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01-01-04, 02:00
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01-01-04, 02:05
I don't think new immigration procedures single out Brazilians.

It is onehand amusing to witness (absolutely irrationale and completely emotion triggered) reaction of Brazilian lawmakers while it is respectful for them to act what is right for Brazilians.

I wish lawmakers of Brazil had a bit broader perspectives and understanding of US government's desperate measure to prevent another senseless loss of innocent lives.

As Ceylon1 said, finger printing would not deter me from going to Brazil to see my girls. Only downside is my girlfriend has to wait for me a bit little longer (time for finger printing, hopefully use digital technology) outside of the custom area at the airport.

Rabo Verde
01-01-04, 02:54
I was unable to find the CNN story about the fingerprinting, I wonder if someone is pulling your leg? However I did find this:


Cover that bottom, Brazilian judge orders

Pedestrians walk past the controversial advertisement for this month's Brazilian Playboy magazine in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Tuesday

December 19, 2000
Web posted at: 9:28 PM EST (0228 GMT)

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) -- A Brazilian judge said on Tuesday he had ordered the naked bottom of this month's Brazil Playboy cover girl on billboard ads in Rio de Janeiro be covered up to protect children from obscenity.

Judge Siro Darlan ordered that official black-and-white notices be plastered over the backside of Carla Perez, a well-known television presenter and dancer.

01-01-04, 19:18

Here is the latest development on Brazil fingerprinting. It seems that this is not going to happen any time soon. Brazilian government should spend money somewhere else.


Three I
01-01-04, 19:50
Hey guys Brazilian requirement merely mirror U.S. requirements, it has always been this way! When I went to Brazil I had to meet the requirement Brazilians had to meet when thy came to the U.S.!

Ear Muff Diver
01-01-04, 20:46
FYI on fingerprinting US citizens entering Brazil.


01-01-04, 21:16
l just read Brazil is going to fingerprint and photogragh Amercans at Brazilian airports.Who the fuck do they think they are?7/11 didn,t happen in Brazil?l ain,t going back there no more.l have been there twice and l had great time and will love going back ,but not to be fingerprinted like a damn criminal.l got shit load of places to go and have Fun and don,t have to deal with those little Piranhas and Rio Taxis drivers no more

01-01-04, 21:17
Ok, another question not directly related to the "S" in "WSG".

In all my previous trips to Rio or S.P., I've flown directly from the U.S. to either city. However, this time I cashed in miles on United Airlines to get down there, and United no longer flies direct to RJ. My itinerary shows the flight goes to S.P. and arrives at 11:50am. The flight to Rio has a different flight #, and leaves at 12:30pm.

My question is this - does anyone have any direct experience with this United connection? Does the change in flight # mean I changes planes in S.P.? Do I go through customs in S.P. or Rio? If I have to clear customs in S.P., how on earth can I make my connection to Rio?

And yes, of course I called United. And yes, of course I got someone on the phone that had no idea what the deal is down there.

Thanks in advance. Sorry for another off-topic post.

01-01-04, 22:42
BRASILIA, Brazil (Reuters) - Brazilian (news - web sites) police on Thursday began fingerprinting and photographing U.S. visitors on orders of a judge who compared planned U.S. security controls on travelers from Brazil and other nations to Nazi horrors.

Related Links
• US-VISIT Program (dhs.gov)

Federal Judge Julier Sebastiao da Silva, furious at U.S. plans to fingerprint and photograph millions of visitors on entering the United States, ordered Brazil's authorities do the same to U.S. citizens starting on Thursday.

"We've begun doing this," said a Federal Police spokeswoman at Brazil's Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo.

The judge's order came after Brazil's Federal Public Ministry filed a complaint in court over the U.S. measure.

The US-VISIT system is meant to identify people who have violated immigration controls, have criminal records or belong to groups listed as terrorist organizations by the United States.

Starting on Monday, people who need visas to enter the United States will be digitally fingerprinted and photographed when they pass through immigration at major U.S. airports and seaports.

The measure does not apply to citizens of 27, mainly European, nations who do not need a visa to enter the United States.

"I consider the act absolutely brutal, threatening human rights, violating human dignity, xenophobic and worthy of the worst horrors committed by the Nazis," said Sebastiao da Silva in the court order released on Tuesday.

Officials at the U.S. Embassy in Brazil were not immediately available to comment.

Federal Police in Sao Paulo were not able to confirm how many ports of entry had begun the controls and how many U.S. citizens had been fingerprinted and photographed so far.

The order by Sebastiao da Silva, a regional federal judge in the state of Mato Grosso, can be overturned by Brazil's justice system if he is considered to be acting outside of his powers, a Federal Police spokesman said.

Brazilian Foreign Ministry officials were not available to comment on the ruling, which urges the government to pressure the United States to exempt Brazilians from the US-VISIT system.

Rio Bob
01-02-04, 00:20

I can answer some of your questions about your flight to Rio with a stop in Sao Paulo. I don't use United I use Continental and ever since Sept. 2001 there is no more nonstop to Rio on Continental they make a stop in SP. First of all you will do customs in Rio not SP.

If everything goes ok your flight should arrive early and they will have more than 40 minutes to transfer your bags to the other flight/aircraft. Im sure this happens all the time and they know what they are doing.

Don't worry, relax if you miss the flight or your bags miss, if United doesn't have another flight to Rio from SP there are plenty of flights on other airlines that I think United will have to put you on if you miss because its their fault.

Don't worry be happy you'll be in Brazil.

01-02-04, 03:57
Rio Bob:

Thanks for the info - I finally reached someone at United who said basically the same thing. I appreciate the reply.

01-02-04, 08:21
Finger Printing and other Measures.

1a. how many illegal aliens from Brasil if US do not require Visa? even with the current stringent Visa requirement, there are lots of brasilians overstaying their Visa in U.S. already. i myself know of a few.
2. how many of us, american gringos will become illegal aliens in brasil or overstay their visa?
3. what measure has brazil taken to combat terrorism at their local airport. answer: nothing. most of brazil's airport security screening system is a joke. bottomline, they don't think their country will ever be targetted.
4. which country makes more money from tourism? US from Brasil or Brasil from US?

bottomline is, brasil is going through an "inferiority syndrome". it's no different from that mexican flag flying in Juarez across from El Paso which is considered to be the world's largest flag. so mexico is flying the world's largest flag right across from El Paso TX in your face type of facial. brasil is doing the same.

to all patriotic mongers
1. are you willing to let them do this to you and your beloved country? after all, there is Argentina, Cuba..... many many places to go.
2. more importantly, are you going to let your finger prints and photo be stored somewhere in brasil's so called justice and federal police system, a system that even brasilians themselves do not give much credence to?

so, guys, vote with your feet. stop going to brasil.

Rabo Verde
01-02-04, 11:41
Oops my bad! Brazil already makes you go thru the rigamarole of getting a visa for $100, just to retaliate for the fact that Brazilians have to get a visa and pay $100 to enter the USA. But how many Gringos are gonna become illegal aliens in Brazil? They are just cutting off their nose to spite their face and foregoing needed tourist dollars. Guess it's a pride thing. Oh well my two cents.

01-02-04, 15:41
Why stop going to Brazil?

Becase they want a photo and fingerprints to store in their records. OK - fine by me, Those Barney Fifih cops will just lose it anyhow.

Don't fear!

Rio Bob
01-03-04, 02:17

They can take a picture of any body part they want on me, Im still going in.

01-04-04, 08:26
I have been in Rio only once but I definetely come back. I fell in love with the termas and his girls. Unfortunately my time for holiday is limited but I want to spend more time with the terma girls. Anybody know if you can invite them to your home country on a tourist visa?

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01-04-04, 09:07
Sorry to read that some of us would submit to anything to get brasilian pussies. I for one, draw my line at finger printing and photo taking. There is a degree of dignity that we, as American should uphold. We should not be arrogant (ala "ugly American") however, we should also hold our pride.

I met a couple of young men in uniform (definitely not more than 20 years old) at the airport just after Christmas. They were flying out to training camp and after six months training, will serve in Iraq. despite their young age, they were extremely articulate, respectful and intelligent. In the short conversation I had with them, they expressed their pride to serve the country and to "help the Iraqi people". Man, I was touched. Young men at this age will have such high dignity and they will represent this country well wherever they go.

So, message to all mongers. Let's learn from these young kids. carry yourself with some dignity and not subjugate yourself to this finger printing stuff.

By the way, CNN just reported that the Federal Police at Rio is filing petition to over turn this judge's order. Carioca police said they don't have the men power and equipment to do the finger printing. I like carioca, they always have a lot more common sense than the rest of Brasil.

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Rio D
01-04-04, 09:38
some of you sound like addicts, willing to put up with any insult in the pursuit of your addiction - brazilian hookers. yes, they are some of the best in the world, but the negatives you have to endure to get to them are becoming too much.

having your fingerprints on file anywhere is not a good idea. if this continues, eventually the fingerprint database in brazil will be composed mostly of brazilian cons, ex-cons, and u.s. tourists - especially *****mongers. what if a crime happens in a hotel room or taxicab soon after you were in it? when they find your fingerprints, you become one of the suspects. if they don't find you in copacabana, they can snatch you at the airport, since your passport number will now be associated with your fingerprints. even if you are innocent you will need to hire a brazilian lawyer to get out of trouble. someone said they hope they use digital technology to speed things up. wrong - you better hope they don't use digital.

most regular tourists won't stand for the fingerprint business, they will choose other destinations over brazil. that just leaves you.

01-04-04, 14:52
I understand you Paolino,

But see: Brazil had to endure a lot of bad things in the past decades, from several brutal military regimes to corrupt presidents to severe economic crisis and so on. But Brazil never lived through anything similar to 9/11. Brazil is likely not very high on the priority list of Al-Kaeda & co. But the US is!

In my mind it doesn't make any sense to get fingerprints of US tourists. Retaliation here on the part of the Brazilian judge is simply stupid!
The fingerprinting/foto taking actions for Brazilian tourists entering the States is not directed against Brazil or its people but simply a measure to ward of terrorists entering the country via South America.

Again: I DO understand the feelings of Brazilians (and even the judge who ordered that nonsense), wanting to play on an even field with the USA, but like it or not, it's not a realistic option. It'll just cause further resentment.


01-04-04, 15:08

sounds like you were one of those kids who was on the receiving end of those ass-kickings growing up. as for the hatred towards the way the u.s. conducts itself globally, i have a solution. any country fed up with the u.s. can just stop accepting foreign aid, loans, trade subsidies, and cut off all diplomatic relations. to quote george sr., "not gonna happen". where do you think brazil would be without the over $1 billion the u.s. contributes each year? while you may not want to admit it, you have benefitted directly from u.s. money. also, if brazil was invaded tomorrow, who do think they would ask for help?

as for the u.s. travel policy regarding brazil, the fact that they charge a visa fee just because we do it is insane. they don't do any background checks on us because we are no threat entering their country, nor or we likely to disappear once there. it's pure profit for them.

the us govt charges a visa fee and now conducts fingerprinting on countries where their citizens in general have an incentive or reason to disappear once here. it covers more of the background check parts. the fact is the sheer number of requests that the us has to process justifies some sort of fee if nothing else for a disincentive to apply. the brazilian consulates in the us don't have to deal with that. the fact that they want to reciprocate everything strikes me as nothing but petty. the situations within the two countries are different. when was the last time an american floated up on brazilian shores?

overall a good dose of reality is in order. the u.s. is the greatest empire in the history of this planet. unfortunately you will not live long enough (nor your children or children's children) to see any change in the new world order. your comments have 'sour grapes' written all over them. it is really a waste of everybodys time to complain about something you have absoloutely no power to influence.

btw - the majority of the american people voted against g.w.

01-04-04, 15:42
Yeah, nothing of this will make a better world of this place.

But what the hell, we can't do anything about it anyway!

A serious question now: How is the "market" in Brazil (especially in Rio) during New Year's Eve? Every GP (garota de programa) unavailable or is it Soddom & Gomorrha? I had half of an idea going there next New Year's Eve.

Thanks a bunch!

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01-04-04, 17:16

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01-04-04, 17:36
Stinkfinger is absolutely right. We give and give and give billions to these countries. We could use that money here, and we never receive any aid from these countries when our economy is in the dumps. And, there's a faction of Al-Queda scum running around the Tri-Border area ( Foz do Iguacu). A lot of activity is going on there, so terrorists who are planning their evil deeds in Iguacu could possibly come to the US.

I think that this judge's decision will be reversed, but even if it isn't, if you stay out of trouble and use common sense, it won't matter anyway, and the shady Brazilian law enforcement system will probably end up losing your data in the shuffle anyway.

01-04-04, 17:37
My apologies, Jackson.

01-04-04, 23:05
My apologies to Paolino. My reply was not meant to be a personal attack. As for the fingerprinting issue, it is pretty much a moot point. The US has set aside $300 million to fund this progarm. Brazil can take all the fingerprints they want but in reality they have absolutely no resources to do anything with them. I, like many posters, believe that saner heads will prevail once economic reality sets in. Just another example of a judge trying to legislate from the bench, which by the way happens here in the US too.

01-05-04, 00:53
My Apologies Jackson

i did not realize my comments cause such strong reaction. i do not mean any disrespect to any brasilians or non americans. my comments were directed purely toward americans. all i am saying is, there are so many places to go (argentina, cuba, thailand, china, europe) for mongering, there is no reason to go to brasil and do this finger printing stuff. case in point, US's import of french wine dropped by 50% since france voted against our Operations Iraqi Freedom. americans are not drinking less wine, we just drink more california wine.... as americans we may have different political beliefs or agendas (pro bush or anti bush). however, at the end of the day, we are all Americans. let's stand together.

also, on a personal security note, there is real reason you do not want to leave your "rap sheet" (with finger prints and pictures) with the police, not just brasilian police, but any police. we have known how police around the world abused their power.

having said that, may be our discussion here is inconsequential. my brasilians buddies told me that the public opinion in brasil reflects that the judge's order is petty and a manifestation his own personal issues. they feel that this order will be somehow overturned.

Brooklyn Bandit
01-06-04, 17:39

The bottom line here is that many of us mongers go to Brasil not for the sheer fun of Brasilian pussy, but we actually have legitimate business reasons for traveling there. So fingerprinting or no, I can't tell my boss that I'm not going! Plus, I got two sexy garotas waiting for me and they would not be happy at all if I bailed on them.

Yeah the whole fingerprinting thing is petty and childish, but as Stinkfinger said, once the economic reality sets in, it'll be back to normal.

I've noticed that people in Brasil have some sort of inherent dislike of Americans, but for the most part, I've had nothing but positive experiences. And the women love me, so what do I care if a few assholes don't??

My $.02!


01-07-04, 04:45
Not trying to discourage anyone from visiting Brazil (I have to go soon too to meet my girlfriend's parents), but their new fingerprinting program seems to be causing a lot of headaches already.



(not sure if HTML works on this thing, so I will just post the links)

01-07-04, 18:18
I posted a question about how Brasil is during New Year's period, but i think that my other point raised way more passionate replies. Looks like nobody can advise me....

when i explained my point of view i expected a massive reaction as this is a forum mainly visited by americans, it was just a sort of test to see how sensitive you are about this subject; sorry Jackson for any inconvenience i may have caused with this "off-topic"....by the way, i'm neither brazilian nor american.

01-08-04, 01:21
to BB.
yes, many brasilians do not like americans thus i tend to keep a low profile when i am there. however, they do like our Jackson, Jefferson, Hamiltons.....in fact, the whole world love our Js, Js, and Hs. exception may be australians, new zealanders, hong kong, singapore, italy and spain. they love to see america stands up and exercise our righteous power to clean up the mess. bottomline is, our two next door neighbors who rely on us don't like us either. talk to any canadians or mexicans.

also, as to business needs for traveling to brasil. i just told my boss i ain't going to brasil in feb. for a meeting. i will either do it on phone or via internet (netmeeting). boss asked me why, i told him i am not in the mood of being singled out (as only americans are finger printed), waiting for six hours at the airport (cos they don't have the technology and resources), dip my fingers into some dirty ink, hold a handwritten sign to my face and snap a low tech picture. my boss totally understands me and i am off the hook.

as to the garotas getting harsh on me if i ain't show up. hey, pussies like this are a dime a dozen, if they ain't like it, too bad.....

01-08-04, 05:13

I absolutely disagree with that. I wouldn’t say that Brazilians hate Americans or even dislike them, per se. Most of them could care less about petty politics because they have their own lives to take care of and are more concerned about putting food on the table than whatever decision Bush makes.

Brazilian elites -- like this idiot judge -- on the other hand, are a different story. I think most of the Brazilian elites are Francophiles, which would explain their antipathy towards the US and Americans. Their opinions are not based on policy, but more ideology. They’re spoiled, bored and have nothing better to do.

But, thankfully, this has not transferred to the general population who really could care less what planet you are from. The average Brazilian doesn’t give two shits about politics – they’re more interested in having a good time and getting by as they have their own problems to deal with.

As for keeping a low profile in Brazil, it’s common sense for anyone regardless of their nationality. Brazil is a dangerous country and identifiable foreign tourists and businessmen make easy pray for lowlife scum.

As for your comment about Canada, I totally agree. I grew up in Canada. It certainly wasn’t easy as an American growing up there, always facing insults and disparaging remarks. Most were based on sheer stupidity which the media trumpets as the gospel. I’d say it is split 50-50 between those hating us and those who don’t. It got a lot worse the last ten years because of that moron of a PM Chretien promoted this.

01-08-04, 05:38
This is totally off topic, but what is the "Nibu Raphael in Brazil" section? It seems to be dominated by one poster (who has something like 2200+ total posts). I'm somewhat new to the Brazil section of these forums, so could someone explain it to me?

He responded to one of my posts in this thread in that section, which I found a little odd.


01-08-04, 06:39
mr. lee.

i agree with you. i was writing in generality thus exeggerated the matter a little bit. in fact, most brasilians i met have tremendous interest in american and america. i also agree with your assessment of the "elite" class vs. the ordinary folks. this is very similar to the politics here in the U.S. when the liberal democrats tend to view themselves as smarter and intellectually better than the "dumb" people they represent.

let me also say this. in my travel experience through many countries including brasil. i do find brasilians tend to have an inferiority complex when dealing with americans. i do not find the same sentiment among australian or japanese. thus, this finger printing issue is just a manifestation of this. so, i think as an american, we need to be more modest, more humble when we visit brasil. to show a degree of respect is important. unfortunately, i must admit, some of our fellow americans tend to be quite loud and obnoxious when they travel overseas, including brasil.

Jaimito Cartero
01-08-04, 07:13
Stud Lee - Well, it's better for all of us if Nibu is kept in his cage, er, own forums. It's his domain, so he can ask 10 times a day "Anyone got more info on XXXXX" and such.

Jaimito Cartero
01-08-04, 09:03
A quick question, and probably a stupid one. For people in the US, what is the best (least expensive, fastest) way to get a Brazilian Visa. I live in a non-embassy city (Phoenix), and was looking at some special fares to GRU.

I know about the fingerprinting thing, and it doesn't bother me too much. I've passed through GRU on the way to EZE last year, and found the people generally friendly.

The fees I've seen so far (Official $100 +$10 service), some visa agencies have a $39-$49 fee for standard service, $49-$79 for rush service, plus fed-ex.

01-08-04, 13:09
The city of Rio de Janeiro will file a lawsuit today demanding an end to Brazil's new practice of fingerprinting and photographing U.S. tourists, Mayor Cesar Maia announced Tuesday, and the State Department seconded his complaint.

Maia said the procedures, ordered by a federal judge who was angered by new U.S. screening of Brazilian visitors, discriminate against Americans by treating them differently from other foreign visitors. In addition, Maia contended that Brazil's federal government, not a judge, should be setting the country's immigration policies.

"It is the country that loses because of this immature anti-American policy," Maia said yesterday.

Rio filed suit after Brazilian Federal Police officials took as long as eight hours on Monday to process U.S. citizens who arrived on overnight flights to Brazil from New York and Miami. Some delays continued Tuesday.

That treatment drew a protest from the State Department to Brasilia and criticism from State Department spokesman Richard Boucher.

Boucher told reporters that Brazil's new entry procedures "single out U.S. citizens for exceptional treatment," were "quickly instituted [and] not well prepared" and are causing "significant delays" in admitting U.S. visitors.

That's a big problem for Rio, which in the post-Christmas season tries to welcome about 1,300 Americans a day to Brazilian summer south of the equator.

American and Canadian tourists numbered about 220,000 and spent an estimated $255 million in the city last year. The new screening threatens that business and hurts Rio's image as a modern, welcoming destination for tourists, said Paulo Bastos, the city's undersecretary for tourism.

"These people are not giving a positive message about our city. That's why the city is getting involved," Bastos said. ``This measure was hastily improvised. It prejudices our ability to attract new visitors."

Brazilian Federal Police spokesman Bruno Ramos justified the new procedures for U.S. visitors, saying Americans posed special risks for trafficking drugs and women and stealing wildlife from the Amazon. He declined to elaborate.

Published January 7th

01-08-04, 21:55
Nibu Raphael?

I have taken part in this forum for some time now, posting regularly and reading other member's posts. But I confess I still don't understand who this chap Nibu Raphael is, what he is supposed to do, whether he is only one person or several persons writing under the same name, why he has his own personal page ...

He seems harmless enough though. At least he doesn't spam nor posts pics downloaded from the web.


Hoof Hunter
01-08-04, 22:31
Re: Jaimito Cartero

I also live in a non-embassy city, but found it very expedient and inexpensive to just do the process yourself. I've never heard of anyone being rejected, if they follow the info available on the Brazilian Consulate General site. Here's the LA location (http://www.brazilian-consulate.org/), which has jurisdiction over Arizona.

1. Book your ticket. (Make copies of confirmation of itinerary.)

2. Book your hotel/apartment. (Make copy of hotel confirmation, have hotel address available.)

3. Get 2 - 2" x 2" passport photos

4. Have your passport ready. I would suggest making a copy of it as well.

4. Completely fill out application and keep copy for your records

5. Put your valid passport, the completed application, your passport photos clipped to the application, copy of your ticket/itinerary confirmation, in a folder.

6. Get a US Postal money order for $110 ($100 processing fee, $10 absent fee)

7. Go to US Post Office and pay for Express Mail both ways (fill out your return address info on another Express Mail folder). Your sending your passport in the mail. Better to be safe and be able to track it.

8. Give yourself a 2 week cushion before expecting to receive it back. It's their high tourist season.

9. Use it within 90 days of issuance.

The site is quite detailed. Just follow the steps and send it. I had to send mine to Miami, of all places. I did the above, but screwed up and mailed off the wrong amount (At the time, the fee was $40, by the time it arrived, it was $55. I didn't check the website prior to sending it.) They sent it right back to me. I added the money order, repeated the Express postage steps above, contacted them during their available-by-phone hours to tell them of the need for expedience, and received my 5 yr visa back within 2 business days. Total time length was 7 business days, initial mailing to final receipt by me.

Hope this helps. Good luck!!!

01-10-04, 06:00
Getting Visa in the Non Consular City.

first off, let me say this again. go to other countries, Argentina, Cuba. don't go to brasil and do the stupid finger printing. you said you are not bothered by the finger printing and people are friendly. question is, are you happy to sit around at the airport waiting up to 8 hours to get your finger printed? if answer is affirmative, then by all means, go there.

as to getting a visa. you can get a visa application form from the brasilian consular website. fill in the information, follow the instruction as listed on the form (a cashier's check) and mail the entire package (with your passport) to your nearest brasilian consulate (in your case may be either Houston or LA). in a week's time, they will mail the passport back to you with the visa stamp).

01-11-04, 20:35
Looks like Brazil's finger printing and taking photos of all arriving Americans is here to stay - see press story below. I also read that a visiting senator had his picture and finger prints taken. Given that the U.S. policy on finger prints and photos does not apply to 27 countries (yes - it is not all foreigners, only some), why not make it 28 countries, and exclude Brazil from the list too? That way, Brazilians don't have to be finger-printed going into the U.S. and Americans don't going to Brazil.

Besides don't Brazilians seeking visas for the U.S. have to submit photos with their visa application (plus their passport), just as americans have to send in photos (plus their passport) in order to get a Brazilian visa. Sounds like the embassies and consulates should be handling this at the application stage, not upon a persons' arrival in the country. Whatever - what do I know.


Brazil to Strengthen Fingerprint Policy
Published: January 10, 2004

BRASILIA (AP) -- The Brazilian government will issue an executive order strengthening a new policy of fingerprinting all U.S. visitors in response to anti-terror measures enforced by the United States, news reports said.

The new Brazilian measures have delayed U.S. travelers in airports for up to nine hours since Jan. 1. A judge ordered them after the United States announced it would begin fingerprinting travelers arriving from other countries, including Brazil.

An order making the Brazilian measures an official government policy will be released on Monday, TV Globo quoted government officials as saying. [January 12, 2004]

A draft of the one-page order was made public by Globo.com, the web site of Rio de Janeiro's O Globo newspaper. The order also sets up a team of officials from the justice and foreign ministries to evaluate the procedures.

U.S. Customs, using digital technology, on Monday began photographing and taking fingerprints of arriving foreigners. The only exceptions are visitors from 27 countries -- mostly European nations -- whose citizens are allowed into the United States for up to 90 days without visas.

U.S. officials consider the Brazilian response discriminatory because it affects only American citizens. Tourism officials are worried it will discourage Americans from visiting.

01-12-04, 22:16

The 27 countries exempt from the fingerprinting and photographing procedures are all part of the Visa Waiver Program and their citizens do not require visas when entering the US, so long as their stay does not exceed three months. Brazilians do require visas to enter, which is why they are included in the new US-VISIT program.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind having Brazilians exempt from visas. For one thing, it would save me a lot of headaches over making my girlfriend (and most likely future wife) a permanent resident here. Brazilians also don’t cause any trouble when they come into the country and are generally hardworking and law-abiding citizens. Why not encourage them to come?

If anything, we should be more watchful of those coming in from Europe. France, the UK and Germany are hotbeds of Islamic fundamentalism. Furthermore, you’ll see much more anti-Americanism in France, Canada, Germany or Belgium (our “allies”) than you ever will in Brazil, Venezuela, Peru or Colombia. Also remember, Zacarias Moussaoui is a French citizen (born in France, as well) and would not have been caught under this program.

To be honest, I think it’s common sense to fingerprint everyone entering the country. You really want to know who is coming in and who isn’t. Visa or not. The main problem is the US visa program which is totally disorganized and a complete mess. I don’t even think the INS or State Department have a fucking clue how to run the show. It’s like they make up rules as they go along. Still, how do we manage to get so many immigrants into this country if it’s so hard to get visas to enter?

As for the article you pasted, I read somewhere else that this policy would be in place for 30 days and is still being negotiated. Though it’s unlikely that Bush will make Brazilians an exemption, and I think Lula is far too stubborn to rescind the order. Brazil really has much more to lose than the US in this case. Brazil-US ties have never been so big, really and this will make things less so.

By the way, wasn’t Argentina part of the Visa Waiver Program until they had their economic crisis?

01-13-04, 01:25
Some good news, folks!!! So, if you go to Brazil, enter through GIG!



A federal judge ordered a halt to the fingerprinting all U.S. visitors to Rio de Janeiro, a requirement that was imposed in response to similar anti-terror steps in the United States, a court official said Monday.

The measures nationwide have delayed U.S. travelers in airports for up to nine hours since Jan. 1. A federal judge in the state of Mato Grosso ordered them after the United States this month began fingerprinting travelers arriving from a number of countries, including Brazil.

Judge Catao Alves of the First Regional Federal Court issued an injunction Friday night after the city of Rio de Janeiro appealed the initial ruling.

The injunction only applies to Rio de Janeiro because it was the city that filed the appeal.

However, U.S. tourists arriving to the city continued to be fingerprinted and photographed Monday morning because officials had not received official word of the judge's decision, federal police said.

Published January 12th

01-13-04, 01:58
Mr. Lee and Mr. Elmo.

Why Brazilian needs Visa.
Simple answer. We want to prevent another Mexico situation. Based on U.S. Consulate Visa Section reports, there are so many Brazilians who claimed to be coming to U.S. for tourism purpose but ended up overstaying their Visas or never return. There are applicants who represented to consulate official that their annual income is $6000- but they booked a trip to go to Disney for a total cost of $3000-. Bottomline is, if we waive Visa for Brazilian, we will waive Visa for every country. the way it is, we are alright a big "F" for failure to defend our border especially on the US Mexico side.

Mr. Lee is right to point out that Argentina was on the waiver list until their economy all broke down. the 28 countries are mostly what you may defined as "weathly nations" where we do not expect to see their citizens to come and overstay. Case in point the country of Singapore is on the list. the per capita income of an average Singaporean earns $25,000 as opposed to $36,000 of an american. yes, at the end of the day, it is a matter of rich vs. the poor but also a matter of resources. Brazil being a poor country just does not have all the resources to help us screen out potential terrorists even if they want to. their finger printing bruhaha showed the limited resources they have.

also, the sad fact is, my friend in Riotur told me that Brazil tries to encourage "family tourists" as opposed to the Monger type tourists (nothing wrong with mongering). however, this finger measure actually deter the family tourists a lot more than the mongers. mongers will continue to show up no matter what. also, monger tourists may be a small percentage of total tourists from U.S. the convention, the tour groups, the corporate accounts are the big $.

i don't think U.S. or President Bush should ask Brazil to relax whatever their rule is on American (hey, even if they want to do a strip search on us) as this is entirely within their sovereigty rights. what the state department should do instead is to post a travel warning on Brazil. stating this 6-9 hours wait and let all americans make their own choice. a warning like this will immediately cut off all corporate conventions and major tour groups as many of them are under liability issues. if americans spend $250,000,000 a year in Rio alone, even $100,000,000 will be a strong message.

01-13-04, 02:08
Mr. Elmo.

Your suggestion that the finger printing and digital pciture should be handled at the Visa application stage. Totally valid argument but the downside is, there are lots of fake documents and visa stamps showed up. we are not 100% sure the person with the visa is really the person. but then, you can also stretch this argument to infinitum. to be honest with you, as an american, i do feel the pain of many foreigners who come here and have to subject to this indignity. however, the flip side is, they also have a choice to travel, if i was a brasilian, i just won't go to U.S. why bother? there are so many good places to go.....

Rio Bob
01-13-04, 02:33
A federal judge ordered a halt to the fingerprinting all U.S. visitors to Rio de Janeiro, a requirement that was imposed in response to similar anti-terror steps in the United States, a court official said Monday.

The measures nationwide have delayed U.S. travelers in airports for up to nine hours since Jan. 1. A federal judge in the state of Mato Grosso ordered them after the United States this month began fingerprinting travelers arriving from a number of countries, including Brazil.

Judge Catao Alves of the First Regional Federal Court issued an injunction Friday night after the city of Rio de Janeiro appealed the initial ruling.

The injunction only applies to Rio de Janeiro because it was the city that filed the appeal.

However, U.S. tourists arriving to the city continued to be fingerprinted and photographed Monday morning because officials had not received official word of the judge's decision, federal police said.

01-13-04, 07:01
Rio Federal Police....

I bet the cops are just laughing their asses off while having us waiting in line for hours and hours.

01-14-04, 06:17
Based on the latest news report, i think the harrassment policy instigated by brasil will be continued for a long time. Lula has painted himself to a corner and the only "out" for him is to reinforce this policy to get the most pyschological win for his supporters. today he asked Bush to exempt all Brasilians from Visa requirement like the other 27 rich countries. Bush will definitely not concede to his demands as this may open door to every 900 plus countries. if you think 10,000,000 per year of illegals is too much, wait until we open our borders to everyone. so, Bush will say no and Lula can't be perceived as losing face, so Lula will definitely reinforce the finger printing. As i said before, the scheme is not finger print but to irritate. be prepared to wait at the airport for a day if not a week. may be the next step is strip search? cavity search?

question to all mongers. where do you guys draw the line? finger print is ok. what about strip search? what about body cavity search? at what point do you say, i ain't goin' back to brasil? -:)

01-14-04, 14:51
Just some info on why the U.S. requires visas from some countries and not others. I talk with the U.S. Consul General in Chile about the requirements for visas, and was told that it is based on the percent of people from a given country who fail to return home when they are supposed to. If the percent from a given country drops below, I believe, 2% failure to return, then citizens of that country are waived from the visa requirement. Brazil is SO FAR over the 2% that thereLs not a prayerLs chance that they will be waived.

01-14-04, 16:29

Actually, the criteria for "nomination" to the the non-immigrant visa waiver program is less than 3% refusal of non-immigrant visas - in other words that less than 3% of applicants for visas are rejected by the State Dept. That seems rather circular - after all they are the ones doing the rejecting! But that is just the nomination criteria, to actually get included there are other qualifiers, and Brazil falls so far short on most of them it's not even funny.

As a side note, Urugauy was kicked OUT of the visa waiver program last year becuase they had too many overstays, one of the qualifiying cirteria.

Anyway, Lula is dreaming if he thinks that the US will give Brazil a visa waiver.... Bush officially said that the US would "study" the request, but all they have to do is point to their own regulations (didn't anybody in Brasilia read this??):


Tom B.

01-15-04, 02:04

You are right. I read on NY Times that Brasil's rejection ratio is into the high double digits. The State Dept. due to diplomatic reasons, did not want to reveal the exact number of rejection. No different from the Mexican issue, they said there are only about 4million illegal Mexicans in the U.S. don't think so. Southern California alone has 4 millions -:)

Also, you are right to point out that it sounds circular logic but this may be one of those cases that the circular logic is sound. don't know if you do your own tax returns. it's like when you have to fill in your state income tax as a deduction and your federal income tax also serves to reduce your state income tax. so, you have to go do a few circular iterations until you get to the "optimum" point. the same concept here. nonetheless, the bottomline is, if the average brasilian makes US$300- a month and an average american (even if you do lowly menial work) makes US$2000. this is 6 to 7 times earning. if i was a brasilian, i'll be GONE.

01-16-04, 06:32
Looks like the U.S./ Brazil fingerprint dispute keeps getting worse. See A.P. story attached below. If going to Brazil, just grin and bear the entrance requirements, I guess - I know I cannot afford to give Brazil a $13,000 salute! When in Brazil, I have always tried to be very polite and respectful towards the police - I didn't realise it was a crime to show contempt toward authorities. But that makes sense in the land of "Ordem e Progresso".

Brazil fines U.S. pilot $13,000 for alleged obscene gesture

The Associated Press 01/15/04

SAO PAULO, Brazil - An American Airlines pilot was fined nearly $13,000 Wednesday on accusations he made an obscene gesture when being photographed as part of entry requirements for U.S. citizens, officials said.

Brazil imposed the new rules that Americans be fingerprinted and photographed at entry points in response to similar rules in the United States for citizens of Brazil and other countries whose citizens need visas to enter.

The pilot, Dale Robin Hersh, lifted his middle finger while undergoing the security process at Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport, said federal prosecutor Matheus Baraldi Magnani.

Police accused the Miami pilot of showing contempt to authorities, a crime in Brazil, and took him to a federal courthouse.

However, Hersh agreed to pay a fine before he leaves Brazil in exchange for no charges being filed, the prosecutor said.

Michael Tours
01-17-04, 08:29
Hi there !

Do anyone know what is the exchancerate between the Brasilian Reais and the Us Dollar , more or less at this time?? Anyone know about a ok apartment for rent in the copacobana area, for about 20-30 Us dollars (based on a 2-4 weeks stay) Thanks for all the information.

See you

01-17-04, 18:39
Disrepectful to Police....

Elmo. Listen, it ain't a crime to be disrepect to police until the cops want to fxxx with you. Brasilians are xxxxing with americans, that's why it's a crime. this is similar to our racial profiling when the cops make any excuse to stop you and search your car.

one more comment on the 3% rejection rate. actually it is no circular logic at all. i surf google.com news and read some stories about brasilians trying to come to US for Visa. according to news report, there are a lot of applicants submitting Visa requests for "non immigrants" Visas, (e.g. tourists, students, research scholars, in fact, any Visas except for Immigrant Visa - aka Green card). the rejection ratio is really high because many applicants do not meet the requirement (and these requirements are not strict at all). For example, there are Brasilian applying for tourist Visa, the airfare alone cost them $1000- and hotel all that cost them about $2500. however, they reported to the Consulate staff that they make only $7000/year with no other source of income. and then there are students wanting to "learn english" but do not have proof of funding to complete schools. there are huge numbers of applicants like this. incidentally, this is not specific to brasil, a buddy of mine works at the US Embassy in Shanghai, it's the same deal in Shanghai Embassy. this may sound arrogant, but citizens of every country want to come to america, they may hate us, but they love to come here and love our green back. you may then ask, why don't we list our the "basic requirement" to screen out applicants who may never be qualified? answer is, illegals have so many tricks in the pocket to circumvent the 'stated rule' and the state department wants to maintain their flexibility. in fact, they went through special training to deal with cases like that.

01-17-04, 20:57
Hi Johan.

I agree that Brazil is just messing with Americans.

However, despite what you state, disrepect to the police is a crime, on the books at least, in Brazil. As the article I posted on 01/15/04 states "Police accused the Miami pilot of showing contempt to authorities, a crime in Brazil, and took him to a federal courthouse." I agree with you that the fact that Brazil charged the pilot with this crime is only because of the current political dispute, they are just messing with americans. The fact that he was fined $13,000 is even more evidence of Brazil's real intentions, harrassment rather than law enforcement. But it is still a law on their books, something I did not know before this.

I posted the article as a warning to everyone, although we are all outraged about the current events, if we do something stupid and act up at the airport, the federal police may mess with us too. I know I cannot afford to be fined $13,000. So, it would appear that if one does go to Brazil, our outrage should be voiced in forums like this, rather than while at GRU or GIG. Another alternative would be to not go to Brazil anymore. I see some members have stated that this is what they will be doing. Hopefully, this entire Brazil/U.S. dispute will soon be resolved, so all of us get back to the important things in life, like those garotas lindas.

Any Americans currently in Brazil noticing a difference in treatment while at the termas and boites? I would guess not, as a real is a real to these garotas, regardless where the money came from.

Mad City Dave
01-18-04, 03:10
I am planning on coming down to Brazil for 5 days in Rio and then 3 days in Iquazzu. Arriving about mid May

I am an American. I am not overly concerned with the regulations of fingerprinting me and photographing me. I just hope it is is not a long inconveiance.

I do hope to have a good time in Rio. What are items that are "must see" or "must do"? The late night activities are well documented, but what would one do during the day? - Hang Gliding? best restuarants - etc?

01-18-04, 09:21
michael tours:

Here's a good link for exchange rates: www.x-rates.com/calculator.html

01-18-04, 09:38
This part of the forum is getting a little off topic i think... for something like 10 whole pages the only subject is fingerprints and politics, dontcha think that the subject has been discussed through and through? Anyway, the only 2 subjects that cause arguments at the end of any dinner are Politics and religion, so why don't you all get over your patriotic feelings and just let the subject fade out? ...or do you really think that shouting out all your anger and frustration in this forum will change ANYTHING? Just learn to live with this procedure, it ain't YOUR country, so respect that! Nobody has stopped Bush from killing half of the afghan population and blowing 25% of all greenhouse-gasses in the air, neither has anyone stopped Chirac from testing underwater A-Bombs in the pacific islands, nor the Japs from starting to kill the wales again, and so on....so, compared to these facts i think you'll agree that there are more serious topics than this one! and if you really can't shut up about this subject, there are plenty of forums more apropriated to it than a prostitution forum!


01-18-04, 18:34
Elmo. Yes. There is law on the books, no doubt about it. My friend from the local sheriff department (who is a duputy) told me if the cop wants to stop and penalize you, there is always a law on the books to help him achieve his purpose. this happens in good ol' USA everyday, let alone brasil. it is the selective application that shows the true intent. in this case, brasil shows its petty intent. also, this is coming from a police force which many brasilians avoid due to the massive corruption. no wonder they put a law on the book that you must "respect" the cops.... you know what they meant by respect? (R$$) yup, you got it, they need lots of respect$$$. in this case $13,000. two times the annual salary of an average brasilian. can you imagine if you wave you middle finger to your local cop and they fine you $60,000 (two times the annual salary of an average american).

One thing many american visitors to brasil have not been paying attention to is the corruption and identity theft in Brasil. You are giving you own finger print to a country with one of the highest corruption in the world, a police department even the Brasilians avoid. what are they going to do with your finger print? keep 'em in government data base? what measure do they take to protect the security of these finger prints (apparently not good given the amateur nature of their system - e.g. the long waiting line, selective implementation, low tech equipment etc). how long would they keep your finger print? where do they keep it, in a back office with open access to everyone? who keeps an eye on the data? ok, if they discard the finger print data, how they do it? just throw in into the trash box? and finally, who in brasil has authority to view and use your finger prints? what is your recourse if it's been misplaced/misused? here you have the nasty combination of a corrupt government, a corrupted police force and the prevalence of identity theft (just read this board about the number of reports with mongers having their credit ID stolen)? funny, on the day when the pilot was arrested for waving his middle finger, a Brasilian police officer was arrested at Rio airport and they found 35 forged passports and Visas on him attempting to board a US bound flight. this story was hardly reported in the media. the reporters were dazzled by the samba reception party and the free T Shirts.

i am dumbfounded that most americans complained about their Privacy rights but just shrugged and said, "oh, it's just a finger print" when they showed up in brasil. hello?!!

of course i am following Jackson to hang in Argentina. ha :)

01-18-04, 18:39

Forgot to repsond to Paolino. the "patriotic feelings" (to quote you), is always with us. we are americans, the love of our country is not a "fade in and fade out" thing.... :)

01-18-04, 19:23
i meant patriotic feelings in general, not only americans; but i see that you cannot help taking out the little S&S and waving it around to show your love of your country...we know that amis are proud of it...but my point is: what the fock does patriotism to do with some administrative measure a country takes towards your people? it ain't US territory, so what the hell is this complaining all about?

alright, seeing that i add some of mine to this bulls*itting i promise i will stop here, in fact i'll stay outta dis sexion for a wooooaaaaaaile.....

01-19-04, 23:57
Mr. P. me too, i want to drop the topic and move on. btw, i never talked about patriotism here, it's you who used the word. nor did i raise my flag (or middle finger). no need to flag waving. just vote with your feet.

01-20-04, 18:53

Excellent post.

We should all be concerned about our invasion of privacy, wherever it occurs, but especially in a third world country.

01-27-04, 03:48
I just returned from my Visa run for my trip in March.

After battling traffic for 2+hrs just to get to the Brazilian consulate in SF. I had to wait another 3hrs at the consulate. My number finally gets called and I am ready with all the needed info and applications, plus the $100 visa fee. Then the lady tells me that I have to come back in another 3 days to pick up the visa. I said "I just drove 100 miles to get here, can't you just mail it to me?" of course the answer was "NO". I want gripe n' complain like a beeeeeeeotch!!!! But thats just the way it is I guess. The nice part about the whole thing was the pleasent experience of sitting next to a beautiful Brazilian girl from Sao Palo (definitely not a working girl) . She was sweet heart to talk to and oh so pretty. I am now afraid to go to Brazil just for the fact that if I were to meet someone like her, I would not be much interested in the whole mongering scene. Oh hell, what am I saying? Its gonna be good either way, BRAZIL HERE I COME!

01-28-04, 04:02

With going through that trouble which was compensated by sitting by and talking with Brazilian beauty, I hope you have received five year multi-entry visa.

01-28-04, 09:00

I'm currently living by Sacramento for the past 2 months, could you please send me some directions of how to get to the brazilian consulate in SF and where it's located?


01-29-04, 15:36
[Airforce Bum]

300 Montgomery Street, 900
San Francisco, CA, 94104

Phone: (415) 981-8170
Fax:(415) 981-3628

Just do a yahoo map to get driving directions from your address. Be sure to get there early and do not forget to have your application filled out with your photo, passport and airline ticket itinerary showing your name.

Good luck!

01-29-04, 15:44

Thanks, a 5 year multi entry visa maybe just what I'll ask for next time if the women are as nice as her. Oh, just 2 months to go!

01-30-04, 14:51
SÃO PAULO, Brazil, Jan. 28 — A group of 277 deportees — about a quarter of the illegal Brazilian immigrants held in detention in the United States — arrived home Wednesday on a plane chartered by the United States government.

The flight arriving at Belo Horizonte, capital of the central state of Minas Gerais, was the first of four planned under an agreement between the Homeland Security Department of the United States and the Brazilian Congress.

United States and Brazilian officials said the repatriation had run smoothly, with no trace of the public rancor shown in recent weeks in a diplomatic spat between the countries.

Early this month, citing what it called the diplomatic principle of reciprocity, Brazil started to fingerprint and photograph Americans arriving here in response to new United States requirements of all foreigners, except those of 27 countries that do not need visas to enter the United States.

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell complained that Brazil was discriminating against Americans. Brazil suggested that its citizens should be exempted from visa requirements.

The chartered flights, arranged before the visa dispute broke out, will be used by the Brazilian police to help find leaders of an immigrant smuggling ring linked to Mexican groups known as the Coyote Mafia.

The police said they would be questioning returnees on the flights, and would arrest only people who were linked to such groups, were traveling on forged documents or were wanted by the police before leaving Brazil.

More than 5,200 Brazilians were detained in the United States for illegal entry between October 2002 and September 2003. Most were apprehended on the United States border with Mexico and have mainly been detained in Arizona, Texas and Southern California.

Brazilians currently rank fifth among illegal immigrants detained as they try to enter the United States, trailing Mexico and three Central American nations.

The number of attempts to cross into the United States through Mexico has surged during the past two years since Brazil and Mexico abolished visa requirements for each others' citizens.

United States authorities have previously repatriated small groups of Brazilians on commercial flights, but, due to the surge in Brazilian detainees, charter flights are now considered the best option.

"If we didn't use charter flights, we wouldn't be able to get the backlog down," said Wes Carrington, a spokesman at the United States Embassy in Brasilia.

02-02-04, 19:16
I can not help but wonder if the referenced news relates to one of my Mongering Brethren. Tell me it ain't so! Guess his sweetie in Brazil will just have to wait.

"The 35-year-old Pennsylvania native was barred entry in the South American country after he threw water on a baby whose crying annoyed him on the long flight from Miami, police said on Thursday.

Duffy, who had been planning to spend Carnival with his Brazilian girlfriend in the city of Salvador, was arrested by federal police at Sao Paulo international airport when the flight landed on Wednesday."


02-03-04, 21:46
According to the Brazilian news I read, Mr. Duffy was going to Salvador to see his BOYFRIEND, not girlfriend, so I don't think he is a fellow monger, but you never know ;-).

Funniest part of the whole story is that Mr. Idiot not only had his visa permanently revoked, but also had to wait for two days under arrest at GRU because no Brazilian airline would take him back to MIA, had to wait for the next space on an American carrier!

Tom B.

02-07-04, 23:47
Hey Guys,

Not sure if you’ve heard this story in North America, but here goes!!

Apparently, it been ‘tit-for-tat’ with the Americans and Brasilians with the treatment of Brasilians going to America. The Americans have been poorly treating Brasilians travalling to America. What with delyed entry, harrassment, VISA delys and strip searches to boot. And now with the so-called finger printing and photographing and further delys, it has become onbareably slow and interolerable for most Brazsilians.

So in an effort to show Americas that they aren’t the only ones to “keep-up national security”, the Brasilians have implemented all of the same tatics on American travellers to traveling to Brasil. Well naturally the American travellers have made a “stink” over the treatment and don’t like it one iota.

Meanwhile, I am laughing like crazy over this “tit-for-tat” feud. After all “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?” But wait it gets better...

Apparently, two American travelers have voiced their opinions and dissatisfaction, over the deleys, finger printing and mug-shot photographing, by “flipping-the-bird” to the Brasilian authorites (Brasilan Federal Police) on camera while getting their photos taken. Well that little indiscretion, has cost them R$50,000 each (that’s approximately $22,000 CDN or about $17,000 US). One American has avoided jail (Brasilian jail) and paid the fine (I think) and the other is in jail rotting at the moment.

So before “flipping-the-bird”, remember to check what country your in and more importantly, check your bank account.


Rio D
02-08-04, 05:27
Spidy, we discussed that story already in this forum.

Texas Joe
02-09-04, 07:38
Hey Guys,

I am coming home from Iraq in three months, civilian contractor, not army, and was thinking of takng a vacation to Brazil, problem is I only get two weeks off then have to go back again for three more months. I can set up my trip and for my next vacation, but would like to keep my pasport for this vacation, am I just totally screwed, because they dont offer visas for longer the three months? And I'll have to give up my passport this time aroud for at least a week because i will have to use one of the internet based companies since I dont live anywhere close to an embassy.

Would appreciate any help.


Texas Joe
02-09-04, 07:59
Hey Guys,

I am coming home from Iraq in three months, civilian contractor, not army, and was thinking of takng a vacation to Brazil, problem is I only get two weeks off then have to go back again for three more months. I can set up my trip and for my next vacation, but would like to keep my pasport for this vacation, am I just totally screwed, because they dont offer visas for longer the three months? And I'll have to give up my passport this time aroud for at least a week because i will have to use one of the internet based companies since I dont live anywhere close to an embassy.

Would appreciate any help.


02-09-04, 20:32

You'll be fine, the visa is for 5 years, just make sure to use it within 90 days of when it was issued (i.e. if you get the visa now, it'll no longer be valid if you use it for the first time 6 months from now). Be sure to double-check you rlocal Brazilian consulate's rules on visas-by-mail, not all of them accept it (reciprocity again - US doesn't accept any visa applications except in person). Call or email the consulate.
Enjoy your trip! Despite all the political posturing presently going on, Brazilians are still happy to see you visit the country.

Strikes: Immigration in Sao Paulo before you switch planes.

Tom B.

Rio Bob
02-10-04, 01:40
Strikesfun Frank,

I take the flights you are going to take. When you land in Sao Paulo you do not leave the airport, you go straight to the gate for the flight to Rio, this is a Continental flight that is going to Rio and it came from Houston Texas, I have taken this one too, I have gone on both routes to test them out. You will do customs in Rio when you get your bags. Any other questions, just ask.

02-10-04, 06:47
I've never been to Brazil but I've been to BA a time or two. My taste runs more toward the European standard of beauty. I like tall, thin, blonde and blue eyed. In which city would I be more likely to find girls like that, Rio or San Paulo? I noticed that in BA, the hottest blondes were always from Brazil.

Texas Joe
02-10-04, 07:01
Sorry for the double post last time. First time posting and accidently posted twice. I look forward to going over to Rio, first time, that and the fact pickings are slim over here.

Rio D
02-10-04, 09:19

São Paulo is better for that type. Also the cities to the south of SP: Curitiba, Pôrto Alegre, and Rio Grande.

Member #4211
02-10-04, 15:46
warning about rio.

info published in clarin of buenos aires, related to anti-prostitution measures by rio police (sorry, no time to translate it)


brasil lanza un operativo contra el turismo sexual en las playas de río

arranca el lunes y se denomina “operación carnaval”. en menos de una semana hubo tres denuncias del crecimiento del turismo sexual en américa latina. lo practican 600 millones de personas.

la policía civil de río de janeiro (http://www.policiacivil.rj.gov.br), brasil, anunció que desde la semana próxima una nueva división de esa fuerza combatirá la explotación sexual en las playas cariocas. el jefe de la policía civil, alvaro lins, señaló que la nueva división actuará desde el próximo lunes en locales donde se ejerce la prostitución, como por ejemplo saunas y boites, y también en las playas de río de janeiro, para aprehender a quienes ofrecen prostitutas a turistas a través de catálogos con fotografías.

“la división de fiscalización podrá multar y cerrar los lugares donde se incentive la explotación sexual y comenzará a actuar antes del carnaval para combatir esa práctica, sobre todo en copacabana", explicó el jefe policial. el anuncio (http://www.policiacivil.rj.gov.br/noticia.asp?id=1033) tuvo lugar un día después de que un informe periodístico revelara el funcionamiento de los "prostíbulos a cielo abierto" que proveen prostitutas a los turistas, en su mayoría europeos, en las tradicionales playas de copacabana.

el informe publicado en brasil coincide con uno similar que apareció en guatemala este fin de semana, y que registra un aumento en casos de explotación en turismo sexual contra menores de edad en todo centroamérica. “guatemala se ha vuelto un país donde ha aumentado la explotación sexual de niñas y adolescentes por nacionales y extranjeros", denunció maría villareal, la directora de la asociación contra la explotación sexual de niños en guatemala (http://www.ecpat.net/es/index.asp). por su parte, el director regional de la ong internacional casa alianza (www.casa-alianza.org) bruce harris explicó que “muchos turistas buscan lugares donde hay pobreza, corrupción, leyes débiles para practicar el turismo sexual”.

también la ong "save the children" (salven a los niños) presentó la semana pasada una denuncia sobre el incremento en el abuso sexual a menores de edad. “el llamado turismo sexual es practicado por unos 600 millones de personas, generalmente provenientes del mundo desarrollado, que viajan a países acosados por la miseria y el subdesarrollo donde encuentran fácilmente a sus víctimas”. de esos 600 millones de "turistas sexuales" unos 3.552.000 reconocen abiertamente sus tendencias pedófilas, que practican incluso con niños de corta edad.

los turistas -italianos, alemanes, franceses- se instalan en las playas frente a los hoteles más lujosos de la zona, donde son abordados por hombres que les ofrecen un "menú", con fotografías de mujeres, para que elijan su preferida. "el sexo a la carta es el arma más novedosa de la industria informal del turismo sexual de río, que rinde millones para el mercado clandestino y nada para la economía de la ciudad", afirmó el informe publicado el domingo por el diario o globo.

también para erradicar esa práctica, la comisión de derechos humanos de la asamblea legislativa de río está elaborando un “código de conducta” para los turistas que lleguen a la ciudad.

“la idea es dejar claro a quienes nos visiten que repudiamos el turismo sexual, a través de folletos explicativos a ser distribuidos en puertos y aeropuertos de la ciudad”, explicó el presidente de esa comisión, alessandro molon, del partido de los trabajadores.

02-10-04, 17:09
Thanks Andres!

If I got it right however, the measures by the Rio police are just aimed at those offering the tourists prostitutes by showing them catalogues, right? In that case I am totally with the Rio police! Can't stand those guys with their catalogues: the girl they show you is never the one you get! Get them behind bars!

I also absolutely condemn child prostitution. Therefore I think the Clarin article (directed at argentinian mongerers but explicitly naming European mongerers! he he he) is good news for us!

I believe the measures themselves are just an alibi for the Rio police (and Garotinho and his wife maybe) to show the world how bad and immoral prostitution in Brazil is - and they are doing this during carnaval of course! Everybody's guess what will happen to the measures AFTER carnaval.

A flyer at the airports, saying that they don't like mongerers in their cities? Yeah right - that will help them lot - until the next elections ;)

Rio Bob
02-11-04, 03:10
The Secretary of Public Safety and three police stations have joined their forces to repress the work of pimps and prostitutes in Rio during Carnival. The campaign was launched Monday morning and includes a team of at least 50 officers, from specialized police stations that caters to tourists, entertainment activities and children and adolescents.

Authorities explained that they are aware that the campaign will not end prostitution, but believe the joined effort will minimize the problem in the city, particularly in regards to the exploitation of minors. Yesterday, Edvaldo dos Santos was arrested in Copacabana offering prostitutes to tourists. He carried a catalog that displayed pictures of half-naked women and girls, one of them clearly less than 10 years old.

The business of prostitution on the oceanfront is also fed by beaches vendors. In addition to overcharging tourists, many times they offer women, working as middle-men in the deals. In return, prostitutes stimulate clients to purchase drinks and food. There has also been reports of minor thefts against tourists committed by prostitutes.

Rio Bob
02-11-04, 21:18
The campaign launched Monday to combat the work of pimps and prostitutes in Rio during Carnival resulted in the arrest of seven minors and a 42-year-old man, Chagas Praxedes, in Copacabana on Tuesday night. Police are monitoring the beach, the boardwalk and nightclubs in the area in an attempt to minimize prostitution and the exploitation of minors. Law enforcement sources commented that pimps already appear to have diminished their activities because of police pressure.

The State Government is also preparing a campaign including T-shirts, pamphlets and posters to warn tourists that prostitution is a crime and particularly that sex with a minor is punishable by a four to ten year prison term. The combat against the exploitation of children and adolescents is being considered a priority. The city department that regulates beachfront kiosks has suspended the licenses of at least six kiosk owners who are accused of participating in prostitution schemes. The names of the kiosks were not released and they are said to be operating normally while they prepare their defense.

For more on the story, click here.

Big Bubba
02-12-04, 04:33
Yahoo news had a nice report talking about police trying to stop mongers .


Good luck mongers with the sherekas o buzetas :-)

Big Bubba!

02-12-04, 07:40

If you read this post, will you please check your PM box for my message.


RCA Knight
02-12-04, 20:38
To JustGotBack:

If you like the Germanic Nordic type, go down south.

There are quite few very fun cities with tons of this type.

Florianopolis, Curitiba, Joinville, Blumenau, Porto Alegre, ect, you will have no trouble finding the Nordic look in all the night spots.

Rio Bob
02-13-04, 02:22
RIO - Na madrugada desta quinta, a polícia civil deu prosseguimento à Operação Carnaval numa blitz realizada em bares e boates de Copacabana. A operação - que foi iniciada na segunda-feira - tem como objetivo combater a prostituição e foi iniciada após uma reportagem no jornal "O Globo", que mostrava a prostituição nas areias da praia.

Nesta quinta-feira, a delegada Monique Vidal comandou as operações em boates como a Pussycat, a New Munich e a Holliday. Prostitutas e menores foram detidas. A boate Holliday foi fechada por *** quatro quartos.

Na segunda-feira, um homem foi preso e oito menores que estavam se prostituindo em frente a uma boate, no Posto 5, em Copacabana foram detidos. Se for compravado o envolvimento de barraqueiros nos agenciamentos de mulheres na praia, eles serão presos e perderão suas licenças.

Well looks like they raided some clubs in the Lido section the other night, they also closed Holiday and I don't think anybody is going to cry over that one. They also raided the Pussy cat and the new munich and took away the minors. Some people I spoke to who are there now seem to think they do this every year during Carnival and things should get back to normal after Carnival again.

02-13-04, 04:55
With the thousands of girls working the program and the many thousands of guys here for the program they only managed to arrest ONE guy and 7 minors!! I don't think they are really trying hard to inforce anything. Just a dog and pony show to show the news media they are cracking down. I bet you will not hear too much if anything more about this.

02-14-04, 11:56
Guess who's coming to Rio??

Two of the world’s richest men will arrive in Rio soon on board the largest yacht on the planet. The Octopus, a 140-foot yacht belonging to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen should arrive in Rio on the 18th and with him will be the president of Microsoft, Bill Gates. Gates is the richest man in the world with a fortune of more than US$ 55 billion and, according to Forbes, Allen is number four, with US$ 25 billion.

Among his guests for Carnival will be the slightly less wealthy bodybuilder, movie star and now Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver who will arrive on a private 767 jet. The couple was at the Sambódromo for the parade in 2001. This time they will have the added attraction of Allen’s yacht moored in Botafogo Bay with its movie theater, music studio and two helicopters.

02-15-04, 11:04
Rastaman, yea, you know how accurate newspapers are. Why check the facts, write whatever the hell you want.... who will know?

I looked at the website you provided and .......... here are the stats..... Octopus is No. 1, the largest Yacht n the world..

1. OCTOPUS • L: 413'4"; Y: 2003
In a game of inches, every single one counts—and in the case of this yacht, there are 4,960 of them. To put it another way, Octopus beats Savarona (see no. 2) for the top spot on our list by a mere 64 inches. It could actually be more, as we’ve heard Octopus’ LOA could be 120 meters (the length given above) or even 127 meters (416'7").

02-20-04, 17:14
Hey guys,

I'm going to Brazil for the first time in late March/ early April.

A couple of quick questions.

Does anyone know what Easter week is like in Rio? Are the clubs and termas closed by any chance? What about crowds and prices for accomadations, do they go up like during Carnival?

I have options to go before or after Easter, might it be better to travel then?

Also, I want to travel within Brazil using Airpass. Any advise on preferences between using Tam or Varig, as to delays or quality of service.

I posted these questions on the Rio reports thread and got no replies, so any and all
advice would be very appreciated. I promise to post some informative reports on my return, since I have gained so much myself on this great board.

Thanks in advance

02-22-04, 00:06
Police raids: no laughing matter

Rio will no become a prostitution-free zone overnight, nor will other Brazilian cities. However, make no mistake about it, the wind that is now blowing is the chill wind of feminism and the years of Brazil as a pussy haven are counted.

What is new is not police meddling. Police meddle with prostitution in most countries, and usually they just want to increase the pressure on sex operators and squeeze out a bigger share of the money.

What is new here is that the police chief in charge of anti-sex operations is a woman, and that expressions such as "sexual exploitation" and "fighting sexual slavery" are now common. Same rhetoric as in Europe 15 years ago, before European night-life went down the drain.

Of course, Brazil still looks like a man's paradise, but this is because our own country looks more and more like a Guantanamo run by women.


02-22-04, 17:43
This text was translated by Google, but I think you can understand

O Globo News Paper
Feb - 20 - 2004

Brasilian Police goes to investigate sites with guide of prostituion in Rio

Tourists start to receive brochures alerting for crime

The sites that sell guides of sexual adventures in Rio are in the aiming of the federal Public prosecution service. The agency announced yesterday that it goes to investigate the pages in the InterNet that offer to the foreign tourist detailed scripts showing the way shortest to arrive at the Carioca prostitutes, as it disclosed the GLOBE. according to solicitor-head of the General Office of the attorney general of the Republic, Carlos Alberto Aguiar, the MP can direct to Brazilian Justice an order to the government of the United States to remove of air the sites shown in the news article.

These sites are an instrument for the practical one of a crime (aiding to prostitution, with penalty of two the five years)? Aguiar said.

The opening of the inquiry was asked for by the representative Jandira Feghali (PCdoB) and by the State chairman of the board of the Rights of the Woman, Martha Rock. In the representation it delivers to the solicitor-head yesterday was annexed a copy of the news article.

For the denounced site, that arrives to suggest a script of eight days of sexual adventures in the River, what it does not lack is competition. In a research in the InterNet, it is possible to arrive until the one page that if intitles?o official site of Rio De Janeiro. The page, paid, has its version of the guide of adventures: the River Rookie Guide (Guide of the Freshmen of the River), stuffed with photos of naked women in Carioca landscapes.

02-23-04, 11:59
O Globo should first look to their own classified advertisement section. They advertise termas, hookers, transsexual hookers, Bars like Barbarellas and massage parlors. Talk about selective one sided reporting.

02-23-04, 17:34
They're probably going to check these sites, so to increase their efficiency in extorting these girls and their pimps.

Rio D
02-24-04, 10:08
As Charles de Gaulle once said: "Brazil is not a serious country."

Smile Baby
02-25-04, 06:03
I'm visiting Brazil in March, and will have a free day. Can someone answer some questions please?

1. Would you recommend a day in Sao Paolo or Rio, for girls and for fun?

2. If I don't speak Portuguese, are there still many options available finding girls?

3. How does one ask for anal in Portuguese?

4. Are there any sites or posts that give some basics?

Thanks buds.

Brooklyn Bandit
02-25-04, 15:13
Hey Smile,

Check out these two websites. They will give you more than the basics. But to ask a garota if she does anal, just ask, "Voce faz anal?" - That's pronounced "Vo-say fize anal" - be sure to use the long I sound for fize like the word "eyes".


Even if you don't speak a lick of Portuguese, you can still enjoy yourself to the fullest.



02-25-04, 20:04

In Portuguese you have to say "anàl " or "amor anàl", the stress is in the second "a" or the final "a", but the pronounce is fundamental too; I'm european, latin, so for me was quite easy to learn speaking brasilian.

For an English-speaking is more difficult; another expression for anal is "tomar no cu" (I assume almost like "fuck in the ass"), but you can't say this without correct pronounce: so, "tomar" can't be pronounced like "tou-mor": if you pronounce the final "ar" like the -a- final of "war" nobodys will understand you.

I'll give you some suggest, belong my experience:

1) is better have some course of Portoguese-speaking before going to Brasil, but not obligatory; don't buy translators;

2) I found important have a grammar and a vocabulary to read in free-time; we have to know the most important words and verbs (be, have, say, speak, see, watch, go, get etc : is useless remind all, but they aren't too much) and how pronounce; if you are in the beach is very easy ask for help to a brasilian girl, and you can meet some pretty girl;

3) Last but not least: The better way I found in learning is this: talk a lot with a girl, so, if you meet a pretty garota (=girl/girlfriend), you have to stay with her not only for 1 hour, but all the day, in the beach, in shopping, in restaurant, in the common daylife, mostly until you're learning basics; don't worry about it: many garotas are very friendly and they like learn English, so this could be very funny.

That's only my opinion, and it depends on what are you looking for (obviously for Termas I think is less important the language).

Happy hunting guys


Sal Dali
02-26-04, 02:57
Oral sex linked to mouth cancer

19:00 25 February 04

Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition. Subscribe and get 4 free issues.

Oral sex can lead to oral tumours. That is the conclusion of researchers who have proved what has long been suspected, that the human papilloma virus can cause oral cancers.

The risk, thankfully, is tiny. Only around 1 in 10,000 people develop oral tumours each year, and most cases are probably caused by two other popular recreational pursuits: smoking and drinking. The researchers are not recommending any changes in behaviour.

The human papilloma virus (HPV), an extremely common sexually transmitted infection, has long been known to cause cervical cancers. Several small studies have suggested it also plays a role in other cancers, including oral and anal cancers.

"There has been tremendous interest for years on whether it has a role in other cancers. Many people were sceptical," says Raphael Viscidi, a virologist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, a member of the team that did the latest work.

The researchers, working for the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France, compared 1670 patients who had oral cancer with 1732 healthy volunteers. The participants lived in Europe, Canada, Australia, Cuba and Sudan. HPV16, the strain seen most commonly in cervical cancer, was found in most of the oral cancers too.

Antibodies against HPV

The people with oral cancers containing the HPV16 strain were three times as likely to report having had oral sex as those whose tumour did not contain HPV16. There was no difference between men and women in terms of how likely the virus was to be present in the cancers. The researchers think both cunnilingus and fellatio can infect people's mouths.

Patients with mouth cancer were also three times as likely to have antibodies against HPV as the healthy controls. For cancers of the back of the mouth, the link was even stronger.

The results prove the connection between HPV and oral cancer beyond any reasonable doubt, Viscidi says. "This is a major study in terms of its size," he says. "I think this will convince people."

Cancer specialist Newell Johnson of King's College London agrees. "We have known for some time that there is a small but significant group of people with oral cancer whose disease cannot be blamed on decades of smoking and drinking, because they're too young," he says.

"In this group there must be another factor, and HPV and oral sex seems to be one likely explanation. This study provides the strongest evidence yet that this is the case."

Cancer-causing strains

Subscribe to New Scientist for more news and features

Related Stories

Risk of HIV from oral sex may be "zero"

15 August 2001

Aspirin slashes risk of mouth and throat cancers

5 March 2003

Virus makes cervical cancer risk soar

29 July 2002

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Search the print edition Archive


Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

International Agency for Research on Cancer

Journal of the National Cancer Institute

Genital HPV infections are common. At any one time, around a third of 25-year-old women in the US are infected. It is thought that only 10 per cent of infections involve cancer-causing strains, and that 95 per cent of women will get rid of the infection within a year. But even this does not explain why so few develop cancer.

The latest findings could improve treatments of oral cancers. Many scientists think that HPV infection must persist for tumours to grow, so giving antiviral drugs to people with oral cancers caused by the virus could improve their chances of recovery.

Prevention could soon be a possibility as well. Several research groups are developing vaccines against HPV, intended to reduce the 250,000 deaths worldwide each year due to cervical cancer. It is thought the vaccines would prevent oral infections as well as genital infections.

Journal reference: Journal of the National Cancer Institute (vol 95, p 1772)

Why is this her einstead of in the Safe Sex section?

Mad Frax
02-26-04, 12:04
Hey Sal Dali,

The risk of oral tumours can not exist if you use condom even for oral sex, right?

And risks only for the giver, not the receiver?

Stay cool,

Mad Frax

02-26-04, 19:33
Forty and Smile:

About "asking for anal sex", it' snot exactly something you just walk up to a girl and ask, even in Brazil. Use some commonsense... first of all, you don't even braoach teh subject with non-pros. Either she does it or not, and you'll find out when you get to bed. You can let her know you are interested, non-verbally, in plenty of ways, use your imagination... the "nice" way to ask while fucking is "me da a bundinha" (meee dah ah boon-deen-YA) which is "give me your (sweet little) ass?" (inha is a diminuative). Same approach works for pros once you get tehm to bed.

Assuming that you want to ask a pro before you take her back to yuor hotel/motel whatever, first be assured that 95% of teh Termas girls do anal, most escort service girls do, and about 50% at least of the Help girls (all the more reason to use a condom!). They key word is "completa" - complete. You'll sound like an ass if you ask her if she "da o cu" (equivalent to asking "hey do you take it up the ass?", believe me it will win you no points), and "amor anal" is silly - anal love?. Ask them fi they are "completa", meaning "full service." The time to ask is jsut about when you are negotiating price. Its' pronounced with soft vowels - Cooom-PLEH-tah. You can also ask if she does "everything" - voce faz tudo? Voh-say fahz TOO-doo? Or better yet, ask if she is "free" - Voce eh liberada? - Lee-bare-AHH-duh? If all those code words don't get thru, tehn ask if she does anal - "Voce faz anal?" Voh-say fahz AHH-nahl?. yeah, I know these are prostitutes, but you'll get way better results treating them liek ladies (always a good idea), and with a subject as delicate as butt-fucking these beauties, use the usual code-words and you won't come off sounding like an ass.


Tom B.

Rio Bob
02-27-04, 04:12
Tom B, thank you for the new words in Portuguese, I will have to practice them with my Portuguese teacher this saturday, she is always supportive of words I pick up outside the classroom.

Sali Dali, thank you too, I just figured out what that thing in my mouth is.

02-27-04, 09:37
Asking about anal in Portuguese

Indeed, "Você faz anal" is correct but a much more common expression is "ser completa" which means "to be complete" in the sense of being a 100% sex-performer as opposed to the reluctant crowd who only do part of the sex repertoire. Asking "você è completa?" is much more tactful that "você faz anal"?. It's the standard expression used in classified ads.

While we're at it, here's another useful cryptic expression: "faço dominação". Literally: "I do domination". It means the girl does some kind of SM on the man but it's usually limited to using a strap-on dildo on the man rather than doing big-style SM sessions. The question is: "você faz dominação?" When a girl in an ad or on the foto album in a Clinica describes herself as a "Rainha" (= "queen"), it means she likes to assume a dominating role, having the man kneel before her etc. "Podolatria" is also a common term meaning "foot fetishism". SM is slowly gaining ground is Brazil, which is interesting in a way, but also indicative of an evolution towards a western-style, commercially oriented sex-market.

Oral sem camisinha = BBBJ
Oral atè o final = BJ with climax in the girl's mouth (theoretically without a condom)


Only Looking
02-28-04, 03:34
Okay guys. There is no need to be shy with any of the Garota de programma. Believe me they have heard the question before in many different forms. I dont think 95% of the Terma girls do and the answer is often size dependent.

I just ask "Voce Gosta Sexo Anal?"or do you like anal sex. Thats direct but not rude.

Jonny D
03-01-04, 16:46

Hit and miss around holidays.

Easter isn't huge in Brazil, as a celebration, but in Rio certainly any chance to shut down for the day and hit the beach is eagerly taken.

So, no guarantees that everything will work, but I would be pretty sure you'd be able to find something to amuse yourself!

But, if you have the choice, and want to be sure, I would postpone till after the holiday. It's no biggie, but you might have more choice.

03-11-04, 23:27
hidden cameras in brazilian hotels?

hidden cameras are becoming the norm in many countries. i'm sure clinicas and motels in brazil have cameras installed to take regular peeps at what goes on inside.

i'm wondering about hotels though, i mean mid-range and upper-range hotels. do they surveil guests in their rooms?

no use asking the hotel staff, of course. maybe one of you mongers heard garotas say something about this.


03-12-04, 00:39

Here is a link to an online translator. I found it to be pretty helpful.




03-16-04, 05:01
Hiding money & Facials

Where is a good place to hide your money at the hotel. Not sure if I would trust the hotel safes.


How easy is it to get a facial in brazil...?

J Wadd
03-16-04, 06:16
Bring some black "duck" tape with you. It comes in really handy -- allowing you to tape up that money-belt in a lot of weird places that they'll never think to search.

Facials are about 1 in 20. Maybe a little better the further away you get from the more hardened girls in S.P. and Rio.

Happy Hunting,

Cash Works
03-17-04, 01:31

My info's a bit dated, but I never had a problem with Hotel safes in the two years that I lived in Brasil. It was quite a few years ago & part of my pay (equivallent to about USD $400-500 per month) was in local currency (Crusado's & then Novo Crusados were the "coin of the realm" back then). I was working on a crew in remote areas or offshore for two months at a time & when I would go on break, I would get 3 months worth of my local pay in cash. This would usually wind up as a block of bills that was larger than one cubic foot in size.

I always used the hotel safe. Some hotels had safes in the room, but these were usuall too small for all the cash that I had with me (even though it only amounted to between USD $1200-1500) so I would use the Hotels safe that was behind the counter in reception. The counter person would count the money, to verify what I said it was, this amount would go in a ledger which I would initial and they'd give me a receipt. Whenever I was running low on cash, I would make a withdrawl, the amount of the withdrawl would go into the ledger and be deducted from the total and I would initial the transaction in the ledger and get a receipt. The only inconvenience was that the safe was generally inaccessible after business hours - the Hotel Manager was generally the only person with the ability to open the safe (combination/key, etc).

Believe it or not, back then, you could live very comfortably on USD $1200 per month in Brasil, though the guys I worked with who spent all their time off in Rio generally ran through this amount fairly quickly.


03-17-04, 17:25
Hello Board

Does anyone have information on Rio Airport departure delays due to the police strike? If yes, how long before departure would it be best to arrive heading back to the US?

Thank you, Frank

Rio Bob
03-18-04, 01:56
Cash Works, I don't know if they would do that in Rio anymore, allow guests to use the hotel safe at the front desk. In recent years hotel reception desks and even the lobbies have been held up by banditos and emptied everybody's pockets and the hotel safe with everbody's valuables in the hotel. I think that the hotel safe is a thing of the past. Now most hotels have a safe in the room, usually in the closet, I always used them and had no problem. As long as you don't loose the key then you have to pay about US$100 because it is the only key and they have to break the lock.

03-18-04, 05:36

I can't speak for Rio, but last Sunday I had to wait in line at GRU for about 4 hours. Rio's airport isn't as busy, so it might not be as bad of a problem there.

Cash Works
03-18-04, 15:19
Rio Bob,

As I mentioned, my information is a bit dated. Too bad about the robberies, now that you mention it though, I have a vague recollection of hearing a couple stories about that on my last trip to Brasil, but it was definitely not a common occurrance back when I was carrying around my big blocks of cash. My experience with in-room hotel safes was that they were too small for what I needed. They were fine for passport, wallet and watch, but not much more would fit since they were about the size of a cigar box and usually were located under one of the night stands in plain sight.

I definitely need to make a trip south.


Since there are apparently an abundance of ATM's in Brasil now days, you may want to consider leaving your cash in your bank account back home and get a daily withdrawl via ATM.


Rio Bob
03-18-04, 16:01
For those of you in Rio now and in the near future like me, this article in O Globo pretty much says that there is an epidemic of conjunctivitis going around. Pretty easy to catch from a garota I would imagine. If your eyes are bothering go find an opthamoligist and get an antibiotic as it won't cure on its own.

Cuidados com a conjuntivite

O Globo

O contágio: ocorre pelo contato direto com o vírus depositado nas mãos, nos objetos e nas regiões próximas aos olhos.

Não existe tratamento específico nem remédio para a conjuntivite, recomenda-se limpeza local com soro fisiológico gelado. Quem estiver contaminado deve ser afastado do ambiente de trabalho e da escola para evitar a transmissão.

O tempo em que uma pessoa com conjuntivite é transmissora pode se estender até uma semana após a melhora dos sintomas. Por isso, os cuidados não devem ser interrompidos até este período.

- Procure um oftalmologista para confirmação do diagnóstico. Dependendo da evolução da conjuntivite, poderão ser orientados colírios antibióticos e corticóides. Não se automedique!

- Reduza ao máximo o contato entre as mãos e os olhos

- Lave as mãos freqüentemente e evite colocá-las nos olhos. Se você está com conjuntivite, lave também a chave torneira

- Evite o uso de toalhas e outros objetos de limpeza compartilhados

- Não compartilhe colírio, medicamentos, compressas ou cosméticos de uso local

- Faça a limpeza com material descartável

- A sensibilidade à luz pode ser aliviada com o uso de óculos escuros

- Compressas de água gelada aliviam a dor

03-18-04, 20:29
Anyone know the url for a Rio A-Z introduction for mongers? I'm thinking about something along the lines of the intro in the Tijuana section. I'm heading to Rio, don't have a lot of time, and just want to print something to read on the plane. 'Preciate it!

Rio Bob
03-19-04, 03:44
Cash Works

The safes that I have been seeing lately in the rooms of hotels are more like the half the size of a shoe box. I could fit my cash in there with a camera and documents plus glasses.

Cash Works
03-19-04, 18:10

Today, security wise, I think I'd only need a place to stash my watch, wallet and passport, so the in-room safes should suffice. If I brought cash with me, it would be large denomination USD - otherwise, I'd be using credit cards and ATM's to get local currency. Back then, however, it was a completely different story since I was paid partly in local currency and the largest bill was only worth about USD $0.25. It was absurd to have to carry that much cash, regardless of its value (the block of money was fairly heavy and quite bulky).

One thing that always struck me as funny is the reaction from the folks working at reception in the hotel - as you checked in, they would treat you like all the other guests, but when you produced this pile of money to go into their safe - let's just say, some of them suddenly wanted you to marry their daughter.


03-19-04, 18:14
Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you frequently partake of the street action in the various Brazilian cities rather than the strip clubs and termas.

Is there a difference in the frequncy of disease?

Unlike many European countries, Brazil does not require all prostitutes to undergo health checks, consequently prohibiting infected girls from working. Correct?


I posted this in the wrong forum earlier.

Doc Bill
03-20-04, 18:59
I do not partake of the street action, not because of any personal negative experience but because of the warnings of those who have. Incidents of disease, robbery and ripoff are reportedly much higher with streetwalkers. Also, here in Rio it really is hard to tell the girls from the trannies. Besides, with all the other options, why bother taking the risk? I may be wrong, but I believe the terma girls are checked medically on a regular basis.

Dark Knight
03-20-04, 19:50
DocBill and RioBob

I can personally vouch for the high incidence of conjuctivitis ("pinkeye"). Two of five of our travelling group came up with eye problems.

My advice: you do not need to go to a doctor. Just head down to any farmacia (alternately called drogarias) and buy a small bottle of Feniclor (clorafenicol). This is a prescription-strength ocular antibiotic, and apply per the directions (a few drops every few hours). The conjunctivitis will clear up WITHIN A DAY.

I have found the staff of Farmacia do Leme (across from Barbarela's) to be the best and most knowledgeable.

Hope this helps.


Bachelor in Rio
03-21-04, 06:03

A group of us are going to Rio memorial Day weekend for a bachelor party. Any suggestions on where to venture off to for the weeklong festivities?

Thanks in advance.

Rio Bob
03-21-04, 14:59
Dark Knight - I appreciate that info about the pink eye and thanks for the tip on the farmacia, how convienent for it to be right across the street from Barbarellas, one stop shopping.

Jonny D
03-22-04, 14:00

There's probably some logic in what you say, but I doubt that the girls in the termas are medically any safer than the streewalkers.

In Rio, there are very few regulations that can't be bypassed. You can be pretty sure if it costs money, it won't be done. That's perhaps a sceptical view, but just check out the number of unlicenced / uninsured / defective cars driving in this city and you'll realise how lax enforcement is here.

Having said that, termas are definitely safer. You pick up a girl on the street, you take your chances. My experience is OK, but a friend managed to pick up a lunatic once in Copacabana, who went nuts, and had to be basically dragged from his car, kicking and punching.

You won't get that in a termas (unless you cause trouble yourself).

Medically speaking, I wouldn't trust either of them. Condoms are mandatory!

03-23-04, 06:14
Thanks Johnny and Docbill.

03-23-04, 15:39
Medical Checkup in Termas

One of girls at L'uomo told me that they have to have a checkup every week. It costs them R300. It is a lot of money for these girls. I don't know if this is true or not.

03-23-04, 19:14
Strike of Airport Police : bad news today, March 23rd

This is the title from Reuters Brazil : "Sem acordo, PF retoma operação padrão em aeroportos". No agreement, strike (work-to-rule) resumes in airports.

I'm flying next Saturday. I hope things will have cleared out by then. Glad for any update on what the situation is on the ground.


Jonny D
03-23-04, 19:23

As of 23rd March.

It's a little unclear - pot luck I think. Two of my collegues travelled last week and said they had a long delay getting OUT of Brazil (they are Brazilians), but no problem getting back in.

Several other customers / clients have come in during the last 48 hours (including one American), and report no problems.

This is in Rio.

So it doesn't look too bad - at least you can be sure you'll at least get in, even if there are delays!

Enjoy your trip.

Doc Bill
03-23-04, 20:38
I left Rio last night (Tuesday, 3/22) and there were no problems or delays at the airport.

03-24-04, 12:20
A man threw a home made bomb at the American Consulate building, downtown, this Monday afternoon. André Luiz Lopes da Silva first threw a rock at the door and then the explosive, known as a Molotov cocktail. The bomb exploded by the side of the main door of the building. Later, he took an iron bar and broke the windows of an official car parked in front of the building.

André was detained by the consulate's security personnel, cuffed and taken to the police station. While arguing, André, who is 37 years old, said a spiritual entity ordered him to throw the bomb at the consulate. He was charged and transferred to Polinter prison, at Zona Portuária.

03-24-04, 16:31
Home made bomb at the American consulate

The man was probably a lunatic manipulated by people who want to create some kind of terrorism scare in Brazil.

I wouldn't put it past the Brazilian Feds to be behind this one. What better way of showing this is not the time for the Brazilian government to scrounge on the salaries of its major police force?

Coincidentally, there have been major cocaine seizures these last two weeks, made by guess whom? By the Feds, of course! Those guys are so good and devoted to the country's cause that even when on strike, they keep reining in the villains!

As long as they don't ruin my holiday ...


Rio Bob
03-25-04, 02:05
To the poster below and myself who will be moving through Rio's airport very soon, the below article says that things were normal today.

Movimento normal nos aeroportos do Rio

Globo Online

RIO - Apesar da Operação Padrão da Polícia Federal, o movimento nos aeroportos Santos Dumont e Tom Jobim na manhã desta quarta-feira é normal.

Não houve demora no desembarque dos vôos que chegaram no Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim. No Aeroporto Santos Dumont o trabalho é normal e não houve atrasos.

Para evitar demora no desembarque, como aconteceu na noite de ***ça-feira no Aeroporto Tom Jobim, o ministro da Justiça, Márcio Thomaz Bastos, anunciou que o governo federal baixou uma portaria que credencia funcionários da Infraero para trabalhar nas cabines de identificação dos aeroportos.

Java Man
03-25-04, 04:05
keep your fingers crossed Rio Bob.
my buddy arrived yesterday. he reports ONE federal police officer was present to process arriving passengers! it took an hour for him to get out of the airport.
i depart tomorrow and arrive in Rio friday morning.

03-25-04, 17:27
I arrived in Sao Paulo this morning. The Delta flight was about an hour late so we missed some of the other bottlenecks in Immigration. It still took about an hour and a half to get through the "American" line. There was one guy taking the pictures and fingerprints. (This was only one flight).

I leave for Buenos Aires on Sunday afternoon and I am wondering how much time I should plan on for immigration.


04-03-04, 02:57
I arrived in Rio on morning of March 24 and left evening of March 31. No problems either way. No fingerprinting, no long lines.

Java Man
04-05-04, 20:07
i arrived march 25 on the early american airlines flight. there were 5 federales working. i was surprised that i was not photographed nor fingerprinted. perhaps because they did this previously? maybe not, as no other americans were processed that way either.

i departed april 4. i was advised to be at the airport 3 hrs prior to departure. only one federale was working. two people in line had their names paged by the airline, and nearly missed the early flight. i had about 20 min to spare prior to boarding. as we began to boarding a large group of passengers arrived at the gate after clearing immigration. overall the airport was not busy for a sunday nite.

04-05-04, 21:35
I'm not sure if Jackson will allow this but if not, I'm sorry for posting it here....

Hi since the time change brings Rio to only 1 hour ahead of EST.... we will now be hosting a LIVE CHAT on Rio de Janeiro at 9PM EST every Tuesday night..

You must have a Yahoo e-mail account and then sign up for Yahoo Groups...

Just do a Group search for ... RiodeJaneiroBrazil
sign up and join in....

04-06-04, 02:43
Chingon: Was this Rio or Sao Paulo? I know in Rio they don't fingerprint Americans anymore. Maybe they have changed things all across Brazil since the strike.

Java Man
04-06-04, 04:39
it was rio

04-07-04, 12:18
Just a quick thanks to those who joined in to the CHAT last night.......

04-07-04, 15:15
Drink Detective, is your drink spiked?

I just found this, maybe it will help someone......


Hoof Hunter
04-08-04, 17:30
Quick update on my Immigration experience:

I'm American, flew the Delta ATL-GRU flight leaving Thurs. 3/25 evening. Landed in Sao Paolo at 7:23 a.m. on Fri. 3/26 (I know, because that's when I changed my watch in accordance with the pilot's info).

Stood in immigration line until 12:33 p.m. (5 HOURS). NO LIE!!!!

Leaving GRU on Sun. 4/4 for 9:55 flight, took me 10 mins to clear immigration.

I hope the Federal Police strike is now over. That issue, combined with the fingerprinting issue, caused the 5 hour delay. Oh well, no one in line got too mad. We kinda just worked together, spelling each other for breaks.

Just reporting my experience.

04-13-04, 18:32
Another Live Chat tonight at 9PM.. EST

We will now be hosting a LIVE CHAT on Rio de Janeiro at 9PM EST every Tuesday night..

You must have a Yahoo e-mail account and then sign up for Yahoo Groups...

Just do a Group search for ... RiodeJaneiroBrazil
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Thanks to those that joined us last week......

04-21-04, 11:34
Well guys, Yahoo Chat did it again last night...
I have no idea if anyone was able to log into the Chat Room.
I was NOT able to log on again this week...

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Vegas Baby
04-26-04, 18:58
A friend of mine is nuts about a brazilian garota he met on vacation in Cancun MX. He has been to see her 4 weeks in a row. She works in strip club bordello. He lives in the New York area. He's 50 she's 22. He has met with an immigration lawyer and applied for a fiance visa. This guy has no life he owns 2 companies and he's single. I introduced him to mongering some years back. He has plenty of $$$. I keep telling him to travel the world and see all the sights. Brazil Thailand etc.
I have had countless conversations with my friend over this matter. many pros many cons.

Is he nuts?
Can this work?
Please advise.

04-26-04, 23:53
I think you already know the answer to your question.

J Wadd
04-27-04, 00:44
Sure it can work. True love is always possible. Very rare, but possible. The lonely millionaire who falls in love with the garota with a heart of gold really only happens in the movies. The fact that's she's in Mexico probably means that she ran the circuit in Brasil, and is therefore a little more hardened than she might have first admitted. Dunno. True love and pre-nups are all your bro needs, man. It's your job to push for those fuckin' pre-nups, though!

Happy Hunting,

04-27-04, 06:11
Vegas Baby,

When last in Cancun, I also met several Brazilian garotas in their mid twenties working in strip clubs there. They were so excited to meet someone who had been to Brazil and could speak Potuguese that they really let down their guard - I had a blast partying with them. However, I could see that they had been fucking for a living for several years. (This fact, however, didn't stop me from having a couple of good romps with some of them).

The garotas came from all over Brazil, but had all previously worked at various boites and clubs in Sao Paulo. When I asked why they had left S.P. and came to Cancun, they all said they could make a lot more money in Cancun. At that point, I knew that they were really hard core - many garotas will work their local city, some earn enough money to get to Sao Paulo or Rio and try and hit it big there. If after S.P. or Rio, they then move on to international destinations (Europe, Florida, Mexico, etc), that means that they are really working the circuit hard.

It is possible that this relationship could work out, but given the immigration delays for visa applicants to the U.S., it could be a while before she can join him in the U.S. I imagine that she will ask him to send her lots of money while she is in Mexico, and then she will disappear back to Brazil when her Mexican work permit expires. The garotas are usually there for a few months.

While your millionaire friend is waiting for her to get the visa, maybe suggest to him that he go to Brazil and see what the scene is like there - I bet he may meet one or two other possible fiance candidates (and get a sense of her prior work experience background). Hope it works out for him - I know I have certainly fallen hard for some of Brazil's finest.

04-27-04, 13:37
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Vegas Baby
04-27-04, 23:00
Thanks to all ,
I will digest this info and have another long talk with my friend. Obviously the first warning sign is the request for cash. This door has not been opened as of yet. I am certain it will however. Apparently this girl said she was making a grand $1000.00 a day. I am not sure if I believe this. Also business has slowed to $ 300.00 a day as of late. My friend has been paying her $ 300.00 a day for her time. this is for 24 hours. He said she did not ask for any money but he felt obligated to give her the money.
My feeling is if she makes him happy and is willing to sign the prenup why not? He gets what he thinks he wants. She gets a better life with a small payout and the close of the relationship.

04-28-04, 01:05
Vegas Baby

I always roll up my eyes when I hear about this type of situations. But I must admit that I understand completely the feelings that lead to such situations.

I have become deeply infatuated with a couple of P4P girls. There I have been feeling lonely and unloved. Suddenly, I meet this girl that for some reason makes me feel really good. She's different from the other P4P girls, because she elicits a special feeling in me.

They are confused at first, they ask me, "Why do you look at me like that?" I look at her in an intense and loving way, because I think that she's the most beautiful woman in the world. And I feel contempt for myself for feeling that way for a P4P girl, but, there I am, feeling it.

Luckily, I have seen so many men go through divorce proceedings in somewhat similar situations that I never let my emotions be the deciding factor.

Hopefully the embassy bastards will do him a favor and deny her application,

Vegas Baby
04-28-04, 01:24
I just got off the phone with the lonely millionaire. What a great name. I had him read these posts. He has agreed to a no cash money sending plan. I have warned him that the phone call will come my mother is dying I need plane fare etc. The operation, tuition, english lessons whatever the reason may be. Under no circumstances is she to get any upfront $. Cash on hand for services provided.
In any event he is presently bouncing off the walls with his emotions. He swears it's different this time. He has brazilian workers in his business. They are translating the phone calls. I can just imagine they are telling her she has won the lottery. Big houses mercedes benz boats etc.
How can she fall in love with him in a month? Fall in love with a fat wallet and a green card that I see.
He has completed all the paper work and handed it over to the lawyer.

J Wadd
04-28-04, 01:45
Can anyone give us a (reasonably) detailed description of the process one has to go through to get a visa for a girl. I guess I've long thought of marrying one of these garota honeys -- knowing all the other b.s. (deceit, family-scam, etc.) I've got to go through. I never factor the visa thingy, which ironically might be the biggest hurdle.

Is it easier if you're married first in Brasil? Or is it easier just to chop it off now and become a Trappist? Blah-blah-blah?

TIA amigos,

04-28-04, 12:52
Vegas Baby, have you friend give me a call. I have seen it all and heard even more about guys getting burned. I know of a guy from France the was engaged to a girl here in Rio, bought an Ocean Front apt. in Ipanema and put it in her name (the fool). He went back to France to finalize some business and when he returned to the apt. she had moved in her husband and changed the locks on the apt. She actually had the nerve to tell him she did not need him any longer...

04-28-04, 14:03
I want to tell a kind of similar story happened to me in 1997 and continued till 2000. In 1997, it was my first time in Rio and Brazil. I went there for 10 days for sightseeing and mongering. Just two night before coming back home, I was sitting one afternoon in one of the sidewalk caffee in Rio's main drag. One blonde, a little older woman (later I found out she was 42) was passing by. I am also a little older and I like that kind of woman! As soon as our eyes met, she right away came to me and asking me questions in her rudimentary english. At the end, she wanted to stay with me and she told me that she is a hairdresser and showed me her business card. I was in seventh heaven! Free pussy, exactly the kind I like! Next couple of days, she showed me around, went to a football game etc etc. I gave her presents, bought jewelry and spent quite a bit of money on her. But I did not give her any cash money. I must say that sex was excellent. She came to see me off at the airport. After I came back home, we kept on touch. She started asking for money after couple of letters. Always, she had an excuse. I sent her money few times, probaly $500 in total.

I went back to Brazil in 1999. I had a plan to go away from Rio. She came to meet me at the airport. She took me to her apartment, introduce me to her 14 year old son. She insisted that I stay with her in her apartment. But I started to feel trapped, so I went to a hotel in Rio's main drag. Again, our sex was incredible, we kind of clicked sexually! Now the problem, she showed me a credit card balance of about R$1200 which was about $600 at the time and she wanted me to pay it off! I made excuses, but I still paid for half of the bill. She said her rent for the month was not paid yet, if I can pay that. Again I had hard time getting out of that. But I did pay some. My original plan was to take her with me outside Rio. Now, I wanted to get away from her! I cut my visit short and hop into a plane to home. During that time, I made a mistake of having unprotected sex with her. After couple of months later, I got a certified letter saying that she is pragnant. Panicked, I phoned her. She said she need $700 for an abortion. Obligeingly, I sent her the money. I neve believed that, she was pragnant. After that she wrote me few times, I never replied. In 2000 she said she is coming to America and wanted to see me. I was plain out of my mind! I successfully avoided her. I phoned me once when in America, but I made excuses not to see her. I had a hunch that she came to see someone else like me she hooked. Finally, I cut all my correspondace with her. I went back to Brazil last October 2003, had a wonderful time. See my report on Manaus. My advice to mongers: don't get involved unless you can commit yourself.

The Shaft
04-28-04, 23:11
Hi Jwadd,

I can give you a pretty detailed explanation. Although my wife isn't from Brazil, I brought her over from Mexico. There's basically two routes.

1.) You both get married, and you file to bring your wife back. usually takes about 1year, can be longer.

2) You file for a fiance visa petition. takes between 3 months to 1 year, but typically done in the shorter period of time.

I did it through the fiance visa process. Basically, you submit an application to the USCIS, (immigration). Get ready to submit photos, and evidence that you two have a valid relationship. You also have to have proof that you've met her in person within the last two years. Get all your financial info together, and tax info, as you'll need to prove financial support for your wife. You send in the application and wait. You'll also need bibliographical info on both your and your fiance for the past 5 years. When it's approved by immigration, your application goes to the national visa center in Vermont, where they do a background check on her. About a month or so later, the petition reaches the consulate in Brazil, where, I don't know. She'll go for an interview where they'll give her a medical exam, and ask her questions about the relationship. Then she gets the visa. (a truly magical moment!) The visa is good for six months, and good for one entry into the US. After she enters, you have 3 months to marry, and file an adjustment of status application. While she is here, you'll need to arrange a work permit, and advance parole if she wants to travel outside the US. That's a condensed version on what to expect to just get your wife here, and settle. There's a lot more work if she wants to become a permanent resident, and eventually a citizen. Be VERY sure that your willing to take this road, and willing to wait if necessary. The immigration process has changed and slowed down since 9/11.

Travel Addict
04-29-04, 22:33

Have your friend email me. It will NEVER work out.

I am well-off and travel full time for mongering and other purposes and am the same age as him. I will set him straight maybe even show him around Brazil. If you care about him do not let him get burned!

J Wadd
04-30-04, 00:41
Thanks, Tness54321. Geez. Difficult road ahead. But in the end, maybe they're (immigration) doing us a favor given the high incidence of sting-jobs on the part of the garotas. Maybe the best thing is to get set-up down there (buy a nice apt. for 100k or so -- leaving it in my name), move her in and knock her up (dunno), and travel between the two countries. Sorta a modern, Mormonized relationship. Brigham Young or Bring' em Young?!

Thanks again,

P.S. I've been thinking of changing my name lately. JWadd (John Holmes' early screen name) died of AIDS -- an ominous comparative point. I grew up in Hawaii. Maybe some kind of pun on that. Dunno.

04-30-04, 02:55

What Tness described for visa processing is right on the money (very accurate and I can tell by a couple of data points that he has done it at least once).

Even though narrative explanation of the immigration procedures would appear complicate and tedious to those who have never done it before or been exposed to the process.

If you survey the website (it used to be www.ins.gov before 9/11 and before Home Land Security had integrated all different agencies into one) which I will find out and post it here, it will walk you through based on scenarios matching your cases.

There are a few forms you need to fill out (as outlined by Tness) with your information as sponsor or petitioner and information about petitionee. It takes some preparation time mainly for gathering necessary data/information and then following the forms which come with fairly straightforward instruction - 1000 times better than those of IRS.

If you don't have patience or time to go through, you may retain an attorney specialized in immigration law and he/she will take care of the process (completion forms, filing, follow-up, and the stuff) for a few thousand dollars (I would say two to six thousands depending upon where you live and fee schedule of the law firm).

Prior to 9/11, there were four national immigration service center - one in Vermont, one in Texas, one in California and the fourth is in one state that I can't recall now. Your residency dictates the center to where you would send the paper work.

It is more waiting game than anything else. If you have a solid case (real marriage) which then will be backed up by good supporting documents, only time will be against you. Complete and honest paper work is the key for fast processing.

Even though I'm not an attorney, I used to do volunteer based community servce to those who do not have money and knowledge of the system. I've done it a couple of times and then it has become fairly routine task.

p.s. I like your ID of JWadd and would suggest to keep it.

04-30-04, 03:06

here is seed information for you and others who are interested in.

home page of us citizenship and immigration services


link specific to "how do i bring my fiance to united states"


here is the content (copy and paste) with hot links to additional details

if your fiancé(e) is not a citizen of the united states and you plan to get married in the united states, then you must file a petition with uscis on behalf of your fiancé(e). after the petition is approved, your fiancé(e) must obtain a visa issued at a u.s. embassy or consulate abroad. the marriage must take place within 90 days of your fiancé(e) entering the united states. if the marriage does not take place within 90 days or your fiancé(e) marries someone other than you (the u.s. citizen filing uscis form i-129f - petition for alien fiancé), your fiancé(e) will be required to leave the united states. until the marriage takes place, your fiancé(e) is considered a nonimmigrant. a nonimmigrant is a foreign national seeking to temporarily enter the united states for a specific purpose. a fiancé(e) may not obtain an extension of the 90-day original nonimmigrant admission.

if your fiancé(e) intends to live and work permanently in the united states, your fiancé(e) should apply to become a permanent resident after your marriage. (if your fiancé(e) does not intend to become a permanent resident after your marriage, your fiancé(e)/new spouse must leave the country within the 90-day original nonimmigrant admission.) for more information, please see how do i become a legal permanent resident while in the united states?. please note, your fiancé(e) will initially receive conditional permanent residence status for two years. conditional permanent residency is granted when the marriage creating the relationship is less than two years old at the time of adjustment to permanent residence status. for more information, please see how do i remove the conditions on permanent residence based on marriage?.

please note: your fiancé(e) may enter the united states only one time with a fiancé(e) visa. if your fiancé(e) leaves the country before you are married, your fiancé(e) may not be allowed back into the united states without a new visa. (please see how can i get a travel document? for additional travel information if your fiancé(e) will apply to become a legal permanent resident after you are married.)

for an excellent overview of immigration issues, please see the chapters and tables on temporary admissions and immigrants in the immigration statistical yearbook.

where can i find the law?
the immigration and nationality act (ina) is a law that governs the admission of people into the united states. for the part of the law concerning fiancé(e) (k-1) visas, please see ina § 214. the specific eligibility requirements and procedures for applying for the fiancé(e) (k-1) classification are included in the code of federal regulations [cfr] at 8 cfr § 214.2(k).

who is eligible
u.s. citizens who will be getting married to a foreign national in the united states may petition for a fiancé(e) classification (k-1) for their fiancé(e). you and your fiancé(e) must be free to marry. this means that both of you are unmarried, or that any previous marriages have ended through divorce, annulment or death. you must also have met with your fiancé(e) in person within the last two years before filing for the fiancé(e) visa. this requirement can be waived only if meeting your fiancé(e) in person would violate long-established customs, or if meeting your fiancé(e) would create extreme hardship for you. you and your fiancé(e) must marry within 90 days of your fiancé(e) entering the united states.

you may also apply to bring your fiancé(e)'s unmarried children, who are **** 21, to the united states.

how do i apply?
to find out how you can apply to bring your fiancé(e) to the united states, please click here to see application procedures, which will help you identify what you need to do. fiancé(e) petitions are filed at the uscis service center serving your area of residence.

will i get a work permit?
after arriving in the united states, your fiancé(e) will be eligible to apply for a work permit. (you should note that uscis might not be able to process the work permit within the 90-day time limit for your marriage to take place.) your fiancé(e) should use form i-765 to apply for a work permit. please see how do i get a work permit? for more information. if your fiancé(e) applies for adjustment to permanent resident status, your fiancé(e) must re-apply for a new work permit after the marriage.

how can i check the status of my application?
please contact the uscis office that received your application. you should be prepared to provide the uscis staff with specific information about your application. please click here for complete instructions on checking the status of your visa petition. click here for information on specific uscis offices.

how can i appeal?
if your petition for a fiancé(e) visa is denied, the denial letter will tell you how to appeal. generally, you may appeal within 33 days of receiving the denial by mail. your appeal must be filed on uscis form i-290b. the appeal must be filed with the office that made the original decision. after your appeal form and a required fee are processed, the appeal will be referred to the administrative appeals unit (aau) in washington, dc. (sending the appeal and fee directly to the aau will delay the process.) for more information, please see, how do i appeal the denial of my petition or application?.

can anyone help me?
if advice is needed, you may contact the uscis district office near your home for a list of community-based, non-profit organizations that may be able to assist you in applying for an immigration benefit. please see our uscis field offices home page for more information on contacting uscis offices. in addition, please see our webpage that provides information on obtaining free legal advice.

frequently asked questions [faqs]
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Only Looking
04-30-04, 03:28

I met the woman you are tling about. She is a pro and works Meia Pataca regularly. Your "free" sex with her cost more than I paid for 20 garotas over a two week period, all way younger and hotter than her.

Its never free.

Dark Knight
04-30-04, 22:36
Please refer to the article below. If an HIV test really costs nearly R$1000 in Brazil, I doubt very much that they are admistered regularly to the termas girls, as I have heard.

Safety first, gentlemen.

SAO PAULO - Brazil may be a popular place for American adult filmmakers to shoot and work - especially given its own vibrant adult film and entertainment industry - but the HIV scare which has rocked the adult industry this month has shaken Brazilian performers enough to criticize their American counterparts for relying on testing over condom use, according to a published report.
"America's adult film industry relies on testing to prevent the spread of the virus," wrote Independent Online. "But testing is scoffed at in Brazil as expensive and unreliable. The Brazilian porn industry, Latin America's largest, has long depended on condoms to prevent actors from getting and spreading HIV."

So far as Brazilian Erotic Industry Association chief Evaldo Shiroma is concerned, American adult star Darren James "took a risk that many Brazilian actors won't."
James and actress Lara Roxx, with whom he worked after returning from Brazil where he's believed to have contracted HIV, tested positive for the virus earlier this month, sending a shock throughout the adult entertainment industry and bringing no small level of heat upon it. James had also performed with thirteen actresses after his return to the U.S. but before blood tests confirmed he was HIV-positive.
The test results provoked the American adult industry to bar over fifty performers who had contact with either James or Roxx, pending new test results on the fifty. The James-Roxx results also prodded at least thirty adult entertainment companies to impose a moratorium on production - and various proposals for legislation to impose tighter safety compliance regulations on the industry.
First Amendment attorney Lawrence G. Walters said the news of the HIV scare was just the kind adult's detractors could use effectively enough to push for closing down adult production longer term. "This comes at a difficult time," Walters told AVN, "as we're on the verge of a massive obscenity crackdown, and our enemies are searching for additional reasons to justify this potentially controversial action."
"While roughly 80 percent of Brazilian porn films are made with actors using condoms, about the same percentage of American movies feature actors not wearing them," Independent Online said. "Brazilian industry executives say most Americans who film in Brazil require their actors to film unprotected sex scenes."
Independent Online said Brazil's adult industry is believed the second largest in the world behind the United States, with "dozens of porn production companies" working in Sao Paulo alone, with product "so widely accepted that videos and DVDs are showcased on corner newsstands."
"It's become the place to go," said AVN publisher Tim Connelly to Independent Online. "What drives it is economics and beautiful women."
The problem is that Brazil may have the most people in the Western Hemisphere with the HIV virus or with full-blown AIDS behind the U.S. Independent Online said they normally go to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, which are believed - according to the World Bank - to have over 60 percent of the country's estimated 540,000 with HIV or AIDS making their homes there.
"Though the Brazilian porn film industry is unregulated, most production companies honor a gentleman's agreement requiring actors to use condoms," Independent Online said. "Actors could not afford regular HIV tests that cost $140 (about R940) each, and producers feared being sued by actors getting the virus while working."
Buttman Brasil marketing director Norberto Brunni told Independent Online condoms are far more preferred over regular testing. "We use the best condoms in the world," he said, "and that's the safety of my business."
If some believe condoms are somewhat "impure" when it comes to making adult films and videos in the U.S., Brazilians don't necessarily see it that way. "Brazilians are more accepting of erotic films with actors using condoms," Independent Online said, "because the government's internationally renowned HIV prevention program has handed out millions of free condoms annually for years and bombarded the country with advertisements encouraging their use, particularly during Rio's world famous Carnival."
In fact, the publication continued, Sao Paulo's eighth annual Erotika Fair included Brazilian porn performers saying American directors "often bring in their own male talent but usually hire Brazilian actresses who often moonlight as prostitutes and are willing to have sex without condoms."
Brazilian actresses like Lana Starck think U.S. performers' reputed preference for testing over condoms is "absurd. They should learn from us," she told Independent Online, "because the HIV test doesn't mean anything. I use condoms with actors and with my husband, always."
And renowned American adult photographer Suze Randall told Independent Online the Brazilian model should be adopted more widely to help guarantee American adult's safety and survival. "We thought we were being smart with testing, but we were naive," she said. "No one wants to work with condoms, but that will probably be the way to go. The marketplace is going to take what we give them."

J Wadd
05-01-04, 00:07
Thank you very much, Off2Golf -- really nice of you to go to such lengths in answering a question. When do you expect to get baqck down to Sao Paulo way? We've still got to get together and finish that bottle of JW black.


05-01-04, 01:03

Not a problem. As I have benefited so much from insightful postings by fellow mongers on WSG, especially SP board, so I would like to contribute when I have relevant information from which my fellows can benefit as well.

I have completed my spring tour of SP last month and will be in SP late summer or early fall (from US calendar perspective). If business trip won't be realized by September, I will be more than likely down there for a week or so for pleasure.

We will have a drink or two and it would be great for me to tandem with you for a day or two.

Take care.


05-01-04, 08:19

I could not help reading your latest enquiries on the site. It seems you are getting quite serious about bringing a girl to the US with you.

About a year ago I brought a brasiliera with me to Europe. Visas here are no problem, but I think you and others might benefit from my experiences.

She came on a three months tourist visa and stayed with me for the entire period. She wanted very much to get married, but after a while I decided against it.

I love latinas as much as the next guy, but I think marriage is a big decision. I am contemplating bringing one over for another three months holiday without marrigae as the end goal. Fortunately they can easily enter Europe.

Here are a few pieces of advice on marrying a latina.

1. Do not marry her without having lived with her for some time first. Women do change when they move to another country. Besides living together every day is a hell of a lot different from staying together in a hotel and dining in restaurants every day while you are on holiday in her country.
2. Family relations are much stronger in latin america than in the US or Europe.
3. She will miss her family and parts of her old life. So be prepared to buy a lot of phonecards and to comfort her.
4. She will get very bored in the US. First few weeks are like a holiday for her with everything being new, but after a short while she will get bored. Nobody and I mean nobody is interested in staying at home all day waiting for you to get home.
5. Money will almost always be important. Remember a pre-nup and you will have to discuss whether or not she is expecting support for her family. If her mother/sister/uncle.. gets seriously ill she will almost surely expect you to take care of it. Are you willing and able to support her for a few years until she is able to find work in the US ?
6. Learn her language and help her learn english. It is important that she learns english as quickly as possible. It is the only way she can make friends, study and work in the US.
7. Sex is another important issue. Be sure you have similar expectations with regards to your future sex life.
8. Do not let her assume control of your relationship. Latinas like to be in charge and if you let her she would very likely like to be the boss in the relationship.
9. Latinas are very jealous. Be prepared to get the worst reprimand in your life if you look at another women while she is with you.
10. Everything been said, I still think latinas are the best women in the world and when I finally do decide to get hitched it will almost surely be with a latina.


05-01-04, 13:38
Be careful Jwadd....

There is someone else I know that got marred here in Rio, filed the papers here to bring her to the USA. He told me it would be about 90 days until the paperwork went through. Well after about 4 1/2 months and a lot of BS the paperwork went through...

I told him to make her go to school here in Rio to learn as much English as she could during the waiting period. She speaks no English and he speaks little Portuguese but he is learning...

She did not want to study English... (1ST warning sign)....
Well it has been about 6 months now and even with her living in the USA she still can not speak English, she is board out her mind, She can't watch TV, she can't drive, she has no friends, she can't call home to Brazil every day, she is a prisoner in the house.
She had 2 kids she brought with her to the USA and she spends all day taking care of them. He lets her use his computer to listen to Brazilian radio but that about it...

Now for the good news.
She told him she wants to go back to Brazil, she hates the USA.
She wants him to send her home.
She wants him to send her money every month and to come and visit when he can.......

Can you say, "expensive mistake"??

05-01-04, 17:42

I agree with the consensus here. While it's not impossible it's much much more difficult than you'd think. With all my travels I've met several guys that have started this process. Most of the guys have told me the K1 visa process is relatively easy and quick (3-5 months).

You MUST spend significant amounts of time with a girl you are serious about. You will spend significant amounts of money flying her here or going there to visit her. If you are not willing or unable financially to do this you should forget about a serious relationship.

In all my travels I've only really got attached to one girl from South America (Brazil). A great girl but not without her faults. I flew her in to my house several times for up to a month at a time. For the most part we got along perfectly. We did have one major argument one time and I sent her back home. I never really thought about marriage.

All of these guys are right. Brasileras are used to their beautiful country, the beach, their fellow citizens that speak Portuguese. The US can be downright depressing for them. Unless you have a girl that speaks fluent English, is cultured, and independent you could have serious problems on your hands. I can relate to the expensive and frequent calls to Brazil. Be prepared to stock up on calling cards. Actually it is good that they communicate with their friends and family as it might help them cope.

As I posted many many times, guys often confuse sex with love. The two are totally different things. Also, what kind of relationship can you realistically have if you can't speak Portuguese and she can't/won't learn English??? You have to ask yourself, "why am I in love with this girl"?

Junior made many great comments. I happen to agree with them. I've dated some Latinas so I know a thing or two about them. When you enter a relationship with them you basically are starting a relationship with their entire family. Even if they don't ask you for money, if you have a big heart you might feel obligated. When I was dated my Brasilera, I met all her family and I saw they weren't living so well. I started sending $150 US a month to them to help out. Her mom cried when I'd visit telling me how much she appreciated it.

Always remember the good girls won't ask you for money. The ones that really love you won't ask you for money. Still though... these girls don't really know what our financial situation is. They think all of us Americans are wealthy. Do your best to give her realistic expectations of how your life would be here. When you're on vacation you are often probably eating out every day/night at nice places. That's usually not the case here at home. Also, they have no clue about mortgages, taxes and all that stuff. I have a really nice and big house here in the USA and when my novia came here she thought it was a palace that was paid for. She had no clue about monthly mortgage payments. Also, the working girls have no clue about how some of us are paying 37% taxes to Uncle Sam.

I'm almost sure I will marry a Latina when I settle down. Still, I think US girls get a bad reputation. There are many great American girls out there. I think the reason why most guys hate them is because they don't think they can get them. American girls boxed themselves into a corner. They come to us with a "show me what you can bring to the relationship attitude". Many want a guy with not only looks but a nice car, nice house, good job, etc. Now they are pissed because we turned it around on them. We men now also have a show me what you can bring to the relationship (how is your looks, do you have a nice ass, how is your body, how sweet and affectionate are you, etc.). Unfortunately for American girls, much like the cars we all drive, the imported models are better performing than their American counterparts.

A marriage to a foreigner isn't impossible but take it slow and go into it with realistic expectations. Good luck.


P.S. DEFINITELY HAVE A PRENUPT BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED. Make sure one copy is in English and the other is in Spanish, Portuguese or whatever language she speaks.

Dark Knight
05-01-04, 19:46
I agree with all of Junior's points except number 8.

I think the latin cultures are patriarchal, and I think that Latinas appreciate a strong man who wants to be the boss of his family (and sometimes the boss of her).

Generally speaking.

05-02-04, 01:21
Great articulation by Junior and Saint put this topic into realistic perspectives. Thank you.

Saint made a comment that a good girl would not ask for money. I have a data point supporting his comment.

I have a girl in Sao Paulo whom I’ve seen almost two years now when I travel to Sao Paulo. As long as I give her fair advance notice, she always tries to take time off from her job and spend time with me. Most of my trips to Sao Paulo are business related so she usually plans her own things while I’m at work during day time. She obviously enjoys posh hotel and nice restaurants, and occasional gifts (usually perfumes) which she loves to use and collect.

She had not brought her family topic until I asked her about her family. She has not asked any money for any causes or excuses over almost two years. I thought this was first good sign. So I ran a few quick tests on her about the relationship.

Since she would have more barriers for her to move to US, she said that she would like for me to move down to Brazil and be her man and marriage would not be the condition of that. She wants to have someone who cares about her and loves her. She said that Brazilian men are not really good for long term relationship as they don’t know how to treat their women. When I am with her, I sincerely care her with respect and affection. This might have impressed her and won her heart.

I asked what if I would not have a good job in Brazil for various reasons (i.e. language and culture and the stuff like that) so I would not be able to provide financial security otherwise I would be able to do that in US. She said that as long as I can bring some money to home, she will work hard to make the difference for good living.

Hope this shows that 1) it is not impossible to find your lady and get into the relationship with her, and 2) takes time, efforts and patience to verify and confirm it.

Will I marry her? She thinks I will marry her? Both of us know it won’t happen with many reasons.

05-02-04, 03:52
I 2nd and to infinity and beyond, the points made my Saint and O2G!

I met a garota in Rio - we spent 8 days togther and went to Buzios. I met her on Ipanema beach, she was there with friends. Sure i gave her money on the 1st night and 2nd night, but it never felt like a transaction,..$R200 for whole days and nights is nothing to me but makes a big difference to her. When in buzios, i just bought her a few presents which I loved to do and nothing else was mentioned ever. When we came back from Buzios, I stayed at her apartment for 2 nights and we watched DVD's and ordered take away, kissed, sucked and fucked. We were lovers from start to when I left. We spoke about her travelling to see me in Europe. She said she would love for me to be her man, but She DID NOT want to leave her country to come to Europe and I dont blame her! She said maybe for a holiday in July, lets see! she has a 5 year old so sweet girl! The little girl was wanting to take a shower in my apartment one day after beach and her mum said to help her turn on the taps and when I went in, she said "don't think your getting in the shower with me" hahahaha, her mum translated, so sweet :) We were really in to each other - this was more than a holiday romance, I know, have had plenty of those!

She said exaxcto what O2G just reported. All she wanted was for me to move down there and be her man, not marriage! She wanted support in life and just to be loved by a guy who is not going to fuck her around. Not all these girls are sharks and I met plenty of those in Rio, Europe and US. She is such a beautiful and sweet girl, I hope even if not me then she finds a person who will care for her. Anyway, I am so busy with work here and trying to earn enough money to eventually move down to Rio district in about 2 years time.

If with her then great, if not I am sure its not too difficult to fall in to a similar situation very quickly indeed!

Cash Works
05-02-04, 20:09
I agree with most of these posts urging people to be cautious about marrying somebody you've known for only a couple of weeks.

However, I do know a number of people who have married Brasillera's and still seem to be happy after many years. In the 4 cases that come to mind immediately, they all lived in Brasil for at least 3 years after they married before moving to the US (3 of them) or Europe (the other one). 2 are still living in the US, the other 2 have since moved back to Brasil. I never heard about any serious problems with visas, but there was one of the guys who brought his wife back to the US who did mention a couple minor annoyances with the INS. He was the only one who didn't have any children. One of the others mentioned that the kids, once you establish paternity (DNA test), make it easier for their mother to get a visa/green card.

One of the guys, before he married, was actually supported by his (now) wife for about 6 months while he was waiting to go back to work (he wasn't actually laid off, but the company he worked for didn't have any work for him, so they kept him on the payroll and gave him benefits, but they didn't pay him - sounded a bit like an employer scam to keep from paying unemployment). She was a non-pro and had some sort of clerical job at a business in Fortaleza. The one without children was a student when she met her (now) husband. The other 2 had at one time been pros or semi-pros, but also had other businesses that they ran on the side and said their plan was to hook until their businesses were able to earn enough money to support them comfortably. These two quit hooking after they married - one continued working at her business, the other became a full-time housewife and sold her business.

I also know a few guys who had miserable marriages - some stayed in Brasil, others went back to their home countries. So, YMMV.


On the jealousy thing - My long-term Brasillian garotas (ones I spent more than 24 hours with) never seemed to have a problem with me looking, I actually had one who expected me to fool around & looked forward to hearing the stories (unfortunately, she was quite the psycho). The only time the jealousy thing popped up was after we split up - then they turned in to vindictive little b***hes.

The odd part I found about the pro scene in Brasil (and everywhere else for that matter) was with the short term girls - ones you spend anywhere from one hour to one day with - they seemed to get very jealous. If you picked them up for an afternoon quickie, then a few days later she shows up at a bar where you're chatting up another garota, the one you spent 2 hours with a few days before goes into a jealous rage. I blame it on the Novellas.


Vegas Baby
05-03-04, 01:50

Thanks to all for taking the time to comment on the Lonely Millionaires plight.
It seems there are many pros and cons on the matter of importing a Brazilian garota to the USA.

An update, Her cell phone is no longer working. Some guy has been answering it saying he just got the number yesterday. She was supposed to send photos for the immigration paperwork fed x last week. Of course they have not arrived either. My friend is distraught. I have told him this is all better now than later.
I told him there was less than % 1 chance of success for this relationship. I was hoping for a better out come but perhaps this is the best.

This seems to have some interest for a few mongers, as many are interested in bringing the vacation home. The fantasy is much more attractive than real life. But in the end fantasy is just fantasy. I think that’s what keeps us going.

I’ll keep you all posted on the outcome.

Vegas Baby

05-04-04, 16:00
Nextel phones now have international Direct Connect to Brazil, free til July1 if you have National Direct Connect.

Just a little info.

05-06-04, 03:53
You're KIDDING ME about the Nextels!

I just purchased a Nextel Phone about a month ago (the i730), and the Jabra Bluetooth Wireless Headset and I was wondering would Nextel work in Brazil.

If you're 100% sure, I'm excited!

05-09-04, 16:40
Recently FDA approved rapid oral HIV test.

These are great to have if you are planning on "hitting anything raw" or having a GFE with a girl you might go long term with.


If you're feeling bold you could probably even make money selling them at a markup to less prepared mongers in Brazil. Not sure about the blackmarket laws there though.

05-10-04, 00:00
I've been getting email from an organization called brazil men's club that pormotes and sells mongering vacation in Rio and Bahia regions.

Marketing information with subtle tone of c'mon comes with reasonable or informative information about mongering scenes in Brazil.

Have you dealt with this firm (lack of better term) or actually used their services?

Just curious and this is NOT my endorsement or to get their name out here.

Travel Addict
05-10-04, 03:28
Nextel cell phones work in Rio, even the walkie talkie function!

Think they charge about $2.50 a minute in or out. Boy was I surpised when my phone rang!

Dark Knight
05-10-04, 14:35
Regarding cell phone usage in Brazil:

I converted to an AT&T GSM phone that I could use internationally. What you will quickly find out , as I did, is that it is MUCH cheaper to rent a local cell phone and use that, rather than your US-based cell phone.

Costs per minute:

Brazilian rental: R$ 1.25 outgoing (~50 cents), free incoming.

US Global phone: US$2.50 - 3.00, incoming OR outgoing. (a quick five-minute phone call is fifteen dollars?)

Even when you pay the daily rental charge, you'll still make out much better with a local rental. Also, you won't have to account to the wifey back home for high usage when the bill comes in.

I have found Bobby at BlameitonRio to have competitive rates and good quality phones. You can purchase cards at most kiosks and newsstands.

05-10-04, 20:07
For use of GSM phones in Brazil, get a pre-paid sim card and load it with credits that are good for about 90 days. You get to keep the number. I know a few mongers from other forums that come to Brazil often. They have a local sim card. It works as long you have an unlocked gsm phone.

Rio Lover #2
05-12-04, 22:41
Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to change swiss francs in Rio and does anybody know if the exchange rates are good.


Will Fore
05-14-04, 17:28
I am convinced that Rio is the place to go. I was going to split a week between Rio and Buenos Aires, but everyone convinced me that Rio is all I am looking for.

Some final questions:

Has anyone stayed at the Savoy Othon Hotel? Should I just get an aparment instead? If so what part of town ?

I am going to plan on the escort/agency route. It seems the most reliable and best situation because I don't speak portuguese and because it is cheaper. I do speak Spanish decently. I am sure I will venture out to Help and termas, but the escort route appeals to me the most.... 5 women at once for $600 Real for 2 hours. I cannot pass that up on my last night.

Is there protocol to getting their pictures? I want to capture the memories.

I am willing to pay for some help down there-- a local guide. Any offers?

I guess I have to get a cell phone. Recommendations?

If I take my laptop, how can I get internet so that I can make daily escort decisions based on that day's pervesions?

I will post an incredibly thorough review and info when I get back. I will make it up to everyone.

[Email Address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to obtain this information. Thanks!

Will Fore
05-15-04, 16:37
Change in my plans. I am going to Buenos Aires and Rio. The airfare deal I got through priceline was too good to pass up.

Arrive in Buenos Aires midday June 25. Arrive in Rio midday June 27. Leave Rio July 1st.

If anyone is down there during that time, any help would be repaid in kind down there road. Think of it as mongering karma.

Just PM me through this site.

05-16-04, 13:19
I know the Savoy Orton and it's OK but about 3 star at best, basic small rooms available there. I don't think they have internet access. If you take that route get a room facing the BACK.. too mush street noise facing the front..
As for bringing in your laptop, no need, as there are many Internet cafes in Copacabana. One right around the corner from that Hotel.
Apartments usually do not have phone lines so that is not a really good option if you bring your laptop.…. They do offer more privacy and they are most often less expensive.

Cell phones.. since apartments do not have phones, renting one is a good idea. Average price is about $5-6.USD a day.. There are companies that charge you for incoming and outgoing calls and that can be expensive.. Make sure you are paying only for your outgoing calls..

As for the escort route, that one option… Also, do not forget the termas……

Read up here and you should have enough info. to see you through. A guide may help but is not necessary.

05-18-04, 22:14
The Nextel phones do work, the rate is 2.50 per minute, but the Direct Conect is $.15/ per minute. That is great to call back to the US. I do not know what the coverage is like though.

05-19-04, 02:58
Will Fore

I am interested to know what price you paid on PL. I am contemplating doing do same, but don't want to pay too much.


05-20-04, 14:21
Some useful language for the mongering habit in Brasil. I'm a gringo but have over the last few months figured some of the more useful lingo out.

transar- to have sex
chupar- to suck (used for blowjobs and DATY)
Ir-to go (irregular verb)
ferrar/foder- fuck (although not heavily used, go with transar)
fazer programas (to be a prostitute) (fazer is irregular)
trair- to cheat
mentir- to lie

Você vai transar comigo? (you will have sex with me?)
Você gostaria/queria transar comigo? (you want to have sex?)

preservativo/camisinha- condom
bebida- drink
garota- girl
garota de programa- prostitute
ficante- (I think another word for garota de programa or girlfriend, not sure....)
amante- lover, girlfriend
namorada- girlfriend
boquete- blowjob

atraente- attractive
bonita/linda- pretty
magra- skinny
solteira/o- single
inacreditável- unbelievable
loura- blond
morena- brunette
bêbado/a- drunk

Você é atraente (bonita, linda, magra)
Eu sou .....

Puxa! shows surprise
Ah! admiration
Oba! shows surprise, happiness
Beleza! great
Opa! shows shock (for instance when you suddendly open the door and the chick is butt ugly, you could scream out Opa!)
tá- Nobody in this country uses Sim (yes). tá is a confirmation. or "tá bom"

05-20-04, 15:50
I just went back and read a few more pages. Always remember. You can always pay a girl (garota) tons of money to be with you. I just read a great post on a private board I'm on. He posted that he could pay a girl in one day what she makes in a week. In the end, if she truly doesn't like spending time with you she will leave after you stop paying her.

If a girl truly cares about you, loves you and respects you she won't ask you for money, she'll do what she can do to pay her fair share (or at least offer to pay some).

Many guys think just because these girls do what they do they are "hardened pros" that are incapable of a loving relationship. I'm finding out that isn't true. Many of these girls are doing this out of survival. They are helping their families, have kids, etc. The way I look at it we aren't any better than they are. They don't have money they offer sex for money. We have money, we want sex so we pay for it. In both instances, it's a "show me the money" type attitude.

I don't see anything wrong with it. Sex IS just sex. Still, I wouldn't wish this JOB on a friend, a sister, or my mother and I suspect neither would any of you.

We look at these girls like they are 'damaged goods'. You know what? They probably are. This type of work they do takes an emotional toll on them. You know what? We are also 'damaged goods'. Some of us (myself definitely included) is probably incapable of having a serious relationship with just one girl.

Vegas Baby,

Do keep us posted on the plight of your friend. Good luck.


Vegas Baby
05-20-04, 16:55

The plot thickens.
The lonely millionaire got a phone call a few days after my last post. It was his garota calling from Cancun. Her cell phone had been a temporary one. She now has a new cell phone.
He was elated beyond belief. I was glad to see him in such good spirits. Everything was still a go he said. The immigration papers have been filed. The Lawyer says 3-4 months for her visa. This last sunday he's on his way back to Cancun for 2 days to see her once again.
I get a call monday morning from Cancun. He says the club she works at was raided and has closed down. She is out of work and broke. Her roomate is going to Japan in 2 weeks and wants her to come along. Apparently the trip is for 3 months or longer. She doesnt want to go. She says she will stay in Cancun and study english 5 days a week at a local school. She says her expenses will run $1000.00 a month. He says she seems depressed and different on this trip. He asks me for my advice.
This is serious I am not sure whats right. My first thought is get out while you can. A loophole has presented itself use it. This will never work I say your 50 shes 22 the language barrier cultural differences etc If we had this discussion once we had it 50 times.
He agrees with me. We both say its for the best etc.
I think about it all day and realize maybe he should play this out. What does he have to lose? A few lousy dollars. He has plenty of those. He easily spends 30 grand on his mongering.
I think about all his hard work year in and year out. And how much time is left on the clock.
I call him back later that night in Cancun. I say go for it I changed my mind. Who knows maybe just maybe?
So he will start sending her some money another trip to Cancun is planned in a couple weeks. He is optimistic and says whats a few grand? He will play this out and we'll see what happens.

05-20-04, 17:44
Vegas Baby,

Here is the advice I'd give and it's worth as much as you paid for it. (Nothing). You need to ask your friend why he thinks he is in love with her. How long has he known her? I've been to Cancun many many times. It's easy to get along in a place with some of the best stretches of ocean in the world. Cancun isn't reality with tropical sun and beaches. It's a vacation there. Can he communicate with her? I mean really communicate? I hear so many guys telling me, "but I don't argue with this girl". Then I ask him if he speaks Spanish/Portuguese. The answer is usually "no". Does she speak English?? "No". How the hell can you argue if you can't communicate!!??

I'm not saying it's impossible but what the hell does a 50 year old have in common with a 22 year old? Hell, I just spent a ton flying in a 20 year old to spend a week with me and I'm not that much older than her and I found that I had nothing in common with her. I could never see myself in a serious relationship with a girl that can't speak English.

Your friend sounds like he has money. That's great. It certainly makes life easier. Many guys go into the hobby hoping to find a relationship. I do the opposite. I meet girls that do want a relationship but I usually just want a few hours, days, whatever.

It's ok if your friend realizes she is just with him for money. Maybe she is and maybe she isn't. The thing he needs to ask himself is if the money ran out would she stay with me? For many guys they aren't deluding themselves. They know it's the money and they simply don't care. I think that's the healthiest attitude. For some they believe it's love. And maybe it is. None of us are in his shoes so we can give all the advice we want.

The K1 process doesn't seem to be that difficult from what I'm reading on the various websites. I really think that anyone could do it without a lawyer. The thing where the lawyer would come in handy is making the prenupt.

I'd advise your friend does bring her in on the fiance visa process if he is so set on it. He has 90 days to marry her. Encourage him to take that time and really get to know her. See how she acts. Maybe even tell her that business is not so good and that money could be a problem. See how she reacts.

Personally, I think if he is financially able to he should go to Brazil where she lives and spend a few weeks or months living with her, getting to know her family, getting to know her friends, but most importantly getting to know HER because it seems obvious that he doesn't REALLY know her now.

Ask your friend these questions. What is the best quality about this girl that he likes the most? What is the worst thing about her that he hates? What annoys him about her? (If he says nothing he obviously doesn't know her). What was her family life like? Is she mentally and emotionally stable? Does she have medical problems? Does she want kids? Does he want kids? What if she DOES have a serious medical problem. Is he ready to cope with it? Does she has a criminal history? What were her past relationship with guys (foreigners) like? What are her goals in life? Marriage isn't a microwave dinner where you don't want to invest any real time, money or effort. It's some serious sh*t!

Life is damn short. You should do whatever the hell in life that makes you happy. Whether you spend $30, $300, $3000 or $30,000 or $300,000 in this hobby of ours. In the end, money doesn't matter. Happiness is what counts.

Personally, I'd advise he invest some money and maybe have someone in Cancun do some checking up on her. See how she spends her days in Cancun. Some guys might say, "oh you don't trust her..yadda yadda yadda". That may be true but at this stage he is crazy to trust her and she might be crazy to trust him too. Just because he has money doesn't mean he isn't some pyscho.

Also, when/if she arrives to the USA I'd advise he uses some sort of spyware on the computer to at least monitor her activities on the internet. I'm not saying to keep doing it but at least he can see if what she is telling him is the truth.

No easy solutions. Marriage is tough enough without all the complications of the situation. Wish him good luck for me.

Vegas Baby
05-20-04, 18:19

I agree with your point of view. The friendship is 3 months old. Love is premature at this time.
However he says there is something special about this girl. In all the years of mongering he has never been involved like this. Vacations are fantasies.
Really communicate? I have heard people say after 30 years of wedded bliss we never communicated!
As far as having something in common you are right. Probably nothing. But this can be aquired.
I have repeated over and over its the wallet that is the attraction for her.
But perhaps she views him as a saviour and a better way of life.
Maybe she just wants to play him for a while.
I do not know.
We have discussed most of your points at length allready.
Lets see where this goes.
I will post info as I get it.

any other comments or points of view are welcome

Vegas Baby

05-24-04, 23:51
Hello everyone,

Will be in Rio starting from June 23. Need some advice on buses to Sao Paulo. I think the World Traveller had posted some info on this subject before. My return flight is out of Sao Paulo on July 12th, so I was thinking of spending a week in Rio and then haul ass to Sao Paulo for the rest of my trip. I have heard that the luxury air-conditioned coach buses take about 8 hours to drive from Rio to Sao Paulo with short stops along the way for food and stuff. Anyone that has done this type of trip before, please point a fellow monger in the right direction. Bus company? pricing?


05-25-04, 02:28
Vegas Baby,

I hope you will take my experience and history in account for what it is worth. My ex girlfriends mother is from Mexico. She married a man from California and immagrated ( legally ) way back in 1963 . At the time she was 29 and he was 64 ! They had two children. One , my girlfriend who is 37, and her younger sister who is 31 now. Yes he was a father at 73 !! By all accounts the marrage was a happy one. Even though he passed on about 10 years ago, she still worships the ground he walked on !! This is not to say that the adjustment was not difficult. She did not speak english and still struggles with it to this day. She choose not to learn to drive and is still dependent on others to drive her around. There was a culture clash that still causes problesm between her daughter and her grandaughter to this day. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is it can work, but it is very hard. Not only does the language play into it but so does the cultural differences.

So there you have it. Tkae it for what it is worjht

Vegas Baby
05-26-04, 21:43
The Lonely Millionare saga continues.

The call came yesterday from Cancun her mother is ill and she must return to Brazil. If you have been following this thread you will be aware of the back story.It seems these girls have a script. How many times will this shit continue to work?
In any event the Lonely Millionare having just returned from Cancun this last Tuesday was still gung ho on this girl.
She was supposed to start english classes on June the 7. I was skeptical. His arrangement was 250.00$ per week for her rent and expenses. A small amount.
I think she saw the opportunity as the finacial door was opend a crack. If a toe will fit in why not the whole foot?
He called me to say you were right. The sick mother story has been let out of the bag and boy does it stink.
Now he say's no money fuck it!
I doubt he has the resolve to stick to his guns but we will see.

05-27-04, 13:54

I have been follwing this one with interest! no doubt some of these girls do indeed have sick family members but I hear it so often that a good precentage have to be fradulant tales of woe. Don't see how anyone can get their heart wrapped up into this. must be one lonely person as mongering is cleary more about busting a nut with some hot girl you don't know.

I myself, find that it is that act of her willingness to let me fuck her brains out for just some money is what keeps me so fired up. I love just looking into their eyes and wondering what are they thinking, it is the act of sexual intimacy tied to the fact that this young hot nest doesn't know me and I don't know her. just living out my porn fantasies. There is always a few that you find yourself attracted to and wonder but let's be frank she has her game on, just like you do.

If you want a wife, long-term girlfriend the only sane answer is to go find a non garota de programa. Of course, money is involved in every relationship but you know it shouldn't be the foundation which is your going to find trying to base a relationship with a garota de programa. she knows you and you know her. you both have been transacting a sexual experience on a basis of an exchange of money. How can anything positive start from that? No brainer.

Latina Crazy
05-27-04, 15:08
Hi to everybody!

I would like to suggest some tips about sex, finding a girlfriend and having fun with hookers in Brazil.

I'm a 32 year old Italian guy and, even if women consider me an handsome guy and it's enough easy for me to pick up girls in my country or elsewhere in western countries, I'm really in love with Latin girls and, since 4 years ago, when a beautiful Colombian girl opened my mind about a real different world of sex, love and pleasure, I can no longer stand girls from Italy and only "Latinas" can make me happy.

I've travelled everywhere in Latin America and, of course, visited Brazil several times. I'll be back there at the end of June, for about one month, my saudade it's too strong now, I need to get back in Brazil, I love that country...

As I consider me enough experienced about Latin American women (from the ultra-pro hooker up to the real girlfriend) I would like to give some general suggestions about girls in Brazil hoping to give a good service to all the folks here.


First of all, please note something important: I have fucked much more virgins in a few travels to Latin America (including Brazil) than in my whole life in Europe. Does it mean something? Yes, of course. If you know how, you can find the way to have all the "serious" girl that you want, and find one or more real girlfriends, the kind of women you have always dreamed of. Of course, this does not exclude mongering and have fun with an other kind of girls, this is our right of real men to experiment all the possibilities.

One friend of mine, Italian too, just married a beautiful Brazilian girl. He is 40 year old and she's 25. She's from an upper middle class family of Maceio, and she arrived at her 25th birthday still virgin. This is not so uncommon in the nordeste, especially for girls who come from traditionalist Catholic or Christian middle-class families. Also my actual girlfriend, who is from Guatemala so she is Latina too, was virgin (before knowing me, obviously, LOL) and she had taken care of her "treasure" for 24 years. Also my girlfriend comes from a cultural-economic background (a middle-class traditionalist family) similar to the one of my friend's Brazilian spouse.

So, and this is my first tip, if you want to find "serious", possibly virgin, girls in Brazil, point on this kind of women: aged between 18 and 25, middle or upper-middle class (for the Brazilian standard, I mean) from ancient-traditional style families, with a strong sense of religion. Normally this kind of girl are university students or employees, and their parents told them all life long that the only important thing for a woman is to be decent and honest and possibly arrive virgin to the marriage. Of course also have a "good" marriage.

Here we arrive to the second tip, which is anyway valid for all Latin America: Brazil, especially in the nordeste, is a real machist country. YOU play the game, not the girls. YOU decide the rules, not the girls. YOU are the man and she is the woman. Forget, especially if you come from Europe or USA, all your past experiences with western countries woman. Here the game is different.

In Brazil a man who has many girlfriends at the same time, even if he's married, is just doing something normal for a man. But a girl who is unfaithful, she is a "puta". I have heard this machist concept so many times in Brazil, not only from men, but especially from girls, and often the girls accept it as something which is just and correct. They don't discuss the idea, 75% of Brazilian woman of middle class they do think that only the men have the right to be sexually free. This is nice for us.

Coming back to my Latin girlfriend, to give you an example of the machist mentality that still survives in Latin America, she accepted the idea to let me go away for one month to travel alone in Brazil because (these are her words) "she knows that men must have their freedom sometimes" and "her mother told her that she must not interfere with my decisions, she must always accept them, and she agrees with her mother of course". I like so much this way of thinking!!!

But how to find this kind of girls?
Here comes the third tip: first of all YOU MUST SPEAK A DECENT PORTUGUESE. If you don't, consider to attend a language course before going to Brazil or during your travel. There's no other way. 90% of the decent girls in Brazil do not speak English enough to have a good conversation, unless they are foreign language students, just a minority. Only pro hookers speak English. Be always aware of the girls who speak foreign languages and hang around tourists: probably they are hookers and they are on the scene since years and maybe they have already travelled to Europe or USA in the past years thanks to some dummy foreigners who paid the trip and arranged the visa for them, often married them. About this topic please see after in the "hooker chapter".

Serious girls, not only don't speak so much foreign languages, but they also stay far from all the places where hookers or "meninas de programa" (semi-pro hookers) hang on, like night bars or beaches known to be places where tourists pick up girls. Look for the places where normal middle class Brazilians go. Where the "bad" girl go (I'm not making any moral consideration, just dividing in 2 categories to make easier the description) the "good" girls don't go and vice-versa. Some places to meet "serious" girls: universities, big shopping malls, beaches where they go with friends and families, concerts, big bus stations, student parties...

If you find a good girl that you like, and here comes the last tip about them, be patient, don't try to have sex with her the first night. Invite her and her family to a dinner to know you. Respect their lifestyle, show your interest in Brazilian culture and speak about your life in your country they like to know about that. You must gain their trust. When the girl will assume that you are a good person and a possible good "namorado" (boyfriend) she will give you all with joy.

Remember that in their mentality you are a descendant of the colonialist Spaniards-Portugues and possibly they are the descendants of the deported slaves, so they have a cultural inferiority complex especially with the Europeans. Personally I think that Brazil is, culturally speaking, such a rich country and, in the next years, probably will become an economical power much more important than Italy or England, but Brazilians don't know it, still feel themself inferior in many cases. Exploit this advantage situation, you are like the King there, you are the colonialist, but always show that you are an intelligent, educated person who knows the world, who appreciate the locals and their culture, this will help you to gain their trust. If you follow this way, in about 2 weeks or less you will get laid with the kind of beautiful, young and sweet girl that in your country wouldn't look at you nor even consider to be with you just for a dinner.

Anyway, while you work hard to get in touch and have fun with "good" girls, don't forget to have a good time with the other girls. It worth, if you know what to do.

Here comes the other chapter...


Assuming that now you know how to distinguish an hooker (pro or semi-pro) from a serious girl, be prepared to well manage the business.

First of all, in places like Fortaleza, there are thousands of hookers. Look around, don't get crazy for the first Brazilian round ass that they show you. Try to understand the kind of persons you meet. Less time they have been in the business, more satisfaction they will give you.

Avoid "overbooked" girls, even if they are beautiful, because this kind of girls they know that they are very requested on the market and will want to make their own price. The best deal are the semi-pros, or "meninas the programa", because they usually do that once or twice a week, not all the nights, so they are not tired of fucking. These girls often just want to go out with you, have a nice dinner, go to the best club of the town and than fuck in a luxury motel with Jacuzzi (the motel will cost 10-15 Euros for 4 hours, not so much). At the end of the night, they will appreciate some 50-80 Reais (less than 20-25 Euros) as a gift. This is the maximum that you must give them, this is the right price. If they ask more, forget them, they are pro hookers trying to make you pay too much.

Consider that Brazilian women like a lot having sex, so if you give them pleasure, probably they won't make you pay. This happened to me several times. You can become sometimes a kind of semi-pimp for the girl if she likes you: she will fuck for money with others, but she will do for free with you, because you make her really happy in the bed.

Try to be always kind and respectful, girls will appreciate that. Don't have the attitude like "I'm paying, I do what I want" because they will feel that and treat you as a fucking gringo.

Always pretend that the girl stay with you all night long, until the morning. Some guys accept per hour tariffs, this could destroy the market. Brazilian hookers are not like western country escorts, they don't use to make you pay per hour, as do pro hookers in our countries. Nobody in Brazil think about sex as a matter of time, but only as a matter of satisfaction. Don't destroy this good habit of Brasileiras, making the girls think that they can rent their gold pussies per hour.

The price should be variable, but never more than 100-150 reais for all the night, normally between 50 and 100. Tell to the other hobbyists that you meet in the bars that nobody should pay more than the market price, discuss with them prices and quality of the service. Consumers must show their needs to the market to get a better satisfaction and must boycott girls who make too high prices.

Try to involve in the business new girls (avoiding minors of course).
When you meet some girls, always ask if they have some girlfriends out of the scene to present you, maybe they know some girls who don't use to go to the bars or the beaches, but can be interested to make some extra cash every now and then, or just interested to go out with someone who can support them to buy new clothes or stuff, then they will thank you and give you great sex.

Always ask to Brazilian men (not the ones who hang out on the beaches to cheat tourists, but the ones outside the tourist business) where real Brazilians go to pick up girls. Sometimes you will find nice places with cheaper prices than the tourist ones.

If, the day after, the girl that you fucked stick on you saying that is "apaixonada" (in love with you) and that she wants to go with you to the beach and so on, be careful. Some girls really appreciate customers not only for the money (but also for example for the good sex or because you treated them well) and they can desire to stay with you and maybe give you sex for free, but some others just look at you as an ATM because maybe you gave them to much money the night before and they don't want to lose such a customer, so they will try to stay with you all the time, making you pay for everything all day and night long and will try to keep far from you the other girls.

Last but not least, remember that the final goal of every Brazilian hooker in the tourist scene, is to find a stranger to marry (sometimes they get pregnant to do that, be careful) who will pay to support her and her family for the whole life.

I have seen so many guys, from Europe or USA, getting married with hookers. This is stupid. Hookers are good for sex, Brazilian hookers are maybe among the best in the world for sex, but they still are hookers, don't forget it. So, why get married or engage with an hooker, if you can easily find so many decent and educated girls for the same purpose?

Also never think to "save" a poor girl from the prostitution. Don't believe to that kind of stories of a poor girl coming from a favela who sell her body because she has no choice and so on. 90% of the girls in the business do that because they want, believe me: it's easier for them to gain 100 Reais in one night (or more, if they find the real dummy tourist, who can pay prices out of the market) than working hard for one week to earn 150 Reais. I know many people in Brazil who live in favelas, poor people of course, but most of them are really honest and good people, only a small minority are drug traffickers or prostitutes. Coming from a favela doesn't mean that a girl must be necessary a prostitute to survive, ask it to the girls on the beach who work hard under the sun selling ice-creams or beers to tourists.

Ok, I have finished, I hope that this long survey is interesting for you, have a nice holiday in Brazil.

05-27-04, 17:38
$250.USD a week is about 790.reais a week!!!! Where does she live Ipanema?? That should pay all her expenses for a month.... 3,200.reais a month , WOW... The manager at the McDonalds in Copa. does not earn that kind of money.....

Joe Writer
05-28-04, 18:55
I've been to Rio 3 times in the last year, and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. My 2nd trip was to write an article about Rio's sex culture for an upcoming issue of Hustler. (A draft of the article's at http://www.joediamond.us/wildside/gringo.html.)

I'd like to talk with other Brazil afficionados, especially in the NY area, to explore business ventures that would allow for living (and making a living) in Brazil.

One project I'm pursuing is a reality show about Rio. (Synopsis at http://www.tropicmultimedia.com.)


05-29-04, 19:21
Don't mean to be a jerk but I think it is awful that Hustler is about to print an article on Rio. Last thing Rio needs is more 40-50 year old pot belly Americans working the nest which is probably the most likely outcome after that article hits the press. Well, guess one can't do anything about it. It fucks up the price of the girls, fucks up the girls (can't imagine that they enjoy fucking some fat ass and get hardened) and just causes more anti-american attitudes by the class A and B Brazilians.

05-29-04, 22:18
Here is my Story:

I met a girl in Rio very nice not a prostitute lives in the North Zone of Rio. I was staying 7 nights in Rio with my friends and when I met her the last 4 days I spent with her. I was very attracted to her she spoke no english and I spoke little portuguese over the time together we connected and kept in contact over the phone and e-mail. I just recently visited her in May for her birthday and I had a wonderful time. We really connected for the two weeks that I was there. She asked me a lot of questions about my past relationships what I wanted in life and about my family. I asked her questions as well even asked them twice at a later time to see if she was lying. She never asked for money, would not accept gifts from me at times. She stated those things were not important to her and that she just wanted to be with me. She introduce me to her entire family took me too her nieces baptism and family barbecue. We had disagreements at times because she always wanted me to choose where to go or what to do. I have no problems with that but she acted like her opinion didn't matter. If I wanted MCDonalds and she wanted something else she would go where I wanted to go. I feel that a lot of things she tells me is the truth she even does the thing with the finger cross on the lips when stating something is the truth. I plan on going down there in November to see her again and decide where I want to take this. I like her a lot and enjoyed the time with the family but after reading some post on the boards I have a lot of doubts. The one time I gave her money she looked at me to say "I'm not with you for you money". I told her it was for no reason just being nice. I plan on running some test by her to see where her head is at and to see if she is playing a game. Do you guys having any ideas on how to find out the real truth?

Joe Writer
05-31-04, 01:44
Photo55, I wouldn't worry too much about the Hustler article. Even if more men go to Rio as a result, I doubt the numbers will be substantial.

Besides, if there is a real upsurge, there's the "law" of action/reaction as it applies to the marketplace: more potential clients would draw more garotas, thus keeping supply/demand (and those wonderful, negotiable fees) in balance.

05-31-04, 12:13
Joe Writer, so for a few dollars you are willing to screw up the Rio action for a lot of people. I think that really sucks..

A reality show on Rio!! Just how much attention do you want to call to what is going on down there??
You'll have every single man thinking about going to Rio. It will make prices go up, turn the girls into hardened pros, call unneeded attention to the action by every women’s group saying how we exploit women and every religious organization dead set on turning Rio into another US like vacation location. Do you really want to do that?
Hell the cops in Rio will be all over every single man going there.

Once the media get their teeth into it, they will be accusing us of going there to have sex with children. It would not surprise me to hear that all the Brazilian consulates will think twice about giving 5 year visas to single men.. You will turn the paradise you discovered into a hell hole for single men…. DON’T DO IT!!!!

Rio Chris
05-31-04, 13:37
Nodd, you are right! We do not need anymore additional exposure on Rio then we already have as it is. A "Reality show" in Rio? A VERY BAD IDEA! I even do not like the idea of putting a report in Hustler magazine. Joe Writer, please understand that once Rio is put in the "major" media limelight, it will begin to be very difficult for us to enjoy "Paradise". Again, Nodd's words are correct! I know you want to continue to enjoy Rio but if more and more attention is drawn to it, then Paradise will be lost. Personally, I think it has already begin.

Just my humble opinion.

Joe Writer
05-31-04, 16:12

With all due respect, Rio's hardly some obscure city. It's one of the most famous party towns on earth. As far as the garotas de programa, I'll admit that I really didn't know much about them until a few years ago. But by now, they've been well-covered by shows like E's Wild On and Playboy's Sexcetera, not to mention all the articles besides mine that have appeared in Maxim, FHM and adult magazines. Then there's the ton of porn tapes, like Buttman's Rio/Carnaval series, that have been coming out for years.

I'd love to take my passion for Rio and turn it into something profitable. But I certainly don't want to ruin things for other guys. But, again, with all due respect, why shouldn't more guys have the chance to learn about Rio and experience it themselves? As I said in my last post, there's also market forces to consider: more men means more garotas, which would keep supply/demand and prices relatively stable. As far as a police/govt crackdown, let's be serious. They know where the money's coming from -- horny tourists who pour bucks into Brazil's mainstream economy: hotels/rented apartments, restaurants, etc. They may "hold their nose" at sex tourism, but they need the money desperately.

As far as media accusations about sex with kids, the only way to combat that perception is to NOT DO IT. There are too many garotas of legal age that any asshole who would do such a thing deserves a lot worse than criticism in the press.

Java Man
05-31-04, 18:18
The reality show Joe's pitching would have a greater impact on the Rio scene, than a small magazine article. (The Rio scene has been written on before.) However, i doubt that any of the broadcast networks would pick up his show, given the current political / moral climate in the U.S. Has everyone forgotten all the hoopla over Janet Jackson? And just who exactly wants to see a couple of mooks chase *****s?

BTW, Joe, nicely written article. i hope you have equally nice pics to go with it. :)

Rio Bob
05-31-04, 18:50
Hey Joe don't be a schmo. You were lucky enough to find Rio and all it has to offer and now your like blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

What kind of a person are you? Now your writing articles, looking for business ventures, looking to live down there, producing a reality show. Whats the matter you have never been out of your home town before and now you discover Rio and its been there a long time and you want to brag to the world about what you discovered so you can feel like a big shot.

Why don't you just keep your mouth shut and go down there when you can have a good time like a nice little quiet boy, OK?

05-31-04, 23:35
I agree with everyone else on the board. Dont fuck it up for everybody! Keep you mouth shut or else Rio might turn in the next Cuba!

J Wadd
06-01-04, 04:47
Joe Writer: Please don't do it!


06-01-04, 07:03
A couple of comments on some of the posts below. First, to Joe Writer: I read the draft of your article and found it accurate and well written. Go ahead and publish it. I think the reservations noted by a few of the commentators are ill-founded. C'mon, guys, Rio isn't exactly a secret! If a few more people find out about it, it isn 't going to make a whole lot of difference. The vast majority of American mongers are too timid or too cheap to travel to Brazil to get sex. They would rather drop $400-1000 in one night at a Reno or Vegas brothel than pay $600 for a RT ticket to Rio and get more there for their money in a week than they could for a night or two in Vegas for the same amount.

My other comments are to Photo55. I found your comments most offensive, and I intend to file a complaint with the Forum Administrator. Why? Because, in my opinion, they violate the posting guidelines against insulting or rude comments. You have insulted and condemned a whole class of people you don't even know, that is, older men. Perhaps if you would open your mind and work on overcoming your prejudices, you might learn something from us. I am 61 years old, well past the "40-50 year olds" you condemn. Moreover, I am no doubt somewhat above the ideal weight for my height, so I would probably qualify as what you call a "pot belly" or "fat ass." Moreover, I have lost much of the hair I had in my prime, so you can add bald to the list as well.

And so what? Do you think the right to a sex life should be limited to the young and the slender? I can assure you that the average Brazilian working girl, given the choice of spending the same amount of time with me or with you, assuming she got to know both of us, would choose me over you. And do you know why? Because I am a gentleman, something you will never be. I have some class and breeding, something you show not a trace of, and I know how to treat a woman. I have now been to Brazil nine times since 1998 and will be going back in August for a three month stay. And do you know who I will be staying with? A woman I met in Termas L'Uomo in 2000 and subsequently struck up a relationship with, and who invited me to stay with her whenever I come to Rio. I have also made friends with a couple of her friends, who are also "garotas da programa," who consider me a friend and who never ask me for money, although I give them something whenever I have sex with them (with my primary friend present). You worry about anti-American attitudes among Brazilians. I assure you that anti-Americanism is much more likely to be caused by boors like you than by culturally sensitive people like me. By the way, I speak fluent Portuguese, something I doubt very much that you do, since, judging from your report, you seem barely able to manage English.

So, to sum up, think twice before you condemn. People my age should be praised, not condemned, for continuing to maintain a vigorous sex life. Trust me, it keeps me young!

06-01-04, 23:59

Very nice suggestions. I have to say that I agree with you. Hookers are just for sex! You hold out yourself for something better.

06-02-04, 01:46
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06-02-04, 01:56
Joe Writer, I know you are going to do whatever you want without anything we say swaying your decision.
That being said, never think that Brazilians think like you do. I firmly believe the Brazilian Government does not like Americans and will do everything they can to mess with them whenever they get the opportunity. Remember the photos and fingerprinting back in January and the whole International drivers license thing going on now??

I really don’t think your article will effect Rio in the slightest and I personally think the reality show idea will never get off the ground…..

06-02-04, 03:26

What international driver's license thing are you talking about? Are you saying americans need one now in order to drive in Brazil? If yes, any websites I can use to get one or inform myself?

Thank you.

Joe Writer
06-02-04, 03:27

I think you're right about the article. I doubt it will have any impact on Rio. Of course, that wasn't my goal when I wrote it. I just wanted to convey an interesting story to Hustler's readers.

If you don't mind my asking, why are you so pessimistic about the reality show getting off the ground? It's certainly not an easy undertaking, but what makes it less marketable than other ideas that are out there?

06-02-04, 21:36

first of all my apologies. i should not have specified any age group in my commentary and yes it was rude. so an apology is being stated here.

but the fact remains that rio is overrun by americans who treat it as las vegas on speed and forget the fact that they are in brazil and should show some respect to brazilians. also, i live in brazil and know a ton of brazilians (class a and class b) who can't stand americans because they think they own the world. fact remains, i don't feel like getting into a geo-socio-economic debate with you but i'd rather keep the tourist number of any age group within reason and limited to those that treat the country with respect.

btw, i do speak portuguese and my english is just fine as well. lastly even at your age you could keep in shape. look around next time you are rio, you will see most of brazilians keep in very good shape even at your age. i doubt you are fucking some fat garotas de programa so why not return the favor. yeah, we all know that sex is more that just physical appearances but also let's be realistic as it is a physical activity. and yes, congrats for keeping your sex life going.


Java Man
06-03-04, 04:43
regarding the driver's license question:
Brazil no longer accepts american licenses nor the international driver's license. i order to drive legally in brazil, you now need a brazilian driver's license. looks like no more car rentals for foreigners.

06-03-04, 08:48

Apology accepted, and thanks for admitting you were wrong. And I'm glad I was wrong about your Portuguese. And you're right, I should keep in shape, which I've been doing lately by taking off 20 pounds.

I have been to Brazil many times and am currently planning to move there permanently next year. So far I have encountered very little anti-Americanism in Brazil, but since you live there I suppose you've talked to many more Brazilians than I have. I have traveling for nearly 40 years and have visited over 50 countries on every continent except Antartica. My observation is that Americans are the most obnoxious tourists in the world except for Germans and Japanese. There have been many times when I have been embarrassed to be an American. It seems to me, however, that the truly obnoxious Americans aren't mongers like us looking for pussy; rather it's the middle class, usually middle aged or older Americans who expect everything to be like it is back home and refuse to adapt themselves to customs and mores of the land they are in.

This having been said, it appears to me that Americans in Rio are far less obnoxious than those in Europe, for example, if only that there are fewer of them. The fact is that, statistically speaking, relatively few Americans go to Latin America, including Brazil. Those who do come seem to be far more respectful of the country they are in than those who go to Europe. I agree that this may change if more tourists of any age group come, but please bear in mind that, if you keep the best interests of Brazilians in mind, tourism helps the Brazilian economy. That is the bottom line. Since most Brazilians who work in the tourist industry probably make less in a year than most of the tourists do in a week, tourist dollars help these unfortunate souls survive. And, needless to say, all the garotas da programa do what they do because they make far more money than they could doing anything else, including many middle class occupations, which is why they deserve to be treated with respect.


06-04-04, 12:14
Joe Writer

Well firstly getting any new project off the ground is tough. Especially one about sex and prostitution.

Secondly it will have to be shot here in Brazil, correct?. Do you have any idea of the problems you will encounter with the Brazilian Government trying to get a permit for that? I'm sure they will be happy to issue a work permit and all the other permits required to someone wanting to portray Brazil as a country full of *****s. Because that is how "THEY" will look at it.........

Joe Writer
06-05-04, 06:57

You make some excellent points. But I think you're view of how the gov't interacts with foreign production companies that are working on "controversial" topics might be a bit unrealistic. When Playboy TV shot footage at Help and a terma for its Sexcetera show, when the E! Channel's Wild On show reported on Rio's garotas de programa, when John T. Bone and other American porn directors filmed in Brazil, they didn't specify on their applications the exact nature of their programs.

That doesn't mean that Brazilian bureaucrats are so naive as to not know what's really going on. What it does mean is that there are official fees that producers pay to the gov't, and there are "off the book" fees that keep everyone happy.

Cash Works
06-05-04, 13:50

I don't think the Brasillian government dislikes Americans, I think that the Brasillian government dislikes American policies that are applied to Brasillians. For decades, they've been requiring Americans to obtain a visa before travelling to Brasil. This is based on the fact that the United States requires all Brasillians to obtain a visa before travelling to the USA and I can guarantee that it is easier for an American to get a Brasillian visa than it is for a Brasillian to get an American visa. Canadian and British citizens used to be able to obtain a visa on arrival in Brasil (not sure if this is still the case). The policy of photos and finger printing is a direct reaction to the same treatment of Brasillians who visit America.


06-06-04, 12:14
Joe Writer........

You can do anything you want. But don't be surprised at the outcome. How do you know what they said or did not say on their applications?

I doubt if John T. Bone had any permits at all.......

E Channels Wild on show on Rio may have mentioned the girls but it was not specifically aimed at them........

I do not get the Playboy channel so I can't say what they showed and did not show. However, I would be very surprised if it was an entire show about prostitution....

Cash Works....

I know why the Brazilian Government said they did those things. I’m not so sure it was exactly as they stated.

As an American that has lived in Rio for over 3 years I have the ability to hear things said in Portuguese about us that some of you may not understand. I also deal with 300-400 tourists a year.... So I hear a lot about how they are treated as well.
That being said, The feeling that I get when talking with Brazilians is that they do not separate Americans from the American Government. Like most people around the world do not separate the two. They do have negative feelings about us weather you want to believe that or not. I have even told some people here that I was a Canadian and got them to talk about the USA. They, for the most part, do not like GWB, they do not like the fact that we are in Iraq and Afghanistan. They assume that we are there solely for control of the oil. They even have a different take on American History. They look at Americans as aggressors and blame us for a lot that is wrong with the world.

06-07-04, 14:26
Here's a quick update on the driver license issue in Brazil. I checked with Hertz today and they told me that Brazil recently updated their policy so that Americans must have an international driver license along with their US license in order to drive in Brazil. I don't know whether other countries are affected or not.

This is a minor change, as it used to be that you didn't need an international license unless you were in Brazil longer than 6 months (which, I think corresponds with the tourist visa timeframe).

Jim Defoe
06-09-04, 23:36
I would like to plan a week long trip to Rio in October and I am looking for some help with deciding where to stay. I will be by myself and would like to stay in as nice a place as I can, that is "Girlfriend" friendly. I would like to be able to come and go as I please without getting hastled or questioned by the people who work where I am staying.

Is it better to stay in a hotel or an apartment? And, what location would you suggest? Is it better to be near the beach? near the clubs? or just in a nice part of the city near good restaurants. I can't wait for some of that great Brazilian BBQ (Rodizio, correct?). If anyone knows of any places to recommend, please do.

Speaking of the beach, is it difficult to pick up the local (non-working) girls ? I'm a decent looking american guy; what tends to be the local feelings towards american men (I am 35, but women tell me that I look 28).

Are the local women open to going out for some food and a few drinks and then perhaps giving it up? Does anyone have any stories to share? Also, where are good places to hang out while trying to pick up the locals. I figure, why pay if you don't have to, right?

Also, if anyone could recommend a guide or someone to help me arrange things, I would certainly appreciate it. And, if I am coming for less than a month, do I need a Visa or can I enter the country with just a valid passport?

Please feel free to contact me with any information that you think I will benefit from hearing.

Thank you very much for any help that you can offer.

Take care,


06-18-04, 15:57
What is the latest on the Fingerprinting lines? Is it still going on or has it ceased?


06-18-04, 18:51
I just went through Sao Paolo two days ago on the way to Rio. Since I transferred from United to a Varig flight, I had to go through immigration in Sao Paolo. If I had stayed on a United connection, I would have gone through immigration in Rio. I don´t know what they´re doing in Rio now.

Yes - the line was about a half an hour, and they did the fingerprint and photograph.

06-19-04, 00:37
I went through Rio immigration at the end of May and didn't go through the fingerprinting or picture process I had to go through in January. I did see that they had the biometric fingerprinting ready but they didn't do it.

06-19-04, 22:14
All of our clients that arrive in Rio and enter customs here, report NO photographs and NO fingerprinting.
I can not say what they are doing in Sao Paulo......

06-21-04, 14:42
I just came back from a trip to the USA and in Sao Paulo they are still doing the fingerprinting and the photographs. Go figure. Yes in Sao Paulo and no in Rio, so very brazilian.

Jim Defoe
06-22-04, 23:41
I just purchased my airfare and will be down in Rio from 9/4 to 9/12. If anyone can recommend a nice upscale apartment with amenities and maid service, I would greatly appreciate it!

Also, drop me a line if you are going to be down there the same time and want to meet for a beer. I figure there's safety in numbers.

06-24-04, 14:19
I belong to a book swapping club here in Rio. Books in English are very hard to find...
Can some of you please bring a few paperback books with them when you visit Rio., the more books the better... Subject matter really does not matter; History, Fiction, Mystery, Fantasy, etc. just about anything will be appreciated

I think they asked me because I get a lot of people coming down to Rio a year and if 50% of the guys brought just 2 paperback books with them in their luggage, that would be enough to last us a long time...

It does not pay to use e-books due to the printing costs and limited availability of subject matter....
It's much easier all around if guys just through a few paperbacks into their suitcases and bring them with them....

So that being said, anyone wanting to donate to the cause all books will be very much appreciated..

With enough books floating around, I will also be able to put a few books into the apts. we manage...

Dick Travel
06-27-04, 03:23
Hi all.

first, some great reports and pictures in this section, thanks to all.

Could someone please give me the latest up to date rough answer to these?

1) how much is a girl for the night / hour

2) how much would an apartment / hotel room cost me for the week, would a hotel let me in with a hooker?

many thanks


06-27-04, 07:58
In reply to Jim Defoe's post earlier:

Yes, it is very easy to pick up local non-working girls, please see my posts on Recife and Natal for my stories. It would be much easier to pick them up if you speak good Portugese. I don't speak any Portugese so I played the 'fumbling mumbling foreigner' role to the max. All of the girls I met loved teaching me little bits of Portugese and learning some English in return.

In reply to Kenn:

Your post is wonderful, it summarises one of the enduring mysteries to Europeans. From a European point of view we are always amazed by some Americans inability to understand how the rest of the world see them, your line "they even have a different take on American History..," will be shared and discussed amongst my group of friends. Of course you are absolutely right, and as an American who has lived in Rio for 3 years you have thrown off the hegemonic delusional state which the US education system seems to succesfully imbue in so many of your fellow (homeland based) citizens. When GWB came to London over quarter of a million people protested, when US/Uk went into Iraq over a million people protested. Alignment with US foreign policy is widely viewed as opportunistic, aggressive and reductionist in Europe and S.America alike. This is not to say that we don't like American people - many are intelligent, enlightened, critical and witty. Sagacity is often more valuable than veracity in international and personal affairs!

06-27-04, 12:54
Dick Travel.....

Price actually depends on the girl you pick. The prettier she is the more you will pay..
1-2 hours from escorts run about 100-150.reais.... All night with escorts will be a problem..
1-2 hours from the street variety hookers 100-150.reais.... All night 150-200.reais…..
Girls from Help Disco. 150-300.reais for anywhere from 2 hours to all night..

1 bedrooms usually start at about 120-140.reais a night.. for something nice and safe....
Hotels usually start at about 150-180.reais a night for something nice. However most also charge a guest fee from 30-60.reais per guest....

PM me for more info.......

Doc Bill
06-27-04, 19:53
Hi guys,

I am returning to Brazil in September and want to see more places outside of Rio. I'm thinking of Fortaleza and/or Recife. Any feedback on how these two compare? Are there better places to see for mongering? I didn't like Salvador too much. Thanks!

Will Fore
06-28-04, 22:22
I am in Rio right at this moment. I have been here for 2 days. I have been to 2 termas, 2 women from the copa beach sidewalk and Help area, plus 2 internet women. Aside from puking up the worst gin i have ever had, it has been great!

I told everyone on this board that I would post when I got here. Thank you for all of your help. I could have done it on my own, but it helped to know what to expect.

A quick note about vitamin C and V. Someone in the pharmacy recommended vasoviril for me, i tried it. It is better than cialis and viagra. It probably is a Cialis generic or knockoff. It costs 30 reals less. I am bringing home a crate. The last terma girl almost cried and gagged. I had to stop and get a slice of pizza at one point to avoid stabbing someone while walking down the street.

Termas girls are costing 25-50 to get in, plus 120 for 40 minutes, drinks are fairly priced. I like to drink so I don~t get out under 200. I have gotten 2 women both times in the termas, so I fucked twice, including anal and cumshot on face, anything not painful is okay with them. This all cost $380 real with drinks. $120US for 4 hours of play. I like the termas because I am so picky about body type, ass shape, eyes, etc. I get to really sit there and pick out mine and wait for more to show or be available. Luomos was better than Monte Carlo for selection, but that was only in my limited visits. I cannot imagine paying more for what could only be a little better at centaurus

Of the 2 women from outside of Help i picked up, they were both great but one was better. The one i liked was smiling all the time and well, she was hopefully as old as she said. Not sure. She reminded me of someone I went to high school with 15 years ago. They charged 80 and 100 respectively.

The internet women were 150Real for 2 hours. That was a mistake for me because i didn~t get to see them in person first, or talk to them. It was nicer in one way because they were in my room, whereas in the termas you are in those rooms, which are very clean, but not the same.

My room has no hot or warm water. I should have asked. I rented from gringomanagement.com . Room is fine otherwise. Convenient but loud. Next time, I will stay in Ipanema.

Language skills -- I am fine. You don~t need any language skills here, but it makes life easier and more pleasant. I speak spanish very well. I simply studied the sound differences and use those alot. I try and substitute the portuguese for the spanish sounds and it works well enough. People appreciate my lame attempts. I don~t think you are an ugly american to them if you speak spanish and english, but not portuguese. At least you are trying and worldly enough to know 2 languages.

Lastly, for only $1 more I went to Buenos Aires and fell in love with that too. I loved buenos aires. There is as much sex there and I am not sure which I like more. In Buenos Aires, all the sex is played out as love and more girlfriend like. I found it to be for me anyway. For the extra dollar, I recommend trying them both. That is my two cents. I had people recommending one over the other. Buenos Aires and Rio are simply different, not better or worse. It only ads a couple hours of flight time to do both.

I have pictures and will send them when I get back. I haven~t used the camera as much as I thought i would. Not convenient in the termas of course. In my room, my hands are so fucking busy.

06-30-04, 06:35
Does anyone have a listing of Termas they would recommend/ not recommend? 4 x 4, etc...


Will Fore
06-30-04, 18:24
I want to clarify my comments on the apartment I rented from Gringormanagement.com. I tried to edit my post but it says I do not have permission.

My apartment now does have hot water. I don't know what the problem was, a setting or whatever, but it works now. David did all he could throughout to get it fixed right away.

The room was as promised. My only complaint had nothing to do with David or the apartment. I wish I had chosen to stay farther from Help. This is only because of the begging outside my door when I leave and the noise.

07-01-04, 15:22
Will Fore,

Would you like to elaborate on "...for only $1 more I went to Buenos Aires ..."?


Will Fore
07-01-04, 16:37

My airfare only cost $1 more to add buenos aires. Just do open-jaw searches. You add transportation costs of the cab ride, but you get to enjoy two very different sex experiences on the same trip.

07-01-04, 17:14
This may be a non-issue to some, and certainly it goes without saying that you need to bring plenty of condoms while playing in Rio, but does anyone have any takes on the reports of high cases of sex workers having HIV, and the big scare in the porn industry with someone having contracted it there.

Just curious, as I plan for 1st trip in Sept.

07-03-04, 05:47
Dreaming of Brasil - AGAIN !!!

Back from a 6 weeks trip in South / South East Asia - Singapore - SriLanka - Malaysia - will post on Asia forum.

DREAMING of Brasil - 40 days in Oct / Nov.
Flying to SP - have a 5 coupon Varig airpass & also intending to take some bus rides as follows -

Flying on to SP for about 5 days
Air - Sao Paulo to Fortaleza
Air - Natal to Salvador
Air - Salvador to Brasilia
Air - Goiania to Porto Alegre
Air - Florianapolis to Rio
BUS - RIO to SAO PAULO ( I did this route last year )
Rio - 7 days & SP another 4 days

Need information on the other 3 bus routes
Bus companies - their web sites
Estimated journey time & costs
Other relavant infor .

Also is it possible to buy the bus tickets in advance at the Tietre Rodaviaria in SP ??
or would I have to buy tickets at the rodoviaria in the city of departure ??

Anyone would like to meet - send me a message.
Will fix the actual dates soon.

After last years 5 weeks trip in Oct/Nov - I posted a 17 articles in the Brasil forum.
Anyone remember them ??

Ate logo

WorldTraveller aka Charles

07-03-04, 23:25
Hey Ceylon1,

Yes I definitely remember your detail reports and have put them to good use on my trips to Rio and Sao Paulo. Thanks so very much for your contributions to this board. We need more like you. I was going to take your advice and take a bus from Rio to Sao Paulo. A local friend took me to the bus station one night and it seem really dodgy (?) - we went there to see one of his friends off and it was around 23:00. The surrounding area is really deserted and could be dangerous. The luxury bus was $R68 but I decided to take a flight instead. One way VASP flight was $R140. I had a standard 26" roller case, a duffle and my laptop case (I think I travel lighter than average for a 20-day trip!) I think my cab fare to the bus station from my hotel would be much more than from my hotel to Santos Dumont. Factor in the time I can't see ever doing the bus thing. The bus is good for young backpackers who travel light, I think.

Have a good adventure and report back on new experiences and places for us to enjoy.


07-05-04, 23:29
Does Delta have a direct flight to Rio?

07-06-04, 07:53

Last time I checked, Delta ceased service to Rio at least 2 years ago. They go only to SP, so if you want to fly Delta you'll have to fly to SP, then get a connecting flight to RJ.


Java Man
07-06-04, 20:50
There are shuttle flights between SP and Rio, almost every 15 min. It'll cost from $50USD to $100USD+ depending on carrier: Varig, Tam, Gol. Also there are 2 airports in SP and Rio. Search the SP board, for additional info.

Lover Boy #2
07-07-04, 00:23

The girls in the high level termas are tested for HIV before they can start work at the club, thereafter, they are checked every three months. They are also required to get a gynological check every week or so, where further tests are done. They do the cheaper HIV test, not the DNA type, so it is not 100% as far as at what time the disease will show from the time of exposure and infection. Nothing is 100%. Use condoms and you will be fine. In the better places they seem to be careful about this, based on my own questioning. Some places even have a small medical office on premise, where the testing is done.

Rio Bob
07-07-04, 04:08
Shavani: It is true Delta has stopped going to Rio, now they just go to Sao Paulo but I believe they partner with one of the local airlines to continue their passengers onto Rio. Check Orbitz or call Delta or their website and put in cites from Atlanta to GIG and they will take you all the way but GRU to GIG will probably be on TAM or some airline like that.

Rabo Verde
07-07-04, 04:55
To do BA and RIO or SP on teh same trip, also see


go to the Internet Specials. You cannot book directly online, have to request by email, but they get back to you in 1-2 days.

Mata Gringos
07-07-04, 14:18
WIll Fore,

Is there any need for a doctors prescription to buy vasoviril in the pharmacies? What did you pay?

Turf Builder
07-07-04, 23:22
I am a Rio newbie going for the first time next month. Can’t wait!

What do you know now, that you wish you would have known the first time that you went to Rio? Any tips from the wise and experienced are very welcomed and appreciated.

I plan to stay at more quiet areas such as Ipanema or Leblon. Expect to do terma and escort scene and not so much the club scene. Any suggestions here?

What about communication? Is a cell phone necessary? Is taxi the best mode of transport?

Thanks in advance.