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09-28-05, 06:19
Greetings everyone,

I've started this new thread to provide a centralized location to catalog the Forum's best travel reports. Here's the idea:

If you have written one or several detailed travel reports, or if you know of such reports, then please post the link here.

You may also include a short summary of the nature of the report.

A sample report would be something like this:


Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.



You can copy and paste the link into a report, or you can do it the easy way and use the tags, which you would format like this:

[post]Post ID number here

You can identify the Post ID by moving your mouse pointer over the "Quote" button and reading the Post ID number in the Status Bar at the bottom of your browser window. It's the last number at the end of the link text, just after the letters "p=".

Please note: In order for this thread to be effective, it cannot turn into a discussion forum. I don't want to have to be so tough about this, but any reports that do not include a link to another report will be deleted.



09-28-05, 16:25
Thecatsmeow88 2005 Bogota Report


Oceans Latobay
10-06-05, 02:19
Part I


Part II


Additional Pictures



10-06-05, 03:39
Some good detailed information about Medellin casas. A few photos included.


10-07-05, 21:16


12-07-05, 16:18
Barranquilla -- excellent round up and trip report by El Austriaco (three parts)


Fido Dido
12-23-05, 21:07
I didn't like Cali that much. But if you really have to go I hope there is some usefull information in my report


Wet Nose
01-10-06, 01:59

Wet Nose
03-18-06, 02:44
The ***ultimate*** guide to Medellin, by Scooby1...am in awe!!!!


Luis The Great
05-07-06, 00:24
Gringos Loco series of reports are very well detailed and informative.

Maybe this will bring Cali back in the spotlight since lately we have been getting a slow down on reports from that region.


Doc Bill
05-21-06, 19:31

Dodger Bulldog
05-27-06, 15:38
Be sure to read and study this very thorough and informative report on Medellin. You owe it to yourself to learn this information before you go.

Great job, Uncazadorez!


06-08-06, 04:02
Straight Shooter's detailed FAQ on retirement in Bogotá, Colombia from the US perspective.


06-08-06, 05:52
Barefoot Chap recommends non-pros and offers alternatives to Medellin for consideration.


06-08-06, 05:53
Kickboxer151 and others review a Medellin area value priced upscale secure casa with pics.


06-08-06, 05:54
Cubanut reviews options for getting to Medellin safely from the mountain airport.


Wet Nose
07-08-06, 17:30
Wonder no further...Cubanut shows the way!!!! Kudos to the MAN!



07-11-06, 02:51
From Chocha Monger


Chocha Monger
07-13-06, 02:42
From Lima Busy:


Member #4351
08-03-06, 16:40
...From Cubanut 492005

08-07-06, 04:32
The report with the matching photos says it all - another GOOD day in MDE! On my next trip to MDE, I will definitely partake New Life and the Mayorista strip!


Kudos, Cubanut.

Dollar Bill
09-07-06, 21:09
Please see this post if you want to limit your risk in Colombia (or any other dangerous country)


Nice job LB and THANKS!


Med Guad
10-09-06, 01:22
From me!


Black Page
12-06-06, 12:14
My experience. Excellent motel for 1-2 hours. What to do. Is LDV really worth?


Black Page
12-08-06, 17:25
Sorry, but I must have not understood the instructions posted to linking a report in this section.

This is the link that should be working.

My experience. Excellent motel for 1-2 hours. What to do in Cartagena. Is LDV really worth?


12-12-06, 20:31

12-16-06, 02:43
A review of a not "main stream tourist" hotel, in Bogota, which is girl friendly


Dodger Bulldog
12-16-06, 23:29
A nice report by Black Page. I wish more reports had such useful specific information. It also uncovers a high-class club not previously mentioned:


Fixed it, BP.

Black Page
12-17-06, 00:33
Dear all,

I thank Dodge Report for having referred my report here, but the link he posted is wrong. It actually points to the page for *replying* to my post, rather than to my post.

Therefore, I do it now. This is my report:


Summary of contents:
- is Bogota dangerous? some hints and my perception
- high-ends clubs (Lorinai/Lorimai)
- low-end clubs (Santa Fe)
- street action (more details than in any previous post)

NOTE: I forgot to mention one thing about the club Lorinai.

Actually, you'll find two doors. Many people outside. Many (kind) guys trying to push you inside. They are two competitor clubs!

Lorinai is the one to the right. The taxi driver told me that the one to the left has same quality. I did not try.

SORRY, I dont remember how much is the rate, but I would say something in range 100k-200k (1 hour). Girls are mostly elegant and very beautiful, better than in El Castillo.

Happy mongering.

PS: wish I could be back soon to Colombia.

Escort King
01-04-07, 00:36

The guy gives a good quick report!

Escort King
02-03-07, 05:19
Give it up for the effort. Good man Cubanut!

Col Bog 1
02-03-07, 18:11
She was good!


Wet Nose
02-04-07, 21:19
Viajero Mundial has written a very detailed report that has all you need, but it appears it may be spam. Hot chick in pics!!!!

Who knows? Anyone care to verify? Respond in Armenia forum...


Wet Nose
02-04-07, 21:20
Once again, cubanut shows the way for all us noobs. Kudos to the man!


Col Bog 1
02-11-07, 05:03
A good afternoon?


03-03-07, 10:59
A retrospective view on Cartagena mongering and how the influence of increased numbers of gringo mongers has changed the scene.


03-04-07, 04:49

Col Bog 1
03-04-07, 17:31

A great place to go!

Col Bog 1
03-10-07, 17:00
So nice! 569415

Peter Solano
03-13-07, 08:12
Cubanut`s report on Bucaramanga


Col Bog 1
03-22-07, 06:10
A duet for double pleasure!


Col Bog 1
03-22-07, 06:16
A great report of the playa area action by Chipper.


Member #3418
03-28-07, 04:25
Great Report on Medellin by Dan D Dick.


Check out the accompanying Photos as well:










Escort King
03-28-07, 15:47
I agree one of the best reports I have read in a long time.

Great Report on Medellin by Dan D Dick.


Check out the accompanying Photos as well:










Escort King
03-29-07, 14:00
Can wait to read more

Good job V

04-03-07, 02:38
Great list by JChipper!!



Jelly Donut
04-03-07, 15:16
First indications of life in Santa Marta.


04-22-07, 01:15
Usually when we think to go to hunt in one state, we like to check the photo gallery just to see if in that place we like as the girls look like, but we have to invest much time, cause in every page of photo gallery you find often more posts and words than photos...

Not this time, cause thanks to Jelly Donut your work to see Colombians, will be so easy and so fast!

Great work Jelly!


Jelly Donut
05-12-07, 11:22
A brief explanation of different groupings of people and where they live in Colombia


09-06-07, 21:12
Madrugada's non-pro trip report.

Well written and honest. Reflections and tips about colombianas.


09-19-07, 05:49
Barranquilla quick overview by Ted Nugent


Tiny 12
10-06-07, 22:04
Another great one by Routard, the master storyteller -- no mongering information about Colombia, but a great read:


Black Page
10-22-07, 00:21
A detailed report in 3 parts about Cartagena, including:

- Spanish
- should I stay in Laguito or El Centro?
- safety issues
- discos only for music
- bars
- restaurants
- beaches
- hotels where to bring girls
- discos where to meet girls
- streetwalkers

All information provided as it is and according to MY PERSONAL point of view!




12-04-07, 06:32
Colombian girls characterised by city.

Which one to choose? -- Winner71


Wet Nose
12-29-07, 06:34
Well done, Cornbread88!


Col Bog 1
02-03-08, 01:14
In this report, World Travel 69 compiles all the known places of Cali.



Jan Chris
02-24-08, 01:11
- Practicalities about dating Colombians : http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=695215&postcount=1094

- Bogota trip : http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=695218&postcount=1199

02-26-08, 06:48
Routard's guide to chica management (intro and 5 parts).


Everything you wanted to know about getting 5 star experiences with Colombian girls.

Dollar Bill
03-12-08, 19:21
See his trip report to Cali.


Nice job!


Dollar Bill
03-12-08, 23:38
See his trip report to Medellin.


Nice job!


Dollar Bill
03-13-08, 16:04

Governor, what are you doing here? Looking for some cheaper pussy than the $4500 US puss that you are normally purchasing. (reference to ex? Governor of NY).


Dollar Bill
03-13-08, 16:09


04-02-08, 08:08
The moderator suggested I post this report,



Hoof Hunter
04-03-08, 03:54
Great insight on true non-pro dating in Colombia.

It mirrors my experiences over the years.


Wet Nose
04-03-08, 23:53
Best first post by Colombia pro, Otiers (dude, you have an awesome wife!)


Tom Lee
04-12-08, 02:13
This is a great comparison of San Jose, CR and Medellin, CO


Tom Lee
04-15-08, 04:25
Great insights of Hoof_Hunter about Santa Fe, Bogota take-out


Tom Lee
04-20-08, 17:44
I think we could all learn some from this post of Uncle Jack.

If you do not have time, the title of the report has already drove home the bottom line, "It is all about respect" to the girls and local people. He tries to instill something I view as empathy to those who lack it. Among the reports of Uncle Jack, I like this one most, because I agree with him totally about the respect issue. I would never refer the working girls as a ***** or treat her as a lower class, whether she is in the cheap casa or from expensive escorts. (As a side note, I think the German FKK is a great example where girls are somewhat regarded and would regard themselves as a regular worker. Legalizing this profession with decent support seems to be a great way to do it right.)

For those who still cannot understand Uncle Jack's point, please think in your selfish interest. If we could all show decent respect, I am sure we will get much better experience from girls in return. The reason we could get bad experience is because the bad behavior of some has harden the hearts of those girls.

More importantly, I admire Uncle Jack's philanthropy efforts and will do some similar things in the future. I hope more people could do some of those things. I came to the US to further my education years ago and stayed. I am still young and am doing very well in terms of the amount of money I am making. But I am not wasteful and would like to use my money to help the less advantaged people in the future. I am still appalled by the lack of empathy of many Americans. For example, the next time you want to indulge yourself on the border line of waste, think about so many people who cannot fed in this world. Save your money and do some good things for them. You will feel much happier.

p.s. you do not have to be religious to understand this. I am a total atheist.


Jesi James
05-03-08, 14:44
Excellent perspective. Keep the reports coming.

Looking forward to your Santiago adventures.


Escort King
05-09-08, 20:18

06-03-08, 03:58
Which works for other countries as well.


Fla Fun
06-03-08, 11:28
Penny saved has some very useful information. Great report.


07-02-08, 21:23
The usual high standard of information, stats, vicarious living, and a greatly divergent view from the usual. "Great Stuff" by Tungurahua.




07-08-08, 14:14
A giant thanks to Tungurahua for creating these highly-detailed, highly-useful monger maps of Bogota:


07-09-08, 23:48
After going to Cartagena about 15 times I feel inclined to comment on the prices and techniques that work for me.



Love Handler
08-05-08, 19:29
First report of distinction hope its of some use to somebody.


Love Handler
08-05-08, 19:49
What once seemed to me a promising area for mongering- discreet, not particularly dangerous with various options unveiled itself to be a second rate mongering area full of the type of women you would not choose if they paid you. Unfortunately I did in the interests of overlooking looks for want of a good service ie good BBBJ. Bound to be really what with the clubs in the north and the popularity and cheapness of Santa Fe. Take my advice and dont go there, your better off in Santa Fe.


08-17-08, 07:12
I am over 60, speak advanced beginner Spanish, and have known many Colombian girls from the brothels of St Maarten. So I went to Colombia by myself for 3.5 weeks. I had a great time. I am very enthusiastic about Colombia and am considering living there 6 months of the year.

The moderator suggested that all 3 of my reports belong here. So I will link to the last one, which links to the other 2 reports:



Silent Monger
09-07-08, 12:44
A lengthy and detailed report about an experienced monger's first time in Cartagena, Colombia in July 2005.


09-16-08, 04:04
Overview: a compilation of twelve Reports of Distinction detailing three months of travel in Colombia from May to July, 2008.

May7-2008 -- "On The Road: Quito to Medellin" chronicles nine days of bus travel through southern Colombia (Ipiales-Pasto-Popayan-Cali-Armenia-Medellin).

May11-2008 -- "A Milestone in Medellin." An introduction to the street scene of Mayorista, with "Juliet had the honor of being the 200th chica sexed in South America in 25 months."

May18-2008 -- "Speaking in Tungs." Visits to the De Greiff street scene of Medellin ("stolen by the divine wind of kamikaze-cocaine"), addressing the question "Is Mayorista and Centro safe?" and my perspective on Safety in Colombia.

June15-2008 -- "Maps/Addresses of Centro Medellin Casas & Mayorista Streetscene."

June22-2008 -- "Speaking in Tungs II: Medellin Minutes." Sexing lovely Lady, slumming it with babes in De Greiff and Mayorista ("these streets are so surreal"), Medellin police at play ("another cop takes three large strides forward and -- with helmet on -- headbunts the black kid. I'm thinking wtf?! The kid's knees buckled ...").

July1-2008 -- "Capital Investment Report: Medellin Part I." "The total comes in at 31 chicas for 46 sessions over 24 days, an average of 1.92 sessions per day." Followed by "Tung-Tied: Scenes From A Memory" ("these youths use small black plastic bags as glue-respirators, it is astonishing to see a cluster of youths getting high like this.")

July7-2008 -- "A Dark Knight In Bogota, Parts I & II." Investigating the clubs and casas of districts Santa Fe and Chapinero, complete with maps and addresses of both areas ("to all Colombian protectionists -- if any of you don't like it submit a formal complaint to the World Trade Organization. Free trade, I say.")

July10-2008 -- "Pro or Non-Pro, Bogota or Medellin." Quote: "With mongering I can skim the sweetest sugar and skip the bitter unripened aspects, for the perkiness of youth and the wisdom of age are largely irreconcilable. When it is largely the hardware I want why frustrate myself with the software?"

July15-2008 -- "In The Mix: Pucca Parties Medellin." With the mighty Puccahontas as an ally the hunt continues for Medellin's pretty pink pussies. "Impaled vampira Sandra, she has a bad case of sl*t-eye for me and needs a curing." "May Jah bless the beauty of Medellin forever and ever, amen."

July24-2008 -- "Medellin: Bottom of the 9th, Bases Loaded." The final blowout days in Medellin. "Milena: she stripped down to reveal a perfect 8teenie hardbody. When her lips hit the base of my cock and she held firm -- something snapped in me and I lost my mind." "Veronica: after 45 minutes she spread her pussy wide, rubbed her clit and asked me to shoot my load into her pink."

July24-2008 -- "Capital Investment Report: (1) Medellin, (2) South America." The total for Medellin comes in at 45 chicas for 81 sessions over 36 days, an average of 2.25 sessions per day." And "The tour of South America is done. My first ISG experience ends at 245 chicas, 504 sessions (moral of the story: think big)."

July24-2008 -- "The Tungurahuan Ideal." Milena, 18 years young, of Mayorista in Medellin. 25K ($15US) for 30 minutes. A last glimpse of the Tungurahuan ideal.

Paul Frankl
09-23-08, 03:33

Black Page
10-29-08, 17:59
Prices, bars, streets, impressions


Black Page
10-29-08, 18:01
My impressions of the street scene in el centro of Medellin: Botero, Greiff, Mayorista


Black Page
11-01-08, 01:16
Some of the strongest scenes I remember during my night wanders.

All seen well after midnight (0am-3am).


World Travel 69
11-13-08, 16:44
I guess we need a List.


11-18-08, 11:46

Doc Bill
11-30-08, 04:23

Doc Bill
11-30-08, 04:28

Professor 1
12-11-08, 04:08
Here is a nice trip that involves a visit to a private island.


Black Page
12-17-08, 18:18
Report of 2 days in Bogota, including:

- La 49
- Chapinero and Santa Fe
- How they attempted to rob me with a knife at 7pm on Cl 19 (i.e., stay always alerted)!
- A nice taxi driver (I have the number and name if you PM me)


World Travel 69
12-18-08, 20:58
I keep telling my buddy, "Be Careful".


12-20-08, 02:43

Black Page
01-07-09, 19:43
These 3 reports (parts 1/3, 2/3, 3/3) are the updated version (after my visit in Dec. 2008) of 3 reports I posted here about one year ago, which I believe feature good pieces of information. They include:

- Spanish
- should I stay in Laguito or El Centro?
- safety issues
- discos only for music
- bars
- restaurants
- beaches
- hotels where to bring girls
- discos where to meet girls
- streetwalkers

All information provided as it is and according to MY PERSONAL point of view!

Part 1/3: 832873
Part 2/3: 832877
Part 3/3: 832882

01-07-09, 22:50
Excellent work by Black Page

Part 1:832873

Part 2:832877

Part 3:832882

01-12-09, 07:11


Doc Simp
01-18-09, 04:22
Great recommends from Phun.


02-19-09, 00:02
Thanks "World Travel 69" for the list.


World Travel 69
02-19-09, 07:26
Thanks, but use the latest List. Below.

Thanks "World Travel 69" for the list.


03-02-09, 15:06
Cubanut vs the Fantastic Four Paisas by Cubanut


Fla Fun
03-14-09, 15:42
Great Story


Frank Casio
03-16-09, 18:09
New Satellite for my place in Rosales Clle.33 ! Same low prices, $25US a night, $125US a week (Wingman fees waived) ! Accross from Luna Lunera and a few minutes Taxi Drive from San Diego, Fase ll and "El Centro" Action !

Frank Casio
03-18-09, 02:50
"Casa Los angeles"-Rosales, Clle.33-My Experience !


Frank Casio !

Frank Casio
03-18-09, 04:37
Here´s an accurate description of La Mayorista Area and the 5-10 minute walk to the Ayura Subway Station !


Frank Casio
03-18-09, 04:47
Supper and 8 beers at Parque Lleras for under $10US & a lot more !


Frank Casio
03-18-09, 04:55
My Place is not exclusive to La Mayorista ! Base at My Place gives you access to all of Medellin with lots of $$$ left over for the "good stuff" !


Frank Casio
03-18-09, 05:13
Karolina, from My Place in La Mayorista at $12US to the Medellin Mansion for $50US! There are plenty of under priced "jewels" in La Mayorista ! Karolina was and still is one of my "Special Friends" !


Frank Casio
03-18-09, 05:54
Carolina from My Place, in Medellin Mansion. Medellin Mansion ex-staff, at My Place. Sandra, Claudia, Paula, Magally, Amparo.


03-30-09, 23:17
Colombian cupid girls in Medellin: Post #863788


Professor 1
04-18-09, 00:33
Brother Juanjo767 provides some observations regarding his trip to Medellin. Having never been, it is always nice to get a perspective without the unnecessary flaming and self-righteous banter. Now, I need to book a trip. The link follows:


Professor 1
04-18-09, 01:40
Floyd Dylan provides an outstanding, and scary, report during his trip to Santa Marta. He may still be there. His "interactions" with Diana, the goddess of the hunt, reads like a graduate-level clinical (or abnormal) psychology text. The descriptions of the sex makes me want to order a flight tonight. Moreover, I finally read about Santa Marta, which happens to be an RCI timeshare trading location. While I respectfully advise all not to do as our brother did, he took far too many risks on several accounts, I admire him for sharing.

Part I appears thus: 857481

Part II appears thus: 858244

You have to give it to this guy--assuming that his blood tests return negative--he is lucky to be able to tell his story.

Jesi James
05-10-09, 18:50
Good advice given with class.


05-21-09, 18:24
Great chick in Santa Marta with contact info.


06-27-09, 19:31
When in Medellin, why not hang with the owner of Girlfriend 4 A Week (http://girlfriend4aweek.com), also owns a modelling agency, knows lots of girls. Here is the full report:


Member #1121
07-01-09, 20:39

Member #1121
07-02-09, 19:34
GF4AW experience


07-08-09, 09:41
It was suggested that I add this report.



08-18-09, 05:28
A great report



08-20-09, 21:58
This is a post on a recent trip to the spring or Medellin. Great time had by all. Message me with questions, I'll help if I can.


09-07-09, 14:58
It was suggested that this report be placed here.


Black Page
09-22-09, 06:46
After one year, I've been back to Medellin for 3 days.

In this report, I add some fresh new info to my posts of one year ago:

- Centro
- Mayorista
- San Diego


Member #4427
09-27-09, 16:16
Santa Marta Trip


09-29-09, 18:10
Even experienced and careful mongers can be targeted by robbers.


Errol Flynn
11-29-09, 07:44
Dealdo certainly deserves some credit for all his excellent reporting...here's one example, I intend to use all of it in MDE next week.



12-30-09, 03:33
DeAldo's partner in crime had a nice time as well!


01-05-10, 22:36

Awesome reports from this cool dude.. I wanted to put them here to find them easier for all .. this guy never stops hopping =) night clubs and casas updated..
Good one Temp

01-05-10, 22:42
Amazing tours these guys do. Thanks Parce for sharing all the hard work you guys did. This guy is incredible! I just hope we have all those addresses in the Medelling list. I think you set a new record didn't you?.

Guys check out also for the rest of his reports.


01-18-10, 02:37
MDE Report of D. Jan 2010


01-18-10, 18:46
Another explorer in da city. MED board has been updated. Great work from Arttistyp. List is getting huge!


01-24-10, 19:30
I found it useful in order to plan a trip:



01-30-10, 13:19
Since I'm planning my first trip to MDE, I've been looking closely at reports that offer good trip planning advice to first time visitors to MDE.

Dealdo's report is up to date and very useful for trip planning purposes:



Fla Fun
01-30-10, 20:24
Very informative report.


Hola Mundo
01-31-10, 05:12

02-09-10, 06:42

As we can see, Vicks don't waste bullets, and he is real good on the target.

I think is a good move to stay next to Mayorista at Frank's place right?

I like Vicks style, sober, smart, humble and experienced, one of those guys than put a good word for the gringos in the city. Everybody has their way to have fun and here is a another good set of tools for us.

Mr Enternational
02-21-10, 07:18
Xion gives us the much needed scoop on carnaval and chicas in Barranquilla.


06-11-10, 05:37
Great Cali report on high end models and nightlife of Cali. By Jergens007! Enjoy with photos!


09-14-10, 03:03
Day One of a recent trip to Cartagena including a visit with a yound intelegent beach girl.


09-14-10, 03:06
Day Two Report with Cartagena Street girls.


11-06-10, 08:55
this is a compilation of PMs from seniors that love latinas with emphasis on dry weather and spanish schools. Very nice.


Black Page
01-04-11, 13:26
Another report in Black-Page style, featuring my impressions on LDV, some information about short-time love hotels, some highlights of my experiences during these 2 trips, including a private house.


02-03-11, 03:41
How not to behave


Mr Enternational
05-01-11, 04:02
Excellent report by Doubt98.


08-25-11, 14:26
New guys. Please read this post: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?583-Medellin-Reports&p=1190087&viewfull=1#post1190087

Wet Nose
08-29-11, 06:32
A flurry of reports issued by Slamcity777, Matt Psyche, Bandy.





Great job, guys. Simple information we can use.

Black Page
12-28-11, 00:22
(Reply to a comment: I entitled this report "a different report" not because it is unique, but because I spent 4 days in Cartagena almost without visiting LDV or Bocagrande, contrary to 99% of posters on ISG)

Report of 4 days in Cartagena mid December 2011:

- Banana's, facing a ugly mug asking me to pay a multa.

- Elektra, the best place IMHO, but opens 3am.

- Other places, namely a casa in Alcibia.


Black Page
01-03-12, 12:06
A very nice and informative post of Hillbilly69 about what to do in Medellin at night (but mainly not P4P is addressed)


Black Page
02-21-12, 03:44
I link this post here not because the story is particularly amusing, but because I feel it brings a useful advice:

it does not matter if a TV is touching your cock or putting a finger in your ass, never extract your hands from your pockets!


05-04-12, 18:20
[QUOTE=Almotu; 1276437]A friend of mine asked me how much things should cost for a typical hobby trip in Medellin these days. This is what I am thinking of writing him...QUOTE]Great stuff, thanks buddy


Mr Enternational
07-23-12, 00:23
Excellent report by Stoker Star discussing his experience in Santa Fe / Bogota's casas, small bars, clubs, and high end clubs. http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?580-Bogota-Reports&p=1307029&viewfull=1#post1307029

12-19-12, 04:21
Nice concise list by an excellent contributer; Black page.


Black Page
12-24-12, 17:42
My adventures in CTG December 2012, duly summarized for the amusement of ISG readers, one year after my last stay in this lovely city.

The return of Black Page in Cartagena (Day 1)
Cold start.

The return of Black Page in Cartagena (Day 2)
Two teen pornstars

The return of Black Page in Cartagena (Day 3 and Day 4)
The incredible photo-model type mulatita and her friend.

The return of Black Page in Cartagena (Night 4)
The classy quiet girl.

The return of Black Page in Cartagena (Day 5)
Farewell and dream girl for a quickie.

Mr Enternational
12-27-12, 18:17

01-21-13, 22:53
Almotu's short but sweet new list of casas in MDE with flacas. 1375953

02-04-13, 01:51
WTS's quick but informative review of fuck motels near Centro.


02-19-13, 00:23
Good info http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?578-General-Info&p=1364290&viewfull=1#post1364290

You can add this also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_requirements_for_Colombian_citizens

03-06-13, 12:33
Flying Girls to Cancun.

Since November 15, 2012 Colombian Citizens are allowed to fly to Mexico without a visa. Some of us adventurous guys have already flown some girls from Medellin to Cancun, Mexico. This is what happened to me personally.

I had booked a beach front apartment in Cancun at a cost of $3, 000 per week. This trip was supposed to be my best trip ever. Four of us guys were flying 5 girls from Medellin to Mexico for a great vacation trip. Well we had one girl who was mediocre looking girl she flew in and entered easily. Now the reason I think that this girl entered easily was first she flew in first class secondly she was an average looking Colombiana. This girl was invited because one of my friend really likes her. Then I had 3 girls flying from Medellin to Cancun, Mexico. These 3 girls were all stopped by Mexican Immigration and then were deported back to Medellin. Reason given was they don't fit the tourist profile. Since I had already spent so much money I had even tried to give some money to Mexican immigration but they wanted like $ 2, 000 per girl to get them out. I was given another reason that these 3 girls stories did not match. Meaning they had contradictory stories.

I was so upset and out of desperation I tried to fly one more girl the next day. My thinking process was that this girl will be able to come because she is coming solo. Well the Mexican Immigration in Cancun deported her as well. All these 4 girls had return tickets and they had approximately $ 500 each with them. One of the girls that I flew had been to Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina and other places as well. These girls had travelled before.

I had been also told that same thing has happened with another friend of mine when he tried to fly a girl to Mexico city. I was later also told that in just past one week Mexico Immigration had sent over 10 girls back to Medellin from Cancun alone.

My suggestion is to avoid Mexico by all means necessary. Anyways those of you who still want to try this out of desperation and roll the dice then following are my suggestion. Please don't give me examples of the girls that were able to enter because I know that some of them went past Mexican Immigration. I know some of them also took more then 2 hours to get out of Immigration and some of them were able to get out in a few minutes. But it is rolling the dice flying a girl to Mexico.

1. Book a hotel under the girls name and include your name as well in it. Don't book an apartment because the fn Mexican Immigration feels that tourists are to stay only in Hotels.

2. Best if you can fly in with the girl. Don't try to fly the girl separately and you fly separately. Meet the girl in Panama and then fly with her to Cancun.

All in all I was out $ 5, 000 from my pocket alone just because I had arranged this trip. This was a very furious situation for me and I stayed in Cancun for 3 nights. I still had to pay the apartment rent $ 2, 000 and paid 3 girls tickets from my pocket at $700 each and then I paid for my own ticket to Cancun. This was a Royal Disaster. I have never burned so much money.

First Night I was at the airport from 8 pm to 3 am in morning just to try and get the girls out. Second night I was still trying to get the last girl in to Cancun. I was so furious at Cancun that I didn't want to stay in Cancun for even one more minute. I booked my ticket to Medellin and flew to Medellin.

Lastly, Please don't try and criticize this report. I am sick and tired of some Smart Ass people on this board. I have stopped posting on this board because of the few people that always fire away negative comments.

Lastly if any one is interested in spending a bit extra cash for better looking girls then Mansion girls you can send me a PM and I will gladly help. I pay girls 150 mil + taxi for 1 hour and half but I pay girls 300 mil for all night. Some very exclusive girls I pay them 400 mil for the night as well. Normally all night to me is 8 pm to 8 am.


04-06-13, 20:49
Cuba nut's over view of Bucaramanga.


Mr Enternational
06-04-13, 03:48
R The Man, non-Spanish speaker, talks about his experience in Santa Fe and Mezzanines as a first-timer.


06-07-13, 06:02
Excellent report (#11700 in MDE thread) of MDE with names and photos.


Tiny 12
07-18-13, 19:38
Link to a site that provides reviews of specific women in Bogota, as well as an escort service popular with locals:


Thanks Brainzzz for providing that.

09-05-13, 08:21
With a different flair. He is very informative and does MDE with a passion.
check out both his posts from Sep 4th 2013. Second one is a good one re FB.

09-06-13, 06:27
Chris Long, inline with his great reports in SEA and Rio forums, gives us a great summary of MDE (September 5th. #12431)


Mr Enternational
09-27-13, 14:15
Camaro1257 tells us damn near everything we need to know when considering going to Cali:


11-02-13, 20:32
This is a very good report on the bus. See two reports down by the same poster about money exchange at the airport in MDE.


11-14-13, 03:08
Very nice summary as of winter 2013 by DMD joe posted on 11/12/2013. Thank you.


11-27-13, 16:40
Are you not entertained?


02-12-14, 20:49
(previously submitted as ROD by Vitrea below, but the link doesn't seem to be correct, so I am redoing as a ROD using the instructions given by ISG on the home page on the left of Post Number Here).


02-12-14, 20:56
Sorry, it doesn't look like the instructions I referenced to post a ROD is correct anymore. I got the same incorrect link as Vitrea:

(previously submitted as ROD by Vitrea below, but the link doesn't seem to be correct, so I am redoing as a ROD using the instructions given by ISG on the home page on the left of Post Number Here).


05-07-14, 04:33
Camaro1257's summary of MDE is excellent. There is such dearth of decent reports on MDE reports, this is good overview 1558768

10-26-14, 01:11
There are several ISG reports comparing Pattaya, Thailand and Angeles City, Philippines so it's nice to read a report comparing two South American cities.

For those who are wondering about Medellin and Buenos Aires, Vitrea has written an excellent report comparing the two cities.


11-03-14, 21:19
I still haven't made it to MDE, but some useful recent first time visitor information here by Cerebro:


Tiny 12
12-01-14, 04:24
Here's another contribution from Cerebro. I'm not able to link to his post so am repeating it below.

"This map has an outline of some of main areas to get the chicas in Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, and Cali:


Also, click on the little maps under "Mas de Esta Sesion de Fotos" for locations of various places in Bogota here: http://www.revistadonjuan.com/galerias/mapa-de-putas-en-bogota/8550261.

Tiny 12
12-02-14, 03:05
Here's another contribution from Cerebro. I'm not able to link to his post so am repeating it below.

"This map has an outline of some of main areas to get the chicas in Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, and Cali:


Also, click on the little maps under "Mas de Esta Sesion de Fotos" for locations of various places in Bogota here: http://www.revistadonjuan.com/galerias/mapa-de-putas-en-bogota/8550261.It's too late to edit my post. An esteemed member has pointed out that if you're looking for specific locations of clubs there are better, much more detailed maps on this site. And he also believes relying on the maps could be dangerous. I agree with his first point. About the second point, they identify dangerous areas with a pistol symbol. The problem, some places are dangerous and there's no pistol. I will say this, if you do see a pistol on one of their maps, watch the hell out. It's probably not safe, even if you were Colombian.

12-31-14, 01:09

02-27-15, 05:56
http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?582-Cartagena-Reports&p=1662691&viewfull=1#post1662691.I came here with the intent of posting this, I see you got there first. But I agree that Cerebro's trip report of Cartagena, Barranquilla and Santa Marta over Christmas was very comprehensive, he prices out everything thoroughly and doesn't just take a taxi everywhere so you can get his bus route information out too.

Member #4394
03-12-15, 23:31

Member #4398
06-27-15, 18:47
This Medellin report by Seizetheday is excellent with lots of information for newbies and for the experience mongers, lots of good info about what the street girls are up to, do's and don'ts, Centro Casas, Facebook girls, etc etc.



Member #4398
06-28-15, 00:07
This Medellin report has some great information. Some mongers did not acknowledge how good this report was and only complained about the tipping manners of BlueChange. This reports has good information about independents, Casas Energy and Blue Room, Cupid, Myfreecams, Etc Etc.


Member #4398
07-01-15, 01:56
The links I provided before of the excellent Medellin reports of Bluechange and Zeisetheday do not work well when you try to open them. My apologies. I am still learning how to post things here. Here are the links again and I hope it works the way its suppose to work now:

1) Bluechange Medellin Report.


2) Seizetheday Medellin Report.



Jan 156
07-21-15, 23:40
I'm taking the liberty of linking my post with directions to these two Medellin mongering areas in case it helps. Might save the solo traveller some time. Sorry if you already have the info elsewhere. I didn't.



Member #4394
08-23-15, 02:57
Thanks for the great report on Cucuta.


Black Page
09-13-15, 18:43
I like this post because it describes precisely things to do and not to do in Medellin. I agree with all. That is also my perception of places. All things which are well known by many, but not enough understood my many others.


Member #4398
09-13-15, 21:09
Here are two excellent well written Barranquilla posts by Parkinsons. He made rans to the most popular places: Casa de Munecas across from the park Zuri Salcedo, Spa Zero stress, bar discotecas Juernes, La Hoja, and Siglo XXI, The local bar La Troja, and spa Massage relax total.

Part I.


Part II.


09-23-15, 15:30
Recent TR and venues in Cali from Sun08:


10-05-15, 22:17
Cerebro has provided very useful information on a place that usually isn't on everybody's mongering radar, but is on mine as a place to just visit:


Black Page
01-08-16, 00:07
A good list of tourism hints fot those who want to see Medellin and around.


World Jockey
01-24-16, 19:39
Geolopes gives and great and extremely detailed report of Medellin and The Medellin Mansion.

He covers everything from the temperature, transportation, exchanging money, to P4P action itself.


Larry David
05-23-16, 02:52
Cliff notes to successful mongering for beginners in Medellin.


07-23-16, 09:49
All you need to know about Bogata!


Larry David
09-18-16, 06:21
Yippiekayay has a good post on dating Colombian chicas.


01-20-17, 14:17
Routard provides an excellent guide to the Bogota scene.


04-19-17, 20:16

World Travel 69
08-30-18, 23:10
Tomjackin's report.


09-07-18, 16:31
As usual, TomJackin provided an excellent report of various venues in Cali.

(Just trying to repost the correct direct link):


10-02-18, 09:24
Cliff notes to successful mongering for beginners in Medellin.

http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3119-Casa-Blanca-Medellin&p=1883594&viewfull=1#post1883594.Is this link broken or incorrect? Can't seem to find this report. Thanks.

World Travel 69
10-02-18, 15:22

Is this link broken or incorrect? Can't seem to find this report. Thanks.

11-28-18, 09:30
Thank you for providing the great information!


02-12-19, 07:47
This belongs here.


03-08-19, 18:21
This guy takes a different approach to MDE and succeeds. I thought this was a great read.

MDE Feb 1 -14 Laurles Estadio.

This was my 5th trip to MDE and I always stay in an Airbnb in the estadio / laureles / floresta area. About my style, I don't drink, don't like loud music and am in my 50's. I like daytime fun more than night time unless I find a chica and then we stay at my apt and eat dinner or just stay in the bedroom. This trip I decided to use only Tinder and Colombian cupid, last times have paid the $90 for a month of SA. I was worried seeing the posts of Tinder chicas scoplamining guys. I don't do Parque lleras or Gustos. I had 3 chicas (one I have know for a year from SA) give me BBFS to my surprise! 2 were from CC but sadly their profiles are no longer active, I think the chicas have to pay for CC unlike SA its free for the girls. My first girl from CC was total GFE, I started chatting about 3 weeks before my trip and tried to be subtle about what I wanted and we never discussed price. I told her I could help with her bills and I liked to use my tongue to please women. I usually bring some Pink or VS panties as gifts, 7 pairs for $28 on sale, good investment in my book. I gave her 2 pairs of thong lace panties and she tried them on and then quickly they were off of her. We played around for a few hours then she said she had to leave, I gave her $100 K. She said she would make me lunch the next day and asked what I wanted. We agreed on Chicharones and I love the small potatoes fried. So then next day I bought the chicharones and potatoes then she asked if I could buy some dish soap for her. We ate lunch at her place and then went to her bedroom and we played for an hour, she would do lots of kissing and BB everything. Then we walked back to my apt near the floresta station from her place, it was all downhill but took about 45-50 minutes. At my place we laid on the bed and kissed more. Later that afternoon she asked again if I wanted lunch with her I said yes. I said chicken with rice. I gave her 20 k for the food and she left. Then next day same thing went to her place had lunch and then to the bedroom. THEN she said she had to go visit her mom and help her. So she left the next day. In the end I gave her $100 k for each of the first 2 days and the final day $150 k. She never asked me for money so I got the feeling she was not a pro but you never know.

Then next BBFS was from anther girl from CC, named Elixa for Elizabeth. She first asked me for 400 k and I said that I was NOT in MDE and would not pay that much, 200 max. Then when I arrived in Mde I sent her a message saying I was in town. A few days later she asks if I want to see her for $200 k and I said sure. This girl has a great body and natural tits. There is a photo of her tit. She came over and would only allow one pop but it was all BB to my surprise. She told me 300 K for a second pop and I said sorry. Then when we were done she told me 250 k for allowing a second pop, I was not that motivated so said no thanks. She works during the days for a video chaturbate type site.

I also used Tinder for a few dates, I think I paid for premium tinder because from the USA I can set my location to Mde and match with chicas before I arrived. I matched with one on tinder and I offered to bring her panties and she showed me pics of ones she liked, they were not the thong lace so I was a little disappointed but still got them for her. She went by Maria on tinder and came up from Itagui and wanted $200 K. I said that was fine and wanted 2 hrs, she agreed she came over for close to 3 hrs and was very GFE with lots of kissing and BBBJ but CFS. I don't know what it was with her pussy but she got me to pop 3 times in under 3 hrs, a first in my life. After our date she said she had to go out of town for work so I did not get to see her for another date, I will on my next trip.

Another tinder chica named Valentina was a student and lived in Bello, she agreed to $150 +20 for taxi which from Bello might be about right. She was fun but nothing special everything was covered.

I also reconnected with my first chica I ever had in Mde who is a full time student, she was 20 when we first met and is very GFE with me, we had an argument last trip and I had not talked to her so was surprised when she messaged me. She always does everything BB and speaks good English, so it is easier to be with. She also likes to eat out and we always go for lunch or dinner when we get together.

I did go to one casa but it is not really my style, I like a GFE and casa girls are usually not like that so much. It was reasonable at 60 k and hour.

So on this trip I was pleasantly surprised with the BBFS, I do not expect it so when it happens a nice surprise. I do not finish inside the girls since I don't want anymore kids.

Lucky Nuts
01-05-21, 03:51

JjBee62 post 43051

Yes. Smart. Let's clear up your first mistake. Literacy is the result of education. Intelligence is intrinsic.

The rest of your education really needs to wait until you have been to Colombia, although it's unlikely you'll learn much. While there are certainly many working girls in Medellin who are poorly educated, there are also many who are not only well educated, but quite intelligent and capable of holding their own in any conversation.

However, what Sangnyc21 was referring to is the ability of the women to successfully conduct their business. They are skilled. They have experience. They've learned what works. They know how to survive.

That last one is something most of the people who frequent this board have never had to learn. We're mostly people who are on the phone complaining about the air conditioner or the lack of hot water. We're the ones complaining about girls charging $150 for something that would cost us $300-$1000 at home. We're the ones complaining that not enough people in other countries speak our language. We complain about people being 30 minutes late. Our survival skills are challenged when Walmart runs out of toilet paper.

Take the average monger from this board (yes, I know there are exceptions) and put him in the situation most of the "semi illiterate 3rd world putas" live in and he would be calling for an Uber out of there within 30 minutes. Most would not be able to walk to the store without having a panic attack.

The girls who are selling pussy today are the children and grandchildren of women who grew up in some of the most dangerous and poorest neighborhoods of Medellin when Medellin was the most dangerous city in the world. You'll have a tough time finding one who hasn't been the victim of an armed robbery. Most have lost a close friend or family member to violence. Most grew up without luxuries like hot water. Some grew up without running water. Most of the girls see stuff every week that would have every self-proclaimed "alpha male" on ISG curled up in the fetal position with wet pants and crying for mommy.

Yet, there they are, smiling, all made up and strutting around Gusto like they just stepped out of a limo.

I'd say anyone who can come out of an $80 per month apartment, cross half a city and end up getting paid 1 month of the minimum salary for spending a few hours in a $100 per night room, is a helluva lot smarter than most people.

Mojo Bandit
03-26-21, 18:32

Cartagena Update.

Rare for me to login or post but been here two months now things have changed since I left here almost two years ago. I have updated the map as there is too many things listed I have deleted things to make things simpler. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/vi...893115235&z=13..

Beach- Things have changed roped off areas for cabanas Tony number #1 has moved (see pic) West under the coast guard type hut in front of the Hotel Dann. Two chairs and tarpa are 20 mill total set my mayors office. Other beach touts are hustling to get gringos girls at the beach as well as I spend a lot of time there watching with the exception of FAO he doesn't do any of that only sits back watches his cabanas. Kiosko #4 (see pic) is where the action is or comes by at the most part on any given day from 2 PM till 5 PM when the beach closes, beers are 5 k no fee for table or cabanas. Assume are girls are working in that area. Beach days vary greatly day by day I love the holidays, I couldn't care less if girl is with her family or not it isn't like her mom didn't go to work when she was younger. Beach girl prices I haven't paid more than 150 mill for any as I haven't seen and super models it seems the quality from pre covid is down a notch but semana santa is coming soon and I expect it to get better. I always throw out the 80 k offer first before a girl gives me a price then if she demands 200 k I say two times no condom, this worked 100 percent of time so far for me, some complain big deal I am not their keeper, service isn't compromised in general. Be aware girls are on another level of stealing here now during covid, take extreme measures to hide your things, do not share a drink in your room or have a smoke with any of them. Keep in mind Tony has hundreds of girls in his phone if you are looking something special and can't find. No real need to get Tony or anyone else if you are paying attention girls walk by.

Edificios. Still be aware where you stay just because you messaged an airbnb host doesn't mean a god damn thing. Venezuala girls in a lot of buildings aren't let in without a passport and permission to be here from the Colombian government. To avoid this problem ask in advance these questions or know where Hotel El Viajero Centro is next to the LDV or Mar why Sol in Bocagrande. El Viajero is much nicer 30 mill short time, or make sure you stay in one of the approved chica friendly buildings on the map.

ISIS is not closed but their hours are very strange 11 pm Thursday through Saturday.

LDV was there 3 times good quality.

Clock tower not what is was pre covid touts annoying AF I chase them with brass knuckles they run off. I had them left over from living in centro MDE.

Pleyclub was there once the old manager from ISIS when it used to be behind Hard Rock cafe is still there, quality of girls little curvy or chubby for me.

Chica Linda is literally right next to Pleyclub now no need for cab if you are group of two is like 100 feet away. Chica prices and beers lot cheaper than Pleyclub.

El Mirador cafe and bar on top of Torre del Rojo hotel is good place to visit once to have beer (pic below) mostly gringos with boyfriends.

Was in Santa Marta Rodadero, and Taganga couple weeks ago avoid like the plague, beaches are blocked reservation only, Malecon and beach blocked in Santa Marta for construction actually is beautiful but I think 3 months out before opening. Bananas, Olds bar closed permanently, Parque de Novios not much to look at a complete waste of time going maybe a year from now be better.

Pics of Kiosko #4 where girls sit or go by after 2 PM, Tony, and Building Tony sits under front hotel Dann.

05-08-21, 03:45

Because Elvis said so.

All that aside, YYZ, your report is fantastic and should be one put up for reports of distinction.

Silver Turtle
05-12-21, 21:36

05-20-21, 17:54

This is a report of distinction because it gets to what is the meaning of life.

05-24-21, 07:45

05-24-21, 07:47


05-26-21, 19:30

Mojo Bandit
06-17-21, 15:12

08-10-21, 04:14
Thank you guys!

Click [View Original Post] to view post

Strictly reviews.

Drawing inspiration from a post I saw recently and wanted to add to it.

Tiny 12
09-08-21, 19:26

10-01-21, 19:21
Click View Original Post to view post.

My FB notes

Facebook Girls Search

All good stuff

01-06-22, 22:27
Click View Original Post to view post.

This is how I use SA in Bog:

01-10-22, 02:26
Click View Original Post to view post.

A Super Freaky Chica. WOW.

Today was proof for me that putting the time into Facebook is worth it. ...Give a man a fish, teach a man to fish.

Others have said the same thing. It's the "give a man a fish, teach a man to fish" concept...Miss Kate. Muchisimas Gracias!

Probably one of the most well-known of the Medellin Facebook chica mob is Kate Zuluaga

... I think I've had good luck because I speak Spanish fluently, I'm still relatively young (mid 30's), am in decent shape, and have a Nordic look that's popular in Latin America. ...The Facebook rabbithole and my first day.

Today was proof for me that putting the time into Facebook is worth it. .Facebook comments and second day.

As others have said RTFF for specifics of how to build your Facebook list.

01-18-22, 19:41
Click View Original Post to view post.

Weather was great today. Low 80's, sunny, partly cloudy, light breeze. ...

01-18-22, 19:53
Click View Original Post to view post.

...You need to study the forum for a while but whats more is you need to learn how to use the whole forum too...

... There are loser sitting in their mommy's basement or married guy dreaming of being able to bang a hot Colombian instead of their bitchy gringa wife, so they talk these girls up and schedule a meet...

...I never discuss pricing until I'm in town and ready to make a date ...

... I ask them how much. Cuanto quieres por un rato? How much do you want for a little while? If they respond with a price higher than I want to pay, I respond siempre pago along with my price. In most cases they either accept or might ask for a bit more for taxi. If she won't commit to a price I'll say the same thing with my price. Siempre pago 200 mil. Est bien? I always pay 200 k. Is that okay?

Many people have already posted that the normal FB price is 150/200 K COP for one or two hours...

...I have had very good success not discussing what I want before meeting in person. I only discuss price before meeting...

... If a Chica is quoting you in US Dollars she is already trying to con you. And I would imediately call her out on that shit. She lives in Colombia and they use Colombian pesos so what would be the point of her quoting a price in US dollars. The average price is 150,000 Colombian Pesos (currently equivalent to $37.50 USD) up to 200,000 Colombian Pesos for a real pretty one...

...be prepared to move on to another chica...

01-25-22, 09:24
Confirm currency in your response.

That is something you should always clarify. It's very common for girls to say 200 or 250 when they mean 200 or 250 mil pesos. However, there are some girls who expect you to think they are talking in pesos, bit they want dollars when in your room.

The solution is simple. Respond with, for the girl you mentioned.

Siempre pago 200 mil mas taxi, o 250 mil no mas para taxi.

I always pay 200 k plus more for taxi, or 250 k with nothing more for taxi.

02-01-22, 06:40
Click View Original Post to view post

Piece of advice coming from my experience...

02-01-22, 08:05

This is a report of distinction because it gets to what is the meaning of life.Is there a way to find this post?

Muchas gracias.

03-03-22, 19:10
Is there a way to find this post?

Muchas gracias.Yes. There is a way to find that post.

De nada.

Did you mean to ask how you could find that post? Look at the link. Notice the period at the end? That period shouldn't be there. It tells the browser that the last bit, after "viewfull=1" isn't part of the link.

However, you can't just add that part, minus the period, because the browser also shortens the link by replacing parts with an ellipsis.

The solution is to hold your finger down on the link (on a phone or tablet) until a list of options pops up. Choose "Copy link address. " Paste the link address into a text editor and then add in the rest, minus the ending period. Copy the whole thing and paste it into a browser.

I didn't see the post as containing any epiphanies on the meaning of life, but perhaps you will.

Because I'm such a nice guy, I did the work for you.


Fun Luvr
03-03-22, 22:29
Because I'm such a nice guy, I did the work for you.

http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?4025-Rants-Stupid-Shit-and-Coronavirus-in-Thailand&p=2560950&viewfull=1#post2560950.The re-worked link is the same as the original.

Try this http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?4025-Rants-Stupid-Shit-and-Coronavirus-in-Thailand&p=2560950&viewfull=1#post2560950

03-03-22, 22:46
The re-worked link is the same as the original.

Try this http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?4025-Rants-Stupid-Shit-and-Coronavirus-in-Thailand&p=2560950&viewfull=1#post2560950Since JB is such a nice guy so I am helping. LOL.

I think this is the post.

I have no job. ...But I think VB actually intended to quote this.

LOL. There is no freaking target on anyone. ...

03-16-22, 07:41
I do appreciate a little "Spanish for mongers" lesson once in awhile, especially for some of these hot candy and coffee girls in Medellin.


03-29-22, 02:19
Simplest taxi guide:


Bit more in-depth:


The biggest reason you don't want to go on a long term date with a chica (2-3 days):


Other opinions & useful info:




Dios mío I hope I did pasted those right. . .

03-29-22, 18:54
Simplest taxi guide:


Bit more in-depth:


The biggest reason you don't want to go on a long term date with a chica (2-3 days):


Other opinions & useful info:




04-06-22, 19:24
Parque Lleras.

March 17 - March 31 Medellin 1st time completeMansion.

Medellin Trip. Day 3