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01-01-05, 02:00
Greetings everyone,

I've started this new thread to provide a centralized location to catalog the Forum's best travel reports. Here's the idea:

If you have written one or several detailed travel reports, or if you know of such reports, then please post the link here.

You may also include a short summary of the nature of the report.

A sample report would be something like this:


Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.



You can copy and paste the link into a report, or you can do it the easy way and use the tags, which you would format like this:

[post]Post ID number here

You can identify the Post ID by moving your mouse pointer over the "Quote" button and reading the Post ID number in the Status Bar at the bottom of your browser window. It's the last number at the end of the link text, just after the letters "p=".

Please note: In order for this thread to be effective, it cannot turn into a discussion forum. I don't want to have to be so tough about this, but any reports that do not include a link to another report will be deleted.



Ocean Explorer
10-30-05, 01:48
Here is the remarkable series of well written reports by Kumbu, who had some remarkable experiences in Berlin. I can't wait to return.


05-14-06, 14:19
Thebigman made his first post a good one:

Keep it up, big guy! You certainly got a lot better milage out of the RLD than just about anybody I know.

Angus Magee
06-01-06, 18:42
Kumbu continues with the first two installments of his latest trip to Berlin.

A must read for all mongers.


Thanks Kumbu!

06-05-06, 22:18

still trying to figure out how this pasting links for entering them into our "hall of fame" works, but Mongrin got the most out of Frankfurt for the least buck... and it does make great reading!

Angus Magee
07-02-06, 22:19
5 reports, three of which are from previously un-reported upon establishments.

Bravo Adderm, and thanks


07-30-06, 18:57
You can find an account of my recent experience in a Berlin sex kino here.


Txl Muc
08-09-06, 20:08
Experience with the Hautnah Outcall Agency, Miki and Nikol

Miki - Angus Magee's and my reports:

Nikol - Angus Magee's and my reports:

Txl Muc
08-14-06, 11:12
German and Frankfurt ‘Laufhaus’ Primer in 3 chapters

Chapter 1: 495169
Chapter 2: 495184
Chapter 3: 495408

Angus Magee
09-28-06, 14:55
Some excellent reports of the Berlin scene from Toscana who should be awarded some sort of medal for his work (7 sessions in one day-mein Gott!!)


Thanks Toscana

Angus Magee
10-06-06, 10:07
Two well written & informative reports from Jovon


Angus Magee
10-09-06, 08:42
Another excellent report from Txl Muc:


Angus Magee
10-13-06, 11:10
Two informative reports from aht169


Janine ?: http://www.top-prestige.de/janine.htm

No pic of Eva

Angus Magee
10-25-06, 20:55
Two excellent reports from Grand Wazoo with more to come.


Thanks Grand Wazoo from the Berlin Board.

Angus Magee
10-26-06, 08:29
'Man I' has fun with Tanya & Evelina both from Artemis:


Great report!

Angus Magee
11-20-06, 22:18
Here is a well written report from Lex Lector (no relation to Hannibal I hope;-) concerning Miki @ Hautnah. She has been reviewed before and Lex confirms both her hotness and her (ever so slight) lack of enthusiasm for the job.


Angus Magee
12-19-06, 07:44
Three extensive reports from Kumbu regarding his adventures in Artemis some months back. As always Kumbu's reports are informative and well written with much detail.


Angus Magee
03-16-07, 19:46
A good solid report on a new girl (whose pics are smokin' btw) named Angelina at VK.

Great report Foxflag. Thanks for the intel and I like your writing style. I must admit that reading your report gave me wood ;-)


And here are the pics of the lovely lady in question.


WOW!!!! Lucky Foxflag!

03-23-07, 09:37
..report is a shining example of detailed,tongue in cheek commentary about one of the best bordellos in Europe.
See it at http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=573458&postcount=205
Great stuff!

Angus Magee
04-13-07, 16:51
A good solid report from Nyhanare about his week at Artemis.

Nyhanare wins both the "most time visited in a week" award and the "most different euphemisms for his Unit" award ;-)


Thanks for the report.

Angus Magee
04-27-07, 07:10
Great detailed report from Dogger862



05-05-07, 10:55
Way to go Stinky Squid!


Angus Magee
05-05-07, 11:16
Way to go Stinky Squid!


The link is off. Sends me to a reply form.

05-06-07, 11:33

This is my first time nominating a post.


Angus Magee
06-24-07, 23:51
An excellent two parter from Zipron detailing his exploits at Artemis. Well written and informative.


Thanks Zipron.

06-25-07, 13:12
The true story of the supposedly "legal" prostitution in Germany.

What really led to it, and why is the German government now trafficking in sex workers.


06-25-07, 13:25
A good solid report from Nyhanare about his week at Artemis.

Nyhanare wins both the "most time visited in a week" award and the "most different euphemisms for his Unit" award ;-)


Thanks for the report.One of the best I've read in a long, long time.

Angus Magee
06-29-07, 16:51
A visit to Tiffany's by Every Walker.


Thanks EW. Ritter 11 has been reviewed but not often and not for a long time. Always good to get an update. And the review is well written IMO, with pertinent details about the girl and a good general idea of service.

07-08-07, 18:33
A good report on FKK Club Sylt in Nuremberg (Nürnberg) by BlueScott.


And an earlier report by Gerd Holler on FKK Club Sylt is also good.


08-03-07, 17:22
FKK Orient Update Nuremberg Germany


08-10-07, 18:17
An exhaustive description of the current legal situation of prostitutes, their customers, and brothel keepers in Germany.


And a critical response to the allegation in another report that prosititution would still be illegal in Germany and the government would procure prostitution.


08-11-07, 13:32

09-14-07, 22:09
short overview of what a monger could do in Hamburg:


Angus Magee
10-22-07, 21:29
Extensive, well written and informative report from GW about his time in Berlin.


Thanks GW

01-04-08, 10:42
Very well written report.

Here goes for Frankfurt: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=685498&postcount=969

Angus Magee
01-16-08, 20:13
Great informative report from Nullnull


I Like Birds
03-17-08, 13:30

Good report with exact description of the place and service quality.

Olli 69
03-27-08, 03:58
Some information about some girls, locations, kinos, shows and clubs in Hamburg in an answer to some questions of other users. Not very well written, as I don´t know it better, but may be useful. ;-)


Good f. ;-)


If you have some questions to the article ask me, you´re welcome.

Olli 69
03-27-08, 07:46
Here are some supplementary Advices about shows and Laufhäuser (e.g. Eros Centers) at Reeperbahn / Große Freiheit in Hamburg and how to deal with the girls:



Puff Time
03-27-08, 21:03
Just goes to show that great minds must think alike. No sooner than I had made my post:


than Angus Magee added another straight after:


Some good info here on a nice little Puff

Puff Time
05-15-08, 07:20
A great report from Angus on his exploration into the independent market:


I Like Birds
05-17-08, 20:56
A very good description of pitfalls and dangers in Hamburg RLD. I hope this never repeats to the author and to anyone else.


P.S.: As to my limited experience, if you are non-local, eros centers are good only if you go for a latino woman over 50 years old. Otherwise it's no pleasure at all.

05-19-08, 20:26
I venture to publish this as a very nice report on the FFM RLD: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=744375&postcount=1056

Thanks for sharing your experience!

Angus Magee
06-17-08, 21:39
An excellent read from Tommysnap on a Berlin Swingers Club


Il Cobra
06-18-08, 10:23
Good advice on what to do when you are in Hamburg (instead of being scammed in St.Pauli/Reeperbahn).


Angus Magee
07-21-08, 07:57
Edie72 learns the hard way that the Sw scene in Berlin is not always the best bang fot the buck.


08-10-08, 23:09

This guy is a rock-star as scout. Thanks!

08-12-08, 22:22
Two masterpieces of research from our resident Berlinmeister:



Massage, Kinos and miscellaneous:

If visiting the Bundeshauptstadt these are on a required reading list!

Angus Magee
08-21-08, 09:30
Here is Exoiticspirit's report of his late night visit to Mona's, a bordello that some how failed to make it onto my club listing. Good intel here!


09-17-08, 19:51

Angus Magee
09-30-08, 14:12
Good informative posting.


10-11-08, 19:08
KD, bei Lust, bei Linda and Club 59


Angus Magee
10-18-08, 06:11
Solid and informative report by Charlie 123


Many Thanks Charlie. I look forward to the next report.

Angus Magee
10-21-08, 09:11
...and treats us to a detailed report.

Many thanks G W. More to come I hope.


10-28-08, 10:37
Just an outstanding report filled with detail and dripping with passion on Angus' recent anal escapade with Sweety of La Passions. I want some too.....

A thrilling read at http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=806235&postcount=1135

Italy 1974
10-29-08, 23:54
Hera a report on a nice afternoon spent at Traum Paradies (black and anal experience).

I hope you will enjoy!


11-26-08, 23:09

Some very interesting options in Munich. Useful in a difficult city, which is often the subject of info requests on the forum. Thanks very much.

12-06-08, 00:05
Folowing the director´s recommendation here´s a link to a nicely written report, that belongs here: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=820581&postcount=1188

Nevertheless, if you want to try out the RLD, avoid the "obvious" and go for Taunusstrasse 39 (latinas), Taunus 27 (reeeeally good), Taunus 26 but only the first entr, not the one in the back and enjoy.

01-08-09, 00:59
A great reply to my question:


01-08-09, 11:37
A great reply to my question:

I second this nomination!

Great stuff from our roaming Hamburg correspondent, Rufus T Firefly.

Angus Magee
01-09-09, 18:23
Dead Poet visits Berlin Society and the result is a short report packed with info on La Passion girls and Freudenhaus girls.


Now if we could just find the elusive Vanessa...

Angus Magee
01-19-09, 17:30
...in this quality report from Charlie 123



Angus Magee
01-19-09, 17:33
Puff Time shows us that VK is not all bad with a quality GFE experience that makes me want to sign up and break my vow never to cross their doorstep again.




03-30-09, 17:32

Angus Magee
04-19-09, 09:31
...puts his member to use at Salon Prestige with sweet Anni.


Thanks for the post Member.

Angus Magee
04-20-09, 17:18
....has a bit of bad luck with the service but treats us to a very informative post of his Berlin visit.



05-10-09, 10:14
A couple of reports on my first visit to Cologne






Angus Magee
06-01-09, 08:28
... and contrasts Bitchclub Alice with DesireErotik Anastasia.

Good report.


Many Thanks T M

Angus Magee
06-05-09, 15:41
... the rounds in Berlin and hits all the better addresses.


Thanks for the report TW.

Angus Magee
06-19-09, 16:15
... unturned with a series of Berlin reports.




Angus Magee
10-10-09, 08:29
....a series of reports on the current girls at KD.


Thanks Bobo.fr

Angus Magee
10-29-09, 11:21
...breaks new ground in the Berlin escort scene.




Angus Magee
11-10-09, 16:36
goes for the Hat-trick at Klein-zierlich but only 2 out of three satisfy.


Great informative report Charlie


Angus Magee
11-14-09, 09:32
finds himself a gem


Thanks for the report


Angus Magee
11-15-09, 09:09
A little out of the norm here in the Berlin thread is an account of Tony70's visit to a Bang Bang Bar.


Thanks for posting Tony.


11-17-09, 22:29
Ccseeka is ISG's number one Kino Enthusiast. He maintains a fantastic Kino map, that has all of Germanys Kinos on it.

Recently he checked out some more Kinos that have working women and cheap partytreff type events.

Erlebnis Kino Köln - Here he attends a 9 hour unlimited sex event with 2 women for the ultra low price of 35 euro!!! Surely the cheapest sex deal anywhere!!!

Erlebiniswelt Shop and Kino Duisburg - He finds a true Nymph fucking for free here!!

Hamburg Kino tour

Swingertreff Why Not - He travels to the area but unfortunately cant locate the club.

Boutique Frivol Shop and Kino - Another 35 euro cheap 2 lady event

Kino Tinas Sextreff - Here he finds a small and good partytreff but not a kino

Angus Magee
11-18-09, 10:37
....on a rare visit to Berlin street scene. A very informative report including pricing etc.


Thanks Fawn


12-03-09, 23:27

Well written report by Myrrh.

01-11-10, 15:11
A worthy updated magnum opus on the brothels of Berlin. Many thanks to Angus.


Angus Magee
01-14-10, 17:41
....and hits a home run with his first report.

Excellent report Murkly. Very detailed & informative giving info on some very under reported agencies & girls.


Many thanks

Angus Magee
01-24-10, 09:40
...with a stunning first time report. In it he reports on Freudenhause, Liberty, L'amour 2a, Thai massage and finally a fun filled evening at the King George Flatrate Club.


Great report Hardbone. You are a credit to the board.


Angus Magee
01-24-10, 18:13
....some gaps on erotic massage in the forum.


Good report. The two latter places you report on have long been places I have thought to visit. It is helpful to get some on the ground info.

Now if I can just tear myself away from Artemis' girls...



01-31-10, 15:17
Dear all,

I am new on that forum and internationaleSexGuidTour. Thanks to all for this exellent site.

I shall be in Frankfurt in 3 weeks with out many time to check the best place for a good fun with girls and couple. I like public sex.

Do you know the best in that city? I would like to have sex with manèy woman. GG party are there the best?

Thanks for your experienced help.

Fred from Nice.

Angus Magee
02-01-10, 09:59
I am new on that forum and internationaleSexGuidTour. Thanks to all for this exellent site.

First I would suggest posting in the correct thread. This is the Reports of Distinction thread and reserved for reposts of informative posts for easy reference.

Second, I would suggest spending sometime reading the correct threads. I suggest the Frankfurt thread, some of the FKK threads (Oase, Palace etc.) and maybe even some partytref threads.

I realize that maybe English is your second language and this may be difficult. But, in the end, this is an English language forum. Much of what you ask has been addressed before and folks don't want to, understandably, just rehash the same old stuff to every new poster who shows up here.

Good Luck


Angus Magee
03-01-10, 10:12
Hektor T gives us the rundown on two more expensive agencies and compares the service he receives to a less expensive one.


Thanks Hektor


Angus Magee
03-03-10, 10:22
...with 4 short reports from Royal & KD.


Thanks for the reports Ravein.


Eric Praline
03-09-10, 16:35
Funds won't run to thai land this year. Seriously thinking about Berlin. I've done some research but its most confusing so I thought Id ask the experts. You guys.

I'm assuming there is a ZONE or area in berlin I need to stay in where the action is. Anyone reccomend a hotel?

Heard great things about Fredenhaus Hase?

Prices. In Brothels seems to vary widely about 50Euro for 30 mins sound right?

How about the prices in FKK clubs?

I speak no German. Problem?

Any advise / experiences most welcome.

Thanks to all on this great board.

Angus Magee
03-11-10, 19:17
A truly great report from Mass Monger on his three day Berlin visit. Places visited include King George Flat Rate Club, Liberty, Artemis, Kino 26, Paola Kino and Herz.


Fantastic report MM. Thanks for taking the time to write such an extensive report.


Mass Monger
03-14-10, 08:23
See the following link for a report on Frankfurt which is similar to a similar one for Berlin - cited in ROD section. It covers primarily the Oase and Palace in Frankfurt.


Angus Magee
03-17-10, 21:32
Thanks for the report JD.



Angus Magee
04-02-10, 15:10
Thanks to Charlie 123 & Txl Muc we now have an up to date overview of the Klein-zierlich agency and its' two stars, Madeleine and Simona. And the word is that they are both excellent choices for fans of young tight EE providers.

And a short report of MR's Adriana is thrown in to sweeten the pot

Txl Muc: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1005100&postcount=2070

Charlie: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1004841&postcount=2067

Thanks gentlemen for the reportage.


Duffys Tavern
04-04-10, 07:53
See the full report of a pleasant trip to Pirmasens here:


The Haus's website is www.hausmichelle.de and the only downside of the place is that it's a little hard to find without GPS or a good map of the stadt.

Angus Magee
05-22-10, 07:24
This report is not even a cautionary tale but surely it deserves to be enshrined here in the RoD thread. I mean in my street days I was ripped off for doing what I thought (at the time) was something pretty stupid. But Unter takes the cake as he gives his bankcard & pin number to a street hooker to withdraw extra cash for a duo session. The rest is history.



Angus Magee
05-25-10, 16:18
...and falls a little for Melissa bei MR. Who can blame him and in the end we have a couple of good reports.


Thanks Kid


Angus Magee
05-27-10, 08:14
Great report Jedi. Sounds like the force was with you this trip.


Thanks for taking the time.


Angus Magee
05-29-10, 10:34
Hektor takes the high road with a report from Villa Rascona and it seems to satisfy.


Thanks Hektor


Angus Magee
06-01-10, 15:35
...better late than never award with his reports from a February Berlin visit. Old Angus was (I must admit) privy to the original closer to the moment reports via private email.


But thanks for sharing Merkur and good reportage.

Look forward to you next visit.


Angus Magee
06-29-10, 08:55
Dogfishuae brings us a couple of good reports from Liberty in Berlin.


His report covers Jenna http://www.libertyberlin.de/jenna.html Serena http://www.libertyberlin.de/serena.html and the one who got away, Toni http://www.libertyberlin.de/toni.html

Thanks for the report Dog


Angus Magee
07-01-10, 08:58
...from shooting JR(I forget who really shot JR...) and delivers his take on the under reported Tiffany's, Exstase Massage and the table dance bar Rush Hour.


Thanks for taking the time Bobby

Angus Magee
07-12-10, 08:51
...at the Thursday night Insomnia GB and seems to have a great time.


Thanks Finsbury-sorry about the pun


Angus Magee
07-13-10, 08:58
Short reports on Euphorie massage, Ekstase, King George flat rate & Hauptstadt escort.


Thanks for taking the time Alex


Angus Magee
08-02-10, 11:07
Hardbone reports on tow flat rate clubs coming up with a clear winner.


And the winner is-King George.

First rate report HB


Angus Magee
08-09-10, 09:01
A pair of reports from different mongers (Spec20 and veteran field reporter Charlie 123) flesh out the rooster on this small Berlin agency.


Thanks guys. I would say that this agency is worth keeping an eye on for future developments and fresh talent.


Angus Magee
08-16-10, 16:00
....with his thoughts on the Berlin indy escort scene. This report does not give specific recommendations, rather it details Tompnis' thoughts and observations on the indy scene, why one would chose an indy escort, what are the possible pitfallls and what are the advantages.


Thanks Tompnis


Charlie 123
08-19-10, 08:31
Angus excels himself with his extensive coverage of our joint mission to the King George flat-rate club


Couldn't have put it better myself;indeed, I didn't. Comprehensive, accurate, thoughtful and insightful - yet another quality piece from Berlin's master scribe

Well done,


Charlie 123
08-19-10, 23:53

A superlative report on our joint mission to the King George Flat-Rate Club in Berlin from Angus Magee.

Comprehensive, accurate, thoughtful and insightful - a top-notch effort from the Berlin forum's premier scribe


Angus Magee
08-20-10, 16:26
Tit for tat (or something like that) Charlie. I was going to post both our reports here on a single post but you beat me to it, twice ;)

Interesting to read these reports back to back as they give a very complete picture of this classic who*e house/bar that is not to be missed by those with an appreciation of the seedier side of mongering. Not for amateurs! unless you are looking to go pro, then it just ads to your experience no matter what happens.


Thanks Charlie


Angus Magee
08-23-10, 18:17
Hektor T, Berlin thread High End Expert signs in with the definitive High End report.


Excellent Hektor. Where were you when I was writing my High End Escort report for my blog ;) You sort of put me to shame there with the high end info. Will post a link on my blog also to your definitive report.



Angus Magee
08-26-10, 22:31
Charlie 123 slam dunks the Escort-sex24 trifecta as Angus mixes metaphors. Two of the three here have been posted before in this thread but I thought it fitting to have them all together in a single RofD post.

In order of his reviews.

Natalle: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1051692&postcount=2342
Paris: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1057216&postcount=2387
Roxana: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=1060065&postcount=2434

Well done Charlie. And gents, better not wait too long. With the smaller agencies one never know how long the ladies stick around. This is part of the charm.


Angus Magee
08-27-10, 22:15
Charlie, the Monger I Admire most in September, has done it again. this time making the effort to give us an almost (maybe 75%, not including girls not on the website) compete rundown and review of the roster.


This sort of stuff is Priceless.

Thanks Charlie


Angus Magee
09-20-10, 14:07
Good report Paddington. One of the things I like about KD is that if you click with the girl you can often get a good long chat thrown in along with the "baser" activities.


Thanks for the report


Angus Magee
12-14-10, 08:09
Mango Head signs in with an extensive KD post, also mentioning Kashima Tantra Studio.


Great report MH. I look forward to more.


Angus Magee
01-19-11, 13:12
Greg 173 leaves us with a most excellent report of his virgin pooning trip to Berlin.


Great Report.


03-29-11, 21:20
Mrfuckdick writes eloquently about his visit to Freudenhaus Hase and Caligula flat rate club in Berlin. This report had me in absolute stitches of laughter. Mrfuckdick writes directly and to the point sparing no one their blushes.


As Charlie123 says,"Post of the Month".

Angus Magee
07-24-11, 20:40
Chouckchouk does Berlin in style hitting all the major venues and trying anal for the first time.


Good work mate.


Angus Magee
09-08-11, 15:01
Over the course of a couple of days Kimino and Charlie hit most of the city's top brothels with Royal coming up the definitive winner.



Thanks guys.


Angus Magee
09-08-11, 21:33
Charlie keeps us posted with his report on the Berlin Brothel Tour.


Way to go lads and keep up the good work.


Angus Magee
09-15-11, 18:25
The second of Daffon's reports takes us to the infamous King George Flat Rate Club. Him and his buddy experience the FL girls in all their glory and even have a MMF threesome-of sorts.


Good reporting Daffon.


The first in the series (Artemis w. Dad) can be found here.


09-16-11, 20:08
GFE Finder provides us with German translations to basic terms for use with girls who may not speak English. Extremely useful info.

Thanks a ton. I've been wondering if I should trust google translate on this and I am glad I didn't. LOL.




Angus Magee
09-22-11, 10:47
O E hits two mid range and one discount bordello in the course of a few days with some pretty decent results.




Many thanks for reporting your findings.


Angus Magee
10-04-11, 18:38
Bobby Cph reports on Penny from KD.




Charlie 123
10-07-11, 16:22
A thoroughly informative report on this flatrate club. Much appreciated. Caligula has been written off as a tourist trap by a number of senior members of the Berlin forum. Certainly I myself had also discounted this place as a no-go zone. Thanks to Felix's earnest scouting, this place must deserve consideration for budget-mongering in the Haupstadt and as a discount alternative to Artemis.

Thanks very much Felix. Very valuable research.

PS. I don't know how to do a link, so I have reproduced Felix's material hereunder.

Caligula Berlin

Two weeks ago I went to Germany for a weekend to buy some alcohol. Thats what Swedes often do in Germany. Yes, bypass the political correct system of high taxation of wine, beer and strong spirits. However I made it into a long weekend tour and planned to reach Berlin for a few hours of fun and some sightseing. I was heading for a FKK club (because I like the concept, and also like to have a sauna, pool, eat and realx and to shag girls) but hesitated because I was after a really sex-over-dose thing and tried to find a pauschal club, just for the sake to try it out. I have read a few not-so-good reports about Caligula (Bordell Caligula, Martin-Luther-Straße 18, 10777 Berlin) http://www.caligula-berlin.de (and infact about pauschal clubs in general. Quality and beauty of the girls, service, food etc) That means I was in the mood for shagging a lot of girls and also to find out if it was a place with sad "forced girls in-to-prostitution" (even though prostitution is legal in Germany) or if it was a club to enjoy. I also had a bit oa budget in my mind. Maximum fun that would not cost an arm or a leg. So I decided for a club with best value for the money. Club Caligula was my final choice. (though I had a nice contact with an independent escort, but a single girl session)

With a road map I went there by car (plenty of road works comming in from the north) and it was rather easy to find. Car parking was no problem as they have a private parking for club guests. I did not use that because I found a free lot and was short of time to get in before 15. 00 (E 79 fee) but was just 15 minutes too late and had to pay the E 99 "flat rate" entrance fee. (in fact their add refers to as them as the original flat rate club) A bit disappointed but the delay was due to the road constructions. I payed my entrance fee and I left my luggage in the security deposit area, a small side room guarded by the door man and the staff. It seemed pretty secure to me. As it is not a FKK club it mean there is no dressing room and no lockers and no showers. In the club you stay with you clothes on. I entered the club and found it to be a rather small club. Pictures can be seen at their web page. They told me there will be 8 girls until 20. 00 and after there will be 20 girls. Once inside I ordered an alcohol free (drinks are free such as beer, cola, non-fancy cocktails, but champagne is extra (big time). I did not want to get drunk as I had a plan to shag as many girls as possible, and of course I was going to drive later.

Club: Quite small and utterly boring. Nothing to do than look at the girls dancing in bikinis on the podiums waiting for a man to take interest in them (small one with poles and the big one – main scene) or enjoy the free drinks (no food at all) A few tables and seats were available and also to sit at the bar. If you are not in a shagging mode you will become bored as h-ll in this club. As I entered 15. 25 not many men where there. The promised 8 girls (up until 20. 00) were actually 6-7. Only half of them were shaggable. The main bar area is where you stay and once you give the signal to a girl you will go with her to a tiny room in both ends of the club. BTW the shagging rooms were quite small and lighting were sub-standard, quite dark, and a bit gloomy. I thought, Ok, I will be here for a few hours and then leave so it is ok. However it was rather boring when you was not shagging a girl. The bartenders tried to serve you whatever you liked (unless it was champagne) You are allowed to leave the club for 45 minutes to go out for a meal if you agree with the door man. If longer you had to pay an extra fee or as much as full new charge if gone for a long time. You could see many middle East or oriental looking guys and also some westerners. Most men were just sitting and drinking and looking and visibly not doing anything. Some men you could spot as experienced because they were actually in the hunting mood and went often with girls to a room. While other men were doing nothing than looking. Rules are that you can shag as much as you want. Simple make a signal to a girl and she will go with you to a room. I never saw a girl refuse a man.

Girls: Of course I did not expect FKK quality and that was in fact the case as well. But a few girls were quite sexy and could have been FKK material but on the other hand some girls were just plain ugly and totally un-sexy. I guess that less 25 % were quite hot girls (almost like medium level at such a club as FKK Palace in Frankfurt (with that said there are also rather ugly girls in FKK palace that I consider not doable) A very few were actually hot and sexy as FKK good standard but not really with GFE inspiration, and no wonder why in a flat rate club) and 25 % good and sexy to ok. 25 % were just ok to a bit substandard (and I my list not doable) the rest would need a lot of vodka and Viagra even to consider to shag. The late evening shift girls '20 girls' were supposed to be 20 but were 3-4 less and only half of them were acceptable according to my standards. Most were Romanian and Bulgarian girls. After 20 in the evening there came in a new shift of girls and it was refreshing. However still some girls were really ugly but some were ok and some really nice. Some early shift girls stayed but most were fresh. I counted up to 16-17 new girls. Of the girls I shagged a few can be seen on their web page. More or less all used fake names and yet has different names on the web page than they told me.

The standard session was 20 minutes which included Covered blow job and fucking. (also including DATY at the girl according to the web site) However only some girls allowed you DATY and anal licking. In some rooms the extras menu was on the wall: BBBJ E 10, Kissing E 10, French total 10 (CIM) and anal E 25. Most girls did BBBJ for 10 extra, some did kissing for 10, but few did anal and none CIM (at least in my experience). AO was not really on the menu here. Standard procedure one inside the room is to was your dick in the zink (one in every room) and then it is time for action.

My girls:

Ami. 23blonde Romania. I started with what seemed like THE hottie of the club and a girl that I quickly spotted. Sexy as he-ll from a distance. She was very slim and nice face, nice eyes, blonde hair and she was very popular with men. I would rate her as FKK material. I got her early in the afternoon. She did have very high heels and once in the room she was not that tall and slim but still a slim hot sexy girl. Body was nice, but her body was not super tight. Tits were fine but a just slightly loose. That is ok after all. All in all a fine looking girl. She was Romanian and I did tell her about my travels to Romania and made a few jokes and her partly professional attitude eased up and we had fun. Not really GFE but still nice. I told her I would like BBBJ and anal and she did accept that. She told me she did all but not CIM. Session was ok, though she did not go on top of me. I actually kissed her as well (tongue) but she stopped and told me politely that it would be 10 extra. Started with BBBJ and it was ok. I liked both her pussy and anal and we did 69. I licked her anal good with tongue inside. Shagging went on in missionary and doggy and after that doggy anal. Quite nice and I did her doggy anal for close to 10 minutes and she was not unhappy. Good session and but I did not finish as that is the key to lasting long. Small talk after and a few more jokes. Session was for close to 30 minutes although it was over time as a normal round is 20 mins. It could have been because it was afternoon and not that busy, or because we had a good time. I gave her E 40 (the extras was only E 35) but I liked her and she was happy. I asked her if she liked the club and she said she liked it. I would do again, oh yes!

Anna 22 brunette Romania – One of the girls I wanted to shag in the club. Ok face, nice rather slim body and nice big tits. In the room she turned out to be a bit typical Romanian shark. I had to work hard with jokes to ease her up and in the end it was ok. Ok BBBJ for 10 extra and good normal shag. Nothing special but her tits were nice to handle. Brief kissing but she told me if I do that again it is 10 extra. I did not kiss here again. A bit of a problematic girl but I would perhaps do again. Perhaps not as she was a bit too Romanian.

Irina 24 medium brunette Romania – She has a beautiful face and a bit of a spinner body and was another girl I wanted to do from the afternoon menu. I did a lot of flirting and blinking with my eyes to her and blew her kisses as as I sat on my table and she did gave me a bit on an eye in return. I went up to her and did some dirty dancing and told her it is time to go to the room. Of course she did not object. In the room she was a bit stiff but I eased her up with jokes and charm (at least I think so) and she did BBBJ for 10 extra which was ok, but not good. Session was ok, and she did me cow girl and I like that. The only extra she did was BBBJ. Again I did not finish because I wanted to last several more girls. All in all an ok session that I think I would do again.

Tanya 21 brunette Romania – She was ok and sweet looking and as girls were free to shag and she was sitting alone at the podium I thought why not. Not the hottest girl (and I hesitated) and bit of a big ass. Still sweet face. We went to the room and had a rather boring session. She did not do any extras as she explained that she got a boyfriend that she loves. She told me that girls get 100 E if the work at the club in one shift. I asked if she liked the club and she said it was ok. No inspiration and I would not do her again. Avoid!

Mirela 21 brunette Romania – She was a sweet looking but far from a stunner. The kind of next door girl. Nothing special but still appealing. Normal body and normal sweet face. Nothing special at all but she was the only doable girl left on the afternoon menu. I went to her to the room. I was surprised that she did do anal and went for BBBJ. Normal body and normal sweet face. Again I tried my jokes and a few Romanian words and it eased her up a bit a bit but not that much. (with most of the girls I tried hard to treat them nice and be funny and make jokes –even if they turned a bit professional so to say) It worked in some cases. (from experience it works better with FKK girls – but still it did work a bit with these harder working girls) BBBJ was actually very good. Recommended. Sex in different positions as ok but noting really special to write poems about. Anal sex in doggy style was rather hard and ok and I pumped hard her until I came in her ass. Nice. Would do again as her BBBJ was very good.

Pizza time! Needed food and told the door man and went for a 40 minute break across the street to a tiny Italian restaurant. It was a very nice afternoon in Berlin and it was close to +30. Also I needed a rest and to wait for the new 20 o'clock shift girls. At 10 past 20 I went in again and no problems.

Jessica 18 Poland brunette– When I went in again after my pizza and a beer (alcohol one this time) I spotted a a girl in my taste. New shift and meny had arrived. She got a got of a face like porn star Carmella Bing but of course not those big fake tits. He Slavic face was what I desired. She seemed like a new comer. Looked at her for a while and enjoyed a free cola. I went to her and waved and asked her to go with me and she did. (no surprise) She is quite tall and got a young firm body though I would never have guessed she was only 18. She asked me to guess her age when we was in the room and I told her 22 and she waved down until she agreed on 18. I still do not believe her to be only 18, but perhaps 20-21. Who knows? Anyway she was a girl in my taste and I asked her if she did any extras and she told me only BBBJ. I told her I wanted kissing, BBBJ and anal. (I was especially interested in kissing as she was fresh for the shift and had not yet sucked other dicks BBBJ) But again she told me she only do BBBJ. I only had 20 Euro bills and gave her that and asked if she could change. She told me something which I did not understood. Then she asked me to wash my mouth with mouth with refreshing liquid. She told me that we can kiss. Of course I washed. We went on for nice kissing (tongue) and nice touching and caressing. Nice GFE finally! I sad her down on the bed and she gave my a very good BBBJ. Slowly and powerful, and again I asked myself if she was only 18 and could yet perform this skilled and good blow job? It was super! Best blow job of the evening. Then we went on with sex. She went on top and it was great. Missionary with kissing, nice, and doggy. A very nice session all in all that I would do again with her. Recommended though she does not do anal.

Ciccolina 23 Hungary (Barby) – She is a tall slim blonde (fake blonde) and with a nice face. In the web page now she is Barby. She was initially ordered to go to the bar and serve the guests drinks, As soon as she got free I asked her to go to a room with me. In the room she was a bit of a special girl. Before with had lots of eye contact and a bit of a flirt. She was still nice but did not want to do any extras. Well, I thought, ok, since we was in the rooms. I will just shag her and that's it. Session went on with covered blow job (which I hate) and it was only ok. Then I asked her to do me cow girl and she accepted. Now this turned out to be something extra. Evene if she did not do any extras. She moved on top of me and moved her pelvis in a I way I thought not was possible. Like a gymnastic girl. The thing that saved the session was her riding. Quite nice and interesting. Would do again.

Elena 26 (from where?) – This was a slim hot girl from a distance that I wanted to shag from the evening menu. I found her free and gave her a hint to go to the room. Once inside the room and naked her slim body was far from perfect. Saggy tits to say the least. Single mother for sure. She also got a very bad attitude and would not even tell me where she was from. She told me whats does it matter? It is a reply I do not like at all. She seemed not happy at all. I aksed her if she liked the club and she told me she hated Germany. Sex was not good. I would NOT repeat!

Amalia 20 (Romania Bulgari?) – a sweet firm bodied young girl from most likely Romania though she did not really understand what I told her. Still very nice, She agreed on BBBJ. The session was good. Good session and energy. Later we had flirty eye contact.

Ami 23 Blonde Romania – I promised her a repeat session earlier and we did around 23. 00. Quite nice again. BBBJ in good style and nice cow girl and nice doggy. I finished in her doggy with a loud moan after a hard session. We had a small chat and that was it. She asked me how many times I had finished this eveing (as I think she saw me going with several girls. I told her thate she is my second finish and she looked surprised. I told that the trick to do many girls is not to finish every time as it makes a man tired and she understood.

As a side note I did one girl AO (bareback) for a minute but then I got a feeling I should not do this because of danger. Remorse. Before that I told her I wanted NO condom and I think she understood me in the wrong way and climbed on top of me uncovered. However it was pure heaven and I felt I was close to terminate. Super but too dangerous.

This is a report about a pauschal club, Caligula, in Berlin. I got sex with 9 girls and 10 sessions intotal for E 260. With its pros and cons, It is just my experience. I would perhaps do again. You get a lot of pussy for the money, but if you wish GFE it might not be thing you want. For the horny dog it might be a nice experience though.


Angus Magee
10-20-11, 07:40
Rainmadra contributes a real slice of Berlin with reports from several establishments, from the sacred to the profane.


Great report Rain. Lots of info here.


Angus Magee
11-06-11, 15:48
Thanks for the report Dornstadt. Glad you got to meet Petronella. This girl really is the club's saving grace and I always have to wonder why she does not move up to a better place. She certainly could if she wanted to.



07-08-12, 02:31
Kamilla Dee: I was disappointed by the lineup. The website has ton of women on it, but when I arrived I was only shown two girls. I was told that the other girls were occupied. Upon leaving I saw three additional girls. My problem with this place is the small selection. The price is in on the internet which I is 80 Euros for 30 minutes. The place would be better if they had more of a selection.

Angus Magee
07-13-12, 04:59
Wanking made us wait for for it buy delivers a definitive report and guide to the under belly of the Berlin sex scene and gangbang clubs. Complete with pictures and colourfully written prose it puts the reader right there where the action is. Warning, recommended that the reader wears protection while reading this. The report here is the overview of the trip and WK's experiences with street girls. Within are links to his many pictures, a video and reports in the appropriate threads for his gangbang adventures.


Well done Wanking. The formatting alone puts the rest of us to shame.


Angus Magee
07-19-12, 09:08
Belvaros gives himself something to atone for in Berlin.


Not sure if I would have the balls required to bang a 'tut in a church washroom. I guess we can be glad that she did not choose the alter.


Angus Magee
07-23-12, 17:34
Belvaros thinks outside the box and bags himself a bargain Berlin all-nighter.


We are going to have to give you some German lessons for next time.


10-06-12, 17:09
Mass Monger was on a week long fucking tour recently. He hit many places that rarely get reported on here and for that reason his reports are ROD worthy.

Frankfurt (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?678-Frankfurt&p=1331527&viewfull=1#post1331527)

Berlin (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=1331529&viewfull=1#post1331529)

Cologne (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?672-Cologne&p=1331530&viewfull=1#post1331530)

10-17-12, 14:08
Not a report of distinction but a relevant report of reference regards Hamburg.

HAMBURG point of reference. All roads seemed to lead me to 'Paradise Point of Sex'. I visited all other possible options and this was the best. It is on the Reeperbahn, just 50 metres up from 'Eros Laufhaus'. When I first arrived in Hamburg 2pm I visited 'Eros Laufhaus' and only 2 girls, so I returned at 5pm and there was just 6 girls over 4 floors so I visited again at 8pm. There were not to many more girls. I was walking around and the girls started hassling me that I was here before. I said yes I was and I've come back. I was startled by how angry and rude they were. I had money and was happily looking to play and there attacking there customers. There were few other men there and its no wonder. In the Frankfurt RLD the girls are happy to have men walking up and down the stairs, for they know they will soon be players. Window shoppers always become shoppers and shouldn't be hassled.

I left and saw 'Paradise Point of Sex' up the road and the word 'Laufhaus'. It is up a short walkway. It must be the most luxurious Laufhaus in Germany. Wide carpeted hallways and grand stairs. The EE girls at 'Eros Laufhaus' seem to have moved here. There was a more relaxed atmosphere. I found a beautiful slim brunette Rumanian on what I think was the 3rd floor. Be sure to have a look down all the hallways, it is a maze of hallways. She was great, a real honey. 50 E for 20 mins full sex. There are some other nice girls as well. I've been back 3 times. To me its the only show in Town. They start in the morning to. Well worth a visit.

I visited Herbert Strasse and the girls in the windows all looked voluptuous, as in rolly polly, with boob jobs, slightly over weight and fake tans. Not for me. I Visited David Strasse and the Hans Anders Plaza and the street girls were all similiar to the girls in the windows on Herbert Strasse. I visited the 2 Thai Laufhaus's on Grosse Freiheit but nothing really of intrest to me.

So, all roads seemed to lead me to 'Paradise Point of Sex'. That is the place for me. Cheers Nickc

10-17-12, 16:55
Not a report of distinction but a relevant report of reference regards Hamburg.You already posted this in the Hamburg section. You said its not a report of distinction, so why post it here? Doesn't make sense Nick.

Also you are only supposed to link to reports in this thread.

10-27-12, 00:04
Wanking, a long standing fan of the arschen licken apparently also has a little known weakness for the premature ejaculaten as well. No sooner has a Cleopatra bareback girl laid back in anticipation of a good rogering than she was left with that nice warm wet feeling inside, much sooner than expected. Then a Krefeld party girl refused to kiss him because she could smell another girl's bottom on his breath. This and other bawdy recollections are recounted in Wan King's (now the cum dumpster King's!) Essen trip report.


03-18-13, 14:55
Three informative reports about Pascha in the Cologne-thread:

Griffon11's report from FEB 24th about his great visit:

Eeyore's two great reports about his first two visits to Pascha Köln:

Wanking posted this link to a German Pascha-Documentary: http://youtu.be/Nzwjes1I_70

And after all this, I started a seperate thread for both Pascha Köln & Pascha Munich:

05-26-13, 23:35
Not my area and not even my cup of tea, but Dr Quest wrote a nice report, comparing Mon Cherie to Laufhauf Vitalia here: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?683-Munich&p=1425886&viewfull=1#post1425886

06-13-13, 23:05
And reports on a great day at Erlebniswohnung gang-bang apartment, a fantastic experience at swingerclub Insomnia and a somewhat disappointing interaction with a big boobed street hooker:


06-26-13, 15:12

I liked this report because it gives a really good flavour of several clubs around dusseldorf

09-19-13, 16:03
Rus501 wrote a nice report about his first gangbang, which he just had with Yvonne in Bad Cannstatt (Stuttgart) :


12-01-13, 13:39
I wouldn't, but you got to love the nuttiness of it all as Wanking spreads the seed in Berlin -below the über link to 3 seperate reports, all worth a glans (ha ha).


12-02-13, 17:08
Here's a nice rookie-member report about Drei Farben Haus in Stuttgart: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?685-Stuttgart&p=1502823&viewfull=1#post1502823

10-27-14, 19:39
Charlie123 has pulled it all together, from the knowns knowns to the unknown unknowns, in the most up to date, epic overview of the Ho'ptstadt for beginner sinners too busy to search.


If every city had this, who knows what wonders, time saved, rants reduced, and freed up server space, might follow.....

Banana Boi
03-03-15, 22:46
RLD http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?678-Frankfurt&p=1689471&viewfull=1#post1689471.

FKK Mainhattan http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3172-FKK-Mainhattan-Frankfurt&p=1689492&viewfull=1#post1689492.

FKK Sharks http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?3225-FKK-Sharks-Darmstadt&p=1689538&viewfull=1#post1689538.

08-16-15, 16:52
New ISG member Droom posted his maiden Report, a very detailed report about his recent trip to Mönchengladbach, Venlo and Aachen in the Other Areas thread: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?686-Other-Areas&p=1760817&viewfull=1#post1760817

08-29-15, 00:34
SvenFKK wrote an excellent and very balanced report on the matter of the projected "law" that German feminists would like to implement in order to terrorize sex workers and their clients: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showthread.php?667-General-Info&p=1764193&viewfull=1#post1764193

Nooky Ninja
10-27-15, 21:05
For good description of indie scene Berlin, Eszpresso gets ROD.


KC Questor
08-06-17, 21:20
Two posts in the same week with good information on the gangbang clubs in Berlin:

Wild Man answers general questions about Erlebniswohnung GangBang Club and Anni Porsche

Ratavuloira described the action at Anni Porsche, with some comments about Erlebniswohnung

Der Auslander
11-08-18, 23:20
A truly magnificent report by Kosher Kowboy, who recounts his Frankfurt RLD and FKK experiences during his most recent Deutschland adventure (October / November 2018). Well written, informative and entertaining, this report details the mongering exploits of an inveterate and seasoned monger who enjoys going his own way!

Link to Kosher Kowboy's Frankfurt RLD & FKK Report: 2246275

Many thanks Kosher Kowboy for the very fine report and for giving back yet again to the forum.

Nooky Ninja
11-28-18, 22:21
Piefke keeps it real, in Berlin.


Nooky Ninja
03-08-19, 07:57
Zimmerbaby tames the kinos of Berlin with side trip to Polska paradiso. Reporting as it should be.


10-22-19, 21:27
Some info about the available sites: http://www.internationalsexguide.nl/forum/showthread.php?668-Berlin&p=2337814&viewfull=1#post2337814.