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Dragon Slayer
12-09-15, 09:58

It was back during the first week in January 1987. I had begun fucking a 19 year old white girl with huge tits and a very sexy body (35 E 26 35). Back then I associated with Chuck whom I nicknamed "Bone Collector". Bones was a skinny, white guy with a small frame and a boney face. He was possessing very low self esteem and totally lacking in self confidence. To make up for this Bones would do all he could to bring other people down, making them feel inadequate and miserable.

Bone Collector, in his usual effort to make me feel unhappy told me, " this may be the last 19 year old you ever have. You better make the most of it". Bones was consistent in one thing, he WAS ALWAYS WRONG! December 7, 2015, some 28 years, 11 months, three days, 9 hours and 36 minutes later LATER FUCKS YET ANOTHER 19 YEAR OLD BEAUTY. No 35 E cup tits, she IS a 36 see 26 35 and quite beautiful.

I begin by sucking her "hooters" as she moans out loud. I then get her to turnaround so I can eat her pussy, sticking my mouth and tongue deep into her love box. I then move to reaming her asshole, inserting my tongue in and out as she moves her hips, taking my tongue into her asshole. I tongue her asshole for a good 15 minutes. Then, back to eating her pussy as she cums outloud, screaming out. I then have her blow my dick. She sucks my lizard and swallows the head in her lovely mouth.

I take her lovely body and move her on top of me and slide my dick inside her. We fuck for a good 30 minutes and she screams out as she again orgasms. I cannot cum however. Still recovering from an illness that had me hospitalized here in Cebu, I have to stop.

The following morning she returns to me and wastes no time getting naked. I get to blow my dick immediately. Then, when really hard and swollen, I stick in into her pussy hole. She rides me for 45 minutes and I hold and squeeze her tits and then grab her thighs to guide my dick in and out of her vagina as we fuck. I feel the head of my dick getting bigger. I ask her, "do you feel the head of my dick inside your pussy?" She replies, "oh Yes, it is so big". I tell her, "I am going to squirt my warm sperm inside of you now". Her reply, " YES, YES, GIVE IT TO ME! I WANT IT". I cannot hold on any longer and I empty both barrels (balls) into her, cuming for minutes, feeling my "milk" going inside her. She screams out loud, saying, "ohh I FEEL IT! Finally, I empty aloof it into her and I fall back exhausted. She lays her head on my chest and tells me that she came twice.

I am completely exhausted and I fall asleep. Life is good!

Dragon Slayer.

Eric Tile
03-23-16, 01:09
Anyone Know how old he was?