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07-26-06, 05:13
Since there doesn't seem to be a centralize post for Macau, I thought I would do the honors of posting one. I hope that this report is good enough to be placed here in the RoD section.

Macau is an awesome place to monger. I really lives up to it's reputation of being the Sin City of Asia. I mean, where else can you gamble, eat great food and monger to your hearts content? Granted it's mongering prices is a bit more than China and even Hong Kong, but the quality is constantly consistent and it's really a great place to impress clients or guest who are into mongering. Macau for most nationalities do not require a tourist visa, unlike China which does. So it's convienent for a last minute excursion from Hong Kong. Macanese food is great as well.

This report will briefly touch on the different types of mongering activities as a reference guide so most people will have enough information to make an educated decision on enjoying Macau.

Getting there and geting around

Getting there
There are a few ways to get into Macau. Flying in from abroad or crossing the border from Zhuhai in China are two ways. But the most common and easiest way of getting there is from Hong Kong. Assuming that you were in Hong Kong to begin with, you should go to the Macau Ferry Terminal in Shueng Wan. This is also known as the Shun Tak Center. Take the MTR to the end of the red line in Hong Kong at Shueng Wan and follow the exit to the Macau Ferry Terminal, or Shun Tak Center.

Prior to entering the restricted area, there are a few travel agencies that sell the tour packages. I will mention more about them later. Ferries run 22 hours a day, with the last ferry leaving HK at 4am and the first one at 6am. They run every hour on the hour, and in peak times they may run in 15 minute intervals. Needless to say you will never have to wait long. There are no differences between the hydrofoil and the catamarans.

Travel Agents
Travel agents in Hong Kong at the Shun Tak center are the best way to get the best mongering deals in Macau, and I love being able to put it on a credit card and expensing it. As it will show up as a travel reciept as opposed to being very specific. One thing I learnt was it's better to get packages in Hong Kong is it's the same price as showing up to a place in Macau, but buying packages in HK will include the ticket price, so the deal is you don't have to pay for the tickets serperately.

For example. Assuming you were in Macau and you showed up to Darling 1 to play. You will have to pay $1288 MOP/HKD there. However, in Hong Kong, you would pay the same and get the ferry tickets as well. At the travel agent I purchase 2 packages for myself once. One to Suana Suprema and one for Darling, I actually got a refund back for my ferry tickets, so in essence I saved about $300 HKD.

There are a few agents on the departure level. Most speak good english and there are many different packages. You can also get discounted hotel rooms in HK as well, although it would be best to go on a weekday. Weekends will always cost more. There are non sex hotel/ferry tickets packages as well. They will always give you the tickets for the next available ferry. Please note that they will charge a small fee for credit card transactions. I usually let them tack on 1.5%, since that is usual merchant charge.

Getting Around
Cabs are cheap and plentiful. They have a realiable bus service as well. Macau isn't very big so it's very hard to get lost. Upon getting there, find out at the travel agent which hotel your excursion will be at. You can take the hotel shuttle bus to and from the ferry terminal for free. Or just tell the taxi driver where you want to go, tell him the hotel or even the establishment.

Types of Play in Macau

Macau has different types of play, I'm sure there are more locations but I will mention what I have personally identified. Please feel free to make corrections or add to to this section.

Streetwalkers / Lisboa Parade
Ironically there are plenty of these available. Girls are plentiful at the Lisboa hotel's shopping mall in the lower level. Most of these girls are from China and have a room at the Lisboa where they will sleep and work out of. They may follow you back to your hotel for a return taxi fee. ST should be no more than $500 MOP/HKD. LT depends on your chinese skills and negotiation skills.

There are also alot of Russian or Baltic State girls who hang out outside of coffee shop at the Holiday Inn. They just sit around. Some of the more aggressive ones will ask you as you walk past. But most just sit around. You can always pull up a seat next to them and chat with them. Some speak English, some don't. But it is the place to go to get a white meat fix. ST was $1000 HKD/MOP the last time I asked.

There are also a few Chinese girls who walk around that allyway that is the back of the Holiday Inn. I assume they follow you to your hotel room. Rates should be the same as at the Lisboa.

Night Clubs
There are a few night club options in Macau. These are primarily Japanese style clubs where the mama will parade out a whole bunch of girls while you sit in a private room or booth, drink booze and play dice with the girls. It's a great way to get to know the girl better before getting on with business. I went with a few friends of mine in 2001, it should be on the WSG archives. It was great, as mama paraded at least 50 girls for us while we had two to three chicks sitting with each one of us. They poured our drinks and lit our smokes. You can feel them up or flirt with them. Converse with them a little bit if that is your sort of thing.

You ultimately choose one you take back to the hotel with. I went to the China City and we spent a few hours there. China City is located in the same building as Darling 1 in the Jai Alai Plaza. I think we may have tipped the mama and the waitresses, but I don't beleive there were any out of pocket expenses. The Hostess or mama will tell you what you can spend up to. We got some food as we didn't have dinner and have a couple of buckets of beer. Unlike Hong Kong, they don't require you to open expensive bottles of booze, as their main business are the girls. I picked a young Russian chick as I was in the mood for some white meat, and we took a cab to the New World Hotel, where a room was ready for us.

Such clubs are Club Bboss, Club Momo, China City etc. Most are located in hotels and will provide the rooms where you do the deed. The package from Hong Kong which included the ferry tickets and the evening at China City was $700. The girls tip was $1000 ST. It was an interesting experience but I don't like this form of mongering. I'm also pretty sure that you can stay the whole night at the hotel room after you do the deed when the girl leaves, but I am not positive of that.

Suanas and Massage Parlors

I personally prefer these establishments than the night clubs or street walker scene because it's more relaxing and I can just enjoy myself. It's cleaner than banging the SW at her lcoation too. There are three types of establishments, and almost all of them are located in a hotel with a few exceptions. The three types are as follows. Massage/spa only, no FS, fishbowl like Darling 1 and 2, and full spa with FS.

No service spa
I encountered this type of establishment ironically at the Lisboa hotel. A client of mine wanted a REAL massage and I figured as there were no reports here, it would have been a pretty safe bet. Also the concierge told me that the Lisboa Spa had womens facilities as well, which meant there were probably not many pros in there. It's great if you want a real massage with no full service, but then again, you can get a real message a the full service locations too. So I won't delve too much here.

Darling 1 and 2 are known as the fishbowls. There maybe more, but these are the ones I am well aware of and favor personally. Darling 2 has lower quality girls and therefore cheaper rates. I have never checked it out myself, since if I'm expensing my mongering, I only want the top qaulity tail. Darling 1 is located at the Jai Alai Plaza which is within walking distance to the ferry terminal. If you have never been to Macau, spend the 10 MOP and take a cab.

Upon entering you will think that you have died and gone to heaven. One of the managers will take your ticket, offer you a drink and give you your return ferry voucher back to Hong Kong, while you look at the selection of 50+ to 100 girls of whom you wish to bang. Girls are sorted by race and region, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Caucasian, etc. All top quality tail. They have "model" grade which you have to pay more, but as picky as I am I like the non upgrade girls as is. You pick one, she leads you to a room, you both strip. She makes the bed with fresh linens while filling the bath tub after disinfecting it. You take a nice long bath together where she scrubs down every square inch of your body. Then you proceed to the bed and finish off. There is not experience like it, and for $1288 you just can't beat that deal for the quality. Nothing in North America comes close. There are plenty of Darling reports here so I won't go into detail, but feel free to do a search.

Full service spas
Some of my favorite spas are Suana Suprema and Golden. I have yet to try 18, Hou Va or a large variety of other spas. For my next trip i'll try them. But most of them will operate the same way. Like most night clubs, these saunas or spas are also located in hotels. I would not surprise me if the club and the spa share the same girls.

But this is a typical asian spa experience. You get undressed and put everything in a locker. You get soak in the Jaccuzzi, sit in the steam room or suana. At Suprema they have a 3 nice young girls who will offer to exfoliate your skin for about $200. They do this topless and you can flirt with them a bit, they will even give you a BJ, but will not let you cum. It's an interesting experience. At least all the dead skin will be off you. I know 18 has a parade show of the girls you can choose to bang while you are still relaxing in the hot tub. Every club has a different gimmick but the end result is the same.

When you have had enough soaking and steaming, you shower and get a fresh set of pyjamas. Then you sit in the lounges and watch some TV. You can op for a manicure, pedicure, ear cleaning or foot massage, of course all at an extra cost. You can also op for a real massage at this point. If you want one, let the staff know and the manager(ess) will lead you to a private massage room where an older lady will give you a proper massage. She may also give you a BJ though I have never accepted. Then back to the lounge area and the manager will bring out the girls, usually about 15-20 depending on the time of the day and how busy they are. White girls at the spa are always considered an upgrade for the cost of $300. They are always from the Baltic states and are usually not very pretty. It's like a beauty contest right before your very eyes, you are the judge and you get to sleep with the winner. It's great. I usually get rid of the ones I want removed from the line up and pick from the remaining pool. Again, lead to another private room with a real bed, shower (again) and more festivities. Remember to put some lotion on your skin and you will be dry from all the showers and baths.


Macau is a man's paradise, and I go every time I want to impress my friends or clients, or just for some high quality romp. There are many choices of mongering available and I have outlined some of them here. I hope you have found my report useful. Enjoy the mongering in Macau.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here (http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/announcement-reportsofdistinction.php?) for directions for posting a link to a specific report.

07-26-06, 08:18
I like this detailed report about 18 Sauna. Unfortunately I can't take credit for writing it.


07-26-06, 08:20
Per Jackson's request, since my report doesn't include full experience.


Cn Explorer
10-10-06, 16:58
As per Jackson's request


11-10-06, 19:31
Per Jackson's request, here's a commentary on 18 Sauna & girls of the scene in general:


12-31-06, 19:04
Great report by Samurai on this sauna....Ho Moon Sauna (cantonese pronunciation).

Here the name and address in Chinese from the yellow pages:
28810073 Tel. in the English listing
28810000 Tel. in the Chinese listing


Suggestion on selecting Multiple Session Package:




02-25-07, 00:12
These two reports answered a lot of questions that first time visitors to Macau might have.


02-25-07, 00:44
Thanks to Loso69, RCA Knight and Neuromancer. The Macau thread is full of quality reviews.


04-21-07, 13:22
Good report from Night Cat on some alternatives to the normal Macau fare



Kit Karson
05-25-07, 20:43
Super report that brings back great memories



07-04-07, 22:47
For example. Assuming you were in Macau and you showed up to Darling 1 to play. You will have to pay $1288 MOP/HKD there. However, in Hong Kong, you would pay the same and get the ferry tickets as well. At the travel agent I purchase 2 packages for myself once. One to Suana Suprema and one for Darling, I actually got a refund back for my ferry tickets, so in essence I saved about $300 HKD.Hi Hornyasiandawg,

Would you be able to share how did you get refund for the ferry ticket if you purchase 2 package at one go? Where did you exchange the ferry ticket for refund.


07-25-08, 18:50
Useful listing of hotels by weelock


08-11-08, 06:45
Woodhead's excellent sauna review. This does what a report should do, but so many rarely do: provide useful information.


11-19-08, 13:31
Interesting comments on the state of the inner harbour area:


J Lover
11-28-08, 10:27

J Lover
11-28-08, 10:59
Here is a list of saunas and their addresses. Most of the credit should go to bro Salvatore X, who kindly went to a lot of trouble to compile this list of saunas. I have opted to copy & paste rather than post a link. Why? Because in his post, he omitted one of my favourite saunas - Darling 2. Yes, I know I keep raving on about Darlings 1 & 2, but I'm addicted to these shops; and no, I don't have any financial affiliation to them. Their name card is attached in this post: http://www.internationalsexguide.info/forum/showpost.php?p=788400&postcount=517

Just a couple of things - firstly, it might not be an exhaustive list, but it does have all the majors and many others besides. And secondly, it was originally posted a little while ago (so some of the info could be stale) - but it's a lot better than no list. Either way, I have not personally validated everything here:

Darling 1 Sauna 1/ ダーリンサウナ/打令浴室1
Indirizzo Jai Arai Stadium 3F, Av. da Amizade Palacio da Pelota Basca
Darling 2 Sauna
87-89 Avenida Do Ouvidor Arriaga
Tel (853) 282 11919.
China City Club / チャイナシティクラブ/中國城夜総会
Indirizzo: Av. da Amizade Palacio da Pelota
Deluxe club / デラックスクラブ/富城夜総会
Indirizzo : Grand Emperor Hotel 8F, 251-292D Avenida Comercial De Macau
Indirizzo 澳門商業大馬路288號
Indirizzo 澳门商业大马路288号
Empire city club / エンパイアシティクラブ/帝國迷城夜総会/金都酒店
Indirizzo 地址 :澳門路氹蓮花海濱大馬路
Fortuna club / フォルトゥナクラブ/天河夜総会
Indirizzo: No.63 Rua de Cantao, Macau
Indirizzo : indirizzo cinese lo trovate su http://www.hotelfortuna.com.mo/eng/index_C.html
EIGHTEEN SAUNA / エイティーンサウナ/十八桑拿
Indirizzo Hotel Golden Dragon 6F, Quarteirao 3, lotes C e F, na Zape, Macau
(uguale al golden gradon di sopra ma questo č al 6°piano)
Hotel Rio Club / リオクラブ/利澳夜総会
Indirizzo Rio Hotel B1, Rua Luis Gonzaga
Indirizzo cinese sul sito www.riomacau.com
Sauna Big Boss / ビッグボスサウナ/大富豪桑拿殿
Indirizzo : 澳門南湾大馬路 時代商業中心二・三樓(電梯按2&#23383
Boss sauna/ ボスサウナ/波士芬蘭浴
Indirizzo 澳門南灣大馬路762-804號 中華廣場 22樓
Emperor Sauna / エンペラーサウナ/帝濠桑拿
Indirizzo Hotel Emperor 2F, 51 Rua de Xangai, Macau
Familia Noble SAUNA
Indirizzo澳門新口岸宋玉廣場249-255號 中土大廈一樓全層
(Primo piano)
(questo č al 10° piano deluxe club č all’8°)
Sauna Grand Emperor / グランドエンペラーサウナ/極品桑拿
Indirizzo: Grand Emperor Hotel 10F, 251-292D Avenida Comercial De Macau
Indirizzo : Grand Emperor Hotel 8F, 251-292D Avenida Comercial De Macau
Indirizzo 澳門商業大馬路288號
Indirizzo 澳门商业大马路288号
Millionaire's Palace Sauna /ミリオネアズパレスサウナ/富豪皇宮桑拿殿
Indirizzo: Beverly Plaza Hotel 2F, 70-106 Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau
Rio spa /リオスパ/利澳水療芬蘭浴
Indirizzo Rio Hotel 5F, Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes
Indirizzo 澳門新口岸高美士街
Supreme Sauna
Indirizzo Hotel Fortuna 6F, No.63 Rua de Cantao,Macau
Indirizzo cinese http://www.hotelfortuna.com.mo/eng/index_C.html

12-01-08, 22:48
The choices were bountiful when I was there last week for sure. At least 15-20 real lookers I say. Range from 7-9.5. I didnt partake as I was already drained from the Sauna previously. However next time, I may have to take one of these little ladies up on their offer.

PC out

12-08-08, 10:19
My visit to Sauna 18 in Macau.

A must do for all visitors to Macau.


J Lover
03-10-09, 11:34

Dodger Bulldog
06-18-09, 13:51
Here is a link to Jimmy_Boy_99 great review of several saunas, including East, 18, Sanado, Supreme, Hot Spot, Excellent, and Darlings 1.

It includes his impressions of the girls' looks, service, shows, food, sleeping quarters, internet facilities, and much more.

There is so much information that it can becaome a it confusing, but it is worth reading and re-reading several times.

Thanks Jimmy!



01-14-10, 05:52
Hot Jizz made this very good report with lots of helpful insights on the scene at the Lisboa... even if the report didn't belong in the sauna review section!


03-20-10, 14:06
Nat's excellent travel adventure to Macau and Rio spa..must read..


03-22-10, 04:22
A lengthy review about 18 Sauna. Had to be split up into 4 parts because it was too long for one post.

Part 1/4: 1000729
Part 2/4: 1000730
Part 3/4: 1000731
Part 4/4: 1000732

04-10-10, 16:01
Very good analysis between two close mongering destinations


06-05-10, 20:04
Golden and Familla

Hou Va Sauna & Darling 2

09-07-10, 07:26
Mrpatsfan's report on Sanado is nicely detailed and makes me want to go there!


05-29-11, 06:34
Here is a post from Lattelatte on 5/26/2010, #1898 from the General Info Thread.

This post includes information about currency and hotels, as well as the saunas and WG's, that I found very helpful. (I am in the process of planning a trip for next year and am doing some research now.)


07-31-11, 13:35
Ibn Buttita wrote an excellent report about the main spas in Macau! Outstandingly detailed!

Part 1.


Part 2.


Part 3.


11-11-11, 11:24
Dars Veider was so kind to write a good report about street hookers in Macau.


12-04-11, 17:49
A quick survey for those lazy enough not to RTFF.


08-30-12, 21:46
Newbies should read this and be thankful to Crazy Travel for his contribution.


11-10-12, 01:30
Great and informative report about what this sauna is all about in terms of girls, services and. Additional hooking for those interesting to.

Well done. Thanks.


12-16-12, 22:44
Can sound a bit of a pretty woman script but the report seems genuine and informative on Sauna 18.


09-08-13, 18:45
For someone who's never been to Macau and its saunas, here's a good report by "Canyon" that covers travel, a hotel, and sauna rates.


09-25-13, 05:36
Whenever I read a report that wants me to get on the next flight to Macau, that report needs to be re-posted as a Report of Distinction. This is what a report is suppose to cover: details, details, details.


12-21-13, 01:24
Sometimes you need a well-written report like ATexGuy's to bring you back down to reality.


02-11-14, 15:55
[Deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because it contributed nothing of value and in fact constituted a complete waste of bandwidth.

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange if information between men on the subject of finding women for sex. Let's stick to the subject.

12-10-14, 14:01
What a place!

I was staying in HK for a few days so decided to drop down to macau for a quick visit. I had heard a lot about the saunas in Macau so just had to try one.

Nothing could prepare me for this experience. ON walking in the manager explains the rate card for models, europeans, locals etc etc. I had no clue what's he talking about and then the girls line up. O MY FUCKING GOD! There were atleast 50 chicks there all of them atleast a 7. Thais, Viets, East Europeans, Chinese and even a couple of blacks. The manager again starts to explain something, I have no clue what he was saying. The line up staring at you a, couple of them teasing you to pick them (a cpl of them looked bored, but lets focus on the positives.) its too overwhelming.

I picked a cute local chick and headed of to change my clothes. Since it was my first time I didn't know what I was actually supposed to do. But came to know later you can use the jacuzzi as long as you want and then ask for the line up when you want. After changing into the robes, I headed towards the rooms. I ran into 3-4 girls from the line up and they were literally all over me, asking me where I am from, where I was staying. It might be a part of their job but, having 6 pairs of tits on you and 3 soft hands feeling you you, who the fuck cares: the.

So my chick manages to pull me away and we head to the room. It was quite a walk to the room and all along she had her hand in my robe playing around.

On reaching the room she asks me to remove the clothing and enter the shower. After a decent soapy B2 B I ask her to get on the shower bed and fingering her. She gives you this look, we see in hentai. So fucking hot.

We dry up and move to the main bed. She starts of with the hot and cold BJ. It was a bit awkward to begin with but a good exp. Banged her in mish, cowgirl, reverse then asked asked to blow me till I come, which she willingly did.

As she was escorting me back to the main hall she again had her hand in the robe tugging little john all long. After a decent meal I relax on the lounge chair for a HR or so. The line up of girls would walk right by me every 2 minutes for a new customers. There were a couple of girls who were downright 10's. One asian chick in particular caught my fancy.

So I had a "complimentary" thigh massage left which I opted for later. A viet chick comes by and takes me to a room. I was like "damn I am tired, legs are hurting thigh massage would be really good". We settle down and she sits right across and removes my shorts so quickly I am like WTF just happened. What proceeded was the best 20 minutes HJ I ever had. Negotiated a bit with her to take her cloths off. She didn't agree to that but let me feel her up.

Spent about 4 hrs in FM and must have cum 4-5 times. Was completely spent but extremely satisfied.

Coming back very soon.

02-10-19, 23:27

05-10-19, 00:16
So I am visiting Macau on 17th for 2 days, and wanted to book a decent escort for full day who can show me around the city, and can give me a good time around the day with all the extras throughout the day.

Can anyone recommend me a good agency or preferable an independent for this.