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01-01-05, 02:00
Greetings everyone,

I've started this new thread to provide a centralized location to catalog the Forum's best travel reports. Here's the idea:

If you have written one or several detailed travel reports, or if you know of such reports, then please post the link here.

You may also include a short summary of the nature of the report.

A sample report would be something like this:


Here's a great series of reports by Young & Restless on his trip to Rio in January of 2005.



You can copy and paste the link into a report, or you can do it the easy way and use the tags, which you would format like this:

[post]Post ID number here

You can identify the Post ID by moving your mouse pointer over the "Quote" button and reading the Post ID number in the Status Bar at the bottom of your browser window. It's the last number at the end of the link text, just after the letters "p=".

Please note: In order for this thread to be effective, it cannot turn into a discussion forum. I don't want to have to be so tough about this, but any reports that do not include a link to another report will be deleted.



05-13-06, 06:56
Here is my account of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca - Mexico in April of 2006.




Double Nickle
05-17-07, 22:11
The dock, the shuttle, the neighborhood, Anthony's Disco, the hotel next door.

09-11-07, 12:00

Acapulco update - September 2007

10-03-07, 01:04
OK this is going to be very general as it's been a while since I was in PV, but just joined this site, so wanted to share.

Have visited Junior's on several occasions. Overall the club was a bit quieter than the others, fewer girls and customers. Host comes up and ask what you are interested in. There was no hassle about buying girls drinks and overall they were not very pushy. Just heard that Junior's is going to be closing though.

Also visited Mirage, Prestige and Candy's. All three are on the same main road in PV, although Candy's is up by the marina and the other 2 are closer to downtown.

Prestige is high class, very expensive and girls are not as friendly.

Mirage is somewhat dark and had less going on, but is a good club.

Candy's is nice as well.

As far as prices go, I do believe all charged about 100 pesos to get in, and all included a shot of tequila. Prices for action are all about the same, on-site FS $150, off-site 2 hours, about the same. Mirage doesn't have on-site but others do.

Hope this helps.

Can anyone tell me how to get to Zona Rosa? Also, any daytime action anywhere?

Mucho Gracious!

01-18-08, 21:17
Some Cabo San Lucas reports from Tyler Perelli circa 2006:


Deep Throat
03-22-08, 05:13
Deepthroat in Seattle's adventures in Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo in Feb. 2008:


John Dough
04-18-08, 01:03
UrbanWildlife reports on lower cost places in Puerto Vallarta, including strip clubs, bars, discos and local hangouts with freelancers. These places have beer for $1.50, ST service as low as $40, and LT service as low as $100. He mentions the right time and day of the week to go, and offers to provide the contact info for a taxi driver who can give you a tour, translate and negotiate for you.


03-12-13, 09:48
JOhn dough does a trip with Rogelio.


07-14-16, 07:34
My three night romp searching for P4P options and prices in Puerto Vallarta.


The Cane
02-22-17, 18:13
Tomjackin keeps it going on in Cabo!


05-20-18, 23:16
Artisttyp does a great job reporting in Acapulco!


The Cane
05-15-22, 02:01
Another TomJackin classic! This time in Puerto Vallarta. Looks like we're getting back to post-pandemic normal. And a long time in coming too!