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01-01-04, 02:00
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01-06-04, 17:33
Well it's 2004 and I'm thinking of going over there before Chinese New Year. Any cool place kfc farm recommendation from all the Kaki here? My budget not more then baht 1500 and hoping for gf type.

It seems a trend that everyone going to Hat Yai at Thursday night and reach there Friday morning and come back on Sunday afternoon.


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01-08-04, 05:01

There are too many KFC farms over there for recommendation and remember that one's person food maybe other peoples' poison.

Just read up this threat and you finds lots of cool place mentioned here.

As for the trend you mention, most bros don't have to work on Sat and Sun so they just take one day leave for friday. Finished their work on Thurdays and take a 10pm to 1am coach up from KL and enjoy a 3D/2N trip and start work on Monday with a big smile on their faces :D

01-20-04, 16:41

Just came back from Thailand, well I suppose to go to Hat Yai but it's end up to Dannok due my friends problem. Well went to a small KFC shop got about 8 girls pick one and the next day book her again. It's seem that we have a chemistry between us (can this be true?). It's head over heel. Thinking of going there next month and look up for her. Is this a wise thing to do?


01-23-04, 05:41

You should be very careful about getting into a relationship with thai working girl. They may be sincere but remember they are very good actresses.

01-23-04, 08:44

You should post this question in the Samus Aran section of WSG Forum for advice older, more experienced punters.


01-23-04, 19:04
Tattoosh & Duckman

Thank you for your advice. I already post it in Samus Aran section.


01-24-04, 15:06

You just reached the border area and you got lovejuice in your head??? That mean if you go farther into Thailand, you are deadmeat by now.

Never look for love in KFC farm brother. Go to Thailand for FUN.

01-28-04, 19:13
Day 17, HadYai

In HadYai I checked in at a guesthouse, just outside the RWS, amidst diamond and gold shops. Just the place for me! I don't think the place changed at all since I first came there, 10 years ago. Even the towels are probably the same - now they have holes.
Around 12 noon I started a BIG walkabout. First to the ' commercial' district, we all know what that means, to check out the businesses and there offerings. Most businesses offer two legged rentals for B2000 ' from the moment you pay till morning next day'.
All businesses dropped their prices to B1500 within minutes.
There were few people around. The Singaporeans and Malaysians are saving up their money for next week: Chinese NewYear.
The walkabout went on to the other side of the RWS, there used to be a whole bunch of cheapo bonkplaces there, but now absolutely no sign of any of them. And I did walk up ALL the Sois, 2 to 16, the even numbers.
Back on 'my' side of the RWS I went looking in an area that also had some karaokes/ barbers and massageparlours. All were gone.
It was getting close to 6pm, time to make up my mind and chose.
I asked a motortaxi to show me the 'Thai' brothels, and we went on our way, ending up in the area between the 'business' district and the busstation. The second one was Jackpot. I saw this gorgeous girl and the price was settled at B1500 all night. It was a very big mistake which resulted in money back.
I decided to go back to the business district instead and find an allnighter there, which I did. Name Nok, 20 yo from BKK, same price (I did have something big to celebrate...) and we got going in the old guesthouse.
First round: OK big time. Good skill, good performance, a blasting result.
Second round, four hours later, none of that, except for the blasting result. Quite important, but there are ways to ends and this way wasn't pretty.
Round three took place because I woke up when Nok was trying for an early out.
NO fuckin' way!
She had to work with me for another three quarters of an hour before she was allowed to leave.
Two memorable things here: Here screaming and the, yes again, blasting result.
Perhaps per shot worth the B1500 (B500 each), not bad in some places, but on the tour only two competitors gave me worse service (#1 in Pilok and O in SiSaket).
Needless to say the big spending is for those who don't believe B200 encounters even exist.

Dear Singaporeans and Malaysians,
HadYai is NOT worth the trip or the money. You can still find places in Songkhla and NakhonSiTammarat that are way cheaper and better than the KFC's in HadYai.

01-29-04, 01:42
freeler, you're absolutely right about hatyai. it always peeved me off when i saw malaysian and singporean guys raising prices like crazy. i once went to nightclub called sugar beat. none of the girls there would go with you for anything less than b2000. ridiculous. and, nearly all the girls i've had in hatyai lt, would try and leave at 3- 4 in the morning.

also, it's a little dangerous there atm. terrorists are still mounting an active campaign there(although pattani is worse). a couple of years back i was in hatyai when a car bomb went off about 500m away. pretty scary stuff, eventhough no one was hurt.

02-01-04, 12:29
I live and work in Hat Yai and I mean no disrespect to Brother Freeler but you are way off base about your trip to HY report below. First no working girl wants to go back to a flithy guest house close to the RWS, especially the Cathay which is probably where you stayed. Of course she was screaming and wanted to leave there were bugs crawling all over her. If you had just walked out at noon and turned right as you left the guest house and walked four blocks you would have found two side streets with karokes and about 200 girls to choose from, yes at noon, and the price would have been 1,200, with the money saved you could have upgraded to say the Rado for 330 baht instead of the 200 baht you spent at the Cathay. If you had wanted the brothels you could have just walked another five minutes and found two right next to each other and at 500 baht. Lastly, you could have just literally walked straight up the street from the guest house at around 10 PM and all the karoke girls with no customers hit the five pubs of *****s and you could have had your choice of another 200 or so for around 1,000 baht. This is a great town so next you come PM me and I will show you around. There is no excuse for a bad time in this town. Remember you make the choice and it is up to you to choose wisely.

Again, no disrespect intended but next time talk to me first.

02-02-04, 04:55
The other option you had during your walk about were the SW, yes they are even here in HY. In fact most of them come out just after noon. There is even a large force from Beijing that working now and on that noon walkabout you could have taken two Chinese ladies from Beijing for 300 baht each (600 total). Most of the Thai SW will ask 300-500 so maybe you just had a bad day or were tired from all the walking. There are way more options here than most places and while some tourists pay the asking price just walk away and they always come after you for your price.

02-02-04, 05:52

You really don't know what you are talking about.

First: I am NOT your brother!
Second: I did not stay where you guessed I stayed, the place was spotless, 'the old guesthouse' is merely an expression!
Third: I did not have a 'bad' time...
Fourth: Your first post was on 10-03-03 and you NEVER filed a decent report.

Nuff said.

02-02-04, 06:34

If you're really such an expert, you'd provide more than just 4 posts. Share all you know or, it'll be bleeding obvious that you're just full of shit. And what's with this "next time talk to me first"?

02-02-04, 10:01

Good gosh, up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I think the "Brother" thing is more a reference to "brother monger" or "brother punter", not literally related.

And poor ol' Kataman did say he meant no disrespect. He just made some unwarranted assumptions on the part of your post. But you are right, it sure would have been nice if he'd posted his guide ~before~ you went, not after.

Those of us stuck back in the work-a-day world, bundled up against the northwinds and constant repetition of work do enjoy your reports (and those of others). They keep us going, as we wait for our turn to chase the rainbow.

Anyway, cool that you went hunting, that's how you find those hidden wonders.


02-02-04, 17:34

I just get a little pissed off when people start calling 'brother', or worse, 'man'.
''Hey man, can I help you?" means I'm moving on!


Your 02-02-04 02:55 post came in after my first reply.

On your streetwalkers: I did look for them, but just to find them. Most streetwalkers do not make good LT companions.
The same goes for freelancer/ opportunists. I ran into a couple on previous trips; not this time.

If I wanted Chinese girls, wouldn't I go to fuckin' China?

The reason why the girl backed out is perhaps a little tough on some of you guys who visit HadYai on a regular basis. She was scared of my dick - that's size-wise!
Damn, when searchin for a girl, two more in the karaoke I checked didn't want to cum with me: Too big. How they knew? I let them have a feel, ok?
Now I don't think I'm that 'big' at all, so some of you guys must be real small:(, major bummer!

02-02-04, 22:50
Freeler - It's not the size of the dong in the fight - it's the size of the fight in the dong... ;-) sorry, couldn't resist

02-03-04, 12:48
Again, sorry guys, no disrespect intended for anyone. I have an apartment here in HY and a house in Kata on Phuket and travel back and forth so I know a little about this and have been here for a while. Back in October my post in this HY section even listed my personal e-mail address so I could help out guys (sorry will not use the "brothers" reference again although most do on this board and ********), now that was trying to show respect to you guys. The only reason I mentioned the Chinese ladies is that it was a bargin and some guys are concerned about getting bargins or paying less. The freelancers I mentioned that hit the pubs are just the karoke girls who either were not picked or did want to go with customers that day and were looking for customers for the evening and they would have given you the discounted price minus the house fee and the tips to mamasan.

I say this again for those of you who do not bother to read back many pages or months if I can offer you advice I am more than happy to. This is a great and cool forum and I owe back a lot and always try to help with guys who PM me or e-mail me.

I love this area of the country, from Phuket south to the border and I want everyone who comes here to have a great time so whatever I can do to help let me know.

02-03-04, 23:22
Hi all,

What's all this hostility towards fellow mongers?

Anyway, I skipped HY my last trip because I had stopped by Danuk on my way up from Malaysia. The girl I had in Danuk asked for money so she could buy drugs - I convinced her "Drugs - BAD" Ha Ha Ha. Actually, I convinced her I would not give her a dime (in this case, a baht) for drugs, and in the end she was ok with it. And got to talking, and according to her, most girls in Danuk and Hat Yai are into taking "Ubat" (Drugs/medicine), and I think it's esctacy she's talking about. And apparently, many of the Malaysian and Singaporean mongers are into that as well.

Does anyone have enough experience to know if most of the girls are into talking pills in Hat Yai? My moral values (yes, even a monger has morals) kind of tell me I shouldn't pay for someone else's drugs......Eventhough I'd bet sex is way better when the girl has taken some.


The Traveler
02-04-04, 00:11

Don't take it too serious. Even fellow mongers might sometimes have a bad day.

Any advice appreciated and any info that helps to find most value for money.

Just go on and have fun

Dr Devil
02-04-04, 09:12
Hi diver69,

In recent years, especially in the middle of last year, Hatyai has sweeped pretty clean from drugs. Hollywood Disco & JB Disco was shut down for 2 weeks bcos of this.

Law enforcer are acting tough on those caught with pills, don't think as a tourist, you will be safe if the gal next to you caught for that.

However, Danuk is a little more relaxed on this and lots of die hard fans will travel all the way from Hatyai to Danuk for a nite of shake.

Beware of the quality of you could get there, unless you have your own supplies.

02-04-04, 12:16

I know lots and lots of ladies in Hat Yai and I have never once seen or been around one who took drugs other than drinking and smoking. Hell, there is not even much ganja around. Remember since last February the crackdown on that sort of thing has changed the way everyone here does business. Even the cheapest of the SW I have never seen doing anything more than smoking. Just my observation and I have been around here and Phuket for over two years.

Dr Devil
02-05-04, 19:08
Hi Feeler,

Having been to Hatyai countless of times since last 10 years. I must say the asking price for 1,500b for an overnite with a gorgeous lady is pretty reasonable, at least to me. Though there are chances that you could probably got one at 1,000b but that very much depends on your luck and network there.

But I must say 1,500 is way much cheaper if you compare the price of overnite a lady in Malaysia easily costing RM300 (3,000b) and Singapore that easily cost you SGD300 (6,900b). of course, there are chances that you could some at slightly lower price but generally this is the average asking price for a thai lady. So, I guess you can't really blame them finding it a bargain for paying 1,500 for a full day companion.

Of course, there are smaller towns that offer cheaper price but other factors like quality of the lady, convenience of traveling and popularity of the place have to be taken into consideration too.

02-06-04, 20:18
Dr Devil,

I wanted to be in bed early, like 6 or 7 pm, and celebrate all fuckin' night. Hence no bargaining or waiting for cheaper leftovers.

Next time when I've got something BIG to celebrate I will take a room in a ho-hotel, on their floor, and call one (or more) over when ever the need grows to big, lah!

Rubber Chicken
02-07-04, 02:17
I got a question for Hatyai regulars. I been to a few massage places with fishbowls in Hatyai a few years back (one on one of the main street - they had private rooms, another in one of the finer hotels where a clients would share). But in the few times that I been there, I have never been offered any extras (i.e. HJ). Anyone mind sharing how these places work?


02-07-04, 06:37

Booking here in HY is simple and easy and you do not need too much of a network although it pays to branch out from the usual places. Most people come to "See Kim Young" area where there are 30+ or so places in a few blocks of each other. There are many other areas though. If you walk a few blocks from that area to the East and South there are two other areas that packed with just as many spots and the price drops from 1,500 to 1,200 or even 1,000. There is also a entire area of the city that most people never talk about and that is Hat Yai Nai. It is on the other side of the railroad tracks and there are at least 40 places in that area. My favorite place in HY is Wonderful and they have a large selection at 1,500 but they also have a small 2,000 selection that are the brand new girls, they have not had babies and are new to the business. This place is not in either of the areas mentioned above but not far away at all, maybe a five minute walk. All these areas I mention are just some of the places and there are lots of others. Also, if you want beach while you are here Songhla is only 27 KM away with a nice beach on the Gulf. There are lots of places there and a few beer bars as well. I always tell people who come to HY to go straight to Lovely Tours for a hotel voucher and then explore the less traveled areas. Hotel vouchers here are 330 baht for a place like the Rado with 20 or more at 400-600, in fact most of the places like Daichi and HY Garden both in the center of "See Kim Young" are 500 or so and then for the more upscale you can spend 1,000 for Lee Gardens. Hotels are not a problem at all here. It also pays to get hand phone numbers from the ladies even if you do not book them if you find ones you like then you can make a deal with them and cut out the house comission. That way you and the lady get a good deal. Most leave the "office" late afternoon if they are not booked and either take the night off or else go down to one of the five pubs downtown to find a customer for the evening.

02-08-04, 09:38

One blurry map of HadYai, but I guess that this is the area you need....
PS you have PM

Dr Devil
02-08-04, 19:07
Hi All,

Hope this map and dummy guide is a clearer one. With courteous from http://forum.********.com.

Dear Kataman,

If one is looking for a chick from farms, I guess anyone could get it without a fuss, even any tuk tuk driver could lead you the way, but if one is expecting quality freelancer at reasonable price, this is where network counts.

Right, if one is familiar the places around or like to explore out of the common, it is always good to head to non-tourist areas. Food is better and cheaper.

Dr Devil
02-08-04, 19:10
Dear Rubber Chicken,

Most of the massage parlour do not include HJ as part of their service, unless you are heading to places like Pink Lady or Chao Praya II for their soap massage with bonking session inclusive.

Hope this guide here provide the info that you need http://forum.********.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=308712#post308712

02-09-04, 16:19
Dr. Devil,

"any tuk tuk driver could lead you the way"

Before I had no trouble when tuk tuk drivers showed me the way.
But they may have a second agenda, not just please me but get a decent kickback as well. This may get me to the wrong place ie wrong girls.
The girl that I was lead to believe was 'number one' simply wasn't up to the task - great rack, NO service.
Eventho I got the money back(!), it was a waste of some two hours that could have been soooo beautiful...

Therefor I will try to find a good map of HY, so the people with the knowledge can pin-point the places of interest.
The blurry map was just an example of what I found so far. The dummy guide you posted is three years, or more, old, and needs updating.
And it does not show the 'darker' points of entry:(

02-11-04, 17:58
A map of Hatyai. (Original size 543Kb, after resize 100Kb)
The hardcopy version of this map is available for free at major hotels and travel agency in Hatyai.

Dr Devil
02-12-04, 20:25

Well, you got to make your choice on any chicks that anyone recommended you, it could be a luck or human factor if you are going to have a great bonk. Always remember, you are not obligated to take the chick if you don't feel like taking.

Unless you are familiar with Hatyai, having a tuk tuk leading your way is better than searching around with a map without a clue. Another way is to go with another season player in Hdy. You could try to post at ******** to see if there is anyone going around the same schedule as yours.

Our group will be heading to Hdy on first week of March, will be a group of about 10 guys from Singapore. Lead by me and couple of others who treat hdy as their second home. If you do happen to plan your trip, you are always welcome to join us. You will get to explore some unexplored areas and food.

The dummy guide was never meant to be a complete guide, there are just too many happening, could publish a book with that. By the way, the guide was posted in 2003, not 3 years back and of course, the info is meant for those first timer. At least, they have some basic info to last them 3 days in Hdy without too much wondering.

02-14-04, 16:43
Dr Devil,

I thought the HY guide said 2001, but apparently my eyesight was blurred from fucking too much, lah!
It is a damned good read anyway, whether you plan to go to HY or not - I had plenty good laughs.
But sometimes it looks a little like the writers aren't too sure about the average Singaporean's brainpower...:D

Like I said, I had to choose early. Had I not gone with the TT man and stuck to the plan I had - go to the business area with that name that means nothing to me - I would have picked up that same girl and fucked her four times. Not the mere three times I did.
Fucking four times beats fucking three times!
OTOH I might not have fucked the Krabi lady the day after a four bonk night, meaning still just four rounds of pussy pounding...

Who ever says life is easy, try live mine:)!

BTW I do have a picture of the big rack girl that wasn't up to it, but I didn't have sex with her, so the guidelines bar me from posting it... Good for her!

02-15-04, 01:34
I guess I missed out on HY. I was so put off when the girl in Danuk told me all the gorls take pills, especialy ones in HY, I just skipped HY and went direclt yo Phuket.

I didn't find Phuket very appealing though, too expensive.

I like Pattaya best, I think.....Cheap, easy to find chicks

02-16-04, 17:22
Location: About three minutes walk from Emperor hotel. (Tanrattanakorn road)
Setup: Lounge with a fishbowl.
Girls: Two categories.
500baht/shot/hour - mature ladies.
600baht/shot/hour - not so mature ladies.
Rooms: Air-con, tiled floor, bath tub with hot/cold water and queen size bed.
Story: Walked into this joint around 3pm on a Saturday. About 25 girls were available. Picked one and paid the lady boss 600B upfront. In the room, the girl spread a bed sheet over the matress. She bathed me. Main course, bbbj followed by rodeo, missionary and doggie. Done. Wash up. Invited her to come over after working hours and negotiated about payment. Got an agreement and we parted ways.
Note: Two other joints nearby with similar setup. One is next to Chintana and the other named Atami is situated across the road.
Caution: For those familiar with upscale places like Pink Lady, then the facilities and decor in Chintana will be pale in comparison.

02-17-04, 13:15
I am still working on a clear map and will post as soon as possible for now I will outline the various karoke areas.

1. See Kim Young, actually it is Cheekimyong Road on the map. It is bordered by Hat Yai Merlin Hotel and the Daichi Hotel. There are about 25 or so open from mid morning until all the girls are booked. Most of the places are on the side streets and there are three of those. Normal price except holidays is 1,500 from whatever time you book until next morning.

2. Look on your local map and find the SK Stardust Hotel. It is about a 5-10 minute walk from see kim young. There are another 20 or so places here and these are more for the locals and the ages are younger and the prices 1,200.

3. Find the "Old" Lee Garden hotel and walk towards the railroad tracks, it is about 1/2 block, there are two side streets and there are about 12 places there and again the prices are 1,000-1,200.

4. If you cross the railroad tracks the first main street is Raj Uthit Road. The entire length of that road has about 20 more places between the two bridges. Again, mostly for locals and same prices as number 3.

5. Find Hansa Plaza on your map, there are about 10 places around this area and they cater to the tourists who go to the big show at Hansa. Prices reflect the tourist trade and are 1,500-2,000.

6. My favorite for the new and fresh girls is Wonderful and it is directly across the road from New Chaophya Bath and Massage. There is no English on the two doors only a small lettering that say Wonderful. Go here early they are booked by 6 PM and have about 40 to choose from at 1,500 and 2,000 for the brand new young girls.

7. On your local map find the Odean Department Store, in the basement of that store is a Pub and and across the street from that Pub is another and opposite is Post Laser Pub and then one block from there walking away from the railraoid tracks is West Side Pub and across from there is the Zulu Pub. All five places will have karoke girls who were not booked working after 10 and you can take for 1,000 for the night but do not bother going until 10 or 11 PM.

8. There are lots of coffee shop type places all around the downtown areas. They will look like big restaurants but open at 8 PM and serve drinks. Here you go in and sit and the ladies will come to you in large groups. These places cater to tour groups and the big hotels that are all around so expect the prices to reflect that 2,000-3,000. There are also a few Karokes in this area that cater to Chinese from Singapore and they fly the girls in from Beijing and Dalian to sing early and then for booking later in the evening but these girls are 3,000.

There are plenty of other places and lots of streetwalkers all over downtown and do not forget the overpriced but still working Heritage, room # 511 after 3 pm but sticker shock will kill you 5,000 baht.

Do some legwork and find a few places you like. Be nice to the mamasans and they will keep you informed of the new arrivals. When walking around just keep your eyes open and smile and stop and talk to the ones sitting outside. Book early the best ones are gone by early afternoon even when it is not a holiday.

When I can find a clear map I will draw these areas out but they are all easy to walk to and all fairly close to each other.

Dr Devil
03-01-04, 21:04
Will be heading noth to Hdy in few days time, will try to shoot some real nice picture to share with bros here. Stay tune.

Member #1701
03-04-04, 18:09

I'm planning on going over to Bkt Kayu Hitam on a day trip or perhaps spend a night there, just to try the place out.

Any one of you have any suggestions on what I should do or where I should go to get some fresh meat on a day trip?

Plan to reach the Malaysian side by noon and back before the sun sets ... heheheheh

Any help is totally appreciated. Thanx

Dr Devil
03-16-04, 22:39
Bro Kataman,

Not sure if I missed it but TongSao seems to be missing from your list, easily have about 10 joints there. Quite a few lookers there.

My fav area is still at SK Hotel area, have 3 joints with better looking and younger quality gals.

Will be returning to Hdy tomorrow after away for 2 weeks, opps sounds like returning to my hometown.

Will you be in Hdy the next few days? If yes, will give you a ring to come out for a drink. I PM you my thai no. liao.

Dr Devil
03-16-04, 22:42

Posted all the photos and FRs of my last trip to my club liao, if interested, please pm me for the URL to join to view as not sure if this is violating the rules here or not.

03-17-04, 16:13
Dear bros,

I am going to HY 30th tuesday end of this month, from KL around mid noon by driving. Any one interest going pls PM me.

I think I would arrive HY in time 6pm n plan to stay in Pink hotel.

Been one n a half year not visit to HY but well keep up the forum here. I plan to get in the the turkish massage and after get up to sky rounge to book a model to accompany overnite.

Or dear brothers here got any other good suggestions pls tell me. I am great who can response to me.

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03-24-04, 11:51
Please update current situation at Hatyai with all these bombing in Southern Thai.

Planning to be there on 2nd April. How is the availability of girls now?.

I was in Sg.Golok last month and the place was almost dead with military on the back of pickup truck carrying M16. Most girls left to their home due to lack of business. Even the most popular seafood restaurant "Cathay" was closed during my last visit.

Asian Lover Oz
03-27-04, 03:38
Currently in Hat Yai, first time here so I cannot compare to previous times but it seems like business as usual.

People are going about day to day activities and heaps of people staying in the hotel. No sign of military or excessive police presence.

Also went 'shopping' yesterday for some company and found it hard to locate any model class, as by 4pm it seems they are already booked out.

Will start my search again early this morning.

03-31-04, 18:05

In the news today:

-HadYai is booked out for Songkran - don't bother coming if you don't have a reservation or a 'secret' place to stay.
-Tourism in the Southern privinces (Naratiwat, Pattani and Yala) is non existant after last weekend's bombing. No visitors are expected to celebrate Songkran in the deep south.

Asian Lover Oz
04-02-04, 11:42
Following the advice of Kataman, I managed to find the "wonderful' Karoke place.

I went there around 11am and was able to choose from around 15 girls ranging in price from B1200 - B1500, for almost a complete 24 hour period.

Choose one of the younger ones but she was a total dud and sent her back after 1 round.

Didn't bother to complain to mama.

RCA Knight
04-06-04, 11:07
If you are only going for lady shopping, I do not reccommend Hat Yai. This place are full of Malaysian,Singaporean, Chinese hunters. These guys are so hungry. Pretty ladies will go very fast. And on holidays, they will be booked out for many days. Hat Yai is a sellers market. Too many buyers. If anyone looking for a new relaxed place for lady shopping, I strongly reccommend Khon Kaen, Udon, Ubon, ect.

These places do not get tons of hunters. Always plenty of ladies to choose from. And price is very economical. i will get out of Bangkok for Songkran. Will fly Orient Thai to Chiang Rai to spend Songkran. Air Asia has very cheap rates too if reserve early. I will post later my trip for Songkran lady shopping. in Chiang Rai.

04-08-04, 12:42
Sorry for the poor showing of one of Jo's girls (Wonderful/OK Karoke) but there is most definately a money back or new lady for those not happy. I stop by often at this place and they run two to three shifts a day. Early afternoon has the largest selection but beware because many of the girls are young and not as seasoned as some of the others. Jo is mamasan and her English is just fine and she guarantees all the girls so if not happy send her back and request someone new or your money back.

Also, the place shoud be easy to find for anybody in HY. Just follow the main road that goes straight up and through town from the train station. You will pass Odean Shopping Center, five different pubs and a bunch of schools, once you cross over the Klong (Canal) it is just ahead on your left. Almost directly across the street is ChaoPhya Bath and Massage. Even walking it should only take 10-15 minutes from the train station or downtown.

04-09-04, 11:03
Hi fellow friends,

I've been a strong follower of this site. I'm a Malaysian residing in KL. Been around the KL SPA. Thanks for the great info on this site.

I’ll be going to Hatyai around end-April with a group of 4 person to have a great time.

I haven’t been to hatyai the past 3 years and would like to seek fellow friends on some update news or ways to move around Hatyai with the following questions :


1). Is See Kim Yong Soi 3 (SKY) still the best place to shop for ladies ?

2). Where to get fresh new ladies, is it at SKY or Wonderful Bar (Karaoke) ?

3). What’s the latest price like for a lady to accompany us (24hrs) for experience and good looking & also the price for fresh new lady ?

4). Is Regency Hotel & Lee Plaza Hotel (with the shopping complex next to it) a better place to stay ?

5). I plan to buy the hotel voucher when I reach Hatyai for the above mentioned hotel. Any idea which tour agent to buy from and what’s the voucher price going for ?

6). Is it okay to book the hotel room via internet and during check-in, hand them the hotel voucher that was purchased from the tour agency ?

7). Does Hatyai girls we pay for 24 hrs services actually provide BBBJ ? I heard most girls in Hatyai done perform BBBJ.

8). Anybody tried threesome before (two lady to a guy) ? If you take 2 girls, do you get it cheaper price for 24 hrs ? Will it be boring to go for threesome and what do we ask them to do ?

9). If we take tuk-tuk (taxi), how do we tell them to drive us to See Kim Yong Sai 3 (SKY) or Wonderful Bar (Karaoke) without them getting a cut (commission) from the establishment owner ?

10). For the two place (SKY & Wonderful), what’s the best time to be there for selecting your girl ?

11). I’ll be there from 29th April (Thurs) till 2nd May (Sunday). Is it peak period ?

12). Due to the recent bombing in deep south Thailand, is it safe in Hatyai ?

13). I'm flying by Airasia from KLIA to Alor Setar. Does the Alor Setar airport provide a taxi to the Thai Border and at what cost and duration of travelling. At the Thai border, how long will immigration take to check our particulars and what's the travelling disctance from the immigration to Hatyai ? Does the taxi from Alor Setar airport take us all the way to Hatyai ? What about coming back from Hatyai, where do you take a taxi back to Malaysia (Alor Setar Airport) ?

I'll come back with full reports and it'll also be my first taste of threesome experince. Ha Ha Ha


04-10-04, 06:54
Trip to Hat Yai on 6 April

Driving 6 hours from KL to border, parked my car on the left size area of the custom point cost 5 per night. The car park boss called a air-con van from Pan tour office to get me in to HY cost 35.

The driver uncle can speak fluently malay and he stoped for me to make money change on the mid-way to HY. Arrived the Pan tour office in the town just did not know where it was. Get the hotel voucher for Pink hotel cost 620 bath from the Pan tour office and a guy called Deng drived me to Pink hotel by his car. He had asked me to see Puying around the farm but I just tired and wanted to be free bird to night.

Check in the hotel and it was very queit around. Take a good shower and progressed to the Turkish bar area and got a Ah Chan for 2 hour accent massage on 9th floor. She was good in massage and only around 28 in age. Quite a good feel, she just like me and asking me to book her overnite but I just wanted to be free bird that night. After the massage, she did the brother and balls massage to make it get ready for to night. This session cost 450 bath and tip her har shit rian.

Quickly have my dinner outside the Pink hotel and it is a lady selling good taste ge chap noddle around the road corner.

To be continued. Part 2

04-10-04, 10:15
After the dinner, gone up to 12th floor of Pink hotel to make searching - Sky lounge, the reception outside the lounge just told me that it will open 9pm thai.

Gone back to room and watching some TV programs, feel still early then again progressed to Turkish bar again. There were 3 pretty supermodel sitting around the lounge area and one of them just smiling back to me. Haha - this fish got hocked, neither do I know she was hocked by me or I was hocked by her. Paid the counter again 1900bath then jumped in the sky lift shooted up to 7 floor. She leading me to the room, turned on the fucking movie TV and the cleaner lady knocked the door to bring her staffs in a basket to the room. She took offf everthing, wolf wolf, really a super one, every part is well fit on her body, she took me off and and we were frenching kissing and hugging. She then gone to the bath tap to fill up the water, and we have little chat.

Soapy water was filling up, she cleaning every part of my body and my dick was hard and roll now, what a heaven! This took around 10 minutes to finish. Coming to this second round, sleeping on a rubber float bed which she has put lot of shampoo on it, rubbed me with her 33c breats on my dick up and down, you will feel great and also her pussy hair was really nice when touching every inch of your skin. This round take about 15 minutes I think. ???????????????

Get dry while she was cleaning the bath and tap, relaxed on the bed and watched the fucking TV movie, she came up to the bed with me and we have some chat which I communicated with little thai language.... this is good word - Chan tong kan Sai Hee Mark Mark. She gave me a fantatics BBBJ and screwed like hell, not only up and down also she screwed turning round and round, what the mother fucking really where she has learned this staff..... or maybe mother fucking natural to her lah.

She took the rubber round ring put on her mouth and worn skillful to my 7 inch dick, rock me on the top and finished my horny.

To be continued. Part 3

04-15-04, 06:32
Hi guys,

Does anyone have any views and advice on songkala, how far is it from Hatyai.

How are the lady joins there and so on. Hope to get some feed back soon I will be leaving there on Saturday 17th April.

RCA Knight
04-28-04, 19:19
A monger friend who bases in Hat Yai just packed his bag and left in a hurry today. Flyed back to Bangkok. He said the city of Hat Yai is pretty tense now. Although all the action happened outside the big city in the countrysides. The people of Hat Yai is worried about an Islamic revenge attack in the city after what had happened today over 110 militiamen were killed. Now lots of police and army personels will move into several major cities such as Hat Yai and Songkla for a while to safe guard these cities. But it is very possible after all these deaths of Islamic militia, some kind of suicidal revenge attack may take place.

For people mongering in Hat Yai, Songkla, Padan Besar, Yala, Pattani, Naratiwat regions, I think its a good idea to get out for a while until things cool down. Also for people making visa run through Padan, maybe better to cross the border earlier in day time.

05-01-04, 13:28
It is Saturday night, May 1st here in Hat Yai and every hotel is sold out with the Labor Day Holiday crowd. I guess they did not get the memo that there was trouble in the area. I have been here for a year now this week and except for a little more visible police force I do not feel too tense. I do know most all the girls in town are working this weekend because of so much traffic in town. Rates have certainly gone up for the weekend both at the hotels and with the ladies. Plus there are Monday, Wednesday and Friday holidays for Thailand as well so I am not sure when everyone will go home. While I am sure some people are nervous it is not evident among the tourists today and tonight. Just my opinion but I have lived here a year and know the area well.

05-09-04, 15:13
I made a booking at the Regency Hotel for later this month. Is this a good hotel also for girls? Any experiences and rates?

- What is the latest on the Hat Yai situation in general? Still plenyt of girls?

- Which is the best place to check out a girl for 24 hours?



05-10-04, 03:27

Regency Hotel is not worth the money you paid for the room. There rooms are worn out. For better hotel room go for Sakura Grand View. Buy vouncher from any travel agencies at a cheaper rate than you checking into the hotel direct in Hatyai. 99% of Hatyai hotels are girl friendly.

Bus load of people from Malaysia and Singapore are still visiting Hatyai.

Girls are everywhere in this city and if you are at lose, ask the room boy to help you and do not pay higher than Baht1,500.00

05-10-04, 21:02

Thanks for your tip. I now tried to book into the Sakura Grand View - but is fully booked. Any other good address - are girls for LT (all night and day) available "in-house" or you have to get them first from the bars?

Do you live in Hat Yai?


05-11-04, 16:37

It is not necessary to book through the net as most hotels are mostly fully booked during peak season (festivals, Thailand / Malaysia Holidays). You can always buy your hotel voucher from travel Agency when you arrived there. Others that you can check are Asian Hotel, LGP Hotel and a few others on the higher note. www.r24.org/thailandtravelsearch.com/nst/hotels

As mentioned in my earlier post, you can ask the room service (boy) to get some for you to choose and the price stated is for LT. That is from the time you book till next morning, which they will usually go off at around 8.00am. I don’t know which hotels have in-house but those Karaoke joins or Massage Center got TG and you can try looking for Freelance from those Pubs in the evening.

No, I am not living in Hat Yai.

05-14-04, 05:10
Wednesday, 5th March ’04 (1 of 4)

As the wind blow quite drastically in the town of KL, I had decided to journey on to the north to have a fresh air. I had no trouble finding a bus ticket as it was the middle of the week at the Pudu Bus station, booked and paid my ticket with the “Konsortium Bus Express” (you could find more info at their site at supercoach.com.my) at RM35 one way.

Take note: Most of the buses that I took to Hadyai, which includes Transnational, National Express and various others do not have an onboard toilet facility. Even if they do, they bloody hell lock it up so as to avoid passengers “abusing” them. Read on.

Took off around 10.30pm, somewhere within the hour, I guess my habit of drinking earlier had got to my bladder. Prayed that the bus driver stopped along the way, apparently, he did not. One would imagine the torture and the pain (>”<), twisting and turning one’s legs, I had a few hundred poses done within the entire trip. Sweet mother of god, sigh. I crept slowly towards the bus driver, trust me, the road isn’t exactly baby smooth, bouncing my bladder in a swift motion will jeopardize the entire bus trip, trying to beg the driver to stop before I explode. The bus driver told me that the toilet was locked and unusable, and he said that he’ll make a stop soon. Creeping back nice and slowly to my seat, with sweat of a thousand camels on my face and my dear balls, I had to endure a fucking 5 and ½ hours grinding my kidney all the way to Taiping (this location is the base operation for Konsortium apparently). That “soon” was at pushing me to have a kidney stone. Son of a *****. The driver apparently is a fat fuck with a red Konsortium company T-Shirt, in which, probably a bastard with a gallon sized kidney.

Moral of this story:
The only thing that is a greater pleasure to men other than orgasm is to empty his brick hard bladder. So, take your leak before you leave. Pissing in a bottle would be a last desperate measure, but I wouldn’t consider doing that in front of several other people sitting next to you, that would not be that cool if you spill your bottle as the road gets quite bumpy more than it should be at the northern part of Malaysia.

I chose the Konsortium bus express because they made my preferred stop at the big parking/restaurant/ “CTC enterprise” before reaching the border. (Note: it’s roughly around 3-5 kilometers from the border). Although the non-stop freaking drive wasn’t part of my reason, I prefer the place because of the rather clean and fairly recognizable stop unlike other bus expresses that stops in a rather dodgy dark area where they register your passport for you (I get rather paranoid of being robbed if I were to stop at a typical dark place restaurant at wee hour in the morning). Hey, what are the best victims to rob? Tourist before they reach for their holidays.

Anyway, around 5.30am, after having a decent breakfast and coffee (oh yeah, they have a cute angry looking receptionist that works there for many years). I did my exchange at RM10 for 1030Bth. I know some people said you could get better deal in Thailand itself, but, I rather not go through the trouble looking for banks/ currency exchange at 8 am. I did my hotel booking there itself for Pink motel at RM60 per night.
Take note that they provide a list of hotels/motels within the town lodging with current prices, so for those out there prefer other accommodations, take your pick.

Close to 6am (this is the time the border opens), we stopped at the duty free shop where I purchase my supplies of cigarettes and booze. I recommend doing this because it’s cheaper than buying from both side of the fence.

At the border point, the check points are much easier for Malaysians that updates their passport with the “smart chip” embedded. It takes only a few seconds for the machine to register per entry thus cutting the long queue. Now the lengthy part is the Thai border itself. The delay part to pass the Thai customs will depend entirely to your bus driver’s PR ability with the officers. If your driver is an ass or blacklisted, expect the worse delay. So far, my wait was only 30 min the most for my entire Thailand trip previously.

I wouldn’t recommend using the train to cross border (especially going back into Malaysia) due to this reason itself. The delay from the custom is almost unbearable at minimum of 2-3 hours. If another passenger is caught with contraband, you’re screwed because they do a thorough check on all passengers.

Anyway, after having my passport stamped, a “tonto” approached me and offered me a good deal for lodging and women. LoL, I love this country already. The inks from my stamp haven’t even dried yet and I was immediately offered such services. Though, the difference isn’t much in terms of lodging (only a few RM only per night), but I prefer not being offered WL in front of families that stood a few meters from me (-_-). Not that soon anyway.

Reaching Hadyai close to 8am, the Konsortium stops directly in front of Lee’s Garden Plaza, which makes it a good deal cause I don’t want to lug my bag, walking a distance to my hotel due to the “tuk-tuk” annoying honks. Regardless, you all are going to experience this on daily basis.

I will post a mini-map of the town in my future report with landmarks of my activities as soon as I get my scanner to work.

And my day begins.


05-15-04, 10:41
day 1 – thursday 6th march ’04 part 2 (a) of 4

as soon as you arrive to hadyai, make sure you immediately go to your respected hotels/motels and totally ignore all the offers made by tuk-tuk drivers or the agents because they usually hangout at all the bus stops looking for their victims. if at any point in time you have an “i-look-lost-face”, they will, go to you and follow you to your hotel.

better yet, it’s best to not speak to them at all. just simply walk away and have an angry face like your boss told you to do overtime in the weekends for the next century. they get the hint. whatever it is, make sure you don’t speak to them at all. trust me; you got all morning to do your mongering. for pink motel, it is undeserved to be compared to regent or other joints where it is 4-5 star hotels. it’s a decent motel of 2½ stars with a decent speed and tiny (barely 5 person could fit) elevator (very slow during dinner hour).

after checking in, grabbing my room key and proceed to take a good shower and rest, i walked downstairs and proceed with a decent breakfast at post laser disc (pld) around the corner. this place is my usual hangout joint for most of my meals in hadyai. i know several other decent places to eat, but it’s nearby and i like the cozy setup they have.

after my morning meal, the time barely passes 8am (i almost forgot its 1 hour earlier in time difference here compare to m’sia). i walked back to my room and called the pink lady complex (dial “203” from your room) and i asked for thai-massage. a masseuse was sent to my room (and you get a discount from them, you’ll be paying 200bth instead of 240bth they charge for outsider for 2 hours massage). and i enjoyed the entire 2 hour’s of back-breaking pleasure unlike anywhere in malaysia. usually you’ll have to tip them after the massage is done, and they tend offered a lot of “incentive” during the last 30 minute of the massage because it is in your room rather than the room in pink lady complex. but i had to stand on my grounds, as they are not that good looking anyways to get laid with so early on the trip for my desperate mind and libidos.

after the massage was done, took my shower again and i head out to seek my prey for the day. i actually managed to window-shop around as most of the street stalls starts to vend their wares around 10am-ish. you got to love the stuff that they have, especially the gears they have (brass knuckles, dvds, camping gears, and many others includes gun replicas, i wonder if they even sell real firearms, wouldn’t surprise me a bit). though, shopping isn’t the main criteria of hadyai compare to chatujak (100 times bigger than petaling street) in bangkok, it’s still an eye candy to pass the time a bit on the street.

before i head out getting the girl for the day, i bought my bus ticket for my way back to kl in 2 days time (always hate doing this). behold my listeners, the honks from the tuk-tuk drivers’ repeats and amplifies a thousand times as you walk down alone on the street.

honk interpretation:
“yo! sucker/moneybags! ride with me and i get you the pleasure for your entire trip at the cost of your mortgage.”

or simply the reason:
“wanna ride?” – if this is the reason, it’ll cost you 10bth to anywhere in town.

as i walked down to the southern part of the city, just before i reached the old sakura hotel, there is a karaoke joint with the name “l.k. karaoke”. i walked in as it was one of my destinations in hadyai, sometime ago. sigh, the choices weren’t as good as last time, but apparently, there was a vietnamese girl whom works there. now, i don’t usually select other gals than thais, but this one, apparently, is a knockout by my book. she’s an 8 on the dickter scale. she smiled and gave friendly fluttering eyes. imo, this melted my heart (almost my wallet too, ^^). she walked towards me sat on my lap (god help me) and apparently, the captain/pimp knew that he got himself a sucker. he marked his price at 3kbth per night. wtf, no way i would spend that much. now, as most people know about thailand, they always play the hardball game when it comes to haggle. it’s frustrating and also annoying because it feels like i’m pulling their frikkin’ teeth just to push the price down. i told him i pay no more than 1.5k, but lo and behold, this is first time i had ever experienced that a pimp refused to budge from his price. i realized later on that she’d probably be “rented out” to anyone who can pay at that price regardless who comes first.

he tried to convince me she came from vietnam, she even showed me her passport, in which, and i don’t give a damn even she came from timbuktu. as long as the service is good with a decent looks, that would be my aim. oh well, i walked out with another selection which i would say she’s a decent 7. nice petite body with really slim waist, and she goes by the name ah kei or ah kit (or something like that). we went back to the motel to do the deed. here’s the layout:

price: 1.2k (took a while wasting my breath to haggle from 1.5k, should have been 1k)
bbbj: too technical for my taste. decent enough though. 4/10
body: 7/10 (nice hourglass figure ^^)
performance: 7/10, a little too pro for me, with a little gfe.

cons: always nags about the typical “other” race that sucks to her, which, i never liked talking about. plus, she got a bf in m’sia which annoys the bejesus out of me when he calls like every hour when i am with her (fuck you very much who ever you are, i hate you).

anyway, it was like around 2 pm, i gave her like 300bth to get the hell out of my room for the rest of the day, and asked her to come back around 8pm. she agreed and told me that she will be in her “office” till then, so i said ok and see you later. she went off leaving ½ of her belongings which covers half of the room, and i got my sleep till 5 pm.

around 5pm, i woke up, showered (a good habit you learn from the girls here, so many times i would shower within the day) and i took another stroll down the street for a snack. i stopped by lee’s garden plaza and i saw that they had an awesome audio-studio demo-setup, which could fetch a good rm100k to own the entire thing (shoot, i am still a gadget freak, loved those things that i could plug in, ^^). after ogling over the audio electronics, i stopped by swenson ice-cream parlor which is nearby the entrance. cost me 90bth for a good promising trip to diabetic lane but worth the taste, as i need my sugar to energize for the evening. horrible coffee though, ack!

i managed my way up the escalator after my treat to get another. looking around the place, i managed to charm a girl that works at a small concession stand that sells fried sweet balls (?) located 2 floors below the cinema, which i had no idea wtf that kind of snack is, but the couple of girls that works there were cute though. so i managed to ask one of them to take a break and have a drink in my room and let her friend cover her for a few hours (this is where the purchase of booze at the border comes in handy). she raided my fridge as i would raid hers, lol.

name: don’t remember, don’t care, i checked her id in my room which claimed her as a 23, works well enough for me.
st: 550bth
bbbj: 5/10. need more practice, my guess that she don’t do it that often.
performance: 7 ½ out of 10, it’s good, but very sensitive skin, shivers at every touch/lick.

around 7+pm, she left the room, thanking me politely and left me 550bth poorer, i watched the news and apparently, there was an event where the king was feeding the “royal water buffalo”. must be my i.q. level sinking badly, cause it was all on every thai station, and i decided to watch it throughout and i had no idea i wasted like another hour wondering what the hell i was watching.

later at 8pm, my girl returns from her hangout and start being cuddly. i received it and had another round with her. sigh, another shower follows after that (don’t think she smells the other woman on my manhood, lol), and i prepare myself to go out for the evening. she decided to stay in the room for the reason that her hair was badly shaped. i told her to go to the salon to fix it while i am out, she robbed me of my 200bth to go to her salon, and i went my way to the pld joint.

on a personal note, my past experience with women in hadyai, the girls i took always requested me to pay for their salon (somewhere along 200-300bth each time), i followed them from time to time making sure no bs story from them.

one of the reasons i loved about pld was the live band, they played anything from the 70’s to the current music you hear from the station. they go by the name “the lion band” and i say that they’re pretty good. apparently, they received bragging rights from “lonely planet” that they got a great “fish and chip” dish. i ordered myself one and i would say its ok, not that bad. the dish is ample for a stomach like mine, but might be small for others. cost: 80bth

the band started their play around 8pm apparently, and i managed to be there on the 2nd session at 10pm which lasted till 11.30pm and they took a break and continued again at midnight. i left the place after drowning like 10 bottles of singer beer (cost me like near 500bth, to my realization now, its bloody hell expensive).

i left with a shaky brain and legs to my room where my girl gave me a good rub down till i passed out.

morning arrives and i woke up with a good light buzz, went to brush my teeth and my girl joins in for a typical morning-shower sex. afterwards, she felt sad and gave me the “bambi eyes” asking me to book for her again. sigh, cold heart must reign in me to save me from being tied with just one girl. i told her i am expecting someone later in the day and she got the message. she left like 9 am with 100bth i gave her for her breakfast and ride to her office.

and my 2nd day begins.

1st day damage with the gals: 2650bth


05-16-04, 15:28
2nd Day – Friday 7th March 2004

As soon as I manage to pry myself from the bed, I fixed myself up and ready for the day. As I stepped out of the room, one of the cleaning lady (they have 2 types of uniforms, pink and dark gray) approached me and smiled. I gave her the stoned face and greet her good morning. Two and a half steps later, she asked me, “I want to eat, and can you give me tip? It’s for cleaning up your room” or something like that. For whatever reason that braved her to simply BEG for money isn’t that cool for me at first and I almost told her off till I realized that she’s kind of cute. Took a step closer and she didn’t even flinched. This was a good sign.

I asked her what she intend to do if I gave her the money, she replied that she’s going to buy food with it. Ok, after a few seconds, this predicament had puts me in a few heartbeat closer from breaking a sweat and getting all nervous, I gently touched her chin and asked her what else can I get for the tip? She quickly held my hand that was on her chin and led me back into my room and gave a mischievous grin. Score another one for me, wohooo!

Pink Lady Cleaning lady: Goes by the name Ah Nuui (don’t they all)
Performance: A little hasty because she’s on duty. 5/10
Cost me at 500bth for that ST.

As the deed was done, for the love of god, I had to take another shower again. All done and re-prep myself again for my outing, I left my room with her cleaning up the mess I made last night and the mess we made. I proceed to the elevator and it was some how stuck at the 8th floor. Pissed me off cause I stayed on the 6th, I had to walk down the stairs with recently earned weak knees.

On the 3rd floor, apparently it’s the cleaning ladies hangout for the morning (in the hall), I notice another cute one and I gave her my smile as I thought that will give me some cookie points with her the next time I want my room “cleaned”.

Note: Cleaning ladies in Pink Lady have 2 types of uniforms; gray and pink. I noticed the cute ones were wearing the gray.

Had my breakfast again at PLD, as the morning starts to roll, I took my sweet time watching the street vendors start unpacking their goods. Apparently, I noticed that they managed to drive awesome looking pickup trucks which made me wonder how much do they make for them to be able to afford those kind of rides.

As the sun hits directly above Hadyai, I made my way back into the streets and actually felt good as I had no obligation to return to my room anytime soon. I recommend to those coming here to at least spending 1 day without any girl waiting for you as it gives me somewhat a good feeling of a free man, lol.

Another good point about PLD, it is located on Thamanoonvithee Road which is directly where I had planned to go to either the New Chaophraya bath house or wonderful KTV as reported by kataman in this forum. As soon as one walks out of PLD, make a right and it’s all the way down to your desired location.

Within a few block of my walking, suddenly, I was called by a guy on a bike, claiming that he was my doorman and he’s heading his way back. He asked me whether I have any company waiting for me. Like many other bullshit agents, I replied “yes” because I don’t feel like I need anyone right at that moment. Then he made his way to the side of the street and walked towards me and starts asking for a cigarette. Wtf, I gave him one and he starts some BS story about a college girl wanting to earn fast money to go back due to her mom’s bike “accident”. As the short conversation goes on, more I felt like it was a scam and I swear to god, I tried my best to say “NO”.

Then, out of nowhere, a girl pops out and he claims that was the girl he was talking about. She looks sweet and kind of charming at first. But, a lot of things start to bother me due for these reasons:

[1] She was wearing typical WL jeans. It’s always those dark, tight blue in color jeans that always “enhance” their butt to a perfect apple shape. Theoretically, this puts her further away from convincing me that she was a college student. Plus, her shoes are one of those thick soles to make her taller by 6 inches.

[2] She looks way too young for me which registers a few minutes later. Thus, it was a big factor why I hate these “agents”.

[3] He asked me where I stayed, which cuts off the conversation short where I thought he claimed to be the doorman of the motel I stayed. It was another “bullshit” agent.

Note to others and myself:
DO NOT EVER entertain these S.O.B. “agents” for WL at any point in time of your stay other than taking a ride. One could manage to have himself a girl (s) regardless how bad you look (as long as you have the King’s note in the wallet, of course, ^^). The rule is, don’t bother with the one’s approaching you for the girls, it’s best for you to look for yourself rather than they approach you.

This works on different circumstances, IMO I better be off selecting my meal rather than pre-packaged nicely and expensive (high chance of scam anyway).

Part 1/2 of day 2


Penang Boy #2
05-16-04, 17:31
Hi all,

Any one can me how is the situation at Hatyai?

Thanks for the info.

Is it safe?

05-17-04, 03:57
In regards to the Hadyai scene, the reason why most asked about "how safe it is?" due to the Yala incident that happened barely a month ago.

In regards to that, for me personally, I treat it like an incident rather than blown-out proportion by the media here in Malaysia. Imagine that there was a fight in Kampung Pandan or Kampung Baru that caused 100 deaths, would people stop going to Kuala Lumpur?

Of course there is some scare factor of bombing, but when I was there 1.5 week ago; there was still a lot of farangs, Singaporeans, ppl from China and various other nationality other than Thai lingers around during the weekend. (Of course, not as many as before)

Though such incident had put us in more cautious mode, but hey, this hobby of ours isn't exactly the safest thing. You should put that worry about going there as much as you worry about getting STD.


05-17-04, 04:04
Aww man, I realized I made a little BUT horrible errors. The FR was suppose to be from 5th MAY 2004 to 8th MAY 2004 instead of March.

I apologize for this error. I tried to edit, but apparently I don't have the "permission" or access to my own post.


Penang Boy #2
05-17-04, 18:32
Hi all,

Thanks brother for info, I shouldn't worry too much.

You are right.

I will enjoy my trip coming soon this weekend.

Happy Cheonging!

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

05-17-04, 19:06
Day 2 - Friday 7th May <- (Corrected Month) 2/2

Lost my mood to walk further down the street as I don’t want him to follow me to the bath house, I walked back towards the plaza and had my few hours shopping around that area.

Still being uncomfortable yet to hit the streets, I manage to purchase a seat to the movie “Van Hellsing” (English audio with Thai subs). The ticket cost at 90bth.

Movie was ok but it fascinates me where the audience had to stand to respect the king (a short clip) before the movie starts. I had never seen this done anywhere else and made me respect the Thais more for their volunteered loyalty. Another good point is the subtitles they prepared for the movie. It was neatly composed to fit with the schematics and it didn’t bother me at all compared to the movies I had experienced in Malaysia. (Malaysian movies subtitles sucks because it’s rough and scratchy and annoyed me because it practically covered 1/3 of the screen).

After the movie, I head back to the Pink Lady Complex and decided to go for another Thai-massage. Decided to go for the complex’ room instead of mine, the price still stands at 200bth per 2 hour (you have to tell the receptionist that you stayed at Pink motel for the discount).

Take note that the massage ladies do not try to ask for any extra services unless if you asked for it if you have it done in the complex itself. The limits are always HJ but I asked only for “ping-pong” service. That cost me another 300bth. I tip no more as I think this suffice enough.

After the relief, the time was close to 8pm and I made my way back to PLD for the band. Call me monotonous, but they still manage to play whatever song request I throw at them.

After the show, I was more or less drunk as I drown 12 bottles in a row for a good 2 hours (I know, call me lightweight, T_T). I somehow manage to walk out and made my way again on the same street east towards New Chaophraya. Please take note that walking alone on this particular street is kind of dark and now I realized it was pretty stupid of me doing that, it’s like begging to be robbed. A few more bottles would have had me waking up having no idea where I will be or practically in the hospital or morgue.

Along the way, there was a rat accompanying me. Which was kind of funny but somehow I think that might be my guardian sewer angel. It was darn hell ironic because the rat took the turn into the Catholic Church which I think it should have been the other way round, and I am heading for the purgatory. Anyway, after 2 cigarettes from PLD, I finally reached the bridge and this is where it still questions me till now.

According to Kataman, wonderful KTV is located directly opposite of New Chaophraya bath house. I only see one “parlor” with neon lights, but no sign whatsoever that says “wonderful” other than pure Thai typo with only the word an English word “ok”. If anyone could confirm that this is the place, please tell me.

I decided to skip as it’s getting late and the girls’ starts to hangout in front of the parlor drinking and yapping away. I pass by and manage to have a coffee at a Chinese shop nearby (locals dining there were looking at me funny) and manage to sober up within 15 minutes.

I hailed a tuk-tuk and cross back to town and decided to go for “Inside Hollywood” discothèque as it’s around midnight and the girls’ starts pouring in. Ordered only a coke as I think I had enough drink before, I scouted around for potential for the night and ½ of the place was filled up with lady boys. Sigh, thinking that my last night is going to be hitting the sack alone, I walked out towards exit and a very, very, very sexy girl walks in wearing all white skimpy dress which stopped my track almost immediately. Both of us smiled at each other (I think I grinned like the Grinch), and we managed to grab a few drinks and agreed for an ST at 600bth.

Feeling good and like a millionaire walking out with a pretty lady to my motel (ok, ok, it was only right next door); she was a memorable part of this wholesome trip IMO. An 8 or 9 out of 10 for her, the performance was excellent in all departments, from AR to BBBJ, she rode me so hard that I thought I was going to puke my guts out from all the drinks I had. Offered me anal, but it was not my thing. A 9 for her effort because I was too tired to be on the top and she did all the work, as it was kind of relief because all the women I had before, they barely stay on the top that long. The insane ride lasted till 3-3.30 am, she went off to have her shower and I was too tired to join her (regretting this), she manage to dress up again and looking great and passed me her phone number, in which, sad to say, I lost it as I think I forgotten to take that “tiny, small piece of paper” in the morning as I left the room. I guess I will have to hunt for her again in the future. If I could recall her name, it was Ah Nuui (again?! Not the same cleaning lady though :P).

In short, I would give her a 9 in all departments because it’s still very subjective for me on how to do the breakdown. (A 10 would only be reserved for Audrey Hepburn look alike, ^^)

I passed out right after she left; probably she went back to the discotheque looking for more late night clients or just went home. I just need my rest alone as my trip back will be another 6 more hours.


Penang Boy #2
05-19-04, 05:03
To Michael80,

I am Malaysian, let me introdue about Hatyai WL n damage.

Can choose the girl from Karaoke,Pub,Disco,call girl n housing area.

The damage about 3000bath 2 1000bath, depand which type of girl n age. The WL will come to hotel morning or noon until next morning 8.00 they were leave. But becareful the "Tootoo" driver they were told the okt to make up 500bath to 1000 bath for their commision. I always like call girl recommend from my friend, damage about 1500 to 2000bath. Face o.k but look girl next door.

Happy Cheonging

05-20-04, 12:07
Jesus H. Christ Michael80,

I know flaming is not much of a way to communicate, but damn, do you need to be spoon fed for all information?!

No, this one is better:

None of the stories here is true. All characters are fictitious and purely myth. Jackson is a man-made deity and the senior members are his minions to GUIDE the lost souls by actually WRITING (means you have to read) forum reports in stories and tales of adventures, so all the newbies can actually learn without asking too much from them.

In short: Read the Fucking Forum. (RTFF)

Plus, since it’s just Thailand, and you’re in Malaysia, getting there isn’t that scary at all. Crap, even some of these guys came from the other side of the world and got the balls to go through Thailand and they are fine and please for what they go through.

So, I don’t want to be mean or anything, but either you start walking on your 2 feet and not asking to hold your hand or you have to treat this board like another Harry Potter or something.

Go up to Thailand and start blasting the king’s notes away to the girls and their pimps. Have fun and learn.


05-24-04, 23:06
LoL Michael80, the way you asked around (which I checked your history forum posts) you're making it a little abvious though that I might think that you are on the younger side. Plus, you contributed almost nothing but questions.

Number one rule for posting is to actually refer all those Q's:

Whenever it starts with:

Where, When, Who, What and How....etc.

You have to refer back to the previous postings. You see all the little numbers up there? Click on them and you will see a whole MESS of information which will be more than you will ever need.

These information goes waaay back to few years ago and most of the senior members now started with very elaborated and almost precise "journalistic" forum reports. Regardless, it is still to imply that you have to seek on your own methods in finding the girls.

If the information is not there or not updated; it's always on the heavier side for YOU to find it out yourself compared to asking on this board. Not only you asked what is the meaning of WL, in which, a few hundreds before you had asked, I don't feel like answering that. Find out yourself, the answer is buried in this site anyways.

"dumb as a bang"

So what...there is nothing dumb with going around town and start "bang"ing.

Aah, what the heck, go pay Globotto, he'll guide you for a decent fee.

Okay, not wasting more time to reply more on this anyway. I rather send in more reports and informations. Planning to hit Bangkok on Wednesday anyways. (That side of the board is vicious, scared to post...lol).


05-30-04, 15:53
Haadyai remembered

After a long sejourn in other lands incl Land Of Kretek I returned last week to my spiritual homeland in Haadyai. Much to my amusement - as it has been 8 years since my last visit - the Mamasan in Pink Lady still remembered me and upgraded my VIP membership - such thoughfulness

Anyway the quality has not improved there in fact would say it has declined and so resorted to the old area around Haadyai Palace Hotel where the following were discovered in Jackys.

Also went into Kiss Karaoke where the quality was an improvement and the price also nice !! Bht 2000 overnight and much better than the 2000 bht all day from Jackys.

The only drawback to the event was the obnoxious Gweilo watching Man Utd win the Cup Final and who seemed intent on squaring off with one another !

Happy Hunting all and look forward to more pics from Haadyai as we are underrepresented in the forums as it seems our Northern friends in Bangkok are more adventurous with the camera than we in the South !

05-31-04, 22:46
Point taken Chalky,

Just came back from Bangkok recently and I had decided to get me a digital camera and try to figure out how to work with it.

My previous dealing with manual camera, as I barely know the difference f/stop to a bus stop had discourage me to bother with it.

My Hadyai visit will be more on monthly basis as it goes throughout the year. If any mongers are interested to join me or don't mind me joining them, I don't mind the companion, and it doesn't stop me if I go alone either.

Will definitely be armed with a camera on my next trip.


06-03-04, 05:56
History Lessons Need Refreshing.

Must admit on my last trip the quality seems to have declined or am I in all the wrong places. The places I went to were all around Haadyai Palace Hotel - namely Jackys and others.

The only one of real quality that I saw was coming out of Haadyai Palace as I made the mistake of being conned into the show there - which needless to say was bad although the girl on the door was worth a turn !

From there we went to KISS and whilst the price was reasonable - 4 hours for 3 incl drinks and girls at 4100 Bht the night was young - my companions enjoyed the fruits but confess I did not - the price they were asked to pay was 2500Bht overnight however suspect that this was on the high side for not being regulars.

Any answers to the question from a Haadyai Regular - even the Mamasan in Pink Lady said the quality had declined so that was a scarey thought !!

Happy Hunting and shall post some photos for the world and his wife to enjoy !

Hairy Timun
06-08-04, 17:05
I was in Hatyai for 3 days (30/05 to 01/06). Stayed at Inter (the cheapest as on a tight budget)

1st day:
Gotten an overnighter. OKT said was only 18yrs old. But she told me she's already 20.
Name: forgot!!
Looks: 6/10
GFE: 5/10 (at first, was really into it but later on when I wanted more, all she wanted to do was sleep!!!)
Body: 6/10 (petite)
BBBJ: 7/10 (lazy but good technique)
AR: None (Shucks!!)
FJ: 6/5 (lazy again)
Overall: 6/10
Damage:1800 bht

2nd day:
Went to Chaophrya 4 after massage (240bht and no hanky panky as didn't ask) at about 2pm.
Saw this really gorgeous girl but picked by my friend. Ended up with another WL.
Name: forgot
Looks: 6.5/10
GFE: 8/10 (Very accomodating and sexy)
Body: 8/10 (Great tits and butt and tall! Nice skin and complexion. Yummmy.)
CBJ: 6.5/10 (Good technique but I prefer BBBJ)
AR: None (Shucks!!)
FJ: 8/5 (Good skill and enthusiastic)
Overall: 7.5/10 (will score higher if prettier)
Damage:2600 bht (Is this too expensive - all you professionals, please let me know)

Went to Pink Lady at about 11pm after nice dinner.
Saw this really gorgeous girl but was just picked right when I got there. Wanted one WL but she's over my budget at 2000bht!!Ended up with another WL that also offered body massage for 1600bht.
Name: Ah See
Looks: 7/10
GFE: 8.5/10 (Very accomodating and sexy)
Body: 6.5/10 (Great tits and butt but too short! Was tricked by her super-high platform shoes!)
Body massage: 8/10 (She really got into it!)
CBJ: 6.5/10 (Good technique but like I've said, I prefer BBBJ)
AR: None (Oh no, don't they do AR here! Shucks!!)
FJ: 8/5 (Good skill and enthusiastic. As I'm already tired, so she did all the work. And believe me when I tell you she really worked her butt off!)
Overall: 7.5/10 (will score higher if better body and prettier)
Damage:1600 bht

3rd day
Shopping. All worned out! Both physically and financially!! Hehehe.

Overall, I'll rate my trip a 7.5/10. I don't know if I was over-charged. Please enlighten me all you masters out there.

06-09-04, 13:55
Congratulations Hairy Timun on a report to savour. Seems that whilst there is a lot of action in Hadyai that it is like the Masonic Lodge and nobody really writes much on this forum.

Am back in town there on Friday through Sunday and will be cheonging away and will report on my return - camera willing we shall be adding some colour to the forum also !!

Now if only I can find that nice cutie I saw coming out of Hadyai Palace with a grandpa then we shall have something extra special to write home about !

If not it could be Karaoke Time and pull from the higher echelons as wont be arriving until late as mooching up from the South

06-09-04, 21:38
good job on the post ht,

been awhile since my last visit to the forum, but the scene barely change on this side of the board.

wonder where the regulars from m'sia board that visit hadyai? probably retired? (monsterdoggie and the rest?) but it's not for me to say when they can write in, but they do post some good info and i wish they would visit this town soon...

ht, what was the price like for the inter (motel/hotel)?

considering that you had a tight budget, pink lady would be my last option to enjoy the girls in that town. as they do take a chunk out my mongering budget. (note: i had several occasion of rm1k per 3 days visit). so, as chalky would have had it, he goes to a few ktv to choose his girl(s). so that might be a decent choice for a good spent cash (depending on his habits though...hahahaha).

as for pink lady, the selections were not that great till around 9 pm-ish, so the girls tends to be par below usual beauties than before (which proves chalky correct on the quality).

hadyai is unlike bangkok, where s/t almost a none exist unless if its a sw or girls you pick from the mall. the usual case where they want to stick with you at the longest rate (l/t) for a day or two or till you leave town are the usual norm. day-to-day basis is another the usual monger's practice as you can have more options with the girls. well, not that we have that many girls to choose from as the qualities vary from visit-to-visit.

as for ht's case, he did fairly good. my guess that you wanted to try pink lady as it is the only decent landmark in that town. as for the case of overcharge....mmm... nah not that bad, but it all depends on the performance and gfe from tg.

i would usually pick a girl for 2 nights (usually around the age of 25-ish...more experience and better gfe than the younger ones). safer is to opt for 1 night first before commit to 2-3 nights. if she is no good, then change.

reason for that age preferance (mine actually, not general):

[1] they give good gfe treatment. alot of pointers here for this treatment. plus, don't go around in public with them, as they get too affectionate and there's waaaay too many of "relatives" and friends of family visiting this town.

[2] had several times where they do actually toss the salad (ar) and they were good. none of the tg in thier 20's i had actually performs this from my previous visits.

note: there was one massuese from the pl complex that my friend said she did ar to the max in the room he was in. he mentioned that he was "raped" by her tongue though she was in mid 30's. her skills was excellent and he prefers only bbbj from her. i'll get more info from him soon.

[3] they usually cost ard 2k bht for the 2 nights. spend like 1k feeding her and shop. the rest of the money goes to the bath houses and thai massages.

as for the visit to bath houses, pink lady is ok (the selections weren't as great as before though), new chao phraya isn't that too bad, but my last visit to ncp 4 was earlier this year, so i couldn't comment much of it on the updates.

ht, all in all, you did ok. but important part is the gfe you get from the girls are subjective regardless on how much you spent. too bad you ended up with a "bum" on the first night, had my expensive share of that before.

2 more weeks till my next visit...aaaargh... feels like forever.


06-10-04, 02:32
Pink Lady,

Agreed with the comments here - if the Mamasan says the quality has dropped then so be it !! Would only recommend this one if you had the missus in tow and needed to have a quick cheong in between her shopping trips on the guise that you are having a traditional massage ! With soap and extras haha

Karaoke is a bit like pot luck - you can score nicely or have to wait until they finish and then try and charm them out - but once you score and take the numbers then repeat trips can be more enjoyable.

This time around we have one of the girls from the Karaoke doing the recommendations for some friends so shall report on whether or not this is a worthwhile activity.

Otherwise you have to be early in town and do the rounds at 930am when they come back to the joints - that way you can pick fresh (!!) flowers

Happy Hunting

06-14-04, 17:11
Went to Hatyai last week, it has been around 3 yrs since I been there. No more manhattan disco. Hollywood is still around.

I stay at Hatyai Asia Hotel, in front of Hatyai Palace. It is newer less than 1 year and costs 400bt with a voucher. I found that Hatyai Palace don't show sexy tv channel anymore.

I would recommend Hatyai cheogsters to a good ancient massage place. It is at Pink Lady, right side from the turkish massage fish bowl is ancient massage.

Look for no.40, name Mon, her 'pingpong' massage is no. 1 in my books. She can get my dick harder for days after her massage. Brudders can flame me if not satisfied with her massage. I started to try her massage service years ago, and she still haves the 'touch'. Just tell her kevin from singapore recommended her.

I booked a girl from lucky ktv near old lee garden. the first day was great. she is very enthusiatic on the bed. after letting me finger her, I got her so high that she went auto. Cap me immediatly and rode me madly.

But on the second day, when I told her I am going to massage at pink lady(my mistake), her mood changed. She started acqusing me of lak kai. Drinking lots of beer and keep asking for tips tips tips. :(

Dr Devil
06-14-04, 21:06
In HDY, S/T is available mostly in MP, can try Pink Lady & CP4. The price tag will be easily 1,500b ~ 3,000b for 2 hours depending on your taste. Farm gals are also available for S/T but be prepared to pay 1,500b but you wont get the same treatment as those S/T Pro and they actually rather disgrace to server S/T, though it's hell lots more money. Well, it's just not into their mindset yet.

If you are a S/T player, hail a tuk tuk and head down to Danuk where the game there is S/T. You have plenty of choices and the price tag is 800b~1,200b. Of course, expected to pay more if you are falang unless you could impress them with your thai knowledge and some thai language will helps too.

If you are in Danuk, be sure to check out Spider Pub and Charn Pub. They have sexy dancers right from 4pm ~ 12pm. You will find more boobs than your eyes could catch. All babes are in bikini and you have more waists than your hand could hug. Drinks are pretty decent too, 300b+ a bottle of beer but be prepared to spend a little more on tips and flowers depending on how itchy is your hand.. hahahahah

Our groups are in Hdy almost every other weekend, so PM me for my thai no if anyone like to join up for the fun together. We are easy going and party animal, left no hidden gems unexplored.

06-15-04, 15:26
Flag Flying in the South

A Euro 2004 match report from the South !! KISS Lounge is where it is happening - lots of entertainment and sporting ladies to boot !!

Ah Joy

What she unbundles is a joy to behold - sizeable nay larger than life and an ass to die for which she knows her to wiggle. Did nt focus on the shirt was too busy unwrapping the packaging !

Ah Sue - dont touch with a bargepole - will give the come on all night and take your hand in the room and then when the time is ripe all the excuses in the world come a running - was wearing an England shirt and this explains why she ran out of steam in the 90th minute of the game/

Ah Ai - sporty lines and a nice line in the middle where the surgeon did his job but a tight fit and rather on the fussy side of things.- sporting a USA shirt and this explains it all wrong shirt wrong time !!

There is a little sweety however to reveal her name would be a breach of confidence as she ran and ran and ran all night to the same score as the Swedes !! Dont want to ruin her reputation in case they dont score anymore in the tournament !

Apologies for no photos this trip as dropped the camera at the sight of Ah Joy's mammaries !!

Dr Devil
06-19-04, 21:21
Right, Kiss Lounge is orgainising soccer theme recently and guess what you will see all the sexy sweet puyings in soccer attire. But well, none of them actually knew if they are wearing the right team.

My best bet in on Argentina, blue strips but she dont get to wear her custome that nite as I extended my stay in Hdy. Other look out will be red custome. It seems to have some sort of color practise among the puyings.

In anyway, there is enough pretty chicks in custome but make sure you are early, they are occupied as earlier as 10pm.

06-21-04, 15:06
Agreed Dr Devil

The other trick is to ring in very early and book for the night before they open at 7pm - this to avoid disappointment. Had some raucous fun in there the last weekend however the saturday night special was ruined as they had mostly been booked in advance by others for the night.

The rooms are nice and the girls very pretty and accomodating therefore a highly recommended joint for a nice evening of singing and then off to bed after the show !!

One thing to watch is that some of them use the early morning call to try and disappear at 6-7am - one was very irritating in that respect having the phone on most of the night !! hahah this woke me up and spurred me into action ! Not what she expected as we slept at 3am !!

Member #2063
06-23-04, 16:44
Hi all,

I heard that is 3 different garde of girl in Hat Yai? Is that true? What is the price for each grade? and where is can i find them..??

Thank you

06-24-04, 09:59
Anyone can PM on contacts in Danok I will be going to Sg.Petani this weekend and would like to make quick trip to the boader if anyone know good girls that will give a good service and GFE please pass on he contacts I will share someof my in KL area.

06-24-04, 17:15
The question is not so much where to find them but optimising your arrival time to suit the needs.

First thing in the morning is the best time but this does not always apply as Fridays many are taken for the weekend by their regulars

So book early to avoid disappointment or go to the Karaoke Lounges and pay a little more but be able to have "better quality" although that last comment may be debatable.

07-02-04, 15:46
Hello my friend,

I'm going to hat yai on 21/7. Can anyone tell me where to get a good quality girl (model type). My budget is RM300/nite.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

07-04-04, 08:33
Oh shoot, totally forgot to post in the hadyai map as I promised in my previous post. Thanks Tiger for reminding me.

The legends are pretty much understood for the symbols. (H) for hotels/motels...etc.

For those whom did not managed to book their motels/hotels prior reaching this town, you could do so at Lovely Tour (on Niphat Uthit 3 Rd.) or at Davis Tour (on Sanehanusorn Rd.) which is a block away.

They're open early, so wouldn't worry much for the travellers that reaches there early even at 8am. Plus, they have currency exchange too. There's alot more of such agents around town, but I'm pretty much comfortable with these 2.

Hope this map helps, and print it out if you must. But no worries as most of the agents, hotels, shopping mall info, would carry a full scale map but I like to keep mine pocket size for "less touristy" look.

In addition, I only scanned in the central part of town as this is where most of my bus would drop me off and my usual weekend activities would be around that area.


07-05-04, 04:28
Lots of news to report after two months of traveling around the Kingdom.

I finally went to the infamous SC Heritage (074-233088 and 36/43 Sangsri Road) to check out the 5,000 baht selection. The mamasan is in room # 511. She opens up at 3 PM. There are anywhere from 10-20 ladies depending on the day and the time you arrive. Everything generally happens between 3-4 PM. While I was there (3:15 PM) a group had been in before me and two groups came in as I was leaving. My opinion there were a couple of stunners but most were no different from choices in other karaokes for 1,500 baht. So if you can afford it and can get there close to 3 PM then go for it. Again there is only one price and they do not bargin, 5,000 baht. I had read in other places that you choose from photos of model types but that is not the case the girls are all there and some even live on the 5th floor.

My favorite karaoke is still OK (use to be called Wonderful). Large choices from all over the Kingdom, again go early 11 AM to 3 PM are the best times although here they have two shifts for you guys who come later in the day. The mamasan speaks English and the rates are 1,500-2,000 depending on the lady and the day of the week. 074-357575 is the phone number and 203 Tammanoonvithi Road (opposite Chaophya, for reference this road is the main road up from the train station and runs right through downtown and this place is a few blocks out from downtown). If you go there by tuk tuk or motorbike taxi the drivers will try to extract a tip from both you and the mamasan. They know me well there and to get around it say you are a friend of Marshell and that should save you some baht.

Speaking of Chaophya Bath and Massage (74-244014 and 216 Thammanoonvithi Road) this place is the usual bath type place with just so so rooms. A good selection of ladies though and very good service. Prices have just gone up from 1,300 to 1,400 baht. This place is OK but there are better places in town.

Chaophya 4 is just down the road a few blocks and has much better rooms and many more choices for ladies. 520 Thammanoonvithi Road, 074-262520. Prices are steeper but the rooms are awesome, 1,600-1,800 in the main room and if you want to go high end as you walk in the front door walk right instead of left (main room) to the bar and the price all of sudden is 2,500 but the ladies are younger. This is the most upscale bath house in the town.

Now for those of you on tighter budgets you can go to Chintana Bath (074-244745 and 70 Tanratanakorn Road) which has the most ladies to choose from, generally 20-25 and priced at 500-600 baht. Rooms are low rent, clean but not nice, daytime generally there is no hot water but the for the price the best service in town to me. I have never once had a bad experience here in over 30 visits. They are open almost 24 hours with the most choices late afternoon and early evening.

Across the street from Chintana is Atami (69/71 Tanratanakorn Road and 074-243344. This place is a flat 500 baht for all ladies and the choices are small but what they have are nice. Afternoons they may only have 1-2 working but 5-7 PM all the girls come to work and you will have as many as 10 to choose from. Again, like Chintana the rooms are not nice but they are clean. Also, like Chintana the service is good and I have never had a bad there although it is more SOP service.

Lastly for today I have been spending time on the other side of town lately and have two new karaokes to review. There is a whole area behind and over from Diana Shopping Center that has about 20 + karaokes. This area is about a 10 minute walk from See Kim Yoong. My latest two places are Nok Karaoke (34 Soi 2 Channives and 074-420195) and The Red Lady Karaoke (21 Channives Soi 1 and 074-235699) with Nok being the better of the two as far as choices but Red Lady having great service. This area of town does not get the traffic of other areas but has some outstanding quality and a large amount of younger ladies newer to the business.

Tonsil Basher
07-05-04, 09:38
Hello all and hello Chalky26. One thing about these girls, you treat them nice, I can guarantee you they'll be extra nice to you. One found out I was hospitalized, quickly came down to Penang with a cherry to offerChalky26 to pop, ain't that right, Chalky26?

Any FR for that one Chalky? Blow by blow account please.

07-06-04, 15:37
Ahaha Monsieur the Tonsil Basher

Alas the story is one of woe and of missed opportunities - a bit like Beckham and the penalty. The red card was brandished by the referee and shall have to allow the Greeks to takeover the night.

So to all of those who are in favour of cherries get in line and look into Sakura Karaoke - the clue is to look towards the Rising Sun and you will be rewarded but patience is the name of the game - but then again like the Greeks you may only need one shot on target to score!

A few more lessons if you please oh basher of Tonsils

Tonsil Basher
07-07-04, 07:52
Chalky26 mon frere,

Amour de putain feu d'estoupe. I met my little one only twice before and she's already SMSing me on an hourly basis. Whether what was written actually reflects her true feelings is yet to be seen. I have reason to believe I have caught a live one this time, but the fact that she has now enrolled in an English-language class so that she'd be on level playing field tells a lot.

Now I'm off to good old Bangcock next week. After your short but meaningful phone call, I'm torn between screwing my BKK TGF and flying my little one from HatYai all the way to Emporium Suites on Suk soi 24.

We'll see, my friend, we'll see. It would be nice to see nice bobbing head in between my thighs while I enjoy the view of Ekkamai, Thong Lor and Phrakanong on a beautiful Bangcock nite.

It would be very poetic.

07-07-04, 17:27
Merci Beaucoup Mon Frere,

As for Hatyai am led to believe that a certain Discovery will shortly be made in that region and then a hunting we shall go again.

For the fortunate to go therefore before that happy occassion would highly recommend.

Ah J from KISS Lounge - her tonsils have been truly bashed but what she unholsters from the front is a joy to behold. Alas I did not get her number but that is more due to her being well-seasoned. The night we hit the hay she had been karaoking with some fine young men from KL who did not appreciate her charms and so when they paid the bill she left under my youthful wing!

A derriere to behold and a pair to lose oneself in - am dreaming again and it is a few hours to daylight here.

To any who venture there do us a favour and post her pic and so put me out of my misery! LOL

Tonsil Basher
07-09-04, 08:50
Late May when I was in PL, took Boeing 747 (I love her number and she sure is a megatop). Her soapy massage's good. However, BJ was with elephant intestine. Sorry, condom. Good FJ. Thought of taking her back to my room, she asked for Baht3000. I used the excuse that screwing her took the wind out of me.

Luckily I did not take her. As I was having a shit in the hotel, some character by the name of Chalky26 SMSed me asking me to join him at a certain joint. And look at what the cat brought back...a pussy. Excellent cleavage, she can make you cum just by rubbing her delicious arse but sorry my P800 does not do her justice.

Shaky YK
07-09-04, 14:28
Hello bro,

Plan to go to Hatyai soon enough, it will be my first trip though.
Wonder where can I find girl like model type there.

Thanks in advance.

07-10-04, 15:11
Mon Frere,

You are too kind as I would have said that your oral skills leave most of us to shame !

Needless to say I am touched at your kindness in describing how you allowed me to drag you from the outhouse to the *****house in a swift movement.

The amusing part for fellow mongers is that whilst my dear brother was busy snaffling this charming lady I was getting "hit and run".

Ah Soo, and a regular clock watcher she was but needless to say i fell for it twice so more fool I.

Business needs to be up before the next trip to the North so until that happy time shall have to rely on fellow authors to update me on the scene - whilst I am restricted to local fruits

07-10-04, 15:13

Read and ye shall learn would be the honest comment. As for Models - that is dare I say it in the eyes of the beholder and you can find themin many places. Budget is one issue but finding them will not be a problem.

Any tuk-tuk driver will take you around or you can go to the Hollywood Disco or to the numerous Karaoke - although for Models would favor KISS! Must ask them for commission with all these plugs for them - but I do find that their standard is high and therefore it is easier to choose there.

Cheers and dont forget the camera!

Tonsil Basher
07-12-04, 09:02

The other way is to wait for a certain Malaysian group having post-golf dinner at the Novotel. Go have a sandwich there or something. Within 15 minutes, some delicious looking mamasan will be bringing models for these 19th hole golfers. Rush quickly to the mamasan and ask her to bring you one. Make sure your budget covers it.

If your budget's big, get one each for Chalky and me.

Member #2063
07-18-04, 17:50
Hi mate,

I will be going to Hatyai next two week. I do not plan to go for over night girl. Any good and cute girl body massage centre to introduce? I know the only one in Hatyai is Pink Lady. Any other to recommend? What I want is young and pretty lady?


Member #2063
07-19-04, 16:21
Hi mate,

I will be travelling to Hat Yai soon. Can anyone recommend any body massage where i can get very cute and young girl? I do not want go for overnight girl.

Waiting for help.

Tonsil Basher
07-20-04, 07:34
Specify please Member #2063: Do you want a massage or do you want a bang?

Member #2063
07-20-04, 17:24

I want a bang! I heard there is some young girl in certain body massage like pink lady. So besides, pink lady any other nice place to go for bang?

Thank you

The Driver
07-21-04, 03:45

Try Chao Phraya 4, nice place, nice big room, nice girls but dont go too late. Went there once at midnight only few left to chose. I think they clock out at 1 am, mid way the girl was saying "finit, finit" means finish it! That was one shit of turn off, but other experiences are good.

Pink lady is aslo good, try no 747, its a jumbo alright!

Try it out.


Member #2305
07-21-04, 05:51

Will go to Hatyai this weekend, this is my second trip since last 2 years. Can anyone recommend me that some good place to pick up pretty and young lady for overnight? Budget not more than RM300 per night.


Tonsil Basher
07-21-04, 07:42
Massage with a bang is normally from Pink Lady. Girls from massage joints like Sakura, Lee Gardens Plaza do go (some) to Hollywood at night as FLs. If you hit the right note, you'd get a chance to bang them. Otherwise it's either Pink Lady or Karaoke joints.

Oh, some barbers (hair salons) do provide LT girls. Scout around. Have fun.

Maybe Chalky26 can add some notes here.

Tonsil Basher
07-21-04, 11:44
Member #2305,

Most are not over RM300. Most good ones are around RM250. Just don't go for the ones hanging around outside Pink lady/Grand Plaza after 2am. They look good but.

07-21-04, 13:29
Agree with my learned Brother.

You need to scout early or be left with the Karaoke and Hollywood girls unless Pink Lady and the massage parlours are your game.

Many of the traditional massage girls - esp the cute ones go to hollywood after hours and will provide some fun and relaxation but you have to be quick and it helps to be able to stand the noise in Hollywood !

In front of Haadyai Garden Home Hotel is the main drag area for overnight stops and Jackies is one to recommend - posted some pics from there before now. Tuk-Tuk drivers will love to take you around town and burn some of your cash - but insist on the pretty ones or be dragged around some real dogs!

RCA Knight
07-22-04, 19:52
I will make make next visa run through Hat yai. I have been here a few times before. And have never buy the hotel voucher. But I hear its much cheaper than walk in rate in the hotel.

(1) can you buy hotel voucher at any travel agancy at the same price??

(2) what is a good value hotel with voucher?

I stayed at a few hotels before like Montien, Sakura grand, Lee gardens, Hat Yai central ect.

Do anyone recommend any good value hotel with voucher? And also is it fun and worth to stay a night at the border either Padang or Danok?

The Driver
07-23-04, 06:40

Yes, hotel voucher is cheaper than walk in rates. Travel agent along the streets sells them. I normally buy them as I enter at Sadao. Grand sakura is around THB890, its a good price for the quality of room. A big in room safe box, enough to fit in my laptop computer as well.

Have fun.


Tonsil Basher
07-23-04, 11:05
IMHO, Dannok would be more fun. In HDY, I've never bought the hotel voucher either.

Dr Devil
07-26-04, 16:04
If you get your hotel voucher from Lovely Tour, Sakura GV is only 850b. It varies a little to 870b on peak day though. Massage voucher at Lovely Tour is selling at 180b instead of 240b walk in rate. I usually change money (latest rate as on 23rd July 2004 was RM100 = 1070b), buy hotel vouchers, massage vouchers and sexy show vouchers all at the same time, can neg for a better rate on the total fees.

In my opinion, there are others cheaper hotel that is much value for money. With vouchers, hotels like Hatyai Palace is only 520b, Hatyai Asia and Hatyai Merlin for 450b, though they are not as new but condition is decent.

There are lots of other popular places where one could get their puyings at late evening like Garden Home with more than 50 stunning model look and figure available for overnite booking at 2,500B plus hour fine for 900b or short time for 1,500b plus 2 hour fine for 300b. The best timing will be about 8.00 pm where all the puyings started to report to work. By 10.00pm, most of the better one should have gone. The quality of the puyings here could easily matched SC models priced at 5,000b, much worthy in my opinion.

Another few similiar places are Sky Lounge at the roof of Pink Lady and My Place at BP Hotel. Prices are pretty similiar with Garden Home but with lesser puyings. There are also other places like singing lounge cum restaurant like Sakura Cafe, Wang Ho (At Mae Nam hotel near Emperor Hotel) for those who prefer Chinese Dolls who is mostly at late twenties or early thirties.

Hollywood has closed down for changing of management. The happening disco now is Paragon with full house almost everyday, get your place before 11pm. They do have singing and dancing show, the dancers sure looks yummy.

Another disco nearby is Sotus which mostly frequented by their locals. unless you are familiar and confortable to mix around with mostly thai locals, otherwise this disco may not suit you.

Danuk is happening place if you like evening party that starts as early as 4pm. It's frequented by mostly Msian border town men. The places worth to check out are Bangkok Cafe, Spider Cafe and Oscar Cafe. One got to feel adventurous in this small cowboy town and all the places are within walking distance. The town will turn to ghost town by 12pm local time as most of the puyings will return to Hdy for their hunt or night sleep.

For bros who could speak better thai and more familiar with Hdy could try their luck at Songkhla University where you could be lucky to chat some puyings up and what happen next is all depends on your charm and her needs. Can try also at Shopping Centre like Lee Garden Plaza (got couple of lookers at the basement, their store face directly the staircase, you wont miss them. I have got an eyeful of luck that day.) , Diana Shopping Centre, Big C and Tesco.

Hope this info helps.

Tonsil Basher
07-28-04, 09:35
Dr Devil, your info is of much help.

I was beginning to wonder after a heavy downpour why on earth was it pouring in Hollywood too (the floor at the stools between the dance floor and the toilets was drenched). Not only it needs new management, it needs new roofing.

When I intend to open a company in Thailand, I'll definitely go for the university girls. Need 7 of them to open a company.

Anyone knows how much is a room at the Novotel Sukhonta is per night?

RCA Knight
07-28-04, 17:51
Dr Devil, thanks for the report.

By the way, can you tell us where is Lovely Tour. I cannot find it on any Hat Yai map. I think I will buy the vouchers here.

07-29-04, 07:09

You can download the maps from here. All those important landmarks are highlighted.


Member #2054
07-29-04, 10:58
I check the history here. Seems like some one told that is got a model type in Emperor Hotel.

Got any guy been there before? Wonderfull Karaoke is not like old day. Any good place?

Thanks for the help.

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Dr Devil
07-30-04, 17:21
RCA Knight,

If you are taking coach to Hdy, most buses stopped at the front of Lovely Tour. See Niphat Uthit 3 Rd, just further north of Sakura GV.

Tonsil Basher,

Hollyword golden days has gone. I still remembered about 8 years back where thats the most happening spot where its packed shoulder to shoulder. I still remember those puyings were as agressive as seducing you right under the nose of your girl, i dont complaint though.

Member #2054,

Try Jenni KaraOK at Channivet Soi 2 and the few others within the same road. If you cant get yours here, chance are even lower to get better one elsewhere. If you going by tuk tuk, tell him to go to SK Hotel and then walk for the tuk tuk to clear before you check into the farms to save on his commission. I have their number but misplaced sometime ago, otherwise can pass it to you to call them to bring puyings to view at hotel room. Save your time and leg work. Price range 1,500b ~ 2,000b. Anything above that is chopping you.

Hope these info helpful.

07-31-04, 19:11
Hollywood a night of the past

It is fun if you want your ear drums perforated and can stand the heat - but its a bit of pot luck in there. Last time in I was hit on by a very cute one but then I looked into her eyes - it was like something from a horror movie - she rolled them right up when she was dancing and all you saw were the whites of her eyes !!

She went home plastered and me thankful for the lucky escape ! There are some nice ones there but better to be able to speak Thai and anyway its a late night hit and means reduced time in the bed so better to choose early and play more rounds - than hit late and take pot luck

Oh to be back in Hadyai again

Tonsil Basher
08-02-04, 08:37
11 years ago there was a hotel called Skala Hotel. I used to stay there. Used to take this salon girl called Yook. Back then BJ, let alone BBBJ, was so unheard of and deemed dirty by TGs except those working at PL.

By my second visit I managed to introduce the tip of my dong to her tonsils. At the end of that visit I shot my wad on her face.

She's probably 30 plus by now and probably married too.

Ahh, to know I trained her well.

Time to look for new sets of tonsils to bash.

Member #2390
08-09-04, 15:20
Just came back on sat from a 3-nite stay. Had quite a great time there. Real cheap when u compared to s'pore prices.

As suggested from the forum, went to Wonderful ktv for the over-nites. Gals there really not too bad. Got quite a few with fair complextion, and got 1 or 2 young gals there. But really need to go there early. Heard that some old birds went as early as 10am to pick their puyings.

Seriously, both gals i got gave me super GFE treatment man. No diff from my gf. Cuddled really close to me when sleeping. Did it 4 times with each gal. Guess the good treatment is becoz me followed the advice from the forum and treat the gals real nice and they simply return wat me gav out.

Can try out the foot massage places near Lee Plaza. One of the boss keep asking me to go and hav chicken rice with her. Pity me leaving on the day itself, so I didn't even bother to go. But she is seriously real hot though. 34D at least, but with quite a slim waist line. On the whole, a good and cheap place to cheong, but need to fight with lots of m'sians for the cheap and pretty gals!

And oh, pls dun take up any tour packages or free and easy offers. It is really much cheaper to juz find your way there 1st and then get everything you need from the many tour agencies there.

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Tonsil Basher
08-30-04, 08:28

None that I know of. There was a girl called Rin in Dannok. She doesn't do anal but I shoved it up her tight dirt hole until it bled and gave her a few more bucks. One of the first karaoke joints, third soi on the right as you pas the border. She has some boobs, late 20s or early 30s. Lost her number though.

08-31-04, 08:22
Hi buddy! Long time no see! Next week will go Hatyai. 8 month not been there already! I don't know any big change there? Any new interesting places to recommand?

Thank you!

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09-04-04, 01:27
Hi buddy!

One question want to ask. I got a DTAC prepaid phone sim card not use over 6 months because not been Hatyai long time so next week will go there. If I top up now this sim card can reactivate?

Thank you for reply!

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The Driver
09-06-04, 04:12
I was there last week and going up again this week as well. Business trip. Admittedly Hatyai cant be compared to Bangkok of course. Last week action, didnt take any LT, had bad ones during the trip before last. Just went to Chaphaya 4, pick Mai. Small here and there but was quite fun and reasonable English. Normal routine bath BBBJ in bath tub and ice on bed but no DATY and doesnt like to french kiss.

Good looking girls for karaoke and ST session are at KISS Garden Home. Mostly with reasonable command of English. Lets see what happen this week's trip or maybe reserve it for my BKK trip next week.


Member #2341
09-08-04, 15:40

Have anyone stay in River Inn before?

What is the cost like?

Is the room spacious?

Thanks for sharing,

Have a nice day

The Driver
09-10-04, 16:11
Got back yesterday. Thought of saving it for the BBK trip failed. All because of Ann from KISS Karaoke who i would say very pretty and just my taste, slim and stylish. Kiss seems full nowdays and the stocks are good. Anyway, warped up Ann and had good fun. I was told she's crossing over to Malaysia today for 3D2N, booking by customer! Anyone of you here did that?

River Inn question, sorry cant help as never stayed there. Made Sakura GV as my base everytime.


Tonsil Basher
09-13-04, 07:17
Hi Driver,

I have booked one from KISS (I won't say who) and a friend of mine booked her friend from Sakura. We stayed in Penang. Later she was booked by a customer who drove her all the way down to KL. I managed two rounds with her when her customer was away in the office.

Dr Devil
09-13-04, 20:50
Kiss Lounge girls are mostly treating the KTV as stepping stone or meeting ground when their schedule is vacant. You will get to see lots of new faces but they are not actually new there. Could have been there for months but work once every other week.

Vacation booking is just one of their revenue stream. I had one who accompanied me weeks to Genting, Msia. BKK, Pattaya, etc.. without booking fees but of course, I am paying thru other means.

Some may have sponsors paying monthly maintainance while some have a pol of regular tiraks. Nevertherless, these puyings are Kiss Lounge are really great companion and looks good too.

09-14-04, 09:34
For Memeber # 2341

River Inn Hotel is just around the corner from OK/Wonderful Karoke and a few blocks from downtown.

If you buy a voucher at Lovely Tours the rate is only 360 a night. If you just walk up it is 500 at the hotel.

The rooms are great for that price. It is a bit old and shabby but really clean and there is HY cable TV and fridge. No views and small staff but because it is not right downtown it is never full.

For the price and location it is great. No swimming pool or gym but lots of parking.

For this price range it is the best hotel. You can also stay in the old section of Hat Yai Garden Home with a voucher from Lovely it is 400 baht. This is center of Cheekimyoong and home of Kiss Bar.

The Driver
09-15-04, 02:44
Tonsil Basher,

Dont know if its the same one as she told me she's heading to Genting 3D2N from Friday last week. She did ask me if I want to book her as well after that, I said no thank you. I wouldn'nt be suprised that they also do side job like you had. She told me she will call me if there is "time" i.e. when unutilised by the main customer! Wah.. good eh, like this I think next time we can be agent aslo la!



Tonsil Basher
09-16-04, 07:39

can make some money for us to have more fun. haha. but i'd give the thais more points than the girls in indonesia who seem to be more interested in gwei-lo. my gwei-lo friend last week so happy to get in touch with one fl in jakarta. yesterday he had to visit a clinic in bukit bintang to make sure he can [CodeWord111] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord111) without pain.

Member #2065
09-16-04, 17:56

Just curious what are the prices of TG in Hadyai like in term of like ST or LT as I understand unlike Bangkok.

Heard from a fren, that can book a TG for whole day something like 12 to 15 hour or more like about 1800bt and higher depends on the quality as well. Is that true?

Where are such joints (name) to pick up TG? What is a good time to pick up (want to be early bird)? Any good recommendation of hotels that are within such joints? Any good restaurants as well?

As I am a newbie to Hadyai? Looking forward for some reply.

The Driver
09-17-04, 04:32

If you read the thread, I am sure almost all your questions answered by previous postings. But then, what the heck;

Price range from 1500 to 2500 for LT and 800 to 1200 for ST, normally price reflects the quality, but then again, you could strike it lucky.

Where to pick up, almost everywhere! I mean karaoke or hotel. Dont worry, the bell boy will surely ask you when you check in or the tuk tuk driver will do the same when you step out!. If you use the bell boy, be choosey, if you dont like any of them, send them off and ask for the next "team". Pick up time; it starts as early as noon. They normally go away, 7am but if they like you they will stay till noon as well or may be more.

Hotel are reasonably priced and room are good. If yoy have the money to spend, go to Novotel around thb2300. For me, THB890 is already giving a good room. Too many hotels in the area so, just pop in to any travel agent and buy a voucher. you will get it cheaper. Restaurant, plenty. Good food as well, I have been putting up weight.

Hope that helps.


Tonsil Basher
09-17-04, 05:27
In some places near Chaiyakul you can get as low as that. If she likes you, you may get less but make sure you hunt on your own and don't let the tuk-tuk drivers recommend. It'll be expensive. For better looking ones probably around Baht2500 LT or more.

Member #2564
09-17-04, 09:23
I went to Hatyai for few times and want to share some of my experience in the forum.

Those tut-tut that are annoying, keep on offering bring you to puying. The best way said to them is you already done the booking. If you directly said No to those tut-tut driver, always them will keep on disturbing you

This trick work for me everytime.

09-20-04, 18:44
Hello bro,

Would like to know where the KISS lounge located?

The Driver
09-21-04, 13:40

Just ask the tuk tuk driver to go to KISS Garrden Home. 20baht per head. Go up the stairs, head straight, take the lift to first floor. As you enter, girls are on the left side, then the lounge, head to the end turn left, you'll find the karaoke.



Tonsil Basher
09-21-04, 14:46
KISS Lounge? Hat Yai Garden Home hotel around Chaiyakul area. Send my love to them. I'm breaking my bed in Bangkok.

The Driver
09-22-04, 02:21

Going to Bangkok or staying there? I am up as well on 28th Sept. Enjoy your bed rocking.


09-22-04, 22:09
Tonsil & Driver,

Thanks for the location, will venture to that place soon.

Tonsil Basher
09-24-04, 08:25

Occasionally in BKK for work. So in BKK every month or so for 2-3 nights.

The Driver
09-25-04, 03:21

Where are you? In Bangkok already rocking the bed? I will be there next week. Saw you mentioned Jakarta down the thread. Well, the girls are pretty especially at Manhattan (borobudur hotel) but but pricey. I went to a place, private one at prapanca, girls are pretty & high class, asking price 3 million rups for ST. No way bro. Medan was OK and I still remember the FL and I really screw her like crazy, Small body but well shaped C breast. But that was last year, dont know how is it now.

You have fun in Bangkok OK!


Eazy Guy
09-26-04, 11:02
Yesterday I went to Bukit Kayu Hitam with a forum member for day trip. As we reached theduty free zone, we parked the car and passing the border to Thailand and wanted to find some fun within limited hours.

We just went to Oscar for viewing but nothing to shout about it so we went to Satit just few blocks away from Oscar and I found a girl with good looking but unfortunately she had been booked by someone, too bad! At the same time, my friend found a girl who have an innocent face. They went to upstair, and I was waiting for my friend downstair.

After 1.5 hour, I saw my friend again and the reaction that given by him was sucks as the girl that he picked did not allow him to bang her no matter what he said, it was not our day as I get nothing and he just finished with HJ, not even BJ!

What I am going to share over here is make sure the girl is a 'wood fish' rather than 'gold fish' so we can enjoy the session! Don't simply go to the HC and getting nothing.


RCA Knight
09-27-04, 12:29
Just finished 7 day visa run to Hat Yai. Went out at Padang and U-turn bacl to Thailand. The 2 sides are about 10 minutes apart by walking. It was very hot and no shades at all so prepare a hat or unbrella if you are going to make a U-turn there.

Does anyone know the Dannok immigrations, are the 2 sides very far apart by walking?? I am thinking of going through Dannok next month for visa run. And is there direct bus from Hat Yai to Dannok? or you have to change at Sadao?

The Kiss lounge is still booming. Lots of babes and lots of hungry Malaysian men. So have to act fast. These guys come in in groups and take out babes in groups.

09-28-04, 05:32
RCA Knight,
The distance between the two sides at Dannok immigration is shorter compared to the immigration at Padang. And there is a sheltered foot path for most of the journey between the two points in Dannok.

Hatyai-Padang by non AC bus, costs about 25baht .
Hatyai-Dannok by van, costs about 50baht. Not sure whether there are any non AC bus that ply the Hatyai-Dannok route. But if you are coming from BKK, there are AC buses that leave Southern Bus terminal, which do the BKK-Hatyai-Dannok route.

RCA Knight
09-28-04, 18:12
Thanks Slimguy. I will go through Dannok from now on. Padang is really a long and tiring walk between the two sides. About getting to Hat Yai, the cheapest promotion on Air Asia is over. It was 399 one way from BKK for a while. Now it is 1100 the cheapest rate, all included 1337. So the cheapest to get to Hat Yai now is 1 to go Orient Thai. It has promotion for 1330, all included.

Paragon now is the hottest disco in town. I went there a few times and every night was packed. After 12 AM, there are always quite lot of karaoke babes get off work and came in for extra activity. I picked up 2 from there at once. Both work in a karaoke. Paid them together 4000 for a 3some and they were happy with that.

Picked another one up at the karaoke from Asian Hotel. Mamasan asked me 1600 for a ST. Picked up one from a karaoke near Paragon. I think its called Hansa. Paid 2300 for ST. Got one from a karaoke across the street from Daichi Hotel. The mamasan won't let the girl out for off, so I told her to see me after work at my hotel and she agreed without pre asking for money. She was very cute and very nice body and paid her 2500 and she was very happy and stayed a long time with me and took me on her motorbike to some breakfast noodle place and even took me to her apartment to see her cat at 6 AM.

Also went to Kiss Lounge 2 times and picked up one babe one time and the other time went there too late and all the hungry Malaysian guys took all the cute ones already. Very enjoyable 7 night stay at Hat Yai. Really looking forward to next visa run to Dannok.

Dr Devil
09-28-04, 18:15

From Danuk Thai border to Msia border is about 500m apart with shade along the way. There is also a duty free complex if you like to shop a little on your return. Best of all is that Danuk is full of short fun.

You could take minivan from tour agency like Lovely Tour (not too sure the price though) and it takes about 45 mins to Danuk. There are big tuk tuk waiting at Danuk roadside (in front of 7-11) to return to Hdy.

If you are from BKK, I bet its nearer to do Visa run via Cambodia. The journey will be like BKK > Chonpuri > Poipet which takes only about 4~5 hours bus journey compared to 10 hours bus journey to Hatyai. Casino and hotels in operation there, still under heavy development.

Dr Devil
09-28-04, 18:17
About 8~10 of us, mostly from Spore will be in Hdy from 1st ~ 3rd Oct, any bros here like to meet up for a beer or join us could PM me for my thai contact.

09-29-04, 07:38
Where exactly is Paragon? Will be making only my second trip to Hadyaai next month. Is Hollywood still hapenning? It was very good when I was there last, which was last year.

RCA Knight
10-02-04, 06:06
Dr. Devil,

To make visa run to Aran, its a 5 hour bus ride plus 1000 bahts
visa fee to enter Poipet. I don't find Cambodian and Vietnemese girls too attractive and I don't enjoy night life in Poipet.

To go to Hat Yai is 1 hour 20 min by air from BKK. I never take the bus to Hat Yai because the airfare sometimes is cheaper than bus if reserve early. Now even the regular fare on One To Go or Air Asia is only about 2-3 hundred bahts more than the bus fare. And to enter Malaysia is free. No visa fee. So to make visa run to Hat Yai actually more relaxing and more enjoyable and less time consuming. The other relax visa run is to Chiang Rai, cheap air flights to there as well. But the night life sucks there.

So my overall evaluation is Hat Yai is the best fun for visa run and night action. Other points like Chiang Rai(Mae Sai), Mae Sot, Udon(Nong Kai), Aran, Ubon(Chong Mek), Ranong, Mudahan, ect, do not even come close to the level of fun as in Hay Yai. Hat Yai also has the highest level and widest choices of babes among all the visa run points.

Member #2054
10-03-04, 10:37
Hi guy,

I know got some Vietnam or Cambodia girl work at karaoke. I've been to saw before but forget the karaoke name. Can any one help?


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Dr Devil
10-03-04, 18:44

I must agree with you, those chicks available at Poipet dont looks fancy at all. The surrounding is really sadenning with kids begging around for a living.

Thanks to budget airline, it's now as cheap to fly as coaches but the last flight I took from Hatyai to BKK by 1-2-Go was 1,300b, probably bcos it was last minute booking.

I am sure Hatyai and Danuk night life is pretty happening, as compared to other borders as Msia is the only connecting better doing country compared to the rest.

I am seeing more farangs at Hatyai and Danuk too in recent months. I guess more is starting to explore this southern city.

Ice Raj
10-04-04, 03:37
Hi Fellow Bro's,

Shall be making a run in mid-Oct. Shall be posting the experiences.

Any fellow monggers been to West Side Pub recently? How is the place, in terms of FL/pick-up etc? Love to hang out there due to the band and the beers are cheap. But that was about a year ago.

Anyone know anything about the "kampung/village girl" scene. Heard it's happening in Hdy. Real young (legal) and new ones in the outskirts of Hdy, but dunno how to get them. Any clues guys?

Until next time dudes.

Tonsil Basher
10-04-04, 12:13

Thanks bro. Was in BKK but was also in deep South, checking out Satun and Hat Yai for a while. Nothing to shout about this time around as it was raining like...well, even cats and dogs would run away.

I'm not to keen on the FLs in Indon. They're not as clean as the Thais are. A friend of mine who is also on this forum (occassionaly between HatYai and Jakarta) caught the clap recently.

Give the man an applause.

The Driver
10-07-04, 04:16

Havent seen you much on KL forum lately. Dont tell me you didnt have fun as well while on the tour of duty! I was in BKK but came back earlier, wrong communication with girlfriend so didnt manage to see her. But I was at Nana and went to see the katoey beauty paegent at one of the newly opened place (1st day opening) on the top floor! Wow, I must say they were just amazing. Sat at the front row and were kissed by them (aarrrgggg!) It was good fun though. Will be in HDY and BKK again next week.


Last went to West side in March, yup still a good live band place with the oldies (or rather songs that I am very familiar with). Still can pick up there as well if you wish.



Ice Raj
10-08-04, 05:23
Thanks bro Driver, appreciate it


10-08-04, 05:57
Hi to all fellow mongers,

Can anyone provide me some info on Betong, Thailand as i cant seem to find any post regarding it. I m planning to pay a visit there next week.

Thx in advance

Tonsil Basher
10-08-04, 08:43

KL nothing much to post. I only go for the occassional BBBJCIM Mark Kor recommended or screw my beloved Esther. KL not so happening like the past year or so. Last time at least got Dora-Dora next to my office so spent my lunch being eaten by the Indons.

Never had a katoey before but the ones in KL are being frequented by people driving Mercedes and BMWs...so there musgt be something there. As they say, it takes a thief to catch a thief..so maybe they give BJ better than women. Haha...my hair standing already.

I'll be in BKK week after next and HDY probably in November.


I've not been to Betong for the past 10 years (last was 1994). Basically what you get in Padang Besar, Sungai Golok or Dannok, although not as lively (but I could be wrong now).

Padang Besar is an annex to Perlis. Dannok is an annex to Penang and Kedah, Betong is an annex to Kedah and Perak, and Sungai Golok is Kelantan.

Leo Monti
10-08-04, 18:38

“Can anyone provide me some info on Betong...”


Thanks to this site I had some good infos for one of my past trip in Africa. It’s now my turn to give some helpfull (I hope) informations.
Let me tell first that I had never reported my numerous trip to LOS just because my english is rather poor and I had nothing special to add at reports of other members that usually write on the LOS forums.

I have been to Betong the first time in 1997 and then I hit back on 2001. Both time I went there for a new visa (from town to border it takes 15 min. motorbike, 50 or 60 Bath, then you cross the borderline and after having spent 5 minutes for looking the malesian jungle you go back and get your stamp for 30 days more in LOS).

Well, it wouldn’t be a great deal to spent 3+ hrs on a minibus from Yala to Betong (5+ from Hat Yai, if I remember well) on a shity (snake)road that cross the jungle only for a new visa; but Betong as some goods to offer to a monger looking for some action in the middle of nowhere.

Betong is a small town in the middle of the jungle. The chinese mafia controls everything there. I’ve heard about those groups of rebels that fight for annex the province to Malesya, but as I know they are not very active right now.

When I was there I couldn’t see another farang around during all my stay. A lot of malesian and chinese looking for sex and drink.

I stayed at hotel Sri Betong, not expencive (500 B HW, A/C & guest friendy). If you are looking for a better hotel try the Merlin (also guest friendly).

Both hotel are near the action.

The scene presents a lot of barber shop opening early in the afternoon. For a good chice better to go early. On the street in front of Sri Betong there are at least 10 BS.

In the street that goes from the disco to Merlin Hotel (rear site) there are more bars & BS

200 mt from Sri Betong you will find the Disco Duck (mmmhhh, not sure about the name) but at that time there was only one disco in town. It is a pick up place. Lot of girls looking for costumers.

In the street that goes from the disco to Merlin Hotel (rear site) there are more bars & BS

Pay attention. Maybe things are changed, but at that time there was no way to pay other price than 1500 Bth. for LT (all included). Those girls are slaves of chinese mafia & they don’t decide about price. You will not go far if you haven’t payed the due, well, this was the impression that I had.

AFAIK you will not find freelancers in Betong.

In 1997 at Merlin Hotel I used to play some snooker and there were always girls dancing in the bar at the pool floor. But in 2001 no more girls there, don’t know why?

If at the Merlin there was nothing interesting after some play and some beers its better to visit the bars and BS on the street rear of the Merlin Hotel (there was a bar very hot there, but I can’t remember the name: sounds like jockey bar. Mmmhhhh I’m getting old or drinking too much).

There are some beauty in Betong, but don’t forget you are competing with chinese and malesyan. A lot of the girls there can speak some malesian or chinese, but few can speak a decent english. I had 6 girls there and only one was good in english (I can speak some thai, so it was not a big problem to get my goal J) …. but as usual in Thailand things changes quickly.

Hope this report is readable and usefull, even if more than 3 y. past. If you need more infos ask me and I will try to dig in my memories to find out more.

Peace & have fun


Ice Raj
10-11-04, 05:04
Hi Guys,

Will be in Hdy on 14 & 15/10/04 for some shagedelism...:)).

Any one want to hook up for some beers...etc...PM me.



10-12-04, 13:19
Thanks to all bro who help me out,

I promise i will give a FR asap when i got back till then happy hunting guys. :)


Dr Devil
10-14-04, 20:25

What info you need about Betong? I was there 2 weeks back but dont expect me the write full FR, pen getting too corroded to write. Dont mind to answer your questions though.

Sanuk Guy
10-16-04, 16:35
Dr Devil,

Juz a question.

How is Betong, anyway? As I recall it is pratically a dead town after 9 with exception of a disco near Merlin. Also there some social unrest near Pattani n Yala (abt 3 hrs drive), turning a number of samster off.

Ice Raj
10-19-04, 04:59
Hi All,

Was in Hdy recently, tried to look for FL's. Looked around the Odeon and Lee Garden area. Only response was from a cute clothes seller and her fren. Anyway gave it a pass because worried if they were Katoey.

Tried hair saloons, seemed promising. They asked me 2 come back after 10pm when they closed but I was already hooked up with a WL by then. My friend got some h/p no's but when he called no response.

Again Kiss and Wonderfull seemed the best around for WL (please tell me if you guys know of anywhere else).

The Pub and West Side still happening.

Anyone know anything happening here on the University FL scene?



10-22-04, 14:47

Could anyone of you tell me where is the wonderfull OK located.

City Cat II
10-23-04, 06:54
Hi All,

I will be heading to HatYai in November.

Can anyone recomend a good place for a good Massage. What is the price range?

City Cat II

Dr Devil
10-24-04, 02:04
Dr Devil,

Can please let me know which karaoke in Betong got good looking chicks now? What are the rates? Also which is the best hotel there? Thanks for your info

Most karaoke have shifted to hill top, you go thru the tunnel beside Merlin. The biggest karaoke with the most chicks for selection are Little Duck beside Merlin Hotel. They has a A-Go-Go too, most are chicks left over of the day. Price ranging from 1,500b~2,000b.

Depending on your preference, if you needed convenience, either Merlin or Grand Hill View Hotel at hill top is the best choice. I would prefer Penthouse located at midway right opp of Betong Police Station, before entering the city. There is another new resort located at the midway too but I forgotten the name. Some activites are building up there too. Wait till my buddies got back in few days time and I will get to know the latest happenings.

Dr Devil,

Juz a question.

How is Betong, anyway? As I recall it is pratically a dead town after 9 with exception of a disco near Merlin. Also there some social unrest near Pattani n Yala (abt 3 hrs drive), turning a number of samster off.

Betong did not developed much since 10 years back. It was more active and exciting 12 ~ 15 years back, it's like dying city now bcos of Hatyai and Danuk attraction. The disco opp Merlin is pretty dead on weekdays too, the happening is at the disco at Hill Top. It has a A-Go-Go, casino (I believed closed now), disco, chick farms, hotel.

Unrest in Pattani or Yala did not chase much cheongsters away but affected those shopping tourist that is mostly uncles and aunties where one of their iterinary include temples visit located around Yala & Pattani. Hotels and farms are still pretty full with cheongsters, especially after TigerAir started to fly direct to Hatyai cheaply.

Dr Devil
10-24-04, 02:23
[QUOTE=Leo Monti]Samapad:

“Can anyone provide me some info on Betong...”


Thanks to this site I had some good infos for one of my past trip in Africa. It’s now my turn to give some helpfull (I hope) informations.
Let me tell first that I had never reported my numerous trip to LOS just because my english is rather poor and I had nothing special to add at reports of other members that usually write on the LOS forums.

I have been to Betong the first time in 1997 and then I hit back on 2001. Both time I went there for a new visa (from town to border it takes 15 min. motorbike, 50 or 60 Bath, then you cross the borderline and after having spent 5 minutes for looking the malesian jungle you go back and get your stamp for 30 days more in LOS).

Well, it wouldn’t be a great deal to spent 3+ hrs on a minibus from Yala to Betong (5+ from Hat Yai, if I remember well) on a shity (snake)road that cross the jungle only for a new visa; but Betong as some goods to offer to a monger looking for some action in the middle of nowhere.

Betong is a small town in the middle of the jungle. The chinese mafia controls everything there. I’ve heard about those groups of rebels that fight for annex the province to Malesya, but as I know they are not very active right now.

When I was there I couldn’t see another farang around during all my stay. A lot of malesian and chinese looking for sex and drink.

You are right, there are almost no farang monging around in Betong, so their welcoming of farangs may not be as great as you could be getting at Pattaya or Phuket. Most of the mongers are Malaysian's (BTW, this should be the right spelling) chinese from the neighouring border states. Hatyai is about the same situation but I started to see more farangs in recent years.

I stayed at hotel Sri Betong, not expencive (500 B HW, A/C & guest friendy). If you are looking for a better hotel try the Merlin (also guest friendly).

Sri Betong just renovated 2~3 years back, otherwise its old shitty hotel. Merlin hotel is getting old too, it was the most grand hotel at Betong many years back and suprisingly the hotel rate remain stable for the last 12 years or so.

Both hotel are near the action.

The scene presents a lot of barber shop opening early in the afternoon. For a good chice better to go early. On the street in front of Sri Betong there are at least 10 BS.

In the street that goes from the disco to Merlin Hotel (rear site) there are more bars & BS

Most of the BS (most chick farms are called Barbers at Betong) has shifted to hill top, except few left around Merlin. The shifting is making way to attract shopping tourist that they are trying to woo. So they got to clean the street a little. 12 years back you will find all the touts calling and pulling you to their BS.

200 mt from Sri Betong you will find the Disco Duck (mmmhhh, not sure about the name) but at that time there was only one disco in town. It is a pick up place. Lot of girls looking for costumers.

I think you are referring to the disco at Cathay Hotel, this was the most happening disco years back but became a dead ground now. The fun shifted mostly to hill top.

Pay attention. Maybe things are changed, but at that time there was no way to pay other price than 1500 Bth. for LT (all included). Those girls are slaves of chinese mafia & they don’t decide about price. You will not go far if you haven’t payed the due, well, this was the impression that I had.

AFAIK you will not find freelancers in Betong.

Most of the ladies found in Betong are mostly WL, if you found single ladies in disco or on the street, chances are she should be sponsored by someone, so be very careful here. In Betong, it's mostly paid session, those trying to be lucky may find their luck lower than striking a 4D.

In 1997 at Merlin Hotel I used to play some snooker and there were always girls dancing in the bar at the pool floor. But in 2001 no more girls there, don’t know why?

If at the Merlin there was nothing interesting after some play and some beers its better to visit the bars and BS on the street rear of the Merlin Hotel (there was a bar very hot there, but I can’t remember the name: sounds like jockey bar. Mmmhhhh I’m getting old or drinking too much).

Jockey bar still as happening right from happy hour and their "dancers" are actually WL available for booking too.

There are some beauty in Betong, but don’t forget you are competing with chinese and malesyan. A lot of the girls there can speak some malesian or chinese, but few can speak a decent english. I had 6 girls there and only one was good in english (I can speak some thai, so it was not a big problem to get my goal J) …. but as usual in Thailand things changes quickly.

Finding a beautiful WL in Betong was pretty rare unless you are regular or lucky enough, as most will be quickly sponsored up by someone. Betong is almost like a 2nd wife town for those Msian neighbouring states. Most WL speaks Hokkein or Cantonese (chinese dialet).

Hope this report is readable and usefull, even if more than 3 y. past. If you need more infos ask me and I will try to dig in my memories to find out more.

Peace & have fun

Dr Devil
10-24-04, 02:32
Anyone know anything happening here on the University FL scene?



If University FL is your target, try spending your time as Lotus or Big C located along the road to Songkhla. Most of the students shopped around both shoppings after their school but don't expect to walk straight to them and get a price. Another pickup area are disco for locals like Route 9 and Sotus where they usually partying with their friends. Paragon is flooding with FL picking up customers now, with Hollywood dying as ghost town. So far, I get to taste only 2 students who is not in business, different quality, different experience and very warm treatment but it could get sticky if you don't handle it well.

Tonsil Basher
10-25-04, 08:02
I agree with Dr Devil's statement.

While it is nice to have university FL's, it's best to keep it at that. If you go for freebies who then regard you as a walking ATM, you're in trouble. They'll cling to you worse than poison ivy.

Dr Devil
10-26-04, 04:41
I agree with Dr Devil's statement.

While it is nice to have university FL's, it's best to keep it at that. If you go for freebies who then regard you as a walking ATM, you're in trouble. They'll cling to you worse than poison ivy.

Well, I think it is a good practise for one to pay for whatever deal that was done, at least you got a clean pay, fuck and forget. You will never know how sticky a thai lady could be. Of course, unless both of you reached certain level intimacy in relationship but then you will be surrounded with different sets of committment and worries. So let's just enjoy the fun as it is, when you get over the border line, it can get pretty murky.

Ice Raj
10-26-04, 04:45
Dear Dr Devil,

Thanks for the input. I am quite experienced at mongering so hopefully i'm able to handle the Uni FL's, :)

Your info is excellent & shall be making atrip soon to verify & post the experience.

Kop Khun Krap

Tonsil Basher,

Dude I was lookin for an FL not a FF (free fuck)!

May Pien Lay...... :) thanks for the concern guys, my dick throbs 2 enter those heavenly FL's, :).



Ice Raj
10-27-04, 06:00
Dear Dr Devil & Tonsil Basher,

Thanks for the comments and concern. I will definitely look into those spots recommended.

Note I am looking for an FL dudes, not an FF (Free Fuck). Hope I will be able to handle the situation (like I have successfully done for some time now!) :)

I will post upon a successful fishing expedition.



PS : I posted a response to your emails yesterday but I am unsure why it has not been posted. Anyway.... :)

Leo Monti
10-28-04, 12:22
Dr. Devil,

thanks for update my report. As told before I knew that things could have been changed a lot during the last 3 years.

When I was in Betong last time hotel Sri Betong have already some rooms completely renewed and at the reception they confirmed that all the rooms would have been restructured.

It hurts to hear that the scene is not the same before. I had a good time in Betong and I had a lot of luck with the girls choice (but if I remeber well, with a little bit of patience it was not so difficult to find nice WL).

Anyway, next year I will go check by myself how things are changed. Any suggestions for an hotel near where BS and Clubs have shifted?


PS: Right, Malaysian is the right spelling. I can speak 6 languages, but english is not the one I speak better, and writing is even worst.

Member #2902
10-29-04, 08:57
"A bomb exploded in a bar in Sungai Golok, killing a Thai and injuring about 20 people, including four Malaysians, in what could be the first reaction to the deaths of 84 Muslim protesters earlier this week. "

Any comments? It get reaction from Muslim protesters in Hatyai? Hope for peace & fun!

10-30-04, 10:23
Newspaper reports in Bangkok suggest that Hatyai has lost half it's tourists since recent events. I must say you'd be mad to visit the southern areas during these troubled times. No sense in tempting fate.

10-30-04, 10:43
I'm going to hat yai on 17-19/11, anyone dare to join. PM me.

The Driver
11-02-04, 10:30
Well, I frequent the town for business (and fun of course) and dont see a problem with it. Last was there 2 weeks ago and will be there again next week.

Tonsil Basher, any comments?



11-04-04, 12:03
I live in HY and there has not been any trouble here at all. The papers are right that the tourists are not coming in the same numbers. A lot of toursit shops are closing but all that means is that the shop girls will now be either FL or working at the karoke "office". Where the bomb went off and the killings is 4 hours South of here. I met up with a fellow member from here last week, he was from KL, and I gave him a brief tour and we had beer after he chose his first lady of the trip. Weekdays are a little slower but the weekends are still pretty busy. Just like I wrote earlier in the year it is safe here, the trouble is further South.

Dr Devil
11-05-04, 06:14

There is a new disco, Spider which is the grandest now and the hot spots in Betong now. There is also a new hotel nearby but I cant recall the name now. Both is right before entrance to Betong city.

You can stay in Grand View Hotel at Hill Top which is pretty convenient. Hotel conditions dont looks good though. I still prefer Penthouse, but got to book early otherwise sure full house, only about 660b. So much more worth.

Dr Devil
11-05-04, 06:28

The newspaper is right where Hatyai has lost most of their shopping tourists that is mostly make up by aunties and uncles from Malaysia and Singapore where temples visit in Pattani is one of the must visit iterinary. But monging tourist like us are still aplenty and flooding the farms every weekend, especially since the budget airline AirAsia started their direct KL>Hdy and TigerAir's Spore>Hdy.

All the attacks and bombing has been localising on muslim dominated towns and their objective is to form their own state at their stronghold. Towns like Pattani, Songkhla, Yala and Sg Golok was the worst hit but so far, I did not noticed any mess in Hatyai, at least till date, touch wood.

I have been getting updates as frequent as weekly basis from buddies who came back from their trip or from my puyings and friends there, situation is basically as calm as usual, though no one could predict the future.

It is always good to be safe especially in the current climate, who know where the next bomb or bullet will be landed. so, your fate is in your hand, go or no go? hhahahaha

Leo Monti
11-17-04, 08:30

Thanks a lot for your usefull informations. I will check again in Betong next year, I think around august.

For the next year I am planing a long trip; I willl start first my exploration from Madagascar, and then in june I will reach the SE Asia and will be around there for about one year, visiting LOS, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and PI.

In the past 3 year I went only in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phnom Penhn, so I need to collect some infos about all the other places that I am going to visit and where the things may be changed from the last time I had the chance to travel around SEA.

I appreciate any information by people like you, that are on the field and have a lot of experience moving around those countries.

Peace & have fun


Fish Hunter II
11-17-04, 17:32
Hi Fellow Cheongsters,

I think Hatyai is still peaceful enough for cheonging. I was there just begining of the month. I had always boooked this Girl from SC. Kind of part-time GF. I was there alone this round, as my friends could not join me last minute. Was meeting a business associate then joining my Home Minister in Singapore.
FYI, it is cheaper to fly KL-HDY-SIN than KL-SIN. I'm from KL, frequently to Singapore for meetings, just so happen I, KL-SIN via Hatyai this time.

Anyways, check out The Brass Monkey bar, local FL, WL drinks there if they have no booking for the night. The bar closes at 1am then they'll adjourn to the disco's after that.

I was lucky enough that night to have 4 other good looking WL from SC joined me drinking session. We finished 2 Chivas among the 6 of us.

I'm planning another trip second week December, got meeting in Bangkok 3 hrs, then take airasia to Hatyai for 2 days. Any fellow cheongters in Hatyai that time?

Good thing Home minister don't really check my passport stamps. Hatyai still a good and cheap place to party.

Tonsil Basher
11-18-04, 07:55
My take is Hat Yai is relatively safe although within the past ten years I know one bomb actually went off at the railway station. That was the only time. If you want to feel safer, take the radius of a bomb blast and compare that to the the number of square kilometers of Hat Yai's area.

I wanna die smiling...

12-02-04, 17:50
Be visiting hat yai this fri to sun, here i'll like to thankss Wsg bros for the precious info I readed. Will post my 2 nite experience at hat yai when I cum back.

Hope hat yai is safe, with no incident happen. NA MO TA SA !


From KL

12-05-04, 17:03
After 2 nite at hat yai with a fren call Adam, all preasure and tension were released. Too bad, Mike can't make it.

1st day: Arrive at the check point about 9pm, as planned earlier, spend a nite at Danok. Danok is the nearest town after crossing the border, just minute away.
Checked into U house hotel. After a fast shower, out we go for the nite at Danok.
Been taken to Deluxe karaoke by a fren from KL, said that he is a partner of this karaoke. The place have about 20 over WLs only, mostly are PRC and local thai. Place are not happening, maybe effected by the bomb crisis. Been told that all the ladys can be booked for the nite, and the damage is 3500bath. i feel is a bit over charge. never made it, got nothing from this karaoke. At 12pm off from this karaoke and landed at a fing tau disco to hunt puyin for our nite. Not much ppl around, i manage to grab a waitress, she allow me to hug her, when mention for booking, turned down by her, she in period. SHIT

Then off we go from disco, decide to makan only, and back to hotel to sleep our lonely nite. Suddenly while driving, we catch our eyes on 3 walking ladys, down the window and say hi to them, on the spot 3 of them jump into my car, and supper we go. During supper, we make our deal for 2000bath for booking.

Not very pretty looking, but lucky we manage to pick one from the road side, haha... Janji ada lobang loh.

Tired now, tomorrow nite the 2nd nite report. good nite


12-06-04, 03:01
Arrived at airport. 60 baht minibus service from Limo desk to railway station for me. Stay Hok Chin Hin Hotel, 180 baht.

Later, some really ugly ladyboys around railway station. Why Xball fantasizes about being gang banged by those disease ravaged creatures is beyond me. Thye are much uglier and sicker looking that Pattaya.s Bkk's or KL's.

For more normal people: go to Pink Lady. Outside is a small night market. My bonk cost 500 baht, 2 hours and 2 shots was enough for me. Lots of Malaysian Indian guys walking their hired holes.

Lots of white backpackers too. Therre is no security problem here. The Skipper's mob drops origami form air force planes. There is no Islamic resistance here. The only danger isd to those like Xball who dream about being butt fucked by ugly sh-hes. The rest of us are in no danger.
Gotta run: to a train bound for nowhere;)

Ice Raj
12-06-04, 05:12
Dear Daijek,

Dont forget 2 try Kiss Lounge.


12-07-04, 10:22
Sat morning, drive deep into Natawee to a temple for praying. Finished praying and arrive at hatyai already tired 5pm.

After check in to Sakura Hotel,immediately jump into a tut tut to SEE KIM YUNG for picking. After checked out a few dens stock are not good, mostly native look, or fat, price are only 1500 bath or lower. So, got nothing from this place and back to sakura for a relaxing thai ancient massage. With 2 hours of relaxing massage, our body is fully charged with active and aggresive energy.

At almost 8pm, ride tut tut again to KISS LOUNGE AND KTV, Guys ! this is the real happening place of Hat yai, Heaven for pick up place, with over 70 WLs to choose from, all gals are in high heel, modern dressing, model look alike, young, pretty and attractive.

Picking experience: 1st i see which gal are smiling or making eye contact with me, i got 4 in mind, their eye tell me, she wanna pick me, HAHA .. 2nd i ask mummy, which gal speak mandarin or english, coz i dunno hokkien or thai, comunication is very important, as if we picked a gal with cominication difficulty, is like chicken chat with duck.

Damage is like blue chips, the earlier you pick the more expensive, bcoz this place is KTV when we picked a gal we have to pay their working hours,have 2 pricing in their house menu, the highest is 3400baht and 2700baht for picking at 8pm, if pick at 10pm will be cheaper, if at 12pm will be cheaper and cheaper, the lowest are around 2000baht for late late picking, by this late time, most pretty stock are picked by early mongerer like me, hehe!

Nite life: the most happening disco is Paragon at hansa complex, came 2nd is Emperor, a new disco in town, Hollywood still around, but no more famous as 8 yrs ago. fung shui has turned around.

I went to Paragon, new age live band, with 2 giant screen for soccer viewing, left is aston villa vs liverpool and right screen is Man U vs soton, and another educating 60 inch projector at ceiling, when ever you look up to ceiling at the 60inch screen, you'll learn a new bonking position, a non stop bonking slide show.

Thats all guys, happy hunting.


12-07-04, 10:26
Yes Raj,

Thankz for advice, I picked a pretty at kiss and very satisfied, you can see her picture at the photo gallery, I did post her there.


Dear Daijek,

Dont forget 2 try Kiss Lounge.


12-09-04, 03:29
Hey bro,

I will be heading to songkhlah next week. Anyway know any hotel by the beach there? I knew of BP and Rajamangala Pavilion Beach Resort. Any bro here been to any places there? any recommendation?


Member #2518
12-13-04, 04:54
I plan to go Danok this weekend and proceed to Hatyai for enjoying myself. Any suggestion on how to go from Danok to Hatyai with the best option and how to get the best girl for overnight at Hatyai? And, how much is the price of hotel at Hatyai. FYI, I'm driving to Bukit Kayu Hitam and will put my car there. How can I travel around Danok and Hatyai. Pls help to suggest me some option. Thx!

Tonsil Basher
12-13-04, 07:28
Further up there's the Haad Kaew Resort...slightly north of Songkhla itself. Secluded, as BP you have to share with lots of factory workers and families on weekend trip from Malaysia.

12-14-04, 03:23
If you are going to stay at BP Samilla Beach Hotel buy your hotel voucher in Hat Yai at Lovely Tour. You will save a few hundred baht on booking direct with the hotel. Also, make sure you ask for a seaview room when buying the voucher.

12-14-04, 09:24
Danok is heaven for malaysian too, mostly for day enjoyment, and be back to malaysia before border close for the day.

Too my opinion, Danok is not worth for a stop, i rather go direct to hat yai, even if you stop at Danok, you'll feel unsafe of the enviroment, kinda cowboy town style.

As you read the past report in here, you'll found that KISS is the bast pick up gals for over nite, price from 3400baht to 2900baht, or you can save up a bit by waiting for KTV booking times goes by. KISS is a karaoke KTV, when you pick one, then you have to pay the booking fees and over nite fees. I bet you'll be hard too make decision when choosing, cozz those gals are high quality, and many to choose, my gf told me, sometimes are more then 100 WLs.

Hotels are about 550baht to 800baht, you can save a bit by buying coupon at travel agency at hat yai.

From kayu hitam to hat yai ride taxi, then at hat yai going around ride tut tut, 20 baht per ride per person, to anywhere around hat yai.


I plan to go Danok this weekend and proceed to Hatyai for enjoying myself. Any suggestion on how to go from Danok to Hatyai with the best option and how to get the best girl for overnight at Hatyai? And, how much is the price of hotel at Hatyai. FYI, I'm driving to Bukit Kayu Hitam and will put my car there. How can I travel around Danok and Hatyai. Pls help to suggest me some option. Thx!

RCA Knight
12-17-04, 18:53
Just made my 3rd straight visa run to Dannok. This time the Thai immigration inspector really gave me a hard time. Accusing me of working in Thailand. I tried to explain to him I am a rich guy. I don't need to work for a few pennies in Thailand and explained to him that I am here to enjoy life and puying. He finally asked me to show him how much cash I have. He told me he will not let me in for less than 10000 bahts cash and told me its the new law. I was lucky I had 12000 bahts in my wallet. He reluctantly stamped the 30 days.

I think I will go to Penang to get one or double entry visa next time. I can feel the immigration in the south is getting tougher on U-turn people.

In Hat Yai, 3 of my favorites cuties no longer work in Kiss. I had hard time choosing there because too many ok to so so girls. Finally took a so so girl. Second night went to Asian Hotel karaoke called Kabuki. Short time 1560 bahts plus 100 baht for tip to mamasan, no drinking straight out. Also here too all girls are so so to ok. No super cutie.

Next night went to Disco Paragon and could not see much in there and then went to the karaoke next door called Society. This is pretty expensive place. The ST is 2300 but there were some cuties there. I took out one gal and paid 2300 booking ST plus beers and extra 200 tip for mama. So was about 3000 for ST there. The girl was friendly and somewhat cute but very boring sex like a dead frog.

My last night I hired a motorsai boy and took me to some local karaokes. He took me to a place called Kiss Channel first. There were girls dancing on stage. After dance they came down and the customers can chat with them. They also can go off. But the few cute ones seem to have regular clientes and I never had a chance to chat with them. Then I got out the store and my motorsai boy waiting outside and then took me to some very local karaoke area with 6-7 shops together. He went in to see the girls with me in a few shops and I picked a very young fresh semi-cutie. The price they asked me was 1300. But I think the store may have gave 100 to the bike boy. I think the really local price maybe 1000-1200 for ST. The location I am not sure but I remember we crossed the railroad bridge and there were many friuts stands nearby.

I gave the moto boy 500 tip for accompany me and took me all over for about 2 hours. Then I rode the girl's motorbike back to my hotel. Hat Yai Palace Hotel, good room only 550 bahts. The girl was very nice, only 19, nice slender body. The sex was okay nothing special, only she moaned quite sexily. She ended up stay till 5 AM with me. I gave her extra 500 tip and sent her away.

Thats the end of my 4 day visa run. Took Orient Thai back to BKK. 1650 one way.

12-20-04, 07:44
Hey bros,

Is there any direct flight from Hadyai to Chang Mai? And if there is, how much will it cost me?


Member #2305
12-22-04, 01:11
There is no direct flight to Chang Mai, you need to go to Bangkok.

Member #2902
12-23-04, 10:19
Just made my 3rd straight visa run to Dannok. This time the Thai immigration inspector really gave me a hard time. Accusing me of working in Thailand. I tried to explain to him I am a rich guy. I don't need to work for a few pennies in Thailand and explained to him that I am here to enjoy life and puying. He finally asked me to show him how much cash I have. He told me he will not let me in for less than 10000 bahts cash and told me its the new law. I was lucky I had 12000 bahts in my wallet. He reluctantly stamped the 30 days.

Thats the end of my 4 day visa run. Took Orient Thai back to BKK. 1650 one way.Any1 can comfirm with it? bcos holiday coming soon, need to visit Thailand.

The Driver
12-23-04, 12:21
Was up there last weekend taking some guys from Kuala Lumpur with me and KISS certainly line up more and more girls until those first timers got crossed eye which to one to pick. As usual they basically speaks english nit noi and i manage to pull through with my basic Thai. The second night we went to the hotel's karaoke (usual Sakura GV) and a friend of mine got very friendly girl named Gee and speaks very good english, in comparison to others. Me, i was not up to it initially but still got a girl from Chiang Rai whom i couldn't be bothered to ask her name. Beautiful but boring sex as I can see her face frowning as i was bonking her but that just made me shove it to her as hard as I could. Very bushy as well which is not my taste. Then off to BKK for some work and routine rendevous with my usual girl.