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01-01-04, 01:00
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01-05-04, 23:02

75 girls in the club Bomboa! It sounds very good. Do you can to give me the address of these club?

Anyone already have been in Love Story?

Thank you

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01-05-04, 23:25
Bomboa is the best. I can't start to tell you how many girls I had fun with in one nite but lets just say between myself and my boss we saw some of the finest women and complete GFE with all the extra you could imagine. Make sure you come cash ready cause it is worth the money and it will become a sex frenzy place and you will wish you had that extra cash to continue the fun. I luv that place and all the ladies are great.

Happy Mongering.

Genghis Khan
01-06-04, 10:31
Any tips on how to get access to the VIP floor at Cafè Photo?


01-06-04, 12:46


Love Story is close to the Hilton Hotel, near Rua Augusta. It opens around 2:00 a.m., and goes until close to noon every day. Beautiful girls parade in around 4:00-5:00 a.m. Dance floor, fun place, beautiful garotas.


01-06-04, 20:19
Yesterday, I went to a fairly new place called Jardim America. It's owned by the same people of Donna Cafe and one the former owners of W Unico. The house works in the same was as the W places. The fee is 600 reais full package plus drinks. There were a few 8 and 9s but it was a low night. Prices are the same as W.

Jardim América
Al. Gabriel Monteiro da Silva, 479
Tel.: 3088.6667

El Colorado
01-07-04, 18:23
Can anyone who has been to both Sao Paulo and Cali Columbia compare their experiences for me? Thanks

Rio Regular
01-09-04, 00:57

The VIP floor at Foto is just that. They have VIP cards they have handed out to people like CEO's and Presidents of banks. Leaders of industry only up there. I have a friend of mine who's father has card #7. Lucky guy! He is this old established banking business guy from SP. I've tried everything to get up there.

The girls are the same. They roam freely up and down.

Rio Regular

01-12-04, 03:02

The VIP floor (3rd floor) at Cafe Photo is available at approximately US$3,000.00 per year. I had talked about this to the management folks awhile ago. If my memory serves me right, cost should be around tihs figure. The membership comes with a bottle or two of Scotch whiskey and other amenity stuff. Members also can bring three or four guests without paying cover charges.

It is substantive amount of money with respect to SP cost of living standards and therefore off the limit for most of Paulistians. However like in any other cities in any other countries, there are a few in SP who has nothing but money so they can afford it.

Same girls roam around all three floors and the VIP floor is supposed to offer more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere. If I had enough causes to use the facility (to impress associates or colleauges), I would try to subscribe the program at least one year. However, current rate of frequency of being in SP would not rationalize it. Buying a bottle of Scotch (kept there for four months) is reasonably adequate for me.

Hope this helps.

01-12-04, 06:02
First time I heard about this type of cinemas with handjobs
Could you tell us more about them?
thanks, good report

01-12-04, 06:29

Re Porno Movie Houses -

Read my series of reports on Sao Paulo-

My 4th Report dated 11/21/03 - its now on Page 8
"Porno Theatres.. where Garotas do actual HJ, BJ & Sexo"

Hope this helps

Ceylon1 (WorldTraveller aka Charles)

01-12-04, 07:01
Thanks for the info. Your report is so funny, I love the
part of:
"I cannot even get myself to take off my shoes, let alone
my pants"
I know that feeling, you're there for something more of
curiosity than anything else. In my similar experiences I
remember feeling as if I was researching the ways sex
was practiced during Middle ages.
Is all part of the adventure!

01-15-04, 01:18
'Oui Dancesw/Chicas

Glad you liked the article - if you do go to a Porno Movie house, please report back.

For another similar - cheapo place in SP -
Read my 3rd article - posted 11/17/03 - now on P 9

"Sao Paulo - Cheapo-Cheapo sex - 8 floors of *****s "

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Ceylon1 (WorldTraveller aka Charles)

01-15-04, 01:22

Just posted an report in the "Other Areas" section - that mongers to SP might find of interest.

"GUARULHOS - Nice sex club....near Sao Paulo's Aeroporto!!"

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Ceylon1 (WorldTraveller aka Charles)

01-19-04, 22:12
San Paolo

Just a quick advice:

When you asks for the girl, they won't send the one you have seen on the photo. They are ok, good looking but not the one you wantend. Disappointing.


J Wadd
01-20-04, 04:36
Hi guys -- I'm not dead. I'm just in the States. Blah. Looking forward to the next romp!


01-20-04, 04:47

Good to hear from you again!

I'm sorry my schedule did not bring me there while you were there for three months so did not have chance to buy you a drink or two and then hang out together for one evening.

I read your postings in several threads and was happy that you had great time roaming from one city to another chasing those cuties.

Have you completely recuperated (physically or financially)? Just kidding.

How about give us the executive level summary of your 3 month tour?

Rabo Verde
01-25-04, 06:40
There are some GREAT fares to Brasil available on www.varig.com
but they are kinda hard to find. click on AMERICAS, then UNITED STATES, then INTERNET SPECIALS and you will see...

Special Note: 'VARIG Internet Bargains' must be booked on the following pages within the North American window you are currently using, please do not use the 'standard booking engine' on the left side of this web page.

In other words IGNORE the normal booking window, you HAVE to go to the special Internet window to get these fares.

For February thru June, RT fares to Rio or Sao Paulo are

New York US$ 542
Miami US$ 462
os Angeles US$ 592

The process is a little klutzy, you have to submit your request and they confirm it by email the next day. You get a confirmation number and e-ticket. For about $100 more you can get a free stopover in any city in Brazi, for $300 more you can add Buenos Aires, for $399 you can get a Brazil air pass good for domestic flights for 3 weeks. Worked fine for me, good availability.

Don`t forget you have to buy a visa from the Brazilian Embassy in the USA for $100 before you can go to Brazil.

01-27-04, 06:05
W Club experience:

Finally had a chance to get to W Club located at Rua Alvorada 550. My visit may not be typical but there seem to be few reports on this place so I hope this helps.

First, I was under some time pressure, as I had an early work meeting the next morning (I was on a short business trip). Having read that it's best to get there early, I arrive at the club just before 9pm, and it turns out that's when they open. Problem is, the girls don't start showing up until about 10pm (oops), so I'm the only non-employee in the place, having a beer at the bar, determined to stick it out.

After 20 minutes, the blond hostess of the place, Elisangela (I read somewhere she's a TV), takes pity on me and shows me around. The club is reasonably upscale, set up on a single level, with a medium size bar, inside dining room, and an outside cafe-like area covered with a fabric roof (walled in from the street). Elisangela also shows me the VIP area. She speaks no english and my Portuguese is pretty feeble, but I gather that if you are really hot to trot you can take your date back there, lock the door, and have a party. The room itself is like a large living room with chairs and couches, I did not notice a TV or any unusual furniture or props.

The place is otherwise take-out. You can mingle like in Photo, buy food and drinks, select your ideal date, and leave with her. The atmosphere appears to be more laid back (I've been to Photo only once, I'm not an expert). The fee is $R600, paid to the manager before you leave. A beer is $R10, bottles of wine go into the mid $R100 range, and if I remember mixed drinks were $R30 - R40.

Elisangela leaves me at the head of an empty table and gets me another beer. Shortly after 10 I'm introduced to Sandy. She's 1.64m tall, reddish brown hair, very thin and with a nice enhanced chest. She's dressed in a catsuit that has a nice cutout to show off her cleavage. Not the Porto Alegro blonde I was expecting but very nice (mid 20's). There is still no one else in the room (we're in the cafe area). Lucky for me, Sandy speaks some English (pretty well in fact). I get her a beer and make small talk, she claims to be new to W (one week) and implies she hasn't worked in SP before and is a bit nervous. Now I'm getting nervous, considering the $R600 fee. I almost decide to bail out, but she also says she will stay 5 or 6 hours if I want.

Elisangela reappears with three girls. One is blonde but a bit plain faced, one is dark haired, cute and young, and the third is dark haired, olive skinned and looked very hot, but it was dark and she was down the table a bit (she was my second choice). None of these girls spoke any English and in fact seemed to back off in the face of my lack of Portuguese. Then for some reason they were all called to the other room.

Time was passing and I was feeling better about Sandy. For some reason the place had not filled with girls - I was told they were late due to a party at The House. Though I wanted to wait so I could report back to the board, I had to get moving. So I decided to take Sandy, who hadn't ever brought up the topic except to answer my questions. The manager was nice enough to comp my drinks so I paid the take out fee and we headed out. I asked for a taxi but she had a car so she drove to my hotel.

She did not appear nervous as we got in the room and she began serious DFK. Pretty soon her clothes were off and we went at it in multiple positions for the next three hours, including BBBJ and DATY. She claimed four orgasms, and though I'm usually skeptical I believe she had a few (it's hard to fake the leg tremors she had after the last one). This was very different from the usual Bahamas experience - she was completely into it, more like a very horny non-pro date.

At that point I was spent (it's 2am). I told her she could stay but I was checking out at 7:30am - she voted to leave. If I had wanted to continue she would have stayed.

Bottom line, I got 3 hours of great fun for $R600. If I had gone to Bahamas (like I did the previous night) it would have been $R250 for the girl plus entry fee, drinks and room charge for a total of $R420. Bahamas is a completely different atmosphere as well. I know there are less expensive choices out there thanks to this board, but my schedule usually prevents me from exploring those.

W is not cheap, but based on this visit the quality is high. I'm not sure I would have done better if I had more time to check out the crowd. I will try it again when I get a chance.

01-28-04, 03:58

Thanks for sharing your experience and information about W.

I have not been there yet but it is on my list. In fact, Moondog and I talked about (on this and other board) to go and experience the W when we both are in Sao Paulo.

I believe the W in your report is very near from one of my favorite eateries in Sao Paulo (Jardineira Grill).

R$600.00 is relatively at high side in SP standards but it is relative. As long as you can afford it, you don't mind it and you enjoy it, after all, cost of such becomes irrelavent.

I'm glad to read you had great time!

Moondog, are you ready?

01-28-04, 04:12

I sent you a PM.

Genghis Khan
01-28-04, 09:18

Nice report. Thanks for the info.
I don`t think that the hostess you met are a TV, the TV
hostess speaks very good english.

There have been some rumours circulating that new ownership
has taken over W at Alvorada. Do you know anything about
that and may I ask when you visited the place?


Genghis Khan
01-28-04, 11:56
I would appriciate it if someone could give me a description
of the best love motels in Sao Paolo, maybe with some
links to their webpages (if they have one) and their prices.


01-28-04, 15:53

When you find a couple of playful girls, just ask them. They will take you to ones that are close and nice

01-28-04, 16:16
Love hotels (moteis) in SP

love hotels are called Motels in Brazil. Here's a page where you can click and see the rooms, fares etc.


Be aware that SP is very big, so the choice is often a matter of where you are. Also, the bigger love hotels are often situated away from the city centre. Those nearer to the centre are smaller and less impressive.


01-29-04, 04:00

I was wondering about the hostess, thanks for the info.

I don't know about the ownership, but I met the Manager (he seemed to be the boss). His name was Neto, I was expecting a guy named Beto from the reports I read, so maybe it changed. He spoke some English, and I tried to get a sense for how the place work, but his English is limited enough that I didn't get far.

And as I mentioned, my 'date' claimed to be in her first week and didn't seem to know much at all about the place.

I was there last week.

01-29-04, 04:17

I agree it's expensive but I was curious enough to go for it. I figured worst case it would be a 'take one for the team' situation and I could give something back to all the helpful posters on this board.

When I'm in San Paulo it's always on a business trip with very limited free time so I often don't get the best deals (I do better in Rio when I'm on holiday). I also tend not too roam too far at night without a wingman, I don't think Sampa is nearly as dangerous as it is portrayed, but it is not the safest town I've been in.

My only regret is that because of my time constraints (and my selfish need to get back to my room with Sandy for a few hours) I didn't get to scope the crowd out enough to provide what I would consider a really complete report for the board.

If you and MoonDog go, my guess is we'll get the rest of the story.

I hope you find it a target rich environment!

Genghis Khan
01-30-04, 09:17

The owner and manager who used to run the place previously
were Beto and Edson respectively. Both speak excellent English.
Since the hostess is gone also, it seems to me that at least some
things have changed. The question is if everything has changed
or if it is just the manager and the hostess.

Posts on other boards claim that Edson has moved on to
Jardim America and has brought with him some of the girls
from W as well as recruiting many of the most stunning girls
from Cafè Foto. Apparently Jardim America is THE place in
Sao Paolo now.

What I am unsure about is if Beto also has moved on to JA,
if he is involved in both places or if he has stayed at W on
Alvorada. If he is still involved at Alvorada I hope that at least
some of the girls are of the same quality as previously.

It seems that the pricing structure of the girls are the same but
the pricing for consumption has changed. It used to be R$150,-
for consumption. The overall business model seems to be the
same with the girls living at The House were they throw parties
for customers during daytime and then the girls leave to the club
in the evening.


01-30-04, 18:19
Regarding Ceylon1’s report ”SAO PAULO - Cheapo-Cheapo sex. 8 floors of *****s.” (from 11/17/03)

Amazing what Ceylon1 has discovered till now. I have to admit that I never heard about this place with 8 floors. Because of his report I was quite curious to see what’s going on there, and I went.

There is nothing to add to Ceylon1’s report.

He hit the nail on the head with his report about this shabby and dirty brothel. Actually I felt worse than he wrote.

But let me mention few things:

I could move freely there because I look more or less like a typical Brazilian (my father is Italian and my mother is from Spain) and I speak Portuguese fluently with Paulista slang. Nobody suspected me that I just came here for curiosity. If they would realize that there is a rich gringo inside this brothel they would steal him or more.

On the third floor there were about 5 or 6 guys discussing if they should accept the special offer of a fat woman. Everybody could fuck her for 10R$.

I went up till to the 5th floor. There was a bloke in big trouble. I don’t know what happened exactly but some others (probably the “security”) knocked him around terribly. When they saw me I just showed my “thumb up” and returned where I came from.

My advice fellows:

Don’t even think about to visit this ***** house. The women there are more then aggressive. There are guys hangings around which are ready to kill you for nothing. You can be sure you can’t expect any help there when you are in trouble. It can be a mouse trap for you.

I am not a milquetoast and I have seen bedraggled brothels all over the world but this beats all.

Anyway, you wouldn’t even touch one of these women there. Go to Rua Augusta where you can have every girl for 80 R$. It is still a good price for you, and you will survive.

Dr. Pimpolho

J Wadd
01-30-04, 22:30
Off2Golf -- Thanks for the nice words. I'm already saving up for the next trip (probably Spring '05 -- man that's a long time away). I do hope, though, to make it to Russia for a few weeks to check out the action there.

Anyway, I'd be happy to put together a big-picture account my travels. Maybe next week or so.

My first trip (Fall '01) saw me in Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Most of the time was spent in Brasil (pobably two months). I stretched 72 women on that one.

This time around I was only in Brasil, Peru and Buenos Aires (wherein I met Jackson) -- and I think the finally tally was 70 or 69 -- something like that. Again, the majority of this 3 month trip was spent in Brasil.

Believe it or not, I think I had a higher average (and cheaper bottom line) on the first trip (when I didn't know anything about Brasil) -- but I had more peak experiences this time. This time around I was much more concerned about not getting ripped-off and only fucking super-cuties. Huh. Those pre-dispositions might have gotten in the way. But maybe not. Christ, do I sound like I'm complaining?? Impossible!!

More to come,

01-31-04, 23:09
Ok fellow mongers, I need your advice. I am headed to Goainia to see me girlfriend on Feb 12. I have a 6 hour wait in the early afternoon between airplanes and a change of airports. I would appreciate any advice on some good termas or anything elese that can fill my time. Thanks. Cowboy1.

02-01-04, 05:20

I'm assuming you're landing at GRU (Guarulhos) and taking off from CGS (Congonhas Airport). If so, it really depends on what time you arrive. If you get in around 11am and are an American, expect about an hour to get through immigration/customs (with the new fingerprinting process). Then it's anywhere from 1.5 to 3 hours to CGS (depends on time of day and weather). You'll want to leave about an hour at the back end to check in, so you have 2-3 hours to kill.

At 2 in the afternoon, I don't think any of the nightspots are open, but the massage places are a good option. FranceBel, ClinicaMyWay, and Celcenter are all within 25 mins of CGS (and all have been mentioned on this board). There are probably others as well.

The other option would be to find a Love Motel in the Moema area and try to call an escort, but you may not have time for that.

If your itinerary is later in the day, I think Bahamas opens at 4pm, and is also in Moema.

Best of luck

02-02-04, 22:35

Don't forget Bomboa. www.bomboa.com.br. I believe it opens at noon, and they serve good food there as well. Girls, food, drinks, rooms, all right in one location.

Have fun,


02-03-04, 00:37
Need some advice from you guys.

I will be in SP next week. Will only have a week or so. Have spend a good deal of time in South East Asia, and played the scene in the states for a while.

Question 1: What % of the girls in the clubs/clinicas/escort services speak functional english?

Question 2: Anyone got any reccomendations on hot little tour guides?

Question 3: Anyone else going to be in town? Would l be cool to meet a personality or 2.

Would appreciate any input.


02-04-04, 12:51
Ghengis Khan,
Edson is working at Jd America and the placed is owned by the same people at Donna Cafe. Beto is not working there. He is at W/Unico in Moema. Pricing structure is the same but here goes a hint for fellow mongers. If you want you can go there a buy a bottle of whiskey for 250 plus tip and share it between 4 people so there is no need to pay for minimun comsumption.
Concerning the party house. There still is a house for private parties.

A1: % english speaking girls in SP is very low.
A2: there are tons of reccomendations but it depends on especifics
A3: I will be back in SP on Feb 09.

Genghis Khan
02-04-04, 13:32

Thanks for the clarification.
The remaining question is what has happend to W on
Rua Alvorada. According to the poster below, some of
the business structure of the earlier owners still apply
to this place. Is it Washington who has taken over this
place now or is Beto still involved, or both?


02-07-04, 07:36
Washington owns the W/Unico in Moema and the private house. Edson has taken over the managment of Jd America and he also has a private house for parties.

02-07-04, 16:11
Thanks Boozer and Moondog for the info. You guys are truly in the know!

Please help me with a couple more questions.
1. On my return trip from Goiania, I will get in at 4 (CGS) and my trip to Houston leaves from GRU at 10:20. Any recommendations on tour stops between airports?
2. What are the garota economics at Bomboa?
3.What about the take-out economics at Real Prive and Platinuum in Goiania?
4. Is the Castro Park hotel close to the fun spots in Goainia?
5. Any good non-pro clubs you would recommend for this gringo in Goiania?
6. Any recommendations on private drivers in SP?

Again, thanks for your help. Cowboy1.

02-08-04, 00:44


Entrance fee: 70 Reals, which goes against food and drinks.

Room: 50 Real

Garota: 150-200 Real

The look on her face when you tell her that you cannot pay for her boob job: priceless. :)

Enjoy the life,


02-08-04, 14:40
Can add to MoonDog's report that the entrance fee now is 99 reais, but otherwise the prices are the same as he mentioned. Bomboa is very nice and I go there like once every second week.


02-08-04, 20:21
To continue with Moondog answers to Cowboy ......

Goiania : Castro's Park is 15/20 minutes taxi from Real Prive and a little shorter from Platinnum : there's no gentlemen's clubs in Goiania's center, apart some freelancers, quite ugly, at the terrace of a beer bar of centro (Bar brahma or something like that, in front of a hotel 'Crown something')

Real Prive could be the Goiania's version of Bahamas or Photo : the most expensive in town, maybe 120 reals to get in (if my memory serves me) and a little fee to take a girl out ; there's always around 50/60 girlies to take out (150 reals), plus some well known stripers from SP or Southern sates who stay about two weeks performing there : when i was in Goiania in August i took out sometimes a stripper from Curitiba who always stayed overday to enjoy the nice pool area of Castro's Park where i stayed (off subject, the Saturday feijoada is a must there :) !!).

Good non pro spots are the Cafe Cancun disco (in Flamboyant mall) and the cafe Cancun restaurant close from Castro's, Swingers, Picinhas and Chop 10 in Marista sector and Eclipse, far away from town and packed to the walls on week ends (Sertanejo/Forro place, only for Cowboys :) ). People being well educated and quite wealthy in Goiania (and not impressed at all by foreigners), scoring a regular girl is not easy.

If more infos needed better post on the 'others areas' of the Brasilian section


02-09-04, 17:43

Thanks for the update.


RCA Knight
02-10-04, 18:59
I just spend 10 days in Estado Sao Paulo. I had some really nice experiences again picking up amatures. I went to Guaruja with my cousin for 3 days. First day at the beach sidewalk picked two nice babes on holiday from Porto Alegre. Took them to eat and drink and then for a night drive four of us. These two were college students came to Sao Paulo to see their friends and then sidetrip to Guaruja. Then took them back to our condo. Then I decide to take one out to market to buy something so my cousin can work on the other one first. I took my babe for a drive to the cliff and started to kiss her. After killing some time I took her home. My cousin and his babe were in his room locked already. So I took my to my room and started to touch her. And tell her I really like her and want to stay with her more and I will be going home soon,as I always say everytime to amature lady. And I also tell her I want to buy her a present but don't know what to buy and don't have time to buy. And like to give her money to buy herself a present. I give her 400 real to buy present. She was very happy and I pounded her really good. 21 year old college student. Beautiful silky tanned skin. A slender German and Polish mix with Latino flavor. I ended up spending 2 days together. Drive to Bertioga and Sao Vicente for side trip. Then I and my cousin wanted to move on for new ladies and had to say bye to them. The for next 2 days we went back to the city Sao Paulo and try to pick up amatures in Shopping Morumbi,Ibirapuera,night clubs in Jardin ect, but not too much success. Had to settle for pro.

Our last 3 days we decide to head back to the beach. We drive around Santos and then Praia Grande and on the beach we attacked a few girls. We picked up 2 girls both were quite cute and they were from interior Riberao Preto area. we love to hear girls from out of town. They were on holiday to the beach and have relatives in city Sao Paulo as well.We hang out on the beach for a while and we decided to take them for a 2 night trip to Ilhabela. The girls were very happy to have a free trip and free accommodation. They were students from Riberao Preto, a very nice and industrial city in the interior. I have been there as well 2 times for girl hunting in the past. Ok we drove and took ferry to Ilhabela and checked in a very nice beachside resort. We rented a 2 connecting rooms. Paid quite a lot of money and we decide we have to score big for 2 days. And it turned out so easy without any effort, and without offering them presents. I and my cousin try to have 4some, but these 2 girls are too shy and we did not try too much and stuck with our own till the end. Took the girls back to city Sao Paulo to see their relatives and bye bye. I hopped on the KLM for Amsterdam then back to Bangkok. I will be working on Thai girls next 30-40 days. Will explore some new area such as Ubon, Buriram in Issan then try the south in Hat Yai, Songkla, then have some time on the beach in Krabi and Phuket. Planning next trip to Brazil in June.

02-11-04, 15:17
"The girls were very happy to have a free trip and free accommodation. They were students from Riberao Preto, a very nice and industrial city in the interior. I have been there as well 2 times for girl hunting in the past"

RCA thanks for the report ; About Ribeiro Preto, what about the scene there ?

02-11-04, 17:55
RCA Knight,

Picking up amateurs (non-pro´s) is always great. Giving a present is a nice gesture. But don´t you think giving 400 reais is exaggerating?

Amateurs are happy receiving a box of chocolate, a neckless or a dress. They want to feel special. I think many amateurs would feel bad offering them cash. That would make them equal to pro´s.

Just my opinion.

02-12-04, 05:53
RCA Knight,

It is great story and thanks for sharing with us. You are one lucky guy to have time to enjoy your life in monger paradise in SE Asia and Latin America.

I concur with Sperto's thought on cash present to non-pro's but if you thought it was right and then it was right as long as you can afford it, are happy to do it and enjoy it.

Hope to read your future posting.

02-12-04, 12:21
I wish to visit the city of Sao Paulo during 7 days.

I'm searching information about some disco who is full of easy girls like the disco Help in Rio. I love Help, but now I would like to find in Sao Paulo other disco similar.

Can someone give me information?

Thanks you

My e-mail is: [Email address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please use the Forum's Private Messaging system to communicate directly with other Forum Members. Thanks!

RCA Knight
02-12-04, 20:21
just pounded my little regular student part time lover (i am in bangkok now by the way). she is studying in sripatum university in bangkok. parents don't support her enough and she is happy to come see me once a week to make some pocket money. as i always help her every time she comes see me by giving her 3000 bahts or 70 us for living expenses.picked her up 3 months ago in the central laprao shopping. and she has such a great thin body and very nice tits so i decide to keep her for a while. i have a few these college babes coming to see me periodically for some pocket money. but have to cut some if i have too many or get tired of particular ones. i love these college amateur girls. most of them don't have enough pocket money to spend and they will be happy to see me whenever i am available. i think they may all have steady boyfriends, but for us we are just the pocket money attachment. no pressure at all. thats why i established bangkok as my hunting world headquater and go other locations from here.

to answer some question by other members.

to pro about riberao preto: this is a very modern and industrial town in interior sp. i think its the second largest city in sp. there are many universities here. there are countless beer gardens, night clubs. but the amature scene is quite difficult. these girls live there so they have friends and family. even you get their phone number its very hard to score in a short time. thats why when you want amature lady, i only recommend beach resorts. the girls are almost all from out of town and have lots of free time. with lots of free time and sandy beach , blue sky to help the lady to build the mood. then of course to show the ladies a good time by blowing away some money. so as for riberao preto if you are interested in normal girl, i can tell you will be disppointed. as for me i went there 2 times and had good time partying in beer bars and disco clubs but only scored one lady. and the girl was a friend of my brasilian friend who lives in riberao. i was lucky in that case. there are quite a few brothels and clubs in riberao for pros. but i never went in there so i cannot give you information on pro scene.

to sperto and off2golf:
about giving amature money. it is just my strategy. brazilian school girls are like thai school girls. 90% of them are not rich and always need some more pocket money to go shopping. by giving them a cash present, they know you are financially stable and they know they will have a good time with you. and when they receive your cash present they feel indebted to you sexually (this is so true). and one more thing is this paves the way for future meeting. if you want to see them the next day or next time, i am sure the school girl will make time for you. beacause again the pocket money attachment involved. i like it this way. not too much sentiment involved.

a few members asked me in pm for some tips to pick up non pros if they don't speak portuguese. of course the hurdle will be higher. actually i speak very lousy as well. absolutely no grammar. but enough to entertain babes. so my recommendation is still go to beach resorts, look for girls on vacation, need to hunt very hard to find someone who can speak some english or someone who is interested to become your friends. start to hunt from early day time on the beach. if you find a girl very friendly to you, set up appointment later or if you can take them to eat or drink right away then go for some sidetrip driving. then you have to adjust the pace yourself. you may make a few appoints on the same day because there will be no shows or a date going no where, then try to arrange to see others. (always get girls numbers as well) if a date goes well i think my gift strartegy can speed up the process.

in sp-recommend guaruja,riviera sao lourenco, ubatuba, and all the santos coast all ok, tons of babes staying there in the summer from out of town.in rj i personnaly like angra dos reis and buzios. lots of babes on holiday in the summer. hope this will help you. and don't be shy and don't be afraid to get rejected. its a game of probability.
ok.i am going to sleep. going to pattaya to see a friend tommorrow.

02-13-04, 15:32
I will be in SP late March.

Will have to stay at either Intercontinental or Renaissance because of client location.


Which is more girl friendly?

Which is closer to action spots?

Any lobby girls available in either hotel?

Becasue I know nothing about the city geography, any suggestions for good hobby spots near these hotels will be appreciated. I want to try thermas as well as all night in-room entertainment.


02-14-04, 18:00

Do yourself a favor and book the Emiliano Hotel for $200 a night.

It puts the other hotels to shame. VERY girl friendly + a better location. 3 blocks in S.P. can make a world of difference.

Location location location,

Bomboa's up the street & Mclass.com at the business center.

The beds at the hotel are to die for. They could be the best bed and linens anywhere in the world.


02-16-04, 07:50
Hello Guys,

I need your Help! I will be traveling to Sao Paulo in March, and I need an affordable hotel or apartment. Does anyone know of a good Hotel that is under $100 a night or an apartment that I can rent cheap for a week? Any tips or info is greatly appreciated.


02-17-04, 00:48

Paulista Life Flat is nearby Av. Paulista and the center.

I have been there several times. Fair price (120R$ for double room) and the rooms are nice and very clean. No problems with the girls. Rua Augusta, Kilt, etc. are within walking distance. Only 5 minutes.

Take a look here.


Dr. Pimpolho

Brazil Fan
02-17-04, 14:08
I would like to know if one of the visitors has ordered a girl from www.contatos.com.br . I would like to know if the girls look the same as on the website, and also for the prices they ask.

Thanks in advance for the information!

02-17-04, 20:57
i ordered a mulata once; she didn't look like on the picture at all! in fact she was older and her body wasn't as firm as on the picture, plus seeing my sceptical face she asked if i though her the same as on the picture.

of course, this is my only experience with contatos-site; always best to ask in advance if the photo is still up to date. Never got any bad surprises from escort sites in Rio and in the south of the country though.


02-17-04, 21:44

I stayed at the Riema Crillon Plaza in December. Nice room with a separate bedroom and kitchen. It was in a great area, about a block off of Paulista by the Rennisance Hotel. Seems like a pretty safe neighborhood, good restaurants nearby.

It was R$ 110 per night including breakfast. Here is their site. All very reasonably priced.


Good luck and have fun in Sao Paulo.


Albert Punter
02-18-04, 03:07
In reply to Brazil Fan

There are many websites where you can see girls and select one.

Other than contatos.com.br you may visit malicia.com.br (probably the one I prefer), sexdreams.com.br, worldsex.com.br, abusado.com.br . You can spend days browsing.
I had experienced many of those girls and almost always got what was advertised. In a couple of cases I got another girl. In one, I liked her so I kept her. In the other case, I simply sent her back.

A tip is to select a girl showing face. In this case you are sure of what you get.

Prices may vary between R 200 and R 400 for a couple of hours or the whole night. Unlimited sessions during that time.

Normally GFE (it helps a lot if you speak Portuguese), kissing is widely accepted whereas FK may be not accepted, CBJ or BBBJ, then sex. Some girls accept anal (with surcharge).

02-18-04, 04:59
Brazil fan: contatos is not very good for pictures but then it depends on your taste. You could try one of the following site:
http://www.mclass.com.br - a lot of photoshop used.
http://www.abusado.com.br - owned by the same people of contatos by pictures are larger.
http://www.sexinoff.com.br - large size pictures
http://www.adesso.com.br - no photoshop used & large size pictures.

there is a flat at Rua Padre Joao Manuel run the Accor Group. It is very girl friendly, has a swimming pool and a internet conncetion in the room. And it costs around R$100-120 a week I think.

Luvumbare: Emiliano is close to those 2 hotels and I dont know if it is girl friendly. But then most hotels are girl friendly.

02-19-04, 23:05
I will be in SP 24 Feb until 4 March. If anyone will be there, let's have a beer. Are there any new recommendations for girls? Does anyone have any info on sex clubs in SP?

02-21-04, 04:04
Planning to visit Sao Paulo, staying at the Hilton Morumbi. Any recommendations for nearby places to visit - massage.

How about escort sevices? Any good/bad experiences?

02-21-04, 15:06

Good choice. Hilton Morumbi is my favorite in SP. I'll be there in first week of March. It is situated somewhat distant from action but hobby places in SP are spread out throughout the city anyway.

AdvanceVIP is very close from the Hotel, may be five minutes by car. It is literally at opposite side of Pinheiros River. You may find contact information and talents on their website - www.advancevip.com.br.

The house is in middle of residential area and clean and nice. Straight massage starts at R$120R and up. Price variance is based on size/amenity of massage rooms, not massage types. The price include one hour of massage and hand relief. Full service would cost you another R$100.00.

Hope this helps.

02-21-04, 16:25

One more place near Hilton Morumbi - cafe Gauguin. It is new place (less than one year old) and located walking distance. www.cafegauguin.com.br will give you all about the place.

I've stayed at Hilton Morumbi a few times but have not had pleasure to check the place out. What a shame that is! I may drop in for a drink or two during upcoming trip.

Enjoy your life when you can.

Major Honk
02-26-04, 02:07
Dear All,

I want to share my experience with you all from my recent trip (last week - 2/16 - 2/20) in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. To start with Buenos Aires is a great place - very beautiful and amazing women.

We went to a Bar called AFFAIRE on Monday night around 9:00 pm - its in an area called Recollata (?). They had a special with R20 cover which includes 3 Beers. The girls there were above average mostly but a few extremely good and some really bad. Anyway, they accost you and start rubbing in the right places - want you to buy a drink (R25 ~ $8), a pre-req in case you made a deal to pickem up which costs R150 for a couple of hours - everything goes. You can pick as many as you like or can handle. We picked two girls ... WOW is the word on what happened in hotel after that. They generally need docs to enter hotel unless you hold hands and walk-em in. R250 - 300 can give you all night.

And now back to Sao Paulo. I did check a few websites and searched for accompanhantes which gave me some English speaking as well. Anyway, I have a phone number of a place which sends beautiful girls, mostly blondes, and R200 for a couple of hours or R300 for 4+ hours. I have tried this and had the best experience both times. I can provide the number but I hate to publish this here. Another place is ROmanza club which is same as every other joint - R140 to get in and R300 for girl all night. I was told by locals that Bomboa is now the best place in town. PS - I stayed at Hyatt in Morumbi (not far from Hilton), and its a great hotel - highly recommend. BTW, if you want to pick a girl from web site, get one of the Bell boys (tip them R20) and they can get the scoop, check'em out, negotiate, and get the girl(s) for you.

With that, wish you all a bang of time.

02-26-04, 17:58
Sounds like a good time, thanks for the info. :)


02-26-04, 21:49
Member #1243!

Indeed Bomboa is one of the best places in town, but the prices are also moving upwards accordingly - now the endtrance with consumption is 100 R$. Was there yesterday (after carnaval) and it was very slow, since most girls are from out of town and henceforth are travelling over the holidays. Next week everything should be back to normal.

I have now lived in São Paulo for about 4 months and can not tell you about all places I have went to (Connection, Bahamas, Moulin Rouge, Kilt, Vagão Plaza, Cocktail, Bomboa, Brooklin massagem, American center etc, etc.) in detail. But I can tell you that I have one favourite (even better than Bomboa, I think) and it is the pretty new place Café Millenium. Entrance is low (50R$) and the girls rarely ask more than 100-150R$ plus cabina for another 50. The house is very beautiful and clean plus the manager (Marcus) is very concerned about customer service. Sauna is often free of charge. The girls have a nice attitude there and are often younger on the average than in other places as they come from out of town and are recruited to live on the premises.

Anyway! I don't have the skills nore the memory (almost always directly after exiting a place I have forgotten the girls name, but of course not the experience) to write reports as many on the board do (WorldTraveller aka Charles, MoonDog, Off2Golf etc.), but if someone on the board is in São Paulo I am more than willing to help with tips of places to go or how to get around the city. And if someone wanna go out and have a beer together at a nice casa - I am there!


Brooklyn Bandit
02-27-04, 19:49

What everyone fails to mention about Bomboa is that if you decide to take a girl upstairs or back to the hotel, the R$50 exit fee is deducted from the R$100 entrance fee.

Has anyone been to the new Bomboa? I thinks its called Bomboa Visions. Its supposed to be smaller than the original but I haven't met anyone that's been there yet.


02-27-04, 19:53

I spent a night in Cafe Millenium on my last trip to SP and the place was good. I believe I reported the visit on this board.

It is my understanding that Connection, Cafe Millenium and
Bacoa are owned/run by same person (people).

How would you compare Connection, which I have not been there, and Cafe M?

Connection is in my itinerary for trip to SP next week.

Thanks, O2G

Skis Andy
02-28-04, 05:54
I am an avid reader of the many great reports in this forum. Visited Rio last September and enjoyed the thermas - Monte Carlo, Centaurus etc.

Question for the Sao Paulo experts:

Are there thermas in Sao Paulo like the ones in Rio?

There is a lot of info here, but somehow "thermas" seem to be totally absent in Sao Paulo.

Is that really the case?

02-28-04, 16:31
Brooklyn Bandit said:

What everyone fails to mention about Bomboa is that if you decide to take a girl upstairs or back to the hotel, the R$50 exit fee is deducted from the R$100 entrance fee.

That is the first I have heard of that. Is this a new policy? It is rare for a club to give anything back. Just curious.


02-28-04, 16:39
Skis Andy,

They are there, but not so much in the same format as in Rio. Bomboa has rooms on premises, Francefel and Antares are Massage places that extras are available, and all along Rua Augusta, you have the Sauna Mistas.

You do not have Termas that are direct carbon copies of thier Rio couterparts, but very close alternatives.


02-28-04, 18:37
B Bandits

I'll be SP in a couple of days. Do you have any more information on Bomboa Visions? If time permits, I would check the place out and have a drink or so. Thanks. O2G

02-29-04, 20:11

Yes, Millenium, Bacua and Connection are owned by the same person. As Bacua is in Sao Bernardo I have never made it there, but many people I have met tell me it is a very good place and entrance and garotas are of course cheaper than in the places in São Paulo.

I think Connection is what Millenium probably will be in five years or something, if the owner doesn't continue to invest in the facilities. Connection is a pretty run down place and when I was there they had been doing some work on the ceiling and did not even bother to cover over all the cords and stuff in the bar area. Hard to describe, but I did not like the way the place was built in. You basically have all the options you have in Millenium as well (as pool, sauna, fitness etc), but the structure is better in Millenium, I think. In Connection it is hard to find a sofa or table to sit at that is a little more private when you are checking out the girls closer. And Connection is near to the area of Tatuapé, which makes it far out to go to compared with most other popular places. Going from there to Luiz Antonio (near to Paulista) the meter in the taxi stopped on like 65-70 reais.

Adding to the above I found the talent in the place to be weak. Only one girl that I would rate 7, but she had a rather snobby attitude. All in all, I think it is hardly worth the trouble to go to Connection, but perhaps some better talent arrives now after carneval...

Btw, I was in Millenium with a friend this last night and found a blond girl (21) doing a trip from her home in Curitiba over Rio for carneval and SP to make some pocket money. She was EXTREMELY high (on ecstasy and cocaine, she said) and all over the place. The manager had to calm her down when she spontaneusly started to dance nude outside the stage area. She was so horny that she would have fucked for free if one would have brought her out from the café, but I ended up taking her to a cabin (after suggesting a price way below the standard at the place) and had one of the most amazing sessions in a long time. Frankly I had a hard time keeping up with her, but I am certainly not complaining. The manager (Marcus) was kind enough to wait an hour and a half after closing time for us to finish, which made it more or less 6am when I exited the place. She wanted to continue to some kind of tecno place near Ibirapuera, but I had to get going. Experiences like this make me just adore Millenium! And fresh, new, young talent coming in all the time.

Hope to see you in SP next week, Off2Golf!


Tommy America
02-29-04, 22:29
I have heard from some recent visitors to Sao Paulo that Jardim America has closed. Can anyone confirm (or, hopefully, deny) this? Also, has anyone tried W/Unico yet? It was opening in early January just after my last visit to Sao Paulo, and I was thinking of checking it out on my next visit.


Dick U
03-01-04, 18:47
I have been traveling to South America for many years. In sao Paulo I have always stayed at hotel Emiliano. On my recent visit I found out that Leo "the Manager" has left for hotel Fasano. My stay was not half as good as before because of his personal attention to customer service. Has any one stayed at Fasano recently and seen him there? I would appreciate some feed back since I am going back there next month!

03-02-04, 07:23
I have a question for the experienced S.P. mongers: What does a night out at Cafe Photo, Bomboa, W, or one of the other top Sao Paulo clubs with a prime garota normally run?

While in Rio for this year's Carnival, I spent several nights with a gorgeous petite 22 year old who normally works at Cafe Photo in S.P., but was in Rio to make some money during Carnival.

The level of service and affection I got from her was unmatched in all my trips to Brazil. I ended up repeating with her over several different nights, we also went out to dinner once. She invited me to visit her in S.P for some repeat performances, and I would love to at some point. Based on her alone I can see why you S.P. mongers rave about Sampa over Rio.

Although I paid her significantly more than I would normally spend on a Rio garota, what I would likely have to spend at Cafe Photo, or a similar place, while in S.P. I paid her R350 per night - and we were usually together from about 10-11 p.m. until we woke up at about 2 pm the next afternoon. This was money solely to her. She was not working at any club or therma while in Rio, just free lancing. Let me know. Thanks. - Elmo.

J Wadd
03-03-04, 01:42
Elmo: I was in S.P about 3 months ago and the going rate at Foto was 600R (!!!). The hounds and the models all asked about the same price.

I stalled, laughed (and got them to laugh at their price too), mentioned all the other cities in Brasil I've been to, told them I make them pass out they'll cum (sorry for the crass word, here) so hard, etc. I got the girl I wanted for 300R (I think -- certainly close to it). She was my second one that day, and I headed off to Kilt afterward for my third.

I typically allocate about 1000R a day for everything (except the hotel charges where I actually sleep): 3 meals, inumerable taxis, 3 girl fees, entrance and drink fees, 3 quick-time motel fees, and hour or two by myself at a beer-joint, etc. I usually have a little money left over. I don't like sleeping with the girls. When you hose as many as I do, you'll run to much of a rip-off risk over the long haul.

One man's experience,

Young & Restless
03-03-04, 15:56
Bom dia a todos,

I've been going to Rio every year for the past few years, but have never been to Sao Paulo. I am considering stopping over in Sao Paulo for two days (Friday & Saturday) on my next trip to SA, but I wanted to find out a couple of things first:

1) I have heard that a lot of the good termas, clubs etc. are not open on certain days of the week. If anyone could elaborate a little bit on that for me, I would appreciate it.

2) Can anyone tell me if the Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel on Alameda Santos is in a good location in relation to where all of the action is AND is it girl friendly?

3) Last, but not least... I'm sure these names have already been mentioned countless times on here, but I'd like to just know the name of say the top two termas and top two discos in Sao Paulo, I will research previous post for additional info after I get the names.

I appreciate anyone's feedback on my questions!!!

03-03-04, 19:29

Wise choice to go to SP after all the trips to Rio!

1. Most places are closed on Sundays, but there will be a few open in Nestor Pestana (like Kilt and, I think, Vagão Plaza), but the girls are normally ugly because the beautiful ones stay at the beach or relax on that day.

2. Have never stayed there, but it is a good, central and safe location. And, yes, near to many mongering places.

3. I guess you are talking about Love Story, if you are talking about a disco with mainly pro's. Then I really don't know about other pro discos. There is a place near to parque Ibirapuera, but that is significantly different from Love Story as not only pro's go there and it has more of a rave/tecno atmosphere. Went there with a girl from Cafe Millenium once, but can't remember the name.


Genghis Khan
03-03-04, 19:57
Tommy America,

Jardim America is not closed. I assume you read this on gpguia.
Check that thread again and you will find out that it is indeed
still open. I will go there next week.

I have been to W Unico the last two nights and have been
treated like a king by the staff. The garotas are fantastic and
typical W GFE.

Have fun.


J Wadd
03-04-04, 01:18
Can someone give us the S.P. termas breakdown again?


03-04-04, 01:38
'Oui Bizznich.

I posted about 8 reports on Sampa , after a recent trip - may be helpfull.

Posted 11/13/03 - "Sao Paulo - Clinicas Massagems......"

Posted 11/16/03 -"Sao Paulo - Prive Casa's......."

Then follow thru to the next posting.

Hope this helps - Report back on your findings

Ceylon1 - ( WorldTraveller aka Charles )

03-04-04, 12:28

I agree with you on Connection. I was in there the other night, and mostly found attitudes.


03-04-04, 12:39
Bizznich said:

1) I have heard that a lot of the good termas, clubs etc. are not open on certain days of the week. If anyone could elaborate a little bit on that for me, I would appreciate it.

Bomboa closes at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night, and does not re-open until Monday. The Kilt is one of the few that are open on Sunday night. Love Story is open every night starting at around 2:00 a.m.

2) Can anyone tell me if the Renaissance Sao Paulo Hotel on Alameda Santos is in a good location in relation to where all of the action is AND is it girl friendly?

Great location and girl friendly. Always register the girl, and do not try to circumvent this. Two girls are not allowed. If you want two girls, have the girls take you to a love hotel. They know where they are.

3) Last, but not least... I'm sure these names have already been mentioned countless times on here, but I'd like to just know the name of say the top two termas and top two discos in Sao Paulo, I will research previous post for additional info after I get the names.

Try Bomboa for the best value for your money for a combination of a disco/bar/terma. Francebel is also very good for a massage session. They say sex is not allowed, but it is there. Love Story is aweswome.


Young & Restless
03-04-04, 16:07
Damn I love this website!!

MoonDog, Ceylon1, Jwadd… thanks!! Excellent information!

03-04-04, 22:44

The 'other' after-hours disco in SP is Lov.e, not so far from Ibirapuera in Vila Olimpia (rua Pequetita) : many girls, on the game or not, let's say 80% of regulars, enjoy to go raving there better than in Love S as DJ's in Lov.e are quite famous and crowd is ten cliks above LS (being a Love Story addict since years, and going there every night during my stays in SP, i could say that on week end the place is IMO to avoid for a gringo: MANY brawls, men -usually hardly drunk- outnumber girlies 3 per 1, great chances to have trouble for non portugese-speaking foreigners) ; Best nights in LS are without a doubt Monday to Thursday ;

Anyway Lov.e is open on week ends til 11am ....

Tommy America
03-05-04, 00:33
Thanks, Genghis! I appreciate your feedback.

Is the tariff at W/Unico the "standard" W - Jardim $600 reals?

J Wadd
03-05-04, 23:14
Correction to Moondog's post of below (in all humility):

In my frequent experience with Love Story, is has always been closed on Monday nights.

Fun place, though -- a must-see.

Happy Hunting,

03-06-04, 01:31

Thanks, I did not know that.

Enjoy the life, :)


J Wadd
03-06-04, 08:57
No worries, amigo.

Speaking of Love Story: Careful about chumming up with the guys who work there. They're all pretty cool, etc., but they also become a little "moochy" regrading propina/backsheesh/tips. I started tipping the door guy and the floor manager 10R each to let me in (usual entry is 50R). At first it was fun being the gringo bigshot, high-five/handshake tip-giving mofo. You know, like a mobster-movie star in L.A. Buuuut, after a while (like the 5th time I was there), ALL of the staff got the word and started coming around for dinero. They were nice about it -- one HULK came by and actually kissed my shoulder and salaamed me (I had to give him a little) -- but overall it was a nuisance and not worth the 30R I saved.

I recommend this trick, though: Get some HONEY at like 2:15 a.m. -- before anyone is there yet (place is packed by 3 a.m.) -- and take her around the corner to that quick-time motel I've talked so frequently about. Stretch her out and spill your fluid, and then come back for your second girl at 3:30. The staff LOVES this and'll wink, back-slap and "Opa!" you out the front door (really!).

And, tactically, the first girl is cheap 'cause you tell her it's a quickie. The second girl is cheaper 'cause by this time of night your the last station before the train leaves town. Try to make the second girl the one who gave you a little high-price static at Foto earlier that night (many Foto girls come here around 3 a.m.). Drink some coffee if this is too late. You've got to be a bit of a Dracula in S.P.

Still to take my first viagra,

P.S. My bro Junior is going to Sampa soon, and wants to know about the termas scene there. Can any amigos help us out? TIA.

03-07-04, 11:28
Correction to JW's post of below (in all humility) :)

Love Story is closed on Sundays nights, open Monday/Saturday .....

03-08-04, 00:51

I was in Love Story on the 22nd of February, a Sunday night/Monday morning. It was alive and well. I have never seen this place closed, but have not been there over Christmas.


J Wadd
03-08-04, 08:51
I'm usually three sheets into the wind by this time, anyway. But I do remember being surprised that the place was open on a Sunday. No big deal. I'm sure we're both right, if you know what I mean!


03-08-04, 10:01

Can you give specific addresses or at least where I can find them (the addresses) to Love Story and Lov.e? Even though 2AM is a bit late for me, I'd like to try it at least once. I always have bad luck with cab drivers pretending not to know where a place is and start to take you to one of their places (probably because they get a kickback from the club. These two discos, are there places to have SEX on the premises or is it always take-away.

Any good word on Cafe Gaugin?

Thanks so much,


03-08-04, 10:20
JW and Moondog : OK guys, next Red's bottle in Love Story will be for me !!!


03-08-04, 22:31

That's right! That Love I have seen, but never been to.

About Love Story, I can only agree with the view that it is indeed open during Sunday nights. From what people tell me it is only closed during a couple of days on Christmas and New Year's plus supposedly during the carnival.


Starting the fifth month in SP.

Rockin Bob
03-09-04, 00:21
Let me just say thanks to everyone for a wealth of info and let me apologize for being lazy about contributing. There's definitely a few things I want to talk about.

A few people have been wondering about Vison. I went there a couple of weeks ago. It's small and there were only about a dozen girls there (I forget what night of the week it was). They had live music: a singer, and later on a samba combo.

I got annoyed when one girl came over to my table and sat down and started interrogating me. Everyone I'm sure is familiar with the type and it's always the same 20 questions, isn't it? That's what I like about Bomboa: the house rules don't allow it, and nobody bothers you.

I'm like, if I wanted to talk to you, I'd talk to you. The fact that I'm not means I don't want to.

I did have a good time with another girl, who had witnessed what happened and said she thought the girl was muito chato (very annoying). They have rooms on sight, clean and comfortable. I forget the price, but it was cheaper than Bomboa.

The place, all in all, is a mini-Bomboa, same quality service and ambiance, the only drawback is there's a lot less girls to choose from.

03-09-04, 12:17
Almotu about Cafe gaugin, i haven't been there since September so maybe someone else has freshier news; I personnaly like the place, upmarket-style (the owners surely spent load of money in the high-tech decoration), quite cheap (40 reals entrance fee with five drinks if my memory serves me) and the strip shows were good ; Around 20 girlies at any moment, which seems low as the place is quite cavernous, but selection was good when i was there.

It's IMO a nice beginning for a night out, before going to other places where party atmosphere is stronger.

About Love S, adress is Rua Araujo in Centro, but 2am is too early, the place is dead until 3am (you can easily walk to LS, even late, from Kilt, Vargao and the others good sleazy bars of rua N.Pestana) ; it's a take out place.

Lov.e is a regular after hours disco, located rua Pequetita in Vila Olimpia area, girls seems to like to go partying there, but i don't think there could be more than 5% of girls in the game (vs 95% in LS).


Rockin Bob
03-10-04, 00:07
I wanted to say something about crime in Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo has an undeserved reputation for being a dangerous city. Someone posted a report of being pickpocketed in the centro near the Praca de Republica. Some people have worried about coming to Sao Paulo.

I have roamed all around Sao Paulo and I can't remember the last time I felt I was in danger. You might want to be careful late at night in the Boca de Lixo (from Av. Ipiranga to the Luz Park) section. Aside from that, don't let needless fear spoil your time here.

For those of you wandering about Rua Augusta at night, I offer this quote from the US State Department: "As is true of "red light districts" in other cities, the areas of Sao Paulo on Rua Augusta north of Avenida Paulista and the Estacao de Luz metro area are especially dangerous." Well, I live right off Rua Augusta and have walked around the area at all hours of the day and night. It's not my idea of dangerous, especially or otherwise. I'll grant, though, around the Luz Metro it does get a little seedy.

The only time I got robbed was by a taxi driver who said the ten reals I gave him was a counterfeit bill.

In short, Sao Paulo seems no more dangerous than any other city I've been in. Enjoy your time here and don't worry.

Dick U
03-10-04, 01:51
I am going back to the happiest place on earth for mongers early April. Any recommandations for some great escort experince? Preferably English speaking (Not necessary) I arrive around 5:30 in the morning and would like to get started before any of the clubs and massage places open!


03-10-04, 04:54

I spent a few hours in Café Gau Gin (GG) on Wednesday, March 3 – last week.

It is located on Arizona off Berrini in Brooklin section in SP. Berrini is major artery off from Marj. Pinheiros and takes you to Shopping Morumbi and other major business locations – World Trade Center, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and other local and global businesses.

For this trip, I stayed at my usual place – Hilton Morumbi which is in walking distance from GG. We (my SP girlfriend, one of my local staff [let’s call him Tony] and I) went to GG after dinner. We called in advance to ensure that I could bring my girlfriend and answer was no problem. It was about 10:00 p.m. This was my first trip to GG. Entrance was somewhat plain and low profile and I was able to tell that it is a brand new club.

Cover was R$40.00 per person and each person consumes the cover charge. We (in fact Tony did all talking in Portuguese) requested a waiter to use only one card for drink orders for all of us, and R$120.00 minimum for three people’s consumption be counted towards the one card. He said it would be no problem.

The GG remarkably resembles a high-end strip-joint in the States. It has a large and nice two-tier stage for strippers. Opposite side of the stage is wall-to-wall size fully stocked bar – very nice one. In front of the stage, ample space is reserved for guests and garotas to dance. Then rest of the floor is populated with tables and chairs. Lighting systems was excellent to support the strip stage that you normally would see in good strip joints in the States. Strippers danced every 20 to 30 minutes or so.

The GG has second floor, which has another good size bar and tables. The second floor is in configuration of balcony looking down the stage. If you stay in the first floor and near the stage, you would feel high ceiling and openness, which is different from other clubs in SP. The second floor was closed, as the main floor was not active at all. The GG has no rooms now but will have rooms in about a month or so according to the waiter. I saw a stairway to next level up from the second floor but it was blocked which kind of confirmed the waiter’s account.

When we got there around 10:00 p.m., there were no more than 15 guests and 30 garotas. When the night approaches to midnight, more garotas rolled in (may be up to 45-50) so did more local guys but the place was still largely empty. Overall quality of garotas was commendable – could compete with Bahamas but not with Café Photo.

Being with girlfriend made me behaved but Juliana (my girl) and Tony went out for hunting for Tony’s honey for the night. They came back with 22 years old beauty. She has look of Penelope Cruz but on somewhat chubby side – beautiful, unhurried, soft spoken, and attentive to all of us. She asked Tony for R$400.00 for a couple of hours of love and I’m sure it could have been negotiated if Tony was going to take her out. Tony did not take her out as we had full business agenda next morning.

Drinks were priced reasonably – R$5.00 for beer or soft drinks and R$25 to R$35 for cocktails, scotches and other liquors. Total bill for four hours of fun was R$239.00 for four of us including a cigar which was not too bad. We left a little bit after 2:00 a.m. and came back to our hotel which took us 30 seconds by car. Even though we were tired, Juliana and I were able to have lovely, passionate, slow session of kissing, touching, and making love for a while and then fell into sweet and deep sleep with Juliana on my left arm. Life is good and I love it!

03-10-04, 23:39

I was in Fasano on last Thursday. Per your comment, I asked around in the Barrett about the manager Leo and did not get firm answer about him. I don't know what that means. Just reporting to you.

By the way, the Barrett is small but great Jazz bar that I can tell that mature and well-to-do in SP would come there for enjoying good music, great cigars and companionship (their own, not program girls). I would definately go back there for nice and relaxcing music, cigar and cold beer while my girl holding my hand. Evening can't be much better than that.

03-11-04, 21:04
Statician, in your post from 03-01, you mentionned the Emiliano, which seems from the website a nice high-tech hotel ; Could you elaborate about rates, rooms, pool area, ect ...

Thanks in advance


Dick U
03-11-04, 21:48

I have stayed at Emiliano many times durung the past couple of years. They have some of the most comfortable beds and use to have absolutely great service. The previous manager (Leo) was wonderful and very customer service oriented and looked after every small need you miht have. He has moved on to Fasano and on my next trip in April, I will be staying there. About the rates at Emiliano they are around US$250.00/ Room and more for suites.I have stayed in their suites and they are pretty good size 850sqft and the rooms are about half that size. It is a very small hotel but the location is great. Hope it helps!!

03-12-04, 07:30
Off2Golf ,

Thanks for the insight on Cafe GG. Sounds a bit like Cafe Millenium which I like but without the rooms. I'll report in after I TD the place in a few weeks. YOUR life sounds great.


3AM to go to Love Story might be past my bedtime, heh-heh!



03-13-04, 11:22
Statician, thanks ; Emiliano seems the best but 250 us$ is far too expensive for me ;

Personnaly i spend in Sampa around 1000 reals per night, including diner in a best churrascaria (Fogo de Chao), few beers and cocktails for some girls (if friendly) in Gaugin to begin the night, then entrance plus drinks and girlies's cocktails (and eventually garota, but i usually prefer to save my energy for a Love Story picking-up) in Bomboa, Millenium, Romanza or wherever, taxis, after this at 1/1.30 am a short visit with maybe a lap/table-dancing in Kilt or other sleazy joint of Rua N Pestana, then anyway from 2.30/3 am one Red's bottle and some tequila shots for the garotas in Love Story, plus, from there, garota(s) for overnight : this allowing me a hotel around 150 reals (usually a Parthenon aparthotel), plus around 150 reals for daytime expenses as lunch, laundry, internet, pool lounging and Ibirapuera Mall tour ;

....so, for a quite basic hobbying and partying journey in SP, the spent is personnaly around 1300 reals/day (with some 150/200 reals more each two or three days for a 4 pm www.sexdreams.com.br or www. mclass.com.br in-room accompanhante delivery or a visit of a Clinica de Massagems) ....

All this is worth the spent, hobbying and partying in SP is pure bliss !!

03-13-04, 15:25

Can anyone recommend a some website where the pictures are accurate and you actually get the same girl as in the photo.


03-13-04, 15:29

See Pro's post below, and use those websites.


03-13-04, 16:00
Sites with "Acompanhantes"

All the SP sites are listed in the following link:


Some sites are bogus. Sometimes you can tell just by looking at the pics on the home page: some girls pictured there are recognizable as well-known international cover girls.

The most reliable are abusado, malicia, contatos, frenesy and a few others, usually, but not always, with Portuguese sounding names.

However, even the most reliable sites are not very trustworthy when it comes to getting the very girl you've fantisized about for weeks while watching her pics. The reason is easy to understand.

All sites make money thanks to memberships ("become a member and you'll see all the pictures bla-bla-bla"). What drives memberships is the quantity of girls with pics. So the sites have no incentive to remove photo albums that are obsolete, much the reverse.

When you call for the girl, the odds against the same girl still working for the same agency are great. Rather than lose money, the agency will send you another girl who they think looks close enough like the girl you had in mind. Indeed, the substitute girl may even have taken on the same name after the other one left, so it may be that the agency are not even aware that they're not sending you the girl who captured your fancy on the web site.

If you absolutely want to work through those websites, what you can do is choose a girl who has just registered with the site. You can do so with Contatos, for instance: click on "Ultima actualização" and you'll get a list of new registrations from which to choose.


03-13-04, 16:46

Good info, thanks.


Hoof Hunter
03-13-04, 17:08
Quick question:

How far is Vila Olympia from, say, the Renaissance on Al. Santos in the Jardins?

Trying to check out Lov.e one weekend, but can't find Vila Olympia on a map. In a short window of time, Fri-Sun nite, trying to do Lov.e & Love Story on different nites. Already have been to Love Story, know the routine there.

Anyone have any further info on Lov.e (cover, drinks, best time to go, looks quality of chicks there).

It would be greatly appreciated. Just trying not to waste time.


03-13-04, 20:17
Apart of the well-known sites already mentionned, here is for SP too :


If i generally agree with XXL posts (both Jakarta's lovers ? ), i'd like to be a little controversial and mention that most of those sites not only "makes money thanks to menberships" and are not 'pimped sites' or "agencies" : the sites makes money ALSO with garotas's monthly contributions and the pics and phone numbers which appears are for 90% of the sites mentionned the real pics and the DIRECT mobile phones numbers of the girls ;

Pesonnaly i enjoy talking with the garotas, and i've been said that they usually pay between 30 (for new or low-quality sites) to 150 reals (for mclass or upmarket sites) per month to advertize ; they really care and are very concerned (because THEY PAY) with their appearance on the pics and the actualization of their page ;

Personnaly, i've never been diseapointed with an accompanhante, even with mclass which is well-known for cosmetizing the pics : i can even say that most of the prettiest, freshiest and nicest girls i met in Sao Paulo ( and i still call sometimes some of them to get some news even when i'm in Europe) were through some of those websites.

None of them (at least none i ever met) speaks English BTW.

J Wadd
03-14-04, 00:12
Pro: Is the Parthenon hotel you stay at the Mercure right around the corner from Love Story? I've been thinking of making that hotel my S.P. default. It's pretty cheap at 90R/day (though the one I usually stay in is nice enough at 60R/day). It's girl-friendly, right?


03-14-04, 04:32
JW, i never stayed at the Mercure in Centro (Rua Araujo, same as LS) so i can't inform you ; But a friend stayed there in January, and he said they charged him 50 reals for each girl he took back .... don't know if it's a rule there or not... but you're right, rate is around 90 reals ...

All i can say is that in the Parthenons aparts-hotels where i already stayed ( Parthenon Privilege and Parthenon Colonades in Moema area, as in Parthenon Excellence Rua Capote Valente, -one short block from Bomboa-), i've NEVER been charged and girlies NEVER have been asked IDs, even late at night with sometimes two girlies from Love Story.

Rates in Parthenons are around 100 reals week-ends, 120 to 150 reals week-days, for a nice one bedroom-apart with in-room safe, air cond (even is air cond is not really necessary in August when it's 8 degrees cc at night !) and swimming pool ;



03-14-04, 04:57
Hoof, Lov.e is a regular after- hours disco where only a few girlies (maybe 5%) are on the game, but IMO the ones you'll find there are "freshier" than Love Story girlies, as it could be accompanhantes who usually don't go out at night except on week-ends : Lov.e is much more trendy than LS and you'll can find there some really beautiful girls partying (thanks to the internationals DJs on duty) ;

BTW Vila Olimpia is part of South SP (Jardims, Vila Madalena, Itaim Bibi, Moema, Pinheiros, Brooklin, ect ...), all those areas where nightlife is strong, and at a few minutes (few is maybe 15/20minutes in SP !!) of taxis from one area to another .....

03-14-04, 11:22
To JWadd : about Mercury Hotel

Having patronized Mercury Hotel in Jakarta for a few years now, Mercury Araujo seemed the logical choice for me in SP.

Unfortunately, unlike its Jakarta counterpart where you can walk in at dead of night with three girls in tow only to be greeted by smiles and winks, Mercury Araujo, like most Brazilian hotels, has an iron-rule policy regarding visitors. It's 50 R + girl's ID card.

This is why you hardly see any garota in the hotel at all in spite of its proximity to so many fleshspots.

Have you ever wondered why motels (= love hotels) are thriving in Brazil (or in Colombia) while they are vitually unknown e.g. in SE-Asia? That's because in LA, hotels are generally not girl-friendly.

In fact, the best you can do in Brazil is to bring your girls to a motel. Hourly rates in motels are ridiculously low and even the lower range ones are well-equipped, complete with big beds, mirrors and X-rated TV-channel. There is one a stone's throw from Love Story, so I've heard. Even married local couples like to go to motels from time to time because it makes the occasion feel more sinful.

Look at the bright side: not being able to bring girls back to your room can be a blessing. Sooner or later, you're bound to bump into Miss Trouble and then you'll be glad She doesn't even know where you live.


P.S. : careful about Mercury's rates, it's 90 on week-ends but 120 on week-days. That's another sign that it's not a hotel for saturday-night partying, more of a businessmen's hotel. If it were attracting a crowd of week-end revelers, you would expect the fares to be reversed.

03-14-04, 18:07
BTW has someone ever stayed in SP Grand Hyatt and could report ?


Hoof Hunter
03-14-04, 18:38

Thanks for responding. If you had to do it, knowing Love Story will be Love Story on both Fri. and Sat. nite, which nite would be better to go to Lov.e?

Meaning, which is the better nite to go to Lov.e? Or is it the same type and size of crowd on Fri. & Sat. nites?

We will be well within that area of South SP that you described, probably for the entire weekend.

Thanks again for the heads-up.


Genghis Khan
03-15-04, 10:16
Tommy America,

The prices at W Unico are of the same structure as the other
W establishments, but there is one twist. If you take the girl
with you to your hotel/motel it will be an additional R$200,-,
but not if you bring her back to their house where there are
rooms on the premises.


The correct name is Cafè Gauguin. Check out www.cafegauguin.com.br.

I stayed at the hotel next door called Gran Estanplaza and
would very much recommend this hotel. Very nice, not expensive,
spacious suites and very garota friendly. Their service is the best
I have experienced at any hotel.

Never made it into Cafè Gauguin though.


J Wadd
03-15-04, 11:33
Thanks alot XXL. Great detail. I guess I'm still looking for that good Praca Republica hotel. Any other recs?


03-15-04, 13:44
GK, what could be good discounted rates at Gran Estanplaza ?


Genghis Khan
03-15-04, 16:13

You will be able to find their rates on their webpages:

I haven`t found better prices on any other webpages.


03-15-04, 16:48
GK, thanks : it will surelly be useful for next trip, i like the location in front of Gauguin ;


Rockin Bob
03-16-04, 22:23
I have to tell you guys, about one hour ago I smiled at a young lady right and looked her right in the eyes and said to her in English, "honey, you have got to be about the worst girl I have ever been with in Brazil!" She didn't understand a word and smiled back.

These websites! I have only used one before, sexdreams.com.br. The girl was pretty good, but I wonder if I had met her in a club, if I would have gone with her. I don't like the pig-in-a-poke deal. This time, I was perusing M-Class and found a girl who -photo-wise- was drop dead gorgeous. I called her up, went to her "flat in Jardims" which turned out to be a hotel. What I saw was what I got, but man! Like I said to her.

And 200 reals to top it off. I wonder how long it's going to take me to finally realize, there's no correlation between either price or beauty and what you get from a girl!

I mean, I gotta ask, isn't a lot better to find a girl in a boate where you can get to know her a little than to call somebody based on a couple of photos?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

03-21-04, 00:26
At Rockin Bob

It would be interesting to know what she said to you and you didn’t understand :-))

So long,

Dr. Pimpolho

03-21-04, 03:01

i stayed at the hyatt (only hyatt in sp) in december, over a weekend. i thought i posted a report but now i don't see it there - so pm me if you need more info.

i used two free nights of the faster free nights promotion they ran through end of february, so i can't comment on rates.

totally garota-friendly, as i had a girl sleep over both nights - not even a comment or look (other than smiles from some of the bellmen dudes). the concierge even discussed the various programma places with me.

the hotel is not a year old - it's really nice. i had a large room with large bathroom - don't know if that's the norm or if i was given an upgrade or nicer room (the top floor / club floor was closed for xmas holiday time).

location is not great... i mean it may be in a good neighborhood and close enough to places - but i like being able to walk to a market or more residencial-type neighborhood, and this part of morumbai is more commercial... and the hotel is kind of a block of it's own (along with the bankboston bldg).

didn't sample any hotel food. highspeed internet in room about us$15. bankboston atm in the lobby.

03-21-04, 11:37
Leo, thanks ; i've been eating in one of the Grand Hyatt's restaurants and enjoyed the food, then checked the indoor pool/health center which seemed VERY nice ; i was wondering if rooms were nice, so thank you for your answer ;


Fair Dinkum
03-22-04, 05:46
I was in Sao Paulo last month and stayed at the Grand Hyatt. It's a very nice hotel and not too expensive by US dollar standards. I didn't try to bring a girl in but I got the impression it wouldn't have been a problem if I had wanted to.

I went to a movie theater near downtown, a few blocks from the Sao Bento metro station. It was late on a Sunday afternoon, and all of the bars, discos, and massage places seemed to be closed. Given all the stories about crime in Sao Paulo, I was on edge, but the area seemed fairly safe. The theater was showing porn flicks. Based on earlier posts, I had heard that there were girls circulating throughout the theater. It was almost completely dark so it took a long time for my eyes to adjust. Was I in for a surprise when they did. It turns out I had blundered into a gay hangout! Not a girl in the place, and guys sucking each other off in the seats. What was really strange was that the porn on the screen was guy/girl.

I hightailed it out the door and noticed another theater (Cinema something or other, sorry I don't have more specific information) right down the street, on a big plaza. The cover was 6 or 7 reals, and the girl tried to tell me something on my way in, but I don't speak Portuguese and couldn't catch it. Anyway, I went in and this was more like it. A naked girl was up on the stage, spreading her pussy and talking into a microphone. Other girls were walking among the seats, but I didn't see any blowjobs being given. Then the girl ended her show and it turned out that at 6 p.m. the live show ended. They started showing a porn flick on the screen and it looked like the girls were packing up and heading out. The place was pretty downscale but at least it was better than the last one.

One girl walked by and caught my eye. Again the language barrier came up, but in the end she quoted me 30 reals for a BJ and 40 for FS. I wasn't really sure what the deal was going to be but she ended up taking me back into the bathroom for a CBJ. She might have given me a BBBJ but I didn't push it. (I'd rather have a CBJ than risk a STD.) She wasn't that into it and seemed to be in hurry; it definitely wasn't GFE. Still, it was dirt cheap and I guess for 30 reals I got what I paid for.

03-23-04, 17:30
Anyone stay at the Marriott near Avenida Paulista? Just wondering if this is near any of the bars talked about. Also, any good mps close by?

Hacke Beck
03-24-04, 19:34
Next month I will be in Sao Paulo, just for one night, I will arrive at the airport at 8:20 Pm , go to my hotel, and then look for action. I dont want to waist time, so where do you recomend to go. Kilt?

Would appriaciate somo info. Next day flying to Recife.

03-25-04, 15:21
One-night stop in SP

Be careful about planning unnecessary one-night stops in Brazil's airports right now! The Policia Federal who control passengers at customs are now staging a country-wide work-to-rule. See reports on the "General" sub conference.

It may be wiser to keep boardings and desembarkings to a minimum as long as the strike is not over. According to news headlines, the action has been extended to domestic flights.

The following URL is that of the Feds trade-union :


You can use it to ckeck whether the action has ended, provided you can decifer some Portuguese. It doesn't tell you what the situation on the ground is like though.


Hacke Beck
03-25-04, 19:19
It is only one night stop because next day I fly for one week to Recife. But thanks for your advice. Is KILT the place I should visit?

Zax Dad
03-25-04, 19:21
Any Mongerers (Local or Traveling) Going to be in SP 3/29 - 4/1 ?

Fellow mongerer here traveling alone on business to SP on above dates. Anyone interested in trolling the clubs together for some quality garotas ? PM me with any suggestions for independents you can pass along.



03-26-04, 16:04
Hey zax dad,

I'm in Sao Paulo now and will be until 3-31.

03-26-04, 23:43
Sao Paulo Day 1

I arrived with the normal hassle of the current slowdown in immigration and the special “American” procedures for fingerprint and picture. The plane was a little late so we avoided the morning crush from all of the planes from the stated and some of rush hour. It took us about an hour and a half to clear customs and immigration. Not bad, but again this was only one plane and not a full one either.

I got to my hotel, the Parthenon Flats Saint Germain at about 11:00 am and cleaned up and rested a little before making contact with my friend here. We had previously arranged for a “magazine girl” to come to my room for some afternoon cuddling, but he informed me that she was tied up and he arranged for a substitute. My friend has not steered me wrong yet, so I told him to bring her on.

(On a side note here, I do not have the experience that many of you have on the board so this might be more of the same to you. I will say that the more of the native language that you learn, the better off you are. This is especially true in Sao Paulo where English is not widely spoken and everything is negotiable. That is why I latched on to a fellow monger that lives here to help me through the process. It is also why I have resolved to learn more of the language each time I go back)

Chris arrived at my hotel right on time and she was very nice. She was about 5’6” brown hair with blond highlights. She spoke excellent English a real plus and a delight in bed. As most girls, she was independent and works at a karaoke club and sometimes at Vagao. I am not sure the best way of telling you how to get in touch with her.

Had a great dinner at a churrascaria near Jardim America and headed there after the dinner. Not sure what the entry fee is, but we didn’t have any problem spending it. The program is R$600 for the girls, taking them to a room near the club. The atmosphere is great at the club and the quality of women was very high. Since I wasn’t ready to spend the requested duty I tried to get some numbers to set up a meeting the next day. I was relative successful doing this.

From Jardim America we went to Vagao. I always seem to end up here and I have not been disappointed. Met up with Anna, a nice blond and arranged for a session at my hotel. The group wanted to go out a little more and I reluctantly went along (remember I landed that morning). It turns out through some interesting circumstances; I ended up with an additional girl, Paula. She was very petite and a real sweetie. To make a long story short I had a dupla with Paula and Anna and it was incredible. When they left at 6:00 AM, It was all I could do to make it to the door and take then to the taxi. The overall damage for the girls was R$200 each for about 3 hours plus taxi. I collapsed and wondered what Day 2 would bring.

03-27-04, 06:26
I would highly recommend the 'magazine girl' as I had the pleasure of spending some time with her. Very sweet girl with a gorgeous body. Go buy the current edition of Ele & Ela she is the morena with a 10 page spread. Impressive indeed.

03-27-04, 16:48
Hacke Beck said:

Next month I will be in Sao Paulo, just for one night, I will arrive at the airport at 8:20 Pm , go to my hotel, and then look for action. I dont want to waist time, so where do you recomend to go. Kilt?

It depends on what night it is. If it is Saturday or Sunday night, then yes, go to Kilt.

Bomboa, though, is by far a much better value for your money and a lot of fun as well. It is closed on Saturday night and also on Sunday night. Any other time is good.



03-27-04, 17:56
Sao Paulo – Day 2

Well as always happens, sometimes you get a day where the stars just don’t align and today was one of those. I had an afternoon appointment arranged with a girl that I met at Jardim America on Thursday night (Renata, no, not the Antares Renata). Called to verify the details and she didn’t answer. I hope this wasn’t an omen of things to come. I walked down to Paulista to recharge my reais supply from an ATM and I went to at least five before I found one that had a working ATM that was on the Plus network. The good news was that I was in Brazil; the weather was great and I am in a place with arguably some of the best looking women in the world.

The evening started with a great Italian dinner followed by another trip to Vagao. It seemed like there were more women this time, but it was just not clicking. I saw Paula and would have considered seeing her again, but she slipped out under the radar. It was the usual selection and I told the guys that I was going to look for a little back door action tonight. After much internal debate, I settled on Bianca.

Bianca is about 5’8” blond, hard boobs, but pretty well proportioned. The guys said that she would do anything so I said what the hell. The key to Bianca is getting the right level of alcohol and energy drink in her (according to knowledgeable sources). We left Vagao for the karaoke bar again (Tequila) with Bianca and the gang. On a side note I really have a hard time starting to party at 3:00 AM and even a harder time when you don’t start with the girl until 5:00 AM. Call me old fashion; or just old.

I was ready for some great action, we negotiated R$270 for 5 hours; complete. I don’t usually get into a lot of details, but this was sort of funny in a self deprecating way. Hub warned me that I was in for a lot of fucking and he didn’t think I would be able to last all 5 hours. By God I was going to show him. I never use the blue pill, but I decided to pop one tonight. We were getting it on pretty good for literally an hour and a half and I decided to go for the back door action. We fooled at it for a bit, I got up for some lubricant and came back she was asleep. I nudged her and she was totally out. Now picture this, here is an old man almost 60 with a raging woody and raring to go at 7:00AM for at least a couple more hours with a 20 something young thing ass high in the air, sawing wood, f…ing sleeping. Talk about a blow to your image as stud. I do insist that the energy drink alcohol ratio was off, not my manhood.

So, what do I do? Go ahead with what you started and finish the deed? Or say f..k it and go to sleep with a tent pole in the middle of the sheet. I opted for the latter and did the gentlemanly thing. I gave her some shit the next morning about falling asleep and she did try to make it right. Never did get the backdoor action; I wasted half of a vitamin V and a raging hard-on and at my age you don’t want to waste too many of those. But hey, I am in a city with many other opportunities and tomorrow is another day.

03-28-04, 06:26
I've been reading the Sao Paulo board preparing for my first trip to South America, and to Brazil in May. Needless to say I haven't been able to contribute here, however, I would like to get opinions and recommendations from some of you 'Veterans-of-SP' regarding the following questions:

1) I've got a reservation at the Hilton on Ipiranga Avenue, and at the Grand Hyatt. Any recommdations on which one is best, or perhaps other hotels I should entertain?

2) I am completely unfamiliar with the Portuguese language, how valuable do you think it is to speak some degree of the language to pick-up ladies?

3) I would like to have a GFE with a GORGEOUS girl. With no concern for cost, where would you recommend I go to find the highest quality ladies in Sao Paulo?

4) I read in some previous posts that it's become a hassle for Americans entering Brazil through Sao Paulo. Is this still the case?

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds with useful information. It is my intention to post, and share my experience, and photos with this board upon my return.

Sawu Bona


03-28-04, 07:01
As Moondog stated, Kilt is one of the few places that are open on Sunday, although plenty of the lower end places on Rua Augusta are open on Sunday as well. I was at Kilt this past Sunday and the talent was weaker than the other days; though Sunday is generally a slow day as it is a day of rest, even for the garotas de programa. Bomboa is an excellent choice during the weekday; however it does get packed fairly early as the Paulista business clienteles hit Bomboa after work. I'd advise to get there around 7pm and get your target early.

03-30-04, 00:00
I will be begin by saying to Nickster53 that the girls from Jd America called me and said they will make it up to you when you return to Sao Paulo.
Talk about a good time. Jd America has one of the best selection so far in this town. It does help a lot if you have some knowledge of the language.
I went to Edson´s birthday party at Jd. America and had a lot of fun. The friends that were there with me now know why I like my new phone.
One word of advise for people coming down here. Get yourself an unlocked GSM mobile phone. Preferably a tri-band phone. You can get yourself a pre-paid phone. Use your hotel address and phone number to register. Your number will only be active for 3 months, so take as many credits you can to charge every 3months or so. The phone you will help you maintain in contact with the girls and phone number you get when prowling the places.
There is a flow of girls from Bomboa and Donna Caffe moving to the downtown boates. To find them you just have to ask the waiter if there are new girls that night. Nickster had 2 new girls from Donna Caffe that are working at Vagao. By the Nickster53, thanks for that save.

Genghis Khan
03-30-04, 07:36

When I was at W a couple of weeks ago, I hooked up with a
lady who had worked in W quite a while. She told me that when
Edson moved to JD he brought with him a lot of the ladies from
W and that some of these ladies now circulate between W and
JD. The new owner of W (Fernando) used to work with Edson
earlier too as the manager at Alameda Irae and then later as
the manager of the big house in Alameda Guatas. Do you know
if just some or all of the girls circulate between W and JD?

Did you find see a blonde by the name Juliana at JD?
Her full name is Juliana Rodrigues Paulino. She was featured as
Gata do mes at the website baladatotal.com.br a while ago and
those pictures looked incredible. I do believe she works at JD as
all the other girls featured at baladatotal.com.br at the same
time was from JD too.


Genghis Khan
03-30-04, 08:18
I am no longer able to recommend the hotel Gran Estanplaza
as the prices on their webpages have changed dramaticly. They
now list their prices in US Dollars instead of Brazilian Reals, but
with the same amount.


03-31-04, 23:38
Planning to visit Sao Paulo and staying at he Hilton Morumbi.

1. Read that Cafe Gauguin is very close by. Any feedback from this forum on Cafe Guaguin? What's the experience like? Their web site gives little information about the establishment.

2. What's the nearest and best massage parlor to the Hilton. I do not want to venture too far from the hotel.

3. Finally any recommendations for top notch escort services to come to the hotel. Is the Hilton friendly in that sense?

04-01-04, 14:37
Doug, when you'll have enough dynamism to search three little pages earlier, you'll find a GREAT report about Gauguin by Off2golf, as a shorter one from me ; he has recently reported about Hilton Morumbi as well.

04-02-04, 02:37
How difficult is it to get a tourist visa for Brazil?

04-02-04, 08:03
I have reviewed some of the reports of Sao Paulo. It sounds like a great place to visit. I am going to Brazil on business but should have time to enjoy mongering a bit. Tough to get a business visa tough. Still working on it.

I am traveling to Sao Paulo on April 25. I will be staying at the Radisson Hotel Sao Paulo Faria Lima it is located on Avenida Cidade Jardim,625.

Can any of you guys let me know which clubs and massage parlors I would be close to. I will probably be traveling by taxi or walking. Also can you recommend some hot spots. Also I have no knowledge of Portugese so any help or ideas are welcome. I am definitely interested in a threesome, heard and seen a few pictures.

Anyway all posts or Pm are welcome. I'll return the favor to anyone traveling to Thailand, Australia or Orange Co.



04-02-04, 17:18
Many Sao Paulo posts are about the "clinicas" and clubs but very few on escorts. If you're looking for "room service" what is a highly recommended escort service if cost is not an issue?

Surfing web sites looking for an escort is not my thing as I would like to hear from experienced members on this board.

04-02-04, 17:33

As Pro stated, if you go back a few pages, you will see my posting about Cafe GauGuin.

Hilton Morumbi is great business hotel (1.5 years old) which has friendly staff, contemporary and well designed bedroom, business minded work area, great bed for some action, and girl-friendly (no additional cost and have your girl registerd)

Massage parlor near the hotel is AdvanceVIP (www.advancevip.com.br) which is at opposisite of the river (Pinheiros) and about 5 minutes ride from the hotel. It is fairly nice place with good talent. I went there a couple of visits ago an had good time.

Hope this helps.

Member #3427
04-04-04, 09:04

Getting a tourist visa is about as easy as ordering a Big Mac at McDonalds. Just do a search online and you will find a few companies that can have it done within a couple days as long as you have a passport. The visa is good for the 5 years from first date of entry, but must be used within 90 days of getting it (It's a stamp in your passport).

The Chacal

Rio Nut
04-04-04, 19:03
I went to Jardin America and it was a RIP OFF! For a very nice good looking girl you can find in a top escort agency in Rio de Janeiro, you have to pay 760 reais with the entrance for only a few hours!

So it is 600 reais for just a short session, then another 100 reais if you want to take her out of the house!! If you add taxi and drinks you are easily spending over 1000 reais for a girl who you can get for 150 reais in Rio de Janeiro.

I do not know why some people pay this much money. All you are doing is dressing up *****s in fancy clothes, putting them in a nice house, and extorting money I think.

04-06-04, 22:46
girls do go aorund but it has to do with the house movement. W is very slow at the moment. Most of the girls are turning to different spots. Locals are calling a change of weather. LOL

Jd America is a expensive place but it sells a fantasy to locals. Locals like the idea of a more exclusive kind of place and are willing to pay for it.
The hint with Jd America is to get the phone numbers and meet with the girls out of there. Go with a group of friends and share a bottle of whiskey.

Genghis Khan
04-07-04, 08:11

Thanks for your reply. Would you mind telling me what you mean
by "house movement"?

Yes it seems W is on the way down. They don`t accept credit
cards anymore and tops ten girls were present when I was
there last time.


Genghis Khan
04-07-04, 10:58
Day 1

I landed at Guarulhos airport around 13:00 and used about an hour clearing passport check,
waiting for my luggage, clearing customs, exchanging some USD to Reals and finding a
taxi. The temperature was a whopping 33ºC and it was really humid. After a 13 hour flight
with a time difference of four hours and a temperature difference of about 40ºC from home
I was really longing for a shower and some sleep. I managed to find a radio taxi with
aircondition and I was on my way to my hotel. My hotel was the Grand Estanplaza hotel
located at Rua Arizona in Berrini. This is a really garota friendly hotel right next door to the
rather upscale strip club Cafè Gauguin and a short walk away from Shopping Morumbi and
the World Trade Center. The hotel is quite new (about one year old) and very nice. Every
room has got a balcony and the suites have got jacuzzies. The pictures on their webpage
doesn`t do this hotel justice as it is really beautiful both inside and outside.

The first thing that struck me as I entered the reception area was the beauty of the two female
receptionists that welcomed me with a glass of champagne as I checked in. One of these ladies
turned out to be exceptionally helpful and friendly with all my needs and questions “touristwise”
during the rest of my stay. For instance she happily phoned and reserved tables at all the
18 restaurants I had prepared on a list for her. When I wanted to change my room into something
smaller she showed me all the different room types before I had to make up my mind and she
never winked an eye at the garotas I brought with me to my room. It was up to me and the girl
in question to decide if we wanted to register her before going up to the room. I never tried to
bring more than one girl up to my room, but I wouldn`t be surprised if that was possible too.

Let me take a brief pause here to inform you a little about my intentions for a trip such as this.
I am on a vacation, that means no business. My main interest here in Brazil is of course the
women, but I also have a passion for good food and wine. So everywhere I go I always prepare
a list of the restaurants I need to visit. On this trip the list was quite comprehensive. In my report
I will briefly mention the restaurants I visited, but will not make this a restaurant review. So if
anyone wants some more info on any of the mentioned restaurants, please send me an e-mail at genghiskhan8@hotmail.com and I will give my advice.

Once inside the room I unpacked, sent some clothes away for laundry, showered and went
happily to sleep for about 4 hours until 18:00. I had really hoped to hook up with Marglo from
WSA or Hub666 from Wsgforum on this trip, but their schedules didn`t allow such a meet on
my trip this time. So I was prepared to rumble Sao Paulo on my own.

After yet another shower and a change of clothes I was ready to visit the first restaurant on my
list - D.O.M. After a fantastic meal and a bottle of wine I looked forward to my first Brazilian
woman of 2004. I took a taxi to W Unico on Av. Chibaras 992 Moema as planned and arrived at
around 22:00. I was greeted at the door by a big imposing black guy with some phrases in Portugese.
I tried one of my few practiced Portugese sentences “Nao falo Portugese”. This seemed to do the
trick as he went inside the restaurant and returned with another person who approached me in
handshake motion and said “Hi, I am Alexandre. Welcome to W Unico.” Alexandre told me that
this monday really was not the best day at Unico because generally mondays were a bit slower than
the other days during the week and several of their girls had not returned from their carnival
vacation yet. Alexandre showed me around the restaurant which consisted of about ten tables and
a big bar area. Behind the bar, the owners (Washington and Gustavo) have their offices and there is
a VIP room where the customers can bring the girls for some “action”. From the stairs behind the
bar the second floor which is no more than a big indoor balcony is reached. Up here is a pool table.
Alexandre informed me that they could arrange a private festa with the girls of my choice up here
and they would also arrange a female bartender if I wanted that instead of the male waitor downstairs.
Once back on the first floor again I notice no more than four or five ladies present and no other
customers. No lady appealed to me right away and I ask Alexandre if more girls would be coming.
Alexandre told that some more girls would be coming but that a day later in the week might be a
better choice. He also told me that they have a book where all their girls can be seen. I asked him
if I could see this book, but his answer was that it was not possible at the moment. Alexandre left
me, and the waitor took my order for a Caipirinha.

Before I set foot in W Unico I was determined to use this night to gain the trust of the staff in order to
get an invitation to their house. This house is used to throw parties for their customers. One customer
and ten to fifteen girls in a private house with a pool and a barbeque. This house used to be located at
Alameda Irae but the operation is now moved to Alameda dos Camaiuras. The house is open on appointment only from monday to friday and the W Unico restaurant is open from monday to thursday. So even if the selection wasn`t all that good, in order to gain entry to “The Masion” I was ready to maybe take an 8
home instead of going somewhere else looking for a 9 or a 10.

After a while Alexandre reappeared and asked me if I see anyone I like. I asked him when the rest of the
girls would show up. He told me that they would come at any moment now and as we spoke two more
girls entered the restaurant but to my disappointment they were no better than 6 or maybe 7. Since I
didn`t seem too enthusiastic about any particular girl Alexandre brought over two girls sitting at
another table. One is a powerfully built (this lady must lift some weights) girl with dark hair, big
beautiful eyes and an incredible hard, well shaped bunda. She introduces herself as Gabriella.
The other is a blond who didn`t catch my attention much with blue eyes and I don`t remember her

Alexandre told me that no girls available tonight spoke much English so he sat down with us and
acted as a translator trying to hook me up with one of these girls. Alexandre told me that Gabriella
was a gymnast, that she worked at Unico a couple of weeks at a time when she is able to get away from
her regular job as a flight attendant. After a while the blonde girl understood that I really wasn`t
interested in her and left me with a kiss. Alexandre asked me if I liked Gabriella and after she had
removed her sunglasses she seemed quite attractive to me. She was not a 10. Probably an 8, but she seemed
very friendly and to me a GFE with an 8 is preferable to a 10 with an attitude. It seemed to me that
Alexandre wanted to push me to make a choice, so I told Alexandre that I really didn`t see anyone
who really turned on my sparks but that Gabriella was a friendly, attractive lady who I would like to
take back to my hotel for the rest of the night if Alexandre was able to arrange a party at their house
the next afternoon. Alexandre seemed surprised that I knew about the house and he asked how I knew
about it and if I knew or had ever spoken to Mr. W aka. Washington. I told Alexandre that I used to go
to W at Rua Alvorada in the past, had never spoken to Washinton but to Roberto. Alexlandre replied
that they have moved the operation of the house from Alameda Irae to Alameda dos Camairas. The
new house has a more private location and is bigger and more beautiful than the old one on Irae. It
didn`t seem like he understood which Roberto I meant because he asked me if I meant Roberto
Bellini. The Roberto I was referring to is Washintons brother who used to own W on Rua Alvorada.
I don`t know Robertos last name, so I just answered “Yes” to his question about Roberto Bellini.
Later I have learned that Roberto Bellini is quite a different person, but I still don`t know who this
is. Alexandre told me that he needed to speak with Washington and left Gabriella and me. Gabriella
knew some basic English but was worried if we would be able to communicate once outside the restaurant.
I reassured her that I had a dictionary at my hotel room. She seemed okay by this and started pouring down whiskey and Red Bull.

After a shile Alexandre was back and told me that all was set. He handed over W Unicos card to me
and wrote down his phone number on the backside along with the address of “The Maison” -
Alameda dos Camaiuras 169. He told me to call before I came and that I should come around
16:00 the next day. Gustavo came over to my table and asked if everything is to my satisfaction
in perfect English. Alexandres English is quite basic, so Gustavo told me that if Alexandres
English was a problem he could act as a translator instead as he had lived quite a few years in
Los Angeles and spoke English fluently. I reassured him that everything was fine. Alexandre
wanted to know if we I wanted to leave for the hotel now and I answered “Yes”. The waitor
who spoke no English handed the bill to me.

Let me take a brief pause again to explain my mony policy when I am travelling. I never use a credit
card. I always pay by cash. In my opinion it is a much bigger chance to get cheated when using a
credit card than getting robbed of my cash. I never walk the streets but always takes a taxi wherever
I go. I try to limit the cash I bring with me to what I need. Another reason for why I always pay with
cash is the fact that I personally know several persons working at the bank I use and it would be very
easy for them to see the big expenses I have in Brazil and thereby make there own conclusioins about
what I am doing here if I paid with credit card. So I like my privacy and pay with cash.

Before I left for Brazil I had read a couple of posts about W Unico on several boards on the internet. The
reports told that the price for taking a girl out of the restaurant and back to “The Maison” for a few hours
would be R$600,- and that taking a girl back to the hotel would be R$800,-.

When the waitor showed my the bill I was quite surprised as it showed just under R$1100,-. I had two
Caipirinhas and Gabriella had three whiskies and Red Bull. I really wanted to be able to go to the
party, so on this particular night this price was something I didn`t have any problems accepting. However
since I always only bring cash, my fear was that I hadn`t brought enough cash to cover this. After
counting my money I found out I only had R$1000,-. The waitor started arguing that this was not enough,
so I asked to speak to Alexandre again who understood English and told him that I had more money at
the hotel and that I would give Gabriella the rest once at the hotel. Alexandre that this would be no problem,
took my money and left for a short while before returning and then told me that Mr. Washington himself
would drive Gabriella and me to my hotel. This was a good thing as I didn`t have money left for a taxi now.
So Washington and a security guard drove Gabriella and me to the hotel where Washington shook my
hand and thanked me for the business before Gabriella and I entered the hotel. Gabriella didn`t want to
register at the front desk and “my” friendly girl at the desk didn`t have any objections to this – so we went straight up to my room.

I will not give a blow by blow description of our rumble in my hotel room, but I can tell you that this
girl really had a well toned body and that the sex was excellent - BBBJ, no anal. When we woke up
the next morning she kissed me goodbye and told me that she would see me at the house later that
afternoon. I gave her a little taxi money as agreed by Alexandre and me and the rest of the money I
wasn`t able to pay at the restaurant the night before, waved her off and went back to sleep.

Similary reports of day 2, 3 and 4 will come later.


04-07-04, 19:55
What I wanted to explain is that all W/unico, U/Club and Jd America are all separate operations and right now Jd America is the the place of the moment at this level of places.
W/Unico seems to be in problems due to their outdoor advertising on the streets and W/Club is almost dead....again.
At Edson party, some of the girls that I know told me that they were getting calls from both Ws with offers of money in an attempt to empty the place.

Member #3427
04-08-04, 19:27

Thanks for the novel.

The Chacal

Rio Nut
04-10-04, 09:51
Well I found today something very absurd.

There is a girl that I once paid to fuck from Curitiba. She is only 19 years old. Well it appears that she is in Sao Paulo and she called to see if I wanted a program, since she and I get along well and have kept in touch.

I ask her why she is in Sao Paulo, and she said she came through an agency that advertised her to gringos as "the first program of a teenage girl".

Well she does look very young, even though she is of legal age.

Anyways, she was very happy because an old American guy apparently paid the agency 4000 reais for one night with her, thinking that he was going to 'have' this young teenager girl for the first time.

Well he overpaid by about 3800 reais since she has been fucking in Curitiba for 6 months.

Please, try to understand that just because you are in a foreign country and do not speak the language, does not mean that you should lose common sense.

RCA Knight
04-11-04, 18:27
I made a short visit to Brasil again for a friend's wedding in Sao Paulo several weeks ago. I flyed from Bangkok to Frankurt for connection to SP. In the airport transit I met a Brasilian garota named Adriana. She is so pretty and her body was so good. I wanted to jack off in the restroom thinking about her. She was flying home from Germany. I talked to her for a little while waiting for the trasit to SP. She said she was visiting her brother who was studying in Hamburg. I managed to get her mobile number in Brasil but not sure able to meet her or not. She lives in Joinville in Santa Catarina. She is so cute I was really thinking to take a side trip to Joinville just to see her if she can meet me. She sat in the front section and I sat in the back section of the plane.

But her next seat was empty so I went to sit and talk to her for a long time and she seemed to enjoy talking to me as well. I was trying to see her in Sao Paulo after we arrive. I was happy to hear she will not fly home directly to Joinville and will go see a friend in Campinas for few days. So I try to ask her out. She asked me to call her. She will be in Campinas with her friend and her friend will come pick her up at the airport.
The first day in SP I did not call her. I stayed with my friends in Morumbi and did nothing only hanged out in some local bars. Second day I cannot wait to call her anymore. I called her and she said she and her friends were in shopping Center Norte. I said I like to see her there. She wanted me to there so I and another friend went to Center Norte.

Her friend was also very sexy. She also from Joinville and studys in Campinas. I and my friend got really really horny and try to think how to score both. We all talked together first and the mood was really good. I think these 2 girls are playgirls. I am not really sure Adriana really went to see her brother in Germany or not. Because I understand Portugese pretty good. And between their conversation I have a feeling she maybe doing somthing else in Germany or may have a boyfriend there. I could sense they are really careful about talking about something. But I don't care, they are both so pretty and only 21. We drank more and more in the center Norte and the girls became more and more open. And I suggest we change place. My friend took us to a Swiss fundue restaurant in the suburb up on a hill with a great city view. We went there and drink and eat more. the chocolate fundue was so good All four of us are in a very good mood and joking and touching around. After all the drinking and eating, I paid for the whole bill and were deciding next step. Then the garotas said they are free next day and suggested spend a day to Campo do Jordao. We agree that is a really good idea. I and my friend think after 2-3 hours to get to Campo do Jordao then get a big pousada room and have a big sex slumber party.

These 2 gals were sleeping most of the way. I and my friend had to swith driving several times to stay safe and focus. When my friend was driving I went to sit in the back with Adriana. She was still tired from the long flight from Frankfurt. But I touched her everywhere and kissed her. She was half sleep and she seemed to like it doing in hald sleep. Very wet lips.

We arrived in the early morning still very dark. And checked into a nice chateau hotel with 2 connecting room. Naturally without any deciding Adrina came to sleep with me. And she was sleepy but took a shower and I went to join the shower and she was not shy and we made out and I put on my condom and pounded her so good in the shower. And we slept and woke up 11 AM and I pounded her one more time.

We ended up spend 2 days in Campo do Jordao. My friend also pounded the other gal. But we were unable to have 4some or swith. I guess they are not pro. Campo do Jordao is a perfect place for this kind of trip with a garota. The weather was so cool. So many nice Germanic alpine restaurants and bars.

I had to rush back to SP for a friend's wedding in SP. Adriana took the all night VIP bus back to Joinville. I went to the bus terminal to send her off. I really like to see her again but this could be the only time. After only 6 days in Brasil. I came back to Bangkok for more mongering and also for some business. I will try to see Adriana in SC next time when I go Brasil for one month in July. Maybe take her to Floripa. But it will be cold there. I will keep her warm.

04-13-04, 00:19
RCA Knight,

That's very cool and refreshing story and experience. Thanks for sharing with us.

You went to right place (Campo do Jordao) for romantic getaway with two beauties. It is my understanding that Campo do Jordao is one of highly sought vacation spots for Brazilian. I attempted to go there once with my SP girlfriend but I was not able to get a room. It turned out that you only can reserve a room one week a clip at nice hotels during high season.

I had similar experience in January traveling Asia/Pacific region and hit off good with a flight attendant enroute from Beijing to Singapore, and had great time for one night.

I hope you would be able to catch up with Adriana again during your next visit to Brazil.


RCA Knight
04-13-04, 21:21

Campo do Jordao is a very good short get away with garota especilally in the winter. This was my 3rd trip there. You can bring a garota and get a chalet room with fireplace and with beautiful mountain views. But Campo do Jordao can be very commercial bustling. If you like alpine get away with fewer people and less commercial, I reccommend Monte Verde. Only about 2 hours from city and very scenic and has many nice chalet hotels. Very cold in the winter. Good mood making as well. I have been there once 2 years ago. Picked up a garota student from Parque Ibirapuera and took a short trip together. But the road up the mountain was little rough. Very nice get away. I also reccommend Monte Verte too.

J Wadd
04-13-04, 23:46
Kinda interesting thing here:

I rented a porno last night (Pick-Up Babes #11) and it had a girl from V.P. in it (the place across the street from Kilt next to the central Hilton). It's funny, I got her and her friend kinda mad at me when I gave them the "tomorrow night" line then showed up the next night and picked up another girl (I can't help it -- when I see a finer girl, she's the one I go after). Anyway, she was pretty cool about it, and we danced at Love Story later that night.

Here's a link to the movie cover, she's the one on the bottom:
I hope it's o.k. to post this link. If not (Jackson), sorry in advance.


Biggie Smalls
04-14-04, 03:39
Speaking of that, someone told me that "Bianca Beck" on many of the pro sites has been in some of "Buttmans" porn. Was it her?

I also was told in one scene she is with a she-male or two, so that knocked her of my to do list,ha ha. Just not my style. Maybe someone can confirm.

By the way, if anyone is in SP now or the next several days (maybe weeks) and you want to show a young man around or explore together, post or PM. Not sure exactly for how long I will be available, but feel free to try if you are availabe.

Biggie Smalls

Genghis Khan
04-14-04, 11:00
Day 2

Due to jet lag, time difference and not much sleep the last 48 hours, I woke up at around 13:00. Gabriella
had left about four hours ago. I took a quick shower and headed over to Shopping Morumbi to change
some money at the Cambio and quickly hurried back to the hotel. I had a reservation at the restaurant
Suntory for lunch at 14:00 and I was determined to get there on time. My lady at the front desk told me
that instead of taking a taxi, she would recommend me using the hotels own driver. His name was Julio
and he had just returned to the hotel after a drive with another hotel guest. She also informed me that
Julio didn`t speak any English, so I had to arrange the appointments with him at the hotel through the
receptionist. The price was R$50,- pr. hour and Julio could either wait for me at the destination until I
wanted to return to the hotel or somewhere else or he could pick me up again at an appointed time. I
decided to use Julios services for this day to try him out. I don`t have that many really good experiences
with taxies in Sao Paulo. Many don`t know their way around town too well, others takes you on
roundtrips around the city in order to increase the fare and almost nobody speaks any English. I booked
Julios services for the day. We agrred on him taking me to Suntory right away, then pick me up again at
the restaurant at 15:00 and finally to take me from the hotel to Alameda dos Camaiuras (the “ W Unico
Masion”) at 16:30 where he should wait outside until I decided to return to the hotel.

Julio drove me to Suntory where I was fashionably 15 minutes late. This afternoon I was not feeling
very well. A bit of a hangover from last night combined with the jet lag and the unfamiliar heat and
humidity didn`t have an effect on my appetite but I wasn`t feeling up for much alcohol to go with my
Sushi this time. That might not have been such a great choice.

Let me take a brief pause to tell you a little bit about myself. I am what you might call the typical quiet
type, even bordering a little towards shy. This makes me a little uncomfortable around people I don`t
know, especially if the those people are like myself or the conversation is not easy flowing. This is one
of the reasons why I always go to a restaurant and have a bottle of wine or go to a bar and have some
drinks before adventuring out into the nightlife looking for some ladies to take home. The alcohol
loosens up my inhabitions and makes me a bit more confident about myself. There is probably no reason
why I should need alcohol in order to feel confident enough about myself but that is the way I am. I need
to point out that I don`t in any way need or want to get drunk. You probably wouldn`t notice much
difference in my behaviour except that I am easier to talk to.

After having eaten a great suchi meal at Suntory and the time was around 15:00, I paid the bill and walked
outside expecting Julio to be on time. Julio nor his car however was nowhere to be seen. In fact he didn`t
show up until 15:25. I was a little pissed off about this but decided to go ahead as planned with Julio the
rest of the day before deciding if I should use him the rest of my stay or not. Back at the hotel I decided
to go back go sleep until the scheduled festa at the “W Unico Maison”.

I woke around 16:30 quite refreshed and feeling much better. I was running a bit late but I had agreed to
call Alexandre before I left the hotel, so I assumed that since our agreement was to arrive at the house
around 16:00, it would be okay to arrive an hour later. I took a quick shower and hurried downstairs to
find Julio waiting in the lobby. I apologized for being late and asked him if we could make it to Alameda
dos Camaiuras 169, Moema before 17:00. He assured me it would be no problem. I completely forgot to
call Alexandre before we left the hotel. Getting to our destination in time was no problem, but for Julio
to find the correct address turned out to be difficult. He had to stop several times to make phone calls
asking for direction and taking peaks inside his supplied map book. In the end he couldn`t find it. I
suddenly remembered that I had agreed to call Alexandre before leaving the hotel, so I handed Julio
Alexandres phone number. It turned out that Alexandre already was at the house waiting for me and he
told us to just wait in the car and he would come out and meet us. We were quite near. Once Alexandre
came out he told me that I didn`t need Julio services anymore that day. Alexandre would arrange a driver
for me to take me back to my hotel when I wanted to go back.

I followed Alexandre into a house close by. The entrance was through a locked door in a fence about 20
feet high. It was not possible to peak through the fence to see what was inside. Alexandre pushed the
doorbell and the door buzzed open. Alexandre lead the way through the front yard into a normal looking
white house with two floors. Alexandre showed me into the living room and wanted to give me a tour of
the house. The living room was L – shaped with two separate sections. Each section with its own group
of couches and chairs. There was a big stereo system in the middle of the room. Beyond one of the
living room sections was a separate closed section of the house. In this section there were three bedrooms
where I could bring girls for some action. Each bedroom had its own bathroom. Beyond the other section
of the living room were two offices. One office for Gustavo who was not present and the other for
Washington. I was shown into Washingtons house and he welcomed me with a handshake and to my
surprise said “Nao falo Inglese.” This surprised me as I have been told by others that he spoke English
very well. The master bathroom and toilette were easily reached from the hall just before entering the
living room. Through double glass doors from the living room, the back yard was reached. The back
yeard was a small garden partially covered under roof with a swimming pool and a big barbeque. A
hostess who didn`t speak any English was present and served me cold beer. No drinks except beer and
whisky were available. I wasn`t shown the second floor and I believe this is where Washington actually

The setting for the parties at this house is much like a garden party where the owner has got a swimming
pool and a barbeque. I asked Alexandre if more customers would be joining the party and he informed me
that I would be the only customer present today. “Just you and 12 girls”, he said. At the moment only three
girls were present. One of them was the blonde girl Alexandre brought over to my table at the W Unico
restaurant along with Gabriella yesterday and the two other girls were also blondes of about 7.

I don`t think it would be of much information to give a detailed description of all the events at the party.
To cut the story short, it wasn`t really what I had hoped it would be. I had hoped Alexandre would stay
around and act as a translator with the girls this time around too, but he didn`t. Washington kept calling
for him all the time to do services for him. None of the girls spoke any English so we were not able to
communicate much. The fact that I hadn`t done the regular bar round or had a bottle of wine at Suntory
before going to the house didn`t help much either. It felt rather awkard that we weren`t able to
communicate and the girls seemed mostly interested in talking among each other catching up on the
happenings of their carnival vacations. I had also hoped that at least some of the girls would bring their
bikinies and play around a bit in the pool, but they didn`t and the barbeque was not lit and left unused.
The hostess kept serving me cold beers and was really the only one that seemed interested in my well

After about two hours he last two girls to arrive at the party were Gabriella from yesterday and a tall,
slender, dark haired morena with sparkling green eyes. She introduced herself by a name I am not sure
how to pronounce. I think it is Zul, but it might also be Zol, Sul or Sol. She seemed to noticed the tence
and awkard atmosphere and in order to loosen up the atmosphere started to dance samba to the music
she put on the stereo. The fact that she spoke some basic English helped matters a lot too.

Soon Alexandre reappeared and said “I will come to your rescue”. He asked if I liked football and I
answered that I do. He then told me that he had arranged tickets for me and him on Sunday for one
of this seasons major matches in Brazillian football between two local teams from Sao Paulo. One
of the teams was last years Brazilian champions and the other team last years world champions.
He told me that since I was in Sao Paulo on vacation and the fact that almost all the night clubs were
closed during the weekend, he thought it might be a good idea to go see the match. I had already
arranged to go to Rio de Janeiro during the weekend but didn`t tell Alexandre this as I thought I
might change my mind about this later.

All the girls had arrived now and Alexandre asked me if I liked any of the girls. He told me that
the price would not be as high today as yesterday since I insisted on taking Gabriella to my
hotel yesterday. He told me that if I chose two or three girls he would even give me an extra
discount. I told him that I liked Zul and Gabriella and would like to continue privately with
them later. Since the time now was running away rather quickly (it was around 21:00) and I
was getting hungry, I asked Alexandre if it would be possible to buy something to eat. He told
me that it would not be possible in the house, but the W Unico restaurant would open in about
half an hour. All the ladies, Alexandre, Washington and I would then drive to the restaurant in
a van and after the meal, a driver would drive Zul, Gabriella and me back to the house.

At the restaurant Alexandre told me that dinner for all three including wine, the beers I had
at the house and to take Gabriella and Zul back to the house until they closed at around 02:00
would be R$1700,-. I was tempted to take the girls to Fogo de Chao, where I had a reservation,
and take in to a motel for the night instead. However Zul told me that she had a regular job to
attend to early next morning so she couldn`t stay the whole night. She told me she worked at
at a factory making candles. She also me that she had worked at W on and off for the past four
years and that she was also a flight attendant, had been a playboy centrefold, had been an
olympic gymnast representing Brazil and worked as a teacher at a samba school. She was a
true Paulista and was the only of Washingtons girls living in her own house. The other girls
live three and four girls together in Washingtons appartements around town. Since she had
worked at W for such a long time I thought I might ask her if she knew where the previous
partners at W worked now. She asked me if I meant Washingtons brothers Edson and Beto
(Roberto). All she knew was that they didn`t work with Washington anymore. She told me
that Betos artwork were hanging around on the walls at the house and that she could show
me later.

After dinner the driver brought us back to the house. Zul showed me Betos paintings. I
wasn`t aware of the fact that he was a painter. Then the three of us retreated to the biggest
bedroom in the closed section of the house. Before sex Zul gave me an amazing samba
show in the nude (this girl really knows how to dance samba).

I will not give you a blow by blow description of the sex this time either, but can tell you
that they gave me a really good time. They didn`t have sex with each other though and no
anal but both did BBBJ.

After our session we returned to the garden in the back yard and two more customers along
with three girls had arrived. I was really tired now and the time was around 02:00, so the
driver took me back to my hotel as agreed.


04-14-04, 19:08

I had the oppertunity to spend 4 nights in SP on my recent trip to South America.

First I had to say that SP as a city stinks. It is polluted, has terrible traffic and there is very little sightseeing to do. On the other hand the sex scene is amazing.

I meet a few of my old Rio de Janeiro favorites from my last trip in SP. The two girls had moved to SP as the business in Rio had apparantly gone down to much following the Iraq war. One girl were working at Centaurus and the other at Solarium. Both are beautiful and talented, so if they cannot get business in Rio it must be pretty tough there.

I stayed in the Hilton downtown. The hotel is ok, but nothing to get excited about. The location is great, but there is a R30 fee to bring a guest and the insist on seeing an ID card.

Rather than filing a cronological report I will report on individual places.

Although I never use street walkers there were plenty around in the doentown area at night. Whenever I took a taxi back to the hotel after my hobbying I would drive by a large number of SWs.

The higher end places Cafe Photo and Bahamas had some stunningly beautiful women. The average looks at these places were by far the best I have ever seen on any of my trips. The prices are set with the girls directly and depends on chemistry, length of session, number of clients and so on. At Bahamas I had a pretty good session with a very beautiful morena for R300. They have onsite facilities. Photo does not seem to have onsite facilities, but there are motels close by. I paid R500 for a very good sessions with a stunning loira.

Eventhough both places has very beautiful girls I did not really like to places too much. Mostly you just sit down with the girls and make the arrangements. There were nobody dancing, no strippers and quite a few of the girls were wearing too much clothes. It just did not feel the kind of places were I could hang out and relax between the sessions.

Millenium is a very big place with good facilities. Pool, live music, restaurant and very good suites onsite. I always opted for the suites with a big jacuzzi. At first I did not really find to many good looking girls there, but after a short time the strip shows started. The called over one of the strippers, Kelly, a gorgeous 21 year old blond from Curitiba. She quickly recieved my seal of approval and I suggest we invite along one of her girlfriends, which she thought was a good idea too. her friend was a petite blond with all the right assets. We started out by making out in the jacuzzi, then forllowed sex in the jazuzzi. Then we went over to the huge bed where the girls got to work on eachother with me letting a hand as needed. Shortly after I got a bit jealous and joined in the fun. All in all a very very good threesome. Two days later I repeated the event with Kelly and another friend. Millenium has a fixed price system where you pay R150 pr. session pr. girl. If you want you can take a girl out by paying both for the house and for her.

My favorite place during this trip was Bamboa. This was due to the combination of a very cool atmosphere with many girls dancing which occasionaly turned into stripping. Also if found the girls to be very nice to hanf out with between sessions. Facilities are good and includes a sushi restaurant.
Prices are arranged directly with the girls and I usally paid around R200, which I think is probably a bit too high. On my first arrival I immediately spotted the alluring alessandra as her small bikini revealed her stunningly fit body. After a short "bom dia" we sat down on a nearby couch. As usual I wanted to go for a threesome so I asked her to find a nice friend for us. A minute later she showed up with a stunning blond who loved to kiss. A few minutes later a we went upstairs. A truely amazing sessions - I highly recommend everybody to try a threesome with two beautiful brasilieras - there simply is nothing better in this world.
Following the session I relaxed a bit, ogled the girls and had some sushi. As I was standing about watching the girls this very beautiful tall blond started to flirt with me. Well, as you can only imagine a flirt quickly turned into passionate kissing and I quickly suggested we move upstairs, but no - she wanted to go back to my hotel and, here comes the good part, stay all night, but only if I would agree to take her for breakfast. A deal ws quickly struck and of we went. Great sex at the hotel followed by a roomservice sandwich, more sex and a good nights sleep. The wakeup call was followed by a good blowjob and full session before we went for the agreed breakfast. Now comes the really cool part. After I had paid and suggested she leave, she offered to take me sightseeing. So first she helped drop off my laundry, change money and then she showed me a few sights before she went directly to work at Bamboa again.
A day later I went back to Bamboa and did another amazing threesome with alessandra and another of her girlfriends. Afterwards I took home a very nice carioca who also performed well.
The takeout fee at Bamboa is only R50 for the house and whatever you agree with the girl.

All in all, SP is great for sex but no good for anything else.

Hacke Beck
04-14-04, 22:41
This Saturday I will be for the first time in Sau Paulo I will arrive at 7 Pm in Guarulus, but only one night, have to catch a plane to Recife on Sunday afternoon.

After reading this forum, found very interesting places to hang out. But I only have one night and dont want to waist time, so any advice on where to go, Kilt, Vagao, Jardim America, Cafe Photo, Bahamas, Millenium, Bamboa? Looking for a place where you can hang out with girls for a while and then pic one to have some fun.

Hope to have good advices before I live.


Tall Drink #2
04-15-04, 03:22
Junior is very true about the great sex in Sampa. But I do disagree on his opinion about the city. Sure the city is a bit run down and dirty, but it has definitely some of the most interesting places to visit. The problem is that SP is not really geared for tourists. In other words you have to look around for the great gems in the city. For those of you that like mixing pleasure with your "pleasure," try looking at guiasp.com.br. It's in Portuguese but study a bit and you'll get it. Don't ever leave SP without trying out some of it's five star restaurants and very trendy bars. I've traveled to plenty of places in this world. SP is one of the better places for pleasure and "pleasure." And gentlemen, once you venture out to these nice places, you'll see what I mean.

Biggie Smalls
04-15-04, 17:30

Met up with Goettel last night for my first real night out in SP. I had a good time.

He showed up at my hotel, Mercure Downtown, around 10ish I think as I was finishing off a bottle of vodka. We walked to Vagao since it was very close. Goettel can correct the names of the places and prices if I am wrong. My portuguese is so so and I drank a little to much too, ha ha.

Vagao was better than I expected even though Goettel assures me it was a slow night and there is usually a better pick. No entrance fee but beers were R15. When we entered there was a sex show happening on the stage. Between each show or striptease there is a 15 minute session where about 20 girls would go to the stage and dance I guess as a form of advertisment. Ha ha. There was a decent selection and a couple hotties. There were also a few we discussed as in how did they ever land a job like this. Ha ha. I was suprised at the lack of aggression. The hour we were there we werent approached once! We left to head to Millenium or Milleniur? (something like that, sorry cant be sure, but Goettel can confirm).

This club was so much nicer than Vagao. The entire layout was upscale and had alot more to offer. Im not sure if the girls were really that much prettier but the definatley dressed a lot better.

I soon learned why Goettel was eager to go there. He knew alot of the girls and employees well and was greeted with a pretty good reception.

Now get this! The first girl I sat and conversed with asked me a great bit about myself. Maybe it was the vodka, but I told more about myself truthly than I usually do or planned too. After a nice conversation about my work, lifestyle, and the fact that I had never been in a place like that. She explained to Goettel that she was fairly new to the buisness and really respected me and did not want to be involved in corrupting me. So she politely excused herself. Boy I must of really convinced her I was a saint! Never thought Id be rejected by a working girl because I was too nice. So I moved on, with the intention of convincing the next one I was not a nice guy.

Goettels friend introduced me to a hot looking mulata. My Portuguese was better than I thought so we managed to have a descent conversation with some kissing and rubbing. She said she lived there but had only been there 4 days, just arrived from Brasilia. Spent a bit of time partying with her and finally decided I would try and take her upstairs. I started the negotiating and her first quote was R300. I laughed and she understood and countered with a R200 offer explaining because she really liked me.

I countered with the fact that I really wasnt dying to go upstairs I just thought I´d help her earn some money cause I thought she was very nice. Told her if she really liked me and wanted to go for R150 I would agree, but didnt matter to me either way. She agreed and away we went.

The room was very nice and clean, even had a hotub style bath. Without going into much detail it was a great session. BBBJ followed by a lot of humping in various positions.

I got her cell and we agreed we´d meet on her day off this weekend on non working terms. I paid R315 at the door this included my entrance fee, drinks, the room, and the girl.

Goettel and I were both dead tired (I believe it was around 4), so we decided against our original plans of finishing off at Love Story and just called it a night.

04-15-04, 19:38

As I live in SP right now and Millennium is by far my favourite hangout I can tell you for sure: they do NOT have a fixed price at 150 R$, but this is the price many girls will start with, i.e. the highest you will probably pay there. As a matter of fact the most common agreed price there is 100R$, which I base on knowing both the manager and the receptionists (not mentioning many of the girls.) there. Once I even paid 50 R$ (!!) for going up with a black girl from Uberaba, who told me she had not had sex for two weeks, because many clients found her ugly (have to agre, but the session was actually good anyway) and she liked me.

I agree with you totally on Kelly, though. She was really something special and a pity she was only passing through on her way back to Curitiba from a trip to Rio over Carneval. She is actually the only girl ever that has had me going three times within an hour and she even did not want to stop after that. She was very high on ecstasy, though, which should explain some of the energy.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

04-16-04, 16:59

It sounds like you are well and live. I still owe you a cold beer or two from my last visit to SP. I have full intent to fullfil my obligation on my next visit (unscheduled at this moment).


04-18-04, 12:05
I stopped by Romanza the other night, and there is a new Romanza open just to the left of the previous house. There was a private party going on with TV crews and such, so the taxi driver was asked to take me to a new Romanza just a few doors down. R$150 entrance fee, and that does include some drinks, but I am not sure of the exact amount.

It is much larger and more open than the previous version, and it has just been open about three weeks. It is two stories, with bars on both levels, as well as a small dance floor upstairs. It immediately struck me as a competitor to Café Foto, but the quality of the garotas was not up to Foto’s, at least not on this night.

Bringing someone home from Romanza was not high on the agenda that night, but after a few beers, and a persistent garota, it was not hard to convince me to change my mind. She was a fun girl.

If someone else is there in the next few days, please post how many drinks this entrance fee includes.

Enjoy the life,


Sir Hades
04-18-04, 22:24
I was in Romanza a week ago with my friend. Actually that place had 3 floors, with a private sofa covered by glass walls in each floor.

I don't exactly how many drinks included in cover charge, but for that night my friend paid $700(US DOLLAR) without a garota fee!

Those guys robbed us.

I didn't check that bill on that night because I was little bit drunken. Next day my friend told me he paid that money.

Friends here, be aware of Romanza!

They try to rip us off with 5~6 garotas.

04-19-04, 14:11
Sir hades,

Did this one have the Romanza sign over the front? If so, I was in a different building. I have been in the one you described, but the new one did not have the private sofas surrounded by glass walls as the old one did.

Prices can be steep in there, so watch your bar tab. I will try and find out more about the new one, but outside of the steep entry fee, I did not feel I overpaid at all for a place like that.


Sir Hades
04-20-04, 13:28
I am sure we were in the new Romanza.

When you look carefully at the corner of each floor, you could find a little cubic room covered with glass.

We stayed with a mulato lady who introduced her as a promoter of Romanza all night long in that place. ( I forgot her name thogh).

Simoni, the translator hired by the club, helped me to make a conversation with garotas.

Well, maybe we were looked like suckers that night.

04-21-04, 06:21

Thanks for all your posts and help. I will be in Sao Paulo this Sunday. Let me know if you will be around. I will probably take your advise about Cafe Millennium. I would also know so info about Advance Vip Massage Parlor. What are the fees and what can I expect for the 4 Hands treatment? Is there some other place which is near the Radisson?

I will be picked up via corporate clientel. hopefully they will be willing to take me around on Sunday afternoon / evening otherwise do you have any other advise. Want to start the week off right you know.

I will be going to Rio on Saturday 5/1 through 5/5.

Send me a PM with some way to contact you.



Genghis Khan
04-22-04, 12:01
Day 3

I woke up around 11:00 and after a quick shower and shave I ventured over to Shopping
Morumbi in order to change some more money. I informed the receptionist that I wasn`t
all that pleased with Julios services and that my schedule the next days wasn`t firm, so I
prefered using a taxi.

I had a bit of spare time until my reservation at the seafood restaurant Amadeus at 13:00,
so I decided to take a stroll around the block to look around. The weather this day wasn`t
the best and some heavy rain clouds threatned to come splashing down any minute so I
brought along an umbrella from the reception.

My intention for this walk was to find where Cafè Gauguin was located. I had read on this
board that it was supposed to be very close to the Nestlè building and the World Trade
Center. It wasn`t until now that I realized that Cafè Gaugin was just across the street from
the hotels front door. The place looked quite big and I decided that I would at least check
it out one night before going home.

When the rain started pouring down, I retreated back to the hotel and decided to check my
e-mail. Marglo and Raimundo from WSA wanted to know how my trip was coming along
and how W Unico had been. My plan for the evening was to visit Restaurante W on Rua
Alvorada and find out about the new ownership. Marglo also wanted to know if I could try
to find out about Betos new club (the previous owner of W), which Beto had mentioned
to Marglo on his last trip to W. This was information I would like to know too, so I decided
to try to get as much information as I could about what had happened to the previous
ownership and management of W as well.

At 12:30 I took a taxi to Amadeus and had a great meal with wine. This restaurant is quite
small but serves great seafood. My jet lag had eased off a bit and since I didn`t drink more
than a couple of Caipirinhas last night with my food at W Unico, I enjoyed my lunch this
day much more than at Suntory yesterday.

I told Alexandre, Zul and Gabriella last night before leaving that I would not return to the
house nor W Unico this day because I had other appointments, but that I would probably
return to W Unico another day this or the next week. I also told Alexandre that I would
probably not return to the house during this trip to Brazil unless he could arrange some girls
who at least spoke some basic English. Alexandre told me that this would not be possible as
the English speaking girls would not return from their carnival vacation until I had left Brazil.

After the taxi had returned me to the hotel, I packed some clothes for laundry and went
happily back to sleep for a few hours. I woke up again by the sound of thunder outside
at around 16:30 and wasn`t really feeling much up to going outside. I did go out on the
balcony of my room to whatch the rain. The brazilian rainstorms are not like the ones
we have back home. The rain was pouring down and each rain drop seemed more like
a bucket of water instead of a drop. This was quite a spectacular site with lightening
bolts shooting down all over the city at a frentic pace. Not surprisingly pedestrians were
nowhere to be seen in the streets.

I spent the rest of the afternoon watching a brazilian football match on the TV before I
called the reception and asked if they could get a taxi for me in order to take me to the
restaurant Laurent where I had a dinner reservation at 19:00. The food in this French
restaurant is excellent although on the pricey side. If you are a bit picky about your food
and don`t mind spending a bit more than the what you pay at an average Sao Paulo
restaurant, I would highly recommend this one. The food was really outstanding, as was
the wine.

I like taking my time while enjoying a great meal and I believe that it was around 21:30
when I paid the bill and asked for a taxi. Jet lag, hangovers and other worries were
completely whiped out of my mind. I was feeling great and ready for my highly
anticipated visit to W on Rua Alvorada 550.

When the taxi arrived at W, two heavily built security guards with ear pieces opened
the taxi door for me and grunted some phrases in Portugese. Once again the phrase
”Nao falo Portugese” helped me out as one of them returned with the very sexy
hostess who said that they would not be able to accept credit cards this evening.
She showed me to a table in the bar area of the restaurant and asked me if I would
like something to eat. I told her that I had just returned from a restaurant and wasn`t
feeling up to much more food but would like a Caipirinha. She left me and I got the
chance to take a look around the place. Only two other tables in this area were occupied.
Two ladies sitting at each table. I did notice some noise and movement from the two
other areas of the restaurant but I couldn`t see anyone. I assumed that more girls
would be arriving later.

After about half an hour and no more ladies had appeared, the hostess brought over two
of the ladies sitting at one of the other tables. I do not remember their names, but they
spoke English very well and told me that it was their first week working for W and that
they were students in Sao Paulo but really from Rio de Janeiro. I invited them to have
a drink and asked them if they knew if any more ladies would be arriving. They told me
that they didn`t know. I also asked them who their boss was and they also told me that
they didn`t know. Both girls were morenas about 20 years old. I was not really attracted
to them but kind of fancied one of the two ladies sitting at the other table, so I asked
one of the Rio girls if they knew the name of this lady. One of them went over to the
other table and returned with this beautiful morena who introduced herself as Michelle.
I invited her to have a drink as well and asked the ladies if they would like something
to eat. They asked me if I wanted something to eat too, but I declined telling them that
they could order something anyway. So the three girls decided to share a plate of ham
and cheese together.

After finishing their drinks and food one of the Rio girls asked me which one of them I
liked and I told them I preferred Michelle who I would actually rate a 9 for her face but
no more than 7 for her body. The two Rio ladies left me with Michelle who until now
hadn`t spoken that much. It turned out she did speak some basic English so we were fine.
I asked her how long she had worked at W. She told me 2 years. I asked if she knew who
the owner was and she told me it was Fernando and Maurizio. I asked if Beto and Edson
no longer worked there and she told me that both Beto and Edson no longer where involved.
Edson had moved to Jardim America and Beto had opened a disco in Faria Lima called
Club Danceteria. I asked Michelle if this Fernando was the same Fernando that used to run
the operation at Alameda Irae. She confirmed this and told me that after Washington and
Beto went separate ways, Fernando had joined Beto and ran his operation at Alameda
Guatas (Betos big house). I asked Michelle if Najla (one of my previous girls from W) still
worked at W and she replied that she and several of Betos previous ladies had joined Edson at
Jardim America.

After a while a guy who introduces himself as Maurizio comes over to my table and asks
me if I enjoy myself and if I like Michelle. I tell him that I think Michelle is great company.
He asks me if I would like to take Michelle to my hotel and I answer “Yes”. Michelle then
tells me that she will not be able to be with me the whole night as she has a child she needs
to come home to. Michelle, Maurizio and I then agree on three hours at my hotel. He then
asks me if I can step into his office in the back to settle the business.

Inside his office Maurizio asks me which hotel I stay at and I hand him the hotels card
which I have brought with me. He tells me that he will write his name and phone number
on the back of the card and that I should feel free to contact him if he can do anything
for me. He explains that parties at a private house can be arranged with the girls of my
choice. He then writes down the amount he wants me to pay on a piece of paper, folds
it and hand it over to me. When I open it, he has written down R$1754,-. I am shocked
and tell him that I have been a customer of Beto and Edson for a long time and know the
business model at W. The price used to be R$150,- for consumption and R$600,- for
the girl but since I was a returning customer Beto used to not charge me for consumption.
Maurizio excuses himself for a minute and comes back after about two minutes saying
he is sorry and since I am a valued customer he will only charge me R$600,-.

Michelle is not such a wild girl as Gabriella and Zul, but more of a sweet and affectionate
lady and her face really is beautiful with dark brown eyes, perfect teeth and long curly black
hair. She has this mysterious look about her. She tells me that she has got her own car and
that she will drive us to my hotel.

At the hotel Michelle wants to register at the reception and we head up to my room. As
usual I will not give a detailed description of the sex, but would describe her
performance as to match her personality. She was more sweet and affectionate than the
wild and passionate sex Gabriella and Zul provided. Michelle only provided CBJ and
no anal.

After sex she tells me that she really would recommend me going to Jardim America.
The following evening would be a thursday and Jardim America would have a festa
with Sushi. She also tells me that some of the girls circulate between W and Jardim
America. When Michelle leaves it is only 01:00 and I really would like to wake up the
next morning with a warm body next to mine so I decide to check out Jardim America
right away.

I call the reception and ask for a taxi. I shower quickly and hurry downstairs and ask
the taxi driver to take me to Alameda Gabriel Monteiro da Silva 479. It is not a long
ride. It is quite discrete with just a big black door with the numbers 479 painted on
the front. A man sitting in a window by the door calls to my taxi driver that it is closed.
The taxi driver asks me if I want to go back to the hotel or if I would like to go to a club
of his recommendation. He tells me this club is called Romanza. I tell him that I don`t
really like Romanza but would like him to take me to Cafè Photo.

At Cafè Photo I was greeted welcome as usual by the Asian looking hostess. I really
don`t like her attitude. This time she wanted to see what kind of bills I had in my pocket
as it would be difficult for them to give me back change for the R$200,- I had given them
to pay for the R$160,- entrance fee. She followed me inside and started showing me
around but I just wanted to get rid of her so I told her that I had been there before and
she left. I noticed a really hot blonde with a tattoo on her leg dressed in a very short
dress in shining silver. Before I had the chance to reach her someone else had picked
her up. After circulating around on the two floors I noticed that the selection wasn`t
much to write home about as could be expected at this hour. I did however notice one
lady whom I liked and invited her to share a drink with me. She introduced herself as Joanna.
She was in my book a strong 7 or maybe a weak 8. She had long straight black hair,
big brown eyes and quite pale skin color for a Brazilian. She didn`t have a typical
brazilian physique either. She was had quite big breasts and a rather flat butt. She assured
me her breasts were natural. Joanna too was more of the affectionate and sweet type
than the wild and passionate, but she really liked to kiss and wanted to kiss all the time.
Joanna spoke perfect English and told me that she had only been in the business for
about two weeks. She did seem quite nervous and insecure and even asked me if I had
condoms in my hotel as she had forgotten to bring her own. She told me that she wanted
R$500,- for the whole night. I told her that I had been to Cafè Photo several times
before and had usually paid between R$300,- and R$400,- for an all nighter, so we
settled on R$350,-.

In the taxi back to my hotel she kept telling that she was nervous and she seemed a
bit drunk. She wanted to kiss all the time. When arriving at the hotel she didn`t seem
so new in the business anymore as she headed straight for the reception and had
signed herself in before I had finished paying for the taxi.

In my hotelroom she wanted to take a shower with me and after that we went to bed.
She only provided CBJ and no anal and the sex was quite similar to that provided by
Michelle – more sweet and affectionate than wild and passionate.

When we woke up the next morning around 08:30 she became quite desperate as she
was already late having made an appointment with her babysitting sister that she should
be home at 08:00. In fact she was in such a hurry that after she had left I noticed that
she had left her earrings behind. When I got down to the lobby she had already left, so
I went back upstairs to my room for some more hours of sleep.


04-22-04, 14:30
When you went to Jd America, was it on the weekend?
They dont open on weekends.
Laurent was got the best restaurant and chef award for 2003-2004. Highly recommendable I agree.

Genghis Khan
04-22-04, 14:49

I was at Jardim America on a wednesday.


Tommy America
04-22-04, 19:32
It is not unusual for Jardim America to close by midnight or 1:00AM. The staff there will freely tell you that most of the "activity" happens between 8:00PM and 10:00PM. Most of the girls go to Donna Caffe (very close by) after leaving Jardim America around midnight.

04-22-04, 21:56

Nice and well articulated report on W. Thanks.

Are you a golfer? It is interesting for you to use terms of 'strong 7 or weak 8' which could be golf lingos.

Your life appears cruising good and well and I wish I were down there for the similars of yours.


04-22-04, 22:45

Very nice reports. Thanks for the good info.


Rockin Bob
04-23-04, 02:51
Great reports, guys, thanks! I'm looking forward to checking out the new Romanza.

I know most of you guys are high rollers and hang in the top end places, but I'm more of a budget traveler. I also am in full agreement with what RioNut said in his recent post, about dressing up *****s in fancy clothes and putting them in a nice house and extorting money. For the millionth time, guys, there is no correlation between what a girl looks like or how much you pay when it comes to having a good time in bed!

So I thought I'd mention two of my favorite clubs, which I don't see many reports on. The first is Cocktails, which is on Nestor Pestana (along with Kilt and Royale and a couple of other clubs). The girls there are mostly younger, and maybe a notch or two down in the looks/glamour department, but there's usually about 50 or more to choose from. The place is medium size, with a stage. They usually have girls dancing, but they have shows (the live sex act is always great!) too. There's a bar along the side, in the middle a lot of comfy couches, and tables along the wall. It's also cheap: you can get a beer for 10 reals, and it's 25 or 30 reals for the drink you need to buy the girl if you are taking her out. (No rooms on the premises) The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed.

I've had a lot of great times with Cocktail girls. What more can I say? Oh, usually they want 150 reals.

The other club is Big Ben. To get there from Kilt, just walk down to Martins Fontes and cross the highway. It's a one minute walk. (Martins Fontes becomes Rua Augusta after the highway).

It's a little dark inside and not as lively as Cocktails, but it's comfortable. It's kind of halfway between Kilt and Cocktails, pricewise and girlwise. The girls will leave with you for 150 reals. You have to buy her a drink (30 reals) to take her out. They have the usual dance shows like Cocktails. I was told they were going to have rooms on site at some point in the future, but right now they don't.

There is a good motel, Metropolis, 50 reals for room, pretty well appointed, and a five minute taxi ride from Nestor Pestana.

A word about taxi drivers who pick you up from boates: make sure they use the meter. They want to give you this "special service" nonsense, so you might get to Metropolis and they want 15 reals. It's ten at the most.

And further up Rua Augusta? Next report. But here's something to think of: the other night I ran into a young lady I know who works at one of the cheaper joints that line Rua Augusta. She was all dressed up and I asked her what she was up to. Well, she said she was working at a fancy club off of Avenida Brazil... Something America, she said, she wasn't too sure of the name!

See! RioNut ain't lyin'!

Hey, Dr. Pimpolho! I guess I don't know what it was she said to me, but it wasn't frangueiro! That one I know. :-))

Genghis Khan
04-23-04, 08:53

No, I am not a golfer and I would prefer my kind of weak 8
or strong 7 over the golfing kind every time :)


04-24-04, 00:00
Just noticed the other day that there are some clubs open on Sundays along the Av. Santo Amaro (Quite a lot of clubs there in general). Anything any of you guys already checked out? Otherwise I would feel obliged to do that in the future...


04-24-04, 09:56
"Otherwise I would feel obliged to do that in the future..."

Goettel, you're now on mission, for the benefice of the Sampa WSG'ers :) !!

Cheers, wait for your report .. (BTW, av Santo Amaro is in Brooklin area, not so far from Gauguin, or maybe i'm wrong ?)

Brooklyn Bandit
04-25-04, 04:26

BEWARE of that slim black girl in Romanza that calls herself the "hostess"!! She's cute and she's nice but it's all a front. She'll only come over to you if she thinks you've got $$$ to spend. The girls she invites over are her "favorites" who are all in cahoots with her. She orders drinks (most likely champagne) and food and she also arranges an "on the house" strip show just for you.

So you're liquoured up and horny and ready to leave and then the bill hits you and you realize that you've just benn gotten for at least $500.

I say again my friends...BEWARE of that goddamned Romanza.

I'm a Bomboa man myself. I have to check out Gaugin.

Any fellow mongers gonna be in SP end of April/early May and thinks they can hang with this young dude, PM me.


Hacke Beck
04-26-04, 21:13
Just came back for a 5 day trip in Brazil. In Sao Paulo tried Kilt and a club infron name Vagao. In Kilt there where plenty of nice looking girls, they have also a Live Sex Show, you should try this place. In Vagao there was not to many girls, but if you don t find what you are looking in Kilt try Vagao. At 2 pm they open a disco Love Story, this is a great place, lot of young girls hanging around 150 Reales.

Good luck

04-27-04, 02:37

Your favorite hotel in Sao Paulo, Fasanno that is, was named one of top 200 hotels in the world according to this month issue of CondeNast Travel magazine.

Any plan to be in SP?



Genghis Khan
04-27-04, 08:25

I really don`t care much about what your opinion is. I write a
diary of all my trip reports. What you get is a copy from that
diary. I leave some details out to protect the ladies and other
persons who don`t want to be mentioned in a public forum
such as this. I do not have the time to rewrite a summary of the
diary just for this board alone because a member having
contributed only 8 posts himself don`t like the way I post. If you
prefer me not posting at all, I will gladly oblidge and keep the
information I find to myself. Why don`t you contribute something
yourself before you start telling others how to contribute?


04-27-04, 12:30
GK, don't worry about this guy, he has posted essentially this kind of shit in his eight posts, he's full of crap.

Please continue your nice reports.


04-27-04, 17:37

I agree with Pro. You stories are interesting and informative. Keep up the good work.


Max Gilerg
04-27-04, 17:45
Love Story, SP

Stayed at Love Story saturday 25/April. Paid 40 R$ to get one beer included (try to negotiate at the door). Beers inside are 15R$. Crazy place with music (disco) and all type of people. Lots of girls after 3 am, many girls are comming here after the traditional places closes. The place closes just 10 am in the morning. Try to arrive late e.g. after 2 am.


04-27-04, 20:22
The Chacal,

Have a bit of respect on each fellow hobbyist’s individualism. Everyone on this board and others comes with wide spectrum of background – young, old, rich, poor, professional, simple laborer, various ethnic roots, golfers, surfers, cheap bastards loaded with money, generous tippers with no money in the bank, cigar lovers and I can go on to fill this page.

As you have admitted for the benefit from the posting by GK, that’s great to be beneficiary of good and useful information in generous spirit of sharing by fellow hobbyists. Based on number of contributory posting that you have made on this board, I’m not sure whether you would realize that it takes time to compose comprehensive trip reports, especially recalling all details – directions, facility assessment, and cost information.

Having said that, there is no need for making smart ass or throw away comments like yours. Please enjoy, learn from and practice what fellow hobbyist’s share on this board. And then if you are compelled, please share your insightful and fun experience with us. Until then take care of yourself.


04-28-04, 01:27

Nicely said.


04-29-04, 07:20

There is nothing worse than talent that is wasted because of a biting and insensitive opinion. Comments made, such as someone that thinks you are "trying to show off", is in my opinion inappropriate and off-target and should be ignored less this readers entertainment is ruined! Please know that I have thoroughly appreciated reading and waiting for the next instalment of your Sampa travels. The style and voice in which you post is commendable and I feel that If you decide to write in future please don't let someones acrimonious and half-baked opinions change that style.


04-29-04, 09:13
As any one of us visits a particular city, it is very easy to go to the same club twice or more. This could be within a few days, weeks, months, or even a year apart. Many times we get to know the girls quite well. Although both sides know the game, there can be a certain amount of desire that a particular girl has for an individual guy. What happens quite often after we select girl A the first night, we want girl B or C for a change, even if from the same club. If girl A has had a great time with the guy the previous experience, the next time he comes in the club, and she is there, she will want him again. If he selects girl B or C, they now become the “ugly girl,” even if they are best friends. The next time the guy walks into the club, even months later, girl A will ask him why he chose the “ugly girl.” She will remember everything, from the clothes they both were wearing, to how her hair was fixed. Girl B or C is now so “ugly” to girl A, that the memory is etched permanently in her cavernous cranium. This will go on even between the best of friends. This background was obtained through personal experience, and so it was with caution that I started on a slight change to the normal routine, and that was to go to a club with my girl and add another girl of both of our choosing for some fun. It was understood between us that it was only fun and games, and I had agreed was not to fall for the other girl or see her outside of that night, and my girl was not to get jealous, or as the girls say in Latin America, have “green eyes.”

This story took place in Sao Paulo recently. After getting some sleep upon arrival, and taking care of some personal matters, I ran into a co-worker. Since my girl J was not going to come over until close to midnight, we decided to take a walk along Rua Augusta, have some dinner, and go look at the skanks. We hit a few places, had a few beers, and enjoyed the inexpensive entertainment. One place we walked into charged us R$20, but said that included two drinks each, sodas or beers. We paid, walked in, and there was only one girl in there. We decided to split, and my friend asked for the money back. As this conversation was starting to go downhill quite fast, I felt it best to cut our losses, and just leave. But no, he had to get belligerent with them, and was about to start breaking things over $7. I grabbed him and hauled his ass out of there, and finally convinced him that it was our fault of paying before looking. He had had about enough of this area, and so we went to O’Malley’s, a local Irish pub. While at O’Malley’s, another co-worker walked in with an absolutely stunning girl on his arm. Small waist, big tits, nice attitude, and a pretty face, all combined to send a shower of compliments her way from me. We made some small talk and then said adios, and headed back to the hotel. J arrived shortly thereafter, and we retired to the room for some fun and sleep.

The next morning business had to be taken care of, and I ran into my co-worker from the previous night, the one with the babe on his arm. I again complimented him on his girl, and another co-worker started to laugh and said he is ready to trade up. That adds some more truth to the quote, “No matter how good looking she is, there is always someone who is tired of her.” I couldn’t believe it. That evening we met for some beers, and guess who was still around? Yes, the babe. I laughed, and we all had fun teasing her. She thought it might be fun for a guy and two girls as well, and I told her about J and I going out to look for some fun. It is amazing how these Latin girls get into this stuff with two girls getting it on with one guy. Later on, everybody went their own way, and I went back to wait for J.

While waiting for her in the hotel lobby, a group of three girls walked towards the exit. I stopped them, made small talk, and got the phone number of one, “E,” and told her that I would call her the next day. J came in shortly thereafter, and we headed out. Here is where it starts to get interesting.

I was surprised that she did not have someone lined up, but instead she suggested we go to Millennium and find a girl there. That was a bit of communication mix up, as she thought I wanted to go to a club, and I thought she was going to bring a friend. Anyway, we decided to check it out as neither of us had ever been there. Although the club is a bit pricey, it is top notch. R$70 for entrance, which includes a few drinks. They do ask for identification. The club is beautifully decorated, simple, elegant, and is very open and there is a lot of space to move around. Before long the word got out that we were looking for another girl to join us, and a pretty blonde showed up at our table. She and J started talking right away. The price for the room was R$100, and R$300 for her. A hot tub was included in the room as well. She planted a huge lip lock on me, and I could see J was uneasy. I re-assured her, and kept on re-assuring her that this was just for fun, and that she was still #1 with me. She seemed relieved, but was still a bit uneasy. Anyway, we went to the room, and it was beautiful, with a huge bed, and a giant hot tub, and everything spotless. There was a small pass through door for drinks and food as well.

We all got into the tub, and everybody really got into it, then retreated to the bed. The blonde was sitting on my face, and shortly after that, I went to kiss J, and she balked. She said to me without the other girl hearing that, I was not to kiss the stinky girl in the pussy, and then kiss her. I had to clean up first. In my mind I was busting up laughing. We have gone past the “ugly girl” to the “stinky girl.” LOL. She then told me later that the girl was beautiful, but stinky. I was cracking up, but respected her wishes. All in all, it was a great time, but I still thought J was very uneasy about being with a girl she did not know. Funny though, the two girls traded phone numbers, so she must not have been too “stinky.” On top of that, she and the other girl really got into it for a while. That was kind of wild to see. We called it a night and headed back to the hotel.

J had to leave the next morning around 10:00. After she left, I had breakfast and then called E who I met the night before. We had a problem with the communication, so I called her back in about 5 minutes, and with the help of a bellman and a R$10 tip, he translated for me. She came over at 2:00 and stayed for about three hours. She was not the prettiest, but damn affectionate, and got me all worked up. She and her friends worked at Romanza, and I almost asked her about another girl that worked there, but held off. I figure that the word will get out that she was with a guy from the U.S. who paid her well. My friend will find out about it soon enough through the BGN(Brazilian Garota Network). E stayed until about 5:00, great gal.

After she left, I headed out to get a bite to eat, and take a walk down Rua Augusta again to do some damage control with the club owner that my friend had words with. They were not open yet, so I will try again on my next visit. I stopped by a Sauna Mista, and had some babe play with me for a while. It was a nice finish to a great weekend.

I don’t care what these girls say about not having green eyes. They all do, especially when they have been with you for a while. I think the only really fair way to have two girls is to go out by yourself, and find them in a club, or call an escort service. J was into it, but very reserved. Maybe it will be different when she picks out a girl herself, a friend that she knows. She could see that I was enjoying myself, maybe too much in her, “green eyes.” Next time might be a different story.

Enjoy the life,


Member #1005
04-29-04, 09:13

As someone who also writes long informative posts I can’t see what your problem is here, if you don’t want to read it move on. However, as someone who typically writes up thirty odd pages, trying to share my experience with fellow mongers I actually get fed up of these arseholes who post two lines, more times often than not it would have been delayed for correction anyway; with lame questions that, if they could read, have already been answered in people like Genghis Khan’s post. Then when someone misguidedly answers their questions are not even courteous to write a trip report to share their experience with fellow mongers.

Here’s a selection of some of the dumbest questions that frequently come up:

Question: Where is the best place to get some action?

Answer: try reading the posts

Question: What is the price I should pay for a girl?

Answer: Err... again try reading the posts, this is a business, its depends on your negotiation skills pal, if you’re smart you’ll pay little if you are a fool the sky’s the limit.

Question: I am coming to XXX city is it possible to get a threesome? Or if I have a S/T can I get a long time if I like the girl?

Answer: Do – you – have - money?

And the worst question of all that these people asks.

Question: I am coming to Rio/Bangkok/Pattaya/ Manila/ Angeles City/ Amsterdam/ Prague for the first time do you know if I can find any action there?

Answer: errrr... no, not for you, but try Vatican City, if no luck there try Riyadh, Saudi Arabia instead.

Often followed by: How much should I expect to spend during my trip?

Like we already know how long you are planning to stay in the country for, in a five star hotel or some flea infested backpacker’s lodge and what type of women you want.

Then I suspect such dumb people after drinking solidly for eight hours round off the night by usually pick up some pre-opp transsexual and go home smiling & boasting to their friends saying; “that was the best sex I ever had!” Then later on, these same people, consider themselves an expert on location and their relocation of the events on that night was that they picked up some beauty queen/playboy model type, a solid 10, had the best sex session and in the morning when they kicked them out tossed them five dollars for their troubles. But mysteriously they have no photos to back up their claims or are unable to share them, how convenient.

So I appreciate that a long post might be taxing for your brain but I wish more mongers could write posts like Genghis Khan’s it all about sharing information.

Genghis Khan
04-29-04, 11:38

A well written and entertaining report.


Sir Hades
04-29-04, 14:48
Brooklyn Bandit,

That girl is who I was talking about.

I am so sorry for you having bad experience like me.

Don't go to Romanza, Friends.

04-29-04, 15:08

What you articulated is so true if you have on-going 'relationship' with a working girl (hardcore, pro, semi-pro, or weekenders and some in between).

To back up your field proved theory, here is another data point. Juliana considers herself as my brazilian wife and what makes really funny is that she behaves accordingly. Everytime I see the way she acts and talks within such mold, I simply laugh and laugh some more.

Is J in your posting the one that you had brought with you for the dinner we had?

It sounds like price at Millennium has gone up a little bit per your posting. My last visit to the place was in September 2003 and entertainment cost was $50R for a room and $200R for a garota while cover charge was about R$75.00.

I'm glad to hear someone is having good time.

04-29-04, 15:34
Hi Guys,

I would not recommend Romanza to anyone.
They try to rob you.
It is about $150 Reais to enter and I think an extra $50 to take a girl out + DRINKS FOR MULTIPLE GIRLS THAT YOU'VE NEVER TALKED TO.
They charge you for things you don't order.
The girls drink champagne, which I don't really mind, but
then they charge you for the champagne all the girls that are
around you drink !!
I was there for only a couple of hours, but they told me I
bought $1100 worth of champagne !!
I only drank beer and was talking to only 1 girl.

The place is really nice. It is new (just down the block from the
old Romanza) and very well decorated.
But, the girls are really ugly there.
One night, I had to leave after 1 hour because there were no
attractive girls and I didn't think there were anymore coming.

I will never go back after that $3400 Real night.
I was so upset and started yelling at the waiter and the manager.
Also, the taxi driver outside ripped me off too !
He didn't run the meter and tried to charge me 50% more than the usual fare to get back to my hotel.

Go to Bomboa !! They will not rip you off and there are so many more girls. 20% of them are beautiful (which is a good ratio for Brazil). Romanza has 1 nice girl and rest are butt ugly.
Also, Cafe Foto has a lot of nice girls and you will pay a lot lot less than at Romanza. Foto girls ask for $200 dollars, but you can do end of the night negotiations for $200 Reais.

04-29-04, 15:44

Millenium may have gone up, but I was really impressed as to how nice it was, and there were no extra charges on my credit card either. It was all above board.

Juliana is a real sweetheart, take good care of her.


04-29-04, 15:48

I have been hearing more and more bad things about Romanza, such as you describe. I will advise friends to stay away from the place now more than ever.

Thanks for the info,


Rabo Verde
04-29-04, 22:12
This quote from a Brazilian newspaper below will kinda put the prices the girls are asking in perspective. The Minister of Labor just confirmed that the minimum wage in Brazil is raised to 260R per month ($90). So a girl comes from a village where her father earns 260R a month (180 hours of work), and after a few months, she decides that her bod is worth 260R for two hours...

--O ministro do Trabalho Ricardo Berzoini finalmente confirma o novo valor do salário mínimo: R$ 260,00

04-29-04, 23:21
I had a 4 hour layover at Congonhas. So I checked my luggage and decided to take a cruise of the city. Luckily, I found a great taxi driver who not only took me on a 4 hour tour, but helped me find some local Prives listed in the Folha do Sao Paulo (small list). We went to 3 establishments and the third one was a winner. The first one wanted $R150/hr for mediocre tallent. The last had about 7 girls including a very attractive, slim morena (rated 9) that cost R$1/min in 15 min blocks. Good service ~nice person as well. This part of a chain of 20 casas in Sao Paulo. Here are the names: Driver is Edson Cruz 9690-9591. House is Desejo´s Prive Rua dos Otonis, 541. Phone 5575-1371 or 5572-2124.


Genghis Khan
04-30-04, 08:11

Have you read the latest news about Jardim America
on gpguia? Do you know what is happening?


Member #3427
04-30-04, 18:30
To all the GK worshippers,

I can respect comments supporting GK and his right to the first amendment. What I find difficult to respect are the soul less posters who exploit the transparency of this board in self indulgence with trite documentary of their pathetic escapades.

Worse even, are the shallow constituents who applaud such self deprecating acts as if he were some demigod. It can only be reasoned that the supporters of such trifle live bleak lives and lack self esteem. Proponents to such rudimentary actions and accounts thereof are nothing more than a self proclamation of their own failures and inabilities. Those who feel compelled to seek a fantasy world to escape their very existence which they created and hide in the shadows of their insecurities will perpetuate these meagre attempts to stroke ones ego.

Bragging of ones ability to solicit adultery acts is inexplicably and incomprehensibly the pinnacle of self deprecation and a lost soul grasping for the slightest confirmation from other heathenistic followers to substantiate his/their meritless lives. Quit hiding in the shadows of your failures and apply yourself in an empirical journey to improve yourself and those within hearing distance. Until then, your self portrait is no more than a mouse NOT a man.

In closing, put your ego and pride in your hands for a second and look at the painting you have drawn of yourself. Paintings can always be modified if one has the courage and strength to. And ask yourself this one question. Would you sign your real name to your play-by-play fiction and/or non fiction exploits and mail it to your mother?

To the scholar who was so diligent to bring to my attention how difficult it is for a novelist to remember each insignificant fact of their daily events and have the wherewithal to record those events on paper - you have obviously never read anything more meaningful or intellect than the Swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

The Chacal

04-30-04, 19:34
This week City has been doing raids in a lot of places. Remember, it´s election year.
Last night I met some girls from Moulin Rouge. City inspectors showed up and the staff went around knocking on doors saying the place was on fire. Ususal procedure to warn costumers that the place is about to or is been raided.
City Council is hitting hard all places. A few clinicas were closed due to the same problems.
Major problem is that if city council decides to close the place. Depending on the area, there´s no way to bail out.
I will check on the Jd America situation and get back to you all.

05-01-04, 00:52
I made some calls and Jd America was closed due to city council raids(Election Year). They didn´t have occupation license. They are trying to solve it and it should be open by next week.
I hope this info helped. I will get back to youif anything new comes up.

05-02-04, 18:52
Miami, I've been charged too in Romanza with some drinks that I never ordered (i personnaly drank two caipirinhas and ordered two more for a garota), bringing the bill to almost 400 reals for only a 30 minutes stay ; I didn't argue and paid but for sure will never go back again ; The place is too dark anyway and not so confortable to chat with the girls ...
Some of them (in particular Ana Paula, a stunning and friendly big busty blonde -highly recommanded-) go anyway almost every night from 4am in Love Story ....

Genghis Khan
05-03-04, 08:21
The Chacal,

After reading your last post, I wonder why you really are
reading and posting on this forum?


Genghis Khan
05-03-04, 09:47

Thanks for the info.


05-03-04, 12:56
Millenium - High end termas, SP style

Just back from a short visit to Sampa. For the first time I was staying in the Paulista area, so I ventured to Bomboa and Cafe Millenium. I see Moondog just posted about Millenium, but since I went two nights in a row and wrote this summary on the plane I'll share it anyway.

Summary: Millenium is a Sao Paulo version of a Rio Termas. I would say it attracts an upscale local crowd, compared to say Bomboa. Pluses include a nice supply of relatively unjaded ladies, great facilities, no price negotiation, and a customer-friendly attitude. Minuses are it is a bit out of the way and they ask for ID.

Facilities - The place is less a year old and it shows. It has an underground parking area, then you climb a stairway to the reception area. As you enter the main room you'll see a pool table, as well as the entrances to a swimming pool/ sauna area, and a small dining area next to that. The main boate has a bar almost the entire length on one side, and a raised seating area on the other, with plenty of dark nooks and crannies to get to know your date better. In the center there is a small dancing stage, either for a 'show' or for ladies to dance to attract your attention. The cost of a pass to enter is $R70, and I think it includes some drinks (mine were subtracted from this on both of my visits). I'm not sure, but it may have a membership program (some people appeared to have their own personal passes) - sign me up!

Suites - All are upstairs accessed by an attended elevator, there may be two dozen or so on at least two floors. Each of the suites I saw had a shower and jacuzzi tub, air conditioning unit, adjustable lighting and music. A hotel like kit with soap/shampoo is also issued, a nice touch. Overall, the nicest, best equipped units I've seen, for $R50 per hour.

Girls - There were 35-45 girls working on the nights I was there. Most are very early 20's and look fresh, don't think I saw anyone that looked close to 30. In terms of looks, about 20 percent were 5-6s, 50 percent 7-8s, and the rest 8-9 (I don't give out many 10s). Most were light skinned, a mix of blondes and brunettes with a redhead or two, and tended to be thin with small natural chests and shapely rears. The two girls I spent time with were not shaved down below and both claimed to have been working there less than 4 months. No price negotiations happen with the girls, there is a fixed rate of $R150 per hour (per girl), you pay the house, not the girl. I would say it does not have the variety of Bomboa or Bahamas, but also lacks the attitude of some of the veterans in those establishments.

How it works - Enter reception, show ID (first time I've seen this), get a numbered card (instead of a wrist band). Go to the boate, find a girl that's your type, verify she performs the services you need, and off you go. On the way out you settle up (including parking if you drove). All of the support personnel are polite and efficient. It's a very low hassle experience (except for the need to show ID).

My experiences - Night 1: I got a soft drink and did a few reconnaisance laps around the boate. Eventually noticed a morena with long curly hair and reddish highlights wearing a bikini near the pool table. She had a slightly enhanced chest and a wonderfully proportioned hard body (body was a 9, face was an 8). We sat down to get to know each other and she got a whiskey (not charged to me, apparently girls can get their own liquor from the house). I had a taste, it was not watered down. Her name was Liliana, and she said she was 21 yrs old and from a town in the state of Pirana. After verifying that she would do a BBBJ (but not CIM), we were off to a suite. She dimmed the lights, turne up the music, did a little strip tease, then we showered together in large shower/hydro tub. After that, it was a full hour of fun. She was sweet, enthusiastic and athletic. I'd rate the experience as a strong 8, and told her I'd try to see her again the next night.

Night 2: Went back to look for Liliana, determined to be patient. After about 10 minutes of scoping, one of the waiters offered to bring me a girl. I told him I was looking for Liliana, he checked and found she had not come in that night, so I went into hunting mode again. I noticed a very tall dark haired garota and got her attention. Her name was Ariadny, she was 20 yrs old, from Sao Paulo, was 1.78 meters tall (that's 5ft 10in). She had very light skin with freckles, blue contact lenses, and looked almost Irish. She was pretty thin but not a hard body (8 body/8 face) with natural B cups. She does not speak english but is highly fluent in oral interaction. One of the best experiences I've had, have to rate it a 9+.

I left each night with a total tab of $R270, tough to beat at comparable places.

05-03-04, 13:33
Bomboa - A Party Palace

On the first night of my recent trip to SP (the day I flew in) I visited Bomboa for the first time. While my evening did not go as well as planned, that was mostly my problem. There are lots of excellent posts about experiences at Bomboa, I thought I'd add a few things that a novice may find helpful.

Summary: Bomboa is a bit like Bahamas with a much more local feel and a complete party atmosphere. Probably best if you speak passable Portuguese or tend to hunt in packs. However, the variety of ladies is exceptional, I can see why it is highly recommended.

Facilities: Bomboa has three main rooms, a bar with tables, a large main room with couches, tables, a bar, stage and dance floor, and a sushi bar with seating and a small bar. Suites are available for $50R per hour upstairs.

Girls: I did not count, but would guess there were at least 80 - 90. They come in all shapes and sizes, more light skinned than not, if you can't find one to your liking you are probably pretty picky. However, the guy/girl ratio the night I was there was close to 1:1, so the girl you want is very possibly with someone else, depending on when you get there. A live band was playing the night I visited, the girls are really into it and many were dancing. Occasionally, one would break into a strip routine, in fact I saw a very attractive blond get naked, wrap her legs around a guy's neck and grind her crotch into his face while lying on the table in front of him - probably not the first time she's done it.

How it works - Get wrist band at reception, find a companion, negotiate fee and service, get a room or take out. There can be a substantial wait for rooms, there is a 'holding pen' with couches where you can play around a bit with your date. They don't keep good track of time, the phone rang 20 mins early and disturbed my session.

My experience: Got there around 11pm on a Wednesday, it was really packed (most I've seen either in SP or Rio). After 45 mins of looking, found a hard body, negotiated poorly and waited 25 mins for a suite. The session was so-so, the phone rang early, and then I think she tried to upsell me into extending an hour (but it's possible she was trying to make up for the phone call, I'm not sure anymore). At any rate, as I had flown in that morning, I was not interested in extending what had become a below average session so I called it quits and did not return that trip (didn't want to deal with possibly being 'claimed' by the garota). To top it off, I think the desk thought we did extend and I paid around $R165 to exit, didn't realize what had happened until the next day.

But overall I think the place has great potential and should be near the top of the 'must see' list.

05-03-04, 14:30
Genghis Khan

Your posts are good. I can't post like your post, but I suffer from adult onset ADD ;>). I do appreciate your style.

There's a saying in Spanish that goes, "I'm not a gold coin, so not everyone will like me."

The ever so greedy,

05-03-04, 16:12
I agree with Miami, Romanza is the worse club I have ever been too! You are just a cash machine for them and everyone wants to withdraw money from you! I will never go back there again and I don't recommend it to anyone!!

Anyway, I'm looking for apartment for short stay (few weeks) in Moema or any good place. Do you guys know any sites for apartment in Sao? I know many sites for Rio but not Sao. Btw, not really into hotels.

Thanx to you all

05-03-04, 20:04

Thanks for the updates on Bomboa and Millenium.

With reference to Millenium, they charged me double your rates. Maybe that is because I brought in one girl, and we were looking for a partner. I paid R$300 for the girl, and R$100 for the room. Maybe next time I will go alone and see what it the rates are then.

I agree with you, it is very nice and well appointed.

Thanks again,


05-04-04, 00:26

I'll bet the double rate was for the girl you brought. When I went in the 1st time, I had someone at reception explain the rates, and she wrote down 70/150/50 for the card, the girl, and the suite. Given my halting Portuguese, if they were looking to take advantage, that would have been the time...
Let us know if you try it solo.

05-04-04, 10:07
Scorpio, if by apartments you mean apart-hotels, Parthenons are IMO a very good option (around 100/reals/day) : The two Parthenons in Moema's area (Parthenon Privilege and Parthenon Colonnades) are both very good, in some nice and quite lively streets (Privilege is at walking distance of Ibirapuera mall), with good service, 24 hours restaurant, pool, clim, safety box, ect .... Colonnade is more recent and nicer IMO.


Genghis Khan
05-04-04, 13:44
Day 4

I woke up around 12:00 and started my day with my regular rutine by showering, shaving
and walking over to Shopping Morumbi in order to change some money. This day was as
yesterday quite cool and the sky was cluttered with dark rain-heavy clouds. The qute girl
at the cambio recognized me now and smiled at me as I approached. I had a reservation
for lunch at 13:00 so after changing the money, I walked quickly back to the hotel and
asked for a taxi.

My lunch this day was at Jardineira Grill. Its location is quite practical just a block from
W. Jardineira Grill is an excellent rodizio restaurant/churrascaria serving different kinds
of meat cut at your table until you can`t take it anymore. They also have a big buffet with
all kinds of salads and sauces to go with your meat. You get a small chip which is green
on one side and red on the other side. If you want to be served more meat; place the chip
with the green side up and if you can`t take anymore or just want a pause; place the
chip with the red side up. They also have a big dessert tray on wheels, but I skipped the
dessert this time. After I had eaten I ordered a glass of Caipirinha to help digest the rather
heavy meal.

When I had finished my meal, I asked for a taxi and was shown to the taxi line outside
the entrance. It had started raining now, so it was fortunate that the line wasn`t longer.
There was room for everyone under the roof in front of the entrance door. When my taxi
finally arrived, the taxi driver seemed to hesitate when I told him my hotels address but
he started driving. When we came to the Berrini neighbourhood he couldn`t find my
hotel. He didn`t speak any English, so we were not able to communicate. He circled
the same block a couple of times and I noticed the Nestlè building just a few blocks away.
I asked him to stop, paid him and walked back to the hotel.

I wasn`t feeling all that well this afternoon. The reason might be the weather. I tend to
get a bit “weather sick”, so when arriving back at the hotel I went to sleep and woke
up around 17:00. I didn`t feel much better now so I took a couple of pills to cure my
headache and relaxed on the bed trying to make up my mind if I were to keep my
reservation at the Japanese restaurant Jun Sakamoto and then later go to Cafè Photo
as planned. This might seem a bit stupid to you, but if I found Joanna, my intention
was to give her back her earrings. However I had no plan of taking Joanna with me
one more time, but was rather looking for some other good looking bird to take home
tonight. I tend to prefer going to Cafè Photo on thursdays because this is the best day
there. I also wanted to visit Jardim America, but figured I would have plenty of chances
going there next week.

After about an hour watching some TV the pills had done their job and the headache
was completely gone. After a shower I called the reception for a taxi which drove me
to Jun Sakamoto where we arrived in time for my reservation at 19:00. Jun Sakamoto
is a restaurant with a rather modern and simple yet stylish interior. The waiters are
all dressed in black suites and send their orders to the kitchen via earpieces. They
focus mainly on sushi which is not made in the kitchen but rather behind the sushi
bar in the view of the guests as is normal at Japanese restaurants. They have a well
of different kinds fish available. I really enjoyed the sushi at this restaurant and believe
I used almost three hours before I finished my meal and my bottle of wine. My waiter
didn`t speak any English, so after paying he had some trouble understanding me when I
said that I wanted a taxi. After some help from the guests at the table beside me, who
spoke English very well, the waitor finally understood.

So when the taxi arrived I asked him to take me to Cafè Photo. The timing seemed
to be quite perfect as I arrived at Cafè Photo around 22:30, about half an hour before
they opened the second floor and the best looking garotas arrive. What the interior
and exterior looks like at Cafè Photo has been fairly well documented on these pages
before, so I will not go into that. I paid the R$160,- entrance and went inside with my
four drink tickets.

Since the second floor hadn`t opened yet, it was quite crowded and the girl/guy ratio
was about 3:1. I didn`t notice that many stunners yet, but one girl caught my attention.
She was quite short with long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a low cut top
which showed off her pierced belly button and a pair of black leather pants. She had a
very nice tan and the tan lines from her bikini was showing on her hips above her pants.
She seemed to notice me checking her out but I didn`t want to choose a girl this early, so
I went over to the bar and ordered a Caipirinha. I had some drink tickets in my pocket
from yesterday and by mistake handed one of those to the bartender instead of one of
those I got today. The bartender told me that this ticket was no good today. They identify
the tickets by their color. The tickets from last night was white and the ticket I got this
night was black.

When the second floor was opened more girls had started to come in but nobody appealed
to me as much as the blonde did. I went upstairs as did she and up on the second floor she
came over to me and introduced herself and her friend. Her name was Patricia. I am terrible
when it comes to remembering names, so I don`t remember her friends name as she didn`t
attract me much. She was a brunette. I suggested we sat down at a table while one was
still available. The girls told me that they were from Florianapolis and in Sao Paulo for
two weeks on “vacation”. They would go home on Sunday.

I would like to comment on something about Cafè Photo which has not been mentioned to
my knowledge. I have however fallen into this trap twice and this was one of these times. The
dim lights in this place and the girls tendency to dress up makes it a bit hard to get a
good impression of what the girls look like in full lighting and without the clothes on. The
same thing could be said about W on Rua Alvorada, but the lighting in Cafè Photo is even
dimmer and the girls dress up even more. Its really hard to know if you have a hit or a
miss until you get back to the hotel. The same could be said about the girls attitudes. It is
difficult to know if you have a hit or a miss a Cafè Photo whereas at W or W Unico you
can rely on the girls attitudes always being great and will provide a real GFE.

Anyway Patricia spoke a little English and her friend spoke English quite fluently. They
wanted me to come with them to their hotel room which they shared in a hotel just a
short distance from Cafè Photo. They quoted R$500,- each for the entire night. I really
wasn`t interested in the brunette, so I told them that I was really only looking for one lady
who would stay with me the entire night for around R$350,-. The brunette discovered
quite soon that I was more interested in Patricia and left us. So Patricia and I decided
to go to her hotel for the rest of the night for R$350,-. So we headed outside to get a
taxi and she told the driver to take us to Hotel Chevalier.

Hotel Chevalier was a small hotel or more like a motel quite near Cafè Photo and I
learned that they rent out their room by the hour and show porn flicks on TVs in their
rooms just like a motel. At Cafè Photo I would have guessed that Patricias age would
be around 20 but in the lighting in the hotel room I saw that she was older – maybe
around thirty and after she had showered and came out with no clothes on I found out
that her body didn`t seem as hard as it had seemed earlier either. The sex with Patricia
was nothing special and after about two hours she showered, dressed and told me
that she wanted to go back to Cafè Photo to get her friend. She told me that I should
stay at the hotel and she would return. She had promised her friend to come back for
her she said. I knew of course that this was a lie and told her that I wanted to leave
too. I was kind of glad that I didn`t have to spend the whole night with this lady as
she was nowhere near what I would call a GFE.

Down in the lobby it turned out that we had not used Patricia and her friends room,
but she had instead booked us into another room or maybe she and her friend were not
staying at this hotel at all. Anyway I had to pay for the room. It was R$70,-. She gave
me her phone number and told me that she would like to see me again during the
weekend before she left for Florianapolis and wanted to know if I could take her to
the restaurant A Figueira Rubaiyat as she had always wanted to go there. I told her
that I was going to Rio during the weekend so it would not be possible. We kissed
and went into separate taxies. I told the taxi driver to take me to W Unico. I figured
that it might still be open as the time was around 02:00.

When I arrived at W Unico, I was again greeted by the same big imposing black guy from
my previous visits and he recognized me. He asked me to wait outside the restaurant while
he fetched Alexandre. While I was standing there all the girls, Washington and Gustavo
left the restaurant with some customers and entered a Van and took off. Alexandre came
out and told me that they had closed. I asked him if they would be open the next night and
he told me that only the house would be open on fridays but more girls would have returned
from their carnival vaction.

Alexandre called a taxi for me and when it arrived told the taxi driver to take me to my
hotel. I considered my options and decided to go to Bahamas. I told the driver to take me
there and he obliged.

At Bahamas I paid the entrance and was given my key. Consumption and the use of their
suites are charged to this key and you pay as you leave. The garota fee is negotiated between
you and the garota and paid directly to the garota. When I entered the place it was really crowded
and a black girl was performing a strip tease show on the stage. I ordered a Caipirinha and
circulated the place looking for a new sweetheart. Some girls were dressed only in skimpy
bikinis while others where dressed in more normal clothing.

After the strip show was over I soon discovered that a really stunning morena about twenty,
with an innocent looking face, a sexy smile, dressed in a tiny pink bikini and with one of the
most well shaped bundas I have seen was my number one choice. She was a 9 in my book,
but her bunda was a borderline 10. The problem now was that she was occupied talking to
another guy. I decided to take a seat close to them and see if they had hit it off or if they
would walk away from each other. After a while he left and I grabbed my chance by walking
over to her and asked her if she wanted to have a drink with me. She smiled her most seductive
smile showing her perfect white row of teeth and answered “Yes, of course”. She introduced
herself as Juliana and she spoke fluent English. We talked for a while and she told me that she
was indeed a true Paulista and had been working at Bahamas for about a year. I just had to admire
her ass and told her that it was just incredible. She seemed to enjoy the compliment and sat
down in my lap starting to rotate her hips. This of course had its effect on Mr. junior Kublai
Khan and I asked her how much she wanted for two hours upstairs. She told me R$500,- but
easily came down to R$350,-. So we left for the room upstairs with me walking behind her up
the stairs with a great view of her rear end. She noticed my stare, stopped and started grinding
her ass against me leaning backwards while her tongue was deep down my throat.

The room was covered with mirrors on all walls and gave me a nice view of her physique
from all angles. The sex with this bird was great. I am a reall ass lover so doggie with her
was unbelievable. She provided BBBJ but no CIM. I didn`t ask for anal.

After sex she wrote down her phone number on a piece of paper and we agreed that I would
call her on Sunday. We would go out to eat and return to my hotel afterwards.

I was really tired now and kissed her goodbye before returning my key at the exit and paying
for consumption and the use of the room. I don`t remember what the price was, but it was
below R$100,-. I requested a taxi and went back to my hotel for some sleep.

Next morning I got a phone call from work which made me interrupt my vacation
and go home. Unfortunatly I forgot all the names and phone numbers of the ladies
I had met during this and my previous trip to Brazil in the drawer of my bedside table
at the hotel. I never made it to Rio and never managed to do the anticipated visit to
Jardim America but I will be back and have already started planning my next trip.

GK – Signing off from Sampa.

05-04-04, 22:20

Nice report. Maybe some lucky bellman will get the phone numbers. :)

Enjoy the life,


Rio Nut
05-05-04, 01:03
I think Ghenghis Kahn's note shows what is the difference between life in the Nordeste of Brazil (or the Amazon) and life in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, etc in the South.

You see, I have lived for many months at a time in Brazil and you will see that in the South, it is like Amsterdam. You can only fuck so many *****s before you realize that you are basically just masturbating (even when you are a fucking girl). The bored looks on their faces becomes very evident. And if you do not want to fuck a *****, you go to normal clubs which are not so easy in the South states.

But in the Nordeste, you can fuck a ***** you is very semi-pro and enthusiastic. Then you go to a normal club and you have regular girls who are eager to meet you, kiss you, and talk with you.

That is why the Nordeste (Fortaleza, Natal, etc) is better than Sao Paulo or Rio. But I will agree that for people who are staying only for a few days and do not speak Portuguese, then Rio and Sao Paulo are the perfect fits. Because all the best looking *****s from the country go to Rio and Sao Paulo, so you don't need to go anywhere else.

05-05-04, 01:18
That was a great report.
Good news for you. Jardim America reopened.

Genghis Khan
05-05-04, 08:19

Thanks for the info.
JD is on top of my list for the next trip.


Genghis Khan
05-05-04, 08:51

The phone numbers and Joannas earrings, wich I also left in
the drawer in my bedside table, was sent to me by the hotel
a couple of weeks after I had returned home.


Vip Driver
05-05-04, 17:28
Dear members,

For all of you guys, if somebody needs some help in São Paulo about anything ( in case I can give you support ), you already have a new friend to help you. Since 96' I started to work as professional driver by attending large companies, their executives from managers to VIP’s, musicians, government agents, 5 & 6* hotels etc. Since then, I realized that a lot of them liked to go to *****houses. But in the beginning of my career as driver I didn’t have opportunity to help them the way I wanted to and I’ll explain why : Unfortunately, it is common to see stupid guys who like to present bills overcharged in *****houses, specially for drunk foreigner clients, oh its better to them yet. So, to prevent things like that I decided to help my clients by suggesting them my company inside that places with free entrance for me, unless they’re ensured that they can handle the Portuguese with no problem including their expenses control. For those who come to São Paulo on business or even leisure, for those who like to be treated well and don’t like to get delayed in your meetings because the taxi drivers like to have a long drive “to get richer” or because they simply don’t know how to get quicker or because they don’t know to speak any english, then you have a new “cicerone driver” to choose ! Besides, I could improve some negotiations through my mediation by telling “stories” to the *****s and reducing their prices charged or other things like souvenirs, gifts, whatever !

According to Genghis Khan ( I already spoke to him through his Email ) in his report #68 where he said that his taxi driver ( from the hotel where he was guest from ) needed to stop more than twice to make phone calls to find the right way to the place they needed to go to... Jesus, that’s enough.

If there is somebody who likes of a special attention, just let me know about the hotel you’re thinking to make reservations to contact me, ok ? Or just make comments in your posts about it : more information means better communication !


My best regards for you guys!


Vip Driver
05-05-04, 17:55

Hi buddy! BTW, are you latin?

I think I can help you. In SP there are a lof of options to live from R$750 to R$3000 ( US$250~1000 ). Some of them are "flats" where they include breakfast and sometimes laundry service. I know a building in Moema that I think you'd like to know when you come. The bldg is very close to Bahamas AND the majority of the inhabitants there are *****s who work at the Bahamas.

Well, I commented this just to put a little sugar on your tongue!

Anyway, as soon as possible when I have news about websites containing the informations you're asking for, I'll tell you!

Regards pal!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

05-05-04, 19:58

Nice service from the hotel, and thanks again for the report.


05-06-04, 02:36

I am traveling to Sao Paulo next week (10/05/04) only for "leisure time". I am a brazilian who lives in London for many years and at least once a year I come to SP for my deserved break.

I have been to many places like Connection, Romanza, etc... But lately I have used the girls who adverstise on internet.

I will stay at Parthenon Excellence, very close to Bamboa.

If you need a buddie to go out to these night clubs or help with girls on internet, please get in touch. I am happy to help.

For those who likes a relaxing and exciting time wiht a girl, one thing that I like to do when I am in SP is to take the girl to a Motel, instead of my hotel. Five stars motels in SP offers excellent accommodation with private heated swimming pool and sauna, hydro, adult channels, in a luxury environment besides a superb food for a good price. The price range is from 140 to 210 reais for an overnight. You can take the girl to the Motel by taxi. The driver will park the car in front of the suite garage. Next morning you just call taxi to collect you. I have been nearly all good motels in SP, and I recommend Opium, Harmony and Colonial.

Some considerations when taking a taxi:

Even for a brazilian, taking a taxi can be tricky! If they feel that you know nothing about SP they will take the longest way to arrive at your destination. What do I do ? Firstly I always take taxis from the apart-hotel taxi queue. Taxi drivers in hotels are always the same, so the chances you a get a ride with the same one are great, consequently they are more afraid of fooling you as the hotel management can cancel their licence to operate in the area. Secondly, I have a street map of SP where I study how to get where I want. I see the main road which leads to my target destination. When I take the taxi, I say for example, "Connection, via Marginal" When I say the magic word "via (bla bla)" they know that you know the way. They will do the shortest way. Also I try to be friendly to these taxi drivers, and very often they give me their mobile number if a need to be collected later on.

I hope to see one of you guys there!



05-06-04, 14:07
Personnaly, i've never been scammed by a taxi in Sao Paulo (BIG difference with Rio), even if some guys (who at 99% are nice and honests people) have sometimes a little hard time to find a street among the 17000 of this monstruous city.
Generally by just giving to the taxi driver the area (Brooklin, Jardim America, Pinheiros, Moema, Centro, ect ...) and the street's name, he'll do fine with this, even if he could maybe have to stop and ask to find his way.
Anyway I seriously doubt any professionnal driver, taxi or whoever could find a minor street without a little help ...

05-06-04, 19:15

Thanks for the info on the motels and taxis. :)


Vip Driver
05-07-04, 00:51
Dear Pro,

I agree with you, but not 100%. You were right when you said "IMO". So, in this case I could not make comments based on my opinion. My comment was based on reports from other members, even they are not many. But in my real life I would have more unhappy comments to do. I live in São Paulo, but I confess that I really do not like to see anyone "getting" or charging extra money just because their clients are drunk or because they do not understand Portuguese. I would not say that São Paulo is a bad city to live because that. In fact, São Paulo is better than Rio in finding honest people but it does not mean that you can go with your eyes closed. Your experience in São Paulo was fine but maybe for others were not ( like Genghis Khan and other members too, including some of my clients. Even me, I had problems sometimes when I needed to pay my bills in restaurants, pubs, etc. BTW, I knew this website through one of my clients who had troubles last year at "W" in Alvorada Street ). Now, "IMO" I presume it is good for everyone of us when we have more options to choose, even we do not need them ( your case ), but if some day you need it for any reason, you already have it ! That is why I wrote " If there is somebody who likes a special attention...”

Forget about the term "professional". I am a human beeing like you, like waiters, taxi drivers, directors and anyone else. I do not like to say I am the best, I am the only one or I am the best option, of course. But we need to consider than in this small world we have people who want more comfort and others less. It means, Limo’s instead of cab’s, first class instead of executive or regular one, Bilingual instead of regular drivers, etc etc.

The taxi drivers are professional too ( or at least they want to be one ) because the driving is their job. But there are people who do not like to spend their time with drivers I commented. Taxi drivers work on a public transportation. I work on private one : on demmand, that's the difference. It means that, who likes somebody speaking in English, who feels that drivers like me would give them more comfort, privacy, discretion, safety and reliability then they would ask for me, it is just a matter of needs or even liking.

Take a little read at the Mauver’s report. But look : some girls (at least in São Paulo), they are not reliable, simply because they make advertisements on internet by showing their pictures different from they look like and it is not just a matter of a simple body or face production, they are really different. It happen twice with the same guy, my client (and friend now), in less than four days on his staying. The first time, I didn’t see the girl but he later commented me that the girl looked like different from the internet. The second time when it happened he was smarter : he first invited me to stay with him in his room to help him for translations if necessary, then choosed another girl through the internet, asked me to call her to negotiate the price, duration and time to meet him and left his computer on with her picture on screen until she arrives. When the girl got the hotel and came up to the room, both of us realized that she was pretty different from her picture (again !). My translations were pretty necessary and then she justified: “oh I am sorry ! I didn’t know that the “agency” didn’t change my picture yet. Look, it is not my fault. It is their fault but, please don’t call them because you would put me in troubles. I cannot believe that they did this with me, they are stupid but I need them to make my money. It is really a stupid situation.”

During her comments about that situation I was trying to call to the number I called before ( to her – I don’t believe it was an agency ). “Curiously” at the same time, she got her cell and tried to call her “agency” to tell them that the client gave up, that was she said to us and she couldn’t talk to anybody at that moment. But I figured out she was trying to put her cell “on busy” to prevent rings in her cell, since she said that the number I called belonged to her agency... ( that’s why she asked me to don’t call her agency ! )

Listen what I say. Take care with these bastard girls. If you intend to choose girls from the internet, ask them first if the pictures shown on the internet belong to them, or if they look like exactly as they appear on the internet, otherwise you can refuse to pay their taxis to go out from their homes (“agencies”) and go back. ok ?

Another thing : the hotels don’t have power to exclude or cancel taxi operation licenses but they can call other taxis or cooperative companies who provide taxi drivers. Besides, even for the ***hotels or **, in most cases the taxi drivers charge a little more to give some commission to the receptionists, managers or whoever, it is normal. Sometimes, in my case I don’t give commissions to receptionists, depending on the hotel I attend and when I need to do that I don’t charge more.

Anyway, I appreciate your report you made to me, thank you Pro.

Genghis Khan
05-07-04, 11:08
VIP Driver,

I enjoyed my stay in Sao Paulo even if the hotels driver wasn`t
as I had hoped.


05-07-04, 13:00

In fact some girls who advertise on internet may not be the one your have called. It does happen if you can not see the face picture on internet. Most good sites like www.malicia.com.br shows good pictures and description of the girls. Personally, I never had such problem. As Vip said, when on the phone, stress this point: "Are you the girl on the picture?" and say "If not, please do not come".

The cost of stable economy has been high. Unemployment in SP has reached 2 million people without a job only in SP. The result is more and more girls are entering in this business everyday. Those who advertise on internet (not agencies) are students, girls who lost their jobs, or in need of more income. In my case, I do enjoy the lack of professionalism of some of these girls. They live in nice flats in the Jardins area. The price is from 150 to 200 for 2 hours. Usually I offer 400 reais to stay overnight. Most accept that.

Like many here in this forum, I do not recommend Romanza. It is a rip off, cold minded girls, where everyone tries to get some money from you, since the bouncer to waiter that you never ordered anything. My last time there I lost US 500. Very disappointing. You are better off at Kilt, Bamboa or Connection.

One last wise advise: I do talk a lot of these girls, and they tell me many guys ask to do it without condom, mainly foreign guys. So if you think that a given girl is opening an exception for you because you are nice or whatever, you are utterly wrong! Be careful. If she allows one, she will or has allowed others.



Zax Dad
05-07-04, 21:20
Sao Paulo Bound 5/10 - 5/13,

I'm traveling to SP next week on the dates above and am looking for English speaking locals to accompany me on some mongering trips in search of some "upscale" brazilian beauties. Any interested parties who'd like a few free beers, just let me know.

Vip Driver
05-07-04, 21:23

That's nice you enjoyed your stay in São Paulo. I'm glad with that ! The next time you come again, I hope you enjoy it again, again and again. Actually, São Paulo has a lot of options to do anything. That's why SP is considered the 3th city in the world. Some executives said me that SP is the second largest city. I knew that SP already was the first biggest city in the world! But I accept its 3th placed at present! I don't mind!

Regards pal!


Genghis Khan
05-10-04, 13:33

Jardim America is still closed.


05-10-04, 15:12
First Post.

First of All, thanks for all the great info. I just relocated to Sao Paulo and occasionally enjoy some mongering. Just want to reiterate the warning on Romanza. I got hosed there when I first arrived (didn't know of this board) and it was close to my hotel. I was billed at exit $500 (US dollars that is via some bogus charges aroub taking a girl out and her drinks for the night. I was 1. too drunk and 2. didn't speak portuguese at that time so I was taken for a ride ). Girl was actually great in bed but expensive (400 Reais) but no pictures of her. she dances there and goes by the name of Mel (about 5'4, about 105 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, small breasts, great ass, BBBJ, CIM, no anal). Also, per another message, watch out for the hostess there if you make the mistake of going there. She was the one who logged all the drink charges without my consent.

Relocated activities to Bomboa and to Cafe Photo and Celcenter (massage parlor). Thoughts on Cafe Photo. So far, IMHO have usually seen the best girls there compared to Bomboa and to Romanza. Although, the outfits can be a bit tough to truly check out the girls body. But all in all, do find young 20-24 years olds, 5'6-5'8 with great bodies and attractive faces (one girl looked like a brunette Britney Spears!). Haven't had any bad experiences but getting girls to do anal from there has been a real challenge (0 for 5). and must say the negotiating is a drag. Not sure, I speak pretty good portuguese now, but boy these girls always start out at R800 and getting them down to R400 is a real hassle. usually works out but they sometimes they get a bit salty about it. any thoughts on that? Never had any problems with bogus charges from the management.

Really enjoyed Bomboa. Very easy to check the girls out given the bikinis. Found a great girl named Rammal. Probably 22-24 years old, About 5'6, probably about 110-115 pounds, dark hair, green eyes, light skin, small breasts (rate an 8.5 on the body and an 8.5 on the face). Was $R200 and we spent just over an hour in the room with no call (used my stopwatch as I was curious). Was a Tuesday night. She did some moves which I have never seen (and hesistant to blurt out here) before but I am planning on relocating her and signing up for a double with her and another girl (she promised pricing of $R100 for the next go not sure if that is normal?). BBBJ, CIM and anal. No bogus charges from management. Guy to girl ratio was around 1.5 girl to each guy and around 80 girls when I was there (around midnight). definitely had more of a party feel than CF.

Celcenter is a great day time option. Girls are very attractive and run 150Reais for the hour on top of the room charge (Ithink 180 reais). Usually 200 Reais for the girl if you want anal. They have a four hands option (I think around 300 reais for the room and another 300 reais for the two girls). One of the more expensive massage parlors but the girls are fantastic (if you like the more light skin european look, brunettes and blonds). Also pretty heavy rotation of girls every couple of months. One thing, the BJs have been covered there. But I did have an excellent anal session with Bia and another girl who has left. Bia was DATY while I was doing her anal doggie style. Have also tried THe Palms and Embassy Vip AAA but really didn't like the girls at Embassy (bodies AND faces were 5-6s) and the Palms didn't have a lot of girls and was too pricey, but the girls were attractive. just found that Celcenter had best attitude and selection. Have not tried any Prives but thinking about checking out Francebel (another massage shop) in a few weeks.

Must say, Brazilian girls are the best. Don't know where they are taught this move. but everyone of them does asian cow girl move that just rocks your world. Not sure if this is consistent in other parts of Latin America or REST of WORLD but seems to be standard practice here. Was never in the vocabulary of moves from my American expericences....bummer need some cultural exchange.

lastly no experience with website girls here and have used the gpguia site which is a local board. usually good info. Curious to know how the girls there compare to Jardim America (if it reopens) and to Bahamas or Millenium? Anyone have any strong opinions on that?



05-10-04, 20:00
Made some calls and apparently city council went back and closed the place.
Will find out later. I will call Edson later.

05-10-04, 20:53

Thanks for the further warning on Romanza, and the excellent report.


05-10-04, 20:57
This is a continuation of my previous report from Sao Paulo, where the ugly to the stinky to green eyes was discussed.

Upon arrival in Sao Paulo, there was some doubt whether or not J and I were going to get together, as she still had family problems going on, and I was not able to get in touch with her for the last few days. One phone call, one message left, and then got some sleep. I had to get up early the next morning to take care of some other matters, so did not want to stay out too late. Around 7 or so, I walked out along Rua Augusta for some dinner, and to do some damage control for my co-worker from his previous visit to a club along there. After meeting with the manager and smoothing things over, I had a beer or two while enjoying a pretty girl that was hanging around. I wanted to save myself for J if she eventually called, so just played with her for a while, tipped her, and left.

Walking down Rua Augusta was fun as usual, but some of the clubs were closed due to Labor Day being celebrated. Even working girls need a day off. While walking back, I passed a small salon, and inside was a very pretty girl getting her nails and toe nails done. I stuck my head in, and ask if we could talk when she was finished. She said yes, and indicated that it would be about 30 minutes to an hour. At the appointed time, she was finished, and came outside to talk. I figured J was not going to show tonight so the magic word of “Hotel” was spoken, and within short order, we were in a taxi to her place, as she wanted to change into an evening dress. I asked if she worked in a club. She said no, but was working as an escort. I waited outside with the taxi driver while she went in to change. She came out in a very nice evening dress, and would look great on your arm at dinner or any other function. The taxi driver’s eyes lit up as she walked toward us, and he spoke his approval as well. Registration at the hotel was painless, and we retired to the room. Here is where this becomes interesting.

I took a shower, and afterwards she was showing me her photo on the website:


and was looking at a few others as well. About this time, I was starting to get a headache, and finally figured it out that is was from the beer. I don’t know if any of you have gotten a headache from Bohemeian(sp?) beer, but it seems like every time I have some of it, I get a splitting headache. I had experienced this before but could not pinpoint it until now. That is the only alcoholic beverage I had that night, and it was beginning to hurt. This was after only three beers as well. It was not enough to stop the action, as she was a very affectionate girl, but enough to start me thinking about this. At any rate, she was great. Her tits had a problem though, and it looked as some doctor did a hatchet job on the underside. They were very sensitive, and I had to be very careful with them. That and the headache were the only drawbacks, as we had a great time.

Well, right during the middle of all of this, J calls, and I was really surprised that she did. I talked to her briefly, told her that I had a headache (true) and would see her tomorrow night. She wanted to come over, but I thought it better not to have her over that night. Back to Alexia, for more fun, and my IM pings as I had left the computer on. Ignoring that, a few minutes later, the cell phone rings again, and it is another girl that I met a few weeks ago who knew I was going to be back in town. They never forget. I just told her that I was occupied, and that was it. The time with Alexia was quite nice, and we parted friends. Now I felt somewhat guilty about J.

After a quick clean up of the room, I called J back, apologized to her, and said that my headache was really bad (it was), and said that I had fallen asleep and was a bit out of it when she called. I invited her to come over and sleep with me. She knew that I had to take care of some things early the next morning, and she did as well, so we agreed to meet the following evening. The green eyes were not going to rest though, as she had to ask who I was sleeping with tonight. Hobbying 101…deny, deny, deny. I just told her that I was feeling lousy, which was still true, and not to worry. She bought it, reluctantly.

The following day I had lunch with some old friends, got some sleep, and waited to meet J and her friend later that evening. After the previous encounter with the “Stinky” girl, I was just going to give the dupla a rest and just enjoy my time with J. Yet it was her idea to bring over her friend to go with us, so who was I to complain? Her friend was pretty, and was excited, and so the three of us went off to dinner, and then to a hotel.

All in all it was a great evening, until I found out that J’s friend was a complete lesbian. She was the “man” in her four year relationship with her roommate, and did not want me to touch her tits, and J even told me that she wanted to have them removed. I looked just to make sure there was not a dik hanging down as well. Now what? I made the best of it playing around with two naked girls, and we still had a good time. But next time J wants a dupla, it sure as hell will not be with a lesbian. What a waste. We dropped her off at the Kilt, I was beginning to feel sorry for the poor guy that might take her home later on.

The next day was very relaxing with J, and we had some good laughs about these past two visits. She never forgot the first night though, and asked me three times who I slept with. She finally relaxed a bit, but I’m sure it will come up again. These girls never forget. The past few days were very unique and at the same time, very normal for a fun time in South America. Sao Paulo is great for beautiful women, plenty of places to choose from, and fun times. If you go there, you will have a great time.

Enjoy the life,


Vip Driver
05-11-04, 16:28
Great report Moondog!

05-11-04, 21:33
Went by Celcenter today but didn't end up "transando" (transar is the verb for sex) with a garota. But I did check out the facilities. There are 55 girls but the majority of them were not available (not sure if they were there but just busy with clients or only a handful are working each day, didn't ask, probably should have). The have lots of pictures of the girl (show the face at the location, not online) and has the age and height of the girls. Fair amount of good looking girls. I was going to see a girl and picked one but a call from work screwed things up and I had to leave (but I did get details from the girl before pulling the chute).

Rooms look to be pretty clean and nice layout. The room rate is $R150 and the girl wants $R150 for the hour. One word of advice the place doesn't "allow" the sex services (a don't ask don't tell policy) and the girls only bring 1 condom with them so if you want more than one pop you need to bring your own condoms. The one girl was only going to do CBJ (seems to be the theme at the massage places), no BBBJ.

Will probably go back and try one of the girls out. No four hands.


Genghis Khan
05-12-04, 08:30
As reported by Pro earlier, Bomboa has opened a second
location at Avenida Aclimacao 395, 3277-4711/3277-5355.
It is called Clinica Vision.



05-12-04, 15:13

I can not get the link to work. is this correct, or is it just down?

Zax Dad
05-12-04, 15:22
Live from Sao Paulo,

Just a quck note here in regards to my exploits since arrival on Monday.

Monday night off to Millenium where I was very impressed by the moderness of the club and the selection of girls. Ended-up wanting take-out and was disappointed to find that the price was R$200 to the house in order to take a girl from the club (ouch!). After several unsuccessful attempts at negotiating this down by my Portueguese speaking friend who is also here, we "caved" and paid the money. My choice was Andrezza, a very cute 23yo English speaking blond with a great heart-shaped behind. Had 2.5 hours of fun with her back at the hotel for R$250. Whoever posted the thread about the girls here liking it hard was totally correct. She kept asking for "harder/deeper"! Apparently I was sucessful since when I called her the next day she said "I feel pain down there". All in all a very nice club but that house fee for take-out will prevent me from going back.

Tuesday slept in till 10am when I had to be on a call for work. Did not feel well at all due to going to bed at 5am and many drinks. After call was over I was heading to Antares but the hotel taxi driver said it was "far" from my hotel (Maksoud) and talked me into Embassy VIP. There were only 3 girls avialable at 3pm so I chose Julia. A very nice time was had by all for R$310 total. Of course on the way out I see a totally stunning tall blond who would have been my choice over Julia.

Tonight I think I will try Bomboa since most posts on here say it's a great "party" place with on-site rooms and lots of girls (taxi drive says as many as 400, could this be true?).

I will leave for home Friday so I have only 2 more nights for fun. If anyone else here in SP want to hook-up for some fun, drop me a PM.

05-12-04, 15:50
Should be http://www.clinicavison.com.br/

Genghis Khan
05-12-04, 16:30

Sorry my mistake.
It is supposed to be http://www.clinicavison.com.br/


05-12-04, 18:02
I got bad news abot JD America. Due to zoning, the owners arehaving a hard time to reopen the place. They are studying moving to a new location. There are 3 consequences because of that:
1. W will gain some momentum
2. Cafe Photo and Donna Caffee wil get flooded.
3. Prices are going down
I will let you know when I found out where they are opening.

05-13-04, 00:27
GK and Photo55,

Thanks for the correct link. It looks very similiar to the original Bomboa.


Genghis Khan
05-13-04, 08:05

Thanks for the update. I hope everything turns out in favour
of the owners and that they will open again.


05-13-04, 13:18
So I went back to Francebel and tried out Veronica. 22 year old fake blond, about 5'4, tight very tan body but not overly thin (great bikini line), fake rake (probably larger size C). Face is not shown on the web (www.francebel.com.br) and I would rate it a 7 but the body was definitely an 8+ and technique was a 9+. I was wrong about the CBJ being a trend at the massage place. As soon as she walked in, she dropped to her knees and starting working on the johnson (deep throating BBBJ and CIM). Wow! After that performed a very good back massage (so funny, these girls really have been trained in massage!!!!!). Then proceeded to another BBBJ (really porn style technique, deep throating, lots of spit, lots of noise from her, really thought the thing was being filmed) and then proceeded to ride me reverse asain cowgirl (there that move is yet again!). Pop #2 and some more massage activity and then we finished up with another BBBJ and CIM. I didn't know I had it in me (been a while since a three pop session) but the girl's BBBJ technique was fabulous. After I asked about anal and she said that she does occasionaly do anal.

Room was clean (I almost checked for a hidden camera given her performance but didn't find one!) and the place is run very smoothly. You are given a card which holds your charges, and as I noted earlier a room with all the pictures of the girls, and they have a parking area for the cars. Saw a few other guys coming and going so seemed pretty busy. Pretty funny they have a PA system announcing to girls to go to which room. An through of this the management assumes that it is only a massage shop (give me a break....the noise level said it all). $R150 for the roomand $R150 for the girl. I'm going to try out one other girl that I saw while walking around. Also I did call and make an appointment and asked about a few other girls. seems like best to pre-arrange a meeting given the popularity of the place. will post.

BTW on the ClinicaVison. It works as a massage parlor during the day and a boate during the night according to the ggupia website.


05-13-04, 22:02

Beautiful girl. Thanks for the report.