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06-07-17, 20:05
Hi all,

I have been transferred to Frankfurt for the time being. Looking to meet other likeminded people here who maybe know the scene and would be up to showing a new guy around and where the best places are.

I speak fluent German however literally have never experienced this side of Germany before.

Please refer to my reports for streetcred.

Hope to hear from you.

07-07-17, 12:12
I will be travelling to Frankfurt next month and I will also be spending a few days in other areas. Dusseldorf. And a bit of Koln.

I could really need some help from someone who knows the scene. FKK clubs. And of course working girls. I'm looking for a very specific type of girl. Not easy to find and I don't want to waste my time spending hours in a FKK club. And going to the hotel disappointed. Because I didn't find anything of my type.

I'm willing to gratify in any way possible. Invite to sessions inside clubs or whatever necessary. For valuable info. That can save me a lot of time.

If you think you can help. Please send me a PM.

07-19-17, 03:42
I'll be bouncing around between Berlin and Leipzig next week. I don't speak German, but feel free to reach out if you want to meet at FKK Artemis or know places / ladies to check out in Leipzig.

10-03-17, 11:22
I will be in Frankfurt from 21 to 25 Oct. Any monger interested for Company.

10-21-17, 08:44
I am in the NRW area from today until 24.10. Happy to meet fellows.


10-29-17, 18:03

I'm visiting Frankfurt November 15th to 20th. I'm a divorced 45 year old guy, look and behave a lot younger. Love drinking, girls, smelly smokes!

On a tight budget but plan to visit an FKK club near Frankfurt, as well as checking out the RLD and maybe out clubbing some night.

Let me know if any of you fellow mongerers would be up for some company or to teach me some pro FKK tips!

Please msg me if interested thanks.


(from Bristol, UK).

02-08-18, 20:29

Anyone going to either one of these 2 events? I might be at both of them. Would be happy to meet.

Vito Corleone
02-13-18, 05:03

Anyone going to either one of these 2 events? I might be at both of them. Would be happy to meet.I'll be there with jimmy boy 99 & another friend.

06-12-18, 04:46

I will be in Budapest for the first time July 13th for 4 nights. Send me a PM if any mongers are interested in meeting for a beer.

08-23-18, 14:07
Will be in Hannover for the weekend. Anybody up for a beer?

Vito Corleone
08-25-18, 10:07
Will be in Hannover for the weekend. Anybody up for a beer?I'll be there on Monday for 3 days.

09-30-18, 14:01
Howdy fellas,

I'll be in Frankfurt on Saturday Oct. 6 until Oct. 8. Leaving the morning of the 9th to Berlin for the 9th and 10th.

If there are any fellow mongers who want to meet for a beer and some RLD touring, let me know via PM!


Mickey Thomas
10-02-18, 10:24
I'll be in stuttgart on Oct. 7 to 11. If anyone wants to do joint venturing out, send me a PM.

I have been to regular places like dreigarbenhaus, leonhardstrasse, firma schiller, fkks paradise and sakura. Are there any other interesting places to try?

11-19-18, 14:00
I will be there on Monday from around 16:00 and onwards. Any fellow mongers want to meet up there?

11-24-18, 15:02
In Munich Wednesday night 28th November. Sunshine seems like the safest option. Anyone for a few drinks between sessions?

11-28-18, 01:12

I stay I Berlin 28 29 30 November.

If there someone want join flat rate. Gangbang.

Just PM.

04-02-19, 11:39

I stay I Berlin 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 May.

If there someone want join for Artemis and flat rate / Gangbang. I am an gentleman 63 years from Norway.

Just PM.

02-08-20, 06:27
I will be there from 12:30 on. Any fellow mongers interested in meeting there?

PM please.

10-10-20, 15:13
I am planning to visit Duisburg's Vulkanstrasse on 16th of October to meet my favourite SPs who are now back.

Any fellow mongers interested in meeting there?

06-24-21, 17:23
Hi there,

I am travelling to Duisburg just on time for the reopening of the Vulkanstrasse, and meeting again a few regular SPs. If any one is interested in joining me feel free to send a message. Easy going person.

07-09-21, 05:05
I'm visiting Frankfurt July 18-21 and if anyone wants to hang out let me know. I'm a noob so if you got experience would appreciate help, if your also a noob guess we can figure it out together.

07-11-21, 17:59
I'll be in Frankfurt on Wednesday July 15. Near HBF, Elbestrasse. Would meet for beer or walking the BG.

07-12-21, 07:52
Will be in Frankfurt next week for work- noob to FKKs but really interested in giving one a try- regular mongering vet though.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

07-24-21, 13:56
I am currently in Frankfurt on 7/24 and will be here for approximately a week before I head up to the Cologne, Bonn area.

Hit me up and let's have some fun around town!

08-28-21, 00:03
Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be visiting Berlin in late October and early November. The plan is to do the tourism thing in the city and monger when I have the chance.

Thanks to all of you who have kept the Berlin forum alive with fresh reports. I've already begun to RTFF and will post a question or two if I need clarification.

09-11-21, 12:04
Berlin: upcoming visit.

Dear all.

I am in Berlin for a short business trip in a few weeks.

I will be staying at the city centre.

If anyone has any leads of semi pros and happy to share their digits I would be ever grateful.

I will be hitting on the usual spots like Artemis, insomnia etc.

Many thanks in advance.