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I have been searching this board for some golf information without a whole lot of success. I realize that golf has gotten very popular Thailand and that a lot of mongers go there for both the golf and the ho's.

Does anyone out there have any information on any discount programs that you can purchase or particpate in that would provide you with discounted greens fees and access to multiple quality golf courses in the Bangkok or Pattaya areas? How can one link up with other golfers visiting Thailand (I am not with a group) so they can play golf together (or local expat(s) as well)?

Do most courses have club rentals and if so what is their quality? Is it better to just bring your own clubs with you? Are tee times difficult to obtain in mid February or can you just pretty much show up and get on the course? Any courses that you might recommend in the Bangkok or Pattaya areas (for both price and quality)? Any information will be greatly appreciated as I am totally unfamiliar the local golf scene in Bangkok or Pattaya.

01-07-03, 19:57
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Originally posted by Toosh
I have been searching this board for some golf information without a whole lot of success. I realize that golf has gotten very popular Thailand and that a lot of mongers go there for both the golf and the ho's.

Does anyone out there have any information on any discount programs that you can purchase or particpate in that would provide you with discounted greens fees and access to multiple quality golf courses in the Bangkok or Pattaya areas? How can one link up with other golfers visiting Thailand (I am not with a group) so they can play golf together (or local expat(s) as well)?

Do most courses have club rentals and if so what is their quality? Is it better to just bring your own clubs with you? Are tee times difficult to obtain in mid February or can you just pretty much show up and get on the course? Any courses that you might recommend in the Bangkok or Pattaya areas (for both price and quality)? Any information will be greatly appreciated as I am totally unfamiliar the local golf scene in Bangkok or Pattaya.


Have a look at www.holidaygolfthailand.com. I've found them pretty good.


Nibu Raphael
01-08-03, 21:49
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01-09-03, 06:08
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01-09-03, 14:19
To Toosh,

I used to live in Thailand and still visit the country regulary. I am also a very keen golfer and can tell you, that Thailand is a golfers paradise. Here are some anwers to your questions. The courses are fantastic and reasonably priced particurly in week days and in Pattaya region. Discount cards are available, but in order to get any real benefit you would need to stay in Thailand a longer period of time. If you just visit the country for a week or two it is not worthwhile. I don't think you will have any difficulty to get the tee off times at any time you want. At weekends in Bangkok are the courses can get very busy, but in Pattaya and in week days it is certainly not any problem. Green fees vary usually between 1000 - 2500 baht depending of the course and day.

Some good courses near Bangkok: Lake Wood, Muang Kaew, Green Valley (all towards Pattaya and within a taxi ride distance), Natural Park (ex Winsan), President Club, Bangkok Golf Club.

Pattaya: Laem Chabang, Siam Country Club, Phoenix, Panya Hill Natural Park

Club rental is available at each club house, but I would recommend to bring your own as the quality varies a lot.

There are a lot of golf tourists in Thailand at that time of the year, so you'll most probably meet other golfers in your hotel with whom you could play. I am a Scandinavian and used to play there with other Scandinavians. They also have a web- site through which you could possibly seek some playing companions. Try

01-09-03, 22:49

Thanks. The information is GREATLY appreciated. For years I have heard the golf is great in the LOS and have wanted to go. In fact, at the risk of being sacrilegious here, I think I maybe looking forward to the golf more than anything else. Well, maybe.

Nibu Raphael
01-10-03, 00:13
Wyhats Golfing got to do with Sex Hunting???

01-11-03, 23:54
Are Master Charge money cards used in BKK? Any problems or unusual charges associated with them?



01-22-03, 03:10
Originally posted by Toosh
...golf ...
Maybe you'll have the strange experience to play at the court inside Don Muang....

01-31-03, 05:06
Recent troubles in Cambodia, Thai respons,


After recent unrest in PhnomPhen the Thai govt have cancelled ALL ties with Cambodia.
ALL checkpoints to/from Cambodia are closed for Cambodians.
If you need a visa extension it may be wise to go to Malaysia, not to Cambodia. You may not get in, or when you're in, you may not get out...

The situation on the Myanmar border isn't very stable either...

So: For all your visa needs, turn to Malaysia!

02-05-03, 02:08
I'll be in the LOS later this month and was considering bringing my notebook with me for use during non mongering hours. How bad of an idea is this? Does the benefit of having the computer available for internet, DVDs and downloading photos from my camera out weigh the security risks?

Is there a problem going through customs with an notebook?

If there’s anyone out there who has brought their notebook to the LOS any guidance you can provide will be appreciated.


02-06-03, 09:30
Are there still good bargains in pirated software in Pantip Plaza? Does the MX stuff work ok or has Bill Gates put paid to that? Also, what else is worth buying in Bangkok? I am not into porno or presents or bs tourist stuff. I have noted Jackson's tailoring message and might indulge myself there. But any other suggestions? I feel I should spend as much on me as I do on the ladies as I have to work hard and they get paid for fucking me but I do not get paid for fucking them.

Sparky: Joe_Zop might be of use. I guess it depends how and where you are traveling.

Joe Zop
02-06-03, 11:12
First, on the laptop side of things, as long as you list it coming in and make it clear that it's for your personal use, you shouldn't have any problem. Generally, the value exceeds the basics of what you're allowed to bring in without being specific, so you should just make sure you put down all the stuff you're bringing in to avoid any hassles. In my case, bringing in a laptop, digital camera, PDA and one of the more expensive MP3 players, this cost me all of one minute of explanatory talk at the airport. Simple enough.

That said, I brought my laptop because I needed it for my work. If not for that, I'd not bother, honestly. I found dialup connections underwhelming in terms of their efficiency, and expensive overall because I kept getting dropped connections. It's simpler and generally faster to go to an internet cafe for email or the web. You can go to a photo shop and have them burn the photos from your camera onto a CD easily and cheaply enough, and lugging a laptop just to watch DVDs seems a waste.

I was underwhelmed this time at Pantip in terms of the quality and price of the selections, though the touts were as aggressive as ever, of course. I spent several hours looking around, and just saw very little that I felt like investing in. Lots of the hardware was far more expensive than what I'd pay in the states, and plenty of the software was simply outdated pirated crap. (In the spirit of full disclosure, however, let me note that I've already got a cheap source of software so the kinds of things I was looking for were a bit off the beaten path, so YMMV.)

As far as buying things in Bangkok, clothes, jewelry and accessories seem the top things from my perspective. Tons of basically touristy junk floating around, and it can be fun to do the weekend or floating markets, but outside of that I don't know that there's a lot you might be looking for -- anything heavy is gonna cost you a fortune in shipping, and most of the stuff you see in the main areas is the same stuff you see anywhere. LOS is a great place to buy spices if you're someone who cooks, though, and I definitely stocked up on those.

02-06-03, 11:32
Thanks for that useful post, Joe. I generally use 128 memory stick chips. Strange that 256 is avaialble in a bakcward country(USA) and not here in Japan. (must look again). I am not too worried about the shoping.

Here is an important point for me. I want to take lots of photos of that statue in Korat, maybe some kid hookers, glue sniffers, street kids, maybe some old hookers, nothing private (like my sleeping companions) and certainly nothing x rated. These would be point and shoot jobs, not professional at all. How much would it cost to get that stuff burned onto a CD there from a digital camera memory stick? This would be to save me carrying a charger etc with me.

Pantip is not the place for hardware. I don't even think Thailand is. The software scene there is hit or miss really.

Joe Zop
02-06-03, 17:24
Generally, I paid in the range of 150-200baht each time, and that seemed fairly standard no matter where in the country I did it. That price includes the CD. I also had no problem getting them to gang several modules together on one CD, though you absolutely must specify that's what you want, or else they'll burn separate CDs for each and charge you accordingly. I use CompactFlash, but pretty well any place that will do it will do all kinds. Most of them will not advertise that they do this, but just look at display cases, and if they sell memory modules for digital cameras, they usually will.

CompactFlash, Sony, etc., are one exception to the "hardware is expensive in LOS" rule, as it seemed pretty reasonable there. Dunno about your options in Japan -- I always find it cheapest to buy memory online.

And for what it's worth, I had no problem getting pics of various women burned -- though I also didn't really do anything x-rated. They were just handed over as part of the mix. I seriously doubt any of the pics were even looked at.

As far as hardware -- I spent some time looking around for a USB CompactFlash reader, as I only brought a PCMCIA adapter for my laptop, and figured that if I had an external USB I could burn CDs cheaply at one of the many cybercafes that offer that. (Much cheaper, as they still basicaly charge you for computer time -- I did this in Phuket and paid 80baht, which included the CD.) But the price of such a device was at least twice and often three times as much as what I paid in the states, which would have meant paying more for the CDs in the long run. Next time I'll bring the right piece along with me.

02-06-03, 20:59

The UN would be the place to settle this:
"but I do not get paid for fucking them."
I too am sick and tired, mostly tired, of making all these hookers get orgasm after orgasm!
A Resolution, 1,500 is a nice number, is the way to put an end to this injustice once and for all.

Digital storing of pix,

Devices looking like Cd-player that can hold up to 80Gb of files are available from several manufacturers.
I tried to find some on the web, but I failed... Perhaps you could ask at one of those electronics stores in Tokyo.

Joe Zop
02-06-03, 21:44
Freeler -- there are a number of the newer MP3 players that also do this, as basically they have a small hard drive inside, same as the devices you describe, and you can store any kind of computer files on them as well as music. But the problem with those is that they require computer intervention. You're right about the digital storage devices, and I didn't realize they'd dropped so much in price since I first looked at them. Manufacturers include Delkin, Minds@Work, Vosonic, Nixvue and SIMA. You can buy some of them without a hard drive and just add your own, something I'm thinking about doing, as I've got a spare 6 gig sitting here, and you can buy the bare Vosonic pretty cheaply -- only $79USD!

Some good reviews of the various ones available at http://www.steves-digicams.com/digi_accessories.html#storage in the Image Storage Devices area.

02-06-03, 23:45
Joe & Skinless,

Thanks for your replies. Lots of good info. I think I’ll leave the laptop at home this trip.

I can’t wait to get out this snow and cold, some warm days and hot nights are just what I need.

Thanks again & take care!

02-07-03, 05:38

If you just want to store your pix, these would be the devices to look at.
I wouldn't bring a laptop...

Joe Zop
02-07-03, 06:52
That, or just getting them burned onto CDs and not bothering to bring anything. Personally, I'd only bring a laptop to LOS if I needed it for work -- there's just not really enough benefit otherwise to offset security concerns and phone costs. During my stay it cost me almost as much in phone charges to get online as it did for rent, as both the apartment I had and the hotels I stayed at levied charges in addition to those from the phone company. (And I also had to rule out some places because they didn't have direct phone lines out.) Plus since my connections were so lousy and inconsistent I ended up making lots of calls to get connected, each with a double cost. In the end I just gave up and used cafes.

02-11-03, 09:12
I'm looking to become an expat in Thailand. Anyone have any useful info (such as how to go about finding work, etc.)?

The kind of work I'd be interested in would be computer based as I'm a software architect/engineer.

02-11-03, 21:35

Check this story in the BKK-post:
Too bad: we need not apply... sux!


Come to Thailand and enjoy. Don't get involved in anything.
So you don't become one of those sorry expats.
There are plenty already...

02-12-03, 04:07
Don't want to get involved. I've decided to avoid getting attached to my sweetheart.

Just want to find work and live there for a few years and work at whatever will allow me to pay the bills while enjoying the local delicacies :-)

Maybe even use it as a base of operations for exploring other areas in SEA.

02-12-03, 07:06

I give up...

03-12-03, 02:53
Looks like NorthWest Airlines has a lot of promotional fares to Bangkok from the US on their web site. I priced a round trip from the US east coast in mid-April for 672 dollars. That price includes all taxes and fees. I am tempted but I have relatives who have been shipped out (Marines) so I'll wait.

03-12-03, 05:20
Is that non-stop?

03-12-03, 12:04

It definately was NOT non-stop. The flight that I priced out had stops in Memphis (1 hr), LAX (2 hr), Tokoyo-Narita (2.5 hr). Many would not like that but I am one who does. I need to get off that plane and stretch and walk around. That would also be true even if I were in 1st class. The total duration (flying time and stops) was just under 30 hours. Return flights had the same itinerary but the duration was a couple of hours less. They offered other flights that had less stops but none that I saw were non-stop.

As far as I could tell most US east coast cities were getting a simular fare for April (approx 672 dollars). Finally, a friend of mine who is taking the offer said that NW is offering a one-time schedule change with no extra charges even though the flight is a special promotional fare. This one time only change has to do with the commencement of hostilities in the middle-east. However, if you change your flights to a later date you will pay the fare as it exits then but your 672 will go towards that new fare. You could get burnt on that.

03-14-03, 18:14
Can anyone reccommend a good English-Thai translation website or software?

03-21-03, 12:25
Anybody with recommendations for a good English language school in Bangkok, close to BTS (Victory Monument, Silom and/or Sukhumvit areas)?? I want my tilac to study English language with US/british teachers 5-days a week, 2-hours lessons for few months... Must go to school in the evening, because works in a day..

Thanks for suggestions :)


03-23-03, 00:26
I have very much enjoyed the posts on this site! Thank you!! I have to say you guys are entertaining!!!

I booked flight a few weeks ago from Boise to Seattle, Tokyo, Bankock for $700 RT. Last week went to District Health Center and had Hepatitis A, B, Typhoid, Polio and Tetnus for $110.00. In Idaho a physician must order the PocKit Herpes test fit, and the OraQuick HIV kits are $12.00 but must be ordered in quantity of 25. I made three copies of passport, International Drivers license, Vaccination card, airlines tickets, etc . . . will carry one copy with me and leave the other at home.

A friend and I are traveling to LOS April 23, for a month. Taking one large empty suit case, and one medium size. Will store the big one for the junk I buy, fit for suit/tux upon arrival expecting to loose weight over a month! 2-3 days in Bangkok, then to CM to meet the Mother of a client who now lives there and then to Pattaya for a few days to hook up with Bill Wood, a Ketchum ex-pat, then week or so in Puhket and perhaps a week in Ko Samui to meet another Ketchum, Idaho ex-pat Neil Braun who manages the Sun Garden Beach Resort on Lamai Beach. . . dive and wind surf, and of course I'll ***** monger!!!. Last several days of trip in Hochimin City, looking at possible beach investments along central coast.

The advise on this site has been GREAT, valuable. I'll try to post as well over the next month, hopefully something I say is useful. If anyone wants to meet for a beer just let me know. Lon

03-23-03, 05:09
Originally posted by TonyTony
Anybody with recommendations for a good English language school in Bangkok

Well, I got an answer from another forum, but repost it here, because think it may be useful to some readers :)

Here it is:

there is a BCC school near Victory monument, not too bad, but probably better selection around siam square, ECC probably the most professional, and with the most english teachers, - normally they offer 30 hour courses, 2 hours a day, 4 or 5 days a week - they have many different levels, and then you can progress from 1 level to the next, each course costs around 2,500 bt - probably get a discount if you pay up for 8 - 10 courses at once, but I think best to just take it one course at a time, to see how it goes. If she speaks little english, probably better starting with a thai teacher, then getting a farang teacher when she gets to a higher level. Also they usually give you a report on her progress/attendance if you request it [ TPE often gets to check attendance ! ] - if your not based in LOS, and want to be real mean, get her to go in the mornings, 9am class often a good deterent to spending too much time in Novotel/Nana disco etc !


04-01-03, 15:43
As a newbie here who is planning on going to the LOS in April I have some questions for the veterans here.

First, I am hearing a lot about SARS. Can anybody here give me a report on the SARS situation in Thailand? Have there been many reported cases there? Are the authorities there taking any precautions? Are the people flying in and out of Bangkok wearing masks? Any anti-biotics (as a precaution) being recommended?

Secondly, I am planning on bringing my golf clubs with me. I am also planning to taking the bus from Soi 62 to Pattaya. How much luggage can you take on the bus? I assume you can take all the luggage you brought on the plane on the bus as well. I plan on taking a cab from the Grand President down to Soi 62. What do you think the cost ought to be for that?

Finally, is April too hot to play golf if you plan on walking 18 holes? I am from Alabama (I'm in good shape) and it gets right hot here during July and August (upper 90's with matching humidity). How much hotter is it in Thailand in April than that?

Thanks in advance.

Joe Zop
04-01-03, 17:52
BigBucksDude -- The Thai government today announced emergency regulations allowing the quarantine of anyone suspected of being infected with SARS. There has been one death in Thailand, in a Bangkok hospital -- of Dr. Carlo Urbani, a World Health Organization doctor from Italy, who is the one to have first realized this was a new disease, and who was infected in Vietnam while diagnosing an American businessman who had it. There are now five other suspected cases in Thailand (compared to over 60 in the US.) There has been one detected outside of Bangkok, a Thai national living in Hong Kong who travelled to southern Thailand last week and is starting to show symptoms of the virus.

Thailand's Public Health Center has set up checks at all the international airports (and a quarantine center at Don Muang) and the main seaport to monitor inbound people, especially passengers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore, where most of the SARS cases have been reported.

The CDC says there are no drugs that positively affect the disease at this point.

You ought to be fine with golf and your luggage -- I'm from the northern climes, in a place where many people believe that seeing the sun represents the imminent end of the world, and I've managed ok in Bangkok in April/May, so you'll probably able to deal with it better than I did. I never saw anyone have any trouble getting luggage on the bus, and there are plenty of Thais who bring lots of stuff and big boxes -- if worse comes to worse you can just wait 20 minutes and take the next bus. The cost of the taxi will depend on time of day in terms of how long it takes you and cost, but it won't be more than a couple of bucks.

04-02-03, 15:40
Thanks for the info joe-zap and freeler.

Freeler - I will probably take my own clubs (if I go) because I have had bad expericences with rental clubs in the past. Any golf courses where the female caddies do more than just tote your bag (that could be nice too)? As any golfer knows, under the rules of golf you are, at times, allowed "relief".

joe_zop - I am starting to have a lot of second thoughts about going in April so I greatly appreciate your post. Unfortunately, April is the only time I can conveniently get off this year. It's 50/50 whether I will go at this point even though your post suggests to me that it is not a big problem there at this point. Unfortunately, my ticket is not refundable but it does allow for one uncharged change.

The heart of my decision or anybody elses planning on going to the LOS is whether the risk is significant or not. At this point, it does not appear to be but things can change fast. Also, imagine if your placed in quarantine when you get back home and the local news media publishes your name. YIKES!!!!!!!

04-05-03, 07:47
so dude, that mean you would intentionally want to hit balls into rough? giving a new meaning to "playing thru"? <grin>

why would the local news publish your name? if you get SARS quarantine it wasn't like you were trying TO GET IT. (besides, in US at least that's a medical decision and privacy rules apply)

04-07-03, 06:03
I'd like to get some negotiating tips on buying and also on how to politely keep street peddlers out of my face when I'm mongering? I read there is an exceptionally good tailor shop next door to the Nana. Also, I'd like to buy 40-50 Thai silk scarves for my female clients. Is it better to buy quantity in Bangkok or in Chang Mai or is it simply not that much different in price? I'm pretty darn thrilled about this trip on April 24. I'll report my findings as my trip progesses.

Thanks again thoughtful senior members, eloquent posts to the board.

The tailor shop you refer to is Fashon Avenue. Its around the corner from Nana Plaza, to the left of the complex.


Joe Zop
04-07-03, 17:56
Zidaho -- if you're bothered by street vendors, just say "Mai ow, krap" which is kind of the all-purpose "I don't want any, thank you." Usually that will do the trick -- if nothing else they tend to take you for a LOS veteran and look for easier prey :)

If you're looking to buy quantity in terms of scarves you can make a good deal either in Bangkok or Chiang Mai -- I tend to find there's a bit better stuff in the CM markets than what I find on the streets in Bangkok, but you might check out the massive Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is a circus where you can find just about anything. If you decide to go there be dead solid certain to drink lots of fluids -- it can be blisteringly hot wandering around there, and if this is your first trip you should expect the sun and heat to affect you for a while.

04-07-03, 18:14

There is at least one silk factory in ChiangMai, on the same road as the railwaystation, away from the city-centre.
When I last visited it, in 1996...., the factory outlet was unbelievably cheap: 50% and less of BKK WeekendMarket prices...

Joe Zop
04-07-03, 21:32
I was at the CM factory in 2000, and while there were definitely some great bargains, there was also a very high pressure sales force pushing upmarket things and substantial prices. So caution is advised, but the selection is marvelous.

BTW, Zidaho, as far as negotiating tips, here are a couple. First, and probably most important, keep in mind that it's all a game, and have fun with it. Know that whatever price you're given, the real price generally ought to be half or less that that. Pay no attention whatsoever to expressions of horror about how low your offers are, or to sad stories about the overhead, expense or quality of the merchandise, etc. And make full use of your ability to walk away, both because sometimes that's just a good idea and also because some vendors will not bargain in earnest until you do.

04-08-03, 04:44
Would like to add, do not bargain if you are not interested in it. You can just ask the price and say thank you and walk away. If you start bargaining, then it mans you are serious about it, so you must come to terms unless it is really higher than elsewhere.

This is true for all SE Asian and S Asian countries.

Just my 2cents worth

04-08-03, 06:25
Wow, this site is a bonanza of advise!!! Thanks guys!!!!!!

04-08-03, 06:33
Topic: Viagra

Can somebody give some information about his
Viagra experiences ?

Also, I would like to know where can i buy it and where I know that it is the original. Which coulor inside/outside has to be the pills ?

Thanks in advance...


04-09-03, 06:23

I've been using Viagra off and on the past few years, mainly because a physician friend has been keeping me supplied with free samples! I bite them (50 Mg) in half or quarter depending on my mood. Sometimes, it calms me other times I feel blood flushing my face, and when I'm lucky enough to actually be getting laid after I have taken it. I think it generally gives me a leisurely longgggg encounter. And I notice the next day that I'm easily aroused. However, with the women I'm generally with here is USA I found my orgasm a bit harder to achieve, maybe I'm just a bit less focused on a fantasy due to novelty of a pharmaceutical in arousal. Ha, ha.

Check the archives, there is also an entire category below the general country section devoted to Viagra. I think you can get them on the web, something about India, and process patent vs product patent making it much cheaper there.

Hope that helps!!

04-25-03, 17:20
Thai tourist arrivals down 40%

Quoted From AFP

BANGKOK: Overseas tourist arrivals at Bangkok International Airport fell 40.8 per cent in the first three weeks of April due to the SARS outbreak, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said today.

Some 241,531 tourists entered the kingdom through its main gateway, compared with 407,917 in the same period last year, a statement from the TAT said.

Arrivals from East and South-East Asian countries including SARS-affected China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam plunged 57.7 per cent. They accounted for 39.3 per cent of total arrivals.

Arrivals from Singapore alone dropped 72.1 per cent, Chinese arrivals dropped 57.9 per cent, and Hong Kong arrivals fell 58.2 per cent.

Every geographical sector experienced a drop, with South Asian arrivals down 37.1 per cent, arrivals from the American continent down 35.26 per cent, and European arrivals down 10.5 per cent, the statement said.

Kasikorn Bank Research Centre predicted in a report released earlier this week that Thailand's lucrative tourism industry could suffer losses of 50 billion baht in 2003.

The research house forecast a drop of 700,000 tourist arrivals this year due to SARS. The Thai government had aimed at boosting tourist arrivals this year by six per cent to 11.13 million, up from 10.8 million in previous year.

Thailand has not reported any cases of local transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), but eight infections have been recorded.

In total, the disease has killed more than 260 people and infected more than 4600 others, mostly in Asia, and left tourism industries reeling.

The International Air Transport Association appealed yesterday for Asian governments to offer emergency financial relief to help with what it described as the industry's "biggest ever crisis in Asia".

Thai Airways today announced fresh austerity measures to deal with falling passenger numbers in the wake of both SARS and the US-led war in Iraq.

The airline said in a statement expenses or investments generally would be deferred or trimmed in areas such as hotel accommodation for cabin crews.

New employment would be frozen, except for pilots and cabin crew, while the employment of corporate advisers would be deferred, Thai Airways International said.

The flag carrier has already cut dozens of flights due to falling passenger bookings as the SARS virus has spread.

04-27-03, 04:27
When is a Good time to go to Bangkok,When the Weather is good,not to Hot, and very Little Rain,Maybe just Before or Just after High Season?? Any Info Would Be Helpful, Thanks in Advance..

04-27-03, 16:31
Mobile phone prices

Could anyone please tell me the price of mobile phones in Thailand. What are the cheapest ones at? Is B 8000 for some Sony model (small in size) reasonable?


04-27-03, 19:50

Yes, 8,000bt is a good price plus Thailand has a pretty good system. Just be careful who you give your number to. Thai girls are notorious for calling at late hours or when you are busy.... Somehow they know when you are "busy" and they go through 10 question drilling session... Or, if they call when you are "busy" do not answer but this can lead to many calls...


04-28-03, 16:07
Thanks for the info juicespike

(I'll give it (i.e. the phone) to a girl (I have regrettably volountarily entered the 'sad sucker' state :D))

05-19-03, 18:23

In the BangkokPost today:

'As we told you a while ago, styrofoam containers have been banned at all national parks. Well, here comes good news for hungry nature lovers and for the environment itself _ biodegradable food containers!

Labelled KU-Green, these plates and bowls are made from tapioca.'


No wonder we haven't heard from him a LT:D!

05-20-03, 13:53
Free - at least they didn't call them "K_Y_ Green"

Actually the same stuff they used at the Olympics in Norway

05-20-03, 17:54


05-21-03, 02:52
ok phone folks, CAN I take a US phone (Sony) and have it activated and use it there? I mean, $200 seems like a bit for a cell phone (4k B)

05-21-03, 03:44

Convert to GSM(Global Standard for Communications)..It'll only cost ya $20 bucks.Go to the place where you brought your phone and they will put a chip in your cell phone, and your all set!..Simple as that!


05-25-03, 17:48
sorry meat man- swap meet material (cheap though 40 for the whole thing charger, case, paperwork - told it was never turned on)

05-31-03, 15:50
Cananyone tell me why - when I call TG's in Thailand on my farang GSM phone, their phones do not show my farang number, but some non-back-callable Thai local mobile phone number?

Joe Zop
05-31-03, 17:42
Is this a call from inside LOS? If not, it's a cross-network thing.

05-31-03, 18:09
Originally posted by philo
Cananyone tell me why - when I call TG's in Thailand on my farang GSM phone, their phones do not show my farang number, but some non-back-callable Thai local mobile phone number?

The same thing happens to me when friends call my Thai phone from the states. What is happining is all the calls come to one location in Thailand and then the calls are routed to your phone over local Thai cell lines. The call from the states it is not direct to my phone because the incomming call needs to find which cell site my cell phone is near. Hope this helps and answers the question.


05-31-03, 19:00

It's a call from within Thailand. And it doesn't make a difference if I make a +66... or a 0..... call. I want to be able to be called back - and implicitly give my number when I call - as a way to learn which girls show some interest .....

I guess I have to buy me a Thai telephone next trip.

And what is roaming?

Joe Zop
05-31-03, 23:08
Roaming is being able to make and receive calls when you're outside of your "home" network by using a visiting network. So, for example, if I was to bring a US AT&T GRPS phone to Thailand, I could use it by roaming on one of the Thai networks, keeping my normal number, presuming I wanted to pay the outrageous prices involved ($1.69 a minute or so...)

Are you having this issue while using a SIM card from Thailand? Good for me to know, if so, as I've been considering getting a GSM phone here in the states, figuring I could just transfer my Thai SIM into it on my next trip there.

06-01-03, 07:39
Thanks j_z

The SIM card is from home, and I do not think I can change it for a Thai one (the telephone was bought for a low promotion price and locked (I think) to one operator). As I received calls from home while being i Thailand, I guess my phone has this roaming facility. And I do pay around 1.5 Euro a minute both for incoming and outgoing calls when the phone is connected to DTAC.

Next time I will go to a shop (or ask a TG) to test a Thai SIM card, and if it doesn't work I'll buy me a B3000 Thai phone.

06-01-03, 11:53
Originally posted by philo
Thanks j_z

The SIM card is from home, and I do not think I can change it for a Thai one (the telephone was bought for a low promotion price and locked (I think) to one operator). As I received calls from home while being i Thailand, I guess my phone has this roaming facility. And I do pay around 1.5 Euro a minute both for incoming and outgoing calls when the phone is connected to DTAC.

Next time I will go to a shop (or ask a TG) to test a Thai SIM card, and if it doesn't work I'll buy me a B3000 Thai phone.


Your phone is in most cases loked to the carrier that you use in the States. In some cases if you call the carrier and asked them they will unlock for you, I deal with T-moble and if you have had your account for six months they will unlock the phone. If they say no, go to one of the lager cell phone stores in Thailand and tell them you want to use your locked phone and they will unlock for you. Most stores charge about 500 baht to do this but if you buy the SIM card from them they may do for free. You can test your phone here and see if it is locked, just find a friend in the states who has a GSM SIM card phone through a different carrier and put his card in your phone. If it works no lock if not the phone is locked.


Joe Zop
06-01-03, 15:06
SexReview, Philo's European-based, but, that's exactly the issue -- not using the Thai network from inside but as a roamer, so while calls are being routed, the number isn't recognized because the Thai network is simply acting as a relay point.

Philo, I know Europe is different in how various networks operate, some being locked and some being unlocked, but since you're using a locked phone you've exactly those two options if you want your number to be seen -- either a new (preferably unlocked) phone with a Thai SIM (Thai or otherwise, as long as it can operate on the same network frequency as the Thai network you're going to use, with DTAC being 1800) or use one of the hacks to unlock your phone, substitute a Thai SIM, and hope that unlocking doesn't affect your existing service (generally shouldn't.) Seems like the new phone option would be better -- if for some reason there's a TG you want to keep in contact with once you're out of the country, you'd no doubt have established enough of a relationship that you could just give her your international number. I presume you're not taking tons of calls from home in LOS -- at 1.5 Euros per minute that can get pretty expensive for someone who's trying to make it on a budget. It would be cheaper to have a Thai phone and have folks at home call you on that.

06-01-03, 20:52
Thanks for all answers.

I will buy a second phone. That way I can benefit from the low rates in Thailand, and I'll limit the number of calls from family, friends and exwifes/-girlfriends and students by giving them an (expencive) +66 number (I know I only need the SIM card for this, but I like the idea of one 'home' and another 'gone' telephone ...).

And if I forget to give my number to somebody - they can still SMS me on the farang phone (opened every now and then). And I will not have to pay for the farang part of calls from TG's I don't want to stay in touch with .....

06-08-03, 23:55
The famous Bankok, I was seriously considering going this year but what scares about the place is not SCARS but AIDS and other STD's. Guy's -- is it a real concern ??? do they practice safe sex ?? does anybody have real useful info on the rate of transmission there and what's being done to control it ??

06-09-03, 03:22
downunder - what you mean "THEY" paleface? (in case this is lost on you, the old joke was that when the Lone Ranger and Tonto were cornered by a band of renegade injuns, he looked at Tonto and said "Well, Tonto, it looks like its all over for us", to which Tonto replied "What you mean "us", paleface"?)

Safe sex is "up to you" in the verancular of the area. If you choose to drive your hot rod without a head gasket and develop "leakage", you have no one to blame but yourself. BTW - some girls look upon BB as a sign of respect, I think.

Joe Zop
06-09-03, 03:48
Bangkok is actually supposed to be better than other parts of Thailand in terms of AIDS, with more cases in the north, and about 10% of all cases being in BKK. The number of new AIDS cases in Bangkok has been steadily dropping over the past several years, but there was a slight rise in 2002, and it appears that there's another one coming this year, based on the stats of the BMA AIDS center as of May 2003. ( They estimate a 2001 infection rate of 11-13% among regular sex workers, and of 2-4% among part-timers. In general, new infections in Thailand aren't coming from the commercial sex scene, but from Thai men infecting their wives. It's a bit difficult to get specific information regarding sex workers, as they're generally lumped into one category, which seems to inflate the true risks for the farang sex tourist, because such rates include brothel-based sex workers, (infection rates generally being higher among them) with whom most farangs won't have contact. Some studies suggest the AIDS infection rate among sex workers in farang areas is about 10% -- and other studies also suggest that most of these carry subtype E, which appears to be more easily transmitted during heterosexual sex.

Sex workers in Bangkok generally default to safe sex, and some are very solid on that, but many can be convinced otherwise. (These are not necessarily young women who are highly educated or who think a lot about the future in realistic terms as opposed to the amount of baht available on any given night.) There has been a pretty heavy education effort in Thailand about the use of condoms, and that has had a substantial effect in cutting the infection rate in the last decade, but as always things continue to change and it always depends on who you're with. The newest estimate I've seen says that about 16% of new AIDS infections in Thailand are attributed to sex work, compared to 85% in the early 90s. (Source: UNESCO.)

As far as other STDs, Hep B, clap, syphilis, chlamydia, etc. are certainly floating around in Bangkok but I've not been able to track down good estimates of their rates.

06-11-03, 02:56
Thanks for the info Joe.

06-15-03, 06:23
Originally posted by joe_zop

Are you having this issue while using a SIM card from Thailand? Good for me to know, if so, as I've been considering getting a GSM phone here in the states, figuring I could just transfer my Thai SIM into it on my next trip there.

Didn't risk having my locked farang phone fucked up. Got me an ok european made phone for B3900 - including SIM-card and B500 charge with DTAC - in the ground floor shop at the shopping center opposite Marriot in soi 2 (the bargirls say this is a good price and clame that DTAC is cheaper than 12Call).

06-22-03, 23:28

Can any of the local experts tell me what the weather is like in September - I assume it is low season?

06-22-03, 23:45

two little things if you don't mind (and you know why it matters to me; terminology is essential in this debate):

1. it would be better to write of HIV infection in that context, rather than AIDS infection, which is rather meaningless technically.

2. the higher than average HIV infection rate in the north of Thailand is largely due to the tests being non-specific and reacting to antibodies that have nothing to do with HIV, suchg as malaria, which is endemic in the north.

Incidentally, and contrary to Western nations, there has never been a true survey that I am aware of being conducted in Thailand to assess HIV infection rates nation-wide, only very limited sample surveys that have been extrapolated.

This is of course due to the expensive nature of clinical tests and the general low level of interest of the authorities, irrespective of their indeed commendable efforts to educate the population in the matter of safer sex.

Joe Zop
06-23-03, 01:59
Point taken, Seydlitz, and I agree that I should have said HIV/AIDS infection -- the site I mentioned tended to mix them together, sometimes talking about AIDS cases, and sometimes about HIV infections, and I didn't take the time to sort out which was which at times. We disagree on how meaningful the technical definition of AIDS is, but that's not something to go into that here.

Can you cite your source on the unreliability of tests from the north? Virtually every site and authority I've seen agrees about the overall geographic prevalence, and my anecdotal experience and conversations I had with AIDS workers in Thailand also tend to agree. (And, again, I know your thoughts on such authoritative statements, but that's also why I ask about your statement here.)

And I agree with you regarding the lack overall data and therefore the extrapolative nature of the information -- the site I mentioned notes that their figures come from only 48% of Bangkok hospitals, so it may be under or over-estimated. And Bangkok is far better than most areas in LOS at this kind of thing. As we both know, this an issue in lots of poorer countries, which fans the debates on numbers and seriousness. But one can only go by the best information that's available, in lieu of other options...

06-23-03, 19:54

well, certainly, but this comes from the same heretic kind of source.

I hope we might agree on:
1. There is rather a lot of malaria in the North of Thailand, much more than elsewhere in the kingdom.
2. The Elisa test, the only one likely to be available in any quantity due to its relative low cost compared to others, is notoriously unreliable (as per Abbot, its maker, I read), and reacts to antibodies that are unrelated to HIV, such as malaria.

Ergo, in a malaria area, you are likely to have way higher HIV positive infection rates, but those are probably "false positives".

In http://www.virusmyth.net/aids/data/epthai.htm , there is this paragraph:
" In a 1992 WHO publication one reads: "The global incidence of malaria is estimated to be nearly 120 million clinical cases each year, with nearly 300 million people carrying the parasite. 90% of the total number of cases reported annually to WHO are from only 19 countries. This does not include the WHO African Region where reporting of cases remains fragmentary and irregular despite improvements in recent years. Some 75% of cases are concentrated in 9 countries (in decreasing order): India, Brazil, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and China. Furthermore, within these countries malaria is concentrated in certain areas...1.7 billion people (32%) live in areas where endemic malaria was considerably reduced or even eliminated but transmission was reinstated and the situation is unstable or deteriorating. These latter areas include zones with the most severe malaria problems which developed following major ecological or social changes, such as agricultural or other economic exploitation of jungle areas, sociopolitical unrest, etc" (WHO 1992). One year later, in a study conducted in 3 northern Thai villages, the author wrote: "Data and observation indicate that land-poor families forced into sudden farming have greater contact with the primary vectors in Thailand...In addition to agricultural activities on clearings near forested areas, clandestine forest activities and cross border traffic contributes to the prevalence of malaria in the Thai border villages" (Singhanetra-Renard et al. 1993). Evidence available as far back as 1985 has shown that malaria is associated with false positive HIV antibody tests (Biggar et al. 1985, Rodriquez et al. 1985, Volsky et al. 1986)."

06-23-03, 20:49

1993? 1986? 1985?

Those are almost AIDS/malaria-prehistoric dates!
The times, as you may have heard some people say, are a-changin'.
Data from 1982, 1983 and 1992 don't mean shit now.

Is there really anyone you are trying to fool except yourself?

BTW You have proven in the past, when this can of worms came up in the correct section, that your understanding of statistics is, hmmm, iffy to say the least.

Joe Zop
06-24-03, 03:36
Actually, Seydlitz, every malaria map I've ever looked at says that most of the malaria in Thailand is mostly either in along the Cambodia/Laos border (particularly heavy down near Trat) or along the Myanmar border in the central area of the country, around Tak. Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai, which is where the high HIV/AIDS incidences have been reported, have been largely free of malaria for a very long time unless you're really out in the back country.

Also, the Elisa test is supposedly far more accurate these days than it was in the 80's, with an expert from Johns Hopkins claiming that 98% of postitives are now being confirmed. In any event, the standard thing to do these days when a positive comes up with an Elisa test is to run a Western Blot test to cross-check it. A negative is a negative, and there's little reason to double-check those, but a positive has serious potential health consequences, so those are pretty invariably checked these days, even in poorer areas.

I've gotta agree with Freeler -- using data that's at least a decade old or even older is hardly pertinent. If I was to use info from the time frame of your most malaria citiation, I'd need to be talking about the AIDS crisis in Thailand reaching epidemic proportions, which is simply no longer an accurate take on things. The stats I quoted were those currently available as of last month.

Regardless, if we're going to continue this discussion, we should do it in the Safe Sex in Thailand section.

Master Blaster
06-25-03, 04:29
While you guys are on this topic. Has anyone visited www.duesberg.com This guy believes AIDS (as we conceive it)doesn't even exist!?

I know there are crackpots around but this guy is at least to some degree a respected Doctor / Professor / virologist and was around when HIV was first being digonosed. Makes for interesting reading in any case.

By saying this I'm not suggesting that we should give up safe sex because we happen to believe him. But I'm just wondering whats going on! We've all grown accustomed to the concept over the last 25 yrs that the HIV virus causes AIDS because our doctors and everyone is telling us that.
How can someone still be saying it doesn't? When we ""know"" it does!! After all, there certainly is a lot of money to be made selling drugs to make us live longer if you happen to be HIV+.

I would be interested what other people think about this? Will people like this eventually give up and conform, or will he eventually uncover what is really the truth and have other like minded professionals agree with him?

06-25-03, 08:17

a bit of process check here.

I reacted to a post by joe_zop. He asked me for a source. I spent about 3 minutes searching for a relevant quote that would have HIV, Malaria and Northern Thailand.

I agree that this particular one is a bit stale, to say the least. There might be others that are more relevant. Since I do not run a crusade and that I do not try to convince anybody of anything, I will not spend much more time on this.

If I come across more relevant data, I'll post it in the relevant section. And I said malaria, but is is true of a host of tropical diseases, that generate antibodies that can fool the tests.

And Freeler, my understanding of statistics is as good as any. And the issue is far more about logic than stats anyway.

Joe Zop
06-25-03, 20:44
Didn't mean to put you on the defensive, Seydlitz -- you and I have always had interesting and respectful discussions on this issue, even when we're disagreeing. My request for a source was simply in reaction to the very definite statement you made that the high rate of positive HIV tests in the north was due to test reactions to other antibodies. Since your statement contradicts or at least purports to undermine the majority of sources, I don't think was out of bounds to ask for the ability to verify it to be able to make a proper decision about what to believe. To my knowledge, none of us are professional health experts who work in this arena, so we're dependent on gathering information the best we can, sorting through it, and then deciding what to believe accordingly.

06-25-03, 21:06

i just re-read my latest post, and I realize that it sounds quite defensive indeed.

You were totally entitled to asking for a source, and even getting one, as I tried to provide.

Thinking back, it is true that most of the infamous "minority view" documents found on the net are somewhat dated.

Let me reassure you that I felt in no way under attack. I expect to be facing contradiction, disbelief, or at the very least to be asked to provide some more info when I voice my doubts on the subject, and rightly so.

06-26-03, 08:26

Using old stats is OK if you use them to compare with current stats.
Comparing the Spanish flue outbreak stats with current SARS stats may be very reveiling... and frightening.
Likewise, comparing early day AIDS stats, back when the thing didn't have a name, with todays SARS stats reveils plenty - mostly denial, people who won't believe that they started spreading it etc... Statistics, like history, always repeat.

If you really understood the basics of statistics, you would know that things like 'false negatives' are evened out by the fact that large numbers are taken into account - you don't do your research on people's health in a hospital, but in the entire community.

I sometimes get the feeling that you calculate your odds while mongering - you seem to crave GFE over ST and LT.
Better make your calculations correctly or you may end up in the stats you failed to understand...
And nobody wants that to happen.

On a brighter note:
Buy rubber shares - Freeler's going to Thailand:D!

Joe Zop
06-26-03, 13:55
Aw, c'mon, Freeler -- Seydlitz has always consistently been a safe sex guy and has said so repeatedly; no need to whack at him on safety issues.

And thanks for the investment tip -- I look forward to some great field reports!

06-26-03, 17:24

OK, OK, I got carried away.
I've got my head up in the clouds o-reddy!

Time to shut this end down for the duration of the Summer 2003 Tour Of Duty.

07-18-03, 07:09
Wow !....

I came here to see if anyone was talking about the proposed increase in Thai visa fee's. Instead, I fall into a "*****nets nest".
Sorry...I couldn't resist.

Trivia question: "what caused the greatest loss of life in Europe from 1914 to 1919 ?" WW I ?

Nope. The influenza pandemic.


My take is that there is a lot of crap on the internet. Chose your sources carefully. But, personal protection is a personal decision.


PS: Freeler, what brand do you use ? I'll call my broker tomorrow.
:) Safe trip.

07-22-03, 09:40
Hello there bros and veterans of the Thai Sex Scene. I'm new to Thailand but I have spent much time in the Phillipines, so I'm certainly not a troll either.

I get a lot of info from this forum and I will be in Thailand for a month-long sex tour this August. Anybody want to hook up, please e-mail me at pcandrew@hotmail.com and I will be glad to meet almost anywhere with beaches and babes.

I have a few questions:

What is LOS?

What is BBK? Or is it BKK?

If you are going to Thailand for a month, would you think $2,000 U.S dollars is okay for a moderate to medium budget? I do plan on seeing some sites, but I also plan on getting a babe every other night, give or take a few. And no luxury hotels!!

Also, can someone give me some idea of the U.S. dollar versus the Thai Baht? For example: How much Baht would $100 U.S. dollars be, and how many women would that get? I've read reports that you can get a babe in your room ST for b500, so how much is that in U.S. coin? Perhaps b1000 compared to U.S.$100??

Thanks for all your patience and comments for a newbie to Thailand. I am a journalist and plan on filing some very detailed reports on this board after and during my trip.

And hey, if anyone needs some first hand info on Angeles City in the Phillipines, just post your questions and I'll be pleased to respond.



I see this question in the Forum all the time, so I have to ask: In your browser, can you see the link labeled "Terms and Abbreviations" in the black menu bar at the top of this page? Apparently there must be some problem with the visibility of this link in some browsers, so any feedback you could give me would help me identify the specific problem.




07-23-03, 01:49
LOS - land of Smiles (common name for Thailand)
BKK - the airport code for Bangkok
100B is about $24 US (I leave the multiplication to you)
exchange is about 41.6 to 1 (B to $)

Jackson - with some browser set-ups, you can "push" the terms/abrev's off the screen - I have it that way with mine

07-23-03, 02:36

Gotta watch those decimal points. 1,000 B = $24.


As with Mr. D. below, I have no problems accessing, "terms, FAQ's, search"...


07-23-03, 03:50
FD- so what's a little order of magnitude error? ;-)

yup, $23.92/1000B today - sheesh - at 4.1Baht/$ it would make for EXPENSIVE entertainment.

(XE.com, universal currency converter)

anyway, IE6 is set on my machine so that the teeny tiny "home-forum-faq..." line is unreadable (result of setting text size and ignoring fonts from the web and I don't show downloaded colors either.) In netscape, it works just fine (default settings).

Joe Zop
07-23-03, 05:57
Jackson -- I believe it's a frames issue, and it shows up particularly it seems if you add some of the Microsoft Internet Explorer extras, particularly the fonts stuff -- I found the black bar pretty much impossible to access and it drove me nuts until I broke down and reinstalled everything on my machine. No problems, however, when using Netscape or Opera. (Of course I could have actually just dragged things into the desired position, but I franlkly didn't realize it was a frame or even that the menu was there...

Wonder -- with your budget you should do fine, and with your experience with the Philippines I seriously doubt you'll have any trouble.

07-23-03, 08:01
Well I have no idea what bugs you might get with font and figure downloads. I'm just running IE6 with default settings. I do a c-drive wipe and an operating system re-install every 6 months or so.

Enough techno boredom. Time to cruise.


07-25-03, 03:53
Firedick, Joe_Zop,

When I rightclick and open the page in a new window on this internetcafecomputer, the 'list' on the left of the page doesn't show.
On my home 'puter it does...
If you need the list, leftckick to open.

C'est tout!

07-25-03, 04:02

Sorry, I just read your 'Wow' post.
As always I use Durex N-11. And don't those damned Durex people know it: They put the product in a bigger box and upped the price from B45 to B55!

07-25-03, 14:35

I also use IE6 browser and the black menu bar at top never appears. But there is an easy way to access the "Terms and Abbreviations" page. From the left menu click the Forum FAQ link. Scroll down to Item No. 48. Click on the blue highlighted "Terms & Abbreviations link". Wallah....you reached the promised land.


07-27-03, 10:13
Hi fellows/
I'm back to the board just for ask u something wich can be very useful for all of us.
Does anyone have ever had problems with credit cards in Pattaya ?
Just few days ago the Visa Card company called me telling me someone was using my card in UK (Manchester,Glasgow,Swansea,London).Now,last time I used my Visa was in Pattaya where I've been for 6 months (from December 02 'till May 03).During this time I've been to Singapore and Japan too where I used my Visa as well but there are more chances that my card was cloned in Pattaya.
Not a big problem anyway,I'll get my money (2,100,00 euro) in a month,but the annoying things like go to police,send fax,copy of passport,ask for a new card etc.,etc..
If anyone got same problem or knows something more about it please let us know.
As I know, Visa and Master card are easier to counterfeit than American Express.
This is first time in almost 18 years of Asia and Pattaya that something like this happens to me.....There's always the first time...I know.

Billy Baht
07-31-03, 04:11
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Wonder
If you are going to Thailand for a month, would you think $2,000 U.S dollars is okay for a moderate to medium budget? I do plan on seeing some sites, but I also plan on getting a babe every other night, give or take a few. And no luxury hotels!!

Also, can someone give me some idea of the U.S. dollar versus the Thai Baht? For example: How much Baht would $100 U.S. dollars be, and how many women would that get? I've read reports that you can get a babe in your room ST for b500, so how much is that in U.S. coin? Perhaps b1000 compared to U.S.$100?/QUOTE]Wonder,

I am a US expat residing in Bangkok for the past six months. Yes, IMHO, you can have a nice one month vacation in Thailand for $2,000 USD; however, “nice” is subjective. What is “nice” for one person isn’t for another.

You can find plenty of decent hotels for 1,000 baht per night and yes, it is possible to get a free lancer to go short-time for 500 baht, especially in Pattaya. Better to plan on spending 500-1,000 baht short time and 1,000-1,500 baht long time. Of course there is no “bar fine” for free lancers, but most Bangkok go-go bars will “fine” you 600 baht for the privilege of taking a lady from their establishment. When you hit Nana, Cowboy or other entertainment places, plan on budgeting at least 500 baht per night -more if you party hardy- for booze and lady drinks. A very rough budget number is 100 baht per beer and 90 baht for a lady drink.

About converting baht to US dollars, just think in terms of “24.” One thousand baht equals about $24 US (conservative rate of 41.67 baht per US dollar.) One hundred baht equals $2.40 US and 10 baht is $0.24 USD.

Food is supper cheap in Thailand and a tasty bowl of noodles from a sidewalk vendor will set you back a cool 25 baht, but some folks prefer western food or eating at upscale restaurants. Upgrading your dining menu will cost you 100 baht at McDonalds and perhaps 300 to 400 at other restaurants.

Of course its possible to spend much, much more for women, food and lodging, but your $2,000 USD budget should allow you to have a nice time. My monthly budget is 40,000 baht and I indulge occasionally. But, the longer that I’m here, the less I hit the “naughty” night life.

Definitely go to the beach, it’s a great way to relax. The bars can get a little old after an extended stay.

You can also pack light because laundry service is quite cheap in Thailand, especially if you use one outside your hotel.

Hope this helps!


07-31-03, 22:27

I missed the rush ! Durex stock has split twice ! :) Have a good trip.


Jackson, sorry about the "chit chat". I've just been USA bound for too long. I miss the mongering.

08-01-03, 09:48
Dear Mr. Firedick,

THNX for your support!
I know that you only do this because you think you can get a look at some of the photo's I took during this and previous trips.
Well, you have succeeded in sucking up enough to me to let that happen. I suggest you ask our mutual friend Mr. Progman, if he isn't in Kiribati or Guadalcanal at the moment, to send me your e-mail.
I will then get back to you with further details.

PS 16 films developped so far... the math is way too difficult for me... but it's a big number of pics...

Jaimito Cartero
08-01-03, 11:14

Are you trying to tell me that you use actual film? Perhaps you're a photographer or something. I haven't shot normal film in 2 or 3 years!

08-01-03, 18:37

Although I did learn of the photo site from Mr Prog, I was really just trying to heal old wounds. We got off to a bad start.

But I can be a contributor to the site not just a "lurker". The older stuff I'll have to scan.


I use a dig at home but only travel with disposable cheapies. I don't like to have to be on the alert all the time when I'm carrying a camera.(I've lost a couple pool cues bar hopping. I'm a forgetful drunk.) It costs about $8 to get a dig CD made at the time of developing. The disposable cameras are fine for 90% of what we do (IMHO), snaps. Plus they are less intimidating to the girls. Take a few. I have gotten some great pics by giving the camera to a girl in a bar. She'll run off for some fun with friends and you get the results. Just a thought.


Jaimito Cartero
08-01-03, 19:04
FD - Well, that's why I've switched to a $200 or so digital camera. Something small that will fit in my pocket. (I can just hear the comments coming now....)

I guess most of my problems with a disposable is where to get them developed. I've heard so many problems about film getting ruined going through security. Plus, to have most of the sexual type pics I'd take developed somewhere might be a little bit of a problem. (Heavy sexual content and such).

08-02-03, 00:22

Understood. I stick to pretty tame nudes. You shouldn't have any problems with film and x-ray machines unless you're using 400 or faster film.


08-02-03, 06:10

I do not remember any bad start at all! I just REALLY invited you to contact Mr Progman to get your details to me so I can invite you to the Groups...Honnestly!

JC (Love those initials: Julius Ceasar, Johan Cruijff...)

Yes, I do use REAL film. I can get glossy prints of up to 36''x24'' for less than $20.
Digital photo's still suck compared to good film...
If you want pix of a certain content printed, simply go to a place where they don't show your pix to everyone. I just have the films developed and I scan the negatives.
Any 'normal' negs can still go to a printshop for a real photograph.
I used a film some months ago that has gone through X-ray machines at least 10 times. No problems at all!

There is some really great film around: Fuji's 800, Kodak Supra (the entire range is of an unbelievable quality!), for slides try the whole range of Fuji Provia...

Jaimito Cartero
08-02-03, 06:48
Well, with the small digital I usually carry, I get a 3.2 megapixel resolution, which is fine for 8 X 10, or 11 x 14 if I so desire. I have a 5 megapixel Nikon, but I'm not really making "artists prints", but rather images I usually view on my computer.

While I'm sure there are some pictures that might be nice to blow up to poster size, I don't have any need for it.

I find the cost of a $40 or $60 memory card is much cheaper in the long run. (I take hundreds of pictures a month). Everyone has their preferences, as usual.

08-02-03, 10:02

What I like best about the real film is the incredible color depth, eg the number of colors within each 'pixel'
Digital still doesn't come anywhere near real film!

But no doubt digital has many advantages.
I just hate to make a photo that is so good I want to enlarge (and perhaps sell) it, but all I've got is a stupid 3.1MB no colordepth file on my 'puter...
Of course I do make plenty of pix that never see anything but the inside of my monitor...


producer of GREAT scanning software, had an excellent explanation of colordepth etc on his site. I can't check if that info is still there. Korat internet is slow... But I suggest you have a look for yourself, from the comfort of your home...

08-03-03, 22:56
Well, you guys obviously know more about it than I. But, I saw a demo of dig camera that used to go into the old KH 11 spy satellites. Resolution far greater than possible with any of todays film. But, the "camera" was about the size of large midrowave oven ! So the technology is there, but who knows how long it will take to get in miniaturized and affordable.

I also hear that Kodak is working on "stacking" pixels so each can represent more than one color. But I do not completely trust the source.


Joe Zop
08-03-03, 23:12
Rather depends on what your needs are, doesn't it? I generally figure that it's not critical for me to have better photo quality than things that are shot at, say, the Olympics, and pretty much all of that is now done with digital. No question that you can still get better photos from a great camera with high-quality film, but if you're snapping pics of TGs in semi-darkened rooms and not using photo lights, it's pretty much a moot point in any event, isn't it? Are people really planning on making poster-sized prints of themselves engaged in various acts with TGs? And if you're going to scan photos to send to other folks, you're losing all you gain from film anyway.

Plus, for at least half the people I know, the general rule as far as I can tell is that the better the camera they have, the worse the pics they produce :)

Jaimito Cartero
08-04-03, 01:03
The most important thing about a camera, is that must fit in my pocket with no problem. That way I always have it, and can shoot a touristy pick, or if I run across a "gem", I can take a pic of her too.

I get nervous about getting my camera ripped off, or damaged when I'm travelling. So I try to get one that cost under $300. I've never had any problems yet, but no sense in worrying about a $1000 camera the whole trip.

08-04-03, 08:03
Joe_zop, et all,

Digital photo's are great for printing in mags, papers. You don't need a big resolution there, nor much colordepth. Also, you no matter what waste a lot of film doing sports... Memory comes very cheap looking at it that way.
It would really make sense for some of you interested in this matter to look at things like resolution, colordepth, dpi, tif, jpeg
etc when you decide to buy a new camera - film or digital?
One very good side of digital is that flashphoto's always seem to be ok, where with film flashphotography is about the hardest thing to do.

"And if you're going to scan photos to send to other folks, you're losing all you gain from film anyway."
Yep, but there are photo's that I don't just send but have printed as well. Too bad you can't see what I have on my walls, back home... BTW I by now have scanned each and every neg I ever made and put the resulting images on CD's.

On computers,

Some have asked questions on the use of your laptop here in Thailand.
At many malls and 'IT centres' throughout the Kingdom, secondhand Pentium1+2 (about 133-350 mHz)machines incl monitor are on sale at around B3,000-5,000. Do what you have to do on one of these and take the HD home...
Very slow 2nd hand laptops are still pretty pricey.

Joe Zop
08-04-03, 14:51
Ah Freeler, sounds like the real Heart of Darkness tour would be one spent browsing your walls! Perhaps you can organize such excursions during your time away from the Kingdom... :D

I agree with pretty much everything you've said, and that was exactly my point about making decisions based on your individual needs and capabilities -- too much camera can also be a bad thing, as to get excellent results you need to have some idea what you're doing. Before I bought my digital, I spent a fair amount of time researching, talking with professional photographers I know (half of whom sniff at digital, half who embrace it) about image quality and ease of use, before deciding that as much as I might think I wanted good glossies and the maximum quality image possible, I really don't use or look at them much, and most of my photos end up scanned or intentionally chopped down in resolution anyway, so it was a waste.

And you're right on the computer side as well -- next time I spend a fair amount of time in one place in LOS, I'm going to just buy a machine there. I'll probably amend your equation slightly, though, by also bringing a hard drive with me from home that has all the various programs I need, and will take that back with me. Although there's still tons of pirated software floating around in LOS, it can sometimes be tough to find what you need -- it's very often not the latest version or even anything close to the official release, just the same stuff available via the various newsgroups.

08-07-03, 04:37

Well, I'm not in those places you just mentioned but they sure sound better than where I am now. I can't say where but let's just say I can't see any fucking land where I'm at! I sent FD an email. I expect to see any pictures before him, however!!!


08-08-03, 18:06
Progman, All,

I just returned home from a 6 week RainySeasonTour of the HolyLand during which I plowed the little rice fields of 55 women.
They ranged from schoolgirl to grandma, from 40kg to 100kg from small pussy to humongous cunts and from tiny titties to monster hooters beyond believe, ugly ones and pretty ones.
And combinations thereof...

You may now all be jealous...

And yes, I managed to produce detailed reports of my exploits and I will edit them within a week or so for your reading pleasure.
I won't forget to thank Progman (Progman: Selamat!) for saving the reports I lost due to internetcafeviruses...

Yes, viruses:
On my floppy disc, the one I carry that has the emailaddies of my buddies far and wide, a bunch of shortcuts to the web and some other info, I -that is Norton - found no less than FIVE viruses when I pushed in into the appropriate slot in my 'puter...

So, be careful out there!

08-09-03, 04:34
Welcome back Freeler,

I can confirm that you definitely banged a girl with the BIGGEST fucking hooters I have ever seen in my life. The areolas on those tits must have been as big as softballs and her tits were the size and shape of half-inflated basketballs... Oh my god!

I'm off to the PI (Manila, Angeles, Boracay, and Zamboanga) in about 5 days. I'll send you some pics.


08-09-03, 19:25
Yeah Freeler,
Welcome back. When you were gone, I got a some kind of worm virus too and lost everything...it's really fun re-installing everything, along with Microsoft's 50 updates! NOT!
Yea Progman, good description with those titties. I just kept staring at the screen going..."holy shit".."those are huge"..lol
Anyways, everyone take care, I think this is a milestone for me. Post #100! Yeah!....

08-10-03, 01:11

You're on Freeler's email list? If so, let me know which one you are. My email address starts with "dhin"... No big deal - just curious which one of the sick bastards on his list is you. :)

BTW - Did you see the other pics yet? In particular the girl with the 6 pound pussy.... yikes!!!!


Joe Zop
08-10-03, 02:00
Wow! (running off to finally check in on that email address.)

Freeler, I do hope you'll boil things down and post here, as I've enjoyed the reports I've read, even if I didn't respond this time around...

08-10-03, 02:28
Sent you an email off line. Hopefully that works...:) Take her easy!

08-10-03, 03:08

...got the email. Sounds like we agree on the girls. Freeler definitely has an eclectic taste when it comes to Thai women.


08-13-03, 04:27
Hey guys,

I've been gone a while fighting giant internet "worms" ! Got the "Blaster". A word to the wise, Windows XP "cheapy" firewall will not protect you. Install those MS updates.

Prog, got the email, thanks. I'll shoot Freeler an email, once I'm sure evrything here is safe. As you would say...10 days and a wake up (in the Bahamas) for me.


I hope you're kidding about 100 kg !


08-13-03, 05:12

I'm looking forward to that mail.
My system runs on 98se, the current worms don't scare me none!
Firewall and Norton installed and running.

100kg? I'm not sure what that's about, but hey, I've sent so many mails out.
If it's about that pussy, it was only in the 6 pound category...

08-15-03, 02:59
Need help.
Looking for a website for travel once inside Thailand. I'm planing to do some mongering in Bangkok, then hop a flight on over to Cebu. Buy a ticket like that from the USA and it will cost you over $800, one way. I was told once in Asia it can be had for under $200. Anyone have a good site to price these flights out?


Joe Zop
08-15-03, 13:11
I dunno about roundtrip for under $200, which I've never seen, but Thai Air directly has one-way trips to Manila for under $300 and roundtrip for around $350. I've found some good deals at times at www.thaifocus.com, a travel agent located in Chiang Mai, which I do see lists flights from Bangkok to Manila at $199...

08-16-03, 18:17

I only saw the big boxes (12 pcs) in South-Pattaya.
Upcountry only 3 in a box*...

I saw loads of condom vending machines in Isaan: B5 a piece for a Thai size condom.
All the hookers carry them.

*The box is just slightly bigger than before.

08-16-03, 19:46

Almost every 7-11 / convenience store and pharmacy outlet where I asked for it (including CM, Korat and Saraburi) stored the 12-pack ..... and you can anyway buy 4-6 boxes in BKK before heading for the the plateu .......

Give it a try: In time the price difference will finance quite a few of your 200's :)

49 mm condoms is uninteresting; some girls in BKK carry 54 mm (sometimes the N11 52 mm seems to be too tight). You have any info ?

08-17-03, 04:44

I stack up and then go looking for more when the supply runs out. I never saw the 12 pack outside Pattaya.

The 54's are mainly 'gay' rubbers. Are you 100% sure the girls you saw weren't actually 'girls':)?

08-17-03, 07:00

12 packs are found in:

7-11 opposite Star Wars, Patong
7-11 (closest to Thanon Sukh.) Soi 4, BKK
the pharmacy/hygienic products shop to the right when you enter The Mall, Korat
7-11 (or similar) close to Tha Pae gate, CM
etc., etc.

Unless Darlings Soi 12 employs ladyboys - I am shure :)

May bee this was a backdoor girl .....

Thumbs Up
08-23-03, 23:26
I have a question for some of you vets out there. I am planning on making my first trip to Thailand in October or perhaps in November. It largely depends on the weather there. I would like to go there as soon as possible (I'm really anxious) but after the rainy season is over. I like to do outdoor stuff (as well as the girls) and I don't want the rain to get in the way.

When exactly does the rainy season stop? I realize that there may not be a definative answer to that but I would really appreciate any information I can get. I will make my plans based on that. Some say mid-October and others say November. Could somebody clarify that for me.

Joe Zop
08-24-03, 04:49
The rainy season is generally from about June to October, (things vary a bit by region, of course) and the cool season is from November to February, and it's not like one week or so everything abruptly changes. If you want to be more sure to miss the rains, just go in November -- average rainfall in Bangkok in October, for example, is a bit over 9 inches in October, as opposed to about 2.2 inches in November and the average temperature's about 1 degree celsius cooler in November. If you decide to go in October and deal with higher rain possibilities you can look forward to it being a bit less crowded, and to paying less for a place to stay. But I'd not worry overmuch about whether the last two weeks of October are going to be that much worse than the first week of November -- it's like anywhere else in that there's a general pattern but things don't always work like clockwork. Last year, for example, there was a lot more rain in the north in November and December, and it didn't get as cold as usual in December. Either way, odds are it's still tons nicer than wherever you're coming from :D

Thumbs Up
09-14-03, 21:22
I have a goal of doing my first ever sex vacation in Thailand
for a budget of 2000 US dollars or less. This price would be
inclusive of all expenses external to the United States (home).
Since sex tourism is new to me I would like to get the input
of the veterans here. Your experience in these matters will be
of great importance to me in drawing up, revising & then
finalizing my proposed budget. There may well be items that
I have not included that one of you may notice. Or there may
be items for which I have over budgeted or under budgeted
which your experience and savvy in these matters will force
me to revise, hopefully, to my advantage. Perhaps you may
well come up with different alternatives altogether. Your input
therefore is GREATLY appreciated.

Much of my tentative budget is arrived at from reading many
of the posts and information on this site. My upcoming trip to
Thailand is tentatively scheduled for the second half of October.
However, events at work this week may force me to go sooner.
Hopefully, my tentative dates in the second half of October will
be after the rainy season has concluded but yet still be before
the beginning of high season in November when seasonal prices
increase accordingly there. Here is part of my proposed itemized
budget in US dollars:

- Airfare: 434.00 I am using NW Airlines fall cash and miles
promotion. 20,000 miles plus $380.00 from
the eastern US. Add in all taxes and fees
and it comes to a total of $434.00.

- Hotel: 300.00 This is for 12 nights @ 25.00 per night
(roughly 1000 baht). This would also include
all taxes and charges. Upon arrival in
Bangkok I will check into the Royal Asia
(Soi 8) which is within my allotted budget.
I intend to spend time in Phuket but I have
not as yet picked a hotel. Any suggestions?
Maybe one that has breakfast included.

- Airfare: 125.00 This particular airfare expenditure is for a
round trip to Phuket from Bangkok. It also
includes all taxes and charges. I will purchase
the ticket in Bangkok. Most likely with Thai

- Transport: 30.00 This is for round trip ground transport to &
from the Phuket airport. From what I have
been able to ascertain transportation to and
from the Phuket airport is 600 baht each way
or approximately 30 bucks total. I am
certainly open to any cheaper alternatives.

- Viagra: 50.00 Simply put, I can no longer get it up to the
levels required for a Thailandish sex
vacation. At least not without a little help.
5 or 6 100mg tablets. I am also considering
using Penegra (sp?). Does it work as well
as Viagra?

Total: 939.00

That leaves me with approximately $1060.00. This I will divide
into a daily budget of 88 US dollars per day (1060 divided by 12)
which roughly translates into 3600 baht per day. I am using 40.80
baht to the dollar. Below is my tentative daily budgeting for this
money. However, here I have decided to itemize it in baht. The
total of which I have calculated at approximated 88 US dollars
per day.

- Sex: 2500.00 This is the maximum I have allotted myself
per day for sex. Anything more would have
to come out of the budget somewhere else.
I am basing my estimate on either two short
times or one long time per day. I intend to
locate my prey in beer bars or go-go’s. Unlike
some of you studs I can’t cum 4 times a day
anymore. I suspect that I am not the only one
here who has that “problem” so any
expenditures beyond this amount would be
pointless. Also, barfines come out of the
2500 baht as well.

- Food: 500.00 This item I am not sure about. I know that
food can be inexpensive there but I am not
exactly sure how much so. This is based on
3 normal meals per day. I am hoping to
get a free breakfast with my room.

- Drinks: 600.00 I have to have my beer and vodka. Some days
I may not drink and some days I may drink
twice as much. Out of this will also come
money for the sky train or for taxi/baht bus..

Total: 3600.00 or approximately 88.00 US dollars per day
for 12 days.


Final total: 939.00 plus 1060.00 comes to 2000.00 US dollars.
Again, any input would be greatly appreciated. My apologies for
the length of this post but this may help others as well as myself
in their planning.

Atlanta Monger
09-15-03, 08:11

You are correct, you've been very helpful. I'm planning my first LOS visit in late Dec / early Jan, spending a week in Bangkok before heading down to Pattaya for 10 days or so.

I haven't got quite as far in my budgeting process, but it looks reasonable per what I've investigated and read so far. I'm plannning on a similar (3k) budget for my three week trip.

I'll be posting more in the various WSG Thailand forums with my food, lodging, transportation, activity, and mongering decisions as the planning process continues and the trip date grows closer.

Thanks, MM

09-15-03, 14:37
Thumbs Up,

-A budget of 2000 US dollars or less - Simply must do!

-Reading many of the posts and information on this site. - The smartest thing to do!

- Airfare: 434.00 - Sounds cheap enough.

- Hotel: 300.00 This is for 12 nights @ 25.00 per night
(roughly 1000 baht). This would also include
all taxes and charges. - Stop! In this pricerange there should be NO additional charges! Such charges are only there to drive up prices!
If you don't absolutely want to stay in Patong, have a look around Phuket Town. It's quite likely that you will find some amazing offers! You will need a motorbike to go to the beaches and the Patong nightlife. Don't drive drunk - it's difficult enough to stay accident free when you're sober!

- Airfare: $125.00. Most likely with Thai Airlines. - OK, Thai Airways fly this route throughout the day, almost every hour. Advance booking is not necessary, unless you're flying on one of many Thai holidays.

- Transport: $30.00 This is for round trip ground transport to &
from the Phuket airport. - Thai limousine website says: Phuket International Airport
A counter in the Arrivals Hall sells tickets for air-conditioned mini-van service. Located on the northern end of Phuket island, the airport is a 30-minute drive to Phuket town and most beaches.
--Perhaps email them in advance?--

- Viagra: 50.00 Simply put, I can no longer get it up to the
levels required for a Thailandish sex vacation -Whatever it takes! I bought Viagra in Pattaya at B450 a pill, $10-11.
Total: 939.00

-3600 baht per day. - You could possibly spend this much, but you've already accounted for your hotel, so I doubt it!

-Sex: 2500.00 - Hmmmm, not sure!
Unlike some of you studs I can’t cum 4 times a day - I suggest you shorttime only: BF200+B500 for the girl. Makes three bonks a day.

- Food: 500.00 WAAAAAAY too much! Unless you're planning on eating lobster or tiger prawn every day!
I am hoping to get a free breakfast with my room. - It's not free, but included in the roomoprice and probably too expensive! American breakfast comes at B90 max.
Even on the beach a good meal is B80 max.
Find the right spots and breakfast (continental) is B45, lunch B60 and dinner B60. This does not include your drinks.
In Thailand I eat twice a day; no lunch. I eat fruits when I can. A decent portion of pineapple or melon is B10. Even in Phuket, eventhough portions are smaller than in Isaan.

- Drinks: 600.00 I have to have my beer and vodka. - Beer starts at B45 a bottle in open air beerbars highest B120-200 in GoGo's.

You left out transport on Phuket island. After 5-6pm there are NO buses, just taxi's! A bus from Patong to Phuket town is B20 a taxi can be as much as B300. If you want to rent a motorbike I strongly suggest you rent one in Phuket Town. I NEVER had a problem there. There are many reliable rentals just East of the RanongRoad roundabout, which is very near to the Patong bus busstop.

Hope this helps...

PS picture not taken in Phuket

Joe Zop
09-15-03, 15:15
Thumbs Up, your budget is fairly reasonable for the most part, and I'd say in the main making it work depends on two things -- first, how disciplined you are, and second, and perhaps more importantly, what you're doing with the rest of your time.

If you're planning on one or two encounters a day, that generally means hooking up with TGs in the afternoon at the earliest and in the evening more generally. That leaves you most of the day to dodge various Thai attempts to get you to hemorrhage your cash. Since this is your first trip to LOS I'd be willing to bet that at some point someone's going to manage it, but to be honest, there are also some truly spectacular things to see both in Bangkok and Phuket that shouldn't be missed. Even if you're not a big one for visiting temples or beach sights it seems a shame to travel halfway around the world and not plan on at least exploring things a little bit, which will have some costs associated.

I also don't see any budget for shopping, and I seriously doubt you'll walk away without buying something on your trip -- clothes are amazingly cheap, and there are tons of other options as well. I understand that this is a sex tourism vacation, but it's not an either/or equation -- an all-nighter still leaves the day. My budgets, for example, simply have to have a few hundred baht a day for Thai massage, as that's one of the truly marvelous things about visiting -- relaxing and renewing, and something for just wandering around. I also don't see that you've carved out or mentioned a visit to a soapy, specifically mentioning gogos and bar girls. Soapys tend to be slightly more expensive than dealing with a bar girl, but a visit to one is simply a must for a first time visitor. That could probably be managed somewhere within your budget, presuming you don't become a soapy alcolyte and want to go every day, which certainly happens to lots of guys.

There are ways to quibble with most of your lines (500baht for food might be high, though it depends on what you like, and I'm not sure whether your TG and/or drinks budget includes lady drinks, which can add up unless you're very careful -- probably should figure on at least one time when it gets out of control and you get surprised with the bill) but on the whole it seems pretty good. If I were you I'd probably have $20 or so a day set aside for miscellaneous expenses, but there's no reason you can't do LOS on about $100 a day, even as a first-time visitor, if you pay attention to your money. Again, this presumes -- regardless of your age and sexual drive -- that you don't find yourself in "kid in a candy store" mode, which happens to tons of guys who plan otherwise. Penagra and Silagra both work as well as Viagra, and one of the side-effects of using such enhancers can be to change your equation on how much sex is enough...

Have a great trip, and be sure to post reports!

Thumbs Up
09-15-03, 21:39
Thank you Freeler, Joe Zop and Atl Monger Man for your input. You have given me some good feedback that I will use in revising my proposed budget and resubmit it for your review.

I found your information about Phuket Town interesting. I really had not planned on staying there as I wanted to be close to the action in Patong. However, when I get there I will definitely check it out. You also mentioned renting a motorbike. I would like to do that but I do not have an international driver's license. Is one required? Is it difficult for a foreigner to get a temporary license? What about insurance?

As far as transport after 6PM in Patong goes I thought if my hotel was well situated with respect to Bangla Road that it would not be an issue. Of course, I have no idea how spread out Patong is. Are the distances far enough that you would need after 6PM transportation? If they are I will have to revise my budget accordingly.

Your short time rates are a lot cheaper than most of the rates I have seen posted. The number I have seen most often here and at other places is approximately 1000 baht short time and about 300 for the bar fine at a beer bar. If you are correct (I hope so) then that will free up some money.

I appreciated the info concerning food. That will definitely free up some baht for other purposes or just to keep. Thanks.

I enjoyed the picture but I thought the girls over there did not have big titties. Evidently some do.

Joe Zop:
Your point with respect to having the discipline to stay within budget is a good one but I am usually pretty good about those things. Shopping is a point I will have to reconsider when I revise my budget for this trip. Although I do not plan on a lot of shopping it would be naive on my part to think that I would not do at least some. However, I have all the suits I want and I am not interested in buying any electronics anywhere but back in the US (warranty concerns). I may get some knock-off stuff or software/CD's at Pantip (sp?).

As far as the massage stuff goes I may look into that but I have never had much interest in that. I seriously doubt that I will spend much time at either a massage or soapy. I like bars, loud music, liquor, and trashy women. Massages put me to sleep. When I mentioned that I will find my prey in beer bars and go-go bars I neglected to mention I will be looking for freelancers as well in beer gardens and the like but that will still be factored into my 2500 baht total for sex. Having said all that it looks like I am going to have to increase my budget for drinks. You made a very good point about buying women some drinks and perhaps going off the deep end a time or two.

In my free time I will spend a lot of time at the beach in Puket. I not sure that should cost a lot of baht but if you are aware of expenses in that regard that could be more than I thought I would definitely like to hear them. I am also interested in seeing some temples while I am there as well as downtown Bangkok, Chinatown and Khao San road (is that a monger area?). Beyond the costs involved to get there which I understand are not very much are there expenses involved that I am not aware other than just some minor shopping on my part?

One other factor with respect to costs that I did not mention in my previous post was the possibility of finding a TG and spending perhaps several days with her. It is my understanding that you would usually pay them maybe 1500 baht per day for their "time". Does that sound high to you? I would probably stick to a freelancer for this in order to avoid the barfine. Also, do they expect gifts or shopping trips? That could easily be a quick and big budget buster. If this scenario does arise what, if anything, is customary as far as any shopping trips with her go or additional gifts? Hope she likes the beach or dinner because that is about all that I would want to do and still be in budget.

Again, I appreciate the comments and I will revise and resubmit my budget based upon your comments. You guys are a lot of help to people like me. I also promise that once I arrive in the LOS I will posts reports on my activities with respect to both mongering and the budget.

Joe Zop
09-15-03, 23:54
Freeler's absolutely the expert at getting cheap short-time rates, but you'll have far better luck at that with freelancers and those off the beaten track than you will at gogos. It's very possible to get 500baht throws if you shop around at beer bars and the biergarten, or at places like Thermae, Grace, etc., but ymmv and you'll also find many, many who will walk at that rate, or give serious attitude even if they agree. Personally, I'd rather just pay going rates and have a happy process.

An international license is no big deal -- you get them at AAA for about twenty bucks, and, honestly, no one is ever going to look at it unless you get in an accident. The majority of Thais drive without having licenses (which probably explains why there's more accidents there than anywhere else.) Still worth getting one just to cover your ass, but really no big deal.

My comment on the massages is pretty simple -- since you're a first-time visitor I'd really advise you to try a soapy at least once, as they're certainly an experience, and you'll definitely stay awake. It's not really my thing either, but it's definitely something I'm glad to have done and to do once in a while, as it's one of those uniquely Thai experiences, and interesting in that regard. I like Thai massages because I always do tons of walking around in LOS, and it's just great to pay a few bucks and get tired muscles worked over. Again, different strokes for us all.

The beach won't cost you much -- you'll probably need to rent a chair and umbrella, and then just water or whatever -- but if you're going to be in Phuket for a fair period you might want to take one of the ferry trips to Ko Phi Phi or around the bay, as things are quite spectacular. The island is well worth exploring on its own, but as Freeler notes, local transportation can get expensive if you're not careful -- there's a little driver cartel on Phuket, and they keep the prices high.

Same thing with Bangkok -- while you can negotiate your way to the various temples and sights, it can be easier just to book one of the half-day tours and have someone take you and tell you about things. By the time you factor in taxi costs and being hustled by two dozen touts, (probably including your driver) I've always felt it's just easier to pay a couple of hundred baht and keep it all simple, particularly in a city as whacked out as Bangkok. In either of these places you might also want to check out a Thai boxing match or take a ride on an elephant -- again, very interesting and culturally different. My point was simply that there's a variety of this kind of stuff that can and will crop up, and it's a good idea to have a bit of cash set aside to do them when the urge strikes. Twelve days of nothing but a couple of boinks a day can get rather dull after a while.

Not really all that much mongering in the Khao San Road area -- mostly the backpacker crowd there.

As far as electronics, no, you don't want to buy them in LOS -- they're generally cheaper in the US in any event. I've personally always been underwhelmed by the options at Pantip, as half of it is stuff downloaded from warez newsgroups and burned on CD. But there are some exceptional clothing deals -- silk shirts for only a couple of bucks, same for cotton pants, etc. -- regardless of whether you want to buy suits. Again, I'd just have something in the budget, that's all.

Your sense of what you'd be paying a TG for several days is pretty accurate, though it also depends on where you find her, in that you might need to be dealing with a bar fine as well if she's not a freelancer. And, yes, many TGs with whom you're spending several days will expect and lobby for shopping, gifts, etc., as basically her perspective is going to be about how to get as much from you as possible before you leave, as well as how to get you to send money back once you do. (She's certainly not going to hang out at the beach with you, as that will make her tan, and getting darker is not on the list of desired attributes.) As far as what's customary in term of shopping, hmm, well, first of all whatever you do, don't buy gold or cellphones, as those are essentially negotiable currencies -- they're just going to get hocked the moment you leave, so you're better off simply tipping a bit more. Some clothes here or there are generally ok. I'll be honest -- I never give in much to shopping, even though I tend to hook up with TGs for longer times. I've generally got a touristy thing or two up my sleeve to say, "I'm only here for a few days, so I'd rather do this than shop..."

Since you've read lots of things in this section I won't give you the caution about the longer-term approach as opposed to the 3Fs -- I'm sure S.A. will pipe up about that -- other than to say be very careful, as one thing Thai women in the trade truly know how to do is turn on the full girlfriend experience in all its wonder, and there's a long line of farangs who have lost their heads as well as their wallets. As far as I'm concerned, the best thing that can happen is to get into one of those situations, as it can be absolutely wonderful -- but only if you've truly got the ability to walk away, which lots of people think they do, and actually don't.

09-16-03, 05:08
Thumbs Up,

You will find that the PhuketTown rentals only rent out HondaDream motorbikes, basicly they are 100cc mopeds. You don't need a license to ride one in Thailand, nor can they be insured in Thailand - all damage is out of your budget. Your insurance company may cover it.
Patong itself is small enough to do on foot, but if you want to check out the other beaches be back before 6pm or pay!
I was talking about the ST rates in Patong only. Barfines at beerbars in Patong are just B200, the girl will settle for B500 LT or B300ST.
In Patong I picked up a number of girls before(!) they started work at their beerbar. You probably won't notice them on your first day, but once you recognize them, it's a 2pm bang every day! For B300, no BF:).
The thing that will probably cost you more is walking into every beerbar and having drinks to check out the merchandise. I don't like to waste money and my solution is to pick a girl, make her an offer and leave. With or without her!
Joe_zop, no doubt, has the low down (had his load down???:)) on BKK, but Gogo girls everywhere seem to think they have to get paid more than other girls. I quit doing that a long time ago. Appearance has NOTHING to do with the ability to fuck you good!
I like girls with a little something to hold on to. Skinny ones break too easily, which sucks! Hence the bigger tittied, slightly chubby girl.

A B300 girl in the photo. I tipped her B100 for a bunch of photos. She was a screamer...

Thumbs Up
09-17-03, 10:11
Has any one here ever used Pattaya's Utapao airport? I have read at another web site that you can fly cheaper round trip to Phuket from Utapao than Bangkok. I am interested in this because as a first timer in the LOS it gives me a chance to check out Pattaya on my way to Phuket. Also, any recommendations (least expensive) for ground transport from Pattaya to Utapao. In my attempt to come up with a budget for my first LOS trip I am also attempting to perhaps present a guide or model for other first timers as well.

I was originally thinking of spending approximately half my time in BKK and half my time in Phuket. In order to better meet my budget goals I am thinking of spending less time in BKK (it's more expensive) and perhaps some time in Pattaya instead since it is a huge (must see) monger destination anyway. Any thoughts?

09-17-03, 17:03
Thumbs Up,

Getting to Utapao from Pattaya by minibus is as expensive as taking the ThaiLimousineBus to BKK airport: B200.
In fact, you can get to BKK airport from Pattaya for B105 by aircon bus (one change)
Services from BKK to Phuket are far more frequent than from Utapao.
Simply put: don't bother with Utapao!

I will keep up my usual tip to firsttimers: Go to Pattaya, not BKK.
And do go to Phuket. Phuket is nice!

Joe Zop
09-17-03, 21:57
Utapao Airport is one of the regionals built and used by Bangkok Airways, and they're the only one who uses it. All flights to and fro stop in Samui, as near as I can tell, so the total travel time ends up being about two hours in either direction, as opposed to an hour between Bangkok and Phuket. That said, it is possible to use them as a somewhat less hectic go-between, and it might make sense to go from Phuket to Pattaya that way and then take the airport minibus to Pattaya city for 200baht, as you'd save driving time -- though I think there's only one flight each day, as opposed to more than a dozen from Phuket to Bangkok. It's a bit more than twenty miles from airport to city. The price is actually a bit more than Thai Air's flights -- probably twenty bucks each leg. Sorta six of one, half dozen of the other.

Think about this approach -- a couple of days in Bangkok to get oriented and over any jet lag, where you see the craziness of the big city and get a good taste of the Thai scene, then to Phuket, where you get the relaxing beach resort with a more laid-back attitude and truly beautiful surroundings, then finishing up in Pattaya, where you see the in-between of a resort town that's basically completely monger-land and is also cheaper than either of the other two places. While I agree with Freeler that Bangkok's not the best place for a newbie to spend all their time, I do think it's worth a visit, if only for establishing a mental baseline.

And since you're traveling from the east coast via Northwest, you're going to arrive late at night and leave really early in the morning, which means there's no decent way just to start or end your trip in Phuket -- you're basically going to overnight in the vicinity of Bangkok while coming and going, unless you want to hang around at the airport from 11pm til morning. I always prefer, in that instance, to get into the scene as soon as I arrive, and essentially stay up most of the night before I go. You can run from the airport to the Sukhumvit area pretty quickly after you arrive, check in, shower, and still make it to Nana or Soi Cowboy before things shut down. Then, given that your flight out is at 6am or so, and that you need to get to the airport well in advance of that, why not just set things up so you can run from the action to the airport to leave? You can do that from either Pattaya or Bangkok. Heck, you're going to want to sleep on the plane anyway, and you might as well head out with a very recent smile on your face as opposed to just spending your time on airport logistics...

Keep in mind that one of the great things about LOS is that you can just decide to travel basically on the spur of the moment and it costs nothing extra, and you'll really never have trouble finding a place to stay. So you can go with a general plan, and decide on the specifics once you're there.

Thumbs Up
09-17-03, 23:04
Thanks Joe and Freeler,

Great information. The quote I saw for the Utapao to Phuket round trip flight was 85 US dollars. However, the person making the post (a different web site) didn't say if that included all taxes and charges or if that was a one time promotional item. If that is the final price that more than offsets the 200 baht limo or taxi fee from Pattaya to Utapao. As far as taking two hours vice one to get to Phuket that would not really bother me all that much as I wouldn't mind seeing a little more of Thailand even if it is from the air. I need to research it more but Freeler's words make me wary of even bothering to pursue it anymore.

I am definitely going to take your advice and spend less time in Bangkok and more in Pattaya. I'm not a big fan of huge cities anyway. If I can save some money doing that I might lengthen my stay by a day and make it 13 nights instead of 12. What I am thinking is 5 days Bangkok, 4 Phuket, 4 Pattaya. I have to spend more time in Bangkok, as Joe rightly points out, because of my odd hour arrival and departures on NW. Why can't NW have flights at better times (especially departure)? But the appreviated 1st and last night should end up in some cost savings to me that can be either saved or transferred to other uses.

I have noticed from my online research that I can get some pretty decent savings on accomodations and perhaps women in Pattaya. I have seen some hotels like the Apex that are in the 500 baht range. You can't really tell if the accomodations are very nice by internet pictures but the rates sure look attractive. Summmiteer on the Pattaya board mentioned that the Flipper House on Soi 7 was 600 baht per night. Those are good prices. Very good.

All this research for my trip and discussion here is just like throwing gas on the fire. I am really very anxious to get going. Now I just need to get past Isabel tomorrow.

Thanks again.

09-18-03, 06:26
Joe Zop,

I've been to every massage joint in Bkk but never had a soapy. I think I need to try one. Can you recommend a place?

09-19-03, 14:10
Thumbs Up,

'Pretty decent savings' is a phrase I like too mut!
You can get pretty decent savings if you take the bus instead of a van from BKK-Pattaya vv. Not B300 but B95 per trip. You can get pretty decent savings by paying the bahtbus in Pattaya B5 not B10 or gawwdforbid B20! You can get pretty decent savings by eating on the street, not in restaurants.
All these little savings add up nicely and there is no loss of quality what so ever.
But, I'm sad to say, you will probably take the B800 taxi from Pattaya back to BKK, simply because there's someone offering these rides where ever you look. And finding your way back to the busterminal is an impossible task for many - but really it's so easy.
And try to remember when you're on the ground and your hormones are going wild: A B600 gogo bar barfine (without the girl's pay) equals two solid hassle free BeachRoadGirl bonks!
You can get pretty decent savings too if you only enter beerbars to take-away instantly. If a girl drags you in and then disappears, why stay and order overpriced drinks?
The fluids you really need are available from very many 7eleven's and similar outfits all over Pattaya.

In the picture: When you arrive in Pattaya by bus from BKK's Ekamai busterminal, you take the fix priced B20 songthaew (bahtbus) to Beachroad. When the driver asks you where you're going, just say Beach or BeachRoad. Push the bell when you see the Welcome to Pattaya sign in the picture. Both Sois 7&8 are less than 100m away.

09-19-03, 14:11
soi 8 girls, pattaya

09-19-03, 14:11
soi 8 girl, pattaya

Joe Zop
09-19-03, 16:08
ThumbsUp, most of BangkokAir's promotions expire before your trip -- they've got a Bangkok-Phuket-Bangkok sale, for example, with the round-trip being only 4400baht, but it ends at the end of September. Others end in mid-October -- though of course they may extend them or put up new ones. (Interesting note -- they've also got flights to Krabi airport, which is just across the bay -- anyone here ever taken that flight and then done a ferry to Phuket?) The price you quote sounds is pretty exactly their standard one-way -- Bangkok Air's website has roundtrips from priced at 6890Baht, which includes all the various airport charges, insurance, etc. Keep in mind that things work differently in LOS, and there's very little premium for one-way trips, so you could fly from Bangkok to Phuket (a very quick run to the airport from the Sukhumvit area) and then go from Phuket to Pattaya for 3500baht, finishing your trip by going directly from Pattaya to the Bangkok airport. Personally, I might chop a couple of days off the Bangkok leg -- just stay three days to begin with, go to Phuket, and leave for home directly from Pattaya. It's going to be the middle of the night anyway, so why worry if the trip to the airport is a couple of hours then versus wasting part of the day getting back to Bangkok? But of course the nice part is you can pretty much make spur of the moment decisions on all this.

Freeler quite rightly points out that there are a million ways to stretch your budget on the trip. It all depends on your likes and dislikes. I love street food and do lots of it, but I also like excellent restaurants, so I go back and forth. I like gogos, beer bars, etc. as much for the circus atmosphere as for the women, so I don't worry too much that I can buy drinks cheaper at a convenience store. (If my budget needs stretching, that's a different issue, of course, and I'm not going to spew baht wildly at expensive places. I'm certainly generally going to buy booze from a convenience store as opposed to pay for the mini-bar.) I'm not a big one for the freelancers Freeler favors -- being American, I'm all too familiar with women with extra meat on their bones, whereas Freeler hangs in the lovely environs of the continent, where folks are thinner -- but there are some I find worth taking. I don't need stunners all the time, but I don't mind paying five or ten bucks to hook up with someone younger who I find seriously attractive versus approaching things more heavily on a budgetary considerations. I do tend to go more for beer bar girls than gogo girls, mainly because I find there tends to be somewhat less attitude from the former, though the bar fine issue does enter into the equation as well, but ymmv.

The bottom line is that it's a vacation, so whatever floats your boat!

Jon50, if you've been to all those massage places, I'm amazed you've never had a soapy! Some places give them by default, but if you specify "soapy" you'll surely get one. As I said, I'm not a huge massage place monger, so there are other folks here (particularly in the Bangkok Massage Parlor thread, where some have been discussed) who would be much, much better at giving advice on this. I've done Darlings, Annie's and a couple of others, but much of my massage action has been outside of Bangkok.

09-19-03, 17:25
Joe Zop!

My freelancer friend here is NOT very happy after reading your remarks.
Click pic if you have the guts!

09-19-03, 17:46
On visas,

I just checked some Thai embassy's sites in European cities.
Single entry tourist visa is now €30, double entry €60 and triple entry €90.
Used to be €15 per entry and €11 in 'the old days'.

Don't think this will stop me from cumming over!

Uh-oh Joe Zop, you pissed off another one! Check pic.

Joe Zop
09-19-03, 17:53
LOL, Freeler, heaven knows I don't want a horde of angry TGs after me! I trust you, as very generous man with good heart, will manage to make them all happy again...

09-19-03, 18:12
Low fat pussy....

This girl had a good heart too, same me.
But I liked her pussy better:)!

09-20-03, 11:31
In the news today (BKK Post):

I started reading an hour ago, but laugh-attacks caused me to delay posting. Are these people for real?


Invitation-only strategy adopted for pricey Elite Card

But David Beckham will get one free

Nondhanada Intarakomalyasut

Mrs Juthamas shows off the new card. _ APICHIT JINAKUL
Membership in the Thailand Elite Card will be mostly by invitation only as part of the revised terms aimed at limiting the privileges to well-heeled tourists.

Selected high-rollers, such as football celebrity David Beckham, will get cards free in an effort to promote the campaign.

The one-million-baht (US$25,000) lifetime membership entitles holders to a variety of benefits including a special entry permit and fast-track immigration.

Not all people who apply will be approved and most of the target group will be invited to join the service, said Juthamas Siriwan, governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and chairwoman of Thailand Privilege Card Co, the firm set up to run the service.

However, interested people can still apply for the service but it will take 15-30 days to check the background and credibility of the applicants with related agencies including immigration and police authorities, she said.

Although the service will not be officially launched until next month, a call centre has already been set up to provide information. It is currently receiving about 200 calls a day.

The Elite Card, a brainchild of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to promote Thailand's tourism industry, projects one million members within the next five years, generating one trillion baht to the country.

Besides individuals, the service will also be offered to multinational corporations for two million baht (US$50,000) but only one representative of the company is eligible to use the service.

Mrs Juthamas said the programme was expected to attract at least 10,000 members from the US, mostly golfers, and another 50,000 members from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore in the first year of operation.

Some 15% of sales proceeds will be set aside for promotional activities and give-aways to famous people such as England soccer captain Beckham and his wife Victoria, a former Spice Girl.

Previously, there was a plan to present the cards to the 20 foreign leaders during the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (Apec) meeting in October. But the plan is being reconsidered, as authorities question whether it is in line with diplomatic protocol and whether it is appropriate to give away something so costly..

Thailand Privilege Card Co is now looking for a CEO through a recruitment company, and has appointed nine board members. They include Bank of Thailand governor M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula, Thai Airways International president Kanok Abhiradee; Jadet Insawang, the permanent secretary of the Tourism and Sports Ministry; and Vichit Na Ranong, chairman of the Tourism Council of Thailand.

Aside from visa privileges, Elite Card members will receive free services at selected golf courses, spas and 14 hospitals, plus airport-hotel transport.

They will also be able to take advantage of a ``buy one, get one free'' ticket offer from THAI when purchasing a first- or business-class ticket, and discount rates in selected five-star hotels.

Tour packages designed specially for high-end tourists on domestic and regional routes will be offered at special prices, as well as preferential property investment, but details have yet to be revealed.

Mrs Juthamas said members would receive a card with a gold logo and a gift from the One Tambon, One Product programme.

She also said that once the company generates enough revenue, it would build its own facilities such as golf courses and hotels to add value for the members.


Thumbs Up
09-20-03, 12:01

Do you think if I submitted my proposed budget to them they would consider me? Hehehehehehe!! This "card" has scam and ego massage written all over it. From what I have seen from my research so far for 25,000 USD you could do much better on your own and still save money ( a lot of money). Maybe I should do their budgeting for them (with your help of course - Joe too).

09-22-03, 06:23
If anyone knows of a place in Bangkok that sells motocross jerseys, and other dirt bike accessories, I would apreciate the info. Somewhere accessible by the skytrain would be nice. Thankyou. Bil

Jaimito Cartero
09-22-03, 06:44
Bil - You can find about anything at the Weekend Market (Chatuchak, Jatujak, or however they decide to spell it) in Mor Chit.

They have a huge section of clothing there, with tons of Football stuff and other sports things. You could also try the night market (Lumpini?).

09-23-03, 05:25
In the news these days,

Hambali started talking to interrogators about AQ plans to hit American owned hotels and some embassies in Thailand during Apec. This got the Thai gov scared and they 'requested' the Cambo gov to stop the illegal arms trade overthere.
Thai authoroties are looking for three groups of terrorists hiding in Thailand.
Also, apparently some planes changed course in fear of Stinger attacks.
It's a fine mess!

09-23-03, 06:40
If shopping for "copy" goods (watches, shoes, jeans, shirts, CDs, DVDs, etc) is on your agenda for Bangkok ... think again!!

Due to big Police crackdown, and forthcoming APEC conference, most of the market stalls now only have available "non-branded" goods, plus local Thai handicrafts and clothes.

The CDs are legal versions, but mainly very old stock.

Yes, things are available "under the counter", but not much choice, and not so easy to shop.

All the stall-holders are complaining! The night market in Patpong was totally empty at 10:00pm last night ... and of course, the bars, soapys, etc. all suffer because of this.

Word is, next month, after APEC, things will be back to normal!

Thumbs Up
09-23-03, 13:41

Thanks for the information about Hambali. I went to the Nation website and read the article and I have a question for you. What type of Muslim presence is there in Phuket? I know the south of Thailand has many Muslims but I am not sure if that includes Phuket. With the Bali attacks and this Hambali arrest it has me thinking some of security.The only time I can have enough time to go to LOS is during the Apec meetings. With Bush attending that it would be a perfect time for an attack especially against Farangs. What are your thought on the matter? Perhaps I should go to Hua Hin instead of Phuket. It is also a real good reason to stay the hell out of Bangkok.

Rugger 123
09-24-03, 03:23
Hi guys,

I am new to this. I am wonering if anyone can tell me about the sex scene at the Bangkok Airport. I will be intransit for the night at the airport.


09-24-03, 05:21
Thumbs Up,

I still give the thumbs up on Phuket. True, it is in the South and has a visible Muslim presence, but that's mainly in East coast villages. Also, the so called 'sea gypsies' are muslims.
Phuket never suffered an attack - that makes it safer than London, Paris, Tokyo and NewYork!
I would still go to Phuket.

Naritawat, Satun, Yala and Pattani Provinces are more Muslim than Buddhist and they are considered more dangerous than the rest of Thailand. The foreign affair ministry from my country still warns about random attacks on mainly police stations in those provinces and some terrorist related arrests were made in these deep South Provinces recently.

The Nation and BKK Post may stop reporting on this issue: The PM asked to put a lit on chasing-the-tourists-away stories...

09-24-03, 16:30
Hey, guys,

First time on this part of the board. I'm heading to Thailand for the first time in October or November to see a gal I met here in the States. I hate flying, so after suffering through the long trip from SFO to Bangkok I'll be looking for a reasonable means of ground transport from Bkk to Chiang Mai. Is there such a thing?

Any other advice/info would be appreciated. I'm a regular on the Santa Rosa, California board, looking for help here for my upcoming trip.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks in advance.



Jaimito Cartero
09-24-03, 16:33
I'm pretty sure there are both buses and trains that go there. I rode on a short journey (BKK to Pattaya) on a Thai A/C bus. It was a bit cramped, but decent for a 2 hour ride.

A little sidenote: I'd hate to think you're going to come to LOS for just one girl.

09-24-03, 19:10

If you want to rail or bus it simply because you hate flying: BAD idea.
If you want to travel at ground level because you want to see the countryside: GOOD idea.
The flight takes just over an hour. Bus or train take anywhere from 12 to 18 hours.
Think about flying to and railing from ChMai. If you want to do this in daylight, there's one (slow)train leaving ChM around 8am, stop over in Pitsanulok and go on the next day, leaving around 8am, BKK around 3pm.

I totally agree with JC on the number of girls issue. One is not enough.
One per day sounds a lot better:)!

09-24-03, 20:40

You can catch a bus to Chaing Mai from the Northern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. I took the evening bus last November. It is much like being on a long airplane flight.

There is a stewardess that passes out drinks and snacks. The bus is air-conditioned and has reclining seats so that you can sleep during the trip. There is also a TV you can watch along the way, but all the shows are in Thai.

It makes one stop about midway in which the passengers get off to strech their legs and have a meal. But let me tell you, the mosquitos will see to it that you are back on the bus in a hurry!

All in all it is not a bad deal though at 450 Baht. It might have cost 470 Baht. I don't remember the exact price but I am positive it was less than 500 Baht.

Freeler is correct that it takes a long time to make the journey. It seems to me that it took about 10 hours and not 12. It is a long ride even at 10 hours so if you want to be in a hurry take the plane as Freeler has suggested.


How much is a flight to Chaing Mai from Bangkok? I've never looked into it.

Thanks in advance.

09-24-03, 21:05

Follow the links from here - there are several airlines doing tis route; a little over 2000 bt to C Mai. One exra advantage of air is you don't have to go into and then out of Bkk. My trick would be to fly to C Mai or C Rai and then bus/train it. Alternatively, get the train from the airport and head into Isaan and later switch to buses. A lot of guys seem to stop over in Phitsanaluk, a town that apparently has a lot of interesting relics, mainly in the form of cheap, old and friendly women.

09-24-03, 22:37

Your sources work well. I followed the links and found a one-way fair on Thai Airways to CM on November 6th for 2275 Baht.

Good Info! Thanks!


Jaimito Cartero
09-24-03, 23:10
Hey, PL, click on the Edit button on your post next time. It's much easier than posting another message.

Jaimito Cartero
09-24-03, 23:15

if you're going to be at the airport for at least 4 or 5 hours, i'd say to take a taxi or bus into town and get some action.

you can go to one of the bbbj bars in soi cowboy or patpong. i know [CodeWord900] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord900) in cowboy is open early (9am?). i preferred star of love/light in patpong, for the small room, and lower prices. (500 baht)

i've only been to the airport for two trips, but didn't see anything that looked like fs.

as long as it's not between 2am-9am, you should be able to find some nice sweet thai to lubulongtime.

Joe Zop
09-25-03, 00:35
Spike, I absolutely second Freeler's idea -- it's a very long trip to fly in and then spend another dozen hours by either train or bus to Chiang Mai. Just bite the bullet and fly up there -- it's a painless flight, and since you're coming from SFO I'd presume you're getting in at a reasonable hour. Since you hate flying, just make sure you fly Thai and not Bangkok Air, as most flights of the latter will stop in Sukothai on the way, whereas Thai goes direct to CM. And Thai Air is truly one of the better airlines around.

That said, I actually do like the train between Bangkok and Chiang Mai or vice versa, but not if I'm already tired and wanting to be there -- it's a wonderful trip for scenery but not terribly restful.

Jaimito Cartero
09-25-03, 01:33
Joe - It depends what airline he's flying. If it's NWA, which I flew through SFO-Narita, it gets there at 11:30pm or so. I doubt he'd want to wait around that long.

Joe Zop
09-25-03, 03:46
True, but if you're leaving from SFO, you've got lots of other choices, such as Eva, Cathay Pacific, or China Air, all of which are cheap and arrive either in the morning or mid-afternoon. If he's flying American, United, or Korean and has a late arrival, he might get extremely lucky and be able to catch the last train or bus north, but it's iffy, becaue all that presumes an absolutely on-time arrival, zooming through customs, and a quick trip to the departure point. Frankly, if he's looking for a trip direct from Bangkok airport to Chiang Mai at midnight he's pretty well out of luck in any event, as not only are all flights over, but all the trains and I expect even the latest buses are gone at that point as well. Presuming you're right and he's taking NW, I'd personally seriously hate the idea of flying from SFO to Narita to Bangkok, spending the night, and then getting on a day-long train or bus to Chiang Mai -- I've done that, and let me tell you, a one-hour flight north beats hell out of that last end of the trip.

09-25-03, 05:16

The last train to ChM from the BKK airport is at 22.46 hours, direct to ChM, has sleepercars, but I'm affraid you will need a reservation to get a sleeper.
The last train from the airport North is at 00.02 hours, it is a slow train, you could get a ticket to Ayutthaya, the trip takes about an hour. In Ayutthaya just walk out of the railwaystation and get a B150-200 room in one of the guesthouse in the street that runs away from the rws. Train on the next morning - direct to ChM at 08.08 hours, ChM at 20.55 hours.
Better stay in BKK for the night, get your hormones sorted out and fly to ChM the next day.
If you still want to go:D!

Jaimito Cartero
09-25-03, 05:21
Speaking of flying, it would sure be nice to have a direct flight to BKK. I have nothing against Japan, but I'm sure that flying to Japan from LAX or SFO adds a lot of time and miles to your trip. I recall something about a polar direct route?

Jaimito Cartero
09-25-03, 18:31
I did some exhaustive research on tailors in the Nana area in late August. I don't want to waste my time writing about it if no one is interested, but if there's any interest I'll put some stuff up this weekend.

I think this is especially good if you're a huge guy like me. I would spend 4 or 5 times the money I spent in BKK to get the nice clothes I got.

09-26-03, 07:04

Regarding flying from SFO or LAX to BKK thru Japan adding a lot of extra miles/time to the flight, it really doesn't. Keeping in mind that these flights don't/can't overfly mainland China but instead fly over international airspace off the east coast of China, get a globe and stretch a string between the west coast of CA and the flight path to BKK and you'll see that the shortest path is over Japan and Taiwan, not the north pole.

Jaimito Cartero
09-26-03, 18:28
Perhaps they were talking about a flight from Chicago, and the West coast.

I don't think you have to overfly China to go across the Pacific. Bangkok is located around the 15th parallel. LAX is around 32. I'm not sure if the main constraints are the mileage (5440 to NRT, 8250 to BKK), or just that not enough people are flying to BKK. I'm pretty sure the 777 has the range.

09-27-03, 01:25
Hey guys,

Thanks for all the tips. I'll be heading over there sometime in October or November and am really looking forward to the trip. I've heard all about Thailand and, from what I've heard, it IS the ultimate playground. I'll check it out from the perspective of a guy who lived in the Philippines for over a year in the mid '70's... hard to believe anything could be better than that. Olongapo City, the infamous Jolo club; I've done that stuff, a lifetime of f*cking in one night. Good days, but I'm older now. To reply to some of your expressions of wonderment that I am going for just one gal.... you'd have to see her to understand, to say nothing of the rest. Maybe I'm reliving my youth, but it couldn't get any better than this. She is a total doll, and the kind of gal that can make a guy forget about the rest. A full expression of the total superiority of Asian women. And, who knows.... maybe I'll accidentally stumble into some of those places you are all posting about! ;-}

Thanks again.

Spike, out...

09-27-03, 02:04
JC wrote:

I did some exhaustive research on tailors in the Nana area in late August. I don't want to waste my time writing about it if no one is interested, but if there's any interest I'll put some stuff up this weekend.

I think this is especially good if you're a huge guy like me. I would spend 4 or 5 times the money I spent in BKK to get the nice clothes I got.


Please post any info on tailors. I hope to go in Feb. and am looking for the best quality and price.

09-27-03, 03:33

The editing is done. Thanks. I never saw that feature before.


09-28-03, 12:06
If your into chinatown's, the bangkok one is worth going to. Street food and restaurant food that you don't usually see around other areas. Costs 5baht for #25 bus non a/c heading west on Sukhumvit. Catch it at the south side stairs of the nana skytrain. #40 if you want a/c. This place has alot of bulk wholesale dealers for watches, footwear, plumbing, tools, that won't sell individually. I found xxx vcd's selling openly in front of the police next door watching thai boxing today. 50 baht is the price, and they wouldn't negotiate with me. I only bought 3 but all worked, even though the titles rarely match the pictures on the jackets. I had to bring 3 back to the dealers at pan tip plaza, and that was very secret and "back room."

Jaimito Cartero
09-28-03, 23:31
Cen - Okay, I'll post the info during the week. While I was not getting full suits or anything, I think the information will be helpful to most people in the Nana area.

09-29-03, 00:34

Thanks. Still looking forward to any info. I figure quality & price for one type of item will translate into the same for other items.

09-29-03, 04:51

Have you seen the tailor info on the bottom of the FAQ's page?


09-29-03, 07:14
If you guys are not afraid of getting into details, I'd like some info about BJ bars, because I can't help to be a bit sceptical.

I gather these girls blow you while you "calmly" drink your beer, they swallow and then rinse their mouth with moutwash; this means no condom whatsoever. I just find strange that so many people don't give a toss if a girl who's very likely to have been around for a long long time do this without precautions.

I'd like to try one but I know it wouldn't feel right to me. Can you tell me something positive about these places (or maybe one in particular) so I can balance pros and cons and maybe give it a try?

Joe Zop
09-30-03, 01:04
if you read through the forum a bit, perhaps by searching using the terms "kangaroo," "star of light," "[CodeWord900] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord900)" and/or "pump station," which are names of some of the bj bars, you'll find lots of very specific information. for what it's worth, most of them operate generally the same way -- there's usually the option of getting serviced in fairly full view (usually by a girl behind a cutout section of the bar or on a couch) or going into a private room (an extra charge for this in some places.) the tg of your choice then goes down on you, and you can a) just drink your beer, b) watch the inevitable porno that's playing in the background or c) pay attention to she who's paying attention to you.

if you prefer to use a condom, that's certainly available, so don't worry about that.

yes, there is a risk to it without, as i will personally attest, having caught the clap that way. most guys figure an uncovered bj has lower overall risk than other uncovered options, as the chances of aids transmission are fairly infinitesimal, as are other nasties which involve sexual secretions, as the guy is the giver and not receiver of those. that doesn't mean you can't catch herpes, the clap, hepatitis, etc., but if you're heading to los you should have had your hep shots and none of the other stuff will kill you, though it can sure as hell make you uncomfortable.

09-30-03, 15:05
You're SO right, I should've had my hep shot. Except I didn't have time for others anti-hep other then "A" because I took a last minute flight-only offer. I guess the whole of my holidays will be affected by that, at least mentally. I'll be more sensible and arrange that next time.


10-01-03, 06:21
Hi Freeler.

Yes, thanks, I have read the in the FAQ's about the tailors. Actually, believe it or not, several months ago, in a still anticipated trip to BKK & Pattaya, I read EVERY SINGLE post(and will again) regarding BKK & Pattaya. But when the info is offered, as JC did, I will gladly accept and encourage more. Granted, I'm still, having only posted on the Tijuana board, a newbie (lurker) on the Thailand board. As my trip gets closer (maybe Jan.-Feb) you all can count on me to ask some questions that I haven't seen answered in the past. Please have patience my friend (and all other regular posters on this board).

Baby Huey
10-02-03, 14:50
I'm coming back to the Kingdom for 10 days of fun, Oct 31st thru 10th! Who is going to be around to have some fun for a night? Let's get a group to together for some fun!

We did this last year, Mid-December; there end up being seven of us and it was a great time! We start at the Living Room (R.I.P.) and then to Nana. Starting at the Living Room last year was great because we could talk a little without the B.G. on you and the music was lower.

We need to set a date? I would think the best would be Nov 1st (Saturday Night), Nov 7th (Friday Night) or Nov 8th (Saturday Night). These would best for the people that work in the Kingdom.

So I vote to start at the new place call Privilege No Hands restaurant, located on Sukhumvit Road, between Soi 2 and Soi 4. Privilege is over the new Blue Wave bar. This place is great for groups! You do not have to eat at this place, but you can get food. This place is more like a KTV, without the sing a long. If you have not been there, basically they have rooms that sit small groups of 2 to 4; to rooms that sit 20 plus, each room has it own sound system and private. If you want you can have one to as many girls from there staff in the room to service you or to put on a show. You must have one, but she can service the drinks! This would be a great place to bull shit and drink a little before the night gets started!

Who is up for it? The first case of beer is on me!

Please post here or e-mail me at jimhart69@hotmail.com, if you want to join us and also I am looking for input for what night and the place to start!

I hope to get a great group together again this year for a night of partying!

Joe Zop
10-02-03, 17:33
Alistar, you can usually get a hep shot on fairly short notice which will at least give you some degree of protection (you've got to go through the whole sequence for the maximum. I'd get it to be safe, honestly, and you might also want to get an immune globulin shot since your departure time is short, as you should keep in mind that you can get Hep A from things other than sexual contact, such as improperly washed food or affected water.

JimHart69, sorry I'm going to miss you this time -- have a blast!

Baby Huey
10-02-03, 22:10
Joe Zop

Sorry to hear it, it was great meeting you last year! Maybe, next time!

Jaimito Cartero
10-06-03, 08:14
Here's a quick little statement. How do you know you stayed too long in Thailand?

I was just outside of San Fransisco today, and stopped at strip mall and got some Chinese food. As I looked at the menu, I converted the US$ prices to Baht to see if it was a good deal.

Also when I see Asians here, I'm hoping that they're Thai, so I can talk about Thailand. Weird.

10-07-03, 01:14

There seems to be an awful lot of punters on a budget, trying to save here and there. I have discovered something which might help. Even though I haven’t seen it addressed here, if it has, I think it bears repeating. I am also posting this on several of the LOS boards, as some people might only read 1 or 2, and it is of interest to all, so for those who have read this, or don’t like the same thing posted on several boards, TOO BAD !!!

There is a generic VIAGRA out there. It is called SILAGRA-100. It is made in India, a country which is fast becoming a very large manufacturer of drugs, at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Each tablet contains 100mg of Sildenafil. There are 4 tablets in a box, and the box sells for 600Baht. Each tablet is as potent as a 100mg Viagra, I cut them into 4 pieces, and the results were just as great as “the little blue pill”. Viagra in LOS, in the 100mg tablet is 2,000 for a box of 4. quite a savings.

I bought them on the corner of Suk soi 11, but went into a couple of other drugstores just to ask, and they all had them.

Drugstores are also pushing the new “weekender”, named for the reason it lasts all weekend, made by Eli Lilly, but it is 2900 Baht for 2 hits, so not worth it in my opinion.


10-08-03, 01:00
"There is a generic VIAGRA out there. It is called SILAGRA-100. It is made in India" - 1ball

Actually there are 2 other brands in India. One is called PENEGRA and the other CAVERTA. They are all the same with Slidenfil as the active ingredient. It is legally available in most countries as the patent on these is different than Viagra.

They all come in 2 doses. 50 mg and 100 mg. In India they are available for US$1.65 (50 mg) and US$ 2.75 (100 mg) for each 4-pack. (I wonder how much profit these drug companies make).

They work as good as Viagra. Although, I haven't investigated, I am told they can be found on the net.

10-08-03, 09:40
is november or december a better time to visit LOS?
it's gonna be my first trip and I can't wait!! :)

got this great package deal, prefer to go during november since it's cheaper. by better time I meant less crowded, don't want to fight for the same hottie with 50 other Johns if you know I'm saying

thanks all

10-08-03, 11:37
Need info\advice

Hello there,

Loved all the posts and all the helpful hints posted in this forum.
We are a young married couple going to Phuket by the end of October, it seems that the main attraction there are girls, Sure don’t mind that, is there any erotic adult fun going on for lady’s (wife) or for a couple?

Joe Zop
10-08-03, 15:13
Both periods are in high season, but November probably a little less so. Really, though, you'll find that it's not fifty johns fighting for one hottie but the other way around.

Thumbs Up
10-09-03, 00:18
For Americans the US dollar keeps losing value vis-a-vis the baht. Anybody have any ideas or thoughts on where this will end up 6 months or a year from now? It seems to be picking up pace. Looking back a year from now many Americans may regret not having come to Thailand now as their purchasing power could well be significantly lower than it is now.

I believe a stronger baht has the effect of making Thai exports to the US more expensive and consequently less competitive but the Thai government doesn't seem to think this will hurt their exports or their economy. Perhaps they are banking on an economic recovery in the US (seems likely) will only increase their exports to America despite being more expensive (i.e. rising tide lifts all boats). All of this may well have a large impact on the number of American mongers going to the LOS and how often they are able to.

10-09-03, 12:23
You REALLY can get anything you want in Thailand. All it takes is BAHT. Yesterday I saw a short haired white lesbian groping a thai bar girl walking down the street. There are transvestites, males for hire, of course women, and those in between. The thai's in the sex for hire business see you as a walking ATM so don't be shy and ask, but I bet you will hear very few no's.

10-11-03, 02:15
I'm preparing for my first visit to Thailand. It will be a mix of punting and retirement scouting. I ran across this website for the Thai language which includes a section on "sexual" phrases. Not that it will necessarily turn you into a thai speaker, but it is a great place to get started. Some entries have sound files for pronounciation. Not all of them, but quite a few. So now I have not only a much better idea how to pronounce Chiang Mai or Phuket, but also "gwaang liaao lang" (doggy position) and "leuk" (deep)! I think these might come in handy.

The site is http://www.thai-language.com/ and then click on the Referency section, then Catagory.

No I don't have anything to do with the website, I'm just another newbie getting ready for his first trip to LOS.


[Note: I took the indicators out for tones, since they won't display correctly here.]

10-13-03, 19:29

Is there anything going on in Udon Thani? I may have an opportunity to go there on my upcoming trip to Thailand. I've looked all over the board and haven't found anything. I think it used to be home to a large American airbase, so I would have thought there would be some residual effect.

Any and all help greatly appreciated.


The Traveler
10-13-03, 23:13

have been there a few times (drive through or just one night), but with my wife, so no adventures. Recognized just the standard massage parlours that you can find everywhere in thailand. Also some clubs where you can take the singers, but you have to talk thai I guess. Don't know if there is a scene with freelancers and so on. Check in at a nice hotel and ask the staff. The bellboy should know.

Have fun

10-14-03, 03:08
Best condom I have found in Thailand:

'One Touch MIXX 3'

Available at 7-11


10-14-03, 09:10

There is action in Udon Thani. There's one A Go Go called Wolverines. Massage Parlors in several hotels. One nice MP next to the Ton Koon (sp?) hotel.

The tuk tuk drivers will take you to a local take out house. The quality is at best so-so and usually they will ask for too much. The going rate should be around 1000 LT.

If you do go will the tuk tuk drivers and don't like the first house just pay them off. Leave the house and turn left. Go down the ally about 100 feet and you will see another one that they don't usually take foreigners too. The quality is usually much better and cheaper 300ST but still about 1000 LT. There are several others in the same area.


Baby Huey
10-15-03, 13:32

A group of us from the board are having a get together in Bangkok for some fun and bullshit on the 7th of November. We are going to get together at 7:30 that night, probably at the new place call Privilege or at the Blue Wave Bar that is below the Privilege, both are located on Sukhumvit Road, between Soi 2 and Soi 4, for a few drinks and a little bull shit before hitting the streets, for a night of fun! A group of us did this last year and it was great! If you are going to be in Bangkok on the 7th, join us it will be party!

If you are intested, please e-mail me at jimhart69@hotmail.com

Hope to see you!

10-25-03, 13:28
In the news today, heavy rain and floods in parts of Thailand:

Two more rescue craft look for lost crewmen of capsized boats
Two found near gas rig, 24 still missing

Floodwaters rage across a road in Bang Saphan district, Prachuap Khiri Khan. The province has been hit by widespread flooding.
The navy is continuing its rescue operations with two more warships dispatched to search for the remaining 24 fishermen reported missing after their boats capsized off the coast of Surat Thani and Satun on Wednesday.

Eighteen crew from the Indonesia-bound freighter Jong Sathaporn 18 and eight Thai fishermen from the Chok Bunmacharoen were reported missing but two Indonesian crewmen were rescued yesterday while floating near a gas rig off Satun province.

Navy chief Adm Chumphol Pachusanon said rescue operations were continuing, with an aircraft carrier and five other warships on stand-by in the Gulf of Thailand.

The navy has also sent a Dornier rescue aircraft to patrol the area.

Adm Chumphol said he had ordered the deployment of two more warships in the rescue operations.

- The navy has taken 275 tourists off the resort island of Koh Tao off the coast of Surat Thani province, after ferry services were suspended due to heavy storms on Thursday.

Two navy vessels picked up the tourists and the remaining 400 tourists would be picked up soon.

Koh Phangan district chief Thanaphol Antimanon said the situation on Koh Phangan and Koh Tao had returned to normal, with clear skies and no rain. Ferry boats resumed their services yesterday, he added.

The Meteorological Department yesterday warned residents in the upper Central Plains, the East and the upper South to brace themselves for possible flash floods and run-off as a depression moved northwest.

Provinces likely to be affected are Kanchanaburi, Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan, Chon Buri, Rayong and Chanthaburi.

In Prachuap Khiri Khan, heavy rain caused by the depression brought flash floods that inundated several low-laying areas.

Several districts have been flooded and roads damaged.

In Kui Buri district and Sam Roi Yot sub-district, floodwaters rose to more than two metres due to continuous heavy rain since Thursday night.

Several roads in Pran Buri district were cut off and floodwalls damaged. The water level rose to more than three metres in the district, forcing residents to seek refuge on their rooftops.

In Hua Hin municipality, flash floods hit the area, with water levels rising more than one metre in less than an hour.

Police and rescue workers have been sent to flood-hit areas to help residents.

A hospital in Bang Saphan district evacuated patients to higher ground yesterday.

Earlier, the local meteorological office warned people living in mountainous areas of possible flash floods and mudslides.

The Meteorological Department yesterday warned operators of small fishing boats against leaving shore.

10-25-03, 14:22

Support WSG Charities, increase your charitable giving by 50%!

As you know, the WSGForum comes to you completely free of charge, thanks to the hard work of our webmaster, Jackson. Sites that provide far less entertainment and information charge big bucks for “memberships.”

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-Uncle Otto

10-26-03, 06:46
in the news today: more flooding!

southern rail link under water

prachuap khiri khan, phetchaburi worst hit

traffic around the popular beach resort of cha-am, phetchaburi province, grinds to a halt yesterday amid heavy flooding. - tawatchai kemgumnerd
all southern train routes have been closed and tourism in cha-am and hua hin has been badly affected by heavy floods in phetchaburi and prachuap khiri khan after three dams there released water on friday night.

the meteorological department is warning that a new depression will cause heavy rains in the upper south and lower central region. it could cause sudden floods in risky areas of four provinces.

several districts of phetchaburi and prachuap khiri khan and sections of phet kasem highway in phetchaburi, pran buri and hua hin were flooded after the three dams in the two provinces _ the phetchaburi, the kaeng kracharn and the pran buri dams were forced to release excess water on friday night.

tourists in cha-am and hua hin cancelled hotel reservations and some travellers changed their minds en route and went elsewhere.

several roads were under high floodwaters and impassable by small vehicles, and a bypass road between cha-am and pran buri was closed from 9am yesterday.

the state railway of thailand suspended operations of all southern-route trains after heavy floods in hua hin and cha-am.

sukumal sritula, chief of the srt's public relations division, said passengers could return their tickets for full refunds. parts of baan cha-am and hua hin railway stations were severely inundated.

passengers of three trains between yala and bangkok, butterworth and bangkok, and sungai kolok-bangkok were transferred by bus to bangkok yesterday.

in prachuap khiri khan, floodwaters at bang saphan hospital were receding, but the situation in hua hin and sam roi yot districts was still of concern amid continued heavy downpours.

floodwater levels on friday evening were 15cm in thab sakae district, 50cm in bang saphan district, 50cm in kui buri, pran buri and hua hin districts, and up to 1m in bang saphan district's tambon wong prasart.

in surat thani, the 1st and 2nd naval fleets continued searching for 24 missing crewmen including seven thais and 17 aliens after the fishing trawler chongsathaporn 8 sank. they hold out little chance of finding them alive.

naval aircraft yesterday spent two hours flying around a 100-square-mile area where the boat capsized, but found no survivors or wreckage.

on the same day, the second fleet was asked to send a speedboat or a helicopter to rescue wichian sriruang, 47, a crewman of the krissada 29 fishing boat who lost one leg in an accident in the south china sea on thursday.

the meteorological department said a low pressure belt was moving from burma into the andaman sea and would intensify into a depression.

the new storm would cause heavy downpours in the upper south and the lower central region and could cause sudden floods and forest runoffs in low-lying and risky areas of prachuap khiri khan, phetchaburi, ratchaburi and kanchanaburi.

fishermen have been warned to put to sea with care amid strong winds and 2-3m-high waves in the gulf of thailand.

in songkhla, the province set up a disaster relief centre at provincial hall to help victims.

the navy opened a 24-hour flood relief centre at songkhla naval base which can be contacted at tel. 074-311-075 and 074-313-982.

California Guru
11-07-03, 16:03
I need a recommendation for best place for an extended stay in Thailand during Oct thru Apr. I'm retired so I'm interested in a quiet and safe apartment within proximity to good pooning and fun places to hang out.


Cal Guru

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions for capitalization and punctuation. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

11-18-03, 06:44
Some tips for Newbees to Bangkok.

Do not go with Tuk Tuk drivers because thier objective is to rip you off. They may tell you can ride for 10 baht and then they will take to all theses places you do not want to go to because they get kickbacks from tailors and Bathhouses. They will tell they know of a good Bathhouse then take you too a crappy one.

You can refer to the Bathhouse section on this site and take an air conditioned taxi which is metered.

If you want the experience take the Tuk tuk for a short ride to your destination at a predetermined price of 20 to 40 baht.

Do not go with any taxi driver standing around outside wanting to take you around on a tour without the meter.

Do not waste your time negoitating with touts on the street recommending Massage which would be a crappy Bathhouse where they get a kickback. They will tell you its Happy Hour at any hour including 2am.

11-21-03, 18:29

Did my last trip to Thailand about 6 years ago and I will be back there at the end of December.
Things probably have changed, maybe the girls and their attitudes as well (hopefully not for the bad).
I don't really worry about prices and the going rates, it probably hasn't changed that much.

But I am curious about one thing these days, is it easy or rather difficult to find bar-girls or freelancers or others willing to do BBBJ until completion (cum in mouth, maybe swallowing) or don't they like to perform such ?
And how about deep french kissing these days ?

I remember a place located maybe 50 Meters (150 ft) away from Nana Plaza on the same side of the street (think it was "Soi 3") where a certain "Mister Jack" had about two dozen girls for rent at reasonable prices.
There used to be some kind of German bar-restaurant nearby too.

Any advice on the BBBJTC with CIM issue would be appreciated !

Cheers, Scorpio

Jaimito Cartero
11-22-03, 06:54
Scorpio - It's not too hard to find DFK, and BBBJ. I had a couple of girls that swallowed in my monthlong stay in August/September, but I didn't request it.

The only time I had a girl that wouldn't do BBBJ was in a massage place. I always mentioned "smoke" in the negotiation phase with beer bar girls or freelancers.

I don't recall a German restaurant on Soi 3. Things change a lot in 6 months, not to mention 6 years. There is plenty of action though. I think I prefer Pattaya for reasonable action, reasonable prices and lots of selection.

I stayed in Bangkok for over 3 weeks this summer, and only 5 days in Pattaya. I'd reverse it next time, and maybe throw in a Laos trip.

Odd number sois are on the other side. The Nana side uses even numbers.

Jaimito Cartero
11-22-03, 07:05
Cal Guru- What's your budget? If you stay near Sukhumvit you'll be paying more than if you go a few miles out. Bright City Towers on Soi 11 (near Grand President) has some decent monthly rates that include laundry service. 17k baht per month for their Studio.

It's a mid sized place, so you need to reserve in advance. Not sure if they'll go lower for longer term.


You can probably find other nice places for 10k or so if you further out.

I'd ask why you want to stay in Bangkok for that long? You'll save a lot of money if you go to Pattaya. Good food, movies, shopping centers and lots and lots and lots and lots of very nice girls there.

Freeler has some good budget ideas in Pattaya. Check out that forum for lots of ideas.

You'll also need an extended visa or do a visa run to stay that long. I've read about it, but have no firsthand knowledge, so check on it before you go.

11-22-03, 07:49
Ladyboys of Bangkok:

Thailand has some of the worlds most beautiful men who have changed their sex up to 100% by surgury and hormones. This appearence is more western due to broader shoulders and longer legs.

Some of these guys have had their eyelids augmented that makes them look like an android.

Some of these guys have silicone implants.

Some of these guys still have penis.

If you do not prefer a penis then be carefull because some of these guys will tell you they are a lady. You can look for an adams apple.

American Consultant Travel service can help you to identify such gender benders on a guided tour of the Sukhumvit area at 500B/hour or $12.50/hour plus expenses if their are any. ACT now.

EDITOR's NOTE: The above report, while technically an advertisement, constitutes an exception to the Forum's No SPAM rules in that I generally permit what I call "Local Tour Guides" to promote the availability of their services in the Forum. Of course, in exchange for this privledge they are expected to answer questions and otherwise contribute relevant information to the Forum. Thanks!

11-24-03, 20:15
Hola Jaimito,

thanks for your reply !
I made a mistake regarding Soi 3, it was Soi 4 of course.

Cheers, Scorpio

Nobody Home
11-26-03, 16:06
One of Thailand's biggest industries has been illegal for decades and pays no taxes. It fosters police corruption and treats its workers like second-class citizens.

Clearly, the government says, it's time to open a debate on legalizing prostitution, a multi-billion-dollar industry that employs 200,000 women and provides livelihoods to millions.

On Thursday, the Justice Ministry will hold an unprecedented public discussion on a Justice Ministry proposal to legalize prostitution and register sex workers. Representatives of the government, sex industry, non government organizations and academics will participate in the one-day conference to discuss human rights, legal, economic, cultural, social and moral aspects of the sex trade.

"We tackle this problem one way or another," Justice Minister Pongthep Thepkanchana said in a recent interview. "Maybe we will approach the problem of prostitution differently than we do now."

Prostitution has been illegal for 75 years but is widely accepted as part of the society, operating openly in garishly lit bars in Bangkok's infamous Patpong street, massage parlors and in unassuming brothels in the countryside. Proponents say legalization would give sex workers access to social services, health care and protection from abuse while exposing corruption among the industry's gatekeepers
police, politicians and business owners.

"We just want to take care of ourselves," said Noi, a 26-year-old who has worked as a prostitute for the past two years and asked to be identified only by her nickname. "But we need insurance, we need everything."

She said if prostitution becomes legal "we won't have to hide from the police" and would have recourse against customers who beat them or refuse to pay.

Chantawipa Apisuk, who runs Empower, an educational organization promoting the rights of sex workers, says as long as prostitution is illegal, "the mafia will be the employer and ... the sex slaves will be employees."

Legalization would also allow the government to tax prostitutes, diverting income from Thailand's massive underground economy, something Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has touted as a possible strategy for boosting the economy. By the same reasoning, he has already moved to massively expand legalized gambling.

The extent of police exploitation of the sex industry came to light earlier this year when Chuwit Kamolvisit, a business tycoon who owns a massage parlor chain in Bangkok, claimed he has been paying millions of dollars in protection money to police. Chuwit made the government realize that such amounts could, and perhaps should, go into its coffers instead, said Pasuk Phongpaichit, a professor at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University who has co-written a book on Thailand's illegal economy.

According to Pasuk revenue derived from the sex trade is roughly about 174 billion baht ($4.3 billion) a year, or 3 percent of the gross domestic product. But critics fear that legalizing sex trade is not a solution for ending the exploitation of women.

"If it's about the dirty police force, clean it up. Legalization will not help," said Virada Somswasdi, a professor at Chiang Mai University, who will be a panelist at the debate.

In other countries, such as Australia, where prostitution has been legalized, "a lot of underground activities still go on," she said. "It's proved that it doesn't work."

Prostitution became an integral part of Thai society in the early 1900s when brothels proliferated to serve an influx of Chinese immigrants, many of them unmarried men. The trade was legal, regulated and zoned. Prostitution was made illegal in 1928, and the laws against it strengthened in 1960 just a few years before an influx of American soldiers during the Vietnam War opened up a whole new facet of the trade catering to foreigners.

Joe Zop
11-26-03, 21:54
Chantawipa Apisuk, you go girl! And Chumpon as well!

Will John
12-02-03, 11:04
Anyone got any idea what the AVA Bar is like off Sukumvit 11, near the Ambassador? I have heard mixed reviews.

Any advice appreciated.

12-04-03, 21:14
Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

Tapping my experience will send you light years ahead and save you money. Whether your looking for a wife, girlfriend or casual sex, I can advise you on where to go and what to expect to pay. Advise on where to stay and how to get around the city and country. I will help you to identify and avoid touts and transsexuals. I can provide Thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

My rate is 500baht/hour.

If you pay by Paypal I can pre-book your room and /or greet you at the airport.

Contact me via a private message by clicking PM below here at WSG Forum.

EDITOR's NOTE: The above report, while technically a SPAM advertisement, constitutes an exception to the Forum's No SPAM rules in that I generally permit what I call "Local Tour Guides" to promote the availability of their services in the Forum. Of course, in exchange for this privledge they are expected to answer questions and otherwise contribute relevant information to the Forum. Thanks!

Dick Johnson
12-05-03, 08:29
Crackdown on massage parlour sex in Thailand
Fri Dec 5th 2003

BANGKOK: The Thai government is drafting new legislation to end the widespread practice of offering sex at massage parlours, an official said yesterday.

The official of the Public Health Ministry said new regulations meant to stop massage parlours from offering ¡°extra service¡± were being drafted and were expected to implemented early next year.

¡°Some of the traditional massage parlours have hidden services, offering sex, but it's difficult for authorities to know which ones,¡± said the official.

The Public Health Ministry official said she expected police to begin cracking down on sex services offered at all massage parlours as soon as the new legislation was approved, possibly as soon as January or February.

She said both ministries would insist that massage businesses met strict hygiene standards as well as stopping the sex services.

I cannot believe this!

12-05-03, 10:57
Believe it Dick Johnson, the last real refuge of sanity is being ruined by the government. For years I've tried to find a comparable alternative to Thailand, in Cambodia or the Philippines. There is no viable alternative. We've got all our eggs in one basket, and I'm afraid it will be taken from us in the next few years.

12-05-03, 17:05
News Item. Go figure. Which of these two was more stupid?

Thai man stuck with his German husband

AFP, BERLIN, November 28

A Thai man who masqueraded as a woman to wed a German man has failed to get the marriage annulled, and now seems saddled with his husband.

A German court dismissed the Thai's request for an annulment because same-sex marriages are not recognised in Germany, and therefore cannot be reversed.

"I don't know why they got married, whether it was love or the desire for a residence permit," said Ulrich Skwirblies, a spokesman for the court in the western town of Celle.

The 42-year-old Thai married the man in Denmark under a false name in 1994 and was later granted German residency.

12-07-03, 19:34
Whats the Script over in Bangkok, do you have to take them back to your hotels or what? How must does that cost? Or how many for go into a sauna etc etc. I heard something about girl supermarkets? Where theres hundreds all lined up behins windows with numbers, you select one and go behind into a room and have sex with her? Is that true? How much does that normally cost?

12-08-03, 20:35

Why do I have the feeling you haven't checked the archives....:(?

12-08-03, 23:53
Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

Tapping my experience will help you into action and save you money. Whether your looking for a wife, girlfriend or casual sex, I can advise you on where to go and what to expect to pay, where to stay and how to get around the city and country.

I will help you to identify and avoid touts and transsexuals.

I can provide thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

My rate is 500baht/hour plus expenses if there are any. After 2 hours the rate goes down to 300baht/hour. If you pay by Paypal I can pre-book your room and /or greet you at the airport.

Contact me via a private message by clicking PM button below.

Pay $20 to my Paypal account and I will call you and answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge in a 40 minute telephone conversation via Bangkok so you can pre-plan your trip.

EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

12-09-03, 16:06
Duniawala wrote on 12-05-03 08:00:
Would like to meet you in BKK for about an hour. I will be staying in Ruamchitt Plaza on December 16 and available to meet you at 9 am.

Duni thanks for your responce. I see that you are a senior member and subsequently read some of your posts.
I am not sure why you would want to spend 500baht
to speak with me when you are quite familiar with the
scene. The services are geared for a newbee.
9p.m. would be much better than 9a.m. as I will
be sleeping at 9a.m. and could not take someone
around at that time.

So if you respond with your intent and change the
time it might be possible.



With all due respect, Globe.

Why is it that you assume
1. I am only interested in the sex scene. You advertised as a person who can provide not only the sex scene but also traveling guides, find a wife, find the places for the best bargains in furnitures, etc. etc.
2. If you were to be a true businessman, then the customer is to be accomodated at the time he is available. Otherwise you should post the hours of operation.
3. I only wanted one hour of your time, not more as you suggest (?) to pick your brains. I do not necessarily need you to take me around.

I would really appreciate if you could expand and be more specific about what you do and do not provide,

I am not trying to make any fuss about your advert, just trying to be more informed.


The Traveler
12-09-03, 19:27

I am totally with you. A real guide would be available at almost any time, especially during normal business hours. So his aim is not to show you around, find the best value for money, bargain for you or whatever.

As far as I can see, Globotto just seems to try to get his drinks payed during a night of fun and making some money at the same time to pay his girl of the night, or is that also part of his expenses ?

To all and everyone at this forum, I (and many others I guess) will provide the same services FREE OF CHARGE. I will also pay my expenses by myself. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Have fun and don't get ripped off

12-09-03, 21:54
How easy is it too travel from Bangkok to Vietnam, Saigon? Is it worthwhile? I'm only there for 1 month.

12-09-03, 22:31
"Power to the People"! :)

Sorry, I just had to throw that one in there! The_Traveler and Duniawala is right IMHO. I think he's just wants to take total newbies who've never stepped foot in LOS before and make a bit of bread off them plus a drink or two. All of us in this forum should be able to meet each other, have a drink w/o strings attached. JimHart did this a couple of times and even Samus showed up! Samus could probably help you out with cheap furniture or something else.... Anyways, happy poking!

12-10-03, 05:41

I am not out to stop you guys from meeting and having a drink. Most clients will not be contributing members to the forum but rather guys that browse thru and want to know
more about Bangkok and Thailand and most likely be thier first trip out here.

12-10-03, 17:00

I assume that you mean that you shall stay in SE Asia for 1 month, and I assume that you are posting this question because you want 1 month of mongering.

Therefore my advice is use you 30 day entrance visa in Thailand and do not go to HCM Vietnam because you shall be fully emersed here.

If it is the Vietnamese flavor you like try a one week trip to Cambodia.

12-12-03, 03:27
Thanks guys. Looking forward to my 4th trip this year. and the 5th (or the 1st of 2004) on my way back in Jan. Will try to put together a short picture essay for newbies then.

BTW, I just saw on the Travel Channel that the best hospital in Asia and with US Medical Association Accreditation is supposed to be Burumgrand (sp?). Those of you have gone there can you give a feed back as to how professional they are. I want to have a dental procedure done.

Thanks and all of you have a fantastic holiday season with or without the Thai babes.

12-12-03, 04:40
Duni: I've had one friend that got stiched up after an accident and another American female friend traveled to who went to
Burumgrad Hospital for a boob job. Both thought the hospital to be better than the states if you can believe that. As for myself I've never been there but my last trip to Thailand in November a friend and I both had some major dental done at Pattaya Memorial Hospital and we were more than pleased with the quality as well as the doctors. I will never have work done again in the states. I will always return to Thailand for my dentalwork.

12-12-03, 05:59

I went to a dentist in Pattaya on a recommendation from expats who could all show me the result of the dentist's work.
He did a great job and saved me at least 60% on the bill my dentist at home would have sent me. I would even call the treatment pleasant!
BTW Lots of German dentists send their crown and bridge work to PI or Thailand. There must be a reason...

12-12-03, 08:17
Dental work in Pattaya can also be done near the Pattaya Carlton in Central Pattaya also arcoss the road from the PIC
Resturant. It's a small yellow building can't miss it, very clean
and good work.


12-12-03, 16:15
Thanks for the info. It's off to Pattaya for me.

Hmmm… I wonder what it would be like to have a BBBJ while getting a teeth pulled……

12-12-03, 20:55

Sounds like you've decided on Pattaya for dental. There is an overwhelming number to choose from. When getting a front crown it's somewhat important to have confidence in the outcome! :-) Little big man gave a recommend and directions & that is good but wouldn't hurt to have two for major work.

I've already stated that I am more than happy with my bridge and root canal at 35% of USA cost, as well as the professional service at Pattaya Memorial Hospital. But I didn't leave a # or location.

Phone: 38-429422-4 or E-Mail pmhos at cscoms.com

They are located at 328/1 Moo9 Central Pattaya Road
(1 block south of Central off 2nd Road)

12-14-03, 18:09
Thanks for that information.

I will now probaly just stay in Thailand for 1 month and forget about travelling to Vietnam.

I heard a story about girl supermarkets? Where it was indoors and all the girls were behind windows with numbers for you too choose, a bit like Amsterdam. Is their such a place? Also, what about the costs, what do you pay in general for full sex, I'm not keen on taking anyone back to my hotel.

Is it also easy to pick girls normally, like at the shops and stuff? Or beach?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid future delays, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. in future reports.Thanks!

Pepsi Man
12-14-03, 21:54
Hello extremely badboy:

I think you mean Cha Am in the Hua Hin District. Yes you will find some nightlife
the most of them are heading at the south of the town.

There is on street a few blocks away from the beats there or abouth 8 bars, some of them ore closed and for sale but 5 are 6 where open when I visit them last time. There is also one go-go. The girls in this area are ok, but not super models, but a so some beauties.

Further to the north I find one MP, but I did not like it. The girls look very young and some of them start to cry if I gat inside.

I think you better head directly to the bar area.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to fix dozens of simple, idiotic writing errors. To avoid future delays, please proof-read your reports before posting them. Thanks!

12-20-03, 05:26
Globotto is providing Guide Services in Bangkok.

Tapping my experience will help you into action and save you money. Whether your looking for a wife, girlfriend or casual sex, I can advise you on where to go and what to expect to pay, where to stay and how to get around the city and country.

I will help you to identify and avoid touts and transsexuals.

I can provide thai language interpretations and cultural interpretations.

My rate is 500baht/hour plus expenses if there are any. After 2 hours the rate goes down to 300baht/hour. If you pay by Paypal I can pre-book your room and /or greet you at the airport.

Contact me via a private message by clicking PM button below.

Pay $20 to my Paypal account and I will call you and answer all your questions to the best of my knowledge in a 40 minute telephone conversation via Bangkok so you can pre-plan your trip.

EDITOR's NOTE: Globotto is a personal friend of mine, and he has my expressed authorization to promote his services on the Forum. Please keep this in mind should you feel the urge to post any criticisms. Thanks!

12-20-03, 18:56
Can't blame Globotto for trying but anyone who needs a personal guide in Bangkok or Pattaya should just give up mongering. This forum contains more than enough information.

Getting laid - actually it would be very hard not to. Don't worry, the pussy will find you.

Transsexuals/Ladyboys - When in doubt, ask them to whip it out. Chances are the guy on the barstool next to you will be able to tell you the places to avoid.

Language - I've been to Bangkok/Pattaya over a dozen times and still don't speak a lick of Thai. Never been a problem. The locals know where their money is coming from so most places are English language friendly.

Where to stay - Again read the forums. Plenty of information for every budget/taste.

Bangkok, like most other places in the world, is increasingly becoming more westernized every day. There are thousands and thousands of guys who visit each year for the sole purpose of having fun and getting laid. The Thais realize that this is a huge source of income and as a result have catered to the English speaking visitor.

If you have an ounce of adventure in your soul, you will have no need for a guide.
If you are, by nature, a fearful person or lazy, by all means spend the 500 baht (=$12.82) per hour and be led around.

Also - be aware, many guides often get a commission for taking you to certain places(masssage, restaurant, etc.), and that cost is generally passed on to you.

Hi Stinkfinger,

I've been to BKK several times, and I appreciate your prespective. On the other hand, I felt the same way about visiting Argentina, and specifically making appointments with internet girls. Nevertheless, my friend Roxana stays busy every day making appointments for guys who would prefer to pay a relatively small amount of money for her insight and to insure that there are no problems. To each his own.

BTW, I can personally assure you that my friend Globotto does not accept commissions or gratuities of any sort from any establishment or girl in BKK.



12-21-03, 18:43

Point taken. I was in BA this past October and used Roxana's services with very satisfactory results. The mongering scenes in BKK and BA are very different. My Espanol isn't that good, so basically I needed an agent/translator for the internet chicas. I was able to do fine in the clubs, Sante Fe, etc. without any help though. In BKK there is no need for a translator as the mongering scene is geared primarily towards the English speaker. The mongering atmosphere in BKK is much more 'in your face' than it is in BA. The fact that Globotto doesn't accept gratuities or kickbacks does lend credibility to his endeavour. With my experiences in BKK, I still believe that there is little need for a paid guide unless you are exceptionally timid or are planning on living in Thailand. This forum has covered every question a newbie might have and in many cases, several times.

BTW, Roxana DOES receive commission from sales resulting in her city tour.


I am aware that Roxana makes a commission from the rental car, and also from the leather shop that she always trys to get the guys to visit. She even makes a commission from the restaurants that you visit. I've told her several times that she needs to be more transparent and simply tell the guys that she makes a commission, especially on the leather goods. It's funny, though, on those rare ocassions where somebody in the Forum actually has the gaul to mention that Roxana is making a commission, he gets flamed by all her supporters. Go figure.


12-22-03, 13:55
I get no kickbacks or commisions from any girls or establishments.

I am simply sharing my experience and knowledge and hopes to help newbies. Each client will have different needs and questions.

Certainly a couple of hours of my time may be sufficient.

I often see tourists standing around with Thai touts out on Sukhumvit. These touts do get kickbacks and will not bring you to the best places. The best places do not need touts.

I have often considered to "butt in" and help a farang who is about to get clipped by tuk tuk drivers and touts but have felt that might make me some enemies.

Lots of guys slate a couple thousand dollars for thier first trip to Thailand and stay only 2 weeks. Thier time is valuable and they may choose to tap my experience.

I also offer the phone call. I call you. I pay the call. I give you tips to help plan your trip before you come.

This is great site with lots of good information and some bogus information. I remember a time I went out to Prague District 6 looking for a brothel that a guy bragged that you could take the girls out. The brothel did not exist.

Jackson suggested that I try promoting this service on the Forum, and so I am just testing it out. I do not mean to anger any of you regular posters nor am I twisting anybody's arm to use my services.

12-23-03, 15:09

I beg to differ with your opinion. Speaking Thai helps one immensely with Thai girls. I know this first hand because my pulls have improved since I began to communicate in Thai.

There are always new girls entering the scene that do not speak English. Also just teaching a newbie some key phrases and words would help. Not to mention if you read about my services I offer more than translations.

I do not want to spend lots of time defending myself against your assumptions. You have posted only three times.

If you want to help, start posting information about places, prices and experiences. But then, on second thought, I think that a guy who believes that speaking Thai doesn't help in Bangkok is probably not a very good source for tips.

I think it would be best for all of you who are against what Jackson and I are doing just ignore my ads and continue to post information on this great site.

12-25-03, 01:46

fair enough. any monger wanting or needing info on bangkok let me know. been over a dozen times and all told have probably spent close to a year there. i go every september. the good news is this info will provided free of charge. post your question here. btw, speaking the local language is obviously going to be helpful. it's just not worth the 500 baht per hour for a translator. for the price of 2 hours of translation/guide service you can get one of the following: 1.one night at the dynasty inn 2. st from any beer bar 3.taxi fare to and from the airport with change to spare 4. bj and a beer on soi cowboy (including tip). get the message? like i said before, the locals know where their money is coming from, so the monger business definitely caters toward the english speaker. thousands and thousands of guys continue to go there every year not knowing one word of thai and by my observations, they seem to have a pretty good time. also, like i said before, this forum contains more than enough information for any newbie (or veteran for that matter) to have a great time in bkk. i am not trying to knock your endeavour. it just seems like selling ice to eskimos.

also: anyone needing info on south africa let me know. a very underrrated mongering destination. (also free of charge)

hi stinkfinger,

i have no idea why you are so much against globotto trying to make a living offering his services, but let me try to give you another perspective.

since i moved to buenos aires last year and started meeting a lot of guys visiting the scene here, i've come to observe that the sport attracts all types of personalities.

some are the experienced travelers with "type a" personalities who step off the plane and brashly attack the city without a second thought. this would probably describe you, and that's cool.

however, there are other guys who are less agressive in their mo, and who would simply be more comfortable, at least for the first few days, exploring the scene in the company of someone who has personal experience with the city and the local customs. it's precisely because the sex scene in bkk is so "in your face" that these guys feel more comfortable being with another american who can run interference for them.

in addition, there are also a sizeable number of well heeled "type a" guys who have a lot of experience, but who like to hit the ground running, and are willing to pay somebody with the local knowledge to show them around. to these guys, many of them professionals themselves, the money is nothing, but their time is valuable. they see value in being shown the local hot spots, receiving immediate answers to their specific "on the spot" questions, and generally getting up to speed quickly.

i'm not sure exactly why you are so agressive in voicing your objections to my friend offering his services, but i'm going to ask you, out of respect for the fact that i provide this free service to the mongering community, to refrain from deliberately undermining his endeavors in the future.



12-26-03, 13:27
Hi Jackson,

I am posting this message again in this section, just to make aware all the people going to Bangkok, not to fall for this scam and loose their hard earned money anywhere else than mongering.

Please check out this link.

As per the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), they want to make the tourists aware of the BIG GEM SCAM going on in Bangkok. Day in and day out 100's of tourists are getting victimised by this highly organised scams which are executed to perfection.

This is a warning message to all the tourists (1st timers and regulars).


12-29-03, 18:53
Hello All and Happy New Year,

Planning on my first short trip 2-3 days in Thailand. Where should I head, Bangkok or Pattaya? What is the taxie time from the airport to Bangkok? to Pattaya? Coming from the east coast will be doing the trip when airfare is reasonable.

The board gives a lot information but additional info is welcome place to stay etc. Thanks Frank

Joe Zop
12-29-03, 19:28
Strikesfun, if you're heading to Thailand strictly for mongering, then for a first-time visitor Pattaya is the best choice. If you plan on doing any sightseeing or touristy-type activities then you're better off in Bangkok. They're pretty close to each other, so it's also a very simple matter to divide the trip between them, but if you're only going to be there for two or three days (far, far too short, btw -- some people take that long to really get over their jet-lag; a week is more like it for a trip that takes you a full day in each direction) then you're better off choosing one or the other.

Travel time from the airport to either place depends a lot on what time of day you arrive -- airport to Bangkok is only about half-an-hour during slow times, well over an hour when it's busy. Figure anything from two to three hours to Pattaya by cab.

As far as places to stay -- there's tons of discussion on that in both the Bangkok Hotels and Pattaya sections so anything I'd say would be repetitious.

12-30-03, 11:03
I live in Thailand now. I have been having sex with so many beautiful women. Some I paid for and some I didn't. I speak fluent Thai. Now though I want to take pictures and videos so I can look back on each of the girls. I would like to find someone else living in Thailand who we could help each other in taking pictures of different adventures. I am 30 year years old and fairly good looking and I would like someone around that same age (+- 10 years.) Let me know if you think that sounds fun.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.