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01-01-04, 02:00
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01-01-04, 06:06
i'm not sure i have any idea about what the man is asking for...:) if he means spanking a girl's behind, i can assure you i do that all the time with her in the doggie position, walls up or not. if he means anal sex, i'm not into getting my dipper into that realm so have no idea whatsoever what to recommend...but i'm sure it's a common request in the mps or in el centro.

then again, i have a feeling when i am missing the point altogether, as i believe i am here.

just got back from los moches on the great train ride through the copper canyons. this adventure is one i can recommend to anyone. it will take a month to process all of the photos and information i accumulated about the trip, but you will be able to read about it soon on the juarez tour guide web site.

i did the trip in the cheap, hoping to pull it all off for $300. it cost more like $400, which is still pretty inexpensive for that kind of adventure. i took the second class train on the way to los mochis and the first class train back to chihuahua. both have pluses and minuses.

i stayed in hotels which have rooms for $10 but no hot water or heaters. fortunately, they all had thick warm blankets, even if i did have to sleep in my clothes to be warm. in los moches, a young girl knocked on my door about ten minutes after i got there, offering me sex for $10.

she was slender and plenty cute, but she was just a child (imagine jr. high school, 8th grade cute).

"mija, cuantos aņos tienes?" i asked her. (how old are you?)

she said she was 14.

i just laughed.

"momentito," i said said, shutting the door in her face.

i came back with 20 pesos.

"take this for food, but don't bother me for sex, ok?"

"why not, no one cares?" she said, trying to step into the room.

i restrained her by the shoulder.

"no, a la verga!" i told her. (enough!)

she then smiled.

"thanks!" she said, pocketing the 20 peso note. she kissed her fingertips, then placed them on my cheek.

sheesh, i love young girls, but not children. you would have had to be a straight version of michael jackson to screw that kid.

besides, although i doubt it very, very much, it could have all been a set-up of some kind. no way i am going to get caught with my pants down with an ****d girl in mexico.

i even went down to the desk and told the night clerk not to let anyone else bother me. "i like the girls, but not children," i told him. besides, i didn't want a woman; i wanted to sleep. he shook his head up and down in understanding, and i was not bothered any more that night.

back in ciudad juarez new years eve (today) i wasted no time in seeing a favorita at el entanto and told her the story. she just shook her head and told me in other parts of mexico the girls were so poor they will sell themselves even younger. "she is probably a drug user," she told me. "you did the right thing."

"of course!" i replied.

you have no idea how good she felt (in her old age of 25) under me, crying "fuck me" in english (something i taught her to say, by the way) after all those cold days and nights on the train and in those cheap hotels.

still, when you see the pictures you are going to understand why this trip was a great vacation. the train goes through some of the most fantastic scenery i have every seen. i spent ten hours on the ride to los mochis and ten hours on the ride from los mochis back to chihuahua, standing between the passenger cars, taking photos through an open window, fighting the cold winds of the sierra madres. the swaying of the rail cars, the groaning of the train, the rhythm of the wheels on the track, the sound of train whistle, and the steady hum of the locomotive pulling us up into the mountains get into you and make you feel you are living out some boyhood fantasy.

now i have the weekend to look forward to---the feel of another favorita's firm young breasts against me as i enjoy her kisses of wine, the mad sensations of seeing her impale herself upon the stiff manhood which can find no lovely companion here in the united states. all the while her boss, my friend, is translating my web site into a beautiful read in spanish, which will double my readership once again.

god bless mexico, surely destiny's gift to us.

01-01-04, 06:23
When my friend heard I would be in Ciudad Juarez for Christmas there was no arguing with him. "If you are here, you are at my house the night before Christmas!" he said.

"No, there is no maybe," he replied when I hemmed and hawed. "It's done!" he added with an air of total finality.

Of course, I was there.

His two kids are just precious, a little girl about 11 and a little boy about 9 or 10. They called me "Mister Ron". His wife, Rosie, is also a jewel. They live in a little house not far from my apartment. I took a taxi over so not to worry about drinking and driving.

My friend cooked a huge pork roast in the oven. The hunk of pork they put on my plate took up half of the plate, and that's no exageration. We drank wine, brandy, and beer all night. My friend sang along with the music. He has an operatic quality voice, perfect pitch, perfect temelo, perfect timing. He used to be a professional singer and sings from his diaphram which is where good singers sing from. One of the other two guests was a 60 year old man who speaks good English and quoted Walt Whitman over dinner. The other guest was a younger guy in his 40's who works for a local radio station. My friend publishes a magazine.

After dinner toasts were in order. My friend toasted to the Juarez Tour Guide and the fact it was telling the truth about Ciudad Juarez, that it was about time. My toast was that since I could not be with my own family that night it was nice to see I had found a new family here in Mexico. His wife's toast was that she believed we had all found a fellowship with each other, one she believed would be with us all of our lives. The poet's toast was to me, that I was now part of them, that people from everywhere on the planet see the same sun and moon rise above them, that our presence together than night was proof of this fact. The little boy had been given a couple of glasses of wine and simply sat there watching this all unfold with a shit-eating grin on his face. The man who worked for the radio station toasted to life, and enjoying every day of it.

Then we went into the living room and presents were exchanged. The little boy got things like those robot toys that turn into different things when you twist them around and a battery powered race car. The little girl got some knick-knacks and an electronic keyboard, which thrilled her to no end. With the unwrapping of each gift, the guests, including me, all applauded like it was the king's jewels being unwrapped. They gave me a pair of gloves. I had given them an Eagle's CD. Hugs were exchanged all around, the children, everyone. Then my friend cranked the music, and we all danced, the children, everyone. Spirits were high, and it seemed God truly was in his heaven that night.

We then went back to the big kitchen table and had a little debate about whether I would take a taxi or be driven home that night. I insisted on calling a taxi and asked them to respect the intelligent decision I was making. Paco (the poet) finally admitted he was more than a little drunk, and I pointed my finger at him and told him that was exactly why he was not driving me home! The discussion went back and forth in a good spirited way until I finally relented and agreed to let my friend and his wife drive me home. They were not drunk. They had been playing host all night and had let us get drunk instead.

Let off safely at my apartments, I went upstairs and just smiled. The poet was right---the same sun and moon rises and sets above all of us. We can't be afraid to embrace that fact, or each other.

If we do something is seriously sick in our hearts.

01-01-04, 12:05
DreamingEagle you said, "No, a la verga!" I told her. (Enough!).

What an inappropriate thing to say to a child. "No, ya basta" would have been the proper thing to say. Either you are just an arrogant gringo or just ignorant in Spanish, which is it? Leave the kids alone.

01-01-04, 23:11

Perhaps you should re read DE's posting. He didn't approach the girl, she came to him. And he knows she was a child, and sent her away.

As to the comment about arrogant gringo, or ignorant, take a deep breath, look at yourself, y cerrada su boca.

01-02-04, 05:44
Rear Window,

Bad move at not taking Marilu to the room. But then again if it was close to closing time, good move. Even the best of lays can get kinda jittery near closing. They want to get in line and cash in those fischa tickets. I will be heading down in a couple of weeks and have another piece of that ass. I haven't had her since my anal adventure with her. I just wish I could cut myself loose of her due the skinny Santa Claus situation. But a piece of tight, eager and pleasing ass is hard to find. I need a real mamona like her.

On another note, I have been doing a tour thing. I have been cataloging tittie bars, *****houses and MPs and snapping photos of each. I even got the places I don't go to. I am not sure how I will dispense this information to the world or how to charge but I have got to profit from my knowledge of Juarez. It will be a great way to supplement my Mexican pussy budget. My goal is minimum expense, maximum profit.

If this venture proves promising I am gonna get me an all nighter with 2 chicas in the Lucerna. Maybe 3, why the fuck not. I always aim high.

The Filthy One

01-02-04, 07:38
i said the right thing. she was **** and about to physically push her way into my room uninvited and obviously against my will. it stopped her right in her tracks, and she left on a good note. so you need to take things in context and not be throwing words around like "arrogant gringo" and "ignorant in spanish" when you don't even have any idea who you are talking about and obviously did not even read the entire post with any degree of thoughtfulness. you are certainly not familiar with my posting history, or you would have never suggested such a thing.

sorry to be blunt. but your comment was not correct, and it certainly didn't have a trace of tact.

01-02-04, 08:56
i've decided perla at el encanto is about one of the sweetest providers in juarez. i showed up there wednesday, and it was only her and lorena in the parlour. i said hello to lorena and selected perla.

when lorena came along i had been selecting her for about two months. one day when she was not there, i got with perla. after she took the money she read me the riot act about her being my "girlfriend" for two years, then suddenly it was "lorena, lorena, lorena", wiggling her first two fingers over her forehead like little devil's horns.

i told her the truth was i liked them both.

"no! her or me!" she said, eyes flashing with anger, looking a lot bigger than her 105 lbs.

she asked me if i knew she still had both of the cards i had given her back when she worked at sirena's.

i told her i was a little surprised, and i was. but then i also thought she must have a drawer full of cards given to her by her other clients. still, i was a little touched (about .4 on a scale of 10), having forgotten about the cards until she mentioned them.

she shrugged, as though that said everything. (what a little actress.)

she left to put on her little massage parlour robe while i took a shower, and i thought, wow, she was indeed a little pissed. but it was mostly an act, and we had a really good time when we got down to business, maybe the best ever.

wednesday was even better, because i think she and lorena have some kind of feud going or something. by picking her right in front of lorena i seemed to have made her day. and a girl has never felt so warm as she did after those cold hotel rooms with no hot water i had stayed in on my train ride to los mochis.

besides, she is good to talk to. the sessions usually go over an hour, mostly because we talk so much while getting dressed. i learned she gets $15 of the $30 the clients pay and usually gets about 3-4 clients a day, which means she makes more in a day than a person with an ordinary job in juarez makes in a week. she's not crazy about being a prostitute, but that's life. told her about the experience with the **** girl on my trip and about how i hate the cops in the city.

left with the same feeling i always have with her. this is a sweet person, and it's nice to have sex with someone you connect with. she's small and cute from head to toe.

she's like one of those girlfriends you may have had whom you enjoyed being with but would never be jealous of. good sex, a few laughs, and bye-bye 'till next time.

lorena will knock your socks off, too.

for those of you who are not familiar with juarez, el encanto is at 2330 hermanos escobar above papagyos's bar and the el herraderro restaurant one block west of calle panama. $30.

01-02-04, 16:40
I am quite capable of reading. I have looked up old posts so I am at least somewhat familiar. For one. I think your posts are long winded. Much better than a one line post however. You seem to be unable to admit you are wrong. For example auto insurance. You just can't let things drop. You press on.

I stand by my comment. You are wrong regardless of the circumstances. You have a crude mouth and you dishonor the decent folks who have attempted to teach you Spanish by using filthy words you have over heard on children.

Rear Window, mi hermano de leche, I did read the post. It is a shame she had access that far in a hotel to get to de's room. Beggars and street *****s are a nuisance in Mexico and I believe she was that aggressive to get in the room. Still, she is a child, dreaming eagle is an adult, so act like onea and don't be so crude in Mexico, it makes me look bad.

I don't expect anyone to say I am right. I don't want you to recant. I want you to chew on this food for thought.

Now lets get this thread back to mongering and lets save the filthy words for the putas.

01-02-04, 16:44
Dreaming eagel said, "because I think she and Lorena have some kind of feud going or something. By picking her right in front of Lorena I seemed to have made her day"

We can cross borders or fly the oceans, no matter where we go we will never escape the petty jealousys of a woman. Even my puta Marilu gets jealous if I talk to another chica, and she is a pro.

Juarez Defender
01-02-04, 21:29
I admire you DE, but Mugroso is right the words you used are incorrect. The "V" word is used for sexual relations, but when used in other phrases it is associated with arrogance. We know you meant well just take it as a suggestion the same way you have posted excellent suggestions.

Happy new year!


01-03-04, 07:49
Mugroso - maybe you need to grow up a little bit.

"I have got to profit from my knowledge of Juarez" - seems a tad selfish to say the least.

I'm sure there are a number of mongers who enjoy pleasuring themselves - but to make it a point to profit yourself will only lead to unfulfilled lust of pleasure, money, power and friends.

Sorry, that's the way I see it with your comments.


01-04-04, 06:34

I AM kicking myself a bit now for not taking Marilu, but it was right up against closing. The worst part is that Suki there is pissed at me for ogling Marilu's fab gams,and the NEXT nite, Lilly got mad at me when one of the waiters told her about my two really competitive lap dances from both Suki and Marilu, in some kinda personal contest, the night before. (She's driving me back to my hotel and the questions start FLYING)

Sheesh, just trying to have a little clean fun.

Peace All.

01-04-04, 22:20
Rearwindow, would you mind giving a physical description of Suki? There was a girl named Suki that was working at Corpus a few years back, I had her once and then never saw her again. She was about average in height, darker than average skin, ass like a black girl, TIGHT pussy, at least it was then then. Not the prettiest thing in the world but not bad, kind of exotic looking in the face. Sound familiar, because I would like to see her again if it is the same chica.

01-04-04, 22:31

This is probably not the same girl. Suki at Queens is tinta rubia, and lighter skinned. Probably 5'5", 110, very quiet, but knows a good bit of english. Also has a temper ,as I found out! Although, after thinking about your description, she IS a bit exotic looking. Great ass, smallish breasts, wears thigh high latex boots. The boots alone are worth checking out.

01-06-04, 18:26
Is there any cheap way (under $20) for a carless truck driver to get from the Horizon City area (I-10 Exit 34) to the downtown border without having to be shuttled by some greaseball pimp?
Currently, I leave the trailer in Horizon city and shuttle down to the lots on Santa Fe Av. Unfortunately due to Texas DUI laws, that means I'm unable to consume any alcohol while in Juarez, plus my bosses can see exactly where the vehicle is.

Thanks in advance.

Border Rat
01-06-04, 20:33
Rey....park your rig at the other truck stop on I-10 and Airway across the freeway from Sams' club. It's much closer to the Santa Fe bridge if thats where you want to go. Cabs from there to the bridge are $10-15. Another cheaper option is to walk across the freeway to the Sun Metro station near Hooter's which is near Sam's club. Take the express bus (59?) to the downtown plaza ($1) and walk to the bridge from there (10 minute walk). Buses stop running around 9pm or so, so you will have to cab it back to your rig if you stay late.

01-07-04, 00:06
Rey...Go too a hardware store and get a tin bucket to put over your Qualcomm antenna. And/or, go to the control box usually mounted under the sleeper or in a side box and disconnect the antenna leads. There are two of them. One is Tierra and other is SAT.. You box will still function but will not give out a definitive location. It will show El Paso within a 25 mile range or so!

Good move to stay away from the shuttle services. Services in Juarez cost you a helluva lot more using them.

ie: The $60 Royal treatment at a downtown (GENESIS) massage parlor!

Enjoy amigo!

01-07-04, 02:01
Rey, there's a fellow who goes by the name of Papa Smurf that specializes in hauling guys just like you over to Juarez so you can impress everyone with your loud mouth and your roll of bills, and your attitude that everyone south of the border are just a bunch of greaseball pimps who exist to serve your pleasure. And you will only have to pay double the price of folks who take the time to learn their way around and actually lower themselves to thinking of and treating the people there as human beings. What a deal!!!

And please do take Borderjumper's advice and tamper with your trucks GPS system, and have a few drinks while you are at it. Don't worry about being caught, what are the odds? And if you are in Juarez and do manage to get a little drunk and separated from your tour group, just flag down one of Juarez's finest local police officers and ask directions. Make sure to flash a few greenbacks, they will be more than happy to help you out.

01-07-04, 04:08
What's the deal Dougie to justify this kind of attack on a guy wanting a little information?

You and I are on the same page where Smurf and Company are concerned. I don't see why somebody hasn't shut that whole bunch down long before now. Hell, I Know why. They're fronts for the real owners of the shuttles. The bar owners in Juarez.

Give Rey the benefit of the doubt as to his comportment, looks, attitude etc. Reading posts of yours from the past, you've apparently got a real hard on for truck drivers. Granted, the clowns that go over there with the shuttle services are poor representatives of the industry.

I've been in the trucking business myself for almost 30 years, as an owner, a driver and in the management side of it. The ones you don't see over there in Juarez and other border towns are the ones that might change your image and attitude about the industry. Hell, some of us even have college degrees and the majority shower at least once a day. There are retired doctors out here. A lawyer or two that I personally know. A broad cross section of American society but as in anything, the worst make the biggest impact.

Lighten up and give these guys the benefit of the doubt. Guys such as Reyes. And as for tampering with his GPS? It gives him an an option to keep him away from the shuttle services.

I hope someday to live long enough to see all of those ass clowns put out of business. I can remember Juarez as it was back in the 70's when Clubs like Virginia's that catered to truckers, had a clean, well behaved clientele. How things change!

01-07-04, 05:36
1. Borderjumper: Thanks for the idea about covering the qualcomm antenna with an object. The unfortunate problem with that is that as soon as the obstruction is removed for directions, or for a assignment, then all the non-sent info(where I was for the last four hours.) is automatically sent.

2. Dougie: It's people like you that make me not want to be associated with my profession. I had a regular trade(draftsman) before becoming a truck driver, but I love the freedom of this job a lot more than being cooped up in an office. Unfortunately, the thing I always hear that I can't stand is..."I never would have known that you were a truck driver". I clean up before I go to Juarez, I negotiate and keep rates down, I know my place, I speak enough spanish to negotiate and I don't act like a fool just because my driver's licence is from Alabama.

3. Everyone else, thanks for the info, especially Border Rat's on the #59 to Downtown. Not the most useful, since I normally get my monger on late, after the buses end. Oh well. If anyone pulls into the Santa Fe lots and sees a white bobtail with red/blue stripes, y'all will know I'm somewhere in El Centro. I'll be the guy outside Panama, converting other truckers to the proper ways of Juarez.

4. Just a final question. Why would anyone mess with Smurf of Cadillac man after seeing what they bring back to El Paso with them. Mainly a sad lot of dissatisfied, rushed, overpaying truckers. Along with the local lot lizards that work Horizon City, the workers from the worst strip club in the world, and of course, so much cocaine that they could ski on it.

01-07-04, 14:51

What is your "place" amigo? (#2) When you're out trashing around the zona social status is out the window. We're all just a buncha guys out chasing pussy!

You made a damn good point on Smurf and Cadillac MAn Rey. Between the two, Papa Smurf though is the lesser of two evils I believe. I've known the man for about 8 years and on a personal level, he's alright. But he's just an ass clown for Ricardo Moro at Casa Colorado who actually owns that particular shuttle service.

You'd think the guys wise up to the scam and make their way to Juarez as you do. Perhaps then, prices would level off for everybody.

01-07-04, 16:38
By "knowing my place", I just meant that I try not to do stupid things to arouse the attention of the locals. This is their country not mine. I wouldn't want some drunken mexican wandering around downtown El Paso, screaming obscenities, and throwing bottles at cars. So why would I act that way in Juarez? Besides that takes away valuable scoring time.

Anyways, any messages sent between now and late February (Mardi Gras time) will most likely be ignored as I'm going to hit the road as soon as my batteries recharge. Damn 15-degree Alabama winter. If I get to west Texas I'll be sure to bang out a report.

01-08-04, 01:53
>What's the deal Dougie to justify this kind of attack on a guy wanting a little information?

Perhaps I was somewhat "short" with Rey, but his message with the reference to a "greaseball pimp" struck me as being a bit racist. Am I oversensitive??

And yes, maybe my opinion of those in the trucking profession is colored by the behavior of the obnoxious, loudmouthed assholes Papa Smurf, et al are so good about dragging across the border to the bars in El Centro. I have seen more than my share of them and they are one of the primary reasons I avoid El Centro in general and especially at night and on weekends. They do indeed make very poor ambassadors of their country and their profession.

If I mistook Rey's reference to greaseballs and overreacted then I apologize, and kudos to him for learning the language and behaving himself. Stereotypes can cut both ways, can't they? But you must admit the use of such a loaded term when used to describe Mexicans or even in a conversation about Mexico can be easily taken as racist.

01-08-04, 02:22
Hey Dougie..

I just re read Rey's post in question and I believe he is referring to the shuttle ervices who no doubt have a Mexican working for them. I know Papa Smurf and Ricardo have Alberto running for them to make damn sure Ricardo gets his cut from ever dollar spent down there.

Like I said, don't let those assholes in the Zona color your opinion of the entire industry. When I went down there, I made sure to distance myself from the bunch. Not my type of people!

Sun Devil
01-08-04, 11:45
Not everyone has misgivings regarding truck drivers going into Juarez. The providers sure like the fact that they have a stream of customers visiting them on a nightly basis.

Like it or not, they view this as a business and whether their clients are doctors, lawyers or Indian chiefs, they could care less as long as they get money that truck drivers provide, along with other types of clients, to pay the rent, food and medical bills for themselves and their kids. Without clients, providers do not get paid, so they pretty much do not care as to what social fabric of American life their clients belong to.

In addition, they see themselves as providing needed service that truckers especially need. They know that these are men who have limited access to wives and girlfriends because they are constantly on the road and have little time to partake in any semblance of domestic life.

In addition, providers see these truckers as loyal customers since these are the guys who tend to visit them on a customary basis because El Paso/Juarez is on the I-10 corridor.

01-08-04, 12:03
The forum is getting a little on the nasty side again. Remember we are all in this together! Thus we should be encouraging posts rather than jumping down each other's backs.

To keep this particular post imformative, I did get my money's worth last time I visted Sirena's (thanks in part to DE's coupon). I forget her name, but she had a cute set of dread locks. This was a marathon session that you'll never get in a ***** bar, so the MP's in my mind give you the best bang for your buck!

01-08-04, 18:18
Naw, it's not getting nasty again Crespo. Dougie made a point, I countered and Dougie responded in a civilized, gentlemanly non confrontational manner as is expected amongst civilized people.

Well done Doug!

Doug brings up valid points and even though I've been in the business for damn near thrity years, I'm disgusted with the trash that has come along in the past 10 years or so.

01-09-04, 17:54
Well, long time listener, first time caller. Thanks to all for making my first trip to Juarez so good. There isn't much I can add, but maybe a few pointers for the other newbies.

When you get to El Paso, as you've read by now, there are 3 bridges into Juarez. I'm going to talk about going in by foot. You want to use the bridge that the last bridge going west. Parking was alot better than reported, with ample parking for free if you want to walk an extra block or two. The entrance to the bridge was off sixth, I parked one block over and down on eigth.

25 cents to cross over. I followed the great directions of going straight about 4 or 5 blocks to Martinez, turn right and go down about 2 or 3 blocks and make a left on Delgado (this is not the actual name, but close enough).

After going down to TJ and/or NL about 3 or 4 times a year, some observations. First, I love that you can get to the fun by walking. Some walk to the Zona Roja in TJ, but I still don't like it. And of course $10 to n from Boys town is the only way to go.

It's alot sleazier in Juarez, but if you are comfortable in either of the 2 other places, you'll do fine here. Prices in general are about 15% to 25% cheaper here for almost everything.

A pleaseant surprise was that if you are not a Texas resident, you can carry up to 4 liters of alcohol back with you. The price for Bacardi was $8.50 plus $1.10 tax in the US.

I did the bar scene, not a massage kind of guy. Again, cheaper, but more of a harsh hustle. And everyone seems to have their hand out. All told, drinks, room n lady were about $80 for a decent full night.

Thanks again all!


01-10-04, 01:18
"To keep this particular post imformative, I did get my money's worth last time I visted Sirena's (thanks in part to DE's coupon). I forget her name, but she had a cute set of dread locks. This was a marathon session that you'll never get in a ***** bar, so the MP's in my mind give you the best bang for your buck!"

I know that girl. She's absolutely an awesome lover...a screamer and dirty talker to boot. Been meaning to get by and see her again. Can't remember her name for sure, but I think it's Denise. Don't know why I don't go to Serina's more often, to tell you the truth. They have without question the nicest rooms, and since I go for $30, why not? Just have other places where I really have gotten to know the girls and find that the most enjoyable times of all.

Hate to bring it up again, but a recent comment about the auto insurance question needs a reply. I won't back off because I've done the research, whereas everyone else has just spoken with their State Farm agent. You need Mexican insurance to be legally covered in Mexico. Sorry, but that's the way it is. Now that Border Jumper is back in the loop, he can tell you the same thing. Once again, I mention it because it's important and can literally ruin your life if you don't heed the facts instead of the many incorrect opinions being expressed here, not because I don't like people questioning my word. I could care less who agrees with me on matters of opinion, but this is not a matter of opinion. Being "covered" and being legally covered are two different matters. Your American adjustor cannot even see your car until it comes back across the border, and how it that going to happen if it has been impounded because you do not have Mexican insurance? If you don't want to listen to me, the Mexican government, the US State Department, and State Farm headquarters itself, then I give up.

To wrap it up, I've decided not to publish the MP guide, so if any of you need directions to any of the 14 I have researched, let me know which one you want and I will post directions and a map.

01-10-04, 01:32
Here are the ones I have:

*Area 1*
Masaje Sirena
Masaje El Encanto
Masaje Brenda
Masaje Michael
Masaje Venus
*Area 2*
Masaje Corpus
Masaje Felina
Masaje Genesis
Masaje Le Petit
Masaje Marilyn
Masaje Roma
*Area 3*
Masaje Consuelo
Masaje Loryed
Masaje Cleopatra

01-10-04, 04:53
Guys. Listen to DE on the insurance thing. I live here full time and my American insurance stops at the toll booth. A visitor to NL recently was T-boned while making an illegal U-Turn on Reforma. Luckily, he had a rich daddy wha was able to wire his ass the money to pay off the injured parties and pay the cops for their time investigationg the accident. He had State Farm. Buy a Mexican Policy from Sanborn's. Cheap er, Insurance! No pun intended!

01-10-04, 17:12
Dreaming Eagle,

Hey, I'm not here to criticize anyone or start a flame war with anybody. I don't doubt what you guys are saying about the auto insurance coverage. I too have just spoken with my Allstate insurance agent recently and asked very specific questions about insurance coverage while driving in Mexico. The agent said that my auto full coverage is valid in Mexico up to 75 miles from the border. I specifically asked about collision and comprehensive and the agent said I was covered. But, I've heard these conflicting reports about insurance coverage for years as well.

I have no doubt the Mexican insurance policy is valid. Maybe it's one of those things. The American policy is only as good as the Mexican police that ends up investigating and writing up the auto accident report. Check your PM.

01-10-04, 19:35
I was told the exact same same by my Allstate agent, 75 miles for a maximum of 10 consecutive days, I would however get it in writing, translated into Spanish, before I trusted it....
I no longer have Allstate ins, so it no longer applies to me.

01-10-04, 20:47
Another goood rule of thumb would be to read the policy and all the riders attached. If your policy and riders do not SPECIFICALLY STATE, that your coverage is valid in Mexico, then it is not. Despite what the Agent, his mother, brother etc. might try to tell you differently. If it ain't in writing it ain't valid. PERIOD!

But now if some of you want to take the chance, go ahead and if in the event of an accident, you'll start to believe what we preach. And maybe when you're in the local carcel with big Jose lustfully eyeing your ass with romance in mind, maybe you'll think, Well hell, maybe those guys knew what they were talking about!"

01-10-04, 21:27
About auto insurance, AFAIK, NO US policy covers liability in Mexico, and so if you don't have Mexican auto insurance you can, and will, be thrown in jail until you cough up the pesos to pay anyone that you hit. If this is indefinitely, so be it.

01-10-04, 22:11
I see no reason for my insurance agent to mislead me into believing I am covered in Mexico. He never made it a selling point. I inquired about it after I got the policy and was told I was covered up to 25 miles into Mexico. I have called other providers and they have specifically stated no, their policy does not cover Mexico and I have to get insurance seperately.

However BorderJumper makes a good point, word in print is more valuable than word by mouth. BJumper impresses me as being one cool motherfucker. I will take his word over some long winded posters here(ok not some, just one in particular). His word is not law but BJumper hit the nail on the head. I am going to call my agent Monday to ask and show me in writing for my peace of mind.

Thanks BJumper, you are one cool motherfucker.

01-11-04, 01:59
You guys are correct on the insurance issue. Here is a link that supports your statements on buying Mexican insurance.

From the US Consulate General - Cuidad Juarez


01-11-04, 22:06
I'm gonna make one more run at persuading any remaining insurance know-it-alls (one in particular) to listen to the voice of experience. There are two issues if you have an accident in Juarez: (1) whether your insurance ultimately covers your damages, and any others you're liable for, and (2) what happens at the scene. BorderJumper is knowledgeable and absolutely right that you should always read your policy if in doubt. If you have a reputable agent/company and it's in writing, you'll ultimately get your money.

But you'll be filing that U.S. insurance claim only AFTER friends and family get your ass out of the Juarez jail, which will happen only AFTER they pay the damages (in cash) of any Mexican citizens involved in the crash, and maybe a bribe or two. The only insurance which Juarez cops will sometimes accept is a MEXICAN insurance policy in SPANISH. You can get these from U.S. brokers near the border....but if you think your English Allstate (or other U.S.) policy will help you WHILE IN MEXICO, you haven't been paying attention.

U.S. visitors spend a night or two in the Juarez jail all the time, for accidents which often were not their fault. The several I know personally never even got a phone call from jail. I'm sure many of them consulted with agents and read their (U.S.) policy, and were confident they were covered. Forget it.

Unfortunately even a valid Mexico policy may not be a free pass--Juarez cops are corrupt and the place is legally unpredictable--but please believe me, DE & others on this one. A valid U.S. policy with Mexico coverage (in writing) may help you later, but it's worthless at the scene. You at least have a CHANCE with a Mexican policy.

Juarez Defender
01-12-04, 01:42

That is the way it is in Coahuila. I went through it and you nailed it right on. They (MX Police) want the policy in Spanish and you will more than likely pay a bribe and do like me and get an "amparo" to stay out of jail. That is they way it works most of the time.


01-12-04, 04:49
Ok, enough with the insurance bullshit. The U.S. Consulate website says plenty for me.

Inspite of it all I went to Genesis early Saturday evening regardless of the insurance thing. Paid 30 bucks and selected a girl named Candy. She may or may not be the one mentioned on this board. Great service. Lets just say I love and ass kisser. Fair massage very conversive better than average sex. Not as great as MariLu but a nice change to the same old nasty. Candy has a fantastic ass and she did a wonderful, responsive cowgirl on me.

In the lobby I did not notice but later I did, she has 3 big scars on her upper left cheek. Still a pretty girl.

01-12-04, 17:20
For no more than it costs to get Mexican insurance, I always buy it, then if something happens you have a Mexican company on your side. Mexican insurance also carries a large bail bond gaurantee with it.......
It's expensive for one day, but reasonable by the week....and it might keep you out of some deep do-do.....

01-14-04, 00:46
Hello all,

I'm brand new to this Forum, just got my account activated today, yea!

First and foremost, top of the morning to all.

So, in reading all these wonderfull posts I noticed not a word has been said about the NEW PINK LADY? I was thier not long ago. About 3 weeks ago to be exact and they have some very sexy ladies thier. I had a pettite, long hair'd, soft and sensual babe (Im very picky). I will actually go from bar to bar and waste hours unitll I find exactlly what im looking for. But at the NPL I saw about 4 very sexy and pretty girls. Anyways. I paid $100 for 1 hour with her. She gave me BJ, Sex and then massage, and then BJ, Sex and Massage again. For $100 I dont think thats a bad price. The owner also told me they are open 24 hours a day every day of the week. But you guys are the experts.

Sun Devil
01-14-04, 13:47
For those who have PMed and are interested in getting from the Greyhound bus station in El Paso to a massage parlor in Juarez, here is the most convenient way to go about it.

If you want a cab, there are a number of cabs parked at the parking lot at the Greyhound terminal. It will cost you about $5 one way to get to the border. All you have to do is tell them that you want to get to the border.

If you want to walk, go east on San Antonio Avenue until you hit El Paso St. Go south on El Paso St and it evenutally becomes the border bridge. This should take less than 10 minutes. Pay $0.35 at the booth and go across to Juarez. When you get to Juarez, this street becomes Avenida Juarez.

There will be a number of taxi drivers at the first couple of blocks on Juarez. For convenience sake, get one stationed at the left side of the street, since Avenida Juarez is a one way street going north and sometimes it is difficult for the taxi driver to cross Juarez to go east, which is where most of the massage parlors are located. When a taxi driver ask where you want to go, say that you want to go to the corner of Panama and Hermanos Escobar at the Villa Manport hotel. Get off at this corner so that you don't get charged extra by the massage establishment by using a taxi driver. This fare should cost no more than $5.

When you get there, you will see 2 massage parlors, Sirena, which is across the street from the Villa Manport hotel, and El Encanto, which is on the same side of the Villa Manport hotel except that it is about a block down. Look for a large sign of the Herradura restaurant. You can't miss it at the corner of Hermanos Escobar and Panama. El Encanto is right next to this restaurant.

Dreaming Eagle has been kind enough to garner for us mongers coupons for Sirena which will make your hour session go from $40 to $30. This will make up for the taxi fare from downtown. You can get this at http://www.juarez-mexico.com/Coupons/SirenaCoupon.jpg.

An hour at El Encanto is only $30, so you don't need a coupon for that place. Also they have advertised that they accept credit cards. There is no difference between the quality of service between the two establishments, hence I don't know the reason for the discrepancy in price.

When you want to go back to the US, go east on Hermanos Escobar, the direction away from Avenida Juarez. You will soon encounter a park where ther is a taxi stand. Ask one of the guys that you want to go back to downtown (el centro) and he should only charge you $5.

One could take the bus to these places plus to other massage parlors but it is a more complicated process. I literally had to walk all over Juarez to figure out how the bus system works.

This is the easiest way to get to a massage parlor from downtown El Paso. Thus for about $40, one could partake in an activity that would cost about $160 or more (an hour massage plus full service fee) in the U.S.

By the way all of the massage parlors close around 9 p.m. Moreover, Sirena is closed on Sundays whereas El Encanto stays open all week long.

Sun Devil
01-15-04, 14:19
Joaquin 2000:

I had been to the New Pink Lady and it is a lot better than the old one considering that its size almost doubled from its old location. I paid $40 for about 40 minutes with a girl named Claudia.

However, because of its location, it has not been my favorite spot. It is out of the way from the bar scene in el centro. Plus the neighborhood around it looks a bit too dangerous for me, especially at night. I understand the reason why they needed a new place, but to choose where they are now is puzzling to me.

In addition, for $25 to $30, one could partake in an hour of massage and full service in the massage parlors throughout the city. The only bad thing about them is that they are closed by 9 p.m. I think they are a better value than the bars. Plus, in places like the Pink Lady's and Panama, one has to constantly tip a number of people, such as the negotiator, the waiter, and the condom lady.

01-16-04, 17:52
Just got back From Juarez visited the Pink Lady, Panama, Casa Corona, and the Joker. I have to say I am a little spoiled to Brasil but Juarez is fun. Pink lady is a nice place GFE but the only think I hate is that everyone and there mother wants a tip and this does bug but it was fun FS, bbj, daty. Panama was dead not as happy as Pink lady but I did not get rushed out of the room and got FS with 2 pops but selection was slim. Casa Corona was dead as hell not worth the time. Joker wow if you have not been it is the best I have found in Juarez there are to location girls from all over the world they have the cream of the crop excellent striptease girls but you will pay for the extra service 300-400 range but with a top quality 9-to 10 range chicks location not so bad either. This time I just scouted Joker next visit I will go there first and go for quality not quantity.

Happy hoen.

01-16-04, 20:22
Sundevil, if you have actually figured out how the Juarez bus system works you have my congratualtions. I have been riding the busses in Juarez for YEARS and I still don't know how they work. It seems the lines come and go and change names and routes and stuff and each trip I have to learn things all over again. But that is part of the adventure. And a part of town and of Mexico most gringos will never see. At least Sun Metro publishes their routes, as crappy as they are. I have yet to find any source of information about the routes the busses in Juarez run. You just have to learn your way around near as I can figger.

DreamingEagle, did your trip to Los Moches start in Chihuahua, and if so how did you get there? The train or the bus? Did you purchase your visa at the border or at this "checkpoint" I have heard about at the 25 mile mark? I would like to visit Chihuahua on my next trip down, even if it is only for a day or two.

Everybody, I know the thread has been beaten into the ground, but I am still going to put my 2 cents worth in. My State Farm policy states right there in black and white that my coverage extends into Mexico. But I'll be damned if I will put my ass in a sling to prove it.

01-18-04, 15:38
SunDevil RN,

Thanks for the update. I wasnt aware the New Pink Lady is in a bad part of town. Ive always gone in the day and other than being harrased by the she-males, boy Is that ever an experience, Ive never have much trouble, but then again it was 5:30 so daylight was still holding the criminal types at bay. Plus im dark, black hair hispanic and speak fluid spanish so that helps.

I agree about the tipping everyone and thier mom at the New Pink Lady. That got old real quick. Let me see, I paiid $100 for the beautifull young pettite lady I got. Happy about that. I paid about $20 in drinks, that sucked since I was drinking Pepsi, and then some guy came and tried to sell me Toilet Paper and Two condoms for $10, I gave him $5, told him I had my own Jimmy Hats and send him on his way. all in all I payed $130 for one hour. I guess I got ripped off If I can hit a MP for $30. :-(

Suna: where about is the Joker? I dont recall ever being thier. I would like to partake in the plethora of 9's and 10's as well. I guess im just a quality over quantity type of guy. If I see a girl I like, I dont really tihnk of the money im spending, as long as I get my way. :-)

As far as driving your car over the border, I wouldnt do it. The bus sistem isnt that bad, and taxi's are a good thing. Forget the insurance and all that jazz. Just one look at the kind of cars peaple drive in juarez, and more importantly how they drive. Makes New York look like a country rooad, this alone should persuade you not to. They won't think twice about slamming into your nice car with thier junker. One more dent in thiers won't hurt them any.

01-19-04, 19:07

When I go to Juarez we drive across the central border and shortly across there is a street where the Taxi hang out we use the same driver his name is Marcos he is a boxer usually works evenings he is a great guy and will make sure you are safe and you have fun he is worth the cash. Just let him no you want to go to Jokers number one or 2 they are the best in Juarez girls from all over the world but if you are looking for cheep this is not the place.

Hope that helps,


01-20-04, 21:31

I'll look out for that taxi driver. Hook him up with some $$$.

Hey, if the girls are all you say they are, ill drop the bank. A great girl is never over priced. Well, thier is a limit.. :-)

I'll be going to Juarez in about 2 weeks. I live about 4 hours from the border so I only go about twice a month. Boy I wish I lived in El Paso. If only thier were good paing jobs. :-(

What about non bar workers? SW? where is a good place to pick them up? ive been to juarez and crusied around, but thier are so many peaple all the time, I cant tell whos who. Any tips? roads? sure bets?

01-22-04, 00:37
Since you mentioned that you speak Spanish you might want to try some of the Salons del Baile in the area south of the cathedral on Ave. De la Paz (a walking street) and on the street south of there. ( just ask any one in the area where El Nuevo Vaqueros,
la Puerta or Juaritos is.) In these places there are plenty of women suited for a variety of tastes. I'd say more than half are freelance working girls. The routine is you ask the girl to dance and are expected to pay 5 pesos propina per dance. Then just see where it goes from there. If the one you choose is not a pro there's always a chance she'll be interested in a short trip to one of the many short time hotels in the area or she might hook you up with one that is. You will see also a few hotels with girls beckoning from the doorway both on de la Paz and on the other street. The area is a bit scary but lately there is a definite police presense. If you carry yourself well and don't make a problem you shouldn't have any problems. I've been going to these places for over a year and have never had a problem even though I am always the only non Mexican in the place. One important thing to remember is to avoid any kind of confrontation when in theses places. Fighting is not tolerated and both all parties involved are usually roughly extracted and turned over to the police. If nothing else it defiantly worth your time if you are the adventurous type. By the way, the working girl price ranges from 10 - 20 dollars.

Juarez Defender
01-23-04, 10:16
I have to agree Jokers is great. It is news to me about #2? Where is it at? (Since I drive). If you have been to Amadeus what do you think about that one?

Be safe all,


Bachelor Warrior
01-25-04, 20:47
I've read about Marilu quite a few times here, so I've stopped in Queens bar a number of times lately to check it out. I usually didn't bother before.

Anyway, she's just as absolutely hot as others have said in their posts. Tall, long black hair, slinky bod, smiles a awful lot, and certainly seems to enjoy talking to the customers and dancing.

I've haven't gone with her to a room yet. She's sometimes difficult to get to because she's often at a table with 3 or 4 guys! Anyway, I did talk to her once. She said she's 24 and has 5 kids! Amazing! Well, they say giving birth is the ultimate orgasm.

What also amazes me about this place is that there are a LOT of very good looking, hot women! Maybe it's just because I'm new in this place or the light isn't good or something, but the selection looks much better than Panama, Pink Lady, or Casa Colorado. Irma's selection looks pretty awful to me, but I haven't been there much so maybe I hit a couple of off nights.

What do you guys think about Hollywood, Vegas, and Fausto's?

Bachelor Warrior
01-25-04, 21:18
Another question for you guys.

Not long ago, I did something wrong or didn't do something I was supposed to and made one of the girls I have known for a while absolutely furious with me. Seriously, I don't know what I did or said that was so bad. Maybe it was a cultural thing...I'm not fluent in Spanish. Maybe just one of those insensitive things that women accuse men of doing all the time. Whatever it was, one second everything was fine, the next it was buddy I never want to see or talk to you again.

This upset me more than little bit. I don't go to Juarez - or anywhere else for that matter - to make people mad at me. And the look in her eyes was just absolutely cold. Would have been better if she had slapped me or something. After about a week, she seemed to settle down. A little bit.

Anyways, do you gentlemen find that latinas can react this way? You know, absolutely furious? More hot-blooded perhaps than other girls?

Sun Devil
01-26-04, 18:43
Bachelor Warrior:

The latina is one of God's most complex creations. She is very loving, such as to her kids and love ones, which is culturally distinctive. Latinos are some of the most loving people I have ever met. You should see how many flock to a room during visiting hours when their love ones are sick in the health care facility where I work. Some latinas have even shaved or hand washed their fathers or husbands. Truly amazing! I have never seen this with Anglo families and it breaks my heart to tell them to leave after visiting hours have ended.

On the other hand, if you make a latina angry, watch out! They are like serpents, especially when they are jealous. I don't exactly know what you did, but the behavior you described is not atypical to something that they would do towards someone who has crossed them.

I think deep down they know that men are fickle people, always wanting to bang another chick. Thus they are possessive and passionate about those they care about or don't want to lose. Somewhat ironic considering that some men are turned off by this type of behavior.

01-26-04, 21:48

Thanks for the info, deffinatelly right up my alley. The salones sound like a great trip. Yea, my Spanish is quite fluent, equal to my english, so I shouln't have much trouble.

Bachelor Warrior
As far as the Latina is concerned.
O Man, let me put my two cheap cents in.
Ive dated a wide assortment of nationalities, not to brag, but I like variety. Anyways, I have found that the latina woman is the best when it comes to taking care of her man, Loyalty is a talent 90% of latinas have. Excellent lovers and unchallenged home makers. She will be your best friend and faithfull companion. But it all comes with a price, the latina is not very submissive, She WILL speak her mind, and you WILL listen. Latinas are also a bit controlling, the best way to get away with stuff with a latina is to always make her think it was her idea. They love to lauph, so when your in the company of a latina or latinas, be a little goofy, this will get you far. They are also very reseptive to Kino, so hold her hand, caress her face & rub her legs and you will get extra loving :-)

Be aware, most of the guys bar girls meet are not to sensitive to the girls. These Guys know that regardless of how they act towards her, their still gonna tap that ass. So, armed with that tid bit, if yo go into the bar, treat her like the interesting person she is, show her you appreciate her services she will most likely please you much better than she will the jerk. You'll litteraly get more BANG for your BUCK :-)

01-26-04, 23:50
Batchelor Warrior,

One thing I have found out very quickly is that there are no secrets when you are a gringo in Juarez. Meaning, that if anyone in the bars has seen you with/ or talking with another girl, your amiga WILL know soon. (assuming that your amiga works the bar scene).

I have had this happen more than a few times, and I will get the "treatment" on my next visit, for a little dalliance I had in Queens. I had three women pissed at me two trips ago, and none this time, so maybe I'm learning!

Las latinas are the most demanding and giving women I have ever met. Demanding in that they expect you to totally focused on them, even while they work a room of guys. Giving in that if they like you, they will work very hard to make you happy while you are with them.

Queens is my new fave spot, replacing Casa Colorado, which has lost all the chicas I so dearly loved (Letty, Sarah,and Lidia).

Hollywood , Vegas , Ermas , Faustos, etc are pretty much hit or miss. I have stopped into each and seen nothing but gordas, and have gone back a nite later and have seen an absolute hottie. No rhyme or reason there.

With Marilu, you really need to make significant eye contact with her. I have not had her, my friend has, and he said she was pretty amazing. I see another girl there regularily, (when she shows up) , who is Marilu's friend, and when we sit at the same table, I can't keep my eyes off of Marilu, and she with me. I know THAT is gonna come back to bite me later.

01-27-04, 00:47
As a public service note,

Had a "girl" sidle up to me last trip, as my buddy and I were walking back from Queens , who offered BJ for both for 10 bucks. Nice tits, good face, but as my buddy reached for "her " crotch she starts backing off. We send her off, but I'm evil so I call "her" back over to talk for a sec just for grins. He /she gets really aggressive and grabs my johnson thru my pants and won't let go, leading me to quietly tell it that if it doesn't let go NOW I was gonna break it's neck. It releases me like I was radioactive.

Last time I try to be chatty.

Moral: Unless that is your cup or tea, probably best to give a wide berth. Ouch.

01-27-04, 01:48
Bachelor Warrior,

I found your 2 post amusing. I have seen Marilu's anger. It is usually very intense and spiteful. On the rare occassion she has gotten mad, I have no idea why but it only lasted about no more than 2 minutes and then she is as sweet as can be.

You should have taken her to the room. It isn't like you missed out on an opportunity but when you do have her, you will realize you have wasted time. Fuck her dude.

As for the other clubs, I don't like Hollywood. The waiters are ripoffs and the chicas aren't worth it. Rarely have I seen a chica worth my time. Las Vegas is pretty cool. Lots of hot chicas, same owners as Queens Place. They use the same rooms as Queens although I have never taken a chica from there. Janet sometimes works at Vegas and is worth it. I had her once before she worked anywhere. Good kid. Faustos has lots of hot chicas but no rooms and the exit fine is like the chicas, expensive.

One more thing, fuck her dude.

The Filthy One

01-27-04, 03:22
Sounds like my ex bitches attitude when we split up. One minute loving as hell and the next after I answered a question I wasn't sure I understand, cold and furious as hell!

01-28-04, 04:44
For you mongers interested in Queens chicas, I have a few, in additon to Mugroso's now infamous Marilu.

Look for Suki, who has blondish hair ,and wears thigh high boots. She is a bit reserved at the table in the bar, tip her when she stage dances, then ask for a lap dance and she warms up quickly. (Tipping any of the girls while they dance onstage will get you big smiles and attention). In the room , she was all action. I went to see my favorite MP girl the next day, and she asked where I got the claw marks on my back, (that I didn't remember getting) "ummm, an accident, baby".

Went back the next nite looking for Suki, and no show. Met up with Yvonne, a cute petite little number ( think Marilu sized down to 5 feet tall). Wasn't terribly interested in her at first (was watching for Suki or Marilu), but after talking with her ( and her spanish is easy to understand) a while, and tipping her a dance or two, I got the lap dance from hell and took her right up to a room. To cut to the chase, I don't think her ass EVER touched the bed , and she was on the bottom. The girl has hydrolic hips. They just don't stop moving. VERY highly recommended.

There also was a girl named Yvette there the same nite, with blondish hair. Great body, gyrates fairly nicely onstage, but after watching Marilu and Yvonne work the stage, you can pretty well see what you're getting en la cama. Those girls bring it!

Enjoy mates!

French Mistake
01-30-04, 09:10

I have lived in El Paso for a good part of my life and have now considered going into Mexico for a 'massage'. I would like to go to Masajes Romas, as it seems I will have the best chance of finding a pretty girl, I don't mind spending a little extra if there is a better chance of a good one. The only problem is getting there. I could drive but I would probably rather take a taxi.

Which leads to another problem, is Romas close to a place so that I could just ask the cab driver to drop me off there. I don't mind walking a few minutes, just don't want to arouse suspicion. And perhaps my last problem would be getting back to the bridge, any advice on how to accomplish this?

Actually if it is not too hard to get there from a bridge by driving, I could try that as well. I just need exact directions because I have not driven much in Juarez.

I would sincerely appreciate a response.

Thank You.

01-31-04, 00:18
Anyone keeping up with the graveyard house story in Juarez. Here is a link.


If it doesn't work check out Diario on line at diario.com.mx

French Mistake, there is a Churches Chicken right in front of Roma's MP on Lopez Mateos. Good luck. One other thing, your nick sounds like something that belongs on a gay site. I say this because of the song in "Blazing Saddles".

01-31-04, 00:29
French Mistake,
Try Masajes Venus. 1126 Av. A. Lincoln. Just take the free bridge and go south on Ave. de las Americas. Go right when you get to Hns. Escobar then right on Lincoln. Look for the Socitia Bank on the right. Pull in to the parking lot (just before Montana Cattle Co.) & you're there. It's an easy drive from the bridge and when you're done just go north on Lincoln straight back to the bridge. About a 5 - 10 minute drive from the bridge on safe (by Juarez standards) streets.
Venus tends to be about 5 -10 dollars higher than most places. Last time I was there it was 40/400 but the selection and quality of girls tends to be consistant. Unfortunatly there has been a lot of upselling as in quite a few places lately so be sure you agree on all inclusive beforehand with a promise of a generouse tip if all goes well. Enjoy!

01-31-04, 03:49
Queens is my new fave spot, replacing Casa Colorado, which has lost all the chicas I so dearly loved (Letty, Sarah,and Lidia).

I'm not sure which Letty was your favorita, but one of them is back. Lety #1 de Chihuahua was back in December. She grew her hair longer and looks better than before.

She worked up until Christmas and went back to Chihuahua. She said she'd be back about mid January.

As for Letty #2, well I haven't seen or heard anything about her lately.

Zuzax out

Bachelor Warrior
01-31-04, 18:56

Thanks very much for the insights into latina culture and the other bars. Very helpful. I believe I have mostly mended the fences with "mi buena amiga". She still seems to think I have another woman somewhere. Even told me her name. That was cool because I don't even remember a girl by that name! I lavish enough time, attention, and money on mi favorita that I wonder how the hell she can think I have any left over for another chick. Once upon a time, I strayed into Hollywood. I agree that's it's super overpriced. Haven't been back since. Casa Colorado seems to have taken a definite step down. I was there the other day and I agree with that.

More later...

02-01-04, 06:20
Letty #2 is/was my favorita by far. I've got these memories of walking up that flight of steps to the rooms, and seeing that most beautiful ass leading me there.

I did see Letty #1 my last trip (jan 18), but gave her a bit of a wide berth even though I have been with her twice before.. A little too aggressive for my taste. She does look better with longer hair.

Thanks for the info, Zuzax.

El Paso Times is also following the graveyard house story .www.elpasotimes.com. Check 7day archive in local news. Certainly a reminder that "you're not in Kansas anymore".

02-01-04, 23:49
For you fellow gringos,

If you you take cabs around Juarez, I can save you a bit of money. Never pay with dollars, get the cost in pesos. The cabbies will never have change for US, so if you have pesos they nearly always give you coin back, which you can drop at the bar or as you leave at the bridge. I have done this for the last three trips and it saved a lot of my monger-dollars. Go to a cambio and change $20us. More than enough.

02-02-04, 21:09
I'm wondering if it would be cheaper to pay in pesos at the bars and MP as well. I've never tried it. Has anyone taken US money traded it for pesos and went to a massaje or a bar and paied that way? Did you get a cheaper deal because they saw pesos? Or does it really matter.

02-03-04, 13:38
Doesn't seem to make a difference in the bars and MP's. I have paid in both peso's and dollars. The cabs seem to be the only advantage. If the fare is say $8us ,and you give the cabbie a $10, he won't have change..so you just gave a $2 tip. Usually, they will have pesos in their pockets or the ashtray for change from a 100 peso note.

Sun Devil
02-03-04, 16:09
I have never paid in dollars, only pesos. Pesos are accepted everywhere in Juarez. If a cab driver, bar or MP charges you in dollars, just add a zero to it and pay it by pesos, i.e. 40 dollars = 400 pesos.

The exchage rate between dollar and peso fluctuates on a daily basis but for argument sake it is 10 pesos for every dollar. That means that one peso cost $0.10, or a dime. The 400 pesos that you paid is equal to 40 dollars. So there is no advantage to paying in pesos. However, the reality right now is that it is about 11 pesos for every dollar. Again, the exchange rate fluctuates. It could be more or it could be less tomorrow.

That means that one peso equals $0.091. If you pay a massage parlor 400 pesos, you are paying them $36.36, a savings of $3.64.

However, the higher the fee, the more you save. If you go to a place like the Pink Ladies and spend $130, the cost in 1300 pesos is $118.18, a savings of $11.82.

On the flip side to this is when you exchange your peso back into dollars. Usually the money changers have a different rates for selling back pesos. This is usually about .50 pesos higher. So if you have 100 pesos that you want to exchange back into dollars, and the exchange rate to get dollars is 10.50 pesos, you will only get $9.50, not $10.

There are two amounts that the money changers post at their windows, one for compra and the other for vende. Compra means buy and it is the amount the money changers will exchange your dollars for pesos. Thus it is best to look for the money changer that is willing to pay the highest amount for this.

Vende means sell and it is the amount that the money changer will exchange your pesos for dollars. Therefore it is a good idea to look for the lowest vende amount when seeking a money changer to sell your pesos in order to get dollars back.

The caveat to all this is to exchange only what you plan to spend because of the difference in amount between compra and vende. I have tried to make this as simple as possible. Hopefully it has not confused anybody.

Sun Devil
02-03-04, 23:06
For those of you who are interested in a massage parlor in downtown Juarez, there is Cleopatra. This place is at Ignacio Mejia and Juarez, which is about 6 blocks from the border.

Turn left at the corner of the aforementioned streets and it is the middle business establishment on the right hand side of the street. Next to it is a dentist office.

The cost is about 300 pesos for one hour. This establishment is somewhat shoddy. However, for those who do not have time to go elsewhere but downtown, it is appropriate enough.

Sun Devil
02-04-04, 08:11
For the veterans of the stripper bar scene, since I have not partaked in them that much, I have a few questions.

Are all the dancers at places such as Queens available for P4P? If not, how do I found which ones are available? Maybe ask the waiters?

Also, how come some of the girls go naked while others don't take off any of their clothes, however skimpy.

What is the average fee for a session? This would include the breakdown for drinks for the customer, for her, for the exit fee from the strip bar, the hotel fee (if there is any), the session fee (and how long), and fee for an all nighter (if that is a possibility).

02-05-04, 01:00
My experience at Queens has been: I think all the dancers there are available, if THEY like you. The management is not pushy unlike other places, and the girl seems to have the choice (at least according to one amiga there) whether she wants to go to a room. Easiest just to sit with her ,buy a few drinks, and then ask. I actually let part of one nite slip away, because I was a bit unsure and didn't want offend this girl, so I kept waiting for the waiter or her to ask, and neither did.

Dancing sin ropa is up to them as well. Actually, I think they HAVE to leave something on by law (maybe?), I've seen many hold their tops in their teeth, or around their necks.

Fees have been $50 us for 1/2 hour,$100 us whole hour, and NO TIPPING of the girl. Drinks for you are 3.50us , for her 6-7us. (beers. liquor is much higher). There is no hotel fee, and they have rooms next door that are not bad.

Have not had one out all nite yet, so have no info as to how caro that becomes.

Sun Devil
02-05-04, 01:03
I went to both Genesis and Venus on Super Bowl Sunday. I could not believe how empty the streets were compared to the rest of the week. I guess all the people of Juarez were downtown, in the malls, or at home.

At Genesis, I saw Candy. I told her that it has been reported on this board that she is married and is living in Dallas.

Laughing her head off, she indicated that she has been gone the past 2 months because of a motor vehicle accident. She showed me the scars on the left side of her face and her left arm to prove it.

After our session together, she told me that her birthday was this Saturday and that she will be turning 24. I guess that is a hint that I should be bringing her a present this weekend.

After recuperating at the Rio Grande Mall over coffee and cake, I decided to go to Venus. Walking from the mall to the corner of Lincoln and Hermanos Escobar took less than 15 minutes. At first I thought Venus was closed since the parking lot was empty. I still knocked on the door however and someone opened it. There were 3 girls working there at the time, which was approximately 4:00 in the afternoon.

I chose a 21 year old girl from Guadalajara. For those interested in svelte and light skinned Mexican women, Venus is a place that I highly recommend. After the session, I decided to go next door to a betting bar and watch the Super Bowl.

After being carded (I guess I still look like a minor to some people), I eased in to watch the beginning of the second quarter. They have food there and for $3.00 I was able to get a plate of Chinese food. Go figure.

Anyway, this area of town is a lot cleaner than el centro. There is an abundance of restaurants nearby, such as Caruso, Sanborn, Montana steak house, and a sushi bar, in addition to the betting bar.

After watching one of the best Super Bowls ever, amidst a number of Mexican men who were truly into the game, I decided to head back to the US. I went back to Triunfo again to catch a bus to downtown and the border. All told I spent less than $80 (actually less than that considering that I paid in pesos) during a great afternoon and evening of fun. For my sesssion at Genesis - $30, my session at Venus - $40, bus rides - $0.80, and food and drinks - $7.

02-05-04, 04:35
You are right about the area, very nice ,and improving. That is where I stay when I'm in Juarez, which is beginning to be every thirty days, from the looks of my credit cards.

Venus is behind the banco, si? It ALWAYS looks closed, no idea why. I have been there once, had an okay experience, but felt it a little sexually cold, maybe because I had a few nights with some of my favorites previous. The only thing I don't like is the guys hanging at Montana's watching as one looks around. It doesn't bother me in el centro, but around there I feel like I'm slinking about.

Did you bet while in the bar ? I've been curious about that place, but never stopped in as I was always either going to Caruso's or El Herradero's for dinner,or just walking about. Or hitting the Mp's during the day/late afternoon.

To echo an earlier comment, if you have the busses figured out, I will pay a king's ransom for that info. Menos taxis, mas chicas.

02-05-04, 07:49
SunDevilRN - you must be an economics professor. That was an excellent explanation of the dollar/peso exchange rate in your post "I never paid in dollars ......"

I understand that all well now but wish someone would have tutored me a number of years ago.

Thanks for the input.


Sun Devil
02-05-04, 09:45
Rear Window:

Trying to figure which bus to ride depends on the time of day, where you want to go, and what destinations they have on their windshields.


Most buses run during daylight hours and a couple of hours after dark. However, the only ones I know that run after 9:00 p.m. are the buses that run on Triunfo de la Republica/16th de Septiembre. If you are a walker, this street is easily accessible from Genesis, Venus, and the Joker.

What you have to do is look at the windshields of these buses and make sure that there is the word "Centro" on it. This indicates that the bus is indeed going downtown and, hence, the border or the red light district.

Unfortunately around Francisco Villa Avenue these buses go in certain directions, depending on their lines. As of yet, I have not figured this out.


I generally cross the Stanton street bridge to go to Mexico. The reason being is that it is less crowded and it is convenient way for me to grab the 8-A bus.

This bus stops in front of the pharmacy near Lerdo and the Malecon, the first street that you encounter into Mexico.

The 8-A bus goes from that stop, east on the Malecon, turn right on Lincoln, around the Plaza de las Americas mall, turn right on Lopez Mateos, and all the way to Oscar Flores, which is way down south.

Thus on this route you can hit a number of places literally at their front doors: Paraiso on the Malecon, Venus on Lincoln, Joker on Insurgente, and Roma on, I think, 8 de Marzo.

However if you want to walk you can get to Encanto, Brenda's or Sirena on Hermanos Escobar, Genesis or LePetit on Montes de Oca and Marylin on Del Ejido by using this bus 8-A.

The complex thing about this bus is that, because Lopez Mateos is one way going south, you have to catch the 8-B on Plutarco Elias Calles to go back north and thus back to the border.

Plutarco Elias Calles is the next major street on the east side of Lopez Mateos and it is one way going north. I think it is about one quarter of a mile walk from Lopez Mateos.

Another way to get to Marylin, Genesis, LePetit and the Joker, as well as Felinas, Corpus, Loryed and Xuma, is to use the buses that stop on Lerdo and Vicente Guerrero, which is south of 16th de Septiembre.

These buses use Vicente Guerrero as a main artery and look at their windshield for their destinations. The main thing to look for are the words"Futurama", "Hipermart", or "San Lorenzo". Thus you can use these buses to stop at Peru in order to walk to Felinas or Corpus, or Paraguay to walk to Xuma, which is on the corner of Paraguay and Ninos Heroes.

Unfortunately, these buses will curve back north on to Triunfo de la Republica so you have to stop at the corner of Montes de Oca and Triunfo in order to walk to Genesis, Le Petit or Marylin, or the corner of Triunfo and Lopez Mateos to get to Roma and the Joker, which is kind of silly considering that it is easier to use the 8-A in order to get to these destinations.

These buses will cross Lopez Mateos and head east. In order to get to Loryed you will have to stop on Marcos de Niza and walk a couple of block south.


This is the method of figuring where these buses are going. However, if you want to get back to downtown on Hermanos Escobar after a session at Encanto or Sirena, just wait for a bus heading west. They all stop near the border on Malecon.

I hope this helps.

By the way, I did not bet at the betting bar but one could have. I did not want to ruin a nice day by losing money.

I would have lost considering that I thought that New England was going to win by more than a touchdown.

There were other categories to choose from, such as which player was going to score the first touchdown, whether a 2-pt. conversion was going to be attempted by any team, and whether a field goal was going to be missed. I think the minimum bet was $50.

Also do not worry what other Mexicans think about you going to Venus. They are probably envious to the fact that you can afford to make love to a good looking Mexican woman and they cannot. I have learned through my encounter with the Mexican cops that prostitution and paying for sex is seen as a normal thing in Mexico.

Providers have told me that they see themselves as providing a needed service to men who cannot have access to wives or girlfriends sexually because their wives/girlfriends are visiting out-of-town relatives, pregnant, or on the rag.

It is only through our Puritan culture that makes us self-conscious when we go see these girls. You can see this by the fact that everyone is making such a big deal about Janet Jackson's exposed breast. Big deal!! In other countries as well as Waikiki or Venice beach in US, women take off their bikini tops while going to the beach.

Sun Devil
02-05-04, 09:52
El Paso Gentleman:

Thanks for the compliment.

Actually I am not an economics professor but I did take both micro- and macroeconomics as an undergrad to fulfill my prerequisite requirements for graduation.

To clarify things with regards to my earlier post, the commodity that is being bought and sold by the money changers is dollars.

Thus they are buying dollars (compra) from you for a set amount and selling them (vende) to you for another. The difference between the two amounts is their profit margin. Therefore it is best to get the highest compra amount and the lowest vende amount.

02-05-04, 22:28
Hey Mongers:

I'll be doing the circuit in beautiful Juarez (and yes I have been there many times). My old favorite Casa Colorado has been reviewed poorly by RN SunDevil and DreamingEagle (you guys are great contributors - keep it up). I'll still have to stop in for old time sake.

I was hoping to get recommendations on places to stay on either side of the border that offer clean, decent rooms and convenient to the both the ladies and the tourist traps in Juarez. My hope would be a nice place around $50 or under.

One thing I'd especially like to try is getting a hotel in Juarez and getting a lady to spend the entire night. Any recommendations, warnings, coupons ;-), or hints would be greatly appreciated.

Of course, I'll post my experiencesnext month.

02-06-04, 01:59
SunDevil RN,

The ransom is yours. I always stay in Juarez now, and I usually stay on Lincoln , so I would grab the bus around the Plaza. I followed everything until the Genesis-LePetit on Montes de Oca. That runs north -south , yes? I thought that Marilyn was on Del Ejido at Montes de Oca, not Lerdo, or am I hopelessly lost here?

Unless you mean that Lerdo is the closest stop. Man, I need a freakin map now (and some aspirin). I have walked back from Marilyn a few times (and it's a looooong walk), and back from Sirena a few as well (MUCH shorter) , so walking's no problem. Mentally, I can picture it, I just get a little hazy around Del Ejido, as I can never find it on a map, and I'm always woozy after I leave Marilyn.

I'll give it a try this time, and leave plenty of time before closing time, just in case.

The bus to el centro seems to be quite easy, and I'll definitely use that to get there.

Muchas gracias.

Sun Devil
02-06-04, 20:35
Rear Window:

Lerdo is the street close to the border from the Stanton bridge where you can catch the 8-A bus.

Del Ejido is off Lopez Mateos. You have to go west a couple of blocks to get to Marylin from there.

Thus two different streets. Sorry if I have confused you.

A good map you can perused is located at the lobby of the Santa Fe hotel on the corner of Tlaxcala and Lerdo.

The hotel also offers a decent breakfast plus the fact that you can take a chicks upstairs for an all nighter. Cost is about $35 per night. I have taken to this place a number of chicas from Casa for all nighters in the past.

This post should answer Ogman's question as well.

02-06-04, 22:44
Marylins is on Juan Escueta, I think I spelled that right, it is the first main street before Montes de Oca and runs the opposite direction....easy to get to from Vicente Guerrero, just turn right on Juan Escuita and go all the way past the next stop light and the road will dog-leg, go left then right, then Marylins is a short hop from the dog-leg.......

02-07-04, 05:56
My old favorite Casa Colorado has been reviewed poorly by RN SunDevil and DreamingEagle

In defense of the Casa, the selection of girls is just a "Hit or Miss" situation. There have been times when there were at least 2 or 3 good looking girls to choose from, and other times when the selection was just awful.

Just because someone said the selection was terrible last month, doesn't mean the same girls will be there this month. There are a lot of girls that come and go in a month's time at the Casa.

I will say that most of the time when I go there, I find about 90% of the girls to be unattractive. That's only because I'm very picky about the girl that I want. The percentage can vary in either direction, depending on the taste of each individual monger.

Zuzax out

02-07-04, 08:35
Thanks all.

SunDevil RN,

I became a bit confused in your fifth graph of "where you want to go" because you wrote "and Marylin on Lerdo using this bus 8-A".
I think I get it now.

I know el centro (and the cathedral, mercados etc) fairly well (I think) but the areas away from there still are a problem.

And for some unknown reason, I just don't get my bearings when going south to north. East to west no problema. Of course that is probably due to having all of my sense f****d out of my head in the hour or so before.

Sun Devil
02-07-04, 20:55
Thanks for pointing out my mistake regarding Marylin and Lerdo. I have edited my original post to indicate that Marylin is actually on Del Ejido.

Sorry if I have caused any confusion.

Bachelor Warrior
02-07-04, 21:14
There are several women that I see regularly in Casa Colorado that are gorgeous, in my humble opinion. Haven't been with any of them. But there are some gems there.

I was in Queens a short time ago. Nothing happening. I was surprised.

02-09-04, 04:54

If you are finding gorgeous women at Casa there now, DO THEM. And get names, because I have been going to CJ every 30days now,and have not found those girls.

02-09-04, 05:05

If you are finding gorgeous women at Casa now, DO THEM.

And get names, because I have been going to CJ every 30days now, and have not found those girls. Casa was my original haunt , and I go back hoping to find those lovers, but I don't.

If you can't find anyone in Queens, then I would suggest that you go to Jokers. The girls are drop dead beautiful and expensive. It's your money, mi amigo.

02-09-04, 16:13
Sorry about the double post there. Computer glitch (aka dumb ass at the controls). You could also try Prince's Palace. Similar to Joker's, but the girls are also a bit pricey. Queens is the best bang for the buck for me.

Lucky Chuck
02-11-04, 02:00
This is my first post. I am from LA, but recently temporarily relocated to El Paso. I've been reading this forum for quite a long time and it sure has made my visits to Juarez more "pleasureable"! Thanks for all of you.

I wanted to relate something that happened to me on my last visit to Juarez a couple of nights ago.

While I am certainly new at going to this particular city, I have spent years traveling in third world countries and am very aware when I am in places in which there could be some difficulties.

I was coming out of one of the downtown "clubs" after spending a truly delightful evening with a girl who has become one of my favorites. (She works at Queens, by the way, and is not Marilu although I did spend some private time with her)

I was about a block and a half away and was approached by particularly needy beggar. I usually don't give money to street people, but somehow he seemed someone that I wanted to help. I pulled my wallet out to give him a buck. All of a sudden out of nowhere came a really big guy and he snatched the wallet right out of my hands (so much for being experienced, huh?).

He sets off at a run and I give chase. He rounds a corner at full tilt and about a block away is a police car. (Don't ask me the brand of police there, I gather there are several kinds and I am too new to know the difference) They see me chasing this guy and grab him, put him against the wall and search him. No wallet.

I suppose he must have thrown it away when he saw he was going to be caught.

So I look around the route of chase, the police do too (very helpful and polite, I might add), and just about everyone else on the street was looking too. (They were either trying to be helpful or hoping to find it and snatch it themselves.) However after much looking it was nowhere to be found. So with no money, no ID, and no credit cards I finally leave to drive back to my apartment in El Paso pissed knowing that I was never going to see any of it again and that I was not nearly as "experienced" as I thought I was.

Going through the border check, I tell the the US guy at the turnstile my tale and he says "What's going on, you're the fourth guy who has had the same problem this shift."

Normal story huh? Well, what makes it different is that about 45 minutes later, I got a call from the Mexican police on my cell phone asking me to come back to the border. I get there and unbelievably they have my wallet for me.

And what is REALLY unbelievable is that EVERYTHING was in it, INCLUDING about $300 in cash. I offered the police a reward and THEY TURNED me down!

I just wanted to relate my little "experience", I am sure that it is not normal, but it certainly was not what I expected it to be!

Sun Devil
02-11-04, 11:00
You were quite lucky to get your wallet back. I usually carry a roll of cash in my front pocket. That way, if I want to pay somebody, I don't have to take out my wallet, which serves only as a card carrier anyway.

02-11-04, 13:59
I started (a while back) to carry my beer/food money, in one front pocket, taxi fare in the other, and my mongering dollars in a belt wallet. (secured pouch like thing)

That way, when I pay a cabbie, he (and anyone else around) only sees a few pesos. My beer/food money is in a money clip, which flattens it down, and I always keep a small bill on the outside.

My wallet NEVER comes out except to pay for the fun.

You were lucky indeed, and thanks for the heads up. I find my self getting a bit lax every now and then, and your experience raised my awareness level back to where it should be.

02-11-04, 18:55
Good News indeed! Perhaps Fox's anti corruption campaign is bearing fruit. My last trip into Juarez about a month ago surprised me as the city seems to be cleaning up and the Vialidad are not out on every street corner, ticket book in hand, ready to nab you as in times past. Quite refreshing changes!

02-13-04, 07:28
SunDevilRN - some time ago, you had a post asking about information on living in Juarez. Did you come up with anything concrete?

I wish I had time to cruise the neighborhoods and/or seek out people who could give me good info. I don't think there are many rental agents in Juarez.

Anyway, what did you come up with?


Sun Devil
02-13-04, 09:04
My conclusion is that I could live in El Paso for a fairly cheap price and still go to Juarez. Granted there are cheap housing on the Mexican side of the border but El Paso is still an affordable place to live.

To me, the metropolitan El Paso/Juarez area is just one big city. An American can go back and forth between the two countries without skipping a beat. If you want to eat something late at night, you can go cross the border and catch something to eat at Sanborn's, which does not close until 1:00 am.

Also, if you want to have sex with a chick, places like Casa Colorada and Panama have girls available until 4 or 5 in the morning. Granted the bar part of the establishment is ususally closed around midnight or 1 am. So all you do is just drive down near the border bridge and walk across.

In the hospital where I work, we even take care of patients from Mexico. With a population of 80% Hispanics, El Paso is truly one of the most unique cities in the US.

Big Bubba
02-13-04, 15:40
I will tell you that is what I am going to do. I am sick of Miami and Illinois. maybe its me or maybe its just the closed minded pricks around me. but you may have just told me what I need to be a little happier in life closer to Mexico with lots of tang around and cheap food.

Thanks man you helped me out a lot.

I am serious.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize proper names. To avoid delays in future reports, please capitalize the first letters of proper names, including names of people, places, countries, cities, streets, nationalities, etc. Thanks!

Bachelor Warrior
02-13-04, 18:58
Just getting back after several days away.

I'll get a name or two for some cute girls at Casa Colorado. Did anyone ever try tapping the bartender, think her name is Mabel. Sounds like Ma-Bell in Spanish. For my taste, she's too much on the chunky side, but I do think she's very cute and friendly. I wonder if she isn't the daughter of the owner though. And he's a real grouch; wouldn't want to cross him.

I've seen some great looking girls in Queens all right. It was just that the one night I was in there about a week ago it must have been an off-night because not much was going on.

02-14-04, 07:24
Did anyone ever try tapping the bartender, think her name is Mabel.

I never have, but while sipping on a Dos Equis it has crossed my mind on how she'd be upstairs.

By the way, I think her name is Maribel.

Zuzax out

Sun Devil
02-14-04, 09:20
There are two bartenders that I know at the Casa Colorada. One is Xochtli, the friendly girl who is somewhat chunky. She used to turn tricks at the old Pink Lady prior to becoming a bartender and her Mom is one of the condom ladies upstairs.

The other girl is Maribel. Her father in law is Juan, the thinner of the two guys guarding the door. None of them, as far as I know, is related to the owner, Ricardo.

However, the other guy guarding the door, Tomas, is Ricardo's brother. Tomas stays after the bar closes and his function is to let guys in who want to see some of the girls after the bar's closing time.

Bachelor Warrior
02-14-04, 19:21
Thanks Devil. It's good to know this kind of stuff....I think. Someone told me that the waitress "X" is married to Papa Smurf. I'm not sure I believe that.

Deanna, at least that's what I think her name is, at Casa Colorado just may be the prettiest and sexiest woman I've seen in Juarez outside of Joker's. I estimate that she's between 21 and 24. It's hard to tell in high heels, but she's pretty tall for a Mexicana. I would guess about 5' 7" or 5'8". She's slim with a great figure. And she's just absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. She seems to pay better attention to how she looks than many of the others who just load up on the make-up. She wears nice clothes. I haven't been with her yet, so she could be ice-cold as far as I know. But she sure is a great piece of eye candy. Unless you absolutely have to have something special (JLo herself, a wide body, older woman, or whatever), she has to be a 9. If she's good in bed, it goes to an 11.

There's at least one other at CC, that I think is a knock-out, but I don't know her name yet. I'll report later.

If you like them a little older and wider, Laura has (what I would call, but then what do I know) a classic Mexican look. She looks exotic to me. She has a large nose, almost always has her light brown hair pulled back, wears big, loopy earrings and nice clothes. I would guess she's between 35 and 40. She used to work at the Panama. From what I remember she seems to be spreading out a little in the butt area. But you probably won't notice unless she's dancing. She's friendly enough, but she seems a little too business-oriented for my taste. I would be careful with my wallet, but I'm pretty sure she would give you a very good time.

02-14-04, 19:37
Sundevil, amigo, one of these days we are going to have to cooperate on a venture to map out the bus routes in Juarez and publish them to the web. I have looked and looked but have yet to find anything even resembling published bus routes. Perhaps we can drag DreamingEagle into this too, since he has experience with web publishing. I am good at ferreting out information and am persistent to boot. The kind of "enlightened self interest" kind of stuff I seem to have such a talent for. :-D

BTW, the bus marked "Linea Central" will drop you off right in front of Loryed's right as it makes the turn east off of Fray Marcos de Niza to head over to the bus stop next to the Sorianna (Hipermart).

Big Bubba
02-14-04, 20:22
Have any of you ever gone to Juarez from El paso, tx with Caddilac man he takes many people mainly truck drivers over for $15 round trip for 2 hour minimum visit. I go but when I get there I dissapear from the group. I know my way around juarez so I am fine. but its cool they have a place to park your car safe and a guide and all. Hell parking down town is a gamble the way they steal cars there. It is nuts.

Ok later


02-14-04, 21:51
Big Bubba; Walk, no run away from Cadillac Man. Got a good friend doing time in federal prison because of him!

Even though you disappear from the group, you're "tagged" when you pull up in the van in front of the Panama or Pink Lady, whichever one he has ties to these days. Even though you are by yourself, the spotters make the rounds of the clubs. They see you, they notify the club owner that you are with "X" group and immediately the price of everything for you goes up. It's that way with Cadillac Man, Papa Smurf, and all the rest.

You've heard the $60 1 hour "Royal Treatment" they advertise at the uptonw massage parlors? They take you to Genesis where were you to go alone, the price would be $30-35. Get the picture?

I've never had any trouble taking my cars across into Juarez nor did I have trouble when I lived there. Even down in the zona in front of the bars. Having your own ride, you're not tied to a bucnh of drunk truck drivers who at times can be real assholes!

Big Bubba
02-14-04, 23:46
I agree but there are many men that first off dont even knw where to croos and don't even speak spanish and dont even know where the cat houses are. I am just trying to be helpful to the newer crossers heck my first time in I had to take a taxi to the cat house because I had no clue where they were now I walk straight to the door. With a smile on my face. and I only pay $50 including room for a full hour and I make it very clear full hour with no crack heads knocking on door. And they respect that and I throw the girl a $10 or $20 tip if she does me good.

Guys make sure you wear a coat cuz the diseases are rampade in town. also don't be a full and go with a lot of money go with like $150 and keep a little in each pocket in case your robbed remember Mexico is not like the US where its safer its very corrupt.

Just be safe and use common sense guys and what ever you do dont take a gun with you if you get caught with a gun in Mexico They lock you up quick very bad scene there.

Just be nice and happy and screw the hell out of the ladies guys.


02-15-04, 21:06
It's a needed service I guess for first timers or those that have no way to get there other than with the shuttles.

I remember years ago when I first went ot Juarez, there was an old Mexican with a station wagon, Joe Bananas, who hung out at the Chevron T/S at exit 24. He'd take you over there to Ginny's (Virginia's) back when the old woman was alive for $5.00 round trip and there was no upselling when you got to the bar. $20.00 pussy and absolutely no hassles from anybody. They genuinely appreciated your business back then.

How times change!

Bachelor Warrior
02-15-04, 23:23
I went to Ajuua's restuarant the other night. It's on the trolley route and I figured it was a tourist trap, but what the hell? Looked OK on the outside. Well, I was suprised and impressed! Good food, good mariachis, and I never felt hurried even though other people were waiting for tables. Only about $20, with the tip.

02-16-04, 20:40
Can I get some walking directions off the Santa fe Bridge. If my memory serves, this is the best bridge for parking etc.

I know as you cross over the border, you are on Avenida Juarez, the main tourist street. I sort of remember walking one or two blocks past the cabbies and then turning right but I don't remember the name of that street or any landmarks. I could be blurring everything with TJ so if there is anyone out there who can guide a dedicated pedestrian to Casa Colorado and Queens and even a good walking tour loop, I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks Sun Devil for the recommendation of the Hotel Santa fe near Casa Colorado, I'll definitely be giving it a stay.

02-16-04, 22:32
From the Sante Fe bridge. Go south maybe two blocks. Turn right on Martinez. Casa Colorado is straight ahead on the left maybe three blocks or so. It has a sign reading Sans Souci.

For Queens, If you turn right after the gym on Martinez , which you would have passed going to Casa, you should be on Mariscal. You would then walk past Ano Nuevo, and Las Vegas. At the intersection that has Las Vegas and Hollywood, veer off to the left and Queens will be in front of you on the northwest corner. Have Fun!

02-17-04, 16:37
Special thanks to Rear Window for excellent directions and constantly valuable insights!

Are there any worthwhile Masaje places within walking distance of the Santa Fe Bridge as well? I am an devout pedestrian tourist and do plan some serious walking while in Juarez, hopefully always remaining within a few blocks of Avenida Juarez or one of the other major streets.

As Zuzax so properly noted earlier (thanks also to Zuzax), the professionals in these places often change so even marginal places are worth a beer or at least sticking your head in from time to time. So if there are some of those lesser clubs, masajes, or other types of place I am ignorant of where one might want to check out in the quest for having thier pipe cleaned, I'd appreciate those directions as well!

I think Rear Window has laid out my path for the first few hours though very nicely!

02-18-04, 01:14

RearWindow is a cool dude but his mental map may be a bit insane. He is right about Calle Martinez but it is more than 2 blocks into Mexico. How many, I dont know, I never counted. But usually when I give direction to the zona I advise to go south on Avenida Juarez staying on the right hand (west). Go to the Plaza Mariachi and buy some smokes for chicas. They use this as an ice breaker. You will know you are there when you see an open area and a statue of 2 boys washing a horse. After buying some smokes head into the plaza to Calle Mariscal. You will be in pissing distance of Faustos, Las Vegas and Hollywood. Queens will be one block further and you can't miss it because it is bigger than shit.

If you prefer to go to the Casa Colorada first exit the plaza and cross the street and head left. You will pass the Noche Y Dia and then Irma's bar by the burrito stands. Keep going and you will then see Eduardo's on the other side of the street and the Aņo Nuevo right there on the corner. This is calle Martinez. Take a right and head straight to the Casa Colorada.

I suggest you skip the Casa and head to the Panama Club which will then need to take a left at the Gymnasium on your way to the Casa. Ignore all beggars and tour guides. Have fun and wrap it up.

Oh by the way. Forget about going to the famous Noa Noa nightclub. It burned down today.

And another thing, will my excellent fucking directions earn me a Senior membership?


To be considered for Senior Member Status, you need to follow the Senior Member upgrade procedures and post your request in the "Request Senior Membership" topic of the "Site Administration" section of the Forum.

I would anticipate that you would easily qualify for Senior Membership, but you need to follow the procedure and place your request in the queue for consideration.

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02-20-04, 06:49
Here is a map.

02-22-04, 14:57
Dreaming Eagle:

I noticed your posts about the travel agency idea in the 2002 postings. Did you ever begin the $49.99 tour? I visit your website regularly and have found it very valuable. I'll be doing all my Juarez dining at the places you mention. I am using my personal e-mail on on WSG now so feel free to contact me there as well.


PS: Mugroso, I thought senior member had to do with size of your member than your membership size ;-)! Actually Jackson responding to you personally is a high honor. The person is a legend in my eyes! Thanks for your excellent directions as well.

02-22-04, 20:48

PS: Mugroso, I thought senior member had to do with size of your member than your membership size ;-)! Actually Jackson responding to you personally is a high honor.

Well if it all depends on the size of my member, forget it, I will never be a senior member. I made my comment in jest and was surprised to see the response from the man himself. I must thank him. Thank you Jackson. I have not requested senior membership yet as I am a big fat procrastinator.

I went to Nogales this weekend. I think I fucked someones woman while I was there. I believe I have seen her picture postee somewhere on the net. I will provide a full report in the Nogales section as soon as I get my thoughts down. I just hope I don't babble and turn it into something long winded.

My the way. Did someone keep my Marilu company in my abscence this weekend?

02-23-04, 02:40
I went to the Sans Souci/Casa Colorada on Saturday night and the selection was just as bad as it was last month. It seems that all the petite, good looking ones that came out around Christmas time, have all gone back into hiding.

Around 95% of the girls working there were the same ones that were there last month. I saw 2 new faces, but they weren't anything special.

For all you Lety/Letty fans, neither one was working.

For Dreaming Eagle, Celeste is still there waiting for you.

Adios amigos,


02-23-04, 04:45
No, Ogman, I did have that idea and might do it one day if anything every happens to my full-time job. For now, though, I'm too busy working on the site. The revenue comes from advertisers, and I think I'll keep going in that direction. There are plans to put the guide in book form this year, however, and to sell the book in the City Market. It will also be available in Spanish within the next couple of weeks. Everytime I think I am through with that project, some new opportunity arises that gets me reinvolved with it. If you are referring to the Men's Guide, that project is on hold indefinitely.

For those of you who have not been to Marilyn lately, there are a couple of absolute dolls working there now, girl next door types, nicely dressed, and very amable in the rooms.

02-26-04, 05:56
Dear Colleagues,

I did a search (DreamingEagle: your postings are very informative), looked through countless postings and tried to put together a punch list for three days in Juarez (March 2004), but can someone recommend, within walking distance from the border:

1) a nice hotel that is guest friendly

2) FS bars/clubs

3) MPs

4) Any US or Canadian-style escorts (independent or agency)

5) Any Greek providers

I've been to NL Boys' Town several times, and I always enjoy the outcall providers in Montreal, but I have never been to Juarez.

As we all know, in NLBT, everything is centralized, and in Montreal, the women come to you (after reading numerous highly-detailed reviews from other mongers and scheduling with the hottest ladies).

I don't speak or understand Spanish very well, I won't have a car, I don't think that I can navigate the busses, although I like to walk and do not mind taking taxis. I must sound like a real pussy.

I apoligize for asking for personal tour advise, although I would be grateful for any suggestions and will post a full report when I return.

If anyone ever wants info about Montreal, I would be happy to help.



Sun Devil
02-27-04, 10:08

I gather that all the good looking Sans Souci girls worked really hard for their Christmas pay and have all gone on vacations. This type of vocation is not psychologically enticing.

You'll probably see them back around summer time and the cycle will repeat itself. Until then I suggest that you go to the Pink Lady's or the massage parlors.

Just be forewarned, the condom lady at the Pink Lady's will examine your penis for sores. I have never seen anything like it. She will grab a piece of toilet paper, lay your dick on it, and then peruse it like some scientist. She will also demand $5.00 for this and I don't know whether she knows what she is doing.

If you go via taxi to any of these places, expect to pay premium dollars, as these places will have to pay the cab drivers' commissions. Is it any wonder that all the cabbies working around the first couple of blocks from the border bridges recommend on going to the Pink Lady's or Genesis.

It's better to walk or take the bus.

02-27-04, 16:29
Greetings all.

Just back from some other mongering away from Mexico, but back to Juarez next weekend.

I just looked at the map from below, and I realize I was WAY short on distances there . I just don't remember that many calles on the right side ( past the Kentucky Bar , etc) Sorry! My feet manage to detach themselves from my mind, I guess.

A mongering buddy went to Club Panama last week, and said it was totally dead, only four gordas, but he did say that Queens has some new talent. So I know where my drink money will be lost, anyway.

02-27-04, 18:02
Pink Lady is good but if you want quality you have to go to Jokers number 1 or 2. They are both hiden oasis. The quality of women are like being in Brazil or Costa Rica they are from all over the place. I do not understand why there are in Juarez but they are. If you can afford the extra cash I recommend Jokers you will not want to go back to Pink lady. Ask any of the taxi drivers they know where they are.

Sun Devil
02-27-04, 18:13
I know the drinks for the customers cost $4 a piece at the Joker. How much are the cost for the girl's drinks and the cost for FS?

I met a girl at the Joker who used to work at Roma. I couldn't believe she recognized and remembered me. Like what others have said, Latin women have awesome memories.

Well anyway her fee was $30 for an hour of massage and sex at Roma. I wonder how much it would cost me to take her out from the Joker as well as her fee for sex now that she works at the place. She still has the same face and pussy. Perhaps her sexual technique is better to warrant the increase in price.

By the way, which Joker is the one on the corner of Insurgente and Lopez Mateos, 1 or 2? Where exactly is the other one? Also, are these places open during daytime hours. From what I have gathered, I believe they are open only at night.

02-28-04, 00:25
Sun Devil, Dreaming Eagle, Folks,

Has been a lurker here for long and never thought I would be lucky enough to make a trip to Juarez as I am from eastcoast. It looks like reasons for a 1-2 day trip to Juarez is forthcoming and would like to make use of the time. Plan to stay at Villa Manport from the reviews of Dreaming Eagle and would like to visit some of the better clubs/MPs in little time. I do not know Spanish at all and I guess would prefer taxi/ walk rather than take the buses this one time. Wouldn't want to pay the premiums for going in a cab either. Can folks here help me out with some known landmarks for the good clubs/ MPs ( which I can tell the cabbies instead of the club names themselves), so that I am not exploited in the run..

Thanks for your help.

Sun Devil
02-28-04, 16:28

Here are some landmarks/street names that you can use to tell the cab drivers:

1) Pink Lady - the corner of Altamirano and Joaquin Terraza. You can't miss it from this location.

2) Masaje Genesis - corner of Vincente Guerrero and Montes de Oca. Go north from the corner to get to this place. Look on the left side of Montes de Oca.

3) Panama and Sans Souci - the gymnasium in el centro or the corner of Martinez and Delgollado. Sans Souci is a two story red building on Martinez, hence the sobriquet Casa Colorada, while Panama is a single story glass building on Delgollado.

4) Masajes Sirena and El Encanto - not necessary since you can visually see them from your hotel

5) Masaje Marylin - say the address "2900 Del Ejido" to the cab driver, but I have found that cab drivers have a hard time finding this place since it is so far from the beaten path and the buidling is non-descript. The main cross streets to this place are Montes de Oca and Del Ejido.

6) Masaje Venus - Montana Steak House just north of the corner of Hermanos Escobar and Avenida de Lincoln. It is in the parking lot behind the Scotia Bank, which is adjacent to the steak house, and on the ground level.

The word for corner in Spanish is "esquina".

Also, if you decide to go to Marylin, say to the cab driver, who may be aware that the place is a massage parlor, not to wait for you when you go inside Marylin. Ask Sergio, the owner, who is fluent in English, to get you a cab when you want to leave the place.

Additionally, while at these places, don't ever mention that you took a cab to get there but had walked instead and don't let the cab driver walk in with you.

I hope this help you save some money.

Bachelor Warrior
02-28-04, 19:20
The traffic seemed pretty doggone busy on Friday night, but Casa Colorado was dead anyway. Celeste was the only sharp looking one there. Laura, who I usually like to look at, had dressed herself up in a schoolgirl type outfit with huge pigtails that I'm sure were not her real hair. It looked ridiculous to me, but for some I'm sure it would be an effective lure. More guys than gals I thought.

Queens was busy though. Marilu (sp?), Yvonne, and one other hot number were on stage at the same time. That's an awful lot of eye candy at one time!

I didn't drop in anywhere else because I was short on time.

Something else interesting happened though. From time to time, you might run into a real hard case. By that I mean you think you've found the right girl with the right body, so you treat her right. Drinks, tips, etc only she doesn't reciprocate. Robot sex, if much of anything, and in a big hurry for you to finish. When that happens, I'm thinking, "OK sweetie, but you're really screwing up because - someday - you're going to want my help." And practically every chica I've talked to in Juarez has problems at some time or other. Boyfriend, ex-husband, dinero, whatever. Most of the time it's a boyfriend who gets them knocked up, never to return. So, last night I run into a gal that did me that way. She was working the street and I thought that's unusual because I always see her in one of the clubs. (Because of what I read here, I'm not interested in the street chicas.) I could see that she was crying. I asked what was wrong. She had no money, the club owner who she thought was practically like a father to her wouldn't even give her a beer because she couldn't pay for it, and there was something going on with her kids and El Paso. I couldn't quite make out that last part with all the blubbering. I could have bought her a beer, but I thought of the time she was downright hateful to me and figured screw it. I was nice about it, but no dinero from me that night. I'll probably change my mind the next time I see her because I'm just soft that way. Anyway, my point is that if some gal promises you a great time and doesn't deliver, try not to get mad. If she doesn't already have major problems, she probably will before too long. So she's just being stupid by burning a bridge with someone who's sincerely interested in more than just using her body for 40 minutes. (It will be interesting to see if any of you guys respond to what I've written here. It turned out to be more of a book that I thought it would.)

02-29-04, 00:51
> providers have told me that they see themselves as providing a
> needed service to men who cannot have access to wives or
> girlfriends sexually because their wives/girlfriends are visiting
> out-of-town relatives, pregnant, or on the rag.

> it is only through our puritan culture that makes us
> self-conscious when we go see these girls.

call me puritan, but those three reasons are pretty poor excuses for seeing a prostitute. in cases like that, the guy would be better off getting a separation, so that prostitution is not tied up with infidelity. this is probably one of the reasons it has such a stigma.

prostitution as a needed service is more for guys down on their luck with women, who unfortunately can be extremely picky. the sleaze element can be removed somewhat to make it more acceptable, as in amtersdam where prositution adds a new dimension to "window shopping". but i doubt this would ever happen in america, unless all the mainstream religions are rocked by scandals as with the current catholic **** priest situation.

but "thank god" we live near mexico :) prositution in juarez sure is sleazy in el centro, but some of the mp's make it quite presentable (e.g., venus, romas, and sirenas). of course, the bar scene isn't necessarily sleazy. for example, papagayos in nuevo laredo is quite presentable in stark contrast to boys town itself there. but the juarez scene probably won't improve in the near term. maybe if more bars move near the pink lady, there can be an alternative red light section without all the sleaze near the gymnasium. but the convenience factor of el centro plays in its favor, which is why i still go there rather than just sticking with the mp's.

02-29-04, 01:39
> RearWindow wrote:
> You could also try Prince's Palace. Similar to Joker's, but the
> girls are also a bit pricey.

So where is the Prince's Palace? I would like to check it out for a change of pace. There's a lot of nice eye candy at Joker's, making ity a good place to relax before heading to El Centro for the more affordable action. Unfortunately, Joker's is a bit out of the way, being near the intersection of Paseo de la Victoria and Ave. M. Gomez Morin (i.e., A. de la Raza past A. Technologia). Amadeus is also inconviently located, being on A. Ejercito Nacional past Technologia.

> Sun Devil wrote
> By the way, which Joker is the one on the corner of Insurgente > and Lopez Mateos, 1 or 2?

Is that the right intersection? I don't recall seeing any clubs in that area, but that sure is more convenient than the location mentioned above (which is about 2-3 miles east of Lopez Mateos heading out on A. de la Raza).

02-29-04, 02:28
Sun Devil,

Thanks for your quick and amazing response. Really appreciate your effort and willingness to help.

On a similar note, now that I have quite a list and accessible addresses for these clubs, which 3 would you narrow down to, if you had to in terms of quality of gals and accessibilty from Villa Manport.

Sun Devil
02-29-04, 15:28
I would recommend, due to convenience and location from the Villa Manport hotel, Sirena (across the street), El Encanto (a block away) and Venus (less than 2 miles).

You could walk to all 3 places if you want to.

Sun Devil
02-29-04, 17:39

That intersection is correct. This building has a big sign saying Joker in top of it but it is only open at night. It is on the west side of Lopez Mateos and it is fairly large. You can't miss it.

Also, this is another place that asked me for my driver's license in order to verify my age. So if you can't prove that you are 18 or older, they will not let you in.

By the way, from your report, I was able to glean the locations of the other Joker as well as Amadeus. Thanks.

02-29-04, 22:33
I thought the Princes Palace was on Panama going north from Escobar, and on the right, but it was always at night, and always with a maniac cabbie...so I am probably wrong! I'll be back this coming Saturday, so I'll get the actual location.

03-01-04, 02:52
I thought the Princes Palace was on Panama going north from Escobar, and on the right, but it was always at night, and always with a maniac cabbie...so I am probably wrong! I'll be back this coming Saturday, so I'll get the actual location.

Actually it's on Bolivia, just north of 16 de Septembre.
In my opinion, it's a dump...expensive, noisy(very loud music ala Queens), and the girls are not cute.

Lucky Chuck
03-02-04, 02:22
I have been in El Paso for a while now and have met a wonderful girl. This post is not about her, but rather to tell those who might be interested in a very good place to take someone.

This is not for bargain hunters, but rather for those who would like to take a girl to a really nice place to stay. A few weeks ago,after I met my friend, we were looking for a new hotel and I do not like to stay in sleazy places. Often we go to the Hilton or to the Radisson, but we were in the mood for somewhere different. A taxi driver that I have befriended suggested that we try a place called La Siesta. I can't remember the street but it is just across from the abandoned world globe that looks as if it was out of an old world's fair. I am sure that those familiar with Juarez can fill in the street.

From the street, La Siesta looks as if it was a factory. A single story set of buildings with what looks like a guard gate complete with raising car barriers. It was not a bad looking buiding, but sure as heck did not look like a hotel. I was sure that it was going to be less than pleasing.

Once past the car barriers there is sort of a U shape of buildings with what appear to be apartments each having a garage with a garage door. As you drive in the place and look in each open garage there is a description of the room type: suite with jacuzzi, suite without jacuzzi and master suites with a jacuzzi. The range of prices is between 580 and 880 pesos. The way the place works is that if the garage door is open the room is available, if half closed it is being cleaned and if closed all the way, the room is occupied.

Ok, so we were there and said what the heck, we'll take a look at the best room they have - 880 pesos. We went in to take a look and I was literally blown away! It was not what I expected AT ALL!! This was a huge, modern suite that could fit maybe 15-20 people for a party. In the center was a modern circular bar with multiple TV's, stereo, etc. The room had beautifullly framed mirrors and in one section had a marble, raised jacuzzi. On the other end of the room was a king sized bed with a modern bedspread and there was a marble fireplace (fake) fireplace as well. There was a dressing area with an large bath/shower room attached. The bath even had a bidet! This is ONE class place!! Unbelievably clean and well decorated with 24 hour room service.

The rooms of this place would rival or surpass the upscale suites that you would find in a luxury hotel in a good sized US city.

It is obvious that the purpose of this place is for "very private, intimate liasons" but it must be for "upclass" affairs.

In any event, if there are those of you who like class and have a "classy" lady...you will not be disappointed. NOT LIKE ANYTHING else I've seen in Juarez that is for sure. If there are others who know of similiar places, I would love to hear about them. I go to Juarez to see my friend every day and every night. (I guess you could say I like her, huh?)

03-02-04, 18:48
Sun Devil,

Thanks again for your advice.

If I were to look for the quality with convenience taking a second seat , would you still recommend these three ?? Have a real liking for cute / petite ones and that's what am looking for...!!!


I would recommend, due to convenience and location from the Villa Manport hotel, Sirena (across the street), El Encanto (a block away) and Venus (less than 2 miles).

You could walk to all 3 places if you want to.

03-03-04, 01:24
Sun Devil/ Dreaming Eagle ,

Would any of you know how far the US Consulate in Ciudad Juarez is from Hotel Villa Manport?

Also, if it's far away, are there places close to US Consulate which you would suggest?

Bachelor Warrior
03-03-04, 02:32
I was at the La Siesta once before a long time ago. I really liked it, but had forgotten the name. So I was really, really glad to see the post from Lucky Chuck. Two things that I remember are that the bathroom and area around the jacuzzi are all tiled. With the water that's around, it would be really easy for you or your girl to slip and bust your butt. Not a happy occurence. The other thing was that the jacuzzi took forever to fill up. Minor problems I guess. It was really nice.

03-03-04, 13:09
Okay guys. I'm going to be in El Paso tomorrow and plan on making a trip over the border. Anyone want to hook up for a drink, let me know. I can be reached at 915-872-1994. Leave a number despite the fact that the person may claim to not know me.

03-03-04, 17:42
Would any of you know how far the US Consulate in Ciudad Juarez is from Hotel Villa Manport?

Also, if it's far away, are there places close to US Consulate which you would suggest?

The consulate is on Lopez Mateos, if you take Hermanos Escobar from the Villa Manport straight to Lopez M, turn right, as Lopez M is a one way street, you are there. About a 3 or 4 minute ride.
There are several hotels across the street from the consul, but are always pretty full, and more costly than the VMP. VMP is not far at all, but not walking distance either.

Lucky Chuck
03-03-04, 18:11
Bachelor Warrier,

You are right the shower area is tiled and the area around the jacuzzi can be slippery (I think the jacuzzi area is marble) And, right again, the jacuzzi being very large does take a while to fill up. (just make love first while it is filling!)

I stayed there with my girl again last night. Matter of fact, I just came back from spending the night with her. We decided that even though the "Large Honeymoon Suite" -880 pesos is impressive that we like the suites with jacuzzi - 550 pesos better.

I brought back the address for anyone that might be interested:

Motel La Siesta
Av. San Lorenzo No. 195
CD. Juarez,Chih. Mex
Tels: 17-09-98, 18-26-86

Sun Devil
03-04-04, 12:13

If you want quality over convenience, I would recommend Venus, Pink Lady, and El Encanto. However, you have the understand that our taste in women could be different.

Venus has European looking women with light skin and light hair. It is also in a nicer part of town with nice restaurants around it.

The Pink Lady has an equal amount of dogs and good looking women, depending on the night. Also, if you look like a louder club-like atmoshphere with a juke box and a pool table, this is the place to go.

El Encanto tend to have women that have the mestiza look, with black hair and darker skin.

03-04-04, 13:20
Bachelor Warrior,

I hope that girl isn't some one I know. You have raised an interesting question. Me, I am a bleeding heart, and probably would have taken her for a beer and some food somewhere, just to put my own mind at ease. ( that is not a comment on what/if anything you might have done, it's only about me). Of course, that means I probably will end up doing that for everyone in Juarez....ay yi yi.

I have been fairly lucky with the girls there, only one (well, two) became a headache because of their attitude with me. But I try to treat them all with respect, and am genuinely interested in the ones I am comfortable with. So they seem to reciprocate , ie attention en la cama and out.

I may be naive about this next point, but here goes. Whenever my mongering buddy is in Juarez without me, he tells me he gets countless questions from mis amigas at the bars asking (where is "your friend"?). They all seem to be happy to see me, or are they happy to see my money, and to sit/lay down with a guy who isn't a total jerk to them? I hope for more of the former, but it's probably a combination of the two.

To be honest, I'm not sure that the bar girls even recognize when anyone is sincerely interested in THEM. Ain't talking 'bout love...just genuine concern. Boy, thanks for bringing THAT subject up.

Bachelor Warrior
03-06-04, 19:31
Lucky Chuck,

Ok, that definitely must be the same place. And thanks for posting that address. I was trying to find it on my own and my first efforts weren't successful.

Bachelor Warrior
03-06-04, 19:48

Thanks for your insights. I think you're probably right that it's a combination of the two. In different amounts, depending on the chica and other tihings.

I also think the bar girls probably get treated very well in almost all cases. At least by the customers. Maybe not by the boy friends. But still, they have to notice when someone is genuinely interested in them and how they're doing. I'm sure there are exceptions, but they would have to be inhuman not to be aware of some differences.

The brand-new girls seem really, really sweet when they first come into the bar, but after a while they get colder. At least it seems that way to me. I like some of the "older" ones in their 30s and even early 40s, but they are usually much more detached and business-like. Their line of work must be tough psychologically.

03-07-04, 03:49
Someone, please - directions to the La Siesta Motel.
Thank you.


Bachelor Warrior
03-08-04, 00:13
This little story took place in El Paso, so maybe it should be posted in that section. But, I think it sheds a little light on the latina mindset, so I'll try posting it here. Besides, not much seems to be happening in the El Paso section.

There I was, having a post-lap dance conversation with a bi-lingual chica who was probably in her mid to late 30s. I don't know how we got on the subject, but all of a sudden I'm listening to her tell me that it's really kind of a joke among latinas that white guys can't fuck {very well}. Those are her words. So, being a brilliant conversationalist, I said, oh really? She said, yeah, but I have to tell you that this one time I had the best fuck I've ever had from a white guy. Again, holding up my end of the dialogue, I said, no kidding?! She said, absolutely, this guy was the greatest. I told all my friends, you have got to let this guy fuck you!

Now, I can understand guys telling one another that man, you've got to run over to Queens, or Pink Lady,or whatever and fuck so-and-so. But I always thought that if a woman found someone who really rang her bell, that she would claw out any other gal's eyeballs who got within 5 miles of her man. Maybe this is not the case with latinas. Interesting.

Juarez Defender
03-08-04, 03:38
Masaje Venus,

My favorite place followed by El Encanto. The quality is awesome. Check a girl named Alejandra, if not there go with Jesica. Can't go wrong anyway.

Any of you guys remember a tall girl that worked at El Encanto. Very tall and dark colored skin. She was maybe about 24-26 yoa. If someone remembers her and knows if she is still working there please let me know. She is one of the best I've ever had in the Masaje scene. Please post her name.



Sun Devil
03-09-04, 03:19
I have never tried those girls at Venus, only Laura, Gabby and Daisy. Do they work during the day or night shift?

As for the girl at Encanto, maybe you are talking about Karina. I don't know what you mean by tall because tall to me is 5'9 or taller. Karina is about 5'6.

03-11-04, 03:10
it's really kind of a joke among latinas that white guys can't fuck {very well}.

Now look what you've done. You've given me a complex.

I thought I was doing so well with the chicas. Apparently that's not the case.

So does anybody have any tips on how the latina women want it? Maybe I should go and rent a mexican porno flick.

I feel so bad.

Zuzax out

03-11-04, 04:55
Yes , thanks so much BW. Anybody know where I can find some white chicks who don't care?

03-11-04, 05:15
Actually, I was in CJ this past 4 days, and unexpectedly met up with a girl whom I had met at Casa Colorado 6 months ago,and have run into randomly since then. She loves sex (told to me in her own bad english). We have had a few interesting times together, but our last nite ( monday) was porn star hot. She wanted to be taken from behind really hard, and the room had a mirror in front of the bed. She wanted to watch us, (well actually herself .... they do love mirrors). She got herself up to number two with a bullet on my GFE list very quickly. Maybe it was me (lol) , maybe the mirror, or maybe I just lucked out and got her on horny nite, but it was, as she said, " muy rico".

03-11-04, 05:55

Actually I have been told the opposite. Chicas have told me that Americans are better because we are not "macho". Mexican men are quick on the trigger and not very attentive to a womans needs. The only thing lacking in sex with Americans is the language. Sweet things are better said in Spanish and when a gringo tries it just isn't the same.


So did you get to have a little taste of Marilu at Queens. You said this chica at the Casa was number 2. So who is number 1?

The Filthy one

03-13-04, 07:06

I have not yet tasted the fruit that is Marilu. Everytime I am there I get distracted by some other young thing, and Marilu is already with someone.

Both are girls I met at Casa, and the Number One was the wild haired Letti (or Leti). I also have hit upon a theory that seems to be infallable. If a girl laughs like she is crazy (ie Marilu, or my Letti, and my Number Two), they are nuts in bed as well. It's been perfect everytime so far as a predictor.

03-13-04, 07:34

That is a very interesting observation. I have never gotten much laughter out of MariLu but I have had excellent performance. I will have to be more observant of laughing chicas next time I go down. Living on the border is great, we have the convenience of being so close to the things we don't have here but on the flip side the pay sucks and bills have gotten the best of me these last few months. I just can't go down like I used to. But I expect recovery in a couple months.

Bachelor Warrior
03-13-04, 18:09
Sorry about that last post if anyone took the bit about white guys not pleasuring latinas seriously. I was just trying to sound you guys out about whether latinas like to share. Like Mugroso, I have had many, many girls in Juarez tell me that they prefer Americans for the same reasons he gave.

Along these same lines of "insight" into the culture (?), here's another story. I'm talking to Rosie in a Juarez bar quite a while back. She asks me if that girl over there is a friend of mine. (I don't remember why she did that because I was definitely interested in and concentrating on her - Rosie.) I say yes, I try to be friendly with all the girls. Then she says, well, how come you haven't fucked her then? It wasn't as though she was mad at me for looking at someone else. She was very matter-of-fact....why haven't you fucked her? What came across to me is, that if you're friends with a girl, you have obviously fucked each other.

Oh well, back to Queens. A couple of weeks ago I took Yvonne to the room. (I keep trying to catch Marilu, but she wasn't working that night.) She is very slim, very attractive, and in her early 20s. She was not attentive at all in the bar. She kept looking around. Maybe that should have been a clue. In the room, it was like she was watching TV, on another planet! I've never had that happen before. But the most interesting thing is that with three fingers in her, I couldn't feel a thing once I got past the "door" ! It's as though the poor woman is hollow! Maybe she had an operation or something and they cleaned everything out. I figured, hell, if the sides want it, they're just going to have to come and get it. I left before my time was up. Another first. I definitely do not recommend Yvonne at Queens. But, then, your mileage may vary.

03-14-04, 04:43
Bachelor Warrior,

I am deeply saddened to hear you took Yvonne to the room. Even if you had a good time I would be just as sad.

A little background. Back in 1998 I took this chica once to a hotel. Her name was Jasmine from Torreon. She worked at Queens. A couple weeks later I went back and said hi to her. Well she popped her lid and said her name was Yvonne, not Jasimine. Ooooops, sorry my mistake. Well I had never seen Yvonne before this and ever since she has had it out for me. To this day I still get nasty looks from her.

Thats not all. A long time non monger friend was dating her and for a period of time lived with her. I have spent countless hours listening to my friend whine about her and spent hours telling him to dump her. He wanted me to keep and eye out and report to him anything he should know. In a way I applaud her for being so convincing, but again if a person prefers to be a fool, well then?

As for her cavernous pussy, I used to run around with a chica from Queens named Laura. (Queens is my favorite novia garden) She used to work there from 1998 to about 2000-01. She had a similar pussy. She at least put on that she liked it. She was very petite and very morena. My favorite flavor of Mexicana.

Holy shit, am I starting to babble? Well let me end this post here. Oh one last thing. Who here has actually fucked MariLu, please raise your hand.

The Filthy one

03-14-04, 06:40
I think (well, in fact i KNOW, at least in my experiences) that they don't like to share. And sharing can even mean stealing a glance at someone else. I have sat and talked with some girls (most notably my Number Two) and just innocently looked around the bar (just to change my view) and I start getting the "what are you thinking about...do you want to sit with someone else...you like her, don't you"...etc etc. And when i re-affirm that I am happy to sit with her, then she generally gets as physically close as she can, kinda like marking the territory. And that territory is most likely the size of that wallet I am carrying. Man , I'm getting cynical...

That's interesting about Yvonne at Queens. I haven't seen anything flattering written about her, but I had a good time, before, during and after sex. Maybe I caught her on her only good nite.

03-15-04, 03:41
I'll raise my hand to Mugroso's question 'Who's had Marilu?'. She's definitely one of my favorites, but either she's always busy or doesn't work too much, because more often than not she's not there when I check (and that's always my first check).

I've also gone with Yvonne one time, and found her pleasant. Nice bod, and physically active. I'd do it again.

Juarez Defender posted about Alejandra at Venus. Have you seen her lately? My last few times there I've been disappointed that she wasn't around.

Here's a recomendation: Perla at Alice & Charly's. OK, the place is a bit pricey, but she's quite an experience.

03-15-04, 04:36
Strictly as a public service question, does anyone know of a cd /artist that las latinas just melt to ? I find Enrique Iglesias to be quite suave, as well as Christian Castro,and I would assume that they like modern (american) rock , but the bar music is about two decades behind. And ranchero drives me nuts after about 2 minutes. Please help my ears.

Mugroso...not me. YET.

03-15-04, 08:19
I am going to be in the red zone in mid April. My taste is for the younger girls(18, 19 or 20). Does any particular bar tend to attract the younger women?

At the same time do the younger girls tend to be the crack *****s?

Which bars should be avoided for the blatent drug use?


Sun Devil
03-15-04, 09:01
Here are some CDs and artists that I would recommend:

Un Dia Normal by Juanes

Revolucion De Amor by Mana

Corazon Latino by David Bisbal

Almas Del Silencio by Ricky Martin

No Es Lo Mismo by Alejandro Sanz

Anything by Luis Miguel, Marc Anthony and Chayanne.

The thing about Latin music is that most songs are about love, jealousy, longing, and other subject matters that chicks are really into. Thus, there are a plethora of different CDs that you can buy that can get them into a romantic mood. I guess that is why Latin women are so fun to be with.

Also, I have known some Latin women who love the the voice and songs of Barry White, so don't discount him as an artist even though he did not sing in Spanish.

03-16-04, 00:05
Thank you Sun Devil. I will check some of those cd's out. I also will check out La Siesta (thanks BW and Lucky Chuck) as my Number Two has a birthday coming up in April( hence my music question) , and that sounds like a great place to celebrate.

And in all seriousness, this forum is the greatest , thanks to all of you fellow mongers (and Jackson) . Gentlemen all.

Well, excepting Mugroso. ;)

03-16-04, 17:27
You missed the most important one Sun Devil. Marco Antonio Solis and Los Bukis These Mexican women cream thier panties over Solis. Los Bukis is the Solis Brothers and most of their albums feature Marco Antonio.

Concerning the young girls ob1knob. Club Laura's comes to mind. Some of them there are younger than what you want to be messing with though and it ties into your question about places to avoid because of drugs. Club Laura's again.

you kind find anything you want in this club. The owner, Chito has refined the phrase "better living through pharmaceuticals" to a high science.

03-16-04, 23:33
Maybe I'm naive, blind, dumb plus a host of other adjectives - but I'm really confused about Chito and Laura's. About 1 1/2 years ago, I patronized a number of gals there and ended up taking one away - I now see her weekly in her home and perhaps twice a week at times.

I visited Laura's usually on a Sat. afternoon and NEVER saw any glimpse of drugs or gals that appeared to be strung out. I've had a number of conversations with Chito and he seemed to be more interested in taking care of his apts. across the street than anything else. Yes, I know the "sister" routine quiet well. But I even questioned my girlfriend quite a lot about drugs - about her possibly being on drugs, about Chito, about Laura's in general and drugs. I did not see it as a hotbed of drugs. I even got to know several of the other gals there a little over a period of 4-5 months.

Is all this drug action taking place other than Sat. afternoon, or am I blind? I don't really care because I don't visit there any more. But I keep hearing all these stories.

[Edited by Admin]

The most disturbing thing I saw was some drunk gringo who was arguing with Chito about being cheated out of some nice pussy, etc., etc., etc. I believe he was staying in one of the apts. But he made a complete ass out of himself and Chito handled it very well.

I don't really give a rat's ass about the goings on at Laura's nowdays - but I'm just trying to determine if I'm that blind or stupid. (I raised six teenage step-children and went through basic training like no one else on the drugs, pregnancy, stealing my car, sneaking out the bedroom window at night routine, etc., etc. - I thought that opened my eyes to be alert for sneaky things).

Anyway .... Have fun everyone.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was edited in accordance with the WSG Forum's Zero Tolerance policy regarding reports containing any references to any persons under the age of 18.

Sun Devil
03-17-04, 00:22
How could have I forgotten "El Buki Mayor"! Thanks Border Jumper for reminding me. Definitely an artist with a romantic streak in him.

03-17-04, 01:10
EPG...You're not blind or naive or anything. If you're not looking for it you'll never know it is available.

Chito has many faces. It's pretty much common knowledge the goings on in there, He knows who wants what etc. A man goes in and puts his finger to the side of his nose and Chito knows exactly what his kick is.

He's a strange guy. I've known him for years and can take him or leave him

03-17-04, 02:51
i have known chito from lauras for several years, i even know where he lives.
he is a hustler, anything for money.
he allows young girls, and girls without id, to work outside his place, girls that would other wise have to streetwalk and use the fleabag hotels, or be at the mercy of those who pick them up. of course he makes big money allowing them to use his rooms.
he is fairly strict not allowing **** girls inside, but you will find them there.
yes, drugs are quite common there, but they are everywhere in that area.
i have had many girls there ask me for $5 or $10 for [CodeWord131] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord131) or milk for the baby, but i know they just want a quick fix.
when in juarez i always stop by lauras and visit chito, drink a couple dos equis, check for new meat, then move on.

03-20-04, 00:50
This kid is going down tonight. I don't have much cash but I sure do need to get out of the house. So, I am just gonna make the rounds have a soda or two and see whats new.

Just a little thought. Maybe with in the next 2 or 3 months we can organize ourselves a little "mongerpalozza" Lets toss around some dates and ideas on where to start. Lets take into consideration our buddies that live out of town. What do y'all think? Lemme know.

The Filthy One

Sowell Man
03-20-04, 05:15
Hi everyone.

I have been reading your posts for a while and appreciate all of your usefull information.

Anyway I want to go to a massaje sometime soon. What are everyones favorite places and chicas. Second I need to know if any are close to the Santa Fe Bridge or one that I can take a cab to, because I dont know my way around at all. I dont mind paying alittle more because of the cab for the convienence. And last if I could get some price estimates it would be apprecited.

Thanks alot

Sowell Man

P.S. Am I correct in believing that the massaje places are open during the afternoon around 4-5 I guess. Again thanks.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

03-20-04, 17:06

A mongerpalooza is a cool idea! I will be back to Juarez april 21-26. The DR board in Sosua does that very thing, and it is a great success. Although could you imagine the looks on our girls faces, when ALL of their "novios" arrive on the same nite? Priceless! That alone would be worth the airfare for me.

Bachelor Warrior
03-20-04, 19:46
Someone mentioned Perla at Alice & Charly's? Where is Alice & Charly's? I never heard of it before.

03-21-04, 04:02
Alice & Charly's is the old Faustos. What is Faustos you may ask? Faustos is/was located on Mariscal st right next to the Plaza Mariachi. You know the little square connecting Ave. Juarez to Mariscal st. It is the place with the 2 boys washing the horse statue.

03-21-04, 11:23
First of all I would like to thank a fellow board member for the soda he bought me at the Las Vegas Saturday night.

I did not go down to Juarez like I said in a Friday post. Instead I went Saturday night. I started way down Mariscal street at the Las Palmeras. Not much there but I did see a cute mature freelancer hustling drinks. She is on my to do list. The Montaņa sucked, and a fat chick attacked me with her tounge in the Centro Lagunero. Nice kisser but I left. Michelle at the Aņo Nuevo is back and no longer pregnant. Irmas place suck balls as usual, I hate those waiters in there. Street beggars are less of a pain in the ass. Noche y Dia was ok but not as crowded as it usually is and my little buck toothed favorita wasn't there.

I just had to stop by Faustos (Alice and Charlys) to see this Perla mentioned in a previous post. She is a little cutie. The guy she was with said she sucked his dick for 40 bucks. Not bad. By the way. It seems there are rooms available there. This is new to me. Anyone have info on this? Perla is on my to do list as well. Then I went to Las Vegas where I started talking to this dude. The chica he was with started flirting with me and rubbed her ass all over me. Well this ain't cool as she was with him. So to scare her away I grabbed her ass then tits, didn't work. So then I went straight for the pussy and this only encouraged her more so I finger fucked her right there.

I next went to Queens Place. I didn't go in as I didn't have any "fuck MariLu" money. I tried to get the doorman to smell my finger. It seems that a guy only falls for that once.

Next payday, I'm there again dude.

The Filthy One

03-21-04, 17:05

Here's some more info on the rooms at Alice & Charly's. They have 2 rooms. The 2 rooms share a bathroom with a shower, but I don't feel too comfortable showering in a room with exposed electric wires. Room fee is $10; bar fine is $20, and the girl is whatever you negotiate with her. Perla is every bit the bedroom dynamo that Marilu is. Eat your heart out Mugroso, I had Marilu on Monday. She really worked me over on the drinks though.

Candy has disappeared from Genesis again. I was told they had all new staff and Candy wasn't there anymore. She was just there 2 weeks ago. If anyone finds out if she's working eslewhere, please post so I can visit my favorite. Since I couldn't have Candy, I went to Felina's. There were 3 cuties there and I couldn't decide, so I took 2.

Sowell Man, there's a massage place a few blocks from the bridge. Just walk down Avenida Juarez on the left side. When you see Taco Lucas on the right, turn left and there's massage place a couple doors down on the south side of the street. Price is $30, quality is hit and miss. If you browse back through earlier posts you can find plenty of info on locations and prices.

03-21-04, 21:31
I will throw my thoughts in about Fausto's aka Alice and Charly's.

First of all it is the most expensive bar in that area. The cost of a drink $7 for the girls. If you want to buy her a can of Bud Lite it cost $13. What a fucking rip off!!! The place is usually dark as hell,even though they have a decent light system but rarely do they ever utilize the lights. I attribute the lack of lightining to the lazy, lard ass dyke dj in control of the burned out music. I used to like the song hotel Caliifornia but after listening to it at least 500 times I hate that mother. Anyway, I don't know how many times I have walked in Fausto's in a good mood and walked out wondering why the hell I went in there in the first place. I have bought many a drink for the girls and rarely have I been satisfied.

Two chicks there to avoid are Patty and Jo Anna aka Chantay. They will soak you for drinks but their sex is unsatisfactory. I have seen Perla dance and she looks great. I might give her a go the next time if she is available. There is a room adjacent to the bar where you can have a private dance or sex for $20 a song. If you want to take a girl to the hotel you have pay $20 to the bar for permission for one hour.

Bachelor Warrior
03-21-04, 22:03
Saturday night seemed very dead. I mean there was plenty of car traffic, but in the bars there were very few girls. Of course, they might have all been " busy" . Or maybe the chicas were taking their own spring break.

03-21-04, 22:04
I have a list of songs an arm long that I now hate after listening to them ad nauseum in el centro, too.

I've got a question about Motel La Siesta. Does one need to reserve the room in advance, or can one just show up and secure one? I want to give Number Two a birthday to remember, so any info (before I leave 4/18) would be greatly appreciated. I guess I could call the hotel directly, but I would rather have someone else do all the work. ;) I promise I will have a cold one in your honor.

03-21-04, 22:11
Pimelonman wrote: There is a room adjacent to the bar where you can have a private dance or sex for $20 a song.

Sounds like Faustos is going Nogi on us. I will have to try it next time and see if I can get some action.

Lucky Chuck
03-22-04, 04:05

In the several times that I have gone to La Siesta, I have just shown up. I have never had a problem getting a room, of course perhaps I am a "Lucky" Chuck!

Acually I AM a "Lucky" Chuck. I found a wonderful girl and she no longer works in the clubs. Good "Luck" to you all.

03-22-04, 05:40
Clydesdale wrote: The 2 rooms share a bathroom with a shower, but I don't feel too comfortable showering in a room with exposed electric wires.

Dude, when I was in Saudi Arabia for the first Gulf War our showers had bad plumbing and the water would build up on the floor. When I'd shut off the water I would get a tingley sensation all over. Needless to say I showered every 2 or 3 days.

Clydsdayle also wrote: Perla is every bit the bedroom dynamo that Marilu is.

I am so there. I'd like to see who a sawed off version of Marilu would be like. What is her fee and will she do an all nighter after work? Damn I got a boner just thinking about it.

As for the mongerpalozza I propose we have it the weekend of the 24th of April as RearWindow will be in town. We can all meet at the Kentuky club that Saturday night and head out from there. How does anyone wishing to participate feel about this? This is just a loose plan pending your input guys. Feel free to private me.

The Filthy One

03-22-04, 06:55
Could someone give me directions to the La Siesta Motel? I really would appreciate it. I'll be driving and near the free bridge. I've got the address somewhere but no map. Written directions would be great. Thank you.

03-23-04, 01:31
El Filthy, count me in! I will ditch Number Two for that nite (or maybe introduce her to everyone) . Actually , she probably knows everyone already. anyway, I'm there. And kudos to you for your Gulf service.

Bachelor Warrior
03-23-04, 02:36
The weekend of April 24th sounds good. Sounds like fun. The chicas would have to wonder what's up.

Where is Felina's? Another one I haven't heard of.

Thanks for the heads-up on Alyce & Charly's. As soon as you said it was the old Fausto's, I thought yeah, I've seen the new sign. I guess I figured it was there all along like the Sans Souci at Casa Colorado.

03-23-04, 02:42
I am comming down from Colorado and will be in el Centro on on the 17th and the 24th. I realize that I am not one of the regulars that post here but I wouldn't mind meeting other mongers.

Ditching number two around me might be dangerous, you had better bring her along, come to think of it that might also be dangerous! ;)


03-23-04, 03:14
Mugroso says: "I am so there. I'd like to see who a sawed off version of Marilu would be like. What is her fee and will she do an all nighter after work? Damn I got a boner just thinking about it."

Perla charged me $50, then there was the drink and the bar and room fee. I didn't ask about an all nighter. Interesting idea though.

The palooza sounds good. Keep us informed.

Adam Z
03-23-04, 08:44
Couple of things, first Mariana is back at Marilyns. Honestly, she has the best body of any MP girl in Juarez. Not the best lay, she kind of does the shut-down mode thing, but wow what an ass and set of legs. A girl there who gives awesome service is named Brisa. Nice tits, big ass but what a time. Worth the cost of admission.

Tried Masajes Luxxor and thought it was ok. There is a girl there named Vanessa who was cute and had a tight petite body. Standard $30 with upselling, which everyone hates, but at least you know that going in. Other girls there were ok, 5s and 6s.

Disappointed that Candy isn't at Genesis. The new girls there don't stack up.

Also, if you just want to get in the mood and have some beers, I suggest you hit a club called Don Quintins. It's on Lincoln next to La Serrata. I have never seen so much fine tail in one place at the same time. Amazing club. The house band has two girls there who are SO fine, especially the brunette. She looks like a Playmate with the tightest abs I have seen in a long time. I'm telling you, hit this spot, have some beers, then cruise to El Centro. Well worth the trip.

03-24-04, 02:53
Bachelor Warrior says "Where is Felina's? Another one I haven't heard of."

Felina's is on Jose Borunda. I don't remember the exact address, but it's somewhere around 1800 or so. It's on the second level of a three level building. There's another massage place, Corpus a block east of it. If you know where Sirenas or el Encanto are, just head south from there on Costa Rica to Jose Borunda (a couple blocks south of 16 Septembre) and turn right. It will be a few blocks down on the left.

03-25-04, 02:22
Auuggghhhh Adam!

You just outed my best kept MP secret in CJ (like there really are any).

I have also heard rave reviews from local guys about Don Quintins.There is also a "gentlemens" lounge with a rather provocative sign at the Museo complex across the street, but, as many times as I have stayed in the area, I have yet to go in to either. Maybe the Palooza incorporates those as the warm up to el centro?

Although those friggin taxis would be an expensive problem....

03-25-04, 16:17
El Paso Gentleman,

I don't know the exact address to the La Siesta Motel, but I think I can describe how to get there.
When you cross the free bridge, keep on going all the way to Trifundo de la Republica (this is the street that becomes Septiembre 16 going east. Take a left and continue going west for about a mile and a half. The street will take a sharp turn to the right (almost 90 degrees, it actually become Technological Street now). If you look straight ahead, before you turn, you will see a large globe-like looking building, you can't miss it, its huge. Right behide this building you will see the La Siesta Motel. It is a drive-in motel, you know - you drive into the garage for the room and they come collect the money before you go up. I've used it a few times and it is clean they even have room service.

Lucky Chuck
03-25-04, 21:59
I haven't seen anyone report about Ivette at Queens. This girl is hot! I've got to say that she provides the best sex that I have had in Juarez!

I have seen some reports on Alice and Charleys lately and I wanted to add my 2 cents. I think that this place has some of the best looking ladies around. I must admit that I think that Patty (who was reported to be a waste of time) is a lot of fun to be with. Although I will admit that the performance in the "room" was only so - so. I have never been with Perla. How about a run down on the other ladies there from the more experienced players? Would appreciate your thoughts on the "talent" since I find the girls attractive. Who is worth the time and $ and who isn't?

Adam Z
03-26-04, 07:48
Yvette at Queens is very hot and a lot of fun. New girl there named Perla is a pretty blonde, wanted too much cash but was very fine as well.

Anyone hit Virginia's lately? There used to be a girl there with an terrific, petite body named Michelle. Was wondering if she was still there. Also, some real decent girls lately at the Pink Lady. A blondie there has some NICE abs. Yummy. A few other choice girls as well. Pricey, but when options are limited but money isn't, it's a nice place to go.

Also, a good warm-up joint is called The Safari. It's right Pancho Villa. Some hot girls work there, serve beer and chat. Kind of a locals only spot, but a cheap place to drink and the eye candy on some nights is A-OK.

Also, a good spot to check out is El Papillon bar. Very hot girls work there as waitresses and you can get a Rib-eye with all the trimmings for 7 bucks. Go on a Sunday afternoon and the beers are 2 for one. Steak and 2 beers for under ten bucks is a bargain to me, toss in a hottie to talk to during your stay and you can't beat it.

03-26-04, 20:06
Yvette at Queens is "rubia",si? If so, I have sat and talked with her, but she wasn't the most personable girl I have met there. Didn't pass the laugh test, so I didn't drop any coin on her. Attractive,yes. Of course, she may not have liked ME.

03-27-04, 08:00
Tell us more about Yvette. What was her specialty, how old, body type and what was the cost of this chica caliente? Don't just tease us man!

Bachelor Warrior
03-27-04, 19:40
I was in Alyce & Charlie's just the other day. I agree with the previous post that there are some very nice looking girls in there. Nice, slim, firm body types. Easy to look at. If you're in the neighborhood, you ought to drop in and check it out.

"Patty" came and sat with me right away looking for drink. She's very nice looking, but because of the posts here, the high cost, and because I just wasn't in the mood, I declined to buy her one. She then offered to go to the room for $80, but again, because of the posts here, I passed on that too. I left shortly afterwards.

I've noticed all the posts about Yvonne at Queens being hot and fabulous. Well, I will say again I think she's a real dud. Very nice to look at, but a dud. You will wish you spent your time and money elsewhere.

Adam Z
03-27-04, 20:18
Yvette is "Blonde", yeah right. And I'm the President of the USA. But if you're cool with the fake hair, she looks fine. She's a girl who you will see there, with big breasts and a very pretty face. She's not one of the slimmer girls there like Yvonne and Marilu, but she's not fat either. Just looks like one of those girls who's well put together because she's 22-23, but at 32-33 it's gonna all hang if you know what I mean. I hope that I'm not painting a bad picture because she's really, really pretty. But you can just tell that you'd better hit it now while it's still hot. Her tits are VERY nice, so if that's your thing, she's your girl. She's had a couple of kids, but is still young enough to not really show it.

She's very quiet which is the one thing that is hard to take. She will hardly talk to you unlike some of the other girls who are there to Par-TAY. But she isn't stuck up or anything like that. Just kinda soft-spoken. Upstairs she's very submissive without doing the glassy-eyed shut down thing that some girls do. She'll give you a cbj and let you bang those titties. I've taken her upstairs for $65 on a slow night, but I've heard friends say she charged them $80, so your mileage may vary.

Again, very nice looking woman. Will cost you a little extra in drinks and effort and not a wild girl in bed. But if you want someone there who will at least be nice and respectful in the bar and submissive while you jack-hammer away on an amazing rack, that's a great thing. Think of her as the antidote to the insane but wild chicks that make you crazy while banging your brains out.

Yvette is a quiet change that you can really enjoy once in a while. But take an extra $20 if that's what you're looking for.

03-28-04, 10:11
Queens has a set pricing for the girls by the half hour/hour. If Perla is quoting caro, just tell the manager. It'll come down fast. And she will straighten out, if she wants to continue working there.

03-28-04, 23:20
I GUESS that's the same girl. Didn't notice the rack, and I generally DO notice that right away. BTW, there was a tall dark haired, HUGE TITTED wonder working at Queens March7thish. My friend tried to get with her but she was really cold. La conoce? Spectacular rack. And the rest was very competitive.

Lucky Chuck
03-29-04, 18:50
Well, it looks as if I might have different taste in women than some given some other's experiences with Yvette. Or maybe I just hit it off with her. Don't know. I know that I spent a fair amount on drinks the times I have been with her. She asked for $60 for her time in the room (1/2 hour), I have been with her 3-4 times. Once for 1/2 hour and the others for an hour. There was a HUGE qualitative difference with the hour sessions from the half hour ones. The half hour time was a pretty typical wham bam thank you ma'm type of session, the others were really extraordinary. Of course, I am not into wild times, I enjoy more of a GFE session and it certainly was provided in the longer times that I spent with her.

I'm still trying to find out more about the various girls at Alice and Charley's. Looks as if there is not too much info so I will have to take "one for the team". There used to be a girl there with glasses that I thought was cute, don't remember her name though. I thought she looked sort of like the "girl next door" type which I like. Haven't seen her there in a while though. Anybody have info on her or others? If not, then I will give some a "whirl" and report back.

03-30-04, 04:11
actually, i will take a closer look at yvette on my next visit, due to your report. the gfe is the best by far, and if you have found that with her, then you are lucky chuck, as always.

one caveat, if you are still seeing an ex'bar girl, be very careful where you go, because she will hear about your travels sooner than later. they have peeps everywhere, and i have had bar girls tell me where i was during the day.

Adam Z
03-30-04, 07:15
Had some luck hit at Faustos/Alice and Charly's, but also have had some misses. The place can get expensive, that's for sure, so it's best to go right after payday. There are 4 or 5 girls there with WICKED bodies. Chantal has an amazing ass, but has gotten bad reviews for her bedroom performance. I wouldn't know because I haven't had the pleasure of finding out. Still, that ass is amazing. There is another fake blonde girl there with a killer body. I haven't been able to talk to her because she's always been sitting with other guys. There is a girl there who is young, 20 I think, and I just blanked on her name. Her body is as fine as Chantal's but her teeth are all messed up. If you see a girl and she's got darker skin but an amazing body, and when you try to get her to sit with you, you notice her teeth are hardcore messed up, trust me you need to bail. She's not worth it. Great bod, but not worth your time, wants many drinks and won't even consider going "al cuarto contigo". Bummer because I bought her 3 drinks before figuring that out.

Now there is a girl there named Jenny who works almost exclusively on Fridays. She is one of the five with the tightest abs and asses you will find in all of El Centro. I got her to leave with me and go to a hotel, but the salida and everything cost me $120. So, you might say that it was hardly worth it. I know that you guys sometimes slam mongers who overpay, and that's ok. I am posting this so that you learn from my mistake. Still, I have to say that Jenny was worth it. Her body was so fine and she shagged the bejeezus out of me. One of the best GFEs I have ever had. The downside, she left some small bitemarks which would have been tough to explain to a wife or girlfriend. Luckily I had neither at the time.

So, in conclusion, I probably won't be stopping there again for more than a drink or two and a nice show. It's just not worth it. There are some amazing girls there though to be had. Maybe if I have a good day at the sportsbook, I will indulge. Otherwise, I'll stick to the more price-friendly girls like at the MPs.

03-31-04, 23:31
Mugroso-"I started way down Mariscal street at the Las Palmeras. Not much there but I did see a cute mature freelancer hustling drinks. She is on my to do list"

That sounds like my friend Isella. She's the first one I look up with every trip. One trip it was her every day. Very nice - very fun but she can slap down the chica drinks in a hurry! I like Las Palmeras and usually get treated very nicely by Isella & a few of her friends (who are no longer there) & Manny (the boss?). Only problem this time was that the rules changed a bit "NO MAS DOS CHICAS FOR YOU! - NOT WITH ME! NO MAS!" Sheeesh! Touchy touchy.

I was just down there last week and it was the first trip there since last May. I figured that she might notice me and think I looked familiar. Hell - 2 steps in the door and she shouts out my name. That was a nice "home-coming". I didn't spend much time there (only one time) this trip as I wanted to explore the other joints that I read about here & some side streets. Interesting to say the least.

Las Palmeras used to be pretty good with a few young lookers in it. This last trip it was heffer central.

If you see Isella tell her Patricio says OLA!

04-01-04, 01:31
Just came back from a short trip to Juarez. I usually end up at Las Palmeras as mentioned in another post but this time, armed w/ the great info from this board, I opted to explore a bit.

First walk around was during the day to keep my bearings. Hit Sans Souci/Casa Colorado. A few girls in the corner and was approached by "Laura". Cute but a bit heavy in the caboose for me. I was just tabulating the area anyway for later. I declined her offer knowing I would be back later at nite. A day or two later at nite I returned and didn't see any better of a selection. I was approached by "Angie". Fairly decent shape, a little older, "funny" teeth. Agreed on 40 for what sounded like a marvelous time. After realizing that the cute little bartender was the best one in the house I said "what the hell". On the way to the room Angie was all lovey dovey - kissy/feely. 3 minutes into what felt like a "chin-job" she wants 20 more. Anyway - 20 later and it was one of the worst times.

Hollywood: I went in, ordered my 2 for 1 for $3 and was given $12 back out of a 20. Damndest thing tho'- on the way over from the register I watch the guy slip something in his pocket. After his profuse apology he comes back with the right amount except now the singles are Mexican coins. He says he has no singles. "What was wrong with the 2 you just gave me?" Anyway he blew his tip. I brushed off the 2 or 3 girls that approached me. Fair selection but the place started to give me a "chollo" type feel.

Queens: Nice place. Older gent sat me down for my 2 for 1's. After a few offers of buying this one or that one a drink by my waiter, MaryLou came over and introduced herself. WOW! But she struck me as being the "head cheerleader" for the joint which in my eyes meant the registers came first. I passed but couldn't take my eyes off that long sleek figure of hers. The first one that was suggested to me was in a dark corner and I was still scoping the place. Of course by the time she hit the stage I was kicking myself. Very nice. Can't remember her name but of course she had hooked up by now. Stupido!

Virginia's: The tiny little & old chica that kept hounding me for drinks turned me off. "You don't even have to buy me the drink - just give me the $3". Some thin little girl was dancing. Didn't take any clothes off and was so hung up on herself in the mirror that the beer started tasting bitter... The place next door was one of those fog machine disco's. The doorman alerted me to the fact that it was a gay disco. Mucho gracias - adios!

The little dive caddy-corner from Queens was just that. A dive.

Standing on that corner and looking across the street (down the Virginia's side) a few "chicas" were hanging out in front of what proved to be a small hotel. One was a very cute, soft looking 20 year old, one was 15! And the other was named "AlbertO". Another girly-boy came out while I was expressing my shock of "******?!!!" who I have to admit was not only cute but nicely shaped. At that point I figured I had too many beers and thought it best to leave... Policia were stopping by and hand-kissing the "girls" and exchanging pleasantries.

On another nite I started with a walk from the Queens area to Panama. After being acosted by a few very unattractive - check that. UGLY - TV's by the gym corner (across the street) I made it. Seemed like a nice little joint with a fairly decent selection.

These walk arounds were just that. Just trying to mental map the joints that were mentioned here.

Heard mention of Cleopatra's for massage: Walked in and 3 girls were available. I decided on Claudia. Tall, "big-boned", easy smile. Understand that I really did want a decent rub as well. She had me face down and started with the baby oil. She hit all the spots that I needed in my neck & back. She slowly worked my legs and very teasingly - like testing the waters - worked her way between them. Loved having her nips played with & kissed. Great CBJ. Somewhere thru it all the aroma of stale pussy filled the room but let her ride me anyway. I went back another day with her and it was a definite change no more stinky. She came twice and I loved it all. Her oral is great (borderline cock-worship) and loves to have her titties sucked while doing so. I toss her a 20 each time on top of the $30/hour. No rush, no DFK but everything close enough to it. The bunk is narrow and a bit high up. I'm 5'9" and it was a bit of work having her on her side while I stood on the floor. I like them riding me anyway. We both got our hour's worth...

Farmacia: Coming down Ave Juarez on the right side the 2nd (I think) farmacia is called Farmacias Nacional. A big guy named Edger (or maybe it was Hector?) is the most helpful farmacia dude I've ever come across. Besides the Vitamin "V", I needed some other items and he knew exactly what I needed from my list. Very helpful & friendly. Oh yeah - 100mg Pfiezer Viagra for $13.50 USD with a 50mg taped to the side of the box. Both in their sealed cards w/ good expire dates. I usually buy a few boxes of 4 but this seemed to calculate a little better to me. Edger wears glasses and has a short buzz type hairstyle. Nice guy.

I have some other notes somewhere in my bag on my hand drawn map but can't find them yet...

On a border check note: I noticed that they are randomly popping hoods open now. SUV's, small cars, US plates, Mexican plates - no rhyme or reason that I could see. Just when I found a couple of good little under the hood nooks to use.

I always wanted a couple of those swords that can be found in the little shops but always figured that they wouldn't get across. Just to make sure I asked an Officer. "Yeah - you can bring them but it just more stuff for us to chop up when you get here." Priceless...

04-02-04, 00:08

Tell me more about this Angie with the funny teeth at the Casa Colorada. Was this chica extra short with a weak chin, small tits and a nice ass? If this is the came chica she can be a lame lay but I was always amused with her. She has worked at Virginias, Hollywood, and Noche Y Dia. I haven't been to the Casa in quite a while. I'd like to go see her but I hate it there and I am saving up for the mongerpalozza later this month. A good lame lay will be a nice change of pace(Marilu). Sex shouldn't always be fantastic.

As far as Las Palmeras, Isela is an older lady. The freelancer I saw was quite a bit younger. I finally met her this past Saturday night. She must be had.

04-02-04, 04:28
Cienega32, nice report

I met "Laura" at Casa Colorado when she first started working there, she was quite petite then ( 2 years ago, and before her nino). She ,without question, had one of the hottest bodies of anyone I had ever been with. The first nite, I paid $60us for her, and we went at it a number of times, to our delight. Every position, hard, and she loved it. The big problem with her was she didn't care to learn any english. I would go there to see her ,l ater, with improved spanish, but she wouldn't make much effort to talk. If they aren't friendly, why bother, si?

And after the bambino, she really porked up. She still stares at me when i go back to CC, and we exchange greetings, but that is all. She is the poster girl for "hot now but what about after the kid?". Que lastima. If only...................


Older gent is Gino. Good to have as a "friend" there. Marilu is the "queen" of Queens, but there are a few others there who are worth shagging. The problem is that if you want to tie them down, it's gonna cost you drinks (assuming you don't just run up to the rooms,or fine them out) for a few hours. And that is expensive. My suggestion, if you thinks she 's hot in Queens , take her up or out. Too expensive to close the place, you don't get a better deal doing that.

04-02-04, 20:46

This Angie was an itty-bitty of sorts with shoulder length black hair. Not a head turner but not unattractive either. Looked look from the bar to the lounge seating area. Gapped front teeth at the least. Didn't really get too much of a look at it - her nice black dress distracted me a bit. The 2 or 3 other girls seemed to be engrossed in conversation like they were on a break. Angie turned out to be one of those "What the hell - if anything I'll take one for the team" type of deals. And it was.

Isalla (I think) says she's 44 or 46. First time I was there I passed on her with all the young dynamic chicas that they used to have there. Somehow I ended talking her & her amiga into a 3-way a day or two later. Anyway after many 3's with a different amiga each time, 1 on 1's, and with sitting with her thru-out the evenings I started to enjoy her company a lot. I'm 50 so I think the age closeness has a lot to do with it. The last time there she made it abundantly clear in that unique firery Latina way that the dos chica days were over for me (with her).

Who was this younger freelancer? Any name? The one day that I was there it was a real light crowd with nothing but large girls working.

Mongerpalooza? When? Where? Tell me more. Give me another reason to make an 800 mile road trip!

04-02-04, 21:38

Thanks for the thumbs up on my first report.

Funny thing when Laura presented herself. First thing I thought when she walked away was "Man - I bet she was hot before." She just a quality about her that I thought would be enjoyable.

Is Gino at Queens a sophisticated or more refined Spaniard appearing gent? If so then that's good to know that he's good to have as a friend. He seemed nice in a genuine way. Not like most of the "hawkers" or waiters that try to get you in. Next time I'll be more receptive to his suggestions. Like I said - his first recommendation I regretted turning down later. I was still getting the lay of the land and didn't want to commit yet.

I enjoy just sitting and watching the basic interactions between the girls and the customers in these clubs. Some girls seem to strive to be like MaryLou as the numero uno of the joint. They know it. The bar knows it. The customers will end up knowing it. Some girls you can actually see the calculations in their head & hear the "Cha-ching!"as they measure up a new walk-in. Others seem to just be happy with being able to find a guy to treat them right with conversation and manners (and chica drinks, of course). Now that I think about it - much the same as American women (grin). Just more of the latter which is nice.

My "Ugly American" story:

The young aggresive doorman at Virginia's who bounces from corner to corner hawked me inside. I looked around (my 2nd night of looking in) and thanked him on my way out. After looking in another door I came out and he hit me with the same carnivalesque hawk lines. After hearing his near perfect English, I said, with a smile, you just pulled me in there 2 minutes ago. He got insulted or whatever and asked if I spoke Spanish. I told him very little but I'm learning as best as I can. He says "Ahhhh - OK - listen:" Then rattled off some dissertation in Spanish which by the facial expressions and tone (none of which were unpleasant or angry) I figured was something along the lines of "dumb gringo in my country". He finished with a smile and "OK?" and went back to his perch. Not being a stupid man I figured I insulted him, his family, his country & his right to be alive by pointing out that he just accosted me 2 minutes prior. I walked over to his perch and said " I meant no disrespect to you - I was just taking a breather. I'll go in & have a beer or two. No problem" and patted his shoulder. He looks away with a make-believe hurt look and says "Me no speak English..."

I love this place called Cd. Juarez. I really do. I live much closer to TJ but prefer this place a lot more. A lot more fun in an Old Mexico kind of way.

04-03-04, 01:50

Based on the input I have recieved so far should take place the 24th of April. I suggest we all meet in a neutral location (non monger bar) like the Kentuky Bar. It is easy to get to as it is on the right side of Avenida Juarez. We can all exchange the yada yada yadas and then carry on from there. I'd be glad to show the less experienced a little tour of the zona. Maybe I can show someone a thing or 2 or vise a versa. I believe it was RearWindow who said would it be funny if MariLu's clients all showed up at the same time.

But anyways, I am still open to more or better suggestion.

The Filthy One

Adam Z
04-03-04, 16:35
At Queens, it's "Chino" and he can be very helpful. Just watch your change and make sure that as the night goes on and the beers have gotten to you a little, that the correct amounts are coming back to you.

Hit the Phantom on Thursday and was pretty pleased. There is a guera there with a knockout little body named Maria Lorena. Also a tall girl named Jahaira who has one of those nice stripper bodies, (big chest, long legs). Both seemed pretty cool, but I didn't ask them to leave with me. I get the feeling it would be about $200, which is too much, but the quality of girls is better than at Queens. Thursday was the perfect night to go, since there was a ton of girls, but not enough clientele to keep the one you want away. Also noticed that they have a lap-dance room now that is very dark. I don't remember this being there before, but then it's been over a year since the last time that I went. No question you could get extras in there, since the meseros weren't even going in there.

Bachelor Warrior
04-03-04, 18:40
Casa Colorado seems to be getting slower and slower. I'm usually in there earlier rather than later, so maybe it picks up. Or, I suppose the girls could all be in the rooms? I usually don't stay too long.

It seems to me that there's hardly anything going on in the Panama lately. Very few girls, very few customers. Strange. A couple of years ago, it seemed like that was the place.

I dropped into the Pink a couple of weeks ago. It seemed to be about normal. Fairly busy. Girls are probably in the 5 to 8 range. I can't ever remember seeing a 9 or 10 there. But, sometimes the gorgeous ones are stuck up or cold, so what the heck?

Bachelor Warrior
04-03-04, 18:43
I wanted to ditto the remarks about Chino at Queens. I like him too. He will hook you up with whatever girl you ask for, unless she's super busy. I think he would be very interesting to talk to about the " old" days. I'd say he's 70 or more now. It's hard to tell in the dark of course. Anyway, a good guy.

04-03-04, 22:23
A friend and I got an early start over the border on a Thursday last Month. We made a line to Queens and it was all locked up as of 11:30am, then we went to CC which was cleaning up for the start of the day. The manager said they'd be open in 10 minutes but it was empty aside from him and two middle age cleaning ladies.

We wandered down to Club Panama and as soon as we approached the door a manager type came out and said come on in. We walked in and there were two old guys and a girl sitting at the bar drinking coffee. At the other end were two 6s. My friend and I ordered beers and sat down at a table. Our beers arrived and the girls came over. We quickly settled for $50 and were off to the rooms next door. $2 for the condom and $1 for the cleaning lady and a little kissing kicked off the session. I figured I had bought her a drink so it was clean enough. Anyway, she was trying to slip the condom on when I guided her head that way. She did a very proficient BBBJ and then popped the condom on. We finished doggie, I tipped another $5 and went back to the bar where my friend was already waiting. After comparing notes, mine was prettier (his actually had almost a cartoon big bootie and a small girl) but his was quite active and even let him do anal without as much as a mention of special service!

Later lunch, we wandered down the street the Pink lady was on and some guy told us that it had moved down the street a good four blocks past Ave. Septiembre 16. He kept trying to lead us there but we did not want to pay his commission. (That is something you need to avoid as it boosts the price substantially when the bar has to pay a commission.) After walking what seemed lie a long way we finally saw the reddish sign on the right side of the street after the nice grocery store. My friend picked up a very pretty woman, about 20 I'd say, within the first beer. Then I looked around and there wasn't too much left that was available. The rest were sitting at tables. I guess that is a big thing, guys just wanting conversation and happy to pay for it in that place. I never saw any of them get up. There were 3 left, a huge but pretty one, a rather skanky looking one, and a very fun but probably 40ish lady talking to a guy at the bar. He started talking to me explaining how he effectively lived there each time he was in town.

I mentioned my dissappointment that there was nothing left for me and he immediately thrust the 40ish lady on me. She spoke good english and started pushing me to take her on. I explained I was looking for anal and she said no. The guy came in again and I mentioned why I was not taking her up. Again he wants to help and starts asking the manager for me! Well the good looking 40ish one say lets go for $60 and said she'd try anal. I figured this was a bait and switch but I also realized my friend was already mid way through his. So we went up, I paid the girl and the $2 dollar tip to the staff and asked for 'lubricante.' It was one of those movie type scenes where immediately the lady yells, out to another lady on the second floor, "lubricante". "Lubricante" then echoed throughout the place by various people about a dozen more times before we finally shut the door accepting that there was none to be had.

She gave a very effective oral and taint/ball licking until I was rock hard and then said are you ready? Yep, after some very friction filled moments she fulfilled her promise. I tipped her another $10 as we were dressing and we went back to the bar. My friend was there talking with his girl and we joined them and sat for several more beers before heading out. Yep, we had been turned into those guys who were not taking the ladies out when we first arrived.


04-04-04, 16:45
I'll be there on the 24th and ready for some mongering. I am open to learning all that I can about the area.

I think guys in a group together tend to be a bit more outgoing and that tends to get the girls into the the party mood also!

I'll be there on the 16th, 17th and 23rd also if anyone else wants to meet up.


04-04-04, 17:29
I've never seen any reports on Masaje Roma, so I went to investigate (for the team). The address is 1251 Lopez Mateos Sur. There's plenty of parking, and the plaza is a little nicer than typical for the area.

There was only 2 chicas there at 1pm Friday. I chose Alex, a bleach blond with a curvy body. She was quite enthusiastic, with multiple positions, and a better bj than typical in an mp. I give the place and the girl a thumbs up.

Lucky Chuck
04-05-04, 21:26
Yes Chino (I always thought it was Gino) is a nice guy and certainly will try to hook you up with a girl. If you don't care for the first one, just let him know what type of girl you are looking for and he will do his best. On the down side, he will take one HECK of a long time to make change for your drink, and I always get the impression that he hopes you will get so involved that you will forget that he owes you some. Otherwise, decent guy.

Adam Z
04-06-04, 07:17
Masajes Roma has always been pretty decent. Their 2 for $50 special is the way to go. Girls there are always on the slim side and ok performance.

Also, went to Marilyns again this past weekend and had a go with Adriana, short girl with huge breasts. She was very good, and gave an excellent massage. Marilyns is the way to go right now, especially if you haven't tried Mariana.

By the way, has anyone seen or heard anything about Candy who used to be at Genesis? It would be a real shame if she dropped off the map. That girl was the best time in town.

04-07-04, 02:09
Part of my motivation in going to Roma was the off chance that Candy may have ended up there. We've got to put out an APB on her.

I did try Mariana and was happy about that. I was begining to think all this talk of her was a hoax. I had been there several times, and each time had seen only one very heavy chica with lots of bruises. Good thing I gave it another try.

04-08-04, 05:09
Clydesdale, et al ,

This hurts my heart to affirm that Mariana (at Marilyn) is all that the posters claim. She is muy bonita, slender, perfect breasts,ass and legs, and if you have not seen her with her hair down, ASK! I think I'm in love with her. Well , her and 200 other women. She is very gentle, but I love nothing more than hearing her breathe in my ear quicken as I f**k her. And she does respond. I see her exclusively at Marilyn, and always call to schedule my time with her.

Adam Duritz, I must challenge you to a duel. ;). for outing her name here. Choose your weapon,"sir".

Ad Rock
04-08-04, 23:42
Hey Fellas,

1st time post and comment. Adam is candy at Genesis the tiny one, very cute, early 20's likes to ride cowboy style with her feet on the table and bounce?

I have done limited travel to mexico but have always had a blast in Juarez with a friend of mine that used to live there. He still flys back once in a while and I meet him in El Paso. Its too bad that its hard to find and trust people to monger with. I would go more but I do not speak spanish and my friend always picked me up and droped me off since he lived in Mexico and in U.S.

I posted a report at WSA about a trip to Juarez and El Paso that net me 3 girls (two MP in Juarez and a regular chick in El Paso) in about 7 hours but nobody made a single comment haha. I thought this board was a little more area specific. I assume that a lot of the posters here are also posting there but it was a good day for someone that would normally not be able to experience that. I will post it here if anyone asks. Anyway, this is a very informative board and I think the Admin does a nice job. The girl in the crappy photo was a serious 10 with braids, very sexy.


Ad Rock

04-09-04, 08:44
I've compiled 2 maps and a Legend that I hope will help some of the newer mongers in the Ave Juarez area.

I'm pretty sure that they're accurate but it's done from memory (and we know how well that works after a nite in Juarez...)

I'm a bit sketchy on Panama & Sans Souci - I'm trying to remember the walks to those joints. Can't recall how many streets I crossed but they should be close.

I didn't post them here due to their size/resolution.

Anyway I hope they're found to be as helpful to others as this forum as been to me.

MAP 1 is a basic overview:

MAP 2 is an "inset" view of the "hot zone":

Legend describes/names the "points of interest":

Please inform me of any corrections that may be needed!

Toni Ten
04-09-04, 23:01

Thanks Cienega32, for us newbees this will sure make a diffrence. I'll let you know how this turns out!

04-09-04, 23:16

Cool website. Nice and simple. Looks like maybe something I could do. Tell me all about it please. Who hosts it. program used and anything else I may find of use. I'd really apprecitate it.

Adam Z
04-10-04, 01:42
Sorry Bro, just trying to spread the..errr, love. Thought some of you fellow mongers could enjoy the tip. Just hoping that whichever one of you guys finds Candy working again will return the favor and let us in on the secret. By the way, R.W., did you ever get a chance to tap Nohemi when she was there? WOW! She was every bit the mynx that Mariana is and then some.

One thing about me, I really enjoy going to Juarez and there are a lot of places that I know and am comfortable in. So, if I can clue the others in, it's only with the hope that they will do the same when they find a smooth piece themselves. I mean, one guy cannot conquer Juarez alone (although Dreaming Eagle might be able to).

You should go to Luxxor sometime before 3 PM and try Vanessa (another petite cutie) and also Dayana at Brendas. Both are tasty morsels, you know, when you need a little variety.

04-10-04, 14:49
AD, no problem..just giving out a little grief. Mariana's been my exclusive there, since I first met her, so I haven't tried any of the others. Nohemi might pre-date my visits , I think Dreaming Eagle might have referred to her in post a while back when the subject of tall drinks of water came up. And actually, that type of woman at this writing is my favorite, so if any other jewels like her suddenly appear, I'd love to know. This trip (11 days!!!! from NOW :) ) will be spent (literally) in the MP's during the day, and in who knows who at nite.

I am not sure about this, but is the mongerlooza still starting at Kentucky Bar? I leave here 4/17, for a three day stop in the south before heading to Juarez, and might not be able to log on after that. As long as the date is the same (4/24) I can always just head to Kentucky in mid evening if I don't hear before hand.

BTW Mugroso, that pic of Marilu just kills me. Not in a ha ha way , but in the "got to f**k her " way! She is SO hot. And no way 7 kids.

04-10-04, 22:10
I'm sitting here re-reading some posts and thinking back to my first visit to Juarez in the summer of 2002. I was on my way to a 10,500 mile road trip from Vegas to Miami, to New York, & back home. Never have seen the southern route on I-10. Stopping in El Paso with the intent of Juarez - I always enjoyed TJ but very touristy now.

Walking down Ave Juarez and seeing the sights I stopped to get a fruit drink and noticed a young tall cutie looking over at me. She smiled sweetly when I looked back. We "talked" and she was a food server nearby. After wandering around the marketplace by the church I went back to eat. We ended up "todo la noche" and she was insulted & angered when I hinted at money! Bingo! Anyway I stayed in El Paso for 3 nites instead of 1 which screwed up my trip dates but what the hell...

(BTW - same thing happened in New Orleans - 3 nites instead of 1)

Anyway - feeling a bit more at ease with Juarez I decided to drive over and explore. The area far to the west of Ave Juarez was like out of an old movie - holes in the walls of these small homes, happy, smiling but vagabond type children running into the street to see the gringo in the shiney red convertable holding up his new video camera. I was waiting for them to hold up signs saying "Viva El Presidente!!!" It seemed that impovished.

I just kept driving around a little and nite began to fall. Not knowing where the hell I was I figured I better get back to "known country-side". I ended up on what I think was a freeway type of road. Crazy. The exits ramps were shorter than most driveways that I've seen in America.

Then came the vision. I somehow ended up in the hot bar area by the Mariscal / Delgollado area. Past Vegas, etc. It was a sudden transformation to a different world. Surreal at the least. I felt like I was in the Apocolypse Now scene when they went up river and all "sanity" escaped. Lights flashing their promise of pleasure, girls of all sizes and ages wandering around the streets, white shirted men yelling at every passerby in "Spanglish", the chicas posing, talking thru car windows, musica everywhere masking the sounds of my tires bouncing thru potholes. My sense of reality was overwhelmed. I fell in love.

I never could find this area again - not knowing how I got there or where I was but knowing it was somewhere "over there". But I did keep ending up with my food server chica and also found Club Palmeras (which at this time had many young hotties dancing fully nude) sometime in there as well.

My return trip was re-routed to return to Juarez. Pissed a few friends off in some other states but hey.

The food server was very happy to see me again but I STILL couldn't find that "cartoonish" area that I longed to visit.

All in all I've made 6 or 7 trips there and this last trip in March was the first time I returned to the "Vegas club" area. That was with the help from you folks here. Funny how close I always was. I always cut thru the Plaza - it's my landmark to go west a block - but I would go left and stay on Mariscal.

And even tho' it will never match that first drive-thru impression & I've since lost contact with my food server it is a fun time!

And Jackson - as they say in divource court - the check is in the mail.

Hope to mongermeet some of you on the 24th. I'm packing as we speak.

04-11-04, 00:23
Ok, lets make it solid now.

The time and place: The 24th of April, between 6 and 7pm (1800 to 1900 for you military types) at the Kentukey club on Juarez Avenue.

Directions: If you are walking over the bridge the Kentuky Club will be a couple 2 or 3 blocks into Juarez on your right hand side.

The plan: I will take all down Juarez Avenue to 16 September, right to Mariscal Street then up to the Las Palmeras. I chose this way as to avoid any distractions on the way there. Also you will get to see some of normal Juarez. From the Las Palmeras we will work our way towards the border. Majority vote decides whether we stay in a particular bar.

What to bring: Money (duh), condoms, digital camera, boner, and evil thoughts.

Anyone with ideas please post them.

The Filthy one

04-11-04, 21:07
I certainly will be there with all the requisite "hard"ware. To paraphrase Tiger Woods " time looks good, chicas look good, I like my chances". (Jim Rome listeners will recognize that one.)

Mugroso, I believe the photo section is down, as I can't torture myself by viewing the newest Marilu photos.

Cienega32, I too hit New Orleans a few years back, and it haunts my mind. I will never return to that place. And it is not that I had a horrible time.. it has way too many memories that I still can't shake..and yes, they do involve a woman. Go figure. Shortly after that I made my first trip to Juarez, and I "fell in love" with young Laura , who's name is really Sondra ( Sandra). A year went by before I returned to Juarez, the course of that time was spent in the fallout from the NO trip. When I got back to Juarez, it wasn't as I had left it. It Was better. I saw so many things that I hadn't realized were there, due to my preoccupation on my first visit.

Now , I can't stay away, and won't. Every trip I take is different now, as people who recognize me start helping me in little ways that are immeasurable in their worth. My mongering buddy and I lament that if we were more fluent in Spanish, the ciudad would open like a pearl gifted oyster. As would the mujeras.

04-12-04, 00:24
This goes out to the members who have made this forum what it is today: Dreaming Eagle, ELPG, Sun Devil RN, Dougie,BorderJumper, et al. Forgive me if I have omitted a name, everytime I search, my browser deletes what i have written here, so I'm doing this off the cuff.

Please honor us with you presence at the Mongerpalooza on April 24, 2004. Kentucky Bar, 6-7pm starting time. I have used so much of your expertise in my visits that I should at least be able to buy you a drink.

Well, Actually, I'm hoping that everyone else there will chip in for that as well..to keep my chica money where I want it.

04-12-04, 06:39
Why? I am not sure. But I share the magic of this border town. I think of how this area must have been in the 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and as time moves on it changes. I can't help but know that it will continue to change.

My first visit was in 1981. I was in the military and the helicopter that we had flown in from Oklahoma had broken so we had to wait several days. I wasn't suppose to be anywhere near CJ but curiosity got the better of me. I crossed the border and jumped in a cab that drove around for what seemed like 10 minutes, I now realize it must have been circles. He led me to a bar which was nearly empty. I was led to a room and waited for awhile longer until an older woman showed up. She was the greatest salesperson I have seen. She got 30 dollars from me and I don't think I even got to see her tits. The bbbj I was promised was actually a hj with lube.

I walked out of the room and ask to speak to the manager. I wanted my money back! As I was threatening I must have somehow remebered that I was in a different country, a strangers territory, and somewhere I wasn't even supposed to be. I realized this before I got too much further over my head and just left. Fortunately the cabbie did not abandon me and I still had a ride. He offered to take me to another place but there was no way that I was going to go anywhere but back to my hotel in El Paso. I retreated with a sour taste and did not return for twenty years.

My last trip was to do some work in Juarez and then have some R&R. The savvy that I gained through the previous 20 of world travel years has given me a lot of street skills, even in other counties. I am not fluent in spanish but I can carry on a conversation fairly well. I had a great time and wandered through zona roja at my will not theirs. I met and made new friends and I hope to make new friends over the next several weeks.

I will see and meet those that show up at the Kentucky club. I too hope to see those who have been regular contributors or even just regular lurkers. Some how I doubt that the "Tom Cat" will show up as we, in a group, will be far to visible for his taste.

May the force be with us!


04-12-04, 07:05
Well - if the plan is as Mugroso suggests then you know where you'll find me.

And Rearwindow, whenever I finish my latest mongertales back at home it's always asked "So you a great time then?" I always answer, "Hell when I left they were erecting a statue of me in the town square."

I'll probably get there on the 23rd or 24th (can't get away any earlier) and will probably stay for 7 - 10 days. More houses to look at in New Mexico. Yes, it's that bad that I want to relocate.

04-12-04, 08:16
I'm sure the experienced monger is aware of it but I'll throw it in here anyway.

While thinking back at the short-change attempt that was pulled on me at Hollywood, I still can't figure out what this clown was thinking. What could I have given him for a 3 dollar tab to get 12 back. He must've jumped the 5 in his pocket by mistake and not the ten.

Anyway - my general practice in Juarez (anywhere actually that might be in question) is with the newer US paper to place it backside up under my finger which is pointing to the larger number (lower right of the back of the bill) and my hand holding down the bill until they look at my hand. When they look at my hand I tap the finger a few times at the large number. With that, they always look up and we make solid eye contact. It helps them - it helps me...

04-12-04, 20:33
As I recall there are some bars/night clubs right after you cross the bridge Ave Juarez. These look like places that the younger crowd/couples goes to and seem more along the lines of a regular meat market type club.

Can anybody fill me in on these types of clubs?


04-12-04, 22:38
I have avoided shortchanging problems by telling the waiters/waitresses what I have given them, and I make them verbally acknowledge what I have given them as well. I will agree about Chino at Queens being muy lento about bringing change back, I don't believe it to be intentional, but he HAS been at it a while, so I imagine he has found a few tricks that work every now and then.

I usually get a sh**eating grin on my face whenever anyone asks how my trip was. Pretty much sums it all up. I also get a lot of questions about Juarez, with most people assuming it is on a coast. When I try to explain that it is across from El Paso,vieja, sucia, ruida,y una poquita peligrosa, then the next question is "why do you go?". And I invariably reply "BECAUSE I LOVE IT".

Sun Devil
04-13-04, 01:12
I recently spent Holy Week in Juarez. For those looking for Dulce Elizabeth Ramirez, otherwise known as Candy in Genesis, she is there. She took a month vacation to spend with her kids and family. She has become a good friend of mine because of her good heart. I asked her where I should go during Good Friday since Genesis was going to be closed and she mentioned the Bar Papillon, which had good looking girls.

The bad thing about going to a Catholic country on Holy Week is that all the massage parlors were closed on Good Friday and Easter. Instead, in addition to the Bar Papillon, I went to the Pink Lady and the Princess Palace, near the corner of Bolivia and 16 de Septiembre, where I met a dancer named Deysy, who I took out to my hotel room after closing.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to go to Juarez on the 24th because of work. I generally work weekend nights.

04-13-04, 02:54
They are as you mentioned. Younger crowd, loud, and rather drunken. Pretty much the UTEP crowd out for fun. I went into Cueva, on the right as you cross the bridge, and it was interesting, but I'm not sure that much action can be had there. Compared to the zona bars. But if you want to dance ,that would be a place to go.

04-13-04, 13:19
OK - a few new names I've come across:

Bar Papillon
Club Laura

Where abouts are these three? Santa Fe side or the "other" side?

04-13-04, 23:13
As I recall there are some bars/night clubs right after you cross the bridge Ave Juarez. These look like places that the younger crowd/couples goes to and seem more along the lines of a regular meat market type club.It seems like everytime I'm coming back to the border from Sans Souci at about 1:00 in the morning, the Policia always seem to be there.

I think it's best to avoid these bars at that time. The area seems much better earlier in the evening.

04-14-04, 02:54
Genesis is on Montes de Oca, just north of Ave Vicente Guerrero. It's closer to the free bridge that the Santa Fe. I'm not certain on the location of the other two.

04-14-04, 16:28
Newbie Question:

I'm long to the board, but new to Ciudad Juarez...

I've read past posts, checked out the map (GREAT idea!), but I can't seem to tell which are the massage places and which are the chica bars.

Can somebody clarify which is which?

I'll be there for a night next week, and want to be efficient.

Thanks in advance.


04-14-04, 17:51
On the map that I put together the massage parlor would be Cleopatra's. It's a little joint with small little cot size "lay downs" that sit high up. It's the only one that I've been to in Juarez.

Being that I tend to center on the Ave Juarez/Santa Fe bridge area that's all I know. The "pros" in this forum have the goods on the other areas and the other MPs.

But you did make realize that I made no distinction in my "legends" file and have edited it. Thanks.

04-14-04, 17:59
About the "UTEP" bars just over the Santa FE bridge: Every time I come back & throughout the late evening it always seems that POLICIA is cruising the block with the "dog catcher" trucks & with the canvas top trucks with 2 or 3 officers in the back with automatic weapons.

It usually strikes me as the drunk American kids raising hell and the natives that try to capitalize on it. I've never even stuck my head in any of those bars as it seems to me to be the very young "away from home" disco type kids out to get drunk & stupid. The type that would never dream of walking any further into town.

But that's only my impression of those bars - not based on any fact at all.

04-14-04, 19:02
Leaving to Juazez Sunday night. I am tired of going to the Pink lady. What is the current hot spot. Also I will be going back to Jokers does anyone no how the current deal is with the girls. I know they have good quality but are they working girls or not. Thanks

04-15-04, 01:24

If the place is located in the zona, it is almost certainly a chica bar. Only exception that I'm aware of is Cleopatras, just off Ave Juarez. If you are there for a nite, then it's chica bars for you, cause the MP's close earlier.


IMHO, It would be Queens. It totally supplanted any other club in Juarez for me (after my favorites left). Quality of chica and price per chica is good, but drinks will drain your finances quickly.

Adam Z
04-15-04, 06:02

Papillon is just a few blocks from Genesis. Will get an exact address this weekend and post it, but it's not really a bar where you can take a chica out of, unless you develop a friendship and confidence with the girl. It's a great place for drinking and the food is really good for the price (Rib Eye, steamed veggies, loaded baked potato, avocado, and fixings for $ 7 bucks). You can have a nice conversation with a gorgeous girl and it will only cost you a decent tip. But for mongering, it's gonna be too time, effort and money consuming. Best to stick with surer bets, unless you're all about the challenge.

As for the Jokers question. Table dances in the private area are $20 bucks, same as Jaguars in El Paso. The difference being that you can get away with pretty much anything up there if the girl is up for it and the bouncers aren't paying attention. Have never had the pleasure of very public full service there, but nothing is off limits there as far as touching, and there are some freaking A+ models there. But there's a catch, to get them out is pricey, and even if they meet you after hours, they will pretty much to a T ask for $400 for the night (meaning 2 hours). You can negotiate with some of them, and I am sure that there are cheaper options, maybe for an hour stint, but you're gonna drop some mad loot on a girl there. At the "newer" jokers, the one that used to be called Premier, the girls are much cheaper, but not nearly as good looking. Only one or two are really hot. The rest are OK by Centro standards.

A great place to try is Phantom where there is a nice balance of hot girls, cheaper drinks, $15 table dances in a private area, and the girls will ask for $200 to leave with you, which again is negotiable. Pretty much the same for Amadeus, but the drinks are pricier. But then they have some real nice chicas.

I think that I have to agree with RW, Queens is the best spot for a sure thing, that won't have you selling your plasma to cover, where there are some girls who are DAMN nice.

04-15-04, 23:53
There's a few Chicas that have fan clubs on this board, so I thought I'd throw out another name. Karina at Felinas is hot. I'm not much of a tit man, but when I see Karina, that changes. Usually big tits means a gut and a fat butt, but not her. Nice, petite bod with bodacious tatas! No sag either.

04-16-04, 01:56
>>This goes out to the members who have made this forum what it is today: Dreaming Eagle, ELPG, Sun Devil RN, Dougie, BorderJumper, et al.

Hey, it's nice to be remembered. ;^) I would LOVE to be there for Mongerpalooza next week, but alas my plans to visit keep getting derailed. Was going to come over Easter, then Cinco, now with summer looming and knowing how HOT it gets there I am looking for an early fall trip. Just as well, gives me time to work on mi espanol.

BTW, I keep reading about a place called Luxxor. Is that a new one, or an old one with a new name? Where is it? How's that for sharpening one's pencil well ahead of time. :-D

04-16-04, 01:59
>>I recently spent Holy Week in Juarez.

I have also done a couple of Pascuas south of the border. I think besides the time around Christmas that Easter is about the worst time to monger. They do seem to take it much more seriously that us gringos.

BUT, Easter sunday is the opening day of the bullfighting season, and it is worth going down just for that. And my last time in town over Easter there were MPs open, even on Easter sunday. Genesis and El Encanto in particular. That may not be the case anymore but it was just a couple of years ago.

04-16-04, 02:03
Oh yeah, almost forgot. While you guys are Mongerpaloozaing down there in the Kentucky Bar, would someone be kind enough to pick up a schedule for the Bullfights, and scan it in and post the .jpg here?? I know that the Kentucky bar is one of the places that sells tickets to the Corridas and they are sure to have the little flyer which lists the entire schedule for the season. Papa's Cantina in EP also sells them and would likely have the schedule also. And just to keep it on topic, someone fuck Marianna real good for me, and give her a good tip.

04-16-04, 02:20
I put your BF sked request into my PDA so you should get it when I return. As to Mariana, I will give her a GREAT fuck for both of us (lol) , and tipwise, she's made a small fortune from me already, and will continue to do so. Of course,You can always Western Union ME funds if you are worried about her propinas being down abit...!!!!.

Hairy Johnson
04-16-04, 02:31
Question for the Pro's. What is the best Northwestern Border town to find beautiful chicas at the best price? I will be going in Middle of May. Im not sure where I want to go. Im hoping you all could help me.:) Also how are the MP's in the N. W. border towns,are they the same basically as the AMP's in USA? What Mp has the most beautiful girls at what price? You can PM if you want. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank You So Much!

I Love 'em Hairy! :)


Sun Devil
04-16-04, 02:45
I had planned to attend the bullfight Easter Sunday but the weather cancelled it. It rained pretty much all day and the temperature was in the 40s, somewhat atypical for that time of the year in Juarez. Instead, I fortunately ended hooking up with a girl at a sushi bar.

Luxxor is a massage parlor on 16 de Septiembre, just east of Bolivia and diagonally across the street from the house of the singer Juan Gabriel, about a block west from it. Their pricing is $30 for an hour massage and sex. The interesting thing about this place is that they have TVs under the hole of the massage beds that show porno videos, so you can watch a porno flick while getting a massage on your backside or doing her anal/doggie style.

Therefore, this place, other than Cleopatra, is the closest massage parlor from the Santa Fe bridge.

04-16-04, 03:16
I know I have an addiction to Juarez, but I didn't think it was this bad. I have been to Juarez WAY too many f***ing times, because I actually know where Juan Gabriel's house is as noted in Sun Devil's msg. And I don't remember the MP.

I need help.:0!

04-16-04, 07:19
Take two chicas and call us back in the morning.