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12-02-04, 18:53
Sal Dali,

I read that suggestion about a year ago on one of the Herpes web sites. I should have prefaced the remark, I assure you, I use the words study and research in very loose terms. However, I just got a prescription filled yesterday for Valtrex, 15, 1000mg tablets were about $135.00!!! I asked the pharmacist to write the generic name down (I want to see about getting it from a pharmacy in Rio). I mentioned that it was my intention to use it as a body prophalactic to supress the contraction of herpes. He gave a brief explanation of herpes viral shedding HSV1 and HSV2 and the symptoms of each being similar and not as distinct as was once beleived. Pretty much a summary of what I have read on various web sites. Any way he just shrugged an OK, said I could bite off 250mg - 500mg a day while mongering. If nothing else the effort and expense will create a placebo effect. Ha, ha.

I have come to the conclusion that the media is basically stupid and lazy. My pharmacist gave me a flu mist treatment for $30.00 which took about one minute, and aparently covers practically the same spectrum as the flu shot. There is no shortage for the flu mist vaccination.

12-02-04, 20:48
The Brazilian city of Salvador is this week hosting the first World Tourism Forum, and one of the main items on the agenda is how to combat the menace of child sex tourism. The BBC's Steve Kingstone reports from Recife, one of the centres of the Brazilian sex tourism industry.

The UN estimates that two million young people under the age of 18 are involved in prostitution.

Traditionally the trade has been associated with Asia. But in recent years, Brazil has become an increasingly popular destination.

There's a paradise quality to Recife on the country's north-east coast.

Not the paradise of desert islands and solitude but a more earthly variety, with vibrant beaches and beautiful people.

The latter is the attraction for a growing number of foreign tourists who come to Brazil looking for sex, and in many cases they are willing to pay for it.

There is a growing demand, mostly from Germans, Italians and other Europeans, says Sessie Prostrello of campaign group Mulia Vida.

They come here not for the culture and beaches, she says, but for sex, often with minors.

The age of consent in Brazil is 18, but many of those at work here are much younger.

As I drive along the main road a block back from the beach at 1am, it is lined with young women flagging down drivers for sex.

A car stops just up ahead of me. Some of these women are shockingly young - perhaps 12 or 13 years old.

Child sex has boomed in Brazil as Asia cracks down on sex tourism.

In a bar where foreign men meet Brazilians, I was approached by Paula who said she was 19 but seemed younger. She was with her mother.

Paula explained that she was looking for a man who could give her a better life in Europe. She said her two sisters were already in Germany.

Later, a Brazilian BBC colleague spoke to Paula's mother, who said Paula could come to my hotel that night - it was for me to name the price.

A mother prostituting her own daughter may seem shocking, but in the end it comes down to basic economics.

Brazil has a supply of young girls desperate to escape poverty, and the demand from foreign men is rising all the time.

Recife's secretary for tourism, Romeo Batista, says the long-term antidote to the sex trade lies in better social policies so that Brazilian girls have less need for foreign men and money.

But on the question of short-term solutions, he was somewhat defensive.

Look, sex is part of our life. It can be a very healthy part of our life. The question is the use of sex to attract tourism.

"Here they just happen to work in highly visible areas, and it's not just a question of getting them off the streets.

"You have to deter their clients, which is why we've installed cameras which also help reduce violence."

Campaigners say the rise of sex tourism in Brazil is partly a consequence of its relative decline elsewhere.

As the authorities have become stricter in east Asia, for example, some of the trade has shifted to Latin America.

But Brazil is also a victim of its own marketing.

In travel brochures the country is portrayed as a land of samba and sensuality. Posters often show half-naked women.

Brazil has become known for beautiful people and big parties
Sergio Folgill is the Brazilian president of this week's World Tourism Forum.

He says sex tourism is perhaps inevitable, but it is up to the authorities not to encourage it through marketing.

"Look, sex is part of our life. It can be a very healthy part of our life," he says.

"The question is the use of sex to attract tourism. When it tends to be an attraction for new tourists to come, here is where we have a problem."

Selling Brazil as a sexy country but without encouraging sex tourism is a delicate balance which has perhaps yet to be struck.

Track Star
12-06-04, 17:09
I've seen posts on this forum about the ratio of the garotas who have HIV and diseases...any statistics about the rate of HIV (or relative degree of occurrence) contraction for their customers. I had only sex with condom. What is the contraction likelyhood for HIV from having a garota perform BJ without condom???

12-07-04, 04:06
For HIV from a BJ not much for the giver or the receiver. Now STD's are a different story. You can get STD's even with a condom.

I've seen posts on this forum about the ratio of the garotas who have HIV and diseases...any statistics about the rate of HIV (or relative degree of occurrence) contraction for their customers. I had only sex with condom. What is the contraction likelyhood for HIV from having a garota perform BJ without condom???

12-07-04, 05:59
An acquaintance of mine got busted by his wife and a P.I. for his mongering activities recently. The P.I. not only followed him down to South America, and stayed at his same hotel, but had copies of all his recent emails. Be on your guard, and keep your spyware detection software up to date.


12-07-04, 11:24
"An acquaintance of mine got busted by his wife and a P.I. for his mongering activities recently. The P.I. not only followed him down to South America, and stayed at his same hotel, but had copies of all his recent emails. Be on your guard, and keep your spyware detection software up to date."

LoL, sucks to be him, should know better if you're married.

12-08-04, 02:39
I think that termas girls are much safer than Help girls, club girls or escorts. At least, termas gilrs have to regularly do pussy inspection and HIV tests. There are no control on Help, clubs or escorts.

However, termas girls fuck more guys.

Dick for Brains
12-09-04, 22:27
I have a complete set of these language CDs which I used before my last trip to Brazil. They were extremely helpful, and recommend them highly to anyone heading down. If anyone has some other language Pimsleur comprehensive CDs that they would like to trade, please PM me.


Robert Palli
12-10-04, 01:36
I am coming in jan 7th in the mornin.

Guys wanna join me monger for real this time...haha

I will be in Rio on Jan 7-jan 14. I am staying in the Ipanmea Inn. Should be girlfriendly and a lot of fun.

Let me know msg me email me reply anything.


12-11-04, 23:03
I will be in Rio from January 28 to February 11. Anyone else going to be there? I am staying in an apartment at Copacabana & Miguel Lemos. This will be my first trip to Rio and I am really looking forward to it. Can't wait to get there and meet the women!

Robert Palli
12-12-04, 11:27
I am traveling from the USA to Brazil and bringing my laptop. Do I need a power converter, transformer, or plug adaptor? I think they are all the same in the north america but am not sure and could not find out on a yahoo search. Please reply or msg me. Thanks guys.

I appreciate ur help.


Mack Dad
12-12-04, 19:07
i am traveling from the usa to brazil and bringing my laptop. do i need a power converter, transformer, or plug adaptor? i think they are all the same in the north america but am not sure and could not find out on a yahoo search. please reply or msg me. thanks guys.

i appreciate ur help.

robertyou might want to go to wal-mart and pickup at the luggage section. american tourister sells a power adapter kit with all the conversation plugs for less then 20 bucks. brazil is strange because you will see a plug and assume its 220v but it may be 127v. also finding a polarized 110 plug is a challenge. be always prepared on adapters. if you are looking for internet you will be better off going to the internet cafe they are common in major cities. some allow laptop hook up others don't so it’s a matter of talking to the attendant when you go in. now wireless internet is not as common i have done some war driving in rio and sao paulo and have found fewer hot spots in rio. the four airports sdu, gig in rio and cgh, gru in sao paulo have access. now in sao paulo on the bus route from gru to cgh airports i have hit over 40 hotspots and some allowed to log in. another back up plan as amazing as is aol has dial in number down there. aol brazil has recently expanded and has opened numerous dial in cites you never knew existed. you will need an adapter for dial in. modular jacks are not common place and need a 4 prong adapter. you can pick one down there easily. last but the most expensive is if you have nextel you can use your cellular phone to dial in. it’s slow like it is here in the us. nextel has service in brazil and allows you to direct connect back to states.

when i was down there on business customs wanted to confirep001e my laptop. the agent told me that i didn’t declare it. i told him that i was down there on business and that computer was company property and was needed for the job. after standing my ground with him he let me have it back. it seems he wanted a donation and thought i was just some dumb american who would get scared. not that i am advising you to give hell to customs but know your rights.

in all enjoy your trip.

if you have any questions pm me.

12-12-04, 19:11
Brazil uses the same power as we do although the outlets vary from apartment to apartment and hotel to hotel so a plug adapter is a must.

BTW, there is a great place that serves american breakfast (with grits and pancakes), kind of pricey for Rio but the food is excellent and so are the people who run the place. They have a wireless network set up that you can use for R$5 an hour. The place is called Sweet New York and it's just 2 blocks off the beach off of Miguel Lemos.

Robert Palli
12-12-04, 19:16
What kind do I need to buy? Can I find it at Radio Shack or Best Buy or Circuit City? Also, can I find them in Brazil if needed? Let me know.

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12-13-04, 00:03
Power supplies for electronic gadets (i.e. laptop computers, mobile phones, vairous PDA's, Apple iPod's or MP3 players to name a few) operates in voltage range between 100 v to 220 v. Therefore only thing you need are a couple of power plug adapters which are different from country to country. Most of reasonable hotels have two different types of power outlets on the wall - US style and local style. You can easily buy the power plug adapters at Radio Shack, SharperImage, office supply stores like Staples and the likes.

If you plan to bring electroic gadets (greate example is electric shaver) that have electric cord/plug without power supplies, then you need power converter or transformer, which can be expensive and bulky.

Lover Boy #2
12-13-04, 06:35
just a quick word of advice on this "power/voltage" question. yes, most of brasil uses the same power, 110-115 volts ac, as north america. there are some parts of brasil on 220 volts....not rio or sp however. also, the 100-115 vac supplied in brasil has a greater fluctuation for the most part, than suppliers in north america. all electronic items destined for sale in brazil (probably in other parts of sa too, but i have personal knowledge of brasil only) have a regulator circuit built into the power supply area of the device. these fluctuations are capable of destroying circuitry that does not have the regulator circuit. this is called a "spike" in north america. also, not all cell phone and other power supplies are "autoranging". this doesn't matter for a european trav. to brazil, as the device just won't work or work at a much slower speed. however, if you have a non-autoranging power supply on a computer or cell phone for example and plug (with plug adapters, not voltage adapters) from a u.s. 110-115 vac device into a european or asian 220vac circuit.....the result will be a loud popping sound with some very white light....and maybe a little fire.

12-15-04, 02:02
I will be in Rio on Dec. 27th until Jan. 2nd. I would like to work out during the time that I'm there before spending time at the Monte Carlo and 4X4. If anyone knows of a gym with free weights in the Copa it would be a great help. PM with that information.

Thank you

12-15-04, 15:54
I am interested in these two countries. I have been to Brazil few times, but never been to argentina. I am planning to go to Argentina in 2005. I like to know about the country a little before I go there. The 'World Factbook' in CIA web site has vital information on most countries including Argentina and Brazil. Different times I see people quoting different statistics on these two countries. Quoting from the web site: Brazil: population composition: 55% white; 38% mixed; 6% black; and 1% other. Purchasing power parity (PPP): US$7,600 2004 est. Argentina: 97% white; 3% other. PPP: US$11,200 2004 est. Can any one explain what is PPP means? Is there any relationship between PPP and per capita income?

Big Dane
12-17-04, 18:17
I'm pondering a visit to Brazil in march instead of Sosua in the DR.

But I have never been to the south america and no idea of what to expect - what are the pricelevel for a nice girl, an okay room pr. night, food, drinks/beer etc.

How is the scene overall in Brazil, and is it safe enough to go there alone?

12-17-04, 21:08
The demographics in Brazil depend upon where you are.

In general, the further south, the "whiter" it gets. The 3 most southern states actually might seem more like Europe than Brazil. And Salvador is at least 40% "black", 30% "mixed"; in one way or another. Fewer "white" folk.

The people, and esp. the "garotas de programma", are warmer as people, hotter, as far as sex, and much more likely to be "GFE". And the pricing may also be better, than in Buenos Aires.

Sao Paulo is like NYC, and Rio is "browner", and on the beach.

Personally, I like it all, for different reasons.

Argentina; I have only been to BsAs. There are no "black" people at all. The "minority is Indian. Mostly Paraguyan.

They are rather "cold" with respect to attitude. And I personally think they have a "supremist" sort of attitude towards the other S.Am. countries. You won't get a smile from a cutie in BsAs like you often get in Brazil.

But!, BsAs is a beautiful city. Although the air can be unbreathable at times. However, having said all that, I had many great times there. I felt safe. And, you just have to visit at least once to experience the "cafe's" and clubs. It is kinda unique.

In conclusion, having already been to BsAs once, I feel like I've got a lot more to see of Brazil. And i have my eye on Colombia also.

I recommend you check them both out. All of the above is very subjective. I met many ex-pats in BsAs that wouldn't live anywhere else.

12-17-04, 21:09

And your dollar will go just about as far in both places.

I don't know what the hell that "PP whatever" thing is.

12-18-04, 22:31
Snooky (or anyone else),

Is Sweet New York located on Miguel Lemos, or a side street (like Leopoldo)? Two blocks off of the beach - so would it be east of Av. Copa or west (ie. are you counting Aires Saldanha and Leopoldo as 'blocks')?

A wireless connection in Rio, I'm interested, thanks for the info!

Fly Guy II
12-19-04, 02:09

PPP is purchasing power parity. Not 100% sure but used in in comparing salary scales of different country and what it actually buys or a more indicate of what you really earn in a level playing field. Like a Mc D index. Sorry if it doesn't really help but economics is not my strong point. Perhaps someone will be able to give you a more detailed description.


12-20-04, 03:24
Hello everyone,

What major events should I plan to participate in New Years Eve in Rio? Are there customs I should know about?

Hopefully by then I would have found some good company and could enjoy the festivities with her.

pop till you drop,

12-20-04, 05:13
I can't find the exact address at the moment (When I find the card I'll post it)but I can give you walking directions.

From the beach and Miguel Lemos, walk up Miguel Lemos .

Go across Av. Copacabana (blockbuster on corner as a reference) and make your first left down a side street.

Sweet New York will be on your right about 4-5 buildings down.

Here's the tricky part, there is no sign but the walls are painted pink around a wrought iron gate. You can see a glass front door there through the gate. If no one is there, press the buzzer on the upper right of the gate on the wall.

Is Sweet New York located on Miguel Lemos, or a side street (like Leopoldo)? Two blocks off of the beach - so would it be east of Av. Copa or west (ie. are you counting Aires Saldanha and Leopoldo as 'blocks')?

A wireless connection in Rio, I'm interested, thanks for the info!

12-20-04, 23:33
Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season......

12-21-04, 02:51

You have to wear white for one, that is probably the most important thing. Watch out for the fireworks that are thrown into crowds.

12-22-04, 17:21
There are hundreds of gyms in Copacabana. Most are yuppie orientated, the best being BodyTech on N. S. Copacabana. However, if you want to pump iron the best is on Barrata Rebiero near Rodolfo Dantas across from the metro. Look for a sign that says "Gelo." Go to the back of the galaria. Expect to pay about $20 for a one month guest memborship.

12-23-04, 01:14
Finally found it. Also note that I made a mistake on the color of the wall outside it is yellow.

Sweet New York
Rua Travessa Cristiano Lacorte, 46
Copacabana/Rio de Janeiro
Phone: 2227.6648 & 2521.6740

Here's the website and a writeup on it.


Snooky (or anyone else),

Is Sweet New York located on Miguel Lemos, or a side street (like Leopoldo)? Two blocks off of the beach - so would it be east of Av. Copa or west (ie. are you counting Aires Saldanha and Leopoldo as 'blocks')?

A wireless connection in Rio, I'm interested, thanks for the info!

Sal Dali
12-24-04, 14:21
Word has it that the guy that owns "Sweet New York" hasn't been honest in his business dealings with a bunch of guys. I've heard stories about about his stealing from Bobby (Rio4Travel), the guy that owns gringomanagement & some debacle about an ice cream place and defrauding his investors on that deal.

Since the website asks for investors, it seems that "caveat emptor" (let the buyer beware) should be the phrase of the day. (true all over Brazil)


Deviant Freak
12-27-04, 07:15
Does anyone know how far Metro Line 1 has been extended? Are the proposed stations at Cantagalo and General Osorio open yet?

Muito obrigado,


Deviant Freak
12-27-04, 07:27
In addition to the termas (which I love) and my non-pro brasileira gf, I am a big fan of massages, and I'm especially the 4-hands tailandesa (called Indian in some places), and I'm wondering whether anyone knows anything about any of these places:

Bia Massagem, Rua México, Centro
Centro de Lazer, Av. Maracanã 47, Maracanã
Centro de Lazer MV30, Rua Mayrink Veiga, Centro
LC Massagens, Rua Miguel Couto 105, Centro
Any of the places on http://www.destack.com.br/massagem_sensual.htm
Centro Thai (location unknown)
Rio's American Bar (http://www.destack.com/rios/)

The first four are listed on http://rio.ultimap.net/ but I have no idea where the others are. Does anyone have experience with any of these?



Bubba Boy
12-27-04, 15:50
I think this applies to most people you meet in South America and don't really know well. There are alot of characters in Rio, some are the funniest guys on the planet, but I personally would not want to do business with most (actually probably all!).

One point of interest in regards to Bobby. He caught a virus about 2 months ago, which developed into a very nasty attack on his nervous system, he ended up having a stoke. I bumped into a few times a couple of weeks ago and apparently he is feeling better but still looks like he has done a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson. He is on the mend and in good spirits, only thing he really complained about was not being able to drink Vodka anymore!

El Austriaco
12-27-04, 18:31
Can anyone advise to the age of Consent in Brazil? I have seen conflicting information saying both 14 and 18. The distinction seems to be that if she is under 18 and not a virgin its ok so long as she is over 14 can someone confirm? Havahopeful,

As far as I can see, this information is correct. I was wondering about this myself recently, and that' s why I did some research. Here's what the Brazilian Penal Code says (translation mine):



Art. 217 – Seducing a virgin woman less than 18 (eighteen) and more than 14 (fourteen) years of age and having sexual intercourse with her, taking advantage of her inexperience or justifiable trust:

Penalty - incarceration between two and four years.

Corruption of Minors

Art. 218 - Corrupting or facilitating the corruption of a person more than 14 (fourteen) and less than 18 (eighteen) years of age, practicing with her a libidinous act or inducing her to practice or to presence such an act:

Penalty - incarceration from one to four years.

I am not a Brazilian lawyer, but as far as I can see, this means the following:

1. Under 14, she's definitely a minor, regardless of circumstances.

2. Over 18, she's definitely not a minor, regardless of circumstances.

3. You can still be charged with seduction of a girl up to eighteen years of age as long as a) she's a virgin AND b) have intercourse with her AND c) take advantage of her inexperience or justifiable trust.

For P4P, I think that 3) above is very unlikely. Every come across a virgin provider? Plus, I think it's very unlikely that, in that case, there could be any claims of "inexperience" or "justifiable trust".

At the same time, "corruption of minors" seems to be quite a bit stricter. Not sure what to make of that one.

BTW, prostitution in and by itself is not illegal, but pimping is as well as maintaining a "place for meetings for a libidinous purpose" (again, as per the Brazilian Penal Code). This is addressed in Chapter V of the BPC: Pimping and Trafficking in Women.

Also curious as to how comfortable we are that the agencies/termas are doing their jobs with confirming age.
Good question... wondered about that myself.

El Austriaco

12-27-04, 22:06
I have been chatting with a girl I met on latin american cupid.com for 4 weeks. Her profile says she is 18, I just found out today that her 18th birthday will come 3 days after I arrive and she put 18 down because there is no other age that she could put down. In Illinois the age of consent is 17 not 18, I am in my 20s. I wanted to know what the laws in Brazil are.

The statute I found makes references to 14 -18 year olds.

This led to some concern that what should we be looking for in hobbying, as I am sure everyone knows a 17 year old dressed up in a club, can easily pass for 21-22.

I want to know what the law is to ensure I don't break it.

If the law is 14 I am certain that I would be able to tell that someone is that young without worries. If the law is 18 I am questioning what the protocal is? Do you guys card these girls? and do the escort agencies and Termas do this for you.

12-28-04, 08:20
age of consent has nothing to do with this hobby. if you're seen with an ****, you may end up in a brasilian jail. all the terma, help and boate garotas have to be 18 to work. in the terraco in front of help, there is no check of ids. most hotels in brasil require id from garota or she does not come in. if you meet this girl from online chat, make sure to check id.

12-28-04, 12:31
havahopeful , if you get stopped by the cops and they find out you are with a 17yr. old girl you are in a world of s-it... you may not only go to jail but you may be forced to pay a fine of over $10,000.usd and never be allowed in brazil again. girls have been known to setup dumb ass tourists for money also using their age as a threat with the cops...

that is just for starters. once you arrive in the usa you will be held for the us authorities because it's against the law in the us to travel to other countries for sex with minors. you will be f-cked... you could spend time in a us jail as well have to hire a lawyer and have your name ruined.. if you lose your case, your name will be placed on the list of known ****s.

keep out of trouble and forget seeing her until she is 18 years of age………….

12-28-04, 14:51
as i said there was no interest in being with someone ****, as until yesterday i was under the impression that that she was about to turn 19, i will let her know that i can't see her till her birthday and check id then.

on another note it seems that this is one more reason to vote for termas and possibly agency girls as i don't think anyone of us want to risk our knowledge of brazilian id's with a girl we meet in a club unless you are abolutely certain by looking at her that she is over 18.

thanks again.

El Austriaco
12-29-04, 16:19
Does anyone know how far Metro Line 1 has been extended? Are the proposed stations at Cantagalo and General Osorio open yet? Muito obrigado, DFNo, they are not open yet, and won't be in the near future. About a couple of weeks ago, I read in O Globo that they were blasting the tunnel to get to where the Cantagalo station will ultimately be located. So at this point in time, the last station in Copacabana is Siqueira Campos, although there is (free) bus service to and from General Osorio from there if you have a metro ticket.


Bango Cheito
12-30-04, 07:43
1) The Brazilian law can be read as 14 or 18. As for how it's applied if you are a Brazilian, it's 14. If you are a tourist it's 18 and you better not fuck up because they would love to make a present for the media of you and throw the book at you.

2) Who the FUCK would want disgusting American food in the middle of Rio? Man, one of the things i HATE so much about the USA is the garbage we call food here! I'm dying to get Brazilian food up HERE!!

La Isla
12-30-04, 21:07
Hi all,

I am looking for a 3-4 bedroom apartment in Rio with a pool, balcony and ocean view. Must have free access for multiple garotas but be secure.

Does anybody have first hand knowledge of one or can put me in contact with someone who won't rip us off? Looking for the off-season in late April, early May.


12-31-04, 04:30
I know this may sound nuts to some but I'm planning a trip (1st time) in early March. I will spend about 10 days and I will want to one day of rest from the ladies. Other than the typical tourist sites around Rio are there ant day trips that are worthwhile? Amazon eco tours or something like that?


Fido Dido
12-31-04, 12:41
In Cuba it is very normal if you ask a girl for her id.

I always do and I often make a note of her id-number for my own safety.

All minors can say they are over 18 (and often they look over 18yrs)

In Brazil do girls carry an id and is it normal to ask for that?

12-31-04, 20:26

I'm getting ready for the next "deployment" to Brazil. I'm considering phone options. I will be in 3 places, so I don't want to rent, and return 3 times. What are my options?

Is there a phone with a card that works both here and in S. America?
THAT could be my only phone if it existed.

If not, I would consider buying one just for the 2-3 times per year I expect to be there.