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01-01-06, 01:00
Please use this thread to announce your travel plans and your intentions to meet up with other Forum Members.

01-01-07, 15:50

Visting Germany from the 09.01.07 to 14.01.2007 then on to Italy on 14.01.07 till 16.01.07 then off to Belgium from 16.01.07 till 18.01.07 and finally arriving in London on the 18.01.07 till the 22.01.07.

Would love to catch up with like minded gentlemen for mongering fun.

Let me know.



02-06-07, 21:38
Hi Guys
If anyone else is going then let's meet up


02-18-07, 12:33
Hello gentlemen,

I just posted a Queenies report in the Antwerp page. I had a not so great experience and wanted to try my hand at PHG next Saturday. I was rather bored in Q's and thought it might be interesting to link up with some like minded gents who could give some advice on the local girls and just pass the time btw. sessions.


JC (bdltnt)

11-20-07, 04:41
Greetings friends,

I'll be in Brussels soon and seeking a tour guide for 2-3 hours or so. This will include the area north of the Noord train station, what I understand to be the RLD. Also, if you know any better places in Brussels other than the RLD that would also be excellent as long as the situation is legal. 50 EUR for your assistance.

Private message me if this is something you'd be interested in.


09-21-08, 16:42
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11-09-08, 18:18
Visiting Brussels again soon. Looking forward to a return visit to the RLD but would appreciate some recommendations on pubs.

Places where a 40 something North American with only a bit of French would not feel out of place having a few pints. Thanks for your help.

11-11-08, 12:57
Visiting Brussels again soon. Looking forward to a return visit to the RLD but would appreciate some recommendations on pubs.

Places where a 40 something North American with only a bit of French would not feel out of place having a few pints. Thanks for your help.All depends of what area you will stay. But generally speaking the 'Irish Pubs' will do. You'll find many of them, both in the center and 'uptown'.

Or try the the 'Belga' (place Flagey, and some other bars in the area, becoming increasingly popular and crowded)

However, avoid anything in the RLD area in the evening. Unsafe.

But you feel adventurous: try the ' 5th avenue' (Place de l'Yser): it's a bar with a small hotel attached. Rooms by the hour and it's half a minute walking from the street-walkers area. Any lady present will gladly accompagne you upstairs. But here to: carefull in the evening.



11-11-08, 17:45
Thanks for the advice on pubs. Any particular Irish Pubs? I will be at the Sheraton on Place Rogier but do not mind long walks.


11-12-08, 04:03
Visiting Brussels again soon. Looking forward to a return visit to the RLD but would appreciate some recommendations on pubs.

Places where a 40 something North American with only a bit of French would not feel out of place having a few pints. Thanks for your help.There are many good local bars in the areas of Place St Catherine and Place St Gery, just off the centre. Also the Falstaff opposite the Bourse has a good atmosphere and good food. And the Mort Subite near the Galeries St Hubert is a very good pub.

A personal favourite of mine is a bar on a short street just north of the Grand Place called Fourche/Creep (!), I think. It's a couple of doors away from a very obvious SwingerClub and has bluesy music on Sat nights and a good place to meet other English speakers. There's also another jazzy place just off the grand Place that you'll probably fall into unawares. Apologies if that info sounds a bit vague, my memory just isn't kicking in...

All the above are close to the GP. O'Reilly's Irish bar near the Bourse is a busy place but a bit 'through-other' for some tastes. Some of the best Irish bars (Kitty O'Sheas/The Wild Geese) are a bit away from the centre in the EU district but good places if you're in that area...

Don't forget Brussels is a very cosmopolitan city because of the EU, Nato etc so you'll have plenty of choices in the centre.

Also I've always drank in the bars of the red-light area at night and never had a problem although they are indeed quite shabby. Some are run by ex-window girls who know how to keep good order with their tongues (no dreadful pun intended!). If you're doing this though it's best to stay on the ones directly on Rue d'Aeroschot as it's a bit shady even one block off this street at night.

Best of luck!

04-01-10, 10:12
Not sure where to put this map so choose this thread.

This is a map of the sex cinemas/shops of Netherlands and Belgium.

Before I came across the kinos of Germany used to visit the sex cinemas of the two countries. Have decided to do a map as well.


If anyone has extra information about any of the yellow places could they PM me and will turn them to blue.

I have also done a Germany kino's map from a while back. Check the Google Map Project thread in the Germany section for that.


John Thorel
05-14-10, 13:17
Hello, I will be in brussels one night (18 of may).

It will be great to fond some friend for my favorite activity: find girl in club or diffrent bordel.

You have just to send me an email.

09-24-12, 22:41
Working in Brussels for the coming months. I've heard there's good girls around here at North but think it's more fun to make use of them while making friends and sharing stories. I speak English as well as German and Dutch. Would be fun to do some exploring of the girls here together. Would like to make some friends that share this hobby. I'm pretty ambitious and eventually I'd like to start up my own club. So, feel free to PM me or respond to the thread and let's see what we can come up with.

09-30-12, 04:02
After the clubbing I walked around for a while and did some investigations. It"s nice to be smiled at from all those women trying to get one's attention, knocking at the window. However I noticed that there wasn't much variety in choice. They were all African women and most are overweight if not a bit too heavy for my taste. Although I did see two or three cute slim ones. But I didn't go in as I saviour the thought that I will do it eventually also. And I want to enjoy this for a little while until I really get the urge to experience it. I don't want to know when yet, I want to leave it up to when I really feel like it, since I treasure the act of sex too much to make it into a machine-like habit, into something that <<must be satisfied. Then again if there are fellow travelers, please post. I'm sure it will be very fun!

11-28-12, 23:00
Will be in Flanders and Brussels Wednesday-Friday next week. Any recent tips and updates are welcome.

05-14-15, 11:13

Will come 18 - 22 May. Near that location If anyone else is going then let's meet up.

04-22-18, 02:03
I will be in Brussels for the first time for 1 night Sun may 6th. Send me a PM if any mongers are interested in meeting for a beer.