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01-01-06, 02:00
Please use this thread to announce your travel plans and your intentions to meet up with other Forum Members.

06-26-06, 22:45
Hi all,

I will be in Klaipeda from 27.6.06 till 8.7.06 i will have an appartment there. If somebody likes to join for some hunting leave me an pm and we can meet no problem.

If anybody has some nice tips ( numbers ) leave me an pm as well.

08-30-09, 16:40
Hi folks,

Work takes me to I Kaunas 16 to 19 Sept 09. Does anybody have updated info. Both general info on recommended places to eat, drink, and make merry, as well as info on hooking up for some action (amateur or pro). Indications of current tourist rates much appreciated.

Many thanks,


09-02-09, 09:24
Hi Dagger,

Might I suggest you use the www.inyourpocket.com guide for info on Kaunas and Vilnius. There is much informal info on everything like places to eat and drink.

With regards to Kauno, its a quiet town with a few clubs and bars on the main avenue, Laisves Aleja. Clubs like Siena and Exit(never benn there) are worth visiting. A new bar and club called Pop Bar opened recently and might be worth a try.

Eating wise, for traditional Lithuanian food, try Berneliu Uzeiga which is the old town. A place to look for eye candy is the Akropolis shopping center about ten minutes walk from Laisves. There you will also find many restaurants, cinemas etc.

With regard to P4P and amateurs, Lithuania is not the place to be as most of the working girls have gone to Germany and the UK to work.... Its actually quite hard to sense this especially if one does not speak Lithuanian and people don't speak Russian here either, except the older generation.

There is a taxi rank in the middle of Laisves(on the same street of Exit club) and if you ask a taxi driver, they may be able to help you. The going rate three years ago was about 160/170 Litas an hour which was about $60/70.
Most of the girls were students:-) There is also a strip club in Kaunas and it was fine three year ago but no P4P with the strippers.

Vilnius has more strip clubs but P4P is quite expensive. Poland is a much better place for this.

I will be in Vilnius/Kauno from Sept 16th but not for mongering:-( Do drop me a private message if you need more info or get stuck.

Hope you have a great time!