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09-14-03, 23:27
I was with a rather young looking "woman" who went by Jessica at Casa Colorado a few trips ago. Was rather shy, and was very new to the bar scene, IMHO, but a great tight lay. Have not seen her around any of the bars since then, so I wonder if that is her.

09-15-03, 00:56
Maybe this is just me, but i actually enjoy SOME of the games one has to play in the bars. My experiences in the MP's have been disappointing. The girls were average, and very mechanical. I have gone to some of the places posted on this site, and quite honestly will probably stay with the bar scene. The "chase" is always intruiging ,to me anyway.

09-15-03, 02:05
Yeah, I think the insurance discussion has about run it's course. I'm just going to sum up my position very quickly. Being "covered" and being "legal" are two entirely different matters. The U.S. does not recognize Mexican insurance, and no segment of the Mexican government recognizes American coverage as making you legally insured. That fact is undisputed. Whether you feel secure with your American policy, then, is pretty much a judgment call. But I have written an even sterner warning on my "Driving" page on the Juarez Tour Guide web site about driving without Mexican insurance and stick by my advice. It's not so much that I don't like to have my word questioned as it is that I have certain responsibilites and potential legal liabilities for giving bad advice on this web site, which is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds every month. So I figure err on the side of caution. Mexican law says you should get Mexican insurance. To me, that's the end of the story and what I'm going to do and advise others to do.

09-15-03, 02:14
Regarding the Men's Guide, it is my hope that Jackson will provide a directory structure here on the World Sex Guide which will enable me to present the information in a useful way. I will be writing him tonight and wanted to give him time to deal with his technical issues. I can only imagine how much work it is to maintain a site of this scope, and we certainly all owe him a hearty thanks for making this a free site.

My decision not to publish was also based on the continuing sucess of the JTG (Juarez Tour Guide). It will soon have a new Madison Ave. quality presentation format and will become a book to be sold for $5-6 in all of the places in the guide and at the bridge.

I figure you guys would have bought a 100 copies of the men's guide real quick, and then it would have slowed to a trickle. The restaurant/attractions guide will be a steady seller for years to come. I finally concluded that probably nothing would happen to me if I went ahead with the men's guide, but why bother when I could be building a real future on a purely legitimate basis the city officials would welcome and appreciate.

But the point is there is no need for all this research to go to waste. I have exterior photos and precise directions to 14 massage parlours from 1) the Sante Fe Bridge (walking/bus) ; 2) the Free Bridge (driving); and 3) the Hotel Villa Manport (walking/bus and driving). Maybe one of you guys will show up and buy me a steak dinner or a fiesta de camarones at Villa Del Mar one day...:)

09-15-03, 08:24
Okay, maybe one last word on Mexican auto insurance - my State Farm agent says "Yes, you are covered", but my good advice here and my better instincts tell me that buying Mexican insurance is the wise thing to do. So where do I go to get something creditable??? Any help here?

DE - do you have a map of Juarez. I've haven't been tuned in here too much due to my heavy work schedule, and I think you mentioned a map on your website. For 3 weeks, I've been trying to get from the Bridge of Americas (there is construction going on there) and trying to find the Zaragosa bridge at night. I always drive too far (much too far) and then as I am coming back, I can find Morin Gomez which will get me there. But I sure wish I could find a straight shot from Lopez Mateos (up near Tzetzales) down to the Zaragoza bridge. I don't mind exploring Juarez - but without Mexican car insurance and at night alone on my way home - well there are better things to do.

Also, DE - I understand your plight and appreciate your hard work with your web site. I'm putting together what I thought would be a simple web site on business financial ratios offering several services. It has been fun but very time consuming to think it through down every rabbit trail. I hired a UTEP student in computer science (very reasonable) but very competent. But she is learning on this web site too. She introduced me to using Coldfusion and now she needs to write some Java script for some web pages where customers will fill in data which will then be sent to my server. I'll be glad when it's done. I wanted to learn how to maintain it myself, but she is using DreamWeaver and it seems to be a bit complex. I'm so busy doing other crap (like ratio analyses, etc.) that I don't have the time to learn Coldfusion, Firebird (or whatever) and Java script. Anyway... I hope your website venture does nothing but explode to success!

09-15-03, 13:41
Regarding the map, various places in Juarez sell the Estrada map, but they are all out half the time. You can get one here: http://www.juarez-mexico.com/More%20Info/CityMap/city_map.html

Regarding insurance, typing Mexican Insurance in Google will yield a lot of results. I personal use Bob Acosta out of Nogales, AZ. His site is here: http://www.mexican-autoinsurance.com/

09-15-03, 13:43
Regarding the web site, if you have another profession you are going to have to remake yourself to learn Dreamweaver and scripting languages. It would be like me trying to become an architect or something. You could certainly do it, but not worth the time which would have to be invested.

Sun Devil
09-16-03, 07:33
I just want to point out the pricing structure for sex of places I have been to within the past couple of weeks. Hopefully these are the same prices you guys are paying out there:

Massage Parlors:

Genesis: $30 (full hour massage & sex)
Roma: $30 (ditto)
Encanto: $30 (ditto)
Filena's: $30 (ditto)
Xuma: $30 (ditto)
LePetit: $30 (ditto)
Corpus: $25 (ditto)
Loryed: $25 (ditto)
Consuelo: $40 (ditto)
Venus: $40 (ditto)
Brenda: $20 (one-half hour massage & sex)
Marylin: $25 (full hour massage & sex, plus a glass of Clamato to drink, thanks to Dreaming Eagle's coupon)
Sirena: $30 (ditto, except this time the drink was a can of coke)

Red Light District Bars:

Sans Souci (aka Casa Colorada): $40 (one-half hour), $50 (full hour), plus a couple of dollars tips to mamasan in bar & condom woman upstairs

Panama: $40 (40 minutes), plus tips to condom woman, waiters, etc...

Pink Lady's: $40 (full hour), plus $5 for condom person & tips to waiters

I have found that massage parlors have a tighter pricing structure, while the bars tend to be more flexible in prices. Also, if you come in with a driver, either Papa Smurf for the US truckers or a taxi driver from downtown, you will be charged more.

09-16-03, 11:17
Papa Smurf? Screw Papa Smurf. He just out prices pussy for us decent nontrucking mongers who have real homes and real bills to pay. Before he came to town, pussy was real cheap and the girls were friendly.

09-16-03, 23:35
Screw the Panama, Sans Souci and screw the Pink Lady. Why pay their jacked up, rip-off prices when you can pick a freelancer for $10 or $20 right near the gymnasium. Those clubs are always full of scummy looking truckers. Christ knows what diseases they are spreading. I found a freelancer last night in front of the gym that gave me a great bbbj for only $10. I can't wait to go back tonight and let her get me off again.

09-16-03, 23:52
Well ok, the truckers really aren't bad people so maybe I am targeting them unfairly. These guys drive all around the country and pick up lot lizards. They then, I am sure, carry their diseases to Mexico. Other than that I have no problem with truckers, hell I am always glad to drink a beer with a trucker.

As for BBBJs with streetgirls, dude becareful. Them chicas are nothing but trouble, in more ways than one.

Just some friendly advise from a filthy dude.

09-17-03, 03:53
Those prices are identical with the ones I had in the Men's Guide, except for Consuelo which was $30 at the time. But the owner told me he was going to $40 soon.

09-17-03, 04:08
i have to admit, the clientele in the *****bars drove me off almost as much as the high prices and the hustle atmosphere in them. i'm glad to see they are standing off the strict $50-60, though. i'd pay $40 for another go with celeste.

the other problem when the *****bars is that it's such a pain in the ass to get down there and back again. i damn sure don't like walking in that neighborhood and wouldn't feel safe leaving the car without tipping the doorman $3-4 to watch it. then there is the negotiator with his/her hand out. then the condom lady. then the free beers everyone hits up up for. i figure that whole scene can live without me (and it *will* thrive without me).

as i've said a gillion times, the mps can be disappointing if you are not a regular and do not know how to find them. once you do, you can set the room on fire, and the girls are every damn bit as pretty as the ones downtown, just as hot, and you put up with none of the negatives. they are also cleaner and a hell of a lot nicer girls, on the most part. you just have to know where to go, when to go, and who is going to be working----something impossible for anyone who doesn't go all the time, know where they all are, and have a car to get to them.

the street girls have their charms, i admit. some of them are scum, but a few are very nice looking. the $10-20 price quoted is right on. the trouble is that 99% of them are cocaine addicts and will bubble up some crack right in front of you. don't ever let one in your car. i took one to the house one day after making her swear she didn't have any drugs on her. maybe she didn't, but a crack pipe fell out of her pants and was laying on the seat after i let her out back downtown. another time the cops stopped me because they knew her to be ****. cost me to get out of that little scrape.

compared to making the rounds to the mps until i catch one of my 4-5 favoritas working and having a tranquil, worry free hour with her in a nice clean room---well there is just no comparison in my book. it's a gfe quaranteed 100% of the time with no hustlers, no cops, no nothing but but good clean, hot sex.

i hope jackson lets me publish the men's guide here so some of you guys who have not already can find out what i am talking about.

09-17-03, 22:41
I have one for the record books, I am not proud. I have let us all down. I used to go to Juarez often, I have since moved away, but had the chance to go back with a friend. I prided my self on always negoiating a good prices. but this is the story.
we went over the bridge on a Sat. night. Straight to the Kentucky Club had some really nice Tequilla, Juan Jose, and cold beer. We stayed a couple of hours, I was telling stories from my trips while in college. We asked the waiter for the best strip club. He said Joker. A few drinks and we were off. Got the taxi for 7ddls to go there. Ask him to wait, we walked in Jokers and it was big and clean, There were a about 15 girls, mostly 5 and 6 one 9.. WE sat down and immediately 2 girls showed up. Mine was blond and spoke English, she a typical mexican gal no english. I thought this finny because I speak broken spanish, he know nothing.I bought the the first round 14 dlls for 2 for 1 beer and the drinks for the girls. I paid.......My friend who has more money than sense. Said the rest was on him. We had probably 8 or 9 more rounds with my friend drinking cheap Tequilla. We did the private dances up stairs. My friend he was fingering his girl, mine just grinded it out. Negotiated it out for 150 for both girls at the Holiday Inn Express. So we go to our table, the girl was all over my friend. Lots of kissing. Me, no thank you. Anyway my friend goes to the bathroom. The waiter comes over to the table with the bill for private dances and a new round of drinks. Total 184dlls. I went ballistic. Table dances 15dlls a song, four songs x two girls. 64 for the drinks. The girls drinks were now 10dlls a piece and the beer was an imaginary price. I would up paying full price for the dances and 24 for the drinks. My friend comes back and he says that he has been paying 64 a round for awhile. I was pissed. I got mad at the girl I was with. Sent her on her way. I was pissed. My friend was in love he wanted to keep his. He said he didn't mind. I was mad over the principal of it. Time to leave. His girl comes out and tells us to wait, she has a girl for me. They go to her car. This girl comes out 95lbs and 5 ft tall. My friend pays the bible toting taxi driver 60dlls after he got a sermon on being in that place and leaving with the girls. That was actually worth the money to watch. Well we dont go th Holiday Inn we are on a trip thru Juarez. wind up on the far side at these cabana with garages that you rent short term. the price 35dlls for each room. Should of got one, but watching a 300lbs man at 4am didnt sound good. The new price for the girl. 150dlls. plus the ride to the bridge. Here we go again I was pissed, my friend pays. I relented. Sex for two hours. I tried to get my money out of her ass, I hope she felt that fcuk for a week. By the way condoms 5dlls gave a twenty, girls got the change not me. Then they dropped us off at the wrong bridge, and I didn't care. found the first cab took us to the right bridge and soon we were home. Total cost....me 340dlls my firend 780dlls. I am ashamed. i am sure these girls are on a board in Juarez talking about how they got the best of 2 americans. I will be back, but I will never pay more than 50dlls for a piece of ass again. ever

Sun Devil
09-17-03, 23:54

Sorry about your experience. However, it does show that strip joints are dollar guzzlers. The best bet, economically, for you would have been the massage parlors but I doubt whether the girls there are allowed to leave the premises.

09-18-03, 03:09
I would like to ask the pros here two questions.

1. What time and days do you find it best to go? The reason I ask, and to my surprise from reading other post, is that some went down as early as 12pm noon. I made three trips to Juarez last week and headed down on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday around 10-11pm and stayed till 2am to find the right worker at bars, brothels and corners. Needless to say, I failed terribly as none that I saw were of any quality, didn't want to participate in things that I wanted to do for the price I quoted or were awfully young, and I mean really young like 10-13 years old young.

2. Dreamingeagle and others advocate massage parlors. Where exactly are they located and is it possible to get there on foot? Also, when compared to bar/brothel workers, do you pros find the MP workers to be less rushful and more fulfilling, or is it the other way around?


09-18-03, 04:46
I was out almost $50 in 15 short minutes at Don't Touch, a now defunct strip bar on Triunfo de la Republica, on my second trip to the city in 1999. I walked out of there and flagged a taxi and never came back. I can only imagine what it was like to sit there and keep getting screwed like that all night long because of a friend who wanted to stay. I'm by no means putting you down, just empathizing...:)

Then to think they drug you to a scummy little room somewhere instead of going back to the hotel...

Course, if you have that kind of money, no harm done. Back in Dallas I had a mistress who costs me $2,500 a month. I had it to burn, though, and she was well worth it. Now that I live on Borderland wages, you'd better believe paying anything over $30 is the exception to the rule.

I agree, $50 downtown will take care of business, and even in the ***** bars the drinking is more reasonable.

Much as I frequently point out the advantages of the MPs over any other scene in Juarez, I gotta tell you guys. There are a couple of girls at the *****bars I just can forget, so be looking for a post about another foray into el centro from this source. It's definitely coming on...

09-19-03, 02:59
Report on Perla at el Encanto:

The good: She is really cute and has a fun personality. She's very petite, with a really nice firm body.

The bad: She seems to be in more of a hurry than most other chicas. The only thing she really volunteers is BJ. I've gotten used to most chicas suggesting the different positions. Next time I'll have to be less lazy and take more charge.

That said, both times I have had a real fun time with her. Last time after she got me off, she started doing a cross between an end zone dance and a body builder's pose, which really cracked me up. Treating good sex like a big play in football, that's a fun chick.

Sun Devil
09-19-03, 03:21

during the early part of the week, such as monday to wednesday, there is a fewer amount of bar girls working as they used these days to recuperate from work done during the latter part of the week, i.e. thursday to saturday, and taking care of their kids and maintaining their households since these girls tend to be single mothers. having said that, i have found that there are working girls available as early as noon in sans souci throughout the week. these girls just prefer working during the dayshift for personal reasons. for the most part, there are more girls working on the weekends than during the early part of the week.

in addition, based on personal experience, girls are still available, at least during the latter part of the week, in 2 bars--panama and the cave, right to about 4 am. the bars of these premises do close around midnight, but the bedrooms of these bars still maintain their operations. you just knock on the door and the girls will be lined up for you to pick.

with regards to the massage parlors, it took me almost a month to learn their locations. i pretty much walked all over the northeastern part of the city to locate them and used this forum as a guidebook (i like to hike and am in fairly good shape, so walking is no problem for me). whenever i saw a post that had an address or direction to a massage parlor in this forum, i copied it to word. i brought this piece of paper with me whenever i was in juarez and used it to locate the massage parlors. now i pretty much know where at least 14 of them are by heart.

the easiest direction that i can give you to find at least 4 massage parlors is as follows: take tlaxcala, the second street from the border, and go east. walk about 1.5 to 2 miles until you hit hermanos escobar (tlaxcala ends here and you will be walking on hermanos escobar). on this intersection you will see masaje sirena on your left. walk about 100 yards more and you will see masaje el encanto on your right.

to get to brenda, walk on hermanos escobar approximately 800 yards until you hit avenida de las americas. brenda is the next to the last door on the left of the second floor of a retail building on the northwest corner of hermanos escobar and de las americas. as far i can tell, this place has no signage whatsoever.

if you continue past de las americas on hermanos escobar, you will soon hit avenida abraham lincoln, the next major street. go across the street and go north on lincoln for about 100 yards. you will soon see a sign saying scotia bank. next to the bank is a steak house, montana (or something like that). between these two buildings is a small parking lot. walk into the parking lot and you will see a small 2-story building next to the bank. on the first floor, you will find masaje venus. there are, of course, under massage parlors that you can go to, but they are in other parts of town. these four are easy to find because they are pretty much on the same street, tlaxcala/hermanos escobar.

with regards to the massage parlor girls vs. the bar girls, for the most part i would recommend the massage parlors girls. you don't have to tip a waiter, a negotiator, and a condom woman on your way to the massage room. in addition, they have a waiting room in the lobby so that you can wait for your favorite therapist there should she be busy with a customer at the time. a girl asking for a tip in a massage parlor is a no, no. she could get fired for doing this. having said that, it is perfectly alright if a guy volunteers to tip a girl for exemplerary service rendered.

hope this helps.

09-19-03, 03:37
regarding the poster inquiring about the mps for locations, search the juarez posts for "massage parlor" or "massage parlour" or "mp" and see what pops out. having posted those directions a dozen times and written a book full of them, well, i'm just too tired to do it again.

regarding which are more caliente, the mp ladies or the ones downtown, i'd say once you pay that girl and skin down it's pretty much up to you to set her hair on fire and get a gfe, or not. no better odds either way.

having a had a few good times with the street girls myself, having been attracted by the low price for a time, i can tell you, on balance, there are a sheer trap. they are 99.9% (no hasty generalization here) drug addicts, and getting involved with drugs in juarez can land in you in prison. if she's ****, that can also be a problem. the cops down there all know which of the girls are ****d, and they *will* mess with you for it. you will see posts here about great times with them---which is possible---but you are really just asking for it in regards to problems with the cops when you mess with them. i know someone will shortly post that he's been down there dozens of times and never had a problem. i say fine, if that's your cup of tea, go for it. just watch your ass and make sure she's really a girl.

i would not be surprised to see a vampire walking sideways up a wall in that part of el centro.

09-19-03, 05:12
I had a runner named Ramon that took me to some corners. I hit them all and on the last run, landed on a shackle where I met a hancho named Tommy that was in charge of the show. I told him my preference for a young one that has to be between 18-22. He brought in a lot of 7 all no older than 13. These girls looked more worn and torn than their elders. It's apparent that youngsters are high in demand. Cool for those that are into it I guess, but not my cup of tea either.

I to was contemplating the street walkers for the low price, but when up close and personal and upon better inspection, the gal I almosted propositioned turned out to be a guy. Not good.

While my trip to Juarez was far from successful, it wasn't entirely a waste of time either. I'm planning a second trip as we speak, but this time, I will enter the terrain earlier and straight to what Dreamingeagle and others have labeled the gem of Juarez, the massage parlor.

09-20-03, 20:41

Your post is tremendously helpful. I just copied and pasted it into word document Juarez.doc for referencing and safekeeping on my next trip. Thanks.

I asked about the MP workers because the ladies I met at bars/brothels were so stringent about what you can/can't do. what they don't do, etc. Apologies for being descriptive here, but I want to be able to do things out of the ordinary like sitting on her face and having her rim me, giving her spread facials, etc. Hopefully the MP workers will be more complient to fulfill my needs. I hope. And the fact that there is four MPs on the same/nearby street is beneficial as well. Thanks again.

Sun Devil
09-20-03, 22:38

You're right about Perla, she is one of the fastest massage provider out there. I once timed her and it took her all of 5 minutes to massage me. Also, she didn't bother to volunteer her BJ skills but tried to upsell them. However, I agree that she is indeed cute, unfortunately she has a couple of metal crowns that detract from her overall look.

Sun Devil
09-20-03, 22:45
I went to a great Italian restaurant recently, Caruso. It is on Avenidad Abraham Lincoln, just north of Hermanos Escobar. The restaurant, while a little on the expensive side, is first-class. It would rival any restaurant in Little Italy in Manhattan. The spaghetti, cooked al-dente, with achovies and olive oil, was super. The cream of asparagus soup was very tasty and not too salty. Finally, the desert of crepe with caramel sauce and ice cream was simply delicious.

Another good thing about this place is that on the opposite side of the street there is a massage parlor, Masaje Venus. Thus you can either get an appetizer or desert before/after entering this place.

09-22-03, 01:15
"I asked about the MP workers cause the ladies I met at bars/brothels were so stringent about what you can/can't do. what they don't do, etc. Apologies for being descriptive here, but I want to be able to do things out of the ordinary like sitting on her face and having her rim me, giving her spread facials, etc. Hopefully the MP workers will be more complient to fulfill my needs. "

I rather doubt it.

Sun Devil
09-22-03, 02:35

I doubt that any of the girls in Mexico, let alone those in the massage parlors, will rim you. It is just not in their MO. These are, for the most part, single Catholic women who use the lucrative trade of prostitution (they make about twice the amount of money a regular worker makes in Mexico) as means to pay the bills because they are divorce or never have been married but yet have children in the house to raise. The fact that I have never met one who approves of abortion verifies this notion.

The only time I have ever been rimmed by a provider was in an AMP in Washington DC.

09-22-03, 03:01
DREAMING EAGLE wrote, "I want to be able to do things out of the ordinary like sitting on her face and having her rim me, giving her spread facials".

YUP thats MariLu at Queens Place. We have done just about everything but anal. But she did let me cream on he bunghole and rub it in. She is great for getting the nastys out.

09-22-03, 03:21
I understand that many would think that is degrading, but honestly, I am not trying to do anything of the sort. On my sixth trip to Thailand within four years working on an alternate waste treatment system in Lop Buri, my colleagues and I ventured in town one late night for a little r&r. To cut the story short, I met a sweet young lady mascerading as a som tham vendor who took me upstairs for a wonderful night of sexual heat. She was the one that introduced and initiated the act by lifting my legs up and licking in the region. Not me. In any case, I found pleasure from the act and I believe she did too otherwise she would not have done so.

My quest to Juarez is by no means to degrade the women. Rather, it is about fulfilling my pleasure and needs the way I see fit and like that night in Lop Buri. What is heat to me might not be to you or others. But bare in mind, people go to on sex tours not only to enjoy the ladies, but to also have their fantasies lived out through services from these foreign women.

09-22-03, 23:19
DREAMING EAGLE wrote, "I want to be able to do things out of the ordinary like sitting on her face and having her rim me, giving her spread facials".

No, Dreaming Eagle most assuredly did not write. I quoted another poster---one which has me seriously re-evaluating whether or not to post any more precise directions to the MPs, anywhere, in any format, ever again. Right now, I'm thinking get a Sunday paper and a map.

09-23-03, 06:30
DreamingEagle posted about the 99.9% of street girls being on drugs.
That's exactly why they are street girls, they spend the money as fast as they make it, the bars won't put up with that, at least most won't.
I have seen a $10 bag of coke in Juarez, it's there it's cheap and it's plentuful.
Recently I saw a street girl, she used to work in the Panama, and I did her twice in one night back then, now I would not touch her, don't even want her near me. Cracked out to the max, or worse, "H" is plentiful there too, and almost as cheap.

Also, I recently found out about a girl with HPV, or en español VPH. Know what that is?? Yes that's it.....
She is not working in Juarez right now, and I would hope she won't work there in her condition, but I'm sure there are others there too, just never know......

I agree Juarez is pussy heaven, it, however, can be hell too.......

09-23-03, 23:21
bbond said. " recently found out about a girl with HPV".

Dude, for our peace of mind, what was this chicas name? If you choose to with hold this girls fine, I am sure you have reasons. But consider this, no one here wants warts on thier cock and balls. You would do a greater service by revealing her name. Since she is out of town we have nothing to worry about. But for those of us who may or may not have had her it my provide some peace of mind.

Most appreciated.

09-24-03, 01:29
Can anyone one out there recommend ad DECENT short time hotel in or within short driving distance of El Centro?
Most I've seen are quit bad.

I recall seeing one that look OK from the outside named Hotel La Posada de Juarez. It was east of Lerdo on a side street paralleling V. Guererro. After searching for it several times I can't seem to find it again. If any Juarez regulars know about this place, please let me know.

09-24-03, 01:34
Men's Guide Entry: Hotel Villa Manport

Takes all of about 7 minutes to get downtown from the Hotel Villa Manport. See my review of the hotel here: http://www.juarez-mexico.com/Hotels/VillaManport/hotelvm.HTM

From the Free (Cordova) Bridge:
• Proceed south on Abraham Lincoln after entering Mexico
• Travel in the right hand lane if possible
• The road will split not long after you begin to see businesses (Ave. Abraham Lincoln to the left and Ave. de Las Americas to the right)
• Take the right fork in the road
• You are now on Avenida de las Americas
• Travel in the right lane to Hermanos Escobar, the first light after the split
• Turn right (west) on Hermanos Escobar and drive 4-5/10 mi.
• Travel in the left lane
• You will pass a park on the right (north) side of the street
• Begin looking on the left (south) side of the street after you pass the park for the location in the photograph above

09-24-03, 01:44
This photo shows the exterior of the Hotel Villa Manport. A single is only $30 a night as of August, 2003. If there is anything which even remotely compares to this downtown I have yet to see it.

09-24-03, 02:03
Takes all of about 7 minutes to get downtown from the Hotel Villa Manport: http://www.juarez-mexico.com/Hotels/VillaManport/hotelvm.HTM

Um, I know where the Villa Manport is... Don't you know who this is DE? What I'm looking for is SHORT TIME. The one I mentioned was 50 pesos for 2 hours. 300 is a bit to much to pay for a short day trip. The Posada de Juarez looked really decent from the outside with private parking. I'd really like to find it again.

09-24-03, 02:04
Men's Guide Entry: MP Sirena (Area 1)

Location: Hermanos Escobar at Calle Panama
Telephone: 612-6973
Hours: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m., Mon. - Saturday, Closed Sunday
Price: $40 - 1 hour
Landmark: Hotel Villa Manport, 2224 Hermanos Escobar


• Walk south on Avenida Juarez until you get to Ave. 16 de Septiembre. Note that Avenida Juarez continues one more block, where it dead-ends into Vicente Guerrero.
• Walk to Vicente Guerrero, which is a 1-way street heading to your left (east).
• Take the Circunvalación bus (purple)
• Get off at Hermanos Escobar and Calle Panama
• The Hotel Villa Manport is on the south side of Hermanos Escobar
• MP Sirena is on the north side of Hermanos Escobar

• Look across the street for the building in the photograph

• Proceed South on Abraham Lincoln after entering Mexico
• Travel in the right hand lane if possible
• The road will split not long after you begin to see businesses (Ave. Abraham Lincoln to the left and Ave. de Las Americas to the right)
• Take the right fork in the road
• You are now on Avenida de las Americas
• Travel in the right lane to Hermanos Escobar, the first light after the split
• Turn right (west) on Hermanos Escobar and drive 4-5/10 mi.
• Travel in the right lane
• You will pass a park on your right
• Begin looking to the left for the Hotel Villa Manport
• The road will split in front of the Hotel Villa Manport just before you get to the light at Calle Panama
• Take the right fork and turn into the little parking lot just before you get to Calle Panama
• You will see the building in the photograph

09-24-03, 02:48
[Quote]: Um, I know where the Villa Manport is... Don't you know who this is DE? What I'm looking for is SHORT TIME. The one I mentioned was 50 pesos for 2 hours. 300 is a bit to much to pay for a short day trip. The Posada de Juarez looked really decent from the outside with private parking. I'd really like to find it again. [EndQuote]

Sorry, I don't. I didn't read your post carefully enough. I've just always avoided the hotels in the downtown area. But I have to go down there again and cross the border for some picutures about getting to the city by the Sante Fe Bridge soon. I'll swing by that area and keep my eye out for it.

...good to see you posting again.

09-24-03, 05:58
bbond said. " recently found out about a girl with HPV".

Dude, for our peace of mind, what was this chicas name? If you choose to with hold this girls fine, I am sure you have reasons. But consider this, no one here wants warts on thier cock and balls. You would do a greater service by revealing her name. Since she is out of town we have nothing to worry about. But for those of us who may or may not have had her it my provide some peace of mind.

I can't do that, but if she returns to work in Juarez, I will then, I feel it would be of benefit. I seriously doubt she will return to work there, in her present condition or not.

My point was if there's one, she is not alone..........

09-24-03, 23:05
My point was if there's one, she is not alone..........

Understood. It is so true what you say bbond I guess it really doesn't matter. Point being, wrap it up no matter who it is.

09-25-03, 02:57
Here's a short report on Jacqueline at Paraiso. It was my first time patronizing this establishment (price $40). I chose Jacqueline because she was really slender and looked like quite a treat. The first part of the massage was pretty nice. When she went to work on my member, she got pretty rough, grabbing hard, slamming hard down to my balls, and yanking up hard on the head. Ouch! Then on the BJ, she had some of the sharpest teeth I've felt, and she wasn't gentle with them either. At that point I just wanted to get my rocks off as fast as possible and go. I don't know if I did something to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) her off. I'm always polite to the girls. If you want a skinny chica who gets real rough with your dick, go see Jacqueline.

09-26-03, 02:02
Is Panama or Casa Colorado worth visiting? I have been there a few times about 3-4 years ago and it was ok. I kinda like titty bars like those clubs. Which tity bar is the best? Any recommendations, guys?

09-26-03, 02:24
If you think topless bars in the U.S. are expensive, wait 'till you try one in Juarez. With the girl asking for $11 shots of tequela and you paying $5 a beer and $12 a table dance it adds up fast. Some guys still like them, though, and can recommend some specific ones. Just thought I would throw in the warning in case you go before anyone responds.

09-26-03, 03:00
'Is Panama or Casa Colorado worth visiting? I have been there a few times about 3-4 years ago and it was ok. I kinda like titty bars like those clubs. Which tity bar is the best? Any recommendations, guys?'

Actually, one of the first places you come to is pretty good as a titty bar. It has a neon sign that says Fausto, and I think it says Alice and Charly above the door. The girls are good looking, beers, $3 and a drink for a girl is $5. Taking a girl to the room costs $80 though.

09-26-03, 03:47
Dreaming Eagle,

With the girl asking for $11 shots of tequela and you paying $5 a beer and $12 a table dance it adds up fast.

This is not the complete truth. You only pay these prices is some of the bars. Some bars will charge a premium on your drink. In other cases a chica will order a double if she feels you are a dumb gringo and sorry, if you pay or get duped twice, you are a dumb gringo. Sometimes a waiter will just bring a doulbe.

My recommendation is not to be so eager. Just chill out see what the scene is like and simply play it cool. When you buy a drink for a chica tell the waiter "sencillo". Don't let yourselves get snaked out of your money before you reach the room. Enjoy the floor show. Scope out the chicas. Maybe you can even skip the fischa drinks and go straight to the room. I know some guys like the company before the room, but just play it smart guys.

09-26-03, 12:42
Imo Casa Colorado and Panama are not worth visiting. The Casa Colorado is always full of truckers and there is a shortage of decent looking girls. At the Panama all they have are ugly chicks also.

The best titty bars in that area right now are Alice and Charly's,(formerly Fausto's), Las Vegas and Queen's.

Stay away from the the Joker and Don't Touch which are outrageously expensive. A total rip-off in other words.

09-27-03, 02:22
Thanks for the info pimelonman. A few more questions.... Are those bars you mentioned close each other? Do i need to take a cab from a bar to a bar or will walking be ok if it's not that far from each other bars? I will be in Juarez on Wednesday night. I am not a big fan of Mp. i just like the titty bar atmosphere where you can drink and talk to girls for fun. Thanks in advance.

Sun Devil
09-27-03, 03:06
These bars are almost all in the same block. They are walking distance from the border so getting a cab is not necessary.

09-27-03, 04:21
For those who have not been to Casa Colorado and Panama, take a bit of time and look around there. I have been frequenting both , as well as Pink Lady, and while you may not find a 10 that nite, don't give up on the places. My first visits were "get the prettiest girl", but later i have been with some that have had a personality that i can't resist I have found that from one nite to the next the choices are great. And the girls will remember you, so if you are personable, and "sexy" it's a great time.

Treat'em right and you are golden.

09-27-03, 04:21

The Las Vegas is right across the street from Alice and Charly's. The Queens is a short block from the Las Vegas bar. You can see it easily from the the front door of the Las vegas Bar.

You can easily walk to these bars as they are only about a five minute walk after crossing into Juarez.

You will need a cab to get to the Joker or Don't Touch.

Wednesday night is a good night to go over because it won't be too crowded and the ratio will be in your favor. Saturday is the worst night to me because these places are usually packed.

09-27-03, 12:50
I agree casa colorado and panama are a waste of time. I've been to Juarez 3 times in the past year and visited these places multiple times only to be disappointed everytime.

I found Queens to be the best place. I discovered it at the end of my last trip there and they had a couple of real beauties there.

I agree Don't Touch is a rip-off. However, Joker can be a lot of fun. This is where all the locals go, so they must be doing something right. It's not the best place for sex (too expensive), but the floor show is wild and the women are better looking than at the border. Amadeus is close to Joker and it's got even better looking women (the best in Juarez). Again, sex is too expensive, so head to the border after enjoying a few beers and getting in the mood at Joker or Amadeus.

09-28-03, 00:06
Thanks for the info guys! Can any of you give me directions to these titty bars ( Las vegas and Queen's etc.) from the border? Also, if I take the Santa Fe bridge exit from I-10, where can I park and leave my car before I cross the border?

09-28-03, 01:46

Here is how to get to the 2 bars mentioned. As you walk into Mexico you will be on Avenida Juarez. Walk past all the kiddie bars for a few blocks until you come to an open plaza to your right. Walking time 4 minutes. This is the Plaza de la Mariachi. Take a right here. The next street is Mariscal. You will see The Las Vegas across the street to your right. As you are about to go in look to your right and you will see Queens Place. Behind you will be The Hollywood.

Do yourself a favor and explore all that Juarez has to offer. A gringo can walk safely down Mariscal street as far as 16 de Septiembre. The last bar on your left will be the Las Palmeras.

Another bar to try is Rancho Grande. This place will be to your left on the other corner of the same block as Queens.

As for who to fuck, I recommend Marilu at Queens. Besure you wear a rubber. She is such a puta she will try to fuck you without a condom. She has tried this many times with me, but I know better. I don't want no warts on my verga.

09-28-03, 17:14
There are plenty of parking lots by the Santa Fe bridge where you walk over. Two of the lots have high fences so you can't miss them.

After crossing into Juarez all you have to do is walk straight for about 5 or 6 blocks, make a right, make another right and you are at Alice and Charly's,(Fausto's). You will pass Martino's restaurant, the Kentucky Club and another little restaurant called the Coyote. The next business you see will be the Benavides Pharmacy. Continue waking south until you see an optical shop. There will be a guy there in front of the optical store selling cigarettes. There is a walkway there with a statue of a horse. Make a right,walk to the end of of the walkway,about 20 yards, make another right and you will find the entrace to Alice and Charly's.

Just go in, kick back, order a beer and enjoy the show.

09-28-03, 20:28
I nearly shit last night. I cruised by the Hollywood and saw a midget. Thats right, a genuine midget. She was having a drink with some monger. Talk about sick. I bet she cashes in on the freak factor. How much would you pay for a midget if given the opportunity? This is something I need time to think about. True story guys.

09-29-03, 02:07
Learned this weekend that there are 1,200 additional federal troops and Federales in the city. I had already seen dozens and dozens of soldiers on corners on the major streets and lots of shiny black federal pick-up trucks on patrol. There are also lots of plain clothes guys milling around the downtown area. A merchant friend in Ave. Juarez told me they are there to crack down on drugs and prostitution. They present no problem to me, but I would suggest anyone who likes to hang in el centro be a little more careful than usual while they are here.

Sun Devil
09-29-03, 04:28
So what is the scoop? Are they going to stop guys from going to the bars in the red light districts, search them, or ask for their IDs? This thing happened in Nuevo Laredo once and the Federales went in to Papagayos to see the IDs of some of the girls but did not touch any of the clients. Hopefully the same thing will happen Juarez. I did see a couple of Federales with automatic rifles on the corners of Panama and Insurgente as well as that of V. Guerrero and Montes de Oca. They didn't bother anybody one bit and just pretty much hung out and chit chatted among themselves.

Rat Fink
09-30-03, 03:23
my understanding was that prostitution was legal in mx under certain controlled circumstances. i this truly the case? and if so what are the cases where it isn't legal? (**** and streetwalking i know)

09-30-03, 04:14
I didn't see them bothering anyone except in el centro either. What got me really curious is why if they were at places like on Calle Panama and Insurgentes, which are pretty good neighborhoods, what was their real purpose? Like you say, away from downtown, everywhere I saw them they were chatting among themselves and with the cops.

09-30-03, 06:04
I don't know who they were - but as I was walking toward Lerdo and the dentist office soon after walking across the bridge, I saw a number, 7-10, of neatly attired young rifle-toting hombres standing on the sidewalk. I just kept walking past them without even so much as a "con permiso".

But I'm the type of person, right or wrong, who feels a little bit safer after seeing some police nearby. I know this may be an incorrect position in Juarez or Mexico in general - but, nevertheless, when I was a kid, I envisioned the Mexicans in border towns as having dirty, greasy, slimy looking hombres who would most likely cut your throat for cinco pesos as not. And to see these cops neatly dressed and very physically fit - well, it was different than my initial visions of the greasy border town hombres as I mentioned.

Anyway, I wonder what's up with the "new" guests in town. Has this something to do with more pressure on the Juarez seniority murders investigations???

09-30-03, 11:25

Get used ti it. They're here to stay for awhile, thank god. We have the same ting over here in Nuevo Laredo. Here, we're losing 1 or 2 cops a day to "El Chapo" and other Narcotrafficantes and Mexico City is fed up with it.

We recently had a mmajor shootout at in major intersection here in town between the cops and military and some narcos resulting in 3 deaths by bazooka (no shit) of the Narcos and the arrest of a high profile Federal Prosecutor who was leading these hit men out of town when stopped/

Our entire Police force was suspended for close to a month without pay pending drug tests and background investigations. In the end, 80 lost their jobs and we have a more professional Police force now it seems.

We've got the Federal officers in our neighborhoods over here cleaning up the bad guys and I believe that this time they're serious. The drug problem is pervasive the length of the border, from Matamoros to Tijuana.

If you het a chance to talk to some of these guys, they're pretty nice people it seems. Dedicated to their jobs and paid well enough to be the least corruptible in Mexico.

09-30-03, 20:10
Hello All,

Quick question, do you buy your Viagra before you get to town, or wait until your in Juarez to purchase it? If in town where would you recommend?

As an aside (not that I'm judging), but I think that I would pass on the midget. That's not to say I'm a prude and would pass on some anal or face painting.


10-01-03, 03:38
BorderJumper Writes: "Get used ti it. They're here to stay for awhile, thank god. We have the same ting over here in Nuevo Laredo. Here, we're losing 1 or 2 cops a day to "El Chapo" and other Narcotrafficantes and Mexico City is fed up with it. "

Their presence is just fine by me, too...:)

Especially considering the low life I saw getting arrested on the side streets in el centro.

The one humorous aspect about the weekend, though, was the hundred or so plainclothesmen on Avenida Juarez. I only saw two, but my storekeeper friend said they had been sitting outside and had noticed about hundred of them.

They are pretty much all tall, dress like Americans, and have these stylish haircuts hardly ever seen in Juarez. They might as well have just put their uniforms back on they were so obviously from somewhere else.

But, like I say, they pose no danger to me, and I'm all for cleaning up el centro...

Also, BorderJumper, would you send me an email to elk_dreamer@hotmail.com? I've lost your email.

Border Rat
10-01-03, 18:50
Went over yesterday, and the extra police presence didn't seem to be a problem for the hobbyist. I asked around and could never get a straight answer as to the exact reasons for the increased security. I'm guessing that the US policy of deporting wets to Mexican towns bordering Texas has something to do with it, along with the usual Narco wars, of course. Whatever the reasons, they didn't give me any trouble as I bounced around el centro for most of the day and night.

Couple of girls to report on. Went to Genesis MP around 2PM. Only 4 gordas to choose from. Went with Crystal with the pretty face and nice rack. Big mistake. She was pretty from the boobs up, but was obsessed with extra safe sex. We did multiple pos. after a decent massage, but she kept holding onto the condom the whole time. I kept telling her to let go of my tool, but she wouldn't let go and gave me the spacer treatment the whole time. Then she kept asking if I had finished and checking the condom for my load. I'm a clean cut guy, but she acted like I had just flown in from leper island. Safe sex is one thing, but this girl was a waste of time and money.

Went to Laura's a couple days ago and met Magaly. 26, petite, 5 kids, nice cute girl. She gave me her hard-luck story about being divorced recently and having to work there to support her kids and even shed a tear. She had been there only 2 weeks and hated it. I'm guessing she was there looking for a husband or at least a meal ticket. Anyways we had a really nice time with multiple pos, gfe, finishing with BBBJ. This girls is very sweet with one of the best butts I've ever seen. Unfortunately, I've become persona non grata at Laura's, so one of you guys will have to carry the torch with her.

10-02-03, 00:27
Border Rat:

How in the hell did you become persona non grata in a dump like Laura's? Seems to be a story there somewhere. Welcome to the club though. I am banned for a lifetime from Club Panama. (you can see the tears all over this post if you look clise enough) :)

Border Rat
10-02-03, 02:10
Just a little misunderstanding. No big deal. I'm would much rather contribute my hard-earned dollars to one of the more reputable pimps anyway. Forgot to mention that I went by both the Colorado and Panama in the afternoon yesterday. Zero customers, but the selection of girls was actually pretty good. I know a lot of you guys don't care for those two places, but I've always enjoyed myself.

Sun Devil
10-03-03, 01:44

With regards to your questions on Viagra, I only buy it in Juarez as I would need a doctor's prescription in the US. You have two options in Mexico: to buy the generic brand or one that is made by Pfizer. For a 100 mg version, the generic brand costs about $100 pesos at a pharmacy on the corner of Lerdo and Tlaxcala. If you buy the Pfizer version, it generally will cost you $150 to $200 pesos. There is a pharmacy at the Rio Grande Mall that sells 100 mg for $120 pesos.

The only difference that I see between the generic and the Pfizer version is that I have less flank pain with the pills made by Pfizer. I guess my renal system cannot tolerate the generic version that well.

10-03-03, 02:48
Hey Mugroso,

I saw your favorite, Marilu at Queens last night. She was particularly energetic last night. In one of your posts you said she isn't much to look at. Facial beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but a long, lean, athletic body like that always seems like such an exotic treat in Mexico.

Rat Fink
10-03-03, 22:53
Went to MP Sirenas yesterday afternoon. Got there around 2pm, two girls--I chose Denise. She wasn't bad looking, and OK body. Unfortunately it was the the most mechanical and uninteresting sex I've ever had, I couldn't even finish. I don't reccommend her, a waste of $40.


10-04-03, 21:29
My two cents worth on the Viagra question. If you have a prescription plan at work, call them and see if the liitle blue miracle is covered. You may be surprised to find that it is. With my doc, I did have to go in for a quick physical, and he asked why I thought I needed the V. I told him I was in a long distance affair ( and really was) and wanted to be sure there would be no problems on my visits. To make a long story short, got my script, the pills cost me $10 US for 10 100mg, which I cut in half for use. He was kind enuff to give me 10 refills so I needn't go back for such a "trivial" visit. Given the cost of the V in Mexico, I would advise to take a deep breath and see your doc, and save a LOT of dinero.

10-04-03, 23:18

but a long, lean, athletic body like that always seems like such an exotic treat in Mexico.

You are right. I didnt say she was ugly, just that there is room for improvement. As for her body, she is hot. I love to put her in the spider monkey position and go to town. She loves it. She is especially hot since she stopped putting oil in her hair. She has gorgeous hair.

As for her energeticness, she may have been thinking of me. Did she happen to scream, ayyy Mugroso, ayyy? She also likes to say in English, "fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy". She said some gringo like to hear her say it. I thought it was a treat.

Sun Devil
10-05-03, 00:14
I had taken a girl out of Virginias a while back but for the life of me cannot remember how much I paid. For those who have sampled strip joint girls, can you tell me what rates you're paying? Also, how much are drinks inside, both for girl and guy?

Thanks in advance.

Sun Devil
10-05-03, 09:15
I went to the Hotel Santa Fe on the corner of Lerdo and Tlaxcala with a girl (Letty) that I bar fined from San-Souci. The all nighter cost me $130 plus the hotel room fee of $32. After having sex with her 4 times, the average came out to about $40 per action.

This is about the same price as I would have paid at San Souci, but I didn't have to pay for extra drinks, along with tips, and the linen was clean. I needed a place to sleep any.

This hotel also provided Letty and me room service of carne asada tacos and drinks. It also has a nice restaurant on the first floor that provide decent breakfast at a reasonable price. The nice thing about this place is that it close enough from the red light district that one can walk to and from there but far enough away that it is in a quiet neighborhood.

10-07-03, 02:47
The all nighter cost me $130 plus the hotel room fee of $32.

Was that what you paid the girl or did that include the permiso (bar fine) that fat slob ricardo charges. Since I don't like that fat fucker I intentionally did not capitalize his name. As far as permisos go I think anything over 30 bucks or 300 pesos is too much.

Speaking of permisos, Marilu at Queens Place charges me 30 bucks or 300 pesos but I know damn well the fee is 120 pesos or 12 bucks. Mis amigos at Queens are the greatest guys on earth. Why they like me I don't know, I am not a big tipper but Pancho likes me.

10-07-03, 04:14
Why pay quarduple or more in Juarez for viagra when you can get the Indian generic at this web site for less than $3 a pill after shipping?


I've about weaned myself from even thinking I need it, but I keep a supply around. The tabs are slitted down the middle so you can break them into two 50 mg doses if you want. The effect is identical to the Pfizer product.

It does take a month to arrive to the U.S. from India, and they cannot sell to people in certain states, and, yes, you are subject to siezures. But I've never had that happen in two and a half years.

Buying it in Juarez should be a last resort, because it only costs $5 a tablet with a Px here in the U.S. at Wallgreens. You get 16 pills from the on-line Indian pharmacy for about $40. Paying $12-$20 a tablet in Juarez seems a bit much.

10-08-03, 01:14
I went to Paraiso on Sunday. They advertise $25 on sunday, but I was only charged $20. There were three cute girls there, not knockouts, but not gordas. Sorry I don't remember names. Anyway, the service was good this time, and since the fee was low the girl got an extra $5 propina.

Sun Devil
10-08-03, 02:29

That $130 included everything, the fee to the girl and the bar fine. Somewhat steep, I know, but excluding the hotel fee, which I had to pay anyway, since I needed a place to sleep, it came out to about $33 per sexual act. Needless to say, I was fairly tired afterwards.

Just out of curiosity, what is the reason for your hatred towards Ricardo?

10-08-03, 04:31
When Mugroso is through listing all of Ricardos "virtues", I might chime in myself. He's a piece of slime and that opinion has nothing to do with my ex!

Sun Devil
10-08-03, 05:29
All I know is that this guy sits at the end of the bar, occasionally orders the bartender to do something, and tells the girls that it is their turn to dance on the stage. I have never had any real conversation with him, so I don't know his real "virtues".

On the other hand, I have seen what the owner of Laura's has done to his girls, how the owner at Encanto, Oscar, operates, and have had conversations with Sergio, the owner of Marylin. Is this Ricardo so unpleasant that I should just ignore him and mind my own business, which I have been doing anyway since I generally just deal with Julia and the other mamasan?

10-08-03, 23:09
SunDevil RN

Is this Ricardo so unpleasant that I should just ignore him

I would recommend you make your own desicions about what I have to say or suggest or whatever. As for ricardo; once I took some gringo tourists and they bought some women at the Casa and I half jokingly asked for a "gancha", cut. The "mama san" informed ricardo and boy did he get bent. He approached me aggressively and threatened me about permits and who do I think I am. He acted as if I was taking food out of his childrens mouths. I have taken tourists to other clubs and have gotten a free drink to 30 bucks for doing so. No biggie, it is not a living for me like it is for papa smurf. This is my only reason and it is enough for me.

10-09-03, 04:28
When BorderJumper tells you someone is a bit on a dark side, you'd best listen. The man knows el centro and the places you are exploring and sharing information about like the back of his hand. I know other parts of the city and thus judge Juarez as a whole from a different perpsective, but observation, not hatred, is guiding his comments about the figure in question.

10-09-03, 14:32
Thanks DE, I think :) It has been my misfortune to spend an inordinate amount of time down there. Matter of fact, I was given the option of purchasing PApa Smurf's Shuttle service a couple of years ago, but fortunately, I sobered up in time..

In regards to San Souci...If you are talking about Julia with the gold tooth, about 35 or so, the negotiator, she a sweetheart and a friend but she's a shark! When thing are slow, she's been known to go to the rooms herself and from what I've been told, well worth the money.

Regarding Ricardo, full name Ricardo Javier Moro Arando, DOB 6/22/58, FID#74-2937561, Alien Registration (Green Card)#A-36633388, ph#14-60-50 (think I don't know him ;) )

Basically, the way he treats his girls, he is probably one of the better club owners in the zona. He doesn't drug them or get them strung out like Chito does at Laura's, however, he thinks he owns them, lock, stock and tampon, trying to control their every movement even when they are on thier own time. Especially if they live in one of the rooms above the bar. He is obsessive about this fearing that one of the girls will meet a man on her own time and he won't get his cut. When he is sober (and I understand he was forced to quit drinking because of his health), he can be a fairly nice guy if you can stand the "I'm better than any gringo and most Mexicans" attitude and swagger he has. It all depends on what sort of day he's having and if he's making any money.

He'll tell anyone who listens that HE owns the Casa Colorado. Not true and actually, he is not even the manager. His wife, Juanita, the woman behind the cash register is his wife and the de facto owner although papers to the bar are in Juanita's daughters name, who happens to live in Kansas City. Juanita is the ex wife of Neto who owns CLub Panama and she was instrumental in making that Club what it is today. She is also the Comadre or Godmother of Francisco (Poncho) who owns The Cave about 1/2 block from Laura's. So you see how everything is kind of interwoven down there.

Legend has it that Ricardos daddy was a jefe de policia sometime back in the 60's and a pretty effective one at that (go figure). Urban legend, from Ricardos own lips is that he was a high muckedy muck with the Policia himself. The truth of the matter is that he was an unarmed Border Patrolman (Mexico) who got fired for drunkeness. Then he hooked up with Juanita and the rest is history.

Best advice I can give on Ricardo is to be polite when necessary and ignore him the rest of the time. He has a hair trigger temper, believe me.

One other thing and this is for Pimelonmen and the rest trashing the trucker that come there. Don't judge them by what you see. You are no better than them and they you. Admittedly, some of these are the bottom of the barrel and not representative of the industry. Also, keep this in mind. Ricardo Moro IS Papa Smurf Shuttle. He owns it 100%. He pays the rent on the building they use in El Paso, he owns the vans although they are not in his name. He even owns the CB radio that they advertise on.

Sun Devil
10-09-03, 14:40
Thanks for the information BorderJumper. I just wanted to know the facts. Yes, I just tend to ignore both Juanita and Ricardo. I didn't realize about the relationship of the owners in that area. Talk about a close interwoven environment.

10-09-03, 15:58
Yeah and it all adds up to the gringo getting fucked. I'm seeing a trend towards cracking down on the zonas in Mexico and high time too. Back in the 70's when I was in the USAF, we spent practically every weekend in Tijuana. A sgt. didn't make jack back then but we were all able to go and hang and come back with money in our pockets. Times change.

The sad thing and perhaps stupid thing about Ricardo and the gang in Juarez is they don't understand simple economics. How would it be in your business or mine if in this crappy economy, we raised our prices for goods or services to keep the profit line steady? We'd be bankrupt in no time. Yet that is the Mexican attitude in the zonas.

Another thing that worries me and it should others that go to Juarez is the crap that the shittle services are pulling with the MP's, specifically GENESIS. all the services advertise "1 hour Royal treatment for $60.00" Thirty of this is kicked back on the spot to Ricardo on the spot. How long is it going to be before the MP's realize that they can get people to willingly pay $60 for their services and increase the prices? Unfortunately, we don't have any MP's here in NL. There are several outcall services listed in the paper but rumor has it they are $100.00 per hour. Ridiculous pricing.

Sun Devil
10-09-03, 16:59
The thing about the shuttle service is that it is geared towards the gringo mongers who don't know how to get to these establishments because they don't live in the El Paso metro area or don't have the time to explore the city of Juarez.

They are willing to pay top prices because: a) out of sheer ignorance, thinking that $60 is a great deal considering that one would probably pay close to $130 for an hour of massage and sex in the US, even though your average Mexican or gringo who goes there directly and bypasses the shuttle service pays $20 to $30 cheaper, or b) glad that they don't have to drive in Mexico and deal with the Mexican people because of lack of language skills or believing the culture as being overly violent. Movies like "Traffic" and "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" advance this image. Thus they would gladly pay the higher fees for security measures.

I remeber the first time I ever went to Juarez. I grabbed the first taxi driver I saw across the bridge. He drove me all over the place: Pink Lady, Sans-Souci, Panama, etc. I had no idea that these places were right near each other and fairly close to the bridge. Also, I didn't know that the driver was getting a commission from each cat house and that I was paying more that I should be for the trip to the rooms. In addition, to compound things, since it was during the Christmas season, I bought drinks for the driver and tipped him, after he took me to all these places, $20. Talk about a stupid moron. So I believe naivete and ignorance play a large role on how much gringos pay for these girls.

In terms of economics, yes I agree with you with regards to their lack of knowledge or at least the wherewithal to practice capitalistic ideas that we just take for granted in the US.

Border Rat
10-09-03, 19:37
Not to offend anyone, but IMO it's best to not get involved or connected to anyone in the sex trade in EL Centro. This includes owners, employees, girls, and even most ex-pats. Sure it might be cool to have connected friends down there, but being guilty by association is a distinct possibility. Rampant drug use, corrupt cops, and a general dislike of gringos is a bad combination. I feel it's best to keep a low profile and not draw any undue attention to yourself. I have had conversations with most of the bar owners over the past 5 years, but I guarantee you none of them know my name. They all know who I am, but there is no reason for me to be buddy-buddy with them. If they don't know me, then they have no 'real' reason to dislike me. It is way too easy for a Mex bar owner to develop an intense hatred for a pinche gringo. Combine this with their police connections and you could be in some real trouble. Maybe I sound paranoid, but I think its best to err on the side of caution when in El Centro.

SunDevil .....I agree that Hotel Santa Fe is a nice place to stay, but be careful when eating at that restaurant next to it. About a year ago, I got really sick from a chicken burrito I ate there. Serves me right for checking in under the pseudonym of Sal Minella.

10-09-03, 20:33
I've stayed at the Santa Fe many times myself. Nice place but nothing to compare to the Villa Manport.

I remember vaguely my first time down there. There was a old Mexican, Johnny Bananas, with an old beat up station wagon. He would take you to Ginny's (Virginia's) back when the old lady was alive. A pure trucker bar. Cold beer, hot women and none of the upcharging you see today.

Damn, that's been some years ago!

10-12-03, 01:35
Hello Everyone,

I live in El Paso and I am a frequent visitor to MP’s and Bars since 1996 and using WSG since 1997. Hopefully I can contribute something to the forum. First, a question to DE. What happen to the men’s guide to Juarez site? Have you given up on the project? Second going back to the topic of transportation in the city. If you live in El Paso and know your way around the city I highly recommend the express lane that the US-Mexican authorities offer now. It has been a real blessing for me. I usually visit Venus, Sirena, Paraiso, Club Panama and Casa Colorada and I would have to agree with DE that the MP’s are the best value if you are short on time and cash. My Spanish is good so I have been able to work out deals with some of the girls to come to my home in El Paso and spend the day or even an all-nighter. This is after I have been with them more than once at the parlor and if they have a passport of course. The price is a little more that what you would pay at the establishment but for me at least well worth it ($80.00 plus dinner and some kind of entertainment). How come none of you post pictures?

Sun Devil
10-14-03, 07:35
The reasons why I haven't posted any pictures are that I don't own a digital camera and I don't own a scanner. I am just a frugal nurse stuck in a 1990s consumer mentality. I do own an SLR, which I have used to take pictures of women I have had relationships with. I have been a visitor of Juarez since 1999.

10-15-03, 04:24
This is funny story. It happened to me a few months ago. I went to Casa Colorada and ordered a beer. I had not been there in a while but one of the bar tenders recognized me and said hello. The madam approached me with the usual question. Do you want some company? I told her that as soon as I saw something I like I would call her my self. There were two girls and I liked none of them. After two beers I was ready to leave and actually walked out of the place. Then an old Chrysler LeBaron parked and three girls in their early 20s are got out. One of them asked me if I was leaving and I said yes because there was nothing going on in there. Then another one told me that since they had just arrived things were going to change. I said OK and walked right behind them. I immediately called the first girl to the couch where I was sitting and order myself another beer and asked if she wanted one. She said ok. Her name was Alice. She looked like a well groomed Janeane Garofalo and with a better body. Tight jeans and a cute red top. She was 23. I then told her that I had never seen her before there. She then answered that it was her first time!!!! That the other two girls were her cousins and that she needed some money to fix her car.

The older cousin (she looked like she was 29-30) worked there and she suggested that she would make enough money to fix it in no time. It was the younger cousins’ first time there too. I asked the younger cousin (also 23) if she wanted to join us and she said yes. We then chit chatted about this and that and the madam approached me and asked me if I wanted to go upstairs with one of them. I asked Alice if they wanted to join me for dinner and that I would pay for their pass to get out. They said OK. I told the madam how much for both of them to get out. She asked me to step in to her office on the back. There was a guy there and I told him what I wanted. He told me that they were there to have sex with them and that not to take them to dinner. I then said “but they are hungry”. Both of the girls were listening and started laughing. The man looked angry. I then told him ok how much for them for 1 hour. He said $200. I told him that I only had $100 (not true) thus I would only be able to take one I picked Alice. The cousin said no problem but that she was not going to stick around that if I wanted to give her a ride home. I said OK. The man told the cousin that if she walked out she could not come back. She said fine there are lots of places to work around there. We all walked out and gave each other a high five.

I took the cousin home. She did not live far and asked if she wanted to join us. She said “no you kids have fun”. As soon as she left Alice and I started making out. I asked where she wanted to go and if she wanted to get a room. She said yes. I asked to pick the hotel. She picked Maria Bonita. This is the only thing I regret because the room was a little more that I wanted to pay but o well. I think it was $80 a night but what a night. The room was actually a good idea at the time. On the way to the drug store to buy some condoms I asked what was wrong with her car? She said that the mechanic told her that the computer was fried and that it would cost her $300. Well my uncle just happens to own a junk yard and I might be able to help her. Sure enough I called him the following day and asked if he had a Taurus and how much he wanted for the computer. I was able to get it for her for $50, and he even put it in!!! I got a free fuck from her for that.

Back to our story. I really enjoyed time with her that night we fucked, showered but she did not want to blow me. I did not force her. She did that when I got her the computer. I still talk to her from time to time. But I decided to distance myself

Sun Devil
10-18-03, 00:08
Has anyone tried getting into a private casa or an apartment that supply working girls? As I recall from my first trip to Juarez, the taxi driver drove me to this private residential area that had a couple of chicks but I didn't find anybody worth banging at the time and left.

10-20-03, 07:09
Ok guys,

This is how my Saturday night in Juarez went. I started the night at the Las Palmeras. I was in luck, it was heifer night. I tried to order a rib eye steak with lots of fat, but they just didn't understand. I was making reference to all the fat cows dancing the night away. I then worked my way back up Mariscal street stopping off at the Montaña then the Central Lagunero. Montaña was lame, the cutest chica was ugly. The Lagunero had one cutie so I left. I wanted to see if the rest of the night would be like this.

Next stops, Año Nuevo and Eduardos. Eduardos was a little bit better but not by much. The Año Nuevo was much better. There was a true cutie up on stage. At first I didn't recognize her but I tipped her a dollar and asked her name and sign. Her name was Nellie. Click! I now remembered her from Queens Place. Never gave her much thought but boy did she look good Saturday. She is a pisces. I am nuts for pisces women. Anyone have info on her. I would appreciate it.

Irmas had some cuties but I don't like the waiters there. They remind me of some posts about Tijuana. Scum. So I didn't stay even though I like to scout things out.

At the Noche y Dia my favorite chapparra was there. A buck tooth girl named Angie. She has worked in other clubs like the Hollywood, Crystal, and Virginias. That reminds me, I forgot to see if the Crystal was open. When I say this chica is short, she is short. I am 6 foot give or take and in high heels she comes up to my nipple. Nice fuck. She likes tall guys.

Las Vegas was hopping. Faustos sucked. Hollywood and Virginias, so so.

Marilu didn't work that night. So fess up. Which one of you mongers banged my woman? Oh well, maybe next time. Jessie was there. She heard me talk once about the internet. She says, "hi, come visit me and buy me fischas". Perla was there. Boy has her ass gotten big. Gloria changed her hair back to black. Marisela was looking hot.

After, I went to Rancho Grande and saw skinny Erica. She is a sweet girl.

That was pretty much it. I will be back later this week and may give Nellie a run for my money.

A Toda Maquina
10-20-03, 17:14
Anyone been to Ojinagas? Or heard anything about it ,don't see any reports from there. Seems things should be more economical there. If you got any info I will check the other areas section of Norhtwest Bordertowns for your post. Thanks

Later ,Chango

Flying Sky
10-21-03, 03:44
Another reports,

Hey, guys. I went to Juarez a few days ago again to find my dream hot chica. On the street, there are some hottest looking chica, but exhausted to find hot girl at several massage places, wasted a lot of time, money and energy. So I went to Queen to find out about chica name Nellie. Indeed, she was kind and has nice personality. Also, eager to please people. So I paid $50 to get a room with her.

I was surprise with her sexual performance and other things, tighttest pussy ever I experienced.

Next step, went to Laura, met with chitos(?), he introduce me her daughter, but she was not my type.

So I said to him I will come later. Then, he introduce 3 other girls. One was interested.
So I paid $30 to chitos. went to room with her. immediately another guy follow me and ask me additional room fee. I said to him I paid room fee to chitos(I didn't know there is additional room fee). Then, push him to outside and locked the door. At the room, I found out that the girl that I chose was actually not attractive. She has scar on her ass. and looks didn't shower more than a week. and the bed was so dirty. I regret about that.

I went to two sea food restaurants, maztlan(?), villa del mar. I orderd lobster($20), but didn't full. so ordered three fresh oyster(about $3) at Maztlan. IMO, both were good and service was exellent. I orderd three oyster(about 60-70 cents each) at Villa del Mar, but the oyster was not fresh.

10-22-03, 11:49
Ahh Sky.....Chito's daughter? They all used to be his seesters! Guess the cocksucekr is getting desparate. Had you done a little research here beforehand, you wouldn't have made that mistake!

Sun Devil
10-22-03, 17:50
I am seriously thinking of renting an apartment in Juarez. To those who have done so, what are the rates per month? Also, what are the major advantages and disadvantages of doing this? I am not planning in renting downtown but in the quieter and decent neighborhoods east of el centro, such as around Ninos Heroes and Paraguay or in the ProNaf area. Thanks in advance.

King Elvis
10-23-03, 04:47
Anything go on in Juarez on Sunday afternoons or early evenings?

10-23-03, 05:12
Chito of Laura's is a low life scumbag, he allows, even encourages, drug users to work there and he pays them very little of what you pay for them. Occasionally you will find a new young one in there, but not often.....
Be careful of streeet girls around the gym, they are not all girls...last time I was there there was a lot of street action, mainly across the street from the gym.
My bar of choice now is Pink Ladies, but negotiate to meet the girl after hours at your hotel......most will do that if you speak Spanish....

Sun Devil
10-23-03, 05:24
How much do you pay the chick for after hour action? I guess the owner of this place is more lenient in having his/her girls work on their own compared to Ricardo of Sans-Souci. I agree that the Pink Lady have some nice-looking girls. The only problem I have is their location, which is somewhat out of way on Altamirano, from all of the action around the gym in el centro. Granted, the new premises is much nicer and bigger than the old one.

10-23-03, 12:38
bbond.....Low life is putting it mildly. Not only does he allow them to work, most of the druggies and crack *****s working there were once sweet innocent little thing right of the bus from the interior. He introduced them to the drugs.

10-23-03, 15:50
I once was, and still am, sort of "friends" with Chito. I always stop by his place for a beer and say hello just to keep in touch, and look for that innocent newbie that is sometimes there.
Chito told me the girls working there are stipid, said these girls could have anything, but waste their money on drugs, $100- $200 a day. The same is true tho of most girls there, they spend their money as fast as they make it instead of planning and spending wisely. I once knew a MP girl that told me she made $600 a week, but she will never have anything, because it is spent as fast as it is made..seems like these girls have no respect for money cause they know there is always tomorrow and that will bring more.....until they are old enough to realize that they won't always be desirable and money won't always be there....

SunDevil.....Chito normally charges $50, that covers girl, room, paper and condom.....when things are slow he will charge only $40, I have been going there for years, and he is pretty consistant on that.....

Sun Devil
10-23-03, 16:20

I meant how much do you pay a girl working at Pink Ladies for some after hours action at your hotel? Sorry about the confusion.

10-24-03, 10:07
I went for it. I fucked Nellie at the Año Nuevo for 40 bucks. She was ok. Unwilling to change positions or give oral but boy was her pussy nice. She has a cute smile and I went nuts for that gap in between her teeth. I was told she is at the Año Nuevo because she wasn't very good at fischando. I told her I had seen her at Queens Place and asked why she is not there. She said they needed more girls but will be back after next week.

Speaking of Queens, the greatest puta del mundo was not there again. MariLu took the night off but the doorman Cayo told me she was in the apartments above. He offered to go get her but I turned it down because I didn't want the bother and new pussy was refreshing. Sometimes a guy needs a break from perfect wild sex for something new. Next time I will let the doorman go bother her. Or should I take them both to a motel next time. Just a thought.

10-25-03, 03:11
Depends on how long I can get her to stay........$50 an hour is my tops and $100 for 3 hours......don't pay more, there is just too many girls and that's good money for them........

10-25-03, 14:14

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11-01-03, 12:30
Which one of you scum bag mongers took MariLu out tonight (Friday)? I have a 4 day weekend and one of you ruined it for me.

Thanks alot.

Bachelor Warrior
11-01-03, 21:06
This is my first post so it's more of a test than anything else. I've struggled with getting the login correct on and off for an embarrasingly long time. I think I finally figured it out. Something to do with security settings.

I hope to be able to contribute from time to time.

Bachelor Warrior
11-08-03, 02:28
Here's a tip that may just be common sense, but sometimes common sense isn't all that common.

A friend of mine liked one of the smaller bars near the bridge and used to go there fairly often. Often enough to feel comfortable with one of the waiters. After a while the guy starts offering him a free tequila to go with his beer because he's a good customer. One night after having a beer and a free tequila, he climbs into a cab to go somewhere else. In about 3 blocks, he started feeling really nauseous. Sick enough that he had the cab driver head back to the bridge. First thing the driver asked him was if he had been offered a free tequila. The driver said never, never accept any booze like that. The bars have been known to spike the drinks. Maybe it was coincidence, but I would say it would be better to be safe than sorry. It's might be safe to share a tequila with a girl though.

11-08-03, 21:52
Bachelor Warrior, I could be wrong about the name of the drink but as I recall it was called a chu chu pasté. It was tequila with some sort of herb in it and I can recall the name of the herb. The guy told me one shot will knock me on my ass. I never had it, but if I want to be knocked on my ass I will do it at home.

The waiters at Irma's Bar offer free tequila but on the rar occasion I stay in Irma's I always turn it down.

Sun Devil
11-09-03, 05:42
Thanks for the info. What is the name of this bar?

As a rule, I don't drink alcohol while in Mexico. Being inebriated causes one to lose any sense of caution and this is not good in an environment in which you are not familiar with, especially Juarez's el centro. Also, drinking a lot of booze has caused me performance malfunction in the past. There is nothing like having a feeling of reflux in your stomach while having sex with a good looking woman and hoping that you don't barf there and then on the bed.

There is a reason why girls asked you whether or not you have been drinking when you can't get a woody or you can't finish--from past experiences with other clients.

Bachelor Warrior
11-09-03, 18:56
Obviously what you guys are saying about getting smashed is totally true. Sorry, I don't remember the name of the bar and I tried when I was posting the message. It might have been Irma's. It's down in that area somewhere.

Does everyone in the forum always walk over to Juarez or do you sometimes drive. I see quite a few cars over there with U.S. plates. So, I was thinking that with the appropriate insurance it might be OK.

I don't use the cabs much, but sometimes they're really junky and the drivers can be pushy about hooking you up with some girl you do not want.

11-10-03, 20:01
The laced drink is true and it happened to me. Like Sundevil, I don't drink because I like to keep my head straight especially going into foreign soil. So after hopping from bar to bar and presumingly pissing off the waiters for not purchasing any drinks (afterall, I went there solely for one purpose), I went to one establishment to actually sit down and asked for coke. Before the guy came back with my drink I knew I already fouled because I adamantly asked for coke. And when the guy came back with my drink in a glass instead of a can, I said to myself that I won't touch the drink. Nevertheless, the ladies on stage were actually decent and I was enjoying it, but then I slipped and drank half of my drink. About 3 minutes later, I noticed my head was slowing spinning and my breathing was getting constricted. I don't know what the effects of cocaine is like, but I definately knew my drink was pinched. The effects started to get more intense so I quickly left, went into an isolated area and forced puked my brains out to get the stuff out of my system. It took an hour or so to get my head back straight.

I don't remember the name of the bar, but I do remember the layout. The moment you enter the bar, there is a stage right in the middle. The steps onto the stage is on the right side. There are narrow rows on both sides of the stage with tables and chairs against the wall and I am almost certain that there are mirrors on both sides of the wall. The bar is in back on the left side. And the establishment is lit with blue neon lights along the stage and possibly throughout.

Sun Devil
11-10-03, 22:20
I generally just walk, preferring the convenience of being able to stop and go wherever and whenever I want. It also helps to satisfy my curiosity of how the Mexican people live by giving me the time to be able to observe them. If you want to drive, you will need Mexican insurance. There was a whole discussion of this issue in this forum just fairly recently. I suggest you go back and read them.

As you know, El Paso-Ciudad Juarez is the largest binational metro area in the world, thus it is not surprising that you will see Texan or New Mexican plates in Juarez and Chihuahuan plates in El Paso or Las Cruces. People generally just go back and forth across the Rio Grande, by car or by walking.

Don't worry about the cab drivers, they are just trying to make a living to feed themselves and their family. They get a commission when they introduce a client into a club. Just say "no gracias" and tell them you already know where the girls and clubs are.

I had a fun time with a cab driver once when I told him where all the massage parlors and brothels were, naming the streets and/or generally direction of each one. Needless to say, I didn't need him and he realized that, but we had a fun time during our consumer/merchant relationship and the haggling we had in the process, if you can call it that.

11-11-03, 05:40
Yeah, getting drunk in Juarez, especially in el centro, is probably just a pretty bad idea all around. Did someone get served a spiked round of tequila down there? Given the skulldrudgery of the hustlers in el centro, I don't doubt it one bit.

You have a lot more rights outside of the bars in el centro in Juarez and get a lot more respect. If you get in any trouble down there anyone in authority kind of figures you came to Mexico for the wrong reasons in the first place and don't deserve a lot of sympathy for whatever happened to you. Right or wrong, that's the way it is.

It's a lot different elsewhere, kind of like the difference between day and night. The minute I decided the bars downtown were not for me, all my problems with the cops came to a screaching halt. You can drive where you want, do what you want, and make friends with some really great people elsewhere in the city.

Sometimes I think about slipping down there in a taxi for a go with one of my old favoritas in the bars, but how could she be any better than the girls I know now in the MPs who don't screw up their lives with drugs and just do what they do for their kids? Ounce for ounce, they are just as pretty, just as hot, and, with many of them, the passage of time has deepened things to the point is like being with a sexy wife or girlfiend who never fails to please. So why expose myself to the risks of going, even in a taxi?

The luxury of time and proximity has spoiled me beyond belief. I not only know them in the MPs but as a friend when I see them in the neighborhood store or the new restaurant across the street dragging back tacos or burgers for the crew.

I moved here because I had cancer back in Dallas and didn't know how much time I had. Well, three years later, I've got it again, but this time the emotional impact is not so great. I'm sitting here in Las Cruces listening to an Alicia Villareal CD, thankful for every second I had with our much misunderstood friends south of the border. I have met best among them here, and I have found them to be as good a friends as I have ever known.
Beyond the hustlers and pimps in el centro lies a great city full of lots of great people. Please never judge your experiences in el centro as the guage of the character of Ciudad Juarez.

There is a new MP half a block south of Calle Peru and Jose Borrunda for those who might be interested. It's on Peru right behind MP Felinas, called X-2. You would never know it was an MP from the outside. Just look for the black sign: "X-2", on the east side of Calle Peru, right on my little path to the neighborhood store.

Inside you will find the usual mixture of gorditas mixed in with a slender one or two, if you're lucky. That's pretty much the whole story in Mexico, isn't it? About the same anywhere you go.

Corpus has a new line up. It's under new ownership who seems to understand we would like to see ribs and a flat tummy now and then. MP Marilyn has been graced by the return of Christina if Sergio does not fire her again for being unreliable by the time you get there. Hard to imagine a lovelier girl anywhere.

Haven't gone to El Encanto lately since the Perla is mad at me for picking Lorena so often, and I never know if they are both going to be on duty at the same time. Seems easier to look for new talent elsewhere.

Some new face who leads me to the room and returns while I am showering and disrobes to reluctantly give her body to another perfect stranger for $30 despite the smile on her face, or worse, determined to give it without a flinch of emotion in order to protect her self-esteem. I like to sit her down now and explain I've been coming for three years and know she is there for her kids and tell her what really turns me on is showing her some respect and turning her on, giving her some pleasure for a change. She always then parts her legs and lets me get her ready to fuck. She always comes and makes me feel like a man, some kind of fountain of youth I can always find in Mexico to make me forget I am 53 years old and that she would rather be dancing at a disco somewhere looking for a youthful counterpart who could understand her life as a prostitute and take her away from it and give her and the kids a life, something I will never do.

That's pretty much it for 99.5% of them.

Ah, well, it's a hell of a lot better than jacking off someplace in the U.S. wishing you were 26 years old again. A hell of lot better, but it was a lot more fun before realizing the great emotional toll providing our pleasures takes on them. I would not be a bit disappointed if I got there some Friday night and found every one of them had a good job or were in school or married and just not available anymore. But it won't happen in our lifetimes. So enjoy. Just have a little respect. Not many of them would be there if there was any other choice. At best a bittersweet experience to please her and leave her laying there for more, or less, depending on who walks into that door next. How would you ever know, for these secrets she keeps down deep, knowing best never to reveal them. Only the smiling faces of the children matter when she brings home the groceries and ice cream, or the medicine one of them needs for la gripa.

Unless she is some drugged out fool, which I don't think many of the girls I see are, she lives for them, not for us. I'd bet she sees even those of us who pleased her sexually as a bunch of legends in our own minds...:)

You have to admit, that's one hell of a big line there at the border...

Bachelor Warrior
11-12-03, 00:21
Dreaming, I'm sure everyone's thoughts will be with you in your battle with cancer.

And, I don't know for sure if my buddy got a spiked drink or not. I'm not even sure if he knows. But, for sure the taxi driver told him never to take a free tequila in any bar down there and that seemed like good advice to pass on.

I'm not sure I agree with your assessment that the young prostitutes would rather be with a young guy who would take them away from it all. That may be their dream. But I've watched enough of them for long enough to believe that it rarely happens. In my experience, the more likely scenario is that some young guy with a barely running, but rather large car comes along and charms her out of her pants to get it for free. If she's lucky, she's not pregnant when he dumps her. I think she'd be much better off with someone like you who will treat her with some respect and love her such that you both can get off.

OK, that's not much reporting, so I'll add this. I'm always wary in Juarez, but there are 3 guys in the downtown area that seem fairly trustworthy to me. At the top of the list is a fairly big Mexican with a full moustache named Martin. He used to work at the Panama, but is now at the new Pink Lady. You can ask him to do most anything for you and he will reliably do it. Flag a cab, pass along a message to some chica who has the night off, or tell you how much he thinks is a fair price for tequila or beer at the store. I don't think I've ever asked him about specific girls and I'm not sure I ever would. But I have let him know which one(s) I would like to "talk" to and he's very willing to help out with that.

Oh speaking of the Pink Lady... One of the "waiters" is obviously female. She has long straight black hair, overweight, and probably in her mid to late 40's. Her name is something like Joli or Yoli. Anyway, she'll strike you as being kind of a sourpuss and that's because she's gay. It feels "funny" to be negotiating with her for price with one of the regular girls.

11-13-03, 04:44
Martin is perfectly trustworthy...

Here's a couple of coupons back from when I was going to do the Men's Guide.


11-13-03, 04:45
And thanks for the thoughts. They are just going to cut it out and life will get back to normal for a while, anyway.

Country John
11-13-03, 18:08
Dreaming Eagle:

One of the bests posts I've ever read. You are right on the money.

I'm out of forum here but for those of you reading his post, know that my experiences bear out DE's post.

My posts will be in the Mexicali section and I could cut and paste a lot of DE's post but I just wanted to post here because I've taken great pains (and spent a lot of money) to research the scene (while doing the glam slam of course) to answer many of the issues addressed in DE's post.

Thanks again DE and good luck with the body - you licked it once mate, you can do it again. Keep us informed.

Be safe,

Country John

11-14-03, 21:20

I saw Marilu at Queen's last night and laid the pipe into her. I was amazed at how incredibly tight she was. I paid her $46 plus bought her 4 beers at 5.50 a pop.

After Queen's I went to Fausto's and had a couple of Bud Lites. I cannot understand why the lighting is so poor in that place. You can barely see the dancers the place is so dim. The drinks for the girls are higher than any other bar in the area also. Maybe that is why there were only 3 customers in the bar.

My next stop was Noche Y Dia. They had a couple of cute ones in there. The one I was playing around with had an aroma of glue about her. No doubt she had ben sniffing that shit.

Jaurez just does not hold a candle to Bangkok or Manila.

Bachelor Warrior
11-16-03, 20:32
There are two black, or partly black girls, that I know of in the Panama, Pink Lady, Casa Colorado area . Both seem a little taller than most of the girls. Both are slender and very good looking.

Lucero used to work at the Panama, but she's now at the Pink Lady. She's probably in her early to mid-30s. A great dresser, she has a great personality to go along with excellent bedroom skills. She's been in this line of work for quite a while.

The other gal goes by the name of Brittany I believe. I've seen her at the Casa Colorado. She's not as sharp a dresser as Lucero. I think she's quite a bit younger though. I would guess about 23 or 24 maximum. And I don't think she's been at the Casa very long. I've never been with her, so I don't know if she's cold or not.

I suppose the girls move around based on where their friends are, what kind of a deal the owner makes them, how popular the particular "club" seems to be at the time, etc. But it doesn't seem like the owners try very hard to keep the very special girls at their place. For instance, if I was the owner of the Panama I would definitely try to keep Lucero there. Or get her back. Of course, my guess of how popular a certain girl is could be wrong.

Bachelor Warrior
11-16-03, 20:47
I had a conversation with a gringo truck driver in Juarez last night. At least I"m pretty sure he's a driver. This guy says he has been to ALL the Mexican border towns and Mexicali is the absolute best by far. I've never been there myself, but Country John's posts in the Mexicali section sure do seem to back up this claim.

11-19-03, 02:46
Watch out for this rip off which happened to me last night at Hollywood. You pay the waiter for a drink with a 20, he turns away, stuffs it up his sleeve, and turns back with a 1 in his hand and says you owe him more. Usually I pay for all drinks with ones, and count them out one at a time, this time I forgot. I wanted to beat the guy up and take my 20 back, but didn't want trouble. Another reason to stick with the MPs, but sometimes it's fun to watch the dancers.

There was a girl at Queens I'd never seen before, Yvonne. She's petite, with a nice slim body. She was pretty energetic at first, but after a while was in a hurry for me to finish. Overall - pretty good.

11-20-03, 03:38
Hello, everybody,

I usually buy Viagra in Mexico, but I will like to buy something else besides Viagra here in the USA. Does anyone know what and where can I buy them?


11-21-03, 02:47

As far as I know, this is the cheapest Viagra available, only $40 for 16 100 mg tablets. It's an Indian company and the generic version takes about 6 weeks to arrive, but works just the same.

11-21-03, 05:54

There was a girl at Queens I'd never seen before, Yvonne. She's petite, with a nice slim body.

I am familiar with this chica. She is an "ex-girlfriend" of a friend. I have never had her in private but I have had very brief encounters with her. She has a very bad personality and is an unpleasant person. She is more than petite and slim. She is as skinny as an anorexic Ethiopian .

My friend says she had mental problems and is very self consious of her age, 33. Since I have been going to Queens, about 6 years now, she has always been there.

Just some information sharing from me. We all do have different results with chicas.

Bachelor Warrior
11-21-03, 20:11
In most places I've been, the waiter will take your $20, hold it up so you both can see it and say $20 in either English or Spanish. I you say Si, off he goes. They always bring back the right change. At least, I can't remember a time they didn't.

What they will do a lot is try to "hide" a dollar or so somewhere in the tray. Most of the time it's in change, but sometimes there's a dollar bill off to one side. It's pretty easy to overlook that money because it's so dark in these places. So I usually look pretty carefully. The money isn't an issue for me, I just hate to seem any stupider than I already do.

I tip the fellows in these places pretty well. Not to get any more loyalty especially, I still don't trust them. But because I figure they don't get that much; either respect or tips. Could be wrong. Anyway, they seem to appreciate it. Always get very good service, etc.

Bachelor Warrior
11-22-03, 19:09
Has anyone tried Cialis (sp?) as a Viagra alternative? It's supposedly called the weekend pill. Starts working within 30 - 45 minutes and has effects for 36 hours or so? I don't think it's available in the U.S., but you can get it in Mexico. I don't know what the price is.

Sun Devil
11-23-03, 03:03
The price for it is approximately is $15 for a tablet.

11-24-03, 04:37
I paid $163.50 for 16, 20mg pills, including postage from England. Mastersmarketing.com. Brand name Tadafil. Reliable. I have no real problem, and seem to get best results with 1/3 to 1/2 a pill. 36 hours seems right, less side effect than from the V. I believe it has been approved stateside this week, but at 16 bucks for delivery and no script required why bother.

11-24-03, 07:26

I've been checking this forum our for awhile, but this is my first post. I have a question for all of you, I speak no Spanish, and will be going solo to El Centro, how much difficulty will I have, I don't want trouble or want to get ripped off. I have been there before, but that was a few years ago, and I was with someone who spoke the language. Any advice would be appreciated.

11-24-03, 07:31
Does anyone know the approximate location of the Colinias Chavena? Or Chavana? It's only about 10 minutes drive from the downtown bridge from what I understand. If you know the location, do you know if it's a decent neighborhood for family type living - kids, etc.?

Thanks and Happy Turkey Day!


11-24-03, 23:41
According to the map, this neighhood is southwest of el centro between 16 de Septiembre and Municipio Libre. If you were to take Mariscal south from el centro and turn east on Emiliano Carranza or Pablo Nidar you would be driving through the middle of Chevaña as shown on the map.

The new Pink Lady is in that general area. From what I saw of the neighborhood it didn't look too good, but I was not focusing on those particular streets. You would just have to check it out. I would think you would definitely want a lockable garage for your car or at least a lockable fence no matter where you live in Juarez.

11-25-03, 04:08

Thank you for the info "Dreamingeagle"


11-25-03, 07:10
I agree with DE on the lockable garage or fence. Even in the most respectable neighborhoods the houses are fenced, with sturdy high fences, and locked. A car alarm is a good idea too.......

11-26-03, 03:53
Does anyone know where Candy went? Last time I was at Genesis they said she didn't work there any more.

11-27-03, 08:40
I never got with that girl, but she is one cool, tall drink of water, isn't she. I saw her once, declined because I had business elsewhere,a nd returned twice for her when she was not working. Hope you find her again.

Bachelor Warrior
11-28-03, 19:28
If you're ever in Ano Neuvo, you might look for a girl named Rosie. She's a little on the chunky side, but not much. Not super good-looking either. But she's a clean girl and has a cute personality. She has one of the firmest bodies I know of. Even her breasts are very firm. You'll notice right away. And I hear she really enjoys her work!

11-28-03, 20:30
Candy at Genesis is, or at least was, one of the friendliest, most accomodating girls I ever went to the room with in Juarez...a really nice lady....

11-29-03, 08:03

More than a few drivers and my amigas at Pink Lady have intimated ( some in no uncertain terms) that the area you were inquiring about has a drug and crime reputation. Three of the girls that I know well at Pink Lady have been robbed in the daytime , as they were going to work.

At the end of October, my last visit, there was a substantial federale presence on the street, but I didn't feel anymore comfortable there.

Buena suerte.

11-30-03, 07:16
Okay, thanks for the info on the Col. Chavena. My weekly excursion takes me into Col. Mexico 68 which is out Lopez Mateos and Carlos Amaya, then off of Tzetzales a mile or so. It's a poor neighborhood (no shit, some might say), but I have been visiting my chica there for over a year and have absolutely no fear of going where some fear to tread. I might be stupid, but I try not to do stupid things. I just "blend" in with my silver hair and 1979 Mercedes. Maybe someday I'll catch my lunch, but I'm still not afraid. This is not to say that I would rush into some place like Col. Chavena. I can't wait to get my chica and her girls over to El Paso, but it's slow going. In the mean time, I just keep "blending" in.
My chica's daughters always surround me when we go shopping at S Mart or where ever. They never feel "funny" for being with me even though once in a while we'll get a stare from a few well-meaning individuals as I'm trying to blend in with my silver hair and very white complexion. I AM a little careful as the 13 year-old (a beautiful young lady) likes to hold my hand in public once in awhile if we are alone shopping at the store. I am aware that there could be a problem if I'm caught with a 17 year-old or younger. But we are not in El Centro - we are usually shopping in S Mart or Walmart.
I hope all you fine mongers had a great Thanksgiving and did not overdo any eating habits. Thanks.


12-01-03, 03:30
Most all of the neighborhoods away from el centro are safe, even the colonias. You can shop in the stores, walk the streets, and, as long as you are a good neighbor, you are going to be accepted as such. But that area in el centro under discussion, and, in fact, all of the neighborhoods around el centro is as described, a haven for drug addicts and the worse elements in the city. I should have been clearer when I responded.

12-01-03, 03:33
I should hasten to add there are also a lot of good people living there, too, but why mess with all of the problems?

12-02-03, 00:52
To slightly change the subject, I took a two hour walking tour around Juarez trying to find Maseje Marilyn from the Villa Manport on E.Hermosa last trip.Ephram (?) gave me directions ..Panama Ave to Del Ejido.Well They don't meet as far as I found out, so I cruised around that area getting BAAD directions from everyone I asked!

They were friendly bad directions, I admit.

I think I finally found it, but they were undergoing renovations or closed. (Now a pale green building?)

If anyone can let me know if that was the place,that would be great.

For EPG et al, I never felt uncomfortable walking there,and I am as gringo (blonde blue eyes) as it gets.The best part was looking at los ninos checking me out.They were fascinated to see me, especially on my third lost trip down their street.

I have seen a few refrences to a bar named Queens, but no one I talk with knows it, Any help?

12-03-03, 03:05

Queens is a few hundred yards from the toll bridge from downtown El Paso. I don't remember street names, but here's the walking directions:

Make a right as soon as you get off the bridge. Go left on the first street you come to. Walk down that street until you come to the corner with the bars Hollywood and Las Vegas on it. Turn right there and it's right down the street.

12-03-03, 06:51
Actually, I'm more afraid of the damn dogs more than anything else. Mangy mutts - probably too weak to snarl their lip let alone bite me - but I don't like them.

Downtown, lakefront Chicago neighborhoods spoiled me - extremely strict dog laws. I could ride my bicycle all day without any worry except for the cab drivers and a few other irates.

What's this got to do with mongering????? Not a damn thing. Lo siento.


12-05-03, 02:23

Thanks for the directions. Even without the street names, I can "see" the place in my minds eye. I go back to that jewel of a city Saturday (12/06) for 5 days, and can't wait to get reaquainted with a few friends, and hopefully make new ones.Will definitely take a look there.


My mongering friend and I started a "guess how many stray dogs we'll see" bet for each trip.We put a taxi fare on the over - under. Helps keep the mind sharp ( I hope).

Viva Juarez!

12-05-03, 04:31
I have spoken several times to a monger I call "skinny Santa Claus". I call him this because I can never remember his name and he looks like a skinny Santa Claus. Once he told me about trips to the Philipines. Earlier this year the told me about an upcoming trip he was taking to Thailand. He was really looking foward to it. On another occassion he told he that Marisela from Queens Place, good lay but complained that she made him wear a rubber.

This past weekend I observed Him and MariLu coming out of the rooms together. What a bummer. Sorry but I think of myself. I can't risk it guys. MariLu is now off limits to my cock.

Anyone know of any other good lays out there?

12-05-03, 20:03
For those of you who are looking for Candy from Genisis. I think she is now in Dallas and probably married. I was with her a couple of times and she said she had a boyfriend who worked in Dallas. Next time I saw her she was a little fatter. Turns out she was pregnant , and I think she already had 2 other kids with her boyfriend. She was gone for a while to have the last baby and returned to Genisis after. When I saw her then she said she and her boyfriend planed to get married soon. It seemed she had her head on straight and she and her boyfriend where working toward a common goal. Hopefully she is now living happily ever after with her husband and children. She was a very sweet girl.


Modern Man
12-07-03, 02:29
I will be in Ciudad for a few hours on Tuesday afternoon. Given that I have only a limited time, where do you mongers suggest I go. The MP's?, the bars. If you could provide specific directions from the Santa Fe bridge I would be exteremely greatfull. This is my first trip there, I hope it is a memorable one.

Many thanks,


12-09-03, 05:46
No, Calle Panama is not the best way to Del Ejido....I've included directions from the Hotel Villa Manport, walking/bus or driving. You can check out the exterior photo to see if you finally found it. Sounds like you did.

2900 Del Ejido at Juan Escutia


9 a.m. - 9 p.m., 7 days

$30 - 1 hour


•Walk south on Avenida Juarez until you get to Ave. 16 de Septiembre. Note that Avenida Juarez continues one more block, where it dead-ends into Vicente Guerrero.
•Walk to Vicente Guerrero, which is a 1-way street heading to your left (east).
•Take any bus which says "Futurama" on the windshield
•Get off at Ave. Lopez Mateos
•Futurama is across the street
•Turn right (south) on Lopez Mateos
•You can catch on of the brown buses moving along in the right lane if one is available, which may not be the case
•If so, get off at Del Ejido (3rd light)
•If not, walk to Del Ejido (5/10 mi.)
•Turn right (west) on Del Ejido
•The second stop sign you come to is at Montes de Oca
•Marilyn's is at the next stop sign (on your left) on the south-east corner of Del Ejido and Juan Escutia

•From the front of the hotel, go to the opposite side of the street and catch the Circunvalacion bus to el centro
•Walk to Ave. Juarez and then follow the FROM SANTE FE BRIDE Walking/Bus walking bus directions above
•Walk south (left) from the hotel on Calle Panama until you come to Ave. 16 de Septiembre
•Continue on Calle Panama another three blocks until you come to Vicente Guerrero
•Hop almost any bus being sure to ask if it goes to Lopez Mateos
•Get off at Lopez Mateos and you will see Futurama across the street
•Turn right (south) on Lopez Mateos
•You can catch one of the brown buses moving along in the right lane if one is available, which may not be the case
•If so, get off at Del Ejido (3rd light)
•If not, walk to Del Ejido (5/10 mi.)
•Turn right (west) on Del Ejido
•The second stop sign you come to is at Montes de Oca
•Marilyn's is at the next stop sign (on your left) on the south-east corner of Del Ejido and Juan Escutia

•Calle Panama runs the wrong way (north) from the Villa Manport, so turn left (south) at the next light, which is Costa Rica.
•You will come to Ave. 16 de Septiembre (3/10 mi.)
•Continue south on Costa Rica another three blocks until you come to Vicente Guerrero
•Turn left (east) on Vicente Guerrero, traveling on the right side of the street
•You will come to Ave. Lopez Mateos at the Rio Grande Mall
•Turn right (south) on Ave. Lopez Mateos and travel in one of the right lanes
•The third stop light is Del Ejido
•Turn right (west) on Del Ejido
•Drive very slowly on this street due to children
•The second stop sign you to is at Montes de Oca
•Marilyn's is at the next stop sign (on your left) on the south-east corner of Del Ejido and Juan Escutia

•Proceed south on Ave. Abraham Lincoln upon entering Mexico
•Take the spit in the road to the right after you being to see businesses to Avenida de las Americas
•Drive .5 mile, travelling in the left lane if possible. You will see the Hotel Villa Manport on your left at Calle Panama (a light).
•Turn left (south) on Costa Rica at the next light
•You will come to Ave. 16 de Septiembre (3/10 mi.)
•Continue south on Costa Rica another three blocks until you come to Vicente Guerrero
•Turn left (east) on Vicente Guerrero, traveling on the right side of the street
•You will come to Ave. Lopez Mateos
•Turn right (south) on Ave. Lopez Mateos and travel in one of the right lanes
•The third stop light is Del Ejido (5/10 mi.)
•Turn right (west) on Del Ejido
•Drive very slowly on this street due to children
•The second stop sign you come to is at Montes de Oca
•Marilyn's is at the next stop sign (on your left) on the south-east corner of Del Ejido and Juan Escutia

12-09-03, 05:56
Someone's mention of the stray dogs drew a smile.

I walked or rode the bus my first year, and I had totally forgotten the adrenilin rush of being threatened by a huge dog while on foot. The second I heard the little clitter clatter of claws on the concrete I knew I was in trouble. He charged me by surprise on Calle Panama from the side of a building, making a big ruckus. He followed me for about three blocks, barking all the way, right by my side, not sure if he wanted to bite me or not. He finally decided when we got some railroad tracks that having escorted me to the edge of his territory I could be allowed to go free, unharmed, out of the generousity of his heart. He even sat down on his haunches at the tracks and barked again to remind me not to come back.

Not to worry about most of them, though; if they bite people, someone kills them.

12-09-03, 06:11
Here you go:

Sun Devil
12-09-03, 08:00
I had a very unique experience on Wednesday night in Ciudad Juarez. This is a long and detailed story of the event.

I had called a provider to Masaje Consuelo to see whether or not they were open. This was around 8 pm last Wednesday night. Calling her cell phone number, I asked whether she was available. She said, "Yes, but we will be closed around 9 pm, why don't you come tomorrow around noon". I replied that I cannot wait that long, but reconfirmed with her that they were indeed still open. I then took a taxi from the Santa Fe bridge to Triunfo to where Consuelo is around that area.

Running like a maniac through the neighborhood, in order to get my full hour of massage and sex at Consuelo, I quickly ran into the second floor of the building and knocked on the door of the establishment. Nobody answered the door and I finally noticed that the building was pretty much dark and all the business had closed for the night. I soon realized that the provider I called on her cell phone had lied and pacified me by saying that they were open whereas the place was already closed when I called her, which was about 10 minutes prior.

Just then, I noticed that a group of men had collected themselves on the parking lot below me. They had closed and locked the gate connecting the stairs from the sidewalk and the balcony that leads from the stairs into Consuelo. These men, including the property manager of the building, then accused me of trespassing and that I had climbed from the parking lot into the balcony. Knowing my innocence and not wanting to argue with them and the fact that I might break a leg jumping from the balcony into the parking lot about 13 feet below, I waited until a paddy wagon came.

Soon a police officer came out, and asked me to bypass the locked gate by climbing over the balcony wall and into the stairwell. I obliged and soon was told to hold my hands against my head. I did this and the police officer then ransacked my pockets. There were at least $150 in my pocket at the time, as well as my cell phone and other items. Fortunately for me, he did not take the $150 but just told me that, according to the men around him, I had trespassed illegally into the building where Consuelo is located after business hours.

I vehemently denied this and told them that I was told by one of Consuelo's providers that they were open until 9 pm and showed him the business card that I had of Consuelo's. Nonetheless, probably because of Mexico's Napoleonic Code of Law, where you are guilty until proven innocent, I was told by the police officer that because the men had accused me of trespassing I was to be put into the paddy wagon and taken to jail to see a judge, where there was a possibility of paying a fine of $100 or spending a night in jail. After asking for my license and asking me my name and address, he soon had me locked up in the paddy wagon, which contained another person, a Mexican national who was definitely inebriated. We all went to the jailhouse and I was told to wait, along with the Mexican gentleman, for the judge to see us for about 10 minutes in the jail lobby.

During that time, I scanned the environment I was in and saw a jail cell not far from me that contained about 30 Mexican men lined up in order to get their blankets for the evening. I soon started getting nervous in the fact that I could possibly be spending a evening with these guys in a jail cell that was definitely dirty and smelled like it has not been cleaned in ages. While waiting in the lobby, the word spread around that a gringo from Arizona, me, is currently in the premises. One of the policemen there had a short conversation with me and indicated that he had spent time living in Mesa AZ. I tried to act really friendly towards him, trying to find some allies in this place to help prove my innocence.

Soon I was put in front of the judge, a female, and she asked me what I was doing at Consuelo after 8 pm. I told her my story and showed her my business card. She asked me whether I drank any alcohol and did drugs. I told her that I don't drink nor do drug, which was 100% true. She then told me to see the doctor in the next room in order to make sure that I had not drank that night. I went into the room and he asked me the same set of questions and I responded the same way. Seeing that I had not drank and was not influenced any other way, he signed a set of papers indicating that I was chemically free and told me to see the judge again. Again the judge asked me what I was doing at Consuelo. I told her again that I wanted to get a massage and that I had not climbed into the balcony in order to get to Consuelo. She then asked me how I found out about Consuelo and I told her that I learned about it through the Internet.

Throughout this whole conversation, the implication of me having a sex at the place was known by everyone around me--the judge, the police officers, and the other officials. They knew the reason why I was going there, to get a massage and sex, and they saw no problem with that. The reason why I was hauled off into the jail was not because of prostitution but because I was accused of trespassing. This whole night was proving to be a lesson socially and culturally.

Anyway, the judge told me that I was free to go because apparently she realized that I was an innocent person accused incorrectly by a number of Mexican nationals. In my opinion, it also helped that I was not inebriated, acted friendly towards the police officer that had put me in the paddy wagon and taken me to see the judge, as well as the police officers in the station. In addition, because of my age (I am in my mid 20s) I was given a lecture by the judge that Juarez is dangerous at night and that I shouldn't be running around in neighborhoods looking for massage parlors during that time of the day.

The funny thing about this experience and the thing that I learned about the most during this evening was the generosity of the Mexican people. After being released from the jail station, I started walking towards the border, which was approximately 10 miles away. I had the idea of hailing a taxi as soon as I saw one and not minding paying any amount of fare in order to get away from the area as soon as possible.

I soon heard a horn and saw the same paddy wagon that took me to jail. The same police officer that had told me to put my hands on my head and had searched my person asked me whether I needed a ride to the border. This was unbelievable! I said yes and during the ride we had a conversation regarding massage parlor scene in Juarez! He indicated that he has been to several and that his favorite was Venus on Lincoln. He also pointed out the irony of my night, the fact that I wanted a relaxing evening at a massage parlor but instead ended up going to jail. He also remarked at the fact that a lot of American men love Mexican women, something which I consented to by the fact that they were more sexy and had better hearts than their American counterparts.

I learned a few lessons that night, which is are the themes of this story that I want to pass on to fellow mongers. One is that the Mexican people will try to pacify you by saying "yes" even though it is not true in order not to disappoint you. Mexicans, as a whole, like to please those around them.

Another is to not run at night in any Mexican neighborhood. As a whole, I don't think the Mexican people are fitness oriented as Americans, and seeing a person run, let alone at night will send a red flag to people that something fishy is going on. Try to act like the people around you. Certain things that we take for granted as innocent actions in the US are considered abnormal in other countries.

Third, paying women for sex is considered a normal way of life and going to massage parlors is seen as a good way to relax, something that is considered totally opposite in the good old United States. I felt like I was a criminal among those guys in front of the judge because of the fact that I was searching for a sexual provider that night. They were already attuned to that and saw no problem in what I was doing.

Fourth, don't ever drink in Mexico if you think there is a possibility of going to jail. I was caught in a good part of the city and was taken to jail. Imagined what would happen to you if you were seen drunk in el centro.

Five, the Mexican people are some of the nicest you will ever meet, both men and women. I don't imagine an American police officer ever giving me a ride home in his car after I had been accused of some criminal act.

Hopefully, if any of you guys ever get hauled off to a jail cell in Mexico, remember to act friendly, maintain your innocence, and not look like you're drunk or do drugs. Also, realize that your rights as an American citizen have been taken away as soon as you crossed the border, so don't ever act like an arrogant gringo asshole while in Mexico. You are considered guilty until proven innocent in that country.

12-09-03, 14:55
So true, all of it. Any smell of alcohol on you changes the picture totally. I drink in my house, or in the bar beneath my apartments and no where else. Period.

12-10-03, 21:28
Excellent SundevilRN!!!!

12-11-03, 20:21
Really good report SunDevil. In light of our hobby it's always useful to have information about when things go wrong.

Sounds like you got off pretty lucky though.

12-11-03, 22:30
Hey, Sundevil, the bus marked "Circunvalation" would have taken you literally right to Consuelo's doorstep for 4 pesos, saving you cab fare and all the running, and maybe the trip to the slammer. ;^) Riding the busses ain't for everyone though. I'm a blue-eyed blonde gringo and I stick out like a sore thumb on the bus. The other day I got on the bus and there was a mama with three little girls. The two smallest girls couldn't take their eyes off of me and the smallest one was reaching out and touching me and laughing like I was a critter in a petting zoo. Her sisters were also laughing, and the mama was embarassed. I just said "esta bien" and she relaxed. This went on for 15 minutes or so, all the way from El Centro to the hotel. I even made some funny faces and really got them going. Everyone on the bus got a kick out of it too, smiles all around, although I think the driver was getting pissed because the smallest one was getting kind of noisy.

Just out of curisosity, why Consuelo's?? They are one of the more expensive and generally don't have much of a selection, although there is a chica there named Yvette that is cute if a tiny bit heavy, and she speaks perfect english with only a slight accent due to having grown up in the US. Very pretty in the face though, and probably the one you talked to. She has a tough time in MX since she also speaks spanish with an accent and is usually mistaken for a gringa or at least a chicana.

12-12-03, 07:38
Enjoyed your report, Dougie. I can relate to it real well. My silver hair and blue eyes get a lot of attention when I go shopping at SMart with my girlfriend's daughters. They cling to me and hold my hand, etc. The 13 year old will thrust her arm around mine and cling to me. Quite frankly, I love the attention from the girls - but I'd rather be more anonymous with the folks in the store.

What the hell - we are ambassadors and Piece Corps volunteers from las estados unitos - as long as we don't get our asses thrown in jail too often or a knife slicing off our finger. You will note, I wrote "Piece" not "Peace" - although they may be both one and the same. I like "Peace" and I sure like those "Pieces" of ass!

Hey, go with the flow when you have to.


Bachelor Warrior
12-13-03, 19:39
Just had a thought that might be of interest. It's interesting to me anyway. And that is, that in places such as the Pink Lady and Casa Colorado, I have run into at least 5 different pairs of sisters! And they really don't look anything like each other either. Just something to factor into your planning. Sometimes I've refused to buy a girl a drink. Then a month or two later when I'm back in the place, I'll be sitting and drinking with a gal and she'll say how come you wouldn't buy my sister a drink when you were here before?

El Gringo 1
12-13-03, 21:39
Hi to all of the mongers,

I will be in Juares during X'mas. It will be my first time. Is this a right time to be there?
What do you recommend?

Thanks to all the postings, which are very informative.

Happy Holidays.

El Gringo 1.

Border Rat
12-14-03, 02:44
Nice read there, SunDevilRN. I couldn't help but admire the way you saw the glass as half full. It would be too easy to view all those Mexican guys that called the cops on you as being racist and anti-US. I assure you that a Mexican in your situation would not have had any problems and the cops would not have been called. You know those guys had a great laugh when they hauled you off. I would have split the scene ASAP, as I usually do in Mexico, as us gringos rarely find justice down there. I'm glad you had a happy ending to your story, though. Don't lose that great attitude. It will serve you well.

Like EPG referred to, we are all representatives of the US, whether we want to be or not. I used to thrive in that role when I was younger traveling abroad. When the locals would say "You're a good guy, not like those other Americanos." To me that was the greatest compliment I could get from them and it gave them hope that not all U.S. things were bad. Now, I have resigned from the role of US Goodwill Ambassador. Maybe it was Mexico that did it. I don't know. I just cannot please those people. It seems to take way too much work to turn my pinche gringo self into buena gente down there.

One last thought about latinas to keep this post on topic. SunDevilRN had mentioned about that provider lying to him. In my experience with latinas, they all lie. I've had many latina GF's on both sides of the border, from virgins to pro's, and they all will look you in they eyes and lie to you. They would rather tell you a lie than tell you something you don't want to hear. It's about not wanting to disappoint you and about saving face. The positive spin on this is that they are usually really awful at lying. A good liar will actually believe the lie, but these girls have short memories and will usually tell on themselves within a few days. To me, deceit is unacceptable in any relationship. This explains why I was stalking SW's by the gymnasio last weekend...lol.

Happy mongering to all...BR.

Dreaming Eagle: Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope it all works out for you. Maybe it was just bad karma for you never posting any relevant info on this site...jk. Good luck to you.

12-14-03, 20:25
Well I just couldn't resist myself. I went to Juarez last night, made the rounds. Las Palmeras was hopping. Lots of chicas and some cuties even. The Montaña was a big dispappointment, dead. So I am making my way up hitting all the bars. Año Nuevo was so so. Noche y Dia was alright. Las Vegas was good. Lots of cuties but also lots of cold eyes. So I left.

What is it I couldn't resist? I just had to go to Queens. I was gonna get another chica besides Marilu, maybe I was gonna get Jessie or who knows who, I was open for anything. If you recall from a previous post I have given up on Marilu because I saw skinny Santa Claus leaving the rooms with Marilu.

Well I walk in and there she is wearing stocking and garter. Oh shit. I am nuts for stockings. So I bought her a drink. I am getting hornier by the minute and I tell her, "lets go". Damn it, she tells me she is on the rag. Why do women dress sexy during this time of the month guys? So I tell her maybe she can just dance for me in the room. I was hoping to shoot for a least a blowjob.

We get up there and I trip out when she took off her tanga and then realizing she is using a pussy plug. Ok. She starts dancing and licking me up and down during the dance. I couldn't take it any more and my head was so cloudy from horniness. I slip on a rubber and start dancing her from behind standing up. I try to push in inspite of the tampoon. She laughs and tells me I can't go in cuz of the tampoon. So I say, "por aqui", right here while pressing on her asshole with my cock. She says no but I tell her to get doggie on the bed and I spit on her asshole and slide it in. Judgeing by her squeal it may have been her first time. Well finally I have gotten this chica by the asshole. I am not into this shit but sometimes a chica just gets my all horny and shit. Those stocking weren't much of a help either.

Well because of the skinny Santa Claus situation this has to be the last time I fuck Marilu. I am going to have to avoid Queens Place from now on as I am a sucker for stocking and knowing she is now armed with a black pair of these, it is essential that I follow through on this.

Till next time guys.

Sun Devil
12-15-03, 04:05
Yes, I believe I got off really lucky with my police experience, since I have heard that if you're a gringo and you're thrown in jail, the Mexican inmates will take your stuff, such as your shoes, and beat the crap out of you. Anyway, if I had been found guilty by the female, I would have paid the fine of $100 to get out of jail.

As for the reason why I decided to go to Consuelo that night, I wanted to go with Ivette that night (yes, she spells her name that way) and then check out the Rio Grande Mall afterwards, such as seeing a movie or going Christmas shopping, or grab something to eat somewhere in that part of town, such as Sanborns or Villa Del Mar. I didn't want to take the bus since it would have taken longer to get there from the border and my time was already short.

Ivette is the only provider that I see at Consuelo. I think she has lost weight since I first started seeing her. She indeed grew up in the US, Washington state, and apparently was deported back to the Mexico. She would not specify as to the reasons why.

12-15-03, 06:15
"Dreaming Eagle: Sorry to hear about your illness. Hope it all works out for you. Maybe it was just bad karma for you never posting any relevant info on this site...jk. Good luck to you."

Yeah, right...does jk mean 'joke'?

Seriously, having skin cancer is great. They just cut it off and you have nothing to worry about for another couple of years...:) Just be sure you keep your insurance in force.

Border Rat
12-18-03, 03:36
jk = just kidding. That was sarcasm about your contributions here, of course. Voice inflections and intonations don't translate well in print :)

12-18-03, 05:21
No, they dont, but it didn't take a genius, which I'm not, to figure you were wishing me well...and thanks. Things are fine.

Will talk to you guys when I get back from Mx on the 5th of January.

12-19-03, 03:50
Well, I'm back from Juarez and suffering withdrawal as usual.

Visited a few of my amigas, but was disappointed that a few were noticably absent, most notably Letty (the wild haired one at Casa). In previous posts I had referenced her as "head full of snakes", and after a few times with her I will humbly take all of that back.

And while I am being apologetic, I broke custom and went to MP Marilyns. I WILL NOT give a name (learned from Mugrosos plight), but was with a girl that I cannot get out of my head.Everything worked, and I even went back to see her before my flight out of ELP.She was kinda mortified that I was seeing her without makeup the second time, but I found her to be as beautiful sin make-up as con.

DE - I wish you the best. Hang in there. I've had a few scares again in the last year, and I can relate to your thoughts right now.

12-19-03, 18:24
RearWindow. I WILL NOT give a name (learned from Mugrosos plight)

Plight? What plight? If you are refering to MariLu and skinny Santa Claus, that is a non internet situation. However, MariLu did tell me once of a customer who said he had heard about her on the net. She wasn't angry with me as I denied any knowledge of such things and she wasn't even mad about anything. She was just kind of disturbed by having clients come monkey fuck her (me) and post it on the net. I told her, "well, more clients". She laughed. Situation resolved.

But just a quick word. Lets fuck these girls and talk about them but be discreet in their presence. Lets not mention to them about this place the internet. We must stick together on this guys.

12-20-03, 04:50
If her name starts with an "M" or a "C" I know what you mean. Sergio has a way of attracting a few girls of real class...I can't forget either one of them either and tend to go back and forth week after week, both of them knowing I just selected the other one. Makes for a very interesting encounter each time. But I think I am about to settle on "C", much as I like "M".

Not that either one of them would care much since they are paid by the week and not by the customer, and since in their minds I am just a very nice guy they both like personally who happens to be friends with the owner of the place.

They have lives so far distant from what goes on in the MP you would not even believe, both of them. They can enjoy their sexual encounter with you---no matter how good---and forget you in a week. Would it be any different if the circumstances of your life had led you yourself to be a prostitute?

The economic circumstances which lead the girls in Juarez to sell their bodies to you for a few dollars no doubt lead up to bad decisions made in Mexico City, but whatever the orgin of this situation it is totally beyond them to either comprehend or change.

Girls in Mexico don't have thoughts about the geopolitical realities which lead to their situation. They have a couple of little kids at home who want to be fed and get something for Christmas. That's where her mind is...

You guys who frequent el centro have tales to tell of girls on drugs who don't give a shit about anything beyond their next high, but the girls in the MPs are pretty much family girls. Not every girl in el centro fits into the category I just put them in, but most do. Some of the girls in the MPs fall into that category, but 99 percent of them do not. Personally, I like to be putting my arms around a decent person as well as a hot young girl I want to get it on with.

I have a big box of gourmet chocolate cookies I was given at work today. I will be seeing Sergio next week and will leave them for the girls at MP Marilyn. They will kiss me on the cheek and thank me. And that's about what life is like for them---some guy leaving chocolate cookies or a $20 tip, while nothing changes and they grow older and less able to attract us.

It's very un-mongerly of me to say so, but I hope on some Christmas week in the future I drive into Ciudad Juarez and find them all no longer available to any man with thirty dollars in his pocket. I would rather jack off than see "M" and "C" going on being prostitutes, for they are both too good for that.

But I don't have to jack off. They will be there. I will bring chocolate cookies, and we will leave them nice tips when they please us, until just a few years from now they are replaced by the next generation of the Mexican nation's youth served up to us. This is just the cruel reality which exists here in Mexico.

I'm not against mongering. They are there, offering up the flower of their youth for our pleasures and eager to have our business. We cannot be faulted for they would be worse off without our money.

But it's Christmas, and I just hope every man here will give a little thought to all the suffering and misery of millions of people which has led up to his shining moment with one of these girls, especially when it truly is a shining moment. So often, you are touching a girl who, in our world, would be going to college and driving a hot car and having nothing to do with you.

Don't call me a bleeding heart liberal. I'm a liberal without any bleedin' heart. It is the way God made the world. Just pause for a second at the border, as I am sure you already do, and ask yourself why things must be this way. No one can look at the little line of water at the border and not realize what a great dividing line it is for everyone born on either side of it.

Let your mongering come from your heart with some sense of compassion for the girl who is making your dreams come true. Give her gourmet chocolates and a nice tip. Never do anything second class for a Mexican person who has won your affection, for second class is all that person has ever known. Don't expect them to kiss your ass when you give them something better either, because they won't. You could give her a diamond ring, and she will just look at it and wonder where the trick is, because tricks is all anyone has ever offered her. Until she trusts you, she's about as as tough as M-1 armor, and you would be, too, having lived her life.

Just smile to realize she will never think of you as just some pinche gringo, but someone who touched her heart. The vast geopolitical problems which make her a ***** and you a customer are beyond the control of both of you.

She is not so stupid she does not realize these things, so a little chocalate along the way, a nice tip, a big smile, and hug----they all serve to give back to her a little the self-esteem she gives up every day having to spread her legs for any man with thirty dollars.

You can't change the world. But you can change her world just a little bit for the better by being a real human being with her. Just throw out all of the stereotypes about what she is dong and just be you. You might just be holding the nicest person you ever met.

God bless every single person on this earth, black, white, yellow, red, and brown. The same sun and moon rises and sets above us all. I just hope here at Christmas time we can all hope the best for our lovely amigas in Ciudad Juarez. I think we can wish they never had to become *****s, be glad they are, hope they are not one day, and love them all the same time. I know I can. It's a complex formula of morality, but the only one that seems to fit here in this complex world on the border.

We found it this way, so all we can do it be decent people when we cross south for our pleasures...leave a few gourmet cookies and big hugs behind us...perhaps a better legacy than the mongers who came before us.

At least, I sure hope so.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

12-20-03, 07:34
Well put, DE, and a tribute that will generate a bunch of hugs and chocolate cookies this fine Christmas season, I am sure!

Your comment regarding "don't expect them to kiss your ass if you DO give the something nice" struck a cord.

I have learned many years ago not to expect too much from anyone while at the same time not letting this attitude lead to bitter wine when "dining" with strangers or friends. Give and forget. About 1 1/2 years ago, which was about two weeks after meeting my chica, I bought her a $53 gold plated (wow!) ankle bracelet while visiting in Chicago.

I gave it to her; she accepted it with not much fanfare - and that's what I really expected. Furthermore, I never saw the bracelet again. But at that point when she accepted my gift, she accepted it as a gift. And that was that. I respected her, believe it or not, for NOT putting on a gushy "oh that's so beautiful", etc. etc. I don't care where the bracelet is or where it went. I gave, she accepted and it was beautiful for the moment. I am so fortunate to be with her.


12-20-03, 08:19

her name does indeed start with one of those letters.

back in november, nijoel posted about a spiked drink at a bar in el centro,but didn't know the name. his description was dead on, it's irma's, just south of ano nuevo, on the same street. that was the first bar i ever went to in juarez, and i remembered the layout but not the name. serious drugs going down there.

epg, i have had the same reaction to gifts as you. they are very pleased,and you never do see it again. very odd. i brought a gift from my pueblo for an amiga, a necklace and a bath/perfume set. met with her the next day, and no necklace. i ask why she's not wearing it, and she says it's so pretty that she keeps it out so she can look at it. good enough for me, i guess.

that day i took her to the mall, and we shopped for christmas clothes for her ninos. she wanted nothing for herself, even though i know she could use something, like a coat or gloves (she's always cold) and as much as i tried to convince her, she demurred. the kids will be cute for a very important holiday, and if that brightens her days then my holiday got so much better.

sorry about the rep001tered posting here, some days the mind moves in mysterious ways, and this last trip was a flurry of thoughts and feelings unlike any other trip before it.

merry christmas to all.

12-20-03, 20:20
>Ivette is the only provider that I see at Consuelo.

Yes, she is the one alright. I think she is very pretty in the face and not built too bad either. Although DE would probably not like her because he likes them skinny as a toothpick. ;^) And Consuelo's is one of the $400 peso places, whereas most of the others are $300 pesos now.

Villa Del Mar is pretty good, but i think Mariscos de Mazatlan is a better deal and it is practically next door. Try the Camaron al Ajo one of these days, but only if you like garlic and do it AFTER your mongering, not before. The girls don't appreciate extreme garlic breath. If you want a steak try El Toro Bronco one of these days, right down the road from Villa Del Mar and Mariscos de Mazatlan, and they have some of the best steaks you will ever eat anywhere. They are every bit as good as El Herradero if not better, but slightly more expensive.

12-20-03, 20:26
>Her name does indeed start with one of those letters.

If the letter is an "M" then she is a real doll, ain't she?? DE is right about Sergio being able to keep a few fine ones around. I am guessing he likes the tall, thin type. There was one there a while back whose name started with an "N" that was also about as fine as they come. Someone must have married her, and the same thing is likely to happen to "M".

12-21-03, 11:12
My mission this week is to go to all the MPs in Juarez and fuck only women whose names start with M and C. Sorry I have a small family and a big Christmas bonus. I need something to do.

Since I am here, let me ask all Marilu from Queens fans a question. How can such a big puta have such a tight pussy. I hear she has 5 kids.

12-21-03, 23:53

Not just a doll, She is a dream!

I guess I need to get back there pronto, before Mugroso does, to protect her from unholy ravages.

BTW, if anyone is going to the Pink Lady soon in el centro, could you PM me? I REALLY NEED to get in touch with an amiga there, who's cell phone is not working.

Thanks in advance, you perverts :-).

12-22-03, 00:08

I didn't see your reply to my "I WILL NOT" posting till just now. I guess the caps were a bit strong. That refer wasn't about this forum, more so that was an attempt to keep my little jewel a "secret" (HA!), and a reaction to your "which one of you scumbag mongers...." post of a few weeks ago, which I thought was very funny! (with full sympathies, of course).

That being said, keep yer hands off my babe!

12-22-03, 04:18
I've been away, living in Asia, for about eight months. This past week, having some free time on my hands, I decided to visit some of the MP's in Juarez. Now I've never liked fat girls, or even chubby ones, but in the past I've always been able to find someone that caught my attantion and made Mr. Happy, happy.

Loryeds, one of my past favorites was a bust, but on the advice of the owner (or the same guy that's worked there for quite awhile), I picked a big one called Ana, mostly because of her purported oral skills.

She was a spitter, one of those that has to stop and spit every few minutes, and give you that "are you ready yet?" look.

Not very exciting, never reached the end of that road, so I checked out a few on the way back to the bridge. Nothing but gorda's, or old and tired looking ones.

Living in Asia may have changed my idea of what good service is. I would like to find a mp that has some nice, youg, slim girls. I may be asking too much.

12-24-03, 05:56
Bubba, you just had bad luck, bro. The gorgeous ones are there. Had two definite girlfriend experiences the past two days, one with a girl I have been seeing quite a while and one with a new girl at Genesis---both slender, pretty, and hot. Definitely an "asi....asi....asii" kind of experience. Tipped 'em both $20 since it's Christmas week.

Sal at Genesis told me that their business is through the roof. The owner told him the license for the place would sell for $100,000. The Papa Smurf drivers have been bringing them as many as 200 clients a month.

An earlier reference to "N" at Marilyn's. She was about the tallest drink of water I ever saw, standing there in here red mini-skirt and immaculate poise the first time I saw her, the first time I ever met Sergio. He was calling out the other girls for me to see, but I just waved my hand. "Tengo ojos solo para ella," I told him in Spanish so she would understand.

I saw her every weekend for a year. It became like making love to a sexy wife you can't get enough of---whatever I wanted, whatever she wanted. Then she went on Christmas vacation about this time last year and never came back. She did, in fact, drop by to see Sergio to say goodbye and thank him for all the help he had given her. Sergio and his wife really try to help the girls and care about them. I don't think you will ever meet a girl there who does not respect them a great deal.

She had, in fact, gotten married, but it didn't last long. She is still in Juarez but not working in an MP. She really disliked being a prostitute, and I suspect she just decided to survive somehow on less money. But you never know. She has called to say hello a couple of times, so don't be surprised to see her back one day.

Oh, I forget a third girl this past three days at El Encanto. She's also slender and hot en la cama. She wants to go out, but I just can't bring myself to clutter up my life with a "honey do" list that always comes with being involved with a woman. Seems so much easier to have my fun and have my time to myself.

Dropped by Corpus just to say hello because it's such a short walk from the house, but there were only two girls working. The new MP on Calle Peru (X-2), one block north of V. Guerrero, never seems to be open.

One of the waiters at the City Market, Gabriel, who speaks great English, has moved in next door to me. It's always entertaining to have a few beers with him after he gets home. He is selling business cards I am making on the computer for $10 a hundred. He keeps offering to pay me for the paper and ink, but who cares? If I spend $2 on a hundred business cards, I'd be surprised. Each one takes about 15 minutes to make, 5 minutes to print. He would make a great native tour guide if I ever decide to offer that service on the internet.

Home for some computer supplies and to collect some money for a trip to Los Moches on the train which leaves from Chihuahua and travels through the Copper Canyons. Look for a great article on the Juarez Tour Guide web site about the trip in January. Some people are selling this trip on the internet for as much as $3,000, but it only costs about $300 if you just show up and buy your tickets. That one article will probably double my traffic to the site since it's already a popular vacation destination.

Sergio is translating the site into Spanish, which will probably double the traffic since people in Mexico will be able to read it once I get it into the Spanish language search engines. I'm still holding the #3 position in the main search engines for keywords "Juarez Mexico", and the pay-per-click ads just about paid for the Copper Canyon trip, so please hit on them when you visit the site.

We have two advertising salesmen who are going to hit the streets in January to sell feature articles on the web site. Unless it's a charity or municipal attraction like a museum, there will be no more free articles on the JTG. These people are already paying the newspaper good money for advertising, and, once the site is in Spanish, they will pay me, too. Bumper stickers are in the works, and by February every location in the guide will have an 8 x 10 framed "Juarez Tour Guide Approved Location" promotion on the wall.

Someone once told me I would never single-handedly turn the bad reputation Ciudad has around in the eyes of the world, and I won't do it single-handedly. But with the right people in the city helping me, I will eventually do it.

We will be having a dinner on Christmas Eve to discuss and make further plans and hopefully solidify what I believe will become a fellowship in which we all benefit. Sergio will be paid well for his translation services, and the salesmen will receive 50% commissions. Their Spanish and experience selling advertising will be the key. They deserve it.

I know this is not all about pussy, but neither are your experiences in Mexico all about pussy either. It's all just one big adventure, isn't it, an adventure we all enjoy?

Sergio tells me that many of you have asked about me when visiting Marilyn. It's a miracle we have not intersected, as much time as I spend there.

Got clipped by another bad cop, this time for 100 dollars, and all because I made the mistake of drinking a beer and half while talking to Dougie at the Hotel Villa Manport. He found 18 beers in my trunk I had bought on sale at Hipermart. I gave him the money because I didn't want to go through the hell of getting my car impounded and being in jail for a night. I could have gone and got my landlord to get that little prick fired, but just didn't want to go through it all. When I gave him the money he got scared and asked if I had a problem with him, afraid I would report him, no doubt.

The only thing I hate about Juarez are the pinches policias. They went too far this time with me, and they are going to be sucking air soon. The car will soon be plastered with "Juarez Tour Guide" emblems, and I won't be making the mistake of driving while drinking again, even one beer. One whiff of alcohol, and you are fucked, even if you are not drunk. If you won't pay and [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) 'em off to boot, don't be surprised if you get booked with some pot you never saw before either. That shit's got to stop, or they can be reading a big feature article about police corruption in Ciudad Juarez on my web site, which gets over 50% of all traffic from people looking for information about the city on the internet. Fuck 'em. I've had it this time. That was the last fucking straw. Next time, I mean to have some roasted ass on a stick.

Well, back to pussy, that last encounter with Ms. "asi....asi...." is making my dick hard just to remember it. The girls and the rest of my life there more than make up for the pinches policias. Gabriel told me it makes a girl really hot to say "como....como...como" every time the girl says "asi...asi...asi..." while you fuck the shit out of her, and it really works. She was a beautiful 21, and I'm a old man of 53 who just happens to remember how to fuck. Out into the daylight once again wondering if all of that really just happened, a feeling I'm sure you know of.

Only in Latin America or some other destination, never in our own country do such miracles happen.

Feliz navidad a todos!

12-24-03, 06:47
DE - two things. One, I read somewhere in the paper that the cops will be having a phone no. on their vehicle or whatever and the Mayor is encouraging people to call if they get harrassed or whatever. I forget all the details. But everyonce in awhile I get a glimpse that some real positive things are going to happen. Shall we hold our breath???? Two, I'm interested in placing an ad possibly on your website. I have a small freight broker business in El paso - I don't really do any work with trans-border freight, but I want to really hit El Paso hard on locating shippers. There are plenty of truckers available in El Paso (and probably 99% visit your website and Juarez). But I want to contract with Shippers.


12-24-03, 09:05
Positive things are happening, which is why the bastard asked me if I had any problems with him. That was money for Christmas presents for my own family, and I was pissed and had to stand there and say no problems with you, because he could still impound my car and turn dust into cocaine from his pocket and charge me with it at the police station.

And there is no tirial in Mexico. The judge goes by written statements from the cop and the one prepared by your attorney. You can be in prison within 21 days of the night you are arrested.

You guys have all seen me sit here and defend my friends in Mexico, but I've never defended their system of justice, because there is no system of justice in Mexico.

But positive things are happening, I agree. But you'd better have some pretty big balls to stand there and take his badge number and threaten him with calling some telephone number to seriously threaten a cop in Juarez. That time ain't come yet.

Power in Mexico is really a test of who you know. If he thinks the people you know can fuck him, he's going to let you go. If not, if you are a gringo, you might as well be a little mouse at the mercy of a cat. A Mexican person can give him $5, and he'll be happy for a free lunch. He's going to fuck you for every nickel he can get.

Regarding your other comment, write me at webmaster@juarez-mexico.com.

Wandering One
12-24-03, 10:54
Hey all,

It's been a while since I've posted here. But this time, it's not quite the same old song and dance. I want to go and check out the scene in Juarez but I'm still a little uneasy. I look hispanic, but my Spanish is barely passable. I don't want to get caught over there and then if I get home alright, come back to an embarassing situation. So I would like to propose this. Would anyone here mind having a tag-along someday? What I mean is this: We meet somewhere, you take me across the bridge to one of the gringo-friendly establishments, do our thing and come back. Nothing too appealing yet huh? Well, what if I gave you 40 bux, enough to cover all if not, most of your visit? If anyone is interested, please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

Flying Sky
12-25-03, 04:02
You are Great, DreamingEagle!

Best report I ever read from entire WSG forum.

I hope your cancer is cured in New Year and everything is going well for you.

"She was a beautiful 21, and I'm a old man of 53 who just happens to remember how to fuck. Out into the daylight once again wondering if all of that really just happened, a feeling I'm sure you know of."

What a great sentence!

Yes, Yes, I know the feeling.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope all of mongers experience slender, sexy, hot, and pretty woman without getting STD in New Year, and feel it.

What a wonderful World!

Isn't it?

Sun Devil
12-25-03, 04:57
Just a quick note to say Merry Xmas to all fellow mongers throughout the world, irregardless of religion.

Just wondering whether there is opportunity for the hobby in Juarez between December 26 to January 1. Don't know about the schedules of the MPs but I know that some of the bars in el centro will be closed tonight and tomorrow night, the only time of the year that they do so.

12-26-03, 04:39
Minus, the girls on vacation, the MPs will be back in business the day after Christmas.

Frank Spank
12-30-03, 04:21
Dear all,

I'm a first-time poster and relatively new to the game. I've been told that almost anything can be found in Juarez. If you can't tell from my log-in name, my interests tend to be English-oriented. I enjoy providing English lessons, but I also enjoy receiving English lessons from an attractive lady.

My Spanish is manageable, as I have been able to give and receive English lessons in Cuernavaca a while ago. I'm kind of vanilla, so my interests do not go beyond spanking good times.

Can nalgadas-fun be found in Juarez? If so, where (MP's? bars?) and what should I expect to spend? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and I hope you have a great New Years.

Frank Spank

12-31-03, 00:34
Frank Spank,

You bad boy you. I have no idea where to find what you are looking for. So lets work in reverse. I would exclude any MP as the room walls don't ususally go all the way up. I would also exclude any street girls because they just want to finish and be on their way. I would stick to strip bars and *****houses. Possibly consider taking a chica to a hotel.

01-01-04, 01:30
Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Just came back from a very quick trip to CJ.I visited all my usual haunts hoping to find one of my amigas, but no real luck. So, I went to Queens to see Suki there. Found hertalked for an hour or so, and then saw Marilu.

Mugroso, THAT is one HOT chica.But I got into CJ so late that going anywhere had slipped away.

On my walk from Queens afer closing, I headed towards the taxis near Martinez, and saw this girl working a driver on the street. They didn't hook up, and so I waved her over.

To my surprise, she wasn't strung out, nervous, or ugly. In fact, she was stone cold sober,dressed very neatly in a black pant suit, and very pretty! Her name was Terri, and after talking with her for a few minutes, we agreed on a price and went to a little hotel by the gym.

Once in the room, I got a better look at her, and she was gorgeous. We undressed, she was freshly showered and VERY clean, plus she had one of the tightest bodies I have seen in Juarez.

Absolutely great sex, no rush, no hurry to leave either. After resting a while we dressed, and following a long kiss and hug , she WALKS ME to a cab 3 blocks away and arranges a ride for nearly nothing. Another series of kisses , and we parted company.

I have walked around the area a bit at night, and one can see all sorts of SW's, both women and men who look like women, and I NEVER considered picking one up, but I have never seen anyone like her out there. Maybe an office girl who needed money for the holidays? No se.

Another great memory.

Each trip has been another adventure in some way