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01-01-06, 01:00
Please use this thread to announce your travel plans and your intentions to meet up with other Forum Members.

04-16-06, 19:28
Hi fellow monger,

I will be in Malaga from 6th to 16th may will need info about girls and rates in this area. will be in 29640 Fuengirola please share information on the babes in that area.

07-17-06, 12:02

I will be in Madrid in the specified timeframe.

I would like to meet someone who can show me interesting places and clubs.

Kind regards,


John Costa
07-30-06, 19:25
I will be in costa del sol 9th aug - 19th aug. Anyone like a beer at the clubs get in touch.

Doc Bill
10-02-06, 09:00
I'll be heading out for my first trip to Spain, arriving this coming Saturday October 7. If anyone wants to hook up, I'll be travelling alone and could probably use the company. I'll be in Madrid until the 11th, then a couple of days in Seville, then Granada, then on the 15th or 16th I head to Valencia for four days, ending with about ten days in Barcelona, starting on the 19th. I hope to run into some of you along the way!

Sky Pirate
11-19-06, 00:40
Hi guys,

Anyone going to be in Palma and would like to meet for a beer and leer?

Helena Moscow
01-05-07, 12:50
Dear Friends,
I'll be in Madrid from the 20th till the 27th of January. Welcome to see me there. To know more about me, please, visit my site http://www.helena-moscow.ru .
Yours, Helena.

01-06-07, 19:37
Hi guys,

I will be in Madrid for a few days later this month. Im planning to go to Flowers or some other club on the 19th and/or 20th (Friday/Saturday). If anyone is interested to come along let me know.


01-10-07, 23:18
I'll be in Barcelona this coming Friday and Saturday, in case anyone fancies getting together for a trip to Kiss Me, etc. All the best.

Jimmy Boy
01-12-07, 21:37
Does anybody know if it is only men allowed at Estark, or can you take your partner and then one of the young ladies makes up a three?

John Costa
01-14-07, 22:54
Does anybody know if it is only men allowed at Estark, or can you take your partner and then one of the young ladies makes up a three?

No problem taking a girl in with you, I have done so in the past 3 times. I have only taken a girl out from the club though when I have been with someone else and not ventured upstairs. No one seemed to bat an eyelid, you are likely to have to make eye contact for a girl to approach you as you do not get pestered when with someone. Expect to pay upto double though in the club although it is upto the girl. I found it better to just ask a girl to come back to hotel for a few hours, last time paid 350e and had about 3 hours at hotel. They were talking 300e an hour in the club. 3 hours of non stop fun with a brasiliana who was really into girls, she was more excited than we were as she was desperate to get a pale skinned women. Happy days!!

I would also say but it is entirely upto you that I would only go with a south american who is into women as the europeans will go with you but your missus may not be too chuffed with the service (from experience)

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

I have also been to S'Candalo with someone but although the girls told me beforehand it was ok we had a bit of trouble getting in as the doormen were not really inclined to allow women in but did so eventually, a little embarrassing really, the staff were very good but just unsure. Estark absolutely no problem.

Great Wall
02-18-07, 14:28
Any place for erotic massage/sauna here.

Double Nickle
05-08-07, 23:22
I'm going on a Mediterranian cruise in 2008 and will make a port call at Barcelona 10-11 October. What is the best way to get laid and to see the sights in a short time?

Double Nickle

08-16-07, 07:31
I am going to be in Barcelona between Sept 1st and Sept 7th, and planning a minimum of two visits per day on brothels. If interested to connect please PM me ( I am in my mid forties by the way, and speak french and english.

08-16-07, 14:47
I am searching for some interesting place in this island.

Could you help me, please?

11-19-07, 06:55
Canadian back to BCn Dec 1st to Dec 5th. If you want to drink a beer, PM me.


03-25-08, 22:31
I'll be in BCN later this week - Thursday and Friday. Me - easy going British guy, late-30s. Anyone fancy hooking up to experience the BCN action? I'm a particular fan of Kiss Me bar, but glad to try other places.

Viajando Musico
05-22-08, 19:54
I will be arriving Malaga on the 27th of May for 4 days. Will be hitting all the big clubs. If anybody wants to hook up, please PM me.

John Euro
05-24-08, 08:25
I will be arriving Malaga on the 27th of May for 4 days. Will be hitting all the big clubs. If anybody wants to hook up, please PM me.Would be more than happy to do so but from tomorrow onwards I will have guest ( family) in the house for a wile as summer season starts , this will limit badly my evening mongering time


06-15-08, 15:36
Will be in BCN for 4 days from July 11 and planning some fun. Anyone interested in exploring some of the many delights on offer?

Peace Giraffe
07-28-08, 17:22
Hi all,

I will soon be going to one of the timeshares in the "Calahonda Urbanicazion".

I would love to have some details of girls that operate Incalls in that area.

Unfortunately I will be without my own transport - so would be grateful for any idiots guides you have :)

Thanks in anticipation

Blue Swede
10-09-08, 21:35
Anyone with plans to explore Barcelona 1-8 of November?

01-28-09, 03:32
Sixtynine coming back to Madrid. Enjoyed my university study abroad in Spain.

Now would like to meet for cerveza with others and take a tour of the nightlife and chicas Madrid has to offer. Fully bilingual English/Spanish, so could help any foreigners in negotiating.

In town Jan 31 - Feb 5, possibly later!

So Happy
04-11-09, 09:29
I'll be there checking out the new Estark 92 and the new club near Estark 95. Please PM me if there is anyone who would like to share some cold San Miguels and hot pussy!

Detailed reports will follow.........

04-24-09, 13:29
Any one want to meet to share cost of cab to Romani / Salamaax? Because otherwise fare is About 35 euro each way!

So Happy
05-31-09, 18:14
I am in the Alicante area from 12th to 14th June. It will be great to share a cold San Migel with any other forum members. Please pm me if you are around. Also any good ideas and/or clubs not to be missed will be appreciated. I have been thru the forum reports and so have a good idea of where to go, but may have missed something. I hope to hear from you!

06-02-09, 16:12
Ill be in Cala Ratjada from June 4th until June 11th.

Anybody there during that time to join me visting some clubs?

06-03-09, 11:11
IM Spanish and I live near Madrid. If anybody wants to visit some clubs in Madrid, drink a beer or need some advices about girls, rates. I think I can help. I love meet people from other counties. Please feel free to leave a message or PM.

06-27-09, 19:54
I'll be in Barcelona from July 1 to 7.

Anybody there during that time to join me in checking out some clubs?

08-16-09, 01:47
I will be in Torrevieja / Alicante region from 23 Aug for 2 weeks if any fellow forum members would like to meet up at all.

So Happy
12-21-09, 07:22
I'm on the Costa from the 30th to the 3rd - great to share a few beers and tales of conquest with any regular members that are around. PM me if you would like to meet up.

01-05-10, 12:09
Traveling to BCN for 4 days to sample the offerings, anyone else around fancy meeting up sharing stories etc.

Digi Cam
03-01-10, 06:18
Looking to hit Ibiza in Mid May for a few weeks for the opening of the season. Can someone provide me with advice on the lay of the land with regard to where to find the pros, websites, locations of brothels if they even have any etc.,. Anything but trying to sort weed them out at the big clubs I hope. Help!

03-30-10, 09:34
I will be in madrid the 12 of april, staying at the Hilton Madrid Hotel. If anybody is interested in joining me to visit Factory-Air nightclub just let me know or send me a private mail.

Member #1183
04-11-10, 20:41
Planning a Barcelona trip in June.

Message if you're interested in a punting trip!

05-14-10, 23:20

I am traveling to Granada in a weeks time. Does anyone have some good advice as to where to find the hot escorts?



John Thorel
06-14-10, 20:00

I will be in Madrid for two nights: 15 & 15 of June.

If you want to visit Factory Air and Diana Plus club, send me an email.

See you soon!


08-06-10, 17:29
I will be in madrid the 15-16 of august, i will stay at the hilton madrid airport hotel. If anyone is in madrid and wants to hang our visit clubs together (Factory Air) just let me know
kind regards

08-08-10, 09:14
I will be in Salou/Reus/Cambrils area for two night, 9 and 10 August.
Alina Relax in Cambrils and Club Privee in Reus would be the hot zones I will be hooking.

Tom Rocks
09-20-10, 00:16
I'm flying from USA to Spain and will stay in spain/Ibiza/Madrid/barcelona in 1st week of October 2010.

Anybody wants to join or want a good company please reply here.

Bruce Smythe
09-22-10, 04:20
I'll be in Barcelona Oct 3 thru 8 at the Hilton.

Will post more in the BCN forum.


09-27-10, 18:30
I will be in Barcelona from September 30th until October 3rd.

Anyone else around?

Tom Rocks
10-01-10, 01:31
I'll be in Barcelona Oct 3 thru 8 at the Hilton.

Will post more in the BCN forum.

BruceBruce let us meet.

So Happy
10-01-10, 09:46
I'll be there from 22 to 24 October and linking up with Spanish Main. Anyone else want to join the party?

10-02-10, 09:37
Am in town for the weekend. Anybody interested in a few beers, exchanging notes and share cost of taxi to Flowers/Factory?

Bruce Smythe
10-04-10, 21:37

Did you get my PM? Wed & Thur night are options.

Any particular part of town?

I have a local SIM and I'll send you the number.


Bruce let us meet.

10-10-10, 23:43
Will be there 12-16 Oct

Wingman needed


Doggy Dog
02-16-11, 20:49
Anyone planning some after hours fun? Thu 17 Feb?

03-19-11, 18:39
I will be in Madrid from next week Wednesday till Sunday. Have not made up my mind about which hotel I am going to stay. If anybody wants to meet up I will be at Factory Air nightclub on Wednesday night from round about midnight.

Matteo 77
07-04-11, 20:59
Pm if you want to hang out for a beer or two

Kav Victor
07-20-11, 20:19

In madrid from 27 jul 11 to 30 jul 11.

Would love to hang out for drinks beer and party.

Make new frnds.

Please post in a line.


Kav Victor
07-24-11, 22:04

in madrid from 27 jul 11 to 30 jul 11.

Would love to hang out for drinks beer and party.

Make new frnds.

Please post in a line.

Cheershey isg friends waiting

08-07-11, 01:15
I will be in Barcelona from September 11th until September 16th.

Anyone around for company and... some action?

09-09-11, 08:15
Feel free to message me.

First adventure on the street.


Scottish Ben
09-15-11, 13:26
Anybody fancy meeting up for a beer PM me@: [Email address deleted by Admin]


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09-23-11, 18:01
Arrived yesterday, in town for weekend if anyone wishes to grab a beer and share stories, experiences on best bangs for buck. I have some good places I recommend around San Bernardo and can speak enough Spanish to negotiate. Also, never been to Stark so thought of checking out.

Scottish Ben
09-23-11, 20:21
Hi Ben,

The private messaging system seems to be disabled so unable to send you a PM.

I'm now booked and arrive Monday Oct 17 but staying in Torremolinos. I could make my way over to Fuengirola any afternoon for a pint in the shade. Maybe somewhere like The London Pub.Sounds like a plan, let me know what day you will be there & I will see you then for a few beers.

Scottish Ben
09-23-11, 20:23
Will be there 12-16 Oct.

Wingman needed.

ZhamenLet me know where & when you want to meet up?

02-06-12, 23:33
First time in Barcelona. Looking for the budget, adventuresome side of mongering. Anyone want to join along?

03-01-12, 15:31
I go to a town called Soria, anyone knows some action out there. Thanks a lot.

05-02-12, 22:15
Info regarding Cadiz please I looking around in the forumbut couldn't see any help or info is appreciated.

06-01-12, 22:47
I will be in Barcelona 30 June. 07 July. I was last there in 2000. I had a good time, but that was along time ago.

The company and / or assistance of any local or visiting mongerer would be much appreciated.

06-11-12, 16:20
Hi all.

First post!

Just checked-in to my hotel in Marbella for a week. Trying to pick the bones out of some old (and very good) reports, in order to make my game-plan.

I'm afraid that I still have a weak spot for Miladys, though the prices make it a two-night only trip. Therefore, was thinking of heading off to pastures new. Probably Scandalos if I can work out how to get there.

Will report anything of note. And if anyone is around and fancies hooking-up for a beer and a bit of 'research' then let me know.


07-29-12, 19:21
Heading over to Barcelona 21st Aug. 24th Aug. Anyone heading over at the same time fancy a few beers, I am staying in the Les Corts area (Nou Camp area).

10-29-12, 20:59
Will be in Barcelona from the 24th to the 28th of December.

10-29-12, 22:10
Anyone around?

12-18-12, 01:53
If you come to Galicia I recomend visit.


02-25-13, 12:35
In March the party starts in Valencia. Fallas is the most important holiday in Valencia and the most hot.

If you want to go this year and to have a escort, there is some girls from Valencia in this web: <a href=" http://www.escortdeespana.es/en/girls" <be www.escortdeespana.es</a

05-19-13, 18:14

I'm in Benalmadena from Wed 22nd May for a week if any of you want to meet up for a few beers and some happy mongering?

PM me if interested.


06-08-13, 15:09
I will be there from 20th to 27th be in staying in Torremolinos if you want to hook up?

06-08-13, 15:12
I'm in Torremolinos from 20th to 27th on June if anyone want to meet for drinks & mongering?

06-16-13, 07:35
Making a long awaited return trip to the sunny (I hope) Costa Del Sol, one week of that sun in daylight and Fun at night. Staying near Marbella, but will be mobile. Anyone fancy meeting up post a time and place here, don't have pm use.

05-27-14, 22:25
I'm heading to Barcelona for Sonar and will be there from June 11 to the 16th.

10-13-14, 07:53
Hello friends,

I'm 28/ m indian. I'm on a holiday to Europe for 20 days. Madrid is my second destination. I will be reaching Madrid on 26th eve and stay till 28th eve. If any one is free to meet and do some mongering together, it would be my pleasure.



02-18-15, 23:37
Just a note to see if any local mongers could give me a lead on obtaining a fair deal on a furnished apartment in Barcelona for a term of six months to one year. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks from Fillychaser!

11-09-16, 18:05

I arrive tomorrow in the AM, and leave Sunday (10th thru 13th of Nov-16).

Anyone want to hang out. I am ready to hit pubs, clubs and the Puticlubs!

I am looking for a wingman or a party tour guide to assist due to my turn and burn schedule.

12-27-16, 17:01
Madrid 01/01 (2 nights).

Malaga 01/03 (3 nights).

Barcelona 01/11 (4 nights).

First time in Spain. Interested in checking out some of the spots, it would be fun with a wingman.

04-05-19, 20:14
Would be good to catch up with a few folks for drinks and see the best sights of Barcelona.

James 006
01-12-22, 22:53
I will be in Malaga 14-18. January.

Someone who like to grab a drink and hunt?

06-14-22, 20:15
Planning on 1st time visit to BCN this July / August. Anyone visiting in those months and would like a 40-ish old wing-person, DM me.

06-21-22, 17:08
Sorry for the double post, I couldn't delete / edit the other one.

Last minute leave approval and I'll be in BCN on July 1-4, mainly for food and play if any wants to catch a drink or something and visit a walk-in.

First time going, so lets see how it goes.