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Stealth Philly
08-11-04, 16:37
She is pretty hot indeed. I have to agreed with Vegas. She looks at least 25yo. Anyway, keep up the good work guys. I have been planning to take a trip there someday.


Angel Eyes, you can save the pictures and brighten up the picture for your amusement.

08-11-04, 23:37

Wuxi girl is simply amazing! Congratulation man!

Angel Eyes
08-12-04, 01:10

I think it's a also fair to say that if they do enjoy it, it shows too. Just like in your pics. Which were great.

As far as I can tell from your pics, the problem with the last one was the back lighting. That lamp behind the girl, was shining at the wall, and the back of the girl, but not the front. So turning that light off (like in the first 2 pics) would probably have been best.

You wrote about flash. It doesn't look to me like the first pics had flash use. Did they?

Anyway, you might also try setting your camera so that it measures light at a certain spot, and make that spot the girl. If the camera uses an avarage or multiple spots, then it considers the lit wall, so the girl's body is just a part of the equasion. If you use spot metering, then the picture will be brighter, which later can be fixed in photoshop. More light then nedded is always better than the other way around, since light in digital photography means information. you can make it darker. Accept on extremely lit pics, where the camera sensors just register "white".

I'll try something in Photoshop in a minute.

Angel Eyes
08-12-04, 01:27
Here's a few minutes work, I admit it's not great, but you should get the picture, (pun intended).

If your object is underlit, you should lighten it up, but not the background.

However, do this carefull, since when fixing just a part of the picture, the more you change, the more it feels fixed, and the objects looks like it (she) wasn't really there. In this picture, you can notice the girl's right hand is glowing against the background. However, in this case, it could've easily been fixed, but it demonstrates it so nicely, I decided to keep it.

Asian Explorer
08-12-04, 07:42

She really is a beautiful girl and photographs well. Check your camera to see if there are flash levels, such as low, med, and high. You might be able to lower the intensity.

08-12-04, 12:10
Sorry, I posted the story in the "China-other areas" section.

I found her in Wuxi.

08-13-04, 10:52

I don't know if this would help a bit more to reveal a better room lighting and skin tone.
Photoshop tips

1. for too dark images: adjust "level" to a desirable middle lightness balance overall (i.e. get nice skin tone while keeping the hair dark with good contrast). Move left bar, dark point, right, and move middle bar, middle tone, left. Don't overdo it, or snow-like noises crawl up all over images

2. remove unwanted color casts (red) in "adjust color balance"

Here you go. You see the lamp, and the chick who did not appear to have too much booze.

Three I
08-13-04, 21:41
That chick was nice looking!

Good job!

08-14-04, 04:08
I am sure someone with more skill in Photoshop than me improve these pictures. My first shots where with the flash. Too harsh. I wanted a more natural look. I then took the shot with the lamp on in the back ground. I realized it was causing the subject to look too dark. I turned off that lamp and turned on a lamp on the other night stand, to the right off camera. You can see the shadow of the shade across her chest and leg in one of the pictures.

I should have turned on the high intesity lamp on the desk and pointed it up at the ceiling or window curtain to give an interesting effect. But the subject wanted to get dressed and leave. So, I got only about 10 shots in total.

The more important thing was her attitude. It was the best I have seen. Most of the girls are very reluctant to pose and it shows in the pictures. Not this girl. She was very happy and it really showed in the pictures. She gave a very sexy look right at the camera.

08-14-04, 08:06

AWESOME pic of an AWESOME Chick! My hat's off to you!

A Fun Man
08-14-04, 08:17
Here is my work for the editing the picture. Have fun.

08-16-04, 00:12
As a huge fan of Chinese girls, I must admit that chick is WORLD CLASS!! Nice job!

Xiao Ma
08-16-04, 03:59
My turn now.

My F**k buddy in Shanghai.

23 yrs old, love hvg sex and no hassle.


Xiao Ma
08-16-04, 04:01
Close up From Shanghai MC,

No face cos still together,

Xiao Ma
08-16-04, 04:04
Shanghai Girl from Private calub in Beijing, My God she is wild!

Xiao Ma
08-16-04, 04:05
Another one from Shangai girl/ private club Beijing.

Xiao Ma
08-16-04, 04:29
Freebies from Beijing

Dont suft net so, it is ok to post her face

Name Annie, 25yrs a mother to a baby girl 2 yrs old.

Husband is a skrew up. She love to please me so everythings goes.

Xiao Ma
08-16-04, 04:31
Annie #2

08-16-04, 12:45

Frankly, I can't see what all the fuss is about this Wuxi girl. Yes, she is attractive, but certainly not in the goddess category. I will compliment the photographer though. Nice pose captured!

Just my POV.


08-16-04, 13:06

I have to agree and thanks for the compliment on the photograph.

My goal is to get that one shot that is truly extraordinary.

Although she is pretty, it is amazing what a difference lighting, a nice pose, and great attitude have. It can make an average girl look beautiful and a beautiful girl look fabulous! I have not posted the shots which make her look fairly ordinary. A couple you would not think they were the same girl!

Every so often, everything comes together for a great shot. That is all part of the photography which I am trying to improve my skills. I have a ton of crappy shots to prove I have a long way to go! I think these are the best I have taken, however.

08-17-04, 03:43
Yah. She's easy onthe eyes but not AWESOME. Maybe these guys haven't been with many Asian girls and go ga-ga when they see an okay one in the nude.

In the USA, it's not unusual to see good-looking immigrant guys with unattracive white women. For them, just being white makes her at least a 7 or an 8. I think we are seeing the same effect here but in the other direction

A Fun Man
08-17-04, 03:56
Senior Member
Reports: 46

As a huge fan of Chinese girls, I must admit that chick is WORLD CLASS!! Nice job!


If you say that girl is "world class", I have to say that you are terribly wrong. A girl like this is about average in China. You can find many many girls like this one in Wuxi.

Open to Explore
08-17-04, 05:09
Some Pictures that may be of interest.

Picture 1 Some of the Important Accesories at any good MP

e.g. Fire (Hot water)/ Ice Water / Milk ( for BM) / Brown Liquid (for stimulant !). Others not included but also found include
condom of course, jelly sweets , firecracker sweets , oils etc.

Open to Explore
08-17-04, 05:10
Some More useful pictures:

Clothed Dongguan OK girl 500RMB overnight.

Open to Explore
08-17-04, 05:12
Clothed Dongguan MP Girl (Basic 198 + 300).

Uncle Goober
08-18-04, 04:35
I must say that I agree with OAH and Ambler. Good but nowhere near "awesome", IMHO. Please do keep posting the photos. Just an observation by the three of us about where on the scale the marks should be.

08-18-04, 04:40
Fellow members,

Indeed, the Wuxi's girl captured a nice pose. From my point of view with Chinese girls, she is not consider as a beauty. In fact, this will judge individually appreciation on Chinese beauties. Thanks for members who discussed the photoshop techniques to brighten the picture for us to view.

Angel Eyes
08-19-04, 04:51

Any chance to get more pics of that freebie?

Angel eyes

Xiao Ma
08-19-04, 09:06
Angel Eyes

Which freebies? all those I posted is not pro. They are with me just to have fun and by the way I'm not a "laowai".

I'm a Malysian Chinese.

I actually dont take much picture, but will try harder next.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to capitalize the word "I". To avoid future delays, please use a capital "I" to refer to yourself in future reports. Thanks!

Buck Tooth
08-19-04, 16:29
Here's my contribution in helping to see Xiaoma's Shanghai babe's body. Used the shadow/highlight feature in PS.

Photography is a hobby of mine, so if anyone wants some pics taken, I'd be more than happy to tag along. ;)

08-19-04, 18:16
IMHO The Wuxi girl was nice not awesome, based on the girls I have been with there.
But that's why there is Chocolate and Vanilla, we all have different tastes.

I tried to post a pic and it said I had already posted it, which I am sure I didn't. Anyone have that happen before?


08-19-04, 18:46
I'll try a different pic.
Shanghai girlfriend when I'm there.

Ken G
08-20-04, 04:32
Damn, she's got a smokin bod; nice job Rab!

PS - glad to be on the board.

08-20-04, 06:25
Hello! Typical Lufthansa area SG. Awesome massage and full extras. 400RMB 2hrs +

Angel Eyes
08-20-04, 06:59
XiaoMa, I meant this one:

F**k buddy from Shanghai. (MC? Initials?)

When I wrote that message, that was the only freebie pic you posted. Sorry for being unclear.

Angel Eyes

08-20-04, 11:44

I know this girl, she is good!


08-21-04, 04:25
Buck Tooth,

I have removed the noise in your pic

Mock A Bee
08-21-04, 09:18

About your SH girlfriend. Don't take this the wrong way, but does your girlfriend have silicone implants?

It looks like she does in the picture.

Just wondering thats all.

08-21-04, 12:49
What's happening to my hero Cronin? He has disappeared since June.

Cronin - Please come back, we need you to spice up the China board. Thanks.

Have fun and be safe.


08-21-04, 19:27
Met her in Beijing, she is from Dalian, 23 yrs old. Not very pretty but good bedside attitude and will do anything you want with all 3 holes.

08-24-04, 08:58
One of my freebies from the internet, Shanghai/ 21/162/U student.

Xiao Ma
08-24-04, 13:46
Angle eye,

Sorry guys, first l not into picture (no good at it) second it is not easy with freebie. But will try harder next

08-26-04, 11:00

Congratulatisons, that girl has a very very very nice rack.

08-28-04, 08:49
Golden horde - pt1 . She's in Beijing short time from HK. Please don't ask about hook up details - but if you visit the known locations for Mongolians you may find her.

Done Now
08-29-04, 10:58

Nice pic of your BJ/Dalian girl! Where did you find her? What was the cost? Do you have any contact details for her please?

08-30-04, 10:48

This angle is even better..... but she's only a kid, not a woman! She wanted to play soap bubble with me after the deed....

08-31-04, 04:18
Dear guys I would like to make a point here re freebie:

(my definition of freebies are those I could keep a long term relationship as a special kind of friends, the kind of friends that whenever we meet, they would expect to end up in bed., I don't have to tempt, prompt, or set up for it. No force, no tricks no "you-wanna-come-over-to-watch-DVD-together" kind of excuses/traps. And all of these relationships have no money involved. All my freebies would either SMS me and ask if I have time to see them, or they are waiting for me to tell them I have time for them...and most important of all, they all understand our relationship is not steady boyfriend-girlfriend type)

There are quite a few friends here sent me message asking for contact of my freebies. Let me explain this: First of all, they are not in the sex business, they are not for sold, and they are not going out to look for sex partners. They are really girl-next-door and it takes time to groom and prep the relationship from total strangers to someone who would look forward to see you. But before that, they have to have feeling on you. Therefore, the key points to grow freebies is patience with genuine attitude, and the caring on them. Take them as your real friend, using SMS to keep top-of-mind awareness is key to succeed. To be frank, they all became my friends, and they all expect to have sex when we meet.

If you ask me how many freebies I have, here you go:
-Already scored current freebies with no expiry dates yet: 3 in Shanghai and 3 in Beijing.
-Scorable but haven't got time to do it yet: 2 in Beijing
-Scorable but I am not willing to score: 1 in Shanghai and 1 in Beijing
Scorable but already dated: 2 in Beijing, 1 in Shanghai
-Grooming/preping: 3 in Beijing

All of these girls are having decent jobs if not students, from receptionist to CSR, sales manager, auditor at PxxW, violinist, commercial banking executive, reporter.....and yes, many girls in China are so lonely and they just need the warmth once in a while...and when they are with you, it's 100% genuine GFE.

Having sex with freebies are not difficult at all in China, but on average, it takes a few months to a year before you can make them having an urge to merge with you. Remember, they like kind and nice people and hate sex-maniacs.

Be nice to people. They will like you.

Angel Eyes
08-31-04, 06:24

Nice post there. I agree with many things you wrote, or should I say, with your general attitude.

However, most girl I've met in China (i.e. Beijing mostly) have a coltural dependant ideas about relationships. Which doesn't mean they wouldn't want to have sex with you, it just means they need to know they are coming over to "watch DVDs".

So I'm wondering, how do you get that kind of relationship that's 100% strait forward. And, how well do you need to speak Chinese to do it, if at all.

Angel Eyes

08-31-04, 15:50
papadum what you said makes sense except I don't see how you get them to think they are not your GFs... what you described below is exactly how to get a GF

I was in sh for a month and had my own fair share of freebies but goddamn they are still harassing me over email and MSN after I left shanghai!

08-31-04, 17:19
Yingying, a student of vocational school in Chongqing who worked this summer in a BBS to pay for her tuitions. Would you refuse to help her with 200 Y ? Especially with that very nice attitude and a very honnest BBBJ ? I could not.

08-31-04, 17:22
Sorry, I forgot to post the picture of Yingying... !

08-31-04, 18:02

That's the trick, and that's why the process is lengthy yet worth the patience spared. During the building-up process, you have to make them feel that you are always busy and have lots of things to handle yet, you send them SMS to say some caring words but never ask them out, when they beg to see you, you still have to tell them that "yes, I want to see you too, but it has to be a week from next.... ". This would make them feel that you are not a boy friend type but they aree willing to be with you whenever you are available for them.

For instance, I've just received an SMS from a girl (training administrator) from the internet whom I've never met but chatted for a month and exchanged pictures. The conversation goes like this:
the girl: Hi, what are you doing now?
papadum: Bored at home.
the girl: me too.
papadum: why don't you go hang out with friends.
the girl: I don't have too many friends in Beijing.
papadum: me too.
the girl: may be next time if you want to go out you can call me.
papadum: Sure I love to, but I am leaving for Shanghai tomorrow, may be after the trip if I am not too busy.
the girl: ok, don't forget, and let me know earlier.... I am going to sleep now, bye.

08-31-04, 18:24
A tall Hunanese girl from a BBS in Yuxi, near Kunming. Cost was 150 Y in my hotel.

09-01-04, 00:57

You are right on the money. I had two freebies on my first trip to Shanghai three weeks ago. I had met them in a chat room and kept the frequent but genuine comunications with them - chatting and sometimes over the phone. One works for a US corporation as a HR technical recruiter and the other one is a finance manager for a German company.

As long as they know that you are caring about them, what follows after is not that difficult. While I was in Shanghai for a bit more than one week, I was able to score both. I'll back into SH in about two weeks, both've been ready to go out dinner, have a good time and have some more good time on my heavenly bed.

09-01-04, 06:11
This is my potential freebie as mentioned in my previous post (SMS conversation)....I would say, it's worth the wait....

09-01-04, 10:25
Filipina fun in Shanghai. My girlfriend at the Grand Hyatt.

09-01-04, 11:14
One more Chongqing BBS girl ? Here you are. Sorry for the bathroom, it was not the Grand Hyatt.

Wacko 04
09-01-04, 12:49
Hi guys,

Want to know which link to teh BBS did you all accss to get to know those nice girls?

Care to share with another fellow monger?

One other question, the last time I was in China, there was alot of blackmail where the girls teamed up with teh cops and when she is in your room and before you can start anything, they come banging at your hotel door and demand moeny or go to the police station. Is this still happening, or that is the past history now?

Thanks and regards,


09-01-04, 17:11
man to be honest
I spent more time checking out that bathroom than I did looking at the girl
intransit is a high roller

Ken G
09-01-04, 18:29

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Nice pics from Erik too.

Hat Trick
09-01-04, 19:17
Nice backside shot Intransit!

Although her bush is artistically blocked in the mirror image, but you can clearly see it on the silver lining of that elevated royal crystal sink that's fit for a king. Coincidence?

Any case,

Nice plumbing. (the bathroom)

Nice rack. (the girl)

Hat Trick out

Happy Kiwi
09-02-04, 00:17

I'm curious. Which chat room do you use? I might give it a go.



Xiao Ma
09-02-04, 08:49
David c

Rules for freebie (my OPOV)

1. Never lie, tell them the truth that you can provided good time and nothing more.

2. Never get too close, just enuf heat to keep them on the stove.

3. Always tell them your wife or girlfriend back home and see how they re-act, if they dont like it, let them go otherwise you will be in trouble.

4. Never put them in first place, must make them understand they do contribute in the game and they are not a victim.

5. Never spend too much on them cos, if they get use to it you are fuck.

6. Never return their call, only sms.

7. No communication after office hours and never never on weekend.

8. Never give any hope that you will marry them. this is not a suggestion.

9. Never leave any person contact whenever you see them.

10. After every session leave them alone for awhile ago make a call to your wife or girl friend, if they still welcome you back to the bed, she is a keeper, if not drop her.

* Never affraid to lose a fish cos there are so many out there.

SINA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09-02-04, 10:52
Too funny DavidC, especially considering I was doing the same thing as well! Hooker? What hooker? All I can see is the glass bathroom sink and the marble floor!

P Funz
09-03-04, 12:34
This is Flora, a 20 yo girl from Hefei. She came to visit me and I convinced her to have some pics taken for fun.

P Funz
09-03-04, 12:35
Flora #2

P Funz
09-03-04, 12:36
Flora in the backside view.

P Funz
09-03-04, 12:38
Managed to have her sucking for a long, long time, with me doing some DATY, but she was a bit smelly.

P Funz
09-03-04, 12:40
No way for the back door, maybe next time.

P Funz
09-03-04, 12:45
The last one for today of Flora.

She tried to ask me to pay RMB 3,000 for her school fee, but I told her I pay per session everytime she makes me happy.

I know she has a very cute girlfriend and asked her send her to me. She is VERY cute with pony tails and she just lost her boyfriend. She will try to convince her and I promised her to find a monger boyfriend for her.

In the morning I gave her RMB 500. I know I overpaid, but it is an investment for her GF which will be well worth it.

09-03-04, 16:09
Davidc: LOL; did the same thing myself.

Member #2001
09-05-04, 01:41
yea me too.

I also wonder if its really in china since I saw the same pic on another thread

09-05-04, 08:48
It was really taken at the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai. What would it matter if it weren't? I also posted the photo to the Philippines gallery because she's Filipina.

09-05-04, 11:07
....and there's no blinds in the bathroom, as far as i can remember, therefore anyone out there high enough can peep with a telescope...

09-06-04, 02:26
Hi Intrasit,

I am pretty sure you were stay in Grand Hyatt Shanghai with the girl. Lovely bathroom, of course, lovely girl.

Night Dragon
09-06-04, 03:02
I have stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Shanghai several times and I can vouch that their bathrooms look like this.

09-06-04, 10:58
It's definitely the Grand Hyatt, no doubt about that.
Intransit, nice gal!


09-07-04, 03:53
I stay in Shunde (Guandong province, Southern Chine) quite often. The only place for westerners to stay is Marriott hotel in downtown. That's where the action is. Working girls (5-10 )gather outside the hotel from 8:00pm to midnight. But if you get out from the main entrance, turn right, and turn right again on a nearby street there much more action - up to 50 girls to choose from. They will immidiatelly attack you and even follow you. Going rate is 200RMB an hour, but I managed to get one for 150RMB and even for 100RMB once (where in US can you get a 7 type girl for $12US an hour?????). All night rate is 800RMB, but negotiable to 600RMB. The girls range from 4-6. Sometimes you will see some 6 1/2 or 7 depending on how you rate them. Most of them are over 25, and doing it part time (or so it appears from my limited conversation with them - I speak 5-6 words of Chinese, they speak 3-4 words of English).

In order to avoid registering the girl at the front desk, use the Mall entrance, so front desk managers won't see you going to the elevator.
Most girls allow to take their pictures after 10-15min together, but some won't allow at all, or ask for more money.

I had NO LUCK getting BJ of any kind - covered or not. One night I surveyed about 30 girls with a dictionary in hand pointing to "oral sex" - all refused at any price. Some indicated they can call someone who can do it for $1000 - it's crazy!

All girls are very mechanical and GFE is very hard to get - they will just spread their legs, close their eyes and hope you come ASAP. When you begin to change positions they think you just came and want to stop. I think local men just fuck in one missionary position with no variety.

Here is the first girl that I had for 200RMB.

She is 28, and I think she is 7 in my book. She has the biggest boobs I've ever seen in China.

09-07-04, 03:56
Shunde girl #1 pic 2. She cost me 200RMB for 1hr. She was not a dead meat, but not a GFE either. She enjoyed playing with me, but didn't allow to go too deep inside of her.

09-07-04, 03:57
Shunde girl #1, pic 3. Playing with me afterwards.

09-07-04, 03:59
Shunde girl #1, pic 4. Isn't she beautiful?

09-07-04, 04:02
Shunde girl #1, pic 5. Washing herself after the deed. All girls don't go to the shower prior to action, I had to guide them in the bathroom. But all run to the bathroom afterwards, that's where you can get some surprise pictures.

09-07-04, 04:06
This is the second girl from Shunde. I got her to follow me to my room without negotiating. When we got there I asked for BJ and she refused. So, we started talking about FS and it was the usuall 200RMB. I said 100RMB just for starters but she immidiatelly agreed. Later I understood that the ongoing Chinese rate is 100RMB and hour, but for westerners its 200RMB.

She is also 28 and works part time. She is a 6 1/2 in my book.

She enjoyed me taking her pics

09-07-04, 04:10
Shunde girl #2, pic 2. Sweet Chinese pussy. She was the only trimmed girl and had her armpits shaven. All others have very hairy pussies, and disgusting armpit hair. I tried to force them to shave, but they refused like I was going to strangle them - what's wrong with them?

09-07-04, 04:12
Shunde girl #2, pic 3. Taking it in baby.

09-07-04, 04:15
Shunde girl #2, pic 4. taking it in.

09-07-04, 04:16
Shunde girl #2. pic 5 - I'm enjoying the view.

09-07-04, 04:17
Shunde girl #2, pic 6.

09-07-04, 04:20
Shunde girl #2, pic 7. Doggy style.

09-07-04, 04:23
Shunde girl #2, pic 8. I'm on top. It was very funny, she speaks practically no English. But when we started, she closed her eyes and began screaming "Oh my God, Oh my God" I could stop laughing for a minute or so. She must have watched some US porn, or somebody tought her to do that with westerners - I'm not sure she understood what she was screaming

09-07-04, 04:24
Shunde girl #2, pic 9. Relaxing after some action

09-07-04, 05:09
Shunde girl #2, pic 10 - enjoying the shower

09-07-04, 05:12
Shunde girl #3, pic 1.

This one was 150RMB after some negotiation in the room. Remember, bring the girl to the room first, then start negotiating - she will be more likely to lower the price. She was an absolute dead meat, hairy armpits - much worse with her dress off then on the street.

09-07-04, 05:20
Shunde girl #5, 200RMB.

She was a stunner on the street. However, when undressed wasn't as good as I thought. Refused to be photographed, I had to do it in spite of her resistance. Face was really beautiful, but couldn't get any pics (damn digital camera seems to have 3sec reaction time).
Pic 1 - long brown hair.

09-07-04, 05:21
Shunde girl #5, pic 2 in the shower, nice body.

09-07-04, 05:21
Shunde girl #5, pic 3 in the shower.

09-07-04, 05:23
Shunde girl #5, pic 4 after the shower.

Was not a GFE, but had a nice face, which she wouldn't show on camera.

Norse Kaiser
09-08-04, 02:07
Good work Kosmos, very impressive.


09-08-04, 03:56

Nice! Job well done indeed!

Monger II

09-08-04, 04:17
I'd like to know your all opinion about BJ in China. I had no luck at all with SW. Where is the best place to get it?

Also, how do we all get Chinese girls to shave! It's as hard as defeating Al-Queda.

Angel Eyes
09-08-04, 06:00

It seems as if all those girl aren't too skinny. I'm wondering if this is because that how they are in that region, or just your luck? Or maybe that's what you like?

It is nice work. Details, pictures and all.

Angel Eyes

09-08-04, 15:50
Nice job, Kosmos.

Have been in Shanghai for a couple of yrs and almost forgot how cheap they can be down south. Miss them!

Great pics!

HK Play
09-08-04, 18:50
Chick I was with in Shanghai.

Norse Kaiser
09-09-04, 01:42

My understanding is that you have to develop a certain extent of intimacy for a relatively long period of time with the chicks before you can convince them to shave.


Hung Man 1808
09-09-04, 03:17
In many asian countries, having hair down there is good luck. If you don't have much hair there, you have had bad luck. A razor would not be in their list of things desired to do.

I'm not complaining though as I love to see a dark triangle when the panties come off. The Japanese seem to have to nicest ones in my experience.

09-09-04, 03:59
Angel Eyes

I like busty chicks! But they are hard to find in China. So, I got the next closest thing. There are absolutelly no fat girls here at all, and the heaviest girl out here would weigh less than any American SW. Last week I got a skinny girl, 150cm, 40kg, 22 yrs old - she had almost no tits at all. So I did her mostly doggy style, I don't like to look at the flat chest. She was so shy, that she wouldn't look at me while I was pounding her. But man, that pussy was tight. But once again, hairy armpits and bush, no blow job, no GFE skills at all - I had to show her where to kiss me before banging her. The girls here have no idea what a foreplay is - they just get naked, spread the legs, close their eyes and moan a little.

Have you guys experienced the same in the other places in China?

09-09-04, 08:33
Hung Man 1808,

I'm OK with nicely trimmed bushes. But hairy armpits are just outright disgusting!!! Especially in South China in the summer, the cleanest body begins to smell in a couple of minutes - add the fact that they don't use deodarants or perfume.

Thanks for doggy-style, it helps not to look there.

I've seen Japanese girls and most of them shave under arms, so do most Koreans I've seen. But Korean girls also don't shave or trim down there. I guess it will take 10-15 years to change it.


Angel Eyes
09-09-04, 09:22

I don't care too much about hair 'down there'. But it does seem that many girl have hair under their arm pits, even in Beijing. That's totaly desgusting, in my opinion. Also, blowjobs seem to be a western thing (?) and like all western things, the Chinese are just begining to learn it.

Anyway, thanks for the explanation. I, myself like the skinny ones, although it's true, it is hard to find a skinny one with boobs in China.

Angel Eyes

Sound Stream #2
09-09-04, 11:52

A year back, I brought a fine girl back to my room at the hotel.

I picked her up at the Futian Walmart BBS area.

I noticed the bushy armpit hair, and I didn't find it sexy.

So I told her that I was going to help her shave it.

This was probably her first time having it shaved and she was curious. So I did it for her really gently using my triple edge Gellite razor. And of course, I used the shaving cream so it wouldn't hurt her.

In the end, I told her, how great that looks. She was really happy that I did that for her. Treated me real good in return too.

So its very easy to get them to shave. Just compliment them on how sexy it is afterwards, and thats all it takes to encourage them.

Silly Puppy
09-09-04, 16:01

I don't know about you but all the Chinese girls I've had all gave head when I offered them my dick. My friends and I went to the same places and they did not receive the service! Weird? I guess I am lucky ;) Nothing is better than having a 19 yo sucking your dick. Ahhhh such a young age and so nasty. So cool!

09-09-04, 17:28
Two girls from a teahouse.

Higher end, about 800rmb each.

They were lots of fun, but it worked out tag team style as opposed to a cooperative effort.

Light hair in armpits. I still have to get used to it. They both squealed and ran away when I showed them a razor.

No starfish, both were dedicated and aimed to please.

Looks 9, Skill 6.5, Attitude 9

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the posting of photos containing embedded text. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

09-09-04, 22:03
Hi Kosmos,

There is a big problem in the USA being overweight, obese. It's mainly diet and lack of exercise. The working girls mostly come from poor families in China. It might be also the weather.

Here is a busty Chinese chick for you 40E. I have her number if you want it.

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the posting of photos containing embedded text. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

09-09-04, 22:07

Here's another picture of the busty Chinese girl 40E-26-37.

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the posting of photos containing embedded text. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

09-09-04, 22:54

The price is $280HKD but it's negotiable. She might be even marry you after the first time. She asked me afterwards.

I couldn't get her to take off all her cloths to take the pictures. From 1 to 5, she is a 5 for service and GFE. If interest, I have her name phone number.


Please don't take this seriously. Luckily the pictures hide her identity or I might be in trouble.

3rd picture of same girl 40E-26-27

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was copied from another website, and thus it was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the posting of copyrighted material by persons other than the original author. In the future, please do not post photographs that were not taken by you personally. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.Thank You.

Norse Kaiser
09-10-04, 03:28
Kosmos, no offence, but it's a bit weird that you have problems finding girls who give head, actually you can get BJ in almost any BBS or massage parlour just with a bit extra cash.


Mao Dun
09-10-04, 04:06
Angel Eyes:

Blow jobs have a long history in China: a lot of erotic literature from the Ming dynasty, including the famous Jin Ping Mei (translated most recently into English as "Plum in the Golden Vase"), is very sexually explicit, and there's oral sex, doggy style and other positions, s & m. There are even illustrations in the new translation. It's not as erotic as you might think, unfortunately, but great literature ;-)

That being said, I think when there is an aversion to oral sex, it has more to do with puritanical modern socialism than Chinese traditional culture. My wife claims she didn't even know "the facts of life" until she was 19 or 20.

Sorry this is off topic in the photo gallery,

Mao Dun

09-10-04, 08:52
S Weelock,

She looks like 40 years old with 3 kids, no wonder she's only $240HK. That's not exactly what I like, I like tall, skinny girls with some meat on them (I don't like the type with bones sticking out) and big boobs. But it's a hard combination to find in China. Add 5kg to Tara Banks or Anna Nicole Smith (as she was in 1994 Playboy) - that's my dream!


09-10-04, 08:53
S Weelock,

You didn't take these pics youreslf. They are from Hong-Kong sex site. Come on, show us the original pics!


Re-posting of copyrighted material from other websites by anyone other than the original author is prohibited by the Forum Photo Guidelines and will result in the immediate loss of membership by the perpetrator.

Please use the "Report this post to a moderator" to advise me of any photographs that you suspect were copied from another website. Please include a link to the photograph on the other website in your report. Thank You!

09-10-04, 09:18
Here is what I consider a perfect 10 (not a Chinese girl).

Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2003. Although increasing her boobs size by 1 or 2 (but not more) size would certanly only help.

I think she is 180cm, 60kg.

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the posting of professionally produced photos. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

09-10-04, 09:20
I know I'm dreaming, but here is Oxana Fedorova again.

What do you think?

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines prohibiting the posting of professionally produced photos. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

09-10-04, 11:59
I follow up on some of the posts below.

First Kosmos' post about busty chicks - there are a few good ones to be found either in Harry J Beans in BJ (or sometimes in Hardrock) - Aileen and ZYQ are both good. Here is a pic of ZYQ, which I have already posted before at http://www.wsgforum.com/vforum/attachment.php?s=&postid=248522. I have both their numbers, Kosmos, let me know if interested.

Second, the comment from Angel about blowjobs being a Western thing!? It makes even less sense than all the bushy armpit talk (and the lack of photos on all those posts). I have not lived in the West for over 10 years so things might have changed, but I can tell you that ALL the girls I have had in China give BJ, 90% of them do it bareback, and a good number don't mind CIM. Almost none of the girls I had in Europe did. I am talking about both working girls and freebies (BJ on first date - non-commercial date - do you often get that in the West?). My advice is to wash well and drink plenty of orange juice.

Finally about the pics that Weelock has taken from the HK website www.******.com... Please don't waste our time anymore. If I remember well Jackson even has a rule against that, so next time just put the link. Anyone who likes fat chicks in HK can go to the site, search based on weight/size and contact them directly using the site.

Excellent pic from Mr Voracious. Hope to see more of the two girls. Where was this teahouse located, if I may ask?

09-10-04, 19:51
Shui Kou back in buisness

Angel Eyes
09-11-04, 01:40
Mao Dun,

Thanks for the info, always glad to learn more. I think your probably right about the issue being the result of the last half a century.


I didn't mean it IS a western thing. Only meant that it SEEMS as if it is. I'm sure you and I met different girls, but still, I didn't mean BJs don't exsist in China. I just got a different impression about the approach the girl had toward it: I had to teach them (well, by telling them how to do it). After that, every girl was different. Some like it, some don't.

I appologize for not posting a pic, I'll look up something from the archive, for a later post :-)

09-11-04, 06:04

I had experience with about 10 SW, 2 freebies and 2 KTV girls all over Guandong province (south). No SW I saw agreed to do a BJ for any(!!!) amount of money. Only 1 of KTV girls did BJ (I even managed to do half-CIM twice with that girl - she stopped sucking as soon as I started coming, so half of my cum ended in her mouth, the rest went elsewhere). Only 1 SW had shaved armits and trimmed pussy. It appears that all KTV girls have shaved armpits (I guess they can't say no to their papa-sans). I also had 2 freebies - same story - no BJ, lots of hair in both places.

Is this a Southern China or small town things? Or I'm having a bad luck with BJ here.

I agree it's much easier to get a freebie here with practically no Chinese, as in my case, local girls seem to be attracted to any westerner. Just say nice things to them - beatifull, I love you (all the girls I had new these english words) and the girls are yours after 2-3 days. It's difficult to start, but if you feel confident everything is possible.

In one case I saw a decent girl at the Mall next to hotel (she was the only saleperson at some 5x5 lingerie store, she smiled when a stared at her. I came to her and started talking. She couldn't understand anything in Ensglish. So, I said "beatifull" pointing at her. She smiled and giggled, and could only say "No" in reply in Ensglish. I went ahead and said that I loved her. I would have never even tried these pick-up lines back home, but she kept giggling and turning red. I just stayed in the store for a couple of minutes telling her these things. I gave a piece of paper with my hotel logo on it, wrote the room number and left. She didn't come that night, so I repeated the trick the next day. Same giggles and smiles, but at 10:00 she was at my door!!! If any Chinese guy tried it on her it wouldn't work, but I guess she wanted to explore the "western thing". She was in my bed within minutes, but it was a lousy sex - I did all the work, she was a dead meat.
But hey, it was free!

Same tactic worked on a hotel masseuse(did I spell it right?) girl. After 3 massage sessions in the massage room (no massage in your room allowed) she was in my room in the evening.

Sorry, no pics here yet, I got some on my flash card, but can't transfer them to my laptop. Will post them next week.


Mock A Bee
09-11-04, 09:17

"Rought night" - great photo!

Regards, MAB

09-12-04, 01:00
Hi S Weelock,

I am interested in your 40E girls you posted earlier... Could you tell me where are they based? Could you I get their numbers? You can email me at [Email Address deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

09-12-04, 15:04
Mock A Bee

Glad you liked that one here is another

They Bronzed in Sword Swallowing

Mock A Bee
09-13-04, 02:31

Excellent pictures again - hahaha!


09-13-04, 03:32

There is a girl for you in the Jusco area in Shenzhen. I've noticed her there are few times already. She is in a shop on alley #3 closer to the east side. BBW with at least a 40E rack.


09-13-04, 07:12

The girl posted by Weelock is from www.******.com. However this website is now banned from mainland China, at least I cannot access it anymore. The girls are all HK-based. There are several websites like this one, you can seach based on various criteria like size, location, age, price, etc... Search for heavy girls and you will find this one. They have hundreds of girls. Seems HK is a good place to live! You can find much more info in the HK-board, but again if you live in mainland you might not be able to access to sites anymore! Good luck.

PS Sorry no good picture to post right now. Batman, you truly deserve your nickname, fAntAstic pics!

09-13-04, 09:55

Thanks for the feedback. I have tried to locate the girl behind Jusco but failed. Could you be a bit more precise?


Albert Punter
09-13-04, 22:49
About BJ issue.

I agree with French1999.
BJ are always and easily performed in China.
They do not care to cover (only one girl i met wanted to give BJ with rubber, whereas was available to FS without, but in this case I did not want).
Also, they are available to CIM.
No problem at all.

In my experience, BJ seems to me still more rooted in the Oriental culture.

In Western countries how many girls/ladies are available today to suck your cork, even if it is covered ?

09-14-04, 01:14
Fellatio is rather common in Western countries, as it is in oriental ones. In the western hemisphere is is also known as 'à la francaise', or 'the French method'.

Frankly, to try to allocate it to a geocraphical region seems rather pseudo-scientific to me. At the end of the day, it is a thing of individual preference, as it's a thing of 'Give and Take'.

I - in general - made the experience - with Western and Asian girls - that if you go down on a woman, she sooner or later will return this favor.


09-14-04, 03:01

I am not talking about FeiMai (sp?), the previous one I suggested to you. She has left the area. This is another BBW. If you were to enter Alley #3 from the east side, there is a 2nd floor place with a couple of lady touts outside on your right side heading west, then a cross alley with a shop on the corner, same side. The shop I am talking about this is directly to the right of the shop on the corner. I don't know how I can be more precise than this without taking you there myself.

Good Luck!


09-14-04, 16:58
OK so all of you guys that want a good BJ need to go to Shui Kuo 100rmb BBBJ and FS yes THATS RIGHT 100rmb for EVERYTHING and NOT this week only, ALWAYS 24-7

OAH I got some details on a new place in Guangzhou 158rmb for 2 hours massage and 2 HJ's and you can stay there over night no problem. I just dont know the name yet

Mock A Bee this is Last one and my favorite

Mock A Bee
09-15-04, 03:30

Hey thanks for thinking of me!

It is nice to get some fun photos that are not just flesh - not that I am complaining about pictures of flesh!

Where is Shui Kuo for those that are not familiar? Btw, it helps me a lot if you note the closest subway stop if any, and major cross street. (in fact which city are you talking about, sorry!) Have a phone number even? Post in that city forum and I will look there.

Thanks in advance,


Min Shenzhen
09-15-04, 05:24
Where is Shui Kuo?

09-15-04, 11:52
I've been reading this forum for some time and had not had much to contribute. However I saw one of our bros mention about the issue of not being to access ******.com. Try to input IP: port:80 into the IE proxy server address and you should be good to go!

09-15-04, 12:33
I know I shoudn't post this one here since it's not a message with pic. But if I posted it back to the Beijing thread, then no one would know what I am talking about. This is regarding the Training Admin freebie whom I have posted a pic here 3 weeks ago.

I have finally scored her last week...it was a first time beyond the internet chats, face-to-face, look 6-7, but look very nice on the body shape. After a few minutes talking about what to do, where to go, finally and expectedly, my home with the cliche excuse-having delivery dinner comfortably at home and watch movie, so there we go with pizza delivered and in the middle of the movie, she started to get clost to my neck and sniffed me and saying that you smell good. Well sure I was planned. and a few moments later she said I feel like hugging you may I and I said go ahead....and I can felt the succulent boobs pressing on me and the rest was history. Shw got a ery nice boobs shape, a 34C I think, I will give her body a 8/9, with 5 lb less it could have been a 9/10... Her body talks.

Since it happened unexpectly fast and I was not ready to keep a record, no picture taken. But, she said she want to see me again this Saturday when I am back to Beijing, nice eh? , and I would try my best to take some pics for posting here, if not cloths-off, then a cloths-on would still be interesting. no pic is too dry...stay tuned pals.

For those who don't have a clue on what I am talking about: she's one of the freebie I knew from the internet a month ago. Technology is great.

09-15-04, 16:34
Hotel Qiao Lian is 750 2711888
the address is #9 Xin Shi Road, Shui Kuo, GD China

09-16-04, 04:36

I tried your proxy and port numbers to try to access ******, but this did NOT work.

Sorry for posting this here, as it is not only belongs on the Hong Kong board, but I also don't have a picture. Just wanted to make sure Mercu and others knew that this won't work.


Xiao Ma
09-16-04, 17:04
Arrived Beijing on Wednesday morning, both Yao Yao and XiaoYu sent me a greeting message asking me when will I be in Beijing, so I replied to both of them and said that I have arrived. Both asked me out for a date, which I decline due to busy schedule and pre-arrange date with my freebie. Anyway after a long day work and meeting I finally went back to my hotel and met up with my new freebie, Vivian.
She works as a personal assistance for an investing company, which operate by the China government. She is 23 yrs old, slim and sweet looking. We knew each other form Sina and have been communicating via IM and SMS for a month. Finally she agreed to meet me this trip. We when out for dinner at a very nice Vietnam restaurant (Nam Nam) +86 1064686053. After the meal she follows me back and we have a very good time. She is first reluctant but after some work she was totally into it as she had not had sex for more then a year. (Jatpot!!!!). We had 2 shoot that night and 1 before she left for work this morning and agreed to stay with me till Saturday.
Thursday afternoon, was dead tired after hours of meeting and cant wait to meet up with her, I got a msg saying she have to work overtime and couldn¡¯t meet up with me tonight. So guess I will rest. Then came Yao Yao msg saying that she is free this evening and would like to buy me dinner and I do miss her amazing massage other then her skill of love making so ask her to come over to my hotel instead and ask her to bring some oil. At that time I was only interested in a good oil massage. She arrives and I was naked waiting for your strong hand. She starts massaging me and told me her work and especially thanks me for my help. After some GOOD massage she decided to be naughty and start working on my lower part I ofcos enjoy it. Then I told her, some of her fans or future fans are interested in her photos and would she be interested to post some for them. She agreed and said would do anything for me. and I have record an amazing video with her, man she is the fuck Diva of China, really fuck like a porn star and sorry no face because she don¡¯t allow to be posted. Ofcos she allows me to take some for my personal collect. Hehehehe¡_¡_¡_¡_.. So guys here the picture you have been waiting for enjoy.

* Please don¡¯t ask for the video, cos it is a personal collection.

Xiao Ma
09-16-04, 17:06
More piture of Yaoyao.

Xiao Ma
09-16-04, 17:07
Yaoyao #2

Xiao Ma
09-16-04, 17:14
Last one from Yao Yao, those that have tried her will know what I mean and the contact number as follow and guys sorry she cant speak english

[Telephone Number deleted by Admin]

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of telephone numbers in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post telephone numbers in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly to via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

09-17-04, 02:43

I must say Yaoyao's nipples look succulent. You must have had a whale of a time sucking those babies.


Xiao Ma
09-17-04, 04:27
For those who wanted some info for Yao Yao, please use search option.

Happy hunting and have fun

09-17-04, 11:19
Nice teeth too on this Yaoyao. Unfortunately a search on "Yao" and "Xiaoma" did not give any result other than the pics below. How and where do we find this charming lady?

Xiao Ma
09-18-04, 08:13
Click on search under my posts. You can find Yaoyao. And please use search function, it is not difficult.

09-18-04, 08:45
Just wanna add a small FR here, sorry as I am a newbie to this game(hell, I am just barely legal in my country!)

Knew this chiq (her name is Mei Hui) off Sina (thanks to XiaoMa for his tips), staying near my hotel room at Furama and she works as a clerk at a transportation company. Went out for a dinner and later spent some intimate moments.

i commented to her abt her armpit thingy as it was very disgusting to me. She was very shy at first, and I said to her you can always use hair removal cream. She was too shy to buy it, so she asked me to buy for her. Hell, went to Watson's and bought that thing the next day...

Later I went to HK and there she left a voice message saying that her armpit is bleeding as she rubbed her armpit with force while using the cream.

Sorry again for not producing any pics, as I had the session with her before getting a DC from Tian He, sorry.

Night Dragon
09-20-04, 04:23
Long CU,

If it can be any consolation to you at all, young and hot Chinese chicks (as you describe your "fiancee" to be) will never fuck an older cab driver. If nothing else, they are too stuck up to do this kind of thing.

That being said, I am flabbergasted reading about your story. I cannot believe that you embarked on something like this, going to meet and marry(!) a girl you know nothing about, in such circumstances.

There are tons of attractive girls in China, some of whom could be a good wife to you. But you need to spend time to get to know them and figure out where they come from, and if they are sincere. From your email, you seem to be of Chinese descent, you can rely on relatives or friends to introduce girls to you. Or if you have some free time, hang out in China to meet them. It is so easy.

Regarding this current girl, she seems to be bad news, so cut your losses and dump her. From what you described, I am afraid that she will take advantage of your unfamiliarity with China and scam you. You are already very lucky to have found your backpack, so take my advice and leave it that that.

If you just want to have sex with attractive Chinese girls, there are plenty of places where you can do that and where things will be straighforward and you will not be jerked around.

09-20-04, 05:13
Where is her picture?

09-20-04, 06:25
Ditto. where is the photo of her pink skirt and black panties?

Hi CSUN! I think I will be in China agian in November. This time I *will* bang the old mommie who wanted to do me. What was I thinking? I should have taken one for the team. It would have been epic, no?

09-20-04, 06:33
Jackson: Please help!

I don't know why but these f**** m***** keep posting reports in the photo sections. Isn't there anything you can do?

I tell them politely, no use. I call them names to get it across, but you don't like that. It's driving me nuts.

09-20-04, 08:34
As promised, these are some pics of the training admin freebie I have mentioned earlier, another rendezvous on the weekend. Non-action shots only.
Total 4 pics posted here. This one, posted for a shoot. Intended to create the mood by shooting against incoming light.


Nice curves eh?

1 of 4

09-20-04, 08:36
As promised, these are some pics of the training admin freebie I have mentioned earlier, another rendezvous on the weekend. Non-action shots only.
Total 4 pics posted here. This one, in my Tommy Hilfiger, after shower before going to bed.


Nice curves eh?

2 of 4

09-20-04, 08:37
As promised, these are some pics of the training admin freebie I have mentioned earlier, another rendezvous on the weekend. Non-action shots only.
Total 4 pics posted here. This one, after the deedm gorgeous tits...


Nice curves eh?

3 of 4

09-20-04, 08:38
As promised, these are some pics of the training admin freebie I have mentioned earlier, another rendezvous on the weekend. Non-action shots only.
Total 4 pics posted here. This one, exhausted in my bed.


Nice curves eh?

4 of 4

Red Rock II
09-20-04, 11:07
Long CU,

What a story! I am an Asian American but I was born in Changchun and grew up there.

The City is well known for it "girl-business" in northern part of China.

A small city called Jilin which is about 100 miles away from Changchun. A lot of working girl in Changchun come from there. Hope your girl is not one of them.

If you want to marry her, then you must plan to take a big risk! However if you got nothing to lose, just get married and have a couple of year or even a couple of months of good time.

Be smart. Do let your heart go too far. Nowdays, I won't trust any girl. I am glad that you have got your second thought.

You need to get to know her. It will be a good idea to live with her for certain period of time before you even consider of getting married.

Good luck, my friend!

09-20-04, 12:30

Very nice pictures - well composed.


09-20-04, 14:53

Are you in Beijing? I graduated from Cal State University Northridge and now I'm working in Beijing. Perhaps we can hook up some time and chase some pussy.

Member #2041
09-20-04, 15:55

Dayum, you could poke your eye out on those nips. Nice.

09-20-04, 18:54
Long CU,

Have you tried Shanghai looking for a wive. There are places that guarantee the girls. You can marry one and take her back to the US. If things do not work out, you can send her back and ask for another girl.

It is true. Fine ass looking girls will not sleep with old taxi driver. Never gonna happen. Not unless he pays her. But I don't he has the money to sleep with one. If things are fishy, you should run. Girls in Asia are a dime a dozen. You can always fine better.

Good luck.

09-21-04, 02:14

Gorgeous breasts on that girl! I also enjoy thesearch for non-Pros. I had one last weekend in SZ with perfect legs. Maybe we can get them together and create a few clones.


09-21-04, 06:36
one more to go...the training admin freebie.

09-21-04, 06:37

Sure Ras, that's part of the fun!

Bonbon John
09-21-04, 11:05
Papadum and Xiaoma.

If I have understood correctly you are using mainly Sina chat to find these freebies, right.

It that is a case could you perhaps me with some more accurate guidelines to use that. I have been in Sina page but since it's in Chinese (and me reading Chinese... yeah right) I have no idea how to proceed.

Could you perhaps give me step by step guidance with PM. Or by sending me a mail with some screen shots and hints.


09-21-04, 11:31

Great skills on the photo and great efforts on the training admin!
Do you have any reference for me - will be in Shanghai early October?

09-21-04, 21:44

Good photos, very perky breasts

09-22-04, 12:00

Even though I travel to Shanghai on regular basis, I physically base in Beijing.

Reference? I have been working on each and every one of them for months if not a year in order to get scored, you can't accomplish anything with my girls just for a visit. Yet there are some girls I knew from the internet but I am not interested in(reason? they don't look the way I like, of course...).

09-22-04, 12:33
Bonbon John:

Where to get to know the girls from where is not important....they are, in fact, everywhere.

The key is how you work on them.... I have written something on this couple of months back, please check the posts backward.

09-22-04, 17:14
Long CU,

My heart goes out to you bro.

09-24-04, 09:14

I have a major prolem with freebies. There are a number of young and pretty girls in my office who are showing obvious interest. How do you avoid screwing up your job? I like my job and life too much now to risk losing them. But sometimes I do wonder what they looked like underneath.

09-25-04, 06:21

The first and last warning - don't mess in the office, the cost could something you can't afford...! (and it's not free any more)

09-25-04, 07:02

I second the motion. Don't dip your pen in the company ink!


09-25-04, 07:21

I've seen first hand the mess games in the office can cause, complete with full on screaming matches, beatings and all the dirty laundry aired in the reception lobby for all to enjoy! Not pretty, not worth it.

Mock A Bee
09-25-04, 21:24

Most companies in China will pick attractive looking employees over ugly ones when they can, especially if it is the boss's secretary.

Attractive women in the office will pretty much be a problem anywhere you work.

I agree don't play with the girls at work unless you are the big boss and own the company. You will only get a bad reputation and lose your job.

Good luck!

09-26-04, 01:38
Never ever fish off the company pier. Your job is way more important than any young hot piece of ass.

Rocky Mtn Man
09-26-04, 03:02
You only have one dink and there are lots of jobs. Fuck them all China. Just remember, the next job you get will have just as much pussy. And nipples like that last pict just beg to be sucked.(and its always fun until someone losses an eye) Life is to short to live by Victorian rules that dont apply to a modern society. (and here comes the mail)


Member #1965
09-26-04, 04:30

Don't shit where you eat. I used to work for Quick & Reilly and I learned it the hard way!

Randy Farang
09-26-04, 08:47
China, as a much older brother I reach out to you to advise caution in all of your dealings in the market place,

I have achieved senior honorably retired status in most part from our hobby and have accumulated more than a few scars to show for my service. Each sings of an adventure from the past; a good experience; a great experience; and, unfortunately, sometimes a lifechanging catastrophic explosion brought on buy the colloiding masses of two, or more, highly tuned personalties who have just determined that the disollution of this union (despite the length or brevity of the relationship) or the perceived total commitment of the parts of each of the parties.When any highy stressed component part of a highy stresseed mechanism fails it tends to have dire consequences. Parts fail in catrostrophic ways. Mechanisns cease to work.

Any tranquility that pervaded the work climate is lost for a significant period of time.

It is possible ro survive an office romance. If fact, it is possible to survive several sequential liaisonns. But it is not prudent, You soon find yourself juggleing six balls in the air with one hand while desperately protecting your own two with the other.

Remember, he who plays at work makes enemies of the boss and of ALL the women he DIDN'T select. He makes enemies of all of those who have to cover for him by either lying to cover him, or having to actually do his work for him. That;s a lot more enemies than most guts really need in life.


Mark Kor
09-26-04, 09:36
There's a saying in MALAYSIA "Don't Shit where You Eat".


09-26-04, 16:30
Interesting topic you guys brought up here. I thought this should be in a different forum.

Isn't it too difficult to choose between your dick and job? Or, some bros are lucky enough to be faithful to both.

If office ramance is the last untapped frontier in your Chinese expeirence, you well can ready yourself for the journey.

Or, we guys are always here to help you get laid somehow.

Member #1965
09-26-04, 17:37
Hey China,

"Don't shit where you eat"!

Hat Trick
09-26-04, 20:18
Randy Farang,

Wow, is this the original Randy Farang from the old Paranoia.com? the one and only Thai expert editor who was so instrumental in shaping my budding impressionable mongering years? It's an honor to have you on this board. I thought you died or something. Haha. J/k

Btw, is Jackson same as Atta do you know? Is Jackson responsible also for *************.com's forum which is looking more and more like this forum, except it looks like a poor imitation that lacks both in quantity and quality of reports.

Just curious, no one to ask.


Freeman #2
09-27-04, 04:51
Well guys,

I think is not right to use this photo gallery as a chat site please take a close look and you will notice that there is not even a picture on this page. What a insult .

Lover Boy
09-28-04, 00:02
Re: Sex in job place.

My experience @ job is great. So, my advise will be to let them know ahead of time that you are not looking for relationship, even better if you can tell them that you are engaged or married.

Can't have a emotional women, If any women picks you up
with these conditions you should be okay.

As always behave like a gentleman & your end result will be filled with office full of pussy.

09-28-04, 02:16
I thought this is the photo gallery section. Guys you can talk about mixing work and play at the generral section. Post some photos here please!

09-28-04, 13:42
OK, enough no pic posts....

here we go my freebie, a treat after the F1 on Sunday.
Shanghaiese/U student/22/163

09-28-04, 14:01
At the Race....F1

I am telling you, those girls are.... long legs , slim, and mostly pretty too. Believe me.

09-28-04, 14:07
The is the winner in action...at the race!

(no girl in the pic, don't click if you eyes here are only for woman)

Mock A Bee
09-29-04, 02:27

You lucky guy! Yummy!


09-29-04, 03:42

So, you had your own after-race party ...;-). The pic of the girl is promising, some more to come?


09-29-04, 10:45
Upon Levitian's request,here you go....

Member #1604
09-29-04, 11:12
I fully agree with Coolflirt that "this is the photo gallery section". So please do not discuss a lot here, just post more and more photos. Videos are even better. We do need photos and videos, my friends. Work hard!

09-29-04, 11:19
another one: Dry brush effect applied.

09-29-04, 16:58
one more...

09-30-04, 02:08
Papadum, Randy and all others,

Many thanks for the wake up call. I will be a good boy in the office.

Red Cork
10-03-04, 18:32
"Don't dip your pen in the company ink."

This one also may apply. Very dangerous practice , especially if you value your job.

10-03-04, 20:50
Just returned from 2 weeks in China, primarily Beijing and Shanghai. It was my second trip and like the first time, I received calls to my hotel room everyday, asking if I wanted a masaje from a pretty Chinese girl. This year I said yes and met Qiu Lin. For 600 RMB I had a hell of a time, two days in a row. She can be reached at 136 712 595 76. She doesn't speak much english.

Now, I always wondered how you guys got these girls to pose for photos. Figuring there was no way Qiu Lin would agree, I asked anyway. The results follow!

10-03-04, 20:51
Qiu Lin # 1

10-03-04, 20:52
Qiu Lin # 2

10-03-04, 20:52
Qiu Lin # 3

Xiao Ma
10-04-04, 03:33
Man, for rmb 600 you can get chic like xiao yu or yao yao.

But thanks for the picture. Keep it up.

Fun Lover
10-04-04, 04:31
Hello Fellow Mongers,

This is just my POV on the freebies picture posted in this Forum.

I think we should respect the what so called "freebies" lady companion we all have and do not posted their pictures in this forum. I believe they have spend their time with all of us and do everything we all want to dow with them. Even they will be our tour guide for free, and be with us when we are lonely. They have done quite a lot for all of us and I guess they earn our respect and not to be published in this forum.

I have few freebies but just would not take their pictures although we often make a live video when doing FS or BBBJ.

Once again this is just my POV and if any of our community do not agree then please just ignore this message.

Take care,

Happy hunting and stay safe.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to remove the multiple periods throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please consider using a comma to separate the phrases in your sentences and a single period at the end of each sentence. Thanks!

10-04-04, 07:01
I just had to take this picure at the Shui Kuo hotel

10-04-04, 07:03
IS anyone tired of mooncake yet?

10-04-04, 07:05
I have a stockpile of mooncakes in my apartment. I think I could feed the entire population of Guangdong

10-04-04, 07:07
We missed you OAH. Maybe next time

10-04-04, 08:30

Thanks for Qiu Lin photo. Where is she - in Shanghai ?


Hari Hara
10-04-04, 16:07

In which city did you connect with Qiu Lin? Beijing or Shanghai.

Hari Hara

10-05-04, 00:37
I met Qiu Lin in Beijing. As for the price paid, maybe too high. I guess I'd have to see pictures of Xiao or Yao Yao to know for sure!


10-05-04, 18:16
Fun Lover:

I don't quite agree with your particular point of view on posting freebie pidctures, which I did for quite a few times.

But to me, one point I'm certain is that, I have never posted a pic with their head/face on. That means they are not identifiable. In fact, I am against showing faces.

You mentioned about respect, yes by all means, we should respect all human beings, not just those girls who are not in the sex trade. Tell you the truth, I would even pay more repect to those they receive money to make a living by providing sex to the men they don't even know, they might not like, or they have no feeling with....let alone love. Do you think we can put those nude pics with their heads on and face recognizable here without their consent only because she's been paid by someone?

My friend you are touching a sensitive issue here. I am not saying we should or should do what, but my intention of posting them is to share pictures, in good taste, about the beauty of female bodies. I have no problem stop doing it if we all agree that show any pics of freebies deemed not appropriate.

Just an opinion from a different angle.

10-06-04, 10:01

Finally mooncakes with a good filling, hmmmmmm ....! Thanks, mate!


10-06-04, 17:22
Your welcome Levitian,

I have had my fill of mooncakes. The egg filling is not a turn on for me. But the Chinese really love them. I feel the same about Fruit Cake. Just cant stand the stuff.

10-07-04, 00:26
Nice titties on that girl Batman, nice job!

Angel Eyes
10-08-04, 01:52
Fun Lover,

I partially agree with Papadum.

I don't think posting pics of freebies is such a bad thing. The only thing that needs consideration here is their privacy. As you might see in a few pictures I'll post here, soon. Blur the head, or take the picture in a way that doesn't show too much of the face. Try to blur also, identifing objects in the room or on the girl's person, and you're good to go.

About P4P, although I've stopped doing that lately, and, in fact, was always a once-in-a-while thing for me, I don't think the same rules apply. Some of these girls get payed to get their picture taken, and for some of them, as we learned in this forum, posting a pic will boost buisiness.

No pics yet, please wait for a while.

Angel Eyes
10-08-04, 02:16
A very nice girl, very much not P4P.

Angel Eyes
10-08-04, 02:46
These pics are post-action. Took'em while she dried her hair.

Bob Churn
10-09-04, 06:26
Look wise maybe 5-6 but good lover on bed, good frenching.

Bob Churn
10-09-04, 06:26
Another one.

Bob Churn
10-09-04, 06:27
Photo #2

Bob Churn
10-09-04, 06:28
Photo #3

Promise her no front photo, so only the back heheh.

Bob Churn
10-09-04, 06:29
Last one on this instalment.

10-09-04, 16:26
ZhuHai massage.

10-09-04, 16:29
ZhuHai massage

10-10-04, 04:00
This ***** was found in the high-priced lounge at the base of the Sheraton Great Wall. Way over-priced and definitely not recommended. She split after only one shag and she wasn't worth the price (or any price for that matter).

Storm Cat
10-11-04, 04:43
Wegner Time,

Thankx for your pic but the lady seems quite old.

How much did you pay her?

10-11-04, 18:28
Wegner Time:

She's not the usual Passion quality.
Next time, choose wisely.

10-11-04, 18:30
This is Mount Pleasure in Freebieland....somewhere in Shanghai.

10-12-04, 07:23

Nice! Where did you find her? Any contacts? Please PM me. Thanks!

Monger II

10-15-04, 12:10
Found that russian cutie in SH and took her home.

10-16-04, 03:45

Where did you find her and how much did she cost you? Any more where she came from? I am always on the lookout for a change of pace from the local talent.



10-16-04, 04:11

Aint no way no how, this bullshit can be true.

That picture reads "Copyright by Gang-Bang-Party.de" at the bottom, on the right.

10-16-04, 07:37

It is not a sign of intelligence to post a picture with the copyright remark of Gang-Banb-Party.de on it as one of your early posts.

What are you aiming?


10-16-04, 11:45
Sichuanese girl from Chongqing, which I met in the line at the MacDonalds in Jiefangbei.

Well worth the BigMac Meal number 1 and the room service later that night :)

10-16-04, 15:15

Your so-called Russian in Shanghai has a copyright mark on her picture "Copyright Gang-bang-Party.de"? Thats your website?

10-16-04, 16:59

Now and then some guys pops up (like an unwanted pop-up ad) in this forum, posting pictures of people they have not met, pictures taken from Internet pay sites. This Tschak28 did not even bother to remove the copyright stamp at the bottom left of the picture.

Cherry Buster
10-17-04, 10:01
I always wonder how many of the posts in WSGForum are actually real. We should give Tschak28 an opportunity to respond, though. If this is fake, my guess is that all his posts are fake. None of them really give any useful information anyway, just descriptions of how lucky he is with the girls.

10-19-04, 09:05
Thanks guys. I didn't even notice the copyright on the pic. I must have been too excited about Russian girls in Shanghai.


10-20-04, 18:59
Thanks guys. I didn't even notice the copyright on the pic. I must have been too excited about Russian girls in Shanghai.


Good that you know you have guts to know you are over excited over the gals and if so can the admin increase the excitment for us to bar and delete you from you this forum. Come on, don't be lame and waste thread space here. If you can find a fj in Shanghai, look up yellowpage and pay for one. Don't just copy and paste some copyright site pics here and treated as your trophy. Is disgusting and you too put every fucking threat to this forum that the owner of this site will get sued for copyright property rights.

EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to correctly spell the words "you", "are" and "because". To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using "u" instead of "you", "r" instead or "are", "em" instead of "them", and "cuz" instead of "because", etc. Thanks!

Dog Day
10-21-04, 02:57
Got an e-mail from this girl in Shanghai. She is 21 and she is a fabulous masseuse. Her rates are 300 RMB for an hour and 400 RMB for 2 hours inclusive of BBBJ. She does not do FS because this is just a sideline of hers and she is a "virgin". PM me if you need her contact. See Photos

[Photo deleted by Admin]

EDITOR'S NOTE: The photo originally included with this report was deleted in accordance with the WSG Forum's Photo Guidelines requiring the deletion of any photo in which the poster of the photo has requested that the photo be removed. Please read the Forum's Photo Guidelines for further information.

10-21-04, 10:00

Before you start to attack others and waste thread space here, do your homework and, first of all, do a more careful reading.
It is not OAH who has placed that pic.


Member #1701
10-21-04, 10:51
Heheheheh ... hear hear - talk about premature ejaculation


10-22-04, 10:47
Zollida: And your FIRST post too. You've certainly made your mark. I felt sorry for the editor who lost 2 minutes of his life having to correct your meaningless post.

10-22-04, 16:22
Got an e-mail from this girl in Shanghai. She is 21 and she is a fabulous masseuse. Her rates are 300 RMB for an hour and 400 RMB for 2 hours inclusive of BBBJ. She does not do FS because this is just a sideline of hers and she is a "virgin". PM me if you need her contact. See Photos

Hey Mr. Dog Day, you are posting incorrect info here!!

She doesn't do BBBJ and it's not 300 RMB for an hour and 400 RMB for 2 hours !!

Don't misled your friends here!

10-22-04, 18:33
Hey Mr. Dog Day, you are posting incorrect info here!

She doesn't do BBBJ and it's not 300 RMB for an hour and 400 RMB for 2 hours!

Don't misled your friends here!

This lady can be found in "thatsshanghai", where she refers to herself as "sexyvirgingirl". When you contact her you will receive the following standard reply with a link to her profile - BTW this is where Mr. Dog Day got his pictures from.... I will stay away from her, as she is promissing "full treatment" but apparently this doesn't translate into full service in her language.



Thank you for your reply.

My name is Samantha. Here is my pic.

I'm a young, sweet, caring professional masseuse.

I can give you full treatment. and can do regular and yoga massage.

It's a paid service.

My current charge is: 1hr/200; 2hr/300 pure massage 1hr/300; 2hr/400 unbelievable bj+mouth to body, hand to body, body to body massage

And my email address is: [Email Address deleted by Admin].
my webpage with picture is: http://cn.profiles.yahoo.com/massage4ubaby



EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending removal of email addresses in the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please do not post email addresses in the Forum. Instead, please invite other Forum Members to contact you directly via the Forum's Private Messaging system to exchange this information. Thanks!

Silly Puppy
10-23-04, 02:44
Cost me 800 RMB for whole night. I fucked her 3 times without coming ( :( )during the night.

10-23-04, 04:44

You first post ever flames me in error for posting a pic of which I was the victim, not the perpertrator. Yes, I am guilty of being a fool to ask Tschak28 for further information on the source of the talent. And, you want me banned from the board after 600+ posts for this?

I think it should be your membership status that Jackson should consider to revoke.


Peanut Butter
10-23-04, 05:35
Got an e-mail from this girl in Shanghai. She is 21 and she is a fabulous masseuse. Her rates are 300 RMB for an hour and 400 RMB for 2 hours inclusive of BBBJ. She does not do FS because this is just a sideline of hers and she is a "virgin". PM me if you need her contact. See Photos

Hi there,

I will be in Shanghai soon. Can I have the number to try on her?

Thanks and regards,

Peanut butter