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01-01-06, 01:00
Please use this thread to announce your travel plans and your intentions to meet up with other Forum Members.

Romano V
04-20-08, 14:03

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07-26-10, 23:16
I am going to Yerevan of March 2010 for September 8th-11th. It is my first trip to Yerevan so I need your help to find the best girls. Please take contact with me if you have tips on best services in Yerevan.

02-03-17, 07:04
I am travelling to Yerevan 8th Feb. Please share good service areas in Yerevan.

Michi T
09-03-19, 00:05
Helllo you dudes, I will arrive in Yerewan on 23 Sept and then be in Armenia, the holy country for about two weeks!

Who wants to meet or maybe even share travel for a few days!

Michi T
10-17-19, 16:20
I will be in Yerevan 26-30 October. Any dude around?

Michi T
11-29-19, 19:47
Yo you dudes. I am back in Yerevan. Write me PM if you have time to meet. It is such a successfull city!

Michi T
12-31-19, 00:15
Happy new year dudes! I shall be back in Georgia on 27 January. First for a few days to Batumi, then continue to Tbilisi.

Michi T
03-05-20, 12:35
Hello fellow dudes, who around in the Yerevan, send me PM.