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01-01-04, 02:00
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01-04-04, 20:50
monger assistant please:

1. what is hwy #2 like driving north from nl on the mx side to negras and/or acuna ?
i have driven in mx before and like the gringo highways with no speed limits.

2. which of these 2 cities would you recommend for girls? the forums seems a bit thin on these 2 places.

(great post kosherkowboy 11-13-03)

thanks in advance.

01-07-04, 05:15
I've driven Hwy #2 lots of times between PN & NL. It's a standard 2 lane highway with no shoulder, but fine quality road (no potholes or anything). About a two hour trip, with 2 Army checkpoints along the way, and ample Pemex's and food stores along the way if you need to stop.

I only know Piedras, not Acuna, but Piedras is definitely worth a trip. IMHO the quality of the girls is easily as good as NL.

Joe Driver
01-10-04, 21:39
After reading some of the post here, I may have jumped to conclusion concerning PimpDaddies. I felt Luther "burned" me on the room charge,($40 for just the room) for 2 hours, which I agreed to, before I went into the room. But his waiters were banging on my door, after 1hr 45min. and then Luther had the audacity to tell me he gave me more time than he agreed to. Bullshit! I paid him $40 for two hours, for just the room, the girl was extra,and the sob cuts me 15 minutes short, and then tells me this bs about giving me more time than he had agreed to. This happened about 1 1/2 years ago, and I haven't been back in his club since.

The babe I got with was a girl, about 23 or so, named Lasinia. She did an excellent beer bottle routine on stage, before I got with her. I was very impressed with her performance on stage. She was very slender, hard body, just the way I like them. I paid Lasinia either $100, or $80 for 2 hrs. I don't recall which it was, for her, but she agreed to it, before hand. Her service was fine, but I was pissed at Luther. Every time I would walk by his club, after this happened, his waiters would holler at me, telling me "Lasina's here," trying to get me to come back in his club. I'd always wave, and just keep on walking. But after reading some of these reports, I'm getting kind of curious to check things out again. I wouldn't mind meeting Janet, especially since she takes it up the ass. Umm, sounds interesting.

And Beavis, I would appreciate if you could arrange a meeting with me, and Makala, that dynamite looking girl you met in Nava. If you could get me and her together, I would appreciate it :-). I'd even be willing to buy you a beer:-). No kidding. I don't mean to ask too much here.

I can't figure out how to put these smilies in.

Joe Driver

Joe Driver
01-11-04, 03:34
I was robbed by Nuevo Laredo police about 4 years ago. I was walking down the sidewalk heading towards the La Herradura Club, when these Nuevo Laredo cops spotted me, a white gringo, walking down the sidewalk. They rounded the block, and drove up to me, and ordered me to get into their car. I did. They drove me out to the middle of nowhere, so that there would be no witnesses, and they told me to give them $50, or they would take me to jail, and that "I would have lots of problems." I gave these crooked Nuevo Laredo police bastards $50, and they drove me back to where they picked me up, and dropped me off. They were very relaxed about this. I could tell they had done this many times before. I view this as part of "paying your taxes" so to speak, when you go to Mex. I still go to Mex, but it's risky dealing with their crooked police bastards. It's just part of Mex. That's how I view it.

Joe Driver

01-11-04, 16:51
Once again Hello Gents,

Thanks Joe Driver for your input regarding the problem with the police in Old Mexico. It is easy for all of us to get carried away with the thought of being safe in all aspects while we are visiting south of the border. It's very much like being in New Orleans for Carnival. Everything is loose and wild and it is quite easy to cross the line and instantly be in deep doo-doo. The only difference is that at least in N.O. you do have rights and can be assured that the cops aren't going to rob you. Where as in Mexico that can sometimes not be the order of the day. As I have said in my last post "Trouble will follow you as soon as you cross the river" I think it is very important that we share our bad experiences as well as the good so newcomers will have a broad spectrum of advice that hopefully will save them from a possible dangerous situation. Let us not candy-coat travel outside our borders. That could prove to be a grave (pun intended) mistake. All of the seasoned travelers that post their experiences here have an obligation to our Newbie Brothers to assist them with our advice. I too had a terrible experience in Nuevo Lardeo with the police. Needless to say, I will never take another truck into Mexico. Some cop is now driving it and I hope he is enjoying himself. You fellas would be smart to take cabs. Just pencil in the added money. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ". I'm sorry to come across as the Grim Reaper but again, a fun time can change real quick and the only recourse is prayer. Once in Piedra Negras my buddies and I had just crossed over the border and were asking some locals about the hotspots when a car rushed up and 2 mexicans jumped out, guns drawn and proceeded to roust us. One of my friends decided to haul ass and was shot at 3 times. I stayed in the passenger seat with my hands raised not really knowing the fate of my friend. Within a few minutes the shooter and friend re-appeared. The locals were ran off by the (possible Banditos) and we were all forced into the auto at gunpoint. No police indentification was ever offered and none of us had the slightest idea what was happening. We were rushed directly to the closest police station, which was a very much welcomed sight, and processed into the jail. We stayed locked up for 5 days and released. To this day I haven't a clue to what law we broke but do know it cost me all of my money and all of my friends money. We did retain our car, which was ran sacked. Tools and radio missing but still had an engine. We drove back to the border crossing and again was rousted by the US border patrol. Thankgod no drugs were planted on us. I've been back to Piedra Negras quite a few times since but I always use the cabs. Now I venture no further than a stones throw from the border. All in all there is a dufflebag full of fun in Mexico, I have to admit that. Well you fellas stay aware of your surroundings and have a blast.

01-11-04, 17:26
Hmmmm...Joe Driver...3 Posts???

First of all the owner of Pimp Daddy's is Lupe Balboa. Secondly, PD has only been open about a year.

Third...Janet is no longer there last time I was in there.

Fourth. NL Police are not in the habit of driving people out to the middle of no where's to extract a "fine" from them. why bother when they can do it right there on the street.

If it happened, you might be surprised at the changes in NL. I've lived there for three years now and had absolutely now problems with the Police or anyone else.

YMMV on Pimp Daddy's! Use common sense!

Joe Driver
01-12-04, 03:41
Map to Boystown. I hope this works.

Joe Driver

Punter 127
01-12-04, 03:59

I have visited Nuevo Laredo BT, three times in the last few months. (Aug.Sep. & Nov.) I just recently started to post to this board, and I must say most of the info here has been very good. While in BT I have met many Americans, and even made some new friends. On my first trip I met a guy from Germany, who now lives in the states. He was nice enough to take me under his wing, and show me the ins and outs of BT. This guy must have been to BT many times as he seemed to be known in most of the clubs we went in, he also knew many of the girls. One of the clubs he took me to was Pimp Daddy's were he introduced me to Lupe Balboa Jr. I have somewhat become friends with Lupe, in as much as he knows who I am, and he has treated me right. I will have to say sometimes the girls at PD’s are good and sometimes not. I have been to PD’s on all three trips, on my second trip I was by myself, and had no trouble, and was very comfortable there alone, as I was in all of BT. On my third trip I took a friend from my home town, and we had the time of our lives. I think we both had about 8 girls in three day. Some were good, and some were great, none were bad. Two things happened at PD’s on my last trip that makes me say Lupe is OK. First I had my picture taken with a girl, the camera guy wanted $10 for 2 pictures, I told him I only wanted one, and we agreed on $5. After he took the picture he said he would return in 5 minutes with it. In the meantime, I decided to take this girl to a room; I gave my buddy $20 to pay for the picture when the guy came back. When I came out of the room my buddy gave me two pictures, and said the guy was coming back with my change, as he headed for a room with another girl. When the guy came back he handed me $10, I told him I only want one picture, he said no two. I went to the bar and told Lupe what had happened, and he made the guy give me all my money back ($20) and both pictures. (I gave the guy back the $5 he had coming) When my buddy came out he told me that he was going to go eat, with the girl he had been in the room with, and that she wanted him to leave BT with her. I told him not to leave without telling me. After they went to eat, Lupe asks me what happened to my buddy. I told him what was going on; he became concerned, and said the girl was not one of his regulars, and that he did not trust her. Lupe then left the bar and found my buddy, and warned him about the girl. I think Lupe may have kept my buddy out of a lot of trouble. I think this guy is OK!
My buddy and I did take girls back to our motel one night, but they came from Pappagayos, and we were staying at Tres Caminos motel, both of which I understand are owned by the same lady. We had no problems doing this; we just had to pay $35 to get them out of Pappagayos. The only problem I have had at BT was at the 123 club, they tried to charge me $10 for a girls drink, I bulked and they told me it was a large drink, I sent it back and had them bring her a small drink. ($3 I think) I have been approached two times by the police in BT, both times I was walking with someone, and all they did was ask if we had drugs or knives. One time they ask to see what was in my buddy’s pockets, after which they thanked us and sent us on our way. We treated them with respect and they did us also. When you are in someone else’s house you follow there rules. I plan to post a couple of picture from PD’s soon. I also plan to return to NL, BT this month or next. I will not wait so long to get my post in, next time. By the way I do not drive in MX, I take cabs.

Punter 127

01-14-04, 21:42
Nice report there Punter. Goes to show you don't beleive all you read on these forums.

Lupe is a good dude and a friend who can be counted on.

All the bullshit about PD's came from one or two guys who went in there and made Lupe all kinds of promises of what they could do to bolster his business for him. As he was just starting out, he fell for it and in exchange offered free drinks and free use of the room. Well, the people in question never came through with what they said they would do but kept going back and expecting the freebies. When the freebies dried up, they starting dissing PD's and his girls and his business in general.

Lupe is aware of the meseros pulling the old switcheroo and fired one of the assholes for doing it to me the first time I was in there. But as he says, it's hard to keep an eye on all of them. that's why he has that gorgeous little girlfriend of his in there now.

Another urban legend spread by these same guys is about the guy that went in there and got ripped off for $800 and had to stop in a city north of Laredo and borrow enough cash to get home to Dallas on. This guy in particular had a little puta down there he was head over heels for. Had spent a large inheritance on her only to have her spit in his face and return to Mexico with him hot on her heels. Can youu figure out where the $800 went?

Keep em coming Punter!

01-14-04, 21:49
Damn, thanks joe driver for the map! I drop my wife off at the bus station a couple times a year, didn't realized I was THAT close to boystown! More encouragement to go there next time!


Punter 127
01-14-04, 22:59
Thanks BorderJumper,

I just tell it like it happened, if it had been bad I would have told that too. It’s true you can’t believe everything you read on a board like this, but for the most part I have found the reports here to be very good. (That’s why I started posting my adventures.) If it were not for this board I would not have found BT in the first place. I like it so much I may move there when I retire. (It’s a 1200 mile trip for me now.) I am so tired of the American women’s attitude, I just can’t stand being their chump anymore, and BT is just what I need. Lots of cheap fun and no BS!

Do you know if Lupe reads this board? Punter and company will be back for another visit the end of next week. Do you have any tips or pointers? Any hot new chica’s? Good places to stay? Have you been to Piedras Negras or Reynosa? If so how do they compare to NL? I have been to Reynosa once but that’s another story.

By the way I’m not saying anybody posted any untruths here, but when it comes down to a guy with three post, or a Senior Member with 158 Post guess which one I put the most stock in.

Punter 127

PS: BorderJumper you can PM me if you want.

01-15-04, 00:06
This is NOT beavis, it is KosherCowboy. Kosher does not yet have senior membership so his post wont show right away, Beavis and Kosher felt it was of the utmost importance to post this IMMEDIATELY and not to have Koshers posts sit in que with the MOD and lose time.

In my opinion, Borderjumpers post is not accurate. Kosher and Beavis request moderater intervention immediately! I believe this post needs to come down. Let Kosher and Beavis, two experienced mongers who know the truth, tell it, not that of BJ, a FRIEND with his hand in the cookie jar of the owner himself. Border is right about some stuff, and Kosher is happy that Punter was helped out by Lupe but...

BorderJumper's assertion #1:

All the bullshit about PD's came from one or two guys who went in there and made Lupe all kinds of promises of what they could do to bolster his business for him. As he was just starting out, he fell for it and in exchange offered free drinks and free use of the room. Well, the people in question never came through with what they said they would do but kept going back and expecting the freebies. When the freebies dried up, they starting dissing PD's and his girls and his business in general.My Opinion:

Lupe made us promises, not the other way around, Kosher himself was skrewed by Lupe, and over 20 BT army members were too. Lupe used Beavis for publicity and skrewed him once he had the biz off it. The other reason BT army stopped going was quality of women, the fact the girls were trashy, and the masero problem. Simply put, the guy doesnt run a quality business and that is why we all stopped going, and he is a liar

BorderJumper's assertion #2:

Lupe is aware of the meseros pulling the old switcheroo and fired one of the assholes for doing it to me the first time I was in there. But as he says, it's hard to keep an eye on all of them. that's why he has that gorgeous little girlfriend of his in there now.My Opinion:

He is aware of the switcharoo and looks the other way, one guy may or may not have been fired yet the thievery continues, maybe her fired the wrong guy? A token firing? Or one you made up?

BorderJumper's assertion #3:

Another urban legend spread by these same guys is about the guy that went in there and got ripped off for $800 and had to stop in a city north of Laredo and borrow enough cash to get home to Dallas on. This guy in particular had a little puta down there he was head over heels for. Had spent a large inheritance on her only to have her spit in his face and return to Mexico with him hot on her heels. Can youu figure out where the $800 went?My Opinion:

Kosher takes great offense to what I believe is a misstatement. This is not an urban legend. It is fact and it happened. The city BJ refers to is Austin, my home town, and the victim from Dallas did stop at my house for gas $ to get back to Dallas.

Besides Dallas and Austin and the 800 bucks, the rest of this BorderJumper post is in my opinion an outright lie and is calling not only me a liar, but others. BorderJumper is also right about the victim falling for a MX puta, a foolish move indeed, however get your facts straight border. He didnt blow his inheritance on her, when he got down to his last 8 grand he stopped, and there are things in his inhertiance you will not know about because you are a liar and dont know the facts.

The boys town police gave him 50 bucks and put a MX equivelent of an all points bulletin out for the masero who robbed him. That masero ended up in Tijuana, bet you didnt know that BorderJumper?

So BorderJumper, the next time you post what I believe are lies, get your facts straight, on that trip the puta in question got 400, handed to her willingly by the victim you claim to be making up this urban legend. How dare you! In my opinion the 800 was stolen and is never coming back. In my opinion, he was robbed. He is a personal friend of mine, spoke to him today, and he is working his a$$ off to pay back all the $ he gave to his girl, he works two jobs at times and busts his a$$ to get his life back in order.

Do what you want with Beavis, but please DO NOT call me a liar or my friend who was robbed. In my opinion, you are misleading posters about this place and I and Beavis not only request but demand that your post be deleted, not due to all of our personal differences but because in my opinion its a lie and misleads people. If any one reader here gets robbed or ripped off, send the bill to Borderjumper, he's good friends with Lupe and that should tell you enough about the truth here.

KosherCowboy: Pissed off as hell right now, in my opinion, Borderjumper of all this and all the differences you have stooped to a new level. Its ok not to like, or to disagree, but in my opinion to outright lie is wrong. In my opinion, if this were my site I would ban you and all your IP's. In my opinion, its no wonder you aren't welcome in our private groups. In my opinion, you are not a monger and dont pretend to be.

Jackson or Mods: Kosher apologizes for using the Beavis handle but Kosher had his permission, and both of us felt in our 30 years combined mongering and over 2000 hookers that someone needs to stand up to what is in my opinion a liar, once and for all.

All I have to say is "Who gives a fuck?"


01-15-04, 07:15
I know that I don't say much on these forums, but that is because I only get to make it down there 2-3 time a year. I have to say that I have always enjoyed reading KK's post's, and respect most of what BJ has had to say about life in NL. I have been to Pimp Daddy's on all of my last three trips, and have yet to get ripped off there. I have not had a bad experience with any of the three girls I have been with (except for Brenda's smelly puss). The meseros have always been pretty cool with me, infact one even hooked me up with the famous Lucero on my first trip there, amd helped negotiate a good deal. I have never met Lupe so I have nothing good or bad to say there, I never used the NLBTA for freebies and therefore am not dissapointed in that respect. Now Kosher, I made my first trip to BT, in late may of 2000. The only club I had heard of was Pappa's, and New Shamrock, which was real good back then. Other than that I had no idea how things worked down there, so I hung out in Pappas most of the night. That night I met the two most crooked Meseros that I have ever seen in BT. They were constantly trying to short change me, and bring uninvited drinks for girls who were sitting with me. Now I know this is a far cry from $800, but this is the club that you seem to tout as the honest one in BT. I personally have a bad taste in my mouth for Pappa's and only venture there as a last resort, if I can't find anything I like anywhere else. I say that if what happened to BB is true, and I don't doubt that it is, that it was a super isolated incedent, and not the norm for Pimp Daddy's, as I have had good experiences there. I do however (as I do anywhere) always make sure, that your waiter knows that you know whats going on, and don't let your guard down, or you get taken, but that goes for anywhere down there. I'd still like to buy you a bottled water down there someday, and trade stories, but like I said, I have bills to pay (lots of 'em) and only get to make it down there about 2-3 times a year.

01-15-04, 18:13
Greeting to all,

Thanks for all of your informative and entertaining posts. I hope that I have not offended anyone with my descriptions of past experiences that I have had. My intentions are honorable and truthful. It would not be constructive for anyone to tell untruths here. I will be the first to admit that Mexico is an extremely hot place to party. I've had many a good time and a few not so. I would enjoy going again but the distance is much too far so I will just have to enjoy your stories. I live in a remote rural situation but still have managed to collect my share of friendly country ladies who know how to treat their "Payday Daddy" I have one sweet girl who will clean my house, shine my knob and give a short massage for the great price of $40.00. She spends about 3 hrs. with me and I find her company most enjoyable. From time to time she has brought over girlfriends of hers and we make arrangements for fun usually always in the 40.00 range. I sure like to watch her clean in the nude. All bent over with her nice knockers swinging in the breeze. I would rate her in the 7's but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Her sister comes by and gives "The old Man" the most wonderful head. This usually costs 15.00 and damn well worth more. One time Renee brought this girl from the city over and we made our arrangements. After she left (no doubt to score a rock) her friend strips down to nothing crawls up on the couch and with legs spred wide declares to me "This is what I call my hairy monkey" and proceeds to masturbate in front of me. This chick was getting herself extremely hot, not to mention me also. I could see her wetness forming on her puss lips, so I grabs me cock in hand and I too join in on the fun. All the while she talked really seductively which was getting her and myself built up to a near frenzy. Damn that woman had just the right way of talking and I nearly blew my nuts. She saw my condition and jumped up and straddled me, jammed her titts into my face and proceeded to rock n roll. Fellas, this was one hot chick. Her visit lasted about an hour and it was an hour to remember. Bad thing is I've never had the chance to see her again. That visit was 60.00. 40.00 for her and 20.00 for Renee. Later on Renee came back for more money and treated me to her goods for another 20.00. She also preformed better than ever because she was afraid that maybe she would loose my affections for her in exchange for the other gal. So while I'm not sharing in on the fun in Mexico, I'm not laying dormant here in the woods. I want to again say thanks for your input on the Mexican scene.

You fellas have fun and be careful.

01-15-04, 19:53
I hope that this picture goes thru OK. This pic is only a year old but hasn't aged well. Instamatic film just has no life if not cared for properly. This is my favorite "Payday Girlfriends Renee".

01-15-04, 22:03

One time when I was at 123 the waiters would not stop swarming me. There was one in particular that I could not shake. Eventually, I just told him, "Look man, I'll give you a dollar if you will leave me alone." It worked and he never bothered me on subsequent visits. :)

I can't recall ever being ripped off by any waiter or bar owner while visiting NL and I've been to all the places mentioned on this board. But I don't enjoy Pimp Daddy's and usually avoid the place. I mostly stick to Pappaguyos and 123, although I do venture elsewhere for a change of pace.

My two cents is this, "Keep an eye on your money, look purposeful, and try to avoid barren streets where you might get caught with your pants down. Use common sense and most of your trips will be uneventful except when you are in the room."


Punter 127
01-17-04, 17:20
Here is a photo of a PD girl from Nov. 2003. This is by far not the best looking girl I have had at PD's, but see was very good in bed, BBBJ/FS $60. (I think.) I hope to be there next week this time.

Punter 127

01-17-04, 18:01

Last Saturday I was having a late lunch with a friend in Houston and right out of the blue, I said "Hey let's drive to Laredo and get us some Mexican pussy". His response, " ..aahhh sure..". Off we went. It is that easy.

It wasn't too bad a drive down 59. Less than 5 hours. We were there by 10:00 We decided to stay at the Holiday Inn. $85. We hired a taxi to take us across the boarder to a restaurant the driver recommended as having good baby goat. Taxi $25 (is that too much?). Food was pretty good. Can’t remember the name though.

After grub, it was a $6 taxi to BT. I decided to try Tambico? Last time I was there I had GFE and the pussy cost a little less that pappas. First round of baby Coronas $4 + $1 tip. I noticed what appeared like a tight, young, little monkey standing by the jukebox. After some time I walked over to her and we put a dollar in the machine. She looked a little better from across that bar and as she smiled she reveled these Mike Tyson looking gold teeth. I bit of a turn off, but the little man below had already started making my decisions. She said her name was Christina. I asked for a massage and a BBBJ. She said "no no. Condom blow job, Condom fucky". Well I tried.

Tyson asked for $50 + $10. I figured $40 + $10 was good enough, so made the offer and she accepted. We quickly went up to her room. She asked for a $1 for the towel lady, which I forked out, but did not get a towel?

In her room, where she lives, I start to gear down and was piling my cloths on a chair. She insisted that I put my cloths on a different chair ? She gets naked and what I was hoping to be a nice, young, firm little monkey, was a floppy titted, sponge bellied, jabba the hut. Being the pig monger that I am, this did not turn me off too much. I lay on her bed for my massage and she just wanted to start putting a condom on me. I reminded her of the massage and she reluctantly proceeded to rub my back for about 2 minutes. So much for that.

I'm rolled over on my back now, and she starts putting the rubber on my limp dick. No "Vitamin V" on this trip. With her Mike Tyson teeth she starts sucking some life into my boy. It's not quite at full mast yet and she KY's herself and lays on her back and wants me to start fucker her. I point to my chubby and asked her to suck it some more before fucking. She starts to give me a rough hand job, which does the trick. "Houston we have lift off".

I start laying the pipe. Her pussy feels pretty nice, but over all it's just not doing it for me. I close my eyes and start fantasizing the is airline hosty I met a week ago. That does it for me. I’m getting ready to nut, so I want to pull off the rubber and blast on her. She grabs my hand to stop me. I decide to re-enter and nut inside.

We walk to the shower, where she starts to wash herself. I drop the condom in the garbage and take a [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140). I then go into the shower with her and wash my tallywacker. I ask her for a towel and she rolls off some toilet paper and gives that to me! What about the $1 I gave the towel lady!

My buddy did not take anyone. We went to pappas where there was some real talent. There were a couple 9's. Even some blond white girls. It was around 2:30, so we went back to Laredo.

I have had some realy enjoyable experiences in NL BT. This one was OK. I'm looking forward to a re-visit.

Looks: 6.5
Body: 6
Service: 5

01-17-04, 23:21
I have never been to Pimp Daddys when I haven't seen somebody or ran into somebody leaving that got ripped off and it is killing his business. I know the owner and I tried to tell him that it will hurt his business but he says the meseros are doing it on their own but if you get really pissed he will staighten it out. I told him he should keep a tighter leash on his meseros but he wont.


01-18-04, 16:28
El Doble, You're right. He knows and is at a loss to do anything about it though. Last time I was in there, he had his girlfriend behind the bar to help keep an eye on things but these meseros are pretty damn slick and he is after all, an American doing business in Mexico and a target just like any of the rest of us that go to BT or any zona in Mexico.

Best advice anyone can take is to be cognizant of your surroundings, know and point out to the mesero the exact denomination of the bill you're giving to them and stay relatively sober if you drink. This is true not only for PD's but any club you visit.

But here's a thought for you. Have you ever noticed the ones that allegedly get ripped off in these places are the loud, obnoxious, drunk assholes that have the "better than thou" superior gringo attitude about them? You know, the kind that come to Mexico and expect everyone to bow down and kiss their American asses because all the locals should be so appreciative of the their presence.?

A little respect and courtesy goes a long way in this country

Kosher Kowboy
01-18-04, 16:51
That is Brenda! She is now at Tamykos, she left PD's, for whatever reason. She can be had for 50-60 bucks at Tamykos now. Anyone else been to Danash yet?

KosherCowboy: Horny and ready to head to MX next week in his new truck :)

Punter 127
01-19-04, 00:11
OK Kosherkowboy, I give up what’s Danish? Did I miss something?

Punter 127

01-19-04, 05:02
BabyHuey will head to Boystown February 21-22 or maybe 20-21. I kind of like the Saturday/Sunday combo a little better, but I was going to try and find someone to ride down w/ me from Houston. I will be off Thursday 2/19-Tuesday 2/29. I like to drive back the day after. I will be staying on the Mexican side. If anyone would be interested in riding down for two nights in February, please PM me.

01-19-04, 05:07
Oh can someone give me some directions to the Fiesta Motel from the big Bridge. I usually stay at Villa Real, but with all the policia activity would rather drive as little as possible, and I find it hard to get a cab from VR. I would also like to try out the Herradura, which I have never been to before. Also can someone reccomend some good restaurants in town, I have only eaten at Pollo Loco, Los Platos, and taco stands down there.

01-19-04, 05:09
Baby Huey: has lost 60 pounds, he still weighs 260, but needs to go to Mexico, to try out his new sexy body.

01-19-04, 14:07
BH....Fiesta and Herradura are caddy corner from each other on Ocampo which is one street south of Guerrero, the main street you are on after you cross bridge number one. Best way to tell you to get there is to cross #1 and come down Guerrera to the second Plaza on your left (the one with the big monument in it. Go around that plaza (3 lefts and an immediate right on Ocampo) and follow Ocampo to The fiesta which is on your right.

Restaurants: The best in Centro is EL Rancho. Good Food, open bar and a floor show. Very reasonably priced. Seafood, Playa del Mar or Playa Azul Mariscos. Upscale, Restarante Colon; Mexi/ Itanlian, Tomatillos..We also have an Applebees.

No Police activity more than normal down here BH. Nothing to worry about really.

City Police are on their best behavior these days since Mayor Suarez cleaned house a few months ago and the PFP troops are not bothering anybody but the trafficantes!

01-19-04, 23:22

Danash Exotic View recently opened up when I last visit BT back in early December. Wrote a lengthy report on it. Anyway, girls are usually of the younger variety (ie. 19-22 range). Very nice, clean club (rival those in Houston). Girls dance and strip completely in 3 songs. Private all-nude dance is $15 for 3 songs. The works is $80, and these chicks won't budge. Watch out for the drink tab, although ours only cost $3 each, theirs cost around $10, and I don't think it matters what they ordered. Also, let me know if the VIP jacuzzi is working yet. Wanted to give it a spin in December but it was not ready.


I might be available to join you on that roady, but I can stay for one night only. Let you know later. BTW, Herradura is okay. We went there around 4:00pm and it had only a couple of #5-7 working. Very small club with porn on tubes, but conveniently located downtown next to the Fiesta so take-out hoochy is a possibility.

WCHB712, or #1491 as I'm known here.

Punter 127
01-20-04, 02:00
Hey Bubbles77,

The experience you had with the gold tooth Tyson girl is why I like places like Pimp Daddys, and the 123 club. I get to see them naked first. Just a thought.


Joe Driver
01-20-04, 05:40

Let the rest of us know how the Herradura Club checks out, if you go there in Feb. I checked out the Herradura Club about 3 years ago, and felt the girls were engaged in price fixing, so to speak, at that club. They all wanted $50 for 30 minutes, plus you had to pay extra for the hotel room. Fuck that shit. I can do better out at boystown, so that's where I hang out.

BabyHuey, you might want to check out that other club close by Herradura called Harochoes, or something like that. It's on Haldalgo street, across the street from the Herradura Club. You can just walk across the street, to get to it. Things don't crank up at Harochoes until after midnight. Everybody from the Herradura Club piles over to Herochoes, around midnight, or so. Herochoes stays open late. I think Herochoes is open until 4:00 AM in the morning, or something like that. Borderjumper would know more about this, than me. I don't know if they can serve alcohol after 2:00 AM, and if not, how they work it after 2:00AM, but I'm pretty sure they stay open past 2:00am. Price for pussy might be a little cheaper at Harochoes.

There's another club on Haldalgo, just west of Guerrero, where you walk down into a basement. I got some good pussy out of that club, about 3 years ago. I can't remember the name of this club, but it's near the SW corner of Haldalgo, and Guerrero. People standing on that corner could show you the entrance for that club. You walk down some stairs, into a basement, which is where the club is.

Joe Driver

Punter 127
01-21-04, 02:26
Nuevo Laredo Boystown,

Get all your hottest chica’s rested up, painted up, and ready to be lathered up. Because Punter and company are on the way. We’ve got a pocket full of money, and heart full of lust. All you other mongers, please give us some room, because we’re backed up, jacked up, and ready to play. (Don’t care if I do die, do die, gona make the juice fly!!!)
I’m bringing a newbie with me, who’s looking to get his Latino boystown cherry popped. If any of you fellow mongers want to hook up, just look for 3 gringos, that look like kids in a candy store. Anybody recommend any new clubs or chica’s? Here is a photo of a chica from PD’s last September. (Can’t remember her name) We should be there Friday night.

Borderjumper did you get my reply to your PM?

Punter 127

Joe Driver
01-21-04, 05:03
Cool Beans wrote the below comments, and didn't receive any answers. I'm wondering myself what kind of action can be had in this new adult video store, and what the rates are. Any problems with vice cops hanging around this place, trying to bust hookers, and johns? I think this place is out of the city limits of Laredo, but I'm not sure of this.

Joe Driver

Cool Beans wrote below:

On the way back from a visit to Boy's Town this month, I stopped
at the Love's Truck Stop at the 13 mile marker on I-35. Next to it is a new adult video store. When I went inside, there were many ladies, apparently working girls, milling about, and they offered to take me to a booth or private room for a lapdance or "something more". Since I was exhausted from mongering in La Zona, I did not accept.

I was wondering if anybody from here has gone into this place. Does anybody know what is really available inside, and how much we can expect to pay?

Cool Beans

01-21-04, 05:16
Thanks for info Punter127.

I will try Pimp Daddys, and the 123 club next time. Are the prices and the scene the same? I've read enough discussions on Pimp Daddys to be careful (extra careful).

I am planning another trip town in early March with some friends (too long a wait). They will be interested in taking girls back for the night. What is the best scene for that? Can this be done outside of BT?



01-21-04, 22:55
Joe Driver....Not sure what the action is in the Adult Book store you mentioned. I haven't been in there but noticed quite a number of women behind the cashiers portion. Need to look into it.

Bubbles 77...Use common sense and show the people the same respect you expect and you'll be fine down there at PD's or any other place you go. Looking forward to more of you dispelling or affirming the rumors. Remember, YMMV!

Taking the girls out of the clubs is possible in BT but don't expect to get the hotties unless you have deep pocketbooks. Remember, all the girls out there may be hesitant as they don't know you and they are safe in BT. Herradura downtown? I have no idea if this is possible. A lot of those girls are down there making extra money and have a home and a family to go home to. Some of the room girls might allow you to stay the night for the right price. Ask Lupe at PD's to recommend someone that will go this route with you. PM me and I'll give you my name to drop on him. Despite recent assertions to the contrary, I have no financial interest in any of the clubs in BT. Only friends with a couple of owners and several of the Meseros at Marabu. SPeaking of which is another good club to check out. If the Mesero Jorge is working, tell him Susana and her husband sent you in and you'll be well taken care of.

Punter...got your PM and am replying right now. In Miami and it's been a busy week. unfortunately, won't be back into NL until this weekend if I'm lucky!

Punter 127
01-22-04, 01:47

My buddy and I did take girls back to our motel one night, but they came from Pappagayos, and we were staying at Tres Caminos motel, both of which I understand are owned by the same lady. We had no problems doing this; we just had to pay $35 to get them out of Pappagayos, Plus the price of the girls, most strat out asking 300, but we both got girls for 100 to 150.

Once in the room it's pretty much GFE all night. To do this it needs to be very late, or on a slow night. Also rainy nights seem to be a good time to deal. I plan to leave for BT tomorrow night, should be there Friday or Saterday night.

Good Luck

Punter 127

Bubbles I tried to PM you, but your PM does not work?

Joe Driver
01-22-04, 03:38

I was wondering if you could respond concerning my post to BabyHuey below, concerning those 3 clubs on Haldalgo? I'm wondering what you think about the action in those clubs. Does Herochoes stay open past 2:00AM? Any help you could give, would be appreciated. Since you live in Nuevo Laredo, we all look to you for guidence, and sage advise, on these matters.:-)

Also, about 2 years ago I checked out the 3 strip clubs in Nuevo Laredo. One club is called Egipsyus, and I don't remember the name of the other two strip clubs, but they all sucked big time, IMO. MY advice to fellow mongers, is to not waste your time, or cab money, checking out these strip clubs in Nuevo Laredo. They're nothing but bullshit. I was very disappointed in all three clubs.

I have not checked the strip club in Laredo, Tx., called Exoticas, so I can't report on it.

Also, for the viagra-addicted mongers in this NG, like myself, get a pill splitter from Wallmart, or wherever, for $4. You can split up that expensive viagra blue pill. Works great, and saves money. And only get the 100 mg viagras. You're wasting money, IMO, if you get the 50 mg tablets. They cost about the same as the 100 mg. If you don't want a 100mg dose, use your cheap pill splitter to cut up this expensive tablet. Just my thoughts.

Joe Driver

Scotty Monger
01-23-04, 04:11
Trip Report (12/13/03)

I’m a new member, and this is my first posting regarding Boystown, so it’s a long one. I first want to thank all of the senior members for their very informative and highly accurate postings. I have been visiting this site for about two months and the information provided by the members proved invaluable. As a newly divorced 41 year old, I made a promise to myself that once the divorce was finalized I would make my first trip to the promised land! Well, the court granted the divorce on Wednesday (12/10/03), and I was on my way to BT Saturday (12/13/03)! Due to the exceptional information contained in this site, I even made the trip solo.

I won’t bore the members by repeating well known information. However, I would like to confirm a few items that I have seen debated recently. First of all, I felt completely safe, both in el centro NL and BT. I have read the recent postings regarding the violence between the trafficantes and the Federales, but all was quiet during my visit. I agree with BorderJumper that if you exercise common “street sense” you will have no problems. Personally, the presence of numerous machine-gun toting policia makes me feel safer in NL than in many parts of the U.S. The last thing the government wants is for law-abiding gringos to get “scared off” by the recent violence. It would be even worse for an innocent gringo to get killed in a shootout. The local economy would collapse if all those miserably married yuppies stopped coming over to overpay for Mexican goods and services. Secondly, never carry drugs or any kind of weapon while visiting BT. I was stopped by two “cops”, while walking around BT, who asked to search me. They were polite, and simply patted my pockets and asked if I had a knife or any drugs. If you are equally polite and respectful, that will be the end of it. If you cop an attitude, you may get more than you bargained for. They did not try to rob me or plant something on me.

Since this was my first trip to BT, and I would be going solo, I decided on a one night “recon” mission. I got a room at the Rio Grande ($59 plus tax), which everyone knows is the tower to the west of the mall parking lot. This hotel is definitely past its prime, but the location is convenient for those who want to stay on the U.S. side. The La Posada would be even more convenient, but the price is at least $100. Staying at these hotels also solves the parking problem, especially if you have a nice or new vehicle. There is a large area of the mall lot that is fenced, for gringos to park in. I believe it is $8 a day.

I crossed over the bridge at about 7:30, ceremoniously dropping my wedding ring into the Rio Grande! I have visited NL many times in the past as one of those miserably married yuppies, so I decided to walk around a bit. For old time’s sake, I had a beer at that open air bar that plays the loud dance music, across from the park. Typically, it was filled mostly with middle aged suburbanites loaded down with their “bargains” from the Mercado. As I leaned over the railing, I spotted two gringos coming up the sidewalk from the bridge. I knew instantly that these were experienced mongers, headed for BT. They stopped into a pharmacy, bought their vitamin V’s, headed straight to the taxi stand on the north side of the park, and were off. Total travel time from bridge-pharmacy-taxi, 3 minutes. I love watching pros in action!

I walked around a bit to kill some time, and then headed to BT at about 9:00. I waited a few minutes near the taxi stand to see if any other gringos would show up to split the ride, but none did. I paid the $10 gringo tax and was off to BT. The ride took about 10 minutes, and following the advise of several forum members, I had the driver let me out at the taxi stand in front of Papagayos. Again, since this was my first trip, I wanted to get familiar with the place and start learning the “nuts and bolts” of finding the good chickas in BT. I walked into Papagayos, but it was quiet, so I didn’t stay. I came back around midnight and the place was packed. They had at least 50 chickas, and maybe as many as 70. While I agree that this place has the most girls, and the most variety, I personally didn’t see that there was a higher ratio of “hotties” than in the other nicer clubs. I’d say that of the 50 girls, maybe 5 or 6 of them rated 8+. Many rated between 5 and 7, and might be worth the money. I was also surprised to see quite a few girls there that gave me an instant “soft-on”! This ratio would prove to be similar in many other clubs.

After leaving Papagayos, the first time, I decided to “recon” the entire complex before getting serious. I walked down First Street to Marabu, but there were only a couple of waiters inside. I came back several times, but never saw more than 3 girls. It’s strange that such a large complex has so little action. I need to find a Mexican citizen I can partner with, buy this place, and turn it into the hot spot it should be! Leaving Marabu, I walked across First Street to Tamyko and looked in the window. No action here either. I would later observe that most of these clubs don’t get going until 10:00, and don’t really get humming until midnight. Pimp Daddies didn’t open until 10:00, and closed less than an hour later, for some unknown reason. I avoided the clubs that had “white shirts” standing outside, yelling at us gringos to go inside and see “the show”. The “white shirts” outside of Shamrock, 123, & Martha’s were the most obnoxious.

I decided to just walk BT and check out the door girls. There were approximately 50 door girls throughout BT, with many located on Second Street. Of the 50, there were 3 that were definite “hotties”, and could easily work in the nicer clubs. One was actually in a room in the “skuzzy green building” on the south side of Second Street, middle of the block. She looked very young, was petite and slim, and wore tight white satin pants. I was never able to talk to her, since she was much busier than most of the other door girls, but she is tempting.

The second door girl “hottie”, and arguably the cutest girl in all of BT, is one of the sisters that works a room on the south side of Second Street about 4-5 doors from the Pullman Club, at the corner of Front Street. I’m pretty sure she is the younger one, and she wore thigh high boots. This girl is naturally pretty and totally fuckable. I did talk to her, and she wanted $20 for the typical 15 minute session. I asked how much for both sisters, and she said $40 total. I asked “sin la ropa?”. She said that would be $30 for each sister. There was no price break quoted for longer sessions, so 30 minutes would be $60 per sister. I thanked her and filed the information away for future negotiations. Therefore, this cutie is charging about the same for 30 minutes, as a lot of the club girls are getting. Thanks to the information I got through the forum, I knew to ask about the clothes. It would have sucked to have gotten into the room with this hottie, only to realize I’d have to pay more to see the whole package. If anyone has tried her, let me know if she screws as good as she looks.

The third door girl hottie works a room on the west side of Front Street, I think between First and Second Streets, but possibly further south. She looks a bit older than the other two, but is still fine. Could this be the famous “Adriana”? Other than these 3 girls, I’d say there were about 10-15 others that looked decent, with the rest being relatively old and/or ugly. I continued my mission until I had walked the entire complex twice. As you can tell, I’m a patient man. I wanted to scope out the entire scene before diving in. I walked to the Don Luis taco stand next to Papagayos and had a couple of tacos. They were $1 a piece and quite good. I suffered no ill effects, so have no fear. This stand is also a good place to “shoot the shit” with other mongers, between sessions. I ran into several fellow Austinites there, who provided some good information on BT.

Now that the “recon” mission was completed, and my stomach satisfied, I decided it was time to get serious. I had already decided to go for quality instead of quantity on this visit. So, I started checking out the nicer clubs. My goal was to get one decent quality club girl and splurge for a longer than 30 minute session. I know some of you veterans get longer service for the standard price, but I haven’t “made my bones” with the girls yet. By this time it was about midnight, and I made my return visit to Papagayos. As I said earlier, lots of girls & decent variety, but not my scene. The place is just too crowded and noisy, and most of the punk-ass college kids end up here. BTW, if you’re just casually looking and don’t want to get harassed into buying drinks for the bothersome fat chicks, just stand at the bar and drink your $2 Coronita! Everywhere else it was $2 Coronas, but at Papagayos it’s Coronitas! Also, there are some tables along the outer wall directly across from the bar & behind some archways that are somewhat more private. You can sit with your back to the wall and avoid having “las chickas gorda” sneak up on you!

I left Papagayos and headed back to Marabu. There were 3 girls there, and about 5 gringos vying for their attention. There was one girl that rated about 7.5, one that was a 5, and one that was scary! I walked out of the “ghost town” and across to Tamyko (a.k.a. Chinatown). I have seen some posts that say Tamyko is “hit or miss”, and even some that say it has gone far downhill. This time, there were about 20 girls, and the ratio of “hotties” was about the same as at Papagayos. There were 3 of them that rated at least an 8, by my accounting, with 8-10 girls rating a 5-7, and the rest not worth looking at. The place was about ¾ full, but not packed like Papagayos, so I decided to have a drink. I immediately spotted a girl across the room that looked naturally cute & wasn’t covered in a pound of makeup. That’s the other problem I had with Papagayos. Most of the girls there are decked out in typical street-walker clothes and wear too much makeup. I prefer the natural cuties who don’t need all that crap. After fighting off a couple of fatties, I nodded to the girl and she immediately came over. I believe her name is Sarah, but she pronounced it “Say-ree-ah”. As I said, this girl is cute, but not a decked out “hottie” in skin tight leather and stiletto heels. She looks like a regular girl, is petite and slim, and was just wearing jeans and tight sweater. I bought her a drink ($3.50) and we chatted a little. She spoke limited English and I speak little Spanish, but I learned that she claimed to be 24 years old, was from Monterrey and had been working in BT for quite some time. She had the right attitude for me, not too pushy and not too demure. There was nothing rushed about her, she eagerly answered all of my questions, and never asked to be bought a drink. She let me offer her the drink, and let me take things at my own pace. As we finished our drinks, I started the negotiations. She quoted $60 + $10 for a 30 minute session, which the veteran mongers have stated in this forum numerous times is about the maximum you should pay for any decent club girl in BT. The top girls in Papagayos will often start at $100, but can be negotiated down to a reasonable price by a knowledgeable monger. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted a longer session than the standard 30 minutes, and I haven’t yet “earned” any slack in this area. I asked her how much for 1 solid hour. She quoted $100 + $20. Apparently, the girls there pay $10 per ½ hour for the room. In the end, I was able to get 1 full hour of full service (no anal) for $80 + $10, which I thought was a good price for a newbie like me, as long as she earned it!

I gave her $20 to pay for the room, and we proceeded out the side door, up some stairs in a courtyard next to the club and into a room. I gave the towel/cleaning lady $3, so she was happy. I learned this in the forum as well. Tip the towel lady a little more than the usual and the clock magically runs a little slower! She asked if I wanted a massage, and since I had an hour, I accepted. Her technique was mediocre at best, but I have to say that the massage was very relaxing and put me in the right frame of mind. If you haven’t done this, try it next time. It will slow you down a little so you don’t “shoot your gun” too soon and spend the rest of the session talking football! Next was the cbj, which was short in duration but expertly administered. I don’t especially enjoy cbj’s, since the sensation is dulled by the condom. It’s simply done to get the equipment ready to perform. We then got down to it, with there being only one rule. She did not want to be kissed anywhere on her face. Not just the lips, but the entire face. I didn’t plan on doing this anyway, but if you like to kiss the girls then this one is not for you. Other than that, she had no restrictions. The subject of anal sex never came up, so I don’t know if she does or doesn’t, but I’m doubtful. If she does, I’m sure it would cost more, so be sure to ask up front if you are interested in this.

Now it was time for the payoff. Did I do a good job and pick a girl who was going to work a full hour for her money, or did I blow it? I’m happy to report that she worked me over big time! Having been married for 11 years and not having to wear a condom, I found that even though I hadn’t been laid in a couple of months my staying power was maximized by the latex. Instead of worrying about cumming too quickly, I was able to relax and enjoy the ride. The best thing about this girl is her willingness to try virtually any position you suggest. Instead of only wanting to do missionary and standard “cowgirl”, she would do whatever I asked. This girl also put a lot of effort into the sex, matching every one of my thrusts with an equally powerful counter-thrust.
Her eagerness to satisfy my desires, coupled with the extra time I had purchased, made for an excellent first session in BT! In the end, we did about eight different positions, including doggie, reverse cowgirl, and a “scissor” position that I have patented! I ended with an “edge of the bed” doggie position, where you stand at the edge of the bed and she backs up to you. This provides for maximum power and thrust, and I highly recommend it as the finale.

We had gone slightly over the time limit, but she didn’t try to get anything extra for it. She jumped in the skuzzy shower and washed off, and I did the same. I had decided before we started that I would tip her the entire $20 room charge if she did a good job, even though she was technically only charging me $10 for the room. We got dressed and I paid her the full $90 we had agreed upon. I had already given her $20 for the room, so she was happy to recoup the other $10 for the 1 hour room charge plus get an extra $10. In the end, I paid $80 + $20 + $10 tip, for a total of $110 for over an hour of time, and had excellent sex with few restrictions. I’d rather have 1 good long sexual encounter a night than 3 short bad ones, for the same money. This is partly due to my patient & methodical personality, but also due to the fact that I live in Austin and can drive to NL in about 3.5 hours. If I had to fly across country to get to BT, I’d probably go for maximum bangs for the bucks.

I’m already planning my next trip to Latina Heaven (2/7/04). I think next time I’ll stay 2 nights, and try out those sisters! If any mongers live in Austin and want to hook up for a trip, let me know. Also, I’m counting on the veterans who read this posting to tell me how I screwed up, so I won’t do it again! I know you veterans can get better deals from the chickas, but I’m more than satisfied for my first time. My goal was to have a longer than 30 minute session with a cute girl who provided excellent customer service. The results greatly exceeded my expectations, and I’m sure it’s due in large part to the excellent advice posted in this forum. The advice gave me the confidence to visit BT solo, and the knowledge to ensure that I had a great experience.

Scotty Monger

01-23-04, 18:05
Scotty you have awesome taste...

Scotty writes:

The second door girl “hottie”, and arguably the cutest girl in all of BT, is one of the sisters that works a room on the south side of Second Street about 4-5 doors from the Pullman Club, at the corner of Front Street. I’m pretty sure she is the younger one, and she wore thigh high boots. This girl is naturally pretty and totally fuckable. ... If anyone has tried her, let me know if she screws as good as she looks.

With the boots is Gabriela; the other was either her sister Itzamara or her cousin Caren. Gabriela and Itzamara are shaved with heavy tatoo-work, just so you know. Never tried Caren. Gabriela and Itzamara aren't outstanding in the sack but G. is better than I., and G. is so tight and hot that uh, well, it's a pleasure doing business in her. And both are VERY nice kids, I always hang with them a bit even if I don't "purchase."

Scotty then says:

The third door girl hottie works a room on the west side of Front Street, I think between First and Second Streets, but possibly further south.
Yes, further south. Adriana generally has braces on her teeth, or she did. She is in the second bank of rooms south of 2nd street.

Btw, I have lately gotten fond of Sandra, from Toluca; she's the second door on that same row south of 2nd street. Cute girl, 22, one kid, and she has lived in New York City, believe it or not.

Scotty again:

I believe her name is Sarah, but she pronounced it “Say-ree-ah”. As I said, this girl is cute, but not a decked out “hottie” in skin tight leather and stiletto heels. She looks like a regular girl, is petite and slim, and was just wearing jeans and tight sweater. I bought her a drink ($3.50) and we chatted a little. She spoke limited English and I speak little Spanish, but I learned that she claimed to be 24 years old, was from Monterrey and had been working in BT for quite some time.

Hmmm.. Is she basically blond, straight hair, with a somewhat slender head shape? If so, would be Sara, pronounced as it looks, from Monterrey, who has worked there 1.5 years. Or is this someone else. Can you describe her more?

01-23-04, 18:39
Gooday fellow mongers.

Does anyone have a link to the Boystown Army?

Joe Driver
01-23-04, 21:05
Scotty Monger asked:

If anyone has tried her, let me know if she screws as good as she looks.

Sigue responded that this girl's name is Gabriela, and that she wears boots.

Joe Driver is now responding below:

Yes, I got with this Gabriela girl about 8 months ago. She always has a smile on her face, and she is beautiful. I wasn't that impressed with her performance in bed. I think I paid $20 for 15 or 20 minutes. She started out in the missionary position, but after about 10 minutes of what I viewed as rather boring action, (i.e. this missionary position), I requested she roll over on her stomach. That's my favorite way to fuck. She said okey, but that she wanted another $5 to do this. I said, "Okey", and acted like this was no big deal, but I was pissed. If she wants $25, tell me that up front. I don't like it when they keep bumping up the price, after the action gets going. We fucked for about another 7 or 8 minutes, and that was about it. I didn't blow my load.

I have walked by this Gabriela girl many time since then, and she always looks at me and smiles, but I just keep on walking. I didn't think she was that hot in bed, myself. She is very good looking though.

Joe Driver

Joe Driver
01-23-04, 22:14
I just got back from Boystown, and thought I'd submit a report. On Thursday, 1-22-04, I caught the 6:25am Greyhound bus from Dallas to Nuevo Laredo. I arrived in Nuevo Laredo at 4:10pm, at the central bus station in Nuevo Laredo, via Greyhound. This bus station is referred to as the central de autobuses. I walked across the street, and had dinner at the La Estrada restaurant. I had baked chicken, beans, rice, and a coke for $3.75. It was good.

I then walked to Boystown, to save on the cab fare. It's about 3/4 of a mile from the central bus station, in Nuevo Laredo. About 5:15 pm, I walked into Boystown, and headed towards the Hollywood to see about renting a room for the night. I don't know much about this Hollywood place, and it looked rather dead, at this time. so I walked to the Star Bar, and rented a room there for $15 for the whole night.

The room was fair. The toilet worked, but the room was cold, since it was cold outside. They had 3 blankets on the bed. I went back out into the bar, and saw Alicia, who lives in room 7, at the Star Bar. I was in room 10. I've been with Alicia before, and have been happy with her. She charges $30 for one hour. I usually get with her for several 1 hour sessions.:-)

I proceeded to get with her for 4 one hour sessions, with about a 10 minute break in between sessions. By this time, it was about 10:30 pm. We finished, and I looked outside the room, and it was cold and drizzling. I was worn out from my sessions with Alicia.:-) I didn't have much left, so I caught a $6 cab back to the central de autobuses, and caught the 11:15pm Greyhound sched back to Dallas. I arrived back in Dallas today, 1-23-04, at 10:45am.

Overall I was happy with my trip. The bus ride was free for me, since I have "inside connections", Allicia wore my ass out,:-) but the weather sucked, I was tired, so I headed on back to Dallas.

I plan on heading on down there again in Feb.

Joe Driver

01-24-04, 00:41

Sorry man, can't help you with the other three clubs you mentioned. Have only done Herradura a couple or 3 (dz) times. I've seen the one across the street you refer to but haven't seen anything qorht talking about entering or leaving the other clubs north of the Herrdura on Ocampo.

You're correct about the Egyptxia and Club Colorado in NL. The Egyptxia bills itself as a Tourist Men's Club and that in itself sahould be a tip off to stay away. Exotica's in Laredo is a Topless Only Club. Nothing special to it really.

Damn good report Scotty!

Scotty Monger
01-24-04, 03:03

Thanks for the info. on Gabriela. I didn't get the name of the other girl, so I don't know if it was the sister or the cousin. They both were nice girls indeed, and I noticed numerous guys just stopping by to talk with them. I have got to try her next time, with or without the sister.

BorderJumper's pic confirms that it was Adriana I spotted. She also seemed nice, with a good personality. I didn't notice any braces though. That's 2 for the next trip! I'll also take a look at Sandra. That could be 3 door girls on one trip!

The girl at Tamyko wasn't blonde, but she did have a slender head, and not the wide face/forehead you see alot of in BT, or in Mexico for that matter. She had straight black hair to the middle of the back, was about 5'4" tall, and was in decent shape. She was slender but not thin, and had no noticable "tummy bulge". I would try her again, but not until I have made the rounds!

Thanks again for all of the great advice. I will post a report after my next trip. Two weeks and counting! Btw, I am going to Vegas next weekend for the Super Bowl. I'm not planning on doing any mongering unless I hit it big. The prices out there are crazy compared to BT. However, if I do hit it big and sample the local girls, I will post a report in the appropriate section.

Scotty Monger

01-24-04, 20:24
Scotty writes:

The girl at Tamyko wasn't blonde, but she did have a slender head,

Woops, my bad! My reading skills must be flagging, I figured you were in Papagayo and were referring to a Sara who works THERE.

Btw Scotty, GREAT story about tossing your ring into intrariparian oblivion.

01-24-04, 21:51
>I walked down First Street to Marabu, but there were only a couple of waiters inside. I came back several times, but never saw more than 3 girls. It’s strange that such a large complex has so little action. I need to find a Mexican citizen I can partner with, buy this place, and turn it into the hot spot it should be!

Good report Scotty!

Cherubino has started avoiding Marabu since Perla left. Have'nt seen her in months. Let us know if she comes back.

Very strange indeed! When a place like that keeps going on and on with no apparent business taking place, you gotta wonder what else they are selling. Cherubino has never seen any drug action in there, but not much other action either.

Marabu is easily the best facility in BT and why they don't have 50+ girls theres a real mystery.

01-25-04, 02:01
Perla is back as of 1-2-04 along with her blonde friend. Decent selection then.


01-25-04, 03:46
"Cherubino has started avoiding Marabu since Perla left."

Dude, that is the best time to return to a bar. Two reasons. One, you will always find another chica ready to fuck you for a variety of reasons. Two, you get to scout out for the return of a favorita. I never cut myself short on pussy. I don't know NL at all but I do know Juarez and I imagine the culture of the zona can't be all that different.

Just my 2 cents,

The Filthy One

Scotty Monger
01-25-04, 08:03
Sigue, and other senior mongers,

I need some advise. I have read numerous posts from members about staying at Hollywood nights in BT. I visited a place on my first visit that I thought was the Hollywood nights, but it was totally and completely dead, the entire night. It's located on the northwest corner of First Street and Back Street, basically due west of Marabu and across Back Street. I walked in several times, and only saw 3-4 chickas, and 2 of those were TV's! Fairly good looking TV's, but TV"s none-the-less. Is this the same place everyone has talked about? I did notice a fairly large "motel" complex out back, but the place was completely deserted.

I'd like to stay in BT, or at least NL, so I could potentially have a chicka spend the night, etc... What's your opinion, should I get a room in BT at Hollywood or the Star Bar, or should I get a room at a motel in NL? I keep thinking about all of those empty rooms at Marabu. They should at least rent those out to mongers for the night. They could charge a "2nd person" fee to get a cut of the action. Something is up with these places. Between Hollywood and Marabu, you could make some decent money just renting the rooms to mongers and charging them for bringing in chickas.

Also, I have a brand new vehicle, and don't relish the thought of driving it into Mexico. I'd prefer to leave it in Laredo. I guess I could park it at the fenced Mall lot, and walk over with a small suitcase. Is this feasible? I have never gone over the border with a suitcase. Am I asking for trouble, or just paranoid?

My next trip is in 2 weeks, and depending upon your advise, I will either stay at the Rio Grande again, or I will take the plunge and stay on the Mexican side. I must confess, the thought of spending a couple of nights in BT has its appeal! However, if you think it is better that I stay on the U.S. side, then I will.

Thanks in advance for the advise. I will post my report ASAP after the trip. Btw, aint it always the case that the really hot chickas (Gabriela) know they are hot and don't screw as good as they look?! I usually go for the 6-7 chickas. They are more than cute enough to screw, but still work hard for the money. The girl at Tamyko (Sarah?) I described, fits into this category.

I must confess, this mongering suits me! I'm like a big kid in the ultimate candy store. I finally have the freedom, and the money, to fulfill all of my desires. If this is wrong, then why does it feel so right?!

Scotty Monger

01-25-04, 19:36
I'm fairly sure I caught a glimpse of Perla (from Monterrey, curly medium-brown hair) out of the corner of my eye when briefly casing Marabu around 11:30 pm Thursday night. She seemed a bit chubbier than she was 2 years ago. I got sort of tired of her about a year ago so I didn't make convo or even eye contact. I COULD be mistaken but I don't think so.

01-25-04, 20:24

When we were pushing the Hollywood Nights Club and motel, it was located over on the very first street caddy corner across from Marabu's main (back) entrance. Since then Luis has closed that location and moved to where he is now. Haven't been in the new location but that used to be an infamous lady boy bar. The hotel still seems to be in operation although I have no idea who runs it now. It's a dump however.

Regarding motels and driving in NL. I have a 01 Explorer and a Jeep Cherokee. I just recently sold a Mercedes which I used over here in NL. I've never had the least bit of problems driving or parking in NL, including BT. I could take you to the colonia I live in and show you quite a number fo new cars down here including Mercedes, Lexus's and the like. My preference for a motel before I moved here was the Villa Real Motel on Lopez Lara. Lopez Lara is the main road leading towards BT. Villa Real has an enclosed courtyard with plenty of secure,safe parking (sort of like Papagayo's, damn nice rooms with A/C heat and Cable TV, comparable to an American Best Western. An onsite restaraunt with room service including full bar room service. Great steak ranchero for under $6.00. From here it is a short drive to BT. The place is girl friendly, pay for a double up front. Rate is roughly $50 per night and well worth it. Once you've been there a time or two and they recognize you, you will recieve superb service. As far as safety is concerned, the PFP (Federales) SWAT teams stay here and you don't get any safer than this.

The rooms at Marabu are a dump but that place could be a gold mine under the right management/ownership. I've puzzled for years why it is so deserted. IMNSHO, it is the nicest in the compound, DEnash View not included. My wife is clueless as to the reason also even after spending 12 years of her life there.

You know if you weed out all the bullshit and problems others have encountered because of circumstances completely under their contriol, BT and NL is not a bad place. It is what you make of it. Driving in NL is not a big deal either. I'd rather drive here than in say Houston or Dallas. Just common sense and remember not to turn right on a Red light and be prepared for some asshole to honk his horn at you the nanosecond the light turns from Red to Green.

01-25-04, 21:32

BJ's advice looks good to me. He's definitely got a point that attitude counts.

I HAVE driven across to BT but I don't any more. The cabs know it when there are checkpoints and they avoid them; and they know if any big trouble is going down (I was returning to the border when there was that pitched machine gun battle in early August and man I was glad I wasn't navigating.) Also when crossing back to the US, you save time, hassle, and a bit of $ if you do it on foot.

As for parking on the US side, I just park on Grant Street on the block just WEST of the plaza that fronts on the Posada--you can park there free from 6pm to 8am. If that doesn't work you can park in the $8 lot by the river.

As for the suitcase--well I carry a small backpack. And yeah, there is a certain modicum of extra scrutiny at times by the US customs/immigration--sometimes they search it and ask what I was doing over there. It's irritating but as long as you aren't in violation of anything and have perscriptions for any medications, you should be fine.

When I stay overnight I go to the Meson del Rey hotel--a minor gem downtown, on Guerrero, right opposite the SECOND public plaza/park. Weirdly, it doesn't display it's name outside, just "Hotel" if you can find it. But it's nice, it's Best Western level clean, and it's about $35.00 a night, a little more for a double, and girl-friendly. From the US, call 011 52 8 712 6360 for a reservation. You can walk there from the border and then catch a cab to BT from the cab stand on the plaza.

01-26-04, 07:26
Is there good parking at that motel, Meson del Rey, I think I have seen the hotel before, but did not see any parking. Is Guerrero, the main street south of Bridge no. 1, the pedestria bridge.

Joe Driver
01-26-04, 10:38
it's $15 to rent a room at the star bar for the night. i don't know if they charge extra, if you bring an outside girl to the room. they do not give you a key, for your room. you have to get the bartender to unlock your door, each time you return to your room. when you leave your room, you have to walk through the bar, to get outside, so the bartender will know when you are away from your room. i stayed there last week, and this aspect made me nervous. i felt they might go back to my room, and search through my bag, to see if they could find any valuables.

also, the bartender might expect a tip each time he unlocks the door for you. also, no heat, or ac in the rooms. rooms do have working toilets, and bare bones type of showers. overall, the place gave me the creeps. i usually stay at ceasers palace when i go to nuevo laredo. rooms are $40, and they are so,so in terms of condition. club sandwich at hotel restaurant is not bad. i've driven my fairly new cougar in nuevo laredo, but that's made me nervous also. i don't know what i'd do, if the nuevo laredo police confirep001ed my car. they stole $50 from me about 4 years ago. they might want my car, next. i view the nl police as very crooked. i realize borderjumper, and others here do not agree with my opinion of the nl police. just my thoughts.
joe driver

01-26-04, 15:06
That's Guerrerra Baby Huey. If the hotel in question has parking, it would be in the rear of the place with the entrance off Calle Juarez which is one street west of Guerrerra. BTW, Calle Juarez is 1 way going north

01-26-04, 17:25
BJ, look again: Guerrero. No sex change. (Maybe Guerrerra runs in front of the Western Club? :) )

01-26-04, 19:05
RE: STAR BAR and overnight in NLBT.
One of the first acryonyms I had to learn net surfing for mongering destinations was YMMV and it is accurate. I used to always stay on the Texas side and walk over and back, then I spent a couple of nights at the old Hollywood nights and had a blast. Last summer I decided to spend a couple of days and nights in BT and was surprised to find HN closed (moved) and no rooms available, I was refered to the Star Bar by some locals I chatted up while drinking in front of the old HN. They drove me to the SB and introduced me to the bartender. I have stayed there 4 more times since then and each time have paid 20 for the night and had a shower and toilet that works (no paper twice but the toilet flushed and the shower is lukewarm) There is no heat but I have always had a watercooler which throws much cool -not cold- air. I like that bar and spend a lot of time drinking and listening to music there. Twice I have been asked to dance and then sit with local girls, who only want to have fun and practice their english - no sexo, and once got hooked up for the night by the bartender for damn cheap. About $30 for 3 times during the sleepover by a girl who lived there. I do not drive in any foriegn country and carry no valuables to BT, no watch, no jewelry, one ID and one credit card. I do put extra clothes in a backpack and a 10 in each sock (the ones I am wearing,jsut in case I need a taxi and/or food after I run out of $). I have only been searched at the border once and once there was no one at the border, I was drunk enough to stand around and yell HELLO but soon went on through. Police there (BT) have ignored me and I have had no problem from management. I brought an outside girl in only once and the bartender opened the door with no comment. Since I drink there and tip then maybe that is why there is no problem or tip request otherwise. It is also a place where a lot of bar girls go for unwinding about 7 - 10 AM. It is usually quiet to the point of boring in the afternoon and at night, another reason I like it between chicas. As I have posted many times about being outside the US, be nice, be polite, be firm but respectful and you should get along just fine.

01-27-04, 03:17
Sigue...Thanks man! My fingers overflew my brain flow on that one! Wouldn't know nothing about the Western Club although rumor has it....Well, we won't go there! :)

Joe Driver: A lot has changed with the NL cops since the Aug 1 shootout. Until someone offs the Mayor, which is unlikely or the new Police Chief, most of these guys are on the stright and narrow. Of course, if they got you dead to rights on some bullshit thing, they're still likely to "fine" you on the spot preying on a gringos natural fear of a Mexican Jail.

Where is this Star Bar and motel ya'll are talking about. A new one on me!

01-27-04, 03:40
Star Bar is the bar on the inside corner if you're walking up the hill on 2nd Avenue and then taking a left on Back Street. That is, it's roughly OPPOSITE to TaBu.

Travlr, that was very interesting. I'll check it out next time.

Joe Driver
01-28-04, 09:09
My advice to any monger wanting to rent a room at boystown, is to stay at the Star Bar. Rooms are about $20 for the night. No heat, or AC in the rooms though. Only bring bare essentials in a bag with you. Items you won't have to worry about, that you can afford to lose, if someone goes into your room, and searches through your stuff, while you're out mongering around boystown. You'll save some money. and cab fare expense, if you work it this way. I wouldn't advise doing this during the hot summer, though. Get a regular hotel room, with some AC.

Also, a few girls from the other clubs like to hang out at the Star Bar, from 7am to 10am, so you can look over the selection at that time, if you wish. I've gotten some good deals, from some of the babes, during this time period.

And yes, I realize in a post below, I quoted $15 for the room, but they know me at the Star Bar, and I think they gave me a discount on the room. The only thing that fucked up my situation, is I brought a bag that contained essentials, I couldn't afford to lose, and that fucked up everything. That was my first time to rent a room for myself, there, and next time I'll know better. Only bring nonessentials.

Joe Driver

01-31-04, 14:44
Sorry Beavis. I recall you saying that more than a year ago and I've honored the request. But I thought you'd changed your mind since then since I've seen her plastered over practically every board and yahoo group on the net. No harm done I'm sure. And I did give you credit where credit was due. Welcome Back!

Dr Torpedo
02-03-04, 02:02
I read the earlier posts about pimp daddies and I don't know what to say. I did a PD girl once, but I did not buy a drink or stay long enough to allow mysellf to be ripped off. I would agree with Kosher that PD can be a bit pushy, with their doormen and all, but how are they any different from any other club? The doormen at TABU and other clubs are equally pushy, IMO

I had waiters try to rip me off at Pappas. They constantly try to bring drinks that I did not order. The best is when I am sitting with a girl, and doing some hot and heavy petting and groping, and getting all bothered, ready to go to a room, when the waiter, thinking that I am vulnerable and too drained of blood from the big brain to think straight, brings me a drink, points at the girl, and says "$10". I've never paid the $10, "I just bluntly say, no tip for you seniore", and they take the thing and walk away (sometimes the girl gets angry and walks away too, but f*ck her; if that's the case, it was just a game anyways). And I learned (thanks to the WSG brotherhood) to always bring correct change for anything, including drinks, pictures, or services, or else you ask to be short-changed.

So my question is, how is PD really any different from any other club in BT? Mexico ain't exactly Montreal (where I've met some of the most unbelievably honest wh*res, it just blows my mind). My impression is that you gotta watch yourself in Mexico, whether in PD or some other club.

BTW, I'm heading to BT this weekend, anyone else going? Can someone recommend a nonchubby, nonbaby-damaged, good looking latina that will do a BBBJTC? I promise to report back.

02-03-04, 03:34
I will say I have never been ripped off there either. I have been accused of bad mouthing the place but show me one post where I said anything bad about it. I posted an e mail that was sent to me from somebody else but I never downgraded the place. The only complaint I had was the owner told us that any Army member could have free use of the room and a free shot of tequila if they took a girl. At the time I did not drink so I never took the Tequila. He did honor to waive the room fee to me each time but to some of the other guys he said it was only the first time or not any more or something to the effect of no.

He also said that we would never get a knock on the door and it was reported that some of the guys did. Whatever I didn't ever say anything but still get accused. On the other hand I don't give a shit what anybody thinks. All of my reports have always been 100% accurate which is more than some can say.

Joe Driver
02-03-04, 22:47
dr tor**** wrote:

can someone recommend a nonchubby, nonbaby-damaged, good looking latina that will do a bbbjtc? i promise to report back.

joe driver is writing:
i think baby heuy got a bbbjtc, and she swallowed to boot, about 6 months ago, from a babe working at club pullman. she did this while giving baby heuy a private table dance in one of the dance booths, at this club. i don't recall if baby heuy revealed her name or not. you might send him a private message, requesting more info on this. i'm heading down there in about 2 weeks or so. so let the rest of us know if you find anyone.

joe driver

02-05-04, 07:35
sorry, can't remember her name. She does work at Pullman though. I actually met her the first couple of times at the New Paris club, before it went downhill. She seems to like me, even from the first time I met her about two years ago, so I think that probably had a lot to do with it. It was also the first time we ever did anything sexual, because before that I always thought of her as a little silly, and innocent, but she changed when she went to Pullman (seemed to grow up). She is about 5'3-5" with either mid back length hair, or she might wear it up. She basically has no tiddies, but she has a great ass and thick legs (like J-Lo). Her most distinguishing feature are her teeth, they are quite crooked, but almost in a cute way, that makes you feel sorry for her. I guess she probably still works at Pullman, and I will seek her out again when I go at the end of this month. Oh by the way, she is probably no older than 20-21 and I could not find any signs of child birth. If you do find her, be nice, because, I have always found her to be very nice also. Also, she speaks, absolutely no, nit, nada, any, none, english.

02-05-04, 07:37
Oh, and she didn't swallow either, spit it out on the floor, so watch your step. Like I said, I have spent time with her on about 4 Previous trips and never did snything but talk, so YMMV.

02-05-04, 08:33
It's Huey H-U-E-Y, Baby Huey, just like the big duck, from the cartoons.

Base Runner
02-05-04, 11:14
Its been a couple months that I have been to bt and wondering if papas is still the place to go. I liked tamykos, the talent is on and off from what I have seen. What is with Marabu, beautiful setting but no chicas. Management must be bad to the custmors and the girls. If run right that place would rock and give papas a run for its money. I would like to know peoples feeling on pimp daddys. Never like the place, overly pushy waiter that try to rip you off and the place is realy dirty. Never been to any of the strip clubs and would like some feed back on the action. Alway liked papas, clean, friendly, and the best looking chicas in the compound, and the waiter don't try to rip you off. If any one has any suggestions on any other bar or club lets hear it.


Dr Torpedo
02-05-04, 19:31
Thanks a lot, Baby H-U-E-Y and Joe driver...if I ever see you guys in BT, drinks on me. I've yet to ever meet any of the infamous posters in BT.

I will go to pullman to find this little tidbit, although I avoided that place in the past because it looked like a craphole. A craphole within a craphole known as BT within a craphole known as mexico (no offense to BJumper), but there are classy places like TABU and PD, whose hotel has been rated five star by Zagat Hotel Services.

Joe Driver
02-05-04, 22:46
dr tor****,

i think baby huey also got some anal from a janet, that worked at martha's club, awhile back. about a month ago, i went to this club, and asked for janet. they said they had a janett, accent on the last syllable, working there, and they could get her for me, but i didn't know if this was the same girl baby huey had discussed, so i declined. (i went and fucked alicia, over at the star bar instead.)

possibly, baby huey could post a little more info on this janet, or janett?, babe over at martha's club. that's that classy club, with the donkey standing out in front.

dr. tor****, i totally agree with your assesment that boystown is a crap hole. it's littered with transexuals, pick pocket artist, scam artist, drug addicts, and crooked cops. (not to mention locals like borderjumper.:-) sorry borderjumper, i couldn't resist on that one.:-)

plus, some of the local mexican dudes there, don't much like white gringos coming into what they view as "their territory," and getting all of "their pussy." i.e. boystown, the herradura club, etc.

but it has some cheap pussy there, so what the fuck. i personally like it much better than dallas, where i live. dallas totally sucks, as far as cheap pussy goes. it's damn near all high dollar stuff here.

joe driver

Mic Jagger
02-07-04, 03:18
Hey guys, I been off the board for a while but I can see that some bad vibes are in the air.......it's too bad really because I recall a time not too long ago (2 to 3 yrs) ago when we were a brotherhood of easy going guys who's main interest was find the good chicas and reporting on the board to help out the newbies and lurkers who were around. Now its all about "ego" and looking down your nose to people on who you might not deem worthy or for whatever reason........ I see the Mexico bashing continues, but guys if its that bad, don't go....why tortue yourself?
In the meantime I will continue to "suffer" all that is Mexico and am grateful for the information the WSG board has providced for us through out the years. Viva la difference. Mic Jagger.

02-07-04, 03:34
Hey, good to see you back Mic. It has been awhile.

It's not as bad as it looks really. Just a couple of guys with an agenda who think it's cool or fun or whatever to talk shit about people they know nothing about. Guess it's a way to fill an empty boring life! Look forward to seeing you back down here in this shithole <sic> they call Mexico!

Those that would disrupt this forum have the idea that their way is the only way to do things. Their idea of a monger is someone who drops wads of cash in alocation for the bragging rights and god help anyone who would dare disagree with their wisdom. They discount and ridicule the advice and observations of those of us who have been there and done that in years past because it doesn't fit the image they are trying to promote. Fortunately, the agitators are known for what they are and few people pay them any attention anymore. As a matter of fact, they are being "excused" from quite a few similiar forums.

But at any rate, good to see you back Mic and as always, you too Ra, uh JT. Let's keep helping the new guys and ignore those that would disrupt a good board!

Scotty Monger
02-07-04, 04:59
I hesitate to get involved in this ongoing fued, but I'd like to echo Mic's sentiments. As I mentioned repeatedly in my initial trip report, the information contained in this forum proved invaluable to a newbie like me. Frankly, I read and utilized information provided by members on both sides of this fued, and all of the info. was 100% accurate.

The roots of this dispute are none of my business, but the effects are detrimental to this forum. After successfully utilizing the info. contained within this forum, I now feel obligated to submit equally accurate and useful info. regarding my experiences in BT. In other words, it's now my responsibility to pass on the knowledge I have gained from this forum to others who may want it. However, if this forum continues to decline into nothing more than an arena for member bashing, then I guess I'll just move on. I'd prefer that we return to the days of "brotherhood", and spread the knowledge we have gained as mongers.

Even though the "fued" is none of my business, I will respond directly to the latest BT & Mexico bashing I have seen in this forum. I'm hoping the "craphole" comments about BT and Mexico were said in jest (you may be right about Pullman!). If these comments were not said in jest, then what kind of idiot would repeatedly take the time and effort to travel to BT to get laid if it was such a shitty place to go. Basically, what you'd be telling us is that you are a MORON, who time and time again utilizes a facility for YOUR own gratification and then talks shit about it. If BT is a shithole, and you repeatedly & willingly enter the shithole, then maybe you are shit. Logic 101.

For the record, I am a lily-white gringo from the suburbs who didn't even travel to Mexico until after I had graduated from college. Yet, even then I knew that I couldn't hold Mexico to U.S. standards in regards to hygene, cleanliness, and safety. To my pleasant surprise, I found Mexico to be a great place to visit, even before I was free to monger. I found the Mexicans, poor as they were, to be friendly, honest, and helpful to the arrogant gringos who often view Mexicans as "beneath" them. BT is without doubt a place where any monger must keep his shit together. You might get robbed or scammed, you might see TV's, you might see druggies, etc... Well, I just got back from Vegas and I saw ALL of those things! I saw people escorted from casinos in handcuffs, I saw scams galore, I saw hookers (male & female) in numerous hotels and on the streets, I saw numerous drug addicts and homeless people, and I saw a dirty town hiding behind a facade of neon lights that was littered with trash (paper & human) from one end to the other. I willingly went to Vegas, and I accept it for what it is, warts and all. I give BT that same consideration. Just because it's in Mexico and populated with people who speak a different language and operate on a different economic scale, doesn't mean they don't deserve the same consideration. Frankly, after visiting both BT and Vegas in the last month, I prefer BT!

Thanks again to all the senior members for the great advice. Lets take back this forum and use it for it's intended purpose, which is to pass on the knowledge to fellow mongers. BTW, I pushed my BT trip back to next weekend since I'm still whipped from Vegas. I did come back with a little more $ than I went with. This is perhaps the one advantage Vegas has over BT! Let me know if anyone else will be down, I'll buy you a drink. I will post my trip report ASAP. Vive Mexico!! Vive BT!!!

Scotty Monger

Joe Driver
02-07-04, 09:46

So you think I'm Carlos Ruedas? You're living in fantasy land, dude.

Joe Driver

02-07-04, 12:26
I totally agree Mic. It is really quite a shame that some mongers have ego problems. Hell, I have been literally threatened with my life by some of these mongers if I ever return to Cartagena Colombia. They are pissed that I have "exposed" their secret paradise. I see some of these guys really need a life. Until then, I will monger anywhere I please. I hope to monger with you in the near future!!

Kosher Kowboy
02-07-04, 17:09
Can't we all just get along. The bottom line is a long time ago, Kosher, BJ, BB, Beavis JT, Mik, etc etc all met for a short period of time, some of the friendships continued, others did not. BJ may laugh at Beaver and Kupkake Kowboy but he is unwelcome there, we don't want him. Kupkakes and beavers are fine, but liars and BS'ers aren't. It's ok to disagree on personalities, but its wrong to lie. Kosher doesnt strive to be here, he doesnt jump on every post like "someone else" to appear to be the "king of a certain border area". Kosher just wants honest posting, by real honest mongers, not pretenders. Yes, kosher is aware of the BS out there aka Kosher vs BJ, and beavis vs, BJ,. and Beavis vs. JT, WSA vs. UMV, etc etc. Kosher knows Mic and sees his point, stop all this BS. All that matters to kosher is that despite the differences in the following posters, the lurkers can choose who they want to believe and these are their options

1) Beavis: Has screwed HUNDREDS of gals around the world.

2) JT: Has screwed HUNDREDS of girls around the world.

3) Kosher: Has screwed HUNDREDS of girls in many parts of the world, not as many as Jt or Beavis.

4) The infamous *****monger Borderjumper: Klaims to be married to a woman he took out of a brothel, who has worked behind his back several times, he rarely mongers if ever, lives in Nuevo Laredo, never screws any of the girls we talk about, is the only guy on these boards from the good ole days NOT to have ever screwed Brenda, but this is the infamous *****monger BJ, knows nothing but what he hears and reads from others, ok, he knows directions to and from BT, the guy lives there, big deal.

KosherCowboy: Invites any who wish over to kupcake and bever, too see the picks that BJ once took and pasted around the net, you will all laugh your asses offf when you see what he calls good looking.

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02-07-04, 17:16
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02-07-04, 19:05
You know, it is very easy to sit behind ones keyboard and spread defamatory crap about someone you don't know in order to recieve hi fives and attaboys from other losers such as yourself.

But Kosher, you know nothing of what you speak of chiknik! You lower yourself to talking about my wife who wouldn't give you the time of day if she met you on the street and who thinks Chris's attitude is really pathetic. Working behinnd my back? It doesn't happen my man. You make light of the fact where I got her from. Ever heard the old adage; "If you want the perfect wife, marry a *****"! I have no regrets. Every women you meet unless she has just came out of a convent has prostituted herself in some manner. Hell, marriage is nothing but a John/Prosti arrangement when you think about it. Every woman any man meets in todays society has a past. It isn't what a person was but what they are today that counts. I guarentee you one thing. A person see's my wife walking down the street would never imagine her past and I would dare anyone to make a derogsatory comment about her to my face. I guess it's alright to hide behind your keyboard and do so though.

I guess too that in your narrow little mind, the ego of Beavis has rubbed off on you. Anyone who dares to disagree with you or to challenge what you say has to be a liar and/or a bullshitter. It don't work that way Kosher.

And what does fucking Brenda have to do with anything? She really is not my type. The only one that ever appealed to me there was Nelly who I had the pleasure to be with a couple or three times. But see, unlike you and the rest of your bunch, I don't keep score. Mongering isn't about that and I promise you, I was doing the scene in SEA when you were still in knee britches begging your moomy for a sugar tittie!

But your'e right about one thing. I don't monger as much as I once did out of personal choice and respect for my wife. When the urge hits me though, I do go out catting around and I keep it to myself least it give you idiots something else to talk about over on your little group. You see, respect for others seems to be something most of you have forgotten if you ever really understood the concept to begin with.

But notwithstanding all that. My information is valid and up to date. I stay up to date on what's happening around town just for the purpose of sharing with those that might benefit. Sure I might not have known the Star Bar by it's name but I knew where it was at. I also get out to BT and other clubs in town more than you realize. I may not agree with everything everybody says but that is the purpose of these boards. To express opinions. Not to show what an ass we can make out of ourselves.

But you and your buddies keep up your childish crap if it makes you feel better. Most folks on the boards know you for what you are and take a pitying attitude towards you if they acknowldge your existance at all.

I question as do some others on this board of Jackson continuing to allow you to post using Beavis' login information which to my way of thinking is circumventing the TOS of WSG and circumventing the rules laid out by the owner of this board.

One of your buddies sent me those photos in question and besides posting copyrighted material which you do not have permission to post, you don't have any idea of the story behind the photos nor the circumstances surrounding them. Learn before you open your mouth and you might be surprised. Don't take what Beavis tells you as the gospel becuase for certain, it's not. But thanks for returning some property to me that I thought had been lost. Or at least, thanks to one of your members for returning it to me. I left that little group of yours by choice a day or so after joining and seeing it contained nothing of substance!


02-07-04, 19:19
Beavis upon your major lying post a week or two ago urged me to use his handle to post. Kosher not havign senior membership, kant have his post right away, and its not fair that you can post deragatory crap about others and lie w/o kosher/beavis having a say. Beavis and Jackson are supposedly on good terms, and beavis gave me persmission to use his handle to post so your crap doesnt go un-responded to while koshercowboy post sits in waiting. As soon as kosher gets his senior memebership ( which i am sure you and your 15,000 supporters are begging jackson to now deny) he can answer you directly. So go ahead, try to get beavis and kosher in trouble, go kiss jacksons ass, kosher doubts he even gives a hoot and will tell everyone to shut up, no matter what you say the truth is beavis and kosher kontribute AND monger with pictures taken WITH THEIR OWN CAMERA, who kares if you mongered when baby kosher was sucking from his golden nipple, as the saying goes' what have you done for me lately'

KosherCowboy: Mongers, went to kosta rica and banged 15 girls and wrote about it, has banged over 100 BT girls where you are the expert, say what you want about kosher in your backchannel efforts to punish him for standing up to your bullsh$t, all starting with YOUR referral to Kupkake and Beaver, dont make fun of places you are not welcome, and neither are your made up e-mails and friends

Allowing another member to post under your user name is a violation of the Forum's Acceptable Use Policy and will result in the immediate termination of membership privileges for both parties.


02-08-04, 07:35
Joe Driver, I could elaborate more on Janet, but to do so would describe about 2/3 of the girls in boystown. She is about 5'6" with dark brown hair down to the middle of her back. She has Aztec type features. I guess she was about 30 years old, and she did speak a little english and seemed to understand even more. As for looks I think I gave her about a 7, with an attitude of a high 8. She was energetic, and not rushed. Also she offered up the anal sex after I started to try to put my finger there while she was giving me BBBJ. I remember it went like Janet: "you want to fuck my ass" BH: "well sure" J: "$20 more" BH: "I only have 10 more dollars with me" Janet: "O.K. 10 dollars okay, you want now or after pussy?" that was a pretty good time, I might look for her again. I am not sure if she is a reg at Martha's or not, I have seen a lot of girls in there, that seem to work all over the place. Tamyco and Martha's have always been my best bet when looking for anal. You most likely find anal at the Western also, but I don't think you'll like what you find up front LOL.

02-09-04, 00:58

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Thank You,


Joe Driver
02-09-04, 02:57

Thanks for the response on Janet. I'm heading down there in about a week and a half, to put in an "all nighter" there, and I may try to look for this Janet. I'm going to start out with Alicia at the Star Bar, and I'm going to "wear it out" so to speak, with her. After that, I'm going to check out various spots like Danish, Tabu, Club Pullman, etc. I'll post a report, when I get back.

Joe Driver

Punter 127
02-09-04, 04:31
I have recently returned from my 5th trip to NL/BT in which I had another great time. Before I talk about my trip I would like to say I completely agree with the comments of Mic Jagger and Scotty Monger, I also agree with the comments Jackson inserted to a post on 1/14/04 “ who gives a fuck?” I come to this board to share info on mongering, not take part in (or read about) feuds! I am glad Jackson is putting a stop to one member posting under another members name. The time he spends on this type of BS, is time he could be spending on things like my (and other members) request for senior membership. So let’s get back to talking about our favorite subject SEX!

I was in NL/BT for four days/nights the last weekend of Jan. One thing I found a little odd was the 123 club was closed on Sun. Mon. & Tue. Nights what's up with that? I visited Pimp Daddies and Lupe, as I have stated in past post the girls or hit or miss, this trip was a miss, as far as PD’s girls go, but I had no trouble. I was with 8 girls in 4 days, none were bad (I have not found much bad pussy) and a couple were very good. I found a chica at Malibu (of all places) named Jolanda she said she was 31, she had a little more baby pooch than I like, but she was very hot in bed, BBBJ/FS for 50, and she was fun to be with and she really put a lot into it. None of the other chicas were anything special, but all of them were fun. I also visited the new club Danish, I haven’t seen much on the board about this place, but it is the newest and cleanest club in BT, it also very pricey. They have some very young and very hot looking girls. I did not do any of the girls there but I understand they were asking 80 and 100 for full service, plus room which is pretty high for BT and they would not come down. XX beer was 3 bucks, but on Mon. & Tue it was 2 for the price of one. I did not buy any girls drinks but I was told by another monger they were $10. The dancers put on a good show and it is a good place to take a break, they have very comfortable over stuffed chairs. For the most part I would get my pussy someplace else. Having said that, I should also tell you there was one girl I saw on the last night that had the most perfect ass I have ever seen, I could not get close to her she was in high demand, I almost stayed another night just to do her. I think if you really want to treat yourself to something special this would be the place. I would go one night and pick the girl I wanted, and go back the next night and get there when they opened and get her before they get busy. This place was still going strong on Tue night after most of the other places were closed. One word of caution I did not like walking back to the taxi stand with all the other clubs closed, it was very dark but I did not have any trouble.

I wish now I would have stayed that extra night, but now I have something to look forward too on my next trip. I have seen some post here about the Star Bar, every time I have been to the place it has been empty, but I have heard it can be a good place to find girls after they quit working at other places, and that you can get some deals, but I haven’t had any luck.

I hope we can all get back to posting about pussy now.


PS: BorderJumper I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet, maybe next time.

Bubbles77 did you make it to BT? How was your trip?

Scotty Monger
02-09-04, 07:22
Punter 127,

Good report, and it's about pussy! A lot of time has been wasted recently on this board talking about petty feuds, etc. BJ’s advice to ignore these guys is correct in my opinion. I'm curious, does Malibu = Marabu? The rather large complex next door to Papagayos, that is usually dead? I like the layout of the place, etc... but there's no action! Also, where did you stay? I'm going down again next weekend and am thinking about staying on the south side of the river for the first time. The HN hotel is no more, and others have recommended the Star Bar, but it sounds a bit dicey. Maybe there is something close by to BT. I think BJ recommended a place just down the road (Villa Real?).

Thanks in advance for the info.

Scotty Monger

Kosher Kowboy
02-09-04, 16:14

The purpose of this Forum is to provide for the exchange of information between Men on the subject of finding women for sex.

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Instead, simply use the "Report this post to a moderator" link at the bottom of the report to send me an email alerting me of the problem, and I will take the appropriate action, which usually means that I will remove the entire report as I have so obviously done here.

Thank You,


Kosher Kowboy
02-09-04, 16:50
If you really want a good place, stay on anuhac, right off guerrro, where you make the right. there is a hotel there with a courtyard, Kosher forgets the name, but you can't miss it, they have a special room, with a jacuzzi, have fun, was one of koshers favorite places. You can park you car right in front of your front door.

KosherCowboy: paid 40 and change for above mentioned room

Joe Driver
02-09-04, 23:26
Scotty Monger wrote:

I'm curious, does Malibu = Marabu? The rather large complex next door to Papagayos, that is usually dead? I like the layout of the place, etc... but there's no action!

Joe Driver is writing:
Yes, it's weird. If I remember correctly, Malibu is the name on the little white neon sign above the entrance, on street one, where you walk into the Malibu/Marabu compound. But if you step back out into the street, and look on top of the compound, it says Marabu. Kind of weird. Most everyone here, calls it the Marabu Club.

I don't know why this Marabu club is dead, but it usually is. I think they need to lower their prices some, and what they charge for the rooms, but they won't. They're just screwing themselves, IMO. I use to buy some pussy in this place, about 5 years ago, and back then they wanted $12, just to rent the room for about 40 minutes with the girl. I felt this was too much, for just the room, and I quit shopping there for pussy. They succeeded in running off my business.

Same for Tamyko. Tamyko needs to cool it with that door knocking shit, to end the session. They're running off a lot of their business, doing that shit. But they won't stop this practice. Their business has gone to shit, as a result. Just my opinion.
I like to find a good single room girl, myself. I don't have to put up with that door knocking shit, with a room girl. It's just between me and her, the way it should be everywhere in boystown, IMO.

Joe Driver

Punter 127
02-10-04, 18:23
Yes Scotty Monger, that is the club, I don’t know if it’s Malibu or Marabu, I think Joe Driver is probable right it goes by both names, and the map in the photo section shows it as Marabu. I did not stay on the NL side on this trip, because I was alone. The only place I have stayed on the NL side is Tres Caminos Motel, ($60 & no up charge for girl in room) I understand it's owned by the lady that owns Papagayos. Tres Caminos has a restaurant but the food sucks, I would not eat there again. I have taken girls back to the room, from Papagayos, Malibu/Marabu, and my buddy took a girl from Tamyko with no trouble. I don’t know about Villa Real, there is a place you pass if you take a taxi from the bridge to BT that I think may be named Villa Real it’s on the right and looks very nice, I have not stayed there, but I once ask a cabby about the place and he said they were not friendly to Americans. (But who knows, may be they don’t tip him.) If that is the place it's closer to BT, but I still would not walk to BT, I just don’t think it would be safe. When I stayed at Tres Caminos Motel I used taxis and never had trouble getting one, I just went to the office and ask for a taxi, always had one in about 5 minutes. I think they charged $6 to take us to BT.

By the way the girl I took back to the room from Malibu/Marabu said she was from Acapulco and that she was 19, and had just got to BT. It cost me $30 to get her out of Malibu/Marabu and $100 for her. At Malibu/Marabu they ask me what Motel and room number I was taking her to; I didn’t like this much but it turned out to not be problem. This was kind of a funny experience she was all over me in the taxi, in the room she gave me BBBJ and CFS after which she ask me if I took Viagra, and she would not let me touch her pussy again. I guess I took to long; I did not bother to tell her she was my third girl that night. The next morning before she left I tried again and she kept saying no fucky sucky, I finally figured out she did not know they were two different things. After I explained to her that her pussy was for fucky and her mouth was for sucky I did get a BBBJTCIM, but she would not let me touch that pussy. May be she was starting her monthly, I’m not sure. I looked for her on my last trip and was told she went back to Acapulco, to bad because she was very nice looking slender chic with no signs of child birth.

For those of you who are looking for Danish it’s on the back street, I think there was little Restaurant there before. It’s just around the corner to the left from the first street and across from the taco stand.

I hope this info helps you.

Punter 127

Ps: I’m thinking of a trip to Monterrey and I have been in contact with Carlos Perez from the Monterrey board. If any of you guys have been to both I would love to know which you think is best NL/BT or Monterrey

02-10-04, 23:57

Villa Real was my choice of accomodations when we were having our house remodeled a couple of years ago and still is when the mother inn law visits. Expect to pay about $50 US but for the amenities, well worth it.

I wish I knew the answer to the MArabu mystery. It is probably my favorite club in BT simply for it's ambience and the detachment from the rat race of the rest of the compound. Occasionally a jewell can be found in there such as Perla de Monterrey. I like the laid back atmosphere of the place as well as the attitude of the waitstaff, especially Jorge.

02-11-04, 01:12
I too think that Maribu has the best facilities of all of BT, but unfortunately, it is not as popular as Pappa G's or some of the other clubs. I think if new managers took over, the place could be the premier establishment in BT.
My two cents.

02-11-04, 01:16
I keep hearing of "Perla" from Maribu. I had two Perla's there. One was an artificial blonde and was an awesome GFE with no rush. She was about 20-23 years old. The other Perla was a skinny petite little thing about 22 years old with brown hair. Her teeth were slightly crooked, but she sure made up for it in the sack. They both were well worth it. Which Perla are you guys referring to? Or is there another Perla in the house?

02-11-04, 01:53
I'm referring to the first one you mention, Perla de Monterrey. The other Perla doesn't come close. I was at her house one evening as she was getting ready to go to work and let me tell you, makeup hides a lot. #2 is dog ugly! Last I heard, the skinny one was working at Tamykos!

La Roacha
02-11-04, 03:56
Hey Scotty Monger,

I'm an Austinite also, If you ever need a Co-Pilot on a trip down, lemmie know. In a few month's I'm going to be doing a construction project down that way, and I want to do some southside recon before then.

02-11-04, 04:29
Oh shit, you didn't say that. lol
Mandingo would open a can of whoop ass for words like that. He popped her after me. So, you like the blonde Perla. Did you have the honor to endulge?

A Toda Maquina
02-11-04, 06:55
Hey Pilgrims , I also had Perla de Monterrey . She was HOT !!
If she only had bigger milkers. Oh well, she can also give a good massage .
later, Chango

Scotty Monger
02-11-04, 07:07
I think this Perla de Monterrey was one of the girls I saw at Marabu on my last visit (which I rated a 7.5 on looks). She had dyed blonde hair and looked to be in her early 20's, but I didn't get a close look. If she gives good GFE, then I may have to revise that number upward a little! As I said in my trip report, at midnight (when most joints are jumpin in BT) there were only 3 girls in the place and about 5-6 guys already there, so I didn't stay. I think I'll check this place out again this weekend and take a closer look at Perla. If nothing else, this may be good place to relax from the "rat race" and have a few beers. Especially if the waiters are cool, which would be very unusual indeed for BT!

Sounds like the owners of Club Danash are trying to compete with Papagayos for the "high end" market. Time will tell, but their location at the back of the complex may hurt their efforts. Most of the North Dallas yuppies don't make it any further than Papas! IMHO, Marabu is the one place in BT that could realistically compete with Papas.

3 days and counting!

Adriana, here I cum!

Scotty Monger

02-11-04, 14:11
Girl on the right (my left) is Perla de Nuevo Laredo taken at Marabu a couple of years ago. She's now over at Tamyko's as far as anyone knows

Joe Driver
02-11-04, 19:57
Punter 127 wrote:

I’m thinking of a trip to Monterrey and I have been in contact with Carlos Perez from the Monterrey board. If any of you guys have been to both I would love to know which you think is best NL/BT or Monterrey.

Joe Driver is writing:

Yeah, I went to Monterrey about 5 years ago, and I think BT in NL is better. I spent 2 days in Monterrey. I had taxi drivers both days drive me around to the various *****houses there. I wasn't that impressed, overall.

I did see 2 places in Monterrey I found interesting. Carlos Perez might know about these places.

One of these places was upstairs in a converted beauty salon. There were about 7 or 8 babes in this place, and they were all dressed in the same uniforms. I'm not making this up. Weirdest damn thing I've ever seen. They all looked like airline stewardesses. That day they were all wearing the exact same yellow dress. They all smiled, and acted just like airline stewardesses. The price was about $50 for 30 minutes, half massage, and half fucky. Kind of expensive, but if you like fucking beautiful airline stewardesses, that's what this place is about, basically.

Another place I went to was for the rich customers in Mexico. I'm not rich, but I got to see how these guys live. The girls went for $125 for 45 minutes. High dollar stuff. The manager told me they would serve me any kind of food I wanted, and that if they didn't have it, they would have it, "flown in." I'm not bullshitting. The rooms were top of the line. Personal service, wine, steak, seafood, you get the idea. The outside of the building looks like a plain 2 story warehouse. Nothing special. But once you go inside, past the humongous door guard, it's nothing but plush. Palm trees, beautiful women, upstairs bars, whatever you want.

Sorry, I don't remember the names of either of these clubs, but talk to the taxi drivers in Monterrey, and they might be able to help.

I didn't "nail" any of the babes at the fancy warehouse, but I did nail one of the "airline stewardesses" from that converted beauty salon. She was good. Totally out of my league, but she was very nice, and professional, just like an airline stewardess. Weird.

Joe Driver

Texas Now
02-11-04, 23:08
My info is a little old, as I haven't been to NL in quite a while. But with all the talk of the Maribu/Malibu I thought I would chime in here with my experience.

I walked through the gate where the security guard sat and was surprised that the club itself sit quite a distance back. What really shocked me though was walking in the door of the place. This place was nice! Definately the most classiest place I had visited. In fact, when I walked in I thougt maybe this wasn't like the other clubs. I seen a pair of couples sitting inside talking (not working girls) and a couple of more guys in suits. Also the women I saw weren't dressed like hookers. I immediately thought I am out of place here in blue jeans, but sat down for a beer anyway. Unlike the previous the other places I had visited that night, no ladies jumped up to come sit on my lap. It was strange. Finally after about 5 minutes, a lady came to sit at my table. She was about a 4 and was 30 years old. She suggested we move to a table at the side of the club, which we did. The Marabu was kind of a relaxing place, and I was enjoying it as a change of pace, so I bought her a drink so we could talk and relax. She had a really good personality and wanted to go to a room for $40. She wasn't really aggressive about it though. I actually had 2 beers while talking to her, and she didn't gulp down her drink and want another like some ladies in the other clubs. She would every now and then suggest we go to the room. She would keep trying to entice me by saying she would do a BBBJ. She wasn't much in the looks department, but had a good personality, so I considered taking her up on the offer. I guess my biggest turn off about her though was her breath had strong garlic smell to it. And besides that, I just wanted to relax at this point. Finally I moved on.

I am probably dating myself here, but does anyone know of a little place (club) that was named Danny's? It was a very small place, and nothing at all fancy (although it did have AC). If memory serves me correctly if you walked out of Papaguyos, it was accross the street to the left (not directly accross from Papa G's). I met this girl named Lilly in there on my trip. She was a 21 year old looker from Mexico City. I was the only customer in the place that night, and she was the only girl. I told you it was small!

I need to make another trip down that way sometime in the future, this time bringing my camera ;)

Silver Tibby
02-12-04, 00:59
I dont know if this post if appropriate for this board, but I will be in Laredo for my first trip the weekend of the 6th of March, and wanted to see if any other mongers would be around during this weekend, I am looking for someone to hang out with, someone to show me the spots. Anyone who will be there, Please IM me. I have a double room at the Rio Grande on the Texas side. So if anyone wants to hang out, with this firstimer PM me.


02-12-04, 05:49
You're correct Scotty. Perla de Monterrey is the one with the curly blonde do. Cherubino has done her three times now. The first time was an all-nighter after which it was obvious you could get more bang for your peso when you hire by the hour with her.

She's a nice girl, great body, attitude seems to run hot & cold so YMMV.

Didn't see her there last month though. The picture was before she went blonde.

A Toda Maquina
02-12-04, 18:16
Has anyone seen Lorena at Maribu lately ? She's another blonde from Mty. I 'm sure Cherubino & Borderjumper know who she is. Curious how anyone else rates her...

Later, Chango

02-14-04, 04:33
Who all is going to be in BT on Friday and Saturday the 27th and 28th. I am planning a trip that weekend and would like to meet up with some of you guys. I will be hanging out at the Danesh at around 11:30-12:30 on both of those nights, if anyone wants to stop in and say hi. I have no idea what I'll be wearing, but just look for the 6'2" 250# gringo wearing glasses, and drinking a coke. Don't think I'll take any girls out of the Danesh, but it sounds like a place I could hang for a while. Anybody else going to be there, chime in. PM me if you are planning on going from Houston that weekend and can go for either Fri/Sat of Sat/Sun. Maybe we can share expenses.

Joe Driver
02-14-04, 11:42
BorderJumper wrote in a post dated 8-8-02:

Strip clubs in NL. New one on Lopez Laura about 2 blocks south of the Villla Real motel on the right. Ex disco turned into a men's club. Haven't had time to check it out though.

Joe Driver is writing:

BorderJumper, did you ever have a chance to check out this club? I realize the other strip clubs you referred to in this post are pure bullshit. I've been to them. I haven't been to this one, though.

Joe Driver

02-15-04, 03:22
Hell Joe.It's closed. Wasn't open but a couple of months and never any cars parked there/

Joe Driver
02-15-04, 12:56
El Monterey hotel??? Is this the best hotel for mongers to stay at???

On 1-8-03 Borderbanger submitted a post referring to this El Monterey hotel. I believe Hopper, and Din Dallas also stayed in this hotel.

Borderbanger wrote: "the rest of us went to the hotel South of the entrance to BT, El Monterey, if memory serves me"

I'm wondering about this hotel. Where is it? How much is it? Can you walk to BT, from this hotel, and skip the $10 cab fare? Would the walk be safe? What's the condition of this hotel? Is this the best hotel for mongers to stay in, when they go to BT? If it's close to BT, any babes hanging around this hotel, that you can get with? Is hotel girl friendly? Is there a resturant at hotel? Any info would be appreciated.


Joe Driver

02-15-04, 21:02
Joe, This is a new one on me. Not to say it's not there though. I'll check it out next time I'm out there though.

Calle Montereey is the street that runs in front of BT. That whole Colonia is not really safe for gringos anytime , especially after dark.

I still recommend the Villa Real which is a Mexican version of a Best Western. Impresses the hell out of some of the little country girls come to work in the big city and it has all the amenities you could ask for. But you still have that $10 cab ride!

Mic Jagger
02-15-04, 23:37
El Monterrey Hotel, yea I know that one. I picked up Din Dallas from there on the date you mentioned to give him a ride back to the U.S. as BoderBanger and Hopper were staying until Monday because they wanted to pick up some of the local chicas from the market place. The neighbor hood is seedy, well depends if its during the day or at night, apporx. 1/2 mile to Boystown. The hotel is a two story one with around 20 rooms, I remember that Din Dallas had to keep taking his stuff with him because there were no locks on the doors, not just his room but all the rooms, there were door knobs, just no locks. Lots of porn on the TV, and it was chica friendy as Borderbanger & Hopper had one there till morning. The price I don;t remember but I'm thinking around $35 dollars. Its passable if you want to be really close to Boystown, but the Villa Real is a much better choice for around $45 and its very secure and chica friendly. GL. Mic.

02-16-04, 07:19
A few months ago I took out a girl from papa's (I think she went by Celseste, or Selena, I don't remember her stage name) for the night, and ended up doing her and her gorgeous sister (see pic-believe it or not.) Every subsequent visit ended up with them, obviously. They have now moved and so I am now back to trying different girls. I am planning a trip to NL in a couple of weeks and I will most definitely contribute to the BT economy. But being the insatiable creature that I am, and deriving more joy out of the chase than the hunt, I want to sample the local "civilian" population. I know some of you have tried to pick up local girls, and many of you succesfully. So I was hoping for some pointers on where the best places to go are. Where would I stand the best chance of meeting a local girl? I am a good-looking guy, and I speak perfect spanish. I suppose I could always ask a cabbie, but if any of you have any experience, I would greatly appreciate the info. I promise a thorough report.

Also, thanks to everyone that contributes to this board. Your info (well, most of it) makes this, our hobby, much easier and much more enjoyable.

I posted a pic of that girl's sister. If it make at least one of you jelous of my luck, then I am a happy man :) (just kidding, I would gladly share her with anyone of you fine mongers)


02-17-04, 03:46
Try Centro for the locals Nenecito. The second plaza on Guerrerro has bunches of them hanging out, especially when the weather is nice.

Nights, there is a disco/techo bar on the SW corner of the first plaza you come to that seems to have a good crowd.

And then of course, the shops up and down the main drag are good hunting grounds.

Even with 300,000 people, Nuevo Laredo has a small town feel as everything is pretty much situated on Guerrerro.

Of course, if you are not out to score immediately, some of the Catholic churches are good hunting grounds.

Joe Driver
02-17-04, 11:47
On 9-23-03 bbond wrote:Was in BT Saturday night, did 2 door girls, both young, both cute. The 1st one was asking $10, $15 nude, I paid $10, straight sex.

The 2nd was asking $10, $15 nude, $20 fucky-sucky-nude, paid the $20, good investment, great pussy, very friendly girl.

Borderjumper then asked the location of this 2nd door girl.

Joe Driver is writing: I MAY know the location of this girl, bbond was referring to, IF I'm guessing correctly. Anyway, I've attached a map showing the location of this girl. To mongers interested in meeting this girl, she starts working about 9:30 to 10:00pm. I've known her for about 3 years. She's about 22 years old, very petite, sweet, nice, and shy. If she's available, she'll be sitting down, in her doorway, watching her tv in her room. She usually pulls her hair back in a bun. I've been with her many times. She always gives me a good time. Even if I've made a mistake here, and this is not the girl bbond got with, all mongers should check this girl out. I've listed her on the map as,"bbond's 2nd girl in question." I'm sorry, but I'm embarrassed to say I don't know her name. She told me, but I don't recall. Just look for a cute little thing with her hair pulled back in a bun, in the location I've shown on the map. If anyone finds out her name, please post it to this board.

Also, I've shown the apx location of Adriana, if any mongers would like to meet her.
I've also shown the apx location of Anna, a girl I've known for about 2 1/2 years, or so. Anna is very pretty, probably about 22 years old, and even though she's put on a little weight, she still looks good.

Now if I can just figure out how to post this damn map.

Joe Driver

02-17-04, 23:34
Seems like she was just the other side of Blanco Y Negro from where you show, but I won't swear to that tho, it was cold and raining that night and every where I went I walked fast. $20 is the best $20 I have ever spent on a chica in Mexico...and she would have done it for $10, removing pants only.

Cool Beans
02-18-04, 02:06
Hi. Long time no monger. I haven't been to Boys Town since I was arrested there last November. I swore I'd never go back, but time heals all wounds, and big city prices are just killing me. Here's the latest version of the map.

Mic Jagger
02-18-04, 02:34
Welcome back Cool Beans, yes time does heal all wounds. Bring a buddy, you'll be fine. GL. Mic.

Kosher Kowboy
02-19-04, 15:10
Not sure if ganja is acceptable to talk about, don't expect much, PM me and Kosher ( daily toker) will explain situation, bottom line, do not get caught in MX w/ anything you know you shouldnt have. All nighters depending what time you strike a deal can range from just under a bill upward to 300, asinette at papas will demand more, a lesser quality one will demand less, its all about negotiating.

KosherCowboy: Enjoys what MX has to offer and leaves his ' stuff' back home, not worth asking for problems, but its there, cuidado!

02-20-04, 00:42
Has anyone stayed at the Hollywood Hotel in the back of boystown? Was wondering how the rooms were and the cost?



El Feo
02-20-04, 02:36
I'm new to the forum and it's been a while since I frequented BT. However, I was there recently and failed to located an old friend, Diana, from Tamykos. She was a cute, friendly, short, chubby redhead with big chichis from Poza Rica, Vera Cruz. Has anyone seen her or know of her whereabouts? I'll try to send an old photo later.


El Feo

Scotty Monger
02-20-04, 03:18
Events have conspired to prevent me from making my next trip to BT. Last weekend it was a stomach virus and the weather. Almost 2" of snow here in Austin. Regardless, I've booked my room for Friday night (2/20) and am letting nothing stop me. BTW, I tried to get a room at The Rio Grande Plaza, but they wanted $102. Don't know if this was due to the short time frame or if this is a permanent rate hike. Thought I heard that Howard Johnson was buying the place, but not sure.

I've got to be back in Austin by Saturday night, and I'll try to get my trip report submitted by the end of the weekend.

Cool Beans: Great Map! I've aready printed out the color version & am taking it with me. If I see any changes while I'm down I'll let you know. You have "La Cosita" colored as a "Don't Know" site. This was a place I stopped in twice on my last visit to have a beer. It is just a regular bar, with a pool table & a television playing porno movies. There was only one girl in there (about a 4) and the mongers were all locals. She was busy though! Every time she and a client came back into the room (from a door next to the bar) there was another local ready to go. This is a good "no hassle" place to grab a beer & relax between sessions, but probably not a place to monger.

Don't remember all the facts of your nightmare last November, but I think you drove over and were fucked by both the BT cops and the NL cops? It's this kind of shit (rare as it may be Jumper!!) that keeps me from driving over and/or staying in a NL hotel. Probably best to team up to do this and not try it solo.

If anybody will be down Friday night, I should be fairly easy to spot. I'll be the 35-ish looking (but 41 y.o.!!) gringo with long dark blonde hair tied in the back, glasses, moustache, and a big fuckin smile!

Scotty Monger

02-21-04, 01:04
Nice to see that Hopper has not been forgotten and that Hopper's posts are still being read, how few there were. Hopper's budget has changed drastically, for the good but for remodeling projects, new car, etc. but Hopper is still making plans for a trip across the border again soon.

Date is yet still unknown but maybe a reunion would be in line. Kosher, what do you think? And also, Kosher, Hopper talked with our mutual friend in early January but his cell phone cut out and now Hopper's is on the blink, but if you've talked with him lately let him know Hopper still hanging around and if he still needs anything to just let Hopper know, of course he may still be keeping up with the board.

Stay Hard,


02-21-04, 03:27
Joe Driver: Awesome detail on the map. I like the specific room girls highlights the best. Adriana has moved! A year or so ago she was on the back side facing what is now HN. She has to be the best door girl I have ever been with.

Scotty: The prices are maxed because Tomorrow (21st) is the Washington day bridge celebration and parade. This is a huge deal for Laredo and NL. There should be a big Fiesta downtown NL Sat night, and all the good hotels will be full of out of towners there for the festivities. I went the last two years in a row but can not make it this time.

02-21-04, 04:20
That is why Baby Huey decided not to go this weekend. I will be going next weekend on either Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, probably the latter, as I tend to like Sunday nights down there. Either way I plan to spend about an hour both nights in the new Danesh Exotic view club. Be in there about Midnight til one-ish. If anybody else is down that weekend, stop in and say hi.

02-21-04, 04:24
Oh, I don't expect to partake in any sex at the Danesh club, but you never know. There was one time when I was hearing that the girls at TABU were taking nothing less than eighty dollars, I went there on a Sunday night around that time and managed to get FS (good service) for $60 including the room. So you never know what might happen in Boystown.

02-21-04, 09:40
Good Day Fellow Mongers,

First of all I wanted to thank CoolBeans for the awesome map.

SaigonButterfly there shouls be a hotel you can stay at on the far block on the North Side of Boystown. You will need to look at the map which CoolBeans made to find it. If you look at the map it will be located on the street which says " do not travel at night on foot" . The hotel is located behind the Marabu club. It is located next to the E Cielo El Muerto Club. It will be a two story white hotel. This hotel is the original Hollywood Nights club before the Hollywood Nights Club moved down the road to the Westerner.

There is about 20 rooms in the hotel. There is running water. Some of the rooms are allright and some are not. This hotel is a dump if you compare it to the Villa Real.You will need to bring your own towels and TP but there is running water. It will cost you about 20 a night or 70 a week and you will get your own key. I call this hotel the Old Hollywood Nights Motel. This is the best hotel I have ever stayed at in Boystown. I liked this hotel much better than the Star Bar Hotel which is located behind the Star Bar.

If your looking for a nice hotel I suggest the Villa Real which is a few miles from Boystown.

If you are looking for a passable hotel which is very convienent I would suggest the Old Hollywood Nights Hotel. Its really not that bad of a hotel.

Joe Driver
02-21-04, 13:25
monger report for trip on thursday, 2-19-04, with attached monger map.

okay guys, please keep my comments here confidential. if these girls ask you how you found out about them, tell them you "heard it through the grapevine." don't tell them you saw the info about them on the internet. they may freak out, and be upset. i know some of these girls, and i don't want them freaked out, and pissed off. anyway, on to the report.

i arrived in boystown on thursday, 2-19-04, at 5:00pm. i was horny as hell. i went to see if my favorite was available, but she was out shopping, so i began mongering, after taking my 100mgs of the magic blue pill.

i first got with anna, who i mentioned in my report on 2-17-04, so i don't want to repeat info on her. i had a good time with her. i got to massage her nude butt for 30 minutes, for #20. i massaged her pussy some, and was able to go inside, some, with my finger. (remember guys, this stuff is confidential. we've got to hang together on this, or i won't be submitting any more monger reports. please.) then i got to fuck her for 20 minutes, for $20. i did about 3 twenty minute fuck sessions with her, after starting out with the 30 minute butt massage. had a very good time with her.

next, i was standing at the star bar, with a guy i know that lives in boystown, and we spotted a girl named norma, standing in front of alice's bar. my friend called to her, and she came over. she's a somewhat plain looking 18 year old slender, petite girl. i had rented a room at the star bar, for all night, for $15, so norma and i got together at this room, and not at alice's bar. the star bar did not charge me to take her to my room. i started out with my patented butt massage on her, starting out with her clothes on, (she seemed a little nervous) and then we removed her pants, but kept the white panties on. (oh yeah, that's a good girl.) she was a little shy, sexually, if you know what i mean. i think she charge me $10 for this, for 20, or 30 minutes, i don't remember which. i asked her if she wanted to fuck, and she said okay. she was laying on her stomach, and i attempted to fuck her. (she's got a purty little ass.) i'm sort of average size, and i could barely get my dick in her, and only about halfway in. this girl has the smallest, and tightest pussy i've ever tried to fuck. it was like trying to nail a virgin, or something. this fucking was somewhat uncomfortable for her, because my average size dick was too big for her. (thank you, viagra) anyway, we sort of finished up with our session together, but on pleasant terms. she tried. that's all they can do. if any mongers wish to meet norma. she works at alice's bar. i don't know how much the room cost would be at alice's bar. my suggestion would be to go to this place, and talk to norma some. play it by ear, so to speak. she's not very expensive, herself.

next, i went by to check on a room girl, i've known for about 3 years. i've described this girl in my report on 2-17-04, so i don't want to repeat myself here. she's the girl i described as "bbond 2nd girl in question," in the 2-17-04 report. she was occupied with a customer. i later saw her sitting in her doorway, when she was done with her customer. her hair was down, this night, instead of pulled back into a bun. her name is mashila, or mashera, or something like that. she's the third door down, as shown on the attached monger map, and there's a number 4 over her room, that has been painted over with white paint. she's $20 for twenty minutes, i think, but i pay her $20 for 30 minutes, because i've known her for 3 years. i always have a good time with this girl. i didn't get with her this night, because every time i went to her room to get with her, she was occupied with a customer. i guess i'm not the only one who likes her. i would suggest all mongers at least check her out. she's very nice.

anyway, since the above mentioned girl was occupied, i went back and got with anna, again, for more butt massage, and fucking. anna seems to like the butt massage, and she's good at fucking also.

after anna, i proceeded to monger around boystown. i went into pimp daddies at 11:30 pm to see if a sandy was working there, but was told there was no sandy working there. i noticed that there were about zero customers in the club, at this time. i have not been happy with the service i received at this club, and apparently others haven't been happy either. i immediately walked back out of this club, after finding out there was no sandy there.

i proceeded on to the danash exotic views club. first time i've been in this club. i did a "walk through." whoaa! some of the babes working in this club, you got to see, to believe. i would advise all mongers to at least do a "walk through," in this club. whoaa! i'm speechless over some of the babes, in this club. but be careful, mongers. i've read on this board that drinks for the girls are $10. place is very nice. they had some customers. i did my "walk through," and left. i definitely plan on checking out this club, again, in the future. i would imagine everything in this club is "high dollar." i've read on this board that you can get 3 table dances for $15 in this club. that might not be a bad deal. i might check that out in the future. i just hope the babe isn't very thirsty. shit, that could get expensive. some of the babes looked kind of young in this club. i saw one in black shorts, i'm still thinking about. damn.

anyway, i went back outside this danash club, and walked around, and found my current favorite out at boystown. we got together, and spent about 5 hours together. (sorry guys, i can't remember her name, or where she works. sorry. maybe some other time.) i got done at 6:00am, and called it a night. my dick was plum wore out. i couldn't take it no more.

i had a great time. i didn't get beat up, or robbed by the police. i had a great time with the babes. so everything went okay.

below is the attached monger map.

joe driver

Kosher Kowboy
02-21-04, 18:42

He's around, and up to "the same old", but Kosher is up for reunion. Its been a while since we all were down there, glad to see your budget has changed for the positive.

KosherCowboy wonders if any one knows the name of the room girl that sits just north of PD's, right next to drivers Anna, perhaps Kosher is talking of Anna himself. Does Anna sit in a little chair and have to walk 15 feet to her room in back (one of the nicest quality rooms in BT for a room girl), or his her room right on the "street"?

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization and punctuation. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Thanks!

Joe Driver
02-22-04, 10:16
KosherKowboy wrote:
Does Anna sit in a little chair and have to walk 15 feet to her room in back (one of the nicest quality rooms in BT for a room girl)

Joe Driver is writing:
Mr. Kosherkowboy, that is the one and only Anna. That's her. I love her hair. Very nice hair. I enjoyed your post. When I read it, I started laughing. You hit the nail on the head, as they say.

Joe Driver

Scotty Monger
02-22-04, 10:36
Trip Report (Friday - 02/20/04) Part One

This is going to be another long report, so this time I’m going to break it up into two parts. I’ll post the second part in a day or so. I left Austin at about 2:00 p.m. and got to Laredo at 5:30. I checked into the Motel 6, which is $45.00 + tax via the Internet. As I’m checking in I overhear the other customers talking about the Washington Day parade, etc…I now knew why the hotel rates had been jacked up, and why most hotels were completely booked. Is it just me, or does there seem to be a holiday/celebration every other weekend down in “La Frontera”?

I left my motel at 8:00 and drove to the fenced parking lot at the Mall. It costs $1.00 per hour, up to a maximum of $8.00, which covers you for 24 hours. The lot is staffed 24/7, so you can come and go at any time. Even though the hotels were all booked, the parking lot was virtually deserted. There were no other gringos crossing the bridge when I did, and fewer than the normal number of gringos in el centro. Only after I had gone to that open-air bar across from the first “park” (what’s the name, maybe Ninas?) and had a beer, did I realize that I hadn’t walked through any tunnel. I guess they filled it in, although I’m going to miss the smell of fresh [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) when I enter NL!!

I just had one quick beer, while listening to the deafening “thump” of the “techno” dance music, and caught a cab to BT. I spotted the Hotel Villa Real on the way, and it definitely looks good. It’s on the right (west) side of Lopez Lara, about a mile before you turn right on the 2nd Anahuac to head toward BT. I had the driver drop me at the taxi stand, and went into Papagayos for a beer. It was about 9:00, and the place looked exactly as it did the last time I was there at 9:00. There were maybe 15 girls, but I swear that most were fat and/or unattractive. I’m sure the “A List” girls come in later, but I wouldn’t waste my time there until after 11:00 or so. I met a fellow gringo monger named Joe who is a realtor from Laredo. We stood at the bar drinking our beers and “shootin the shit”. After about 10 minutes two “fatties” approached, but I told mine politely but firmly, that I had just arrived and was only interested in drinking for now. They then both concentrated on Joe, so I finished my beer, said adios to Joe and got the fuck out. I hope this wasn’t some kind of breach of the “monger code of ethics” to leave Joe to deal with both of these “fuglies”, but damn they were dogs!! I would meet up with Joe again later that night (see part two of my trip report).

I next headed for Marabu. The last time I was in BT I had only stuck my head in the door of this “ghost town” a couple of times, so I decided that this time I would stay for awhile and drink a beer or two. At about 9:30 there were six girls, 2 waiters, 1 bartender, 1 cashier, and me, period! Not another white boy in sight! Of all of the joints I have seen in BT, Marabu has by far the best interior décor (I haven’t been in Danash yet). It is right out of the late 50’s or early 60’s, and is now “retro cool”. I guess it has been around so long that the décor is now back in style! They have circular booths around the walls, a big dance floor in the center, and a larger than usual bar with stools mounted in the floor. There’s this cool/strange “desert diorama” behind the bar, full of sand, cactus and cow skulls! I bet this joint rocked back in the day! Of the 6 girls, 3 were dogs, 2 were “possibles”, and 1 was a “probable”. Of course, it was the dogs who approached me first, but I gave them the same line I gave the dogs at Papagayos. The best looking of the six girls turns out to be the dyed blonde I spotted in December, and rated a 7.5 on looks. She is a little taller than most of the girls in BT and doesn’t appear to be hiding any fat under her outfit. After getting a better look at her I have to revise my rating down a little, but she may be great in bed for all I know. She looks to be in her early twenties, and has straight blond hair.

I emphasize “straight” because no sooner had I checked the place over, then in walks the famous Perla de Monterrey. There is no doubt as to who is the star attraction at Marabu. The other girls got real quiet and looked away as she walked in. They had instantly become “second best”. Perla’s hair is indeed now blonde but I could tell, even though it was tied up in a bun, that it is curly. Upon entering, Perla immediately got into a rather loud “discussion” with the cashier, perhaps over $$, but don’t know. After a few minutes she approached me, the only monger in sight, and asked my name, etc…I asked for her name, not wanting to reveal that I already knew it and not wanting to discuss how I got that information. I’m glad I didn’t, because the way she says her name is damn sexy to me. Remember, it’s pronounced “Pear-la”, not “Purr-la”. We talked a little, but I told her I wasn’t ready for company yet, and that I would try to come back later. Perhaps it was a mistake to not go after Perla immediately, but I have mixed feelings about her. Even though she has been highly rated by several members for her prowess in bed and for giving a good GFE, she came across to me as a rather jaded “seen it all, done it all, bored with it all” type. I’m sure this happens a lot in her profession. She came across like a waitress at Waffle House, who asks “What’ll you have?” in a bored tone. Perhaps she was still pissed at the cashier, or just pissed at the world. Perhaps she didn’t like my looks, or the fact that I was the only potential customer in sight. Whatever the reason, she seemed to be showing the signs of being a little “world weary”. I’d be interested to know if anyone has tried her since she returned to BT as a blonde, and whether she still rocks in bed. Also, she seems to be a little heavier than she looks in the picture submitted by Cherubino. Although, I’d also say that she is better looking in person than she looks in the picture. She is definitely not fat, just a little “thicker” than in the picture. I’m wondering how long she was away from BT, and why. Bambino perhaps? Regardless, don’t be surprised if the “new” Perla is not quite the same as the old one you so fondly remember.

I left Marabu at about 10:00, and “little Scotty” was telling me to get busy. My plan was to do a “door girl quickie” first, and then do a long session with a decent club girl. I walked over to Street Two and started making the rounds. My targets were: 1) Adriana, 2) Gabriela, 3) “white pants” from the skuzzy green building, 4) Sandra from Toluca, and 5) Joe Driver’s “bun girl” from Street Three. I circled the block several times for over 30 minutes and never saw any of them, nor any other door girls that might suffice. Shit! I have had visions of Adriana fucking my brains out for 2 months, and I can’t catch her! I know the door “group” that each of these ladies are located in, but not necessarily the exact door. Therefore, I don’t know if they were busy with clients, or not working that night. I would make the rounds again much later but only saw Gabriela, this time with no sister or cousin working the door with her. When I made this second round, I had just had a long session (see below), so I would pass on Gabriela this time. Also, Joe Driver’s report, stating that she was not that great in bed and that she “nickels & dimes” you to death, was in my head. I may have seen Joe’s “bun girl” but didn’t know it, since as Joe Driver states in his latest report she didn’t have her hair tied in a bun when he saw her the night before I was there. Now that Joe’s map has given us the exact door of “bun girl” and the others (you Bad Ass!!), I’ll check her out the next time I’m in BT.

It was now about 10:30, and “little Scotty” is getting pissed. I decided to go back to the scene of my first mongering experience, Tamyko. The scene was virtually identical to my last visit. There were about 12-15 girls, with only 2-3 that I would rate as a 7 or better. There is one old hag working there that has absolutely no business working in BT, even as a door girl. I didn’t see Saria (Say-ree-ah) from my last visit, which was fine since I wanted to try someone else anyway. I bought a beer and surveyed the scene, taking my time & politely declining the approaches of the usual “fatties”. I spotted a girl that fit the same profile as Saria. She was naturally cute, slim and petite, and wearing regular street clothes (not street walker garb). I was standing, so I pointed to an empty booth and she immediately went over, sat down, and waited for me. Try doing that with your typical American “princess”! I stopped at the bar and bought her a drink, which I gave to her as I sat down. She spoke a little English, so we were able to carry on a decent conversation. She said her name was “Manina”. I asked a second time, and I’m pretty sure it’s Manina, not Marina or Martina. She asked if this was my first time to BT, and I told her I had been to BT in December and had seen Saria. She laughed and immediately relaxed when I told her this. Ironically, she said that Saria was her best friend in BT, but that she was now back in Monterrey. I don’t know if this is temporary or not. Manina said she was 27 years old, was from Piedras Negras, and had a 2 year old daughter that she named Saria in honor of her friend! What’s this? An honest Mexican prostitute? I thought that many of you guys said Mexico was full of nothing but dishonest “scum” and that BT was even worse. First of all, she looks to be no more than 20 years old, which she could easily claim to be if she wanted to. Secondly, you would never guess by looking at her that she has a child. As most mongers know, the girls usually try to hide the fact that they have children as it often lowers their “marketability” due to the associated weight gain and/or the loss of vaginal tightness. I would soon discover, much to my relief, that Manina had neither of these problems.

As we finished our drinks, the negotiations started. She quoted $60 + $10, just as Saria had. I countered that I wanted a full hour of time, to allow for a massage and plenty of action. She quoted $100 + $20, again just as Saria had. Just like last time, I made a deal for $80 + $10 for a full hour. She asked for $20 for the room, but not the rest of the money. Once in the room and disrobed, Manina had a nice tight body with no signs of childbirth at all. She said she weighed 100 pounds, and that sounds about right. She said she had only gained about 20 pounds when she was pregnant, and had lost the weight very quickly after childbirth. Also, she was more than tight enough for a normal sized guy like me. The session turned out to be a virtual carbon copy of my session with Saria, (which means it was damn good!) except that she did not restrict me from kissing her face, as Saria had. See my trip report from 12/13/03 for details regarding my encounter with Saria.

Like Saria, Manina was willing to try any position I suggested, which is good because I like to switch positions a lot. She didn’t put quite as much effort into the sex as Saria had, but she gave a better massage and a very long and enthusiastic cbj, complete with lots of ball licking! In fact, she used her tongue on different parts of my body quite a lot throughout the session, which is a serious turn-on for me. In the end, I would rate Manina just slightly higher than Saria, but not by much. They both went the full hour, and both gave good service with a smile. I guess I rate Manina slightly higher because of her oral skills, both during conversation and during sex! When we were done, I gave her the agreed upon $80 + $10 (yes, just like I did with Saria). That comes to $80 (Manina) + $20 (room) + $10 (tip).

That’s two good girls I have had at Tamyko, which is otherwise full of mediocre “fatties” and “fuglies”. Both girls did exactly what they said they were going to do, for the amount of time they said they would, never talked about $$ after the deal was negotiated in the bar, and told me more truth about their personal lives than I was entitled to know. These two girls may be many things, but they are definitely not dishonest scum. They are honest Mexican providers, who have my respect. My successes at Tamyko also remind me of one of the main reasons I come to BT in the first place. It’s not just to score some easily accessible pussy. For me, a big part of the fun of BT is going on the “hunt” for these true jewels hiding in a mountain of common rhinestones. The “kill” just confirms that I have chosen well.

Scotty Monger

Kosher Kowboy
02-22-04, 20:55
Kosher was [CodeWord112] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord112) in the head at papagayos and as he glanced in the trash can he noticed a little box and thought he saw ' cialis' on it. Upon furtur review of the box, it was written in spanish, contained one tablet, 20 mg, and was made in Guadelajara, so its for sure a Mexican product from a MX pharmacy. It had a sticker on it of 198.00 which would be roughly under 20 dollars. Where it it for sale Kosher does not know, but the sticker had a ' little ladies head' on it, juts like the little head on the calderon chain of pharmacies, so best bet for cialis, go to one of them, it has arrived. If Kosher had known this earlier he would have done cilis instead of viagra

KosherCowboy: Just arrived home and will post full report, since kosher obviously doesnt contribute in a gentlemenlike manner ( was raised by Beavis) and supplies unimportant information and photos to this site he only qualifies as a regular member like some of the lurkers who take vacations, suck up information and never share, kosher is their equal, so by time you all get report here it will be old news.

Kosher Kowboy
02-22-04, 22:01
kosher left his luxurious 3 bedroom house he rents in enfield at 3:00 yesterday, in need of relief and a few months supply of prilosec at a fraktion the kost of here. kosher loved his new ride, the first time his trailblazer has been to mx. kosher stopped at loves to eat and get gas, smoke a special cigarette, and [CodeWord111] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord111). kosher enjoyed tune after tune on his xm radio as well as the puro tejano of san antonio's 107.5, and kosher is now able to komprehend cnn in espanol on the radio and many lines in music, though the super fast stuff still sounds chinese. high as kan be, kosher thought of his latinas awaiting him, he day dreamed, the same way the griswalds did on the airplane to europe in european vakation, like a fool, and kosher had illusions of grandeur. he imagined the ladies in papagayos all fighting and shoving each other, ripping each others hair out to get koshers business. women all offered him bargains and freebies just to be with him, but than reality set in, kosher was headed to a *****house where he would pay, and kosher realized when he saw the ' laredo city limits ' sign that he was about to be penetrated for several hundred dollars, starting with his motel.

kosher took exit 4 of i-35 last night, and checked in with the rest of the poor white trash at the motel 6, at $44.95 for the internet rate, made at last minute on sat when rgp was too much and red roof inn booked. he showered, got stoned, and drove his trailblazer to the city lot. kosher than made his way akross the bridge and changed his $, bought his viagras, and walked 4 blocks past the festival and hopped a kab. at about 8:30 kosher entered the walled in kompound kontaining hundreds of different vaginas of all shapes and sizes to choose from. he took a leak in papas, looked around, wanted to puke and walked around. same old room girls as usual, about 80-90% of them are the same ones that were working when kosher first went in june of 02. about a 10-20% turnover at best. after an hour of walking and looking kosher returned to papas and was pleased to see the ladies of kuality were entering the parlor.

koshers 3 wives from last night:

wife one: wife one was one of kosher's regulars, claudia in papas. many know of her, but for thsoe that don't, she is mid height, long dark kurly hair, with an awesome body, one of best in bt. kosher has done her several times. her service is routine, but its great. she gives everyone the same, a ncie massage, titty fuck with oil, cbj, and a great lay. well worth her 70 price tag.

wife two: a new room girl, akross from pimp daddies, 18 yrs old, from mx city, 20 bucks for cbj and a lay. shes real short with a dark complexion and great set of titties. why this girl isnt in a klub getting more kosher has no klue, but he will bang her while shes still cheap. $20

wife three: a new spinner in papagayos. her name is perla, pretty kommon name in bt. this one is hott, gets snagged minute she walks in from getting nailed. she is 21, has huge boobs and a nice blond hair, done elegently, she wears some nice kostume jewelry. kosher highly doubt this is the same perla from monterrey that is talked about, besides the pics are different. this perla though beautiful, fresh, and new, is an inexperienced hooker. her cbj almost hurt, kosher felt tooth, after cumming twice already he was sensative, but her bj was terrible, she needs to learn. she fucks a little better than she sucks, but she still needs time. kosher had a very good time, and enjoyed dloing the new talent before she gets worn in, when he will do her again. $70

wife one and wife three: had $ 15 dollar room/towel charges

wife two: has a bed with no pillows and a cold cement floor

koshers ' luxurious ' house : has shitty a/c, terrible heating, only two burners on stove work, no cold water in kitchen sink, only one shower kan run at a time, if too many items are ' on' the circuit will blow, the freezer is losing its insulation, the fridge has no shelves in it, no working disposal, one side of sink is permantly klogged. rent: $ 1225

koshercowboy: had a good time in mx, streets look kleaner, selection isnt great, must look harder for talent now than ever

koshers footnote: kosher entered danash at 1 am, at height of night. some of the girls looked ' ok', some were nasty, one was hott. overall, this place had some real krap girls, nice seats. half the girls were sitting alone in back looking bored and miserable, not very appealing. worth the price tag to drink there and watch girls dance?? kosher rekommends tabu or pullman for this, also, brenda is now at papagayos. she walked out at around 2 am pissed, kosher saw her get one guy all night.

Scotty Monger
02-23-04, 06:39
Trip Report (Friday - 02/20/04) Part Two

This is the second part of my trip report. See the earlier post, below, for the first part of the report.

After leaving Tamyko, and sweet Manina, it was about midnight. I was feeling drained (but little Scotty was feeling great!) after the long session, so I walked over to La Cosita to recharge my batteries. I ordered both a beer and a coke, since I’m a caffeine junkie. I have stopped in here several times, so now the old lady at the bar doesn’t ask for my money each time I order a drink, but waits until I’m ready to leave. When I’m done with the beer & the coke, I realize I have nothing smaller than a $20 bill. I show it to her, but she shakes her head. I try to convey to her it’s all I have. She takes the bill and walks out of the bar, presumably to find some change, leaving me all alone in the bar. She is gone over 5 minutes, but returns with my $20 bill, not having found someone to change it. She hands the bill back to me, smiles, and says “no worry”. What’s this? Another honest Mexican in BT? I screw up and don’t bring enough small bills, she tries to find change, leaving me alone in her unattended bar, and then basically tells me to “Forget about it”. I try to tell her that I will come back later with the money. She smiles again and repeats “no worry”.

I walk up Street Two and stop in the first convenience store I see. I’m still feeling drained, so I pull a coke from the cooler, immediately open it and take a big drink. I go to the counter & show the opened coke to the cashier. I also ask for some smokes, but he doesn’t have anything light, so I pass. Then I show him the $20 bill. He shakes his head. I tell him it’s all I have, and he too says “no worry”. Shit! Obviously, I should have asked him if he could break a $20 bill before I opened the coke. Now I owe 2 honest Mexicans some money, and they don’t seem to care in the least. I realize it’s just “chump change” to you and me, but that’s not the point. I’m “fucking up” left and right, and they continue to be friendly and helpful. I offer to leave a $20 bill with him while I go in search of change. He refuses, and also repeats “no worry”.

I walk further down Street Two, in search of some change. This is when I spotted Gabriela across the street. I called her name and waved to her. She waved back and flashed her famous smile. She is so damn cute that I’ve got to try her one of these days, even though she doesn’t give anything close to a GFE. I round the corner, walk down Front Street, and enter the convenience store next to Shamrock. I ask for Marlboro Lights, which she has, then I flash the $20 bill. She whips out a large ziplock bag full on $1 bills. Sweet! I’m sure these $1 bills came from fellow mongers and have been “stuck” in many a stripper’s G-string! I get my change, head back to the first store, and pay for the coke (plus a $1 tip). I then go back to La Cosita, and give the old lady $5 for a $3 tab. Mental Note: $20 bills are fine for the chickas, but be sure to bring lots of small bills for the beers, tacos, etc…

My energy was still uncharacteristically low, when I realized I hadn’t eaten anything but a candy bar since lunch. Time for tacos! I head to Don Luis taco stand and run into my new friend Joe, whom I had met inside Papagayos. We eat a couple of tacos together and I ask him how he’s done tonight. Turns out that he went to Club Danash, and man was he impressed! He echoed the comments made by others in this forum. He said the place was expensive compared to most of the other clubs in BT, but that most of the girls were “hotter than hell”. He said that the girl drinks are indeed $10, but that the girls let you “feel them up” all you want. They will sit with you for about 15 minutes per drink. Don’t know about the rumor that you can get 3 lap dances for $15. He said the going rate was $100 for the girls and that they don’t seem to negotiate. They must be “hotties” indeed! I asked if this included the room & he said no, the room was extra. He said the rooms were very nice compared to other places in BT. I asked him how long he was with the girl and he said about 45 minutes. He said he understood that he could have up to an hour if he wanted. I don’t know about you, but if I buy an hour with a hot chicka I’m damn sure going to use the entire hour! I asked him how much the room was, but all he said was “expensive”. I was about to press him for the room rate, but got interrupted by the arrival of a large and loud group of mongers. I have heard from others that the room rate at Danash is roughly $25, but I have yet to learn if you get a solid hour with the girl.

Lets say, for arguments sake, that the girls at Danash are indeed $100, that the room is $25, and that the girl drinks are $10. That means, if you take the first girl that sits with you, that it will cost you about $135 (plus maybe a tip). I’m paying $80 + $10 + a $3.50 drink at Tamyko for a solid hour with girls that I would rate a 7.5, on looks alone. That comes to a total of $93.50, but I have given each Tamyko girl and extra $20 ($10 toward the room & $10 for the girl) as a reward for their hard work and the pretty good GFE they provided. That brings the total to $113.50. So, a Danash girl would cost me about $20-$25 more, unless I also give her a big tip. If I can get a solid hour of time, the girl rates at least a solid 9, the rooms are indeed the best in BT, and the girl works hard for the money, I might just be willing to go for it. It’s not something I’ll do every trip to BT, but I’ll go “top shelf” every now and then! I’ll tell you what, Joe (a local) sure had a big ass smile on his face, so they must be doing something right. If anyone has “gone the distance” in Danash let us know if the information Joe gave me is correct.

I was ready to escape the loud group of mongers, so I asked Joe where he was going next. He said he was done for the night and was heading back to Laredo. Did he blow his wad of cash at Danash, or just his wad?! It was now about 1:00, and I had a decision to make. Was I done as well or did I want to give “little Scotty” some more action? “Little Scotty” convinced me to take a look around BT one more time. I had already had my long and relatively “high dollar” session for the night, and I couldn’t seem to catch any of the door girls I was targeting (except Gabriela), so I decided to try for a regular 30 minute session with a club girl. “Little Scotty” tried to convince me to go straight to Danash, but I told him to fuck off or he wouldn’t get anything at all! I remembered Baby Huey’s experience in Pullman, so I headed down Front Street.

I paid the $1 cover charge, went in and ordered a beer at the bar. The waiters tried to steer me to a table next to the stage in the center of the relatively small room, but I never let them make decisions for me. The place is basically a strip club, that is much lower in quality than the other clubs I have been in. There were about 6 girls in the club that took turns dancing on the stage. When they weren’t dancing they would stand at the bar waiting for some attention. There was only one other gringo in the place, while the rest seemed to be locals. The gringo was giving dollars to the over-weight girl dancing on stage, while the locals just watched. I knew in the first minute that I probably wouldn’t ever come back into the place again, but I figured I would finish my beer and see what happened. I watched about 3 girls dance (3 songs each) and they all sucked, both as dancers and in the looks department.

I was about to leave when I spotted a girl I hadn’t seen before. She was hiding in an “alcove” of seats, next to the DJ’s booth at the front of the club. She looked much younger than the other girls, and she was also very light skinned. I decided to wait and see if she danced, so I could get a better look. Sure enough, she hit the stage next. She also sucked as a dancer, but her body was a vast improvement compared to the other girls. She was very lean, had small “perky” tits, and looked even whiter than me on stage. Her hair had a red tint to it, and it was “spiked”, giving her a punk look. Her light skin, lean build, and “punk” hair may not appeal to some mongers who are looking for that classic “J-Lo” latina girl, but she definitely has a “unique” look when compared to most of the other girls in BT. She was not quite as cute in the face as the girls I had been with at Tamyko, but she wasn’t anywhere close to ugly either. “Little Scotty” signaled his approval, so I decided that she was mine. As she walked off stage, I approached and slipped a $5 bill in her G-string. She said “gracias” and went to a room off to the side of the bar to change clothes. As a side note, none of the locals every dropped a dime on any of the girls while I was in the bar. It was just me and the other gringo who picked up chicks and/or gave them some $ for their shitty dancing. Were the local guys just cheapskates, or were the gringos just idiots? Probably both! On another note, if Baby Huey got a bbbj (with cim) in the main room (which I’m not doubting for a second) then where was he sitting? The place is pretty much one open room, and is relatively well lit. Maybe he was in the “alcove” area, or perhaps they have separate rooms for this? No shame in Baby Huey’s game!!

I sat down at a table, ordered a girl drink from a waiter, and waited for the girl to return. She returned wearing a string bikini and sat down next to me. We drank our drinks and watched the girl on stage, who was another shitty dancer. I asked for her name, and she said “al-han-dra”, which I assume meant Alejandra. The girl spoke basically no English, so conversation was out. She also seemed a little shy and was probably inexperienced. I had to decide whether I should go the distance with this girl, or not. It was now past 1:30, and I knew that if I didn’t take this girl that I would probably just head back to the motel, and not start the “hunt” all over again. My gut feeling was that she wasn’t going to match up to the girls I had taken at Tamyko, but “little Scotty’ said “go for it”. I therefore went straight to the negotiations. She quoted $50 + $10 for the standard 30 minutes. I countered with $50 “por todo”, and she said “bueno”. I would give her the extra $10 if she did a good job. The procedure at this club was different than at Tamyko, in that the girl wanted all of the money before we left the club. She took it straight to the cashier, who appeared to take it all, but I’m not positive. We proceeded out the back door, next to the bar, and into another “courtyard” of rooms. We were directed, by an old and drunk looking “towel guy”, into a nearby room. The guy stood in the doorway waiting for a tip, so I gave him $2 and said “thanks for nothing”. Something about the guy rubbed me the wrong way.

As soon as I closed the door, I notice that the room is for shit. I’m not there to write an article for House & Garden magazine, but I felt like I needed a full body condom to fuck in this place! The girl pulled out a standard condom from her bag, took off her ultra small bikini, and waited while I undressed. I laid down on the bed, hoping I was the only living organism on it, and watched as the girl tried to put the condom on the completely soft “little Scotty”. Yep, she’s definitely inexperienced! She wouldn’t do any bbbj to get “little Scotty” to stand at attention, so I motioned for her to use her hand. She got the job done, and proceeded to administer a rather lackluster cbj. After about 5 minutes of this, I stopped her and told her to lie down. Just when I thought the session would be a total bust, I got a bit of “good news”. As I’m getting ready to start banging this girl, I realize I can’t get “little Scotty” inside of her! Remember, I’m a normal sized guy, and this girl is so tight that we have to pull the old condom off & put one of my lubricated ones on. Finally, with quite a bit of effort, I make it in and start to work. Unfortunately, this girl was a complete “dead fish” when it came to sex. She was cute, with no fat, and tight as hell, but just laid there while I banged her. After about 10 minutes, I turned her over, deciding to finish up “doggie style”. Even after I had banged her for 10 minutes, I could barely get back in! I finally did, and went at it for another 10 minutes. I’m enjoying the view of her small and tight ass, but her lack of effort was a turn-off. I decide to go ahead and finish up, so I reach maximum velocity and “blow my load”. When I was done all she said was “Okay?”. I said “sure”, but she didn’t get a tip. I finally ask her how old she is and she says “diez y nueve”! So, this girl is apparently just 19, and very inexperienced. All she needs is some “schooling” from a more experienced provider, and she could become very popular. On the plus side, she has the tightest pussy I have fucked since I was a teenager myself.

It was now after 2:00, and time to head back to my motel. I’ve decided that on my next trip to BT, I need to arrive at a later time (maybe 10:00), and stay later into the morning. This is hard for me to do on a Friday, because I have to get up early for work, and I start to “crash” around 2:00. I hopped into a cab at the taxi stand, and headed for the border. I got the guy to pull over just before we reached the bridge, saving me a walk from the taxi stand at the “park”. I pay him the “gringo tax” and get out. As I’m heading toward the bridge, a car-load of hot little latinas start yelling and whistling at me and waving me over to their car. It was damn tempting, but I was shot, and they were probably just innocent little “teenyboppers” anyway. I just waived back, shook my ass for them, and kept walking. Maybe next time, my pretties, maybe next time.

Scotty Monger

Joe Driver
02-23-04, 10:38

I'm surprised you weren't impressed with the babes at Danash. I was in this club about midnight on Thursday, and I was blown away with several of these girls. Not meaning to argue with you here. Each to his own, as they say. I would still encourage all mongers to check out this club. I personally thought these Danash babes were the best looking babes in Boystown, by far. Weird how two guys have completely different opinions.

Joe Driver

Kosher Kowboy
02-23-04, 16:24

Timing is everything, you probably walked in at a ' better time', trust me, the selection blew last night, but than again, perhaps the selection was great and the best girls were busy

KosherCowboy: Has learned over the years to ALWAYS sit for an hour in a borhtel and wait and not to jump too quick, most likely the best looking girls are not there your first hour. Why? They are busy getting Fu#Ked! Good things cum to those who wait :) Perhaps Kosher left Danash too soon

Joe Driver
02-23-04, 18:03
Scotty Monger wrote:

if Baby Huey got a bbbj (with cim) in the main room (which I’m not doubting for a second) then where was he sitting? The place is pretty much one open room, and is relatively well lit. Maybe he was in the “alcove” area, or perhaps they have separate rooms for this? No shame in Baby Huey’s game!!

Joe Driver is writing:

I think Baby Huey got this bbbj while he was getting a "table dance" in this club. I think this Pullman Club has private booths for this, where you pull a curtain shut. Don't know how much Baby Huey paid for this private table dance, that degenerated into a bbbj. What debauchery.

Hell, I was trying to get the same thing, myself, when I checked out this Pullman Club last Thursday. I was looking for a girl with crooked teeth that Baby Huey had talked about. I couldn't find her, but I did see some private booths, with curtains.

Joe Driver

02-24-04, 07:02
Scotty Monger, if you walk into Pullman and look directly towards the back of the club, you will see about 4-5 curtained off private dance rooms. This is where you can get private dance with extras. I do have a question for you though. Did the girl you were with have crooked teeth? If she does, then that is the girl I am talking about. Also, did you stay there long enough to see the candle show, where a lady in about her late thirties comes on the stage to dance. She then puts a candle up her **** and lights it. The locals go wild for this show, as for a tip you can light your cigarettes from the candle. I had to pass on that though, because I was afraid that she would fart and burn my eyebrows off.

02-24-04, 07:13
Every bar in BT it seems has its good night and bad nights. The few times I have been to pullman, most of the girls were pretty, and even the locals were tipping well, I have seen it on a bad night, with only hogs and no tipping. I have also been in TABU, Tamyco, Marthas, 123, Shamrock, New Paris, PImp Daddies, and a few others I'm probably forgetting on both good and bad nights. The only club that seems to consistently contain the upper shelf girls is PappaGayos (don't know about the Danesh yet), but for some reason I have never liked Pappa's that much. It's kinda like looking for a street walker in Houston. I could go to a MP or escort service and get good service from a good looking girl, but most of the fun for me is the hunt, and the possibility of finding a diamond in the rough, for cheap. I usually bide most of my time with the room girls, always searching for the special one, and like to search all the clubs for a nice girl that will do me cheap. By the way, I'll buy anybody, any girl they want in BT if they will eat the used banana after the Donkey Show at Marthas. I'm sick like that.

Kosher Kowboy
02-24-04, 15:34
Kosher Cowboy: Loves bananas

02-24-04, 18:11
News at 2200 tonight Channel 8 Laredo:

Seems as if there is a growing discontent amongst the neighbors of the colonia that Boystown is located in and the citizenry are rasing a stink to either have it moved further out of town or closed all together.

Apparently people are taking it seriously enough for the news crews to sneak cameras into the compound.

Could this be the beginning of the end?

News at 10

02-25-04, 01:24
Not to worry BorderJumper. TV stations are in rating sweeps till the end of Febuary.

Scotty Monger
02-25-04, 03:39
Baby Huey,

Regarding the chicka at Pulmman; I didn't notice anything wrong with her teeth but it was late & I may have missed that detail, and she doesn't match your description of her. This girl is actually the "anti Jay-Lo" type. Slim build, small tight ass, lean legs, very light skinned, etc...She had only shoulder-length red tinted hair and it was "spiked" into a "punk" look.

I completely missed the private dance rooms. This may have been where the girls were going to change after they left the stage? Like I said it was dead that night, so I saw no one taking girls to these rooms. I'm not knocking Pullman, and I'll try it again another night to see if it's better. Guess I'm used to U.S. strip clubs which are almost always jumpin on Friday night. It was kind of depressing watching girl after girl get no $ or even applause after they finished. Although I thought their dancing was lackluster and really sucked.

Damn! I missed the candle show! Would have loved to see that, and I would have risked getting the eyebrows burned off lighting my smoke. Would make a great photo Op. (probably followed by hassle from BT policia).

I think I've eaten my last banana.


I hope you are joking man. I'd hate to be the owners of Danash if that happens, who I'm sure are in a hurry to recoup their relatively large investment (by BT standards).

BTW, I was on the lookout for Perla de NL as well last Friday, but never saw her at Tamyko or anywhere else. Saw Perla de Monterrey at Marabu, as well as that other blonde I saw last Dec.

Scotty Monger

02-25-04, 03:44
BorderJumper, what does the weather report look like down there for this weekend, from what I can see, looks like rain for a couple of days, but then it should dry up. Kosher, don't think you would like this one.

Kosher Kowboy
02-25-04, 16:05
Korrekt sir,

Kosher doesnt like in in the rain down there, he avoids mud walks. As for you komment that Papas seem to be the only konsistent place that keeps the upepr shelp girls, kosher agrees but must add that recently, the selektion has gone downhill, there are now many dogs at papas and just a ' handful' of good gems.

KosherCowboy: Just faxed a listing agreement to the Woodlands TX, and will have his kosta rika $ kuming to him via this deal :)

02-26-04, 08:22

Forgot about the February sweeps buddy. And you're right. It was a lot of hype over nothing.

Channel 8 made a couple of rounds through BT during the day with their cameras held discretely up to the windows followed by some obvious candid shot unside of Papas. Interviews with neighborhood folks who looked as if they didn't have a pot to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) in and who probably worked at BT 40 years ago when it opened. Biggest complaint was a school within a block of the compound which was built many years after BT was in existance.

Mayor Suarez of course chimed in that plans were in the works to move BT outside of the city limits but this plan has been in existance for a number of years and nothing has come of it. If this is done in "Mexican Time", don' expect anything to happen for another 20 years or so. Unless of course the do-gooders in Laredo and South Texas get on the bandwagon and try to force their morality on the folks south of the border!

Not sure of the weather Baby Huey. I'm in South Florida this week.

Joe Driver
02-27-04, 02:22
Question for Borderjumper:

Was Boystown shut down for awhile back in the 80's or so, for about 6 months, or so, and then reopened? Seems like I heard something like that, quite awhile back. That the president of Mexico, or mayor of Nuevo Laredo, shut it down for a bit, because of political pressure. Just wondering if that ever happened in the past 20 years, or so.
On a side note, these fuckin do-gooders you refer to [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) me off so bad I can't see straight. They can't live, and let live. They want everyone to conform to their own [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140)-ant morality standards. Fuck them.

Joe Driver

02-28-04, 03:47
I seem to remember something like that too. When I was 18 I move back to Houston from Alabama. I was working for my uncle at a transmission shop. One night the guys got the idea to take me out. One of them said that they had just reopened Boystown. That was in the summer of 1988, but I was under the impression that it had been closed for longer than a few months

02-29-04, 18:49
Joe Driver;

I couldn't tell you for certain although I do recall hearing stories to that effect.

These places exist at the will of the politicos at any given time since prostitution is basically illegal in Mexico.

I recall when I was a kid growing up, you heard of two places. Boystown in Matamoros and Tijuana. Matamoras BT is nothing now but a big open field thanks to the politicos of the time.

I've been trying to find out some of the history of the place since it opened in 1963. There is a good book out on Amazon.com called Boystown with photos of the place back in the late 60's and early 70's that is really interesting.

Joe Driver
03-01-04, 00:04
Borderjumper wrote:I recall when I was a kid growing up, you heard of two places. Boystown in Matamoros and Tijuana.

Joe Driver is writing: I'm wondering why you didn't hear about BT in NL? Where did you grow up?

Also, it seems strange that they bulldozed boystown down in Matamoros, but they haven't bulldozed it down in NL. Uhmm.

Joe Driver

03-01-04, 15:17
It is strange isn't it. I believe it was the poster "Matamoros" who pointed that out.

I was raised in Arkansas and Texas JD. Joined the Air Force at 17 and saw the world from that perspective. My first excursion into Mexico was 30 years ago into Tijuana and for a year and a half, was there practically every weekend. Back then, the clubs we hung at were all on Ave. Revolucion, the strip from I believe Constitution down Revolucion to the Jai Alai arena and back. Hard to remember that far back but I do remember my first Mexican *****.

We'll wait and see what happens in NL BT though. I doubt much though although we are looking at National Elections next year I believe and if the zonas become an issue, then they could close. Despite other opinions to the contrary, Mexico, by and large, is coming out of the dark ages and producing an educated enlightened new generation of young people which they need to compete in today world.

Regarding politics and the zonas. I recall in Juarez in 99-2000, a new Mayor, a fervor to clean up the zona and clubs that had been staying open until 2 or 3 in the morning being required to close at midnight unless they had a "special" license. Only two bothered to get it and there was a definate downturn in activities in Juarez during this period.

There will alway be P4P in the bordertowns. Be it above board as it is now or backstreet as it is in the U.S.

What concerns me more than anything is the precedent that the Danash Erotic View is setting. I was in there last week for about an hour. Damn nice club. Good selection of talent, but absolutely nothing worth $100 short time. The idiots going in there paying it are ruining it for everyone else going down there.

There have been reports elsewhere of guys going into other clubs in BT and being charged double the normal price for girls drinks for instance. Can this be attributed to the prices Danash seems to be able to charge?

One guy reported spending $250 todo al noche for a girl from Danash and paying an additional $100 barfine to the club!

Just an observation and something for you guys to think about before you give them your business.

03-01-04, 18:22
So who ARE the Danash girls? Girls we already know from Papagayo etc. who have switched over? And are they Monterrey weekenders, deep-interior girls spending a few months, or what?

A Toda Maquina
03-01-04, 20:00
Hey Sigue, I really don't care who they are or where they are from . Its just too much $$$$$$$ . And besides , I like dirty,loud, rowdy, can't call mamma for help type places, with thin walls so you can hear the other action , dogs coming and going with a dirt floor and a juke box with Los Tigres del Norte ! Cold beer and BED BUGS. Arrrrrgrrhh, Where's my bird ?

Later, The Privateer.

Joe Driver
03-02-04, 09:44
Sigue wrote: So who ARE the Danash girls? Girls we already know from Papagayo etc. who have switched over? And are they Monterrey weekenders, deep-interior girls spending a few months, or what?

Joe Driver is writing: I don't know where these girls came from, but some of them are not like any other babes in boystown, IMO. I plan on heading down there around the middle of March, and I'll submit a report on them, if I'm able to find out anything useful.

Baby Huey was planning on going down there this last weekend, and maybe he'll submit a report on them, if he was able to find out anything useful on them. He was planning on checking them out.

Joe Driver

03-03-04, 04:05
I went to Danash over the weeked & posted a report in another site (I paid $250 + $100, also - not sure if that's what BJ refers to below). Anyways, as far as who the girls of Danash are, I talked with two, both from Monterrey, one from TaBu, and one from both TaBu and 1-2-3. I also recognized Natalie, who also worked at TaBu for a long time. (An ex-TaBu mesero - IMHO, the best in BT - is also there). Almost of the girls are older (age 22-25 range), not rookie dancers. I think almost all of the girls are from dance clubs in the border or in the interior.

The girls are hot, probably the best in BT (if you like that look), but I think people are overrating it a bit. The girls are the same as anywhere, the top-end from the various dance clubs. Add a beautiful interior, nice environment, and some good meseroes, and you've got a great club, but it's nothing groundbreaking. Just like any other place, the first time you're overwhelmed by all the new girls, but after 2-3 trips you'll be used to them all & be bored.

As far as BJ's comments about idiots paying too much and ruining it for the rest (is $250 idiotically outrageous for all night or merely on the high side? I usually pay $200 in TaBu - which I've always considered quite reasonable): if there is danger of BT closing (as you suggest in the same post), the one thing which will save it is money. I think Danash is awesome for BT because it shows serious investment & future in it. How can that be a bad thing?

BTW, I spent less money in Danash in drinks than I do in almost any other place where I buy drinks. The girls know how much drinks cost, and drink VERY slowly. They get $5 per drink, as opposed to $1 or $2 as in the other clubs, so they can drink that much less for the same money. (I've always thought it is foolish for girls to milk drinks - their cut is only 20%-50%, and every dollar you spend on drinks means less you have to give them for their services - of which their cut is 100%).

03-03-04, 13:06

I wasn't referring to you specifically in that post when I spoke of people ruining it here although that much is surely out of line. It makes the girls think their pussy is something exceptional which it ain't. Pussy's pussy! Just comes in different packages. There are guys that come down here and pay way more than that for a lot less time simply because they can and they think it impresses the girls. Those are the ones I have a beef with.

$250.00 todo al noche is a little on the high side. I've never paid over $100-150 for it here or in Juarez. No barfines in Juarez but generally $30-35 in NL. Paying a $100.00 barfine to Danash is totally out of the ball park.

It's not a bad thing at all that Danash is trying to bring a little class to BT but in doing so, they're trying to recoup their investment overnight and the effect will surely trickle down to the other clubs.

And when this happens, and business slows, people in Mexico will do what they've always done in lean times. raise prices to compensate for the loss in business. It ain't a good thing.

As far as BT closing Blourglas. There was shit on the news. This is a U.S> election year where the goody goody'd need something to crusade for. National Elections are in 2 years in Mexico and if something goes down, this is when it will happen. It will have nothing to do awith money. It will all be politics. Even were investors to come into BT and build a DEl Webb style ***** compound, the result would be the same. Right now, the talk is of moving it further outside the city limits. This might in the long run be a good thing. I can think of no place south or west of the city limits where BT could move overnight without extensive building. this would be a good thing. Of course then, the prices would skyrocket so they could recoup their investments.

There isn't a good answer.But back to the money issue briefly. Most of us can afford to spend the type of money you spent and not worry about it in the morning. But why do it? I would prefer to spend the same amount on 2 or 3 girls short time to add to the score card than for one. But it is each mans preference. And, it makes you a mark next time you go.

03-03-04, 14:11
I know I can get 3-4 standard sessions with different girls for the price I pay for one all-nighter, but I choose the latter based on the simple fact that I can't finish more than once per night, not to mention have difficulty finishing in the 30 minute time allotted. I used to try doing just this, but it was frustrating and a waste of money, so now I just pick one and take her back. If you can go that many times in one night (& I know most guys here can), more power to you - I envy you, in fact, but it's just not in me.

BTW, something I've wondered about is Mexican's attitude towards the zonas. Could you give some insight on this? My gut feeling is that it's probably something which is swept under the carpet & never discussed in Mexico. Is this true, or are there ever people who come out against it? I also don't understand what the political justification for keeping it is.

Scotty Monger
03-03-04, 17:14

Actually, you can get up to 7 standard (30 minute) sessions with a decent club girl for that money. Can't wait to hear what Joe D. thinks of this! Are you taking the girl at 9 pm or at 2 am? This will of course alter the price, often dramatically. I like you, am not interested in 7 sessions per night. I negotiate longer 1 hour sessions with club girls for $80 + $10, so I can take my time. If you are having 3.5-4 hours of excellent sex with the girl, then maybe it's worth it. To each his own. If my first girl "is a bust", I'm only down $90 and can try agagin. I'd hate to pay $350 only to find I had not chosen well.

Scotty Monger

Joe Driver
03-04-04, 02:00
Question for Blourghus or Borderjumper:

Okay, I'm heading down there in 2 weeks, or so, and I'm wondering about this Danash Club. What time does it close? If you wait till about closing time, can you avoid that $100 bar fine? I would like to get with some of these babes for about $60, or $70, for about 1 hour, in my private room at the Star Bar, when this Danish Club closes. Would I be able to work a deal like this? If the girl hasn't had any dates, she might go for that, I would think.

Also, is this 3 table dances for $15 a good deal? Can you feel the girls off during this? Can you work some "special deals" with these girls, if they've had a slow night, or am I wasting my time trying?

I saw one girl in this club with black shorts on. I would be willing to pay her $30 or $40 inside the club, just to feel her ass off some, inside the club. Would she possibly go for something like this? Will these girls work with you, or are they just a bunch of high priced babes, with snooty attitudes?

Joe Driver

Joe Driver
03-04-04, 06:14
From US embassy in Mexico:

In some instances, Americans have become victims of harassment, mistreatment and extortion by Mexican law enforcement and other officials. Mexican authorities are concerned about these incidents and have cooperated in investigating such cases. However, one must have the officer's name, badge number, and patrol car number to pursue a complaint. Please note this information if you are ever involved with police or other officials. In addition, tourists should be wary of persons representing themselves as police officers or other officials. Request evidence that any such people are in fact who they claim to be.

Consulate Nuevo Laredo
Allende 3330,
Col. Jardín
Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas 88260

Phone: (867) 714-0512
Fax: (867) 714-7984

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. / 1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Principal Officer: Thomas Armbruster

Also found: Concerned U.S. citizens may contact the U.S. Embassy or any U.S. consulate to discuss precautions that they should take. Four Americans were kidnapped in separate incidents in Nuevo Laredo during the Spring and Summer of 2002.

CRIME IN BORDER CITIES: Visitors to border cities such as Tijuana , Ciudad Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, and Nogales should remain alert and be aware of their surroundings at all times. Visitors are very vulnerable when visiting the local "red light districts," particularly if they are departing alone in the early hours of the morning. Municipal and traffic police are aware of the danger and regularly check the area for persons carrying weapons or drugs and for drunk drivers. Nonetheless, Americans can still fall victim to crime in these districts. In Ciudad Juarez, there has also been a rise in automobile accidents in which municipal police extort money from U.S. citizen victims.

Just various comments I found on these US Embassy, and US consulate internet websites, pertaining to Mexico, and Nuevo Laredo.

Joe Driver

03-04-04, 07:46
yes, babyhuey did make it down on saturday night. i have to admit, that for some reason this trip was not as fun as they have been in the past. i did not get hassled by the cops, nor was i ripped off of any money (except for $20, which i will explain later). for some reason i just was not into it this weekend. i did however see three ladies, and have some new info to pass on. first of all, and i blame this on the danesh club, it seems that all of the even halfway decent clubs now think it is ok to charge $3.00 per beer, and anywhere between $5-10 for girl drinks.**** **************************************************** the danesh exotic view: i would compare this club to a middle upper type club here in houston. yes the girls are hot, and young. where are they from? well, i can't speak for all of them but at least three are from tabu, including, yes, one of my favorites, natalie. i also recognised a couple of girls from 123. i do like they way that they wallk around in pairs and 90% of the timw their first offer is two girls. if that doesn't work they offer one, i did not even talk to any of them about price, but i probably will next time i go. ************************************************** my report: i left houston about 1:00pm (way too early) and just for a change of scenery i too i10 through san antonio. the drive actually took about 30-45 minutes more than going 59 all the way, but seemed to take less time, just because it's different. i arrive in boystown at about 6:30pm (way too early) and head straight to the star bar to get a room for the night. the price is $15.00 but for 12 hours and not for the whole night so i passed on that and decided to go back later and get a room then. i then left my truck in front of the star and decided to walk around the complex and check out the room girls. there were some pretty nice ones out already, but for some reason my nuts sucked up, and i could not get the nerve to stop at one during the daylight. i then walked over to the tenampa bar. i like to go to the teampa because it is a good place to go to get away from the girls, and just have a beer. i drank 3 coronas here (last place i know of in bt where you can get 12oz corona for $1.00) and watched soccer for about an hour and a half, gave the bartender $5.00 and thought i'd go back to my truck, and go to town and get something eat. it was on my trip back to my truck where i met my first date. *************************************************** mariselle: i nicknamed her squatty, she was only about 4'2" tall and a little bit stocky, but had a really pretty face. she grabbed my shirtsleeve as i walked by her just to the right of pimp daddies. i thought she had her own room or i probably would not have even talked to her. she said at first fucky/sucky for $20.00, i told her i had just gotten there and was not ready to go yet, but that if she would go for $10.00 i could do that, she said she would do it for $15.00, i asked her sin ropas, and she said yes and we had a deal. where did she take me; right back to tenampa! i did not know there were even rooms there. i paid $5.00 for the room and the bartender gave me a condom for free.we went to the room, which is about the size of my closet at home, and has in it what looked to be an army cot. we both took off our close, and to my surprise "squatty" had a pretty nice body, just a little baby fat, as she was only 19 anos. i sat back on the bed and waited for sucky to start. to my next suprize, i got about 5 min of bbbj, before she put the rubber on and then sucked me for about another 5 minutes. she then asked, that's right asked not told, me if i was ready to fuck. i said yes and wanted her to get on top, but she would not do that, she wanted me to mount her mish, so i did. this was my first time in about a month, s i popped after about 10 more minute of medium speed pumping. theen we got dressed and i walked back outside, and left while she stayed behind. by this time it was about 8:30-9:00 and i was getting hungry so i went to don luis taco stand and ate 6 tacos with mucho salsa verde and two cokes. i then decided to go check out some of my old standbys. i went to tamyco, and instantly accosted by the old lady "grandma" that works in there, she said i could go with her and her friend for only $60.00, but then she made the mistake of pointing to her friend, so i had to pass. (hey blourghus, her friend had braces, however i don't think you would be turned on by her). i stayed in tamyco long enough to finish my beer, there were about 3 nice looking girls in there, but i was still not recovered from my session with "squatty", so i just made a mental note to go back later. i then went to martha's, stayed long enough to have a beer, but there was no doable talent in there. ************************************************** by this time the nicer clubs were starting to open. i made my way to pullman about 9:00pm and they were just getting started. the first girl on stage was claudia. i decided as soon as i saw claudia, that i would have to have her that night, so i made sure to tip her a couple of times and make it known that i was interested. claudia is about the best looking girls i have seen at pullman. she is about 5'9" tall, very firm, no baby marks, and big fake tits. what really turned me on the most though (and kosher kowboy will like this) is that her bush was thick, and was about 1 inch bigger all the way around than the eyepatch sized g-string patch she was wearing before she took it off. i decide to buy a tabledance from her first, so we went to the privado room, and she started to grind on mee instantly, and then she grabbed my hand and placed it on her ass and pussy. i figured that she would consider this half of a song as one dance, so therefore i decided to buy another ($10.00 each, by the way), if she was going to let me play with the cooch while she danced. after what i thought was the second dance she asked if i wanted to go to the room and fucky/sucky. icould already tell she was pretty tight so i said sure, and we struck a deal of $60.00 + $10 for the room. then i gave her $20.00 for the dances, she looked at me funny, and asked if i wanted two. i said yeah the $20.00 was for two dances, so then she danced to another song, once again with much mutual playfulness, so i guess that the first half song she danced to was a freebie. we then went to the room, where we got undressed. she bbbj'ed me just long enough to get me hard enough to get the rubber on, the she went to town. now i am only average down there, but i have never been deep throated until saturday night, this girl can suck a dick. after that however, she became a dead fish. she asked me to go slow at first, because she was really tight, but the she loosened up and she started to try to rush me by trying to control the speed of my thrusts, i did not like this, so i pulled out and turned her around doggie style on the edge of the bed with me standing on the floor. i finished this way after about 10 minutes of porn star style speed fucking, while watching her asshole pucker and release on every thrust. after that i was spent, i decided to go back to the star bar and get a room, it was about 11:00pm by this time and i had not showered since 10:00am that morning. i got the room at star, took a shower, then just layed in bed reading a magazine for about an hour and a half. i the got dressed and headed out for the rest of the night. now is when i decided to go to the danesh, like i said it's nice, but it is ruining bt, i only drank 1 coke there talked breefly to 5 girls (two pairs of hotties,and natalie from tabu), but i knew i did not want to spend any big money there, maybe next time. then i went to tabu. here is where i started to realize how bad the danesh is for the rest of boystown. i ordered a beer, was told $3.00, okay, then a girl, nice looking, never got her name, came to sit down. i thought i might like to fuck her, but the the mesero came over an wanted to know if i would buy the girl a drink. i asked how much, he said $10.00, and i said no fucking way, so the girl left. i finished my beer and went to the 123. the 123 seems to have some nice new talent itself. all of the girls were about 7 plus and were actually seeking out the customer, while they have usually just sat in the back waiting to dance before. the waiter brought me over a girl who was about 19-20 years old, very cute, and pregnant (about 6 months). i thought to myself that it has been about 13 years since i have fucked a pregnant girl, so this might be fun. then i bought her a drink. while the mesero was getting the drink she turned around in my lap, facing away rom me and bent over. she held herself from the gound withe her right hand while she reached back and pulled her g-string to the side with her left. she also let me touch her cooch, but not finger her. ther waiter brought the drink and asked for $10.00. i told him the last time i was there girl drinks were $5.00, to which he said they are now $10.00, i then paid for the drink, but when i refused to buy anymore the girl left. oh well, maybe if she has a girl, i can fuck her in about 18years. after that i went to la cosa bar. i had heard about the sneaky meseros there, but i though if i was careful i would be okay, plus there are two really nice looking girls working there. anyway the meseros in this place put david blaine to shame. i ordered a beer, the mesero said $3.00, which i had gotten used to. i pulled out a 20 dollar bill, held it up and said "twenty right" to this the waiter said "si twenty", he took the money, then handed it back to me and said he didn't have change, and did i have any smaller bills. i put the twenty in my left front pocket and then reached into my right pocket and pulled out a wad of about 15 one dollar bills, i peeled off 4 and gave them to him and he dissappeared. a little it occured to me to check the money in my left pocket. the asshole had, in a split second, switched the twenty for a one and handed it back to me while distracting me just enough not to notice. like i said david blaine, eat your heart out, but i chalked it up to a $20.00 lesson learned. after that i went to the place that used to be the new paris, but is now something dragon. the girl that was dancing when i walked in was about a 6, and i decided to make her my last of the night. wer struck a deal for $45.00 +$10.00 for the room, fucky/sucky, and all the possitions i wanted. by the third time of the night i have to make sure multiple positions are included, because it starts to get harder to get off, and i like to change positions often when i take a long time. we went to the room and i realized that this girl was gffbffg, but she had a nice ass, and little squeezable titties with big nipplesso i decided to go for it. she gave a decent blowjob, but really only sucked the head, then she got on top and rode me for a while in a rough cowgirl, the i made her turn around to reverse cowgirl so i could look at her ass. then i pulled her down onto the bed and fucked her mish for a while. i was having trouble keeping it up, so i was really slamming her for about 15 minutes straight, then i turned her over and finished in doggie style, i had to fuck like a rabbit to keep it up, and near the end she started to say damn, you fuck too long, then i could tell she was starting to hurt, so i spit on my fingers and started rubbing her asshole, i knew this would put me over the edge, so i nutted and the only thing that came out was a little puff of smoke, but it felt great to cum after a marathon session like that. by that time i knew that my night was over, it was about 3:00 am. i was hungry again so i went back to don luis and ate 4 more tacos and two more cokes, then i went back to the star bar, drank 1 more corona, and went to bed.********************************************** surprisingly i woke up sunday morning about 10:00am and had a raging hard-on. i decided to shower up, get dressed, load up my truck, and get one more piece of ass, before i left boystown. i drove around the complex for a couple of rounds, and then i saw a girl i have been with before. she is a pretty tall thin room girl about 4 doors to the left of pimp daddies. i struck a deal with her for $20.00 sin ropas. we did the deed, and i left boystown with condom residue on my dick. took about 1 1/2 hours to cross the border. i was real tired and decided to stop in victoria and stay the night there with a guy i used to work with down there a few years ago. then i drove back to houston on monday.

Joe Driver
03-04-04, 11:01
Baby Huey,

I enjoyed your report. Sorry to hear Danash Club is fucking things up around boystown.

Yeah, I met Squatty at the Tanampa Bar when I was down there a couple of weeks ago. She and I worked out a deal of $10 for just a butt massage, no fucking, for 15 minutes + $5 for the room. If she turned out good, I was going to keep buying more time with her. So we went into Tanampa, to get the room, and they got "cute" with me, and said the room would be $10. I said adios, and walked out. I don't like cute shit like that. I'm thinking after something like that, what other "surprises" do they have in store for me. Had she done good, she could have made $60 to $80 off of me. I don't like the cute shit, though. It just amazes me when they fuck over their own business, like that. They just cost themselves money.

Joe Driver

03-05-04, 20:13
Visited BT last night after many weeks away so here's a quick report...

I arrived about 10:30 pm and breezed quickly through Papa's. As expected for a Thursday at that time there was an even mix of cats/(nonlethal) chix.

I say "as expected for a Thursday" because, IME, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you typically get girls rolling in--sometimes from out of town--between 10 and 11:30, whereas the (US) guys tend to make it an early night on Wednesdays for sure, and Thursdays as well. Therefore, look for the ratio to IMPROVE over the course of a Wed./Thurs. night.

Also--be aware that in Mexico, payday for wage earners is typically every second Friday, usually the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month. So expect commensurate behavior just before and just after those days (I say commensurate because you guys seem to have a variety of views on how situations of scarcity and plenty are handled in Mx).

Anyway, I ended up yo-yo-ing from Pgo until I left at 1:00 AM, taking occasional sweeps of the door girls.

In Papagayo, it wasn't like I was overwhelmed with obvious choices, tho obviously ymmv. On the way in I saw/chatted Gisela/Isela, a slenderish bottle-blonde from Tampico, prob. late 20s, I've known since early '02 and who resurfaced in December after over a year. Very nice girl and a good provider, although now off my "rotation."

I sat alone with a coca-cola along that wall betw. the ladies room and the door to the cuartos, shooing off occasional "visitors." Two slender nice looking chicas, one with sandy straight hair and the other sandy curly hair, came in with their luggage, dropped it off in the cloakroom, and then sort of stood conspicously; so I went to talk to them--Patricia and (damn, forget), both hermanas from Monclova who say they began coming a month or so ago for weekends. On closer inspection they seemed in their early 30s but in good shape; charmingly, one of them (curly hair, Patricia I think) had braces. Very friendly and talkative. Had drinks with them but ended up not taking either al cuarto (yes, they DID offer to both go but sheesh, they are sisters; and anyway who wants a 3some that just involves TWO of the three logically possible pairings!) Still I was only moderately aroused by them so I let them move on. Probably stupid because they are at just the age to actually start CRAVING sex.

Btw, allow me to share a little trick that I have learned. I was born in the early 1950s. A few years ago I found myself--alarmingly--uh, "flagging" during encounters. So I tried vita-V which turned me into a teenager and took care of my problem. Still...even in small doses, the shit gives me a headache, it's expensive, and it opens up all kinds of border/prescription drug issues. So I started working on an alternative solution, and here is what I eventually came up with: WHEN YOU GO TO BOYSTOWN, ONLY SEE CHICAS WHO REALLY TURN YOU ON. Wow. It really worked. End of problem. Now I don't flag. Only difference is, as a teenager I could swive regardless of my partner but now, my partner has to be attractive to ME and I have to like her attitude (none of the "ya terminas?" shit).

Anyway shortly after that I reengaged this almost comically tall slender chick leaning on that wall by the jukebox, although once I got her to take her heels off she probably wasn't more than 5'7". I had never seen her before. She was pretty new--it was her 3rd week she said. Very attractive, perfect lean body, goes by Brenda although her actual name is tatooed on her wrist (one of fairly many kind of amateurish tatoos, including a stupid tatoo of the name of an old bf on her inner thigh--duhhhh!) Said she was 21, from Mty, no kids, had worked in a maquiladora for very low wages before doing this. Not exactly a brilliant conversationalist but had great big dark eyes. She was in a hurry to go al cuarto, uh, but so was I actually given the state of thngs (see above), so I asked her what she wanted and she said $80, plus $15 for the house. Well, on a Thursday when the ratio is to the guy's advantage I only pay my Pgo standard, which is a respectable and respectful $60/$15, so I said so. She did a double take and said no, so I shook her hand and said mucho gusto. Heh, well, 5 minutes later she came back and said 'vamanos al cuarto?'. I said, ok, here's $15 for the house and it will be $60 for you, which she said ok to (always be explicit in your dealings...) Anyway, we'll forgo all the x-rated stuff but suffice it to say that she was pretty responsive for a 21 y.o. (a few smaller orgasms), pretty experimental (toys) but did not kiss (I didn't even bother to prescreen her for that--I really wasn't caring frankly) and the rapport (with me at least) was totally physical, not interpersonal. So--I don't rate her highly except on a purely physical level--great to look at, hygenic, good body tone and response. Oh and one funny thing--with that tall skinny look, plus slightly goth makeup styling, she looked a LITTLE like the back-street trannies. But don't worry, I got clear proof.

Anyway, that was basically it for Pgo. On the door girl side, I did cruise by the third girl around the far corner with "1 1" over her door; looked cute. I probably should have sprung. But instead I went for a friendly but mediocre session ($20, sin ropa) with Gabriela de Michoacan.

03-06-04, 07:03
Yeah, Brenda is pretty cute, and a great actor. Next time you see her and she asks for $80, tell her BabyHuey said that she only started at $50 when she worked at Pimp Daddy's.

03-06-04, 13:16
I also had Brenda at PD's a year ago for 50 bucks. Has anyone seen Lucero lately? How about starship Nelly? She had a great personality.

Joe Driver
03-06-04, 19:13

Do you ever plan on hitting BT in NL again, or have you permanently blown it off in favor of Cartagena, Columbia? I saw your post, and pics in that forum, and I was impressed.
Also, the best place in the world to get the cheapest pussy, from what I've heard, is a place called Savy Pak in Cambodia. They say it's better than Thailand, or the Phillipine Islands. I never been there myself, it's just what I've read.

I have to stick with the border towns, myself. Can't afford the air fare to those other places. Just the breaks of the game, as they say.

Joe Driver

03-06-04, 20:47
No no I do not THINK this is the PD Brenda, guys. I've seen her picture. Well--does your Brenda have "Selene" tattooed on her wrist?

Oh crap...looking again at a pic I think you are right! Poor little girl working for pennies at a Maquiladora. Righto. Oh well, given some of the earlier reports, at least her hygiene has improved.

03-06-04, 22:55
That's the same Brenda. Selene is her real name, I think.

Kosher Kowboy
03-07-04, 17:41
It is the exact Branda as PD. She went PD to Tamykos and is nwo at Papas. Anotehr new papas transplant is Tanya. who we know from JT's reports sucks and is bored. Both are now in papas, 110%

KosherCowboy: memorizes papas inventory since it is only place in BT he likes and trusts

Dr Torpedo
03-09-04, 03:46
Does this Brenda have curly hair?

Silver Tibby
03-10-04, 04:10
Hello Fellas,

I went to Boys town three nights in a row (SAT, SUN, MON) 10 girls, 3 nights, never over $45 I will have a full report posted by the end of the week.


03-10-04, 04:17
How are Thursday nights like in BT? Worth the drive or should I wait till the weekend nights?

Joe Driver
03-10-04, 04:36
Well, I'm heading down there on Thursday, the 11th, for another "all nighter." I don't know this starship Nelly, or Brenda. I want to do some more research on the Danash Club. I'll post a report when I get back.

I plan on moving to Laredo, in about a year and a half, to conduct more "intensive research" on the pussy scene in NL. It's a noble cause, IMO. I also want to check out Reyanosa, and Tijuana.

Joe Driver

03-10-04, 18:53
Hey guys,

I went to Boystown a few months ago for the first time. Always enjoy reading the information here on the boards. I have a topic for discussion. When I went, I decided to go for a few door girls before hitting the club. With all 3 door girls I spent time with that evening, none of them wanted to be on top. It was just lay down and go at it. I have heard this from other posters as well. Why do y'all think they don't want to do any other position? Overall it was a good trip. I was a little scared at first, but settled in once I got the lay of the compound. I will say that the walking sucks due to the condition of the sidewalks and streets there. Had a great time at Papa G's and was able to let her take charge and just enjoy it.

Joe Driver
03-11-04, 03:51
Paxsie wrote: How are Thursday nights like in BT? Worth the drive or should I wait till the weekend nights?

Joe Driver is writing: I like Thursdays the best. All the clubs seem to be open, nice selection of babes, without all of the drunks, and traffic, that comes out on Friday. Saturdays aren't bad, but Friday's suck. Too many fuckin drunks, and people looking for shit, IMO.

BTW, my plans for my trip have changed. I'm going down on Thurs. March 18th, instead of March 11th, which I stated previously.

Joe Driver

03-13-04, 00:48
yajart: i don't know if this is the for sure reason or not (about the on top thing), but i have found that when the girl is on top i can fuck for about an hour without cumming. it seems that when i am in control of the situation, as in mish or doggy, the i cum fairly quickly. i think the girls know this and make the guy get on top to speed things up. or maybe they are just lazy, and figure, why should they do all the work for only twenty dollars. i have also found that for as little as five dollars more, they wil get on top, if that is what you like. make sure it is understood up front what you want, if you make that part of the deal up front, you can probably get cowgirl style included in the standard deal.

Kosher Kowboy
03-13-04, 16:52
Weeknights are the hidden gems of boystown, there is always a treasure to be had, esp Thursday nights, which is really a weekend night. Often on Saturday a girl who made bank will take off for sat night if thur and fri were great, likewise, some girls will stay if the weeekend is not good so sun and mon are also good. Bottom line,

US $=7 nights of avialabilty

KosherCowboy: Enjoys mid week, no traffic on I 35 and place is much less crowded, less pressure, easier to bargain

03-14-04, 06:59
True about the weeknights. I have always enjoyed that and expected to have fun Thursday night, but too much work and I went to sleep instead. Friday night it was raining very hard and no way was I going to that mud pit via Mex Taxi in a monsoon. Saturday arrived nice enough, I arrived BT a little after 1P.M. and had a room girl across from the TS bars that was young enough and pretty enough, but it was the same old upselling attempt. "venta mas por suckie". No thank you I say, but since she did let me use the bano I went 30 total for fuckie/suckie. After chilling for 45 minutes combined at the Star and Tamyko I got another door girl on the last street on the left. Young but pudgy, it was 10 for F/S. Nothing wonderful but she did have a good attitude and we had a laugh so I gave her 7 as a tip. It just seemed so bland today. I have spent all day drinking and hanging out in BT with much pleasure, but today left a jaded and bored feeling hanging over me. Does this mean it is the end for this hobby? Burnt out on prostitutes? I have been enjoying this hobby (and it truly is a hobby with me) for over 20 years, and have had the thrill of finding it in unexpected places and times. A slump or the end of an interest? Anyone decide that the thrill was gone and came back?

Joe Driver
03-14-04, 10:37
Travir wrote: A slump or the end of an interest? Anyone decide that the thrill was gone and came back?

Joe Driver is writing: Yeah, I've been out there before, and felt sort of blase about the whole thing. ("So she wants to sell some pussy? So what?") I think it goes in cycles. I'm 50 years old, and plan on moving to Laredo, on a permanant basis, in about 1 & 1/2 years from now, for the sole purpose of checking out the pussy scene in Nuevo Laredo. I don't give a fuck about Laredo, or Nuevo Laredo. I'm just moving there for the pussy. I want to try to meet some "amatures" that work at the shopping centers over there, making 50 cents an hour. I want to see what I can come up with, with that type of thing.

But I'm heading down to BT next week on the 17th, or the 18th, for an "all nighter," and I'm all excited about it. I can't wait to get down there. "Go figure," as they say.

Kosher went down there a couple of weeks ago, and seemed to me, at least, from his report he posted, to have a sort of blase time. Shit, it happens, I guess. On his next trip down there, he might have a blast. Can't wait to get back. That sort of thing.

Joe Driver

03-14-04, 14:21
It's been that way with me for some time now traveler I think it's called "growing up" or something of that nature.

These days, when I go out to BT and am bored immediately. That is when I go. Many times, I'll be walking out the door and turn around go back and watch a futball game asking myself, "why bother"? The place is depressing and just not fun anymore. Nothing piques my interest out therelike it once did.

I was in Juarez the week before last also. Did a couple of MP's but there again nothing like when I was living there and would slip away from the house for a nooner. I don't know if it's us or if it's changing down here that much.

I"m about ready for a weekend in DR here shortly. Been thinking lot about that lately. Maybe get out of this blue funk I'm in!

KJ Vegas
03-14-04, 14:30

This is my first report, I have been reading this forum for some time but finally signed up because I love going to the Mexican border towns. I think Nuevo Larado is the best and you get more bang for our buck compared to TJ. I got an annulment from my ex wife about 1 1/2 year ago who is Thai and I love the single life and sex tours.


I read your report on Savy Pak in Cambodia and PI, dude, you gotta get there (ha ha). I've been to Thailand 8 times (4 times for the EX) and PI once, never made it to Cambodia. You should try to go at least once in your life, sometimes there are airline specials. Pattaya beach Thailand makes Las Vegas look like sunday school, it is so wild, I was walking down walking street (pattaya) and turned to my friend and said "I can not believe this place exists. Thailand is the coolest country in the world, if you ever make it go straight to the Pattaya from the airport. Thailand is not an expensive place to visit, especially outside of Bangkok. I pay between US $15 to $25 a night for a hotel and I pay about $30-$35 for the girl long time and $15-$25 short time. Very inexpensive place to visit except the airfare but there are always specials.



Joe Driver
03-16-04, 03:06
KJ Vegas,

I enjoyed your post. Yes, the pussy scene in Asia is much better than the pussy scene in Mexico, but you've got that fuckin air fare to deal with, which fucks everything up. Yeah, when I get close to retirement age, I may do a year long exploration of the Asian pussy scene. It beats Mexico by a long shot, IMO.

Joe Driver

03-17-04, 05:21
I know of a few escorts who service the Laredo area (US side only). I think their rates are $100/hr total. Lily offers greek for an additional fee. PM me for more details.


Luv Ass
03-21-04, 21:33
been to nuevo laredo about 5 times and wanted to share...

lili, 25, busty blonde, nice brittany speers ass, works at tamyko. only girl i met that likes anal. first time we met, i got a few drinks into her and went to her room. did some light kissing and bbbj, daty. tried to finger her pussy but she moved my fingers to her asshole where i fingered her while i licked her clit. after a while, i flipped her over and began to eat her ass. she started moaning loudly and then wanted me to fuck her pussy which i did. i told her that i wanted her ass and she said tomorrow i could.

the next night i had her come to my hotel and after some drinks we got into some great anal. she took it all and really got into it. ymmv.

i've posted some pics of her and her gf i had at another session.

03-22-04, 12:11
This is my first post, and I wanted to first thank all y'all for your information.

Well, I survived. I went last Monday. It was the only day I could leave, and took the bus straight from H-town to BT. Got there shortly after midnight. It must have been raining earlier because there were big pools of water on the roads.

I started by making a quick pass of the area, walking each of the streets. One of the door girls grabbed my arm and said "$20 fucky-sucky." I nearly went for it, but told her I'd return later.

Tamyko and Marabu had a ton of girls, but I ended up at Pimp Daddy's. Initially, I intended to drink a beer there and just hang out. But the host, a guy with a mullet and mustache, pressured me into a lap dance with the stripper who was on-stage. He said it was free so I agreed. She was hot, and before I knew it, we ended up in the back room. We did missionary and doggy-style. I got off in about fifteen minutes. I was down for round two, but unfortunately I could not communicate this to her and she took off. I finished my beer in the room and then left. This all set me back $75--$50 for her, $12 for room, $5 tip requested by host, $3 for my beer, $5 for hers. I think I got a little gypped, but you live and you learn.

If I had it to do over again, I probably would have hung out at one of the other clubs. Or tried a door girl. Looking forward to next time.

03-23-04, 03:27
[Commercial Advertisement deleted by Admin]

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Dr Torpedo
03-23-04, 19:22

There are no pics or anything for this girl. She could be one fat pig of a troll or be a cold fish, for all we know. 100 an hour sounds like there is some catch involved. Does anyone have any fiurther info? Sounds intreresting. I stay on the US side might be interested if the resume is good.

Member #1556
03-24-04, 06:45
Is there a place to get real massage followed by happy hour in this town?

03-24-04, 23:10
Well, finally made the trip from Austin to see Boystown recently. Read the reviews, did some research, and made the trip. Went on a Monday and figured the action would be less crowded. Had a lot of trouble finding the bridge #2 due to the construction in town. Found the mall to park at and walked across the border. Got a taxi and took the 10 minute drive for $10.

Boystown is a giant walled in compound of bars and clubs, kinda dark but not as dangerous feeling as I thought it would be. Got there at 8:30 and as soon as I stepped out of the taxi, I got swarmed by guys trying to get me to go to their clubs or show me around. Politely refused and walked away. Decided to walk around and see what the street action was like first. Went up about three streets and decided to go ahead and bust the first nut.

Found a nice young one around 20 or so and settled on a $25 price sin ropa. The other reports were right about the street girls not being very enthusiastic. But it was my first girl, and I just needed to get the first shot outta the way so I'd have more staying power later.

Walked around to recharge, and was stopped by the police who were cruising in a pickup. To be honest, I think they were bored and just needed something to do. Anyway, I convinced them I didn't have any guns or knives and they said good evening. Decided to hit the club and get out of the street.

Walked into Tamyko's but wasn't really impressed with the girls there, so I went to Papa G's. It's a nice looking club on the inside, lots of tables, dim lights. Ordered a coke and sat down. Was immediately hounded by a couple of older chicks-passed politely and worked on my drink. I looked around and found a real cutie named Anna. She had HUGE boobs, a 9 face, dyed blonde hair, and a slightly curvy petite body with great legs. We had a nice talk and agreed on $60 plus $13 for the room and $2 for the towel and cond.

We went to a room with two beds and a table or two. A bathroom w/shower was there as well. We undressed and she gave me an amazing bbbj and let me play with her huge handfuls. She had a great body and we were soon going at it with her on top. Almost came but asked her to slow down and she asked for us to switch positions. I got on top and took my time. Lots of moaning, kissing and great attitude. Only lasted about 15 minutes all together, but it was great. I ended when I wanted to, not when she wanted me to. Try and get that in the US. After we cleaned up in the shower and got dressed.

I walked around the streets again for a while, grabbed a seat on a bench outside of a small store. No one bothered me and I had a chance to recharge. Decided to see another street girl and picked a girl that could not have been more than 18 ...Tight body and dressed like a little rave schoolgirl with vinyl thigh-high boots, pigtails, bright multicolored eye makeup, and a short plaid skirt and britney-styled tied up white shirt. She offered $15 all nude. We went inside her room, and she had a tight body, nice perky tits, firm ass, and hard stomach. She wasn't real enthusiastic, but had a great body and a beautiful smile. I gave her $25 because she had originally offered $10 w/clothes.

Decided that was enough for the evening. It was kinda cold and I was tired of walking around the gravel streets. I'm not a drinker, so I'm not into wasting my money at the bar. All in all Boystown wasn't exactly what I expected but I got off three times and didn't spend a lot of money. I don't like driving in Laredo, lots of traffic, one way streets, and just busy. Would I go back to Boystown? Not sure yet--the street girls were kind of depressing, but the club girls seem cool. It's a lot cheaper than the modeling studios in Houston, the NL girls are pretty enough and it was interesting. I'll probably give it another go round with one of the maps on WSG.

Don't expect a lot of contact and affection from the street girls-I have had better attitude and contact at strip clubs. Of course I didn't get to do them, but it's still fun. The street girls of boystown are there for one thing, money.

03-25-04, 06:47
Yajart writes:

"I walked around the streets again for a while, grabbed a seat on a bench outside of a small store. No one bothered me and I had a chance to recharge. Decided to see another street girl and picked a girl that could not have been more than 18 ...Tight body and dressed like a little rave schoolgirl with vinyl thigh-high boots, pigtails, bright multicolored eye makeup, and a short plaid skirt and britney-styled tied up white shirt. She offered $15 all nude. We went inside her room, and she had a tight body, nice perky tits, firm ass, and hard stomach."

If she was on the south side of the street that has Pullman at the low end and the Star Bar at the high end--closer to the Star Bar--then I think you were with Cindi (who is more like 22). Cindi has a childish-sounding voice and dresses just as you describe. She is a very nice girl. (Anyone else here know Cindi?)

03-25-04, 07:30
yes, I know cindi very well

Joe Driver
04-03-04, 13:28
Well, I made the trip down there on Wednesday, 3-24-04. I've had pc problems, so I haven't been able to post a report until now. (I reloaded my operating system and got 2 different viruses on my pc, and had to figure out how to get rid of the damn things. Finally got rid of them.) I would rate this trip about a 5 on a 1 to 10 scale.

I got with Norma again, over at Alice's Bar. but she turned out to be a dud. I won't be getting with her again. I set up a 3 hour get together with her, where she would earn about $120 with me, but she was only able to fuck for about 5 minutes, and no more, so I ended the session with her, and paid her $30. She has a nice bod, but she can't fuck. She's just can't do it. A waste of very good equipment. That's the way it goes, as they say.

Anna was not there, so I was not able to get with her. The "bun girl" on street three was there, so I got with her on three separate occasions that night. She gave excellent service, as usual. She likes the butt massage, and likes to fuck while laying on her stomach, so she and I blend well. That's my favorate way to fuck, while they're laying on their stomach. It's such a nice view. Unfortunately the "bun girl" won't take it up the ass. I guess you can't have everything. Oh well.

I checked out the Danash Club and was not impressed at all. It made me think back to Kosher's comments about this club. None of the hot babes I had seen before in this club were there. "Black shorts" wasn't present. (Maybe the hot babes only work on weekends. I don't know.) I had wanted to talk with her some about possible special arrangements between me and her getting together, "on the side," away from the club. A waiter in this club told me the price for the babes was $100 + $10 for the room for 30 minutes. With the babes I saw working this night, I wanted to tell him, "Dream on." I would rate most of the babes I saw this night about an 8.5. No way I'm paying that kind of foolish money for an 8.5, for 30 lousy fuckin minutes. Ain't gonna happen. (What if she's a dud, like Norma?) You just wasted $110.

I plan on moving to Laredo next April, about a year from now, and will begin conducting "covert operations" to find the best, and cheapest pussy in Nuevo Laredo. I feel it will take me about 3 years to "get it down," so to speak. After this time period, I don't think I'll be buying any more pussy at boystown. I think I'll have better, and cheaper sources. I think I'll view boystown as a place where tourist, and gringos go, because they don't know any better way to work the pussy situation in Nuevo Laredo. Only the locals who do their "homework" on this type of activity will know. I plan on doing lots of "homework." Time will tell, as they say.

I plan on doing lots of "homework" on how to work with the Nuevo Laredo police. I can't afford to get ripped off by them every week. I'm not looking forward to having to deal with them. Unfortunately, they're part of the package in Nuevo Laredo. There's no Utopia, anywhere.

Joe Driver

Kosher Kowboy
04-04-04, 23:02
Kosher has returned from NL, what a waste of time. Kosher in all his trips there has never seen the kuality so low! Horseshit for sale! Kosher went with a great open mind, had almost $ 550 on him, and was ready to skrew the hottest chicks he kould find. Instead he found the same old krap.

Room Girls: Same as always, no turnover, well a little, but the new ones are just losers, look away from you, look depressed, the rest of the girls are the same old ones, banging 20 guys a day and that much more burnt out

Kosher fucked his favorite room girl, next to the steakhouse in the middle street. $ 20, great service, meatier [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) flaps than the last time, blew load and walked around, stumbled in to...

Danash: Walked in, walked around, bunch of Mexicans enjoying the kushiony seats for free, no gringos, no wonder the girls were all in back being rude and ignoring the men, they looked like they had been bussed in as prison slaves to the place, if ever kosher has seen a hooker who had ' I do not want to be here' written akross their forhead, it was here, at Danash. And they want $ 100 to fuck em, what a shame, if they were flirtatious they would have got Koshers money like the girls at..

Papagayos: These ladies were all over kosher kum 10-11 PM when it got krowded, dying to bang a good looking amerikan young man, the rest of the men were truly undesireable, most sweaty mexicans( means NO $ for the ladies.. And to think these girls have to fuck these losers to pay for their kids to eat, so sad, well there were two lucky ladies here

Perla: Not the malibu Perla even though this one is from Monterrey as well. Kosher never asked her price, just gave her $ 70 Kosher y Perla went to her room and while kosher sat on edge of bed, she rolled kondom on midnight kowboy style ( with mouth) and blew kosher. Her blowjob has improved dramtikally the last few months since kosher saw her last. Kosher did not feel teeth this time, and enjoyed it much more. For a woman who has had 3 babies shot out of her pussy the last few years, she was super duper tight. Kosher kould feel vaginal elasticity around his pecker. With each thrust in to her KY Jelly fileld oil well, kosher kould feel the tightness in the money making hole between her legs. Kosher likes his one, refers to her as his ' esposa por treinta minutos'.. What baffles Kosher is that kosher didnt remember her name yet she remembered koshers!

Wendy: Wendy is an older gal. Kosher has eyed her for months, mostly attrakted to the fakt she is in mid-late 30's has much mileage on her, and kosher figured she would be hairy and gaping, and he was right. Kosher paid this kourtesan $ 60. Servicio was very good, kosher was treated well, got a great CBJ that went on for almost 15 minutes. This was load # 3, would take kosher a while. She than went to sit on top of kosher. A she was about to lower her pussy on to kosher, he kould see her overused labia hanging down. Kosher found himself staring at a hairy jungle with a giant flap of skin hanging beneath it as it engulfed his hebrew national. Despite its looseness, it still felt great. Kosher did this one in three positions, flooding her in missionary. Afterwards, she kleaned the royal penis off with baby wipes and off Kosher went to tako stand before heading to bridge.

Overall: Asinette was the hottest one there, than perla, than skip about 5000 notches and you have the rest. Kosher kan't even start to explain how bad the kuality was, an all time low, not one nice piece of ass that was new. With very few gringos and all Mexcians, its no wonder the girls hate the place, they kant make a freakin dime off the lokals, those guys paychecks are so low they are useless. Bad times in BT, with the summer kuming and hot sweaty nights, it looks like kosher will be playing in austin much more. If there were ever a time to try out piedras or reynosa, its now. Kan't get much worse than last night.

On the bright side: KosherCowboy still got laid 3 times, picked up his heartburn pills for pennies, and had a night away

KosherCowboy: Goes to look at **** austin now

Joe Driver
04-05-04, 09:04
Whatever happened to Beavis? I miss his reports. Has he blown off NL for good? I guess JT is gone for good also. I hate to see those guys gone. True pussy lovers.

I think some of these babes in BT are pricing themselves out of the market. They're losing business as a result. Danash Club is a good example. They can ask for $110 for 30 minutes, but who's going to pay it? So all the babes in Danash sit around looking bored, and not making any money. Everybody's losing. I mean this is Mexico. Get real.


Joe Driver

04-06-04, 01:08
JT's doing a year in Baghdad Joe but still reads the boards when time permits

Dr Torpedo
04-06-04, 23:09
i must agree with joe driver on this one: everybody leave danash alone and do not pay their rediculous and inflated prices. i still think it is rediculous that a third world w-hore can command $80 a pop (ok, maybe second world) we must get word out to as many people as possible. next week i have an appointment to deliver a speech to the local pta, and i will be sure to bring up the subject. everybody should do their part to keep prices low.

we will beat them into submission with our invisible hand.

Joe Driver
04-07-04, 08:59

Thanks for the response. So JT's doing a year in Baghdad. Damn, what a drag. I'd be nervous as hell over there. I do like some of those babes over there, though. I love light skinned women with coal black hair. Makes for a nice black bush. Some of them have those dark eyes. Oh shit. I can't take it. Drives me crazy. I'm not planning on making a trip over there any time soon, though. Wonder if JT is getting any of that stuff. Lucky sob.

Shit, what am I saying? He ain't lucky, he's in Baghdad.

Joe Driver

04-08-04, 18:35

What does the weather in Laredo look like now? The weather forecast has slowly changed from T-Storms every day this week (as of Monday), to no rain until Sunday (as of today) - but I'm wondering if everything's still a mud pit from last week's rain. Piedras has the same forecast but the clean-up footage on TV shows everything there is still a river.

Even if the weather were Ok, would there be any girls working Easter weekend?

04-09-04, 16:29
Question for you NL experts, I will be in the area in a couple of months and would like to get a clear answer on driving to BT vs. walking. I would prefer to walk however, is it feasible/practical? Also, there has been some board talk about taking a taxi from the border to BT (i.e. costs $10). Is this the best way to go? Lastly, do I need pesos for anything? Or will USD do the trick (s)? Aplogize for the elementary questions...


Scotty Monger
04-09-04, 18:07
You shouldn't walk from the bridge to BT. It is a very long walk and would take about 45min - 1hr. Plus, you would expose yourself to potential hassles from the locals, namely the policia. The cab ride from el centro is $10 per cab, regardless of the number of riders. Try to find a couple of other mongers to share the ride with. This is no problem for the ride back to the bridge. Gringos have also been hassled by the policia when driving their own vehicles to BT, but many do still drive to BT. For a newbie going to BT for the first time, I would recommend taking a taxi.

USD is good for everything.

Scotty Monger

04-11-04, 02:50
Sorry Blourglas...Been in Tulsa all week and internet was down at the house unitl about 5 minutes ago.

Weather today has been cloudy with a little mist.

Girls in BT for Easter? Forget about it. The place looks like the dog pound tonight!

Member #1556
04-11-04, 05:36
Today news: The border bridge is closed because of a blow up in nl side.

Spaz Master
04-14-04, 05:14
Where is Danash? I have been to BT hundreds of times before I got married in 2001 but I am not familiar with Danash. I was planning to go down there in a couple of weeks with a couple of coworkers and wanted to know where the good looking ladies hung out. I used to find the best looking women at Papagayos, Tamyko and the Maribu. Have things changed? Any info would be helpful.

Scotty Monger
04-14-04, 16:41
Danash is on the west (back) side of Back Street, between Street One & Street Two. High Dollar club for BT. $100+ per 1/2 hr., $10 girl drinks, etc...

The good looking ladies hang out in CTG.

Scotty Monger

Joe Driver
04-15-04, 01:17
Spaz Master,

The attachment is a color map of boystown.

Scotty Monger,

What does CTG stand for? Is that some kind of secret code or something? What are you hiding from us?

Joe Driver

04-15-04, 02:39
Scotty, sorry but what is CTG?

Scotty Monger
04-15-04, 05:10
Cartegena, Colombia!

Joe Driver
04-16-04, 00:24
My attachment in my post below doesn't work. Can someone else post a color map of boystown? I tried to post the attachment again, to see if it would work, but the forum wouldn't allow me to post a duplicate attachment.

Joe Driver

04-17-04, 03:27
Member 1556...care to explain your post about the bridge being closed because of an explosion. Been away all week. Only explosion I am aware f is the one last week in Nuevo Progresso across from Weslaco in the Valley!

04-21-04, 04:54
Anyone from the big D going down to BT this weekend? Driving?

Member #1556
04-21-04, 06:50
Sorry BJ,

You are right it was Nuevo Progresso, I was watching the news when reading this forum, and misheard as Nuevo Laredo. Sorry about the confusing news.

04-29-04, 04:07
Right now compra is $11.20 (very high). In general when quoted a price in dollars it is acceptable to pay in Pesos at the conveniently calculated $10.00 exchange rate (the "street" exchange rate, for lack of a better term) for casual transactions (e.g. any place w/o a cash register). For example girls always quote prices in dollars, and I always pay in Pesos at the "street" exchange rate and have never received so much as a bat of the eyelash. The result is an instant bigger than 10% discount on everything.

If compra continues to rise further, I'm not going to be able to enjoy this discount any longer. Looking at exchange rate history, it seems that the $10.00 range is pretty new - about 2 years or less (which is weird, because it seems incredibly institutionalized), and before it was closer to about $8.00. My question is as follows: How often does the "street" exchange rate change, and how much higher would the dollar have to rise before this occurs again? Does the "street" exchange rate always favor paying in Pesos or are there times when it's more economical to pay in Dollars?

04-29-04, 12:24
Actually, $11.20 isn't that high when you benchmark it against the U.S. I saw it go to 12.oo briefly about 3 years ago over in Juarez.

The "street rate", if you are referring to the convenient 10-1 calculation only changes it seems when the official rate drops to 10 or below.

Prices rise and fall down here along with the value of the peso. The savings you realize is basically a "mental" thing as these folks aren't going to lose money.

You'll notice though that when the dollar is strong against the peso, the girls are more likely to demand the dollar and reject the peso.

Interestingly enough, right now the banks have a slightly higer {11.12} exchange rate than the casa de cambios.

For a person coming down here for the weekend, the exchange rate will only result in an additional 5 or 10 bucks in pocket.

04-29-04, 21:45
I will be going to NL for the first time very soon. Can a vetern give me a budget. How much for a decent looking lady? I know how much the cab costs etc. How about room rates and the such.

KJ Vegas
04-30-04, 08:34
Like victoriaguy I am going to NL soon, probably late May, I just returned from Thailand and I am still recovering (ha ha). Here are some questions I have.

-What is a good Hotel and do they charge for the girl?
-What is the normal price for LT?
-Any joiner fees?
-Also any good pharmacies?
-Safe to park a rental car at the parking lot?

I'll be flying from Vegas to San Antonio unless I can get a good deal on a flight into Laredo.

I still have some generic Cialis and Andriol (testosterone replacement) I got in Thailand I need to use.



04-30-04, 08:53
Went to Boystown today; all the girls wanted bewtween 90 and 100 bucks for 30" (123,Tabu and Danash 110). The best looking girls were at Danash but at most some 8s.

The price is going up.

04-30-04, 17:11

The times I went to BT 2 years ago I would drive around the area and would do buisness with the ladies at the mini apts. The girls at the clubs always charge more. Once the club is closed especially during the day they charge less. BT is pretty safe cause they want the gringos an everyone else to keep coming so it's beneficial to all.

Be safe!

05-01-04, 07:41
Rick777, 123, Tabu, and Danash are strip bars where the girls can make decent money hustling drinks. And the guys way outnumber the girls usually. So yeah, they can get away with "I only fuck for $100." Go to Papas or to door girls (heh, or to Tamyko's if you have the courage); they have to fuck for their money and you should get a good deal: $60 girl/$15 house/45min at Papas, $20/15min desnuda with door girls, should be your best, nonnegotiable offer, at all but the most "prime" times. Those prices are fair and respectful. Be willing to walk.

05-01-04, 21:47
Will be in bt's tonight, anyone else going down? IF so PM me and let meet up

Big Bubba
05-02-04, 02:53
You would have to be on crack to pay over $50 for fs in mexico for a hour. most I ever paid was $75 for 1 hour with room tips and rubber. and she earned that money. I made sure that booger was mine :-)

Guys use the big head and say no go somewhere else until you get that bargain. And don't get hurt either trying to get ass.

Later Fellas. I will goto Laredo soon and give you all lessons.


05-02-04, 18:59
I was surprised by the prices quoted here in the recent discussions on pricing, so I went on a mission to negotiate with the hottest girl in the main clubs last night, Saturday night during prime time. As we all know prices depend on the girl, the day of the week, time of the day, phase of the moon, and adding to the complexity yesterday was also a holiday and the first of the month.

Papagayo's: Asked $50 + $15 for room, did not negotiate further. Note: girl was not the hottest there but in the top 25%.

Danash: Asked $100 (with room?). I countered with $70, she agreed to $70 + $10 room. I was actually surprised by this; my previous low from Danash was $90 + $10 room. I was going to go with her but when I came back a few hours later she had already been taken out (for $200 according to mesero).

TaBu: Asked $80 + $10 for room. I countered with $50, she agreed to $50 + $10 room).

123: This was the most surprising. Asked $100 + $10 room which I thought was ridiculous. I countered with $50, but there was no way. She really wouldn't go below $90 + $10 room, I told her I wouldn't pay more than $80. I came back a few hours later and she finally agreed to $80 + $10 room, which made sense after I learned

Pimp Daddy's: only 2 girls there Saturday night, and both were with customers the whole night, so no negotiation. Is this no longer a monger hangout?

Hope this gives an idea of pricing to someone. As I said all except Papagayo's were for the hottest girl there, in the 8 range.

Did you know that 123 and Danash are owned by the same person? If this has ever been mentioned on the internet I missed it. This girl, as well as a few others, work in both depending on the day and a lot of Danash girls are ex-123.

05-03-04, 00:23
Questions: Do you need a passport to cross the border with Mexico or can you use a drivers license?
Are there good cheap hotels in NL or do you need to come back across the border at night?
What time to the clubs close down?
Is there much action Monday and Tuesdays or maybe it is better because it is not payday.

New Bound
05-05-04, 02:08
Hi friends,

I was thinking of moving to a U.S. boder town. Is Laredo a good choice?

I was looking for a U.S. town where I could leave my U.S. appartment, and simply walk into Mexico to find some sexy women with my free time. Would Laredo be a good choice? Would another USA border town be a better choice? I need to live in the USA.

I'm a gringo in my twenties, enjoy more dating non-pros than p4p. How does this area compare with other USA cities? Are the women sexy, fun? How is the nightlife on both sides of the border?

I'm just curious what you guys think of living in a town like Laredo?

Thanks a lot,

Hopefully, I see you all soon and can buy you some drinks.

Thanks again,


05-05-04, 21:30
New Bound...It's hard to answer your question actually. I would never consider moving back across the border to the United State. Laredo Texas is rated 331 out of 331 cities surveyed as the worst place to live. Ironically, Nuevo Laredo is some layed back and easy living. Paradoxically, El Paso seems to be a good city to live in yet Juarez SUCKS!

Npaul...No passport needed to cross. Just your drivers license or some other form of photo ID.. Monday and Tuesday you might save you some money if your negotiating skills are good as compared to the weekends. Good hotels in NL. Fiesta on Ocampo, 1 block from the Herradura Club. Motel Villa Real (my recomendation) on Lopez Lara about 3 miles from BT.

Big Bubba.. Totally in agreement on that issue with you.

Blourglas has a handle on the price situation.

Later..Off to New Orleans!

Joe Driver
05-05-04, 22:25
New Bound,

I'm 50, I currently live in Dallas, but I plan on moving to Laredo next April. I think Laredo is as good a border town, as any of the others. I haven't been to TJ, but some of the mongers from TJ think Laredo is better. Some think TJ is better for mongering. I think BorderJumper use to live near TJ. He now lives in NL. I'm not sure which he thinks is best for mongering, TJ or NL. I think he gives the edge to TJ, but I'm not certain on this.

I want to live in the ghetto apts. and neighborhoods, in Laredo, and meet as many poverty stricken senioritas as I possibly can. I want to meet babes that haven't had a decent meal in 2 years, that sort of thing. I'll buy them a whopper, with cheese, if we can work something out, if you know what I mean.

I want to become familiar with all of the ghetto areas in both Laredo, and NL. I want to meet the senioritas in these neighborhoods, and see if I can help them out financially, if possible, in exchange for some get togethers. I think it will take me apx 3 years to learn both Laredo, and NL. I want to make videos of these encounters, and possibly try to sell them. I don't know how that venture will go. I'll have to wait and see. I've got my camcorder, and I'm ready.

Beware of the crooked NL police. They ripped me off for $50, about 5 years ago. They took me out in the middle of nowhere, and told me to give them $50, or they would take me to jail, and that "I would have lots of problems." I didn't ask them what kind of problems they had in mind for me. I just gave the crooked bastards $50, and they took me back to where they picked me up, and dropped me off.

I plan on visiting the U.S. Consulate in NL, and getting their advise on how to deal with the crooked NL police. I can't afford to pay these crooked fucks off every week, when I move down there.

One more comment. I think Borderjumper is in his 50's, he's a white gringo, and he has lived in NL, I think, for a few years, or so. He's also lived in Juarez, I think, and I think he's familiar with TJ. Anyway, my point for bringing up Borderjumper, is I think he feels the NL police are not that much of a "problem." He has much more experience with Mexican border towns, and living amongst Mexican police, than I do, so opinions on the NL police vary among gringos.

I don't think Borderjumper "worries" about the NL police. I do. I won't drive my 99 cougar on the Mexican side, because I'm afraid the NL police will steal it from me. Borderjumper drives his personal late model nice cars on the Mexican side, and he doesn't seem to worry about the NL police, or them stealing his cars. Opinions vary on this type of thing.

Joe Driver

New Bound
05-06-04, 01:36
Border Jumper,

Thanks for getting back to me. In what respect is Laredo ranked as city 331 out of 331 as a city to live?

Basically my criteria is only-- is this a good place to meet sexy girls on the street. Fun clubs to dance, drink, and of course hook up with the chicas. Normally I like to fall in love every day with a new women. I like latin, white, and black women.

Basically my job requires me to live in the USA, but I can choose any city in the USA to run my business. Border Jumper be a friend and give me some advice. If not Laredo, what would be a good USA city where the odds would be in your favor on a moderate income--for hooking up with non-pros and occasional p4p.

Thanks, I'll provide reports from my new destination, and free drinks for those who want to meet up on the town.

Feel free to give advice everyone, and thanks,


05-06-04, 05:14
This guy will salute you as you cross


05-06-04, 05:33

05-06-04, 05:48
Beavis, that was really great, How did you manage to get your picture on there next to President Bush?

05-06-04, 14:41
I can't tell which one is president Bush so I have no idea what you are talking about.

05-07-04, 22:20
Can someone explain The Herradura club to me. I've been in there before, it was about 5 years ago, and remember there being several ladies in there eager to "provide their services" but I didn't know if they had on site rooms or not.

Joe Driver
05-08-04, 14:13

Yeah, I was in the Herradura Club about a year ago, and was not impressed. All the babes there wanted $50 for 30 minutes. I felt they were engaged in price fixing. I can get a better deal out at BT, so I said fuck it to the Herradura Club. I have nailed about 10 different babes, over the past 5 years, that work this club, plus the one across the street called Herochoes, and the one down the street just west of Gurerro. The service from these babes has varied. Some very good, some very bad, some rip off. Also, beware of the cops on this area. This is the area they fucked me over about 5 years ago. They love to cruise this area at night, looking for gringos, that are club hopping, looking for pussy. They know these gringos will have plenty of deniro on them. I had about $160 on me, when they got me, and they counted every bit of it, with a big grin on their faces. They only made me give them $50. Shit, they could of had the whole $160. What was I going to do. Call the fuckin cops? Lot a good that would do.

I do remember one babe in particular from the Herradura. Her name was Ann. About 22 years old, very quiet, shy, looked like a librarian. I would pay her $100, and she would spend an hour or two with me, and she would take it up the ass real good.

As far as the rooms go, you have to rent a hotel room near the clubs. They go for about $12 to $15. The girls can explain the situation on the rooms to you. There are always bilingual folks in these clubs that can help with interpreting.

Joe Driver

05-08-04, 19:49
NEW BOUND...A while back, Fortune magazine did a survey of the 331 best to worst cities to live in. Why 331? Who knows. Anyway, Laredo came in at 331 because of crime, low wages and poverty and traffic caused by all the freight forwarders in Laredo. As I said before, for a border city to live in, I would prefer El Paso but for a Mexican border town to live in and fuck around in, I prefer NL. It seems the people down here are of a bit higher intelligence than those found in Juarez. Laredo doesn't seem to be a bad city on the surface. I work there and shop there but spend as little time as possible on that side of the river. On a moderate income, you could do well and you would have NLBT right across the river as well as the border towns in the valley 2 hours south. Also, 2 hours west you have Del Rio and it's border town of Cd. Acuna. With El Paso, you are pretty much limited to Juarez which while larger than NL, probably wouldn't offer you what you are looking for. A lot of STUPID people in that town and thousands arriving from the interior weekly looking for work that is not to be had. A bad scene over there overall. Forget Southern California and TJ. The cost of living out there is astronomical.

Joe Driver..Haven't done TJ in 30 years and it's time I went back. Really Joe, things are slowly changing down here. 5 years ago you're lucky they left you with anything. People are fed up with the crap and the government is finally trying to get a handle on it. I was over in Juarez a couple of days last week and for the first time in 5 years, I wasn't shaken down by the Transito. Give it a chance brother. Attitude down here is everything. And contrary to opinion, they can threaten to take you to jail, but it rarely happens. Some guys have insisted to be taken and have been released instead. You got to leanr to call thier bluff. Although on the other hand, if you're caught "fucking up", it's sometimes better to pay an chalk it up to a life experience. I think when you get down here, and really get into the place, you'll uderstand what I'm talking about. The occasional visitor doesn't get it.

Joe Driver
05-08-04, 22:31

You're absolutely correct on the police situation. The NL police are looking for "easy marks." i.e. people that don't know what to do, if they get fucked over by the cops. If they stop someone, and he "knows too much," the cops will back off, and let it go.

Yeah, I plan on learning the Laredo side first when I move down there next April, and slowly integrating to the NL side. I read your previous post, and loved the part about low wages, and poverty. That's what I want to meet. Senioritas living in poverty.

I'm going to try to rent some "ghetto pad" close to the main bus station in Laredo. I could walk to the bridge from my "ghetto pad," and that location would be very convenient for me with my type of work. I could even leave my car parked at the bus station for $40/month, and have covered parking 24/7.

I'm viewing my move as a "giant experiment," but I'm looking forward to it.

Joe Driver

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the unnecessary indents throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not indent any text in your reports. Thanks!

New Bound
05-11-04, 00:57
Joe Driver, and Borderjumper,

Thanks you guys, you've been really helpful. I was trying to get a feel for these border towns, prior to moving south in a couple of weeks. My criteria was really only-- hot sexy women who we're easy to pick up, fun night life, and a low cost of living. Laredo seems to be a good choice overall.

Joe hurry up and get down to Laredo, the chicas are waiting.

Again you guys are really cool-- helping me out. Drinks on me south of the border.


05-12-04, 17:43
Thanks, guys for the info. I am planning on going to boystown later this month.

Just wondering if anyone could compare this to Thailand, Angeles City Philippines, or Costa Rica. I know Thailand has ten thousands of girls available. Angeles City probably has 2000 girls available who speak some English.

Sounds like boystown has 200-300 girls and very few understand English.

Any advice for a newbie?? Thanks also for the photos.

05-12-04, 19:27
There is absolutely no comparison between Angeles City etc. and NLBT. The flips win hands down. NLBT and other border towns are "convenient" is all.

NB..Looking forward to it. You, I and JD need to meet down here sometime. Be glad to give you a tour of the place most folks never se.

KJ Vegas
05-12-04, 20:58
I go to Thailand 2-3 times a year, I spend most my time in Pattaya beach. I can honestly say Pattaya Beach makes Las Vegas look like Sunday school. The town is awesome, I'm walking on Walking street and Beach road in Pattaya I turn to my frind and say "I can't believe a place like this exists", it's wall to wall hotties.

I like Bangkok also but it is too crowded. I like Eden Club in Bangkok, it is a bar and all the girls are bi-sexuals, you pick a girl and she picks a friend and you get 90 minutes of almost anything goes. I had two cutties, Round 1 was f**king awesome, I showered and they did a nice lesbian show for me, that got my one eyed lizard ready for round 2 which was the best experience of my life. The cost for all this was $80 and that included their room with a porno playing which I didn't pay attettion to.

When I have a ST in Thailand I never feel rushed and when you have a girl LT they treat you like they are your Girlfriend. When you barfine a girl LT you have all the sex you want with them, I usually tap them 2 or 3 times a night. That's alot of bang for your buck.

Thailand is a place you all should check out once, but once you go there you'll want to book your next trip when you get home.

Also-If you go to Thailand, Leave your heart at home, it is very easy to fall for these girls.

The border towns are still great, they make for a nice weekend getaway, I'm going to TJ in 3 weeks, can't wait.



Joe Driver
05-14-04, 09:04

I would definitely like to meet you when I move down there. I'll need a little time to get set up down there, then I'll pm you. Looks like Laredo, and NL, and surrounding areas in Mexico are going to be my "Thailand." I think I'll find plenty of fun, and "action" in both Laredo, and Mex.

Joe Driver

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the unnecessary indents throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not indent any text in your reports. Thanks!

05-15-04, 00:34
Will be down in NL May 19-23 if anyone wants to meet up for a beer or a trip to boys town, please send a PM.

05-17-04, 00:03
Here's a photo of a typical american women you would meet on a blind date.

Rio Regular
05-18-04, 06:53
Fellow Mongers,

I am a regular to the Brazil board. I just bought a house in Mexico this last year and will be driving down through NL next week.

Can anyone give me the low down about the city and the action? What are the clubs like? Can you take girls out? Is it worth it to take girls out?

I would like to stay in NL for a night and see the sights. Can you recomend a safe hotel with security for my car?

I really appreciate the help.

BTW I will be traveling around Mex City and Acapulco with a few Brazilian girls I know from Sao Paulo and Rio. Let me know if you'd like me to meet them in MX City. They are a ton of fun!


Luv Ass
05-20-04, 05:37

Boystown is where all the clubs are. There have all been describing in detail in this forum with Papagayos being the best. A hotel I would recommend is the Hilton about 3 miles from Boystown for around $80/night. Its in a good location, next to a large 24 hour grocery store and pharmacy and I was just barely able to get reception on my Sprint cell phone. They have a restaurant serving a buffet 3 x's a day and a few blocks away there is a chain of American TGI Fridays, Chiles type restaurants. They have good security there so your car would be safe and I was able to take girls out of Boystown to the hotel. Most of the clubs have rooms in the back that are not too bad for a quick time. I found this was much better at first to try the girls out and see how they are with you. It is also much easier to negotiate prices with the girls.

Juan is a young manager at the Hilton that was there that I became friends with and he was very cool about it. He also told me about another club, much more upscale that Boystown called Egyptian or something like that. It has much nicer dancer-type girls that can be taken out for a higher price than Boystown but only after the club closes. He said he parties with the ladies from there so he could be a good contact.

I am heading to Buenos Aires myself next week. Maybe I will get to Rio too. You will have to tell me about some recommendations you have from there.

Good Luck,

Luv Ass

Joe Driver
05-20-04, 09:34

Ceasars Palace is next to the Hilton. It goes for $40 per night. A security guard watches the cars at night. Ceasars Palace is a bit of a dump. The Hilton is first class. I don't know how much the dancers at Egyptias would want, to party after hours. Juan at the Hilton could give you an idea on that. I would assume at least $100. I thought the Hilton was $110 per night. Maybe they've gone down in price some. If you're with the Rio babes, I would check out the Hilton. They'll appreciate the Hilton much more than Ceasars Palace.

Partying after hours with the dancers at Egyptias is a little risky, since you can't test them out in a back room at the club, at least that I know of. I would be worried they might short change me in service at the hotel room.

I've been short change in service many times at BT, but since I only risk small amounts of money, it's not that big of deal. I'd hate to get burned for $100 or more bucks.

Joe Driver

05-21-04, 02:43
The Hilton is very nice (I always pay around $100/night), but one thing to keep in mind is that many Mexicans don't like it since it is very American style (especially due to carpeting, and also the furnishing and central A/C). Most of the girls I bring there complain about it, one of them who I brought regularly complained that it made her sick. It is, of course, 100% chica friendly.

The best "high end" place to bring a girl may be Fiesta Inn, which is also about $100/night and across the street from Hilton. It is Mexican style.

My favorite cheap place is Motel Estancia ($30/night) which is on Anahuac between Reforma and Lara Lopez - very close to Boystown. Believe it or not, I've had girls tell me they prefer this to Hilton!

There is also a VERY nice place, Motel Paradise, which is only $30/night and is nicer than Hilton/Fiesta, but it's several miles south on MX-85 and they have strange rules about coming and going.

05-24-04, 05:16
made my first trip to boystown from my home in houston last week.

here's a few comments:

if you want a classy girl and a classy room to do the deed, the only place to go is danash. true, you must pay about $100 for sex and the room, but once you have been there you will appreciate the class and cleanliness of the room and girl. the place was definitely a highlight of the trip. i know many of you do not want to pay $100 for a mexican girl, but the quality of girls there were definitely 9-10s.

pimp daddy introduced me to one of his three girls that had just started work there a few days ago. his girls are $50-60 but the rooms are disgusting... no shower afterwards and vomit in the toilet, no sheets on the bed, disgusting with a capital d. one of his new 18 year old girls had just been there 3 days and was still very nice and friendly. he told me he had a contract on her for 6 months and had paid $1,500 to her parents for her.

123 bar was also a highlight. there is actually a "10" working there, i think her name is angie, slim and tall with braces on her teeth. you can go there and grope her or any other girl while the girl drinks her $10 drink. angie has the firmest ass and tits and is a cute girl. but when her drink is done she is quickly off your lap. she will put her hand down in your pants if you unzip the fly. you can massage her pussy but not put your fingers inside while she grinds her ass in your lap.

papagayos was quiet on a thursday but alot of freelancers from monterey were there on friday and saturday. 2 or 3 of the girls were stunners but most were average. one stunner was half-russian and half mexican.

a guy at boystown said he was staying at hotel tres reyes, for $25 a night, which was located inside the boystown wall. has anyone stayed there and have a report??

outside of boystown:

hereduras club on ocampo street in el centro was a disappointment. was able to find a 20 year old cute but chubby for $40. many of the girls there do not do sex, only want you to buy them a drink. alot of overweights, oldies and uglies.

i do not recommend the fiesta inn near the hereduras bar on ocampa and suarez. (this is not to be confused with the holiday inn of spanish translation). it is definitely low class and the windows open up to a brick wall behind it. shit flies in the bathroom and on the nightstand and german cockroaches in the bathroom. depressing. the streets outside all smell like [CodeWord109] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord109) from the bums who [CodeWord111] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord111) on them. ocampa was not too noisy on a wednesday or thursday night but probably is noisy on the weekends when traffic is double.

if you stay overnight on the laredo side, there is a decent clean hotel called gateway inn for $35 a night on i-35 across from the mall del norte. includes swimming pool, tv cable and the rooms are much larger and modern than the mexican hotel rooms for about the same price. alot of truck drivers and mexicans stay there for the price. if you want something else to do than chase after pussy, there is a movie theatre within walking distance and the mall across i-35.

05-27-04, 01:06
Fellow Mongers,

On Monday May 24, 2004 I had the privilege of visiting "Historic" Boystown Nuevo Laredo. I was expecting to see a few women due to the fact that it was a monday night. I was really suprised at what I saw , there were women everywhere and all the clubs were open.

I met the most beautiful women I have ever seen in Boystown on this great evening. Her name was Lauda she had her own room which was a few doors down from Pimp Daddies. I still cant believe this women was a working out of her own room. Lauda was more beautiful than any women who has ever stepped foot in Club Papaguyos or any other club in Boystown. Lauda was a about 5 foot 4 and 110 pounds . She had long red hair and a body from well you know where. You want to talk about a woman with a figure. She was a true gem a Diamond in the rough. Lauda only charged me 20 dollars. I would encourage all my fellow mongers to check out Lauda , you will see one of the most beautiful woman to ever walk this blessed earth.



05-27-04, 02:47
Baby Huey is going to be in BT on Thursday night, and Friday afternoon. Going earlier in the week this time so as to beat the holiday weekend rush. I will be parking on the US side and renting a cheap Hotel room in Mexico. Probably be in Boystown around 9:30-10:00pm. If anybody else is going to be there look for a big (6'2" 240#) guy w/ brown hair and glasses. I will be wearing a hard to miss orange Hawaiann Shirt. Feel free to say Hi if you see me. I will be leaving Houston about 3-4 pm if anybody wants to ride down Thursday night and come back Fridaay afternoon PM me your Phone no. or E-mail me at s t r t r c r 7 1 m a v @ y a h o o . c o m and take out the spaces. I need to know by about 2:00 pm.

05-28-04, 22:29
Hey all, just a quick report from last night, nothing special. Got to Pgo a bit before 11, said hi to a few exes; circled the compound (PDaddy was closed, not that I would have gone there), then back to Pgo, where I spent a bit of time first with my "virgin," Sonia de Tampico, whose prima, Isela de Tampico, introduced me several weeks ago on her alleged first night at Pgo--well it was believable because she didn't really know basics like "get your gear before you go into the room," didn't know her way around a condom, and didn't know what lubricante was. She's 23, 3 kids, and definitely not more than a 6.5, but was endearing and eager to please nonetheless; I engaged her again last week, but last night decided just to hang out.

Then, after that, hung out with one I'd just met--Nadia de Acapulco, 19, 1 kid, pretty cute (didn't go to the room because I got a slightly hurried vibe from her). Anybody know this girl and have any experience? She says she's been there 7 months, although I sort of doubt it. She has long, noodly black hair and is fairly animated.

Then another circuit--checked Marabu, where I was set upon by one of my former "virgins" (from early 2001), Perla de Monterrey, who seemed a bit thicker and blonder than before); then down the middle street where I got with my little gem Delia de Veracruz--she's two doors up from Gabriela de Michoacan, that is, she's in the farthest-up door in bank of doors just uphill from Pullman. She is SO cute; anybody know her?

Anyway, called it a night after a good solid fix of tacos.

And hey, Baby Huey... I was looking for a big guy with an orange Hawaiian shirt--where were you hanging between like 11-1?

G Willi
05-30-04, 00:48
Never been to BT, but thinking about going on Sunday. I have been all over but never to BT. Is it cool to go by yourself. Some have told me not too cool for gringos to go alone and others say its ok. Some one let me know whats the best way to hit Bt.


05-30-04, 02:00
Does anyone know of massage parlors or escort services in Nuevo Laredo outside of boystown?

A Gladiator
05-30-04, 02:04
Thanks for all the info. I've spent no time across the border and will be, for the first time, next month.


Can you give any advise when trying to stay clear of the LE? I understand that Attitude can go along way but can staying away from certain clubs or times of the day or week help?

Also, what is your favorite club down there? I personally am looking for good milage for my $$. Good in club rooms would be a desire as well as the best place to arange an all nighter with a GF experience. I wish I knew Spanish, I know that would be a help!

05-30-04, 18:20
Rick...Unfortuantely, we don't have any MP's in NL unlike Juarez. However, in the classifieds of El Manana newpaper, they have several outcalls listed but rumor is they're at least a $100.00 per session.

Gladiator: The bet advice I can give you to avoid LE down here is not to try and avoid them. Do your thing and don't worry about them. If you look and act suspicious, they're liable to fuck with you. You can speak at them in passing and nothing will be said. If they stop you in BT, answer their questions in a polite and non confrontational manner and you should be okay. If they do try to fuck with you, pointedly show them that you are aware of their badge numbers, nameplates and vehicle numbers. They should back off. An example of this would be to address the officer as Officiales Rodriguez or whatever his name is. These guys are extremely nervous right nowof being caught up in some shit. Generally though, you should have no problems.

NUEVO LAREDO - All employees of the Tamaulipas state law enforcement agency, underwent surprise drug testing Monday as the new Tamaulipas attorney general seeks to clean house.

District attorneys and employees of their offices around the state were tested, as were all state police officers in the field and their bosses. Officer workers also were tested.

Results of the testing are expected to be available in the next few days, officials said.

Attorney General Ramón Duron Robles, a former congressman and former mayor of Ciudad Victoria, took over two weeks ago when the previous attorney general, Francisco Cayuela Villarreal, was fired after Laredoan Mario Medina Vasquez was stabbed to death in prison.

Tamualipas Gov. Tomas Yarrington Robalcada appointed Duron Robles without commenting on Cayuela's departure.

Cayuela oversaw the investigation into the death of Roberto Mora, the editor of El Mañana. Medina had been charged with murder in Mora's death.

Monday's testing included Salvador Arredondo Arredondo, deputy attorney general for the region, and all department heads across Tamaulipas.

"We want there to be more transparency (in the state police agency) and that's why this drug testing includes agents, division heads, agency chiefs and even the comandant as well as all other personnel," said Guillermo Bermúdez Dávila, head of the state police.


As far as staying away from clubs, that's your choice. If a place gives you a bad vibe, leave! If you are in a club and you see drugs being used or traded openly, GET THE HELL Out!

Occasionally in BT, there will be truckloads of Federal Police making a sweep of the clubs. Don't get upset or nervous. When they make these sweeps, they'll descend on the clubs fully armed in riot gear with auto weapons and a camerman in tow. Generally speaking they do not mess with the gringos unless something arouses their suspicions. Remember though, that search and seizure is different down here than in the U.S. Go along with the program and you'll have no problems.

I don't really have a favorite club there anymore. Were I to pick one, it would be Marabu Club. The only one I frequent anymore. I like the ambience of the place and the fact that it is quiet and laid back. They also have some nice women in there from time to time. At least they did last weekend.

As for an overnighter, be careful whom you select. Best bet would be someone from out of town that lives in the clubs. Off property hotels for this is the Villa Real. Excellent place with restaraunt, bar, room service, pool, cable TV and A/C and close to BT. I stayed there for several months while they were renovating my house here. Good people at about $50.00 per night!

Just an afterthought on the Police down here. If anybody thinks that LE is not trying to put it's own house in order here and other places along the border, they need to think again. There is a serious effort afoot to clean house down here. People are fed up with all the bullshit of years past. the effects of this effort are showing up daily!

05-30-04, 22:34

Is hotel Villa Real the one a few miles north of BT on Lopez Lara?

Anyway, I went to BT a couple of weeks ago, on a Tuesday, as it was the only day I could. I didn't espect to find much, but I was pleasently surprised. Danash was open and there were about 10 girls there, all pretty in their own way. I had decided to go to the other clubs to see what they had so I left and went to Papagayos. I sat down and a girl, Gioavana, sat with me. She was nice-looking with a nice pair of breasts. I was going to go to the room with her, but another girl (Tanya) came in and sat with us. I've known Tanya for awhile and I've been doing her sister who is a very hot girl. We talked a while and I asked her to recommend a girl for me. She told me that Maricruz would be a nice choice. Indeed she was. Maricruz is a pretty girl, tall with a very nice body. She is also very sweet and great company. I am sorry to say I didn't have my camera, but believe me she is very hot. We agreed on $65 including room. Her oral skills are excellent and suffice it to say it was a very nice session. I would definitely look for this girl next time. We stayed in the room for awhile and then I left. I drove back to Austin all the while planning my next trip to NLBT.

Don Tonto
05-31-04, 07:10
I have been over in Nogales, Sonora, on a couple of different occasions when a group of Federales suddenly came sweeping through the strip club. They really didn't even look at us gringos. My guess is that they were looking for certain people who were wanted by the authorities.