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01-01-05, 02:00
Greetings everyone,

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Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.



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Romano V
02-27-08, 21:12
I just eat a kebab and read this excellent report about Turkmenbashi


09-25-08, 08:23
My turn at bat in Ashgabat.



Flew S7 Airlines from DME in Moscow and landed at about 3:00 AM. They have a version of VIP called CIP at the Ashgabat and it is very civilized for both arrival and departure. The cost is a mere $30 per person each way and is well worth it. For my $30 I walked if the plane and into a nice room where I spent 30 seconds in line another 30 seconds registering my visa and then sat and sipped tea while a nice young man went off hunting for my luggage. Got to the hotel by 4:45 AM.

Stayed at the President Hotel which is part of the Ahal Group (Ahal Hotel, Azatlyk, and Nissa). I got a PALACIAL room for a mere $120 a night. The President is located off the beaten track so if you do not have transportation, it can be pretty inconvenient. However, I did have a car and driver at my disposal go it was great. This hotel is known as a place where visiting foreign dignitaries stay hence the palatial digs. What this means for mongers is that the working girls are of a premium quality (read expensive) and not very plentiful. .

The official currency in Turkmenistan is the Manat of which 14,000 is equal to $1 US. Yep that’s right. You literally have to go out with huge wads of money (typical working note is 10,000 Manat or about 71 cents). The good news is that things in general are pretty cheap in Ashgabat with the exception of the price of quality pussy. And that is pretty much all over the map from what I saw. Will talk more about that later.

I learned that there about 5 million citizens of Turkmenistan with Ashgabat being the largest city and capital with around 450,000. They have shitload of natural gas and plenty of oil. I laugh out loud when I was informed that 70% of the gas that Russia sells to Europe actually comes from Turkmenistan. The people seem to speak an interesting mix of a Turkic or Turkmen dialect and Russian. You will be listening to a conversation and then run into a string of words that you have never heard of. Very common to mix the two languages.

Ashgabat is a bit of a boom town in that there is plenty of construction. It sort of remnds me of Las Vegas, Hot and dry with wide smooth streets and plenty of facy lights and fountains. But there are cops on every corner and crime is all but non-existent. The Last organized crime boss was sentenced to death about 10 years ago and no one has stepped up. The Turkmenistan people are all very friendly and peace loving. Never, once came close to feeling threatened or unsafe.

Since I was there on business and with a couple of colleagues who are NOT fellow hobbyists, it was going to be pretty tricky to find any action without blowing my cover. Not a good idea. Since we arrived so late on Tuesday night / Wed morning we didn’t venture out. My local contact explained that Ashgabat is not Moscow and things shut early. Only the British Pub stays open until 4:00 AM. FYI the bar in the hotel closes at about 1:00 AM. I did manage to convince the guys to head to the British Pub on Wednesday night which is located across the street from the Sheraton Grand Turkmen. The pub is great – typical pub / sports bar with TV’s, pool table, etc. The food is quite good. They have an Indian cook and he makes a great CTM (Chicken Tika Masala) if that’s what you fancy. At about 11:00 PM the girls started to arrive. Now, let’s talk about girls for a moment. For the purpose of this discussion, it is reasonable to lump women (and men for that matter) in one of two categories. Turkmen and Russians. The Turkmen should not be confused with Turkish people (as in from Turkey). There are a lot of Turkish men everywhere in Ashgabat. The reason is the construction boom. Most of the companies doing real estate development appear to be Turkish. The Turkmenistan government is pumping lots of it’s Petroleum wealth into infrastructure which gives way to development. Lots and lots and lots of elite apartments being built. But I digress. My point in mentioning the Turks (Turkey) is that they are well off Turkish businessmen who come to the pub to spend money and have fun. The Russian girls being Russian girls are not exactly thrilled to be screwing Turkish men so if a white bread American / Aussie / Brit / German / Canadian comes in the door, you get immediate attention. And BTW - These girls are not technically Russians. They are ethically Russian but most were born and raised in Ashgabat and so are citizens of Turkmenistan. During Soviet times, there was a HUGE air base from which the Afghanistan conflict was staged. So plenty of blond haired blue eyed beauties named Svetlana.

Back to the girls, the Turkmen girls are brought up in a very strict, very traditional family environment where pre-marital relations with men is seriously frowned upon. You cannot confuse a Turkmen girl as they tend to wear the traditional long dress which is often brightly color with a matching headscarf – well, more of a turban if you ask me. Not exactly fetching, but with the hair off the face you can see their sleek Asiatic facial bone structure. Many are serious knock-outs of you like the type. Of course, the problem is that they tend not to be working girls and literally disappear after dark. I was told that it is very, very rare that a Turkmen girl gets mixed up in prostitution in Ashgabat.

The good news is that there a plenty to beautiful Russian girls all over the place most of which could hold their own in Moscow. Some speak some English but generally not. What struck me was that unlike their cousins at Night flight and Hot Dogs, there girls are not just sitting there with that bored look just waiting for a trick. These girls work the crowd, playing pool, foose-ball, and will engage in lively conversation. Quite refreshing really. But since I was with work mates, I did not get a chance to investigate as closely as I would have wanted. Besides, Wednesday night was pretty slow so we headed back to the hotel in order to catch last call in the lobby bar. Luckily, there were 4 -6 girls working the bar and one caught my eye as my colleague called it a night and went to his room. I moved quickly to broker a deal and in minutes I got a know at the door and we were at it.

A little lacking on GFE, but Nila was skilled in the usual sexual arts. She had dark hair and a slim build. BBBJ and various positions. Anal was NOT on the menu and she made sure I know that before she removed a stich of clothing. That was ok - I was still get lagged and sleep deprived so an hour was all I could handle. She agreed to $80 and all in all, it was decent value for dollar. Oh, and she did NOT want to be paid in Manat. US dollars is the preferred currency for sex. Boy, just like the good old days.

Thursday was busy all day with business but we did I did return with my local contact to the British Pub and the selection was decidedly better. There were a few 9’s and even one who approached 10 if you like platinum blonds who are about 5’ 6” and built like a dancer. Again, what struck me about this bar was that the working girls were all very fun and engaging. They were really making an effort and I sure appreciated. Sadly, however, I had a 3:40 AM flight back to Moscow and the driver was going to pick me up at British Pub at 11:00 PM. But I did get 3 solid proposals. When I declined and said that I was flying tonight, I did not get that snippy pissed off attitude, but rather said, “oh, too bad – remember me for next time follow by a nice kiss on the cheek and a brush of the hand across my crotch”. Damn good marketing I would say.

Looks like business will take me back at least a few more times over the next year, so I will add to this report.