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03-18-10, 19:03
Reason: Repeated attempts to post his email address.

04-20-10, 21:16
Reason: Insulting the webmaster.


What makes you think that you are god. I ain't, you ain't , nobody is. You are just a stupid moderator on a shitty forum. Promoting or at least giving this shithole every space to promote. Look how many bad posts you got. There is a reason. This place stinks. And the two clubs involved too. Yes I lied about the newbie. I am very experienced. When I saw this I got mad. About one year ago I made the worst experience ever there. Complete with sisters from that club on ice. Hotel even provided it. Look at the history of that place. 1996 was an important year for them. Involving an ex us military man. He started the shit. I shit on ice and any forum that promotes this. So I shit on you Jackson.

Stop teaching others. You need a lesson in life yourself. Prick

05-01-10, 20:38
Reason: Requesting information on finding transvestites.

Best place for TS

Where is the best safest place to find femmine tranniesmmm Medellin

09-19-10, 16:54
Reason: Threatening another member with violence, to wit:

Just let me know when you are coming down. And when we do meet, I am gonna stick a chopstick up your ass.

09-19-10, 19:50
Reason: Requesting information on finding transvestites.

09-19-10, 20:00
Reason: 25 posts, all either antagonistic or completely pointless.

I know a Serial Antagonist when I see one.

09-19-10, 20:03
Reason: Alias for El Prezzidente.

09-30-10, 21:27
Reason: Just another asshole looking to start trouble.

Some sick bastard has just spoilt my fun, just had a jacuzzi with Cai. She said she could do with a quick trim, being the gent I am I pulled out my Braun rechargeable to mow the grass. She was terrified and wouldn't come anywhere near me, when I calmed her down she said it was shock machine!

Apparently a few weeks ago a guy came into the bar with what must have been one of the cheap stun guns they sell on beach road, he wanted somebody to try it out. I can imagine Cai would volunteer, any way she tried it out and is shit scared of anything that buzzes or is electric. I had to use a conventional razor on the landing strip. Never forget these girls are human beings, cattle prods are for cattle. I hope the sick bastard is not a subscriber to ISG.

May the force be with you.It was actually in July that it happened and was a prank went wrong. I had it in the bar and she thought it was a shaver so I gave her it and told her to feel free to use it.

She zapped herself and was rolling on the ground for a good few minutes. Classic mixup!
There was smoke coming from her and everything!

11-28-10, 18:05
Reason: Repeated attempts to post his telephone number and/or his email address.

01-07-11, 14:54
Reason: Insulting the webmaster

All you despo newbies out there begging fro contacts, get a life you stupid fucks. This place is making me sick and Jackson read this SUCK MY MOTHER FUCKING DICK!

09-21-11, 05:31
Reason: Repeated violations of the Forum's Posting Guidelines, repeated attacks against the webmaster, deliberately registering multiple usernames.