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01-01-05, 02:00
Greetings everyone,

I've started this new thread to provide a centralized location to catalog the Forum's best travel reports. Here's the idea:

If you have written one or several detailed travel reports, or if you know of such reports, then please post the link here.

You may also include a short summary of the nature of the report.

A sample report would be something like this:


Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.



You can copy and paste the link into a report, or you can do it the easy way and use the tags, which you would format like this:

[post]Post ID number here

You can identify the Post ID by moving your mouse pointer over the "Quote" button and reading the Post ID number in the Status Bar at the bottom of your browser window. It's the last number at the end of the link text, just after the letters "p=".

Please note: In order for this thread to be effective, it cannot turn into a discussion forum. I don't want to have to be so tough about this, but any reports that do not include a link to another report will be deleted.



12-04-05, 19:38
Well-structured report from Asian Rain. Thanks for the photos too AR+.


06-27-06, 14:44
Here is an interesting report of an alternative mongering location near HCMC from Wanderer2005


and a clarification about its accessibility to foreigners:


07-03-06, 03:43
MrJayBee report titled "Ho Chi Minh and My Thoughts"


Bill Bradsky
08-05-06, 19:45
By request:


09-15-06, 11:56
As was asked to place this posting here, did it.

Its alittle short write up on Catwalk located at the Annex building of New World Hotel.



12-10-06, 22:15
I hope I'm following the directions correctly to post at Jackson's suggestion. I'm a bit green at this.


12-21-06, 01:49
Great way to pack in a couple of days


Fox Two
08-03-07, 03:34
Parnellcat made a nice post with some good bits of info for both long and short visitors...


Busy Monkey
10-02-07, 11:27
I've been all over Asia and have knowledge about pussy for sale that is not encyclopedic but pretty close to it. I've spend over a week in Hanoi and think I checked out every venue suggested (minus massage parlors) in the Hanoi thread.

I review the entire lot. If you're considering visiting a pussy parlor in Hanoi, read this.


Dars Veider
12-31-07, 13:48
A report about the brothel scene in Hanoi with directions and prices!


Co Van My
02-24-08, 19:12
A very helpful report by Roger Seymore covering 1/ Massage downtown D1 2/ Bar girls 3/ Moto girls 4/ Hot Toc.


04-16-08, 21:54
A very useful report by Unirii about the Fortuna Hotel in Hanoi and the Boss Club.


07-31-08, 21:19
Some clear and concise reports about Saigon by Loso.



Newbie From Vza
09-25-08, 18:47
Hello All at ISG,

I am a new member to this wonderful site and started posting reports recently.

I have posted 3 reports till date and all the posts came out with an editorís note for the link to be posted in ROD section.

I am posting link to them. I hope this report will be of some help to members.

My first post is regarding the MPs I visited in HCMC. The link is :


My second post is regarding Hot Toc (Hair Dressing Saloons) in HCMC. The link is :


My third post is regarding my experience with Immigration officers in HCMC airport. The link is :


This is my first effort to post links. Hope it will work or in case of problem I request moderator to assist me in linking correct posts.

01-04-09, 10:39
This is a report from a guy who did some homework and was prepared to negotiate and found many of the things that are good in Saigon.


01-07-09, 00:04
Report about Karaoke places in Nha Trang


02-17-09, 15:21
Top Lord's trip report.


Chocha Monger
06-20-09, 04:55
Nail The World takes one for the team and shows sometimes a 4 can be as much fun as a 7.


09-13-09, 09:46
Nail the World explores D5.

The info is spread over a few reports.


10-29-09, 04:33
Great post by Cunning Stunt, will be of use to a monger such as myself for future travels:947294947297

Phred Phish
02-05-10, 13:28
The story of one guy's first night in HCMC:


05-06-10, 21:55
A report about Karaoke with action in Hanoi.


Wet Nose
06-06-10, 04:10
Wendella's excellent roundup - note his preferences toward non-bargain but higher quality.


Well done!

06-06-10, 18:03
Wendella's excellent roundup - note his preferences toward non-bargain but higher quality.


Well done!
Yes, Kudos to Wendella for the excellent roundup, but let's read it a bit differently re the preference for non-bargain but quality.


"91 Hai Ba Trung. This bar is the biggest and has the most girls, and they tend to be prettiest in general, also younger, taller -- hotter. It is the one bar where things tend to be least cozy, but if your preference is looks over service, this is the one to visit.

Cafe 29 is at 29 Dong Khoi on the last block before the Majestic Hotel (near river). It has 2 levels and lots of girls, but in terms of looks they're usually nothing special. It is the one bar of all of them that offers the most in terms of customer service. There are couches upstairs and also a little private room in the back."


We can see that going for looks at 91 gets you poor service, the attitude is why give service when you have looks? And for 29, not much to look at, well-worn-in girls there but they realize they need to give good service or nobody wants them. It's the same everywhere else in this tourist and newbie mongering part of town. Of course, there is always the odd exception in a girl, that's true with anything in life or love and we can't seek it out or recommend or predict where we will find it.

09-06-10, 05:51
Possibly the best BJ HT in SG.


09-16-10, 12:55
Stopped by a cafe om today right across the street from the Damsen Waterpark main entrance. Easy to spot out, it's the one that looks the sleasiest, think the name is like Cafe Nhiet Do. Had about 5 girls working, no back room for BJ unfortunately. I picked a petite 23 yr old with nice perky tits with perfect nipples. Only HJ w/ titty lickin/pussy fingering services are on the menu. I paid 100k and that includes the drink. I rarely go to cafe oms but thought I try some new spots near my neigborhood. I will keep you guys posted of BJ/FS action around this area.

Co Van My
01-19-11, 17:49
Sorry I couldn't figure out how to post just a link to this, so here's the whole excellent report. Co Van My.

Massage and BJ Places in D7.

I was curious to count how many Hot Toc, Cat Toc, Blow Job massage places, and also how many Xong Hoi Xoa Bop (steambath and massage) places I could spot along a certain stretch of roads in District 7. Because the shops have small entrances and because the streets are so crowded in the daytime, it's often difficult to see any at all! People and shops and their wares are all over the street and the traffic is heavy, so not easy to see them. I decided to wait till around 9:30 PM when most other businesses are closed, but these are still open.

The road (s) in question are Le Van Luong St going south from 15 St. To Nguyen Thi Thap St, then heading east on that street till Tan My. I counted 12 Barbershp, Hot Toc, Cat Toc Blow Job places and six Xong Hoi Xoa Bop places in all. The BJ places all offer BBBJ with CIM and some degree of nudity and unlimited hand and finger roaming for a flat 200k including everything for 15-30 minutes. The Xong Hoi places do not offer sex, but many of the massage girls are young and often cute and will ask you if you want a hand job around 40 or 50 mins into a one hour massage. Before the massage there is an herbal steambath and often a dry sauna as well. Ticket prices are cheap at 50-80k only and you can tip the girl 50k or maybe more if she does the hand job well and you like her. I usually put another 10k in the basket for the boys in the locker room. I prefer these xong hoi xoa bop places after a CIM BJ and I decline the HJ as I am already fully relaxed. The massage is much better in my opinion if you have just cum already. Also, I instruct the girl as to what kind of massage I like which usually includes a lot of neck and shoulder and some back work. Little on the extremities and no jumping on me or cracking or twisting my fingers or toes.

I found the people at Vinh Thinh Xong Hoi Xoa Bop to be friendly. It's quite crowded at night but not so in the afternoon. Ticket is only 60k and I was surprised by the youth and cuteness of my rather large breasted massage girl from Tra Vinh. Forty minutes in she asked me if I'd be wanting a handjob, to which I replied 'do you want to give me a handjob? ' She said it was up to me. I asked if she likes doing handjobs and she replied that she does not, but that customers often want it so management tells her to offer it under the towel. I told her I like it by mouth and hand only and she said they can not, and she does not do that. A nice girl, real pretty, No English of course. Her smooth, cool, bare legs sitting on my back and ass felt good.

Co Van My
06-05-11, 16:54
Thanks to Wendella for the best guide posted here in years!


06-06-11, 08:55
I think I'm a minority on here, but definitely I get more interested in having a hottie rather than a good worker. And also I'm ok with spending a bit more. I have limits: I don't go after anything that requires groundwork time (like PR girls at discos) and or very high price (Club Royale or Catwalk for example). The District 1 bars are actually mid-range in terms of price if you look at everything that's out there. And you get to see the girls in sexy outfits.

Re 91: management there coddles those girls. They seem to be totally free to do as they please, unlike most of these places, where there seem to be some degree of pressure to keep the customer satisfied.

Re 29: this place is at the top in terms of how service-oriented the girls are expected to be. So if you luck out and find a hottie in there, it's the best of all worlds. It does happen from time to time. Some new ones show up and work there for awhile (rarely more than a couple months, usually much less than that). That's when 29 is ideal.

Thanks for the positive comments

10-25-11, 18:39
After visiting HCMC, I felt Expatriot's invaluable gift to this forum regarding Korean Barber Shops
should belong in this thread. IMHO, this is the best FS value option you have in HCMC.



Moon Shadow10
02-05-14, 17:23

It is all out there. Just take your time in Saigon, be nice and nice things will happen.

Thanks Wendella. The Path of Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom.

11-30-15, 01:11
Thought this would be useful for others. Thanks Ecchi.