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07-13-04, 03:10
Was that really Alejandra I spotted at Venus the other day? If so, what happened to one of the most beautiful bodies in Juarez? (a baby maybe?)

She was always fun before; maybe I'll have to go see if she's twice the fun now since there's twice as much of her now.

07-13-04, 06:07
RearWindow not a problem. Love the SW and part-time SW in Juarez. Just play it safe and don't hand out money quicky. Be smart, and don't let your little head do your thinking.

As for the TV and TS, all I have to say is if it looks too made up and tall, 90% of the time it a male. You can tell by the tone of their voice. TV and TS try harder to look good so too made up is one way to tell.


07-13-04, 16:18
And Scoup - the bad thing with the TS/TV thing is that the two hotels in the Queens area - the one past Virginias and the one around the corner on Begonias - is that some real girls hang with them.

I remember once standing on the corner with one of the door guys from Virginia's (I think) and this petite little, & I have to admit fairly cute, blonde who had a very passable voice and her friend were walking and offered an invite. The door guy taps my arm and (post-translation) tells me "she" has a 10" dick while he holds his hands apart like a fisherman telling his tale. I was about to ask how he knew this but thought better against it. I didn't really want to know. His testimony was enough for me. "Her" friend was a gender girl, he said. Truthfully "she" looked better than "her" friend!

Most, like you say, are too made up. Glammy and vampy in looks. The hands, the voice, the adam's apple, and sometimes the eyes will give it away. But every now & then one sneaks thru. If you're not sure just politely ask. I'm sure they would rather tell you than risk a bad reaction if you didn't know and found out later.

Juarez Defender
07-14-04, 02:28

Is Alejandra back at Venus? I missed that report where, where.

I saw her several times and you are gith she was a lot of fun. Skip Berenice if you go to Venus, not worth it.


07-14-04, 02:59
The adam's apple is the definitive marker, unless you found a 10" surprise before that... The real girls hanging around there is a problem, cause i look at them and start wondering..
Anyway, I will definitely check out the SW's next trip, as they were looking hot. You can't beat the price, and for the most part, they seem to be very clean and personable.

07-14-04, 23:20
I live by this, if its too good to be true, don't trust it. But anyways, I stay away from the Street girls, to many problems. I like a more controlled atmosphere of a bar. I just can't walk up, pick a chica and go to the room . I need to sit, scope things out, mess with some heads, watch a show, and sip a soda to death. Eventually inspiration will come to me.

Speaking of inspiration, I have started my website. It has been up for a week now and it doesn't look like much and my intended direction seems to go all over the place. There is no message board, and why should there be, I like this place for sharing info. I named it **************.com. I inspired by the Nogales website that I just had to name mine that. Little by little I will make it an interesting website.

The Filthy Webmaster

07-15-04, 20:53
Hey guys...it's been over a year since I've visited this site. Seems like a few things have changed: I especially bemoan the much reduced activity of Dreaming Eagle (guess he's busy with his Jaurez website). Anyway, if you're still looking into the forum...TRex says "hey" D.E.

Over the past year, I've been just occasionally to the MPs. I did find a gem in Lorena at El Encanto (which I notice several others also discovered); and I was tickled to death to find Mariana back at Marilyn's (although I understand that she has now left).

I've been reading about 20 pages into the board, but I have just a couple questions maybe someone can answer. First, does anyone know if Johana is still working at Marilyn's. She is a real knockout and a terrific lay! I also wanted to know if anyone had any more specific information about Jasmine and/or Sonia at Marilyn's; or Janet at Orientales; or any other good-looking, slender, and enthusiastic provider who doesn't try to upsell. I'm strickly a MP guy, so please confine any comments to that venue.

Finally, re: Alejandra at Venus...man, did I miss her when she left last summer. Do I truly understand that she is back, but has turned into a gordita? Is there any other confirmation of this?

07-15-04, 21:10
Oh yeah...I almost forgot. I wanted to get some more information on Roma's. I was coming out of there about 2 months ago (just having finished with a nice, but slightly full-figured chica whose name I forgot), when a saw a very attractive, slender, young, and petite girl in the lounge area. I wish she had been available when I arrived. I've been back once since then, but she wasn't there (probably already taken). Does anyone know who this is? And if so, could you please give a report on her performance? I'm dying to find out.

Roma's was actually a very pleasant surprise. It's quite a nice place--updated and clean (the one draw-back I have against El Encanto is that it's filthy...and the shower is a joke), and girls charge the normal fee (the major draw-back with Venus is their high rates). Anyone go to Roma's regularly?

07-15-04, 23:12
TRex! (and all other mongers):

What is the normal fee?


07-16-04, 01:34
Rockhunter, it is a bit of a stroll from the bridge to Marilyns. I said I walked there from Genesis, but the two are not all that far apart. I wish I could give you good directions to get there on foot from Genesis but I just can't. The streets in that neighborhood south of Av. Insurgentes (sp?) are pretty convoluted. You really do need a map to find your way around.

TRex, the chicas turn over so often in the MPs that finding one in particular ever again is real iffy. I would like to know if Cristal is still at Felinas as I am planning a trip for the not too distant future but I suspect she has moved on down the road.

Coyote, .3 or so is "normal". Some, like Sirenas and Venus, will try to get .4 or even more. And if you have a chica in mind then it might be worth it. Some, like Brendas, will go for .2 or .25, YMMV.

07-16-04, 02:05
Coyote...The prices Dougie quotes are right on. Although when I regularly going to Venus, all the chicas (except Alejandra--another reason to love her!) would charge $60 if you wanted oral as part of the service. As Dougie says, even that could be worth it if offered by the right girl. Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything worth it at Venus for quite some time.

Dougie...I know the turn-over (pardon the pun) in the MPs is pretty high; however, it seems to me that the nicer looking girls tend to stick around longer than the norm (maybe because they make a lot of money?). And I know the whole MP scene is mostly shot-in-the-dark stuff, but it's worth a chance. Good information can save a guy a lot of time and frustration.

07-16-04, 02:38
And I'm one the guys who has walked from across the Santa Fe bridge to Marilyn's. It's quite a stroll (over an hour): not for the faint of heart, and certainly not the most pedestrian friendly route. I usually end up taking a bus to get me close (see below), which is really cheap (only 40 cents each way...and the drivers will even take American dollars).

But the route from Genesis to Marilyn's is really quite simple. Genesis is right on Montes de Oca. If you take a bus on Vincente Guerrero near the Cathedral, you can get on any one that is marked either "Futurama" or "Hippermart." Some busses go straight down Guerrero; some turn up and around to get onto della Republica (but still going east). In either case, get off at Montes de Oca. Genesis is between the Republica and Guerrero (just north of Guerrero, on the west side of the street). Personally, I've never seen any chicas in there above a 5, but I don't stop there regularly.

Now, if you want to go to Marilyn's, just keep going south on Montes de Oca. You'll pass two rather busy streets (Insergentes and della Raza). Just keep going south for about 7 blocks past della Raza, until you get del Ejido, then take a right. Marilyn's in on del Ejido, on the left, only 1 or 2 blocks down the street. It's on a corner and has a green door. Just knock and the girls will let you in. I'd guess it's about a 15- to 20-minute walk for me...but I walk fast.

If you REALLY like to walk (like me), you could follow a recent system I've developed (in fact, I think I'll do it again tomorrow!). Take one of the busses from the Cathedral (again, any marked either Futurama or Hippermart will do). But instead of getting off at Montes de Oca, keep on it for another 6-7 blocks or so until you get to Av. Lopes Mateos (it's the street that fronts the west side of the Futurama Mall). Walk about 9 blocks south, and you'll see Roma's on the right (just before Church's Fried Chicken). If you don't see anything there you like there, walk back up L. Mateos for about 3 block until you get to del Ejido, take a left, and you will get to (after about 10 blocks)...you guessed it...Marilyn's! If nothing there catches your fancy, go back on del Ejido a few blocks to Montes de Oca, and walk up to Genesis.

07-16-04, 06:34
Loryed's is always 250 pesos. With the exchange rate at over 11:1, change dollars to pesos, get laid for about $22. Not always anything worth the trip, but like every place else, sometimes it is.
Watch the paper, I have gone to Parisio for $15 for 20 minutes.
If you need a good massage with good sex, Candy is back at Genesis.

I walked, once , from the Villa Manport to Marilyns, once, it won't happen again.

07-17-04, 03:17
FYI...after just having finished a tour in C.D. today, I edited the distances in my early post: they are a little closer than I earlier supposed. And Genesis is actually just north of Guerrero (instead of Insergentes). I hate the thought of fellow hobbyist wandering around lost in Juarez.

I started at Roma, but only 2 girls available. One was kind of attractive, but much too tall and heavy for my tastes, so I moved on down the line to Marilyn's. When I went in, there were 4 girls around, none of whom interested me. But just when I was almost out the door, Sonia turned up. She is a young, slender, dark-haired beauty; not very well endowed in the breast department (but that doesn't bother me at all...I'm a leg man myself, and I actually prefer smaller-breasted women). I'd rate her performance somewhere around an 8-1/2. She was quite enthusiastic and eager to please. No Lorena (of El Encanto); but I think she must be somewhat new to the profession (she told me she was from Zacatecas, and that this was only her 5th day at Marilyn's...for what the is worth). Still, it was a very good experience!

By the way, on my way out I saw 2 other very nice looking young girls who weren't around when I first walked in. I was still a bit dazed and confused from my session with Sonia, but I think one of them was Johana. I don't know who the other was; but she was very young with rather short auburn hair, and perhaps the best looking of the lot! Anyone know who she is?

All other MP specialist: please post your weekend experiences. Inquiring minds want to know!

Denver Travel
07-19-04, 00:18
I'm going to be in El Paso this Tuesday and want to go over to Juarez for something fast. Does have anyone have any suggestions? I'll likely walk over the Santa Fe bridge.

I'll take suggestions and will post my experience.

07-19-04, 04:11
Marilyn's has four really nice looking girls now: Sonia, posted about below, Sandra, a tall slender girl, Jasmine, a little shorter but slender and busty, and Cassandra, a little heavier but by no means fat. Sergio got on a roll. His girls are nearly always very nice and girl-next-door looking girls. There are a couple there which don't interest me, but this new foursome is pretty stunning. Three of the four down and one to go, but then there is always next weekend.

Marilyn's is at 2900 Del Ejido, at the corner of Del Ejido and Juan Escutia for those with a map. The phone number is 613-1369 if you have any questions. Just ask for Sergio. He speaks very good English. The directions below are correct, but I'm not sure I'd want to walk all that way on Montes de Oca from Genesis. You could take a bus on V. Guerrero to Lopez Mateos, then hop one south on Lopez Mateos to Del Ejido. You still walk about 7 blocks, but not nearly as far as walking Montes de Oca from V. Guerrero. I mention this because right now, as you know, it's HOT in Juarez. I've been here four years, and if not on record it certainly seems like the hottest summer yet because of the humidity.

07-20-04, 01:24
At Venus, skip oral, unless you have to have that. Go straight to the feature, and you can't go wrong. They will screw your eyes out.

Lorena at El Encanto is the bomb. Nuff said.

I believe that Johana left Marilyn as well, but I could be wrong.

07-20-04, 01:53
Yes, Jovana and Christina both quit Marilyn, or were dismissed. Someone posted below where they can be found now.

07-20-04, 03:07
RearWindow...it's funny how the obvious can evade some us! Yes, if I ever go back to Venus, I WILL skip the oral.

I assume from your post that you've been with some good-looking chicas there; can you elaborate? I've poked my head the place about a dozen times over the past year, but I've not seen anyone worth a go. Maybe I've just come at the wrong time.

07-20-04, 23:49

Today I went for an early morning BBBJ and FS. Cross over the bridge and hit around the Gymanizium. Morings are cooler and girls seem to lower ther price.

Saw this very nice and petite girl, she came right up to me and as if I wanted some company. Told her 15 is all I had and she said yes. Went to her room next to the gym. She gave a great BBBJ. The CFS was very good also. I got my morning nut.

I believe going to Juarez is better than El Paso in price, but that's if you have the time. Love the Mexican women.


07-20-04, 23:53
B Blond is right.

I have to agree with bbond that you can get more for your bucks in Juarez then in El Paso. I just love the hunt in El Paso and I know some guys that don't like going to Juarez, but he is right.


07-20-04, 23:58

Ok, I get it (lol).

I have gone to Venus on Sundays. For some reason the quality has been better. It has been hit or miss, but the last three trips there have been noteworthy. Jacqueline, most recently, and i am spacing on the other two names ( very unusual ones, i do remember). Never got good oral there... but the bodies were very nice.

I'm referring the next post by Clydesdale.. Gabi was another there...thanks .

07-21-04, 01:48
I got the chance to experience Sonia at Marylin's and recommend her highly. She has a nice slender body, friendly personality, and is pretty enthusiastic.

Another endorsement goes to Leslie at Masaje Michele. She has an excellent body and is fun enough. She's the first real good one I've found at that place.

Someone at Venus worth trying is Gabi. She's slender, but not too firm, and is fairly enthusiastic. She doesn't ask me for extra for oral either. Last time I was there I thought I saw Alejandra as I was leaving. I only caught a short glimpse, and wouldn't have believed it was her except for those distinctive lips. There were no blonde corn rows or dreadlocks; that would have been the clincher.

07-21-04, 08:15
Bus question: After reading about all of you enjoying the MPs and how easy the buses are I need to ask a few how to's.

They will take US coin, true?

Do they announce the stops, do you tell them the stops when boarding, or do you just tell them when you need to get off? If more than one of these works which would be the better way?

Did I read that ALL the buses end up the Cathedral?

I need to get back and have been wanting to brave the unknown world of buses, Thanks to whoever posted that trolley tour link. I think that will come in handy as well.

07-22-04, 10:08
Based on some of the reports I decided to try the Sleepy Iguana since I'm not much of one for massage parlors and trying to fuck on those damn tables.

The place was ultra clean by Juarez standards (even by American standards). Without a doubt the nicest place I've been into in Juarez. The selection of girls was limited but friendly and the owner said that there will be a new batch within a week or two.

I met a girl named Claudia, long blonde hair and a great pair of tits. She speaks some English and she was a pleasure to talk with. We went to the rooms and I was pleasantly surprised. The rooms are somewhat small but very nice. They are air conditioned and also have a ceiling fan. One wall is mirrored and they even had hooks for me to hang my clothes on. Claudia selected a CD and we listened to some nice music throughout our session.

Rather than just the condom and toilet paper, we were presented with a basket containing water, lotion, wet wipes, condoms and mints. The session with Claudia was great. She has a nice thin body with amazing tits. I loved when she got on top of me and turned around. Nice session. Took a shower afterwards and was amazed when the shower was as clean as the one I have at home....and the shampoo wasn't even watered down.

I probably could have paid $40, but I figured she needed the extra $20 more than I did and I appreciated the way the whole place made me feel like I wasn't getting ripped off. I know a lot of guys pride yourself on getting the lowest price you can, but when I'm treated right, I think that people deserve to be rewarded a little.

I hope the Sleepy Iguana does well because it's nice to have a decent place that offers a great experience at a fair price.

07-22-04, 12:55
A bit of advise, never make a posting here unless you are wide awake. I have been waiting to see my post on the Sleepy Iguana but nothing. Maybe I dreamed the post, maybe I'm insane, or just maybe a dumb ass.

So let me try it again. I went to the Sleepy Iguana in Juarez last Friday night. I got a dime tour of the non bar areas. Wow. What a nice layout. Most of the rooms are kind of small but very clean. There are a few larger room, but they all serve the purpose and more. Showers are available at the end of the hall on both levels.

The eventual plan is to make the rooms available on a room and board or bed and breakfast basis. Whether you want to spend the night with a chica or just crash out for the remainder of the evening, the choice is yours. There is also a full service kitchen on the first level. All very nice. I really do wish this guy luck.

The Filthy One

Storm Rider #2
07-22-04, 23:52
In response to c32,

The fare used to be 3 pesos but they will take U.S.$. Just make sure you know the exchange rate.

They do not announce the stops and it is a good idea to let the driver know where you want to go as long as he can understand you. Especially if you don't know where you are going.

Not ALL the buses end up at the cathedral. Some go close and some don't go close at all.

07-23-04, 03:35
I went over Wednesday night to Sleepy Iguana in hopes of having a good time with Claudia but unfortunately she was not there. The few girls there were in the 5 to 6 range so I just walked on back to El Paso. I returned today at 6 pm and she was still not there. The only female in the place was an elderly woman tending the bar. Without Claudia the place has really become kind of lame. Come on Tim, recruit some decent pussy!

Border Rat
07-23-04, 04:03
Yeah, you can't go wrong with Claudia at Sleepy Iguana. I've done her several times at the PL and Panama. One of the best bodies around and a nice lady too. She reminds me of Marta Sanchez, the blonde singer from Spain. Claudia has been around the circuit for at least 4 years now, so keep that in mind. When I was last at the SI, she was all over me, but I was trying to get rid of her to talk to the other girls. There was a very nice girl-next-door-type morena that looked great and a few others that were appealing. I just hate to be an ass, and blow off a girl to hook up with another. Even though its just a job to them, they still have feelings....maybe. BR

07-23-04, 04:27
Regarding the buses, they will take American coins or even a dollar bill, but they don't want anything larger. Juarez is a pretty huge city if you consult a map and some of the routes never get close to downtown, I feel sure, although you can get downtown on some route from anywhere. But the buses downtown will get you to about all of the 17 MPs I'm aware of. If you can convey to the driver where you want to get off in Spanish and sit near the front he will usually clue you in. If you know where you are going just say "baja" when you get there, meaning you want him to stop for you. They will stop about anywhere, bus stop or not. I rode them for a year and found the Juarez bus system to be a lot better than the ones found in most American cities in that they go where people want to go and get you there about as quickly as driving. I'm not sure I would own a car if I lived there full time.

07-23-04, 04:42

I sympathize with you there. I read about MariLus most recent pregnancy late at nite, had bad dreams, and then woke up in denial, thinking I dreamed the whole post was a nitemare. Couldn't find it for two days, and then it popped up. Serious gut wrench. I probably should seek help.

I have heard that more than a few MP girls might make the move to the Lizard soon. Probably worth keeping an eye on that place.Someone posted that CC was hopping. Any faves back?

07-23-04, 06:17
Bus question: After reading about all of you enjoying the MPs and how easy the buses are I need to ask a few how to's.

They will take US coin, true?

Do they announce the stops, do you tell them the stops when boarding, or do you just tell them when you need to get off? If more than one of these works which would be the better way?

Did I read that ALL the buses end up the Cathedral?

I need to get back and have been wanting to brave the unknown world of buses, Thanks to whoever posted that trolley tour link. I think that will come in handy as well.

Yes, coins accepted, quarters are accepted as 2 pesos.
A dollar will typically be accepted as 10 or 11, unless posted other wise.

DE told you how to get them to stop, just watch other people get off you will see.

There are 2 main bus stops downtown, both are in the general area of the Cathedral, within easy walking distance anyway.

07-23-04, 13:12

MariLu preggers? How can that be? She has that big scar down there. She told me that after 7 kids that she was fixed. Oh well, so long as its not mine, but I will miss her for the months she will be out of commission.

But if you care to reveal how you found this out let me know either here or in private message. I have thoughts about this. I have seen this before. Chicas have put the word out they are knocked up just to see who will show up. The next thing they do is milk any sucker for as long as they can get away with it (I wouldn't have started a website if I were a newbie to the scene). Insert big smiley face here.

I will be heading down tonight and will do some inteligence gathering. But then again she maybe finding out for herself who and what is being said about her on the internet. These girls are not dumb but if we are not careful, we can be very stupid.

The Filthy One

07-23-04, 18:47
Clydesdale...thanks for sharing your MP information with us. Again, I know that the turn-over rate at these places is high; but, man, a guy can sure save a lot of time and trouble with a couple good leads.

At the risk of getting a RTFF response, I ask: where is Michele's? I'm fairly well acquinted with Juarez, so I don't need overly detailed directions.

07-24-04, 02:56

Masaje Michel is on Avenida de las Americas and Jose Marti. That's a couple of blocks south of where it splits from Lincoln. Their sign can be seen fom Americas. There's also another chica there with a nice body, bubble butt (firm), teacup titties, and a firm flat stomach, but she didn't perform too well for me. I can't recall her name.

07-24-04, 18:48
Cienega, DE has already given you the lowdown on the busses. I have never used US coins, I don't recall the coin dispenser the drivers use having a place for them. Be a mensch and use Mexican coins. It's just more polite to pay in local currency IMHO. Leave paying in greenbacks to the boorish touristos in the Zona. 4 pesos as I recall, they raise the rates from time to time. First ride I usually give a 10 peso coin and count my change. ;^)

There may be some busses that don't end up back downtown, but I swear most of them do. Even the ones that go as far out as Zaragoza and the airport end up back downtown by the cathedral. But I have not ridden ALL of the busses so I cannot say for certain that all of them do. Also, FYI, there is usually an "end of the line" at some point on the route where you are expected to get off and if you want to get back on you will need to come up with another 4 pesos. For example, the Linea Central's "end of line" is the Plaza San Lorenzo (Soriana/Hipermart). El Centro is the other end of the line.

There are Paradas all over the place where the busses stop. They will also stop if you raise a hand to flag them down. Unlike the busses in EP you don't have to wait an hour for another one to come by if you miss your ride, they run every 10-15 minutes, more frequently during their busy hours. And they don't publish routes but they do put their routes on the windshield. That requires you to know the places listed. It may take a little time to get that down pat, and just when you do, they change the routes. ;^) Now off to cook up some chicken soup (inside joke).

07-24-04, 18:56
Clydesdale, there used to be a chica at Michels named Yoli, late 20's, not petite but well built with a nice ass, boy could she strap it on you. Wasn't there my last visit. I hate their shower setup, with the adjoining rooms sharing a shower, I kept feeling like someone would come through the shower from the next room over and catch me with my pants down, literally. And I sliced my foot open on the poorly maintained tile around the drain in one of the showers one time. But I did not catch any horrible diseases though.

Whatever happened to Vanessa from El Encanto? Either you liked her or you didn't, never smiled but when she did she looked like an entirely different person. Nice big ass, big enough to give a good massage.

Is Cristal still at Felinas?? Can you tell I am planning a trip down for the not too distant future. As soon as the weather starts to cool off a little.

07-24-04, 21:19
Excellent Friday night. Even though I didn't find any new phone cards the night went well. I met up with Scoup at the Sleepy Iguana, which was kinds slow this time. I met an English speaking chica named Angie, cute. Then we headed to Las Palmeras.

Isela, the older lady that hustles drinks told me about and old novia who came into town for 3 days looking for me. She left her number for me to call her in Chihuahua. I will skip the gruesome details on that situation. It goes back to 1997. There were a few hotties on shift. Moved on to Montaña.

Clydesdale, I just found out there are 2 Dianas working the Montaña. When I walked in I saw Diana dancing. I waved hello and kept on towards the back of the bar. Then Diana intercepted me and I saw Diana dancing still. I did a "what the fuck" and asked if they were twins. She said no. Now I am confused as to who you bought a drink for the night of the mongerpalozza and whose titties did I suck in the doorway that one time. Oh well, I have at least one of them on my website.

Which reminds me, I got more chica pics for the website. One of them is super fine, one is pretty but dingy, and the other is not so hot. You will see soon when I post one of each here.

Scoup got to see the famous Marilu who was looking as delicious as usual but his sites were elsewhere. I'll let him tell you about that.

We were low on cash but I ran into a couple of friends who had empty beer bottles so we each grabbed one and so they thought we were drinking. This kid knows how to have fun on a budget. Yessenia was looking tasty too but she just won't break down for a photo. I see her as a challenge.

The Fithy One

07-25-04, 00:16
A bit of advise, never make a posting here unless you are wide awake. I have been waiting to see my post on the Sleepy Iguana but nothing. Maybe I dreamed the post, maybe I'm insane, or just maybe a dumb ass.

You're not insane or a DA Mugroso. Jackson gets kinda swamped approving all the posts. Go to the "Senior Membership" link on the sidebar and request to be upgraded. you shouldn't have any problems with your contributions here to the board.

same for the rst of you. with senior status, your posts go through immediately!

07-25-04, 04:29
Cienega, DE has already given you the lowdown on the busses. I have never used US coins, I don't recall the coin dispenser the drivers use having a place for them. Be a mensch and use Mexican coins. It's just more polite to pay in local currency IMHO. Leave paying in greenbacks to the boorish touristos in the Zona. 4 pesos as I recall, they raise the rates from time to time. First ride I usually give a 10 peso coin and count my change. ;^)

I posted about coins, no problem really, dollar bills too. Lots of Mexican pay with American money. A quarter is accepted as 2 pesos and a dime is accepted as 1 peso, when the rate is 10:1 or higher. A dollar will be 10 or 11 pesos, depending on driver.
Last time I rode, and it's been a few months, the fare was 3.50 pesos, just pay 2 quarters and let driver keep change. If the fare is now 4 pesos, there will be none anyway.
You can ask other people, waiting for the bus, what the fare is.

Hey Dougie, it's me, remember the MP scouting mission we went on a while back?

07-25-04, 05:20
Been visiting El Encanto and Michels lately. Got real good service from Lorena at El Encanto. There is another young busty girl, an 8 I would say, at El Encanto, believe her name in Deanna. She will give great BBBJ and rides you till there is no end. Great experience with both girls. Cant remember the girl's name at Michels. Slender with great body and cute face. She was in charge of the place when I got there. She called out all the girls and called out the price, $30 for 45 minutes. Overall good time and will defintely keep on visiting.

07-25-04, 08:40
I'd like some info from some Juarez veterans. From 1997-99 a chica named Michelle used to work at Las Palmeras. If this rings a bell with anybody send me a private message. I will send you a photo for verification to make sure we are talking about the same chica.

The Filthy One

07-26-04, 01:01
For you Juarez mongerers who lament the quality of girls that ebb and flow thru el ciudad, check out the Mexicali Jack photos in the photo section. I'm not ripping him, but my God, kill me before that.

(I should have noted that they ARE NOT Juarez girls!) Thankfully.

07-26-04, 02:19
Friday night to Sleepy Iguana,

Back from Ruidoso so this is a late entry. Friday night start out with a meet with Bibi which was great with a BBBJ and FS. Told her that I was going to meet up with Mugroso at the Sleepy Iguana.

Slow night at SI. Nice looking place but seemed slow. Mugroso show me around his place with was great. New experience and great looking girls. He does know his clubs guys.

I danced with some girls and was felt up by some girls too.

Mugroso, found out later that there are two Diana's at the Montaña. One of my girls told me all about them. Guy both of these girls look great a 8 to 10 ( Diana #2 maybe 11 in my books).

Of course, the person I wanted to finally see was Marilu. Headed to Queens. The place was jumping and there she was Marilu. This girl has one for the best smiles and attitudes that I have ever seen. Of course, there was another. Her name is Alexjanra and must be I guess 5'3" with a body that matches.

Mugroso took some great pics of her and guys I just forgot about Marilu. Sorry, she just so petite than it just turned me on. Had alittle talk with her and I just hope she stays here.

Came close to closing, so week headed out to SI to see how it was going. Mugroso found out when I told him that some of the SW see me and grab me away. Two just have to stop me and took me aside.

Guys go to Mugroso site ladies of Juarez dot com to see some of the great ladies in the clubs. Had a great time.


07-26-04, 06:08
Glad to see Lorena of El Encanto getting some good press here. She is a really nice girl to talk to and a great time on the table, too. The busty one at El Encanto, I believe, is Diana, and she does, indeed, like to ride. Don't know why I don't get by there more often, as I also like Sr. Munoz, the owner. I guess the girls at Marilyn's have captured my heart for now. Haven't been anywhere else for months.

For those who have an interest in living in Juarez, or having an apartment for weekends, I can tell you there are lots of vacancies at my old building at Vicente Guerrero and Calle Peru next to the hardware store. I have not posted this information before, because, frankly, I valued my privacy too much to make the announcement. But for $200 a month you can get a great furnished apartment with all of the amenities and park your car in a locked private garage around the corner on Calle Columbia. There are some luxury apartments for $400 a month above the garage with central air, a bar, and really nice furnishings. Sr. Salvador Flores is the owner, who is the best landlord I ever had on either side of the border. I have a bottle of tequila for him the next time I find him on the premises.
My new place is only $100 a month, has private parking, and is located in a good family neighborhood. I will really miss the people on V. Guerrero, but even good things pass. The $100 apartment will be a palace in 2-3 months and is an integral part of my plan to escape to Mexico in January and live like a king for $500 a month. The plan is to do absolutely nothing for 6 months except study Spanish and write travel articles about Juarez and Chihuahua for the Juarez Tour Guide. It's receiving a steady stream of about 12,000 visitors a month and actually making some decent money on the Google ads. With the JTG and elimination of all debt I could work as a greeter at Walmart in El Paso and get by just fine. I'm done with my high tech, everybody's so damn smart, work-a-day world and debt and high cost of living in the states come 2005. It's finally over. I'd rather be selling tortillas on the street than continue this joke of a life north of the border. Friendly people everywhere I go, a new culture to study, and a girl after breakfast every day.

You guys really should check out the new selection at Marilyn's. This weekend I got with Sandra, 19, who is a model quality, total doll. So much for the experience counts theory. Perfect body, perfect face, perfect teeth, perfect smile, and perfect passion. Some girls are just born to do it right. Then there is Sonia, mentioned here favorably, who just gets more friendly and open with me as I go through the rounds of the other new girls. Then there is Cassandra, the one with the most beautiful eyes and lips I have ever seen. I guess I've known her for almost two years. It's fun to sit in the parlor with all of them and feel the amicable tension in the room. This weekend I brought them a box of Millionaire chocolates. The fourth babe, Jasmine, quit after a week or two. Can't wait to see who Sergio hires next.

The quality of the girls in Juarez can be pretty gross, as noted below, I admit, but it is also awesome if you take the time to really explore the place. Juarez is kind of like panning for gold nuggets in the mud, but once you find them, gold is gold.

07-27-04, 17:39
Based on reports I read here I decided to go visit Marilyns. It would be nice if they had a sign! Fortunately, I had the address. With all the great press I've read here, I asked for Sonia. She was cute, slim, just the way I like them. Only problem was when we got in the room I discovered a string hanging from her pussy. I decided to postpone my adventure with Marilyn for another day and asked her to have Cassandra come in instead. She was really sweet and we had a nice session. She has a three month old baby so I was able to enjoy some of the babies lunch. I really enjoy that....am I sick? Freud would probably have a field day with that. The only problem I have with Marilyn's and every other massage parlor is I hate the tables. Give me a bed anytime.

I saw Marilu at Queens and am always impressed with how she seems to relish her job. Hit the Sleepy Iguana and saw a new girl there by the name of Miriam. Apparently she's been on the job for just a week and isn't sure if that's what she wants to do. She's standoffish and a guy I talked to said he paid $100 to be with her. That's expensive but he wasn't complaining at all. She's 21, great looking with a super body. She's never been married, never had kids and is a university student. Not your typical girl. How long she lasts is anyone's guess, but it's nice to see a fresh face! There's supposed to be a new girlstarting on Wednesday if she gets her ID. Sweet looking and petite.

Went to Panama where I heard some really disturbing news from a friend. She blurted out that one of the girls working there had tested positive for HIV and was still working. At first I suspected that this was just one girl spreading trash about another but she told me that the girl had gotten pregnant and had an abortion in early March and this is when she found out. She wouldn't tell me the girl's name because she was a friend so I decided to go to another source to check it out. I talked to someone who worked at Panama and knew all the girls. I asked her if she knew of anyone who had an abortion in March. She was surprised that I knew about it because it was a big secret but she said that a girl named Elena or Nanita had been pregnant with a baby girl and ended it after 3 1/2 months. I asked her if she heard that she was HIV positive and she just shrugged her shoulders and said that obviously she didn't use condoms since she had gotten pregnant (I should have been able to figure that out myself...pregnant....no condom...HIV+...makes sense). She said that she thought at least two other girls working at Panama were HIV+. When I asked how that could happen, she told me that lots of girls would skip using condoms for an extra $5 or $10 bucks but nobody liked to talk about it. It's like if they don't talk about HIV it will go away. Needless to say, I'm avoiding Panama but I wonder if it isn't true of all the places.

Las Vegas was closed down for a while because some of the girls didn't have ID but it's back open. Nice place but it seems that the girls are getting bigger. Faustos has nice girls but I draw the line at paying $13 for a Bud Light for a girl. I want to get fucked, just not like that.

A lot of the clubs are complaining that it's hard to get decent new girls. I wonder if that has to do with the proliferation of girls on the streets.

A final thought : Why is it that the best looking girls on the street are always the transexuals?

Be safe and cover up!

07-28-04, 20:37
Marcus66 Wrote: A final thought : Why is it that the best looking girls on the street are always the transexuals?

I'm afraid only Dr. Freud can help you there. Just kidding, I'm sure we all wonder the same thing. It is a shame some of them are actually men, but if you will also observe, they will not lie to you about actually being a woman.

Another observation I have made lately is not only an increase in gringo activity but more soldiers going into Mexico. Both Friday and Saturday night I saw platoons of them downtown. Whether they are returning from or going to Iraq, they certainly do deserve some R&R. I just hope they don't drive up prices.

The Filthy One

07-28-04, 21:37
Maria Elena (Nanita) has been in the Panama for a long time. She is a cutie too. A little older at about 35 or so tho.
HIV stories have been a part of the scene there some time, I doubt if the owners would permit her to stay if they knew or thought sher had HIV, or any other disease.
Of course you have to worry about other places there. No-brainer there.

07-29-04, 05:57
Went to the Sleepy Iguana tonight--Wednesday 7-28.

Saw this girl from El Paso, long black hair, 19 yo, very hot, UTEP student. I think her name was Angie.

She did almost everything I wanted, but wasn't a GFE. She kind-of makes you rush.

But left very happy. Very hot girl. Very clean there. Friendly American owner.

(okay, so it's not my best prose--I'm a little drunk :-)

07-31-04, 07:48
Montana was closed tonight (Friday). Anybody know what's up with that? I was looking forward to Diana as the highlight of my visit.
I hooked up with a girl at Ano Nuevo named Lis. She is slender and has gold trimmed front teeth. Her body is quite nice, and she is pleasant, but not overly enthusiastic. I recommend her.

07-31-04, 20:38

When I was down Tuesday evening, the Montaña was closed then too. I'm not sure whats up. They were open on the weekend.

I'm really strapped for cash so unfortunately I won't be able to go down this weekend.

uesday evening Sleepy Iguana had some new chicas. Someone reported on Angie. I spoke to her breifly and she is a real cutie. A little on the heavy side but thats ok, I don't have plans on lifting her. Remember, I said little heavy. Her cute dimples really do it for me.

The Filthy One

08-01-04, 05:50
Coyote...UTEP student working her way through college in Juarez! This is especially interesting to me since I taught at UTEP last year. And, man, there are some real lookers that attend that fine institution of higher education!

However, one would think that an enterprising girl would realize that there is more money to be made on the US side of the border. She could start her own out-call operation over here and charge around $200 per visit. If she's anything like some of the chicas I had the previlege of teaching, I know one customer she could count on! Hell, even if she worked in the one of the strip clubs (which are usually not too picky about checking work permits), she could clear a hell of a lot more. Too bad I don't have the nerve to try the ***** bars, or I'd check her out for myself and maybe offer my services as a "financial advisor."

In any event, I paid another visit to Marilyn's this weekend. Yes, at the moment they have just about all that a guy could want. As Dreaming Eagle has stated, at this moment that place features some terrific, girl-next-door types, which in my book is the epitomy of the hobby. Sometimes, life is good!

08-01-04, 06:07
I know...I know...I just can't keep my thoughts to myself when I should (I've lost several jobs that way). But I just have to write a note here to the moderator.

What is with this politically-correct, hypocritical bullshit about censoring?! As far as I can tell this whole forum is based upon the sexual exploitation of women, is it not?! I'm sorry...but this is the truth, whether we want to admit it or not, or whether we have a problem with it or not.

So, will someone please tell me how censoring words--words that can be heard on prime-time network television any day of the week--"purifies" this site?! In essence, what the moderator is telling us is that any sort of ACTION is okay, but we have to be selective in the type of WORDS we use to DESCRIBE the persons, places, and things involved. Does anyone other than I see a glaring contradiction here?!

So let's cut the shit and make this a truly open forum! Leave the hypocracy to the Bill Clintons and John Kerrys of this world (my apologies to all dems...I just couldn't resist the dig here...lol).

08-01-04, 06:43
It's the nature of the words not the usage. In the posting guidelines can be found the following:

Banned Words: The words "*****", "*****" and "****" are not allowed because these words are commonly used to denigrate women, and that's not what this website is all about.

From there I would imagine it's auto-filtered. Not a biggie if you think about it.

And yes, this is SysOp ass-kissing. I'm still trying to get seniored.

08-01-04, 07:15
Yeah, well, I figure it's Jackson's forum, and, having a successful web site of my own, I guess he can run it any way he wishes. You can always drop out if you don't like the rules. Running a sex site generates a lot of heat, and I'm sure he knows more than we do about what can and cannot be allowed to appear on these discussion forums.

Regarding hypocrasy, you don't have to look any further than the pinhead in the White House and company he keeps to find it, but I'm not going any further in politics than to respond this once to a political remark amazingly inappropriate on this forum. I think we should just let that topic drop.

Regarding the girl from UTEP, have you ever considered the fact running a call girl op in the US can land her in jail whereas there will never be any problems across the border?

Regarding the exploitation of women in Mexico, it truly is in places downtown where the owners get them hooked on drugs and dependent on the lifestyle. It truly is many places. In other places, like Marilyn, where anyone would believe it or not, the owners actually try to help the girls and put them on a better path. Economic conditions here are so poor in terms of alternatives for single women with children this attitude is a compassionate one, because otherwise they might be selling themselves on the street or in the bars downtown with all the concommitant dangers. When you really know what's going on here south of the border you know things cannot simply be distilled into a single condemnation like this forum is about the exploitation of women.

Perhaps that's what it's all about for you, but I don't think it is, because no one as intelligent as you are could think into the issues involved and say the things you said. It's sure not about exploitation for me, and I find it amusing that so many otherwise intelligent, accomplished people think they can sum it up in a single statement like yours in a pithy (they think) remark. If you tackle it with the same academic rigor you have tackled whatever discipline you have mastered, you will find this subject to be incredibly complex and lending itself to few moral judgments about either the girls or the men who come here for them. The girls need the money for their kids in most cases (for drugs in the worst cases), and we, being products of what is still essentially a puratanical culture, want the sexual opportunity with multiple partners by spending a little money. Both forces are as strong as the tides rising to the moon and cannot be stopped.

I like having the girls available, but I would rather cross the bridge one night and see a big sign saying "The flowers of this nation's youth are no longer available for any man with $30!" I would rather see them in school driving decent cars or married to somebody who cares about them. I would rather see them talking on their cell phones turning up their little busy-wizzy noses at older guys like us just like they do in the United States. But that's not how the creator made the world, so being kind to them, talking to them, bringing a few chocolates now and then, showing respect, and giving them a decent tip is the best I can do. Like it does for you most likely, it makes me feel young again to enjoy sex with them, and I can be thankful for that experience and wish for their sakes it would all go away at the same time. That's how complicated things really are here.

I think the forum is about a lot more than simply how to find the girls. That information is all here now. Now and then a new place opens, a new face appears. It's really the same old story told over and over again, and we are just the latest little trail of ants to follow the sugar trail to Mexico. There is a place for practical information, but there is also a place here to intelligently discuss underlying issues such as those raised in your post. Although I disagree with the tone of your comments, I thank you for them for that reason.

Nice to write from my place in Juarez for a change. Cablemas is offering 38 channels and internet for only $38 a month...with the internet a man can make a living anywhere.

08-01-04, 07:19
I can't hold back my thoughts either TRex. I have met 3 posters from this board and all have been great guys and I look forward to meeting more. (mongerpalozza time again??) I think the "rules" we must abide by here keep out the riff raff. Spelling, capitalization, puctuation and such are such simple things but I think if we meet a higher standard we are mongers of a higher standard.

I see no problem with using the word *****, as in *****house but when refering to a particular chica as a ***** may be a bit out of line as some guys get attached to these girls. It avoids any hurt feelings or flame wars. If someone mentioned that so and so at Queens place is a ***** then that might offend me or someone else. (me, offended?? yeah right). I hope I made sense here.

TRex, if I may suggest, MPs are great, they have their advantages but I love the social aspects of bar hopping. I like talking to the chicas and waiters and doormen. I also like a good one hour massage with sex but its an in and out type thing for me. You should go to the Sleepy Iguana and visit your student (laughing out loud) She is a real cutie.

One last thing TRex, what are those dems up to? Are they trying to stop the war in Iraq? I feel President Bush needed no justification in invading. He created a terrorist battleground. Its better to fight them there than to have to worry about car bombs here.

The Filthy (opinionated) One

08-01-04, 14:50

Yeah, I’ve been to UTEP & the girls are just something else. One actually made me trip on the sidewalk.

I’ve wondered why Angie wouldn’t set up her own service in El Paso too, but I suppose she feels safer working at a club where someone can watch her back. Plus, as DreamingEagle said, there’s the legal issues.

RE censorship, yeah if it was my forum I probably wouldn’t have so many rules. But it’s Jackson’s & those are his rules.

08-01-04, 15:01
RE exploitation, I don’t thing women who choose to work as prostitutes are being “exploited” any more than any other worker in any other job.

Does McDonald’s “exploit” workers by requiring them to serve hamburgers?

08-01-04, 23:08
BBond wrote that he doubted that the owners of Panama would allow a girl to stay if they knew she was HIV+. That's probably true although these guys are gaining a very poor reputation in the business. The source of the rumors about Elena (Nanita) at Panama testing positive for HIV is a very inside source. I doubt that the owners are aware. This source told me that Elena (real name Laura Reyes according to her ID although even that name is bogus) has an 18 year old son, Javier, who is in jail for drugs, a 16 year old daughter, Claudia, with a two year old daughter, Jacqueline. She lives with a drug dealing low life named Eduardo, who claims he works for the police which isn't true. Elena told Eduardo that Javier and Claudia were her brother and sister because she knew he didn't want the baggage of two kids (nothing like truth in a relationship).

I met an American trucker who got ripped off by her to the tune of $400. She apparently doesn't use condoms because the abortion she had is proof of that. I know that she borrowed money from the owner of San Souci and didn't repay it until the threat of physical violence was raised. Is it much of a leap to think she could be HIV+ and would lie about it? As I said, my source has a great deal of detail about this woman. My suggestion is that this is one woman who definitely needs to be avoided. You expect lies when you deal with the girls down there, you just don't want to lose your money or catch some disease.

On a lighter note, I went to the club Las Vegas the other night and saw an amazing performance on a pole by a nice looking girl. I've seen her before but I can't remember where. Does this ring a bell with anyone?

08-02-04, 00:01
Okay...I had a bit too much wine last night; and I was really pissed off when I saw that a perfectly good word I had used was censored. As soon as I went to bed I knew I had probably openned up a can of worms, which was not my intention. I just wanted to vent a little. This symbolic gesture to make the things discussed on this forum seem socially acceptable (?) or kinder and gentler (?) is just downright silly. Please tell me, to whom is this gesture directed (perhaps the National Organization of Women)?

And I hate to tell you guys this, but the riff raff is here (hell, I may even be one of them!). True, most of the posts on the JUAREZ site are informative, interesting, and fun to read. And although I have never met anyone from the CJ forum, I have no doubt that Mugroso and the people he has met really are good guys. But have you read some of the other forums on the WSG? Personally, I can't stomach much of them.

I should add that the comments in my first post about the UTEP student were meant to be taken tongue-in-cheek--just trying to have a little fun.

Dreaming Eagle...I have the utmost respect for you and for your opinions. We will simply have to agree to disagree on the issue of exploitation. But would you admit that EVERYONE is exploited in one sense or another? I think there are vastly different levels of exploitation; but I find it difficult to rationalize prostitution as being anything but that. So, I (like you) try to minimize the exploitation factor as mush as possible when I am practicing my hobby. But I still think it's exploitation...why else would we have to pay the girls?

Which leads me back to the kinder, gentler language forced upon us here. Although I try to act as civilized as possible when I indulging in my hobby, I see forums like this one as the equivalent of the guys hanging out in the garage talking about their exploits (pardon the pun). It just seems to me that certain (banned) words are appropriate in this kind of setting. Once again, I think ACTIONS are much more important than WORDS.

Of course, this is all just my opinion, for what that is worth. And what the hell do I know? I'm just a sexually-focussed, chronologically-advanced member of the male gender (i.e. dirty old man). (Hope that satisfies the censors, as well as the NOW!)

08-02-04, 00:19
And Mugroso...I have considered the bars-in-which-prostitution-is solicited (see, I'm learning to defer to the censors); but I'm somewhat scared of walking around that part of Juarez at night, especially in regard to being harassed by the police.

But if you could post a picture of the UTEP cutie, I might be encouraged to give the Sleepy Iguana a try! We only live once, right?!

08-02-04, 00:21
I will second your observation about some of the other boards on WSG. Most of the others degenerate into some sort of pizzing match between members about price,best place ,blah blah.My theory? I think that is directly tied into the photo sections of each. If you notice , there are basically no pix from our board, and all of us are happy to keep our gems to ourselves. When the photos flo freely, problems start..male egos...etc...

I am part of another board that has had it's moments, but has stabilized much like this one, and is a pleasure to add to ( hence my high post count), and has now yielded the opportunities to hook up with long time mongers there. This is a great thing

I met Angie the UTEP girl @ Panama, in Dec 2003, she was cute, but did'nt trip my trigger.

08-02-04, 00:47
How do you get to the Sleepy Iguana from the Santa fe bridge? I would hope to walk to avoid the cabbies.

Thanks for the help.

08-02-04, 03:30
Went to the Sleepy Iguana Saturday night and it looks like business is picking up. There was a nice crowd and people seemed to be having a good time. There were a couple of new girls that I had never seen there before. One was a tall blonde (6' in heels?) and another was a shorter blonde with a great body. Nice to see the place getting some more girls although I have to confess, I like brunettes more than blondes. It seems like word is getting round and I think you'll see a steady influx of girls starting to work there. Had a new drink called a Border Blaster (Red Bull and Tequila) that they ad on special, 2 for $5. It was kind of nice to drink something other than a beer. I would like to see a more steady stream of dancers. I don't expect it to be like Queens or Vegas, but it's a little too inconsistent now!

Walked over to Vegas and was surprised at a couple of really nice girls, slender and brunette. Sometimes Vegas has some really nice girls and sometimes it's a fat farm. Queens is the same way, not surprising I guess since they've got the same owner. I do like those days when the fat farm is closed down.

08-02-04, 03:35
And now my 3 centavos:

The analogy of the boys hanging in the garage is a good one but I think it's more like we're hanging in someone's home and they're in the kitchen. If they don't want to hear it then we are in no position to question it. That's life.

Also the times are a changing socially. I sit home and listen to the little 10 & 11 year old wannabe hood rats outside calling each other by the "n-word" that most people of my generation would cringe to. "It's what we say, dog". Sheeesh. No respect for anything but that seems to be the way it is.

Exploitation. Let's think about who is really being exploited here. Us or them. (tongue in cheek humor)

I've visited some other forums here and some are beyond pissing matches. Some of the threads have nothing to do with nothing other than defaming other users, their choices & opinions.

That's why I love it here. Always a smooth flow of info and experiences. The level of respect for each other's postings is unique. It's great. In one of my first postings here I had used the H-word that also gets filtered. I had emailed Jackson to check if I may violated a guideline. The reasoning was explained & I respect the wishes of the administration here. I might not agree with all of it and may not understand all of it but, as I've said, that's life and it is his house.

Service provider has much more of a classier ring to it. Harder to type but hey.

Now, let's get back to talking about the best hobby in the world & the service bars of Juarez!

08-02-04, 03:46
On the Sleepy Iguana - BorderRat had posted that it was a block up from Casa. Now if I was standing in front of Casa and was looking in the direction of the gym where would Sleepy Iguana be?

08-02-04, 18:07
If you want to go to Sleepy Iguana and avoid the taxis, the easiest way from the Santa Fe bridge is to take an immediate right after coming off the bridge. Do not walk up Juarez Ave. Go one short block and turn left. The road will fork, take the right fork. You'll be going through a neighborhood, don't be alarmed it is perfectly safe. Go five blocks to Calle Maria Martinez. The San Souci (Casa Colorado) will be on your right. Turn left and the Sleepy Iguana is 50' up on your right hand side. Can't miss it. If you go another 100' you'll hit the Municipal Gymnasium.

08-02-04, 19:00
As you exit the Casa Colorada walk towards the gym. On the first block on the corner is the Sleepy Iguana. Hell, you don't need to go to the Casa as you will have to pass the Sleepy Iguana to get there
Who wants to go to the Casa anyways? I just don't like them. The girls may be cool and all but, well I'll stop there. They are on my Juarez guide but not on the tours I offer on my website.

The Filthy (newly seniored) One

08-02-04, 21:18

I have no interest in the Casa either. It was just for sense of bearing relating to BorderRat's post. I'm trying to remember the walk to Casa and it's getting fuzzy. That's not good. Need a refresher. Need to get back. Need a chica fix. Argh!

ChuCho Dan
08-03-04, 00:29

I agree with your assessment of the Casa Colorado being a place to avoid at all cost.

The last time I was in there a few truckers came in so I started talking to them. In no time the big fat guy that owns or manages the place sent the madam over to inform me that I could stay if I just wanted to drink my beer but that I was not to speak with the truckers. They would have to some real knockouts in there for me to put up with that sort of treatment. Which they don't have.

I don't know why anyone would put up with that type of treatment when there are so many other damn options available.
I guess the casa is not interested in having repeat customers and would rather gouge uninformed truckers that they van in from surrounding truck stops. Needless to say the Casa Colorado is on my avoid list. On a scale of 1-10 I give them a 1 based on their shitty attitude.

I'm going to work on finding a place a can give a better review to for my next post. Who knows if I get real brave one of these days I might check out the scene around the cathedral. Does anyone on this board have any info on the cathedral area action? I wonder if it is as scary as the locals would have me believe?

08-03-04, 19:45
ChuCho Dan
I'm afraid of the catherdral are because of all the gays that hang out there. Sometimes I have waited for a chica there during the day and they always try to pick me up.
The area locals try to warn you about is the market area. It is fine in the day for shopping but at night watch out. There are several bars in the market area which is fine for locals but even I, with my years of experience won't venture down there at night. Well once I did but I left before anything could happen.
I took Clydesdale down there around dusk during the last mongerpalozza. We went into Panchangas, walked in, and walked out. The women were absolutely scarey.
If you insist on giving it a try, go in the daytime. I'm sure action can be had in the day. If you don't get any action the market place is a great place to go shopping have an agua fresca and just see the people pass by. I love it there.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, a good portion of the market place burned down about 2 weeks ago. One building looked really torched and I am not sure what else went down.

The Filthy One

08-03-04, 21:33
I have been in the market area around midnight, and was not the least bit concerned for my safety. It is heavily police patrolled.
But I won't go back, absolutely no reason to. The girls that work in there, work there for a reason. They are just too scary looking to work anywhere else. You can get laid in there for $5, if you can stand it. That is a locals market and they can have it. The bars in there, smell bad, really bad.

08-04-04, 03:10

"burned down" .. are you talking about Mercado Juarez or the stalls now around the cathedral? When I was there July 4, everything was fine. What happened? didn't see anything in the EPTimes about a fire.

08-04-04, 03:14
the last time i was in there a few truckers came in so i started talking to them. in no time the big fat guy that owns or manages the place sent the madam over to inform me that i could stay if i just wanted to drink my beer but that i was not to speak with the truckers.

chucho dan,

you have to look at this from the casa's point of view. the truckers don't pay money to go down to juarez so they can chit-chat with other guys. they can do that at any bar in the united states. believe it or not, they go down there to get laid. as long as you're talking with any of the customers, you're preventing them from getting what they went down there for.

i was once in this situation. i had just sat at the bar, and some guy comes and sits next to me and talks to me for about 30 minutes. i didn't want to be rude to the guy and tell him to take a hike, or have him get offended and start a fight. so i just sat there and listened to him like some therapist. the madam finally came and told the guy something and he got mad and left. i'm guessing she told him the same thing she told you. i thanked her for getting rid of the guy and i found myself a cute, petite 20 year old to drink with and then i took her upstairs.

once the guy left, the casa and the girls started making money off of me. that is the reason they have a business. i'd bet they could care less if you talked with the customers, just as long as they've already made their trip up to the room.

i hope any new people out there don't get discouraged about the casa. it's a great little bar, and the people there are really friendly. i've been going to this bar for 3 years now and i don't have one complaint. well maybe just one. i wish they'd hire a lot more of those petite 18-21 year olds. i'd sure be down there a lot more often than i go down there now.

zuzax out

ChuCho Dan
08-04-04, 16:29
I'm glad there are people that the casa has yet to alienate because I have actually had some memorable encounters over there in the past. Not to offend anyone it's just been a little to long since I've enjoyed myself in there to remain on my rounds.

Instead I've been dropping into Don Felix and the Yankes bar lately. Don Felix has a decent little free lance scene if thats your cup of tea. It seems to me that about 90% of the girls are available for a price and that with the other 10% you just might get lucky with. I like the thrill of the hunt and being able to drink regular priced drinks with the girls. I frankly cant stomach the $12 tang drinks some of the girls try to hit you up for in some of the titty bars. After we have some drinks I usually end up taking them to Arbolitos to have some of their legendary ChuChus. Then after negotiating a price thats usually between $20-$30, I take them across the street and pay for the $7 short term hotel.

As for the market it burned down last week on that day when it was overcast and drizzling all day. They apparantely had a lot of caged animals for sale in there that unfortunately were cremated by the fire.

08-04-04, 19:26
Too bad we don't have a poll section here. I'd like to take a poll. What is your top 5 all time favorite massage parlors? Please post your results here or Private message me.

My top 5 are

1. Paraiso on Malecon
2. Genesis on Montes de Oca
3. Marylins on Del Ejido
4. Venus on Lincoln(?). I've only been there once, lots off fine babes at the time.
5. Stefanies in WaterFill. Its been so long, I don't know if they are still open.

I've rated them based on the good times good massage and fine babes that I have encountered in the various MPs.

Thanks guys
The Filthy One

08-04-04, 20:01
I would like to hear more about the market fire myself. I was last there June 1st and they were still excavating the one area. I was told it was to give the Cathedral booths a better place to be. They wanted to move them away from the Cathedral area.

I enjoy walking thru the market and watching the culture. I really dig the atmosphere of it all. The booths and general congestion give a nice impression to me. One trip I went thru with a video camera and a digital still camera. Had fun with it all as the friendly people would ham it up for the camera. Most everyone would wave or "Hola" and no one had a problem with it - except the bar chicas. Man, they would scurry!. I was grateful as none were of the type that I wanted to capture to film.

I went back to that area after sundown and I thought better against wandering around in there. No reason other than uncharted ground and being by myself. I felt that way about wandering up Mariscal from the Cathedral area when I first checked out Juarez. Now it's a bee-line to it and I'm very comfortable with walking around in the Zona.

As far as the Cathedral area being a gay hangout at nite - I had no idea! I didn't know it was a thing that was so socially obvious in Mexico. I know of one or two bars in the Zona that are gay based, but didn't expect a public gathering area. I always thought they were people who were their for the religious aspect of it.

08-05-04, 00:52
Responding to Mugroso's poll:

1. Marylin
2. Venus
3. Felinas (on Jose Borunda)
4. Sirenas (on Hermanos Escobar)
5. El Encanto (on Hermanos Escobar)

The ratings are heavily weighted toward 'what have you done for me lately?' Venus has had some of the most spectacular babes I've found, but they tend to upsell. There used to be a chica named Paula there that was truly exquisite.
Genesis almost made the list, but that would have been based only on Candy. Paraiso usually has good looking babes, but I've never had a real super experience there. Maybe I need to make that a 1st stop sometime rather than a 'one more time' on the way out of town.

08-05-04, 02:06
I just returned from two days in Juarez, Saturday and Sunday, and was pleasantly surprised at how the town is cleaning up and changing.

ChuCho, the fat guy is Ricardo Moro, husband of the owner and all around asshole. But from what I'm told by others and after having a rather lengthy conversation with him Saturday night, he ain't got long in this world. His livers shot and his idea of following doctors orders to quit drinking was to switch from a liter of rot gut tequilla a night to a case and a half of Corona every night. Oh well, good riddance and as I told a friend. Notify me when he dies cause I want to be at his funeral to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) on his caskeT!

But, back to the story. All told, Saturday, I made five crossing into and out of Juarez. I was astounded that the Zaragosa bridge into the U.S. was virtually empty at 11:00 in the morning. Tambien, the Cordova bridge twice at various times throughout the afternoon. Even coming back across the Cordova briefly at 0200 sunday morning to deposit a load of docile drunks on the U.S. side, the wait was only like 10 minutes. 10 minutes shared next to a carload of teeny boppers who kept flashing their tits at us.

First off I gotta tell you guys. Get to the San Souci and check out a new girl, Jessica Rodriguez from Durango. She's been there 2 days as of Saturday night and she is fucking fantastic. Took her out toda la noche to Campo Real (more on this spot in a moment) and she definately didn't disappoint. This girl has innocence written all over her face. A small mole on her right cheek will ID her for you. But the first thing you'll notice is the 38DD on a 110 pouind frame. Small waisted and skinny ass completes the package and she has a laser visa. Ya'll need to try her before she becomes jaded and money hungry.

Went to Queens with a couple of friends and admired the stock on stage. One real cutie but the tattoos were a turn off. Buddy of mine hooked up with one, I never got her name who looked a little like Mary Ann from Gilligans Island and spoke pretty decent english. Wearing a black bikini, she was sitting with friends at a table under the big screen TV.

Checked out the New Panama Club and met the gringo owners, Jon and Leo. Nice renovations but the stock is so so. Never cared for the place much since I got thrown out of there a few years back.

Stuck my head in the Sleepy Iguana for a sec to check it out. This place has possibilities and hopefully, it will give Ricardo a run for his money. Nice but small. Only drawback is Sheila, the negotiator from Panama is working here. Me and that ***** do not get along so I didn't stay.

Had a couple of truck drivers with me (stole them from Ricardo) and they discovered a little hole in the wall next to Club 4-10 which is caddy corner from the Sleepy Iguana in the alley. Next to this bar is a true to life w_h_o_r_e_h_o_u_s_e! These boys thought they'd found heaven. Nothing I would touch but they were drunk and keeping score and $20.00 FS couldn't be beat. 4-6's here.

Okay, Jessica and I got the docile drunks (10 in all) rounded up, across the border and back to their trucks and headed back across the Zaragosa bridge to the Campo Real Motel. If ya'll haven't found this place, check it out! A word of warning though. I took a couple of guys out there and although they rented rooms, they were ready to go as soon as it was dark. For folks like myself and Dreaming Eagle who are comfortable with the locals, this is a fantastic place and the price is right. This is basically a locals hangout. You have a gigantic round club inside a compound which has probably 50 rooms to rent for 200-300 pesos per night. This place is astonishingly clean, secure and safe. They have security booths at each of the entrances and roving security. Each room has its own attahced garage with door (like the La Siesta) and all rooms are immacualtely clean. For $200.00 pesos you get a basic room with ice cold A/C, shower and queen size bed, For $270.00 pesos, you can get a room with a king size bed, ditto on the A/C, 2 person whirlpool tub (This scared the hell outta Jessica) mirros on the walls and ceilings etc. This is a description of room 16 that I had. The whole compound is surrounded by a wall. What makes this special? Hookers, w_h_o_r_e_s, putas, whatever you want to call them, 5-9's in the club and walking the compound for your inspection all night. Prices? Average of $40.00 although as the night wears on, the prices are more negotiable. Best of all, the Campo Real is less than a mile from the Zaragosa bridge. In this area there are numerous ladies bars and a topless club called the Black Stallion about a block away towards the bridge.

Sunday, took Jessica back to the bar after having brunch at a little seafood restaraunt right at the Zaragosa crossing. Caldo de Camerones, GOOOD! A little extra for her and off on my own to the MP's. unfortunately, having to supposedly be in Laredo Sunday night, I opted for Genesis and my buddies, the brothers Lopez. Candy was on the schedule but unfortunately not working. They were short handed with only Paola, Janet, Mabrely and Selina working.. Chose "M", I think, about 20 with a ridiculous auburn wig but gave fantastic service for $300.00 pesos. Matter of fact, she wanted to go again after the first pop and not being one to deny a lady...

That's about it. Sorry but I don't write about the act itself or prices as it might cause problems with Ricardo, but if you take Jessica out for the night, don't jump on the first price given. It can be had for less.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention this, but it is the gospel truth. Chito at Club Laura's seems to be in the kidnapping business. Thi is a no shitter. One of the truckers came down Friday night and took one of Chitos girls out todo la noche for an agreed upon price of $150.00. After a couple of hours in a motel across town, she suddenly HAD to return to the bar for something. So they took a cab back to LAura's. Once there, and here it gets a bit hazy, but she demanded an additional $200.00 for the rest of the night. They ended up not back at the motel but at the apartments across from the bar that Chito owns. The girl took the money and left, and two goons locked this man in the room until 4 pm Saturday afternoon. Don't know if it was a drug deal gone bad or what the f_u_c_k was happening, but guys, stay away from this place. Even Ricardo, when made aware of the situation was pissed, and not because he didn't get a cut either. Needless to say, Club Laura's doors were locked by 10 Saturday night.

08-05-04, 03:02
My personal MP rating:

1) Marilyn's ****
2) El Encanto ****
3) Roma ***
4) Venus ***
5) Felinas **

As expressed elsewhere on this board, the chicas featured in these establishment fluctuate so much that's it's really difficult for them to be consistent. That being said, over the past year, there have been more girls that reve my motor at Marilyn's than any other place. I know many of you are familiar with Mariana--but anyone remember Christina or Lizette (both long gone); or Johana (recently left)? Wow! And now they have at least three real babes in attendance (see previous posts).

I give El Encanto a close second. In addition to Lorena (who was aptly described as "the bomb"), I've been with some other very good looking and very capable chicas there. In fact, I don't think I have ever walked out the door without having found someone who interested me. My only complaint is that the place does not seem very clean or kept up; and if you use the shower the water spills out onto the (sorry excuse for a) carpet. It's a miracle that I've never caught athlete's foot there!

In my experience, both Roma and Venus are more iffy as to the number of quality girls. I have walked out of both many times without being serviced. However, these two are among the most clean, comfortable, and nicely furnished MPs in CJ. I give the nod to Roma because the going rate is $30 (instead of Venus' $40), and because the chicas don't try to upsell, which is s.o.p. at Venus. Still, I have had some good experiences at Venus. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, Alejandra (gone for over a year) was probably the prettiest and horniest girl I've met in my hobbying career.

Felinas: quite clean and comfortable; but I've only availed myself of their services on just a couple of occasions simply because I've seldom seen anything there that interests me. However, no up-selling occured during my two experiences.

I'm really interested in finding out some more information about Paraiso...I've never even heard of it until today! Anyone willing to give general directions and expound more upon the facilities and current crop of chicas?

Border Rat
08-05-04, 04:54
Great reports guys

About Chito and his kidnappings, I don't know what to think. I've heard so many bad things about the guy, but he has always been square and kind to me. Last I heard, he had retired and turned the place over to his son, Tommy. This came from Tommy himself and we have gotten along fine as well, albeit with one small misunderstanding that kept me away for a while. But I have had many good experiences there and will continue to frequent the place. But keep in mind Laura's is still a full-service facility, if you know what I mean. And I think you do...lol. As far as the trucker getting locked up, maybe he deserved it. Ordering takeout with a girl you don't know well is always a risky proposition.

About the market area. I like that place. It's great for people watching and meeting non-pro's. If you don't know, its down at the end of Juarez Avenue, near the buses. At the end, jog right and then left onto a pedestrian street, walk a block and then turn right onto "de la paz" which is another ped street. At this point you will be heading towards the cathedral, but you won't see it. On your left you will see a couple bars and if you look into the small alleyways, there will be girls looking for you. If you don't speak Spanish, don't bother with them. Try your luck with the salesgirls in the many booths. Or decide to get a haircut and walk around until you find the prettiest girl who is cutting hair and let her have her way with your locks...lol. I've been to a few bars in the area and the ones on the outskirts of the market are definitely better than those in the middle. You can find a nice bartender lady sometimes which is way better than any working girl IMO......BR

08-05-04, 17:22
Mugroso, is Paraiso even still open?? I went by there not too long ago and the place appeared to be shut down. Or did they move to a new location?? The old one was upstairs in a little horseshoe shaped office building right across from the big Rotary Club sign just off Av. Lincoln.

I have a list also:

(1) Sirenas
(2) Felinas
(3) El Encanto
(4) Marilyns
(5) Corpus

Sirenas is tops because they ALWAYS have fine women, and they are SO damn convenient. So what if they are $10 more than the "going rate". Convenience is also what gets El Encanto it's high mark, otherwise it would rate below Marilyns. I would rate Marilyns higher if it weren't so far off the beaten path. Brenda's gets honorable mention, along with Roma and Loryed. Genesis and Venus don't make my list. Also don't know where to put Consuelo, Michaels or Musas, they are too hit and miss. Genesis has gone the way of the clubs in the Zona with the dragging truckers across and such. I guess it is a successful business model for them though, I hope the others don't follow suit.

08-05-04, 21:02
Peter Girth.

The truckers money is as green as yours and spends just the same. What's your problem with this group?

08-06-04, 10:41
I'm happy to report I've found both Diana1 and Diana2, formerly of Montana. They're both now at Las Vegas. Las Vegas was particularly well stocked last night.

08-06-04, 16:26
That is great to hear they are both still available. I'd love to break down Diana #1. I have spoken to several people and they say she just won't give it up. Well, time to put on some charm.
By the way, whats up with the Montaña? I haven't really had the chance to ask anyone. I was down Wednesday and it was still closed. I guess it is for the best, the Las Vegas is much more closer to the rooms.

The Filthy One

ChuCho Dan
08-06-04, 19:50
I went down to the centro Thursday afternoon, and the cops were out in full force. I saw them shake some poor sucker down just over the bridge. The cop kept insisting that this guy empty his pockets while, this poor guy kept insisting that the money was his. It's a pretty sickening experience if you've ever been shaken down by Jaurez's finest.

After witnessing this I decided to hit the bars with the intention of only drinking a few Bohemias and then heading out to find Marilyns. Well that never happened 3 bohemias lead to about 12 so, instead I just settled on going to Cleopatras for a massage.

When I entered there were only about 5 girls in the line up. I chose the cute and flaca Marisa for $35. Once on the table she proceeded to go down on me bareback without me even asking. She then told me to tell her when I was ready for the condom. After, I requested the condom, she got on top of me and started to ride and spin. All in all a good experience the only drawback was that her kitty was a little on the stinky side. As I was exiting I noticed that a new batch of girls had arrived nothing spectacular but a good selection. Maybe next time I'll get out to Marilyns.

The ChuChu Meister

08-06-04, 21:54
mugroso - i asked diana2 why montana was closed, and she really didn't answer - or maybe i didn't understand.
make sure you report if get into 1's thong. i bought 1 a drink last night, which peeved off 2, but not so bad she wouldn't go to the room. i had them both lap dancing me at the same time last night. 2 is definitely a better lap dancer than 1. 1 is pretty cute with that oriental looking face.
i spotted your favorite going into las vegas last night as i was leaving. she was looking hot as ever.

08-07-04, 02:43
Regarding Ricardo at Casa, he doesn't think about whether he's running off business or think at all. Like Border Jumper said, he's a dying alcoholic, and he's always been a jerk. On the other hand, I met some sweet, hot girls at Casa once upon a time, one or two I can't forget. Zuzax is definitely the house expert on Casa.

I would not have the faintest clue about how to rate the masajes, but I do agree that Christina and Jovana are about the finest lovers I ever ran across in the MPs. The new crop at Marilyn's has thinned out a bit, but Sergio is looking. The young one, Sandra, would never bring him any papers proving her age, so he let her go. That was one wild uninhibited young woman, I'll tell you that much, proving experience is not always what it's cracked up to be with sex. She was born to please a man. I'll bet she resurfaces somewhere else, long black hair in curly strands, perfect smile, perfect face, perfect teeth. Came into my arms french kissing me as though we were old lovers long parted. The massage table was going "ee-ah-ee-ah-ee" so fast and hard I really feared it was going to collapse and ruin everything. Perfect body, too, but, believe it or not, it all happened so fast I never bothered to remove her bra until afterwards, when she stayed cuddled up on the table with me well, well over the alloted hour. It's a priviledge I try not to abuse, but no one ever rushes me at Marilyn. I had Jovana three times one morning and learned the word "agotado" from her. She was laughing when she said it though, and happy. I almost made a full court press for that girl to make her mine and "save her" from prostitution, but my better judgment and sense of self-control got the upper hand.

Then again, Sirena has had some gems, too. El Encanto is always a sure deal, but when I lived nearby, Corpus and Felinas often surprised me. Like someone said, it's just such an ever changing scene it's hard to say. I do agree Venus upsells, and I can't tolerate that.

Since I've had everyone I want at Sergio's place, I guess I'll try something new this weekend and hopefully have some kind of news later this weekend.

08-08-04, 05:37
Dropped by Masaje Sirena to see Vicente today, and, I must report, he has three or four real stunners on duty now.

They also have new hours: 11:30 - 10 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

It's previously been closed on Sundays for as long as I can remember.

Big Bubba
08-08-04, 08:16
I didn't have time to get girls but I smoked some great MOTA (weed).

I saw many fine as ladies running around. I was temped to spend a few minutes with a young hotty but buisness comes first. And I didnt have time for sex. But when I get back to juarez I wanna hook up with some regular juarez mongers and do some serious whoring. !!


08-09-04, 00:31
Big Bubba,

I didn't understand much of anything from that (previously unedited) post, except that you must have had a great time doing something, so ROCK ON brother!!!

08-09-04, 15:18
The Burciaga Hotel. I stayed there this weekend. Not a bad place. It is located on calle Ugarte, you can get there by going down Mariscal all the way down to the "pollo" resturant just before you get to Las Palmeras. Take a left on Ugarte and look for the sign hanging over the street.
They have a little courtyard parking area. The parking access is very easy to miss while driving and it is very narrow. My truck barely fits. I'd say it is safe parking since nothing happened over the weekend.
The rooms are clean but nothing fancy. The rooms located on the street can be noisy because of all the traffic on Ugarte. Otherwise I recommend this place. The cost is 250 pesos a night.
Sorry guys, I got lots of pics and stories to tell about the weekend but this is about an old flame that you won't be able to find any where in Juarez. Against our wishes I sent her back to Chihuahua Sunday. I would love for her to stay but until she is able to cross the border I don't want her here. Needless to say you won't be able to find her on my website. (Big smiley face)

The not so Filthy One

08-10-04, 04:04
Saturday night in Juarez:

I took Angela to Juarez and told her that I was going to the Sleepy Iguana. After we did are horitzontal dance, I showed her the SI. Not much was going on there. Seem that the girls just sat away from us, but not much guy are there. The time was 11pm so not sure if they pick up later?

After SI, I walked to most of the bars and hit Queens to see Alejandra. She was there but was busy with other guy. The night seemed slow also but the Las Vegas was jumping. Saw Diana #2 and had a nice talk with her. Great out fit!

Hit the street and saw this cutie girl next to the gym. As her how much and she said 10. Went to the near by hotel and she did a ok BBBJ and good to very good FS. For got her name by very nice.

Get late around 3 and bumped into Melissa. This time we stayed till 7 when I got back to El Paso.

What a great day!


08-10-04, 06:37
Ahhh, Mugroso - you've done it again. I should start calling you Magoo. I've wondered about that place the last few trips down. It seemed to be decently located.

I don't need fancy but clean is a plus. Tell me - they have regular shower heads, hot water, and toilet seats there? No chica problems at Burciaga I would imagine?

08-10-04, 07:03

The place is decent enough. The toilets have seats, you have to wait a couple of minutes for the hot water to come out and the shower head squirts every where. It is a cheap alternative for someone from out of town and doesn't want to pay higher prices in El Paso. Its right where all the action is.

Magoo? As in Mr. Magoo?

08-11-04, 02:27
Thanks for the info.

Yes - as in Mr Magoo but only for usage of the line "You've done it again!" not for the actual reasons for it.

I was in a joint on Ave Juarez, I think, (Hotel Juarez maybe?) and the chica said that the water gets hot but you have to wait for it. No showerhead - just the gooseneck. 10 minutes later I concluded that we had different ideas of hot or of waiting. Didn't slow her down in jumping in there but not me. $22 shitbox. Left my socks on the whole time.

I've TLN in Hotel Del Rio a few times. Plenty of hot water for those extended "him & her" shower funtimes, loud headboards (had them knocking on the door to check on chica!), no A/C, noisy ceiling fans. $20 I think it was. This was over 2 years ago and my first Juarez experience. It also was with a food server chica who wanted nothing but a good time. She got many! This first experience is what made me fall in love with Juarez. It just felt so "Old Mexico" to my noobie gringo mind.

08-11-04, 03:07
Masaje Sirena has a new web site:


My Freedom
08-12-04, 21:15
As one walks about the streets of downtown Juarez, please be advised that the police are now out and about more than ever. Especially bad are those on the bicycles..they weren't out for awhile..but now they're back. I have roaamed these streets for years and have been stopped and "frisked" twice in the last month. Was with a friend the last time and we were both robbed. When they ask to see your ID, don't let them go through your wallet..you keep it in hand against the wall as they search you. Not a good idea to smell like you just drank a 6-pack at the last cantina, either, or they might hual you in to the carcel. You HAVE to show your ID, but remove it and hang on to your wallet.

I am also told if you get stopped by a cop that's REAL bad, they have been known to slip a powder in your pocket and accuse you of using drugs. You need to note a badge number if possible, and if robbed, and can identify them..you can go to calle oro and the 16th of septiembre and report them. But then you must return and pick them out in a "line-up." Have fun and go with cuidado.

T Boutis
08-13-04, 06:42
Hey fellow mongers,

I will be driving from Southern Cal. to Dallas next weekend and I am planning to stop in El Paso for a night. I was thinking of going down to Jaurez for the evening but know nothing about it. I was hoping to get some help in the following areas.

1 - Best places to go.
2 - How much I could expect to pay.
3 - Info on crossing the border. Is it best to drive over or park
on the US side and take cabs.

Any help would be appreciated. You PM me if you like.


08-13-04, 23:46
The cops are the only thing about Ciudad Juarez I don't like. Hence, I never drive at night and never when drinking. In fact I only drink in the house, unless I am cabbing, which is kind of a drag. I wonder if the powers that be have any idea how much the city is losing in lost tourism because of these monkeys.

08-14-04, 00:02
I will be driving from Southern Cal. to Dallas next weekend and I am planning to stop in El Paso for a night. I was thinking of going down to Jaurez for the evening but know nothing about it. I was hoping to get some help in the following areas.

1 - Best places to go.
2 - How much I could expect to pay.
3 - Info on crossing the border. Is it best to drive over or park
on the US side and take cabs.

Any help would be appreciated. You PM me if you like.

There is a lot of info posted right here, go back and read some of the posts, places and directions are plentiful.

08-14-04, 00:21
T Boutis wrote: Any help would be appreciated. You PM me if you like.


bbond wrote in response: There is a lot of info posted right here, go back and read some of the posts, places and directions are plentiful.

T Boutis
If going through this forum proves to be an endeavour just private message me and I will sort of help you. But give the forum a try, there is way too much information here.

Anyone going down this weekend. If any one sees my "ladies" tell them I have been to busy (broke) to come on down.

The Filthy One

Adam Z
08-15-04, 17:40
OK guys, trust me, do not miss out!

There is a girl at Pink Lady named Roxanne who is a perfect 10! Imagine if you will, she's tall about 5'11" in heels, blonde, model thin, natural breasts, brown eyes, gorgeous smile. LOADED with attitude, but will get down and dirty in the back room for $80.

Seriously, I have seen girls at the MPs with bodies this good like Nohemi and Mariana from Marilyns, and I have seen girls at the bars like Yvette who was seriously hot 8-9 range, but this girl is off the charts, a real TEN. We had gone to The Joker right before hitting Pink Lady, and this girl was as fine as the girls from there, but without the silicone implants.

And hotties travel in packs, she is always there with a girl named Odalis who is just as pretty but shorter (and a little less self-absorbed). So, if one is occupied, there is a VERY good replacement.

Do Yourself A Favor and check her out, usually there on Thursday-Saturday.

08-15-04, 21:50
Went to the Sleepy Iguana for the first time last night and found it to be a great place, very clean and several nice looking girls to pick from. Anyone who has not tried it should do so because it is one of the finer places in Juarez in my opinion.

08-16-04, 05:18
I know you guys say .3$ is the standard fee for J-town.

But at the SI & Pink Lady they always ask for at least .8$.
Is .3$ standard for those places too?

And is it for an hour?

What's your opinion?

I've been fucked over so many times in J-town I can't eat solid foods anymore.

08-16-04, 06:19
Went to Sleepy Iguana today.. Only one girl dancing. She didnt look att that so I left and caught a cab to Sarena? MP. Was met by Lilly. She looked in the late 20's early 30's. Nice face, beautiful body and tits. Very friendly. The massage was really good. And mind yo, I am seeing a chiropractor for my back, and they have to turn the electrodes on high for me to even feel it (oh i am only 24). The CBJ was nice. real nice and the FS was great. Only .40 with no discussion of a tip. The only thing is I don't speak spanish so there was no small talk or anything. She offered a shower. Next time I am gonna take her up on it.

08-17-04, 03:29
What is going on with the LE in J town? Are they beginning to crack down on the SWs? LE was out in full effect last night on bikes and the usual Dodge Pick Ups. One SW thought I was LE. Took a while to convince her otherwise. Is J town trying to clean up its image? Any info well appreciated!

Sun Devil
08-17-04, 20:03
if one likes younger women, there is an 18 year old cute massage therapist at venus named brenda. with me, she has provided a total gfe, including dfk, although your ymmv. in addition, she is guite shy of being in the nude.

be forewarned though, she is still lactating as she had just given birth about 4 months ago. of course, for those who like the taste of human milk, she is available, lol.

08-18-04, 05:53
Massajes Stephanie in Zaragoza.

After doing the GF thing for a while, I'm back! I've read up the last few pages and noticed someone asked if Stephanie was still there. It is:

Went last Tuesday night to Zaragoza to pick up some Tequila and visit my old boss. On the way back, pulled into the Plaza Waterfill where Stephanie is located to see if it was still there. It was, lights were on, so I popped in. 3 girls, two 5's and a 6, all kind of chunky. Not fat, but they aren't thin mints either. Took the 6. Sonia is her name.

Actually put on a pretty good show during the massage. Didn't dim the lights much, and she was all over me (hopped on top) giving a full body massage, employing not just her hands, but boobs, buns, etc. Not shy at all; when I flipped over for the supine portion of the massage, she was on top of me with her shaved fish in my face. I'm not into DTY, but for anyone that is, I'm sure it would have been no problem.

Gave CBJ without me asking or upselling, then I gave her a poke standing in front of the mirror on the wall. Nicely tight, so much so that she was having a hard time taking all of Senor Ocho. In fact, the condom popped, and she had to get another. We then hopped on the massage table for some of the in and out in my favorite position, doggie. Quite a view with the lights mostly undimmed.

All in all, an ok time. Sonia's looks were ok, cost was $40, facility is ok with a shower in the room. But compared to my last visit to an MP, Brenda for $20, it was nothing fantastic. But if you want an enthusiastic provider, Sonia is your girl.

My Freedom
08-18-04, 14:24
Last night, while walking the streets of downtown CJ in search of a SW, I again witnessed three of Juarez's finest police officers ripping off three of its own citizens with their hands held high againist a wall.

Minutes later I saw a reliable local informant and asked him "why" are the cops so aggressive all of a sudden. He said that the PAN political party. who currently runs Juarez. lost the recent election to the PRI party. and that when the PRI resumes power in October. the police officers currently working will all lose their jobs. hence. they are out to get all the money they can. while they can. You can take this for what it's worth. but I've lived in Mexico long enough to believe it's likely true. Therefore. it will be rough until October. Later one of the SW's told me things will be much better when the PRI takes over. so I say. if this is all true. be more careful than ever and Viva el PRI!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

08-19-04, 02:15

There is a good reason Roxanne is always with the shorter blonde, they're both lesbians. Not that there is anything wrong with that! Generally Roxanne doesn't get such good reviews from her customers, you must be doing something right.

08-19-04, 16:10

You wrote that the standard fee at SI and PL was $8. I'm not exactly sure what you're talking about but I'm unaware of any $8 fee at either place. SI is owned by an American named Tim and when I talked to him, he's a really straight dude, not the type to fuck anyone over. But he's not there all the time and he told me to let him know if the "native" help is running any games while he's gone. If you've got a question, his cell number is 915-227-4246 and his E mail is timbo628@yahoo.com. Talk to him because I'm sure he'll appreiate it. The last thing he wants is anyone feeling like they got screwed.


08-20-04, 01:36
>The last thing he wants is anyone feeling like they got screwed.

I thought that is what you went there for. ;-)

Reminds me of an old joke. A guy new to town inquired at a bar if there was someplace he could get fucked. One of his new buddies said "sure follow me" and they want to an apartment upstairs. The guy knocked on the door and said to the voice on the other side " I want to get fucked". The voice said, "OK, slide a $20 under the door". So he did, and stood there for about 10 minutes before knocking on the door again. When the voice answered he said "hey, I want to get fucked", to which the voice replied "what, again?".

08-20-04, 01:46
Police robbery in Mexico is, unfortunately, one of those facts of life you have to deal with if you are going to be making excursions south of the border. Show of hands, is there anyone out there who has NOT been robbed, or at least shaken down for a bribe, by the police??

That said, I thought the Federales had cracked down on that sort of shit. My last visit the place was crawling with military and federal police and my last "encounter" with Juarez' "finest", although it involved having to empty my pockets, having my wallet invasively searched and being questioned at length, the whole nine yards, did not result in robbery or even in having to pay a bribe. And I had quite a bit of money on my at the time to boot. So what's the deal. Did the Federales pull out and now it is a free for all with lost time to make up for?? DE, you are close to the situation there. Is there any truth to the election thing? If so when is the dust expected to settle? I am about due, overdue in fact, for a trip to the dentist (inside joke).

08-20-04, 03:13
I made the trek to CJ today. $6 for a taxi to the Villa Manport. I stuck my head in at El Encanto. As has been reported here previously, if you like the darker skinned ladies, this is probably the place for you. The quoted price was $30 for an hour. I was hoping to find Lorena there, but she wasn't out front. Deanna was appealing, but for some reason, I passed. Probably a mistake!

I walked across the street to Sirena's, and all of their girls were busy, plus one guy waiting. This was at 2PM on a Thursday afternoon. I decided to get some exercise, and walked down Hmnos Escobar to Brenda's. It was locked up! There was still a sign in the window, but no sign of activity. Anybody know if they're still open?

So I continued to walk for another 10 minutes until I got to Venus. Two ladies available there, one of whom, Yvette, spoke excellent English. The quoted rate was $40 for 45 minutes, either oral or vaginal completion. I had gotten enough exercise of the walking variety, so I reluctantly agreed.

We went into the room and I asked about kissing, and was assured that there would be plenty of that. I paid the $40.

When I had stripped and she returned, after I got her to put down her cell phone, I learned that "kissing" wasn't the DFK variety that I had anticipated. I could kiss her on the neck or cheek, she would respond with a half-hearted kiss. No lip-kissing, no kissing the breasts, and she wasn't too fond of me squeezing them or playing with her nipples.

After appropriate preparations, she asked whether I wanted oral or vaginal release. I asked if oral was "sin condon", and was advised that would be $20 additional. I opted for vaginal and at least made her work up a sweat before I shot.

The Venus is very nice and clean, but Yvette is not the provider that you want to fulfill your fantasies.

A pleasant walk back west on Hmnos Escobar to the park where there's a taxi stand. $5 back to the border.

08-20-04, 04:15
Let me add a bit to the shake down thing and it's really not specific to CJ but to the country as a whole.

Mexico, as you know was under the rule of the PRI for 70 some odd years. Corruption flourished and still does where they are the ruling party on a local or state level.

The PRI is Mexico's equivalent of Americas Democratic party. Not to say that the Democrats are any more corrupt than the Republicans, so let's not get political,

The PAN (Fox's Party) and the PRD are similar in nature to America's Republican Party. In other words, they're anti corruption, pro business and a somewhat more moralistic party.

Where PAN has been in power, there has been a noticable decrease in crime, open street level corruption, and generally an attempt to clean up the cities and instill civic pride in it's citizens. I've noticed this in Nuevo Laredo where I live and in Juarez where the last few times I've been there, the change has been astonishing. This past year is the first time I haven't been forced to pay bribes.

Unfortunately, Fox and those that rode to victory on his coat tails have not been able to live up to the promises made to the electorate nor to the expectations of the public. Seeing this, the PRI was able to seize power again in Cd. Juarez, Tijuana and a couple of smaller cities in the south. Sadly, it looks as all the advances this country has made under Fox will be lost, especially if the PRI regains the Presidency.

Not surprisingly, the sentiment of visitors to NL, especially those to Boystown are hopeful that the PRI retakes the Palacio in 06.

There have been rumblings of the government at the state and national level outlawing the BT's and Zona's of Mexico. In a way, this might be agood thing. DE will know where I'm coming from here.

But to get back to the subject of this post. "My Freedon"wrote that when the PRI regains the Mayors office that all the cops will be fired. I don"t think this will be the case. Right now, and I read this some time ago in El Diario, the Municipal and State Police are replacing personell in Juarez through retirement, voluntary or otherwise, with newly trained and educated cops.

It\s going to be interesting to see where this goes.

08-20-04, 05:24
Wow, what a range of thoughtful posts to respond to...

Border Jumpers synopsis of the political parties and change of power in Juarez is right on, and I'm not sure I could have distilled it down that well.

I'm not sure the level of police corruption has much to do with the recent elections, as stated by someone else as a theory. I doubt if it's gone up or down, despite anecdotal reports on this forum, which is just a little sliver of what's happening. It's pretty much hit or miss whether you get singled out by a bad cop, and I can't imagine even a sustained political effort on the part of anyone in power making much of a difference. I do know cop positions in the scheme of things are *way* too low level to get mass dismissed by a change in the Presidencia (mayor's office). All of the tourism officials, financial officers---executive positions and staff--they all go and get replaced, but not the rank and file cops, garbage collectors, and firemen. They have enough sense to stay apolitical and tend to survive.

Back to the cops: The mordita is just in the DNA of the culture, and who knows what the cops wanted from the local guys getting shaken down? Could be money. Could be information. Could be anything. And it's not totally bad, as many times as I've gotten pissed off at the cops there. I'd love to have given that cop in Tyler, Texas a couple of hundred bucks to avoid that second DWI. Like Dougie said, it's part of doing business south of the border, and not just in Mexico or even Latin America but any economically depressed country. And remember, most of you frequent el centro, which is kind of like looking for pussy in South Dallas or some bad section of LA. Tons of corrupt cops there, too. They kind of assume you are guilty of something just for being there and proceed accordingly by their lights. It happens, but a cop is not nearly as likely to look through your wallet the put you hands down on the car in other parts of the city---provided you are not drinking and driving.

Then anything goes. You are a deer in the headlights then. They've got you, and they know it. And there is more than a little resentment about how Mexicanos get treated by cops in the States at work here, also. "Paga" (pay) is their attitude. And you are better off to pay on the street than get booked for something and then have everybody who's anybody at the police station to pay off now that there is a paper trail. If you get sucked into their criminal justice system, you can just flat kiss your ass goodbye.

Justice barely exists here in our own country, so you can't expect it in a place where cops make 50 dollars a week. Leave your concept of rights and justice at home and fold up five 20 dollars bills and put them in your sock and walk on them so you can feel them under the sole of your foot at all times is my advice. Don't leave home without it!

The whole strategy with the cops in Juarez is not to give them an excuse to dig in, because they will, every time, and then you pay your way out. As long as you mix alcohol, el centro, and pussy in together you are going to have a problem now and then with the cops. Just the cost of doing business down there.

The march of the army ants to the sugar jar never changes, just the anecdotes.

08-20-04, 06:06
With only a few years under my belt with Mexico mongering, I'm interested in hearing more about the political influeneces on our hobby. When it was a passing fancy in TJ I didn't pay much mind to it but after falling in love with CDJ to the point of wanting to move closer I think it would help to know more.

Why would the BTs and Zonas be in jeopardy &, more importantly, why would this be a good thing (from our point of view)?

I've Googled up Fox and all I've found were 2000 recaps and a few later on talking of his hypocrosies. He seemed to have concerns about the youth, the economy and the environment of Mexico and didn't sound to bad.

If he goes does that meant that the street corruption will increase?

08-20-04, 12:14

Fox is about the best thing that's happened to Mexico in over a 100 years. It"s not a matter of if he goes but when he goes. Mexico has a term limit of 6 years on it's Presidents.

It"hard to gauge the street corruption increase/decrease. Probably though when a PRI gets in power, it will become more open as it has been in the past while that politco concentrates on firming up his base of power, repaying the favors that put him in office and lining his own pockets.

You"re correct in what you found when you GOOGLED him.
For achange, Mexico has a President who actually cares about the people and the county first instead of personal enrichment. Unfortunately, like Clinton, his party is a minority in Congress and quite a fe of his efforts have been stonewalled.

There is a good english site on Fox"s website. Do a Google on PResidency of Mexico or government of MExico and you"ll find it They have an excellent English language discussion board with some very intelligent people discussing the issues.

08-20-04, 18:21
Clomonger and Sun Devil...thanks for your recent posts on Venus. I am somewhat tempted to check out Brenda, so if you could post any more information about her looks, it would be appreciated. Unfortunately, most of my experiences at Venus have been of the type described by Clomonger...too many of the chicas there are uppitty, bored, and mercenary--not exactly what I'm looking for!

Thanks also to all who have posted about the police activity. This is the primary reason why I restrict my adventures to the MPs, where I feel (relatively) safe from being harassed. I tell you, the day I get shaken down by the CJ police is the day I'll stop engaging in my hobby there!

So, I'm getting ready to head down to CJ to see Sonia at Marliyn's (for the 6th week in a row). She's a really sweet girl; truly the girl-next-door type. Some of you may find this story about an incident I had with her interesting. One day when I was flirting with her, I told her that she was "sweet as chocolate," and then asked her if she liked chocolate. She answered with a very enthusiastic "yes;" so the next time I came to see her, a brought a small (1/2 pound) box of Russell Stover's. Well, when she saw the gift her eyes lit up like a little kid who just got his first bicycle! It blew me away that such a little present delighted her to such an extent...it made me realize, perhaps for the first time, just how poor many of the folks down there really are. Yeah, I've heard the stories of them working in factories for $5 per day; but until I experienced the situation first-hand, it just didn't sink in. What a contrast to the U.S., where I've given $100 and $200 gifts to nieces, nephews, and even past g.f.s without receiving much more than a bland thank you!

Although I brought Sonia that little gift of chocolate purely as gesture of appreciation, man, was I ever rewarded! She gave me the best g.f.e. I'd ever had, and continues to do so. Now, I'm not suggesting that everyone show up at your favorite MP with candy; but this anecdote might give you all some "food for thought," in more ways than one.

08-20-04, 21:38
Heart warming story about the chocolate TRex. I wonder how much of it was just having someone (a nice guy type) think of her enough to bring a gift that she would like.

I find, or like to think, that the appreciation is more from the thought than it is the value of the gift with these beautiful women. Even with a few in the states that haven't "Americanized" their souls yet.

I think I remember back many many years, or have heard rumors of, American women actually thinking that way once upon a time.

And BorderJumper - thanks much for the follow up on the politics.

Sun Devil
08-20-04, 21:59
For those who have been less enthused about going to Venus, try to get these girls: Gabby, Brenda or Janet. Gabby works mainly during the night shift, while the other two during days. Gabby also works at Corpus, which is $10 cheaper, during the day shift.

Janet used to work at Orientales, but that facility has since closed. She is the girl who wears colored contact lenses. As for Brenda, I have recently given information on her on this board and, for me, she is atttractive enought.

Of course, your experience may differ with these girls as opposed to mine but these have been enthusiastic providers for me.

08-20-04, 23:02
During my visit to CJ yesterday, I noticed many more police than usual. I even asked the taxi driver about it, and he just smiled and said, "They need money!" That being said, I made certain that my seat belt was fastened and never crossed a street against the light. I think we have to realize that if such infractions were committed by locals, they may be ignored. I suspect that if the same thing is done by someone who is obviously an American, it may be a different story. In general, mongering in CJ is great. An encounter with LE there would certainly change the experience. Be careful!

08-20-04, 23:27

They don"t care where their money comes from. They"ll sahek down a Mexican citizen as fast as they will an American, although obvioucly they prefer an American. Where they might get $20.00 US from you, they would get maybe $20MN from a Mexican.

08-21-04, 04:09
Sun Devil, you're right, Gabby is a good choice. Thanks for the info about her at Corpus. I prefer daytimes anyway.

One of the waiters at Alice & Charly told me that Jennie didn't work there anymore. What a bummer! When money was no object, she was one of the all time best. Any monger knowing her status has a duty to report.

08-21-04, 17:32
Just a quick update on a couple things. First, I want to second Clomonger's observation about the police. I was in CJ yesterday, and there were more bulls on the Av. Juarez than I have ever seen (on foot, on bikes, in cars). I made a bee-line to the bus stop.

BTW, does anyone know (for certain...no speculation please) the law about carrying a knife in CJ? I always take a little clip-on folder with a 1 7/8" blade, mainly for protection. In U.S. laws vary...but it is almost always legal to carry a knife if the blade is less than 2" long. Last year I was told (by a CJ cop) that I couldn't take it on a bus I took from there to C. Chihauhau, and I had to leave it with the authorities...although it was returned to me when I came back (believe it or not!). However, I would hate to get busted by one the s.o.b. cops in el centro for breaking some obscure law.

Okay...second piece of news. I regret to say that Sonia (of Marilyn's) is leaving CJ to go back to Zacatecas. Today (Saturday) is her last day working at the MP, so all of you who want to give a try better get a move on! Guess I'll have to find another favorita in the city. I haven't been to El Encanto in a coon's age, so I was wondering if any of you had specifics (above and beyond what Clomonger recently reported) about that place. I assume that Lorena still there; but is there any good new talent?

08-21-04, 21:34
Nevermind the law. I always say, don't take anything that may lead to something. You can argue all day with a Juarez cop and he will insist you are in the wrong. Just leave the knife at home. Don't even take fingernail clippers. This may sound silly but prevention and avoidance is worth much more than even a 1 minute dispute as it could lead in any direction.
Just take the cash you need using what ever method of concealment you choose and condoms. I express caution when it comes to cameras, I hear some places have been cracking down, and I maybe to blame for that. Leave the ATM and credit cards at home. Underwear is optional. (I just love to wear cargo shorts without drawers on, chicas love it)

The Filthy One

08-21-04, 23:32
Mugroso...yeah, what you say about the knife makes perfect sense. I'm just used to having something with me for protection at all times when I go out in the U.S. (I'm really into the self defense thing). But you're absolutely right: avoidance of putting yourself in compromising situations is always the primary and most effective means of keeping yourself safe.

And I'm already on the same page as you on the other stuff. I have one of those hide-a-pockets that straps onto my belt and I can stuff into my pants. In it I always carry my passport (just in case I lose my driver's license, or for some other emergency), $40 to $60 of extra cash (to bribe police if I have to), condoms, and a spare key to my car (so I can drive back home if I get rolled and lose my regular set of keys). My wallet contains only my driver's license and the amount of cash I think I'll spend on my outing.

Finally, I have learned over the years to not wear underwear when going to strip clubs. (As Jimmy Kimmel said on The Man Show, "you wouldn't wear a catcher's mit to a circle jerk, would you?"). But I haven't thought about that option when hobbying (guess it could be fun, as long as my prick doesn't slip out through my shorts, lol).

08-21-04, 23:51
Take the advise given. Take nothing into Juarez, or any part of Mexico for that matter, that can be construed as, or resembles a weapon. I is just not worth hassle if you get shaken down.
I once got into a hassle over a screwdriver I had in my car. Cop picked it up and made stabbing like motions, showing me it could be used to stab with, (duh). I had other tools, and told him I need them in case or car trouble, not to use as weapons, so he, reluctantly, let me slide.

08-22-04, 00:56
"as long as my prick doesn't slip out through my shorts, lol."

You shouldn't wear shorts as short as the womens beach volleyball team.

The Filthy (hilarious) One

08-22-04, 01:01
But seriously folks
I'd like some help from you guys. I need a critique on my website. I am about to make changes (not nessecarily improvements) to the site. Then I realized I haven't really asked for input from anyone, here or anywhere else on my site. I would really like some comments or suggestions if you don't mind. And if Mr. Jackson doesn't mind, www.**************.com is the site. I know I need more photos of chicas but I just haven't been able to get away lately.

Thanks guys

08-22-04, 03:48
Sites looking good Mugroso although you really need to put those META tags I sent you into the header so you can get listed on the search engines, especially Google. Also, on your front page, you need to make liberal use of the keywords I gave you and any more you think of in the structure of your sentences. Search engines now, don"t pay as much attention to the Keyword META as they used to since a lot of people loaded a page with bullshit words, and I mean load the thing with the letters in the same color as the background thereby making them invisible to the viewer but cheating the search spiders. Good first effort though and I appreciate the hits it"s sending to my site. Hope it"s mutual.

Knives, gentlemen, are a definate NO-NO in Mexico. Even a pen knife. This will give a cop at least, a reason to shake you down for a bribe, and at most, a ride in the paddy wagon. It ain"t worth the hassle.

Self defense is an illusion. You"re better off to give them what they want and they"ll leave you alone. Should you try to defend yourself andgain the upper hand over your opponent, when the cops come, who do you think is goin to the can? Something to think about.

Cameras guys. When I was there a couple of weeks ago, No camera allowed signs were up all over the place. Strangely enough, they used the same design and formatting. They looked like they came out of the sam computer. Ricardo of Casa Colorado to be specific. Where I saw them, his place and Genesis MP is where he has his fingers in the pie. Didn"see them anyplace else.

Food for thought!

08-22-04, 06:53
As TRex reports, Sonia will no longer be at Marilyn after today. I've also had some good times with her, and she told me when I asked her if she would be working tomorrow. Thought about having a last time, but I was filthy from working on my new apartment and just too worn out to get in the mood. I asked her if she had another job, and she said no, she was leaving and would not have to work. "Congratulations and happy journey, friend," I told her, extending my hand. We had talked about her not having to work in the MPs much longer, and she nodded and smiled and shook my hand with that big appreciative smile she has. I wish her the best of luck. She is a really sweet kid who deserves the best.

But then there is always Cassandra and Betty. Cassandra asked me for a ride to S-Mart where she catches a bus home, and I was glad to accomodate. She is an extremely pretty girl with long black hair, big cheeks, and beautiful eyes and smile. Funny how I can think of them now as a lover when in the mood and a friend the next second now. When she asked me for the ride I was headed home and looked at it as a favor to a friend when you are really not in the mood but, of course, you do it anyway. She asked if I preferred Betty. I told her, no, I preferred her, which is the truth. She is trying very hard to learn English. I like her a lot as a person. Her car needs a battery and some tires to get on the road again.

There have not been more cops in the rest of the city that I can tell. Must be something going on just in el centro.
I agree with BorderJumper. All you can do is roll over and play dead when you get in a tight spot in Mexico. No one seems to want to kill you, just take your money, and, once again, I still think this is mostly a problem in el centro.

08-22-04, 06:56
Go to Yahoo and enter keywords "Juarez Massage Parlor" and see what pops up.

08-22-04, 14:30
Right on top, eh DE! Nice site also.

I gotta agree it"s Centro. When I was down there we took a guy back up into the foothills way out west of 16 de Septembre into the barrio and had absolutely no poblems or fear.

08-22-04, 17:34
Thanks guys for all the pointers.
BJ, I used a search engine submittal feature provided by my hoster. I entered every dirty word I could think of. I also did the same for my second site, ftblissforum, but minus the dirty words of course. What were you doing in that part of Juarez BJ? Hope you weren't gonna roll the guy.
To be honest, I was gonna roll this drunkend Argentinian once. He had a big wad of American dollars but I just don't have what it takes. So instead I just convinced him to let me show him the zona and I mooched off of him. Hey, at least I got laid. (with a chica)

DE I typed in your suggested search words in yahoo. I found Sirenas on the first 2 lines. Good job at marketing (who ever that is). I then typed in ladies of Juarez and I showed up on line 11. Sure its not #1 but I'm kinda thrilled since I never submitted with yahoo. Sirenas seems to be much improved and the chicas with the fuzzy faces still seem hot.

I know the site needs more pics, thats for sure. I really need to do more foot work. But the budget has been kinds tight lately and with the tightening up on cameras in the clubs I shouldn't be as open about taking pics with the chicas. One alternative is it offer the chica a small amount of cash and just go to the room for a photo shoot. And if the chicas are concerned about being seen, I just may start carrying a Zorro type mask or something like that. DragonCelt does that for his Noglaes site and I'm sure it will go over well in Juarez.

When it comes to potential confrontations, I handle them like I do the beggars. Just ignore them. But walk away carefully. The only situation I am still not skilled at is handling a rip off mesero. I have scared many a mesero but one day I'm sure someone won't be scared.

08-22-04, 18:14
bbond...almost busted for possession of a screwdriver! Now that is really hardcore! Sounds like I've been living on borrowed time, taking a knife over there. I'm with you guys about not wanting to get into any altercations in Mexico (hey, I'm a lover, not a fighter); but I'm also hesitant about handing over my wallet to anyone who asks for it. I suppose each situation should be individually evaluated for the best course of action--another reason not to get plastered in CJ.

Mugroso...good comeback about the volleyball shorts. Nice to see there are a few folks here with a sense of humor.

Also, one suggestion about your web site: you may want to think about including a paragraph or two about how Juarez--on the whole--can be an interesting, fun, and friendly place (and I'm talking above and beyond the MPs and bars-in-which-prostitution-is-solicited). The typical American's perception of Mexico in general, and border towns like CJ in particular, are quite tainted. Although there are undoubtedly some scary dudes roaming around, the vast majority of the residents in the city are friendly and hardworking. A statement such as this might reassure some of the gringo population contemplating a Juarez adventure. From my personal experience, I can tell you that Juarez scared the bejeezes out me the first couple of times I traveled there. And I'm a well-seasoned traveler, who has ventured into the third-world slums of Palermo, Tunis, and Istanbul! Your words of caution are certainly appropriate in order to give the potential consumer full disclosure; but I think you may need to temper that by pointing out some of the positive factors of CJ (of which there are many). Just my two cents.

08-25-04, 04:14
Magruso, you are also in the top 20 in Google under those keywords. Tighten it up just a bit, and you will pop to #1.

08-25-04, 04:32
I've got the first 4 pages of so covered on google with the site of mine you have linked Mugroso.

Maybe it's feeding back to you!

08-25-04, 05:05
Thanks for the encouragement support and advise.

BJ, your banner is down for the moment as I am revamping the site. I had a catastrophy last night while doing so but your logo will be back up very soon. The Ft. Bliss forum is also tweetered out and I am working with my hosting to get it back up. Good thing this happened at an early age with the site. I could have really lost a lot of return visitors.

DE, I wish we could do a banner exchange or at least put your banner on my site but I know you are trying to keep it clean on your end. Being in the top 20 is really a thrill for me. I feel like such a web guru. (insert funny face here)


08-25-04, 12:29
Try Kazix.com if you're not tied into a long term deal Mugroso. I've had excellent relations with them and over 99.9% uptime.

By the way. I'll be over in El Paso tonight and Saturday noght if anyone wants to hook up for a drink or whatever. PM me with a cell number and we'll see what we can set up. Saturday is better for me as it will be late tonight when I arrive

Bachelor Warrior
08-26-04, 17:33
i'm glad to read the advice about "self-defense". i think i can add a couple of " experiences" to the mix.

i struck up a conversation with a guy over a drink or three at the kentucky bar not so long ago. he told me that some few weeks before he had left one bar and was walking up the street towards casa colorado. this was before the sleepy iguana was there. right at that corner, there were 3 or 4 punks arguing with one of the loud-mouth streetwalkers. he figured it looked like the usual animated latina-latino type of discourse and he would just mind his own business and walk on by. one of the punks started really glaring at him, so he said "hola". the guy said "hola", but came right up on him and was following him. this guy could "feel" him over his shoulder, but just kept on walking. this was in daylight by the way. so he gets within 5 feet of the door to cc and the punk hits him beside the head with something and takes off! that would be the one night when there was no door man. he didn't chase him or anything. he told me he felt like a real wuss because the kid was just a punk. i told him at the time that i thought he did the right thing. you never know if somebody is high on crack or not! if i see him again, i can tell him that i ran into some more experienced juarez "visitors" who felt like he did the right thing.

this next one happened to me. i got stopped by two cops one night. i had a leatherman micro on my key ring. just like reported here, they claimed it was a weapon. they were quite willing to haul me off in their paddy wagon, but i managed to convince them it was better to let me pay the $50 "fine" right there and save all the paperwork. whew! i didn't know who else might be in that damn cage on that truck. and, of course, they "confirep001ed" my little leatherman.

08-27-04, 03:57
The same time I got hassled over a screwdriver, my friend got his key chain nail clippers scrutenized, they were the kind without a knife blade, thank goodness, I could tell the cops were a bit dis-appointed of that fact.

08-27-04, 04:29
After reading some of the most recent postings, is Juarez going a bit nuts? Police stopping tourists, guys getting jacked up in daylight...that's not the town I think I know, or maybe this really is it, and I've been living a charmed life while visiting there.

Pecker Will
08-27-04, 05:34
Just curious - of those who get stopped by Juarez cops - what are your appearances? Are you clean cut like out of the business world? Or are you more from the hippy vintage?

Do the cops do their own "racial profiling" - stopping certain individuals while passing by others? What is it that pushes their hot button? They have got to go through some type of mental selection when they stop someone. What is it?

There are some rough looking characters in this world - and no offense in this statement for those of you who fit this mold. But I do believe many interrogations are motivated by certain traits. And if you fit the profile the probability of your getting stopped has increased 100 fold.

What think ye?

08-27-04, 15:21
>The truckers money is as green as yours and spends just the same. What's your problem with this group?

Sorry for the late reply, haven't checked this board lately. BJ, no problem with truckers or with this group. My problem is with boorish assholes who think the drunker and louder they get and the more money they wave around the more people will respect them and look up to them. Unfortunately, in CJ, that particular group seems to be comprised mostly if not entirely of truckers, specifically truckers hauled across the border to El Centro by folks organizing "tours".

I have expressed the opinion that El Centro was a good place for them and also a desire to see the MPs kept relatively free of drunken, bellowing *******es, of WHATEVER occupation, who do nothing for the hobby except drive up prices and drive down the respect given to ALL gringos, not just those of their ilk. If they are all in one place, it makes them easier to avoid.

08-27-04, 23:08
Just when I was wondering what happened to RearWindow, there he is.
As far as troubles in Juarez, I really have had very little. I have been noticing more campers and bicycle cops around. I have only been patted down on the street twice in the last 6 months, with no problems. I wish I could give solid advise or whatever trick that has helped me avoid police problems but I can't.
When it comes to punks on the street, I just ignore them. Whatever I see ain't my business. No "holas", no "fuck yous", nothing.
Concerning truckers, they are a cool and wild bunch. It is too bad they are taken advantage of by the van services and the clubs. The only problem I guess is they drive up the price of pussy with their generosity. Maybe the long hours on the road makes them horny. I know I was the 6 months I was in Saudi Arabia trucking for the U.S. Army.

The Filthy One

08-28-04, 03:23
My travels in J-Town tonight trying to get my freak on. . .

First went to SI at 6 PM. Shit, no girls there at all!

Then went to Casa next door. Manager was some tall aggressive rude lady who kept rushing me, so I left.

Some guy on the street showed me to Cleopatria's a couple of blocks away (I guess that's the name, no sign on the door).

Had about five ladies there--all seemed pretty good. Choose a native looking petite girl named Claudia. I don't know if it's the same Claudia you guys talk about at SI.

She was my type & was a GFE, so afterwards my head was spinning so bad (or good) I tipped her all my cash in my pocket. Didn't even have bus fare home!

But the driver took pity on me, and I made it back.

My first time in a MP. Actually like it better than the bars. First off, you can actually see the girls--it's not all fucking dark. Plus, you get to have the power rush of having them all line of for ya :-)
And the hard tables are actually better for driving, IMO.

I plan on returning to see my baby Claudia.

Border Rat
08-28-04, 06:36
Hey guys...don't forget that knives to Mexicans are like guns to us here on the other side. What we might view as a small utility blade is a potential weapon over there. It's like telling a cop over here that your derringer is just for target practice...yeah right! lol

As far as getting stopped by police, I'm sure most of you guys know to be nice. If you can speak Spanish it helps a lot, but humility goes a long way. I respect those guys and try to work with them if they stop me. They don't earn much and an honest cop in a corrupt land should be treasured. If you are legal like you should be, don't sweat it. Also, don't carry a back pack in the zona if you can help it. I've been stopped everytime I have one. Guess I look like a mule or something.

About getting mugged or robbed, I've managed to spend a gazillion nights in J-town without much trouble. Just walk with conviction and act like you know where you are going, even if you don't. Make the block if you have to, but do not hesitate in your gait if the surroundings look bad. It becomes second nature after a while. And if you do get in trouble, don't stick around for the police to show up.

Good luck and happy mongering.....BR

Master Diver
08-28-04, 21:59
Thanks for everyone for some great information. Went to Marlyins (sp) 2900 Del Ejido. It was great! About 5 ladies from 6-8. Went with a tall skinny one. 300 pesos for a good massage, kissing, a little head including working my balls over pretty good, then she climbs on board with some great action. Not complete GF experience but close, well actually I have had GF that were no were near as good. Man at door speaks excellent english. I would concur, this is the place to go. My expereince, looks 8, skill 8. Price 300 pesos plus tip.

08-29-04, 05:08

There used to be a link to a map of J-town that showed the MP's and the other places. I looked at ladies of juarez, and now its a pay site. Does anyone have a map that they can post? The only MP I have been to is Serena and I have seen the one down the street from it, and want to branch out. Thanks for the help. Oh I did RTFF already.

08-30-04, 23:00

Search for Cienega32 posts. I believe he has a link to a map highlighting those places. I didn't download it , so I can't send it. The Juarez Tour Guide has a great large map showing most of all the streets, so if you know where an MP is street-name wise, you can find the nearest cross street and avoid the taxi fine.

Good Luck.

08-30-04, 23:31

I checked out the Diario classifieds today and saw an ad for Cleopatras. Pretty much it said to come visit their new girl Claudia. I like them short little dark ones too. There used to be one at Queens about 5-6 years ago. What a bundle of firecrackers. There is more to the story too long to tell.


08-31-04, 00:36
Master Diver,

Mi favorita en Mexico came from Sergios harem there at Marylin. I am a total sucker for tall, slender Mexicanas ..."300 for that girl?!" Dale!

Massage Lover
08-31-04, 03:14
On August 17, 2004, while on a trip to California, I made an overnight stop in El Paso, Texas and crossed the border into Juarez via the Santa Fe Street Bridge. There is overnight parking at the border on Mesa Street for six dollars and the (walking) toll across the bridge is 35 cents (USD). I had been driving long hours and decided to chow down, then go to “Massage Encanto” near the corner of Hermanos Escobar and Calle Panama. You can take a cab (60 pesos) or bus (5 pesos) here easily. Previous posts have explicit instructions on how to get to the massage parlors in Juarez.

After checking in and Encanto and not finding either Lorena or Jessica, I turned my sights toward “Massage Serena” across the street. There I found Ozueki, a pretty girl of Japanese and Mexican descent. She is very kind, soft spoken, and even knows a little English. She is about 5 feet 6 inches tall, 38 inch (or so) chest, and a very nice body to go with it all. She has 3 children and looks especially good in high heels and a short skirt!

The service was very good and relaxing with a good massage and sex before the Jacuzzi tub and bath. She seemed to enjoy making me comfortable and ensured I was well satisfied. The full service fee (massage, sex, bath, and sex) was 550 pesos (with a 50 peso tip) for a little over 1 hour of time. She enjoyed the massage I gave her and she didn’t have any problem with another round after the bath. She liked oral very much and just about tore my ears off as she came. She did not want to do anal and would only suck Mr. Happy with a condom (she did have a nice mouth though). Ozueki is a very likable woman and I would definitely use her services again.


Sun Devil
08-31-04, 04:32
He said that he paid 300 pesos, which is $30, more or less.

I don't know what the exact exchange rate is right now since I haven't been to Juarez in about a month.

If you like tall, slender Mexican, there is a girl named Melissa working at Marisol who fits that description. The only bad thing about her is that she has a metal crown on one of her teeth.

08-31-04, 06:16

I was down tonight and I exhanged some pesos for 11.30 to the dollar. At 300 pesos thats 26.50 USD. Hell, that savings is equal to a beer dude.

Not much to say for a Monday night. Only the desperate ones work on Mondays. The bars were pretty much dead.

I stopped by the Sleepy Iguana and met a couple of you guys. Names and nicks withheld to protect the innocent.

Stopped by Queens, no Marilu but there was this huge woman named Perla. Her piercing eyes scared me so I left. I hate being treated like a piece of meat.

The Filthy One

08-31-04, 23:30

Where can I find the Diario classifieds?

Spy Master
09-01-04, 02:55

Please refer me to a WSG dictionary so I will know what the heck you are talking about with these abbreviations. I figured out a few of them, but I am feeling dumb and vulnerable. I need a hug here.



EDITOR'S SUGGESTION: There is a link labeled "Terms and Abbreviations" in the black menu bar at the top of this page. This will take you to the WSG Glossary where you will find a chart with most of the Terms & Abbreviations used in the Forum. If you don't see the black menu bar, then you're probably not accessing the Forum through it's front page at www.wsgforum.com. Thanks!

09-01-04, 03:13
Hey Mugroso, Marilu was at Queens on Saturday and she was even more energetic than usual (if you can believe that). I really went hoping to see Diana2 at Las Vegas, but she hasn't been around for a couple of weeks. Isn't life grand when you can go see Marilu if the girl you went to see isn't around?

Diana1 promised to go to the room with me this week (last week was rag time) but she was already with someone else. I don't need to become a member of your site, but I'll give you a couple of bucks for that picture of Diana2 laying on the floor.

09-01-04, 03:45

Glad to hear MariLu hasn't become a dead lay. I'd love to get her and Diana #2 in the room together. I wonder if Diana #2 is vacationing or is retired. As for Diana #1, she is always on the rag. She is proving to be one tough nut to crack. Speaking of which I'd love to crack a nut all over them chi chis.

Of course you don't have a need for my site, you got the grand tour for the mongerpalozza. Even that spooky place in the market, Pachangas. Dude, I really was scared. Thats the point of my tours is to get guys familiar with the place so they can get to know Juarez and pick their own favorite bars.

I was in Juarez this afternoon on some other unrelated buisness. Afterwards I stopped by Cleopatras and poked my head in. A great improvement from the last time I stuck my head in. All the girls were acceptable. Maybe I am just horny right now but if I had the intention of getting a massage, it would have taken me half an hour to choose which one. Go check it out next time you are in Juarz.

The Filthy One

09-01-04, 18:07
Thanks for the reply Peter Girth. I've been in the business for close to 30 years. A lotta good my college diploma did me.

I agree though that you seem to get the worst of the worst down there. And what is strange, in the beginning they are some of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet, until the booze starts talking.

Sun Devil
09-02-04, 00:21
Being a trucker must be one of the most lonesome jobs there is. You can't go party on a consistent basis because you have to be sober to drive one of those rigs.

Moreover, there is no place to work out and exercise in order to let out steam and stress. Leading to more increase in stress is the fact that a trucker is constantly away from friends and love ones.

In addition, to me at least, driving is a boring endeavor, especially in the middle part of the US, where there is a lack of cities to take the boredom away and where the terrain is pretty much the same for countless amount of miles.

No wonder these guys drink so much alcohol when they have the chance. With that in mind, I just pretty much leave them alone and let them have their fun.

09-02-04, 01:02
At one time it might have been Sundevil. For me, it's been for the most part, a 30 year party.

You don't have to drink to have fun. The first 15 years or so I was in the business, it was non stop pussy. They were out there with their thumbs out and willing to do anything for a ride. A ride them we did. It's changed a bit as the world has over the past ten years though.

You can't excuse rude and rowdy behavior on the loneliness of the job. It's bad upbringing or in the case of some of them, bad inbreeding.

But as for as it being a lonely job, for some, maybe. In my case, I have satelite television and radio in my truck. Wi-Fi access on my laptop practically anywhere I am. A seat that makes my ass laugh atitself everytime I step down from the cab. Plus a living area the size of a small bathroom. Not to mention on board sanitary facilities and such. Were I inclined, which I'm not but many guys are, I could very comfortably live in this thing but I prefer my home time with the wife and kids too much.

30 years later I've never once regretted my decision to put my educational training aside and enter this field.

09-02-04, 03:20
quote from mugroso "stopped by queens, no marilu but there was this huge woman named perla. her piercing eyes scared me so i left. i hate being treated like a piece of meat."

i am speechless, as i can't think of a proper response for that. lol! you need to gather these thoughts into a book like norman mailer's "advertisements for myself". or woody allens "without feathers". you could be the next beat author of the new millenium. fuuuunnny stuff. dude.

09-02-04, 03:49
I made the Marylin's trek today. Caught a glimpse of Carina, who really looked hot, but she wasn't ready for another client. Instead, I spent a delightful hour with Alondra, who was a total GFE. She's quite tall, a real sweetie. I try to make my desires known in advance (with limited Spanish) at the time of payment, which seems to work much better than letting the session go wherever the girl wants to take it.

If anybody has had a session from Carina, I'd be interested in your impressions.

Border Rat
09-02-04, 07:54
Sun Devil

Trucking isn't quite as bad as you might think. I've done it off and on for the last 6 years. For one thing, we don't drive near as much as most people might think. About 9 hours a day. I've managed to find time to party in just about every major city in the US and Canada. Not counting MX....haha. (Fargo ND Rocks!..seriously)

Yes, it can be boring if you are the type that needs a lot of external influences. I prefer to feed my mind with motivational tapes and thoughts of my own. I used to play the "girl in every port" game, but that got old. I have a computer and get internet almost everywhere. (I'm sending this from my truck in Detroit). Threw the TV out years ago..huge waste of time. I carry free weights in the truck and workout daily. I also have a BBA in management and trade the NQ futures market intra-day. And to those guys that look down on truckers and make fun of them, I'll guarantee you I made more than you today, got better laid, and had much more fun.


09-02-04, 23:29
Well said Border Rat

09-02-04, 23:30
Here is my experience in trucking. After I did 3 years of active military working in intelligence I joined the reserves as an 88m, Heavy Equipment Operator. Everything was fine. Weekends and summer camps of drinking beer and smoking pot were interupted by good ol' Saddam Hussein himself. I wound up spending 6 months in Saudi Arabia.

A detachment of my unit was sent to the capitol for our first missions hauling artillery rounds from Rhiyad to a location east of Hafer-al-Baten. 36 hours round trip. I had a co-driver so we switched every few hours. I would sleep with my helmet between my legs so my balls wouldn't get shot off. After each mission we got 24 or so hours off.

After that we were send back to the coast on the gulf and later deployed to "log base Bastone". I didn't like that name for a base. From there we did what my unit was intended to do, haul fuel.

The worst times there were when we didn't have any missions. Just sitting around the tent all day playing spades, Monopoly and Risk. We loved being on the road. I saw lots of interesting things and people. After the war was over we hauled fuel into Kuwait City a few times. That was fun.

A buddy told me once that the war was shameful. I asked him why. He replied, "no booze, no pussy, what a shame".

Speaking of pussy, whos gotten laid recently?

The Filthy (symdromatic) One

09-03-04, 04:41
Clomonger - glad you asked about Carina. I just saw her the first time this evening and was dying tell someone about it. She starts of with an excellent no rush massage, then a lot of body biting and nibbling. Next was a BBBJ that was truly impressive. She couldn't take it all, but did better than any other chica in Juarez. She also did a little ball munching, which was a little rough and made me nervous. Some energetic ride em' cowboy was the capstone. Thumbs up for Carina! She does have what looks like some fairly recent baby damage to her stomach. Hopefully that will tighten up with time, as it's her only drawback.

So, if you know Alondra's schedule, spill the beans. I haven't seen her there yet, but yours is the second post about the tall girl at Marylin, and I got a thing for tall chicks.

Fuzz Nutts II
09-03-04, 06:24
This clip is from a mexican news report that I get. I did not know if it would be of interest or not.

[News Report Deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of a news article apparently copied from an professional media website. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post copyrighted media news reports and articles in the Forum. Instead, please post your summary of the news article along with a link to the original source. Thanks!

09-03-04, 16:29
Clyde: Thanks for the report. I don't know Alondra's schedule, but she was there at about 1PM on Wednesday. She also had a little baby damage, but I can ignore that. I'd suggest that you telephone Marilyn's to see when she's around. Although I've never tried that, I think you would dial 011 (Intl access), 52 (Mexico) 656 (CJ City Code) and then 613-1369 (Marylin's). Good luck!

09-04-04, 15:45
I'm not sure what your rates are on long distance but to call Mexico cheap use and internet calling card service. I have been using Net2phone but I will try Bigzoo.com as they have cheaper rates. Net2phone has been charging me 12 cents a minute if I use a local access number. There are no local access numbers in El Paso but if I get free long distance with Sprint so I call the Dallas local access, then Mexico. With Bigzoo I can do the same but at 7.5 cents a minute.

I hope someone finds this worth while.

The Filthy(thrifty) One

ChuCho Dan
09-07-04, 19:01
I just thought I would mention that the Sleepy Iguana is running ads in the El Paso Times sports page. The coupons are good for 2 free beers and a tequila shot through 9/15. I just might take them up on it as I enjoy the atmosphere and layout there. I went a couple of weeks ago for the first time and had an interesting conversation with the owner and he shared some of his insight on running a business in Mexico. He basically said that he was willing to make a 10% profit off of someone in the hopes of generating return business. Whereas the mentality of alot of bar owners in the area tends to be to gouge the customer as much as they can without concern for repeat business. While this is just a generelization there are enough people that follow this business model in the centro that it is breath of fresh air to have the sleepy iguana as an option. The only drawback the place has a relatively small number of girls working there. I remember one tactic that use to bring the girls in when it was the Indio Posado was that they would hire some knockouts as waitresses or some other entry level position and inevitably the cutest most innocent ones would come around and eventually become the most dirty corrupted and irrestible ones all on their own accord.

09-08-04, 05:21
Hi every one,

I just want to thank everyone for posting good info on this site. I mongered in TJ for the past 2 years and now I’m living in New Mexico so I wanted to add that I went down to El Paso on Labor day and decided to check out Marilyn's.

Wow! $30 for 1 whole hours of great service! That’s a great deal. Back in TJ $30 would get you about 15 minutes with a street walker. No massage and no shower before and after the session is over just a simple quickie, I used the address posted on an earlier post and went up to a cab driver to see if he could take me there. It cost about 7 dollars for the cab ride. Once I arrived inside there was only two girls working. One girl was with a customer and the available girl “Betty" was my only choice. Betty was about 30 years old. Her face was not the best but she had a very nice body. She isn’t the 18 looking street walkers I remember so well from TJ but since Betty was the only choice at the time she would do.

Wow! I think the girls at Marilyn’s must be required to take a course on pleasing a customer. Betty was great! Total GFE lots of kissing and hugging. Since the rooms are a bit dark and Betty’s face is about a 5 out of 10 it helped with the atmosphere. Her body was about 7 out of 10. I extended my visit there an extra hour and wished I could of stayed longer! Thanks guys for posting this wonderful place. I look forward to visiting with Carina and if not I will definitely visit with Betty again.

One questions for the regulars at Marilyn’s what is a good tip after one hour of great service? I gave Betty $15 for the two hour session and she looked at me and said that was too much. Of course I felt it wasn’t but I don’t want to over tip so please let me know. Also Betty wanted to set up a TLN ( todo la noche), I have no idea what would be a fair price in Ciudad Juarez? I guess somewhere between $50 and 100 dollars?

Thanks again!

Smooth TX
09-08-04, 16:53
First of all I wont to say thanks for the Intel on this MP you all have provided, I decided to do my own SPO on a couple of MPs in the area.

Sirena: Been here twice for the past month, it’s a very nice clean place. 1st time I walked in four lovely ladies stood up for my inspection. Each one sounded off their names one by one; Raqael caught my attention, remembering her the name off their Website. I showed her the print out from their Website and she asked me if, I would like soda or water. I choose the water bottle, had a fabulous time with her, she gave me a great massage, and paid attention to detail. Not bad you get a great massage, special attention, FS for .40 1hr no rush.

2nd time, four lovely Chica’s again, Raqael was one of them, but this time I chose Okyaki, she part Asian, I later found out, nice C racks. This time around I selected one of the rooms that had a Jacuzzi, which cost me an extra .2 but worth the time for two. She gave an good massage after finding my rubber duck splashing in the jacuzzi, I gave her few pointers on what I learned from visiting a few AMP, that should elevate her skills in giving massages. Over all I had a good time, starting to like this place…I just might stop by this weekend and sample the next one in line.

MR. Smooth TX

Smooth TX
09-08-04, 17:11
First of all I wont to say thanks for the Intel on this MP you all have provided, I decided to do my own SPO on a couple of MPs in the area.

Sirena: Been here twice for the past month, it’s a very nice clean place. 1st time I walked in four lovely ladies stood up for my inspection. Each one sounded off their names one by one; Raqael caught my attention, remembering her the name off their Website. I showed her the print out from their Website and she asked me if, I would like soda or water. I choose the water bottle, had a fabulous time with her, she gave me a great massage, and paid attention to detail. Not bad you get a great massage, special attention, FS for .40 1hr no rush.

2nd time, four lovely Chica’s again, Raqael was one of them, but this time I chose Okyaki, she part Asian, I later found out, nice C racks. This time around I selected one of the rooms that had a Jacuzzi, which cost me an extra .2 but worth the time for two. She gave an good massage after finding my rubber duck splashing in the jacuzzi, I gave her few pointers on what I learned from visiting a few AMP, that should elevate her skills in giving massages. Over all I had a good time, starting to like this place…I just might stop by this weekend and sample the next one in line.

MR. Smooth TX

09-08-04, 20:08
I would imagine that the town will be a bit crazy this weekend, no? With all the extra policia activities as of late, would it be wise to not partake in the festivities this weekend and perhaps wait a week to drive the 750 miles?

09-09-04, 01:30
Went to Michelle's last Thursday. My what a great service. $30 for a good massage and totla GFE from girl named Karina, they call her Kara. She was about a 7, but the personality and treatment made her a knockout. Will definetly go visit again in the near future. There is also a SW named Maria by Queens in the Centro, what a freak. $40 and she invited a friend for some three way fun. Maria's sexy school teacher glasses and the friends enormous rack made for a good time.

09-09-04, 03:21

You want to set up a over nighter with a woman whose face is a 5 out of 10? Huh?

But thanks for the report.

Any young hotties at Marilyn’s?

09-09-04, 03:30
Quote from Kimbrough"Wow! I think the girls at Marilyn’s must be required to take a course on pleasing a customer"


Welcome to Juarez! Sergio (Marilyns) gets girls that are just amazing. The "love of my life" is from his stable, who has moved on. but I still see her when I can. I try to see her every day I am in Juarez, and I usually see her one hour before I have to be at the airport, and I get to the airport quite relaxed.

09-09-04, 16:21

Hahaha, yea maybe it sounds silly but Betty was a great time total GFE. Anyway when you are face to face with someone you really are looking at their eyes not there whole face. And just by looking at her eyes I could tell she was a good woman. Most importantly she was horny and ready to have a good time!

One question for the gang. Is there any action at the bars just after you cross into Juarez during the day? I went inside a couple of places and the bars where dead of action. Back in TJ you could fine some action in any number of bars. If you wanted to dance you could find a couple of places to go. Also is there any streetwalkers out at about noon? I'm just wondering, thanks guys. For now I'll be going back to Marlyn's A.S.A.P.!

09-10-04, 04:57
Hey all,

Recently I went to Vegas. I just had a sprite and left. this ugly girl insisted on giving me a lap dance but she didn't smell good either, so I left. Walked to the Sleepy Iguana and there was one pretty girl with a nice body, but she was talking to someone. This short, yet wide girl walked up to me and sat down so I told her I was watching the boxing matched up the street and just got thirsty. So I finished another bottle of sprite (for 2 bucks) and left. I went to the bar across from Vegas ( called ladies bar or something like that) The girls actually looked pretty good. They charge 7 bucks for a drink for the ladies and 3 bucks for a can of what 7 Up. The kicker was for FS it was $130 for an hour. Told the guy that he must be crazy and walked out.

09-10-04, 07:57

The only action in the day is at the *****houses and an MP called Cleopatras in Ignacio Mejia, very close to the bridge. The *****houses have very poor quality in the daytime but the las time I went to Cleopatras they were wall to wall cuties.

The Filthy One

09-10-04, 14:35

Betty at Marilyn's does indeed provide a nice GFE, although I felt just a bit rushed when I was with her. We didn't have any discussions about a potential TLN, so maybe she just didn't like me. But she seems very enthusiastic about her work.

If it's a GFE that knocks my socks off, I'll tip $10.

Want to save a few bucks? Follow this link that Dreaming Eagle has provided, and the base rate for your hour of fun will be $25 instead of $30:


Sun Devil
09-10-04, 15:14
They used to accept those coupons at Marylin's but not anymore. Same thing with regards to Sirena's coupon. Both of them are obsolete.

09-11-04, 00:57
Sun Devil:

They accepted a coupon from me at Marylin's yesterday! Maybe it's a YMMV thing.

09-11-04, 04:07
Only Sirena has cancelled the coupon offer.

Marilyn still honors them.

I know. I arranged and published them and am in touch with both owners on an ongoing basis.

I just left Sergio of Masaje Marilyn and saw a couple of coupons sitting around the office. You can get one at http://www.juarez-mexico.com/Coupons/MarilynCoupon.JPG.

Sirena's is also offering a free ride from Club Planeta near the Sante Fe Bridge, and back, which is worth a bit more than a $5 off coupon: http://www.sirena-massageparlor.com. I want to hear from anyone who has tried to take them up on this offer to make sure it's real, which I have no reason to believe is not. I'd just like some verification and perhaps some testimonials for the web site.

Sun Devil
09-11-04, 08:49
Thanks fellows for clarifying that. I will talk to Sergio as to the reason why the girls taking care of me indicated that they do not accept the coupons that I had.

09-11-04, 17:38
I am a frequent customer of Marylins, and even if I did use the coupon I would probably still spend the savings on a tip.
I don't know who's cut the coupon comes out of, the house or the girl. But, $30 is still very reasonable for an hour with one of these girls.

09-12-04, 07:43
I suspect Sergio hasn't told all of the new girls about the coupons. I'll mention this to him tomorrow.

Juarez Defender
09-12-04, 10:36
Hello all,

I guess I was the first to try Venus II near El Encanto. There was a man passing out flyers for Venus and Venus II. I decided to try Venus II and it was well worth it. There were only three girls thre and I picked Yazmin. A local 21 yr old girl. Wow amazing. I will have to go to El Elncanto next or maybe a second visit to Venus II. I want to try and hook up with Yazmin for an all nighter.

Be safe,


09-12-04, 13:08
DE wrote:
I suspect Sergio hasn't told all of the new girls about the coupons. I'll mention this to him tomorrow.

Find out, if you can, who's cut the discount comes out of, the house, the girl, or both.

09-12-04, 17:45
Well guys, all good things must come to an end; and unfortunately, I'm having to move out of state and far away in about a week. I'll sure miss CJ and all the lovely chicas that are so readily available, and, of course, I'll also miss being part of this forum. But such is life. Anyway, I plan on making this week count...I'm going to try to check out the MPs at least 2 or 3 times.

So, any new reports on Marilyn's, Venus, Roma, or any other of the MPs? I'd really like to get some more information on Venus II...anyone have anything to add to Juarez Defender's report? Are the facilities as nice as the original Venus? Is up-selling as prevelant? And could someone provide some specifics as to its location? I haven't been to Marilyn's since Sonia left some 3 weeks ago, mainly because I didn't think there was anyone left that would interest me. Betty looks ok...but I generally like girls who are younger. Casandra got a pretty bad review from someone a couple months ago, so I'm hesitant to try her (even if she is still around). But I'm more comfortable in Marilyn's than any other MP, so I may have to go for one of the two, unless there are any other suggestions.

Oh, Kimbrough...regarding tipping: I would say the $5 is the standard rate. However, I personally give $10 to any girl who shows some enthusiasm, and $20 for a GFE (but please note: I've only found one chica who gave me the TRUE GFE in my year and a-half of practicing my hobby in CJ). Now before you all start giving me grief about jacking up the rates, please consider what someone posted here a while back about these girls needing the money money more I do. I can't speak for the girls who work in the bars-in-which-postitution-is-solicited, but the girls in the MPs--at least the majority of the ones I have been with--are just trying to make a decent life for themselves and their children in a place that offers limited opportunities. So what's a few extra buck when the price for pussy is so ridiculously cheap in the first place?

And Kimbrough, I love your story about Betty telling you that you tipped too much! A girl like that deserves whatever you can give her! What refreshing change from the up-selling putas at myriad other establishments!

09-12-04, 18:58
Ok, I was just told by a friend who doesn't post on the board that Venus is no longer on Ave. Lincoln behind the bank. That is how long I have been there.
Also he spoke of a chola type named Aylyn or Ilene. Any info?
Regarding tipping anywhere, I rarely do it. I'm too cheap but if and when I do its never more than 5 bucks. I know this kills the service for the second visit but again, rarely do I repeat a massage girl. The only MP girl I was a regular of was Perla at the Paraiso. She gave a legitimate massage. It was so good I wasn't interested in the sex. Are there any more like that out there?


09-12-04, 21:15
My last trip (July), Venus was very much still there on Lincoln, but a few monthsaway from Juarez can mean a world of change, although since I've been going I can't remember a place closing...

09-12-04, 23:28
TRex - just a "good wishes to you" post. Good luck and thanks for all your info's!

Safe mongering in your new locale!

09-12-04, 23:44
Quote" The only MP girl I was a regular of was Perla at the Paraiso. She gave a legitimate massage. It was so good I wasn't interested in the sex. Are there any more like that out there?"

Yes, I got a great massage from a girl in Hispaniola, that was fab. And the sex after was even better.

Getting a great massage is worth a tip. And they will remember you.

09-13-04, 02:13
And my favorita knows exactly where to start on me ..shoulder then knee, and then....hmmm...back to tipping, I tip her unlike any other woman, because we know each other so well. I give her more than I should, but she is worth it,and I get it back, and more, the next time I see her.

09-13-04, 03:17
TRex, good luck in your new location. Even though Sonia's gone, Marylin's is still good. My favorite there is Alondra (sp?), who is tall, slender, and pretty (IMO). She does a good massage and GFE service. Karina also provides great service, but I don't find her as attractive as Alondra. I was the one that gave Cassandra a bad review, but judging by her other reviews, either she was just having a bad day or just didn't like me. I try to treat the girls nicely, but she didn't act like I was.
I like tipping the MP chicas if they give good service. If a girl gives good service and I know I'll be coming back, she'll get $10 so the second time will be better. The service standard for a tip at the $40 places is higher than the $30 places. At the bars if a girl tries to get more drinks out of me, that comes out of her tip money. Not many have figured out that their tip is inversely proportional to the number of dirnks I buy them.

09-13-04, 23:48

I tip the MP girls much more than the bar girls, maybe for the same reasons. For the bar scene, I frequent Queens, and the girls there don't/can't ask for tips. But of course their drinks are outrageous. But an MP chica who gives me gfe is getting a nice extra.

09-14-04, 16:47
Clydesdale, you are truly a gentlemen and a scholar (at least in the world of hobbying)! I visited Yolanda yesterday at Marilyn's, and she was all that you described, and more. Not as pretty as Sonia, but I would rate her looks a solid 7.5: nice face, decent breasts, and a fabulous ass. And she gave an authentic GFE, complete with DFK and BBBJ, so I would rate her performance pretty close to a 10. In fact we were so into it and took so much time going about our business that I had to spring for an extra session, making this the first time I've spent two hours with an MP girl. I find this incredible since I was a first-time client.

So thanks for the outstanding tip!

Sun Devil
09-15-04, 01:16
Hey TRex, if you are goint to live in a city which Southwest services, you can fly to El Paso/Juarez inexpensively.

I can get a round trip ticket from Phoenix to El Paso for less than $80, however one needs to reserve it about 21 days in advance.

Sun Devil
09-15-04, 01:22
Regarding Venus, it is still in the same place, near the Scotia Bank on Lincoln.

However, there is a second location on Hermanos Escobar called Venus II, which used to be Orientales, and near the Chinese restaurant.

Dave #2
09-15-04, 02:52
I was in Juarez last week to buy some turquoise bracelets. How much do the vendors mark up the price when quoting prices?

I was looking to pick up some chunky turquoise bracelets for some early Chrsitmas gifts.

One place quoted me $75 for the same bracelet I was quoted $35 for at another store. I actually ended up buying the bracelet at the place that quoted me $75 after bargaining it down to $25. I guess it's hard trying to haggle for th ebest price when I don't know what they're really worth.

Thanks for any advice,


Lucky Chuck
09-15-04, 19:54
Hi All,

I have been living with my girl for almost a year now here in Juarez, working in El Paso during the day. I have no reports about the bar (that solicit) scene nor MP's since I live a fairly normal life here. However, for those that might be interested the new club that is VERY hot and popular is Vaqueras y Broncos. It is a very upscale club serving locals. Very safe, very hot place where you can meet all sorts of local gals. Probably the best looking girls in town and upscale. Lots of super looking college girls. Other than me you might be the only gringo there, but don't worry you will be safe and have fun.

This is for those who would like to try to "pick up" a super looking NonPro girl. Who knows, you might get lucky. By the way, judging from the cars in the parking lot, this is one place where the locals might make or have more money than you.

Thursday nights are the time to go, the place is packed.

Hey, I got lucky, perhaps you will too!!

Lucky Chuck

Sun Devil
09-16-04, 08:33
Where is this place located?

I know of another bar, right across from Venus on Lincoln, that has a Coyote Ugly night on Thursdays. I can't recall its name right now but the girls going there at that time of the week tended to be pretty upscale and great looking.

09-16-04, 14:20
Dave 2

You're doing right by negotiating the price. If you're shopping in Centro on Juarez Avenue at the tourist junk shops. They'll start ridiculously high but can be gotten down to the level you mention. Amazing how many tourists pay what's asked

I don't know if I'd buy tourqouise down there are not although I suppose some nice pieces might be found. I'd look in some of the smaller shops up around the cathedral

09-16-04, 14:50
I was looking to pick up some chunky turquoise bracelets for some early Chrsitmas gifts.

Watch the jewelry, it is not authentic turquiose, this stuff is low grade fake. Worn on the arm, this stuff will, in all probability, turn your arm green, from sweat attacking the metal. Before buying any quantity, buy one small one and wear it for a day, you'll see.

09-17-04, 03:08
Sun Devil...you are a real wealth of knowledge! I will have to check out Southwest's flights from my new locale. Taking a weekend to see some friends and re-acquaint myself with the wonders of CJ would certainly serve as an ideal vacation.

As for haggling in the markets: I never pay more than 25% of the original "asking" price. Often, you can do even better than that. Of course, the secret of haggling is being prepared to walk away.

If you're looking for good, authentic jewelry, pottery, and other crafts made in Mexico, I suggest you try a place called Fonart. It's located right across a small cone-shaped museum that's not far (to the south) from the Holiday on the Av. Lincoln. Wish I could give more precise directions, but I just follow my nose when I go there without paying too much attention (usually after a session at El Encanto, from which it's about a 15-minute walk). It's in a pretty neat modern building that is in the process of just being renovated. The stuff there is not necessarily cheap, and there's no haggling. But at least you can be assured of the quality of the merchandise.

Dave #2
09-17-04, 03:36
I did worry about picking up non-authentic turquoise. I will take the advice and wear one on my wrist for a day (during a golf outing) and see what happens.

Any other craft markets worth checking out?

Thanks for all the help - Dave.

P.S. Went to El Encanto twice earlier in the week and had a great time. I wish they'd allow the room to be brighter.

Lucky Chuck
09-17-04, 17:24
In response to Sun Devil's request about the location of Vaqueras y Broncos, I know how to get there but I can't remember the address. I think their phone number is 646-611-6698. You will find that the music played here is the Mexican equivalent of US popular country western. This place is where the local go! If you have a Mexican girlfriend or want to take a chica out for a night that she will love, take her here. She will think you are a very "with it" type of guy who knows where the locals like to hang out. Again this is a very new and popular place. It is not cheap. The admission is 30 pesos (not bad) except for special nights where it can get as high as 250 pesos each. For example, one of the most famous Mexican groups, Palomo, played there on Wednesday night and they usually only play for LARGE audiences. The cost of drinks also varies depending on what night it is and if it is a special event. Usually a bucket of beers is about 300 pesos and a bottle is $500 pesos. On Wednesday night when Palomo was there the same bottle was $1,200 pesos! This is NOT a cheap place so that will discourage the budget shoppers among you. However, it is possible that not every one of you is looking for a $35 lay and may want to experience a more upscale sort of night life.

Regarding the bars and clubs across from Venus (I prefer to say across from Montana steak house) there are several. These clubs are frequented by upscale Mexican young adults and are quite good. There is a Martini bar (can't remember the name)electronic music and also a popular club called La Serata (http://www.laserata.com/) The local girls that you might meet will enjoy these clubs, but usually consider them to be full of snobby rich Mexicans. You would impress them more by taking them to Vaqueras y Broncos. Another place that locals like to go is The Rodeo off of Lincoln. Basically the same type of music as Vaqueras y Broncos but a little cheaper.

For a budget experience you could go to Diverse on Juarez Street, which plays the same kind of music and it is cheap and well attended. However, as in all of these places you would be the only gringo. Diverse is a club filled with mostly factory workers and does not have too many good looking girls. The security in all is VERY good, but you will probably not feel comfortable in Diverse. Low class place and people, you would be safe, but you would NOT feel safe. Vaqueras y Broncos or The Rodeo are MUCH better choices. Personally I think that if you went regulary to either of these latter places and were cool. (Hopefully able to dance the Cumbia too) you will sooner or later (probably sooner) get lucky.

09-18-04, 06:43
Lucky Chuck,

Thanks for all the great info! Hopefully I'll be down there long enough to use the information.

09-20-04, 04:05
i’ll try to keep things brief and to the point. but if i can’t, go get yourself a soda, cigarette, or whatever and pull up a chair.
i used to have a novia from summer of 1999 to 2000. no, not the kind we get comfortable with in the bars and mps. she was from chihuahua but worked as a domestic for a family in juarez. we were very serious to the point i wanted to cross her over on one of those border crossing cards. later the idea turned to getting married. she was all for the idea and so was i as it kept me away from the bar scene. we continued and she traveled on occasion to chihuahua city. i told her what we needed and all such as birth certificate passport photos, etc. well she hemmed and hawed over getting things done so i broke things off and she returned to chihuahua and i never saw here again. that was 4 years ago.
well in august (last month)i got a note from someone who received it from someone i don’t know. the note originated from the former novia. it said to call her at one of 2 numbers. i did but we kept getting cut off. a few days passed and by this time i was on vacation with an itch for travel. you guessed it, i wanted to take the bus to chihuahua to see the town and if she wanted, to see her. i called her up and told her as fast as i could before we got cut off again that i was headed to chihuahua. she said forget it. she was coming up the next day.
when she got here, believe me guys, i “interogatted” her about what this was all about and what were her intentions. she wanted to get back together. so i grilled her for more information like what she was doing these past 4 years. well she completed high school through the mexican equvolent of a ged and was attending “prepa” and i got it out of her that she had a novio for 3 of the last 4 years. i’m the kind of guy that appreciated truth. so i told her my status, truthfully of course. i told her about the websites i own and what my intentions are for them. she seems ok with it. so long story short i went off the deep end and accepted her back.
we talked long and hard that weekend and we are sure we want to pick up where we left off as mentioned above. she still has the puny engagement ring i bought her 4 years ago and she put it back on.
i haven’t mentioned any of this in the open forum because i didn’t want to appear all goo-goo and dopey. after all she had a history of half-stepping.
well she came up this weekend with all the stuff she needed to bring me; i.e. the certified copies of the birth certificate and passport type photos required by the application and she filled out the bio form that is also needed. she has really gotten her stuff together over the years.
so here i am, being mr. serious with all the papers put together. all i need now is to have her birth certificate translated and i need to scrape up 165 bucks for the application and send it all off and cross my fingers. it all should be in the mail by friday.
i have been using as guidance www.visajourney.com. i highly recommend this site to anyone who wants to do the same, if not now, maybe later.
are my mongering days over? that is a great big yes. will i still maintain the site? yes, i have obligations since i do have paying members. will i be able to resist temptation while giving tours and getting new pictures for the website? yes, i have not had so much as a twitch in my shorts.
well let me cut off here and let you guys get back to the business of real monger reports.

the filthy (but i don’t feel like it) one

Toni Ten
09-20-04, 04:15

Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you too. Don't worry about one of your web site readers.


09-20-04, 04:42
if you need any advise or have any questions about the fiance petition to bring your girl here, PM, me, I just recently finished one and my girl now has her resident card.
One BIG word of advise is, DON'T marry her in Mexico, it will delay paper work up to 6 years.
The fiance petition is the way to go.

09-20-04, 15:05

I am trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.

09-20-04, 17:51


PS. Every relationship takes effort from both sides. Take the naysayers with a grain of salt and take the BEST WISHES from the rest of us to heart.

PPS. Alt+0233

09-21-04, 00:20
This means more Marilu for me!

Actually, congratulations are in order. A lady that makes you forget about the others is a good thing. Does this mean I have to organize the next palooza?

09-21-04, 02:45
A palozza does sound in order. Since I did a horrible job handling the last one would you mind doing it. Of course I will be in attendance but only as an observer. Any other takers? Who is available and when is a good time for the event.

About MariLu, is she still telling people she is pregnant?

And I thank you all for the words of encouragement.


09-21-04, 03:42

Keep things light. She flaked on you before; she'll flake on you again. People don't change.

09-21-04, 03:45
You guys think the MP girls would mind me "finishing" w/o the condom on her face?

I would ask her, but we don't communicate very well.

It's something I've always wanted to try.

09-21-04, 07:02
Mugroso - I remember when you told me about the person giving you the note and you sounded like she (the note writer) really meant something to you.

I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face. I'm happy for you, friend. Good luck to you and your "new world" - I'm sure it'll work out.

And whoever puts together a mongerpalooza - please post all the details ASAP!

09-21-04, 16:20
I would be game for attending a Mongerpalooza. A question I have, is there any time in October that would not be a good time to plan a trip?? I would hate to come down during some sort of week long festival during which all the bars and MPs are closed. :-(

09-22-04, 00:31
Keep things light. She flaked on you before; she'll flake on you again. People don't change.
I hear you on the flake factor but I feel that hump has been crossed. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten so personal with you guys. Trust me, with my years of experience not only in the zona but all over Juarez I have seen my share of flakes and empty promises and si, si, si, mañana.

As for people changing, I have to disagree using myself as the example. I have gone from good to bad to worse to so-so back to good and then on to everything else in between. Example, I used to swing big time when I was married, just don't tell my ex-wife, I never invited her. I'd hang out at the Fiesta Drive Inn waiting for any woman who wanted to fuck to come along. Then one day that stopped. I have had up to 3 girlfriends at once. (not recommended) I have had no girlfrinds, just putas as the main course. You see, people do change and it happens in any direction to varying degrees.

There is nothing coming up in October to interfere with your plans that I know of. But I do recommend you wait for Halloween weekend, it is a trip in the zona. Last Halloween I partied in a fag bar with MariLu on the condition she keep her hands on my ass the whole time we were in there. This kid will stay a virgin in that aspect.

There is more of MariLu for everyone even when I was banging her. She is insatiable.


09-22-04, 03:01
i just got approved to post so this is a little old.

i was in juarez in mid aug. i didn't know about this site then but and had a little information from elsewhere that was dated from the mid 90s. the 1st day i walked over the free bridge. thinking it was the bridge by the zona. needless to say i walked around a long time not finding anything. finally i went to a taxi.

i over paid for that 1st ride and i'm embarrassed to say how much but he took me to the pink lady. i studied spanish years ago but all i remember is hola. inside i sit down and yami or yam yam (i can't remember exactly) comes up to me. it was awkward because she didn't speak much english just asking standard phrases like "how are you" etc. finally i said "room" and she understood so we went to where you pay. i paid $60 for a half hour.

after we get in the room i gently touch and kiss her. later i motion for her to get me head. but she is hesitant. she asks if i will tip her but i tell i can't because between the taxi and her i'm out of money. she says "well, ok for you". so i get a bbbj for a few mins. her oral skills are average.

we start missionary and i felt like pounding it so i did fairly hard. she was good underneath working it with me and grabbing my ass etc. we do doggie next. i still feel like slamming it so i do. after awhile she reaches under and grabs my balls. she was holding them very tightly, normally i don't like that but it turned me on.

i decide to go back to missionary. this is where she bothered me a little. she checked the condom to see if i had come. i have complete control in that area. i can pound a pussy bareback full speed for as long as i want. in fact with a condom i have trouble making myself come.

so i hit it a little bit more and want her on top. again she checks the condom and accuses me of coming. i didn't particularly like her technique on top but i am picky about that position. after a while i want to do missionary again and you guessed it she carefully examines the condom tip for come.

so now i'm a little pissed and turned off by her. and now i can't come. i almost wished i had got her for all night just so i could fuck her like a jack hammer for 6 or 7 hours until she understood the point that i have control over my load.

i decide to stop and didn't bother comming. that's not so bad for me because i enjoy sex even without orgasm. she would have been a great lay had she not tried to rush me. but she was the best looking girl there in fact the only one i would fuck. that is until we walked out and i saw roxanne.

09-22-04, 03:16
I don't know when I will be back to Juarez ,as my travels have now taken me to places that have captured my craving for chicas and places that don't see many americanos. I will say ,that this board has been enriched immeasurably by Mugroso and his very witty reports and comments.

THAT being said... what the hell are you doing getting with only one chica?!!! This girls either got a rack that is amazing or a hoover for a p***y. Fess up.

09-22-04, 04:09
I think falling in love with a Mexican girl is an excellent choice. Had I been just 10 years younger I would have married my year-long girlfriend whom I called here "the neighbor". Regarding this situation, the girl went to a lot of trouble to find him and seems to have matured. If not, I'm sure Mugruso will figure that out pretty quickly. Pretty hard to have a broken heart for long in Juarez...

I just chose not to go the married path, but I'd sure pick a girl from Latin America if I ever changed my mind. Every American woman I ever had as a wife, girlfriend, or lover was a royal pain in the ass compared to Latin women. They still enjoy cooking for you, showering you with affection, and still send out strong tie signs that tells everyone else hands off. American women, well...you all know how they are. Screw 'em. One trip to Latin America in '99 cured me of any desire to ever be with one again, and I haven't.

09-22-04, 04:12

She has "style". MariLu is not a gauge or standard. She was always a piece of ass and not marry material. Its not pussy or tits but the matter of a good woman. I have always felt good around her.

And thank you for your compliment. I have enjoyed this site and you guys immensly. I'd like to meet more of you guys next time there is a mongerpalozza.


09-22-04, 04:17
DreamingEagle wrote:
Every American women I ever had as a lover was a royal pain in the ass compared to Latin women.

I remember a news report about a "cupid" in Columbus NM how hooked up American men with Mexican women. The reporter asked about the language barrier. The guy replied, "Hell, I was married to an American woman for 20 years and never understood a damn thing she said".

I laughed my ass off and I hope you guys are too.
I can relate. My x-wife was a Viet refugee who left Saigon hours before it fell. But she grew up her as American as you can get. Good riddence. But then again I should send her a thank you note for leaving me and I would have never met my novia.


09-22-04, 04:18
"About MariLu, is she still telling people she is pregnant?"

Last week she told me she she had 8 kids and couldn't have any more. Previous reports had her with 7.
The Marilu pregnant thing started a couple of months ago when someone posted they didn't know whether they dreamed it or not. It seems she would be showing by now, but then again she was MIA for a couple of weeks. If you have any intel let us know.

09-22-04, 17:44
Thanks for the advice, Mugroso. Perhaps Halloween weekend would be a good time for a Mongerpalooza?

09-23-04, 00:28
Actually that report originated on 7/7/04, and was from the horses mouth, according to the poster, who has been very reliable. Of course, she may have been pulling his sausage.(another Romeism, for those that know)

New Bound
09-23-04, 15:11
Hi guys,

I had been living in El Paso for about 3 months, and visited Juarez practically everyday. I should have been posting the entire time but had computer problems.

Background info-- I'm in my mid-twenties, blond gringo. Average build, etc. I'm pretty tough ****** myself. I've done a good deal of traveling in South America, East Asia, and Eastern Europe with no problems.

When I first arrived in Juarez walking over the Santa Fe bridge I was very cautious. But, after a few days I was walking down many of the streets during the day.

Weeks later I was walking home from many of the MP's and disco's at night.

After two months of visiting Juarez I was meeting car loads of girls, jumping in, and going to some unknown chica's house in an unknown location for sex with four or five chicas whose names I had not yet learned. Very crazy and very fun. I'm not making this stuff up. Really.

Basically I was not using as much common sense as I always did in the past. I started to feel too safe in this city, and was using the wrong head to make decisions.

Last week I had some very bad luck.

I was simply walking down Juarez Ave at about 2am. I was not drunk, and simply alone walking towards El Paso. A motley gang of about 10 teenagers was walking towards me the other direction. No words we're exchanged. As they approached one pulled out a club and hit me in the head very hard. This occurred for no reason whatsoever. I did not see it coming. I stayed concious and on my feet. Suddenly I was in a fight for my life. These punks didn't want money, just a stupid fight for no reason. I put up a decent fight before the sewer rats ran off. I took a pretty good beating. My face looks like a slab of hamburger.

This incident made me realize I had been way to careless in Juarez the past two months. I actually may not monger in Juarez again, this incident simply scared me way to much. Well, I might, maybe. But I have already moved. I may return some day, maybe.

Guys, Juarez is mongering paradise, or a wonderful place to find a real girlfriend, or wife.

But I would argue from personal experience that this is the most dangerous city in Mexico per capita-- and don't forget it. I'm making this statistic up, I doubt if I'm correct, but it sounds good, and makes my point. Please be careful. Stupid things can happen down here, even if your simply walking down the street minding your own business. I learned that the hard way.

I hope this post will keep a few of you out of trouble.
have fun, but be smart and alert.


My Freedom
09-23-04, 17:17
I wish Mugroso and any other American man the best of luck who decides to hook up permanently with a Latin female. I have been married to both, an American and a Mexican, and I found overall for marriage the American better. We should not stereotype, but sometimes it's best to stay where we're in our own back yard.

The Mexicana I wed was from the Campestre area (country club) of Juarez. Beautiful but spoiled. But other Mexican women I have dated had very similar qualities. Once these Latinas get their hooks in you I have found them to be quite mandona (bossy). My wife sure was. It was her way or else. An excellent cook she was and kept an impecible casa, but I never felt it was my house. These ladies can also have very sharp tongues and show little respect to us U.S. males. A key thing as well is, nearly all that I've known are GOLDDIGGERS. Bottom Line: No money, no honey. Mine was certainly that way. And their family, kids, hermanos, primos, etc., and weekly get togethers are more important than you are. Trust me on this!

I have other American men friendswho hooked up with them and had similar experiences. In one case his novia hit him over the head with a beer bottle when angered. Another friend married a lady of the night and she hit him on the head with a telephone, called the police and put him in jail.

Again, we should not stereotype. My American was far from perfect. But about Latin women I've heard it said, "Great to bed but hell to wed." In most cases I feel the smartest two words in the English language are "stay single."

Cada quien (to each his own) My Freedom

Massage Lover
09-24-04, 05:04
Mongering trip to CJ September 12th to 15th.

9/13/04 – Masaje Sirena:

An afternoon urge to be pampered and to have some intimate fun brought my self to the front door of Sirena (Calle Panama and Hermanos Escobar). The directions given in recent previous posts are correct. I was met at the door by Oyuki, whom I was with and reported on last month. She seemed glad to see me and was very eager to bring me to her pleasure nest. She prepared the Jacuzzi as we both disrobed. While bathing and relaxing we talked, played, and stimulated each other’s erogenous zones (including passionate kissing).

We both were very receptive to each others touch and needs at that moment. She was a little more relaxed this time (so was I) and Mr. Happy had no trouble performing. She seems to be satisfied DATY and gets off very easy that way. Total cost was a little higher with 400 pesos for basic services and 200 pesos for the Jacuzzi. It was a good experience for me though and I will return again.

9/14/04 – Masaje Marilyn:

Marilyn's is at 2900 Del Ejido (at the corner of Del Ejido and Juan Escutia) and what appears to be a residential neighborhood. The directions given in recent previous posts are correct. At the time of this visit, the building was unmarked and you would never know it was a massage parlor. I did knock at the No. 2900 building (southeast corner) and was greeted by three very decent looking senoritas (two short and one tall). The tall girl had legs that wouldn’t quit so I chose the very thin and sexy Alandra. She stands about 5 foot 10 inches with her high-heels off.

She was very affectionate towards me and provided a true GFE experience. After a very good massage (great hands) it was time to have a little action. We proceeded to have a very intense session and surprisingly let me finish in her mouth (BBBJCIM), swallowing every bit of juice I could muster (I was drained). She also liked reverse massage, DATY, and came at least twice that I could feel (I must have been the first customer of the day). Cost was 350 pesos. For those of you who like a tall and affectionate woman, she is your girl!

9/15/04 – Masaje Cleopatra:

While waiting for my flight out of El Paso, I decided to kill a little time and went to Cleopatra for a massage and some morning fun (25 yards east of Ignacio Mejia and Av. Juarez). The directions given in recent previous posts are correct. There were two senoritas there, however I chose the very cute and petite Marlena. She is 21 years old, stands about 5 foot 4 inches (can’t be more that 105 lbs.), has a child of 10 months, and is from Durango, Durango MX.

After taking a shower, she proceeded to give me a decent massage. For her size, she has a lot of power in her hands. Exploring her lower areas found a nice sweet smelling and very tight pussy. She seemed to like DATY and BJ with condom. Since I was having trouble finishing so she took off the condom and “massaged me” until I came. Cost was 350 pesos. It was a pleasant experience with a very nice and cute young lady.

Thanks for the tips guys!


09-24-04, 14:02
Nice MP Report Massage Lover,

I am going to Juarez on Tues I was thinking of staying at the hotel across the street from Sirena, How does that sound? Also where is the best place to get your money exchanged? Did you take taxis to all the MP's Because I plan on visiting all the ones you did? Any mention of toda la noche? I am going there maybe for a GFE/Wife what do you think were the girls receptive? What was your total damage? MP's,taxi?

I have to fly in from Cincy taxi or the Juarez border jumpers?

09-24-04, 14:51
Wow, lots of good info posted last night!

New Bound & My Freedom—

sorry about your experience.

Massage Lover—

Thanks for all the info.

I had a similar experience with Marlena at Cleopatra’s.

But I’m waiting for Claudia to come back.

Anyone know what happened to her? She hasn’t been there the past two times I’ve gone.

09-24-04, 21:49
NB, walk through the "wrong" part of Detroit, Chicago, LA, or any other big AMERICAN city one of these days at 2am and see what happens to your white, blonde ass.

09-25-04, 06:11
My 2nd day in Juarez I went back to the pink lady to see Roxanne. I saw her on my way out the day before. This girl is very hot. By far the best looking girl in there.

My experience with her was much better than Yami the day before. The only bad thing was she didn't want to give me bbbj or kiss on lips. But she didn't rush me at all and her fucking skills were excellent. She really got into it with me, grabbing my ass pulling me deeper, working her hips underneath etc.

I left town and returned 2 weeks later. In the meantime I bought a Spanish in your car CD. It help bring back a lot what I learned years before.

1st night back. I wandered all over town near the zona. I walked into every bar I saw. Unfortunately I wasn't attracted to any of the women in Juarez. It's kinda funny having the women grab you on the street. Or walking by them and they ask "wanna fuck?"

I walked into Laura's and this women Maria grabbed me almost immediately. She seemed older like 30. She wasn't super attractive but far better than anyone else I saw that night. We went to the bar tender to translate. The funny thing is now I could understand Spanish much better. She told her the lowest she was willing to go was $30. The bartender tells me it will be $60. I told her I was only willing to pay $35 and lol that was agreed price.

Maria's breast's were very unattractive so I didn't give her any foreplay there like I normally would. I laid on the bed and she gave me a bbbj. It was nice that she started doing it naturally without being asked or hinted at. After a little bit I decided to fuck her.

She fucked well nothing spectacular but above average.

I walked by Laura's the next day at 3:00pm. Some fatchick grabbed me and started walking with me like I was her boyfriend. The Laura's owner asked me if I wanted her. I looked at him like yea right. So he says he has a sister next door. The girl body was nice but I wasn't attracted to her. He said I could have her for $10.

I have fairly high standards but if you're not as picky I guess you can get girls really cheap there.

09-25-04, 15:20
New Bound,

Thanks for the warning, I hope this doesn't stop you from finding fun in Juarez.


El Chucotejas
09-25-04, 16:37
Check out what I found that is lurking in cyberspace.


09-25-04, 17:20
I had better get this out now.

I held off as long as I could in telling you guys about my good fortune. I waited until I was proof positive that she was serious this time. That proof positive was last weekend when she came up to fill the papers and bring me her birth certificate. To me that showed me her sincerity.
The 4 years we were apart she had a novio. Its natural, we all want somebody. Today on the phone she told me she is returning to him.
I'm sorry I wasted you guys time. I really appreciated the kind words and encouragement.

Sun Devil
09-25-04, 19:30

I feel for you. That was a pretty quick affair there. Hopefully it will turn out for the best for everyone involved.

09-25-04, 20:15
Sorry to hear it Mug. And I was just getting ready to post felicidades!

My Freedom
09-25-04, 21:37

Very sorry to hear of your experience. But far better to learn this now than six months down the road. I just had a VERY similar experience. Last winter I was dating a Mexicana who was separated from her husband. I was nuts about her and we had agreed to hook up permanently. And then,we made a date for last April and she didn't show upand there was no phone call. In cases like this, I don't try to make contact as I feel it's HER position to do that. I didn't hear from her until last August when she said she had gotten back with her husband and gotten pregnant with him. Now she wants me to help her pay for a divorce and get her U.S. papers and live in EP with me. She pulled this same damn stunt on me back in 1998-98 and I took her back. Once burned, twice shy, and no way Jose will I take her back this time. Life is too short to suffer like this.

New Bound, I have lived in Juarez steadily since 1984. But I can tell you one thing, NO WAY would I walk the streets of Juarez much after 11:00 P.M., let alone 2:00 A.M. Again, very sorry to hear of your experience, but as for me, when 10 or 11 P.M. arrives and if I have or haven't found a willing companion, my butt is headed to my car and I head to the casa. Manana is another day..because in Cd. Juarez, if sewer rats don't get you, it's damn certain the police will.

Have Fun with Caution, My Freedom

09-26-04, 02:06
New Bound,

Thanks for posting about your experience on Juarez Ave. It's warnings like yours that remind us to keep our defenses up when mongering in El Centro area.

I've been mongering at the Casa Colorada for about 3 years now, and I'm still scared shitless when I venture down that way.


09-26-04, 09:13
No apologies needed here.

Viva Mongerpalooza!

I've been using so much spanish now that apologies looked wrong..help.I had to go to my spanish/english dictionary to get the english spelling...lol.

09-29-04, 06:45
It’s been a while since I was in El Paso and even longer that I’ve been across to Juarez to take in some of the lovelies at the MP scene In Juarez. I was looking at the WSG Juarez thread and noticed some familiar names from a Yahoo forum I used to belong to – Zuzax, Dreaming Eagle, Dougie, good to see you guys are still hanging tough. Is the Yo Amo Latinas board still active? Unfortunately, I got caught with the chingoneus@yahoo email address and had to give it up so I lost track.

DE, I remember on the other forum when you were talking about getting your website up and running. I saw the website today for the first time-WOW, it looks great. What a fantastic job you’ve done. I hope it’s a good source of steady income for you. I see you’re still giving guys advice on Latin women-I will have to agree with you about one thing-I also enjoy knowing they rec’d pleasure from the experience.

Now, regarding my visit today to Juarez. I drove across the border with no problems and had every intention of going to Marilyn’s because of the great write-ups everyone else had written except I couldn’t find any directions to Marilyn’s. I guess I didn't take the time to look thru every post or I would have found directions to Marilyns. I didn’t save the directions from the Yahoo group so all I had was the address. I’ve never been to Marilyn’s so I just decided to check out Cleopatra since I thought I could find it. I did find Cleopatra’s but when I went inside, I was told it was 350N$ for an hour and there was no one there that looked doable. I heard one of the girl’s name-Betty, and she had some big boobs spilling out of her dress along with a bright smile, but looking down towards her waist I caught a glimpse of a rather big potbelly. No thanks. She probably would want to do it Cowboy and end up breaking my hips.

I got back in my car and headed towards some of my other old haunts. Went to Corpus II on Jose Borunda and walked in on 3 Oriental gentlemen who were talking to two girls about the prices in the lobby. I heard one guy talking in Spanish and then relayed the info to his buddies. No way I could tell if they were Korean, Chinese, or Japanese. The guy doing the negotiating seemed displeased at the selection, but the girls were telling him that all the rest of the girls were occupied. I caught one of the girls attention and asked her how much-she said 300N$ and I said “Vamonos”. So off we went-I don’t know if the Oriental guys were upset or not but I saw something I liked and jumped right in ahead of them.

She took me upstairs into a room, I gave her 400N$, got undressed and took a shower. She took the money downstairs, came back and hung a towel for me on the shower door. When I got out of the shower, she asked if I wanted a massage and I said yes, a little. I asked her what her name was-she said Mire – I guess it’s short for Mireya.

She started a massage and although it was not the best I’ve ever received, it did relax my back muscles. I remarked that I had no idea what the Oriental guys were talking about-she giggled and said, yeah, who knows. I turned over and she rubbed on my chest and then took her clothes off. I sat up and began playing with her really nice boobies-probably a 36C. I reached around and squeezed her butt cheeks-wow were they firm! Mire is about 5’10”, Black hair, light olive skin, probably a 36C-28-37, and about 130 lbs. She also has one front tooth that has a thin gold wrap around the edge.

Mire is soft-spoken and has a very, very sweet demeanor. After I squeezed on her a bit she reached down and started rubbing on me and woke little Buford up. She asked if I liked oral, I said yes. She said she would do oral for a “propinita”, a little tip, but she didn’t wait for an answer because she had already started going down in little Buford’s immediate vicinity. I asked how much, she said whatever you feel is right. Now this is a real change from the typical hardnosed “do it quick, give me the money, and get out” types I’ve been with before.

I’ve been up-sold on services before, but it’s never been left up to me to decide how much. The really great part is she proceeded to do a BBBJ without my asking. Very soft, smooth tongue action, AND, she deep throated it several times, all the way down to the base without gagging. Now that’s a definite GFE.

After she had done a BBBJ for a while, I gave her a hug and she asked me to hug the middle of her back and rub upwards. I guess her back hurt or she had a knot in it. I asked her to lie down and I gave her a back massage. She moaned like she was enjoying it. I then reached down and began massaging her coochie and heard her say, “hay, que rico”, along with some more moaning. Actually, I heard her moaning, AND I heard another girl moaning rather loudly from another room down the hall. Based on the loud and rhythmic moaning coming from down the hall, the other girl must have been in absolute ecstasy. Maybe a porn star was in town getting a massage down the hall?

Mire got off the padded table, handed me a condom and watched me put it on. Then she took up a position leaning over the table and helped slide me into her so we could do it doggie style. I finally got a good look at her tail and IT IS ONE NICE PIECE OF FIRM ASS. I noticed she had a tattoo across the small of her back. It wasn’t a biker tattoo, but one with flowery designs.

Mire enjoyed the doggie action and said it was “rico”. We did it for a while and every time I moved in the right position or direction, she would say, “si, si, asi, asi, or yes, yes, like that, like that. Man, was she tight! She was so tight I slowed down my thrusting or I knew I wouldn’t last very long.

When I finished, she cleaned me up and started cleaning up the room. She put the sheet from the padded table on the floor next to the shower door so I wouldn’t fall on the wet tile-very considerate of her. I took another shower to remove the oil on my body.

After I finished showering, she took a shower as well. We talked after and I asked if she ever went across the border to El Paso. She said she couldn’t anymore because she lost her visa. She used to go over all the time because she used to work as a waitress in El Paso. She misses her waitress job because she made good money. Mire said she doesn’t get paid very much at Corpus II.

She asked me if I came over very often for a massage-I told her it had been a long time since I had been by. I asked her how long she had worked here-she said about 4 months. I asked if she liked it-she said no, not at all. I told her maybe it was because some of the clientele tended to act like animals. She nodded yes.

As I said earlier, Mire has a very sweet demeanor, she did not rush me, she was tender, very loving, stroked me like you would expect a lover would, performed a BBBJ without insisting on a condom, said she would accept whatever tip I deemed appropriate, and she gave me feedback to let her know when it felt good. A really great experience- I would heartily and lustily recommend her to everyone.

I let her keep the 100N$ change from the 400N$ I gave her at the beginning of the session as a tip and she was okay with that. Maybe it was too much tip, maybe I should have given her the exact amount and given her a smaller tip, but she was the best MP girl I have had since I was in Monterrey over 2 years ago. If anyone is nearby and gets a chance, go see her, she was working at 3pm when I stopped in. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I left very satisfied, but thought about having another session at another old haunt. So I drove down to Loryed and went upstairs. A guy opened the guy and called me “Mister”. He led me down the hall and asked me to sit down on one of the chairs next to a couple of girls. He came back a couple of minutes later and said, “Mister, pase”, or Mister, please come this way. He led me to the room in the back and offered to show me all the girls. I asked him how much the session was-he said they are currently 250N$ for 45 minutes. Not a bad deal, and there was definitely a bigger selection of younger girls here-I saw at least 7 girls and all except one had to be under 25 years old.

I asked him what time they closed, he said 10pm. I told him I needed more money, but I really didn’t.

I had enough money, I just didn’t think I’d be ready to go again after the great session with Mire at Corpus II just 15 minutes earlier. On my way out the door, one of the girls asked why I wasn’t staying-I told her I needed more money. She asked if I was coming back later and I said yes. She said she hoped I would so she could have a session with me and she squeezed my arm and smiled like she really wanted to do something very naughty with me. Great attitude, or great salesmanship. But that’s how it's always been at Loryed.

Back in the Saddle Again,


Lucky Chuck
09-29-04, 19:23
Want a really good steak dinner (or lunch)? Try El Tor0 Bronco on Av. de las Americas #1111. Not a fancy place but a REALLY good meal. prices run from 90-100 pesos or so. I feast for 5 with a platter of steak, soup and a really big (fire roasted) baked potato runs 280 pesos.