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Fluffy One
06-05-04, 02:10
BNC - excellent tongue to penis shot.

06-05-04, 10:37
Part of the strip tease. I posted the story in Shanghai section.

this is the older sichuan sister


06-05-04, 10:40


06-05-04, 10:44
What is she hiding under that hand?

A Trim well shaved clean beautiful snatch!

I hope to get you a close up pic tonight.


06-05-04, 10:46
This is the younger sister who is normally the most naughty and flirtatious.


06-05-04, 10:47
Here are those HUGE natural breast of the younger sister on that small nice body.

What is night that was......


06-05-04, 10:49
Here is the older sister doggie style on the couch during the strip tease. She is so nice.


06-05-04, 10:50
BJ Shot during the strip tease.


06-05-04, 10:53
Another BJ Shot.

I cant even describe this night. So much playing all night. Didnt get to sleep until 5am.

It was so crazy my friend and I were laughing becuase we just couldnt believe it.


06-05-04, 10:56
This just goes to show you how treating these working girls nice can really pay off. Some day they will stop working or take a holiday. You will be the one they want to hang out with when they have free time.


06-05-04, 12:55

I've said it once and I'll keep on sayin' it: You are the Man!

Dark Knight
06-06-04, 07:02

Was that her thumb she was licking?

Secret Hunter
06-06-04, 10:19

You are the hero I dream to be since I was a little kid.

I admire you!

06-06-04, 10:22
Thanks, well... to add to the fun, the Filipina freebie from Suzhou came over this afternoon with only 30 minutes to spare and managed to cum 4 times.

here is one pic


06-06-04, 10:25
Here is one more pic of the Filipina.

Full story is in the Shanghai section.


06-07-04, 02:11
Photo #1

06-07-04, 06:12

Wonder how you do find all the time and the energy.
Anyway, I am jealous!!!
I did like what I saw of the Filipina, have more?


Wicked SH
06-07-04, 17:15
I'm new here but look forward to meeting some of you. The following pic is a freebie from Shanghai. Very nice, sweet, and tight. She has came by a number of times, no pun intended.

My monger buddies take some pics to share.

Wicked SH
06-07-04, 17:17
Yet another pic of Lin, she started out pretty shy.

Wicked SH
06-07-04, 17:18
Now Lin is feeling more comfortable.

Wicked SH
06-07-04, 17:19
A little closer, maybe we can count the hairs.

Wicked SH
06-07-04, 17:20
Lest open it up. Now that is tight!

Wicked SH
06-07-04, 17:21
Lets get close and get the picture in the center this time.

06-07-04, 18:42
I dont have any more pics of her. She was shy about pics, but a freak in bed.

I think Lucky888 is on his way to Suzhou today. I expect im to nail her. Hopefully get some pics.


Sho Nuff
06-08-04, 00:06
Wicked what is that herpes.

06-08-04, 01:06
What's up with the open sores on that chick?

Wicked SH
06-08-04, 02:25
There were no open sores I can assure you, bruises from mosqito bites where she itched them too much. I have seen a number of chinese girls with them.

06-08-04, 02:40
I hope you did not DATY and used a rubber because the open sores on that girl look like genetial warts, maybe somebody else can confirm this. Remeber with GW, you can get it around your pubic hair where you don't have your rubber on. So a rubber doesn't protect against it well. Check for open sores, if so, you should run, or just take pics but don't touch.


Big Bubba
06-08-04, 03:37
Those look more like Aids sores.

Angel Eyes
06-08-04, 11:49

I now know why we have the photo section.

Once, I thought it was so that we can share.

Now I realize that it's to make us jealous. Makes me want to be in Shanghai (although I still have a freebie there, waiting, and probably would spend all my time with her).

Angel Eyes

Wicked SH
06-08-04, 11:57
It has been well over 3 weeks since those pics were taken. I am very clean, just went and had a checkup a few days ago. She was not a pro just a local girl. She was very clean I can tell you they were not sores they were more like bruises from scratching mosqito bites. Anyway I am clean so she must have been. And don't worry if I even for a second think someone has something I won't touch it with anyone's well you know.

06-08-04, 19:36
People wear underwear most of the time, unless those mosquitos bit when she was using the toilet???? just jabbing a little but they do look nasty. Good luck to you.


06-08-04, 20:53
Wicked, those were not open sores. I believe they were warts. My advice is go see your doctor again in a month and re-check. Another wiser advice is next time you see a girl with the same, use yur brain, not your dick, to think. Sorry if mine is offensive, but that's why we need a forum to share our views.

06-08-04, 22:17
Wicked SH,

I would never have touched a girl with those sores all over her body. Quite scary. I hope you really didn't catch anything.

06-08-04, 22:56
Look again at Lin_4.jpg. Those are definitely open sores (and not bruises) on either side of her twat.

I'm not trying to flame you or anything like that, just get yourself checked for Herpes and/or genital warts.

Late Night
06-09-04, 00:24
That must have been one hell of horny mosqito.

06-09-04, 00:35
Those are not mosquito bites coz nobody wears crotchless panties in Asia! Haha. Just a little information, mosquitoes fly and it doesn't crawl.

06-09-04, 01:25
Wicked SH

We have "West Nile" mosquitos in the mid-west (USA), accordingly there must be "East Vile" mosquitos in SH. Those "bites" on your little honey are definitely herbes sores.

Relax, it doesn't mean that you have contracted herpes, but she definitely has herpes symptoms and is probably a carrier.

How did she explain mosquitos getting insider her pants??

Wicked SH
06-09-04, 01:58
Shanghai Mosquito's are very agressive. If you notice they are not on her twat they are on the sides where the panties don't cover. Most of these girls you meet don't have enough money to keep the windows closed and AC on so mosquitos come in and bite them. Some girls are not educated enough not to itch and itch and itch until they are bruised and sometimes scarred.

In the future if there is so much as a mark or a scar or the girl isn't a perfect 10 I won't share the pics.

As has been said before this section is for photo's not debate. If you want to debate send me PM instead of wasting others time in the Photo Section.

James Cook
06-09-04, 09:46
Hey mates:

Some of my friends live in shanghai just told its impossible to get so many mosqito bites in this time of the year. Its weird you know usually the mosqitoes are fierce only in July and August. Unless this girl have ever had sex on the grass or in the woods.

So good luck, Wicked. Maybe you havn't been infected, but you should be more discreet next time.


Dodgy Fellow
06-09-04, 14:23
Hot damn but these pics are hot!

Zoo TV
06-09-04, 15:13

They look like sores to me, how does a mosquito bite between the legs with out being swatted. Be careful or you will be having genital herpes or worts.



06-09-04, 20:02
Wicked, don't become too defensive. I appreciate you shared the pictures for our pleasure and unintentionally our learning. I also got response of difference in opinion in the past, but that's fine. Please keep sharing the pictures in the future. Checking the pictures everyday has become part of my daily routines now.

however, one thing I have to point out. In the last message, you said you would not share if the girl is not a perfect 10. Please keep sharing. Most of our opinion here is don't fuck if the girl has anything suspcious, not don't share the pictures. We care about you, buddy.

Hat Trick
06-10-04, 00:12

I wonder what life is like for a Shanghai mosquito?

Hat Trick
06-10-04, 00:33

Did I leave all those bite marks?

Maybe some idiots will think they're some genital warts or somthing.

06-10-04, 02:44

If you believe those are mosquito bites, then I have a bridge I want to sell you.

Come on. Think about it logically. Why are all the open and healed sores within a few inches of her pussy? Are all the Shanghai mosquitos trained to target just that area? Did she cover all of her body except for her pussy area and slept only on her back? Do I need to continue?

06-10-04, 02:49

Don't be so naive. Be careful and take care of yourself.


Fluffy One
06-10-04, 03:04
Herpes pics.

Fluffy One
06-10-04, 03:06
One more. These don't look quite like what Wicked friend is sporting, but I personally would have passed her up.

Three I
06-10-04, 03:19
I vote for herpes! Watch out you could be fuck my future ex-wife!

Three X out!

06-10-04, 03:38
I think this discussion belongs in the special interests section.


06-10-04, 03:46
Okay! The discussion with the bites/sores has gone on long enough. Lets get back to the "Photo Gallery".

06-10-04, 04:11
I went to some small town called Dan Yang. The mongering for a laowai is bad because the girls dont want to be with you.

I will spare you the long story and just tell you dont go out of your way to visit.

here is a sauna girl I had. I thought she was beautiful and her body and skin was great with plump breasts, but none of my buddies who saw her or her pics thought she was cute.

oh well....


06-10-04, 04:13
later I had a delivered girl to my room.

the 3 girls that came also didnt really want to be with me. damn.....

this one I chose and she was very mediocre service.


06-10-04, 04:14
last pic of the delivery girl

reminder (dont go out of your way to visit this town)


Cork Sucker
06-10-04, 05:02
You are a dead man wicked, this girl looks like she has herpes and AIDS.

06-10-04, 18:00
Among the first to do the Sichuan girl in the infamous Shanghai factory.

Yes, this is the same girl that was staying in Blankie's apartment recently, and of whom he also posted pics.

Blankie himself took this series of 3 pics many weeks (maybe by now I should say months?) ago at the Factory...which has moved since that time.

06-10-04, 18:01
This girl gave the best BBS service I've ever had. A real champ who loves her trade. :D

06-10-04, 18:02
She loved it from behind....and I'll bet you love looking at her fabulous breasts, eh?

All for just RMB150...sweet.

06-10-04, 18:10
A different girl from the factory in Shanghai.

Okay, this may look good, but it was the worst BBS experience I/ve ever had. Maybe because I didn't get her all warmed up first by playing with her. I was in a cum-n-go kinda mood, and I got shitty service perhaps as a result.

Different girl....same trusty cameraman, though. I think we all can agree that Blankie has a 2nd career behind a camera in the porn industry in the unforunate event that he can longer get behind a girl like this himself.

Oh, don't you just love the upgrades at the new factory location -- the star and moon curtains! ha!

Lover Boy
06-10-04, 19:34
Good job, Luckyman888,

I like your Rolex also.


Big Dick Blak
06-10-04, 20:09
Wicked SH;

After looking at your pics, I am highly suspicious of a Herpes outbreak in this lady. Hard to tell from photo whether GWs re there. Remember Lesions can hide inside the vaginal mucosa. These look liked they have been scratched or "taken off".

I would check for either fleshy growths on the skin of your penis (GW), or raised fluid filled vesicles (herpes), or even flesh colored bumps which could be molluscum contagiosum.

06-10-04, 23:03
Wicked SH,

Whether one is right or wrong the message is listen and learn. I agree this is the photo section but one does not learn a valuable life instruction from the other sections.

Lucky888 pic 01 is a magnificent girl.

A Fun Man
06-11-04, 04:32

By looking at four pictures you posted on 6/11, it seems to me that they are not the same girl. There is big difference even between your 1st and the snd pictures, not saying the fourth one. Cold you give same explanation?

06-12-04, 01:55
Fun Man -- The first three are the same girl. You haven't looked at the pics closely, apparently. You can see in 01 and 03 that the same nail polish is visble on the girl's fingers. All 3 pics show the same background. If you don't believe it, well....I dont' really have any incentive to try to convince you.

I clearly said that the 4th pic (unlucky.jpg) was a different girl.

06-12-04, 02:18
LoverBoy --

That's a special issue Rolex I got in Xiangyang market. Packaged in a "photoshop" box. ;)

06-13-04, 06:29
The hutong area that OAH mentioned. This is not the exact area
where the 40-50 RMB FS/ 10 RMB molest-and-feel women are
located, but about 5 minutes away. But you get the idea that
you aren't in any kind of "downtown environment" anymore if
you come out this way for huntin'...


PS. You just see the Emperor of China, OAH in the pic, too. Hopefully, it's not too incriminating! ;)

06-14-04, 11:03
A Fun Man,

Are you detective?


06-14-04, 12:07
You guys must be mad mongering in these kinds of areas. You are going to be mugged one day.

Florida Perv
06-14-04, 12:37
That's what you would thing but it turns out that a lot on neighborhoods in China look this way and they are safe. It's funny, you'll see Benz and BMWs around. These people aren't poor - just good housing isn't everywhere yet.

A Fun Man
06-14-04, 13:43

I am not a detective though I like the detective novel since I was young. I am in the US. Why do you suspect that I am a detective?

Cute Guy 9000
06-15-04, 01:05

Much of Asia looks like that. What look like dark alleys to our Western eyes are safe streets people walk down in the middle of the night without fear.

06-15-04, 09:10
A Fun Man,

Let me end your comments about Lucky888 and the girl once and for all.

1. The girl in the 3 pictures is the same.

2. I took the pictures myself.

3. The girl lived in my house for a few weeks.

How about you find something constructive to add Mr Big Time 3 posts....


06-17-04, 02:50
A Fun Man,

Because you obviously have a certain passion for trying to detect something, even if it is complete nonsense.
For the rest: Blankie's last phrase to you.


06-21-04, 08:02
Stopped by a new BBS along Yunwushan Road, about 15 minute walk north on Zuni Road from the Sheraton Tai Ping Yang.

There are three very small BBS very close together along this street. They have 2-3 girls each.

Here is the girl I visited 11am Sunday morning. Thank god it was too dark to see her face clearly in the back room at the time. The camera shows all.

Nice & big tits, and good BBBJCIM. I could do without the spitting and clearing her throat noises after, however.

06-24-04, 03:06
Beijing 4some.

Here are some of my pics from the Beijing 3 some and 4 some.

The really great pics I dont think I am supposed to post as they are penetration shots.


06-24-04, 03:08
snatch shots of the 4 some


06-24-04, 03:10
body shot of BJ 4some


06-24-04, 10:30

Post them anyway please. Would love to see those too.


Ben Focker
06-25-04, 01:00
People post penetration all the time.

Wild & Crazy
06-25-04, 14:35
Howdee All,

It's been a while since I got on to this site. Blank only got SMS from you once.

Anyway, I took these (9) pictures from DG about a month ago. She's a 20 yrs old Vietnamese chick. Its the first time I took some live shots, wanna give me some comment, hehehe. I also took lots 30sec movie clips w/her, she BBBJ like those porn stars.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

Wild & Crazy
06-25-04, 14:35
DG Pic # 2

Wild & Crazy
06-25-04, 14:36
DG Pic # 3.

Wild & Crazy
06-25-04, 14:37
DG Pic # 4.

Wild & Crazy
06-25-04, 14:37
DG Pic # 5.

Wild & Crazy
06-25-04, 14:38
DG Pic # 6.

Wild & Crazy
06-25-04, 14:39
DG Pic # 8.

Wild & Crazy
06-25-04, 14:40
DG Pic # 9.

06-25-04, 17:02
Wild N Crazy,
I cant remember why I stopped, I thought I was interrupting you or something. Didnt I send some to you and it almost got you busted?

anyway if you are up for it I will put you back on the broadcast. hehe

Also I been travelling a lot and not in Shanghai as much.

Also the factory has been sucking ass lately. I went there the other day and only 9 girls.

I dont know why it is slipping so bad.


06-25-04, 18:42
Wild & Crazy,

Great shooting and very sexy subject material. Please post more!

06-26-04, 01:07
Wild & Crazy

Nice photos. Gorgeous girl. I think I'm in love ;>).

I will encourage you to wear a good condom for vaginal, and anal, sex.

Other than that,



06-26-04, 18:01
W and C,
I especially like picture number 8 : Beautiful expression, the power of the eyes, the ability to transcandate human nature, which is why I love prostitutes.
Please tell us, in which Chinese city did you find this Viet girl (her look is actually more Chinese than Vietnamese ?

Capital One
06-26-04, 18:21
Wild & Crazy;

That pussy must have felt great! That's the kind of thing I like especially 8 and 7. It's unbelievable man. Remember to use a condom always.

Capital One

Silly Puppy
06-26-04, 20:18
W & C,

I don't think this girl is Vietnamese. She is Chinese for sure. Not only her looks is not Viet's, no Viet girl will work in Dongguan because she can make more money in Hongkong.

My 2cents

06-26-04, 21:54
# 8 is my favorite too. She truly looks to be enjoying herself.

There are few things better in life then a woman how enjoys performing oral sex and knows how to do it right! Judging from that photo, she fits this criteria!


Ever Ready
06-27-04, 06:24
Hey guys,

Piccy 5 does the biz for me.


06-27-04, 12:39

Great work! Can you tell us where you find the Vietnamese girls in DG? I used to know of a BBS in ChangPing a few years ago, but I cannot find it anymore. Service was always great from that place. Prices were only 300 ST, and 500 LT. I miss that place. Thanks.


P.S. You can PM me if you think there is any risk involved with posting on the board.

Hoya Boy
06-27-04, 16:10

Do you not use condoms with these chicks?

Seems a little risky.

06-27-04, 21:12
J Tran,

My friend, who was in China around a year ago. He told me there are Vietnamese girls there. They are also in Singapore, Cambodia, China, and Thailand. It all about the money, and where to get it. Some will go elsewhere, while others will not. As long as the amount is more than they get at working a job.

Mock A Bee
06-28-04, 05:10
Wild and Crazy,

Great photos! #4 and #5 do it for me!

Absolutely awesome!

Wild & Crazy
06-28-04, 13:01
Thanks to all the good comment, so I'll post some more pics, 1st 3 are from same Vietname chick, the 2nd 3 are from other China chick. Saw her walking out of a room from where I stayed in DG, got her number and called her the next day. She said she's 18.

Wild & Crazy
06-28-04, 13:02
DG Pic # 11

Wild & Crazy
06-28-04, 13:03
DG Pic # 12

Wild & Crazy
06-28-04, 13:04
DG Pic # 13 (this is a Chinese chick)

Wild & Crazy
06-28-04, 13:05
DG Pic # 14

Wild & Crazy
06-28-04, 13:06
DG Pic # 15

Wild & Crazy
06-28-04, 13:10
J Tran,

I'm from California and believe me I do know a few Vietnamese word and when she speak the language out fluently, you know where's from. Besides, not everyone wants to go HK these days. China is more happening, and she's she's here to learn Chinese (hehehe) ...... can't you tell when she hold my microphone and say "Ni-Hao-Ma"?

Num Nutz
06-28-04, 16:13
Great pics Wild and Crazy. Can you give more details on how you found her and price?

Dick Nasty
06-28-04, 19:06

Nice pictures. That is unfucking believeably the smallest and tighest pussy I have seen. Can imagine how big dicks will fit in her pussy. Wow once you got a taste of these kind of pussies, white pussies are history!

06-28-04, 19:33
"Typical" member of the Golden Horde. Sorry about the blurring!

06-28-04, 19:34
'Business end' of the Golden Horde.. On any Sunday (or Saturday).

06-29-04, 01:08
Hi Wild & Crazy,

I am new in this forum and hope for assistance here. I really like the photo that you have posted on the girl from DG. Any chance of getting her mobile from you? I will be travelling to Shenzhen and Gunagzhou soon.

06-29-04, 01:48

Is the pussy in picture 14 a well shaved one or naturally burn hairless?


Silly Puppy
06-29-04, 02:12
W-C and Spidey,

Thanks for correcting me. I'll be in Dongguan soon, can you PM me the Viet girl number?


06-29-04, 10:18
Where did you find these Golden Hord specimens ? Plesase let me know, I have some words I would like to exchange wit them....



Pop X
06-30-04, 06:06

Where did you take the last 2 pic?

Btw, I know for a fact that he is telling the truth. I was there.


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06-30-04, 15:04
One more of the horde.

I believe she's well on her way to Shanghai by now ;)

07-02-04, 13:40
Found Mishu on Maoming-lu a few nights ago, around 11pm. Her and a buch of other shiaojie were on Maoming, but on the opposite side from the bars, not far that spanish bar (Madrid I think). They seem to hang out there, away from the cops.

I took her for 500 down from 800. Her friend absolutely wanted to join for a duet, for an extra 100, but she was so ugly that i gave her 50 just to have her stay behind.

Once naked, I realized Mishu actually had a bad operation and a big scar on the tummy... probably had an aborted baby or so. not so nice on photos :( But her attitude was great and the f**ck was excellent.

Bad quality for the photos. The !#$%^#$% camera decided to fail that night.

07-02-04, 13:43
More of Mishu from Maoming-lu.

07-02-04, 16:54
This is the only shot I could take of the Hunan girl from the Zizhong lu BBS (Shanghai). Will try again, her ass is worth a few more visits.

07-03-04, 17:50

The pics you take when your camerea is f****d are still better than mine.

keep posting!


07-03-04, 18:05

I think the lighting in the pictures were excellent. What camera did you use?


07-03-04, 20:30

I have to admit that although it is a right thing to do, the rubber does have some negtive visual effect.



Garcon Chinois
07-06-04, 16:49
Ningbo, Zhejiang

07-07-04, 12:25
Southern China Rocks

07-07-04, 12:26
Yes this hotel has room service

07-07-04, 12:31
Sevice with a smile

07-07-04, 12:33
She is a little shy

07-07-04, 14:59

Where were these pics taken in Southern China? Do you have the name of the hotel and city? Keep up the good work! Please PM me,



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

07-07-04, 16:46
Shanghai: Maoming lu girl picked up opposite side of the bars area around midnight. Took her home for 400 for FS.

Great attitude, so-so massage, ok BJ, nice ass, tight p**y. It was late and she did the job.

Had lots of fun. Her name is YangLi.

07-07-04, 16:47
Shanghai: YangLi's ass. A little large, but it felt good inside.

07-07-04, 16:49
Shanghai: A close-up of her p**y, for those with vision problems.

07-07-04, 16:51
Shanghai: Doggy anyone?

07-07-04, 16:53
Shanghai: Another doggy shot.

07-07-04, 17:02
Shanghai: Doggy, again? Who said I like doggy?

07-07-04, 17:08
Shanghai: Yangli from Maoming lu. Nice girl. PM me if you want her number.

Member #2041
07-07-04, 17:10

Are you sure that these "ladies" are not still children?

07-07-04, 18:48

Bloody hell, what is this hotel with such a room service ? In which town, please ?

07-08-04, 02:49
It's all there. Just check previous posts. What more can one need?

It was written last month in the South China section:


PS: posts without image should be banned in the photo section!

07-08-04, 05:05
Its in a city near KAIPING called Shui Kou I forget the name of the hotel (but will never forget the place)but you can find it in the southern china thread. Its a great place 100 rmb a shot and no fang pe
Those picture are from tuesday night so its still there
and here is another since I cant remeber the name of the hotel

07-08-04, 05:11
The number for the Hotel Qiao Lian is 2711888
the address is #9 Xin Shi Road, Shui Kuo, GD China

07-08-04, 06:44

Great pics.

Just a question in "Cutie with a smile" there is another guy hanging out in your bed... I am assuming that you took the pictures. Is he the cutie with the smile, or is it the girl?

If you are showing up in a double team situation then how are the girls reacting?


Sorry no picture.

07-09-04, 06:44
one Good and one bad question Peter,
They dont mind, the room we were in had 3 beds and we were all going at it at the same time and YES I took the picture.
As for "is he the Cutie with the smile" I think we both know the answer to that question Peter.
I also have included the picture of the hotel on its side to lazy to rotate it

07-09-04, 06:57
Also Member #2041
I am assuming that you were implying that the girls in the pictures are UNDER THE AGE OF 18. Well, I can assure you that is NOT the case and the hotel sees to that as these girls work and live there and have to have papers to do so. SO PLEASE dont imply such things.
I also can assure you that I would not have sex with them or take their picture if they were not 18+ and consenting
I hope that is enough said

Traveler Tom
07-09-04, 11:52
Member 2041

Just curious - have you been to SEA or China?


BJ Boy
07-09-04, 13:33
faguoren, very nice photographic work. I like your style!

Angel Eyes
07-09-04, 14:21
Here here. Faguoren, way to go!

Mock A Bee
07-09-04, 15:46

Excellent pictures! I love the close ups.

Member #2041
07-09-04, 19:53
Yes Batman,

That was what I was implying. I apologize if you have actually seen documentation that this was NOT the case. What caused me to ask the question was one photo in particular, which you captioned "service with a smile". The "lady" in the picture appeared to me to be something between 12 and 14 years old. As I said, if you know for a fact that this is not the case, I am sorry for my conjecture. But I would NEVER have guessed for this girl in particular to have been even anywhere CLOSE to 18 years old.

And yes, TT, I have traveled to the far east several times on business, not on mongering tours, however.

Hat Trick
07-09-04, 21:27
Great pics Frenchman! Nice and graphic, wallpaper material.

Nice girl, good action. Deserving all the props.

Nice handle Mock A Bee.

07-10-04, 05:40
First let me say sorry to Jackson and the rest in this post for having to conduct this conversation here

But I feel like I should respond here to 2041

ASIAN"S look younger than Westerners its a well known FACT. Please keep it in mind while viewing the pictures of girls from this section.
Thanks for your apology. none was needed

How bout posting a picture 2041 seems like THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO IT.

can anyone tell the age of these 2 look closely its dark?

Traveler Tom
07-10-04, 09:09

definitely **** - you should not post pictures like this - bad example to all.


Shanghai Noon #2
07-10-04, 12:28
KTV girl I met awhile back. I tried to do the backside, she was too tight so I had to relinquish after using up a tube of KY. Can't remember if this was the before or after shot.

Randy Farang
07-10-04, 16:25

After a careful examination of your girlfriends in the photo I have come to the conclusion that, judged by their ages in their culture, they have to be at least 21 (in dog years)!

I have to admire your willingness to share the photo. Just remember, in the words of an old country song, "There ain't no ugly women at closing time!"


Havana Moon
07-10-04, 17:08
Shanghai Noon,

I really hope itīs before the shot when I see the bed. Otherwise I think you need some pills.

Very nice and wet ass.

07-10-04, 22:05
quote: traveler tom

definitely **** - you should not post pictures like this - bad example to all.


how can you be so sure about this. i think it is a serious matter to declare somthing as ****-sex.
of course it is important to warn and to avoid ****-contacts. however i think it is a tough thing to accuse somebody of having sex with ****d girls especially if you are not sure.
as an asian myself i cannot agree that those girls shown on the pictures look ****d. they obviously look older than 20.
just in the matter of clothing style they seem to be still in the 80īs. :d
i have seen children in age 10-13 in nanjing trying to sell themselves to a customer on the street. this is so sick!
anyone who takes such an offer shall go to hell!
carefull with accuses of this sort of matters.

@batman: good work, keep on posting.
@ all: let us all keep an eye on the age of the gals.

good hunting!


Traveler Tom
07-10-04, 22:29

i have a phd in animal husbandry and from the glint in the eye i can definitely rule this as illegal and ****.

i do not know when you last took up this position but i find it extremely difficult - it is not traditional doggy but doggy with a fine and flexible member.

get out your infra-red binoculars and get a better look - who talked about 'gals' (or have i got it wrong?); it could be a couple of doggie-dykes using a dildo.


Silly Puppy
07-11-04, 02:14
Traveller Tom,

You are wrong, dude. Have your eyes examined by a good doctor as I think you have not done that for a long time! ;)

07-11-04, 04:33
I met her in Henry J. Beans near Guomao Hotel. From Dalian, speaks ok English. She is new to Beijing (arrived last month and then went back to Dalian for a 10 day trip) and planning to be there for the summer. Good BBBJ, but required some guidance and advice. A bit pricey at 800ST & 1500LT inclusive of tip for good service. I am not much of a bargainer and she knows the value of her assets.

07-11-04, 04:34
The same girl.

07-11-04, 04:44
The same girl again, together with the invisible man.

I must say, after a recent bout of mongering in Beijing, that I am BY FAR most satisfied with my freebies than with professionals. I will try to stick to them in the future. I don't share the opinion read somewhere in the forum that freebies end up being more expensive. The girls I know do it for fun, and only for only, they sometimes even pay for dinner etc. Freebies that require gifts etc are professionals in disguise. It is also safer, medically- and legally-wise especially if the girl is married and has no other partner ;-) The only disadvantage is when they "fall in love" and get clingy and start calling, but that is manageable - make the rule very clear from the start (even if it means losing the chance to get with the girl) and never never never pick up their phone calls. I just accept SMS and will call back if needed, but never pick up a call from a girlfriend.

07-11-04, 05:55
Hi Batman,

I agree with you comments about ASIAN"S look younger than Westerners its a well known FACT. Asian's are often shorter, and skinner than Westerners (whites and blacks). The average height for an Asian is about 5'6". Whites and blacks are about 6'. For Asian Females it's even shorter. Look at the NBA there is only 1 Asian, Yao.

For this picture of hotel shui kuo.jpg does it have a restaurant on the second floor. After looking at the picture I think I stayed there nine years ago.


BJ Boy
07-11-04, 08:08
This is turning into quite a strange thread. The girl looks young, but seriously guys, there is no way you can say for sure she is under 18 or even 20.

Traveler Tom
07-11-04, 08:58
The stranger the better with plenty of confusion!

Could it be, possibly, that there are two different photos in question? - Perhaps not? - then it really IS strange!


07-11-04, 10:11
Taken during my last trip in Beijing. Enjoy as much I did enjoy taking the pictures (and the girl!)

07-11-04, 10:12
Another one

07-11-04, 10:12
and another one

07-11-04, 10:17
and another

07-11-04, 10:18
one more

07-11-04, 10:19
and last one

07-11-04, 10:20
missing this one

07-11-04, 10:22
and this one

07-11-04, 11:50
You guys are great and thanks for the suportive PM's. Dont worry I will still be taking pictures and posting them. I know the girls are of legal age and thats what is important to me. The rest is just fang pe. As for the 2 little dogs they would not let me check their dogtags but I did ask.

Traveler Tom
07-11-04, 14:08

Obviously they were illegal otherwise they would have agreed to your checking their tags (unless they had false ones?)

I hope shtraveller is not too confused by all this rubbish!


07-11-04, 20:15
i think i can help clear things up

traveler tom's comments were directed at a photo i posted featuring two dogs (wuf wuf) going at it in an alley. as we all know dog have no way to survive to the legal human age of 18 so it was obvious to tt and i that the 2 dogs were **** and having sex.

it was a joke at a time i thought a joke might lighten things up.

we tried tt thats all we can do

we good to go now shtraveller

sorry guys i am out of pictures for now

07-12-04, 03:01
@batman and else:

i got it! however it has been a joke from traveler tom that may have turned out very miserably.
please remember that not only we are using this forum. i am sure some officials are reading also and who knows what may have happened.... worst case scenario.....batman gets into prision for having sex with ****d...after months they may find out it was a joke. what shall we do in gotham city without batman?
think about that!

okay, we all know now it was a joke.
let us get back to work. i will check out the zy bar tonight and maybe i will come up with some photos. :d


Angel Eyes
07-12-04, 03:10
i don't think any officials read this. i'd assume they would bloke this site like they do others, if they did.

anyway, i don't think anyone would assume he had sex with an **** dog. i'm joking again, sorry.

what i want to say is that i don't recall anyone even hinting he had sex with an **** girl. the only thing said was about the dogs. i guess you still didn't get it. you're welcome to read it again.

anyways, it has been a long and rediculous discussion. i'm going to look for some pics, too.

i just want to add, i don't think we should refrain from jokes. if one member doesn't understand, maybe we should just explain it by pm him. i, at least, will try to do it next time.

keep it up (pun intended),

angel eyes

Far East Andy
07-12-04, 06:18
Had a few visits to the water park in Beijing lately, worth a visit to pick up a few freebies.

Far East Andy
07-12-04, 06:25
Hi guys,

Be sure to have a visit to the water park in Beijing to pick up some freebies.

Best time to go is afternoon and also they have parties, shows on an evening.

Sorry about the quality of the picture but I was using a long zoom and also had to reduce it massivly to allow it to fit on this board.

Happy Hunting


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods at the ends of sentences. To avoid delays in future reports, please use just one period followed by a blank space at the end of sentences. Thanks!

07-12-04, 08:44

well, if i can pursuade my girl for a pic, i guess you would all say ****. but i have seen her id - born in 1976

Traveler Tom
07-12-04, 08:56

fun to have a try - not sure whether our soh is shared amongst others!!

the net outcome of this effort was, stangely, that i got a bollocking from what would seem to be a slightly unattractive board member on the 'complaints about other members' section!!

oh well - stick your head above the parapet etc...........!

lets have another go in 2006


07-12-04, 11:58
I dont know who said it but.............
No good deed goes unpunished

Also I hope the Cyber Police have something better to do than chasing after me for posting a picture of 2 DOGS in heat.

But.... you never know.
Back to the bat cave for me

And another picture, I am wondering how much bitchin this one will create?????????

Traveler Tom
07-12-04, 12:08
Defintely Old Sparky for this one
don't worry about having sex with two dogs
this is allowed under Human Rights Act 476.986 Sec. 65 # 73 (rev. 3)


07-12-04, 12:20
No more bitching for me today.... :D

Today I entered again DongZhuAnbangLu 74 and they definitely do not allow anyone to take pics.
If you want to take your mobile phone with you they will check if it has a camera onboard. If so they will take the phone until the session is over. Sorry guys, but no photos from me so far.
Maybe I will bringup some photos from ZY.
Depends if this shitty weather is getting better tonight....


07-12-04, 12:26
Please understand that nothing I say here should EVER be taken to seriously.

I was just having a litte fun sorry it got out of hand and that TT is getting hate mail because of it.

Lets get back to the buisness of posting pictures

And I will be in my Batcave

Lover Boy
07-12-04, 19:47
Good job French1999,

Those melons are just awsome! I hope you did titi-fuck. I always do when I see them that juicy.


07-13-04, 02:17
Far East Andy

Are these girls in the picture at the Beijing water park just regular visitors or models employed by the park to pose?.

The reason I'm asking is because damn, these girls are fine and I would like to meet all of them.

Are these girls typical of what can be found at this water park?.

Could you tell me a little more about it (location, hours, parties, etc).



07-13-04, 04:58
I was sent a private PM by someone correcting me. There are actually there asians in the NBA now. Yao in Huston, Wang in Miami and Bateer in Toronto (he may have been released though.)

Far East Andy
07-14-04, 02:46

I think the girls in the picture where there only to do the show. On saying that I have seen alot better just swimming about or laying on the beach. There's an absolute stunning girl sells noodles there also. The place itself is hit and miss but worth a go. The last party was on Saturday night just gone, I didn't go as it was so wet but for more info just keep an eye on That's Beijing they always mention it.

The park doesn't close until late and is on the way to the airport. From the Lido take the small road that runs parallel to the airport expressway and you can miss the signs on the right.

Good luck


Dog Day
07-16-04, 05:54
Open season for students had begun.

Dog Day
07-17-04, 03:35
Here is the nice brown nipples of my new friend.

Dog Day
07-17-04, 03:37
And her pinky.

07-17-04, 04:52
Dude, this girl is like five million kinds of hot.

That is what I call a snatch her up and keep her.

07-18-04, 15:02
Hi D.Day,

Can I have her contact? Please pm me.

That little breasts are truly a wonderful sight for sore eyes.:)

You are one lucky monger!

Adam Jones
07-19-04, 19:19
I have visited this site many times, and found it VERY useful on numerous occasions prior to visits to China. This is my first submission to the forum because I have only recently become bold enough to ask if I can take photos of the girls. I will send several, from different locations in China. If anyone has questions feel free to ask.

This girl I met at a KTV in Qingdao and bought her, but by my next trip she was staying with me for free (well as always, not quite free. Meals and some shopping that amounted to about 1,600 RMB over a 4 day period). She is from Chengdu, but currently working in Qingdao. I will call her CX.

Adam Jones
07-19-04, 19:20
Two of three of CX in Qingdao.

Adam Jones
07-19-04, 19:21
Three of Three of CX in Qingdao. I'll bet most of you like this one best!

Adam Jones
07-19-04, 19:24
This is an in-call in Shenzhen. I have become "friends" (spent a lot of money) with a couple of "mamas" in SZ and they now know what I like. Usually no hassle on price and they send two or three up for me to choose. Not too bad. As you can see, a little bubble bath goes a long way!

07-21-04, 21:55
Her name was Sue I think.

Big tits and a tight pussy. What else could I ask for?

07-21-04, 21:56
Sue again.

07-21-04, 21:57
Last one of Sue.

Always Needing It
07-22-04, 14:20
My hat's off to Dog day.

Would truly appreciate if you could share with me your leads on college chicks on vacation.

PM me pls.

Member #2041
07-22-04, 17:37
Limeister: Big tits and a tight pussy. What else could I ask for?

I believe that the correct answer is: A flat head so you can rest your beer.

Far East Andy
07-26-04, 04:47
You can't fault the promotion girls, especially when some of them are up for the good news.

Far East Andy
07-26-04, 05:03
Sorry, no nude one's guys, but after the amount of Carlsberg we had to drink it would have been a waste of time not having the little blue pills in the back pocket.

Travel a Lot
07-26-04, 06:19
I have been viewing the forum for a while and thought it time to contribute.

Met these twin sisters in Shanghai, Lisa & Christine - 22yo - had a good night with a mate, managed to swap at half time.

Lost their contact details, but will be back in a week or two to track them down.

Has anyone else met the "Twins" on their travels?

Shanghai Noon #2
07-26-04, 09:25
Followup on the KTV girl from before. Shot is a little fuzzy since I had my hands full at the time. :-)

Albert Punter
07-27-04, 17:11
This is girl I met at Rojam - Shanghai saturday night (see my report in Shanghai thread)

Albert Punter
07-27-04, 17:25
A close-up of same "petite" cutie.

07-28-04, 08:19

While you were sleeping ...hehehe.
Good shots!


Member #1652
07-28-04, 16:13
Travel a Lot,

Wahhh one time 2 chicks. Some more twins should be very nice, heheh. Some more twins it's ONS. Hahahah. Nice look also the twins.

Comrade 2255
07-31-04, 07:51
Travel a Lot,

The one on the left looks a bit like Japanese porn actress Ai Nagase.

08-01-04, 01:25
Aha, a connaisseur .....hehehe.
Well, Ai Nagase has a little bigger rack, don't you think?

08-03-04, 12:08
Haerbin girl from 373 Suen Chuang lu (see Shanghai section for details)

Here is her most distinctive (and not best) feature: she has a hairy tummy. I mean not the baby hair type, but thick, manly hair.

I realized it afterwards and went along without looking to closely, but this could turn folks off. I asked her if she would like to shave but she refused. Maybe its a sign of beauty in Haerbin ;)

She has also little rash above her tits, that I freaked out at first, but its because of her bra (I hope...)

08-03-04, 12:10
Haerbin girl from 373 Suen Chuang lu (see Shanghai section for details)

More of her hairy features. She has a small tight little ass and is skinny and bony as I like them.

08-03-04, 12:11
Haerbin girl again

Here she is showing off.

08-03-04, 12:12
Haerbin girl in Shanghai again

Here she is playing a little.

08-03-04, 12:14
Haerbin girl in Shanghai again

Warm-up doggy style.

08-03-04, 12:15
Haerbin girl in Shanghai again

Warm-up doggy style secong shot.

08-03-04, 12:21
Haerbin girl in Shanghai again.

Interesting perspective.

08-03-04, 12:27
Haerbin girl in Shanghai again.

Doggy style.

08-03-04, 12:28
Haerbin girl in Shanghai again.

Snatch shot.

East Side
08-03-04, 13:45
Nice picture, Faguoren.


Bony indeed!

Guy M
08-03-04, 17:19

Nice shot as expected from you. By the way, that lady has got quite a lot of hair as you mentioned. Based on the pic, you are definitely not put off by this.

By the way, i realised 90% of these ladies has got some sort of dark skin around their pussy and asshole area.

Ever asked they if they take liberty in washing their private parts after urination and constipation or they just normally use tissue paper to clean like what a lot of chinese does?

Just a thought, great work, exceed the expectation.


08-04-04, 01:10

Bless you for your pics.

As for the dark areas. That's what happens when the area has been violated. The skin gets like that. Not because it is dirty. Look at all the pictures. You will notice that. Even on white females that does anal, that area gets dark.

Albert Punter
08-04-04, 12:54

Congratulations for the pictures, as usual they are really enjoyable and informative: you are a real professional !

08-04-04, 16:09
Guy M,

You seen a lot ma? Don't think so, or maybe on photos of Faguoren only.


08-04-04, 18:26

you are the man!!! Nice, well done. Doggy style is also my all time favorite and the Chinese ladies love it.

Can't wait to get back to Shanghai.


08-08-04, 06:57



08-08-04, 06:59

08-08-04, 07:03
It was a good night/morning

James Cook
08-08-04, 09:05
At least 99% chinese ladies got dark skin around their private parts although I have not seen all the pussies in China. Probably I should ask to a doctor why pigment deposit on the parts which not expose? Whatever, great works fellows.


08-09-04, 07:11

Nice triangle! Nice smile!
Where did this event happen?


08-09-04, 17:00
I personally like this type of picture. I took this tonight in Wuxi.

08-09-04, 17:02
Another in similar pose.

08-09-04, 17:03
Another one.

08-10-04, 03:17
nice pics, very sweet girl.

08-10-04, 03:53
Agree, nice gal and elegant 'odalisque' pose.

Just One
08-10-04, 05:15
Dear Priv8guy88,

Yes I concur with you guys that this girl look sweet, young and innocent. She appears to be below 20 year of age, from the pictures you posted. Her body look quite good. How was her performance in bad? Was she friendly?

Big Ears
08-10-04, 06:16

She is gorgeous. Wow, you are a lucky man with an even luckier gou!

08-10-04, 06:30

Great Pics BTW. I m new to this forum. Can u PM me her contacts. I will be in China later this month.


Monger II

08-10-04, 06:54
Thanks for the compliments. She was very willing to pose which was nice for a change since most do not. I personally don't find the extreme close ups of the ass hole or pussy that attractive. Reminds me of a medical book. But everyone has a different opinion and that's OK.

I estimate she is 22-25 years old by her face and body. I tried to ask, but her english was bad. I even wrote it down '23' but she did not understand.

Service was excellent, too. Very unusual for someone so young.

08-10-04, 07:42
I beg to differ, guys. I am Asian and have been pretty accurate with my guesses, my guess of the girl's age is at least 25.

Angel Eyes
08-10-04, 10:01

Girl looks good.

A technical comment: In the first 2 pics the lighting helped the pictures, but in the last one it was simply too dark.

Just my 2 Fen,

Angel Eyes

08-10-04, 10:09
very nich girl, she looks like Lucy Liu

Just One
08-10-04, 10:36
Bro Rene02 ,

Luck Liu is not pretty but sexy only.

Momo Taro
08-11-04, 00:55

She definitely looks like the actress in the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Kencal MD
08-11-04, 01:40
This Wuxi girl is pretty good looking! Where did you find her?

Norse Kaiser
08-11-04, 02:37
guys, in China Lucy Liu is not so famous as she is in the US, few people know about her I guess.

Plus, she might not be taken as sexy or pretty by oriental eyes.

The Wuxi girl appears to be better than her, in a young and healthy way.


08-11-04, 05:00
Angel Eyes,

Yes, the last picture is too dark. I enhanced the brighness and contrast in Photoshop as much as I could and reposted below.

I found that my new digital flash is too harsh, IMO, and get reflections off skin that make it seem a face was too oily. So I set the camera on the desk, turn off the flash, and let the auto exposure do its thing with long shutter time. I am still experimenting. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I took more pictures but thought the ones I posted were the most artistic of the bunch. She enjoyed posing, which you can see from the expression on her face. I find if they don't have the right attitude, the pictures show it.