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01-02-03, 05:30
Mega - Thanks for your info. Kinda curious on your knowledge of the fares, did you try that route before? Anyway, is it true that the airfare to Hatyai from KL is now RM299 return? If it is, then might as well fly straight to Hatyai from KL.

MD - Thanks for the invite but won't be free during that time. May be another time.

01-02-03, 12:55

as i know, there is no direct flight from kl to hatyai!!!! please check ur info!! dun wan u to stuck in airport for the rest of ur holiday, while ta fei kei in anger, not good for health hehehehehe!

01-02-03, 17:21

yes, I had used all that routes before. As for KL to Hatyai by air. Think there is one by Air Adarnman ( wrong spelling, thai operated ) from KL- Hdy- BKK ). But when I check it out on my way out of KLIA last month, both flights for two day was canceled.
If you are local or in KL, better use the super coach at RM35.00 one way (KL -Hatyai). There is also train services from KL to Hatyai everyday, it take around 15hours departing KL around 7.00 to 8.00pm and arriving hatyai next morning.

01-03-03, 04:49
Mega - Yup, I'm in KL and the reason for not taking the bus/train as my first choice is because it takes too long a journey and can be quite uncomfortable especially when you need to get up to take a stretch once in a while. Can't walk much on a bus!

Wanted to make full use of time and not waste time travelling on a bus/train ... so can get there quicker by plane ...

Another reason is because if taking bus then it is fine when going as everyone is with all anticipation ... but when we return back to KL then it is a bit of disappointment that we are coming back and the journey is very long and tiring ...

I think you know what I mean ... and therefore, by flight, we are back here in no time and don't have to sit through a long journey getting disappointed that we are coming back already!

MD - Will check with my friend again on the flight details ... make sure the information he gave is correct, if not will make sure he gets me a session at a local HC ... hahahahaha ...

01-06-03, 13:11

Just a note on Golok, I have been there few times. The girls are a little rough and the choices are not as good as Hatyai. But it can be a good fun at times.
Places to avoid is lane behind Grand Garden Hotel, which is called "Tanah Merah". There are a lot of Karaoke Pubs and real happening at night. This place usually visited by local Thais. Girls from here can be real problematic, but not all - depend on your luck. Keep your wallet with you all time unless the girls are from houses. Have fun.

01-20-03, 17:28
Do anyone can recommend good massage parlour or cafe or Chick shop at Bukit Kayu Hitam? The border of Malaysia and Thai?

01-21-03, 15:31
Why don't go farther up? only one hour more to hatyai,
better choice and lot more quantity.

01-21-03, 17:41

I know I should go a bit north. But, I just don't have the luxurious to stay at Thai for a night and it is better for me to have a quick session by packing my car at Malaysia border, walking pass the custom and back to Malaysia before the custom close. I went there few year ago have a massage session for only 200 Bhat for 2 hours, which is not too bad. Went to a local pub, and there is lot of young chick over there. You just need to pay her a drink to have a few squeezes. I saw a westerner had dirty dancing surround by 4 naked gals and I have an impression that it doesnít cost much to have this wild experience. Anyway, havenít been there for age and would like to know how the things go on.

03-31-03, 20:14
given the situation in Iraq and the muslim community...... does anybody know if this is a bad time to go HDY?


03-31-03, 22:42

HadYai itself is a very Chinese town. I wouldn't expect problems.
The vast majority of Malaysians coming to HY to cheong are Chinese aswell.
Eating at the McD is something I would not recommend. But I never would:)!
The HY nightmarket is probably the best in the Kingdom. That alone is worth the trip.

04-01-03, 05:31
This section of the forum seems very quiet lately. Where are those Hatyai kaki? This time of the year is quiet in Hatyai (except Songkran).

Just back from Hatyai, and the town is quiet. I think this is good for us as we have the negotiation power. Stayed at the Pink hotel for 550B per night. The famous Sakol hotel is now under renovation. Price gone up to 630B per night as compared to 500B few months back. They claim that they have newer facility and better environment. Not sure if this is true.

Went to the famous wonderful KTV and heard that the boss (ah pow) has been shot death few weeks ago. Also heard that it will be closing because his widow is now running it alone. I am not sure how true it is. Anyone can confirm that?

04-01-03, 17:51
Thanks Freeler...

Could you or a person from Malaysia or Singapore please advice me on this:

I was/am planning to go to Hat Yai sometimes between april 10. and 19. This thread has many posts saying holidays means higher prices, the girls all taken etc. Browsing the net I found JB Hotel is +B400 during Songkhran, Novotel is fully booked, in 2001 tourists used B400 mill. etc.

If I want it a little bit laidback and quiet; should I postpone my visit?


04-01-03, 20:57

In HadYai typicly only the 'upmarket' hotels have 'special' prices during festivals like Songkran.

This year Songkran is friday 11th - tuesday 14th april 2003.
If you arrive on april 16 or later there will be no problems. Fortunately Songkran is not followed by a weekend:)

04-01-03, 21:07
OK Freeler, so be it ........

Unless I get the SARS (hehe), I will leave Patong for HDY. Report will be posted here. My main info (apart from this thread) will be:





04-01-03, 23:09

I am not impressed by the sites at the end of those links. Well, Nanapong=ok...

Get a HY bus from Phuket town busstation, a bus that terminates at HY. Buses that go beyond your destination have the tendency to 'take a break' just before the town you're going to:(.
In HY take a songthaew (more like little vans) for a maximum B20 to VisaHotel. That's in the middle of everything in HY: Karaokes, 'barbershops', HJ-houses, freelancers and what not...
Be sure to book your hunny early. Anyone good is gone by 4pm.
Paying in advance, on booking, is normal practice in HY. The girl will always show up.
If you want to go real classy, take your time selecting a good driver/guide. HY has some v-e-r-y special places, but B10,000 settles just about any bill...

Do check the archives on this site for HY and think about the hotel vouchers, a good deal if you go upmarket in HY.

04-02-03, 20:31
Seemed informative, but as it's my first time, could not judge... Have gone through the archives, and found quite a lotof info. So now I'm just waiting for the plane to Phuket :)

04-03-03, 11:39

It has been known that a man is die of SARS in Hatyai hospital. Malaysian government has announcement to discourage people from going to Thailand for that reason. I think HDY will have less tourist for the coming Songkran season. Perhaps still a good idea to avoid that peak season.

To shop for the right gal at different *****houses, my advice to you is to go alone without other people such as the tok-tok driver or the tour guide, unless you want to pay 500B extra for their commission. The *****houses are all over the see-kim-yong area and Channivet area at the south.

04-04-03, 09:45
kay, I have read about the 72 yo man and his quarantined family. I will just wait and see. Thanks for the info.

Sex Lover
05-18-03, 10:12
Hello all,

I will be going to Hatyai next month, anybody knows any good pimp up there? I'm thinking to ask the pimp to arrange 2 girls for myself. If you have, please kindly give me the number or the girls number.

Pls forward the number to my mail.


I will post the story when I come back.


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06-22-03, 16:45

I will be going to Haadyai with some friends who are not into cheonging or having fun and I also do not want to let them know that I will be looking for girls to bonk while we are there.

Would appreciate if you guys could help out in providing the following information -

Where can a single fellow go to look for girls (in the afternoon or night) for fun and where the place also provides room to have fun in. I wont be taking any girls back to my hotel room.

How much will it cost for a FS where the playing time is 2 to 3 hours. How much does massage and a hand job cost? Is it safe a single person to go roaming looking for girls?

When going out drinking .. how much generally does beer cost and does the drinking places have cover charge?

Sorry to be asking such naive questions, but I have never been there before ... so you information will be invaluable.

Thanks guys

06-22-03, 18:33

Have you ever told your friends that they are fools? Or perhaps Malaysians aren't that straight forward:D?
How can anyone go to HY and NOT get it on...
On cheonging:
Check my post addressed to Philo, the information applies to you too!
VisaHotel is cheap enough for ST - B200-250 incl air and hot water.

06-23-03, 13:13

For short time fun, go to Pink Hotel and Lee Garden Plaza Hotel HC. For all the difference costing, ask the OKT.

You won't have communicating problem. The OKTs there can speak more languages than you do.

Have fun

07-17-03, 06:02
I thought that some of the best looking babes in whole Thailand worked in HY. Especially in the Sky-Lounge (VIP) at Pink Lady. Many are real college girl part-timers I have been told. Mostly catering to Chinese and Singaporeans but they speak good English and as a farang I felt very welcomed. Drinks are also very expensive in the VIP lounge.

The prices are up in the 'Sky' too, ST B2800, LT B3600. You pay this to the bar and includes the girl's fee. They may expect also some tip I suppose. Should try it next time, they were absolutely gorgeous, around 18-20 all of them. The Pink Lady karaoke bar and the Pink Lady pub are cheaper and the girls too, but not so sweet or young.

While in HY I tried something even more cheap but also quite OK. I found a massage place in one of the side streets, about 20 min walk from the train station. 1hr massage, shower, bath +boomboom was only B600. They had about 20 girls. I chose No.8 a sweet 19 year old. She was quite easy going once I flashed just a couple of words of Thai but she spoke some English too. Rooms are absolutely basic, nothing like big parlours in Phuket or Pattaya. But the price is right. She also got B100 tip. She nagged me for more, but I am very stingy, being just a budget hobbyist.

08-01-03, 04:47
Dear All,

I am new to the Hat Yai scene and am planning a trip in this coming early November with 5 of my other friends. Our budget is RM 1,000 per person for 3 nites. Is November considered a peak season? If yes, how much do we have to bring along? Another friend recommended changing the MY currency to USD in Malaysia and then converting in into Thai Baht in Thailand to get additional RM 200-300. Is this true?

Going through the previous posts, I noticed some hotel recommendations and have checked them out online. Most likely we will be staying at Lee Gardens Hotel (by the way, what's the difference between Lee Gardens Hotel and Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel?). As per MD's previous posts, we are 'well informed' of the $$$ for the chicks. We are travelling by supercoach (about RM 60 for return trip).

08-02-03, 07:13

There will be lots of visitors to Hatyai whenever there are holidays/festival seasons in Thailand or M'sia/S'pore and the popular hotels will definitely be full during this period.
A room at Lee Gardens Hotel will costs around 500plus baht per night while a room at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel will costs around 1000 baht per night. This price will depend on whether it is a normal day or a holiday.

08-05-03, 02:05

The hotel rates are :
Plaza Hotel (Next to Lee Garden Plaza): 640 baht
Lee Garden (old) : 570 baht
BP Grand Tower : 750 baht
Sakura Grand View : 820 baht
Daichi and Hatyai Palace : 510 baht.

This prices are from Lovely Tour. The prices may differ during peak seasons. November is school holiday period, so avoid those weekend with public holidays. Everything goes up - hotel, food, women, etc. On worst conditions you may not even get hotel rooms without early booking. All the above hotels are located in the city centre except Daichi and Hatyai Palace.

RM is pegged to USD, so why bother converting two times. You are there to spend money not trading currency. You can get your RM changed to baht at the border or in Hatyai town itself (you can find money changer at most of the Travel agent office). The rates are better here compared to K.L.

Lee Garden Plaze hotel is the newer hotel located in the heart of Hatyai. It is next to shopping mall. Go to http://www.********.com/ - Dummy Guide to Hatyai for more info.

RM1000/person for 3 nights should be Okey for a group 5 person during off peak season.

08-06-03, 01:58
Originally posted by Rick

The hotel rates are :
Plaza Hotel (Next to Lee Garden Plaza): 640 baht
Lee Garden (old) : 570 baht
BP Grand Tower : 750 baht
Sakura Grand View : 820 baht
Daichi and Hatyai Palace : 510 baht.

This prices are from Lovely Tour. The prices may differ during peak seasons. November is school holiday period, so avoid those weekend with public holidays. Everything goes up - hotel, food, women, etc. On worst conditions you may not even get hotel rooms without early booking. All the above hotels are located in the city centre except Daichi and Hatyai Palace.

Hi Rick,

Where can I find Lovely Tour? And how are the hotels you listed? I stayed at a place near SKY area last year and had a good time there, but I can't remember the name of the place. It's around the corner from SKY, a little bit out of the centre of town, and right by a small river.
I'm going back to HY in a couple of months, and would appreciate your comments on the hotels you listed.



08-06-03, 04:45
Hi guys,

Thanks for the info. Regarding the peak season, so it's better to go before November is it? Would October be OK?

08-06-03, 14:40

If you can afford it, stay at Sakura Grand View. room rate as stated by Rick.

For Lovely Tour Travel Agent, just ask any tut-tut (Taxi ) and they will get you there. That shop is at SKY area or you can try another one by the name of Davis Tour just opposite Sakol Hotel.
Sakol Hotel are rate at 630Baht per night, rooms are a bit small but just renovated.
Just drop by any of those two travel agencies and ask for the hotel price list. Don't bother asking them to recommend any hotel for you, they just told you every one of them are good....

For the 500Baht Cat. hotels, recommanded you stay at Daichi

08-07-03, 04:01
Originally posted by Mega

If you can afford it, stay at Sakura Grand View. room rate as stated by Rick.

For Lovely Tour Travel Agent, just ask any tut-tut (Taxi ) and they will get you there. That shop is at SKY area or you can try another one by the name of Davis Tour just opposite Sakol Hotel.
Sakol Hotel are rate at 630Baht per night, rooms are a bit small but just renovated.
Just drop by any of those two travel agencies and ask for the hotel price list. Don't bother asking them to recommend any hotel for you, they just told you every one of them are good....

For the 500Baht Cat. hotels, recommanded you stay at Daichi

Thanks for the info. I think I'll start off witht eh cheaper ones, and if I find it not to my liking, then move up the price ladder.
Will file a report after my trip.
I'm also stopping by Danuk on the way - any suggestions for hotel, chicks etc?

08-12-03, 15:55

I am not familiar with Danuk but the town is buzzing with activities from the way I seen it on the way down to KL. Why don't you just drop in there on your way and if you don't like it, you can just take a taxi or van up to Hatyai. Maybe set you back most by RM20.00.


Peak season in Thailand is from Oct to April but for Hatyai, prices will be up at most are on festive days. eg. Thailand National holidays, X' mas, New year, Hari Raya, CNY and so on. Other than that the price are the same most of the time

08-13-03, 02:38
Thanks Mega. I'll do that and will report upon return.

08-23-03, 05:46
Hi guys,

I am going to Hat yai next month!

Anyone can please let me know which girls should I pick up in there.

I prefer those can provide anal sex

Thank you guys

08-29-03, 08:58
I am a regular to Bangkok, but will have the chance to travel from Malaysia to Hatyai in Oct/Nov for a couple of weekends.

As a complete newbie here could I ask what hotels would be recommended. I am happy paying 1000-2000 baht, but require it to be girl friendly and near to the action.

What are the main areas for action here? Is there any freelancer action? How does the standard LT/ST fees compare to BKK? Are there any pick up discos like CM2 here?

I will look through the resr of the forum, but up todate info would be much appreciated.



08-29-03, 14:56

"but up todate info would be much appreciated"

Basicly even ten year old info on HadYai is up to date.
You probably won't find a girl-un-friendly hotel if you checked them all! In the price-range you're aiming at, go to a travel-agent and pick up a voucher.
Best look for good info on HY in the archives. That's the very old archives:
The area near that 7eleven has it all: Karaoke, Barber, Massage, streetwalkers, cheap and pricey hotels, Chinese, Indian, Birmese and Thai girls.

Try to avoid Chinese-Malaysian and Thai holidays.

Remember, in HY anything goes, from B150ST to NoLimitLT!

09-04-03, 12:49

Many thanks for the advice, if my trip goes ahead I will spend a weekend or two in Hat Yai, it will make an intesting change from BKK.

09-15-03, 01:09
I'm actually going to be in Hat Yai soon guys,can anyone tell me how the city functions? Is it a city that closes it doors early or is it a party town. Staying with a good friend there who just moved from Pattaya.Again any info would be apperciated thanx!

09-25-03, 10:31
@meat man

Just go by taxi to the pub which is called "THE PUB". It is in the city center and starting from there you will find everything easily.

The pub itself is great, nice atmosphere daily 2 live bands etc. and open up to 2 - 2:30 a.m.

10-03-03, 03:55
I live and work in Hatyai and have been here for almost two years. I actually live downtown and so am available to answer questions about what this place is really like and where the best places are and how much things really cost. I have used this forum extensively for years but I find a lot of what I read about Hatyai written here to be from people who have been here for one or two days. This is a very cool place and for me the best place in Thailand to enjoy the pleasures of the fairer sex. I am from San Francisco so I come at this from a farang perspective and also now that I have been here for so long I now am able to pay the Asian price rather than the Western price for most things. E-mail me if you need advice or have questions. kataman999@hotmail.com

10-22-03, 09:54
How long is the drive from Alor Star to Haadjai? I'm planning to fly there from KL. And how much should I pay for picking up a chick at the Hollywood Disco?


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Penang Boy #2
11-04-03, 10:32
To sainter,

From Alor Star 2 Hatyai about take times about around 1 hour by taxi, if by van about 1 1/2 hour. Depand the peak hour or not. You take the Air Asia is the cheapest air trip 2 hatyai. Around 1000-2000 baht. If you want the good chick I prefer you go 2 SC. Have a look (3500 baht) , you can take "toto" 2 there.

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11-10-03, 01:18
How much is a reasonable price to pay for a FL from the Hollywood night club? Also, where are the gogo brs in Hatjai?

11-17-03, 21:46

I found this in the archives:

"By Freeler on Tuesday, March 12, 2002 - 03:01 am:


Simply search for "Hat Yai See Kim Yong" in Google.
Plenty good results there!"

I don't think there are any gogo bars, but it is the HY FuckCentral.

11-20-03, 01:15
Well I know I'll be there for a week. I may just stick out like a sore thumb.......Kinda works towards my advantage!..:D

11-24-03, 15:57
hi all kakis hatyai..long time no see..i stay in KL now..so who interest to organise a tour to hatyai?4-5 person is enough!

12-08-03, 11:57
Members of WSG,

Was in Hatyai last week. If you are game to pick girls from a joint
called SURIYA Karaoke 1, 22 Jannives Soi 3, please do not bother to look at their girls. Reason is:

1. The OKT is very rude

2. Most of their girls perform like a "dead wood"

3. Watch out if they take time off. They may be meeting up with boyfriends/going to disco etc... and we are paying her for the duration.

My advise is go serach elsewhere, there's many more such joint. Note, they have another outlet called SURIYA 2, just across the road.

Si Ma Yi
12-12-03, 05:34

I too went in Suriya last year. Being a newbie and alone there, I ventured Suriya after recommendation from tuk-tuk driver.

Really regret. The stock was limited as my visit coincided with a Singapore's public hoilday. After viewing, I shook my head and left but was blocked by 3/4 men.
Forced to pick the best among the worst! Attitude and service left alot to be desired.

However I would recommend Pizza Karaoke located in Channivet 2, only for those who emphasized on Gfe. Looks is just 6/10.

Some of them are really old. And the captain also doesn't force customers to pick.

Pizza Karaoke 2 is located just at the next street.

For looks and quantity, go to Wonderful. The have about 50-60 girls. If you leave without picking, the mamasan would block your way cause she insists "if you genuinely want to pick a girl, the is no way you can't pick one among so many!" And she is right! Your teerak* is there is you go early.

However, just my 2-satang worth of opinion.


12-14-03, 04:23
Hi folks!

I'm going to Hat Yai in early March. Can anyone tell me:

1. Is that a high or low season? Is it a festival time?
2. I tend to be more of a 'back street boy' and don't go so much for the flashy, overpriced joints such as the 'Pink Lady'. Are there plenty of small back street places with the same kinds of services, and are they easy to find?
3. How much is the train fare from Kualur Lumpur, and how long does it take?
3. Is it a cheaper and equally as pleasurable deal going to Batam?

Would appreciate any information/ advice.


Si Ma Yi
12-15-03, 02:11

I'd make a try on your questions

1. I don't know, but you need to be very sure its not festive season. The selection tends to be very limited if you're late.

2. Just read my earlier post. I had some wonderful times with a girl from Pizza Karaoke. But a reminder, these girls not only sells sex, they sell the illusion of romance. So please be careful! If you have time, read the posts on Thai girls on a different section.

3. Why do you consider a train ride? Most of my mates take a bus from the opposite of Pudu terminal ( RM40) on Thursday night, arrived early morning in Hatyai, spend 2 nights there and take another bus home on Sunday afternoon.
Or if you feel the journey back is too long and tiresome, just book a flight from Air Asia.

4. In a word, NO. The discos in Batam isn't comparable to Hatyai's.
I just don't know how to describe it. It just an inferior place to Hatyai. My mates had visited Batam, found the place and girls disappointing and rented a van to go to Hatyai. Wasted another 2 hours plus if I am not mistaken.

My advice, don't go there!



12-19-03, 07:55
Many thanks for the advice Emmanuelle.

What's the scene for girls in KL like? I guess it must be much better in Hat Yai.


Si Ma Yi
12-20-03, 03:06

I am no expert in chasing after KL girls, just satisfying my urges with the occasional visit to HC.

However I am a bit familiar with TG as my former teerak* was Thai. She has since left me for a fellow Malaysian. You asked me for scenes of Hatyai girls. Great!, provided you go with a sole aim of blowing your loads. For Gfe, pick average-looking girls that smiles to you on the line-up. Better looking ones tend to have an attitude. Of cause if you don't mind poking a good looking dead wood............;-)

Remember, if you act like customer, you'd be treated as one. Treat them nice, learn a bit of Thai words to charm them, make jokes, ask for opinions. If you speak Hokkien , even better cause most Hatyai girls speak Hokkien.

Treat them right and you'd be handsomely rewarded. Perhaps you'd get a bj to wake you up in the morning ;-)

Hatyai girls as with other TGs not only sell sex, they sell the illusion of romance.

To gain a better insight into TG's mindset, just go to the "Thai Girls-Opinions and Advices" section and look for 1ball 's recent posts. And many Samus Aran's opinions on his own section.

Some of it is so cynical it borders on hilarious side!!

No matter what they tell you, just take it with a pinch of salt. With that you'd be fine!!
Thailand as they advertised it is TRULY AMAZING.



12-25-03, 12:01
Thanks again, Emmanuelle.

I will take note. I'll let you know what happens.

12-25-03, 15:53
Jason 444

Let me know about your plans for Hatyai.

I would like to join.

Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

12-26-03, 03:24
Hi all,

Was in Danuk back in Nov - took the bus from KL to Alor Setar because I got to the bus terminal late and the direct bus to Hat Yai had already left. It was a hell of a day, lots of people taking bus to go back home for the Ramadan holiday, and unbeknownst to me, the bus to Alor Setar leaves from Hentian Duta.

Long story short, pulled into Alor Setar, jumped in a taxi and said, take me to Danuk. Arrived in Danuk in the late afternoon, shopped around the various shops for my girlfriend for the night. Went in several shops and finally decided to take Lek from Armani. She's average looking, but very friendly. She claimed she has a Malaysian boyfriend in prison in Malaysia for smuggling drugs ( I think it's ecstacy or something, she called it Ubat).

Had a good experience with her overall...I like to talk to the girls, and she can speak a little bit of Malay. I don't speak Hokkien, so we had to get by with limited Malay that both of us spoke.

I'm really not very good in describing the girl or the acts themselves. Besides, it's been over a month and about 12 other girls later, so I really don;t remember all that much about her. And I didn't take a pic of her either.

Anyway, we kind of chatted a bit, I found out a bit about her (from BKK, has a son. Was married at about 16 for a year, then left her no-good Thai boyfirend). The only thing I didn;t like about her was that she asked me for money for "ubat" at the beginning. I refused, and it took a few minutes to convince her that there's no way I was gonna pay for her drug habit. I know I know, if I had bought her drugs, I probably would have received much much better sex. But I guess I just can't accept the fact that I'm encouraging someone else to take drugs. As you might have guessed, I'm a "Just Say No" kinda guy.

Anyway, we went out for dinner and bought her somefruit. She was very friendly and GFE, when she realized she wasn't getting her drugs money from me, she accepted that.

Paid 1500 Baht for her.

One thing I find funny about girls in Danuk and Hat Yai, they literally move in to your hotel room when you take them....shower gel, shampoo, pajamas, the whole works.....I have nver seen it anywhere else.

Anyway, you can read the rest of my reports in the following sections:

Malaysia - KL
China - Shenzhen
Philippine - Cebu
Thailand - BKK, Pattaya