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01-01-05, 02:00
Greetings everyone,

I've started this new thread to provide a centralized location to catalog the Forum's best travel reports. Here's the idea:

If you have written one or several detailed travel reports, or if you know of such reports, then please post the link here.

You may also include a short summary of the nature of the report.

A sample report would be something like this:


Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.



You can copy and paste the link into a report, or you can do it the easy way and use the tags, which you would format like this:

[post]Post ID number here

You can identify the Post ID by moving your mouse pointer over the "Quote" button and reading the Post ID number in the Status Bar at the bottom of your browser window. It's the last number at the end of the link text, just after the letters "p=".

Please note: In order for this thread to be effective, it cannot turn into a discussion forum. I don't want to have to be so tough about this, but any reports that do not include a link to another report will be deleted.



Meat Loaf
08-16-07, 14:55

09-03-07, 03:41

Meat Loaf
04-08-08, 20:44
This is an experience I had with a fellow monger one Sunday afternoon.


04-09-08, 00:08
I suggest you follow the series of the most entertaining reports I have read in a while, all written by the mighty Meat Loaf. Made me laugh out loud with tears in my eyes (and that wasn't because I was bangin' a Nica for 2 years without ever getting to know her home-country - which - regarding these hilarious reports - definitely I should have done):


Meat Loaf
04-18-08, 16:03
Meat Loaf,

A career veteran in the area of financial asset management and jurisprudence abroad and within the USA, discusses the process of being filed against for divorce by a foreign citizen in search of alimony from a USA citizen.

Additional information regarding this topic may be discussed if anyone is interested.


Meat Loaf
04-23-08, 17:11
Meat Loaf Romance:

Meat Loaf Receiving a Street BlowJob:

Observations about Chicas Nicas:

Two Stories about the Mongering Lifestyle:

Jealous Chicas Nicas:

Meat Loaf
05-07-08, 15:43
Meat Loaf's Report:


68 Year Old ISG Senior Member's Report:


05-16-08, 04:29
Some suggestions for Managua.





Meat Loaf
05-22-08, 15:24
Meat Loaf delivers another series of reports concerning crime, social economics, and other cultural traits of Nicaragua.

Gringo is Victim to Home Invasion:

Nicaraguans and Money:

Street Crime:

Asset Protection and Alimony:

Armed Robbery Witnessed:

More Thievery Witnessed:

Meat Loaf
05-22-08, 15:42
meat loaf delivers a wide range of stories and topics.

the prostitute mentality:

employee revisited, pt. 1:

employee revisited, pt. 2:

comparing managua mongering w/ other countries:

lady goes loca for meat loaf, pt. 1:

lady goes loca for meat loaf, pt. 2:

lady goes loca for meat loaf, pt. 3:

meat loaf turns the table upon prostitutes:

university student earning tuition:

sex worker peer-pressures meat loaf:

meat loaf, you are not the father:

Member #4167
06-05-08, 20:27
TJTexans's most excellent report about non-pro action in Nica


Member #4167
06-10-08, 16:25
Good report by Senor 'Loaf about new club location


Member #4167
08-25-08, 19:09
Managua Chongo List - This is the most recent/up to date for the forum, although it is appx 10 months old.


Meat Loaf
11-15-08, 16:17
"XDred's First Impressions of Managua, Nicaragua

Meat Loaf
11-15-08, 16:26
Although "Down Deep" spent a lot of time focused on crime and fear, he did manage to get some sex from the local scene.

Excellent Report by "Down Deep"

"Down Deep" Attacks Multiple Vichos (P*ssies)

Meat Loaf
11-15-08, 16:35
Meat Loaf Mongers w/ XDred, day #1

Meat Loaf Mongers w/ XDred, day #2

"XDred" Thanks Meat Loaf for Tour Guide Services

"XDred" Day 4

"XDred" Report on Day 5

"XDred" Thwarting Assailants

"XDred" Report After 7 Weeks of in-country Residence

Meat Loaf
11-15-08, 16:40
Living Conditions in Nicaragua

No Water Service

Public Utilities

Your Money and Nicaraguans

Workplace Romances / Nicaraguan Work Ethic

Nicaraguans and Your Money

Mr. Western Union

Protecting Your Gringo Money in Divorce Court


Living a Double Life

Meat Loaf and the Women that Love Him

Jealous Nicaraguan Girls Fight Over Meat Loaf

Granada Tourism

Granada Tourism

Meat Loaf
01-07-09, 11:54
Non-Pro Nicas / Nica Men / Social Locations

Meat Loaf
01-26-09, 14:27
The Managua Mongering Hall of Fame

Managua Mongering Hall of Fame: DrDewman is Inducted

Sometimes those that speak less carry more of a punch and "DrDewman" is such an individual!

DrDewman knows more Chicas Nicas than I.
DrDewman derobes more Chicas Nicas than I.
DrDewman spends more on Chicas Nicas than I.
DrDewman has more "proof" of success than I.
DrDewman takes mongering more serious than I.
DrDewman has more years of experience than I.

DrDewman has earned the privledge of being inducted into the Managua Mongering Hall of Fame and is a verified "superstar."

Despite his inability to speak Spanish, DrDewman scores with the wh*res. DrDewman's techniques have proven to be fail-proof. He may not know the rules of the game, like Donovan McNabb, but DrDewman scores more touchdowns than I, Meat Loaf, have ever experienced.

Congratulations on your induction DrDewman and may you enjoy the fruits of your "hobby."

What an honor to be in the Hall of Fame for Nicaragua.

I take it you enjoyed the pictures I sent you and yes, I do want to post some of those on the site.

After 3 days in Costa Rica those trips are getting shorter and shorter, I will arrive in Managua on Feb. 2nd and spend a whole week there and enjoy and try to stimulate the economy there in Managua and Chinandega this trip.

If anyone else is going to be around that week just let me know by PM and maybe we can met up and hit some of the spots.

thanks Meat Loaf, I do plan to see you very soon.


Meat Loaf
02-23-09, 20:55
Matalgalpa Mongering Location revealed by "Nica Bound."


Nica Bound
02-25-09, 16:27

Meat Loaf
03-06-09, 15:12
"Cocha Monger" discloses the risk of Gringo-Latina relations: 100% Truth.


Meat Loaf
03-14-09, 01:53
DrDewMan, the inductee into "Managua's Mongering Hall of Fame" recommends "girl-friendly" hotels while visiting Managua, Nicaragua, Central America.

Follow the rubber-trails of a pure legend!


Meat Loaf
03-16-09, 00:40
First-time poster, Huevonn, details San Juan del Sur, Rivas, brothel, and gets down-and-dirty describing the various sized vichos.


Meat Loaf
03-16-09, 00:42
Nica Bound details Managua's auto-hotels.

For a change of pace and discretion, auto hotels are used!


Meat Loaf
04-15-09, 05:08
"Darien," a fresh poster to ISG, details the "true deal" concerning Nicaragua.

Don't waste time reading "Meat Loaf" posts 'cause "Darien" has nailed the entire Managua Mongering Scene. It's not worth international travel and he details why: 870100

04-15-09, 14:52
"Darien," a fresh poster to ISG, details the "true deal" concerning Nicaragua.

Don't waste time reading "Meat Loaf" posts 'cause "Darien" has nailed the entire Managua Mongering Scene. It's not worth international travel and he details why: 870100

Well, Nicaragua doesn't sound like a mongering country. Too much effort.

04-15-09, 23:18
Well, Nicaragua doesn't sound like a mongering country. Too much effort.I do not know what you call too much effort.

In Managua is very simple to find a chica at night. Just drive or take a taxi to one of the mentioned clubs in my last post (ex. Good Times) and invite out one of the chicas at the club. That simple it is. The clubs usually are not pack with large crowds. Specially the ultra expensive clubs, I have seen them pretty empty.

Then, consider that for just $25 you can have a nice private moment (30 minutes) with a chica. And for $60-$75, you can take one out all night. In the US, for $25 all you are going to get is a 3 minutes table dance from a girl in the range 7 to 8.

True, the day actions is more difficult because Massage houses do not advertise on newspapers. But then, it is not hard to get phone numbers from girls at the clubs and call them at day time. Also, you can get additional information from the girls about other places and their friends available during the day.

As far as regular girls pick up, it is the same in every country. That is, you need to connect with them in public locations, etc. and then take them out right away or whatever. The advantage of Managua is that cost is relatively low because many girls earn low wages or do not have jobs.

In the USA, I will be very happy to have one of the mestizo chicas rated 7 to 8 available to play. If you one 100% white girls, then you have to hit on regular girls which take more time. So what a Nica mestizo looks like. Remember Blanca Jagger ( Mike Jagger first wife) or Barbara Carrera from one of the James Bond movies, they both mestizo ladies from Nicaragua. They were hot when they were 19 to 27 years old. That is how they got where they did.

Of course, on a persoanl basis, I do not want more foreigners invading Nicaragua and jacking up chica prices like they have done in Costa Rica and Panama. At least not so until I hit a jackpot.


Meat Loaf
04-16-09, 14:40
Fellas', this thread is not for commentary, but Reports / Posts that contain valuable information on the Mongering Scene. And these posts must receive accolades from Jackson's employees (ie. proof readers / risk management) before they can be placed here. Those posts must be written on other threads and placed here as an accolade. This is not the thread for commentary.

It's the thread for Quick reference.

Commentary should be placed on the other threads.

Meat Loaf, always looking-out for your best interest! And no, I'm not trying to regulate the board, but keep the clutter to a minimum.

Member #4351
06-18-09, 15:39

One of the best posts I have read anywhere on ISG. It not only pertains to Nicaragua, but to many other Latin American mongering destinations.

09-08-09, 05:13
Had a great girl in Fenix. Called herself Erica and Chyna. Was a good sport with a lot of english. Seems that she lived in Costa Rica but moved back to Managua.

She is 30 years old with natural 34's, large nipples. The great thing about her is her pricing. She makes no bones about itthat the ass, mouth and pussy are all available for 15 dollars american, over and above the Fenix fee. She told me she has sucked cock for three dollars if she needs milk for the babies. Sad ***** with no where to go but worth reaming her ass and cuming in her mouth for the price of a hamburger.

Used to wrok in Costa Rica, and now she knows that a puta is here in nica land. good phuck and would meet her outside but with 4 kids, no thanks.

Meat Loaf
09-17-09, 13:35
One of Meat Loaf's biggest fans was really upset at the news that he would no longer be posting on ISG. Frankly, I wouldn't want to be the one responsible for Meat Loaf's departure. Let's see what he had to say about the matter.


Chocha Monger Video Production of "Top Quality."


09-17-09, 18:47
Choca Monger,

My compliments to you, sir. With your injected dialog.....in subtitles - no less - that was one of the funniest video takeoff I have ever seen......about Hitler befouling his subordinates about Meat Loaf. Cute as can be......

I shouldn't worry too much about Meat Loaf though....I think he will no doubt rebound and will soon be back to his usual mode of wittiness, jocularity & self-admiration here on ISG.

Meat Loaf
10-06-09, 11:39
TJ Texan,

Longtime poster on the Managua thread details club locations, the Managua mentality, and a contrast to Meat Loaf posts.

Excellent post: 937957

Meat Loaf
10-07-09, 10:38
Future "Managua Mongering Hall of Fame" inductee, "TJ Texan," details (a) how not to "pull caballo," (b) how to SURVIVE Nicaragua, (c) the value of a Gringo / foreigner in Nicaragua, and (d) how to find a clase chavala (ie. respectable girl.)


Meat Loaf
12-10-09, 13:18
"Chocha Monger", an inductee into the "Managua Mongering Hall of Fame" explains a time-tested technique employed by females worldwide. 963992

Meat Loaf
01-23-10, 11:39
"Old Immature," took the challenge and entered Nicaragua. Although he has not paid Jackson his US $20 for ISG Senior Membership, his experience was worthy of "distinction" status.

Day 1: 979110

Day 3: 978377

Meat Loaf
02-08-10, 15:04
"MeeWee" has spent a little time in the "Land of Lakes and Volcanoes" and re-iterates common themes of Meat Loaf during this stellar post.

A must read for anyone looking for an objective point-of-view.


Meat Loaf
03-22-10, 14:28
This short and brief post is the entire story concerning Granada, Nicaragua, Central America:


08-25-14, 22:27
I've started RTFF for a future trip to Managua and came across Tomjackin's report. I've found several of his reports to other places to be very useful for first time visitors and so I'm putting this in the ROD for others to also reference:

Part 1 from 1/18/12 1238665.

Part 2 from 1/19/12 1239028.