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01-01-06, 01:00
Please use this thread to announce your travel plans and your intentions to meet up with other Forum Members.

Loopy De Loop
03-12-07, 15:06

I will be in Paris the first few days of April and will try to report.

Loopy De Loop

Loopy De Loop
04-12-07, 23:14

I will be in Paris the first few days of April and will try to report.

Loopy De LoopLast week at around 4pm went walking from behind Galeries Lafayette on Haussmann, up rue de Mogador, at the second intersection on the right is the afore mentioned street.

I saw 6 wsw and one bsw all standing at the entrances of the buildings there, all were in the 3s and 4s in streetwalker scale, I did not partake.

Wally Perrier
05-14-07, 11:09
I will go Bordeaux in June, from 17 till 21.

Is there something going on, someone to meet, some info?

09-21-07, 01:09
If anyone wants to meet up or has good suggestions for me, let me know!

10-14-07, 17:06

I'll be in Lyon for 10 days from October 15th. If anyone is around maybe we can exchange information and hit some swinger clubs.

Joe Happens
09-05-10, 05:50

Visiting Paris on Sept 16 and would like to explore clubs and women with someone visiting. Drop me an email.

Jim Fuckey
10-25-11, 21:00
In Paris / La Defense for the next 3 days.

10-26-11, 13:59
In Paris / La Defense for the next 3 days.Please keep us udated about the action.

Would like to know how's the scene there.

11-10-11, 07:11
Hi, I am going to make a 5-day unplanned trip to Paris in two weeks because I have two weeks off and found a very cheap ticket from the USA I plan to just monger and reading from the posts, France is not really the place. But can anyone give me advice on where to go? Belgium, Holland or Germany? I don't want to go too far from Charles de Gaulle airport. One place I want to try is an FKK but which is closest? Any help will be appreciated. You can also PM me. Thanks.

03-03-12, 19:02
In Paris from the 9th of March for the weekend, anyone around then please send me a PM.


04-14-12, 11:03
Fellow Mongerers,

I will be in Paris for one night. I would appreciate any advice on available mongering, local pro / non-pro talent, BDSM, Swing Clubs, and hang-out options. If you're in town let me know and maybe we can venture out as a team!


04-28-12, 10:42
I will be in Paris for 2 nights (next weekend). If anyone wants to join up on first weekend of May do PM me. I have a feeling getting together to go to Germany for FKK or Belgium for a day trip may be an option on Saturday the 5th if things are gloomy in Paris on Friday!

04-14-14, 05:42
Hello guys,

Visiting Lyon from 18th April to 20th April. Looking for beautiful girls please give suggestions.

05-29-14, 23:12
Hi guys,

Visiting Rennes on June 12 to 14 then heading to Amsterdam.

Good leads in beautiful Rennes would be most appreciated.

10-13-14, 16:06
Hello friends and seniors,

I'm on a holiday trip to Europe for 20/25 days. I will be coming to Paris on dates 2th to 31st Oct. If any leads can given, it would be appreciated. I'm 28/ m / Indian. I would like to meet some fellow mongers if free to do some mongering together.

Thank you.



10-16-14, 05:00
Hi frnds,

I'll be in Paris next week. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up and explore the city together.


12-03-16, 20:44

I'll be in Paris next month I. E Jan 2017 from India. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up and explore the city together.


06-11-17, 03:57
I will be in Paris June 29-July 3rd. Send me PM if anybody is around to meet up.

05-22-18, 19:03

I will be in Paris between 8th and 10th June. PM me if anyone is interested in meeting up.


07-10-18, 08:34
Arrival on 31st morning and planning to visit cap d'agde for 3 days and will be back to Paris on Aug 3rd evening. Aug 4th completely Paris. Return on Sunday morning. Anyone visiting during same time, feel free to PM me.