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01-01-06, 01:00
Please use this thread to announce your travel plans and your intentions to meet up with other Forum Members.

01-01-07, 15:51

Visting Germany from the 09.01.07 to 14.01.2007 then on to Italy on 14.01.07 till 16.01.07 then off to Belgium from 16.01.07 till 18.01.07 and finally arriving in London on the 18.01.07 till the 22.01.07.

Would love to catch up with like minded gentlemen for mongering fun.

Let me know.



P Bear
03-01-07, 18:32
Will have a layover at Heathrow on April 12. Anybody up for some mongering?

P bear

05-07-07, 21:29
I will be visiting Rochdale near Manchester in the next few days.

Can anyone be so kind and pm me with some contacts please?

04-10-09, 02:26
Anyone up for some fun.


05-07-09, 07:15
Anyone up for some fun.

GiriWhere are you staying?

Lets hunt together.

07-16-09, 19:58
Want some weekend fun? 34 yr. old American man could use a guide.

11-27-09, 09:27
I will be in London Nov 30-Dec 2. Who wants to join me at LMP or hunting for models?

12-01-09, 16:16
Anybody interested meeting up and go hunting?

Will be at Victoria


Tom Rocks
02-28-10, 00:50
Any body want to make plans for April 2010?

Beth Deboers
03-25-10, 09:25
Gentlemen I will be entertaining in Bath and Bristol are from 1st to 4th June 2010 so why not come and check out my ample charms and the pleasures I can bring you.


06-06-10, 12:40
Will be flying back to my old playground next week and looking for a wingman to join me, as I am intending to try a "swingers" party for the first time (I know a few places where single men are allowed).

Let me know if you're interested

07-07-11, 19:50
I will be visiting Manchester next week.

Can anyone be so kind and pm me with some contacts please?

07-10-11, 23:44
Want some weekend fun? 34 yr. old American man could use a guide.When you say a guide?

What exactly after you looking for and want?

10-08-11, 17:01
I will be in London 21. 10-24. 10.

So if anyone has some offer,

I prefer some exotic chick. Ebony or oriental.

10-30-11, 20:20
I will be in London next weekend 5 and 6 November, anybody to join me for a beer?



08-13-12, 02:57
I will be in Aberdeen 14-23 August 2012.


10-03-12, 17:50
Hi everyone,

To acommodate those unable to "entertain" at home and because my friend from Ireland is visiting, I will be in a private apartment in Edinburgh from Friday until the following Thursday evening. Looking forward to seeing familiar faces- and some new ones too!

With love, Karen xx

10-07-12, 23:09
I will be making the rounds between Bristol and Suffolk the week of 7 October. Won't be spending much time in London and am more interested in mature independent women who are UTR, part-time and offer incall. I can also TOFTT if need be. Any tips and suggestions are welcome!

Member #4274
06-20-13, 20:34
It looks like I will be in London for 4 weeks in October for work. I'll be busy during the week but should have weekends off and the odd evening. I want to meet a pretty, young student to show me some sights in the city, go for dinner and some adult fun. Anyone with some advice on how to meet such a lady is welcome. Of course I'm also up for meeting a fellow monger for a scotch and soda, as well. Send me a PM if you can help in any way!

09-06-13, 19:23
I will be in Cheltenham for three weeks in Sep. Interested to meet any independent, mature lady.

06-24-15, 02:40
Looking to meet up with petite GFE ladies at my hotel in central Nottingham.

11-17-16, 19:13
I will be in London overnight on Thursday Dec 01 at Chelsea Cloisters for a month. I am Asian /45/ soft nature / open minded and living in Dubai / U. A. E.

Looking for lady with good body, prefer for companion / massage and not for sex. All expenses (accommodation, food and drinks) will paid.

11-27-16, 15:20
Hello everybody,

I have been a member of ISG for many years during my part time 'hobby working girl' career in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Dubai. I am now going to be spending 3 months in York (Quite near the university) and of course I am keen to keep up my horny fun.

Have a look at my pictures and previous reports and, if you are interested, PM me or get in touch in any way you can.



10-20-17, 13:59
Hello leaders,

I'm sure this is not the right forum, but on and off have read guys wanting for some action in Goa.

Finally after doing a lot of RTTF, and asking for contacts from few seniors, I was indeed given couple gems (indie) contacts in Goa, by a friend from Gujrat.

He had tried and tested so was pretty sure that it would be a safe bet.

Cutting long story short, Miss M & Miss F were the choices offered, my first choice would have been Miss F but she was out of Goa, had no option and taken Miss. M.

Bought some nice Wine, short bites, and headed to hotel after picking her up from Candolim. Not at all a time watcher and had 3 hrs of good fun with her.

Damages were 10 k for 2 session.

Would certainly be open to share contact only with select few. Sorry if others do not get to hear from me, as both Miss M & F have warned me to share contacts with.

Very few genuine matured close mongers.

Off to Goa in beginning of Nov, and might opt for Miss F the next time if available, or if anyone can share a genuine CIS (Russian) lead.

Looks: 7/10.

Hygiene: 7/10 (She smokes, & had tobacco after the session, which was kinda unpleasant to see).

Boobs: 7/10.

Pussy: 7/10.


Attitude: 7/10.

Good rider, loves doggy, DFK was OK, BJ was good.

10-20-17, 14:29
I am planning a trip to London with two friends in November. We will only spend 3 days there, so we are going to be very busy with the visits and all. We still want a brothel near our hotel where we can relax. We will be staying near the Pimlico metro station.

05-15-18, 04:17
I'll be in central London and looking for trouble July 7-12. Will be haunting Phoenix club and similar events, or porn shoots etc. Will probably call up a girl a couple or three times to my hotel room.

Near Covent Garden tube station.

Feel free to contact, especially if you have info for an unusual event and would like a wingman.

07-22-18, 21:25
I will be transiting London 24 Sep and 2 Oct. Planning to stay near Gatwick. Looking for hotels that are SP friendly. As I like to see SP in the flesh first are there any pubs or hotel bars where SP are there for a bit of meet and greet first?

London Traveller
06-26-19, 17:33
I am looking at some London escort agencies and see that there are girls who offer MMF (twice the usual rate of course). Anyone interested please pm me. LT.