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01-01-05, 02:00
Greetings everyone,

I've started this new thread to provide a centralized location to catalog the Forum's best travel reports. Here's the idea:

If you have written one or several detailed travel reports, or if you know of such reports, then please post the link here.

You may also include a short summary of the nature of the report.

A sample report would be something like this:


Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.



You can copy and paste the link into a report, or you can do it the easy way and use the tags, which you would format like this:

[post]Post ID number here

You can identify the Post ID by moving your mouse pointer over the "Quote" button and reading the Post ID number in the Status Bar at the bottom of your browser window. It's the last number at the end of the link text, just after the letters "p=".

Please note: In order for this thread to be effective, it cannot turn into a discussion forum. I don't want to have to be so tough about this, but any reports that do not include a link to another report will be deleted.



10-24-05, 03:29
I get asked alot of question about the famous/infamous Calle 18 as well as other questions wich becomes rather redundant after a awhile so here is list to give most mongers a kind of "guideline" on what to do, where to go and son on.


Hope that helps you all out.


12-30-05, 03:15
Just some of the latests developements going on In the GYE area in the strip club game


03-24-06, 05:17
For those of you asking alot of repetitive questions about casas here is areport that is a must read http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=442452&postcount=165

Peace out.

04-10-06, 00:18
This is one of the lenghtiest reports I have ever done not much on mongering but rather the social-economics of mongering in this country, hope you all like it.


Peace out.

06-07-06, 06:04
Tungurahua reviews five $7 casas in Quito; also includes 5 reports on an 18yo with pics.


06-07-06, 06:07
Tungurahua & SocalJarHead mention 34 clubs in Quito; including pricing info.


06-07-06, 06:09
Tungurahua reviews 44 lays in Quito at an apparent average cost of $12.11US each.


06-07-06, 06:12
Among exploits Tungurahua finds "post cat fight sex", and the cocaine king of the district.


06-27-06, 01:46
A report ass well as maps of Casas in the Quito area


Jake Monger
07-20-06, 16:38
If no one else is going to put this post here, I will! LOL. I was planning on going to make one non US mongering trip this year, and thought I had it narrowed down to Columbia or DR. Now I have to consider Ecuador as well!


Sky Dog
07-20-06, 20:40
Tungurahua, Thanx for the report. You rate at the top of mongers that do the ground work and share their info with others. Your reports will make it easy for me to hit the ground running, have a great mongering experience, and stear clear of problems. Thanx, Sky Dog


08-21-06, 04:07

09-19-06, 22:55
The five month epic adventure of my alter-ego Tungurahua in Quito begins on April 30 in post 182 -- which is also the first Quito Fuckclub summary done by myself (11 options available). Though it is not tagged as a Report of Distinction today it is essential to the context and development of the “full story.”

As the extreme value of Quito’s fuckclubs was an accidental discovery on my part, post 187 on May 2 and post 194 on May 4 are also revealing of my growing addiction to 650, 700, 1000, 1500 and 2000 penny pussy.

The first official “Reports of Distinction” tag comes May 18, post 240, titled “Friky00,” giving this invaluable ISG member a huge thank you for telling me about club 3 Star (“Coyote Ugly”). For it is here I found my first 18 year young jungle pussy, little Mariela of Tena, and tell the story of taking her down twice.

Post 245 on May 21 is a classic post for me, one of the highlights of my time in Quito, teaching Mariela to repeat “I am eighteen!” as I fucked her. She is a high school fantasy fulfilled.

Post 260 on May 22 gets Distinction for being the 3rd Quito Fuckclubs Update -- 27 options now available. I include it here to show the development of Quito casas and clubs in future months to come.

Post 262 on May 23 gets Distinction for being my first Capital Investment Report of Quito Fuckclubs. I have fucked 26 chicas for 44 fichas on 22 days to date. Also details some statistical play as to where my money is being spent in Quito.

Post 265 on May 24 gets Distinction. A quote: “If hombres knew the kind of chicas that are prepared to pleasure their Heavenly Spears in other countries then overvalued chicas in our countries would be out of cock -- permanently. The only thing saving them is the sheer ridiculous ignorance of men.”

Post 268 on May 25 gets Distinction. Titled “Night Club Sala VIP” it details me setting up camp in this chongo and fucking three chicas over eight hours, as well as my introduction to Vivianna.

Post 276 on May 27 gets Distinction. Titled “Basic Instinct … Starring Tungurahua” this is the story of discovering chongo The Office, a return to Night Club Sala VIP, Vivianna and arch-rival Maria Jose getting into a cat-fight, fucking Vivianna in some post cat-fight sex, and hanging out with the Cocaine King of Gringolandia for a night.

Post 288 on May 31 gets Distinction. The 4th Quito Fuckclubs Update -- 34 options now available.

Post 341 on June 19 gets Distinction with the discovery of clubs in north Quito.

Post 357 on June 28 gets Distinction. For the month of June I largely stuck to fucking one girl, Columbian Vivianna. By beginning to distance her in late June it set the stage for yet another explosion of chica and club discovery. This post, titled “5 New Clubs & Two Days in Time,” is the start of a full-scale invasion of north Quito, courtesy of Friky00’s disclosure of additional club action in this part of town.

Post 358 on June 30 gets Distinction. Further scouting in north Quito.

Post 370 on July 5 gets Distinction. The 5th Quito Fuckclubs Update -- 52 options now available.

Post 379 on July 8 gets Distinction by fucking tight Andrea in 3 Star: “she obviously cleared out of Puerto Viejo on her 18th birthday so it is as good as fucking high school pussy.”

Post 380 on July 10 gets Distinction. This is where the intensity of action really picks up. Titled “The South Quito Invasion” it details exactly that, busting open south Quito finding new clubs and taking down three new pussies along the way.

Post 382 on July 11 gets Distinction. Titled “The Invasion of South Quito II” it is the introduction of 19 year young, ultimate fuck-sl*t Samira. Many individuals would warn me of the south’s potential dangers but as this post states: “no risk no reward, right?”

Post 385 on July 12 gets Distinction and it is my 100th post in 2.5 months. “South Quito III” details round two with sexy Samira and me shafting a taxi driver.

Post 388 on July 13 gets Distinction. Titled “South Quito IV (and other stupidities)” it is me going out of my mind fucking Samira for a third session, quoting “Jesus fucking Christ almighty this is some good pussy.” It also details a narrow escape from four taxi drivers trying to corner and beat the living shit out of me.

Post 390 on July 15 gets Distinction being titled “Lovely Little Lucy,” a gorgeous petite 18 year young fantasy found in 3 Star.

Post 406 on July 16 gets Distinction for the discovery of 14 new fuckclubs in south Quito along Avenida Mariscal Antonio Jose de Sucre.

Post 417 on July 19 gets Distinction as the 6th Quito Fuckclubs Update -- 70 options now available.

Post 420 on July 20 gets Distinction titled “Three Days in Time.” Exploring more of north & south Quito for new pussy.

Post 426 on July 21 gets Distinction titled “Three More Meows.” Need I say more?

Post 428 on July 22 gets Distinction for being my second Capital Investment Report of Quito Fuckclubs. I have fucked 51 chicas for 83 fichas on 44 days to date. Also includes additional statistical play to highlight my favorite clubs in Quito.

Post 430 on July 23 gets Distinction titled “Two Strikes, One Base Hit, One Homerun.”

Post 431 on July 23 gets Distinction titled “Sunday in Club Alondras,” with quote: “This chica is very nice. Then she said the magic words: “I am eighteen.” Sold !!”

Post 432 on July 24 gets Distinction titled “Misc Questions & Answers on Quito.”
(1) Question: seems you are basically doing short time intervals on premises at these places -- do you know if there are take-out options to go back to your place for a longer time or all night?
(2) Question: Are there girlfriend possibilities with the chicas in the casas and clubs?
(3) Question: can you recommend a hotel?
(4) Question: I do not speak Spanish. Is this a problem?
(5) Question: is it dangerous in Quito?
(6) Question: is Quito packed with sex tourists? Do you see any increase of that sort?
(7) Question: Do the girls allow anal and/or facials?
(8) Question: Are bare-back blowjobs (BBBJ) possible?
(9) Personal Note

Post 433 on July 25 gets Distinction titled “Mas Lucy, Por Fabor.” Crashing jumbo jets, fried monkey dreams, more of 18 year Lucy, and a streetwalker’s ass nailed.

Post 439 on July 26 gets Distinction as “Love Me Two Times,” with the return of superhot Samira to my life in Club 11-79. Quotes: “I am delirious, mad in heat, teeth ground to calcium crisps, muttering semi-coherently how much I love her pussy, her body, her fucking perfect fucking.” and “Jesus Christ she gives me a raging cock of steel that just will not end, is not satisfied, that violently demands more of her insides, to reach inside her soul to the innermost depths.”

Post 454 on July 27 gets Distinction as “One Down, Sixty-Nine To Go,” describing my being exiled from favorite fuckclub 3 Star as a result of ex-girlfriend Vivianna.

Post 462 on July 28 gets Distinction as “The Bounce Back,” two more sessions with goddess Samira. Two of my favorite quotes written during five months are: “At 7:44pm she strolls in the door, two ponytails cute. YES! I resolve to fuck her twice tonight -- once for each ponytail.” And “this girl has scorched my soul with her sex.”

Post 463 on July 29 gets Distinction as “Seventh-Heaven,” a record-breaking seventh ficha with Samira. “Give her inches and feed her well !”

Post 465 on July 30 gets Distinction as “3 Star Showdown,” over-riding the 3 Star exile that Vivianna implemented by going straight to the owner, Lord Byron. Refucking tight 18 year young Andrea in celebration.

Post 467 on July 31 gets Distinction titled “Sunday Non-Action & A South American ISG Tour.”

Post 470 on August 2 gets Distinction as “The Plot Thickens,” fucking ghetto-sl*t Milena and talking with Vivianna.

Post 471 on August 2 gets Distinction as “Almost A Fourth Down,” so close to attaining that elusive fourth orgasm in south Quito.

Post 473 on August 4 gets Distinction titled “Tensions” with a return to the pussies of Brixi and Lucy, the latter earning a thirty minute photo shoot to capture her now immortal beauty.

Post 477 on August 7 gets Distinction as “Tensions II: Mariela Takes The Eighth, Lucy Balks.” One of my favorite posts. Quotes: “I ask myself: how far is the experiment to go? How far can I bend reality before it breaks and crashes down on me?” and “To anybody that finds these adventures repulsive, as so many in the world would with their conservative value systems, to them I give a stiff middle finger. No apologies. No regrets. No hesitations.”

Post 490 on August 8 gets Distinction as “Carla & A Vacation From My Vacation.” Quote: “Gorgeous (eight-) teen pussy wrapped around my cock, eager to please, a man can’t ask for much else.”

Post 494 on August 14 gets Distinction as “Samira Takes The Eighth; A New Andrea Gets The Cock.” Quotes about Andrea: “a third consecutive ficha. It was fantastic. Forty minutes of beautiful fucking.” and “Sixty-five minutes of ball-istic hole-punching.” Also, “walking the streets and looking at non-pros I often find myself thinking: “Wow, I’d fuck her for seven dollars!” I am going to be cursed for life.”

Post 505 on August 17 gets Distinction as “Here Is Mud In Your Eye, Tungurahua / A Personal Request.” Two new chicas and the loss of a camera.

Post 524 on August 23 gets Distinction as “I’m Back In The Saddle Again.” With lost camera bruising my mojo, a few days of contemplation to put things into perspective, this post I start re-mounting chicas with gusto.

Post 532 on August 26 gets Distinction titled “Gatitas y Gatitos,” fucking Beyonce and Andrea takes the record 12th ficha.

Post 542 on August 30 gets Distinction as “A Little Bit Of Closure,” with Carolina and Alex taking the 5th, talking with Vivianna.

Post 544 on September 6 gets Distinction titled “Seven Days In Time / Last Call.” ISG member Jcr153 comes through big time for me with a new camera. Four fichas more plus the return to fucking Vivianna’s Columbian pussy sin condom.

Post 552 on September 12 gets Distinction as “Newbies and Returns,” fucking sweet July to the 6th, Hermana, Laura, Nicole, Britany, and more of Vivianna. Of the latter I quote: “Goddamn she is hot to fuck these days.”

Post 568 on September 18 gets Distinction as the 7th Quito Fuckclubs Update -- 70 options available.

Post 569 on September 18 gets Distinction as the third and final installment of my Capital Investment Report of Quito Fuckclubs. End of the day totals come in at 73 chicas sexed, 154 fichas paid for over 86 days, plus 5 weeks of fucking Vivianna out of the clubs.

Plus lots of extra statistical breakdowns, like the top 10 chicas, preference of chicas by age category, favorite fuckclubs, comparing central to south to north Quito, and number of fichas purchased by price. As well as a recap of my final five days in Quito and Ecuador, a goodbye to ISGers, with this closing epilogue:

“I came from the jungle of Peru’s Amazon basin into Ecuador six months ago thinking I would stay three weeks. Tops. Looking to climb some volcanos, to rest, relax, recover in the city of Quito between climbs.

I am on my way back to the jungle. Back into the Heart of Darkness. I will go much farther into the middle of nowhere before I break out of the Amazon basin on the Atlantic coast in three to five month’s time.

It has been a grand journey thus far. Unexpected twists, turns, delights, ecstasies, challenges. I don’t know if I am going to live through this South American journey but I refuse to back down in continuing to up the ante in thrill-seeking.

And now this Tungurahua -- when it comes to ISG activity -- like his volcanic lady love in Banos, is going to sleep.

Adios, Adieu and Goodbye.”


09-20-06, 00:20

This is the most important "distinctive report" necessary for ISG members in Quito. Thus it deserves to be isolated from the other 46 reports.

Friky00, you have my blessings to update the Quito Fuckclubs list from here on in. Being the permanent local you are the right man for the job. Take care of my precious baby, my friend!

And who knows, if you find another 70 clubs I just might make a return to Quito some day. (Volcan) Tungurahua is not going to remain dormant forever. ;-)

09-20-06, 19:47
Here is a link to all my pictures on the Quito board, to the visuals of 45 chicas available in Ecuador for the bargain basement prices of 650 to 2000 pennies ($6.50 to $20).


11-28-06, 20:38

Jake Monger
12-04-06, 17:37
It's reports like these that make me want to change my one international trip for 2007! Thanks Civid!


12-09-06, 04:17

Hope this illuminates some of you not to go there.

12-20-06, 20:46

May the force be with you all.

12-29-06, 20:02
What is the deal with TLN in Quito?
A question that has been asked a few times at least, but no one seems to have a solid answer. In my opinion, a place like El Swing might be the best bet if you're into TLN; there are a couple more places like it as well. Here's an oldie-but-goodie report from one member who negotiated TLN with a chica from El Swing in Quito; one of the many reasons why I personally prefer the casa scene. Careful what you wish for!


Col Bog 1
02-03-07, 17:13
Report of a visit to El cafe rojo.


Col Bog 1
02-03-07, 17:16
Report of a night that started with great difficulties, but ended very nicely!


02-04-07, 07:22
Seems sort of weird to "single-out" your own report as one of "distinction", no? I did enjoy reading the last two days of Col Bog 1's trip . . . but could you write in paragraphs that are longer than 2 sentences?

02-04-07, 07:53
I think this is a good, informative post.


02-11-07, 16:45
Here's a great report with photos on the scene in the coastal city of Salinas.


02-15-07, 16:30

The introduction to Quito, its clubs, casas and chicas. Get the lowdown on how to find and fuck 650 penny to 2000 penny pussy. Added to this list for the first time are some takeout quotes (all nighters, toda la noche, etc.) provided by members.

The Quito Fuckclub List is divided into three sections: central, north and south, detailing club names, exact street addresses, entrance fees, chica prices, and hours of operation.

Included are links to online maps as well as a Question & Answer post addressing common questions like:

(1) Question: seems you are basically doing short time intervals on premises at these places -- do you know if there are take-out options to go back to your place for a longer time or all night?
(2) Question: Are there girlfriend possibilities with the chicas in the casas and clubs?
(3) Question: can you recommend a hotel?
(4) Question: I do not speak Spanish. Is this a problem?
(5) Question: is it dangerous in Quito?
(6) Question: is Quito packed with sex tourists? Do you see any increase of that sort?
(7) Question: Do the girls allow anal and/or facials?
(8) Question: Are bare-back blowjobs (BBBJ) possible?

A new distinctive post link being necessary so members can this list easily and quickly.

02-22-07, 20:00

Col Bog 1
02-23-07, 23:45
Report of a night in VIP 3 Stars and La Fragata.


Col Bog 1
02-24-07, 00:00
Seems sort of weird to "single-out" your own report as one of "distinction", no? I did enjoy reading the last two days of Col Bog 1's trip . . . but could you write in paragraphs that are longer than 2 sentences?Hi Almotu,

If you look carefully I only post here my reports that the admin has selected :

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.At the beginin, I was having the same "moral" problems, should I put my own report here?

But, The Admin says that the author (or someone else) should do it, and after all, I don't write reports for not being read, do you?

For the short sentences, I'm sorry that you don´t like them, but it's my style of writing. I think it's easier to read short sentences. I'm sorry to see that it produces a change of paragraph, but I'm still unable to understand how to manage this problem.


Greetings everyone,

Col Bog 1 is correct. It it perfectly permissible for an author of a report to also post a link to that report here in the Reports of Distinction thread.

Please read the Reports of Distinction FAQ: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php

"Any Forum Member, including the original author, may post a link to any report that they believe merits the continued attention of the Forum Membership."



02-26-07, 17:18

04-29-07, 00:56

06-18-07, 14:51

10-27-07, 23:31
A report for those looking for things to do and see in Quito other than sex clubs . . .


10-29-07, 15:28
Below is a link to the maps compiled by Tung. Don't leave home without them . . .

His extensive Chongo List is indispensible and has several links. But the maps seem a bit buried so I am linking to them again here:

Central Quito North Map

Central Quito South Map

10 de Agosto Map

Frikys North Quito Map

11-21-07, 23:38
The tale of two.

Two Mongers in Quito

Two good Ecuador Costa Chicas

Several good photos

671823Maybe Tungurahua can add the name of the bar for Abigail. It is one on his excellent list of places. Not one of the better ones but I found one to nail there after having done the other one just an hour or so earlier.

12-10-07, 01:35

The introduction to Quito's chongos -- get the lowdown on how to find and fuck 650 penny to 2000 penny pussy.

The Quito Fuckclub List is divided into three sections: central, north and south, detailing club names, exact street addresses, entrance fees, chica prices, hours of operation, and optimal visiting times.

Included are ten jpg-maps picturing central, 10 de Agosto, the airport area, as well as the north and south sectors -- 69 fuckclubs in total.

A new distinctive post link being necessary so members can find this list easily and quickly.

04-09-08, 04:25

05-01-08, 22:58
"World Peace Through Pussy" marks a return to Quito for a second six month term, November 2007 to April 2008.

"Set The World On Fire -- Tung-a-fuck-a-lot experiments with cialis: 3 days, 5 chicas, 7 fichas … and counting."

"Teenies & Ladies," with visits to Club 122 and Cafe Rojo.

"Tales From The Dark Side," not everything is glorious in Quito.

"The Perfect Score of 54," tapping three 8teenies in a day.

"Searching for Number 100," Rachel is chica #99, where is #100?

"Capital Investment Report of Quito Fuckclubs IV," breaking down the statistics of Quito's fast-fuck enterprises for Q4.

"The Police," addressing an issue that is becoming more prevalent in Quito -- the police.

"Capital Investment Report of Quito Fuckclubs V, with totals for Nov-2007 to Apr-2008 at 90 chicas (79 newbies, 11 returns from 2006) for 202 fichas on 103 days, averaging 1.96 fichas per day." A look at my favorite chongos in Quito.

The latest Quito Fuckclub list -- get the lowdown on how to find and fuck 650 penny to 2000 penny pussy.

06-01-08, 22:43
a re4port from a highly "consumer conscious" monger.

Best regards.


11-06-08, 15:34
This is my collection of tips/rules for bringing a chica back to your hotel:


El Exigente
11-22-08, 08:32
Maite of Cafe Rojo: 815089

12-12-08, 19:55
Good report


12-12-08, 19:57
We thank you for this Tungurahua


02-27-09, 18:53
I really enjoy the ROD and hope nobody objects to my adding Dirty Willy’s, Shipwreck’s and my reports. All three have a slightly different perspective of Quito but compliment the more experienced reports by Tungurahua and others.

A summary of the good parts of his trip to Quito by Dirty Willy

Shipwreck provides a detailed review of Quito

Three great weeks in Quito by Venndia with a final report that is a reflection on the city as a travel destination




10-30-10, 05:35
Sorry but Tung will always be #1.

However this report is outstanding. I was re living my quito experiences through your words.

If you want to know what mongering in quito is like read this:http:


10-30-10, 05:36
Sorry but Tung will always be #1.

However this report is outstanding. I was re living my quito experiences through your words.

If you want to know what mongering in quito is like read this:http:


07-25-11, 20:52
Many thanks for this excellent post:


Black Page
09-14-11, 06:09
For the ease of reading only the main ones, here is the summary list of my most significant reports about 2 weeks in Guayaquil.

Exact address of Salomé

My first night in Guayaquil: Salomé and SWs.

Where is La 18?
Yes, its really there.

Finally some good pussy in Guyaquil! La 18 (ep. #1 and #2)

A barra (bar de chicas) , one of the many.

El Imperio

Junior's, Habana, Casa Palace

El Gato: hay buena pelada (ep. #1 and #2)

Sunday Sucks!

Black Page
02-19-12, 16:51
What do we really know about how Master Tungurahua look like?


03-26-12, 06:41

Best regards.

Moth To Flames
07-14-13, 01:38
Rather him than me, don't think I'd head off to such a shady spot, but a fantastic report nonetheless.


10-22-13, 19:21
TheIceKing posted a great, detailed trip report from his time in Ecuador; brings back some sweet memories:


Unlike him, I actually took up a local's offer to check out some other chongos and lived to tell about it, but perhaps TheIceKing is a better judge of character than I am!

10-26-17, 16:57
For those of you that go to Quito.





11-19-17, 18:22
Full report on Yolanda Lopez TV personality she used to dance in a lesbian club back in the day.


The Cane
08-01-19, 17:35
Another great report from one of our best Latin America mongers!


05-10-21, 22:51
Here is a link to John Gault he stayed in Ecuador almost 2 weeks, fucking almost every day.


05-10-21, 22:57
A walk around the red light district of Guayaquil.


05-15-21, 19:45
My second report regarding Manabi women.


05-20-21, 21:13

A post of recent developements.

06-08-21, 21:28
A taste of some of the amenities in Guayaquil.


06-08-21, 21:29
A taste of the mass transportation system in Guayaquil.


06-08-21, 22:53
The force is with me today.


07-25-21, 20:15
The force is with me today.


08-02-21, 04:22

Thinking deep.

09-21-21, 05:25
Doom thinking.


10-12-21, 03:01
The force is with me always.


10-26-21, 17:07
Nothing is as it seems.