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King of Sluts
01-01-06, 02:00
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King of Sluts
09-18-06, 01:09
There are many strip clubs here, they are overpriced and just not worth it. These mexican sluuts are greedy little hoes, they strip and they really are not that hot. Also, check out some of the clubs on the street, there are working girls in the clubs, just ask any taxi for " casa de puta", or you say " Yo quiero una puta, Donde esta? " All taxis in acapulco will know where to find the hoes. I went with a taxi one night to a casa and it was in the middle of this barrio, first casa de puta I have ever been too, it was a shit hole, but the hoes were good.

I stayed at el cano hotel, not sure if it is the same name, but great price with a radio in the pool, so when you were under the water, you could listen to the radio, kinda cool.

Watch your stuff on the beach, you turn your back, and go the ocean with your stuff on the beach, it will be gone. These mexicans are real thieves.

You have to see the guys dive at night, this is cool. They dive into a little pool of water from way up high, it is in a poor area, but kind of cool, and it is for free.


King of Sluts
09-24-06, 03:13
Rebeccas is the only good whoore house here, but wow, it is in a complete shithole of an area. I mean, I thought my cabbie was taking me to kill me in a garbage dump. It was high in the hills adn long twisting road through many many bad barrios.

The strip clubs are a complete waste of time. One girl told me 300 dollars, I laughed.


King of Sluts
10-05-06, 16:54
The cops in Acapulco are people who will not bother you, they are cool, they are very protective of Americans.


King of Sluts
10-29-06, 01:42
For non pros in Acapulco, go to the Palladium, there are hot chicks there, but it is expensive, but each table has there own waiter. It is on the hill and great. The best part of Acapulco.


King of Sluts
11-15-06, 17:26
There are many better places than acapulco for mongering. But the real pros are in the slimiest parts of the cities.

The Palladium is the best place for non pros, and some pros that like a lot of money. KOS.

King of Sluts
11-26-06, 01:53
Acapulco sucks, foget it. Go to another south american country. It is a total waste to go to any part of mexico, except T.J..


King of Sluts
05-13-07, 03:31
Has Acapulco gotten any better, just curious.

King of Sluts
10-04-07, 03:13
What would help out the Acapulco City is a great *****house, I mean, the last time I was their, I went to a *****house, and I will tell you what, it was in the middle of the poorest barrio in Acapulco. It was a complete shithole, it was kind of scary.


10-05-07, 01:06
Have you been to Quinta Rebecca?

10-05-07, 04:07
I have friends who actually live there. I have some good contacts of a tour guide and taxi driver they are honest. And reliable. I left my digital camera, Vid Cam, Tons of souveniers and went shopping and got a tattoo and they could have bolted with our stuff. They stayed and we met them again the next time we visited. I will be staying with them next time I visit. My friends house is a 7 story mansion in Hoyas De Brisimar. You will see it before las brisas.I took care of them nicely, they also introduced me to a hot latina who i fucked for 600 pesos about 4 hours including the room. I also did a a little wake up with some acapulco cops! Fun times!

King of Sluts
10-10-07, 03:43
What is Quinta Rebecca? A ho house, strip club. I went to a famous strip club here, the girl wanted like 300 dollars for a hour, I was like, I am outt a here.

King of Sluts
06-03-08, 16:26
Any news on Acapulco guys? Has the scene picked up? any good ho houses?