself. You say your trip is very short, so I recommend you stay in the Nana vicinity. It is a very concentrated entertainment area and booze flows freely. Almost impossible to get lost. If you have a serious problem with directions, almost all street watch vendors will sell you a mini compass for about 30baht. They really work.

Joe Zop
02-25-04, 22:30
If you've only got three days and all you want is girls and booze then I'd still recommend Pattaya -- it's easier to get things going in the off-hours, cheaper, and simpler to walk around in the desired areas. The extra travel time really isn't that much.

02-25-04, 22:58
I agree with Joe if you only have three days skip Bangkok and head to Pattaya. More girls are available within a small area and the cost will be less. Also I believe Bangkok will be hit much harder than Pattaya with the new 6pm to Midnight times for bars and clubs. The leaders in Pattaya are already trying to make most of Pattaya into a EZ, and they will be more lacked at enforcement then Bangkok.


02-26-04, 00:17
SR / JZ - Thanks so much for the good info. You confirmed my suspisions. I suspect BKK seems to be better for the locals on the scene.

SR what's with EZ - Entertainment Zone (?). Is there some exclusion offered on these to the new regs? Surley parts of BKK would fall under this if it were the case... Yes / No..?


02-26-04, 04:54

You are correct EZ is Entertainment Zone and the bad news is that only one of the three main areas for sex tourist is a EZ and that is Patpong. Both Soi Cowboy and Nana Entertainment Plaza are not within a EZ. So if this goes through most of the main areas for us in Bangkok will be in big trouble.


02-26-04, 12:20
It is interesting that Patpong is 'EZ' but Nana and Soi Cowboy/Asoke are not. I hate that annoying market of useless crap that gets in the way of the sex there. But it might be enlightening as to the motivations behind this crackdown - is Patpong owned by better connected thugs or members of the government than the other two above mentioned areas? I note that Patpong has a substantial area focused on the Asian sex tourist, while Nana and Asoke do not - certainly the crackdown does seem racially focused, with a strong anti-falang bias, while leaving the asian sex tourists less effected.

Steve Thai I
02-26-04, 19:18

SR and JZ are correct!

Having lived and worked in both BKK and Pattaya before , late 2000 and early 2001 , and if I had a three day time limit / three day pass for babes and booze , don't waste your time in BKK.

Do not pass go , go straight on to paradise ------ Pattaya !!!!

Run, Don't Walk, Straight to the nearest available transportation (i.e. Public or Private Taxi, Bus, Tuk Tuk, Water Buffalo, etc. Whatever is headed S.E. from BKK) The less time spent in BKK means more time out doing what we do here, looking, searching, finding and sampling the pink paradise from the LOS!

If you play your hand, willie and wallet right and don't get too out of consciousness from the booze , it could be a three day trip you'll never forget!

Remember, before you deck her, be sure to wrap your pecker!

Sometimes, the "clap" at the end of high season can be left over from the beginning of high season!

Have fun and after the fog lifts from the booze, if too much, report back to all of us here as we'd love to hear about your three day pass and Pattaya trip .


Jimmy Red Cab
02-27-04, 03:34

it is sad that despite thailand being a democracy, corruption always seems to be lingering in the background. of course it is ridiculous that patpong can be an ez, but nana plaza and soi cowboy are not. when these type of laws are changed in the uk they apply to the whole country, of course in the usa it would depend on state laws.

Jaimito Cartero
02-27-04, 08:44
I think that in the end, all the tourist mongering areas will get some sort of allowance, or just ignore the new rules. I can't see Pattaya closing at midnight, when it just opened a few hours before. Thai's are pretty resilent, and if nothing changes with the law, they'll all turn into porridge shops so they can stay open. :)

Steve Thai I
02-27-04, 14:17
Fellow Thailand Posters:

You might want to read this before you take a trip to this area.

Be sure what you went to bed with is what you wake up with .

Source: Thai Rath

Monday, February 16, 2004

The horror of the morning after

PATHUM THANI: Some people may be familiar with the surprise of waking up on the morning of New Year’s Day to find an unexpected creature lying beside them in bed.

Few, however, take the trouble to report such incidents to the police. Fewer still are the cases where police haul the offending bedmate off to jail.

Pol Lt Col Sarawut Netriyanon, Superintendent at Tambon Suan Prik Thai Police Station, was as surprised as anyone on January 1 when he was called to a rented room by 23 year-old Thip Nethip, who said that there was a monstrous creature asleep on his bed.

Investigations swiftly established that the “monster” was a bright-green iguana, 50 centimeters long and weighing in at a meaty five kilograms. Not knowing what to do with the reptile, Col Sarawut took it back to the station.

Fearful that the vegetarian lizard might harm local children – iguanas have long, sharp talons – officers there locked up the creature in a prison cell while they waited for wildlife officials to come and collect it.

03-01-04, 22:19
STI - LOL, I most certainly will "pass Go" but unfortunatly I know it will be me who will be paying the $200. and not collecting it!Thanks for the additional confirmation.

JC - Now that's a bowl of hot porridge soup I'll indulge in!


03-02-04, 05:26
I'm looking for some advise on a Hotel In Bangkok.

One that is clean and safe, as I'll be leaving camera equipment in the room but one that is also open enough to allow women for overnight or shorter stays.

If there is a Hotel like this which is close to all the"action" I would be gratefull to hear about it.

Which brings me to my next question: Where should I go in Bangkok to find all the hot Thai women I've heard so much about?



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

03-02-04, 07:25

You might want to spend some time and read the Hotel section. You haven't given a price range. There are so many posting about so many different and great places to stay. Depending on your price range and length of stay you might want to take a serviced apartment. I'll be cuming to BKK for my first visit in about six months and have spent many nights reading this board and a few others to get my plans in order.

One thing I've noticed and I know it's an oddity, most of the pics of the Thai girls are not complimentary. I know so many of the Thai girls are total knockouts. One of our bros told me the pretty ones won't let you take pics of them. Could be poor photographers. I travel to Costa Rica regularly and I've learned that getting a good pic of a girl is hard to do. One Thai visitor, Phuket Bob has a long series of pics of some great beauties, I know they are all over the place.

One last note about where do you find pretty girls, what is pretty to one guy may not be pretty to the next. I've seen it a thousand times and have accepted it as a fact of life. I think latinas and asian women are most pretty, while others think they are dogs.

Shamas O'Dognasty
Gourmet Catering &
Septic Tank Cleaning

03-02-04, 12:09
Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

Tapping my experience will help you into action and save you money. Whether your looking for a wife, girlfriend or casual sex, I can advise you on where to go and what to expect to pay, where to stay and how to get around the city and country. I can advise you on other places such as Cambodia.

I will help you to identify and avoid touts and transsexuals.

I can provide Thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

My rate is 500baht/hour plus expenses if there are any. After 2 hours the rate goes down to 300baht/hour. If you pay by Paypal I can pre-book your room and /or greet you at the airport. Refer to website: http://www.geocities.com/globotto/

Contact me via a private message by clicking PM button below.

Pay $20 to my Paypal account and I will call you and answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge in a 40 minute telephone conversation via Bangkok so you can pre-plan your trip.

EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

Love Sex 22
03-02-04, 20:02
I am looking for one bedroom apartment prefer unfurnished with kitchen and AC around Sukhumvit from soi 1 to soi 45 close to Sky Train, for long term possibly a year or more, between 20000 to 30000 baht a month. Appreciate any help.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple writing errors including missing punctuation, peculiar punctuation, missing capitalization, multiple periods throughout the text, etc. To avoid delays in future reports, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Please review the Forum's Posting Guidelines (http://www.wsgforum.com/postingguidelines.html) for further information. Thanks!

03-03-04, 01:13

As Shamas says, your question is way too vague. Read the hotel section. No place is close to "all" the action.

If you are going to leave valuables in your room, buy a good lockable hard sided case like a "Pelican case".


You're spot on with the photo thing. I've never understood it. I get all fired up about getting my vacation pics back, only to be disappointed. They sure are cuter in person. I think this is especially true with Filipinas.


03-03-04, 04:46
Thanks FD and Shamas,

To be more specific, I don't want to spend much more then 10,000 Bhat which I'm sure limits me.

At the moment I've booked my first few days at the Viengtai Hotel which looks to me like it's centrally located.

Weather it's "women friendly" or not I don't know...yet.

as for as viewing the report archives I've given up.

Each time I click on report archives it brings me to page where I choose Bangkok. I'm then either brought back to the prior page or to a web page which has a few archives (very few) from 1995-1998.

Is there's something wrong with the links? Or am I clicking in the wrong places?

Jaimito Cartero
03-03-04, 18:52
Love Sex - It depends on how nice of a place you want. The only places that I've stayed in, that might work for you are Bright City Towers and the Grand President.

I stayed in BCT for 4 days last month and it was acceptable, but not luxurious in any way. I stayed in a basic studio, but it did have the mini-kitchen, tv, and such. They have good monthly rates, which include laundry.

Grand President has much nicer rooms, but is much more expensive. You can usually get a better bargain by email also. I've only stayed in their Jade rooms. (A bit outdated, but okay).

These are both on Soi 11, and pretty close to the Nana skytrain.

Joe Zop
03-04-04, 06:33
Jeff77, you're looking at the older achives using the method you describe. They're useful, but not as current.

I suggest you do two things: first, simply read the entire Bangkok Hotels thread -- it doesn't take all that long to simply start at the oldest report and read forward, skipping what's irrelevant. It certainly will take less time than either waiting for a pertinent reply or searching elsewhere. Second, use the forum search function with a couple of keywords such as "hotel safe clean" or something like that, restricting the search to the Thailand section. That should bring up a fair amount of info that will allow you to narrow your question to something more manageable.

Love Sex 22
03-04-04, 20:00
Jamito Cartero,

I stayed in the Grand President. They gave me a monthly rate off 32000 baht, but I want a nice unfurnished one bedroom unit that I can furnish on my own and for at least a year.

Thanks for your help.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

03-05-04, 18:32
Thanks Joe for the suggestions.

I am leaving in two days.. on Sunday the 7th.

I'd like to know if there is any problem in traveling with a large box of condoms (about 50 rubber's).

Seems like a funny question but have to ask.

Will this cause any problems at customs?

What do other folks do traveling to Bangkok?

Joe Zop
03-06-04, 05:53
Customs could care less if you've got condoms unless you've got them stuffed with coke or yaba. For the most part, you're going to have to do something seriously out of line (like disrespect a customs official) for them even to check your bags coming in. Just be polite, smile, and make clear how happy you are to be visiting Amazing Thailand and you'll breeze right through.

03-08-04, 03:21
Sorry for cross posting, but I'm not sure where this one fits:

While on vacation, I want to take a few days to a week to visit Vietnam and possibly the PI. Since I would be starting out from Thailand, are there any special visa requirements coming or going?

03-08-04, 03:40

No Visa is needed for the PI but you do need a Visa for Vietnam. Go to the Vietnam Embassy web site and it will give you all the information. If you are going to play Vietnam may not be the best choice as the sex scene is nowhere near as open as in the PI.


03-08-04, 03:46
Cool. What about coming back to Thailand? Does my 30 day limit reset? Is there some minimum number of days I have to stay out? Do I have to return to my home country before re-entry?

03-08-04, 03:47
Hi PurpleNGold,

Regarding travel to Vietnam and Philippines via Thailand - Delta Airlines has quite a nice feature on their site which allows you to check just the type of situation you are asking about.

Here's the link: http://www.delta.com/travel/trav_serv/intl_travel/timatic/index.jsp

Hope it helps you out. I've done a few checks there for some of the countries I'm familiar with and it seems to be right on the mark each time.

Good luck,

Pacific Blue

03-08-04, 04:43

Yes your 30 days will reset as soon as you leave the country and return. And you only need to stay out of Thailand long enough to enter and leave another country. The shorest turn around I ever did was about 10 minutes outside of Thailand.


03-13-04, 01:16
I second what Joe Zop said in all my trips to Thailand I have never had my bags checked when entering into the Kingdom. Even when I have had many large bags they just let me through.


03-13-04, 09:00
Dudes !!! Some of you may have seen this already. But for those who haven't: check it out.

Look at these great rates on Asiana

Fly from Los Angeles to one of these destinations:
Hong Kong for only $410 roundtrip*
Bangkok for only $425 roundtrip*
Clark Field for only $515 roundtrip*
Hanoi for only $535 roundtrip*

Enjoy FD

03-13-04, 18:08
Question fellas:

I will be in LOS in April. I have been checking out the vitamin V section but no info. Is it easy to get generic V in LOS in any pharmacy? Any idea of approximate costs? Thanks in advance fellas. Buy you a drink in April if we meet in playland. PM me!

03-14-04, 06:03
Been here a week now and getting used to the idea to transfer here permamnently (wishful thinking, but never hurts, eh!)

Generic V is 500B for 4 tablets 100 mg dose. One is called Gaverta (Caverta). Just as good as the real one. I found it pharmacy on suk between soi 13 and 15.

two mor days to go. my business was successfull along with a great R&R. Will send som FRs when I get back

03-14-04, 15:16

Most small pharmacies have a supply of Caverta under the counter. It is never in plain sight.
These drugs are prescription only in Thailand, so if you go to a big pharmacy, like one that's linked to a hospital, they will tell you to go to a clinic and get a recipe.
Depending on where you go, the cost of Caverta, is from B500-800 for four pills.
When buying drugs abroad, always have the generic name in your head.
For viagra it's:
--Sildenafil Citrate--
This generic name is ALWAYS on the box!

Jimmy Red Cab
03-14-04, 15:54

You could be right about prescriptions however I had no problem buying Viagra and Penega over the counter in Bangkok. The pharmacy was a large one between Soi 4 and Soi 0 on Sukhumvit Road. Viagra was 1800 baht for 4 x100 mil tablets and Penegra 500 baht. Even in the UK these products are normally kept out of sight, not the sort of thing you want everyone in the shop to see you buying.

03-14-04, 17:59
Jimmy Red Cab,

The point about my post was that it makes no sense to go to a hospital or clinic if you just want to buy over the counter but to a pharmacy that's run like a business instead.

The pills are kept out of sight in Thailand because they are illegal drugs UNLESS you've got a prescription.
It's the same with malaria drugs in Thailand: Prescription only.
But unlike Viagra/Caverta et cetera, these drugs don't represent a large, profitable market in Thailand, so hardly any businesslike pharmacist will bother to have them on stock.

03-15-04, 04:08
Now that is suprising Feeler, about malaria drugs. You would think with everyone going to Siem Reap there is a market. Hmmmm, I guess I will get them at home.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

03-16-04, 00:13
BTW, has any Bangkok ex-pats ever gotten vaccinations for Cambodia? Pretty easy to get at local clinics/hospitals?

03-20-04, 07:23
I have a friend who says this emaciated yabba besotted street walker with teeth bucked out So bad she cannot close her lips is a hottie. And I had a 55y.o. Canadian who bragged about 500baht suckie fuckie with hotties that turned out to be all moms in their mid thirties with some ponchie bellies or disfigurements. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders gentlemen and here its also the bequest of the wallet. The open market dictates their rate. The ones that sit around all day and night without takers are usually the ones who will go down in price.

03-21-04, 04:25
An imminent question:

What would you do if Thailand started deporting people known to be punters? Already some legislators are calling for this.

03-21-04, 12:41
Brownout, 2 words,


03-21-04, 12:56
I was in Singapore a few days ago and had a good stroll down the Geylang area. Someone here wrote that most of the hot chicks had gone down there to work. I must say, after a couple of hours of investigations, I must wholeheartedly agree. No wonder the girls go there. They can earn up to 10,000 baht a night easy. To do that in Bangkok would probably take a couple of weeks. All they do once their visas expire, is to stroll across the border to Malaysia, and hop straight back. I can't say I blame them either.

03-22-04, 02:13
Can you get any diseases from unprotected daty? If so, which ones? I appreciate the help.


Joe Zop
03-22-04, 05:19
Yes, Torino, you can get many diseases from DATY, including syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, and genital warts. This is, however, a subject more appropriate for the "Safe Sex" thread.

03-23-04, 20:08
Looking for some recent experience or knowledge about how hard it is to get a SW back to the states for a couple month visa. I of coarse don't want to marry just bring one back short time. Last time I was over (4 months ago) an attorney in Pattaya said the only way to guarantee a visa was to get married. There was another attorney on soi 11 who said he could do it by opening a small bank account in her name, claiming the girl worked for him for the past 2 years, and voucing for her characture. I was a bit leary of the guy so passed. I am however not concerned to much about bending the rules, was just leary of that particular lawyer as I have used him in the past. I'm leaving again for LOS in 1 week and would appreciate from anyone any idea's or knowledge or eeperience with specific lawyers in Pattaya.
As a last resort if I were to marry over in Thailand and made the girl sign a pre-numpual would that document still be binding in the states when I divorced her after a few months? Don't bust my chops to heavily guys I'm just askin'. :-)

03-23-04, 22:34

Thai attorneys are not your best source for visa info. Nor is anyone here.
The ONLY people who can can really help you are your fellow countrymen at your country's ambassy.

Also, if you insist on asking a Thai lawyer for help, make DAMN SURE that he is a lawyer and not some two bit con artist!

03-23-04, 22:56

Any foreign national who has been involved in prostitution is barred from entering the U.S.A. By immigration law for a period of 10 years from entering the United States. If you list Pattaya as the address for the girl the application is dead. Only really three ways to get someone to the USA a tourist visa which, requires the person as a large bank account and lots of assets; i.e. home ownership, business in Thailand, travel visas to other countries etc. Which the bar girls will not have so that is not a path open to you. So two choices left a fiancee visa which will take between 6 moths and a year to get, if you even can or a marriage visa which is now taking three to four years. Give up on your plan to bring a girl to the states it is very very hard.

If you want to travel take her to another country, or follow the best path which is to have fun in Thailand, leave and forget the LBFM. After 9/11 everything changed and went from very hard to almost impossible.


03-23-04, 23:03
Wanderlust, SexReview is exactly right.

Besides, why bring her to the US when you can move to Thailand? Its a much more pleasant place to live.

03-24-04, 07:09

The cost (monetary and otherwise) of bringing a Thai girl Stateside for just a few days' fling is disproportionate. Even if you do manage to do so you'd be in trouble for immigration rule evasion should the plan be foiled.

Even if you wanted an LTR with her you can't guarantee that you'd never become disillusioned with her. Even if she stayed with you she'd be likely to become disillusioned with Uncle Sam.

[Political Commentary deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited to remove political commentary in the text. Please remember that the purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Please do not post political commentary in the Forum.Thanks!

03-24-04, 10:52
Brother Plugger,

You are right. Singapore has definitely imported most of the pretty Thai women. Unfortunately, they have in turn been infected with the Singaporean arrogance/petulant bug. Stick to LOS, the girls may not be prettier, but they sure as hell treat you better.

03-24-04, 11:13

I'm making my first journey to Thailand in 8 weeks, however I'm not 100% clear on some things. I'm led to believe the RLD's in Bangkok are generally situated in certain areas is this correct? Can I get a map showing me where they are? How many areas are they?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

03-24-04, 18:31
wow guys, thanks for all the responses. most of it i had read before so it just confirmed everything. was hoping something had changed or that someone had found a way, but sr had a couple new spins on it.

opebo: i respect your thoughts and i have stayed there for months at a time and will eventually made the big move i hope. but, last i knew you were still living in my neck of the woods the great nw! have you moved or do you just love our rain :-)

freeler: the us officials are the best bet but a pain in the ass. do you know of a respectable atty in pattaya?

sr: thanks for the time frame info and insights after 9/11.

brownout: woa!!!! chill dude! to much info, my little brain can't take it! really though i've wondered about that. how long would a thai's dream of the good ol' usa last after actually living here? kinda like how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? huh?
my mission with getting a girl here is definately short term though, been single for a long time becuase i absolutly love it that way. i was simply inquiring as to the ease of getting a cute submissive thai here short term.

thanks all. anyone else have comments about the time frame of visa's or ways to speed it up if any?

03-25-04, 08:24
I strongly advise you against bringing any girl Stateside. But if you think you must, do it at your own risk.

Why not shop locally at, say, Hong Kong? You don't need a visa and all you need is a ticket out and enough funds for travel. But beware because locals consider a white man with an East Asian woman, apparently on date, an eyesore.

[Political Commentary deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of political commentary in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post political commentary in the Forum.Thanks!

03-27-04, 03:22
Brownie: First off, Hong Kong isn't local to me, nor will I ever go there. And second off I don't find them as attractive as Thai in demeaner or looks. Thirdly whats up with all this political crap? This is a sex forum buddy. Go to the Republican web site if you want to spew crap.

03-27-04, 04:06

You have 8 weeks before you arrive? I suggest hunkering down and reading back issues of this thread. You will find everything you need to know along with links to the requested maps.

Good luck, enjoy and have fun.

03-27-04, 05:13
Freakie: It's real easy. Get a cab from anywhere to Sukhemvit soi 2 through 13 or so and get out. It will be all around you. Talk to all the other 100 mongers on the street, or just grab a girl. You don't need to prepair.

04-01-04, 22:34
Globotto's got a new section at the bottom left. It is called Web Girls.


Will John
04-05-04, 00:36
Anyone know if (or when) the Eden Club web site is going to be back up? I know it caused Marc more problems than it was probably worth, but it really was a great resource.
Does anyone know anything about it?

04-05-04, 11:29

Don't look for the Eden site anytime soon, Marc is more worried about keeping the club open period then the web site. Besides it only really had a handful of posters and Marc posting under a dozen different names.


04-06-04, 07:12
You know, wandering around the 'find-a-fuck' areas of Thailand, I always wonder who is a member here and who isn't. We need a subtle marker to identify ourselves to others. Any ideas?

Atlanta Monger
04-06-04, 07:26
I suggest classy WSG Charity t-shirts or polo shirts, with a monogrammed 'Senior Member' on the pocket or breast where applicable.

Jackson should actually start selling them; I think it would be a great way to raise additional money for the WSG Charity.

04-06-04, 13:12
Atlanta Monger,

WSG shirts are a nice idea. I'd go for either T-shirts or polo shirts.
Maybe the T-shirts could be purchased and the polo shirts reserved as a premium for $100 donations to the WSG charity?

In any case, setting up a shirt enterprise should be easy to outsource. I'll bet there are several WSG members with the expertise and connections to set it up for Jackson. Any volunteers?


04-06-04, 23:48
I thought that a "secret hand shake" may be a good idea.
But knowing how some of you fuckers operate, I'd be very reluctant!
Who knows where hands have been:D

04-07-04, 01:31
I suggested WSG T-shirts that last January! I want X-large please.

04-07-04, 02:21
T-shirts wouldn't be bad, but I'm thinking hats might be even better, maybe a bit more versatile and discreet. Either baseball cap style or soft brim would be cool. JMHO.

04-07-04, 05:21
On the Costa Rica part of this board we had the same problem, how do you know who our amigos are. Some guys would wear a special hat or shirt. One of the guys coined a phase " Pura Sploooga", it's a take off on the CR logo Pura Vida (pure ingredients).

We decided to make this our ID logo so I went to a sports shop that makes uniforms and tshirts, had them put WSG Shamas on the brest in medium sized letters and Pura Sploooga on the back, minimal costs.

With many of us in CR wearing our ID clothing, it just didn't help much. What did work quiet well was we had a few massing of the mongers that really got lots of us together. I had a breakfast one morning, Gamlingman had a birthday party for DonGordo and since then many holiday dinners have taken place. On the Holidays we also get together at a bar in the early evening before the dinners. What I've found is we meet a few guys then see them with others and it spreads, sorta like a rash :-) Some of the dinners have been very interesting, guys bringing their girls, some of the girls will entertain with strips and sometimes they'll have girls just for a show.

That's my take on the subject.


04-08-04, 04:05

the dinner party thing is a good idea. Any of the seasoned mongers know a good eatery in BKK or Pattaya where we could rent a private room for dinner? I like the idea of bringing in a couple of girls as entertainment, sort of like a bachelor party w/o a particular SOB about to get clamped in irons.

04-08-04, 04:07
Songkran Question:

I've seen pics of the antics posted here and elsewhere, and would like to snap a few wet t-shirts myself, but I'm afraid that taking my camera out into the war is a bit dangerous. Do the water throwers respect a camera? If not, how do you recommend keeping it dry?

04-08-04, 05:53

Water throwers will not respect your camera and in fact many will target it just for fun. If you take your camera out during Songkran you must understand iot is at your on risk. I shoot with a less exspenive camera during Songkran and have a waterproof camera bag for it. You can pirchase these waterproof bags for about $80.00 dollars and they work well even underwater to about 30 feet.


04-08-04, 23:24

On my first trip in 2000, the group had a nice dinner at a place called "Cabbages and Condoms". As I recall, some portion of the proceeds gets donated to AIDS education or something like that. I stumbled across it during my wanderings this February, so I know it's still there. It's not far off Sukumvit near Soi 18 or 22.

Wish I could be there.