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MEDELLIN, aka Medallo, aka Metrallo

Visiting Medellin is only advisable if you know Spanish and know people in Colombia that can give you an update on the situation.

For cultural activities check the Footprint Colombia Handbook.

Medellín has a few museums, a few parks, a few sculptures and paintings by Botero. It has attractive people, clean streets, brightly lit casinos, and roads with no potholes.

It also has tremendous poverty and lots of crime. Plus guerrillas and paramilitaries in the mountains and slums.

I was there for personal reasons. I don’t recommend it for the monger that wants a relaxing vacation.

I stayed at the Plaza Rosa Hotel: Carrera 32D #9-65– telephone 311-4804-312-0005. This is a wealthier area of town, I acted accordingly.

The internet can be accessed at the San Diego Mall. There were no internet cafés at the Tesoro Mall.

First thing I do when I go anywhere is I check the phonebook. Under “masajes” there were a few listings for P4P options.

Massage. Loutrón. It's a house in Poblado.They first give a good massage and then the P4P. Loutron closes at nine pm. I didn’t keep their address, but, like I said, it’s on the phonebook. Price: 80 K pesos.

I went to an incall Place referred to as Marta Pintuco. The Address is Calle 29 # 43 G 61. It’s a small, seedy joint. I went there three times, always late, I was drunk and they charged me 125 K pesos for two hours. It closes at about two in the morning.

There were only two girls available. The girl I chose wanted to do it in one of the rooms on premises. I had to give her assurances that we were going to a nice hotel in Poblado and that there was no one else waiting at the hotel.

She later told me that the fact that I didn’t curse but used polite language helped. I asked her, "how much to go out with me?" and not "how much to fuck you?" YMMV

One night, as per my habits, I took a taxi to the fanciest hotel in town, the Hotel Intercontinental. There I grabbed a different taxi and asked the cabbie to take me the best strip clubs. We went to La Isla. It was nine in the evening and it opened at 10 pm.

We went to the other stripclubs and I didn't want any of the available girls. I almost gave up and then the cabbie said, "Try K she's a 7 face and an 8 body. But really sweet. A good friend of mine." I accepted.

We went to a semi-shabby neighborhood, near Poblado. K came down. She got in the cab. She was exactly as the cabbie told me: a so-so face and a pretty good body. She charged me 100 thousand pesos for two hours.

I will now talk about La Isla, it's a stripclub. The Address is Km. Via Las Palmas. (Antigua Britania) Tel. 228-0149

On Thursday and Saturday night I went to La Isla, it’s in Las Palmas. As part of the minimum consumption, I had to buy a bottle of rum, I think it was 40 thousand pesos. The second time I went I told them to just give me enough beers to cover the 40 thousand pesos.

On Thursday, I left after a half hour because of the loud music. On Saturday night, I went to La Isla with cotton plugs in my ears. The place was not as jumping as on Thursday night. Every ten minutes a girl strips.

After dancing their sets, they walked around the room getting tips, it is enough to give them 2 thousand pesos. I asked one of them to go to my hotel but she refused. She would only do it on premises.[In fact, all the dancers refused. There were other girls sitting around, but none excited me.]

Eventually, I acquiesced and paid 100 thou to the girl and 70 thou to the house for just one hour of in-call fun.

We went to one of the rooms at the club. We frolicked. She was tall and busty. I was a happy camper. After one hour came the knock. I asked her if I should shower there. She told me that the water was cold and I was better off showering at my hotel.

[End of transmission.]

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Your assesment of Medellin in my opinion is so-so.

You make some good points ... advisable to know spanish and the hotel you used in Poblado are examples.

However, one can definitely have a nice relaxing time in Medellin.
It's not the PFP paradise of say Cartegena or Cali, but it is MORE relaxed than those places.
You can meet many real chicas in one of the many malls or el Centro, etc.

As for La Isla ... in my opinion, the place is awefull ... rip off. The chicas snobby and not that hot ... even though there are some.

For an upper class strip joint, Face Dos is much better I believe ... especially Thurs and Fri nights. Also Club San Diego and el Torre Show ... though less fancy, have some nice chicas at times ... and mucho mas barato (cheaper).

Also, there are more massage places than Loutron. It just happens to be in el Poblado. It's nice but others, from the yellow pages too, have at least the same quality chicas and cheaper.

Bottom line is ... in my opinion ... for pure PFP quantity, go to Cali or Cartegena. For a nice combo of normal chicas and PFP and a nice city ... visit Medellin.

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Thank you for your comments.

You are right. There's no pressing need to go to La Isla. One night when I left the place in a cab, I shared it with two working girls. I told the girls that I would pay for the cab.

The cabbie dropped them off at the San Diego stripclub. That means that there's girl sharing between the clubs.

The reason for it, I was told, is that most of the clubs are owned by the same man.

While in the cab, I asked one of the girls her price for going to my hotel for two hours. She quoted two hundred thousand. The cabbie looked at me with eyes as big as platters. I sent them on their way.

I went to Face Dos, it is near Marta Pintuco, I went there on a Thursday at nine in the evening.

The door guy said it was a ten thousand cover charge. I asked the doormen If I could take a look first. I was refused. I paid the cover. It looked more elaborate than La Isla.

Unfortunately, there were only four plain girls and one customer, me. I became incensed at not being allowed to look first that I left determined never to return.

Don't get me wrong. I like Medellin. I just don't dream of it.

On a different topic. My humble reports will never win me a prize, but, I make an effort to write down the addresses and the phone numbers of the places I go to. I mention it as a way to exhort all to write down addresses and phone numbers whenever feasible.

hope this helps,

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Ferolga: Thanks for Sharing your experiences. I do not think Ricker was flaming you, just adding some different observations.
I am amazed you did not find Oveido (mall in Poblado). WAY better than Tesoro or San Diego.

A couple other pluses to Medellin are the AWESOME climate (as opposed to Cartagena's HORRIBLE climate), the huge number of rubias (blondes), and the proximity to the Rio negro region (where the airport is) that looks more like New Zealand than Colombia. A picture of the area is below.

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Another Paisa

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One More Paisa

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Last Paisa

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Surfer and Ferolga,

Surfer is correct, definitely not trying to offend anyone.

Senor Ferolga, thanx for the reports ... just adding in my 2 cents ... especially regarding Medellin because I live there about 10 days to 2 weeks each month.

Ferolga, you must have hit Face Dos during a bad week ... it's usually much better on Thurs and Fri.
Was it during a holiday maybe ... lots of the chicas leave town for Manizales, etc. at that time.

At show San Diego after closing, you can easily get a chica for all night for 100,000 pesos ... during biz hours you gotta pay a multa of 80,000 I believe to take her PLUS her fee of about 80-100,000.


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I didn't think Ricker was flaming me. I thought he was sharing his POV. I don't think I was hostile to him, but, "valga la aclaración." [it's good to make that clear]

Thank you for your comments and for the photos.

I forget. Where is Oviedo? I remember I liked the view from Tesoro. By the by, Tesoro was hit by a car bomb in 2001.


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It is said that people started shaking hands to ensure that they had no weapons [the illusion of security]. At any rate, "I come in peace." [Mutiple meanings.]

If you live there part of the month then, my friend, you know more than I do.


Address for Loutrón:
Carrera 32 (Transversal Inferior) #2 Sur-47, El Poblado

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Give a place called ENERGY a try (massage place). It's right next to the mall, Obilisco, across from the soccer stadium ... it's listed in the yellow pages too. I like it better than Loutron ... and it's a bit less $$. Nice selection of chicas and the lady that runs it is very nice.

Te invito tomar una cerveza y mirar las chicas su proxima vez en Medellin. (let's drink a beer and check out the chicas your next time in town)


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Was supposed to PM someone Robert's e-mail from Medellin.
Lost the original PM message somehow ... oops.

Anyway, Robert's e-mail is: robram362@aol.com

He's an American / Puerto Rican that lives in Medellin and is a great guide for the city.


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The Oveido Mall is right next to Sheraton 4 Points in Poblado. The food court on the ground floor is AWESOME, and there are great vantage points looking down from the floors above.

01-22-04, 23:00
Multa at San Diego is negotiable (think I got him down to 50K fdrom asking price of 80K)

01-23-04, 04:05
Also ... you can just wait inside San Diego with the chica till closing and avoid the whole MULTA all together.

Have to say I like the Oviedo mall too ... my favorite also. Followed by UniCentro.

Salsero Loco
01-26-04, 21:52
Medellin report: January 2004

I have been in Medellin for over three weeks now and absolutely love the place! I have been to about 30 countries around the world, including places famed for their women like Russian, Thailand and Cuba, and don’t think I have ever seen anything like this. There must be something in the water! Parque Lleras in particular (the little restaurant and bar district in Poblado) is like a model show most nights. Absolutely incredible. I am going to be very depressed when I go back to the states.

For mongering, however, this place is a little more limited than the Bangkoks and Havanas and Cartagenas of the world. I have visited a few of the massage places mentioned in other reports, and generally agree with the consensus. Loutron, in the upscale Poblado neighborhood, is the classiest and has the best women—including 2-3 solids 8s or 9s lately—and is also a little more expensive (80,000 pesos for an hour session, with only one “relation” technically allowed). I also visited two of the places on the Avenida 33, closer to the center of town, called “Abydos” and “Blue Room.” These places charge only 60,000 pesos for the hour, and you can bust as many nuts as you are capable of during that time! Of course, the girls here aren’t quite at the level of Loutron, but I found a couple nice 7’s who I had a great time with. All the girls in fact, in every place I visited, were extremely sweet, bordering on GFE. A couple gave me their real names and cell phone numbers too, though I haven’t followed up. All the numbers and addresses for these places are in the yellow pages under Masajes.

I also visited Fase II and wasn’t that impressed, though perhaps I was there on an off-night. The strip show I saw was very boring and performed by a fairly unattractive girl. Two of the girls working there came over and started talking to me and plying me for expensive drinks, and since one of them was really hot, I succumbed. Ended up taking the hot one to the little motel complex next door (its called South Beach and all the rooms are made to look like tropical beach huts) and had a fantastic hour with her including a nice BBBJ. She also offered me her home and cell phone numbers before leaving (not sure what I would do if I called her at home and got her mom on the line!) In the end, I did have a good night at FASE II, its just that you end up paying a lot more than you would at a place like Loutron. I think I paid 150,000 for the girl’s salida (exit), plus 40,000 for the room, plus maybe 40,000 more for all my drinks. Compare that 230,000 with the 80,000 at Loutron, and there’s no contest! Also, I couldn’t find an address for Fase II anywhere, but most taxi drivers seem to know where it is. And don’t be alarmed when your taxi drives you through a deserted industrial area on the way to the place. You’re not about to be kidnapped!

On to the non-pro scene: You do get a lot of eye-fucking, especially as a foreigner, and it is pretty easy to get phone numbers down here. I have found it a little harder to get down to business right away though, something which is the norm in Cuba, for example. A couple 2,3,4 dates seem to be the norm. I met a girl through amigos.com and three more through some Colombian friends, and another who worked at a gym I joined for the month. They are all gorgeous and very sweet and 10 or more years younger than me (I am 34), but I had to put in time and money to get anywhere with them. They also are all students or working, and not available to go out every night, so deciding who to take out on their (and your) precious Thursday, Friday and Saturday party nights can be tough!

In general, I think for someone making a short-term trip to Medellin, finding non-pros on your own can be tough unless you have friends or other connections here. Medellin is not really the kind of place where you go out on your own. I know I would feel very strange walking into a bar or disco by myself here, though I have done so on countless occasions in other places.

One person who has been a HUGE help to me has been my paragliding teacher. He is a Medellin local, but spent some early years in the US and speaks English 100% fluently. He is also a big perro (dog) like myself, and we have spent many evenings together tapping into his network of naughty local girls and hitting the bars. He is also familiar with all the massage places. Through him I met a very very cool non-pro 18-year-old hottie who speaks good English and is a bit of a nympho. She put out after 2 dates and I am now in heaven!

I told my teacher about this board and told him he could probably make a little extra $$ guiding folks around Medellin in addition to teaching them to fly. He was very excited about the idea and asked me to post his email address and name, which are:

JUAN DIEGO piloto_x @hotmail.com (if you have a Lonely Planet guide, he is one of the recommended paragliding instructors in town, which is how I found him). He also wanted me to mention that he also works/teaches/flies in Cali and Bogota and could guide in those cities as well.

Hope you all find this helpful. Happy Hunting!

01-27-04, 23:18

Nice report ... I have to agree with your assessment of Medellin.

Fase Dos is definitely hit or miss on the quality especially during the week ... and the service, like you said is expensive ... but once you get the chicas phone number, like you did ... it get's quite a bit cheaper, especially if she likes you.

Medellin, not the best city for PFP but for eye candy and non-pros, if you've got the time and skills is great.

True Hunter
01-28-04, 13:23
Hi Ricker and Surfer,

Nice to see a handle that I recognise Surfer.

Thanks for mentioning this board to me at Christmas Ricker, I have finaly got around to logging on.


01-28-04, 13:41
Oi, Salsero Loco! Can I have a shot at the 18 year old nympho when you go back to the US? JD said it would be OK.

Roofus, bfk

01-28-04, 20:17
True Hunter ...

Welcome aboard. About time you found this site.
Heard you had a new girlfriend from a New Years party ... I'll be back in Medellin in 3 days ... have some stories to tell about my adventure in Venezuela.

Hope noone minds but here's one photo from Venezuela.

See ya soon in Medellin.

01-28-04, 21:07
Ricker You PRICK: How DARE you post that GORGEOUS Venezuelana without telling us the DETAILS (like if the rack is real)! VERY nice!

"TrueHunter"; I assume "Hunter" was already taken here?

Welcome aboard.

01-28-04, 21:34
Surfer ... this ones for you!

I'll post these and more in the Venezuela section with details soon.

01-28-04, 21:38
By the way ... the photo of the first Venezuela ... incredible but true NATURAL tatas. Unbelievable.

I found a goldmine of a place in Venezuela ... not so sure I want to give all the details ... like Surfer has eluded to also ... nice to keep a little paradise away from the rif-raf.

Surfer, I guess you're friends with TRUE HUNTER ... we'll have to drink a cerveza with him someday and compare notes.


True Hunter
01-29-04, 03:59
Yes Surfer somebody has already taken Hunter.

So I will see you in a few days Ricker, new girlfiend, I haven't had a girlfiend for 12 years. I called the girl from the New Years party once, she wasn't there. Thats about as far as it went, you know me, if it ain't easy, its to much hassle so I didn't go any further with her.


01-29-04, 10:00
I've been corresponding with Juan, piloto_x recommended in Salsero Loco's report. I'm meeting up with him to take some paragliding lessons. I'd like to vouch for him as well. He is well thought of as a professional instructor and from the emails I've been getting he knows how to have fun on the ground too.

Also if any of you guys were ever thinking of taking up paragliding its a third of the cost of what you pay in North America and the sites are nothing short of perfection.



PS. Salsero Loco, just kidding about the 18yr old nympho (drank a half a bottle of whiskey the night of posting). But does she have any nympho friends?

Salsero Loco
02-02-04, 15:13
Hi All,

Just back from 5 days in a "paragliding lodge" near Cali where I finished the paragliding course with piloto_x. Every morning we got up early and I ran off a mountain side wondering what the hell I was thinking, but the view and the experience was well worth it. On the day of my first solo flight, my teacher rewarded me with a lovely 20-year-old Caleña with whom I happily passed the afternoon (when the winds are too strong for novice flyers like myself).

A couple of evening we also headed down into Cali and always seemed to end up in Flores Frescas, where I met some fabulously beautiful women--but it is also a bit expensive as they say. Out in the wild, I did not see nearly as many beautiful women in Cali, walking down the Sexta on a Saturday night for example, as I do in LLeras Park in Medellin. I wonder where all these famous Cali girls hang out, because I had a couple of hours down there where I didn't see anything I was interested in at all. For a moment, I thought I was back in the states. Shudder...

Back to the states tomorrow, but returning to Medellin for the first 2-3 weeks of March if anyone wants to hang. PM me.


P.S. My paragliding teacher also mentioned some new sex club in Medellin, with live shows and the like, that he had heard about. Any info on this? We never had a chance to check it out.

Simple Man
02-04-04, 04:07
Just got back from another trip to Colombia. I spent a total of twelve days 7 in Cali and 5 in Medellin (3 in Cali, 5 in Medellin, then the final 4 in Cali.) This was my second trip to Cali and my third to Medellin. I was traveling with Frijole and we expected to hook up with China Monger in Cali, but it just never happened.

I again stayed at the Hostal San Fernando (www.calihotel.com) and can't say enough about how far out of his way the owner Rigo will go to make sure that you have a good time and find what you are looking for.

Cali Report:

Kaliente Club: Calle 25 Norte No. 2 Bis - 47, B. San Vicente, 653-6832. Kaliente is probably my favorite place in Cali. Usually between 10 to 15 girls available. $80,000 pesos for an hour on site and $180,000 for three hours at your hotel. If you take the girl to go they will add travel time onto the three hours to make sure that you get the three hours with the girl. Make sure that you mention this to the manager with whom you make the deal. I was also taking dance classes in Cali so most days I would pull a girl out of Kaliente take my hour dance class and then spend two hours in the bedroom. All of the girls I pulled out of Kaliente were a lot of fun both in the dance class and in bed. The sala in Kaliente is substantially dirtier than the last time I was there. I did not do anything on site so I can't say whether the bedrooms were clean or not.

Jhon Davis: Av. 2 Bis Norte #28 –47 661-6282. This place is around the corner and down the street from Kaliente. They hand out business cards that say that they are a butcher shop. I found the quality of chicas there to be substantially lower than Kaliente. But others might disagree. I did pull an 18 year old named Deisy out of there. She looked great until she came out of the bathroom naked, she must have been wearing a girdle or something. When the clothes came off everything spread and sagged. She denied it but I suspect that she has at least one kid. She was really sweet but the performance was terrible. She was very concerned that I finish so I in fact faked it, thanked her and sent her on her way. 1 hr to go $50,000. One hour on site $40,000.

Right next door to Jhon Davis is another house same price structure as Jhon Davis but the girls weren't to my taste.

Two blocks down from Jhon Davis is a house with a blue wall, I don't know the address or the name. The night I pulled Deisy Frijole got a girl from there $80,000 pesos for an hour to go. The girl had a cute face and an incredible body but her teeth were more crooked than a Colombian politician. She claimed that on some Friday and Saturday nights there are college girls that come to work there to pay there tuition, buy books etc. We did go there on a Saturday night but only saw the same old lineup. But it might be worth checking if you are there.

FLORAS FRESCA or LA MANSION ROSADA, as some cab drivers know it: Calle 20N No.4N-16, 660-1958. FF is worth visiting once just to see the lesbo show. There are also usually some pretty good looking ladies there. You have to buy drinks there beers I think are $5,000 pesos and a bottle of rum is $40,000 pesos with coke and ice included, if you don't finish the bottle you can take it with you or give it to the girls. The last time I was in Cali I did one on site session at FF. I did my session early and watched them put the sheets etc. on the bed as my girl and I waited. My girl then told me that there is only one set of fresh sheets per night and that they only make up the bed, but don't change the sheets after each couple finishes. That was my first and only on site experience there. The house fee seems to range between $50-70,000 pesos, I paid 50 and dealt with a waiter, Fabio, that I had tipped well on other occassions but Frijole paid 70 and dealt with the other waiter, Manolo, so beware. The girls will ask for between $100-200k per hour but the most I paid was $250k for 2 hours. The clock doesn't start running until you get to your hotel. Again I did not have any bad experiences with any of the girls that I pulled from FF. One tip is don't get the reputation of being a tight wad there or the girls will shun you. Take care of the waiters and they will always get you a table and will in fact go and take girls you want away from other customers. Another tip, we went there on a Saturday night around 11:30 and no one was there. Only about 5 girls hanging around and an equal number of customers. We only stayed a few minutes and then we took off. We found out later that all of the girls were down in the rooms sleeping because it was so dead. The lesson is that it pays to ask. Also almost any girl there will give you her number and meet you in her off hours. This is a good thing to do because FF is closed on Sunday and almost everything else is dead.

Another interesting place to check out is La Mansion. Some guy that used to be a customer at FF opened his own club. It is in a beautiful house and one girl said that on some nights there are 20-25 girls there, but the night that we went there was only about 6 an none of them appealed to me. It is across the street from the church in the Templete. I think that Frijole got a business card from the owner so check his report for the address and telephone number.

Other places I visited, but did not sample the wares: Calle 23 C. Norte No. 3AN-05 B. Versalles 661-7071 $35,000 one hour on site. Didn't see anything I liked. Pharaon and Dr. Love don't remember the addresses and didn't see anything I liked. There are any number of casas in Cali so have fun and be safe.


I missed out of a couple of days of hobbying in Medellin because una amiga took the bus in from Manizales to spend the weekend with me. So I am sure that Frijole's report on Medellin will be more informative than my own.

The places that I did visit:

Lutron: A large mansion in the hills in Poblado (check Frijole's report for the address and number, I think that he got a card.) $80,000 for an hour on site $160,000 for two hours in your hotel. You can also spend time in a private swimming pool with the girl of your choice of $70,000 an hour. Lutron is clean and very well run. Open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They have girls to meet any taste and every girl that I have ever been with there has been sweet, nice and attentive. The rooms are clean and each room has a different theme. They are thoroughly cleaned after every session. I highly recommend a visit and when your there ask for a tour of the premises, I am sure that you'll be impressed.

Casa Oriente: Again I don't have the address or phone number but Frijole may. Every cab driver we got knew were this place was. Only went there on night this trip there were between 45-50 girls there, something for everyone. To be truthful I don't know what the current rate is for on site, like FF one pair of clean sheets per night. The house fee to leave is $70,000 and the girl doesn't have to come back or $50,000 for a short time (2 hours) they won't tell you about the short time unless you ask. The going rate for the girls is $100k per hour. All of the girls there will give you there numbers for outside services and to avoid the house fee. This is a good idea again because most everything is closed on Sunday so pre-plan and get some numbers.

Energy: Cra 74 No. 49-101, Tel 436-1131: Nice house near downtown. Around 10 girls when I went there, one girl I found very attractive unfortunately there were three of us there and we couldn't find something for everyone so we moved on. $60,000 for an hour on site, $100,000 for two girls for an hour on site and $120,000 for two hours to go. They open at 9:00 a.m. but I don't know when they close.

Faces Dos: Again see Frijole's report for the address and telephone number. This is a warehouse that has been converted into a strip club. The night that I was there they had a nice selection of between 15-20 girls. $140,000 for a short time (30 mins.) in the cabanas next door. I asked the girl that I did for her number she said that she was going to get a pen and then give me her number I waited about ten minutes and she didn't come back so I took off.

We also searched for the Legendary CASA BLANCA. It is supposedly a large beautiful house in downtown Medellin. Despite our best efforts and those of several cab drivers we never found it. We did, however, get to see quite a bit of downtown Medellin at night. Unless you are looking to pick up a transvestite and/or become a stabbing victim stay away from downtown at night.

In my opinion the girls in Medellin, on a whole are more attractive. There's just something about a Paisa. But tastes very and any hobbyist could have a great time in either city. But always be aware of your environment and remain aware that Colombia is a dangerous place filled with desperate people.

02-04-04, 04:58
Hola Pendejos, Putos, y Dejenerados,

I was in Medellin for about a week. I tried using the WSG to plan my attack but, found it quite frustrating because of all the BS on this site. Thus, I hope the following helps members to plan their trips (no kidding guys cut back the worthless crap).

Places to visit in Medellin:

1) Lutron:

Address: Cra. 32 Transv. Inferior, No. 2, Sur 47, Tel 311-1179. Its basically a private home surrounded by a large brick wall with a large wood door; so, have the cabdriver drive up to the gate and honk the horn or ring the door bell. Since privacy is stressed there is no sign posted outside.

Prices: They have a half hour session for $60,000.00 pesos with the gal of your choice; $80,000 for 70 minutes, and $160,000 for two hours in your hotel. They also have a Playboy Package which involves two girls for one hour. We only ordered beer each was $5,000.00 pesos.

Ladies: They have about 12 gals all ranging in age from 18 to 25 years old. Most of the gals are very attractive. I would have to say that they do have lots to choose from.

Premises: This place is basically a private house in the Poblado district near the Plaza Poblado Inn Hotel. The house is huge with several rooms each with a different theme. The house itself is spotless and very nice. They have a huge pool in the back which, can be rented for $70,000.00 with the gal of your choice for an hour (note: you cannot do anything that involves nudity at the pool because, of the surrounding area). Thus, only rent the pool if you are looking forward to just cooling off and having fun.

*** The owner of Loutron owns two other massage parlor which, I’ve been told are just as good. Abydos, Avenida 33 No. 64-198, tel 235-3031; Blue Room, Avenida 33 No.78-63, Tel. 250-0363.

2) Faces Dos:

Address: Carrera 74, No. 49-102.

Prices: They do charge a cover charge of $5,000 per person. They charge $140,000.00 for half hour session on-site with the gal of your choice. A 30 minute private show in the VIP Room costs $90,000.00. A bottle of Rum costs $35,000.00.

Ladies: They have about 12-15 ladies all ranging in ages from 18 to mid 20's. They have several great looking gals and a few ugly ones but, overall the quality of the gals was good. The great thing about this place is that, you can see the merchandise before you purchase. Most of the gals dance nude and the lighting is very good. The place is great if you are just hanging out with your friends or looking for some action.

3) Disco Grill San Diego:

Address: C.C. Milanesa Local 104, Calle 37 No. 45-15, Tel. 262-9978.

Prices: I paid no cover and a bottle of Rum was only $25,000.00.

Ladies: They have about 10 to 12 gals at this place. This place is relatively small and somewhat dirty. The gals are not very attractive thus, I did not bother asking any prices. I was told by the waiter that they would have a lesbo show at midnught but, it never happened. All they had was 3 gals get up on stage and they all stripped at the same time but, there was no lesbo show. The first time I went to this place there were about 10-12 street thugs all with shaved heads and wearing gangster wear. However, it is relatively safe and you all should at least visit this place at least once.

4) Energy:

Address: Cra. 74, No. 49-101, Tel. 436-1131. They open at 9:00am and close at 9:00pm.

Pricing: See Simple Man’s report for all other info.

5) Casa Lejano Oriente:

They have about 50 girls all ranging in looks and age. They have a few 10's mixed in with a few 8's and several that I’d rather not mention. See Simple Man’s report for pertinent details.

6) Bar San Diego:

Not to be Confused with the Strip Club this is a nice trendy bar in the Sabaneta area. It’s a great place to take a date or a gal from one of the escort services. There are several great restaurants in the area and the area is fairly safe for tourists. They are located at Cr.45 71 S-42, Sabaneta, Tel 288-1865. Also, if you are looking for a good restaurant or a nice place to hangout check out the Zona Rosa when you are in Medellin.

P.S. See my report and Simple Mans report on Cali if you are visiting either city.

02-20-04, 09:53
Guys , just a few questions about Mendellin which seems, reading this thread, as interesting as Cali and surely worth a visit during a trip in Colombia ...

Is there a flight betwen the two cities (Mendellin and Cali) ?
Any report or feelings about the Four Points Sheraton, on Ca 43 C and about the Intercont ?
Does the mall which is close from the Four Points hotel (Oviedo Mall) is a good hunting ground, or at least a good chica-watch spot ?
What's the best area for regular bars/happy hours/discos and restaurants ?

Thanks in advance for any answer, will be useful.



Simple Man
02-21-04, 02:52

Medellin is great destination, but stay away from the Sheraton. Try the Poblado Plaza which is on the other side of the mall, much nicer better prices.

There are two other malls in Medellin -- San Diego and I can't remember the name of the other one -- they are both up the hill from the hotels, both are better spots for watching and meeting the ladies.

There is a flight on Avianca less than an hour in the air and about $200 on Expedia.

You should have a great time.

02-21-04, 17:18
Simple man, thanks ; Colombia is definitely my next destination, your tips will be useful.



Simple Man
02-21-04, 19:14

You should definitely check out the Oviedo Mall food court at lunch time during the week. Everytime that I have been there it has been at least a 4 X 1 ratio of women to men and the women are all very friendly.

But for my taste I found the most beautiful, and to me, the most friendly ladies at Tesoro YMMV.

Also I am sure Ricker has more experience on the subject than myself, but just a word of caution on purchasing a ticket once you're in Colombia. On one occassion the price was $350 and I even had a Colombian friend calling so it was not a gringo price. I don't know if this was an aberration, a bad date to travel or what and I am sure based on his other posts that Ricker's info is correct. I hope you have a great trip.

02-21-04, 23:35
Wow ... $350 for a ticket between cities in Colombia ... Had to be a mistake or something ... maybe it was 350,000 pesos which is still high (about $105).

I've paid round trip ... from Medellin to San Andreas Island ... for 2 people $100.

I called Avianca once from the US to fly a chica from Barranquilla to Bogota ... they said cost about $50 if bought in Colombia ... more expensive if bought in the US.

Anyway ... have fun.

02-22-04, 11:53
Ricker thanks ;

02-24-04, 02:15
I am coming to Medellin on Thursday for a week and staying at an Agency called ColombianSweetshearts. Has anyone heard of them? Are the agency girls doable? Does anyone want to P.M. me and meet up for a trip to Lutron?

Picture of a typical American woman is enough to run away from here fast!

02-29-04, 20:35
Casa Lejano Oriente was an interesting experience with about 25 girls. Met a couple of cute ones and the next step was to discuss prices. Turned out that I was being ripped off. The house collected a 70,000 peso fee from the start regardless of whether you do the girl in the casa or your hotel, and then the girl negotiates her price with you. Had a cute 18 year old, but her price was 120,000 pesos for an hour, she wanted 230,000 pesos for overnight. Then the manager charged me 30,000 pesos for 2 aguadientes and a coke (of course the taxi driver had a drink while he waited). Quite alot.

Total charge was 220,000; almost $85 US for one hour.

Then when I got the girl in the room some bozo came in and said there was a 5,000 pesos charge for the 2 condoms and he requested a tip. I said no. His response (like I really wanted to negotiate over the cost of the condoms) was he would go talk to the manager. Then he came back and said no charge for the condoms. I thought he would some back and try to charge for the towel.

The girl was great, however I think I was overcharged, perhaps the gringo rate.

I made a trip to Lutron a few days later and had an hour of heaven for 80,000 pesos, all included. Prices are printed up front in a book so you know you are not being overcharged. Free coffee! Only 10 girls to chose from, but most were doable.

Figure out which one I recommend.

Overall Medellin is a better place than Cali. Alot of blancas and cooler temperature. Several suburbs are quite nice and felt secure. Thanks amercians, for not coming here. I enjoyed being one of few foreignors.

03-02-04, 17:13
Returned to Lutron today. Only had time for 1/2 hour session. Someone earlier posted that the rate for 1/2 hour was 60,000 pesos. They charged me 70,000 pesos when 80,000 pesos was the rate on Saturday for an hour.

The mamasan tried to argue with me and said the 70,000 rate was only in the morning. (Of course they are only open at 11:00 am. and few of the girls are there at that hour.)

So I was ripped off 10,000 pesos but got the sex of a lifetime. So what. About $4 US. Still I told the mamsan to "go fuck herself". Since she did not speak English she did not understand, but it was a good catharsis for me.

You will be safe in Medellin. The only crime is from people who try to charge you gringo rates and steal from you face to face.

03-03-04, 19:50
Hey NPaul,

I'm in Medellin right now too. Haven't been to Loutron yet but will check out soon. I've been spending the last few nights with a pretty little chica I found on the street in Barrio San Deigo. Sweet girl great GFE but couldn't get the point across not to ask for a propina until the act/night was finished. So after three nights of frustration of trying to explain I booted her out. Too bad for her as I tip very well for execellent service.

Also it seems here in Colombia that as soon as I blow the chica takes that as meaning the end of activites for the night and wants to leave. This is also the experience of a friend of mine aswell. Strange yes?

I totall agree about your comment about Medellin. I feel much safer here that in most North Amercian cities. Send me a PM if you'd like to meet up and check out the local talent.



03-03-04, 22:22
Visited Energy today, thanks for the great info, frijole!

Energy has to be the best of all I visited. No hassles over price, good selection and 60,000 pesos for an hour is about $25 US. Had a session with a cute 18 year old. Clean room, not as clean as Lutron, water was not hot in the shower, but no hassles at all overpricing or anything! Just a chance to relax and have a wonderful full service hour.

03-07-04, 01:11
I haven't read any posts yet in this section but hope to this week. I plan on returning to Cali in 3 weeks or so and I'll try to hit Medellin a few nights. Everyone in Cali speaks very highly of the city and the beautiful women there.

Thanks for all the posts.

03-16-04, 23:01
I have some photos from my last week trip to Medellin. Is there a monger out there who can resize them for me?

03-26-04, 04:29

You can go to http://www.imageresizer.com and download the free program. It's fairly easy to use then you can upload it. I don't believe Jackson allows email addresses on the board so I don't want to post mine.

At least try it. Good luck.


03-31-04, 02:34
Skip Loutron, 100,000 pesos for 70 minutes. Go to Abyos 60,000 for 70 minutes. Same owner, just you aren't paying for the 3 acres and the mansion of Loutron. ONly for the girls. The girls are about the same at eather place. Addresses are in the yellow pages under massage.
Very beautiful. Enjoy.

Aussie Greg
04-12-04, 09:55
Que tal amigos.

Just let you guys know who are thinking on coming down to Medellin that there is a guy there who goes by the name Medellin Bob! ( Robert, Colombian Connections !! )
He knows the ropes there and can organise every thing for your trip to Medellin ( I stay with him when I go to Medellin ) He has all types of accomidation from suite to backpackers.

I'm not recieving any commission for this recomdation, I just think his service is tops and for anybody that carnt speak espanol like me ( porkito !! ) he is the man.

Robert has organise my 12 month visa and reserved my place at Universidad to study espanol and to learn to dance better ( what better place to monger than a University !! )

I'm looking forward to my second trip to Colombia and arrive middle May, anybody interested in meeting up drop me a notice on this board.

All the best to you all, caio

Aussie Greg

Aussie Greg
04-12-04, 10:10
Npaul, Gidday mate.

If you dont mind me asking, what did you think of the Colombian Sweethearts and there service!

I stayed with them last year in July, August. What I found with the Director is that you organised a price and service with them and then when billing came they changed there mind and forgot what they had allready organised with you at the start.

I believe that they have changed all there personel since I was there, I still know the main girl Helen, she's nice. She was my main translater while I was there and now she is one of the bosses.

Anyway other than what I have stated I really enjoyed my stay there but now I use another guy who would you believe was in partners with Colombian Sweethearts! now is by him self Colombian Connections, he only treats his company as an interest and is more interesed in mongering with us or showing us the way.

Anyway it will be interesting to know what you think about Colombian Sweethearts,

Gracias, ciao

Aussie Greg.

04-14-04, 16:15
Hey Aussie Greg ...

We were just talking about you in Medellin ... I was with Robert ... aka "Medellin Bob" ... out on a mongering run in el Centro.

When are showing up in Medellin? It'll be nice to meet you in person.

We're planning a side trip to Cartagena and maybe some other lesser traveled areas.

About the Agencies in Medellin: I totally agree with you. I get nada (nothing) from Robert for putting the word out on his services; but he is the absolute best dude to have as a guide in Medellin.
If I was a first timer to Medellin or a repeat visitor, and I wanted a guide or 'intro service to meet chicas', I would definitely call him.
I don't want to say anything bad about the other agency mentioned ... I'll just say: Robert is about having fun and meeting chicas ... and he'll go out of his way to help.


04-14-04, 19:54
Medeelin is the best kept secret. I went for five days last month. What a place.

I stayed at the Hotel Plaza Rosa. It was about $40 a night for a double. Nice hotel and chica friendly. Only problem is it faced a busy street so the mornings were noisy, but that's my only complaint. Next time I'll stay at the IC. It's the only hotel I seen that was not on a busy street. In any casy the Hotel Plaza Rosa is in a safe neighborhood; surrounded by nightclubs. There is a cinaplex and a gym across the street, but most of the people there were couples, not much mongering potential.

My first night I was tired. It was a long flight from Los Angeles. I had a gang of adrenaline though so I hit Faces Dos. Not bad! There is a totally nude show. The stage has a run way. I don't recall the cover charge. Talent ranges from 6-9. All the chicks were doable. I choose two. The salida was 200,000 pesos and 300,000 for both chicks for three hours. It was a wise choice. We hit the hotel and the show began. All the sex was covered, but I had two pops, a rim job, daty, dfk, and mutiple positions. Sent them on there way about 4am. Made the mistake of giving them some sample perfumes from Wal Mart. This would come back to haunt me.

Next day, I rested most of the morning. Then it was off to the Blue Room. It is in the yellow pages under massage parlors. As with the casas in Cali, no signs or postings. Went in, met the madame. She was really nice. I only speak about 100 words of spanish, but with hand motions we made it. I choose Michelle. She was about a 6-7 in looks, but when she was introduced to me, her I lit up. There were four other girls working there. This is a nice relaxing place. Michelle washed both of us befor the deed. This place had hot water. Excellent massage. She would put any asian to shame. The sex was some of the best ever. Total gfe. We did just abouth everything. She even sucked my toes. She has one son. I know I shouldn't have, but I gave her an extra 40000pesos. Oh, the fee was 60000pesos. I still thank about this chick. You can miss her she is/was the one woman with red hair there. This is an excellent place to visit. Chicks did not have a lot of miles on them.

Later that day, Freddie from the hotel called a girl over. Here name was Kathrynn. Freddie was cool and he can get you a chick with no problems. Kathrynn came to the room about an hour after she was called. I was told she lived quite a distance from the hotel. She was about a 7 in looks. We had a lot of small talk. She also was a single parent. She was 22. A nice and sensual massage. I played the shy role and it worked. We talked for a while than came the sax. She had never had a daty + a finger in the rear and puss. She went wild. thought she was lying to me at first, but she begged me for more sex. Excellent bbj and rim job. I almost pasted out. Her bbj was just as good if not better than Michelle's. We had stop and start sex for 3.5 hours. The only thing that scared me was she offered bareback sex. I don't go bareback unless it's a bj. I was wore out after this chick.

Later on, after I recovered, I went to La Isla. It's a strip club. It is in the yellow pages. Nothing but 8-10. I arrived before the action started. It was a THU I thoughtl' get there early. I was imeadiately approached by "Elizabeth". We hit it off real well. We talked for hours as I watched the girls dance. There was one irl named " Juliana". She is about 5'10" with a great rack and ass. She had to be the best dancer I have ever seen. I had to have her, but another monger out bid me. I took Elizabeth to a room on site. It was 125,000 pesos for the fee and 50000 for her. Another great experience. We even made a date for the next day. Again it was a total gfe.

Friday I went back to the Blue room to see Michelle. She was happy I chose her again. Paid a 2hrs fee of 125000. Had two hours of great sex. She scarred me too. She also was willing to let me enter bareback. Another total gfe.

Later I went to San Diego Bar. It reminded me of Adelitas( Tijuana) on a Friday night. It was small and hot. It catered to the local crowd. There was one guy passed out drunk on the floor. The girls were good here. I did not stay long though. The cigarette smoke was intolerable.

I think the street is called Pablado. There was a lot of street action here. The girls looked good, but I did not want to take a SW back to the hotel for security concerns. If this is your forte, wathc out for the he/shes.

From San Diego I went back to Face Dos. I was swarmed by Dianne and Angela. They sat by me and drove away all the chicks. I was pissed. In any case, there was a fight outside the club so the manager shut the club down. I used thi to my advantage. I picked a real spinner blonde for 200000 all nite. No salida. Her name was "jessica". The sex was great. She put hickey on my chest which I wasn't happy about, but the sex was great. She gave me her cell, but I lost it.

Saturday I slept until 12pm. I decided to go to Samsura Massage. It is in the phone book. There were 6 lovelies there. All will introduce themselves and show you there body. I choose a Morena Clara. I don't remeber her name. She was okay. She was not bad, but nothing compared to the other chicks. I would still recommend this place though. 350000 pesos fee.

Later that day, I meet a chick at Unicentral. She spoke English. She was a college stundent who went to Univ Miami. She flew home every now and then. This chick was great. We spent four hours together. She gave me a tour of the city and a lot of background on Medellin. We ended up at my hotel room, but no sex. I tried. I still comunicate with her via email, so the sex will be later.

Saturday night was bittersweet. I had arranged a date eith Angela from Face Dos. We went to Manganoes. It's a popular night club. As it turned out Angela wanted me to pay her for her company. Nope! I only pay for sex, the irony. In any case we ended up arguing. The two of us could not understan one another so, the argument was not too heated. I gave her cab fare and disappeared to the other side of the club. Once there, I met a hot blonde. We eyed each for about 10 minutes before I approcahed her. I told her it was my last night in Medellin for a while and I wanted some company. I had my electronic translator so comm. was not a problem. It was not thre in the morning and my plane was leaving in 6 hours. I told this to Saundra. She suggested we cgo to her place. I was skeptical, but I was horny. She lived in the Tesaro neighborhood, not far from the hotel. We made it to her place. She staeyed with two other girls. From the photos, they were hot too. When she undressed, she was incredible. I say she was a 9 ymmv. Hotand sweaty sex for 90 minutes. This was a total one nite stand, but it was a great one.

I have been to Cali and ow Medellin. The women in Cali are better looking;ymmy, but the sex was better in Medellin.

There is more to see and do in Medellin. All the malls in Medellin are great. Oviedo and tesaro are the best. San Diego and Uni Centro are ok, but a good place for non pro is El Exito. It's like walmart. Cali had the friendlier people and better hotels. The safety level is equal. Never saw in Farc. Now for the fluff.

Me: Black Male, average Looking, 28 years old.
Airline: Copa; I'll never use it again.
Money Spent: Who cares
Cab Driver: Ask the Hotel Plaza Rosa for Enrique; He's cool
Loutron: Never made there. Never needed to

I'll post the photos as soon as I resize them. This trip was so great I am moving to Miami at the end of the year! Be Safe, Be Happy!

Aussie Greg
04-15-04, 04:55
Hi Ricker,

Yes I'll be in Medellin on the 15 May.

Lets go out to party, Might be like a zombie for a few days untill I get my legs back from the long flight, 3 days with connections.

I will say this to the locals,

Lock up your daughters, lock up your wives, lock up your girlfriends, run for your lives.
The man is back in town!

AC/DC song sun by Bon Scott, a local boy. I just added the girlfriends bit!

Anyway all the best to you and Bob.

I can't wait to be at the Universidad with all those young girls! I'll be like a lion stalking his pray!

Aussie Greg,


Super David
04-20-04, 17:05
I will be in Medellin only for one day! The 25th thru the 26th of April.

Can someone give me the number for Medellin Bob? I would like some company for Sunday nite.

04-22-04, 18:52
Medellin Bob ...

300-600-3763 Celular Colombia

from USA 011-57-300-600-3763

Aussie Greg
05-04-04, 01:18
Que tal Mongers,

If any of you bastards see me on the run way at Fossy Doss (44 years, bald head, 6 ft, built like a brick shit house) just pull me to one side and tell me to controll myself!

Anyway if anybody wants to have a few Cervesa, send me a private message via this board, I arrive the 16 May.

Maybe we could start a WSG dinner/meetings in Medellin like Jackson does in Argie to compare notes!

Que le vaya bien.

Aussie Greg.

05-04-04, 19:25
Hey Aussie Greg ... I'll be back in Medellin in a couple weeks.

Robert set my Paisa up today for a consult on a 'breast enlargement' ... gotta get back soon to see her ... and of course, hang with the boys a bit.


Aussie Greg
05-05-04, 07:29
RICKER, como esta, yo moy bien

Message understood, see you in a couple of weeks mate. Should be getting into some sort of condition by then!

Speaking to Robert, aka "Medellin Bob" on the telephone. He says that he's doing a lot of referral for plastic sergery from gringo's down from the States !! ( every ones lived to!)

My future girlfriend is going to have the biggest titties RICKER that I can order and which allows her to walk without assistance!

Hope every body is not to upset with us talking like this on the board but as it is mostley us talking then, what the heck.

Will start to supply the details after a week in Medellin and I'm over my first few hangovers, jetlag and a red dick!

Hasta pronto,

Aussie Greg

05-06-04, 02:54
AUSSIE GREG, I have to tell you ... my next to the last night there in Medellin ... I went out with Medellin Bob and another gringo ... met some nice chicas in Club San Diego ... but outside the club where the street walkers hang out ... I ran into two hot little Paisas and brought them both back to my place. I had to card them to check the ages ... 18 and 19 yrs.

They asked for a total of 60,000 pesos for 2 hours ... total.
I told them if they treated me nicely I'd give them 80,000 ... that's 40,000 each.
Believe it or not, it was my first time ever with 2 chicas at once.
I'm usually a one chica at a time guy but I just had to try it.
It was fun. I had boxes of chocolates waiting in the room ... once they saw the chocolates, everything was perfecto.

Can't wait to get back ... towards the end of May. Robert and I were thinking of a side trip to Venezuela first though ... but I'll be back soon.

Aussie Greg
05-10-04, 06:13

Dos Piases!

There is only one thing better than un Piasa Rick and thats dos, si!

I'll be there after the 16th, regards.

Aussie Greg

05-23-04, 19:11
Kathrinn: One of the best ever

05-23-04, 19:13
Elizabet - GFE from La Isla

05-23-04, 19:24
Diana-white & Angie - Fase Dos

Dollar Bill
05-24-04, 14:59
ALL - FARC is out bombing the hell out of different areas of the country (Northwest Colombia (normally safer)). Many dead and many wounded.

This to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their start of the "war."

Please see the link below for the CNN story:


Good Luck and please be safe. Gringos are easy to spot and although that might help you with the ladies, it also makes you an easy target for the FARC.


Dollar Bill
05-25-04, 13:50
Here is some more info on the attacks:


Please be safe!


EZ Does It
06-03-04, 07:03
I am coming down to Medellin june 18 to 21. It is my second visit. Last time I spent one week at colombian sweethearts. Really nice girls I was introduced to but none wanted to put out. Out of 10 intros only was able to get some heavy kissing in with one, when I went to make the next move she sais firmly, no es bueno (it is not good).
Needless to say I will not be going back there. Eventhough I wasn't purely there for some quick action I thought after 3 dates I would get lucky with the one lady I thought I was feeling a connection with.

It is a great place to make friends but don't expect much more. Maybe I just picked the wrong ones?

Anyway if anybody has any recommendations on where to stay that is girl friendly or wants to meet up for some bar hopping send me a private message or post on the board. Any help will be appreciated.

There were some questions about safety. I have been to colombia a handful of times (yes you guessed it for the beautiful ladies), I was held up at gunpoint once and by chance got in the middle of a shootout between police and ladrons.

This never has happened to me in the states so the danger is real down there. Keep close to safe areas you know and always use a reliable cab and if you can afford it have the cab stay with you the whole time.

This way you will minimize any problems. I learned the hard way. It is definitely not a safe country to just wonder around whereever you please. Be extra alert about your surroundings.

Signing off.

Super David
06-05-04, 18:19

Call Medellin Bob at [Telephone Number deleted by Admin].

He can guide you to the good places and might have a room available for rent.

He is highly recommended by several members of this board. He knows all the places in Medellin.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of telephone numbers in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly to via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

06-06-04, 21:22
Cali or Medellin?

Dear friends, I will get Colombia the next month.
I have a week only for having fun.
Can you tell me if it is easier to find a beatiful girl friend in Cali or Medellin (not prostitute for a week)?
What town do you like more?

06-07-04, 19:18

Cali has more marriage agencies. Medellin has more malls to find chicas. Both cities are great. Go to both if you can!

Dollar Bill
06-16-04, 14:49
info deleted - see "General Info" Section for news info on killings

07-13-04, 17:58
Hey Aussie Greg ... I'll be heading back to Medellin in a couple weeks.

Are you still with your novia there?

Looking forward to the wedding !!!

Thanks again for the gift my last night in Medellin a month or so ago ... she was very NICE !!!

That was really cool!

See ya soon.

Aussie Greg
07-18-04, 14:12

I'm back in Aussie, just could stay for 2 months, fathers sick, like real bad, bloody Parkinson's+ I've only got one more Family Court battle left !!! shokld be over by Christmas, planing to be back to Medellin early in the new year.

Medellin Bob reckons it not the same there without us 2!

My novio! you can have her. Spent a month with her and she was seeing other guys, she didnt know that I was fucking evey thing in sight to! I think her mother and two sisters liked me better, could see the dollars and cents.

Took her to Santa Marta, fucked her silly and the next night she drank 2 bottles of rum, I didnt find out untill I returned to Medellin ( her mother told me ( or Bob ) ) that she is on anti-depresant tablets, has a problem! Me and the night watchman from the hotel had to clean up the room after she spoouded up ( sick ) all over the bed/room.

She always had Argentina on her brain, I told her as soon as she gets there they will use her as a ***** and through away the keys, thinks she's a top model! ( I should have asked her to come and work for Bob and I's ***** house in Panama! but I didnt )

Its almost as bad as you falling asleep pissed on rum and waking up with piza/rum and ants all over you! Bob and I still crack up over that!

Met a nice girl ( there all nice untill you find out what there form ) in the last week. Fucked me silly, the harder I gave it to her the more she would turn around, look me in the eye, poke her tounge out and grunt !!!!!

Its my pleasure mate about the girl, I mean it was only 15 USD !!!!! good she looked after you. I took two home that night, should post the pic's.

I'm bloody sorry that I wont be seeing you in Medellin, Keep an eye on Bob, he's a great guy. Hope to spend more time with you next trip, regards RICKER.

Aussie Greg

07-25-04, 07:50
Hey Fellow Mongers,

I have recently returned from 4 months in Colombia and it was quite the experience. The young chicas in the brothels of Cali & Medellin were truly sweet and really earned their pay. The girls in Thailand can’t even reach the same scale as Colombianas and what an experience being in a country not shagged up by hordes of tourists.

I have read good things about Medellin Bob on this forum and can only agree what a decent guy he is. Bob has been living in Medellin for about 3 years and has a wealth of knowledge of Colombia and it’s society and is very generous to share. Not to mention this guy knows a s**t load of chicas. I didn’t even stay with Bob and he went out of his way to give me advise and introduce me to some lovely chicas. Now that I have been home for a month he continues to be a good friend and adviser.

Keep yer peckers up,


BTW: If anyone wants to contact Medellin Bob you can PM me and I’ll let you know how to contact him.


07-27-04, 20:37
Yep ... good times in Medellin ... thanks Aussie for reminding me of my drunkin' stuper and waking up with ants crawling all over me ... I fell asleep with a half-eaten hot dog.

Anyway ... I went to Pereira to meet that chica ... turned out to be a psycho ... no more internet chicas for me ... much easier and better meeting them in person as I go.

The PFP scene in Periera is not worth the trip as compared to Cali, Medellin, Bogota, Cartegena, etc ....
They have some places but not worth the trip for that IMHO ...

Anyway ... I guess the wedding is off Aussie Greg ????
Hahaha .... looking forward to seeing you again too ...

I've been spending time in Caracas because I met this hot chica ... see the photo ... but Medellin soon again.

Take care ...

Super David
08-11-04, 12:03

Will be in Medellin the 23-25 of Aug.


08-17-04, 16:11
How much have I to pay a prostitute?

Hello, I'd like to know how much I have to pay for a good girl to have sex for one night in Medellin.
Where can I meet many streetworkers in Medellin? In what street?

Tom 33
08-17-04, 22:07
Downtown around Botero Plaza you can probably get something for US$20 or less. If you want to hit the touristy traps, you can pay $100 or more. How good is your Spanish?

08-18-04, 02:32
You ask your concierge to get you a chica

Or, you get a taxi and ask him to take you to a "casa de chicas para sexo"

Or, you read the forum

Or, you take taxi to Hotel Internacional. There take another taxi and ask him to take you on a tour of casas and strip clubs. The Internacional taxis are more used to cash rich guests, thus they tend to have better knowledge of the casas and clubs.

Or, open phone book and look for Masajes. Call them and tell them that you want to visit.

Medellin is not for the, "Does anybody speak English in this fucking place" only crowd.

From 50 thousand pesos per hour at the cheaper venues
to 170 thousand pesos for an hour at La Isla. Plus 50 thousand pesos minimum comsumption.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong

08-18-04, 17:40
Great advice Ferolga ... couldn't have said it better myself.

Street chicas are next to Club San Diego.

Your Dog
08-19-04, 22:53
A lot of friends of mine went to Cali and had a great time. They visited the numerous Casas for P4P and had good times with non pro girls met at the mall. I am interested in visiting Medellin. I have read that the beautiful girls are lighter in skin tone and Medellin itself is a nicer looking city than Cali. I have some questions for anybody with experience in Medellin.

1. Will Medellin have numerous Casas of Chicas and will the Cost be the same as in Cali?

2. Will hooking up with non pro girls in Medellin be as the same as Cali? Do the girls like to party?

3. What are some non sex scenes or places that should be checked out?

4. I heard in late December, Colombia celebrates a Salsa Festival. Which city is better for this festival Medellin or Cali?

Super David
08-20-04, 03:44
I want to tell you that Medellin Bob has a great new place! It has view of the city. It has a pool. It is very nice.

We went to a local massage parlor and saw 3 girls just waiting for me. Too many to choose from.

Your Dog, there are many casas de chicas in Medellin. There are low cost places as well as high cost places. Just depends what your needs are. Your likes may be the dislikes for someone else.

Medellin is a beautiful city with beatiful views and lovely ladies. Much more modern than Cali. Cali is warmer na dhas its own beauty.

Super David

Tom 33
08-20-04, 03:50
I spent a week there with a novia. So I didn't do any trolling.

They have a metro that is an elevated railway. Get on and ride it around. It's cheap, clean and safe.

There is a mall on the uphill edge of el Poblado. The chicas are stunning. There is a river and waterfall running through the mall. Don't bother trying to score there. The chicas there don't need the money.

Parque Lleras in Poblado is a must visit after 9:00 pm on Fri. or Sat. night. I had to look hard to find a chica that I wouldn't have done.

There is a high point in town that used to be a monastery. I forget the name, but bring your camera.

08-20-04, 11:12

My friend, my Spanish is good, why do you ask it?
How many not prostitute girls can I fuck in Medellin in one week if I speak Spanish?

Tom 33
08-20-04, 17:14

With good Spanish you can have the run of the place. You can get non-pros for the price of a few drinks. But you may not get 5 or 6 in a week. You have to play them a little. You should be able to score as many as you can do in a day for US$20 or less for an hour.

08-21-04, 02:52
<<<How many not prostitute girls can I fuck in Medellin in one week if I speak Spanish?

I'd say all of them

08-21-04, 07:32

Do you like to joke?
I like to know the true!

Simple Man
08-21-04, 07:41
The truth is you can fuck as many "prostitute girls" as you want as long as you can afford them. That's why they're called "prostitute girls." As far as the non-prostitute girls, is there any such thing?

08-21-04, 16:17
foxeshunter says I like to know the truth!

You can't handle the truth.

You are asking us to evaluate your trip to Medellin without knowing whether you got game. Or whether you know how to make friends in a hurry. Or whether you got muscles. Or whether you got that laid back, fun loving 'tude that gets girls wet. Or whether you are a great dancer. Or whether you got piles of cash AND know how to best use it for maximum effect. Or whether you speak really good Spanish or shitty Spanish picked up on the night shift at UPS.

But you already know all of that.

Ask something that we can answer, like:

Q: Are girls so easy that they will fuck you if you just ask them right after you meet them?
A: Most are not. This is still a Catholic country.

Q:Where is the best place to meet girls?
A: Girls are everywhere. But the malls a very good places.

Q: Does Medellin blow Cartagena away?
A: No, Cartagena is way easier on the tourist.

Q: When I strike out like an armless man trying to scratch his balls, where can I go for some P4P
A: You can read my list of places. I put it up last year. Others have put up theirs.

08-23-04, 07:37
Ferolga ... I like the way you write ... you got me laughing with some of your replies.

Guys ... like it's been said ... you can show up and screw as many pros as you want if you got the money.

As far as non-pros go:
I think Ferolga summed it up perfect with his reply that's headed ... "you can't handle the truth" ...

.... for Your Dog ... the festival you're referring to in December is in Cali. I was there a couple years ago. It was awesome ... lots of people ... i.e. chicas .... come to party.
But after the festival ... beginning of January ... the city is dead for a while ... including the casas de chicas.

08-23-04, 15:31

Thank you. I'm just keeping it real.


08-23-04, 21:02
Ferolga: Yes you are "keeping it real", though I wonder why you bother responding at all to people with such delusions of granduer/unrealistic expectations. Also, that is the type on Don Juan whom Colombia does NOT need any more of!

08-26-04, 03:31

<<<I wonder why you bother responding at all to people [that in essence are asking stupid questions]

Because I, too, sometimes ask stupid questions and I like to have them answered. Or at least to have it pointed out that the question I am asking is the wrong question to ask .

Like, for example, before I went to Colombia I asked, "Is Colombia safe to travel to?"

The person that I asked that question to decided not to answer and no one else decided to answer. By the way, the answer to that question is "yes." It is safe to travel to Colombia, if by Colombia you mean San Andres Island or Cartgena.

If we are talking about Bogota or Medellin, the answer is that there are risks inherent to the enterprise. The guerrilla is not a fiction of the State Department. Criminals, too, are real and strike on a daily basis.

A tourist to Colombia benefits from being cautious, prudent and knowledgeable of the language and the customs.


Tom 33
08-26-04, 18:04

I felt pretty safe the entire week(March of this year) I was in Medellin. However, my novia met me at Rio Negro(the international airport), dropped me off there when I left, and rarely left my side in between.

Now I would feel safe going there alone. I would not, however, leave the city except to go to the airport.

Master Monger
09-18-04, 07:29
Dear Fellow Mongers,

I am coming to Colombia and I want to spend one month in Cali and One month in Medellin.

HERE is my dilema, it appears the only way to travel between Cali and Medellin is by plane (safetly) but I am encountering a round-trip price off the internet of about $250.

Please someone tell me where and how to make this journey more affordably, $250 is just crazy.

Please help me,

Master Monger

Tom 33
09-18-04, 15:33
My novia in Medellin tells me that bus transportation between Medellin and Cali is safe. You may want to double-check this through another source.

09-18-04, 15:59
Here's an idea you can contemplate instead: Either fly or take a fairly priced bus. There!

09-19-04, 03:26
Safe for a Colombian and safe for a gringo are QUITE different things. The road between Cali & Medellin is not as dangerous as many rural highways, but do you REALLY want to test that theory to save $50-60?

09-19-04, 05:46
Master Monger,
I got the same price when I did a quick check on avianca.com.
But I'm hard pressed to believe it would cost that much if you walked up to the counter in a Colombian airport and asked the price. Might consider that, or having a friend call some airlines in Colombia...

09-19-04, 17:49

DO NOT.....I repeat DO NOT travel large distances on road in Colombia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even the road between Cartagena and BQ is NOT 100% safe....
Trust me on this one...FARC, AUC and other scum bags like the narcos DO have spies all over. IF one gringo gets on a bus...and you are seen by one of those guys.......it's tata....
If you think I am talking BS...so be it. But do NOT come whining here after you was in a world of SHIT because some scumbag kidnapped you!!!!! YOU WERE WARNED!

Take the plane.......it's better,saver...only cost you some extra $$$$.
Inland flights are easy availeble and not very expensive.
I flew from Bogota to Cartagena with AEROSPECIALE for only 80 US Dollars. (one way)
And if you are not able to spend THAT extra $$$$$ then just stay OUT of Colombia!!!

But the women are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's for sure;-)
Medellin and Cali DO Have Colombias BEST looking women!!
If you are MORE into mulatta's then go to Cartagena or to BQ.

my 2 € cents.


Nyc Expat
09-19-04, 20:11
Would you consider my safe adventure with my novia in mid-July from CTG to Maicao via bus and back to Santa Marta was luck. Members are welcome to read my post dated 8-19 in "other areas" in this Colombian thread and your comments welcome.

BTW, several cyberchicas living ín BAQ, S.M. and another 20-30 km. from Cali all claim it is safe for gringos to visit them. One told of her daughter having American and European visitors without incident. Travel via airline.

Re.: airfare.
While in CTG in July I saw ads on street bill boards, CTG to Medellin or Cali, only 257,000 P on Avianca. It's advisable to buy domestic in-country.

09-20-04, 02:59
NYC Expert

I have no intention to dispute your view of safety in Colombia.

For extranjeros there are only two rules:

Intercity: use airlines; and

Never trust anyone: chicas, taxistas, vendedores, muy buena genta de la calle, nadie.

It is not unknown for extranjeros to be led into the honey trap and subseqently kidnapped.

Colombia is dangerous. Don´t be paranoid but maintain at all times your guard.

Take care

Hope this helps (as Andres says)

PS. I have just looked at the Avianca website and MDE-CLO strats from $226,000, less than US$90 round trip. You can book an e-ticket online with the minimum of spanish.

09-20-04, 05:36
NYC Expat,

I wouldn't consider your safe bus trip "luck", but just because YOU made it safely there and back doesn't mean that someone else will. I know some idiots that played russian roulet once or twice without blowing there heads off too, but that certainly doesnt mean I want to do it just because nothing happened to them.

There is a reason that the US state department has a travel advisory warning on Colombia, and one of those reasons is because it's not "safe" to travel around by bus everywhere. Sure you did it and I am glad that you didnt have any problems, but that doesnt mean the next time or the next guy wont.

God forbid that happen but what are they going to say? " Well yea Mr. Farc. NYC Expat said it was safe so if you guys will just let me go now I will be on my way."

I am not trying to be neagative towards you but I just want people to realize that bad stuff does happen in Colombia, and it could happen to them.

The ods are that if fact you can go by bus without having problems, (just like playing russian roulet with a 6 chamber gun) but God help the poor bastard that does.

El Colorado
09-21-04, 04:43
- How are you doing with you fiance visa to bring your Piasa over to the states?

El C

09-21-04, 06:09
Master Monger,

Just my 2 cents, but if you're able to chill for 2 months in Colombia, and afford all the extra-curiculers; chicas, meals, drinking, gifts for chicas, picking up more than enough tabs over a 2 month period, etc.
Why squabble over the thought of saving $60 by taking the bus .vs a plane?
Comfort, time and safety ought to be a no-brainer.


Nyc Expat
09-21-04, 11:31
Thanks for your comments.

Please note, I never stated or implied such a trip IS safe and recommended to others. I posted only to report the experience, nothing else.

Traveling between major cities is safest by airline.

Simple Man
09-22-04, 00:30
Just returned from Medellin. My first piece of advise is stay away from the Intercontinental in my experience it is the worst hotel in latin america.

Now the important stuff.

As always Loutron -- Cra 32 Transveral Inferior No 2 Sur-47 311-1179 -- did not disappoint. $110,000 pesos for a massage and relations with a beatiful girl that will treat you like she has been waiting forever for you to enter into her life. This place is always clean and well run.

Blue Room -- Av. 33 No. 78-63 250-0363, Around 10 girls. The first day had one absolutely gorgeous girl 19 years old, named Jessica. $65,000 for an hour. Told me that she had just started the previous Saturday. When we went back later in the week the manager said that she wasn't working. Don't know if it was for that day or if she left.

Abydos -- Calle 33 No. 64-198 235-3031, around 10 girls, none to my taste YMMV. $65,000 pesos per hour.

Loutron, Blue Room and Abydos are all under the same ownership.

Energy Cra. 74 No. 49-101 Sector Estadio 436-1131, $80,000 per hour, went there twice, around ten girls each time, nothing to my taste, again YMMV.

Samsara Avenida 33 No. 65-09 265-7123, $45,000 pesos per hour, $130,000 for lesbian show. Around 10 girls 3-4 good looking but the place is filthy.

And saving the best for last

CASA de PIEDRA Calle 58 No. 50 A 54 254-0598

This house is located in downtown near the metro station. It a large white house with a stone facing, thus the name. The madam is an elderly lady named Nancy. When you ring the bell Nancy will look out the window and decide whether or not to let you in. So don't go there looking like a bum or drunk and/or disorderly. There are usuallty 5-10 girls there at around 11:00 at night and they stay there until 5 a.m. in the morning. They are open during the day but it pays to call ahead in the daytime. There are rooms on site for which the house fee is $70,000 or to go $100,000. The girls ask for between $100-150 per hour you can actually work a deal for 2-3 hours for this price if you are nice to the girls at the house. Most nights that I went there they had several girls that were knock-outs. I did not have a bad experience out of this place either in attitude or in performance. If you are nice to Nancy and tip her a little (10,000) per night, you can call her and tell what you are looking for and she will call around and try to line up girls that meet your criteria. There is no english, however, spoken in the Casa De Piedra.

As far as hotels I recommend the Plaza Poblado Hotel in Medellin.

09-22-04, 01:38
Loutron is now 110K? Last year it was like 70 or 80K so that is QUITE a markup (plus the dollar is weaker now-I got over 2800CP/$ last year). OUCH!

InterC is "worst hotel in LatinAm" you say? Never stayed there, and it is a less convenient location than hotels down the hill by the malls, but why was it so bad?

09-22-04, 02:38
Simple Man, that was a very helpful post. Thanks!

I'm looking for an inexpensive downtown hotel as a base for exploring.

Fodor's lists two near Parque de Bolivar:
La Bella Villa--Calle 53 No. 50-28, $50, 5 floors of modern rooms
Americano--Calle 54 No. 49-15, $25, 12 small rooms

Can anyone confirm that these are within walking distance of Simple Man's recommendations?

Simple Man
09-22-04, 03:30
Why is the Medellin Intercontinental terrible?

The first set of problems are temporary. They are currently under construction. The construction noise begins at 7:30 a.m every morning. I was there for three nights and had my room changed twice because either nothing worked or everything leaked. I was finally put in a room that had already been renovated. The TV turned off every ten minutes and the base of the bathroom sink constantly leaked so that there was a puddle on the floor. I figured that it was as good as it was going to get so I just dealt with it.

The rest are permanent problems:

The staff is rude and not very efficient. When housekeeping finished with my room 2 out of 3 mornings they did not leave me any towels. On each of these mornings I placed calls to housekeeping and then had to argue with housekeeping over the issue of whether towels had been in my room and whether I had just stolen or misplaced them.

Any visitors you bring in must register and during registration are subjected to extremely rude treatment. Their documents are demanded, not requested and they are spoken to in rude and condesending tones.

You are charged for everything from internet use to extra soap. The mini bar prices, telephone charges etc. are outrageous. The buffet breakfast is $25,000 per person and you need to use flag signals to get a waiter to pour you a cup of coffee.

Finally, the rooms are dirty. There was hair all over the bathroom of all of my rooms when I entered them and in two of the rooms someone had blown their nose on the shower curtains and I had to wash it off before I could shower.

Finally, the location is incovenient to anything. Particularly now with the road construction taking place in Medellin.

Now I am not a sensitive or delicate person that needs the lap of luxury, but when I am paying those prices I expect to receive some value and service in return.

You may ask why was I there for 3 days? Because every hotel in Poblado was booked by a medical convention. The second rooms freed up I was happily out of the Inter.

On another note, there are various packages available at Loutron. There are still, I believe both $60,000 and $80,000 packages available, I am just referring to the package I usually go for.

The change houses were giving between $2,200-2350 per dollar and the ATM's were giving around $2450 when I was there.

09-22-04, 22:09

I would advise against anyone staying in the downtown area but, here's one place.

Hotel Panorama (in downtown Medellin) its located on Avenida El Palo. The room rates i saw posted were 20k and up. I assume it depends on what type of room you opt for. Sorry, I do not have the actual address but, the above was all i told a taxi and he got me there just fine.

I went there on a tip from a gal in Cali (works at Kaliente) that they had hot chicas there. Its a hotel with a club in it. I went there to checkout the club. The nigh I was there they only had about 5 gals but, it was early so you might want to see it yourself. According to the gal I talked to she stopped working at this club because, there was too much competition. She told me that they usually have abou 30-40 gals all in their early to late 20's and hot. Thus, if you stay at the hotel or are in the area you might want to stop by and report back.

P.S. Avoid Faces2 it's a total "clip joint". I had been there before but, its changed some. The number and quality of the chicas has gone way down and their prices have gone way up. There is a 5k cover but, beers are 15k each. not worth it!!!

09-22-04, 22:41
Duke: Tiennes cojones GRANDES. Downtown at night is only for the brave/foolhardy from what I hear-I don't know personally because I do NOT challenge the fates in Colombia (read: at night I stay close to Poblado though the area by San Diego where the streetwalers are did not seem too bad).

Simpleman: You make a persuasive casde for giving the IC a pass. The exchange rates you quote are even worse! Colombia is rapidly going from a bargain vacation to comparable in cost to Brasil!

Simple Man
09-23-04, 01:16
I have been in downtown Medellin at night and advise against walking anywhere downtown after dark. Take a cab to and from your destination downtown and if you are staying in a hotel in el centro don't wander around.

As far as the exchange rate, the papers in Bogota said that there was an unexpected influx of foriegn investment and that there is now just a surplus of dollars in the country. The analysts said that by the end of the year the exchange rate should be back to normal. So take heart.

09-23-04, 01:36
Simpleman: Thanks for your post. End of the year does me no good as I am going in a couple weeks. Dollar seems weak against EVERY currency about now though. Cambodia is still cheap (:

09-23-04, 19:07
Thanks for all the tips & PMs. I much prefer to mingle with the locals & walk everywhere, but based on your advice have reserved at the Sheraton (US$58+7% tax). They say it's a 20-minute walk to Metro stations Poblado & Aguacatala. So it looks like I can get in a good walk, rub shoulders with the working man on the train, and zip downtown cheaply (US37¢) to rub other body parts with the working women. I'll report back at the end of October.

09-23-04, 20:04
Duke: A very wise choice. The Sheraton, really called "Four Points" I believe, is directly adjacent to the best mall, Centro Oveido. The food court there is PRIME hunting grounds for non pros.

Sky Dog
09-27-04, 00:52
Howdy Y'all

A few months ago, I visited MDE for about 6 days. Stayed at Hotel Plaza Rosa. Close to Pablado. Charged for bringing girl to room. It cost less than Intercontinente. It was about $35US per night. And its a short wark to the Poblado Area. It was nice and clean. It has good security and offers free breakfast; which was pretty good. Ask for a room on the back side. The front faces a busy street.

Hotel Plaza Rosa
Carrera 32D No. 9 - 17
tele. 312 0005 hotelplazarosa@epm.net.co

I found a hotel in El Centro, very near the center of town. It was close to the Metro. I did not stay there or look at the rooms. I agree with the other posts. Downtown MDE is a great place in the daytime. But at night, it is no place for a tourist.

Hotel Calle Real
CL. 51 Boyaca No. 51 - 47
tele. 512-4612
Pvt Bath, TV
25K 1 Bed, 32K 2 Beds, 40K 3 Beds

All in all I like MDE. However, it is not the best place to Monger in Columbia. It has a limited Pro scene. What I like about it is the weather; beautiful scenary and much cooler than Cali. It is in the mountains, so be prepared to walk up and down hill alot.

Sky Dog

10-04-04, 01:03
Can someone give me some links in English for Spanish study at Medellin’s universities? I found Universidad de Antioquia and Universidad de Medellin website. Unfortunately, they don’t have the English vision. Thanks.

10-04-04, 08:03

Universidad EAFIT in Medellin http://www.eafit.edu.co/principal.shtm has spanish courses for all levels. Its not in english but its the only place in Medellin that I know of that has spanish courses.
I didn't go but a few gringo mates went and were happy with it. Lots of young talent there too, but grils are mainly from wealthy families and can be a bit difficult to crack onto. Guess they aren't to impressed by "rich gringos" as they have more money at their disposal than the average gringo in Colombia.

Suerte amigo,


Super David
10-11-04, 19:12

I have an even better solution for hotel and information. Please let me know your email address or send me a way to IM you.

I have a friend who has a penthouse with 5 rooms available for rent by people, usually americans.

Balashi Man
10-13-04, 07:28
I would liket to ask few questions re: Colombia in particular MDE. I met a beautiful chica while vacationing in caribbean. She is from MDE.

1. Do you need a visa to enter Colombia?
2. Can you use dollars or is pesos used exclusively?
3. Are travelers checks viable option?
4. Where do you exchange currency?
5. Can foreigners buy properties in Colombia?
6. How much does an average house cost?
7. As for flights from east coast, PHL, IAD, BWI, are there bargains?
8. When is the best time of year to go to MDE?
9. Are there any asian population in MDE?

Thanks in advance for your response and guidence. Would love to travel there soon. I only speak basic spanish, but I am working on that.

Again, thanks,

Balashi Man

10-13-04, 20:49
1. Do you need a visa to enter Colombia?
Not if you're a US Citizen

2. Can you use dollars or is pesos used exclusively?
Peso recommended, vendors rarely will have change for dollars

3. Are travelers checks viable option?
Yes, but your exchange rate will not be good as ATM

4. Where do you exchange currency?
There are numerous change(cambio) places, even Casinos will change dollars to peso. Make sure you carry your original passport not copy if you go to change money

5. Can foreigners buy properties in Colombia?
YES, search forum for detail or talk w/ lawyers

6. How much does an average house cost?

7. As for flights from east coast, PHL, IAD, BWI, are there bargains?

8. When is the best time of year to go to MDE?

9. Are there any asian population in MDE?
COL has a VERY SMALL % of asian, I did run into several Chinese-Colombian(they owned a chinese restaurant) in a Casa in Cali.

Balashi Man
10-14-04, 08:01

Thank you your kind respond. My friend advise me against going to Colombia or keeping contact with the chica. He says he is being my psychiatrist. Well, he has nothing to do with medical field. We only live once. And I gotta do what I gottta do. I do have some responsbilities. I will fullfill them, and I am off to Colombia and what happens happens.

Thanks again.

The chica I met is the sweetest girl I ever met.

Sin miedo A Nada,

Doc Balashi Man.

10-21-04, 17:05
Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there is anything near the Rionegro Airport for easy in and outs. Will be staying at a hotel next to the Airport and for just one night.


Senor Amable
10-23-04, 03:34

There are a few massage parlors downtown Medellin that I know of. All within fifteen or twenty minutes from the downtown airport. On Avienda 33 is Abydos.It is open from 9AM to 9PM.

Cassandra is a bit further away. It is on Carrera 81.

The numbers are all listed in the yellow pages under Masajes.

The quality at Abydos is very close to the quality at the Loutron in El Poblado. Cassandra's is a few grades down. Pricing in the Abydos is from 55 to 66000CP. Cassandra's is a flat 40000CP.

You get what you pay for today.

10-25-04, 22:01
My first visit to Medellin in late October has confirmed that there are many beautiful women, that they are inexpensive, and that they have a most pleasant attitude.

Arriving at Jose Córdoba airport you can find an ATM, but you have to walk upstairs after clearing immigration to the departure floor to find one. I got 300,000 pesos (2,536 pesos = US$1), enough for a taxi and a girl (you never know how quickly you might score). Taking a taxi from the airport to the Four Points Sheraton (35,000 pesos), the first impressions are a winding road, high security (3 road stops), an impressive view of the city from the mountain showing how immense it is, and an air pollution problem.

In the morning I planned my visits. I wanted to make them all in the daytime and then retire to my hotel evenings to watch the major league baseball playoffs. I hoped to visit all of the places in Simple Man’s excellent report here on 09-21-04, 19:30. See his post for good descriptions and phone numbers.

Taxis are cheap and the most practical way to get around. However, If you like exploring on your own and don’t mind a lot of walking along noisy, heavily-trafficked streets, you can use the Metro. It is very clean, safe, efficient, and cheap (950 pesos one-way). You’ll need a good tourist map, which my hotel provided, and a working knowledge of Spanish.

Casa de Piedra - Cll. 58 No. 50A-54
(business card says “Lindas Chicas”, open 7 days)

From the San Antonio station take Line A north two stops to the Prado station. Take the exit toward the front of the train (north) and the steps will lead you down into a plaza on the west side. Circle around to the right and cross under the tracks. You will see the “Bazar de los Puentes II” with a row of stores and a fruit stand. Go up the street on the left side of these stores (Calle 58) and walk about 100 feet to No. 50 A 54 with the stone front on your left.

I rang the bell and asked for Nancy. After waiting 5 minutes in the pleasant lobby, she presented a lineup of 3 girls. They were all knockouts. I chose Valentina, the cutest one, 19 years old from Medellin, short, with long straight hair. The other two were a cute brunette and a pretty, taller blonde. All 9’s!!!

I paid Nancy 70,000 pesos for the room and 25,000 pesos for a drink for Valentina (purportedly “whiskey”) while we chatted on the sofa with background music. The room upstairs was big and clean. The price for Valentina was 100,000. She showered (cold water...I declined). I then enjoyed her company, as much as any encounter I have ever had...and I’ve been at this hobby a long time! All requests, including long languorous kissing, were happily complied with.

With my limited Spanish, conversation was stilted, but she was chatty and coped well. “Que rico” was her response to my many compliments, as though I were the first person to tell her of her beauty. I asked how much time we had, and she said there was no time limit...as much time as it took to satisfy me. And she did. The only puzzling occurrence was when the condom proved to be too dry she suggested putting another one on top of the existing one. I said why not just replace the existing one, but she preferred double-decker. Not to worry, I was so happy and excited that a wool sock wouldn’t have detracted from my pleasure.

If you’ve been converting, the total tab came to US$77. More than I like to spend outside the USA, but well worth it. The girl and the place are highly, highly recommended. Thanks, Simple Man.

10-25-04, 22:07
Energy - Cra. 74 No. 49-101

From the Metro station San Antonio take Line B west 3 stops to the Estadio station. It’s then about a 20 minute walk into a modern neighborhood. Go in the same direction as the Metro was going (west), around the stadiums until you reach Cra. 74 and turn right. Walk past Calle 49 to a billiards parlor, and on your left is No. 49-101. It has a plain cement front.

Eventually you figure out the addressing scheme. The first number after Cra. or Cll. is the street the house is on. The second number after “No.” is what you see on the front of a house. Before the dash is the number of the closest cross street. After the dash is the individual house number. (But don’t ask me to explain why Av. 33 is sometimes the same as Cll. 33, and sometimes Cll. 37. Hey, it’s an important avenue, it can be anywhere it likes!)

I was given a choice of 7 girls, ranging from 5 to 8 in looks. I chose Karen, an 8 with straight black hair. The cost was 60,000 pesos for a massage and “relations”. She said the girl gets 40% of this amount. She was laid-back, giving, and pleasant to be with. After a happy 1/2 hour my Spanish was giving out, so I said I’d probably head on out. She pointed to the clock and assured me we had 1/2 hour more and could do anything else I wanted, including “relations” again. Wow.

All this for US$24. Now that’s more like it. Highly recommended.

10-25-04, 22:12
Abydos - Cll. 33 No. 64-198

From the Metro station San Antonio take Line A south 3 stops to the Industriales station. It is then a safe but unpleasant 1/2 hour walk through an old industrial neighborhood. I walked west on Cll. 33 to Cra. 65, turned right and walked north to Cll 33. Abydos, like the others, has no sign with its name, just go by the address, which is on the north side of a very torn-up street.

The lobby was quite plain. 5 girls were presented. I was becoming familiar with the routine: The girls wear a white doctor-like smock over revealing two-piece undergarments. They take off the smock, twirl around, give you a long look at their behind, twirl back to face you, give you their name, and then leave, saying “con permiso”. There was 1 black girl, and 4 light-skinned girls, ranging from 3 to 6 in looks. Price 60,000 pesos for massage and “relations”. 40,000 (45,000?) pesos for massage only. I declined.

Samsara - Av. 33 No. 65-09
(Yes, Av. 33 = Cll. 33 here!)

From Abydos, cross Av. 33 and walk west a block.

6 girls were presented. The price was 45,000 pesos for a massage and relations. Handshake & names only, no twirling. I chose Sara, about a 7 in looks. Being drunk from 3 days of female encounters, though, I followed the wrong girl up the stairs and was laughed at by all before I came back and followed the one I had chosen. The room was not attractive. No sheets on the bed! You could plainly hear the conversation and vacuuming from the lobby. Sara was a pleasant person and gave a professional massage and all went well through the finale. It’s worth noting that I had yet to use the condom I had been toting around. All the places provide them.

The place is not recommended, but then again, I can tolerate substandard surroundings and had a good encounter for just US$18!

San Diego - A mall/neighborhood

From Metro station San Antonio take Line A south 2 stops to Exposiciones station. Walk east uphill towards the San Diego Mall, a name which is easily spotted on a tall building ahead of you.

I had read that San Diego is “full of hookers”, and that the industrial side was “just one big brothel at night”. I went there in late afternoon and walked for 2 hours through the mall, around the industrial part south of the mall, and up east a bit up Las Palmas avenue.

Either I got there too early or missed the right location, but I saw nothing resembling a hooker or a brothel. Can anyone give an intersection or precise directions to a spot where there is action?

10-25-04, 22:17
Blue Room - Av. 33 No. 78-63

From Metro station San Antonio take Line B west to the Floresta station. Walk south on Cra. 79 which changes to Cra. 81, to Cll. 33. Make a left and go east to No. 78-63, which is just to the left of an outdoor cafe. This is a long 45-min walk, the beginning of which is pleasant with cafes to stop in, but degenerates into traffic-filled arteries and circles.

Lots of incense and candles. Price: 65,00 pesos. There were 7 girls, 5 of whom were quite tall(!). Looks ranged from 3 to 7. The usual white shirt procession. The madame wasn’t pleased when I said I didn’t want any of them.

Loutron - Cra. 32 Transveral Inferior No. 2 Sur-47

OK, I give up, there’s no way you’ll get to this place by Metro. It’s way up the hill and south of the center of town. Even the cab driver was a bit puzzled by the address, but we drove up the mountain and found it (20 minutes and 7,000 pesos from the Blue Room). The neighborhood is very nice, and it’s a big unattached gated house with a patio out front. It seemed very busy with clients.

The seating area was quite clean and nice. I was shown 7 girls, doing the usual twirl, ranging from 5 to 7 in looks. The madame said there were fewer girls there on Saturdays, more on Mondays and Tuesdays (?!). I left without partaking, and she was gracious about it. Worth a return visit.

In summary, I wouldn’t recommend going to Medellin for ladies unless you speak Spanish and don’t mind automobile fumes and noises of the city. There was intermittent rain, so a better time to visit, I’m told, would be November/December. The setting is indeed dramatic, though there sure are a lot of houses crowded into those verdant hills. Prices are low, there is daytime action, and the young women are attractive. Most refreshingly, all the working women (and Colombians in general) I encountered were polite and willing to please. So if you’re there on business, set aside some time for genuine pleasure.

Happy hunting,

10-26-04, 00:49
Thank you for your posts. Good information.

10-26-04, 02:33
Pilot'sFun was asking about places near the Rio Negro airport, not downtown airport.

I don't know of any myself, though I never looked out there.

Think your best bet would be to ask a local taxista ...
for example ... "hay un lugar aca en Rio Negro, donde se puede encontrar una chica?"

Anyway, good luck with that.

10-26-04, 02:45
DukePV ... great report !

I've visited most places you reported on.
You must of hit Loutron on a very bad day, normally they have lots of avail very hot chicas.

The San Diego area comes alive at night ... maybe 9pm on.

Go to Club San Diego, a strip club, and the streets all around there have the chicas walking about for about 40,000 pesos ... $8.


10-26-04, 03:52

Question: About the street chicas, are you not concerned with them having a higher probality for Venereal Diseases? Or do you think that they are as likely to have them as, say, the Loutrón girls.


10-26-04, 04:11
Ferolga ... well, obviously the street chica is much less expensive, and therefore her clients will be of lesser caliber.

The thing about the street chicas around San Diego I've found is, they hang out in groups of similar types.
The older chicas hang together ... the really used looking ones hang together ... the younger, more inexperienced, ones together, etc.

When I've scouted out for a chica, I usually look for the "new girl", one that works seldomly and doesn't have that "thousand guy later" look.

Some diamonds are definitely out there ... just gotta look and get lucky.

Also you should check their IDs (cedula) ... as you know, they will lie about their age ... better to check.


10-26-04, 21:02
Hey Ricker,

A few posts ago you said $40,000 pesos was only 8$? Where are you getting that from? As far as I know its around 16$, still cheap, but hey, if your giving that exchange rate let me know where I can find you because I have got a few bucks to exchange with you. I will even make it worth your while and give you an even 10 dollars for the $40,000.

Senor Amable
10-27-04, 17:34
Duke PV,

I missed the boat! I've been going to Medellin for almost two years now and during that time I have watched the dollar plummet. I have always converted my dollars to pesos at a Supermercado ie."Carulla" or a Casa de Cambio. I was there two weeks ago and the best I got was 2210 to one dollar.That's a big difference from the 2536 that you recieved from the ATM machine. Where exactly are the machines located and how much will they exchange? I would appreciate the information.


Senor Amable
10-27-04, 18:26
Two weeks ago I was in Medellin with three friends of mine. We spent a week there touring all of the local establishments and picking up on some of the local action.
However one night we were brought to "La Noche." The place has been around for some time, but I believe under a different name & ownership. The inital price quoted is 70,000CP. It then drops to 40,000CP for one hour.It has been slightly and I use the term slightly renovated and has about a dozen or so gals. You need pay close attention to the prices quoted for various services and time, by the gals,and especially if you take two gals to the room at the adjoining motel. We had "numerous problems" not only with the gals, but with the Waiters, Motel Manager and his Attendant's.

The quality of the gals on a 1 to 10 ranges from 6 to 7 the service in the bar a 2 and the hotel a 1. I write this only as a WARNING, that if your not careful you can be had in a big way at this club.

10-29-04, 13:26
for Jman ... yeah yeah yeah ... 40,000 pesos is about 16 bucks ... thanks for correcting me ... I'll have to be more carefull when I write these posts ... otherwise guys like you will break my bank ... hahaha

for BA-BOOM ... I'm surprised that if you've been visiting Medellin for 2 years, you can't find an ATM machine ... this is not meant as a dig on you ... it's just surprising. There are ATM machines everywhere in Medellin ...
in the numerous malls around the city ... in el Centro in the market place ... in Parque Lleras in el Poblado ... actually, the ATMs are all over the place ... too numerous to name all the places.

Also, as everyone should know, in Colombia ... the best exchange rates are from the ATMs, the "casa de cabios" are horrible.
In Venezuela, it's just the opposite ... you bring the dollars and exchange them in country (black market) for the best rate.

Anyway ... good luck out there ... "suerte"

10-29-04, 21:54

After you pass through Immigration at the airport, you press the red/green button and proceed straight ahead through Customs. At this point you are one floor below where the ATMs are. You can ask the Customs folks where to find an ATM (caja automatica, or some such), and they will direct you; or proceed toward the door on your right at the end of the corrider. Before you go outside, there are steps on the right up to the departure area. Go up, look bewildered and ask again, or just cross the floor, and you'll spot several ATMs on the far wall down to the right. If you arrive at 7:30 PM, the departure lounge is pretty well shut down, so it may be dark, but you are allowed in there.

Use a debit card from a US checking account (with 4-digit pin). The local bank didn't charge a fee for drawing funds from a different bank. Don't use a VISA or Amex credit card, which subject you to a finance charge. The machine will give you a choice of amounts to withdraw: 100,000 pesos, 200,000, etc. As I recall, it even has an English option on the instructions. I withdrew 300,000 pesos on 10/19/04. A couple of days later I went online to my bank and saw that my account had been charged $118.28, which comes out to 2536.35 pesos per dollar.

The days of the traveler's check or wads of cash are gone. Olé!


Senor Amable
10-29-04, 22:08

Thanks for all the information on this. I normally arrive around seven thirty in the evening as well.

The information on the Bank card is helpful since my first tendancy would be to use AM EX Card. Between you and Ricker, the days of me using a Casa de Cambio in Medellin are over.

Thanks again!

10-29-04, 23:13
Many ATMs have 300K limit (some 200K!); to reduce fees imposed by YOUR bank at home, always take maximum amount.

11-29-04, 01:47
First of all props to Aussie Greg, Surfer, Ferolga777, and Ricker, and the countless others who have provided great info on this thread.

I’ve been to Cartagena a few times, but planning a trip to Medellin in January or February. Got a few questions.

Does anybody recommend to stay in apartments? Anybody know a couple good websites to find them? Or better to stay with a hotel?

What barrio/region is the Four Seasons and Oveido mall in?

I typically go for non pros in Colombia, but will dabble in a few PFP joints too. Already have a few chicas lined up from amigos.com, but will do some fishing at the malls, and Discos, can’t wait.

Happy hunting

Salsero Loco
11-29-04, 04:49

I've been to Medellin a bunch of times and almost always stay in an apartment, which in my experience is much cheaper and nicer, especially if you are staying for a while (10 days or more). For example, I have paid in the past about $400 per month to stay in a great apartment in the heart of Poblado, one of the hippest, nicest neighborhoods in town.

Having said this, the only contact I have for finding apartments is a local apartment broker who only speaks Spanish. If you speak spanish, PM me and I will get you her number. Otherwise, I think that some of the other folks on this board may be able to help you out.

For shorter trips, I have stayed in hotels which have mostly been chica friendly though you may have to pay a bit extra.

Hope that helps,


Aussie Greg
11-30-04, 11:50
Gidday Octatron,

This is just my view, others might be different.

For first trip away from coast stay with Medellin Bob, he will answer all questions that you ask knowing that you will stay somewhere else next time, he is like that, nothink worries him. ( then maybe you will have such a great time you will stay with him next time to, I'll be staying with him again this end of January/Febuary for the third time )

Oveido Mall is in Poblado or near it, I consider it my best hunting ground.

All the best, regards.

Aussie Greg.

First of all props to Aussie Greg, Surfer, Ferolga777, and Ricker, and the countless others who have provided great info on this thread.

I’ve been to Cartagena a few times, but planning a trip to Medellin in January or February. Got a few questions.

Does anybody recommend to stay in apartments? Anybody know a couple good websites to find them? Or better to stay with a hotel?

What barrio/region is the Four Seasons and Oveido mall in?

I typically go for non pros in Colombia, but will dabble in a few PFP joints too. Already have a few chicas lined up from amigos.com, but will do some fishing at the malls, and Discos, can’t wait.

Happy hunting

12-02-04, 15:34
For Octatron ...

Check out this website: www.playboy-penthouse.com

My buddy Robert owns this business ... he's a great guy !
He can give you good info on both his apartments, hotels and chicas ... pro / non-pro.

Peronally, I never waste my dinero ($$) on the higher priced hotels ... Robert's Apartment is much nicer anyway and with added perks of getting to meet his chicas.

If you like to stay in a hotel ... try Hotel Plaza Rosa located in el Poblado ... nice and reasonable.

Suerte ...

12-02-04, 21:06
Thanks for your responses.

Hey, Ricker. How much do the "Playboy Bunnies" run for on the premesis?

King of Sluts
12-02-04, 21:45
Dear Mongers,

You can stay at at hotels of five star quality for 35.00 per night. He is charging way to much, because he knows you guys are Americans at that you have more money to pay. I can stay at the Dann Carlton for 40.00 dollars a night, and that is the best hotel in the best obarrio.


Aussie Greg
12-06-04, 12:52
Lock up your girlfriends, lock up your wives, even lock up your daughters, the man is back in town !!!! well in the middle of January anyway.

Thinking of having a night sponsord by Aussie Greg at Fossy Doss, the girls fucking my pet kangaroo's tail I'm bringing ( still got the record their "doing a dance on the runway pissed", only guy to do it. )

All the best to every body, Merry Christmas.

Aussie Greg

Aussie Greg
12-06-04, 12:55
I find this hard to believe.

If it was $40.00 per night I'd be staying there.

Aussie Greg

Dear Mongers,

You can stay at at hotels of five star quality for 35.00 per night. He is charging way to much, because he knows you guys are Americans at that you have more money to pay. I can stay at the Dann Carlton for 40.00 dollars a night, and that is the best hotel in the best obarrio.


12-07-04, 12:42

I've had a rate at the Belfort Medellin at $ 119 000/night for a two weeks stay.

Hope this help ..... the hotel is in the Poblado area, and at walking distance to Parque Llieras.


Don't know yet if Dann Carlton or Poblado Plaza are better.


Aussie Greg
12-07-04, 13:57
Gidday Pro,

Thanks mate, I'll check it out.

Will keep you all posted about the "Aussie Greg's sponsered night at Fossy Doss", should be a ripper ( you are only aloud to drink rum boys !! )

Aussie Greg.


I've had a rate at the Belfort Medellin at $ 119 000/night for a two weeks stay.

Hope this help ..... the hotel is in the Poblado area, and at walking distance to Parque Llieras.



12-10-04, 22:37
Well guess I'm gonna have to hook up with you in Medellin in Jan.
Don't want to miss Aussie night at FACE DOS !!

I doubt the Dann Carlton can be had for $40 US per noche ...

Save your $$ ... in el Poblado stay at the hotel Plaza Rosa rates negotiable depending on length of stay ... $30-40 US per night.

Stay down by the soccer stadium ... el estadio area for about $20-25 US.

Take care ...

Senor Amable
12-12-04, 19:27

I was in Medellin from the second until the seventh of December. You were right about the ATM machines.They are all over. I used the machines of the Bank of Colombia and with the service charge of $00.75 per transaction, got just about 2450 to 1.

I'll be back there in January. I would like to take in this "Fiesta" at the "Face Dos," and take that opportunity to meet some of you. Do you have any idea when Aussie night at the "Face Dos?" will be?

Aussie Greg
12-15-04, 14:17
Hi yar Rick,

Hows things mate !!

I'm down in Buenos Aires, will be in Medellin the end of January and staying at you know where, still with your novio/her family ?

Carnt wait to polish of a bottle of rum with you ( dos, tress )


Aussie Greg.

12-15-04, 16:53
Hey Aussie y Ba Boom ...

Looks like I'll be in Medellin also with a couple pals at the end of Jan ...

The Aussie Fest at Face Dos is on I guess ... plus much more.

Looking forward to seeing y'all ...

Aussie ... I have a new novia ... her Dad is de Medellin and the Mother de Venezuela ... they live in Venezuela so when in Medellin ... fun fun fun !

Tomorrow, back to Venezuela for me ... see you guys in 2005.

... here's a foto of mi novia ... great chica !

12-16-04, 23:20
Excellent vantage point you had if I do say so. Love to see the frontside too, with face obscurred of course). The gathering of youz from the lucky country in Medellin sounds like fun.; hey, Greg, any Seppos allowed? If not, maybe I can tag along with Antifreeze and go as the Canuck contingent. LOL He NEEDS a break from Cali.

Senor Amable
12-17-04, 04:13
But how about the "Front End." If it's anything like the Aft, She's a Keeper.
Hope to see you in MDE in January.

Happy Holidays!

Aussie Greg
12-17-04, 13:22
Yes Ricker, looking forward to seeing you and meeting your mates, very nice pic of your novio.

Ricker, does your novio have a younger sister!

Aussie Greg

Hey Aussie y Ba Boom ...

Looks like I'll be in Medellin also with a couple pals at the end of Jan ...

The Aussie Fest at Face Dos is on I guess ... plus much more.

Looking forward to seeing y'all ...

Aussie ... I have a new novia ... her Dad is de Medellin and the Mother de Venezuela ... they live in Venezuela so when in Medellin ... fun fun fun !

Tomorrow, back to Venezuela for me ... see you guys in 2005.

... here's a foto of mi novia ... great chica !

Aussie Greg
12-17-04, 19:08
I'm a bit worried about the Freezer Man! You'll haft to keep him in check!

I've seen him perform before when there's beautifull woman around!

Aussie Greg.

Excellent vantage point you had if I do say so. Love to see the frontside too, with face obscurred of course). The gathering of youz from the lucky country in Medellin sounds like fun.; hey, Greg, any Seppos allowed? If not, maybe I can tag along with Antifreeze and go as the Canuck contingent. LOL He NEEDS a break from Cali.

12-18-04, 05:12
To All:

I was in Medellin for a few days and met the guys from the playboypenthouse.com. I have been to Medellin on several occasions but, I’m no “expert” on Medellin. Simpleman and I decided to look up Rob and his partner Richard. Those guys are great!!! My only regret is that we did not meet them sooner, these guys have lots of valuable info on both the pro and non-pro scene in Colombia. On my next trip, I will definitely stay with them. On previous trips I’ve stayed at the Poblado Plaza, Bellfort, Sharaton, Dann Carlton, etc. all are good hotels but, in my opinion you get lots more for your $$$ if you stay with Rob and Richard. Their Pent-house is very nicely decorated and they seem to be very intent on insuring that all their guests enjoy their stay in Medellin. Thus, I will highly recommend to all (new and old) Medellin travelers to stay with them. Only they can provide the info you need to make your trip to Medellin fun and productive.

***To those who think they know better or do not need Rob & Richard please read Simpleman's post.

**Colombia is not a country you want to put your safety at risk over a few bucks!

*P.S. when you do travel to Colombia please, treat everyone you meet with dignity and respect. Do not give the locals the impression that all americans are rude classless jerks. You would be surprised to hear what many Colombians in the service industry have to say about their experiences with Americans.

Your Pal Frijole,

Simple Man
12-18-04, 05:17
Just got back from Medellin and Bogota. I have been to Medellin several times and I thought that I knew the P4P scene there pretty well. Based upon the recommendations of Ricker and Aussie Greg I contacted Robert and Richard at the Playboypenthouse. First, I have to say that I didn't stay there but I probably will on my next trip. They have a beautiful penthouse just below the Transversal Inferior, with a great view of the city. They are also two extremely nice guys. Frijole and I hit the town with Robert one night and he showed us places that I never would have found on my own. It was like hanging out with an old friend that is showing you his city. I would recommend contacting these guys for both veterans and newbies to Medellin. Thanks to Ricker and Aussie Greg for the recommendations.

On a more somber note, Frijole and I went to Casa De Piedra one night, as we were leaving a group of about 3 locals were coming in, they seemed a little strange, but having developed a false sense of security, having spent a fair amount of time in Medellin without incident, I didn't really think anything of it. As it turns out, right after we left, these guys pulled guns and forced the madame, Nancy, to let in their three friends. These six armed guys then proceeded to terrorize and rob the girls and ransack the house and steal everything of value. The girl I was with got a call on her cell phone and received all of the details. Shortly after she hung up, and told me what happened, she got another call from Nancy telling her to make sure not to tell me what happened because she didn't want to scare away customers. If we hadn't had a cab waiting outside that night it might have gone very badly for us. To me this was a cheap reminder that Colombia is a very poor country filled with desperate people and that you have to be alert and on your toes always.

As an aside someone posted below that the best hotel in Poblado is the Dann Carlton. I have stayed in the Dann Carlton, the Intercontinetal, the Poblado Plaza, the Four Pointe Sheraton, the Belfort, the Plaza Rosa and the Park 10. The Park 10 is by far the best hotel that I have stayed at in Medellin both for quality of room and for service. I also doubt that, absent some special discount, there is a room rate at the Dann of $40.00. Just my opinion.

King of Sluts
12-18-04, 10:52
Yes, the city has a very excellent climate , but there is nothing to do there except chase women. There is not much to do in this city and for the chance of being kidnaped, it is better in other countries. I find Medellin beautiful and the climate the greatest in the world, but I have had to many guys pull guns on me in colombia to return without a bodyguard.

Also guys, these girls will say and do anything to get out of the country and into the United States. These families will have there hands so deep in your pockets, you will wonder what happened to your money. These girls are ruthless and will turn their back on you as soon as you stop feeding them or their family.

Over my years of mongering and relationships with foreign women, I have learned to treat them all just like prostitutes, because really that is all they are good for is sex, and that is teh truth.

El Exigente
12-18-04, 14:25
Simple Man,

I know that this thread is about Medellin, but your story reminds me of a similar incident in Bridgeport, Connecticut. About 4 years ago, there was a strip club called R-Place. One Saturday night, about an hour before closing, 3 gunmen came in and robbed everyone: Dancers, customers and the cash register. The manager/owner was shot once on the chest and survived, but the club went out of business shortly after. I had been in that club the night before.

Tom 33
12-18-04, 17:56
The metro population is about 3 million. I have spent one week there with a novia who was born and raised there. We couldn't even scratch the surface. I'm not going to bother listing all the places to see and things to do because there are so many. My heart belongs to Cartagena, but Medellin can easily become my mistress.

12-18-04, 20:37
Over my years of mongering and relationships with foreign women, I have learned to treat them all just like prostitutes, because really that is all they are good for is sex, and that is teh truth.Yes you are a wise man my friend. I spent 3 months in Medellin and was seeing a girl for most of the time there and in my last couple of weeks I was hearing the odd BS hard luck story from the mother trying to play on sympathy. If I knew spanish better I would have told her you can find sympathy in the english dictionary between shit and syphilis.

I really liked Medellin too but if I didn't have paragliding to do I would have gone out of my mind. Don't get me wrong guys I love Medellin and Colombia and I am looking forward to going back in the new year but I can't chase the ho's all the time. That's the good thing about the service that Robert and Richard provide at the Playboy Penthouse www.playboy-penthouse.com/index.shtml you're not just getting a room there. You are getting local knowledge and a home away from home that we all dream about. Besides I find hotels lonely depressing places.

Anyway have fun in Colombia be cautious but don't be paranoid, Colombians in general are decent helpful people and love us gringos. It's a very special place lets not F**K it up.


Aussie Greg
12-19-04, 00:49
O.K. boys, taking comfirmed numbers for the "Kangaroo Nochie" ( fuck they are a bad football team in Melbourne, I'm a West Coast man ) ) for Fossy Dosse nochie.

In regards to the reports on Meddellin Bob y Richard. I regard Bod as my best friend ( mate ) and I'm not recieving anything in return for my reports ( the bastart wouldnt let me fuck his wife/girlfriend, carnt remeber her name !! )

It seems that if you say or recomend anything about some persona, people think that its a scam.

I'd just like to say that Medellin is not a place for the faint hearted, in fact I like it because you dont know whats around the corner ( and that means when your with Medellin Bod its another brothel with even prietter young Universitdad *****s new in the business ) and the guy's that have been there with understand ( crazy guy's like Ricker walk the fucken streets in down town Medillen late at nochie where even the local taxi drivers will not go ) you can never let your guard down, if you do well then you have a magnum pointed at your head like what happened to me in Cali un nochie, I was pissed and I throught I new every thing.

Guys, stay away if you [CodeWord140] (http://isgprohibitedwords.info?CodeWord=CodeWord140) your self when you hear a nock at the door late at night, and if ever hear that I'm taken prisnor or what ever then you know that life is not dull for me and wish me all the best.

Aussie Greg.

12-19-04, 22:53
Hey Aussie ... looking forward to seeing you and the boys in Medellin ...

You are correct sir ... Colombia still is Colombia ... gotta know what you're doing and always have an escape plan ... and definitely, make as many amigos as possible.

Thanks again for the "gift" ... the chica, the last time I saw ya in Medellin ...

PS ... I'm not really crazy ... I just know the spots off the beaten path ...

Also ... there actually are some pretty cool chicas out there in Medellin (as well as other cities) ... not all are sharks like the "King of Sluts" has come accross ...
I always let them know up front ... I am living in Colombia and no USA for me...
If the chica really digs you ... she won't ask for money ... if she does, refer to the "King's" post ...

And ... of course there's things to do in Medellin, just like any other city ... it does help ... MUCHO ... if ya speak spanish.

Suerte amigos !!

King of Sluts
12-20-04, 03:22
No, they are not all sharks, but most of them are aggressive for a better life for themselves, which is standard. But I believe that Colombia will be a great country in the future, just a matter of time. I can imagine when the government gets full control of the country, it is going to be like heaven. But until that government gets control, the cities remain to be dangerous.

I have left the Panama City board for good, and am glad to join the Medellin club for a while. Panama City sucks and so do Panamanians and everything that is related to the country. Panama is to much like america and the people act just like americans. The colombians are more like humble europeans, and i truly enjoy these people ,as really they are harmless.

But the last time I was in Medellin, they had arrested three guys from the Farc that were spies in the city, and were responsible for three bombs which included a bomb in the beautiful "Parque de LLeras" . Unbelievable because I had eaten lunch the day before in the park with my novia.

All in all Medellin has the greatest climate in the world, I have traveled all over the world and find the climate in Colombia the greatest, this explains why all the drugs come out of this country.


12-23-04, 23:21
Definitely hoping to fit in youz grand shindig at Face Dos. Done Cali too many times, and Medallo only once, so time to equalize time somewhat (plus I LOVE the climate and prefer Oveido to ChipaChape).

Trying to get Freeze to come up but it is difficult (now if there was a grand cabalgata . . . . .). I joke with him that he'd travel through FARC country to ride a damn horse but not to . . . .

Finally, there is a GREAT deal from anywhere in US to Medellin from January 1 until March 31. 22,500 AA miles! You must have the Citibank Advantage Platinum (25,000 for other citi advantage card holders). This is the only card that gives Aadvantage miles which is THE way to go for guys in US who like Colombia (no other US carrier goes to Cali & Medellin and constantly changing planes in BOG is the pits as you OFTEN get stuck overnighting in Rollotown because of FREQUENT delays (happened to me SEVERAL times on both Avianca and Aerorepublica).

12-24-04, 05:21

Do you have a web site that provides details of that AA/Citi promo?


Wolfy Baby
12-24-04, 14:49
Yes, please do post details about that AA special. (what are the departing cities?)

I'm a native Colombian whose lived in the U.S. my entire life. My Spanish is flawless, although I know how to emphasize my American accent when it suits my purpose.

Never been to Medellin, and haven't been to Cali in over a decade. I looking to be in mde either on or just after Fri the 22nd for about a week or so then onto Cali (where my folks live) for appx 3 weeks. Don't know just how much mongering I'll be able to do in mde as I don't totally want to blow my reputation with family I'll be staying with. (Cali should be a different story though)

So, if you've got game and some sense of couth, ( I personally expect to be on a tear) I wouldn't mind having a beer with some `gringo' bait, if you know what I mean. Feel free to PM me. (by the way you guys have been posting up some excellent reports that have me psyched-up beyond belief!)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! (F political correctness!)

Aussie Greg
12-30-04, 18:30
Sorry, must have eaten some bad grass !!! been of my feed and in hospital the last few days, will get back to all soon about party ect.

Aussie Greg