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05-09-02, 03:25
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05-14-02, 02:14
Will be down to this area If I find no takers on the show around in Nogales 23-26 if anyone would like to have a drink(s) I'm buying. Been to TJ, Jarez, and Nogales. But found NL to be the Best border town in Mexico. This being with girls quoting price and time and me paying their prices which is very fair. 40-60 with a full 1/2 hour bj, bbbj (usually),sex several positions, and massage. You guys in Texas near the border have it made.

05-14-02, 03:58
Friday night traffic on Puente II was a killer and kept me out of Mexico for the night because of the tight schedule I was running.

While I couldn’t make it across the river driving on Friday night, I did cross over on Saturday morning and took a few minutes to do some intelegence gathering since I will be back in NL in a few days. For all of the good information here on WSG, I still had a heck of a time finding the front door of BT. When I get to a scanner, I’ll see if I can post some scans of an accurate map and better driving directions.

Happy hunting...

05-14-02, 10:39

Just recently I've seen several "massage services" being offered here in town. Does anyone know about prices and quality of girls?

05-15-02, 12:38
I would be interested in the info you have on MP's or massage services in NL. I've been looking for six months and found nothing so far. What is the source of this info and would you be willing to share it. I'll be glad to check it out and report back.

05-15-02, 14:08
I will be driving my car across the border. Once I cross the bridge, what are the directions to get to Boystown?

05-15-02, 21:42

Bridge # 1 is still closed I think. When you cross bridge # 2 go straight about 5 blocks until you see the sign pointing to Zona Centro.

Turn right and go until you reach Guererro then turn left. Go about 2 or 3 miles until you reach Paseo Colon. (You wil need to veer to the right when you see a sign that says PTE. COLON, just a veer not a turn).

Turn right on Paseo Colon and go until it runs into Lopez de Lara which will be at a stoplight.

Turn left on Lopez de Lara and go about a 1/4 of a mile until you reach Anahuac.

Turn right on Anahuac and go about 1/2 a mile until you go under an over pass for a train then at the next light you will see a Pemex gas station on the NW corner.

Turn right here and go until you see the entrance to a walled compound which will be about 150 yards.


Come out of Boys Town then turn right.

Go back to the light then turn left. (This is Anahuac)

Go until you run into Lopez de Lara then turn left.

Go straight and this will take you back to bridge # 1 which is open coming into the U.S. but closed going into Mexico.

05-16-02, 08:22
Hey borderjumper,

I've got some phone numbers on the street (Paseo Colon and Reforma). Some dudes selling flowers and roses were giving them. Apparently they only give it to cars full of guys (no girls).

Anyway, I'm gonna give you the numbers of those that look more 'nice' and I'll check out on the ones that look more underground-ish.

-Masajes Exelent's
Only Males.
Call us, we go where you are.
044-867-755-33-69 (<--- Cellphone number)

Masajes antiestres para caballero.
044-867-897-28-34 (<--- Another Cellphone number)
044-867-741-08-42 (<--- Yet another cellphone)

Ok, all of these claim to be available 24 hours. I don't know if they speak English (I doubt it, but anyone can try it).
I want to also point out that I don't know if they can send girls to Laredo, TX (I doubt it), and I don't know if these services are legal here at NLD.

Another news flash:
There's going to be a new table-dance bar at town, it will be at downtown NLD, I saw it on the papers.

If any one gets any new info on the MPs, please post!
See you later!

Crazy Dave
05-18-02, 04:41
Hey Beavis, enjoyed your posts for months.
Going back to BT at NL next week, for the 15th time, or so.
What's up with the closed bridge?
I thought you could only walk over on one bridge, closest to the Rio Grande Plaza (old Laredo Hilton).
Do you know what's closed, and why.
Will be calling the hotel and asking them next week with the reservation.

Crazy Dave

05-18-02, 22:40
check out the cameras all are on the US side. bridge 1 is open-wiley http://www.bravo.net/bridgecameras/

05-19-02, 03:52
Both Puente I and Puente II seemed to be open again today.

Crazy Dave
05-19-02, 04:30
Thanks Wiley. Cameras on the bridge? Bookmarked it.
Have you seen Belle' at Maribu? The Ultimate!
What will they come up with next?
Hopefully not cameras with me on them in BT ):


05-19-02, 04:36
Yes both bridges are open again. Bridge # 1 was closed for a while to vehicles but not to pedestrians. I always drive over is so that is why I said # 1 was closed. I just got back from NL (been there 3 days with the new GF). I will go back sometime next week. I went last night to the zone. I now have a regular GF and an apartment in NL so I can only post what I see for now. I am enjoying it but time will tell.

Last night I was there from about 10:30 to 3:30. We met Borderjumper and GF for dinner at El Rancho then myself and GF went to Marabu as a friend from San Antonio was supposed to meet me there.

He arrived around 12:30 and we stayed in Marabu for a while then the BS got too deep between 2 different girls he had been seeing in there so I crossed my picket line and the 3 of us went to Papagayos simply because it was the better place to hang out away from Marabu.

The quality of the girls was not what I remembered in Papas as I hadn't been in there in a long time but there still were a few lookers. I can't add much to this as I am doing the one girl routine for now but bottom line if you go to NL you can have sex with any type of girl you are looking for.

As for the performance you just have to go repeatedly until you develop your own little group of girls then you can add a new one occasionally then rely on the old favorites for back up.

I did ride around to see if I saw any of my old favorites. "Adriana" is still there. She has dyed her hair black and looks hot as ever. She is located between the last street and the middle street. When you come into Boys Town look straight ahead and you will see the New Shamrock bar. Turn left and go to the next street. On the corner here will be the Pullman Club. Walk past the Pullman club heading towards the last street where the Fags are and when you pass the first set of rooms you will come to some rooms that are painted Blue and While with Corona bottles painted on them. They will actually say "Coronita" and she is here in room # 2.

If you go and find this pretty girl you will know who she is and don't tell her that you found her by reading about her on the internet.

Crazy Dave
05-19-02, 04:47
Thanks Beavis, if you were posting for me. Thanks anyway.
I will look her up, won't mention www
Had bad experiences with the 'room girls'.
Gonna take my car over for the first time this trip.
Pretty sure I can find BT.
Should I buy mex auto insurance?

05-19-02, 05:10
Crazy Dave,

Should you buy mex auto insurance?

Not worth the paper it is written on, IMHO.

The best advice Cherubino can give is that if you are in an accident you cannot drive away from, then you better be able to act because you need to act like you are injured more than the other guy.

Crazy Dave
05-19-02, 05:24
Scary. Cherub.

Makes the $10 cab fare a better value now, even though the cabbies are soooo macho that they drive like nuts. The gas and brake pads they waste is very interesting.

But, I need to drive this time, business. Probably will go with the $20 'hopefully better than nothing' insurance.

Looking for high-end stained glass lamps, and ceramic tile; don't want to go all the way to Monterrey. Also, don't want to carry cases of tiles across...

Only done the walk across tourist 5 square block thing, and cabs to BT.

Heard/read there are 'shops/road-side stands' at the south end of NL near this or that highway.

Seems my questions are getting less and less wsg related, my apologies.

crazy dave

05-19-02, 05:35
>Seems my questions are getting less and less wsg related, my apologies.

We can let the moderator straighten us out if we get too far away from sharing the kind of info others ought to know.

About the driving-in-Mexico thing, feel free to pmail cheribuno at indiainfo dot com if you want to discuss that topic in more detail.

05-19-02, 06:10
Stand by for Cherubino's first-ever visit to BT NL.

Cherubino has crossed the Puente at NL many times in route north and south, but never before checked out BT. First let Cherubino allow that a rainy Friday night the muddy streets of BT did not make the best first impression.

Cherubino arrived about eight, did a drive around then a walk around to check out the scene. After the previous night's visit to La Yegua (see the post under Queretaro) the only word Cherubino knows to use to describe BT is "disappointed" but not so let down he will not be back again. At least some of the disappointment would be because of having pmailed some of the regulars here on WSG in recent weeks but not being able to make connections this night. Beavis, Borderjumper, et al, I am still looking forward to buying you that cold one next visit.

Overall, Cherubino found the quality of the room girls to be 3-5 by La Yegua standards. Cherubino has high standards and usually pays through the nose to get one #8-10, so the room girls did not get any of Cherubino's pesos this night. The SG's were nowhere to be found, but remember it was raining pretty hard.

Cherubino ended up dashing from club to club between the raindrops while trying not to get soaked. This night probably the best selection of sheer numbers of girls was at Tamykos but there Cherubino had trouble shaking one aggressive latina with bad teeth who kept unzipping the fly so she could do direct kneading of the bread.

Maribu is said to have some fantastic looking women, and if true they must all have been working all night because Cherubino did not see them, or much of anybody else in there this night. At 10pm Maribu looked like it was ready to close.

Cherubino finally ended up at Papagayos where he checked out the available talent then finally hooked up with Brenda from Guadalajara. Brenda is a short, rather smallish #6 with long black hair who bargained herself down from US$ 90 to US$ 60 without Cherubino having to do much of the talking. $60 included the room and was good for a solid hour of fairly good GFE... just enough kissing and cuddling to make good foreplay. Brenda kisses on the lips but did not want to do tongue to tongue. She passed the condom test which means she would not do a BBBJ. Brenda is rather tight for a girl who has had kids, and enthusiastic enough that Cherubino could not quite tell for sure if her orgasm was faked or not. Cherubino can usually tell, but this time maybe yes, maybe no.

After Brenda, it was time to pay a $2 tip to the uniform cop who said he had been standing watch in the rain over Cherubino's chariot, then across Puente I.

05-19-02, 08:18
Hey Crazy Dave

You do not need insurance as your insurance in the US will cover you inside the free zone in Mexico. I have driven probally about 20,000 miles in Mexico and have had no problems. There is a good Mexican insurance co. in California where you can do everything by phone then they fax you a copy of your policy
1- 800-909-4457. However you don't need it to drive to BT.

I agree with you on the room girls but there are a few exceptions and she is one of them.

As for the driving over I always drive as I usually stayed and now have an apartment there so I would be spending a fortune on cabs. I am going to drive to Ciudad Del Carmen near the end of June which is 1,000 miles past the border. Been there done that several times and have had fun each time.


I was there last night as was Borderjumper for a little while. I will be back later this week. I am trying the one girl scene for a while but our apartment is 4 blocks from BT so I can meet you there at any time. Let me know when you are going back.

I agree last night was slow. There is one hot girl in Marabu named "Perla" (there are 3 there named "Perla" this one is from Monterrey) but from what I can tell she is quite a B*tch. A friend of mine knows her well and you can see the attitude written all over her face. She was the only decent looking girl in there last night.

05-20-02, 20:20
Beavis...Looks like I'll be back home tomorrow night, Tuesday or Wednesday morning at the latest and will be there until Saturday afternoon. We're still planning on going to Monterrey Friday after the kids get outta school providing I can get the vehicle permit. I done refined that letter mo better! Sounds like Rookie had a hell of a nite there Friday. Wished we could have stayed but Lola's is a bit burnt out on the place. We'll try the FOx hole next time! Hell, who knows. We get enough people coming down, might be able to turn it into a ***** bar. BTW...Getting me a T-1 connection installed in the house on Thursday! Look Out!

05-20-02, 23:23
BJ my plans are to go back Wednesday if nothing happens. Might go look for that beach near Matamoros. If anybody knows anything about it please add what you can.

05-21-02, 17:29
Some thoughts on my visit to BT last Saturday night - from an oldie but newbie's standpoint.

It had been nearly 10 years since my last visit to Boy's Town. Not much physically had changed but a few observations:

There was absolutely NO late afternoon/evening action (its was slow back then but totally non-existant now except for a few old, wore out girls who I may have done on my previous visits.) We used to try to get there around "shift change" with the understanding that many of the girls would cut a deal to get their first "date" of the evening - some kind of omen that it would be a busy night if they could land their first one fast. Not so this time. There were no decent looking women showing up before 8:30-9:00 PM. And even then, there was no real action until 10:30-11:00 PM. In the future, I will not even plan on arriving in NL before 10:00 PM.

Places? I do not go much in for shows. Why spend time at the salad bar when you go to a steakhouse for MEAT? Having said that, I concentrated on the bigger markets: Papa's, Tamyko's, and tried the Maribu scene:

Papa's: Lots of girls - some of which were exceptionally HOT. One absolute 10 - four or five 8-9's. Many more were mediocre to doggy. Club was kept exceptionally dark which made judging girls at a distance difficult. I think they do that to make bargaining more difficult. If they don't come over to you, you have to get up and go to them just to judge the looks. And once you do that, it's more of a seller's market regarding price.... Room accomdations were about the same as I remembered them and same as other clubs but they did have some newly constructed units in the back.

Tamyko's: not as many girls as Papa's but taken as a whole, the average looked better. A couple of bow-wows but most of the girls were very visually appealing. Lighting was better and so you could see what you were wanting to see and judge. The better looking girls were generally friendlier and more accessible than those at Papa's - even the top tier girls would come over and want to give you some company with little more encouragement than eye contact. And the old Hand-Up-the-Leg-of-Your-Shorts was still a widely practiced move here.

Mirabu: I never understood how this club operates. I was only in there once before this trip. It was totally deserted back then. Same this time. After Papa's and Tamyko's got to hopping, I stopped by Maribu. There was one guy in there with one girl and of course the old men working as waiters. I ordered a cerveza and sat at the little table they led me to. This club has the nicest facilities of any I've seen in BT but it was an empty cavern. I asked where the senoritas were and when they came in and the waiter said "Which one?" I said "All of them." He went away and brought back a single girl. She was pretty, but me? I like to pick my own. I politely told him I wanted to sit there and finish my beer first. Then I left. We came back later (around 1:00 AM and still only maybe 5-6 women in the place - mostly already paired off with guys). Maybe I don't properly understand how Maribu works but I was severely disappointed in it.

In general: cost seemed to be generally around $60 US with $9-11 to the house for room, towel, & rubber. That was their asking price in most cases - I didn't try to get them for nothing like I used to - maybe I'm getting mellow in my old age. If I got good service with a few GFE type of extras, maybe a $5 tip. One difference - they used to wash and dry your johnson before doing anything else. And they would clean you up afterwards with a wet towel. That pleasant little exercise appears to have gone by the wayside. A couple of Kleenex's was all I was offered afterwards.

Other Miscellaneous things: walk across bridge #1 - ask any cab to take you to Boy's town. $10 out and $10 back. Not $10 per person per ride. Do not try to think you can walk.

And don't think about hanging out in NL for a few hours before your ride out to BT unless you like sitting in the sun on a bench seeing the same old people going around the square over and over.

Also, there are a few new bars and hangouts over by the old Cadillac Bar (now the El Dorado Bar - which is exactly the same as I remembered including the waiters in spotless white jackets - still good food and drink) - These are Carlos & Charlies', Senior Frog's, and the Sombero something-or-other bar. With the exception of the El Dorado (nee Cadillac) restaurant, I can't much recommend these places unless you like a really Americanized version of a Mexican resort bar. You can find bars that look and feel exactly like these in Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta,, DC, Philly, Denver NYC or anywhere else.

Streets of NL seemed cleaner than I remembered - but maybe I've just traveled to dirtier places since then.

Crazy Dave
05-22-02, 05:10
Hey Beavis, will be in NL Wed-Fri.
Have you been in Club 123 and the new club TaBu lately?
123 was buch better than Pap or Tam in March.
Couple in Maribu were nice.
Best wishes

05-22-02, 05:49

You said "Maybe I don't properly understand how Maribu works but I was severely disappointed in it." Cherubino is just as confused as you are because last Friday night had the same experience.

The sign says "the best place" and Maribu is the best facility Cherubino saw in BT albeit almost empty. Perhaps it does not get any action until Beavis & Borderjumper show up.

05-22-02, 05:51
Crazy Dave I will be arriving tomorrow night around 11:00 but probally won't hit BT. Might go over friday night if you would care to have a beer. Tell me when and where or drop an e mail

beavis@**********. com

well it won't let me post my e mail I guess something to do with the competition. For the stars use the 1st letters of these letter words and you should be able to figure it out

C harlie
L ima
U niform
B ravo
H otel
O scar
M ike
B ravo
R omeo
E cho

Cherubino it was dead the last time I was there too. Only Perla and I don't like the bored expression she always has on her face even though she is fine. There never is much variety there but sometimes there are a few. I'm kind of doing the GF thing for a little while but we will have to see how that goes. I wouldn't cross my name off of the roster just yet. Maybe put it over on injured reserve.

05-23-02, 01:47
Speaking of C l u b H o m b r e, there is another place Cherubino has visited a few times but never understood. The quality of the discussion, the usefullness of the information, the organization of the site is so much superior here at WSG. Club ****** appears very much like Maribu... a big disappointment, and almost dead.

Perhaps for other geographic areas the CH board might be better, but for Mexico it seems WSG rules.

Jackson if you are listening Cherubino will volunteer to support your efforts by sending you the renewal which otherwise would have gone to pay Club ******.

05-23-02, 18:37
Cehrubino...Let's keep this site as it should be...FREE...Don't encourage Jackson to accept money. The internet from its inception was meant as a medium for the free exchange of thoughts and ideas bringing people of the world closer together. It's already too commercialized. Now, having said that, I'm back to wok on a new pay site I'm putting up.

05-23-02, 18:40
How do you spell Drained?

Beavis and Borderjumper, of course. That is a lethal Combination. I met Mr Beavis in DR and he gets 2 thumbs up. He gives BJ the same recomendation. Hang with these 2 if you want to be dead tired from sex.

05-23-02, 18:44
Marabu is strange. One of the best clubs in BT in my opinion but hardly any business. Laid back, non pushy, good folks running it and decent girls. A gold mine in my opinion. It would be interesting to know why it doesn't have the business that it could potentially have. Decent girls in there too. My wife worked there for twelve years and I'm told more often than not that she didn't have the money for bus fare to and from work. What keeps the girls thee? The prices are cheaper also than most of the other mainstream bars in BT also. Drinks aren't watered down, rooms are nice; What's missing here.

Beavis!!! Don't kid yourself mano...Injured reserve my ass...You outta the game buddy, just like me! Accpet the fact and run with it. If yours is half the woman mine is, you've got a winner. And remember, #41 is only 11 months away! See you this weekend.

The rest of you guys coming to NL...E-mail me and we'll get together if possible and you can have the distinct honor and priviliege of the prestigious company of Borderjumper. And of course, I accept all free drink offers!

Easy Rider
05-23-02, 19:43
Originally posted by Beavis
BJ my plans are to go back Wednesday if nothing happens. Might go look for that beach near Matamoros. If anybody knows anything about it please add what you can.






Easy Rider
05-24-02, 00:22
Originally posted by Crazy Dave
Hey Beavis, will be in NL Wed-Fri.
Have you been in Club 123 and the new club TaBu lately?
123 was buch better than Pap or Tam in March.
Couple in Maribu were nice.
Best wishes

Easy Rider
05-24-02, 00:34
Tell me more about club 123 in laredo. And name their names. Do you know big tits linda, or tall Dulce? Dulce's the quiet one with the body from boys heaven.

05-24-02, 00:35
*******......Good to hear from you again and thanks for the kind words. Although Beavis is quickly ecoming domesticated and I've been there now for awhile, we still got a little of the spirit in us. COme on up and visit us soemtime! There is always room for a Dominican Jew in the crowd! Esta broma!

05-24-02, 01:44
Hey Easyrider thanks for the input but I was actually interested in the beach. I know my way around Matamoros but wanted to take my girl to the beach for a day or two and was wondering if anybody had been there.I guess I will go find out on my own.

Also thanks for the info on driving but I have driven 20 or 30 thousand miles in Mexico amd my Spanish is very good so I can handle that. When I am in Matamoros I usually dont go to Paradise until I am done with my whoring as the girls are too expensive. Find a cab driver named Andres and tell him to take you to the hotel.

05-24-02, 01:49
Hey Beavis....You made it to NL yet amigo? Enquiring minds are curious as to how your woman made out with the consulate Monday. Got my vehicle permit without problems. I've got another career in mind later. Strange thing happened today. Took Lolas cousin to Laredo with me today and they let him cross with no problems with an old Mica. Try that shit in El Paso/Juarez!

05-24-02, 20:04
I will be in Laredo Sat, 5/25 until Monday 5/28. As a newbie to this land of the hobby, any suggestions will be appreciated. I plan on staying on the US side and walking over the bridge to catch a taxi to the action. If any hobyists will also be in the area and wouldn't mind showing the ropes email me at sidius@hotmail.com.

Easy Rider
05-25-02, 03:40
Matamoros beach?

Its alot of fun to drive north up the beach. Yes you can drive on the beach, but stay close to the waves in the wet sand or you'll get stuck. If your not careful you'll drive right into the USA without realizing it, and the border patrol will take your honey away from you. Just watch for the tall light house, and all the Mexcan cars parked there fishing. That is the end of Mexico. The restaurants are funky lookin, but have fresh seafood of course. The oysters are tremendous. There are some funky lookin cabins for overnite stay and they might be OK, but I've never tried em. Let me know.

I think I know Andres. Mundo works for him right? I met Mundo first though and I've been stickin with him. How much do you pay Andres, and then the girl? I usually just stick to the girls of Paradise, but once in a while i send those taxi drivers on a street walker hunt. They have never dissappointed me.

When are you coming?

Easy Rider
05-25-02, 03:52
It's wise not to drive in Mexico after dark. Unless you know how to deal with the cops. Stick to the cabs, go to boys town, and ask for club 123.

Then look for my old gal Dulce, who probably goes by another name now. She is tall, voluptuous body, but not fat, very quiet--almost shy. She hangs out with another fox who is built like a shit brick house. Both are veterans of Paradise Club in Matamoros. When you id dulce, tell her I sent you. And that I'm a gringo you met on the internet, who has never, ever, put her pics on line.....as per my promise. That should tell her who i am.....

05-25-02, 20:08

I'm not going to make it this time as I have been sick so it's just been hanging around the house trying to get over the flu. In July I am driving to Ciudad Del Carmen so don't know when I'll make Matamoros. I am in Nuevo Laredo now until tomorrow morning.


No go on the Visa. I guess because I didn't pay $5,000.00 to a Cockroach Immigration Lawyer in the U.S. it won't happen but it sure is funny how things change when you pay these leeches their money, then it's no problem.

05-26-02, 14:49
I just joined that other club you guys are in. Beavis where are you. Did that other guy suface again. Kill him. So many places to go and only one dick in my pants. I won't like Mexico cause there are way too many hot and friendly chicas there. I am SCARED.
Beavis will be back. He is some kind of werewolf creature. Nice pics you both posted at CH. I am now a reporter overthere.

05-27-02, 04:23

I'm still around just hanging with 1 for now. I've done pretty good this time from all viewpoints. Borderjumper knows her as does his better half and he will back me up on this one. I now can hang in Mexico cheaper than I can stay home and have a better time than any of my visits to Boys Town. We will see but for right now I am really enjoying it. I still go to Boy's Town when some of my old partying pals are going to be there as our apartment is only about 5 blocks away.

Boy's Town has an art to it. It is a sex for sale atmosphere but to get to really know what is available it takes several trips and knowledge of spanish is almost essential for anything other than the 28 minutes in one of the rooms before the knock comes on the door.

I never did care for this rushed attitude which is why I pursued a lot of the room girls and if you are very lucky you will find 1 in 10 that are worth more than a $20 quick nut. I had a handful of very good room girls but don't think for a minute that there weren't plenty of dead fish along the way.

I would not recommend for anybody to make a special trip to Nuevo Laredo Boys Town for a sex vacation but, if you live only a few hours away and have the luxury of making repeat trips there it is almost like having your own little harem. Like if you open enough oysters you will find a pearl or 2. There are some girls there that you can put beside ladies from anywhere in the world. Also plenty of dogs and plenty of in betweens. There is something there for everyone.

The attitude of the Ugly American is something that prevails here and until you establish a friendship with some of the people here you will have a hard time breaking this wall down. Sure you can sit at a table with a pretty girl and she will smile and be your GF while you are there. After this you can take her to a room and have sex which could be like a 4th of July fireworks display or about as romantic as milking a cow all depending on the luck of the draw. If you find something that goes very well and show a little respect she will remember you. Next time you come you might want to try something else so you smile, say hello , maybe but her a drink and move on, ect, ect.

There are plenty of clubs with plenty of girls but remember these girls are human beings so treat them as such. The loudmouth drunk that goes down there thinking he is better than all of these people is not welcome here. To all of the people who want to get obnoxious there are plenty of girls for you at The Miramar, The Western Bar, or any of the bars on the last street.

Lots of the above are here like always but also some great guys you will meet here. Everything from a warehouse worker to a District Attorney I have met in Boy's Town. Character goes a long way. Be a good judge of it and leave the macho attitude at home and you will surely have an enjoyable experience here.

Sorry for the rambling but I guess this shows what I saw the last time I went (Thursday).

05-27-02, 04:32
Hey Easyrider

Andres took me to the hotel. Hooked me up with a fine chica. I stayed about an hour or so. GFE all the way, 2 rounds of sex. He waited the whole time then took me to Paradise and waited to be sure I was comfortable there. About 2 hours with Andres as my guide for $25 and 1 beer in Paradise.

A good hour maybe a little more with a fine chica for $60

Easy Rider
05-27-02, 17:18
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Beavis

Beavis, I like your attitude.

You and I get the best out of the border. Cept for a sex vacation. I think Matamoros, or the Laredo or Reynosa boys town is world class. There are plenty of dogs in Bangcock, Manila, Rio, or anywhere else. You allways have to cull em. I travelled to all those places and more. In asia I got sick of pretty faces with no bodies, except in Manila where there is plenty of Spanish and American genes in the girls. Manila, the only place in Asia where the girls have tits and asses.

Only problem is the ugly american's who go with an attitude, and spoil it for men like you and me. If you go anywhere with an attitude, the people there know how to treat you accordingly, (rip you off). Loose the gringo superior attitude or don't go. You can find trouble anywhere. I myself, have never had a problem, anywhere. I always take the time to learn the few words in the local language, and I speak perfect spanish.

But I guarantee you, from a guy who has been everywhere, the Mexican border is definitely world class, and can compare favorably to anywhere in the world. Other places might be cheaper for the bottom feeders, but whatever you save on the girls, you give up in terms of airfare, and the cost of being away from the office so long on extended trips.

I highly recommend the border, for horndogs who want a wonderful, inexpensive weekend, with convenient access from anywhere in the USA.

And even though the border girls have seen it all with ugly americans, if your nice to them and show them the respect they deserve, they will consider you the exceptional gringo, and warm quickly to you. Thats the wonderful thing about Mexican woman. They all have big hearts, and are very forgiving.

I enjoy your ramblings.

Easy Rider
05-27-02, 17:35

That sounds typical. I've done it many times. But I enjoy Paradise Club so much, and the back room, that I seldom look for Andres or his street walkers. The girls at Paradise have such a good attitude, and take such good care of me, that I almost feel guilty giving my money to an unknown street walker. They are so hit and miss. Since I live here, I find one I like, and tend to look for her over and over again. For variety, I've got two or three of my regulars in each of the many different joints in Matamoros.

Just love to go to Paradise early, pick out a good fresh one, take her to the back room for an hour, then come back into the club with her and drink all night in celebration. haha.

Did Andres take you to the hotel Paraiso? That hotel has a hot tub suite with the biggest hot tub I've ever been in. I've been in it with two and three couples. That suite also has two large private bed rooms. Sometimes we go there and hang out for a couple of days, swapin girls, fucking and drinking our brains out. The room service is excellent and the food is good also. And its only a few blocks from Paradise club, when we need fresh girls. haha....

We do wear em out sometimes.....haha

05-27-02, 19:47
Easy rider

We both are on the same wavelength. Probally in all reality the ugly americans are an asset to us as we can prove we are different and go to uncharted territory with the same girls who won't give the asshole the time of day. My favorite town to go mongering is Tampico. The Americans are few and far between there and there are some real gems to be found. If you go to the mall on Hidalgo it is almost guarranteed that you will not leave alone.

I have a favorite cab driver there who knows plenty of girls and will take you around to their houses until you find what you want. I will be there around the end of June for a night or 2. Planning to take the GF but if not I will follow up with some more recent info. A lot can happen between now and then. Even if I take the GF I can still play some as she gave me permission. Is that cool or what.

I have only been to Reynosa 1 time and probally won't go again. From what I saw the girls have major attitude problems even though there were some very fine girls here. Every one that I saw smoked which I hate as it is like kissing an ashtray, and those waiters in the street are a major fucking pain in the ass. You can't walk outside without one of these jerkoffs getting in your face to lure you into their shitty little clubs. On top of that in Lipsticks there was an army of Loudmouth Drunk American Assholes who wanted to be sure that everything they said was heard all over Reynosa. Maybe I had a bad experience there but I didn't care for it.

If you really want to be with the Drunk, Loudmouth, Pain in the Ass, Americans treat yourself to a wonderful stress filled overpriced vacation to the Beautiful Shithole of Cancun, Quintana Roo. I lived in Merida and used to fly from Cancun and got to spend a little time around these very colorful people. Any person who uses this tourist trap as a sex vacation spot just proves to the rest of the world what a dumbass he is. Cancun should be part of the U.S. as it is not Mexico.

Easy Rider
05-27-02, 20:11
How come were not using the Matamoros message board?

I love Tampico. And agree. It is probably the best all around spot anywhere in the world. And yes, the fact that few gringos go there, works in our favor.

Now that is a town for the bargain hunters, or low budget guys. All the broke sailors visiting the port, keeps the prices low. And that's where most of the good dancers in Matamoros come from.

I've been trying to post some pics there, but can't seem to figure this deal out. I've figured out how to post em on T S M, so you might wanna go there and check em out. Maybe we know the same girls too...haha.

I'm going to tampico again one of these days. Every chance I get. Just hate the drive however. But defintily call me next time your in Matamoros.....

05-27-02, 23:45
Got to agree with both of you on the attitude. I got a real gem out of Boystown. Had I had the "Ugly American" attitude, I wouldn't have had a chance in hell with my woman! Right Beavis!

05-28-02, 22:51
Hey Borderjumper, Easyrider, Cherubino, *******

The team doctor just cleared me to be returned to active on the roster instead of injured reserve. Unfortunately I have to go to sea tomorrow for a month but near the end of June I can see Tampico, Veracruz, Poza Rica, Catemaco, Ciudad Del Carmen, and Matamoros in my crystal ball.

HE'S BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-29-02, 01:32
Our star player is back!

05-29-02, 03:14
I hve made plenty of trips to laredo , can anyone suggest a place equal to laredo not that far off, prefferebly where there is not so many americans?

05-29-02, 03:39

Cherubino likes that handle!

It is not exactly close to home, but check out the posts under Queretaro and Jalisco. Not many gringos in the former, more in the latter.

Easy Rider
05-29-02, 18:45
Originally posted by I LOVE LATINAS
I hve made plenty of trips to laredo , can anyone suggest a place equal to laredo not that far off, prefferebly where there is not so many americans?

Boys towns are allways full of loud mouthed, gringos. Check out my posts about Paradise Club in Matamoros.

I agree that the Reynosa boys town is a place to avoid, for the non spanish speaker.

05-30-02, 01:05
Hi, does anyoine knows about she-males places in Nuevo Laredo ? tanxs

Fish Head Jones
05-30-02, 02:44
Originally posted by vaderetro
Hi, does anyoine knows about she-males places in Nuevo Laredo ? tanxs

There's a guy named Zelda who rides these boards. Perhaps you can hook up with him when cruising for TVs Trannies and other freaks.

05-30-02, 06:38

Amigo, Cherubino is going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your reason for asking about the she-male places is the same as ours.

As healthy heterosexual males, the only reason most of us have any interest in hearing about TVs, she-males and other freaks is so we will know where to avoid them.

With that in mind, welcome to the board and please do share any information we can use.

05-31-02, 01:21
I'm going to Boystown (NL) this weekend. Does anyone know of a cheap hotel close by? Also, if anyone's gonna be around, let me know if you want to grab some drinks and check out the ladies.

05-31-02, 06:45
Hi Freed

Welcome aboard, but for heaven's sake RTFM! Or in this case read the posts here and in the archives. Had you done that before posting your first message asking about hotels you would have found quite a few specific posts including recomendations by those in the know.

Some of the information about NL hotels is in the archives of the old forum, but still good information.

06-01-02, 21:21
Went to Boystown a couple of weeks ago...Been there a few times, but still learning the ropes...What would you suggest as to how to get the aggressive girls to leave you alone without hurting their feelings...I like to look around for a few hours before I find a girl I like...The place I have found is very safe and the people are friendly....I guess that if you act right, you will be treated right...When I go, I normally go alone because I really don't know anyone that would be interested in BT...I usually meet up with people once I get there...I have learned that the Americans down there like to stick together....Each time I have gone down there I have meet many different people from all walks of life ....Students....Businessmen....Professors....Teachers...Lawyers.They are all down there to have a good time....I think that is why it is so safe down there...Most of the visitors are just normal people out to have a good time....I am planning a trip back sometime in July...If anyone is going to be down there at that time....Let me know...I might be able to learn something that I didnot know about BT....

El Putero
06-02-02, 19:50
According to my spanish phrase book you might say something like -

I'm just looking - solo estoy mirando
I have to go - tengo que irme
some other time, please - otro dia, por favor
I'm leaving - me voy
next time - la proxima vez
I'm tired - estoy cansado
I should go home - tengo que volver a casa
don't be offended - no te ofendas

But probably NOT something like -

don't bother me - no me molestes
you're not my type - no eres mi tipo
leave me alone - dejame en paz
I'm homosexual - soy homosexual

Easy Rider
06-03-02, 01:47
cka, i just tell em tengo novia aqui.......i have a girl friend here....

They usually don't want trouble with a fellow dancer, so they split quickly.....

At Paradise in Matamoros, they have orders not to bother you. If you don't invite one over, you will sit alone all night.

I prefer a well managed club.

06-04-02, 05:54
Hello again Beavis.
I have been in Jamaica for a month and couldn't acess the WSG. I will be in BT in NL this weekend. Have you been there recently? If so, what's new? In March, Papa's was not the happening place. Club 123, TaBu, and Tamikyo's were the best clubs. Still the best?
BTW, how's "Denise"??

Lastly, is anyone gonna be in BT this weekend? I am flying in on Thursday and leaving on Sunday.

06-04-02, 06:42
JT: Very possible Cherubino will be there Thursday or Friday night.

06-06-02, 04:40
I will be frequenting Club 123, TABU, and Tamikyo's. Email me at jrtjr75@hotmail.com if you are going to BT this weekend and want to have a beer.

06-06-02, 07:10

Your jrtjr75@hotmail.com address bounced.

Cherubino plans to make an appearance Friday night at BT, maybe Saturday if the $$$ hold out. Look for white beard, black cowboy hat, red/black western shirt... Hell that describes half the Texans in BT!

Try me at cherubino@indiainfo.com if you want to set up something more definate.

Easy Rider
06-07-02, 02:03
Originally posted by JT.
I will be frequenting Club 123, TABU, and Tamikyo's. Email me at jrtjr75@hotmail.com if you are going to BT this weekend and want to have a beer.

Hey JT. When you guys get back tell me about 123. That's where my old girls from Paradise Matamoros are working now. They both have M. Monroe bodies, had blonde hair, are tall for Mexican woman, and might well be the best two in the joint. Here there names were Dulce and Glady's. But be discret. They might get pissed if you go around asking for them by those names. Just be on the lookout for chicas that fit the description, and ask them innocently if they ever worked in Matamoros.

Dulce's trademark here was she always gave her client a Hershey's chocolate kiss. Take some with you for positive ID. She's a damn nice kid. I highly recommend her.

I'm jealous already about your future trip report......

06-07-02, 14:10
I love Latinas....A good place close to the border where there are very few gringos and lots of Mexican? Try San Antonio, Laredo, Dallas, Houston, Austin, OKC, STL, Chicago.Hell mano, all the mexican are in the United States leaving Mexico to those of us gringos that live here. BTW, all wanting to buy beers for others, I'm here at the casa in NL every weekend!

06-07-02, 14:10
I love Latinas....A good place close to the border where there are very few gringos and lots of Mexican? Try San Antonio, Laredo, Dallas, Houston, Austin, OKC, STL, Chicago.Hell mano, all the mexican are in the United States leaving Mexico to those of us gringos that live here. BTW, all wanting to buy beers for others, I'm here at the casa in NL every weekend!

06-07-02, 18:03
Guys if you know of any warehouse's available for rent on a nightly basis in El Paso or Jaurez let me know. Should be able to hold 300 to 400 people and in an area with no trouble don't want no party stoppers.

06-07-02, 19:07
First rule of thumb on this board everyone is thought to be a cop myself included until proven otherwise so use a little more discretion. With that in mind post as you see fit. Hey I know this is off the beaten path of street walkers but I think that David westerling might get off. It's sick who ever did that to that little girl Danielle Van Dam, but her own fucking parents look a whole lot more suspicious than the Ramseys. I think anyone who would do such things should be hanged!!! The suspect just doesn't appear the type Too much money and well to do to be so stupid and loose it all. They have nothing, previous acts, all they have are a few cd's or zips with photos and what guy in America doesn't have word to the wise becareful what you store on your pc. Any thoughts???

06-07-02, 19:51
Cherubino, I apologize for the email mixup. I was a little drunk when I posted the message. My email (for this room) is JRTJR@hotmail.com.
Anyways, I will be in BT on Fri wearing a tan shirt with the American flag on it and a picture of a salmon (it also says Alaska)
On Sat, I will be wearing a grey t shirt saying GAP Athletic XXL on it.
I am usually in Club 123 (ask for Miguel from the mob of waitstaff outside and he'll treat you like a king and also know's me, "Jim from Michigan"), TaBu, or Tamikyo's.

Hope to see ya there! JT

06-08-02, 02:44
Humphertits...Regarding whse space in El Paso/Juarez. I'm sure it's there having lived in Juarez for a couple of years. Anything is available for a price. The cost will be high in accessorials though. The cops will not allow that type of gathering to happen without their hands out. Big hands. Having said that, talk to the Lopez brothers at Genesis Massage on Monte Oca. Tell them Porter sent you. I know of a bldg they were going to convert that might fit what you are looking for. If they still hold the lease, they will work with you. Stay the hell away from the club owners in the zona though. They will Fuck U! Forget El Paso for the same reason. Hope this helps!

06-08-02, 04:54
Stand by for Cherubino's second Boys Town report:

Last month's rainy night visit to BT was just enough to whet the monger's appetite. A trip to San Antonio this week put Cherubino within striking distance of Nuevo Laredo and the 150-mile drive was well worth the trouble.

After driving through some hellacious thunderstorms north of town, Cherubino was relieved to find Nuevo Laredo dry and mud free upon arrival. With this second visit to NL BT comes greater familiarity with the layout of the place. The city planners or cartographers who named the BT compound streets Casanova, Cleopatra and Lucrezia Borgia obviously had a sense of history and a sense of humor.

Cherubino several times made the rounds of Ta-Bu, Club 123 and Tamikos but was not spotted by JT or anyone else on this board. Using a cell phone to connect to the internet is problematic at best and so Cherubino was not able to check email or latest posts on the board. Next time, and there will be a next time, we will have to setup a more definite meeting with you fellow mongers. The first round of cold one is still on Cherubino!

Armed with Beavis' descriptions and directions from this board, Cherubino found his sweetheart Adriana standing in front of her room. As Beavis says, Adriana is real hot and a real find. She was a good start to an active evening. Adriana apparently has to share egress to another girl's room through hers, which could make for an awkward situation if you were in mid-stroke when somebody else needed in or out. A little bit of negotiating ended up with Cherubino getting Beavis' same $25 deal for BJ, full service, completely nude. Adriana is a nice girl with a good attitude. Treat her like a lady and you will be well rewarded.

Cherubino's next visit was with another of the room girls named Veronica, middle street several doors west of Marabu. Veronica turned out to be a practiced bait-and-switch artist who spent the entire 20 minutes in bed negotiating for an extra $5 to take off her bra, another extra $5 to get on top, still another $5 to finish with another BJ, etc. Altogether, Veronica turned out to be a cold fish. You pays your money, you takes your chances.

In between visits with the room girls, Cherubino continued checking back at Ta-Bu, Club 123 and Tamikos as well as some of the others. Just as last month, Marabu was all but deserted. The other places like 123 and Tamikos which had been fairly well populated on a Friday night last month were decidedly less active on this Thursday night.

One interesting thing Cherubino noted on this visit was the accuracy with which the girls remembered him from his last visit. A couple of the girls in Papagayos made a point of remembering last month's converstions, and Brenda who had been such a pleasant time in her room last month greeted Cherubino with hugs and kisses. Even a couple of the industrial-strength uglies who had been so hard to shake last month just looked at Cherubino this time and decided not waste their time trying their routines again tonight. Clearly, the girls do remember their regulars. It has come up several times on this board the question about how to get a girl to do an all-night at your hotel. Obviously after the girl gets to know you this is a possibility.

While the action at most of the other clubs seemed quite subdued this Thursday night, Papagayos was full of people and so this is where Cherubino ended up coming back to over and over again this night. Cherubino does not like to sit down much and prefers to remain afoot and mobile.

Back at Papagayos, Cherubino enjoyed a couple of drinks and a good conversation with Norma from Monterrey. The fact that Cherubino's half-century-old body had already gone two rounds tonight did not dissuade Norma who finally managed to convince that she was the one to get one more performance out of Cherubino this night. An hour in her room was bargained down from $80 to $60 plus $11 for the room and $2 for towel. Norma has long black hair and a pretty smile. She might be hard to find when you visit BT because she says she spends one week at BT then back home for a week or two weeks. She is a goal-oriented girl who says as soon as the house in Monterrey is paid for she is through with BT. Don't let that stop you from looking for her because Cherubino chooses girls as much for attitude as for looks and Norma was a very good time in all respects.

By 3am Cherubino had done three girls in one evening and was physically spent. Only then was it that Cherubino spotted Ann Marie in Papagayos. She is truly stunning, a beautiful face, bedroom eyes, frosted hair, and a body to die for... a sure 9.0.. make that a 9.9. Says she is 29, about 115 pounds. Ann Marie from Monterrey says she has been in NL for one week tonight.

Ann Marie was sympathetic with Cherubino's exhausted condition and offered up a rejuvenating massage, and a promise that she would make it her mission to get one more lovemaking session out of Cherubino this night. Most enticing of all at that point in the early morning was the promise that her room had a working air conditioner.

Ann Marie did not have to say anything more about price than her first mention of $60. At this point Cherubino was thinking to himself that even if the old Evenrude could not be started again tonight that a massage and seeing Ann Marie's terrific body outside her clothes would be a feast for the eyes and well worth the price.

Cherubino paid $11 for the room and tipped the towel girl $2 as insurance against an early knock on the door.

In her room Ann Marie sure proved herself to be different from her predecessors this evening. Cherubino enjoys undressing a girl more than unwrapping a Christmas present but most of the girls can have all their clothes off and piled on the floor before you can say feliz navidad. Ann Marie enjoyed being undressed by a happy Cherubino and she took her time undressing him.

Over the years Cherubino has found that most working girls will not kiss on the lips. Adriana, Veronica and Norma are among these. Perhaps that is something they feel the need to hold back. Ann Marie had no such inhibitions this night and warmed up with a series of deliciously long French kisses.

An exhausted Cherubino was perfectly content with just that much GFE, but there was more to come.

With clothes piled on the floor, the next order of business was the promised massage. Ann Marie started off with a warm towel bath, a stimulating transition on the skin from warm towel to being cooled by the breeze of the air conditioner... and the massage was everything it was promised to be.

Next came the best BJ in many outings and this was enough to jump-start the engine for one really exhausting session of lovemaking.

All of this, and Ann Marie never asked for her payment. That had to be the best GFE touch of all so along with all the aforementioned earned her a generous tip in addition to the $60.

Cherubino cannot recommend Ann Marie enough. If you are lucky enough to meet this girl at Papagayos you are in for a real treat. Treat her well.

06-08-02, 05:50
Originally posted by easyrider

Hey JT. When you guys get back tell me about 123. That's where my old girls from Paradise Matamoros are working now.

Yo Easy,

Sorry I did not have a chance to read your post until I had come and gone.

I did talk to a blonde in 123 last night, she did not seem very responsive to me. At my age I expect to get that from some of the younger ones.

In two weeks I will take some Hershey's chocolate kisses with me and try there again.

Easy Rider
06-08-02, 14:05

Cherubino cannot recommend Ann Marie enough. If you are lucky enough to meet this girl at Papagayos you are in for a real treat.

allright god damnit. I guess I have no excuse left for not driving up to NL Ann Marie huh....man .....do you think she will still be there next weekend?

I just got back from a very bad night in boys town reynosa. Do not, I repeat do not go there. Check out my Reynosa post in that god awful BT. I drove by some great street walkers in downtown reynosa however, and i should have yielded to temptation and picked one up. And then went home....

06-08-02, 14:59
COme on up and sample what we have to offer Easy....Sorry I missed you again. My ol lady's mother showed up unexpectedly yesterday from Monclova. She thought we were getting married this weekend, but she was wrong. It's taking time to get all the immigration documents in order. You're right "C". we do need to set up something that all of us in this area can get together with. There is a lot of interest in BT and it's growing. Some of us over at ********** or working on this idea. We'll try to make it when Beavis is ashore and can join us. He's a helluva nice guy and his spanish is fantastic.

06-08-02, 18:33
Originally posted by easyrider
Ann Marie huh....man .....do you think she will still be there next weekend?

I hope so, and you have NO IDEA how much I hope she will still be there in two weeks! Ann Marie turned out to be that rarest of combinations: a fantastic attitude in a gorgeous body. This girl is a lady so you be sure to treat her as such.

IF you decide to go looking for my girl Ann Marie,
IF you find her,
IF you get an email address or phone number for her,
IF you feel like sharing it,
I would appreciate that. cherubino@indiainfo.com

Like the exhausted, pussy-whipped fool I was that night, I did not think to ask her for a point of contact. I would not mind trying to set Ann Marie up for an all-nighter in two weeks. Even without a way to contact her, I WILL go looking for that girl on my next visit in two weeks. She is a keeper

06-08-02, 20:16
borderjumper Thanks for the useful contacts and precautions. I am interested in doing various functions the large ones I would want to do on a changing location by word of mouth bimonthly & in El paso Iam also interested in doing small events 25- 35 tops in Jaurez Girls etc Sounds like Anne Marie shold be one of them. guys keep up the good work on this board

06-09-02, 00:27
easy, i went into 123 last night and found glady's. i did her on my last trip in march! what a small world! anyways, i did this chick named jessica there last night. my waiter friend (miguel) told me that she never sleeps with guys, she just dances! this just added fuel to the fire! after agressive negotiations with her for about a half hour, she agreed to do the deed for $110. yes, that was not a type o. jt likes to get what "can't" ge gotten! the thrill of getting the forbidden fruit was just as much turn on as her beautiful "cat like" eyes! she was extremely beautiful!!! in the sack she was quite fulfilling too! i am definately gonna try contacting ann marie in pappa's tonight. i have to look at her first, because i tend to be attracted to the 19-23 yr olds most of the time, since i am just a month shy of my 27th bday myself.
anyways, i will post more in the near future!

by the way, never go to pimp daddy's club. i paid this 19yr gal 40 bucks last night for an hour. she was 19 yrs old and had a nice body and face. that price should've tipped off sirens in my head, but i was using the wrong head. she turned out to be a crackhead!! i am serious!!! in the room, she took off her clothes, then went into her bathroom for a few minutes. a minute later, her sister came in and joined her in the bathroom. i soon became a little curious, since it was my dime on the line, and proceeded to the bathroom. i peeped in to find the two sharing a coke can pipe with crack in it!!!!! being in the military (i can't even inhale the smoke from that stuff out of fear of urinalysis), my ass is on the line if i inhale even small quantities of second hand smoke. i was pissed. i walked out and told the american owner that his bargirls were crackheads, and that i would warn all of you in the wsg about his place, "pimp daddy's", located on the second from last street to the left. it is on the left side of that street!!!

06-09-02, 18:40
Originally posted by borderjumper
COme on up and sample what we have to offer Easy....Sorry I missed you again. My ol lady's mother showed up unexpectedly yesterday from Monclova. She thought we were getting married this weekend, but she was wrong. It's taking time to get all the immigration documents in order.

Wow BJ, that sounds damned serious!

The need to maintain the macho persona is going to keep most of the mongers here from admitting such, but every guy who ever saw "Pretty Woman" deep down really wants to play Richard Gere and that makes us all pretty jealous of you.

I think what you are proving to all of us is that no mater where we go we have the opportunity to find good and decent people. I pity the lonely monger with a bad attitude who goes to BT and constantly finds his attitude mirrored by the girls he meets.

We know the girls are not working nights at BT except out of economic necessity. A lot of them are good people and with them a little respect and kindness goes a long way and is often reciprocated. There is even the possibility, remote though it might be, that we might be so lucky as you and your lady.

You are a gentlemen for permitting all the rest of us to share vicarious pleasure in your good fortune. You and your lady have my sincerest best wishes.

Easy Rider
06-10-02, 00:17
[QUOTE]Originally posted by JT.
[i]EASY, I went into 123 last night and found Glady's. I did her on my last trip in March! what a small world! Anyways, I did this

Well come on. Spill the news. How much did she get out of you? No BS now. Lets work together and keep these hottie's honest. How was she?

You didn't meet her/my friend Dulce? Did you ask her about Dulce?

We talkin the same girl? Did she say if she had worked here at Paradise Men's Club?

Easy Rider
06-10-02, 00:23
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Cherubino

I think what you are proving to all of us is that no mater where we go we have the opportunity to find good and decent people. I pity the lonely monger with a bad attitude who goes to BT and constantly finds his attitude mirrored by the girls he meets.

We know the girls are not working nights at BT except out of economic necessity. A lot of them are good people and with them a little respect and kindness goes a long way and is often reciprocated.

Gentlemen, I couldn't have said that better myself. Especially the first paragraph.

I guess I need to forgive all the bad attitude *****s I meet in Pussycat Friday nite, in Reynosa, (yes I do get out of town, and go to other clubs, once in awhile). They have to deal continuously with wild ass Texas boys who have the exact opposite attitude of us.

06-10-02, 05:38
Easy, I don't really remember how much Gladys was at the time. I do know that I NEVER pay more than $70, and that's usually for an hour.

Well, I just spent my last night in BT. I am now back in Michigan planning my next trip down to male Disneyland. I started my endeavors early, about 9:30 pm. I started with a "cum and run" street gal named Olga. She was very beautiful on the outside, but I soon realized that her attitude was not as nice. I agreed to 20 bucks without clothes and with a BJ. From the moment we were in her room until I was finished, she nickel and dimed me to death ($3 for doggy style, $3 for another position, $5 for a photo, $10 for a topless photo, etc....) The girl even had the audacity of rolling her eyes when I was (finally) getting off. She was a complete disappointment.
Next, I was off to Club 1 2 3. I had banged every single girl in the place during my three visits this year (except for one girl who was a little freaky, sticking lit cigarettes into both holes on stage). JT has a cardinal rule when traveling to BT, "Never do the same gal more than once". This is to reduce exposure to feelings and potential relationships. JT does, however, treat all women with dignity and respect.
I then ventured to Tamikyos, where I seen Denise (the back cracker and messager). She hounded me to patronize her, but my cardinal rule wouldn't allow that. I did find a very cute young latina who made me very happy in the bedroom. She looked kinda like J-LO, but a little shorter. She was $50 for an hour, and of course I tipped her generously ($15), because she did everything I wanted her to do, even an oil rubdown. OOO LA LA!!
Next, I went to TA BU, where I propositioned a cute short-haired beauty for loven, but she said she only "dances". So, back to the ole drawing board. I now found myself in Papagayos, yes I said Papagayos. The night before I spotted a cute honey and hoped she was ther now. Well, she wasn't there, so I targeted a Spainish looking Mexicana with long wavey black hair. She was petite and quite beautiful. She said that she doesn't participate in sexual relations for less than $90. A half hour later, I was off to the bedroom for the third time this night, for $65. She was an EXTREME disappointment!!! I secretely popped a Blue Pill when were were making small talk, and she soon found that I was a little more than what she had bargained for. After a full half hour of action, I still hadn't relieved myself. We earlier agreed on a 45 minute time limit, but she completely refused to go on for another 15 minutes!!! I was pissed!!! She argued that she never encountered a guy who lasted that long in her 8 months of employment in the industry. She simply got dressed and walked out of the room!!! I was gumfounded!!! Oh well, I was still horney, so I found another street gal and gave her $30 for an full hour (without clothes). I came in three minutes! Oh well, a little charity does a heathen like me good once in a while.

So, all in all here are my conclusions for this trip to BT.
1. Papagayos is (and has been for at least a year) steadily going down hill. The caliber of gals (from my personal experiences there) are getting lower and lower with each trip I take down there.
2. Club 1 2 3 has knockouts. I predict that this club will soon surpass Pappagayo's as the most popular club in BT.
3. TABU is my second favorite club in BT. I never had a bad experience there yet.
4. Next in line is Tamikyo's. This club usually has a couple new hot darlings every time I come back.
5. NEVER go to "Pimp Daddy's" Club. Read my post on it from Saturday!

Peace Out!

real lucky
06-12-02, 21:32
have been to NL BT several times however its been several years. My wife is interested in a 3 or 4 way with girls & myself.

In the past I rarely did the room gig but would find 1 or 2 girls I liked and take them to my hotel.

My recolection is they never really did each other.

My wife & I would like to go down and pick up a couple of girls and take them to our hotel however I'm wondering if I'm barking up the wrong tree for this kind of action in NL BT?

Anyone ever seen any women in BT with there man or friends that were not working there?

Imput please.

real lucky
06-12-02, 21:46
I don't think I made my questions clear.

1) Do any of you guys know of any girls in any of the clubs in BT that do other girls?

2) Have you ever seen a guy in BT with his wife or a girlfriend. Do you think this will be "accepted" by the workers.....i.e. bartenders, club owners, girls etc.

In addition I used to like Maribu. any recent info?


06-13-02, 15:40
Is anyone going to be at boystown Friday night? I'm thinking about heading down from Austin for the evening. I've been a few times before, but I'm always looking for more info about this adult playground we call mexico.

Easy Rider
06-14-02, 00:45
They do in Matamoros. Alot of lesbo gringas come across the border and buy private dances.

If you want to motivate the mexican shy girls, just say you wanna buy un show lesbiana. Give them the option and excuse to each other, of it just being a "show". It gets them over there inherant total privacy and discretion, that mexican woman are known for.

If they can tell each other its just a "show", then they are more apt to do it for you.

Its worked for me....

Easy Rider
06-14-02, 19:36
Originally posted by borderjumper
COme on up and sample what we have to offer Easy....Sorry I missed you again.

I will. Thanks. I'm planning a trip up there now, with my favorite horndog buddy. I'll let you know.

Hey for all you guys who doubt me about Paradise Men's Club, go check out the matamoros archives. They just updated them and have some real good posts on Paradise, as well as other clubs here in matamoros.

Mic Jagger
06-17-02, 00:43
Hey TEX, next time your planning a road trip to Mex drop me a line. I'm from Austin also and have been to La Zona numerous times. later.

06-20-02, 01:31
Hey Guys what's new in our favorite place ?

06-21-02, 14:17
It's still here!

Easy Rider
06-21-02, 19:48

06-22-02, 05:13
O.K. a follow up since returning to the active roster. As a few of you know I tried the GF thing but same old song and dance, it never changes so “I’m Back” !

Anyway I did the NL scene last night. My luck still is running good. I arrived around 5:00 which is very early but there are always a few out and about. I rode over to Boys Town looking for a quick afternoon warmup. Made a few passes but there weren’t many girls because of the heat. I finally found a room girl with a pretty smile named Kenia. 19 years old, pretty, and another good discovery for a room girl. She said $40 but I said that was too much for a room girl so she countered with $30.

She turned out to be very good, BBBJ and even kissed which is rare for a one of the girls in the rooms. Actually she was visiting another girl in one of the rooms so we had to go to that ½ star Hotel in Boys Town which added $12 to the bill but it was still worth it even though it lasted for only a short period of time. The 1st round in Boys town for me is usually like a rocket taking off which is why I like to start with one of the street girls as they are an economical advantage as I know I wont last but un ratito.

I finished with Kenia and went and rented a room at the Hotel Pedregal. Ask for room # 9 if you ever stay here. Good AC, TV, and a noisy King Size bed. I always stay here as it is close to Boys Town.

After this I went to centro and went to the bar Salamanca and had a couple of the 2 for one drinks just to kill a little time. Left here and went to the Herradura around 7:15. There weren’t many people but there were a few girls and the average was much better as there were a few decent looking girls in here. Several were making the eye contact and finally one named Crystal came over. This girl is 28 with long black hair and a nice set of hooters. She is also very pretty. She isn’t one of the knockouts but definitely worth a look. After talking to her I found out that she also works at Tamykos but does the Herradura in the afternoon. I asked how much and she said $70 for an hour then countered with $50 for an hour back at my room.

The good thing about this is you won’t get a knock on the door. We were back at my hotel by 7:45 and I managed to do the deed twice by 9:10. It isn’t even 9:30 yet and I have already been laid 3 times and I left my house at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Crystal said she needed to go to work at Tamykos so I took her there and while she was changing sat at the bar and had a beer. A few minutes later she came back out and sat down with me at the bar. After some deep thought on my evening I figured I had better hang on to this one so I paid her salida and decided to keep her for the entire night.

At 9:55 we left Tamykos and went to Marabu as Cherubino was going to meet me there at 10:00. I met with Cherubino who is a very nice guy and after a while he and Perla teamed up for the night. At 12:30 or so Cherubino and Perla left for his hotel and Crystal and Beavis left for mine. After being laid 3 times already and several beers and Tequilas there would be no more sex until the manana so I sleep all night with a pretty girl with big hooters.

In the am I did manage to do justice to that thing 3 more times before 11:30 as we met Cherubino and Perla for lunch. I had debated on staying another night or going to Piedras Negras but decided on going back home instead as I was pretty much Fucked Out after 18 hours. If you go down look for Crystal at Tamykos she is a sweet girl and knows what she is doing. I think Cherubino hooked up with her after I left or at least that was his plan.

It is great to have the opportunity to do this in your own back yard, however my back yard is going to change in August as I am accepting a job in Brazil so Beavis is going to have to learn another language.

Boys Town still rocks !!

06-23-02, 17:59
Stand by for Cherubino's third Boys Town report (part 1 of 2):

Thursday night Beavis and Cherubino met in person for the first time, and BT will never again be the same, at least for Cherubino. More on that in part two.

The plan had been to try to hook up with Borderjumper too, but once again we failed to make connections. Cherubino was rather looking forward to meeting him to see if, as Beavis, he turned out to be the stand-up guy as he appears through his writing.

Cherubino started off the evening on the previously proclaimed quest to find Ann Marie who had been such a good GFE at Papagayos two weeks ago. Unfortunately Cherubino came up dry, no Ann Marie and nobody who knew her by that name.

Soon it was time to be off to Marabu to hook up with Beavis. Marabu was all but deserted as before, only one table in the back occupied with customers. Cherubino took a table up front and was joined by a couple of the girls, #5s but pleasant and not very aggressive. At the appointed hour, Beavis arrived with his lady of this evening in tow. He turned out to be a super guy and acted a perfect gentlemen with the ladies. Beavis had already struck gold this evening. His Crystal was a very pretty girl dressed to the nines in a black dress having the three main elements: short, low and tight. For those of you younger mongers, to a 50s monger a "really beautiful girl" is a 28 year old, slightly athletic who pays attention to diet and exercise and does not show much sign of the two kids.

By this time the two girls who had first joined Cherubino had given up and moved on, to whom we shall never know because Marabu was still deserted. Some good conversation was enjoyed all around, by Beavis, Cherubino and Crystal, Spanish and English since both Cherubino and Beavis seem to be equally fluent.

Both Beavis and Cherubino had been disappointed earlier this evening to find that our favorite room girl Adriana has moved on and is no longer in room #2 described in some previous posts. To our good fortune we did not have to long lament this loss; and besides Adriana could be back in time for next visit.

At this point Cherubino was still thinking in terms of making another pass through Papagayos on the slight chance that Ann Marie might yet turn up but that got discarded when Perla from Monterrey arrived on the scene. Beavis had read a recommendation of this girl and though she was okay. Perla says she is 21, is tall, well-built though less pretty in the face. She joined in the conversation for awhile then after some drinks and a little dancing Cherubino was about ready to take the bird in the hand rather than go back to the bush at Papagayos. So long Ann Marie.

It was based in part on Beavis' repeating the good reports on Perla that Cherubino decided to go all out with an all-nighter with Perla. The asking price was $200 and Cherubino just did not see the point in trying to haggle it down by fifty, mostly out of a suspicion that said negotiations if successful would not leave the girl in a mood for her best performance. Since it was still early, Marabu is in for a $30 bar fine. Cherubino had not yet checked into a motel for the night and when that came up we found out that for only another $10 on top of the bar fine that a room was available there for the night. Done deal.

Beavis & Crystal, and Cherubino and Perla agreed to meet for breakfast then broke camp.

Perla had passed the initial "cold fish test" which for those who have not had it otherwise explained is a PDA (public display of affection). Unfortunately, Perla's initial evaluation was incomplete and she proved to have some attitude issues in the bedroom, albeit true that she mostly made up with performance what she lacked in attitude.

Perla does not kiss on the lips, but that is common. She tends to pull your hands away from favorite toys such as nipples and pussy lips. Most annoying of all is this efficient maneuver she has whereby she can instantly wrap herself in the bedsheet neck to toes so that you are dealing with sort of a body size condom. Within the bounds of acceptable gentlemanly behavior there was no way to get the goodies unwrapped as fast as she can wrap up the package again.

All that aside, Perla gives a first rate blow job but not even that compared this night with the performance of the ol '51 model Evenrude. Admittedly the performance of the ol engine is not what it was 20 years ago but from time to time it chooses to keep running nonstop past the first hour. This was Perla's lucky night and before the end of the second hour and a half dozen positions she was begging for a rest. Hearing that cry, real or feigned, from a chica thirty years younger is music to the ears and enough to keep it up an extra fifteen minutes. Evenrude was just not ready to quit so Perla started up that annoying bedsheet wrapping routine. That put a stop to the lovemaking for the night leaving a slightly frustrated Cherubino to make do with cuddling a sheet-wrapped Perla while Evenrude continued to idle another half hour.

That performance came out of nowhere and without the blue pill. Beavis and Cherubino had talked about how we had previously started off with one of the room girls as a warm up lap because the first fuck of the night was frequently a short one. Cherubino had not done that tonight and so will see if repeating this again has the same effect on Evenrude next time.

After just a few hours sleep, Perla and Cherubino went one more round in the morning. One very good BJ and two positions before Evenrude backfired and ran out of gas.

Cherubino and Perla then went down the street a restaurant on Monterrey a few blocks north of BT to meet an apparently satisfied Beavis & Crystal for lunch.

The final word on Perla has to be that she is a girl who gives the customer what they paid for, but to some extent does it while exuding the attitude that says she is not going to act like she is enjoying herself because acting was not part of the contract. Cherubino is not complaining too loudly here, but $200 was top dollar... money not wasted but which night have been better spent on three or four separate hours with different chicas.

Stay tuned for part two... Cherubino is sending the text to Beavis to get his reaction first.

(part 2 of 2)

Beavis did not have a problem with me telling all on his girl (he also did not seem to have the same problem as did Cherubino either) so here goes:

In part one, Cherubino mentioned that Beavis had struck gold with Crystal. Cherubino was also quite taken with this girl and warned Beavis to guard his find closely.

Over lunch that Friday morning, Beavis and Cherubino chatted over plans for the day while the girls chatted some in Spanish. Beavis was not sure which way to go, and so Cherubino got directions to where he had found Crystal and warned him that if he did not guard his property that Cherubino was known to be a thief.

A few hours later after returning Perla to Marabu, Cherubino made his first visit to downtown NL in search of Beavis' Crystal and found her right where he said she would be at Club Herradura. Crystal seemed to be at once surprised and pleased to see Cherubino again. We sat down to have a drink because supposedly Beavis might be arriving a little later and Cherubino fully intended to do the gentlemanly thing for at least a while before moving in on the other guy's chica.

Well time passed and Beavis never showed, the conversation got more intimate, so Cherubino decided to make his move. Crystal and Cherubino had been conversing about "how do you translate this or that in Spanish?" when Cherubino gently planted a kiss which was warmly received and went on for at least minute and a half of tongue on tongue. Cold Fish test passed with flying colors and a PDA!

Cherubino asked "How do you translate that?" to which Crystal just blushed all the way down to her cleavage. Cherubino told her the translation is "I don't want to wait any longer make love to you because I am going to be gone tomorrow."

Thus began an extraordinarily frank dialog, Crystal soon saying the truth was that she wanted to regalar (give) herself to Cherubino to be close to him too. Keep that word "regalar" in mind.

Cherubino is going to look back on this day as graduation day because previously he had not felt comfortable claiming to be genuinely fluent in Spanish. After making this conversation work though, Cherubino feels he has graduated to another level of language proficiency.

Without further delay, Cherubino and Crystal were hand in hand out the door and checked into the Villa Real motel for four nonstop hours of lovemaking. Today that many hours exceeds the normal capacity of Evenrude. Finally even the fluffings of the BBBJs could not get another performance out of Evenrude and so Cherubino and Crystal just collapsed in exhaustion.

There was no rest for the weary because Crystal had to maintain good relations by showing up for work at Tamykos. The plan was for her to go in first, get dressed for work then for Cherubino to come in to pick her up. It all thus went like clockwork. Crystal appeared at the door to Tamykos and turned at least a couple of guys heads as she was clearly the most beautiful girl in the place. Cherubino had been waiting at a table while fighting off the more aggressive girls. After a couple of drinks, Crystal says if she could have $40 to pay the bar fine that she wanted to go back to the motel. This was the first time money had come up in conversation all day and at that Cherubino started going over in his mind the meaning of that word "regalar". There was not enough time to contemplate all of the ramifications other than the fact that Cherubino to this point would normally have parted with at least one fifty or a hundred dollar bill and this night the money was still in his pocket.

It was back to the motel for another hour of lovemaking then into the night with more hours of powerful pillow talk some of which Beavis might not want put into print and so Cherubino will not.

A few short hours of sleep holding a pretty girl in arms, and one last hour of morning lovemaking left Cherubino an exhausted, satisfied, yet a strangely uneasy monger.

Again that Spanish word "regalar" kept going through Cherubino's head and the fact this girl had not mentioned a word about money save the aforementioned bar fine was starting to soak in. The ramifications made Cherubino a little dizzy. That was the state of mind when Cherubino slipped a couple of hundreds into Crystal's bag while she was in the shower then watched to see if she found them which she apparently did not. A misty eyed farewell soon followed and Cherubino was then headed north on Interstate 35 allowing the flight response to run its course.

So the question for you mongers is did Cherubino get a freebee? In several decades of mongering that never happened before and since the C notes got dropped into the purse it is arguable here as well. The truth lies somewhere between a real GFE and being rolled by a consummate pro. Cherubino is embarrassed to admit that Crystal did something no other working girl had ever done before and that was to get inside his head. This one may take some time to work its way through Cherubino's system. He may be out of commission here for awhile... at least until Cherubino figures out whether or not to dial Crystal's cell phone number or to try to forget the girl.

Damn you Borderjumper, if you had never shared your good fortune with all of us Cherubino would not now be in such a state of confusion now wondering if it possible for lightning to strike twice.

Easy Rider
06-24-02, 04:42

06-24-02, 07:13
Originally posted by easyrider
Yo Easyrider!

Sorry about the missed connections, again. Drop a line to cherubino@indiainfo.com and we will be sure to setup something more definate for next trip.

Cherubino is still recovering, but there WILL be a next trip.

06-24-02, 14:22
I made my rookie appearance in Boys Town Saturday night and thought I’d share a quick trip report. I paid $8 to park (24 hrs) in the city lot just west of bridge #1 and walked across about 6:30 Saturday evening. I strolled around a lot and found my way down to Central Camionera to check on the bus departures for an upcoming trip. By the time I’d eaten and walked back to the 1st big Plaza on Guerrero St. it was almost 10 o’clock and late enough to head to BT. I asked a cabbie to take me to club 123 and off we went. ($10).

About 20 guys were watching the dancers at 123 but only a couple of girls sitting alone behind me. At least one of the two was a real stunner, but I declined the waiter’s offer to send a girl over as I wasn’t ready to dive right in. After a quick beer I moved on and checked some other clubs and the street scene. I guess I was surprised that I could hang around and check things out and hardly ever be aggressively hustled by the women or the men. I did make a rookie mistake in Tambu by allowing a pleasant enough looking latina named Conie seat herself on my lap and before I knew what was happening I’d bought her a 4 dollar glass of O.J. I wasn’t interested in spending any more money on her, and she left her drink and a lit cigarette at my table and moved on.

I did a beer at each bar for a while and making a quick tour of the place. I hadn’t expected the room girls to be much, but I was pleasantly surprised to pass so many very hot looking girls in the doorways. However, I know myself well enough to know that I wasn’t ready for a quick Wham Bam deal in the rooms without some some sort of GFE to get myself warmed up.

I hadn’t been to Papaguayo’s yet, and having read this board for a couple of months, I was not expecting much, but again I was pleasantly surprised.. the place was fairly packed and there were plenty of unattached and good looking women circulating. I found an ideal perch at the far side of the bar to have a beer and survey the scene. The first girl who joined me was Jimena, a very friendly 30’ish lady with beautiful eyes. She spoke no english and my spanish is only at the advanced beginner stage, but for the first time that evening I was able to have a nice conversation with her. After she’d asked several times I bought her a shot of Tequila (just 2 bucks this time) and we visited at the bar for half an hour before talking about going to the room. Jimena wasn’t into the crotch grabbing approach, but had started rubbing her legs and body against me which was enough for me to tell that I could get into sex with this woman. She started at $70, but quickly lowered that to $60 when I hesitated. I paid the extra $11 fee to the bar and $2 to the towel girls and we were good to go. Only there were no rooms available. So we stood along the wall outside chatting with some of the other waiting couples for another 20 minutes. Once in the room, I was a bit nervous, but Jimena made things very easy. We did a little naked hugging on the bed (no lip kissing) and then she expertly slipped on the condom and was slowly blowing me before I knew it. She mounted me from above and made some nice moaning sounds, but nothing too over the top. After a few position changes I was feeling like I’d done what I came for and in a strange way I didn’t want to wear out my welcome so I let myself come. Jimena’s post coital demeanor was just right, still warm and friendly. We cuddled up for little while and then took our time getting ready to go. We talked as she showered and reapplied her makeup and got back into her outfit. She told me a little about her 3 children in Tabasco and so on. She never betrayed any impatience to get me out of there and never asked about the money. Before leaving the room I paid her the $60 plus a $5 propina and when I bid a fond farewell to her in the parking lot I felt very satisfied with the whole experience.

I cruised the streets a bit more for some tacos and another look at the room girls before catching the cab back to the bridge at about 3:00.

Thanks a lot to all you boardies and to the management. My first trip to BT won’t be my last!

06-24-02, 20:13
Hey Brukkins it sounds as if you played the game according to the rules set forth within yourself. Next time you will be able to let go and become a pure old dog like the rest of us and go on a tear. At least you did benefit from the board as that's how I started in Boys Town. Maybe we can share a cold one and compare notes there someday.

Easy Rider
06-25-02, 23:00
Hey Beavis, don't you love to read bout the newcomers.

Everybody needs to go check out firsttymer's experience at Paradise Club, under South Texas Border Towns, Matamoros...

He is staying on South Padre Island as a tourist, and read our posts. Probably has never been to Mexico in his life, and speaks no spanish. But that didn't stop him from wandering around Matamoros by himself. And like Brukkins, he was treated very well. In fact he said, There ain't notin like this back in Nebraska. haha...

Go read his post. Its a hoot.....laughed my ass off.

Sometimes us vets forget how good we got it down here, right?
Laredo vs. Matamoros....twidily dee, twidily dum.... They are both great horn dog locations.

06-30-02, 00:00
Addicative ain't it Cherubino......Damn me hell....You loved every minute of it!

06-30-02, 06:03
Originally posted by borderjumper
Addicative ain't it Cherubino......Damn me hell....You loved every minute of it!
Yes Borderjumper, you speak the truth.

Cherubino is still alive. And he is back on the board.

Beavis and Cherubino have had a chance to compare notes by now and it is truly amazing how two mongers can do the same chica on consecutive nights and come away with such different experiences.

For both Beavis and Cherubino, Chica Crystal was a very good fuck, not the best but right up there in the top 10%. More than that though she was the consummate pro when it came to playing mind games.

Most of Cherubino's mongering history has been spent in areas of the world where he does not speak the language and thus never had to be on guard against emotional attachments. Cherubino's advice to you BT mongers fluent in Spanish is to remember the girls are real players and to beware the pillow talk. It is powerful stuff that can sneak up on even a seasoned veteran.

Beavis puts it well when he says when a girl decides to sell her body she has to put up a barrier between herself and what she is doing. Cherubino would go further than that and say that some of the girls who survive to become experienced pros are adept at showing just as much or little emotional involvement to suit their needs, but remember that barrier is still there protecting THEM.

That Cherubino BT report last week was written through the haze of chica Crystal's perfume still lingering over the laptop keys and as such the report was embarrassingly long on the emotional perspective and woefully short on genuinely useful information we are here to share.

Cherubino is going to try to change that starting now with some pointers picked up on the last trip.

Any of you guys who have not yet taken the plunge, perhaps not wanting to drive a car across the border, and leery of getting into a Mexican taxi alone; you might want to look into the limo service from the Pilot Truck Stop. In the early evening just go to the Uniroyal exit off of I35 about 8 miles north from the bridge. Look for an old stretch limousine and/or vans parked at the office building on the north side of the street across from the truck stop. There should be an American guy sitting in the vehicle while working the CB radio lining up truckers for his next carload. Cherubino is not plugging these guys, but it is easy to see how this might be just what the first timer needs.

Cherubino failed to tell all in the last report concerning the question of her place vs your place. Cherubino's all nighter with Perla at Marabu was punctuated by her briefly leaving the room a couple of times and once by some guy (staff, boyfriend, pimp, who knows) knocking on the door about 4AM to speak to Perla. Never again! The venue for the next all nighter with Crystal was at Cherubino's own room at the Hotel Villa Real and was uninterrupted bliss knowing that there would be no knocks on the door. Cherubino's advice: The rooms at the club are okay for an hour but if you plan to actually sleep after lovemaking then get a hotel on the Mexican side and take her to your place.

Another tip picked up this last trip from a helpful fellow monger is a possible solution to the question of how do you get back in contact with a girl once you have found one worth repeating. Most of the girls have cell phones and the other monger tells that he has better luck getting the girl to give up her cell number when he offers one of those $10 or $20 prepaid air-time cards sold at the cell phone stores in NL. With the phone number, you have a chance of lining up something outside of BT and planning a little more realistic GFE. As Sir Beavis pointed out in an earlier post, this can not only save you the cost of the salida but the girl is likely to respond well to being courted and the change of scenery.

Finally, for decades Cherubino has dreaded crossing the Mexican border back into the USA because it seemed that most every time the US authorities wanted to give an anal exam in addition to searching the entire vehicle. These last few crossings Cherubino found out it works like a charm to tell the guards he has been to BT when they ask the purpose of the trip. Every time Cherubino has answered thus, they have smiled and passed him through without a search.

06-30-02, 22:40
I'm going to have to take exception to what you suggested about the limo shuttle services out at the Pilot truck stop and the ones at the Santa Maria T/S....In a nutshell, stay the fuck away from them if you want to save some major bucks. Here's why....(And this holds true for the shuttle services in El Paso also; ie: Papa Smurf, Cadillac Man, Wile E Coyote, and several others.) All these guys have "deals" working with certain bars in BT or the zona in Juarez. In BT, when they drop you off, there is a mexican "associate" waiting to eyeball you and monitor your movements during your stay in BT. You may or may not know it and he may be introdced to you as a "tour Guide". His job is primarily to let each bar owner that you visit know that you are with that shuttle service which increases the price you pay for the girls and other amenities. This is especially true in Juarez where the zona is spread out over a number of blocks and not concentrated as it is in NL or Reynosa. The other downside to using the services in Laredo is that along about midnight or one in the morning, the drivers are ready to go back. You go or you're left behind. Considering that the action in BT doesn't get into hi gear until at least nine or ten, this doesn't give you much time to play.

Options available to you: If staying at a motel in Laredo, take a city cab to BT. $25-30 for 1 to 6 people. Walk across the bridge and take a mexican cab. Cost $10 non negotiable. From BT back to Laredo is $25 with a mexican cab. There is a stand outside Papagayos. A word of caution though, make sure the driver has his Laser Visa border card with him. The best option though is to drive your car. It's safe, the natives are more or less courteous. The streets are good and BT is easy to find. And also, it makes it easier to get to your motel with your dream date of the evening with your own wheels.

Easy Rider
07-01-02, 04:30
Hey Borderjumper, Chere, go buy a mexican cel fone. International phone calls only go through bout half the time. I bought a cheap movistar, for 600 pesos, an it included 500 pesos in phone cards. Hard to beat. And my calls get through to my chicas immediately, and costs them nothing. Your international phone call costs them big bucks just to answer it, and if they don't have any credit in their phone, the call won't go through.

I don't know about Laredo, but here, we avoid Telcel, because when you cross the river, I mean when your in the middle of the river, returning to the USA, the phone gets blocked. It will not work in Brownsville. Movistar on the other hand, isn't that sophisticated, and I actually can use it from my house in Brownsville.

It doens't save me any money. But it saves my chicas money, and the call normally always goes through.

I've found it well worth the investment, and the time and trouble to carry two phones. Only answer to true border jumpers like us, is to carry two cel fones....

07-01-02, 05:14
Hey Borderjumper I have never posted here before but I wanted to thankyou for all the helpful info you put out there. I recently had the displeasure of passing through El Paso and used some of your helpful info. I had been to Juarez in the past and it still blows. I am a NL Veteran though and on the subject of driving to BT the last few times I have driven there have been road blocks setup by the police on the main road (I forget the name)near the Vill Real Hotel back to bridge one. I have a detailed map of NL and I take the back roads back to the bridge. They tried to shake my buddy down for $120 telling him he was drunk when neither of us were but he gave them $30. If you are in a taxi they just wave you through but if they see you are a gringo you go to the special line (where the officer speaks english). I can scan the map and post it with the approximate location of the road blocks for everyone to print if admin. would tell me where to send it. I will be down in a couple of weeks if you would like to get together Borderjumper just let me know.

07-01-02, 05:18
Originally posted by borderjumper
I'm going to have to take exception to what you suggested about the limo shuttle services out at the Pilot truck stop
Very good points all, Borderjumper. My intention was to address the lurkers and first timers... horny, no Spanish, not wanting to drive into Mexico and equally leery of the cabs.

Your information about the limo service is obviously more complete than mine.

This is just the kind of information we need to share in this forum. Please keep it coming.

Easy, now I like the idea of the cheap cell phone, that shows you REALLY mean business when you hand a chica "your" phone. A tip of the fedora to you! Cherubino will make use of your tip.

In Mexico I have used AT&T cell phones for 10 years because the calls always get through to me in San Luis, Guanajuato, Queretaro, Morelia and DF and even the caller ID works most of the time. Just be prepared to bend over when the bill comes.

07-01-02, 05:25
Originally posted by eldoble
on the subject of driving to BT the last few times I have driven there have been road blocks setup by the police on the main road (I forget the name)near the Vill Real Hotel back to bridge one.
For what it is worth eldoble, I have seen that in the month of December, but not other months. The times I have seen this have been Saturday nights, so possibly a weekend thing.

07-01-02, 18:01
Yes I have seen it on a friday night before and the last time was in April it has been pretty hit and mis lately though. My buddy also has gotten shaken down walking down Guerrero st. at 5 am cost him $20. Maybe my friend just has IDIOT written across his forehead cause I have going down there a lot longer than him and it has never happened to me.


07-05-02, 01:40
Thanks all. About the roadblocks. I've never seen one around BT although I did run through one on one of the side drags where the kids all cruise one time. Waved right through. It might have helped that I had my ol lady with me and at the time, I was shit faced. Lucked out there! Cherubino. We're leaving for Queretaro tomorrow for about 5 days. Gonna drive down in the SUV, see Loa's aunt (who's 14 years younger than her and single). May leave the kids and drive on over to MC to visit her grand parents and perhaps Acapulco for a day or so. Don't know yet. Anything happpening down in those areas you can enlighten me on? The rest of you, I'll be glad to meet with you for a drink or whatever time permitting. I'm ususally home in NL on the weekends but as Cherubino can attest to, it is sometimes hard to get out there. I've become really domesticated here of late. But then the woman I'm with is worth every bit of it as Beavis can confirm. But anyhow, heading south in the mornin' with $12,000 pesos, 3 kids and a horney woman. who knows where it will take us.

07-05-02, 03:03
Originally posted by borderjumper
Cherubino. We're leaving for Queretaro tomorrow for about 5 days. Gonna drive down in the SUV, see Loa's aunt (who's 14 years younger than her and single).
Details man, details! Beavis and I have both been saying we need to get away from the hard-core pros!

Originally posted by borderjumper
Anything happpening down in those areas you can enlighten me on?
Well if your lovely lady lets you off the leash in Queretaro you will have to check out La Yegua which has been my stomping ground for the last 15 years. I will email you some more. Have a good trip!

07-05-02, 14:11
No leash here amigo! Surprising enough. We're leaving now and I;ll get back with you when we return!

07-06-02, 07:14
Hello all!

just a quick question. Does anyone know if they have opened bridge #1? I know it has been undergoing repairs, and I just wanted to know if it's open now? Also, I'm going to BT this Sunday, and have not been there on a sunday in a long time. Does anyone know how it is on a sunday? how's the selection at Papagallo's, the little room girls,crowd,etc. Any info will be appreciated!!

Easy Rider
07-07-02, 04:12
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Cherubino

Beavis and I have both been saying we need to get away from the hard-core pros!

HA HA HA....let me know when you do it....

I've been saying that for years now Cherub. Let me know if you two horn dogs find a way to get away from the pros. I find normal Mexican woman too boring, what with their curfew and family BS, etc, and Texas woman too plastic and materialistic.

God help me. I love my *****s....

07-07-02, 18:26
Originally posted by easyrider
HA HA HA....let me know when you do it....

Have no doubt we will let the WHOLE WORLD know if that ever happens! ;)

Until then, BT is still there!

Easy Rider
07-10-02, 23:16
Originally posted by Cherubino

Have no doubt we will let the WHOLE WORLD know if that ever happens! ;)

Until then, BT is still there!

Nothing, absolutely nothing, worse than a boring woman. I'll take one of my Paradise Chica's anyday over the boring faithful, "lm gonna divorce you and take half your wealth if you don't let me control you", nice girls.

FUCK NICE GIRLS. WHO NEEDS EM. $100 a night for nice young energetic hookers, is very, very, cheap, compared to marriage.

07-14-02, 04:07
OK here is my latest adventure in Nuevo Laredo.

I left around noon and was in NL by 3:30. There is a lot of road construction so traffic is slow in NL right now. I checked into the Pedregal and went to the Herradura around 5:00. There were a few girls so I found one decent looking girl named Alejandra and took her to test drive the room I had rented for the evening. She wasn’t bad, nothing special but worth a look.

After this I took her back to the Herradura and drove over to Boy’s Town. There were a few girls but it was 105 fucking degrees so I cant blame them for not wanting to stand out there in that. I rode around a few times and finally decided to cross back over my picket line of Papagayos and went in. It was only about 7:30 so it was pretty much dead. One of the milk bone gang hooked up quick and it took a while to shake her but I finally did when I saw Rosarita who was the 1st girl I ever did in Boys Town. I bought her a drink and we went to the room. She gives a good BBBJ and kisses and is very much into her work. Also when it is early a $2 tip will prevent the knock on the door. After about a half hour with a good massage I had finished with # 2 for the evening about 8:15.

From here I went to my hotel showered and returned. I went to Marabu around 9:15 and it was pretty dead but a few girls were in there. I left and went to Tamykos and a very pretty girl wearing very little clothes that looked as if they came out of a Victoria’s secret catalog came over. Her name was Anna and I had never seen her there before. After a quick drink and some heavy petting I was off to the room with her. Likewise she was ok but with a fine body and a couple of 36 D hooters this one also was done after about a half an hour. Yes that is 3 times and it is around 10:00. I don’t know where I kept finding the energy but it was rolling so I wasn’t going to complain.

At 10:00 I went back to Marabu as I was supposed to meet Borderjumper there. He showed and we talked for a while. While I was waiting for BJ to show Perla from Monterrey came over so I started talking with her. I have never really liked the attitude that she seems to have but this night she seemed different not to mention the fact that she is very pretty. We all sat and drank for a while then Borderjumper and GF left so I took Perla for a test drive. I know I will be leaving soon so I want to check off all of the girls with question marks beside their names. Perla is a good find. She has a fine body as she works out a lot. She is a pro but it was like fucking a porn star. She is very loud and has everything choreographed but she is good in the sack. Also after having been 3 times already tonight I got more than my money’s worth out of her.

After finishing with Perla I went walking around then settled in at the New Shamrock Club. By now I have switched from beer to high test and am starting to feel pretty good. After a little while there a girl named Issella came over and started playing feel me up. I sat with her for a while and was playing with her tits and fingering her right there at the bar and felt the familiar urge coming back yes again. I took Issella to her room and got almost done again but finally had to get her to finish me off by hand. Yes that is # 5 for the night and by now I feel empty as an Enron trust fund. I said goodbye and went to Papagayos.

By now I am not looking for any more pussy but I wasn’t ready to call it a night yet so I went over and stood at the bar and started talking to a guy from Houston. Shortly afterwards my friend “Rookie” from the CH board showed up and it’s like “O.K. where do we go now”. Rookie and I both speak Spanish fluently so we commenced to go to every bar in BT. The 8 ball was dead, Bar Brisas had some girls that seemed too tall even though these are the 2 bars that normally have the girls on the last street, from here to Pimp Daddy’s and it also is pretty slow so then back to Tamykos. It is now around 2:00 am. I had told my buddy Rookie of my exploits for the evening and he kept telling me “come on I know you got one more in you”. He finally left with Carla from Tamykos and while he was in the room with her I went walking around again.

After a while I finally found Jessica from one of my previous post. It is 3 in the morning. I have been laid 5 times and have been drinking rum all night but she finally talked me into her room. She is 18 and very pretty and she had to work very hard but she finally made # 6 happen. She told me $20 and I gave her a $20 tip as it took her a long time and it was hot in the little room. I never did find Rookie again and made another pass or 2 looking then finally settled by leaving a “Beavis” business card on the windshield of his truck.

I went to Marabu and had a couple of more drinks then to one of the taco stands and to my room for some much needed rest. I awoke around 10:30, showered and made one more pass by BT. I found Miriam on the back side of the street behind Tamykos and took her for $20 this morning. It took a while again but I finished and gave her a 50 peso tip that I had gotten back as my key deposit. If you stay at the Pedregal ask for room # 9. It has a king size bed and is the largest room they have and no problem with guests.

All in all it was a magical night for Beavis. I have never had that much sex in that short of a period of time. I won’t sit here and tell you that it was cheap but it was fun. I had 7 girls in 18 hours, 4 new ones and 3 repeats. I spent with girls, drinks, food, hotel probally $500 but IMHO worth it all. $60 was the top price for any girl but the drinks will get you if you stay a long time. I will go again next Saturday and then maybe one or two times before I leave for Brazil.

Report Card For the Evenings Chicas

1) Alejandra from the Herradurra, pretty a 7, good attitude, O.K. sex, worth a look but not a special trip.

2) Rosarita from Papagayos, another 7, great sex, very good attitude, if your there in the daytime look for her.

3) Anna from Tamykos, Body 9.5, face 7.5, friendly, decent attitude, worth a look

4) Perla (from Monterrey) from Marabu, Body 9, Face 7.5, good attitude last night, sex like with a porn star, great BJ but covered, a no brainer if she is there go.

5) Issela from The New Shamrock, Body 6.5, Face 7, great attitude, very good unhurried sex, I’d do her again.

6) Jessica from one of the rooms near The New Shamrock, Body 7, Face 8 (very cute), attitude of a sweetheart,good sex for a room girl. If your on a budget she’s very gtood.

7) Miriam from one of the rooms across from the Western Bar, Body 7.5, Face 7, great attitude for a room girl. A good warm up or cool down. I’ve done her 4 times now.

07-14-02, 09:15
Beavis, sounds like you are gonna miss BT when you head down to Brazil.

Greetings from "Nawlins" where Cherubino has found the Cajun cuisine delectable, but the local mongering action abysmal. Did a drive-by of a couple of massage places but was warned there is just too much trouble with LE here. Finally settled on a stroll down Bourbon Street, some jazz, and a ride on the St. Charles Street trolley which left has left a horny frustrated Cherubino back here in his hotel room pounding the laptop keys while wondering how long it would take to drive from New Orleans to Laredo.

Cherubino will second your recommendation of Perla from Monterrey at Marabu. It sounds like Beavis caught her on a good attitude day and your description of her "scripting" is an insightful piece of writing. Perla is very fit and was one very fine fuck though the attitude was a little off-putting and Cherubino is not about to forgive her for shutting down after an hour of screwing and while Evenrude was still running at full RPM. Those performances from Evenrude do not come every night and are not to be wasted. Also, Cherubino likes French kissing and Perla didn't want to do that. Sounds like Beavis got as much bang for his buck paying for an hour as Cherubino got paying $200 for all night.

Cherubino is broken hearted you did not mention finding our sweetheart Adriana back on the job yet. Keep looking! That girl is a keeper and probably IS worth a special trip just for her attitude!

Laisez les bon temps rouler!

07-14-02, 10:16

Adriana was gone as was Crystal. New talent in all areas. I think I lucked up and caught Perla on a peak night. She gave plenty of kissing and was quite a treat but she seemed different for some reason. She is usually the most active girl in the bar there and after I went with her she went to her room and didn't leave again. Who knows why but she was a lot of fun." A good actress" I guess is the correct phrase here. I will say that it was kind of a flip of the coin between her and Rosarita as the top seed for last night but I had a very good time. Will be back Saturday.

From there it is back to the old ship for a 2 week run on July 23rd from Lake Charles then getting ready to leave for Brazil. Tenative date September 5.

Indeed I will miss Boy's Town as I am a pro there but hope to expand my horizons to a 4th mongering destination. I have a lot of reports from guys in my same line of work and if their info is half correct the only problem I will have is the fact that I have to die (we can't live forever).

See what you can do to include this Saturday in your schedule. I have to leave Monday as with the flooding I have to go to San Antonio then to Houston to get to Lake Charles and the program is to sail around noon Tuesday. Borderjumper gives his best .

07-14-02, 22:06
Nice report Beavis, your appetites are awesome...

Great comment on Perla, sounds just like her. I first spent time with her in spring 2001 when she first got there. My experience is she's best when she's had some tequila, maybe that's why she didn't leave her room again? She also likes massage with oil, and pocket rocket fun. Sometimes she kisses full throttle but not often. Downside is if she comes (or maybe if even if not, heh) she's really not interested any more. I enjoyed seeing her a bunch of times but got sort of sick of her eventually.

Hey Beavis gotta question for you: what do you pay the chyx you take out from Nueva Herradura, and how much time does that buy you?

07-15-02, 01:34

I have only taken a couple from the Nueva Herradurra so I can't say from much experience. I think if you take them around the corner to the dive Hotel Astorias you would probally get them for $20 or $30. I always stay at the Hotel Pedregal near Boys Town and take them with me there. About $50 for an hour or so. The last time I kept the girl longer for $50 but this time it was not quite that long. But a shower, massage, and a good playtime for $50 is well worth it. I am going again Saturday but I'm sure I won't be able to do like my last trip.

07-16-02, 03:32
Guys I just got the phone call from hell. It seems that I am not going to be going to Brazil after all so Boys Town beware Beavis will be back !!

Mic Jagger
07-17-02, 03:03
About a year and half ago I remember seeing a strip joint in Nuevo Laredo (Mexico side), during the day it was closed, it looked fairly large from the outside, It was a stand alone building maybe two story.
We never got a chance to go back to check it out, has anyone ever been there? what's it like?

07-18-02, 04:46
try to make it this weekend Cherubino. I was through New Orleans myself Sunday and again yesterday. Ashamed I didn't know you were there. That is my favorite city of all. Especially the Maison Bourbon club!

07-19-02, 14:20
Hey guys I need your help. i do not mind paying for it in Boys Town. But I have come to realize that I want to marry a latina. I can not afford the intoduction services, and a good percentage of the second and third etc latinas in the states are just like their white and black sisters. Help!

07-20-02, 00:32
O.K. to start with if your are serious about a Mexican girl for a wife forget finding her in Boys Town. There is possibly a very small percentage of the girls there that could be removed but it is very small.

Secondly how is your spanish. If you have passable spanish you can spend some time in Mexico around the markets and shops and/or stores and look like that.

If you have none or very limited spanish speaking skills I suggest you use and introduction service. There are several online where you pay a small fee for the contact info and here you can find someone who has similar wants as yourself. Try amigosdotcom.

07-20-02, 00:58
Got to take exception here with you hoss. You can find girls in BT that make excellent wives but you have to follow your instincts and go slow and question everything until you are confident you have their trust and you can give them yours. My woman is a good example. But it takes time, good instincts and a woman who wants to get out of the life. Mine shows me many times a day how appreciative she is. Now, if you are interested, I arrange tours and introductions here in Nuevo Laredo to the man serious about marriage or a steady relationship. E-mail me at the address below and we can discuss this option.

borderjumper@c l u b h o m b r e . c o m

Take the space out of the last part to make a valid address and I will respond as quickly as I can!

07-20-02, 04:51
Yes BJ you got a good woman there but like I said it is a small %. A very small if you go to Boys Town looking for a wife you will find plenty as long as you have dead presidents in your wallet. When they are gone she will be too. Yes it's possible but if you seriously want a Mexican wife I wouldn't start looking for her in a *****house.

07-22-02, 05:11
I'm thinking about wearing a small fanny pack with a little lock to keep my cash, keys, etc safe from pickpockets and snooping girls. How do you guys think that will go over with the local policia?

Mic Jagger
07-22-02, 13:09
that would make you stick out like a sore thumb, if you're concerned about pick pockets put your wallet in one of your front pockets or use a money belt. Something more discreet than a fanny pack.

Mic Jagger
07-24-02, 03:04
question on information sources about NL other than this forum......
Befor I get flamed no disrespect to this forum, it is very good, just wondering if you guys have other sources of information about boys town action.
Have seen mixed reviews about club ******, also read some post in the archives about wsa but was not able find anything during a web search. anyone want to share some additional sources of information on NL?

07-29-02, 10:05
Mic Jagger;
How ya doin? seems we have more than one city in common. I drove down to Laredo Saturday morning. Got a room and had a late lunch then showered and walked across the bridge about 5. Stopped in one of the catinas along the way in and took advantage of the $3 two for one cervecas. TAXI! Went to the shamrock first and almost left as the music was too damn LOUD! A dancer was finishing up and while I had another beer no other came on stage. A couple of chicas drifted by and smiled but I waived them off, couldn't talk due to the music and they just didn't spark interest as I just got to the zona. Then Lupe sat down and tried to talk. Out of character for me but next break in the noise I asked her quanto. 30 for her 10 for the room and we were off. WOW! Lupe either is awesome at guessing what guys like or we have two of the same turn ons. Did not tell her it just went that way. I take a long time to finish and she not only did not mind but when I had to take a break she initiated a different position (thrice) Unbelievable! Talked a little about Monterrey and small stuff, then the knock came. On the way out I tipped her 20, which made her smile as she went an extra mile (or 2) and asked for nada. Wandered around and drank for awhile looking at dancers before being struck by a side streeter, literally struck - she swatted my ass and asked for a dollar "por taco". I laughed and handed her 2 before I flashed on her butt which made her laugh and say "10 dollar more I F@%CKy - Su*#cky" ....so we did. Okay is about all, energetic but not all that. Got a taco of my own when two guys started hitting me up for a dollar each, no but I will buy you a beer. Went to a quiet place and had the beer but one of them could not shut up. Bailed on them. Is La Zona Roja growing? Seems like a lot more bars than a year ago. Around 2 or so - switched to tequila and was a little baracho now - I went to a happening disco club with some good looking girls talking to the crowd from a fenced in area. Got inside - DOH! - They were TVs! Too drunk/ time to leave, sorry vato yo no joto (hoto?)Spelling is bad. Got snared by another side streeter/no change-of course/so I spent 20 and couldn't climax. TAXSHE! Paid extra (25)for a ride all the way to my room since walking was becoming difficult and passed out. Regulars are out of pocket it seems on this board, but I would like to hang out with some others from here sometime. On to Matamoros /Brownsville for a few days.

07-31-02, 23:58
I've been to NL's boystown serveral times and am planning on heading back down Friday night after work or maybe Saturday.. Anyone else going? I'm from Austin if anyone wants to share a ride.

08-01-02, 01:22
Hodoggie- looks like there are a bunch of us here in Austin. Can't make any trips for awhile(new job...)have fun.-wiley

08-02-02, 00:25
Are there any donkey shows in NL?? I am planning a trip there in a couple of months and I have not seen a good donkey show in 20 years, and that was in TJ.

08-02-02, 18:51
There is a donkey and sometimes a chunky woman standing with him. The local guys tell me it is a fake show, no actual penetration. They only do the show when there is money up for it, can't remember how much exactly. Have fun

08-03-02, 01:09
I am headin back down for my 3rd time in 3 months from GA (talk about distance). Because of my schedule I have always benn in and out (a day or less). I want to stay at a hotel in Nueve laredo (the Mexican side) and I heard they are less expensive. Can anyone suggest some hotels?

08-03-02, 23:38
Does anyone have any suggestions on driving in NL? I've always taken a cab, but at $10 each way it's awfully expensive. One thing i've noticed is that on Friday and Saturday nights the police will sometimes set up roadblocks between the bridge and BT. What are they looking for? I speak little spanish, so will I be ok if I drive (and don't drink any significant amount)?

08-04-02, 00:37
There is not a problem driving in NL in the least. Most people are courteous and in some ways more so than in Texas. Just remember, NO RIGHT TURNS ON RED! The only police you need to worry about drive Nissans and Chevy p/u's with the words TRANSITO on the side and a yellow stripe scheme. They enforce the traffic laws. Fuck up in front of any of the other cops and you don't need to worry. As for a good hotel. The Villa Real on Lopez Lara on the way to BT is excellent. Cable TV, A/C, swimming pool, an excellent restaraunt, room service including "adult beveragea and no problem with bringing women back to the room Secure parking etc. How secure? The state police stay there when they are doing task force work in NL. No problems with them though. Rates are about $50.00 per night but an exceptional value. Motel Pedregal further up the street is the choice of my buddy Beavis. i've stayed there once and it's a ficking dump!

Mic Jagger
08-04-02, 05:38
Whats up Travir, looks like Ausitn is representing on this board!
Laredo report from Saturday, July 27. Arrived at 7:00pm and checked into hotel. Villa Real on Cesear Lopez Lara st. 400 pesos ($40 us), for room. Room was ok, clean and only 5 to 10 minutes to boystown. Only drawback was very loud room air conditioner.
Had dinner at the El Dorado restaurant and bar there on the premises, good food cheap drinks, while having dinner noticed 2 guys dressed in plain clothes with holstered pistols eating there also. Not sure if these guys are security or what, but they were not dressed as cops and seemed pretty laid back.

8:30pm start to leave to boystown, noticed 3 to 4 chicas coming out of a room dressed to impress, wondering if they are going to boystown also, maybe some outside action? Arrive as the sun is going down and the place is like grand central station, it’s a traffic rush as it appears everyone is getting ride to work and being dropped off, gave me a chance to check out some of the chicas while it was still daylight out.

As an appetizer wanted to start with a room girl, noticed the girls are starting to ask for $20 us dollars plus $10 more sin ropa, what happed to one hundred pesos as starters?
As a warmup started with a room girl, second street from left, Angelica, very cute and great attitude paid her $15 for a session sin ropa, tipped her an additional $5.

Went to club 123 for a couple of beers, in the past this has been my favorite stop because you get a strip show and private dances, but tonight there only a handful of girls available it was early probably about 10:00pm.

Later ended up at Tomakos, now its around 11:30, meet a girl named Anna from Monterrey, very pretty, tall, long dark hair and full natural breast, couldn’t resist and agreed to go to the room. She is very good at what she does, we have a good time and at the end of session she gives me her cell number and says she is available for outside partying, for a price of course. Paid her $60 plus $15 tip for that session, made note to call her next time I’m in town for a few days.

Pappa Gayos is packed, its about 3:00am, meet this pretty chica named Rebecca from Vera Cruz, fine little thing, J Lo with short hair, she says she wants leave so we end going to my hotel (bar fine was not brought up) had a few bell rings with her. Around 11:30am I give her ride to where she is staying. Paid her $60.00 plus $40 tip. This was the best girl this weekend.

Other stuff, taco stand outside Pappa Gayos, 3 tacos and a coke for 28 pesos, what a deal.

08-04-02, 15:00
Guys with pistols were Tampilaupas State Police. Some nights you're in there there will be several white ford vans, several white chevy p/u's and a bunch of green Jeep Cherokees. These are the task force guys from Cd. Victoria. You will also see Federal Hiway Police in their B/W Impala or Durango cruisers there. Good guys but quiet. It's one of the safest places in NL until they decide to show there asses in the evening when they go out all at once with their strobes and sirens going. God help any traffic that may be passing the motel at the time. Just a general recollection of good times had at the place!

08-05-02, 00:50
Originally posted by Mic Jagger
Arrived at 7:00pm and checked into hotel. Villa Real on Cesear Lopez Lara st. 400 pesos ($40 us), for room.
Mic, sounds like you paid the single rate. You might be avoiding trouble next time to go ahead and pay the double rate in case you end up bringing a girl back to the room.

You would'nt want to have the hotel management get pissed off at you and send their Politiza clients over to discuss the extra $9 you owe them, would you?

Mic Jagger
08-05-02, 04:46
Yes $40 was the single rate, wasn't planning on bringing a girl to the room, it just worked out that way, but your right next time I'll pay the double rate, just in case. Its still a good deal for the convenience of being so close to boystown and a restaurant on site, good parking etc.etc..

08-05-02, 22:43
Originally posted by Mic Jagger
Yes $40 was the single rate, wasn't planning on bringing a girl to the room, it just worked out that way
Agreed! My church group was staying at the Villa Real years before my first trip to BT because the security there was so good for loaded vehicles.

Obviously there is a lot the preacher does not know about the place AND DON'T YOU TELL HIM OR TELL ON ME!

08-06-02, 15:28
Hey cherubino! Your church got a website? what's your preachers name? Does he like pussy? We could show him the real Nuevo Laredo scene sometime just for the helluva it! Whaddaya think mano!

08-06-02, 22:40
Originally posted by borderjumper
Hey cherubino! Your church got a website? Whaddaya think mano!
Methinks the preacher might see Borderjumper as a needy target of his ministry!

Cherubino is going to be checking out the scene here in central Mexico for a few days and still plans to hit BT on the way home.

Hasta la vista!

Doctor J
08-07-02, 17:45
Good Day fellow Border Runners.....
Could you recommend a couple of good NL warm up spots....such as strip clubs for entertainment before going to BT...

08-09-02, 04:45
Give me 5 minutes with the rev and he'll be leading the onslaught of BT Cherubino. Not able to get home this weekend to NL so I'm going to try and check out TJ fir the first time in almost 30 years if I can find the time. TELMEX finally got my home phone in and working so I'll send you the number via e-mail. Hopefully we can hook up soon. Wonder if the cannibals done got ol Beavis?

Strip clubs in NL. New one on Lopez Laura about 2 blocks south of the Villla Real motel on the right. Ex disco turned intoo a men's club. Haven't had time to check it out though. Further south on the Monterrey Hwy is the Colorado Club Men's CLub and then there is the Egypxia Tourist Men's Club on Guerrera (Monterrey Hwy a couple of blocks before you get to the HEB shopping Center. Not reccomended though. Tourist rip off. In BT, the is the New Paris Bar where the women get buck ass nekkid as well as the bar on the corner a couple of doors up from Tamykos and Martha's. Have fun!

08-11-02, 00:05

Mic Jagger
08-11-02, 01:46
NL is safe if you take precautions, can you speak spanish, could you ask for directions if you got lost, if not you should consider taking a cab. Do like to have a few drinks and just kick back or do you slam your tequila shots with a beer chasers, would recommend you take it easy on the drinking when going it alone.
Can you be yourself??? Hell I dont know what that would be like but just be cool, and youll be alright.

Easy Rider
08-12-02, 23:25
Hey Churibuno, did you ever make it to the Matamoros beach, or Paradise?

Walking Around
08-13-02, 19:34
I will be passing through NL on my way to Zacatecas. Wondering if there is a don't miss this place to check out while I'm there? I speak basic spanish and can ask directions. Thanks.

09-11-02, 17:42
well, it sure is good to be back! stand by for cherubino's fourth bt report.

cherubino arrived in nl early saturday afternoon after spending a few days in central mexico; check out the reports under central mexico and queretaro if you want to know why nl is the better place to get laid.

today's plan for nl was to line up an all-nighter as in june. the villa real motel was the venue of choice but be forewarned they had no rooms available until after 3pm and on top of that the desk man had an attitude problem.

parking in downtown nl at 4pm on a saturday afternoon is a headache, but the nueva herradura was a fertile hunting ground last time and worth the trouble. this afternoon was no disappointment because cherubino quickly hooked up with 22-year old norma from nl; short, a few extra pounds but still cute, pretty eyes and smile. cherubino learned last time that the best strategy is to come right to the point with the girl and to get out of the bar asap because otherwise you spend $30+ per hour on drinks. cherubino and norma agreed on $60 for what turned out to be about two hours back in the motel room. norma was good, but not quite enough gfe to warrant inviting her to stay all night. she turned out to have a lot of tattoos which is a turn-off to cherubino.

with darkness descending it was time to drive across town to check out the action at bt. cherubino started by walking around to check out the room girls. one of the bt characters cherubino encountered this evening was a bearded american trucker with an infectious smile who said he lives in nl and was just hanging out at the pool hall. he pointed out a new girl who he said had just arrived minutes earlier and hadn't yet had sex with her first customer. cherubino walked around the block by which time the report had changed to she had now had been with her first customer. a half hour later and another time around the block and she had been with her second customer.

cherubino decided it was time to check out this new girl esperanza, south side near the west end of the middle street past the pool hall. esperanza has a fairly pretty face, a couple of extra pounds, says she is 20 years old and offered up a "fuckie suckie" for us$15. cherubino was attracted more to the price than to esperanza which was a mistake. esperanza just didn't have what it takes to turn on the ol '51 model evenrude and she had to spend the longest time sucking a limp member before he started to wake up. cherubino suspects a lot of girls would've thrown him out of the room as the 15 minutes neared its end but esperanza kept working and finally got one quick penetration out of the unenthusiastic member. cherubino tipped her an extra $10, mostly for her having the right attitude.

after that near-embarrassing performance, cherubino took refuge in the now comfortable and familiar environs of papagayos where he sat for a long time with a pretty lady named jessica from apaculco. cherubino and jessica talked a lot, and she only gave one soft-sell on going to her room. jessica picked up on the fact that she wasn't turning cherubino on, and she also picked up on how cherubino was actually more interested some of the other girls. jessica acted like she was okay with all of that and even gave up some helpful info on her coworkers. the conversation continued for several more drinks. cherubino and jessica seemed to enjoy each other's company but eventually cherubino decided he wasn't looking for a repeat of the chick who talked so much she got inside his head, and he walked.

next door at marabu the place was as usual almost deserted. cherubino's girl perla jumped up excitedly and came to greet him at the door as he walked in. perla looked stunning tonight, a freshly permed hairdo and tight sweater to show off that porn-star body. cherubino and perla sat at the bar for a drink. perla is not much for small talk and she wasted only about ten seconds before asking if cherubino wanted to go to her room for 45 minutes. now cherubino has not yet forgiven perla for last june when he paid for all night but she shut down the show while ol evenrude was still running full speed. cherubino is not all that keen on perla's attitude but in the end, that athletic body of hers proved to be just too irresistible and so it was off to her room. just as before, perla wouldn't kiss and so that was missing from the gf experience. in spite of that attitude problem, perla gives a fantastic bj and is a ride to remember. altogether, us$75 for 45 minutes with perla was more fuck for the buck than $200 for the 12-hour all nighter last time.

about midnight cherubino left marabu and returned to papagayos to check out someone spotted earlier, a petite cutie named suzanna from montclova. suzanna is close to cherubino's idea of the perfect hardbody; slim figure, about 95 pounds with supermodel bodyfat percentage, looong shapely legs, b-cups, no bra, strapless miniskirt (short low and tight) neat hairdo and tasteful makeup. at a distance suzanna looked like something out of the pages of playboy magazine (yeah we all know the lights are dim in there, shuddup and keep reading).

suzanna seemed to always be surrounded by her girlfriends and acted like she wasn't even there working. since she was literally never alone the only way to get to her was to summon the courage take on the whole gaggle of girls. cherubino walked over and locked eyes with suzanna and proceeded to ignore the entreaties of the other girlfriends and keep lock on the target until the others finally wandered off. it was an awkward two minutes, but a determined monger does what he has to do. cherubino got suzanna to a table where it became disappointingly obvious this girl wasn't going to pass the cold fish test. she wasn't very conversational though she speaks pretty good english, didn't respond to holding hands, and had obviously erected that barrier between herself and what she was doing for a living so that what you got was the attitude which says "i'd rather not be here."

cherubino probably should have walked away, but suzanna flashed a smile and he caved. she was such a hot little number she had evenrude revving up right there in the club so that cherubino just had to fuck this playboy centerfold in spite of the obvious negatives. the price was agreed at us$70 plus the usual $11 for the room and $2 towel.

in her room, cherubino undressed suzanna and found her to be as perfect a body as he could have imagined. cherubino gave her a massage in the hopes of loosening her up and deviating from the choreographed routine, but while she seemed to appreciate this the routine soon reasserted itself. pressure was on because outside the door there was now a line waiting for the room. suzanna didn't have to get evenrude running because he had been ready some time. she gave a good bj albeit with a little too much teeth. her little pussy was shaved, warm, and tight. suzanna would'nt kiss, and so wasn't to be considered a gf experience.

with suzanna cherubino got what he expected and what he paid for. if any of you mongers are looking for the "playboy magazine experience", go find suzanna at papagayos. that perfect little body is to die for; expect a good fuck but about as much gfe as you get using the magazine and your hand.

so the report on this evening in nl was four girls in about twelve hours. not quite up to sir beavis' benchmark, but that young man has ten years on cherubino.

never did get the all-nigher and probably should have gone for jessica because had she been as good in bed as she was in conversation she might have been better than the other four. the villa real motel was the scene of a loud all-night party which waked cherubino every hour until dawn. it would've been more tolerable to have waked next to a pretty young señorita each time.

09-11-02, 18:21
welcome back everybody,

first a huge thanks to jackson for all the effort and hard work, and for providing such a valuable service to us all.

now, i made a trip to nl in march, and i hesitated to post about my experience, but sufficient time has elapsed now that i think it is ok to share the details. i posted this on another board, i've edited and pasted below for convenience. i will apologize in advance for the length, but it was really a unique experience for bt, at least for me.

i made a trip to nl in the middle of march (during spring break), and had quite an experience with a long legged blonde with a fondness for slinky black dresses and cocaine. the story goes like this:

friday night, and my brother and i spent the early part of the evening at herradura or the horseshoe whichever you prefer. there were probably close to 30 girls, and i ended up with a sweet 19 year old that treated me right for $50. after our sessions, we spent another hour or so drinking when this wild looking blonde (claiming to be from louisiana and she spoke perfect though slurred english) comes to the table, takes a smoke out of my brother's pack without asking, and straddles my knee facing me. i had been watching her dance, and she had all the right moves, but up close you could see the tread wear. i would guess she was about 25, and looked 30. i don't know if she was drunk, high, or both, but this chick keeps riding my knee and telling me she wants to fuck me right now! she was too hard core for me, and i told her i was too tired, but she just stayed on my knee, and told me her entire sad life story...definitely a mood killer. my brother and i had about enough of the place, so we took off and stopped by the open air bar on guererro, across from the park. we were headed to bt, but we saw two of the loveliest, young, and i mean too young on closer inspection, girls dancing their hearts out in the bar and on the sidewalk. while we would never chase **** skirts, we weren't above having a few beers and enjoying the show. anyway, around midnight, we finally decided to head to bt, so we got a cab. i'm not much of a drinker, but by this point, my brother had more than his share of tequila with beer chasers. he wasn't loud and obnoxious or anything, but definitely not entirely there. so we arrive at bt and head in to papagayos. the talent was out in full force, probably 50-60 girls, several stunners and the rest 4's to 7's, and maybe half that many guys at the tables. we grab a table on the far side of the room, not far from the bar and order drinks. within a minute, a cute 20 year old, isabel a long haired brunette with a sweet smile and affectionate personality, sits down beside me and we hit it off. my brother by now is concentrating more on his drink than the women, which is never a good sign. when this beautiful, and i mean knockout this is what we all are looking for blonde in a short black dress, high heels and the porcelain face of a goddess, drapes herself over his shoulders and starts with what i call "babytalk". baby this, sure baby, whatever you want baby. my brother, who despises paying more than $40, doesn't blink an eye when she asks for $80, forgets all about the booze, and off they go to a room. not to be left out, i agree to $60, grab isabel and proceed to the room paying the usual fee for the room, and a buck to the towel lady. isabel was good, cbj a few kisses not enough but better than none, and a nice slow ride with her on top. she was just sweet, liked to cuddle, and was very affectionate. when i finish, it was a good enough experience that i tip her 10, and we head back to the table. my brother is already there waiting, isabel kisses me on the cheek and off she goes. it's around 3am, so we head back to the border in a cab. i was really tired, so i asked the driver if he could take us across the bridge, and thankfully he did for $20.00 total taking us to the door of the hotel (rio grande plaza). on the ride back, i asked my brother if the blonde was as good she looked, and he replies he doesn't know. what!!? i say. you couldn't get it up or what? no, he says, the story is they go to the room, on the way, the blonde sees a friend, and all three of them go inside. oh yeah i forgot to say, the blonde always carries a boombox when she's going with a customer. so inside the room, the friend stands with her back against the door, my brother sat on the bed, and the blonde sets up the boombox on the vanity, and off comes the dress. she produces a mirror out of her purse, and lays out a bunch of lines, and dances around naked to a song "i like the cocaine" repeats over and over. she gets my brother's pants off and starts a bbbj, but stops after a couple minutes to do more lines, and say "let me have the money baby". the friend is still in the room snorting lines and watching at this point. my brother fishes his wallet out, and finds only $40. well i guess the blonde is pissed, but offers him some lines anyway, which he declines, and he heads back to the table. i asked my brother why he didn't just come get some money from me, but he said he was too embarrassed. this from a guy who almost never goes anywhere without 500 in his pocket. so he misses out on the best looking woman i have ever seen in a club anywhere in mexico.

part two the saga continues

the next day, we get up and around shortly after noon, go to our favorite seafood place on the us side, and decide to make another trip across. i was leaving the next morning, so the plan was to head over and make it an early evening of entertainment. i just had to take a shot at that blonde, hoping she would be in early. we walk across and get a taxi near the park, and go to papas one last time. we arrived at about 8 o'clock, and the pickings were slim, with barely a dozen customers including us. i got a table near the bar against the wall on the side near the front door, and watched and waited. my brother wasn't interested in any girl there and neither was i, but i convinced him to wait with me to see if the blonde would show up. we end up waiting over two hours and several beers, watching all the girls arrive for work. finally, around 10:30, in struts tall blonde and beautiful carrying her boombox, in an even shorter black dress with a thin gold chain around the waist, gold high heels, and a little gold purse. she heads to the bathroom and ditches the boombox then walks over to the table. she playfully slaps my brother on the arm saying "you a bad boy baby". i asked her to sit, and she says no, to which i reply "not with him, with me". ok she says, and pulls a chair up close. boys, up close she is even more beautiful than i thought. i order a round of drinks, and make with the small talk. she comes from a small town in the south of mexico, not far from mcity. i commented on how light skinned she is, she looks like she's italian or something, and it turns out her grandfather was from italy. her dad is white like her, and her mom is very dark. all of her sisters take after her mom while she looks like her dad. now the blonde told me her name at least 4 times, and i still don't know what she was saying so i gave up. enough small talk, you want to get a room i ask? "sure baby" she says 80 dollars with a mean little look at my brother, i show her a couple hundreds which makes her smile, and i give her the money for the room. she goes to the bar to pay, and comes back to the table and said just a minute. she goes to the bathroom to get the boombox, and we head to the rooms. by this time, the place had started filling up, so we had to wait a few minutes for a room. standing outside i spot a pair of twins, that remind me of what the barbi twins must have looked like when they were 18 but prettier, and i comment to my blonde how pretty they are. she asks me if i want all three. i pause...seriously considering it, and think no... this time i want to focus just on my leggy 6' blonde, so i say no, you're the one i want. finally, a room opens up, and we walk toward it, and lo and behold the blonde spots her friend in the walkway. well you can guess what happens next. sure enough, we go to the room, the redheaded busty friend sits on one bed, while i sit on the one closest to the door with both eyes on my beautiful blonde, who gets the "i like the cocaine" song playing, strips down to a thong, produces the illegal stuff, and has me hard just watching her. understand, i'm as law abiding a guy as i know, and the lines made me very nervous, but i wasn't about to leave without having this girl several different ways. with the friend watching, she does a few lines, then while the friend does hers, blondy straddles me while removing my shirt and planting kisses every where but on little eze. she gets up, shoes the friend out, and does a few more lines; this girl has a serious habit. then she proceeds to give me the best bbbj i've ever had that didn't go to completion. i'm not going to go into all the details, but that was the wildest fuck of my life. she has this medium long blonde hair that she put in a ponytail, that at one point while i was coming in from behind, she takes my hand and tells me to pull on it. ok..i'm game, but apparently i didn't pull hard enough because she keeps telling me to pull harder. i'm in my early forties, and have been with a lot of women, both professionals and regular girls, but this girl was the absolute best ever. it normally takes me a long time while covered, but with her i didn't last a half hour.

i will be going back again next spring. i live way up north, so i'm only in nl a few times a year. but you guys who are regulars, if you see this girl, don't pass on the opportunity. she told me she works up in nl for three months at a time, then returns to her hometown for the most of the rest of the year. i will definitely be looking for her in march. i considered going again this fall, too hot in the summer, but have decided to do a trip to buenos aires instead. i've seen some girls on the argentina escort sites that are about as pretty as my blonde is, but the prices there are incredibly low with the devaluation of the peso.

sorry for such a long post, but this girl was incredible. i hesitated to post because of the cocaine element of the story, but she was worth the risk.


09-11-02, 22:56
I'm planning another trip down to BT from Austin this weekend.. Either Friday or Saturday night (or maybe both!). Anyone else headed down?

Mic Jagger
09-12-02, 01:24
hodoggie, this weekend is the Delahoya VS Vargas fight, or else
a road out of austin doesn't sound bad. Vargas will knock
golden boys block off !!!!!!

09-12-02, 07:25
The Tochtli returns! As well as the WSG Forum!!

Anyway...I wanted to comment on the great report made by EZE_amante. I also met a girl that fits EZE_amante's description of the Papagayo's blonde. But the only difference was that the girl I met wasn't doing cocaine.

The girl I met, more or less on March, was also really white, blonde, tall. When I told her if she was a gringa, she told that she wasn't, but she was from Italian descendence. Now, even though she was blonde, when I met her, she had an American flag covering her hair...of course it came down once we got dirty.

The point is...was she the same italian babe...or...there were two different italian girls?
The girl I met said she was a model, and lived in Mexico City, which fits with EZE_amante, because the people from the center of Mexico tend to say "Mexico City" instead of each little town surrounding the city.

But ever since the dissapearance of the Italian babe, Papagayo's has seriously gone down-hill!

I have had more fun outside, with the girls in the "cuartitos" than in Papagayos.

-Some news from people living far away from Nuevo Laredo:
Watch out for the number of cars inside La Zona. Why? Because the other time it got totally packed! Literally! I supposed to be on work at 6:00 am, and I was trapped inside La Zona from 3 to 5 am. A real nightmare when all town wants to get into La Zona.


09-12-02, 15:19
Trapped my ass. You just didn't want to leave mano!!1 Cherubino; Sory I missed you. I was stuck in Miami with a cute little Cubana last weekend. Send me an e-mail and I'll give you my home phone number here in NL. TELMEX finally got it installed a couple of weeks ago. Bavis, seems to have dropped off the face of the earth or else the cannibals in Nigeria ate him. Even Lola's worried abut the big fool!

09-13-02, 09:16
Really...I got trapped inside La Zona, literally. These traffic jams are more usual on weekends.

Borderjumper, you live here in Nuevo Laredo?

09-14-02, 05:02
Yeah I do. Just down the street from Parque Viveros. And hey, we got an indoor shitter and everything!! WOWEE WOW WOW!!!!

09-14-02, 14:47
hey borderjummper. I am interested in your introduction service. Please tell me the details. I posted awhile back but a combination of being busy and the forum being down has caused me not to get back to you

09-14-02, 22:48
Victoria Guy! The post you read was a tongue in cheek response to a desparate asshole, and we'll leave it at that. Over the years, I've gotten requests for this service and the fact of the matter is, it's impossible to do and if anyone claims different, they're a damn liar. here's why:

A lot of the guys I have contact with have this single minded idea that these women are lined up and desperate to come to the United States. Not true. Contrary to popular thought, the vast majority of the Mexican population couldn't be dragged from Mexico. These women are desperate for a better life for them and their children which forces them to risk estrangment from their families, puts them in conflict with their religion, all to be able to put food on the table. A lot of these women have been abandoned by their men, left with little or no job skills which leads them to the zonas and BT's of Mexico.

And then the gringos come south with their obnoxious attitudes, expecting these women to bow down and kiss their asses in gratitude. It ain't gonna happen. The ones that do take a chance and listen to the lies told them, expecting a bright future are ultimately disappointed which hardens their attitude towards the next man. (Some of us do get lucky though)

You want to find a good Mexican woman? You can do it but it's hard. Extremely hard. While the majority of these women want out of the life, you're going to have to earn their trust. You can't do this coming down here once or twice a year and trying to carry on a long distance relationship where lnguage may be the least of your problems. How do you gain their trust? It takes time man, it takes time! You tell them something, you damn well better be prepared to move heaven and earth to make it happen. you want her out of the zona? It ain't gonna happen overnight. You can wire her money every week and until she is convinced in her mind that you are serious, she will continue to work. However, she will work but when you come to town, you are not allowed o look at another woman, much less take one to the room. This will destroy all progress you've made to date. You see, to her, her selling her ass is her JOB. Nothing more. You however, are cheating and making her look stupid in the eyes of her amigas. And don't think you can do it behind her bck in another area of town. They got a network like you wouldn't believe.

So you sure you want a Mexican woman? If you get the right one, you won't be sorry, I promise you. Make a mistake and your life will be hell until you say FUCK IT and move on, thereby making you just another lying gringo. you don't need a lot of money but it helps.

One last thing. Stay the hell away from these "introduction" services you see on the net. Take it for what it's worth. The ones that promise mail forwarding. the mail don't work here in Mexico. My electric bill is stuck in the gate by the meter reader. My cable/satelite/internet service bill by employees of the respective companies. Gas bill, tambien! You get the point. Phone numbers? In Mexico, it is difficult to get a home phone unless you know someone. (i do and have one) Most of the girls have cells which work when they think to buy a prepaid card.

Any other questions, feel free to e-mail me off the c l u b h o m b r e . c om board.
Wanta see what can bee? Go to h t t p : / / w w w . m e x i c o v a c a t i o n s . n e t f i r m s . c om ,(lose the spaces) Got a website up with photos of our last vacation south!. My wife took a chance and she hasn't regretted it since.

09-14-02, 22:50
For those of you who have travelled mexico extensively and lived in different areas. I was thinking of living in someplace like Tampico for a extended period. I was wanting to know what is the average rent for a nice house or apartment, or possibly the price of building something. What is a good town to meet ladies , someplace friendly? i was thinking of maybe working in someplace where my english and spanish would be a asset. I love NL but it is seems no less expensive than the US (of course there are good deals in la zona). But to live somewhere with maybe nice weather and has few gringos and is not a tourist spot. Could someone recommend a place and give me some things i should expect (prices etc) Thanks and I should be in NL soon next month. The more I visit Mexico the more I want to live in the US , But i do plan to bring enough cash to open a business (any ideas would be appreciated.). Thanks , and this is one of the closet forums that i have seen.

09-14-02, 22:59
excuse me I meant to say " The more I visit Mexico the less I want to live in the US"

09-17-02, 23:38

09-17-02, 23:45
OMG !! finailly.....i have been trying to log oon to this board for about a week now... I have used 4 names and emails .... i dont know what the problem was....... ...I have some pretty good reports to type up here so be expecting me to post up real soon (later tonight).... if anyone has AIM please feel free to pm at
forcefedfocus -(for email add @aol.com)....It seems tho as the main ones on this bored are "borderjumper"--"Cherubino"... I like there inputs of things...Neways....alittle back ground of my self..is i just moved from FLA.. im a "gringo" or white... and im a youngin.. well not that young just 21.... Im gonna jet for now well post back when I get on later so hope yall are ready to read......

09-19-02, 23:39
Well to all, I'm going to N.L. Boystown this weekend, and promise to give the best story that I can when I get back! I have been sufferin' all week here at the office, workin' late, but I know everything will be all good once Sat night hits! I wish some of my old posts were still here, but they're not, so I'm gonna have to make my mark on WSG again. Till later, and if n e 1 has n e questions about N.L. Boystown, I'd be glad to answer what I can. This will be my 6th time going in 2 years. Believe me, I've done everything worth doing over there.

09-20-02, 17:01
Houstonboy21....Write where we can read it mano. Punctuate, use paragraphs and spell check. you're post makes no sense watsoever. Welcome! ILL...living in Mexico? Tampico is a tourist destination. I've heard Veracruz is nice. second hand info though. I've been down to Queretaro. Good people, great colonial city. Rents anywhere for a decent abode will run you 3-400 per month. My electric runs me $200 every two months (4a//c's, Ref/Frzr, Surround sound home theater, 2 desktops, i server running 24/7, 4 other TV's and of course 4 kids that don't know how to tunr a lite off or shut a door) Water, 9.00 per month. TELMEX telephone, 433.00 per month, which includes many LD calls to the US. Give you an idea? CLothes or expensive and of questionable quality. Electronic and appliances are outrageous even though they are manufactured here. If you try to buy in the US and bring in, you pay a 32% upcharge at the border. Food, especially fruits and veggies, extrememly reasonable and good. Meats, mas o menos! Pollo, forget it! want to own a business? You can't unless you are talking about capitol investment of millions! Of course you can do like me and do it under the table and on the QT! (I sell used Imacs and Mercedes Benz cars on the side. Website development etc.) Keep your neighbors happy and you'll have no probblems. Life in Mexico? Check out this website I put up. (without the spaces) w w w . m e x i c o v a c a t i o n s . n e t f i r m s . c o m . give you an idea of how good life can be down here. Although a good woman is a prerequisite. Any more questions, e-mail me.

09-20-02, 17:38
Houstonboy21....Write where we can read it mano. Punctuate, use paragraphs and spell check. you're post makes no sense watsoever. Welcome! ILL...living in Mexico? Tampico is a tourist destination. I've heard Veracruz is nice. second hand info though. I've been down to Queretaro. Good people, great colonial city. Rents anywhere for a decent abode will run you 3-400 per month. My electric runs me $200 every two months (4a//c's, Ref/Frzr, Surround sound home theater, 2 desktops, i server running 24/7, 4 other TV's and of course 4 kids that don't know how to tunr a lite off or shut a door) Water, 9.00 per month. TELMEX telephone, 433.00 per month, which includes many LD calls to the US. Give you an idea? CLothes or expensive and of questionable quality. Electronic and appliances are outrageous even though they are manufactured here. If you try to buy in the US and bring in, you pay a 32% upcharge at the border. Food, especially fruits and veggies, extrememly reasonable and good. Meats, mas o menos! Pollo, forget it! want to own a business? You can't unless you are talking about capitol investment of millions! Of course you can do like me and do it under the table and on the QT! (I sell used Imacs and Mercedes Benz cars on the side. Website development etc.) Keep your neighbors happy and you'll have no probblems. Life in Mexico? Check out this website I put up. (without the spaces) w w w . m e x i c o v a c a t i o n s . n e t f i r m s . c o m . give you an idea of how good life can be down here. Although a good woman is a prerequisite. Any more questions, e-mail me.

Mic Jagger
09-20-02, 21:00
Houstonboy is just a little nervous, he'll be alright. But Houston don't make promises and then just leave us hanging...

09-21-02, 12:26
Can anybody tell me if you know of a hotel in NL, about 7 or 8 blocks past the park, and a couple to the right where chicas work out of the lobby? I was sitting on a park bench one evening watching the girls dance at the open air bar, and struck up a conversation with a 60 something year old local, that showed me the place and said that usually there are half a dozen girls who work at the hotel. They rent the room and work out of the lobby for the evening, and he said the rooms are nice and clean. Being 3am and having already had 3 women I didn't hang around, and can't remember the name of the hotel, but it sounds interesting.


09-22-02, 05:33
I'm glad the forum is back and running. Thanks to all of you that put in great info on the action in and around boystown. Especially beavis, (where ever the hell he is now a days)?
I have a couple of questions that I am hoping the regulars can help me out with.

I am finally going to head down to BT in oct, after having listened in on the happenings for the last year. But I am going to go during the week and would rather stay there vs drive back to austin. Any advice on hotels in NL that are close to boystown, parking my car at the bridge versus anywhere else. I am on the outside, as white as flour but do not act it, if you know what I mean. I am not the type to get drunk and disrespectful, so I don't think I should have any problems.

Tochtli and borderjumper, you guys seem to know the scene well and I appreciate your advice over the last year or so, any words for me? I would also be interested in meeting if you guys will be in town when I make my way down there.

09-22-02, 06:40
bhall...Look in the other osts over the past year here and on a couple of the other popular ****** boards. My reccomendation has always, and will continue to be. the Villa Real on Lopez Lara. About three miles from BT, swimming pool, cable, A/C, good restaurant on premises. Single rate about 43 Us. double 53. Pay the double rate and bring back the girl of your screams, er, dreams! Driving in Nl is no problem as long as you're cool and eave the attitude at the border. Should have no problems at all. Beavis? think he went native on us in Nigeria or else ended up the main course in the cooking pot. even my ol lady's worried about his ass! Beavis always touted the Motel Pedregal on down Lopez Lara about six blocks. Stayed there one night and thought it a dump. the extra 7 bucks is worth it to me at the VR. that other post about the girls working out of the lobby. The only Hotel that fits that description is the Hotel Reforma. I've never known the to allow girs to work out of the lobby though. Remember, prostitution is ILLEGAL in Mexico except in regualted zones where everyne's been paid off!

09-23-02, 16:31
well, greetings everyone in the wsg, from the "back from the border huslta!" i just got back yesteday, and it was great. let's just say, if it werent that good, you'd find this post here yesterday, but instead i was laid up in bed in mah crib tryin' to recooperate! this time around wasn't my best time, to say the least, but anyone who's been to la zona roja (boystown) in nl, you can vouch for this one single fact, "you can't, honestly, have a bad time in boystown!" just the meer fact that there's all this hot mexican ass for such a bargain that it makes any crack ho, sw in your area just not seem like an option any more, or even visiting your favorite gentlemen's club's don't seem to be appealing anymore. well, here goes my review. it was good, but not as good as it use to be. the last time i've visited this location was exactly one year ago, and it was probably at its worst then. it's risen, as of selection of girls, but no where near the all - around deals you could get 1.5 - 2 years ago. right now, the girls looked as good as they'll ever be, but the prices are almost doubling what they use to be 1.5 years ago! that's why i have to say things aren't as good. i think that after the whole 9/11 thing last year, prices were horrible, as well as the selection, making the girls and the clubs think that they could keep the prices that inflated, because johns were still shellin' it out for worse quality girls. right now, at papagayo's is or course still the best place for the best girls, but be expecting to be payin' an average hovering in the $60 - $80, and that’s after negotiating! before, it use to in the $30 - $60, after haggling. i even ran off w/$40 todo noche! but that was 1.5 years ago. but one good thing still goin' on, the girls are still lookin' great, and if you're a younger fella, or a gentleman who follows popular fashion, and updated entertainer fashion, the girls are finally keeping up w/the current pop style, which i am definatley down with! i love going, and seeing girls who look just like the girls who give me hard ons here in america, eg. j. lo look-a-likes, paulina rubio's, jenifer love herwitts', britney spears', you get the pic. well, that's the low down in casino el papagayo. now for club marabu, which in my opinion, "was" the second best place there, "it was dead as hell, all night long" my crew and i walked over there at least 4 times last time, and each time, no women! oh ya, something else i'd like to add, last year when i was there last, it was devastatingly empty, as off johns! 9/11 shocked the customers, obviously, because the last times prior to last year, bt was always jam packed! last year, papagayo always had an open table, and for you bt regs, you know and i know that after 10 pm, you'll be lucky to find standing room! this weekend, luckily, it was back to that. i find it more exciting when a lot of peeps are gathered having fun at a place like this! on to other clubs, they were jumpin, but not my cup of tea. i find that i am loving casino 1-2-3 a lot more now. it's as regular of a titty bar as you can get in a place like this. girls are of course, available for services. a bit more expensive then papagayo's, as of quality vs price, i guess because these girls are honestly more in tuned to just keepin' a more 70% titty bar job, 30% prostitute job atmosphere. prices are going to be from $60(not worth it for the cost girls) - $100(it's your call to pay this, the girl looks outstanding, but you can get a supermodel at papagayo's for this price, and a better room, but it's your call). i frequented this place at least 3 times that night. oh ya, i only stayed sat night from 8pm - 4am. there's a couple of new places i noticed arised there at bt. one was club tabu, which i have been reading about for the past 8 - 11 months or so, and this one that i just heard of, and experienced this time around. if i remember right, it was called pimp daddy's lounge, or something like that. it's in the same complex of 1-2-3, but on the opposite side. this is my pick of the trip, this time around! i have to say gentlemen, i hate giving info away about this diamond in the rough place i found, because it's like my home away from home, right now, but if i don't, someone else will in the future, so i might as well help you chaps out now, right?! hehehe. well, this place is advertised as a titty bar, but once you walke in, you'll notice first, the big screen tv in the back playin' american porn. (though there's naked girls around dancin', it's just odd for bt to have such an investment) there's a main stage w/a pole, and tables all around. the place isn't big at all, but has a bar, w/a full dj setup, great sound system. oh, i think this place is run by americans too, because the owners were at the bar, one was the dj, and the other was the bartender/cashier. spoke really good english, which brings me to that effect. the girls are great looking for my taste! i am about to get into something that may bother a few of you readers, but hey, i'll have to say it to get this review finished, right? i love the look of "little girls", but i am in no way, a pedifile (sp??). the girls here all try to fall under this style. there was a little school girl impersonator, a little navy military dressed girl, 2 petite hotties, and finally, my personal favortie, this little girl who looked no day over 13 years old! i did everything you could think of w/this girl. oh ya, the best of thing of this place, and also the same reason why i didn't want to tell you guys about this place, the prices are outstanding!!!!! i got this girl for $30! oh ya, $10 for the room. so all in all, $40, a real bargain for the times right now. oh ya, these are haggling prices. they'll try for like $50 - $60, you bet your ass that you will be bargaining! well, i guess all that's left are the door-to-door girls. pretty disappointing for the prices. the quality is getting really good, though, but not worth payin' double of what you'd pay if you were there 2 years ago. though the ho's look damn good, i still feel reluctant hookin' up with a door-to-door anything more then $15, and even then, i will try to haggle to $10, because that's what i was spoiled with! i did find one girl who looked new, because she was quite shy. i followed her straggling down the side walk w/another girl. she grabbed on to me, because she was so drunk, or high, who knows. she was so hot, and again, a little girl look-a-like. she had one nice lookin' thong on that you could see through here white skin tight pants. i tagged it for $12, but paid an extra $5 for all the positions. she tried to pull a "$5/position". i was like hellz no! i did it all, for $17, and i went ahead and let her keep the last $3 of the $20. she was a good shag, to add the least. oh ya, to add to my review of the place with the little darlings, i got anal there, and she had a tongue stud, which was a first for me. i did that girl wrong for a good hour, and she was staggered at the skills i put on her. i did here like we were on some wicked porn flick! i promise that she won't forget me! hehehe. well, that was my trip to good ole' la zona roja, nl, boystown! it was still a great experience, like always. till next time!


09-24-02, 05:44
get this - the weekend before last when I went to BT I ended up watching the vargas fight at TABU! Anyway, i'm headed back down this weekend. Anyone else headed that direction?

09-25-02, 01:42
Hello all,

This is my first post. I am looking to have some fun! I want to take a weekend and head down south. I live in San Antonio, and i was hoping mabe someone could give me some insight on were to go. What options are out there and how far away they are from me? If anyone could help, i would appreciate it. If anyone is taking any trips between now till OCT 07, drop me a line. I am 24 from Houston,and know how to let lose and have fun!

Have a fine Navy DAY & happy hunting!!

09-25-02, 04:54
I am looking for somewere not to far from San Antonio, that has a good selection of ladies. I have heard that right across from Del Rio was a good start. Any other sugestions?

09-25-02, 14:56
well, i haven't noticed anyone posting the actual true low down of boystown, nl. i'll start off by stating how i go about things when "i" plan on going down south for a good quick sat night. if i'm going, i usually have 4, including me, in my crew. we take greyhound for 2 reasons. from houston to laredo, it only costs us $98.00 round trip, because they have this companion fair deal, were it's pretty much buy one, get one free! the other reason why we take greyhound, is because we can sleep the way up there, and be rested up for a whole night of john-ing, and drinking, and we also get to sleep it off all the way back the next morning, so we're good to go when we get back to houston; like nothing even happened. you also don't have to worry bout any type of traffic tickets, shoot, you're riding the bus. i only say that, because i tend to speed when i head down south, and about 80% of the times i've gone, i've got a ticket somewhere far as hell from houston. oh well, now to the border exchange. it's great, because the time we take greyhound gets us to laredo at 7:30p - 8p, and the riverside mall (i think that's the name) is still open, and we can use the cleanest restrooms that we'd see all night, and freshen up, and also, from there, it kinda cuts through at least 2-3 city blocks, by going straight through the mall, to the border, and the border is right in the malls rear parking lot, so it's all very convenient. it's only $0.35 to cross, on foot, vs paying a bit more when you drive in, and you also loose any possibilities getting messed w/by customs, and checkpoints. once you cross into nl, it's still pretty early, at least early enough to where the town looks like it's having an all night party, so it gives you a sense of security, because there are tons of "americans" around, being tourist. you can frequent any of the bars that are right there by the border (believe me, they look great, but i bet the price isn't too far from american bars.), or you can just pick up a cheap bottle of quality mx liquor (presidente, a fine brandy), and pick a taxi up to la zona roja (boystown). this is the way that my crew and i do, because we attempt to kill the entire 750 ml bottle of brandy by the time we get to bt so we're feelin' good by the time we hit up our first joint, and our palette's our just beggin' for a cold one! let me tell you readers, if you feel any type of anxiety of being in mx, once you get your @ss in that taxi, every load you can think of will be lifted off your shoulders. "virtually", nothing will happen to, taxi drivers are pretty nice. now await my next post to gain insight on the layout of la zona roja. if anyone wants to add to this pre adventure, feel free!


09-25-02, 17:44
Hey HustleTown,

I am living in San Antonio and orignaly from H-Town. What would be the closest to me. I need some help bro dont have alot of time. I will be leaving Texas Oct 07. Its a millitary thing, so I need to work fast. I wont too have a good time for my going away from the best state in the US Texas. SO any help would be greatly apprectiated bro!

Happy Hunting!!

09-25-02, 19:13
What do you mean you want to know what's closest???

09-25-02, 19:18
Oh, I think I know what you're sayin'. The best selection of ladies that's right down the highway from you is Nuevo Laredo. It's right across the border from Laredo, TX. Laredo, TX is just about a 1.5 - 2 hour drive from San Antonio. Greyhound buses ride down there, and after this post, I'll find out how much it costs for you. There's buses leaving at all times of the day, so don't worry bout that. Shoot, if I were you, I'd be going any chance I got. That is if you've been a good soldier, and been putting away extra $$$ in your lucky sock! It's not expensive, but anyone who's been to NL Boystown can tell you that you'll spend your fair share of $$$ there, but have the best bang for your buck anywhere in the world! (at least at this end of the world). If you read my posts, I'm gonna report prices, and where to go. Just for you, I'll post them sooner then I was wanting to.


09-25-02, 19:24
It will cost you $31.00 for a roundtrip fare with Greyhound, and that's leaving Sat. coming back Sun. They'll all be pretty close in price. Just a little heads up.


09-25-02, 22:05
As for getting there, once entering the confinement, the Taxi driver will ask you where you want to be dropped off at, and he'll usually suggest Casino El Papagayo. I love getting dropped off there, because it sets the tone for the whole evening. It's the most bumpin' place, with the most hot latina girls around. I usually walk in, check the ladies out, and grab a table, that is if there's one open, but usually, if it's the first place I stop into, it'll be pretty empty, or should I say, there will be at least 5 tables open; this is around 9pm, by the way. Then, after getting situated, a waiter will ask if u want a drink, I usually order a corona, though they sell the dwarf bottles, and u don't get the value you would at another club, I still get it, it's my fav., and after all, I am on vacation. Usually, a girl will come up to your table and sit on your lap. She'll be fine! Don’t worry bout none of dat! With me, I try to get as much "free time" as I can w/these girls, so I try to stretch the conversation at the table to about 5 - 10 min w/o any questions about getting' a room. Then finallly she'll ask you if you want a room, and she'll give a price, and that's when you haggle. The way it works in there is 10% are pretty bad looking, I mean older, and out of shape. Then 30% are in that young, cute, but thick look (I like that look, to each their own; nothing like a thicky-thick ass!), 20% are in that right under fine class, like 7's - 8's, then 38% are in the 9's - 10's, and that last 2% are the girls you look at and say damn, didn't I see her in a magazine before???!!! Straight 11's, if there were ever such as sort on a 1 - 10 scale. I mean the totally fake tits, tight bodies, feminine muscles, and nickel hard ass'. Now for prices. Bad lookers, I can assume, because I've never even talked to one of there, ask for $40 - $50, totally not worth it, then the thick, cute girls, $50, then for the pretty hot girls, they're about $60 - $70, then the 9's and 10's, they run about $80 - $90, and finally the supermodel types, they'll ask for $100 - $200, a really wide range! A word of important vice, "HAGGLE THESE GIRLS!!!!" 80% of these grils will go down at least $10 from what they ask, shoot, I've dropped a girl down $20 bucks in this place before. Means to say, "DON'T PAY FOR WHAT THEY ASK INITIALLY!" ANYTHING can be negotiated in MX! I personally don't join any of these girls for a "date" at this moment. I have a whole night ahead of me, and I'm just setting the tone for the rest of the evening. After all, if I show back up at Papagayo's at about 11pm, when it's really bumpin, ALL the girls will be there, meaning a wider range of chicks, and probably better deals! I don't stay here any longer then one beer at my initial visit that night. I then check the street scene, because it's always nice to get warmed up by hittin' skins w/a fairly new door to door girl for like $10 - $15. I usually find one, too! Then I go to Casino 1-2-3, and check out the strippers, because this place is always bumping. I guess because it's only a strip joint, or at least that'swhat their main business "front" is. All the girls are available for extra services! The girls here are pretty hot. They have to look decent enough to dance naked, right? They're not Papagayo 10's, or anything, but they're MX 10's. What I mean by that is, Papagayo's is a place you want to go if you're into pop culture, u know, the Britney Spears' look alikes, Shakira's, good 'ole white girls from america. Those girls there usually have the colored eyes, and blond hair. At Casino 1-2-3, and all the other clubs at that, they're natural MX beauties; black eyes, prominent dark hair. The only downfall about 1-2-3 is that the girls ask for a pretty high price for what everything you'll get is worth. You can get them for what you pay for an 8 - 9 at Papagayo's; $60 - $100. I usually go here second for a few beers, because it's real laid back, and it's the closest thing to a titty bar there to wait out the bumpin hours of the evening, 11pm - 2am. I always end back here throughout the night when I just want to chill out, and shake off my drunked-ness, or to try to recover from the last ass I got. It's my reenergizing place. Well, that's it for now, You'll have to tune in later for another update. I'll explain things like, more door to door, and other clubs, such as Marabu and Tamiko's.


09-25-02, 22:45

Hey man you are a life saver! I really appreciate all your help bro. I will read all your post waiting for more Info. I have one question, why dont I just drive my self? Also what kind of stuff should i bring with me & how much mula?

Thanks, & Happy Hunting!!

09-25-02, 23:47
oh, if you can drive, i would suggest that. i thought you were stationed in sa, and didn't have a car. well, if you can drive, that would be the best. when i drive, i park my car over at the riverside mall's rear parking lot. it's great, they have security watching the cars. it's made for the peeps who walk across the border, and don't want to drive in. it's free too! the border access is actually connected to that lot, so everything will be perfectly convenient for you. oh, and $$$. how long do you want to spend over there? i usually stay only a night, sat night, and make my way back to htown sun morning, so my gf won't suspect n e thing, and she's more prone to lettin' me out if it's just one night. what's the worst that can happen, it's only one night, right? hehehe. if you tell me how long the stint is, i'll give you a rough estimate of how much i would sugg. to bring.


09-26-02, 04:28
Goddamn Hustla....Cool it with the ebonics man. Makes a good post hard as hell to read which makes it a mediocre post!!! Sound like you had a helluva time. Tochiti, if you read this, need to talk to you ASAP buddy!!1 E-mail me pronto. i'm here at the casa in Nl until Saturday afternoon.. thanks!

09-26-02, 05:33

Well I am thinking one day, maybe a Saturday then back to San Antonio. Like u had said. I am a big fan of bardering for a lower price. Does that go over well ther? I appreciate your parking tip. When was the last time u were there? How did it GO>? Boy I have a girl as well so I know were u are coming from.....LOL! Believe it or not, yes millitary dudes have a real life and a car lol. I think driving will be the best for me. So u said it would be roughly a 2 hr ride down there. Not bad. I drive to H-Town almost every month. Thats 2.5 hrs. Maybe u could hook me up with directions from SAN>? Well looking forward to your next reply.

Laters Bro!!

09-26-02, 15:34
Ya, I know that u military dude, have real lives, it's just not all of you have cars! Hehehe. No offense, if n e were taken. The last time I went down to NL was just this past weekend. My posts, before posting towards you was all about it. Read, it'll tell how I do it up over there!


09-27-02, 07:37
Hey Borderjumper!

Where should I contact you? What's your e-mail?

09-27-02, 18:49
pcorn54@nld.cybercable.net.mx If you have a phone here in NL send it and I'll give you mine.

09-28-02, 04:15
i'm posting as a favor and take n responsibility for the varacity of this missive. (was he the one at in the pink tu tu at the western club that night?)
houstonboy21's travel tales. all so far
trip #1
well my first adventure down south was when i was in houston on a vaction/ job scout......i arrived in houston on july 26th (friday) afternoon... my brother picked me up form the airport. i had ot wait for him to get off work. i did not know i was heading down south tell he got home. i packed my baggs and, we were off.. as we arrived at the hotel we were staying at. which im sure yall know as "the rio grand plaza" in laredo, tx ... descent hotel... well we left around 4:30pm and arrived around 10ish. as we proceeed across the border, my brother was giving do's and dont's on bt... we got to the mexico side , and we crossed the street to be greeted by 3-4 cab drivers asking if we need a taxi. my dad said yes and muttered bt.. well we hoped in the cab me, my brother, and pops... it took about 5-8 to arrive there..i was getting nervous at this point being because i have never been to anything like this before .. where as my dad has been going there for about 12 years now (atleast 1-2 a month some times 4-5 days a week on work trips in san ant), my brother has been going there for about 6 years now ... i listened to what they were telling me so i wouldnt have any issues.. as we pulled in the guy pulled us directly into papa guyos ... some sort of sercrutiy guard open the doors .... welcome ..my dad paid the normal fee of $10 to the cab driver.. we entered in and i was shocked at all the women walking around doing there thing.. the bartenders knew my dad by heart and welcomed him back again and even the police offcier (he weres blue) that walks around in the club made the effort to come over and welcome my dad back..(at that point my dad gave him a $20 as a tip)...im not a drinker so i passed when the bar guy asked if i wanted anythign to drink, i did order coke tho it costed me $2 no bigge. after about 5 mintues my pops was already on the prowl got his regualry girl and me and my brother sat at the table we was telling me which ones were good and which ones were bad...
girl #1 well i saw a tall girl (well tall to me im only 5'5)... i pointed her out to my bro and he said he didnt know about her ... he asked are bar guy to call her over for me.. she came over and, we talked a few ...i wasnt realy all that interrested in her personaltiy or attitude, but........she had a kick ass body, my brother did the talking for me form there since i had no clue what to do...the price was neg to $70 for everything....well as i shakely walked to the room with her and got inside... i was still clothed by the time she was undressed..so i quickly got undressed... laid me on the bed and talked to me for a second and did her thing well being nervous didnt really let me enjoy the first girl of the night there.. my rating of her was a 7 on the looks a 4 on the att,person and 8 on the body and the experince with her 4 .. i do not know her name sorry guys oh and the gfe nothing, she stopped about every 3mintues to see if i was "tuo finish". killed it

girl #2 of the night ...well this one came over to me .,i talked to her, she knew a little better english the first one did... i was in a dark area so i could not get a good look on the facil features tell i got to the room... i wasn't really into this one but i couldnt beat the price for a frist time there special $50 everything.. well she had short cheek level hair fair-dark skin, little rolls under her rib cage.. i belive her name was alexhadjria (spelling) from monterry.. looks 5, atti &person 8 , body 3 and overall a 6.. gfe some what nothing above the jaw if yeah catch my drift..
girl #3 heheheh the best one of all for the night...well my dad spoted this hard body long hair beauty.. light colored skin.. spoke barely any english.. but trust me she was an awsome girl...good attituded and smiled the whole (key to me ).. but it wasnt just me this time my brother joined in aswell as a buyer..got it for a fairly desecnt price he said. i dont remember what it was sorry.. my time with her was good looks 8, attidue&person 8, body 9 overall 8.5....gfe notta dam thing hehe
that was it for that night

trip #2 (sept 6th-7th fri and satnight )
well it being my second trip down there i was alittle more aware of what to say and ask. i was not in a hurry when i arrived ther friday night to do any business of yet.. this time it was me , pops and a buddy.. my pops asual found another regualry of his and jotled off (less then 3mintues of arriving). me and the buddy sat scoping out the ladies. i noticed a few stuning girls that i noted in the back of my head for maybe's.... well after dyning about 3-4 girls each we felt it was time to start or shopping. i looked around the room a few times and the bam i spotted a beautiful one... standing in the back of the room by the banos .. i was amazed at this girls beauty & body (my taste in women are very picky). i alerted my friend about her and he said go for it.. at that moment a short lady walked over to him and sat on his lap.. so i poilety asked the bartender if he could get said senoirta.. she came and sat down .. first one i have bought a drink for after i dyned about 10 girls. we talked for a little bit.. of course she was form monterry. had 1 kid and was 26...i didnt bother asking a lower price then when she said.. we entered the room and she asked me to shower first.. i did and when i finsihed she showered and then we did are thing rating looks 9, att&person10, body10.. she has a beautiful smile that i could not stop starring at the whole night.. gfe a little on the neck i was she woulda dona a little more in that department as for me its a deal sealer... we decided to hit a different club tamkio's i believe . selection was a little less but the quaitlty was a little better for looks... i did not find one of my choice but , my dad and buddy did, they were ready to head out and i wasnt so i went back to papa guyos. i sat at a table by my self for about 10 mintues i saw the girl form earlier in the back once again and i was very pleases with her performance from earlier i decide to go back and ask her if she wouldnt mind going again.. she didnt.. we went off..this time i hopped in the shower before she could ask and got ready... she came out and we did are thing....ratings are same as above for her this time but the gfe bumped up a little bit more time..
the next night which was saturday, we were in some what of hurry as we were not staying in laredo we were heading back into town... of course i was the last one to go again this night and altho the slecetion was huge and , some of the girls remebered me form the last night. i once again chose to go with the latan beauty that i had the previosu night.. one problem this time... well i gott the knock on the door she asked me very nicely, if i would like to contiune and i didnt even have to think of it i said yes "mas teimpo".. it didnt take long after that.. the third time i felt comfortably with this gal so i enjoyed it alot more then 1st,2nd time...it was more sensual i guess you could say in a way.. gfe was better then before but still no kissing but her smile was just as good for me.

trip #3
well this was sept 14/15 2002 saturday night only
i headed down there and when i arrived my latan beauty was off to a room as i sat down i was kinda bummed out about it but i started woundering around looking after about 30 mintues my bro gets ready and pick his self a really pettie girl dark, shoulder length hair, wore a tight levi type dres, seen her before i think this might only 1 of 2 dresses she has.. well i see my beauty again... i asked the bartender to call her for me and she came over . i asked why she didnt say high to me, she said she saw me with another girl (the older lady that hassels everyone when you get in for a suckie -fuckie $40 no-condom) i know yall know who i am talking about.. i can never be rude to these girls so i ask nicely in my no spanish speaking "no queiro gracias" well trying to say no want thank you....i asked her how her week was and we talked for a little bit bought her a drink and then we headed to the room for the 4th time.... man it just get better and better... but the only thing i was dissappointed about was i thought the gfe woulda improved but it was actually a little less then the 3rd time ... i had a great time but miss el teimpo came knocking.. next time i need to tip the girl......i well be heading back down for a definte tho- between the 27-28 either friday or saturday night depending on cash flo i might stay both nights if possible... ever time ive been there i have worn my red shirt, with blue jean shorts, or white shirt(light blue wrighting on the front , with blue jean shorts, im a young one. short, little tan, short hair, i always have a coke, and usally with my brother or my pops.... i know if anyone wants to hook up down ther for those dates or are on my way down (i come form houston 1-10 west to 410 to i-35 ).. i think i might try one of those all night girl things if i can get some details on where to stay in nl.. but first i gotta see if this beauty would like to........by the way here name was :) ..the only name i remembered.......hehehe

trip #4 sept 20-21(fri and sat night)
ahhh a unexpected track down south..we arrived way to early due to. are depature time here in houston. i was down there with my pops, he gave me a better tour of boys town on this night. we walked up and down the side streets, looking at all the women. we are on the far side and walk all the way down , and around. he asked me if i saw anything good. i replied" yeah this one way back there. he said well see yeah later i see one for me. well i walked back down and she wasnt there. i guess i missed out. at this time it was around 9ish. we walked back to, papa guyos and still nothing happening. we then traveled up to tamiko's. of course as we walk in we get hounded for "cigaerrete".. i dont smoke :) . well a middle aged women comes over to my pops and sits down on his lap and the begin to conversate. i see a cutie in the back ground so, ask the lady if she could call her for me. well in the process a young ...well maybe 23-24 yr old girl sits down in the chair i pulled out for the girl i was wanting to come over. we got to as fas what is your name before the girl arrived. i kindly asked her if she could move for her and, said sorry. so i wouldnt burn any briages. she was a cutie. her name was blanca, about 5'5 with shoes and about 5'3 without shoes. tan skin not dark, hair to about her middle of back,dirty blonde hair, body was a nice fit for her. we talked some what, her english wasnt any good. i asked how much and she said $56 ... umm ok cheap ...i was figuring for it to be alittle more. we went to the room, and walked in and, she turned around and strated a gfe that i didnt want. or atleast not like that. i had to say "alto".."no mas".."no magusta".. then we did are thing...i found out how she was so cheap, if you know what i mean. it wasnt all that bad tho for a starter. looks 8, atti&person 8, body 7 overall a 7.5.. i left tamikos, and headed toward the taco stand. i sat down with my pops another gentlemen from houston, and ate my taco. i asked what time the guy had and he said 10. ok...i strolled up to papaguyos once more , and walked in peeped around the corner and,my regular girl wasn't there yet or was in the room. well as i walked out i meet two guys form houston as well. i believe they were 21-22ish i forgot. the went and had some tacos and, i chatted with them some. pretty cool cats if they read this not sure. anyways back to the point. i waited a tad bit longer then headed back in. but with my pops this time and, are buddy. after we sat down and got are drinks i finaily saw her. i called her over and we talked about a few things, i bought her a drink. then we headed on are way. altho this time was extened pretty long.(i need to start wearing a watch) it was well worth. as always. the gfe was 50% better this time compared to the last.
saturday rolled around. i got there around 9clk., and had to wait about a friggin hour, for my reg to come in. she was there but she was out talking with the room lady (turned out to be a really good friend to my regular). well i introduced her to a couple guys a meet from austin. i bought her a drink and we went off.. we waited forever to get a room. we finally did and, i once again had a blast. altho i went over time again, i did not have to pay because of the long wait. i said she could keep the $10 no biggie. we went back to my table i bought her 2 drinks and myself some coke. i gave her another 20 for a tip, and told her i well see her again when i come back down. i headed back to the hotel. i well be heading back down there on
oct 4-6 which is a friday sat and sun. i plan on going by myself and, well most likely be staying on the mexico side border this time. i hope to meet a few of you next time. i have no problem metting up with some of you from houston, and tracking down there. as for hotels on us side we stayed at the rio grande plaza for all the trips. as for parking we park at the public parking(pay $8.00 for 24hrs) right by the border. if anyone wants to email about heading down there email me at
forcefedfocus@aol.com ... if i never post again thats because my login is messed up once more. i check this board about 4x a day. if yall have aim i can be reached at forcefedfocus ...

09-29-02, 22:20
Are there any donkey shows currently being performed in NL?? Thanks in advance for the info.

09-30-02, 21:34
Hey HoustonBoy21, if you were talkin' bout hittin' up the taco stand right in front of Papagayo's, then I was one of the guys who was chattin' w/you from Houston. I was there w/3 other guys. 4 of us total. 1 big hispanic dude, another hispanic dude, who really doesn't look hispanic, and 2 asain dudes, meeh being one of them. The other one was wearing a cowboy hat.

10-04-02, 14:52
to hustletown:
Did we talk.. im sorry dont remember talking to a group of guys of 4 only the two white guys (group).. But lately i have been just introducing myself to many people because when I come out the room it is hard to find a table so... I just find one with usally white people(for communcation purposes) and ask to sit down and so forth. I probly meet about 8 guys from h-town my last 2 visits.. ...UMM were you down there for the weekend of 21-22 and were you walking around papaguyos with the otehr asian dude and did you or him have a black shirt on with blue jeans. and both of yall TALL.. I some times have a photo graphic memory. Do you have an email because Im tired of having JACKSON delete my account and, re-regesiter everytime i wanna post.. I dont know what it is I follow all the direction, and so forth. But I just cant post ..
everyone can reach me by email at
forcefedfocus@aol.com a few have already would be nice to head south with of you guys or meet and have some drinks and discuss this little what i call "closet hobby"
(thanks borderjumper for posting)

10-04-02, 15:00
No donkey shows in NL as uch. The bar to the right of Tamykos has an ld delapidated donkey that stads out front and I've heard on occasion, some old hag will take him inside and simulate sex with it. But donkey shows as they were are gone with the 50's (Fuckin pervert)

10-04-02, 18:35
There were 4 of us, and at the Taco Stand, I remember quite a few white guys. The ones that were sittin' on the stand were in there late 30's, early-mid 40's. The few behind them were a bit younger, definitely 2, or so were in their 20's. I really didn't pay too much attention to them, because I was pretty drunk, sexed up, and just plain tired! I remember just talkin' bout how the Green Sauce was da shiz! Most of the white dudes were getting' so burned, I guess cuz they were using the Red Sauce. I think I know the 2 asian guys you were just describing. One was pretty well built (you can actually see that he was pretty muscular) and the other was average asian size, but had orange-red hair. Both in their early-mid 20's. My group was pretty dressed up, at least for a place like BT. Hehehe. We were all wearing khaki's, and a polo shirt, or button up shirts. My vietnamese buddy was wearing a cowboy hat that he bought, I guess that's the most noticeble feature of our group. Not too many asians for one in MX, let alone one w/a cowboy hat. Hope to hear ya. Here's my email add.: jrlantaco@yahoo.com


Mic Jagger
10-05-02, 03:19
Beavis where are you? the board is not same without your reports.

10-06-02, 21:37
Borderjumper, I truly feel honored to be called a pervert, especially by such an esteemed monger as yourself.

But my original question stands. Does anyone know about any donkey shows still being performed, if not in NL then in any of the other border towns??

10-06-02, 23:01
O.K. guys I made it back. Been in Africa since July 23. I will go to NL this week and see if I still know my way around.

10-07-02, 18:11
Hey guys,
I haven't been to Nuevo Laredo yet, but I am in San Antonio for the rest of the week and looking for some fun. LE are all over SA and pop out like roaches everywhere you go. I have one question... is it safe for black men there and do the mexican ladies like to get their freak on with us? If not, I guess I might have to take my chances with this tired a#$ San Antonio.

10-07-02, 23:27
Hey Dog the only color that the girls are concerned about is green. Black men are welcome. I will be there tomorrow night.

10-09-02, 23:54
O.K. I had to go see if the glamour was still there in Boys Town. I went to cancel out my Mexican Vehicle permit and was done by 3:00 pm. I could have returned home at this point but decided to go check it out. I went to the Herradura and there were only about 4 people in there. I had one beer and then drove over to BT. It was now about 4:00 and there were a few of the room girls but nothing other than mediocre quality stuff. One thing that was much nicer is they have graded the roads so your car’s suspension system will thank you for that. I drove around and finally walked into Papagayos. There were 3 very aggressive girls but I passed on all 3. From here I went walking around to see if any of the room girls looked better in person. It was the same even though there were a couple that were O.K. I went back to Papas and called over a girl named Monica. She was O.K. maybe a 6 ½. We talked and she asked if I wanted to go to a room. I told her I was waiting for one of my regular girls and asked her how much. She told me $ 65 plus $12 for the room. I said no and told her that my regular girl there I usually pay $40 only. She said that was fine so I went with her. She was pretty good but lacked the enthusiasm as the ladies I had been with in Africa for the last 3 months. Nonetheless $52 later I was still in Boys Town.

From here I drove back to the Herradura. There were about 10 girls in there now. A couple of decent ones, and a couple of very young looking ones. After sitting about ½ an hour I finally started talking to a girl named Irma. 23, pretty but not great. After the usual conversation we came to a deal where she would spend the night with me for $100. From here we went to the Hotel Reforma and rented a room. Again she was O.K. After we had finished she told me she needed to go home to tell her sister she would be gone all night. She then asked if she could give her sister some money to watch the kids for the evening. I said sure and handed her $20. With this came the story that she needed more than that so I gave her another $10 and told her that I would give her the rest of her money in the morning. She agreed and left. We were going to meet at the Salamanca bar at 8:00 PM so I took a shower while she left for her house. About 7:30 I left the hotel and walked towards the Salamanca. I stopped at Benavidez Farmacia and bought a 100 mg Viagra to make sure that I got my other $70 worth from Irma. I waited for her until 8:15 and decided to go look for some new ground. I had taken the Viagra and was starting to need to put the old Johnson into the proper orifice so I returned to the Herradura. By now there are several girls and a couple of fine ones.

I see a very pretty young looking girl named Maricarmen and invite her over. We talk for a while and she passes the cold fish test. I ask her about going to my room and she says no problem. By now the Viagra has kicked in and I need to get some action or I am not going to be able to walk around. We go to my room. Have a good session. This is # 3 for the evening and powered by vitamin V so I pound her for about 30 minutes. She wanted $50 which was too much for the Herradura but I needed somewhere to get some relief and wasn’t in the mood to argue. I told her only if she was very good in which she was. I recommend this girl if you go to the Herradura. She is 23 but looks 18. Has long brown hair and is about 4 foot 11 inches. After she left I was done with sex for the evening but wasn’t ready to go to sleep so I drove over to Boys Town. It is now 10:00 PM

I parked at the Marabu but when I went in there was only about 3 guys and no girls. I said hello to all of my friends inside and walked across the street to Tamykos. There were several pretty girls here but as I walked in Denise latched on to me. I wasn’t looking for any action so I bought us a drink and told her I was looking for a friend of mine and would be back. The 1-2-3 was closed so I walked to the New Shamrock. There were several girl in here and some fine ones too. Lucero quickly came over so I did the same by telling her that I was looking for a friend and would be back. From here I walked around and went to the area where Adriana usually was. I didn’t really think I could get it going again but if I found her I knew I could. Several guys have tried her and have told me that she is nothing special but for some reason she always treats me like a king. Maybe that is the referral bonus I get but, this girl is my favorite from Boys Town. I guess the leftovers from the Viagra are hanging around so I bang her for at least another ½ hour in 4 different positions. I finish and give her $40 because she always treats me so well. It is worth a trip to Boys Town for me just to see her. From here I went back to the Marabu and drank for a little while before goin gback to the hotel. There was a nice looking girl named Samantha in Marabu. She is new and I don’t know much about her but might be worth a look. All in all not much of a report but this is it. Until next time Beavis

Mic Jagger
10-10-02, 04:38
Beavis, good to see you post your reports again, as aways very informative. I hope the 123 club is only closed temporaly, I like that place. So whats the scoop with the Africa trip, and what about the ladys from Africa? Come on now, you must have some stories.

BTW, my vehicle permit expires in 45 days and i also need to return it, where abouts did you go to turn your permit in. Whats the procedure?

10-10-02, 05:20
Hey Mic, Africa rocks. I posted reports in the West Africa section. Boys Town is second rate after 3 months there. I know you have all heard about the aids epidemic. It is simple, the place I go the girls all have health cards. If you find one you like you can have her HIV tested and get the results the same day for 20 USD. Where I was is fine.

As for your permit you go to the building that says cancelaciones and they come and take the sticker and give you a piece of paper. Takes less than 5 minutes. Keep a copy of the reciept they give you for future references.

10-12-02, 21:56
Hay Beavis,

You mentioned a place called "Herradura". What is it? How do I get to it from B/T.


10-12-02, 23:47
Walk across bridge # 1 and go straight for 3 blocks and left for one. It is on Ocampo 3 blocks from the bridge. It is a bar with live music and working girls

10-13-02, 07:42
I've been to NL twice, and I'm thinking about bringing a girl to my hotel on the US side. Is this possible?

For peace of mind, I stay on the US side, and do the park & ride thing. Would it be easier if I sought a girl from Herradura?

10-13-02, 11:52
You can't bring her to the US side unless she has a visa. Not likely a girl from the Herradura will have a visa.

Mic Jagger
10-13-02, 14:02
G. Ausin, it would be "easier" for you and your girl to stay in a hotel on the mexcio side. I've used hotel Villa Real on Cesear Lopez Lara street its 10 minutes from boys town, has very secure parking, clean rooms and reasonalbe $40 a night. This place is girlfriend friendly and the last time I was there in August I'd swear some the girls staying there had to be working in Boys Town as many I saw were dressed the part. One more thing they have a restaurant on site with room service, good food. GL.

10-13-02, 22:01
Originally posted by GlobalAustin
I've been to NL twice, and I'm thinking about bringing a girl to my hotel on the US side. Is this possible?

Like the guys said, a lot of the girls do not have visas and even if she does you need to be concerned about how girl-friendly your US motel is going to be.

The info on the Villa Real on Lopez Laura is right on. It is a good clean place with good security.

10-13-02, 22:19
And while we are on the subject of girls and hotels... a few thoughts about the morning after:

Cherubino don't like being on the receiving end of nasty looks so, so ask your girl to bring along a sweater or something appropriate to wear to breakfast in a restaurant. Odds are she don't like being on the receiving end of nasty looks either and she will appreciate your thinking about her feelings.

Find out where the girl lives so as to know where she needs to go in the morning. Agree on how she gets back home, taxi, etc.

Be aware that if you take a girl out of one of the BT places like Tamyko's and she lives there, she may be locked out of her room between about 4AM and 10AM if the place takes some down time and locks the doors.

Don't fall for letting the girl stay in your motel room after you leave. Check out and turn in your key at the front desk.

10-14-02, 07:13

Ok, for any of the dudes out there interested in the downtown area, here is some info:

There has been an increase of police watch. Specially centered in the downtown area. Lots of PFP (Preventive Federal Police) elements are on key corners of the city. So, this reduces the chances of spotting girls at parks, street corners, anywhere outside the bars.

Dudes, just as a reminder, prostitution is illegal outside La Zona. So, if you want a worry-free night, you better head to La Zona.

10-14-02, 14:42
Thanks Beavis and Cherubino for your input.
I am sitting in a tent in Afghanistan planing my trip to the border in Dec or Jan.
Beavis, it is nice to see you back.
Happy Hunting.

10-16-02, 01:55
Well last friday-saturday-sundaywhen i was in BT, I choose to finally ask the lady ive been continusly visting every week to come back to the hotel with me.. It went down like this...

I choose to stay on the us side becasue, i heard the hotel Villa Real was most likely
sold out by tthe time i decide to head home 3am. I choose my regular girl as always and, had alot of fun. Then about 2 hrs later I venture into her again and, as im setting there and getting aroused I guess you could say, her friend walks over , but just as I gave her the money for the room. So I get this crazy thought in my head 3-way.......I ask how much for her, and her friend as well. Friend plays with my ears, chest, and pulls on my nipple. out came $80 for her...Well to me she wasnt worth the $80 if she woulda said $65 I woulda "jumped" on it, but i couldnt justify paying her $20 more then what I pay for the lady I seem to always go with :) .. So I passed up and went in the room with just me and her. But the good side about it was that we got a room all the way to the right of the entrance of PAPAGUYOS there white. The roomo was alot nicer then the others with a bigger bed :)..
So i headed back across the border and stayed at my usal Rio Grande plaza by the bridge.
after catching a movie on the us side (red dragon). I went back paid my 8 dollars for 24hr parking and, headed across the border. I asked the taqxi to take me to Hotel Villa Real, it costed $5 . I went in and this was around 2:30ish pm. I asked if they had any rooms avabile. Now from reading archive post i learend that if you were, or planning on bring a lady back it's best to get the double rate then, be cheap and pay single.. I choose to pay the double rate so i wouldnt have any issues. Now the hotel was a B average compared to the ones i have been in.. Yes the have a/c and T.V (only about 5 channels and 1 in in english and is like espn or something).. The bed was ok.. smell was some what tolerable. Counter service was great. Now that i had the room i turned on the La musica channel and listend to there tejano music or what ever it is called. some what nice it made me fall asleep for 6hours tell it was time to head to BT.
Now when i arrived at B.T i got my seat said hi to my barkeep buddies.. and got una coca . I waited for the lady to arrive. After a little bit she came out the back and walked over to me. I bought her a drink like I always do and then I muttered..."how much for you to come back with me to my room". Reason I muttered it was because I havent asked a lady to come back yet and I felt alittle awakered. Well I escorted her back to her personal room she grabbed her over night close, and we headed back to my hotel. I happened to find this lady more attractive and"classy" with her regular clothes compared to the B.T clothes. Alitte advice for those who havent done an "over night" yet be sure to roam around NL before hand and, find something to do..(thats where I screwed up at). Not really mess up but wuolda been hellova alot better if I had known something I coulda done with her , besides be at the room all night. Gets kinda boring if your not donig your thing at first. I appolgized for not being " more entertaining" but thats becuase im a nice guy to these girls espeicaly her. Im sure some guys woulda rather just go back and do it all-night but im more into the GFE... Im sure I will be able to show her a better time when , I decide to go for an all- nighter instead of a 30 mintue. The sleep was really uncomfortable to my supsrise. I thought i woulda had a better sleep then the night before since I was with a female. But because the bed was uncomfortable i had a hard time getting in a really good sleep -state. Now the morning was the best time that I had in NL-BT .. reason being was that anit nothing better to wake up to a beautiful senortia with a big smell on her face, as yeah message there back and legs. I think she was more eager for some morning loving then I was to be honest. It felt better knowing that time was not an issue,no one rushing you, pounding on the door, the atmosphere of being constently hounded by women your not intrested in, knowing that the goods for the night weren't used 10x over....And I also found out that I was able to get a hell of alot more during are sessions then the previous 10+ times with her, which kinda burned me alittle but it was soon forgot by, erotic things that were going on.

When it was time for her to leave. She was suppose to be out at 6am, but she ended styaing with me till about 10:30 because of are moring session and, she went back to sleep. When she was ready I was not sure about the taxi. So I asked her to wait in the room for a second as I went to the counter to check out and get a taxi. I REPEAT do not do this ever . If you need a taxi for the lady call the counter and have them call you one. I Fucked up and, when I turned the key in the guy went to the room and, TOLD the lady she had to leave and, they enguaged in a argument. When I went back to the room to get her and walk out for the taxi. I got an ear full in spanish. I appoilgized for what had happened, and she said she wasnt mad at me but the room guy. Well the taxi picked her up and, I rode back with her to her room. I said thanks and farewell, aswell did she. and back to the border.
Now things Iwould do different. ONE:find a restarunt,bar,club, something to do for the both of us. TWO: get her a cab before I check out. THREE: make sure I did 1&2
I suggest getting a girl that you enjoy alot, if your into GFE+excellent sex choose one that you might have already been with that you feel the gfe was a 10+ or just a random one. If your into just romping all night choose one that is a hottie that you can see going all night with.
For the room i suggest the Mexico side due to the whole VISA stuff. Just not worth the hassle if you ask me. I stayed att he Villa Real Fee was ($71) usd($10 back for deposite). I heard of a nicer hotel called ??? Fiesta inn or something like that. ANy others that allow ladies, and is close to B.T or the border..
My vist last weekend costed me roughly around $700 that included. 2 girls friday night, gas money houston and back, dinner,taxi cabs for both nights, Hotel rooms (2nights) and, the all night on saturday, plus parking. abit more then I intecepated on spending but I had a Great time. OH and for those who cant find anyone to go with. I was there friday, saturday, sunday , ALONE. No problems from mexican police, natives or anything. I had a excellent time.

10-16-02, 02:12
This doesn't sound like the borderjumper I know, what's up ?

Mic Jagger
10-16-02, 03:29
Sounds like borderjumper is having a flashback from his younger days. Still a good time had all things considered. Good report though alais border jumper.

Hey wait a minute...is this Houstonboy??

10-16-02, 09:06
Great Report! Wow, I didn't know that the Villa Real was so expensive. I stay at the Rio Grande Plaza and with an Entertainment Book Card, it is $55 for me. I have been to BT about 3 times alone. I never had any problems.
I will be there next 12-16 December, breaking in a newby from my home town in Ohio. If anyone is interested in meeting up with us, let me know.
By the way, I apologize for using my old username (monster_cock) the other day. It is hard to break that habit.

Beavis, I read your West Africa reports. Very intersting!

Mic Jagger
10-16-02, 18:23
you can lower your hotel cost at the Villa Real by paying in pesos. their price for a single occupant was $400 pesos, for 2 occupants $500 pesos. If you pay in US dollars (with a lower exchange rate from the hotel) then your cost will be higher. The hotel never gives you a decent exchange rate. I prefer to exchange my dollars for pesos at the exchange houses or bank to get a better rate.

The $61 they charged you sounds high to me, but hey, thats just me. Fun was had either way and thats what its about.

Exchange rate at the bank was 9.75 pesos for 1 dollar. It varies daily.

10-16-02, 18:55
I haven't been to Mexico for along time. Do I need a passport to get into Mexico and to return or is a Driver's License sufficient. If a Driver's Licnse is sufficient, do I also need a Birth Certificate?

10-17-02, 04:54
I seem to remember from past posts that the end of the year has some Mexican holidays that can drain BT. Anybody know of any holidays in late Nov or early Dec?

Also, has anybody heard anything about the famed Papagayo's Christmas party yet?

10-17-02, 15:06
Hey dent, next big holidays are:

-November 1 and 2 (Day of the dead)
-December 12 (Virgin of Guadalupe day)

Although some do stay at Nuevo Laredo, many, go back to their home towns.

I don't think December 12 will be a problem, because it's on a Thursday. Yet November 1 and 2 are on Friday and Saturday, maybe, just maybe, some will go out of town for the weekend

From there on, it's December 24-25, January 1st, and January 6th.

And for anyone who is new, Papagayos and other are dead on Sunday to Monday nights.

Old Rebel
10-18-02, 04:10
The Old Rebel will be back in NL on the 25 through 27th. May be around till 2 November. Anyone want to meet and compare notes on the entertainment?

I usually park near Marabu entrance. Will have my "Nick" on the windshield. Be around vehicle about 10 PM CST.

Know what you are talking about with Dollars at the Villa Real. Stopped there last spring. Had Dollars and the thought I was both a rich and stupid gringo. Did not stay there. Will try pesos this time if I stay S. of the border.

HI Beavis. Any new names to try out??

Was down during All Saints last year. Made the mistake of going back thru the main part of town due to bridge being out. One Gringo and a Million Mexicans in a parade!!!!!!!!!! Man they know how to throw a party....... I really did not notice much of a decrease in the number of employees in BT that time. Guess you never know.

10-18-02, 19:14
Hey Old Rebel I have been out of action in BT as I spent 3 months working in Africa. I am currently in the Dominican Republic so after all of this it is going to take me a while to get my click back. I saw a couple of new nice looking faces in the Marabu last time I was there. Try a pretty brunette named Samantha. Dont iknow how she is but very good to look at. I could fix you up here where I am but that is all I have for now.

10-20-02, 09:17
hey Old Rebel, I will be going down from Houston on Friday and staying till Sunday. Only be in BT Saturday night though so if your there I'll try to look you up. I spend most of my (downtime) in a little bar to the left of Shamrock (name ?) where no girls work, and you can just sit and relax and drink real 12 oz Coronas. Also a question to the board, where is Pimp Daddy's I want to check it out this trip. Is it on the last street to the left. I never went down that street much, because I heard most of that street is TV bars, true or not. What is Pimp Daddy's like I heard that it is owned by Americans. BY the way Hustletown, Houston Boy (spelling?) or anybody else in the Houston Area. I will be leaving Houston about 3:00 or 4:00 Friday. If anybody else is Going that weekend E-mail me at s t r t r c r 7 1 m a v @ y a h o o . c o m (take out the spaces) and maybe we can work out an expense sharing plan. I usually stay on US side at a motel I found walking distance to Bridge 1 and cheap, but I am willing to try staying on Mexico side. One last question (to stir the board up a little). How come when I walk into Tamyco every time I see many fine girls, but that old lady (very agressive) latches on to me and literally takes leaving the bar to get away from her.

10-20-02, 09:27
I also wanted to say that last trip I struck gold at the strip brothel that is one lane to the left of Shamrock. It was 35 + 5 for the room (no knock). Lasted about 45 min. and was very passionate GFE . Even included Around the world and Greek for no extra charge. Girl was 18 maybe 19 looks = 7.5 service = 13 I will be ending my night/morning there again this time. That bar starts really hoppin around 2-3 am and only one hog working there.

10-21-02, 01:26
I'm looking to travel to NL January 4-10 for the first time. I'm looking for some pointers, suggestions, and any good advise before I get down there. Some things I'm considering are driving accross the border, staying in NL, friendly hotels in NL, and whether to stay within walking distance to places, and info on the cabs. Any good advise can go to and will be checking back here too.

Old Rebel
10-22-02, 01:55
Baby Huey,

Are you talking about the bar immediately on the left as you enter, across from Shamrock and Police station?? I usually get there early, walk and look. Only street you really have to worry about is the one going straight in, then back to the right. DO NOT walk thru there. "Funny clubs" are on this street to the left (Dallas Cowboys) and possibly others per reports and my mistake to step in the door a few years ago. Quick "U" turn solved that.

If so will check there. Will definitely be down this week end unless something breaks. Will park around Marabu entrance. Will be around vehicle about 10 PM. Probably have my board "nick" on the windshield.

Definitely want to go to Pimp Daddies. Best I can tell it is in the block behind Marabu. Was a "dog" last time I went down. Have seen some good reports on it including yours since then.

My "nick" pretty well describes me. If raining will have on a black cowboy hat.

See You.

Big Money
10-22-02, 06:33
Howdy fellas. I've been going to BT about every 3 months for the
past 4-5 years.
I stay on the US side, and take the taxi from the bridge.
One thing I have yet to try is to buy Viagra in Mexico.
Do I need a prescription? Anyone have any experience with this?

One thing I noticed is that the ladies in BT aren't much into
lezbo action. I got 2 girls once, and they were close friends with
each other. But when I asked them to perform on each other,
they wouldn't do it regardless of how much I would pay them.
Anyone ever had experience with 2 girls lezbo action in BT?
I'm curious on how to approach this or go about getting the
ladies to go along with this? Anyone with experience on this?

Glad I found this forum. And I'll be glad to offer my experiences.

Big Money

10-22-02, 15:58
Big Money,
I bought Viagra a few times in Mexico in the past year. There are 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg pills. From my experience, all are about the same price (15-16 bucks per pill), so buy the 100mg and cut it in half. I am 27 years old and use it when I have already done a couple gals and am quite drunk and need a little "boost" of penile energy. The stuff is God's gift to man!
It is legal and over the counter in Mexico. In fact, I usually buy it in Mexico and take it all over the world with me.

Happy Hunting!

10-23-02, 03:30
PLEASE NOTE_ this is about a week old reply that wasnt posted
"I stay at the Rio Grande Plaza and with an Entertainment Book Card, it is $55 for me. I have been to BT about 3 times alone. I never had any problems. "
We have a business account there(or tce # what ever they call it, for those who frequent the hotel alot) and we pay $70.68.( usallu a big double room one)..why is yours so cheap.. its a nice hotel tho i heard the hotel on the other side is alot bigger and better?forgot the name

So i paid a few extra bucks. I just look at it as well those $3-4 i paid were the tips i didnt give out to the bartenders that took for ever to get a drink, or the $5 cheaper it was for the taxi cab from the border to the hotel. and so on so on. I go down there to spend money so, if i get stuck a few extra then I do, just as long as it it isnt outrageous.
**please note this reply is also a few days behind***
"Tamyco every time I see many fine girls, but that old lady (very agressive) latches on to me and literally takes leaving the bar to get away from her."

I KNOW who your talking about and papa guyos has one that looks alomost the same as her but after you denie to buy her a drink and her services she well leave :) ... My plans changed form orinally heading down in late dec.
I will be heading down south for NOVEMBER 9th (saturday night) ONLY for a few hours. Im bringing a friend from florida and, its just one of those things (he got a wife and there on vaction). So I gotta sneak him away. :) .. . Once more time, if there's any one gonna be in BT on that date let me know aswell..
Nov 9th should contain me and some buddies,we should arrive at PAPA GUYOS around 9-10ishpm to kick the night off. I will most likely be wearing a all red or all white (with medium sized light blue writing) shirt with . feel free to say hello.
This will be my screen (nolonger will use houstonboy21)
email me at forcefedfocus @ aol.com
ps im sorry if this is confusing for anyone

10-23-02, 04:00

Tamyko every time I see many fine girls, but that old lady (very aggressive) latches on to me and it literally takes leaving the bar to get away from her.

I KNOW who you're talking about and Papaguyos has one that looks almost the same as her but after you deny to buy her a drink and her services she well leave :) ... My plans changed from originally heading down in late Dec.
I will be heading down south for NOVEMBER 9th (Saturday night) ONLY for a few hours. Im bringing a friend from Florida and, its just one of those things (he's got a gf and there on vacation). So I gotta sneak him away. :) .. So i wish I was able to head down with you but i gotta save my dollars for a few weeks. One more time, if there's anyone gonna be in BT on that date let me know as
well.. forcefedfocus @ aol.com
thanks borderjumper for posting,

10-23-02, 04:39

I agree with you big time about the viagra. I am 40 and after drinking it can not be so easy. That stuff makes you ready to go for hours. At least it does for me. It only takes about 20 minutes till I feel the flush.

Big Money,

It is easy to get in Mexico. Just walk into a Pharmacy and ask them for 100mg of Viagra. The price is as quoted on this board, about $15-16usd.

JT and Big Money,

You might want to go read my post on the Viagra board. I list several web-sites you can buy it from off the internet. The last place I purchased from was Pill Value. I paid $11.60 a tab when buying 20 tabs at a time. If you hobby a lot it can save you some money and also save you a lot of time walking back and forth to the pharmacy. I posted the info about two three weeks ago. I had to stock up because I am off to Thailand on the 4th November.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


10-23-02, 19:34
Hey Guys I have been in the Dominican Republic for 8 days now. Could someone tell me where is Boys Town as I seem to have forgotten.

Mic Jagger
10-24-02, 00:40
alright Beavis there's no need to rub it in, i've seen the post on Sosua in the Dominican Republic and know you've been getting your freak-on down there, even extended you stay eh.

10-24-02, 02:42
Does anybody out there know anything about Ciudad Acuna. I was talking to the guy that runs one of the tour co.s here in Houston today and basically got into an argument about which is better NL or CA. I have been to NL 7 times in the past 3 years (by myself) and have yet to have any problems. He was trying to tell me that CA is better because there is more crime and police activity in NL and that the clubs and girls are better in CA. Basically I think he is full of shit and is just trying to get me to use his services. Also he said that he does not ake tours during hunting season. Is there a reason for that. Also this is to anybody that lives down there, How is the weather? It has been raining alot here in Houston, but I can't tell if it is down there or not. Also does anybody have correct directions to Pimp Daddy's. I would like to check it out on this next trip. I have heard good things about it. Expect a full report Monday when I get back. Anybody that is going this weekend I'll see you there. Happy Hunting

Big Money
10-24-02, 06:20
Howdy folks,

Thanks fellows for the Viagra info. I might pick up a few this
weekend when I head down.

In regards to Cuidad Acuna, I've never been and have been told
by others that there is really only one good club there
"Hunter's Club" that is pretty good.
But NL BT is known as the best and biggest in Mexico.
The only comparable place is maybe Tijuana's "Chicago Club".

Something I'd recommend for sports gamblers is the "Turf Club"
a block on the left from the bridge. It's a safe sports book, and
a good way to pass the time before you head to BT. It's a
franchise with same sports books in Reynosa and Tijuana.

That's what I love about NL. They have all the sins a single guy
can ask for: sex, booze, and gambling.
And BT is the way it is supposed to be: guys can grope women,
and the women want to be groped...

Big Money

10-24-02, 13:05

Although I can't stand the smokey atmosphere, it has the cleanest restrooms in MX. I also think the drinks are cheaper there as well not sure. I know the coca cola is $1 for the big bottle not the tiny shit. But you can also eat food there that is half way decent to. And its a great way to kill time.

10-24-02, 17:34
As for the Hunters Club I bet he didnt tell you that a room cost 25 USD for half an hour. NL is the best take it from a pro.

10-26-02, 05:43
Gentlemen (& fellow perverts):
This is my 1st posting. I'm planning the go to NL on 11/18 (Mon) & leave on 11/24(Sun) with my nephew. We are coming from St. Louis. Anyone else going to NL during this timeframe??? Maybe we can trade war stories because I have been to Amsterdam (twice), Frankfurt, Vancouver & Tiujuana (twice). I'm sure many of you have been to these places & more. Perhaps you can be kind enough to serve as a guide during my stay. As for hobbies, mine are visiting *****houses worldwide, collecting machine guns, restoring mopars, bowhunting deer and restoring old houses. I am also of Asian decent. DO THE MEXICAN *****S TREAT ASIAN GUYS BETTER OR WORSE THAN THE TYPICAL GRINGO? Thanks for your response. I can be reached at my e-mail which is bowhuntmopar@mail.com

10-26-02, 17:25
I was thinking of planning a trip in January to NL. About a year ago I read a posting on this web site that said that more and more transexual were coming from Tijuana Mexico to NL. It has been about 30 years since I have been to Mexico is this true. I have also heard that they can be very aggressive and more likely to rob and rip you off. Are they any streets or clubs that I should avoid for this reason. It is also my understanding is very hard to tell the difference now of days. Could anyone please tell me the club's in the streets that I should avoid to make sure this does not happen.

Mic Jagger
10-26-02, 19:20
Yo Chief you sound a bit parnoid there, it's not like there's packs of transies ready to jump you as you walk by. If you want to play it safe that means reducing the number of bars/clubs you could explore, I won't make a list ( i don't know em all) but would suggest you stick to the interior streets and the clubs on those streets. If you see a lot of gringo / tourist in the bar you're in then you're at the right place.

10-27-02, 17:16
Mic Jagger

You are probably right. I am now in my 50's but I still love the ladies that make a living at it. In the city that I live we have to rely on SWs. Being illegal you have to be very careful on how you play the game. I have read postings in the pasted about street girls. Is it safe to take these girls to your hotels if you wanted them all night? At my age I like to take my time in not be rushed. Also I like sex in the afternoon, are they street girls available then? If not, what would be the best club to go to find girls in the afternoon. By all the postings that I have read I'm very excited at the thought of going to NL. One last question, will I have any problem getting my prescription Viagra into the country?
A would appreciate any information that anyone can give me on these questions thank you.


Mic Jagger
10-27-02, 20:48
So you prefer ladies in the afternoon, look up some of Beavis post for a bar Herraduras or something like that and you'll find your spot for ladies in the afternoon. Getting Viagra into Mexico is as easy as walking across the bridge. If you don't like rushed sex then the room girls in Boystown are not recommended, but the bar girls are available for allnighters.

Big Money
10-28-02, 04:01

Depends on the woman. As humans we all have preferences,
just like that some of us prefer Latin women.
I've met some ladies who won't take black customers and others
who won't take Asian customers. I even met a lady who won't
take Mexican customers. I don't know Mexican laws
enough to bring discrimination charges against them.
But I do know that transexuals have the right work there, and
if you become antagonistic towards them like calling them a
"homo" or "faggit", they can call the police on you. I've heard of
a case where an American guy was locked up for 24 hours in a
Mexican jail for that, and got out by paying the jail guards $100.
If there is a trans hassling you unwanted, just say "No gracias".

As for the "afternoon delight", BT is open 24 hours, but best looking women will work when there are the most customers and
that is at night. I've woke up in BT before after spending the night at a lady's room. Although the sex was good, it was a
dingy feeling with the dust and sweat and the bright sun.
It seems that I can never get rid of that feeling in BT regardless
of how many showers I take in BT.

"anyone have any reports from Nl for the weekend?"

I just got back. I was there Friday and Saturday night, and it
seems the usual. I spent Sat afternoon at the Turf club trying to
hit my 5-parlays. No luck. I did meet a guy at BT later who saw
me at the club and he won $400 betting on the Angels. So he
had a "free" night. The best feeling in the world is to hit a big
bet and blow it on the ladies at BT.
I usually like to get to BT around 7-8pm, and walk around while the ladies are running their errands and getting food. Talk with a
few of them and they remember you later in the evening. The
quality of the independents seem to have gone up. But I usually
avoid them because they're community bathrooms are dingy.
The streets were muddy because of the weather both nights,
so I stayed with the cleaner places like Papaguyos, Tamyko, and
Maribu. I would say that about half the women I saw already
know me by face. I will say that there seem to be more guys
taking women to the hotels now than before because I notice
many of the best ladies disappear by 1am.
I also notice that more guys are bringing their wives or girlfriends
to Papaguyos. I guess it is a place of curiosity for women and
men alike.

Big Money

10-29-02, 22:12
"I also notice that more guys are bringing their wives or girlfriends to Papaguyos."

Ive noticed that aswell for my last two vists. Seen two lady's with gentle men there. And one was a couple me and my pops sat in front and chatted with stating we where just down for the afternoon shopping and bull fight then back to houston.(knowing damn well we were just killing time). They were older say late 40's early 50's. Kinda freaked me out :) just avioded them so I wouldn't have to conversate with them.

I do not understand this tho IE: I was chatting with a lady and, she asked me about the boyfriend and girlfriend thing in Boystown, then told me a story about a couple 19 male, girl 18 (ages) wanted to go to the room and the girl wanted to eat her out and the guy watch. Even she said she has had 2girl and 1 guy action before but was disgusted at the fact that the girl
wanted to eat her out. And so was I. Now if it was the Papaguyo lady eating a non-working girls shit out thats a different story.Its the whole mentallity thing.

Same with me I will not kiss these girls on the mouth. Only 1 and being with her for about 15x's .I pretty much have her room routine down, and asked a guy who went with her details , low and behold nothing was different. She doesnt give BBBJ or mouth touches any other private organ. She's very clean about everything. So to me its a little "safer" in my opinion atleast.

When I go down on Nov 9th, it will be with a limited budget. Does anyone know where to get a cheap, what I like to call "TRAIN" for me and a buddy. I dont want to pay 180 again for that hot 9.5 type girl again like I had done previously with my brother. Where would be a good place for a farelly descent amount say $20-40 apiece then what ever the room and extra cost. Do the side room girls do 3-somes.

Also this is directed to the spainsh speaking mongrrs I've been told once in BT, and once in Houston by spanish speaking people. That it has its advantages and disadvantges.


disad- THEY DONT SHUT UP IN BED keep talking about personal issues and so forth.

Do all spanish people have this problem?

10-30-02, 05:53
Papaguyos Christmas Party - Quando?
Muchas Gracious

10-30-02, 21:44
Travlr, that's a good topic to discuss right now! I was not planning on going to NL BT n e more this year, because I'm trying to save up for an Asian Sex Excursion I have set for May 2003, but if I get more info on the legendary NL BT Papagayo's Christmas Party, I might have to readjust my saving situation. I've always heard stuff about this occassion, but never got a full detailed report about it. Oh ya, I had a theory. I would think the weekend, or 2 before Christmas would be the best bang for buck time. I would assume that all the gals would be there tryin' to turn as many tricks as they can for holiday $$$. Just a thought, maybe not any truth behind it.


10-31-02, 04:59
Hi Guys,
We're going to Boystown on 11/18 thru 11/24. Anyone here going there around that timeframe so we can join forces? Got some questions & would certainly appreciate some answers:

1 - I'm flying into Laredo from St. Louis. Do I need to rent a car if I plan to stay in NL my whole time there (6 days)? We plan to get a different girl each night for the GFE in a local Mexican hotel.

2 - I would hate to rent a car & leave it on the US side being unused and piling up $8.00 a day in parking. Would you suggest a taxi from the Laredo airport to bridge #1 and another taxi to BT? That way, I won't have to pay Hertz Rental Car about $200.00 for 6 days, not including the $8.00 parking a day.

3 - Any thoughts about the new condoms Trojan is selling that delays ejaculation & prolongs sexual intercourse? Does this stuff work or is it just a marketing scam? I think the condoms have a desensitizing lubricant on each condom.

4 - Where shall a guy look to find a woman for a GFE, the clubs like Papaguyos or the street hookers?

Thanks again in advance.

Old Rebel
11-01-02, 01:27
Old Rebel reporting in.

Baby Huey, I was parked at Marubu On Sat night at 10:00, sign in windshield, hung around a while and back at 11:00. Sorry I missed you if, you came down.

To "Tex J.J." That I met at PapaG's on Friday night, Welcome to the board and hope you had as much fun as I did. You were gone when I came back.

Went to Ciddad Acuna On Wednesday. Not much has changed except the prices. Girls think they are gold plated and most have an attitude. Room prices are $25. and $21. Have made my last trip there.

Spent most of my time in PapaG's, Did check all the other clubs each night. Met Perla but did not spend time with her. Nothing really interesting at Tamakos or Shamrock for me. Overall, did not see the quality of girls that I have seen in the past (been going down some 12 to 15 years). Experience proves that that changes from week to week. Some really attractive street girls but did not wast my one shot per night on any of these. Understand I think a 1951 Evenrude is a NEW MODEL. (SOME OF YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT, right Ch)

Found three real winners this trip. Of course our taste may vary. I usually look for some between 25 and 35. Occosionally get week and go for a young newby tho. Try to stay away from the ones that go out of their way to look the part and the old dogs. Will rate according to looks and satisfaction. Forgive my spelling (guessing on names).

1. Esse or Essa (kind of sounds like "easy") from Toreone. Probably over 35. I would guess a 8 or 9 when she was 18. Thin, classy. Adequate English. Will not pass Beavi's PDA (cold fish test) but more than makes up for it in the room. Very pleasing to be with. Very skilled in teasing and turning you on. Does not rush you. Likes to cuddle. If she is attractive to you youj will be very happy with her. I looked at her (and others) for a long time and finally decided to meet her. My best decision of the trip. She usually comes up for two weeks at the time but was not there after Saturday. I was going to see her again. Gives BBJ. PapaG's. Tell her the Old Rebel says hello. If you want reall quality this is the lady.

2. (a tie) Sonya from Tampick (BEAVIS, see this lady). Limited DPA but a real sweet heart. I stayed in the room with her for an hour and she really worked the Old Rebel over. Adequate English. Small girl, hard to tell with the spikes but around 5'. Good face and body. Defenitely an 8 and could be a 9. Very pleasant, NO RUSH. Will see again if I can. Tell her Old Rebel said hello. 10 plus in the room, BJ not as good as Essa

2. ( a tie) Victoria. Saw her last time I was down. She is a little bashful. Does not like to approach customer. Dark blond, a little over 5", excellent body (I am not fond or large ones or silicone forgot to mention this earlier). Less english than the first two but gets buy. She is a little slow getting started in the room. Take your time to "prime the pump" and your wil be well rewarded. Worked each trip for me and this is not the usual case. Catch her early if you can and you will be very well pleased. I will see her again if I can. Tell her Old Rebel says hi. Around 25??

3. Norma from Monteray. Upper 20"s, dark hair and about 10 lbs heavy but still OK. Some PDA. Adequate english. About a 7 out front and 9 in the room BBJ, Talks, cuddles, massages. I did not bargain with her (or the others either, believe it gets them in a better mood), probably should have with this one. Her hand was always out for another $, I paid for towells with her, other girls paid for towells, Wanted a tip for this and a tip for that. Good in room but I will not see her again. PapaG's.

4. Had to try Pimp Daddies. Good small club. Good place to watch dancers. Waiters start a little pushy but then back off. They are OK. Bartender (big guy) has great english and likes to talk to you. Knows the girls well. I did nose aoround enough to find that he had told one girl to not come back, caught her smoking some "funny stuff" while working. Probably no more of a problem here than at any of the other clubs. I spent some time there each night I was down. Saw one girl but did not get her name, Small brunet with very curley hair, good dancer, Good PDA and passees "cold fish" test with flying colors. Friendly, smiles, pleasant. Little or no english. She has been doing too many 18 year old sailors. An old man likes to slow down and enjoy. Can not do that with her. About the time it gets right she wants to spped up, Probably thinking about the next customer. I was in and out in about 12 to 15 min, not normal for the Rebel. OK if you like the type but I will not see her again.
Couple of new girls here, Junita was in either Thrusday or Friday and did not come back in. Looked good to me, brunet, about 20, nice. Was pretty busy by lthe time I got there. Had hoped to catch her fresh Sunday but she was not in. Another new girl, about 5"7" or 8", really good butt on this one. These two were good young 8's or 9's.

Have fun dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-01-02, 01:47
Hey Old Rebel, good report. I will be going down next Friday or Saturday. This will be my last trip there for over a year so I hope to go out with a bang.

Old Rebel
11-01-02, 04:51

Sorry we have not had the opportunity to meet. Have fun on your "World Tour" Going to be quite on the Mexico front without your reports.

Couple of things I forgot in the prior post.

1. Victoria is at PapaG's.
2. I did venture into the Hur (Horshoe) Bar in mid day, way too early. Due to medical problems I can not drink and there is a limit as to how long you can nurse a Coke in this type bar. Thought I had probably seen most of them in BT anyway.

At least visit this site and tell us where you are posting info. Probably never be there but your posts are very informative. Thanks for the kind words on my post. Tried to make it simple to identify the ladies and their skills.

11-01-02, 22:54
Old Rebel I will do that. I am working in Africa and going to be living in the Dominican Republic when not at work. If I stay out of the country for 330 days I don't have to give any money to George Bush. I think it is a much better investment to spread that money around various Dominicanas instead of pay taxes with it. What you think ?

11-02-02, 17:59
I'm heading to NL today to try out BT. I'm driving but wouldn't mind some company on the way down. I'm leaving Dallas at 11am and going straight through on I-35.