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04-16-04, 07:31
Re: Luxxor:

Using Sun Devil's directions, I show this location to be about the same distance from Ave Juarez down 16 de Septiembre as is the distance from Santa Fe bridge/Ave Juarez to 16 de Septiembre.

Sun Devil or RearWindow, am I right about the approx distance (1/2 mile or so)?

Also, any tips on how to attend a bullfight would be appreciated. By that I mean tix from where, trans to the ring. I know about the sun/shade thing but I could use some tips on getting there.

I've wanted to see one since I was a little kid.

Juarez Defender
04-16-04, 22:36
I just read the report about Phantoms.

This is my experience at Phantoms and Amadeus.

Phantoms charges a 70 USD bar fine and usually the girl wants 130 making it 200. I have been quoted 100 but the girl was not worth it.

Amadeus 70 USD bar fine and 170 for the babe. Lowest quote I got 150.

Jokers is another story 300 for the girl and 100 for the bar. That was the lowest, don't ask me about the highest. But, one big but (no pun intended), the girls are model magazine material.

You can always go to El Horizonte on weekdays and hook up with two girls for 120.

Be safe,


04-17-04, 02:19
Amadeus 70 USD bar fine and 170 for the babe. Lowest quote I got 150.I was wondering if you guys ever try to talk the girls down in price from what they quote you?

I remember going to the Panama Club and the girl quoted me $80 for a trip to the room. From reading some other forums, I knew the going price was from $40 to $50 dollars. I just kind of rolled my eyes at the girl and told her I would pay $50. She just smiled at me and agreed on $50.


Bachelor Warrior
04-17-04, 19:06
i wanted to second rw's comments about loving juarez. i've never been any place like it. for me, it's like the wild west.

now i realize detroit is a special case, but still, i was in detroit within the past year. walking on the street after dark (but still in the early evening like at 7 or 8 pm) felt very dangerous. and this was with a group of people! this was a pretty good area too around the joe louis arena and the big marriott hotel/gm headquarters. anyway, i've never felt that way in juarez. and the people weren't nearly as friendly either.

for sure, i keep my eyes peeled and i don't completely trust anybody. it would make me very nervous if a group of guys, even seemingly very young ones, seemed to watching me a little too close or if someone seemed to be following me.

i'm careful of any girls in the street too. some, maybe more than some, are guys and you never know if "she" is dangerously drunk or loaded up on crack or looking to grab your wallet after socking you in the nuts.

and i don't drink anything that i haven't seen opened. or seen one of the bar girls / waiters / owners drink first. 99% of the time that's beer. one of the taxistas told me that some bars have been known to slip a little something extra in the tequila.

i guess most of this is just common sense. i just hope i have enough of it to keep myself out of any trouble that i can't recover from.

04-17-04, 23:39
Just one more plug for Mariana of Marilyn's (pun intended): she also gives a very good massage by MP standards. By the way, just when the message proper was ending, Marvin Gaye "Let's Get It On" came on the radio, which was quiite a propos.

04-17-04, 23:59
I found out that the Juarez strip clubs don't really start until about 7pm. This was surprising given that it was a Saturday (two weeks ago). Note that the "conversation bar" at the new Jokers is open earlier, but I imagine that would be quite expensive route. Nonetheless, the hostess was a knockout (brunette with smallish build but stacked), so if you have nothing better to do it might be a place to kill time. There were about a dozen people there at the time (5ish). Likewise, Amadeus was also open but without dancers (and also without any attractive women in sight). They said the dancers start around 6:30pm. Prince's Palace was closed altogether.

I was at the new Joker's earlier and like the layout better than the place on De la Raza: the stage is bigger and the sitting area is much less cramped. This was during the week, so they had a 2/$6 drink special that certainly makes it more affordable for hanging out. However, the girls weren't as exotic or model-quality (but I was only there a short time).

Adam Z
04-18-04, 16:03
Saw a new babe at Queens that I hadn't seen before, named Yesenia. She kind of has a latina Angie Harmon thing going, is really stacked and dances great. Was hoping that someone had a report on her because she really looked great.

Hit most of the other bars, but the zona was dead for a saturday night. Not much to speak of at Irma's and Aņo Nuevo. Vegas and Virginias sucked too. What's the zona coming to?

Was really hoping to go monger-paloozing with you guys, but a friend needed some emergency surgery in Albuquerque today am thinking I had better go visit him instead next weekend when he's finally up to having visitors.

Bachelor Warrior
04-18-04, 16:56
I don't go to the Panama very much, but when I've stopped in it's been practically empty. And it's been that way for quite some time. But Saturday night it was busy. In fact, there were two girls there that I know for a fact had been working at the Pink Lady for probably over a year. It looks like they've switched. I didn't ask why, but I wonder if something has changed? Maybe the shine has worn off of the PL's new location?

Casa Colorado was dead. It seemed like it could have been a Sunday night. Not many girls and not many guys. I have not seen hardly any good looking chicas there in quite a while. The most interesting one I saw was maybe a 7, but she seemed more interested in playing Pac-Man than anything else. I thought maybe it was still early, but the waitress said no, just not much business.

04-18-04, 20:38
Dougie; Here's all you need about the bullfights in Juarez at this link.


The Mongerpalooza at the Kentucky Club on the 24th. Has this gathering been finalized or still in the talking stages? If so, what time and what is the agenda? I may be in the area next weekend and it would be a pleasure to meet some of you guys!

04-18-04, 21:45
BorderJumper, you are the shitz. Thanks a million, I take back half of the stuff I have said about you. ;^) I called myself doing a web search but I never thought to just type in the name of the bullring into the URL. Duh!

Too bad about my not being able to make Mongerpalooza on the 24th, especially with the Corrida being the next day. Perhaps another one later in the year, like the first week of September or October.

RearWindow, PM me your email address, I'll PayPal you some money to tip Marianna for me. (just kidding). :-D

04-19-04, 00:25
Not a problem Dougie. You need to take back ALL you've said about me because it is hard to talk about someone with any authority when you've never met them!

It was a simple GOOGLE on "Juarez Bullfights". As long as I lived there and as many times as I passed the place, I never realized what it was

04-19-04, 02:52
What is the Corrida that's mentioned the day after MongerPalooza?

04-19-04, 12:25
Bullfights Cienega32! Follow that link I left for schedules and info

04-19-04, 21:37
Ahhhh - I see. And after I hit the [English] button.

Alas! I AM a dumb gringo.

Has any here gone to these events? No problem bringing a camera or video cam? What about "that side of town" parking and transportation?

I only know the Santa Fe side. [sniff]

5 days and counting!

04-19-04, 21:43
RE: Cell phones - has anyone called Mex based cell phones from US? I saw others (Mexicali Jack) with problems doing so and wondered about it. I haven't tried but have a number that I would like to call before this weekend.

04-21-04, 00:16
borderjumper...it's a joke, but i'll go ahead and take back two-thirds of the stuff i've said about you. ;^) and yes, i did do a search some time back for the bullfights and came up with only the citi-guide's page. since then obviously they have gotten more info into their search engines. laziness on my part for not trying again.

cienega...you can carry all the photographic equipment you can stuff into a backpack to the bullfight, i've done it. expect security to ask you to empty the pack to make sure you are not carrying weapons. suggestion, a good slr, either 35mm film or full-frame digital slr as the case may be, fitted with an 80-200mm zoom. don't waste your time with the shit digitals that most folks are familiar with, the lag between pushing the shutter and the photo actually being taken will insure you fail to get a single good shot, unless it is by accident. not enough lens on them anyway, they are good for making pix of the chicas only, preferably naked ones. :-d flash is useless unless you have one hell of a flash, like a metz 60 or something similar, and even then the backrep001ter off of the sequens (sp?) on the matador's suit will kill your shots unless you use a polarizer of some sort. a monopod is, however, helpful for steadying your stuff when the light starts to get scarce. you might also want to carry a normal or moderate wide angle for crowd shots and photos of the chicas. mexicanas are more photogenic than their gringa counterparts. expect to shoot one roll of 24 exposures per bull, and reload betwixt bulls. use the end of the roll for the crowd and the chicas. my personal choice, a nikon fe with a tamron 80-200 on the camera and a nikkor 43-86 in the bag. sometimes in lieu of the 43-86 i carry a point-and-shoot as they weigh about the same and it keeps me from having to change lenses with all the dust blowing around and stuff. anything longer, or shorter for that matter, will not be useful. i sometimes carry a real short lens, like a 19 or a 24, for wide shots but they never turn out worth a shit. i once lugged a 200-400 down there and did not make a single picture with the damn thing. and don't use auto exposure, the lighting is really funny and using auto will only make sure your photos suck. go manual instead. i have a monster flash setup but i loath to use it at the corrida because it is blindingly bright and i would be afraid of blinding the matador and being thrown into the ring myself. oh yeah, where you sit is important too. sit on the shady side (sombra), 1st row (1a fila). looks like 500 pesos for a seat there this year. try to sit around seat #80 if you can, although i have sat as low as #53 i think and as high as ~110 and gotten good angles. the corridas are probaby the most difficult sport there is to photograph, btw, don't be suprised if you burn a half dozen rolls of film and don't get a single shot worth enlarging and hanging on the wall.

plenty of parking right there at the bullring. i guess you could also park at the furutama/rio grand mall and hope you car doesn't get towed. :-( or i guess you could park downtown, either ep or juarez, and ride the bus. the linea central will let you off real close, on the backside of the bullring, or the circunvalation will let you off right in front of the place. or ride a bike, there are plenty of places to chain one up down there.

and mexican cell phones, difficult enough to call one of those things from mexico, let alone the us. i think de's cell number is like 14 digits long or something and you have to dial them all, even if you are calling local. don't know what you have to do to call from the us. on the bright side, my us cell works just fine in mx, but only calls back to the us and receives calls from the us. getting signal off the towers in ep i assume, i have never been hit with a roaming charge when using the phone in juarez.

have fun down there, and fuck mariana's guts out for me.

04-21-04, 01:39
Oh! Okay!!! :) I was about halfway through a jug of Havana Club when I saw that.

Mexican cell phones. As I recall in Juarez, it is 011-52-plus the number. Somewhere on the net is a website giving access codes for all of Mexico, cell and Landline. I know it was on the TELMEX site about 3 years ago when they went to a standard 10 digit array. I've never had any problems calling a cell in Mexico though. I did find this though

Calls to Mobile Phones in Mexico:

From a Landline in Mexico > If you are calling a mobile from a land line within Mexico, the number will be preceded by a 3 digit access code, depending on the operator (Telcel is 044, for example), followed by the mobile phone's area code (identical to the place where it was purchased), followed by the mobile phone's number.

From a Mexican Mobile in Mexico > If you are calling a mobile from another mobile on the same network (e.g. Telcel) there is no need to prefix the 3 digit access code (e.g. 044), just dial the area code followed by the mobile number._ If you are not on the same network, you will need to include the access code as if you were calling from a fixed line.

From Outside Mexico > If you are calling a Mexican mobile from overseas, you just dial your country's international access code, followed by Mexico's country code (52), followed by the mobile phone's area code and its number.

I believe Juarez City code is 656 now

Hope this helps!

04-21-04, 02:13
Casa Colorado was dead. It seemed like it could have been a Sunday night. Not many girls and not many guys. I have not seen hardly any good looking chicas there in quite a while.Hey Bachelor Warrior,

I was there Saturday night and I thought there were a couple of decent looking girls working. Maybe our taste are totally different.

The one that I was with had a beautiful smile and a pretty nice body to go along with it. I also thought her friend was just as attractive. Unfortunately, her personality wasn't all that great.

I still had a good time though. The bartender and waitress usually keep me amused. Maribel is always calling me some kind of name in Spanish and gets a big kick out of it, because I don't know what the heck it means.

Overall, I'd have to agree with you on the quality of the chicas. I can usually find one or two that I'm at least a little bit attracted to, but hardly ever anything worth writing home about.


04-21-04, 04:52
I believe Juarez City code is 656 now

I will confirm that as I call into Juarez frequently.

From the US, 011-52-656-XXX-XXXX, for any Juarez number cell or not.

04-21-04, 06:47
OK - so the number I have is 044-xxx-xxxx.

Now does that mean I have to dial:

011-52-656-044-xxx-xxxx or do I drop the 044.

It's a recently acquried cell number on her part.

It might not matter as I don't seem to be able to find the number.

Oh oh!

Bachelor Warrior
04-21-04, 19:20

I enjoyed your comments on the CC. Yeah, I'm pretty picky, but maybe I was a little too hasty there. The nicest looking chica I saw was playing Pac-Man and seemed more interested in that than anything. Ditto your comments on Maribel and the waitress. Very nice to talk to. Good sports. They always seem happy.

I haven't seen Celeste there lately. Maybe she went back home for Easter and hasn't come back yet? She's always nice to look at if she's there.



Sun Devil
04-21-04, 22:55
Why don't you just buy one of those telephone cards that they sell in the convenient stores and, using a Mexican pay phone, insert the card and dial the number. I have done this a number of times and have had no problem.

I would think this is cheaper than using your cell phone and less of a hassle. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

04-22-04, 03:18
Calling to any phone in Juarez from the US...011 52 656 XXX XXXX
From a pay phone in Juarez... 044 656 XXX XXXX
A 30 peso public phone card would be your best bet.

04-22-04, 04:49
OK - so the number I have is 044-xxx-xxxx.

Now does that mean I have to dial:

011-52-656-044-xxx-xxxx or do I drop the 044.

It's a recently acquried cell number on her part.

No don't put the 044 calling from the US.

That is only when calling from a Mexican phone in Mexico.

Calling a cell phone from a Mexican pay phone is expensive, it will use up a tarjeta very rapidly, not sure what the per minute charge is but it's high, but cheaper than calling from an American cell phone.

The Villa Manport charges 7 pesos per minute to call a cell phone from the lobby.

04-22-04, 06:30
OK - got it. Thanks for clearing that up.

And I would use a phone card and a Mexican payphone but those phones are hard to come by here in NV ;-)

Seriously tho' - while in Mex. that's a good idea and I'll remember that when I get there.

3 DAYS & counting

Bachelor Warrior
04-22-04, 15:37
Following directions posted here previously, I traipsed on over to Genesis on a Wednesday afternoon.

There were only 3 or 4 girls there; the best was probably a 5. Maybe because it was a mid-week afternoon, that the "pickins" were slim.

I was surprised too that the guy said the price was $40 for an hour. He knew I didn't come in a taxi. I left.

04-23-04, 01:44
Another option is to buy a long distance phone card here in the US to use with your cellular when in Juarez. Be sure it doesn't include a per call surcharge. I use $5.00 "caliente" cards. Good for about 20 minutes of time to call Mexico. Problem is if the person you are calling has a prepaid cellular, it will rapidly drain their ficha.

04-23-04, 02:29
Someone in an earlier post asked about the MongerPaloozza this Saturdya. It will be the 24th of April, between 6 and 7pm at the Kentukey club on Juarez Avenue.

The Filthy one

Bachelor Warrior
04-23-04, 17:51
Can someone post directions to Marilyn's? What does the place look like on the outside?

I had to get a taxi yesterday because I needed to be somewhere and didn't have a lot of time. The driver insisted on taking me to Masaje Venus even though I said I didn't plan on staying.

I tried to discourage the guy from following me in by saying I'll be right back. No such luck! He follows me in anyway. I absolutely hate that. Maybe next time I'll be a lot less subtle.

I barely start talking to whichever girl seemed to be in charge when the driver announces to the room that "he - meaning me of course - understands Spanish". Swell. In about 30 seconds the price went from $50 to $60 bucks for 45 minutes!

I expected it to be high on account of the taxi, but $60 - from what I read here - is ridiculous. That made it pretty easy to leave. It looked like a nice place though and the girls were nice too. Not nice enough to justify the price they wanted, but nice. Maybe sometime when I'm not dragging a driver behind me, I can return and see if the price is more reasonable. Anybody have any experience(s) with this place?


Sun Devil
04-23-04, 19:54
To get to Marylin's from downtown, take Vincent Guerrero east to Montes de Oca, just like going to Genesis. From Montes de Oca, go south, instead of north, for about a mile until you hit Del Ejido. On Del Ejido, go right, until you hit 2900. Marylin is a fairly non-descript one story building on the corner of Del Ejido and a street whose name escapes me.

I don't know what you are doing but you are being charged about $10 more than the average person. There is a sign in the lobby of Genesis that indicates that the price is $300 pesos to which you could have pointed when the manager asked for $40.

Also, with regards to the taxi and Venus, you could have said that you were going to the Montana steak house next door and the driver would have left you. Don't even mention to a taxi driver that you are going to a massage parlor. After finishing your hour session in Venus, which should cost you only $40, you could have asked management to call a taxi to pick you up.

04-23-04, 19:57

Is "The Plan" still to meet up at Kentucky and then start at Las Palmeras and work up?

I'm still uncertain but pretty sure I would be found at Las Palmeras (still working on my strategy) but don't want to miss meeting up with you folks.

My gas gauge is on F & I pack as we speak.

04-23-04, 21:06
To get to Marylin's from downtown, take Vincent Guerrero east to Montes de Oca, just like going to Genesis. From Montes de Oca, go south, instead of north, for about a mile until you hit Del Ejido. On Del Ejido, go right, until you hit 2900. Marylin is a fairly non-descript one story building on the corner of Del Ejido and a street whose name escapes me.

Juan Escuita is that street.........the route I take is from Vicente G.
turn right on Juan Escuita, which is just before Montes de Oca, and go south until the street runs out, make a left and a quick right to where Juan Escuita picks back up go down to del Ejido and Marylins is right there, on the corner.

Juarez Defender
04-24-04, 03:44

I went to Venus on Wednesday afternoon and hookep up with Berenice. Nice looking girl about a 7 1/2. Here are some of the bad parts. I was quoted 50 and I told her the price was 40. She tells me she is going to check comes back less than a minute and said sorry you are right rate is 40. I pay her with pesos since one of the first things I learned here and it is 400. We get down to business and she said for BJ is 20 more. The hell with it just sex so we do and 10 minutes into it she tells me to hurry up. I was pissed. I did not even finish, it changed my mood completely. So I change and she becomes very nice again and I stick my hand in my pocket as if to tip her. I take my time and she starts bsing me that I was great and she could got out with me for 100 dollars for 1 1/2 hours to the hotel. She is still waiting for the tip. I tell her I'm taking too long to find the change and since you are in a hurry I will tip you next time. The hell with Berenice! Time to move on to another MP.


04-24-04, 13:35

I agree completely, upselling is a real turn off, the other place famous for that is El Encanto.

The best places I have found, and never had an upselling problem, are Marylins, Loryed, Genesis, and Corpus. Last trip I checked Parisio, they had a 200 peso special (ad in the paper), I stopped by about 7pm and was told 400, but asked about the ad, they said that was for 25 mins, but that was cool I was about 3/4 drunk and got a good fuck and a shower for $20. Not bad really, hit Marylins at noon, (Mariana $30), spent the day flirting with the girls downtown, then get laid again for $20, Juarez is cool.
Pink Ladies had some nice ones in the day tme, but all wanted $60+. Casa Colorada had a few, mostly heavy, I was quoted $40+. Club Lauras had a slender hottie, but this chick could not sit still, obviously strung out.

Bachelor Warrior
04-24-04, 18:02

Thanks for posting that information about Venus. It helps a lot to know that sort of thing happens to others too.


Thanks very much for the details on Marilyn's. I may try again this weekend.

I will definitely take your advice on dealing with the taxi drivers. It makes perfect sense. In this case, I did not intend to go to any massage parlors; the driver insisted on showing it to me. Now I'll know not to waste the time.

Went to Casa Colorado last night. I think it was around 10 PM. I'm not sure because I was making a conscious effort not to check my watch. Anyway, it was fairly early. There were lots of girls, but no real stunners. Just the usual suspects. What struck me was that there were very, very few guys. I asked one of the girls about it and she said it was still early. But I'm not so sure.

04-26-04, 07:18
I arrived at the Kentucky club and sat down towards the back near the "kitchen". I gave the place a good once over and boy the place was crowded, lots of chicas. I met one WSG poster there and we hung out till 7:30 when we gave up and headed to Las Palmeras. One the way we took a detour and went to Pachangas in the market area. We walked in scoped out the place went further into the bar saw nothing that wasnt' scary, found some stairs went up into another part of the bar which had no dancers but lots of people dancing. This place is a 2 in 1. We then walked out. What a waste of time. If anyone here likes fat ugly women I highly recommend this place.

Next, Las Palmeras. I have seen better nights and also worse nights. One chica, Paloma, was a real cutie till she started dancing naked. Some chicas look better with clothes on. I also noticed alot of chicas with tummy wreckage. Not a turn on. Next stop was the Montaņa. Dead and only one decent chica, Diana. She played a game and ditched our table for another customer. The ugliest chica in the place got mad at me because I would'nt buy her the first fischa of the night and blamed me for her upcoming bad luck for the evening.

Walked into the Centro Lagunero with the fattest chicas in town and then Edurardo's followed by a stop at the Aņo Nuevo. Talked to Michelle for a bit and took some pics of her and Nelly. I got a pic of me and Nelly "kissing" and we left. Irmas was packed and we didn't stay. Noche y Dia was hopping, we saw the midget and I had to get a pic. I paid her 20 pesos.

We also walked into the Las Vegas, Hollywood, Virginias and Rancho Grande. Not much happening. On the way to Virginias Club Extranjero had guys outside barking and we checked it out. The chicas could have used dimmer lighting to enhance their beauty.

Next Queens Place. No MariLu which was a big disappointment. So which one of you fuckers fucked her on permiso? Please post. I saw on really hot chica, Yessinia. She is on the list. Headed to the Rancho Grande and we each met our hotties for the evening. The chica I met just may work out into a novia. I know I criticize people for falling and getting attached to chicas but maybe it is because I do the same stupid thing myself. At the end of the evening we exchanged numbers and we will see how things pan out. While talking the my chica ***** excused himself for the evening as he had a long ride ahead.

Inspite of missing out on the rest of those who wanted to participate I say the evening went pretty cool. It was great meeting at least one of you guys. As for identifying who I met, I choose not to name him. I will leave that up to him to do that and to let him give his version of things.

Next time maybe we can buy identical Tshirts (Got Laid?) so we can spot eachother better.


The Filthy One

04-26-04, 12:52
Just for the record, I've not experienced any upselling at Brenda's, Felina's or Sirena's. It's been awhile (too long!) since I've been down to CJ. Does Marilyn's and Sirena's still accept the discount coupons that Dreaming Eagle provided awhile back?

04-26-04, 17:03
Just returned 4 days in Juarez. On arrival got to the hotel checked in and then head for fun. First spot was a club called Amadus this place was like a step down Jokers with high price drinks 10 usd. This was crazy so we left and went where we new the drinks prices where decent. Pink lady well hey they do not try to pimp the drink money and they do no when to back off. Had a girl she was about a 6 cbj, fs. Then she ran out of steam so we called it a night. Went back the next day and walked into this blonde that was about a 7 but when we got in the room she tried to get me for more money to suck my dick. Hell no I told her and then I told her I wanted my money back for here attempt at extortion. She proceed to give me a bbbj then cap it and I fuc the shit out her for the attempt to get more money. Hey guys one quick note do not pay after you have already made the deal no more than 60 bucks. These girls where a little spoiled. Had to leave went to go get cleaned up before the night shift. Went back that evening and had a regular whom I seen before she was a little upset because everytime I seen her I was with another girl oh well that is how the game works you no. Took sylivia this time she is a 6 in the face and a 9 in the ass and can fuck like a race horse. Man she baught me a nice leather walet and gave me a picture of her with words saying luv and all . My buddy said that if he was not there he would not have believed me he has never seen a working girl in Mex bring gifts to a customer. I said this is a first. One thing I notice is that they were trying to get us to take the girls back to our hotels for 200 usd I said no here is fine for 60. Well this was about it hit up amp in Arizona on the way back check Phoneix for that report.

Bachelor Warrior
04-27-04, 01:47
There's a new massage parlor on 16 de Septiembre called Luxxor. I think the owner said it had been open for a couple of months, but they still had their grand opening stuff going on this past weekend.

So, if there have been posts on this before, my apologies. Here are my impressions.

First of all, you can't miss the place. It is right on the main drag and not too far down. I think it is around the intersection with Costa Rica or Peru streets. Parking looks good.

I just happened to see the place on my way home so I thought I would take a look inside. Only one girl; a 20-year old who was about a 7 I'd say. The others were busy.

But, I got a tour and it is super, super clean by Juarez standards. (Not that I am an expert.) A little on the pricey side; they wanted $35 for 45 minutes or so.

Sun Devil
04-27-04, 08:43
Bachelor Warrior:

How did you like the porno movies underneath the massage tables? When I went there, there were only 3 girls working at the time, and this was at about 11:00 a.m.

The girl who went in the room with me told me that there were about a total of 10 different women there working, so I will have to check it out in the afternnon.

I agree with you that it is a fairly clean place and their location is not bad. I was able to walk from the Stanton Bridge to there in less than half an hour, which was good considering my plane was leaving that afternoon, so if one is in a hurry to partake in a Juarez massage parlor before leaving the metro area, this is a good place as any.

By the way, I was charged only 300 pesos for an hour, although their sign in the lobby did say 350 pesos, so I did not bother arguing with them.

04-28-04, 00:05
Mugroso, My apologies for missing the mongerlooza. Due to a particularily vexing problem in Juarez, namely Number Two, I spent way too juch friggin time trying to talk her back into reality. After an unsuccessful hour at it, I gave up, left and went to Panama, then Irma's, and finally Dia Y Noche.

I was sitting at the first table on the left at the bar there, WITH the midget and her hot "sister". The sister ,who's name totally escapes me, has a tight little ass, nice breasts and these rail like legs, and is a knockout. I had Mexicanos high fiving me as they walked by the table while she was lapdancing me. Didn't take her out, she had no ID on her, and I just couldn't be sure that she was legal.

Sunday nite after all the fireworks were over , I went to Queens and sat with a girl who is a dark haired Christy Brinkley ,and I think that was Yessinia (Chino told me her name is Juanita). Actually, I sat , drank, danced , sang, DATY, and fucked, to be more accurate. She was worth every dollar I gave her.

DON"T DON"T DON"T try the novia thing. It doesn't work. One unbelievably beautiful girl who used to work at Panama , told me directly "you are looking for a girlfriend, for free sex, and you won't find it here!", and not in a kindly way either. Now Number Two and I are done. The bar girls are just that..bar girls, and nothing will change that for many of them, not even the possibility of a better life away from there.

Venus and El Encanto upsells. However I must say that Lorena at El Encanto is muy fuerte!
On a cheerier note, Marilyns still accepts the coupons. And Mariana was the lucky recipient of a few of them.

04-28-04, 00:28

Yessenia is a hottie. How much was she and do you think she is available for premiso (BarFine)? I must have this woman. Even if MariLu sees me with her it will be worth it and I'm sure she will get over it. I am too sweet.

The Filthy One

Juarez Defender
04-28-04, 00:52
The strip joint scene:

Anybody else have tried to take a gril our from the strip joints in Juarez? Do you guys remember the current lap dance rate. I know it used to 15 dollars at Phantoms. Might go down to Horizonte and the Strip joints on Thursday night. Last week I also went to Phantoms and Amadeus. Phantoms only had two good looking girls and Amadeus three.


04-28-04, 03:14
BTW, I have confimation from numerous sources that Marilu does indeed have seven ninos. They swear that she didn't steal them.

04-28-04, 03:18
I was the other one at the palooza, and agree with Mugroso's report. Diana at Montana is was hot. A great lap dance for a $5 drink. It pissed me off she ditched us. I wanted to take her to the room (still do, so maybe I'll get over being pissed). She had some of the softest fur I've ever felt.

Next time I hope we get more members there.

Attached is a map to Luxxor from their flyer. There's a few cute ones there.

04-28-04, 12:17
Hated to miss it also but was freezing my ass off in Winnipeg unexpectedly! Maybe next time.

04-28-04, 15:40
Assuming this Yessinia is the girl I was with (tall , jet black hair, curves in all the right places, and a bit standoffish ie tends to sit by herself) she was $60 for 1/2 hour. Never asked about her salida, I would imagine it is high, given her looks. She is a hottie.

04-29-04, 00:17
Juarez Defender,

Where is Horizonte? Is it a bar or MP?

Adam Z
05-01-04, 19:12
I went to Montana based on the report that Diana was hot, and to my surprise there are 2 Dianas, both of them pretty decent. Diana #1 has bigger tits, and is a little more curvy (also seemed nicer) but Diana #2 has the tight little body.

I took Diana #2 to a room above the Aņo Nuevo and she was really good, if a bit rushed. Still very well worth it, $45 total for half an hour. She says she's 22 and has 2 kids. If you like petite girls who have no body fat, she's a real good choice. Great ass!

Also went by Sirenas, and there is a girl there who I have to recommend to you guys, her name is Wendy. She said that she is 20 and is short with nice curves. When she got on top of me though and I really got ahold of her I noticed that she has a real hard little body. Not little like Diana, but no fat, very tight muscle on this girl. Wow, it felt great. Wendy wasn't in any kind of rush, and we had a real nice time.

So if you like the hard little bodies, my friends, these are two of my recommendations.

05-02-04, 20:35
just returned saturday nite from a week in borderland.

tried to leave vegas thursday nite but couldn't until late friday. stopped at a friend's in phoenix for a pit stop and it was downhill from there. didn't get back on the road until 10:30 sat morn! as i flew thru deming at 2:45 i realized that i was making my best time yet for these trips. no way i was going to get there early but easily would make kentucky at 7pm. until 3:15 when i found the border patrol detouring all the traffic on i-10 eastbound. long to short: i-10 was closed due to a rollover that ended with a tractor-trailer slamming into it & bursting it into flames, killing 2 and airlifting 1 out. back 30+ miles to deming, over to hatch (6pm)and down to anthony, tx got me in the hotel and on my way to the bridge at 8:15 - wait! it's really 9:15 with the time change (duh!). so much for "mongerpalooza"!

eyeballed kentucky - crowded. head to las palmeros. three doors down i hear my name yelled out. it's erica. a extra large crazy chick who likes to cry a lot for any & no reason. i say crazy as in "needs therapy". hard to shake her. get in finaly and ask izella if she saw a bunch of suave looking, fun loving gringos. she says no. my goodness - rosario is back. she left to have a baby. thick around the middle but an ok chica. i remember her to have good oral skills 2 years ago. what has happened to this place?!!! not one decent thing in there.

i went back there on thursday and there were 3 or 4 young, nicely shaped cuties there. one was a knockout (to me) petite, pretty moreno and i forgot her name. had to listen to this jealosy crap from my friend izella so i think this place is getting scratched by me.
"hey - you - mucho h0mbres, no?"
"eez my eyob!"
"well - eez my hobby!"
sheesh! but she does have a great looking 29 year old daughter...

peeked into virginias and, hanging out with the big legged short-haired older woman is some big blonde who says "hey!" and pulls out her giant left tittie. nice greeting. anyway end up at queens and end up with corina for 60 for what she says will be an hour. 20 minutes into a very boring session the knock comes. i don't think i could've endured an hour of her anyway. i found her boring and inept.

end up at ano nuevo (1st time there) and some little roundish fireplug comes up sticks her tittie in my mouth and my hand down her pants and hers down mine. it's almost closing time and i'm still pissed from the drive in. i laugh at her $50 offer. but for 30 we end up in some ave juarez hotel for a few hours and i exercise my aggrevations. fun little bounce around type chica. fit my needs at the moment. she, naturaly, kept trying to get more $ but a simple, smiley no ended it. easy to get along with - kind of fun and it cleared my system as it were.

i brought a little voice recorder so i could daytime wander and "map" my journey. very handy and will be helpful for an updated map.

noche y dia i never looked in before and never knew what it was. since reading all the posts here i was able to look into a lot of joints that i never thought of before. club laura's i checked after reading where it was. i've seen it before but didn't know "club l" was club laura with a broken light. a quick daytime beer and i left. cute little & round bartender and some skanky cranky looking broad hanging with her. i peeked back in again twice later thru the week and it was dead both times. sans souci had girls lined up at the full length of the bar and at the end was angie. i turned and left. there were other places, other chicas and 7 or 8 trips over the bridge. still a bit of a blur.

overall the whole trip was not what i hoped for. marred by the i-10 closure, being burnt out from aggrevation from that and sleeping sunday away because of it resulted in no bullfights for me. the constant wind storms gave me some bad sore throats. but i did get the 2 swords that i wanted for my living room from a shop on ave juarez, the needed medicines for home, dropped quite a few nuts here & there, expanded my monger map info, learned more about customs and bring back stuff. i wanted to get back in time for the derby but didn't. i think i would've liked to see the cinco de mayo madness in juarez.

customs: i had asked once about bringing back 2 swords. one officer told me that they end up chopping them up. this trip i asked again but with the reference to shipping them. this officer said "why not just walk them across?" huh? i ended up in the supervisor's office and was told that as long as i don't come in with a threatening manner (ala highlander?) i would have no problems. his actual advise was to walk in holding them by the hilt, blade up. instantly the scene from the blues brothers movie came to mind. in the tax office when hundreds of weapons click to the ready for jake & elwood. i thought better against it. also any basic type meds (antibiotics, etc) that aren't of a controlled substance nature (valium, vicodan, etc) i would have no problem with. a basic "60 day supply". all that brow sweating "smuggling" was for nothing? damn. next day i bought my swords had them wrapped in heavy paper with the points wrapped, about $200 of needed meds (diverticulosis is a drag), and headed to the border. i declared, he looked in the med bag, i explained what they were all for, and he told me to just run the sword package thru the x-ray box. watching the screener, i was hoping to see his eyebrows raise up. he just slowly looked up at me and said, "looks like you're getting ready to do battle! have a nice day". all those times stuffing my pockets and sticking meds here & there flashed back to me and were met with a smirky "stupido" in my mind.

meds: the second farmacia after the bridge on the right side of ave juarez is "national". edgar has viagra there for 13.50 us. a 100mg with a 50mg taped to it. comes to $9/100mg. he also runs specials on different "household" meds. ampicillan, rantitidine, etc. this guy is very helpful and a nice guy. he's off on tuesdays and works until 4pm most of the time. sometimes later. if you do go to see him tell him pat from vegas sent you.

i also spent one day driving up to elephant butte. man, i thought lake mead was dry. housing in las cruces is pricing up and building quickly. i'm burnt out on juarez right now only because of this last drive. this 750 mile one way trip turned into 2400 miles total. i gotta move...

sorry that i was unable to meet up with anyone and sorry to hear that i wasn't alone in botched plans.

maybe next time.

05-03-04, 04:27

I hear you man about persuing relationships with chicas. But inspite of it I went to Juarez yesterday afternoon and called her cell phone. Well, turns out the number is correct and I invited her to dinner. She showed up 45 minutes after the phone call. We went to a steak house on Hermanos Escobar. It was nice and around 5ish she said she had to go to work. Fine with me, I have a job too. (but I'm off weekends) I dropped her off and she didn't hit me up for cash and had a nice make out kiss goodbye.

I am not sure how far this will go but who knows. It is always cool to get what others pay for.


Horizonte is a bar near Garibaldis don't touch on Triunfo de la Republica. Its been a long time since I have been there.

The Filthy One

05-03-04, 22:47
Mugroso, I wish you all the luck in the world with her. I have had a real mixed bag with the women there. One would think that the ladies would take a real serious look at an Americano who treats them right, and is genuinely interested, but I now have no idea what they really think about "us".

Interestingly, Number Two NEVER asked me for a penny in all these months, and yet, it still didn't work. Que sera , sera. That song makes a lot more sense now. ;)

05-04-04, 01:36

I'm beginning to think that weekend was out of the proper moon phases, or too close to Cinco de Mayo or something, cause everybody's weekend in Juarez was screwed up.

This last trip , I was seriously thinking that I would just not go back, and then I fucked Yessinia and my "faith" in CJ was restored. Viva la midget,too!

05-04-04, 02:58

I wouldn't consider the weekend fucked up. Things just didn't go exactly as planned. I met ClydesDale, you guys went to new places which was the point of the palozza. Maybe next time we can plan things out better.

The Filthy One

05-04-04, 03:43
Tell me about the midget. For real? How tall? Anyone take her out? Never had a midget.

For sure about the moon phase thing. Knew it the minute I saw the I-10 closure. I even ended up with a bad haircut from my regularly reliable Canutillo barber!

Tho' I was able to pull little things out of it all: my swords & meds. And in the end Izella ain't much and she's older but she does like to take care of me. Stayed the nite one day and she was nice in the morning with bathing me & putting the lotion on me. Of course she was a bit bowlegged that morning as well! It runs me some chica drinks but what the hell - I like being pampered. Of course it would've been nicer with one of the young hotties but the price is right and we know each other. I wonder if there's a way I can talk her into letting me "know" her daughter better.

I am one to try and find the brighter side of life so even tho' the trip wasn't that good it did have some good aspects albeit not many. 2 trips in a month from 750 miles away - I need a breather.

05-04-04, 12:26
Her name is Rosa, and she is three feet tall and some change, I am guessing. Not unattractive, and She also dances like the rest of the girls, and is quite popular with the patrons, although I am sure that is from the overall strangeness of it. It crossed my mind to ask about her for a split second while I was sitting with her and "sis", but her "sister" was so hot that I dismissed that little thought ( sorry..bad pun) fairly quickly.

In hindsight, I guess the weekend went as many do in Juarez, one never knows what to expect. I did manage to give Number Two a memorable b-day, which was my original plan.

05-05-04, 01:02
Just came back after a visit to Juarez for 5 days. Stayed at Holiday Inn Lincoln. Nice hotel with buffet breakfast.

Went to few topless clubs. Never saw anybody who makes my heart race with anticipation. It is my observation that 90 percent of the working girls are in their late twenties or in their thirties.

I have travelled to many places to monger. Usually I find young and attractive girls. But Juarez, I was really dissapointed. This is my first time there. So maybe I am not going to the right places.

Please set me straight that imho juarez working girls are old.

I am used to young and vivacious girls in Costa Rica, Dom Republic, Panama, Columbia, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

Zero Plot Kevin
05-05-04, 03:02
Does anyone have some knowledge of a decent apartment or condo in Juarez that one could rent for a month or two?

I want something that is up to American standards. Is this possible to find in the $700-800 dollar price range?

Anyone have a link or contact please let me know!

05-06-04, 01:24
Look in the local Juarez newspaper, always something for rent.

xxx.diario.com.mx/ is the link....you know what to do with the x's

05-06-04, 05:52
There are more than a few apts on the east side that are in your price range. But , why pay that much for a month or so? It makes little sense to spend that much money for short time housing. Unless you need a jacuzzi, dual baths, blah,blah, . I like my creature comforts, but in Juarez, I find them in the chicas.

Anyway, the East side has the newest construction with secure grounds in most cases.

05-07-04, 13:20
If any of you are planning to establish a fan club for Mariana of Marilyn's, please sign me up. She's a real gem!

A few months ago, our friend DreamingEagle posted a photo of Marilyn's. The post referenced was on 12-09-03, currently on Page 24 of this forum. Since the photo was taken, the building has been repainted. It is still the same light green, but the name "Marilyn's" and the large street numbers "2900" have been removed. This was necessary to keep the nature of the business somewhat discreet. From the corner of Montes de Oca and Del Ejido, just walk a block or two west on Del Ejido to 2900. A couple of taps on the locked door should be sufficient to "do the trick".

05-07-04, 23:51

"If any of you are planning to establish a fan club for Mariana of Marilyn's, please sign me up. She's a real gem!"

I went there for her last week, but she wasn't in, so I took Joanna. I may have a new favorite now. She's just as cute as Mariana, but very enthusiastic. She does an outstanding BJ. I'll have to try her again (just for quality control purposes of course).

05-08-04, 06:00
Great ....A FAN club..;( Now I'll need to make my appointments MONTHS in advance with Mariana.

It's funny, I find her to be the most relaxing MP girl that I have met there. And not just from a physical aspect. No upselling, is friendly, polite, and gentle. I can't get enough of her, for some reason.

You guys would all like Lorena at El Encanto better. Really. Just go THERE. ;)

05-08-04, 08:33
Hey Rearwindow,

Are these MPs w/in walk distance from "old town"? I've read thru the bus advice and see me getting off somewhere in Zaragosa.

Also any advice about driving in and parking at one of the hotels - say Manport?

Look at me - as tired as I am from these last two trips here I am planning the next one!

05-08-04, 10:10
Speaking of customs, I always seem to get the full treatment driving back to the states whenever I mention I went to the MP's. They always open the trunk, bang their baton all over the car, and ask a bunch of stupid questions. The last time it was a female agent and I think she took it personally. My car is starting to age, and I was afraid something was going to fall off when she was banging away, presumably looking for some stash.

Does anyone have similar experiences? I think I'll have to "get" a Mexican girlfriend, because I didn't seem to have these problems when I said I was on a date which was true at the time (I hate to lie or I would use that each time).

Anyway, after thinking over that experience, I think we have to make a case to the feds that the US can't fight two wars at once. Right now, we should just legalize drugs and concentrate one the war on terrorism. At least that way the agents won't have an excuse for hassling us on the way back.

05-08-04, 18:35
Crespo, just out of curiosity, why would you volunteer that you have been visiting the MPs to customs?? And knowing what cunts American women can be in general, especially when you fess up to having been down there fucking Mexican women, why would you say this to a female customs officer??

If you want to see how big an asshole a person REALLY is, just give them a little power and then watch them to see how badly they abuse it. Fuck those Nazi bastards, all they are entitled to know is that you are an American citizen and that you can prove it. You can take the 5th on any other question they can ask you. Now, if you have a car to get back across the border you may be opening a can of worms by doing something as brazen as suggesting that you actually have constitutional rights, but if you are on foot or on a bicycle and aren't in possession of any contraband there really isn't jack shit they can do.

But I take pleasure in knowing that while they were wasting their time fucking with ME someone probably made it across the border with a trunk full of pot. :-D One way or another, whether I am hassled by customs or not, I always come back with a big smile on my face. ;^)

05-08-04, 18:47
Cienega, most of the MPs are a pretty fair stroll from El Centro. Even Luxxor, from the map I have seen, is a pretty good little hop skip and jump.

But, there are several within easy walking distance of the Villa Manport. Not the Manport, it is in El Centro practially next door to the old Pink Lady's location. But they are part of the same group, for more info check out http://www.hotelesmanport.com/ . Their website kind of sucks, it needs some work. Perhaps DE will offer his services. ;^)

Personally I don't drive across the border, what with the insurance requirements and hassles with la policia and all. I park at the airport and take the bus to downtown EP. From there I hoof it across and ride the busses and/or bike while in Mexico. It takes a little learning as they don't publish routes, but it is simple enough to sort out the routes you need to know for mongering and shopping. If you must, take a cab to the Villa Manport, just make sure you get a cabbie down by the Cathedral and not right at the border as the ones at the border will scalp you on the price. Staying in Mexico while on your vacation saves you all the hassles of crossing back and forth every day, and it's cheaper.

05-08-04, 22:20
I also walk across, as I prefer not to hassle with the insurance and/or putting my vehicle at risk.

When asked, "What were you doing in Mexico?" on the way back, I always reply that I was visiting a friend. Never mind that the friend is of the opposite sex, less than half my age and works in an MP!

At first, I'd tell 'em I was shopping, but then they always wanted to see what I'd bought. I found it difficult to show 'em the piece of ass that I'd purchased.

05-09-04, 02:11
I've driven over a few times and put quite a few miles on driving thru the western residential areas. Outside of a pothole or two that a cow could've lived in I never had problems. But when mongering I prefer the walk over of course. What I'm wondering is why do I book a US hotel when I spend the time over the border.

One time I would like to be able to just stumble back to the room and be where I left off the next morning. Also to have a place to bring a guest (without paying for two rooms at once) if the need presented itself. Driving around wouldn't be part of the formula-it would stay parked-which is why I inquired about the better parking hotels. I tend to pack a lot of crap so I don't really want to hassle with walking that to or from a park in US lot that when I come or go. Better to just load the car and go.

Adam Z
05-09-04, 04:20
An easy way to get around the hassles with the Border Cops is to tell them that you've been at the dentist. Of course this only works during the day. It's a very common thing for Americans to get their dental care in J-town where some dentists are of equal quality at a fraction of costs in the USA. I've never even been asked which dentist, but I would just say on Americas where there are like 20 dental clinics.

Had to open the trunk a few times, but that's about the extent of the inquisition. YMMV, but for me, it works like a charm.

05-09-04, 05:20

The only one in el centro is Cleopatra's ,which is a few streets south on the left, next to a dentists office.

All the rest are quite a distance away. If you're already driving in , you might as well just drive to them, unless you want more exercise AFTER your session. And as Dougie says, Luxxor is a long way from the cathedral by foot. Probably 15 blocks.

I have walked from Marilyn to El Herradero Steakhouse on Escobar after a session, but I won't try that stunt too many more times.

BTW, I booked my hotel for the 4th of July weekend (actually 3-6). I am a glutton for punishment.

05-09-04, 21:15
Cleo's I posted a small review on a while back. I would end my daytime tourist runs there.

As far as border-crossing - I just tell them I was being a tourist or I was checking out the nite life. After hours crossing I usually small talk with 1 or 2 of the guys. But that's on the walk thru. I've stopped and watched the drive thru procedures last trip and it seems that they are checking a lot closer than they used to. Every trunk popped, many hoods popped, mirror checks, thumper checks, etc. None of which were limited to any one plate origin or vehicle type. They've been using the xray box inside as well. I never seen them use that before on any of my trips. Also had the bag check table in full use.

05-09-04, 22:27

I misunderstood a bit. I see what you're asking. Hotel Villa Manport on Escobar is fairly centrally located, but no secure parking, but within walking distance of 4 MP's (one next door and another across the street.) In fact if you stay in the zona pronaf around Lincoln , all four are still within walking distance, which is where I stay/am staying.

I just noticed a hotel on Las Americas that looks like it has secure parking, but I don't remember the name. It's on the left as you go south, before Pollo Loco restaurant. Kind of a horseshoe shaped place, gray building, I believe. There is another across the street as well from it. If you know where Michelle's MP is on Las Americas, the hotels are just past there. If you don't know, it is on the right, in a small complex, and has a rather low key sign on the road.

Sorry to be so vague, I notice these places , but don't remember them specifically, and someone always asks a question later that jogs my chica fogged memory.

05-10-04, 01:28
RearWindow said "I have walked from Marilyn to El Herradero Steakhouse on Escobar after a session, but I won't try that stunt too many more times".

RearWindow, how did you accomplish a feat like that?? Back in the 80's I went to the old Lago Blanco (White Lake) and got banged my some chica named Olivia. She was an enthusiastic hot piece of ass. She showed me just how boring my wife (now ex-wife) was. I could barely walk back to my car parked on the other side. I have been to Herraderos and I have been to Marilyns. My mental map tells me that is not a walk I want to do even without having sex.

The Filthy One

Adam Z
05-10-04, 02:46
Oh yeah, when I posted last I forgot to tell you guys about a terrific time that I had at the Luxxor. There's a girl there who I like named Vanessa (probably 30-32 y.o.) but she has a real nice, petite body. So I go there last Saturday and the girl who answers the door is one who I hadn't seen before named Ana, also kind of short, dark hair and green eyes. Well, Ana is a little hottie, she just had the prettiest face, but I have always had Vanessa since I started going there and didn't want mess up that good thing for a massage with someone new.

But the girls tell me "Hay oferta de dos for 500", there's a special, 2 girls for 50 bucks. Perfect. I take Vanessa, my regular, and Ana the pretty new girl. Inside they give me a real sexy massage and it's all smiles and good times. Ana gives me a nice CBJ then Vanessa gets on top and rides me while Ana massages my chest. Finally, we swap positions and I get Vanessa doggie style while Ana massaged my back and balls and WOW! They just about sent me to the moon.

I guess that the way the "oferta" works is one girl gives you oral and the other gives you FS which was fine by me. Both girls are very cute and it was the best fifty bucks I have ever spent. YMMV, but I'll definitely be back for another ride on that merry-go-round.
One of the best times I have ever had in a JZ massage parlor.

05-10-04, 04:39
Hotel Villa Manport does have secured parking.

They have a cabana set of rooms across the street behind Serina's massage parlour.

Just ask to park your car there, and they will always say yes.

It's guarded 24 hours a day.

05-10-04, 05:09
You don't even need to ask to park at the Cabaņas, just go there they will let you in no problem.
However, I do know a guy that had his car broken into over there.
None the less, that's where I always stay when in Juarez.

Merlin P
05-11-04, 11:36
Hello Guys,

I'll be going to Juarez in June, could you suggest some places to check out for some loving that are close to the S.F. bridge? Their locations? The cost? The room?Anything else that I should know?

Could you give me some suggestions on some strip clubs that might be near by?



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Sun Devil
05-11-04, 19:42

Sorry to say this but RTFF! All the info you need are at your fingertips.

05-12-04, 01:56
Sun Devil,

I'm glad you got to that one before I did, cause I would have sent him WAAY out of the way. I'm not feeling very charitable today.

05-13-04, 01:48
Has anyone recently asked about getting an MP girl out of there for a day or overnite? OK, I'm transparent...You know who I am referring to. Is it impossible? Can this be done? or is that totally up to the chica? Sergio is a good man, but I am reluctant to ask him directly, as it impacts his bottom line (NPI). Any insights are welcome.

05-13-04, 04:02
Rear Window... My experience with the MP's have been the girls all work the 9-5 and go home to families, novios etc and are not up to take out or overnighters. They put themselves above the girls in the bars even though they're doing the exact same thing for less money and more time.

My advice to you if you have your eye on one and she is mutually interested is to work a deal for after she gets off. Your choice though.

05-13-04, 05:50
I believe Borderjumper to be correct, generally. Most girls work MP's cause they don't want to be associated with the bars downtown, but I have known girls that did both, MP daytime and bar at night. Two girls were working Genesis another Corpus. All three were in the Casa Colorada.
I have also had inquiries, about where I was staying, from a couple my regular MP girls, I think they are, or were anyway, interested in after hours work, but due to my situation, I am unable to pursue that.
Also, there exists a fear, among girls in Juarez, about being out after dark alone if they live far from el centro.

I would not hesitate to ask any MP girl about after hours work, even overnighters, after she gets comfortable with you, they all need the money, that's why they are there.

05-14-04, 01:00
Thanks bbond and BorderJumper for the advice. I'll think that one over. I know so much about her that I am wondering if that is possible.

Curiously, if anyone can even guess, why are the MP's a less stigmatized "occupation" as compared to the bars? My first guess would be that the johns come to the girls in the MP's so they are not "soliciting" like the bar girls. At times, I think I have a grasp of what is going on there, and then something happens that makes me realize I have no clue whatsoever.

Border Rat
05-15-04, 06:23
Rear Window, my guess is that the MP is a much more discrete environment. It's the better place to work if you don't want everyone knowing your business. Like if you are telling everyone you are still working at the maquila.

I guess I'll give a little trip report since I'm here. Spent a couple days this week in el centro. Tuesday day at the Panama. Almost empty, but they called Claudia over for me. She's a striking blond beauty with a killer body who I knew from a while back. Nice girl, very accomodating and highly recommended.

Wednesday noonish woke up and called a non-pro I had spent the prev. evening with. No answer, so I decided to visit the Cleopatra MP. Can't beat the location, on Ignacio Mejia near Juarez Ave. Only 4 girls to pick from. Picked Wendy, and man, did I get lucky. Turns out it was her first day and first job. Recently divorced with 2 kids, it was believable. Very nice massage, some small talk, and a few laughs. Cute morena and a really sweet girl. Afterwards, she asked when I was coming back. I felt like telling her I would be back in a few hours...lol.

That night I hit the Colorada and it was rocking. Jenni approached me and she was just my type. Really cute, dressed conservatively and only 22. We talked a little and then took off to the room. Another morena, she was one of the sweetest pro's I've ever been with. She said she had been there 2 months and also worked in the market during the day. If I had met her in the market and not a cathouse I would be in love. Highly recommended.

There were a couple more, but not worth noting. I did stop in the New Pink Lady Tuesday night and it was almost full with girls and mongers. I normally don't post about specific girls on here, but my visits to Juarez are so sporadic these days that it doesn't really matter if everyone on here bangs my girlies. I just hope in 2 months when I go back, they have had enough, made their money, and moved on to better lives....peace.....BR.

05-15-04, 08:19
Thanks BR.

This will be a blast from the past.

Did anyone besides me do Becky at Panama? Rubia, VERY standoffish, but unbelievably beautiful. Spoke good english. She was another near GFE in el centro, but is now gone,with no forwarding address. Well actually I think I know where she is, but it's quite a ways from CJ.

Border Rats Panama reset brought that one back. Man , she was a head case sometimes, but others....yipes. I actually have video of her dancing there. She was so beautiful it took me three trips to screw up the courage to talk to her, let alone hit a room. Stunning woman.

05-15-04, 09:36
Dougie, I started saying I was getting a massage to the border guards at the suggestion from one of our esteemed colleagues. He said there's little point beating around the bush.

One time I did get a curious response from one of the guards. When I told him I went for a massage, he said "Oh, so how much did that cost?" :)

05-15-04, 13:31
That's interesting, Crespo. I suspect that if you had said "$15" or "$60", the guard would have asked a lot more questions, since those figures are outside the norm for a CJ MP.

I also wanted to thank you for making maps available of CJ. I printed out a set many months ago, and still carry them with me when I venture south of the border. For those of you who would like maps, refer to Crespo's posting in the 2002 Juarez section. Go to page 7, scroll down to 9-29-02 and follow the links. The maps, coupled with location information on this board, have been extremely helpful.

05-18-04, 03:23
Dougie, I can't remember if I told you this via pm or not, but noone has schedules for the bullfights. They seem to be on a short announcement basis, feches on placards at Mercado Juarez etc.

05-18-04, 04:27
Hi gang,

I have been lurking here, and am now doign business trips to Juarez. While I am there, I normally stay at the Holiday Inn Express there in Juarez, not far from the border.
Any tips on where to go, or who to call, for some good action? I usually am alone, so I need some advice on where it is safe to go and have a good time. Or am certainly willing to call for company for the evening.


05-18-04, 23:27

I am on the verge of starting a Juarez mongering oriented website. I considered calling it marilu dot com and ffeature other chicas but make Marilu the star. Any suggestions on what to call it? All help is appreciated.

The Filthy One

05-19-04, 02:56
Mugroso call it www.juarezmensguide.com

05-19-04, 03:03
Hmmm..check my pm to you. Not so sure about that. For reasons explained there.

05-19-04, 22:13
I will be in Ciudad Juarez in a couple of weeks. Is it possible to go to a pharmacy and acquire Viagra or one of the other boosters without a prescription and what are the prices like possible?
Also, what is your favorite MP or is there a safe place like a playhouse available?
Thank you - Rockhunter

05-20-04, 00:34

If you go over the Santa Fe bridge you'll see a "National" Farmacia. Hector (speaks great English) has them for 13.50 for a 100mg with a free 50mg taped to the side. I don't know how the prices are but I thought this was good at $9/100mg.

No script needed just walk in and ask.

See some earlier posts from myself and others about it.

05-20-04, 01:00
You can get ANYTHING in Juarez w/o a script, probably including surgery IF you have cash. I believe the V is 15US per 100mg. As far as the Mp question, If you have at favorite girl at one, then that's your favorite MP for that moment. These things all change. Not sure about a playhouse, unless you mean bordello, brothel etc... there are a few in Juarez.

And I can't believe I'm saying this now...RTFF. Alot of this stuff was a page or two or three back.

Buena Suerte.

05-20-04, 03:10
Blueman1971 has been reading the forum,apparently! Well done!

But, with all due respects, tho, another name might be appropriate. Don't ask me for ideas, I am as yet a Marilu virgin.

05-20-04, 04:12
Dear RearWindow and other friends,

Thank you for the info/advice, once I understood what RTFF meant, and did so, I understand all. Since I do not hablo espanol, this could be a challenge. I did find a web site at:
for Club Panama. I guess if my language skills fail me, I can sign with my hands. My game plan is to park in El Paso, walk across the border, troll in daylight hours and take small bills and protection with me. Anything else I need to do/bring/know?

Thanks - Rockhunter

05-20-04, 15:48
Not quite true about the no script for anything, Rearwindow. Seems that anything that would be considered a "controlled substance" you would need a script. Valium, Percacet, Vicodan, etc. My favorite lower back pain med - Somacid was just yanked from the shelves of the over the counter only providers (such as National) a month or two ago. With reimbursement from the suppliers. Some farmacias are strictly no script type joints and others are full service.

When you realize all the things that are available in the no script joints that require a script in the US it really kicks in what a cash cow the US health system is. My last trip there I ended up with $150 or so of meds. Of the bag full of stuff 2 bottles of a particular med cost me much less than 1 bottle did in the states with insurance. In fact that 1 bottle cost me $80.

But basicaly - anything that's not considered a controlled substance or heavy narcotic is like buying chewing gum. Some of the farmacias will hawk at you while you walk past "Viagra, amigo! Cheap!"

I again have to plug Edgar at Farmicia National for the Viagra - 100mg+50mg=$13.54. $9 per 100mg. Edgar also provided me with the info about the script meds.

05-20-04, 23:57
Until I get there and make a report, here are a few repoorts from of others with good details and directions:


05-21-04, 00:09

You'll get by alright without spanish, but it is a lot more fun if you know some. The girls are certainly better at nite if you are going "clubbing", I would suggest starting maybe around 6pm ,if you can, to look around in daylight, and then hop in and out of the clubs (bars) until you find somewhere/someone you like.

My one other suggestion to you would be to politely avoid the guys who will offer to take you around el centro. They speak excellent english,so you'll be able to pick them out. Actually, when I say avoid, I would mean don't have them show you around. Just drives up your cost. They are a wealth of knowledge however, and I have gotten to know a few of them over the last year that I semi - trust for info. But for a newbie, I wouldn't recommend them.

05-22-04, 09:38
lo siento, I wasn't thinking about controlled substances in my comments. They are obviously a different subject (legally anyway).

05-23-04, 16:39
Oh no. Terrible news to report. According to sources the queen of Queens may be no more. I have been told that Marilu hasn't been to work in quite a while. Maybe someone decided they were man enough to support her and her 7 kids. What a sad loss.

But as things go in the zona a replacement is not far behind. There is Yessenia who I scoped out last night. She seems to becoming the favorite there. The closer it got to closing time she was sitting with coworkers but damn she looked fine. There was some big humungous swine named Perla, (not Janet's friend)she is new to me. She sat on my lap and almost bokem my legs. When she finally got off of me I had to take gulps of air to catch up on my breathing.

There is also a new little shorty named Esmerelda. She is just barely taller than the midget and is as cute as can be. I must nail this one soon. She may be game for a freebie. Let me break it down. When I first saw her I asked Pancho to introduce us and boy was she rude. She hardly looked my way and darted off at the first chance. Well when the lights came on I started heading out she approached me and guided me to a back table and sat us down. We started talking about how it was her second day and that her sister works there, blah, blah, blah. She didn't hit me up for a drink as it was near closing time. A little kissy kissy went on as well until a waitress led her away from me. Bummer, but just you wait. I'll be back a Queens soon.

The Filthy One

05-23-04, 21:24
Jesus! Four people shot to death (two were innocent bystanders) at Hermanos Escobar and Lincoln couple of days ago, basically right where I stay. And now two more found in a burning SUV (ayer). Man, It's going to be a long hot summer in Juarez, I think. Federales think it is a drug war ramping up. Tenies cuidado.

05-24-04, 00:08
Jesus! No Marilu?! I never got to do her!!!! I was going to post about mongerer songs, but i am now in mourning. This totally sucks.

No hay dios.

05-24-04, 01:02
rockhunter..clubpanama.com has nothing at all to do with club panama in juarez. in 2001 it did but the operator of the site which lived in the apartment to the left of the panama's main entrance left town for points south with the federales hot on his heel. called hisself don juan. was supposed to have been an ex professor in the u.s. who went to mexico to dodge an arrest warrent for **** pussy.

he was hooked up with a street skank named janet who did live shows via a webcam every evening. but it all caught up to him

El Chavo
05-24-04, 18:18

What else but "Mugrositas.com". :)

Sun Devil
05-26-04, 04:28
It seems that all the girls at Panama are going to other places because the owner, Nieto, has sold the place to another individual, an American.

Indeed, two girls that I have intimately known there, Alexa and Olga, are now working at other places, the Pink Lady's and Casa, respectively.

Also a new place is opening where the old Princess Palace was located. This is a block in front of Casa on Martinez. Their sign indicated that they will be open in a few weeks.

I met a veteran monger at Casa Colorada over the weekend. He indicated to me that he has been mongering over Juarez for about eight years. He told me that the girls go in cycles, with new ones cropping up from the hinterlands of Mexico every 6 months because they have heard about the money to be made in the border cities.

In the meantime, the old timers leave because either they have saved enough money to open the restaurant/beauty shop/convenient store that they wanted in their home town, gotten married, or could not handle the mental stress that their jobs entailed. Indeed, there was a crop of new ones that I saw at Casa the other night.

I met one that had lived in Phoenix for a while but was recently deported. It was kind of cool talking about things in my hometown with a Mexican chick. It was unbelievable that she did not speak English, however, considering that she lived in the US for a number of years and could have learned the language to become something else other than a sex worker.

So I guess those who are searching for old favorite providers will have to establish new ones.

05-26-04, 05:23
Sun Devil,

Princess Palace or do you mean Pasado Indio which shares the same city block as the Cave? That is good to hear if it is. But that place has had a strange history. It seems all of the previous owners died of one thing or another.

El Chavo

I like your suggestion which makes me now wonder, "am I really that vain"? Possibly so. what do you think of "mugrosos of Juarez punto com?

The Filthy One

05-26-04, 10:13
Sun Devil: Is the problem with the American owner a matter of personal preferences or politics or does the new owner have a different agenda?

I think that if I had owned a joint down there I would pretty much keep things going the way they are and slowly ramp it up if needed.

I'm curious as to what would move the girls onward?

Sun Devil
05-26-04, 16:35
I have no idea why the girls are moving from Panama. Perhaps they are not just comfortable with a new owner, either foreign or domestic.

With regards to Pasado Indio, that is exactly where the place is. I think its new name is Princess Palace.

05-27-04, 00:47
My best guess as to why the chicas are fleeing the Panama Club may offend some here. I suspect this new gringo owner is acting like a kid in a candy store. Can't blame him. I'd probably do the same thing. But perhaps and intersting thing to know would be, are the chicas leaving ugly or good looking. Maybe he is fireing the uglies.

The Filthy One

05-29-04, 20:52
Guys; I was in Juarez Wednesday and Friday night also.

The deal with the Panama is this. Nieto didn't sell the place. He leased it out to these two gringos for "X" period of time while he lays low in El Paso for a while. Seems his sons were running it into the ground.

These new guys are from Iowa and intend to totally renovate the place. Apparently they've made a good start. Air coolers in all the rooms and new mattreses for the beds. Reupholstered the bar furnishings and perhaps most importantly to me, ran that fucking skank Sheila off.

Also, last night at the Petro Truck Stop, there was a van form the place offering FREE rides to the club and back. No obligation to buy anything. They are also offering a $20.00 all the beer and tequilla/mixed drinks you can drink for the evening. Might appeal to some of you boozhounds out there.

The reason the girls may be bailing is also the downside to all of this. Rumor as it that his non negotiable price is now $90.00 for 1/2 hour.

If there is an upside to it, it is that offering the "Free" rides is going to put the hurt on the other shuttle services in the area.

Interestingly enough, and bear in mind that Nieto is a total asshole, but nobodies fool. The contractual agreement he made with these two hayseeds was drawn up and executed by an attorney in El Paso and signed in El Paso. It has no bearing in Mexico. Nieto can apparently go in there with his Police buddies and run these rubes off at will which he will probably do once all the renovation are complete

05-30-04, 07:40
Very, very astute analysis of what is going to go down at Club Panama, Border Jumper.

Americans who try to buy their way into the sex business in Mexico are fools who wind up getting fucked every time.

06-01-04, 08:24
OK DreamingEagle,

now that you've run my newly found life goals into the ground.

El Guapo II
06-02-04, 00:52

I've been soaking up the info from all 70 pages of the Juarez Forum for the last week or so. Thanks for laying all the groundwork (and the Chicas too) for me. I'll be heading for Juarez (gettin paid for it too) for a week soon, and hope to mix a little evening mongering with some tourist type stuff, chatting up the locals, etc. The hotel situation has been narrowed down to either the Villa Manport or the Holiday Inn Lincoln. I don't know if the HI is Chica friendly or not but it probably won't matter, as I plan on hitting up the MP circuit mostly. Are there more things to do within walking distance of the Holiday Inn? Nicer area?

The other question I have is: I don't seem to recall anyone mentioning renting a car while in Juarez. It seems to me to be as cheap as having taxis hauling me everywhere, plus a lot easier to explain on an expense report, rather than an extra 20 or so cab fares. Does anyone have info on car rental? Will a rental car be safe parked on the street while frequenting the MP's and bars away from Centro? Maybe someone knows where I can rent an '82 Volare?

I can sympathize with you guys that have tried out the Novia thing. It can get sticky in a lot of different ways. The steady panocha is nice, but it starts to feel like una espousa all too soon!

Any suggestions you might have will be appreciated. Thanks guys!!

El Guapo II
06-02-04, 01:02

I've been soaking up the info from all 70 pages of the Juarez Forum for the last week or so. Thanks for laying all the groundwork (and the Chicas too) for me. I'll be heading for Juarez (gettin paid for it too) for a week soon, and hope to mix a little evening mongering with some tourist type stuff, chatting up the locals, etc. The hotel situation has been narrowed down to either the Villa Manport or the Holiday Inn Lincoln. I don't know if the HI is Chica friendly or not but it probably won't matter, as I plan on hitting up the MP circuit mostly. Are there more things to do within walking distance of the Holiday Inn? Nicer area?

The other question I have is: I don't seem to recall anyone mentioning renting a car while in Juarez. It seems to me to be as cheap as having taxis hauling me everywhere, plus a lot easier to explain on an expense report, rather than an extra 20 or so cab fares. Does anyone have info on car rental? Will a rental car be safe parked on the street while frequenting the MP's and bars away from Centro? Maybe someone knows where I can rent an '82 Volare?

I can sympathize with you guys that have tried out the Novia thing. It can get sticky in a lot of different ways. The steady panocha is nice, but it starts to feel like una espousa all too soon!

Any suggestions you might have will be appreciated. Thanks guys!!

Gallo Ingles
06-02-04, 12:28
I would like to find out more about Juarez strip clubs. I have been to Phantom and found it to be enjoyable yet somewhat expensive. Does anyone have an opinion about the best titty bars in Juarez? I always enjoy a little warm up viewing before getting down to serious business.

Dave #2
06-02-04, 22:17
Any new ladies at Masaje Sirena?

Haven't been there in a while and may wnat to check it out if there are some new talent.

Thanks - Dave.

Dave #2
06-02-04, 23:41
Is Massaje Encanto located down the street from Hotel Villa Mansport and Masaje Serina?

It's been a few months since I've crossed the border and am slightly confused.

I know Serina is across the street from Villa Mansport but which was was Encanto?



06-02-04, 23:58

If you are smart, you can be a pimp anywhere. Those gringos running the Panama will most definitely get screwed for the simple fact that they don't know how to deal with Mexicans. Their second mistake is trying to lease an established casa. They should have found out who they need to bribe and open their own casa.

06-03-04, 05:19
Ahhh to only have a large room filled with bare titties and flowing beer taps.

Oh oh. Starting to feel another road trip coming on!

06-03-04, 08:09
Is Massaje Encanto located down the street from Hotel Villa Mansport and Masaje Serina?
It's been a few months since I've crossed the border and am slightly confused.
I know Serina is across the street from Villa Mansport but which was was Encanto?

Yes, that is the place. Even has Visa/Mastercard stickers on the door.

Dave #2
06-03-04, 18:38

Is Massaje Encanto located down the street from Hotel Villa Mansport and Masaje Serina?

It's been a few months since I've crossed the border and am slightly confused.

I know Serina is across the street from Villa Mansport but which was was Encanto?




Yes, that is the place. Even has Visa/Mastercard stickers on the door.

Which way do I walk from Villa Mansport? I think it was to the right.

If I keep walking if it on my right hand or left hand side?

Thanks again,


Merlin P
06-04-04, 15:45
Hello Guys,

Where is the closest nicest place crossing the bridge to find some loving? Any suggestions? Directions? The cost?


Merlin P

06-05-04, 00:16
Merlin P:

This is the third time that you have asked for this information in this section of the forum. Please follow these instructions carefully: Click on the "Terms and Abbreviations" caption at the top of this page. Scroll down to the term, "RTFF". If you follow those instructions, you will find the answers to all of your questions, including different venues (SWs, MPs, bars), locations, prices and even references to maps that will help you get around. Juarez is a great place. Enjoy it and please remember to report on your experiences here!

06-05-04, 00:22
Hi everybody,

It was my pleasure to visit Juarez for the first time last week. I'd like to thank everyone here for their tips, which made things quite easy.

I hit a cool sports bar on a Friday evening with my buddy. We paid $10 for a cab to the PRONAF area. I think the place was called Cananas? Anyway, the important thing was that we passed Hotel Manport and Encanto on the way there, which gave me a great opportunity to get oriented. Anyway, my buddy's not into the hobby, so we headed back to El Paso, where we were staying.

The following day I walked over the bridge from downtown EP and waited for a taxi tout to find me. Didn't take long. The first guy approached and I asked how much for the ride to VIlla Manport? Quince dolares. I laughed and left, and he then ran after me offering doce, diez. Forget it, amigo. I kept going and found a cool, old guy who offered the trip for $8 US. Bingo.

I remembered to ask to be dropped off at the Manport, so I headed in for a beer at the bar. It was dead, with the TV showing the SPanish royal wedding. I had a beer (15 pesos) and headed up the street to Encanto. I went up the stairs and the ladies came out to greet me. One was a gordita with a nice smile, the second very attractive and tall but looked bitchy, while the last one stayed in the corner and had a cute grin. I asked her name, she replied "Perla" and that rang a bell. I inquired about the price - 300 pesos- and off we went.

Well, once she disrobed and displayed all the tattoos, I wasn't too psyched, but it could have been worse. My Spanish is decent so we broke the ice nicely and I taught her some English. Now, I had assumed that 300 included oral, but I was wrong. I told her I'd giver her a nice tip for it, so it was included. Massage and CBJ were lame, but she made up for it during the FS. Every position imaginable on that paltry table, and I sweat all over the poor thing trying to finish.

After a shower, I gave her a $10 tip (for the kids;-), asked her where to find a cab, and went on my way. Oh, BTW, $6 back to the border. The cabbie was greatly amused by my story of the guy asking for $15. Total damage amounted to $56 - Perla, cabs and a beer. Sure beats Atlanta.

I'm off to Monterrey this coming week, and I'll post when I get back. Hope this was helpful.

06-05-04, 09:13
Yes, that is the place. Even has Visa/Mastercard stickers on the door.

Which way do I walk from Villa Mansport? I think it was to the right.

If I keep walking if it on my right hand or left hand side?

Thanks again,


As you walk out of the V. Manport go to the right, it's just before Papaguyos Bar in that triangle with a door on H. Escobar and a door on the street that angles off by the V. Manport.
Ask at the hotel for Papaguyos and you can't miss El Encanto as you walk toward that bar.

06-05-04, 21:26
HoLa guys,

At first I wanna say an big thx to this very good exellent board here with all the infos and stuff arround.

Now this is my first post, and I'm happy to write here. So I'm (--->I think at the moment the only one) from Germany, and yes I'm an soldier, too. I live in Alamo, that sorry SU*KS REALY: -(.

I luve to have fun with hot chicks, that included for me, sex, too. I live now three years here and have two years more to stay here. At this time I can and will say, too that el paso is not realy the sex paradise, as you know it, if you know it, as from Germany. In Germany it is realy normal to pay for sex and I don't understood the rule from the USA, why here it is forbidden: -(. I'm going now two years in Mexico, most times at the pyramide called *SFINGS*, it is a great place to have some fun, but only fun no sex. So I asked some cap drivers to pick me up and show me some places.

For now I was at three places, but I one I don't remember. There was an masajes called *ROMA*. this place is nice, but I wish me more chicks there. And than I was at the *PINK LADY*. I like this club realy, but I think I paid to much there. I paid for two hours 200 bugs.

Now for what I'm realy looking is person, that knows all the places, where I can have sex. So if there is any, who wanna help me, please pm me. I'm not gay and I'm 29 years old.

I would be more than happy, if anyone helps me here.

ThX in advance and a nice week to all.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space after commas and after periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after commas and one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

06-07-04, 11:19
After reading the Nogi board I was wondering if any of these new government restrictions have been affecting our beloved Juarez in any way?

06-07-04, 13:09
I didn't go down to Juarez this weekend but I hear rumor from a friend that MariLu is back. I guess things didn't work out with whoever got her out of the club. I may have time this coming weekend to do some confirmation (meaning bang her myself before she gets away again). Anyone else go down this weekend? Is the old Pasado Indio open again?

The Filthy One

06-07-04, 23:05
El Guapo II...you shouldn't have any problems taking a rental car to Juarez. i did it for almost a year before I took one of my vehicles to Juarez. i would suggest ENTERPRISE. Always used them and got a decent rate. Just never told them I was planning on crossing the border with it.

06-08-04, 05:03
...you shouldn't have any problems taking a rental car to Juarez. i did it for almost a year before I took one of my vehicles to Juarez. i would suggest ENTERPRISE. Always used them and got a decent rate. Just never told them I was planning on crossing the border with it.

I often take a rental into Juarez, but ALWAYS buy Mexican insurance from the rental agency at the airport. You do not want to be in an accident in Mexico without Mexican Insurance. The insurance is a tad high, but WELL worth the comfort level it affords.
Think about it, Mexican insurance, sold by an American company, you are not likely to get ripped by them, and will have some recourse if you have an accident in Mexico.

06-09-04, 00:49
Rental cars, there is a rental car place right down the street from the Villa Manport. Hertz I think, maybe Budget. But it is on the same side of the road just a couple of blocks east of the hotel. I have never bothered to stop in and ask what it costs to rent though. Public transportation in Juarez is just too good and too convenient and too cheap to bother with a frigging car while I am down there.

Slugfest, hop on either the Linea Central or the Circunvalation for a ride back to the border from the Villa Manport for about 4 pesos.

06-09-04, 02:46
Merlin P, you have been screwing around with the questions on a few of the MX boards,so either you can't read or just think it's cool to post. Get a life,and leave the forum to those who have something to contribute,please. Gracias.

06-09-04, 22:46
Went to Pink Lady about 3 times. Each time was pretty satisfied with the service. The last time I went tho, there was a young thin girl with a nose ring, slim, with huge tits. Wanted to get with her, but someone beat me to it. Went back but they were closed so I went some place down the street. Starts with a P. Not a good selection, but got a friendly girl who gave me a CBJTC and didnt mind since I paid for .5 hours and then we went canine and mish for about 25 minutes and she was into it. Trying to french kiss and everything. Not sure what she said afterwards cuz I don't speak spanish. Been tryin to hit a MP but haven't gotten there early enough. What are some other places to go and the best MP to go to? Oh at PL I usually pay .60 for hal hour ad .80 for hour. the last time they tried to get me for .80 for half hour and i told them I been there before, and it was down to .6 again!

06-10-04, 02:22
Bbond, you're correct of course in your assesment. I believe Mexico insurance through the car agency will run about $25.00 per day, at least that is what I was quoted several years ago.

Dougie, I know the Rental agency you refer to down from the Villa Manport but for the life of e, I don't remeber which one. Avis, possibly. I do know that you will pay about double in Juarez as you would in El Paso.

SPeaking of rental cars also. If the car is registered in Texas, it does not have to have the tax sticker that you see above the inspection sticker on the windshield. Why? who knows. In the past, I have been "shaken down" by the Transito in Juarez for not having the sticker on the windshiled despite the fact that the car is legally registered AND, it is not in violation of ANY Mexican law or statute. A word to the wise drom one who has been there and done that!

Merlin P, you have been screwing around with the questions on a few of the MX boards,so either you can't read or just think it's cool to post. Get a life,and leave the forum to those who have something to contribute,please. Gracias.
I'll second this comment. All questions have been asked and answered a multitude of times on this board. Seek and ye shall find the answer my son!

06-10-04, 06:12
you're correct of course in your assesment. I believe Mexico insurance through the car agency will run about $25.00 per day, at least that is what I was quoted several years ago.

Budget is about $17/day with a $5 fee for taking the car to Mexico, but that is not $5/day, just a $5 fee.
Budget also charges by the 24 day, so pick the car up at 6 and the insurance runs till 6 the next day.
Hertz charges by the calender day, pick a car up at 6pm and the day is over at midnight. I will never rent from Hertz again.
Reserving in advance I usually get a Budget car for less than the insurance costs.
Buy insurance and cover your butt, never know when you will need it.
Typically Mexican insurance bought thru the car agency has $100,000 liability AND $100,000 bail bond.

Adam Z
06-11-04, 13:35
Did the once over the clubs these past weekends and have some reports for you guys:

Pink Lady has a gorgeous little blonde there right now named Odalis. Killer little body and a beautiful face, kind of an attitude, but D*MN she was nice in the back room. Recommended.

Also, at Fausto's there is a hottie named Jennie who will step out into the rooms with you. Awesome body, kinda pricey though (40 for a salida, 80 for an hour in the room). If you don't mind dropping the cash for a few drinks, she is one of the best things going in the centro at the moment.

Phantom had a few gorgeous girls, one new blonde that had a killer body. Wanted $80 + salida and cash was tight, but I might be back. Some of the girls there were pretty nice looking, I have to say.

Took Yesenia upstairs at Queens, gorgeous girl, nice time, 60 bucks. Do yourself a favor, she's the best of the "cheaper" girls in the centro.

Also took one for the team and checked out El Horizonte. It was ok, more of a locals joint, but I did have fun. They had a house band which was decent and a few ok looking women (6s), lots of heifers though (4 to 5 on looks), but at least the girls there don't come up to you and hit you up for drinks. I counted 4 pretty women, and two that were very attractive. The place was cheap, so I will probably be back this weekend.

06-12-04, 00:53
I haven't been to Pink Ladies in quite a while. The last time was at their old location. Where is the Pink Ladies at now? Anyone who is good at directions please help me out. I may want to have a look see at Adam's Odalys. Speaking of Odalys, does anyone remember Odalys Garcia from Lente Loco? Boy she was hot.

The Filthy One

Sun Devil
06-12-04, 15:18
The new Pink Lady is on Altamirano, the same street as where the old Pink Lady was. However, it is on the corner of Joaquin Terraza, which is about 6 or 7 blocks past 16th de Septiembre. You will see a major difference in the two places, considering how small the premises was at the old Pink Lady.

A little warning for American guys going to this place that a nice girl from Acapulco who is working there told me. Over there, if they suspect that you are a gringo, the condom guy or lady will ask for $5 to inspect your dick and give you a condom. For Mexican guys, they do not do this at all. To overcome this rip off stunt, just say you want to go back to the bar and complain that you want your money back. Then they will leave you alone.

I precisely did this and the condom guy left me alone. However, he turned against the Acapulco chick who was with me by saying that we stayed in the room way too long and it was her fault.

With regards to Yesenia, she is still a doll but she was totally hot when she first started dancing at Queen's back in February. However, since then she has gained a little weight around the mid-section area--the start of a beer belly. I guess this is what happens when you need to drink alcohol for parts of your living.

On the other hand, back in February, she was so shy because she was just starting off that she seemed to personify having a cold attitude. Now she is one of the friendliest girls out there.

Border Rat
06-13-04, 05:24
Sun Devil

That's funny you mention the condom lady inspecting your package. I was there at the new location about a month ago and got the same treatment. That was the first time in my mexican mongering career (over 200 cuartos) that I got inspected. I always heard that the inspection took place, but I took it as a compliment to my appearance that I never had one...lol.

I gave her the usual tip of $2 for the condom and paper. She asked for $5, as if her getting a glimpse of my goods costs me extra, but I said no. I hate to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) anyone off down there, especially when they are calling the shots on my time in the room, but fair is fair. I think she respected me for not paying. I know my chica did....hehe.

Overall, the new PL is much improved. Off the beaten path, but well worth the trip....BR.

06-13-04, 05:33
I started asking the condom lady to pay ME as soon as she touched me, that generally got a laugh from her and my girl, and she took $2 with a smile and never bothered us.

06-13-04, 15:48
What a great Saturday. I cruised on down to Marilyns MP and went with Brisa again. I finally saw Joanna and there was another chica who did not impress me so as a result I forgot her name. But anyways, Brisa is a very enthusiastic provider.

After that I went to centro and acted like a little kid. Heres why. You see, I have been selling used phone cards on Ebay. Yes, people buy this shit. So nowadays I start my Juarez adventures cruising the phone booths for tossed out cards. Then I thought I would experiment with new phone cards, so i went to Benavides Farmacia and asked what they had. They had a SpiderMan 2 movie 50 peso card. Cool. He tore one off and I noticed there were other designs. Originally it was a string of 4 but now one was off. I asked if he had more but in a complete set. He didn't. I then hit up every possible place that sells phone cards. Finally I found a pharmacy on 16 de September. Turns out there are 6 and I got them all on the string. 300 pesos. I am going to wait for the movie to come out before I put them on Ebay.

After I put the cards in my car, I saw MariLu outside of Queens. Yes guys, she is back with a new tatoo on her shoulder and no it does not say "Mugroso". Needless to say, my heart is broken. But, my dick got hard again. So I walked over and then inside. Shorty girl saw me and perked up but I just passed her by and I asked MariLu if she wanted to fuck. Boom-boom, we went upstairs. I didn't ask about her "vacation", but I did fuck her ugly doggie style. I told her how much I missed her while pulling her hair. I'm such a romantic guy.

Guys, please, go fuck her. She is back and hotter than ever. Who ever she was with couldn't compete with her constant supply of cock she needs.

The Filty One

06-17-04, 02:28
I am so THERE it hurts. She is number one on my list for carnal atrocities this upcoming visit. I get in early on a Sat afternoon, and will pork some deserving MP girl first as a tune up...I had other "ideas" for that nite, but hell, they can wait. My mood just greatly improved.

Pecker Will
06-17-04, 05:23
Where is this Queens located? Any simple directions? Sorry, the directions may be buried here in other posts - but I never find what I want when looking for it. Gracias

06-18-04, 04:49
I visited Sirena's MP across from the Villa Manport at 1PM on a Thursday. They lined up four girls, and accepted the coupon provided by DreamingEagle, so it was $30 for the hour plus tip. I chose "Brisa," who had very sensuous lips and was quite open to DFK. Her other services were quite OK.

On my way out, there were two more girls in the waiting area, one of whom pinched my butt as we passed in the hallway. An excellent marketing ploy!

Juarez Defender
06-18-04, 05:07
Adam Duritz,

On the phantoms scene I also got asked for $80 for two hours and the exit fee, but I never asked how much it was. Since it constantly changes, do you happen to know what is the going rate for the exit fee?



Also how is the Venus MP going? Any news from anybody on this place?

06-18-04, 06:01
Pecker Will:

Perhaps this will help you (and others):


I put together some locations that I too wondered about when I first came here and thought it might help others. My first few trips were only of the "fringes" but now - Ooooh Mami!

I just now threw it on one page & it's still in an embryonic stage but the basics are there. My last trip gave me a bunch of other locations and I'll revise it all into a "finished" version over the next week or so.

Right now I'm trying to schedule another 800 mile trek to Paradise.

06-19-04, 18:54
BJ, I have heard from reliable sources that renting a car in Mexico is expensive relative to renting in the US and driving across the border. But I have not personally rented in Mexico myself so I do not have first hand info. If the car you rent in Mexico comes with insurance then the price difference might not be all that much.

But there are rental agencies there so it stands to reason someone is doing business with them. And have you noticed some of them have strange locations, like the one near the Villa Manport. There is another on PT de la Republica in an odd location. I have not ventured to the airport to see if the usual suspects are there, I imagine they are.

But for my money, especially while I am on vacation, I prefer not to worry with the hassles of a car. Between the Policia, the Vialidad and the car thieves a car is nothing but a headache. And it does not bother me that much to walk from the Villa Manport to Marilyns. Or to ride a bike or take the bus. A little vertical exercise mixed in with the horizontal variety is good for you.

06-20-04, 05:07
So far as renting a car is concerned, why not just check out Expedia or travelocity or some other travel related website. Insurance coverage? Always ask.

Enough with that bullshit. Lets talk pussy.

Stopped by Queens last Friday night. MariLu was there in all her glory. She was wearing a catsuit type outfit. Looked so hot I took her upstairs and fucked her but not before doing a grinding nude dance with her. I haven't been that close to a pussy without a condom in a long time. I am a lazy lover and we started out with her on top but the mood struck me and I flipped her over and put her in the "spidermonkey" position. She loves it.

Before I hit Queens I cruised the neighborhood. I stopped in at the Montaņa to see Diana and her friend. The last time we spoke I suggested to them about selling their panties on Ebay. But as luck would have it, they were busy with customers so I didn't stay.

While down there I felt safe and nervous. The cops were out in droves and campers were everywhere.

The Filthy One

Adam Z
06-20-04, 07:46
More reports:

Have always been told that the exit fee at Phantom, Amadeus and the 2nd Joker Club (the one that used to be called Premiere) is 40 bucks. A friend has taken a few girls from the 2nd Joker club and it has always cost him 40. There are a few decent girls there by the way, one little blonde there is smoking. I've never taken a girl out of that place. I paid $40 to take a girl out of Fausto's once (Jennie) but it was just to the rooms right outside the front door.

Speaking of blondes, I tried out the 4 Queens massage underneath the Original Joker Club. First of all the place is a dump, and they run a scam where if you only take the 30 minutes they massage you well and take their time and before you can get into some serious fun, your time has run out. Now, you can't just pay ten bucks to make your 30/half hour into the 40/hour. Oh no, you have to pay another 30. Which sucks!!! All that said, there is a blonde girl there with green eyes named Claudia who I enjoyed the hell out of. She's 20 years old with a nice body, and I thought she was worth it, even if I did get scammed. At least one other good-looking girl was there, just make sure you pay for an hour if you're going to go there. They offer an hour in a jacuzzi for 50 or 60, I forget.

Also hit the Luxxor again. Had a real sweet time with Ana, d*mn she's pretty! Big green eyes and petite body and the sweetest pussy, oh man. There was another girl there named Erika who was real fine as well. Too bad she was busy when I got there because I would have taken her and Ana on the 2 girls for $50 deal.

Also noticed that there was a new ad in the Diario for a new MP called "Tiffany VIP". Hopefully someone can check it out and let us know how it is.

Stopped by El Horizonte for a beer the other night as well. Still not terribly impressed with the place, but I did see one woman there with long dark hair who was a total babe. So, maybe next weekend I will check her out.

And of course I will post the 411 here for you guys!

06-20-04, 21:36
On the subject of exit fees (salidas?), Number Two told me that Queen's bar fine was like $12, which I can't believe. Can anyone set me straight on this? PM is preferrable, just cause it's quick. Thanks!

06-21-04, 15:16

Any one aware of the escort scene in Juarez? I am planning on going to Juarez in two weeks? Also, is it possible to take chicas out from Jokers? What kind of $$$ should we pay for the chicas in Juarez?



06-22-04, 00:14
Kid03..At the risk of sounding like an asshole which I've been known to be on occasion, READ THE BOARD! Specifically this forum. There is some excellent information here on just about every facet of the Mexico scene you can imagine.

But to answer your question. I'm not aware of any escort activities in Juarez although you can check the classifieds of El Diario and you may find something. But, be careful!

06-22-04, 04:35
Escort scene, like calling a girl to come to your room?
The newspaper is loaded with them. They will send a few girls for you to choose from, it is about $70 or so. And in my opinion, not worth it.

Sun Devil
06-22-04, 16:14
Here is a list of escorts for you to call. They are all open 24 hours and they promise to go to your hotel. Hopefully you speak Spanish:

Gatitas 623-9906

Kenia 199-0367

Dayan 158-2702

Linda 157-1754

Las Carinosas 180-5240

Selene 613-8417

Nahomy 690-1892

I second the notion that Ana at Luxxor is a sweet girl. A very nice girl and I found out that she is into alternative music. Seeing my MP-3 Player, we started talking about music.

Apparently she likes to listen to bands like Coldplay, Semisonic, Third Eye Blind, Creed, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dinosaur Junior, etc. I have no idea how she got into this type of music since I forgot to ask her but it was a nice talk.

The only thing I didn't like about her is that she had the names of her kids tattooed on her back. I kind of joke that the reason she did this was because it would enable her to remeber her name.

Lucky Chuck
06-22-04, 18:29
Hi All!

My girlfriend (Mexican) and I (not Mexican) would like to have a two girl experience. Basically, we'd like to find a really good looking (great bod, nice ass, big tits) who would enoy being with me and my girl.

Any suggestions?

06-24-04, 02:49
Yes, don't do it.

Rat Fink
06-24-04, 05:00
Question, not exactly about the hobby, but related. I took my father and his wife down to Juarez today for the usual tacky souvenir/tourist stuff. Parked in El Paso, walked over the Santa Fe bridge and all the usual stuff. On the way back, the wait was about 45 minutes at the US side. (It was backed up partway up the bridge. This was about 2:45 on a wednesday. So my question is is there a better way? What about the other bridge? I'm not sure I'm prepared to drive in, though that line didn't look any better.


Zoo TV
06-24-04, 07:52

Any advice on pharmacies to go to when in Juarez, im planning to a Viagra trip when I go. This will be my 1st time and I just dont what to get ripped off.



06-24-04, 15:33
Rat Fink, I do not recall there being any place to park on the US side of the "other" bridge. Too bad too because your introduction to Mexico is a lot more pleasant there than it is downtown. I might be wrong though, I just didn't look for a place to park there.

Funny, you cross that bridge from EP thorugh a craphole neighborhood on the US side and end up in a beautiful park on the MX side, and then the modern buildings on Av de las Americas and Av Lincoln. Makes you stop and think for a second if you are heading in the right direction, the MX side is MUCH nicer than the US side.

I have never crossed the Zaragosa bridge though, but I do know that it puts you across in an area that is WAY away from downtown EP/Juarez, which might not be what you want.

45 minutes wait to cross at that time a day doesn't sound unusual though, just don't try to cross early in the am, you will stand in line forever.

Rat Fink
06-24-04, 20:31
Years ago (like 8-10) I remember finding free on-street parking without much difficulty by the other bridge. I just haven't used that bridge in the same number of years, and I don't know if it has the same lines. It does also have the advantage of putting you several blocks closer to most of the MPs if you intend to walk.

06-25-04, 02:04
Tonight crossed the bridge & took a cab to the Pink Lady.

Very, very dark in there. Couldn't see the girls clearly. Manager kept ragging me to choose a lady, so I chose this girl with a nice face.

Got her in the room, and in the red light she was fuckin' FAT! I couldn't see her clearly in the lobby. (Yeah, it's funny until it happens to you)

Decided to make the best of it, but this fat chick argues & fights me about everything. Last straw was when she locked my leg during missionary so I couldn't get it all the way in.

No completion. Left hella pissed off & $100 poorer. ($10 for cab, $5 for toilet paper & condom guy, $80 for fat chick, $5 tip for manager)

06-25-04, 02:19
The heightened security restrictions might have done away with the parking you remember. The Stanton Bridge, with was the other nearest bridge, is now closed to pedestrians, so that may be what you remember, and it put you right around the basketball courts etc along the border. The bridge that goes to Ave Americas is pedestrian as well, but it is a LOONG walk to get anywhere near an MP from there.

06-25-04, 05:52
Big thx for the very good info Sun Devil and bbond.....that was what i was looking for, to book an hot chick for an hole day.

So my english is like an s*it ,but i will try it for sure , thx.

Most time I stay in the hotel called *Monaco* ,is this an good place to stay or are there better places?

Does anybody have time tomorrow to show me some places? Please pm me.ThX in advance and happy fucky.


06-25-04, 20:21
Does anyone know if Masaje Marylin is open on Sunday?

06-25-04, 21:34
Will be in Juarez and ElPaso after the 4th. Any recommendations for companionship for an evening or night will be appreciated.

06-26-04, 18:12
Rearwindow, my MO for visiting Juarez is to fly in, walk to China-Mart, buy a bicycle and ride across the Bridge of the Americas. I do not recall any parking there, there is so much truck traffic across that bridge these days it is unbelievable. Also, Mexican customs will stop you if you come across that bridge on foot or on a bike 100% of the time, at least they do me.

BUT, you can take Sun Metro (can't remember which route) to the bridge, walk across, clear customs which takes about 10 seconds if you are lucky and take either bus 8A or 2A Lazaro (can't remember which) from the Chamizal right to the corner of Av. de las Americas and Hnos. Escobar which is MP central. From there wihin just a few blocks in whatever direction is Venus, Brendas, El Encanto, Sirenas and Paradise, if Paradise is even still open. A few more blocks you can add Genesis, Felinas and Corpus to that list. Roma and Marilyn's too if you have good legs. I guess you could also take a taxi, but why would you want to, with such good public transport available?

Another good thing about that bridge is it has a lot less foot traffic, at least from what I have observed. You might fare better on your return trip to cross there than the Santa Fe bridge, depending on the crowd.

06-26-04, 20:42
Clydesdale: Masaje Marylin is normally open on Sunday.

Juarez Defender
06-26-04, 22:19
Two days ago I am looking for a print shop in Juarez and I drive by two MPs. Consuelos and Loryed are the two places. How is Loryed doing now a days? A while back it used to get good reviews and now there are no reviews. Planning a two day trip soon and will stop by some MPs and Phantoms/Amadeus/Jokers. Found a girl named Cindy at Amadeus that is pretty hot. She is about a 9 and always wears playboy clothing with the bunny logo. 130 for two hours but no bar fine since I waited after closing time. It was well worth it!

Good luck,


06-27-04, 01:39
Watch out for price gouging at Pink Lady's. Usually its only $65 and $40 if y ou get the girl to agree before hand. Tell her to tell the manager that you are a long time friend she hasn't seen in a while. You go in to the little room give the man your $40 and get on with it

06-27-04, 02:15
I printed out Cienega32's map, and I appreciate his efforts, but do you guys think it's really a good idea for a gringo like me who speaks no Spanish to roam around Juarez?

I usually just let the first cabbie I see take me to the Pink Lady.
Costs me around $140 ($6 cabbie, $100 for an hour, $5 for condom guy, $5 for manager tip, $20 for girl's tip).

Am I getting ripped off? Should I study the board to see a cheaper alternative? Need a HOT girl--no $30 240 lbs. old ladies.

06-27-04, 02:29
Did DATY with Jenny Friday at the Pink Lady.

Am I a moran?

(she told me she ONLY does 6 guys a day, 6 days a week for the past 3 years--<crunching the numbers>YIKES!)

06-27-04, 05:19
regarding parking near the bridge of the americas, i sometime park in chamizal park off paisano, then ride a bike across the bridge. you're only a few minutes away from several mps that way. i've only done that for afternoon trips. i don't know how late the park stays open.

riding a bike may be scary, but it sure speeds the return trip. you can just ride to the front of the auto line - no waiting!

Bachelor Warrior
06-27-04, 19:07
I popped into a couple of places in el centro Saturday night around 11:30. As far as bar girls go, it was deserted! Of course, I didn't go to all of them, but at Queens, for instance, I only saw one girl who was maybe a 9 and one a 7. Ditto at other bars. This was around 11:30. One of the waiters said it was busy earlier, so maybe the girls had all been spoken for by 11:30. I would have thought that if the girls were going to work any night, it would be Saturday. Marilu and Yesenia were working Queens on Friday. Otherwise, it looked fairly normal with the usual amount of traffic and people on the streets.

By the way, I only saw Marilu on Friday for a little while, but she didn't look like her normal, carefree, peppy self. This may have been caused by my alcohol-tainted imagination.

From a previous post, it sounds like management has decided to dim the lights considerably at the Pink Lady? I haven't been there in several months, but it used to be very well lit.

I stopped at the Panama a couple of weeks ago. Things may be picking up a little bit there. There were at least 4 or 5 girls that I would rate a 7 or 8!

06-27-04, 22:05

ouch!ouch!ouch! you're not only getting ripped of, you're being raped in the process. the other places on the map are all fairly close together, and when i first started going to juarez i knew little to no spanish. frequented only the places in el centro, and really had no trouble communicating price etc,. definitely study the board, you don't have to go back many pages to see the typical prices, as a matter of fact , there are the pl prices three posts back from sabroso27.

06-28-04, 00:29
I have a post regarding Las Polamas in the 'Other Areas' section.
Anyone else been there?

06-28-04, 02:22
Been to Palomas once, and almost every man on the street was shit-faced drunk by 9 p.m. I also got some dirty looks in one of the bars and was probably the only gringo in town. Only place in Mexico I have ever been that I didn't feel safe, but perhaps it was just the night. Didn't see any girls worth having, although a few chunkers were making eyes at from the end of the bar in one place. If there are any good reports about Palomas, please let us know where to go.

Masaje Marilyn is open on Sundays, but often doesn't open until about noon and closes at five or six o'clock. Jovana, Christina, and Maryana have all quit. If anyone sees Christina or Jovana in another MP, pleeeeze let me know where.

Regarding the poster asking about moving freely about in Juarez, it should not be any problem at all, especially in the day time. No one has ever bothered me in four years. The only proviso I would add is that encounters with the police go bad pretty quickly if they can smell alcohol on your breath.

06-28-04, 03:25
DE, hope all is well with you. Nice to see you post.

If Mariana has quit Marilyn's, I am in a serious world of misery!That girl was one of the last reasons I go to CJ regularily.

God bless her.

Sun Devil
06-28-04, 04:26
I think it is important if you really like a chick to try to get their phone numbers while they are working at a certain place and before they quit. You know they are not going to stay there for long.

For example, I have Mariana`s cell phone number, which she gave me when we were together. Sorry, I canīt share it with anyone.

06-28-04, 04:26
Bachelor Warrior wrote: By the way, I only saw Marilu on Friday for a little while, but she didn't look like her normal, carefree, peppy self.

Funny you should mention that. I walked in at about 10:30 or so and she was sitting with her back towards me. I know it was her as I recognized he sexy delicious lanky self quite easily. I was there to take a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) and start my phone card hunt (I sell them on Ebay).

When I worked my way back to Queens I talked outside with dancing guy. He said she was not there. I insisted I saw her earlier but he said everyone told him she did not show up Friday night. I went inside and never got a straight answer from anyone.

Bachelor Warrior, at first I thought maybe I was mistaken about recognizing her but your post confirms that I am not nuts. I wonder what is up with her.

The Filthy One

06-28-04, 09:58
Thanks RearWindow & DreamingEagle, I'll check it out.

Yeah Scoup, I sent you two PMs, but nothing shows in my sent folder.

06-28-04, 14:53
Oh man.. rub salt in my wounds, SD!!

Sun Devil
06-28-04, 20:41
I have talked to Mariana and she indicated that the reason why she left Marylin was that Sergio has been ripping her off, along with the other girls who left with her.

A new massage parlor that I have encountered is Orientales, whose address is 2627 Hermanos Escobar. The fee there is $40, like that of Imperio. I have seen a girl named Janet, who is highly recommended. She is the pretty one who wears colored contacts.


Monaco is located just across the street from the Futurama mall and you can go to some of the better, although expensive, restaurants in Juarez around that area. It is nicely located on Triunfo de la Republica so you have a bunch of massage parlors that you can get to. As for me, I stay at the Fiesta Inn, which is a really high class hotel with a pool and a work out room. It is also located on Triunfo and walking distance from Genesis, Venus, Encanto, and Sirenas.

06-28-04, 23:53
Hola Sun Devil,

Big thx for all the very usefull infos. I dont know it up to yet there is an mall near by the hotel monaco.

Is there only one hotel called *Fiesta Inn* or more?

And hopefully there is speaking some english with the numbers you post there, for the escorts. I'm thinking to book one or two for half an day. Means for me 8 to 10 hours.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add a space after commas and after periods. To avoid delays in future reports, please include one blank space after commas and one blank space after the period at the end of sentences. Thanks!

1. There is ALWAYS a single period at the end of a sentence.
2. There is ALWAYS a space after a comma or a period.
3. There is NEVER a space before a comma or a period.

06-29-04, 01:00

Hope the maps help you. Just trying to give back to a great forum, you know?

I'm a true light-haired blue eyed gringo with no Spanish skills at all. Not true now but in the beginning yes. My first trip was during the day and hooked up with some food waitress before I could even find the bars. But since that first trip I was limiting myself to the very edge of things being a little imtimidated by the back street thing and not knowing my way around at all. TJ was always fairly easy because of many previous trips with a SanDiego girlfriend there, but Juarez? I was little leary.

Thanks to the fine folks on the forum I was able to find my way around a lot easier - key being cutting thru the plaza and making a right to Hollywood/Queens etc. BTW all I know about is the Santa Fe bridge area.

Life is easy if you act respectful and remember that you're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. Seems to me that the bulk of guys that end up in the back of the dogcatcher trucks are the ones that are loud & sloppy and are just being stupid in general.

So far my only "brush" with the Police there has been when I was walking down Mariscal on a Friday nite with a Fresca in my hand they slowed down to check me out. Thought I was having a problem but when I let the can label show to them clearly they drove off. Being a bit older than the typical weekend party warriors I'm sure works a bit in my favor as well.

I'm by no means a true vet like a lot of the guys here but I'm on about 12 trips I think most of the time staying in El Paso at least 7 days each time. Enough where I'm starting to feel uncomfortable about not being able to speak the language. Only out of respect. I hold those standards for foreigners in my country & I would expect to be held to those standards in theirs. I'm not really a tourist anymore in my mind. Besides I feel that I'm missing out on a lot of culture and other knowledge by limiting myself and being unable to properly express myself to locals or generally converse with them.

But on a mongering note this site has all the Spanish you need - and then some.

06-29-04, 17:44
Thanks Cien, I'll do that.

Never having been to Mexico before, I was thrown off by everyone coming at me at once. Plus everyone says don't go to Juarez alone.

Lemon Garret
06-29-04, 20:51
I was in El Paso a few weeks back and had eh chance to spend the weekend in Juarez. I have made this trip the lst three times I have been there. I stay at the Holiday Inn Express near Av. Lincoln. It is a $10 cab ride from teh bridge. I park my rental car six or 8 blocks from teh bridge in a safe neighborhood type area and walk. Once across I catch a cab to the hotel. It is a nice rea with several nice bars and restaurants and a shopping mall. I reccomend El Ajuua fro dinner and drinks and Los Arcos for the same. The Holiday Inn Express has never hassled me about bringing a lady in with me. I always book for two and act respecable. The rate is $44 per night and includes breakfast. I nromally go to the Pink Lady and line up something for all day on staurday. I have a couple of regulars who I won't mention so they won't get in trouble. $100 buys a wonderful GFE for the whole day on saturday. My last trip my favorite girl spent Saturday day and night with me. Oce I line the saturday thing up I am free to look elsewhere for my Thursday night entertainment. There is usually a good selection at the Pink Lady if you don't mind paying $60 for a half hour and a $5 tip to the "dangerous man" for the condom. Makes Saturday seem like a real bargain especially since I am on expense for the hotel and food and drinks. If you walk from teh bridge, the Pink Lady is a pretty good walk. It is on Altamarino. Walk all the way up Avenida Juarez to the Cathedral, take a right and then go maybe 6 or 7 blocks to Altamarino and turn left for maybe 9 or 10 blocks more. It will save you a $10 or $15 cab ride and is a decent safe walk. From teh Holiday Inn Express you are no maore than 6 blcoks from Genesis. A nice one hour alcohol massage and full serivce is $30. A nice way to get ready for the trip back to the US on Sunday AM. Enjoy!


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it very difficult to read a report that is written as one long block of text. It's kind of like trying to eat an entire steak in one bite.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key every few sentences while you're writing, and thus break your report into smaller paragraphs, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



06-29-04, 21:56

Sorry for no repecting the RULEZ, but my english is sometimes very very poor.And i have my problems to understood it as well.

I will for sure promise to going to be better!


06-30-04, 01:33
That's sad news about 2 of my favorites are leaving Marylin's. I went there Sunday and chose Cassandra, who looked cute. That was a big mistake. She had awful breath, and made pained expressions and whimpering sounds. She also kept her hand in place as a spacer (apparently she was worried I would insert past the end of the rubber). I didn't even bother to finish. I probably won't make any return trips to Marylin unless I hear about new talent there.
I did salvage the afternoon by going to Sirenas. I chose Brisa, who I've heard good reviews about. The reviews are correct; she's worth seeing.

06-30-04, 02:59
I was just reading thru some past reports, and realized I have been missing some prime chica opps. I have on my priority list these actions: MariLu, Midget and sis contigo, Luxxor's girls,Yessinia, and all unmet chicas. Did I leave anyone out?

Back to CJ in quatro dias.

My dilemma, what to do FIRST?

06-30-04, 03:47
RW- don't you mean WHO to do first????

06-30-04, 11:59
Lemon Garret wrote:

I stay at the Holiday Inn Express near Av. Lincoln. I nromally go to the Pink Lady and line up something for all day on Saturday. $100 buys a wonderful GFE for the whole day on saturday. My last trip my favorite girl spent Saturday day and night with me"

The Pink Lady will let you leave with the girl all day for $100?
Is the Holiday Inn Express in El Paso?--Can you take her across the bridge?

Thanks for the info.

06-30-04, 21:19
I think it is "whom" to do first. But who the frick cares!

07-01-04, 02:35
Actually, I should have made this a poll. Here's my options:

Saturday 7/03

1) Go to Pink Lady and torment Becky, who probably hates my guts, but is so beautiful that I want to do that in a perverse way anyway.

2) Go to Noche y Dia (?) and find the midget and her sister for a nite out

3)Fuck MariLu

4)Fuck Yessinia

5) hope someone will post about some chica i don't know that I should do as soon as I hit El Centro.

I'm actually leaning towards Number 2, which means I need some serious mental health intervention. I'll report back if it works.

07-01-04, 03:08

I need some serious mental health intervention. I'll report back if it works.

Let me know if the intervention works so I can send you a naked pic of the midget.

The Filthy One

07-01-04, 17:50
Has anyone here actually fucked the midget?? Is she cute, like Bridget the Midget or is she a clockstopper. The wierd factor is definitely at work here.

07-01-04, 18:53
Anyone know of any Juarez/El Paso providers who like it rough?

(BTW, it would be fun to do a midget--whoops! I mean little person)

07-01-04, 23:24

I must admit, I fucked the midget a few years ago for 25 bucks. I don't know what got into me but later as I was fucking her I thought to myself, "what the hell am I doing, am I turning into a sicko"? So I closed my eyes and banged her as hard as I could so I could cum fast.

But hey, all was not lost. It is a once in a life time experience. So now when I have conversations with friends and they brag about all the beautiful women they have had, I can say, "I have fucked a midget. Up one on that motherfuckers".

The Filthy Midget Fucker

07-02-04, 02:06
Man, "We" are a sick bunch at times. I will see if anything like a twosome is possible, cause the regular sis is HOT. The little lady is not bad looking actually, but I have this bad mental image of walking to a hotel or their apartment (which has been offered)or wherever.... I'll let you know if that event flies or not.

Yessinia at Queens accepted a pretty good pounding from me the first time, and seemed to enjoy it. Now if you are thinking throat pokers rough, I'm not sure about that. My Ex-Number Two, named Lidia/Lilly, who at last trip was working Casa Colorado, enjoyed it hard doggie style.
But again, if you mean ROUGH, i'm not sure i have met anyone into that yet. But I'm sure they are there.

Mugroso, send the pic fast, cause i go to CJ early saturday morning.

07-02-04, 03:19
El Filthy,

My sentiments exactly! If you are exchanging stories about conquests with the boyz, you cannot beat a midget story. Big tits..been there..milf...been there..shaved p*ssy..been there..tied up and whipped..well not yet...but A MIDGET?! you win every time!

Bachelor Warrior
07-02-04, 17:49
As soon as I crossed the bridge, a guy hands me a flyer for a new place named the Sleepy Iguana. Grand opening deals included $1 beer, free pool (with some limits), and so forth. It's very near Casa Colorado, so I checked it out.

Sheila, the middle-aged woman from the Panama was at the door. I asked what she was doing there and she said that's where she works now. There were only 5 girls there, but I was told there were 12 the night before. There were a couple of girls that I seem to remember from the Panama. One said she was from the PL, but I don't remember her. She was about a 9. The other four were probably from 4 to 7 kind of range. Not a lot of selection.

But the place was very clean with new furniture and some decent gringo-type music mixed in the local stuff. And the girls said the rooms were much nice and cleaner than at the PL. I'll find out for myself sooner or later.

I was told that the place is gringo-owned.

07-03-04, 04:50
Are there any dates that Juarez celebrates with fireworks like we do with the 4th and New Year's?

07-03-04, 18:55
I got a late start Friday night. I got there at midnight which was a mistake. The bars were all closing due to the 72 hour election dry law. It seems Mexicans can't vote and drink at the same time.

My first thought was, "man, RearWindows weekend is so fucked". Coming all this way and find out that the bars are closed.

I knew about the law but I thought it was going into effect Saturday night.

So rather than let the trip go to waste I walked the neighborhood. Didn't see much, just a bunch of drunks and lots and lots of campers. I really wanted to see what was up at the Sleepy Iguana. I guess I will have to wait a week.

So all there is this weekend in the MPs.

The Filthy One

07-04-04, 01:36

Mexico's 4th of July is 15-16 of September. El Grito (the scream) is the traditional celebration at the mega-flag park.

07-04-04, 07:35
OK Mugroso - you've got to tell me more about this 72 hour dry spell. When is their election day and how is the 72 hour period coordinated? Does it end at the end of election day?

I almost was going to head down that way this weekend! Sure glad I decided against it.

07-05-04, 18:20

i decided to trip to juarez on july 3. most bars seemed to be closed, maybe mid-afternoon was the wrong time. i avoided the cab driver routine and walked around town until i was weiry, then a fellow outside of a pharmacy hawking viagra told me about the location of cleopatra's. i couldn't find anything on my own, some of the streets were not posted. a gringo friend of his was standing there, a fellow monger, and he politely escorted me to the place and negotiated the price and time for me. i don't know if he reads this forum, but to whoever you are, many thanks. i didn't even get his name, but a real gentleman. i chose jennette, a flabby blond who was a little heavy handed, pun intended, but she stayed with me for as long as i needed. the other two that were there were ok, maybe a little younger. the place lacked ambience but did offer a shower. for $40 and a small tip, not bad. very busy border crossing and i was turned around by the border patrol for trying to cross the one-way stanton st. bridge the wrong way. and as i was going home, the new mexican state police kindly gave me a $115 speeding ticket. happy july 4 folks, stay cool.


07-05-04, 18:21
About the "midget"...the term is 'vertically impaired' :-).

Bachelor Warrior
07-05-04, 19:33
I was told that the bars will be open again on Monday.

I visited a friend on Sunday. It was very quiet. Totally understandable since it was Sunday, there was the U.S. holiday, and the elections of course had the bars closed. But, it even looked to me like a lot of the restaurants were closed.

07-06-04, 02:15
Just went to El Encanto, good time and pretty women. Slender one with bib tits, trulya 7 or 8. Lot of women, nice time and no rush

07-06-04, 08:25
Well - looks like one more pocket item to add for borderjumping.

I bought a box of those Oral_B BrushUps thinking that they might be a good thing for those nights in Juarez when you don't know how long you'll be there. Small and flatly packed, quick & easy to use. Sure beats the morning gollup of toothpaste on the finger trick that I'm sure more than just me have had to do.

Now that I've got them I guess I'll have to get to Juarez to try them out!

07-07-04, 02:08
The owners of Masaje Sirena asked me to remove the coupon for the $10 discount. They will be having their own web site soon.

Masaje Marilyn, however, is still offering their coupon for $25 ($5 off). They have a new girl named Betty who is slender and firm and speaks a little English.

If you want the coupon it's at http://www.juarez-mexico.com/Coupons/MarilynCoupon.JPG.

The owner is going to prepare a map for me, also.

Bachelor Warrior
07-07-04, 17:01
I saw Marilu at Queens the other night and told her that I had missed her. I said that I hoped everything was all right with her. She said she is two months pregnant with her 8th baby! Her boyfriend split as soon as he found out she was pregnant. She said he just didn't want the responsibility.

It seems strange to me that an experienced, 25 (or so) year-old woman with 7 kids would allow herself to get pregnant by an unreliable 20-year old guy. I guess the girls/women just really like kids and don't mind being by themselves.

Anyway, she plans to keep dancing - and whatever else - until she's about 8 months pregnant. But she wasn't clear on what nights she would be working. It was almost as if she had other problems at home that she didn't want to talk about.

I saw the post about the Oral-B brush-ups. I grabbed a package myself a few days ago. I think they'll come in handy.

07-08-04, 00:24
(Quote from Mugroso)
My first thought was, "man, RearWindows weekend is so fucked". Coming all this way and find out that the bars are closed.

Ohhhh Mannnnn....THAT was one BRUTAL weekend! Yes I am back from CJ and it was not quite what I was expecting, needless to say. Sat and Sun, No bars, no bar chicas...Rrrrrrrrgh. Now ,on the plus side, it forced me to the MP's and I actually met some pretty interesting chicas there.

Sat nite, I went to Masaje Venus on Lincoln, and got the four girl lineup. After looking at them , I quickly picked a very petite girl who I got a strange vibe about. Her "name" is "jacqueline". We get to the room and it hits me..she is a dead ringer for a chica I know in the Dominican Republic. I MEAN DEAD ON! About 5 feet tall, with braided hair and clothed , nice tits, tiny waist, tight ass. Looks carribean, not hispanic.

She was rather shy, having started working recently,she said.Stripped her top off and my jaw hit the floor. The girl has an enormous gravity free rack, you cannot fit one in one hand.
Each ass cheek will barely fill your hand, and my hands spent a good deal of time right there. She gave an fair CBJ, but the highlight was her on top with those melons swinging in my face. YOW! She was so tiny that getting in all the way was a bit painful for her, so I tried to be nice. She wouldn't do doggy, but instead grabbed a chair and sat on me reverse so we could watch in the mirror. She loves to have you say her name while hitting it. No pic as she was supposed to work two nites later, but "muy problemas".

Sunday, Went to Luxxor for the first time and hooked up with Vanessa. A bit older, flat chested, but has one of the nicest set of legs leading to a wonderful ass. I never knew there were that many different positions to f**k in. She absolutely worked me over. Great sex!
Went looking for her again the next day, but she wasn't able to make it to work.

Monday, zipped on over to El Encanto, to find Lorena. At first I didn't recognize her, but the when she smiled (the braces !) , I grabbed her and off we went. We barely got in the door and she was pulling off her dress and my clothes, drops to her knees and gives me a GREAT CBJ standing right there at the side of the table before we were even in the room for a minute. NICE! WE went at it like two crazed rabbits, on the table ,on the dresser, standing, finally finishing with her flat on her stomach. She was so vocal at this point as we finished that someone came to the door "ESTAS BIEN?"!! She mumbled yes, and tells me she loves to have sex with me. Well, the feelings mutual, mi amor.Continued.

07-08-04, 00:43
Finally I can get a damn beer! Life is good. After Lorena, I go swim and chill out for a while. Head off to El Centro and make my way to Noche Y Dia, which has been repainted ,and has no sign.

No midget and sis, mierda!, so I sit down to check the action. There were two chicas that were hot. One spies me and comes over, her name is Darian. Yes Darian . I asked five times and had her spell it on the table. Now I'm thinking, is this really a chica? I'm wondering because she is built. And by built I mean strong. When she straightened her legs you could see and feel all the different muscles. Grabbed her ass and it is firm..Big tits, nice back...Hmmmm.

She is older, but put together. She was wearing a skin tite short sheath dress ,and I determine in short order that she is indeed a she, and we play around in the booth for a while, dance etc. We agree to go to a nearby hotel and hit it. when she comes out after changing, her body is not quite as hard looking due to her not wearing the high heels. But not objectionable.

We Get to the room, we strip down , and I see that her bra was doing some serious lifting duty on what are large nippled breasts.She had a very small pooch on her stomach,again , no problem. What she put me thru next was amazing.

I'm on my back, and she's kissing all over my chest neck etc. I go to grab her and she pins my arms down,and starts nipping on me, which just about makes me jump out of my skin. She uses her tongue all over the front of me, and tells me to turn over, and proceeds to put her tongue in places I have NEVER experienced before. (Whoever posted a while back asking about rimming...I've found your girl!) We went at it hard mostly doggy for the rest of the time. WOW! A caveat, she is a money sucking machine, and will tryto weasel you out of all the dollars she can. After she tried to tell me that she needed five more dollars back in the bar to repay a mesaro ,I said "adios". And went off to Queens. TBC.

07-08-04, 01:05
I debated about posting this, but decided to do it for the enlightenment of all here. Some will not like it perhaps, but here we go.

Got to Queens around midnite, greet the waiters, and get my two beers. I am there maybe 25 seconds, and this shape comes rustling over from the far wall. MariLu!! She is looking HOOOOOOOOT in an all black outfit, with fishnet stockings. And she seems to be her normal nutty self, with that crazy laff. We do some serious flirting, and make a deal for TLN at my hotel after hours. She takes me to a table behind the big screen and we dance and drink and grope till closing. I told her early on that I don't want any games, and if she doesn't want to go tell me now. She looks hurt and promises she does. She wants me to pick her up at two outside the doors, and I agree.

Well at two, no MariLu, and I see Yvette near a corner chatting, and sidle over to ask her where M is. She leads me to a door around the corner, and there's M , changed into street clothes. Yvette talks with M a bit, and comes back out and tells me that M " is having problems with an ******, and will meet me at the Plaza in 20 minutes." I say ok and head over there to wait.Of course, I'm thinking "******?" great. I give her 20 mins and no show, so I split.

I've been Stood up. All this after agreeing to a nice price for her, and repeated assurances that she will be there. There probably will be no second chance for her in this. So if anyone heads over there and sees her, ask her about standing a gringo up on Monday nite.

I would like to get the idea to her that people talk, and that stupid actions like that might affect her money flow. Because if this is her SOP, then I don't need that headache.

All that being said, I actually had a pretty cool time in Juarez. Once again, when people ask about my trip, I say with a smile, "well it was different..", and have the bite marks to prove it. ;>)

Added note: The ****** word is h-o-m-b-r-e , i don't know why it got deleted. RW

07-08-04, 01:41
Sorry about the posts being so graphic.
Well, sort of sorry.
Well, not at all really.
I don't have any emotional attachment with these chicas, so if the descriptions help, have at it, mates! RW

07-08-04, 05:00
So Rearwindow - they way I read it is you got a flat 5 miles short of the border and never made it over, huh.

Only joking! Sounds like you had a blast this time around. Good work & good reports.

I think the H-word is autofiltered for that "other" site. I had that problem on one of my first postings.

Border Rat
07-08-04, 08:45
Nice reports, RearWindow. But I cannot believe what I'm hearing. One of your girls tried to milk you for more money and the other one stood you up. What is this world coming to when you cannot even trust a girl from a cathouse? Just kidding. I know how it feels. Don't forget that its all business for them.

All kidding aside, I made the trip to J-town tonight myself. Just had to check out the new Sleepy Iguana. It was nice and clean inside and most of the girls were, indeed, from the Panama. Mostly 6-8's with a few on the lower half of the bell curve. It looks promising, and the owners are from the US. Not sure if that is a plus or negative, but the girls seem to be happy so far. I didn't sample the rooms as I had just unloaded prior to my visit. One girl told me they are much better than the Panama rooms.

The Colorado was happening also. Lots of girls. I did see two very attractive and thin Sw's in front of the Green Lantern at different times. They both said they didn't have ID or they would be in the clubs. I treated one of them to a torta and a fresca, and according to her, she will love me forever. So I got that going for me. Which is nice....hehe.

Happy mongering....BR.

07-08-04, 12:26
Border Rat,
(quote) "What is this world coming to when you cannot even trust a girl from a cathouse."

Lo, My faith in the human spirit is crushed... but I'm still down with most of the body parts. ;>)

Anyway, According to my sources, there will be a few chicas most are familiar with who are making the move to the Sleepy Iguana soon, so it is definitely on my ever lengthening shopping list for CJ. While being stood up by MariLu, I DID notice that the SW eye-candy factor was waaaaaay up. I had a great result on my first and only event with one, and I may think about it again.

07-08-04, 13:09

Don't let the stand up get you down. I have never had a TLN with MariLu. What I have done is show up early, pay the permiso, and head straight to a hotel with her. No din-din, no movie, no nothing. The best she can count on is me buying beers on the way.

I hope you didn't pre pay her for your "date", that would have been real culo of her. I recommend my method or just take her to the room, do her, and leave. She is still a fantastic fuck.

What I have picked up on her is she likes to party with friends after work and if you throw in a guy, who was likely her padrote, forgt it.

I went down early last night to Juarez. I cruisec the neighboorhood and found another used Spiderman phone card to sell on Ebay. I stopped by the "Sleepy Iguana". Really slow, but that can be expected for a Wednesday and the early hour. The Pink Lady chica has a hot body but the face of a bulldog.

The place seems to be at least run by 2 gringos. Not good. That location has a history of gringos running it. Everyone of them has died of one thing or another. Heartattack, cancer, murder, etc. Fernando (dead) who used to own The Cave considered buying the place a few years ago but superstition made him back out.

I can't wait for the weekend because for sure the number of chicas will pick up.

The Filthy One

Red Drum
07-08-04, 15:08
So more or less where do the SW hang out?

Border Rat
07-08-04, 17:08
a few things i forgot.

the sleepy iguana is located one block up from the colorado / sans souci. you can't miss it. prices are the same as colorado and panama which means don't pay more than $50 and usually you can get it for $40.

a super cute sw near the gymnasium quoted me $15 plus $5 for the room. she might have been ****, though. i just came out of the cuarto or i would have been all over it.

also there is a bullfight this sunday at 6pm for those that are interested. third one of the season.

07-08-04, 18:27
Hi DreamingEagle,

Where is Masaje Marilyn? I could not find Del Ejida on the Juarez street map. I will be crossing the Sante Fe Bridge, have been to Cleopatra's, so I know where that is. Can I walk from that area?
Please give me directions form there if you would be so kind, and any suggestions of who to ask for when I get there?


Bachelor Warrior
07-08-04, 20:50

I can't say that I'm totally surprised about Marilu. I saw her a few nights earlier. I was suspicous about some kind of problem at home or outside of work because of a few things she said.

I posted on that a while back, but I don't see it on the board. I don't know what happened to it.

Anyway, I think she probably did intend to go with you, it's just that something came up. Do you think that if you were understanding about it, she would appreciate it?

Storm Rider #2
07-09-04, 00:45
Hey all you crazy mongers,

This is one of my first posts and I thought that this board might be the most appropriate since I lived in Juarez for 4 years. I don't live there now but still can help anybody out with info except in cases of the girls working currently at all the clubs.

I might see some of you guys as I am going to CJ in about 3 weeks.

PS- anybody seen a girl who works at one of the big 3-Casa Colorado, Club Panama, or the Pink Lady-who looks kind of oriental in the eyes, about 5'8", named Susanna?

07-09-04, 01:29
You can't walk there ( Marilyn) from anywhere. The nearest cross street is Montes de Oca. Ask a cabbie to drop you off there at Montes de Oca and Del Ejido,and look for the pale green building on the southeast corner. no sign. And you're there.

07-09-04, 03:46
RW Said:

"Ask a cabbie to drop you off there at Montes de Oca and Del Ejido,and look for the pale green building on the southeast corner. no sign. And you're there."

To clarify just a bit: From the corner of Montes de Oca and Del Ejido, you will need to walk west about two blocks. Marilyn's address is 2900 Del Ejido, and as RW indicates, on a southeast corner (but not the southeast corner of Montes de Oca and Del Ejido!)

I just had the pleasure of seeing Jasmine there. Evidently, she worked at Marilyn's a year or so ago, and just recently returned. A beautiful girl, and as close to a GFE as one could expect. I've never gotten so much eye contact from an MP lady. Don't let a little leche from those firm breasts bother you.

There was another cutie, Sonia, that I'd like to sample later. Keep the info coming!

07-09-04, 04:00
OK .. no mas directions from me ..lol! I would have sworn on the grave of my abuela that it was there, as I have told many a cabbie to drop me there... or maybe I asked them for the 3000 block of Del Ejido.... Anyway, don't ask to go to Marilyn, just give the generic address and walk from there.

07-09-04, 06:18
Marilyn, is at the corner of Juan Escuita and Del Ejido. Juan Escuita is a one way running the opposite direction of Montes de Oca.
What I do is hit Marylin and if nothing make a block and head to Genesis.

Toni Ten
07-09-04, 20:24
I may be a little late on this post.But has any one thought of taking the borderjumper from El Paso ($12.50) all day, First stop is H. Escobar and Lincon,(mp central). Then down to 16 Sept you can go South to V Guerrero if I read the post right 1 mile for two more mp.(Marilyns & Genesis). Then back to 16 Sept and West to El Central with Luxxor on the route, (Two blocks from one stop) (Nice time, and a cold bear at the Little Mexican Market). Then to AV Juarez. And back to El Paso,(explore El Central FIRST) correct me if I am wrong?


07-10-04, 01:39
Toni Ten,

Good idea , but will the trolly be stopping long enough for a massage?

Masajes Marylins. Here is how I get there. I cross the free bridge, go down Ave. Americas, left in Ave. Triunfo de la Republica, all the way to Ave Lopez Mateos and take a right. Keep going till you want to give up and you will see a big sign for Del Ejido. Keep going till you reach the 2900 block and there it is.

Well its time to head down and check out the Sleepy Iguana. Has anyone checked out ladiesofnogales.com lately? How about the Juarez variation? I wonder where that came from.

The Filthy One

07-10-04, 02:29
Thank you all for the directions, I think....if I make it, I will report in. I have been told not to let the cabbies know where I am going, because once inside, the price jumps because of their take...trying to stay cool here. Gracias!

Toni Ten
07-10-04, 15:21
The trolley stops 5 or 6 times at every stop.Every hour on the hour. I think there are 9 stops, All the way down AV Lincon & 16 Sept down to FCO.Villa. I think they have 5 or 6 trolleys.


07-10-04, 18:18

Here is the schedule for the trolley. The numbers at the end tell what time after the hour they are at that stop. Also, I don't have alot of time to go to CJ, so I was wondering from you fellow posters, what is the best MP to go to, and what girl gives the best service? If you all can PM that to me so I can see which one to go to and who to get when I go.


07-10-04, 20:01
Regarding the Border Jumper Trolley, check out their website for complete info, http://www.borderjumper.com/ . Skip the shitty little flash intro (don't you just hate those frigging things?). Click on the "Juarez Tour" button for an animated map of their routes with the stops highlighted.

For $12.50 you can ride the busses in Juarez everywhere and every day for a week. And they do go everywhere, not just to the tourist traps. But I admit they can be a bit intimidating, especially at first. You are GUARANTEED to be the only gringo on the bus and you will get some interesting looks. But I have never had anyone get shitty with me and I have never felt unsafe. It's an interesting cultural experience in and of itself. Not sanitized like the tourist trolley. And believe it or not, the company that runs the bus services in Juarez, Grupo Carreon, actually has a website, http://www.juareztransport.com/ . It takes FOREVER to load if it loads at all, and is short on info such as routes, rates and stuff. But give them time, they are getting there.

07-10-04, 20:07
Rearwindow, I always walk to Marilyns, usually after checking the wares at Genesis and coming up with nothing but gorditas. It ain't far and it is through a relatively good neighborhood. And you can only get so lost if you remember that if you keep going east sooner or later you will hit Av. Lopez Mateos. From there you can catch a bus back downtown, or drop into Roma's and fuck something.

A good thing to remember about the busses in Juarez. Sooner or later they ALL end up back downtown in the vicinity of the Cathedral. So no matter how lost you seem to be you will sooner or later end up back downtown.

07-10-04, 20:45
Melissa and Jannet,

Wow, what a night I had in El Paso. So I make it a morning in Juarez.

Got there somewhat late at the bridge, so it was free to cross over. Started walking next to Queens and Hotel Rex and boom, Jannet popped out from the motel and gave me a big hug.

Jannet is 5'1" and very petite. Her rack fits her body. With her, she gave me a CBJ and FS. It was one quicky but for 15 it was worth it. She also nice to look at.

Walked around the area for maybe 30 minutes. Every bar was closed (got there late) but SW's and part time SW's were out. There was some nice looking girls out. Some old and some young.

As walking I bumped into Melissa. Very nice looking girl and will give you a GFE. We first when to get some thing to eat. After that we went to her place at the Hotel Rex. Went in at 2:30am got out at 6 am. She never lets me down.

Saw this other SW's when I left but had to get home. Next I'll see her.


07-11-04, 00:29
I checked out the Sleepy Iguana last night and was pleasantly surprised. That place used to be the Indio Club owned by Richard from Oklahoma. I have been wishing that some Americans, Canadians or someone with common sense would open a bar in Juarez and that has finally happened. Sleepy Iguana has computerized juke box with a ton of good tunes. It even has 2 Buffett cds. It has 2 billiards tables in the rear with new pool cues. The bathrooms are clean and toilet paper is supplied. The rooms in the back for sex are clean, and have a cd player in them. You also can take a shower there. The girls drinks are only $3 which is very reasonable compared to the $7 dollar rip-off drinks at Fausto's. The only negative is that there are not too many girls working there yet. The bar has only been open a couple of weeks so I am sure it soon will have many more. There is one decent looking female waitress there but I would like to see more of them. No more Fausto's, Las Vegas or Queens bar for me as long as this place exists!

07-11-04, 00:45

I was at the Sleepy Iguana last nite too. I miss the old Pasado Indio and having this place open brings back a few memories. By the way, how long was that building closed?

You made some good points about the Sleepy Iguna. Let me point out a few that may not be good but not necessarily bad. Almost all the chicas were dyed blonde. There were only a couple of young ones. The rest looked to experienced for me. They all look like "house" girls. None looked like the stripper type. Whats the difference? I can't put my finger on it but it is just a feeling I get.

Also, it has been a long time since I have seen so many gringos in one place, outside of a WH that is.

I'm not knocking the place, in fact, I plan on going there again tonight. It is now a new spot on my walking tour of the neighborhood. In short, I liked it.

07-11-04, 04:20
One more post about the Sleepy Iguana. I just read the newspaper. In the sports section is and ad for the Sleepy Iguana. They had a coupon for 2 free beers and 1 tequila. Too bad I don't drink.

I forgot one other comment to pimelonman's post. It is good to know they have a clean bathroom and toilet paper. I used to take a shit at Faustos until they put up the sign saying the bathroom was for paying customers. Now I have a place to go just in case.

Well, enough with the poo poo stories, I'm headed to Juarez right now just as soon as I click "Submit Message".

The Filthy One

P.S. Not to worry, I just took a crap.

07-11-04, 07:31
Storm Rider#2,
Can't say i have ever met any chica named Susanna in the 3, and not with that description . I would remember a chica with asian features.

Bachelor Warrior,

Actually, I DO believe that something was up with M that was a big problem for her, but all I wanted was a yes or no then, not go wait for me. She was very earnest about TLN, and she was not paid up front, so the incentive was there.

I'll probably give her another chance, but I'm thinking that it will be a "go right now" or nothing. Dios, she is HOT tho!

And honestly, I have a hard time staying enojado with any of the girls, when I think of the many times they have to put up with creeps like me, and a-hole novios.. it's amazing they can be the actresses that they are.

07-11-04, 18:41
Hi Dougie,

Ok, so it is possible to walk to Marilyn's. As I cross the Sante Fe Bridge, going towards Cleopatra's, how do i get there?

Many Thanks - Rockhunter

07-11-04, 21:14
Fernando (dead) who used to own The Cave

Mugroso. You talking about Francisco (Pancho) who used to own the Cave? if so, what happened. He's a good friend of mine who seemed to have disappeared after the Cave closed!

07-11-04, 22:28
I am pretty sure his name was Fernando. In fact, I am positive. This is going back a few years. A friend of mine who has also since passed away, spoke frequently of The Cave and of Fernando and of Manny the waiter. I recall he had at least one son. I do not recall his name , sorry. The only thing I remember about him was he always looked shifty and had the look of, "someday this will all be mine".
Maybe you can confirm this next time you go down.

The Filthy One

07-12-04, 00:33

Thanks for the SW reports. I probably should have thought about that alternative when I was there over election weekend. DOH!
One can find some amazing talents around the corners from the clubs. Just look out for the she-males fellas! I can guarantee you will see at least one that you'll swear is a woman.

Muchas gracias again Dougie. I've slowly started to figure out the bus routes, and with your "always end up near la cathedral," I'm set next trip. (excuse the spelling)

07-12-04, 07:04
Ok, so it is possible to walk to Marilyn's. As I cross the Sante Fe Bridge, going towards Cleopatra's, how do i get there?

That would be quite a hike. Especially now it the hot sun.
If you want to try, I'll gladly post directions that I believe anyone could follow, but I would not recommend the walk, because of the distance involved.
Walk to Vicente Guerreo, ride a bus to Juan Escuita,(just before Montes de Oca), then walk south to Del Ejido. Even that is quite a hike.
Sirenas, El Encanto, Corpus, Felina, and Luxxor are closer, still a fair walk to get to them, but not nearly as far as Marilyns.

07-12-04, 13:05
Since I'm directionally challenged, all I'll ad to bbonds post is that about the time you start thinking you are seeing palm trees around the oasis and vultures circling in the sun above you, that would be the time to hail a cab for Marilyns.

07-12-04, 21:00
Ok, I do not need vultures circling me - I'll take a cab.

Thank you - Rockhunter