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Thanks Jackson for this new tool....it seems more convenient than the old forum with this quick view of new posts.

Hope all the best contributors of the old forum Brasilian thread will follow to keep the info up to date for all of us who consider Brasil as the greatest country in the world...

05-16-02, 01:33
I would like to thank all the previous posters. I am planning a trip to brazil in october. I would like some advice on travel in brazil. I plan to go to rio for five days and then buzios, forteleza, and maybe curtiba. Should I get a air pass here in U.S. or when I get to brazil?? Should I use blame it on rio travel or will I get overcharged? and for a first timer to Brazil ( but have traveled to many parts of the world) should I get a apartment or a hotel room?

I am bringing my older brother and am not sure if he will want to "relax" as much as me and was just wondering how are the non-pro discos and what are the nice ones? Any info about brazil that you guys feel could help a newbie to have a better time would be greatly appreciated. :)

05-16-02, 09:40
Kunh jb (Thai expert ?)
About Rio and good discos with non pros (but with chicks 'not so hard to score') i could strongly recommand "by Marius" in Centro, "Ballroom" in Humaita (live music, a very good spot IMO) and more upscale "Meli Melo" close Lagoa...Santa Teresa is a very lively area (and safe) at night with many little street cafés with samba .

05-16-02, 15:52
Yes I have been known to dabble in the pleasures of LOS!!
I used to live in miami and I really miss the hot girls from south
america. Thank you for the info!! I will give them a try. I love to hear live music. What kind of music??? I only have 4 1/2 moths till brazil. I hate the wait!!!

05-21-02, 05:39
Originally posted by khunjbl
I would like to thank all the previous posters. I am planning a trip to brazil in october. I would like some advice on travel in brazil. I plan to go to rio for five days and then buzios, forteleza, and maybe curtiba. Should I get a air pass here in U.S. or when I get to brazil?? Should I use blame it on rio travel or will I get overcharged? and for a first timer to Brazil ( but have traveled to many parts of the world) should I get a apartment or a hotel room?

I am bringing my older brother and am not sure if he will want to "relax" as much as me and was just wondering how are the non-pro discos and what are the nice ones? Any info about brazil that you guys feel could help a newbie to have a better time would be greatly appreciated. :)

For all the inside info on getting around safely in Rio, feel free to drop me a line thru e-mail or phone if you prefer. There are plenty of good clubs in Rio with a huge variety of music styles and tribes of dancers. Unfortunately clubs in Rio are some distance from each other so cabbing might be your choice of transportation. For no hassle "visiting" get an apartment instead of a hotel room. its cheaper, access friendly and guests can visit at any time. there is also more privacy. The best is that is cheaper than most hotels. An airpass would do you good if you plan to maximise your time travelling throughout Brazil. For chasing pussy, i'm not really sure if it is the best bet. Plus, traveling in Brazil is really easy and relatively cheap for porters of US dollars. Rent a car if you really like driving, by bus takes long but very confortable and flying is by far the best way cause we have three flight operators who are constantly fighting. Price war means the customers always win. I offer a basic tour guide for newbies but usually after a full day in Rio most people can fend off by themselves. For all your needs coming and while in Rio: www.rioturist.com or phone: 011-55-21-9317-5567
take care


06-18-02, 13:29
A travel link for Brazil.


06-20-02, 19:48
Miami to Salvador da Bahia non-stop

Staring on July 3rd, Varig Airlines will fly non stop from Miami to Salvador, Bahia. Southbound flight departs every Wednesday at 840pm. Northbound flight departs Salvador every Tuesday at 1055am. Now you can enjoy the northeast of Brazil without going to Rio or Sao Paulo.

kenn.. ez-riorentals.com

08-05-02, 03:26
Does anyone know the best places in Brasil to find young girls?

Nibu Raphael
10-09-02, 03:48
Hey with Commie Lulu almost in power now is all of Brazil and south America coming to Chaos soon? Shit will the economy with this bastard get better or worse???????

10-09-02, 13:22

Things are definitely going to go to hell in handbasket, my advice for you is to grab your shotgun, put on your cammo gear, and head for the hills! Try Montana.

Tom B.

Nibu Raphael
10-18-02, 05:17
Yeh Shit looks fucked with Commie Lula coming to power soon. I heard now the real is 4 reales to the dollar. Chaos in Brazil now like Argentina????

Nibu Raphael
10-28-02, 05:10
Yeh check out the new article on Commie Lula October 27th in www.newsmax.com SCARY SHIT........

10-28-02, 12:13

Lula has been chosen president in Brasil.
this will mean a couple of things:
1) real going down MORE towards the $/€.....which in fact on the SHORT run is good for us MONGERS;-) On the long run this is a Catastrophe for Brasil!!!
2)More forreign investors will leave or postphone their investments in Brasil...which will increase unemployment!!
2) Possible anti-hooker laws will be effective; also possible actions against Johns etc...which infact at thaeir turn will scare of sextourists.......less revenues from tourism...etc.etc.
3)IF the promised upraise from the economy stays out.....mass upraises and revolts should be expected in Brasil.
And we all know what that means...:-(

My guess is that Brasil is going down the drain rapidly right now.

One more domino stone falls down......who's next? Bolivia?? Paraguay?? Peru??Uruguay?? Even Chili could get into deep shit.....
Not to mention the countries that are ALLREADY into deep shit as Colombia,Ecuador,Argentina,Venezuela,Surinam,Cuba and DR.


10-28-02, 17:53

First, let's leave politics out of this. Whether your own politics are right or left leaning shouldn't change our analysis of what's happening in Brazil.

My take:

In the short term, the real will go down a bit more (hovering around R$4/US$1) then stabilize. The "market" has pretty much already factored in Lula since Septembet when he was already a foregone conclusion. Assuming Lula doesn't do anything insane in January (when he takes office), the real will probably creep back towards 3.5 to the dollar. Inflation will not catch up immediately (will take a 6 months or so), what's being effected right now are costs that are immediately tied to the price of gas - i.e. cabfares, busfares, etc.. Even those have only spiked up 6-10% in the last two months instead of 40% which would mirror the fall in the value of the real.

Foriegn investors are not goign to run just beacuse Lula is a socialist. They wil be in a "wait and see" mode until he settles into office - 6 months. Then again, the entire country is in a wait and see mode right now.

Prostitution is the last thing on Lula's agenda right now. However, increasing tourism is high on the listO I wouldn't worry about any anti-prostitution laws. Besides, the PT (lula's party - Worker's Party) is the LIBERAL party. As in the US, in Brazil it's the politicos on the right that run around spouting about family values and enact moralism laws....

Brazilians have been deeply disappointed before. If Lula's government can't deliver on the economy (and I am not too optimistic), there won't be a revolution. Remember, Lula IS the revolution. Of course, last time that there was a leftist president - Joao Goulart, 1967, there was a righist military coup to toss him out. Those were different times - the US was very afraid of the "domino effect" spread of communism, so they backed the coup, Brazil's military felt that they had a paternalistic duty to intervene in the government (they don't anymore), and Soviet Russia was, in fact, make overtures towards Brazil. Nowadays, none of this is a factor. And you certainly won't see a LEFT-wing revolt/uprising against Lula....

Lastly, the extremist's fears about what Lula will do - default on the foriegn debt, appropriate privately-owned property, forced agrarian reform, help Fidel Castro take over the USA, etc. simply are not going to happen. Lula will get an acute case of lead poisoning if he tries any of that. And he's spent the last 4 years toning down his rhetoric and allying himself with moderates and businessmen. Sure, he's said all these extremist things in the past, but he's gotten to power by going to the middle of the road. Could he be lying? Sure. But rememebr that the Brazilian constituion has the same checks and balances as the U.S. Constitution and that anyti\hing he does he will have to get through a Congress and a judicial system that his party does NOT dominate. Significantly, althoughe won the presidency, his party lost seats in Cogress and did not win the governor's races that they thought they would. Even more significantly, the incumbent PT governor of my state, Rio Grande do Sul, got kicked out. My state - to my chagrin - is one of the prime powerbases for the PT, so for them to have lost the incumbent governor shows (FINALLY!) that some people are coming to their senses about PT.

Bottom line is that, I predict, Brazil will muddle along as always. BTW, in case you haven't guessed by now, I'm mostly a conservative, not a leftist.
Tom B.

Nibu Raphael
10-28-02, 19:02
Wow Lula Won by A landslide Will he aligh with Local Chavez and leftists in Bolivia? I am Sure Fidel is all happy now. Fucking Us With its phony war on Terrorism should of focused on this problem. Shit Brazils population is huge and now Under Socialist Communist Power. Shit Man Shit will hit the bricks in Brazil in the next few years. Lula is A Liar. Shit I know That In 2005 Socialist Scum Alan Garcia wants to come back to power in Peru. Fuck The Domino Effect is starting now in SA........

10-30-02, 00:06
Hi All, Does anyone know if Arpoador Inn has a website that you can make reservations on or how to make reservations with that hotel, besides using ipanema.com. Thanks to all that can provide info..

10-30-02, 21:56

I've always enjoyed all your posts about big busty momma sluts.

But please, let's keep politics out of these forums. OK!


10-31-02, 16:44
An update to an earlier post:

The real is stabilizing faster than expected - it went to R$3.65/US$1 yesterday. I've been predicting for several weeks that when Lula is elected, the real would break 4 to the dollar and then stabilize back to 3.5/dollar. However, once again the market is reacting faster than anyone would have anticipated. Last week, as Lula's election was a foregone conclusion, the real reached 3.95-ish. This week, the market was pleasantly suprised (me too) by how well the outgoing FHC cgovernment and the incoming Lula government are handling the transition, by Lula's broad hints that he is not going to change the economic team very much (and ahs asked FHC to fast-track legislation which gives the Central Bank autonomy... meaning that he does not want to "mess" with the present economic policy), and by the fact that Lula has very publically declared that his government will put the interests of the country before the idealogical interests of his party (sounds familiar, doesn't it?). Anyway, we'll see what happens, but so far so good.

Of course, us "tourists" are interested in exchange rate and prices. R$4/US$1 was unrealistic anyhow, so 3.5 ain't bad. More importanly, inflation has not yet caught up to the exchange rate, and their is considerable pressure to keep it in check. Everybody understands that gas-related prices will go up immediately, however people are not accepting the "automatic" price increase on everything else that some sectors of the economy are trying to do. Case in point - sugar. Sugar is internally produced and consumed so is not tied to the exchange rate. Nevertheless, one of the major producers has jacked there prices 70% over the past month. They are getting boycotted by the retailers, sued by their distributers and investigated by the Federal Governement for price-gouging. And that's FHC's centrist government, Lula's government will come downeven harder on gouging... Bottom line, Rio will still be a great deal for us bad boys.

Tom B.

Nibu Raphael
11-06-02, 00:21
THE LAST POST ON www.newsmax.com more scary stuff on LULA,Castro and Chavez....

11-11-02, 18:14
More on the Lula Menace:

The Real has just gone to R$ 3,486/US$1... breaking the 3.5 mark (going down) for the first time since August... it should stablize around here, but yet another sign that the international community is cautiously optimistic about the bearded menace.


Tom B.

11-12-02, 05:27
Where at in the GIG Airport can you get the best exchange rate with U.S. cash.

11-12-02, 15:22

All the agencies (cambios) at GIG give the same lousy rates, and furthermore rip you off with a surcharge (usually $5... sucks if you are only changing a 20). If you need to change large amounts of cash, use the cambios at the beachor downtown, although IMHO, you are better off jsut using ATM's. Your best bet for ready cash once you land is also the ATM machines, there are lots at the airport, but it is kind of hit-or-miss to find one that will accept your American ATM card. Usually any machine that displays a Visa or Plus logo will do it (very small logo, usually next to or beneath the keyboard). The GIG branch of the Banco do Brasil usually works fine, although not every machine in there has the logos. Ask around. If not, suck it up and change only the minimum neccesary at the cambio - $50 should be fine, it'll be $40 or so once they're done ripping you off. That will cover a cab and a little street money. I've gotten by fine exchanging just $20 (losing $5 immediately to the stupid surcharge) and arriving broke at my hotel, then looking for an ATM. That was only because the ATM's at the airport had run out of cash....

In the old days (before stabilization of the real), I used to exchange small amounts of dollars, tens or twenties, with the porters (redcaps) at the airport, they were always game and certainly better than the cambio. Nowadays there's less of a demand for dollars amongst the general populace, but it doesn't hurt to ask (shoshine guys are good too) - Troca dollar? "traw-KA DOLL-are"? - ten is dez (prounced like it's written), twenty is vinte (veen-tchee).


Tom B.

Nibu Raphael
11-16-02, 04:49
Tomb I Guess Lula is More Nationalist then leftist. I should be in Foz. and CidadDel Este Paraguay in two weeks. Do you want to meet up with Me????????? Any info on Corumba by the Bolivian border????????? What about Foz. in Argentina???? Shit I know English,Spanish and Polish but no Portugese............

Nibu Raphael
11-17-02, 01:03
Octatron Nibs here Again Sorry what is LOL??? I looked on Terms and Abreviations and could not figure out at all What it is??? Sorry if I am computer illiterate to that. Jackson or Someone help on this term PLEASE???????????' LOL LOSE Your Life?????? Someone out there post on this Also some new updates on Lula Would be very darn interesting. How is the Real now doing to the dollar????????'

11-17-02, 01:16
Nibu, to put you out of your misery, LOL generally means-Laugh Out Loud. thor

Nibu Raphael
11-17-02, 21:40
Yeh Thor Octatron also mentioned that to me but daMn I find that saying to be very stupid your thoghts on LOL REally stupid saying Really Stupid Term and Abbreviation........

11-23-02, 03:19

THe eagle has landed. I know were I will go in February next year.
I will go (together with Dieter) to Fortaleza AND Manaus (jungle puzz here we come)in Brasil.

Anyone of you mongers want to meet up with us guys?? Please let us know.
I still have to work on that Portugese of mine:-(

I will try very hard to fuck a girl each day. I promise to be a good monger:-)

At least I want to try fucking 2 girls at the same time...and offcourse some real BUTT action as well. (hee who told me Brasil girls were born with a cock in the Butt??)
BUT I am not sure if my condition can do this....it's hot for me in Brasil (as we are coming from wintery North-West Europe then)and we have a timedifference.

SO....is the BIG Viagra....availeble in Brasil??? Prices???

Keep fucking!


11-24-02, 23:52

can smb help me out on this one???

Is it possible to phone with a Dutch (west-European dual band) GSM cell phone in Brasil????
I know that many horny garotas will have cell phones (like everywere else too!).......so to contact them first is better then to go somewere and NOT expect what to find regarding puzz action,right?

Or maybe it's intresting to lease or buy a pre-paid cell phone right there in Brasil??? (As I know the costs would be very high for me if i use my own dutch cell phone,as I not only have to pay the Brasil provider but also my Dutch provider:-(

Or....(what I did in Peru and DR) is to just buy a telefone CARD.....!!!!(which was cheap)
Is that an option???

Please help guys??



J Wadd
11-25-02, 08:37
Johan007 -- God bless you! Finally a punter on this board with a little motivation. Alas, I can't join you this time -- but maybe late next summer/early fall.

O.k., these were my numbers: I zapped 76 women in 61 days. No shit.

Consider the glove dropped.

Happy Hunting,

11-26-02, 21:34

Hey...I zapped 49 TV-channals in ONE Hour???
How's that??

I think *****mongers/punters are always motivated....that is.
I can't think of a more motivated specis then a male human being that wants to Fuck a female human being...;-)

IF things do NOT work out for me in Fortaleza....I'll hit on MOLDOVA in September;-)(beware I speak near fluent RO;-)

If it hits off I'll be back in Brasil for seconds;-) besides Forta we (my german Buddy DG69 is also there) will hit on Manaus or any other larger Amazonas City to try out the "selva" Pussies:-)

It would be my plaisure to organise a true monger festival in BrASIL with lots of Garotas and other wild stuff.
Gangbanging??I am your man.
Beachsex?? I am your man.
This time no excuses. Cameras rolling.....flashlights flippin'....:-)

Be there from 10 February till 3 March.
gues what?? If I come back in Holland 16 hours later I have to be at my job......!!!;-)
I allready warned my fysisian that probably "backackes" could pop up:-)


J Wadd
11-26-02, 22:18
Was that w/ picture-in-picture? I hear you -- a monger festival would be fun. Maybe next summer? Until then: Don't fall in love.

Peace out,

Nibu Raphael
11-30-02, 22:26
Hi JW Maybe you can answer this. Ok I will arrive in Foz. Brazil for the day or overnight I think monday afternoon. A General question on Brazil. What is the Real now to the dollar? I have heard from 2. something up to 4?? I do think the Real is is 3 to the dollar. I have found out in Foz a Full service massage would be a 80 to a 100 Reales. I think like less then 30 bucks RIGHT??? So JW or someone I probaqbly will check out of my hotel in Iguauzu Argentina after 12 PM Noon. Yeh need the Sleep so much bus changing. I just hope I can then catch a great release at a massage place and then enter Cidad all stamped and Legal. I still do not like this Brazilian revenge Law that Hey Man Brazilians need visas to enter the Us and so does US citizens to enter Brazil. OK Where in Foz Do I exchange money. How do I know if the bills are False or real? I heard in some places in Foz you could get a Big Brazilian meal for over a buck. How are the juices and Sodas in Brazil? Oh Actually talked to an Argentenian guy the other day about Brazilian border cities he said Foz. and other Brazilian cities Lot of people speak spanish. Me and My Peru Buddy do not know a word of Portugese or entering in to Paraguay no GUARANI Ha Ha.... Yeh JW I Need your help on this. Any info you need on Peru ASK???? I want a deal Monday no Gringo Rip off...... Yeh PS JW Keep on helping out my buddy Johan too Great Guy,,,,,,,,,,, REgards,,,,,, NIBU R............

12-03-02, 01:32

normaly i don't get very quickly impresed by a free porno site...but THIS Brasil site is TOTALY HORNY!!!!!:-)ASsSOME;-)
it just has everything...pics...vids....gifs....you name it they got it!!!

Check it out DUDES:-)


have fun you mongers.


J Wadd
12-03-02, 07:00

I usually travel off of credit-card -- so I get most of my money from ATMs. I think they offer the best exchange rate over all other services. If I have to get rid of a traveller-check, I'd go to the Banco do Brasil (of which Foz has plenty). They had good rates.

As far as I know, the Real is quite weak nowadays -- making this a perfect time to travel. Factor in that Foz is a less-touristed citiy, and your greenbacks should go far.

I love the sucos as well. There was one great stand on the far-end (uphill) of that really mall-like street in the middle of town. It's on the right as your facing upward.

I plan on travelling thorugh Peru next Summer (about 10 months). Maybe we can hook up there (or you can meet me again in Brasil -- where I'll be coming from). 'Til then: I'm always here for advice.


Nibu Raphael
12-04-02, 07:15
Hey JW Was in Foz today the exchane rate was like 3.50 the Argentenian peso like 3.50 and in Peru it is like 3.58 soles now. Foz is great very modern. I stayed in Iguazu for two days in Argentina. The Customs in Ciudad del Este are dicks you need a visa now to enter if you are a US Citizen but Paraguay is like Venezeula and supports Terrorists like the Hezzbolah so man total Shit on Paraguays part Man Uncool. Ciudad del Este anyways looked like a dump So Me and my Buddy checked out a massage place in Foz great full service from this petit babe with big titties Man She Ruled. I will post this later My ad is in the hotel now it was from the Gazette Paper of Foz Well back to Paraguay What Assholes That Country is a Police State Much Like Chavezs Venezeula. When will that **** Strossener die in Brazil? Yes Brazil seems to be econimical now The Full service by that girl was 25 bucks Cheap and worth it. I entered Foz by taking the Ciudad del Este Bus from Iguauzu Argentina I first tryed to enter thru the bus of Igauazu to Foz but Brazilian Cusom pricks said you would need a 90 dollar visa to enter the same at the Embassy in Igauazu. I guees also a boat directly from Igauzu to Ciudad exists. Yeh Ciudad A Dump with Muslim terrorists I am now in Posadas Argentina saw like 20 strretwlkers on Ave. Uruguay tonight in Posadas,,,,,, Signing off NIBU R...,.

Nibu Raphael
12-04-02, 07:19
JW Sucos???? Oh the Massage girls name was Mara I think young real petit But TITS 20 years old I paid her 20 dollars and 10 Argentenian pesos. 5 I was supposed to give But I had no change shit 5 more pesos is less then 2 bucks. Damn Argentina is so cheap now like Peru Should be in Uruguay in two days FUCK ParaGAYYYYYY.........

J Wadd
12-06-02, 10:20
Nibu... Sounds like fun, man. I like those petite babes wit da big tits!

Nibu Raphael
12-06-02, 22:14
Yeh JW Mara Rules she asked me too When is the next time I am coming back. I told here WHO Knows??? Shit I was here at the Brazilian embassy consulate on Convencion St. in Montevideo Uruguay on floor 6 and the ***** Dude Asshole was such a Prick yeh he was a *****. Real Bad Attitude this asshole had So We Shall call him *****. A new Law for november passed for Visas for Us Citizens now a 150 bucks Last time I was at The Brazilian consulate in Lima Miraflores that is it was 90 bucks Fuck Man if Brazil is getting cheaper Why are the Visas getting so damn expensive??? With Commie Lula Coming to office soon Will the Real come up to 4 or even 5 by the end of the year in 2003? Shit I also had a hard time with an Asshole in Puerto Iguazu at the Brazilian consulate Lets just call this man ****. Fuck Why always at thse embassy places DICks and Bitches work there. I will call thse Dudes Bitches cause they acted like that. Once a friend of mine from Lima Peru at the Us embassy spit in the face of one of thse workers cause they treated him like Dog Shit. Ah speaking of Shit here in Montevideo Uruguay the Porn Shop had some sick Videos Real Crude SHIT literally I think the Porno shop was on block 12 of convencion. Ok Man I will try to make a Uruguay report soon. SHIt Man My whole idea of going to Porto Alegre now goes down the drain. Shit at least in ParaGAY the visa is only 45 bucks and citizens who need a visa in To Uruguay only pay 45 bucks too..........

J Wadd
12-07-02, 11:01
...Classic, man, classic. Glad to hear you're persevering. Read my (probably archived) description of Montevideo to get a good, rough (though by now two years old) description of the city. I'll start reading that section again for a report from you.

'Til then,

12-08-02, 06:48
You'll find that visa pricing is reciprocal, ie if you charge us $150, we'll charge you $150.

Nibu Raphael
12-08-02, 15:57
Yeh JW Montevideo Sucks Dude.....

12-11-02, 23:06
Brasilian VISA

the VISA Fees
i do not know why they charged you $150-. Based on information provided by the Brasilian Embassy here in the U.S. the fee is $100-.

the reciprocity VISA Fees
it' a joke to talk about reciprocity here. whereas ton loads of people wants to come to the U.S. and stay as residents, who would go to these countries other than a few weeks as tourists? hell no. speaking for myself, i love to live full time in brasil ONLY after i made enough money here in good ol' USA. life as a wage earner in brasil is pretty miserable. so, at the brasilian VISA office, the scrutiny process is quite lax and you can easily get a VISA. the bottomline is, Brasil wants foreign money to boast its tourism. as for U.S. our scrutiny process is more complicated and based on what was referred to me, it is quite difficult for an average brasilian to obtain a VISA for U.S. entry.

Nibu Raphael
12-12-02, 04:22

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information for Men who are looking for sex with Women.

Please try to stick to the subject.


12-14-02, 15:35

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information for Men who are looking for sex with Women.

Please try to stick to the subject.


Nibu Raphael
12-14-02, 23:48

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information for Men who are looking for sex with Women.

Please try to stick to the subject.


12-27-02, 01:07

anyone knows websites were to Meet brasil garotas for free???
From what I see at most sites they are middle-or upper class and that sucks;because they mostly are into mindgames and snobery:-(
I am off to Fortaleza in February for 3 weeks and I don't want to arrive there "empty handed"..lol.




12-27-02, 14:45

If you are looking for a "lower class" girl, by definition she does not have easy internet access, so how is she going to post herself online? Anyway, don't worry, it's just about raining women in Fortaleza.

Tom B.

12-27-02, 17:05
Lack of computers and internet access is a REAL ***** !
Imagine the possibilities if all the hotties of the world got a $199 dollar Walmart PC and dial-up.
That would boost airline ticket sales!
Only a very small fraction of foreigners can afford computers, much less Singles services like match.com, etc.

What a pity.

12-29-02, 01:14

you got that right Shiny and Tomb. From all I tried (ICQ,Messenger,AOL,amigos.com etc.etc.) 90% of the women one sees on the net are middle-upper class,hookers or adventure-party-girls....:-(From what my experience is that middle-and upperclass women in SA are mostly very demanding towards looks and $$$$ and status. I don't want to go through all that hussle just for 3 weeks holiday. Then after 10 days to find out that your "lady" is only intrested in money and/or status in Europe/USA. I'd rather jusr fuck a "bad girl" and have my fun in the first place:-)

So the only thing to meet "decent" women from the lower classes is to go there and make contact!BUT what is a "decent" women???? I hear that the difference between real hookers,party-girls and "normal" girls is very vague in Brasil.....:-(

My Hunting area will be the shopping malls in the mornings,little shops outside the towncentre and off course the girls that work in the restaurants;-)

I guess the girls you see running along the beach early in the morning are upper class Brazil tourists....and they do NOT like sex-tourists;-)