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01-01-03, 02:00
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01-01-03, 02:18
Chief.....I can assure you that that is not a joke. I'm at the house here in Nl right now and that is going to happen at midnite unless I drop dead or the IRS comes and kidnaps me for a vacation at one of their country clubs in the staes!

01-01-03, 02:19
Oh shit Chief! that joke!!!! I've already consumed 2/3's of a bottle of Fidels best imported Rum!

01-01-03, 02:28
... Boarderjumper yes that joke that you posted. I guess that I should posted it a better way but I was drinking a few already myself. Oh well it is a night to get f u c k u p and have a good time.

01-01-03, 03:05
same here. fixin to take a trip out to BT and see what's shaking so I can tender an experts observation. BTW, if you have AIM, my screen name is tamilaupas

A Toda Maquina
01-01-03, 20:47
A few weeks back ,had an alley girl, negotiated for 150pesos for FS,CBJ & tits exposed (lots of alley girls want to keep the top on and no touchin or suckin on the tits.....)this gal made a double donut size padded "toilet paper" ring around my lower unit to act as an penetration limiter so could not penetrate deep,deep in... i'm talkin two comdoms also , she spent 20 min. in preparation of this .. I glanced at the trash can it must of had 30 condoms visible and who knows how many underneath .and she doesnt share a room , maybe she was sore ..and said she had only been in BT a week....& I believe it!! after the bolt and spacer washer experience I went to the bar at left corner of the second to last alley ( walking east ) towards the compound entr. some were fine, some had a little pooche (gut) & some had droopy milkers ,the prices seemed fair, I had a beer ,chatted with the chics & split to catch my bus ...........Oh ,anybody seen any chicas with armpit hair in NL?? , Hey bigrick, I will have to see the milkers on that alley girl.............Chango

01-01-03, 20:52
Ok, here's my trip report for last night (31st of Dec.) I had new years eve and new years day off from work so I decided that I might as well head down to boys town, however my car started to act up so I decided to try something new - greyhound. I took the city bus (capmetro here in Austin) to the greyhound bus station and caught a bus at 2:50pm which brought me to laredo by 8:00. Once I got to laredo, I got something to eat and headed to BT around 9, and it was absolutely DEAD. Papagayo's had maybe 10 girls working, and all the clubs were closed except for the western (which I hear is TV country so I stick away) and TA-BU which didn't open until 10. I decided to catch a taxi back into downtown NL and hung out at some bars until 11pm. I then headed back and went to TA-BU. I met a beautiful chica who turned 19 on 1/1. She really got me going, however she wasn't willing to do anything more than the table dance.. When I asked her to go with me to a room she said she was "nervous." I ended up getting rid of my "pent up" desire on a street girl and headed back to papagayo's. I was amazed by the number of beautiful ladies here, however the down side was that they were all new year's partiers and not "working girls". I then headed back to TA-BU and found another beautiful woman and proceeded to have sex with her for $60 + 10 for the room. Right after that, I headed back to the greyhound station, borded the bus at 3am and got back to austin by 8:25. Besides the 1 hr layover, the bus trip wasn't that bad - much better than trying to stay awake and driving myself. Bus fare was rather high, though. It ran 60.50 round trip. I'll probably head back down later this month to celebrate my birthday.


01-01-03, 23:27
Kosher has just arrived home in Austin, after spending New Years Eve in BT. Kosher was pre-warned by mongers with more MX experience than himself that New Years eve would be dead, but Kosher is stubborn and sinks or swims on own, so went down anyway. BT was dead. Usually on a busy night about 80-90% of the doors have girls in them. Last night about 1/15 doors had a worker. PimpDaddys was closed, so was Hollywood nights, Maribu shut the gates after midnight and the donkey show was stopped...Tamykos had one guy in there and some sad looking gals. Papagayos was only place happening as well as the TaBu strip club. I didnt know until today that u can get laid in there, thought lap dances only. I guess thats what happens behind those red screens. Kosher fucked two alley girls, the first one sucked, not worth mentioning. 2nd one is across from Pimp Daddys and always wears a little ' green schoolgirl' looking skirt..OK service, did the trick. Kosher was heartbroken that Annabella wasnt at Papagayos last night however, in a night that seemed headed towards misery, Kosher found a new regular. The girls all recognized me and knew right away it was an opportunity to ' steal' Annabellas biz and all offered me 50-60 for a visit while the same girls asked for ochenta from others. I guess there is a benefit to being a regular there and seen often. Annabella will now have to share rights to the Gringo known as KosherCowboy with Stefanie for now on. Stefanie is about 5'3, huge breasts with dark nipples that get pointy, a tight pussy with a nice haircut ( trim), and was tons of fun, 27 years old. She sucks well, and what really excited Kosher and what earned her a place on my reg list was the fact she screwed me with great enthusiasm and put lots of effort in when it was taking me 4ever to blow my nuts. Every thrust I made in to her was met with a powerful upwards thrust of hers, she matched my every move, wrapped her arms around me tight, and made all kinds of noices and grunts in Spanish. When I emptied my balls in to her pussy she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in tight so I could get a better shot off, and at same time she squeezed her muscles :)Stefanie is a must see! The bottom line is BT SUCKS on New Years, but being a seasoned monger, Kosher was able to find a wonderful piece of fish in a pond that upon arrival to BT looked to be pretty desolate and empty.

KosherCowboy: Will have an extremely difficult time jerking off tonight due to the fact I will have to choose between Stefanie and Annabella when its time to cum!

01-02-03, 00:09
Chango it sounds like we made the right decision, see you this weekend.

01-02-03, 06:38
JT's New Years Resolution for 2002 (of which he met with flying colors):
Fuck 100 girls from over 40 countries in over 15 countries: i.e., I was fortunate to have had girls in England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Ukrain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, and almost one in Afghanistan (damn religious hardliners). I made it to Boy's Town 4 times, while in Afghanistan and Jamaica for almost half the year. I even had my first Black chick(s) while in Jamaica for a month. All in all, I still love my latinas. There is just something about the olive skin, the language, the culture and the aggressiveness of latinas!

JT's 2003 New Years Resolution: To double my quota from last year and to make it to Thailand and back to Europe. I also want to visit my Mexican beauties in BT at least 5 times.

Viva Mexico!! Happy New Years Everyone. Without all of you, I would have been totally lost at finding pussy in the countries that I have visited.

01-02-03, 16:55
Here is my New Years Eve report for NL/BT. I left out of Dallas at 1:30 pm, arrived BT about 8:45 and my first thoughts were why did you just drive 450 miles?? Oh well, side from that, I said im here now so lets make the best of it, It was dead but it got better later. I parked my truck inside papaguyos compound and went in and had a couple of beers looking round and wondering who if any of these guys were Beavis, Kosher, Hodoggie etc. Well I kinda wondered round here and there, drinking beer, checking out prospects, finally the urge hit me when i saw a room girl in the center street area that i liked, she said fuckey/suckey 20.00, I said 15.00, she say ok but no suckey, we go in, close the door, she looks better in the lite, so I tell her ok 20.00. fifteen minutes later, Im in another bar drinking beer looking round some more, still kinda wondering why i made the drive. I then walk to my truck at Papa's, get my cell phone and call Borderjumper, He said him and the wife might come out, but i never saw them, I then meet Fellow *****mongers Sam and Wilson, we wonder the streets some and bars some more when we finally venture into Ta-bu's, BINGO................JACKPOT, me Sam and Wilson are greeted at the door By the waiters and 3 pretty damn fine latina's, I hook up with a tall one named Veronica, height and weight proportinate, damn fine long black hair just past her shoulders, nice ass with a smaller rack, still just what borderbanger was looking for!!! we sit there drinking beer with the girls as they go through their dance rotation, we are tipping the shit outta the dancers, the waiters.......having a good time, Me and Sam decide its time to run to the ATM round the corner at the PEMEX, which we do, and then we are back at Ta-Bu and our chicas are there at our table waiting on us, here we are again partying, drinking beer with our chicas in our laps showing us all the attention that they can, finally I feel the need so me and Veronica negotiate 60.00 plus 10 for the room, keep in mind I have allready tipped the shit outta this one, we get in the room, strip off our clothes, she's like damn ............. borderbanger is pleased Veronica is impressed with his manhood, we start off with the bj while i play with her pussy and titties, she then wraps him in his blanket and we are at it missionary, doggy, her on top, me on top, finally I came deep inside her with her wrapping those long legs around me and her hugging the shit outta me, we then lay there for a few more mins, get up and put our clothes on and rejoin everyone else in the bar, more beers and partying, next thing i know its 6:45 in the morning, its lite outside of Ta-Bu's, standing at the entrance to Ta-bu's, Veronica gives me a big hug and a kiss goodbye, I tell her I will be back Saturday, she seemed happy. I was damn happy, I slept in my truck for a couple of hours, then drove around the complex till i saw another room girl in the center street area, I thought what the hell and banged her for 20.00. Now im in my truck, im heading to the bridge to go home, yee haw back in Texas..............63 miles up 35, DPS nailed me at 85 in a 70. no talking him outta it, He smiled and said Welcome back to Texas. Guys all in all I had a great new years in BT. I need email address's for you guys like Kosher , Beavis, Hodoggie etc.etc. Me and Hopper are making the trip back on this Saturday from Dallas, would like to meet up with our fellow *****mongers for a big Saturday nite *****monger bash. After reading the previous posts, I see that hodog and kosher were there, did any of yall see me, Im 6'1" tall, I had on a ball cap, KSCS t shirt, Army Field Jacket, wranglers and boots??? P.S. Kosher Cowboy gets the shithouse poet award for 2002

01-03-03, 19:14
Kosher is konsidering a visit now to meet fellow mongers and see his favorite kourtesans. Kosher has a kontract pending here in town so won't know until 4-5 o klock on Saturday if he will be able to kum for sure. If Kosher arrives he will wear the same klothes as last time while at Klub papagayos. Short sleeve Grey shirt with a kollar, jeans, and brown boots, a belt, with my cell phone klipped to it. I remember talking to a fellow guy about the location of an ATM in Papas and telling him there was one at the gas station. I wonder if that was you. Seems like TaBU will now be a new hangout for Kosher. Kosher will now take a break and head home to his kasa, where he will become Kosher Kannabis and katch a buzz!

KosherCowboy: Kosher wants to say on Mex side of border but is addicted to kannabis as well as kumming, so feels safer kumming back across border to US rather than bringing kannabis to his hotel in Mex...If it were safe to bring a tiny bit of kannabis to my room in MX I would stay on that side and save $ on a hotel. Plus, I could bring a kourtesan back to my hotel and shoot kum up her kunt all night !!

01-04-03, 01:11
Originally posted by borderbanger
[call Borderjumper, He said him and the wife might come out, but i never saw them, [/i]

But we saw you banger and thought we'd better not interrupt you with that infamous, er, lady on your arm! I'm curious. Where do they hide their dicks at!!!!

KC....enuff with the fucki "K" mano. I got me a monumental hangaround due do the absorption of too much of Tio Fidel's outstanding distillation of the cane!

BB...Just kidding hoss. We were going to come out and got swamed withsome unexpected visitors from Houston. Lola's 86 y.o. daddy wanted me to take him out there but you got to draw the line somewhere. You don't go whoring with your father inlaw!!! going back to work tomorrow. Possibly check out TJ next week with luck. Back in NL in a week. You guys enjoy!

01-04-03, 02:29
Borderbanger sorry I missed you. It sounds like you had a good time though. That is the great thing about living in the great state of Texas is having the ultimate playground in your backyard. I too got a greeting from Texas finest last time I was coming home. It was 3:30 in the morning and I am doing 70 in a 60. Fortunately all he gave me was a warning. I was about 5 miles from home and didnt want to end agreat evening with a ticket, phew!!! I cnaged my mind at the last minute on the advice of a man who has been going there for years. He told me it would be the deadest night of the year but thats the good thing about BT no matter how dead it is you can always find something.

I won't be able to make it tomorrow night either as I am in Piedras Negras and tomorrow night will be in Allende. I will pass on any info so have a good one.

Mic Jagger
01-04-03, 02:42
Beavis a couple a months ago as I was driving through Allende from Peidras Negras I remember seeing a mens club called Pappagayos this one was on the right side of the road as you're going south before the Allende check point may be worth checking out.

Borderbanger, Kosher Kowboy, Hodoggie, etc, would like to meet some of you fellow mongers, let me know where you'll be or what you're wearing.....micjagger2003@austin.rr.com

01-04-03, 04:13
While walking to the mercado in NL the day after my visit to BT, I noticed a lot of "pharmacies" and was asked several times if I needed a prescription for $1. Has anyone tried these places? I'm not interested in Valium or Codeine, but saw Viagra and other prescription medications. I was wondering if these places were legit, or what the deal was. One guy even told me it was legal to take back over the border, but I wouldn't want to try that and passed on all the offers.


01-04-03, 04:51
Kosher tiene dos preguntas :

1) When you pay the $ 11 for room, is the house ' clocking you', is it for 15 min, 30 min, or is it up to girl. If you pay the girl 100 say and agree to whole hour, is it still 11 for house..WHat if you get two hours in room , must u now pay 22 ??

2) If a chica decides to spend a night with you in a room, what is taxi situation like in morning to return to town?

KosherCowboy: Frustrated that his New Years wish to gain an extra inch in length hasnt cum true yet :( Kosher will now have to take his tiny 6 inch sausage to BT now and hopefully find tight Vaginas so that he can ' feel walls' while inside them :)

01-04-03, 05:52
From my past experiences, The house usually charges $10-12 per half hour. If you spend an hour, it costs $22 and so on (if the half hour rate was $11). Very rarely has the house ever cut me a deal. One exception is Pimp Daddy's, where I paid $15 for the hour. If you want to take the chica to a hotel, you have to pay the house (this is usually a flat fee of $25-40 for the night). These prices are from my past experiences and I am sure that results are varied from *****monger to *****monger.

Happy Hunting.


01-04-03, 19:40
...Hopefully everyone had a safe and prosperous New Years and I'm looking forward to my trip to NL and BT. I would like to ask a couple more questions before my venture to boys town. As I do love my cigars.
1. Can you by Cuban cigars in Nuevo Laredo and if so where would be the most economical place to purchase them?
2. What is a fair price from the LAFB airport to bridge number one and what would be a fair tip ?
3. What is a fair price for a taxi from the hotel Reforma to boys town and what should I tip for this fair?
4. Let's say after a day or two at the hotel Reforma that a guy gets in the mood to hunt at night and sleep during the day what would be the best hotel (girl friendly) that he could stay that would be convenient to BT and still get a good meal?
5. Are there any good places to eat (food) in boys town?
6. Does anyone have a report on the Hollywood nights hotel lately?
Thank you guys for all the help you have given me, looking forward to the Chief's great adventure to BT. T minus three days and counting.

01-04-03, 20:24
Originally posted by Chief
...Hopefully everyone had a safe and prosperous New Years and I'm looking forward to my trip to NL and BT. I would like to ask a couple more questions before my venture to boys town. As I do love my cigars.
1. Can you by Cuban cigars in Nuevo Laredo and if so where would be the most economical place to purchase them?
2. What is a fair price from the LAFB airport to bridge number one and what would be a fair tip ?
3. What is a fair price for a taxi from the hotel Reforma to boys town and what should I tip for this fair?
4. Let's say after a day or two at the hotel Reforma that a guy gets in the mood to hunt at night and sleep during the day what would be the best hotel (girl friendly) that he could stay that would be convenient to BT and still get a good meal?
5. Are there any good places to eat (food) in boys town?
6. Does anyone have a report on the Hollywood nights hotel lately?
Thank you guys for all the help you have given me, looking forward to the Chief's great adventure to BT. T minus three days and counting.

Let me see if i can answer your questions in the order presented Chief.

1. I have no idea about the cigars but try these:
Multi-Abastos ...Lopez Lara.....867-715-9103
Totsies......Bolivar 3312 or Bolivar y Morelos...867-714-8484 & 867-714-8888
Unlike Juarez where they sell cartons of cigarettes on every street corner and Cuban cigars in most liquor stores, it doesn't happen here. I buy Cuban rum here in Juarez so I'm sure cigars are available.

2. Laredo cabs are metered. They'll offer you a "deal" which most often is equal to or a bit more than what the meter would read. Plan on $20.00 minimum meter rate to Bridge #1. More if the driver decides to take the "scenic" route. You'll have no idea it's happening. My advice, Rent a car from Enterprise. They have some hellaciously good weekend rates. don't tell them you're taking it across the border though. You'll be fine. been driving in Mexico for years.

3. taxi to and from BT...$10.00, rarely negotiable. This is from anywhere in Centro or any of the Hotels in NL. Tip a couple of bucks. DO NOT allow the driver to drop you off in front of any of the clubs. Insist on the taxi stand in front of Papagayos.

4. I've never stayed at the Reforma although as Beavis says, it is right downtown. My personal prefernce is Villa Real on Lopez Lara which is closer to BT. They have an on site restaraunt that is fantastic with wet bar and beer. Room service for food and booze up until midnite or later. Good security and nice clean modern rooms. They can flag you a cab out front in minutes or you can catch a bus to downtown which is minutes away.

5. The taco stand outside of Papagayo's is reported to be fantastic as is my preference, the hot dog cart across from the taco stand in front of The New Shamrock.

6. Nothing new n Hollywood Nights I'm afraid. It's been pretty dead out there over the holidays. Only they truely desparate staying over the holidays. christmas season officially ends Monday night which is 12th night or 3 Kings Dat so things should be getting back to normal by the time you arrive.

Unfortunately, I'm going back to work this afternoon and will be in California while you're here so won't be of much help. Enjoy your trip and be sure to stop in at Pimpdaddy's and tell Lupilla that Porter sent you and you heard of him on the Internet. it will probably be good for a free drink!

Have Fun!

01-04-03, 20:30
Kosher fears if the X-Mas season doesnt end till after the weekend that the selection tonight will be limited still and the regs not back yet :( Kosher was hoping that this being the first weekend after the New Year would bring the ladeis back out

01-04-03, 21:27
Thank you very much for taking the time to answers. Im very sorry that you must return to work but I do no how that is (I must work for aliving also). I will make sure that I stop in Pimpdaddy's and see Lupilla and let him know what a great help you were on the internet in helping me fine his club and the good things you have posted about Pimpdaddy's. Have a safe trip to Californa and again thanks. Is the taxi fare the same ($10.00) from the Villa Real to BT?

01-04-03, 23:27
Originally posted by Chief
...is the taxi fare the same ($10.00) from the Villa Real to BT?

To & from just about anywhere in NL for gringos. Just the way it is. That's why I suggested you rent a car. The money you save in taxis will put you money ahead on the rental. I used to do that when I lived in Juarez before I took one of my vehicles over there. Besides impressing the women of course. Driving in Mexico is nothing to worry about. Despite what some say, Mexican drivers are careful drivers simply because if in an accident they are liable to lose their only means of transportation. Hitting a gringo doesn't do them any good either. Your option though!

01-05-03, 04:42
chief, not to put a damper on your trip, but check your rental car contract carefully, if you get one. ANY rental car company that I'm aware of, will NOT provide insurance coverage when you leave the US into Mexico. In fact, many will actually prohibit that you take the car into Mexico at all! Some will allow it, but it will be your responsibility, so get the Mexican auto insurance BEFORE you cross the border. If something happens to the car at all-YOU will be responsible for it, whether it is your fault or not, and your CC will be billed. You will get hit not only for the damage to the car, but for loss of use of the vehicle as well. That means that you will be stuck for the daily rate UNTIL the car is repaired, and available for rental to another customer. If the car is stolen, you will owe the entire cost to replace it with a NEW car!
I agree with borderjumper, that probably nothing bad will happen. Unfortunately, SHIT does happen! I have to deal with rental car contracts in business, which is why I know this. Check with your insurance agent, or call the 800 #'s for the rental car companies to verify what I've said. I want you to make a conscious choice-not an unconscious one!
Be safe, and have fun! thor

01-05-03, 05:40

Your best bet it to rent a car at Laredo Airport and drive to the bridge and park for the $10 or so that they charge for 24 hours. I like to stay at the Rio Grande plaza (adjacent to the walking bridge) and park my car for free and walk across the bridge and take a cab for $10 to BT. The hotel will pick you up for free at the airport and also return you there. They will also take you anywhere in Laredo you may want to go. I pay $55 per night there (you must have an "entertainment book card" for the discount). This is IMHO the best bargain since I can drink what I want in BT and not be in fear of a DUI or worse.

THOR is totally correct regarding the rental car agencies banning you from entering Mexico. Most won't even allow you to enter Mexico even with the proper insurance.

I hope this info helps.


01-05-03, 18:44

Hope you're listening cause Thor and TJ are 100% right about the rental car situation. You need to also be aware that more and more rental places in the states are using GPS units to track where their rentals go, so be aware they could be watching from above and God only knows sees that information!

Sure, the $10 gringo rate for taxis is a bend-over, but it's still cheaper than risking an accident or DUI in NL.

If Cherubino did not have his own wheels to drive over he would be paying the gringo rate too.

01-05-03, 20:00
Round Trip Report: Dallas to Laredo

Airfare: $74.00 round trip to San Antonio
Hotel: $53.57 for Motel 6
Car: $13.95 rental car from Enterprise in San Antonio
Cash spent: $260.00
Total $401.52

This is my third trip to Nuevo Laredo since I found out about it from WSG. I can't thank all of you guys for your info because i have gotten good info from too many people now. So, gracias to all partcipants. I don't think I am going to break any new ground here but I will tell you what happened last night. First, the flight left Dallas at 3pm and arrived on schedule. I tell you, I loved it! The first two times I drove to NL and it is seven hours from D, much to far and tiresome! The rental car agency was nice and efficient and before I knew it I was on my short two hour drive to NL. It was so good to arrive fresh and ready for action. It is almost as cheap to fly and drive than it is to drive if you have a pickup like myself. I highly recommend it for you guys from Dallas. Unless of course you are car pooling. That would make the drive bearable.

Now I am in the Motel 6 typing this report before I walk across the parking lot to eat and drive back to SA to catch the Southwest flight home. I met a gentleman from Dallas that told me he had been coming to NL for 40 years. He gave me a hotel that he stays at called Del Camino. He said it is on the American side, 24 blocks due north of bridge one. He said it is $20 a night and nice for the price. I plan to drive by it and investigate after breakfast on my way to SA. The phone number is 8-714-8967. I'll verify this when I drive by in a couple of hours. I have never seen an 8 prefix like that before, looks suspect.

After checking into the motel I drove down to the bridge and walked across. I stopped in at one of the first bars for a beer and then I tried to follow the instructions BEAVIS recently posted on finding the Herradura. I walked three blocks and then left one block but I failed to see it. I shrugged my shoulders and went back for one more beer where I popped a half a V for power and jumped a cab to Papaguyos. I will find Herradura's on the next trip. It was dark and I do not like to appear like I am looking for something at night in a strange place. I must admit that I never feel any danger in NL but I wanted to keep it that way. Next time I am going to try a different approach to NL. I will speak of it near the end of the report.

My first session was with a tall and thin women. I'd say she was about 30 and it did show in the light of the room. I was without much intelligence last night because I was drinking mucho. I just followed the river of fate and it was a little costly. I learned the lesson and that is all that counts. I failed to negotiate the price before going to the room. I have never been asked for more than $60 in NL and I was going under that assumption, a mistake! the sex was fine, there was not much problem with that. When I say fine I mean it was good enough to satisfy. I would not write to mama about this girls performance and there will be no repeat. Anyway, the lesson was that she asked for $80 after it was over. I told her that no one ever asks this much and she stayed firm. I paid and got over it without furher thought, lesson learned. Always ask up front about price!

I felt mighty fine even though I was light twenty bucks more than necessary. I decided to chat up other mongers and that is where I met the gentleman from Dallas. I said hello while standing at the bar ordering una cervesa. He was looking for his friend that appeared to be lost with a chica. After about 30 minutes he showed up. I decided to stroll around NL and found nothing that interested me so I went back to papaguyos after about thirty minutes. There is not much else to report except that I talked to people. I asked everyone I met if they were from the web page and none of them knew of WSG. Where were you guys?

The second session turned out to be the best experience in Mexico I have had to date. It rivals even the best ones I have had in Thailand. I think I am shifting focus to the Latino. I love the language and I have been practicing it. It paid muy dividends on this night. It was about 3am at this time and I was hammered drunk. You must understand, hammered for me is probably about like four beers for most people. I don't really get drunk anymore. So, I mean to say that I am a very congenial person when under the influence. However, the old pecker does not like the booze when it comes time for sex. Still yet, I was wanting one more time before I left and this is when I met Mariana.

We talked for a long time and I bought her two or three tequilas and the same number in beers for me. Her english was muy terribla so it took some time to get to know her. I am glad that I have learned to speak some espanol. Only a little bit so far but I am finding it not so difficult to learn as compared to say thai or turkish. And hey, it is a romance language so what is there not to like?

After a time (getting very drunk) I decided to ask about going to the room. She says $80 dollars (room included) which means she wanted $68 I believe. I had told her that all I wanted was massage as I felt I had no power. I had almost convinced myself to forget it and go home. I was truly rolling in the cervesa but I decided to go with her. What followed was magic I believe. I can't believe I even got the power but she was very good in her task. I took off my shirt and she layed me face down on the bed. She was timid with the massage at first. But I enjoyed it all the same. Eventually she figured out what I liked and I was letting her know it. After about 15 minutes of this she reached under and undid my jeans and pulled the off. I was starting to come around to her but still no power. I got a wonderful lower body rub and she took care of each of my toes individually. Man, she knew her way around the feet! I thought I was in Thailand!

After this she turns me over and then applies all her skills on my front side. She was fantastico! Slowly and more slowly she made her way to the sleeping pecker. It found the POWER! After I was so hard I thought I was going to go insane she started flicking it with her tongue while she continued to caress it in her deilcate hands. It was mind blowing and I felt like a whale spouting! after this she went to the bano and came back with tissue to clean me up. After I was put back together she jumped on me and we spent about 15 minutes of hugging, kissing, massaging, and just cooing on the bed. she never even got undressed. She then gave me her mobile number and also her phone number in Monterrey. I think I am going to figure a way to travel to Monterrey with her sometime. I have never been to Monterrey and I can't think of a better way than with someone like this women. That about sums it up, I believe we had the room for one hours time. I was amazed that there was never a knock! I am sated and it is time for breakfast at the Pancake House.


I forgot to mention the next thing I will try in NL. I am going to book an American Airlines flight direct to Laredo. It arrives at 3pm and then I am going directly across to NL where I will find the Herradura and also a hotel for taking chica to casa. If I can't get a room, no problemo. I will simple stay up drinking and having sex until 5am and then catch a cab to the bridge and then catch another cab to the airport for a 7am flight back to Dallas. This will be called the Dallas to Laredo IN AND OUT report. The flight is $160 but there is no need for hotel (except for chicas from the H) because of the early fight home where I can sleep on the plane anyway.

Now it is time for the food!


A Toda Maquina
01-06-03, 01:05
Arrived in NL/BT sat. afternoon I scored with one alley girl for 200 pesos at about 1400 hrs, and another shortly after for 150 pesos, then had a few sodas and went to centro where Beavis knew of some places that serve up good food ........We returned to BT later on , I had some sodas/beer & scoped out the alley's & bars , found another alley girl for 150 pesos, ...... Then went to papa g's and stumbled across mic j, kosher, borderbanger, ,.......papag's was really movin......from there I got a chic( a really good looker, w/effort and smile sound effects etc.a 9) at maribu for 400 pesos plus room ....after that decided to go home only to find the bridge to be a 2 plus hr wait and the columbia bridge was closed (20 mi. north) so by now a lot of the hotels on the blvds were full , so I came back to the coumpound and got a room at the Hollywood for the night 200pesos ., also got a room girl there 18yr old (w/ dd-cps )300 pesos plus room(for half hr}.... ,even though I had a room for the night the room fee of 100 pesos still applied ..........................................hey kosher, your deal is with the bar/and girl you'll have to pay the piper even if you get her for free....so you might go into overtime on the room!! Chango

01-06-03, 01:34
Kosher and his two best friends, his pecker and his wallet, are now back home in the Kosher Kastle. Kosher had the fine priveledge of meeting about 6-7 other hobbyists last night in BT, of which several I have emaield back and forth. It was very cool seeing em in person and hope we can do something like that ' regularly'. Kosher has had such a good run with Annabella that he didnt venture to any other vaginas and just saw Annabellla twice, once at 11:30 for our usual session and once at 3:30 or so in morning for a 1.5-2 hour session in room. I paid the house 30 for that time, and paid Annabella pennies. I left with a picture of her she gave me and her #. Also, I borrowed another mongers kamera and took several photos of Annabella so as soon as they are developed and mailed to the Kosher Kastle, Kosher will kuickly make them available :) Kosher also learned from another kourtesan this time the situation on the health checkup. Once every one to two weeks the Gynecologist checks em out, and every other month they get a blood test. The health kard is a tiny booklet, just a bit smaller than a passport, and made of paper. Its got a few stamps and blank lines where the Dr writes ' negative' in the case of the card I saw. Just thought I would share that.

KosherCowboy: Kraving Enchiladas now :)

01-06-03, 02:52
... Thor, JT and Cherubino I have made the decision not to rent a car because I will be staying on the Mexican side of the border anyway. I do appreciate all the information and I agree that it is not worth the chance to ruin the Chiefs Boys Town Great Adventure.
...Chango or anyone do you know if you are allow to bring girls to the Hollywood nights hotel from other clubs to your room or must they be from the Hollywood Bar? Is it safe to leave your valuables in your room (at the Hollywood hotel) if you are not in the room. Do you get a better price if you pay in pesos vs. US dollars. Well fellow mongers Im now at t minus two days and counting see all Tuesday be safe.

...Beavis I did get your e-mail today and try to reply but for some odd reason it would not let me reply. Thanks for all your help. I will try again later or tomorrow.

01-06-03, 05:26
Chief I am sure that your things would be safe at the Hollywood hotel but you won't want to stay there all of the time because you won't find anything to do in the daytime. You can bring girls from anywhere you want there 24 hours a day. They rent rooms by the week for 70 USD so you might consider having a room in both places. I went to the Reforma yesterday and they are expecting you. The great thing about the Reforma is it is located downtown and you will have things to do in the daytime. There are several ex pats who are retired in Nuevo Laredo so you will find everything you need with ease. I am going to Monterrey later in the week so I will stop by on my way down.

I am working on a report from the weekend that I should have up sometime tonight.

01-06-03, 05:28
Great report Posterlion.
All the seasoned veterans of BT enjoy hearing what people who are new (or semi new) to the NL scene thinks of our special place. I do have one word of advice. Treat the ladies with respect, enjoy yourself, but NEVER EVER get attached to a working girl.
I been to Monterrey twice and the scene there isn't that good. There are a couple clubs what have rooms in the back, but the girls wanted $120-200 for one nut. IMHO that's too much. I also had the opportunity to visit the clubs in Ciudad Acuna and the small BT in Reynose. Those too are no comparison to NL's BT. The one in Reynose is half as big and doesn't have the amount of hotties as does the one in NL.

I can also truly relate to your experience with Mariana. The last time I was in BT, I had a 19 yr old petite latin princess in Hollywood Nights who almost gave me a heart attack, and I am only 27 yrs old!

Chief, Hollywood Nights don't give a rat's ass who you bring into the room. Just tell them your plans before you rent the room, as you may have to pay a small surcharge for a "double" room rate. NEVER leave any valuables in the room, especially in BT. Don't trust anyone there. BT is a great place to have fun, but you must always use your head (the one that houses your brain).

Chango, what was the girl's name that you had in Hollywood Nights? I had two gals there and we may have had the same one. What did she look like?

I want to also say hello to the newbee turned pro, the great Mandingo Stick.


01-06-03, 05:35
Thanks I will let the Reforma know that if you want to get intouch with me to give you my room number. I wil try and e-mail you my real name tomorrow.

A Toda Maquina
01-06-03, 06:09
Hey J.T.,her name was lorena (blonde) and a good looker ......,, there alsowas that hot # "Perla" working......./oh , Chief I saw the Reforma Sat. w/ Beavis ,it'll definetly do the job.... In BT(I also noticed the waiters /bartenders ,and even the towell/rubber girl want a tip and seemed friendlier with one,I usually gave them 5-10 pesos after 2 beers or 10pesos after 3 beers and that seemed fair (hey, it's not the states)and the towell /rubber lady 5 pesos, I would'nt want someone mad around while I got my pants down...............have fun Chief !!!!

01-06-03, 07:34
Hey guys here is what I have compiled from my trip this weekend in Piedras Negras and Nuevo Laredo. I will post it in both sections but it was probably my best trip ever. Here goes.

The beginning of a great trip

I left home on Friday morning 01/03/02 to go to Piedras Negras. I had plans to meet Chango and we were going to explore Piedras Negras for a night and then to go check out a small zona we had heard of in Nava. We had made arrangements to meet in the park near centro at 8:00 PM and take it from there. At 8 we began touring the bars near centro as we had heard that there are some girls around there and the park at night. After hitting about 7 or 8 bars it was pretty dry so we started to look at the options. It was still early and nothing starts early in Mexico so we basically had some extra time on our hands. The zona in Piedras Negras doesn’t even open until 10 so after some discussion Chango said “let’s go to Nava”. That was the reason we had came here so off we went.

We had no idea what to expect in this very small town of Nava about 30 miles south of Piedras Negras but being the mongers that we are it was a must to go see. Chango had found the zona earlier but I had yet to go there. When we arrived in Nava we began a journey down a series of dirt roads that had several holes more like oil wells than pot holes. Through a residential area that few if any gringos have ever been at night. Finally after what seemed like an hour on a paint shaker we arrive at the zona in Nava. Not something that looked very welcoming to a couple of white men from Texas. At first we looked at each other and thought, “do we really want to go in here”. The zona consist of 3 fair size bars with small hotel like rooms attached. We entered the 1st bar and after receiving some very unfriendly looks from some of the Mexicans inside went over to the bar. Speaking Spanish is a must here and I would by no means ever go here alone. There is no police station, no security, and no place to cry for help here so if you venture into this wilderness proceed with caution. First impression was we have made a terrible mistake and let’s get out of here while we are still alive. There were no girls yet as it is now about 9:30 so we sit at the bar to get adjusted to the atmosphere and decide if we want to stay to check it out or get the hell out of there before we are used as trap bait.

After a little conversation with the bar tender everything seems O.K. so we hang out for a few minutes. I ask the bartender when do the girls come in and he said “ahorita” (very soon). Shortly after the back door opens and in walk 2 girls. Both pretty so Chango and I acknowledge them and think maybe something good might come of this. I asked the bartender how much did the girls charge and he said (in Spanish 500 pesos) 50 dollars. We knew right away that these were gringo prices as there was no way the Mexicans paid 50 dollars. Both of these girls could have done fine in Nuevo Laredo at those prices but I knew they didn’t get that here. Chango talked to one of the girls and she seemed very friendly. A welcome change from the attitude of the normal working girl. After a few minutes we left and went to the next bar. There were about 8 or 10 girls in here. About half pretty girls and the other half was the milk bone gang. There was one very pretty blonde sitting at the table next to us that I was very interested in but Chango had already moved in on her so I began to look some more. We had a very friendly waitress here who smiled and asked if I would like a girl. Still being cautious I figured you only live once so I told her I liked the girl at the end of the bar.

The Game Starts

As the waitress left to go invite the other girl over, Chango and the pretty blonde get up and head towards the door. At this bar the girl’s rooms are attached like a motel so off they go to leave me all alone in this bar where no gringo has ever gone before. I ask very quickly how much she is going to charge and he says 35 dollars. I think this is more like it, this girl would be getting 80 in Papagayos. The girl I had requested joins me at the table. She is 25 from Monclova named Jessica. She even looks better up close, has long curly black hair and a very nice chest. An honest 7 ½ but some people would give her an 8. I talk with her for a few minutes and eventually after buying her a beer and me a club soda I bring up the discussion of how much for the trip to the room. She tells me 35 also. I ask how much for the room and she looks at me like I am crazy. The girls live in these rooms so all you pay is her. Again I ask for how long and she tells me however long I want. Now this is how it should be I am thinking. We go to the room and I pay her as I am not going to do anything out of the ordinary in this location. She undresses and is very pretty and very clean. We spend a few minutes talking and playing before getting down to business. I know this will be like a rocket taking off so I am in no hurry. Especially since I know there will be no asshole knocking on the door. We take care of business and she gets a very good grade on the report card. It is very cold so I pass on the invitation to join her in the shower and just settle for a bird bath of the necessary areas. If nothing else it was worth the trip just to meet this girl. A near GFE as I think she is enjoying the change from the normal drunk Mexican patrons.

When we return to the bar Chango is gone but his girl is back inside so I know he is in one of 3 places. I quickly check to make sure that his truck is still here because I couldn’t imagine be stranded here. I go back in and sit with Jessica for a few minutes then kiss her goodbye and move on. The best thing about these girls is that they don’t know how pretty they are. This proves there are still unspoiled places out there if you are crazy enough to go to them like we are.

I go to the last bar and even while walking the short distance see some more pretty girls. There are not many girls here maybe 30 in all 3 bars but the great thing is there are maybe 18 or 20 guys including us and most of them seem to only want to drink. I find Chango in here already in the process of dealing the cards again. This time with another blonde Mexicana. I can say he has good taste as at this point he has beat me to the punch twice. I sit at the same table and get swamped by about 3 that I don’t want. Chango is about to leave again for the room so I leave here and go back to the 1st bar we were at but this time I am alone. It is an uneasy feeling but I’m O.K. I go back to the bar and notice that there are about 7 girls now. At least 5 of the 7 are keeping the average up on the girls here. I am thinking about who do I want of the five when the door opens and in walks another girl. There is a heater over by the door and all of the girls are gathered around it. As this next girl walks in the others standing around the heater shift a little and obstruct my view for a second. Shortly after I look over and see the back side of what looks like a very pretty woman. It takes a few seconds but when she turns her head and looks over my jaw drops. This is a beautiful girl and as she looks over my eyes lock onto hers. I know it is rude to stare but there was no way I could take my eyes off of this beautiful creature. I think there is no way this is a working girl.

It doesn’t get any better than this

By now the girls around the heater have moved around a little and I have a direct line of sight with the prettiest girl I have ever seen in a bar. I would guess about 5’ 8” with a body that you couldn’t make any more perfect. She was wearing a pair of Levi’s that were designed specifically to fit her. There was not one square millimeter of wasted material here. To go with a perfectly sculpted body from the waist down she had incredible hooters. Probably 36 and stood straight out, this and the fact that she wore no bra with a thin light blue tank top in the cold weather, the headlights were on high beam. I still wasn’t sure if this was a working girl because I have never seen anything this fine in my life. If Hugh Hefner needs a playmate of the year I have found her. We were not about to take a camera into this place but Chango will vouch for the validity of this. This girl looked like porn star Tera Patrick with long black hair that hung to her butt. She was drawing plenty attention but I had not taken my eyes off of her. As I kept staring she finally walked over towards me. I have been with hundreds of working girls but never have had one approach me that made me as nervous as this. The closer she got the hotter she looked. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep from attacking her when she got within range. Enough babbling but when she sat down on the stool beside me I thought my heart was going to beat through my chest. I forgot all of my Spanish and all I could do was just look at her.

I quickly came down off of cloud nine and when she smiled I saw the cutest face ever put on a latin girl. As I look around to see several Mexicans staring at this beautiful girl beside me I remember why I am here. I buy here a beer and begin conversation. Her name is Micaela, 24 years old from Ciudad Victoria. I can’t imagine why this girl isn’t married to a millionaire or on the cover of a magazine but am glad she is sitting beside me in this Mexican cantina. I still can’t believe this is a working girl but I know that if I don’t move soon someone will so I ask the question, “how much to go to your room”. She responds with 35 dollars (all of these prices were quoted in pesos). If she would have said two hundred and thirty five dollars I would not have hesitated one second. We leave and go to her room and when she takes her top off I am worried that I won’t be able to pull my pants over the kickstand that I have. I have already been once tonight but this is just incredible. A man that is with this woman needs no Viagra. She pulled down her pants to reveal a black thong that made her perfect ass look even better. At this point I am thinking that there has got to be something wrong with this woman as she is too perfect. I go to try to kiss her and she opens her arms and pulls me to her. This I cannot believe as I have never even seen a woman this beautiful before and she is all over me.

As we make it to the bed I try my best to suck the sheets up her ass but after about 10 minutes I can’t get them up there. She puts a rubber on my dick that is so hard I don’t know if I have enough skin left to blink. I never had made love to a “10” but I now have. Surprisingly I am able to last a while until I explode with a force that I thought would blow the condom like a “Firestone 500”. She removes the condom and comes back with a washcloth. She cleans me and then tells me to lie back down on the bed. The thought crossed my mind that here is where the guys come with the guns but she climbs up on the bed and proceeds to give me a BBBJ. I am thinking I need to wake up when she throws her long black hair over my leg and I realize this is really happening. Micaela puts her heart into this and keeps with it until she finishes me off, then swallows. Again I am thinking something is wrong here but we then get dressed to leave. I haven’t paid her yet so I ask her how much. She responds with Thirty Five like I am not going to pay her Thirty Five. I would have gave her five hundred and thirty five for what she did to me but to be an honest monger I gave her 35 only and asked if I could come see her tomorrow. She told me she was going to go home tomorrow. I asked why was she going home on a Saturday. She said that she doesn’t work in the bars very often and then she goes home. I then told her I would like to come see her early in the morning but she said she would be leaving at 8:30 am and didn’t know when she would be back. I tried for a phone number, or e mail or anyway to get in touch with her. She responded that she lived with her family on a ranch near Ciudad Victoria and that her family did not know that she worked in the bars. I could respect this but I wanted to see her again. I did not push this any further and we went back to the bar. We sat at a table this time. I had not seen Chango for a while but figured he was around somewhere. Micaela and I talked for few minutes and she got up to go to the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom Chango walked in and asked what I had been doing. I told him to wait and he would see. He then told me of his adventures which sounded like he had a great evening also. About that time he looked up and Micaela was walking back to the table. I will let him voice his opinion on this from here. She sat back down and we noticed that we were starting to get some unhappy stares from the locals. I had been sitting there with the best looking girl in the place and it seems that they were not liking it too much. We had no problems at all but thought it might be best if we got our gringo behinds out of there while we still could. We got up to leave and Micaela gave me a big hug and a kiss in front of the unhappy faces so we left Nava.

We were not threatened in anyway and were treated fine in this place but play cool. I will go here again but never alone. This is the last place in Mexico where a large group of gringos with a macho attitude would want to be. If you want to go here go with no more than one or two other Americans and be sure that someone speaks Spanish. We had the time of our lives here. Remember this is their playground so if you go here respect it and you will be fine. If you don’t I would not want to even think of the consequences.

Back to Piedras Negras

By now it is around midnight so we head back to Piedras Negras. Sleep is not on the agenda so we go to the Boys Town there. There are quite a few people here so we start off in one of the front bars. There are only a couple of girls here and no men so we go inside. Unbelievably the girl that I did in this bar last April is still there and remembers me. I sit there for a little while still incredibly high from the session I had in Nava about an hour earlier. We make the rounds and go into a couple of the other smaller bars. Eventually we make it to another smaller bar across from the Cactus Club. There are two girls in here. One is pretty and one is fine. The zona in Piedras Negras is mostly all Mexicans this night but again no problem. There were a few Americans going in and out of Club 54 but I don’t go here. This bar is owned by the same man that owns the Hunters Club in Acuna. I am not going to give any money to a man that charges 25 dollars for a ½ hour in one of his rooms. I don’t know how much they charge in PN but I refuse to give any money to someone that greedy.

Chango has already started putting the moves on another hot girl. We were in the small bar across from the Cactus. He leaves with her and I go back to the 1st bar where we had started. I have charged up a bit by now so I talk to Marta the girl I had been with in April. I ask her how much and she says 40 plus 5 for the room. I know this is going to last a while so I agree and off we go. This is a sweet girl. She is not even a fraction as hot as Micaela but is O.K. After a while I manage to take care of business for the 4th time of the evening but still am not tired. It is around 1:30 AM. I find Chango in the Cactus bar where they have some very hot women. Again not even close to the honey I found in Nava but she is not comparable to any girl I have ever seen in my life. We sit here for a while and decide to go to centro and see if there are any girls around there. By now any more sex isn’t going to happen but we can continue our research. We hit all of the bars walking and there are a few girls but a lot more men and it has been a long day. We made an agreement to meet at McDonalds for breakfast at 10:00 AM and called it a night. Not only that a very good night. I got laid 4 times, once with a 7, once with an 8, and twice with a 10. All of this for a total of 115 USD. Again I can only describe how hot this girl was but had a fellow monger there to back me up on it.


Saturday morning we met for breakfast to decide what we were going to do. I had to drive back to Nava and see if my girl was still there. We ate and I left to go see if my sweetheart from the night before was around. We had left it that if she was there we would stay around and perhaps look around Allende for the night and if she was gone we would go elsewhere. I arrived around 11:00 AM to find that she had indeed gone home. From here we discussed going to Nuevo Laredo or Acuna and finally decided on Nuevo Laredo as the daytime action is guaranteed. It was about a 2 hour drive on Mexico route # 2 which we made hassle free.

We arrive in Boys town around 3:00 PM. We park one vehicle and this time I drive. After about 3 passes we find a couple of pretty room girls so we play another hand. I have a young girl from Veracruz named Maria. 20 years old and good service for a room girl. Nothing great but, well worth 20 dollars. Chango has her friend 2 doors down who is the better of the two. We finish here and go to centro to eat. We park, find a restaurant and eat, then go to the Herradura. There are a couple of girls in there this afternoon and one that I know from an earlier visit. We stay here a few minutes and go back to Boys Town as I want to find my girl Lorena. I went to the bar where she normally is in the day and they told me she would soon be in. I parked in front of Tamykos and walked over to where she normally is. Bingo she is there and happy to see me. We talk for a few minutes and then go to the room. She is fun as ever and after working up a sweat (even though it is about 55 degrees outside) and finishing off twice I am done. I ask her how much as we had been at it for almost an hour. She says “whatever you want to give me”. I told her to tell me something so she said “thirty because I have to pay for the room”(all in Spanish). There is no way I am going to give this girl only 30 dollars for what she just did to me so I give her 40 and I pay for the room. This is a sweet girl. She can be found at the Cosita Bar in the afternoon but again this is a place that is usually just Mexicans. I go here often and they know me just be cool if you go there.

Chango and I walk around Boys Town and then I want to go somewhere and take a shower. We drive behind the Marabu and Carlos is here so I ask him if I can rent a room long enough for a shower. He asks Rogelio the gerente and he say no problem. I take a shower and change into the Beavis clothes for the evening. I don’t think anymore sex will be happening or at least not for a while. I ask them how much do I owe them and they say nothing as I know them all very well. Our plans now are to spend some time in Boys Town and go home around midnight to beat the traffic (a big mistake, more on that later).

We walk around as it is still early but the talent is picking up. We hit, Papagayos, Tamykos, Shamrock, and make several passes by the room girls. Chango finds a cute girl over in the last corner of the compound so I tell him to meet me at Papagayos when he is done. I arrive at Papas and sit at a table alone. There are a few girls in here but I don’t know what I would do with one now so I just sit and talk to a couple of them. No drinks just conversation. A little later Chango shows up again so we leave and go to Marabu. There are a couple of girls in there even though it is early. We wanted to hang around as a group of board mongers were going to show up, Borderbanger, Kosher Cowboy and whoever else showed up. There still was no sign of them so we were just visiting bars and exploring possibilities. Chango found a girl that he liked in Marabu but was not ready yet so we went to check out the Hollywood Nights bar. This is a nice bar with comfortable rooms. This will be the base of Beavis from now on in Boys Town. The girls were O.K. even though there were not a lot of them as all haven’t returned from the holidays. The rooms are very adequate and recently remodeled. For 20 dollars a night you cant miss. AC, portable heaters, hot water and a clean comfortable bed for 20 USD per night. On top of this it is located in downtown CHICA CENTRAL. From now on when I go to Boys Town this is where I will stay. You can bring girls from anywhere here but from what Chango says they still charge you 10 dollars. So what, and I am sure when you become a regular customer this will be waved. A plus is if you take a girl from there and you have a room for the night you are not going to get a knock on the girl. I asked this specifically and got the answer.

The Monger Convention

After leaving the Hollywood Nights bar we went back to Papagayos to see if any of the crew had showed up. We did not know any of these guys but had some descriptions so we walked in to see if anybody fit the profile. Chango and I sat at a table and noticed 3 guys standing at the bar. One of the guys kind of fit the profile of a monger so we went and stood beside them to try to ease drop in on some of their conversation. I heard them talk about a bar named Dallas, which is the name of a bar in Boys Town in Piedras Negras. I butted in and said that we were there last night but discovered this was a different bar they were speaking of. About then one of the guys spoke up and said “hey you don’t know Beavis do you”. I told him “hi I’m Beavis”. This turned out to be the guy who goes by the handle Mic Jagger. From here Mic Jagger said he was waiting for the rest of the guys from the board.

Anyway a long story short, Chango, Beavis, Mic Jagger, Borderbanger, Kosher Cowboy and 2 guys who haven’t decided on a handle yet all sat at a table to compare stories. All turned out to be great guys and I did get to meet Kosher Cowboy’s Annabella. He speaks true of this girl she is indeed hot. We have a fun reunion and talk of adventures we have done and are going to do. Soon it is 11:00 PM so Chango and I want to score again. We say goodbye to the rest of the gang and head out to look around. Chango returns to Marabu as he wants to look for the girl he had talked to earlier. He hooks up with her and is off so I go out on one last adventure for the evening. I made a pass by the rooms but didn’t think a room girl would work as this would be the 8th time in about 26 hours. Mic Jagger had told me he had had good luck in Marthas so I figured what the hell I would give it a shot. I had never been in the place because of the hawkers in the street. They kind of remind me of the zona in Reynosa.

Wrapping it up

After entering Marthas I was surprised to find some pretty girls. I motioned to a girl to come over. She did and started to talk. I bought her a drink and asked how much for a trip to the room. She said 40 plus 10 for the room. I asked how long and she said 40 minutes. No question about what to do here. She turned out to be a GFE and even took me up the back door. Unrushed and very good. I will visit this place again also. This girl was named Veronica, 20 years old from Veracruz. I did manage to get it done one more time and it is now time to head out. I return to Marabu as this is where I am parked and see Chango as he is just finishing up. He reports very good things on his girl also. Mic Jagger and one of the other guys then come into the Marabu and I recommend Perla from Monterrey to Mic. He goes off with her so Chango and I call it a trip and head for the bridge. The bridge wait is terrible but it is eventually over. In January you are better off to wait until the daytime and cross the Columbia bridge just for future reference. The end report of this trip for Beavis was an A +.

I got laid 8 times for $240.00. With gas, food, hotels, drinks and all I spent less than $400.00. It would have been worth all of the money just for the time I got to spend with Micaela. Again I don’t have any photos of this girl as I was afraid to take a camera where I found her but this was without a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. Mexico is the best for mongering as you never know what you will find. There are still plenty of undiscovered diamonds you just have to be crazy enough to go look for them. I will spend the rest of my life looking for a girl like Micaela but I know I will never find her unless I get lucky enough to run across Micaela again.

01-06-03, 07:56
Chango, My buddy had Perla. I had a petite brunette (I don't remember her name). He was the best lay I had in a long time.

01-06-03, 08:16
Dammmmnnnn Beavis!! What a report! A "perfect 10"?!?! I don't ever remember you giving a girl this mark. I am in total awe. I would really like to join you two in Nava in the future. My Espanol is not that good, but I will go there in the future. Thanks for being the adventurer that you are. The same goes to Chango tambien.


01-06-03, 09:09
JT you would not have believed this without seeing it. I was lucky to have a fellow monger with me or I am sure nobody would have believed it. The great thing about this place was the girls are not used to any outsiders. The normal girls were good but the one I found was the girl that you only get one shot in life at. I gave her a 10 but I am going to have to regrade that to a 12. This woman was perfect. The others were great also but I am sure that like any zona no two nights are the same. It appears that these girls come and go like any zona but it is much more intimate. I would like to become a regular here but it is a place where you need to be cool at all times.

This was the best trip ever and we have discovered more uncharted territory that we plan to investigate. Gringos will never destory this place because of where it is. Who is going to drive 30 miles into Mexico at night except crazy MF's like me and Chango. There are no hotels in Nava.

01-06-03, 18:53
What a report! I did get to e-mail you this morning and it said that it went. I gave you the name that I would be listed under at the Reforma. Im leaving cold ass Ohio at 6:00 am tomorrow. I would be honored to go to Nava if you see fit to let me join you If not I understand. I assure you Im not a trouble maker (55 years old no's better) and show respect to everone that deserves it and the one that dont I stay clear of. T minus 18 hours and counting.

01-06-03, 19:10
Chief, I am totally jealous of you. I am stuck in a hotel room on ugly ass Lake Erie. I hope you have a blast.

01-06-03, 19:44
Kosher wanted to add that his first stay at Hotel Reforma went well.. Kosher normaly stays at the RIo Grande Plaza for 78 with tax, no entertainment card yet, but chose the Reforma for 365 pesos ( 37 US) this trip...In the event Kosher was to bring a vagina back, he spent an extra 60 pesos for the xtra person fee..The bed was actually just as comfy as the one at RGP on US side, the shower was adequate, and the hotel staff was friendly...Total cost was 43 to refoma and 8 to park car on US side..Total was 51 for hotel/park, but for 55 plus tax u can stay at RGP on US side, park car in gated lot for free , and walk to and from border. Between the 3 options of 1) Mex hotel 2) RGP and 3) Red roof Inn/Motel 6 type place I think the RGP is best IF you do NOT want an overnight girl. It is only 10-20 bucks more than Reforma . If u want a girl for night u must stay in MX. The Red Roof Inn type option sucks because it costs more than Reforma and u must pay the 8 for parking and also cant enjoy the liberty of drinking since u must either A) drive drunk to hotel from border or B) pay a taxi..Kosher just wanted to add this so others debating lodging can have options. There are also cheaper hotels on the MX side, esp if you drive, and not far from Boystown...

KosherCowboy: Is now in his 43 rd or 44th hour since the Kosher Sausage last ejaculated in to Annabellas Honeypot, and the Royal Penis is still attached and in one piece with no spots, bumps, or anything out of the ordinary on it...Looks like Kosher will live a few more years, and will be happy and healthy enough to make another trip to BT, in the next week or two :)

Mic Jagger
01-06-03, 20:57
Boystown report from Saturday 1/4/03. Hats off to fellow mongers and new friends met on Saturday, Beavis, Chango, Cobra, Kosher Kowboy, Border Banger & Hopper.

Checked in to hotel Villa Real (400 pesos) around 6:00pm. Rested up and showered then called for cab to take me to pharmacies to pick up meds. Though I had drove my own vehicle dont like driving Laredo at night time because the one way streets are hard to identify. Made the round to 5 pharmacies and loaded up on meds, Vitamin viagra, etc, found just about everthing I was looking for except for xanax.
I get a call from Cobra saying that he and the rest of the Dallas mongers are on the way and will be at Pappagayos around 10 pm. Still early so I have dinner 1 block from hotel at El Pollo Noreno, 1/2 a roasted chicken with the fixings for 27 pesos.
Its 9:15 and I take off for the compound, I like to circle around the block several times and make mental notes of where the cute room girls are, first impressions are that alot of the room girls are not back from the holidays as many doors were closed but still had saw 2 or 3 with potential. First stop was Pappagayos, strolled to the bar for a drink and started to talk with some guys who were from Austin & Dallas, we're comparing bars and a guy form the otherside of the bar says he knows of the bar we talking about, on a hunch I ask if he knows Beavis, and he says I am Beavis and my buddy here is Chango. Well running into expert mongers is a good start, I asked if they had gone to Piedras Negras and got a very favorable account of their trip. At this time a see a tall guy in a cowboy hat walking through the bar and asked him if he was looking for Mic Jagger and he was turns out to be Cobra, who then leads us to a table were we found BorderBanger, Hopper and Kosher Kowboy. It's amazing how we might picture how someone looks from reading their reports but when you really meet them you're in for a surprise.

Hollywood Nights, Bar/strip-joint, Cobra and myself decide to take the walking tour and walk into this club, on this night its slow, only 3 girls working tonight. Talked to the manager Luise and asked him about the hotel portion of the club, he gives us a tour of the place, it next to the club and is two stories, has a long center hallway with rooms on both sides, rooms look clean and Luise says they have hot & cold water in the rest rooms. If it the weather gets cold his assistant Chaparo will provide you with a gass heater for your room. Noticed they have surveillance cameras in the hallways leading to the rooms, still for convenience and safety this place appears to be lagit. Rates $20 per night, and of course you can bring girls in, but theres a catch if the grils are from outside the club there is a $10 fee per girl. They run a special for 150 peso you get 5 beers and a private dance, not bad. Luise the manager seems to be an easy going guy. He says he is bringing girls in from other cities to work in his club.

TABU, Bar/stripjoint, In the past this club has been hit or miss for me, sometimes the music is too loud, but tonight it was lively, for my taste had several nice looking girls working there, ran into Border Banger and Hopper there, BB looks like he had a chica who has taken a fancy to him, note to Hopper that little chica on your lap was fine, I would have paid her what she was asking, can't believe you threw that one back.

Maribu, Bar/dance-club, This is a very laid back club, Cobra and I run into Beavis and Chango here, I make sure to ask Beavis to point out Perla for me as he has giving her glowing reviews in the past. He spots her walking into the club and invites her over, she is a seductive litte number, I'm instantly convinienced, price was $50.00 and $10 for the room. In the room this girl changes into a g-string, she is in fine shape and begins with a massage, now we all like to think that we are studs, but when the action begins with this girl some of the moves seem like a production act, the moaning the groaning , etc, now this is not a complaint, I might just be that much of a stud and don't know it. Overall a very hot experience.

Paris. Bar/strip-joint, this place is a dive and had 7 or 8 girls there, they have 2 girls dancing on a center stage at the same time. While Hopper and I were there having a drink spoted a guy getting a BJ in the corner. But on the sage there was this one girl who caught my eye, she was tall and slender and had on these blue jean shorts and reminded me of Daisy from the Dukes of Hazard. Returned sometime later and decided to take this girl for a ride, $40 plus $10 for room. Her name is Sandy and she is recommended, bbbj, covered fs, greek and cim.

Stopped by 6 to 7 other clubs, Shamrock, Eightball, Marthas, etc but the action was slow so nothing to report from there.
The following morning tried out a room girl before heading back to home. $10 plus $5 tip. This trip had a low turnout of girls as many were still away for the holidays, it was still a good time had, good to meet some of my fellow mongers.

01-06-03, 23:36
Mic Jagger - glad to hear you enjoyed my recommendation. Like I told you she is a great actress but who cares. You might be such a stud that it was all real. Pat yourself on the back.

Chief - It all depends on my schedule. I have plans including Monterrey for the weekend or next week but I will surely make it down sometime soon. It will be back to sea soon so I am trying to make use of all of the time I have.

A Toda Maquina
01-07-03, 03:09
theres a blonde @ pappa'gs' with huge tits , copped a feel they're real ,maybe chemical enhanced,maybe natural but they look good and she has a nice bootie...but ,it was way too much$$$$$ for 30 min./I havent heard her mentioned on the board,if you seen her u know who I am referring to....--------////////////Also one of the bars Beavis mentions in Nava..,The men's restroom door led outside to an open pit urinal surrounded by mezquite trees and cacti of all sorts , inside the bar lots of hot "cabronas '" waiting to be had!! These girls were hot and you will find no lingerie shop here, only tight jeans , and skirts ,bbbJ city, and tidy little bungalos /and adobe style rooms which I will refer to as the "screamers"from the moans & groans coming from them..... no fakin it here,Also Beavis scored bigtime!! he's still cant stop talkin and writing about her.. (i'm getting e-mails while trying to write this) too bad she went to her family's ranch !! Chango

Mic Jagger
01-07-03, 03:41
Hey Chango how is your tooth? Chango is a real macho man I can tell you, this guy had a wisdom tooth pulled in Mexico and it didn't slow him down one bit, he was still checking out the action that night and the rest of the weekend. Nothing like a good looking chica to take your mind off things.

01-07-03, 03:42
Hey Chango I think she said her name was Yvonne. Indeed looks very doable but has that Papagayos attitude. When asked how much she responded with 80, or at least 60 she said. That translates into I will fuck you good for 80 or I will lay there for 60. Every bar in BT the prices seem to be easing up a little except Papagayos where they are going the other direction. I don't like the place much anyway so that just gives me another reason to stay out of there.

I noticed that Perla told Mic Jagger 50. That means she either liked him an awful lot or is becoming more economical. Her little group has always asked for 60 and now the asking price is 50. Many places the asking price is leveling off around 40. If she says 40 counter with 30 and she will take it. Then if the service is good you can tip her the 10 bucks and you tipped her for the same price. This 80 and 90 dollar Bullshit in Papagayos is a joke. It is going to be even harder when I know there are full service girls down the road for 35 with room included and no time limit.

Hey Mic Jagger not only did it not slow him down after we left he went back and scored again rather than wait in the line like my dumb ass did. Never ever try to cross the border on the 1st Saturday night after New Years. I arrived at the bridge at 1:04 AM and did not get to the other side until 5:00 AM. Almost 4 fucking hours. Normally on Saturday night it take 10 minutes.

01-07-03, 07:17
Hey guys I just wanted to let you know I have a name. Cobra was taken so, as you can see, it is DinDallas.

Just to let you know I tried Perla later that night. She was almost everything you said. I took her to the room for $500 plus $100 pesos for the house and she wanted a tip for the towel girl $10 pesos. Since it was about 1 a.m. and I hadn't slipped one in during the night she got the full and complete ride. Mic Jagger told me he got a nice massage and then toke her for a ride. I skipped the massage and went straight for the money! She started with a BJ that was impressive! After a couple of minutes I laid back and she climbed on for a ride. I don't know if it was because I am, how did she say it "el grande" or if it was because I was following MicJagger, but after about 20 minutes she cried "no mas". Hell I felt like I was in the room with Roberto Duran. She was a trouper and started another BJ. Only problem is I was wearing the condom and it wasn't getting me any where near. So I told her "piquito mas" and she shook her head "no mas". Finanlly she caved when I told her "slow piquito mas". Hit it for another few minutes when I got the dreaded knock. Finished it off, grabbed a shower and waited for her to get dressed. She asked for a tip, other than the tip that was attached and I gave her another $100 peso.

Hooked back up with the crew and walked the compound a few more times. Finally decided to catch a door girl. $20/20 minutes. Grat face and body but no bj. She finally looked at her watch and said dos minutes. Could finish and it was time to meet up with Mic for the ride back to the hotel. I stayed in some hotel close to BT with Hopper and Borderjumper. It was cheap, about 350 pesos with 24 hour porn. That is the double rate. The only problem was the walls were paper thin. Hit the sack about 4:15 and some asshole cranked up his car, with no muffler at 5 am. Then Hopper and Borderjumper came back with a chica. She looked nice but I was too tired to even ask to share. At about 5:30 I thought I was going to have to roam the neighborhood and kill the fing rooster that was crowing. Hell the sun was not even up. Zoning laws do have their advantages!

Woke up at 10:30 and called Mic for a ride back across the border. We took the bridge that has all the buses and thought it would take a while. Good thing is that once you cross tothe US side the three lanes on the bridge feed into about 12 check booths. I would recommend, what do you think Mic?

I left Hopper and BorderBanger to their own devices on Sunday. They headed out after about 3 hours sleep in search of civilians in the town square and a fresh supply of Vgra. I wonder if they ever made it home!

I enjoyed meeting up with all the guys, Mic, Hopper, Beavis, Kosher, Chango, BorderBanger. I am planning a trip to BT sometime in Feb. Mic and I talked about Costa Rica sometime later this year or maybe even Rio! It is definetly more fun to travel in a pack so maybe we could interest a few others to make the trip to "bunda" land.


(formerly Cobra)

01-07-03, 17:41

Good report. Saturday night was good for sure. My only problem was I wanted something to compare with the night before and no luck. Still a lot of fun and I found some new area to add to the program. Good meeting all of you guys.

Chief called me this afternoon to say he made it. We have a soldier in place so we should be hearing from him soon if he can find an internet cafe.

Mic Jagger
01-08-03, 02:02
Din Dallas, good to see you made it to the board. Nuevo Laredo is a nice place to visit but I can't help but start to day dream about the other places Costa Rica, Rio/Sao, Bangkok, The Philipines, Cuba, Domincan Republic, Buenos Aires......dammit I'm driving myself crazy here, so many places with good looking woman, so little time.....In the mean time I'll continue to practice my mongering skills in Nuevo Laredo.

Bridge #2 was fairly quick 35 to 40 minutes and it was jammed. Beavis sorry to hear you got stuck on the bridge for hours Saturday night, man its a good thing you didn;t have to take a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140).

01-08-03, 02:51
Mic Jagger - Yea my dumb ass should have realized what was happening and turned around. Like I said remember to avoid the bridge the 1st Saturday after New Years. What do you think are you up again this weekend ? I will go Friday or Saturday depending on the schedule for the playoffs. Might need to find a hotel with cable in NL.

As for the other places I have been to Costa Rica 19 times and the DR twice. Both are great but you can't beat the Mexican border. No airplanes, no airport security, and a hell of a lot cheaper to get there. I want to do Rio but even still we have the playground from hell right here in our backyard.

There is always Tampico, Monterrey and Veracruz. Another point is all of the girls of the zonas in Mexico have health cards. None of the girls in the DR have them, trust me our's is better. You have the border mentality to deal with but it is getting the same in any town where gringos frequent.

You, Chango and I need to take a 2 week road trip through Mexico and Guatemala. Think of the reports we could have from that.

01-08-03, 04:19
Mic Jagger,
I too love NL but also like to explore new places. May I suggest a place? Try the FKK Clubs in Germany. You won't believe the quality (and quantity) of women there. Especially try the ones in Frankfurt. I like the best of both worlds. Germany FKK clubs are classy (and relatively inexpensive, try $50 for a half hour with a gorgeous Eastern European, Germany, Thai, Venezuelian, or Colombian girl). This is just a suggestion.

Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any.


Mic Jagger
01-08-03, 05:14
Thanks Beavis.......Ahhh the temptation of the garden of eden, have to resist, will be in a 2 day training seminar Fri, Sat. Do me a favor if you run into Cheif tell him I said Hello, I bet he's nervous as hell his first time back in over 20 years.

Damn JT, your not making this any easier on me, go ahead and add to the list of places I want to go see. I better start prioritizing.

01-08-03, 07:39
MJ what you think about Cartagena this year ?

A Toda Maquina
01-08-03, 08:01
I can't wait to see Chief's report ,sounds like he really anticipated getting back.,He's probably scoring as I write this! ////////// Hey J.T., be patient , you will be down soon ..////////It was cool at pappag's talking to everyone ....in fact ,there was this chica sitting Kosher's lap. She took my picture more than once while I was seated at the table & not with a camera either ...eh,eeh,eeh, ............. Tear it up!! Chango

01-08-03, 16:03
first off, borderbanger welcomes din dallas to the board. now for the report, hopper picked me up saturday morning, we hit i-35 south to bear creek exit where we met up with din dallas who then followed us to mx. we were planning on meeting kosher near austin so that we all could convoy down together but kosher was able to excuse himself from work early so he went on down. we arrived laredo and din dallas parked his truck on the us side, we piled into hoppers explorer, made the bridge and stopped at the pharmacia for vitamin-v's. kosher was waiting on us at the reforma, the 4 of us meet at the reforma for dinner at the reforma rest. reforma's so called version of beef fajita's did hit the spot. we then decided to part company till later, kosher went to his room in the reforma to get ready, the rest of us went to the hotel south of the entrance to bt, el monterey, if memory serves me, booked 2 double rooms, got ready, piled back into the explorer, arrived bt papa g's to meet fellow mongers, hehehe, the board meets. we are all here, its me, din, hopper, kosher, beavis, chango, mic and who knows who else that didnt speak up and join the party, hehe. borderbanger flirts with claudia while kosher has annabella in his lap. claudia tells banger 80 for an hour + room, banger declines, claudia drops to 65, banger still declines. now everybody kinda goes their own direction, kosher is off to a room with annabella, me and hopper venture to ta-bu, borderbanger wants to see his chica veronica, borderbanger stays at ta-bu most of the nite with veronica, borderbanger likes veronica!! from time to time fellow mongers would stop in to check on borderbanger and to report on the others sometimes staying for a drink, sometimes not. borderbanger had 2 session's that nite with veronica, borderbanger likes veronica!! sometime between the first, the second, and the beer, me and hopper went into tamykos and hopper spotted one from a previous excursion, negotiations we on for the all niter. beer's later borderbanger is back in ta-bu's with veronica, borderbanger likes veronica!! borderbanger is finishing up the 2nd session when his cell phone rings, its hopper with the chica from tamykos ready to go, they are sitting in front of ta-bu's waiting on me. borderbanger kiss's and hug's his chica veronica, tells her he looks forward to them spending time together outside la zona. veronica tells borderbanger to call her tomorrow. i go pour myself into the explorer with hopper and the chica, we are off to the hotel. in the room hopper and the chica jump into hoppers bed, borderbanger passes out in the other only to awake much later with this chica in my bed, so being the horny bastard i am, i hit it for a while. next morn we send the chica on her way, guess she grabbed a cab, not sure. we then watch some porn on the tube as we get ready for sunday's activities, we banged on din's door, he was in need of more rest, so we left him alone and headed to the reforma to check on kosher and eat breakfast, kosher was still in need of rest too, so after breakfast we walked around zona centrol checking out the civilian prospects. borderbanger feels like civilians can be had here too. there are a couple bars and hotels in zona centrol that we find out cater to our particular tastes, more on those later, still under investigation, hehehe. now its 3:00 in the afternoon, kosher, din and mic allready on us side heading home, borderbanger and hopper head back to bt to see if we could find anything to service, hopper hit a little young 19 yr old chica while borderbanger sat in the bar drinking beer, a little while later we decide to head back to dallas, borderbanger has tried several attempts on his cell phone to call his chica veronica, borderbanger cuss's his cell phone and its service provider, thinking he might leave his nokia in bt in pieces. on that note borderbanger can now call his chica in mx. hehe. anyway on with the story, we hit the bridge, (1 and 1/2 hr later) we are back in texas heading to dallas, at mile marker 60, hoppers explorer chunks the idler pulley and serpentine belt, shit, shit, shit, borderbanger thinks all bad things happen around mile marker 60, it was marker 63 where i got my speeding ticket new years day. trooper coleman with the dps stops to offer asssistance, he gives borderbanger and hopper a ride to cotulla where we catch a greyhound bus to san antonio for 15.00 each. after another 30.00 each and another 1 and 1/2 hour wait, we are headed to dallas, we arrive dallas and another 20.00 secures cab fare to borderbanger's residence. borderbanger and hopper jump in bangers dodge and go to hoppers to get the mercury marquis to return to my residence and wait for the parts house to open so we may return to marker 60 to repair the explorer. now it's monday afternoon, explorer is fixed, banger is following hopper back to town when kosher calls me on my cell for weekend report, we make plans to meet kosker at the kosher kasa in austin, kosher shows borderbanger and hopper the sites in austin, we have dinner at chuy's cantina and then its time for us to return dallas. hat's r off to kosher for his hospitality!! borderbanger and hopper arrive dallas midnite. borderbanger is home and asleep at 1:00 am. chango, i did see that one with the hooter in papa g's, she had em wrapped up in an american flag top, borderbanger liked em too. also the little chica in ta-bu's on hoppers lap that he threw back, her name is sarena, dont quote me, or saraiha or something like that, she is a friend of my chica veronica, borderbanger feels that he may need to hit his chica's friend, borderbanger wonders what veronica would think, would she be upset if i did?? borderbanger ponders if he would even care if it did upset her?? borderbanger and kosher are making the trip back this weekend, anyone game??

01-08-03, 16:27
Kosher has just arisen from his sleep, and since it is his 3 rd day with no koffee, as he is kuiting kaffeine, Kosher now wakes up to WSG instead, and some fresh squeezed OJ as well to go along with his kannabis. Kosher is once again konsidering a trip to see his kourtesans this weekend, anyone else gonna be down there?? Kosher is hoping to read a glowing report of Annabella from Chief perhaps, if not I am sure after her visit to our table she will screw her way through the WSG Gang. She fancied some others in the group, like hookers care, hehe, and even showed her pussy wide open to everyone in hopes of getting fucked. Kosher explained to her that after he was done his friends would all fuck her and she was very :( that no one was there when we got done. She asked ' you friends no like sexo', Kosher responded that they do but some had to leave and others took off to see their regulars. Kosher kalls upon his fellow mongers to advise a way to get the pics I took of her in room online. They are reg photos, not from digital.. I do not have a skanner and would like to get them on disk so everyone kan see Annabellas pussy up front and center! Kosher just kalculated that at 70 a pop on average, times 8-10 a night since she is high volume, and at 3-5 nights a week working, Annabella makes more than me!!! LOL I figure 8-10 a night since some nights I have seen so slow its 1 or 2 hours between appoitnments, other nights are 1-2-3-4-5 and so on....Some of these girls in the clubs must make a shitload, esp the ones who get 70-90 a pop!! Chango/Beavis , when ya' all mentioned the tall huge titted girl at Papas, was she wearing an American Flag bikini?? If not, if any of you remember seeing the American Flagged bikini girl, what do u think? Kosher is thinking of a sample this weekend of her!! :)

KosherCowboy: Kalls opon any others in the kapital city of Austin to email him if interested in a once and a while mini convention here in town to talk about our favorite ladies. E-mail me if interested SingleTexasGuy@aol.com

01-08-03, 17:10
Hey Kosher if you will mail the photos to me I will scan them, send them to you in an e mail, and mail the originals back to you. Of course I might add copies to my collection. I will e mail you my address. I am going one day this weekend.

We are buliding a regular Boy's Town army. Before long we will take over.

Tampa plays San Francisco Sunday so it looks like Beavis will be in the playground Friday and Saturday night. Will leave late Saturday night so he can be home to see the 49ers tote an ass whipping Sunday.

01-08-03, 18:41
After hanging out with borderbanger and kosher for awhile it is hard to change back to regular english when both of them talk in third person and use sentences from See Spot Run.

This past weekend went fairly well. 1st time to NL I just had one girl, 2nd time 2 girls, now the 3rd time I wanted more than 3 but guess what, 3 was the number this weekend.

Started out with a room girl. Overall was ok and did provide a very good entertainment value for $20.00. Met borderbanger at Ta-Bu and popped a Vitamin V, which didn't take affect till over 2 hours later when we got the chica from Tamykos, at which time I told borderbanger we have to hurry up and get her as I was in no shape to walk around BT in the Vitamin V state I was in.

I took my turn while borderbanger waited so long for us to finish that he fell asleep so when I got finished and couldn't wake borderbanger I just picked her up and put her on his bed. For some reason borderbanger awoke.

Next morning was spent touring NL, spotting a few chicas, taking a few pics, and finding some local bars in NL where chicas can be found, but not at 10am. So we head back to BT and I find this cute little chica, Erica, no kidding she was about 4'10" and maybe 100lb and such a nice ass that Hopper liked. (ooops, sorry, switched to third person again). As borderbanger waited by drinking beers and I guess having to wait so long as to take a walk as when I finally left the room he made a friend with one of the pony's the pull those carriages. I will say that I have a thing for very petite hispanic women, not the anarexic type but the type like Erica which was about a size 2, if that.

I don't know when I'll have the time to head back to BT but when I do I'll be with Erica a few times!! Before we went to the room she would dance to the music and just shake that nice little ass of her and rub it against me. I bought her two drinks and that was only because I was enjoying this little show, but when she asked for the third I decided enough of spending money and got the room. Didn't realize just how thin those walls are, but then again maybe not. Maybe borderbanger can come up with a reason.

Hope all other mongers have a great year as mine has started off the best of any other year, except for the Explorer throwing the pulley, but overall this should be one excellent year for the Hopper.

01-08-03, 18:55
Hey guys since we are developing our own Boys Town army it looks as if we are going to have to develop our own website and soon. I guess we can start with a yahoo group.

O.K. I started it lets get it going


01-09-03, 00:53
Kosher is bored at work, and wishing he were in a brothel instead. Koshers' mind is so one track he can not even eat a meal out in a Oriental of Mexican place without thinking ( or hoping) that there is a back room where you can be serviced for a few dollars. Anyway, Kosher was posed a kuestion this weekend and is wondering maybe someone out there has the answer, both Border and Hopper presented it to Kosher. What is the history behind the BT komplex?? The huge walls that surround it, the guardstand up front, and the great view of the valley from it leads KosherCowboy to think that at one time it may have served as a fort or military post of some kind, with the alley girl rooms serving as barracks. Kosher is informed that not every Zona in MX is walled in like that, that some are more open. Perhaps someone out there knows when BT started in NL or perhaps where and the history of the location. Kurious minds want to know. There must be an old timer out there somewhere reading this who has knowledge.

KosherCowboy: Needs to klean the Kosher Kastle so that Kosher and his kompany this evening kan enjoy the kannabis and home kooking of Chef Kosher, on the menu tonight: Spaghetti and meat sauce, with garlic bread and Kool-Aid, since Kosher is not a konsumer of booze.

01-09-03, 07:04
KosherCowboy I don't think it was ever a fort but we can make it the home base of the Boys Town Army.

01-09-03, 08:33
Been lurking here for a while and couldn't post because of problems logging in. Everything seems to be working now. I have no idea if BT was ever a fort, but I have been wondering if there is a map or chart of BT on the internet anywhere? What does it take to enlist in the BT army you guys are starting?

01-09-03, 18:39
All you have to do is enlist. It is a new army but it is growing.


01-09-03, 19:12
Is it totally legal to buy and use Vitamin V in Mexico? The last place I would want to end up in is a Mex jail. I have also heard of all sort of ingenious ways you can be parted with your hard earned dollars while in the room or shower with the girls. Like people being hid in secret compartments in the rooms and they come out and pick your pockets when you aren't looking.Anyone have any horror stories to relate?

A Toda Maquina
01-09-03, 19:31
Legend has it current BT has been there since the 50's ,before that was just bars / in the centro & southside of NL.. ,,I was told this a few years ago by an old timer...........Hey guys, it wasn't the dame in the flag bikini top/ the blonde I saw had an open black vest with nothing under it except two huge milkers that reminded me of two mounds of creamy french vanilla ice cream ... ..........Chango

01-09-03, 21:47
I don't know how many of you guys are hunters or even own firearms, but I would like to caution you to never cross the border with a gun of any kind. As hard as they are trying to crack down on gun runners, you could land in jail for a looong time if you even accidently tried to take one across the border without the proper permits. Heck, if they even find one round of ammuntion in your car while you are crossing, you are toast. I kid you not!

01-10-03, 03:55

you can buy V in Mexico without a prescription or fear of going to jail. i've picked up V in Tijuana several times with no problems. you can find both pfizer and generic in Mexico.

i've never heard of somebody being secreted away in a compartment for the purposes of pick-pocketing (or anything else for that matter). sounds like a bit of an urban legend, but hey - what do i know?

if you are worried about snooping girls or pickpockets, buy a money belt and keep your cash in it. only keep enough bills in your front pocket for your next girl and a few bucks in a _different_ pocket for drinks, tips and the like. i use a front pocket wallet that holds my DL and the cash for the girl, leaving my regular wallet either in the car or back in the hotel room.

for the truly paranoid: if you are going to a shower, take your clothes with you into the bathroom so you can keep an eye on them.


01-10-03, 03:57
Vitamin V is totoally legal and over the counter in Mexico. Go to any pharmacy and just ask. It cost about $13-15 for each pill. I but the max dose of 100 mg and just use a piece of it every time I go to BT. It lasts me about 4-5 nights. As for the secret compartments, I never had a problem in BT with women ripping me off. This doesn't mean keep your guard down. Be smart and use both heads and have a geat time!

Happy Hunting,

01-10-03, 05:37
Alas I wish I could join you gentlemen in BT but I will be in Nashville looking for Faith Hill or some other country singing chica that will part her legs for a few drinks and a kind word! I would certianly prefer to spend my verbs on the complex negotiations of Pesos for punta. I have had outcall in Nashville at $150 an hour and it was of dubious quality. I think I shall cast my fortune to the dance floor and wear the big black hat and shiny buckle that draws the attention to the only reason I show up for work.

Do have fun and I highly recommend Perla!


01-10-03, 07:39
You can buy any drug made legally in Mexico. Also you can bring anything back with you if you declare it. You are limited to only 25 doses of Morphine but up to that much is totally legal.

If you are in the State of Texas you must have a prescription to have any of these drugs but the state of Texas and US customs do not work together. There are some kind of statue laws that prevent the two from going hand in hand. I bring back medications at times for relatives. Have an envelope ready, bring them over, stick them in the mail. Easy enough. The viagra is no problem, I dont think you even have to declare those. They are 17 dollars per pill now.

01-10-03, 08:18
Thanks for the dope on the vitamin v you guys. With the questions I have been asking it appears i have never been to BT but I have. It was many moons ago. I was never ripped off, but i have had friends telling me about getting ripped off in Mexico. The closet I ever came to being ripped off was when a local cop or guard of some sort wanted to charge me a dollar to get into what i think was papas or the maribu. I gave him the dollar just to make him happy. No sense getting that kind of guy upset down there and it was only a dollar. This was back in the good old days before aids. I have no idea if the girls down there are tested for aids but I suppose it doesn't matter using protection.

I was down there one time and a friend of mine was caught going through the girls purse when she was in the shower. This was at the big place that was right across from the local cop shop near the entrance. Don't remember the name of that place. Anyway, she could have got him in big trouble. I have no idea how he cooled that chica off. One of his friends that was outside in the parking lot at the time said she made him go down on her. ha ha That could have been true but he wasn't talking to me about it.

One foxy looking chica at papas i saw one time was wearing a derby and was so busy she was constantly going to her room. It was hard to catch her between deals and she was expensive from what i remember. I'm looking forward to another trip down there. The last time I was down there was during deer season and the places were full of texas hunters. The were hunting deer all right but not the four legged variety. ha ha

01-10-03, 16:32

While checking w/Hollywood on the weekly rates, check and see what a yearly rate is.

01-10-03, 18:19
Hopper - good idea. Maybe we could get them to just sell us a room. It is only 70 per week vs the 140 if you pay daily. So on that curve it should be 140 per month and and 840 per year. I have a better idea lets just buy the whole place and move there.

Carne - the girls have to visit a doctor each week and every three months have a blood test. Mexico has a very low aids rate anyway. It's there but it's everywhere. Be careful and have fun. It is much safer than picking up girls in the states.

To the Army - The Beavis cruiser is loaded and scheduled to depart on a West bound course around 1400 hours.

01-10-03, 19:58
Is all that is needed for identification to cross the border and back these days in a cab or walking a drivers license? I know when you fly back and forth you have to have proof of citizenship. Back when I used to go I just took my drivers license. One time on the way back I didn't even get asked for it since I was an obvious gringo.

01-10-03, 21:03
Borderbanger departs Dallas at 1300 hrs, headed to Austin to get Kosher, will see you guys tonight at Hollywood Nights. Borderbanger can not get enough of his sweet little olive skinned chica's down South, hehehe!!!

01-11-03, 00:07

What's on the menu at Kosher's? I'm thinking Kukumber Kasarole with baked Karots, Kanada Dry, and kake for desert. In the morning would have to be Special K with Koffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I can just picture it now, banger and Kosher in a Reliant K car stopping at the Circle K for gas. Krossing the border and having the BT girls like up on their Kasting Kouch. Then after Krossing back over the border getting stopped at mile marker 60 by Korporal Koleman again, say hi to him from me banger. And just hope we don't have to get some Kash to get banger and kosher out of the Kan. Have fun guys and maybe you might stop into kosher's kave there in austin for some more action before koming back hom banger.

Young & Restless
01-11-03, 03:15

Awesome post on Piedras Negras! Sounds like you have made your mark there! I've read several of your adventures, and they usually do one of two things: leave me with the urge to make that long-ass drive to the boarder, or leave me in stitches with the "milkbone gang" references (i.e., Reynosa, I will never go to this place, and I give you full-credit for it).

I wanted to ask if you've ever made a trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I've been to several towns in Mexico (i.e., Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico City, Matamoros), and the women there are unimaginably hot, sexy, and gorgeous (I could go on and on, and on and on), but to me, all are pale in comparison to Rio (out of respect for this being the Nuevo Laredo page, this will be as brief as possible). I know that it is all a matter of preference, but from what I've read of your previous post, I think that it is fair to say that you prefer the Latinas like I do, and I've seen that you have also made the "jump across the pond" to Nigeria (all readers, please be advised not to visit this place unless absolutely necessary, and even then... reconsider it.), so you obviously get around. If you've been to Rio before, I'm curious as to how you avoided the addiction of this place, but if you haven't been there, I give this my strongest recommendation to you (and any other fan of Latinas). I've been there twice within the last year (and will try to go again towards the later part of this year), and this message board could not give me enough space to type a post to even come close to doing this place justice (however, there is one post that I will mention, that does a pretty damn good job of it though)!!

If you get a chance and feel like it, read a post from a user by the name of "Saint" dated 1/09/2003 (set aside a good 20 minutes to read this thing! Even though I have no idea who this person is, I assure you, he is telling the truth, 100%), in the Rio de Janeiro section of the message board for Brazil. This is a rare post for that board, and is one of the only ones that I've came across there that strikes me as a Beavis-type post for Rio's msg.-board. Again, based on your previous postings, I KNOW that you would eat this place up!! (the one and only complaint that I had while I was there, was knowing that I would have to leave!!)

If you have ANY questions about this destination, please mention them and I'll fill you in on the details (I don't live down there, so I'm not running a guide service or anything like that, just like to share info).

Hope I did not offend anyone on this msg-board, just trying to pass-on info. to a fellow WSG member.

Everybody enjoy!!

01-11-03, 04:07
I am in utter awe and jealously over the lucky guys who are going to BT this weekend. I have been back for almost a month now (from the border) and am bouncing off walls. Pussy addiction?? I assure you there is such thing as punta withdrawls. Well, I truly with all who is going this weekend the best of experiences.


A Toda Maquina
01-11-03, 10:27
Hey J.T., when you coming down ??/ I'm looking forward to seeing some good posts after this weekend ! / One more week to go for me., oh well , Have fun , Tear it up!!!!!! NL/BT monkey/chango

01-11-03, 16:46

a VALID US driver's license will be sufficient identification for crossing the border back into the US.

you shouldn't need to provide any form of identification to cross the border into Mexico.


01-11-03, 19:47
Thanks for the info on the docs needed to get back into the states. I had thought that a DL was sufficient but I wanted to check and see if things had changed recently.

Sorry I have more questions than helpful advice or tales of great adventures in BT at the moment. All of my stories are so old as to be not of much help. That will change because I am planing a trip down there fairly soon. Yes!

Question: For you guys that are seriously trying to learn Spanish, how are you doing it? I don't want to go back to school and the self teaching CD's and things I have tried recently aren't that good. What do you suggest other than living with a Mexican girl to learn from her?

I still wish someone would draw up a visitors guide to BT in the form of a chart or map with all the names of the bars and other attractions on it. Any good graphic artists out there?

More later. ha ha

01-11-03, 22:55
Hey guys we are in position. Beavis, Borderbanger, KosherCowboy, and Chief. We will have an excellent report with good pics coming soon. More of the Army will be in place tonight.

01-11-03, 23:22
It just dont get any better this. Hanging out with the worlds best and hornyest mongers drinking lots of oxxo beers. This is the real army where your goal is to lay ever chica in BT. Cant wait to go back to night.

01-12-03, 05:19

I got serious in March or April, and started using the Pimsleur tapes.

Actually sorta kinda got started, as I had a bunch of trips that were work related, so there were many breaks. On my LA trip went down to TJ, and found four or five chicas who spoke English, so didn't have to practice too much. On my next trip to Miami tried it out, and felt confident in the restaurants, but since I was there, decided to make a return trip to Costa Rica.

Found me a favorita there who spoke about 20 words of English, and also found that the little Spanish I picked up by my own self in Texas just didn't even come close, and at that point haven't gone into the lessons enough to do much.

So I devoted half hour each day to learning (when I wasn't traveling), and after several trips to Centroamerica this summer I'm proud to say that on my Thanksgiving Day weekend I could sorta kinda carry on a conversation well enough to pick up two semi-pros who spoke no English (oh, the favorita found herself a sugar daddy and retired. That was one of the saddest days of my life).

Anyways, picked up some pros as well, and I'd say that my experience has been MUCH, MUCH better now that I can almost carry on a conversation.

I was surpirised that my local small town library carried the tapes (well at least the first 30 lessons - there are three series of 30, plus I believe ten more in the Plus series). I'm on lesson 20 of the third series, and can make myself understood to clients at work as long as it's not too complicated, and was able to help a guy who spoke no English at a thrift store today (love thrift stores, I can buy cheap old computers so I can teach myself networking).

Here in Texas it's easy to practice what you learn, in Houston there are parts of town where you are guaranteed that English is not spoken, and of course there are the border towns in Mexico.

Er, sorry, this got a little longer than I wanted. Must be because I wasn't able to make the border in a while, and it's gonna be at least a few weeks before the opportunity comes up again. If you buy Pimsleur tapes or CDs, it's a little pricey, but if they have them in a library ....... and it is a time commitment, I have spent half hour each day, and usually more on weekends. Oh, and since I like to keep up with the news, I started to watch the Spanish language newscasts, and every once in a while the Novelas.


01-12-03, 08:24

I think you are right. Pimsleur is the way to go. After I posted earlier I went over to the Rio thread and saw where Saint was using Pimsleur, so I checked those tapes out and everyone at Amazon gives them rave reviews. Thanks for the added comments about them. Pimsleur is pricey, so I think your idea for the library is a good one. Now if only I had some way to dub them while I had them on to fresh cassettes.

And no, your post wasn't too long. I too am wanting to go to BT and learning spanish gives me something to do until it warms up a bit. Not sure i like it much there during the winter. Last time I was there in the winter the room girls were burning coal in pails to keep there hineys warm. At least a guy wouldn't have to worry about his beer getting hot. ha ha


01-12-03, 11:12
Chango, Hopper, DinDallas, MicJagger, JT you should have been with us, I will try to get the report up tomorrow.

01-12-03, 22:30
Boys Town Report 01/10/03 and 01/11/03

I departed for the famous adult Disneyland at 2:00 PM on Friday afternoon. After a few stops I arrived at the bridge in Laredo around 6:00 PM. Crossed over and stopped at the Hotel Reforma to visit with fellow monger “Chief” for a few minutes. After this stopped at Farmacia Calderon and purchased 2 - 100 mg Vitamin V for the next 2 days activities.

I arrived at the compound around 6:45 and made the obligatory couple of passes to check out the room girls. As usual saw plenty of pretty ladies waiting for action so I went to the Hollywood Night to get a room. The HN is a bar/hotel located in Boys Town. They have clean rooms with comfortable beds and plenty of hot water for 20 dollars a night. We have been waiting for this for a long time. You go there, park, check in your room and you are set. I checked into the room and left to go walking around for a few minutes. The rest of the crew were scheduled to arrive around 9:00 PM so I just did the regular tour to say hello to the normal faces and check for new ones. After about 3 passes I saw that my favorite club, Pimp Daddy’s had reopened after the owner had taken a 3 week break for the holidays.

I talked with Lupe the owner who also happens to be a good friend. Lupe is a dual citizen as he was born in Mexico and grew up in the US. This is how he is able to own a bar in Mexico. He speaks perfect English and Spanish. We talked for a while as he told me he had only been opened for 2 days since his break. The Vitamin V that I had taken earlier was starting to take effect so I asked if any of the girls were there yet. Lupe told me he had two and he would see if they were ready to come out. 2 girls came out and I chose JANET, a 21 year old from Monterrey. A very sweet girl and quite a GFE. All of the girls here will give somewhat of a GFE. If they don’t perform well he dismisses them. Or whatever the proper terminology is for getting rid of a working girl because of attitude, Ect.

Janet performed well and treated me very good. She is always happy and fun to be around. We had agreed on $40, which I paid her and gave her a $10 tip. One great thing about this place other than the great performance of his girls is you will never get a knock on the door. If it takes you an hour to get a nut you will be undisturbed for an hour. This will be the base of the Beavis Boys Town Army when not sleeping or patrolling for other 2 legged dear.

After a fun warm up with Janet I spent a little more time and then returned to my room at the Hollywood Knight for a shower. I showered and went down to find the bar in action with some nice young girls. The other soldiers from the Army had not showed up yet so I went to call them and see where they were. They reported an ETA of about an hour. I spent some time talking with Luis and Carlo the two brothers who own the bar and finally decided that the blue vitamin had brought me back to life. Luis and Carlo also both speak perfect English and Spanish. I looked around and finally saw an 18 year old girl named ROXANA that looked like fun. She came over and we talked a little. Since I came to BT for one reason (not talking) we shortly afterwards went upstairs.

One great thing about staying at the Hollywood Night is this. Like all bars in Boys Town with the exception of a couple you get 30 minutes. In most the knock on the door will come in 25. If you have a room at the HN you will not get a knock at all. You still are charged 10 dollars to take a girl from their club to your room but however long you are there is between you and her. If she doesn’t come back out at all that night it is fine. She will only have to tell the bar. If her dance comes up and she is with you they will proceed to the next dancer. If you bring girls from another bar or the street to your room there is no charge. They only charge you if you take one of theirs. I had my computer, digital camera, ect. and felt safe with everything there. The ROOMS are fine. They are not the Hilton but the Hilton does not have pretty young girls that will bang you for a nominal fee.

Roxana was great. I had a small dildo I had brought along with a new bottle of Astroglide. With the two of these and the fact that I had already been a little earlier I kept her for close to an hour and had a blast. The worst thing about Boys Town in all of these years, has been not having a room there. Well that deficiency has been corrected.

After Roxana I went back downstairs and watched the dancers on stage. They have done a nice job with the remodeling of this place. I think this is going to be the future of Boys Town. Now that a bar with a hotel has opened a hotel hopefully the rest will follow suit. The rest of the Army (Borderbanger, KosherCowboy, and Chief) still were MIA so I called again. They reported an ETA of about 15 minutes. Finally around 10:30 they arrived. After checking in we began the exploration. KosherCowboy quickly departed to go see his favorite girl at Pappagayos. Borderbanger and I did the tour and went to Pimp Daddy’s. I introduced him to Lupe and while we were there Chief shows up. Since Beavis had already been twice he was in charge up mode. I talked Borderbanger into a session with Brenda at Pimp Daddy’s. I have done her before and give her an A.

Lupe has some great shows that happen at his club such as.
1) A pussy eating contest. Whoever gets the girl to come first wins. Prizes vary depending on the crowd but it is something in the way of some type of free service with the girl of your choice.

2) The Monkey Show. With this one of the dancers has simulated sex onstage with a man in a planet of the apes costume. This is usually short and then the dancer will ask for a volunteer from the audience. When she finally gets a volunteer 2 of the waiters will place a comforter on the dance floor and she will undo the mans pants and proceed to give him a covered blowjob until he is at attention. When the volunteer is ready for action the girl will actually have sex with the man onstage. This sounds unreal but we saw it Friday night. If any of you are brave eat a viagra and come on down.

3) The Blowjob Contest. When the place gets full Lupe will throw several rubbers out into the crowd. When all of the rubbers have been claimed all of the girls will begin to give the recipients of the rubbers a covered blowjob. No payment of any type is required for this but tipping the girls is appreciated. There is no actual prize for this other than the guys who claim the rubbers. If you are here be sure and stay alert.

While BB was banging Brenda, Chief and I went for a walk as I wanted to introduce him to Adriana. We went to her room but the door was closed. She stays busy as she is one of the most popular room girls there. We walked around and checked out the room girls and saw some lookers. After waiting a few minutes we returned to Pimp Daddy’s to see that Borderbanger had finished with the lovely Brenda. We all hung around here for a little while then went to go explore in other clubs. We went into El Centro to find only a couple of girls, Bar Brisas the same then into the 8 Ball. The 8 Ball has been remodeled, it had a live band and several girls. We did not stay because one thing the Mexicans like is their music and they like it LOUD. After making the rounds we went into Tamykos. There were some girls here and some lookers but it was very crowded so we departed again to explore. Upon leaving here I saw a girl I have been with on a couple of other occasions named ISSELA . She works in the Shamrock bar but was out making a phone call. I have always enjoyed her for 40 dollars plus 10 for the room so we talked a little as the army moved into the Shamrock.

The rest of the crew hung out in the bar while I did my business with Issela. I had not brought a lot of money so after I left Borderbanger and I walked to the ATM on the corner by the Pemex station. We both heard the sweet music of the fresh Pesos being dispensed from this wonderful example of technology. After our wallets were padded to the point were we both felt we were sufficient for the night we returned to the compound. Upon entering we found that Kosher Cowboy had made his deposits into his favorite chica while BB and I were making our ATM withdrawals. We now had all four of the Army members on location in formation. We proceeded to take the tour again. This time my favorite room girl “Adriana” was out. The army passed by and I spoke with her. She looked fine as ever. I got a great pic of her but she made me promise that I would not put it on the internet so I must keep my word on this. After a few passes we return to Pimp Daddy’s just in time for the monkey show.

The dancer is onstage dancing and the large man dressed as an ape proceeds to her. They have some simulated sex onstage until the girl is loosened up a little then it is volunteer time. Finally a drunk Mexican is on stage and this girl attacks him. They actually have sex onstage in front of the crowd. After the monkey show we all head in different directions. By now I figure I can go one more time before calling it a night so I make a pass looking for a candidate. I return to the Hollywood night to see if there are any girls left there but it is 2:30 AM and it is winding down for the evening. I return to Adriana’s room but she is busy. I had remembered another room girl on the next street over that had received a good grade from fellow soldier KosherCowboy. I was going to look for her when a pretty young girl stepped out from the corner of one of the small bars. I stopped and talked to her and she told me 25 dollars for an hour. It is 3:00 AM and I guess she just wants to wrap up the evening.

Her name is Sandra. I didn’t get any pictures of her but she was a pretty 20 YO girl from Monclova. She said she would spend the night with me for 100 dollars but this being # 4 of the evening and it being 3:00 AM I decided to just take the hour. She was a lot of fun. After finishing with Sandra I return to the Hollywood night for some much needed rest. I go to sleep and rest well. Around 10:30 AM Borderbanger is knocking on the door. He says lets go get breakfast so after a shower we all load into the Borderbanger tank and head to El Centro. We had planned to stop by the Reforma and look for Chief then proceed to the Tipico Mexican restaurant. As we were nearing the Reforma Chief is walking out the door so we all go to the restaurant and eat.

After a good inexpensive meal we leave and go to the Herradura to see what is available there. Not too much as it is cold and rainy. About 45 – 50 degrees which is very cold for Northern Mexico. The girls don’t like the cold weather so it hurts the downtown action. We check into El Rey also and again it is slow so the troops all return to Boys Town. We cruise around and see several fine looking girls. KosherCowboy has to go see his regular girl at Papagayos again so Borderbanger and I do the tour. I had taken my other vitamin V about an hour earlier so I needed to find some place to make a deposit. I walked by and Adriana was standing in front of her room. I told BB I will see you in a little while and went with my favorite BT girl. This was the 5th time I had been since arriving about 20 hours earlier so this lasted a while. Adriana is my friend also and she always treats me fine. I finally was able to finish and when I came out the rest of the troops were MIA. I went back to the Hollywood Night and saw they were just getting in the truck. The troops said they were cold and wanted to ride in the truck with the heater as opposed to walking around in the cold rain. This was a good idea so we all loaded into the tank and began touring the inside of the compound. We compared notes on the activities we had been involved in and spoke of how we were all running low on stamina. With this we made the decision to return to the casas and rest up so we would be ready for battle again on the following weekend.

We returned to the Hollywood Night to check out and get our things, From here we all went to Pimp Daddy’s to tell Lupe that we were going to call it a trip and would return the next weekend. We stood here for a little while and I was starting to feel the V kicking in again. I asked Lupe who was there and he told me Janet and 2 other girls. At this point it is not time to look for new talent and I know Janet can get the job done. I tell BorderBanger and KosherCowboy that I am going to end my trip the same way I started it. They say no problem and depart for the bridge. I go in the back with my sweetheart Janet and proceed to give her a workout. She never rushes you and does whatever necessary to make you time very enjoyable. This is # 6 in under 24 hours so after about 40 minutes and several positions finally I am done. At this point I am sure that we have made the right decision to head home. Staying any longer would be overkill and the house is only 3 hours from here. I stop at the bar and buy Janet a drink and tell everyone that we have burned it out and are going to throw the towel in. Chief shows up and I tell him of our plans. From here it is to the bathroom then down the road.

As I am getting ready to leave I call Borderbanger to check on the wait at the bridge. He says the line is long and they are looking at another hour or so to cross. I decide to go to bridge # 2 and hope it is faster. I am across in 30 minutes. After constant progress reports the BorderBanger Tank and the Beavis cruiser cross the bridges at the exact same time. I got one up on the enlisted men as I stayed and got laid again while they were waiting in line to cross the bridge.

I still say you cannot beat the border if you are lucky enough to live close by. 2 days of partying with friends and able to be home in 3 hours is worth a lot. I got laid 6 times by hot latina girls and everything included spent less than 400 dollars. That is gas, food, border crossings, beer, drinks, hotel, and girls. Not to mention a couple of good cigars that we enjoyed.

01-12-03, 23:47
Great report Beavis!

Wish I could have been there even if it was cold and wet out. When I have the money I'm going to make it down there!

It sounds like things sure have changed in BT since I last visited. I was of the opinion that the room girls were rejects of sorts that weren't good enough to work in the clubs. If that was ever really the case that doesn't seem to be the picture now. Back when I went the room girls would lay across your waist when giving a BJ where you couldn't see what they were doing. That way they would give you more hand than mouth. Either that or maybe they wanted to go in your pockets with your pants down around your knees. I doubt they still do this sort of thing? The girls in the bars never did that.


01-13-03, 00:28
What is the TX border town for Nuevo Laredo. Is it possible to park on the US side and walk across?

A Toda Maquina
01-13-03, 00:42
Hey Dude, (Laredo Tx.)it's no problem , u can park & walk across the bridge...theres a small fee for the bridge.., / Carne , the girls still have the buckets of coal , the y heat the rooms fairly good. Tear it up !!!!! , Chango

01-13-03, 02:37
Hey Guys all the action from this past weekend is posted over at the Army Base.


01-13-03, 02:47

.... Heard from Jimmy DR that you Da MAN, the real BooTy Traveler. I read all your post and heard you have even rode the azzes of the DR chicas. As you travel we the work -a -day WSG brotha's look, read, learn, and try.

GOT PIX .... (((( WORD ))))



01-13-03, 03:02
Beavis, nice report as usual.

Chango, unfortunately, I won't be able to come down to the land of beautiful latinas until March. I look forward to meeting up with as many of you guys as possible.

Mic Jagger
01-13-03, 03:41
Damn I stay away from the boards for a few days and miss out on all the action....Sounds like you guys had a good time of it, I've wondered if there would be any good action in BT when it gets cold and I can see the answere is a YES! Hey I thought Chaparo was suppose to provide a room heater at Hollywood, thats what Luis had told DinDallas and I. BorderBanger did you hook up with Sarena from TaBu? I need to go back and visit with that girl, didn't move on her as a courtesy to Hopper but damn now I cant get her out of my mind. Beavis, last crossing to US we too used bridge #2 and it does seem to move at a faster pace that bridge #1. I'm bummed I missed the action with my fellow mongers but I glad you guys had a good time. Later.

01-13-03, 03:46
Kosher, high as a kite on kannabis now, will now tell of his trip.
Much Captain Beavis has already said, so Kosher need not report some
stuff. Kosher and Borderbanger arrived at Bridge II and crossed over,
immediately buying a 4 pack each of Viagra 100's. The pair of
perverts than proceeded to Restaurant Tampica ( sp.?), highly
reccomend!!!, have been several times now...We stuffed our guts,
called Beavis and drove to BT where we pulled up to the HollyWood
Nights, now known as HN for saving time in typing. We each got a room
for 20 bucks each, not knwoing that it would be cold and would freeze
our asses off all night....Beavis was right, bring a heater. For 20
bucks, its a cheap rate, and u can walk to *****s 24/7, and even have
a place to shit if u must while in BT. In the event of an emergency
and u need to dump while in BT, no one has toilet paper. Grab napkins
from the taco stand and Papas has private stalls (no door) and TaBU
has two cans with a shower curtain to hide u in private :), this is
the best place to go, unless u have a room in complex. bring earplugs
too if staying at HN..Now, for the women!!

Hollywood Nights Women: Two lookers here, rates are fair, Kosher
would consider one of the girls here another time

Maribu: GREAT looking club, most comfortabel seats, very
relaxing...But no women!!!! This is a mystery to Kosher. Kosher will
frequent this place once their is more women!!

Papagayos: Crowded and a few lookers, only reason I would go there is
my regular..Lots of girls standing around doing nothing ( not
lookers), tons of guys, and a few girls that they all compete for.
Too many girls here asking 80, most will go for 60 though, not all,
so count on spending 73 at Papas to get laid, 60 for her, 11 for
room, 2 for the towel .

TaBu: Not much going on here but a strip club. If you want a break
from the action its a ncie pit stop, not much too choose from here,
the one girl I wanted here was gone, which was why I went to my
regular this trip for first nut pop. Kosher should have gone to Pimp

PimpDaddies! Kosher made his first visit ever to here, and was
impressed. This club stands out for several reasons...Its easy to
talk to the owner and he interacts and makes you feel at home, not
liek a # at Papas. There is entertainment such as the monkey show,
the free lay on stage, and the free blowjobs if place fills up. The
girls are good looking and two of the group did Brenda. Shes
smoking, Kosher will see her, only reason he didnt was he already
popped his 2nd nut in an alley girl. IF u can get a Papas girl down
from 80 to 60, its still mroe than this club to get laid where the
hot chicas like Brenda will do 50...Brenda has the best eyes ever,
green-ish to contrast with her beautiful olive skin..FOr 50 total
Kosher will be sticking Branda next visit for sure. On top of that
for the Army no room fee or towel fee...For 50 total u can get laid
at PimpDaddies, same thing will cost you 73 at Papas, 63 at cheapest
if u can pay 50..PimpDaddies win the weekend contest for best club,
Kosher shall return and on top of that, the owner said 8-9 more girls
were on way :)

Tamoykos: Stopped outside for two al pastor tacos and the *****s in
there were so desparate they came outside to pick up Kosher!! How
dare a ***** interupt Private Kosher while eating! What a shithole
this palce is!!

Sandra: Alley girl Kosher did for 2nd time. She rushed Kosher this
time, and was too mechanical, off the Kosher List for now on.

Kosher and Border took off due to rain and fatigue around 8 or
so...We made it back to the Kosher Kastle at 1 am and enjoyed Kosher
Kannabis. Border was given the kouch for the night and this morning
we got some tacos to remember our *****s. Kosher is now off to all u
can eat chinese...

01-13-03, 04:46
Hey MicJagger you were invited so it's your own fault. They do provide heaters at the Hollywood if you ask them but at 6:00 AM when BB and KC stumbled back to there room it was too late to ask. I took a small portable heater and slept like a baby.

Wordup-I posted over 50 pics today on the Army page

01-13-03, 05:47
I joined your "Army" today under the name, "Iceman_is_your_daddy". This is an old yahoo username of mine. I am happy to have finally viewed a picture of the famous Adriana there. She is not bad at all. As soon as I buy a scanner and figure the thing out, I'll have at least 200 pics of Mexicanas from my previous trips for the army.

01-13-03, 07:11
Hey JT "you've got mail"

01-14-03, 22:31
Borderbanger really cannot add much as previous posts by Commander
Beavis and Pvt. Kosher have hit the high notes. Borderbanger will hit
lightly on these. First off, Hollywood Nights, Its not the Hilton,
Hell, Its not even Motel 6, but for 20.00 USD per nite you get a
room, a bed, hot water, toliet and *****s 24/7. Get that at the
Hilton. Hollyowood Nights also has a couple of hot chica's that will
need bueno servicio from Borderbanger. Papa G's is a nice place, has
a nice bar, but it has the most uncomfortable chairs you have ever
sat your ass in anywhere, nice selection of gal's, most wanting 80.00
to 90.00 USD plus room and towel fee, most will negotiate down to
60.00 USD range. Marabu, is by far the nicest bar in BT, it has a
huge bar and dance floor, nice comfortable seating, but lacks of all
things, girls. Borderbanger joins Kosher and Beavis in wondering why?
Tamykos, reminds Border of a Japanese water garden, it is a nice
place, but the *****s attack you like an army of leaches when you
walk in, money hungry mothers. Border dislikes this place for this.
Shamrock is run by Martha, she speaks good english, has a few decent
girls, 40.00 to 50.00 USD plus room will get the job done here. Pimp
Daddys, Border likes this place, it is true what has been said in
earlier posts, Monkey Show, Pussy Eating Contest, Pack the House
BJ/Orgy Party, yes my fellow mongers its true. Border and his fellow
*****mongering buddies witnessed the Monkey Show and Pussy Eating
contest. No room fee and a free shot of tequila for Army members,
HeHeHe, makes Pimp Daddys the spot. Bars to avoid are on the back
row, Miramar and Western have women with extra equipment, You Have
Been Warned. This trip Border started out with Brenda at Pimp Daddy's
Friday nite, Hit one of his Regulars later Friday nite, Hit a room
girl very early Saturday morn, and ended with a room girl Saturday
evening before Border and Kosher parted Company with Commander Beavis
for the trip home. Border, as usual will be making the trip back this
weekend with fellow Mongers Kosker, Beavis and ?????

01-15-03, 06:18
Hey Boy's Town Army,
I can't take it any more. I just bought a ticket from Detroit to San Antonio for this weekend. I will be in BT late on Saturday evening. If any of you want to meet, please let me know. It would be nice to meet some fellow soldiers.


01-15-03, 07:04
Planning my first trip to Nuevo Laredo this weekend. Plan to arrive Sunday. Once across the boarder, where is Pimp Daddys. Do I just take a cab once across. Is is easy to get to the MEX boarder from the Laredo, TX airport? What about a place to stay in Nuevo Laredo? Is it possible to have an "all nighter" with a chica? When does PD's open and when does it get real busy.....

Sorry about all the questions, trying to decide between Nuevo Laredo and Tijuana.....



01-15-03, 18:05
Here join the Army and you will find a map, pictures of girls, and answers to all of your questions.


The weather forecast for the weekend says that this will be the coldest weekend so far this year. This could put a small damper on some things but Beavis and his soldiers must accept the challenge and go into battle. All soldiers read last weeks post on battle gear and maybe double up on the socks. We will not be defeated.

01-15-03, 23:28
OK guys, i know this would be a dumb questions, but i couldnt find the old messages... so here goes: where is the safe place to park my car on the Texas side if i want to spend a wkend at BT and what bridge do i take to cross over?

Thanks hombres...

A Toda Maquina
01-16-03, 19:53
Hey, J.T./ I might be dropping in late Fri or maybe sunday night, U gonna be around sunday night ? oh, somebody help rockwell out on parking info ......see ya , Chango

Mic Jagger
01-16-03, 21:12
Rockwell regarding parking there is a large parking lot to the right of Bridge #1 as you are approaching to cross into Mexico. Its in the same area as parking for the mall. I'm not sure about the rates but I think it's like $8for 24 hr parking. Park, then walk across bridge #1, cab ride will cost you $10, look around you before you get cab and see if any other mongers are going to bt, maybe you can split the fare, it's $10 for the ride whether there one passenger or four. Have fun.

01-17-03, 00:05
Chiefs Great Boys Town Adventure
On January 7, 2003 at 11:15 a.m. the chief arrives at the Reforma Hotel. As Beavis had mentioned in his posting previously I negotiated a two day price at 672 pesos which I thought was very fair (ended up staying my hold trip their @ about $34 dollars a day). After getting a quick shower and a bit to eat the chief took off for the Herradura Bar. Well as luck would have it it was happy hour and you got two beers for the price of one which was 20 pesos. Before I could finished one of the beers I had already been proposition by two very attractive Mexican Chica. I was told 60 American dollars which they were certainly worth it but the chief wanted to save his first experience of my trip for the Shamrock in boys town just becaues that was where it all started 37 years ago for me. Well at 7:00pm the chief catches a taxi to boys town (ask for $10 so I said that I was waiting on a friend so he said if we we go now $8 to boys town (gone). After walking around I would say for about a half hour I ran into this very very attractive room girl. We'll she said sucky an fu*ky $20.00 the chief could not resist damn it. After about a 20 minute session I finished up and proceeded to the Shamrock. I ordered me a drink and wanted to look around to see what was available. The selection was not really that great but their was one little chica name Suzanne that I bought a drink for and she offered me full service for $40.00 but it was too soon for me to go again at this time. She spoke very good English and I told her that I would return later and maybe we would. I then visited several other clubs and decided to return to the Shamrock and do Suzanne. We'll after that the chief was finished for the day back to the Reforma hotel for some well deserve rest.
... I went to boys town everday I was on my trip but Sunday and after the first day I quit kepting notes and Im no match to most of you fellow mongers when it comes to composing postings. The least amount of girls that I had in one day was two and the most that I had in one day was four and that was Saturday night(but took two 100mg Vs in a 6 hour period). There are a few things that I would like to say about the Beavis, Borderbanger, and Kosher these are truly very good guys and made me feel very welcome. I was very sad they had to leave on Saturday evening but with them staying in boys town during the day and night and trying to do a full invasion of all the chica and drink all the beer I can certainly understand why.
...Capt. Beavis you are a great leader for the NLBTA and glad to have been able serve in action with you, Banger and Kosher.
...Banger I would love for you to e_mail the pics that you took of me Fri. night.
...Kosher you are a true poet.


Mic Jagger
01-17-03, 01:49
Chief its good to hear you had a good time, thinking back to some of your prior post I bet you're glad you didn't run into any transies. Don't wait another 37 years before comming back again, come back and visit anytime. Couldn't work out schedule to do some mongering with you, maybe next time.

01-17-03, 02:58
...Mic Jagger
Yeah thanks to all the great postings had no problems and I would look forward in meeting you hopefully someday we could meet in BT. I did one night (tues.) get a taxi driver from BT that was young and didnt know any English which I can only speak (no take that back fellow monger borderbanger did teach me how to say "one more DOC EQUIS) and I notices he turn the wrong way on the main blvd. and had no ideal what I was saying untill I said "border" so then he turned around and got me close enought to walk to the Reforma. I do plan to return sometime soon but it may be next year but now that I have join the NLBTA it could be sooner this fall. I will as always check for your guys postings.

A Toda Maquina
01-17-03, 08:25
Hey mic jagger, u goin to be in NL. Fri night? Also ,good report Chief .,glad to hear you had fun.........

01-17-03, 09:11
Hiya Boys.
Just joined the NLBTA and am reporting for duty ;)
I should be there the weekend of the 25th and Feb
22-23. Hope to hook up with some of ya. I have been
reading and posting here for a year now and have not met anyone yet.

Mic Jagger
01-17-03, 14:31
Chango, heres a copy of the email..

Whats up James, saw your post on WSG, I'm taking a guess...this is row call for this weekend excursion by the btarmy. Mic will be missing in action this weekend, its not that I don't feel the pull of the call to action, but I'm not a fan of cold weather, yes I'm a wuss when it comes to cold weather, give me a hot humid muggy 100 degrees anyday over cold, windy weather. Looks like this btarmy this has taken off like wild fire, just go to show how may lurkers we had on the board that were lurking but not posting. Anyway on most excursions you could count me in, but have to pass on this one. Look forward to your reports. Later dude.

01-17-03, 18:41
Beavis will be departing shortly.

01-17-03, 19:29
Hi men first time poster have tried to get into boystown yahoo army but no luck finding site HELP

01-18-03, 07:26
This weekend I am thinking of going to Tijuana or BT in NL. Any one been to both? What is your recomendation? Also anyone recommend a cheap (safe) hotel on the Mex side in NL?

01-20-03, 02:17
The link should take you to it.


01-20-03, 06:10
The second outing of the Boys Town Army

Friday I left the house later than planned around 1:00 pm. After a couple of stops arrived at the border around 4:00. Crossed the bridge and made a quick stop at Farmacia Calderon for a couple hits of the blue wonder drug. From here I drove to my favorite compound in Mexico. A fellow monger was in Tamykos so I stopped in and said a quick hello then went to the Hollywood Night bar and hotel to get a room. After checking into my room I drove over to Papagayos to visit with my friend who was there talking to his favorita. When parked I heard a yell and saw one of my favorite girls Lorena walking into boys town.

She yelled at me so I asked her to come with me while I said hello to my friend and fellow Boys Town Army member with his favorita. We spent a few minutes visiting but I did not come to Mexico to visit so I went to test drive the bed in my room at the Hollywood Night hotel. The test drive was very good as the blue vitamin I had taken earlier was kicking in. I spent about an hour and a half with Lorena and invited her to come stay with me all night. She said that she would but had to go do some things. I know this girl very well and she is always a lot of fun but one thing I have learned is that working girls are not dependable. I figured if she showed fine and if not, it isn’t a problem to come up with a backup plan. We had left it that she would meet me at Pimp Daddy’s around 10:00 PM.

I asked Lorena how much did she want for the time I had spent with her and she said whatever you want to give me. I told her I would give her a decent bit of money in the morning and gave her 30 dollars for the afternoon. She said fine and she would see me later. After Lorena left I went to Pimp Daddy’s and talked with Lupe the owner for a while and discussed the evening. He told me what had been going on and I told him that a few of my guys would be coming down for the evening and some more tomorrow (Saturday). By now it was around 7:30 so I left and went to Papagayos for a few minutes. I had seen the only girl I do in Papagayos in there earlier so I went back to see her. Whenever I go to Papas I know what I want so instead of buying the drinks and going through all of the BS I just go get my regular girl and take her to the room. My girl in Papas is named Rosario and she was the 1st girl that I ever did in Boys Town on my first trip there in August 2001. She is pretty, not great but gives great service and never rushes me. This is the 3rd time in about 2 hours so I know I am going to get my moneys worth here (thank god for Viagra). I finish with Rosario and pay her. I always give her 40 plus 10 tip and 10 for the room. This is a volume discount as I have known her for a long time. Most of the girls in Papas will ask 60 to 100 and the hot ones will not take les than 70. This is why I don’t care for Papas once it gets crowded. Anyway this is only my opinion the best girls can be found there but you can also find some gems if you go out and explore.

When I left Papas I went back to Pimps Daddy’s for a few more minutes then headed back to my room to take a shower. As I was leaving I heard someone yell “Beavis” only to look over and see “Borderjumper”. He had snuck away for a few minutes so we went back to Pimp Daddy’s, had a drink and talked for a bit. By now it is around 9:30 so I have just enough time to go shower and be back by 10:00 PM in case Lorena does decide to show up. I tell Lupe if she comes tell her to wait for me as I will be back shortly. Borderjumper leaves also so he drops me off at the Hollywood Night. I talk with Luis the owner of the HN and leave to go shower and change into the Beavis ***** chasing clothes. Borderbanger is on the way so I call to see what is his ETA. He explains that he was caught in traffic due to a bad wreck in Austin and won’t be arriving until around 11:00 PM. I shower and go back to Pimp Daddy’s around 10:15. Lorena isn’t there and hasn’t been so I hang out and watch some of the girls dance.

After a while here I leave around 11:00 PM to go see if Borderbanger has arrived yet. As I am waling out the door I see Borderbanger so we return to Pimp Daddy’s. We stay here for a while then go on patrol. There are quite a few girls around despite it being around 30 degrees. The chicas are all standing around their buckets of burning coal hating the weather. As we make the pass down the last street several of the “trannies” are standing there dressed sexy as men can dress. It is quite humorous to here Borderbanger say “hola senor” as we pass these queer bastards.

Borderbanger and I finally settle in the Marabu. BB leaves and does “Perla” and I take her pretty blond friend also named Lorena. Lorena would not let me take a pic of her but she is worth seeing. She is 29, very pretty with blond hair After I am finished with Lorena we go back to the bar. Shortly afterwards Borderbanger returns and says he had a great time with Perla. We leave Marabu and go to the Hollywood Night only to run into fellow Army Member “Chango” who has stopped by on his way to Monterrey. Beavis, Borderbanger and Chango go on patrol. We pass by every bar in boys own with the exception of the ones where the girls have dicks. We find several pretty girls in the lesser bars but continue to patrol. Finally from here we make our way into Tabu. Borderbanger finds a girl in here so we lose him for the evening but Chango and I continue to check it out. It is now around 2:30 AM and I am ready to wrap it up for the evening but figure I can go one more time (again thanks to the wonderful people at Pfizer). We pass by several girls with potential but this last one has to be a god one so I keep looking. I pass by and see my old favorite “Adriana” standing in front of her room. This is a no brainer so I tell Chango to meet me back at Hollywood Night in about 45 minutes. Adriana always gives me special treatment. She doesn’t want her pics on the net but those of you who know her don’t need me to describe her. If you saw a picture of her it really doesn’t do her any justice but she is without a doubt one of the sexiest girls there. Anyone who has seen her in the flesh will verify this. I finally finish with Adriana after a long time and several positions so I leave to return to my room. Chango had left his bag in my room so I went back to return it ti him as he was leaving for Monterrey around 4:00 AM. I return Chango his bag and call it a night.

The next morning just like on the calendar I wake to Borderbanger beating on the door. I shower and we go eat at Restaurant Principal. We spend some time around centro and after finding no action at the Herradura and El Rey return to Boys Town. We pass by all the bars and rooms and I see my girl “Lorena” from the day before. She is a great time so I invite her to come with me again to my hotel. We spend a couple of hours this time in my room and I am able to go twice again. I ask what happened the night before and she tells me she fell asleep. Maybe or maybe not but who cares. They are working girls so pay them to love you and tell them goodbye. Don’t ever get attached to one of these girls because maybe 1 in 1,000 you can change, the other 999 will always be the same. Once they have it in their blood it is there forever, or at least the 999 of them it is. Another fun session with Lorena and she tells me she will be there tonight. I tell her it is O.K. if she doesn’t want to come but says she will so again I tell her I will give her money in the morning. I give her 35 dollars and take her to Pizza Hut and buy her a 10 dollar pizza. I have 75 dollars invested her and have done her a total of 4 times in 2 days. She says she will be there at night for sure but at this point I don’t care. If she comes I will take care of her in the morning and if not it is her loss.

After Borderbanger and I take Lorena home we go to the Reforma Hotel to pick up KosherCowboy. The 3 of us go to El Rancho and eat a fine meal. We are sitting there ogling all of the girls as our Viagras we have taken start kicking in. After eating we return to Boys Town to shower. Beavis is still in charge up mode after the double session with Lorena in the afternoon but feels like action is on the horizon. I go to Pimp Daddy’s and meet Austinhodoggie who has been there for a while. I talk him into a session with Brenda. Shortly afterwards KosherCowboys and Borderbanger show up so we leave to go look for JT. He shows and the 4 of us return to Pimp Daddy’s. Lorena hasn’t been seen so I wait until 11:00 and figure I got a good deal with her and write it off. JT hooks up with Lucero. The bar is busy so he has to wait a short while for a room. While he is waiting we all have a great fun picture taking session with Lucero. Borderbanger leaves and finally settles with a cute room girl named Jessica and I go with a room girl I had done before named Sylvia. From here it is a continuous tour until we finally settle down in the Marabu. By now all Borderbanger and I are looking for is a quiet place to relax. The Marabu is always the best place for this. As we are sitting there JT makes his way in and hooks up with Perla. The two of them leave so Borderbanger and I make our way over to Hollywood Night. They have a few pretty girls in there so we hang out for a while. A pretty girl named Dulce comes over and asks if I will buy her a drink. I ask her how much for the room and she says 40 dollars. I tell her forget the drink let’s go to the room. This girl turn out to be the best lay of the trip. After I had finished she still wanted more so (again thank you Pfizer) I had to oblige this wonderful girl. This is the girl that gets the Beavis Award for the 2nd outing of the Boys Town Army. If any of you see this girl don’t hesitate to ride this. I promise if you do you will thank me. One word on Dulce “AWESOME”. I asked her to come sleep with me in my room when the bar closed at 5:00 AM. She said she would but just like Lorena I wasn’t sure. Of course she didn’t show but then again who cares.

I was awaken again by Borderbanger beating on the door around 10:00 AM. He had just returned from doing a room girl for 20 dollars and wanted to go eat. I showered and we rode around as I wanted to find something to knock out before leaving. I found a room girl and parked to walk over. As I was walking over a girl yelled at me in perfect English. I looked over and saw a pretty Mexican girl named Jennifer. Born in Mexico and grew up in California. She asked if I wanted company and after telling me 15 dollars we went back to the room I had left at the Hollywood Night. I had loaded all of my things but had not locked the room so I had it for another round if needed. I didn’t get any pictures of Jennifer because my camera was packed away but Borderbanger and JT saw her. For 20 dollars she was well worth it. Borderbanger, JT, and I go to centro and we eat at Restaurant Principal again. From here we leave to cross the border back to the US. 15 minutes it takes to cross. We are now home and planning next weeks assault. Nuevo Laredo will need to refurbish it’s supply of girls as we have put a hurting on them in the last month. We will hit Reynosa this Friday night and then cool off for a while.

I have been off since the 7th of December and will be returning to work on the 28th of January. My reporting duties from Nuevo Laredo will probably handed over to Army Members Borderbanger, KosherCowboy, Austinhodoggie, Mic Jagger, JT, and the rest of the Army. At this time I am scheduled to be in Veracruz, Veracruz for the next year so I will be able to check on the progress on my time off.

01-21-03, 02:46
...Beavis great posting and the photos that you posted on the NLBTA was outstanding. Be safe in your travels and hope to see you in BT before to long.

A Toda Maquina
01-21-03, 04:36
I arrived in BT , late Fri . night and saw Beavis & Borderbanger at hollywood nights & the gals there can definitely take care of the "wood" part of the clubs name..........., they had a new chica went by the name "Dulce" , As I sat at the bar she had her legs locked around my head & neck, before I could move '"not that I wanted to", any way , Beavis moved in with the camera & got a few poses of her, ....../ earlier Beavis and I found this totally unreal looker on the back side of the compound,I mean she was sooooo hot Beavis looked at me I looked at Beavis , both of us were in awe.....she was in the door of a bar by a coal bucket,, She first showed us her flaming pit of desire , the flashed her tits., they were symetrically perfict, she was soo hot I said Beavis What is she doin back here at this old bar & not at Pappas etc., Beavis agreed and believe it or not we both passed. and he went for Adrianna .. / I then found and did a room girl only too find out I did her about four years ago but she was ok,.,Oh yea, Borderbanger was occupied with a little gal that he fancies ., I didnt see him after about 0200 hrs..,,,Then I split .....Tear it up !!!!! Chango

01-21-03, 05:46
Hey Chango "Dulce" turned out to be the chick who won the Beavis Award for the 2nd outing of the Army. Man that girl knows what she is doing and likes her work. I might go get about 10 Viagra and keep her for a week. I don't know if my heart could take it but what a way to go.

01-21-03, 07:26
Borderbanger, just like Commander Beavis was late departing for BT,
It seems Borderbanger is always held up at the last minute due to
circumstances beyond his control, Borderbanger departed the D/FW area
around 14:00 hrs., finally on way to Border, Made stop in Austin,
thinking Kosher would be riding with me that nite to BT, Kosher had
pending work come up for the next day, Kosher invites Borderbanger to
lay over in Austin and catch BT together next day. Borderbanger feels
its imperative to the mission to get to BT asap, so he declines
Kosher's Hospitable offer and heads on to meet Commander Beavis in
BT. Whatever the hell time it was, Borderbanger arrives BT, drives
Banger Transportation Inc. Now known as (Banger dodge Ram Truck)to
Hollywood nights hotel to get his room, remember fellas, not the
Hilton, Not even Motel 6, but 20.00 USD per nite, I just hope they
wash the sheets. Borderbanger hooks up with Commander Beavis at
Hollywood Nights, checks into his room, finds it adequate for the
needs at hand. Bathrooms and showers scare Banger the most, but
banger being ex-military has seen worse. Borderbanger showers and
hooks up with Commander beavis and best memory serves me, head to
Papa G's first for a quick look before heading over to Pimp daddys to
meet up with fellow monger Sid who was ther with his girl. we had a
few beers, made the rounds from bar to bar, checking out potential
room girl action along the way, Beavis and Borderbanger run into
Perla and Lorena at Marabu........Yes Perla and Lorena, we both
decide the Vitamin V's from earlier have hit home so we negotiate the
girls and we are off to the rooms, Borderbanger with Perla, Commander
Beavis with Lorena, Perla is quite a good looking girl, she proceeded
to rock the banger world, getting him off twice in the alotted time
span, Perla takes her work very seriously even if its somewhat
mechanical, making sure to satisfy ones needs. when the knock did
come at the door we took our time, got dressed, returned to the
Marabu bar where Commander beavis was waiting for Banger as he had
just returned himself. Banger would recommend Perla as she was 50.00
USD for the session, 10.00 for the room, 2.00 for towel and sack.
borderbanger and Beavis now roam around BT some more heading back
over to Pimp daddys, I think stopping by Papa G's along the way, and
the 123, and shamrock and..........Tamykos and ...............well
you get the picture, some of the girls we wanted to hit at Pimp's
were busy, so we had a few more cerveza's, and off we were again,
Border and Beavis stroll and roam the compound, more clubs, more room
girls, Borderbanger, Beavis and Kosher making fun of the TV's along
the way. Finally Border with Beavis and Kosher stroll into Tabu where
Border hooks up with his regular........Border is history for the
nite after he has his usual great session with his reg. and in the
process lost the Commander and Kosher to to battle fatigue, Commander
Beavis battled his way thru till the end going out in style Sunday
morn before the trip home. Borderbanger drags himself out of Tabu at
Sun Up plus some, has a couple tacos and heads to his room at
Hollywood Nights, pours himself in the bed, Saturday morn, just like
Beavis predicted in the calendar, Borderbanger bangs on the door,
wakes Beavis up to go eat, We are off to Zona Centrol to fuck around,
eat lunch and check out the civi scene, we run into Perla and Lorena
shopping in the zona, bull shit with them a little, we are then off
again, back to La Zona to find something to bang, Beavis hooks up
with his chica Lorena, different Lorena!! and is off to his room at
hollywood, Banger goes and does another street girl, later that
afternoon, borderbanger and Beavis head into town to meet Kosher who
has just checked into the Reforma in downtown Zona Centrol, Once we
secure Kosher, its off to eat at the El Rancho, the finest rest. in
all of NL. We have a grande meal of Fajitas before returning to the
zone. Once back Border goes and showers, readying himself for the
evening, Beavis doing same while Kosher is off to hit his reg. Later
we hook up with Army members JT and AUSTINHODOGGIE, so its
Borderbanger, Beavis, Kosher, JT and Austinho amassing at Pimp
Daddies, damn here we go, look at some of the pics of the little
chica at pimps, dying to hear the report on her from JT, Banger was
going to hit her, but did'nt, due to the fact JT had already laid
claim to her. Many cerveza's later, strolling the complex, checking
out the room girl scene, Border decides to hit Jessica, room girl,
Previusly hit by Kosher earlier in the evening. Borderbanger will
agree with Kosher on this room girl Jessica, she will get to see the
borderbanger again fer sure. Much later Border goes to see his
regualr again, now working at Hollywood, Border likes this as his
room is in Hollywood, after a very late/early morning session with
his favorita chica, mostly consisting of talk as to future plans,
border wraps up his evening, Sunday morn banger wakes to go roam the
compound, finds a street girl from a previous outing, 20.00 USD and
we are off again. Borderbanger then returns to hollywood, bangs on
beavis's door, wakes Beavis, Beavis showers while Banger waits, then
the 2 monger's are off in search of Beavis's morning BJ and lay.
Beavis figure's to do the room girl Banger did earlier, but on his
way to her, he is flagged by a hot chica named Jennifer, read post by
Commander. Anyhow, a little later Borderbanger, beavis and Jt Have
lunch in downtown Zona Centrol, Kosher calls to say he is at mile
marker 15 or so headed north, Beavis and Borderbanger part company
with JT, hit bridge 2 with a slight wait of 20 mins., we are in Texas
headed home, Banger arrived DFW area 9:30 pm Sunday after making a
stop in Austin to visit Kosher to reflect and share thoughts on this

A Toda Maquina
01-21-03, 18:09
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Beavis
[i]Hey Chango "Dulce" turned out to be the chick who won the Beavis Award for the 2nd outing of the Army. Man that girl knows what she is doing and likes her work. I might go get about 10 Viagra and keep her for a week. I don't know if my heart could take it but what a way to go. // Hey Beavis ,got any input on the chica we saw on the back calle ??????

01-22-03, 06:09
She was still there Saturday Night. Worth a look I think. if we had it to do over with the out come would have been different. I am going to have to cancel on Reynosa Friday as I have to see a Doctor in San Antonio Friday. Maybe some time later in the year.

I think you are going to look good in the monkey suit.

01-23-03, 06:10
hello guys,
here is my trip report from my january 2003 chica fix. i finally met the infamous beavis and company (border banger, kosher cowboy, and austinhodoggie).

after a long and hideous day traveling on the worst airline in america, united airlines, i arrived in san antonio at 6pm, rented a truck, and “flew” to laredo as fast as i could. arrival time in bt was 2130 (9:30 pm). after i checked into my quaint room at hollywood nights and got the flight funk off of me, kosher met me at the club downstairs and we proceeded to meet the “great” beavis and border banger at marabu. we then went to pimp daddies. i have to admit a fuck up on my part, everybody. i totally prejudged this bar. i visited it a few weeks after it opened, almost two years ago, and had a very bad experience with a girl who was a crack addict. i never gave the club a chance. the owner, lupe, informed me this weekend that he was totally unaware of the drug use when he first opened, and since nipped this problem in the butt with a “no tolerance” policy towards hard drugs. it turned out that this was the best club of this trip! i had a very hot, young, and petite girl named lucifer, i mean, lucero. she was a “devil in disguise”. this little girl totally rocked my world. wow! this 75lb sex demon allowed me to experiment in about 10 positions before i could no longer control my load. she was very reasonable too at $50 for an “extended” 30 minutes. since i was honored with the bt army bragging rights, lupe waived the $10 room price for me (he did this three times for me this weekend). when i submerged from the room, i found hodoggie in a conversation with brenda (she is in a class all of her own, as you will see later). this guy went into the room and in about 10 minutes was finished and walked out with a very happy look on his face. only god knows what this gorgeous latina did to this poor lad. a great thing about this club is the friendly and comfortable atmosphere. lupe allows pictures to be taken in the club, as long as the girls are rightfully respected. just ask! the girls usually don’t mind if you give them the common courtesy of asking permission. mexican women are very proud and demand that respect. beavis, kosher, and border were not in the club, so hodoggie and myself began exploring bt and its “hidden treasures”. i also met adriana for the first time. the pics of her on the board do not do this hottie justice. she really takes care of herself and seems to want to please her customers. i recommended her to a fellow *****monger on monday evening and he latter told me that she was the best experience he had in a long time. well, after an hour or so, we found beavis and the gang at pimp daddies. beavis and i then went to maribu and i had this shakira look-alike named perla. in the sack she was like a porn star. she was really vocal and willing to try different positions. i really liked this one. too bad this was her last working night for the week. she also agreed to meet me in my room for a few hours for some “after work” fun. after this girl, i decided to call it the day as jet lag was beginning to set in. just as i was falling asleep, perla knocked on my door and within a couple hours, i nutted twice. she is a real sweetheart.

after a few hours of sleep, i was definitely in the mood for some food and sex. i walked downstairs to catch a cab to the bridge, when i over heard beavis talking. i met him outside his room and low and behold, inside was a hot ass chica named jennifer. what a true *****monger, doing a morning quickie. he and border jumper invited me to join them for breakfast/lunch and i accepted. after our good byes the two left for home, while i shopped and went back to bt. at 2000 (8pm) i went to pimp daddies and discovered a girl that i neglected to notice the prior evening. her name was nelly. nelly agreed on $50 and we made a mad dash for the bedroom. lupe again waived the room charge. this girl was undoubtedly the best experience for me of this trip. she sucked dick like an olympic sport and her vocals sounded real. i am totally speechless regarding this hottie. all i can say, is she is going to get it again as soon as i return. she is extremely beautiful too. as soon as i was finished nelly, brenda targeted me and sat on my lap. this girl is a true “girl next door” type, although she is really wild. she even let me play with her while sitting on my lap in the club. i totally didn’t mind buying her the 5 or so drinks it took for me to recoup from nelly. as soon as she sat on my lap, i knew that i better take a vitamin v or risk not having recouped enough to last. when we went into the room, she let me unleashed an entire roll of film on her, with and without clothes. she even wanted to take pictures while having sex, but i declined this because penetration pics are really difficult to get developed. this girl was really aggressive. she is tall and thin-medium built and has a really cute face. she’s also the youngest girl in the bar, at 20. nelly was 22, and lucifer was 24. i had a great time with this girl. she was a very reasonable $80 for an hour! after these two demons, i needed a break and had a few tacos at the taco stand next to pappagayo’s. about two hours later, i had a cute room girl for $20, since adriana was busy. this girl was mechanical, but worth the small fee to indulge in her sweetness. i went back to hollywood with the intent of sleeping, when luis introduced me to a “new hire” named whitney. she was 18 and never danced in a club before. she was extremely novice to the scene and seemed quite innocent. i bought her a couple drinks and made arrangements to meet with her on monday at 5pm. although the club was closed on monday, she was coming in to practice dancing and luis made arrangements for her to come up to my room for an hour. i couldn’t wait until monday.

this night was a little of a disappointment at first. 5pm came very slowly due to the excitement of me breaking in a new girl. to make a long story short, from 5pm to 10pm, i checked in hourly to see if whitney came in. by 11pm, i gave up. this was a disappointment for me. i went to maribu at 9pm. no girls in there yet, but i decided to stay and have a beer. i then hit all the clubs that were open. none of which was open yet. at 11 pm pimp daddies, tabu, and hollywood nights were all closed. club 1 2 3 only had 2 chicks and tamikyo’s had about 10 old ass worn out chicas. i was starting to panic, when someone tapped my back. i turned around and to my amazement was a girl that i had almost a year ago at club 1 2 3. her name was joanna and she was from acapulco. she remembered me! she was looking as fine as she did a year ago. we agreed on $100 for an hour and we were off to my hotel room. i soon found out that she sharpened her skills, and at 20 yrs old, she was quite a pro. joanna was there to start work at pimp daddies on tuesday and wasn’t expecting to work that night. an hour later, i found myself at the club at the end of the street next to the donkey place (martha’s). this club is definitely a no no. i was there for 30 minutes and saw three different people get ripped off. a short change by a waiter, a switch by another (this is when you give the waiter a large bill, and he switches it with a smaller bill and tells you it’s not enough), and a stripper sitting on a guy’s lap and stealing what’s not nailed down on the table. guys, stay away from this place. it is on the corner and faces the western from one of its sides. after this, i tried to find a suitable chica for some action, but could not find one that i was attracted to (young, skinny, feminine looking, and nice attitude). i went into pappagayos and found a suitable specimen from monterrey. her name was gabriella and was 21 yrs old. she wanted 70 bucks, but i got her down to 60. she was a little mechanical, but well worth the time due to her great body. i also seen beavis’ jennifer in an suv near club 123. she recognized me and asked me for 2 bucks for gas. i gave it to her because she seemed quite polite. she wanted to meet in my room at 1am and i agreed. from 1-2am i waited for her but she never came. i then walked around for an hour, ate some tacos and hit the sack, because i had to depart for san antonio airport at 8am. at around 5am i heard light tapping on my door. i opened it and to my amazement, jennifer was standing in my doorway! i thought i was dreaming. she agreed on $25 for the session and she let me take as many pics of her as i pleased. she was extremely good at what she does for a living. she really got into the mood quick. i only lasted about 15 minutes, because i already had a bad case of morning wood and she reminded me of jennifer lopez. what an ass! anyways, i gave her $40 in pesos and she left. i slept three more hours, took a cold shower, and drove to san antonio for my trip back to the fucked up state of michigan. i really can’t wait until i fly back to this fantasyland for guys. i am thinking about flying back in february, although i will definitely come back in march.

on another note, pappagayos is having a big party on 04 march. i am not sure what they are celebrating, but i am sure it is well worth the trip. compared to the feliz navidad party? i don’t know. but it will be interesting to read the reports from that day.

also, the chica in the camo top on beavis’s site is tanya from hollywood night’s club. i never had her, but she seems quite friendly and wild. she is 20 yrs old.

01-23-03, 06:28
Hey Guys if anyone is interested. I know this is short notice but I need to run get a vehicle permit for Mexico. Since I have to be in San Antonio Friday I think I will run down to the Aduana in Nuevo Laredo tomorrow. Well, since I am going to be only about 3 miles form the greatest location adjacent to the US I might have to at least stop by and say hello to Brenda, Janet, Lucero, Lorena, Adriana, Jessica, Sylvia, Rosario, Leti, Perla, Roxana, Sandra, Jennifer, and Dulce. It would be very rude to be that close and not at least say hello, don’t you think. I don’t have to be in San Antonio until 1:30 PM so I think this would be a good plan. If anybody is around tell Lupe in Pimp Daddy’s you are looking for Beavis.

Good Report JT

A Toda Maquina
01-23-03, 07:50
Hey J.T., I agree , that Perla does resemble Shakira ,no doubt I told some of the other mongers that a while back ,, she's been getting good reports I'm goin to have to check her out.......

01-23-03, 16:49
Great report JT, let me know when you are planing your return trip, we will make it a borderbash from hell with all that can attend!!

01-24-03, 02:59
That was a great posting and it sounds like you had a great time. I no it is hell to be in this cold ass state of Ohio and knowing that the rest of the monger are only a few hours drive away make me want to move to the great state of Texas. Give them hell guys!
..Banger make sure you dont drink all the beer before I can get back.

01-24-03, 03:51
That definately sounds like a great plan. I will check airfares on a daily basis.

01-24-03, 06:14

Chief, UR Right,

.... I am here in Cincinnati, Ohio, and it is TOOOOO DAMN COLD here. Right now it is 6 damn degree, and the F-in wind is gusting at 14mph. It is like -15 below zero.

..... These guys are pissing me off ... they are having too TOO DAMN MUCH FUN, Mannnnn that must be GREAT!!!! I am Jealous !!!!

...... WELL, as you are hittin dat AZZ from behind, remember your Cold Azz brotha's up North.

WISHIN WE/I, was There !!!!

LOVE to read your adventures in Mexico, for iI am a serious long time LOVER of Latino women.

.... (((( WORD )))) ....


01-24-03, 09:07
Originally posted by Chango
Hey J.T., I agree , that Perla... been getting good reports I'm goin to have to check her out.......
You won't be sorry! Perla may be mechanical, but she's good at what she does... and what a body!

01-24-03, 12:03
as to Perla fella's, she rocks, she is interested in coming to the states, but be warned, she wants more babys, she has 1 as I understand, wants more. Chief, Mi amigo, eckerd would not develop the P-eating photos, they say that's porno, but i do have the neg's. Banger struck gold in his hometown tonite as he met Hopper and 2 other amigos at La Acapulquena for dinner, Me, Richard, and Victor headed to Far West latina night club, Hopper went home to change to ***** mongering country clothes, but did not make the return trip. Banger finally got somewhere tonite with the finest Spanish/Latina chica Banger has ever laid eyes upon, this being Aracelli, cerveza girl at the Far West in Dallas, Tx. Aracelli finally acknowleged banger's existence, apologized for never speaking english to me last visit, but did say she enjoyed playing with el loco gringo, as I was the only gringo in the bar the nite I met her. Plans to mexico may be halted this weekend due to Aracelli, Banger may have found his replacement right here in Dallas................may not need his reg in BT...........bullshit, whom am I trying to lie to.................???

01-25-03, 06:45
Cherubino, I couldn't agree with you more. She is a true BT sweetheart. Very nice attitude and great in the sack. I have no complaints whatsoever about her.

Happy Hunting.

01-25-03, 08:06
Beavis solo Album

I left the house late as usual. Arrived at the border at 4:00 PM. Drove across and to the caseta for permisos vehiculars. Within 30 minutes I was finished and had my permit. I left the Aduana and stopped at Farmacia Calderon for 2 - 100 MG blue fun drugs. I went to a different one this time as the same two young girls have seen me go in for the past 3 weekends for the same thing. I guess I needed to give my conscience a break so I went to a different farmacia. By 5:00 PM I was done and at Hollywood Night. I checked into my room and by 6:00 was out looking around. There was a girl named Laura across from the Se La Vi bar that I wanted to warm up with. I haven’t been with her yet but like her. She is very pretty and always smiles. Probably when Adriana and I get a divorce I will marry Laura. Anyway Laura wasn’t there so walked over towards the center street. I passed by La Cosita and found out Lorena wasn’t there today. I continued to say hello to Borderbanger’s senorita on the center street and saw Lupe standing in front of Pimp Daddy’s. I went in and had a cup of coffee and talked to him a few minutes. After a little while here I thought maybe Laura would be out so I walked back only to find her room still closed and no light on. From here I ventured to the last street to look for a pretty girl that Chango and I had seen last weekend. I passed by the bar were we had seen her but to no avail. While I was walking a pretty girl named Marta passed and spoke to me. She walked up and kissed me so I thought maybe. From here I continued until finally going back and looking for Marta. I found her and talked to her a little. She aced the cold fish test so I asked her if we could go to my room at the Hollywood. By now it has been almost 2 hours since the Viagra so I am ready to go. I ask her how much and she says 20 dollars. I have a room already so there is no room fee. We walk over to the Hollywood Night and go to my room. This girl turns out to be hot. She is 31 years old and knows what she is doing. She rocks me good and after we are done she gives another BBBJ and proceeds to cover me again with her body. Who was I to complain. After I had emptied into her again ( thank you again Pfizer) she went and took a shower. After she came out we sat on the bed and talked for a while before she started getting dressed. I had not paid her yet so I gave her 40 dollars. She was very happy and said she would see me later. Why go to Papagayos and pay that 60 or 70 dollars. I got laid twice for 40 and it was better than most anything you will get there at Papas. If you want the added security of knowing that there are plenty of Americans around you I guess papas is fine. If you will get out and explore some there is no telling what you will find. This girl told me she normally works in Bar “8” so that answers the question from the guy who wanted to know about the place. This girl is named Marta, 31 long black hair and a very good GFE. Loves to give head and loves to receive it. Beavis will try to make all of his girls happy.

After Marta left I took a shower and went out to look around. I had already been twice but knew it wouldn’t be long before I was ready again. I walked to Marabu and stopped to have a drink and chat with them a whle. Again this is the nicest bar in Boy’s Town but it is always dead. I spoke to the bartender’s and waiters a few minutes and went walking around. I had some photos to give Adriana so I went to her room. As always she was busy but I hung around for a few and returned to Pimp Daddy’s. I met 2 guys in there who were readers of the WSG. They asked me a few things and then asked about Adriana. I told them that I was going to see her as I had something for her so they walked with me. Both agreed with me on the beauty of this girl. She has a cousin in the room next to hers that also looks very good. She isn’t as pretty as Adriana but is hot. I took photos of the two of them but like always the photos don’t do anything for how pretty the girls actually are. From here I returned to Pimp Daddy’s as I had wanted to check out Nellie after JT’s report on her. Well I will say this he told it straight. This little girl is hot. As the Supreme Allied Commander of the Nuevo Laredo Boy’s Town Army the room fee was waived. I asked her how much and she told me 60 meaning 10 for the room and 50 for her. I wanted to see if JT’s evaluation of her was accurate. Man what a ride. I knew I could last a while having been twice earlier with Marta. Once we were in the room she began to undo my pants and from here it was just sit back and let this girl take charge. Baby oil, massages, BJ, and new sounds that I have never heard come from a girl. She is hot, hot, hot. I guess we were in the room for 40 minutes, several positions and after we were done she cleaned me up very well. We went out in the bar and I tried to decide where she would come in my list of future brides. Watch out Adriana I might have found your replacement.

After the incredible ride I had taken on Starship Nellie I was hungrier that a “cut cat”. I went to KosherCowboy’s favorite taco stand and got 3 to go. I have found how to kill two birds with one stone. Bring your laptop and write what happens in between sessions. I know I need something to do but will be returning to work next week after 6 weeks of relaxation and gangs of trips to Mexico.

When I returned to Hollywood Night Tanya was onstage dancing, looking fine as ever. When she finished dancing I talked with her for a little while then went back out. I passed by Laura’s room and she was there. I spoke with her and tried to get to know her a little but she failed the cold fish test badly. The room girls never score well on it but there did not seem to be any passion at all inside of this girl. Scratch this one off the list of brides. With this I left and returned to Pimp Daddy’s. Joanna was onstage dancing, she is very pretty but does not want her pic taken so this is how it is. I watched her for a little while then Lucero came up to me and started flirting. I am sure it had nothing to do with the pesos in my wallet but that also is how it is. I had yet to try her so I figured to fuck something that petite would be a thrill in itself. She isn’t shy at all and knows what she is doing. We went to the room and I told her it would take me a while because I had been with Nellie earlier. She said no problem and off we went. I took several photos of Lucero and she loved it. If all working girls were this natural in front of a camera us mongers would have photos from hell. We tried several positions and I felt how good a pierced tongue can feel if the girl knows how to use it. Lucero is a must try for any body that goes there. She weighs 84 pounds and you can pick her up with one hand. She actually weighs less than a sack of feed. I did her in about 10 different positions and finally finished. When I came out I told Lupe that I was going to try to do every girl he had in the place. He only had 8 and one was not so good looking and another mediocre. The lesser one has tattoos and you can tell by the way she dances that she would be great. Sometimes these are the best so who knows. Unfortunately it won’t happen this trip but will in the future. I bought a couple of drinks for the girls and figured I would leave before it got too crazy with me buying drinks. From here I went over and talked to Adriana and her cousin who works the room right beside her. Her name is Annia and also seems very nice. It was very cold so I went walking around some more and finally stopped into Papagayos if for nothing else just to get warm. There were some very pretty girls as always and some from the Milk Bone gang. I stayed here a while and by now it is 2:45 AM. I figured I had the strength to go once more so I went looking for my old faithful Adriana. I thought if she was occupied I would try the cousin. Both doors were closed and the lights were out. Along with this the buckets of coal were gone so I guess they called it quits early. I passed down the last street by Magnolias where Chango and I had seen the pretty blond from the week before but nothing. I thought I would return to Hollywood and maybe Tanya would be ready. Tanya was occupied when I got there so I stayed a few minutes and left again. This time I got in my car and turned on the heater because it was about 30 fucking degrees. I passed by the last street again after seeing that Adriana and the Annia’s lights were still off I found a pretty girl named Jessica. We talked and I asked her to come back with me to the Hollywood. She agreed and said she would for 30 dollars. After this she said she wanted to go get her purse from the bar first. I took her back to the bar and then she asked for 10 dollars to give to a friend. She said that she would be right out. I didn’t think she would return but wanted to fuck her so I waited. Not expecting to ever see her or my 10 dollars again, 5 minutes later we are at my room. She was very good. I recommend her. Jessica, dark blond hair and works in the El Centro bar. I finished with her and it was now 4:20 AM. From here I call it a night and grab a few hours of some much needed rest.

In the morning I got an early start as I had to go to San Antonio. While waiting in line at bridge # 2 I got a phone call telling me that my business in San Antonio had been cancelled. Well I am packed so I can return to Boys Town or go on home. It took at least 1/32 of a second to make this decision. I was out 2 dollars because I had paid the toll to cross, so what. I returned to Boy’ s Town and made a couple of passes. I didn’t see anything I liked so I kept passing. I looked up and saw my girl Lorena running towards my car. I grabbed her and went back to the Hollywood Night. I plugged the heater in and off we went. After a while I finished again so we got dressed and went to Centro to eat. We ate at the Restaurant Principal and returned to the room. We spent maybe two more hours in bed in which I was able to finish again and finally after a long time finally give up on completing # 8. It was now around 6:00 PM on Friday. It was cold and starting to rain so this and the fact that it would be a long time, before I would be ready again I threw in the towel. Beavis is slowing down but still managed to finish 7 times in 23 hours. Also was able to write his report, sleep 5 hours and eat. It’s a tough job but somebody has got to do it. This will be my last report for a while so I trust that the rest of The Boy’s Town Army can fill in the gaps. I should be back in action sometime in March. I will be in another part of Mexico during part of this time while at work so I will try to find something to add.

01-25-03, 17:53
Beavis, I managed to get a few pics of Joanna last weekend. They are "con ropa", but nice. I will forward them to you as soon as I get a scanner.

Hello everyone, I have read over and over the interest many of you have regarding this hotel. The place is owned by 4 partners (friends) two are brothers and the other two are friends. I think they are all male nurses in Laredo. They are very friendly and will do what it takes to make your stay and experience comfortable. The two guys who actually do most of the business-related tasks of the business are Luis and Karlo. Karlo gave me a Mexican cell number and an American cell number. He welcomes phone calls for making room reservations.

The American Number: 956-324-1661

The Mexican Number: 011 52 867 107 0800

Room rates are $20 per night or $60-70 for a week. They are upgrading the rooms with more furniture soon and will have to raise the weekly rates a little. It is still well worth the price increase just for shear convenience (and a clean place to take a shit if needed). I hope this helps. If anybody has more questions, feel free to email me at iceman_is_your_daddy@yahoo.com.


01-25-03, 19:48
JT Joanna seems nice but for some reason she didn't do much for me. I think she could stand to gain about 5 or 10 lbs. They say she is good but I doubt she can size up to Nellie. That will be one of my 1st stops from now on. She lives there so being a V.I.P. I can warm up 1st.

Thanks for the tip, Nellie is one of the best ever in Boy's Town and for sure the best of this past trip. If Dulce could have been there I might would have killed myself that night. Man what a way to go.

01-25-03, 22:23

i wonder if this is the same joanna i did last july. 'my' joanna was also working at 1-2-3. definitely on the skinny side (as beavis notes) but that didn't bother me. she was a trooper, as she was my #6 (and last) in ~6hrs and i was pretty much out of steam. she was more than happy to accomodate me several times in 45 min. :cool:

lying on her back, she would tear open the condom and throw the wrapper out the window behind her bed. i wonder how many discarded wrappers are piled up back there. :D

if she's still working at PD during my next visit, i may have to give her a second chance. :p


01-26-03, 01:38
...Banger thanks for trying to get that pic develop for me. I do understand why they would think it porn I guess it is. It sound like you might take a small leave from the NLBTA, but I think it would be a very short leave. From the way I see it we need you with Commander Beavis and the Kowboy and all the other troops. Kept that beer good and cold I'll be back soon.
...WORDUP it is good to see you on this NL form. I alway make it a point to read your posting. You do great job. I'm sure we have cross pathed in the Porn Starved Capital of the World Cincinnati

01-26-03, 02:39
we are probaly taking about the same joanna. when i took her to my room at hn, she ripped out the condom and threw the wrapper on my floor. i love fiesty latinas. anyways, whe was better in the sack than before, but no where near as good as nelly.

i only had two girls who were better than nelly. the first was a girl who we nicknamed "cave *****". she was an extremely hot chica at club 1 2 3. as soon as we went into the room she threw me on the bed and literally raped me. she tore my shirt off (damn, it was a new polo) and was very aggressive and passionate. when i returned to the club, by buddies ran to me because they thought i was mugged back there. i looked like hell. my shirt was hanging on me by a piece of thread, my ears were bleeding thanks to her biting me, my back had scratches all over, and my hair was all messed up. wow, i never had a girl (paid or not) as awesome as this one. unfortunately, i never seen her again. i don't even remember her name. he kind of reminds me of your experience in nava.

the second best girl off all time in bt was a hottie in pappagayos about three years ago. she was young, hot, and wet!!! i made her cum twice! it was awesome. i too, get off when the girl gets off. i consider it an art.

nelly is a well-deserved numeral thres. she will definately get the white mangingo stick when i return for round two 2003.

01-26-03, 04:17
JT you do much better than me when it comes to grading them on a 1-2-3. I know if she is worth doing again as I seldom repeat unless she is really special. I will redo Nelly. All of the girls in Pimp Daddy's perform well. I have had 5 of them and all are great. Brenda, Lucero (or Lucifer as you call her), Nelly, Janet and a girl that used to be there named Kenia. Kenia is the one in the white outfit to the far left in the pic of his girls. They all have their good points but there isn't a one that I wouldn't repeat with. He has a wild girl in there now with a bunch of Tattoos named Vivian. She isn't as pretty as some of the others but I hope she is there when I get to go back. I like the nasty slutty looking girls and she is this all the way. What can I say I am a die hard *****monger.

01-26-03, 05:24
do you know what's the best thing about aging?
the older you get, there will always be hot young latinas south of the border for your pleasure.

I am in my late 20's and truly believe that I will be a *****monger until the day I die! What a dirty old man I will be.

01-26-03, 18:16
JT, Dulce at Hollywood is very good also. She isn't as aggressive as Nellie when you 1st get started but once you warm her up she can't get enough. She wasn't there last Thursday. It was a another cold dreary night. I can't wait to see what new discoveries I will find on my next trip.

01-27-03, 05:55
Beavis, I heard about her. I will definately remember her name for my next cat trip south of the border.

Hey, I finally bought a scanner and scanned about 100 pics. I tried to submit some on UMV and the BT Army site, but I had troubles. I will try again tomorrow. I got great pics of Nelly and a few clothed pics of Joanna (in jeans).

01-28-03, 05:25
JT they have to be in JPEG format to submit. If you are using the program from the disc that came with the scanner it is probably setting them into paint format. If you use the scanner from scanner and camera wizard it will scan them into a JPEG file. Hope this helps.

01-28-03, 08:12
Hey Beavis, I hope to get around to joining your army whenever the world gets back to its senses and it becomes cheaper to get to Texas than it is to get to South America. We had some issues previously on the board but I am not sure if some one was ripping off my handle or someone was ripping off your handle (or both, or neither). Anyway we are both true mongers and if the Mexican peso continues its collapse maybe value will revert to what it was in the Mexico of my youth. I do love and understand Mexico but right now Argentina rules.

Happy sailing. Your reports are great.


01-28-03, 08:22
A couple questions for you guys:

1. I want to bring in a passport to be on the safe side especially since I am of mexican descent although I was raised in the US. Is there a safe place to store valuable items like my passport and some emergency cash in case I lose my money or it gets stolen. such as temporary storage in a bank, or bus station lockers. I will not have a hotel room on the mexican side so that is not an option.

2. Is there anything going on during weekdays between noonish to 6pm with either the street girls and/or the clubs? If so, are there any decent looking women at this time.

3. For the health checks, do the girls get kicked out if they dont pass a test, or is it just marked on their card. If this is the case, I would need to ask each girl for her health card. Do the girls get offended when you ask to see there card?

4. How much does the V pill cost, how many does one take for a 4 or 5 hour experience and can you buy them in small quantities.

5. If I take a bus into Nuevo Laredo, how long would it take me to walk to the zone and is it a safe walk during the day and early evening. If it is walkable, where do I go.

Thanks in advance.

01-28-03, 17:15
Originally posted by Hardyfool
A couple questions for you guys:

1. I want to bring in a passport to be on the safe side especially since I am of mexican descent although I was raised in the US. Is there a safe place to store valuable items like my passport and some emergency cash in case I lose my money or it gets stolen. such as temporary storage in a bank, or bus station lockers. I will not have a hotel room on the mexican side so that is not an option.

2. Is there anything going on during weekdays between noonish to 6pm with either the street girls and/or the clubs? If so, are there any decent looking women at this time.

3. For the health checks, do the girls get kicked out if they dont pass a test, or is it just marked on their card. If this is the case, I would need to ask each girl for her health card. Do the girls get offended when you ask to see there card?

4. How much does the V pill cost, how many does one take for a 4 or 5 hour experience and can you buy them in small quantities.

5. If I take a bus into Nuevo Laredo, how long would it take me to walk to the zone and is it a safe walk during the day and early evening. If it is walkable, where do I go.

Thanks in advance.

You could find this info by reading through the other posts but here goes in order that you asked.

1. You don't need your passport and I would advise against bringing it. You shold not have any problems at the border despite being of Mexican descent. They can tell. But if you choose to, keep it in your pocket. It's safest there. Emergency cash: Divide it up amongst your pockets. Despite popular opinion, NL is safe as is Boystown if you just use common sense. I've been there with a grand in my pocket and never, ever, had a problem.

2. Not much going on in the zona between those times. BT really gets cooking about 10pm until 5 or 6 in the morning. You have the Herradura CLub and El Rey in Centro a few blocks from the old bridge on Ocampo. They open about noon and it's hit and miss in there though.

3. Health checks. Each girl that works in the zona must submit to a vaginal swab once a week, usually Tuesday or Wednesday and a blood test every 3 months. This is mandatory. The health cards are actually receipt like slips of paper with the government health logo at the top, the girls name below and the club she works at. At the bottom in the colum will be $60.00 pesos the cost. Across the face will be a red rubber stamp that says "SANO" It's pass or nothing. Look at the date! If they're caught without it them and the club owners are in some heavy shit. You really don't ned to be looking at it though. All sex will be with a cndom as it should be. BT is safe, healthwise!

4. Viagra costs $198.90 pesos at ths time. If you buy them at Pharmacia Calderon there is a 30% discount that brings it down to about $15.00. They are sold in blister sealed packs of 1 or 4. This price is for 100 mg. You can buy 50 mg but why bother. The cost is only 2 or 3 dollars less. There is no way to tell how many for 4 or 5 hours. Viagra is not an instant hard on pill. You have to be turned on by the woman you're with for it to work. Other factors include your age and health. Viagra only enhances the experince and turns a short time into a long time. Beavis seems to do well with one a day as do I.

5. I dont understand taking a bus. How will you come to Laredo? Car? Then drive across. Stay in Nuevo Laredo. There are good hotels here including one in BT for $20 a night. If you are just coming for the day, park by bridge number one. There is a big mall parking lot with a Police substation right there. Walk across the bridge. From there, you can take a taxi to BT for $10.00, rarely negotiable. Or, you can continue walking straight down the main drag which is Guerrerra until you see a small plaza on your left. Cross through the plaza and continue walking south a few blocks and you will see the Herradura on your right for some daytime action. right up from there about a block on the left is the Hotel Fiesta which is nice. Also, good to have a room there if you plan on taking a girl from the Herradura.

Hope these answered your questions. Oh yeah, a walk to BT is impossible unless you take a grey hound to the main station on Anahuac. Then you can walk about a mile and be there.

01-28-03, 18:13
Hey Dickhead thanks, I will be leaving the house here in a couple of hours until ? I will get to an internet cafe at times and check in. Until you guys keep the Army rolling.

01-29-03, 02:41

borderjumper nailed ?s 1, 2, 3 and 5 so i'm not going to add anything there ...

4) a hit of vitamin V is typically good for 8 - 12 hours. YMMV, however, depending on age, health, alcohol etc. allow at least 30 minutes for V to kick in. you might notice a slight rise in your body temperature as it begins to kick in, but your temp will go back to normal shortly. buy a pill splitter from your local drugstore and use that to split the pills you buy in half or quarters. start with a 25mg dosage - you can always take another half (or quarter) if you think you a need a stronger hit. BTW, i believe the max dosage per 24 hour period is 100mg.


01-29-03, 23:54
BLUEBALLS SPECIAL AT HOLLYWOOD NITE: Went to BT solo last wkend for 1st time n checked into Hollywood Nite. Was cold n wet n grnally nasty weather wise .... didnt want to walk about so i ask Lupe to presenta a new chica. He said theres a new girl - 18 anno n skinny - would get in about 9PM.

OK so i ordered his promotion special of 5 beers (they were midget coronas) plus lap dance for $15 n waited. When chica finally showed (9.30ish) she went directly to dance - real pretty face, young, 'bout 5'3 - 4" but flat chested. Well, she seemed innocent n sweet eye-candy n i was too tired to venture out. I asked how much for the nite and she got Lupe to negotiate on her behalf. She wanted 10000 pesos... told her $80.... she took it but Lupe added $40 for the house. What the f**k, but i just wanted to do it and get some sleep with a human heater....

She wanted to eat first.. OK.. so after wasting some more time...(now about midnite) we finally made it to the room to lay down the pipe... it became a nitemare from there... at least from the board i know to negotiate details with a street girl but never did i imagine needing to do that w a chica d club... first i had to ask her to take off her cloths... then when i tried to mount her, i got the "arm bar" treatment - the arms folded over the chest and stomach - so i ask her to blow me, but sorry, she doesnt do that. OK so i asked her to give me a hj n got the "knockle pinch" whenever i start to feel the "rush".

You can imagin i was gettng p... well, i thought maybe she'll mellow out after a nap so i hugged her for warmth (got a porta heater from Lupe but worthless) n tried to sleep. She did all she can to keep me awake - shoke her leg, played game on her cell, got a few phone calls and told me she wanted to leave. I said you can leave, just give me back half the dough - she said i already spend 2 hours and she got $100 for 1/2 hr from another gringo before. Then she told me her time limit is 5AM... the time when she normally gets out from work...

By 4.15AM her "primo" was callng her to leave n she insisted to go. SO - lets sum it up:

NAME: Tanya / Brittany (who knows whats other a.k.a.)
FACE: 10 - beautiful - soft skin - black hair to shoulder, green eyes
BODY: 5 - would be a 10 if she had some tits - long soft legs
SERVICE: negative - a real pro though - knows how to take the dough n keep the woody in check

All in all, i spend about $200 for parking, taxi, drinks, Hollynite stay, house n girl fees and got a large case of blueballs for it. Whoever paid her $100 for half hour - if he reads the boards - lets hear if it was worth it!!

01-30-03, 08:34
Thanks to both of you guys for the answers. I apologize for not digging through all the emails to find all the answers, I looked through a couple of them and figured it would be easier to just ask. I have a couple follow ups:

1. I will definitely only be there during the day between noon and 6pm, have work to care of before that and have a flight in the evening. You said there is not much going on during that time in BT, and although you mentioned a couple of clubs in the other area of the main street off the border, my curiosity will take me to BT. My question: Is BT closed during the day or are there at least a handful of girls around (although I imagine most of them sleep during the day)? Are the clubs in BT closed during the day?

2. Where is that pharmacy that you mentioned located?

3. Are the girls in the rooms (not in the clubs) subject to the same medical screening or is it only the ones affiliated with a club? Or do all the girls, even the room girls, have to be affiliated with a club?

Comment: I was debating just taking a bus across from Laredo to Neuvo Laredo but it appears that it would be easier, and hopefully quicker to just park my rental on the US side walk across, and take a cab.

Thanks a million for the detailed answers you gave before and the answers to these.

01-30-03, 08:37
And one more:
Does the medical exam include a check for herpes? Based of your response, if a street/room girl or bar girl tests positive for anything, are they automatically booted or do they just walk around BT with a failing mark on their card.

SOrry if the question sounds redundant, just my paranoia.

01-31-03, 04:17
I am so sorry for your horrible time in BT. I have a few questions for you.

1. What club did you rent your "all nighter"? You said that the owner "LUPE" negotiated for you. Well my friend, Lupe is the owner at Pimp Daddies. Luis is one of the owners of Hollywood Nights. He is usually the most visible of the four owners there.

2. Is "Tanya" definately the name of the girl? I know a "Tanya" who works at Hollywood nights. She is 18 or 19, but she has been working there for a while. I saw her there as long ago as last December.

3. I was in Hollywood Nights about 2 weeks ago and met a girl named "Whitney". It was her first day on the job. Does that name ring a bell?

4. Lastly, if you were unhappy at either Pimp Daddies or at Hollywood Nights, you need to tell the owners IMMEDIATELY that you feel that way!!! I am serious. All the owners in both clubs strive to keep your business. They really want repeat business, especially from Americans. Believe me, I was unhappy with a waiter at HN two weeks ago and told one of the owners how I felt. He immediately and without hesitation fixed the problem.

I hope you give these two clubs another chance when you return. These owners can't fix what they don't know about!


01-31-03, 04:29
Rockwell, email me and I will send you a pic of both girls in HN.



01-31-03, 22:43
Hi JT, heres ur questions w my answers...

1. What club did you rent your "all nighter"? You said that the owner "LUPE" negotiated for you. Well my friend, Lupe is the owner at Pimp Daddies. Luis is one of the owners of Hollywood Nights. He is usually the most visible of the four owners there.

D all niter was Hollywood Nite, the guy who introduced me was Luis, a heavyset fellow w glasses. Sorry for the confusion... heard him called both ways by his staff... but it was Hollywood Nite

2. Is "Tanya" definately the name of the girl? I know a "Tanya" who works at Hollywood nights. She is 18 or 19, but she has been working there for a while. I saw her there as long ago as last December.

Probably that one, she was young, skinny n no tits. Luis told me she was new.....guess a few months is considered a newbie?

3. I was in Hollywood Nights about 2 weeks ago and met a girl named "Whitney". It was her first day on the job. Does that name ring a bell?

No, doesnt ring a bell.

4. Lastly, if you were unhappy at either Pimp Daddies or at Hollywood Nights, you need to tell the owners IMMEDIATELY that you feel that way!!! I am serious. All the owners in both clubs strive to keep your business. They really want repeat business, especially from Americans. Believe me, I was unhappy with a waiter at HN two weeks ago and told one of the owners how I felt. He immediately and without hesitation fixed the problem.

I told Luis of Hollywood Nites when i walked the girl out of my room and also to ask for a refund on my condomes. Told him the girl was not into it and that she should not have come w me if she wasnt in the mood. His comment was along the lines that: hey i asked for a new girl..... got the feeling that he felt it was my prob that the girl didnt turn me on or something like that.....

JT [/i][/QUOTE]

02-01-03, 05:52
et's put it t rest right here hoss.

Go to BT during the day to assuage your curiosity. There will be room girls and the New Shamrock should be open with several girls there that live on premises.

Pharmacy Calderon is all over town. They are in a pukish yellow facade with a little girl dressed as a nurse as their logo. When you wal across the bridge, look to your right by the taxis and you'll see one. Keep going though. ight at the bridge prices will be a biit higher. Continue up uerrerra straight ahead and there are two more on the right within 5 bloks. hey all advertise 25-30% descuento in the windows.

All the girls, ALL THE GIRLS, that work inside the compound known as oystown have to get screened weekly. his includes the jotos (queers. If they gonna work they gotta have the slip of paper. Now then for your herpes questions. Herpes can only be detected during an outbreak when there are lesions prsent adn visible. If this is the case and the doctor is between their legs,he will see the lesions and he will not pass them. but keep in mind; herpes can lie dormant for months and years between outbreaks in some cases. There is no test to see if a person has it in it's dormant state. nterestingly enough, you probably have Herpes yourself as do I and the rest of the guys on this board. Ever had a cold sore? That's Herpes Simplex. Get the idea? In your lifetime you may have been whan American chick who had the virus and didn't tell you.

QUIT WORRYING AMIGO!!!! Come on down and have a good time. These girls are as interested in maintaining their health as you are in preventing disease. These girls have a life completely separate from what they do for a living. I took a real jewel out of the Marabu and she doesn't let a minute pass by without letting me know how appreciative she is.

02-05-03, 18:21
Hey just to clarify things,
the herpes you catch on your mouth (HSV-1) is not the same as the virus that causes herpes on your privates (HSV-2). And while as its very true we all have caught the one on our lips, it is very different than the one you catch on your dick. If you have herpes on your dick you will not mistake it. Its small clear blisters grouped together on a red base. It is only visable during an outbreak and it can lie dormant for months and with treatment-years on end. It will not kill you but you will carry it around like luggage.

The doc

02-06-03, 06:20
Is anyone out there? No new info on Nuevo Laredo? You all are making me nervous. LOL.

I wish I could come down in the near future, but I am flying to Germany next week for some Eastern European action.


02-06-03, 17:23
Anyone have the link for the NLBTA Yahoo Group? I have been having computer problems and lost the address, and can't find it searching on yahoo.

02-07-03, 03:41
Here it is my friend.

02-07-03, 04:52
hi all, will be down in Laredo next week. would like to go Nuevo Laredo to find some action. Any suggestion will be apreciated.

JT - it seems like you know a lot about what's going on .. could you please send me info and pics. THANKS a bunch in advance. email: utrance99@hotmail.com

02-07-03, 05:23
My suggestion to you is to go to http://*************************NuevoLaredoBoysTownArmy
and become a member. It is free and along with others, I posted lots of pics. When you enter the website above, click on "register" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You have to join, but NOBODY is charging anything. I would submit pics here, but Jackson, the owner hasn't updated the pics section in years.


02-07-03, 08:44
Saturday night possibly !!

02-08-03, 00:29
Saturday night definately!! Driving up from Monterrey, will be there about midnight...

02-10-03, 07:42
The latest adventure
I left home around 1:30 P.M. and arrived at the border around 4:30. It was a shitty day with misting rain and it was around 35 degrees. Not a perfect night to go on a mission but, being the monger I am, and needing to use the left over Viagra I had found, off I went. I talked with Koshercowboy on the phone when I was about an hour from the border and found out he wasn’t coming due to the weather. With this I changed my plans to do a turn around trip instead of spending the night. Also with the increased border security I decided to park at the border and walk across instead of driving. I found a spot alongside the road on Hwy 59 and quickly changed into the Beavis whoring clothes. Then I drove to the border and parked at the public parking lot.

I walked across and found that good old Uncle Sam had raised the walk across price from 35 to 50 cents. I guess that will pay for an extra bomb or two. After crossing decided to go check out the Herradura before heading to Boy’s Town. There were a few girls in there and one that I knew who quickly cornered me as soon as I walked in. After telling her “mas tarde” I walked over to the plaza and got a cab for BT. There was a very long line of cars waiting to cross the bridge so at this point I thought I had made the right decision I not driving. We arrived in BT and I had the cab driver drop me off in front of my favorita Adriana’s room. The door was closed as it was only about 5:15 or so but I figured I would give it a knock. I did but after no response left and went walking around. There were quite a few good looking room girls but it is always so hit and miss with the room girls that I kept looking. I had added several to the mental notepad but was stil looking. I walked into Pimp Daddy’s and ran into the infamous “Borderbanger”. We talked for a bit then went walking around together. I found one of my regulars “Lorena” and knew where I would be starting my action. From here I told Borderbanger I would see him later and he said he was returning to Pimp Daddy’s. I got a good warmup with Lorena and after a while returned to Pimp Daddy’s.

Borderbanger, Lorena and I went to centro where I sent an E Mail to Borderjumper telling him to meet us at El Rancho for dinner at 8:00 PM. I sent this at 6:30 so we had an hour and a half to kill. The three of us returned to Boys Town and went to Pappagayos to pass a little time. We stayed long enough to hear 5 punk ass American kids running their loud mouths and slamming the table with their hands. The waiter went over and told them to calm down or they would be asked to leave. I guess they need to experience an evening inside of a Mexican jail then perhaps they will leave the attitudes in the US with them next time. Even better it will scare the hell out of them and they would keep their sorry asses home next time and not come down at all. The ugly American syndrome at it’s finest, if you can’t behave stay away. Americans have no rights in Mexico so if you can’t respect the fact that this is their country then don’t come here. Just because you have a few dollars in your pocket it does not make you any better than these people, especially in their homeland. Anybody who has ever traveled has seen this and this is why many people don’t like gringos, stands to reason.

Anyway after Borderbanger and I both left to help our Blood pressure and the safety of these punks we went to El Rancho. Borderjumper and GF arrived at the same time and we went in and had a fine meal. From here it was back to Boys Town where we all went together. I walked with Borderbanger to his ½ star suite at the Hollywood Night and BJ said he would meet us at the Marabu. When we were leaving I saw Dulce, a previous winner of the Beavis award so with this I told the guys I would catch up later. I took Dulce for 40 dollars to one of the fine rooms in the HN, LOL. Here this little sex machine backed up her award from the previous meeting. No hurry, no money up front and full service with great GFE. Highly recommended by Beavis. By now it is almost 10:00 so I went to the Marabu and met up with BB and BJ. I sat here for a few minutes and “Perla” came to me to tell me that some STUPID ASSHOLE had told her he had seen her picture on the internet. Another prime candidate for the Darwin Awards. Guy’s for the 999th time if you see a girl you have seen on the net “DO NOT TELL HER YOU HAVE SEEN HER PICTURE”. It is already difficult to get the girls to allow pictures to be taken so for god’s sake keep quiet. These are very simple rules to follow if you cannot remember this you should not be allowed in public without adult supervision.

I spent a little while here and decided to go look for my all time favorite lady in the history of the Nuevo Laredo Zona Roja, “Adriana”. I went to her room but the door was locked so I didn’t know if she was here. I asked one of the other girls and she told me she would be right back. After waiting a few minutes I started walking back towards Pimp Daddy’s and here she came. As always I got to see her pretty smile and found out that she still loved me. I spent my usual 40 minutes with her and remembered why she is my all time favorite. Those of you who have seen her know what I am talking about. From here I went to the cab stand, got a cab back to the border. There were almost no cars crossing the border but Boys Town was one giant mud hole from the rain so I still was glad I didn’t drive over. I made one pass by the Herradura to see the action. There were a lot of girls and it was standing room only. I only went to look as after my last session with Adriana I was done for the evening.At 11:30 I was on the other side, got in my car and drove home. Arrived home around 2:30 AM. Synopsis, got laid 3 times all three GFE’s, had a fine dinner and was back home to sleep in my own bed all for under 200 USD. Viva Mexico !!!

02-11-03, 02:32
Bravo Beavis,
Another successful cat-trip! I wouldn't expect anything less.

02-12-03, 03:13
Sounds like a good trip. When will your next trip to Nava be? Oh by the way thanks for that e-mail all I can say is WOW!

02-12-03, 03:46
It all depends Chief. I am going to check in tomorrow and find out when and where I will be going for the next work assignment. Maybe this weekend. I need to see if Chango is up for a trip as I wouldn't recommend Nava alone.

A Toda Maquina
02-12-03, 19:47
Sounds good , gotta check the calender..

02-20-03, 05:44
Is anybody goin to NL? From Austin or San Antone?
Okay, bad song improv. I am headed down for this weekend and thought it would be somethin different to see some of the names from here, instead of runnin solo all night every night.
Hope it is reasonably warm and the brown moons are out

02-20-03, 06:40
Hey Chango what are we doing this weekend ?

02-20-03, 08:29
I'm heading down from Austin Friday afternoon for friday night and saturday night. Drop me an email:


Beavis - I'm committed to going to NL this weekend (bringing friends). If you're headed that direction ether friday or saturday night i'll see you there.

02-20-03, 22:14
A quick question for all the regulars that go to boystown

I have seen this girl in club "1,2,3" a few times her name is "Gladys" she dances there often. She is dark-skinned and has a body to die for! she kinda reminds me of "pocahantas" from that disney movie. Anyway, my question is... has any of you guys ever taken her to the room, and if so is she any good? She looks great and has awesome breasts, but I know that sometimes many of the best-looking girls are very vain and terrible in bed.
If any of you guys knows about her, fill me in with some info on her!!

02-22-03, 19:50
I have been reading the board for sometime now and this is my first post, so cut me some slack. Went to boys town for the first time in 1981. Just moved back to Houston from Atlanta and ready for my first trip in about five years.

I will be heading down to N.L. on Friday November 28th and if anyone from Houston or San Antonio want to ride with me let me know. I have a Ford Explorer with lots of room. I will come back Sunday afternoon. E-mail me if you are interested. lost_in_boystown@yahoo.com

Look forward to meeting some of you folks and chasing the ladys of the evening.

02-24-03, 16:19
NL "Zona Roja" 4 nights in a row: Thurs - Sun
Many things still the same, A couple of faces still there
Good new things: Hollywood nights and Pimp Daddy's
English friendly and less hustle than some of the others
Bad new (to me) things: some - NOT ALL! - room girls getting aggressive about raising the price after you are inside. Stick to the original agreement you made outside.
New expierences: Off duty dancer/bar girl recognized and approached me on the sidewalk and took me for a ride (IN HER CAR, well our kind of ride too, but the car ride was a new one for me there) this proves my point that if you are nice to these girls, within reason, they will be nice to you. The off duty naked ride was half price for better service.
Sunday night was mostly locals and there were more shitfaced drunks lying around. If this bothers you, you need to know in advance, if you like hanging with the locals, I found sunday night to be lower key, better selection, and "no hassle pricing"

02-25-03, 01:52
Have you gave up on the trip to Nava. I will have to say that is still one of the best reports that I have ever read on the WSG board.

02-25-03, 15:51
Haven't been able to squeeze it into the work I am doing Chief. I will be returning to work soon so who knows when but I will go again.

Hedge Hog
02-26-03, 00:31
Hey all,

I was in Boystown about 8-10 months ago and there was this girl named Leslie at Papagayo's. Does anyone know if she is still there. She has an awesome body but so so looks with wild frizzy hair. Any info would be greatly appreciated. She is an awesome lay if you pay her a little extra you get more time and GFE.



03-04-03, 07:34
Cherubino made an abbreviated visit to BT on Saturday night and what transpired should serve as a reminder to all of us mongers to not get too careless.

Arriving at BT after midnight, Cherubino did a walk-around to see if he recognized any other mongers. One of Cherubino's favorite girls Adriana was still making herself available in front of her room on the front street. This girl is a real find (thanks to Beavis), and since Cherubino has apparently now become one of her regulars the price for BJ plus FS was a mere $20. Depending on her mood, Adriana can be anywhere between indifferent to nearly a GFE. Tonight she was about half way between, but always worth the price and even more.

Adriana was to have been a warm-up but then plans got changed by a b***h (rimes with itch) in the doorway of the cantina just east of Pimp Daddys. This girl did the crotch grabbing thing as Cherubino walked by then all of a sudden he felt two ample breasts pressing between his shoulder blades and two hands reaching around front going for the crotch again. Cherubino wasn't interested in anything that aggressive and so got untangled and walked on.

It was a few minutes later that Cherubino noted that money clip, package of Trojans, and car keys were missing from his pockets. Now Cherubino is not so stupid or inexperienced as to keep all his money in the same pocket, but those lost car keys could have been a real hassle. Fortunately Cherubino had a US$20 stashed and before panic set in remembered there was an extra ignition key stashed inside the vehicle. One of the Politzia had a slim-jim and needed only 15 seconds to open the car door. For this he demanded US$20 leaving Cherubino with about fifty cents after the bridge toll and looking for the nearest ATM.

So in the end all turned out well. Cherubino didn't learn anything he didn't already know... that the creme on Mexican society is not to be found inside BT... well perhaps among the customers, and there are a lot of thieves and scam artists looking to roll a rich gringo who lets his guard down.

So will Cherubino be back? Of course, and next time with a $20 in EACH shoe. Cherubino's advice to fellow mongers is to be smart; don't carry your money all in one place, leave the Rolex and expensive jewelry at home, have an extra set of keys where you can get to them, keep the cell phone where it can't be easily snatched... and if you feel a pair of warm breasts pressing up against your back try (as hard as it may be) to concentrate on what the hands are doing and ignore the tits.

03-05-03, 22:22
Well I'm hittin' up BT this Saturday. Just going in for a one nighter. I am bringing my own faction of NLBT Army wannabes. Hehehe. Not quite the slick rick's of the true NLBT army, but we'll have to do, right? Oh, I had one quick question. Is there going to be any type of slow down in business down there due to lent season? I hope not, because I surely did not plan on that. Oh, and is Hollywood Nites and Pimp Daddies still at full force?


03-05-03, 23:28
Hustle T,

Pimp Daddy's was at full force last Saturday, March 1st. All the BT Army girls were there and they were looking fine enough for me to try one for 30 minutes at $50. The BT army forum said any girl in there is worthy and I'd say it is accurate information. Lately, 123 has been good for me and for the same price. However, the one I think is the finest wants $100. I am waiting for her pride to retreat a little. God, she is hot as fire. In the meantime, I haven't seen Papaguyo's as packed as it was last weekend for quite some time. I've neen down there probably ten times now since last August. I have yet to try a Street Girl. Maybe on my next visit. I saw some that looked awfully good!


03-05-03, 23:53
Thanks a lot Poster Lion. I am going down w/all my good friends. This will be our first trip all together. There are 5 of us. Yes, 5 armed and ready to go G.I. Joe's from the finest city, Houston, Tex. Well, I am honestly feeling quite excited, being that I haven't been down south since October, or so. I hope to see some hot chicas, willing to drop it like it's hot!!


03-07-03, 06:51
Hello all....I will br in TX in April. Tring to fit some Mexican cities into the schedule. BT sounds like a can't miss. Quick question...are Sundays (day and night) happening in BT?? That is one of my only free days, just wondering if most chicas/clubs are "Open for Business". Thanks for all of the info. Also, I consider myself fairly street smart, but is going to Nuevo Laredo alone a bad idea??


03-07-03, 06:52
I am a BT Army "Soldier" and can confirm that EVERY girl that I tapped in Pimp Daddies were all great. Now, keep in mind that he is trying to bring in lot of girls, so I can't confirm these girls' performance. Brenda, Lucero, Jessica, and Janet all give great performances. I also recommend Hollywood Nights.

Club 1 2 3 and TA BU go up and down. They are either really good or they are really bad. TA BU hires *****s and strippers. The strippers want unpresidented prices like $200. A few in Club 1 2 3 try do do the same.

Guys, NEVER pay over $60-70 MAX for a piece of ass in Boy's Town. That is the ceiling of which experienced *****mongers go by. Alot of frequenters of BT won't pay more than $40-50. I have had many girls try to get more from me. I just tell them to keep smoking the crack.

Guys, this is a BUYER'S MARKET! This means that there is a greater supply of chicks for the amount demanded by the guys. Don't put these girls in the driver's seat. Negotiate and if they still want these hight prices, go somewhere elso.

Pappagayos is also a club which like to charge top dollar. pappagayos has awesome looking chicks, but please adhere to the above parameters. You are just overpaying if you don't.


03-07-03, 15:53
To all you army studs out their, it is time to call in the marines.

I am NL bound from Houston this Friday 3/7/03 and then again on 3/14/03. Will be there till Sunday returning to Houston in the afternoon. Can go through S.A. if anyone else wants to ride down.

If no one wants to share a ride, would like to meet anyone going down to party.

e-mail me at lost_in_boystown@yahoo.com

03-07-03, 18:24

Nuevo Laredo is toty safe. I live here, I know...We have state judciales armed with auto rifles patrolling the streets to keep the trafficantes in check. It's only dangerous for the cops. We've had quite a few blown away this year but the violence doesn't filter down to the general populace.

Keep your attitude in check, your weapons in the US, stay the fuck away from drugs and you're experience will be a god one.

Best timefor Boystown is in the evening after 9pm when things start swinging. Sunday afternoons you can find a good choice in Centro at the Herradura.

Anything i can do to help, email me

03-08-03, 10:19

whats the story on that Herradura place? I have seen a few posts on it. Where is it exactly, and what is it? Is it a street corner, or a hotel or a block with girls on it, perhaps a club or bar with rooms upstairs?? I'd sure like to know more info on it, and what to expect and how much these girls ask for, and are they pros like the girls in boystown or just locals who need some fast money? Give me the story!! I would like to check it out.


03-08-03, 21:29
the herradura (horseshoe) is a bar dancehall in centro here in nuevo laredo. it is on ocapmo street which is one block east of guerro which is the main drag of nuevo laredo. if you cross bridge one walking, you would continue south on guerro until you came to the first plaza (park) on your left. you would cut across that plaza to the ext stree which would be ocampo. continue south on ocampo and the herradua would be on your right.

it's an anomaly. some pros work there but most of the girls are locals needing quick money or alky's looking for the same. you know, prostitution in mexico is illegal outside the zona de toelrancia, here, it's boys town. but these girls still do the deal at a hot sheets hotel around the corner. prices? girls drinks $2.50. pussy, they'll start at $50 or so but can be had for 30-40. cost of the hotel room short time is $20.00

one thing i like about the place is you can imagine it back in the old west days. high cielings, balcony area, a bandstand with live bands in the afternoon, some quite good and another anomaly, porn on tv's rep001tered around the room on the walls. it's a good laid back place

03-09-03, 01:13
How bout the navy Lost?
I'm seriously thinking of flyin' into SA 13th and heading down. As it is now looks like I'm getting a rental and hauling arse into dodge! Yea gotta love the 72hr liberty! Meeting another like minded partier would be cool.

Sun Devil
03-09-03, 06:42
Has BT changed much since 2000? That was the last time I was there. I am planning to return some time this summer and would like to know if anything has changed. I remeber Tamyko and Papagayo as being the 2 best clubs, with Marabu being the third best because there were hardly any customers there there. I still remember a Marabu puta by the name of Elizabeth that would normally take in the potty hole for no extra charge. Wondering if she is still there.

03-10-03, 04:10
Border...thanx a bunch for all of the invaluable info. Same to Bevis and the rest. As I'm planning my trip, which is first week of April, I may inquire on some more details. Sounds like safety will not be a real issue, and I do not plan on driving across the border. Centro ( I assume town Centre) is within walking distance, and BTown is definitely a cab. I will go back into the posts about places to stay for the night with a chica, as I'm sure that has been posted previously. I am just trying to sneak a Saturday night in now as well, instead of just Sunday.

03-10-03, 08:39
Made the trip to Boys Town three weeks ago. Flew from Boston to Houston and met up with a friend who lives in the city. Went down for the weekend and stayed on the Texas side. The hotel was only 150 yards from the walking bridge and the cab to Boys Town was $10.00 US. Things have change over the last few years in the compound. First be real careful about cameras, don’t try to take pictures of the girls on the street or the clubs, without asking first. The police saw my camera bag and after a few minutes I found myself at the police station. The captain wanted to check for drugs and weapons and then advised me about taking photos without permission.
The street or door girls wanted $15 dollars US for 20 minutes of service. And in the clubs the girls were asking from $40 to 70 dollars for 30 to 60 minutes of service. The two best clubs in Boys Town in my opinion were Shamrock Club, which is on the left as you enter the compound and Casino El Papagayo which is on the right as you enter. Casino El Papagayo is the most expensive club in Boys Town and it is a compound within a compound. It has its own wall around the complex; the club parking and the girls’ rooms are all within the Casino El Papagayo complex.
During the day not much is going on but things start to pick up around 7:00pm by 9:30pm or so things are going strong and by midnight the complex is a zoo.
I would not drive a car into Mexico stay on the US side and take a taxi to and from the club. Overall it was a fun trip

03-12-03, 21:21
What documentation do you need to get into Mexico and back into the US? Is a driver's license alone sufficint or do you need a birth certificate and/or Passport? Thanks in advance for a reply.

03-13-03, 22:25
hey people I usually write on houston, but i'm about to hit nuevo laredo so if your a US citizen the ID it's ok, the officers might ask you a bunch of questions, it won't hurt if you have your US passport on hand

the other fellas y'all now carry your SS card and your "pink" card use to b "green"

happy humping !!!

03-13-03, 23:19
Well, this question can always be looked at under scrutiny, because before 9/11, a DL was sufficient, if that. Then after 9/11, it got pretty stricked for about half a year. They would really look at your DL, and ask you questions 100% of the time. And even sometimes, ask for proof of naturalization. 6 months after 9/11, things cooled down, in my experiences, BUT, I brought a buddy of mine, who was asian, and they bothered him for proof of naturalization. Luckily, despite me saying his DL was good enough, he brought his Naturalization papers. THANK GOODNESS! Well, to make a long story short, I would go w/my passport, and DL, if you have a passport, if you want NO mishaps happening, but if you want to pack light, and chance getting detoured for a few hours, then just pack your DL. That SHOULD be sufficient. Oh yes, this is assuming that you're not going any further then Boystown. The typical law is, if you travel 25 miles (I think) past the border, you'll need your birth certificate to prove u.s. citizenship, and/or a passport. BUT.. If you just go to Boystown, you have the option of packing light.


03-14-03, 00:44
Originally posted by oriema2002
What documentation do you need to get into Mexico and back into the US? Is a driver's license alone sufficint or do you need a birth certificate and/or Passport? Thanks in advance for a reply.

I went to Boystown about a month ago and I thought ID and proof of birth country would be need too. I watch as the people crossed back into the US, all they did was ask if you were from the US. From what I could see no real check it was a joke. If anyone wants to sneak into the country, through Mexico is the way to go. I also Canada several times each year at least they look at your ID upon return. travel toThat said I had my passport with me in my pocket but not needed.

Sun Devil
03-15-03, 12:19
Also, if you wear a college t-shirt or baseball cap, the process of going across the border is expedited. Also, if one looks foreign, one can just say that they were born in Honolulu, HI. That is what I do and I have not yet given the border officials a copy of my passport, only my driver's license.

Mic Jagger
03-18-03, 15:10
Trip report from weekend 3-15-03, met Cobra in Austin and we headed to boystown Friday afternoon arriving to the compound around 9:30, we hear from Kosher Kowboy that he is already on site and making the rounds. If you've never met Kosher you are missing out as he is a one of a kind, we met up with Kosher and are walking into Papa Gayos and it's like hanging out with a rock star...all the chickas are hugging Koshers and he's waving to everyone else, I new I was in the company of a Papa Gayos celebrity. I could only hope he would leave some good looking chicas for me and Cobra. As the night went on we eventually meet up with JT, Border Jumper and Austin Hodoggie at Hollywood nights, Border Banger at Pimp Daddys and 3 cool buddies of Koshers. About the chicas, looks like the best looking ones are still at Pappa Gayos starting price $80 plus room. Now if looking for crazy, nasty, in your face, stripper types then you need to go to Pimp Daddys...I did Lucera or some name like that and she was as wild as adverstised.. Pictures used to be in Boystown Army, but thats another story. $50 including room for Army members. Just a heads up the drinks for the chics are $5 for a cupa and $10 for a beer for them... On Friday night I found a good looking chick in the New Paris club, now this place is a dive but I've had good luck the last two trips. $50 plus $10 for room. Other notes, JT have to hand it to you, spending 2 weeks in boystown and doing 4 to 5 chica per day.. you the man!!! Border Jumper, would have like talked to you some more, but it's tough to talk over the loud music, you'll know when Borderjumper is in the compound he drives a creame color Mercedes, not a very common site in BT. Cobra has found a Diamond in the rough but I've been sworned to secerecy so I can only tell you she wasn't from Papas, but she's a babe. Other stuff, the hawkers that hang outside the clubs trying to get you in the door as you walk by have become very agressive, don't care for that agressive bull shit. Had one guy put his arm around me, I had to get candid with him. Sadly, the prices for the girls are going up, the girls in clubs like Tabu are quoting $90 plus room, hell I even heard of one ask for $200. The room girls are also asking for more money the $20 is just for starters and Cobra had one that wanted to be paid by position, she was good looking but damn...charge by position!! Room girls are looking younger than ever and some are better looking than what you'll find in the clubs. Just giving the highlights spent the day with Cobra, Kosher and JT, all good company. Chango and Beavis are MIA. Later, Mic Jagger.

03-18-03, 21:12
Wow, have prices went up that much, Mic? I was there 2 weekends ago, weekend of March 8, and the ladies were highly inexpensive in comparison from my last trips. I have never done a lady from Papagayos, but this last time, I coudn't resist. She was about 5'4, 100 lbs. She offered everything for $30, but I had to pay for the room and towel, so total damage, $41. I didn't even have a set time. I was banging her for about 45 min. After her, I got sloppy seconds from an amigo of mine. She wasn't all that at all. She offered BBBJ, though. So I did her. I was in there for damn near the same amount of time, and I only paid $48, total. On the way up to Laredo, via Greyhound, I was hearing from some other guys that Papaguyo's standard price was $80 now, and I was in shock, but didn't really mind, because I'm usually at Marabu, or PimpDaddy's, getting mine. But once we stepped foot into PapaG's, I couldn't resist the deal I was striking up for w/this first girl. Well, Marabu was the gem of the evening for me. I met a girl who went by Candy. I ended up getting the ultimate GFE for about 2 hours, and a free BBBJ. I didn't get to cim, though. Wish I did, but after all I was trying to romance the *****. Pimp Daddy's was bumpin' that night, but didn't get to stay long. My girl Lucero was a freak like always. She gave me a hj in front of everyone, and was giving me the best damn 30 min. lap dance I've ever had, all for nothing. I tipped her $20, because after all that, I ditched her, and went back to Marabu. I agree w/you, Mic, on the room girls. They are looking better, and younger, but I will say, w/the upgrade in quality came the upgrade in price. When I first started going to BT, I was only paying about $8 - max$10 for 30 min. w/these girls, now they want $20 for 15 min., and that's only missionary! WTF is that? Oh well, that's inflation for you.


Mic Jagger
03-19-03, 01:58
Hustla, I'd like to think the higher prices the girls are charging is due to inflation but I don't think so.....a better bet is large influx of newbies to BT that are just throwing their money around and not negotiating with the girls. I know when your horny your not thinking straight but in this economy these prices are too high and there is no one else to blame but the mongers who pay too much and screw it up for the next guy. I see you've been working the girls on their pricing, I'd like to see more of that from the rest of us mongers, lets keep the prices reasonable. Later, Mic Jagger.

03-19-03, 06:44
Well hell boys, did I have a good time in NL this weekend. My handle on other sites is Cobra.

Met MicJagger in Austin and had a quick ride to NL. I only spent 3.5 hours getting from Dallas to Austin and the closer I got to NL the heavier my foot became. Mic looked a little concerned but I promised him I would keep it under 100 mph.

We rolled into town on Friday and checked in to the Reforma. A little information, in the Reforma the lobby is not the first floor. We got a room on the 3rd floor, which is actually the 4th floor. What a climb up the stairs! The room was okay but it was sold as a double and it had a double bed and a single bed. Hats off to Mic for taking the smaller bed, since I am about 6'2", 215 lbs. Grabbed dinner in the Reforma Restaurant, which is pretty good. Had a good meal and a cerveza for about $7.50. I drove across the border and the Reforma does have off street, secured parking in the back. A must in NL.

A little hint, always pay in pesos, not US dollars, when the peso is over 10 per dollar. This weekend it was 10.75 pesos to the dollar.

Mic and I got showered then headed out to the zona. Met up with Kosher and JT in the zona and walked to see the sites. I will admit that it was nice driving around the complex to check out the action before parking at Papas. We also took a cooler full of bottled water, since Mic and I are not big drinkers. Never had a problem walking into a bar with water.

After walking around and hitting all the good clubs I deceided on this little SPOA (Sweet Piece Of Ass) room girl. I had Mic there as my interpreter and worked out a $25 deal for nude, everything (except bj), for 25 minutes. This girl had a body to die for! Got in the room and was about half way there and she slips on a condom. I told her I wanted to wait a few more minutes, but she kept repeating Condom, Condom. Needless to say I never really got into the mood so I paid her and slipped out the door. Language barriers suck.

Met up with the guys a few more times and ended up in Maribu. I talked to the waiter and he interpreted with this 22 year old SPOA. We agreed on 810 pesos ($75), including the room, towel and everything I wanted (no anal). Got to the room and she went to the Bano to lube up. We frenched, fucked and showered. I worked this girl over pretty good and she did something I have never had happen to me before. She actually gave me back 100 pesos. I almost shit myself. Of course I gave it back to her.
This girl was truely a GFE, the best experience I have ever had in the zona.

Saturday night we headed back to the Zona and hit several clubs. I met quite a few of the guys that night, BorderJumper, Kosher, BorderBanger, JT and AustinHoDoggie. We all ended up in Pimp Daddys. I never really got to talk to AustinHoDoggie since he had a girl in his lap, or on his chest, or on his shoulder or humping his leg, the entire time. He was not complaining and I enjoyed watching the show. If you have never been to Pimp Daddys you have to make the time. The girls in this place are wild. I would loved to have taken on one but I was on a mission.

I ended up back at Maribu and of course my little Seniorita was working, as she promised. When she saw me she lit up with a smile. We had a drink and then went to the room. Same deal as Friday night. We got to the room and she immediately started kissing me. we made out like high school kids for about 10 minutes. She stripped me down and I stripped her down and started to kiss a little more. When I slipped my finger in her she was as wet as the Rio Grande. I was ready to fuck her but she grabbed my dick and started giving me one hell of a blow job, covered of course. I thought I would blow my load righ then. We then proceeded to get down to business. First missionary, then her on top. The entire time she would play with her tits, kiss my neck or suck my nipple. I thought "Holy shit, this girl is having a good time!" I could have sworn she came and then she told me Alto. I stopped and she climbed off me and got on all fours and told me, by grabbing my dick and pulling me into her, to fuck her doggie style. Since I am a gentleman, I obliged! We tried a few more positions and I finally blew one. Showered and went back to the bar to wait on her. She showed up about 15 minutes later smiling and gave me a big kiss goodnight. I slept like a baby that night.

I would like to believe she would follow me home, but I know she is just trying to pay the rent. And I did pay a little above market price both nights, but I always negotiate time and multiple nuts instead of money, with the club girls. Both nights went for 45 minutes, not the usual 30 minutes.

I will be cashing in my daughters college fund and going back to NL in the near future!

03-19-03, 17:28
It's kinda funny w/that situation, Mic Jagger. A lot of times mongers will agree on a few things. If you negotiate a girl too much, and she finally accepts, you "may" get a horrible session, or at least worse then if you paid the initial cost. So.. watch out gentlemen. Get them down, but do it the right way. Here are some tips on when to go for the kill:

1. When the club is obviously dead.
2. Don't pick the top girl, or top girls. The "not so popular girls are still fine at some clubs, ie Papagayo's, and their prices are still untapped to highstake.
3. Buy her a drink, it won't break you!
4. Treat her nicely, they're still women, and still have emotions, and still are prone to be swept off their feet, especially in MX!
5. If mileage is what you want, then after talking an $80 girl down to $30 - $40, and everything still goes well in the room, tip her afterwards. I usually tip her to make the full $80, minus the room or course. This will show her that you are "falling" for her. Hehhe. She will either take it as, "I'm going to lead this fella on," or, "How sweet.." BUT, either way, she'll give you a MAJOR discount, if not freebies. That's through my experiences.

Just some thoughts from a true hustla.


03-19-03, 18:16
Wow it sounds like I missed a good weekend. oh well I had to finally go back to work. Keep it rocking guys !

03-20-03, 00:07
After Action Report 13 March 03

I flew on three aircraft to finally reach the land of latina pussy at 10pm. I caught a cab from Laredo International to BT for $35. After checking in and getting the flight funk off me, I went into Shamrock and PD and did not find much. PD had 2 new chicas but nothing special. I saw three hot ass room girls across the street from PD but they wanted $30 for 20 min. I remembered that a poster from another site recommended the Shamrock, so I decided to go there. Here is were I met Alma from NL. She was cute and had long black hair and was 19 yrs old. I bartered her down from $60 to $40 room incl. After banging her, I made arrangements for her to come to my room at HN after the club closed. I told her I would pay her $75 for the all nighter. She accepted. At 4am she came with her friend and told me that for $150, I could have them both. Well, after a minute of negotiations, I got them both for $100. Her friends mane was inez and was also 18 yrs old. After session one, I was ready to hit the sack. In the morning, I had a quickie from both of them and them we all went out for breakfast.

After Action Report 14 March 03
After a siesta, I received a call from Borderjumper and we agreed to meet at Maribu at 10pm. Well, he had some things to do, so we met the following day. My first was a really hot girl from Tabu whose name I do not recall. In my drunken stuper, I paid her $110 for an hour, but unleased an entire roll of film on her in the bedroom. After a cervesa at PD, I was ready for another girl. I chose a very cute and skinny 19 yr old room gal named mariana. She was the typical room girl mechanical sex girl. Nothing special except for her great ass. I then met up with Kosher, Micjagger, and Cobra (dindallas) outside Tabu. We all all hung out for a while. My last chica was Lucifer from PD. She was the typical sex maniac.

After Action Report 15 March 03
Went to lunch with Micjagger, Kosher, and Cobra (dindallas) at a restaurante in el Centro, then back to BT for a quick siesta. After an hour of solid sleep, Borderjumper knocked on my door and we talked for a few then met HoDoggie. Border went on his way and I took a shower then Hodoggie and myself began our *****mongering. I chose a room gal named marie from Aculpulco. What can I say, a typical cum and run. I met up with Hodoggie and the gang at PD and I did Starship Nelly, while Micjagger had Lucifer and Hodoggie had Janet. We all were not disappointed. Nelly was as great as usual. Real GFE. She is one of the few girls in BT who I call a true sweetheart. After sex with Nelly, we sat down and I bought her a drink. I turned around and to my amazement was BorderBanger!! Wow, what a surprise! We went to HN for a cervesa then to Tabu. The chicas in Tabu did nothing for me, so I departed and went to Maribu. I tried finding Wendy, but she could not be found. I believe that she only works on the weekends. It was now 3am and I had to find my last piece so I went to a room girl across the street form the Western and had some really awful sex for $20 con ropa. Screw it, I was in the mood for a dirty *****.

03-20-03, 00:25
After Action Report 16 March 03
Well, it is Sunday and I know that the zona would be slow for the next four nights. I started with a quick nooner with a room girl for $25. Nothing speciall. At 9pm, I went to Maribu, but it was completely dead. I made for PD and did Mariana, who I did before in Club 1 2 3 two yrs ago. She was totally not club material. Her ass should be out in one of the rooms outside. Soooooo horrible sex! Also, PD charged me $24 for the room for the hour. What bullshit! I met a fellow *****monger from another site and he had Brenda. Afterwards, I could tell that he was a happy camper due to the smile on his face. I went to HN for a cervesa and to cool off for a while, then decided to check out club 1 2 3, which was dead. I decided to have another room girl then call it the night.

After Action Report 17 march 03.
I needed a change of pace, so I decided to go to the Herradura club in el Centro. I checked into a hotel and was on my way. The club caters to the local population and has girl next door types working. I love the non-pro atmosphere there. I did a petite girl for $40 plus 13 for a room across the street. Afterwards, I had a girl named Mati for the same price. Wow, she gave me the best bj of this trip (so far). I got something to eat then hit the sack.

After Action Report 18 March 03
I went to the Herradura club at 9pm but nothing interested me. I decided to catch a cab to BT. If you are not interested, the cabbies will lower their rates, especially if it is dead out. The cab was $6. I went to HN, and found a hot ass 18 yr old named Shantel from Aculpulco. I bought her a drink then she had to dance. She told me that she would be back, but actually went to an old dude who kept tipping her dollars. I decided to hit Tanya up from Tabu and was quite disappointed. Totally room girl behavior. This blew! I had a taco then hit up a room girl for $30 sin ropa. She was even worse than Tanya. I decided to call it a night. While walking to the taxi stand, Johanna from PD was walking my direction and asked if I wanted to have a cervesa with her. We went to the Maribu and had a drink then we decided to meet in my hotel in El Centro on Wednesday (today). I will give full details after the all nighter is completed. I had her on two different occasions in the past. Once at Club 1 2 3 and once while she was working at Pullman club. She has a very petite and tight hard body with B cup titties and a pretty face. Hopefully she will make up for the shortfalls that I have endured in BT on this trip.

Happy Hunting!


Big Money
03-20-03, 05:49
Hello fellows, this is just a warning that with the War going on that the Border Patrol can close the border at any time. This happened during the 9/11 tragedy. I heard of a few stories where guys were stuck in Mexico and could not cross back the bridge. The sad part was they had already spent all their money in BT, otherwise, it wouldn't have been too bad being stuck in BT.

03-20-03, 11:31
Actually, first I just want to apologize for not posting anything in quite a while. The problem is that I have broken my truck and I am jealous of all yall that can get to Wonderland. Also about the recent increase in prices, they always go up this time of year (Spring Break) and should go back down soon. Also about the Identification question. I went to BT on Sept. 15 2001 and only had to show my driver's liscense, however I am a large, blonde, redneck type that would be hard to mistake as anything but a "NATIVE FUKIN' TEXAN". Hopfully soon I will be back on the road to "Adult Male Heaven" and actually get to meet some of you guys. It seem we should get along as we seem to all have some of the same mental disfunctions. By the way Kosher (if you read this board anymore) I have some leafy stuff you will have to try if we ever get to meet. I garuntee that It's better than what you have in your pipe now.

also, My computeer is a piece of shit so don't rag on me about not speaking up as often as others. This thing takes forever.


03-20-03, 18:25
Well, BigMoney is right. I for one am steering clear of crossing any borders during our war time. The one good thing is, so many people are tuned into the war, that hobbying in your neighborhood should be pretty cold, in re to LE. I think now would be one of the best times to grab a ho, and just stay home.


03-21-03, 01:38
After Action Report for Wed 19 Mar 03

Well, my "all nighter" with Johanna from Pimp Daddys was not that good. She arrived at 5:30 and we had round one. Afterwards, she wanted to shower and get something to eat. While walking to the restaurante she wanted me to buy her crap from about every street vendor (i.e., candy, clothes, cellular phone, etc...). I managed to only lose $5 on candy and a cheap ass necklace. We went to the Principal Restaurante and she ordered two entrees! She at the first and took the other one home. To top things off, after dinner, she told me that she had to dance at the club at the end of the street that Club 1 2 3 and Marthas is on. I was starting to get pissed. I decided to go to BT myself and we went back to my hotel room and ordered a taxi. I gave her her money and told her that an all nighter is more than 2 hours! She had the audacity to want to do another one tonight!

Anyways, I needed to cool off so I went into a club to get a cold cerveza. I noticed that the girl on the stage was quite attractive so I summoned her over and bought her a couple of drinks. I negotiated a $50 rate and we were off. Well, let me just say one thing. She will not be disclosed until after my trip. She was that good. She was by far the best lay of this trip. 18 yrs old, long hair, beautiful face, and a kick ass body, although not quite as slim as the girls at PD. I am planing on doing her at least 2 or 3 more times before I go back. Afte an HOUR with her, I took a cab back to my hotel.

Herradura Club and/or my special chica is on my list for tonight.

03-22-03, 23:08
After Action Report for Thurs 20 March 03

I went to the Herradura Club and saw nothing special so I took a cab to BT. My first stop was to hit up my favorite new piece of ass. One hour later and $60 in the hole, I departed that club with a solid smile! I went to all the clubs, but saw nothing too promising. My last two resorts were PD and Pappagayos. So I elected to go to PD. I had a girl who was just aweful! I don't remember her name, but she has a petite body and a very large nose. Not to be rude and just for identification purposes, she has the biggest nose in the place. We agreed on $50 including the room and I cannot stress enough to AVOID this chick. Really mechanical and totally not into it. She was so bad that I didn't finish. I withdrew walked out and grabbed Starship Nelly to finish me off. As always, Nelly was great!

One note, since I am renting a room at HN for $60 per week, they have yet to charge me for taking a chick to my room (even chicks from their club, of which I already had 4 sessions).

03-22-03, 23:21
After Action Report for Friday 21 March 03

After dinner at the Prinicpal, I was off to BT at 9pm. I first went to Maribu, where I remembered seeing a blonde hottie last week and when inquired about her was told that she only works on the weekends. She wasn't expected until 11pm so I went to Club 1 2 3 where I saw two new hotties. I have been waiting all week to tap the blonde from Maribu, so I declined the temptation. I went back at 11pm and bought a drink and low and behold, she walked in five minutes later. Her name is Perla (no, not the Perla that has long dark hair. This is another Perla). She was simply stunning; 21yrs old, great ass, nice titties, and beautiful face. I about spewed in my pants. She was totally worth the $60 asking price.

It was not midnight and I walked around the streets to see if there were any new street girls. While walking I found three American guys who looked lossed. They asked me about BT and wanted to know where to go. I asked them what they were looking for and from their remarks, it sounded like Brenda and Lucero from PD was just what the Doctor ordered. One had Starship Nelly, another had Brenda, and the third was a little too tipsy to choose a girl. AT 3am, I made my way back to HN and decided to tap Casey, 20 yrs old, medium built, big titties, and a face that could grace magazines. She was really good in the sack, bit didn't give head. I noticed that this seems to be the norm lately. Not too many girls give good head in BT anymore.

Saturday, KosherCowboy and I will invade BT again. I will be wearing a tan polo shirt and jeans if anyone wants to meet up. I am planing on being in Maribu at 10pm.

03-23-03, 11:55
I will be in S. Texas next month and I want to make my first visit the famous BT section of NL.

I need some practical advice on just getting there.

I plan to park my rental on the USA side and walk across, for a taxi.

What do I tell the taxi driver? Boys Town, or something in Spanish? What should I pay taxi?

Any problem getting a taxi back to the border? What do you tell the taxi driver?

Prices I see on the board are all in usd. Any need or advantage in buying peso's? I assume the taxi's and ladies will take dollars.

Any suggestions would be great, or if there is a good site or thread for BT newbys, please pass it on.

03-23-03, 13:54

Boystown is all you need to tell the cab driver. Maybe, Boystown por favor. Most of them speak some English, many speak it fluently.

Park near bridge one at the south end of Santa Maria St. I stopped by the visitors center (on a street I don't rememner the name of) my first time to Laredo. They have a book with a map of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. The map doesn't have Boystown but it has the rest of NL mapped pretty well.

The first place you'll see is Papaguyos in Boystown. It the first place after you enter the gate just off to the right. That's where I got off the first time. Now I usually have them drop me at the 123 Club and I go else where from there.

There is no problem getting back to the border. Taxi's wait at the Taxi stand in front of Papaguyo's till at least 5am. I've never had a problem finding one for the return trip.

I got Peso's my first time there but it is not necessary. I don't think it is worth the bother but some like to get Peso's anyway. If you are married I would not recommend it. You might have to explain why you have the Mexican peso's to your wife. :)


03-23-03, 19:37

Thanks for the info

03-23-03, 21:33
After Action Report for Saturday 22 March 03

I met up with Kosher at my hotel at 8pm and by 8:30 we were in BT. We first went into Pappagayos to see what was there. We separated for a bit and I did a room girl for $20. Typical room girl experience. After that Kosher and I went to Club 1 2 3 where I had a hottie named Crystal. She is 21 yrs old, short black hair, and very wild in the sack. For $60 plus room, she was worth it. Kosher found a hottie in Tamikyos who was 27 yrs old and had a hot petite body. I finished with a chick in PD. I seen her when she worked at TABU and had to go to PD to do her, since that's where she now works.

Tonight, Borderbanger and his friend Tony will attack BT at around 8pm.

03-23-03, 21:40
Hello Everyone,
I just worked out a deal with Luis, the owner of Hollywood Nights Club and Hotel in NL BT, that allows people to rent hotel rooms there for $20 per night or $60 per week and NOT have to pay additional fees for taking girls to your room. This includes girls from Hollywood Nights Club!!! You can now fuck as many *****s as you want in your own room.

He also has a deal where you can buy 5 beers and have a lapdance with the chica of your choice for $15.

Just mention that Jim from Ohio told you about this.

Happy Hunting!

03-25-03, 17:10
Hey Guys...JT, Cobra, Micjagger, Kosher,

Good to meet all you guys finally out at BT last week. What i thought would be a quick swing thru turned into 15 hours in the place for me. Tried three room girls, the best, Marina, only 20+5 tip. Front row across from Los Arcos. This gathering of mongers is reminiscent of an idea for a get together Beavis and I have been kicking around for some time. It's a shame he wasn't there to round out the group. Mic, definately a pleasure as I've read your posts all across the internet for some time. Perhaps next time we can carry on a civilized conversation sompleace. Hell, you're only 2 hours from here. Same with you Kosher. I was about three sheets ahead of the wind when we finally hooked up and too much action around us. JT>>Wish I'd known you were going to do an all nighter with Joanna, I would have warned you. Lupe and I were talking about her before he opened the club. Your not the first one she's pulled that shit on. Everyone take note of this. Lupe suggestion if you want her is to let him hold the money until the next day when he'll pay her if you're satisfied. If not, you get your money back. I believe him on this. Your choice.

Guys, let's do it again sometime

03-28-03, 03:51
I wish I would've know that too. Oh well, Se la vie.

After Action Report for Sunday 23 March 03

I met Banger and Tony at my hotel at 1pm and were off on the town for drinks. We went to the Herrudura, but it was dead. At around 8pm, we met again in BT. It was a long night We practically opened and closed the zona. I started off with a room girl for $20 and then I had the blonde Perla at Maribu (we had the waiter call her ass up to have her take a taxi to BT for us). After several hours of drinking, I also decided to tap another room girl and also Celeste ("Blue") from PD. She is a sweet girl and quite passionate, but too attaching. She is clearly looking for a dumb gringo to take her back to the states. Guess what! It won't be me, because JT doesn't play that! I treat the girls with respect, but draw the line.

Banger had a great experience with a girl from Pullman and Tony had Jennifer from Kika's Club.
At 6am, we had a $3.50 T-Bone at the restaurante between PD and Paris.

After Action Report for Monday 24 March 03

Sorry guys, I had to go to San Antonio and couldn't make it to BT this evening.

After Action Report for Tuesday 25 March 03

After tracking Saraya (18 yrs old hard body and completely gorgeous) down for three month, I finally managed to arrange for an all nighter. She was simply amazing and sorry guys, but I am not giving any more info on her. She is one of the few treasures that I am going to keep to myself. She is one of the hottest and most passionate girls that I have ever done.
I did go to Tabu for a drink and saw Mayra there. She works there during the days that PD is closed. Mayra totally scolded me! I am serious. She was irate because I did Celeste the night before and didn't do her. Damn, a ***** with an attitude! Kinda kinky.

After Action Report for Wed. 26 March 03

Saraya came over at 5pm and that's all she wrote. I was with her for 8 hours and had to pack for my flight home at 7am tomorrow.

There will be an after action report for tonight due to a mechanical failure on my plane, my flight was cancelled and I will be "forced" to spend another great evening in BT! Darn!

03-30-03, 09:14
Looks like I'll get to make it back again sometime towards the end of May or in June. I just wanted to ask JT if the restaurant he mentioned between PD and Paris was open all night or day or when. 3.50 T-bone sounds good. I'm planning on staying 2 nights and even though thy are good, tacos get old. If there is something to eat in BT other than tacos and hotdogs I will stay at HN. If that restaurant only runs certain specials, I will probably stay at Reforma. Also has the action died down at Tamycos? Someone on NLBTA said they went there and he had to wave the girls over. From past experience I say bullshit to that as I usually avoid that club because of the aggressiveness of the girls (and Grandma). Just joking about Tamyco's, but would appreciate answer about restaurant.

03-30-03, 15:01
Was planning a trip to San Antonio around Memoral weekend and wanted to take a day and go to a border town. Any advice on which one to go to from SA would be helpfull. We will propbly go on a Wed or Thurs. Thanks Guys

03-30-03, 19:08
Guys keep this place alive. I have no date as to when I might be returning as my job here deep in Mexico is turning into a long term deal. Take my word you would all be proud of me.

04-01-03, 03:45

nuevo laredo is 2.5hrs from san antonio by car and about 3.25hrs by bus. take i-35 south; when the freeway ends you're there (laredo, to be precise). turn right and follow the signs to the riverfront mall/bridge #1. park in the lot right next to bridge #1: ~$5 per night and only 150 yds from the border. $.50 to cross the bridge.

once you've crossed into mexico, walk straight 2 or 3 blocks until you see a park on your left. you should see taxis on your right. tell 'em "boystown por diez." hop in the front seat and away you go. it's about a ten minute ride from the border. have your ten spot ready, cause they don't have change (and don't pay a tip "propina" either). most touts will ask where you want to go (inside boystown), i usually tell them club 1-2-3, but then head for papa gayo's/marabu/pimp daddies.

read some of the recent past posts for tips and recommendations with the chicas. always remember the cardinal rule, don't F**KING tell the girls about this site or that you "found out" about them on the 'net.

if you plan to stay in laredo (the american side), try the rio grande plaza. it's on the other side of the parking lot from bridge #1 and is pretty cheap. it's cheaper if you stop at denny's or shoney's and pick up one their coupons for $55/night accomodations.

if you're gonna yo-yo (there and back in one night), stock up on caffiene, food, etc before you leave laredo, cause the first 60 miles or so is devoid of gas stations near the highway and can be rough if you start falling asleep.

one last tip, if you're driving from sa, be sure to gas up at the love's gas station just south of loop 1604. there aren't alot of gas stations or stops once you leave sa metro.

have fun


04-01-03, 07:48
The restaurante is open from around 10pm until about 8am. When you walk in, there are booths in both sides and a hand washing sink on your left. Towards the fron of the place is the Kitchen area and the workers usually have a television on. It is a really cool place. I tried a few things there and everything so far has been great. You really cannot beat the 3.50 T Bone steak. It is a little thin, but comes with all the fixings.

It is a pleasant change from the Fajita stan outside Papagayos. Just remember to tip the waiter a buck. They will remember you next time.


04-02-03, 03:17
Hey JT, MicJagger, Kosher and Beavis . Send me an e-mail so we can talk off the site. You can catch me at cobra1655@hotmail.com. My Yahoo account crapped out. I was thinking about heading down to NL or Monterey on May 16th or on Memorial Day weekend.

Mic have you heard from Chango?

Shoot me an e-mail.

JT, How was the blonde Perla?


04-04-03, 09:56
I got back a few days ago from my three day trip to Boy's Town. I stayed at the Family Garden for two nights and spent the last night at Hollywood Nights. The hotel had free beer for a couple of hours in the evenings so I had a few their first. My usual for a trip to BT is three pops. When I was about half way across the bridge I remembered that I forgot my blue vitamin - that meant I'd probably only be good for two times - but fuck it I'll be here three days.

Day one - I arrived at about 9:30 and there were a lot of cars and not many people. I went to Pimp Daddy's to look for other Army members but could find none so I decided to be an army of one. The girls at PD all look very good, only one was a 7 the rest were over 8 with two 9+. After a couple of beers I thought it was time for a street girl. From previous post I decided to try the first street since a girl on this street got great reviews. Found a cute one who said fucky-sucky for $20. I confirmed that she would take her clothes of and away we went. After about a 10 second cbj, she pulled up her skirt and invited me in she bitched briefly about my dick being too big. I asked her to remove her top. She pulled it up and that's about it. She was very cute but rated only a five on a room girl scale. I left disappointed but new better things waited at PD's so off I went. Found a really nice looking girl with a long nose but nice legs and great tits (if you like a B cup). Got another 10 second cbj no better than the previous girl. She then rolls over and complains that my dick is too big. Wait a minute that's two girls in a row saying it too big. Give my a fucking break, one thing is life that is certain is that I was not blessed by mother nature. Anyway since she "couldn't take it" she finished me off with a hand job. I should have remembered JT's posting about the girl with the big nose. Avoid this one, she's nice to look at but as bad as any room girl.

Night #2, I decided to attempt my first drive in MX. The trip in both directions was uneventful but I was very careful not to drink too much and to obey all traffic laws. After checking the usual club I went back to PD's and found no other army members. I hooked up with a very attractive girl about 6'1" with heals. She looked great. He performance was very good and did multiple positions except she didn't do oral. Her face and body made up for it and I plan to do her again. I think her name was Ezmerelda but you can't miss her because of her height and beauty. I wondered around after I recovered and found my way into a club next to the Western (Feuntes I think) the girls we general in the 6-8 range. I met on of the sixes who spoke very good English and was very nice. I was a little suspicious of her gender because of her build and high check bones but she made sure I didn't like boys, then made sure I felt her lack of an adam's apple. After checking out several other places I decided to give her a try. I think it was about a total of $60. She gave absolutely great bbbj. We did multiple positions and she told me not to cum. That was a first as most girls can't wait for you to finish. Thanks to my blue pill I was able to stay at attention even though the cannon had exploded. We were in the room for about two hours and up until that time it was the best sex I've had in BT. If she were just a little better looking it would have been perfect.

On night number 3 I decided to try HN, I looked at the room the night before and seemed ok for $20. I found a nice trim room girl who said $10 for everything, after $20 I got a poor bbbj/hj and nothing else. She was on the last street and very aggressive - avoid this ***** at all cost, she made the previous room girl seem super. I noticed a girl the previous night in one of the clubs that struck my fancy and I went back to see if she was available, I was ready to give up on BT since I had no good experiences up to this time. When I entered the club, she was sitting alone and I motioned her over, she spoke very little english but looked like a girl next door, she told me she was 20 and had no kids. The top she wore hid her perfect tits. We were in her room for well over an hour and I had an incredible gfe. I was going to leave but decided to stay and buy her a drink and tip her an additional $20. We spent the next 2.5 hours making out in the bar. She then came bake to my room were we did it three more times until the morning. I was told on the "BT army generals" was trying to get papers for a girl he met so he could marry her. I thought the guy was the stupidest man on earth, now I know he is the smartest man on earth. This girl stole my heart and I didn't that was possible. I'm returning in a week and hope she doesn't remember me. If she still says she loves me I may melt. I cannot give her name or location at this point but will do a recon of the area for every one else. Luckily I talked my way into including Laredo into the area I must travel too so I can visit more than 3 or 4 times a year. If any one from San Antonio wants to car pool let me know. I've now given up on the $20 RT cabs and will drive.

04-05-03, 01:46
by email,
I am going to SA this weekend and will probably be trying to go across the border the weekend after. I do not know my way around and would like to drive too.


04-05-03, 04:01
Borderbanger will be making the trip Tuesday to NL Mexico, I have important bussiness to tend to with an atty in NL prior to apperance before mexican offical, great report by By Email, I know what club you wont mention, apparently you know of me too. thank you for the compliment, that is all, Borderbanger

04-07-03, 05:24
I did the blonde Perla twice. I rarely do that. She is really good, especially doggie style. Anyways, I am off to Amsterdam tomorrow and will continue my 2003 Tour de Puss. Germany is for this weekend and Spain for the one after that, etc...



Mic Jagger
04-07-03, 13:15
Din Dallas you have mail.

04-14-03, 00:35
Careful with the driving thing, I have been hit twice with the DWG "Driving While Gringo". One of the times I hadnt had anything at all to drink and they wanted money or go to jail. If you are going to drive which I have 40 or 50 times keep no more than $50 (i usually try and leave BT with no more than $30) I keep 200 in my shoe. It didnt used to be this way only in the last year and a half have the policia really gotten aggressive with the shakedowns. Also sometimes they setup road blocks on the main road going back to the bridge simply looking for americans two of my friends recently got poped that way. be careful


04-18-03, 01:41
By E-Mail

Great report, I am thinking about going down Friday 4/18/03 from Houston. Let me know if you want to hitch down with me.

e-mail me at lost_in_boystown@yahoo.com

Maybe the love of your life has a younger sister???? LOL

Member #3453
04-19-03, 15:21
Hi Everybody,

This is my first report to forum about my first experience with anything like N/L Boys Town. Since this was my first trip, I decided to stay in Laredo at the Red Roof, drive my rental car to border, and take a cab to Boys Town. The information contained on the board was almost 100% accurate, and I could not have, and probably would not have, ventured into BT without the benefit of the information provided by members of the forum.

I don’t want to repeat a lot of what has already been posted on the board, so I will merely give my assessment of the most important things I learned during my visit to BT. I will also indicate a couple points of advise that I believe are important from my perspective as a first time visitor of BT.

1. As has been recommended by the forum numerous times, you should convert US dollars to pesos at the Casa de Cambio if possible prior to going to BT. I recommend getting a lot of small denomination peso coins and bills. As has been indicated on the board, you will pay less for everything if you pay for it in pesos. I found that the waiters will not usually attempt to cheat you when giving change if you pay them in pesos instead of US tender. I had a lot of .50 cent coins (5 peso coins), $1.00 coins (10 peso coins), $2.00 bills (20 peso bills), and $5.00 bills (50 peso bills). In addition, I had a number of 100 peso bills ($10.00 US), and 200 peso bills ($20.00 US). Of course, the exchange rate varies at different times, so the numbers above are merely approximations of what each is actually worth in relation to the exchange rate. I recommend using the coins to tip the waiters, and the small denomination bills to pay for drinks. I used the larger denomination bills to pay the Chicas for private dances and other activities. This method worked out great. The only downside to it was that having a lot of coins in your pocket gets kind of weighty. But, I believe having the coins available keeps everybody more honest, and the advantage of doing so is worth a little inconvenience (it’s really very little inconvience actually).

2. I learned rather quickly that buying too many drinks for the Chicas gets rather expensive and depletes your resources fast. They don’t sip their drinks, they guzzle them quickly so you are soon asked by the waiter if you want to buy them another within about 5 minutes. So, I recommend that you not buy over two drinks for a Chica. You should buy just enough to determine whether you would like to be with the Chica while engaged in other activities. I can almost agree with another member of the board who advocated not buying any drinks for the Chicas, but instead getting right down to business with a private dance to really determine what kind of experience you’re likely to have. On the other hand, if you’re thirsty and you want to sit for a little while to relax, then it’s probably worth the investment because you can have a beautiful Chica on your lap while you watch the show. It just depends on your perspective and on how much is in your wallet.

3. Speaking of wallets. For security purposed, I had purchased a belt type money pouch that fits inside your pants. I kept some of the larger denomination peso bills, some US dollars, and my drivers license and birth certificate for border crossings in the money pouch. I kept the smaller denomination bills in my shirt pocket. Of course, I just kept the coins evenly disbursed between my two front pockets so they weren’t too weighty or uncomfortable to carry. I found the money pouch to be a continuous inconvenience having to retrieve money from the pouch when I needed it each time. Eventually, because of the inconvenience of accessing the money pouch, I eventually just used a money clip and kept bills in my front pants pocket. I also started to carry my wallet with my ID and birth certificate in my other front pants pocket. I found this to be much more convenient. But, concerning the security aspect of things, I never felt as though I really needed a money pouch anyway. I know that doesn’t mean that I could not be the victim of a pick pocket some day, but the longer I was at BT, the less I believed I really needed the money pouch for protection. I really felt perfectly secure walking around BT, and I wouldn’t probably use the money belt idea again. On the other hand, if walking the streets in Mexico, outside of BT, I would definitely recommend the money pouch.

Well, I’m running out of time, so I will pickup where I left off at a later date…stay tuned.

04-19-03, 19:28

Great first report. What exchange rate did you get at the money exchange? I have exchanged money once and all the other times have used US currency. Also, just an FYI, you don't need your birth certificate to cross the border to or from Mexico. The first time I went I brought my passport but I showed my drivers license when crossing and that is all that has ever been necessary. It is amazaing just how easy it os to get to NL and back don't you think?


Member #3453
04-19-03, 23:06
Oh Poster,

To answer your question about the exchange rate, I believe it was approximately 10.64 to $1.00.

A Toda Maquina
04-20-03, 08:07
Hey guys ,I was in NLBT a few times along with a couple of other places.( had really good deals from room girls)........Seeems like theres a lot of Tearin it Up!! goin on.... ,Keep up the good reports !!! Chango

Member #3453
04-20-03, 15:45
Hi again Poster,

My reply to your reply must have gotten lost in cyberspace. On my first reply, below, I had forgotten to answer your question about the exchange rate. So, I wrote a second reply post, which answered your question about the exchange rate, and that made it through. Anyway, this is essentially what I had witten prior to my answer about your exchange rate question...If that makes any sense???

Because this was my first trip into Mexico for this type of activity, and due to the war time situation, I thought it best to be prepared for the possibility that they might ask for a birth certificate. But, as you say, I never really needed it, and I probalby wouldn't worry about bringing a birth certificate in the future.

As a matter of fact, they rarely even asked me for ID when crossing the border. I just had to state my country of citizenship, and they usually let me right through with no problem and no futher documentation. I must look like a real gringo.

On one of my first crossings, I actually showed an identification to the border patrol agent voluntarily without first being asked, and he actually scolded me for doing so. My identification was a government identification, and he said something like, "You don't card me, and I won't card you." I guess he thought I was trying to pull rank on him in some way, but it was all perfectly innocent on my part.

I was new at crossing the border, I just assumed they needed some kind of ID to establish my true identity, especially during war time. If they aren't requiring identification at the border during a war time situation, when we have such a high terrorist threat potential, then they should be. Other times, they would use my ID to enter my name, etc... into a data base of some kind. There seems to be no consistency in documenting who is coming and going across our borders at the various crossing stations. It find it rather disturbing actually.

Uno Spongebob (One Spongebob)

Mic Jagger
04-21-03, 09:10
How you doing Chango?? Been trying to reach you, want to ask you about Monterrey. email micjagger2003 @ austin . rr . com
rey, so could you send me your email. Later Mic.

04-22-03, 17:27
Hey are you guys behaving up there ?

04-22-03, 23:47
*** TRAVEL ALERT: For all you guys in DFW that like NL ***

American has a web special roundtrip airfare from DFW to LRD for $89. I booked mine for May 3rd departure and returning to DFW on the 6:30am Monday flight. It comes to $101 with airport fees and taxes.

I'll get in two days of mongering and even make it to work on time, and, all without driving for almost the same transportaion costs. It is a little more but I hate the seven hour drive.

Just thought I'd put this out for you guys that feel the same about 7 hour drives. The flight does require a Sunday night stay but the 6:30am flight has you back to DFW by 8:30am.


Mic Jagger
04-23-03, 07:50
Whats up Beavis, haven't been misbehaven enough but I'm making the occasional night run out of the house.

04-23-03, 11:46
That's cheap. I may fly down to DFW and then into Laredo. Thanks for the info.

04-23-03, 18:17

If you plan to book it you better book it fast because online purchase is required and must be ticketed no later than 11:59 p.m. (CT), Friday, April 25, 2003.

Good luck!

Member #3453
04-26-03, 14:16
Hey Guys,

I want to stay on the mexico side next time, but I want to stay within walking distance of the border. I've seen references to the Hotel Fiesta, the Reforma, and the Rio Grande Plaza, which I believe are all located close to the border, but I'm not sure they're all within walking distance of the border. Can anybody give a little comparitive review of these hotels:

I need to know the following on each:

1. Quality of accomodations.
2. Cost.
3. Exact directions walking from the bridge.
4. Girl friendly.
5. Distance from the border.
6. Safety/Security

or, does anybody know of any other hotels on the mexico side within walking distance of the border that are good?

I've stayed at the Laquinta in Laredo in the past, but its a little too pricey. I'm looking for something similiar to at least a Motel 6 in price and quality of accomodations. You know, something clean, relatively comfortable beds, decent bathrooms, etc.

Of course, I've seen some good reviews of other hotels that are on the way to BT, but I don't want to spend a lot on taxi fare back and forth from the border during daytime hours. So, I thought it would be more convenient to merely have a base of operations located within walking distance of the bridge so I could use my car during the day, which will be parked on the US side.

Next, question...

I would also like to visit some of the bars within walking distance of the border too. Are these bars close to the park, gringo friendly, working girls, etc...?

I've already been to the Herradura (Horseshoe), but any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for your help!

A Toda Maquina
04-26-03, 15:41
Hey s sponge , Reforma is cool..............

Member #3453
04-26-03, 16:29
Hey Chango,

Where's it at after you cross over the bridge? Thanks!

A Toda Maquina
04-26-03, 23:30
Hey sponge, straight south on the strip about three blocks on the right hand side ..., should be the first block after the plaza., You asked about girl friendly hotels ,I only seen the bigger more formal hotels have a problem with it... I think any hotel would say something if u had a chica coming and going every 5 minutes, but if u bring a gal back at night and anyone says anything ..a $5.00 tip to the counterperson /etc. goes a long way.......................... Have fun , Chango

Member #3453
04-27-03, 02:00
Hey Thanks Chango,

I'll check out the Reforma on my next trip...

05-01-03, 02:02
Stayed at the Reforma in Jan. of this year 1st trip to Nuevo Laredo Mex. It was perfect for mongering.

A Toda Maquina
05-01-03, 07:32
Chief..., How u doin ?? This board has been really quiet . few months ago it was hoppin . oh well....I stayed at the Reforma last month ago . there was a cool front pass thru and they had the best bedding of any hotel I can remember...I think it was around $ 32.00 a night...I think next time I'm in NL I'll unload my motorcycle( a 125 cc) in Tx. and ride across to save money back and forth from bt etc.. a cab is cool if u can split the fare but from town to NLBT and back = 20.00 thats a score or almost anothr night in hotel .....

Later, Chango

Member #3453
05-02-03, 00:21
Hey Chief,

Thanks for the testimonial about the Reforma. It sounds like just what I'm looking for.

Hey Chango, I agree, where is everybody??? I guess everybody's been working too hard so they can save up for the next trip...

05-03-03, 17:04
Reforma is about $32-33 per night 5 blocks down Guerrero on the right with a very good restaraunt in it and monger friendly and secure parking in the back. only bad thing is sometimes they stick you on the 3rd or 4th floor and no elevator.

Regis hotel is 3 blocks down Guerrero and one block to your right a little cheaper and not quite as nice as the reforma and monger friendly.

As far as bar girls there is a bar just off of guerrero that has girls. as you are walking down guerrero and you come to a pay parking lot on your left (approx 3 blocks) make a left and go 1 block and you will see the Herradura (horseshoe) bar cant miss it there is a lot of purple neon lights around it and the door is surrounded by a giant plaster horseshoe. This bar is full of girls with regular jobs looking to make extra money on the weekends and can be had for $30-40 always have a live band and porn going on several tv's and it is also open during the days but if you dont have a room near Guerrero you will have to pay $13 for short time at the stained sheets inn. but the girl will not leave the bar with you cause it is illegal for such transactions to take place outside of the zone. She will tell you to go rent the room and meet you there or meet you at your hotel in 5 minutes a little spanish is necessary.

Also during the day the Turf club is nice you can bet on football, basketball, baseball hockey, horses and dogs. You can watch all the current games on big screens and it is a VERY nice place and the beer and food is reasonable. It sets on the northeast corner of the very first plaza you come to. Directly east across the plaza from the popular La Mina bar. Cant miss it big black Steel and glass door with Sports figures painted on the walls. Really good $2 parlays during football season.

Thats all I can think of for now.