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Greetings everyone,

I've started this new thread to provide a centralized location to catalog the Forum's best travel reports. Here's the idea:

If you have written one or several detailed travel reports, or if you know of such reports, then please post the link here.

You may also include a short summary of the nature of the report.

A sample report would be something like this:


Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.



You can copy and paste the link into a report, or you can do it the easy way and use the tags, which you would format like this:

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Please note: In order for this thread to be effective, it cannot turn into a discussion forum. I don't want to have to be so tough about this, but any reports that do not include a link to another report will be deleted.



05-10-07, 23:12
Hi Tech mongoring in Egypt


12-05-07, 00:01
Africana Disco in Cairo :


Roman Guy
05-05-09, 10:11
Very excellent report about a very excellent place.
It makes me planning an Egyptian tour far from Pyramids and Sharm al Sheick.

06-10-09, 11:19
Archangel8166, at his usual best, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia report


Roman Guy
07-15-09, 08:42
The greatest report For the Eritrea section of this forum.
Thank you Tigedejade.
Have you got any pictures to share?


08-16-09, 13:35




Fantastic reports and pictures of this little reported gem.

Roman Guy
09-18-11, 17:55
Nice pictures, nice girl.


01-07-12, 12:33
Keep up the good work!

Pics please!


10-06-12, 20:02
Well done John Auro!

Some great reports on Addis Massage parlors!

Really good info!

Nice pics.

Keep up the good work!



10-08-12, 08:30
Interesting John. Looks like you found another FS spot in Pink and Hani. I visited Hani next to Mercy on Sunday myself. I actually went to Hewan but looks like the Indians have that place on a lock (was too busy). Told them I would come back and went to Hani. Beautiful and curvy petite girl named Christie was at the helm. Her massage sucked so I knew she would be up for more. Eventually, my luck also sucked. She said she was on her period and wouldn't do sex. Finished me off with hand after much playing around. And promised to do everything next time.

Last week, I also tried Happy Massage with only hand massage. Fucked another girl at Hewan. Tried Rove massage on road from Edna to Bole road. Cute girl with decent massage but didn't do anything more. Sent her cute friend in for a handjob which I declined. I also had the exact same experience with Nardos at Mame massage (she was dripping wet on my legs but still refused sex. Oh well). I'm definitely enjoying the hunting in this new ground.

Pete Benetar
02-18-13, 16:21

9 Days in ADDIS. Februr 2013
Let say:' I love addis'. My friends here. They knew me: 'diamonds in the sky'

I have to come back twice a year just for a week or two. Other people go to the doctor asking for a break:.I go to Addis and Addis is good to me. 6 1/2 hours from Europe, good food, save and a good hunting place, good for surprises. See also my pictures from last 2 years ago as well. Some face covered-some not, when I asked the girl for showing the pic. My friends.

This time I brought some little helpers I had left from Mombasa last year. 'Kamagra Jelly'50mg.

It helps if you wane fuck 2-3 times or more a day.

Met some lovely girls, see the picture made by my cheap camera, feel free to msg. Me for asking tel. Numbers, etc. AND – sorry for my bad English writing. I'm better in other languages.

Eight days in Addis:

1. First day I arrived early Friday Morning (Taxi to the Hotel not more than 100Birr) – checked in, ' Bole Guesthouse'.420Birr. 16-€, perfect 6th floor, big balcony, big room, Nr. 603. (pic. Of reseat) directly opposite of the guesthouse is a small shop (left side shop) He exchange money, got for 100 euro 255Birr, Airport was 144Birr. So no need to go to the western union downstairs of the hotel or the bank around the corner. May you will get a better rate opposite the station – but a long way with taxi – and bole road is still closed.

Daytime I take the big taxis, collect some 1Birr notes and 50cent coins. Fares are between: 1, 50 – 4Birr, depend the distance. A ride from Atlas to Kasanchis-Piazza-Mercado-Stadion-Mesquel Square-back to Bole Bridge-Atlas. Will be around 20Birr. You will need the whole day. A Taxi cab with all the stopover will be around 80-100 Birr for each distance after a long bargain. (All in all 500-700)

So I only take taxis at night ore when I'm in a hurry.

At 10am I was hunting for some new massage places. Follow the street left of atlas. 400m you see a sign 'Chinese restaurant'-next big junction right and left side after 300meter you see the sign of the place. 'MAKI MASSAGE', ask for 'Tesseda' she is sweet and I got the best blow job since a long time ago in addis. Good massage, very sweet, I didn't asked for extra – just start touching her sweet, talked to her and she kissed my dick was running- a good blow job a good fuck. 400birr.

Had a Coffee in' Incognito' just around the corner of Atlas on the beginning of Cechenia.

Called my girl 'Lili' from last time, a appointment in a coffee, her mother is in town-so no chance for a fuck. A kiss and I promise to be a good guy.

After a rest in my big room – hunting time for Piazza.

Found a nice sweet one opposite of Taitoo hotel. I was really scared a little. 100 Birr and for the the room another 40 – I forgot to bring my own bedsheed. The thing in Piazza: to many Rasta boys can make you a hard time. In the end I only said. Something like: SALAM ALIAKUM- I'm a Muslim I live here I saw you before-I need privacy. Whatever you tell them they continue. Talking to you in a psychopathic way: they don't stop talking. So sometime s you have to be very polite to say thank you in a way they understand. Reminds me long time ago in Morocco ore Egypt ore Gambia.

If you're not polite-it's easy to be in strange situation. Just be strict in a direct way to say NO!

Back home for 100 birr to atlas by Taxi. (Don't pay more)

2. Day. Saturday morning for a massage in the same place. Blowjobqueen was waiting.

She is very sweet by the way. But she refused a picture. (pic. On the sofa)

My cutie from Tagged was busy – so I told her-stay at home hopefully we meet another time. Sometimes girls in Addis are very easy – bur not easy to handle. An Ethiopian friend told me that.

So I met my other sweet one for a coffee and a shy kiss. She went back to her mother.

Good restaurant: 'green few' 200 meter from Atlas. Opposite of the big junction. Just ask someone. Good Pizza, and other Italian, Local, etc. Food. (Pizza 80Birr)

After dinner a long walk to Haollet. But nothing special on the road. (up to the road to the church and then left) So I ended up in Piazza and found had a cutie I knew from last year for 100 and she was happy. Me to. Short time in one of the rooms. (pic. From last year cutie)

Rest of the night I had my Gin and tonic in Jimmy's place – in the same building, where the Bole Guesthouse is located. Very good place. Save –and nice people there. No prof. Girl's just couples and sometimes you find a lovely sister from a customer. But not easy to go straight to the point. Will take you some days, Dinner, Shoes, Coffee, Cinema, a first Kiss, playing the game like in western country's, Ethiopia is not Africa in that way.

3. Day. Sunday. 10Am my massage girl was waiting- same good massage –superblowjob and a sweet fuck. My shy girl came later to my hotel. Red wine on the big balcony, (a romantic place). No fuck but a nice play later on the bed. She is sweet. She lived 10 years in US and knew the game. She is playing the shy game. But if you knew the roles'-it's easy to play it. When she left I went straight up to the church-nothing special to see. (Sunday evening. 9PM) Went to beer garden – but only a few tourists. Sunday evening. And I don't like the place. On my way back I saw this young girl crossing the street near the cinema. (Opposide the church) Talked to her and we ended next to atlas, right side of atlas – a good short time hotel-with a toilet and water no towels. (50Taxi. 60Birr for the hotel and 200 for her). She was cute, sexy, always smiling. I didn't take her to my hotel – you never knew.

Next time I will. Her name is BETTY– perfect blow job. I want to fuck her – but in the end I came in her sweet ethiopian mouth. Whow I have to look for her 2morrow. I'm always bringing some little sexy clothes from Europe. Let say the cheap stuff for 3 Euro. Every evening, when I'm out I'm prepared with some plus my cheap camera, condoms, Kamagra and Tissues. So the girls go crazy, when they got this lovely present. Like her. She loved the pictures. And the movie tool on the camera is working as well. She loved it. No tel. Number. Will try to meet her next days. (pictures yes)

All the times I'm searching for Hanna another lovely anorexia queen from Kasanchis. Super blowjob, nice tits and something for skinny lovers. Hope to find her the next days.

If anyone need more information's just feel free to msg. Me. I got so many useful information's through this side and thanks I have the time to give a little back now.

So I ended up in Jimmys place with a Gin tonic, (70Birr) After the big bole road is closed on of the center is here now. Next to Atlas. Coffees, Restaurants, Bars, Massage, every day there is a new place. If you are open for a talk and smile with the people, it's easy to make friends from 25 to 55. It's easy to see the different of the aggressive youngsters in Piazza ore someone higher educated in a middleclass bar in Bole. Met some interesting people here.

4. Day. Monday. Massage like the other days. I brought here a nice white sexy top. The blow job was extra good. My god. I missed that. She refused to come in her mouth so I fucked her. (Massage and extra: 400) She is working day and night. Found her sleeping on the sofa. Friday is her day of. Hmm maybe a long fuck in my hotel. Had a coffee in 'Kaldis Coffee' near the church. It's not a bad place. Not like Paris Coffee but chances are everywhere. I met 2 girls, on of them a nurse just on her way for work. Exchange tel. Numbers. You never knew.

A nice place I found after the massage on my way back (in the middle of the day – if you wane sit outside in the shadow). 'Shalla Public Park' behind Atlas Hotel. Coming out from Bole Guesthouse turn left you see a sign after 10meter turn left again just 5 minutes walk easy to find the place entrance after 300 meter on the left side. Nice restaurant, in the green shadow, local and Italian, etc. Food-you can spend a quiet afternoon there. Very recommended. The food was Ok. Had Kotelet. Meet –reminds me like in the old USSR time in Moskau ore in Bishkek / Kirgizstan, where you got 2 large pieces of meat plus vegetable and a big smile from the big mama she worked in the service. 35Birr for the food. 5Birr Macchiato. 6Birr Coke. And I was happy – but don't expect a Hilton Quality for that price if you eat there. For me a big surprise. Ethiopia is not Africa.

Later on I was in Piazza – had to buy some shoes. If you need real leather shoes for a price like 25 US just go straight left of 'Taitoo-Hotel' until the big street. Turn left and go straight for 300meter. On the left side there is a (large) shoe shop. Looks like nothing special. They have black shoes – leather – 200-500Birr. Nice place little old style.

Got some, but I was too early for hunting and my dick was not ready after the massage.

Sorry If I'm talking too much about money, I'm not such a cheap charly. But there are some helpful information's for another forum– that's all. Many foreigners are paying too much. Nurse money is around 1500Birr a month. A teacher 2000Birr, working in a Coffee 500-1000Birr.

So I did the mistake to look for my girl from yesterday. I walked 2 hours start at 9. 30Pm searching on the way to Haollet. Nothing special there – up and down the street. I was a good target for everybody. Monday night-the youngsters spend all the money on the weekend. But I could handle it. Was hunting for 2hours – and ended like every evening in Jimmy's bar next to my hotel for a drink.

(Same building-right side take the stairways) Wow – a lot of beauties there but not available.

12Pm I left the bar for a last walk. Took a taxi to Haollet and found this cutie on the street. 19years-200Birr – took her to my room. (Meggi) Hmmmm gave her some sexy close and she loves making pictures. She has a baby – look her tits no kissing but she was cute and my dick was working good after the little helper I had in the taxi back.

5. Day-Tuesday. Woke up at 10 and went straight for breakfast.

Make it short: Coffee with the shy girl again. Lunch in Stockholm, a Restaurant in Bole with my Nurse from Sunday. She is sweet. Good family – have to be at home at 8PM. So may be another meeting next days. Noon in Piazza looking for a short time – but 500 for a bad looking desperate dirty one? No thanks.

Found out again that's so hard to find a semi professional. On the street. May be I'm getting older. LOL. Walked around Piazza – but wasted my time. A nap in the hotel and at 9Pm time for hunting. Best thing you can do for bringing girls in the room without going to the reception: Take the plastic of and keep the key with you when you go out in the evening. Once the reception girl told me that instead to wake her up at night. Made a big walk from Cechenia straight up the hill turn right after 1Km and you will come to Haollet. Plenty of girls there on the corner. No English, difficult to talk, no kissing no touching I think. So I walked back the road to bole straight on. Didn't found my sweet blowjob queen and ended directly in front of my hotel seeing THIS girl. 300Birr, had an Italian boyfriend before. So super blowjob training, nice fuck and a GFE. 22 years. We spend a short time in my room with red wine and after 1hour she left giving me her number. She liked the pictures and I can show it here. Some tattoos I don't like too much where on her skin. But anyway she told me 'no baby'. But 90% of the girls have one. There is no other reason for being in the business. (see pic.) Had my last drink in Jimmy's bar as usual.

6. Day-Wedn. Breakfast in Gergi in GG-Royal Hotel Gergi. Have to go back every time I'm here. (See my postings before) There was a fire in the hotel 2 years ago. I was in the 4th floor. What a mass. So every time I'm in Addis I have to go there. The waitress is too sweet for me. It will take weeks to get a kiss from her I think. I got a sweet smile from her and a Macchiato and Croissant from the manager.

My shy girl called. So lunch in Green Few Restaurant and the option for some sweet titsplaying on my bed. But no fuck. But a little suck. She is still too shy ore playing the god game. So I spend the afternoon in Shalla Park with a good draft beer in the shadow. (Good draft beer for 10Birr)

Went back for a nap and called my girl from yesterday. She came – LT500 – 20€ this time. GFE and every game I wane play with her. Gave her some sexy clothes she was happy and we had a perfect time. Put all my stuff in the carpet looked it and felt save.

Had a short night, and in the morning I got my blowjob. She was wild and playful – all in all a big surprise.

7. Day-Thursday. Breakfast in Bole and after that, straight to my massage girl.

Blowjob, Kissing this time no Fuck at 11am. 'MAKI – Massage'. (she didn't like)

Home for a rest and waiting for my shy girl- she came at 4Pm. We had red wine on my Balcony AND I got the chance! Naked on the bed, she is 30 I'm 54 like teenagers. (LOL) Will see her 2morrow again. Was hungry and you never knew: Addis is good for any surprise. Went to Rooni, left of my hotel 200m. For a Hamburger. After that I feel better and I was already equipped for Piazza. Condoms, Tissues, Camera and 1000Birr in my pocket. And what a suprice just saw sweet Betty (pics) walking on Bole. Talked to her straight – she was happy to see me. And we went to my hotel. Gave her a little nice top and got a superblowjob and a fuck was included for 200. Gave her 300 – she was happy and smiling all the time-the most important word this night was: GONSCHO. Beautiful / nice. Nice GFE experience! No telephone. Last dink in Jimmy's.

8. Day-Friday. Exited to see my shy girl this day again. Real GFE. Went to 'Incognito Cafι' out of my hotel next right-200meter right side. Good Macchiato. After internet-opposite of the street, went to 'ZOLA –Restaurant' up to bole before the church on the right side. They have good Pasta, etc.

Was packed with locals and lovely girls. Shy girl came later and I got the chance. We fucked the whole day. (Another surprise) Like a couple in love we slept until 9PM.

She had to go home – Mother is waiting. (she is 29!) Had to say 'god bye' and a promise I will come back. Paid the taxi and gave her 500Birr. She was happy. She is trying to start a business in Addis – not easy.

Went straight to 'Bakal Club' in Piazza (Taxi 100) and had a beer. So many girls. All go for 400-500 for short time. (Means 10-15 minutes in one of the rooms) Some of them are really beautiful. Walked back to my fav. Spot but no girl attracted me. Had a appointment with a guy from Awassa I knew from last year. If you found a trustful local in Piazza – you will have a bodyguard. Pay him a beer or two and he is happy. He translated for me and I newer was a target for someone. So I ended up with a litle diamonds one with sweet tits in one of the rooms. Ask before. Tit touching? Kissing? All clothes of? Otherwise they will just take the yeans of for a quickie. My little helper was still working – but I need my time to come. She was cute and I was happy to see her sweet eyes when I came. (200Birr) Not a word English – my bodyguard made the deal. Late at night back home by taxi, a last drink in Jimmy's. I asked her for a friend for 2morrow. Same time same place: at 10PM. What a night.

9. Day-Sutterday.

Late breakfast, some shopping on my last day. Quite noon in the park, where I met a guy with his lovely sister (true?) from Lalibela. Eyes like diamonds and tits like melons. 24 years old. Got her number and had to promise to call her. Evening a pizza in Green Few and packed for Piazza like yesterday. Met my ethiop. Body guard, paid him a beer and some small talk. At 10PM I was on the corner and saw my girl from yesterday. She indrod. Me to her friend. Whow-nice face, nice hair, nice body. 200 and we went straight to the room. Tits kissing, etc. Addis was good to me.

Last beer in Taito Jazz-club. A live band was playing good old stuff.

Sunday Morning : Taxi to the airport, check in and a last coffee in one of the shops outside of the airport: Just walk 5 minutes to the domestic airport (out of the international and left) Nice place to wait for the plain. Back home with ET – morning 10:30 straight to Europe. Will be back soon.

Roman Guy
02-18-13, 17:42
By the way Claudio: are you Italian?


I don't copy the post because Peter Benetar has already done it.

In anycase, congratulation dear Claudio, you are candidate to the gold medal!

Member #4178
08-26-14, 18:42
One of the best report in the entire African forum. No need to read further to get the idea.


11-03-16, 19:42
Not sure why this wasn't already put in the ROD, but I found JoseNosay's info from 8/2016 on Addis Ababa to be very useful should anyone visit Ethiopia:


04-12-23, 11:21
A post that deserves a gold star.