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Greetings everyone,

I've started this new thread to provide a centralized location to catalog the Forum's best travel reports. Here's the idea:

If you have written one or several detailed travel reports, or if you know of such reports, then please post the link here.

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Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.



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11-06-08, 02:37
Excellent Current Summary of UB as of Nov 2008

Hey guys,

Right, I'll try to help as much as I can.


I honestly doubt you will have troubles trying to have a good time in Mongolia. As a well trim and professional man from the states would most likely, or I would say, will almost definately find a trip to Mongolia most pleasurable. If you're horny, all the better!

Sadly, to all my non-asian-looking friends, that the safest bet, and the easiest bet for you guys now to pick up a girl is in Strings. Drunken chicks who went there with a mind to follow someone for the night, low count of Mongolian men (as compared to other clubs), good security, english is very commonly spoken here. I can't find a better place for us to be. In fact for me too, I'd prefer that place as its the easiest to hunt. All you got to do is buy them a drink, chat them up, dance with them (very important) and you're golden. Of course there are some occassional "untouchable" girls in strings but you've got to figure it out.

If you are a patient man, just sit by the bar, sip your drink and look around and try to catch glimpses of eyes looking back at you. It works that way too, but if you want to go chat up with them, go ahead, but observe first make sure no mongolian guys are around them. I've heard that recently, hostility of mongolian guys against foreigners hitting on the mongolian girls have gone up. So that's why, other clubs are really not the spot to pick if you are looking to hook up. Might get you into trouble.

The other place you can go hunting now is Irish pub. Look out for girls who are just sitting there by the bar eying them customers. Its also a foreigner-safe pub and would serve as a decent hunting ground, as one of our members have reported.

Best of luck!


1) Top bars/clubs for foreigners

- Strings (live band, DJ house mix; the most foreigner friendly place, english most commonly spoken here and WGs no problem)

- Amrita (dance music, pole dancers, stripping girls at the stage; I used to go there last time, but it started to get a little bit dodgy and I wouldn't advise foreigners to go there without a local guide)

- Metropolis (trance, dance, rnb you name it. The mix is good; full of young and energetic teens but one of the hardest place to score)

- Face Club (milder music as compared to Metropolis; mix of young and old generations. Can be a good hunting place, but can get dangerous as well due to the low number of foreingers here)

The rest, I would say are not so foreigner friendly. My suggestion for you guys is, start off with Strings first and if you guys fell adventurous, be my guest.

2) Best Karaoke/KTV

- Chinggis Khan Hotel has a decent Karaoke place, quite pricy, but quite nice rooms and good selection of songs. Not sure about the girls here

- Seoul Club (Opposite Bayangol Hotel) has a decent karaoke room with girl services provided but you can't take them home for the night.

- There is one karaoke after the UB City bank (if UB city bank is on your right), keep going straight heading towards BATLAW FIRM and head towards the inside parts of the buildings on the right (opposite of BATLAW FIRM). You will see a karaoke inside there somewhere which has a good selection of songs, decent girls, and you can take the girl home after for a price of 40, 000tg. Be wary of the bill here, as they tend to overcharge on the drinks and the price can reach upto USD1000 if you are not careful as they tend to charge USD100 per bottle of vodka which they bought for USD15. So negotiate your drinking prices first.

- 3rd and 4th District, Michelle Karaoke. Decent place to have a karaoke, but its a clean place.

3) Best hotels

- White House Hotel. Most convenient if you plan to hang out in strings a lot as it is joined to strings. Girl friendly, price is around 80, 000tg per night. Decent rooms 've been to one of the rooms upstairs and I'll give it 3 1/2. 4 stars

- Chinggis Khan Hotel. Heard from Taloha that its good, but heard that you need to pay a little bit of $$ to bring a girl up. Expensive too and heard from other posts that this hotel seems to be the best in the city and is right behind the club Metropolis.

- Michelle Hotel. 40, 000tg per night. More like a luxury backpackers hotel. But is very very girl friendly. 2 1/2 stars. Located near Metropolis (500m)

- SunJin Grand Hotel. The only 5 star hotel here. Have not been there myself. Can't comment much about the girl friendly but heard it costs a whopping USD100 per night (minimum). Bad location as it is far off the city, about 15 mins drive

- Hotel Mongolia. USD250 a night (minimum), very very far off the city, unrelated to this topic, but if you all want a nice time with the scenery and hospitality, try here for a night.

- New-West Hotel. 70, 000tg a night. Girl friendly place. But quite far off the city near the 1st district. Takes you a 5-10 min taxi ride to get to the city.

- Narantuul Hotel. Think its 80, 000tg a night. Girl friendly. And smack in the city centre (at the end of the city though).

My advise would be Strings since you guys seem to want to look for a good time and its most convenient. You can party, see a girl, ask her to your room, have some fun, then get back down to the club in a jiffy for the next hunt.


January sounds good. But it will be extreme winter so look out for the weather hitting.30 to.40 easily. Let us know when you are here and if you set your sights on them party girls, go Strings

I hope this report helps! Cheers guys! A

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12-04-08, 23:32
Thanks Taloha for the report.

A trip may be in the making next May.

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12-05-08, 07:50
May is a good time to go. Still chilly, but some very nice days and the beer gardens start to open up too.