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01-01-03, 01:00
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01-05-03, 20:56

I'll be spending about two weeks in South America starting January 20. I was going to spend it in Peru.

But now I'm thinking that I want great mongering with great beaches. So in Brazil, what city has the best beaches? Of course great action at night is mandatory as well.

I'm thinking about Fortalenza? I'm not to keen on Recife or Rio for this trip anyway.

Any thoughts?

01-05-03, 21:47
I've tried talking up some chicks on ICQ, and I got as far as I did with Yahoo chat, which is to say, nowhere. The girls either ignore me or sometimes say hello back, but never get into a real conversation, and in a couple of cases I started having real conversations (about normal things mind you, nothing dirty), and then the girl just goes silent on me. So I haven't a clue as to why these girls get on chat in the first place, who they are looking to meet, or what they want to talk about. It's strange.

01-06-03, 11:09
ola Guys,

Don't worry man....it has nothing to do with you!! I encountered the same problems.
First if you DO NOT adress the girls in Portugese,you will get zero response.
The VERY FEW that actualy DO speak/understand English are SNOBS,HOOKERS or PARTY-GIRLS with an agenda (ie to get financialy better on YOUR expense;-)

Do'nt worry.....on the internet you will have a hard time to meet decent girls in Brasil.

Just learn some Portugese and go there:-)


I am also going to Fortaleza but in february.
Fortaleza has GREAT beaches....probably the best from BRASIL. Even many brasil tourists from Rio/SP go there to have their holidays;-)
Besides that Fortaleza is CHEAP compared with Rio or SP.
ALso LOADS of girls availeble. But be carefull.........
Don't go alone in a favela area.....you will get robbed for sure;-)Be sure NOT to miss a MONDAY night in the Pirata bar!!!!:-)

In Recife also great beach and great girls. BUT a bit more expensive.

IF yu ONLY want to see REALY good looking girls go to the SOUTH...!!!(Rio grande do Sul area)
But mind you most girls do NOT speak english and are not very intrested in sex-tourists;-) You HAVE to speak Portugese.....!!!!


Nibu Raphael
01-08-03, 07:50
AHHH Octatron thought I would meet you in Lima in march anways have fun in Brazil. Brazil women are nice not stuck up like many Argentenian girls lot of Chilean girls have great attitudes too. Keep on posting on Southern Chile I appreciate those posts dude........

01-08-03, 17:47
Hi All,

I'm interested in going to Brasil - city still undetermined - in March of 2003 just after peak season is over. I was wondering if there was anyone that would like to travel with me? I will be staying about 2 wks. If I have to, I will travel alone, although I find it more fun to have a 'co-pilot' when traveling international. I had a partner lined up, but because of a new job, he will not be able to go.

I do speak a little Portuguese, and I am dating a few Brasil girls right now actually. I and am a 26 yrs old, straight, a professional, fairly attractive and have no problem getting chicks here in the states; I was just in Thailand last May, and had great luck. I'm hoping for the same in Brasil!

I am very open to whatever activity we would do while visiting, although I'm mainly going for sex hunting for normal girls in clubs, malls, etc., and probably some hookers as well. I do like to drink, however, I will not have or participate in drug use.
Please respond to this email if interested:


Thanks for indulging me!

Nibu Raphael
01-10-03, 00:32
Hi ES Yeh I got your e mail today. Yeh Dude visit Peru in march too if you can. Try to make it in march to Iquitos with my six friends look in the Iquitos Peru section on info when I should be there. I will also attempt to visit the coastal city of Trujillo In Peru too. Sorry not much help on Brazil. I was just in Foz. late last year and only for aN HOUR AT THIS MASAGE PLACE. See my post in the Foz. section. Can you then visit Peru in march and check out Brazil in Feb?????? Yes hook up with Johan great guy,,,,, I got to go REGARDS,,,,,,,,, NIBU R.....

01-16-03, 06:02
e_simmons; I will be in Rio March 16 to the 21st. Plan to hit the beach in the AM, Termas in the afternoon, and Help at night. What are your dates, and plans?


01-17-03, 18:39

Unfortunately I have a meeting in Texas until the 19th, so my Rio Trip will have to be after that. Will you be staying any longer than the 21st?

Is anyone else going to be in Rio toward the end of March?

Thanks again,


Nibu Raphael
01-25-03, 02:10
Hello Man You all Nibu posting here from northern Lima Peru. I have some questions to ask about visiting Brazil????? Visa Type Questions... I made a post or two on this before. I right now have my cousion and aunt in Rio Brazil and they should be back monday but My Folks told me that they only payed a 100 Visa fee from Chicago US.... Damn That is What they told me at the Brazilian Embassy in Lima Peru...... When I was in Montevideo Uruguay in november they had a posting of a new notice in effect that US Citizens now need to pay 150 bucks for a Visa to enter BraZil. The Prick Brazilian dude gave me a hard time and also this Black Us Dude a Hard time. Man I am confused what is the Situation on this??????' You can never get a straight answer from thse PRICKs,,,,, Damn Monday I will probably go to the Brazilian Embasy in Lima or at least call them. Are there some legal loopholes on all this to pay less????? Man I think I will visit with my folks as a gift from them but them paying 3 visas would be alomost 500 bucks. CaN someone set the deal straight on all this? Well I will try to attempt to go in april for like 3 days also I do not know one word of Portugese. I am pretty sure too At The Brazilian embassy in Lima Peru it takes 24 to 48 hours to proces this Visa fee I would hate to hear of more bad news like Now it takes two weeks to process your visa,, Ok Man If Someone can answer on this It would be very appreciated from Me,,,, NIBU.....

01-26-03, 07:38
Hi Nibu:

Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area! When I got my visa from the Brazilian Consultate up in San Francisco, it cost me $US100. For this, I have to enter Brazil within 90 days (no problem, as I'll be in Rio for Carnaval), and the visa lasts 5 years.

The Braziliab Consulate has different types of visas, depending on what you want to do (tourist, work-related, etc.). The tourist & work-related ones cost $US100 ... not sure about the other types.

Hope this helps and have a good one in Brazil!

01-26-03, 14:45

EU members don't have to pay any $$$ for visa for Brasil.
The reason US citizens have to pay for this for entering Brazil is simple:
Brasilians also have to pay $$$$ for visa for the USA....!!!!

The knife cuts BOTH ways.
You can thank your US Government for that!


PS: Nibu....what's wrong with Dickhead???

01-27-03, 11:54
Duh, I think everyone is very aware of that long ago!!!!!!!!!!

01-29-03, 00:26
Hey guys!

I would like to get some general informations about a 3 weeks stay in Brazil.

Before, I have been in Thailand for about 8 times and what I love there is the possibility to travel around the country with a girl from the bar scene in Bangkok or Pattaya. Costs per day only about 20USD. And nearly no problems with criminality.

But now I would like to check out something new. After reading many postings here I think I have many ideas where to go the first days in Rio (termas, clubs, help, beach...). But after some days I would like to see something from the country. And of course it would be much better to go with a girl...

I could find nearly nothing about this here in this forum. Do others here travel around this way? What are the girls asking for this? Another point: cost for hotels seem to be much higher in Brasil. In Thailand I have never payed more than 20USD for a clean double. Most rooms in Brazil seem to start around 50USD and an appartment won't be possible when travelling around, I think.

Or can you recommend another country (Cuba, DR, ???)

Thank you very much!

01-31-03, 02:02

Here is my Opinion ok?

First of all South America is MORE expensive then ASIA.(EXCEPT FOR jAPAN...which is outrageously expensive!!)
In Brasil also girls go with you...BUT...you'll pay a hell of a lot more then 20 Bucks a day. You can count on that!!!
There are Hotels also for 10,15 or 20 Dollars. Good,clean and safe.
If you stay longer I recommend an appartment.
I rent one for € 9,- a day!! Non-stop guard,clean with all comfort.
And what's more.....GIRLS allowed!!!!!:-)

If you want LUXE you will have to pay $$$$$ for this. I do not need luxe. Just a Shower,clean bed,Toilet...that's it. I also have cable TV...but I realy don't need this.

imho Brasil is TOO dangerous for JUST traveling arround!!! If you do NOT speak Portugese you will get fucked time after times after time.
Besides that.....who wants to see the shanty-towns of Rio or Sao paulo????? Hell...stay away from those places if you are a turist!

You'll get robbed within no time. Brasil has a serious crime problem in most larger cities. Well...that is not like Colombia but still your life can be in danger if entering those area's. As long as you don't act like a complete moron you should be ok. LOW PROFILE....no $$$$ flashing arround and NO hotshot cameras or video-equipment. Dress normaly. No jewelry etc.etc.

Enjoy the cities......pretty beaches...the girls,but stay the fuck outta the poor area's and the "favela's" (shanty towns).
Also NEVER EVER Go with a hooker to HER place!!!!!!!! Go to YOUR place...or rent a fucking "Love-Motel" (which you can rent everywere per hour...)The HO's know were they are. Also cabbi's will know;-)

DR: IMHO saver then Brasil but MORE expensive.

CUba.....nice ladies...nice country. BUT it's getting more and more a real hussle to be with a ho! Anti-hooker laws are sharpely seen too by local Police.(see Cuba section).
Besides that Cuba is EXPENSIVE for tourists;-) CUBA is also a fucking Police-state!!!!!:-(

If you like safe,cheap action and culture here is my favourite coubntries (all in SA because I like latinas)
Peru...Bolivia....Ecuador. Argentina MIGHT be tempting...but also here the criminals are on the rise......:-( remember Argentina NOW is DIRT POOR!!!

Brasil....Well I see that in just a couple of days!!!!:-)


01-31-03, 15:18
Hi Johan007, I agree that Brazil is dangerous in the fevelas but it is pretty safe in the beach areas. I disagree that DR is safer. In DR, there are always guys trying to hassle you for money and try to push their "services" for a tour guide on you. Sometimes they get violent on you also. Rather than fighting with them, I ran 2 blocks to a cop to stop them because there was a gang of 7 people and I never come out of a fight with more than 4 people without taking a hit. And this happened in Santo Domingo. In fact I think certain parts of DR like Santo Domingo and Boca Chica is just as dangerous as the most dangerous part of Brazil- the fevelas. I can't however make any judgement on Puerta Plata. perhaps Puerta Plata might be safer and you went to that part of DR. Also you have a big chance of ending your life in a car accident in DR because NONE of the roads are lit at night. At least in Rio, there are street lights in the main city. The rental car I rent for the week in DR ALWAYS gets damaged. The first one on my first trip got a huge dent when I parked in in the parking lot of a movie theater in Santo Domingo. My second rental car got braodsided by a guy who ran the red light without having his headlights on. None of these hassles happened to me in Brazil with the rental cars. I did encounter a few annoying vendors in the poorer parts like Salvatore, Bahia but they never got violent with me and threatened to beat me up. Perhaps as I noted in my earlier posts that they don't beat up Asians and favor them. Maybe they beat up people of other races.
I still agree, however that it is unwise to flash around jewelry and cameras. I agree with you that there is a major theft problem in Rio just like in other major cities where there are the poor people. Also I agree that you don't walk around like a moron because there are always people that might think they can take advantage of you. I personally never encountered that because I speak school level Portugese but someone who doesn't may look like an easy target for con artists..

01-31-03, 21:46

Thanks a lot for your answer. Many interesting points to think about.

I will check the forum for the other countries in south america you have talked about. Because I speak some words spanish it would be better, too. If I remember my tours around in Thailand it was also very helpful to be able to speak thai.

But sorry to hear your opinion about brasil: higher prices for the girls for LT and difficulties when travelling around. But if you take a girl with you, wouldn't she know where to go and where better not? Do you have an idea about her price when travelling around for one week or so?

You will visit brasil in a couple of days? I'm sure you have some stories to tell if you are back...

CU and happy journey!

02-01-03, 19:45

I was in Puerto Plata and Sousa (DR). There I rent a motorbike for a day!!! Indeed at night those Dominicans drive like drunk assholes...no light:-(
During day time watch that you do NOT hit anything...because no matter what happens ...YOU are going to ghet CONNED!!!! beacuse you are the forreigner!!!!!
I agree Boca Chica is pretty dangerous.....
Didn't like that hussle thing one bit:-(

Sorry don't know anything about LT chicks in Brasil. Never done that.
Don't like that either. Just one day....and then another one....:-)
There are soooo many girls in Brasil. WHY take just ONE?????

be sure that I will send in tripreports in this section (Fortaleza) or in Recife section.

One thing I find very negative off Brasil girls. They are incredebly STUPID!!!!!! I mean even "studied" types with better jobs are downright STUPID!!!!
English=0,,,,geography knowledge=0....!!!

The dumbest ones are however the greatest FUCKS:-)


02-02-03, 08:45

I love it! I'll be on the lookout!

Just 26 more days and I'm there. YESSS!!!

02-03-03, 07:21
Some opinions on DR and Brazil....

I grew up in the DR and have lived, worked, and traveled in many other countries, including Brazil.

I must disagree with some comments about safety in DR and Brazil. Yes, Sao Paulo, Rio, Recife, Salvador, Belo Horizonte, and some other cites in Brazil are dangerous depending where you are in the city. Like any major city in the world, one has to be careful and use street smarts to avoid as much as possible, anything unfortunate happening in terms of crime. But it is not that bad relative to other major cities anywhere else in the world. Just be careful.

I have never had any problems in DR or Brazil because I carry myself very discreetly and try to blend in as much as possible. If you "advertise" you are a foreigner, then you are asking for trouble. Dress down, be low key, and don't do anything stupid like going into areas you are not familiar with. Of course you can do all this and still be robbed. Many things are just so random when it comes to crime. You can be on a bus in Recife and someone jumps on and robs everyone. ( BTW...never take lotacao mini vans in SP or Recife....espcially late at night...thieves are known to rob frequently on these buses...happened to a friend twice!) It happens...

DR is just as bad as some of the roughest places in Brazil. Boca Chica, outlying areas of Santo Domingo, Sosua, and Santiago can be unsafe depending where you are and at what time. Brazil because of its sheer size and poverty in metro areas, increases proportionately. Rio can be a challenge...Sao Paulo as well. Salvador ( helps to have some eyse behind your head!) can be a pain at times, especially in the Pelo and downtown area.

Do not walk into favelas! Do not walk alone late at night if you are not familiar with the area. The beaches in Brazil can be unsafe late in the evening. Sometimes even during the day, things can happen. I have heard about some people getting robbed during the day on the beach. Do not take anything unneccesary to the beach, only your swim trunks, some light cash for beers and etc, and your flip flops! Just have fun! I know this may sound like a mouthful but trust me, having lived in Brazil for many years, it is paradise if you learn to live with the certain problems inherant in mega cities like Rio and SP.

Before I forget, to the person who suggested that Brazilian women are stupid...I do not agree!! Maybe a few are, just like in any country you will find stupid men and women, but Brazilian women tend to be quite smart and very intuitive. Start hanging out with non-pros, and maybe you will get an idea of just how special some Brazilian women can be. You are wasting time going to HELP, unless you just want one nighters for sex. IMHO, the women are mostly 5 on the scale.

Go to the malls, walk the streets and stop in shops, stores, food places, etc and make small conversation with the local women....gurantee you will find 10's!! With a smile, and some sincerity, you may just find yourself on a nice date with some of the women in no time and if your really are a gentleman, you will have yourself a potential mate for your short term stay, or maybe a gilrfriend, or who knows..some free sex! It's happened for me on occasion. It's nice and spontaneous and makes the experience even more special. If it's just sex you want, then go to HELP and fica vondade!

As for the rest of South America, Brazil is it! Forget BA and Caracas. You have all the variety you can imagine in Brazil. Some of the nicest women are in Minas Gerias! Go to the small towns where the ratio is 8 women to 1 guy.... be a gentleman....and you'll have a line of women wanting to meet you. It not all about sex ( well...you know what I mean...)
You'd be amazed at how many women you can approach and begin talking to and if you are lucky, can still have sex without paying for it.....just treat women with respect and you will be blessed with some memorable experiences... I promise!

Have fun...and be safe....

Abracos to all


To be continued....

02-03-03, 19:51
Globalnomad - good post. I bet quite a few people who read these boards would rather just have a lot of good sex with one 8-10 girlfriend/lover than have sex with pros they can afford (5-7).

I am writing up a "plan" for when I go to Brazil and pros will just be a back-up fuck in case I strike out with non-working girls. I realize that some non-working girls are gold diggers too but I've had enough girlfriends to know what to look for.

Now back to learning Portuguese. Onde fica ou Pimsleur...

Member #1698
02-03-03, 20:44
Re: Globalnomad & Minas Gerais:

eg. "You have all the variety you can imagine in Brazil. Some of the nicest women are in Minas Gerias! Go to the small towns where the ratio is 8 women to 1 guy.... be a gentleman....and you'll have a line of women wanting to meet you...."

I was planning to go fishing in Belo and (after landing in Sampa) in Campinas...university girls, etc.

Your suggestion about visiting smaller towns in Minas G. sounds good--how about listing some great little towns along with their geographical/architectural/tourism assets as well as some URL pages to look at photos?

Also, I noted your ominous remarks about downtown Salvador...I used to feel pretty safe there until the late 80's but now I go walking about with a couple of bodyguards and a car nearby...

GND, sir, any comments about local women and smaller places in Bahia such as all along the bay from Ilheus, Porto Seguro and down that litoral plus Ceara...please gather up all your possible suggestions and thoughts, let them steep a bit like tea and then post a lengthy solologue SVP!!!

02-06-03, 03:22

Let me know if you need a Pimsleur contact (all three levels + readings).

02-06-03, 19:55
Hi guys,

This is my first post. Ggreat forum btw. it provides a real humanatarian service imo.
ok enough already! this is my question:

Is it really so easy for an asian guy to hook up some free p*$$y as darkseid makes out? he makes it sound like all i'd have to do is walk out of the airport before i get twenty brazilian honeys shoving their butts against my groin...


02-07-03, 22:59

I am hitting Brasil at Monday.....fyi. My Buddy Dieter allready is there.

Let me tell you;

With all respect I think darkseid is a bit VERY Positive about Asians in Brasil.
imho still most mulattas,blacks and even whites prefer WHITE men.
I don't know about Asians in Brasil...which there are!

Especialy Mulattas and Blacks are realy dyonmg to meet nice (white) men...!!!

Sure maybe there are Brasil garotas that are becomming wet in their panties when seeing a Asian man.....but I would NOT count on it.



PS: in a few days I can update you on this one...ok?

02-08-03, 16:32
Hi Sixpack,

Johan is right, the girls there prefer with skin, blond hairs and blue eyes. I was 8 times in Brasil and in Rio I saw also Asian men. Rio life many Japanese, they settle to Rio at the beginn of the last century. As far I could recognise they have always a Japanese wife or girlfriend what not means that the others don`t want them, it`s more so that they like to have a Asian woman I guess. In Fortaleza I saw once a group of Korean or Chinese men in a Night club. They was small and not very handsome and the girl don`t pay attention on them. But, of course if they would be tall and good looking than the girls would like them. So, you can say and that is logical in my mind if you are handsome the girls like you whether you are black, yellow, white, brown or even green.


02-08-03, 19:25
The girls like this nationality over that nationality is all crap.The girls love your money.Ya all go there for paid sex so better have some money in your pockets or else you ain,t gonna get bunda for free.l ain,t Brad pitt so l pay to have some honey.Hope ya all get that

02-10-03, 15:39
Hi Dogday,

of course the garotas de programma likes at first your money, but it`s not so bad here in Brazil like, let´s say in Thailand. It`s not so difficult, even if you are not Brad Pitt, to get a not commercial girl friend. Even by *****s if the likes you, by look or because you are charming it happens very often that you have to pay less. It happens to me not so sedom that a garota de programma wants after the second time no money and I´m also not a Brad Pitt look alike.

02-12-03, 17:52

today (second day) I am off together with Dieter to have a GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE!!!!

this place ROCKKKKKKSSSS!!!!!


Forget about Colombia or Argentina...

Viva Brasillllllll.

later more...right now my hormons are getting'a bit upset. They NEED garota PUSSY!!!!!:-)

Keep fucking you mongers.


02-16-03, 01:06
this place ROCKKKKKKSSSS!!!!!
Forget about Colombia or Argentina...
Johan. [/i]

Hey Johan, I'm glad to hear that you're having so much fun out there ... I wish that I could be out there enjoying it with you!

Just wondering ... I've already planned a trip out to Peru this spring. Nonetheless, future trips will ensue in the years to come, and Brazil is on my list.

I do remember you raving about trip in Peru. How would you compare Brazil to your experience in Lima? From having just read through Athos' reports from another site ... I could only imagine your response; some of those pics were simply amazing. Catch you later, Johan. Have fun and stay safe.

02-19-03, 18:49
DG69 and others, I didn't exactly say that all the garotas will just come up to you, approach you and shake their asses at you if you are Asian but I do notice that it is much easier for Aisan guys to hook up in brazil than in the states. I did have to approach them and make conversation with them but I never got turned away or given the cold shoulder and I did go back to the hotel with some non-pros. Perhaps the group of Asian guys you saw never approached the women and you did say they are short so perhaps they weren't noticed. heehee.
Brazilians are generally easy to approach and talk to unlike American women. I am handsome in their standards but in America, I do not fit the description of a handsome man just because I am 5'4" tall. Of course being taller has its advantages because tall people stand out first so Johan would be more readily seen than a short guy like myself. I also speak basic Portugese which gives me an advantage over other people. However, everyone who goes to Brazil can have a great time and hook up because there are many types of Brazilians and each type may have preferences but are friendly to all people.
Enough about the race issue. What really matters is that we all have a great time in brazil and that is what we all agree on. Even you, sixpack, can hook up if you talk to them but you CAN'T just stand in the background like a wallflower like the group of Asian kids that DG69 saw in Fortaleza.

02-20-03, 08:36
Good points, Dark!

The primary reason I love meeting women from other countries is because I can't stand the blatant double-standard of American women. What's even funnier is that these same American women get infuriated by guys like me.

I figure, let 'em stew. I'm goin' fer the garotas! :)

02-26-03, 03:29

Lima was nice....but is more streetho orientated and club orientated.

Fortaleza are girls EVERYWERE!!!! And much cheaper as well....
contact is easely made....sure if you speak some portugese.

Tomorrow i am off to a smaller town called SOBRAL....it is about 250 km to the west of Fortaleza (inland) and has 150,000 people.
A GF of mine would intruduce me to this nice garota. white skin and blue eyes...28 and no kids.

About asians....trust me I didn,t see many of them.Mostly they stay among themselves.
I can say without exacceration that most mulattas and morenas DIG white guys!!!! If you have blond hair and blue eyes you are on the prime spot here;-)
That doesn,t mean that others don,t have a change. But as a whole if I were black/asian I would prefer Colombia,DR or Cuba...just IMHO.

It is just what I noticed. My moustache is blond...and many girls totaly like this:-) Also BALD heads are IN!!!!! So what can go wrong?????;-)

After seen this...I surely don,t go back to Lima. This place has much more to offer.

The girls in Recife are even BETTER!!!!!!!(but the beach there sucks..)Girls there are more likely to speak some english and are more educated. Many older Johns...so if you are younger as 45-50 you can have your pick...;-)

However to find a SERIOUS life mate this is another question. But if you JUST want to fuck uyour brains out....you came to the RIGHT place!!!


03-02-03, 22:34
American Blacks do quite well in Brazil, sometimes even better than white dude.... Any way, DR is not better for Brothas IMO.

03-03-03, 08:17
Johan -

I'm glad to hear that you're having a cool time in Brazil. After reading through posts through the Brazil section, however, it became obvious to me that Brazil is the place to go for mulheres.

I'm going to be in Peru w/in a month and am definitely looking forward to the chicas ... and a climb up Machu Picchu. Nonetheless, I've already begun making some preliminary plans for Brazil - my Pimsleur Portuguese language lessons are downloading on my MinMX as I type!

Take care man, and keep up the great posts. Hopefully, I can add some info to the Brazil section within a year ... with some first-hand info.

03-04-03, 00:47
Just wondering if anyone has ever used an adult vacation service called Bracotur. They operate in Rio. If anyone has, please comment. Thanks

03-08-03, 07:21
A question to anyone who has stayed at either the Sheraton Tower or Luxor Regente in Rio. Are the hotels girl friendly and what is your general impression of the hotel in terms suitability for mongering? What other business class hotel can you recommend that might be better then the two mentioned - comparing value for money and of course no hassle with guests?

Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.


Adam Bomb
03-10-03, 09:38
The Luxor Regente WAS amenable to guests, but i believe that policy may have either changed or become more 'restrictive.' I last stayed there about a year ago, at which time i believe changes were being implemented, but as i registered my 'steady' with me, i had no occasion to test the rules.

Were I you, i'd either call them directly, or email Bobby at blameitonrio4travel and get a CURRENT statement of policy.

03-15-03, 18:46
Are any of you willing to share your expertise regarding FINDING illegal immigrant women from Brazil here in the U.S.?

From my own research it seems that about half of the estimated illegal population is in Boston and New York.

I also read that they work as maids, housekeepers, go-go dancers.

For the go-go dancers I guess just hitting the strip clubs is the way to go, but how do you browse the maids and housekeepers?

What kind of places hire them? Hotels? Wander by the employee lounge in hotels? Back kitchen area of restaurants?

Gawd! If there were just some message board where they could post their whereabouts! The number of connections with mongers would be staggering.

03-17-03, 17:24
There are tons in Miami!!!! I used to live there and met quite a few. There are some in Bay Area also. I have made friends with local brazillian guys and they tell me whats up. Funny thing is they are always telling me I can get paid if I decide to marry one of these garotas .. I think the cost is too high though !
I am gonna go back to brazil in three weeks and have as many as I want.

03-19-03, 15:15
Maybe it's just because I prefer getting into girls' pants the traditional way rather than buying them I feel this way, to me Peru was a hell of a lot better in terms of women than Brazil.

I'm 194 cm tall, blonde with blue eyes and in Peru I had the time of my life. I felt like a rockstar, I dated three girls at the same time and to this day I wonder why I had to leave it after only one week because I felt that "Brazil would be EVEN better".

Brazil came down on me as a bad hangover, it was one of the most boring countries I've been too, the women were all arrogant and extremely proud, Copacobana was shit, not even the *****s would flirt with me. Salvador was better because the women looked better, but it was still really unusual for any girls to show the slightest interest in me.

I dream of Peru and I'm trying to forget about Brazil.

03-20-03, 02:27
Originally posted by xdude
A question to anyone who has stayed at either the Sheraton Tower or Luxor Regente in Rio. Are the hotels girl friendly and what is your general impression of the hotel in terms suitability for mongering? What other business class hotel can you recommend that might be better then the two mentioned - comparing value for money and of course no hassle with guests?

Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.


I stayed at the Luxor Regente last October and there was no problem bringing girls in ----EXCEPT FOR THE R$50!

Seriously, it's a nice hotel (if you get the ocean front rooms) and a great location, but that R$50 charge is just plain "unfriendly".

03-20-03, 04:01

Miami sounds good. Probably set up shop then look for brazilian community centers to network between ladies either here or wanting to come over. Marriage is no problem for the right one.

Last time I lived in Miami I never noticed any area or stores that seemed like hang outs for Brazilians in particular.

I just prefer the look of south america and the carribean.

03-21-03, 02:04
Hi Lithium

Sorry you had such a bad time in Brasil.

I know southern brasil women are a PAIN on the AZZ. Pretty...but a pain.

Next time try Fortaleza...you will see the diffrence.
The women are less pretty....but in bed they are very wild and love to have lots of sex. besides that Forta is a lot cheaper then Rio or SP.

What;s the use of a pretty woman when having lousy sex with her,.
For me it's better to fuck the shit outta of a 7 and have lots of fun!

I too was in Peru....and imho Peru can NOT hold the candle to Brasil!!!!
Most women I met in Lima were down right arrogant materialistic snobs. Ho's were allright.
Brasil was GREAT!!!!

Next time I want to try out Argentina or Bolivia. But perhaps I'll just go back again to Brasil.



PS: I am sure yu were a "hit" in Salvador as well...with lots of black women arroubnd!!!!:-)

03-22-03, 00:22
Hi Johan,

I'm glad you've had a nice time in Brazil, and if I would ever go back I would definately give Fortaleza a shot.

The only Southern part of Brazil I went to was Rio and BH, I scored (with some ugly chicks) in Rio, but otherwise it was really dull and the women pretty much ignored me. I thought I would encounter gringo-hunters on every streetcorner but I was met with arrogance and distance from the Brazilian women.

I wasn't much of a hit in Salvador either, I actually left the city after a couple of days for Recife, but when I realized Recife sucked as well I decided to go back to Peru the landway, but when I got to Salvador again I found a girl and fell in love so I stayed around for a while.

I also met other gringos in Salvador which suffered the same problems as me, none of them seemed to have much success with the ladies. I noticed how even local black guys would get more attention than me. Still, it was way easier to get laid than back home in Scandinavia, so it wasn't a complete waste of time; and I learned that as a man you'll have to make all the moves yourself, really, if you hang around waiting for something to just come for you you'll be waiting forever; Brazilian women are too proud to just walk up to someone even if they're interested, unless they're really desperate or find you extremely attractive.

I had a major problem with gays though, they were everywhere and they came on to me all the time, I had a hard time trying to fend them off.

I don't know why you failed in Lima because I had a blast. Nothing special was happening on the streets, but as soon as I would walk into one of the shops in Miraflores virtually all female assistants would flirt with me, I'm telling you, they seemed more keen than the *****s in Rio. I dated three girls in a week, but could easily have dated the double, and they were all pretty good looking. In Peru they have more of a racial complex, Indians are seen as inferior and everyone else as superior, if you're European girls find you attractive simply because you're white.

03-23-03, 21:09

HEY Lithium,Guys.

I know there are racists in peru. But they are also in Brasil!!!
If I am there I do NOT fuck blondes. I only fuck negras,mullattas,meztisos or morenas!!!!;-) Most Blondes have attitudes:-(

The above link is mentioned for *****mongers throughout the world to get info,exchange dates etc on FORTALEZA or general Brasil issues.

Postings can be done in English,Dutch,German and in Portugese.

Give it a look. It's free!!!

I only started last week so I only have 21 members.

Ideas are welcome.


PS: I know Scandinavia is a hell if you want a decent,cheap fuck. That's why all those Danes,Swedes,and Norwegians go to Brasil,Cuba,DR and Mexico!!!!
The Finnish go to Latvia and estonia to BOOZ their head off and to Fuck Russians.
I also saw lots of Scandi guys/girls in Bulgaria!!!!

04-06-03, 07:38
I will be travelling around our lovely Brazil later in the year. Can anyone recommend some lesser travelled areas with very good and available talents.

04-08-03, 15:41
As suggested by many fine contributors on this excellent board, I have been learning Portuguese in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Rio. I have been using Pimsleur and while I think it is a great learning tool, I am looking for some additional resources for phrases not covered in Pimsleur. For example, how would you translate BBBJTC, rimming, and many other mongering phrases? Is there a translation guide that covers the phrases I am talking about?



04-09-03, 08:41
I am no expert, same as you studied Pimsleur.
Gozar na boca (come in your mouth)
I usually do not ask myself, I just remove the condom and she gets the picture.
For rimming I am not 100% but garotas seem to understand beijo negro.

J Wadd
04-09-03, 09:34
Yah -- I second that. Could a Portugese-literate veteran help us out with these terms?


04-09-03, 17:21

Thanks for the translation. I would have never guessed using "gozar" in that context. According to my dictionary, "gozar" is translated as "enjoy" so literal translation of "gozar na boca" would be "enoy in the mouth". Hmmm, interesting. And of course "beijo negro" would be "black kiss". That one, I think I understand better ;-).

So how about it Portuguese veterans, would one of you volunteer to put together a cheat sheet of vital mongering phrases? There is someone at the office who is from Brazil but damed if I am going to go up to her and ask how do you say "I want to come all over you face and tits" ;-).


04-09-03, 18:15
Here is a few useful phrases. My spelling may not be 100% accurate

Eu queiro = I would like
What would you like ? = o que voce quer ?
Sexo = sex
Amor = love (in Brazil you do not have sex - you make love )
Oral sex = sexo oral
Anal sex = sexo anal
Without condom = sin camisinha (sp?)
Let us make = vamos fazer

How much = quanto costa
How long time = quanto tempo
How many times = quantos vezes

Do you have a girlfriend = voce tem uma amiga
You are beautiful = voce e bonita or voce e uma beleza
Is she beautiful = ela e bonita

My portuguese is pretty good, so feel free to ask for any other translations you might think of.

04-09-03, 20:33
For a translation list of phrases that worked great for me, see xxl's post from 12/19/02 on the Sao Paulo board. If anyone can expand on this list, it would be outstanding for all of us.

04-10-03, 05:31
Gozar means also to have an orgasm. All the garotas use that word. Gozar no boca, garota told me this to shoot in her mouth.
If you want to ask garota, "voce goze?" Did you come?
Vai forte = go harder when fucking
Quattro = doggie position
culo = ass
brincar = fuck (i think not 100%)
chupar sem camisinha = suck without condom

04-11-03, 06:56
Athos, Junior,

Thanks for your help. Every new phrase that I pick up will come in real handy I am sure. Also, xxl's post from 12/19/02 on the Sao Paulo board (as suggested by HandsomeMan) has good information as well. I will wait a bit to see what other useful phrases get posted on this board then I will compile one list and post it here.


04-12-03, 11:23
portuguese lesson nr. 2

I am going for breakfast = vou comer cafe de mañha

I am going for lunch = vou almocar ( c=z)

I am going fot dinner = vou jantar
Would you like to join me ? = voce quiere (almocar/jantar) comigo ?
do you know a good restaurant? = voce conhece um ristorante bom ?

I am going to the beach = vou para praia (cinema/teatro/clube/...)

Let us go to the beach = vamos para praia (...)

Would you like to go with me ? = voce vai comigo ?

What time do you finish work ? = as que horas voce termina con trabalho ?

When will you arrive? = as que horas vai chegar ?

Let us meet at 2pm = vamos encontrar as 2 (duas horas)

Will you go to my hotel with me? = voce vai para meu hotel (apartemento) comigo?

10 = dez
20 = veinte
30 = treinta
40 = cuarenta
50 = cincuenta
60 = sesenta
70 = setenta
80 = oitenta
90 = noventa
100 = cien
200 = dois cientos

Brasilians reals = reals ( prenounced hreais)

US dollars = dolares

And in case you meet that special lady - vamos casar? (let us get married?)

04-13-03, 05:04
Athos, dude... ass=bunda ;-)

Xdude: ""I want to come all over you face and tits" is "quero gozar na sua cara e nas tetinhas".

Have fun!

Tom B.

Sexo Agora
04-15-03, 23:04
I found another source of Brazilian Portuguese slang and erotic terms.

There is a CD for sale in Rio by a guy named Rick, who's from the U.S. but has lived in Brazil for over 20 years. It's called "How to Speak Portuguese in Brazil". Rick hangs out on Avenida Atlantica. The disc is also available in some newsstands. The tape is improvised, and he leaves out some of the basics, but the explanations of local slang were quite useful.

04-24-03, 21:04
My last trip in Jan I bought that how to speak portuguese cd by Rick on hooker beach. I think the guy wanted 30 reals but I got him down to 25 reals. Also I saw it being sold in front of Help disco. It is a fantastic cd. It has a lot of useful mongering phrases. I wish he made a part two.

05-23-03, 23:11
Can this CD by Rick be found in the USA? I would hate to pay $300 for Pimsleur CDs.

W Blake
05-27-03, 02:35
I have a copy of the CD. I can get one to you for $7 US.

05-29-03, 19:19
Hey fellas,

I need some travel help. I'm trying to get to Salvador Bahia next week on short notice. Airfare is crazy to Salvador but cheap still to Rio on the days I need. Anybody know different ways to get to Salvador from Rio.

Rio D
05-30-03, 00:17
You will need the Pimsleur CD's as a foundation, as Rick left out most of the basics. He even misprononunces some of the Portuguese phrases (he says some things as if they were Spanish - he lived in Peru and Ecuador prior to coming to Brazil).

Pimsleur sells an introductory course of Brazilian Portuguese, 8 lessons, for around $20.

05-30-03, 01:29
W Blake,

Sounds great. How do I get you the money?

05-31-03, 17:14

why don't you try to do Rio - Salvador by bus? alright, i think it takes 2 days, but just stop by in some city in between and find out if pussy is cheaper than in touristic cities (it sure is cheaper!).

Travel busses (even the conventional ones) all are very confortable, with aircon, good space for legs, and onboard bar, plus they are cheap. Must be less than 10Rs for 100 kilometers.

tell us more about Salvador when you get back cuz i wanna know about the bahianas!


W Blake
05-31-03, 20:05

Drop me an EMAIL and I will will get a copy of the CD out to you


06-23-03, 02:36
Has anyone stayed @ Copa Praia Hotel. Is the hotel girl friendly and what is your general impression of the hotel in terms suitability for mongering?

Is there any used prepaid phone that we can buy in Brazil - Rio (Like in panama you can buy a used one for USD 29.99)

Any info you can provide would be much appreciated.

07-16-03, 23:53
Sent this guy the money for the CD's over 6-7 weeks ago, but the asshole is not responding to emails anymore.
The things people do for a few bucks. It's a shame!!!!

Originally posted by W Blake

Drop me an EMAIL and I will will get a copy of the CD out to you


07-17-03, 06:29
l was gonna send him money for a portuguese cd ,but he didn,t reply to my e-mail.Thank God my e-mail to him wasn,t replied l would have been a victim too

07-17-03, 09:27
I feel bad that Mr. Badass was victimized in this kind of fraud. My moral support to him. the lesson for us here is scam usually sounds too good to be true but we want to believe it nonetheless. $7- for one Pimsleur CD? if i have the CDs, i can sell it at Amazon at much higher value than $7- and no reason to sell to you private. i just sold mine at 20% off new price. so, up front, you know this is a scam. so, go Amazon or eBay and check out those pre-own CDs. better luck next time.

07-25-03, 05:35
Lo folks,

I may have the chance to visit Brazil just after new years in January 2005. I was wondering with only a week in Brazil, what city should I visit i.e. what is the best city regards girls and night life?

Can someone suggest a good hotel close to the action in the whatever city they recommend too please?

I'm an Aussie and I'm familar with Thailand and the scene there, but have heard you have to be more on your guard in Brazil. Any tricks or anything inparticular I should look out for? I don't speak any Portuguese, but hope to learn a little Spanish before I go, which I believe is very close to Portuguese.



Jony Vegas
07-29-03, 02:21
I don't know who told you the Spanish language is close to Portuguese. They are both Latin based, but knowing Spanish won't get you very far in Brazil. I have only been to Rio (don't know about Sau Paulo), but your best bet is trying to learn some basic Portuguese. I know some Spanish and most of the evening entertainment could not understand Spanish.

Most hotels have someone who can speak English and when your out on the town, some girls know basic English, or there is always someone near by (other girl or fellow monger) who can assist if needing help in translation to Portuguese.

Check out the Rio Hotel thread, lots of recent chat about hotels to stay at there.


Jony Vegas
07-29-03, 02:31
Sorry to hear you met with a shady character. I agree with Rio D that the Pimsleur tapes/CDs are a good start, along with a Portuguese (Brasilian)/English dictionary. The first 8 tapes won't get you very far though unfortunately, other than where is the hotel and hello, excuse me, blah blah blah. I know i bought them on ebay.

Then I purchased the full length courses basic and intermediate tapes on Pimsleur website. They had some special going if you want to check out their webiste and call the 1-800 number they can tell you what they currently have going.

Or, I will sell you my tapes as I finish with them and promise not to stiff you. I have ethics!! As a frequent Rio poster and trying to improve the quality of it, I am good for my word.

Good Luck


P.S. I should put together a "need to know" mongering phrase booklet and tape and sell it to pay for my trips....lol.

07-30-03, 02:36

This website


(which also have some audio)

together with language tips from the expat on this board and a yellow color pocket "Langenscheidt's universal Dictionary - Portuguese" (brazilian usage) USD 7.95

Works very well on me.

07-30-03, 14:31
Unfortunately I won't be able to visit Brazil this year I now realise. I'm visiting friends in Caracas for Xmas (with a stopover in Santiago). Time does not permit a visit to Brazil, which seems to have the best night-life in South America.

From what I've checked out re Santiago in the forum, it seems tame. I'm not a fan of brothels, much rather the bar scene with freelancers coming back to your hotel room. From what I have read on Santiago it is expensive and brothel based. I'll post in that forum as I sure up my travel plans and see the drum is at that time.

Jony Vegas, thanks for the info on Spanish/Portuguese and the hint on the Rio Hotel thread. Planning a 4 week vacation in South America in late 2004 and thus will be able to put all this valuable information to use then.


08-13-03, 22:58
What's up with the pop up add's when we log on??

08-14-03, 07:09
Does anybody know where I can buy viagra without a prescription in Copacabana? How much per pill? Also, how would you pronounce viagra in Portuguese? Thanks for any information.

08-15-03, 01:56

You can buy Viagra (I call it vitamin V) at any drug store. You go to the Pharmasist counter and ask for it. Please go to Sao Paulo board. there are a couple of postings about the V.

08-20-03, 02:30
How useful in Spanish in Brazil? Can I get by with Spanish, plus a few hours with a Portuguese phrase book on the plane?

Mui obrigado por su ajuda.

On The Road
08-20-03, 03:45
Originally posted by Explorer8939
How useful in Spanish in Brazil? Can I get by with Spanish, plus a few hours with a Portuguese phrase book on the plane?

Mui obrigado por su ajuda.

Spanish is the only language you can speak here, but portuguese, of course... Any girl know some spanish, no one speaks english, in my experience...


08-20-03, 15:35
New Computer Virus Clogs E-Mail Inboxes

The Associated Press
Wednesday, August 20, 2003; 9:14 AM
NEW YORK - A new strain of one of the most virulent e-mail viruses ever spread quickly worldwide Tuesday morning, causing fresh annoyance to users worn out by last week's outbreak of the Blaster worm.
The new virus, named "Sobig.F" by computer security companies, attacks Windows users via e-mail and file-sharing networks. It also deposits a Trojan horse, or hacker back door, that can be used to turn victims' PCs into senders of spam e-mail.
MessageLabs Inc., a company that filters e-mail for corporations, had blocked more than 100,000 copies of Sobig.F by midday Tuesday, making it by far the most active virus of the day.
"It's definitely spreading very quickly, just an incredible ramp-up so far this morning," said Brian Czarny, marketing director at MessageLabs. The variant is likely to be one of the more successful versions of a very successful virus strain, he said.
The previous Sobig.A and Sobig.B variants are both on MessageLabs' list of the biggest 10 e-mail viruses of all time.
The e-mail message that carries Sobig.F has the subject line "Re: Details" and the message "Please see attached file for details." If a recipient clicks on the attachment, which can have multiple names ending in the .pif file extension, the computer will be infected.
The virus will then send itself out to names found in the victim's address book and will use one of these names to forge a return address. As such, the infected party may not quickly learn of the infection, while an innocent party may get the blame for helping to propagate it.
Like all the other Sobig viruses, this version is programmed to self-destruct after two weeks, in this case on Sept. 10.
The Blaster worm is still at large. It uses a published flaw in Microsoft's Windows operating systems to spread via network connections, without using e-mail. It slowed down the Internet and caused computer restarts worldwide, but the attack it was programmed to carry out against a Microsoft Web site on Saturday proved harmless.

On The Road
08-27-03, 18:20
well, this is my report 'bout my (partial) mongering tour of brasil, august 2003. mostly a loira tour.
as usual, sorry for my bad english.
first of all, i went in a tour with some others friends of mine, not interested in mongering, so i had to go in some places with no action at all. good to know to avoid them, if you are in a full mongering tour.
i'm posting all the places where we have been from north to south, not for day after day...

place: ponta negra - natal (rn)
pousada: bella napoli praia hotel
address: av. erivan franca, 3188 - ponta negra (natal)
phone: (0xx84) 219.2666
web: http://www.pousadabellanapoli.com.br/
girl friendly? yes
price: r$60 (double room, ac, frigo)
day 1: it was a monday, and the action in ponta negra was at the baraonda disco bar. entrance was r$10, inside you could find tons of pro and semi-pro girls, from 5 to 9, with even some true stunners! you need some (really basic) approaching skills, eg. dance (even bad) with the girl, chatting or something like that. almost every girl there is availabe for sex, price is around r$150, easy negotiable. maybe stunners ask more.
day 2: tuesday. baraonda closed. action in ponta negra was at cucaracha disco. same baraonda girls, same prices. easy to lower price to 100r$ tln, at the end of the night you can lower the price up to 70r$ for a good looking (a 7) girl. went to the taberna, too, near to baraonda. no action at all, there, strictly enforced. r$20 entrance, don't give them if you are looking for action.
day 3: wednesday. baraonda was open, cucaracha closed down. i went to the "ilha de fantasia" nigt club, you can't miss it, is near taberna e cucaracha, not on the praia. ask any cab, if you're in ponta negra it cost max r$5 to get there.
entrance was r$20, only if you don't go with a girls. 30-40 girls, 6 to 9. good shows. lady drink was r$20. not a rip-off. they have clean room inside, you can have one room for r$40, or you can "barfine" the girl, it will cost r$50.
a morena offered herself to me for r$100 outside, but she was a 6, and i spotted so many better ones. another girl, a loira rated at least 8, as soon as she finished her show offered herself to me for r$100 inside, r$200 outside. i opted for the "in club" option. good experience. if you are in ponta negra, and was not able to catch one of the stunners at baraonda or cucaracha, go there.

place: praia da pipa - tibau do sul (rn)
pousada: landuà
address: on the beach front, close to the famous (and expensive) pousada da barbara - praia da pipa (rn)
girl friendly? don't know, but i think yes (i had the keys)
price: r$20 (double room, vent), r$50 (double, ac, frigo)
day 1 & 2: i wasn't able to find real pro action, in praia da pipa. everybody there goes to two or three disco bar on the main road, you can't miss it. i saw several "unfair" couples, eg. fobu tourist with some brasilian girl rated 8-9, but i don't know where they catch them, maybe in the disco bars, or maybe in natal...

place: olinda - recife (pe)
pousada: hotel pousada no varadouro
address: rua 15 de novembro, 98 - varadouro - olinda (pe)
phone: (0xx81) 3439.1163
girl friendly? don't know, but i think yes
price: r$35 (double, ac, frigo)
day 1: friday. no action on olinda but some (ugly) sw in rua do sol. went to recife antigua, nice street show with drummers, nice dnb and ska/reggae concert in a nearby theatre, but no action there.
day 2: saturday. went to the famous sampa disco. it was really late, 3.00 am. no free g, but some ugly one. drinks was expensive. went outside, lots of sw on the rua de boa viagem. a couple of them i spoke to asked me r$30-r$50, but nobody had a document, so i declined. i spotted 3 or 4 really **** girl, i mean 12-14 y.o. please, please, please, for youself and for them, avoid them like plague!
well, that night i had a very bad mood due to those **** girls, so i went back to olinda and slept alone.
day 3: sunday. it was earlier than the night before, let's say it was midnight, but on sundays sampa disco was closed, so i went to the bamboo club. r$10 entrance fee, cheap drinks, no exit fee. 30g, rated 5 to 8, in real good mood. i had a loirinha, true 8 but personal 9, r$100 in motel, but i think i could have her for less. good experience, good gfe, but at the end she tried to sell me a photo, from the bamboo bar, for r$20. i declined. she offered to come with me at the beach, the day after, but i had to leave.

place: maceio (al)
pousada: pousada shangri-la
address: rua jangadeiros alagoanos, 1089 - pajucara - maceio (al)
phone: (0xx82) 231.3773
girl friendly? yes
price: r$20 (double, ac, frigo)
comments: maceio is my favourit place, so far. not so many tourists, the pousada shangri-la is my second home...
day 1: tuesday. went to jatuca, on the beach, in a forro/lampiao club. 15-20 g outside the club, rated 5 to 8. you can call them, dance with them, drink with them and, of course, fuck them. they start asking unbelievable prices, but i closed for r$100 tln with a very beautiful girl, an 8 or even more. good experience, but after two or three hours she said she had to go, she had a child e so on. i let her go, without any problem.
day 2: wednesday. went to forro club again, but i wasn't in the mood. later, my friends decided to visit the cocktail club. if you go there with a cab, they ask you r$22 entrance, we lower it to r$10. there where so many beauties, there, i mean 25g rated 7 to 9, great place! i spotted a wonderful loirinha, named kelly. talked with her, "falled in love" with her. she was a true 9, but a personal 10+. i had to pay r$30 for exit fee, and r$150 for her. note that you pay everything on your bill, so everything (even the girl fare) is subjected to the (in)famous 10% service tax. went with her to my pousada, and i had with her the best experience so far, in terms of gfe, in all my mongering life. great!
day 3: thursday. went to the arena disco club. no pro action there, but great "normal" action. so easy to know and dance with very beautiful girls.
day 4: sunday. went back to maceio some days later, just to go back to the cocktail club, and to be with kelly again. i had to confirm that she was the best experience for me, in terms of gfe, all over the world.

place: mangue seco (ba)
pousada: pousada o forte
address: praia da costa - mangue seco (ba)
girl friendly? not available
price: r$50 (double, ac)
comments: first of all, don't go to that pousada. the owner, an argentinian guy, is a racist against brasilians and against black people. fuck him off. second, mangue seco is a wanderful relaxing place, ma no action at all anywhere! the village has just 200 inhabitants, and you will find there only couples, go there just to relax, not for mongering.

place: salvador de bahia (ba)
pousada: pousada villa fiorita
address: parque recreio dos bandeirantes q4 l7 - jardim das margaridas - salvador (ba)
phone: (0xx71) 377.2766
girl friendly? absolutly yes
price: r$60 (triple, vent)
comments: this pousada is for italians only. is a fuckink mongering place, everyone there, from the owners silvano and guido to every customer. if you are italian, and if you want to monger in salvador, this is the place to be, even if it is so far from the center, it is not so far from some main mongering sites, such as casquinha and rock in rio disco.
day 1: sunday. this was a "rock in rio" night. you can find this beautiful disco inside the aeroclube shopping center, starting from midnight to 3am. entrance is 12r$ with a live samba show. 50% pro action and 50% non pro girls, there. most of the pros are around the entrance, and around the back bar. many beautiful girls, there. when the disco was closed down, i had a morena girl for just r$50 tln. she was between a 6 and a 7, and a good experience.
day 2: sunday (again, went back 2 or 3 weeks later). rock in rio night again, full of girls and mongers, but i had no mongering experience that night.
day 3: monday. went to the free night club. entrance was r$30, beer r$8. what a ugly place! ugly premises, ugly girls that are really pushy, at that time (i went there at 2am, maybe the best ones were paired up). i run away like hell! went to the casquinha do siri famous working girl restaurant. i don't know other opinions, but every girl there is a true pro! everyone in salvador knows it... r$10 entrance, good samba show. that night it was really full of people, i wasn't able to find a free table. spotted some stunners, but there, as in any "disco like" environment, you should have very basic approaching skills to know the best garotas... the girls there uniformly ask r$200, but is easy to negotiate down to r$150 (for the better looking), to r$100 (for the good looking). and to r$70 (for the normal ones)...
day 4: tuesday. terza de pelo. every tuesday is pelourinho night. nice street show, drummers and sambas concerts. i only hate all those "valtour" or "club med" style tourist, mostly of them italians, with a leader calling everyone with his raised umbrella. fuck them off. later on, on one of that bar, i met kelly, a morena rated 6, she asked me r$ 200, but we negotiated for r$100 tln. not so bad, but nothing special. she was a 6, sex was a 6... the morning after i lead her to her home, in the city center.
day 5: wednesday. rock in rio was closed down, casquinha do siri was half empty. i went to the aeroclube plaza as well, very quiet environment. you can go there, eat, see some open air show, spot some semipro action there, quiet and funny. around casquinha i spotted many sw.

place: rio de janeiro (rj)
pousada: tempourada na praia copacabana
address: edificio av. atlantica, n. 3196 - rio de janeiro (rj)
phone: (0xx21) 2255.0493
girl friendly? yes, keep document and call you back when the girl is leaving. very safe.
price: from r$60 (double, ac, cook, frigo) fo r$90 ("frente de praia")
comments: this pousada is no more than 100m from the help disco. very safe place, very safe environment. but i think rio is generally safe... i walked alone day and night everywhere around rio, even in some remote favelas, without any problem, if you don't look like a japanese stile tourist with your camera on your neck...
day 1: thursday. went to the famous help disco. entrance was r$15 before midnight, and r$25 after. as any other disco, you'll need some basic approaching skills, and you need to act quickly, if you spot some stunners you like, 'cos best ones seems to pair up very quickly. i met elaine, true name was ********, 21 y.o. mora, a true 7, a personal 8. it was 1.30am, she asked me r$200 'till 5.00am in the morning, r$150 'till 3.30 am. i settled r$150 'till 4.00am. it was a good experience, in terms of gfe and sex, not as good as kelly in maceio, or as vera later on in rio, but a true good experience.
day 2: friday. went to l'uomo termas, what an unusual experience, for me, being naked with just a white towel being surrounded by wanderful girls going around and kissing and touching your dick! entrance was r$50, dropped down to r$30 if you choose a girl. standar 40 min was r$140. i went there with barra, or something like that (i wasn't able to understand her name), a very beautiful loira. i had good sex, good gfe.
day 3: saturday. went to the help again, same spot as ever. at the end of the night, i mean 5am, a morena girl, rated 6, offered herself to me for just r$50. it was a good experience.
day 4: it was my last night in brasil, and i went to help again. i spotted a very very beautiful loirinha, she said her name was vera, but her true name was ********. she was a real semi-pro, dressed as a normal girl, lonely, not dancing alone. had good moments with her in help, had very wanderful moments with her in bed. kelly from maceiò was a little bit better, in terms of gfe (well, i can't forget her), but vera was a real great experience. it was my last night, so i decided not to negotiate her r$300 request, she worth every real!

of course, as usual... ymmv! ;-)

iotr, now not on the road. :-(

08-27-03, 19:04
Bella lì Italy for the cool report about some more original spots in Brazil. As i see, italians often look for homerelated places to stay (pousadabellanapoli ;)).

i know that Edificio 3196 in Rio, checked out the rooms but found the matresses a bit too thin for my fragile skinny butt, aren't they? is that place clean? i mean, no suspicious traces of the previous mongers?


On The Road
08-28-03, 01:39
Well, 'bout the "bella Napoli" pousada in Ponta Negra, it's just because we had to look for an italian place in order to find italian television to see an italian footbal (or soccer, if you're american) match... ;-)
For the Edificio 3196 in Rio, I found it very clean, when I went in, no trace of previous mongers. The only problem are trace of YOUR mongering, 'cos they don't clean up rooms everyday...


08-31-03, 23:56
Is Brazil the best mongering location in S. America? where is the best city overall in Brazil for the hobby?

09-01-03, 09:22
Originally posted by cool
Is Brazil the best mongering location in S. America? where is the best city overall in Brazil for the hobby?


It depends what you want. Of the three cities of Sao Paulo, Rio, and Buenos Aires, each has thier own attributes. Rio has the beach and a very relaxed atmosphere, as well as the Termas, and the infamous Help disco.

Buenos Aires is a very European style, cosmopolitan city, and is very easy to get around in, with a lot of fun clubs and cafes.

Sao Paulo is very business orientated, is a sprawling city of some 17 million people, and is even more hilly than San Francisco. On the positive side, the women are absolutely beautiful, and you could hit a different club, massage place or escort service 4 nights a week for 6 months, and just barely scratch the surface of what is available.

So you make the choice, and have fun in the process. :)

Enjoy the life,


09-02-03, 08:03
This is a general question about Brazil as a mongering destination - how available is bareback full service there? Any more or less available depending on what part of the country you visit?

I've focused on Asia so far, where I find it easy to find what I like, but want to try South American girls, only don't want to spend a lot on a flight, etc, only to have condom-sex.

09-02-03, 09:09
I flew to Rio late last year from San Francisco International by Delta Airlines for about $530 including tax for a round trip ticket. Does anybody know, now all of a sudden, why all the flights cost about $1000 round trip to Rio? Does anybody know where can I find a cheaper flight?

Thanks for any info.

09-02-03, 16:47

I just booked from New York to RIO for October travel for a total of $585 including tax, via Varig. Go to Varig's home page:
http://www.varigbrasil.com/english/ and click the "Internet Bargains". Off Peak Fare from LA to RIO is under $600. That's the best I have seen so far. Another alternative is to try Priceline. My friend, who will be joining me this trip, got a fare from San Francisco $525+Tax via American Airlines through Priceline. Although he bought the ticket in June.


09-03-03, 19:27
To Bandy and Babyface

I will be going to Rio for 1st time Arriving in Rio on Sept 24,2003. I will also be leaving from San Francisco my airfare cost around $ 593 I bought around 3 months ago.

What cities in Brazil are you going to? Can I meet up with you somewhere if i am still there?

I was planning on going to POA in Oct for the Blonde Brazilian woman. Have any of you guys been to POA?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" in future reports. Thanks!

09-04-03, 08:22
Bandy, thanks for the info., but Varig doesn't fly from SFO or any of the Bay Area airports. I just found out from a friend in Brazil why flights are so expensive. Bush cut the number of visas by half, entering the US from Brazil. So this means that flights are half full, thus a reduction of the number flights and this is why the increase in price.

09-24-03, 17:35

First of all, thanks to Bandy for the tip on Varig's Internet Bargains. I just booked a flight to Rio from NYC in Nov for $585.00 including taxes and fees. Saved myself a couple hundred bucks.

I'm curious to know how some of the experienced travellers to Rio deal with the issue of cash. For obvious reasons, I'm a bit reluctant to carry a lot of it with me while I'm there. The two alternatives that I am aware of are travellers checks and ATM cards. Is it pretty likely that I'll be able to use my ATM card in Rio? Do any of you have any other suggestions?

09-25-03, 03:59
Plenty of ATM's in Rio on Nossa Copacabana, interior street parallel to Atlantica. Just withdraw money in the morning.
Usually R$1000 is limit, R$600 on some.
ATM are at all airports as well.
You can exchange dollars at cambios.
You can exchange dollars at Help when paying entrance fee, $300 max I think.
You can pay meals at Meaia Petaca and terrace in dollars as well.
You can pay in dollars at Barbarella.
If staying at a hotel, get a safe to protect valuables.
Also call all your CC to let them know you will be in Brasil as some might stop working otherwise.

09-25-03, 04:02
When getting money out, I'd head straight back to hotel to limit potential hazard.
Always carry amount and buffer needed for action.

09-25-03, 16:57
All of the ATMs on Copacabana get locked up at 10 pm. However, the ATM inside the Bingo Palace on Copacabana stays open much later.

09-26-03, 21:41
also, all ATMs in Brasil only dispense R100 max after 10pm and that's your daily maximum. the solution to have multiple bank accounts with multiple banks.

in addition for ATM purpose, friday, saturday, sunday and monday are consider to be one business day. for example, if your 'daily' withdrawal limit is R1000. then for friday through monday, you only get R1000- for the entire four day period.

09-29-03, 22:09

I was (pleasantly) surprised to get a ticket (small city in Texas to Sao Paulo) through hotwire.com for about US$400 less than quoted on Orbitz. It's possibly worth looking there anyway.


09-30-03, 17:59
Malandro:First of all, thanks to Bandy for the tip on Varig's Internet Bargains.
You are welcome. Just a reminder. Varig participates with the United Airline's frequent flyer program. That was one of my other incentives to select Varig. Another Airlines to consider for Brazil desitinations, will be TAM. They don't have their own service to North America. So they use American Arlines as their partner to sevice upto Sao Paolo (GRU). Their price is one of the cheapest. Call them directly at 1-888-235-9826. You also will get credit for the mileage under American Airlines Advantage program.

Watcher:What cities in Brazil are you going to? Can I meet up with you somewhere if i am still there?
I will be in RIO staying in Rio Roiss hotel from Oct 10-19.


Nasty Que
10-09-03, 16:51
I am making my first trip to Rio next month, and I"m trying to get some information about the Luxor Regente, and the Orla Copacabana. Just wondering if anyone has stayed at either of these places and if so please give me your opinion of them.

Thanks in advance.

10-25-03, 14:16

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-Uncle Otto

10-31-03, 12:45
There are two stories in the news about Brazil today:

- Gov. to give free AIDS test to population. It is suspected that there are 400,000 'potential' subjects that can go undetected if that's not done.
- Rio undercover cops to blend with bathers as there is a surge of robberies in copa beach.

Not cool. But I'm still going, I hope these problems can be alleviated, not for mongers or tourists but for Brazil itself.

11-01-03, 20:50
Hey Guys,

For those of you who have bought or buying a cell phone in Brazil (only to be used in Brazil), how much can one expect to pay for your basic cell phone? What are the current prices in Rio?


11-02-03, 02:10

I bought mine about a year ago in Sao Paulo, and paid about R$150 for it. It is a pre-paid phone, and I just keep adding money to it as the amount of credits get low. It works fine, but there are better options now.


11-03-03, 02:10
On the cellphone topic.

I was surprised to find that my regular European cellphone worked in Brazil. Roaming, everything.

If you have a GSM phone, consider bringing it along. You can use roaming or buy an "Oi" chip for R$31, including R$10 of credit. No need for a CPF (= Brazilian ID number) to buy this chip. They contact you a few weeks later on your new number to ask for your details. But I was able to delay this process a while and never provided the details.

"Oi" works throughout the North-East and Rio, but not sure about SP and down south.

11-03-03, 02:57
On mobile phone topic,

In addition to Cachorro's comment, TIM is the carrier in Sao Paulo area.

I have a GSM phone (UK number) which is tied to my US cellphone so while I'm traveling, calls to my US cellphone will follow me around. It is convenient from the callers' perspective as they don't have to remember my second mobile number but it is damn expensive!

So I got a SIM card from TIM (R$10) and installed on my GSM phone and it worked in very inexpensive way! In Sao Paulo, telephone numbers for GSM phones begin with 8xxx-xxxx.

11-03-03, 07:37
Thanks Guys for the info on cell phones!

I will probably end up buying a Brasilian cell phone, instead of going the GSM route, for now. I will keep the idea of buying an inexpensive GSM (unlocked) in mind, but will opt for a quick cheap fix if nothing better presents itself.

BTW, shopping for a GSM (unlocked) phone on eBay is also a good way to go, as reported here at WSG.


Nasty Que
11-04-03, 16:43
Help guys!

With all my researching of hangouts, clubs and bars, I failed to realize I need a visa (Thank God I have a recent passport). Anyone know where I can apply for a visa real fast through a reputable company? My flight leaves next Wednesday on Nov.13th.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please refrain from using "i" instead of a capital "I" in future reports. Thanks!

11-05-03, 22:58
Member #1310,

Not sure where you live but didn't you check with the Brazilian Embassy that services your area. I had mine done in NYC. They process it that day and you can pick it up the next day.

Nasty Que
11-06-03, 20:25
Okay, I've been lurking on another site (no mongering there though) and some suggestions of clubs I haven't seen mentioned here were Baronetti, and even The Hard Rock Cafe. Have any of you fellas been to these spots? Again, I'm leaving on November 12th staying for 6 days. This will be my first trip to Rio and I'm very excited! If you have any more advice, I'd certainly welcome it.


Nasty Que
11-11-03, 17:24
Wish me luck, today I fly out for my first trip to Rio, if anyone wants to hang out and drink a beer or two let me know, I'll have my labtop with me and I'm staying at an apartment provided by Bobby at blameitonrio.

11-13-03, 15:39
I am envious my man. Could you keep us posted on the apartment? (problems bringing ladies to your room? cable TV etc.) I am setting up a 2 week trip next March and hopeing to be in Rio for a week and maybe Fortaleza or some other place, for the remaining week. I have been in contact with Luana at blameitonrio and Varig, so I am pretty much set regarding travel and lodging( many thanks to the board!). So I guess my only question now is what would be good 2nd city for a newbie to visit after my first week in Rio?


Nasty Que
11-19-03, 17:40
The apartment provided by Bobby at Blame it On Rio was nice. $50 USD with a beautiful view of the ocean. Right next to Meia Pataca. The only problem was that one night the electricity went out but was restored within a couple of hours.

11-19-03, 20:12
Ok, what the hell are some of you guys thinking????

I was just told that there is an American man here in Rio, (most of you know him) that is talking some of you into buying apartments here in Rio as rentals. That much I can understand and actually encourage.
This guy is graciously offering to manage the apartments for you and he’s taking 50% of all the rental fees he collects….. I can’t understand why, when others are only asking 25-30%. The contract he is getting some of you to sign ….. (Now this is the part that floored me), after 10 years the ownership of the apartment actually reverts to HIM…

What the hell are some of you thinking!!!!!!!! If you are interested in buying an apartment in Rio and renting it out you CAN MAKE A BETTER DEAL WITH JUST ABOUT ANYONE......

11-25-03, 20:40

You have a very long journey on riverboats ahead of you, before you reach Belém.

For money, use your VISA-card. Better than traveller's checks.

On your journey to Belém you can make stops at Manaus and Santarém.

My best advice is: don't miss Remulus in Manaus!

Rabo Verde
11-25-03, 22:32
DAN One thing you are in for is Malaria and/or Dengue fever. OUCH! Take lots of bug spray and light long sleeve clothes.

11-26-03, 04:21

Basically, it's about the same in all S. American countries:

ATM is the cheapest, espcially when you max your per withdrawl amount. Visa/MC for transacations (not advances) is next best, unless your bank (if a US bank) puts a 3% implicit fee in your FX (Visa/MC has a 1% fee, some banks add 2%). With such a 3% fee, T-checks become equal, better, or worse, depending on the fees/FX for exchange. Cash advances are the last choice.

11-29-03, 18:40
Who has the best deal from Europe to fly to Brasil? From Germany, Italy, or France?


Tall Drink #2
11-30-03, 04:13
To #1310,

So it's your first time to Rio, good thing! Have a great time! As it goes for the Hard Rock Cafe thing, it's cool if your into hearing a lot of U2 and Michael Jackson. Not to say that it's all bad, BUT a club is a club is a club, no matter where you are. Sure you might get lucky, but only if your a good talker or wearing real nice watch and a nice pair of shoes. The good thing is that most brazillian women are responsive. In other words you'll know if she does or doesn't like you very quickly.

But if what your really looking for is a good time, out try "Bed? or Beds?" I forget. But just ask for the club that has a bunch of beds instead if seats. it's not to far from Ipanema. It's a cool place. Just be sure you take enough money. What they do is give you a card with a little scanner thing on it and scan it everytime you buy a drink. At the end of the night, while your walking out, you settle up at the door. You'll find two very big guys at the exit who look like they could really kick butt. In fact I think that they do the same at the Hard Rock.

But as it goes for fun, try that "Beds" place. Local girls are a bit stuck up but very fun when you get to know them. Just one thing you got to remember while going to these clubs: they are mainly for locals, it's their turf, not yours. So be nice. If you like a girl and her boyfriend tells you to bug off, leave. Simple There's always Help and Barbarellas. Your there to have a good time, not a bad one.

Take care

Don't forget to visit "Centarius." Pricey, but very nice.

12-03-03, 06:44
Centarius will do everything in their power to rip you off (see past posts) - better to go to Luomo, 4x4, Solarium, MC... see past posts.

12-20-03, 21:46
Hey guys,

Is my first time here and I spent the last days reading the posts to try to learn something. I’m going to Brazil for business for 10 days in January; it’s going to be my first trip outside America. I’m going to Fortaleza and Natal and I’m interested in hooking up with white, blond girls, blue eyes if possible. From what I’ve seen most Brazilian girls are dark, is that right?

I know no Portuguese at al, is that a problem or the girls can speak English? I’m looking for semi or no-pros, how easy it is to hook up with them? I’m young and good looking, very foreign look-like (that means blond and blue eyes), is that an advantage or not?

Also, I read on web that all Brazilian girls are crazy about anal, is that true? Is that implied when you take a girl to bed? I also like DFK very much and it seems it’s common practice in Brazil, am I right?

One last question… I read some of your guys saying you paid a girl to be GFE… what does that mean? I know it means girl-friend, but what does that mean? It’s like renting a girl for a weekend or a couple of days and pretends she’s my GF? I never heard this term before.

Thanks a lot.

12-21-03, 14:53

Just got home from a trip in Brazil (Sao Paulo, Fortaleza, Rio d. J., Natal, Manaus etc) and as it was also my first one I think we are on somewhat the same level. And I might add that I am also blond, young and have blue eyes...

Anayway! Natal was a disappointment for me. It is ok if you are after beachlife and like hanging around a lot of tourists, but if you are after hooking up with Brazilians I found it hard.

Fortaleza is better in that sense, although it also has a lot of toruists. But girls are easier to find, but not if you are after blonds and blue-eyed girls. You should try to learn some basic words in Portuguese and you will get more out of the time together. Sure, you would be able to understand each other for sex anyway, but it is more fun with more social possiblities. As I said, Fortaleza is known to have a lot of girls around. I would guess most of them are semi-pros. But I just found very few attractive ones and the selection is better in Rio and Sao Paulo. Foreign language skills are also more common there.

Personally I never did any anal sex with any of the girls I stayed with (probably around 30-40 during two and a half months), but some of them would suggest it. But the same girls could later add that anal sex is very good, but only for the guy, so I don't had the feeling there is no pressure to do that. But at least the possibility is there...

Have a good time on your trip and happy hunting!

12-24-03, 15:33
I was talking with Hakan (Hogan) Ollson of Rioapartments.com about buying a 2 bedroom apartment in Copa. We estimated cost to be about 70K US for a nice property that I could rent out 6-9 months a year. It should cash flow, if I do a Home Equity Line of Credit on my house with the current prime rate of 4% and having it in RENTED out about half the time. I would prefer to LIVE further south Ipanema, or Leblon but the short term rental market is not as strong further from Copa. Though the appreciation in value is not as good in Copa, as further south either, I believe it may be realistic to expect 4-5% appreciation per year in Copa. The biggest issue is resale because unless I can find a buyer with cash, which may be hard to do here in Brazil then it could be difficult. I wonder if there is a web site that has Brazil properties For Sale By Owner??? Any input on this would be much appreciated. My understanding is that US citizens may only spend up to 6 months per year in Brazil, then must return. Another issue I believe is getting the money into a Brazilian bank, I´m not sure if the funds must be seasoned here for a few months prior to purchase or not.

12-26-03, 12:22
Zidaho, I was talking to Kenn from EZ-RioRentals.com about the same thing. I think Kenn gave me some pretty good information since he has been renting apartments in Copa. for over 3 years. I live here in Rio., but I still wanted Kenn's input. We even looked at a few in Copa. prices seemed to be between 200-250,000.reais for something nice. What did you decide?

Without a resident card you will only be allowed to stay in Brazil for 6 months a year.

As for re-sale you should not have to worry too much about that. Brazilians can get mortgages. You should be able to cash out if you needed to sell your apartment.

As for renting it. I don't think that you should count on renting it out for the entire 6 months you will not be living there. I guess your ability to rent it would depend on what months you would be living there. If you live in it for the summer, High Tourist Season, then you would be renting it out only during the winter, Low Tourist Season. I doubt if you can rent it out for more than 30% of the Low Tourist Season, maybe 8 weeks total. I would not count on the rent for 8 weeks (200reais a night x 7 nights = 1,400reais a week) alone to pay all your costs. Taxes, Condo Fees, Utilities etc.
1,400reais x 8 weeks = 11,200reais a year. That would not even be enough to cover your Loan in the USA much less the other expenses.

12-31-03, 15:18
Any U.S. Citizen who goes to Brazil in January please reports the situation. Is there going to be a seperate line for U.S. Citizens? Does it affect the people from other countries?

CNN News >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
A Brazilian judge furious at U.S. plans to fingerprint and photograph Brazilians entering the United States has ordered Brazil to do the same to U.S. citizens, police said on Tuesday.

The order, set to go into effect on January 1, came after a government office filed a complaint in federal court over the U.S. measure aimed at millions of foreign travelers.

Sterling V
12-31-03, 20:16
I'll be landing in Rio the morning of the 2nd. I'll post here if I'm fingerprinted. Although, knowing how Brazilians are with puncuality, I'd expect Jan. 1st to happen around March 15th.


12-31-03, 23:39

Finger printing is NOT going to stop me from tasting the pleasures of the Brasilian Garotas !!!.

Ceylon1 (WorldTraveller aka Charles)